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' 1 5 T ' - . .,. I ,..1 1, f 4 . " 1."" -'!'f.', " - ' V 1 .Q , 1 1 lg ..i F , 1' A 1 11' 1 1 FH l 1 Q 1 I F P1 , I , It x' ' 1 1 1 fi 'H g u 1 i 1 1- U Q .tx 1 1 A 1 x ,. .. T v 'aff' ' , 11 , Q l ,L 1 gf' Fl' 1- , ' 5 ' 0 4'f'ff - -g1 1,1 ' . , gr . -L1 . W" .Y .. 1. . 5 1 Q 1 . . ' .I 1- ' 1-1 ' .II rf ' I Y. :A fl '-1 ' , V 1 , , Q- 1 U 31 4, 1,1 1 lv. in A aw 1 ' 1 I .. , ' , 'rms ' 2- 11!.afi. - ,B ' 1 'I' W ,, . . 14 , . 1 1 ' . . ' , A J. . JM. 1 'Q' , f 'Q , ' ' Jil' ' 5, ' ' 'film I " 11. ' 1 ' f ' '-- ' - ifgfgl. . D 11 , X111 ,41 ,xt-H -I 1 2-P' ' -1.+7T ' ., - Q i ' ' ' A l' 4 .1 E , '- V 1- 1 . 1 1 1' a ' .1 - 1 N ,4 u"5'-2.5 ' , 'I K' 1 ' . . I , A ' 1 .1 'J -., 1- - '., V . " ,111 r L - - rug- , 'Q ti 1,1:1.-141. 1- J, 'F' . ,.g' - , ' ' -1 ,' " -1. f F - .A ' Y , . , V' 3 1-'A ' . J' ' Esta' , .. , 11' A ze v A- Q I1 S - 'V 'fs T 1- .- , "-1 If . it A I . 5 C ' . nil J 1 .,- E -1 ' 1.1 Jag, ' 1,- J. Q. ,, H , 'z-rgmgxf , N 9.5.71 A 4 - - N ' 1 :ff : P .- 52" 1 1- 1 ,lf - ' 2 ' xl 1 - A 111 11. 4 1' ' - A 1 .. ,- - -,Ji ' , hz i i I , ' 1511 T 1' 1- ,-1 . , . . .4,1 . . , Q. . 'N' , ., 1 . ,h i fg, ' '-1 .1 V :wife , -' 6.3 'E nf - ell.: 1 1 fillfa. : s 1 I, . - ' ' " TFLX f -' 1131 1 1 - 1, ' ,.,. C ,1- , if lf . Q 'nh-'-1 'A ' F . x 1 ' 'ilffi ." F 9 ' ' 1 M ' fy 'E' 11" 1 ' 1 .h A V . ,rl 4, -, 1 1 . A - , .1.I , 1 111-'1 71 -- 1, .L Q ,J - 'Q . A. . .Q M .A A Q 1 -1 i Q2 1 J K I . 1 , 1 V4 . ' ' - 4. . 1 A' h' 1 I - ' N. ,. 1,5 1 -11. 1 - . 4 ' . 111- , 1 ' W ' 1 4" n u , ' ' ' 1 6 512'-L.' 3,5 ,V ! 4 - - '. "' P- 'Q F41 f je 1 .. " 1,1-. J, 3, 1" ' 1' 1 --T 'ffl . , ' 1 ' 'V v-I - - 1 -' 1.5 . -- is 5,9 Q, 1- -H 1 -. 'AW' ' 1 1 L 'uk 71 93. 1--.-'-1. ' J 'Q -1 1 . 23, . 64 ah f1?navv,,4MN 1 L 1 , .,,,, 1911, ,X-1 '4 zu-.11' F1 ' ' : 's ICU 9? .ff f H av ' f 1' ""---- vb. F ---- ---- ---- ----N-A-' - ------- -- ...... ...... - ........ - .. gn -Q! ,:.,-,,.--""".'L'--"' x - if - fin iizw ii, W ini -1 mm F' .. fy -1, i192-rSiWW'- 1 .ll ll MU - iwizfi h UU? Y W A, , Ei E W WWI-1, 1 'I In ug-1 C1 my X fx 1 J 'i'+ V S XI M uv L Q V tl! Qi , a L l 2 s 12 17 1 if B l F Q UID 5 I J., 1 To those from the halls ot Northwestern High School who have given their lives that this nation might live, this book is humbly and gratefully dedicated James Ashley Leonard Beer Donald R. Bridwell Marvin Brown William Cameron Ethan R. Cunningham Fred R. Dolsen William Doran Thomas H. Fitzgibbons Charles Frush Edward Berton Harrison James V. Hash Wellman Huey Cecil Clarence Hutzel Howard Ladd Milford Lochrie Frederick Mallon Richard G. Mc Cutcheon Frank Mc Glinnen Frank Edward Norman Carl J. Shagena Irwin Silverman Paul C. Simmons Woodrow Wilson Marian Joseph Zalesk EULTY AUTIQIEHAP HMI STH TIII Greetings and best wishes to the graduat- ing classes of I944. My compliments to the students and faculty members responsible for this excellent publication. Considerable effort and planning is neces- sary for the successful completion of a project of this kind. l note with pleasure that you have again reached the same high standards set for you by your predecessors. --C. G. Burns. This Annual continues a tradition built up over a period of almost 30 years. During this time thousands of young men and women have left Northwestern halls and class rooms to take their places in the voca- tional and civic affairs of our city and nation. The classes of January and June 1944 are worthy successors of an illustrious group of alumni. My best wishes to them for a suc- cessful and happy life. floseph G. Wolber. C 'YY S. A. CI.OL'GII R. C. STOLI. .X, C. li. CARR Y. FOX l., ORTH K. IJOHERTY Again we counselors have said farewell to another January class and are about to say it to another June class. We have planned, worked, and played with you for three years, and have watched you grow into young womanhood and young manhood. Our interest in you is such that it cannot be terminated by your graduation, so through the years our interest in each of you will con- tinue: and we hope you will ever think of us as your friends. -Vera Fox. Page Five ge Six PIIHEWIJHIJ When Father Time shook down the hour glass and sent 1944 on his merry way to Earth, he equipped the sorrowful, little war baby with a set of Cupid's bows and arrows and named him "Leap Year." The advent of Leap Year allows the girls to openly beguile and chase their men. In this war year of 1944, the boys can run faster and farther than usual because their service in the armed forces carries them far and wide. The pages of this year's Norwester depict the far-flung places to which the girl must travel in order to catch her man. Cf course, her extensive trip must, for the present, exist in the figments of her imagination. but we're confident that she will, as she always has, gain her objective. Together, they will see the world of to- morrow, which they have planned, built, and fought for, unfold as it unfolds for you on the inspiring double page spread in the back of this yearbook. It will be their world of dreams come true! EUNTENT5 .IANUAHYELI-ISS - - II ACTIVITIES ---- 21 IIIIUSES ------ 37 JUNE ELI-ISS ---- 43 SPIIHTS ------ Bl FEATURES ----- B-9 NURWESTER AVEHHALANH PIETUHIAL EHHUNIELE HEEUHIIINE THE EVENTS EIJVEHINI3 THE L!-KST YEAH HE THE THIHH HEE!-THEIN NUHTHWESTEHRVS EXISTENEE. DETROIT,1944 Page E ight EW UPPIEE 1 Beauty, efficiency, simplicity-these three mark the recent renovation of North- western's main office. room 108, first floor, Northwestern Building. A temporary office establishment was situated in room 113 during the remodeling process. when walls were ripped down and rebuilt, paint brushes were dabbed on exposed surfaces, and a beautiful linoleum was laid. In fact, the entire office was in a constant hum-drum for several months. The results are gratifying, however, for the Northwestern office is now another of the Colts' "pride and joys." The rooms are neat, clean, simple, and attractive, affording the staff, faculty, and students a better place in which to execute business. 5. IIHWESTEH EHITIJHS JAMES REASON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GEORGE BALCH ASSISTANT EDITOR On the broad shoulders of Jim Reason fell the task of producing a wartime "Norwester" which would conform with the printer's limitations and still be the peppy, up-to-the-minute yearbook that is the heritage of Northwestern. With the assistance of six capable staff heads, the goal was achieved. Numerous trips to Craine's, the engraver, and the printer, plus hours of dummy copy setting and proofreading were the fate of Jim Reason and George Balch. To Literary Editor Alice Jorgensen went the responsibility of assigning, planning, and correcting all the written material, and from her hands it found its way to Stenographic Editor Margaret Kaplanian, where it was transformed into clear legible copy. Art Hasty handled the all-important circulation department and Ad- vertising Manager Mary Holmberg went out after ads and brought them in like a veteran! Betty Starr deservesthe credit for the stacks of art work which so clearly expresses the theme of the Norwester. These seven people worked together as a uniform team. None are happier than they to see the dream of the "Norwester" become an actuality. JORGENSEN HASTY KAPLANIAN STARR P Page Nine .xlxxx 5 xxx 5 jk by ,' "-I' I pq 1 EF, ko OO O - ' ' , X Q cy an m f W" Mfg vfff I in ff! , KRSJ xl!! ZS ' I f X X WX: I 5.-L ,Zhi If - 159- Q i f ' ,L ,, g..f IWW 'f f 1 'P i K ,P 1 vi N x f 1 1 N , f A 1 1 I C' !" , If X 'txvyvt f F X Lis: ei 'T , -' . . ' U ,i .'f ,nl V Z: ,,,,,, .,,. .,....., .... . . K- ---b -I ivfgy 4. p - 4, p + - xwgvi. .0 pf F Q M JANUARY E I. A 5 S IQIPFIIIEHS 'FF' B ERR Y President CLASS EULUH5 Blue and Bald CLASS MUTTU Now is the time fur lhinqs tn he dune BOB HAGUE+Presiderit, Roosevelt House: Presi- dent, National Honor Society: Co-Editor, "Teddy Gazetre": Co-Chairman, 12-A "Norwester" Com- mittee: Summa Cum Laude Diploma: Student Coun- cil Medal: Spanish Club: Service Club: Gallant, 3rd VVar Loan Drive. HELEN CUDMORE-Colt Staff: Norwester Ad- vertising Staffz Vice-President, Service Club: Vice- President, Spanish Club: Prom Committee: Secretary, 12-A Class: Record Clerk, Service Club: National Honor Society: G.A.A. Board: Information Council: Senior Orchestra. BILL DOSS-National Honor Society: Vice-Presi- dent, Study Hall 110: Vice-President, Latin Club: Recording Secretary, Student Council: Chairman, Vocational Committee: Summa Cum Laude Diploma: Service Club. JANE BLAIR-Vice-President, 12-A Class: Co- President of 109: President, Service Club: Vice- President, Debate Club: 12th Grade 109 Representa- tive to G.A.A.: Colt Sail: Chairman 109 War Records Committee: Gallant: Secretary, Service Club: llth Grade Honor Roll. ORVAL JOHNSON-12-A Treasurer: Vice-Presi- dent, Student Council: Vice-President, National Honor Society: President, Homeroom: Co-Editor, "Teddy Gazette": Colt Staff: Chairman, Red and Gray Hand- book Committee: Executive Board, House: Spanish Club: Magna Cum Lauda Diploma. BETTE METZGER-Chairman, Publicity Com- mittee: Member National Honor Society: G.A.A. Artist: Colt Staff: Scholarship: Art Editor, '43 "Nor- wester": Magna Cum Lauda. JEAN FRASER-Chairman. 12-A Social Com- mittee: Colt Staff: Spanish Club: Radio Dramatics Club. JACK BERRY-President, 12-A Class: Co-Presi- dent. 109: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Student Council. INA BAXTER-Vice-President, Student Council: Secretary, Student Council: Secretary, Girls' Business Club: Tennis Team: Radio Staff. IIAGVE CUDMURE BI.AIR METZGER BERRY JOHNSON FRASER BAXTER DOSS Page Thirteen Anderson, Eugene E. National Honor Society Aumoclr, Nina Beasley, Barbara Berry, Jack Co-President 109 President Class of 1944 Varsity Football and Baseball Boyd, Verdell Service Club Ellen H. Richards Club Carey, Norma E. Cassel, Myrtle Jean Spanish Club Armiger, Mary Lee Baugher, Dorothy Beasley, Sara Black, Glen Brainard, Marion M. Secretary National Honor Society Mother Sr Daughter 12-A Tea Committee President Senior Orchestra Carr. Barbara Secretary Latin Club Spanish Club 12-A Dues Committee Christ. Robert R. O, T. C. Omccrs' Club Commencement Committee Collins. Wilma F. Dramatic Club Girls' Glee Club Cudmore, Helen Ruth Secretary 12-A Class Vice-President Service Club Vice-President Spanish Club deGraaf, Eleanor Spanish Club Conrow, Redina J. Damiani. Flora Ann 12-A Motto Committee Doby, James Arthur "A" Band Chairman 12-A Vocational House Sports Committee Arnold. Robert House Football Baxter. Ina Louise Chairman Class Day Committee Vice-President Student Council Radio Dramatics Club Becht. Laura Spanish Club 12-A Tea Committee Blair. Jane Vice-President Class of 1944 Presitlent Service Club Co-l't'esidc'nt 109 Canning, Eleanor Co-Cliairman Class Day Committee Carter. John F. Varsity Track House llasketlvall House Swimming Clift. Dick Social Committee Non-Commissioned Otficers' Club Chrisjohn, Irvin DeBro, Edna Modern Dance Club Masquers Club ll-A Social Committee Dole, Mary E. Doss, William Lafayette Secretary Student Council National llonor Society Vice-President Latin Club Eanes. John W. Flowers, Venetia Mae Garrison. Rowena Roxie ,Service Club Latin Club Gritliths, Dolores Chairman Tea Committee