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Gc 977.202 F77NDT 1 965 M.L ( ALLEN CQMNTY PUBLIC UBRABV 3 1833 02594 9816 :Cc 977.202 F77ndt 1965 NORTHWDOD MiDDUE ScHODU. ! NoRTHWOOD Cardinal. e NORT WQQD CAI ANAL Editor-in-Chief V 7 Assistant Editor Dan Votaw 1 QRK Dana Leininger 3 7f: ;a Advisor ' fO-s Miss Ruth Miller 1 373403 ' P ' i! HIGH SCHOOL 1201 E. Washington Center Road Fort Wayne, Indiana Vol. IV Increased Enrollment . . . Mr. Stults instructs his ninth grade algebra class how to master equations. Several students are demonstrating the method they use to find the unknown " X. " This class advances at the rate which they comprehend in the field of mathematics. The students study insects as they progress in the field of biology. Here, several ninth grade pupils are exhibiting their insect collec- tions during class. Mr. Rogers and his student teacher, Mr. Waggoner, are watching. Mr. Rothhaar teaches his develop- mental language class the finer points of English. Eighth grade students must take this one-semes- ter course, as it teaches the writ- ing and speaking ;facets of lan- guage arts. . . . Needs Broadened Areas . . . This developmental reading class is being instructed by Mrs. Loggins in the use of the SRA reading laboratory. The seventh grade students learn to better comprehend what they read. The girls in home economics, under the supervision of Mrs. Moore, are seen here busy at vi ork. These students learn basic cooking and sewing, factors of importance in homemaking. Mr. Peipenbrink, industrial arts teacher, is shown as he instructs a group of students. While in shop, the boys learn to safely work with wood and metal. They also acquire knowledge of electricity. Nobody can say the girls in Miss Nicholas ' s gym classes don ' t strive hard to obtain physical fitness. These students are shown doing push-ups, one of the various warm-up exercises. . . . For Progress Mrs. Dixon ' s art classes prove to be very creative with their hands and minds. One phase of art is shown in the mobiles hanging in this picture. Mr. Sevier is shown with his health and safety class. After studying the human body and its functions, the class studies driver ' s education. Miss Nichols keeps a helpful hand standing by as her student teacher, Mr. Coleman, instructs one of the eighth grade history classes. All instruments are up and moving as Mr. Dodson directs Northwood ' s orchestra. This musical group 13 composed of eighth and ninth grade students. Administration One person who has seen the prog-ess of Northwood Junior High School in the last six years is our principal, Dr. E. Warde Kelly. Dr. Kelly came to Indiana to further his education and to begin his teaching career after he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Alabama. Before coming to North- wood in 1959 to serve as the school ' s first principal, Dr. Kelly held positions in other Fort Wayne schools. Our school has been very fortunate in ob- taining such a qualified man to fill the most important position of a school. Dr. Kelly has " grown up " with the school. Therefore, seeing the progress he has stated : " I feel the basic educational needs of our students include personal attitudes and appreciation which cause the individual students to be- come effective, worthwhile, and wholesome citizens. " If this could be attained, the future school progress could be as well marked as it has been in the past. Dr. E. Warde Kelly School Staff Assists . . . Secretaries Mrs. Gladys Moore and Mrs. Ella Hess are two very important per- sonnel members at Northwood. The two ladies spend their day helping the stu- dents and faculty, as well as parents and administration. Mr. Robert E. Bragg received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from Ball State Teachers College. Having taught in Au- burn, Indiana, for ten years, Mr. Bragg came to Northv ood where he taught for two years before becoming Staff Assistant. Throughout the day, Mr. Bragg counsels stu- dents who have either school or personal prob- lems. He also assists in the supervision of the lunchroom at the noon hour. When Dr. Kelly is absent, Mr. Bragg is acting principal, and he also aids in any possible way when Dr. Kelly needs assistance. Mr. Bragg is a vital factor in keeping our school moving ahead. Mr. Robert E. Bragg ... In Educational Advancement 11 ■ k emi ir Wt 1 2 FT y " ■ . M m mi jM. y|||b 11 m n lJ M " H E n s |PhbL|H H ifli ' 1 II Kt iilB t l:4 P ' 1 M Every period, two or three students devote their study time to help the secretaries in the office. Left to right. Seated: Sue Peavy, Vicki Side!, Shelia Moses, Cindy Langley, and Carol Smith. Standing: Tom Bair, Jaclc Heck, Ruth . nn Smith, Linda Hall, Pam Hinkle, Nancy Hindle, Becky Hendricks, Susan McCart, and Sharon Drayer. ' J ,7 Mrs. Ruth E. Abbott Concord College, Wash- burn University A.B. 8th Grade Homemaking Home Economics Mr. James R. Allen Indiana University A.B. M. Ed. Boy ' s Intramurals, Con- versational Spanish Spanish — Orientation Mrs. Rose Bartkiewicz Indiana University B.S. Speech — ■ Drama Developmental Lan- guage — Language Arts Mr. Lawrence F. Budenz Indiana State, St. Fran- cis B.S. M.S. Bovvrling, School Patrol General Science Mrs. Joy N. Cain Mrs. Edith A. Craw Mr. Nelson R. Detwiler Mrs. Claire V. Dixon Ball State Central Normal College, Bowling Green Univer- Ohio State, St. Francis B.S. M.A. Ball State sity B.S. Vocal Music A.B. B.S. M.S. Arts Crafts Music Typing Athletic Coach Art Latin — Language Arts Practical Arts, History Mr. Andrew J. Dodson Ala. A. M., Vander- cook College of Music B.S. Special Music Instrumental Music Mr. Walter R. Donlan Norte Dame, Indiana U., St. Francis College A.B. Language Arts So- cial Studies Mrs. Mary L. Elster