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w. y^ 3 1833 02618 6095 Gc 977.202 F77not 1964 NORTHWDDD MiDDUE SCHOOU. NORTHWOOD CaRDIMAL. CARDI NAL Our Day From Sun To Moon When the sun rises on our world, a familiar scene is Dr. Kelly enter- ing the school building. This is a chaotic scene of our lunch room at mid- day. At the time of the moon when all is still, Mr. Budenz is seen leaving our world. m ■=■ IllSim 2II1!!1„III1I 2llil«lll2Plf !5n!Ii!!12Bil-llil|! " fflSlllllE.lllE!^Jf S^riBLL: ' " " ^ ^ i!!iiii!:iiii!!ii„iritiiteiiiiniii.iii»iin„Mi.iini!?.iii^iM!snnisiiii > ir: t.lI,;,SlJi„|l(Ili!!Pr ' NORTH WOOD TUMOR Seven worlds are housed in one building, Northwood Junior High School. We, the staff members of the 1964 Cardinal, have used these seven worlds as a theme for this book, your yearbook. This annual was produced for you by us, fellow students and staff members Allen County Public Librafy j 900 Webster Street | PO Box 2270 Fort Wayne. IN 46801-227rt Table of Contents lU llliiliLlillliZil V|llliil^II^ B Dedication 4 ^ __ ^ ' Administration 5 i ^~ ' -^, ., , Faculty 13 ' ' • jJH^ Underclassmen 19 JSI ' E.JE " - ' Sports 35 Activities 43 Upperclassmen 61 Editor ' s Letter 71 . ' ^ " J* " ^b^mMSfs ' li^iphMM ^j^ .^^• ' i^*»»?;#0Cia ' ' «^?^?^=2i^^ HIGILSCHQQI 4=^ ^i ' Tiz^ ' f^^ Fort Wayne, Indiana Vol. Ill Dedication In recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of education and in appreciation for his interest in and devotion to the students and staff of Northwood, we, the Cardinal Yearbook Staff, affectionately dedicate this 1964 Annual to our principal. Dr. E. Warde Kelly. Dr. Kelly is an inspiration to all of us. The social, moral, and intellectual climate of North- wood Junior High School reflects the quality and sincerity of his belief in the intrinsic worth of the individual, in the democratic system of freedom and opportunity, and in an educational program designed to meet the needs of each student. We are grateful to him for his vision and his guidance. Administration ±a7MQ2 Stars Of Authority . . Mr. Lester L. Grile, superintendent of the Fort Wayne Community Schools, received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees at Indiana University. During his beginning years in Fort Wayne, he taught at three com- munity schools and was principal of two schools. He then became superintendent of schools August 1, 1961. Mr. Grile is very active in several civic organizations and professional groups. He plays an important role in the society of the Fort Wayne Schools. The School Board is a group of dedicated citizens, appointed by the Mayor of Fort Wayne. The members work in close connection with the administration office to set policy and help solve the many problems concerning the schools. After receiving a Bachelor of Science De- gree from Alabama, Dr. E. Warde Kelly came to Indiana for his graduate education at In- diana University. He chose to stay in the state for the beginning of his teaching career. Northwood is fortunate to have Dr. Kelly as principal, for he has served in other Fort Wayne schools prior to his assignment to this school. He has had experience in all levels of schools, from elementary to college. In 1959 Dr. Kelly came to Northwood to serve as principal. He has served in this capacity to its fullest extent. . . . Guide Us . . . Dr. Kelly and Mr. Bragg take time out of their busy schedule to help Tom Spencer and Doug Stark. Our leaders always have time to aid a student with his everyday problems. Mr. Robert E. Bragg received his Bache- lor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from Ball State Teachers College. He is cur- rently taking post graduate work at St. Francis College. Mr. Bragg taught for ten years at a school in Auburn, Indiana, before coming to Northwood where he taught for two years. Mr. Bragg is our staff assistant and has been for the last three years. Along with Dr. Kelly, Mr. Bragg is here to help one and all. Each Day Mrs. Moore, Northwood ' s secretary-bookkeeper, gives help to a student. Mrs. Hess is an- swering the telephone, one of her many tasks as secretary-receptionist for our school. These two ladies always have a smile to greet the many students who go to the office for as- sistance. !lllTf[ We Introduce You To Learning . . . In his classroom Mr. Rogers is surrounded by his ninth grade students. He is teach- ing them the u se of a microscope in biologry. How to solve equasions is one of the many things learned in Mr. Lew ' s ninth grade algebra class. Here he gives helpful hints to a student at the chalkboard. Mrs. Bartkiewicz, English teacher, gives individual instruction to one of her students. Other class members study the A, B, C ' s of language arts. Mrs. Loggins instructs one of her seventh grade developemental reading classes on newspaper items. These students enjoy learning reading skills by new methods. Miss Nicholas and Miss Sheak watch their class as they enjoy the folk dance unit. This is one phase of physical education learned in the jun- ior high school. . . Through Working . . . Mrs. Moore helps her Home Economics class learn the basic fundamentals of sewing. Home Ec girls also learn to prepare a nutritious, delicious meal. Mr. Huffman ' s ninth grade industrial arts class work on their projects. Each student learns the use of the power and manual tools while broadening his skills in crafts. 