Ooltewah High School - Owl Yearbook (Ooltewah, TN)

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Ooltewah High School - Owl Yearbook (Ooltewah, TN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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At RS ‘i NS Pa eee rea car ng SEs re en nee ten oa oat een neater tre CUO anny : —E = ere ae eee ee ne re Ore eo ee STC Se ee oe a ene acre te een ean ac ier ee eee ee le . - Beige a eR dee F et ah ede 3 Pe ee ana pee sn ss s = A . = page age ret o nh = eee % : ey 2 > 2 F af r = C LIBRARY ll 07355 0557 Table of Contents DEDICATION FACULTY CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS We, the Senior Class of Ooltewah High School, dedicate the 1962 " Owl " to Mr. Wesley Barker for his untiring efforts cine ing football and basketball seasons. We are also very grate- ful for his service and support in the other activities of our school, = ASSISTANT EDITORS - Rose Marie Tallant, Susan Hundley, Judy Raper, Patsy Monroe, Carolyn J. Johnson, PHOTOGRAPHER - A. J. Banther BUSINESS MANAGER Clyde Smith ASSIST ANT Johnny Wilson Circulation Manager Becky Lovell, Assistant Betty Lee Todd. Typists - Barbara Rhinehart, Glenna Wolfe, Glenette Davis. I dare do all that may become a man; W ho dares do more, is none. SHAKESPEARE F. aculty Be rk. Principal JOYCE AUSTIN, M.A. Business Education GERALD BAILEY, B.S. Industrial Arts WALTER BARKER, M.A. Social Science and Physical Education MILLIE BJURMAN, B.M. Music and English ROY CHASTAIN, B.S. Science ARLIE CLABO, M,. ED. Mathematics JO ANN COULTER, B.S. Physical Education, Health, Social Science DOROTHY GREGG, B.S. Science and Mathematics PAMUELA HICKS, B.S. English and Science EDNA HOOPER, B.A. Algebra and History JAC HUNDLEY, B.S. Science PAULINE HUNDLEY, B.S. Guidance and English KATHY JONES, B.S. Librarian BRIAN JONES, B.S. Mathematics JAMES LARGEN, B.A. Physical Education Health, Civics EDWARD McBROOM, B.S. Physical Education and Science DOROTHY MORRIS, B.S, Home Economics KATHYRN NEWTON Secretary EVELYN POE, B.A, English and Speech JEAN SCHMIDT, B.S, Spanish and English SPURGEON SIMPSON, B.S, Social Science JANE SMOTHERMAN, B.S. Home Economics JUANITA STANDRIDGE, B.S, English FREIDA TUCKER, B.S, English Ww DONALD WORLEY Band PHOTO Not Available JERRY WILSON, B.S, Guidance, Math, Social Studies What do ya mean " Saturday " Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time;... SHAKESPEARE Senior Officers President = == Vice-President Secretary = - - : MteCasule lea = = - - - - - CONNIE McDANIEL - - - DOUGLAS HULLANDER seen = GLENNA WOLFE - - - - -BARBARA RHINEHART Sponsors - - - - - - -- --------- MISS PAULINE HUNDLEY MISS MILLIE BJURMAN JOYCE ADAMS 4-H Club, Library Club, Red Cross Member LAWRENCE APPLEBY Transfer from Medicine Hat High School. Tumbling Club, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Science Club, Track Meet KATHRYN AUSTIN 4-H Club, Science Club, Busi- ness Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Red Cross A. J. BANTHER Transfer from Cedertown High School, Ga., Science Club, Biology Club, Hi-Y, Library Club, Football, Latin Club CARL BAXTER Beta Club, Library Club, Book- store Asst., Science Club, Red Cross, Spanish Club CHARLES BLACKWELL Football, Secretary of Junior Class, Glee Club, Science Club, Student Council, Red Cross, Varsity Band Pele et OMT TT TTL Ld bok Wah Me f rn ” nbn Ow a? fs DORIS BLAIR Business Club, 4-H Club, FHA, Science Club, Pep Club, Glee Club, Red Cross Council JUDY BUCKNER Beta Club Vice-Pres., Red Cross, Business Club Sec., Science Club Treasurer, Reporter, FHA Reporter, Vice-Prés., Fall Festival Candidate, Sophomore Class Favorite CALVIN BORING Junior High Basketball, Football, Allegro Club Treasurer, Glee Club, Red Cross, Guidance Dept. Asst. EDWARD BROGAN Captain Football, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Junior Class Vice-President, Student Council, Science Club Re- porter, Fall Festival Candidate KENNETH BROGAN Co-Captain Football, Basketball, Baseball, Band, Student Council EDDIE BURNS Baseball, Basketball, Glee Club, Allegro Club President, Beta Club, Male Quartet, Swing Band, Boys’ Trio DENNIS DAVIS Red Cross GLENETTE DAVIS Beta Club, Business Club Vice- President, Allegro Club Secretary, Science Club, OWLETTE Staff, OWL Staff, Glee Club, Pep Club Sextet, Trio, Red Cross Council, 12th Grade Representative in Home- coming Court JIMMY DAVIS Baseball, Basketball, King Candi- date 9th Grade, Glee Club KENNETH DILL Red Cross BOB GAMBLE Red Cross CHARLES GENTRY Transfer from Tyner, Recreation Club, Red Cross HELEN HALL Freshman Class Favorite, FHA Sec., Beta Club, Pep Club, Student Coun- cil, Glee Club, Fall Festival Candi- date, Red Cross DOUG HULLANDER Senior