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Gc 977.202 i F77not 1967 M. L* 3 1833 02502 9403 Gc 977.202 F77not 1967 Northwood Middle School Northwood Cardinal 1967 NORTHWOOD CARDINAL Published by ^^^ Cardinal Yearbook Staff of Northwo od Juni or High Schooj at Fort Wayne, Indiana 1967 Table of Contents Administration • • Page Page 10 II Page 22 Page 38 Administration A symbolic hand is used to introduce the staff. It represents the guiding and helping hand which has been so gen- erously offered to all the pupils at Northwood. ..^• ^^m w^l km. L^ Many thanks and much credit should go to the school ' s administration for the effort put forth and the accomplishment achieved during the 1966-67 school year. Through the efforts of the administration to establish a program which conforms to very strict rules and because of the efforts of the individual teachers to continue to work on professional growth, Northwood has been awarded a special First Class Commission. Only two other junior highs hove ever received this rating which is granted on the basis of having a balanced curricular and extra curricular program, having a well-trained staff working in areas of spe- cialization, and having alloted sufficient money for the library and audio-visual materials. Dr. E. Warde Kelly Dr. Kelly has been principal of North- wood Junior High School since 1959. Prior to this position he served as teach- er, college lecturer, and principal in other places. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from State Teachers College at Troy, Alabama, and his Mas- ter of Arts and Doctor of Education de- grees at Indiana University. Mr. Yost, staff assistant, received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Manchester College. He received his Masters Degree from Ball State University and has token additional work at Indiana University. Mr. Yost taught in Richmond, Indiana, and Elmhurst High School and was staff assistant at Weisser Park be- fore joining the Northwood staff. James R. Allen Robert E. Coyle A.B. & M.Ed. B.S. & M.M. in Music Ed. Univ of Kent.-ky, Purdue Sherwood School of Mu Univ, Indiana Univ Butler Univ, Manchester Nelson R. Detwiler M. Lovon Elster D. Dean Post Irvin M. Hart, Jr. B,S. & M.S. B.S. & M.S. B.S. & M.A. B.A. Bowling Green, Purdue Indiana Univ, Indian Re- Manchester, Boll Sta te Univ, North Central, North Univ, Indiana Univ, Ball gional Campus St. Francis, Indiana Univ Illinois, Univ of Missouri State Univ Lavon G. Hart B.S. & M.A. Manchester, Indiana Univ, Ball State Univ, Univ of So. Calif. Robert Johnson B.S. & M.A. D efiance College, Univ, Boll State I Manchester College St. Mary ' s at Notre Dorr Mary E. Klus B.S & M.A. Notre Dame Teachers Col lege (Glasgow), St. Fran cis, Indiana Regional Cam Robert Lew B.S. & M.S. Toledo Univ, St. Fri Purdue Univ pus tw f!^ |P^ ^A}^^ ^ ^«H )onaId J. Livengood 5.A. & M.S. vdanchester, Indiana State Jniv, Indiana Univ Region- Campus, Western Reserve Winifred Loggins B.S. & M.S. Butler Univ, St. Fn 1 ?f^ Nancy McMohon B.S. College, Indiana Un Gerald Massie B.S. & M.S. Ohio State Unix ^^^cn^ ' I •k Virg \a B. Moon B.S. & M.S. Ball State Univ, St. Fr ;^ Keith L. Morphew B.S. & M.A. Indiana Central, Ball State Michael R. Ormiston ^ p. E. Piepenbrink B.S. & M.A. Indiana Tech, In Univ, Ball Slate Un Roger L. Rogers B.S. & M.Ed. Manchester, Univ of Pitt; burgh. Ball State Univ J. R. Rothhaar A.B. & M.A. Ball