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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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L 5JP -, ■ ■ ,« ' J COPYRIGHT 19 3 8 WINIFRED THOMAS. Editor • STEVE HARMON, Business Manager unni I UBUSHED BY THE LOUISIANA STATE NORMAL COLLEGE, NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA (fXj- RE - O record our activities, to cement our friendships, to reflect our memo- ries, to paint in panoramic fashion a true picture of life on the campus — these have prompted the creation of this book If we have succeeded in doing these things, our work will not have been in vain. WD RD CONTENTS THE COLLEGE THE CLASSES THE ATHLETICS THE FEATURES THE ORGANIZATIONS t W t- : . " .-! . ►_ E D I C TO HENRY LEE PRATHER, DEAN OF STUDENTS AND DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS mi whose twenty-five years of steadfast devotion to the college — whose keen sense of fair play in the realm of athletics — whose broad un- derstanding of student prob- lems, have left an indelible imprint upon the hearts and minds of those thousands who have come to love, to honor, and to admire him — to " Coach " , is dedicated this 1938 volume of the Potpourri A T I N DLLEDE i 1 8 m ■ 1 I ■ n m ■ 9 i l ■ I ■ i ■ m m J Kichard vv. L,eche Library Warren Eastern I ' all Richard Vv . Leclic Library Warren Lastern I lall llpj|S , iiii ' 1 1 Caldwell Ul From tKe L ' oll Green nside the Oateway I he 1 resident s L ottaqe 1 )inmq I Jail East Side of Caldwell f fail Vv omen s I )ormi ' tor ics Tl 10 Across trie L ourt to L aldwell lall Down the I er ola Administration ALBERT A. FREDERICKS Our President and Murphy P. Rogers Dean of the College H. Lee Prather Dean of Studenti Miss Dean E. Varnado Dean of Women Mrs. Ethel L. Hereford Dean of If omen hiving in loan D e a n s . . . tmrnm mt The Faculty Joe Aillet a.b. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Albert George Alexander A.M. Professor of English L. J. Alleman A.M. Professor of Education Clio Allen a.m. Super-visor of English and Assistant Professor of Secondary Education John Buell Avcock A.M. Professor of Elementary Education, Associate Di- rector of Teacher Training Harry L. Barr a.m. Associate Professor of Biology Leora Blair a.m. Associate Professor of Mathematics Melba Bouanchaud a.m. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Inez Allen M.S. Assistant Professor of English W. J. Avery a.b. Director of Extension and Assistant Professor of Elementary Edut ation Mamie Bowman M.A. Assistant Professor of English Lorane Brittain B. OF MUSIC Assistant Professor of Music [20: Lucile Carnahan A.B. Supervisor of History and Library and Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Hardwick J. Colvix M.S. Assistant Professor of Social Science Miriam Carver B.S. First Grade Supervisor and .lssistant Professor of Elementary Education Ixez Chaplix a.m. Second Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Monte Cheves m.a. Supervisor of History and Physics and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Sarah L. Clapp PH.D. Associate Professor of English Esther Cooley M.S. Assoc iate Professor of Home Economics Olive L. Cooper M.A. Professor of Art and Design Otis R. Crew M.S. Assistant Professor of Education Alfred L. Ducoi R u M.S. I Miniate Professor of Chemistry Estelle Cockfield A.M. Third Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Luther H. Dyson, Jr. M.A. Associate Professor of Education, Duet tor A Teach- er Training, and Principal of the Training School The Faculty The Faculty Martha Feltus a.m. Associate Professor of History A iain Good A.M. Professor of Social Science F. A. Ford PH.D. Professor of Education Bertha V. Haupt a.m. Third Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Francis G. Fournet M.S. Professor of Physics Hope Haupt a.m. Assistant Professor of Art Lauretta Fox PH.D. Assistant Professor of Biology Z. T. Gallion M.S. Supervisor of Mathematics and Instructor of Sec- ondary Education Mareda Hickerson A.M. Third Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education J. T. Hooker PH.D. Professor of Education I 22) ma Priscilla B. Hlssey A. C. Maodox S.D. A.M. Associate Professor of Biology Professor of Mathematics C. G. KlLLEN R. G. Markh m M.S. M. A. Supervi . i.r of Science and Assistant Professor of .Associate Professor of Mathematics Sei ondary Education John S. Kvser N. 15. Morrison A.B. a.m. Professor of Geography Associate Professor of Commerce Leroy S. Miller Thelm.a Zelenka Kvser A.M. A.M. Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics ist:uit Professor of Physical Education Guy Nesom Lilian ' G. McCook M.S. B. OF MUSIC Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Associate Professor of Music Freshman Football Coach The Faculty The Faculty Miriam Nelken a.m. Second Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education S. W. Nelken M.S. Assistant Professor of Agriculture Germaine Portre-Robinski A.M. Assistant Professor of French H. Lee Prather LL.B. Professor of Political Science Minnie Lee Odo-m A.M. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Walter E. Purdy B.S. Instructor in High School Music George L. Parks M.S. Fifth Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education F. S. Rankin M.S. Seventh Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Frances McClung I ' helps A.B. Instructor in Piano Mary S. Robson M.A. Instructor in Elementary Education Debbie Pinkston A.B. Instructor in Penmanship Ralph L. Ropp A.M. Associate Professor of English [24] Scharlie Russell A.B. Assistant Professor of Library Science Gilbert T. Saetre b.s. Assistant Professor of Music and Hand Master Nellie Senska A.M. Sixth Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education C. Mildred Smith A.M. Fourth Grade Supervisor and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education C. C. StroI ' D M.D. Associate Professor of Physical Education H. J. Sudbury A.M. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology CORIXNE S.ALCIER M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish D. T. Tarlton A.M. Associate Professor of Social Science A. H. Simpson A.M. Professor of Secondary Education, Principal, Supervisor of Mathematics Pall Thornton M.S. Associate Professor i Musii Addie Hyrd Small M.S. Instructor in Commerce Blanche Toy A.B. Instructor in Music The Faculty The Faculty Harry H. Turpin A.B. Varsity Football and Track Coat h R. W. WlNSTEAO A.M. Associate Professor of Latin Dean E. Varnado a.m. Associate Professor of History and Dean of IVomen Eugene P. Watson A M. Assistant Professor of Library Science J. W. Webb M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Paul Weiss A.M. Associate Professor of History W. W. WlNSTEAD A.B. Instructor in Manual Arts Catherine Winters A.M. Assistant Professor of History Mary Winters M.A. Instructor in Elementary Education Elizabeth Williams a.m. Supervisor of French and English and Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Annetta L. Wood a.m. Assistant Professor of English and Dramatic Art r 261 Mrs. Edith S. Barclay Mrs. Kathleen May Morris Dormitory Counselor Secretary to President Mrs. Flora E. Bowers Graduate Nurse S. J. Sibley Treasurer and Purchasing Agent Mrs. R. W. Boydstun Postmistress Pearl Tram el Mrs. Ethel L. Hereford Si retary in Extension Division Dean of Town Women W. S. Mitchell C. R. Whitehead Registrar Assistant Treasurer The Faculty St I I 9 i ■ -fa L A 5 S E 5 B j I H i ■ ■v ' . f f OFFICERS WAYNE GIVENS President ROBERT JONES Vice-President JESSIE JONES Secretary s e n i o r s Ethel Adams Minden Home Economics Ruth Alcock Natchitoches , Home Economics Euthenics Club. ; I Margaret Amrhein Pincville J pper Elementary Freshman Commissioner, Purple Jacket, Newman Club. i „ _ W Commerce Murphy J. Barr Dodson Science — Agriculture THE CLASS OF NINE [32] s e n i o r s ■ 7 I Roy Bass Plain Dealing Science — Agriculture n a e Demeter. Alice Beazley Vivian English — Social Science Women ' s Council ; Y. YV. C. A. Melba Bernard Iota Physical Education 6 D T, IT A K Secretary, V. A. A.; Secretary, Pi Delta Ep ilon; Secretary, Orchesis; Dramatic Club. Artelia Bickham Blanchard kindergarten — Primary Eula B. Bishop Jena Monti Economics TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T 133 J s e n i o r s Annie Ruth Boydstun Natchitoches Home Economics Band; B. S. U. Council. Mrs. Evelyn Boyett Gilliam Upper Elementary Mary Rose Brock Fort Necessity English — Library K A II, A 6 Purple Jacket; Newman Club. Melba Brown Natchitoches Upper Elementary K A II Pennie Lee Brown Coushatta Commerce THE CLASS OF NINE l 34 J s e n i o r s Maude Bullock Doyline Upper Elementary Eln er Burnham Haynesville Mathematics — Science AAA Ann Grey Butts Waterproof Commerce II K 2, K A II Purple Jacket; Pan-Hellenic Council; Current Sauce; Wom- en ' s Council. Lucille Carpenter Franklin Physical Education — Biology II A E, K A II President, V. A. A.; Treasurer, Pi Delta Epsilon. Rookh Caskey Bienville English — Social Science Y. W. C. A.; Treasurer, V. A. A. TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T l 35 J S e n i o r s % " 7 ri. Doris Chambers Sicily Island Upper Elementary Lois Clark Moreauville Music Band; Newman Club. Virginia Eloise Coats Marthaville Home Economics 6 2 T, K A n Euthenics Club; Band. Aline Cobb East Point Home Economics V V V Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A. Aswell Conly Coushatta Commerce I THE CLASS OF NINE [ 56] s e n i o r s Maxine Corbitt Saline Music k a n, a e Treble Clef Club ' 36 7; Fine Arts Club. Gerald Couch Minden Pre-Medical A Z President, Lambda Zeta ' 37; Co-Captain Football Team ' 37; " N " Club. Leo Cowley Mansfield Commerce K A II President, Purple Jacket ' 37- ' 3 8 ; Treasurer, V. W. C. A. ' 3 - ' 37- Chloe Crawford Minden Commerce Purple Jacket Club; Vice-President, Freshman Class ' 3 5- ' 36 ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 36- ' 37, ' 37- 38. Mary Emily Croom Mooringsport A indergarten — Primary A 2 A r E E N T H I R T Y-E I G H T [ 37] s e n i o r s Maude Dabney Shreveport English — French Purple Jacket Club; Senior Dramatic Club; Y. V. C. A.; Vice-Pre;-ident, Purple Jacket Club ' 37- ' 38. Norman Dees Ashland Commerce I K N Clara K. Dobernig Pollock Upper Elementary Daisy Donegan Sulphur Upper Elementary Jack W. Douglas Dubach Agriculture — Science THE CLASS OF NINE [38] s e n i o r s Maxine Dugan Florien Commerce Audrey Dike Jena Mathematics — Science Agatha Dlpree Coushatta Commerce Lucy Cornelia I)i pree Delhi Home Economics M ARCIA DURHAM Alexandria Home i.( onomn j 2 2 2, A ' . ' . President, Sigma Sigma Sigma V ' ;;; Potpourri ' 3 , ' 37, ' 38; Assistant Editor, Potpourri ' 37- ' 38 ; Vice-President, Pan- Hellenic Council; l :i i-. Players ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Vice-President, Davis Players ' 37; Fine Arts; Orchesis Club; Euthenics Club. fEEN THIRTY-EIGHT [ 39] s e n i o r s Robert Easlev . . Goldonna Commerce 2 t r Vice-President, Sophomore Class ' 35-36; Y. M. C. A. ' 36- ' 37 ; President, Men ' s Dormitory ' 36- ' 37; Men ' s Council " 36- ' 37 ; Student Council ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Discipline Committee ' 37- ' 38; President, Student Body ' 37-38. Winonah Edwards Many Mathematics — Biology 2 2 2, n A E President, Sigma Sigma Sigma Pledges ' 36- ' 37. Eleanor Elston Haughton English — Latin II K 2, 2 II P, K A II Senior Dramatic Club; Vice-President, Sigma Pi Rho ' 37; Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi ' 37. Erkle DODSON Plain Dealing Home Economics Euthenics Avon Farley Hico Upper Elementary THE CLASS OF NINE I 40 ] ■■ ■H Seniors Axxie May Ferrand Columbia Commerce K A n Charline Gloria Fielden Leesville Music Women ' s Council. Anna B. Fitzgerald Alexandria Kindergarten — Primary Martha Fleming Ferridaj I ' ) ;• Elementary Yvonne Fletcher English — Frent h Kaplan TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T nil s e n i o r s Roberta Fia itt Haynesville English — Frenc h A A, K a n, A o Purple Jacket Club; Fine Arts Club; Secretary-Treasurer, Student Body Association ; President, B. S. U. ; President, Treble Clef Club; Women ' s Council, Student Council, Disci- pline Committee; Pan-Hellenic Council. Evelyn Fournet Natchitoches Upper Elementary Ruth FoURROUX White Castle Commerce Frank Francis DeRidder (jOinmerce z t r B. S. U. Council ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. AIarjorie Fulton Waterproof Upper Elementary K A II Y. W. C. A.; Historian, Kappa Delta Pi ' 37- ' 38- THE CLASS OF NINE [42] s e n i o r s Kathleen Hoxre Futrell .... Natchitoches Commerce Life Saver. Myrtis GARLINGTON Oakdale Home Economics K A II Euthenics Club. Irene Gindratt Zwolle E nt lislt — Library Y. W. C. A. Wayne Givens Shreveport Commerce t r President, Senior Class; Vice-President, Sigma Tau Gamma; Student Council. R. W. Coins Mora Sett nee — Agriculture TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT nn ■■■ m s e n i o r s Ethel E. Good Natchitoches Music 2 2 2, K A n President, Sigma Sigma Sigma ' 37; President, Kappa Delta Pi ' 37 " ' 3 8 ; Vice-President, Treble Clef Club ' j6- ' 37. Gloria Griffin Mansfield English — Social Science ASA Martha Ann Hall Monroe Home Economics Current Sauce; V. W. C. A.; Senior Dramatic Club. Thelma Hardin Florien Commerce Katherine Hargrove Shreveport Commerce THE CLASS OF NINE [44] Seniors 1 Woody R. Hargrove Shreveport Gamma ' 37; Men ' s Council ' 37. -- ! ■ James Hii.born Bossier City Agriculture — Science 1 K N Football ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; President " N " Club; Vice-President, Men ' s Council ; Secretary-Treasurer, Demeter. Dorothy House DeRidder Commerce Justine Hoyer Natchitoches ¥ ■ Home honor lies Polly Hudson Shreveport • Elementary W TEEN THIRTY-EIGHT I 1 45 j s e n i o r s Dorothy Irion Benton Commerce II K 2 President, Pi Kappa Sigma ' s6- ' iy; Pan-Hellenic Council. W. O. Jackson Natchitoches Chemistry — Biology A Z, IT A K, A A A Student Council; Dramatic Club; Band. Katheryn T. Jobe Natchitoches Home Economics K A II Euthenics Club. Jessie Jones Franklinton Commerce A 2 A President, Alpha Sigma Alpha ' 38; Vice-President B. S. U. ; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, ' 38; Freshman Commissioner. Rorert Jones Oakdale Science 2 T I ' , A A A Vice-President, Senior Class ' 38. THE CLASS OF NINE [46] s e n i o r s C. G. KlLLEN, Jr Natchitoches Mathematics — Science A A A Football; B. S. V. Council. Anna Mae Lambeth Bossier Cit) £ ; g lis h — Fn nrh Purple Jacket Club; V. W. C. A. Cabinet. Rosemary Laws Patterson I iome Economics II K 2 Purple Jacket Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Fine Arts Club; President, Orchesis Club ' 37. Sybil Loftin Coushatta