10 . . . Studying . Mrs. Simpson guides an eighth grade Language Arts class in using the library facilities. Each Northwood student has full access to their library. Mrs. Dixon instructs her seventh grade class on their art projects using their imaginative minds. They come up with very original proj- ects. Music is made more enjoyable by Mrs. Herring in this seventh grade class. " A song in the heart keeps a smile on the face. " Mr. Johnson and his student teacher, Mr. Lampel, over- look an ambitious study hall. Only ninth grade students are permitted to have a study hall. 11 . . And Discovering Mr. Sheets gives one of his interesting demonstrations for an eighth grade history class. His use of projects adds interest to his classes. Mr. Schlatter is about to show an eager seventh grade class a film to aid them in their studies. Audio-visual aids are helpful in giving life to lesson material. Interesting facts about health are learned ^ in Mr. William ' s ninth grade health classes. ^Z Here, Mr. Williams and Bill Morningstar point out parts of the brain. ' *■ , ii 12 Faculty 13 Our Teachers . . . MR. JAMES R. ALLEN Indiana University Kentucky A.B. and M. Ed. Lang. Arts, Geo., and Spanish MRS. ROSELLA BARTKIEWICZ Indiana University, B.S. Lang. Arts MR. DONALD J. BRUICK Valparaiso University B.S. Ball State M.A. Physical Education, Coach MR. LAWRENCE F. BUDENZ Indiana State B S. St. Francis M.S. General Science MRS. EDITH A. CRAW Central Normal Ball State Indiana University A.B. Lang. Arts and Latin MR. NELSON R. DETWILER Bowling Green University B.S. and M.S. Practical Arts and History Coach MRS. CLAIRE N. DIXON Ohio State University B.S. Art MR. WALTER R. DONLAN St. Benedict College A.B. Social Studies MRS. LA VON ELSTER Indiana University B S. and M.S. Lang. Arts MR. FRED L. GEYER, .TR. Purdue University Huntington B.S. Mathematics MR. LAWRENCE J. GRAHAM Central Michigan University B.S. Lang. Arts and Social Studies MRS. LILLIAN GRAHAM James Millikan University . . . Form The Axis . . . MR. LAVON HART Manchester College B.S. Ball State MA. Math and Science MRS. HELEN S. HERRING Greensboro College A.B. University of N. Carolina M.A. Lang. Arts MRS. LORENE HODELL Hanover College B.A. Lang. Arts and Social Studies MR. ROBERT W. JACKSON Purdue University B.S. Ball State M.A. General Science and Biology Jf^^^^^^\ ki^kk £„Jiii MR. ROBERT JOHNSON MR. LaMAR KILMER MR. HOMER F. KLINE MRS. MARY C. KLUS Defiance College Manchester College B.S. Manchester College B.S. Notre Dame Teachers College Indiana University B.S. Math and Physical Education Ball State M.S. Glascow, Scotland B.S. Ball State M.A. General Science St. Francis M.A. Art Lang. Arts and Social Studies o ,■ > ..^ ijkk% ' f^. " ^K ' fff ' N ' A MRS. LENA B. KURTZ MR. ROBERT A. LEW MRS. WINIFRED LOGGINS MRS. MARGARET S. LYNCH Indiana State B.S. Toledo University Butler University B.S. St. Francis A.B. Mathematics St. Francis Purdue University B.E. M.E. Mathematics Dev. Reading Lang. Arts 15 On Which MR. MURRAY MRS. GLADYS K. MERRIMAN MISS RUTH E. MILLER MRS. VIRGINIA B. MOORE MENDENHALL, Jr. Manchester College Ball State B.S. Purdue University B.S. H.E Indiana U. B.S. and M.A. Indiana University Lang. Arts and Publications St. Francis M.S. Math, Physical Education Ohio University Home Economics and Coach A.B. and M.S. Lang. Arts MISS SHIRLEY NICHOLAS Indiana University A.S. Physical Education MISS OPAL M. NICHOLS University of Illinois B.S. Indiana University M.S. History MRS. HELEN PONCZEK MR. ROGER L. ROGERS Indiana University M.S. and M.S. Manchester College B.S. Science and Orientation University of Pittsburgh M.E. General Science and Biology MR. J. R. ROTHHAAR Ball SUte Ohio StaU, B.A. St. Francis, M.A. Dev. Lang, and Lang. Arts MR. ORVILLE SCHLATTER Ball State B.S. and M.A. Social Studies MR. WALTER N. SEVIER Indiana State B.S. Science, Health and Safety MISS ALICE SHEAK Purdue University, B.S. Physical Education 16 • • • Our World Spins MR. CHARLES SHEETS Ball State B.S. M.A. History and French MRS. DORIS J. SIMPSON Ball State B.S. Librarian MR. ELBERT H. STODDEN MR WILLIAM E. STULTS VanderCook Conservatory of Music Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. B.M. St. Francis M.S. Indiana State M.S. Mathematics Instrumental Music MR. MAX THRASHER Huntington College B.S. Mathematics MISS SANDRA M. TODD Michigan State University B.A. University of Colorado Ball State M.A. MRS. NAIDA WALKER Florida State University B.M. Ball State M.S. Vocal Music MR. THOMAS C. WILLIAMS Ball State B.S. Social Studies, Health and Safety Teachers casually take time out of their busy schedule for a short break. The faculty lounge is a place for studying, visiting, or re- laxing for the Northwood teachers. 17 Hot nonn meals are carefully prepared and served by the busy hands of our cheer- ful cooks. Left to right. Front: Mrs. Campetti, manager; Mrs. Polsley, Mrs. Frenk- ley, Mrs. Davidson, and Mrs. Feemster. Back: Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Smock, Mrs. Scheeler, Mrs. Dray, and Mrs. Mains. The Busy Hands Behind Northwood Each day these students render their services to the cafeteria during the lunch hours. Left to right. Front row: Mike Barnette, Dan Eckley, Linda Paschal, Janine Hunter, Sandy Fowler, Pat Clark, Laranina Wadington, and Linda Grace. Back row: Roger Schey, Doug Cecil, Frank Pannaccilli, Denny Gratz, Mike Daher, Danny Grazt, Glenna Kriegh, and Becky Stearns. Underclassmen Eighth Grade A ft P f^ ^ ft mk mM ..c^ T^. um f^ ' ni pi fm f^ #i| Ci iiii Steve Aiken Sharon Anderson John Andrews Linda Arthur Wilber Babcock Charles Bair Tom Bair Benny Barns Mary Beth Bartusch Sue Beard Jim Beatty Larry Beaty Steve Becktell David Belschner Larry Bercot Mike Bercot Steve Bercot Doug Berry Janet Bickford Bill Biedenweg Mike Bireley Myron Blanchard Bob Bobay Jim Bobay Ken Buirley Barbara Boles Diana Booker Craig Bosselman Arnita Bower Becky Bowser Charles Boyce Lyna Boyer Sandra Bradway Connie Brandt Karen Bridges Judy Bronstetter Becky Brown Shawn Brown Randy Brubaker Mike Brudney Cheryl Bumgardner Ellen Burgoon Tom Burkross Howard Butler John Cain Linda Caldwell Dennis Campbell Linda Campbell Bruce Caple Bill Cappelli Marie Carboni Ron Carnohan Cheryl Carr Danny CashdoUar David CashdoUar Barbara Cass rtl P ' IF?