Northwood Middle School - Northwood Cardinal Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

 - Class of 1963

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1963 volume:

M.Ur 1 if h ' iHl ' llliWlflT PUBLIC Lll 3 1833 02618 6087 Gc 977.202 F77not 1963 NORTHWOOD MlDDI_E SCHOOL.. NoRTHWooD Cardinal. Northwood w ' ' NorthwQod STur ' oO. Ht H Cardinal Motto: Pares com paribus facillinie congregantur. — Cicero 1963 F777-ZCI Theme: Kara Avis Rubis Cardinalis 1 3?3401 " Ugh! " is the horrified reaction of many biology students after their first experience in dissecting, as Mr. Jackson will testify. Humanitarian Projects .... Academic Endeavors The Red Cross Cadets, sponsored by Mrs. Merriman, are one of several ways that pupils show concern for their fellow man. Students of Mrs. Kurtz ' s math class exam- ine a graph revealing how enthusiastic purchasers boosted Cardinal sales to the 700 mark, Here we see Northwood in action. This is the lobby dui-ing haste to 3rd period. Classes in Action .... Mrs. Hodell energetically teaches her classes. Veni, vidi — I come, I saw, I conquered. A famous saying in our 9th grade Latin class. Mr. Johnson displays his talented students ' modern art. Mr. Stults teaches students the finer points of mathematics. Extracurricular activities, Athletic competition . . . Combine to make Northwood a success. Here students prepare for their classes doing refer- ence work in the Library. Mr. Huffman prepares his 8th grade shop boys for the more advanced 9th grade. Northwood Moves On Mrs. Klus " learns " her students English. Upstairs for the next class. Miss Nichols teaches her students the ABC ' s of History. Head Officials Worii Dr. E. Warde Kelly is prin- cipal of our school. He handles the affairs of the school. His duties range from counseling to speak- ing, including many other duties, he also handles teachers affairs and keeps the school orderly. Our school owes a great deal to Dr. Kelly. Consulting and advising are an integral part of the day of Dr. E. Warde Kellv. When all else fails, a good chat with Mr. Bragg will help to clai ' ify the whole situation. Robert E. Bragg is the staff assistant. His work is much the same as the principal ' s al- though he has more guidance. Mr. Bragg is in charge of our " cafetorium " program. He has the duty of running the school when the prin- cipal is absent. ' 4l ■VE pl 1 " Hi? When entering Northwood, students and parents alike ai-e greeted by these friendly faces. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Moore are the secretarial end of the office. They have many duties which are very important. They mimeograph hundreds of papers a week, send letters to all parts of the country, and page stu- dents when their presence is desired in the office. They also stay here late in the afternoon answering phone calls from frantic mothers and finishing unfinished business. The secretaries share the bal- ance of responsibilities of our office. MR. JAMES R. ALLEN Language Arts, Developmental Language, Spanish, Developmental English, Social Studies, Spanish Club. MRS. ROSELLA BARTKIEWICZ English, Developmental Language, News- paper, Yearbook. MR. DONALD J. BRUICK Gym, Health and Safety, Boys Intramurals. MR. LAWRENCE F. BUDENZ Science, School Patrol. MRS. EDITH A. CRAW English, Latin, Typing. MR. NELSON R. DETWILER Social Studies, Home Arts, 7t h and 8th Grade Intramurals. MRS. CLAIRE V. DIXON Art, Art Club. MRS. LAVON ELSTER Social Studies, Language Arts, Developmental English, Drama and Speech Club. MR. FRED L. GEYER, JR. Math, .A.lgebra. MR. LAWRENCE J. GRAHAM Social Studies, Language Arts, Developmental Reading, Pen Pal Club. MR. LAVON HART Science, Math, Projectionist Club. MR. MAX R. HAUK Science, Health and Safety. MRS. HELEN S. HERRING English, Music, Girls Ensemble. MRS. LORENE HODELL Social Studies, Language Arts. MR. ROBERT W. JACKSON Biology, Science. MR. ROBERT R. JOHNSON Art. MR. HOMER F. KLINE Science, Math, Science Club. MRS. MARY E, KLUS Social Studies, Language Arts. MRS. LENA B. KURTZ Math, Patterns and Puzzles. MR. ROBERT A. LEW Algebra, Math, Spoi ' ts Club. MRS. MARGARET SUE LYNCH English, Girls Ensemble Accompanimen t. MR. MURRAY MENDENHALL, JR. Math, Gym, Boys Intramurals. MRS. GLADYS K. MERRIMAN English, Red Cross Cadets. MRS. VIRGINIA B. MOORE Home Economics, Sewing. MISS OPAL M. NICHOLS Social Studies. MRS. HELEN PONCZEK Gym, Health and