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1 . 4 f ITPB111I ■B J OREWORD GLANCING BACK OVER OUR 1947 CAMPUS LIFE. WE GATHER NOTES FOR THE " SONG OF THE HILL " AS IT HAS BEEN CHANTED DURING THE PAST YEAR. BLENDED TOGETHER TO FORM A MELODY ECHOING LIFE AT NORTHWESTERN STATE. WE DISCERN THE MIGHTY STORM OF REGISTRATION MADNESS. THE ORIEN- TATING CONFUSION OF FRESHMAN DAY. THE THRILLING THROB OF THE TECH INVASION. THE EFFERVESCENT EXCITEMENT OF THE STATE FAIR GAME. THE MELLOW FRIENDLINESS OF HOME- COMING DAY. THE TRIUMPHANT TRAGEDY OF RUSHING AND PLEDGING. AND THE DELIGHTFUL DILEMMA OF DANCES AND DATES; WE PRESENT YOU THE SCORE FOR THE ELECTRIFYING SONG IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES OF THE 1947 POTPOURRI. AND WE SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOU WILL LIKE OUR ORCHESTRA- TION OF IT. L DON M. STOTHART • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF E. P. DOBSON. JR. • BUSINESS MANAGER PDTPOURR 947 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA m ?i . ■- A E D I C AT I N BECAUSE HIS CLEAR VISION AND HIS UNCEASING WORK FOR A BETTER COLLEGE HAVE CONSISTENTLY ACTED AS STEEL GIRDERS IN MOULDING THE SUCCESS OF THIS INSTITUTION FOR TWENTY-FOUR YEARS; BECAUSE H IS GENUINE INTEREST IN US AS STUDENTS AND INDIVIDUALS AND HIS DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP IN THE PATHS OF SCHOLARSHIP AND KNOWLEDGE HAVE GIVEN TO US THE FRIENDSHIP OF A GREAT MAN ... WE DEDICATE THE 1947 POTPOURRI AS A TOKEN OF OUR APPRECIATION AND ADMIRATION TO DR. JOHN S. KYSEH 9 1 — -=J ' V ' ! ! I. ' - ■ Ove L 0Z4A, 1947 CAMPUS LIFE mil ' 1 1% s V I 4 !.«■ y 6 iVd-f f I w . 1 ▼! " " : ' - V -« ffi r jf- 8 y i at ji « J| jS cn i. LB 3 l Pf f ; ! , BEAT ' ELL aflA IE! bb m _JL la! 1 ■ » K . r ™ i 1 ■J E- « - " • ' P | 1 ■ 1 m n ■KMMHBM m i i ' f V k vBt ri SLu kJ Sr - " r s i -v N fl r; Ifl l v ▼ J» ■i 1 j jfeiaj H Ik HI I m hhb o M . w r •y-.f U ' Vl» ' 3pi ' •• w£ . ..• - 2fl ■ • • - Wn -ft i | v %l I I ■ tfi ■A f ' • ' " ' " =gl ITS kl ,. r A I ■ W A l H N tk H f ! El ■— i iUili mk 1 1 9 i H V 7 % ,1 " J 1 IE . 1 COLLEGE SCIENCE BUILDING THE LIBRARY THE COLUMNS THE FINE ARTS tiCfi • DR. JOE FARRAR Despite handicaps under which we have been compelled to work. North- western State College has made notable progress during the past year. A lack of funds has made the construction of permanent buildings impossible; but through the cooperation of the Federal Public Housing Authority and State officials, reasonably satisfactory temporary housing has been provided for the great influx of students which the end of the war brought to our campus. The scholarship of the faculty has been greatly improved and there is con- siderable evidence of an earnestness on the part of students that has not always been evident. The curriculum has been strengthened and expanded; an extra- curricular program planned to care for the needs and desires of all students is under way, and steps have been taken toward the establishment here of a graduate school for teachers. I would remind you that great learning institutions grow only where earnest, serious-minded students have constant contact with able and consecrated teachers. It is the responsibility of the State Board of Education and the administration of the college to provide an able, consecrated faculty. Slowly, perhaps, but surely all that can be done in that direction is being done at Northwestern State College. Further responsibility for the welfare and future of the institution rests with you and your successors, and it is your job and your responsibility to set the pattern. In order that the pattern may be a good one and to the end that there may grow in this soil and institution of learning in which all intelligent and fair-minded Louisianians may take pride, I urge you to devote much of your time and attention to scholarly pursuits; to actively identify yourselves with constructive and worth-while extra-curricular activities; to give considerable time and attention to the building of desirable and lasting friendships; and to display at all times and in all situations a friendly, co- operative spirit with other students and with the faculty and administration. - 1 PROFESSOR A. C. MADDOX When President Farrar ' s illness caused a vacancy in the top administrative office of the college early in the fall semester, the State Board of Education selected Professor A. C. Maddox of the Mathematics Department to assume the duties of Acting President of Northwestern State. ACTING PRESIDENT 32 D E A IV DF M E IV H. LEE PRATHER DEANS DEAN DF WDMEN MISS MARTHA GANNAWAY mmmmam Ljuj ' i DEAN DF THE SCHQDL DF EDUCATION DEAN DF THE SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DR. C. E. DUGDALE DR. JOHN ROBSON DEANS |£ Mi ADMINISTRATIVE JOE N. GERBER Director ol Student Personnel WALTER S. MITCHELL COTYS M. MOUSER LEROY MILLER Secretary, Alumni Association and Placement Service I. C. STRICKLAND Director of Public Relations STAFF — FACULTY COMMERCE DEPARTMENT Elvian Rickmes. N. B. Morrison. Mrs. D. G. Davis. I. B. Brakelield, Ruth Bruner and Robart EasUy. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Glenna Williams. Ruth Price. Elizabeth Cun- ningham. Mrs. Melba O ' Quinn. Tessie Schex- naidre. Second Row: Harry Turpin, Alvin Brown, Guy Nesom. Walter Ledet, James Shultz. and Paul Marx. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Dwight G. Davis. May Beville. Sherrod Towns. Joyce Aydelotte. Lorane Brittain. Second Row: Edmund Durham, Donald Glattly. Mrs. Lillian McCook. Paul Torgrimson and John Shenaut.. OF Hf. S. C. AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT Sylvan Nelken, Harrison J. Young, Hal Town- send. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Carroll G. Killen. Woodrow W. Gandy, Augustus C. Maddox. George E. Miller. Sam W. Shelton. LIBRARY STAFF Maxine DeMann, E. P. Watson, Evelyn Taylor. Standing: Marjorie Dew, Dorothy Keyser, Nancy Sexton and Olive Roberts. Not in pic- ture: Irene Pope. IViil FACULTY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT First Row: Charles A. Revena, Henry L. Barr. AUred L. Ducournau. Francis G. Fournet. Second Row: William G. Erwin, Robert G. Mers. Archie K. Deason. Bert B. Boyd. Ralph M. Combs. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Leo T. Allbritten. Mary Wilson. Frederick A. Ford and John B. Robson. ART DEPARTMENT Hope Haupt. Olive Cooper and Orville Hanchey. DF IV. S. C. AVIATION DEPARTMENT R. L. Meador, Don A. Mins. B. H. Ellison, L. P. Blevins and Joe M. Hendrickson. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT First Row: Marie Feldhuser, Marie S. Dunn, Minnie Lee Odom. Second Row: Doris Whit- ney, Ruby S. Dunckelman and Esther Cooley. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT William H. Bliss, Tom E. Hampton and Walter P. Robinson. TRAINING SCHOOL First Row: Mrs. Leona Haynes, Mrs. Jewell B. Jones. Mary Winters. Mrs. C. E. Dugdale. Edna Dey. Mrs. Margery B. McCuller. Mrs. Vera H. Vige. Mrs. Katharine H. Otwell. Second Row: John A. Jones. Inez Chaplin. Mrs. Letitia Bingham. Mrs. Laura Harrison. Mattie Levins. Miriam Nelken. Frances Flourney. Mrs. Mattie Woodward. George Parks. Third Row: Mrs. Mary C. Fisher. Mareda Hickerson, Estelle Cockfield. Miriam Carver. May Hammett, Mrs. Laura Wilson, Joe Cavanaugh. FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT DeNux LeBlanc. John S. Kyser. John Duffy, Alvin Good. E. E. Miller. Charles G. Whitwell. D. T. Tarlton. Catherine Z. Winters, H. Lee Prather. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT First Row: Waldo Dunnington. Mary McEnery, Sarah L. C. Clapp. Mrs. Leo Albritten. Leslie P. Bigelow, A. G. Alexander. Second Row: Mamie Bowman. Corinne Saucier, Eve Mouton. Third Row: Jonah W. D. Sidles. C. E. Dugdale. R. L. Ropp. Fourth Row: W. Frederick Plette. Robert B. Capel. John Allen. D F Hf. S. C. VETERANS GUIDANCE CENTER First Row: Anise Hardy. Margaret Kennedy. Jeanne Waterhout. Second Row: J. L. Golsan. Kenneth Wilson. Dudley Fulton. H. J. Sudbury. ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARIES First Row: Gwen Peoples. Alice Martin. Elizabeth Drake, Ellen Hill, Aliene Ricard. Second Row: Zephyr Snoddy. Loneta Graves. Chris tine Mize. Jewell Sibley. Third Row: Dorothy Galliher. Daisy Ber geron, Dorothy Keyser and Sally Gunn. ■ ' • rf f !■ ' STUDENT GOVERNMENT HOBBIE ANTHONY ELDON CHACHERE WILFRED CUMMINGS TOM DAVIS BILLY FLORY NORMAN HANCHEY DOT HURLEY RALPH McFARLAND MARY LEE SIGLER LOUISE WARDLAW The Student Body Association was formed on the is composed of the presidents of the classes, the Northwestern State campus twenty years ago to . , . , , , ,, ., . , student body officers and three councilmen-at-large. permit the students to regulate all matters pertaining to student life that do not interfere with the policies of the Administration. The Council has supervision of the other student organizations in matters pertaining to general student The Student Council, executive of the Association, welfare. 42 MEMBERS NORMAN HANCHEY Student Body President Student Body Vice-President 1947 DOT HURLEY Student Body Secretary MARY LEE SIGLER Student Body Treasurer STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Hanchey, Davis, Hurley, Sigler RALPH McFARLAND Senior Class President WILFRED CUMMINGS Junior Class President BILLY FLORY Sophomore Class President BOBBIE ANTHONY ELDON CHACHERE LOUISE WARDLAW Councilman-at-Large Councilman-at-Large Councilman-at-Large t ■ ... I % Curatit MORGAN PEOPLES Advertising WAYNE MARTIN Associate Editor During 1946-47 and for the first time in over four years, the combination of slave and slave-driver whose duty it is to meet the deadline for the campus news sheet was a man. " Elevation " of the Sauce from the sphere of feminine editors to that of a masculine level was evidenced in the general tone of the paper for the year — hardhitting editorials, more sports news, fewer " Copy " adjectives — deletion of " Campus Clothesline " from the " Features of the Week " section. The literary nest, which each week sees the phe- nomenal growth of the colglomerate fledgling of editorial ideas and half-hatched news stories of Monday afternoons to the full-grown flamingo of the campus latest appearing on Saturday mornings, is located in South Wing of Fine Arts Building. In this journalistic den is written all of the news, gossip, features, and advertising which go to make up the inimitable " Sauce " of NSC — constant mirror of life on the Hill and ultimate clearing house for all student opinion, whether constructive, revolutionary, orchid- throwing or just plain " irate. " DF N. S. C. THE STAFF KENNETH M. DOWTY Editor WAYNE MARTIN Associate Editor MORGAN PEOPLES Advertising TOM PHILLIPS and LaDELLE SANDIFER . . . Sports BOB WEIMAR Circulation ALLEN LONGHI Staff Artist MARY LEE JONES Secretary J. B. ALLEN Adviser KENNETH M. DOWTY Editor Jerry Wise Billy Brister Mai Levee Marvin Carter Leon Lindsay Virginia Beazley Bess Duncan Joseph Choate Julia Cash Essie Gabbert Minor Butler Gloria Thacker Byron Slaid Margie Barnett John McConnell Jack Wise TOM PHILLIPS and LaDELLE SANDIFER Sports Monday afternoon staff meeting 1 POTPOURRI E. P. DOBSON Business Manager DON M. STOTHART Editor WILLIAM D. FLORY Associate Editor Some folks say that the months of the 1946-47 school session marched by in an orderly procession of September, October, November, December, etc., right through the lovely spring to the big " this is it " month of May. That ' s what some folks say however, the people who are responsible for this concoction of pictures, lay-outs, copy, blood, sweat and tears, known as the 1947 POTPOURRI, have a different tale to tell of the march of the months. For Editor Don Mike Stothart and Associate Editor Billy Flory, the year began ' way back last summer when they treked Nashville-ward to put on the layout paper of the Benson Printing Company their dream plans for the ' 47 book. A lot of these plans may have seemed slightly foreign to the Southern sunwarmed paper in Nashville, ' cause many of these patterns drifted into being in the snow banks of the Aleutian Islands where Corporal Stothart exercised his own unique system of War Recreation by making imaginary layouts, division pages, and feature shots for his " after the war " POTPOURRI. September saw the marshalling of the troops — Business Manager E. P. Dobson began the task of convincing the businessmen of North Louisiana that the ' 47 paragon of publications was the best spot for their advertising copy; Photographer George Atkinson began listening to shy coed ' s pleas of " make my hair look okay in the picture; I just couldn ' t do a thing with it " ; and Sports Editor Tom Phillips and LaDelle Sandifer (of concurrent Current Sauce fame) began pushing aside the players lor lineside views of Demon athletic activities. November and December got lost in a maze of many confusions — the eternal shortage of flash bulbs, the determination to make this look an exclusive student publication, the drafting of Demonistic art by Bob Weimar, Polly Polk, Peggy Casemore, and Jimmy Bonnette; the mad rush of staging the Fourth Annual Potpourri Ball at which Susan Jones Taylor was crowned a smilingly surprised " Miss Potpourri " ; and the constant scouting of the campus for delightful feature snapshots. At some time or times between January and April — nobody can conscientiously swear exactly when, Tom Davis and Bobbie Anthony racked their brains to find the right words for the copy of the book; Virginia Beazley and Bess Duncan thumbed through hundreds of pictures in an effort to put 1400 students in their proper places in the Class Section; Dena Crawford and Harrison Young became shades of old Athens in putting together the Greeks section; Ociel Goslin saw to the building of the features section; Jo Ray Murray lined up the Organiza- tions Section; and Faculty Adviser Orville Hanchey occasionally fought his way through the office hurricane of copy paper, pictures, proofs and staff peasants to ascertain that Stothart still held the paddle of the boat in a firm grip. Also, at some specified point along the chain of 120 days in these months, Lieutenant Governor Emile Verret and Attorney-General Fred S. LeBlanc took time off from their official duties to visit the campus for the purpose of choosing the 17 lovely ladies for the Beauty Section, and the male Student Body cast judicial vote naming Lallah Cunningham the first Darling of N. S. C. And so it went for many months — all the haggling, wrangling, planning and replanning which ended in mid-April when the 1947 POTPOURRI, for better or worse, was " put to bed " as Editor Stothart watched the automatic click-click of the printing press in Nashville and sang a howlingly joyful lullaby for his child as it rested in the iron cradle supplied by Benson. And so here it is — the finished product, right off the assembly line composed by the Editor, the Staff, Mr. Atkinson, the Shreveport Engraving Company, and the Benson Printing Company. For this line, the final 5 o ' clock whistle has blown — the year ' s work will or will not be paid for as the members of that line observe your appreciation glow or derogatory frown as you view the efforts of their labor. ORVILLE HANCHEY Faculty Adviser 19 4 7 The Star! compiling this conglomeration for the printer THE HONOR COURT The Student Honor Court was created this year for the purpose of building higher standards of citizen- ship on the campus among the men students and to equitably administer justice through a student spon- sored judicial tribunal. The Court has power to act in the event of violations or infractions of the rules which govern the conduct of men students on the campus. The Court ' s personnel for this year included Rich- ard L. Dean, Chief Justice; Tommy L. Bambrick, William A. McLoughlin, Al C. Willis, Senior As- sociate Justices and Wayne O. Martin, Alford G. Clark and Frank M. Lampkin, Junior Associate Jus- tices. The prosecution for the Court was carried on by Kenneth M. Dowty, Attorney General and Bob Weimar, Assistant Attorney General. The records for the Court were compiled by Horace A. Corley, Chief Clerk of Court; Marvin R. Carter, Deputy Clerk of Court and Aubrey T. Gray, Warrant OHicer. The Court is supervised by an Advisory Board with Dr. Joe Farrar as Chairman and including H. Lee Prather, Dean of Men, Dr. Joe N. Gerber, Director of Student Personnel and James W. Shultz, Assistant Dean. Projects for the year included the presentation of the first annual Freshman Awards to a number of students who in the opinion of the Court best exemplified the ideals of citizenship in their campus life during the past year. An Honor Code for the men students of the college was also officially adopted by the Court and representatives were sent to the Southwestern Conference on Student Govern- ment which met in Baton Rouge April 19. S-. THE CHDIR Directed by Don M. Glattly, the All-College Chorus and the College Singers have won acclaim for themselves by presenting choral music that has been beautiful and masterfully blended The chief performance of the groups this year was the presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah " at the Christmas season. The College Chorus is composed of 150 voices and the Singers include a blend of 45 voices. 49 THE BAND Under the direction of Bandmaster Dwight Davis, who returned to the campus this year, the Northwestern State College Band has completely overcome the difficulties of the war days. The band participated at all home football games and at the an nual State Fair game. They added color and real Demon spirit where- ever they went by their maneuvers from the field and their out- bursts of music to spur the cheering during the game. At the end of the football season the marching band converted and became the concert band. Their spring concert in the Fine Arts Auditorium was one of the most successful music events of the year. As summer approached and the days grew longer the band inaugurated a series of weekly open air concerts in the square between the Fine Arts and Field House. DEMDNAIRES The Demonaires organized in the fall of ' 45, continued this year as the official college dance band. The major change this year in the orchestra was the replacement of all girl members by men. K2333.1! The Demonaires, under the direction of John Shenaut, have furnished music for all of the all-college dances and the music for the majority of other private functions on the campus. The members of the Demonaires are: Herman Gauthier, saxophone; Bailey Winderweedle, saxophone; Richard Groome, saxophone; Gordon Kyle, saxo- phone; Paul Simmons, saxophone; John Parks, trombone; Paul Gains, trombone; Edward Palmer, trumpet; Donald Fontenot, trumpet; Wallace Van Sickle, trumpet; Jimmy Ponder, drums; James Smith, string bass; Frank Parker, piano. 51 N. S. C. DEBATE The team gets a few pointers during a practice debate. Still climbing upward from the mire of the war- time forensic lull to the shining level of pre-war days, nineteen Northwestern Statesmen participated in five tournaments during the 1946-47 season, and scored a team batting average of better that .500, winning several honor places. Billy Flory and Robert Weimar took second place honors in the Mid-South tourney at Conway, Ar- kansas and in the Twelfth Annual Louisiana Speech Tournament sponsored here by the Statesmen. In the field of individual events, Richard Dean copped first place in after-dinner speaking in the Baylor University Speech Festival; and in the tournament held on the local campus, Kenneth Dowty claimed second place in poetry reading, Betty Sue Allison scored second place in after-dinner speaking, and Marian Campbell won second place in women ' s radio speaking. In addition to participation in these tournaments, the local Statesmen were also represented at the East Central Tournament at Ada, Oklahoma and at the Southern Speech Tournament in Baton Rouge. 