- ffP p p f^ ^ P p f^ ^P ^ ^ r: O C Bl^ v«b > ^ Patty Cassaday Joe Christen Ina Chumley Malinda Clearbough Richard Cole Gary Collins Larraine Combs Mike Combs Joe Conrad Gary Coo k Tim Cooley Susan Coulter Karen Cox Kathy Cox Dianne Crabill Larry Craver Jordan Crocker Becky Cunningham Dan Dager Pat Daher Carolyn Daniel Blain Davis Eddie Davis James Davis Jane Davis Mike Dawson James Deahl BiU Deal Christine Dearing Louis DeArmond Ronnie DeBie Penny Deemer Arlene DeMarco Larry Dennis James Derbyshire Janine Derbyshire Nancy Desjardins Anne Dick Randy Dixon Peggy Donahue Susan Doty Sandra Doughton Steve Douglas Sharon Drayer Patrick Dye Steve Easton Marilyn Edwards Bill Eidson Terry Ellenwood Mike Ellis Phillip Ellis Leslye Eliott Hope Enterline Vicki Etter Ronald Evans Bruce Faylor Sandra Feichter Marsha Felger Andre Flandrois Linda Fleck Tim Flemming Stan Fischer Larry Fisher 21 p. ' ' in p ' r i k 1 1 ^ 2 Ik > It #1 V - L f > £^ f1 i^^ ^1^ 1^ f 2 ^ P i en ft f i s e ^ g £ ^ & s £ 1? hi f» ^ ^ £! Si f) ff i n « f5 ^ ' £ ' X Randy Fisher Bill Fishering Rex Foreman Jim Foster Vicky Foulks Connie Francies Jill Freeland Kathy Fritsch Dennis Gaff Mike Gaff Nicole Gage David Gage Cheri Gardner Richard Gardner Gyl George Sally Gerber Bob Goeglein Kathy Graham Linda Graham Mike Greene Kent Greenlee Robert Greim Gary Greulach Cheryl Griffis Mike Grogg Greg Gross Darwin Groves Vicki Grunewald Rex Guildenbecker Zandra Gump Mike Gurevsky Kathy Hale Linda Hall Kathy Hall Kathy Hall Paul Hancock Linda Hanna Barbara Hastings Stephanie Hasty Carolyn Harding Don Hardy Linda Harkless Elaine Harmeyer James Harper Jay Harshbarger Susan Hartsing Barbara Hauge Carol Hauser Nancy Havens Bradly Heath Jack Hech Jan Heintzelman Mike Hemphill Pamela Henkle Debby Kexamer Debby Heyne Tom Hicks Steven Hill Robert Hitcock Carolyn Holland Julia Holle Bordon Houser Don Houts 22 ^ n r^ < k fiA.^ P < F? ^ r^ ^. > ^k ini i^ in ^ Diane Hoskins Margaret Hower Steve Hudson Scott Huffine Alice Huffman Joyce Hunter Dennis Husted Candace Hutson Lee Hutton Steve Hutton Lonnie Hyder Pam Jackson Sharon Jackson Tom Jackson Jean Jernstrom Bob Jesse Wayne Joder Connie Johnson Mike Johnson Kathy Johnson Susan Johnson Whittney Johnson Regina Jornod Chip Kalleen Connis Keesler Patricia Keiser Susan Keith Bruce Kelley Phillip Kersey Jean Kiel Bob King Dennis Kinney Linda Kinny Bill Kiser Diana Kite Wayne Kizer Bill Klause Paula Knepper Martha Koester Greeg Kotas Bob Koontz Karl Krause Tom Kressly Susan Kruse Steve Kumfer Kathy Kurtz Steve Kutsch Linda Lakamp Thomas Lamb Cynthia Langley Sue Ellen Leham Bonnie Lewis Jean Lindemuth Larry Logan David Long Joanne Lopez Jim Louden Debbie Lucker Renee Lykins Janet Madden Greg Major Cindy Marks Charles Martin 23 Donald Martin David Martin Carla Mason Judy McCaleb Susan McCart Stephanie McKenzie Karen McMaken Brian Meadows Ron Mendenhall Pamela Merritt Linda Mettert Robert Meyer John Mickelson Christine Miller Margaret Miller Mike Miller Robert Miller Roger Miller John Mishler Sandra Molorgik Terry Moore Tom Moore Roger Morgan Suzanne Morrison Sheila Moses Coleen Murry Lynn Myers Sandra Myers Robert Nash Elizabeth Nickell Diane North Dennis Notestine Roger Notestine Sarah Olsen Jane Oplinger Dale Osborne Steve Pace Linda PannicciuUi Cheryl Parker Linda Parker Rand Parker Raymond Parker Larry Partain Susan Peavey Ron Pinter John Pollock Duane Ragon Laren Randall Von Reichert Van Reighter Eric Reighter Gloria Reiling Belinda Reinholt Eric Retrum Danny Rice Trudy Richard Charles Richards William Richard Robert Richey Janice Ridenour Terry Rigby Virginia Rish Mike Roberts 24 4v\ « ^ P P n m 9 p ^ f^ Don Robinson Rodney Rockwell Richard Roe Tim Roling Charles Roy Pam Roy Becky Sammentinger Irene Sandars John Savage Julie Scherer Kenneth Schlatter Paul Schlatter Toni Schlatterback Peggy Schram Karl Schroff Vicki Seidel Sally Shambaugh Tonnie Shaw Sheryl Shipman Tim Shopp Barbara Short Kirk Shuster Randy Silmer Jim Sircey Ina Sivits Carol Smith Herschel Smith Rose Ann Smith Steve Smith Cheryl Smock Barbara Snyder Dick Spies James Steeg David Stockert Louis Strahm Karyn Stresser Joanne Studebaker Lynn Sunday Steve Tagtmeyer James Taylor Carol Tellefsen June Thalacker Linda Timbrook Norma Tomkinson Jerry Tompson Linda Tompson Sue Tompson Greg Towsley Susan Trager Linda Trigg Frank Trigg Doug Trovinger Russell Troyer Jacque Upole Mike Vance Dan Votaw David Wade Jim Walker Mike Walker Sarah Warnick Roxanna Waters Diana Weeks Linda Wenger n^ Not Pictured Stan Flemming Jewel Jamison Richard Lewis Charles Martin James Martin Joe Reed Roberta Sheehan iife « Mike Wichman Bill Wilkinson Joe Williams David Wilson Philip Wilson Eric Windmiller Dannie Witt Jon Wolf Linda Wolf Kent Wolfe Maureen Wright Janet Yoder Sally Young Susan Young Dave Zehr Lynn Zigler Jacque Zirkle Linda Zurbrugg Miss Nichols gives her approval to her eighth grade history class for their accomplishment on extra-credit projects. Public speaking is one of the many topics studied and enjoyed by Miss Miller ' s eighth grade Language Arts class. The students gather to see the displays on public speaking. SEVENTH GRADE f, ^5^ Timothy E. Adams Ricky O. Adams Mark Homer Ahlbersmeyer Virginia Lee Aichele Michael Aiken Deborah Kay Aldrich Douglas Aldrich Louis Edward Alfred Patricia Ambler Lavern Anderson Jackie Yvonne Argerbright Pamela Ann Arnett Susan Lou Ayers Cynthia G. Bacon William Leroy Bain Lanna Maria Baker Keith Balliet Joyce A. Balyeat John Barnes Vickie Barne Teresa Ann Barrera Fred Barthold Joe Bauer Julie Baxter Sheryl Lynn Beard Terry B. Beaty Vivian Becktell Mitchell Charles Bedree Cathy Lynn Bedwell Antionette Bender Cynthia Ann