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G£N ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRAR ::c 3 1833 02215 9799 202 ' HOT Ndrthwdod Middle School., North w o o d C ardi n a l. % ' . Q ' SW COLLECTION Published by The CARDINAL yearbook staff of Northwood Junior High School at 1201 East Washington Center Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana 7969 Editor-in-Chief: Judi Hartnup Assistant Editor: Jykla Klinger Underclass Assistants: Jennifer Johnson Debbie Mann Faculty Adviser: J. R. Rothhaar ?0 Bo 22 a ' m 4680 ' Contents Faculty 3 Ninthers 9 Activities 22 Athletics 38 7th 8thers 48 Our Inspirational Administration Leads, and . This year marks Dr. E. Warde Kelly ' s tenth year as a successful principal of Northwood. Through Dr. Kelly, North- wood was evaluated and given a good rating by the North Central Evaluating team this year. Dr. Kelly received his Bachelor of Sci- ence Degree in Alabama before coming to Indiana University to do his graduate work. In 1959, he became Northwood ' s first principal. Dr. Kelly has been an efficient and com- petent principal. In speaking of North- wood he has said, " I feel the basic edu- cational needs of our students include personal attitudes and appreciation which cause the individual students to become effective, worthwhile, and wholesome citizens. " If these standards are achieved, Northwood can become a more prosper- ous junior high school. Dr. E. Warde Kelly Mr. Richard E. Beck We are fortunate to have Mr. Richard E. Beck as our assistant principal this year. His B.S. de- gree was obtained at Purdue, and his M.A. degree at Ball State. One additional year at Purdue earned him his superintendent ' s license. Pre- viously, Mr. Beck taught at the Richmond Com- munity School System for six years, and was principal of Goodland High School in Good- land, Indiana, for four years. Also, he was princi- pal of Huntingburg High School in Huntingburg, Indiana, for two years. According to Mr. Beck, Northwood has very pleasant surroundings and is exceedingly clean and modern. In addition, he thinks we are lucky to have such a wonderful school system. One of his main concerns this year is to bring better stu- dent government to our school. Faculty Provides Leadership . . . Mr. Robert Johnson Art Mr. Lamar Kilmor Physical ed Mr. Robert Lew Mathematics Mr. Donald Livengood Science to the Student Body . . . Mr. Edward White Social studies The Hearty Helping Hands . Mrs. Harris Library Clerk Mrs. Fleetwood Study Hall Clerk Mrs. Krouse Teacher Aide Mrs. Hess Secretary The wonderful people who are responsible for seeing that our lunches are prepared and served to us each day are our cooks. They are: FRONT ROW (left to right): Mrs. Mains, Mrs. Polsley, Mrs. Wyatt, Mrs. Bishop. BACK ROW: Mrs. Dray, Mrs. Ervin, and Mrs. Slagle. Without the people pictured above, our school could not run as smoothly as it does. These, of course, are our secretaries, clerks, and aides. These wonderful people work very hard to assist both students and teachers in many ways. They are essential to make Northwood the good school that it is. Responsible for the condition of our building during the day are our marvelous Day Custodians. They labor very hard to keep our floors clean, rooms in good order, and the heating system working. They are: (left to right): Mr. Layman, Mrs. Roberts, and Mr. Muter. Working in our building at night in order to have it in good order for us the next day are our Night Custodians. These are the men who make the building pleasant to come into in the morning. They are Mr. Ebersole and Mr. Gulley. Ninth Grade Travels Dennis Ahlersmeyer Robert Alleger Crandall Allen Karen Allen David Anderson James Anderson Steven Anderson Gary Andrew Pam Arnold Karen Asche Tom Aughenbaugh Charles Bair Mike Ballinger Larry Barrentine Tom Becktell Randy Berta Lori Bicknese Debra Bireley Marc Blessing Marilyn Bollinger Bob Bridges Fred Brown Monty Brown Steve Brown Joy Brunson Through Another Year . Jim Buchanan Kevin Burke Anna Burkhart Brenda Cartwright Terry Cashdollar Ron Dick Rick Dornbush Cheryl Dove Dan Dunten Marie Ehinger Learning New Skills . . Marcia Ervin Sue Farr Niles Faulkner Steven Faux Cherrie Feichter Randy Feichter Jackie Ferguson Sue Fleming John Ford Mike Foster Becki Francies Carol Fritz Larry Gaff Scott Gammons John Glasgow Cindy Godsell Steven Graham Jamie Grant Mary Greulach Kathleen Halter Karen Hamilton David Hanauer Robert Hanauer Craig Hanna Garold Hanns Applying Old Ones Pat Harmeyer Janet Harrison Linda Harrison ludi Hartnup Sam Hatch Warren Hauser Bruce Heck Ed Heffner Dave Henning eanne Herr Debbie Hettinger Harold Hettinger Linda Hettinger Sandy Heyn Nadine High John Hine Patty Hines Patty Hixson Gary Hockensmith Debra Holman Sandy Hon Gayle Houser John Houser Joyce Houser Sandra Howell Enjoying Sports and Activities . . Sue Howell Dawn Hunter Tim Ivy Gregg Jackson Kathy Jacobson Cheryl Lehman Rhonda Lewton Alan Linkous