State Univ, Ohio State Univ, Univ of Colorado, St. Francis, Univ of Illinois Orvil Schlatter B.S. & M.A. Fort Wayne Bible, State Univ, Indiana Un Walter N. Sevi( Alice J. Sheok B.S. & M.S. Purdue Univ, Indiona Uni ' Beth Shoemaker Purdue Univ, Univ of Chi- f William E. Stult! B.A. & M.S. Purdue Univ, Indian Ohio Wesleyon, St. V ' ■ k ' ' ^; Max Thrasher B.S. & M.S. Manchester, Ball State Univ, Univ of Wichita, Purdue Edwin White B.S. & M.S. Purdue Univ, Indian : Univ Doris J. Simpson B.S. & M.S. Indiona Univ, St. Francis Univ, Indiana Univ ^^m Lillian E. Graham James Milliken University Mrs. Ruth Kabish Our Unsung Heroes All of the people pictured on this page ore very important to the operation of a successful school even though they often are not considered as a part of the educational staff. The cafeteria workers rral < e it possible for us to hove good hot meals each school day. Mr. Lhamon and Mr. Muter Mr, Ebersole and Mr. Gulley Ninth Grade The arrow has been used for centuries to point the way for people. The upward pointing arrow is used here as a symbol to point a direction for all students. It is used specifically for the ninth graders who have risen to a plateau of educa- tional achievement and also to point the way it is hoped they all continue. »^l^--«f^™ fl " ^^^ ^^^w^ imwf Ninth Grade Points to Greater Achievement Dave Baur Kevin Bireley Jacque Blackbur John Blair Lewis Bobilya Larry Brokow Norman Brown John Buchanan Sherrie Buchholz ft > ^ Rosanne Buecker Ronnie Buirley Kathy Bumgardni Douglas Camp Kay Campbell Paul Corroccio John Chapman 0^ Valerie Harpe Karen Hartman Cindy HarwQod Pat Hayes Claire Hayner Mark Heffner Robby Heikowsky Sue Hollopeter m^ii & :: ^ ' ^ ^ ' l||l ' ^ ' ' *|!!# # _ " " _ > Susan Howard \ ' *■. Mark Hunter ' j - ' ^ -^ Diane Irwin £\ ^ S h^ A Denms Jacksan David Jocobson Michael Jeffries Diane Jennings Sandy Jesse Ginny Jett Nancy Johnioz Cathy Janes Carolyn Kelsey Terry Kemerly Karen Kensill Ray Kersey ,o ,1^ ^ Kathy Kirchoff Art Lahrman Debbie LoRowe Jan Latz Michael Lee Delia Lafevrc Frank Lehmai Bill Lehman Mox Lindemuth Harold Linkous Amanda Lusk Mike Madrid Greg Mapps Richard Marks Jean Martin Carol Mason Cheryl Mason Patricia McBride Kevin McCarthy Goyiene McMaken Reeda Meredith Janice Mesing Linda Messenger f^ am i^ m f^mm ^ Paul Mettert Harvey Meyer John Modezjewski Barbara Moort Kenneth Moore Jan Mueller Holly Pliett Larry Potts Mary Ann Powers ^^^^ i^tiiiik ^j2|^ ri 1^1 w ^^ k4 ^ tH ^IM Jill Satterthwaite Judy Savage Sandra Shirk Edgar Simmeri Joellyn Sipe Cheryl Smith Lee Snider Mary Sue Stegall Benjie Steward Walter Streavel Bonnie Studebake Phyllis Thompson t«f. -: vi im^ I David Vining Vickie Valentine Chucl < Waggoner Denise V^akeland ^ i Craig Werling Marcy West Fif ^ l^yi And the Ninth Grade Moves On But First They Activities The two part circle is used to symbolize the activities of the school. These activi- ties are considered as extra curricular; hov^ever, they team v/ith the formal cur- riculum to make up the total school program. So just as it takes both parts to make the complete school program it takes both parts to make a complete circle. HK# ^ .ddil ^^ < P l ' -1 ^^Pjj J 1 r ^ Editor of this year ' s Cardinal, Bruce Arnold, ond assistant editor, Carole Johnson, are surrounded by staff members; Steve Parker and Randy Sarasien, sportS; Claire Hayner and Karen Oser, activities; Jonelle