52 MISS CATHERINE WINTERS With " service " as its motto and its unfailing tra- dition, the Purple Jacket Club holds the distinction of being the oldest honor organization on the campus. lis membership is a complement of ten sorority and eleven non-sorority girls who serve the college as its official representatives and in other capacities whenever asked to do so. The girls who receive the high honor of being named to membership in the Club at the annual Spring Calling are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and loyalty to the Alma Mater. The aim of each Purple Jacket is the building of a greater Northwestern State College; to this end the group remains ready to serve. PURPLE JACKETS The Purple Jackets Official Hostesses and Representatives. 1 v ■ Cuqat, filled the house lor the opening program ARTIST SERIES JlL 9 Wi ' ' j 1 1 ' ' |aH DR. HARLAN TARBELL Gordon String Quartet LOIS BANNERMAN CONRAD THIBAULT XAVIER CUGAT " The Rumba King " A tense moment from " Set It In Troy " DRAMATICS Dr. Hiiq ' Trl a H Mi P »n q ' jibble ovo, Bgures The Drama program this year was carried on by the two student drama organizations, Davis Players and Northwestern State Players. Davis Players, the campus ' senior drama organi- zation, is composed of students invited to mem- bership on the basis of the quality of work done in the junior dramatic club, Northwestern State Players. The two productions of the ' 46- ' 47 sea- son were " The Late Christopher Bean, " pre- sented in the fall, and " The Servant in the House, " the spring production. The Northwestern St-te Players, the junior organization, is open to membership from the entire Student Body, and is the club from which Davis Players are chosen. Besides the major production cf the year, " Set It In Troy, " this club produced three one-act plays near the end of the year under student direction. These plays were: " Submerged, " " Layette, " and " An Old Fashioned Mother. " Cris Bean: " Gcod-bye Abbie. lake care of those paintings ' Servant in the House: " What ' s that- SCENES FROM " SET IT IN TROY " Even the ancient The women ol the household discuss the war ( ' i CLASSES SENIORS THE 3 e n i o r s • GLENN L. ADCOCK, Coushatta; Bus Administration. • BETTY SUE ALLISON. Ida; Social Sciences; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta; Purple Jacket Club, ' 46 ' 47; Student Council. ' 45 ' 46; Debate Club ' 46 ' 47; Band; Big Sister, ' 44; Freshman Commissioner. ' 44; B.S.U. Council, ' 44 ' 47; Phi Alpha Theta Award, ' 44; President. Alpha Sigma Alpha ' 46 ' 47; President, Panhellenic Council, ' 46 ' 47; President. Y.W.C.A., •45 ' 46. • BOBBIE CARLENE ANTHONY, New Orleans; Social Sciences; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Debate. ' 45 ' 47; Symphony Orchestra, ' 45- ' 46; Student Council, ' 46- ' 47; Panhellenic Council, 46 ' 47; President. Sigma Sigma Sigma, 46 - ' 47; President, Junior Class, ' 45 ' 46; Editor, Current Sauce, ' 45- ' 46. Sigma Sigma; • VIRGINIA BEAZLEY, Vivian, Business Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Alpha Psi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; Davis Players, ' 45- ' 46; B.S.U. Council, ' 44 ' 46; Current Sauce Staff. ' 44 ' 47; POTPOURRI Staff. ' 44- ' 47; President. Junior Dramatics. ' 43- ' 44; Purple Jacket Award, ' 44; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Freshman Class, ' 43- ' 44; Vice-President, Sophomore Class, ' 44 ' 45; Secretary-Treasurer, Davis Players, ' 44- ' 4S; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities, ' 46; President, Pi Omega Pi, ' 46- ' 47; President, Alpha Psi Omega, ' 45- ' 47. • GERALDINE BEEBE. Lena; Home Economics. • DORIS NORTHCOTT BELL. Shreveport; Dietetics. • VALERIE BENDIX. New Orleans; Health and Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Dormitory Council, ' 44- ' 45; Newman Club; W.R.A.; Vice- President, Physical Education Majors Club, ' 46 ' 47. • GLORIA BLAKEWOOD, Ida; Home Economics; Euthenlcs Club. • MELMA BODDIE, Shreveport; Social Sciences. • HENRY A. BREMER, Glenmore, Pre-Medicine. • ARTHUR L. BREWER, Bossier City; Business Administration. • HARVEY BRYANT BURLEY, JR., Haynesville; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; Vice-President, Sophomore Class, ' 42; " N " Club, ' 42; Football. ' 42. • EUZELIA BUMGAR0NER, Ringgold; Spanish; Kappa Delta Pi. • LLOYD DONALD BURNS, Shreveport; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. • CAMILLE CADE, Sulphur; Primary Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Purple Jacket Club, ' 45 ' 47; Student Council, ' 45 ' 46; Freshman Commis- sioner, ' 44- ' 45; Treasurer, Varnado Hall, ' 46 ' 47; President, Delta Sigma Epsilon, ' 45- ' 47; Secretary, Pan-Hellenic, ' 45 ' 46; Vice-President, Pan-Hellenic ' 46 ' 47. • CLEA THOMAS CAMPBELL, Pineville; Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Football, ' 45 ' 46; Secretary, " N " Club, ' 45- ' 46. • ELAINE COBB, Pleasant Hill; Business Education. • JACQUELYN COCKE, Natchitoches; Music; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Big Sister, ' 44- ' 45; A.W.S. Council. ' 44- ' 46; String Orchestra; College Choir; Secretary, Wesley Foundation, ' 4S- ' 46; President, Wesley Foundation, ' 46- ' 47. • MARIAN COCKE, Natchitoches; French; Sigma Sigma Sigma; German Club; Spanish Club; Wesley Foundation Council; College Choir; String Orchestra. • VIRGINIA COLDWELL, West Monroe; Mathematics; Wesley Founda- tion; Y.W.C.A. GLENN ADCOCK VALERIE BENDIX BETTY ALLISON GLORIA BLAKEWOOD BOBBIE ANTHONY MELMA BODDIE YVONNE BAILEY HENRY BREMER VIRGINIA BEAZLEY ARTHUR BREWER GERALDINE BEEBE HARVEY BURLEY, JR. DORIS BELL EUZELIA BUMGARDNER ELJfWW. LLOYD BURNS VIRGINIA COLDWELL CAMILE CADE ELAINE CONERLY CLEA CAMPBELL JAMES CRATON ELAINE COBB MARY CRAWFORD JACQUELINE COCKE RICHARD CRYAR MARIAN COCKE RICHARD DEAN • ELAINE CONERLY, Boyce; English. e JAMES MILTON CRATON, Minden; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu; Davis Players; Pi Omega Pi. • MARY DENA CRAWFORD, Gloster; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Up- silon; Junior Dramatics; Current Sauce Staff, ' 45-46; Euthenics Club; Band; POTPOURRI Staff, ' 46 ' 47. • RICHARD LAWRENCE DEAN, El Paso, Texas; Social Sciences; Lambda Zeta; Kappa Delta Pi; Current Sauce Staff, ' 45 ' 46; POTPOURRI Staff, ' 45- ' 46; Chaplain, Lambda Zeta, ' 45- ' 47; Secretary-Treasurer Northwestern States- man, ' 45-46; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, ' 46- ' 47; Religious Organization Council, ' 46- ' 47; Davis Players; Vice-President, Louisiana Inter-Collegiate Press Association, ' 45- ' 46; Presi- dent Brick Dormitory Council. • BENNIE DEMENT, Haughton; Social Sciences. • BILLY DIXON, Newellton; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu; President, Phi Kappa Nu, ' 45. • E. P. DOBSON, JR., Chestnut; Mathematics; Lambda Zeta; Editor ' 43 POTPOURRI; President, Lambda Zeta, ' 43. • MARJORIE DuBELL, Ferriday; Commerce. • BESS DUNCAN, Colfax; Chemistry; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Varsity Debate; Junior Dramatics; Big Sister; POTPOURRI Staff, ' 47; Vice-President, Phi Alpha Theta, ' 46 ' 47; Historian, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 46; Current Sauce, ' 46 ' 47. • CLARENCE NATHAN DURHAM, Atlanta; Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma. • JUDY EDWARDS, Many; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • BETTY JANE EGGERS, Alexandria; Primary; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets; Canterbury Club; Orchestra; Band; President, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 46- ' 47. • BETTY FARROW, Monroe; Speech; Purple Jackets; Davis Players; Freshman Commissioner; Big Sister; Spanish Club; Varsity Debate; BSU Council; YWCA Cabinet; Vice-President, Junior Class; Vice-President, AWS, ' 45 ' 46. • T. C. SCOTT FRANCIS, Houston, Texas; Industrial Arts. • DORIS D. FRYDAY, Pioneer; Physical Education. • FAYE GARRETT, Castor; Social Sciences; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jacket. • OCILE GOSLIN, Ruston; Physical Education; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Panhellenic Council; President, Theta Sigma Upsilon, ' 46- ' 47; Associate Editor, ' 46 POTPOURRI. • MAURICE GRAVES, Angola; Social Sciences. BENNIE DEMENT BETTY EGGERS BILLY DIXON E. P. DOBSON, JR. MARJORIE DuBELL BETTY FARROW T. C. FRANCIS DORIS D. FRYDAY BESS DUNCAN CLARENCE DURHAM JUDY EDWARDS FAYE GARRETT OCILE GOSLIN MAURICE GRAVES JEZfilL R ' C-AHD GRCO- ' E I-.ARTHA HOOKER JC:-TN GUILLET, JR. NELDA KOUSION EETIY JO HALL EDWARD HOWARD WILEY HANCHEY JERO.V.E HOWARD ALICE HARPER RALPH HUDSON ODEYENE HERRINGTON FRANCES JARMON O P. C ' . ' RD G. GROOME. Vi.ksburg. Kiss.; Business Administration; Phi Ku Alpha; Pi O-naga Pi; Bend; Demonaircs; Traasur-r. Phi Mu Alpha. ' 4-- ' 47. C )CAU C. GUlLLLf. JR., Alexandria; Phytics; Sigma Tau G mma. O LETTY JO HALL. NUrthiviile; Commit.-. O WILEY NORMAN HANCHEY. DeF.iJder; Malhema.ics; Lambda Zeta; Int:rraterni.y Council. ' 45 ' 46; President, Lambda Zeta, ' 46; Student Council; President, Student Body. O ALICE ELIZABETH HARPZR, Locerr.pta; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Eig Sister; YWCA; Vice-President. Pi Omega Pi. ' 46 ' 47. O ODEYENE HERRINGTON. Winnsboro; Primary; Purple Jacket; Presi- dent. Purple Jackets, ' 45 47. » MARTHA CATHERINE HOOKER, Spertanburg. S. C; Social Sciences; Spanish Club; Westminst:r Fellowship; Chcir; Orchestra. • NELDA SUE HOUSTON, Jennings; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club; Eig Sister; Dormitory Council, ' 45 ' 46. • EDWARD B. HOWARD. Winnfiald; Commerce. • JEROME B. HOWARD, Many; Commerce; Sigma Tau Gamma; Fresh- man Commissioner; Treasurer, Sigma Tau Gamma. ' 46 ' 47. O RALPH HUDSON. Lake Ch:rles; Physieal Educa ion; Phi Kappa Nu. • FRANCES JARMON. Darnell; Home Economics. e CARLTON JOHNSON. Cotton Valley; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; " N " Club; Versity Football. • EZELL JONES, Harmon; Home Economies; Euthenies. Club. O LaVERNE JONES, Winnfield; Commerce. • SUSAN LOUISA JONES. Natchitoches; Speech; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players; Junior Dramatics. ' 42 ' 43; President, Davis Players, ' 46-47; Miss POTPOURRI. ' 47. • HELEN KHOURY, Sulphur; Upper Elementary. © EDITH KOONCE. Natchitoches; Social Sciences; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Davis Players; Junior Drematics; AWS Council, ' 4S- ' 47; BSU Council. • BETTY JEAN KUHN, Tallulah; Music; Pi Kappa Sigma; Band; Symphony; Demoneires, ' 45 ' 46; Chorus; College Singers; Sacretary-Treasurer. Junior Class, ' 46; President. Kate ChoFin Hall, ' 45; AWS Council; Miss POTPOURRI ' 46; Vice-President, Student Body. 46. CARLTON JOHNSON EZELL JONES LaVERNE JONES SUSAN JONES HELEN KHOURY EDITH KOONCE BETTY KUHN FRANK LAMPKIN RALPH McFARLAND BETTY McLANAHAN OLIVE McMICHAEL MARIAN MARMANDE ALICE MARTIN MRS. DANIEL MATAMORt THE 3 e n i o r s • FRANK MERIWETHER LAMPKIN, Alexandria; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Varsity Basketball. • RALPH I. McFARLAND, Alexandria; Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; President, Senior Class; President, " N " Club. • BETTY McLANAHAN, Florien; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi. • OLIVE McMICHAEL, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • MARIAN MARMANDE, Houma; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Davis Players; Newman Club; Euthenics Club. • ALICE ELIZABETH MARTIN, Lake Charles; Social Sciences; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Secretary, Student Body, ' 45- ' 46; Secretary, Newman Club; Treasurer, Phi Alpha Theta; Vice-President, Kappa Delta Pi. • MRS. DANIEL MATAMOROS, Natchitoches; Social Sciences. • LOUISE MILLER, Many; Commerce; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi. • JANET MORRIS, Jonesboro; Business Administration. • GORDON CECIL NEELY, Fairview Alpha; Commerce; Phi Kappa Nu; Cheerleader, ' 43 ' 44; President, Phi Kappa Nu, ' 44- ' 45. • WILLA NELSON, DeQuincy; Commerce; Junior Dramatics; Chorus; YWCA; Treasurer, Canterbury Club. • NEVA NORSWORTHY, Florien; Mathematics; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jacket; Big Sister; BSU Council. • CHARLES T. ODUM, JR., Mansfield; Commerce. • DORIS LUCILLE OTT, Bellwood; Dietetics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Presi- dent, Euthenics Club. • JUANITA OVERBEY, Bunkie; Art; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • J£UIS R. PERKINS, Leesville; Agriculture. • YVONNE PHILLIPS, Hot Springs, Ark.; Social Sciences; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; President, Phi Alpha Theta; Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi. • DOSWELL H. PLUNKETT, Pelican; Mathematics. • DORIS K. POSEY, Choudrant; English; President, Westminster Club, ' 45- ' 46; Big Sister. • BLANCHE REEVES PUGH, Many; Bus Administration. • H. H. RANDELL, JR., Bowie, Texas; Geology; " N " Club; Varsity Football. LOUISE MILLER JANET MORRIS GORDON NEELY WILLA NELSON NEVA NORSWORTHY CHARLES ODUM, JR. DORIS OTT JUANITA OVERBEY LOUIS PERKINS YVONNE PHILLIPS DOSWELL PLUNKETT DORIS POSEY BLANCHE PUGH H. H. RANDELL, JR. • BELVA LOIS RASBERRY. Alexandria; Business Administration. • BARBARA ANNE RICHTER, Natchitoches; Business Administration; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Omega Pi; Purple Jackets; Junior Dramatics; Canterbury Club; Band. • EDGAR ALLEN ROBERTSON. Jena; Chemistry. • BEVERLY ROSS. Shreveport; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma; Vice-Presi- dent. Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 46- ' 47. • CHARLES A. ROSS, Marshall, N. C; Pre Law; Current Sauce Staff; President. Junior Dramatics, ' 45- ' 46. • JEANETTE ROYSTON, Natchitoches; Library. • ROBERT B. RUSTON, Merryville; Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma. • ELTON M. RYLAND, Alexandria; Social Sciences. • LOIS LEE RYLAND. Alexandria; Upper Elementary. • JAKES Q. SALTER, Zwolle; Speech. • O. L SALTER. JR., Zwolle; Chemistry. • RUTH SANCHEZ FRANK. Mexico City, Mexico; Primary Education; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • CECIL H. SANDIN. Lake Charles; Commerce. • MARGIE SEEGERS. Haynesville; Health and Physical Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. • MARY LEE SIGLER. Coushatta; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Treasurer, Student Body; Vice-President, Euthenics Club. • LISSO R. SIMMONS. Sims; History. • RAE SIMMONS, Greenwood; Upper Elementary; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • LILLIE SISTRUNK, Mitchell; Home Economics. • LASTER ALVIN SMITH, JR., Natchitoches; Business Administration. • SARA JANE SMITH. Natchitoches; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Band; Choir. • AZOLINE STEVENS, Heflin; Library; Spanish Club; Junior Dramatics; Big Sister; BSU Council; President, Library Club. BELVA RASBERRY BARBARA RICHTER EDGAR ROBERTSON BEVERLY ROSS CHARLES ROSS JEANETTE ROYSTON ROBERT RUSTON ELTON RYLAND LOIS RYLAND JAMES SALTER O. L. SALTER RUTH FRANK SANCHEZ CECIL SANDIN MARGIE SEEGERS MARY SIGLER AZOLINE STEVENS LISSO SIMMONS JUNEE STICKLEY RAE SIMMONS ZOLON STILES LILLIE SISTRUNK THOMAS SPARKS LASTER SMITH, JR. AGNES TESTA SARA SMITH JEAN THOMAS • JUNEE FRANCES STICKLEY, Pineville; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club; BSU Council; YWCA Council; Big Sister; Vice- President, Sigma Sigma Sigma, ' 45- ' 46. • ZOLIN STILES, Springhill; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu. • THOMAS GLENN SPARKS, Robeline; Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu. C AGNES TESTA, Waterproof; Social Sciences; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Newman Club. • JEAN THOMAS, Monroe; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Treasurer, Pi Kappa Sigma; President, AWS, ' 45- ' 46. • HELEN MOUTON THOMPSON, Kaplan; Social Sciences. • JACK V. THOMPSON, Shreveport; English; Phi Mu Alpha. • MARION TUCKER, Donaldsonville; Social Sciences; Davis Players. • JOHN ALDEN VIGE, Opelousas; Commerce; Phi Kappa Nu; Student Council, ' 42- ' 43; Newman Club; President, Junior Class, ' 42- ' 43; President, Phi Kappa Nu, ' 43; Secretary-Treasurer, " N " Club, ' 42; Interfraternity Council, ' 43; Varsity Football; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, ' 42- ' 43. • JESSLYN WAGGONER. Colfax; Pre-Medicine; Newman Club; Freshman Commissioner; College Choir; Vice-President, SPQR, ' 46 ' 47; President, Science Club, ' 46 ' 47. • LOUISE WARDLAW, Shreveport; Physical Education; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players; Student Council; Canterbury Club; Vice-President, Alpha Psi Omega, ' 46- ' 47, Vice-President, Davis Players, ' 45- ' 47. • EUNICE WEBB, Marthaville; Home E Club. Phi Lambda Pi; Euthenics • MARY ANN WESTALL, Homer; Mathematics; Davis Players; Band; Chorus; Orchestra. • AL C. WILLIS, Woodworth; Commerce; Lambda Zeta; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players; Interfraternity Council; Freshman Commissioner; Band; Choir; Current Sauce Staff; President, Lambda Zeta. • HELEN N. WIRT, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha. 9 ELIZABETH WOODALL, Shreveport; Social Science; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players; Aquatic Club, ' 45; Vice-President Pan- hellenic Council, ' 45; President, Alpha Sigma Alpha, ' 45; AWS Council, ' 44; Band; Orchestra. • MARY JEAN WOODARD, Ringgold; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi. HELEN THOMPSON EUNICE WEBB JACK THOMPSON MARY WESTALL MARION TUCKER AL C. WILLIS JOHN VIGE HELEN N. WIRT JESSLYN WAGGONER ELIZABETH WOODALL LOUISE WARDLAW MARY WOODARD ffiS ffiffi fl M JUNIORS 1 f IXhtnk THE MARGARET ABINGTON ELAINE ARNOLD BILLIE ADAMS TOMMIE BAIRD SARAH ADAMS MARGARET BARNES CLYDE ANDREWS FREDRICK BASCO 3 u n i o r 3 • MARGARET ELLEN ABINGTON, Many; Social Welfare; Pi Kappa Sigma. • BILLIE FAY ADAMS, Shreveporl; Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • SARAH GLYNN ADAMS, Coushatta; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club. • CLYDE S. ANDREWS, Viviin; Pre-Engineering; Lambda Zeta. • ELAINE ARNOLD, Port Allen; French. • TOMMIE BAIRD, Bossier City; Chemistry; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Purple Jacket; Panhellenic Council; Student Council, ' 45 ' 46; Freshman Com- missioner; Eig Sister; President ol Sophomore Class, ' 45 ' 46. • MARGARET BARNES, Ferriday; Commerce; Delta Sigma Epsilon. • FREDRICK BASCO, Natchitoches; Commerce. 