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'fibdq Xvhwwi 505447 ff ne 7 . TP' 175' 'ffl f?'wt427Lfa.wm, if L- Q" A41 . i ' , gif 4 4 E 4 I 3 L m. f V4 -xl . fi 444 . fx F 'jx Q 'I ' ' ' A ' J in A I 7,1 .VJ Page Two DEDICATION The greatest challenge to the youth ot today is that ot facing the world of tomorrow, Ever mindful ot this, with sou's that hope and tips that pray, we place our confidence in God by dedicating this 1940 Norwester to Viforld Peace. IACK O. YOUNG, Editor. E T NQDTMVESSTE HUGH SQM QL V L. 26 ! EQ 3 Page Four C 5 . .JLCG YHAU ,ff , I P rw, 4 N- '--.-.M X HN ! t Q3 ,fr xx 5 N , 4 isis J, FQRWCJRD C Y IO N MC 1 Q11 1x f I I IONX V If HUC 1 V . 5 X I I VN' 'L LfA' gf.--Ci C122 :Min+ 1f':'fn-: 321'-wax 1 :fu-by firm' ,A,' th-iw :m1:"":1-' xiflfi :rw 'N 'Pf '-" . izrf 5 zr"ffi zwtvwv X' "H W' gl' A :Zi :z :Af rx- , 2 F H. mx" . . Vln'f'llx3l,Q1 f :ri ' Lg-'gif :-:":..: -f 'tw Lilflill ' xguzx ' V 'E A IL' , ':- '..1'::: H .1 1 -34,1 5: fzizzx- L .uf'ii1Q"1 '.X,' 1-Y rrwii xzir, I 1 .',' X1 ,'1z1dz1x1i1':'u1T it-fy :rzzxxr 'g'1111,i 'kv ' I 1'-ffm W1 bl1,fi:'.:1:1 1' 'Y aiu-:ji :mi t?z1:.:1- Xi If uri arucivnf twrrzplf- ?1'hf'I!, mmf, I 1'f-:fl ETf'Q11'Y-I'f'IId!IX.' Ir' .1-.5 i4Llfj'QlIT1iA f 'gi .2 If- 1 1-- I :rn 1 s'21'1'!:,A: wmzf- fwfr, mf- grxxlri- i :xx iii" nn 1.1 ' W tim- -mv V." 'f'f"'if i f zmi. "zum :iw Q .1 fm: Jw- .ms fzzpfi :rw ix " -1L- . '..' fir- ' ::f'1llwr',w,-w .fxuci rfxoawh VA' l'1' IL,'V"l'Sv1LI. Hfwi' OTEIVT, .uw ',f,w:. H'l4mds:h1p Yr-1, Jtrzlicluf-ci qu' hx udss x1cp',.'.' Thf, Yf H EV '.-fhltfx rw-ci, nm! un- Page Six 'wk W .M 'fu-1 V P' X f Sywzms www-M5NwEuLs1um?3j "W RW' qpnmnfwxw was-fm. O t6I'1JCS P1ouses Facuhy anuary Class 1Achwhes Sports Features Page Page Page Page Page Page 8 1 2 5 92116 C rm . . . . . . . . . . . . - 13 . . . . . . . . . . . . 4- 19 J .......... o- 33 june Class ........... Page 34- 55 ' " . ......... 6- 81 . . . . . . . . . . 82- 91 14- " U .S I X X V -L A - ' ,L , 4 .1 I I K. n .bs MR CASSWELL N MUNRO IN MEMORY OF Watch1ng sentors go and freshmen come 1S the 1oy of h1gh school l1fe Seemg dear frrends go IS the sorrow The sorrow grows even deeper th1s year when the boys of Persh1ng House must see the1r beloved counselor go In losmg Mr C N Munro they are losmg someone near and dear to the heart of every house member Mr Munro has been more than a counselor these many years He has been a thrrd parent and a very good fr1end to every boy fortunate enough to be under h1s gu1dance Through a remarkable memory not one name of the thousands he has learned has been forgotten Honor students and fa1l1ng students allke are ready to follow h1s advrce 1mpl1c1tly knowrng that he 1S one of the fvlsest and most educated men 1n Northwestern H1s comblnatlon of understandlng and fraternity has created a man not l1ke1y to be forgotten by anyone who has come 1n Contact Wllh hlm Mr Munro Northwestern Hlgh School students w1ll remember you forever' Page Ten PERSHING I CK DORR WARREN COMFORT AL FIRTH WARREN COMPORT Born 1n the aftermath of the World War Pershlng House has for twenty one years been 1ust1f1ably proud of 1ts outstandmg pos1t1on In athletlcs and scholarshlp 1t has always stood hlgh Battllng for twelve years 1n sports 1t has at long last obtalned per manent possesslon of the coveted lntra mural athletlc plaque Created soon after a v1ctor1ous war It naturally selected for 1ts house name the hero of that great confllct and now on 1lS walls hangs the framed letter from General Pershlng acknowledglng th1s compllment During th1s whole t1me tts counselor has been Casswell N Munro who has attempted to keep al1ve 1ts hlghest ambttlons At the end of th1s long leadershrp of twenty one years he IS retxrmg from school GCt1V1t1eS and IS leavlng h1S House convrnced that havlng successfully surv1ved 1ts mlnorlty rt w1ll enter upon 1ts majorlty resolved that 1ts stand ards wxll never be lowered PERSHING HOUSE - MARGARET FRAZER HELEN BAKER NE ANN CLOSSEN MARHA ALLEN MT. VERNON 1 BETSY ROSS MILDRED OTTO RACHEL OTTODI IO HORNING G HEATH MT VERNON CALENDAR September 1939 We return to renew old tr1endsl11ps and acqulre new ones Peg Fraser becomes house presldent October 1939 We go out for tall hockey November 1939 Brunrnrng Thanksgwrng basl-'ets are d1str1buted December 1939 Fa h1on show and hall dance successful Sale ot Chrlstmas seals started Chrrstmas vacatlon and do we need 1t January 1940 l2 A s graduate We mlss them Iane Ann Closson becomes presr dent Rrta Garcla recelves Wayne Unlverslty scholarsh1p February 1940 Ne1v 10 B s welcomed George Wash1ngton party and hall dance March 1940 Annual sale ot Easter seals Easter vacatlon Oh Boy' Anrrl 1940 Sprlng at last and mld semesters May 1940 12 A s all agog ant1c1pat1ng graduahor lune 1940 l2 A s are graduated mxxed teellngs exultatlon and regret Sum mer vacatlon Ah h h h' BETSY ROSS HOUSF Betsy Ross House ends another year under the superv1s1on of M1ss Vera Fox Cound selor Otfrcers for the fall and sprmg terms respectlvely were Presrdents Mlldred Otto Io Hormng v1ce presrdents Rae Ottat1 Peg Heath ecretarles Beth Klng R1ta Iugaszek and treasurers Keneko Slsters Hope Hampton House programs and themes were pro vlded by Bette MGll1Ce and Iean Mallory The annual House Party planned by Connle Nalley and teaturlng a style show was held lust before Easter At Thanksglvmg and Chrlstmas tlmes baskets of food were d1s trlbuted and the annual sale of hollday seals wa unusually large The publlcatlon of the house paper The Nutshell was contlnued through the sale of Northwestern sports feathers Many g1rls achreved school Wlde d1st1nct1on notably M1ldred Otto Ianuary celeb and class vlce presldent Pat McKn1ght captaln of sw1mm1ng Io Hornlng captaln of basketball Barbara Handel co captaln of held hockey Dorothy Iohnson Mary Maloney Halene Hartman and Ruth Mlller Page Eleven , 1 . . . , -' . , -1 . . , -'- :s . . . 1 . . 1 W' - 1 - '- 1 . 1 Y 1 . . . . , ' . . . -- , . , 1 ' ' . 1 . . . . 1 1' 1.. 1 . . . 1 1 . 1 T . . Q ' 1 1 I - . .1 1 . , , . - . . - Q . . . I 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I I ' - I I , a . n 11 - I I 5 . . . . . . . H ,, ' 1 1 1 ' 1 I - 1 1 1 I ' I 1 f , . ,sk AL OLIVE WELPLY DORTHEA SHAFFER MARTHA SNAIAR LEILA VYALTERS X. JANE AUSTEN ROOSEVELT HARDING HALLOWAY CHARLES KETTERER V L MELTON ROGER LUMLEY Page Twelve jANE AUQTEN HOUSE Under the frlendly gu1dance of Mrs E T Watson lane Austen House durrng the last year has had a record of wh1ch any house m1ght be proud The many commlttees have done splendld work for the house The program commlttee arranged several novel programs the art and house commlttee members have succeeded ln addlng beauty to the room and the soc1al commlttee has carrred off our house partres Wllh a bang Every member rn Iane Austen has been actwely rnterested 1n the work and play of the house There has been a spurt 1n scholarshlp many of the grrls have part1c1pated 1n athletlcs and debatlng and there has been an all around lnterest IH soc1al events and muslc The ofhcers for the fall term under the able leadershtp of Presldent Ol1ve Welply were Dorothea Schaffer v1ce presrdent Betty Scott secretary Lella Walters treasurer In the Spflng Martha Snalar presldent Lerla Walters VICE presldent Barbara Scully secretary Galer Ward treasurer ROOSEVELT HOUSE Roosevelt House was establlshed ln September 1918 In the fall of 1919 Mr M D Ierome succeeded Mr Burgess as Counselor and for the past twenty one years has Ho e 1S the proud possessor of numerous trophles many of whlch were won under the rendered most efhclent servlce endearmg h1mself to each succeedlng class Roosevelt gu1dance of Mr Carl VanDyke durxng the n1ne years he was coach of Roosevelt House The House IS lndebted to Mr Ierome ofr h1s large and cholce selectlon of plants that lend an atmosphere of sunshlne on the cloudlest days Thrs year belng no exceptlon Foosevelt House honor roll IS the largest of any boys house It has always been well represented 1n the act1v1t1es of the school Durlng the spr1ng semester the House operated under 1ts two otfrcers W L Melton and Roger Lumley who succeeded Hardrng Holloway and Charles Ketterer ofhcers dur1ng the fall semester s - . . . . , , . . . . . - - u fl , . . ' 1 . , ' 1 1 - I ' 1 1 1 I - 1 1 I 1 ' 1 I 1 1 - , . , . . . - 1 1 ' 1 V' . . 15,3 I , . - 1 1 - 1 J.. , . . 1 HELEN KELLER LINCOLN Mb MARGARET SKALSKI IEAN COOK PEGGY WILLIAMS CHRISTINE KANTGIAS BILL SHUPERT NOBLE WRATHER CHRIS SLATER IOE SNAIAR HFI EN KELLER HOUSE Establlshed ln the tall of l93U th1s year marks the tenth annlversady of Helen Keller House Thls all commerclal g1rls house has s1nce 1ts orgamzatron had the supervrsron of Mlss S A Clough present Counselor Its members have always been act1ve ln school QCIIVIIIGS and 1n g1rls sports They have stood cons1stently hlgh ln scholarsh1p and among 1ts graduates are numbered many well known busmess women 1n Detro1t and outslde Named tor the greatly beloved Helen Keller who stands as an mspzratron tor all each year on Helen Kellers brrthday a program IS presented dealmg w1th her hte Other programs of var1ed character deahng usually w1th problems whlch the bus1ness g1rl must face are presented durlng record perlods Offrcers for the fall term were Margaret Skalskl pres1dent Iean Cook V1C9 presr dent Mlldred Ross secretary and Norma Kennedy treasurer Sprlng term ollrcers were and Mary Zafras tr asurer LINCOLN HOUSE Let us have ta1th that rlght makes m1ght and 1n that lalth let us dare to do our duty as we understand 1t TIIIS was on ot Abraham I..1ncolns mottos now the motto ot Llncoln House Mr Stoll behevlng rn those hnes tr1es always to 1n1ec the1r sp1r1t mto the boys ol 226 In addrtron to the truth ot thts motto the fellows davly have Mr Stoll s stxrrlng talks always beI1eI1C1CIl to students and graduates alrke Carrylng out these hlgh ldeals are the capable house ofhcers Chr1s Slater presldent Ioseph B Snalar v1ce presldent and Norman Stone secretary all followlng the hlgh examples set by the1r predecessors W1ll1am Shupert and Noble Wrather and aldmg Llncoln House to rnarntam 1IS envlable reputation 1n the school Th1s Iune and August seventy elght boys w1ll graduate from Llncoln House to 1o1n thelr predecessors ln carryrng the sp1r1t ot r1ght makes mlght Jnto all thelr helds ol endeavor Page Thzrteen f 7 ' , -I I .I . i I . - .- 1 , : , - . ' ' : Peggy W1ll1ams, presidentg Christine Kantgias, vice-presidentp Bess Shreve, secretaryp , e . . D . , . - , . . . I . I . 2 I . I . - . 2 , . u . . 1 u lx s - A- 11 . n n haw . Lf A F " ' 1 Y, V. ' .-' f-we 6 V , ., -.G mu. .F .5 1.9.3 5, h .N , W, -,. M 1 M ,-Nifw N ' ' -1- Ks' ' :NL ' - ' 'E f? f: ' ,JJ -, , if 4: gv ' ff 1' Yi? ' ff x- 1 "1 :iz 1 -5 .K . J. f' i 27 1 :Qi ' if 6 .ii 1 '-if 1 221 Eff V sm. if .g ir it 'Ii A - ', 1: ff Q ,153 -, 2 if , Q ,:, I 'Q 1, H . .A ., , W 1 - -Q .. W 5 ,g , Liv " 0 -f,, I ,C+-w Q2 A S' ' , ' HF' - in ,' Y, 4. M" NELSON B. I. RIVETT 1 ' . K x . V r . x x , ,-,if' X At the time this is written, sev- eral European nations are en- gaged in a devastating War with great loss of lives and property and with the outcome uncertain. We sympathize with the people of these countries. Furthermore, we hope that the boys in the Classes of 1940 and all young men in this country will not be required to fight and that in the near future there will be peace throughout the World. Page Sixteen ADMINISTRATION Each yearbook announces the fact that elght hundred names have been added to the thou sands already graduated from Northwestern Hrgh School Many of these names are now recog nlzed Wlth respect and admlratlon 1n med1c1ne law educat1on bus1 ness POIIIICS and 1ndustry May I express the hope that each of the graduates announced 1n the 1940 Norwester w1ll fmd a place 1n hte where he or she can be of real well as to hlmselt and h1s fam1ly G WOLBER '7 QXLQ ffVf40t4f- N C NIELSEN To me th1s has been a most happy year I shall always re member the warm welcome ex tended to me The fnendly and helpful sp1r1t of the student body and teachers at Northwestern has meant a great deal to me I have seen you sharlng your best and l1v1ng Jn true fe1lowsh1p It IS that blndlng sp1r1t whxch wlpes oft prej udlce and selhshness May your annual 1nsp1re you to greater serv xces and tasks and serve as your momento 1n the years to come Page Seventeen l . . . I I . I .- service to his state and nation, as , Page E1ghteen FACULTY First Row G Wmton F Guenther L Brown L Kenk B I Rlvett E Black Sutllff G Snyder Geeson Second Row B Merrxam F Younglove M Dunn A Schmdler H Car lon W Hoglll I Rundle F Murdoch P Carly F S15 son Th1tdRow A Clrne I Ollen R Ford P Sullivan S R Wilson H Barge! H Wade A Gllprn FACULTY Fxrst Row M Kanouse A Lowden I Wolber N C Nlelsen E B Adams S A Clough M T McKenney Second Row T W9lSSkOllSD Lukes I F T urston M I Elliot M Clarke G DaRatt R C Stoll B Baxslnger Third Han' G Mounsey R Rem 1n ion L Ludke W R Berger C N Munro M D Ierome FACULTY First Row E Clark M Fortener E Kennedy R Lehman G Burton B Kahn E Rosow Second Row C Cavanough R Maclnnes Fox M Carman Whxtman F Greene G Bogenrxeder B Col ms Third Row L Burgess I Demaree A Hollmger C Arnold! I McGuxnness I Bollz I Mlller FACULTY Fzrst Row M Armsirong S Burgman L Orth M Iaeh mg E T Watson V Shav er D Hess T Hallam Sec ond Row W Fllbee Mar1s I Frederlcks A Lauth W Hulbert W Lau ry D Aptekar Thxrd Row S Blshop V Damels C Carr I Bovxll W Markley H P Brown C Vyn P. ' 3 ,' . ' ' , Ef A. , 1 1'. inn, E. Lf h , . . ' , . Roxy? KI Humbenf W. A, V. A , ' . ' , Af ' ' ,' , '1' f , -. :, .. E' .I Bi LOOKING WEST . .A ,Q 5 , ' c ' v , .fi-.jd '. ' f -1, fy L 5 K I ,3 x K . 1 1 ' v K 1 'X . I- :I : Q ' X E , , . . 3 .. f 'EM X X 'iw I JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS BILL SHUBIT RT NIII DRLD OTTO 'NIARJORIE REYNOLDS PAUL KALZANDFR CLASS COLORS WINE AND GOLD CLASS MOTTO TO MAKE ouR BEST BETTER , J , A . 1 I President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HANDEL SHUPERT OTTO KIRK FRAZER JANUARY CELEBS BARBARA HANDEL Co captam of hockey team Varslty tennls basketball and golf Executrve Board of G A A G1rl Reserves Thrrd place rn school oratorxcal contest and a Dance Club member WILLIAM SHUPERT Presldent IZA Class Recetver ot Spade Pres1dent of Lrncoln House Ofhcer rn R O TC V1ce presldent Nahonal Honor Socrety Boys Wolverme Camp and Student Counctl MILDRED OTTO Vrce presrdent IZA Class President Gamma Chapter G1rl Reserves Pres1dent Betsy Ross House Natronal Honor Socrety Colt Staff and Samma Cum Laude Drploma ROBERT KIRK Charrman IZA Soclal Commxttee Captcun Fencrng Team Student Councrl MARGARET FRAZER Pres1dent of Mount Vernon House Pres1dent Alpha Chapter of G1rl Reserves Treasurer G A A and Badmtnton Club MARIORIE RENOLDS Secretary of 12A Class Secretary and Treasurer of Student Councll Vrce presrdent and Secretary of Beta Chapter G1rl Reserves and Scholarsh1p Cha1rman of Helen Keller House OLIVE WELPLY Pres1dent of Icme Austen House Pres1dent of Grrls Glee Club Executwe Board Gxrl Reserves A Cappella Chotr Llbrary Stcrlf Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance WILLIAM DeWITT V1ce presldent Current Problems Club Natronal Honor Soctety Student Councll Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance MARGARET SKALSKI Presrdent and Secretary oi Helen Keller House Vxce prestdent Radxo Dramattcs Club Glrls Busmess Club and Honor Roll RITA GARCIA Presxdent of Span1sh Club Secretary of Natronal Honor Soctety Secretary of Harp Club A Cappella Cholr Girls Double TIIO and G1rl Reserves -as mf' "' ttf' 4 4 A REYNOLDS WELPLY DeWITT SKALSKI GARCIA Page Twenty three 2 I 2 - - 'I I I ' I f 7 Q . . . .2 ' I I - ' I I I I I I - I I I - I I I - - -I I I ' I I - I I I I I I I - ' I I I I I - I I I I . ' . I . . . I I - I--W fa .I I g f' ' , . Q4 'II 'ig' I A - .II f I me - f ' r H I gr . 'W xml' I ' Adams Helen Irene House Sports Arkllls Be ty Astellord Mary Loulse Bowlrng Team House Sports Barnett Lours Otllcer of the R O T C H1 Y Vrce Pres Blue Chapter Colt Staff Barth Donald F 12A Memorlal Commlttee Berman Theresa Brrdsall Vrrgmra Lee Grrl Reserves House Sports Boor M lean Current Problems Club Latrn Club IZA Commlttee Bredesen Gordon B Burke Enos Orchestra House Sports R.O.T.C., Officer Page Twenty-four ,ref ,fl 'Z sd S fre .x i Allen Marguerrte A Cappella Chou Ho .rse Sports Arnold Robert Ir Wolverine Boys State House Sports Latm Club Austxn Lenwood Barney Doroth Bowlmg Club Becht Dorothy L Grrl Reserves 12A Socral Committee Spamsh Club Berry Florrle House Sports Bhnco Hazel Octavxa Bourne Shlrley I Colt Staff Glrls Busmess Club l2A Committee Brennan Beverly I 12A Motto Commrttee Girls' Business Club House Scholarship Committee Butler Reva Alice House Program Chairma House Sports Andrews Vrvran Varsrty Fleld Hockey House Basketball Asselm Vrrgrma 39 Pres Hathaway House Baker Helen Mae Cant Varslty Basketball Treas Mount Vernon Grrl Reserves Bateman Mary lane Belmsky Irwln Hall Duty Servrce Beyer Marlon E Colt Stall lCler1calJ House Commxttee Boland Beverly Bowenng Walter 12A Dues Commrttee H1 Y Bukuvale Em1ly nByers Iudson F. Callsen, Betty Campbell, Helen M, A Cappella Choir Secretary, Clothing Club Singing Leader of House Senior Chorus Carnes, Frances F. Chatham Ruth E Girl Reserves A 12A Committee Christian Olga Current Problems Club 12A Dues Committee Cobb Dumas M Coordes Dorothy Varsity Art Club Girls Business Club Library Currier Don L A Capella Choir Senior Chorus Track Team Daskalakis Irene Library Staff House Hockey Carney, George Chavey Iames I Current Problems Club House Basketball Team Clark Arthur House Football House Basketball Band Coleman Harold B National Honor Society Otlicer R O T C Fencing Club Connolly William H Dabney LaRue Davenport Alan R 12A Publicity Committee Boys Octette Girls Business Club Pres Boys Glee Cluo Dawson Edna M Dean Lauretta l2A Luncheon Committee Latin Club Bowling Club Decmre Orsova DeSanto Ieanette M House Proclram Chairman Cum Laude Dlplomc House Hockey Girls Business Club House Basketball ol . A.. 5' at A 'J - A 5. 'Y Z ' A' U N - , 0 U n n A . N C! .ss , , .. H -o - I y I ' ' A on ,r 4 1 5 I 5 l . -, 4- 5' 5' if " ,Ziff ' "I" . li l National llonor Society A Capella Choir I W. I 0 'L Y Spariiih Club lv X L '- 4 .' - Q. .v ' , - r .B 'si t f ' " W - .4'- I 1. ffl' U' Z- . A an. 