Bender Dennis Dale Berkey Wendalyn Madeen Berry Skippy Lee Berry Charlotte Bishop Kim Blain Debra Kay Blair Gail A. Blessing Annette Bocik David Warren Boldt Robert Eugene Bollinger Richard Bojarb (leraldine Bouse James Raymond Bower Ronnie Brandt Robert Bredemeyer Gerry Elaine Bredlow William F. Bridges Terry Leon Bridges Ellawynn Brooke David Brubaker Jill Elaine Bruggner David Bryant Thomas Eugene Buck David Burgoon Susan Burnau p n li i r ft Cheryl Ann Bux Roger Byers Thomas E. Byrne Ronnie E. Cable John Calhoun Nancy Ann Capen Alyce Carlson ' James Merlin Cassell Michael Cawvey Nancy Marie Chaney Sharon Rose Chapman Patsy Clark Susan Clark Suzanne Clarke J Debra Ellen Cleveland Kathleen Clevenger Susan Gail Cline Elaine Cockrill Diana Dee Cohee Thomas E. Cole Denita Collins Cynthia Lynn Collins Jennifer Combs Aretta Copperlino Fred Elliot Craft Robert L. Creek Caryn Ann Crosley David Crowder Dean Lonnie Crum Linda Lou Curie Barbara Dahlgren Douglas Robert Daniels Charlene Elizabeth Davis Deena Diane Davis William L. Davis John Wm. Day Phillip Charles Dehabey John Deter Charlene Jane DeVaux Darlene DeWitt Nancy Ann Dice Linda Susan Doan Janet Elaine Donahue James Downey Georgia Rae Duly Janet K. Duncan Mary Ann Duncan James B. Dunn Michael Englert Philip Erli Joyce Elaine Espich Michael Failor David N. Faux Scott Feichter Randy Felber Alan Lee Felger Ricky Leigh Felheim Kathleen Ferraro Deborah Ann Fisher Linda L. Flotow Larry Finley Foor Douglas Ford Deborah K. Foulks 28 ^ ^ P ' ' L ¥/ Dianne Fowler Marsha Fox Jim Friedley Kay Lynne Furhnian Danelley Gabriele Vicki Gadson Katherine Ann Gage Michael Gater Kenneth Gerardot Cynthia Ann Goad Sandra Goad Gregory Paul Gochenour Jane Goerss Robert Goff Patrick Goneau Judith A. Gordon Patrick Graham Sally Gramling Jeffery Greim Sherrie Lou Gullion Cathy Haines Cynthia Louise Haines Philip R. Harris Deborah Sue Hartman Randy Hartman Steven Alan Heck Valerie Kaye Hemmig Stephen Henry Caryn Grace Henline John Wm. Hensler Sandy Herbst Jefferey Herendeen Gary Lee Highlen Renee Ann Highlen Nancy J. Hindle Maxine Ruth Hines Robert Allen Hinkle Tom Houck Ryen Vernell Hubert Cynthia Sue Hudson David Stanley Huff Dennis Humphries John William Huntington Paul Husted Sharon Kay Hutchison Tom Hyder Charles Michael Inman Charles Itt Gregory Allen Jackson Kay Marie Jeffrey Denise Johnson Gregg Johnson Judith Ann Johnson Stanley Johnson Stephen James Johnson Lindell Jo Juergens Louise Kalmes Stephen John Kaluza Benjamin Keckler Sandra Jean Keesler Timothy Wm. Kelly Jack Kerley Terry Kershner •irf ' ■ ■ ' .lift! ' » > ' p ^ ' ^ f p h ^ £ 2v^ & ik 2L # ' ki M B^ \ 1 ti > ^ #1 kA Carmon A. King Barbara Kinney Larry Gene Kirkman John N. Kline Douglas R. Knauer Linda Knepper Linda Koepke Karl Kroeber Larry J. Kruckberg Sharon Joyce Kruse James Kughler Barbara Kurosky Ellen Lake Connie Lambert Diane Marie Landis Eric Langer Steve Norman LaRue Martin Laurent Dana Leininger Donald Ray Leininger Larry Leonard Charles Edward Lepper Joyce Ann Lerch Sandra Leslie Mari Lyn Lewis Kandace Lee Libka Sally Renee Lincoln Michael Ross Lindemuth Edward Littlejohn Brad Gregory Loar Jeffrey Lohse David Jackson Long Vicki Longnecker James G. Lorman Linda Sue Louthan Roger L. Louthan Michael James Loveless Robert Gene Lowdon Diane Lucker Carol Mackey Pamela Martin Teresa Marquart Donald Mayfield Deborah Sue Menke Marlene Meradith Ree Ann Messick Mike Drew Meyer George Albert Mickelson David Lee Middleton Jeff Milam Lonnie Miller Peggy Sue Miller Rebecca Ann Miller Patty Miner Sheila K. Minser Deborah Ann Miser Steven Joe Mishler Dennis Ray Mock Richard Kenneth Moilanen Jeanne Mollenberg Julie Marie Mollenberg Ronald Lynn Monteith Suzanne Moody t ^fl ' 4.\ ^ h t J I .^\£ m k(- > n i^ c m a ml^ s i^Mk £ ' ^n « M life ip r^ /-^^•-f. Ik A ri P ^ i^^^ n « < Danny Moore Richard A. Moore Thomas Moore Donna Elaine Morlan Cheryl Lynn Morrison Kathy Muckley Jeanine S. Mueller Debbie Mulheim Linda Lee MuUins Gary Mullins Cathy Muncey Jean Ann Murphy Allen Myers Sheila K. McCann Robin McClenahan Peggy McCoy Mary Jane McFarran Rebecca Kay McKeaman Linda McKinzie Charlene McKowen Mona Coleen McLellen Bonnie McNeal Michael McNeal Daniel A. Nagel Brett Nahrwold Stephen Neff Denny L. Neidert Richard Maxwell Newhouser Marsha Lee Newkirk Robert Stephen Newnum Roger Notestine Linda Nowlin Sandra Kay Oberlin Cynthia Lucille Ogg Glenda Diane Ohneck Jacqueline Rae Olson Jed Olvey Daniel Oplinger Cheryl Ormiston Hibbard Paine Phillip Carter Paino Roger Parker Joseph Eliot Pattison Sue Carol Peden Rebecca Ann Peters Debra Phillips Kathleen M. Place Gregory A. Pressley Kenny Lee Priest Jack F. PuUin Ted Pyle Joellen S. Ream Theodore Leon Reed Charles Robert Reeves James Duard Rice Karen Elaine Rice Steven M. Rice Vicki Rice Betty Rigsby Tom Lynn Rinehold Ronald Keith Ritter Beatrice Roberts Cathy J. Roberts 31 Michael Lynn Roberts Cheryl Ann Robinson Gerald Roby Jack Rodenbeck Dennis Eugene Roller Earl Ropp Mary Louise Rose Robin M. Rosier Timothy Roualet Sarah Ann Rousseau Stephen Joseph Rowden Chris Rowe Michael Keith Ruch Russell Leroy Rugg Myra Kay Runyan Evelyn Sammetinger Deborah Sanders Sandra L. Sanders Michael Sauders Robert G. Schaefer Jane Ellen Schaeffer Dian Lin Schoenherr Tom R. Schuelke Lester Schwartz Rex Sefton Londa Sue Seitz Ronnie Shawgo Roger Allen Shenfield Steven Ray Shie George Shimel Robert (Pat) Shimel Debra Ann Shipman Melaine Shuler Karen S. Shutt William Ormal Skinnei Deborah Jane Slack Janet Gail Sloan Carolyn Smith Deborah Ann Smith Jack Duane Smith Jacqueline Sue Smith Janis Kay Smith Ruth Ann Smith Deborah Smithers Cheryl Snider Steven Lynn Souers Denis L. Sparks Larry Squires Donna Marie Stanley Karen S. Steele Gary W. Stephenson Daniel Paul Stevens John Paul Stonestreet