Hague, Robert W. President Roosevelt llouse Co-Chairman 12-A "Norwester" Committee Co-Editor "Teddy Gazette' Hanifan. Evelyn C. Henry. Norma Spanish Club "Teddy Gazette" Library Stat? Staff Hunter, Lois Doty, Barbara Treasurer Girls' Business Club 12-A Dues Committee Eaves. Robert President R. O. T. C. Olhcers' Club President Memorial Committee Lt. Colonel R. 0. T. C, School Commandant Foster, Loretta liouse Basketball Tea Committee Grant. Maxine Ella "Norwester" Committee Gurganian. Alice "N0rwes!ei"' Advertising Staff Halsey. Jatk Haskins. Betty Lou Tea Committee Hinds, Sophia Jackson, Paul Lawrence House Swimming Basketball Jamieson. Francis Elton Johns, Leonard Varsity Football Dukes, Dorothy Jean Farrar, Karl Christenson President Spanish Club Secretary-Treasurer Pershing llouse Radio Dramatics Club Fraser. Jean Chairman 12-A Social Committee "Colt" Staff Spanish Club Gresham. Thelma Service Club llockey Team Guy. Ardell Marie Hanifan. Eleanor L. Field llockey Heard, Hozella Hoeft, Carol Student Council President Girls' Business Club Chairman Commencement Committee Jagers, Virginia Memorial Committee Hockey Team Class Day Committee Johnson, Ellis Ray House Swimming Senior Band Johnson, Nettie Bernice Service Club Kellan. Milton Laller. Shirley Langley, Pearl Girls' Glee Cluli Low, Rose Maddocks, Margaret J. Student Council Girls' Business Clnli Marr. Ruth M. A Vzipellzi Choir l.ZeA Social Comniittee McKay, Barbara House Bnsketlmll Service Club Miles. Louise Elizabeth Maughan, Vincent Johnson, Orval Vice-President Student Vouncil Vice-President National llnnor Society Magna Cum Laude Diplomat Kourtjian. Rose M. LaHaye. Tim Ledbetter, William P. Low. Thelma G. Spanish Cluli 12-A Social Coniniittvc Mallory, June Service Club Spanish Clnli Lilmrziry Staff Marshall, Florence Ethel Meade. Marion Moore. Louise Service Cluli Muganis. George K. Kehl. Audrey E. Kullander. Lois Laird, Margaret Lewis, Millicent Mack. Gloria Jean 12-A Color Committee Modern Dance foniniittee Manakis, Mike McClain. Eleanor Metzger, Bette "Colt" Staff National Honor Society U. A. A, Artist Mottley. Lula A. Muns. John Oglesby, Allison Orlowski, Claire Patten. Jean Spanish Club "Nnrwester" Committee Perdue. Doris Nelda President Dance Club G. A. A. Executive Boar Tea Committee Poole, Emma Jean Rivers, Elizabeth Anne Publicity Committee Ryan, Jack Memorial Committee Shaffer. Robert C. President 219 Orchestra Skelly, Rose June Springs, Robert A Capella Choir rl Ohanian, Jack Marching Band Orchestra House Basketball Polmiter, Victor Paul, Jack Pickens, Bernice Hockey Team Pyle, Gwendol 12-A Dues Committee Roland, Ruth Orchestra Schaufele, Katherine Girls' Business Club Sibert, Anthony Concert Band llouse Swimming Marching Band Oliver, Opal Park, Jacqueline President Debate Club Chairman 12-A Color Committee Girls' Business Club Pearson, Elizabeth Girls' Glee Club Polk, Emmit Varsity Track Service Club House Basketball Reeder, Betty Captain Hockey Team Girls' Business Club Chairman Motto Committee Ruddy, Russell Spanish Club Swimming Team Social Committee C' Scott, Grace Sims, Doris Service Club Smith, Dorothy Ann Snelling, Gwendolyn Steiner, Evelyn E. Stoyanoff, Stanley G. P. A. R. Club Syrios. Mary J. P. A. R. Stuff Girls' Business Flulm ily-l'l1:1it'n1an "N0rwcster" Committee Stubbs, Vivia'n Tl'3ViSf Edwin W- Turner. Norma Lucille Secretary 204 12-A Dues Curnn1ittee Van Gordon, Dottie Mae Victor, Iora June Wallace, Alma L. Watkins. Janice Eleanor Welsh. Nancy A. Sc-rvicu l'lulr Rcscru' Fit-lil llnclwy Weaver, Wilma Wilson, Wilma M. Yice-Presiclent Girls' Business Clulm Wolfe. Helen Pauline lficlil lluckey Secretary Service' Clulm Treasurer Studcnt Founcil 1101159 131.5141-g1,1,11 A Chlwllzl Fhoir Harp. Albert Zordges. Mary Hellenic Club Talbot, Herman Leslie Jr. VanDyke. Shirlee Presiilvnt Spznlisll Clulu Wahlberg. Paul Weaver. Shirley L. Williams, Paul Yoshida. Hiroshi 5? .s M' Sf is A Sf K x, , Hs? Nw bfi ri Wg' ,. , 5 if. Wed a n W Cf? N9 'miv Jf fs f ' ,K J J Q4 'QF , ,Y 1 I 'Q .. Us . " . Kal. , 1'X135'Lq aw--:i:1Eg522wgj3iZ'1Q7 3. ' 4 sticks: 0 '15 'i , . '5x"l' -7 Q-9 N - ' 1 H x viii 41 GIRLS' SI ESSEI. An all-important group in Northwestern's round of activities, spirited both in service and social work. is the ever popular Girls' Business Club. The fall oflicers, Carol Hoeft. president: Wilma Wilson, vice-president: Elizabeth Lundin, secretary: and Barbara Doty, treasurer, were instrumental in preparing the Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes for the needy and the servicemen. The spring officers. Carolyn Meehan, president: Eliza- beth l.undin, vice-president: Jean Johnston. secretary: and Margaret Kaplanian. treasurer. succeeded in having the gals learn to do a little 'Aknittin' for Britain" so that the club can soon boast a completed afgan. Miss Ruth Randall was the faculty sponsor. TI III. The "Comitia Romana" sponsored the Pan-linguistic Festival and the Junior Classical League, of which the Latin Club recently became a member. Both activities were highly successful. These added attractions are responsible for the large membership and are lasting symbols of the interest in this Society. Miss I. Black is the faculty sponsor. Fall term officers were Lucille Richardson. president: Bill Doss. vice-president: Barbara Carr, secretary: Don Bullington, treasurer: Bill Lawson. entertainment chairman: and Carol Hunt, program chairman. Spring term officers were Carol Hunt, president: Martin Malter, vice-president: Miriam Kim. secretary: Edgar Smith, treasurer: Evert Von Moltke, entertainment chairman: and Lois Hilgendorf, program chairman. Iaqi liufnlu lieu liirxt Ifnfv: Xliss R Rim I Iiunilin. lf Meelliul Ixip In inn, ,I. joliiislmi. i t it ,I. Nunteitli, ll, Ilzilms rulm. I', XYimIsor, N Iximn ,I. Ilotkin, S. Yzlr iii Hurt, Xl. 'I'l1mmipsuu nf x i R. IIrut'k1ier,Al. Ian cu 11 lx: ,I. Ilerry. ,I. illunsmi I I iiti is I'. Rielizirclsun. I.. luln Inu: li'mi'Z I.. Xlrllzitllutx I loin stun, IJ. Rice. I'. U Ili Iiri-lmwr. Y. Slmwi is l"f1'.v! lfurv: Miss Ulm. Sn K'. Hunt. M. Klzilttn i gt-mIin'I. M. Kim. i I ni ,I. Pitts, Il. llillziiil Il .In sun. I.. Smith. Y. IIIII X Wi lialus, I'. jnlmson, un Doss, If. Kim. I. Iiuiis Sc-zniixiu, M, A. 'I lmintim I Iulimlt llln I.. Ricliairilsmi, I 1 xiu Rulvinsuu, 4. 'I ' 1 I Nvollellwelier. N, I lc I N Biirringtun. ill. 4 III nil I K'mnk. K, Ileut. Sl Ruusi AIc'x:n14lei', A, Mnutl 1 ctt Alexamnler, If Kire 1 in Inn: 1 li':f:i': IJ. Iiullingtmi S it 1 liexlril. XY. lireeils, IJ XX :tts Mum-e. A. Smith, in s l'l1:mee. l"x'r.vt 1x'u:x': l'. Voxxxstwk. BI. Kuxvrilizxxx. KI. lirmxxvxx. I'. lick- lx-ixx, I.. Ililgexxtliwf, XI. Ilrxxtxcxt. NI I'ixxIe Y IuITnxxxx I K ' . . ' '. . . , 1 , X . upxs. .S'i'x'm1xl Ix'uw: NI, ,I. lloxxglxlexl, lf IIxxx'L'lxFxcl4I. pI. I.:xx'sL'xx. R. Ilxxgxxe. l'. Crt-xx. lx I xxx xx S NYilx1xot, II. Ilzxkrr, ,I. l"x':xse1'. Tlliril lx'u':v: IS. lxxx NI llxx pixx. II. Vtxilxixoxm 0. Vlulxixsuxx, Il. Vlxzxnxes, A. tirax- lxowski. N. Iluxxry. II. IJx':xIu'. lwrxt lx'n:x': I.. Ks:xsz:xx'. l. lXIix1xi'c, L. Pitts. II. Allax. II. Klee Vxxllixxxglx. A. Rlxixxles. AI. 'IK-x'x'3. ll. Rr-xxxnlils, I', Ilnss. Il. II:xIe3. Il. Ilxxxklr. XI. Ixzx rrxlxaxxx, hl. Ilxxlf Iiixx. IJ. Roxxiplx, A. , . . Alzxcksmx. .Yvrxilzrl lx'4m': IJ. II:xx'- l:xlxwx'1, Ii. IIt't-sc, If. S4-lmlmnx. ,I. IJt'x'liix. I.. Ililgz-xxxlxxx'I. II. l'1lmex'1. I I7 lx I I ll. hlixckswxx, C. xxc'xvmxx'tx. Iiriflixx, II. Ilrzxkv, I.. llsxxsl-itz I.. I"itzp:xtx'ick, ID. Ilxxrrisuxx. l'. Ilix. U. Roliiixsxxxx. 'I'lu'rxl Ix'fm': Il. Ilicliy, K. Xlaxlxilrrs. II. Strzxxxli. KI. Rxxxxnc, A. II2Il'X'l'j. I', II:xx'A x'xs, I. Ifzxspxxy. AI. llzxxxslxxxxg .I. 'I'lxi1xx1psxxix, I.. Iiirzxgmxs. IJ, Iixlplx II. NY:xgxxixt-x'. l"u1u'ih lime: It. XY:1lkex', Ii. Ifux, KI. Vluxxcs, Il. Smith. II. jolxxxsxxxx, I.. Miller. R. Kuxxxlrick. 'lf Stxixxgv.-x',A'I'. Mx-x'x'xcli, ll. txlxse. .-X, Nlmxxwxxlxzxix, ,I. lzxylor. SPANISH III. 'Los Leones Espanolesf' the official name of the Spanish Club. means "The Spanish Lions," It sounds impressive. and it's an appropriate name for an up-and-coming group. The club is designed to further interest in the Spanish and South-American languages. art, music and ways of life. Officers for the Pall term were Karl Farrar. president: Lois Hilgendorf, vice-president: Marguerite Brauer, secretary: and Pat Ecklein. treasurer. In January, officers elected were Josephine Larsen, president: Pat Ecklein, vice-president: Mary Kaprilian, secretary: and Pat Ecklein. treasurer. The club's co-sponsors were Miss Kahn and Mrs. Adams. PELI. IIHIIIH The Choir did much to further Northwestern's standing this year by singing for many organizations. The Lion's Club, The Kiwanis Club, and the Rotary Club were but a few. The Christmas concert, presented at Cass Tech. climaxed a successful term. After "polishing up" for the new term, the Choir really got under way by adding many important dates to their calendar. Among these were the opening meeting for the Midwest Health Education Conference, a radio broadcast, and the Michigan Theatre Program on Good Friday. At the June commencement exercises. the Choir sang the "Song of Victory" by Fletcher. Mrs. Bernice R. Wagoner is the director. Page Tu. enly three lllll DH TIE EI. l'rmu lm! tu luyllfz S. l.ull', f J IJ. lliglitu-lil. M, 'l'hmus1m, M. Kopis, ll. fllilch, l'. ll:-rtallini. ,l. l"lowvl's, Miss Kr-umwly, ll. l'urlmure, l.. Kllllilllll1'l', J. llluir, Miss llnltnmn, V. lllnnre, ll. XVnlfx-, A. lfcwris, A. .l4Il'Hl'llSl'll, ll. Slmtllr-worth, 'l'. lirr-slmln, 'l'. l.nwsm1, ll. Stahl, A, Bromley, ,l. jackson, Al, Ks-hue. Page Twenly The group responsible for the delightful dramas and sensational broadcasts heard over Northwestern's Public Address System is none other than the Radio Dramatics Club. Its members have charge of giving regular school announcements and presenting all pro- grams. Holidays and special events always find the club ready with a suitable broadcast. The sponsor for the Fall term was Mr. Ford. Oflicers were Virginia Moore. president: Jim Reason, vice-president: Kay Manders, secretary: Larry Daly, treasurer. In January, the gavel passed to Jim Reason. Kay Manders was vice-president: Dot Highlield. secretary: and Josephine Larsen, treasurer. Miss Greene took over the sponsor's duties. SEB IEE III. Northwestern's corridors are remarkably void of loitering students. Here, the Service Club may be commended for doing a difficult job well. Miss Esther Kennedy, successor to Miss Lydia Holtman, former faculty sponsor, has handled her new duties with surprising ease. Replacing the fall term officers, Jane Blair. president: Helen Cudmore, vice-president: and Sophia Salaskis, secretary, is a new system constituting a directing committee. The Service Club's duties also include sponsoring the sale of Northwestern book-covers. stickers, athletic tickets and pins. It is responsible for the trophy arrangements in the showcases and for guiding visitors and new students. 