'Q -4 'Q' NJ 11 'K V U7 l'l'1Ml Z 41 ,Q W -x s PE 6 ' 1 Q. him an L , i' Campbell, Robert B. Hi-Y, White Chapter Chambers, Guy E. Vocational Guidance. Chairman Chayie Wilharn Douglas Hi Y Gray Chapter Norwester Stall Clay Bettie French Club Business Board Colt Colsher Iames A First Sergeant Company H 2 R O T C Cunning Glenn W Varslty Swimming Team Daniel Maggie Davis Bette lane Dean Olive May DeWitt William W National Honor Society Student Council Vice President Current Problems Club Page Twenty live Dtckman Davld Treasurer Zl 2 Vxce Preszdent 212 Dresser Robert L l2A Chatrman Memorral Comrnrttee N Club Hx I' Dwyer Paul S Craft Club Erbcrugh Mary Ehzabeth Grrl Reserves Latm Club 12A Class Day Commxttee Frsher Charles F Floyd Iner M Girl Reserves Rmg Chairman Gul Reserves Fortgang Marv1n Freed Louls Boxmg Gallcmdt R1chard W Gauthier Elame Cum Laude Dxploma Gxrls Busmess Club House Scholarshrp Committee Page Twenty sxx I Donaldson Alxce E Dudley Mzldred L Colt Stall Varsxty Arts Club House Commzttee Ellwood Garclon A Cappella Choxr Boys Glee Club Faber Dons Cum Laude Dxploma House Committee Gxrls Busmess Club Fxsher lack B Varsxty Swxmmmg Team Hr Y Whlte Chapter Ford Betty Foster Kathryn E Summa Cum Laude Dxploma Gxrl Reserves Current Problems Club Freeman Louls Garcxa Rxta T Presxdent Spamsh Club Secretary Natl Honor Soclety A Cappella Choxr Geelhood Don R Dotson Clara Beatryce Dance Club French Club Glrl Reserves Duncan C Sadle 12A Memorxal Commxttee Eoff Patncta P Natxonal Honor Society House Scholarship Commlttee Farkus Donald Harvey Captam House Baseball Flemmg Carol Ann Presldent Harp Club A Cappella Choir Semor Glee Club Ford Lourse Annette Natxonal Honor Socxety Current Problems Club Semor Chorus Fraser Peg Presxdent Mount Vernon Presxdent Alpha Chapter Girl Reserves Treasurer G A A Gagnon Robert House Soft Ball House Basketball Garrefla Iosephme Mane House Program Chazrman House Hockey Team Bowlxng Team Gellert Mar aret Helen Badmmton lub Bowlmg Club House Swxmmmg Team CD CD ...I pU I . Of I, . Q 1 1 ' . cn 'F ' . M ' Q'- Z A . 1 . ' 1 3 ity ',,.4.1. . . . l J cn George, Armistice Gerity, Clarence Benbow House Scholarship Committee Cum Laude Diploma Current Problems Club Goldberg, Faye Gordon, Eileen Lucille Gowans Walter G Spanish Club 12A Color Commrttee Guest Phrhp Q Senior Band Marching Band H1 Y Red Chapter Hal Alfred Hansen Henry Heinz Stewart Hotlman Lorratne 12A Dress Committee Spanish Club Hubble Ioyce Goldsmith, Doris Birls' Business Club House Committee House Sports Gordon, Herbert House Basketball Team House Baseball Team Gray Robert Gunn Edward I Vice President Pershing House Chairman Commencement Committee Varsity Swimming Team Hall Katherine Hart M1ldred Bessle Helrney Elizabeth B French Club House Basketball Holton Betty Hurd Donald R Fencing Club G 'Nu K ff fs if 'Q 'VN 1 iii? Glenock, Isabel Spanish Club Goodwin, Elizabeth Ann All-City "A" Orchestra and Concert Secretary, Archery Club Spanish Club Gorlovsky, William Green Doris Glee Club Gurgaman Adeline Handel Barbara Iean Varsity Athletics Charrman 121-X Class Day Committee Girl Reserves Hazelton Eileen 12A Commencement Comm Hodges Louisa Glrl Reserves Hopkms Charles M Cadet Captain R O T C President Camera Club Fencing Club Iackson lohn ittee Page Twenty seven , W , ' l. ' - 0 cn 1 . I I - . w l ' I ' u I . I . . . ' 5' N0 1. , ' . ' . F- xl ' h , - I , l I . - K 5' G 5 V I I I S S G- ta :,.' is ev s ' . ' kg, A S 1 2. lil' l . ,": E E Ye . 1 ? , K I . H, ' LJ I" A rrrrfr' - " W- Q A C u 4 ,1 1 . ' , Q 5 1 7 F' ff , '. House Committee i A 5' P 3 - z , e , an :QS Iackson Mary Iones Marlene Ann Chairman House Social Committee -Kalernkerian Iohn D Co Capt Baseball Team Baseball Team Vice President N Club Kiddie Evelyn Kirk Robert Morris Student Council Captain Varsity Fencing Team National Honor Society Koll Arlene Landry Annis Editor, Colt Girls' Business Club Laux Sam Lxghty, Ieanette Ann Current Problems Club 12A Vocational Committee Cum Laude Diploma Malkasian, Agnes Page Twenty-eight Iacques Margaret Mary German Club Iones Lessxe Mae Kasian Mickey Kmcel Kathleen House Sports Colt Statt Norwester Stait Knighton Edward H1 Y Red Chapter Semor Play 39 Dramatxcs Kosier Thomas D Lang Athelda Lawson Victoria Iohnson Dorothy C Vice President Spanish Club Cum Laude Diploma Varsity Swimming and Golf Teams Kaczander, Paul Treasurer 12A Class Varsity Track Fencing Club Keller lack Kirk Alvan Knowles Larry Corporal R O T C JDK Kosmck Shirl lean President D nce Club Varsity Swimming Team Spanish Club LaStaft Merrill United Artsmen Club Leiter Allen H. President, Fencing Club Captain, Fencing Club Varsity Bowling Lindenbaum Bernard Edward LOW' Robert F' - ' - Hi-Y, Blue Chapter g:liog?dttHonor Society 12A-Publicity Committee Radio Dramatics Club Malkasifm Rose Marshall, Mattie lee ' Girl Reserves Mattice, Bette Secretary, Spanish Club Girl Reserves 12A-Class Day Committee Mashlakiian, Alice McElroy, Iune Mclntyre, Donald House Committees Colt Circulation Statt MCSeveny Katherine Men-ell Harvey R C011 S755 Hx Y White Chapter N Club Varsity Swimming Team Mons Ella House Program Committee Girls Glee Club House Social Committee Monson Marcus Marrow Ebra House Basketball Mrcahrng Band House Football Nichols lack Otway Ioan French Club 12A Motto Committee Pearce Arthur R Senior Band Dance Orchestra Peschel Gerhardt C Hedington Iames A Mullin Edythe Fencing C Ostahnskt Leo Pace Lovelle Colt Staff House Committees Fencing Club Peat Betty Cum Laude Diploma Library Staff 12A Dress Committee Phelps rlelen A Cappella Chotr Norwester tat! Reed Roland V Colt Statt H O 'I' C CD I'l'l Z U7 'li' Rst-'rr ii. -av Q' Q6 'T' A15 .,,,. w McCall, Gwendolyn Helen Girls' Glee Club Girl Reserves Colt Stall Mclntyre, Marshall l2A-Color Committee Mlrk Mary MOII1Sh Margaret Louise Nichols Harry Otto M1ldred E Vice Presldent Senior Class Executrve Pres Girl Reserves President Betsy Ross House Pappas Peter Perry Minerva Potts VF-IIHCS L Girl Reserves Reynolds Marlorte Secretary Senior Class Pres Natl Hon S Sec Student Council Page Twenty mne ..- , . I I .. I . I ., x ki 'X' ,, ' I . . if E w : Q -1 Iliiftr I . , ' ' lub .A 'O 1 ' ' . I . .I . v ' ...q ' , 1 1 :Zi 1 Q i E - - . 6 y ew - 9 - Wifi, . tix .,,, 4 ,Q Qilxwilb' , . ' ' ' . A D ' r -,if - tty. 4 y L ', . - . 1 - , V ' . P I f Q . U7 ' 1 1 - t ' I' ' I ' ' ' ' ti" 5 .. I' . . o. , . . . V -I cn ft' Ricketts Fmxly May House Basketball Roberts Wilfred A Concert Band Tambula Summa Cum Laude Romph Eleanore Russell Ralph Salmi May Bertha Social Service Comm Senior Dress Committee House Hockey Saunders Norah Scott Mary enac Mary Louise Sharpe, Betty Cum Laude Library Staff Latin Club Slgman, Evelyn Cum Laude Library Statt IZA-Motto Committee Page Thirty if W wiki' Qs 136 Rlgley Robert Robinson Elizabeth Rubner Iohn R Spamsh Club Rylard Ottle Beatrlce Colt Staff House Publxclty Corrm House Sports Samarlan Melek 12A Vocatronl Comm Rltle Team Senior Band Schmidt Iohn O Captain Golf Team Rmgel Wlllldm R Captain Swimming Team N Cub Rollins George D Student Council H1 Y Gold Ch Treasurer Lincoln House Rudolph Irwm Salisbury Margle Varsity Hockey Team Girls Business Club Chairman House Comm Saunders Ieanne SCOIQIG Ruth Colt Staff Vice Pres Lincoln House Chairman House Comm Varsity Bowling Team Secrist Lemoyne Girls Business Club House Hockey House Basketball Serndinger Betty Sec., Girls' Bus. Club House Hockey and Bowling Teams 12A'Commencement Comm. Seger Stanley A l2A Publicity Comm Blue Chapter Hx Y Senior Plays Shanks Marjorie . House Executive Board Shupert, William R. Shy, Carol Pres., Senior Class Pres., Lincoln House Vice-Pres., National Honor Society Simmons, Muriel Ruth Skalski, Margaret Mildred Harp Club Pres., Helen Keller House Latin Club National Honor Society Girl Reserve Club Vice-Pres., Radio Dramatics Club Smith, Poselle Spitery, Ethel Sec. Variet Arts Club 1 Y House Program Committee Stibbles, Norma L. Bowling Club Colt Stall House Tennis Stuart lean Rose Radio Dramatics Club Swan Horner Takeshima Iohn Terner Rosemary E National Honor Society Harp Club Accompanlst A Cappella Choir Toney William House Football House Track Cum Laude Truscott Iames Vraman Mary Chairman House Committee Radio Club 12A Luncheon Commlttee Smith, Senes Stephen, Mabel A Cappella Choir Girls' Glee Club Ad Manager, Colt Stiller, Minnie National Honor Society Student Council Varsity Hockey Team Sudekum Billie Mae Colt Stott House Art Committee Home Room President Swanson Donald Tashjian Sarah Thrbert Maurice B Torossian Margaret House Executive Board Chairman House Bulletm Board Honor Roll Uranolsky Bemamin 12A Luncheon Commlttee Ward William S Rifle Team Hx Y Treasurer R O T C Officer l " is . il' 41 U7 ITI Z 232 S K , L A -Q GQ' 'n-frm M. 1' 5 Spellman, Iohn Ioseph Sterling, Vivian Iean Strobel, Pauline Miracle Book Club Sullivan Donald Swan Wanda Fencing Club Teeter Harriet L House Basketball House Hocke Miracle Book C u Tlomas William M r Fencing Club Trent Calvin R Vincent Betty Ruth IZA Memorial Committee Secretary Home Room Warmtngton Helen Ethel Page Thirty one Washmgton Kenneth S House Sports Weaver W1ll1s W Welply Ohve Pres lane Austen House A Cappella Chou- Nahonal Honor Socxety Wxlson Andrew Young Don Captam Football Team N Club H1 Y Gray Chapter Zogut Sol 4 949 gc 1' Waterman Betty E Cu Laude Dlploma Wemss Katherme Whmtfen Roy Watt Rhobena A A Cappella Chou' Aeolxan Harp Club Latin Club Welch Martls lane Wleselthxer Sylvla House Swimming Fencmq Club V A1 W1xson Mmaml Wgisnig Olrrgqllxgc me Pres Mnracle Book Club Yurk Robert F Zelgler L1ll1an House Football 12A Memorxal Commmee Page Thirty-two 12A COMMITTEES JANUARY 1940 Soclal Bob K1rk charrman Dorothy Becht Davld Kosxer M1nn1e Stltler Cath errne WQISS Katherlne Hall Reed Rrngel Phlllp Guest Class Day Barbara Handel charrman Mary Erbauqh Wlltred Roberts Rose mary Turner Betty MGlt1C6 Margre Salrsbury Allen Davenport Allen Lelter Dues Paul Kaczander charrman Bernard L1ndenbaum George Roll1ns Lovelle Pace Dorothy Iohnson Lemoyne Secrrst Walter Bowerrng Mlldred Dudley Vocat1onaI Guy Chambers chalrman Margaret Skalskl Ieanette Lrghty Murlal Srmmons Shlrley Bourne Lou1s Freed Melek Samar1an Rrchard Halght Color Olrve Welply chalrman Marshal McIntyre Lourse Ford Reva Butler Walter Gowans Donald Young Ruby Mason Mae Salml Motto Rrta Garcla chalrman lack F1sher Beverly Brennan Sam Laux Elame Gauth1er Evelyn Srgrnan Peter Pappas Ioan Otway Luncheon Peg Fraser charrman Mary Vranran Edna Dawson Iohn Kalem kerlan Shlrley Kosnlck Eleanor Romph Bennle Uranofskr Harold Coleman PUb11ClfY Anms Landry charrman Leonard Dalgle Ruth Chatham Irene Daskalakls T1lly Perhay V1ctor1a Lawson Stan Seger Robert Lowe Commencement B1ll Gunn chalrman W1ll1am DeVV1tt Katherlne Foster Edward Knrghton Ruth Scorgxe Elleen Hazelton Betty Serndrnger lack Rush Memorzal Bob Dresser chalrman Betty Holton Betty Vlncent Sadle Duncan Donald Barth Robert Yurk Ahce Donaldson Don Mclntyre 1. I Dress: Mildred Otto, chairmang Helen Baker, Betty Peat, Lorraine Hoffman, S , ' J ' . . - : A , ' 1 ' , , vu p 1 , 1 X. . JUNE CLASS OFFICERS aw H RDING HOLLOWAY IANE ANN CLOSSON BETTY SCOTT BILL CLAR CLASS COLORS GREEN AND WHITE CLASS MOTTO HIGH AIM HIGH CHARACTER HIGH ACHIEVEMENT CASKEY HORNING HOLLOWAY BARDEN JUNE CELEBS MARY MALONEY Secretary of 202, 12A Dues Cornmitteep Corresponding Secretary of Student Councilg Secretary, Vicee President of Alpha Chapterp Girl Reservesg Honor Roll since l0Bg Secretary, President ol Debate Clubg House Committeey Cum Laude Diploma. DICK CASKEY l2A Class Day Corrmittee Chairman National Honor Society President of Gray Chapter Hi Y Vice Presldent of H1 Y Executive Board President of City Wide H1 Y Vice President of ll0 Debate Club Var sity Track N Club City Indoor 220 yard dash champion Student Council Red and Gray Committee IO HORNING President ol G A A President of 202 Secretary Inter club Council President ol Alpha Chapter Girl Res rves President of City wide Girl Reserves Basket Ball Captain National Honor Society Vice President ol Student Council Debate Club Curr Laude Diploma Chairman 12A Social Committee HARDING HOLLOWAY 12A President President ol l02 President of Red Chapt r H1 Y School Band Student Council Var sity Baseball Varsity Track Receiver of Spade CAROLYN BARDEN President of Student Council President ol Radio Club Varsity Swimming Hockey Secretary l National Honor Society Girl Reserves G A A Vice President ot Latin Club Summa Cum Laude Diploma Chairman l2A Memorial Committee Honor Roll ince l0B IACK DORR President ol National Honor Society Red Chaoter H1 Y Executive Board H1 Y Varsity Swimming N Club Vice President of Latin Club Sumrra Cum Laude Diploma School Band 12A Luncheon Com mittee BETTY SCOTT Secretary ot l2A National Honor Soctety Vic President of Debate Club Secretary ol Alpha Chapter Girl Reserves Secretary ot 204 Cum Laude Diplorr a House Committee BILL CLARK l2A Treasurer President of HiY Executive Board Treasurer of White Chapter H1Y Treasurer Secretary of Student Council Chairman of 12A Du s Committee Golf Team IANE ANN CLOSSON Vice Presldent 12A President of 109 Inter club Council President ot Beta Chapter Girl Reserves Debate Club National Honor Society Summa Cum Laude Diploma Chairman 12A Dress Committee Honor Roll in e l0B RALPH IANS President of Student Council Varsity Football N Club Whlte Ch r Hi Y l2A Commencement Committee Chairman Varsity Track 'V' Q' 'Pe Q A i A. DORR SCOTT CLARK CLOSSON IANS Page Thu ty seven ' : - ' : ' 9 V : 1 ' : - ' ' : ' ' : ' , ' ' : 1 O ssc - 5 ' J ' ' : . . I I. I .. ., V : . .- i it yli S y f -' 3. 1 Y I L P -A ,A t 4 .Q , ' VA 6 'V' X 5:11 K D ' V ' ..': ' L, . ,lp R L tg ,Wa , 'p f' t A R "A" I-, I t ,... -rf.: N. . X,h, 1 ':"' ' A ' Q ,M A Lf Abate Sam Ios Varsity Football N C ub Alexander Cochineal Amlty Club Alston Iohn W Varstty Track Varsxty Football Concert Orchestra Arron, Walter Swxmmmg Team H1Y QWh1te Chapterj Semor Band Aurtet Billy Baird 195516 Barget Donald Bauer, Marilyn R Vxce President G A A Presldent Gxrls Business Club Treas and Xxce Pres Xlpht Gtrl Rescues Beer, Wanda I Chairman House Comm Lxbrary Staff Bethel, Bertha All City Orchestra Library Statt House Basketball Page Thirty eight Abrams Rxchard W Varsity Football Debate Club H1Y KBlue Chapterl A llen Martha M Latin Club Norvfester Staff Treaslror Mount Vernon Amelotte Lorrcnne Claire President Fencing Club Astrup Evelyn Adams Iuanlta Norwester Stait Glrls Busmess Club House Committee Alred Marte Girls Business Club Andrews Htley D Atkins V1rg1n1a I President Girls Bustness Club Gu-ls Business Club Capt Tenn1sandBowl1n Teams House Committee Girl Reserves lGamma C apterl U3 . ll ll 1 I I . . CD 4 so 9 . t t . I. l ...I ' 1- Y gf: ' U, ' . ' Bachman, Virginia Da Feris Bqgdqsariqn, Charles K Vice-President, Mount Vernon House Bqgkeibqll ' F' Executive Board, Girl Reserves House Truck M li Dance Club Varsity Football O ' ID . - ' , l Q- N , N gm . . .- ,' .. , R. ' , I - Ch , cz ' G '. I 9 ' , . Q. Baker Harold Wm Debate Club Intormatlon Council Barmger Robert Norman Baxter Raymond Bell Grac Beurer Victor I R O T C Barden Carolyn President St Councxl President Radio Players Club Captain Varsxt Hockey Team Bateson Kathleen Executive Pres Girl Reserves Natxonal Honor Society Corresponding Sec St Council Beck Clarence E Bertakis Mary Ellen Colt Stall Glrls Business Club Binder Herman Black Warren H. Boys Glee Club Senior Chorus Service Club Blevlns Brchard T House Basketball Amity Club Bonnvxlle Robert E Bostanpan Ruben Bowers, Robert l' Hx Y Boyles Edrth A Spanxsh Club Concert Orchesrta Cum Laude Diploma Brockhaus Mar Presxdent Latm Club Natxonal Honor Socxety Student Councul Brown Betty Ann Brunnemer Frank C House Swlmmmg Radlo Club Norwester Stall Buchan lean Colt Staff Norwesler Stal Glrls Busmess Club Blaine Agnes M. House Hockey House B:1.:7""', Bock v ll 1 Bonnvllle Russell L Norwester Art Staff Norwester Publxcrty Stall Bowdom Dorothy F Presxdent Dance Club G A A Board sb-c -LJ QC-x , Boxer Davld P Bradley Theresa Ioan Gxrl Reserves Amity Club Brooks Loretta Elrmra Gul Reserves House Basketball Latm Club Brown Kalherme L Colt Staff Excelsolr Gxrl Reserves Brunner Hllda Cum Laude Drploma Bukewale Frreda U7 Blaty Ieanette Bowling Club Bond lack D Boone Margaret W Grrls Glee Club Latm Club Bowers Mary C Colt Staff Dance Club House Commlttee Boyko Irene R German Club Brenton Margaret SEFVICE Club Checker and Chess Club Brooks Genevlene L Colt Staff Girls Busmess Club Norwester Staff Brownlee Iames Amlty Club Track Team Brusse Barbara Ann Glrl Reserves Bussler Ruth Colt Staff Page Thzrty nme Butler, Eva L. Exec, Secy., Girl Reserves Secretarv, Mount Vernon House Debate Club Cady Bette C Service Club House Sports House Comrmttee Camp Clarence Lester I Latm Club Amity Club Glee Club Carson Betty Wade House Hockey House Dues Committee Amity Club Caruso Emma Girls Business Club Cayerne Thomas Varslty Baseball Clark Ianrs C Gul Reserves Radio Club Grrls Business Club Cleage Geraldene Ellzabeth Grrl Reserves Amity Club abs!-x Cohen Louls A Varsity Track Debate Club Information Council Comport Warren W President Blue Chapter HIY Vice Presldent Pershing House Page Forty CD CD Byrne, Catherine Cabot, Virginia M, Service Club Calloway Ethelene Cameron George P Girl Reserves H1Y lGold Chapterl House Basketball Carney Carol Carr Iune Allson La in Cl b Spanish Club House Simms House Financial Committee Carter Eleanor L Carter Ruth Iean Camera Club Miracle Book Club House Sports Cary Elaine CC1Sk9Y Dick Gu-1 Reserves Clty wide H1Y President Amny Club Chairman Class Day Comm City Indoor Track Champion 220 yds Cheesman Llndawese CJIIVCIS MC1f9'CI1'ei Clark Robert M Clark Wlllxam H Vocal Treasurer Senior Class Sec and Treas Student Executive President Hx Y Cl sson Iane Ann Coffman Roland Semor esrdent Mount Vernon ous Pre nt Beta Chapter G Reserves Cole Robert Comerford Betty Girls Busmess Club Connor lean Cook Willa Vrce Pres Girls Busmess Club Girl Reserves KGamma Chapterl 12A Dues Committee J .P 41 A' .J . '.A f r. .' if U I r- ' 4 O , 1 lh ' - "' I I I l m couitcit I -'I A- . -All Z . 'A X bww we it Coons Ioseph Cort Robert F VGTSITY Football House Football French Club Courtney Loulse Crosslm Edgar Curtrs Iohn DeHart Rlchard Spanish Club Dewey Warren Ellsworth Radio Dramatrcs Club Dombrowsky Saul Vxce Pres Radio Dramatrc Hou e Swlmmmg Dowmng Vlrgmra May Forum Club Latm Club Chess and Checker Club Dube Dolores Ann Chess and Checker Club Club Copu Allce Corts Wtlharn Le Roy House Sports Baseball Team Bowlmg Cowper Ruth House Sports Honor Roll Cum Laude Drplorra Crysler Phyllrs Adalyn Varsrty Hockey Team House Basketball House Swxmmmg Dalder Iackson Natzonal Honor Soczet Summa Cuma Laude Drploma Latm Club Derryberry Lots Ayunne Drleams Iames A Cappella Cholr Variety Octet Norwester Art Stat' Donncely Shlrley Iean Spalzsl Club Drallos Ethel Colt Stal! Duncan Alexander Corcoran Mrchael Coughlln Goldre O A Cappella Chorr Grrls Glee Club Bowlmg Club Cravens Marjorre Varsrty Basketball Norwester Staff House Sports Cuplt Shlrley Treas Gxrls Busmes Club Bowlmg Club Decker Wtllxam E Detwxler Warren Dodson Ellzabeth Amrty Club Gzrl Reserves Dorr Iohn A Varsxty Swrmmmg Team Executxve Presrdent H1 Y Clubs Presrdent Pershmg House Dryzer Evelyn Frances Haclro Dramatrcs Club Chess Club Latlr Club Duncan Frances M Page Forty one Dum' Margaret Eberhard Maryorxe Iane Home Scrence Club Ch ss and Checker Club Edwards Iune Mary Pres Chess cmd Checker Club SSFVICB Club Ha p Club Esser Ralph Spanish Club Fcwale Aldo Honor Rol Fmnerty Kathleen Flemmg Ellzabeth A Servu Club German Club Clothxers Club Foley Kenneth R Publxcrty Ednor Norwester Unxted Artsmen Glee Club Frackelton Wrlham N Club Varslty Golf Team fCapta1n HIY fG1'BY Chapter, Page Forty two l ur m Ioan Se retary Spanlsh Club Bo lmg Club Ed1son ulaud estlne Ely Tom Captam Varsxty Swxmmmg Sec Pres N Club Presxdent Spamsh Club Everson Georgta Se rvxce Club Flelds Robert Fisher Dons German Club Flow Isabelle House Basketball Chaxrman Sewmg Class Foster CllHO1'd Franklm Eleanor Ever Loyal Gxrl Reserves Am1ty Llub Eaves Wlnslow Norwester Art Stai! Vice Pres Varxety Arts Club Dxvmg Team Edmondson Helen Grrls Busmess Club House Fmance Commxttee House Bulletxn Board Commxttee Emans Thomas Varsny Swrmmmg Team N Club Farley Grace Field Hockey Spamsh Club Fmley Clara Lourse Home Economlcs Club Colt Staff Flake Carmen Ever Loyal Gul Reserves Amlty Club House Commrttee Flowerday Charles E H1 Y IBlue Chapterl 12A Motto Committee Fox Iohn D Servrce Club Franklm Lorrmne CD U3 -I U I Farrell, Warren S. Farr, Iris E. Farr, Iohn E. I.. O . l - U3 I 1 l . M I I ' Z H I . LLI D . ,. I I cn Frederick Robert E Sec Future Craftsmen Freeman George A Gagams Poncrgtotls Semor Band Semor Orchestra Clarmet Quartette Galvm Maxlne Edxtor Colt Sec and Vxce Pres Gxrl Reserves CGamma Chapterl Cum Laude Dxpbmg Gault V1rg1n1a R Geha Esther Clothxng Club Home Economxcs Club Servlce Club Grbson Iames W N C ub Football Team H1 Y fBlue Chapterl Ghse, Mary Ehzabeth House Lrbxary Commrtt Goldberg Charlotte 66 Frederlcksen Rosahe America Grrl Reserves Gxrls Business C' .lb ec Fuller Mary German Club Gahman Rose Ann Servrce Club Norwester Advertrsl g Stall Garabedlcm Leo G House Football Cross Country Track Boys Glee Club Gavm Frederxc Geha Wllham Football Team N C ub Gzbson Robert Godbout Alex R R O T C Rlile Team 2nd Lieutenant R O T C HIY lBlue Chapterj Golden Leotct Freeman Clara Lou: e Pyle Peggy Ga a r1an Vrce Presldent Gxrl Reserves fBeta Chapter-J Student Councll G A I-X Board Garon Steve House Football House Basketball Garnson Lulu Vxce Pres Gul Reserves Hockey Team GGZUIIGH Helen M Glrls Busmess Club Servrce Club Keller Kolt Stall Glbbs Leroy Gxddmgs Iacquelxne Latxn Club Gxrl Reserves Goer1nger Iacquelyn Gold Ervm OSB Page Forty three U7 s .A I A N" ' F11 , z . 