Safety, Science, Orientation, Girls Intramurals. MR. ROGER L. ROGERS Science, Biology, Biology Club. MR. J. R. ROTHHAAR English, Dramatics Club. MR. ORVIL SCHLATTER Social Studies, Language Arts, Developmental Reading. MISS ALICE J. SHEAK Gym, Girls Intramurals. MR. CHARLES SHEETS Orientation, French, Social Studies, French Club. MRS. DORIS J. SIMPSON Library, Library Club. MR. ELBERT H. STODDEN Instrumental Band, String Orchestra. MR. WILLIAM E. STULTZ Math, Algebra. MRS. SUZANNE TOBIN Developmental Reading, Developmental Read- ing. MISS SANDRA M. TODD Math, Algebra, Geometry, Girls Intramurals. MRS. NAIDA S. WALKER Choir (8th and 9th), Music (7th and 8th), Chorus. ' Cleanliness is next to Godliness " The way to a st udent ' s heart is through his stomach. 10 . ► ► .m» C. 5i J -Z ' 9t i Grade Clem George Aichek; Erik Allen Karen Allen Steve Allen Jane Ellen An Nancy Archer Gregg Armstra Patricia Arnoh Paul Arnold David Ashley- Michael Baker Don Baldu in Robert Balyeat Gregory Barkle Roger Bauer Steven Bazzinet Susan Beach Jim Beck Darrell Becktell Grady Beedle Baron Biedenwf Tom Bireley Cynthia Driscol Ray Bishop Barbara Blackiet Alan Blackwell Colleen Bobay Cindi Bocik Bonnie Boehme Daniel Bollingen 12 )bert Booher ichael Boreani ithy Borne ilia Bouse idith Bower ;nne Boxell lan Brautzsch lyce Brecht bnna Bridges larlotte Brown ;eve Brown ebbie Brudi )hn Bruggner enneth Bruick mie Burgoon athy Busch andra Cable jnnifer Cain ' illiam Carpenter iamela Castor aney Chard usan Childers teve Clem eAnn Cline aryn Close Lnnette Coblentz lichael Coil Iretchen Coleman ' onnie Colicho iarbara Conrad 4t 13 Paulette Cooley Lyn Conner j Steve Cox i Carolyn Crabill i Roberta Crull | Mike Cupp Ann Daniel Judy Davis Stephen Davis Pamela Day Suzanne DeBie Jean DeHabey Dennis DenHart Diane DeMarco Jeff Dentzer Janice Derrow Jeanette Derrow Kerry Diekmeye Nancy Dillon Diane Dirrim Deborah Doehlau Carol Doenges Lynn Bischoff Al Dunham Tim Duncan Rebecca Dunn j Michael Edward! Colette Ehle Karen Ehle James Ehresmani 14 n Ehresman 1 Eicher dra Errington )ert Evans la Ervin pen Failor hard Fankhauser ki Faulkner iria Feichter ve Finkhouse n Fisher vid Fleming n Foote ink Ford ky Fortmeyer jinis Foster irbara Foulks Ida Friedley nald Fulkerson san Gailey mdy Gardner ieryl Garrison ■san Gaskill ' illiam Gehron ' ne Gephart niel Gerber •ithy Gilbert ■ndra Goeglein bdney Gran imdra Griffis 15 Cindi Grunewa| Rose Gula Rodney Hamm Kathy Hammoi Lowell Hancocl Robert Harmey Carl Harms Teri Hart Linda Hasty Diana Hauser Raymond Haust Douglas Helfric Katrina Helvey; Tom Hemsoth Gary Henline Marsha Henneyi Keith Herman Steve Hetrick David Heyn Darwin Highleni David Hitchcoct Donna Holland Debbie Hollister Sue Ellen Horni Cheri Houck Dave Houser Mike Hussey Charles Husted Judy Hutchison i Linda Hutton 16 ' i mn Hutton ;x Jacquay ;eve Jarrett avid Jeffries jn Jennings inta Jensen avid Jessup wendolyn Joder me Johnson arry Johnson liilah Johnson iiinda Johnson [Tike Junk ' om Johnson lozette Keller jarry Kelsey [arsha Kemp pwight Kern vheryl Keuneke [udy King Robert King Charles Kinsey fames Kirke ilonald Kizer Bill Klein Elizabeth Koepke Dennis Krause Daniel Kreger Kathryn Kroemer Kurt Kuehn 17 i% ft 9 Roberta Kughleij Cindy Kumfer Steve Lambert Laurel Laurent Carol Lavery Robert Lehman i Larry Lents Steve Lewis Don Lieberum Jim Lindemuth Ed Linder Mimi Littlejohni Kathy Long- Paul Lothamer Virginia Lueckei Robert McConnei Sharon McDiffitf Stephen McDougil Jimmy McKenziti Cheryl McKinne;i David Macy Jeff Marchant Susan Marrs Andrew Matuska David Mann Barbara Menzie Michael Messick Sandra Mettert Duane Meyer Ruth Linda Meye 18 amela Meyer lugene J Mikesell lichael Miller larol Mills teve Minear ; ' oin Mizzell Claine Moore vlancy Morrison ynn Mowry ouise Mozzone Robert Mudrack Martha Murphy Brian Murray Charlie Nash Barbara Neuhauser Kathy Nickell Gary Nicolet Louise Notestine John Ogg John Ohneck Noel Osmun Susan Pace Steve Painter Ronald Partin LaDonna Paschal Alan Perrine David Petropaulos Antoinette Pettit ' ' Steven Pettyjohn V. Paul Pongratz fl ' O 19 Karen Prange Peter Proctor Kenneth Putt Cindy Ray Scott Ream Rick Reeder Patricia Reiling ' Vicki Reinking ' Leroy Repka Norman Resor i Dan Rice Judy Richard Ronald Richards Connie Rider Karen Ries Henry Rigsby j Alan Rinehold Linda Ritter Theresa Roberts Sue Robertson Vicki Robinson Garland Roby Robert Roddy Nancy