Indiana University B.S. M.S. Speech — Drama Language Arts Mr. Fred Geyer, Jr. Purdue U., Ball State B.S. M.A. Mathematics 3 1833 02594 9816 10 ,. " ' ' Vpft (| 7 ■ - « I 1 ifk ir [rs. Lillian E. Graham Mr. Bill R. Griffith Mr. Irvin M. Hart, Jr. Mr. Lavon G. Hart National Kindergarten Miami University Purdue U., U. of Mis- Manchester, Ball State, College, James Millikin B.S. souri I-U. University- Coach Intramurals B.A. Science Club B.S. M.A. Library Club Physical Education General Science Bi- Projectionist Club Study Hall Library ology Science T [rs. Lorene Hodell Mr. Robert W. Jackson Mr. Robert R. Johnson Mr. LaMar L. Kilmer Hanover College Purdue U., Ball State Indiana U., Ball State Manchester College A.B. B.S. M.A. B.S. M.A. B.S. Social Chairman Boy ' s Bowling Commercial Art Club Intramurals Language Arts Biology Art Phys. Ed. [rs. Mary E. Klus Mrs. Lena B. Kurtz Mr. Robert A. Lew Mrs. Winifred L. Loggins Norte Dame Teachers ' Indiana State Teachers ' Toledo U.. Purdue U., Butler U., St Francis College, St. Francis College St. Francis B.S. B.S. M.A. B.S. B.E. M.E. Social Co-Chairman Junior Red Cross Math Club Mathematics Developmental Reading Language Arts So- Mathematics cial Studies 11 Miss Nancy H. McMahon Miss Ruth E. Miller Mr. Richard A. Moore Mrs. Virginia B. ] Purdue U. Mexico City Ball State Ball State Purdue U., St. P College B.S. B.S. B.S. M.S. B.S. Publications Intramurals Guidance Art Club Language Arts Science, Health Safety Home Economics Language Arts Moore Francis Jt Miss Linda K. Murbach Indiana U. A.B., M.A. Intramurals General Math Algebra Miss Carol Anne Nicholas Miss Shirley A. Nicholas Miss Opal M. Nichols St. Francis B.S. Intramurals Mathematics Indiana U. B.S. Cheerleaders Intra- murals Physical Education Indiana U., Northwest- ern U. B.S. M.A. Coordination Council American History r- ? ' : (r ' 4- fitk k Mr. Paul E. Piepenbrink Mr. Roger L. Rogers Mr. J. R. Rothhaar Mr. Orvil E. Schlatter Ind. Tech., Ball State Manchester, Purdue U. Ball State, Ohio State, Fort Wayne Bible Col- B.S. B.S. M.S. B.A. M.A. lege, Ball State Model Club Biology Club Speech — Drama, In- B.S. M.A. Industrial Arts Biology Gen. Science tramurals Cross Country Language Arts Social Studies English 12 .y Mr. Walter N. Sevier Miss Alice J. Sheak Mrs. Doris J. Simpson . . . Miss Anne C. Sosenheimer Indiana State Purdue U., Indiana U. Indiana U., St. Francis Indiana U. B.S. B.S. B.S. A.B. Football A.V. Club Girls ' Intramurals Library Club French Club Science Health Physical Education Library Lang. Arts, French Mr. Donald M. Springer Mrs. Kenlynn J. Stickler Mr. William E. Stults Indiana State, Inter- american U. of Mexico B.S. M.A. Student Council U.S. History Indiana U. Witten- berg U., B.S. Intramurals Health Safety, Gen. Science - Ohio Wesleyan, St. Francis, Purdue U. B.A. M.A. Bowling Math Algebra f -r. - v ilk Mr. Max A. Thrasher Huntington College, Purdue U. B.S. Intramurals Math Algebra Miss Ann L. Waggoner Mr. Thomas C. Williams Hanover College Ball State A.B. Guidance English American History B.S. 13 Cafeteria Services Grow Each Day Mrs. Campetti Mrs. Trenkley Mrs. Mains Manager Mrs. Polsley Mrs. Ervin Dray These part-time cafeteria employees are always ready to serve stu- dents during the noon hours. Left to right. Mrs. Stogie, Mrs. Ervin, Mrs. Gronau, and Mrs. Davidson. Mrs. Smock During the past six years, Northwood students have en- joyed the fine hot-lunch pro- gram. A total of ten ladies, with Mrs. Campetti as man- ager, prepare a well-balanced meal each day. At noon sev- eral students assist in the serving of the food. The lunch count often times surpasses the 850 mark. The student cafeteria helpers assist in the lunch serving. Left to right. Seated: Jane An- drews, Elaine Harmey- er, C o 1 e e n Muri-y, Kathy Hale, Gail Bless- ing, and Jane Davis. Standing: Wayne Jo- der, Dan Crumley, Da- vid Wilson, Jim Steele, Bill Bab cock, Bob Koontz, and Gary Col- lins. 14 Upperclassmen 15 Ninth Grade Leads The Way 4u f f j R- " .n r AJli 4 4i Njii , - « «wp K m Steve Aiken Sharon Anderson Jane Andrews John Andrews Richard Armstrong Linda Arthur Bill Babcock Charles Bair Tom Bair Benny Barnes Mary Bartusch James Beatty Larry Beaty Steve Becktell Doug Beery David Belschner Larry Bercot Mike Bercot Steve Bercot Bill Biedenweg Myron Blanchard Bob Blanke Bob Bobay Jim Bobay Barbara Boles Dianna Booher Craig Bosselman Arnita Bower Becky Bowser Charles Boyce 16 Lyna Boyer Edward Boyle Sandra Bradway Connie Brandt Karen Bridges Judy Bronstetter Becky Brown Mary Jo Brown Shawn Brown Randy Brubaker Mike Brudney Ken Buirley Cheri Bumgardner Tom Burkross Mary Burlison Larry Busch Howard Butler John Cain John Calhoun Linda Caldwell Dennis Campbell Linda Campbell Bruce Caple Bill Cappelli Marie Carboni Cheryl Carr David Cashdollar Barbara Cass Patty Cassaday Malinda Cearbaugh Ina Chumley Charles Cole Gary Collins Laraine Combs Miles Combs 17 Joe Conrad Gary Cook Norman Cook Tim Cooley Susan Coulter Karen Cox Kathy Cox Diane Crabill Larry Craver Jordan Crocker Dan Crumley Nancy Culbertson Beckie Cunningham Dan Dager Carolyn Daniel James Davis Ed Davis Jane Davis Mike Dawson Jim Deahl Bill Deal Christine Dearing Louie DeArmond Ronnie DeBie Penny Deemer Arlene DeMarco Larry Dennis Janine Derbyshire Jim Derbyshire Nancy Desjardins Anne Dick Charles Diehl Tracey Dimke Dennis Disler Randy Dixson 18 Pegg-y Donahue Susan Doty Sandra Doughton Steve Douglas Sharon Drayer Elaine Driscoll Patrick Dye Steve Eastom Steve Eddington Marilyn Edwards Barb Ehle Bill Eidson Terry Ellenwood Leslye Elliott Mike Ellis Phil Ellis Shirley Elwood Hope Enterline Vicki Etter Ron Evans Bruce Faylor Sandra Feichter Marsha Felger Stan Fischer Larry Fisher Randy Fisher Bill Fishering Andre ' Flandrois