7U l 1' i I 1 - w I . I ,ff ly I 1 f f Garreffa, Hiram Garrison, George " . UI O I . , . I . I . U I ' , -I I . . ' , R. . ' " " l . I D ' rx . I. I . R un ll 1 ' 4 I- ' ' cn ' U5 Goldman, Marvin Graham, Mae V. Servi-Q Club Chess Club Guerrier, Robert E. President, "N" Club Varsity Tarck Team Hi-Y tGray Chapterj Gustafson Dorrs 121-X Color Commxttee Girl Reserves fGamma Chapterl Tren: urer Grrls Busxness Club Hochrnan L1ll1an San y Club Hur' mar trom Arthur Harrnng Thomas A French Club Colt Reporter H u e Constxtutronal C Harp Odelle Amity Club Servx 1. Club Hausa. Basketball Hazlelvood Edrson General Mechanrcs H111 E Jelyn I-'cis Terms Page Forty four ommlttee Goldan, Harold Harry Griffin, Mildred Elizabet Excelsior Girl Reserves Guest, lean R. Guterman Iohn Goldstein, Nathan Debate Team Sergeant R.O,T.C. lf' Suck, Iean A' Girls' Sports Editor, Norwester 12A Memorial Committee Gulbankian, Edward George Haapanen Donald D Norwester Staff Sclence Club HagerstromEls1e Eleanor-Hale Madelynn House Commlttees Presrdent Home Economxcs Club House Sports Varslty Fxeld Hockey Team House Paper Reporter Spanrsh Club f-ox N-R. Hampton Hope HGYHWUY Eva Treasurer 202 Tennis Club Latm and French Clubs Swlmmlng Club House and School Hockey Teams Hanson Charles Hart Lo1s Hecl-:man Marlon Presxdent Art Club hanson Wesley G Seruor Band Senior Orchestra Clarmet Quartette Hartman Halene Latm Club Varsxty 'iwrmmmg Team Gtrl Reserves Henery Erleen Treasurer Ha 3 Club C0 Cuculahor Manager Reporter 201 Nutshell Stott Norwester House Hockey Team IZA Ccmmlttee H111 Ralph Iames Hxll Thomas F H1 Y IWh1te Chapterl Varsrty Baseball 121-X Socxal Commxttee Var-stty Football Cum Laude Dlploma N C ub older Frankxe E Holllday l..el1a oa Grrl Reserves Amlty Club House Basketball olloway Harding H Hooper George D Presrdent Semor Class R O '1' C Drrll Platoon Presxdent !Red Chapterj R O T C Rrtle Team H1 Y Chem Lab Assrstant Presrdent Roosevelt House ornmg Iosephme Houseman Dorothy A Presrdent Grrl Reserves Treasurer Grrls Busm fAlpha Chapter, Library Stall Presxdent G A A Presxdent 202 ughes Maxme Glorta Hume Donald Colt Stall Girl Reserves KExcels1orJ cobson Marjorre Girl Reserves iAlp Chapter! Grrls Busmess Club skurny Genevtev House Hockey Team House Basketball Team Varslty Hockey Team hnston Margaret ammska Alberta C eefe Robert enealy Iohn Emmett Iamxan Edward Science Club Latrn Club School Orchestra Iohnson Bertha Ilhza Iones Ahce R Kavanagh Kevln Kelly Claude E Kerr Robert W ess Club N C Hb Treasurer and Presrdent H1 Y H1 Y fWh1te Chapterl IGold Chapterl VUYSIYY SPOYYS Sec T eas Roosevelt House Varsrty Track ri' Rv U7 Holhs Lauretta Hooper Mary Louxse Grrl Reserves QGamma Chaplell Spamsh Club l2A Color Commrttee Howors Ioseph S House Treasurer Iackson Charles E Poet Laureate of N W Boys Glee Club Colt Staff Ians Ralph T Presrdent Student Councxl Varsxty Football and Track Treas H1Y KWh1te Chapterj Iohnson Lmdsay E R O T C, Non Com Offlcer Latrn Club Iones Anne Pearl Gul Reserves Scholarshxp Commrttee Kearney Don H1Y KWhxte Chapterj Kemsley Wtllram Robert Non Com Oihcer R O T C Kersey Agatha Page Forty irve CD I I . ' . I . I 1 ' I I4 I"l'1 Z T - arltaar t ' ' ' . . . A . X UI N' .:.:.2S O qt., , - 5 , A' beth ' L ' V - . gif ' 3155? fs ' tif , rr t errr I.. . , . U7 A , Kettelson, Marguerite House Committees House Sports Kohnke Eudora Spfr s Kraft Robert E Var 1ty Bowlmg Kflp er CI M mat n Club 1 Cub B mg C uh Kuslu' er Abraham Senror Chorus A. Larnontagne Harvey Ioseph CD 1 CD King, lack H. Kopsch R1chard Aud1tor1um Stall Kramer Frreda Fay Servlce Club Gxrls Busmess Club Rad1o Dramatrcs Club Kruszewskl Leonard I Varsxty Basketball Vars1ty Tenms H1 Y lHed Chaptezl Labuhn Helen M Presrdent French Club Var1ety Arts Club House Commrttee Landers Velma Co C1rculat1or1 Edrtor Norwester l2A Dues Conrmlttee G1rls Busmess Club Laux Dora Kohner, Irene I. Colt Statt Girls' Busineis Club Editor House Paper Koslowsky Esther Bowlmg Club Krenz Lorrcnne A Kudlas Iosephme House Commrttee Servlce Club LaMond Gaylord Varsrty Football Basketball H1 Y lRed Chapterl Langrnard Mary Maryor House Swrmmmg Team ...I '- vi'-9 - 1 ' ., ' .' ' - 1 '- , ' 1 O Laskey, Betty Iosephine , I , Librzry Staft Colt- Staff A Cappella Choir CD C 1 1-1 Ee Q ' ' A " 1 H l . dl G ' ' . I . . ll 1 ' - - l LIJ ,ff l A , x W , - CD 1 Lawson Wlllldm H V1 e Pre51dent Amlty o Sports Lelder Schlfra House Sports Col Staff Bas all nd Basketb Choa G Club Lxn h e E geF ysrx Club a Teams Sen 1Ce Club Norwester Lrterary Stalt Layne Harretta C G1rls Glee Club House Hockey Le1der Sylvra Colt S att House Sports Lmes Rlchard H1 Y Law Betty I Glee Club House Sports Lee Thomas W Basketball Team N Cub H1Y fWh1te Chapterl LSWIS loy Latln Club Lmgenfelter Rosemar House Commxttee Colt Statt Norwester Stall lvlngston Raymond oltus Shlrley E ucas Harold underman Verna yon Dorothy acomber Ieanne Forum Club ayor Maryory Servxce Club alone Iune Gxrl Reserves Scxence Club Amlty Club artm Clayton atheefi Audrey lrene A11 Cxty Concert Semor Orchestra Norwester and Colt Staff Lockhart Harvey I HxY lBlue Chapterl Lcose Vera A Concert Orchestra ,J Luft Gordon H1 Y fBlue Chapterl H1 Y Paper Edltorlal Stall Lundgren Carl Ir MacDonald Ethel Mahaklan Iohn H Maklns Grace H Treasurer German Club House Hockey Team House Basketball Team Maloney Mar Presldent u Cor Sec t Council Vice Pre t G 1 Reserves Martm Edgar H Matte Iune I Service Club CD Lotlel Vl!'g1Il1G Concert Orche tra German Club Lowe Wxlsa Lumpkm Paul W Mar hmg Band Concert Orchestra Lynem Mary Ehzabeth Latin Club MacKmnon Marlorle Major Campbell Science Club Makowsky Rose House Sport Marshall Robert C H1Y Master Iva May House Commxttee Servrce Club Matthews Ida Elame Page Forty seven m l . 1 1 rn . Z , - wif N T ' ' ' ' cn CII . 0 . Fencing Club ' . I l lv- v"u -l , ' 'I mf I I A D- I l ', ' ', te '1 b A , l . U ., tu 4 I". I . m I ' Mauch, Catherine Spanish Club Senior Girls' Glee Clu Forum Club McCormack, Edward McGarva Donald Edttor Night School Paper Mclntire Mildred Spanish Inte natronal Relations Forum Club McKnight Patrxcta Ieanne Capt Girls Swxmming Team Varsity Hockey Fencing Club McNe1l Erleen German Club Variety Arts Club Mehas Memeca House Commlttee Electron Chairman Bowling Club Mxc Mar er 9 Y G l Reserv s Q mma Chapterj f .Sf A M Com lltee Mielke Maman I Glrls Busmess Club Colt Stott Treasurer Forum Club Miller Creed HiY tWh1te Chap rl Baseball Team House Basketball Page Forty eight McAdory, Mary McCrae, Lila Mae Girl Reserves MCGIHHIS Arlene B Secretary German Club House Hockey Team Basketball Team McK1llop Margaret McLaren Clara E Harp Club McRae George McClain, Aileen Spanish Club Girls' Business Club Secretary, Forum Club McElhonYf lim Mclnnerny Bette G A A Art Club Dance Club McK1llop Mary McLaughlin Mary Meade George W Vice Pres Hathaway House Prestdent Hathawalf Norwester Literary Statt House German Club Service Club Melton W L Mlchal H len T President Roosevelt House French Club Student Council Colt Statt Vice President Roosevelt House Mlckens Annabelle Mllam Evelyn M House Hockey Hall Duty Miller Ruth National Honor Society Secretary Latln Club Sumrra Cum Laude Diploma House Sports and Committees Mlcken Cecil Mlles Zelma 12A Motto Committee Aolean Harp Club Secretary Excelsior G Reserve Mllstem Eva Mingle Irene Grace Girls Glee Club Faculty Tea Work Mollasrs Iohn Moore Christine House Hockey Morgan William H Sergeant R O T C Morris Ronald Garth Mumford Marguerite Near Reed A H1Y QGray Chapterl Advertising Ed1tor Norwester IZA Luncheon Committee Nxpgen lean Marie Varsity Swimming Team Girl Reserves fGamma Chapterj 12A Dress Committee Mitchell, Anna President, Colthing Club Home Economics Club Service Club Monte1th Iack K Chairman 12A Motto Committee Vice Pres H1 Y Executxve Board Secretary Treas Roosevelt House Morales Iuhe A Treas Home Economics Club Service Club House Colnmlttee Morehouse Richard Moss Theodore Murray William Neumann Ruth Martha Noble Merle Kay Novotny Ieanette NYG BSTTY Girls Glee Club Nyhol ,Oh Ogllvie Philip R Varsrt Vice xY Gold Chapter! Mitchell, Walter L. Boys' Octet Boys' Cvlee Club Hi-Y Moore Bennie Mae Morath Carl Morris Norman I Captain Varsity Tennis Vars1ty Basketball House Football Motley Dons Nllley Constance Yvonne G1r1 Reserves fBeta Chapterl G A A Board Dramatic Club Neville Betty lean A Cappella Chorr Treasurer Glrls Glee Club Girls Business Club oble Verle Fay Nystie Miriam A Vice Pres Girl Reserves KGamma Chapterl G A A Board Dan e Club Oglesby Sue Ellen Page Forty nme U7 l'l'l . V-, xi, I , . . . . tn ' ' -I , V. ' ' UI 0 . --I secretary, Radio I - O I... ' , ' ' ' QD CD y Ohanian, Iohn V. Marching Band Dance Band Concert Band Parker Alberta Concert Orchestra Norwester Stal Colt Staff Parks Helen Patrick, Hampton L Phalempm Irene Helene National Honor Socxet Girl Reserves U-llpha hapterl Debate Club Polan Felrx P Varsity Baseball N C ub H1 Y IWhlte Chapterl Prestel Warren 12A Motto Committee Qulst Ralph G Ready Hazel Rheaume Iohn Football Team N C ub H1 Y Page Fxlty Palizzi, Yolanta M. Ari Club Parker Virginia Parks Walter Eugene Track Team Boys Glee Club Amlty Club Payne Maman E Cum Laude Diploma Varsity Hockey Plcl-nng Ahce Mary Colt Stall P0llV1Ck Robert Prouty Thelma Hope Glrls Glee Club Service Club Senior Chorus ace Russell Latin Club Reilly Clazr A Rhodes, Vxrgmra Pappas, Mary Parks Doris Bowling Club Posner Walter I Pergande Ruth A Vice Pres Girls Busmess Club 12A Pubhcxty Committee Bowling Club Plotnlck Phil? Norwester E xtorlal Staff Latin Club Forum Club Porter Clarence Agustus Senior Band R O T C Band Unxt Purdy Betty Ieanne Treasurer Grrl Reserves fA1pha Chapter, House Committee Scholarship Chairman 210 Rasmussen Yvonne Grrls Swxmmmg Team Renaud Betty M Bowling Club Rxce Mary Loulse Student Council Girl Reserves Rlce Myrtle R1l1C1 Vmcent Henry Rosales Alfonso Ch ss Club Rudnyk Steve House Swlmmmg Audxtorrum Staft Fencrng Club Ryan Ruth M Lxbrary Staff Servxce Club House Commxttee Scherden Agnes Schoeneman Dor Schwler Wllham Chess Club Seymour Ruth ene O D Rrchards Edward H1Y fBlue Chapterl R1zzo Iessle Rosner Marvm Rush Dorothy House Basketball Gxrl Resrves Sclence Club Rydlng Robert B Cum Laude Dlploma Baseball Tearr H Y IGray Chapterl as an Interclub Counselor ves Honor Socrety a Basketball Schlack Harland Ernle House Sports Schommer Donald Clarence Cheerleader Colt Staff House Sports Scott Betty Iane Secretary Senxor Class Natxonal Honor Socxety Secretary Gxrl Reserves fBeta Chapterl Shagene Carl I House Sports Rled Ruthenette Gxrl Reserves House Basketball Sc1ence Club Rockhald Edlth Mae Curl Reserves IAlpha Chapterl Debate Club House Commntee Roth Herbert President A Cappella Cholr President Varsity Octet Russell Bette I Swrmmmg Team Sachan Valera Schlenker Shlrle Execuhve Board Debate Club d mton Schultz Elame Y Grrl Reserves Scully Barbara Anne Secretary Iane Austen House Glrl Reserves fGamma Chapterl Sharpe Max Bowltng Team Page Fztty one m Xia .- IT1 T U , . ' I , - , R. ui 'O O Sanders, Betty I. Sanders, ia M. Scham-1 lack D, ' R . ' -I V . L. I ' . I . .I- ' b 1 - 1 n , ' '- I an ' Shields Ann Scholarshxp Commxttee Lrbrary Stafi Entertammeat Commxttee Short Pauhne M Sims Nadlne Norwester Statt Cum Laude Dlploma Smlth Charles C House Baseball House Football Amity Club Snavely Arthur E Snyder Rose Spayer Rose Stern Kenneth B Colt Staff House Football Servrce Club Stewart Iessre B I-'mance Commrttee Attendance Commrttee Page Frfty two Shlppee Rxta Margaret Shoemaker Irene M Service Club Slbert Arthur S1U1m01'1S IGTHGS O House Sports All Crty Orchestra Mxddlewexght Boxmg Champ Colt Sfliff Slater Chnstopher Presrdent and Vrce Pres Lmcoln House Treasu er Student Councll H1 Y K ed Chapterl fl if Smrth Iames Russell Scmor Ba-rd Smtth Ben Senior Band French Club H1 Y Smlth Secondrls W1llene Future Craftsmen of Amerrca FOFGIQH Relf-HIGHS Forum Club Amrty Club 5 Sncnar Ioseph B Snauar Vrce Presrdent Lmcoln House Presqd une Auster House H1 Y fBIue Chapterl Lrterary Staff Norwester Snavely Helen E Sorg Salhe lane All Cnty A Orchestra Wayne Clrnrc Orchestra Concert Mrstress Sr and Concert Orchestras Spencer Andrew R Sternett Harold A Bowhng Team Stewart Shrrley M President Glrls Glee Club Secretary A Cappella Chou Grrl Reserves lBeta Chapterj Gal A ar 1 Edxtor Norwester Snyder lack Spauldmg Henrletta Eleanor House Art Committee Stanheld Annre Glee Club Stewart George R Chaxrman Advertrsmg Commrttee Forum Club Stockmeyer Thomas R U U3 we I l ' l U I I 186 I ' l ' U7 A. -J Al . I . 4' - l '-I .u IE' ' " U t S' I .wx smith, William W. D' , U U. ', Mt cf ' 5- I MX- .d' O ' ' ua . 1 2 . . Z . ' . 'V N , I I . 1 l I I CD Strauther, Alice M. Amity Club Girl Reserves House Tennis Strong, Margaret E. Service Club Attendance Committee v'v"' Sutherland lane Ann Treasurer G A A Treasurer Girl Reserve fBeta Chapterl Student Council Sylvester Edward C S Executive Board Amity Club House Track Taylor Alber a Amity Club Basketball Telfer Alex Thomas Alice Toal Howard Vincent Secretary H1 Y lBlue Chapterl House Baseball Chess Club Trrpp Harold Robert Future Craitmen of America School Paper Trosky Sylvia Lillian A Cappella Choir Gu-ls Glee Club Tambula Strickland, Carrie Girl Reserves Sturmer, Ralph E. "N" Club Spanish Club Baseball Team Suttles Edward D First Sergeant ROTC German Club Tandy Susie A Amity Club House Basketball Taylor Edgar House Track Latin Club Amity Club Terzes William Thomas Rober Tosoonran Dorothy Trojanowslu IGSSIG House Art Department Tuttle Louise Service Club Strobridge, Robert C. House Committees House Sports Colt Stail Sullivan, Ierome Emmet Hi4Y tGray Chdpfefl Swetina Loretta Tarrent Virginia Bisltetlwll le1m Taylor Margaret Amity Club Glee Club Thoma Rosemary Ann Library Committee Thomson Bette Traub Mildred Service Club Attendance Ccmmrttee Norwester Staff Trombley Nell W Captain House Basketball Football Varslty Bowlxng A B C Van de Greyn Helen Louise Summa Cum Laude Diploma Secretary Treas Debate Club Girl Reserves KAlphal Page Fifty three f G . S :.- ' I ,... 5 T E, 1 L. , .' UI ' ' o "'l I - , r I ' 3? ' ' U' V' rw -I U ' 185 I- Vaughn Frances Adele Servrce Club Chess and Checker Club Norwester Staff Vlach Robert A Boys Glee Club Walsh Bernard E Ward Galer Treasurer Iane Austen House Presrdent Harp Club Glrl Reserves fBeta Chapterl Watkms Mlldred Marte Amxty Club Gxrl Reserves Wemert Dorothy Carolme 12A Commencement Commxttee G1rl Reserves CGamma Chapterj Varslty Hockey Wells ack D l Concert Master Semor Band Concert Orchestra Future C aftsmen of Amerxca Whrpple Ol1ver B Ir Whltworth Edith Basketball Team Wlllldms Amanda Glee Club Page Fzfty four LD Vine ICICI! Vrpond Iames W H O T C Cadet Ser eant HIY lBlue Chapter Lun h Commrttee 12A Vosko lrvrng Walsh Mary Basketball Team Tenms Team Ware Loulse ltcrl :ll le Amxty Club Webb Marxlyn Arlene Welss Hellmuth H1 Y Marvm W Walker Robert D R O T C Cadet Sergeant Walters Lerla D Varslty Hockey Vxce Presldent lane Austen Treasurer Glrl Reserves lAlphal Waters, Dorothy Weber Betty lean House Sports Welch Eugene Concert Orchestra Chazrman Latln Class Norwester Staff Wheeler Mary Ella West Soloxst A Cappella hoir Vqrsrty Basketball Team Boys Octet Boys Glee Clu Whxte Betty ane House Tenms Team Whxtxng George Whonsetler Betty Lou1seW11dt MCIFVIII L Servtce Club Wtllrams Ear Student Councll H1Y CG-ray Chapterl Class Day Committee Future Craftsmen Wxlhams Evelyn A Wllharns George Robert Captam Basketball H1Y 10th Grade House Declalmer W11k1ns Harvey I Treasurer Future Craftsmen Wllson Lvnne Summa Cum Laude Drploma Presldent Debate Club Glrl Reserves fBeta Chapterl o este L Staff S6Q'IVlS0 ary Stall Wonnacott Lucllle W Varsity House Hockey House Basketball Young Iack Edxtor Norwester Czty Wxde Pres H1 Y IZA Pubhcxty Chalrman Yuengert Iune Bulletm Board Committee Finance Commlttee 186 Wrlhams Peggy President Helen Keller House Presxd nt Gamma Glrl Reserve Class Day Commlttee Wlllrtord Iune Wllson Margaret Flemrng goncerit-IOl12cl'1estra O H2312 Baikilball j A Wmeka Marlon Wooley Norma lean Glrl Reserve Executlve Board A Cappella Choxr Colt Staff Young Warren Harold House Football House Sports Yuengert Walter A Zendel Geraldme Norwester Literary Stall Debate Club Radio Players Club Wllllams Warren House Swxmmmg JV1ll1s Mar1or1e Varsxty Basketball Varsxty Hockey G A A Wxlson Oscar F House Track Team House Baseball W1lhGH1 lack lay Student Councrl Executxve Board l2A Commencement Commlttee H1 Y CGray Chapterj Yorrger Donald Yocum Mary Ella Gxrl Reserve Aml y Club Zacharskl Gladys Page Prlty fzve .fi '1- v j L- 3 .N .,-. A 0 L' . 1 lf E2 L. P F ff? - w' al l , 1 f -5? - if 1 5' 1 "'f:,,. l if V 1' ' "1 , . - G-' . 