Roderick Gary Rollins Jack Rose | Alan Roseberry Christine Rouhie Kevin Rowden Robert Rowe 20 )iane Russell jinda Russell lue Rydman nn Sanner ' amela Saxton Ifohn Schaub Karen Schlatter Diane Schoenauer Elizabeth Schultz Robert Sefton Keith Seitz Joan Segerstrom Joy Shady Ann Shank Roger Shie Steven Shively Joyce Shown Deborah Silkworth Gary Smith George Smith S. Jerome Smith Linda Smith Marcia Smith Sandra Smitley Keith Spurr Richard Stamats Ronald Stebing Jill Steele Virginia Stewart Timothy Stockert 21 Tiwy.g y sr l f A, Antoinette Stralil Jeff Study Linda Swank Victoria SwensoiA James Tegtmeye: j David Tennant Lois Thalacker Steven Thiel Sandra Thiele Carol Thompson Jane Thompson Bob Townsend Joy Trevey Neil Trim Cheryl Tumblesoi Roger Valentine Sara VanEvery Larry VanHorn Linda Vaught Joy Venderley Linda VerMeer Jack Voght Linda Vonderau Richard Wadewit: ! Cheryl Walborn Terrence Walker Linda Wasson Larry Waters Rebecca Webber Judie Weber 22 Karen Weeks David Weesner Mike Williams Debbie Windmiller Michael Witmer JoElla Wolfe Jim Wrigley Jan Wunderlin Bob Wuthrich Kay Wynkoop Jim Yoder Caryn Yost Linda Young Allen Zigler Mike Zion Denise Z wilier The journalism players present, " The Day The Main Burst! " This melodrama re-enacts the horren- dous situation. . .no hand-washing, no water-drinking, no nothing- nothing ! The villain was an acetylene torch. The hero, the first bus driver to arrive. The heroine, the secre- tary who called him. 23 These two boys are the un-sung heroes of the yearbook. As is indi- cated by Ron ' s posture, the feet took a beating those days. Jim and Ron served as the photographer ' s assistants, and they covered liter- ally miles in making the yearbook pictures possible. This picture presents only two staff members, but is representa- tive of the work done by Kathy Nickell, Diane Russell, Barb Blac- ie, Barb Neuhauser, Jean De- Habey, Jim Tagtmeyer, and Jamie Burgoon. Mrs. Moore teaches Home Economics to these 9th grade girls. Mr. Hauk conducts this 9th grade General Scienc class. 24 8th Grade Clm 5 ft 3 1 u Sharon Adams Marjorie Adler Arthur Aiken Gloria Aldrich Kathy Aldrich Nancy Anderson Karen Andrews Keith Argerbright Richard Armstrong Michael Bair Steve Bair Bernard Baker Gail Balliet Judy Barnard Mike Barnette Linda Barrick Susan Bartusch Glenn Bateman Fredrich Baumgartner Tom Bear Barbara Beaty Robert Beaty Don Bedwell Virginia Beedle Greg Beery Charlotte Belcher Raymond Bell Maureen Berry Kathy Blair Leslie Blanchard Martin Bragg Paul Brandt Carolyn Brecht Karl Bredemeyer Robert Briggs Royce Brokaw James Brown James Buck Kenneth Buirley Rebecca Bunch Sandra Bunch Cherry Bushong John Bux Joyce Byrne Sandra Carder Joseph Cassell James Chaney Judy Chapman Lynn Chisholm Patricia Clark Alice Clem Patty Collins Carlo Combs Jim Combs Karen Combs James Conn Michael Connell William Conrad Gary Cornwell Steven Cornelius Danny Cotterman Christopher Craft Carol Crouch 26 Jacqueline Cupp Belinda Davis Karen Davis Kay Ann Davis Sharon Davis Shirley Dawson Daniel Dehabey Janine Derbyshire Diane Detwiler Jim Dice Tim Dickinson Diane Dressier Dan Eckley James Edgbert Carolyn Edwards Allen Egley Mike EUenwood Linda Ellis Sharron England Beth Ervin Sharon Farrar Jim Felger Russell Follis Mary Foor Darlene Foote Barbara Fortney Sandra Fowler Dwight Fraze Christine Freeman Kenneth Frenger Timothy Friedrich Jerry Friedt Joe Fritz Kay Fu kerson Paul Gabriel Fredrick Gaff Betty Jo Galloway Richard Gardner Carol Gebhart George Gerardot James Clock Luann Graft Sally Graham Danny Gratz Denny Gratz William Greene Jon Greim John Grosvenor Becky Guillaume Linda Haire Janet Hall Nancy Hall Nancy Hamilton David Hanna Jackie Hargis Henry Harmeyer John Harris Dana Hart Donald Harter Donna Harter Toni Hasty Valerie Haupert Mark Haverfield V - 15 ' ' v v ' h ' • C ft t 27 fr3 ' f f o A fi Chai ' les Hayner Terry Heck Doug Hedrick Richard Heller Raymond Hemingway Gary Henkle Dennis Henry David Herdman Linda Heyn Gregory Highlen Donald Hill James Hindle Horst Hinz Mark Hoffman Steve Howe Steven Hoyt Rick Humbles Kurt Humbrecht Janine Hunter Richard Hutson Thomas Irving Marc Janney Arlene Jarrett Donald Jeffries E. Z. Jewett Anita Jobes Karen Johnloz Betty Johnson Greg Johnson Steve Johnson Larry Jones Susan Jones Michael Kalmes Sharon Kayser Michael Keller Patricia Kersey Gwen Kimmel Karen Kinsey Rebecca Kizer Stephen Klaren Mike