Cindy Linn Marceil Linn Being Challenged by . Sue Lommatzsch Diane Lothamer Donna Lowrey Cindy Lusk Bob MacPherson Molly Mudrack Steven Mudrack Judy Mulheim Tom Nahrwold Dave Nebur More Difficult Courses Sara Redmaster Bryan Reighter oe Richeson Phil Roberts Ron Roberts They Look Forward to . Bill Rugg Debbie Ruich Cathy Ryan Louis Sanders Charles Saunders Dan Scalf L »A - W 1 Karl Scheil John Scherer 1 -- - ™ m P " Kathleen Schuelke L Ah Tarry Scoville j i5£l« Paula Sexton Donna Seymour Steve Shannon Cathy Sheean Terri Shepard Cathy Shilts Nancy Shutt Cindy Sidwell Mark Simonson Carol Slichenmyer Brenda Smith Jack Smith Shirley Smith Shirley Kay Smith Louthora Snyder Greater and Better Challenges . Richard Snyder Robert Snyder Robert Stevens Jim Stidham Mary Strebig Ronald Witte Larry Wolfe Rickey Wolfe BillWollman Brenda Worman Yet to Come. Mary Ann Wright Robin Wyatt Holly Yamada JeffYoder Rick Zahm MikeO ' Hair Debbie Prater John Stewart Susan Wallace Randy Waters The ninth graders pictured left were not available for individual pictures. They are left to right: Randy Pond, Christine Figel, Richard Brown, Debbie Fulford and Ken McKay. Michael Cripe, James Ferguson and Noel Townsend were not available for pic- tures. School Life . . . Our school photographer, Mr. Crim, is shown taking a picture of the seventh grade team. The fledglings had a very good season in all sports and if they continue in this way will be one of the best in the city next year. One of the bulletin boards receiving a prize in the spirit contest was homeroom 206 ' s. The homeroom teacher guiding this room is Mrs. Craw. It won the most spirited bulletin board award. Taki, a seventeen month old Alaskan malamute, is shown at one of the football games. He is our first school mascot. Taki is owned by Karen Allen, a ninth grader, and is working toward the three legs needed to make him a Companion Dog. At this time he has one of the three legs needed and has received three trophies. Many people do funny things that are never discovered, but Paula Sexton was caught in the act. Where were you on Christ- mas Eve, Paula? Several new teachers joined the Northwood staff during the school year and were not able to be pictured with the rest of the staff. We were very fortunate to acquire them. They are: (left to right) Mr. Bieberstein, Mrs. Stroh, Miss Neuendorf, Miss Kildsig, and Mrs. King. Northwood was evaluated this year by the North Central Evaluation Team. The school received a good rating. The panel, composed of eleven men and women, visited Northwood before Christmas. Shares Surprises . This is the second year the Girls Physical Education Department has performed for the North- wood P.T.A. The program was entitled Good-bye Cruel World and various phases of the work which the girls do during class were presented. Some of the acts were dances, marching, balance beam and hoop work, and various hand apparatus equip- ment. There were also many pyramids such as the one shown above. These girls make up the third period gym class. The varsity tried hard this year but eventually were jilted by the faculty. Even so, a good time was had by all, as shown by the big smiles on the boys ' faces. A Memorial center is shown " getting the jump " on Dwight Kelsoe as this picture was taken, but Mike Ballinger got the ball. Memorial went on to win the game, however. The above picture was taken after the Christmas As- sembly in which the Drama Club presented a play entitled " Puppy Love. " The club has been very active this year and has presented a number of plays. The entire c lub is pictured above while contemplating their first performance. As in the past, the faculty conquered the varsity in their annual game. However, the rate of injuries were high for the faculty and the teachers are still complaining about their bad backs and sore muscles. The faculty also played the fathers of the P.T.A. this year. The victorious " imposters " are shown above all ready to go. Cardinal Commemorates the Year Our yearbook staff, consisting of several editors, assistant editors, and other workers, has carefully planned this year ' s edition of of the Cardinal Yearbook. Earlier this year, many of these industrious Cardinals could have been found working on the yearbook in the publications room before, during, and after school. illMRBOOKk J ■ in %3 4, 1 . Vi 1 H The key staff members, shown in the FRONT ROW (left to right): Debbie Mann, assistant editor, Judi Hartnup, editor-in-chief, BACK ROW: Jennifer Johnson, assistant editor, and Jykla Klinger, activity ' editor. These are the people who are chiefly responsible for the publication of the yearbook. Pictured here are four of our hardworking Cardinals looking over some yearbook material, (left to right): editor, Judi Hartnup; cartoonist, Dan Scalf; activities editor, Jykla Klinger; and one of the workers, Tim Rahn. Northwind ' N ounces the News Pictured at the left are the editors of the Northwind for