Class Vice-Pres., Red Cross, Beta Club, Treasurer, Basketball Manager, Band, Swing Band, Science Club Treasurer, Sophomore Class Favorite, OWLETTE, Editor-in- Chief, Times Correspondent, Spanish Club EDWINA IRWIN OWLETTE, FHA, Historian, Parlia- mentarian, Glee Club, Pep Club, Red Cross Jr. Gray Lady, Library Club SHIRLEY IVEY Transfer from Central Y-Teens, Science Club, Junior Red Cross, FHA, Spanish Club, May Day Activities SPENCER JOHNSON Football Co-Captain, Baseball, Basketball, Boys’ State Alt., Red Cross, Glee Club, Boys’ Quartet, Boys' Trio, OWL Staff JANE JONES OWLETTE Staff, Business Club, Parliamentarian, 4-H Club, Allegro Club, Parliamentarian, Science Club, Glee Club, Office Asst., Junior Class Treasurer, Library Club BARBARA KESLEY Glee Club, Red Cross | CARL LEE Basketball, Glee Club, Red Cross BECKY LOVELL Red Cross Club Sec., 4-H Club Rres., Science Club Sec., Captain - Basketball, Volleyball, Pep Club, Beta Club, Girls' State, OWL Staff, OWLETTE Staff, Glee Club, Scarla- tones, DAR Award, Jr. High Bas- ketball, Library Club JEAN McCOY 4-H Club, Pep Club, Red Cross Council, FHA, Spanish Club CONNIE McDANIEL Senior Class Pres., Sec., Vice- Pres., Pres. Student Council, Home- coming Queen, Drum Majorette, Vice-Pres. Beta Club, Girls’ State Alternate, Office Asst., OWLETTE Staff, Rep. Homecoming Court, Jr. High Basketball, Business Club L. K. McDANIEL Basketball, Football, Baseball, Class Favorite, Sec. Sophomore Class, Red Cross, Glee Club GENE McGEE Glee Club, Red Cross SHERRIL McMICHEN Transfer from Tyner,Red Cross, Recreation Club, Boosters Club, Marching Band, Swing Band DALLAS MORROW Football, Basketball, Red Cross GAYLE MURPHY Homecoming Queen Candidate, Basketball C o-Captain, 4-H Club, Volleyball, Beta Club, Red Cross, Science Club, Glee Club, Scarla- tones, OWL (co-editor) BARBARA RABORN Beta Club, Pep Club, Red Cross BARBARA RHINEHART Class Officer, Junior Pres., Senior Treasurer, Beta Club Sec., Business Club Pres., Vice-Pres., FHA Pres., Treas,, Allegro Club Vice-Pres., Glee Club, Sextet, Trio, Science Club Sec., Student Council, Pep Club, OWL, OWLETTE Staff, Office Asst., Bookstore Asst., Junior Class Rep. at Homecoming, Fall Festival Candidate, Red Cross Council LINDA ROBERTS Library Club, Red Cross, 4-H, Sec- retary of Sophomore Class, Beta Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, OWLETTE Staff, Office Assistance CHARLES SMEDLEY OWL Staff (co-editor), Football, Student Council, Science Club President, Band, Glee Club, Jr. High Football CLYDE SMITH President of Sophomore and Junior Class, Football, Representative at Large in Student Council, Beta Club President, Baseball, Science Club Vice-President, Boys’ State Dele- gate, Red Cross, OWL Staff, Jr. High Baseball JANICE SINGLETON Red Cross, 4-H, Beta Club MARY SCOTT 4-H, Pep Club, Basketball, Volley- ball, Library Club, Red Cross PEGGY WARE Business Club Reporter, 4-H, Alle- gro, Beta Club, Pep Club, Band Captain ROBERT WELCH Junior High Football, Varsity Foot- ball, Fall Festival Candidate, Glee Club, Library Club, OWLETTE Staff ANN WILLERSON Glee Club, Soloist, Pep Club, Business Club, Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Allegro Club GLENNA WOLFE 4-H Club, Vice-President, Science Club, Student Council, Glee Club, Asst. Pianist, Scarlatones, OWL Staff, OWLETTE Staff, Beta Club, Pep Club, Office Asst., Homecom- ing Queen Candidate LARRY WOLFE Junior Band, Varsity Band, Stage Crew, Red Cross MABEL ROGERS (Transfer from Central), Military Sponsor, Red Cross, May Day Activities a _ NOT AVAILABLE Junior Officers President JOYCE HENRY Vice-President WALLY BATES Secretary sea AN DRA HICKEY, Treasurer - - - - CAROLYN SMITH Sponsors MR, BARKER MRS. MORRIS MRS, POF RAY AKINS ELLA BAREFIELD WALLY BATES NANCY ROGERS JOAN BERRY BEONICA BIVENS DANNY BLAIR DANNY BRADFORD BILLIE JO BURKHART ELLEN CHELETTE LOWELL CROSS WARREN CROSS WAYNE DODSON ROY DUNCAN BOBBY FAIRBANKS GAIL GAMBLE DON GLOVER BONNIE HALE NELLY RUTH HARRIS JOYCE HENRY SANDRA HICKEY ALLEN HICKS J. W. HOLMES GLENNA HUFF PEGGY HUMPHREYS SUSAN HUNDLEY LEWIS IVEY JEAN JOHNS FREDDIE JONES ANN KELLY DOROTHY KILGORE SANDRA KNIGHT BRENDA LAND CAROLYN LEE KENNETH McDANIEL WAYNE MOORE BILLY JOE MORGAN SUSIE MORRIS SHARON MURPHY PEGGY PARKER BETH PARSONS WI LDA PAYNE BARBARA PEARSON JUANITA PLOTT JUDY RAPER GENE ROBERTS DIANE SHERMAN MIKE SMEDLEY CAROLYN SMITH GLENDA SMITH LINDA SMITH PAUL STEWART RANDOLPH STITCHER TERRY STULCE ROSE MARIE T ALLENT PAULENE THOMAS BETTY LEE TODD JOHN WHITNER GERALD WHITTLE DAVID WILLIAMS MELBA WILLERSON ELIZABETH WILSON JOHNNY WILSON PEGGY WILSON LINDA WOOD PHOTO © Not Available Reena { iF a Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: SHAKESPEARE Sophomore Officers President - - - - -----------7-- 7-7-7 ROSE MARY HOLDER Vice-President - - - - - -------------- - BUTCH BROWN Beclotaryo—1- == = - - - - - LINDA CHESTNUTT eeasilere= = < r=.