Knight Kathleen Kress Glenna Kreigh Marlene Landis Connie Jo Landrum Maurice Lane Deborah Lantz Steven Lash James Lepper Matthew Lester Patricia Leuenberger Beth Lewis Vollie Lewis Fred Lewton John Lewton Mark Lindenberg Samuel Lipscomb Bob Longardner Linda Lothamer Jackie Louden Mary Jane Loveless Laura Loyd Doug Lucker 28 David McComb Rex McFarren Larry McNeal Michael McNeal Darrell Maddox Carol Malecek Rockey Marks Michael Martin Marilyn Mason Stan Mason Danny Mayfield Jo Ellen Mayfield Deborah Mesing Lorene Messenger David Messerschmidt Nancy Metsch Clara Mae Miller Douglas Miller Joyce Miller Karen Lynn Miller Karen Sue Miller Melvin Miller Omega Miller Rollen Miller Marsha Milner Diana Minniear William Morningstar Kenny Morris Cecil Mudrack Juliana Mullen Robin Murphy Melody Myers Robert Myers Sandra Myers Scott Nahrwold Sheila Nietert James Newport Frank Nine Reed O ' Bear Steve Oberlin Mike Opliger Bob Owens D;ana Paine Li ida Paschal Susan Pattison Jeanette Peek Darlene Perkins Carolyn Perrine Anna Petre Sheri Petrick Joseph Plattner Jane Pond Sheila Powell Kathy Puryear Julia Quinn Karl Ravovskis Anne Ray Sheryl Reed Marybeth Resor Sharon Resor Larry Rhodes Dianne Rice Tonda Rice ' r » k " B k ' ' ill. ■ ' i .ffli 29 A l | O O ? . A ' . , ' . ■ " • H. Donald Richards Phillip Richards Clara Suzanne Rideno Judy Rigsby John Rinker Phyllis Roddy Vickie Rodenbeck Bob Roller Philip Rosier Andre Roualet Deborah Rowe Steven Ruch Freda Rugg Pamela Russell Terri Rydman Steve Saunders Roger Schey Kristy Schlotterback Darryl Schmidt Burl Seslar Becky Sherwood Suzanne Shoaf Delores Shoup Carolyn Simmons Mark Slagle Jay Smith Mike Smith Patricia Smith Sandra Smock Kathryn Snyder Tom Spencer David Spanger Cheryl Squires Marsha Stanberry Edmund Stanczak Douglas Stark Becky Stearns Kathaleen Stellhom Laura Stienbarger Gary Stover Rollie Strahm Lynn Sunday James Tallman Nancy Taylor Kelvin Thain Ben Thayer Tom Thiel Jerry Thomas David Thompson Don Thompson Sandra Thompson Patty Tittle Sheri Topp Linda Trigg Gerhard Tyson Margaret Vandagriff Lee VanHorn Jack Vaught Laraina Wadington John Wa ' born Richard Wartzok Geary Waters Dennis Wetzel 30 Aletha White Richard Witte Steven Witzigreuter David Wood Linda Woods Sherry Worden Marilyn Wyland Shirley Wyland Janet Wylie Frank Zieg Kay Zimmerman Karen Zion Dudley Zollars Frank Pannacciulli 31 Activities Vary From Time to Time They are " honoring their corner " honest! It is possible it would be easier to learn to speak French when you ' re only two. These students in Mr. Kline ' s room are studiously waiting to see an interesting movie. Mrs. Bartkiewicz ' s students, very interested in their grammar, are studying the next day ' s assignments. 32 -I B ' ' 4? .„ »5,i »■ , ■ ' ?• r i l »f»- .l 7t i Grade Clms l!ia 1 fl Q, O, q f n y l 4 4ji Q 0 JT WHt ■ ' " .ff Steven Aiken Sharon Anderson John Wm. Andrews James Ault Wilbur Babcock Charles Bair Norman Bair Mary Beth Bartusch Susan Beard James Beatty Larry Beaty Steven Becktell Douglas Beery Larry Bercot Michael Bercot Steven Bercot Janet Bickford Bill Biedenweg Michael Bireley Myron Blanchard James Bobay Robert Bobay Barbara Boles Dianna Booher Craig Bosselman Arnita Bower Rebecca Bowser Charles Boyce Susan Boyd Lyna Boyer Connie Brandt Karen Bridges Judith Bronstetter Rebecca Brown Shawn Brown Randy Brubaker Wilder Brudney Cheryl Bumgardner Ellen Burgoon John Cain Linda Caldwell Dennis Campbell Linda Campbell Bruce Caple Bill Cappelli Marie Carboni Ronnie Carnahan Cheryl Carr Danny Cashdollar David Cashdollar Michael Cawvey Malinda Cearbaugh Joseph Christen Charles Cole Gaiy Collins Lorraine Combs Miles Combs Joseph Conrad Gary A. Cook Timothy Cooley Susan Coulter Kathy J. Cox Diane Crabill 34 Larry Graver Jordon Crocker Rebecca Cunningham Daniel Dager Carolyn Daniel Robert Daniel Blaine Davis Charles Davis James Davis Jane Ellen Davis Michael Dawson James Deahl William Deal Christine Dearing Louis DeArmond Ronnie DeBie Arlene DeMarco Larry Dennis James Derbyshire Nancy Desjardins Anne Dick Peggy Donahue Susan Doty Sandra Doughton Steven Douglas Sharon Drayer Patrick Dye Marilyn Edward Willard Eidson Terry El ' enwood Leslye Elliott Michael Ellis Phillip Ellis Ruby Ellis Marsha Ellis Sharry Ellis Vickie Etter Hope Enterline Ronald Evans Bruce Faylor Randall Fisher Sandra Feichter Marsha Felger Stanley Fischer Andre Flandrois George Fishering Linda Fleck Timothy Fleming Vicky Foulks Connie Francies Jill Freehand Kathy Fritsch Denise Gaff Michael Gaff David Gage Nicole Gage Cheri Gardner Sally Gerber Bob Goeglein Kathy Graham Michael Greene Kent Greenlee Robert Greim 35 ■--:.