9 LCD MERLE BATES, Calvin; Commerce. • COLLEEN BENNETT, Greenville, Miss.; Physical Education. • JENNIE JO BLANCHARD, Rayville; English. • CATHERINE BONDURANT, St. Joseph; Home Economics; Pi Kappa Sigma; Euthenics Club; Canterbury Club. • MARY LEE BUTLER, Winnsboro; Medical Technology; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • MARION B. CANNON, Coushatta; Agriculture. O ELDON CHACHERE, Eunice; Agriculture; Phi Kappa Nu; Student Coun- cil ' 46- ' 47; Freshmen Commissioner, ' 40 ' 41; " N " Club; Newman Club; Football; Baseball. • PIT CHRISTIAN, Maplewood; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Fresh- man Commissioner, ' 45; Big Sister; Secretary BSU Council; Y.W.C.A. • ALFRED G. CLARK, Alexandria; Social Science; Lambda Zeta; Junior Dramatics; Northwestern Statesman; President, Canterbury Club, ' 46- ' 47. • CATHERINE CLARK, Blade; Home Economics. • SIDNEY E. COOK, Robeline; Political Science; Phi Kappa Nu; " N " Club; Inter-fraternity council, ' 44; President, Phi Kappa Nu, ' 44; Football. • IDA MAE CROCHET, Lakeland; Commerce. • TOM DAVIS, Alexandria; Pre-Medicine; Lambda Zeta; Phi Mu Alpha; Davis flayers; Student Council; Vice-President, Student Body; Treasurer, Lambda Zeta, ' 46 ' 47; Warden, Phi Mu Alpha, ' 46 ' 47; BSU Council; Busi- ness Manager, Current Sauce, ' 46; POTPOURRI Staff, ' 47; Dormitory Council, ' 4S- ' 46; Varsity Debate; Northwestern Statesman. • B. G. FEAZELL, Dodson; Speech, Davis Players. • TAYLOR FINLEY, Olla; Social Sciences; Phi Mu Alpha. • HOWARD V. GALLIHER, Williamson, West Virginia; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. LOYD BATES COLLEEN BENNETT JEANNIE BLANCHARD CATHERINE BONDURANT MARY LEE BUTLER MARION CANNON ELDON CHACHERE PAT CHRISTIAN ALFORD CLARK CATHERINE CLARK SIDNEY COOK IDA MAE CROCHET TOM DAVIS B. G. FEAZELL 2MM a % ■, TAYLOR FINLAY LARENCE GOLEMAN HOWARD GALLIHER LUCY GREEN HENRY GARNER SHIRLEY GROOME MARY GAUTREAUX BETTIE GERMAN YVONNE HAGAN LEON HEMPHILL LES GILLESPIE EDWIN HIGGINS CAROLYN GLOVER ALBERT HILL • HENRY T. GARNER, Ida; Commerce; Lambda Zeta. • MARY JO GAUTREAUX, White Castle; Commerce. • BETTIE LOU GERMAN, Many; Home Ec onomics. • LES GILLESPIE, Haynesville; Music; Lambda Zeta; Phi Mu Alpha; Secretary, Lambda Zeta, ' 44- ' 45; President, Phi Mu Alpha, ' 46- ' 47; Band; Symphony; College Singers. C CAROLYN GLOVER, Winnsboro; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Purple Jacket; President, Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 46- ' 47; Y. W. C. A.; Westley Foundation. • CLARENCE ELVIN GOLEMON, Hineston; Agriculture. • LUCY AMELIA GREEN, Jonesboro; Commerce; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • SHIRLEY GROOME, Bethany; Music; Pi Kappa Sigma; Big Sister; Band; Choir; Symphony; Corresponding Secretary, Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 46- ' 47. • YVONNE HAGAN, New Orleans; Home Economics; Pi Kappa Sigma. • LEON W. HEMPHILL, Wisner; Aviation. • EDWIN HIGGINS, Shreveport; Mathematics. • ALBERT E. HILL, Natchitoches; Social Sciences; Lambda Zeta. • FREDDIE N. HILL, Shreveport; Agriculture. • ANNA FRANCES HUBLEY, Many; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Davis Players; Purple Jackets; President, Freshman Commissioner, ' 45- ' 46; Vice-President, Theta Sigma Upsilon, ' 46- ' 47. • MILLARD N. HUDSON, Natchitoches; Chemistry; Lambda Zeta. • DOROTHY JEAN HURLEY, Minden; French; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Secre- tary, Student Body, ' 46 ' 47; Pan-Hellenic Freshman Award; Vice-President, Wesley Foundation, ' 46; Purple Jacket Club, ' 46; Recording Secretary, Sigma Sigma Sigma; Freshman Commissioner, ' 45. • JAMES R. JACKSON, Ashland; Commerce. • BLANCHE M. JINES, Baton Rouge; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • ALICE M. JONES, West Monroe; Social Science. • FRED KELLY, Baton Rouge; Pre-Medicine. • JULIA KOON, Boyce; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilcn; Euthenics Club; Treasurer, Theta Sigma Upsilon, ' 46- ' 47. • T. J. LEWIS, Simpson; Business Administration. • EVIE JANE LINDSEY; Alexandria; Accounting; Pi Kappa Sigma. • ANNA BELL LUCKETT, Alexandria; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • NOEL McBRIDE, Natchitoches; Mathematics. • ANNIRIE McDUFFIE, Monroe; Music; B. S. U.; Y. W. C. A. FREDDIE HILL ANNA HUBLEY MILLARD HUDSON DOROTHY HURLEY JAMES JACKSON BLANCHE JINES FRED KELLY JULIA KOON T. J. LEWIS EVIE LINDSEY ANNA LUCKETT NOEL McBRIDE ALICE JONES ANNIRIE McDUFFIE THE ADDYE McGOUGH MAHCIA MARSTON GLYN McLAMORE LEIGHMAN MARTIN ODESSA McNAUGHTON PERMELIA MARTIN 3 a n i o r 3 ADDYE MAY McGOUGH. Mer Rouge; Journalism. GLYN WILLARD McLAMORE. Montgomery; Pre-Dentistry. ODESSA McNAUGHTON. Mansfield; Commerce. MARCIA MARSTON. Coushalla; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma. LEIGHMAN E. MARTIN, Mora; Agriculture. PERMELIA ELIZABETH MARTIN. Waldo, Ark.; Music. WAYNE O. MARTIN. Natchitoches; Journalism; Lambda Zeta. JOHN H. MITCHELL, Montgomery; Agriculture. CALVIN MURPHY. Choudrant; Accounting. W. T. MURPHY, Mensfield; Commerce. JO RAY MURRAY, Vivian; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon. JACK W. NORRED, Converse; Pre-Engineering; Lambda Zeta. PHILLIP E. ORR, JR., Natchitoches; Pre-Medicine; Lambda Zeta. • JAMES C. PARROTT, Natchitoches; Pre-Medicine; Lambda Zeta. • VIRGINIA L. PAUL, Converse; Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • ELEANOR JOY PICKETT, Many; Social Sciences • MARY LEE PILCHER, Zwolle; Social Sciences. • BLANCHE MARIE PRIEST, Alexandria; Commerce; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • MRS. ROY PRIEST. Alexandria; Accounting. O BEVERLY RINGWALD, Monroe; Music Education; Pi Kappa Sigma; Choir; Orchestra; Girls ' Trio; BSU; President, A.W.S., ' 46. • GLORIA KATHLEEN ROBINSON, Sulphur; Speech; Delta Sigma Epsilon. • ROSEMARY G. ROBINSON, Many; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Big Sisters; Newman Club. • RODNEY ROBINSON, Swansea, S. C; Business Administration. • MARTHA ROGERS. Vivian; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • XEN1A CLAIRE RUFFIN, Shreveport; Business; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Band, ' 45; Chorus, ' 46. WAYNE MARTIN JAMES PARROTT JOHN MITCHELL VIRGINIA PAUL CALVIN MURPHY ELEANOR PICKETT W. T. MURPHY MARY PILCHER JO RAY MURRAY BLANCHE PRIEST JACK NORRED MRS. ROY PRIEST PHILIP ORR, JR. BEVERLY RINGWALD GLORIA ROBINSON ROSEMARY ROBINSON CHRISTINE SAPP MELBA SAYES RODNEY ROBINSON JANE SHEA MARTHA ROGERS ROGER SHERMAN XENIA RUFFIN L. W. SIBLEY MERYL SANCHEZ MAXINE SLATER E. W. SANDEL DON STOTHART • MERYL ANN SANCHEZ, Baton Rouge; Social Sciences; Theta Sigma Upsilon. 9 E. W. SANDEL, Florien; Pre-Law. • CHRISTINE SAPP, Minden; History; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets; Freshman Commissioners; First Vice-President, B.S.U., ' 46- ' 47; President, YWCA, • MELBA LEA SAYES, Shreveport; Music. • JANE SHEA, Monroe; Spanish. • ROGER SHERMAN, Haynesville; Commerce, Sigma Tau Gamma. • L. W. SIBLEY, Natchitoches; Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; " N " Club. • MAXINE SLATER, Leesville; Home Economics. • DON M. STOTHART, Vivian; Accounting; Lambda Zeta; Phi Mu Alpha; Interiraternity Council; Dormitory Council; Editor, ' 47 POTPOURRI. • CHESTER L. TATUM, Converse; Pre-Medicine. • SARAH JEANNE TEDDLIE, Oxford; Music; Pi Kappa Sigma; Freshman Commissioner. • HARDIE LEE THOMAS, JR., New Orleans; Mathematics. • JAMES DENNIS THOMPSON, Montgomery, Ala.; Pre-Medicine. • DORIS TULLOS, Winnsboro; Library Science; Spanish Club; Treasurer, Library Club, ' 46- ' 47; Junior Dramatics; Choir. • PAXTON VAIL, Coushaita; Commerce. • ROBERT J. WALKER, Vivian; Pre-Law; Lambda Zeta; V. F. W. • DOROTHY EVELYN WATERS, Dodson; Primary Education; We«ley Foun- dation. • BETTY SWIFT, Elmer; Commerce; Delta Sigma Epsilc • ROWiNA TALIAFERRO, Winnsboro; Music; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Vice- President, AWS, ' 46- ' 47; Orchestra; Choir; YWCA Cabinet, ' 46- ' 47. • SIMEON M. WELDON, Pitkin; Chemistry. • FRANCES WILSON, Plaquemine, Mathematics. • MYRTLE BUIE WOMBLE, Winnsboro; Home Economics; Pi Kappa Sigma; Euthenics Club; Purple Jackets; Wesley Foundation. BETTY SWIFT ROWENA TALIAFERRO CHESTER TATUM SARAH TEDDLIE HARDIE THOMAS, JR. JAMES THOMPSON DORIS TULLOS PAXTON VAIL ROBERT WALKER DOROTHY WATERS SIMEON WELDON FRANCES WILSON MYRTLE WOMBLE SDPHDMDRES SOPHOMORES Firsl How Second Row JAMFS KINGSTON ADAMS vcport JACOB A. ANDERSON Kisatchie Science Chemistry JAMES F. ADDINGTON Natchitoches MARGARET A. BABIN Centerville Pre-Engineering Commerce MAXINE ADKINS Mindon CHARLOTTE MARIE BAILEY . . Mansfield Home Economics Spanish ALICE C. ALLEN . Homer GENE BAILEY . Longville Commerce Primary Education ANNIE VIRGINIA ALLEN . Winndeld WILLIAM C. BANKS Mooringsport Home Economics Industrial Arts ETHEL ALLEN Bayou Chicot GABRIEL J. BARKATE . . . . Sulphur Home Economics Science MAVIS ALLEN . Baslrop MARY ELIZABETH BARFIELD . . Logansport Social Sciences Home Economics Third Row MRS. DANA JEANNE BASCO Shreveport Social Sciences JAMES BASCO Shreveport Agriculture LEON BASCO . . . Gorum Industrial Arts RUTH BATES Coushatta Commerce WILLIAM E. BEAZLEY, JR. . Bossier City Pre-Architecture HAROLD L. BEEBE . Lena Agriculture HERMAN K. BEEBE . Lena A n i ulture 76 Fourth Row BEN BELK Belcher Commerce HELENA BENDIX . New Orleans English JEANNETTE BENNETT Eros Home Economics W. GORDON BENNETT, JR. . Clarksdale, Miss. Physical Education ERA DOLORES BERNARD Effie Home Economics HENRY ARTHUR BERRY . Marthaville Journalism MARTHA BERRY Marthaville Medical Technology First Row RUTH BONNETTE Natchitoches Speech ODESSA BOONE Pelican Commerce TOMMIE BOUNDS Rocky Mount Pre-Medicine LOUELLA V. BOWERS Empire Commerce JAMES BOZEMAN Belmont Agriculture RUTH BRACEY Shreveport Primary Education MYRTLE MARIE BRANNON .... Sulphur Commerce Second Row HAZEL BREITHAUPT Jena Physical Education EDITH CLAIRE BROWN Hornbeck Chemistry MAXINE BUCHANAN Shreveport Music WILLIAM L. BUXTON .... Natchitoches Social Welfare JULIA ORFLIA CAIN .... New Orleans Speech JUANITA CARDOZIER Montgomery Music PEGGY JEAN CASEMORE . . New Orleans Art t$J Third Row Fourth Row EVELYN CHANDLER Athens JAMES MILTON CORLEY . . Natchitoches Music Aviation VIRGIL P. CHAPMAN Enterprise BEN GEORGE CROCKER .... Natchitoches Music Business Administration MARIE L. CLOUTIER Bermuda WINIFRED CROUSILLAC Livonia Business Administration Commerce CHARLES L. COLEMAN . . El Dorado, Ark. GLORIA CRUMP Marthaville Forestry Commerce ALMA COLLIER Oakdale MARY FRANCES CRUMP ... Marthaville Music Medical-Technology BYRON L. COLLINS Pollock LALLAH CUNNINGHAM . . Natchitoches Psychology Music FRANKIE CORLEY Marthaville BETTY JOE DAVIS Monroe Journalism Art First Row Second Row ROSEMARY DIERLAM . . Seardrift, Texas DORIS EDWARDS . . Shreve| ort Medical Technology Physical Education HARRIS BRIAN DIXON . Montgomery YVONNE EDWARDS . Many Chemistry Home Economics BEVERLY JUNE DOWTY . Natchitoches ANNIE ELIZABETH EZNACK Flatwoods Physical Education Home Economics KENNETH M. DOWTY New Orleans JOY FESTERVAN Bossier City Journalism Commerce BEA DUNHAM . . . Shreveport RUDDIE MARIE FESKE . DeRidder Music Commerce MARILYN DURBIN . Waterproof NORMA KAY FIFE . Robeline Commerce Medical Technology WINFRED EAGLETON Bonham, Texas WILLIAM D. FLORY Bossier City Library Science Pre-Medicine ;;s i H ftaA ? Q1 Third Row LEON ROY FORD . Natchitoches Chemistry WILLIAM E. FORD Natchitoches Pre-Engineering PAUL GAINES . . Tallulah Music LOIS ELAINE GANDY Bellwood Business Administration GORDON C. GARR . . . . Natchitoches Accounting ROLAND P. GARRETT Pelican Pre-Medicine MARGARET E. GORMAN . . Morgan City Music Fourth Row DOROTHY GRAY Sibley Commerce BARBARA GREENE Shreveport Home Economics JAMES L. HALL Friendship Agriculture LUCILLE HANKS Benton Library Science ALICE HARRECK DeRidder Journalism MARY LOU HARDY ... Henderson, Tex. Speech BETTYE HAWKINS Natchitoches Commerce First Row MAC HILBURN Plain Dealing Agriculture RUTH HILTON Mooringsport Medical Technology VERA MAK HUDGE Mora Home Economics KATHLEEN HOGAN Morgan City Physical Education MARGIE MAE HOUSE Bastrop Physical Education DORIS JEAN HUCKABAY Harmon Medical Technology RAMONA HUNTER Coushatta Dietetics Second Row ALLEN JACKSON Dallas, Tex. Accounting BETTY JO JACKSON Mansfield Business Administration JOHNNIE JAMES Colfax Commerce BOBBY JANTZ DeRidder Physical Education GERALDINE JOHNSON Hineston Commerce JETTIE JANE JOHNSON Doyline Social Sciences JAMES VERNON JORDAN . . Natchitoches Journalism SOPHOMORES Third Row MARY BETH KELLEY .... Natchitoches Business Administration DOROTHY KINNISON Monroe Physical Education MARY BESS KIRK Homer Commerce MARGIE KNIGHT Boyce Journalism MARY FRANCES KNOX . . Haynesville Commerce JEANETTE LAFLEUR Oakdale Physical Education MILDRED LEACH Natchitoches English Fourth Row ALLEN LEWIS LONGHI . . . Plymouth, Mass. Physical Education DENVER T. LOUPE Gonzales Agriculture GLORIA MADDRY Homer Commerce AUDREY MANASCO Kisatchie Home Economics BENTLEY LAMAR MASINGILL . . . Coushatta Journalism DANIEL MATAMOROS Tegucigalpa D. C, Honduras Pre-Engineering HOWARD PIERCE McCOLLUM . . Montgomery Science 79 SOPHOMDRES First Row Second Row ' ' ' ONATHY . Bryceland MAMIE ELIZABETH MELTON . Winnfield Agriculture Dietetics BETTY McCONNELL . . Primary Education Physical Education PATRICIA McDANIEL ... Cloutierville EVELYN MILES Pleasant Hill Sociology Commerce I ' OROTHY McGRAW ... Natchitoches BETTY JAYNE MILLER . Haynesville Elementary Education Speech PAT McGUIRE . Sulphur RALPH MOFFETT . Pleasant Hill Home Economics Commerce PEGGY McKEE Haynesville RANDALL MOORE . Vivian Commerce Commerce RUTH ANN McLEAN Natchitoches DORIS MARIE MORGAN . Baton Rouge Commerce Commerce Q99£? Third Row NORMA MORVANT Sulphur Chemistry LEE MOSELEY Rodessa Pre-Engineering JEAN MURPHY Grove Primary Education LAURA ELIZABETH MURRAY Bellwood Music LORENE MUSGROVE Homer Commerce BOBBIE MYERS Saline Commerce MARY INGRID NELSON West Lake Administration 90 Fourth Row VIRGINIA NEWKIRK Ferriday Primary Education BETTY NORRED Converse Library Science OLIVE IO NORRIS Oakdale Commerce JANIE PALMER Minden Chemistry MRS. BETH PERKINS Columbia Upper Elementary BILLIE JEAN PERKINS Wesllake Medical Technology MORGAN D. PEOPLES . Birmingham, Ala. Physical Education EULA MAE PELT Knight ROY H. PRIEST Alexandria Commerce Accounting AGATHA H. PELLEGRIN . . . Upper Elementary TOM F. PHILLIPS Social Sciences Cut OH MILLIE JO PULLEY Bossier City Physical Education Many DORRIS RAINS Marthaville Upper Elementary POLLY POLK Pineville DORIS RATLIFF De Quincy Art Medical Technology JAMES PONDER Tallulah FRANCES RHODES Natchitoches Accounting Social Sciences SALLEY POWELL Pleasant Hill JIMMIE FAYE RISER Goldonna Business Administration Business Administration STANLEY MATTISON POWELL . . . Bogalusa PATTY JEAN RUSHING Ashland Physical Education Dietetics LUCILE RUSILLON Rosepine FRANCES SCARDULLA New Orleans MALCOLM RUSSELL . . . Pre-Medicine FRANCES ELOUISE SANDERS . Social Sciences Natchitoches FAIRY SCHERZ Keatchi. Home Economics Arcadia RALPH T. SELF Creston LaDELLE SANDIFER Enterprise Business Administration DAVID C. SHAW Journali: BILL SANSING Forest Hill BEN RUSSELL SHORT Physical Education MICHAEL C. SAMPITE .... Cloutierville Pre-Medicine Speech HAZEL JANICE SIMPSON Physical Ed EDITH SAPPINGTON Winnfield FRANCES IRENE SMITH Montgomery Natchitoches Natchitoches . . Welsh Library Science First Row WILLIAM ROBERT SMITH, JR. . . . Natchez Agriculture MIRIAM SORBET Robeline Medical Technology ERNESTINE SPEIGHTS Clare Home Economics BETTY SPIGENER Athens Physical Education MARY LOU SPANJA Buras Commerce BETTYE RAE STEWART . Sibley Commerce Second Row RUTH STOKES Winnfield English JIMMY R. STOTHART, JR Coushatta Pre-Medicine EVA LOYCE STUBBLEFIELD Delhi Library Science LA VERNE SULLIVAN Castor Social Sciences NOBIE HAZEL SULLIVAN Ashland Medical Technology MARIE SUMICH Buras Commerce E[»4 d Third Row Fourth Row BEN SWIFT Elmer Agriculture NEIL TAYLOR Dodson Sciences EDWINA BENNETT THRASHER . . Commerce MARVIN TISDALE Industrial Arts . Many . Minden Sli BETTY THIBODEAUX MarthavUle Home Economics JEANNINE TRAPNELL Upper Elementary Dallas, Tex. t J J SARAN THOMAS ... St. Petersburg, Fla. Journalism MARY FRANCES TULLOS . . Mathematics Winnsboro If. JM JOHN LEIGH THOMPSON ... Waterproof Physical Education GENE JOSEPH UHRBACH Pre-Engineering Natchitoches ! ftivWl 1 § SUE THOMPSON Bayou Chicot Commerce ANNIE BELLE VISE Commerce . Homer M I 1 First Row MARY STELLA WARD Gilbert Journalism ORVAL A. WATERHOUT . . . Kirkwood, Mo. Industrial Arts BETTY LOU WATERS Dodson Journalism JOY LYNETTE WATTS .... Natchitoches Home Economics RUBY WEAVER Chestnut Library Science ROBERT E. WEIMAR Shreveport Journalism CARLOS WELCH Natchitoches Pre-Medicine Second Row WILLIAM TYLER WELCH . . . Natchitoches Commerce BILLIE RUTH WELLS Vivian Commerce DOUGLAS C. WESTBROOK .... Provencal Music MARGUERITE WHITE Pitkin Physical Education MARGARET WHITESIDE Bernice Home Economics CLOVIS LEE WILLIS Shreveport Mathematics MARY C. WILSON Ferriday Primary Education Third Row ELIZABETH WINGATE .... Baton Rouge Commerce GARY WISE Lena Pre-Medicine MARGIE WOODARD Ringgold Commerce SARA WOODFIN Logansport French GEORGE WYATT St. Maurice Chemistry JULIUS E. YELLOTT De Quincy Physical Education HARRISON J. YOUNG, JR. . . . Natchitoches Chemistry SDPHDMQHES 83 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Fir«t Row MARIE ANN ABATE Lake Charles Commerce GLORIA ACKEL . Natchitoches Commerce PAUL ADAMS, JR. Plain Dealing Agriculture ROBBIE SUE ADAMS . Coushatta Library Science A. G. ALEXANDER, JR. Natchitoches Pre-Law JEAN ALEXANDER Minden Commerce LINTON ALLEN Plain Dealing Agriculture Second Row NELL ALLEN Winnfield Psychology ROBERT L, ALLEN Florien Pre-Engineering ERNEST F. ANDERSON Roselle Park, N. J. Business Administration JEAN J. ANDREWS Trout Agriculture PEGGY JEAN ANDREWS Amite Spanish CELINDA ARAUJO . Mexico City, Mexico English PAUL WESLEY ARNOLIE, JR. . . Port Sulphur Psychology £ 1 i! CLYDE OWENS ARRINGTON Agriculture JO ANN AUSTIN GERALD AVANT KATHRYN AVANT HELEN BAKER Home Economics . Jones Shreveport Calhoun . Atlanta Wright De Ridder Marthaville JIMMIE M. BARKATE Pre-Engineering . De Quincy . Homer . Sulphur Plain Dealing Harmon GEORGE MAC BASKIN, JR. Baskin Agriculture Winnfield Commerce BUDDY BATES Fifth Row BETTY JEAN BASS Kentwood Commerce LESKER BASS Winnfield Upper Elementary MYRTIS BATES Castor Home Economics GWENDOLYN M. BATTEN . . Natchitoches Speech DOLORES BEEBE Lena Station History DONALD BENNETT Baton Rouge Physical Education ALIDA MARIE BISHOP St. Amant Home Economics ■■HHHi First Row GLORIA LYNN BLACKWELL . . Shreveport Business Administration RENA BLAKEWOOD Ida Commerce BILLIE FRANCES BLAZIER . . . West Monroe Spanish JACQUELINE BOGAN Chestnut Commerce AUSTIN G. BOLDRIDGE .... Shreveport Pre-Engineering JIMMIE BOLTON Natchitoches Art JAMES KENNETH BOND .... Port Sulphur Pre-Medicine Second Row NORMA ACOSTA BONILLA , Progreso, Honduras Commerce SANDRA BONOMO Shreveport Art JEWELL O. BOSTICK Shreveport Accounting L. ARVILLE BOONE Winnfield Business Administration PAUL BOSTON Montgomery Pre-Law EUNICE JOANN BRANDON . . . Port Sulphur Commerce MERLE BRAY Leesville Commerce Third Row JUANITA ETOSA BRIGGS Many Mathematics LOUIS RAIBORN BRILEY .... Natchitoches Agriculture BILLIE HUGH BRISTER Siepe r Chemistry JAMES DURWOOD BRITT . . . Pleasant Hill Industrial Arts BEATRICE L. BROOKS ... El Cerrito, Calif. Speech RICHARD L. BROOKS Oakdale Agriculture GWEN BROUILLETTE Plneville Physical Education ®M®(1 99Q Fourth Row PAT BROUSSARD Winnfield Commerce FAITH L. BUCKLEY Natchitoches English BESSIE OLIVE BUTLER Tallulah Business Administration MINOR A. BUTLER Vivian Journalism BRYAN KENT CAMPBELL .... Monterey Pre-Engineering JOE W. CAMPBELL Springhill Physical Education JOHNNIE MAE CAMPBELL .... Leesville Music Fifth Row MARIAN CAMPBELL New Orleans Journalism BETTY JUNE CANNON Doyline Mathematics JACK B. CANTERBURY Florien Industrial Arts RETA BYRL CARNAHAN .... Cloutierville Pre-Medicine MARVIN R. CARTER Shreveport Chemistry JULIA ELLEN CASH West Monroe Business Administration CARL CHILES Bethany Pre-Engineering Firs! Row Second Row Third Row JOSEPH D. CHOATE Journalism . Abbeville OLAN L. COFFEY . . . . Agriculture Chestnut