'four l"irs! Rim-: J. Reason lx an tlers, ,l. Lalrsen. .Suomi ml li. Daly. P. fnnistm U I Held, A. lirzxlxuwski. X J xr en sen. M. Brimer. in ot K. l'i1ll'!'1ll', Y. Moore l 'la or F1'r.rt Raw: A. Pylkzis, N. Syr- ios. ,Srrmid Ii'u:v: S. Stoyiinod, B. Fox, C. Belesky, l'. Owen. J. Kehoe. Tlxird Ruin: ll, Mc- Guirk, B. Coldfzirlr. Mr. Cline, R. Baumler. ...EL lin' Hear those chimes? It's the P.A.R. Staff, right on the job with the latest news. The letters, P.A.R. stand for Public Address, Auditorium, and Radio. This staff has many fine technicians as well as other pupils just interested in fundamentals of radio. Some of the varied duties are engineering programs for Record, handling all movies and radio programs, staging programs. and supervising the technical part of all gaduation exercises. During the school year, the staff had twenty members. of which three were girls. Mr. A. M. Cline was faculty sponsor, and Richard Baumler was the student chief technician with Arnold Pylkas as his assistant. BUYS' GLEE III. First Raw: K. jones, I. l.zii1'4l. K, Stripling, B. l':ittm1, ll. Prlrker, C. llan1ilton, li. llickvy, ll. Tabor, J. Meister, hl, Allen. ,S'ri'ami lfmv: N. llmlgus, Il. Blewett, M. XVumlrilt'f, rl, Taiy- lor, J. Greslmm. li. llxmiiltun, XY. Dunn, l.. lleit, Al. licnmnny. Third Rmb: A. Lewis, A, Vl'iuk- Field, J. Snowilen, U. Lee, li. Bzirlxer, J. Bush, R. Rockwell. Fourth Raw! B. XV:igoner. A fairly new addition to the Music Department is the Boys' Glee Club. This organiza-- tion is in its infancy, but promises to become a valued asset to the department. Already it has shown signs of becoming another Fred Waring chorus. There are many boys in the beginning classes who are looking forward to joining the Glee Club next semester. Mrs. Bernice R. Wagoner is training this group. Page Twenty-live "s -sim. ll. X Allen. li. ltllisml. l.. lang. l ' il ill We ml 1i'w:c lloiiglm-11. ' ' . . ' 1' l'l1'nui-s Y. Alkin ll l.i ,. . SUN. Xl. Nloyles. lf, Wi-lla-nwelu lfir'.v! li'im': V, Sli-war, . . J. llznnillmi, K. fiziuzikis, Nl, A. NVinell. lf. llulelxisnn. ,l. Nlurrziy, R. llzigis, ll. Yillerut, l'. Fone stuck. Swmliil li'fm': I.. llwlquisl. Y, Mxinury, ll Melfmlileii, ll, l'm-ilrt. if Klefiziun, l. Mussoli- ette. Xl. Quigley, YI. Humlwin N. Riekvls, ,l. Snyiler. li. Nalin- tuu. 'llllfrii li'fr:i': Y. Pliillips. 1' Kirelmlf, ll. Nlerrilt, l.. liirngos. Whenever sharp red and gray sweaters were seen Hitting about the halls, we knew that the folks in question were members of the super-spirited Pep Clubf This club promoted school spirit and fostered many peppy new yells. Sparkie, the red and gray Colt, made her debut as the club's ward and put in her appearance at all athletic events. The Fall semester saw Verna Curtis as president: Mary Kopis, vice-president: Georgina Chames, secretary: and Barbara James, treasurer. In January, the gavel passed to Mary Kopis, who was assisted by Lois Long. Ruth Ellison was secretary. and Barbara Allen, treasurer. "Pepper-upper-plus" was Coach Sam Bishop. the faculty sponsor. What is the seat of study and learning in Northwestern? The library. of course. Under the direction of Miss Winton and Mrs. Murdoch who are assisted by a large staff, the library serves efficiently hundreds of pupils with their studies. Service is made possible by the fundamental course in library science, given to every staff member. He becomes acquainted with reference books and other phases of library work which enables him to answer many queries and do the routine work. The staff member learns much which will be useful later. while, at the same time, earning high school credit. Those who excell become student supervisors. Page Twenly-six i rf.. K-1pis.l'.XM.--4 4 . in li llziker. l'. lrisll. l'. llxmgu inn, l', Nlulxiliill. li. Kle1'ul llillllll. Nl. lfiiik, hl. 'l'uItun, li lYise. 'l'l11riI li'u:e: ,l. Kettle. ll ' 9 l'l1u'k. Xl. lll':inL'l lyplms. , . is Ill in Xl Kric'gL'l'. ll Xl i liiflilfll Ii'u"i" l unch S. lilslitvp. 1. . , P' xis l 'I'mlu'iek. ll. llznvis First Ruse: D. Buchzmnn, D llinkle, J. Bulkin, J. Johnston, BI. Dean, IJ. Reynolds, E. Miles, N. Rulierts, B. Smith, P. l'nm stock, J. llamslow. .S'i'm11i1' Rim' ,I. Hooker, Il. Nellwnin, ll l'I:n'k, li. Mxuljerick, A. At w:iIt'i', If, Iluckwortli, ll. -Izicli sun, ,I. Marlin. ll. VI'hiK1.', 5 NYilmut, P. llix. Il. Str: Tliird Huw: III. VVillinms, VI' jncksmi, I.. ,IUI'1I!Ill, ,I. .lncksmi IC. Settles, M, Rnlznul. ll. Ilruke B. Ilemlersou, Ii. Duff. I.. Ciira gms. S. lixlwzirrlw. lfirxi 1i'ir:u: XV. Rowell, E. Ibm'- lirn, I., Fitzpatrick. Stroud Rnw: R, Moore, Bl. liornnll, KI. Brown IJ, Perdue. 'l'ln'rd Ilzllry, J. Ewliinik. K. Fzisuiu. I'-UIH'flI Rmv: lcin, IJ. Nelnms, J. Mvtflylilol. Rims: R Moore, A P. Eck- Bziker, B GIRLS' BLEE III. This semester, the girls have gone "all out" to provide good music throughout the school. Their melodious songs have gladdened many a heart in these troubled times. The Glee Club has sung on numerous occasions for various activities, clubs and organizations, These public appearances were highlighted in March. when the girls presented a beautiful St. Patrick's Day program on Station WXYZ for the School Music Hour, This same program was presented for the Night School graduates. on March 22, at the request of Mr. Wolber, principal. The soloists for the broadcast were Jean Alla, Ethel Duckworth, Jean Johnston, Kay Manders and Sheilah Wilmot. IVIIJIJEH I-IN EEL Rythm! Grace! Technical skill! Imagination! These are the requisites for member- ship in the Modern Dance Club! Every Tuesday afternoon these young ladies combined to form a group of well-poised individuals and composed dances of new and interesting patterns. So superlative were their efforts, that they were chosen as the one group to represent Detroit high school girls' activities at the Physical Education Teachers' Con- vention. ln addition. they frequently contributed to programs at Northwestern. During the fall term. Doris Perdue called the sessions to order. assisted by Rose Marie Moore. secretary. In January, Helen Weidman assumed the presidents duties: Rose Marie con- tinued as secretary. The club's sponsor was Mrs. Carty. Page Twenty euen l'n.i'l lfirsui ,l. Allan. R. Nl. llix, XI Illltl Il Nlll 'Xl ll 1 man. In Xluttln-ws, li, lime, Mr. I.:ix. A. IM-lls. VI. Ilxuxlslllam, X. M:u1lu:u'4lt, M. 'l'lunnsmx. .Sirurlrtl Ix'lm': li. lI.tln'Il, ,I. Ifoluy, I". I,t-tmnls. ,I. Ifrill, II. Klillur, N, IIllrt'I1Ilt'l1I. UI, tlmlnttis, if .Iulln sun, Al. Ili-fry. IC. lNlmire, 'l'l:ir'fI lx'tm': 'I'. Julia, II. Valley, If. Smith, Ii, vluliusuit, ll. fXln'I'I:tcIlil1, Al. I.:lIIlun. I., Ililtun. l'. l'l:uk0. IC. Iltu-Inu-r, R. Spa-gnlnzni. lwmrtln li'1m': IV. ,l. Stun XX lltllitln IJ K lnruugll, '. 1 . . Alt-xztmlvr, Y. I'I1illips, R, llell. I., Smith, R. Illztir, R. Shops ln-:ir-I. II. Smith. lfiftli lime: N. Ilrqmlmtl. R. lhmnln-y, R. Slmlli-r, I.. Alma:-s, NY, Srllmitt. I". Shaw, I.. Miller, IC. llnlltvr, A. Nalllxuns, Il, Rt'4'u', Il. Arilcl- 5l'll. Si'tlIt'ii: II. Rust-. all limi line: l', Ifixlgct' Il In pr-1. I.. Napili-r, l'. Nlulvl NIcl'ullougl1. R. Xl. Illx Xl l'ult4-r, A, Wells, A. 'I lllt Xl. ll1inI11et', 'If Klgliliiupl imitll Sinuull Nnfvi U I is I Iimluml NI III mtril. ll lunl , nmlr. I . Ifclilcill, li, 'lim tl Iillmles. AI. Xlattsliclnl. lx Ixln eil. ,I. funk, Xl. Ilrrmm 1 XYIHIIIQV. IIIIIHI Ix'u:u: Ix H1 lizmls, N. Ili'utl1t'l', R. NIH it XX Iltlllnln II l':n UHIIHESTH Even though hit hard by graduation, the orchestra upheld its reputation and traditions despite handicaps and came through with flying colors! The annual election won the gavel for Marian Brainard. Lloyd Jones was her able assistant: Pat Ecklein took the minutes and Jerry Cook was treasurer. In order to broaden the musical knowledge of his charges, Mr. Lax distributed classical and modern music in his organizations. Graduations. assemblies, and all school events would be at a loss were not the ready orchestra at hand! .ls,i. t" ff " AN What would rallies. basketball games. and commencement exercises be like if the "A" Band weren't around to lend its spirit and color to the occasion? Under the responsible leadership of Mr. Maurice Lax. the 68 band members have proven to all that their organization is one of the most popular and successful that Northwestern can boast! Margie Thomson was president: Bill Schmidt, vice-president: Rosa Marie Hix. secretary: and Marjorie Porter, treasurer. Undoubtedly, the Michigan Band and Or- chestra Association will reward their efforts by placing them in the coveted first division. Page 'Iiwenty-eighl 'I'l1r1lcr, ll. Mcliqtcllitl li Xllll lf 'NI:iltI1rus. l-Imrlll lx IX ll1:n11:lrrI. ,I. Ilugm-, I.. li t XY. Schmitt. I. 'l'uirIwitL Xl Kigl1tlingt't'. xl. Kettle, VI. Ilt tl Il. II:-spelelg li, Klztstiu, Rl Ixml v fi t ll, Ramsey, D. Mil- lu X lltlluul lil Ink Sr' x . l.c'wzlllf:11, K. BUSS- : iruniam. L. Graham, xlkl ll. Fischer, lx. ClX?l llrlrii Ifmv: li. Teas- tx R lmulint. li, l.'Alulme, A. 1 mith. ll, llzxiley, l", :uk A llzirsty. I7u11rIllI?41tt'1 is t nice. 'l', Roby. D, Cu- n li nth l. llenmrve, ll. Dress- llea 1. : . .'ii', 4'- " " CLUB Amid the chills of winter and with premeditated murder in their hearts. the "N" men gave Northwestern's new lettermen Hthe WORKS!" The initiation, with its tasty food and impressive paddling. was enjoyed by all who participated . . . fit says herej. Per usual. the "N" Club sponsored a successful dance with the Ci.A.A. Fall term ofiicers were Hal Pink, president: Dick Dresser, vice-president: Ronald Teasley, secretary: and Harry Ramsey, treasurer. In January, officers elected were Don Miller, president: Alex Clelland. vice-president: Hal Pink. secretary: and Harry Ramsey. treasurer. With Coach Jim Demaree leading the way, the "N" Club can be expected to do big things. Upon entering Northwestern High School, every Coltette joins the Girls' Athletic Association, known informally as the G.A.A. The Executive Board consists of three representatives from each graderoom, all team captains, and the four officers. This year, Lois Johnston, wielded the gavel, assisted by Phyllis O'Hagan. Anne MacKenzie handled the minutes and Jean Alla, the treasury. Keeping the girls "in the groove and on the move" was Mrs. Mildred Dunn. Two evening dances were undertaken with the co-operation of the "N" Club. The traditional G.A.A. welcome to the freshman girls inspired them to replace the girls who graduate from the realm of Northwestern sports. Page Twenty nine I Ri l Il l":r.vt Ruru: l' U llu jolmstun. J. All R. Johnston. F llnc HIC! Xlarulm. ll. fran me ll Xl. Ynrtnlreslian. Burt, E. l,uuclin I' N uc in li. lloyt. Tlrirr u lf. SIITPL A. 7lf!l l 1 tml Will. B. Mcflytimll lxlp iam. B. King. M ll u Ye-mis, R. Ellison lik un Ifnurlli lfuw: r nun Rice, M. Coates nie Jones. ll. Hurst f I r user Cole, B, Imtternmsen Puge 'lihirly limi lime: J. Reason. ll. Reed- er. .S'1'i'u1nl lfufii: Miss I.elim:in, . ruwn, il. l'ucL'vicli l Ti . .. m- Ivers, K. Sclmufele. II lfinger. IMI Kimi: I.. Urth, j, Huck 0 bnlnson. Ftzzirth li'tm': j. linker, li. llzmifzm, li. llzmifaui, li. . itlin, li. l.el':itmi1tl ger. '- , Ill. Krie- Iimv: M. J. llmiglitt-ii, ,l, l"l'1ist'r. X' fiulli . 's. Xl. lli':iii0l', ' M. J. Suiimln-rs. Nl. ,l. Arm- struiig, Il, Mvtzgw. .Srmiirl li'fm': Xl. Knpzisz, A. .lnrgr-ilsril, li. MCl'uy, A. llrgiliuwski, ll. Vml- moi'c'. ll. Lzivvsun. 