Linda Fleck Tim Fleming Rex Foreman Vicki Foulks Connie Francies Matt Fultz Diane Gach 19 J rr ,-P«W. frrd flH aV% n I ki " Denise Gaff Mike Gaff Dave Gage Nichole Gage Don Galbreath Gheri Gardner Richard Gardner Gyl George Bob Geoglein Kathy Graham Mike Greene Kent Greenlee Bob Greim Gary Greulach Cheryl GrifRs Mike Grogg Greg Gross Darwin Groves Vicki Grunewald Rex Guildenbecher Zandra Gump Mike Gurevsky Barb Hague Kathy Hale Kathy Hall Kathy Hall Linda Hall Paul Hancock Linda Hanna Carolyn Harding Don Hardy Bruce Hare Linda Harkless Elaine Harmeyer Suzanne Harmeyer 20 James Harper Linda Harrison Jay Harshbarger Susan Hartsing Barb Hastings Stephanie Hasty Ciiristine Haupt Carol Hauser Nancy Havens Bradley Heath Jack Heck Jan Heintzelman Mike Hemphill Becky Hendricks Pamela Henkle Debby Hexamer S Debbie Heyn " - Tom Hicks Jim Hiser Bob Hitchcock Carolyn Holland Julie Holle Gordon Houser Don Houts Margaret Hower Steve Hudson Scott Huffine Alice Huffman Joyce Hunter Dennis Husted Candy Hutson Lee Hutton Steve Hutton Lonnie Hyder Pam Jackson 21 y. ill J Sharon Jackson Tom Jackson Jean Jernstrom Bob Jesse Wayne Joder Connie Johnson Kathy Johnson Mike Johnson Steve Johnson Susan Johnson Whitney Johnson Regina Jomod Chip Kalleen Ned Kammeyer Connie Keesler Patty Reiser Sue Keith Brenda Kelley Bruce Kelley Phil Kersey Jean Kiel Dennis Kinney Linda Kinney Bill Kiser Diana Kite Bill Klaus Paula Knepper Carolyn Koenig Dianna Koenig Martha Koester Bob Koontz Gregg Kotas Karl Krause Tom Kressley Sharon Kroemer 22 • ■••• « i ,0 1? O. »» . i " i ii IMh . Susan Kruse Steve Kumfer Kathy Kurtz Steve Kutsch Linda Lakamp Cindy Langley Richard Lehman Sue Lehman Bonnie Lewis Mike Lewis Jean Lindemuth Steve Linnemeier Larry Logan David Long Joanne Lopez Jim Lowden Rita Lykins Janet Madden Greg Major Cindy Marks Rockey Marks Charles Martin Don Martin Dave Martin Carla Mason Terry Masters Linda McAllister Sue McCart Robin McClanahan Stephanie McKenzie Karen McMaken Sandra McNett Ron Mendenhall Pam Merritt Linda Mettert 23 o n, o. 4rk Deborah Meyer Bob Meyer John Mickelson Bob Miller Christine Miller Kathy Miller Margaret Miller Mike Miller Roger Miller John Mironenko John Mishler Terry Moore Tom Moore Roger Morgan Suzanne Morrison Sheila Moses Barb Murdock Colleen Murray Lynn Myers Sandra Myers Craig Netzley Beth Nickell Diane North Dennis Notestine Roger Notestine Sarah Olsen Jane Opliger Dale Osborne Bill Osenga Steve Pace Lynda Pannacciulli Cheryl Parker Linda Parker Rand Parker Raymond Parker 24 P f - ' - S % 5 Larry Partain Sue Peavey Glen Pelkey Ron Pinter John Pollock Loren Randall Joe Reed Von Reichert Robert Reighter Eric Reighter Gloria Reiling Belinda Reinholt Bob Remke Eric Retrum Dan Rice Rickie Rice Charles Richards Bob Richey Janice Ridenour Ginny Rish Mike Roberts Don Robinson Rodney Rockwell Richard Roe Tim Roling Charles Roy Pam Roy Becky Sammetinger Irene Sanders Sandy Saunders Greg Sauers John Savage Dan Scheib Julie Scherer Ken Schlatter 25 mff ■ ' B B Paul Schlatter Toni Schlatterback Cheryl Schmidt Margaret Schram Karl Schroff Vicki Seidel Sally Shambaugh Roberta Sheean Angela Sherry Sheryl Shipman Tim Shopp Barb Short Kirk Shuster Randy Siemer James Sircey Ina Sivits Carol Smith Herschel Smith Mike Smith Rose Ann Smith Steve Smith Cheryl Smock Carl Stahl James Steeg James Steele David Stockert Louie Strahm Karyn Stresser Joanne Studebaker Lynn Sunday Steve Tagtmeyer James Taylor Carolee Tellefsen Norman Terry June Thalacker 26 i¥i James Thomas Gene Thompson Linda Thompson Bob Thompson Sue Thompson Linda Timbrook Carol Todd Norma Tomkinson Greg Towsley Sue Trager Doug Trovinger Russell Troyer Patricia Tunin Jacque Upole Mike Vance Sharon Vonderau Dan Votaw Dave Wade Jim Walker Mike Walker Sally Warwick Roxanna Waters Marsha Watson Diana Weeks Linda Wenger Shirley Werner Mike Wichman Dave Wilkinson Sandra Wilkinson Joe Williams Dave Wilson Eric Windmiller Dannie Witte Linda Wolf Jon Wolf 27 Greg Wood Janet Yoder Sue Young Dave Zehr Lynn Zigler Jacque Zirkle Linda Zurbrugg € Mv " ' 430 Students Surge Onward and Upward In 1959, the opening year for Northwood Junior High School, approximately 200 stu- dents were enrolled in the ninth grade. When the doors opened this year, nearly 430 boys and girls were registered for their last year of junior high education. Throughout the school year, these stu- dents were kept busy by various means. The first event was the ninth grade dance. Next came the programming for their first year of high school. And, during this time, all students were constantly aware of and striv- ing for the awards to be given at the end of the year. Each year on the last day of school, the ninth graders are the center of attraction. First comes the presentation of awards ; aca- demic achievement, attendance, outstanding citizens, and activity awards. After this program the students enjoy a luncheon and dance, so ending the junior high school days of each. Every ninth grader at Northwood is offered one study hall. This class meets daily or is alternated with another subject. 28 Sports 29 Football Championship Makes . . . Northwood ' s varsity football team captured the ninth-grade city championship for 1964. Left to right. Kneeling: Manager Terry Ellenwood Steve Aiken, Dave Cashdollar, Dave Long, Tom Bair, Dan Crumley, Dave Martin, and Manager Dan Vo- taw. Row two: Rick Rice, Jim Deahl, Jan Heintzel- man, Bruce Faylor, Randy Siemer, Butch Boyce, Larry Beatty, Bill Fishering. Row three: Manager Don Houts, Dave Wade, Bob Jesse, Phil Ellis, Pat Dye, Tom Jackson, Gordon Houser, Greg Major, Steve Becktell, Jon Wolf, Joe Wililams, and Lee Hutton, Manager. Row four: Coach Bill Griffith, Bill Biedenweg, Rick Retrum, Paul Schlatter Ron Widdifield, Joe Reed, Bruce Hare, Dennis Kinney, Terry Moore, Roger Notestine, Larry Graver, Gene Thompson and Assistant Coach LaMar Kilmer. t,H. The Junior High School Jamboree was held last September at Northrop Field. The Cardinals bowed to the Portage Rams in the first game of the season. 