HORACE AUBREY CORLEY Accounting . Alexandria ELNA CHRISTIAN English West Monroe MARGIE COLLINS . . Mathematics . Coushatta BILLIE JEAN CORRY ... English . Arizona SHIRLEY JEAN CLARK Shreveport Business Administration DOROTHY CONLEY ... Commerce . Rodessa DAVID LEONARD COYLE Physical Education . Springhill FRED H. CLAY . . Physical Education . . Hodge MARY ELIZABETH CONNELL . . Mathematics . Ferriday LESLIE CRABTREE Pre-Engineering Bradley, Ark. JACK CLEVELAND, JR Art Natchitoches ROY COOK Pre-Medicine . Florien WANDA SUE CRAFT Business Education . Leesville ROSEMARY COCKMAN Medical Technology . Shreveport CURTIS WAYNE COOLEY . . Journalism . De Ridder WILMA CRAIG Primary Education . . Vivian GRACE MARIAN COFER Home Economics . Shreveport SIDNEY M. COOPER . . Business Education . Dry Prong MORRIS C. CRAWFORD . . Pre-Engineering . Natchitoches $ £lL1 It Al 1 Fourth Row PHALAMAE CROMWELL ... Shreveport English THELMA H. CREECH Shreveport Elementary Education JACK CUMM1NGS Bossier City Pre-Medicine CLEO ANNE CUREINGTON . . . Alexandria Commerce BILLIE JUNE DAUM Shreveport English JOHN OSEBURN DAVID . . Alexandria Pre-Engineering JACONETTE DAVIS Zimmerman Art Fifth Row JOHN W. DAVIS Minden Pre-Medicine SID A. DEAN Ida Social Sciences LEON DeBELLEVUE Alexandria Pre-Engineering CATHERINE DeLOACH Shreveport Medical Technology MARGIE ANN DeLOACH Zwolle Primary Education TOMMY H. DeLOACH . . Winnfield Business Administration DORIS NELL DENHAM Ferriday Music First Row THOMAS O. B. DESADIER . . . Natchitoches Agriculture C. RICHARD DETHLOFF .... Natchitoches Agriculture PHILIP J. deTOURNILLON .... Alexandria Business Administration KELLAR DICK Cotton Valley Physical Education LaVONNE MARION DODEN .... Tallulah Commerce NEVA GENE DONOHOE Winnfield Commerce WILLIAM O. DREWETT Winnfield Accounting DOLORES EDITH DUGAS . . . Lake Charles Medical Technology CARL M. DURHAM Atlanta Pre-Engineering EDITHA ELIZABETH EASTMAN . . Belzoni, Miss. Library Science FRESHMEN I £1,3 ft fit 1 £ £ ( OQ I Third Row RALPH B. EDWARDS Homer Physical Education NEAL ELFERT Cheneyville Primary WALTER J. ELLENDER Sulphur Pre-Engineering BILLIE LOU ERWIN . . . . . . Lecompte Mathematics JOY ERWIN Natchitoches Home Economics ALMA ROSE ESCUDE Mansura Physical Education CONSTANCE EVANS Shreveport Commerce Fourth Row LOUISE EVANS Natchitoches Library Science TRAVIS WILLARD EVANS . . Natchitoches Physical Education WILLIS A. EVANS Natchitoches Commerce SUSIE EUGENIA EWING .... Batchelor Home Economics ARNOLD LOUIS FARMER .... Shreveport Physical Education SAM FARMER Shreveport Pharmacy EMMIT C. FARIES Blanchard Pre-Engineering 89 Fifth Row ERMA B. FERGUSON Tallulah Home Economics JUDITH ROSE FERGUSON .... Leesville Physical Education NORMA GRACE FERRILL ... Shreveport Medical Technology LAIRD CRAIG FLETCHER . . Natchitoches Pre-Engineering HOWARD F. FINLEY Olla Chemistry MARILYN FINLEY Natchitoches Music MARY EDRIS FIRTH Rodessa Art FRESHMEN Firit Row Second Row 1LENE FLEMING Commerce Oak Grove KATHRYN FUELLHART Home Economics Natchitoches ARCHIE HELEN FLOWERS History Glenmora ESSIE GABBERT . . . . Library Science Alexandria DORIS FOGLEMAN Nursing . Alexandria SIBLEY GADDIS Pre-Medicine . Bryceland JANE ELISE FORD Medical Technology Alexandria MARY ANN GANT . Texarkana, Tex. Home Economics JOHN D. FOSTER Forestry . Campti CHARLENE GILBERT Commerce . Pineville LOUISE FRASIER Commerce Winnfield MELVIN JACKSON GIDDINGS Business Administration Coushatta MARTHA ELIZABETH FREELAND Home Economics Gueydan ETHEL GIRLINGHOUSE . . Journalism . Monterey «.si§aA 11Q£ Third Row Fourth Row Fifth Row GEORGE W. GRAVES Pineville Business Administration MARCIA HALL ... Art . Vivian EUGENE J. HENRY Music . De Ridder AUBREY GRAY . . Pineville Pre-Engineering DON E. HARGIS Agriculture Natchitoches WILLIAM M. HEWITT . . Pre-Engineering . Kurthwood THOMAS HAROLD GREGORY Pleasant Hill Business Administration JO ANN HARRINGTON Medical Technology . Alexandria GENE ELIZABETH HILL ... Home Economics . Shreveport MARTHA GUNTER . Oak Grove Commerce GLORIA RUTH HARVILLE Social Studies . Leesville IRMA HILL Commerce . . . Ball SUE GWIN ... Winnfield Commerce CAROLYN HAWKINS . Mathematics . Columbia SAM HILL Pre-Engineering Natchitoches BOBBIE JEAN HALL Welsh Business Administration KATHERINE HAWKINS History . Minden IRENE HINES Medical Technology . Bethany CRAYTON G. HALL Leesville AGNES HENDRIX Social Welfare 90 Grayson AUDREY HOFF Home Economics N ew Orleans First Row SHIRLEY HOFFMAN West Monroe English FRANK F. HOLLOWAY Pollock Pre-Dentistry HERBERT HONEYCUTT Provencal Business Administration WILLETT C. HORNSBY, JR Bastrop Business Administration ELIZABETH R. HORTON .... Natchitoches Speech LEAH BETH HOUEYE Amite History MARSHALL HOUGH Minden Industrial Arts Second Row ERNEST O. HOWELL .... Richmond, Calif. Physical Education HARRY TAYLOR HYAMS . . . Natchitoches Pre-Medicine BARBARA ISDALE De Quincy Music BERNICE JACKSON Ashland Library Science CARL EDWIN JACKSON .... Natchitoches Pre-Medicine PAUL A. JACKSON Natchitoches Physical Education ELLA JAMES Boyce Physical Education Third Row BILLIE JO JOHNSON Natchitoches Art BILL RAY JOHNSON Natchitoches Business Administration CARY JOHNSON, JR Natchitoches Business Administration GLORIA GRETCHEN JOHNSON . . . Longville Commerce HARVEY JOHNSON Shreveport Physical Education RICHARD F. JOHNSTON ... Shreveport Chemistry CAROLYN J. JONES Pollock Music a ft $k J?L J£ j£ - Fourth Row DOROTHY ELAINE JONES . . . Natchitoches Physical Education MARY LEE JONES West Monroe Commerce WATHA JORDAN Florien Primary RAYMOND KAY Provencal Pre-Engineering JOHN B. KEATON Winnfield Physical Education MARGARET ANNE KELLER .... Tallulah Home Economics FRANK G. KELLEY .... Natchitoches Pre-Engineering Fifth Row SHIRLEY FERNE KEMP Jonesboro Physical Education ANNE ELIZABETH KEYES .... Waterproof Home tconomics ROSE KHOURY Sulphur Home Economics PEGGY KIDD Choudrant Music YVONNE VIRGINIA KIEFFER . . Montgomery English WARREN E. KIMBRELL .... Natchitoches Business Administration JEAN FOELLER KINGSLEY ... Pollock Medical Technology First Row Second Row LAMAR KOON ... Physics . Boyce EVELYN RUTH LANE Sociology Hravcner, Okla. SALLY LOU KRIEG Commerce . Shreveporl JOYCE CAMILLE LANE Commerce . Rayville ELIZABETH KUX . . Commerce Baton Rouge BILL LASSETER Pre-Engineering . Shreveport JANET KYSER Social Studies Natchitoches GLADYS VIRGINIA LAWRENCE Music . Castor BESS LACY Business Administration Shreveport ELISABETH LAWTON Art . Natchitoches 1AMES O. LANCASTER Business Administration . Ferrlday MICHAEL BERNARD LeBLEU Agriculture . Leesvill PAT I.ANPREAUX Physical Education . Shreveport PAUL N. I.eBLEU Pre-Engineering . . Leesvllle Third Row DALLAS STEVENSON LEE .... Ashland Agriculture RICHARD H. LEE, JR Chestnut Agriculture OWEN LEE Ringgold Pre-Engineering PAULINE LEE Many Upper Elementary MARY LOUISE LEVEE St. Joseph Journalism ESTHER LEWIS . Shr eveport Medical Technology JAMYMA ANN LEWIS Minden Mathematics ftfift % t§.i 1 A 8 J$L 1 ISA a B A §t ;a§3 ' ■WJI I Fourth Row LAVERNE LEWIS Georgetown Commerce HELEN LINDSEY Port Arthur, Tex. Music LEON WILLIAM LINDSEY . . Natchitoches Journalism ADOLFO LOPEZ, JR. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Business Administration J. ADRIAN LORRAIN Melder Pre-Medicine AVA ANNETTE LOUVIERE Iowa Home Economics VONCILLE LOWERY . . Junction City Commerce Fifth Row BETTIE McBRAYER Shreveport Commerce BETTY JEAN McCARTY Pineville History JOHN L. McCONNELL ... Natchitoches Journalism HAROLD E. McINNIS Anacoco Pre-Engineering HOLLIS GLENN McKINNEY . Leesville Business Administration MARY McLEOD Vivian Business Administration BILL McMICHAEL . Natchitoches Physical Education First Row Second Row VIRGIE MAGGIO Upper Elementary . White Castle GWENDOLYN MAYO Commerce . Tioga PEGGY ELAINE MATHESSON . Home Economics . Alexandria RAY CODY MAYO Pre-Law . . . Otis EMOJEAN MATHEWS . . . . Mathematics West Monroe ANNIE BENTLEY MAYS . . . Science . Shreveport 7 EUHEL MARTIN Pre-Engineering . Mora ALENE MELANCON Primary . Boyce J he MARTHA MARTIN ... Commerce . Bossier City TRENT O. MELDER Physical Education . Glenmora VERNITA SUE MATHIS . . Physical Education . Bonita DORIS JEAN MERCER .... Commerce . Winnfield I ' RF FTA TFIXT JULES MAYEUX Speech . Campti DELPHINE MARIE MICHEL . Commerce . Alexandria j nr. jnivir.i ilA l l® ° Third Row JERRY T. MILLER Palo Alto, Calif. Aviation BILLIE FA YE MINX Shreveport Commerce EUNICE MOBLEY Alexandria Commerce MARJORIE MONTGOMERY .... Bellwood Commerce MARGIE ELSIE MOORE Noble Commerce J. B. MORRIS Epps Agriculture KENNETH MORROW De Ridder Agriculture Fourth Row CHARLES HENRY MORTON .... Mansfield Physical Education KENNETH MOTT Natchitoches Commerce ROBERT P. MUNNERLYN Ida Music CLEO MURRY Dry Prong Commerce FREDA MAE NEAL Montgomery Home Economics BETTY NELSON De Quincy Elementary Education LOIS MILDRED NELSON Ball Commerce 93 Fifth Row HELEN NICHOLS DeRidder Business Administration ALFONSO NICOSIA Winnsboro Agriculture DORIS NOEL Converse Commerce MARY GWENDOLYN NORSWORTHY . Shrevepo rt Art PATRICIA O ' DONNELL . . . Barksdale Field Speech JACQUELINE OLIVIER Ville Platte Home Economics BILLIE SUE ORR Natchitoches Physical Education FRESHMEN Bunkie Minden Fiitl How CLAUDIA BERYL OVERBEY Pre-Nursing JANETTE PACE Commerce HYLAND D. PACKARD Melville Pre-Engineering EDWARD PALMER Leesville Music MARLIN LACY PARHAM Winnfield Pre-Denlistry Second Row MIGNON REBECCA PATTON ... Homer Physical Education MARY LOUISE PENTECOST ... Florien Upper Elementary EFRAIN PEREZ PEREZ Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Agriculture BUDDY PATTERSON Mooringsport Physical Education BETTY JEAN PETTITT §.£ £ $ % H1.1 Third Row EVELYN PILGRIM Robeline Commerce MARTHA ANNA PIXLEY Haynesville Upper Elementary MARJORIE PLUNKETT Winnfield Commerce JAMES DUMONT POOLE Leesville Pre-Engineering JAMES POOLE Natchitoches Physical Education CLARENCE POPE. JR Shreveport Pre-Medicine ANTOINETTE PROVENZANO . . Natchitoches Music Fourth Row ANNE POWELL Natchitoches Home Economics ROGER R. PRESLEY Blanchard Pre-Engineering HENRY Q. PUGH . . Many Business Administration JOAN MARIE PUISSEGUR . . Shreveport Business Administration ARTIE OUINN Glenmora Home Economics BILLY OUINN . . Sarepta Physical Education EARL RACHAL Cypress Accounting 94 Fifth Row RABORN D. RAINS Belmont Agriculture REED A. RAINS Marthaville Physical Education EDWINA FALCY Hall Summit Commerce RUTH REDD Pineville Physical Education HOYT J. REED . Pleasant Hill Physical Education BERNICE STELLA REMONT . . . Cut Off Dietetics ROY JAMES REMONT Cut Off Pre-Ministry First Row HOPE RICHARD Franklin Physical Education WILLIAM F. RISHER New Orleans Physical Education BOBBY ROAN Alexandria Accounting THEODORE ROBERTS Zwolle Pre-Law JOHNNY ROBERTSON Bossier City Physical Education ALICE ANN ROBEY Shreveport Commerce WANDA LYNN ROBINSON . . . Golden, Tex. Commerce Second Row EULALIE ROGE Cloutierville Physical Education RAY M. ROGERS Natchitoches Forestry NORRIS J. RUSHING Gonzalez Industrial Arts JACK S. RYLAND Alexandria Business Administration MARY FRANCES SANDERS .... Minden Commerce GEORGE L. SARTAIN . . Heavener, Okla. Business Administration THELMA F. SCOTT Pineville Commerce Third Row ANN STERKX Alexandria Physical Education BOBBIE SHAMBURGER .... Mooringsport Art CHARLINE SHAW Ringgold Home Economics JAMES W. SHAW Zwolle Pre-Engineering MARYNM SHAW Homer Medical Technology RAYMOND SHETLEY Winnfield Industrial Arts JACK SHOOK De Ridder Music tat . 4, M fc Fourth Row Fifth Row JACK SIBLEY Natchitoches ELIZABETH ANN SIMMONS . Pre-Dentistry Social Sciences MAXINE SIBLEY Florien DELMUS THEODORE SINCLAIR Commerce Agriculture FRANCEZ SIGLER . ..... Coushatta ARCHIE F. SINGLETARY, JR. . Home Economics Journalism ARNOLD L. SIKES Winnfield BEVERLY ANN SINGLETARY . Business Administration Special EVELYN SIKES Shreveport BYRON C. SLAID Music Journalism GERALDINE SIMMONS De Ridder BARBARA FAY SLAWSON . . Business Administration Music PAUL REED SIMMONS, JR. . . . Natchez, Miss. MARLIN SLEDGE Music Mathematics . Athens . Baskin . Winnfield . Alexandria Montgomery . Mansfield . Ringgold ■ First Row AUDREY SMITH Orange, Tex. Commerce DOROTHY NELL SMITH ... Jamestown Commerce FLOY RAE SMITH . Rodessa Business Administration FRANKLIN SMITH .... Rodessa Pre-Mediclne HUBERT SMITH . . Eunice Agriculture JAMES SMITH . Hall Summit Agriculture LAURA JEAN SMITH ... Coushatta Commerce Second Row MARY ELIZABETH SMITH Bonlta Physical Education SAYDIE MAYE SMITH Alto Commerce MELBA SPIKES Longvllle Commerce ALBERT L. STEPHENS Coushatta Pre-Medicine REUBEN STOGNER Haynesville Pre-Engineering EDITH JOY STOTHART Coushatta Music CLAUDE STOUTAMIRE . . Tallahassee, Fla. Physical Education Third Row MARION STOVALL Natchitoches Library Science WILLIAM BURROUGHS STOVALL . Natchitoches Physics MARY NELL SULLIVAN Zwolle Commerce EDWARD TARVER Winnfield Physical Education KATHERINE E. TAYLOR Winnfield Upper Elementary REX H. TAYLOR . . . . Shrevepoii Business Administration W. E. TAYLOR, JR Bossier City Pre-Medicine Fourth Row HOYE WILLIAM TERRELL ... Leesville Pre-Engineering CHRISTINE TESTA Waterproof Physical Education GLORIA JEAN THACKER Belcher Commerce ELIZABETH ANN THOMAS . . St. Joseph Commerce HERBERT B. THOMAS Winnfield Business Administration CHARLES THOMPSON Leesville Social Sciences DONA MAE THOMPSON . . . Waterproof Mathematics Fifth Row J. M. THOMPSON Shreveport Accounting HUBERT ARTHUR THRASHER .... Many Pre-Ministry HAWKINS LINUS TILLMAN ... Columbia Pre-Engineering ROBERT G. TOLAR ... Natchitoches Pre-Engineering RUTH N. TORRES St. Bernard Commerce ALICE TRAMMEL . Vowell ' s Mill Physical Education DOT TULLOS Chatham Music l, ' — r First Row DOUGLAS TYLER Pleasant Hill Commerce MARY LOIS TYSON Verda Commerce THOMAS CHARLES VALENTINE . . . Mitchell Agriculture CAROL VALLERY Lena Home Economics BEVERLY VEILLON Ville Platte Library Science DOROTHY DEAN VERNON Vivian Upper Elementary- Second Row CLARA LOUISE WAILES .... Natchitoches Commerce F RANCILLE WALKER Shongaloo Home Economics JUNE WALLACE Verda Home Economics ELLA JEAN WALSWORTH .... Winnfield Music VERLA WALTON Rodessa Upper Elementary WILLIAM LEON WATTS . . Kirksville, Mo. Mathematics FRESHMEN ui 1 1 r G 1®M Third Row JAMES B. WELCH Natchitoches Pre-Engineering BEN D. WEST Leesville Agriculture JOHNNIE C. WEST Shreveport Physical Education B. F. WESTBROOK, JR Provencal Business Administration CHARLES VINCENT WHATLEY .... Trout Agriculture JOY FAYE WHEELER Shreveport Music Fourth Row JOHN W. WIDNER Plneville Journalism CLARENCE HOUSTON WIGGINS . Natchitoches Pre-Engineering MARY ANN WILGUS Ferriday Music CLYDE E. WILLIAMS Many Pre-Engineering LA JUANA WILLIAMS Mansfield Library Science MARJORIE DEAN WILLIAMS ... Florien Upper Elementary 97 Fifth Row RUTH WILLIAMS Many Upper Elementary EMILY DEAN WILLIS Doyline Social Sciences JACK B. WISE Lena Pre-Law JERRY E. WISE Lena Journalism HELEN MARIEE WOODS Oil City Primary Education JAMES R. WOLF Kilgore, Tex. Physical Education MARY STELLA WOOLFOLK .... Zachary Journalism w 1 HpP ; 1 JVJg - % : • ji :, ' i£85fc- .. Efc ! BW_ r ' -0»-- 41 bybbF s» A FEATURES ■ - » ill fidd cJLaiian ( unninqnam 9 XM i i Judging on the basis of personal appearance and photographic like- nesses, Lt. Governor Emile Verret and Attorney General Fred S. Le Blanc chose 17 coeds as the loveli- est of a group of 34 candidates nominated by a committee com- posed of male students. Photo- graphs of these 17 lovelies were then sent to John Robert Powers, director of the Powers Charm School and widely-known connois- seur of feminine beauty, who ranked pictures of the selectees in the order of their appeal to him on the criteria of natural beauty, personality and intelligence. JOHN ROBERT POWERS MISS MILLIE JO PULLEY MISS DORIS HUCKABAY ArA ' jd llHarqaret Arbinqton 9 9 MISS BARBARA GREEN MISS LOU WILCOX ll ' llss J rope l ichard MISS MARYNM SHAW fvlisA d ellu C aaers MISS MAXINE SQUYRES MISS NELL DENHAM ill lis A Aohnnie A a MISS ROSALYN MERRITT med MISS CAMILLE CADE MISS ALMA ROSE ESCUDE MISS HELEN NICHOLS IllHiss Cjene J4ili HR ; 5 ■ HKHB i ■ , - 1 1 ■ 1 Be- • f Jj _ m • , M I S S POTPOURRI SUSAN JDNES Centered among the carnival of gay Christmas decorations for the Fourth Annual Potpourri Ball was a mammoth silver bell. Through this bell, on the night of December 14, crashed Miss Potpourri of 1947 — Miss Susan Jones — who was selected by the staff of the yearbook. Presented with Miss Potpourri was her court of 12 maids. This presentation was the highlight of an evening of danc- ing, confetti throwing, serpentine tangling, snow falling, and balloon bombardment, which marked the Fourth Annual Potpourri Ball, acclaimed as one of the most successful dances ever staged on the campus. I First Row: Rusillon, Huckabay, Anthony, Levee. Second Row: Eggers, Duncan, Simmons, Beazley, Jones, Murray, Cunningham, Jines, Squires. THE COURT cJLeaderikip ooperatlon BETTY SUE ALLISON SENIOR HALL RICHARD GROOME BETTY JEAN KUHN ODEYNE H. MYERS BOBBIE ANTHONY RICHARD DEAN BETTY EGGERS DF FAME . , JOHN A. VIGE Dependability ckolardnip " DOIN (WE CALL THIS ONE FAKIN 11 m ' i mm «BS rii EVENING STROLL m OS .] TET ATHLETICS YEA PURPLE YEA WHITE YEA DEMONS FIGHT! FIGHT To synchronize the atomic shouts of excited Demon spectators, and to breathe oxygen on the candle of sideline spirit when it threatened to burn low have been the two big jobs of the cheerleading team elected early last fall by the Student Body. They have done their jobs well. Their yells, their motivating sturs directed toward timid students, their lively gymnastics and their sparkling spirit are things we shall remember as an important part of athletic scenes during the past year. McGraw, Young, Pulley, Farmer, Broussard. and Uhrbach e . . . , - V i i MHMMMi H FOOTBALL NORTHWESTERN fT5 £ ( s - 969« " G. Barkate. Center; E. Chachere. Guard; F. Clay. Back; L. Coyle, Back; J. Cram. End. I. Jackson. Back; B. Jantz. Back; B. Johnson, Back; C. Johnson, Back; H. Johnson. Back. P. Landry. End; R. Landry. Back; W. Lutring. End; R. McFarland. Tackle; G. Madden. Back. Randall. Back: H. Rhodes. Back; J. Robinson. Guard; H. Smith. Guard; J. Tarlton. Center; J. Thompson, Back. DEMONS ■ ■■ W. Cummings. End; L. Denham. Guard; L. Dunn. Guard; E. Howell, End; B. Hudson, End. A. Jones, Tackle; R. Jones. Back; B. Kealon, Tackle; J. Lancaster, Center; P. Landreaux, Center. R. Maddry, Tackle; I. Montgomery, Center; A. Nicosia. Back; S. Powell. Back; B. Quinn, Back. H. Tinsley. Guard; H. Tripp, Tackle; A. Vige. Back; D. White, Back; J. White. End; P. White. Guard. 