this year. They have worked long hours very diligently in order to publish the newspaper. They are (left to right) BACK ROW: Barry Dennis and Donald Crum, sports editors. SITTING: Chris Crull, news editor, Sue Howell, feature editor, Angela Casso, editor-in-chief, and Kathy Rish, fea- ture editor. The Northwind staff under the super- vision of Mr. Rothhaar keeps the school informed and, in actuality, establishes an historical record of the happenings, or- ganizational meetings, dances, sporting activities, special events, social activi- ties, curriculum developments, and spe- cial classroom projects. In many phases of the work the whole student were in- volved. The regular staff members have worked before school, after school, and sometimes between classes in order to gather information, write and rewrite the stories, plan pages, check galley proofs, make " the paste-up, " and get the papers distributed. Editor Angela Casso (center) is shown with two of her special edi- tors Sue Howell (left) and Barry Dennis (right) planning one of the Northwind ' s editions. Shown above is the entire staff of the Northwind who make possible your monthly newspaper. They are (left to right) BACK ROW: Scott Mowry, Sandy Kneller, Chris Crull, Sue Howell, Becky Francies, Cathy McComb, Jan McBride, Gayle Houser, Barry Dennis. SEATED: Rhonda Neher, Sandy Howell, Nancy Storms, Jeff Putt, Angela Casso, Rhonda Lewton, Kim Kleopher, Kathy Rish, and Don Crum. Choir, Bands, and . Girls Ensemble, under the direc- tion of Mr. Coyle, has worked hard to prepare themselves for the concerts and contests this year. These industrious girls worked after school on Wednes- days and many other times to make themselves the good group that they are. This year the Concert Choir has been again one of the outstanding groups of Northwood. The choir has been excep- tional in its concerts for our P.T.A. and the various assemblies for the student body that it took part in. Mr. Coyle, the director, has worked long hours with the choir and both he and the choir are to be commended for the excellent job that they did this year. Meeting Mondays and Fridays after school, Boys Ensemble has readied themselves for various contests and concerts during the past school year. This group is also under Mr. Coyle ' s leadership; the fine work ac- complished by this organization is greatly appreciated. Orchestras Provide . . . Members of the Concert Band directed by Mr. Morphew, works toward total perfection of their musical compositions. They are continually participating in pep sessions, varsity basketball and tournament games, concerts, and the Northern Indiana School Band Orchestra and Vocal Association. All in all, they have mastered many difficult musical arrangements and Northwood is very proud of its Concert Band. Also under Mr. Morphew ' s direction, Concert Orchestra is one of the best musical groups ever seen at Northwood. This group is composed of eighth and ninth graders who excel in the playing of the string instruments. This group practices hard to make themselves the good group that they are. They meet every other day during first period and on Tuesday afternoons. The orchestra has provided entertainment at both concerts and contests. Cadet Band, guided by Mr. Morphew, labors to improve their musical ability that they might be able to qualify for Con- cert Band next year. This organization has practiced after school on Wednesdays during the activity period and special other times. They have performed well at special times throughout the school year. This group shows quite a bit of promise and the Concert Band will be greatly aided by their services next year. Musical Entertainment The Cadet Orchestra, under the tutilage of Mr. Morphew, meets every other Wednesday night after school to practice. This orchestra is training to be in Concert Orchestra next year. They have labored hard and have prepared themselves for various special performances during the school year. The Concert Orchestra looks forward to having this group join them next year, and Northwood is exceedingly proud of the superb work they are doing. ' 1 Wh « f iff li r 1 i i The Glee Club, guided by Mr. Coyle, meets alternate days during the first period and on Thursdays before home- room. These people had hoped to join Concert Choir last year, and will try again to qualify for this organization this year. The biggest qualification is co-operation and attitude. During the year they have enlightened various P.T.A. meetings with their singing. Our Glee Club has also joined the Concert Choir for several numbers. The Cadet Choir or seventh grade training choir, under the supervision of Mr. Coyle, works every Tuesday night during seventh period activities. The choir trains for Glee Club and Concert Choir which they look forward to joining next year. They learn the basic music fundamentals and have their first experience in singing in parts. This group also earns the first two points