Commerce William Loftin Science — A griculturt Coushatta Vice-President, Dimeter ' 57-5S; Vice-President, Men ' s Coun- cil ' 37- ' 38; " N " Club; Vice-President, Junior Class ' 37; ' ai sity Basketball. TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T [47] y V s e n i o r s Opal Luther Atlanta Home Economics Beth McCain Coushatta Home Economics Y. W. C. A. Tandy W. McElwee Delhi Biology — Chemistry 2 T F, n A E, A A A, 2 II P a. S. U. Council ' 36- ' 37 ; Student Council ' 37; President, Pi Delta Epsilon ' 37; President, Lambda Delta Lambda ' 38; Treasurer, Sigma Pi Rho ' 38. Milton McGee Coushatta Science — Agriculture K N Basketball ; Track. Lucille McKinney Winnfield Upper Elementary THE CLASS OF NINE [48] s e n i o r s Chester McMillan Logansport Agriculture — Science n A E Demeter. ' - W. H. MroDLETON Buras English — Social Science 2 t r, k a n, a e Vera Mae McRae Shreveport Upper Elementary Y. W. C. A.; Junior Dramatic Club. Eloise Marie Major Oscar Kindergarten — Primary A 2 E President, Pan-Hellenic, ' 37 ; Dormitory Council. John Makar Lake Charles English — Social Science a r, a n Debate ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Member, Champion Debate learn of South ' 36, ' 37; First in Oratory, Louisiana Forensic ' 37; Sec- ond in State Speech Oratorical Contest, ' 37; POTPOURRI, Busi- ness Manager ' 36- 37; Feature Editor, Current Stun,. ' 35; Associate Editor, Current Sauce ' 36; Business Manager, Cur- rent Sauce ' 37; Editor, Current Saute ' 38; President, Alpha Phi Gamma; Press Association; President, Forensic Club; News Commentator on College Broadcasts; Student Council. TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T [49] s e n i o r s v Patricia Mallory Noble Home Economics A 2 A Charles Mathis Mooringsport Science — Agriculture 2 T r " N " Club; Student Council. Harold I. Mitchell Minden English — Social Science 2 t r, k a n Current Sauce ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Debate ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Student Coun- ci] ' 35-36; President, Sophomore Class ' 3 5- 36 ; Dramatics Club. Ruth Moreland Powhattan Kindergarten — Primary Treble Clef Club; V. W. C. A. Ruth Neisom Tickfau Physical Education THE CLASS OF NINE [50] s e n i o r s Onita Norsworthy Natchitoches Kindergarten — Primary E.MERIC Noone Buckeye Agriculture — Science I K N Treasurer, Phi Kappa Nu. Gertri i e Palmer Natchitoches Commerce 2 2 2, A -1 ' , ■[ A (), K A II President, Alpha Psi Omega; Purple facket Club; Fine Arts Club: Dramatics Club; Y. W. C. A. Emma Nell Phillips Covington I r •. mentary K A II Treble Clef Club; Dramatics Club. Georgie Pickett Pineville English — Social Scii m e A o President, Freshmen Commission ' is- ' .? ' 1 ' . Acting Dean ol Women, L. T. A. Convention ' 36; President, " C " Dormitorj ' 36- ' 37; Treasurer, Phi Alpha Theta, ' 36- ' 37; Circulation Editor, I ' m em kki, ' ' - ' 37. TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T [51] e n i o r s Plain Dealing « ;• -. .. . ... . uline Posey Converse Commerce 2 2 2 Davis Players; Y. W. C. A. Adelaide Presley English — Social Science Y. W. C. A. Toro R. G. Pyle, Jr Haynesville Mathematics — Chemistry 2 T r, K A II, A A A B. S. U. Council ' 34- ' 37; President, B. S. U. ' - ' n. THE CLASS OF NINE L52] Seniors Elizabeth Reeves Many Home Economics IT K 2 Orchesis Club; Dormitory Council; Fine Arts Club. Louise Reed Lake Providence Upper Elementary B 2 T Purple Jacket Club; Pan-Hellenic; V. W. C. A. Pauline Rhixehart Georgetown Commerce Purple Jacket Club; Orchesis Club; Fine Arts Club; V. W. C. A. Cecil Rhodes Bellwood Commerce Clelia Catholine Oak Grove ( ppcr Elementary TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T [53] s e n i o r s Mary Edna Roark Natchitoches English — Latin Y. W. C. A. Merle Rivers Zwolle Commerce Daisy Roy Iota Commerce e 2 r Orchei-is Club. Beulah Salassi French Settlement Upper Elementary Newman Club; W. A. A. Erin SANDLIN Natchitoches Commerce Dramatic Club; B. S. U. THE CLASS OF NINE [54] ££L s e n i o r s Helen Sexton Minden E n ( lis h — Fren c h Y. V. C. A.; Vice-President, Senior Dramatic Club; Presi- dent, Treble Clef Club; V. A. A.; R. 0. Council; Delegate to Indianapolis ' 36; French Circle; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet. Mrs. Jewell McFarrin Sandlin . . Natchitoches Kindergarten — Primary MlLLICENT SHELI Bastrop Commerce a k 2 Marie Simmons Natchitoches Commerce E. E. Smart, |r Logansport Si it me — Agriculture l K N Demeter. TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T •4. [55 J -a s e n i o r s Mildred Louise Smith Many Commerce A 2 A Davis Players ; V. W. C. A. Cabinet. Pearle Agnes Smith Boyce Commerce Harold Smolinski Detroit, Mich. Commerce K N President, Phi Kappa Nu ' 36; President of Newman Club; Vice-President of Gulf States Province of Newman Club; Student Council; " N " Club; Football ' 36, ' 37. Elizabeth Sorbet Robeline Commerce K A II Billy V. Sowers Wirmfield English — Social Science Davis Plavers. THE CLASS OF NINE [56] Seniors Thomas Edison Stewart Mansfield Mathematics — Chemistry A A A Frances Eleanor Strength Boyce Commerce Newman Club. Mrs. Gayle Yarbrough Stubbefield . Coushatta Upper Elementary Raymond Szczesiui Natchitoches Science — Agriculture I K X, II A E President, Demeter. D. T. Tarlton, Jr Natchitoches Commerce 2 T i ' , 9 President, Y. M. C. A.; Student Council; B, S. I . Council. TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T . [57] Seniors James S. Tassin Natchitoches Commerce A Z Eloise Thomas Ringgold English — Social Science Current Sauce. Helen Thomas Ringgold Home Economics K A II President, Euthenics Club. Rosemary Thomas Natchitoches Home Economics A i; A Euthenics Club; Purple Jacket Club. AvisTlJRNLEY TrOUt English — Library THE CLASS OF NINE [58] s e n i o r s Allen Tyler Urania Commerce () -K 1 ' A e Louise Voorhies New Iberia Commerce Treble Clef Club; Orchesis Club. Thelma Wade Farmerville English — Social Science Y. W. C. A. Janie Estelle Wells Longstreet Home Economics K A II Euthenics Club. Jennie Coates Wilkie Castor Commerce Douglas T. Williams DeRidder English — Social Si tern i ! A e TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T [59 1 " i Seniors Wayne Williams Flora English — Social Science ' Douglas L. Williamson Simpson A - ' ' $?• C ° " " ' " r " Kith Wilson Jackson " " W ¥ Upper Elements " |V Floriene Wilson Logansport Commerce Eleanor Young Natchitoches W ' Commerce Marie L. Zielke Port Vincent Upper Elementary A O " Senior Dramatic Club. THE CLASS OF NINE TEEN THIRT Y-E I G H T A [60] fljASi 7 AA - - " J u n i i o r ci ass OFFICERS JULIUS BRADLEY President J. R. SHERMAN Vice-President MYRIAM BREAUX Secretary J s 1 .c JUNIORS Helen Allen KENTVVOOD Home Economics Louise Barbe BUNKIE Home Economics Annie Elizabeth Beard STONEWALL H o m e Econ o m i c s Nelwyn Bedingfield VIVIAN Music Band ; Treble Clef Club; Tennis Team ' 37. Rosemary Boi drealx APOLEONVILLE Kinder (jar ten — Primary Secretary, Freshman Commis- sion; Life Saver; W. A. A.; Newman Club; Junior Dramat- ics Club. Melvin A. Bradley SAREPTA Commerce 2 t r B. S. U. Council. - " -»» » % Mary Ida Aycock FRANKLIN Physical Education II K 2 Fine Arts Club. William Bateman franklinton Commerce K N Elvira Mae Beasley HARRISONBURG Music Secretary, Treble Clef Club; B. S. U. Council; Women ' s Coun- cil. LoRINE BlXLER MANSFIELD Commerce Purple Jacket Club. Julius R. Bradley SAREPTA Agriculture — Science 2 T T, II A K President, Pi Delta Epsilon ; President, Junior Class ' 37- ' 38; B. S. V. Council, Summer ' 36, Summer ' 37; Chaplain, Sigma Tau Gamma; Demeter. ' Evelyn Bre.u x , a v CHURCH POINT Home Economics Newman Club Cabinet; Orche- sis Club. Jrche- fa Myriam Breaux HOUMA Kindergarten — Primary en Secretary, Junior Class; Secre- tary, Newman Club; Orchesis. Francis Bryan RINGGOLD Mathematics — Science J K X, K A II Treasurer, Phi Kappa Nu; V. M. C. A. Anna S. Birglass LAFITTE Commerce Doris Butter FOREST HILL Home Economics Y. W. C. A. Jam-: Cappel KINDER Kindergarten — Primary Hugh Carter ZWOLLE Mathematics — Chemistry v T ,. B. S. U. Council; Freshma Commissioner; Y. V. C. A. COMPTE Commerce Jack Bcr ;ess mansfield English — Social St a nc, I K N President, Phi Kappa Nu. JlMMIE Bl RKHALTER 1 R WKI.INTON Home Economics A 2 A Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Alpha; Y. W. C. A. Helen Byers (.11 I [AM English — Sot nil Si ient i Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' tf-tf- ' tf; Purple Jacket Club ' 36- ' 37- " 38; President, Freshman Commission ' 36- ' 37- Margaret Cappel l 1 I KI Kindergarten — 1 ' imary n ' v y ( Irchesis ; 1 ine An-. I ' . II. C VSS1 i CONVERSI I iii n ulture — Si ii in ,■ IT r J u N I O R JUNIOR Eunie V. Christian GRAND CANE Home Economics K A n Euthenics Club. Dorothy Cooper BOYCE Mathematics — Biology Eugenia Cross MINDEN Commerce Band ' i6- ' -}j. Evelyn Dardeau VII. I.E PLATTE Upper Elementary Arlie Denison IOWA Enc lish — Social Science Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; W. A. A. Senior Dramatics. Martha DePrato FERRIDAY Physical Education en Vice-President, W. A. A.; Or- thesis Club; Y. W. C. A. 4 ;Ji C. J. CONLY RINGGOLD Commerce K N Emmett Cope HAYNESVILLE Science 2 t r President, Freshman Class ' 35- ' 36; President, Sophomore Class ' 36- ' 37 ; Student Council ' 3 6- ' 37 ; " N " Club; Vice-President, Sig- ma Tau ' 36- ' 37; Men ' s Council. Bertha Crowder OAKDALE Enc lish — Social Science Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; President, Freshman Commission; Presi- dent, Junior Dramatics; Debate. ' P Marjorie Davis TROUT Home Economics James Denmon SAREPTA Scienct — Agriculture 2 t r Lois A. Downs A 2 A MANDEVII.I.E Music Band; Treble Clef. Charles Duply GRAND CANE Commerce — Social Science 2 T r Glee Club; Cheer Leader ' 37- ' 58. Herman Durham NATCHITOCHES Commerce Doris Folrroux WHITE CASTLE Commerce Marjorie Gaunt SHREVEPORT Home Economics A 2 E Leslie Graham CRESTON Commerce 2 t r Hill Billy Hand Mary Cecile 1 [amilton MANSFIELD ( r pper I:lcmcntary Bee Durham SHREVEPORT Home Economics B. S. U. Verone Ford OAKDALE Kindergarten — primary O 2 T E. A. Hand COUSHATTA lr rii utturc — S( ience i t r Demeter; Hill Bill) Hand. J U N I O S J U N I O Mary Virginia Harkey FORT NECESSITY Kindergarten — Primary Maxine Haywood SHREVEPORT Upp er Elementary OiMA C. HUCKABAY BIENVILLE Commerce Y. W. C. A.; Treble Clef. Addie Lee Hundley EUNICE Home Economics Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Oris Johnson NATCHITOCHES Chemistry — I ' hysics A A A Myrtle Laird KELLY I ' pper Elementary Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. rf — . Steve H. Harmon WATERPROOF Commerce K N " N " Club; Football ' 36- ' 37 5 Track ' 36-37; Sports Editor, Current Sauce ; Business Mana- ger, Potpourri ; Manager, Foot- ball Program. Margaret Hicks NATCHITOCHES English — Social Science A 2 E Purple Jacket Club; Band; New- man Club; Orchesis Club. Ruth Humble COLUMBIA lit Marjorie Jamison ALEXANDRIA Commerce Lillian Frances Kelley rCHITOCHES English — Sot ial Scient e A 2 E Pan-] [ellenic. Walter P. Ledet ABBEVILLE Sciem e •|. K N Football ' 3 5 ' 36- ' 37 ; Track ' 35- ' 3 " ' 37! Secretary, " N " Club; Reporter, Newman Club; Fledge Captain, Phi Kappa Nu. Dale Lee SHONGALOO Science — Agriculture A Z Jane McCardell FRANKLIN n k 2 Orchesis; Fine Arts Club; V. A. A. Cabinet. Leora McGinty RINGGOLD Home Economics Euthenics Club; B. S. V. Coun- cil; Junior Dramatics; Debate. Lelia Maher MODESTO Kindergarten — Primary Robert Marshall STONEWALL Commerce Vera Moss BELLWOOD Home Economics jy Maxine Locke RINGGOLD I pper Elementary Gloria McGinty NEW ROADS Upper Elementary A. 2 E Newman Club. Mary Frances McGowan BOYCE Home Economics Dora Belle Marse MARRERO I ' pper Elementary M ky Montgomery ni i mi Mathematics — Biology II A E Y. V. C. A. ; Junior Dramatics; Vice-President, Freshman Com- mission " 3 - 3 7 - CORJNNB Ml KR V in i i nglish — Sot ial Scienct Newman Club. JUNIOR JUNIORS Lulie Taylor Nabors MANSFIELD English — Library Helen Norton IDA l f per Elementary E. D. Perkins NATCHITOCHES Mat hematics — Chemistry AAA Football, Basketball, " N " Club Member. John Melvin Norris NATCHITOCHES English — Social Science A Z Debate Club; Glee Club; New- man Club; Curr.nt Sauce. j M«. JK Clarice O ' Neal PINEVILLE Kindergarten — Primary V V V Orchesis Club. j[ m I • ' Johannah Peterson BARKSDALE FIELD Kindergarten — Primary Evelyn Plummer JENA Kindergarten — Primary James Lynn Powell BOVCE itfl s 1 Cecile Pou SHREVEPORT Physical Education Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Junior Dramatics; W. A. A. English — Social Science 2 t r Freshman Commissioner ' id- ' zi ' y Newman Club Cabinet. Ben Hailey Rushing chestnut Special I K N Demeter. r | k Merrill Evelyn Raggio NATCHITOCHES Music K A 11 J i Anita Russell JENA Commerce Elizabeth Scarborough ROBELINE Commerce Berxice Schexnayder PORT ALLEN English — Social Science 2 E Freshman Commissioner ' 36-37 ; Newman Club. in Hellenic Mary Svvazey KEBO Upper Elementary LuRA m CONVERSE Physical Education m (tr4V Cl vrice Timmermann MARKSVILLE I ' pper Elementary K A II Purple Jacket Club; President, Y. W. C. A. ; Student Council ; R. (). Council. J. R. Sherman HAYNESVILLE Music i t r Vice-President, Junior Class. ( ilussiE Short WINNSBORO Physical Education Fine Arts Club; Orchesis Club; W. A. A.; Davis Players; Dra- matics Club. JlMMIE StRAUGHN COLFAX Com inert e Manette Swett NATCHITOCHES Kind rgarten — Primary a i; a Winifred Thom is si 1 ! Ill K (, r Class Editor, P01 poi kri ' 3S- 36- ' 37 ; Editor, I ' m POI kki. 37- ' 38. JUNIOR J U N I O R kv? Joe Tucker LEESVII.LE Music A 2 A Gordon Wiggins WATERPROOF Commerce 2 T r Vice-President, Student Body. Mary C. Williams BOYCE Kindergarten — Primary 9 2 T, K A IT Purple Jacket; Dormitory Coun- cil; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Sweetheart of the Band. Mary Wimberly RINGGOLD English — Social Science 2 2 2, I A O Purple Jacket Cluh; Women ' s Council. Clyde W. Woods NATCHEZ Commerce 2 T r Lois Turner MINDEN English — Social Science 2 n p, k a ii, a e B. S. I . Council ' 3 5- ' 36- 37. Eleanor Williams English — Social Science n k 2, k a n, a r, A 9 President, Phi Alpha Theta; Vice-President, B. S. U. Coun- cil; Discipline Committee; So- ciety Editor, Current Sauce. ida Wilson s jZ - + . ♦ : - «.a. dixie J y : U s Upper Elementary c£ s Doris Windham BLANCH ARD English — Latin 2 n P Secretary, Sigma Pi Rho ; Re- porter, Current Sauce. Elsie Young SUGARTOWN Upper Elementary V. A. .A. Sophomore Class OFFICERS JOHN REN WICK President E. H. Gl LSON Vice-President ANNIE LAURIE POE Secretary SOPHOMORES Lucia Alcock NATCHITOCHES Commerce Sarah Alford JACKSON Commerce 2 2 2 Ruth Allison IDA English — Library Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Com- missioner; Dramatics. Ada Andrews DELHI English — Social Science Evelyn Andrus LAKE ARTHUR Commerce A 2 E Angie Dell Ballard PELICAN A 2 A Myrtle Bennett WISNER Home Economics Gertrude Alford OSCAR Physical Education 2 E Riva Allison IDA Upper Elementary Freshman Commissioner; Vice- President, Junior Dramatics; Y. V. C. A. ; W. A. A. ; Y. W. A. ; Debate. Lucille Anderson BOYCE e 2 t Orchesis Club. Maxine Andrews HARRISONBURG Upper Elementary Irene Anthony EGREET Kinder g a) ten — Primary Hernice Bedingfield VIVIAN Physical Education 6 2 T W. A. A. Cabinet; Tennis ' 37. Louise Beregi ALBANY Physical Education .j,,-.. £i Gwendolyn Blake OLLA Kindergarten — Primary Eleanor Brown NATCHITOCHES Music Grace La Rue Bullock MARTHAVILLE Home Economics Barbara Butler VVIWSISORO Upper Elementary V. V. ( ' . A. Iris Campbell SUGARTOW N ( ' Elementary MabLe Conerly SHREVEPOR1 limn, Economics Z. T. Craft AN U OCA English — Social Si ten, i » • Zaidee Boatxer HARRISONBURG Upper Elementary Dorothy Braud i a ROSE Physical Education Joy Bi rnham HAYNESVII IK Home Economics Marjorie Bi tler SPRINCHIl I Hume l.i onomics HIT Dorothy Choppin COL] IX Mathematics — S, n, , CORINNI Cook P1N1 II I I Mathematics — Chemistry V N ' N " In r.i in I ) wii i id Km.l, i , ai i, n I ' i imary SOPHOMORES fcV ' SOPHOMORES Violet Davion OAKDALE Physical Education Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Doris Donaldson DRY PRONG Physical Education Dorothy Dowdy JUNCTION CITY, ARKANSAS English-Latin Billy Dyre BOGAI.USA Science s t r Band. LeMerle Elston haughton Kinder gar ten- Primary II K 2 ( rENE Fleming I ERRIDAY English-Library Bernadette Dill DONALDSONVILLE Kindergarten — Primary William Dosher NATCHITOCHES Mathematics — Science 2 t r V. A. Dunham SHREVEPORT Chemistry — Physics z t r Dramatic Club Reporter. Anita Edwards NOBLE English — Social Science Farris aIodisette HAYNESVILLE English — Library Alma Fluitt HAYNESVILLE Music Frances May Fournet NATCHITOCHES Commerce A 2 A Shirley (Jeiling BALDWIN English — Library Lois Gellatly zwoi.i.e Home Economics E. H. GlLSOX SHREVEPORT Commerce 2 t r POTPOURRI " 37- ' 3S Muriel Guenther NEW ORLEANS Comma c e AM .Martha Effie Hall NEW IBERIA Enijlish — Social Science Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Com- missioner; President, Junior Dra- matics Club ' 36-37. Essie Flo Hardin FLORIKN Physical Education Claire 1 1 vrgls NATCHITOCHES Physical Education A 1 A ' R AXCIS I [ERMAN SHREVEPORT Commerce Louis George MONTROSE Commerce Hand. Abilene Gindratt ZWOI.I.E Commerce Freshman Commissioner; V. W. C. A. Cabinet; K. O. Council. Rosin Rita ( Ii idry Cl 1 OFF I ' pper EL mi ntary Mildred Hall KOC ' lll I I E Commerce LESSIE I). II VRDIN Mn-sins Music Beverly Heier ARABl Knuli man, n — Primary Mil DR1 D I 1 1 NDRICKS i SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Jane Herrick LAKE CHARLES Commerce Mary Hines SIMSBORO Upper Elementary Anthony Hoyt NEGREET Commerce Mary Jane Ingle LOCKPORT Upper Elementary Anise Jones DE QUINCY Home Economics La Verne Killen NATCHITOCHES Music A 2 A B. S. U. Council. Doris Kinchen INDEPENDENCE Physical Education «u t 4 Sammie Hill NATCHITOCHES Music A 2 E Treble Clef Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Accompanist for Oc- tette; Newman Club. Marjorie Holloway HOLLY RIDGE English — Social Science Elizabeth Huckabay HARMON Home Economics Jimmye Mae Jackson MANSFIELD Art Fine Arts Club. Carrette Jones GRAND BAYOU Commerce Eleanor Kincaid WINNSBORO Home Economics Dorothy King WEST MONROE Kindergarten — Primary Treble Clef Club; V. A. A. Dolph Lee SHONGALOO Biolo jy-C temistry A Z Leonora Major VE STRESS Upper Elementary Edith Miller TORO Upper Elementary P L LINE Moncla MONO. A Kindergarten — Primary Hampden Mi rrell CROWLEY Pre-Medical I K N Football: Track. Mell Norman RINGGOLD Home Economies Mary Elizabeth Magcio NATCHITOCHES Commerce Charlerose Miller NATCHITOCHES I ' re-Mi dual Woodrow Miller GROVE Agrit ulture — St Urn e 2 t r Football. Fred Moore MINDEN Commt rie Mary Neeson BENTON Home Economics Lewis Mercer Norris HALL SI MM1I Commerce A . Glee Club. Mary Elizabeth Palmer n rCHITOCHI 9 Music v -v ' -v rreble Clel Clul . .j. 9 f . • J wii s Perkins Kill llll. Ill S XgricultuTi Scienci A ' . SOPHOMORE S SOPHOMORES Snookie Peyton WINNSBORO Commerce Annie Laurie Poe ALEXANDRIA Music 2 2 2 Louise Reeder HAYNESVILLE ( ' per Elementary Mildred Rhodes GRAND BAYOU Home Economics A 2 A Glen W. Riggin RUSTON Music 2 T r Band; Clee Club. Maxim; Sawyer FERRIDAY Kindergarten — Primary Pauline Sikes WINNSBORO Music Lois Phillips GLOSTER Commerce Katherine Powell NATCHITOCHES English — Social Science John B. Renwick MONROE Commerce 2 T r Football ; President, Sophomore Class; Student Council. Virginia Ridge ALEXANDRIA Physical Education Myrtis Rush ALEXANDRIA Commerce Marion- See KRANKI IN Kindergarten — Primary Sibyl Swazey NEBO Music Mary Elizabeth Tanner CHEN ' EVVILLE Commerce Irma Tarver WISKSBORO Co mm era ' Lavania Taylor MONROE I ' pper Elementary Lucy Helen Townsend CROWLEY Commerce A Z A Doris Wagner 1 I OKIES ' Mathcmat ' us — Biology Ann Waldron OIL t 1 1 Home l.i onomics " V V N ' Claire Watkins H III loi III S Home r.i onomics on y Joseph ixe Tarltox NATCHITOCHES Kinder g art i n — Primary A 2 A Lillian Tarver GRAYSON Spet ial YvETTE A. THEVENET BREAUX BRIDGE I r pper Elementary Newman Club Cabinet. Esta Mae Wade II N Kindergarten — Primary Marion W ;i espack K I I I ' pper Elementary M ii.i; W VLTON Mill M Kindergarten — Primary Ann W ' iiiii Diii Kindergarit n — Primary Newman Club Cabinet. SOPHOMORES »wW SOPHOMORES Charlene White PINEVILLE Physical Education 9 2 T W. A. A. Cabinet. Beverly Williams LISBON ' Music Edna Youngblood OAK GROVE ( ' pper Elementary Mary Bell White VIVIAN English — Social Science Current Sauce; Potpourri; Pan- Hellenic Council ' 38. Nann Upton RAVVILLE Upper Elementary Freshman Class OFFICERS PARKER WIGGINS President HAROLD SHARP Vice-President LOUISE EDWARDS Secret e t a r y ■ 9 o F reshma FIRST ROW Pearl Adams Minden HrLEN Andrews Harrisonburg Commerce English — Library Curdice Allums Harmon Virginia Armour Keatchie Muiic Knglnb — Library Marie Arnold Cotton Valley English — Social Science Margaret Austin .... Mooringsport Commerce SECOND ROW Vi vi Averett Sibley Dorothy Bailey Pineville Commerce Kindergarten— Primary Margaret Bahin La Place Marjorij Baker Natchitoches Lnyli h — Library .S.i m, Common Bonnie Barrillbaux Harmon Homt Economics VELMA BaRRILLEAUX Harmon Commeri t THIRD ROW Grace Barrois Gloria Printon Bazi r Sarepta Commerce Commeri Lucille Bavhi Gloria Noi.a Bbaslby Harrisonburg Frem h English I ' ppi i Elementary Frances Belcher . . . Commeri Benton Dorothy Belisle Many I Znglish --Social Science FOURTH ROW Lora Bennett Winnsboro Mae Bonin New Iberia Commerce English — Social Science Thelma Bishop Chestnut Iva Beam hi Hitler Oil City S • . .; Muiic Katie Boucher Springhill Commerce Mim Bozeman Natchitoches Pre-Journalism [82] Eugenia Bradley Sarepta Upper Elementary Dorothy Branham Addis Kindergarten — Primary LAYER NE Brown Harrisonburg Home Economics Elizabeth Browne Hanna Mathematics — Science Doris Cantrelle Marrero French- — English Mary Allen Caraway . . . Logansport Home Economics Undine Cath art Springhill Commerce Marguerite Chambless . . Sicily Island L pper Elementary FIRST ROW Mildred Brashier Downsville Commerce Odessa Brazille Monroe English — French SECOND ROW Doris Buie Sulphur Mathematics — Biology Vesta Alice Caillouet . . . Lockport Physical Education THIRD ROW William P Carlvon Boyce Commerce Doris Carter Belmont Commerce FOURTH ROW Frances Chandler .... St. Maurice Commerce VbRDYB MaE ChaZE Marksville Home Economics Lillian Broussard . . . Breaux Bridge English — Library Nesta Veronica Broussard . . . Iota English — Library Science Jo T. Calhoun Minden Home Economics Janet Campbell Dubach Physical Education Laurine Cassel Converse Commerce Anthony Catanesf . . . Natchitoches Commerce Sibil Childress Haynesville Commerce O. C. Coats Epps I ppcr Elementary Freshman CI ass [83] Freshman CI Archie Cobb East Point English — Social Science Margaret Colquette Fisher English Library I.itha Davis Trout Hume Economics Jac k DBW Natchitoches Music Virginia Downs Shreveport English — French CLIFF Dry Mansfield Agriculture- Science Josephine Dupuv Marksville English — Social Science Lennis Durrett Arcadia Upper Elementary i FIRST ROW Louis Stanley Comeaux . . Youngsville Commerce Woodrow Chowder Sugartown English — Social Science SECOND ROW Wilburn Dix Zimmerman Science Louise Doles Mooringsport Commerce THIRD ROW John Dueey Detroit, Mich. English Sttcul Science Jessie Duke White Sulphur I T pper Elementary F OURTH ROW Louise Edwards Many Home Economii I Gloria ELDRID Oakdale Home Economit [84] Bfrnice Cummings Coushatra Home Economics Gladys Dale Bienville Primary — Kindergarten Wilma Douglas Grayson Upper Elementary Sheldon Dowden .... Natchitoches Commerce Marguerite Ida Dupont . Good Hope English Libuity Leila Mae Dupree .... New Orleans Home Econoinii Mrs. Alwilda Elkins Minden Home Economics Sue Stell Ellett .... Mooringsport Primary Kindergarten Inez Elliot Pine Prairie Commerce Dorothy Eubanks Shreveport Commerce Catherine Frazier Grayson Commerce Jessie Friday Creston Kindergarten — Primary Joe Garrett Homer Mathemalia — Physics Margie Gathright .... Natchitoches Commerce Mae Gimbekt Natchitoches Music Lucille Goolsby Winnficld Home Economics FIRST ROW Martha Evans Mansfield Commerce Jewel Farrington .... Plain Dealing Upper Elementary SECOND ROW Evora Gaar Dodson Home Economics Inez Gamble Grand Cane Kindergarten — Primary THIRD ROW Ruth Gellatly Zwolle Physical Education G. H. Gibben White Castle Prc-Mcdical FOURTH ROW Beatrice Gray Coushatta Kindergarten — Primal v Albert Green Jonesboro Commerce Imogene Ferguson Oil City Home Economics Irene Forte White Castle Commerce Esther Mae Garlington . .Dry Prong Home Economics Nathan Garlington .... Dry Prong A griculture — Science Carolyn Gilson Oil City English Library Margaret Gimber Winnfield Commerce Lucille Gregory .... Pleasant Hill Upper Elementary ( ii seviere Guitrau .... Springville Home :» onomit I I H5 J F reshman Geneva Hagewood .... Natchitoches Physical Education Ruby Hammonds Kinder English — French Myrel Elvin Hays Hombeck English — Social Science Madge Henley Tullos Home hi onomit s Ai.vehne Horton Winnfield Kindergarten — Primary Edward House Montgomery Pre-Law Claudine Jones Natchitoches Commerce Emily Grace Jones .... Natchitoches Commerce FIRST ROW Mary Stella Hand . . . Hall Summit Commerce T. J. Harp Haynesville Agriculture — Science SECOND ROW Marjor:e Henley Tullos Home Economic s Merle Hogg Grayson Special THIRD ROW Maurinf Hunter Coushatta Prelaw Sybil Isgitt Converse : Tiglnh — Spanish FOURTH ROW Gbraldinb Jones Oalcdale Home Et onomit i J. H. Jonis DeQuincy Mathematics — Scient e [86] Barbara Harrington Tallulah Physical Education Mary Virginia Hathorn . Haynesville Com m en c Lois Honeycutt Dry Proni; Commerce Pauline Honeycutt . . . Natchitoches Physical Education Margie Johnson Boyce Physical Education Beatrice Jones Coushatta Home Economics Ruby Jones Franklinton Home Economics Sompayrac Jones Natchitoches Commerce Yvonne Jones Shreveport Commerce Charlotte Jordan .... Mobile. Ala. Engluh — French Christine Knotts Ashland Commerce Gertrude Lafargue Welsh Upper Elementary Amos P. Lee Houghton Mathematics — Chemisti Marion Lee Benton Commerce HELEN Virginia Lowe . . Haynesville Home Economics Bonnie Belle McFatter . . DeQuincy English — Library FIRST ROW Travis Kendrick Haynesville Science — Agriculture Paul Keyser Natchitoches Special SECOND ROW Garland Langford .... Logansport Science — A griculture Roy Lapeyrouse Houma English — French THIRD ROW Essie Mae Little St. Maurice Home Economit i Mildred Litton Ida English — Social Science FOURTH ROW Inez McGhee Ville Platte English -Library Him n McMlCHAEl . . . Haynesville Physical Education Verdie Kile Kisatchie Commerce Eluta KlNCHEN Independence Home Economics Alma Louise Latham .... Mansfield Home Econssmics (Catherine 1 izarus .... W ' innsboro English — Social S- Martha Locke Luflcin. Tex. Commerce Edythe Beatrice Loftus . . Stonewall Upper Elementary Mary Louise Marine .... Patterson Hume Scon Alman Marron Waterproof Commerce Freshman Class [87] reshma Willie Pearl Martin . . . Winnfield Home I onomu i Roland Migues Kinder Agriculture— Scit nee Evelyn Morris Pineville Commert i Florine Motty Kaplan Kindergarten — Primary Gertrude Myers Campti Commerce Reba Neei Converse Commerce Juanita Phillips Kelly Home Economics John S. PlCKETT Natchitoches Commerce FIRST ROW Mrs. Roy Mims Natchitoches Commerce Ruby Monks Welsh English — French SECOND Row- John O. Murphy Coushatta Commcri e Vesta Murray Bellwood Upper Elemental , THIRD ROW YVONNE Orr Natchitoches Home :. onomu I Mildred Owen Kilbourne Upper Elementary FOURTH ROW Curtis Ray Price Buckeye A grieulture — Science Jack Pullen Natchitoches Commert [88] Alice Mae Montz La Place Commerce Elouise Moore Monroe Kinjergiirten — Primary O ' Dell Murry Montgomery Upper Elementary Allie D. Myers Campti Commerce Melba Pennington Goldonna Home Iliommnt Marie Moneti Perkins .... Leesville Home Economics Carolyn Reed .... Lake Providence Home Economics Ruby Irene RlDDICK DeRidder Music Marthella Roark Shreveport Commerce Fay Roberts Marthaville Kindergarten — Primary Mary Olga Sagrera Abbeville Commerce Cecil H. Sandlin .... Lake Charles Commerce Lendon Ernest Simpson . . . Arcadia A griculture — Science Marilyn Simpson Arcadia Upper Elementary Myrth Strukland Mansfield Mathematia — Science Jewell Stroud Negrctt Kindergarten — Primary FIRST ROW Eolian Rogers Saline Music Elizabeth Ross Pleasant Hill Upper Elementary SECOND ROW Harold Sharp New Orleans Pre Law Lro Shelton Winnfield Chemistry — Physics THIRD ROW Mildred Simpson Shreveport Commerce Hi i i:n Slawson Mansfield Commerce FOURTH ROW Ferne Sullivan Shreveport Hume Economics Mae Tarvbr Trout Commerce Gwendolyn Russell .... Mansfield Physical Education Temple Russell Alexandria Commerce Marjorie Shelton .... Waterproof Home Economics Marion Sherman Haynesville Physical Education Juanita Smith Winnsboro Physical Education Margaret Stewart Alexandria Commerce Marie L. Thibodaux . . . Napoleonville Upper Elementary Joseph A. Thomas .... Natchitoches Pre-Mtdical vi5 v k £ 0K reshma ass F reshman Class Marion Thurman .... Sicily Island Commerce Doyle Tison Dry Prong Commerce Alice Ann Wallace . . . Natchitoches Kindergarten — Primary James Wallace Natchitoches nglish — Social Scicnt c Margaret Claire Whittington . . Bossier City Commerce Parker Wiggins Waterproof Commerce Margaret Wood DeQuincy Commerce ERNBSTIN1 WOODARD . . Cotton Valley I lame Ei onomii i FIRST ROW Neal Tison Pollock Kindergarten — Primary Shefford Tison Dry Prong Commerce SECOND ROW Don N ie Waller Haynesville Commerce Jack Warner Natchitoches A griculturc — Science THIRD ROW Hilda Williams New Iberia Commerce Henry Clinton Willis . . . Doyline Agriculture FOURTH ROW Ruth Wright Welsh Engllfb — Library Betty Ida Wyatt Keatchie Kindergarten Primary Allen Touchton Pelican A grtculturc — Science Myrtle Turner Trout Physical Education John Warren Epps Special Lois Watson Palmetto Music Marion Winn Lake Arthur Spe ial Erbon Wise Boyce A grtculturc — Science Fl.OYCE Yates Haynesville Mathematics — .Science Ina Zimmer Mansura Home Economii t [90] THLETICS 1 I A ' r 1 CHEERLEADERS CHARLES DUPUY JO TARLTON SNOOKIE PEYTON VIRGINIA PEARMAN F o o t b a [ 95 The Varsity Team and SIMS JACKSON Captain GERALD COUCH Co-Captain With nine games on their schedule, the record of the Demons last season found them batting 500, with four wins, four losses, and one tie. The Demons really looked good in their first game against the powerful Centenary Gentlemen, September 18, when they held the Shreveport collegians to a score- less tie. It was in fact a moral victory for the Demons, for the Centenary coaching staff had already predicted their proteges to emerge with a heavy score against their lighter and less experienced opponents. The game also brought out two of the best drilled teams in the South- ern Intercollegiate Athletic Association Conference as they battled for sixty minutes in one of the warmest days in September. Football stars, bearing the purple and white colors, were seen all over the field and everv man that Coaches WO— — H— ■— H— P— ! rk . tm Hr ? ' c oaches COACH AILLET COACH TURPIN V-.Vi hj DEMON ' S DEFENSE TIGHTENS AND THROWS CENTENARY ' S BACK FOR A LOSS DURING THE DEMON-GENTLEMEN FRAY IN SHREVEPORT. ir -_» - -tj « vl - » , 3 -r f • MATHIS, Guard LEDET, Tackle COPE, Quarterback JAMES, Center Turpin and Aillet sent into the fray sensed his assign- ment and went to work as a true Demon should. The boys came out of the Centenary game with quite a number of injured men and with only three days to get in shape for their next opponents, East Texas, were trounced by the scrappy bunch of Lions of Commerce, Texas. To be exact, there were eleven varsity members unable to make the trip via bus to the neighboring state. They were Captain Sims Jackson, Harold Smolinski, Dudley Hillman, Edmond Saucier, Emmett Cope, Roy Gentry, Hugh Flournoy, J. P. Russell, Frank Eason, and John D. Bell. It was a game marred by fumbling, loose tackling and blocking. All in all it was not a happy event for faculty members, Brittain, Miller, Webb, and Davis, nor was it interesting for Captain Jackson, who showed up before game time. These faithfuls motored well over 250 miles to witness the contest. With many bruises healed and taking advantage of the week lay off due to the cancellation of the Mag- nolia A. and M. game, the Demons came back strong against the Sam Houston Teachers, leaders of the Lone Star Conference in East Texas, and took them to the MH •zr tune of 7-6. The score did not indicate the superiority of the Natchitoches collegians as they outplayed and outclassed their opponents in every department of the game by a wide margin. They drove the ball down to the four-yard line in their first offensive stand only to fumble and have the Bearcats of Huntsville recover. The Texans scored first but the Demons never for once thought of ceding them the game, for they came back stronger than ever in the third quarter and pushed over a touchdown and an extra point to win the game. The accuracy of Walter Ledet ' s educated toe accounted for the winning margin. Billy Parker counted for the touchdown. The next enemy on the Demon card came with the Louisiana College Wildcats, who served as first test in the " Little Four " conference. The Wildcats issued cry after cry of defeat until everyone believed the contest to be a track meet. Everyone believed this to be true but Coaches Aillet and Turpin and the group of De- mon Footballers. They knew the Widcats and how good they were at playing possum. MAXEY, Tackle LOOMIS, Fullback PERKINS, End FLOURNOY, Tackle The game was a thriller even if there was a down- pour of rain during the major part of the game. Louis- iana College scored first when they blocked one of Steve Harmon ' s punts on the 20-yard line and recov- ered over the goal line for pay dirt. The conversion was no good. The Demons came back strong in the second quarter as Frankie Pernici and Charley Loomis ripped the Wildcat line for gain after gain. The thrust ended with Pernici going over from the one yard line for the first Demon touchdown. Loomis ' try for the extra point was wide. With the. score tied up at the half time, the Demons must have heard some good lecturing from Professors Turpin and Aillet, for they came out after the rest period with plenty of power and marched down the field for another marker. The drive this time featured Harmon, Wyatt, and Parker in the ball-carrying de- partment and Loomis and Cope in the blocking tandem. Harmon on an off-tackle slant went 20 yards for the last touchdown behind Cope and Loomis. The try for the point after touchdown was wide again. The season now stood two wins, one tie and one loss. The colorful battle with Louisiana Tech played be- fore one of the largest crowds this season at the State Fair in Shreveport threw many a scare into Bulldog supporters, many a hope into Demon rooters and many a thrill into both. For well over three quarters, the Demons played the Techmen on even terms and in fact had somewhat of an edge, particularly in first downs. But with about five minutes of the fourth quarter gone, a Normal halfback fumbled after a hard tackle and the ball fell into the hands of Hewitt, Tech center, who raced for the touchdown. HARMON, Fullback CREIGHTON, Tackle WYATT, Fullback SMOLINSKI, End I ICO I Breaking the ice by a lucky break, the Ruston col- legians then proceeded to score an authentic touchdown on the strength of a spectacular end sweep by Barnette, fast halfback. Although the final score was 14-0 against them, the Demons played a strong defensive and brilliant but inconsistent offensive game. In the last few minutes of the State Fair battle, the Demons played every man on the bench as there were numerous injured men. With the closing whistle of the Tech game the Demons found themselves batting 500 percent on the strength of two wins, two losses and one tie. On a bad pass from center, the Louisiana Normal Demons were defeated by Stephen F. Austin ' s Lumber- jacks, 2-0, under the floodlights of Normal Field on Friday, November 5. The game was the second won by the Axemen in the ten-year series and came about as a result of a wide pass from center which eluded Steve Harmon and rolled over the goal line where Harmon covered it for a safety and a 2-0 win for the Texans. The contest was a punting duel throughout and here the Texas backs had the advantage, averaging 4 1 yards in 12 attempts to Normal ' s 32-yard average HILBORN, Fullback PERNICI, Halfback EASON, Guard J. ELKINS, End MURRELL, Halfback WAGLEY, Tackle GILSON, Halfback PARKER, Halfback gained from nine punts. In the fourth quarter the Demon ' s got a break when Gilson intercepted a Texas pass on his own 39 and ran it back to the Lumberjacks ' 25. However, the rally died here when Wyatt fumbled on his 19-yard line. Taking advantage of their first penetration within the 20-yard line, the Demons again crossed up the ex- perts and by virtue of Walter Ledet ' s perfect field goal scored a thrilling 3-0 victory over the Mississippi State Teachers at Hattiesburg ' s annual homecoming. The field goal climaxed a hard fought punting duel witnessed by over 5,000 fans, the largest crowd of the year to watch the Yellowjackets. A long pass and a run placed the Demons in posi- tion to score. Charles " Snaggle " Loomis and Steve Harmon bat- tered through the Mississippians ' line for two consecu- tive first downs, after which Harmon drifted back, feinted to the right, and shot a long spiral over the opposition ' s secondary to E. D. Perkins, who gathered it on the Mississippi 25 and raced to the 10 before he was downed. Loomis hit the line and was held for no gain. Harmon tried an end sweep and failed to gain. Then Walter Ledet, right guard, came out of the line to play the hero ' s role, and with Gilson holding the ball, from about his own 15, booted it squarely over the goal posts for the margin of victory. The next opponent on the schedule of the Demons was with the L.S.U. Tigers of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Demons held the Bayou Tigers scoreless fo r the first eight minutes and then seemed to go to pieces as the Tiger backs got loose for several long gains. The first score came as a result of straight line plays with Pinky Rohm, candidate for Ail-American, going over from the 14-yard line. Milner ' s try for the point after touchdown was wide. Normal chose to kick instead of receive and Ledet kicked to Rohm on the 3-yard line. Rohm cut loose through the entire Demon eleven for the second touchdown in five minutes. The try for extra point was no good. Other sensational plays were made by Ken Kava- nagh and Jabbo Stell. Kavanagh caught a pass from Young Bussey on the Demons ' 45 and went all the way for pay dirt. Stell intercepted one of MurrelPs heaves and went down the left sidelines for 78 yards for the last score of the game. - ' SAUCIER, Guard WIGGINS, End T. ELKINS, Tackle HILLMAN, Guard Climaxing a gala Homecoming Day, the Louisiana State Normal Demons scored a 7-0 win over the South- western Louisiana Institute Bulldogs and gained the " Little Four " championship before 5,000 happy fans. After repulsing the South Louisiana gridsters ' scor- ing early in the game, the Demons marched to a touch- down in the second quarter and played bang-up foot- ball during the remainder of the battle to completely outclass the Bulldogs. Normal made ten first downs as compared to Southwestern ' s seven. Nine Normal seniors crowned themselves with glory in their final college game. Wyatt, Couch, Hilborn, and Parker, backs, and Jackson, Smolinski, Wagley, James, and Mathis, linemen, led the Normalites in an exhibition of the hardest tackling and blocking seen here on the field this year. With the " Little Four " championship at s take, both teams entered the game cautiously and exchanged punts until the middle of the first period, when Abel, fleet Southwestern halfback, returned Couch ' s punt 20 yards to midfield from where the Bulldogs started a varied offense. Gunter and Abel alternated at carrying the ball around the ends and off tackle for three first downs KELLY, Guard GENTRY, Tackle RUSSELL, Guard MILLER, Tackle FARR, Center before the Demons ' defense tightened and held on the Normal 10-yard line. An intercepted pass gave the Demons their scoring opportunity midway in the second quarter when James, Normal center, caught one of Abel ' s heaves and re- turned it to the 45-yard line. Marvin Wyatt and Frank Pernici paved the way for the touchdown when they drove the ball down to the 6-yard line. The Canines held once but Murrell sliced off-tackle for the touch- down. Charles Loomis converted the extra point from placement. At halftime, Miss Anne Butts of Waterproof was presented as " Queen of Homecoming " and the Normal College band, featuring two classy drum majors, Miss Frances Rae Alexander and Raford McLean, entertained with fancy drills. BELL, Quarterback WEBB, End KILLEN, Tackle MADDOX. End RENWICK, End LETTERMEN Joe Butler, Frank Pruitt, Parker Wig gins, Alman Marron, Roland Mlgues T. J. Harp, Pat Nations, Sam Scurrie Sam Gaspard, Harold Sharp, Punjab Wright, Cara Lee Starns, David Welder Ernest Tyler, Ernest Wright, Joe Gar rett, Prentiss Duke, Willie Black, and Josha Roebuck. Under the careful direction of Coach Guy Nesom, former star tackle for the L. S. U. Tigers and one of the most successful high school coaches, the State Normal Imps went through a very successful season during the 1937 c ampaign. The " Dogs, " as they are known to the student body, came from all over the state and represented one of the strongest first year teams ever to play for the Louisiana State Normal College. They were called on many times to furnish the needed opposition for the varsity and they responded well. They were the first group of freshmen to come early for fall practice with the varsity and they showed their ability at once. Schedule Freshmen 26; Natchitoches High o Freshmen 33; La. Tech Freshmen o Freshmen .... 9; La. College Freshmen 6 Freshmen ( ; Stephen F. Austin Freshmen . 19 Freshmen o; Southwestern Freshmen .... 