'l'lli'r:I Huw: K. l":u'r:u'. Il. Miller , U, john- -...Ji sim, li. l,'Alxlrz-. Victory Bank. Northwestern's branch of Uncle Sam's Treasury, with a "Twig" organization in each homeroom. employs at least 200 hard workers, engaged weekly in this Uessential war work." Assisted by a large and active body of Gallants in the 3rd and 4th War Loan Drives, the organization has sold over 3190.000 worth of war Stamps and Bonds since September and kept our Minute Man Flag flying continu- ously. The faculty Directing Committee consists of Miss Lehman, chairman, Mrs. Rosow. Mr. Demaree, Mrs. Ahearne, Mr. Cline, Mrs. Glassing, and Miss Guenther. Famous for its originality, and popular for its unique knack of getting "inside" news. "The Colt" has for Z9 years been rated l-A in the minds of Northwestern students. lt appears bi-weekly throughout the school year and contains material of interest to the entire student body. Being a publication of the students. by the students, and for the students. the "Colt" staff is composed of a rotating membership. However. Marguerite Brauer has served as Editor for several terms. Faithfully lending counsel and encourage- ment to the hard-working staff is faculty adviser, Mr. A. ' ' cheerful spirit. B. Keenan with his ever- Inzvt Rm:-2 lst I.t. Ne: '. lm . It, Houston. .zlllk I.t. llnsel, .Z It. Br:iin:u'il, Capt. llutcliiiigs it Xlnjm' Slayer. .' lol. lfzivcs, liul I.t. Iieitelson. ls! Sgt. Ilohmim. I'vt. Rowxm, url Lt, Ruclgt-rs. Sgt. Smoleu- ki. Ifirtt lffmiz lst It lluil llt I lutchings, mul 1x'rm': lml l.t, Rmlgcrs, Znl l.t. Basel, Zml. l.t, Rowe, lst l.l. Near. Tlziril lfnfv: Znil l.t. Keltvlsml. lml IA, Brxiinztrrl, lst Sgt. I'i'iec'. lst Sgt. Iloliman, Sgt. Sniulenski. .Ind I.t. Ilous- tml. jan' Mayer, l.t. I I I I lst It lhltt in S . . . . HIFIQE TE M The R.O.T.C. Rifle Team has been "hitting onnall foursi' with its improving marks- manship. We have always produced teams of the highest caliber at Northwestern, known not alone for their excellent shooting. but for the spirit of good fellowship and competition displayed by these "crack shots." The interest in this team is ever increasing and com- petition for membership was keen this year. The good showing made in the Sixth Corps Area competition and the Hearst Trophy Matches is evidence of the long hours of practice . . . . , . USA' and excellent training maintained under the supervision of Sgt. Charles Dommer, . . . . UFFIEEHF CLUB V h RO T C OfTicer's Club led by Sgt Charles Dom- "Company At-ten-shun." T e .... , . mer, passes in review! One sees the ranking oflicers leading this parade, Major Mayer, Captain Ramsey, and Captain Hutchings. The club scheduled its meetings for Wednes- day evenings at 7:30, and alternate weeks, one of the boys, in his turn, played host. At these meetings, personal difficulties were ironed out and drill corrections were mastered. The fall officers were Bob Eaves, president: Bruce Mayer, vice-president: Harold Hutch- ings, secretary: and Walter Houston, treasurer. Those governing the organization in the spring were Bruce Mayer, president: Harry Ramsey, vice-president: Walter Houston. secretary: and Sheldon Perry, treasurer. Paqe Thirly om lux! lfnrv: Sli-. ll. Il2llll'l', l'. N 'l'lm11lpsmx I llzlgul' N Rick els, Miss ll. kzihn. .Svcunrl Imttvz lllr, Al. l'. lllvliilinlwss. ll, Mc lug, ,l. ,l-lr so , , , -1112, ., ll, lirznlmm, li. Slaytmi, ll. Stark, R, NYilsn-11, A, lmmx. llzznl R. lllurlus, W. l,:iwsm1, ,l. l'ult'y. lumlli li'uft': IJ. Vllltls, R, Baum ltr, R. llntlcr, R. Rockwell, P A I. I. I-'1r.rt 16010: K. Mzunlers. L. Daly Bliss Kuhn, Mis, llgim-r, Mr. J l'. Xlcfiuiluless, li. Starr. U ,lm-lmsuil. .S'1't'm1tl 1x'u:t': ll. Link l.. iiritlitlls. ill, Kuplutlizlii, B lim-nut-tt, M. llmnipsmi, l. Scales Nl. l'Ix':1iwtT, Xl, l"4-i'i't-sta-l'. ,l Mtxvli. 'lilnnl lfmv: XY. l"t':iLt'1' ll. llzlll, J, llxltlslnu, li. Nlillvl' N. Rivktls. lf, Smith, 'l'. 'l'llrm'r K. ll.tk4'r. uf' STUHE ' IIIJUNIIIL Not a Hmake-believe" political set-up. but a junior governmentf-that's Northwestern's Student Council. During the year, the Council upheld the snack bar, issued a paper, awarded Council medals. sent representatives to Girls' State and Boys' State Conferences. assisted choosing "celebs," and sponsored several dances. During the Pall semester, Larry Daly pounded the president's gavel, and Orval Johnson was vicefpresident: Kay Manders, corresponding secretary: Betty Starr, recording secretary: and Sally Barden, treasurer. The president for the Spring term was Don Miller: vice- president, Jim Hague: corresponding secretary, Nina Lou Rickels: recording secretary, Marjorie Thompson: and treasurer. Margaret Evanolf. Faculty advisers are Mrs. Helen Bauer, Miss Betty Kahn. and Mr. J. P. McGuinness. SPRING llll'l1lll1'l', Nl, lfxzim-fl, IJ. Millet, Wgvl- qwm, ' rillitlis. ,l. Jennings, I.. llnrrs. nw: R. lN'1':u'vl', ll. l,m'ki', R. itllclv. R. Wiltsie, lv. l"l'1ls1'l', Page Thirty-two ST DE 1' EUUNEIL UFFIEEHS MILLER THOMPSON EVANOFF NHTIUNAL HU UHEHHHETY A major twig on the Board of Education's tree of knowledge is the National Honor Society, whose Northwestern Chapter forms an all-important branch. Organized here, in 1938. the purpose of the National Honor Society is to encourage character. leadership, service, and scholarship among high school students. Pall term oflicers were Al Schaufelberger, president: Orval Johnson, vice-president: Marion Brainard, secretary. Those elected for the spring term were Bob Hague, president: Art Hasty, vice-president: Marguerite Brauer, secretary. The sponsor, Mrs. Ella B. Adams, in her years of service, has continually enabled the Society's high ideals to be preserved. MRS. ADAMS-Sponsor s. E. ANDERSON M, EVANOEE M. KAPRILIAN -pn PAGE J. BAKER EWE-ANK KELLY PARK R. BAUIVILER FINGER KRIEGER PINK P. BOOTH EINN L'ABBE RAMSEY M. BRAINARD IfoRD LARSEN REASON M. BRAUER CAIsER LAWSON RICHARDSON P. EREHMER GIBSON LINK RoUsE NI. BROWN CRIEEITHs LUNDIN SCALES K, BUSSLER HAGUE MADDOCKS sCHADE D. CARR HASTY MANDERS SHUTTLEWORTH M. CAssEL HENRY MARUHN SMENDZIUK A. CLELLAND HICHEIELD MAYER SMITH R. CLYDE HILCENDORE IvIcCoY SOLOMON H. CUDMORE HUNT McLEAN SPAULING v. CURTIS JAMES METZGER sTARK E ae CRAAE JOHNSON MILLER STARR IvI. DOLE JOHNSTON MOORE WALKOWSKI W. DOSS JOHNSTON NEAR WASILEWSKI P. ECKLEIN JONES oCLEsEY WEAVER C. ELLENA IoRCENsEN o'HACAN WILMOT KAPLANIAN PACKARD Page Thirty-three l"1'rxI liH1:i'Z J. jivlliislsrii, A. llnsty. Nl. lxziplxuiizm. J. Rn-aisoii, Nl. lloliiiluerg. fi. llnlch, ll. Starr, Ii'im': X. liirtis. I., Xlassnixin. Nl. lfrzuier. If. linker. ll, l.1tssilei', ll. Nltllillstlll. ll. lltiiipln-ll, li. l.l1mli11. fi. lluyt. lf. .Xlcurix. J Spxiuliling. Xlrs. Russow, 'l'1iirtl li'.m': Miss ll. lizilm. ll. Rzuusey. J. lntrscil. lf. Kevnrkiztli, Xl. Tliimismi. I., Urfli. fl. Kirclitmff, XY. llemlc-i'soxi. I.. Smith. l.. Sen' man, Xl. Redd, Nl. Mitch. I"i:ifr'tl1 lfurv: Mr. XYt'iski:ttt'l1. K. Xlzmf alt-rs, li. Kerr, alll J. 'l'l'illfllL'l'. IQIHWESTEH ST FF The Martindale Building, room l8O, laid the scene for the work on this year's Nor- wester. Before the big job of organizing. planning. and ultimately printing and puba lishing the yearbook was completed. the editors began to look dubiously at each other and say with that dead pan look of solemn faith . . . "Don't worry. we'll have a yearbook . . . someday." That Udead pan look of solemn faith" was the determination and perseverance behind the dream that made the "Norwester" possible. Working against shortages of material. labor. and time. the "someday" Hnally arrived and the staff can proudly place the I0-44 A'Norwester" in the hands of its staunch and foremost supporters, the students and faculty of Northwestern High School. Editor Jim Reason's life was a jumble of deadlines. proofreading. and dates twith the engraver and printerl. but he instructed his subordinates capably and well. His load was made much lighter by the debut of his assistant. George Balch. that wise magician who specialized in bringing back to reality the precious articles and pictures that so frequently were . . . shall we say, misplaced. Betty Starr went quietly crazy while her ambitious Art Staff labored and slaved and finally produced the expressive art work of this book. The folks on the "Lit." Staff learned how to make tracks when Alice Jorgensen arrived on the scene 'cause she grabbed articles first and explained second. The steady pound-pound-pound of the typewriter was a constant undercurrent in the life of Stenographic Editor Margaret Kaplanian, who de- ciphered the hentracks and led her staff in typing and assembling the material for the printer. The light bill at the Hasty household rose higher and higher while Art sat up far into the wee hours counting stubs, stubs. and still more stubs. Mary Holmer seriously considered applying for special shoe rations, what with trotting around from store to store for ads. They're precious because they bring in "The tin we love to touch," in other words. money. Supervising and always ready to lend a helping hand were the faculty sponsors. Mr. Thomas F. Weiskotton. Mr. Jules Trattner. Mrs. Emma Rosow, and Miss Betty Kahn. Through the concerted efforts of these people. the yearbook grew, the pages were filled. and the book took on the brightness and color which characterizes the students and activities of Northwestern. The faculty put on the pressure. the editors turned on the power. but the staff produced. Ralph Waldo Emerson's "All are needed by each one. Nothing is fair or good alone," never rang truer than it did during the weeks and months that the 'ANorwester" staff worked together and combined their efforts. Withotlt the aid of each department. the publication of a yearbook is impossible. To each goes praise and gratitude for a fine job. well done and to all the people who gave of their time and energy we, the receivers of this yearbook, say "Thank You." Page Thiriy-frzttr ,Eyes ,MZ ...E N if G13 :mmf c ww Y f' f 5 f , , S Q f . -1 i N f B X A "'t'ZN'N-G-Q- 2 '--A-'xni'1f LRfL . - ! BERRY BLAIR FOHAN Al.l.A UN EH HU SE Mount Vernon House did it again! What? Kept the other houses "looking to their laurels" in the bond drive: held weekly song fests: remembered weekly a boy in the service with a box of candy: and maintained representation in sports and scholastic activities. A record year! No greater praise may be spoken than that the outgoing seniors and oflicers have left big shoes to ill indeed. Fall term officers were Jack Berry and Jane Blair, co-presidents. and Marguerite Brauer acting secretary-treasurer. Spring oflicers were Dick Cogan. president: Jean Alla. vice- president: and Peggy Comstock, secretary-treasurer. 