toward their individual letters. Both Concert Choir and Glee Club look for- ward to having these Cardinals in their groups next year. Self Government Self Study . . . The Student Council is the individual student way of making his opinion heard. The members spend much time discussing, developing, and adopting both new constitutions and laws and new plans for the school. In addition to this, they participate in many school functions, projects, and services with both the student body and administration. The students run this organization entirely by themselves with the guidance of Alan Linkous, serving as president. Karen Asche has fulfilled the office of vice-president and Debby White has served as secretary-treasurer. When the group needs knowledge or advice they turn to Mr. Gehl who is their faculty advisor. This group is a living example of democracy in action and in many cases is the first opportunity that many pupils have to be involved in such an instrument of democracy. The Independent Study group consisting of twenty-four eighth and ninth graders has devoted much free time and school time to working on their project. Each student chooses a subject of special interest to him. A few of these subjects include science, veterinary medicine, rocket design, paleontology, math, sewing, and therapy. Each student chooses an advisor who gets the student started and discusses the various problems which may occur with him. The students and advisor meet once a week to discuss the progress being made on the report. The student is issued a permanent pass, and is excused from the classes he feels he needs to miss in order to work on his project. This is a new system and it is still in the experimental stages and the students involved represent those who wish to go ahead on their own beyond the individual class work. Northwood is one of the few junior highs to have such a program and is very proud of those stu- dents who elect to do this. Projectionists Provide Pictures . These eighth and ninth grade boys have the knowledge of the Beginning Projectionists and have gone on to more advanced work. They work during the day at var- ious times in the Audio Visual room helping both students and the teachers with the machinery. They are (from left to right): Dennis Schaaf, Ed Zbacnick, Dennis Arnold, Rick Ormiston, Ron Dick, Mr. Hart, )im Buchan- an, Steve Shannon, Dave Han- auer, and Dennis Miller. The Beginning and Advanced Projectionists serve a great service during the school year to both faculty and students. They learn how to handle the audio visual material and aid the teachers in preparing classroom instructional aids. The student body and faculty both owe these boys a big vote of thanks. The Beginning Projectionists, also under Mr. Hart ' s guidance, is a club for students who are interested in learning the basic skills of operating audio visual machinery. Most of these boys will join the advanced pro- jectionists ranks next year. They are (left to right): David MacPherson, Redie Bordeman, Mark Lohrman, Ron Blessing, Mr. Hart, Bart Buechner, Scott Lombard, Steve Fuller, Gregg Warren, and Mike Southern. Talking, Traveling, and Typing . Pictured at the left is the Foreign Language Club. Its purpose is to learn more about languages and lands. The club members meet one afternoon a week and study their languages; French or Spanish. The students listen to tapes and records and read pamphlets to learn more about both the language and the country which it is from. They enjoy learning to speak the language and are preparing for more extensive study in their freshman year. The stu- dents keep a notebook and use a textbook just as the regular classes do. Mr. Allen directs the Spanish Club and the French Club is under the guidance of Mrs. Swafford. Shown from left to right are: Jennifer Johnson, French; Leonard Wadewitz, Spanish; and Debbie Mann, French. The goal of the Geography and Travel Club is to see and learn as much as possible, and to understand people and their way of living. To accom plish this, they are using books, stories, and guest speakers. The club is spon- sored by Mr. Eberhart, a new teacher at Northwood this year. When this picture was taken, the group was preparing to view slides which were taken by Mr. Johnson. Through information about other lands and parts of the world, the students learn to understand other people and their way of living. Some of the places which the group has " visited " this year are Europe, Egypt, India, and many parts of the United States. They have also taken two field trips in Fort Wayne. The " travel hounds " who make up this club are: (left to right) Mr. Eberhart, Stan Gerber, Chris Kessens (Seated), Paual Fox, William Stein, Larry Evans, and Steve Fuller. Shown here is the Beginning and Advanced Typing Club. Their director is Mrs. Craw. The club, consisting of about twelve members, are interested in learni ng the basic typing skills. The advanced group works