6 COACH GUY NESOM I ■ If ' ■ Basketba t 107 I A quarter of a century is not a long period of time in the history of events as one scans the world at large, but it is a record breaker when applied to uninterrupted service in the field of coaching college athletes, especially as the life of a coach is measured in the modern trend of athletics. Louisiana has in its coaching sphere such a veteran in Coach Henry Lee Prather who has been mentor of athletics at the Louisiana State Normal College for exactly 25 years. That the veteran Demon mentor has made a success of his coaching job at the State Normal College is proved by the fact that during the twelve years his teams have been members of the S. I. A. A. they have been invited to par- ticipate in the conference tourney nine times. Twice his teams have advanced to the final round and always his quintets have bsen strong contenders for the crown. This year the Demon five has piled up a total of 11 victories in 14 conference battles, taking double bills from Louisiana College in Pine- ville, Louisiana Tech in Ruston, Southwestern of Lafayette, Mi ' lsaps of Jackson, Miss., Mis- PERKINS, Forward DIXON, Forward WEBB, Center ELKINS, Guard JACKSON, Forward LOFTIN, Co-Captain o n th e sissippi Teachers of Hattiesburg, Miss., and a single contest from the Delta State Teachers of Cleveland, Miss. The Demons dropped a pair of games to Centenary of Shreveport, champions of this district of the conference, and one tilt to the Mississippi College five at Clin- ton, Miss. The Prather coached boys split a two-game se- ries with East Texas of Commerce, Texas, and defeated Arkansas A. and M. in two games early in the season and came on later to defeat Oklahoma City University and Southeastern fives, thus giving them a season ' s record of 16 wins and 4 defeats out of their 20-game sched- ule this year. Prather ' s teams have been defeated in " Little Four " circles only once in the last four years, and for the last three seasons have swept the Louisiana College-Southwestern-Louisiana Tech- State Normal series with a clean record. In addition to the regular starters this year, Loftin and Jackson at the forwards, McGee at center, E. D. Perkins and John Elkins at guards, Coach Prather had Tom Elkins, Jimmy Perkins, Jesse Walker, Billy Parker, and Ru- dolph Dixon. PERKINS, Forward BURGESS, Center ELKINS, Guard WALKER, Guard McGEE, Co-Captain H a r d WOO d Freshman Basketball The Imps, under the direction of Elmo Tullos, graduate of the Normal and one of Coach Prather ' s former students of basketball, went through a five-game schedule with three victories and two set-backs. Louisiana Tech and Louisiana College were the only college freshmen fives to be played by the first-year men of Tullos ' . In the Tech game, the Imps won by a margin of 25 to 23 at the Louisiana Tech court, and in the second encounter on the home court the Imps won the game to the tune of 30 to 25. The Imps split a series of two games with the Louisiana College Kittens, winning the first game by a one point margin and losing the second on the Louisiana College courts to the wide margin of 45 to 27. Other games were scheduled and played with some of the strongest high school teams in the state and they were all won by the Imps. The work of Starns, Cummings, Jones, Sneed, Pruitt, McCoy, an d Tyler was outstanding throughout the entire season and should these men return the following year Coach Prather will probably choose some of them for his varsity five. [110] T r a c k I in I MADDOX WIGGINS MONCLA WILLIAMSON PERNIO LEDET McGEf Last season Coach Harry " Rags " Turpin with ten varsity track and field men climaxed the track for the year with second place in the annual S. I. A. A. con- ference meet held in Alexandria. Led by that stellar athlete, Mar- vin Wyatt, who averaged better than ten points in every meet, the Demon tracksters displayed some remarkable ability and in the coming year they should be even stronger. Other men who were high in honor taking were Steve Harmon in the 100, 220, 440-yard dashes and in the mile relay. Douglass Williamson in O Turpin, Coach (standing), Sneed, Williamson, Scott, Webb, Moncla, Maddox, n th e Ci n Murrell, Harmon, Pernici, Campbell, Tassin, Rhodes, Jackson, Ledet. d ELKINS JACKSON SCOTT HARMON MURRELL TASSIN WEBB the 440 and 880-yard dashes and in the mile relay, Wiggins in the 880 and mile relay, Scott in the mile and mile relay, Ledet in the shot and discus, Parker in the javelin, Magee in the pole vault and high jump, and Tom and John Elkins in the weights. Coach Turpin graduates from freshman squad such men as Webb and Jackson, both good runners, and Tassin, a fair hur- dler. The mile relay team com- posed of Wiggins, Scott, Wil- liamson and Harmon were cham- pions of the conference last sea- son and should repeat. e r Path N ■ • J F h r e s n m a n T r a c v Prospects for a strong Freshman track team this year at the Louisiana State Normal College seem bright, although Coach Turpin does not have as many men out for the team as he has had in the past. With several men of the finest material coming up from the various high schools in the state at his disposal, Coach Turpin has hopes of forming one of the strongest relay teams in the South in the future. The most likely candidates are Parker Wiggins of Waterproof, sprint man and 440 performer; Jones of Coushatta, one of the finest high school half-milers; Frank Pruitt of Istrouma, state champion discus thrower and a prospect for the shot put, and Wylie Cummings of Methvin, sprint man. Other members are Sneed of Methvin, Lapy- rouse of Houma, and Starns of Tioga. [114] T e n n i s [ m K9S HARVELL PIERCE TENNIS Headed by John D. Bell, number one member of last year ' s lettermen, the Demon racket wielders, got off to an early start in their practice sessions this season. With a total of eight matches scheduled for the squad, the interest in tennis was greatly increased this year over that of former seasons. Along with Bell, Billy Pate Causey and E. L. Cross returned this year after making the squad last season to give the 1938 team its number two and four players respec- tively. Bell and Causey teamed together this spring to furnish the Demon racketeers their number one doubles team. Added to the 1938 line-up were Jack Fisher, number three player, J. R. Sherman, and Harvell Pierce who alternated with Cross at number four position during JACK FISHER JOHN D. BELL [ 116] SCHEDULE April i i Normal vs. Springhill College April m Normal vs. Centenary (Tentative) April 18 Normal vs. Louisiana College April 25 Normal vs. Louisiana College April 26 Normal vs. Louisiana Tech May 2 Normal vs. Stephen F. Austin May 16 Normal vs. Stephen F. Austin TENNIS SQUAD the early part of the season. Fisher and Cross teamed together in the first matches in number two doubles position. E. L. CROSS BILLY PATE CAUSEY I 117] Women ' s Athletic Association OFFICERS LUCILLE CARPENTER President MARTHA DEPRATO Vice-President MELBA BERNARD Secretary Women ' s Athletic Association Margaret Smith, Ping-Pong Rosemary Bourdeaux, Badminton Bernice Bedingfield, Tennis Gertrude Alford, Tenniquoits Professor Kyser teaches Archery. A-hiking we will go. " Merrily we row along. " Outdoor Girls Sara Afeman, Track Jane McCardell, Swimming Lucille Carpenter, President Rookh Caskey, Recreational Games Norma Pitts, Baseball Melba Bernard, Track Lucille Carpenter, Dorothv Brand, Javelin -jtr EATURES I POTPOURRI 1 resents for your Ojpprovcd THE BE All TIES AN D FEATU RES FOR (038 5J C UTaveth 1 eevei ■v «sr % T Ullllcenl Skell C veL V t atti u: tfaauii 7 J ill it C n Pel il k ■ HM A ' I ' — - - 1 ' tqtc i atktialtt i w a J: tauce ) el diet 4 m mmmm mm I .. «.! ». x. Elizabeth Austin Lavania Taylor Joe Jo Tucker Martha Fleming Bernadette Dill Mary Ida Ay cock Oth e r Beauties Mildred Rhodes Maude Dabney Marie Cloutier Muriel Guenther Maxine Locke Annie Laurie Poe 19 P R E S E N T N G CHOSEN BY A SELECTED FACULTY COMMITTEE AS THE John Makcir Gerald Couch Roberta Fluitt Marie Zjuelke Ethel Good Raymond Szczeshd OUTSTANDING PERSONALITIES OF THE CLASS OF 1938 Leo Cowle Ann Grey Butts Robert Easley Wayne Givens James Hilborn Georgie Pickett 38 H o s w H o 7 • QUEEN OF HOME COMING e Student Lif e WINIFRED THOMAS, Editor JOHANNA PETERSON, Organizations Editor P O T P Winifred Thomas Marcia Durham . Steve Harmon . . Georgie Pickett . Johanna Peterson Editor . . Assistant Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager Organizations Editor Gordon Wiggins Sports Editor Mary Bell White Class Editor Yvonne Jones . Asst. Circulation Manager E. H. Gilson Asst. Sports Editor Mvriam BREAUX .... Asst. (J lass Editoi Breaux, Durham, Gilson O U R R We, the raff, in presenting this [938 volume of tin- Potpoi rri to the Student Body, have tried to please only you. Essentially, the form of an annual must al- ways be the same, but we have tried to make tin ' s one a little different. We hope that the manner in which we have prepared this book is worthj of the trust that has been placed in us, and ma we express our appreciation for the splendid cooperation which we have received trom everyone. 4 w . b. M 1 A Jonei, Pickett, White JOHN MAKAR, Editor The Current The twenty-fifth volume of The Current Sauce, official student newspaper, was the largest ever published at the College. The format was changed as well as the masthead to conform to the best newspaper practices. From the old style sheet of six columns in width, the news- paper was increased to seven columns. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the paper was cele- brated with a special " Silver Jubilee " edition of twelve pages containing many historical fea- tures about the college. The issue contained congratulatory messages from Governor Leche, Lieutenant-Governor Long, Superintendent of Education Harris, and other dignitaries of the state. Members John Makak . . . ■ -...-. Editor Norma Dow ty ......... Managing Editor Steve Harmov • . . Sports Editor Theresa Harbourt, Ann Buns .... Office Managers Evelyn Morris, Louise Reed Office Issistants Eleanor Williams ......... Society Editor Erbon W. Wise, Roberi Holdzkom . . . Feature Editors Bertha Louise Crowder ..... Circulation Manager Cecile Poi , Mildred Simpson . . . Circulation .Issistants Ferne Sullivan, Mable Conerli . Advertising Managers Ri in Humble hi Editor Sauce . - Speci vl Writers Ellen Lee Bridewell Mary Allen Caraw ai Maki h Ann Hall James Hilborn Lillian Maloni Mary Louise Maris MARIII I Sill KM Eloise Thomas DORRIS M. Wimjii m Reporters Vei e Avere i i M Ki.i ky Babin Am. 11 Deli Bali ri Dorothy Bei isi i Doris Bun (). ( ' . Coats Corinne Cook M K(,i ERITI DUPONl Doroi in El hanks Al VERNI Morion Ch vri oi 1 1 Jordan Gardner Kreiger Mil DRI I) RH0DI - w i Roberts ■• Butts. Conerly. Cook, Crowder, Dowty, Hall, Harmon, Hilborn, Humble, Pou, Sullivan, Thomas, Williams, Windham 1HB rrs he Band The first band of the Louisiana State Normal College was organized under the direction of Dr. H. W. Stopher in 1913. Its purpose is twofold, striving both to teach music through the median of instruments and to help the athletic spirit. The present band is the result of re- organization under its present band- master, Professor Gilbert T. Saetre. In the fall of 1932 serious work on im- provement and enlargement of the band began, and now in 1938 as a result the Louisiana State Normal Band is com- posed of 60 pieces. The biggest of the band ' s activities was the annual Spring Concert Tour of some 1,000 miles, on which such schools as Fair Park and Byrd of Shreveport, Haynesville, Ringgold, and many schools of Arkansas and Texas were visited. The band also performed at all football and home basketball games and has broadcast frequently over KALB, Alex- andria. JAMES RAYFOLD McLEAN Drum-Major GILBERT T. SAETRE Bandmaster m L» ' W» l The Band marches. " Colonel " and " Colonette. " The Band performs. " N " by the Band. " Fairest at the Fair. " Homecoming Court. Just before the battle. Bandmaster, Sweetheart and Drum Major. Th ey Robert Easley Roberta Fluitt Wayne Givens R u e d During the Louisiana Teachers ' Convention, which is held annually, the students have the opportunity to control both the academic and admin- istrative offices. By popular vote of the Student Body, Robert Easley was elected to serve as president for the two-day period. Roberta Fluitt served as Dean of Women and Wayne Giv- ens as Dean of Men. Student Body Association Elected by the popular vote of the Student Body Association, as presid- ing officials for the year 1937-38, were: OFFICERS Robert Easley President Gordon Wiggins Vice-President Roberta Fluitt Secretary Robert Easley Gordon Wiggins Roberta Fluitt ■■■i H Student Council Officers Gordon Wiggins President Robert Easley Vice-President Roberta Fluitt Secretary The Student Council is the executive body of the Louisiana State Normal College and is composed entirely of students. Its duty is to supervise the activities of the different organizations and to bring these organizations into closer cooperation with one another. The membership of the Student Council is made up of the following: the three student body officers, Robert Easley, President; Gordon Wiggins, Vice-President, and Roberta Fluitt, secretary; the presidents of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes, John Renwick, Julius Bradley, and Wayne Givens, respectively; the editors of the Potpourri and Current Sauce, Winifred Thomas and John Malcar, respec- tively; the presidents of the three religious organizations, Clarice Timmermann, Y. W. C. A.; D. T. Tarlton, Jr., Y. M. C. A., and Harold Smolinski, Newman Club; and three representatives of the student body at large, W. O. Jackson, Tandy McElwee, and Charles Mathis. [146] The Discipline Committee acts as a judiciary in all cases con- cerning infractions of major rules in which the punishment of suspension or expulsion may be involved. These cases may be either appealed from the Men ' s or Women ' s Councils or presented by the Dean of Students. The committee is composed of six faculty members and six students. Easi.ev Mll.BOKX In ll 9 Fi 1 1 1 1 (il I s W ' n i i i Coi i Morrison Prathi k Si DB1 ki VARN VDO Discipline Committee [147] Beasley, Beazley, Breaux, Burnham, Butts Durham, Fielden, Fluitt, Williams, Wimberly w omen o u n c i il The Women ' s Council was provided for in the student body constitution which was drafted by faculty and student body representatives in the spring of 1936. The Council is composed of twelve members representative of the women students and elected by them. The president and vice-president of the dormitories and of the off-campus women students constitute its membership. The council is both executive and judiciary in function, its purpose being to encourage conformance to the rules and to hear cases in violation of the rules. Council Officers Eleanor Williams . • ....-...• . President Elner Burnham . • Vice-President Marcia Durham ................ Secretary Council Members Roberta Fluitt . . Elvira Mae Beasley Elner Burnham . . Ann Butts . . . . Mvriam Breaux . . Charlene Fielding Prcs. A Dormitory Pres. B Dormitory Pies. C Dormitory I ' i i s. D Dormitory Pres. Dining Hall Pres. Town Women Elf.anor Williams Celeste Dedier . Marcia Durham Mary Wimberly Alice Beazley () V. Miller I ' . -Pres. .1 Dormitory V.-Prcs. II Dormitory l.-Pres. ( ' . Dormitory I ' .-Pres. D Dormitory I ' .- Pres. Dining 1 1 all I ' .-Pres. Town Women [ 148] M e n o u n c i The Men ' s Council was organized in 1936 as provided in the constitution adopted by the student body at that time. The Council is composed of six members, the presidents and vice-presidents of the dormitories and of the off-campus men. The Council functions in both an executive and judicial capacity, having the responsibility of enforcement of the rules and power to act in cases of infraction. Members Julius Bradley President of Men ' s Dormitory William Loftin Vice-President Men ' s Dormitory Emmett Cope President " Castle " James Hilborn Vice-President " Castle " Wayne Williams President ' loan Men Gifford .... Vice-P resident Town Mm f 5 r Bridle) . ( op€ Hill i I oftin illiu M ' mmm m m 9 § 9 « Shots The high and mighty. " Look away, look away — " Chug-chug. Reverend Red i ives. As the center sees it. Three lassies — throe smiles and a sign. Once in a while. Tramp! Tramp ' Tramp! " Matron Marjorie " and " Cattle Kmg. " I Human must be somewhere near. A couple o couples. Waiting for the Duke. " This is the way we go to college. " Neglecting your politics, Woody? Above the water. Freshmen all. " Miss Sugar Bowl " and " Miss Louisiana. " Working their way through college. Future profs?? Mi 1 I 1 i 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ H JJE.GANI2ATIQNS f ■ ? »y.