Ferris, Koy Gaff, Diane Jen- nings, and Karen Alleger, make-up editors; and the rest of the staff; Lynn Poster, Mark Dicken, Greg Friend, Barb Moore, Cheryl Smith, Vickie Stover, Erica Juergens, Jane Nicodemus, Jackie Myers, Patty McBride, and Bonnie Studebaker. OUR ANNUAL The Cardinal is published annually by a student staff to provide a pictorial history of Northwood for each school year. Publishing the yearbook gives experience to the staff In the field of journalism and, at the same time, provides all Cards with an opportunity to later reminisce about their school years. J^^ 1^^^ ' •^^^ \ ' W Assistant Editor Carol e Johnson Working on the Cardinal ore Karen Oser, Barb Moore, Randy Sarasien, Bruce Arnold, and Mike Roe. nd special editor Mr, Rothhc Sandy Huff, Tina Dixon, Jean Martin, Richard Yost, and Caro- lyn Poxson, look on as Sandy Jesse discusses a humorous fea- ture which appeared in the Northwind. The Northwind is published monthly during the school year to provide entertain- ment and interesting information about fellow Cardinals as well as to give the Northwind Staff ex- And . . . Monthly Publications Pictured are the reporters who collect information and write the : ; that appear in the Northwind ^ n e^l ^2ddM.KAAI^ The Concert Choir is under the direction of Mr. Coyle. This grc performs at the major concerts throughout the year. The people this group ore selected after a tryout is held. The group me ' ery other day during school time edit for his work. rehearse and each is gi\ Choirs Give Concerts ghth Grade Training Clioir is a group of ing eighth grade singers who ore given nee to rehearse and learn more about Many of them will be members of the •t Choir next year. & l% ky^ ^ m\^ i^i ^^ " ^ 1 ^^^L. ^ fri-4i KM^H^^W^ ll . 1 I^Bw^ l4 The Seventh Grade Training Choir is to serve the same purpose as the eighth grade group. Seventh graders who show promise and musical skill are permitted to try out for the Concert Choir when they are eighth graders. This year many students were engaged in our musical organizations. Throughout the year Cardinals and their parents have enjoyed the music that these stu- dents have provided. By exerting much of their extra time and effort they have been able to have two excellent con- certs, spring and winter. The results have been very favorable. The girls ensemble is one of Northwoods outstanding vocal groups. Mr. Coyle directed this group mode up of both ninth graders and underclassmen. Notes of Music Department . The Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Morphew, ochieved great success in the 1966-1967 school year. They played at the The Boys Ensemble is directed by Mr. Coyle and gives boys a chance to enjoy themselves by singing and providing listening pleasure for many others. The School orchestra, composed o* strings and winds, works with other These girls were under the sup Shoemaker while participating girls in school are eligible tc of Miss Sheak and Mis; intramural program. Al and participate in thi; seventh period activity. By participating learn sportsmanship, aspects of physica get along with other girls in competition. nurols the girls Students Exercise Bodies . . The girls who help Miss Sheak with the gym classes are shown The boy ' s gym heipe Courage, " the school And Minds Industrial Arts Club learn and perfect odditional These me.