30 Northwood ' s varsity football team had an outstanding season during the 1964-65 school year. They won the junior high champ- ionship for the ninth grade. Northwood 39 Ben Geyer Northwood 7 Kekionga Northwood 13 Franklin Northwood 19 Lakeside Northwood Weisser Northwood 25 Fairfield Championship Game Northwood 12 Weisser 6 6 13 . . History Rick Retrum — Quarterback Jim Deahl — Center Larry Beatty, Bruce Hare Bill Biedenweg Tackles For The Future Ron Widdifield, Larry Graver Ends Dave Cashdollar, Tom Bair Gene Thompson, Jan Heintzelman Guards Paul Schlatter Fullback Dennis Kinney, Greg Major Butch Boyce Halfbacks 31 Northwood ' s varsity basketball team had a successful season under the able coach- ing of Mr. Kilmer. Left to right. Kneeling: Managers Terry Ellenwood and Butch Boyce, Gene Thompson, Dave Zehr, Paul Schlatter, Benny Barnes, Bil Fishering, and Man ager Roger Notestine. Standing: Mr. Kilmer, Eric Retrum, Karl Schroff, Dan Schieb, Russ Troyer, Howard Butler, Dennis Kinney, Bruce Hare, Larry Graver and Mr. Detwiler. Varsity Cards Finish With 7-5 Record Northwood ' s varsity Cardinals finished the 1964-65 basketball season with a record of 7-5. Great ability and playing skills were demonstrated during the year, due to the fine coaching of Mr. Kilmer and the team- work of the participating boys. Northwood . . .. 35 Kekionga . . . 28 Northwood . . .. 23 Harrison Hill . . 27 Northwood . . . . 23 Weisser Park . . 26 Northwood . . . . 25 Franklin , . 52 Northwood . . . . 47 Ben Geyer . . . . 26 Northwood . . . . 47 Portage 29 Northwood . . . . 46 Lakeside .... 32 Northwood . . . . 38 Weisser Park . . 30 " Northwood. . . . 37 Central . 41 Northwood . . . . 36 Fairfield . 50 Northwood . . . . 62 Harrison Hill . . 26 Northwood . . .. 49 Kekionga .... . 43 Dennis Kinney Forward Tournament game 82 Larry Caver Guard Paul Schlatter Center Benny Barnes Guard Howard Butler Center Bill Fishering Guard Karl Schroff Forward 33 Members of Northwood ' s reserve football team end- ed the season with a 4-2 game record. Left to right. Seated: Gary Highland, Tom Vance, Dennie Sparks, Tim Disler, Jim Brigham, Rich Widmann, John Zieg, and Dave Bryant. Row two: Bill Widdman, Tom Schuelke, Mark Hunter, Jim Lorman, Wally Honor, Robbie Heikowsky, Robin Reynolds, Dean Stinnett, Ed Roy, Dan Moore, Bill Neat, Bob Lowden, Tim Roulet, and Greg Roberts. Row three: Coach Moore, Bill Wetzel, Jim Stanzak, Rex Sefton, Phil Paino, Mike Gator, Fred Craft, Jim Bower, Steve Sours, Keith Wilkins, and Coach Sevier. Junior Cards Learn Basic Rules C The eighth grade basket- ball team had a record of 3-7 for the 1964-65 sea- son. Left to right. Seated: Keith Wilkins, Manager; Jim Lorman, Manager; and Tim Roulet, Manager. Row two: John Kline, Tom Wade, Dave Bryant, Rich Whitman, Dave Huff, Den- is Sparks, and Bret Nahr- wold. Row three: Coach Kilmer, Steve Sours, Mike Englert, Fred Craft, Ron Widdifield, Greg Swain, Tom R i n e h o 1 d. Dean Crum, John Yoder, and Coach Detwiler. 34 1373403 Cross Country is a fall sport. Each mem- ber of the team runs a distance of two miles, trying for the best time in order to win. Left to right. Kneeling: Jed 01- vey, Greg Towsley, John Kline, and Manager Dennis Cooley. Standing: Coach Orville Schlatter, Tom Hicks, Dave Wilkinson, Bob Hitchcock, and Mike Gaff. Hitchcock Wins Cross Country Award Cross Country Coach Schlatter presents the first- place trophy to Bob Hitchcock. Bob won the city meet in a record time of 11:04 minutes. Northwood ' s track season for 1965 has a fine beginning, for nearly one hundred fifty boys reported to Coaches Griffith and Detwiler as having interest in running track. There are a great number of events in which the boys can participate. These events include dashes of 100, 220, and 440 yards. The mile and half mile re- lays, along with the mile and one-half mile run are events for ninth grade track boys. Boys from all three junior high grades can compete in the shot put, broad jump, high jump, and pole vault. 35 Barb Short Cheri Bumgardner Joyce Hunter Cheerleaders Lead School Spirit Jean Jernstrom Leslie Elliott The Girls ' Cheerblock helped the cheerleaders and followed the Cards to victory. Miss Nicholas organized this group which numbered over one hundred. They performed at each home game of the Cardinals. Go ! Fight ! Win ! This was just one of the many cheers and chants led by the 1964-65 Card- inal Cheerleaders. Their cheers led the football and basketball teams onto their many victories. These five girls practiced twice each week and with the cheer- block before each game. Miss Nicholas advised both the cheer- leaders and cheerblock. 