primarily to increase speed and accuracy at the typewriter. The group meets one after- noon a week to practice. At these sessions, practice sheets are distributed and the typists use them at the meeting and at home during the following week. Typing is an accomplishment to be proud of and these students are obtaining it early so it may be of greater use to them in the years to come. Students Strive for Skills . .1.502334 FROM PATIENCE Above are the girls who comprise the Sewing and Knitting Club. They are: FRONT ROW, (left to right) Karen Cashdollar, Karen Schaeffer, and Debbie Watson. BACK ROW: Pat Blessing, Laura Meehan, Kathy Derrow, and Mrs. Stout. The Sewing and Knitting Club enjoys doing various crafts. They meet on Tuesday afternoons during the seventh period activ- ity hour. These girls learn various new skills about knitting and sewing through the guidance of Mrs. Stout. The group makes individual articles of wearing ap- parel and create many other projects. While having a good time, they are learn- ing skills of great value. Through this organization, girls can go beyond what is offered in the individual classroom presen- tation and work in the area of their own special interest. The Games Club is made up of those students who enjoy playing various games such as checkers and chess. The group ' s mee.ting time is on Monday during the activity period at which time they learn more about the individual game of their choice through participa- tion at playing them. The group has regular tourna- ments and contests and as the students become more skilled, proficiency increases and competition becomes more interesting. Mr. White is the sponsor of this club, and does a very good job of helping the students develop needed skills. These game " sharps " who make up this club are: (SEATED); James Baxter, Bob Strotz, Dave Runkle, Doug Vining. (STANDING); Dave Mac- Pherson, Sandy Taylor, Ken Burgener, Mr. White, Charles Combs, and Leonard Wedewitz. Fifteen boys make up the membership of the In- dustrial Arts Club. Mr. Wearly assists these boys with their individual projects. Like the other groups pictured on this page, they are also learning valuable skills. They are: FRONT ROW, (left to right) Scott Mowry and Kent Cole. SECOND ROW, Mr. Wearly, Gary Hanns, Bob Kensill, Jim Biggs, Douglas Baxter, and Douglas Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Bob Wolfe, Richard Brown, Gary Wakeland, Rick Murphy, Den- nis Arnold, Ben Schlatterback, and Tony Hanns. Individuals Indulge in Intramurals . . . |R E The Girls Intramurals program Is supervised by Miss Sheak, Mrs. Call, and Mrs. Groves. There have been many opportuni- ties for girls this year to join any sport which they are interested in. Some of these are basketball, Softball, tumbling, volley- ball, track tug-of-war, crab soccer, regular soccer, hand apparatus and many others. Each homeroom has a team for most of these sports and points are given. The homeroom scoring the most points in each grade are presented with a trophy at the end of the school year. For girls who wish to go even farther there are various extramural teams including soccer, basket- ball, and volleyball. The girls learn how to participate as a team and also how to do things on their own, as illustrated by the tumbling activity. Northwood is very lucky to have such an opportunity like this and many girls take advantage of it. The Boys Intramurals program is an activity for boys who did not participate in Extramurals sports. There is a wide range of sports to choose from and many teachers have contributed their time to direct these activities. These teachers are: Mr. Beal —weight lifting, basketball skills; Mr. Miller— wrestling; Mr. Fries— Softball; Mr. Welch— soccer; Mr. Riley— golf skills; and Mr. Lew — track. About sixty boys participated in these intramural activities. The boys electing to do this sometimes form homeroom teams and play games and tournaments against each other. Through this activity, the boys also learn the value of good sportsmanship, team-work, and new skills toward their particular gymnastic interest. Cheering Challenges Cards . Pictured above is the cheerblock for the 1968-1969 school year at Northwood. This group has done a marvelous job of helping the cheerleaders back our team to victory. The block, comprised of over sixty girls, has painted and hung signs up all year to boost the school spirit at Northwood. The girls meet usually every other Monday to learn new yells and cheers from the cheerleaders. The block is under the direction of the cheerleaders— Jan McBride; Karen Asche, Hope Daily, captain; Janis Jackson; and Rhonda Lewton. The seventh and eighth grade girls who are in this group hope to try out for cheer- leading at the end of this school year. They practice on Monday night and are supervised by the cheer- leaders and Mrs. Call. When the final five are selected, they practice very hard so that they will be able to take over the job