= < - - NANCY ROGERS Sponsoisi= = - - - = 9 = - =~ = - == = --- = - = MRS, HOOPER MRS, STANDRIDGE Mickey Arp Judy Barefield Tommie Bass Charles Benson Mary Biggs Helen Bish Peggy Bivens Brenda Black Tommy Blair Levon Bowers Harley Bradford Billy Brenamen Joyce Britt Jerry Brogan Rebekah Bromley Butch Brown Gilbert Browning Terry Bryant Scott Buckner Aubie Camp Joyce Carter Ronald Chambers Linda Chesnutt Marsha Clere Roy Clere Eddie Cross Marilyn Crumley Picture Not Available Picture - | Picture 4 — 7 James Davis Not Not m™ arf, Charles Delaney Available Available S < 7) Vera Delaney Carol Derryberry Picture Linda Dill Not Phyllis Dill Available Judy Everhart Curtis Fairbanks Connie Farrior Johnny Gallion David Gibson L Bobby Gill Picture — ; Betty Goodner Not SS a. Stanley Gray Available — Johnny Harden a Rs25G reeset bal, @ Buy EES Kathy Harper William Hixon Clarence Hogan Rose Mary Holder Joe Housley Gary Hughes Bill Hullander Jerry Hullander Linda Hullander Warren Hullander William Hullander - Picture Sandra Humphreys Not Hal Johns Available Carolyn Johnson Helen Killian Paul Lackey James Lee Johnnie Lewis Linda Lively Eddie Long Johnny Lynn Sue McCullok Jo Ann McDaniel Judy McDaniel Virgil Messer Joyce Millsaps Patsy Monroe Joe Moon Jane Morrow Picture Not Available Gene Nation Betty Oliver Elizabeth Pittman Martha Reneau Kenneth Robinson Bobbie Roberts Jimmy Rogers Nancy Rogers Johnny Smedley Tina Smith Wanda Smith Butch Spraggins Vickie Spurgeon Linda Tims Paul Walker David Whitaker Linda Wilbanks David Wilhoit Pat Wilkie Benny Wilson Sonny Wood Peggy Wright Peffy Young His life was gentle, and the elements So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up, And say to all the world, ‘This was a mant SHAKESPEARE President CAROLYN JUNE JOHNSON Vice-President SARAH WILHOIT Secretary MARGARET SCOGGINS Treasurer JANEY HOOD Sponsors MRS, TUCKER MR, JONES MRS, SCHMIDT MR. LARGEN Jo Anna Allen Wanda Austin Jimmy Babbs Tony Bell Elizabeth Blair Edward Boring Charles Bradford Tommy Bradford David Brady David Brooks Floyd Campbell Ronnie Cooper Vivian Crane Paul Cross Brenda Critchfield Larry Davis Leon Dawson Linda Dean Eugene Dill Patricia Dill Robert Dinsmore Geraldine Early Linda Eldridge Eugene Bailey Marilyn Baker Ronnie Bates TOO BUSY Vivian Ellard Bobby Elliot James Farrar Not Available Tommy Foster Paulette Fugate | Joan Gamble Bobby Green Marilyn Gross Norma Haddock Donna Hampton Charles Harden Stanley Harrison Glenda Hedrick _Lonnie Hensley | Benny Hogan | James Hood Janey Hood Jerry Huff Donna Hullander Judy Hullander Steve Hullander Jeanette Ivey Darlene Jackson Ann Jones Mary Kelley Alvin Kesley Sara Kesley Evelyn Kilgore Esther Knox Lewis Knox Lowell Lawson Alvin Lee Linda Lee David Lewis Glenda Lewis Ronnie Lewis Suzanne Lindsay Lorraine Lively James Lockhart Alicia Longley Grace Lynn Eddie McDaniel Rose Parrott Tommy Johns Carolyn Johnson Eugene Johnson Sharon Mullins Sue Morris Ronnie Morgan Randy Moon | Freddie Miller | Dennie Miller Hubert Messer Beatrice McKee Wayne McDaniel | Jean Murray | Shirley Parrott i} Vor PHOTO Not Available James Payne Larry Pedigo _ Alvin Petty Evelyn Petty 4 DIDN'T HAVE A THING TO Richard Petty James Phillips Laura Pitman Janice Powell Micheal Randle Kenneth Rainey Charolette Rayborn John Roberson Sammy Roark Nancy Roberts Carolyn Robinson Delores Robinson Jerry Robinson Marion Robinson Patricia Rockholt William Rockholt Brenda Rogers Charlene Rogers Johnny Rogers Ronnie Rogers Billy Scholtz Bootsie Scoggins Ballard Simpson Linda Sims Charles Sledge Paul Smedley Bobby Smith Dewayne Smith Mike Snow Billy Stafford Don Stafford a ——— ss ee * - tomorrow blossoms... The tender leaves of hope SHAKESPEARE President SYLVIA BENSON Vice-President DONNA INGLE Secretary JOYCE HOPE Treasurer DIANE SCOGGINS Sponsors : MISS SMOT HERMAN MR, CHASTAIN MISS HICKS Eighth Grade Richard Adams, Edward Austin, Brenda Baker, Sylvia Benson, Rose Mary Bish, Betty Bode, David Boring, Sandra Bowers, Nora Reba Bradford, James Brenneman, Regina Broome, Fred Browning, Reida Browning, Gail Bryant, David Chambers, Glenda Cox, Branda Craig, Linda Cross, Edward Crumbly, Dennis Curtis, Tony Davis, Mary Deyhle, Brenda Dill, Dorothy Dill, Annette Doss, Luther Ellard, Carolyn Emit, Charles Evans, Richard Fairbanks, Jimmy Farmer, Lavada Forrester, Carolyn Gann, Charlie Garner, Benny Gates, Dorothy Goins, Butch Goodman, Leslie Grims, James Grubbs, Donald Haddock, L. R. Hair, David Hampton, Brenda Hancock, Glenda Hancock, Edith Hanes, Roy Harper, Harry Heckler, Pat Heckler, Paul