•• _9 f ■ ' Gary Greulach Cheryl Griffis Michael Grogg Greg Gross Darwin Groves Vickie Grunewald Rex Guildenbecher Zandra Gump Barbra Hague Kathleen Hale Kathleen Hall Kathleen Hall Linda Hall Paul Hancock Linda Hanna Carolyn Harding Donald Hardy Linda Harkless Elaine Harmeyer James Harper Jay Harshbarger Susan Hartsing Barbara Hastings Stephania Hasty Carol Hauser Nancy Havens Bradley Heath Jack Heck Jan Heintzelman Michael Hemphill Pamela Henkle Debbie Hexamer Thomas Hicks Steven Hill Bobby Hitchcock Carolyn Holland Julie Holle Gordon Houser Donald Houts Margaret Hower Stephen Hudson Norman Huffine Alice Huffman Joyce Hunter Dennis Husted Candace Hutson Lee J. Hutton Steven Hutton Lonnie Hyder Pamela Jackson Sharon Jackson Thomas Jackson Jewel Jamison Jean Jernstrom Bob Jesse Wayne Joder Connie Johnson Kathy Johnson Michael Johnson Whitney Johnson Susan Johnson Regina Jornod James Kalleen 36 Connie Jo Keesler Bruce Kelley Phillip Kersey Jean Kiel Robert King Dennis Kinney Linda Kinney Diana Kite William Kizer Wayne Kizer William Klaus Paula Jean Knepper Carolyn Knight Marolyn Knight Martha Jane Koester Robert Koontz Gregg Kotas Karl Krause Tom Kressley Susan Kruse Steven Kumfer Kathy Kurtz Steven Kutsch Linda Lakamp Cynthia Langley Sue Lehman Bonnie Lewis Mike Lewis Jean Lindemuth Larry Logan David Long Joanne Lopez Jim Lowden Debbie Lucker Susan McCart Stephanie McKenzie Karen McMaken Gregory Major Charles Martin David Martin Donald Martin Carla Jean Mason Brian Meadows Ronald Mendenhall Pamela Merritt Linda Mettert Robert Meyer John Mickelson Christine Miller Michael Miller Robert Miller Roger Miller Sondra Molargik John Mishler Terry Moore Thomas Moore Suzanne Morrison Sheila Moses Colleen Murray Lynn Myers Sandra Myers Robert Nash Elizabeth Nickell ' WTS Ps rr ' 37 krk ■9 ' Carolyn North Dennis Notestine Roger Notestine Jane Opliger Dale Osborne Steven Pace Donald Packer Cheri Parker Linda Parker Rand Parker Ray Parker L arry Partain Susan Peavey Ronald Pinter Eric Reighter Duane Ragan Loren Randall Von Paul Reichert John Pollock Van Alan Reighter Gloria Reiling Belinda Reinholt Eric Retrum Danny Rice Trudy Richard Charles Richards Robert Richey Janice Ridenour Terry Rigby Virginia Rish Michael Roberts Rodney Rockwell Richard Roe Timothy Roling Charles Roy Pamela Roy Rebecca Sammetinger Michael Sanner John Savage Ju ' ie Scherer Kenneth Schlatter Paul Schlatter Toni Jo Schlotterback Karl Schroff Margaret Schram Douglas Schultz Vickie Seidel John Shade Lonnie Shaw Roberta Sheean Sheryl Shipman Timothy Shopp Barbae Short Kirk Shuster John Siemer Mickie Silkworth Ricky Silkworth Ina Sivits Herschel Smith Janet Smith Rose Ann Smith Stephen Smith Cheryl Smock 38 Barbara Snyder Richard Spies Philip Steininger David Stockert Louis Strahm Karyn Stresser Joanne Studebaker Steven Tagtmeyer James Taylor Carol Tellefsen June Thalacker Gary Thayer Jerry Thompson Linda Thompson Sue Ann Thompson Linda Timbrook Norma Tomkinson Gregory Towsley Frank Trigg Douglas Trovinger Russell Troyer Patricia Tunin Jackie Unole Michael Vance Bruce Vanderbeek Dan Votav f David Wade James Walker Michael Walker Roxanna Waters Diana Weeks Linda Wenger Michael Wi ' hman William Wilkinson David Wilson Eric Windmiller Dannie Witte Jon Wolf Linda Wolf Kent Wolfe Janet Yoder Susan Young Joseph Yovanovitch David Zehr Lynn Zigler Jacque Zirkle Linda Zurbrugg 39 Moments To Remember . Speak up! Speak up! Who turned out the lights? " Now let ' s stop right where we are and get one thing straight ... ! " Mrs. Walker instructs 7th grade music class. 40 •p. I Actifvitms ; " tS Vf ' S ■v■ Mil. T I V ' ° " .J ' the regular members of the Student Council and its officers, President -Mike Junk Vice President - Connie Colicho, Secretary-Treasurer - Mimi Littlejohn work to gether to make Northwood a better place in which to learn Student Council Plans School Activities The " Ayes " have it in the 8th grade. 7th graders talking over a matter of grave importance. 