'r AUTUNIN Flrt Row G Rollins M Stedman IHormng R Icxns K Bateson C Barden B Clark Second Row I K0 posz K Panayotxdes B Shreve M Gallagher I Sutherland M Maloney I A Closson K Zaras Thxrd Row B DeWitt H Dorsey A Russel R Klrk H Brockhouse P McLean I Wltrtam Mr MCGIHHES Fourth Row E Wxlllams M Stztler T Iones B Kmg R Perry R Prztchett D Lar ln SPRiNG Ftrs! Row K Panayotlsdes I Cook I Wltham M Sted man P McLean C Barden B Clark M MaloneY K Yafras B Merrram Second Row M Brockhaus E W11 hams I Sutherland P Heath N Kennedy I Crcs by M Murdoch M Ruther ford L Storgaard H And erson T Krueger Third Row D Caskey T Tones Deadman H Erlckson H Brockhaus R Perry 'I' Kon S FUDFNT COUNCIL One of the flnest aggregatlons of Northwestern Htgh School students has aga1n shown ltself true to 1ts purpose and ldeals by 1ts record for the year The Student Coun c1l has dr1ven through w1th a v1gor and progresslveness that has wrested school Wlde attentlon Founded 1n 1921 the orgamzatton has become an rntegral part of the school the rnedxurn through whlch the student vo1ce reaches faculty ears Fortunate 1n1ts sponsors Mlss B Merrlam Mr I P McGu1ne s and Mr I G Wolber the Counc1l was equally fortunate 1n 1ts cho1ce of ofhcers Ralph Ians and Io Hornlng rr' the fall and Carolyn Barden and Ph1l McLean 1n the spr1ng The 1nfluence of the Students Counc1l 1S felt 1n almost every phase of school GCIIVIIY From the ftrst day of school t1l the last the COUHC1l 1S a beehlve of act1v1ty It pub lrshes and d1str1butes the Red and Gray Handbook a godsend to the hapless freshman 1t pr1nts 1dent1f1cat1on cards lt elects IZA Celebs and what IS probably most unportant 1t serves both school and students by operatlng the Used Book Store Th1s year saw the success of the hall trafhc system assured the complete rev1s1on of the Red and G ay the 1nstallat1on of a bulletm board a plano and a steel t1l1ng cab1net for school use and the adoptlon of a new constltutlon The Counc1l IS not however academxc Who has never sattsfled that 1mpulse to plod a polka by attendlng a Student CO'llI1C1l Dance? Wlth the Welfare of Northwestern Hlgh School ever ln her m1nd the Student Counc1l stncerely hopes that each succeedmg Counc1l w1ll nnprove upon the contrlbutron of the preceedlng one and th1s effect a more perfect h1gh school fl' , . Q I' . 7, 1 'y : . ' . ' I - 1 ' ' . , . , - , . l I - I ' I ' , . . I , , . l . . , - , . , . - I . I - . - , - . - 4 1 4 I ' T k . w 1 I I . I I . 1 v I ' - . 1 - I ' . , . - I : . . - - 1 - I ' 1 - I ' ' 1 - - I . ' ' A , . n , B. I - I ' I - 1 - l ' 1 tas, C. Roberts, D. Larkm. , X , ,Mme , . . , , I , . , . . . S , . . . . 1 . M 'I . r . I n I ' - . . . .. H i I 1 . . . . . . . H H . . I I I - I . N . . .- , . , 1 ,, . . . . . . . A 1 I I I ' I I ' , Page Fdty e1ght STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AUTUMN SPRIN C1 INFORMATION COUNCIL F1ts!Row B Gatzke H An derson B Reske E Appel M Vosbury C Ande so R Prxtchett H Gregory P Hollmen C C oper Second Row E Larson B Fa ale M Hartzell R He nmg P Welnshlbaum W Wxsn G Kaneko M Krueg Lough G Patxent Mr Ap Card M Bun T Durren befg I C ons W Baker F Genge L Cohen N Kr man G Charatls I Curtis JANS HORN ING STLDMAN B AI I' SON CLARK INFORMATION COUNCIL The need of a centrally located 1nforrnat1on desk has long been recognlzed 1n North Western but 1t rernalned for the Ianuary graduatmg class to lurnlsh the splendld booth Just oustlde the audltorlurn Next was the need of people to work behlnd th1s desk and so the Intormatlon Councll was formed Under the sponsorshlp of Mr D Apteker and Mr I K Boltz stu dents chosen from IIA and l2B grades were organlzed to meet every day at record cmd were g1ven speclal 1dent1l1cat1on cards They chose as the1r hrst otfrcers Norman Klrman presldent Betty Gatska secretary cmd Betty Ann Reske chalrman of publ1c1ty Further developments soon made 1t necessary to enlarge the scope of the councll to lnclude beslde the d1ssem1nat1on of 1nformat1on at the desk and the publ1cat1on of two feature columns 1n The Colt the tak1ng care of bulletm boards about the school and the supervlsmg of all dlsplays 1n the halls Page Fifty 1-une W L 5 . P WW, : . , . - . - . - . . , . r n, . , - . - , . o . : . , . v , . I , . n .s, . , . er, - . -- er, M. . -. , . - tekar. Thxrd Row: M. I, , . ce, . - , . o , , I . , . , , 1- f ' 4 - . , I Q n n 1 - . I ' 1 ' 1 - I I 1 f I 1 - I I . . . . I I N Page Srxty HI X CLUBS Gray Chapter Frrsl Row M SISSOH P Mclean D Caskey G Kxe sel I Young Second Row Ketterer A Frrth Chayre R Rydrng I Wrth am E W11l1ams B Guer rrer H Wexss Thxrd Row L Raskm W Shupert D Young B Frackelton R ear B Campbell Thomas I Fowler Red Chapter F1rstRofv G Wrllrams B Gunn K Kembel I Dorr H Holloway C Slater Sec on Row B Conant P Guest E Paglra P Pappas A Davenport L Kruszewskr D Trrtes E Knlghton Third Row S Graham G mond C Maynard H Erick son D Mclntyre N Den breeder P Morse B Cort L Grlmm Whrte Chapter F1rstRoW T H111 F Polan R Ians R Lumley B Clark W Mrtchell M Ierome Second Row W Arron I Frsher I Monterth T Lee L Markstrum R Prerce W Young Thxrd Row I Gos lrng T Ely V Douvan N E er H Merrell R H111 Fourth Row R Haight C Lambert B Dresser I Ke nealy T Iones I Weyand D Kearney 6e"9'g1,7 Gold Chapter Frrst Row M Fxlbee R Thomas I Nyholm R Kerr R Arnold H Brockhaus D Larkm Second Row I Hel ler I Krreger R Ward A Hardenbergh R Perry I eaume Bu er Spaulmg Thzrd Row F Genge L Cohen G Cam eron A Russell O Sllsby R Krrk G Rollins L Forth B Zrmmerman Blue Chapter st ow C dbout A R chl y o kh t H To I W C m ot S eso Mrh c r n R ow I D B r Row E M1 D werd y R Chan G on F R m gt dRw W Far DayS HI Y CLUBS To create maintain and extend throughout the school and community h1gh stand ards of Chr1st1an character When a fellow has accepted this purpose he has taken of H1 Y Northwestern has been a leader 1n the advancement of H1 Y interests for twenty two years At each of the regular meet1ngs wh1ch are held at the Fischer YMCA on Tuesday even1ng at 7 30 oclock there IS a devotlonal thought given by one of the boys These talks give the members a chance to express their views on the various topics rel1g1on war and peace governmental forms l1quor drugs and many others When the term 1S completed these varied dlscussions constltute a flne moral background for those taklng part in them At mtervals throughout the school year the clubs have had speakers who are author1t1es on their subyect There are also a few comb1ned meetings of the chapters which lnclude date night the pot luck supper the 1nduct1on service and banquet and the out1ng with the G1rl Reserves One of the biggest events of the year and one that everyone looks forward to IS the IZA Prom of whlch the H1 Y clubs are the sponsors The executive council which conslsts of the presidents and officers of the clubs meets for breakfast at the Y M C A on Fr1day morn1ng at 6 30 Here the final plans for the activities are made B1ll Clark was president of the executive council 1n the fall and Iack Dorr in the spring The ponsors and presidents of the five clubs are as follows Chapter Sponsor President Fall President Sprlng White Ierome Roger Lumley Roger Lumley Gray S1sson Dick Caskey lack Young Red Ford lack Dorr Hardlng Holloway Gold Filbee Bob Kerr Dick Arnold Blue Mr Hair Edward Richards Warren Comport Hats off to Mr Ierome who has been sponsor for twenty two years Iack Young and Dick Caskey who shared the presidency of The Detroit Affiliated H1 Y Clubs for this year Bill Clark and lack Dorr pres1dents of Northwesterns Executlve Board ,iff : . Fowler, A. . i e , H, , . a, . o - Richards, . W. B. a s all, L, CCH O I . - Vne, I. Stewart, T. . .L , .Snaiar, . Lines, C. uell, 2 . a'r, .Ab- . . Seger, C. , V, ce, R. . lbS ,C. rush, OH. . .I . . I ' ' I - a big step forward. In doing so he has allied himself with the nation-wide fellowship . , .... , ' : ' ' , , . ' , . . , . . . . . I - I . . , V - . I I . 1 - 1 I I 1 - . I . u 5 . S , I ' ' Mr. Mr. ' ' Mr. ' Mr. ' ' . , .. ' . . . I , . Page Sixty one ? 'La K., GIRL RESERVES Alpha Chapter Ftrs! Row Helen Van De Greyn D Becht S Schlen ker C Anderson M I Mac Gregor H Hartman M Maloney Second Row R Mxller L Walters B Mat tice W Wisner R Chat ham M Ross I Guthexm I Phalempm Thxrd Row M Bauer B Purdy I Horn mg E Rockhold B Gatzke M Iacobson R Prlchett Fourth Row I Groves I Clark P Fraser T Wells D Wxlkte N Wooley Beta Chapter Fzrst Row R Iugaszek B Scott M Gallager M Otto I A Closson I Sutherland O Welply Second Row B Chambers L Wzlson C Nalley M Heath B Favale P McKn1ght I Mallory R Frederxcksen M Wrrght G Sanders Thxrd Row E But ler B Shreve S Stewart F Baubne B L Coo ey Bunce G Ward Iohnson Gamma Chapter Ftrs! Row P Wlllrams M Nystre K Bateson M Gal vm M Mlck Second Row B Scully M Stedman G Kaneko D Gustafson C Barden D Bachman P Glrcker Third Row S Hess K Foster B Kxng B Han del Y Koegl I Nlpgen N Kennedy D Wemert Fourth Row M Erbaugh E Astrup I Connor M Hoop er G LIVIHQSIOHE S Gray rw GIRI RESERVES In 1938 the Grrl Reserve Club was d1Vlded rnto s Gamma Wlth two sponsors M1ss Holtman and Mrs Murdoch In September l939 Mlss Rundle also became a sponsor The Glrl Reserves are proud of thelr work th1s year under the leadershlp of Mrldred Otto 1n the fall and Kathleen Bateson 1n the sprmg Last fall clothlng was made for un der pr1v1leged ch1ldren and, at Easter, baskets were glven to the German Lutheran Home and scrapbooks to the Chlldrens Hospltal Admrsslon to the Thanksgtvlng Dance, held rn co operatlon w1th the H1 Y boys was a quarter s worth of food used later to hll Thanks g1v1ng baskets Proceeds from the Spr1ng Frohc went to the Y W C A Membershlp Fund and the Y M C A Worldfellowshrp Fund At each regular meetlng one of the members glves a short devotronal talk and spectal Chrlstmas and Easter servrces are conducted attended by both Glrl Reserve and H1 Y members . .t. 1 f. ' : L 4' Z- 1 - 1 - ' ' , . , . . - Q. Il - I ' ' - ' ' 3 - . , ' ' ' - I . ' I - 1 - 1 1 ' x I 1 . 1 . . 1 ' 1 : . , . ' 1 ' 1 - r , I , s I , , Q 2 . 35 " SL . - ,. .1 2 5 I af, I 'T 1 ' I ' 1 -' . , . - , 1 A Q 1 .- 1 I 1 v ' . ' ' . ' ' 1 , 4, X , , , . T 41" , 1 - l 1 - I 1 f ., a , l I 1 1 1 - 1 I , 1 ! , M. , , , D. 1 - 1 ' J I -A 5- M ' A : . ' ' , . ,,. U " I 1 - ' 1 - ' if v X5 , . . : x . , . , , J 4 . ' ' ' ' E , -v ,,, l 1 . , . - ,. A . 5 1 I '. . , . ' , .A - 7 ..1- A 4 ' . ' ' 4 3 I I V7 5 . - , . ' - H" ' " 1 1 ' ' 1 . . Q . . I g I 1 ' ' ' ' , Alpha, Beta, and I ' I I 1 . I I ' 1 . 1 . . . . . - - I - 1 1 1 Page Szxty two r ky do GS so F I S chl k o by L W 1 H e G y e k y B S cond Row Phalemp n E Butle G Zendel I Horn ng G S esty M K g G t H lb T n u r Row G K1 W Bake S A de son P Mcl. B ockh 0 Mont th L Coh D Ab T C Wbst A o Fwl IWy DEBATE TEAM Dorls Kaulsky Geraldrne Patrent George Slmmons Herman were the members of the Debate Team thrs year It competed 1n t Fhnt H1gh School Rrver Rouge H1gh School and other schools Charlene Hudson and Al practrce debates 1n 1lS d1str1ct Debates were held w1th the followrng h1gh schools Unrverslty of Detrort Hamtramck Mackenzre Pershrng Denby and Mrller Although successful 1n defeatrng only the U of D H1gh School Northwestern s school sp1r1t mas exemphfred by the conduct of the team It was under the ponsorshlp of Mr Ford that the team met wlth these outstandrng schools Lack of experrence was 1ts mam defect but srnce several of the boys and g1rls w1ll be returnrng next year we are lookrng forward to a successful team 1n the fall Next terms sub1ect for debate 1S -Resolved that the power of the Federal Government shall be d1m1n1shed THE DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club organrzed 1n 1936 1S the contrnuatlon of an older Club founded 1n 1920 Under the guldance of the Sponsor Mrs Hulbert the Debate Club strrves to develop rn each member a greater fac1l1ty 1n speaking before a group The organrzatron enjoyed a very successful year engagrng 1n many enllghlenlng and entertarrung debates For the frrst t1me the new members were lnformally 1n1t1ated shortly before Chnstmas The Club celebrated 1ts flfth blrthday at a mothers tea now an annual custom The Debate Club IS very proud that a mayorlty of 1lS members who are graduatlng w1l1 be graduated wrth honor drplomas and 1t 1S l1kew1se proud that frve of 1lS members hold membershrp 1n the Natlonal Honor Soclety Offrcers for the fall term were Lynne Wllson presrdent Betty Scott vrce presrdenr and Mary Malony secretary treasurer Offrcers for the sprlng term were Mary Malony presrdent Rlchard Caskey v1ce presrdent and Helen Vande Greyn secretary treasurer Page Szxty three 1 Q 1 Q t I bb Row: . e er, D. , ls , G. Patrent. Sec- R W: . immons, H, H d n, A. irth, Mr. Ford. a I' lv -.- i' 1 I y ,yy A .A ' 'J I U .m.'.1" .. . Row: . S en er, I. s , , ison, .Van re n, M. Mcxlon y, D. s e , . Scott, B. Coy. : K. Baune, I. 1 , . r, . ' , . i , . cm- d s, I. . Clsson, V. tg : , . rue er, , Pa- TV. , Mrs. urt. hid C : . ein, . r, W n r , . ecm,H. aus, D. Arn ld I. ex , . en, . - ra s,C. o er, . e and. 1 1 1 s 1 . 5 1 1 f 1 1 I I - I - 1 . . . . ' I v T . , , , . 1 . . ,, .. . . . 11 1 1 . . . 4 - - 1 - 1 I ' I . . . . 1 . .. , . 1 - I - 1 1 ' , 1 - .. . I , I 1 ' I 1 ' . l F1 rst Row Mrs Adams I Dorr S Snxderman Shupert W DeW1tt M Reynolds C Barden Sec ond Row R Garcxa H baum M Otto Thrrd Row I Hornmg M Skalskz B Kxrk I Dalder L Ford O Welply B Scott Fourth Row T Krreger I as aak1s Na ley Perry G Sanders B Fra ser I Closson K Bateson P Eoff I Phalempm R Mrller Frst Row K Metcalf G Klem L Ford B Barker A Keppel P Pappas D De Wxtt Second How S Sm1th C Echson A George O Chr txan P Kraczander M Mlelke A McClan R Pos ter I Boot THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY On December 21 1939 senlor students of Northwestern assembled rn the aud1tor1um purpose and creed of the organ1zat1on was revealed 1n1t1ates asked themselves Do I deserve membersh1p 1n Ih1S soc1ety'? Have I made unusual ach1evement through char acter scholarsh1p leadersh1p and SGTVICGIP Honor Soclety members are chosen from the twelfth grade students by faculty and students on the basls of the1r school GCIIVIIIGS and scholarsh1p It 1S 1mportant to real1ze that scholarshlp 1S only one qual1f1cat1on neces ary to elect1on Prov1ded a student 1S 171 the upper thrrd of h1s class scholastlcally he 1S cons1dered but to be elected he must also be outstandmg 1n sernce character and leadersh1p Northwestern 1S very proud of 1ts Chapter of th1s organ1zat1on and wlthout a doubt 1lS members w1ll contlnue to set examples for future students to follow FORUM CLUB The ch1ef a1m of the Forum Club 1S to g1ve every member an opportun1ty to express h1s op1n1ons on sub1ects of current 1nterest and general 1mportance Meet1ngs are held weekly each Wednesday durlng the n1nth hour 1n Room ll3 Though l1ttle more than two years old the Club has already become one of the most popular groups to be found 1n the school A system Wh1Ch has been maugurated and found to be worth and unus ually successful IS to choose a subject for d1scuss1on and after a certa1n length of tlme to have a profess1onal speaker one act1vely engaged 1n the held under d1scuss1on talk to the group about the partlcular tOp1C The 1nsp1r1ng leadersh1p of M1ss Barker and Mrs Keppel and the unceas1ng efforts of the OIIICGTS George Kleln pres1dent Kenneth Metcalf VICS pres1dent and Erleen Me cla1n secretary have carr1ed th1s term s programs through Wllh unusual success , .f ' , 'WI : I. l' , D - kl ', c. 1 , M. i I . , . l is' , I , l V, ' , . i , . - l for the 1nduct1on ceremony of our own Chapter of the National Honor Soc1ety. As the . . , I . . . . 1 . , . I . , . I . I Q. 2 I . - . i . - Page Szxty four Row M Kan g1 s D yze P Wemshelbau t ard C a en Nalley I Clark V Penny Se ond How G Yendel M ok M M o B ber B Reske R Iugaszek th P ea a Ford T rd Ro Pow K nealy C Frush V Dou an H Brockhaus B Mor gan S Dombrowsky N rv! Row H Barget Aust G Smxth D Douglas S h H W lk mx 1 ms Chr stensen She s R Atwood C Arnoldt Second Row E Malt zew kr K B dos H Burke R Frederrck Wllot Dwyer We ls C Kun h I Wa gh D Rlchley r h Stone RADIO DRAMATICS C' UB One' Two' Three' Testmg' These sounds may be heard comlng from rnos any rneetlng of the Rad1o Dramat1cs Club ard rt one stops to lnvestxgate he w1ll hnd a group of students about a mlcrophone l1SlG1'11I'lg to 1nstruct1ons from thelr student d1rec tor and 1n the ofhng he w1ll see the Club s sponsor Mr Raymond Ford standlng by to Wrlghts and sound men all ln one semester Each member 15 glven a chance to try h1 hand ln these helds and honest to goodness experrence IS qamed throuah Youth Programs broadcast over the a1r at var1ous radlo tat ons throughout the clty Not all members of the Club expect to be radlo stars 1rnmed1ate'y nor 1S the purpose of the C'ub to prepare one to go dlrectly 1nto radlo but through 1lS GCl1 1t1es members do galn an appreclatlon of radlo talent and techmque FUTURE CRAFTSMl:N OF AMERICA The Future Craftsmen of Amerxca IS a nat1onal organ1zat1on of youth opeatrnrg through the publlc chool systems of the Umted Sttaes for the purpose ot promotmg the trme honored Splfll of craftsmansh1p It IS composed of afhllated state organ1zat1ons whrch 1n turn are broken up 1nto local chapters rn the schools themselves Here 1n these local chapters 1S cultlvated a Splfll of pr1de 1n one s 1nd1v1dual achlevement so necessary to mdustrv and too often forgotten 1n th1s mach1ne age The Northwestern Chapter of Future Craftsmen of Amerlca was orgamzed two years ago S1nce then the Chapter has attended two nat1onal conventlons and at the con ventlon held ln Detrolt 1ust mlssed wlnnmg the Stout Trophy awarded for the presenta t1on of the most 1ngen1ous 1dea by only two polnts Sponsorrng the organ1zat1on are Mr C G Arnoldt and Mr H C Barget Its ofhcers are Charles Kunesh presrdent Don Barget v1ce presrdent Robert Fredencks secretary Harvey W1lk1HS treasurer and Don Rrchley reporter . t 'a , E. . ' m, 1, c. B , . Aurd- clc, .ISOL , I Irle th, Mrl W.' C. - lt , N. , I. : V . , A. , ' 'A ' , Rf , B. et, . I 's s ", . er- , - I qv . P- , I- es , . u ., 4 1.4 I I l I I I ,P I - n I N see that everything runs smoothly. Here students attempt to be directors, actors, play- ' . -' ' s i l r ' . , V l . ' s , ' - . ' ' 1 I - I I - . . . . . . , 5 , - 5 ' ., : ' ' . 