36 Organizations Publication Staffs Work Dana Leininger Asst. Editor Several students from the publications staffs are wo " king on decorations foi- the annual " Can Dance. " Left to right: Phil, Sally, Ginny, Tim, Anne, and Dana. These students are responsible for the production of the CARDINAL. Left to right. Seated: Barb Short, Dan Dager, Dave Martin, Becky Brown, Karen Bridges, Larry Den- nis, Phil Kersey, and Editor Dan Votaw. Standing: Sally Sham- baugh, Tim Cooley, Roger Note- stine, Phil Paino, Jean Jernstrom, Louis DeArmond, Adivsor Miss Miller, and Dana Leininger. The CARDINAL staff is res- ponsible for the output of North- wood ' s annual yearbook. These stu- dents work throughout the year, each having various obligations to fulfill and deadlines to meet. Along with producing a book for the other students in the school, the staff members give help to the community. This year such proj- ects were working at the County Home and visiting the Parkview Long Care Unit. 38 For Improved Productions Karen Bridges Editor The NORTH- WIND staff, con- sisting of reporters and editors, work together in produc- ing a school news- paper once each month. Each staff member is constant- ly aware of the res- ponsibilities of each position, thus meet- ings are attended and deadlines are met. The newspaper staff, along with the yearbook staff, has sponsored sev- eral projects throughout the year. The biggest project this year was the sponsoring of the annual Christmas Can Dance. Making apple turkeys for the County Home are mem- bers of the publications staffs. Left to right. Seated: Karen Bridges, Larry Dennis, and Barbara Hastings. Standing: Karyn Stresser, Ginny Rish, Mike Miller, Sue Lehman, and Barb Short. The 1964-65 NORTHWIND staff consisted of 27 members. Left -to right. Seated: M. Miller, lay-out editor; K. Stresser, feature editor; G. Rish, lay-out editor; Miss Miller, advisor; K. Bridges, editor; L. Dennis, news editor; B. Short, sports editor; S. Lehman, column editor; and B. Hastings, copy edi- tor. Standing. (Reporters) D. Leininger, D. Crabill, C. Langley, J. Kiel, A. Dick, L. Lakamp, S. Shipman, S. Trager, T. Cooley, L. Graver, P. Paino, D. Ford, A. Bower, D. Martin, P. Merritt, and C. Bumg ardner. Ab- sent from picture are assistant editor, John Merli and copy editor Beth Nickell. 39 The Student Council is the governing body of North- wood Junior High School along with the administration. This group is responsible for solving problems present in the school and taking ■ the place of class officers. The council consists of one rep- resentative from each home- room in the school. These peo- ple attend the meetings and report the news to the home- room. This organization strives to better the school in all possible ways. Dan Dager briefs other student council officers of business to be dis- cussed at the next meeting. Left to right: Mr. Springer, advisor; Jean Kiel, secretary; Dan Votaw, sargent-at-arms; Dave Martin, treasurer; and Dan Dager, president. Absent from picture was Bruce Caple, vice-president. Student Council Gains Recognition Each homeroom in the school elects one student to be the representative for the student council meetings. Left to right. Seated: M. Stegall, D. Votaw, J. Kiel, D. Dager, D. Martin, L. Alfeld, D. Patton. Row two: T. Rapp, B. Rineholt, J. Martin, S. Warnock, K. Zimmerman, P. Thomp- son, M. Brown, J. Lorman, B. Drumomnd, K. Stresser, J. Bredlow, J. Archer, and Mr. Springer, Advisor. Row three: D. Neidert, G. Jett, G. Highlen, D. Ford, B. Skinner, P. Paino, T. Cooley, D. Crum, J Heinzelman, D. Gaff, L. Lakamp, K. Hall, C. Lambert, and S. Williamson. 40 The development of future scien- tists and engineers was undertaken by seventh period activities. Pro- grams included training the students to be creative with their hands as well as with their minds. By the use of many interesting demonstrations and other visual aids, the learning was made most profitable. Members of the General Science Club study atomic energy and learn how to, operate microscopes. Left to right: Jim Beatty, Bob Greim, Tom Cole, and Mr. Irwin Hart, faculty advisor. Creativeness Developed In the Biology Club, students learn concepts about the " science of life. " Left to right. Front row: Mr. Rogers, sponsor; Bob Greim; Robert Ecenbarger; and Christy ' Feichter. Standing: Nichole Gage, Steve Shie, and Connie Frances. These boys pursued their creative talents in a Model Club during the school year. Left to right. Rockey Marks, David Jacobson, Advisor Mr. Peipen- brink and Charles Reeves. 41 The Speech and Drama Club members learn to express themselves through methods of acting and speaking. Left to right. Front row: K. Bumgardner, L. Rix, J. Mueller, A. Lusk, J. Thomas, B. Goff, J. Stoops, and K. AUeger. Row two: T. Moore, J. Steeg, P. Ambler, D. Sanders, S. Newnum, R. Bueker, T. Ellis, and Sponsor Mrs. Bartkiewicz. Row three: Advisor Mrs. Elster, S. Moody, M. Runyan, D. Morlan, J. Pattison, S. Henry, and J. Thorne. Drama Group Goes " On With The Show ' " The Elves and the Shoemaker " was presented by the speech and drama students during the school ' s annual Christmas program. The Speech and Drama organization met once each week during which time the members prac- ticed plays and choral readings. They were presented to the North- wood student body at various times throughout the year. This year the major project of the group was the play for the annual Christmas program. " The Elves and the Shoe- maker " was the selection chosen for this event. 42 Singing for concerts, contests, and class is the requirement of all vocal students. Last October, Mrs. Cain replaced Mrs. Walker as vocal music instructor, and she sponsors the Preparatory Choir, Concert Choir and various ensem- ble groups. Music Department . . The boys and girls vocal ensembles are one of North- wood ' s outstanding singing groups. Both of these groups are under the direction of Mrs. Cain. The Preparatory Choir, directed by Mrs. Cain, learns the basics of vocal music. Members of this newly formed group are seventh-grade students. The Concert Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Cain, performs at thre major concerts during the year. Tryouts are held every year to select the eighth and ninth grade students most capable of fulfilling concert choir positions. 