Steven Stopher Vicki Sunday Greg Swain Susan Faye Swank Patrick Alan Swartz Jacqueline Ann Tallman James Thiesing Gary Thomas Jacqueline Ann Thorne Terry L. Tom £., Q ' P. P. Not Pictured: Ralph Barkley Kenneth Davidson Mike Graves Linda Karpke Stephen Kerosky Cynthia Meuks Garry Romine Curtis Smith Betty Wenger Joe Youanovitch Jeffrey A. Tracey Betty A. Trigg David Alan Trin Vicki Truex Keith A. Tumbleson David Tyler Thomas Lewis Vance William Edmond Vanderford Albert Thomas Vince Thomas Eugene Wade David Bart Wagner Dennis Earl Wagner Leslie Jeanne Walda David Ralph Walker Robert Alan Wallace Elaine Warnock Deborah Lynn Warren Evelyn Rose Wasson Patricia Wearing Linda Lee Weikel Bill Wetzel William David Whetsel Ronald Widdifield Richard David Widmann Keith D. Wilkins Janice Cheryl Williams Kenneth L. Williams Mark A. Winebrenner Beverly L. Winget Sandra Kay Witmer Sue Ann Wooster Sandra Kay Worden Warren Eugene Worman Dennis Wright Barbara Jean Wylie Diane Lee Wynkoop Nancy Kay Yeiter Sheiley Ann Yergens Ervin Franklin Yoder John Mark Yoder Raymond Zbacnick John Zieg Mark Zion Tina Marie Zion Dennis Zimmerman David Jerome Zurbrugg Gene Bateman Ken Beaty Janice Butler Steven Cashdollar Russell Galloway Mrs. Kurtz instructs one of her seventh grade classes concerning the essentials of mathe- matics. Chalkboard drill is a popular method of teaching math. Each Northwood seventh grader is exposed to the block plan of study as he enters the school. In this program, a student learns various phases of language arts, geography, and social studies. Other classes are held in the respective rooms. This year North- wood was proud to have thirteen sec- tions of seventh graders in their pro- gram. Current Events is one of the many interesting subjects discussed in Mrs. Hodell ' s seventh grade block program. Included in this class block are social studies, language arts, and developmental languages. Sports 1373402 35 .-;*ijr •■:»%-* ' -*^ ' ' The Varsity Cardinals displayed teamwork and effort during their 1963 season play. Their record was 4-2 for the season. Ninth Grade Kicks Off To Victory 1963 Football Schedule Northwood 6 Ben Geyer 7 Northwood 24 Fairfield 14 Northwood 14 Kekionga 12 Northwood Lakeside 13 Northwood 25 Franklin Northwood 14 Portage 12 Northwood ' s varsity Cardinals ended their season with a 4-2 record. They won second place in city football play. Mr. Bruick rewards three deserving freshmen, Dwight Fraze, Ed Stanczak, and Bill Morning- star for outstanding achievements in sports. Larry Jones Tackle Varsity Spirit Leads To Victory Left to right. Kneeling: Dwight Fraze, Dave Wood, Ed Stanczak, Dave Buckmaster, Phil Richards, Chris Craft, and Chuck Lewton. Standing: Manager Fred Lewton, Jay Smith, Mark Hoffman, Bill Greene, Lee VanHorn, Tim Bell, Bob Freeman, Manager Jim Dice, and Coach Mendenhall. For the first time in the history of North- wood Junior High, the ninth grade team cap- tured the City Basketball Crown. The season record was 9-3 and the tourney record was 3-0. 1963-64 Basketball Schedule Northwood 41 Northwood 38 Northwood 25 Northwood 44 Northwood 56 Northwood 50 Northwood 40 Northwood 56 Northwood 54 Northwood 44 Northwood 56 Northwood 55 Kekionga 44 Lakeside 43 Portage 44 Geyer 21 Franklin 41 Fairfield 29 Harrison Hill 24 Kekionga 41 Lakeside 36 Portage 43 Geyer 43 Franklin 54 Tourney Games Northwood 40 Northwood 34 Northwood 25 Ben Geyer 34 Lakeside 32 Fairfield 15 Chris Craft Foreward Mark Hoffman Foreward Phil Richards Foreward Chuck Lewton Guard Dwight Fraze Guard Dave Buckmaster Center Lee Van Horn Foreward Bob Freeman Guard Tim Bell Guard Jay Smith Guard Coaches Back Cardinals Northwood sports are coached by four able men. Left to right are Mr. Bruick, coach for ninth grade football and track; Mr. Detwiler, eighth grade football, basketball and track coach; Mr. Mendenhall, coach of ninth grade basketball, football and track; and Mr. Schlatter, coach for cross country. Cheerleaders Head School Spirit Cheers and chants are led by our loyal cheerleaders. These girls, coached by Miss Nicholas, organized a cheer block consisting of over one hundred stu- dents. Left to right, Kneeling: Kathy Puryear and Karen Miller. Stand- ing Barb Short, Julie Quinn, and Judy Barnard. Eighth Graders Show True Team Work Northwood ' s flag football team is made up of seventh and eighth grade boys. This year the boys ended their season play with a tie for the 1963 championship title. These boys, coached by Mr. Detwiler, had a 6-1 record for the 1963 school year. Coach Detwiler and his group of eighth grade basketball players played spirit and fight throughout the season. Left to right. Row 1; Dave Martin, Eric Retrum, Tom Reinhold, Randy Seimer, Bill Fish- ering, and Manager Roger Notestine. Row 2: Coach Detwiler, Larry Graver, Kent Wolfe, Russell Troy- er, Joe Reed, Karl Schroff, and Paul Schlatter. Absent from picture are Benny Barnes, Gene Thompson, and Dennic Kinney, leading scorer. Harriers Run On ' r^ « « ^ ' ' c^ Mr. Schlatter coached the freshmen cross country squad. Left to right. Kneeling- John Grimes, Chuck Lewton, Ray Heming^vay, and Jim Conn. Standing: Bill Greene Tom Spencer, Lee VanHorn, Fred Gaff, Steve Gaff, Steve Cox, Doug Miller and Coach Schlatter. Over one hundred fifty boys reported for the 1964 track team. Coaches Bruick and Det- wiler saw numerous promising stars in the group of able athletes. Northwood has both varsity and junior varsity track teams. Activities Planning, Reading, and Writing The responsibilities of the Cardinal staff were numerous and varied. The students, however, found the needed time to fulfill all of them, which in- cluded the important meeting of dead- lines. When walking through the up- per hall at Northwood, sounds of dis- cussion or typing could always be heard while students worked on the yearbook. Miss Miller, faculty advisor; Don Houts, assistant edi- tor; and Aletha White, editor, led the yearbook staff. Here they are comparing the 1963 Cardinal to year- books from other schools. The yearbook staff spent many hours working on the Cardinal. Room 202 became a second home for several of the students. As shown in the picture, the staff had a cardinal for their mascot. This car- dinal watched over the students as they worked during study time, activity time, and vacation time. To these workers the Cardinal was first in the line of extra-curricular activities. 