'Y- IJRESSIER FISIIER KIARCINAVA DOSS PEHSHI Hll SE Again this year, Pershing House lived up to its great name! Under the leadership of its beloved counselor. Mr. Carr. Pershing House students have been near the top in bond selling. scholarship, and activities of all kinds. Things really hum in "l 10" where there's never a dull moment! Watching over the house were the spring term officers. Dick Dresser. president: Thelma Fisher, vice-presidnt: and Elena Garcinava. secretary-treasurer: and during the fall semester, Dick Dresser was pesidentg Bill Doss, vice-president: and Karl Farrar. secretary-treasurer. Always ahead of other houses in athletics, Pershing House achieved this goal again. Pershing House is so full of letter sweaters that the room seems one mass of red and gray! Paqe Thirty eight HAGUR IQABBE JOHNSTON AIOHNSTON HIJUSEVELT HU SE "Whatever you do, do well", was the motto which famed the Teddites in the parade of graderooms. And no wonder, with fall term oliicers like Bob Hague, president: Alice Jorgensen, secretary: Gerry Kelly, treasurer: and the Lois Johnston-Gerry L'Abbe combination which governed in the spring term, assisted by Jean Johnston, vice-president: Dot Humphrey, secretary: and Betty Jones, treasurer. The "Teddy Gazette," long inexistent news sheet, was revived last fall by co-editors Orval Johnson and Bob Hague. This was continued in the spring term by Alice Jorgensen. Additional activities galore existed in lO2, upholding its standard of NorthWestern's No. l house. Miss Clough deserves a big hand for charting the course for such a fine study hall. MAYER MOORE LEXVALLEX MULLEN BETSY RUSS HU SE Betsy Ross House had her share of honors again! It was out in front in the sale of war stamps. Every school club could boast members from 202. Last September saw Bruce Mayer as president, assisted by Louise Moore. Lorraine Lieder was secretary and Rosalie McLean kept a watchful eye on the finances. During the Spring term, Max Lewallen held the gavel, with Fred Mullen as vice-president. Mary McMarin proved to be a capable secretary, and Jane Mack was our treasurer. We all thank Miss Katherine Doherty for her grand co-operation and advice throughout the school year. Page Thzrtu nme Page Furry l gl 1 2 if REASON SMITH RAKISICY PINK LI IIIJL HU SE During the fall semester, Lincoln House was divided into nine homerooms, each having its own officers. The same system prevailed during the spring term, but honorary house officers were appointed. These were Harry Ramsey, president: Harold Pink. vice-president: Ida Scales, secretary: and Hazel Shuttleworth, treasurer, Students of Lincoln House responded well to the various drives to aid the war effort and placed well up in the running each week in War Bond and Stamp sales. Mr. R. C. Stoll. counselor, lent his very able support and aid to the students, and his assistance in guiding them was invaluable. The students of Lincoln House truly upheld the high standards and traditions set by their predecessors. STARR XYlI.l.lrXNlS VVlI.l.lAXlS 'l'l'RNlCR AN I-XUSTE Hll SE Jane Austen House did a gallant job for the service men and for itself! "204" backed our boys by purchasing War Bonds and Stamps and went a step farther by using its house dues to send them candy. The house inaugurated a plan whereby a representative from each homeroom met with the president each week. Together, they arranged programs and rallies which were held in the auditorium. During the fall term, Betty Stark reigned as president: Clifford Williams was vice-president: Lucille Turner, secretary: and Margie Thomson, treasurer. In January. Clifford Williams took over the presidency: and Thomas Turner, Beverly Williams, and Jean Spaulding handled the remaining offices. 11TH EHAIIE l"l'r.rl Irwin: I, Ilusixou . me-IIt'l', ,I. Vrnnk, II, Drake. l.. Smith. M. Kim, I', Rieluirllsun. I. VI'ym:m. N, Riekels. .S'z'r'm1d lfnrv: Il. llullingtmm. 'If jnnull. XY Il R v- Q lf KireI1l1rwl'I', 'Xl Muller, TH GRADE -"url lfirfvz NV. Szmiulers, ,I. Murrxty. XY. XIqu'qu:i1'mIi, IJ. Kult, I' I'e'n1'vlII l'. Mclfzul I musI1, '.. . . . 1Il'll, ll. YilIz'e'ut. If. Xlzwalillxu, NI Burgess. Semin! lfnru: K. "1 -r M till ilftilmt-ue. H. :tinge . . lull ll lImm'ul:m. S, Ash, II. " nrlltril, III. Hrif' .. Sl:-gi mlm. v II Iles- ugfr.. II. Xlerritt. IV. Ilmm, H EHAIIIE l"ir.v! lflffvi Il. Stark. .I. Baker. I". Buutli, I.. lIilg.:en1Iui'f. III. Brown, NI. Kznlurilizm, Y. Ilill, ziiwr, II. ,lxuncm .3'l'r'ml4l' Ima. I. Hutlwiek, II. Xlel'I5f mont, Y, Sm:-mlzink, A. Jurgen- sen, M. Iirzmer, II, llleklry, ,I, Ewlnzmk, Lf lliml, I.. Riclmrnlr son. estern's ace titlegan honorable e earned Northw For these, quick of mind, who hav high scholastic rating . . . For these, who have mastered the art of intelligent study, and who have obtained that excellent curricular standard of eighteen honor points or more per cardmarking . . . For these, who realize the value of constructive concentration, and who apply them- selves to worthwhile learning . . , Yes. for these, who are destined to become our future leaders . . . we offer a salute, praise, and an earnest challenge. Increased Wisdom, additional knowledge, and the best of luck be to you, to you, and to YOU, 10th, llth, and lZth grade honor students. Page Forty-one f ' ,gf 1 ,- Q-A -:,4- r .fr .- - M w un. I WAX - G F JUNE E L A S S UFFIEEHS 'AB BE President ELASS EULHHS Hnyal Blue and White CLASS MUTTU Tnmnrrnw is nurs MARGUERITE BRAUER-Editor of the Colt: Secretary, National Honor Society: I2-A Dues Com- mittee: Literary Staff, Norwester: Social Chairman, Mt. Vernon House: Secretary-Treasurer, Mt. Vernon House: Honor Roll fall gradesjz Oflicial N. W. Rep- resentative, Student Council: Secretary, Spanish Club: Secretary, Homeroom 113: President, Homeroom l2l: Publicity Manager, Radio Dramatic Club: Pep Club: Gallant: Service Club: Northwest Masquers Club: Prom Committee. DICK DRESSER-Varsity Football: Varsity Bas- ketball: Captain, Varsity Baseball: President of Room ll0 2 years: Vice-President, "N" Club: Gallant: Service Club. THELMA FISHER-Dramatics Club: Secretary- Trcasurer of Room ll0: Vice-President of 12-A Class: Vice-President of Room ll0: School Cheer- leader: Chairman of the Cap and Gown Committee: Colt Staff: Gallant: Service Club: War Records Com- mittee. ART HASTY-Class Day Committee: Varsity Swimming Team: "N" Club: Vice-President, National Honor Society: Circulation Manager of Norwester: War Activities Committee: Student Council. LOIS JOHNSTON-President. G.A.A.: Co-Presi- dent of House 102: Captain, Girl's Swimming Team: Varsity Tennis Team: Girls' Business Club: National Iglopror Society: 12-A Social Committee: Norwester I3 . JERRY L'ABBE-Class President: National Honor Society: Co-President of Room 102: Treasurer, Student Council: "N" Club: l2-A Play: Colt Staff: Norwester Staff: P. A. Sports Announcer: Varsity Swimming Team: January Class Day Committee: Radio Dramatics Club: Vice-President of 102: Mem- ber of Student Council for 3 terms: Gallant. MAX LEWALLEN-House President. 202: Mem- ber of "N" Club: Member of Varsity Swimming Team: Dues Committee. KAY MANDERS - National Honor Society: Student Council Corresponding Secretary 4 terms: Colt Staff: Norwester Staff: A Cappella Choir: Co- Chairman, Social Committee: Vice-President. Radio Dramatic Club: Senior Plays '42-'44: Girls' Glee Club: P. A. Announcer '43: Service Club: Northwest Masquers Club: President, Homeroom 207: Secretary. Prom Committee: '42-'43 Class Day: Girls' Double Trio. BRUCE MAYER-Student Council: President of 202: R.O.T.C. School Commander: Chairman of Class Day: Honor Roll for two terms: Honor Cer- tificate in Citizenship: Member of Rifle Team: Presi- dent of Officers' Club: National Honor Society. DON MILLER-President, "N" Club: President. Student Council: Varsity Swimming Team: Co-Chair- man, l2-A Social Committee: National Honor So- ciety: l2-B Representative for Spade: Colt Staff: President, Homeroom 180. VIRGINIA MOORE--Member of Radio Dramatics Club for 3 years, held all oilices for one term each: Chairman of 12-A Open House Committee: Norwester Stalf '43: Colt '43: 12-A Play: Second Place in City Declamation in 10-A: Student Assistant in office 3 terms: Service Club 3 terms: P. A. Announcer 3 terms: National Honor Society: Gallant 13rd and 4th War Loanbz Friday 10-B Programs: President of Public Speaking: January '43 Class Day. HARRY RAMSEYXIZ-A Treasurer: President: National Honor Society: Treasurer, "N" Club: Vice- President, Othcers' Club R.O.T.C.: President, Study Hall 226: President: Homeroom 214: Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseball: Norwester Stall: Chairman, Dues Committee: Spanish Club: Service Club: Prom Committee. JIM REASON-P. A. Announcer, 5 terms: Treas- urer, Vice-President. President, Radio Dramatics Club: House President, 226, 2 terms: Co-Captain, Varsity Tennis: Chairman, 12-A Play: "Norwester" Editor '44s "Norwester" Staff '42: Assistant Editor. "Nor- wester" '-43: Local Broadcasting in 'iRadio Work- shop": Bookstore Clerk, 3 terms: June '43 Class Day: Debate Club: National Honor Society: 2 years Prom Committee Chairman: Fencing Club: President, Home- room 120: Northwest Masquers Club: Honor Roll: gallant: War Records Committee: Wolverine Boys' tate. BETTY STARK-Secretary of 204: President of 204: G,A.A. Board: Student Council: House Chair- man. War Records Committee: Colt Staff: German Club: National Honor Society: l2-A Dues Commit- tee: Gallant in Third and Fourth War Loan. DICK WEAVER-Student Council: Norwester Circulation: l2-A Representative 204: l2-A Social Committee: "N" Club: Varsity Swimming Team, 2 years: National Honor Society. BRAUER DRESSER FISHER HASTY JOHNSTON L'ABBE LEWALLEN MANDERS MAYER MILLER MOORE RAMSEY REASON STARK WEAVER Page Forty fiu if Adams. Bernard Service l'1ulm Agnew, Gaurnell Alotis. Alyce A. "Volt" Stull' Applebee. Barbara Scrvicc' l'ltlli Ayler, Inez Baker. Jane Emily 0i't'l1t'sl1'al Spzmisli fltili llzinct' llllilm Baumler. Richard l',A.R. Stull' Nztlimixil llonur Society Stiult-ut Fuuncil Benton. Edith Jean l'i1-siilciit .219 Began. Mildred St-rviut' Cluli Adams. Carolyn Service l'lulx "Colt" Staff Alexander. Isabel l.zttit1 flllllr Amyoni, Barbara Armstrong. Mary Backuros, Georgia Svrxirc l'li1lv Ba ncy. Jay Bedar. Edna Berberian. Virginia "Nurwt-ntl-r" Stuif Jeanne Adams. Gertrude Mary Alla. Jean Vice l'rc5iilvnt 1119 'frezisurei' Ii.A.A. Varsity Te-imis Anderson, Barbara Jean Atkins. Virginia Baker. Elizabeth l't'p fluli "Volt" Stuff "Nu1'w't'stei"' SMH' Basel. Ralph l,iviite'liziiit R,U.'li.K . R.U.'l',lf. Utlict-rs' Vluli Bennet. Betty Stuwleiit llmiicil ll-A Ynczitiimul l'1n1u11ittt't' Bertollini. Peter Swvict' Club lloust' l"outlv:ill Chess l'lulu Booth. Florence Kathryn Bracy. Pearl E. Bradley. Dorothy Marie Brauer. Marguerite Breest. Mildred l'Itlitui'. "Volt" Service l'lulm Secretary Nzltimml lluuui' Society Brehmer, Patricia 1.2-A Memorial Conmiittce Executive Board Student Council liirls' Business Club Brown. Margaret T. National Honor Society Dance Club Spanish Club Burton. Austin Carmody, James C. "Norwester" Staff Carter, Wandalee "Colt" Staff Chames, Georgina Spanish Club Pep Club "Colt" Staff Clelland, Alex Captain Football Team Club v lN ational Honor Society Cogan, Dick "N" Club Varsity Swimming President, 109 Cook. Jearold Edwin "A" Band "A" Orchestra Crawford, Barbara Commencement Committee G.A.A, Executive Board Girls' Swimming Brooks, William Bryant, Cerise Beatrice Service Club Bussler, Ken Varsity Tennis l'lub Caron, Shirlee "Colt" Staff Cason. Augusta Chipman, Bob Clyde, Ruth Cole, Edward John Cook, Vivian V. Service Club Crawfo rd, Dorothy Brown, Gerald Burchtield Carolyn 109 Social fomniittee Secretary Home Room 113 Spanish Club Campau. Calvin B. Carr. Doris Secretary-'l'i'easui'er, 109 Causey. Blanche D. ll-A Motto llUl1IY1liitCC "Colt" Stuff Dance Club Clarke, Constance "A" llanil Coates. Marjorie Varsity Swimming G. A. A. Tennis Team Combs. Bertha Elizabeth Cooper, Helen Curtis, Verna P.A.R. Staff "Colt" Staff "Norwestei"' Staff yy if Y Qs Cyr, Gloria Daly. Kathleen M. "Cult" S185 Service Club President Camera Club Dean, Margaret