-nbers of the creative talents. They di t Club are helped by Mr. Johnson to increose their artistic and sign and put up Christmas decorations in the windows and bulletin Cards Improve Agility . Jackie Blackburn looks on as Mrs. Moore showsf Cindy Motz how to turn a collar, while Erica I Juergens watches Jackie Wisman work on her apron and Miss Smith, a student teacher, ex- plains the technique of embroidery to Nancy Scheeler. Rebecca Hon sits near and knits. Learning to type is a trying experience as these students will tell you. Supervised by Mrs. Craw, these students learn the simple techniques of the typewriter. * @ / I ( $ # % (Oops a typographical error) and Comprehension The students in the Special Reading Club are shown while improving their reading ability with assistance from Mrs. Loggins. They are Richard Wolfe, Paula Sexton, and Bernie Place. Shown above are the members of the Spanish Club which Mr. Allen sponsors. The members are (STANDING) Kathy Harris, Kathy Sommer, Marsha Wagner, Barbara Purdy, Kathy Halter, Jykia Ann Kinge r, Gayle Houser, Jane Nicodemus, (SEATED) Nancy Shut, Deonn McComb, Cindy Matz, and Linda Nelson. Shown above ore tlie members and sponsors,- Miss McMahon, Mrs. Elster, and Mrs. Kinniry; of the Speech and Drama Club OS they posed for a picture during one of their regular weekly meetings which were spent by learning about and producing plays and giving speeches. . . . What ' s This About a Missing Turkey? ing Klay and Dra the play ^re is a scene from the Thanksgiv- which the members of the Speech Tia Club produced. The plot of revolved around a turke, which I awoy in the spirit of ocod-will later returned to the qi«e; :r; the t along with a little boost from Two students from each homeroom were elected this year to serve as school council representatives. These students work hard to promote a better school and better understanding between fac- ulty and students. They also serve as the good-will ambassadors when visitors come to the school for various activities. The officers of the Scfiool Council ore Linda Rix, sergeant-at-arms; Randy Wall, president; Jean Martin, secretary; Scott Jackson, vice-president (STANDING); and Karen Oser, treasurer (not present when picture was taken). Government . . Student Style a. a These are the School Council representatives who through ho body. 33 slection rrake up the student governing Experiments . . . Experiments Electrical Experimenters Club is for the purpose o conducting experiments and studying additional ma terial which can not be done in regular class. The members ore: Greg McCarthy, Joe Richeson, Jim An derson, Mr. Livengood, and Mike Linn. biological sciences the Biology Club is avail- able. Those who are members are: Jan Rice, Peter Michels, Sherry Nine, Steve Oliver, Judy Mulheim, Jamie Grant, Linda Kimball, Sandra Francies, Janet Ream, Nancy Wallace, and Mr. Rogers. Mr. Irvin Hart is shown giving additional science in- formation to a group who want to learn more than regular class time permits. This group is known as the Science Club and its members are: Greg McDonold, Rondy Sarisien, Mr. I. Hart, Harold Linkous, Robert Alleger, David Jacobson, and Greg McCarthy. ^t^^. The boys who were in the Ajdio- ^ IB Visuol Club last year are now re- E 3ik garded as " experts. " They are from m ^^k left to right. Jim Michels, David Som- w -. ^% mers, Dana Mee, Greg McCarthy Bob Briggs, John Buchano, Mr. Hart, 1 < and Mike Roe. The group is