that our cheerleaders will vacate this year. This year, the cheerleaders and cheer- block never gave up and cheered the teams right down to the very last minute of each game, regardless of score or circumstance. The cheerblock and several cheerleaders are shown in an action shot at a varsity football game. Bleachers were a new outside addition at North- wood this year and, as a result, many more stu- dents came to cheer our team to victory. Cheer- leaders pictured are Hope Daily and Jan McBride. " Our team is dynamite " is certainly a good cheer for this game because our varsity really " Came on strong. " Northwood, in the white pants and dark jerseys is shown making a play against Jefferson. Cards Fly into Football Dave Anderson Quarterback Sy WJS f? Mark Simonson Quarterback - Larry King Manager One of the Cardinal backfield men is shown gaining against Jefferson. Pictured above is the Northwood Varsity Football team of which Northwood is very proud. They were coached by Mr. Beal. The team started well but a rash of injuries struck and many of the games were played without certain key players in the lineup. Underclassmen Prepare for the Varsity ... The members of the eighth grade football team are as follows: (FRONT ROW) Billy Weiss and Todd Holderness, student managers. (SECOND ROW) Ben Schollterback, Bill Gruenwald, Gary (ones, Bob Strotz, Bob Klein, Monte Winebrenner. (THIRD ROW) Scott Mowry, Al Hepler, Danny Allison, Tom Kline, Joe Horstman, Mike Ridgeway, (FOURTH ROW) Mr. Miller, John Roby, Tom Bastress, Doug Vaughn, Stan Gerber, Dan Butler, John Mason, Mark Shively, Greg Beer, Doug Ford, Mr. Massie, (FIFTH ROW) Geo. Necodemus, Rick Conner, Rick Ormiston, Chuck Partrige, Steve Byer, Rick Murphy, Ed Lewton, Ted Richardson. The boys who participated in the 7th grade football program are: Craig Klein, Rob Born Dornbush, Den- nis Burke, Al Martin, Roy Kline, Tom Bunner, Al Swinson, Jeff Davis, Steve Tilker, Mike Roberts, (SECOND ROW) John Simonson, Anthony Casso, Randy Wolfe, Chris Gach, Cory Sparks, Stan Pressley, Jim Rosslott, Jeff Sorg, Steve Johnson, Louis Johnston, (THIRD ROW) Mr. Kilmer, John Jacobson, Chuck Woods, Jim Ryan, Rick Berry, Wayne Gadson, Vance Kyle, Bart Beetner, Rick Reese, Terry Ivy, Mr. Schlatter. Football Scores 9th 8th 7th Geyer 7 41 Memorial 7 7 Jefferson 7 6 Franklin 6 Lane 6 Franklin 20 Lane 14 32 Jefferson 13 6 Memorial 34 6 Jefferson 6 21 Lakeside 7 21 Lakeside 6 7 Portage 13 6 Memorial 7 21 7 19 Cards Make Tracks We are very proud of our excellent cross country team. They are one of the best in the city. This year they were runners-up in the city cross country meet. Their record this year was six wins and only one defeat. In addition, we were second in a four way track meet between Northwood, Kekionga, Bishop Luers, and Jefferson. These boys deserve great amounts of praise for their hard work and victorious results. Mark Tillapaugh Tom Cooley Warren Hauser Rick Putt Scores Kent Williams Mark Newell W T Bishop Luers 19 41 Ben Ceyer Forfeit Franklin 27 28 Lane 21 37 Kekionga 31 24 Lakeside 21 35 Cards Bounce into Basketball . . . Mark Simonson Forward Alan Linkous Forward Don Crum Forward Jim Anderson Forward Chuck Bair Guard Dave Kerschner Guard Dave Anderson Guard Pictured above is our Varsity basketball team. These boys work many long hours before and after school to attain the knowledge and accuracy needed to work together as a team. e o Tom Nahrwald Guard Mr. Kilmer Coach Rick Dornbush Guard Underclassmen Have Great Season The eighth grade team this year has had a great season and have worked very hard to make themselves the good team that they are. The boys are looking forward to next year when they will enter the ranks of the varsity. The members are: FRONT ROW (left to right) Al Hepler, |ohn Mason, Greg Beer, Greg Smith, Mike Ridgeway, Mark Shively. BACK ROW: Student manager, Wayne Potts, John Roby, Al Wright, Steve Beyer, Bob Wolfe, Dan Partridge, Ed Lewton, Rick Magly, Mr. Beal, Tom Kline was absent when the picture was taken. Our seventh grade team had the best season this year. Our fledglings were the undefeated city champions. The boys are: FRONT ROW (left to right) Alan Swenson, Tom Bunner, Alan Martin, Mark Anno, Ned Slickenmeyer, manager. SECOND ROW. Bob Sumney, Rob Dornbush, John Parker, Chris Gach, Kirby Scheimann, Randy Potts, Roy Kline, THIRD ROW: Tim Foster, Anthony Casso, Jim Rosslet, Terry Ivy, Mike Rasor, Bart Bueckner, John Jacobson, Jeff Sorg, Tim Geary, Stan Pressley, Corey Sparks, and Mr. Beal. SCORES Ninth Grade We They Eighth Grade We They Seventh Grade We They Franklin 24 45 Franklin 31 23 Franklin 30 17 Lakeside 25 48 Lakeside 29 31 Memorial Forfeit Fairfield 43 36 Fairfield 32 36 Lane Forfeit Harrison Hill 28 39 Harrison Hill 35 28 Jefferson 37 27 Weisser Park 40 42 Weisser Park 43 36 Lakeside 35 19 Lane 28 32 Lane 33 18 Portage 36 28 Concordia 27 44 Memorial 25 41 Jefferson 37 29 Jefferson 30 33 Memorial 27 40 Portage 54 47 