43 The school orchestra, composed of eighth and ninth grade strings and winds from the Concert Band, works with other musical groups in per- forming for the community concerts. Under the direction of Mr. Dodson, this group displays tal- ents and musical abilities. Adds Dance Band, Ensembles A group of Northwood music students formed a new group this year, the Dance Band. The members enjoy playing in this group and per- forming at various programs during the year. This group is under the supervision of Mr. Dodson. This year the Concert Band members were fit- ted with bright red blaz- ers for their new uni- forms. They were first worn during the Decem- ber concert. A new group, the Dance Band, was started this year by Mr. Dodson. These students added to the other instrumental groups in the perform- ances of the music de- partment. 44 Northwood ' s Concert Band performed at the basket- ball games and presented concerts for the commun- ity throughout the year. This group of eighth and ninth grade students is directed by Mr. Dodson. To Original Program The Cardinal Band, under the direction of Mr. Dodson, achieved great music goals in the 1964- 65 school year. Strong determination and steady practicing put these students a few steps ahead in the field of music, and now they are looking forward to Concert Band next year. 45 Northwood ' s art depart- ment has helped many bud- ding, young artists learn new skills. Seventh grade students study art for nine weeks, while eighth graders enjoy one full semester of class. Ninth grade art is an elective course. The two art clubs, Com- mercial Art and Arts and Crafts, offer additional train- ing to any desiring students. The Commercial Arts Club is under the supervision of Mr. Johnson. These students decorate the school during the Christmas holidays for one of the year ' s projects. Left to right. Kneeling: Mike Vance and Mike Bercot. Standing: Steve Bercot, Dennis Zimmerman, Christine Bearing, Judy Bearing, Jackie Burch, Sue Williams and Mr. John- son, Adivsor. Art Students Develop New Skills The Arts and Crafts Club, directed by Miss McMahon and Mrs. Dixon, gives the members a chance to expres their creative abilities. 46 Mrs. Simpson has many girls who work in keeping Northwood ' s li- brary in good order. These Library Assistants help maintain order and check out books. They also give time during each school day to help students and keep the bookshelves filled. Service Groups Give Aid Various school service organizations at Northwood are the library helpers, partols. and ticket takers. These stu- dents and sponsors have devoted hours of time for the betterment of the school. Throughout the year, students and teachers have benefited from the fine work and achievements of these groups. Northwood ' s traffic is safely directed by the patrols and their advisor, Mr. Budenz. Left to right. Seated: Phil Martin, Mike Saunders, Steve Heck, and Randy Serlson. Standing: Mr. Budenz, Scott Feichter, Mike Cauvey, Warren Worman, Randy Felber, Dave Mid- dleton, and Rick Wright. These girls assist Mr. Jackson in selling tickets to all sport events. Left to right. Seated: Marilyn Ed- wards, Carol Hauser, and Connie Lambert. Stand- ing: Belinda R,einholt, Mr. Jackson, Toni Schlatter- back and Pam Arnett. 47 Students Learn, Teach, and Assist Representatives of the Red Cross Council look at articles to be included in the friendship boxes to be sent overseas. Left to right: Jonell Ferris, Christine Bearing, Jan Latz, Rand Parker, Jeff Lohse and Mrs. Klus, Advisor. The Typing Club, sponsored by Mrs. Craw, learns the basic use of the typewriter. This activity meets once each week for ■ the thirty members to practice typing. The Projectionists Club, advised by Mr. Lavon Hart, learns the proper use of the visual-aid materials at Northwood. These boys assist teach- ers who use any of the audio-visual machines, aoth the beginning and advanced club members are pictured above. 48 Every girl enrolled at Northwood has a chance to join the intramural seventh period activity groups. This physical education program schedules sport events four days each vi eek after school. By participating, the girls learn sports- manship, aspects of physical fitness, and how to get along with other girls in competition. BeiTig recently introduced to the intramural pro- gram, only a small portion of the seventh grade girls participated in the activity this year. Physical Fitness Pictured above are the eighth grade girls who par- ticipated in the intramural program. Under the direc- tion of Miss Sheak, these girls found sports very re- warding. The girls intramural program for this year was quite complete, offering such variety of sports as tumbling, basket- ball, deck tennis, badminton, and bowl- ing for the girls who like indoor events. For the out-of-door type girls, softball, tennis, and golf were offered. Other sports offered were speed-a-way, co-ed volleyball, soccer, and track and field. " • JSm-SSS Approximately fifty ninth grade girls participated in the intramural program this school year. This ac- tivity introduced the basic techniques of all sports included. 49 Seventeen eighth grade boys took advantage of the intramural program offered to all boys at North- wood. They had several sports offered to them. . . . Achieved . . . Only a few seventh grade students decided to add another new facet of school to their lives, the sev- enth period activity of intramurals. These boys par- ticipated and found the sports very rewarding. Many of the ninth grade boys at North- wood were very eager to take part in the intramural program. Nearly fifty of these boys participated in the various sports throughout the year. 50 At Northwood all boys have the oppor- tunity to participate in various intramural games during the seventh period activity program. Each day a different sport is scheduled, giving the students a variety of events from which to choose for participa- tion. The fall sports are bowling and flag foot- ball. The sports offered during the winter months are basketball, weight training, wrestling, and bowling. Softball is then added for the spring season. Boys all through Junior High School grades enjoyed the intramural activities of basketball. Most within the school played in competition. . Through Activities Requiring . . . Bowling proved to be one of the favorite intramural sports of the Northwood boys. Each week Mr. Jackson and Mr. Stults supervised ap- proximately eighty boys at the Northcrest Bowling Lanes. 