133 A STDRY DF THE YEAR Top: Mississippi Southern back floats thru the air — courtesy oi Tinsley. Center: Fkce-kick artist. Tinsley, converts point in State Fair game. Bottom: Rhodes circles end in Stephen F. Austin fray. SEASON University of Arkansas East Texas Teachers . Louisiana College Southeastern College Louisiana Tech Ouachita College Mississippi Southern Southwestern Stephen F. Austin Mississippi State 21; N. S.C. 32; N. S.C. 0; N. S.C. 13; N. S.C. 14; N.S.C. 14; N.S.C. 6; N.S.C. 14; N.S.C. 6; N.S.C. 27; N.S.C. Lumberjacks ' back " ain ' t going no further " lames White snatches pass from Bobby Johnson to set up last touchdown of season. The first game of the season was a real trial for the Demons as they journeyed to Fayetteville to meet the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. The Score? The Demons didn ' t run off with the game — but neither did the Razorbacks. The second game was not a pleasing spectacle for the Demons and their supporters. Playing on a muddy field in a slow drizzle, the Demons bowed to the Lions of East Texas. The third game, however, ended in a victory for the Demons as they stomped the Louisiana College Wildcats at Alexandria. The fourth game, another defeat, came as the Demons journeyed to the Strawberry land to meet the Southeastern Lions at Hammond. Bounding back from the game with Southeastern, the Demons went to Shreveport to be defeated by one touchdown in the thriller of the season at the State Fair. The last five games, four played at home, added spice to the season. The Demons won three. The first home game was with Ouachita in which the Demons, scoring in every period of the game, came out with a margin of 5 touchdowns. In the seventh game of the season the Demons nosed out the Mississippi South- erners by a conversion. The winning streak of the Demons was broken in the eighth game when they journeyed away from home to meet the Mississippi State Maroons. The Demons suffered their only home loss when they played the Southwestern Bulldogs. The Bulldogs went home singing to the tune of a two-touch- down victory after a game that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. The Demons rounded out the ' 46 season when they downed the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. The defeat of the Lumberjacks boosted the Demons ' victories to four against six defeats, and brought to a close one of the stiffest schedules in Demon football history. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. 21; N.S.C., 14 Playing in the first game of the season, the Demons journeyed to Fayetteville, Arkansas, where they met the University of Arkansas, Southwestern Conference Champions, and upset all pre-game dope by virtually stomping the hard charging Razorbacks and battling them to a close score of 21 to 14. The locals amazed the overconfident Arkansas sup- porters when they held the Razorbacks scoreless throughout the first half. The iron defense of the Purple and White forward wall stopped the continual line plunges and end runs of the highly publicized Scott and Fowler throughout the first period but fell before the powerful onslaught launched by Holland and Hoff- man, whose play resulted in three tallies in the third quarter. Early in the last period of the game the inert Demon offense was unloosed and before the final whistle the locals had scored two touchdowns and were threaten- ing another. The first tally was made by " Dusty " Rhodes who sparked the Purple and White backfield and made several break-away runs against the strong Razorbacks that put the ball in scoring position. The second marker was made when Billy LeMier, reserve blocking back, caught a blocked punt and scampered Demon Coaching Staff, left to right: Alvin W. Brown, backfield coach; Harry Turpin, head coach and line coach; James Shultz, assistant backfield coach; and Walter P. Ledet, end coach. Managers, left to right: Curry. Manning. Ledet. Schaddinger (Head Manager). 30 yards to pay dirt, son off with a bang. Yes, the Demons started the sea- EAST TEXAS TEACHERS. 32; N. S. C One week after the season ' s opener the Demons took to the road again to engage the East Texas Teachers of Commerce, Texas. The local gridmen entered the fray swelled with overconfidence and covered by bruises acquired in the same game with Arkansas; and even though favored in the contest, they fell before an aerial attack that netted the Texans 32 points. The game, which was played during a light rain on a soggy field, was a nip and tuck affair throughout the first period; but the Lions, paced by a passing, 210- pound back, unleased a passing attack that netted them three tallies before the half. The Demons were unable to recuperate from the Lefty Johnson punts the Demons out of trouble in the opener with Arkansas. Some sit down — some stand — while the Demons score against Stephen F. Austin. 19 to score at the half, and the Texans pushed over two more touchdowns before the final whistle. LOUISIANA COLLEGE, 0; N. S. C. 40 With rivalry and spirit running high after Louisiana College ' s artistic painting of the campus, Coach Turpin ' s gridmen, accompanied by a large portion of the student bcdy, traveled to Pineville to ruin the Louisiana College Homecoming by swamping the Wildcats 40 to in a one-sided conference encounter. This game, which marked the renewal of the tra- ditional meeting of the two teams, turned out to be a track meet for the locals, with touchdowns scored practically at will and in every quarter of the game. Coach Turpin used all of his reserves in the game by playing a total of 50 men. The Demons started the ball rolling early in the game when Bill Noonan capitalized on a blocked kick and covered the ball inside the opponents goal line for a touchdown. Also scoring in the first half were Roy Landry and Bill Quinn. They scored on 20 and 10 yard runs respectively. With the score 19 to at the half the Demons launched another scoring spree which netted them Nattily attired Freshmen give Demons a rousing boost in the first home game. Eobby Johnson " scats " around right end in fateful Tech game three more touchdowns. Bamrick, Powell and Loupe carried the oval for these tallies. SOUTHEASTERN COLLEGE. 13; N. S. C The Demons lost their first conference game one week after the swamping of Louisiana College to the Southeastern Lions at Hammond, in a game that was played in a driving rain and on a sloppy field. Due to the weather the game was defensive on the part of both teams but the Lions proved a bit stronger by pushing over two touchdowns in the last half, to defeat the Demons 13 to 0. The first half of the fray was primarily a punting and fumbling duel with neither team able to launch a threatening offensive. In the final period of the game the fleet Southeastern backs, Davis and Underwood, broke the Demon defense and scampered for touch- downs. A Southwesterner gets spilled in heartbreaking Homecoming classic Another Tech man hit the dust, but scored the winning touchdown on play. Tinsley kicking, Bambrick holding. Arkansas Razorbacks trying vainly to block. The local ' s offense against the team that later won the Louisiana Intercollegiate Conference was sparked by Carlton Johnson, who was the leading ground- gainer for the Demons. His continual line plunges and off-tackle runs were thought by many the most out- standing offensive efforts in the game. LOUISIANA TECH, 14; N. S. C 7 In the renewal of the traditional State Fair game with Louisiana Tech, the Demons lost the heartbreaker of the season, 14 to 7. The game was preceded with all of the gala rivalry of the old days, guarding the campus, capturing Tech invaders, special train to Shreveport, pep meeting, etc. The game began under a hot summer-like sun, with the stands filled practically to capacity. The first score was set up during the first period when Tech recovered the ball on the Demons ' 30-yard line and drove on to pay dirt with several line plays and a final end run. The jpjf extra point was good. The locals fought back when Bill Noonan took the ball on his own 30 and sprinted to the Tech 10, but the Demons failed to go over and the quarter ended. In the second quarter the Demons struck early through the air when Tommy Bambrick passed to " Dusty " Rhodes, who raced to the three before he was thrown out of bounds. Bambrick bucked the line for the necessary three yards that netted the Demons ' only touchdown. Tinsley made the conversion and tied the score. This was the Demons ' first successful attempt of the season to use aerial offense. In the same period Tech received the kickoff and after two plays tossed a long pass that was good for the second Bulldog touch- down. The extra point was good and Tech again took the lead, 14 to 7. All the scoring came during the first half, but only the stubborn Tech line held the many Demon attacks that came in the second half. OUCHITA COLLEGE, 14; N. S. C 47 After a not too successful five-game road stand, the Demons opened their home schedule by swamping the Ouachita Tigers from Arkadelphia, Arkansas, 47 to 14, in a night game that was played before one of the season ' s largest crowds. Coach Turpin ' s gridmen combined a powerful ground offense with an aerial attack to amass a net gain of 615 yards from scrimmage, their highest total gained during the season. Tommy Bambrick started the scoring fest early in the first quarter by bucking the Tiger line and carrying the ball over from the three-yard line. Also scoring in the first half were Noonan and Ouinn, Noonan on a pass from Johnson and Quinn on an end run. The Tigers scored one of their tallies in the first half on a pass play. Demons " just takin ' it easy " before the big battle with the Bulldogs The halftime ceremonies featured the annual fresh- man snake dance with the pajama-clad freshmen adding color to this very successful first home game. With the score 20 to 7 at the beginning of the third period, Bambrick, Noonan, and Quinn carried the pigskin over for four more tallies before the game ended. Quinn, reserve tailback, took the scoring honors by making three of the local ' s seven touchdowns in the fray. Oua- chita practically " saved face " by scoring one more touchdown on a pass play. MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN. 6; N. S. C 7 Again the Purple and White played on the home field — and again they came out on the winning side. This time the ever charging Demons defeated the Southerners, the team that had been been beaten only by Auburn. Although rated above the Demons, the boys from This stubborn S. L. I. Bulldog stops Demon Drive And just lo think. Mr. Mouser — they all got in free Bill Noonan makes one of his sensational catches in the Tech game. (He made several more). Mississippi were outplayed throughout the entire game. All attempts at aerial offense proved to be unsuccessful; so the game resolved to plenty of grueling ground work. The Demons ' only touchdown came during the first quarter when " Dusty " Rhodes on a reverse from Tommy Bambrick sprinted 70 yards, one of the season ' s longest and most spectacular runs, to dodge six would- be tacklers and go over for a touchdown standing up. Harold Tinsley clinched the victory by converting the extra point. The Southerner ' s touchdown came during the third period. Lewis, one of the visiting ends, blocked a punt off the toe of Carlton Johnson, which was covered on the 20-yard line. The ball was then carried to the one- yard line and on the next play came the Southerner ' s only touchdown. The kick was bad for the conversion which handed the game to the Demons. The remainder of the game turned out to be a punting duel with Carlton Johnson keeping the Mississippians ' backs to the wall with his well educated left toe. MISSISSIPPI STATE. 27; N. S. C. Playing their second highly publicized University team, the Northwestern State football squad journeyed to Starkville, Mississippi, to meet the Mississippi State Maroons. The game, which was scheduled late in the season, was dropped by the Demons, 27 to 0. Unlike the Arkansas encounter, the Demons were unable to score a touchdown against this strong South- eastern Conference foe, and resorted to defensive play Hard charging Roy Landry adds his bit to the upset of Mississippi State. Given good down field blocking. Thompson charges through Tech ' s line. against the Maroons. Harold Tinsley, place-kick artist, turned out the stellar performance in the Purple and White forward wall. The Maroons, whose line-up contained such stars as Harper Davis, " Shorty " McWilliams, and Eagle Mater- lick proved to be too powerful for the Demons. The Mississippians scored their four touchdowns on scat- tered drives and the strong defense thrown up by the locals was comparatively stronger than the one by Auburn, Mississippi University and other university teams. STEPHEN F. AUSTIN. 6; N. S. C 27 The Demons added the finishing touches to the 1946 football season when they defeated the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks, 27 to 6. Neither team scored dur- ing the first quarter, but both came back to score during the second. The Demons made two, while the Lumber- jacks made only one. This was the Texans ' only tally, but the Demons succeeded in scoring also during the third and fourth periods. The first touchdown was carried over from the four-yard line by David White. Austin Wilson in the same period scored from the two- yard line. The third tally was made by John Tarlton when he intercepted a Lumberjack pass and sprinted 55 yards to pay dirt. The last touchdown came after a 20-yard pass from Bobby Johnson to James White, that carried the ball to the four-yard line. David White, after several line plunges, broke through the Lumberjack defense and scored. Not to be forgotten are Harold Tinsley ' s three conversions which added up to give the locals a final score of 27 points. SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE. 13; N. S. C. Homecoming was a success. But the Homecoming football game was not, with the Demons dropping a hard-fought game 13 to before a packed stadium of alumni, students and visitors. The Demons, who the week before were bunged-up at the hands of the Mississippi State Maroons, lacked the defensive power that they had displayed in preced- ing games. The game was a nip and tuck affair throughout the first half with the locals holding the edge in yards gained from scrimmage, but the visitors unleased a hard Rhodes flying low on one of his long sprints driving ground offensive that netted them two touch- downs before the final whistle blew. Scoring for the Bulldogs were Budd and Fakier, who after a series of off-tackle plays and end runs carried the pigskin over for the decisive tallies of the contest. All in all, the Purple and White squad was not out- played, and the strong forward wall of the locals were rarely penetrated by the driving backs of the visiting eleven. Demon Captains. Miears and Bambrick " talkin ' it over " before the Tech game. -and they say football isn ' t rough any more Vq s V ' $Td l ; ?1l i fife ' i i§fe ' i rtgfe t £ £ p ! 27 OK ' iV« ft i s AJN ' s- ' 3jJ«a Winning thirteen of their scheduled games and losing only three, the 1946-47 Demon basketball team will go down in the annals of Northwestern State cage history as the team that tied for the Louisiana Intercollegiate Conference championship and re- ceived the right to represent the local districts in two post-season tournaments. Beginning his thirty-fourth continuous season as head basketball coach, H. Lee Prather began the year with practically the same line-up of the Dreced- ing season, and a large number of returned ex- perienced hardwood performers. Topping the list of players were: Ocie Richie, 1942-46 letterman and the only senior on the squad; Bob Dorcheus, also a two- year letterman; Claude Stoutamire, freshman, and a newcomer from the deep south in Florida; Wallace BASKETBALL Prather, son of the coach and a junior letterman from former years; Frank Lampkin, an experienced per- former who returned from the service to take up where he left off in 1943, and Ralph Ward, a former teammate of Prather and Richie at the college in pre- war days. This aggregation of experienced players shared top honors in the L. I. C. with Southwestern and Louisiana Tech, with each team winning eight and losing two conference games. Each of the three top teams split their two-game series with the other and the Demons clinched their portion of the honors by defeating Southwestern in the deciding game of the conference. Coach Prather ' s cagers began their season by dropping the opener to the Stephen F. Austin Lum- berjacks by a two-point margin. This defeat was promptly avenged two weeks later when the Demons reciprocated by edging the Lumberjacks out by two points. The second loss was at the hands of South- western, but the locals also avenged this defeat by This loss marked the second meeting of the two downing the Bulldogs in the decisive game of the strong quintets with the Northwestern State cagers conference. The heart-breaker of the season came downing the traditional rivals the preceding week when the Demons fell before the Tech Bulldogs in at Tech. The chief victim of the season for the the only home loss of the year and lost the chance Demons was the Centenary Gentlemen who were of being the sole possessor of the L. I. C. crown. thrice defeated by the locals. 143 The game at Tech began well — ended well. INTERCOLLEGIATE CONFERENCE At me completion of the regular season of scheduled games Coach Prather ' s cagemen were sporting a record that awarded them the possibility of representing the Louisiana district in two post-season tournaments. The first tournament was the Southern Intercollegiate Ath- letic Association basketball tourney in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and the locals clinched the invitation to this CO-CHAMPIONS cage meet by downing the Centenary Gentlemen 44 to 35 in the final scheduled game of the year. The Demons earned the right to represent their district at Kansas City in the National Intercollegiate Basketball Association tournament by defeating Loyola University of the South, 58 to 45, and Centenary, 38 to 36, in a three game play-off held here. Competing in the Bowling Green tourney, held March 5 through 8, the locals were defeated in the first gaem 82 to 50, by the Western Kentucky Teachers, who later went on to win their seventh consecutive S. I. A. A. basketball championship. Even though defeated in their first game, the locals placed two men on the all- S. I. A. A. tournament team. Claude Stoutamire, who was high-point man for the Demons in their game with the Kentuckians, and Ocie Richie, stellar center who Pralher chalks up two points Stoutamire " jumps " one in against the Lumberjacks Centenary plays like this all the time The Lumberjacks got lost in a " forest " scored 17 points in this game were placed on this mythical team. Immediately after Bowling Green play, the North- westerners traveled to Kansas City to participate in the N. I. B. A. tourney. Here they were also unsuccessful and were eliminated in the first round by Whittier College of Whittier, California, 70 to 56. Leading the Demons scoring in this game against the fast quintet from the west coast were Ocie Richie and Claude Stoutamire, who scored 17 and 13 points respectively. During the 1947 season the Demon basketball squad amassed a total of 1,224 points to their opponents 951, in twenty games. In the sixteen regularly scheduled games an impressive number of 1,022 points to the Dorcheus has to get high to sink one against Loyola opponents 718 points was garnered. In all games the average score per game for the locals was 61 to the opponents 47 and in the sixteen scheduled games the average was 63 to 44. Leading the individual scoring on the Northwestern State cage team was Ocie Richie, who hit the basket to the tune of 353 points in twenty games for an average of 17.5 points per contest. Richie ' s high scoring gained him first place honors in the L. I. C. and by sinking a total of 32 points in the game with Southeastern he set a new scoring record for a single game in the confer- ence. Claude Stoutamire was the second high scorer of the 1947 Purple and White, scoring 289 points during the entire season. Stoutamire and Richie gained individual honors dur- ing the season by gaining positions on the mythical S. I. A. A. conference and L. I. C. conference teams. Frank Lampkin was also placed on the L .1. C. team. Lampkin from center oi court, makes two points to add injury to insult 1947 SEASON N. S. C 55; Stephen F. Austin ... 