Portage 32 42 Tourney Ben Geyer 34 54 Harrison Hill 47 35 Kekionga $9 49 Jefferson 25 27 Tourney Fairfield 29 56 Cards Hurdle Into Track . . . Pictured above are our distance men. They are: FRONT ROW (left to right) Mark Tillapaugh, War- ren Hauser, Ed Vance, BACK ROW: Bob Bridges, Alan Linkous, Tom Cooley. Our pole vaulters are: FRONT ROW (left to right) Rick Putt, Rick Dornbush, Chuck Bair. BACK ROW: Dave Anderson, Mike Ballinger, )esse Powell. READY... SET... CO!! Getting ready for the big race are our dash men. They are: Jesse Powell, Larry Wolfe, Kevin Burke, Kent Williams. Northwood ' s track warms up in the gym because in the early part of the season it was too cold and muddy to be out on the track. These boys started early in March to prepare for the meets which were to be held later. At left, Mark Simonson is shown during the early part of his training for the shotput. Wrangling Wrestlers Win Many boys went out for wrestling this year at Northwood. They accomplished much and are to be commended. They are FRONT ROW, ((left to right): Tom Aughembaugh, Dan Dahlgren, Larry King, Tom Cooley, Larry Wolfe, John Stewart, Dan Scalf, and wres- tling in front, Phil Roberts and Rick Putt. BACK ROW: Mr. Miller, Bob Bridges, Randy Pond, Gary Nemeth. Gary Andrews, Larry Lemons, and Dan Dunten. Wrestling is a rela- tively new sport at Northwood. This year marks the first year our team has really " come on strong. " Our wres- tlers this year have put forth a commendable effort and have had a tremendous perform- ance in their matches. They are coached by Mr. Miller who has done a fine job in giv- ing our boys great skills and knowledge in the wrestling field. Every night our boys practice in the cafetorium and review their new and old skills by putting them into practice through reg- ular matches. The long hard hours paid off im- mensely because the group won the great majority of their matches. This is an extremely good record because of the newness of this sport at Northwood. Our congratulations to the wrestlers and " keep up the good work, guys! " This year there are not too many eighth grade wrestlers but the ones who are wres- tling have done a good job and have learned many basic skills that will help them on the team next year. They, too, are coached by Mr. Miller. They are (left to right): Mr. Miller, Dan Butler, Rick Ormiston, and George Nicodemus. Cheerleaders CheerTeams to Victory C O )anis Jackson Pep!! I It! Karen Asche Power!!! Hope Daily w I N Rhonda Lewton " Pep Power " This is one of the yells of our loyal cheerleaders. They have worked especially hard this year, and as a result, the school spirit has been one of the best ever seen in the history of North- wood. These loyal Cards could have been seen at football and basketball Jan McBride games this year leading the student body in cheers guaranteed to give us vic- tory. Their zest and enthu- siasm have lead our team to many triumphs. The student body joins the various teams in giving the cheerleaders a hearty vote of THANKS! T t " 8™ Eighth Grade Moves . Chritine Acheson Mary Ann Adams Mary Rita Alexander Charles Allison Stan Anderson Merle Ann Arduser Anita Armstead Ruth Ann Arnett Dennis Arnold Denise Aughenbaugh David Bair Kennith Baron Don Barthold Tom Bastress Jim Baxter David Beatty Paul Beck Andrew Berg Steve Beyer Lisa Marie Bicknese James Biggs Belinda Biller Patricia Blessing Ronald Blessing Richard Bloom Connie Blott Vicki Boley Rosemary Bollinger Roberta Bomar John Bower Diane Bowlin Meribeth Bridges Barbara Brown John Burns Dan Butler One Step Nearer . Rox Ann Carpenter Harold Cartwright Karen Cashdollar Leanne Casso Monica Cavinder Gary Clay Rodney Click Thomas Cohrs Kent Cole Dennis Collins James Connell Renee Conner Rick Conner Beverly Craddock Jim Crocker Michael Crosby Steven Crow Christine Crull Sally Cummings Michael Cutler Carol Dahlgren Colleen Deal Kathy Derrow Timothy Dixon Dan Doan Pam Doan Tim Domer Gary Drake Renee Dunlap Debbie Eachen Dennis Elick Sharon Evans David Ferron Becky Fogle Douglas Ford To More Specialized Subjects . . Ronald Marks Mary Beth Martin Clark Mason John Mason Robert McCord Mary Sue McDaniel Laura Meehan Sharon Messenger Mary Beth Michels Dennis Miller Barbara Mizzell John Mizzell Deborah Montooth p. ,, . Gary Morgan I ■» Scott Mowry Glenn Munk va Rick Murphy ■■■) M i Rhonda Neher Sally Nestor George Nicodemus Kristine Noehren Rick Ormiston William Orr Kurt Overmeyer Charles Partridge Ann Piepenbrink William Piercy Wayne Potts Nelson Preble Barbara Rabbitt Roberta Ranck Annette Remington Debra Repka Tina Reynolds Roxann Rhoades And Are Anxious . . . Pam Rice Nancy Richard Ted Richardson Rebecca Richeson Michael Ridgeway Katherine Rish John Roby Keith Roller Melvin Rugg David Runkle Dennis Schaaf Ben Schlotterback Karen Shaffer Evelyn Shannon Linda Sherwood Mark Shively Christie Siemer Janet Silver Ron Simons David Simmons Darlene Smith Gregory Smith Mike Southern Pamela Sparks