Dresser. Richard F, Vice-President "N" Club Captain, Baseball Team President, 110 Dutton, John Economy. George Elderkin. Robert Evanoff. Margaret Treasurer, Student Council Fairbairn, Mary Lou Fisher, Thelma House Ofbcer School Cheerleader Vice-President 12-A Class Dailey, Donald W. Cross Country Track "N" Club Daly, Lawrence President Student Cuuncil President German Club "N" Club Decker. John William Duckworth. Ethel A Capella Clumir Club Girls' lilee Club ll-A Open llouse Cmnniittce Earle, Mildred Edwards, Ernest C. Ellena. Gloria Evarian, Nora Fields, LaDonne Fitzpatrick, Louise Carole A Capella Choir Glee Club Dance Club Dalrymple, Celine Davis, Lorine Girls' Basketball Dinon, Alma Service Club Dunn. Mary Service Club G, A, A. lixvcutive Board Dance Club Erklein. Patricia Mae Vice-President Spanish Club Modern Dance Club National Honor Society Egan, Mary Girls' Business Club Erving, Dorothy Ewbank, Joan Latin Club Dance Club Finn, Alan Captain Crnss Country Varsity Basketball Varsity Track Flowers. Jesse B. Cross Country Service Club Pord, Elaine LaMay 12-A Committee Froelich, Lois Service Club Gaiser. Virginia Pearl ll-A lbnimencenient Committee Gibbs. Bernice Giragos. Lucy Girls' Glee Club A Capella Choir l.iln'nry Stat? Goodman, Kenneth Sawyer Grant. Rebecca N. Girls' llasketbzill Girls' Tennis Griflin. Frances R. A Capella Choir Service Club Hankerson. Robert Hatjioannou, Nick C. Forrest. James Arthur Fuller. Gloria Ellen ll. Richarmls Club Galbraith, Juanita Marie Gibson, Edward E. Gleason. Rodney Goodson. lvern Service Club Greenway, Virgil Gurunian. Richard Varsity Swimming "N" Club Hargrave. Audrey Ruth Haw, Sherwood G. Freeman, Clara L, Service Club Funk, Betty J. "Colt" Staff Galindo. Juanita Service Club House Basketball Gibson, Grace M. G. A, A. Bournl Service Club Girls' Tennis Team Glise. Bob A Capella Choir Boys' Glee Club Goodwin, Betty M. Griflin, Barbara Thyra Hamilton. Barbara National llonoi' Society Spzmislt Club Hasty, Arthur S. Varsity Swimming Team Club Vice-President National Honor Society Hawkins, Robert J. , 5 -:fn S as x M. B 55 We -K f va A , ht. .- Cs., 59' A JR 4. l x Hayter. Harry Henry, Earline Highlield. Dorothy Jane "Nm'w't'slt'l"' Stull Service Cluh Secretary Rzuliu lirznuntics l'luln Hilton. Leah M. l'uuccrt lluud l'mlcr-rt Orchestral Hogans, Bernice Sr-rvirc Lflulm Howard, Betty Clmirnmn Cmnnicricenwut Committee Hunter, Gwen Hutchings. Harold R. U. 'l'. l', Ul'liCc'1's' lflull R. U. T. C. Rifle 'liczini James, Barbara E. Spanish Club Jefferson, Gloria Modern Dance lfluln Service Club "Cult" Staff Henderson. Wilhelmina "Nurwcster"' Stuff "Cult" Stull Repul'tt'l' "l'r'ilily Gazelle" Hester. Flossie Service l'luI1 Spuuisli Cluln Hilgendorf. Lois b Nzltiuuul llnum' Suri:-lg 'IR-uuis 'll-sun l.:ltln fluln Hix, Rosa Marie A Bzuul A Urclie-slru Horenian. Louise Spzluisli Vlulv Humphrey. Dorothy Secrctsiry nf lill- "Nurwvstcr" Stull A Cappella Clmir Hurst, Dolores l'uptniu liirls' Buskctlmll Yursitv Hockey li. A. DA. lixc'vutix'c Bnurll Jackson, Clyde W. J ames. Mary Service Clulr Johnson. Clarence Henry. Andrew George Hewson. Charles Hill. Helene E. Hochman. Sarah Houghton, Maryjane Hunt, Carol l.:itiu l'lulu Sturlr-ul l'uuncil XYair Records l'ummittee Hurtt, Christine Mae Jackson. Geraldine Jarrard, Christine Johnson. Phyllis Latin Club Johnston. Jean Vice--President 102 Secretary Girls' Business flulv Girls' Sports ltiditnt' 'Nm'wcstei"' Jones. Dorothy Jordan. Lucille Girls' lilet' l'lnln Kaprilian. Mary National Ilonur Society Secretary Spanish l'lnln A Uzipella Choir Kelly, Phyllis E. Keveney. Gene Paul King, Betty Student Council Hockey Team Girls' Business Club Kleinplatz. Simon Kopp. Bette J. Drum Majorette Latin Club ll-A Vovationul Committee Johnston. Lois President G. A. A. Captain Swimming 'l'cum Co- President 102 Jones. George Jorgensen. Alice Literary Editor. "NOfWCStC1'l' Nationzil Homn' Society Secretary. 102 Karl. William Kerr. Glora Dawn "Volt" Stall Service flnli 12-A Open lluusc Cnnimitteu Killough. Edrena M. Kirkpatrick. John E. Kokones. Josephine Hellenic Clnli Krieger. Margaret A. Pep Club Bond-Stamp Committee Jones, Betty Selma Jones. William Kaplanlan. Margaret Stenogrnpliic liditm' "Norwester" National Honor Society l'ziptain Girls' Tennis Team Kelly. Gerald Kettelson. Eugene Ward Second Lieutenant R. 0. T. C. R. O. 'l'. G Officers' l'luln Kimball. Shirley Girls' Business l'lnlx Badminton Club Klar. Edmund Kopasz. Michael "Colt" Staff Krohn. Rita V. Kroo. Rita Kfllfgff- Mafgafef Ann L'Abbe. Gerard Service Clnli President 12-A Class W'zir Records Committee Co-President 102 l.Z'A Vocational National Honor Society Committee f ef m - .skfi 'J .- e. ov as A ly Jr 1 fi 5 ., s Zgmwmw t stav e 4 ff 1 K, :.1L, , it .,,.5 x V 'P' , ' x .ea be K lt "' 3 L 5 ' ix .V l wr Qu. Lally, Shirley Service Club Radio Dramatics Club information Council Landrith, Carl E. Varsity Football Lawson. William Baseball Team Lesperance. Henry Captain Swimming Team Track Team Club Lieder. Lorraine Marie Secretary 202 Service Club Lowe. Eleanor Lundin, Elizabeth National Honor Society Vice-President Girls' Business Club Manders, Kathryn National Honor Society Corresponding Secretary Student Council A Capella Choir Martin, Jean Ruth House Basketball "Nutshell" Staff Mason, Eunice Lee Service Club Laminman, June Samuella Badminton Club Larkin, Barbara Glee Club Swimming Team Leach. Ralph Lewallen, William "N" Club Varsity Swimming President 202 Link. Doris Loye, Maurine MacGregor, Mary Manury, Victoria Library Staff Martin. June "Nutshell" Staff Latin Club Massman. Leona "Norwester" Staff Pep Club Max Team Janet Lancaster. Roy Larsen. Josephine President Spanish Club Senior Play Treasurer Radio Dramatics Club LePatourel. Bernice Service Club Victory Bank Committee Lewis. Corrinne Laper. Dorothy Lumley. Jeanette Girls' Swimming Team A Capella Choir Madjerick, Geraldine Graduation Committee Girls' Glee Club Marshall. Elsie Girls' Basketball Maruhn, Bevely Girls' Business Club G. A. A. Board Girls' Tennis Team Mastin, Gloria Mayer. Bruce Mayer R. O. T, C. School Commander President 202 Student Council McAdary, Arthur McConner. Walter Track Team McLean. Lola McMann. Mary Jean Infomation Council 12-A Color Committee Secretary 202 Meehan, Carolyn President Girls' Business Club "Norwester" Stat? Mitchell. Isobel Moore, Clara A Capella Choir Service Club Moore. Rose Marie Secretary Dance Club Mossontto. Irene Lihrary Staff Maynard. Marilyn McCathney. Lois Girls' Business Club McCoy, Barbara Student Council Chairman 12-A Vocational Committee McLean, Rosalie Treasurer 202 National Honor Society Debate Club McQuerter. Maxine Miller, Don President Student Council President "N" Club Varsity Swimming Mizelle. Betty Ann Moore, Kathleen C. Dance Club Moore. Virginia Mullen, Fred Vice-President 202 Gallant Maynard, Rosemary McLindon. Sanders Basketball Team McGuirk, Donn P. A. R. Staff McLendon, Sanders McSwain. Betty Service Club Latin Club Milliner, Myrtle Moody, Dovie Mae Moore. Kaye M. Mo rton, Doris Jean Mumford, Doris "Nutshell" Staff Murdoch. Lowell Charles llouse Basketball llonse Swimming Naum. Virginia Newman. Forrest O'Hagan, Phyllis Girls' Swimming Team Vice-President G, A, A, Girls' Business l'lub P'Stephanon. Anastasia Svrvicr Vlub Parmer. Dorothy A f'llllCllIl Choir liirls' tile-P Vlub Perry, Katie Mae liirls' Ilockey Piche, Fernand Pocevich. Josephine f'UlI1lTIf'llt'k'l'I1?l1l Vnmmittee Pylkas, Arnold E. Captain Swimming Team "N" Club P. A. R. Staff Murphy, Jeanne Service Club "Colt" Staff Neloms. D. J. Dance Club "Colt" Staff Service Flub Newson, Louise Service l'Iub Orth. Louise "Nnrwestt-r" Stat? "Cult" Stal? Victory Bank i'nn1n1ittve- Pappas. Athena "1 Kilt" Stat? Patterson. Margaret Perry. Sheldon Pickett, Mabelle Porter, Marjorie E. "A" Baud "A" Urcliest ra Quarles. Fred Varsity Track House Basketball Napier, Ernest Service Club Newman. Barbara "N0rwester" Staff German Club llebrltc Club Norman. Ruth tiirls' Basketball Servivr Flub Page. Thomas Motto Cnntniittfe Pacquin. Genevieve Pearsall. LeRoy! ll. ll, l. I . llFl1rvl's l Phillips, Virgil Varsity Fnntball I2-A Play Pitts. Zenolia A l'npz-lla Vluuir Pouliot. Roy Varsity Swimming Club Quates. Jean Carolyne Girls' Basketball Quigley, Mary Lilrrziry Stuff Advertising Art Flnll Reason, James Editor "Norwester" President 220 President Radio llrzunzitics l'luli Reliford, Geneva Florida Rhodes, Utley A Uapella Choir Spanish Cluli l.:itiu Clulr Ratfey, Donald Gilbert Rogers, Shirley A. Rowletr. Paul Salgot, Doris Sarnovsky, Josephine Schlitts, Gloria Ramsey, Grace Girls' Hockey Team G. A. A. Board Redd, Melvia tiirls' llnclcey Rex. John Tennis Teznn Richardson, Lucille President Latin Clulm National llnnor Society A Vzipellzi Uhuir Rogers, Anna Rouse. Frances Upe-n-llmise l'mnmittee Rushing, Helen Sapp, Eddie Mae "Colt" Stfltl' Girls' tiles- l'lulx Scales, Ida Jane National Honor Society Student Council Chairman 12-A Menmrinl Committee Schoenberg. Roy A Fxipe-lla Choir House Swimming Ramsey, Harry Miller Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball Treasurer "N" Cluli Treasurer 124A Class Reese, Imagene Reynolds. Doris Olivia A Vzipellzi Uhoir tiirls' filer l'luli Robinson, Mary Lou Girls' filer- l'lul1 Rogers, Leurene Rowe. Robert Douglas l.ieutt-nzint R. 0. 'l'. C, R. O. T. C, Otlicers' Cluli Russell, Helen E. Sarkisian. Gabriel Schimmelfennig, Harry School Band llunse- Swimming Schueler, Edith Orchestra qo- an Sellers. George Varsity Track Varsity llusketbzill Sherwood. Betty Simmons. Doreen Slowak, James Smith. Fred R. 0. 'l'. C. Snaiar. Eleanor Speights, Gloria Stanbrough. James Monroe "A" llund Stedman, Billy Stevenson, Mary Spanish Club Sewell. Thelma Shuttleworth, Hazel Service Club Chairman 12-A Color Committee National Honor Suri:-ty Simpson. Betty Anne Smith. Edgar "N" Club Student Council Varsity Track Smith, Pauline Solomon, Lillian Secretary Ellen ll. Richards Club Spight. Bernice V. Stark. Betty President 204 Student Council National Honor Society Steinke. Shirley Vice-President fiernizm Club Strehlke, William Shepheard, Wm. Ray Service Club Latin Club "Norwester" Stat? Segel, Louis Sims. Gertrude Ethel Smith. Joyce Elaine llrannutics Club Service l'lub Smith, Russell A Capella Choir l.:rtin Club Sopko, Frank Stamp, Betty June Starr. Betty Art Editor "Norwester Secretary 12-A Class Recording Secretary Student Council Stephens, Hugh Strumbos, Gus n t. , , Talialiirro, Donna Pg! Club " Volt? Staff J xl - Teschler, Eleanor Timbers. Lois "A" Orchestra Stanip-Bond fomniittf-6 Totton. Jessie Joy Pep Club Tucker. Agnes llockey Team Service Club Vanderburg, Mary Service Club Orchestra Wasilewski. Gloria Ann Weaver, Richard W. Varsity Swimming Tc-am Club Student Council Wellman. Maureen Library StaH Hockey Squad Whitworrh, Jean E. Varsity Basketball Team House Basketball Tappen. Richard Thompson, Mary Todwick, Irene L. Pep Club "A" Orchestra All-Pity "A" Orchestra Towlerton, Mabel Turner. Betty Louise Vorpagel, Mary Lou G. A. A. Board Girls' Hockey Watson, Milton Cross Country Indoor Track Webb, Donald Wheeler. Leon Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Wilkerson. Kathleen Taylor, Jack R. Radio Dramatics Club 12-A Vocational Committee A Capella Choir Thurmond, Thelma M. Torigian. Peter Tsufura. Hiroshi Vaughn, Earl Wardwell. Marjorie L. Library Staff Weaver. Mary J. Library Stall Weidenheimer. Waunita Swimming Whitworth. Gwendolyn Orchestra Service Club Williams, Beverly Ann Girls' Business Club 12-A Open House Committee Williams, Betty Louise llzmcr Vlulr Wilmot. Sheilah Nnliunnl lionnr Slavic-ly Spanish Vluln tiles l'luli Winkfield. Marguerite Wolford. Sarabel Woo. Anna Wright. Marie Service Vluln "full" Slllfl Williams, Clifford President .2114 Student l'uunCil Wilson. David Winn. Charlotte i.iln':u'y Stall Woll. Doris Woodruff. Virginia Vunim Fluli Young, Elizabeth Williams. Wernia Service Vluh Wilson. Melvin Winters. Jane Wollenweber, Emily "Volt" Stull' Pep flulx Latin l'lulr Woosley. Beverly Zoya, Dorris E. ,JN o F is u Ei Q ' :E ' ' if Es Q X 11 ,. f.. .N-' , I N wtf 3' ,, Q. ff, af' ul-jx! 