42 Class Officers Four Fine Freshmen These are the officers of Northwood ' s three classes. The Freshman Class: President — Jim Yoder, Vice President — Bill Gehron, Secretary — Sue Ellen Horn, Treasurer — Nancy Morrison. Eighth Grade: Rick Baumgartner, Linda Woods, Steve Johnson, and Sheri Petrick. Seventh Grade: Barbara Short, Virginia Rish, Dan D ager, and Eric Retrum. Seventh grade officers gather around the " tree of knowledge " . The eighth grade officers converse in the lobby, Publications Ncm spaper . . . . During the year there have been one hundred twenty five students engaged in importing the news to our stu- dent body and their families. Working- on Northwood ' s publications staff was more than engaging in an ordinary seventh period activity. It necessitated hours of work, hours taken from homeroom periods, study halls, home study time, and even vaca- tion time. It involved inflexible deadlines to be met and important responsibilities to be kept. And, of course, it required co-operation between editors and reporters, staff members and teachers, and staff members and the stu- dent body. Our bulletin board helped to keep us posted on duties and assignments, both assigned, pending, and completed. lyEflRBOOKI IiniroductionI Room 202 has been our headquarters — almost our home away from home — for the past 9 months. In the past year the Northwind Staff, which consisted of about seventy-one people includ- ing home room reporters and typists, was responsible for the reporting, editing, and publication of eight issues, one of which was a ten-page anthology of the creative writing endeavors of the entire student body. As an extracurricular activity, the newspaper meet- ings were scheduled for Tuesday during the seventh periods, but the total amount of time required for the fulfillment of the obligations created by it for exceeded that allotted period. Yearbook r The combined efforts of parents, students, and faculty paste, write, edit and revise. The Cardinal Staff of about forty students was organized during the latter half of the first semester from pupils who had requested positions on it and from members of the news- paper staff who were more familiar with pub- lications procedures. Pictures were taken, copy was written, and as a final result of the combined efforts of these staff members the Cardinal, the first yearbook ever organized by members of Northwood ' s body, became a reality. An intense sales campaign conducted during the final weeks of January was a tre- mendous success accounting for the enthusi- astic purchase of approximately seven hundred copies. were co-ordinated when some 40 pupils gathered to cut, Acknowledgement of services indeed ren- dered above and beyond the call of duty is due Mrs. Bartkiewicz, a member of the Language Arts department, who undertook the formid- able task of managing both the Northwind and the Cardinal Staffs. Those students working in close conjunction with her were Barb Blackie, Jami Burgoon, Jean DeHabey, Mike Junk, Ron Kizer, Barb Neuhauser, Kathy Nickell, and Jim Tegtmeyer. Nancy Chard did the art work on the inside cover and the cardinals ap- pearing throughout. Richard Stamats des- signed the cover. A debt of gratitude is owed to these people. We have had a wonderful staff with 9th graders as acting supervisors and 8th and 7th graders training for the responsibilities of future publications. 45 Students Explore The Arts This group of students is the art club, sponsored by Mrs. Dixon. They illustrate a variety of interests in a few of the many fields of art. This activity not only provides a chance for enjoy- ment; it is an outlet for creative ability and gives students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the arts. Pupils Learn — Serve School These students are mem- bers of the Library Club. Under Mrs. Simpson ' s super- vision they return books to the stacks, help check out books, and perform miscellan- eous tasks. This activity has a double purpose. It is an enjoyable experience for those participating in it and it renders an invaluable service to the school. 