1 , . Page Sxxty frve Page Sixty-six Row Wells B a Flower B Bussey R Pritch ett Mr Humbert D Shaffer Clark I Worthy P Heath Second Row M Heath T Kennedy I Ohaman H Burns I Curtis W Hanson I Sturgeon A Martin S Girolamo G KllGklS Third R M h C H ll a er a Morse N Denbroeder W Ro erts H McAfee Kowesh W Arron B Clark Fourth Row I Martin C Iohnson E Burke I Dorr I Schmidt H Holloway Splttstoesser P Guest D es E H man IR L Chapman E We ch D eidman Stelzer A P rker M Vl Verde A leras Vlatheeff F H Second Row A Shroeder D Tites or Belnge affer I Well N en broeder P Morse P Gu A ston Third Ro B a Flower M Heath P Heath T Reibeling I Wo thy T W itworth I Curtis Humbert S So g MARC HINC1 BAND No patriotic school is without a band to play at its football games basketball games swimming meets rallies and other school affairs The Northwestern Band vias organi ed by Mr Iohn Bov1ll in 1924 After working under several conductors the Band 1S now under the capable leadership of Mr Kenneth Humbert who came to Northwestern in September 1939. At first the Band was a whole unit but in 1937 it was divided into two groups Iunior and Senior. Since then the Senior Division has again been divided into Band A and B. The former is usually referred to as the marching and concert band. Members of the Senior A Band have all had previous instruction in band classes. The Band boasts many talented members who also belong to the All City High School Orchestra. The Marching Band performed at football games both at home and away filling the time between halves with various formations and maneuvers while playing stirring marches. CONCERT ORCHESTRA Because of its rapid progress under the direction of Mr. K. W. Humbert the Concert Orchestra is rapidly becoming one of Northwesterns outstanding organizations. Its one and only aim is to give pleasure to others. Although no credit is given for the work done. there is never a dearth of applications for membership, but only outstanding students whose love for and interest in music is known are accepted. City-wide recognition has been the reward of faithfulness, and, not only has the Orchestra played for most of the school functions, but this year broadcast a program over radio station WXYZ. It participated in the first District Music Festival in Detroit held in Western High School, a number of its members represented the School in Wayne Uni- versity Music Clinicg and several gained membership in the All-city Orchestra which for the first time this year played with the Detroit Symphony in Masonic Auditorium. rst Ro J N Rowan mxth B G B all n Mrs L d n son O Welply N Wather H Roth Seconcil Row B P l lle e ps Stephen B P att M Perry Watt N Wooley W W sn r B Law S Troskv M Nelson Th rd R Go dsby L Freed D C r ner I Dllean s K Kembel B d W F x our as o Erickson D Reeves M West A Da enpo t Fou th ow R Terner N en nedy B Wynneparry G Mur ay S Crook I Pater son B Gatzke G Cough lm S Stewart K Wells R Garcla L ft to Right G Zendel E Henery I Edwards B Ma ron ck M V Verde D Ter ner V Romame G Patxent M Bunce M Smmons Mss Kenk Sntng C Flemmg G Ward R Carcxa C Mc La en D Wehner B lan TY Watt A CAPELLA CHOIR The Northwestern A Cappella Cholr IS now natlonally known In Ianuary of thrs year 1t was selected as one of two s1ng1ng groups to represent Detrolt on a natlon Wlde program broadcast by N B C In add1t1on to other rad1o engagements the Cholr sang for the Rotary Club at the Hotel Statler for the Good Frlclay SGFVICG 1n the Flsher Theatre and at the annual Bach Festlval ln Yps1lant1 Membersh1p 1n th1s organ1zat1on 1S d1tt1cult to galn MISS Ahce M Lowden the d1 rector chooses all members from classes rn the MUS1C Department on the basls ot ab1l1ty and scholarshlp Because rnembershlp changes constantly the task of moldlng the group mto a un1f1ed s1ng1ng cho1r rs d1tf1cult but members soon learn pr1de 1n the1r work and under the patlent leadershlp of the1r accomphshed dlrector recelve tra1n1ng to last beyond the1r school years Th1s y ar s ofhcers were Herbert Roth pres1dent W1nslow Fox vxce pres1dent and treasurer and Sh1rley Stewart secretary AEOLIAN HARP CLUB The harp hrst rntroduced 1nto Northwestern Hlgh School three years ago has galned so 1n popular1ty that there are now three harp classes rnstructed by M1ss Laurletta Kenk the hrst harp teacher ln the Detrolt Pubhc Schools Among her many successful puplls are teachers rad1o artlsts and the present harp1st 1n our own Detro1t Symphony Orchestra The Harp Club an organ1zat1on ot students studylng harp tr1es to stlrnulate an lnterest rn and an appreclatlon of good mus1c Harp puprls serve by playlng 1n the grade rooms at faculty teas and at tunctlons 1n and outsrde of school dolng solo work and pertormlng w1th lnstrumental ensembles and vocal groups Othcers for the fall term were Carol Flemmg pres1dent E1leen Henery secretary treasurer V1ctor1a Rorname v1ce pres1dent and Rosemary Terner l1brar1an Otfrcers lor the spr1ng term were Galer Ward pres1dent Betty Maron1ck v1ce presxdent Mary Val Verde secretary treasurer and Gerald1ne Pat1ent l1brar1an 'X' f I 'f V., "r i' 4 1 Ji ', Fi v 5 . , B, S ' , . arner, , C - se , . ow e , I, Neil- . e 1 - 1' , Nevi ,' N. f Mf 1 ' r r ' 1 R, , . , . i e, . , . , . . i ow: C. l , . , . u - Ds , . , H. , .I vl r . I r - R 5 , , , K - f' , ' . , . ' l e ' .' . , , i ,' f . I i i .' A , . il ' , i ' . ' i : .I ' , lr , I. ' , I . 'F - ne , Z. Miles, M. Perry, R. 1 . - I . S , . Z I . r . I . - . : ' , . I I 1 I I f I , : . I g . I . I - 2 , - : , . ' 1 I , I I ' I 1 ' I I - Page Surly seven Irs! Row F Wood Skart G Wxlson l Crue well A Wxlllams Mlss Low den G Ward B Wynne Parry K Wells R GUFCIU S Crook Second Row A ersey E Marshall Stange M Nelson B Nev xlle S Trosky B I-CIW M Stephen N Wodley E Iensen R K1dd1e B Pratt Taylor T Prouty Paterson Thzrd Row D Whltt G Coughlrn B Ga! k H McCall M Lamarsh R Terner R Schwartz B Calsen L Ford G Dar lmg L Hmes l Nellson O Welply Wnqhtman Fourth Row A McCla1n S Stewart I Camobell Somenskl A I M Cauley VV Wxsner N Kennedy L Callouay A Frederrck T Bloogh M Perry D Rzce G Murray M Asterlou F1rstRow D Currler A Davenport I Reardon G Campbell West Paglxa I Otten Second Row H Roth I Walton N Rowan H Samuels G Gar rlson R Keele R Vach K Foley Thzrd Row W Black I Fowler H Errck son W Fox D Bourdas D Reeves I Dtleanls P Pap pas F Shrrmer Fourth ups B Smlth N Wrather W M1tchell B Gardner L Goldsby W Parks A Bxbb GIRLS GLl'E CLUB 1he G1rls Glee Club under the stlmulatlng drrectlon of M1ss Alrce M Lowden 1S com posed of S1X y flne VOICES carefully culled from the Vo al t2l and C37 classes The Club s reperto1re lncludes several numbers whlch are cons1dered extremely d1tl1cult to handle even by profess1onal groups but nevertheless the g1rls not only render them but they render them well because each one has had tra1n1ng 1n the fundamentals of muslc Othcers are elected each term Ofhce s 1n the tall class were Ohve Welply pres1 dent R1ta Garcla secretary Norma Kennedy and Sh1rley Stewart l1brar1ans The spring class othcers were Shlrley Stewart presldent Iuanlta Cruewell ecretary and Betty Nev1lle treasurer Three days each week the Boys and Glrls Glee Clubs comblne to form the Sen1or Chorus Here 1S where the long arduous hours of preparatlon take place for the annual Fad and Spring Concerts to Whrch students and faculty allke look forward wlth ant1c1 pa'1on and del1ght THF BOYS GLEE CLUB TWICE a week the boys 1n the SGHIO Chorus meet as the Boys Glee Club Thls organlzatxon 1S composed ot advanced muslc students selected form the Mustc Deaprt ment Jocal classes Under the d1rect1on ot Mr Ioh'1 A Otten thls group 1S bulldtng up a modest yet var'ed repcrto1re of songs sultable for var1ous occaslons Both class1cal and modern numbers are lncluded The fundamentals of s1ng1ng and volce productlon are also a part of the group s study Members TSCGIVS two and one hall hour s credlt tor thls course whlch 1ncludes classes three days a week wlth the G1rls Glee Club at whlch trme the assembly IS known as the Semor Chorus Recently the Glee Club had an opportumty to d1splay 1lS tra1n1ng when the boys part1c1pated 1n a broadcast over WXYZ The Club also s1ngs regularly ln the Chrlstmas and Sprmg Concerts g1ven by the Musm Department The olhcers for thls term are W1HSlOW Fox presldent Bert Gardner v1ce pres1dent Ken Foley treasurer ..l 5 MAY F' :4. .A- P , ' Q ' ' 1 f K , . . lv M. ' 4, -. ' ' , li ze, I. I , .' 1 1 jr , j. ' , I. ' 1 , f ' ,' Pf 1!j , I , . ,' M. EI ' . f . T '1 f Row: I.4Mal'1akiam., N. Bill- , . H . . . . . L. . . . - 1 - - 1 Q C . C . 4 I ' I I 1 In . I : . I .- I . . I i . I . . 1 . . I . I D. i . I Sv : , . . . . . . 1 . 1 . . M 1 , . ' oo. . - . 1 . , I - ' - , - , A 1 . . 1 1 ' - I I 1 5 l ' 1 l I 1 I ' ' I , . Page Srxty exght Frst Row W Mlt h ll B 1h I Otten H o Cha at s Second Ro Dlleams M West H Erlck son H Brockhaus K Kem e F1 t Rox H Campbell Crosby E Hurbxch M Zambos E Kottsxllas A Grrbble P Burgess M Hennessy S Gray Second Row V Lawson C Berger B Sharpe C Holden D Domansl-ri D Houseman F Wood I Mallory M Wheel er A Scherden E Wood ward R Miller B Peat Th: d Row O Welply P Sober B Bethel B Conn L Wmkle P Hollmen B Dolby M Redlmg B Las key I Trolanowsk E Sg man Fourth Row B Lm denbaum Y Pacxzzl T Dur renberg R Ottatl B Coy B King I Hornmg D Ellx S011 M Cvallager B Bren SOD VAR QITY OCTET The Varsrty Octet was organrzed last October under the sponsorshrp ot Mr Iohn A Otten Its purpose 1S to g1V9 1ts members experrence and lun rn mus1c as well as to enter tam the students rn school The boys do not get any scholastlc credrts The or1g1nal Octet of last year was composed of boys from the Slxth Hour 'ienlor Boys Glee Club Last year the Octet sang over WXY7 1n a program 1n con1unct1on w1th the Boys Glee Club In addrtron to S11'1g11'1g for th1s broadcast the boys have sung for most of the Houses at the Ianuary Class Day EXGICISGS and the IZA luncheon The Octet meets tW1C9 a week Tuesday and Thursday dur1ng the E1ghth Hour The manager and accompanlst 'or the year IS Herbert Roth One of the most popular num bers that the boys sang last year was F1sh1n Whtch 1S lncluded 11" th1s year s reperto1re The numbers bemg Worked on at present are Brahms Lullaby and a chant Three Lrttle Kxttens LIBRARY STAFF Llbrary Staff members are selected for the1r co operat1on respons1b1l1ty and scholar sh1p The members of the staff render a servlfe not only to the school but to themselves as well Thelr l1brary tra1n1ng enables them to know and understand the benehts of the school and publ1c llbrarres more fully for they are taught how to use the l1brary to the best advantage and how to keep 1n touch wrth the best books and readlng Thrs 1S a valuable asset elther 1n college or later on ln the busmess world Two and a halt hour s cred1t are grven for each term s work 1n thrs useful vocat1onal tralmng When workmg rn the l1brary the unsktlled expenenced students are under the guld ance of a more experrenced pupll or supervlsor who assumes respons1b1l1ty for the1r dlrectron durlng the perlod ln whrch he IS 1n charge The l1brary statt 15 under the spon sorshlp ot Mrs Fcuth Murdock and M1ss Grace Wlnton Page Sxxty nme in ': . 'ce, Smi, , .Rth,C1. 1' i- w: I. bll ' ' ' ' is v: . ,I, 'I' 4: .' A f . 1 nr, .' A , f ,. ' 5, f ii nent I.'Sutherland, Mon: I I L . . , 1 . . . , . . 1 .. .1 . . I , 1 I , , . . , , , I I . v L I 1 - U . . ,,, . . . . . 1 . u I ll ll- ll . , . . H - I - 1 . . . . I - . , . . . . . 1 - ' ' I Ftrs! Row lst Sgt Brown Capt M Hopkms Capt R Morehouse Sgt Mounsey lst Lle t Kosxer lst LIGHT Da1gle Sgt Colsher Sec ond Row 2nd Lreut Bar nett 2nd Lreut Coleman 2nd Lleut Hammarstrom 2nd Lxeut Doran 2nd Lreut Fxrth 2nd Lxeut Mclnty e First Row L Barnett Morehouse A Hammar strom K Koster L Daxgle Second Row S Graham G Hooper M Samanan McCutcheon R Duval Sgt Mounsey Third Row E Neff D Iones I Grrmshaw I Waugh B GGlZGUSkQS R O T C OFFICERS To get a comm1ss1on ln the R O T C one must have and ma1nta1n a B average 1n h1s a adernlc studles The cadet offlcers are dlrectly under the supervlslon of Sergeant G A Mounsey They must not only know the1r theory but they must be able to demon s rate and teach dr1ll f1rst a1d r1fle marksmanshlp combat pr1nc1ples and m1l1tary h1s preparatlon for the annual Fleld Day compet1t1on Northwestern un1t 1S look1ng forward to wear1ng the red bra1d symbohc of wlnnma hrst place Ofhcers graduated last Ianuary were Captaln Hopklns Flrst L1eutenant Kosrer and Second L1eutenants Da1gle Barnett and McIntyre Present ottrcers are Captaln More house F1rst Lxeutenants I-Iammarstrorn and F1rth and Second Lleutenant Doran Otfrcers recently promoted whose plctures do not appear here as ofhcers are Second Lleutenants lv"cCutcheon Douvan Duval and Godbout R O T C RIFLE TEAM The R O T C Rlfle Team drrected by Sergeant Glen A Mounsey has establlshed a fme record At the flrst crack of the r Iles they defeated Northern Central and MQCK9HZle rn successlon The1r only defeat was at the hands of Cooley However when the real test came the Cadets proved therr mettle by w1nn1ng the Clty Chan1p1onsh1p 1n the Corps Area R1fle Matches The ten hlgh Cadets f1r1ng rn the Corps Area Matches were Neff 368 Waugh 362 Morehouse 352 Barmng 352 Hooper 352 Abbot 350 Duval 348 Godbout 346 Hamrnarstrom 344 Douvan 341 These scores were obtamed out of a posslble 400 Frve Cadets Neff Morehouse Hooper Waugh and Abbot were chosen to hre on the Hearst Trophy Team and placed thrrd 1n th1s match Neff f1r1ng conslstently hrgh on the team 1n all matches won for h1msell the nrckname Borestght I .up . 'A , f ' , l ' r ' : . , R , .' ' A ,' R . . C . . U L . . . . . . . - , ' L . . . . . . . . . . - A' I I ' I I tory. Sprlng sees signs of increased activity as the R. O. T. C. program is speeded up 1n , , 1 I 1 I 5 I I I 5 . . , . 5 , 2 , 1 ' , 1 , 1 , 3 . 1 . J 1 2 , . , 0 I I I I I I ' ' I I I ' Page Seventy First Row: L. Walters, L. Amelotte. Second Row: Miss Merriam, P. McKnight, R. Ottati, N. W. Rather. Third Row: M. Hopkins, P. Kaczander, I. Tesorero, A. Leiter, D. Hurd, B. Thomp- SOIL Kneeling E Schupbach D Engle Second Row B Lloyd C Kunesh C Hauch M Holloway E Verbrxdge R Galvrn I Nelson FENCING CLUB Northwestern H1gh School 15 proud of 1lS Fencmg Club drrected by Mrss Beatrice Merr1am The Club meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to practlce 1n compet1t1ve bouts ln the fall Allen Lelter preslded over the Club and Bob Klck captalned the Boys Team successful 1n two meets wrth Hrghland Pa k but 'osmg valrantly to Cooley H1gh In the spring Lorrame Amelotte served as pres1dent and R1chard LaBarre was ccrpta1n of the Boys Team Although many more glrls fenced thls year than last a Grrls Team was not completely organlzed Sprmg compe-t1t1on gave Hamtramck the edge over Northwestern 1n a closely fought bout Northwestern students w1ll be rnterested to know that Paula Sweeney forrner presr dent of the Fenclng Club was crowned M1ch1gan State Women s Champlon recently and ARCHERY CLUB The Red and Gray Archers are a group of boys and glrls sponsored by Mr Bert Mans and Interested 1n the anclent art of shootlng Wllh bow and arrow Membershlp s granted students havlng the1r own equlpment Every term the Club holds an elec ion of otflcers Thls term Charles Hauck rs pres1dent Marv1n Hollaway v1ce pres1dent and Dawn Engle secretary treasurer Twelve add1t1ona1 boys and grrls constltute the club membershlp Meetmgs are held on Frrday from l 30 to 3 45 durlng wh1ch mme the members practlce shootmg to lmprove the1r sk111 wlth bow and arrow Mr Mar1 gives 1nstruct1ons to those who have not yet had ewrperlence ln th1s fme sport Each year the organrzatlon has 1lS annual sprtng outlng when out door shootrng 1S done Wllh prrzes for the hlghest scores Then bount1ful refreshments are served at the expense at the Club treasury Page Seventy one I . . . I L . . I . 5 , . . I . . A. , . I that Norma Wynick, another Northwestern alumna, placed second 1n the contest. I I I LI -- . - L . , . 1 ' . ' - ' 1 I I. I . I ' l I I -LI Fzrst Row N Brwon M Cn acclo M Bowers D Bach man E Barr B Chambers C Webster Second Row M Z d S M P an er anges Cooper M Beasley E Wag ner Thxrd Row D Bowdom A Gagams R Prltchett M MacGregor B Shreve M F st o T Kneger S Hess E Wrlkms B Fa ns H Baker E Rudolph W Wllson Second Row I Wlegand C Anderson M P per I Sutherland M Dunn B Lmmg M Bone V Evans K Panayotxdes Third How B Oaten D Mclntyre T Htll H Erxckson H Slm olton D S anson D Cad ac THE NORTHXVESTFRN DANQF CLUB ago by a group of g1rls tremendously 1nterested ln the modern Dance Yet these glrls were no dlfferent from the glrls who make up the membershlp of the Club today for one must not only be mterested 1n the dance but must also have a h1ghly developed sense of rhvthm and balance to become a member Northwestern s Dance Club IS one 1n wh1ch the school can take 1ust prlde for they were 1nv1ted to dance at Kmgswood School at Denby Hxgh School and they also attend ed the Symposlum whlch was held at Central I-hgh School Takmg an act1ve part 1n the school productlon Tambula the glrls proved themselves Worthy producers when they put on a program of the1r own One of the most outstandlng memb rs Dorothy Bowdoln has been a most helpful and 1nstruct1ve pres1dent of the Club BADMINTON CLUB Popular because of the color and swrftness of the game badmlnton 1S popular too because 1t IS a soclable game capable ot be1ng played equally well by both boys and glrls One afternoon each week from November to Aprll the Badmlnton Club meets Wllh 1ts coach Mrs Mlldred Dunn to learn some clever shots or get some helpful pomters Club presldents for the fall and spr1ng terms were Helen Baker and B111 Ferns both of Whom found dlfflculty 1n arranglng matches wrth other schools because the Badm1nton Club of Northwestern has a reputatron for skrll ln both doubles and smgles matches However compet1t1on was found 1n the Ferndale and B1rm1ngham I-Ilgh Schools Club members always eagerly awa1t vxsrts from the1r favorlte alumnus Guy Gar wood Many other graduated members often return to enloy a few games wlth old frlends Some of the Clubs alumnl have recerved hrgh recognltron rn th1s stead1ly growmg sport ir R w: . ' , . r A f I 1 A T - . i , '. A ,' : . I , E . W I, I. r an . l l The Dance Club under the direction of Mrs. Arthur Carty, was organized fifteen years , . D a . 9 I . I . . . 1 - - , , , . I ' I ' , , . , ' , . . . . . . . . Page Seventy two F1 st Ro te n t McCull gh T G lowslu S cond Row N Tro bley M Sha p C McCla1n st Row M Bauer M ewton Z Ia E B Sh B D K ru erse Bat son Second Row P Hunt M Mlller B Ch y anders S C Shbbles M Stedma Th d ow R Pe g n Coughl n I Du B Call D Dud ly M O B 1' 1 BOYS' BOWLIING TEAM At the beg1nn1ng of the school term a bunch of boys got gether under the d1rect1on of Mr Maris and formed a bowhng team The boys held an rnformal meetlng every Tuesday and Thursday at the Northwestern Recreatlon Alleys The team s competltlon was had from 1nd1V1dual matches wxth other hrgh schools and though the success of the team wasnt worth much more than to wrtte home about everyone had lots of fun To top everythmg else the boys on the team had some real competrtxon when they bowled ln the Amencan Bowhnq Congress Tournament at the State Falr Grounds Berng able to bowl rn the A BC was a thr1ll not to be forgotten very soon by any of the boys All of the credlt of the team should go to Mr Mans because he had the patlence and everythlng else that goes rnto the mak1ng of a good coach to get the boys together to partrclpate ln Amerlca s fatest growlng sport and the boys are extremely proud GIRLS BOVULING CLUB In recent years bowlmg as a sport has forged ahead rapldly both 1n the number of people playmg and the enthuslasm w1th whlch the general publlc has recelved 1t The Detrolt hrgh school puplls are part of th1s general movement Whxle bowllng IS not a recognlzed team sport 1t would not be surprlslng lf 1n the near future dehnlte scheduled meets between schools were made part of the regular sports program Here IS a sport that after graduatron can be 'nade part of the regular GXGICISS each 1nd1v1dual needs to keep 1n good physlcal tr1m and the fnendshrps made at the bowhng alley often last a lrfetlme Under the leadershlp of Mrs Clarke and thelr captaln Evelyn Astrup the g1rls have had a very successful year Evelyn recerved the honor of bemg captaln of the team as she had the hlghest average among the glrls w: H. S r et, B. , . ier '. : . m , e, . ' . A. rrard, . I Astl reve, . , . ' , . a ie: , . upit, N. . n. ir r a de, G. . rnin, . - e , . ' rien, l - 1 - 1 . . I 1 I 1 1 . . , . . . . , . , . Y I I 1 1 A ' I I Page Seventy three Judi' F1rstRow M Bunce MISS Black B Favale H H1cks H Brocl-:haus R Mlller C Barden M Lynem Second Row V Barnette E Dryzer M Erbaugh V Down1ng V Shesty I Ewrank B Mar n1ck M Krueger G Zen del Thtrd Row R Watt S Roop M Allen A Rus sell A Schroeder Chance C Camp B tel zer C1 Darlmg R Iugaszek I G1dd1ngS Fourth Row L Ramsay E Dawson H Hampton H Hartman E Wagner R Ottatx C An erson K mame Wells P Lynem I Lewrs F1rstRoA1 F Eversheld B Reske E Rudolph H S Iohn H Labuhn A Grlb ble E Woodward Second Row M Ozeran P Somen sk1 H Margason B Favale E Sanqu1st W Wrsner Gutherm I Selmler Wrlson Thrrd Row H Mlchals R Leemon Hampton B L1n1ng D Scott M Sauher B Maromck H Hartman P Abler The Lat1n Club ott1c1ally known as Com1t1a Romana has as 1lS purpose the pro r'1ot1on ot 1nterest 1n the study of Lat1n and the encouragement of soc1al lntercourse among hlgh school students The membershlp of thls Club conslsts of approxrmately Iorty hve students who are studymg Lat1n The meet ngs are held on alternate Tuesdays Uvograrn at these meetmgs are var1ed Sl.1lflC191'1llY t lnclude both Work and play The 11 st halt ot each program 1S serlous the second half entertamlng Student part1c1pat1on 1n hese programs 1S encouraged and many prepared talks on the anclent Roman act1v 1 IGS are en1oyed The h1ghl1ghts of these rneetmqs howe Jer are perlodlc appearances 0 guest speakers whose mterestmg talks are always apprectated One ot the outstand1ng events of each semester 1S the awardlng of a medal to the 12A student havlng the htghest ratlng ln Lat1n l8l MISS Isabella Black 15 the very pop ular sponsor ot the Lat1n Club La Causer1e the French Club IS composed of chosen members of the French C37 and l4l classes It was organtzed for the purpose of promotmg 1nterest ln and ga1n1ng knowledge ot the French people language and customs Meetlngs wh1ch are held on alternate Thursday afternoons are devoted equally to educat1onal aspects of French wh1ch cannot be galned 1n class and to French games and entert1anments wh1ch add conslderably to the 1nterest ot members Th1s years othcers were Helen Labuun pres1dent Altce Grtbble V1Ce pres1dent Ehzabeth Woodward secretary Ela1ne Rudolph treasurer and Betty Ann Reske chatr ma 1 comm1ttee des 1d9eS Mlss Helen St Iohn IS the faculty sponsor A few ot the projects engaged ln thls year and typlcal of French Club fun were the lo mal 1n1t1at1on dmner all ln French style the d1st1nct1ve Chrlstmas program an enter ta nment tor all of the French Clubs of the clty and La Causerte s annual p1cn1c an event always eagerly ant1c1p-ated Page Seventy tour I m lrxfa- . A A 14 M w l ," f A, Rf ,.s- d ,'v1 Ro'- n he ,fri -, V- ,If ' ', ,ll-If THE LATIN CLUB A - I . . I . . I ' .' ' . l 1- I . I I ' A1 . . . 