'Luv . ii'-gag? 5 4 c, Q .O. 5 54" , x X45 -f , " ,Q Q. N XX ' A, fx I 3... Sv 3 1 x., ,f "7 fggin' 3 Q 1 , , Xx- :S I' l , I' w I N ,pf x f,X,:'i W 'rxl Ruth: lf juries. R, llrixci, B. Amos, ll. Avzulikixm, A. Clel- lziml, j. llleister. ,l. Sliippec. li. lfonns, l.. jones, .Yvculid Row: U. l.zmilritli. Cf Steele, ,l. Berry, 'l', Rolry, li. llressev, ,l. Ilzmiizmi, N. Mikaeliun. ll. Pink. I". Knaick, R. Linrllnerg. R. lizillzighur, R. l.:inc:ister. Tllirrl River: l'u:lv:li llishnp, l. Luftin, bl. l.owtl1er. ll. Ramsey, Y. Phillips, B, .Inlin- son. ,,.,,,,f4 lrfl lw'u::': M. l.ew:illf'n, ll. lwscher, A. l'ylk:is. R. liurun- inn, R. VK't'avei', SFFIVIIII li'rm': ll. lxspermlce, ll. Quist, A. Hasty. ll. Miller, ll, llezith. ll. Vu van. 'l41lfI'll' lfntv: funcli L l.aur5. .l. Miller. R. Mm-Irs, 5. lireenfield. J. Foley. li. Balch. FIJIJTB LI. TEAM Three returning lettermen inspired Coach Sam Bishop to mold his team around Captain Alex Clelland at center, and Dick Dresser and Hal Pink in the backfield. After defeating Southeastern and Chadsey, the Colts bowed to the ultimate City Champions. Cooley. Leading 12-7 as the final period began, the tired Hrst team suc- cumbed to the victors 32-12. Victories over Redford. Wilbur Wright, and Southwestern followed. ln the final game. Western triumphed over our fighting eleven, I3-7. A few capable reserves to replace our weary first team at crucial moments, might have led Northwestern to the top. SWI MI TE Northwestern's swimming squad opened its season with a swimmer and a prayer. The swimmer was Don Miller, who, in the Metropolitan League semi-finals, broke a five- year record of 1144.0 in the 150-yard individual medley with a time of l:4l.8. Under the expert leadership of Coach Laury and Captain Henry Lesperance. the mermen got into shape for the City Meet. Going "all out," they placed second with 33 points, being beaten by their perennial rivals, Western, with 38 points. A dinner at Laury Land ended a successful season, and Arnie Pylkas was elected next year's captain. Page Suxly-Iwo l'rum Lrft I Iulflr 1 . lor, U. Bullingtmm, 'l'. Hurriwlge, J. Reason, J. llenmree. l"1r.vl li'mr': ll. liuglish. J. Urug- ilun, R. llrivcr, J, Meister, I.. i ' - 'cn 1n.ih.m, A. Little, R. XX ll. N. Xlfumlrilff. B. Swain, T. Thunipe n l R ell S'ri'm1Rm'c" l" so ,,. USS .. U 1.. .. riest, E. Smith, IJ. Vuimus, A. P Iiziilcy, ll. Buch, G. Balch, K. Near. J. Ecnnonty, D. Corl- sl l l ihnsm A Finn lui, l. Ji . 1, . Third lfmv: A. Munson. ll. Krun, lll. VVit on R lluvin l iircru, ll, -lulmsun, J. Yvaril. R. Ifennvll, XV. Mcl'mme1'. Fnrrrill Rim-: ll, l.cspu.u1ef., l". Quarles. J. Kclm, V. Steel, lllllll. X. l'hlllips. l'. knack. U. Prec- A. Felton, BUYS' TENNIS TE Starting the year with Captain Don Racine. the only returning letterman, Coach Demaree was faced with building a complete new team. Cooley defeated the inexperienced Colts in a practice game, 4-1. The ever ambitious Colts then found themselves and won over Wilbur Wright. Western. and Southwestern, before losing to Chadsey in a close 3-2 battle. Al Shaufelburger led the team. going through the season undefeated. The Tennis Team is looking forward to a good Spring season. although Captains Jim Reason and Ken Bussler are the only returning lettermen. TH Eli TEA Coach James Russell, having only an ambitious group of tenth graders with which to launch the indoor track season. molded his aggregation around Captain Ulyses Johnson. sprinters Don Ciodbold and Minus Woodruff, and miler Lloyd Graham. After trimming Western decisively, the Colts lost to Redford in a triangular meet with the "Huskies" and Mackenzie. The track team placed third in the West side meet and is preparing for the city finals. While not the most famous of track teams, We. of Northwestern. are sure that the Colts will uphold our famous tradition of good sportsmanship and fair play! Page 61 vw three l'xr.vt lfnzv: IJ. Dailey, U, Frei'- mzm, I.. Daily. I., timlmni, E. Smith, A. Finn. Sfftllld Rui:-: Funnel! Russell lx., J, K1-lm, J. Flowers, l 1 S. BiSl1np. SEB LI. TE The Northwestern nine. after a rather dismal previous season, can be looked upon to present a team of high caliber. Led by Captain Dick Dresser, who is ably supported by returning letterman. Ronald Teasley, Hal Pink, John Damiani. and Harry Ramsey. this year's team promises to make amends for last season. Coach Sam Bishop expects a large turnout from the freshman class. Written before the baseball schedule begins. this article can only express the hopes and wishes of every Northwestern student for a suc- cessful year for the Colt baseball team. EHUS5 EUUNTHY TE Captain Al Finn was the only letterman to return to the cross country team. the other lettermen having been called to the colors. The new men who signed up were supported very well. They started slowly in dual meets, but showed the results of hard work, finishing third in the West Side meet and fifth in the city finals, only two points from third. Captain Al Finn and Captain-elect Lloyd Graham did themselves proud and earned fine records during the year. Mr. James Russell was the coach. Page Sixly-four Ifirs! Ruin: J. llnmiun R e ley, H. Pink. R. Dre ser Ranisey, T. Ruby, . md at F. Todd, R. Driver M Mewd A, Munson, T. -lunot I Cuo I A I I sz A. Finn, R. Dresser, mltll, R. 'l'e:u-nley, II. Pink, m y. j. llamizmi. Second I t L jones, L. NYheeler, E. uxrt I. Evzms. A. Munson. I HL 1 I v: ll. Truutmzm, Couch ,I Dennuce, R. Driver. sewn N LN-if .1 5 SHETB LL TE For the first time in eight years, Northwestern's team was a challenger for the city crown. The first game was dropped to Southwestern, but was later forfeited to our worthy Colts! Led by Captain Ronald Teasley and encouraged by Coach Jim Demaree, the boys sailed through the next nine games undefeated and entered the playoffs as champions of the Southwest League. Our fighting Colts eliminated Central, 36-30. and Denby, 3l-28. but the real test came when they faced MacKenzie's strong defensive five. They emerged on the losing end of a 36-25 point score. Captain Teasley's playing earned him a position on the All-City Team! Dunn. paws A . GIRLS' TENNIS TE The Cwirls' Tennis Team faced their schedule with only four veteran players to rely on. Their pep, good will. determination, and the will to win inspired the girls to practice long, hard hours under the broiling sun, until they achieved the technique and skill of good playing. Captain Margaret Kaplanian, and standbys, Lois Johnston. Jean Alla, and Lois Hilgendorf led the way for the inexperienced, but grand girls like Beverly Maruhn, Jean Johnston. Dorothy MacDonald. Dolores Graham, and Margie Coates. Together, they proved themselves capable of fine, fast, and furious playing! lwrst Row: J. jollnstml, I., Ilil gc-nrlorf. M. Kuplzmlzm. ll. Mn rulm, J, Alln. Swmill Kate: ll Xlclluimltl, ll. iirznllzun, Mrs Page Sixlif - tit t GIRLS' SWIlVllVII I3 TEAM Bang! The gun sounded. and the Girls' Swimming Team did its utmost to bring Northwestern victory! Graduation had, as usual. robbed the team of expert swimmers. but with enthusiasm, pep. and the able coaching of Mrs. Wiles. the girls developed a team of good standing. Led by Captain Lois Johnston. the swimming mermaids triumphed over Eastern. Redford and Cooley. losing only to Central by eight points. Miss Elsie Watson. the girls' coach. was unable to start the team on their way this year because of an operation which compelled her absence. but under Mrs. Katherine Wiles. the girls mastered their strokes and dives! Hurst, Miss XVutson GIRLS' HUIIHEY TEAM This season. as usual, the Girls' Hockey Team fostered a peppy co-operative spirit and a victorious determination. Miss Elsie Watson. coach. was assisted by Captain Betty Reeder. Out of the five scheduled games, two were won. two were lost. and one was tied, Cooley presenting the stiffest competition. Several of the girls on the team began their hockey careers way back in the lOth grade: but as graduation again will toll many fond farewells. only a few old-timers will be left behind. However. these remaining girls assure Northwestern a top-notch team next fall. e Sr .rl if six lflrxl 1x'n-:ez Xl. 'l'lum1psm1 l,:u'kin, XY. XYei1lc-niunui lilluert Xl lillut-rt X Art A ic sllznl. L. l'.lrkt'l'. li NN lst Regain, R. Kex'i.n'ki ui Stimnl limi-L ll, Veilet. J. 1 ot Burgess, ll. lluyt, il lumlu l4l':1wfm'tl, j, Tineliei inn slim. J. fllllnsuii. Sl lluugi ul Tllfrtl lx't1tt'Z '. 4 mul llrillin, IJ. Mainliizn' l' t l'. limlse. l'. O ll A l"r:uitjt-skos, M. Von - l"1'v'.vt Huw: B. Xlc'l'lHmu l'ei'i'y. A. 'l'uekei'. ll X 0 c llzmifun. R. Hailey. l But Rolninsun. Stwurtti' Nu t B re miller, ll. King. li. R mis ix J. llnuglittm. lf. lfrznitjes is Vook. IX. lic-miller. limi! wt Y. jzigers. l. xvyllllll N er rick. ,l. Janus, B. Rcuer l'll'.Yl liars: lx. Xenus, l.. Davis, A. Zzxfrns, A. Brantley, P. Burt, fnpt, IJ. Hurst, M. Yzirtulredian, Clynmt. hl. XYhitwm'tl1, S. Mantis, lt. M. Xzilmtmr. S, Ash, B. l.utf tcrnmser. 'l'l1iril lfimiz M. Dunn, E. Iluelmer. E. M:lcMiIl:u1, ll, Settles. Sl't'0Illl Kimi: ll, Rice. ll. Sunlner, IJ. jones, B. Mc- HIHL5' SHETB LL TE!-llVl Led by Captain Dolores Hurst and instructed by Mrs. Mildred Dunn, the girls on the team practiced diligently until they achieved the teamwork required to produce a winning team. Proof came when they went into action, winning against Northern. Redford, Central, Southwestern, and bowing only to MacKenzie with a score of Z0-l9. Pauline Burt, Dolores Hurst, Betty McClymot, and Ella Mae Valentine composed a fighting foursome, for their expert playing proved fatal to their Challengers, The reserve team came through all of the games undefeated, and under the fmeuleader- ship of the newly-elected captain, Pauline Burt, next year insures strong opposition for any contenders "coming 'round" Northwestern way! The Sung nf Winqs I want to fly through the vaults of the shy, And to breathe of the cool, pure air, I want to ride with my God at my side. -For l'm close to my Lord up there. l want to gaze down the star-lit ways That tall me along in their glow: And to know, as I climb out of distance and time, The smallness of things left below. And the strength in it's song as my ship speeds along, Gives me comfort: and something more: It tells me that we.