44 Thirty-five yearbook salesmen campaigned for three weeks of Car- dinal selling. A record-breaking total of 915 books were sold during this time. This achieved goal encouraged the organizational staff to work even harder to produce a bigger and better yearbook for 1964. Leafing through student pictures are Miss Miller, Tom Spencer, Aletha White, and Doug Stark. The yearbook took planning, work, and team cooperaion from the 25 workers involved. Comprise the Thirty-five salesmen were used to sell the Cardinals during a three week selling campaign. Class man- agers were Larry Carver, Mark Hoffman, and Larry Jones. 45 Editor Beth Lewis, Sponsor Miss Miller, and Assistant Editor Becky Bunch plan the monthly assignments for Northwind reporters. A staff of twelve reporters was maintained throughout the year to gather the news and prepare it for the press. The Northwind staff consisted of ninth grade students who were inter- ested in learning the process of news- paper work. These ninth grade stu- dents composed the organizational staff to oversee the work of the re- porters. Through the newspaper, sev- eral basic ideas were learned along with the learning to meet a deadline which is of great importance in news- paper work. Daily Whirl The Northwind organizational staff consists of several hard working ninth grade students. Left to right. Seated: Sheri Petrick, Becky Bunch, Beth Lewis, Margaret Vandagriff, and Sheryl Reed. Standing: Miss Miller, Jeanette Peek, Ed Stanczak, Sue Pattison, and Rick Baumgartner. A staff of twelve reporters was maintained during the year for the Northwind. These students represented each of the three grades at Northwood. These writers gathered the news, wrote the stories, and edited for the Northwind. of Publications Members of the Northwind staff work together in producing their monthly publication. A critical evaluation of each paper helped the students to learn journalism. A consistant staff of reporters were constantly on the look-out for more news for the Northwind. Each month stories were assigned to the report- ers and a deadline was given to meet. These students were a great help in making the newspaper the success it was. " A nose for news is what a good reporter needs, and the Northwind reporters had just this. " Unity Makes Brotherhood Dr. Kelly accepts TC, Top Cardinal, from Stu- dent Council President Scott Nahrwold. TC was first adopted as the school spirit symbol at the faculty-student football game. Officers of the Student Council ambitiously dis- cuss problems that arise among the students at Northwood. Left to right: Gary Stover, Vice- President; Sue Pattison, Secretary-Treasurer; Scott Nahrwold, President; Dwight Fraze, Safe- ty Marshall; and Rick Baumgartner, Sargent- at-Arms. The Student Council, which is sponsored by Mr. Allen, helps govern Northwood School and sponsors many worthwhile activities during the school year. Each home- room has a representative on this council. 48 Hands of Exploration Mrs. Dixon gives guidance and direction to the members of the Art Club. These students enjoy learning art in the seventh period activity. The Sewing Club members work on their clothing proj- ects. After each member selects a project, Mrs. Moore helps the girls to complete this project under correct di- rection and instruction. The Model Club, under the supervision of Mr. Sevier and Mr. Thrasher, stimulates interest in the designing of precise and accurate models. These boys demonstrate their skills through model construction. 49 Talents Developed in Choir Northwood ' s music department is proud of the Concert Choir which is directed by Mrs. Walker. These students participated in school concerts, contests, and civic programs. This year over sixty students lended their voices to the choir. Girls Ensemble. Left to right. Row 1: Joyce Byrne, Carolyn Simmons, Sue Beard, and Ellen Burgoon. Row 2: Ina Sivits, Kathy Graham, Maureen Berry, Debby Rowe, and Barb Short. Row 3: Kathy Fritsch, Janice Ridenour, Pat Leuenherger, and Marlene Landis. Row 4: Char- lotte Belcher, Becky Guillaume, Denise Gafl, and Karen Miller. Boys Ensemble. Left to right. Row 1: Terry Heck, Doug Stark, and Mike Kalmes. Row 2: Dudley Zollars and Bernard Baker. Row 3: Horst King, Tom Spencer, and Mike Gator. 60 fiventh and eighth graders compose the Cardinal Band, under the direction of Mr. hdson in the absence of Mr. Stodden. These students practice in order to qualify Ir the Concert Band. . . . and Instrumental Music [, The Concert Band which temporarily under the direction of Mr. Dodson due to the illness of Mr. Stod- f den has sixty members from the eighth and ninth grades. This band takes part in public as well as school activities. rs. Walker has taken over the direction of Northwood ' s orchestra since Mr. Stodden has been ill. lis musical group performs for the school and for the public. Our World Is a Unique Place The French Club, directed by Mr. Sheets, learns the fundamentals of French. This club helps the members build a solid background for the French language. Under the supervision of Mr. Hart and Mr. Graham, these boys learn the use of all audio-visual