57 N. S. C 71; Barksdale Field . ... 36 N. S. C 65; Mississippi College . .31 N. S. C 52; Stephen F. Austin . . . 50 N. S. C 82; Peru (Nebraska) .... 52 N. S. C 73; Louisiana College .27 N. S. C 65; Southeastern College . . 48 N. S. C 61; Southwestern College . 76 N. S. C 52; Centenary College .38 N. S. C . 79; Southeastern College . . 24 N. S. C 86; Barksdale Field .52 N. S. C 56; Louisiana Tech . ... 53 N. S. C 37; Louisiana Tech . ... 48 N. S. C. . . . . 84; Louisiana College 37 N. S. C 60; Southwestern College 54 N. S. C 44; Centenary College . . 35 Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association Tournament N. S. C 50; Western Ky. Teachers 82 National Intercollegiate Basketball Association Tournament N. S. C 56; Whittier College ... 70 N. I. B. A. Play-Off N. S. C. . . . . . 58; Loyola University 45 N. S.C. . . . . . . 38; Centenary College . 36 You would never guess it but Southwestern was in the game too. BASEBALL Tui the lirst season since 1941 when intercollegiate ill was suspended from the college athletic calen- dar because of the state of national emergency, North- western State fielded a baseball nine in college com- petitive baseball circles. Resuming his position as head coach of the Purple and White squad is Alvin W. " Cracker " Brown, mentor of the 1940 and ' 41 Demon nine. His 1947 aggregation of players include men with various ranges of experi- ence, and none having competed in college varsity ball. The twenty-nine man squad began workouts early in 1947 and opened their season agains t Centenary College March 29th. Playing a full schedule of sixteen conference games, the 1947 squad has on it ' s docket a four-game series with each of the competing L. I. C. teams. This tough schedule includes clashes with Louisiana College, Louisiana Tech, Southwestern, and Southeastern. As the POTPOURRI goes to press only two of the contests have been played with the locals winning both by large margins. In the first tilt they downed the Centenary Gentlemen, 15 to 2, and blasted the Louisiana College nine 16 to 2, in the second. With emphasis placed on batting power, the strong Demon contemporaries unleashed powerful first inning attacks that clinched the victories. Looking forward to continuing their domination of L. I. C. track, the 1947 Demon track squad began the season with a large group of freshman performers and a nucleus of eight men from the Louisiana Intercollegiate Conference Championship team of 1946. The 1947 season marks the twenty-first consecutive season that the local cindermen have been under the direction of Coach Harry " Rags " Turpin. Assisting Head Coach Turpin with the Purple and White squad are Coaches James Shultz and Walter Ledet. This year ' s squad faces a tough schedule which includes the Southwestern Relay Carnival at Lafayette, dual meets with L. S. U., and S. L. I. and the L. I. C. Conference meet in Alexandria. As the POTPOURRI goes to press the lqcals have competed in only one of these events, the Southwestern Relay Carnival, March 22. Competing against teams from L. S. U., Rice, Tulane, and Southwestern, the locals placed third in the meet. TRACK MEN AND WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS With the great number of returned male students to the campus, the men ' s intramural program, under the direction of Walter Ledet end Guy Nesom, wes successfully returned to the pre-war status. Much interest was shown by the men students for participation in the well rounded program. The clendar included ping pong, touch football, swimming, volleyball, handball, basketball, free- throws, horseshoes, badminton, tennis, track, softball and golf. The women ' s program of intramurcl activities was also broad- ened and was under the direction of Elizabeth Cunningham. A rcster of events relative to the men ' s intramural program was conducted throughout the year and provided an opportunity for all college coeds to participate. Both programs were conducted on a group competitive basis. - ll FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES First Row: Allison, Cade, Goslin, Glover, Anthony. Second Row: lines, Wilcox, Baird, Felscher, Hurley. Third Row: Myers, Clouticr, Zachary, Martin, Stanberry. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of three representatives from each of the five sororities, and tends to foster a friendlier attitude among the sororities. Each year it sponsors two social events, a tea in the fall for the new women students and a formal dance in the spring. OFFICERS BETTY SUE ALLICON President CAROLYN GLOVER . Corresponding Secretary CAMILLE CADE Vicf -President BOBBIE ANTHONY Treasurer OCILE GOSLIN Recording Secretary MISS MARTHA GANNAWAY Faculty Adviser MEMBERS BETTY SUE ALLISON I OCILE GOSLIN hit BOBBIE ANTHONY EI2 DOROTHY HURLEY EIZ TOMMIE BAIRD 821 BLANCHE JINES AI CAMILLE CADE All ELSIE MARTIN tiki MARIE CLOUTIER All BOBBIE MYERS U v PATRICIA FELSCHER II K I SYBIL STANBERRY III CAROLYN GLOVER 1IKL LOU WILCOX AIE ODETTE ZACHARY PIT First Row: Kelly, Willis, McLoughlin, Hudson. Second Row: Flory, Cummings, Landry, Stothart, Dorcheus. MEN ' S INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity Council was organized at the college in the spring term of 1938 to create a more congenial relationship among the fraternities on the campus. The organization is composed of three elected representatives from each of the three social fraternities on the campus and directs all fraternity affairs, espe cially those matters in regard to rushing and pledging, and has the authority to settle those matters of controversial nature which arise among the fraternities. OFFICERS EDWIN KELLY President BILL McLOUGHLIN WILFRED CUMMINGS SIT ROBERT DORCHEUS SIT WILLIAM FLORY AZ RALPH HUDSON t KN AL WILLIS . . . AL WILLIS Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer EDWIN KELLY KN PURVIS LANDRY KN BILL McLOUGHLIN ZTr DON M. STOTHART AZ AZ 155 r u i 4 ii n i i it CAMILLE CADE President Delta Sigma Epsilon was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, September 23, 1914 and installed at Northwestern State College in 1926. Colors: Olive green and cream. Flower: Cream tea rose. MEMBERS 2 i : Margaret Barnes, Ruth Bates, Betty Beazley, Jimmielene Black, Jackie Bogan, Camille Cade, Peggy Casemore, Marie Cloutier, Thelma Creech, Gene Hill, Vera May Hodge, Elizabeth Horton, Frances Jarmon, Elaine Jones, Sally Lou Kreig, Bess Lacy, Mai Levee, Ester Lewis, Gloria Maguire, Delphine Michell, Eunice Mobley, Norma Morvant, Patricia O ' Donnell, Polly Polk, Milley Jo Pulley, Joan Puisegur, Gloria Robinson, Betty Swift, Ann Van Cleave, Lou Wilcox, Elizabeth Wingate, Johnnie Wise. Ill MA OFFICERS CAMILLE CADE President LOU WILCOX Vice-President JIMMIELENE BLACK Recording Secretary MARIE CLOUTIER Corresponding Secretary MARGARET BARNES Treasurer PATRONESSES Mrs. C. C. Stroud, Mrs. Charlotte Alleman, Mrs. Mattie Brezeale. First Row: Barnes, Bates, Beazley, Casemore, Cloutier, Hill, Hodge. Second Row: larmon, Jones, Lacy, Levee, Lewis, Michell, Mobley. Third Row: Morvant, O ' Donnell, Puisegur, Pulley, Robinson, Swift, Wilcox. [I D OFFICERS BOBBIE ANTHONY President MARY LEE BUTLER . Vice-President DOROTHY HURLEY Recording Secretary DORIS OTT . . . Corresponding Secretary EVE MOUTON PATRONESSES Mrs. R. B. Williams, Mrs. Edwin McClung. Faculty Sponsor First Row: B. Adams, S. Adams, Bailey, Baker, Batten, Beazley, H. B:ndix, V. Bendix, Bolton, Butler. Second Row: Erouillette, C. Coclc M. Cocke, Collier, Craig, Cunningham, DeLoach, Duncan, Eagleton, Evans. Third Row: Eznack, Fuelhart, Freeland, Green, Guant, H - vston, Hurley, Johnson, Kennison, Kyser. Fourth Row: Lawton, A. Martin, A. M. Martin, Mathis, Mouton, Ott, B. Overby, J. Overby, Palmsr, Potts. Fifth Row: Prisst, Roby, F. Sigler, M. Sigler, Stanberry, Stickley, Stokes, Stothart, Taliferro. n mRmm® ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER m m k ' " ' :;; ' ■. J ' i E M ' MDw jg %f hfff l BOBBIE ANTHONY President Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded at Virginia State Teachers College, Farmvilk Virginia, in 1898 and installed at Northwestern State College in 1928. Colors: Royal purple and white. Flower: Violet. MEMBERS Billie Faye Adams, Sarah Glynn Adams, Bobbie Anthony, Yvonne Bailey, Helen Baker, Gwen Batten, Virginia Beazley, Helena Bendix, Valerie Bendix, Jimmie Bolton, Mary Lee Butler, Gwen Brouillette, Claire Cocke, Marion Cocke, Alma Collier, Wilma Craig, Lallah Cunningham, Catherine De Loach, Bess Duncan, Virginia Dupree, Winfred Eagleton, Connie Evans, Annie Eznack, Kathryn Fuelhart, Elizabeth Freeland, Lucy Green, Mary Ann Guant, Sue Houston, Dorothy Hurley, Jettie Jane Johnson, Dorothy Kennison, Janet Kyser, Elizabeth Lawton, Alice Martin, Anna Marie Martin, Sue Mathis, Eve Mouton, Doris Ott, Beryl Overby, Juanita Overby, Janie Palmer, Virginia Paul, Marion Potts, Blanche Priest, Alice Ann Roby, Francez Sigler, Mary Lee Sigler, Sybil Stanberry, Junee Stickley, Edith Joy Stothart, Ruth Stokes, Rowena Taliaferro. 22 2 159 h 1 i» t A 4 II l I I It OCILE GOSLIN Theta Sigma Upsilon was founded at Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia Kansas in 1907 and installed at Northwestern State College in 1928. Colors: Rose and silver. Flower: Rose. MEMBERS (■) 2 M 9 Tommie Baird, Dena Crawford, Jackinet Davis, Margie Ann De Loach, Mary Ann Duckett, Ocile Goslin, Rosa Lee Goyne, Betty Ann Hawkins, Anna Frances Hubley, Fern Kemp, Julia Koon, Anna Belle Luckett, Peggy McKee, Marian Marmande, Jo Ray Murray, Betty Jean Richardson, Martha Rogers, Ruth San- chez, Totii Sanchez, Fairy Scherz, Tessie Schexnaidre, Rae Simmons, Hazel Simpson, Beverly Ann Singletary, Agnes Testa, Christine Testa, Betty Thibo- deaux, Joy Wheeler, Odette Zachery. 160 ■■■MMI HHE wm ammm ITS SIGMA DFSILON OFFICERS OCILE GOSLIN President ANNA FRANCES HUBLEY Vice-President ROSA LEE GOYNE Secretary JULIA KOON Treasurer TESSIE SCHEXNAIDRE Sponsor PATRONESSES Mrs. LeRoy Miller, Miss Glenna Williams, Mrs. Jim Livingston. Fir?f Row: Baird, Crawford, Davis, DeLoach, Duckett, Goyne. Second Row: Hawkins, Hubley, Kemp, Koon, Luckett, McKee. Third Row: Marmande, Murray, Rogers, R. Sanchez, T. Sanchez, Scherz, Schexnaidre. Fourth Row Simmons, Simpson, A. Testa C Testa Thibodeaux, Wheeler, Zachery. Dl KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS CAROLYN GLOVER President BEVERLEY ROSS Vice-President MYRTLE BUIE WOMBLE Secretary SHIRLEY GROOME Corresponding Secretary JEAN THOMAS Treasurer PATRONESSES Miss Mary Winters, Mrs. Lily Ducourndu. First Row: Abington, Babin, Bonduranl, Bringhurst, Broussard, Davis, Escude, Felsher. Second Row: Green, Groome, Hanks, Hagens, Hines, HoH, Hollenshead, Huckabay. Third Row: Kuhn, Lindsey, Martin, Marston, Merritt, Oliver, Richard, Ringwald. Fourth Row: Ross, Seegers, Shaw, Teedhe, Thomas, Villion, Vaughan, Whiteside, Womble. ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER CAROLYN GLOVER President Pi Kappa Sigma was founded at Ypsilanti, Michigan, November 17, 1894 and installed at Northwestern State College in 1928. Colors: Turquoise blue and gold. Flowers: Jonquil and forget-me-not. MEMBERS Margaret Ellen Abington, Margaret Babin, Catherine Bondurant, Francis Bring- hurst, Martie Broussard, Betty Davis, Alma Rose Escude, Pat Felsher, Carolyn Glover, Barbara Green, Shirley Groome, Lucille Hanks, Yvonne Hagens, Elsie Hines, Audrey Hoff, Mildred Hollenshead, Doris Huckabay, Betty Jean Kuhn, Evie Jane Lindsey, Elsie Martin, Marcia Marston, Rosalind Merritt, Jackie Oliver, Hope Richard, Beverly Ringwald, Beverly Ross, Margie Seegers, Marynm Shaw, Ann Sterkx, Sarah Jeanne Teddlie, Jean Thomas, Beverly Villion, Elizabeth Vaughan, Margaret Whiteside, Myrtle Buie Womble. 163 II K 2 » S I S I II I I T E H BETTY SUE ALLISON Prsiident Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded at State Female School, Farmville, Virginia, in 1901 and installed at Northwestern State College in 1931. Colors: Red and white. Flowers: Aster and narcissus. A A ♦ MEMBERS Elizabeth Abraham, Alice Allen, Betty Sue Allison, Margie Beth Bamette, Edris Barrilleaux, Ruth Bonnette, Johnnie Mae Campbell, Juanita Cardozier, Pat Christian, Virginia Davis, Pat Durr, Marilyn Durbin, Judy Edwards, Yvonne Edwards, Joy Festervan, Marilyn Finley, Rosemary Hill, Mary Lou Hardy, Carolyn Hawkins, Blanche Jines, Susan Jones, Edith Koonce, Mildred Leach, Dot McGraw, Olive McMichael, Pauline Miley, Dorothy Morgan, Bobbie Myers, Billie Sue Orr, Louise Patterson, Beth Perkins, Bette Pyland, Artie Quinn, Doris Ratliffe, Barbara Richter, Wanda Robinson, Claire Ruffin, Barbara Slawson, Freeda Squyers, Eva Stuart, Marion Stovall, Dot Tullos, Virginia Winn, Betty Woodall, Sara Woodfin. . President Vice-President OFFICERS BETTY SUE ALLISON BLANCHE JINES VIRGINIA WINN Secretary EDITH KOONCE Treasurer MISS CLIO ALLEN Sponsor PATRONESSES Mrs. George Himel, Mrs. Harry Suddath, Mrs. W. E. Brock, Mrs. A. J. Hargis, Jr. First Row: Abraham, Barnette, Barnlleaux, Bonnette, Campbell, Cardozier, Christian, Durbin. Second Row: J. Edwards, Y. Edwards, Fester- van, Finley, Hill, Hawkins, Jines, Jones. Third Row: Leach, McGraw, Myers, Perkins, Pyland, Quinn, Ratliffe, Richter. Fourth Row: Ruffin, Slawson, Squyres, Tullos, Winn, Woodall, Woodfin. II Mil OFFICERS Y AL WILLIS President PHILLIP ORR, JR Vice-President BOB WEIMAR Secretary TOM DAVIS Treasurer DONALD GLATTLY Sponsor First Row: Allen, Andrews, Builteman, Carter, Clark, Corley, Davis, Dean. Second Row: Dethlorf, Dobson, Flory, Gillespie, Gray, Hanchey, Henry, A. Hill. Third Row: S. Hill, Hudson, Hyams, Johnson, Kelley, Lindsay, Martin, Matamoros. Fourth Row: Miller, Orr, Parrot, Perrin, Peters, Phillips, Priest, Sandifer. Fifth Row: Shehane, Smith, Sutton, Stothart, Welch, Weimar, Wiggins, Jack Wise, Jerry Wise. tZ iJL a E— ™ iHI HBHBHBBi H Hl BB B m mKMmm ALPHA CHAPTER AL WILLIS President MISS DORIS JEAN HUCKABAY Sweetheart Lambda Zeta was founded as a local social fraternity on July 15, 1924, at Northwestern State College. Colors: Green and white. Flower: White rose. MEMBERS Douglas Abington, Robert Allen, Clyde Andrews, James Builteman, Marvin Carter, Alford Clark, Curtis Wayne Cooley, Horace Corley, Thomas Davis, Richard Dean, Richard Dethloff, E. P. Dobson, Jr., Samuel Dyson, William Flory, Leroy Ford, Nick Genna, Les Gillispie, Aubrey Gray, Norman Hanchey, Otho Harrison, Eugene Henry, Albert Hill, Sam Hill, Millard Hudson, Harry Hyams, Carey Johnson, Frank Kelley, Leon Lindsay, Wayne Martin, Daniel Matamoros, Milton McLanahan, Jerry Miller, Phillip Orr, Jr., James Parrott, Pat Perrin, Paul Peters, Tom Phillips, Roy Priest, LaDelle Sandifer, Roy Shehane, Jack Sibley, S. T. Sibley, Bobby Smith, Kerlin Sutton, Don M. Stothart, Marvin Tisdale, Jim Walker, Carlos Welch, Robert Weimar, Billy Wiggins, Al Willis, Jack Wise, Jerry Wise. AZ 167 V f 1 H A » T E R MISS BARBARA GREEN Sweetheart BILL McLOUGHLIN President Sigma Tau Gamma was founded at Warrensburg, Missouri, June 23, 1920 and installed at Northwestern State College on January 29, 1929. Colors: Blue and white. Flower: White lose. 2TT MEMBERS Allen Bonnette, J. N. Brown, H. B. Burley, Jack Bulter, Clea T. Campbell, S. D. Carrington, Chris Caver, Joe Chrisp, Ben George Crocker, Jack Cummings, J. W. Cummings, John David, Charles Dawsey, Leon DeB lleuve, Philip DeTournil- lion, Robert Dorcheus, Kenneth Dowty, E. B. Duco, C. M. Durham, C. N. Dur- ham, Ralph Edwards, Kingston Eversull, W. E. Ford, B. Gautreau, L. M. Greene, Curtis Guille ' ., Harrel C. Haile, Waren Haile, Mac Hilburn, J. B. Howard, Austin Jones, Lamar Koon, James O. Lancaster, Pat Landreaux, Roy Landry, Eill Lasse- ter, Hubert Lawrence, Robert Lawrence, Adrian Lorrain, D. T. Loupe, Herbert Mafouz, Robert Manning, B. L. Massingill, Leslie McConathy, Ralph McFarland, Bill McLoughlin, Jack Murgrove, Bill Noonan, Joe Pierson, Stan Powell, S. H. Rhodes, Ray Rogers , R. B. Huston. P. W. Sansing, O. P. Shaddinger, L. W. Sibley, Roger Sherman, L. A. Smith Ben Swift, John Tarlton, Chester Tatum, J. L. Thompson, Gene J. Uhrbach, Ralph Ward, Phillip White, John Widner, Robert Williamson, B. R. Wilson, Cal Woodrufl, H. J. Young. s m » OFFICERS BILL McLOUGHLIN President J. N. BROWN Vice-President H. I. YOUNG, JR Secretary H. B. BURLEY Treasurer ROBERT EASLEY Sponsor First Row: Bonnette, Brown, Burley, Butler, Campbell, Caver, Chrisp, Crocker, J. Cummings, J. W. Cummings, David, Dawsey. Second Row: DeBelleuve, DeTournillon, Dorcheus, Dowty, Duco, C. Durham, C. N. Durham, Easley, Edwards, Eversull, Ford, Gautreau. Third Row: Greene, Guillet, Haile, Hilburn, Howard, Jones, Koon, Lancaster, Landreaux, Landry, Lasseter, Lawrence. Fourth Row: Lorrain, Loupe, Mafouz, Manning, Massingill, McConathy, McFarland, Musgrova, Noonan, Powell, Rhodes, Rogers. Fifth Row: Ruston, Sensing, Shaddinger, Sibley, Swift, Tarlton, Thompson, Uhrbach, White, Widner, Williamson, Young. iMi l U LZM I ft ' V $ ? Italrfcl? phi urn n DAVID WHITE ROBERT JANTZ OFFICERS Vi e President Secretary-Treasure: First Row: Adams, Bambrick, G. Barkate, J. Barkate, Brasseaux, Casewell, Chachere, Craton. Second Row: Coleman, Cook, Curry, Dixon, Donaldson, Dunn, Gaines, Gilbert. Third Row: Hudson, Jantz, Johnson, Landry, Lampkin, Leone, Lemier, Lewing. Fourth Row: Little, Maddry, Miers, Neely, Peoples, Ponder, Shows, Snrith. Fif.h Row: Sparks, Stiles, Stothart, Tripp, Valentine, Vige, Westbrook, White. Ik, ' - j ' - :- , ' - - . ■ ALPHA CHAPTER E. L. KELLY President MISS JEANNE REDDING Sweetheart Phi Kappa Nu was founded as a local social fraternity on October 17, 1929, at Northwestern State College. Colors: Red and white. Flower: Charles Russell rose. MEMBERS Paul Adams, Johnnie Bankins, Tommy Bambrick, Gabriel Barkate, Jimmie Barkate, Donald Breasseaux, Lamar Boseman, Joe Campbell, Alvin Casewell, Eldon Chachere, James Craton, Charles Coleman, Sidney Cook, Leonard Coyle, David Curry, Billy Dixon, Holman Donaldson, Leon Dunn, Walter Ellender, Paul Gaines, William Gilbert, Ernest Howell, Ralph Hudson, Allen Jackson, Robert Jantz, Carlton Johnson, E. L. Kelly, Purvis Landry, Frank Lampkin, Herold Leone, Bill Lemier, Harold Lewing, Leroy Little, Ray Maddry, Trent Melder, Butler Miers, Gordon Neely, Al Nicosia, Morgan Peoples, Jimmie Ponder, Billy Quinn, Eugene Rogers, Jack Rogers, Parker Ray Shows, Noal Silvia, Hubert Smith, Glenn Sparks, Zolen Stiles, Jimmy Stothart, James Tripp, Charles Valentine, Alden Vige, N. L. Wagner, Johnnie West, Wyatt Westbrook, David White, Clyde Wilson. I KIY ORGANIZATIONS VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS OFFICERS WILEY GORDON BENNETT, JR Commander BYRON LEE COLLINS . Adjutant HUGH FORD HAYS Senior Vice-Commander JOHN WILLIAM DAVIS Sergeant Major JAMES R. JACKSON, JR Quartermaster COBIE BASIL MASON Judge Advocate RAY C. MAYO Chaplain CHESTER W. O ' OUINN OHicer-of-the-Day WILLIAM LASSETER Junior Vice-Commander HENRY T. GARNER, JR Sergeant Quartermaster First Row: Collins, Brooks, West, Desadier, Castleberry, Mason. Second Row: Taylor, Drewett, Benton, Denham, Dawsey, Howard, Arnolie. Third Row: Mayo, Thompson, Lasseter, Pringle, Allen, Bade, LeBleu, Younger. Fourth Row: Skinner, P. LeBleu, Walker, Barkate, Jackson, Garner, Mitchell. Fifth Row: Rogers, Belisle, Davis, O ' Quin, Megason, Corley, Avant, Rosar. GORDON BENNETT Commander V. F. W. Queen and Court Barnhill-Ayres V. F. W. Post Number 7610 was organized on November 7, 1946, on a temporary charter for four years. The post was named in honor of two former N. S. C. students, Wilbur Barnhill and Edward Ayres, who were killed in action during the Second World War. MEMBERS Adie Gerald Avant, Leo R. Mack Arnett, Orcn Clayton Allen, Glenn L. Adcodk, Paul Wesley Arnolie, Urson S. Bade, Hubert Edgar Belisle, Jimmy M. Barkate, DeWitt S. Benton, Jr., Waymon Sims Bowden, Jr., Richard Lee Brooks, Harrison Hugh Castleberry, Jr., H. E. Corley, Sid Alec Dean, Charles C. Dawsey, Luther L. Denham, Jr., Thomas Osborn Desadair, Philip J. deToumillion, William Otto Drewerr, Leon Palmer Dunn, Samuel M. Farmer, Jr., J. B. Martin Foote, T. C. Scott Francis, Nalbro Charles Frazier, Dillard Hardin, Roy N. Hearne, Edward B. Howard, Jr., Raymond Lloyd Kelly, Perry Luther Knight, Bill Lasseter, Larkin R. Lay, Paul Nichols LeBleu, Michael Bernard LeBleu, Harold E. Mclnnis, Hollis G. McKinney, Leonard Megason, John H. Mitchell, Chris G. Noles, Charles E. Rilcher, Horace C. Pringle, Henry E. Rogers, Jack W. Rogers, Vincent G. Rosar, Elias W. Sandel, David C. Shaw, Alron M. Skinner, Billy Roy Snead, Harold Stweart, Clayton L. Taylor, James M. Thompson, Orval A. Waterhout, Simeon W. Weldon, John E. Walker, James B. Welch, Ben D. West, Merrill D. Wingard, Edward L. Vines, Claude E. Younger. Honorary member: Dr. Joe Farrar, also Faculty Sponsor. 