-just we two,-are free, As we've never been free before. It tells me again, in a language that men Bound to earth, never know,-never can. That alone in the sky, just my ship and l Are not just a SHIP, just a MAN. Though in numbers we're two, yet up there in the blue We feel we're one body, one mind. We're away from the crowds up there in the clouds. And we've left earthly worries behind. So. l want to fly through the cool of the sky And gaze o'er the clouds spread so vast, 'Til the time shall arrive for the final dive,- And be close to my Lord 'til the last. -Lt, Joseph D. Coons. Class of June, 1940. Page Sixtyfseven ,X X , Vi? Q- SS Lv 4 I! ilu" r? 1 f Lsij' . Qw'f l ' ll 1 Q, A if C I I 4 L Q, , X X X007 Page Seventy GREAT LAKES MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE GUMPANY Detroit. Michigan In order to prosecute a successful war, it is necessary to follow certain definite paths of procedure. There must be methods, men, and money, all of which should be used economically and ef- ficiently. This is likewise true of a life insurance company, if it is to be a success. The company has to have methods, men, and money, and these used with the same degree of care as when fighting a war. The past sixteen years have found us using our resources and men with the keenest possible judgment. So much so until we are able to reorganize our company into a regular Old Line Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company. The new company will write, among others, the following policies: Whole Life, IO-I5-20 Year Pay Life, IO-I5-20 Year Endowments, Endowment at 65 Years. and a number of forms of Juvenile Policies and Group Insurance. The company is sincerely grateful to those policyholders and friends who have helped to bring about this condition. War Bonds Purchased by Great Lakes Wlutual Amount to 3465000.00 CHAS. H. MAHONEY, L. C. HLOUNT, Presir1'ent-General Counsel Secretary-General zllanager MOSES L. WALKER, ROBERT I. GREENIDGE, M.D., l"ire-Pre.virlent-Treasure: I'ire-President-flledirnl Dirertor HOME OFFICE 301 East Warren District No. 2 301 E. Warren Avenue 4712 W. Warren Avenue District No. 3 District No. 1 3131 Hastings Street District No. 4 1604 Clifford Street Flint, Michigan Prepare Now for 1947 Look ahead to the future. Many girl graduates will choose a business career . . . and in the S. S. Kresge Company's main ofiice are excellent opportunities. Here is one of Amer- ica's outstanding organizations . . . where you'll enjoy working . . . and where you'1l gain valuable experience. So if you plan to choose a business career, may we suggest that you visit our main oflice at 2727 Second Ave. S. S. KRESGE COMPANY If you are going to enter the retail selling Held, Kresge stores offer you splendid opportunities, also. LAIRD HAT SHOP Original Designs for Dress or Sport TWELFTH AT VIRGINIA PARK Appointments MAdison 5789 Phone 'l'Y ler 5-0400 FLORENCE YOKES Flowers for all occasions 8006 Grand River at Columbus Detroit, Mich. LIGGETT DRUG Co. ' LOUIS A, DQRION SERVICING PRINTING AND BINDERY 6570 Linwood Avenue MACHINERY 533 W. Congress CA. 7826 TYLER 5-7555 HOGARTH 7066 NIETUMAN CLEANERS OFFICE AND PLANT 7414-7420 Wildemere Avenue BRANCH 10836 Plymouth Road DETROIT, MICHIGAN Page Secenly on tl , - gt ispgqinlu-I 1 ' t P08 TP: TTS BY L X It is our hearty wish that this book with its N I 1 "Portraits by Crairie" wih bring, back to you wh H iii mariy times iri years to come, happy recoiiecf ill ' 6, '12 tioris of carefree school days. 'Y o this we add N xiii! "6 2 A E x 4 ,Q 2 ourcongratuiations ar1c1"Bestof Luckaiwaysin I vi' l 3 mst tmlsmo - 544 evmxouem A UETTXUTT 0 STTXUH BHTLTXTNG 0 'I-8 AUANTS AVE., WEST PUNT 0 525 HATKTKTSUN STREET ACCOUNTANTS NEEDED IN WAR AND IN PEACE A very real shortage of qualified high school graduates to fill accounting posi- tions exists today. There is an u1'gent need for women accountants. WALSH offers a time-saving, inten- sive Accountancy Course in evening school classes beginning September ll, 1944 Serve your country and insure your future by preparing in evening school classes at NVALSH for important and high-salaried accounting positions now and after victory. WALSH INSTITUTE A professional, ro-educational school of Arrountanry and Business Administration 120 Madison Ave., Detroit 26 CA. 5136 VVrite or cull immedizxtely for details about this 1DI'2ll'l1CLl1 course. Compliments of LIN-FERRY CLEANERS l 2557 Ferry Park TY. 6-2665 RUBY'S MARKETS 4701 Moore Place RUSKIN'S and 5400 Twentyqhird Prescription Pharmacy Groceries Meat.s 9712 Dexter Blvd. TY. 5-5868 Delivery Service i - - -fi - - A -H BLAND PRINTING COMPANY RAndoIph 6150 . . 230 W. LARNED STREET . . DETROIT Page Seventy Ihre ffjfd WILLSIE CAP GOWN . . and the june I "Grads" are wearing them Service by PAUL A. WILLSIE Co. 457 W. FORT STREET DETROIT, MICHIGAN EARL I. FISHER Funeral Director 2141 W. Grand Blvd. TY. 4411 Roller Skating at ARCADIA ROLLER RINK 3527 Woodward Avenue Featuring Bill Carroll at the Console of the Hammond Organ Skating every nite except Monday from 8 p.m.-12 p.m. ORVILLE W. GODFREY, Owner and Operator BEECHWOOD PHARMACY Prescriptions Cut Rate Drugs 4840 W. Warren Cor. Beechwood Phones: TY. 4-9097 TY. 4-9538 Compliments of Grace Miller Restaurant 7419 Grand River 'Peleplmne 'l'Yler 6-1000 DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY GULLIKSEN - JEWELERS Certified Gemologists Established 1914 Reg. Jeweler 9238 Grand River Ave. American Gem Society Near Joy Road TUWN FLURISTS 6300 Gratiot Cor. Mt. Elliott Ave., Plaza 2684 5 7708 Grand River cor. Whitney Ave., Tyler 4-7045 5 5 Page Seventy- Ev ., , grief Ggvlrpfzlryy ID tea are most essezyizkzl in Veftzlsfmenis emo' 301161166 tion P16176 Cylgjrialce them is Wzzgcy' an -jkmriaf Co. Dwlyncrz Jngra van: dlacmnqypcnt 51-3 Jfzclb .fn y 1 , . -N .omonrmuffym f7fg, 0p,,,,,,f8 A' fenwconyf: fe C01lI.l1f61l'C'lbf Cgtmlzb JOIII THE TELEPIIOIIE IIIIMY "We girls in the 'Tele- phone Army' are doing one of America's most im- portant jobs today . . . doing the vital communi- cations work for the na- tion." GIIILS, YOII'LL LIKE TIIIS IIIIIII 0F WMI WOIIII The Telephone Company extends you a cordial invitation to investigate the opportunities offered for full-time em- ployment after graduation. No previous experience re- quired. To learn more about this interesting war work, consult your counselor, or visit the Employment Oflice, 1365 Cass Avenue You'll lind working condi- tions pleasant and associates congenial . . . employment with many opportunities for advancement. MIIIIIIGAII BELL TELEI'IIOIIE IIIIMPAIIY Page Sue ru u n .svudfu si I D +-e e AASAL M? 9 and 1 I , 1 1 Home Ll ,-" ' Cxrr , This is a funny world, f 0 ' Y 1 1 ' in Portraits Its wonders never cease: I if 1 A All "civilized" people are al war, 0 . X fwv - Haig J All savages are at peafe. . he r I Quality X1 I ' HINKSTON STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS 7447 Grand River Ty. 5-4480 4 - ' Fraser Drug Cot. 7406 Grand River Ave. FIRST AID Lady, if you see me lying t On the ground and fmaybej dying, Let my gore run, bright and free. Dont attempt to bandage me. IVhile there's life, theres hope, so pei Don't apply a lourniqueti Do not give for my salvation, A'Ar!ilicial Respiration." Do not stretfh my bones and joints. Do not press my "pressure points." Cor- Lothrop lf "queer symptonsn you should see. Don'l experiment on me. lf l'm suffering from shock . Take a walk around the blork. Detroit . lt you must be busy, pray, Help keep the Crowds away. So, whatever my condition, Phone at once for a Physifiun t Wait for the ambulanre. Let me lie: l'll take a chance. From "First Aid" l beg release- Lady, let me die in peace! PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION DRAWING - PAINTING - WATERCOLOR SCULPTURE AND THE COMMERCIAL ARTS ART SCHOOL OF THE SOCIETY OF ARTS AND CRAFTS 47 WATSON ST. CA 4721 Page Seventy-eight NUHWESTEH ST!-IFF 1944 Editor-in-Chief . ,, .- James Reason Assistant Editor ,s,,, . .. George Balch THE LITERARY STAFF Editor a,aa, ,a..i,a.,aa,, ,. ,. tt,aa,aaa,aa,.a t,tt . ,ta,as,.......,,ts,tt,,ts.av s,stt, A l ice Jorgensen Boys' Sports Editor . r. . t,,,, ,. a,,a, ,a,,, , . ,,s,,,t, ,. s,a,, . , ,s,,s,,,t, ,. ,, Gerry L'Abbe Girls' Sports Editor a,st s,tts, , . t,tt,,tt,tt,,... .r .t,tt,tt,, . t,ts,,a, . ,stt,ttrts,,tt . tt,,trt W Jean Johnston Staff: Betty Baker, Marguerite Brauer, Verna Curtis, Thelma Fisher, Wilhelmina, Henderson, Dovis Hespeler, Gloria Kerr, Cornelia Kirchhoff, Josephine Larsen, Kay Manders. Betty McClymots, Rosalie McLean, Louise Orth, Harry Ramsey, Loraine Sea- man, Lois Smith, Jean Spaulding, Margie Thomson. THE CIRCULATION STAFF Manager . r,,rr,r ., . r,rr,r . rr,.r ..r, ,rr,,r,,,r . .,rr,,rr,.r,,r. . .,r,.r . r,rr, L . Arthur Hasty Assistant Manager ,r,,r,,,a, rr,,,,r,,r,.,,,r,,r,, , ,r,,,r , ,,,,r,,r,,rr,,r,, -. rr,r, Dorothy Highfield Staff: Dorothy Humphrey, Richard Weaver, Barbara Newman, Edgar Smith, Frances Griffiths, James Carmody. ADVERTISING STAFF Manager rrr,,r,, S ., . ,,r,,,r,,r,,r,,,,,,r,,r,,r,,,r,,,, A rr,, S ,rr,,r,,,,,,r,,r,,,,, Mary Holmberg Staff: Lucy Giragos, Joyce Dorion, Jack Taylor, Geraldine Dunlop. Ray Shepheard, Marilyn Golden, Loretta Martin, Ramona Lamond, Donna West, Earl Fisher, Frances Curtis. Sponsor: Mrs. Emma Rosow. STENOGRAPHIC STAFF Editor ,,,,,, r .,,..,,Y, ,. ,r,,,r,,r,,t,,. ,, r,rr ,,,,,,r,,,,, , ,,.,,,,,,,,,r,,r,,r,, ,-,-, ..,,. Margaret Kaplanian Staff: Lois Johnston, Roseanna Kevorkian, Pauline Burt, Rita Johnston. ART STAFF Editor . rr.,,. .rr,,r r,rr,.rr,rr,,rr,rr,r . ,r.,r . r,,rr, rr,, . .... ....... r . Betty Starr Staff: Betty Bremiller, Barbara Bremiller, Harrison Clark, Betty Lassiter, Harold Milton, Elizabeth Lundin, Ulysses Spight. Page Seventy- nine 1 1 4 1 ,K +5 ,, - -'.1'1 - f s W, I Tx qpli'-,5.J"' '- W A 11 uf' , ,dl PH , -.. - Hg: 4 z ' . ' az , ' M1 xg. F G., 1 v. 1 - S'-'W ., qi? ' 'Q A I 1 yi. mx , . -Y! J A Y Q ' '51i2V72'.-A' .M -3 V ----1-nw ' x.3:'fQwl Q-5 Qs. , ' ' 'G 4 " "F 'E ,, ppgu-n1u.,,,. .xr S5015 rv-W' V '7f'f..'q4 .1 bu. 4- YSNINI, 1 P H ,qww-snuff?-xgwgg'-EM 411' ' 1. :" :!1"49.' - , 'vm' -' , A .wfh ll.-U- lg. V, V . , ,V J V R,-.. . , Wahl N ,-vgaqiuolisg QL -. 1'3".r5g-e-:-.:5:A ' .-xi, Nh-vnu-Sv'-"Y: pdf-Y-u I -nv" . ,jf,A'4 00. 5:71 5 ' , ,pf KW! 'aaim' ' 3 " '-.f.'!gy,f,,1-,,'-,y,,"- .I ' -- P 'Qi '04 '."' ' . ffl' wmv, , . -.f""i ,-f ', 1.- -. . -- . - r ,, QP. ,xi L w 1 nl I- xflbf' , .v' r .-.w:g,-fm' ww w 'iv 5. B rar 1. W 14", N ndivn Ui? . xw'-'- , V A 'V .' '-rfim -1 . .- -1 W, A Q 4 g, ,t.-,,,v.. -- -:w . -A-...,. ' 4, '.f N N w .,-""',L ..n -.f,,,.. , : V' -0.3-.,....h If ,Q--4 kv I ,N ML.. K , as L mtf ' ' ." ' - L bt: 'L +'- tug.:-Z'f'3iffM3f U- I ' - ww- . m N 1 I:a7:,,j-j g . .Ju . . , Wh- A .qg ff',5,,f . 'I ,-Y v .X W -Lv' V .. 7X'sfx,,L TIL, ,.. " ' , Vg. I HQ' L4 f'-1""',,,... Ay.-Q uf' .fr-, -.N .. . .jx F ,, ,, Y I V 1 s mm' n 5 I-KUTUEHAPHS AUTIIEHAPHS -'zl 5 .I 1 .Q i' K D , , Q 1 . 'R n E Q F , ii I arg! , lf... w. , I N ig. 'fr .':' S 'f wg- - , 9 L . , V3 fs' ' ' 1. Q 'G , 45 :' 'f A. .,.:.,,'.,, ' ff fill if AA ,A 'agar' -S. Iggfv' Q-f'Tlv.ff1' J? . ' Q: 3+ , is f- . wr '5' . ' F ' , S 3... ,-,. ' I- gp' .. Q 4 sam., . , lg 1- 'Q " 1 ' ,ii ,v ' . , A, i""f " 'U . 0 3 A L' ' 4 9 f D 'yu' . J' . ,SJ I- A :ZIV-.559 ff? 4, 1 C.-m' I , , ' YI. ' 'Ex 0 1 'Ld I 1 we I. . J t ' V 'fm' 5 " N, .1 1. 4-5 , -:Q ' if '-5? l'!' 9 4 , ,. Q 1 , v, -,Ziff iz ' SJ' A 5 - 4 E I ,I s ' ' uf . qi A Q 3

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