1 , 1 First Row: W. Posner, M. Ricardi, G. Bogenrieder, I. Lan, G. Kaneko, W. Lin- dauer, B. Simons, L. Ian- kowski, P. Morse, D. Morts- field, N. Denbroeder. Sec- ond Row: H. Hubal, I. Mar- lin, M. Miller, l. Boyko, E. Breuer, D. Spencer, L. Ram- say, R. Burling, E. McNeil, I. Gutheim, I. Degan, W. Hawyer, W. Wenk, G. Meade, I-'.Maass, Third Row: H. Hurst, R. Lamb, R. Genz, D. Young, B. Iones, P. Fraz- er, H. Garz, Y. Goegal, M. Fuller, I. Ringel, M. Zander, R. Kerr, R. Downie. Fourth Row: R. Schauer, A. Cohen, E. Kuhn, L. Knapp, D. Kan- ack, N. Wachler, I. Rodger, V. VeuCasovic, S. Gorman, W. Bernstein, R. Morgan, G. Kuhn, S. Kleinplatz. First Row: G. Kiesel, Wagner, H. Carton, C. Lam- bert, B. Lindenbaum, B. Mattice, R. Garcia, D. Iohn- son, W. Doran, E. Boyles, I. Durnin, S. Kosnick. Sec- ond Row: T. Iones, E. Kunin, L. Hoffman, E. A. Goodwin, C. Holden, I. Mallory, F. Wood, C. Mauch, C. Car- ney, I. Glenesk, B. Mc- Cullough, I. Farr. Third Row: R. Dresser, R. Sturmer, T. Ely, O. Silsby, W. Far- rell, B. Edmiston, B. Camp- bell, B. McKinley, M, Hello. way, W. Herr, I. Davenport, W. Gowans. Fourth Row: P. Domanski, B. Davis, M. Hooper, H. Shusta, B. Hol- ton, H. Darby, B. L. Cooley, A. McClain, G. Livingstone, E. Larson, C. Cooper. -WT A. GERMAN CLUB This year saw a complete reorganization of the German Club. Until the present, the Club had existed under class-room organization, with a junior and senior division. This semester, however, it was decided that these two groups should combine to lorrn one strong organization to meet at other times save the class period. With the help of Miss Bogenrieder, the sponsor, an executive board was elected and a constitution was drawn up and adopted, new members were invited from present and past classes and were duly initiated, Walter Lindauer was elected president and proved an indispensable tactor in the organization process. Varied programs are enjoyed, some ot a serious nature, some purely entertaining and social, such as picnics and parties. Some ot the most popular programs were those featuring illustrated travel talks ot picturesque places in Germany. Practice has already been begun on several German plays. These should be ready for presentation in the tall. THE SPANISH CLUB "Los Leones Espanoles," the Spanish Lions, was organized in 1923 by Miss Hart, now Mrs. Carton, to promote interest in the Spanish and Spanish customs and to establish friendships among its members. Entertainment, fun and serious endeavor mark their activities. Members of "Los Leones Espanolesn have always been outstanding in lead- ership, scholarship and co-operation in school activities. The Club played a prominent part in a Pan-American Program presented at Northern High School in April. Officers last tall were: Rita Garcia, president, Dorothy Iohnson, vice-president, Bette Mattice, secretary, Bill Doran, treasurer, Carl Lambert, publicity manager, and Bernard Lindenbaum, program chairman. Officers this spring are: Tom Ely, president, Tom Iones, vice-president, Ioan Durnin, secretary, Dorothy Domanski, treasurer, Oliver Silsby, pub- licity manager, Iune Ely, parliamentarian, and Wade Herr, program chairman. Page Seventy live First Row A Goodsir N Schooley D Kxlwin R Car ter H Pew Second Row M F Beaman G Hanna P Pocock W Addelson I osnlck Logan Heirdtman -1? MWA rrst Row E Dryzer Downing I C Edwards M Brenton I Cannon E Berg S Crook M Graham I Graft Second Row D Dube C Fnchette D Colt man I M Edwards M Eberhard F Vaughn V Downing A THE CAMFRA CLUB The Camera Club was recently reorgani ed under the sponsorshm of Miss Beaman Our membershrp lncludes students who never had taken p ctures before rece1v1ng cameras at Christmas time and members who do their own printing and enlarging experlmenting with photograms Have you ever tried them? Field trrps to the airport and Greenfield V1llage are on the program In Iune the group will attend the Interna tional Salon of Photography at the Institute of Arts where we w1ll see prints of lnterna tionally famed artrsts Our president Donald K1lw1n welcomes in the name of the Camera Club all pupils who own cameras and Want to learn more about using them As yet the demand hasnt been great enough for us to starr a Northwestern darkroom but 1t looks as if we would have to soon Many of the h1gh schools already have theirs CHFSS AND CHECKER CLUB Rapidly forging ahead as one of Northwesterns foremost clubs IS the Chess and Checker Club Under the sponsorship of Mr A H Hollinger and preslded over by Iune Edwards the Club has been reorganized and has adopted a const1tut1on Organrzed for the students of Northwestern who enjoy keen compet1t1on in these two ancient but in comparable games and for those students who desire to learn or 1mprove their skill the Club boasted a membership of approximately th1rty this year Meetings were held each Thursday in Room 122 one meetlng berng devoted to the business of the Club the next reserved entirely for pleasure where member matched wits against member The mem bers entered the all city high school tournament rn May where they fared successfully As one of the newer organrzations rn the school the Club 1nv1tes all students to affiliate themselves with this organization and enjoy the mental exhilaration which only chess or checkers affords Page Seventy six sb ' , 'D.' , 'Hf F' I : . , R. .Zi V Q . . . . . 5 . . We enjoy exchanging photographic experiences and our latest project has been L 1 I I - 1 Ftrs! How R Erederrcksen B Serndlnger D Wemert E Astrup M Bauer S Cu p11 R Pergande P W1n shelbaum Mrs DaRa!t Sec ond Row D Houseman E Caruso D Gustafson Bateson I Buchan A Cun nmgham M Galvn V Lande s B Pratt B Comer ford D Faber Thrrd Row I Connor B Brennan H Grx flth M Iacobson Vohner H Edmondson M Melke M Stfler B Sober N Kennedy V Al ms Fourth Row S Morgan I Clark V Penny E Larson d Ad T9 ams Kramer A McCla1n P Wxl llams S Hess I. Sect-15: C Akey r Q. rrsl Row C Fmley Brown V Goward M Hale M l I G ora es eene Watkms G Carter Second Row S Manges L Brant ley A Snyder M Ebe hart Cheesman I C wards A Caldwell B Col 1ns GIRLS BUSINESS CLUB The G1rls Bus1ness Club sponsored by Mrs G DaBatt had a successful year Wllh Evelyn Astrup pres1dent Ruth Pergande v1ce presxdent Dorothy Wexnnert secretary and Dorothy Houseman treasurer The Club 1S composed of llth and 12th grade gms who are takrng a busmess course The rn mb rs must malntaxn a htgh standard of scholarshlp The slogan of the Club 1S Scholarshlp Serv1ce and SOC19lY The purpose 1S to ra1se scholarsh1p help others and promote soc1al act1v1ty Along the hnes of servlce the Club has sold Chnstmas cards the proht be1ng donated to the school glven Thar1ksg1v1ng and Chr1stmas baskets to the needy and p esented the Commerclal Department Wlth a paper cutter lor thelr soclal act1v1' es the g r s have had danc1ng partles pot luck dxnners bowl Img matches gatherxngs at Mrs DaRa t s house and date mghts They have talfen tr1ps to the Art Museum and The Detrolt Bus ness lnstltute both of wh1ch were enloyable and 1nstruct1ve THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economlcs Club 1S sponsored by M195 Elene Robblns a sluden teache from Wayne Unlverslty and by MISS Beatrlce COll1PQ hom economtcs mstructor Th rewly formed club meets each Frlday atternoon 1n room 2l at 2 15 o clock The purpose of the club IS to further the mterests of Northwestern g1rls 1n the va lous helds of home economlcs Entertamment mcludes tr1ps to places ot mterest 1n Detrolt such as Iudge G1ll1S Court Boom th Crty Hall cook ng demon a1ons at the MlCl11gGH COHSOl1dGl9d Gas Company The Detroxt Edson Company and the Brewster Prolect The club has also formed a catertng servlce Wh1ch Wlll serve the s hool clubs faculty members and organ1zat1ons OUlS1d9 the school Plans are be1ng made to athhate the Club w1th tlo State and Natlonal Home Economlcs As oc1at1on The cablnet lncludes Madelynn Hale pres1dent V1ola Goward v1cepres1def1t Ol1V1CI Watklns correspondlng secretary IeSSle Green record1ng secretary and Iul e Morales treasurer 1 - ,K. A 1 - i, , r,, ,, . 'f', 1 ,I. - 1 . , . 1 1 . 1 ,. , . , . kl. M. Al ,I. ,Fi . sc F' : . ' ,A, I. I ,. r ,O. 1. 1. r 1 C. , . .Ed- 1' ." " l l Q 1 l 1 1 . 1 . -. 1 - - 1 1 I 1 ' I 1 I . .- , . . . 9 e L. . . . .. . . 1 . 11 - .1 , , 1 . 1 1 - 1 . -1 - ' . .. . I Y 1 f ' 1 . . ., . . . . ' .1 , li ' 1 - 1 - . . L, .. - , 1 L , . . . 5 - X . 1 - 1 . , . 1 -'I' .. , L1., 9 ' 1 9 . . L- 1 1 5 1 .- . . L . . F. . V 1 . - , , 9 1, .l Stfr 1 , . , . . . . . . . A . - 1 1 1 . . KS . . I 1 1 I 1 ' -I .. . . I . . I .,. I I "' I I 'L , . Page Seventy seven A Vartabedxan P Wmshel F1rstRow E Kohnke N Campbell A Ml!Cl'16ll M Snalar I Guxlfoll Second Row M1ss Elxot R Black b n D Pallzzl H Darby D Engle G Mallos Mrs Mans First Row l Mons E Ca dxeux M Dudley A Lan dry M Galvm B Gunn M Mxck Second Row E Landry K Zafras G Mar key M Kantgxas K Wells t I C o b E G Rapopor r s y Kumn S Manges Third Row L Barnett R Ottatl Roop R Iugaszek Anderson Abbott Sober I Kohner B Reske C Kantgxas Fourth Row M Stephen O Ryland B Coy M Zafras B Lmden baum A Plclung CLOTHING CLUB The Fellow Art1st1c Workers of Northwestern better known as the F A W N Club was organxzed under the d1rect1on ot M1ss Elliot and Mrs MQIIS The purpose of the Club IS to a1d those 1n need and to enable g1rls to galn a wxder knowledge of sew1ng kn1tt1ng and deslgn Ofhcers are Anna Mltchell pres1dent Martha Sncuar vxce presldent Helen Camp bell se r 'ary and Eudora Kohnke trea urer The Club 1nv1tes 1nto membershlp all g1rls mterested ln th1s type of work Cand1dates must be tak1ng or have taken Clothrng f4l and have an A ratlng S1nce the organ1zat1on of the Club ln October 1939 much has been accornphshed Twenty dolls were dressed for Chrlstmas seven Chrlstmas stockmgs were made and fllled and members are now engaged 1n the makmg of gowns to be f1n1shed 1n Iune for the Chlldrens Hospltal Among the Club s soclal QCt1V1t1eS were two successful partres at wh1ch new mem bers were 1n1t1ated THE COLT STAFF Th1s year more than ever The Colt has proved 1lS value to the students of North western Hlgh School For 1ust one nlckel students found somethmg of 1nterest 1n the way of humor scholastlc achlevements news of clubs sport flashes and QOSSIP In ram shlne or snow Colt salesmen could be seen each day the paper was 1SSUed Many new features were 1ntroduced th1s year the heavy black type to mtroduce the art1cle prctures of outstandlng boys lntervlews w1th teachers and promlnent students and prlze contests All of these changes met wlth the approval of the student body The Colt Staff was one of the largest 1n lustory Each member real1zed the lmportance of h1s oos1t1on and worked accordlngly No small share of the year s success IS due to the leadershlp of the Ianuary edltor ADHIS Landry and the Iune edltor Maxlne Galv1n f s L : 5 , 3 4 l 'Wa ' s ,A -l A' 1' ' Q 1 - ' -' - ' 4 A J . A V, ' X- ur , . V - 1 "a,,.VA X X, ' ' I . i. - ' ' I I - F , 4' rv - S, , , , S- M , K. , B. baufn, Charatis,-D.. Scott, , . , , . . I . I . . I . - . : - , C 9. 5 - , 3 . - 1 ll ll - . , . . . , . . .. ., . I I - I I ' I I I I ' 1 5 . .. 1. . , 1 - I , 1 , u 11 I . . K . . I Page Seventy-eight 12th GRADE HONORS Fzrst Row I A Closson Ross K Bateson R H111 McC1a1n M Maloney Sanders V Landers Manke Second Row M1l1er S Manges I Gut helm L Wllson B Favale C Barden B Pratt I ha Iempxn M Eberhart M Stedman T 1rd Row I LSWIS I Morales H Garz :UCJOIIIE Q 21 FU- . - '. ' -V,--' -.,' . .' N - ' 'fi , . 1 ' ' , Q . . :u '.'- ..- - ' '. .I N --. . -. B' -. ' , 0 , -" . , - -1 , , . . - ,U- .,e' " " ' -n"'U -- ' -N., ...FU .,.. 1 I i 1 1 . T H111 I GIDSOD W ox o e C Coo er Scoti D Elllson Fourth Row I Coons G K1e1n W Spraglm H G1bbons R Lumley I Door P Iohnson W Wxsner 11th GRADE HONORS Groom! Vosburg I Anderson Roop C Anderson Gatzke R Prltcheit Johnson Second Row Pahent I Stewart F Long Ma11os M Zafras Crosby V O1son M Char ats M Wxnter B M1 er Th1rd Row A Vartabedlan G S1mmons K Baune L Uhl P McLean H Brock haus G Charatls L Kett 10th GRADE HONORS Fxrst Row I Gulbankxan V Walker B Edmondson D Barry V Schrelner Second How P Lxm E Avery M M11ler M L Young L H111 I. Iandy O Prlestley HONOR STUDENTS Page Seventy nme 'mv EXECUTIVE STAFF First Row A Dudley P MsLean I Young R Near K Foley Second How I Guck M Heckman K Baune M Snalar G MC Rae V Landers K Bateson NORWESTER First Row A Mogolis C Varner F Nelson R More house W Clark I Snaxar D Haapanen W Eaves R Bonnville I Breshgold I Mitchell Second Row A Hearn I Kenealy G Mc Rae A Dudley M Snaiar P McLean I Young K Fo ley KBa ne VLanders K Bateson Heckman Miss uenther Thi d Row R ear I Guck D Sucecy M Stda man Helper I roves M Gal in M Beas Vley D WEIHEIILE Landry D Comstock M lcLean R Miller C Simpson P Plot nick N Sims Fourth Row S Anderson M Zander B Grimes G Zendel H Iack son M Allen I Kohner M Willis M Mielke G Rap orrort E Balent P 1 lianns S Slelaff Fifth How C Barden A Parker M Murdock M Cook I Cros b I Buchan D Laux I Adams M Mehas M Kan el-'o A Ackerman I Horn ing , --- 'K NORWESTER STAFF Over a hundred siudents worked diligently to publish this years Norwester for the reading pleasure and enjoyment of all. Among these hundred are included many of Northwestern s most famous names as Well as many of her nobler scholars. Under the very efficient leadership of Iack Young the editor this large group worked in perfect unison for months. Each separate individual played an important part in making this project a success. The faculty and student body at large did every- thing possible to give full support to the job. The executive staff is grateful for the essential and hearty co-operation of the art department which plays an important part in making the Norwester an artistic as well as a literary success. Work' on the staff was entirely extra-curricular and voluntary. The many hours spent on the activity were very enjoyable as Well as worth while. The publication of such a book is of untold value in preparation for later life. Although this book was entirely written and prepared for publication by students the staff is grateful to Mr. Wolber, Mr. Weiskotten Miss Guenther and Mr. Mallory for their ever ready assistance. Page Eighty NORWESTER STAFF l94U Edttor Iack Youna Asslstant Edltors Phll McLean Kenneth Baune LITERARY STAFF Ed1IO1' Martha Sna1ar Glrls Sports Iean Guck Boys Sports George McRae Betty Ann Reske Loulse Wrlson Lella Walters Helen Van De Greyn Marlorle Wxllls Mar1on Zander Geraldlne Zendel Lynn Wilson R1chard More nouse Don K1lw1n Don Fredrrck Tom Hannlng Stuart Anderson Ioseph Snarar Don Rrckley Phrhp Plotn1ck Herbert Roth Maxme' Galum Dawn Engle lane Ann Closson Martha Allen Iuanlta Adams Peggy W1ll1ams Dorothy We1nert Connle Nalley Irene Kohner Dora Laux Marllyn McLean Io Hornrng Eudora Kohnke Mary Beasley ART STAFF Edrtor Allan Dudley Iames DIIGGHIS Wlnslow Eaves Kenneth Foley Donald Haaponen Iames Mrtchell Alvm Mogohs Frank Nelson Nadlne Suns Mur1el Stedman Charles Varner Russell Bonnvllle CIRCULATION STAFF Managers Velma Landers MGFIOH Heckman lean Guck Geraldme Zendel Marllyn McLean Martha Allen Iohn Kenealy B111 Frackelton Mary Beasley Don Schommer Rosemary Lmgenfelter Betty Ann Reske Margaret Cooke Phlllp Plotnlck Marlon Murdock Ruth Mlller Barbara Grrmes Martha Sna1ar Iuamta Adams Mar1e Kaneko Audrey Matheetf Wlnefred Wlsner Lucllle Ramsay Maxine Galvsn Iune Growes Sherry Roop Eleanor Bal1nt Helen Iackson Dorothy Comstock Shrrley S1claIt Ann Hearn Dorothy We1nert Donna Saucy Carolyn Barden Ruth Henmngs Charllne Webster ADVERTISING STAFF Manager Reed Near Iuamta Adams Martha Allen Arleen Ackerman Eleanor Bal1ne B1ll Clark Margaret Cook Rose Ann Gahman Mar1e Kaneko Margaret Mard1g1an Tom O Nell Leonard Sav1tsk1 Iack Young STENOGRAPHIC STAFF Ed1tor Kathleen Bateson Mar1on M1elke Iuanrta Adams Irene Kohner Memeca Mehas Iean Buchan E1leen Landry Dorothy We1nert ADVISORY STAFF Mr Wolber Mr Werskotten MISS Guenther Mr Mallory Page Erghty one . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . I I I I I I I I I 'I I P- I I I I 1 1 , 1 1 1 , ,. . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 , . , , 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ., . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 1 - '1 1 1 1 1 1 , . A.. f . A an X . f K sJw?4' 1 'fd' uf' , ' 'Yr X Frs! Ro R Thomas W eha I Wey nd Kxesel I C tton H Huber D Y ng S cond Row R Curto L Sha W MGC onald C K tterer Rh aume C Bagdas ran B Wheeler I Krlegel' T d R B Glbs Ians P C Lea L Raskn R Abrams A D m an I O Connor V Zombar Fou th Row Ma s C lohn od ng I e a nkowsk s O B n C Fe r1s R Perry a Cc ch B o First Row H Vartobedxan C Fe IS F Polan B Stur rn r R Iudge I Evans C Ketterer S cond Ro R Bostanllan D Boxer B McCullough C McCann R Rydmg Beach I Gaynor E Cad eux Th rd Row H Holloway B Perry P M Lean I Cot ton I Douglas W Ma ld C ng av rn E rs Coach Laury FOOTBALL The Northwestern Football team of 1939 had an ordmary season as but tour letter men returned from the nrecedmg season The four veterans were Charles Ketterer George Klesel Larry Raskm and Bob Thomas Don Young was chosen captam and the season was under way Start1ng the season aqalnst our anc1ent rlval the Mackenzle Stags the Colts won the battle after a prolonged perlod of extenslve and lntensely exc1t1ng football the frnal score belng 12 to 7 After the hrst game the team d1d not look so good 1n spots loslng to U of D later clty champ Redford Southwestern and llelng Wllbur Wrlght 6 to 6 In the flnal game Northwestern regcuned some of 1ts true form to beat Central School 1n a hard fought battle by the score of 7 to 6 Of the l9 boys that recerved letters last year 13 are returmng for another season Wlth these 13 and a few plcked ones from the freshmen team under the able guldance ol Coach Sam Blshop Northwestern prom1ses to be a real threat for the Clly champlonshxp BASEBALL Under the capable leadersh1p ot Coach Laury the baseball team has shaped up ta1r1y well As there were only three letter wlnners back from last year s team several new add1t1ons have been made The three letter wlnners from last year were Charles Ketterer Ralph Sturmer and Fehx Polan Our hrst game of the season was w1th Wllbur Wrlght and we lost 9 to l due to a few mlsplays We won our next two games 4 to l from Southwestern and shut out U of D 7 to 0 as Ph1l McLean pltched a three hltter Our next game was Wllh Western and they defeated Northwestern 1U to 3 Some of the new fellows on the team are Phll McLean B111 Beach Charles Ferns Iohn Douglas Iohn Evers and Ray Perry Alter the hrst four games the team seems talrly well settled and ready to w1n the remalmng games , ' 9 f . If . J. ' ' if .en I I I i w: . . - . G I I a , G. ' , . o , . . . ou . e I - I . w, . - D , . e ,I l- 6 , . UT 1 hir ow: IA. l ussell, I. ' on, R. , . M - n, . i , . I . a i , . ' . . is. r I Mr. ri , M. hris' , I. Go i , . K ne ly, L. ' Ia i, S. Soli , A. ' rie , . r ' , . . ' P. Favazz , a ish p. I . rr' ,' .l 1 - ' Q e , . . - . I I e w: ' I I . 1 . . B- - - , . i . i : . . - , . c , . - I , I . c- Do , T. 6 , I- ve , . I - g 7' ' I 1 , . . ' I Q I l D . u 1' I I I I ' . I . I I , . I n I I - 1 I . I . . . I I I I I 1 - -I 1 - , . I l I 7 I I I I Page Ezghty four . W' Pe y Ha I a C e zew k c ond Row Coach De T L e G Kxesel C Slater Eyl I Goode I F I I Row I Don' T Emans B Gunn B Bxshop P Pap pas Second Row T Ely H Merrell W Ms-:Kmle I Fsher W A1-ron hu-d Row Coach Laury G Cun nmg T Donohue R Rmgel R Lumle On Board Seeberg Kxrkry I Bre man D T te C Lambet T ones Q21 BASKETBALL The l940 season was started w1th four veterans George Klesel Charles Ketterer Tom Lee and Leonard Krunszew Skl and from the 8U boys that trled out for the team Norman Morr1s Iesse Goodmg Iack MGIZG LeMarr Grtmm Chrls Slater Norman Hyler Ray Perry and Archle Hall were selected The tlrst contest was a non league game W1th Northeastern the vlctor 28 19 The The flrst game of the regular season was taken by Northwestern aga1nst Mackenzxe 25 14 Southwestern won 33 20 ln one of the best games of the season Northwestern beat U D 27 18 Central Won sn a dull game at thelr court 22 16 A see saw game wtth Redford ended 1n a t1e 31 31 Commg back from the defeat ot last year we beat our arch r1val Cooley 1n a hght up to the last m1nute 31 28 The Western Cowboys gave us the worst defeat of the year 46 26 For the hrst t1me ln the hlstory of North western W1lbur Wr1ght was v1ctor1ous 25 13 The cl1max of the year came 1n the tmal game where the home team came from behmd 1n the hnal seconds beatxng the West S1de champlons 22 21 SWIMMING TEAM The Colts swam thetr way to a W6SlS1d8 champlonsmp thls year under the able coachmg of W Laury The team won all ol 1ts hve duel meets this year the most eyc1t1ng meet of the year bemg aga1nst Western last vear s champlons who lost to the Colts 33 to 42 ln the City Meet the team tell to a strong thlrd behlnd Hlghland Park and Western In the fxnal meet to determme the C1ty duel meet champton the Colts went down lxghtmg by a score of 40 to 35 1n favor ot H1ghland Park Captaln Reed Rmgel starred 1n practlcally every meet by showmg h1s dommatlon the two toughest events the 220 yd tree style and the 1nd1v1dual medley Hts tlme of 2 19 4 for the 220 yd sw1m 1S the fastest turned ln s1nce Andy Clark set the record of 2 19 2 ln 1935 Reed also equaled the Clly mark of 1 44 0 1n the 1nd1v1dual medley race Page Exghty hve 1 First Row: R. rr , A. l, I. M ize, . Kett rer, L. Krus s i, L. Grimm. Se - : maree, - e 1 - . 1 - 1 N. er, . , .Evans I , 1 1. 5 is : . . , . , I A l . :- . , , l . X . ' A y ' ' 1 Nt I , . , . n- e , . ri 5, . r, 1. 1 . A 1 t i 1 , xl ' xx 8 A' J 1 1 1 v .I . 1 1 1 , 1 1 - . X . I - 1 ' 'I - l . . I - - I - 4 I I I I - ' L I - . . V . . . - I - ' I ' - - , . 1 1 - F11stRow R Maze B Guer ner D Caskey L Raskln I Weyand P Favazza Marshall R Tierney Coach Bishop Second Row W Marshall P Buker F Math ews R Iennmgs G Meade L Cohen H Holloway G Garrlson Thzrd Row H Whlte R Ians D Arnold l Nyholm B Thomas B Kerr I Thorpe F1rstRow H Whxte W Parks D Hopwood W len nmgs Second Row B Guer ner B Kerr L Cohen H Tunstall A Spauldmg G Garrlson T :rd Row I Young I Nyholm B Thom as D Arnold G Meade TRACK TEAM Th1s year s track team was a very successful outfxt havlng the advantage of some star performers The team won all of the1r meets w1nn1ng over Western Redford Hamtramck and Central The team started the off1c1al season by beatmg Redford 68 27 Then they defeated e much feared Hamtramck aggregatlon 58 30 Next Western fell the team that won the c1ty champ1onsh1p 49 35 Even 1n losmg the Clly champ1onsh1p by a half po1nt the Colt th1n clads stood out lack Nyholm Bob Thomas and D1Ck Caskey won the champlonshlp 1n the quarter m1le half mrle and 220 yard dash respectlvely Caskey and Larry Rask1n were the h1gh po1nt boys of the season The team smartmg from the effect of the half po1nt defeat 1n the c1ty rndoor champ1onsh1ps looks forward to the outdoor season to cla1m revenge CROSS COUNTRY TFAM Cross Country track 15 a hard and gruelllng sport that requrres long hours of prac t1ce and consclentrous tralmng The boys who ran cross country th1s year labored under a great handrcap struggl1ng through the entlre season Wllh no coach s1nce they were forced to do wlthout all the benef1ts of a coach they had no one to tell them when they were startlng too slow or too fast or what klnd of food should be eaten on the day of a meet and many other thfnqs that would have lmproved performances Desp1te th1s d1s advantage the Colt harrlers took fourth place on the West S1de Th1S fact IS a cred1t to the f1ne compet1t1ve Splrll and perserverance of the boys themselves It IS the fond hope that next year wlth a coach and the contlnued efforts of the boys Northwestern w1ll produce a champ onsh1p team ' I ' 1 ' VI . , , ,'l'. ' : . ', . I ' I ' ' ' I ' I ' . I ' . h : . I ' I ' - 1 . . , I l I I I . U , ' . fh , - . , , 1 ' - - ' 1 I . ' . . . - 1 ' ' - 1 - I , . I 1 1 , , , . x . ' , . , . 4 . I ,' ' Page Elghty-six QZWO a 1 G m B F ackelt M e B C Clark e W G M pbe TENNIS TEAM The 1939 Tenms Team gave a good account of themselves Not only d1d they w1n all of thelr scheduled meets but they took the West Slde Champlonshlp as well In the fmals however they found the gomg a b1t hard Hamtramck s superlor sk1ll w1th the rackets gave them the v1ctory by a 4 1 score D1cl Pr1tchett now at Wayne Un1vers1ty where he shows promlse ol ga1n1ng a place on the Vars1ty Team was the outstandlng Colt performer on the courts Because of th1s he played 1n th Clty Smgles Champlon Shlp where he was defeated ln the sem1 hnals by Ros ek of Hamtramck Top honors m doubles play were taken by Norman Morr1s and lrvlng Fowler whom Coach Iames Demaree wlll have on hrs 1940 team The team however w1ll feel keenly the los ol Gerhardt Hoyer and B111 Calam both lost throuqh graduatlon and the loss of Norman Morr1s and Leonard Kruszewskl who have declded to drop tenms th1s year GOLF TEAM Coach Bert Mans experrenced plenty of trouble w1th h1s 1939 ed1t1on of the Golf Team Inasmuch as th ason opened w1thout a s1ngle letter man the hnals found the Colts hfteenth 1n the stand1ngs for the 1939 tournament Out of n1ne matches played Northwestern emerged v1ctor1ous 1n only one That was the match agalnst U of D Hlgh wlth our boys on the long end of a 12 U score Incrdentally that too was the last match of the season and carrled wlth 1t a certain balm for troubled splrxts However ln fa1r ness to the team 1t must be sald that the ma1or1ty ot the matches were close The Colts were shut out 1n but two of the1r contests played Souhwestern to a 6 6 t1e and were beaten by Chadsey by only one pornt The 1940 season l1kew1se holds l1ttle promlse slnce Captam B111 Campbell the only player able to crack lUU and B111 Frackelton are the only two letter men left Page Erghty seven . K 4 A oach Demaree: D. Lar- in: B. Siegleg T. erryg . Morris: I. Walton: I. u rrrer: , urman. , K X, g . . X . f J P- A-I I f' r 1' I f' 'I 5 ff J X 1' . .1 5, . ' QI t f f I . . W, - :Q Q First Row: Mr. M r's, L. la ri m, . r on, I. aiz , . am ll, B. - . I . . , . . ' . A , , . . - . ' 1 ' , - l I I L . . l Q . .i . - I 1 --l Z 1 . I- f . . I . , , S . I - - I A 4 fi PF! l I . . - C -., , ., . , I - ' - I I I I . , - . . I - . I - 1 1 1 - I I - 4 F rs! Row Coach Dema ee P McLean I Rheaume B G errrer T Ely C Ketterer I Kalemkerran L Krufzew sk H Me ell Second Row L Shaw D Caskey L Ras rn erry H Kresel R Rrngel T Iones D T rrd I. Grxmm I orr Row W Geha R Sturmer D Young B Thomas I Glbbson W Cambell Ians P Huber I Nyholm W Frackleton Fourth Row I Weyand W MacDonald F ee ow er nealy R Cort I Cotton ola B Me de D a vxs R Dresser S Abate Fzrst Row M Galvm Chambers C Barden M Bauer P Heath I Hornmg S h l d P C k E Row E Astrup S Hess L Walters C Nalley G San ders D Wemert M Snaxar P McKmght Mrs Dunne Third Row B Mclnnerney I Rmgel M Nystre R Iug aszek B Hasseler M Gal lagher I Ely M LaPaca N CLUB Few people realtze the length of tlme spent by athletes ln preparatlon for the short hours of actual compet1t1on that the publlc sees For falthful servlce and athletlc ab1l1ty letters are awarded Boys who have rece1ved the1r letters are ellglble for further honors 1n the form of admrssron to the N Club The club 1n the last year has undertaken the mamtamance of school sp1r1t All members were actxve 1n the promotlon of varlous school events such as basketball games football games and swlmmlng meets Perhaps the b1ggeSl events on the club s calendar were the three 1n1t1at1ons held at Rrversrde Park The 1n1t1ates especlally rece1ved strong 1mpress1ons no end' Through the eff1c1ency and well d1rected efforts of presxdents Tom Ely 1n the fa and Bob Guerr1er 1n the sprlng the N Club sponsored by IungleI1m Dernaree has completed another successful year The clubs smcere hope IS that new members w1ll contrnue to ma1nta1n hlgh standards of scholarshlp for athletes and effect a brager and better Northwestern Hlgh School G A A All glrls enterlng Northwestern automatrcally become members of the Grrls Athlet1c Assoc1at1on Guldlng 1ts d9SllI'11eS thls year 15 a corps of otfrcers whose leadershlp IS outstandmg Io Hornmg presldent Marrlyn Bauer V1C9 presldent Peg Heath secretary and Iane Sutherland treasurer Th Executlve Board conslsts of team captarns representatlves from each sport club and l h llth and l2th grade representatrves Every g1rl 1n school has a vo1ce rn electmg Board Offlcers Dances splash partles basketball games and sw1mm1ng meets so adequately man aged by the Board are sufflclent proof that the G A A 1S one of the most lmportant bodles rn the entlre school One of the featured and mterestlng proIects undertaken by the G A A 1S the sellmg of apples every Wednesday 1n the corrldors of the school The money derwed from the sales 1S used to carry on the splendld work of the oraamzatlon under the sponsorshrp of Mrs Mrldred Dunn I of , lf' e A : I ' ' Y ,. ' :va Q- , , . 1 . ' I 1 . H f -. f ' j A 43 , L I fi, . rr .V 3 2 1 i, L N r kf 1 R, 'P' , T, f ill, G. sl. .six 1 I ' V' I' R: W . . I T. L , 1.' 1 , 1. Ke- I' v - . F. P l n,' . fa V, . D I ' J . ', B. ' . , . ' I. utier an , f. l oo e, 1 Phillips, W. Wilson, Second l! li r 1 ' I ll ll - I , , . . . . . I I . . . . I . H' - . - tt 1, tt - H I I I I . z . I . I . I . Q . I I i , . fe . . . I . 1 on , , ' . ' ' ' Q Page Erghrv eight Frrst Row L Wohlgemuth H Adams I Sxmon B Has s 1er I Hornmg G Sand ers M Bone F Freeman B Cooley Mrs Dunn Second Row H Ephrazm E Ru dolph M Stewart E Nel M Ad L W son ams alters I Logan C Ellmgton Thrrd Row I Worthy E Wlut worth M Wheeler B Blett N Anderson R Seymour H Iackson rrst ow S Conn George M Wygert I Gut helm H Iugaszelr V Mc Lean I Warburton Langer Second Row O Pnestley E Fuchs I Davms I Selmerr S Moebs I Ely M Foder Thrrd Row P Hollrnen I Dean I d rrdge A Wmg I Nlpgen M Norman B Bishop C Barden M1ss Watson Board P McKn1ght I Rrng B Hemstreet R Kaurtjran 55 GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Under Captaln Io Hornlng and wlth the coachxng of Mrs Mllclred Dunn the Team was led through a very successiul season wxnnrng all smx games played Mary Ella Wheeler Edith Whrtworth and Henrretta Iackson played stellar games at guard Mary Ella Wheeler bemg consldered the best guard rn the city as well as an excellent passer Outstandlng among the forwards were Florence Freeman Nancy Anderson and Hazel Adams One of the most mterestlng games played was the post season game between the glrls and the boys ln which the girls won top honors by defeatlng the boys 32 28 Because of graduatlon Mrs Dunn w1ll have to rebu1ld the team next year but th1s should not be dltfrcult lnasmuch as the Reserves showed unusual strength and hnlshed the season ln good cond1t1on W1th such reserve strength who can doubt the possxbrlrty ot repeatlng th1s years record next year? GIRLS SXVIMMING TEAM An excellent Splfll of co operatlon on the part of all the g1rls brought the Sw1mm1ng Team through 1lS season W1th only one defeat Much of the Cfedll for th1s record must go to M1ss EISIS Watson for her excellent coachlng and tralnlng to Captaln Pat McKn1ght for her strong leadersh1p and to Student Manager Carolyn Barden for her all around general 1nterest W1th so many promlslng swrmmers out for all events rt IS xmposslble to des1gnate any one lndlvldual as the most valuable to the Team However those outstandmg tn therr respectlve helds were Iean Nrpgen state amateur champlon backstorke Pat McKn1ght beraststroke Frana Rxngle and Bernlce B1shop Iree style and the medley team Prana Rlngle Bern1ce BlShOp V1rg1n1a George and Rosa Kanlztlan Though grad uatlon w1ll rob the Team of some stellar performers M1ss Watson has a promlslng crop of under classmen comlng up next year upon Whom she IS sure she can bulld another st ong team I fx if 1 J . f ,Jun Y, F' R : . , V. f '. ' Q Df .. ' " . ' '. .El ' , " 'l .'.o1i el, D.'Pickard, I. Naybowerj l . , . . W l l I . 1 I . . . l I I I . I I . - I . 1 . 1 . . , I 1 I - 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 : 1 1 1 - 1 . ' Y' Page Erghty nme QMU7-7 D Page N met y F5tRowLS IIM y EA! W Wlon H W TdRw Rdolph M 1ISte F t Row M St dman D Io n M M Gregor C bers GIRLS TENNIS TEAM One of the teams whtch dlsplayed outstandlng enthuslasm and provlded many thr1ll1ng and excltlng moments was the Glrls Tennls Team coached by Mrs Mlldred Dunn Evelyn Astrup the captaln competently bossed a hustllng group of players some of them br1ll1ant Many members of th1s year s team were veterans from last year but there were also many new members who proved an asset to the team Stx 1nterest1ng and excltlng matches three smgles and three doubles to each match were played w1th Northeastern Cooley Hamtramck Southeastern McKenz1e and Hlgh land Park A number of the g1rls also entered the Mxchlgan Iunxor Glrls Tournament at Klngswood School These matches begmnlng 1n May contlnued to the close of school Several of the team s best players were lost at graduatlon but w1th the many prom 1s1ng recrults who remaln Mrs Dunn hopes next year to rebulld a team of usual strength and ab1l1ty GIRLS GOLF TEAM Golf IS becornmg lncreaslngly popular year by year among the glrls at Northwestern Th1s year s Glrls Golf Team coached by Mrs Arthur Carty played some excellent games dur1ng the season The team made cred1table showmgs 1n 1nterscholast1c matches wlth Central Cooley Denby and Northern Hlgh Schools One of the h1ghl1ghts of the season was the All C1ty Golf Day when golf teams from all Detro1t h1gh schools partlclpated Here agatn our girl played well Another 1nter estlng event of the season was the two ball foursome w1th Northern Hlgh 1n whlch both the Boys and G1rls Teams part1c1pated Barbara Chambers captaxned the Team and by her steady play proved herself always worthy of the honor Because few people have the ab1l1ty to play a really good game of golf Northwestern IS proud of thls year s G1rls Team and the excellent showlng whlch they made I ir : . ewe , .N - stie, M. Bone, . srup, S. Edwards, S. Hess, I. Simon Second Row: . is , I Vlfiegand, B. Parker, D VVeinert, P. eath, E. Fucsh L. alters. hir o : E u , P. Heath, B. Lin- ning, . Whee er, . uh r- land, M. Railton. its : . 9 I hnso , . c , B ham . 7 . 1 I 1 ' A r - I T . I I I I I I I - . , , . I - , . v 1 - 1 1 1 . . . . . ' . . S - . - I I 1 First Row M Payne B Bxshop D Wrenert T Dum berg P McKmght V Cook C Barden B Favale Sec ond Row E B Watson D Coltman P Chrysc M Salxsbury R Blackburn M Hale L Walters M Mxller W Watson M Scott Thu-d How G Sanders H Hamp ton V Andrews M Wxllxs Idsqmy M Shfler M Wf Mm GIRLS HOCKEY TEAM Under the leadersh1p ol Captam Carolyn Barden the g1r1s started the hockey season wlth regular trammg exerctses At the begrnnmg of the season the team s chances were handxcapped by ragged playlng However M1ss Els1e B Watson the coach helped the g1rls greatly grvrng them good adv1ce and keeplng them 1n trlm lor fast act1on 1n every game Early faults were soon overcome and the competrtlve Splfll shown 1n the re maznder of the games was tlne Several new tr1ck plays were 1ntroduced and success fully used Although the glrls d1d not wm everv game at no t1me d1d they fall to show good sportsmanshlp and general enthuslasm Prom1s1ng results are expected ol ne years squad when th1s years crop of outstandlng rookles w1ll be ava1lable Bernrce B1shop IS captam elect Thts season s record lor mterscholastrc games played 1S as follows Northwestern 2 Cooley 4 Northwestern l Northern l Northwestern l Redford l Northwestern 2 Hlgh land Park l and Northwestern l MCKGHZ19 3 . ' r,' I , .' -' , 1 1 H441 I X I . 1 'N C , gn! If , - , , . , - . . , . , ' . Q , . . . . 