175 V. F. W ' mi in urn OFFICERS LES GILLESPIE JOHN PARKS CARLOS WELCH RICHARD GROOME BILLY FLORY TOM DAVIS LORRAINE BRITTAIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Warden . Councilman First Row: BaJey, D. Davis, T. Davis, Flory, Fontenot, Gauthier. Second Row: Gaines, Groome, Parks, Peters, Ponder, Shenaut. Third Row: Stothart, Thompson, Torgrimson, Towns, Van Sickle, Winderweedle. 22J1 ■0 ■■■MiMHMMHHHaMHMI ■ C lJfMil IS II O CHAPTER LES GILLESPIE President I M A Sweetheart and Court Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a National Music Fraternity, classified as both Professional and Honorary. It has as its purpose to advance the cause of music in America. The fraternity was founded in 1898 at the New England Conserva- tory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts. Gamma Rho Chapter was chartered at Northwestern State College on May 24, 1942. MEMBERS J. G. Bailey, Tom Davis, Taylor Finlay, Billy Flory, Donald Fontenot, Herman Gauthier, Paul Gaines, Les Gillespie, Sammy Griffin, Richard Groome, Milton Kiser, John Parks, Paul Peters, James Ponder, Don M. Stothart, Jack Thompson, Wallace Van Sickle, Bailey Winderweedle. Members in Faculty: Lorraine Brittain, Dwight Davis, Donald Glattly, John Shenaut, Paul Torgrimson, Sherrod Towns. MA First Row: Tarlton, Stilts, Campbell, Dorcheus. Second Row: B. Hudson, J. Thompson, Ledet, R. Landry, Jones, Lutgring, Robinson, Richie. Third Row: Hilburn, Chachere, P. White, Wilson, Vige, Tinsley, Dunn, P. Landry. Fourth Row: B. Johnson, McConathy, Cummings, H. Johnson, Ouinn, Baraorick, Williams. Fifth Row: Maddry, Landraux, Miers, Shaddingei, Tripp " N " CLUB The " N " Club is composed of lettermen from the four major sports, namely: football, basketball, track, and baseball. To become a member one has to letter once in either of the four major sports. OFFICERS ZOLON STILES President WILLIE LUTGRING Vice-President LEON DUNN Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Joe Farrar, A Turpin, W. P. Ledet MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. Ducournau, C. E. Dugdale, S. W. Nelken, L. S. Miller, B. B. Boyd, H. H. T. Cheves, Gaiennie Hyams, Tom Elkins, H. Lee Prather, honorary member, H. A. Brown, honorary member. Leon Dunn, Tom Bambrick, Alden Viqe, C. T. Campbell, Ocie Richie, Ray Maddry, Willie Lutgring, W. Cummings, H. Burley, Z. Stoles, B. Hudson, H. Tinsley. M. Thompson, W. Prather. R. Landry, P. Landry, R. MacFarland, R. Dorcheus, B. Sibley. H. Tripp, H. Randel, E. Chachere, B. Noonan. L. McConathy, R. Williamson, R. Ledet, C. Johnson. J. N. Brown, Mac Hilburn, J. Butler. D. Loupe, P. White, J. White, B. Johnson, P. Landreaux, A. Wilson, O. Shaddinger, J. Tarlton, R. M. Maninng, B. Miers, H. Johnson. D l Q r t I rt — TV — OL 178 uw MUM F irst Row: Allison, Baird, Cade, Eggers, Farrow. Second Row: Garrett, Glover, Herrington, Hubley, Hurley. Third Row: Norsworthy, Richter, Sapp, Womble. With the distinction of being the oldest honor organization on the campus, the Purple Jacket Club, having a complement of ten sorority and eleven non-sorority women, serves the college and student body as their official representatives, and in other capacities whenever called. The purpose of the organization is embodied in the motto — " service. " Membership in this honor society for women is based upon scholarship, leadership, and loyalty to the Alma Mater. The aim of each Purple Jacket girl is the building of a greater Northwestern State College, to this end the group remains ready to serve. OFFICERS ODEYENE HERRINGTON President BETTY FARRAR Vice-President TOMMIE BAIRD Secretary NEVA NORSWORTHY Treasurer MISS CATHERINE WINTERS Faculty Adviser PURPLE JACKETS Betty Sue Allison, Tommie Baird, Camille Cade, Betty Eggers, Betty Farrar, Faye Garrett, Carolyn Glover, Odeyene Herrington, Anna Frances Hubley, Dorothy Hurley, Neva Norsworthy, Barbara Richter, Christine Sapp, Myrtle Buie Womble. £ £} ${) Bendix, Cureinqton, Dowty, Ducketl, Dupree. Second Row: Erwin, Jones, Kenni: Miller. Third Row: Pixley, Ringwald, Robinson, Taliaferro, Woodfin. ASSOCIATED WOMEN ' S STUDENT COUNCIL The Associated Women Students is an organization of all women students registered at the college. The object of this organization is to cooperate with the Dean of Women and her staff in promoting intellectual, social, and spiritual welfare of women students; to develop a deep sense of self-responsibility; to instill a spirit of cooperation and friendship; and to uphold high social and academic standards among women students of the college. The organization sponsors certain social events and promotes participation of women students in campus activities. OFFICERS BEVERLY RINGWALD President ROWENA TALIAFERRO Vice-President BETTY JAYNE MILLER Secretary-Treasurer MISS MARTHA GANNAWAY Faculty Adviser MISS VIRGINIA KINLOCK Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Margaret Ackel, Helen Bendix, Cleo Cureington, Beverly Dowty, Mary Ann Duckett, Virginia Dupree, Billie Erwin, Carolyn Hawkins, Alice Jones, Dorothy Kennison, Ann Keyes, Jeanette LaFleur, Betty Jayne Miller, Anna Pixley, Marjorie Plunkett, Beverly Ringwald, Gloria Robinson, Rowena Taliaferro, Sarah Woodfin. LA i i iy—r — ol ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I ri — i ■» n mn n ■in i» Left to Right: Dixon, Clark, Baugh, Dean, Sandel, Foote, Shultz, Adcock. The Dormitory Council of the Brick Dormitory was organized last year in an attempt to make the government of the residence hall more democratic and to foster better relations between the students of the dormitory and t he administration of the college. The success of this experiment in democracy has been highly gratifying and this dormitory council is to be used as a pattern for organizing the other men ' s residence halls on the campus. OFFICERS RICHARD L. DEAN President THOMAS BAUGH Vice-President CLARENCE GOLEMAN Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE ADCOCK Athletic Representative REPRESENTATIVES Alford G. Clark, Billy Dixon, Don M. Stothart. MONITORS E. W. Sandel, J. B. Foote. PROCTOR James W. Shultz. BRICK DDRMITDRY COUNCIL n_jO- J i jQ-h- 1 j 3 H£ First Row: Allen, Bendix, Cain, Cardozier, Cloutier. Second Row: Collier, Cunningham, Ford, Hank; LaFleur. Third Row: Miller, Spigener, Tullos, Young. FRESHMAN COMMISSIONERS Freshman Commissioners are chosen each spring from the freshman members of the Newman Club, Y. W. C. A., and Y. M. C. A. on the basis of scholarship, service, and character. The purpose of this organization is to cooperate with the religious organizations on the campus, to help the " Big Sisters " program, and to be of service at all times. OFFICERS BETTY JAYNE MILLER President MARIE CLOUTIER Vice-President MARY FRANCES TULLOS Secretary-Treasurer MISS CATHERINE WINTERS Faculty Adviser Mavis Allen, Helen Bendix, Julia Cain, Juanita Cardozier, Marie Cloutier, Alma Collier, Lallah Cunningham, Leroy Ford, Lucille Hanks, Hansel Jan »t. Jeanette LaFleur, Roy Landry, Betty Jayne Miller, Betty Spigener, Mary Frances Tullos, Harrison Young. D_l J ft I (TTV — OL Breithaupt, Caine, Cardozier, Hurley, Knox. Third Row M. Cocke, J. Cocke. : Taliaferro, Teddlie, Glover, Hanks In the early days in America, the , church was able to care for its students in denominational colleges and universities. But as state schools came on the scene in increasing numbers, more and more the church saw its youth enter these schools. Because of vital concern for these potential leaders, the church began to follow its students to these state-owned and independent campuses. The Methodist Church follows its students through the Wesley Foundation. The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist church on the campus. Its program is fourfold — Worship, Community Service, World Friendship, and Recreation. Through state, regional, national, and international conferences Wesley Foundationers have an opportunity to know people of all nationalities and races. Their horizons are broadened through their fellowship with fellow students and with leaders of international renown. The local Wesley Foundation is for all students who wish to attend and all Methodists are members. OFFICERS JACQUELYN COCKE President FRANCES KNOX Chairman of Community Service DOT HURLEY Vice-President BETTY WATERS . . . Chairman of Publicity HAZEL BREITHAUPT Treasurer JUDY CAIN Chairman of Publicity MYRTLE BUIE WOMBLE . Chairman of Worship MARION COCKE . . . Chairman of Personnel LUCILLE HANKS . . . Chairman of Worship JUANITA CARDOZIER . Chairman of Personnel ROWENA TALIAFERRO . Chairman of Recreation CAROLYN GLOVER . . Chairman of Music SARAH TEDDLIE . . Chairman of Recreation LUCILE PIERCE .... Student Counselor LILLIE SISTRUNK . Chairman of World Friendship WILLIS WARD ... Boy ' s Representative VIRGINIA COLDWELL CARLOS WELCH .... Boy ' s Representative . Chairman of World Friendship WESLEY FOUNDATION _xj_n_jcL -O— n_jO- -i_ja_h_i First Row: Adams, Allen, Allison, Christian, Davis. Second Row: Farrow, Jones, Koonce, McDuffie, Miller, Norsworthy. Third Row: Phillips, Robinson, Simmons, Smith, Sparks, Stevens. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union, an organization sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention, was organized on this campus in 1927. Its purpose is to connect in a vital way the Baptist students on the college campus with the local Baptist Church. The membership of the B. S. U. is com- posed of the student members of the Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women ' s Auxiliary, and the local Baptist Church. The work of the B. S. U. is directed by an executive council and is under the leadership of the Student Secretary and the pastor. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BETTY FARROW President LISSO SIMMONS . Enlistment Vice-President BETTY IAYNE MILLER Social Vice-President BETTY SUE ALLISON Devotional Vice-President PAT CHRISTIAN Secretary GLEN SPARKS Treasurer TOM DAVIS . . Sunday School Representative KINGSTON ADAMS . Training Union Representative GLORIA R03INSON Y. W. A. Representative TOM PHILLIPS . Boys ' Representative REV. TROY V. WHEELER EDITH KOONCE ... Town Representative ANNIRIE McDUFFIE ... Music Director BETH PERKINS Publicity Director AZOLINE STEVENS Librarian NEVA NORSWORTHY Magazine Representative MAVIS ALLEN Editor of Chain FRANCES SMITH Statistician BILLY RAY SERVICE B. S. U. Room Host ALICE JONES B. S. U. Room Hostess MR. W. J. ROBINSON . . Faculty Advisor MISS DORIS CARRUTH Student Secretary Pastor - " LM-jir-Lfc j _ft__i_0 — r — a. uMU Row: Arnold, Barnes, Bass, Bounds, Gilbert. Second Row: Hooker, Hyams, Krieg, Nelson, Parham, Posey. Third Row: Priest, B. Remont, R. Remont, Shea, Sherz, Stokes. The Westminster Club is an organization of the Presbyterian students on the campus. The purpose of this organization is to help the student know Jesus Christ, accept Him as Lord and Savior, and follow His way of life. OFFICERS TOMMIE BOUNDS President ROY REMONT Secretary-Treasurer ELAINE ARNOLD Personnel Chairman BONITA TOTZ Fellowship Chairman CATHERINE HOOKER Vesper Chairman DORIS POSEY Class President DR. ERWIN Faculty Advisor REV. WHARTON Student Counselor WESTMINSTER CLUB MEMBERS Elaine Arnold, Margaret Barnes, Lesker Bass, Tommie Bounds, Charlene Gilbert, Mary Ann Gant, Catherine Hooker, Harry Hyams, Adele Jackson, Sally Lou Krieg, Arthur Lancaster, E. J. Lassiter, Mary Nelson, Marline Parham, Doris Posey, Roy Priest, Bernice Remont, George Scott, Jane Shea, Fairy Sherz, William Stephens, R. D. Stagner, Ruth Stokes, Bonita Totz, James Weeks, Dr. Erwin, Rev. Wharton. Firsl Row: Chachere, Cloutier, Crochet. Second Row: Ford, Hagans, Hubley, Scardulla. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a club of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship, organized in non- Catholic colleges and universities of the U. S. A. The purposes of the Newman Club are religious, educational and social. Activities of the club include communion, discussion groups, retreats, parties and dances. OFFICERS ANNA FRANCES HUBLEY President MARIE L. CLOUTIER First Vice-President ELDON CHACHERE Second Vice-President YVONNE HAGAN Secretary FRANCES SCARDULLA Treasurer LEROY FORD Marshall IDA MAE CROCHET Historian PAT FELCHER Editor MEMBERS Margaret Ackel, B. Acosta, Mickey Amette, Mamie Avait, Gabriel Barkate, Jimmy Barkate, Edris Barrilleaux, Frederick Basco, Ruth Basco, Helena Bendix, Alida Bishop, Sandra Bonomo, Clyde Breda, Reta Carabalan, Eldon Chachere, J. D. Choate, Jack Cleveland, Marie L. Cloutier, Jaime Correa, Ida Mae Crocket, Phillip DeToumillon, James Dunkleman, Marilyn Durbin, Walter Ellender, Kingston Eversull, Pat Felcher, Donald Fontenot, Leroy Ford, Hansel Genet, Lawrence Goda, Joe Gregorio, Yvonne Hagans, Anna Frances Hubley, Rose Khoury, Sue Jame, Ella James, Purvis Landry, Raymond Ledet, James K. Lee, Mai Levee, Esther Lewis, Adrian Lorraine, Agnes Maggio, Daniel Matamoros, Pat McGuire, Irene McNeal, Aline Melancon, Janie Palmer, Joan Puissegur, Kenneth Prodhomme, Majorie Rachal, Yvonne Rhodes, Evlalie Roge. Vincent Rosar, Frances Scar- dulla, Hebert Smith, Ben Swift, Agnes Testa, Christine Testa, Donna Mae Thompson, John L. Thompson, Ruth Torres, John Vige, Harrison Young. D_kJ i Q ru-A L 15- TL XX I. 186 £Eil rmmmj.. First Row: Allison, Anthony, Bumgardner, Boddie, Clark, Duncan. Second Row: Farrar, Garrett, Good, Jones, Kyser, LeBlanc. Third Row: Martin, Phillips, Porter, Sapp, Tarlton, Tucker, Winters. The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to honor students with a general high academic attainment and who have a vital interest in history and who have attained a high scholarship in this special study. The Pi Chapter strives to further the study of history at the undergraduate level and to encourage individual initiative even to the extent of training in the writing of history. A further purpose of the fraternity is to develop in the students with whom they associate a consciousness of the importance of contemporary development by supporting student forum discussions in open assemblies of students and special group studies of the social science students. Pi Chapter makes an annual award on Honor ' s Day in the fall to the outstanding Social Science student chosen by the Social Science faculty! MEMBERS Betty Sue Allison, Bobbie Anthony, Melma Boddie, W. L. Bradford, Euzelia Bumgardner, Alford Clark, John Duffy, Bess Duncan, Betty Farrow, Faye Garrett, Alvin Good, Alice Jones, John S. Kyser, DeNux LeBlanc, Alice Martin, Yvonne Phillips, Betty Porter, H. L. Prather, Aliene Ricard, Christine Sapp, D. T. Tarlton, Marion Tucker, Catherine Winters. PHI ALPHA THETA ■Q— n_j0- -i_ OLJ-i. MM QEMM First Row: Anthony, Beazley, Bumgardner, Cade, Dean, Duncan, Egqers. Second Row: Farrow, Garrett, Glover, Good, Groome Hubley, Hurley. Third Row: Hunt, Martin, Miller, Norsworthy, Phillips, Ringwald, Thomas. 1 A AS ■ KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary professional society, of teachers and prospective teachers, which aims toward higher educational service. The local chapter. Gamma Phi, was established May 11, 1934, by the national president of Kappa Delta Pi, Dr. T. C. McCraken. Other than the active faculty and student members, there are some members-at-large on the campus. OFFICERS BETTY EGGERS President ALICE MARTIN Vice-President FAYE GARRETT Secretary YVONNE PHILLIPS Treasurer MAMIE BOWMAN Counselor BESSIE JO DUNCAN Historian MEMBERS Miss Clio Allen, Bobbie Anthony, Virginia Beazley, Miss Mamie Bowman, Mrs. Geraldine Brice, Mr. Loraine Brittain, Euzelia Bumgardner, Miss Joy Burnham, Camille Cade, Mrs. Lucille Carnahan, Miss Esther Cooley, Richard Dean, Bessie Jo Duncan, Mrs. Ruby Dunkleman. Mrs. Marie Dunn, Betty Eggers. Betty Farrow, Mrs. Jack Fisher, Dr. F. A. Ford, Faye Garrett, Carolyn Glover, Mr. Alvin Good, Mrs. Shirley Groome, Anna Frances Hubley, Dorothy Jean Hurley, Christine Sapp Hunt, Mr. A. C. Maddox, Alice Martin, Mr. Leroy Miller, Louise Miller, Miss Eve Mouton, Neva Nors- worthy, Mrs. George Parks, Miss Lucille Pearce, Yvonne Phillips, Beverly Ringwald, Mr. S. W. Shelton, Mr. A. B. Simpson, Jean Thomas, Mr. Eugene Watson, Frances Wilson, Dr. Mary Wilson, Miss Mary Winters. DU a_jv-J— o — n — ol 188 rr? " iifflinirrarriTr i mmni , First Row: Basco, Beazley, Burns, Craton, Cryar, Galliher. Second Row: Glover, Groome, Harper, Hubley, McLanahan, Morris. Third Row: Miller, Nelson, Puqh, Richter, Robinson, Thomas, Woodard. The purpose of this honorary commercial fraternity is to encourage, promote, extend, and create interest and scholarship in the field of commerce, and to reach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprises. The requirements of membership in Alpha Nu Chapter installed at Northwestern State College of Louisiana in 1938 are a " B " average in commerce and high scholastic average in all other subjects. OFFICERS VIRGINIA BEAZLEY President BETH HARPER Vice-President BARBARA RICHTER Secretary-Treasurer LOUISE MILLER Historian N. B. MORRISON Faculty Adviser PI OMEGA PI Frederick Basco, Virginia Beazley, Lloyd Burns, James Craton, Richard Cryar, Howard Galliher, Carolyn Glover, Richard Groome, Beth Harper, Anna Frances Hubley, Betty McLanahan, Janet Morris, Louise Miller, Willa Nelson, Blanche Pugh, Barbara Richter, Rodney Robinson, Jean Thomas, Mary Jean Woodard. First Row: Beazley, Bonnette, Craton, Crocker, Davis, Dean, Dowty. Second Row: Feazell, Flory, Hardy, Hmbley Jones Koonce, Marmande. Third Row: Massingill, Tucker, Sherman, Wardlaw, Welch, Westall, Willis, Woodall. DAVIS PLAYERS Davis Players is composed of students invited to membership on the basis of the quality of their work in Junior Dramatics and other dramatic work on the campus. With the membership limited to thirty, they take the lead in sponsoring an extensive dramatic program for Northwestern State. The first show of the season was " The Late Christopher Bean, " a comedy presented in December. " Servant in the House " was presented in March with Dr. Robert Capel as director and Mr. Fredric Plette as technical director. OFFICERS SUSAN JONES . . . LOUISE WARDLAW VIRGINIA BEAZLEY MARION POTTS VIRGINIA WINN BILLY FLORY . . . •DR. ROBERT CAPEL •MR. FREDRIC PLETTE President, First Semester President, Second Semester First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Reporter Sponsor