46 French Is Fun Mr. Sheets employees " I ' omance " languages. These eager-to-learn students are being in- troduced to the " romantic language, " French. Under Mr. Sheets ' direction they learn basic conversational phrases and are able to hear and correct their mistakes by use of a tape recorder. Most of these students are in the IHll , f " . J Brrrii WfittiWiilBWIP modern audio-visual techniques to teach one of the gi ' eat seventh and eighth grades. Therefore, this experience will be a valuable background if they decide to include French in their high school schedules. Besides its academic virtues, this club gives a wonderful opportunity for all important cultural advancement. Senors And Senbritas Study Under Mr. Allen ' s guidance these students learn many things about the Spanish lan- guage, Spain, and Spain ' s people and culture. During the course of the year they find out how the people live, by means of slides, pic- tures, and records of traditional music, and they learn many basic, useful phrases, thus obtaining a great deal of information about the Spanish people. All this training will be invaluable if the students continue in their studies in high school, and all in all, provides a wonderful chance to learn the language and customs of our neighbors to the South. Under the tutelage of Mr. Allen, senors and senoritas improve their " ear " for Spanish. ki ® l 1 11 i ' l ■! f • % f 1 Biology under Mr. Rogers is not for the squeamish. Biologists Probe Nature ' s Mysteries . These future scientists, along with Mr. Kline, who teaches the Science Club, prepare to learn why that machine in the picture works. Mr. Kline is explaining one of the parts necessary to make it run. Learning about machinery is just one part of the Science Club. These young biologists, along with their activity teacher, Mr. Rogers, are fascinated by the many things which can be learned about nature and her ways. For example, what makes the earthworm " tick? " Leroy Repka appears to be on the verge of making this discovery. . . . As Pupils Explore Science ' s Labyrinth The " clicks " measure radio activity in Mr. Kline ' s electronic experiment in the Science Club. Ticket Takers Take Tickets Mr. Jackson follows down the page to check some facts. The ticket managers along with Mr. Jack- son are responsible for the sale and collection of tickets for basketball and football games. They work quite hard and take their job seriously as all of the tickets or money must be accounted for. They deserve a lot of credit for assuming this responsibility. These projectionists take their instructions seriously. The Modern Dance Club exercise an intricate rope figure. 49 Typing Club Augments And Encoiu ' ages Interest It ' s Touch and Go! @ ! G . . . . . . L . . . P . . . Opps — a typigraphical error. Mrs. Craw teaches us the fundamentals of typing- which will help us in our educational career as well as our business career. Mrs. Moore explains the intricacies of electric stitching. Complexities arising from our modern living still call for the know- ledge of sewing. Cloth- ing, slipcovers, and drap- eries are given the stamp of their seamstress when personally created. Here at Northwood, in a home- like atmosphere with the orderliness of a labora- tory, girls learn to sew a fine seam and to pre- pare a nutritious as well as a delicious meal. 50 Mr. Rothhaar coaxes and cajoles tins • ' speech happy " group. Bell-like tone, reasonance, projection, and broad, sweeping gestures are the order of the day when the speech club goes into session. Directed by Mr. Rothhaar, the Speech Club studies all forms of dramatic art and presents at least two plays a season. The technique of learning to read swiftly and with comprehension is the primary goal of this club, sponsored by Mrs. Tobin. Several differ- ent methods and materials are used to teach word grouping and understanding, among them the Readers Digest Series ' flash cards. Techniques of Communicating These members of the Pen Pal Club, spon- sored by Mr. Graham, have many enjoyable experiences corresponding with students in other countries. The activity not only offers a chance to have fun and to establish new friendships, but aids in developing better foreign relations and an understanding of nations and their people. Individual rate and comprehension is stressed by Mrs. Tobin. International goodwill and fellowship is promoted by this corresponding Pen Pals Club. 51 Active Service Clubs Assisted by Mrs. Mei ' riman,the hardwoi-king Junior Red Cross keeps the stu- dents at Northwood well informed on the happenings of the Red Cross. The Junior Red Cross meets every Thursday during the seventh period. Tireless Library Assistants The busy Library Assistants help Mrs. Simpson with daily Library duties. This activity meets on Friday during the seventh period. 