51 . . . G)ntinuous Body Building Basketball beauties battle for the ball in the last seconds of the game. On Fridays, during the seventh period, girls enjoy an exuberat- ing but relaxing game of intramural basketball. These flipping females originate and practice tumbling routines dur- ing the seventh period every Monday. Left to right: Barb Short, Lee Elliott, Bobby Boles, and Jerry Bouse. 52 Underclassmen 53 Eighth Grade Grows Each Year V-; PfcifeS IIM Tim Adam Rick Adams Mark Ahlersmeyer Ginny Aichele Mike Aiken Debbie Aldrich Doug Aldrich Louis Alfeld Patty Ambler La Verne Anderson Jackie Argerbright Pam Arnett Sue Ayers Cindy Bacon Bill Bain Lanna Baker Keith Balliet Joyce Balyeht Ralph Barkley John Barnes Vickie Barnes Fred Barthold Gene Bateman Julie Baxter Sheryl Beard Terry Beaty Vivian Becktell Mitch Bedree Cathy Bedwell Toni Bender Cindy Bender Dennis Berkey Skip Berry Wendy Berry Kim Blain 54 I- ' ' ' .J V iir k ' ' Debra Blair Gail Blessing Annette Bocik Eick Bojrab Dave Boldt Bob Bollinger Jerry Bouse Jim Bower Ronnie Brandt Bob Bredemeyer Gerry Bredlow Terry Bridges James Brigham Ellie Brooke Linda Brown Dave Brubaker Jill Bruggner Dave Bryant Rick Burlison Jackie Burch Sue Burnau Janice Butler Cheri Bux Roger Byers Tom Byrne Nancy Capen Alyce Carlson Steve CashdoUar Jim Cassell Mike Cauvey Nancy Chaney Sharon Chapman Tom Clark Suzanne Clarke Debbie Cleveland Kathy Clevenger Sue Cline Diane Cohee Tom Cole Cindy Collins 55 2i 1 1 f ' r " «r -- r " " ' R ' HKa ,» F5f f ' J , A f : niji . 0 A in Denita Collins Jennifer Combs Aretta Coppolino Fred Craft Bob Creek Dave Crowder Dean Crum Charlene Crumley Margaret Culbertson Linda Curie Barb Dahlgren Doug Daniels Bill Davis Charlene Davis Deena Davis John Day Phil DeHabey John Deter Charlene DeVaux Darlene DeWitt Nancy Dice Tim Dishler Linda Doan Janet Donahue Georgia Duly Janet Duncan Mary Duncan Jim Dunn Mike Englert Phil Erli Joyce Espich Mike Failor Dave Faux Scott Feichter Randy Felber Alan Felger Ricky Felheim Kathy Ferraro Leslie Fillipow Linda Flotow 56 Larry Poor Doug Ford Deborah Foulks Dianne Fowler Marsha Fox Mark Frankart Mike Frazier Jim Friedley Lois Fromm Kay Fuhrman Jennifer Fultz Ronald Gabriel Danelle Gabriel Vicki Gadson Kathy Gage Russell Galloway Mark Garberid Mike Gater Russ Glaser Gregory Gochenour Jane Goerss Bob Goflf Christine Gooley Patrick Goneau Judy Gordon Pat Graham Sally Gramling Mike Graves Jeff Greim Sherrie Gullion Cathy Haines Cindy Haines Robert Hamilton Phil Harris Debbie Hartman Randy Hartman Steve Heck Valarie Hemmig Caryn Henline Steve Henry 57 itJhs P ' o rf ? ' " ■=%-:;?; " ■ " ' Aik John Hensler Sandra Herbst Jeff Herendeen Gary Highlen Renee Highlen Nancy Hindle Maxine Hines Ryan Hubert Cyndy Hudson Dave Huff Tom Hunt John Huntington Paul Husted Sharon Hutchison Tom Hyder Charles Inman Charles Itt Greg Jackson Kay Jeffery Denise Johnson Judy Johnson Stan Johnson Steve Johnson Lindell Juergens Louise Kalmes Steve Kaluza Ben Keckler Sandra Keesler Tim Kelley John Kerley Terry Kerschner Barb Kinney Larry Kirkman John Kline Doug Knauer Linda Knepper Clara Kohn Karl Kroeber Larry Kruckeberg Sharon Kruse 58 James Kughler Barb Kurocky John Ladig Ellen Lake Connie Lambert Eric Langer Steve LaRue Dana Leininger Don Leininger Daren Leiter Karen Leiter Charles Lepper Joyce Larch Sandra Leslie Mari Lewis Kandace Libka Sally Lincoln Mike Lindemuth Justus Littlejohn Jeff Lohse Dave Long Vicki Longnecker Lim Lorman Linda Louthan Roger Louthan Mike Loveless Bob Lowden Carol Mackey Teresa Marquart Jim Martin Pam Martin Diana Masterson Sheila McCann Mary J. McFarren Becky McKeeman Linda McKinzie Charlene McKowen Mona McLellen Bonnie McNeal Mike McNeal 59 1 P ip Wr IP i Steve McNett Cindy Meeks Debbie Menke Martene Meradith John Merli Rae Messick Mike Meyer George Mickelson Dave Middleton Jeff Milam Peggy Miller Rebecca Miller Jean Minser Deborah Miser Steve Mishler Dennis Mock Rick Moilanen Jeane Mollenberg Julie Mollenberg Ron Monteith Suzanne Moody Alford Moore Danny Moore Dick Moore Donna Morlan Cheryl Morrison Jeanine Mueller John Mueller Debbie Mulheim Linda Mullin John Murdock Jean Murphy Alan Myers Dan Nagel Brett Nahrwold Steve Neff Denny Neidert Marsha Newkirk Bob Newnum Steve Notestine 60 Linda Nowlin Sandra Oberlin Cindy Ogg Glenda Ohneck Jacque Olson Jed Olvey Dan Oplinger Cheryl Orminston Phil Paino Roger Parker Joe Pattison Sue Peden Bechy Peters Debra Phillips Kathy Place Greg Pressley Kenny Priest Jack Pullin Joellen Ream Ted Reed Charles Reeves Karen Rice Steve Rice Vickie Rice Betty Rigsby Tom Rienhold Ron Ritter Beatrice Roberts Cathy Roberts Mike Roberts Cheryl Robinson Jack Rodenbeck Dennis Roller Robin Rosier Tim Roualet Gerald Roby Earl Ropp Sarah Rousseau Steve Rowden Mike Ruch 61 f p( V ._ y - ' o fr e ' - --i ' ' -l Russell Rugg Myra Runyan Evelyn Sammetinger Deborah Sanders Mike Saunders Bob Schaefer Jane Schaeffer Dian Schoenherr Tom Schuelke Pam Schumn Lester Schwartz Rex Sefton Londa Seitz Ron Shawgo Roger Shenfeld Steve Shie George Shimel Robert Shimel Debra Shipman Melanie Shuler Karen Shutt Bill Skinner Deborah Slack Janet Sloan Debbie Smith Jack Smith Jacqueline Smith Janis Smith Ruth Smith Deborah Smithers Cheryl Snider Steve Souers Denis Sparks Larry Squires Karen Steele Gary Stephenson Dan Stevens Dean Stinnett John Stonestreet Steve Stopher 62 fT Bk f i ?