Sponsor MEMBERS ' Virginia Beazley, Ben George Crocker, Kenneth Dowty, Mary Lou Hardy, Edith Koonce, Marion Potts, Roger Sherman, Carlos Welch, Virginia Winn, Ruth Bonnette, Tom Davis, B. G. Feazell, Anna Frances Hubley, Marion Marmande, Betty Pyland, Willis Ward, Mary Ann Westall, ' Betty Woodall, James Craton, Richard Dean, Billy Flory, ' Susan Jones, Bently Massingill, Marion Tucker, " Louise Wardlaw, A. C. Willis. ' Denotes membership in Alpha Psi Omega. D J. j ft i o — n_-j(x First Row: Allen, Barnette, Bates, Blazier, Brooks, Choate, Corley, Cloutier. Second Row: Creech, Evans, Farmer, Gabbert, Hawkins, Hill, Horton, Huckabay. Third Row: Jackson, Lane, Levee, E. Lewis, Lewis, Martin, McDaniels, Nichols. Fourth Row: Puissegur, Rhodes, Robinson, Short, Vallery, Ward, Wise. The Northwestern State Players, the junior dramatics organization on the campus presented " Set It In Troy " during the fall semester. Three one-act plays were staged in the spring semester under the direction of its members. OFFICERS FRANCES RHODES President CAMILLE LANE Vice-President DORIS HUCKABAY Secretary MAI LEVEE Treasurer MEMBERS Nell Allen, Jacqueline Almond, Josephine Almond, Sue Almond, Myrtis Bates, Margie Barnette, Billie Frances Blazier, Tommie Bounds, Beatrice Brooks, Joseph D. Choate, Marie L. Cloutier, Horace Corley, Thelma Creech, Louise Evans, Louis Farmer, Essie Gabbert, Carolyn Hawkins, Mac Hilburn, Gene Hill, Elizabeth Horton, Doris Huckabay, Bernice Jackson, Amy Kuntel, Camille Lane, Mai Levee, Ann Lewis, Esther Lewis, Wayne Martin, Pat McDaniel, Helen Nichols, Joy Pickett, Joan Puissegur, Frances Rhodes, Gloria Robinson, Ben R. Short, Carol Vallery, Mary Stella Ward, Jack Wise. NORTHWESTERN STATE PLAYERS La_n_d_ 191 r ' - ' I ' HI 1 Firsl Row: Adams, Anderson, Brister, Carter, Cockman, Cook, Crawford, DeLoach. Second Row: Durst, Ferril, Finley, Huckabay, Kelly, Keyes, Lorraine, McCollum. Third Row: Palmer, Perkins, Pope, Sampite, Sullivan, Taylor, Waggoner, Wyatt. SCIENCE CLUB " Once in the dear dead days before the call, " (the draft, that is) the Science Club was organized by a qroup of industrious science students for various reasons — mainly scientific and social. But, then the wheels of war began to tuin and soon gained momentum so mighty that the campus — and the world for that matter — had time to do little else but to see that these wheels turned in the right direction. Consequently the Science Club died. However, the war ended, as most do, and in the fall of ' 46 several students became interested in the club and raised it from its tomb by drafting members, electing officers, and beginning regular meetings with lectures and experiments along the line of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. OFFICERS JESSLYN WAGGONER President GEORGE WYATT Vice-President J1MMIELENE BLACK Secretary ROY COOK Treasurer MARVIN CARTER Reporter MEMBERS Kingston Adams, Jacob Anderson, Jimmielene Black, Billie Brister, Marvin Carter, Norman Clark, Rosemary Cockman, Roy Cook, Morris Crawford, Catherine DeLoach, Wallace Durst, Norma Ferril, Howard Finley, Joe Gregario, Doris Jean Huckabay, Hansel Janet, Fred Kelly, Ann Keyes, Adraine Lorraine, Frank Love, Howard McCollum, Thomas Moore, Janie Palmer, Billie Jean Perkins, Clarence Pope, Jr., Mike Sampite, Nobie Sullivan, Neil Taylor, Jesslyn Waggoner, Billie Weeks. George Wyatt. -CJn_jO-La jv_ rv_ J— Cr- — a. T - I ' ; - i " ■-- -- - -■■■ • First Row: Horn, Smart, Bumgardner, Sanchez, Williams. Second Row: Waters, Ward, Bailey. Third Row: Periz, Torres, Saucier, Lets, Matamoros. Fourth Row: Jordan, de Regel, Casas, Ayora. La Sociedad De Cervantes was founded on this campus in 1927 by Ernesto Dobles of Costa Rica. The purposes of the club are to practice the speaking of Spanish, to stress the cultural side of the language, and to learn more of Spanish art, music, and customs. The annual Pan-American Day program held on April 14th is sponsored by this club. LA SOCIEDAD DE CERVANTES OFFICERS RUTH SANCHEZ President BETTY WATERS Vice-President EFRAIN TORRES " Secretary-Treasurer MISS CONNIE SAUCIER Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Bonilla Norma Acosta, Celindo Aranjo, Robbie Sue Adams, Gene Bailey, Charlotte Bailey, Billie Frances Blazier, Euzelia Bumgardner, Marian Cambell, Pabon Gorge Comos, Jaime Corres, Francisco De Regil, Shirley Hoffman, G. W. Jauchler, Yvonne Jeiffer, Daniel Matamoros, Jane Menefee, Santiago Padilla, Ernesto Perez y Casas, Efrain Perez y Perez, Jeanne Redding, Herson Rivera, Joy Stothart, Efrain Torres, Mary Stella Ward, Ruby Weaver, La Juana Williams, Edith Eastman, Francisco Feleppo-Leto, Betty Lou Waters, Ruth Sanchez, Patricia Smart. First Row: Hussey, Escude. M. Stovall, O ' Donnell, Beazley, Pulley, Kyser, Felcher, Richard. Second Row: I. Belk. Collins, Chanoud, B. Belk, Torbett, Bennett, Ford, B. Stovall, Edwards, Young, Thomas. AQUATIC CLUB The Aquatic Club of Northwestern State College was organized in September, 1929. It has for its purpose the fostering of interest in aquatic sports on the campus and the development of aquatic skill among the members. OFFICERS HARDIE THOMAS President COLLEN BENNETT Vice-President MARION STOVALL Secretary-Treasurer TESSIE SCHEXNAIDRE Faculty Sponsor GUY NESOM Faculty Sponsor Betty Beazley, Bill Beazley, Ben Belk, Joe Belk, Collen Bennett, Gordon Bennett. Henry L. Chanoud, Byron Collins, Jaime Correa, Ralph Edwards. Wezie Escude, Pat Felcher, Leroy Ford, Barbara Hussey. Allen Jackson, Janet Kyser, Pat O ' Donnell, Millie Jo Pulley, Hope Richard, Ted Roberts, Toni Sanchez, Jack Sibley, Jimmy Stothart, Marion Stovall. William Stovall, Hardie Thomas, Marsh Torbett. Byrne Wilson, Harrison Young. DU A— r L_j£- n — ol First Row: Adams, Adkins, Allen, Barfield, Bernard, Blakewood, Bennett, Bondurant. Second Row: Clark, German, Hagans, Hodge, Hunter, Huston, Jones, Koon. Third Row: McGuire, Manasco, Melton, Ott, Rushing, Scherz, Sigler, Sistrunk. Fourth Row: Slater, Spreigner, Stickley, Thibodeaux, Webb, Whiteside, Womble. The Euthentics Club was organized on this campus in 1926 to promote professional spirit and cooperation, to foster socialibility among students doing Home Economics work, and to develop culture. Euthentics implies better living. OFFICERS DORIS OTT President MARY LEE SIGLER Vice-President MAXINE SLATER Secretary RAMONA HUNTER Treasurer CATHERINE BONDURANT Reporter MISS ESTHER COLLEY Sponsor MEMBERS Sarah Glynn Adams, Maxine Adkins, Annie Allen, Mary Barfield, Doris Bell, Jeanette Bennett, Era Bernard, Gloria Bladewood, Catherine Bondurant, Catherine Clark, Annie Eznack, Betty Lou German, Yvonne Hagan, Vera Mae Hodge, Sue Houston, Ramona Hunter, Ezell Jones, Julia Koon, Audrey Manasco, Pat McGuire, Mamie Melton, Doris Ott, Artie Quinn, Patty Jean Rushing, Fairy Scherz, Mary Lee Sigler, Lillie Sistrunk, Maxine Slater, Yvonne Sledge, Ernestine Speights, Junee Stickley, Betty Thibodeaux, Elizabeth Ann Thomas, Bonne Totz, Eunice Webb, Ada Harris White, Margaret Whiteside, Myrtle Womble. EUTHENICS CLUB ■O - T _j0- - _a_H_l CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is an organization for Episcopal students in American universities and colleges. Its four- fold purpose is to bring students together in worship, service, and social activities. The club is active in Red Cross work, church work, and campus activities. The James Craik Morris Chapter started as a Young People ' s Service League on this campus in 1928 and was made a member of the National Foundation of Canterbury Clubs in 1941. OFFICERS ALFORD G. CLARK . . . . President LOUISE WARDLAW .... Vice-President BARBARA RICHTER . . Secretary WILLA NELSON Treasurer First Row: Bolton, Bondurant, Bringhurst, Clark, Eggers. Second Row: Ewing, Ford, Groome, Longhi, Luckett. Third Row: Mobley, Richter, Sibley, Wardlaw, Wilcox. Jimmie Bolton, Catherine Bondurant, Frances Bringhurst, Alford Clark, John Coughlin, Gloria DeLoach, Trichel DeLoach, Betty Eggers, Susie Ewing, Jane Elice Ford, Richard Groome, Al Longhi, Anna Bell Luckett, William Mize, Eunice Mobley, Willa Nelson, Barbara Richter, Kathryn Sibley, Louise Wardlaw, Louise Wil cox. SCHARLIE E. RUSSELL LIBRARY CLUfi The Scharlie E. Russell Library Club was organized during the fall of 1945 to further professional knowledge, promote fellowship, and provide wholesome recreation among its members. OFFICERS First Row: Adams, Eaqleton, Eastman, Evans, Gabbert. Second Row: Hanks, Jackson, Norred, Stavens, Stovall. Third Row: Stubblefield, Tullos, VeUlon, Weaver, Williams. S iUk AZOLINE STEVENS . President FRANCES SMITH Vice President LOUISE EVANS Recording Secretary MAXINE SOUYRES Treasurer DORIS TULLOS Treasurer MEMBERS Mrs. Rosalie Aaron, Robbie Sue Adams, Winfred Eagleton, Edith Eastman, Louise Evans, Essie Gabbert, Lucille Hanks. ' ickson, Sue James, Clyde Miller, Betty Norred, Joan«rle Royston, Maxine Squyres, Frances Smith, Ayoline ' ' arion Stovall, Eva Loyce Stubblefield, Doris Tullos, Beverly Veillon, Ruby Weaver, La Juana Williams. 196 to rn rvioreciati w The pictures are made; the layouts are layed; the copy is copied; the presses are ready; and comes the time when we see the 1947 POTPOURRI as a com- pleted whole. The whole they tell us; is the sum of its parts. To the following persons who have played their parts so well in the preparation days of the 1947 POTPOURRI, we extend our sincere vote of thanks: Mr. George Atkinson of Minden, Louisiana for the portraits found in the class, beauty, and organization sections. The staff of the Shreveport Engraving Company for their many helpful sug- gestions, particularly Mrs. Charley Dozier for her assistance on the division pages, Jimmy Cobb for his many interesting sidelights, and Al Dulling and Robert See for keeping the work moving. The Benson Printing Company, especially Mr. E. W. Benson and Mr. Dan Eadie, for their splendid job of making layouts and printing the annual. Mr. Orville J. Hanchey, faculty adviser, for keeping us in the proper paths of procedure. The College Business Staff for its advice and help along lines of financial worry. The Administrative staff for its much needed advice and help. The Current Sauce for the publicity given our press-child. The Student Body for its willingness to cooperate with us. The merchants whose advertisements follow this page for their investments in advertising which went for financing the book. To all of these foregoing we say, " We appreciate all you ' ve done. " THE STAFF WU LITY RUIUDIIS V MATERIALS D AINTS NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 2747 108-1 10 Washington Street Natchitoches, La. NATCHITOCHES MOTOR COMPANY Home of the oldest Ford Dealer In Louisiana Phone 2688 Natchitoches, La, WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE We carry a Complete Line of Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family WE CLOTHE THE NORTHWESTERN COLLEGIANS S. E. West, Manager NATCHITOCHES COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ti, , :.j i , The organized business and professional interests of the City and Parish of Natchitoches are deeply interested in the welfare and progress of Northwestern State College of Louisiana and in its students. The Natchitoches Chamber of Commerce stands ever ready to assist in any movement or project relating to Northwestern. Most of its members are alumni of the college. hrisloric i utcnitocned " In the Heart of the Great Red River Valley " NATCHITOCHES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA ' Oldest White Settlement in the Louisiana Purchase — Founded 1714. " NATCHITOCHES COFFEE SYRUP CO. Roasters of NAKATOSH SPECIAL AND ST. DENIS COFFEE Phone 2767 R. J. JONES SONS LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL GENERAL CONTRACTING PLUMBING AND HEATING NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA THE PEOPLES BANK NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA OFFICERS R. O. HICKS President J. F. HILL Cashier JAS. B. TUCKER Vice-President J. I. FRIEDMAN Vice-President HERTZOG DeBLIEUX Asst. Cashier P. F. WILLIS A " t. Cashier STACY WILLIAMS A " t. Cashier DIRECTORS C. V. CLOUTIER L. H. JOHNSON J. I. FRIEDMAN A. G. LAWTON R. O. HICKS JOS. H. LEVY j. p. HILL SYLVAN W. NELKEN JAS. B. TUCKER AMERICAN DEPARTMENT STORES " We sell as we advertise — Always for In ess Phone 2230 Front St. Natchitoches, La. COMPLIMENTS OF McCLUNG DRUG CO. 400 Front Street Phone 2461 FIRESTONE HOME AUTO SUPPLY TIRES Passenger, Truck, Tractor AUTOMOTIVE DISTRIBUTORS Parts and Accessories Housewares, Paints, Radios, and Supplies Front Street Phone 2613 RAPIDES DRUG CO. Limited WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS ALEXANDRIA LOUISIANA Contributing to the Welfare of your Community by Supplying Drugs to Local Retail Drug Stores. BUTLER HORTON CO. GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF HOLMES RADIO SHOP ZENITH RADIOS AND VICTOR RECORDS 701 Fourth Street Phone 2540 LEVY DRUG COMPANY Incorporated The Rexall Store Cara Nome, Lentheric Preparations Phone 2431 Natchitoches COMPLIMENTS OF DALME ' S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Use Our Cash and Carry Station Phone 2333-2334 Natchitoches I MOTOR P LY HIU I ■ EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES 55 Years of Continuous Service 1892-1947 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Officers HAROLD KAFFIE President and Chairman SYDNEY KAFFIE and A. C. WATSON Vice-Presidents OSCAR W. TRABER Cashier HERBERT S. COBB Assistant Cashier Total Resources, December 31, 1946 $4,360,008.17 COMPLIMENTS NICHOL ' S DRY GOODS CO. Home of QUALITY MERCHANDISE 208-210 Front St. Dial 2413 L SCOTT MOTOR CO. DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE " JOB RATED " TRUCKS Phone 2202 Third and Sibley " »-- r ■ COMPLIMENTS OF LAKESIDE MOTORS, INC. SERVING AMERICA AND AMERICANS IN AN AMERICAN WAY CHARTERED COACHES FOR ALL OCCASIONS JUU ■ ninni BUS SYSTEM GULF PUBLIC SERVICE CO., INC. A BUSINESS MANAGED— TAX PAYING CORP. NATURAL GAS— ICE SERVICE CITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Capital, Surplus and Reserve $275,000.00 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OFFICERS G. H. PIERSON President DR. R. S. ROY Vice-President J S. MITCHELL Vice-President GEO. H. HIMES Cashier MRS. LUCILLE KELLY Asst. Cashier P. A. CLOUTItR Manaqer, Campti Branch DIRECTORS J. H. BLANCHARD D. T. TARLTON A. J. BUCKLEY J. C. DeBLIEUX L. M. CARNAHAN A. A. FREDERICKS EDWARD HORTON J. S. MITCHELL R. S ROY J. E. PIERSON G. H. PIERSON THE CITY OF NATCHITOCHES Wishes the Faculty Members and the Entire Student Body a Continued Success THE BEST SMALL CITY IN THE SOUTH EDWIN L. McCLUNG Mayer J. CURTIS PARKER Commissioner of Finance RYAN HORTON Commissioner of Streets and Parks W. PEYTON CUNNINGHAM Commissioner of Utilities TERRY M. STROUD Commissioner of Heaith POTPOURRI PHOTOGRAPHER 1947 GEORGE O. ATKINSON, SR ATKINSON STUDIO Telephone 685 Minden, Louisiana M ■r CANE THEATRE " For Your Pleasure " Where you will always find a Cheerful Welcome With sincere appreciation of your past favors, we extend our heartiest congratulations to the Northwestern State College of Louisiana, faculty and student body, for this edition of the " Potpourri " . POPULAR PRICES HEALTHFUL YEAR-ROUND AIR-CONDITIONING NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA LE RENDEZVOUS CAFE " Where Old Friends Meet And New Ones Are Made " GOOD FOOD, FRIENDLY SERVICE JUST OFF THE CAMPUS MRS. UHRBACH, Mgr. STANDARD BAKERY NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA We Furnish Bread for the Northwestern Demons. Always the best — try us tomorrow Call for our bread from your grocer any time. OR NOT ' s delicious KELLY, WEBER AND COMPANY, INC. WHOLESALE GROCERIES AND PRODUCE Manufacturers of FISH BRAND FERTILIZER Lake Charles, Many, Natchitoches , Leesville, Oakdale, Eun ce OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND PRINTING We Print Fraternity, Sorority and Social Stationery and The Current Sauce THE NATCHITOCHES TIMES Phone 2727 MRS. E. P. CUNNINGHAM and CHARLES CUNNINGHAM, Editors Compliments of MILLSPAUGH ' S DRUG STORE Compliments of GUILLET STUDIO JITNEY JUNGLE Self-Service Food Stores ARLIN BICE, Owner Natchitoches, La S. H. KAFFIE Incorporated " The Store of Quality Merchandise " ANYTHING— EVERYTHING— ANYTIME BAKER ' S 204 Third Street Natchitoches, Louisiana MALLORY ' S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY STORE B. F. GOODRICH TIRES 622 Front Street Natchitoches BLEVINS AIRCRAFT Use the educational benefits provided under the G. I. Bill of Rights along with your regular college courses. Natchitoches Phone 2100 200 S COLONIAL FLOWER SHOPPE, Flowers by Wire scond St. FTD. Phone 2796 Com Dliments of DEVARGAS JEWELRY CO. Front Street Natchitoches HUGHES Collegiate Clothes for Men and Women Front St. Natchitoches, La. ALLDAY ' S COFFEE SHOP Plate Lunches and Short Orders Coffee and Cold Drinks HOTEL NAKATOSH The Students of Northwestern are Always Welcome We Make Special Rates for Parties NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COURREGES SHOE STORE Smart Footwear for College Men and Women SHOES AND HOSIERY -ront Street Natchitoches FLOWERS BY WIRE SUSIE ' S FLOWER SHOP " Highest Q uality at the Lowest Prices " 1 10 Fern St. Phone 2042 Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL FUNERAL HOME R. MERRIAM Phone 2626 Compliments of AVOYLIES WHOLESALE COMPANY Manufacturers of Red Star Syrup PEOPLES MOTOR CO. U. S. ROYAL TIRES " Your Friendly Magnolia Dealer " Phone 3310 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT BODY ASSOCIATION NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE TODD ' S A Friendly Place To Buy " THE PEOPLES HARDWARE AND FURNITURE COMPANY Sells Things That Please the Collegians NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA Compliments of " A. DEBLIEUX SON On y Exc usive Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear in T own 406 Natchitoches, Louisiana Compliments of NATCHITOCHES APOTHACARY PR. R. S. ROY Compliments of CHOATES FURNITURE CO. Compliments of KOLLEGE KORNER DEBLIEUX McCAIN Appliances, Sporting Goods, Hardware Natchitoches, Louisiana THE NEW DRUG STORE In business for Your H ealth We Deliver Phone 2386 Save M Save Time NATCHITOCHES TRANSFER CO. (CARL HENRY) Natchitoches Compliments of A P FOOD STORE WHOLESALE PARTS, INC. NATCHITOCHES, LA. SALES FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Compliments of NATCHITOCHES SEED STORE COMPLIMENTS OF C. V. COCKE, Cotton Buyer BRIGHT SON DRY CLEANERS " We Know How " 200 Amulet St. Phone 2939 Compliments of UEBER ' S INC. MORGAN LINDSEY 5c TO $1 .00 " The Store of Courtesy " Somethi ig for Everyone Natchitoches, Leu! iana THE NATCHITOCHES ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING AND PRINTING HOUSE STEVE HARMON AND CARMEN BREAZEALE Owners St. Denis Street NATCHITOCHES Eat Lay ' s Best Yet Ice Cream All That the Name Implies LAY ' S ICE CREAM FACTORY FRONT STREET NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA TIP TOP WHOLESALE PRODUCE CO., INC. Quality Our Motto Wholesale Produce and Fruits We Buy and Sell Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in and Out of Season 500-508 Commerce Street Shreveport, Louisiana Phone L. D. II -f u.fx -Lou.Li.iana xezn — ?oi£i£ }i%zi. J idwi£. PauxoLU O WAR D Lumber Co., In c. UILDING MATERIAL • HARDWARE • PAINT NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA W i- F (A ? f BQ0KDESIGI1EDAI1D TED By ) ensun viinnni c o m p a n y n a s h v i li e A a [ rj- .... . .. u „u ...._;,... p ■J . w

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