Henry, Tommy Henry, Gary Hill, Linda Hill, Jerry Holden, Brenda Holder, Pat Hooper, Joyce Hope, Rita Hughes, Lary Hullander, Donna Ingle, Cecelia Jackson, David Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Wanda Kesley, Audrey Kilgore, Frank Kilgore, Faye Knox, Bobby Leamon, Wayne Lee, Gladys Letson, Edgar Lewis, James Lewis, Joyce Lewis, Ray Lewis, Betty Lockhart, Roger Loftis, James Marshall, Barbara Millsaps, Ronnie Monger, Raymond Moore, Dana Morrisette, Linda Morrow, Shirley Morrow, Richard Mullins, Delena Newman, James Newman, Lawrence O'Rear, Sandra Parlier, Betty Parrott, Lary Parton, Dianne Pedigo, Lary Phillips, Diane Pittman, Bryan Plott, David Queen, ‘Dorothy Quinn, Virginia Ramsey, Sherry Randle, Donald Ray, Gloria Riggs, Eva Gale Roark, Joy Lynn Robinson, Alfred Rockholt, Robert Rogers, Charles Scoggins, Diane Scoggins, Cecil Sims, Ronald Sims, Joyce Smith, Louise Smith, Nancy Stokes, Janice Sutton, Darlene Swanson, Earl Thomas, Ricky Thomas, Kaye Walker, Robert Walker, Patsy Wal- len, Barbara Welch, David Whitener, Dwight Wilson, Eugene Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Carl Wink- ler, Janice Womack I aE President PETE HALE Vice-President RANDY TREADWELL Secretary RONNIE DAVIS Treasurer DIXIE RAMSEY Sponsors MR. SIMPSON MR. CLABO MISS COULTER MR. WILSON MR. McBROOM Larry Anderson, Glen Akins, George Almond, Eugene Alvey, Patricia Austin, Johnny Babb, Susan Ball, Charles Barbee, Margie Barbee, Pamela Barbee, Sue Barbee, Alice Bass, Richard Berry, Barbara Bode, Ester Bomar, Bobby Bowers, Wayne Bowers, William Bowman, Claude Bradford, Brenda Brady, Linda Brady, Margie Brewer, Mary Brooks, Kermit Bryson, Nora Buck- ner, Linda Buckner, Stewart Buckner, Billy Joe Cannon, Melba Carter, J. W. Campbell, Ernest Carrol, Nancy Carrol, Peggy Creaseman, Donnie Davis, M. J. Dean, David Delaney, Darlene Dill, Vernice Doss, George Douglas, Jerry Duckworth, Marlow Ellis, Norma Emit, Priscilla Finnell, Earl Fugate, Larry Fugate, Douglas Goforth, Louise Goins, Arthur Goode, Bill Griffice, James Grimes, Gail Haddock, Willian Harold, Albert Harrell, Loraine Harris, Ronald Harris, Linda Hickey, Jerry Hickman, Rita Hickman, Carolyn Hill, Joyce Hill, Kaye Hindman, Ronald Holder, Bill Hood, Beth Hudson, Jeanne Hughes, Lamar Hughes, June Hughes, James Jackson, Eddie Jenkins, Charles Johnson, David Johnson, Richard Johnson, Paul Knox, Linda Lackey, Gail Leamon, Charles Lee, Wanda Lewis, Freddie Long, David Lowe, Glen Lowe, Helen Lowe, Sharon Lynn, Susan Massengale, Ann Massengale, Judy Massengill, Sutton McCallie, Terry Mc- Coy, Susan McCulley, Dan McDaniel, Freeda McDaniel, Steve McDaniel, Betty McDowell, Linda Miller, Maynard Miller, Roy Miller, Wayne Miller, Tommy Morris, Becky Morrow, Peg- gy Nation, Joyce Neeley, Patsy Neeley, Joyce Nelson, Sandra Norman, Becky Oliver, Wayne Oliver, Kathy Parrot, Danny Payne, Vicky Pendergrass, Mary Petty, Eugene Phillips, Larry Pickens, Diane Pitman, Marvin Plott, Charles Pyburn, Bill Ramsey, Dixie Ramsey, Janet Ram- sey, Randolph, Ellen Rapish, Carolyn Reed, Wayne Roberson, Elaine Robinson, Gene Robinson, Cheryle Sanders, Delone Sentell, Ellen Sherman, Wilma Sholtz, James Smith, Tommy Smith, Bolivar Sockwald, Paulette Stiner, Danny Sutton, Annette Thomas, Randy Treadwell, Donald Turner, Glen Turner, Don Varnell, Elaine Walker, Ronnie Walker, Mike Walraven, Shirley Warren, Nora Waters, Lynn Whitner, Steve Wilhoit, Elaine Willerson, Lamar Willerson, Danny Williams, James Williford, Marvin Winters, Pat Wolfe, Linda Lee. Pa + = a } b Ez : zi z & a : Ee! = | Raegeze yey py 4 patti THERE ite : nh ~~ eS “7 He 2 Lt Bae ee a i ne : : an ae te ok get F i syegepsiags HP rite a tH mt Hi ne a i it ea I TAME N AINE! a mii ia aah it Hi Hi a Hi Ht a tt i Heelan aA a oe | 4° ae #F Ae 2 & . @*T f f ope ee ey tem e 68 ¥ a J All the world’s a stage And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, ... SHAKESPEARE Student Guincd Connie McDaniel, President; Miss Hundley, Sponsor; Sharon Murphy, Vice-President; Rebekah Bromley, Secre- tary; Joyce Henry, Treasurer; Clyde Smith, Representative-at-Large; Charles Smedley, Barbara Rhinehart, Sandra Hickey, Linda Wilbanks, Linda Dill, Marilyn Gross, Donald Ray, Pat Hekeler, Eugene Wilson, M. J. Dean, Dallas Johnson, Linda Hickey, Deanne Carter, Jeanne Hughes, Donna Hullander, Janey Hood, Johnny Lynn, Terry Stulce, Peggy Humphreys, Kenneth Brogan Future Homemakers of America Barbara Rhinehart, President; Joan Berry, Nellie Harris, Judy Buckner, Vice-President; Peggy Humphreys, Reporter; Helen Hall, Secretary; Edwina Irwin, Parliamentarian; Ella Barefield, Treasurer; Doris Blair, Melba Willerson, Rose Marie Tallant, Susie Morris, Nancy Bell, Jean McCoy, Jeanette Ivey, Judy Everhart, Linda Hall, Shirley Ivey, Susan Hundley, Brenda Land, Peggy Parker, Sandra Hickey, Mrs. Morris Beta Club Mrs. Hundley - Sponsor, Clyde Smith - President, Barbara Rhinehart - Secretary, Judy Buckner - V.