materials. Within this projec- tionist club, two groups operate, the begin- ning and advanced boys. Members of the Sports Club review top world sports each week. Members are Dick Moore and Gary Thomas, instructed by Mr. Lew. 52 Under the supervision of Mr. Donlan, the hunting club keeps records during the various hunting seasons. They also learn safety precautions while hunting. These ticket takers assist Mr. Jackson in sell- ing tickets for all school events. Left to right, Room 1: Linda Nowlin, Pam Amett, Valerie Hau- pert, and Mona McLellan. Row 2: Mr. Jackson, Connie Lambert, Carol Hauser, Kay Zimmer- ' man, and Toni Schlotterback. Filled With Endless Opportunities These Northwood boys, sponsored by Mr. Jackson and Mr. Stults, spend their Friday afternoons bowling. Besides learning the fundamentals of the game, they have an enjoyable afternoon. Trophies are awarded to the teams with outstanding bowling records. Experimenting and learning are the basic ideas to be learned by members of the Biology Club. Under the supervision of Mr. Rogers, students learn many valuable facts pertaining to the field of science. For Developing Our Minds • • • Mr. Kline guides the members of the Science Club in making new discoveries. Many inter- esting facts are learned in the various fields of science. Members of the Math Club have mathematically enlarged a Christmas scene. Mrs. Kurtz helps these students to explore the various fields of mathematics. 54 . . . Through Learning, Pleasure, and Fun students, under the supervision of Mrs. Craw, learn how to use their typewriters properly. This activity meets every Wednesday during the seventh period. Students in Drama and Speech are taught skills in act- ing and speaking. This experience helps them in their classes and also gives them enjoyment in public speak- ing. y^^A Mrs. Simpson, head of our library, instructs her helpers in library fundamentals. Under her supervision, these students keep the library running smoothly. Mrs. Lcggins instructs the seventh grade stu- dents in developemental reading. This instruc- tion helps to improve their reading skills and comprehension. Students Lend A Helping Hand Pictured are the Red Cross Cadets making centerpieces for veterans. These girls worked each month to help someone less privileged. Left to right. Standing: Lyna Boyer, Connie Francies, Pam Merritt, Barbara Hastings, and Sponsor Mrs. Merriman. Seated: Irene Sanders, Colleen Murray, and Karen McMaken. Each week Mr. Williams meets with his group known as the Vocational Interest Club. Left to right: Mr. Williams, Joseph Conrad, Kirt Shuster, Pat Swartz, Tom Moore and Brian Meadows. These boys deserve much credit for directing both two and four wheel traffic. Mr. Budenz instructs the boys in their knowledge of safety. 56 Intramurals . . f > f%^3rSn^e 2 > ^ ' !»,feb:Qi«*4^j^,^, Kickball is enjoyed by the seventh grade intramural girls during seventh period. Besides receiving enjoy- ment it helps them keep their bodies physically fit. These girls play that thrill sport, soccer, in girls ' intramurals. This game gives them a lot of pep. i I* i fl^ fl$^ J I%iki3ii J F Wji^p^- ' *^! JBEn^^^flp t£Ml 1* ' ■^jJI^^ ^ ' < ( > ^ ^k mm i I L^ k ^ These girls play that thrill sport, soccer, in girls ' intramural. This game gives them a lot of pep. Ninth grade girls enjoy that vigorous sport, tennis, once a week after school. The smiles show their enthusiasm. A very invigograting game of Speed Away is the game which these girls enjoy tremendously in girls ' intramur- als. When these girls play they show they are physically fit. 57 . . . Promote . . . Girls ' physical education classes introduce vari- ous rhythms. In the intramural program at Northwood, these girls are enabled to practice modern dance and rhythm. The seventh grade intramural class met during the activ- ity period to learn the fundamentals of basketball. They are being instructed by ninth grader, Julie Quinn. The seventh grade girls enjoyed the playing of volleyball for one of their intramural sports. Much practice went into the perfecting of their game before meeting competition. . . . Mind and Body . 5r^0ft > /ia ' A very invigograting game of Speed Away is the game which these girls enjoy tremendously in girls ' intra mur- als. When these girls play they show they are physically fit. Many boys at Northwood formed the intramural basketball teams. These teams played after school during the seventh period activities. 59 . . . Soundness These boys were members of the championship team of intramural football. After learning the fundamentals of the sport, they applied them in the actual playing of the game. Intramural volleyball was enjoyed by the North- wood boys during the seventh period. These boys worked to perfect their team tactics in order to win each game played. Since not all boys can become members of the varsity sports teams, intramural teams have been set up in various sports. In par- ticipating in these sports, these boys learn the basic fundamentals of the sport as well as gain experience in playing the sport. They also learn sportsmanship in competition. This intramural program covers several sports, enabling numerous boys to participate. The girls have a similar program for in- tramurals at Northwood. 