52 Fight! Cardinals, Fight! Fight! Cardinals, Fight! is a familiar chant of our forever faithful cheerleaders. Janie Johnson, Cindy Ray, Sandy Griffis, Diane Russell, Connie Colicho, and Mimi Littlejohn have led the cheer block through many cheers. We all know it helped our teams on to all their victories. Safety First Kurtz Quiz Mr. Budenz and his safety patrol look at the hat which is a symbol of the e quipment donated by the Lion ' s Club. Mrs. Kurtz, teaching one of her Kurtz quizzes, has two interested students working them. 53 Tune Up With Northwood Our Concert Band, comprised of talented 8th and 9th graders, is a band which many schools would like to have. The faithful band, under the supervision of Mr. Stodden, has supported our basketball teams through- out the season. Who Are These Musicians? These 7th and 8th graders are the future musicians of the Concert Band. The Cardinal Band, under the direction of Mr. Stodden has played at many of the basketball games throughout the season. Mozart ' s Favorites Northwood ' s Orchestra is composed of talented 8th and 9th graders. Everyone at Northwood is proud of our orchestra. Under the direction of Mrs. Walker, Northwood has one of the best junior high choirs in Fort Wayne. Made up of the best 8th and 9th grade singers in the school, the Northwood choir has made us quite proud. ; 55 Our Famous Twelve Kj »_■ ' Do Re Mi Bi; A variety of tunes pass through their lips bringing enjoyment to the listeners. Voices Blending Four voices form melodious sound. Mrs. Herring ' s girls of many talents. Boys ' Quartet Conversing in the universal language, music. 56 Mii; ■ " w ' ' " 1 WSm Bi ' i ,,n (8 ei rf ' -O « p p f « p This 8th grade flag foot- ball team blocks — passes — catches — punts — and runs. No contact is allowed because fundamentals of football is the purpose of this team ' s existence. Don ' t let these " civies " mislead you. This is our eighth grade flag football team in disguise. The all-star seventh grade basketball players pose for a picture with Coach Nelson Det- wiler. They " pounded the floor, each afternoon, practicing, but they didn ' t play any games against opposing school teams. This training team did, how- ever, give their time to partici- pate and practice. Coach Nelson Detwiler and his seventh grade " fundamentalists " make picture taking seem like fun. The ' 63 football team will profit fiom the experience acquired by the future " pigskin paraders " of the seventh grade. These are the seventh grade pigskin pushers who faith- fully practiced each evening after school. They forfeited their time to practice and learn necessary tactics which should prove to be valuable in next season ' s football. We hope this added practice will better next year ' s eighth grade team. C i Basketball Ron Fulkerson shoots foul shot for Northwood against Geyer Northwood ' s varsity ninth grade team played twelve regular season games, winning six of these games. The eighth grade team won none of their eleven regular games. Many hours were spent in practice for each game. The varsity was coached by Mr. Mendenhall and the eighth grade team by Mr. Detwiler. Team spirit is important to every player. The teams were faithfully backed by the cheerleaders, staff, and many of the student body. Coach Mendenhall, the managers, and the varsity basketball players take time out to line up for the photographer. Headlines of the Fall These husky looking fellows are Northwoods 9th grade football team. Ready? Go! These 9th grade boys be ' ong to the famous Northwood cross-country team. This team has many honors in city wide contests. Jay Gerber took first in city wide contests. 60 L Mr. Bruick ' s 7th Grade Intramural Mr. Bruick ' s 8th Grade Intramural Intramurals This is the Ninth Grade portion of the Boys ' Intramural program. They meet as a seventh period activity. This program gives these boys a chance to put forth their athletic ability. This program also gives them an opportunity to put in use their good sportsmanship. 61 The Grand AUemande . . . ■ 4 W 1 This group of vivacious eighth grades is per- forming a grand right and left as a part of two weeks ' course in square dancing during which many basic steps and patterns were executed and enjoyed by the students. Seventh Grade Girls ' Intramurals. Eighth graders participate in Intramurals. 62 Amazons Amaze — Amass Praise 63 Ita Diem Finit So ends the day at Northwood 64 672

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