-President, Johnny Wilson - Treasurer, Susan Hundley - Reporter FIRST ROW - B. Land, G. Huff, S. Humphreys, B. Bromley, L. Wilbanks, M. Biggs, L. Wood, J. Raper, L. Roberts, G. Wolfe, R. M. Tallent, B. Todd, C. Smith. SECOND ROW - Mrs. Hundley, P. Monroe, N. Rogers, J. A. McDaniel, L. Dill, P. Bevens, W. Smith, B. Bevens, L. Smith, C. Lee, L. Chesnutt, W. Payne, R. Lovell, B. Hale. THIRD ROW -J. Millsaps, C. Johnson, N. R. Harris, A. Kelly, P. Humphreys, G. Murphy, C. McDaniel, J. Buckner, G. Davis, S. Murphy, J. Berry, S. Hickey, J. Henry, S. Hundley, B. Rhinehart. FOURTH ROW - T. Bryant, T. Stulce, J. W. Holmes, C. Smith, L. Cross, J. Wilson, D. Hullender, G. Roberts, D. Gibson, C. Baxter, C. Boring Owlette Staff SPONSOR - Miss Hicks EDITOR - Doug Hullander ASSOCIATE EDITORS Joyce Henry Becky Lovell Doug Hullander Connie McDaniel Edwina Irwin ENTIRE STAFE - SEATED - Miss Pam Hicks, Bonnie Hale, Glenette Davis, Glenna Wolfe, Joyce Henry, Terry Stulce, Doug Hullander. STANDING - Ronnie Morgan, Jane Jones, Barbara Rhinehart, David Wilhoit, Becky Lovell, Connie McDaniel, Edwina Irwin, Lewis Ivey, Sandy Humphries, Jo Ann McDaniel, Rose Mary Bish Business Club Miss Austin, Barbara Rhinehart, Ann Willerson, Peggy Ware, Glenette Davis, Nellie Ruth Harris, Bonnie Hale, Beth Parsons, Nancy Bell, Beonica Bevins, Joan Berry, Carolyn Smith, Linda Smith, Melba Willerson, Pauline Thomas, Susan Hundley, Joyce Henry, Ellen Chellette, Dianne Sherman, Sandra Hickey, Doris Blair, Joyce Adams, Kathyrn Austin, Carolyn Lee, Susie Morris Spanish Club sat - 3 NR SS : X Carolyn Johnson, Mary Biggs, Linda Wilbanks, Linda Roberts, Beth Parsons, Linda Tims, Beka Bromley, Linda Hullander, Marilyn Baker, Michele Randol, Connie Farrior, Susie Morris, Linda Lively, Billie Jo Burkhart, Janie Hood, Norma Haddock, Vivian Crane, Jean McCoy, Don Glover, Butch Brown, David Wilhoit, Carl Baxter, Guy Walker, Buddy Wyly, Mac Schmidt, Dianne Sherman Band Captain Peggy Ware 1st Lieutenant Bobby Smith 2nd Lieutenant Ballard Simpson Sgt. Joe Moon Sgt. Johnny Rogers Susan Hundley Beth Parsons Brenda Land Nancy Bell Susie Morris Band Officers Varsity Band BM ihe ips ek % LEFT LO-RIGHT - Siean Baadiey. ee ead. Beth panne: Susie eres ene Bell Fiks 1 ROW - David Queen, Alicia Longley, Pat Hooper, Sherry Randall. SECOND ROW - Geraldine Walker, Michele Randall, Regina Broome, Peggy Ware. THIRD ROW - Tommy Bradford, Sherrill McMichen, Ballard Simpson, Bobby Green. FOURTH ROW - Johnny Rogers, Bobby Smith, Mike Mutter, Joe Moon, Tommy Blair Junior Band — cenidhammenieaenaneentEtienntananneatennsnue ronan FIRST ROW - Priscilla Finnell, Larry Goforth, Jimmy Smith, Harvey Robinson, Johnny Babbs, Vaughn Buckner, Gene Wilson, Lamar Willerson, Wayne Bowers, Zane Fugate, Randy Treadwell, Jimmy Brenemen, Mr. Worley. SECOND ROW - Larry Parton, Bobby Bowers, Jimmy Farmer, David Whitener, Charles Sledge, Lynn Whitener, David Chambers, Danny Payne, Ronnie Bates, DeWayne Smith, Charles Thompson ACCOMPANISTS Dixie Ramsey, Janet Evans, Miss Bjurman, Janey Hood, Linda Wood ~ a. REED Ur einen see GCULEAGEUS FIRST ROW - Helen Killian, Betty Goodner, Ella Barefield, Ellen Chelette, Edwina Irwin, Glenette Davis, Ann Willerson. SECOND ROW - Lina Wood, Barbara Rhinehart, Melba Willerson, Martha Reneau, Eddie Burns, Spencer Johnson, Bobby Welch, L. K. McDaniel, Gene McGee, Doris Blair, Helen Hall, Betty Oliver, Janie Morrow, Barbara Kesley. THIRD ROW - Harry Rogers, Don Glover, Carl Lee, Jimmy Davis, Calvin Boring, Billy Hullander, Johnny Smedley, Warren Hullander, Freddie Jones ¥ Se (ail Department ALLEGRO CLUB J. Berry, J. Johns, B. Hale, A. Willerson, G. Davis, R. M. Tallant, Miss Bjurman, N. Bell, L. Wood, B. Rhinehart, S. Murphy, M. Willerson, C. Smith, J. Jones, P. Ware, E. Burns, B. L. Todd, C. Boring SCARLATONES FIRST ROW - G. Wolfe, P. Monroe, R. Lovell, J. Johns, Miss Bjurman, D. Hullander, B. Rhinehart, J. Jones. SECOND ROW - C. Smith, J. Berry, D. Sherman, R. M. Tallant, Linda Wood, B. L. Todd, G. Murphy, S. Murphy. THIRD ROW - B. Hale, A. Willerson, G. Davis Senior Trio GLENETTE DAVIS BARBARA RHINEHART JANE JONES Quartet EUGENE JOHNSON EDDIE BURNS SPENCER JOHNSON L. K. McDANIEL School Trio GLENETTE DAVIS SHARON MURPHY BARBARA RHINEHART. Red Cross Club FIRST ROW - Mike Walraven, Joyce Henry, President; Mary Biggs, Vice-President; Glenna Huff, Secretary; Vickie Spurgeon, Miss Smotherman, Sponsor; Joy Lynn Robinson, Becky Morrow, Linda Sims. SECOND ROW - Vaughn Buckner, Mary Brooks, Paulette Robinson, June