Cynthia Steckbeck William Stevens Jeff Stone Susan Stoops Kevin Stopher Robert Strotz Charles Sturgill Michael Tagtmeyer Diane Tanesky Donna Tanesky Kay Taylor L, J iv J To Move Into the Ranks . . . Sandy Taylor Terry Testor Laurie Thompson Debra Tilbury Diane Timbrook Linda Treace Douglas Vaughn Richard Vaughn Douglas Vining Michael Waddell Dwight Wagner Michele Wagner Gary Wakeland Lyndon Wall David Warner Debbie Watson Donald Weidner William Weiss Warren Wells Debra White Laura Widmann Karen Wietfeldt David Wilkening Sheila Williams Monte Winebrenner ames Wolfe Robert Wolfe Al Wright Shirley Wright Kathleen Young Edward Zbacnik Connie Zimmerman Lewis Brewster Becki Buckmaster Ken Burgener Of the Ninth Grade . . . Greg Beer Marcia Cavinder anice Crocker Douglas Davis Mark Dirty Jeff Ellenwood Cindy Kennedy Chris Kessens Linda Kranzman Ronald Lewis Debbie Mann The following eighth graders were not available for individual pictures: Doug Baxter, Marvin Brewer, Tim Carpenter, Alyce Figel, Carl Lepper and Robin Martin. Seventh graders who were not available for pictures: Kathy Alday, Stan Girvin, Kenneth Harter, Paula Kloer, Beth Turnbull, Debra Wise- man, Wendy Witte and Marilyn Young. Northwood students are shown studying in class. After lunch students take time for relaxation before returning to class. Seventh Grade Climbs Diana Adams Susan Ake Lisa Aldred Gary Aldrich Debra Allan Randy Allen Gail Altekruse Joyce Anderson Stan Anderson Paula Andrusyszyn Steve Anker Mark Anno )oe Archer Teresa Arlic Tina Arlic Kam Baker Timothy Bartlett Diane Beineke William Bollinger Ed Bomar Frank Borowiak Eddie Bricker Ruth Bricker Len Bryan Bart Buechner Tom Bunner loan Burgener Dennis Burke Connie Burkhalter Cindy Burkhart The Educational Ladder Kathy Burlage Cathy Bux Mendall Campbel Jeannie Carey Anthony Casso Debra Chevillet Elizabeth Christy Brenda Chumley David Chumley Dan Claypool Pat Clifford Clark Cole Charles Combs William Combs Annette Cornewell Jerry Cornewell Ronald Cox Kevin Craft lames Crall Cheri Crooks Brenda Crow Douglas Cupp Carol Danford Gary Daniels Donald Daub Terri Davignon Jeffrey Davis Teresa Dean Jackie De Bolt Thomas DeCamp Carl Dennis Randy Doan Renetta Dorman Rob Dornbush Kirk Doster Debbie Dudzik To Higher Achievements . Sandi Dunn Johnny Edgar Larry Evans Marianne Ferraro Vicki Fisher Renee Flitcraft Tim Foster Paula Fox Steve Fuller Cheryl Furr Chris Gach Wayne Gadson Kathy Gaines Therese Gainey Linda Gammons Margaret Gawreluk Tim Geary Kathy Giant Renee Gunder Randy Hagar Bennie Harrison Greg Hartwig Mike Harvey Sandy Harwood James Hatfield Robert Heffner Jeffrey Heller Dawn Henning Russell Heyn Naola High And Greater Success . . . Susan Hiles Hindle eff Hoering Shelia Hogue Debbie Hollinger Jo Ann Horn Gregg Houser Steve Howard Brent Humbrecht Gary Hunter Terry Ivy John Jacobson Julie Juergens Karin Keller Mike Kensi Dianna Kessens Craig Klein Roy Kline Karen Jackson Denise Jeffries Suzy Jones Kathy Jones Steve Johnson Louis Johnston Sandy Knapp Mary Ann Knight Eugene Knuth Bob Koenig Connie Krauter Steve Kughler Jim Kumfer Paul Kurosky Vance Kyle Mark Lane Joe Lambert Sandy Lano Enjoyed Block Subjects . Debra Leininger Ed Leist Malinda Linn Kathy Little Mark Lohrman Scott Lombard irad Lusk David MacPherson Cathy Magee Allen Martin Jill Mason Joe Maupin Leslie Mee Dale Messenger Charles Michels Joseph Mock Karen Montooth Bufford Moore Karen Overmeyer Jon Parker Ron Parrish Debra Partin Sally Peavey Marilyn Perkins Barry Phillips Cheryl Potts Cheryl Powel Tonya Prater Stan Pressley Julia Prifogle Participated in Activities . . - Robert Prifogle BevPurcell Jeff Putt Debbie Rabbitt Sally Ramirez Mike Rasor Melinda Rathert Mitch Reinholt Eugene Resor Clarita Rhea Jim Rhodes William Richard Rick Ries Terry Riley Melinda Roberts Mike Roberts Jo Ann Roby Debroah Rodman Phyllis Roller Cathy Rooy Jim Rosselot Lois Rowlands Thresa Rupert Bryan Rutledge James Ryan Robert Scalf Bruce Scheimann Ray Schelgunov Kenneth Schnieb Denise Schultz Sandra Scoville Pamela Seslar Sara Severine Pam Shaw Maureen Sheean Denny Shepard 62 And Look Forward . Thomas Shuster Karen Simerman John Simonson Dan Simpson Ned Slickermyer Coleen Smith Steve Teilker Mike Thompson Pamela Tillbury Darrell Traxel Edith Upchurch Dan Van Gilder Karen Van Gorder Roberta Young Debra Vaughn Madeline Verhest Vicki Visick Reginald Vorderman To the Next Step . . . Leonard Wadewitz Kim Wall Gregory Warren William Webster Pam Weigel Jody Weimer Debbie Weeks Julie Wetzel Wendy Witte Cathy Wilkerson Karen Williams Mark Winteregg Kathy Wisman Cindy Wisner Glenn Wolfe Randy Wolfe William Woods Charles Woods Deborah Woodroof Gary Yaney Roberta Young Shelia York Ricky Zartman Donald Zell Beth Ann Ziebart Ann Beahrs Tom Brooks Deloris Calhoun Sandy Doty George lames Denise King Lawerence King Randy Potts Vicki Shaffer Patricia Sommer Rene Tennis HECKMAN BINDERY INC. £m SEP 93

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