known as K the Advanced Projectionists Club. «r 1 w. 1401473 You ' re on Those just learning how to run the oudio-vlsijal equipment are Beginning Pro- jectionists. Pictured here ore: Bill Wollman, Mike Leach, Dennis Ahlersmeyer, Pete Morreale, Ronald Dick, Dove McComb, Ian Folk, Tom Cooley, and David Ford. Candid Camera The Photography Club is made up of a group of Cardinals who are learning more about tech- niques of photography. These techniques include bockground, timing, developing and subjects Our Cards . . . day at Northwood by Help Students and Faculty Without student help the school could not function so well. Some of the groups which give assistance to each other and the staff are shown on these two pages. To serve the great number of hot meals that red each day many workers ore required. Pic ' tured here are the student helpers who assist the cooks in keeping the lunch program going. Athletics The Olympic games are traditionally started by the carrying of a burning torch to light the Olympic light. The torch has become a symbol of athletic contests the world over and is used here to show relationship of our athletic pro- gram to the larger aspects of Olympic games. Fall Brings Football VY " ' ^ ^ f^^^fr^ Phil Leichty Guard Dave Gori Tackle Cleatus Rolle Halfback V " - -iwBW " ^ff^ Robin Reynolds Fullback Ken Moon Guard Steve Parker End M, fc^ ' Ray Kersey Tackle Greg Roberts Halfback Don Widmann " Kevin McCarthy End End - ' -— .-^ l ' ^ ' M. ylC Mark Hunter End %^\ ^^wr Jim Stanczak Tackle Tackle V %.i. •^^^ Charles Nels, Guard ll**** ' James Bruns. Fullback Rob Heikowsky Quarterback tiJ Jerry Anderson Quarterback t Norman Brc Guard r%* Howard Past End Keith Petn End w. ■^ > Jeff Walborn Halfback ^ ' Doug Walton Tackle The eighth grade football team is as follows: FRONT tlOW: D. Rish, D. Putt, J. Kline, M. Lester, R. Ravovskis, E. Cook, J. Horstman. SECOND ROW: R. Wysong, M. Gibson, P. Shilts, D. Knopp, G. Moore, R. Headrick, M. Keller, and P. Long. THIRD ROW: Mr. Mossie, R. Redmaster, D. Fowler, T. Goch, D. Williamson, M. Keesler, S. Severine, D. Rhineholz, T. Bastress, and Mr. Detwiler. The seventh grade football team is as follows; FRONT ROW: S. Potton, L. Gaff, S. Williamson, G. Andrews, G. Jackson, S. Hatch, R. Putt, P. Roberts, S. Brown, L. Lemons, and E. Vance. SECOND ROW: R. Dornbush, R. Stover, D. Anderson, Feicther, D. Kerschner, L. Wolfe, J. Houser, B. Wollmon, Ivy, A. Linkous, and C. Hanna. THIRD ROW: M. Simonson, Becktell, K. Pressley, D. Kelsoe, B. Dennis, and F. Brown. 9fh Grade Fo otball Scores 8th Grade Football Scores Lane . . . Franklin 49 19 de Foo FrankI Lakesic Lane . Lane 9 33 . . . Franklin 7 Ben Geyer Kekionga 13 19 19 14 7 ball Scores Central 6 A 7th Grc ... 6 7 .... .... Je ... ...14 Basketball Bounces in Next Robin Reynold and Doug Walton Forwards Dennis Jackson and Don ^ Guards Dave Gordon, Jim Stanczok, and Ed Roy: Centers Randy Stover, Mr. Kilmer, ond John Crull: Managers and Coach The Eighth Grade Basketball team was composed of (FIRST T. Gach, D. ROW) M. Lester, J. Kline, J. Ellis, K. Klien, A. Swenson, D, and Mr. Det« Putt, (BACK ROW) D. Rich, R. Rovovskis, E. Cook, D, Choney, Elser, D. Rineholtz, D. Armstrong, ^.m The seventh grade basketball te R. Dick, D. Kelsoe, D. Kerschn is as follows: FRONT ROW: S. Hatch, R. Dornbush, D. ison, R. Putt, C. Boir, C Ivy, P. Roberts, S. Willi < Jackson, A. Linkous, D. ison, T. Scoville, and Mr. C. Allen, J. Anderson, T. Becktell. SECOND ROW: Detwiler who is the 9th Grade Basketball Scores 45 Lakeside 37 30 Ben Geyer 29 26 Central 47 41 Lane 37 26 Concordia 40 Franklin 35 Keklonga 43 Harrison Hill 52 8th Grade Basketball Scores 35 Kekionga 32 34 Harrison Hill 32 24 Fairfield 57 28 Lakeside 25 35 Memorial 31 26 Luers 45 Portage 40 Fairfield 23 Tournament 29 36 Portage 35 26 Kekionga 34 38 Ben Geyer 42 Portage . . 