Hughes, Brenda Hancock, Jean Hughes, Carolyn Spraggins, Judy Buckner, Shirley Ivey. THIRD ROW - Butch Brown, Carol Derryberry, Norma Haddock, Lina Wood, Ellen Chelette, Gail Gamble, Carolyn Robinson. FOURTH ROW - Larry Lawson, Billy Hullander, Jerry Holden, Randy Moon, Jo Allen Library Club FIRST ROW - Linda Eldridge, Ann Willerson, President; Gail Haddock, Regina Broome, Patricia Hooper, Peggy Creasman, Linda Wood, Reporter; Vickie Pendergrass, Miss Jones, Librarian. SECOND ROW - Suzanne Lindsay, Vivian Eller, Linda Williams, Lina Wood, Historian; Judy Raper, Secretary. THIRD ROW - Betty Parrott, Helen Bish, Brenda Black, Joyce Britt, Marilyn Crumley, Carol Derryberry. FOURTH ROW - Beonica Bivens, Nellie Harris, Rusty White, Carl Baxter, Joyce Nelson, Linda Tims. FIFTH ROW - Melbe Willerson, Sylvia Benson, Delana Newton, Brenda Craig, Nora Bradford, Sandra Bowers, Beth Hudson, Gloria Riggs oe ae FIRST ROW - Betty Todd, president; Sharon Murphy, vice-president; Bonnie Hale, secretary; Pat Monroe, treasurer; Joyce Henry, reporter; Miss Coulter, sponsor. SECOND ROW - Helen Killian, Doris Blair, Kathryn Austin, Becky Lovell, Glenna Wolfe, Diane Sherman, Vivian Crane, Jean Johns, Elizabeth Wilson, Beth Parsons, Jane Jones, Mary Scott. THIRD ROW - Tomrhie Bass, Carolyn June Johnson, Michele Randall, Brenda Black, Carol Derryberry, Betty Goodner, Connie Farrior, Joyce Carter, Pat Wilkie, Mary Biggs, Judy McDaniel. FOURTH ROW - Daniel Vaudreuil, Marilyn Gross, Janey Hood, Linda Williams, Norma Haddock, Beka Bromley, Linda Wilbanks, Carolyn Johnson, Linda Chesnutt, Gayle Murphy. FIFTH ROW - Vivian Eller, Patricia Dill, Linda Dean, Linda Eldridge, Linda Lee, Bootsy Scoggins, Evelyn Petty, Susan Lindsay, Sharon Mullins, Linda Roberts, Connie McDaniel H-P .S)L19 pun siog You ” ea : . ’ Cee nce a ne Md ro eo Ss ere a Sa ~ ——— SS es en Oe Industrial Arts Club FIRST ROW - F, Stafford, W. Hixon, C. Fairbanks, A. Petty, G. Browning, J. Rogers - Treasurer, G. Roberts - President, D. Glover, J. Payne, Mr. Baily - Sponsor. SECOND ROW - F. Jones - V.-Pres., J. Hullender, B. Gill, C. Sledge, C. Scoggins, R. Morrow - Sec. “G weet ; 4 « o @ 2 a | INCLUDED IN PICTURE - R. M. Tallent, B. Bromley, B. Parsons, B. Todd, J. Wilson, C. Smedley, C. Roberts, T. Bryant, D. Wilhoit, J. Berry, G. Wolfe, G. Murphy, C. McDaniel, S. Murphy, R. Brogan, C. Baxter, B. Bivens, D. Blair, D. Hullender, S. Ivey, K. Austin, N. R. Harris, L. Lively, L. Smith, S. Hundley, Mr. Chastain - Sponsor, Clyde Smith - V.-President, Charles Smedley - President, Becky Lovell - Secretary, Judy Buckner - Treasurer OFFICE ASSISTANTS Mr. Fox, L. Roberts, J. McDaniel, L. Chesnutt, N. Rogers, G. Gamble, Mrs. Newton, D. Hullander, S. Wilhoit . SUPPLY STORE ASSISTANTS STAGE CREW Miss Austin, Carl Baxter, Terry G. Walraven, D. Haddock, D. Wilhoit, Bryant, Kenneth McDaniel A. Petty, T. Bryant, D. Gibson, L. O'Rear, Mr. Chastain, G. Roberts Sone FLAG RAISERS David and Steve Wilhoit LL, ae < a ”n < aa ry H za tL < x O Mrs. Kesley, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Riggs, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs, Bennett Mrs. Chesnutt, CUSTODIAN Mr. John Smith CUSTODIAN . Woods N Mirae: GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS Mr. Wilson, Calvin Boring, Joyce Carter, Miss Hundley SPANISH LAB ASSISTANTS Marion Robinson, Tommie Bass, Marilyn Baker, Carl Baxter, Mary Biggs, David Wilhoit ’s strength; SHAKESPEARE at is tyrannous VE A giant +s Ny Y — — % S 4 Y is Ss WS ~S — —e y r & 9 NY To use it like a giant. Notre Dame Polk County Dunlap East Ridge Tellico Plains Lakeview Whitwell 32 Hixson 26 Etowah Opimist Bowl 7 Knoxville Lae FIRST ROW - Donald Stafford, Ballard Simpson, Curtis Fairbanks, Charles Benson, Terry Stulce, Ronald Chambers, Alvin Petty, Jackie Robinson, David Wilhoit, Jerry Brogan. SECOND ROW -,Randolph Stitcher, Eddie Cross, Ricky Thomas, David Gibson, Benny. Wilson Aubie Camp, David Brown, Lawrence O'Rear, Lowell Cross, J. W. Holmes. THIRD ROW - Coach McBroom, Wally Bates, Clyde Smith, L. K. McDaniel, Spencer Johnson, Charles Smedley, Charles Blackwell, Bobby Welch, " Red " Brogan, Kenneth Brogan, Coach Barker Cheerleaders CLOCKWISE - Betty Lee Todd, Sharon Murphy, Glenna Huff, Joan Berry, Elaine Wil- lerson, Judy McDaniel, Joyce Henry, Janey Hood ig Four The B ? hat score, eh igging t R GC: > 7 a > ba oO > oO n 4 vo wy vo G = 1t?? li he get i W aennene Dons FIRST ROW - Donald Stafford, Bennie Wilson, William Hixon, Johnnie Wilson, Edward Brogan, Kenneth Brogan, Doug Hullander. SECOND ROW - Ballard Simpson, L, K, McDaniel, John Whitner, Carl Lee, Jimmy Davis, Eddie Burns, Coach Largen ‘61-62 Owls FIRST ROW - Glenna Huff, Becky Lovell, Glenna Wolfe, Pat Monroe, Peggy