0, Y I : , : . : . ' - I 1 - Page Nmety one , f 4 X r 5 .L J 4 vo 1 5 v Q a 1 1 'S ' 9 ,f 4 1 Q f v p 1 V' 6 .tl 1 A 5 ' I, f L L M 'SV Who? Io Hornlng scholarshro efftctency plus personallty gal Deopy Clty pres1 dent of Gtrl Reserves tshe deserves 1tl Ma:-une GGlV1D Colts ed1tor gets around hke S'I1I"11"'lC s ntce smlle future sec etary Ralph Ians stutters when nervous bulky cute stde glances bluSl'19Q good boy smart Marllyn Bauer nrce mouth ftgure clothes energetlc cant s1tst1ll Reed N ar kind of short remmds you of a httle boy dances wrth the knees lnfectous grm Chrts Slater blushes terrlflcally all the tune hates to be called Chrtstopher good sport luamta Adams lack Youngs secretary de luxe very pretty nlce eyes and la '1 s som tunes all d Sharkey good dancer lack Young always busy eff1c1e-nt full of vlm vxgor and Jttaltty recogntze hm b h1s ever present Norwester Martha Snarar on all commlttees almostl has a brother Iohnny dependable makes own clothes 1rres1st1ble Mary Maloney glamour grrl cute nose rndustnous clothes horse lean Guck smart frgure hkes sports bubbltng over Wlth enthuslasm mls chlevous Hard1ngHollovtay happy go lucky frlendly humorous cute hl kld B1ll Shupert stern looklng but gulte harmless handsome hkes stuclylng and Barbara future dentlst Bob Dresser slow ntovlng talks a lot never says anythtng good dancer Reed Rlngle ltke a nsh out of water good bulld paper boy snappy clothes Peggy Frazer sweet personallty n1ce long halr popular vtow' Ed Rlchards pretty boy cute l1l boy Blondle strong s1lent type Irene Phalernpxn pleastng personaltty very 1ntell1gent smooth Earl W1ll1ams good dancer ladle-s dehght qtnte an arguer lovable' Kenny Foley srngs l1ke a brrd short and tall talks to everyone charrmng B1ll Clark flashy halr Scotchman plays golf fawfull face aets red as h1 h Paul Kaczander dark and nandsome n1ce peak ng votce snappy Iac Dorr always has a comeback can he swtml llkes mustc no ntterbug l ' ,' A.. 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Nlanufatturers ot Sk nz ll e PUNYRAL HOMI' Wne Fence W ue Guard Iron Railing N"'h'm"" A'u"""'t ms tm sonrnmxxx ANI-Nl I 1419 XX Grand Bhd HO 9100 UPTROIT C ANNON MFMORIFS As I wander up the sldewalk towards Northwestern a large black Ilgure looms up ln front ot me s1lhouetted aga1nst the background ot the school Its the Cannon' Memor1es come lloodlng I stop and recall tlrne after t1me when I have stopped there The pa1nt slapped on haphazardly brlngs back memor1es ot football days and how many t1mes have I sat on that cement base Na1t1ng for the gang The announcement tor any soctal event always ran Meet at the Cannon As I look down at the sldewalk I see a stub ot a penctl and b1ts ot notebook paper dehntte evldence of students lo1ter1ng We always met there after our last hour Dur1ng the day trlend calls to trlend 1n the hall Meet you at the Cannon alter school I not1ce too a piece ot a Norwester cover pushed along the sldewalk by a qust ot wxnd The poor Cannon was always 1n the mldst ol the turmoll 1n Iune when the Year Book came out Pens scratchlng Nor Westers belng passed to and fro tor signatures we seem to get so exctted over them I Walk around the Cannon and take one last look and I leave the Cannon but never can I lose the memorles that lt s ot htgh school days GLORIA SANDERS 0PPOIl'l'UN ITIES IN BUSINESS C ood opportunities for worth while. service tn hustness are avallahle for those who have ability The the schools listed below offer thorough pratutal courses fAtcount1ng Shorthand Secretarial 5teno3.,r1ph Comptometcr Business Administration and others, vshtth prepare students for desirable positions Choosing, the right school for traxnlng, is important Those interested are invited to mves tlgate this schools courses quarters equipment and free emplosment seruce The Business Institute is Incorporated under the Fdutatlonal Acts of the State of Michigan as a Class A College empowered to grant degrees Schools at 5040 oy Road near Grand River at 3740 Gratiot Avenue corner ot Mick also tn Pontiac and Sagmaw The Busmess Instltute Downtown School, Mtthtgan Bld , 220 Bagley, Detrolt lui! our mm! lllflllllllllf lot :Inn or ltlcplro IL Rm lolpb fu?-I for provpftlux Page Nm ty s ter' A 1 . - K' I . . I . I . f ' 5 -1 v " ' 1 ' ' : . f t . I . ,, , , . , . . . V . . . .. ., . . . , , . I . I . . . .. ,, . . .. ,, , , . . I . . . A h I 1 nn . I - Q . . . , . I ' , L made the necessary preparation. Advancement follows as one gains experience and demonstrates ' I ' A' . ' I S -I I I I i 1 s Q" ' . A 1. . '. ' ' . ' ' , ' ' ' ', ., ' , I' .' 'I . . ,. A y Q X Y , J , , , g E - . , ' . - . . ' ', f ' , I , . C C 1 - - ' ' ' 0. I D H ' ,' t ' ' V' 'I In . ' ' .' ' 1 1 rn , ' ' . Qc -sc' . Puppy Love By Helen Shusta What IS th1s IGSCIDCXIIIIQ thmg called love? Ah' 1t 1S everythmgl There are two kmds of love adult love llke my Aunt Matxlda and my Uncle Archlbald and puppy love lrke mme Smce most young people xperxence puppy love I shall drscuss thls 1nterest1ng sub1ect I stare moodlly out the wlndow thmkmg ot nothmg 1n partrcular and least ot all my school work School IS very urunterestmg today Nothtng but study study study Wlshlng that I were home or that lt was Chrlstmas I tall lnto a trace Suddenly the raspmg vo1ce ot my teacher resounds through the class room breakxng mto my reverte I tared dully at h1m wondermg Nhat he was saymg Catchmg only the name ot Irm Iones my eyes wandered aoout the room to endeavor to see Who was the cause of drsturbma my day dream The llm Iones rose reluctantly to hrs Ieet Where had my eyes beheld h1m before? I was unable to take my eyes from h1m Sensmg that someone was watchmg h1m he turned and blushed deeply GIVIHG h m one ot my most lrrendly smrles I resumed my wmdow gazmg but th1s trme my thoughts were not drstracted They were on love tor I was deeply m love w1th handsome Irm Iones Ah y s' Puppy love rs a state ot blrss whrch every young persor hould enloy How wonderful 1t 15 to be srxteen and tall tnto the trap ot puppy love The DGTYOIT Commerual College FXTEND5 CORDIAI C RFPTINC S AND BFST XX ISHI S to the SIANIOR C I ASS OP Il Nlr 194 of cha NORIHII LSIFRX IIICII QCHOOI X ou are LOIKIIHIIX muted to Loma lI'l fm r 1 ISII or x rltc or tclcplmnc QRA WMU for thc 38th annutl Bulletin md Sxllfthus of thc Collcgc R I Multm Plcslclcnt 19 C lrttmd it XX ooclxx 1rd , t , . I . 9 . I . . . , , . ' , , . .f A' 1 .. , L - I . Q V . . T . y . ' I , . , , . , , , . Q . . , , M I , . , i ' ' ' I , 9- ' . '- A I S , . ' 4 'N N . . 4 - , ., . . . 1 . , ' lr ' 7,7 1 ju I ., c .. , s- , .. . . , - t . , . , , ,. ., U , I . . A 1 , , ' ' ' - I - . , 2 X - - X- I I I I , . , A . - .41 ' ' 2 A 2 - ' 4 . A , "'. . I . . 2' I2 , ". ' , ' 4 'Z Pwge Nmety elght Let the Busmtssl m ersxtx 1n the I mud Artlsts Bldg tram you for 1 high grtdc posltton is I'XC.CllUXL Searettrs Court Reporter or Actountmt md Autlxtor SIJ NINIFR IIFRM ul Ist FALL TERNI Sept 3rd Om YL 1r md Iwo Ye If C oursts tn Business ACll'lIlFIlSII'iIlOl'l md SLCFCIIFI ll Ir umnf, Regxstratton llI'IIlIl.Cl to lllyh School Student .intl those muh Collf.1.,L Ilrumm, Applltttlons Must he M :cle 111 Adu mu C olle.x.L C mule Coursu lkgrees BC S mel B Mats peals to those IIIICFLSILCI ln preparing., for bust ness appomtments rhoxe the HXCTAALC to am hmous purposetul ptople yullrng, to put torth the extra effort mtl tompletf. the more tompre hensnxc tourses nucssars to qu1l1fx for the better grade of posmons where opportunmes tor ulxantemcnt are prague ills unllmned lree plfxtement serute to our prxaludtes Many lletrott hrms tlcptncl Lntlrelx upon The D B I for other me p lstahllshcl 1850 Cher 60 000 LFICILIIILS rmest business tollc e quarters oteupung., the enure Ioth Hoof of the Imtetl Artlsts Butldmg., WIIIIC or phone Cddnllat IZOS for tatalog DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY 10th Itloor Lnlttd Artnsts Buxldmg jfloph IL TQHIIIIIIUII ODI IO X CHICX SLER HIC HI. A by LYNNE WILSON Thrrll Th11lI Oh toy complete A red Club eoupe Wzth plard wool seatct You push on the horn And 1t plays lzke thr The Campbells Are Comzng On lov what bhss' And svttmg b9Sld you A gay pochmvar He hasn t cr horse But my hat what cr Carl Your clothes match the car Tan slcut and snap bum Dashrng rea ca1d1gan All to please h1m Hes decked out Jn N sweater Hot socks but that hd Oh well torgrve h1m Hes your future Drom bzd The snappy chrome clock Says 1ts almost ten now The dral IS set For Glenn Mrller and how' H1s theme thrzlls you both But hold trght Glenn comes through Wrth Tuxedo Iunrtron In the Mrller mood Eberle now IS tak ng the stand Its Careless ot course Can he srngf What a man' When Ray h1ts those blue notes lts really the nuts' Egad and etcetra I go for that stuff' Glenn starts the theme After Hutton and Wham Its good nzght to our hero Cause there s Physics to cram Wzth the car rn low And the moon on hzgh You reach your tront gate Yes thats rzght rts good by There a1n t no justrce I always mamtarnl T1mes lrke these always end And those others remam NDIR LYNNE WILSON Pham IJ 'lU'1lUU FLORENCE YOKES 1LNhRAL HOME F"""'t IOR All OCC ASIOINS SPILIAI PRICIIS IOR Sita-I Tue Stree PROXI CORSAc,fS 806C Grand R11 er XI ,gdlson 7020 at C IIIIHIIIJIH Del! or! Mrrlv Page Nmety mne - ,. . , ,,. 4 . V - I I , . 1 , I I I , .- ,, ' - v11-- pe.. - , 'I N I 1 . K I I1".- I - I I I I . I , I A, j kr.. 'I if 1 1 ri . , ' I I I - I - I v - , v I I I F11 1 .. - ' e -1 4 , , I -1 ' , ' 1 I . ' 1 , . . s v r 4 ' I I 1 . , l ' ' 9 J , . , f A ' V - I - , - 1 . , . I . , ,. ' 'z 2 II ' -1 Q 5 x I I ' I ' . , 1 . . . . .. . ,. I ' 2 Ii II 1I I 1 1 I . .. ,. . . ' I , . I' .I ' x ' .2 N, . 1 1 . . , The DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY ap- .t . .. - -. ' I .- . ' ' , ', -5 I - 2 V . - . y , , . I I . ,'I ' 'I I ' I I I , . t ' - ' - ' Q " I ,I . 'I','f n' 4 I 1' 1 -I 1, I 2 1 - 1 f . V '11 .I ' ' I . , , ..,, . ,R , , A '. I -I . , . ' , , '.- 1 I I 1, I I Q' I ' ' .I If II I I xl . ll . I , f 1 I I I ' 1 II! -. O . , 'lfth AI A S A I I' 5 M8935 vga 'lk EVIGTBD ---- QQ' 1 f: Q? if Wag film Abu.. ,,,f NW BLU5 Bl-U6 ,A 'Q 461: -xwigqf if 'M Jil' wa, w Foosy' Y' 22 ,gd BOL-'f2.' Bowl wmos PASS THE Burrak 'sun-r rue ,gsnvuvo KHAT stun AN 576 70 THB FUTURE. 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A .1 4 or 1 IIIIIIIIIIIIIINI , - I A J - ll 'Q 'f ' 1 I Q5 - I I M I Ann ' a c Exp" A 1 is In f wl'-w IIII' Pulwlin .cIIr-ss:1mI 'Aa x ' ' A' f ' 'Ill CASS-GRAND CLEANERS Hun ClIczmuI and IIImIxuLI Ali 5' ' I A ' V Ifzi 5 . ' IUI 'L .114 x I z - , -svn A Q' 'LI Shuw 'ja' ' L .I UA f ' A K' S A T A . .f Run 'ISIS im-I2 X". I s I 'Il LVD. I f ' .V How to Plclc Cl Hat By Chrls Slater Although I do not cla1m to be a fashlon ew-'pert on womens clothes I belteve 1t IS my duty as a sxlent observer of women s hats to g1ve the ladles the benef1t of my Wlde and serlous observat1on Ladles the flrst rule 1n buylng a hat 1S to read all the fashlon magazlnes and news papers Never m1nd what your type IS fash1on comes f1rst If the 1nverted flower pot IS popular at present that s the hat for you The next rule 1n buylnq a hat 15 to cons1der where you are go1ng to wear 1t If you are fond of mov1es by all means purchase a hat wlth a crown a rrnle hxgh and be sure to leave your hat on whlle you are emoylng the show If you are fond of dancmg then the hat w1th a long sharp feather 1utt1ng stralght out from the brlm IS just the th1ng for yo11 If you dont bhnd your partner or tlckle hlm to death he may take you to another dance If your escort IS shorter than you and 1f you are danc1ng outdoors the p1cture hat w1th the Wlde br1m IS 1deal If 1t ra1ns he can f1r1d shelter under the brlrn Wllh you Of course every woman has her favor1te style of hat The buxom type w1th a round full moon face seems to prefer the t1n1est hats whlch sets demurely on two halrs and g1ves more than sllght resemblance to a pea on a drum Another favor1te Wllh the heavy set m1ss IS the bow under the chln affalr Th1S hat usually looks l1ke a cross between a sombrero and a p1e plate One th1ng lad1es I must warn you that self control IS an absolute necesslty w1th many of the so called latest styles part1cularly when you havent eaten for three or four hours and your hat 1S decorated w1th lusclous cherr1es These ed1bles do not always taste as good as they look As a fxnal word dont be d1scouraged 1f you cant afford a new hat thls sprmg There are m1ll1ons of pOSS1b1l1ll9S for a new hat r1ght 1n your own home Have you tr1ed drapmg a dresser scarf around a lamp shade? Of course that s lust one sugges t1on Above all remember not to lose your courage because you certa1nly need somethlng w1th the so called hats of today buucss to Your Class C ""'p1""e"'l L U R115 B R 0 S TOKIO CHOP SUEY LO lw A R K E T 4915 In x Road near brand Rner 8450 Grind Rner m 1r f:uf.l1d 7 We, 4 6420 I - . , I - - . . . , , .- , , . ., , , - I I I ' . f - ' J , . - . , - - , 1 3 ' sofa ' x. . ,, A I. A l K 'I I PaGeO eflundred Six Stuzln PAULH XOUNC1 dil Home TAXIDI-RNIIST P"'m"" SPORTINC c oom HNF llsllmc 1 xc lxll Qualzli HINKSTON STUDIOS 8065Cr1ndR1ser PHOTOC RAPHERS 7447 C rmd Rner IY 54480 I'Y 56614 PREDICTIONS AND MALEDICTIONS Rev1s1on ot arclutecture We hear that the Dromment young archltect lack Mon t1eth has 1ust publlshed h1s oplnlons ol modern shelter bulldlng 1n a book called Bones and Brlcks He exoects the number of publ1cat1ons to reach 31!z by 1950 I guess B111 Clark IS st1l1 trylng to break 100 Could Barbara Gumes be the cause7'9'7 Have you heard who Bob Bower IS alter lately well I haven t77'? Mr and Mrs Weyand llane Ann Clossonl 1ust rnarrred Poor Mrs Caskey tMary Maloneyl our sympath1es to herl That lumble ot Caskey Maloney McLean and Montleth 1S lmally broken up W1th the murder ol Mr Caskey Mrs Nyholm tM11dred Dudleyl IS lust recuperatmg from her tr1p to Reno I told you so Mr and Mrs Young lluanlta Adamsl are spendmg the1r well earned Honey moon at a lonely cab1n on the Au Sable My My Allen Dudley commerclal artlst has consented to do the World s Falr draW1ngs IH 1995 11 they ask h1m Mar1or1e W11l1s has 1o1ned thls years O1YIT1p1C team she s gonna run and has already started' That b1g advertlslng man Reed Near wants us to gtve h1m some tree advert1s1ng Wtnslow Eaves lust l1I'11S1'19d sculptormg Mr We1skotten He met an untlmely death lpoor soull Worrymg about the Norwester Dorothy Bowdo1n has opened up a school for creat1ve dancers her hrst pupll 1S Iean Guck Tommy H111 has lust been glven a contract under the Pxnk Socks Brlgade managed by Mr Toe to act as Water boy The t1me 1950 Genevlve Hamllton alter hfty years st1l1 hasnt graduated poor Iohnny Sna1ar dont g1ve uplll The latest news bulletln Hardmg Halloway breaks Presldent Roosevelts l1sh1ng record becomes Presldent Bob Kerr sore knee uslng crutches result ot proposmg to Betty Scott alter 20 years ot courtlng We hear that lean Connor has lust recerved her honor d1p1oma-after wa1t1ng txlteen years because no one else was found Page One Hur 0 . 7 i ll - f 1 f .I x- A v L- U! : ' : ' ' 2 ' ' J , 1 1 ' ' Q I , 1 2 . ' tsk! tsk! 1 Wonder who's gu1lty?'?? JIIPC 'I d d WILLSIE CAP GOWN and the Iunn Grlds IFS xxearlng them SERVICE BY PAUL A WILLSIE CO 457 WEST FORT STREET DETROIT MICHIGAN C , Q I I .I CI T ' O' I LC. I I K I , 'IZZ I , Aff' I . . . . C I I ff . -" . I I . L I . I ' 1 1 I I I I . . I I I I , I I I I I I I ' E'gh. FAMILIAR SCENES Students on the second floor of Northwestern rushmg to the second floor ot Mart1n dale the crowded tunnel on ralney days the crowded campus on brlght sunny days passmg from the pleasant odors of the cookrng room to the most drstastetul odors of the Chemrstry Department the da1ly exerclse ot the hlke to the lunch room the creatlve dancers complarnlng ot aches and pam the bush harrcuts on the boys dur1ng the summer drrty saddle shoes on bo h boys and glrls wlnter and summer combrned w1th loud socks the no1se the band makes pract1c1ng the 4th hour Sanders after school tor an 1C cream cone or the darly specral brtght shrrts on the boys and rolled up pant legs at the tlrst slgn ot sprrng the rush tor frost bltes on Wednesday only to fmd you are too late trtps to the audltouum every other Week to stng the crammmg and worrled looks before m1d semester exams the relleved but sometlmes pathetlc looks after the tttterbuas at the school dances performrng for the others meetlngs at the cannon for every OUl11 g even on Saturdays e blank expresslons at the sound ot the urst robln all thos Colt salesmen vt J have a drag net tor unsuspectmg puplls on sales day the anxrous expresston at report card markmgs the complalnts attervw ards the nervous glances dur1ng exammatrons the rush to tmsh your homework dur1ng the hve mlnutes between bells blank express1or1s on students called on to reclte the exclted Whrsperlng srgns posted dur1ng l2A electlons the wonderlng ot who your teacher Wlll be bu more rmportant Whos ln your class anybody cute? on the hrst day ot the term the relret when rntormed you dont ha e to take imals the 1oy of graduat1on the expectancy ot the future S L l C 1 i315 Qu.-rl-tu State. Oxl Phn nn TX lu' 4 1510 lru. Delnerx Illhlllllflllll 9 umlntt K C MARKET MOTORIST SERVICE INC J ,493 XX Gr md Boulu Hd Faurt Gmcerzev and Oualzty llenlt U'-af ltlh 6303 Iouru.c.nth IRIN l'l'X'lTl RIPN Xf LPSSORIFN Ullf N'-FHM Q9 lnm llulln f It Alun I 1 1lt Hut Paye One Hurdxed Nine . . . ' '1 . . , . . . th by the others . . . always Willing to help . . . the programs during record . . . campaign fh-l M- '1 - ' .- w f-- ' 5 . of' 3 , - . 1 14-Il TY. 1155 " ' t , - 1. ,- W fp Q A w pgpxqspxj Vw gr: ,mr 1 A fx X X. nr J J nfl! WN' 3 1 X ICA F OW A N 'noon .01 zo www 'xl v 0 . ' v LX vyr s W N' x ' A 'rf ',,' 1 11- 11: f ' - '- W :'w3rt": 'uf 1 gf inf Z ' U ' 1, '-A H 't':f"",-"iii 7 .x'1":x. - 'Vigff 'oivfr X"'L ' 13' ' ' " f -'fi lf "'ffN1.l 'I1!I'4 'w,:t1'T 1 N731 I . ' " T ' ' Q ' 'X LQ' "T JH fw-:rn T1t:1m,s1,111.'tf1 1 'mn 'zif' 'Ther' ':. ' ' ' " .' , i., svfxzsflu g3g:1't',' ,112'is1 F,?',7.,-fF Dvccztxtuui' . Q1'A f - :il f, , z itolg 4:1':d11:" '.iii1.- , m1'ii'1ci'i-A521 , '.-xc,1' nu A "lf ,H V 3, , fA '1 Hamas- many F--r."'r1-iz Chin 51,11 iii'-1'-:ff"'1:m 'mx' ff"'1: f ""1': Tisztt N1 Y"1Z H xi", .11 Y N CJK Hz' . 1 Nw. ri'-T xt r. f fif fl-' 'Y ffftflm' f'x:.1A 4f'K1fI1.' Cluxf- ET ry . . I E' ' . , In f' 'Xfwi' :J V 51. T ',A. 31011 '- fffwrf-I if 1' 1 'T .t1' 1 ff mr' ,,1- '- D21-T"' - C1112 Sm 'A CTU' " ' ' 1' . 2 .1 'N I LQ "f1QIfl"' H, 3' t ' i ' ' . 'Q . I E141 ' ' .' I '21 'i :I il: 1' Vi " " i ' ,X dixjm.. .i b fx. l.A gl? X ., I , . Q , K i A E' 'YV '1 ' :" ' .'.' IIYZYITIY'-Q 1-'hiziixii ' 'A 13 L LMA 1 illyw :- xr? Ill f- NIE-1-4-.II1:f1t'IAS f Il" f ffm 'Q -2 aw '..' ' 'zyji' iv' IZA if-M CCL- U- 514: Y " -1 ' ' ' ' zpf, .,Jl'd?' l -'Z r:1-1-'ting N-31" .',' mfsstf-1' df-udi t. f f., 7 f? ' 1' 123 im 'filiij FQfw.ZCi'5 . 3 , . MIDP' .zxlliiifjll F113 '.A,' 1'-1 flu' .IX f 19.11115- Carxiiuvrufra H1 A. 1'nHi'1f1rs: li IZA L31 lil? , . gtra 'fififi if 'iss' DT. f I lx .. 'E' if P' 111 'Q 1 214' FT T'1I"f Baifi'-30712 CC':11z:1mtCf1:.1111 Aufogrqphs X' I WW N Q2 VX Xa Qx 'N f fr, ,,,t..fja .J -41 5,34 A , V 'KNZ ': lr!! Y I . xj XX 4 . D X 1 In: Q LN f' r 1 . JV U J wc , A g If . fy , N4 f -,QV ' "L Q 5 yj if Xu X Q .-2 i AND " 1. x l I X LAY' h 1 if , A 1 'MJ X ll' in 4 J 'jf 9 Q 4 ,,,, fxxx ff 4 4 'IJ br? sv ' 4 q . Ny x - Q V v xx rx ul v JK ,- fS"" I. ,J rf ' ,sf I I J x f I L C A: I f.' 1 X . 'Ny J .J XJ X 'N J II, ,PM foljf . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I i I I I I I I I a I I I I I I I , I I 4 1 I I . I I I I a Autographs ll Q. 'fd V: 1 4 5 W IJ N 5 S' 1 1,1 X f' 1 . if ' X. 0' Autog gp XB' V MW ,L oo' fW K X M F hs g,,L Sf1f if lr lx L wwPfn QV N XII 'bv P f u ' , : A .f-'J lb X55 V X X I YK Q, 1' TQ 33' an J w on CJK v I sk X33 X fivifyxx I 0 ' 1181 ' iffy U 1 'L ,J ,Orff X! f W r, 7 A ,L Zi Zlafflxsxgwf B

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