-, Aycock, Butts, Durham, Fluitt, Good, Hill, Irion, Jones, Kelly, Major, Reed, Stayton, Tarlton, White, Williams. Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the president and two representatives from each sorority. It directs all sorority affairs, especially in regard to rushing and the relation of the sororities to one another. The Council lias lull authorit) to settle questions of controversial nature which may arise between and among the sororities on the campus. The Pan-Hellenic Council sponsors a tea in the tall tor all women Students who have enrolled in the college tor the first time. Each spring the Council honors its members and faculty advisor with a dinner at the Hotel Nakatosh. Ei.oisk Major President Marcia Durham Vice-President DiiRiuin V. 1rio Officers Louise Reed . Secretary Jessie Jones Treasure Corresponding Set , tary Advisor Miss Cokiwi Si ii i k Alpha Sigma Alalia Jessie Jones Roberta I ' m hi Jll I ' K I 1 1 ) S Members Delta Sigma Epsilon I i 0181 M VJOR S wimii Him Lillian Ik vnci s Kim ' A ' ( Ski ma Dokoi in V. Ikios Aw Bl ITS M m In AYCOCK Sigma Sigma Sigma M Kl I Dl KM M I I III I ( SOOD M ki Bl i i Willi i Theta Sigma ( ' psilmi I hi isi Ki i n Marn Belli Smiha I m C. Wn i 1 m I 161 J Anderson, Armour, Breaux, Chaze, Coats, Bedinfield, Butler, Cappel, Dill, Dupuy, Ford, Ho eycutt, McGowan, Morris, C. Reed, L. Reed, Roy, Stayton, White, Williams, Wyatt. Theta Sigma Upsilon Kappa Chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon is proud of her record this year. The chapter roll includes twenty-six members and pledges. Since her establishment in 1928, Kappa has shown steady growth, and has been a strong influence upon the girls within the group and upon campus life at Normal College. Under the guidance of Miss HoDe Haupt, beloved advisor of the sorority, the chapter participated in many successful activities in 1937-38, notably the interesting rush parties and other social func- tions, not neglecting the factors embodied in the open motto of Theta Sigma Upsilon — " The higher good. " [ 162 KAPPA CHAPTER OF (■) 2 T Colors: Pink and Silver Officers Louise Reed President Daisy Roy Vice-President Verone Ford Secretary Marybf.i.i.e STAYTON Treasurer Miriam Hreaux Editor Advisor Miss Hope IIaupt Mrs. R. I.. Ropp Jane Cappell M RI AM Breai X Patronesses Mrs. Paul Potts Class of [938 I.Di ise Reed D vis Rm Class of [939 I 11 s Brk i x N ' krosi Ford M r I " . McGovvan Mrs. S. J. I i M xk 1 . 1111 11 Si.u m M ri ( ' . W ' ii 1 1 i [ 16J] MW1 ' ! ) f ST , " ! H Arnold, Campbell, Cappel, Cobb, Colquette, Colvin, Cook, Dupree, Durham, L. Edwards, W. Edwards, i. Good, Hamilton, Hammonds, Hathorn, Herrick, Latham, Lowe, C Poe, Posey, Russell, Taylor, Waldron, White, Whittington, Wimberly Eldred, Ferguson, Good, Hamilton, Hammonds, Hathorn, Herrick, Latham, Lowe, O ' Neal, Palmer, Sigma Sigma Sigma On April 20, 1898, the first chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was formed in Farmerville, Virginia. It is a charter member of the Association of Educational Sororities. On February 17, 1928, Alpha Zeta Chapter was established at the Louisiana State Normal College in Natchitoches. One hun- dred and twenty-five girls have been initiated into the Alpha Zeta Chapter in these ten years of organization. Today, there are twelve active members and eighteen pledges. t 16-11 ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER OF -v 2 2 Colors: Purple and White Officers Marcia Durham • ■ .President Aline Cobb Vtce-President Gertrude Palmer Recording Secretary Mary Bell White Corresponding Secretary Mary Wimbf.ri.y Treasurer Class of 1938 Marcia Durham Ethel Good Gertrude Palmer Winonah Edwards Pauline Posey Class of 1939 Margaret Cappel Mary Fae Colvin A ' Dair Ra.. n Aline Cobb Mary Hamilton Mary Wimberli Clarice O ' Neal Class of 1940 Sakaii ALFORD Iank HhRRiCK Ann WALDRON Corinne Cook Annie Laurie Poe M vry Bell White Lavania Taylor Sponsor Miss Corinne Statler Patronesses Miss Margaret Manor Mks. Ihmsh Pierson rffd r I cV» I 16 ' ] I x y - «,« X 4 Alford, Andrus, Bonin, D ' Abadie Gaunt, Harkey, Hicks, Hill, Kelly McGinty, Major, Motty, Schexnayder, Williams Delta Sigma Epsilon Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon was founded at the Lou- isiana State Normal College, March 26, 1926. It was the first organization of its kind on the campus and was founded with the assistance of President V. L. Roy. Mrs. Roy, Mrs. Stroud, and Mrs. Breazeale were the first patronesses, and Miss Georgene Hughes was the faculty advisor. One hundred and twenty-five girls have been initiated into Phi Chapter since its origin. Today the chapter has eleven active members and eleven pledges. [ 166] PHI CHAPTER OF A i E Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 19 14 Established at the Louisiana State Normal College, 1926 Colors: Green and Cream Officers Eloise Major President Bfrmce Schexnayder . . Vice-President Lillian " F. Kelly . . . Recording Secretary Catherine Roy . . Corresponding Secretary LeGendre Trea urer Louise Voorhies • . Chaplain SAMMIE Hii.i Sergeant-at-.lrms Martha Effie Mali Historian Frances Allday Social Service Chairman Louise Voorhies Re port ei Evelyn Ei.lzey Margaret Micks Frances Allday Martha Effie Hall Gertrude Aleord Andrus Mae Bonin Frater IN " Facultate Miss Annetta L. Wood Class of [938 Elizabeth L ' H frisson Class of 1939 Eloise Major Class of 1940 Eleanor Hughes Lillian Frances Km i 1 Class of 1941 Sammie Hill Pledges Jo T. Calhoun Helen D ' AbAdie Mary Virginia Harked Gerai dine Jones Louise Voorhies Bernice Schexnai Dl K Wll MA I.I GeNDRI Catherine Roy ( rl OR1 V Mt(,I n Florin e Motty Hii.n W ' 11 liams kU r :- .titjJ)u . I . t , r • j Aycock, Belcher, Butts, Cathcart, E. Elston, L. Elston, Geiling, Irion, Jordan, Laws, Lee, McCardell, Marin, Pmkston, Reeves, See, Shell, Sherman, Williams Pi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Sigma was established nationally in 1894 at Michi- gan State Normal, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Alpha Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma was founded May 25, 1928, and now has eighteen active members and pledges. The National Convention was held in July, 1937, at the Broad- moor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alpha Delta was rep- resented by Dorothy V. Irion. [ 168] ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER OF n k s Colors: Blue and Gold Officers Dorothy Irion; President Ann Butts Vice-President Rosemary Laws . . . Recording Secretary Eleanor Williams . Corresponding Secretary Eleanor Elston Millicent Shell Treasurer Mary Ida Aycock Press .hunt Elizabeth Reeves . . Keeper of lrchi ' ves Jane McCardell . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Corresponding Editor Eleanor Elston Dorothy V. Irion Le Merle Elston Frances Belcher Undine Cathcart Mrs. Arthur Watson Class of 1938 Rosemary Laws Class of 1940 Shirley Geiling Jake McCardell Class of 1941 Charlotte Jordan- Marion " Lee Patronesses Mrs. Lily Ducournai El 1 abeth Reeves Millicent Shell M kion " See Marie Louise Maris Marion Sherm n Mrs. Woodrui 1 McCo ik Advisors Miss Debbie Pinkston Mrs. George Williamson i! L. Alcock, R. Alcock, Allums, Ballard, B. Barnlleaux, V. Barrilleaux, Burkhalter, Butler, Caraway. Croom, L. Downs, V. Downs, Eubanks, Evans, A. Fluitt, R. Fluitt, Gamble, Gathnght, Gibson, J. Jones. R. Jones, Y, Jones, Killen, Mallory, Rhodes, Russell, Smith, Sullivan, Swett, Tarlton, Thomas, Townsend, Tucker Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha, a national sorority, was founded Novem- ber 15, 1901, at the Virginia State Normal College in Farmer- ville. It is one of the two charter members of the Association of Educational Sororities. Psi Psi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was established at the Louisiana State Normal College on May 31, 1930, and now has a total of forty-two members and pledges. r 170 i I PSI PSI CHAPTER OF A 2 A Colors: Red and White Officers Jessie Jones President Mildred Smith Vice-President Rosemary Thomas Secretary Jimmie Burkhalter Treasurer Gloria Griffin Editor Manette Swett Registrar LaVerne KlLLEN Chaplain Roberta Fi.uitt . Collegiate Representative Josephine Tarlton Pan-Hellenic Representative Ruth Estelle Alcock Roberta Fi.uitt Jimmie Burkhalter Frances Cavanauch Lucia Alcock Frances Mae Fournet Curdice Ai.i.ums Bonnie Barrii.i.eaux Barrii.i.eaux Iva Blanch Bluer Mary Allen Caraway Class of 1938 Gloria Griffin Patricia Mallory Jessie Jones Mildred Smith Class of 1939 Lois Downs Joe Jo Tucker Manette Swett Isabel Williams Class of 1940 Muriel Guenther LaVerne Kim en Claire Hargis Mildred Rhodes Class of 1941 Mary F.mii.y Croom Margery Gathright Virginia Downs Dorothy Eubanks Martha Evans Inez Gamble A 1 ma Fi.uitt Hi. BY Jones Yvonne Jones Billie Sue Kelly Mrs. W. E. Brock Miss Miriam Nelken, Advisor P TRO FSSES Mrs. Ruby Duncleman Mrs. A. J. Hargis Rosemary Thomas Mary K. Woody ard I .in Wilson- Josephine Tarlton Carolyn Gibson Firm Si i i i in (i endoi vv Russell Frances Thomas Mrs. Harry Sudd i h Tti ' M J2U+ Bryan, Burgess, Conly, Dees, Douglas, Gaspard, Harmon, Hilborn, Ledet. McGee, Mitchell, Murrell, Pernici, Scott, Sharp, Smart, Smolinski, Stephens, SzC2esiul. Phi Kappa Nu The Phi Kappa Nu Fraternity was organized on the State Normal Campus, October 17, 1927, when eight men students of the college were made charter members of this popular fraternity. Phi Kappa Nu is a local organization, composed of students who participate in all activities on the campus. Its purpose is to establish a closer friendship and brotherhood among the members of the organi- zation. The members and pledges of the fraternity enjoy several so- cial functions during the school year, the most popular of which are the dinner dance and the Spring Term Fraternity Dance at which the members and pledges act as hosts to the other students on the campus. [ 172] $KN Officers Jack Burgess President Milton McGee Vice-President Kidd Farr Secretary Francis Bryan Treasurer Loomis Sergeant-at-Arms Raymond Szczesiul Reporter Class of 1938 Norman Dees Bill James Billy Parker Billy Sowers Jack Douglas William Loftin Edmund Smart Raymond Szczesuii James Hii.born Milton McGee Collier Smith Alton Wacley Sims Jackson Emeric Noone Harold Smolinski Class of 1939 Francis Bryan Hugh Flournoy Walter Ledi i Chari es Loomis Jack Burgess Bill Hamilton Rayford McLean Frank Pernici C. J. Conlei Steve Harmon James Mitchell Bin Rushing Esti.e Farr J. P. Russeli Class of 1940 William Bateman Ro Cfmr James Roebuck Fri kit Sledge John I). Bell David Melder Fames Rockhold Wayne Sledgi Jack Fisher Hampton Mi rrei.l Donald Shipp Class of 1941 P. B. BRACEWELL Frank Hoi 1 y Stanley McCoy MERCER L. Sniih Ruperi Boucher Tandi Jackson Wayni McSherri Caroll Lee Starnes Norman Dowty Frank Jones Pat Nation Jimmii : imn Prentice Duke E. L. Khh Francis Pruiti Ernesi Tyler (, Fletcher Robkri Knierim William Rigdon Ernesi Wrighi James Gaspard Amos Lee Harold Sh ki ' Pi njab Wright 1 r» Bell, Black, Bogan, Couch, Gathright, Glass, Green, Hicks, Jackson, Lee, Lee, Murphy, Norris, Perkins, Powell Prudhomme, Pullen, Tassin, Wimberly. Lambda Zeta Lambda Zeta, the oldest fraternity on the Hill, was first or- ganized in 1925 by seven students. Since that time it has had a very enviable record. Many of Normal ' s Hall of Fame men, such as Clayton Cornish, A. A. Fredericks, Gaienna Hyams, Ers- kine Cook, Polly Piazza, and many others, were members of Lambda Zeta. Lambda Zeta stands for loyalty and friendship. It is a social frat only and has succeeded nobly in its purpose. [174] A Z Officers Gerald Couch President Dolph Lee Vice-President W. O. Jackson Secretary-Treasurer Durvvood Bocan . Sergeanl-at- Ar ms Pat Murphy Reporter Henry Ford Glass Reporter Class of 1938 Gerald Couch YV. O. Jackson James Tassin Henry Ford Glass Class of 1939 E. A. Lee Dale Lee Class of 1940 Jim Bell John D. Gathricht Paul Powell Dewey Black A. W. Hicks John L. Prudhomme Durwood Bocan Dolph Lee Everett Stephens J. Durr Pat Murphy Duvai.l Wimberly Jimmy Perkins Class of 1941 Bill Green Louis Norris Jack Pi 11 in John Norris Lloyd Prudhomme Troy Scott Faculty Sponsors Lorrain Brmiais Charles Cunningham f S f 1 .- i r o , •s 3 " ,, r a.C5 NHt Mt iirtfcir, J. Bradley, M. Bradley, Dyre, Castle, Denmon, Dosier, Dupuy, Easley, Givens, Hargrove, Herman, Holstein, Jones, Mathis, Middleton, Mitchell, Peyton, Powell. Riggin, Sherman, Smith, Tarlton, Wiggins, Woods. Sigma Tau Gamma NU CHAPTER Founded (it Warrenburg, Missouri, IQ20 The Nu Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma, National Social Fraternity, was estab- lished at the Louisiana State Normal College, January 19, 1929. Twenty-six men became charter members of the organization at that time. Sigma Tau Gamma is composed of chapters in teacher ' s colleges and normal schools of standard collegiate rank and is distinguished by being the oldest fraternity of its kind in the United States. Nu Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma is the only national social fraternity on the Normal campus. Its purpose is to establish a more intimate relationship and brotherhood among its members and to serve in every way as an uplifting factor in their lives. Like Sigma Delta Tau, from which it emerged, Nu Chapter has a standard in which it demands the best of its members. Men must be in the upper levels morally, and must be average or above scholastically before they are accepted for membership. Officers Gordon Wiggins President Wayne Givens . . • . . Vice-President Paul Thornton . John RenwiCK Secretary D. T. Tarlton Treasurer Faculty Advisor Paul Thornton Members in Faculty Joe Webb [ 176] Raymond Whitehead NU CHAPTER OF 2: t r E L. Cross Robert Easley Frank Francis Wayne G.vens Class of 1938 Woody Hargrove Robert Jones J. S. LeBlanc Tandy McElwee Charles Mathis W. H. MlDDLETON Harold Mitchell Benjamin Shuler Clyde Smith D. T. Tarltos . Jr Clifton Thomas Carl Williams Y L. Williams Marvin Wyatt W. H. Abington Julius Bradley T. H Cassel Emmett Cope Class of 1939 Bill Dosher Charles Dupuy E. A. Hand Robert Marshall J. B. Maxey W. L. Pickett Lynn Powell Clyde Roark J. R Sherman Gordon Wiggins Leverne Williams Clyde Woods Bryant Allen- Doyle Barron Melvin Bradley Billy Brooks Hugh Carter Meridith Cravens Harry Creighton Class of 1940 V. A. Dunham Billy Dyre Frank Eason E. H. Gilson Leslie Graham Frank Herman Stb 1. Holste.n Willard Jackson Elton Kelly Theron Maddox WOODROW MlLI I R Roy Urssery Harveli Pierci Joe Polancie John Renwick Abe Rhodes Glen Riggin Edmond Saucier W atkins Peyton Fred Moore Bur nell Webb Rubi n Andrews Willie Black Joe Butler Pat Carlyon Wilborn Dix John DuFFl Class of 1941 Joe Garrett George Gibbens T. J. Harp Ml Rl I H IYBS Perry Hollis