Wright, Becky Bromley, Rose Mary Holder. SECOND ROW - Bonnie Hale, Joan Berry, Dianne Sherman, Betty Lee Todd, Gayle Murphy, Mary Scott, Sharon Murphy, Lynda Swan- son, Nancy Rogers, Peggy Humphreys, Miss Coulter, Coach The 1961-62 Owlettes were the Hamilton Interscholastic League Champions. Their record was 18 wins and 5 losses. We are very proud of our Owlettes and hope their record is even better next year, “B” Team Basketball ‘ ; i a «TR FIRST ROW - David Williams, Lawrence O'Rear, Johnny Lynn, Terry Stulce. SECOND ROW - Coach Barker, Sonny Johns, David Gibson, Gilbert Browning, Curtis Fairbanks, William Hixson Volleyball FIRST ROW - Patsy Monroe, Becky Lovell, Rose Mary Holder, Glenna Wolfe, Beka Bromley, Pat Powell, Donna Hullander. SECOND ROW - Dianne Sherman, Sharon Murphy, Glenna Huff, Peggy Humphreys, Coach Coulter, Betty Lee Todd, Nancy Rogers, Gayle Murphy, Mary Ruth Scott VARSITY FIRST ROW - Manager - D. Hullander, J. Robinson, R. Thomas, T. Stulce, G. McGee, K. Brogan. SECOND ROW - S. Woods, D. Gibson, E. Burns, C. Smith, S. Johnson, E. Brogan, Coach Largen CATCHER J. Robinson JUNIOR HIGH FIRST ROW - G. Walraven, S. Roark, J. Babbs, D. Brooks, J. Robinson, G. Hill, B. Smith, Manager - D. Stafford. SECOND ROW - Coach Wilson, S. Harrison, E. Johnson, W. Lee, B. Stafford, M. Mutter, M. Robin- son, Manager - T. Weatherford Cheerleaders Pat Hooper, Head - Eva Gail Roark, Vicki Pendergrass, Regina Broome, Beth Hudson, Gloria Riggs, Joyce Hope, Donna Ingle Junior High Football FIRST ROW - Jerry Robinson, Johnny Babbs, Eugene Armstrong, Eddie Lewis, Sammy Roark, Paul Cross, Jimmy Babbs, Stanley Harrison, Gary Walraven. SECOND ROW - James Marshall, Robert Rogers, Floyd Stiner, Richard Adams, Ricky Fairbanks, Tommy Morris, James Williford, Tommy Weatherford, Ronnie Cooper, Coach Wilson, Bobby Smith. THIRD ROW - Marion Robinson, Melvin Wolfe, Lewis Knox, Ronnie Rogers, Tony Davis, Bill Stafford, Eugene Johnson, Tommy Johns, David Lewis, David Brooks FIRST ROW - Miss Coulter, Pat Powell, Geraldine Early, Vivian Ellard, Linda Dean, Linda Eldridge, Grace Lynn, Norma Haddock. SECOND ROW - Delores Robinson, Linda Williams, Esther Knox, Dorothy Kilgore, Linda Sims, Glenna Lewis, Jo Anna Allen, Linda Lively, Donna Hullander FIRST ROW - L. Henson, F. Stiner, J. Robinson, S. Roark, T. Weatherford, G. Walraven, B. Smith. ‘ROW - Mr. Wilson, T. Johns, E. Johnson, B. Stafford, K. Lee, B. Green, D. Brooks, J. Babbs Holy, fair, and wise is she; The heaven such grace did lend her, That she might admired be. Is she kind as she is fair? For beauty lives with kindness. * SHAKESPEARE ty ri A Zz O O a fx 2) =) O Oo ‘a a a) O = M es 12th GRADE Helen Hall EY 2 Big ma PO A cee Sn bee oO Son " a oO rar} wok = 3 3 oo OS) 11th GRADE Peggy Humphreys Lowell Cross 8th GRADE Patty Heckler Nicky Winkler Tommy Weatherford 9th GRADE Marilyn Gross 7th GRADE Mary Brooks Danny Payne GLENNA HUFF DAVID BROOKS JANIE HOOD JOHNNY WILSON x = S a) Carniva Princess - Pr MOST ATHLETIC Mary Scott Edward Brogan a a | 2 i | i BEST ALL ROUND Jane Jones Charles Smedley MOST ENTHUSIASTIC Helen Hall Eddie Burns MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Connie McDaniel Clyde S mith MOST DEPENDABLE Judy Buckner Calvin Boring L. K. McDaniel WIT TIEST Peggy Ware ty e = O < 4 - ~ < WY O = Barbara Rhinehart Gene McGee Kenneth Dill FRIENDLIEST Becky Lovell We the " OWL " Staff take great pride in pre- senting Miss Barbara Rhinehart and " Red " Brogan as our Prom King and Queen. The contest was a popularity poll sponsored by the " OWL, " with Seniors as candidates. We hope that in the future our King and Queen may grow into a Mr. and Miss O.H.S. This contest was the first of its kind, and due to the interest shown we are sure that a Prom King and Queen will be elected every year. PERFECT ATTENDANCE School Awards 4-H CLUB WINNERS Jeanne Hughes, Glenda Haddock, Paulette Austin, Linda Hickey, Betty Lee Todd, Becky Lovell, Glenna Wolfe, Sharon Murphy, Jean Johns, Deanne Carter School Awards SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS Suzanne Lindsay David Wilhoit Gail Bryant Doug Hullander BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE Betty Lee Todd and Terry Stulce Alternate, Joyce Henry and Johnny Wilson “WHEN YOU AVERAGE YOURE AS TO THE BK AS YOU TO THE } ESSAY WINNERS Connie McDaniel Doug Hullander. Becky Lovell D.A.R. AND 'S, A. Ry AWARDS Charles Smedley Becky Lovell BALFOUR AWARD Connie McDaniel S < = < = rc wn Zz ea) 2 eS GC AMERICAN LEGION Linda Roberts Douglas Hullander } Awards DANFORTH AWARD Pots A. ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Barbara Rhinehart Clyde Smith Gayle Murphy ALUMNI AWARD BABE RUTH SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Becky Lovell Glenna Wolfe and Red Brogan i WILL - Gene McGee and Linda Roberts CLASS SONG - Edward Brogan and Glenette Davis HISTORIANS - Charles Smedley and Judy Buckner GIFTORIANS - Lawrence Appleby and Jane Jones GRUMBLER - Eddie Burns CLASS POEM - Janice Singleton MASTER OF CEREMONIES - Spencer Johnson DEDICATION OF YEARBOOK - Gayle Murphy PROPHECY - L. K. McDaniel and Helen Hall Social Studies - Doug Hullander, Physical Education - Mary Scott and Calvin Boring, Business Education - Bar- bara Rhinehart, Science - Clyde Smith, Math - Connie McDaniel, English - Becky Lovell, Music - Ann Willer- son, Home Economics - Judy Buckner BECKY LOVELL DOUGLAS HULLANDER To preserve our Heritage” " Through Scientific Development” Commencement Speakers CONNIE McDANIEL CLYDE SMITH " To Develop a Strong Individual " “Through Better Communication " 4 . x < : SS Compliments of J. AVERY BRYAN COMPANY, INC. CALLAWAY GROCERY CO. Funeral Directors Ambulance SHORT! GR 6-4592 AM 6-2131 50th Year of Callaway's Fine Food eeOME Ce LANG ©) seme Ni See mie enon mom) we = I) ie i a 125 Inman St. and S. Lee Highway " Ford, Falcon and Thunderbird " GR 2-1552 See eee EN 0 a= Ap im me wm mm ee ee ee eee en S. Lee Highway Curb Service GR 2-4400 RE Pe tn a em ee ee ee em Sim ee ie Highway 58 344-6546 ee eae a ee em me ee ee 821 Market St. " Chattanooga's Oldest Store " AM 17-6601 Ee A000 fee i ie nm em ne a ee 727-Cherry St. " Everything Musical " AM 5-3646 Pen thos Ret AIL STORE'= --- = - - = eames a ame main Ce er ioe Te ice oath emer es 85 First St. GR 6-8331 ir raise ASTER MIX FEEDS = < = < = =- - = = > - 7.7 ct rr rrr rere me Highway 58 344-6546 ON KAmere RO NEW.ORK Seat ane) nm me Rm in ae Sm em em Rt. 1, Bramblett Rd., Harrison " For all your ornamental and miscellaneous " 334-6285 Des Cee tea = = en ee ee ee 809 Market St. " Fine Men's Wear Since 1906 " AM 6-4120 ee Oe tc = =m = = wm a ee ee He ee ee 153 Church St. S. E. SoU) eae 8S mea a mm men enn ee 6867 Lee Highway OX 8-7263 Pet iat) Men oe aes oe l= = m= = (SSeS em me me ee Se 3303 Brainerd Rd. 624-5296 Re ea mene im = A Sm a im eee so 2455 Glass St. MA 4-6419 a See Pe a eR eS RR ne ee ee 702 Market St. AM 6-2719 re ie ene els oR Sale He Sa = me em ee le ee Ocoee St, " Home of Better Values " GR 6-6542 ee he 2m 28 erin me See 5904 Lee Highway and Airport Rd. " 24-Hour Wrecker Service " MA 2-3253 rn errr Ee ayn NL) LLNS URANG Ha) —, see en ae moe 7171 Lee Highway MA 2-1106 eRe teren toe! =0a 68 = 6 = =~ ea ee ee Cleveland, Tennessee . GR 6-2425 ee ee a REA Ino LA le aces em cee = Re ne Cleveland : " Dealers of the Finest Real Estate, " GR 2-1571 I ee OO PAN me aa omaha sn bee = = em ee 713 Cherry Street " It Pays to Play " AM 5-3464 EAST BRAINERD LUMBER COMPANY 6001 Lee Highway " For Immediate Service " OX 8-3476 CHESTNUTT AND CONDRA (BRAINERD GULF) - - ~ EDMONDSON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LOVEMAN'S - CHATTANOOGA - EAST RIDGE 4----- PRINCESS THEATER oe ae we CLENDEN'S GROCERY DOYLE HARDWARE BILL WATTS GROCERY KLEEN=A-MATIC STEINHOEFEL'S JEWELER DAN BREWER PEACOCK'S JEWELERS PINION JEWELRY COMPANY CHEROKEE LAND COMPANY (Real Estate) B & W PHARMACY WESTERN AUTO WALLY'S DRIVE-IN JARNAGIN GROCERY COMPANY \ 3660 Brainerd Rd. MA 9-3438 107 East 8th Street AM 6-1259 AM 5-3511 Cleveland, Tennessee Harrison, Tennessee 344-6471 Tim Huddleston, Agent Box 202 - Ooltewah, Tennessee - 445-4352 Summit, Tennessee OX 8-4081 Ooltewah, Tennessee Ooltewah, Tennessee 445-4296 4744 Highway 58 MA 4-1529 3337 Brainerd Rd. 16 N-Eighth St. AM 6-6249 3029 Dodson Ave. Ooltewah, Tennessee 815 Market St. and Rossville, Ga. AM 6-1339 4831 Bonny Oaks Dr. Oil Heating Service - MA 4-2676 3617 Brainerd Rd. MA 4-2676 Highway 58 OX 8-8551 3913 Brainerd Rd. MA 9-7316 Highway 58 344-6503 The Village Shopping Center MA 47-1882 Brainerd Village 619 Cherry St. 5-3176 Cleveland, Tennessee GR 6-5612 Cleveland, Tennessee GR 2-1571 73 Ocoee Street - Cleveland, Tennessee GR 6-4371 544 McCallie AM 6-1297 605 Cherry Street AM 77-5853 2215 Crutchfield St. 2506 Glass Street 2220 McCallie Ave. MA 2-9108 130 Edwards St. GR 2-1631 wv A of RQ ny } sate WF { / 2 ke sat LY tbheg, ,~ A : Jz f ] 4U KM add YC] NYA Romi er wee 7 no ol & Loe eo a ( bow, “) CS Nico t WVMLYL ) Wht é . sae ae (Ope 4 Omye eo (hae Maca, ee S x. Cee bale write Ue Rin ww, (Powe = iL ae ( Rome 4 ber dVeuk YL a) re: i OL aT Rome more, noes jim wet Dae ; { Jrle- j a ~ Cte DR ony tot “4 ; Rewer As ese a » pee Oy Ture MM wn4, " 2 wht Leta) mu ll Wu ee —: - L re 2 A G See ME | (qy eae Rat No a sled * i ( Lney ) ieee pine) Cag MA Pe iy . Doo Fuck OG “4 4 sd baw! | ee 2 te A ary Babes, That , Uae Porat dm the ferret ata . 4 AL Aires Q al ot Ate . 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