-_; ts . lA ' - f Vicki Sunday Greg Swaim Sue Swank Patrick Swartz Jacque Tallman James Thiesing Gary Thomas Jacque Thorne Jeff Tracey Dave Trim Vicky Truex Keith Tumbleson Tom Vance Baill Vanderford Al Vince Tom Wade Dave Wagner Dennis Wagner Leslie Walda Dave Walker Bob Wallace Elaine Warnock Deborah Warren Patty Wearing Linda Weikel Betty Wenger Danny Werner Gayle West Bill Wetzel Barbara White Ron Widdifield Rick Widmann Keith Wilkins Cathy Wildinson Janice Williams Ken Williams Sue Williamson Mark Winebrenner Beverly Winget Sandy Witmer 63 Marilyn Woodard Sue Wooster Sandy Worden Warren Worman Dennis Wright Barb Wylie Diane Wynkoop Shirley Yergens Ervin Yoder John Yoder Raymond Zbacnik John Zieg Dennis Zimmerman Mark Zion Tina Zion Dave Zurbrugg Students Enjoy ' Middle Year ' The eighth grade is the first year for Northwood students to have six dif- ferent classes taught, for in the seventh grade our school practices the three- hour block teaching program. This year over 400 students are in the eighth grade, a large increase over the 240 who entered this grade the first year of Northwood ' s operation. Each year all eighth grade students are required to takt the nation-wide PREP tests, which include all areas oJ academic work. The one and one-half days of testing is under the direction of Miss Nichols. 64 New Ideas Presented To Seventh Grade £1i Linda Aker Ellen Alday Karen Alleger Tom Anker Jack Archer Bruce Arnold Eickie Bair Debby Barnes Dave Baur Janna Beard Harold Beineke Jacque Blackburn John Blair Lewis Bobilya Joyce Bradford Sharon Bradford Larry Brokaw Linda Brown Norman Brown Richard Brown James Brunson John Buchanan Sherrie Bucholz Rosanne Buecker Ron Buirley Kathy Bumgardner Paula Burgess Kay Campbell Bruce Camplin John Carroccio John Chapman Sharon Childers Carol Coak Gary Coffman Kathy Combs I 65 4 V N ■kJ iSLSl . f . j ' ' ' N s n , w.S ' ' - Sally Conner Earl Conrad Dennis Cooley Steve Cox Shannon Craft Janet Croy John Crull David Daniel Judy Dearing Tarry Deeds John Desjardins Terry DeWitt Monty Dimke Christin Dixon Steve Doan Lynn Doster Randy Doty Leslie Douglas Terry Drake Walter Drummond Keith Dunlap Bob Ecenberger Terease Ellis Debra Fagg Christine Feichter Jonelle Ferris Billie Ann Fisher Mike Fischer Dennis Foreman Harry Francies Kay Gaff Jeff Geaslen Becky Gordon Dave Greulach Randy Gustavus Toni Hampshire Valerie Harper Cindy Hart Karen Hartman Cindy Harwood 66 Pat Hayes Claire Hayner Mark Heffner Robby Heikowsky Joe Helvey Gary Hettinger Sue Heuer Ron Hindle Dan Hitchcock Darlene Hitchcock Sue Hollopeter Wally Honor Dave Horstman Marsha Hough Sue Howard Randy Hughes Mark Hunter Diane Irvin John Isaacs Dennis Jackson Stewart Jackson Dave Jacobson Mike Jefferies Diane Jennings Sandy Jesse Ginny Jett Nancy Johnloz Cathy Jones Tony Kammeyer Carolyn Kelsey Terry Kemerly Karen KemsiU Raymond Kersey Dave Kiddy Delia LaFerva Mike Langley Deborah LaRowe Verne LaRue Jan Latz Frank Lehman 67 i F3 ' : " ' ff ' 3 Max Lindemuth Harold Linkous Tom Linn Amanda Lusk Mike Madrid Greg Mapps Richard Marks Jean Martin Phil Martin Carol Mason Lynne Mason Patty McBride Kenin McCarthy Gaylene McMaken Reeda Meradith Linda Messenger Paul Mettert Harvey Meyer Peter Michels Barbara Moore Ken Moore Janice Mueller Arnold Nash Charles Nelson Sherry Nine Mark Norris Christine Ohler Bruce Oliver Karen Oser Steve Parker Laura Paschal Dan Patton Bill Pauley Carolyn Paxson Keith Petre Bob Piepenbrink Larry Potts Mary Powers Mike Pressler Charlotte Ransom Sandra Razer Dave Read Janet Ream John Rehor Rick Reidt Sue Reisinger Robin Reynolds James Rice Linda Rix Greg Roberts Sherry Robb Mike Robertson Rickie Rockwell Mike Roe Debra Roehling Ed Roy Randy Sarasien Jill Satterthwaite Judy Savage Tim Shown Cathy Shuster Stan Silver Edgar Simmerman Cheryl Smith Lee Snider Dave Sommers Jim Stanczak Mary Stegal Janet Stevens Sai ' ah Stewart Mike Stith Judy Stoops Vickie Stover Bonnie Studebaker Pam Thomas Phyllis Thompson Bob Towsley Vicki Valentine Bob Van Meter Dave Vining 69 Chuck Waggoner Denise Wakeland Jeff Walborn Fred Walker Nancy Wallace Mike Waters Terry Waters Clifford Webb Beth Weber Mary West Mark Whitehurst Don Widmann Jack Wiley Mike Williams Floyd Winget Bill Wisman Linda Wolf Fay Worman Steve Yeiser Rick Yost Elaine Young Ken Zimmerman Lourette Zion This year 222 boys and girls entered Northwood Junior High as seventh grade students. Eager to learn and ex- cited by a new school, these students quickly adjusted to the seventh grade curriculum. As a part of progressive education, our school practices a block teaching program in the seventh grade. This pro- gram integrates language arts, geogra- phy, and history which are taught in a three-hour class period. 70 Block Teaching, ► Library Exploration The teaching of the fundamentals of language arts, geography and other related subjects is accomplished under the direction of Mr. Schlatter and other seventh grade block teachers. Block teaching is done in a three-hour class period. Promote Progress Mrs. Simpson, assisted by Mrs. Graham and industrious library helpers, instruct and supenise in the library. These eighth grade students are learning to use the books and research materials. 71 Autographs 72 ?2 i K

Suggestions in the Northwood Middle School - Northwood Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

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Northwood Middle School - Northwood Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northwood Middle School - Northwood Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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