28 Memorial . 45 Lane Tournament 35 Memorial . Fairfield 41 7th Grade Basketball Scores 31 Lakeside 39 32 Memorial 39 27 Harrison Hill 48 Track Terminates Sports Jim Stanzcak gets in some early shotput practice. Although the weather was discouraging to an early start, some of the track boys donned their sweat clothes and went about the task of getting in condi- tion just the some as if there had been cooperation from the weather man. Cheerleaders . . . Lead Our Men . . . It takes much work and native ski to be a good cheerleader, an Northwood has some of the bes These girls must work hard on the cheers in order to learn the prt cision drill used. rhe cheerleaders and Miss Nicholas /vork to devise new routines to keep he student spectators aroused and :heering. The cheerleaders are an Bssential part of our school spirit and they represent the feminine gment of Northwood ' s sports de- Dortment. to Greater Achievements X~k Underclassmen The footprint is used to symbolize the step by step, day by day, and year by year progress that the underclassmen are making. The toe of the print points upward to indicate the direction which th ese students ore moving. iighth Grade Climbs Steve Aldred Patrick Beck Linda Beineke Jennifer Bender -M- ^ ' _ ■ii - ' iit f f: P ' ^ ^ Terri Buchholz Paul Buckles David Buecker Fred Burkhall 0^ ^*^^- f^^ Pamela Carpenter Donald Chaney Larry Chisholm John Christen Pom Clay Bob Claypool David Combs Diane Combs m ' ^w. Terry Elser John Engstr Carol Foster Frances Fowie Sandra Franc ' Carolyn Freer Jim Freeman Randy Freeman Greg Friend Prestler Furnish Terry Goch Chuck GofF John Gage Peggy Gage Paul Gammor Kathy Gardt Mike Geary Jay Geaslen Janet Gentry Robyn Gernhardt Taryl Gernhardt Mike Gibson Karen Gilbert Rhonda Gran Burnell Gump Mark Har( Cathy Ha Ronald Headrick Debbie Hedrick Kathy Henning Sue Hess iD .r^ ' )p f^ H* < 1 .N^f^ ^ " ' ^l ^^. lt!^^;;^K Rebecca Hon Holly Hontz Carole Horstman Janice Howard Bob Howey Alanna Hoy Sandy Huff Susan Jeep Carole Johnson John Johnson Pamela Johnson Barbara Jones Erica Juergens Mike Keesler Mike Keller Debra Kelley Pomelo Key Kevin Klein Jeff Kline Dean Knapp Kent Krisher Calvin Kueble Robert Lahrm Claudia Lorir Scott Lorum Kathy Latz Mark Lecher Art Levy Fred Lincoln Roger Lindemuth Karen Little Paul Long Randy Lonsbury Carole Main Gregory MacDonald Glenn MacKoy Cindy Matz Greg McCarthy Bob McComb James McKay Dona Mee Pat Meehon Glora Meradith Jim Michels Bob Miller Vicki Mitchell Gary Moore Sherry Morlan Elaine Moses Nancy Nebur Linda Nelson T kl < ^ ' ^ e m ' j ' -n Ela --^ Jane Nicodemi Cathy Ohier Jay Olvey Dan Oury Terry Paschal ni^ ^^ ^t:^. W if .i.ii.m./ #. ^ Charlette Roison Connie Ramirez Charles Ray Randy Redmaster Julie Reeves ^flAf^ Jon Richeson Karen Rickoff Dave Rish Kathie Rix Donna Romey Judi Rose Judy Rath Alberta Rugg Bab Ryan Nancy Scheeler Cindy Scheimann Jerri Schlotterback Ellen Schram Peggy Schroll Kurt Schumm " ^^ ^ ^ M ' -^ - f ^N^tH ^P^ ^^ ' tI Patrick Sefton _ ' ■^ _^^,__ W^- M ^ < 3^ 1 Scott Severme - ^ " v^-^ 1^ ^ X^ ^X ^ Robert Shelton Debby Sherwood Perry Shilts Cheryl Snyder Debbie Snyde, Kathy Sommei Kerry Steele Cheryl Sterner Beverley Sweet Alden Swenson Sue Timbrook Jerry Triplett David Tunin Debbie Waggo Doug Wagner Margaret Kindig Ralph Ravouskis Eddie Yovanovifch Seventh Grade Takes Big Step Virginia Aceves Pom Adams Perry Adamson Dennis Ahlersmeyer Robert Alleger Crandall Allen Karen Allen David Anderson Jim Anderson Steve Anderson Gary Andrew Theda Armsteod Tom Aughenbough Chuck Bair Tom Becktell Marilyn Bellinc Randy Berto Lori Bicknese Debro Bireley Marc Blessina Samuel Bollinger Ronald Bricker Ruth Bricker Christine Brown Fred Brown Steve Brown Joy Brunson James Buchanan Anna Burkhart John Calhoun 1 ^, (f»! ,r*f liiL. v^ \gmr. c *], ' ¥t„r-^ ' X. r .k r» ' |t_^ .^ " a " & , ^.^ b « ^ ' v^ ' i 41^ ,e p f|r^ ei a fi ' *t. ^ iii 1? \ Brenda Cartwright Terry Cashdollar < «». «^ Gory Clem " ^ Danny Collins Barbara Combs Torr Cooley Donald Crum Gregory Cuella Don Dohlgren Hope Dailey Monica Daniels Robert Davis Barry Dennis Mary Jo Dick Randy Dick Donald Dick Richard Dornbush Cheryl Dove Danny Dunten Christionn Dykstra Marie Elono Ehinger Pom Elliott Jonathan Folk Susan Forr Cheryl Feichter Randy Feichter Jackie Ferguso Cheryl Finkhou Sue Fleming Rebecca Fronci Susan Franklin Colleen Gage Scott Gommor John Glasgow Cathy Gloss Cindy Godseli Steven Graham Jamie Grant Mary Greulach Tommy Grove Rachel Haas Kathleen Halter Karen Hamilton Croig Honn Judith Hartnup Warren Hauser Harold Heck Edward Heffn Daboroh Hettinger Harold Hettinger a e. f^f^^ m^ ^ #») IPt ^ ' ■ ^ •It.v,,^! Kathy Jacobson Georgianna Koenig John Keefe ^ ■.■■ ^: ' ' .n.ri 4\i Linda Kimball Loyal Kindig Linda Kirtley Jykia Klinger Ronald Koenig Jackie LaFever Roberta LaRowe Mike Leach Lorry Lemons Rhonda Lewton Ik: Philip Liechty ^■pr ^K^ ^^^ ^^B Donna Lowrey Bob MocPherso Kathy Madrid Steven Martin 7 " in " ' ^ (KM ' ^ i^\ Pamela Masters Janet Matz Janice McBride Joel McCarty Cathleen McComb Dove McComb JP^^^ | DeAnn McComb .^ -^ ^ 0b f^^ fj Deborah McClymonds Ken McKay Mike McKenzie Philip Merritt Neal Messenge Ij T^fi^ Norma Messenger Greg Meyer Dave Miller Ruth Miller Cynthia Morgan Pete Morreole ^n^ ^^ ^^^ pH " sj .S " : ' (■: ^^ ■■ .ill ' ; ■^iij^ Jaretto Mougii Judy Mulheim David Nebur Dick Nebur Deonno Nelsoi Norma North Cynthia Ogg Mike O ' Hoir m « ^ PI Bernie Place Janos Powell Debbie Prater Sarah Pressler Keirh Pressley Becky Purcell Richard Putt Tim Rahn Octavino Ramir Sara Redmaster Bryan Reighter Joseph Richeson Phil Roberts Steve Rockey Phyllis Roller Bill Rugg Debbie Ruich Cathy Ryan Charles Sounde Karl Scheil Sue Schelgunov John Scherer Kathleen Schueike Carolyn Seslar Paula Sexton Donna Seymour Steven Shannon Cathy Sheeon Terri Shepord Catherine Shilts Carol Slichenmye Brendo Smith Jock Smith Shirley Smith Southora Snyder Richard Snyde Jimmie Stidhar Debra Stilwell Cindy Stonebu Randy Stover Mary Strebig Jeonette Studebake Donna Summers Edwin Vance Nancy Shutt |(|V ^ Cindy Sidwell V- " ' T Mark Simonson Jm , / ■- ' — a ■ 6- f is i .\ I \ V David Watson Diana Weikel Morcia Weldon Linda Wetzel Laura White Wendy Wils. Kent Willian Steve Willia Ronald Witt Dan Wolf Glenn Olsen Dellia Patter Tarry Scoville Joline Toth Mary Ann Wright Autographs 1339

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