60 Upperclassmen 61 Ninth Grade gr Sharon Adams Marjorie Adler Dan Aiken Gloria Aldrich Kathy Aldrich Marsha Allen Wendy Ambler Nancy Anderson Karen Andrews Gary Archer James Archer John Archer Kieth Argerbright Dick Armstrong Mike Bair Steve Bair Bernard Baker Gail Balliet Judy Barnard Mike Barnette Linda Barrick Sue Bartusch Judy Bassett Glenn Bateman Rick Baumgartner Tom Bear Bob Beatty Barb Beaty Don Bedwell Greg Beery Charlotte Belcher Ray Bell Tim Bell Maureen Berry Kathy Blair 62 Leslie Blanchard Mike Bouse Don Bradford Martin Bragg Paul Brandt Carolyn Brecht Royce Brokau Jim Brown Linda Bruick James Buck Dave Buckmaster Dick Buhr Becky Bunch Sandy Bunch Cherry Bushong John Bux Joyce Byrne Sandy Carder Joe Cassell Doug Cecil Jim Chaney Judy Chapman Lynn Chisholm Patty Clark Alice Clem Chris Cogswell Patty Collins Jim Combs Jim Conn Steve Cornelius Gary Cornewell Mike Connell Bill Conrad Steve Cox Dave Crace Linda Crace Chris Craft Bob Crail Jackie Cupp Mike Daher 63 li^ivSki Belynda Davis Karen Davis Kay Davis Sharon Davis Shirley Dawson Mark Dearing Bob Deermer Dan Dehabey Jim Dice Tim Dickinson Jim Douglas Diane Dressier Mike Duff Dan Eckley Jim Edgbert Carolyn Edwards Allen Egley John Ellenwood Mike Ellenwood Sharon England Beth Ervin Sharon Farrar Kay Faulkner Jim Felger Dan Firestine Susie Firestine Russel Follis Mary Foor Barb Fortney Sandy Fowler Dwight Fraze Bob Freeman Christine Freeman Ken Frenger Tim Friedrick Jerry Friedt Kay Fulkerson Paul Gabriel Fred Gaff Betty Galloway 64 George Gardner Carol Gebhart George Geoffrey- George Geradot Sue Gilbert Jim Glock Luann Graft Ann Graham Danny Gratz Denny Gratz Bill Greene John Greim Calvin Griffis John Grosvenor Becky Guillaume Kathy Haerr Linda Haire Janet Hall Nancy Hall Dave Hanna Toni Hasty Henry Harmeyer Donald Harter Donna Harter John Harris Sally Harris Rick Harrison Dana Hart Alice Hartman Mary Hartman Valerie Haupert Mark Haverfield Charlie Hayner Terry Heck Doug Hedrick Rick Heller Ray Hemmingway Gary Henkle Sue Henline Dennis Henry 66 ^MSws Dave Herdman Ursula Herturig Linda Heyn Don Hill Horst Hinz Mark Hoffman Beth Ann Honchell Steve Howe Steve Hoyt Kurt Humbrecht Janine Hunter Richard Hutson Dave Irwin Tom Irving Jim Jackson Arlene Jarrett Don Jeffries E. Z. Jewett Anita Jobes Karen Johnloz Betty Johnson Gregg Johnson Steve Johnson Larry Jones Sue Jones Mike Kalmes Sharon Kayser Mike Keller Pat Kersy Gwen Kimmel Karen Kinsey Becky Kizer Steve Klaren Kathy Kress Glenna Kriegh Nancy Kumfer Steve Lambert Marlene Landis Connie Landrum Tom Lane 66 1^ ii ik Debbie Lantz Jim Lepper Matt Lester Patty Leuenburger Beth Lewis Vollie Lewis Chuck Lewton Fred Lewton Mark Lindenburg Sam Lipscomb Bob Longardner Linda Lothamer Jackie Louden Mary Jane Loveless Laura Loyd Doug Lucker Darrell Maddox Carol Malecek Rockey Markis Mikey Martin Marilyn Mason Stan Mason Danny Mayfield Jo Ellen Mayfield Dave McCombs Rex McFarren Larry McNeal Mike McNeal Debbie Mesing Lorene Messenger Dave Messerschmidt Nancy Metsch Clara Miller Doug Miller Jeffrey Miller Joyce Miller Melvin Miller Omega Miller Rollin Miller Diane Minniear 67 £ < g2?irfi Kenny Morris Bill Morning-star Cecil Mudrack Julie Mullen Judy Mullins Bob Muncey Robin Murphy Bob Myers Melody Myers Sandy Myers Scott Nahrwold Jim Newport Shiela Nietert Frank Nine Steve Oberlin Mike Oplinger Adeane Osmun Diana Paine Frank Pannaccuilli Linda Paschal Sue Pattison Jeanette Peek Darlene Perkins Alan Perrine Carolyn Perrine Anna Petre Sheri Petrick Joe Plattner Jane Pond Shiela Powell Kathy Puryear Shirley Pyle Julie Quinn Karl Ravovskis Anne Ray Scott Ream Sheryl Reed Xylene Renz Marybeth Resor Diana Rice 68 w*m Tonda Rice Don Richards Phil Richards Sue Ridenaur Judy Rigsby John Rinker Larry Rhodes Vicki Rodenbeck Bob Roller Phil Roseir Andre Roulet Debbie Rowe Steve Ruch .Freda Rugg Linda Ryan Terri Rydman Steve Saunders Roger Schey Kristy Schlotterback Darryl Schmidt Jean Schaaf Burl Seslar Tim Shambaugh Becky Sherwood Suzanne Shoaf Craig Shodd Delores Shoup Phillip Snider Carolyn Simmons Mark Slagle Gary Smith Jay Smith Mike Smith Patty Smith Sandy Smock Buddy Snyder Kathy Snyder Tom Spencer David Spranger Cheryl Squires Ill " i Not Pictured: Tom Barts Becky Craw Bradley Ehinger Jim Hindle Steve Lamley Karen L. Miller Karen S. Miller Nancy Saylor Toni Straley Tom Thiel Richard Stamates Marsha Stanberry Ed Stanczak Doug Stark Laura Stienbuger Becky Stearns Kathy Stellhorn Gary Stover Rollie Straham Jim Tallman Nancy Taylor Kelvin Thain David Thompson Don Thompson Sandy Thompson Patty Tittle Sheri Topp Margaret Vandagriff Lee Vanhorn Jack Vought Laraina Waddington John Walborn Kathy Walker Geary Waters Richard Wartzok Shelley Weber Dennis Wetzel Aletha White Dick Witte Steve Witzegreuther Dave Wood Linda Woods Sherry Worden Janet Wylie Jim Yaney Frank Zieg Kay Zimmerman Karen Zion Dudley Zollars A Note from the Editor Dear Readers, The yearbook for 1964 has been laid out, copy has been met, and now it is ready to go to press. I hope that someday in the far future you will take time to open the cover of the 1964 Cardinal and once more bring alive your memories from the " Seven Worlds at Northwood. " This seventy-two page annual perhaps won ' t contain all your memories, but as you look at one picture after another and read the copy, your world will start to form and soon become complete. The yearbook staff has tried to show the best in each world at Northwood, because this is the goal the administration, fac- ulty, and students are always trying to reach, " the best in Education. " In closing I would like to express my appreciation for the tremendous job the Cardinal Staff has done. They have spent many uncounted hours in com- pleting their sections, helping others, and meeting deadlines. I would like to thank the administration and faculty for the patience they have had with us when we interrupted them during appointments and their classes trying to get that once- in-a-lifetime shot. For every person that has contributed anything, large or small, toward making the yearbook a successful annual, I thank-you. 1964 Cardinal Yearbook Editor, Aletha White 71 Autographs 72 672 " p " ' ' ' H ' (i n i ! { ' . < iil It ' , * / ; ' 1 ' ' f?a ' ^!

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