Travis Kendrick Wll BUR KlRKPATRICK Alman Marron R01 iM M:gues Haywood Plummer Oliver Rhopes Sam Scurrie Jack G. Warner Parker Wig Henry Willis Lawrence Wimi Erbon Wise PI CHAPTER Pi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta is a national honorary fraternity which has for its purpose the encouragement of the study of history and the promotion of interest in the subject. Pi Chapter was founded at the Louisiana State Normal College March 21, 1934. It has been active on the cam- pus since that time. The fraternity is an honor- ary organization, and mem- bership is selective. Bids are issued on the basis of high scholarship in history and other academic work. Brock, Corbitt, Fluitt, Middleton, Palmer, Pickett, Tarlton, Turner, Tyler, Williams, Wimberly, Zuelke. Phi Alpha Theta Officers Ei i wok Williams President Allen Tyler ■ ■ • Vice-President ROBERTA Flitti • . • Secretary D. T. Tarlton, Jr Treasurer Gertrude Palmkr . ■ . . Historian W. II. Middleton . ■ Sergeant-at-Arms Memhers Mary Rosk Brock Maxim; Corbitt Roberta Fluitt W. II. Middleton Gertrude Palmkr Georgie Pickett D. T. Tarlton, Jr. Lois Turner A i ii n Tyler Eleanor Williams Ralph Wilson Mary Wimberly Marie Zuelke Crowder, Conerl) Cook, Durham, Harmon, Hilbom. Krciger, Makar, Pou, Ilium. iv White, Williams. Windham, Alpha Phi G Alpha Phi Gamma, national journalistic fraternity, is the oldest honorary club on the campus. Its national mem- bership includes some of the most outstanding personali- ties in the field of journal- ism in the United States. Membership in Alpha Phi Gamma is extended only to those who have excelled in the field of journalism. R. L. Ropp is faculty ad- visor of the Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma. a m m a [ 17V I 1 On May 23, 1931, the degree team consisting of the staff of chemistry and physics initiated fifteen juniors and seniors who had at least a " B " average in chemistry or physics or both. Since that time the Lambda Delta Lambda fraternity has had three or four initiations each year. To be eligible to this na- tional honorary organization one must have earned at least a " B " average and must have a 2.5 average in all the rest of his subjects. Members James Bell Francis Bryan Elner Burnham Charlie Green Russell Holman W. O. Jackson Oris B. Johnson Robert Jones Randall Keator C. G. Killen, Jr. Gardner Krieger Walter P. Ledet Tandy W. McElwee W. T. McInnis E. D. Perkins, Jr. O. C. Sills Charles Spears Thomas E. Stewari Robert Sudbury Honorary Members Inez Allen A. L. Ducournau F. G. FOURNET George E. Miller »• «. Leroy S. Miller J. W. Webb Pledges ,. Rebecca Coco Emmett Cope Ida Goodwin " " JL If yan, Burnham. Jackson. Johnson, Jones, Killen, Ledet, McEl wee, Perkins, Stewart. Lambda Delta Lambda Officers Tandy McElwee President Robert Jones Vice-President Elner Burnham Secretary-Treasurer Thomas E. Stewart Reporter Oris Johnson Sergeant-at-Arms M McElwee Turner, Windham, Winstead. Siqma Pi Rho Sigma Pi Rho. a national honorary fraternity in Latin, was founded at Farmville State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia, November iN. 1929. The Louisiana Alpha Chapter was established at the Louisiana State Normal Col- lege Ma 27. [937. It purpose is to foster the stud} ol the classics. Membership is based on high scholarship in Latin and other academic work. Ten members have been initiated, five of whom are active at present. ( )l I U I RS I Ills I l KM l . . . . . . Eleanor Elston . . . . DuKKis Windham rANDI McELWEI K. W. WlNSTl i ■ • ■ • President ....... Via President s, . ; , tary Treasurei I ii ally IdvUoi Eleanor Elston I sm Mil LWEI Lois Ihmk Mi HBERS D0RR1S WlNDH M W ' mii I M WlNDH l Mk. K. W. ' i s I( , I I M I I i The Orchesis Club is the only official dance organi- zation on the Louisiana State Normal campus. The members of the club have made themselves valuable to the college social committee by offering their services when needed. Officers Virginia Pearman President Myriam Breaux Vice-President Melba Bernard Secretary-Treasurer Pauline Rhinehart Reporter 4 « ' m Anderson, Aycock , Bernard, E. Breaux, M, Breaux, Cappel, Deprato, Durham, Good, Hall, Laws, McCardell, O ' Neal, Poe, Reeves, Rhinehart, Roy, See, Short, Voohries. Ei.oisk Aden Lucille Anderson Mary Ida Avcock loretta bacala Melba Bernard Eveli n Breaux Mvriam Breaux Orch rcnesis Club Members Margaret Cappel Martha Deprato Marcia Durham E 111 n Ellzey Ethel Good Martha Ann Hall Margaret Hicks Rosemary Laws I ine McCardell Lillian Clarice O ' Neal Virginia Pearman Annie Laurie Poe Sarah Ragland Beth Reeves Pauline Rhinehari Daisy Roy Elizabeth Rusca Marion See Gussie Short Louise Voohries Aycock, Cappd. CorbitC, Durham, Fleming, Fluitt, Good, Humble, [rion, Jack- son, Laws, McCarddl , Palmer, Peterson, Reeves, Rhinchart. Short, Thomas Williams. The Fine Arts Club of the Louisiana State Normal College has as its purpose the sponsoring of intellectual and cultural ideals on the campus. It consists of girls particularly outstanding in the finer arts. The club spon- sors annually the Spring Festival, which has as its outstanding purpose the pro- motion of interest in orig- inal one-act plays, poetrv, and original musical compo- sitions. he Fine Arts Club [ 18J 1 At the time the 1937 Pot- pourri went to press no re- port was available regarding the Southern Association of Teachers of Speech tourna- ment in which Al Rodriguez and John Makar tied for first place on the question, " Resolved: That the con- sumers ' cooperative move- ment should be extended throughout the several South- ern states. " The 1937 sea- son was given a special dis- tinction when this same team had a debate published in the " University Debaters ' Annual " on the question, " Resolved: That the sit- down strike is labor ' s most effective means of gaining bargaining power equal to that of capital. " The debate was held at Mobile, Ala- bama, against a team from Spring Hill College. The 1937-38 season opened with a tournament in Win- field, Kansas, at which the college was represented by Corinne Cook, Bertha Louise Crowder, Norman Dovvty, John Makar and John Nor- n ' s. The Dowty - Makar team was awarded a certifi- cate for excellence in debat- ing. Dowty won second in extemporaneous oratory. At the Baylor University meet in January, Corinne Cook and Bertha Louise Crowder placed third in debate in the senior women ' s division while rvn r Allison, Carpenter, Cook, Crowder, Dowty, Duffy, Gurllory, Makar, Miller, Norrrs, Thomas, White. Debate and Oratory • [ 184] Mary Bell White and Elouise Guillory tied for third in the junior women ' s division. John Makar was awarded a medal in oratory. At the Mid-South tournament held at Arkadelphia, Arkansas, in February, Norman Dowty and John Makar won the first place gold trophy in the men ' s division of the meet. At the Savage Forensic meet held at Durant, Oklahoma, in early March. John Makar won a gold cup for after-dinner speaking. Corinne Cook and Bertha Louise Crowder topped a field of twenty-six teams to win first place in the Fifth Annual Tournament held on the State Normal College cam- pus March 18 and 19. Individual honors were won by Corinne Cook in impromptu speaking, by John Makar in after-dinner speaking, and by Frances Thomas in poetrj reading. Three men ' s teams composed of Gardner Krieger and V. T. McCain, Norman Dowty and John Makar, and Pat Murphy and John Norris advanced further in the tournament than other Louisiana teams to tie for the championship of the state. Questions debated during the year by the squad of twenty-two speakers included: " Resolved: That the National Labor Relations Board should be empowered to enforce arbitration of all industrial disputes " ; " Resolved: That the several Southern state- should adopt the unicameral system of legislation " ; " Resolved: That in the event of a war in Europe the I nited States should maintain a policy of absolute economic and political isolation from the warring nations. " The squad engaged in HJ4 debates and 4S individual events. The Forensic Club, under the direction of Mr. R. I.. Ropp, sponsored a High School Tournament on the campus February 2. and conducted tournaments at Oakdale and Lake Charles. In the state oratorical contest held in January, Bertha Louise Crowder won S25.00 and Norman Down won $30.00., bringing the total amount of prizes won In the Normal College orators in the state contests during the past six years to S4 10.00 with five first places, five second places, and one third place. V k Purple Jacket Club Officers Leo Cowley President Maude Dabnev Vice-President Georgie Pickett Secretary Rosemary Laws Treasurer Anna Mae Lambeth Service Chairman Miss Catherine Winters Sponsor Members Margaret Maude Dabney Georgie Pickett LORENE BlXLER ROBERTA FlUITT LOUISE Rf.ED Mary Rose Brock Margaret Hicks Pauline Rhinehart Ann Butts Anna Mae Lambeth Rosemary Thomas Helen Byers Rosemary Laws Clarice Timmermann Leo Cowley Gertrude Palmer Mary Catherine Williams Chloe Crawford Mary Wimberi.y The members of the Purple Jacket Club represent examples of integrity of character, ability to lead, and high scholastic standing. The Purple Jackets serve at rallies, debates, plays, recitals, graduations, conven- tions, registrations and other special occasions. [ 186 J . THE " N " CLUB Officers James Hilborn President Estle Farr Vice-President Charles Loomis Wai I FR Ledei L. S. Miller S erg eant-at- Arms St i retary Treasurer Members Emm hi Cope Gerald Conn Harrv Creichton John Elkins Tom Elkins EsTLt Farr Hugh Fi 01 rnoy Rov Gentry E. H. Gilson Steve Harmon James Hilborn Dudley I In i mas Sims Jackson Bill James Elton Km i i W ilter El in I Bill Loi riN Charles Loomis Milton McGee Charles Mathis J. B. Maxei Hampden Murrel Bii i Parker E. D. Perkins Frank Pernici J. P. Russei I Edmond Sai en r Coi 1 1 er Smith Harold Smolinski Clifton Thomas Elmo Ti (ioRiniN Wiggins D01 i.l AS Wll l I IMSON Marvin V mi H. J. Colvin R. I. Davis A. L. Ducoi rnai C. C. Sikoi i) Members in F c i ur L. S. Mn i vk S. W. Nil KIN Honorary Members II. L. Prather M. P. Rogers HaRRI Tl RPIN J. V. Webb Jin An let The " X " Club is an athletic organization whose membership consists ol those who have earned a letter in one ot the tour major sports at the Normal College. Organized in 1923, the Dra- matic Club is now under the direction of Miss Annetta L. Wood, head of the Depart- ment of Dramatics. In addition to presenting one play every term, it sponsors the Junior Dramatics Club and the Lesche Annual Play Writing Contest by produc- ing each year original plays written and directed by stu- dents at Normal. Each of these original plays is repre- sentative of the superior dra- matic work done by the stu- dents of the College. Delta Eta Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega was organized in 1933 as an honorary dramatic fraternity for those obtaining a high standard in dramatics. Membership in the fraternity is a recognition of participa- tion in college dramatics. Members of the Dramatic Club who have done distin- guished work in dramatics at Normal and who have a 2.6 average are rewarded with an Alpha Psi Omega bid. Allison, Amrhein. Avcock, Bernard, Bradley, Dabney, Davis, Denison, Durham, Elsron, Guenther, Hall, Herman, Huckaby, Jackson, Lee, Makar, Mitchell, Palmer, Perkins, Phillips, Posey, Sandlin, Sexton, Short, Smith, Sowers, Waldron, Zuelke, he Dramatic Club [ 188] Davis Players Officers Jim Bell President Pauline Posey Vice-President Arlie Denison Secretary-Treasurer Clifton Thomas, John " Duffy Stage Managers Marjorie Davis Business Manager Clyde Wood Sergeant-at-Arms Ruth Allison - Reporter Riva Allison- Ruth Allison Ei.oise Aden Margaret Amrhein Jim Bill Melba Bernard Iva Blanche Butler Rose Mary Boudreaux Iris Campbell Maude Dabney Helen Davis Litha Davis Arlie Denison Members WlLBORN DlX Bill Doshfr John Duffy V. A. Dunham Marcia Durham Jack Flores James Fletcher estelle guillory Martha Ann Hall Raymond Hayden W. O. Jackson Marjorie LaCour Marion Lee Vera McRae Pat Murphy Louis Norris Gertrude Palmer Rosemary Payne Emma Nell Phillips Pauline Posey Helen Sexton G. J. Sin ii m Herbert Seal Mildred Smith Billy Sowers Clifton Thomas Marie Zuelke lliwi The Baptist Student Union, an organization sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention, was organized at the Louisiana State Nor- mal in 1927; it is a unit in both a State and Southwide Baptist Student Union. The Union has no direct membership, but is com- posed of the student mem- bers of three organizations of the local Baptist Church: the Sunday School, the Bap- tist Training Union, and the Young Women ' s Aux- iliary. The work of the Baptist Student Union is directed by an Executive Council and is under the leadership of the pastor of the local church and a Stu- dent Secretary who is main- tained by the local church. 4Bk Beasley, Boydstun, Bradley, Carter, Fluitt, Ford, Francis, Hargrove, Jones, Killen, Killen, McEIwee, McGinty, Modisett, Norman, Turner, Williams, Colvin, Wright. The Baptist Student Union [ 190] Executive Council of B. S. U. Roberta Fluitt President Jessie Jones First Vice-President Hugh Carter First Vice-President Jessie Claire Ford . Second Vice-President Eleanor Williams . - Third Vice-President Frank Francis . Secretary Melvin BRADLm Treasurer Katherine Hargrove . . . Reporter Elvira Mae Beaslei .... ' .. ' .. ' . ' . ' Chorister I ' arris Modisette . • . Pianist [ ' HEDA Selvidge .... ' ... ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . ' Librarian Annie Ruth Boydstun p ost er Chairman Tandy McElwee . • " Baptist Student " Representativ, I). I. Farlton, Jr. .................. Town S. S. Representativ, Mem. Norman- Club S. S. Representativ, C. G. Km en, Jr Town B. T. V . Representativ, Leora McGinty Club B. T. U. Representativ, Froiessor H. J. . ' Faculty Representativ Rev. John Wright p astor f i„ tai church It is most fitting that the groups of Catholic students in leading colleges and univer- sities should band themselves together in an organization named after Cardinal New- man, one of the world ' s great- est Christian leaders. The protection of Him is ever with the club because of the Chris- tian work of its faithful pa- tron, Cardinal Newman. The members of the club emulate the work of Newman in practicing acts of charity and kindness to unfortunates and in joining the world cru- sade against atheistic doctrines pervading the inner life of colleges and universities. Ever active, ever generous, ever alert, ever vigilant as its companion group in religious activity, the Newman Club plays no small part in the af- fairs of the Louisiana State College. Amhreim, Aycock, E. Breaux, M. Breaux, Hicks, Ledet, Powell, Sagrera, Sche nayder, Szczesiul, Smolinski, Thevenet, White. he Newman C ub Harold Smoi.inski Bernice Sciiexnayder . . President Vice-President Officers Myriam Breaux Margaret Hicks Secretary Treasurer Margaret Amiiriem Mary Ida Aycock Evelyn Breaux Myriam Breaux Cabinet Members M ARC ARE! Hicks Walter Ledet Li nn Powell Frank Pernio Zoe Sagrera Bernice Schexnayder Raymond Szczesiul Harold Smoi.inski Yvette Thevenet Alice Voltz Ann White [ 192 1 Riva Allison, Ruth Allison, Boudretux, Cartt-r, Craft, Crowder. Dill, Gellatlv, Gindratt, Guidry, Hall, Jones, Major. The Freshman Commission was organized at the Louis- iana State Normal College in the Spring of 1927. The aims of the organization are to promote training in lead- ership, a spirit of service, and spiritual growth among its members. The members are chosen from the Fresh- man class on the basis of service to their respective or- ganizations, character, and scholarship. One of the most important services which this organiza- tion renders to the college is during the period of Freshman Days, at which time the members serve as guides to the incoming stu- dents. Miss Catherine Win- ters is the faculty sponsor for the group. he Freshman Commission Bertha Lot ise Crowdi k Kl III Al I ISON . . . . Riva Ai LISON Ruth Allison Rcim M K Uni DREA1 X ( )lTR I Us . . President Rosi M ki Boi dri u n, President Bern idi i i i Dn i .Mi MB] RS 111 (.11 ( KI 1 K . 1 . Cr i i Kl K I II I III IS] Ckhw 111 K 1-i I KS l)l III |)|l I Lois (.hi amy Ami I M ( .IMIK l I arj Treasurer ■ . ■ Reportei ROSH ( .i mm Martha Effii Hali Anisi [ones i eonor m for I I ' M I The Y. W. C. A. was formed in 1911 by the union of the King ' s Daughters and Devotional Grcle, two or- ganizations for creating greater fellowship among the women students and the faculty and to draw them closer to the Creator. The purpose of the Y. W. C. A. is to unite girls in a desire to live a full and cre- ative life; to share this life with others, and to seek to understand Jesus and to fol- low Him. Byers, Cowley, Crawford, Crowder, Davis, Denison, Gindratt, Goodwin, Hundley, Jones, Laird, Pickett, Pou, Sexton, Timmermann, Wade. The y. W. C. A. C ki I •: ' ] ' M I Mill RS Claricb Timmbrmann President Helen H i ks Prayer Meeting Chairman Helen Sexton • . . Vice-President Marjorie Davis . House Chairman Geor e Pickett Secretary Ida Goodwin Irrangement Chairman hloi Crawford • . ■ . Corresponding Secretary Arlie Denison Social Chairman Leo Cowlbi Program Chairman Cecili Poi • . • Reporter Ernestine Miller ...... Orphan Chairman Abilene Gindratt . . World Fcllow ii i Chairman Addie Iii lli m iy Treasurer Bertha Louise Crowder . . . Publicity Chairman Anise Jones . • Pianist Helen Davis . • . . . Social Service Chairman Esta Mm Wade Chorister Myrtle Laird Morning Watch Chairman Bradley, Carter, Hand, Stewart, Tarlton. The y. M. C. A. Officers D. T. Tarlton, Jr President Edison Stewart Vice-President Hugh Carter Secretary-Treasurer E. A. Hand Chorister MELVIN BRADLEY Enlistment Chairman Ben S.MITH Program Chairman The Young Men ' s Christian Association of the Louisiana State Normal College is an organization of religious students. Its chief aim is to be an active factor in all forms of moral and Ch ristian work properly within the scope of such an organization, and to bring the young men into a closer relationship among themselves and their Creator. The members of the organization devote their energy to the improvement of the students mentally, morally, and spiritually, upon the athletic fields, in the class rooms, on the campus and everywhere. The Y. M. C. A. is glad to offer the services of two men each year for work on the Freshman Commission. The Euthenics Club is com- posed entirely of Home Eco- nomics students. It is first and foremost in promoting a professional spirit. This club also endeavors to en- courage sociability and to develop culture among its members. The Euthenics Club at Louisiana State Normal College is a member of the National Home Eco- nomics Association. Alcock, Allen, Bishop, Burnham, Christian, Coats, Dodson, Garlington, Gellatly , Hoyer, Jobe, Kincaid, Laws, McGinty, Neesom, H. Thomas, R. Thomas, Wells. The Euthenics Club Officers Helen Thomas President Joy Burnham Vice-President Rosemary Thomas Secretary Lois Gellatly Treasurer Janie Wells Publicity Chairman [ 196] Kappa Delta Pi, interna- tional honorary society in education, was founded at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, March 18, 1911. Gamma Phi Chapter of the society was estab- lished at the Louisiana State Normal College on May 11, 1934, by Dr. T. C. Mc- Cracken, national president. This year the organization has grown considerably. The purpose of the society is to further the interests of education and to aid teach- ers in the attainment of their goals through coopera- tion and fellowship with tho:e of like interests. Gamma Phi Chapter was represented by Miss Sara Ragland at a national con- vention of the fraternity, held at Atlantic City, New Jersey, in February, 1938. SeI w Aycock, Brock, Carpenter, Christian, Coats, Corbitt. Cowley. Cross, Ferrand, Fluitt. Fulton, Garlington. Good, Jobc, McGintv. Middle ton, Mitchell, Palmer, 1 ' hillips. Raggio, Ragland, Sorbet, Thou [unmet maim. I ' tirnet. V.. William- M ( Williams Kappa Delta Pi Officers Ethel Good President Sara Ragi i ;,, President Eleanor Williams . • Secretary I i i wiik Elston . . ■ • . Treasure) Marjorii Fulton • . . Historian Gertrudi Palmer Reportei Miss Mamii Bowman ......... Counsellot Ik cz xx cr hckiwwleda ZHCWieaaiiieu i WE, THE STAFF, WISH TO EXPRESS OUR DEEP APPRECIATION TO THOSE BUSI- NESS ORGANIZATIONS WHO HAVE FAVORED US BY PLACING ADS IN OUR YEARBOOK. THE EXPENSE OF PUBLISH- ING AN ANNUAL IS GREAT— SO GREAT THAT IT CANNOT BE MET WITH- OUT THE AID OF ADVERTISEMENTS. AND SO WE URGE YOU, STUDENTS, TO PATRONIZE THOSE FIRMS WHICH HAVE ADVERTISED HEREIN, FOR TO THEM GOES A GREAT PART OF THE CREDIT FOR OUR BOOK IM OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES PRINTING Globe-Wernicke, Sheafler, and Boorum G? Pease Products WE PRINT FRATERNITY, SORORITY, AND SOCIAL STATIONERY THE NATCHITOCHES TIMES NATCHITOCHES, LA. SECOND STREET STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF THE PEOPLES BANK NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA At the Close of Business December 31, 1938 Total Resources $1,289,395.76 Total Liabilities $1,289,395.76 Officers SAM ' L LEVY, President JAS. B. TUCKER, Vice-President MORRIS AARON, Vice-President R. O. HICKS, Cashier J. F. HILL, Asst. Cashier Directors Morris Aaron R. O. Hicks Sam ' l Levy C. V. Courier L. H. Johnson M. Nelkin J. I. Friedman A. G. Lawton Jas. B. Tucker Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The State Teachers ' College Offers The Youth of Louisiana CULTURE EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AT A LOW COST UNDER EXPERT GUIDANCE Write the Registrar for a Catalog LOUISIANA STATE NORMAL COLLEGE NATCHITOCHES, LA. GULF PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OPERATES THROUGHOUT LOUISIANA AND EAST TEXAS We Have a Full Appreciation as to What the Louisiana State Normal College Means to Our Community LET US SERVE YOU NATCHITOCHES, LA. THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE AND CORK CO. Cooking and Serving Equipment and Supplies for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Clubs, Hospitals, and Institutions NEW ORLEANS WE VALUE YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND BUSINESS QUALITY WISE SERVICE EDELWEISS JOHN SEXTON CO, Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers CHICAGO STILLE 8c YARBROUGH, Ltd. Dealers in DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, AND FARM SUPPLIES A Good Place to Trade Robeline, La. The P. c. Drug Co. " The Largest an in d Most Modern Natchitoches " Drug Store Prescriptions Phone 55 Curb Service THE NORMAL COLLEGE BOOK STORE Leading Dealers in BOOKS, SUPPLIES, AND SCHOOL MATERIALS We Supply the Student from Kindergarten Through College S. J. SIBLEY, Treasurer MISS E. P. JOHNSON, Manager STANDARD BAKERY NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA We Furnish Bread for the Normal College Demons Always the Best — Try Us Tomorrow CALL FOR OUR BREAD FROM YOUR GROCER ANY TIME THE CITY OF NATCHITOCHES Wishes the Faculty Members ana the Entire Student Body a Continued Success THE BEST SMALL CITY IN THE SOUTH EDWIN McCLUNG, Mayor A. F. ORTMEYER, Cotimiis-ioner Streets and Parks G. H. PIERSON, Commissioner Finance STANDARD OFFICE SUPPLY CO INCORPORATED Everything for the Office School or Bank YOUR BUSINESS WILL BE APPRECIATED Mail Orders Given Special Attention MONROE, LOUISIANA A. K. KILPATRICK, President H. M. VENABLE, Secretary EAT LAY ' S " BEST YET " ICE CREAM All That the Name Implies LAY ' S ICE CREAM FACTORY Natchitoches, Louisiana Front Street We Deliver THE NEW DRUG STORE ELMO COSMETICS PANGBURN ' S CANDIES Second Street Phone We Deliver 586 THE PEOPLES HARDWARE AND FURNITURE CO. Sells Things that Pleases the Collegians Front Street Phone 210 SAM MAGGIO The Shoe Doctor EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING On Norma Corner COMPLIMENTS OF WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA THIS ORGANIZATION Offers its Services to the Louisiana State Normal College in any Undertaking That Will Insure the Con- tinued. Progress of the Institution. THE NATCHITOCHES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE C. R. WHITEHEAD President MISS EDRIE BONNETTE Secretary KELLY. WEBER AND COMPANY INCORPORATED WHOLESALE GROCERIES AND PRODUCE Manufacturers of FISH BRAND FERTILIZER LAKE CHARLES, NATCHITOCHES, LEESVILLE, OAKDALE, AND EUNICE, LOUISIANA COURREGES SHOE STORE Smart Footwear for College Men ana Women SHOES AND HOSIERY Front St. NATCHITOCHES, LA. NATCHITOCHES MOTOR CO. Limited Service (w J ' 7 9 • Sales Phone 188 Natchitoches, La. PAR-ICI GIFT SHOP AMUSU LOBBY Front St. N 11, llltoi lus. 1 .1. SCHUSTER ' S WHOLESALE PRODUCE CO Incorporated Quality Our Motto WHOLESALE PRODUCE AND FRUITS We Buy and Sell Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In and Out of Season TELEPHONE OR TELEGRAPH SCHUSTERS SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA 500-508 Commerce Street Telephone L. D. 18 RAPIDES DRUG CO. Limited Wholesale Druggists ALEXANDRIA, LA. Assisting Retail Drug Stores to Serve You Properly CIRCLE BRAND POULTRY AND DAIRY FEEDS Will Give You the Most for Your Money Kalmbach-Burckett Co. Dependable Field and Garden Seeds SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Standard Printing Company, Inc. PRINTERS School and Office Supplies ALEXANDRIA, LA. COMPLIMENTS OF Louisiana Pickle and Canning Company Packers of " MONTY ' S BEST " BRAND PICKLES ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA Friends for Y ears of the Normal INTERSTATE ELECTRIC COMPANY OF SHREVEPORT, INC. ••• 300-320 Spring Street Telephone 6131 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA ALWAYS THE BEST AT THE MOST MODERATE PRICES HY-GRADE SCHOOL SUPPLIES JANITOR SUPPLIES Distributed Exclusively by the Louisiana Paper Co. Limited SHREVEPORT ALEXANDRIA MONROE TEXARKANA BATON ROUGE COMPLIMENTS OF MARKET PRODUCE COMPANY, Inc. FRESH FRUITS PRODUCE At Your Service SHREVEPORT. LA. BATON ROUGE. I A. MONROI I V MENA. ARK. THANKS TO NORMAL STUDENTS . . . For your kind patronage throughout the past year. We appreciate your business and we pledge you continued economical, convenient transportation service every day. Travel by bus at 1-3 the cost of driving your own car . . . and 8 to 10 times safer. INTERURBAN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY T Rl ST ATE COACHES EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES 1892-1938 46 Years Continuous Service RESOURCES DECEMBER 31, 1937, OVER $1,000,000.00 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HAROLD KAFFIE, President ARTHUR C. WATSON, Vice-President SYDNEY KAFFIE, Vice-President T. G. BARNES, Cashier O. W. TRABOR, Asst. Cashier LAKEVIEW MOTORS Incorporated E-S CHEVROLET Phone 417 DEALERS Natchitoches, La. Drink cm In Bottles COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA F. F. HANSELL AND BROS. LIMITED SCHOOL, OFFICE CHURCH AND AUDITORIUM FURNITURE BOOKS, STATIONERY, SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 404-412 Carondelet Street New Orleans, Louisiana UNTER ' S Where the Collegians Go for Their Entire Outfit PACE STUDIO Your Studio 111 New Second Street, Natchitoches, La. HUGHES DRY GOODS COMPANY Collegiate Clothes for Men and Women Natchitoches, Louisiana LEVY DRUG COMPANY The Rexall Store Phone 131 We Deliver Natchitoches, La. kk LE RENDEZVOUS " Caterin g to the College Crowd Who Prefers the Best Lunches, Dinners Sandwiches, and All Kinds of Drinks On the Normal Corner M rs. J. w. Ubrbach, Manager NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 447 108-110 Washington St. Natchitoches, Louisiana HOTEL NAKATOSH The Students of Normal are Always Welcome WE MAKE SPECIAL RATES FOR PARTIES NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Morgan and Lindsey 5c to 1.00 " The Store of Courtesy " WE HAVE WHAT YOU WANT FOR LESS NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA AVOYELLES WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Limited EVERYTHING IN GROCERIES Alexandria, Louisiana Natchitoches, Louisiana Bunkie, Louisiana Ville Platte, Louisiana AMUSU THEATER Home of Good Pictures WHERE NORMAL STUDENTS SEEK ENTERTAINMENT We Furnish Special Rates for Parties of Any Kind NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA C. L. KRIEGER, President G. H. PIERSON, Vice-President and Cashier H. A COOK, Vice-President GEORGE H. HIMEL, Assistant Cashier MRS. LUCILLE KELLY, Bookkeeper CITY BANK TRUST CO. NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA CAPITAL, SURPLUS, AND PROFITS 175,000.00 Deposits Insured to 5,000.00 We Give Careful and Courteous Attention to All Business FOWLER COMMISSION CO. Incorporated OF LOUISIANA SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Manufacturers of " QUALITY BRAND " FEED Dogs, Rabbits, Calves, Cows, Mules, Baby Chicks, and Hens INDIAN MADE FLOUR INDIAN MADE MEAL Long Distance Phone No. 2 Save rloney Save Time SHIP BY TRUCK The Natchitoches Transfer Company Phone 440 CARL HENRY, Owner McCLUNG DRUG CO. Where the College Crowd Goes Max Factor ' s Make Up Phone 361 S. H. ANYTHING Telephone 25 Kame Department Store EVERYTHING, ANYTIME Ask Us Natchitoches, La. Cfengraved by aSfi SHREVEPORT ENGRAVING COMPANY oArtists c igmvers 1 710HMIIAM ' PHONE 4903 SHREVEPORT, LA. - , ' i y ' j jrv. } , :K XjuJdL l I ft •0 n M I8 1 p n i n t i n g c o m p a n y n a s h v i lie • Alu tu C m m ' V wmm. „J$ $jj ■ % y$jjgjfes ! immm m i t m NRVft Vll S MUU

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

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