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XJ? A Aw 65 51 N' A3 A is ,,?' F 3 ff' IL ' p" - 11. An TAMBULA BOUND JW GEL X957 JOHN BOWERS EDITOR NADINE DAWE CIR. MGR. STEPHEN PAGE ART EDITOR VOLUME TWENTY-THREE NURTHWESTERN HIGH SCHUUL DETROIT MICHIGAN DEDICATION HE Sll4'i'PSSl'lll fultillnwnl of any llllllPl'l2llilIlgI ns big :md compli- vafeal as the pl'0fll1f'll0Il of 'nllilllllllllilu requires long hours of lmrcl Work. Not only to tllosv who 2li'lll2llly IHll'lll'lll2lll'4l in "'llZlllllll1l2l,u but io thoso who prcpzn-od Sl'0ll0I'j', sold tickets, flIl'lllSll0fl pulllicity. acted :ls advisers, or in any way wmv lllSll'llllll'lll2ll in its SIIUCUSS- goes much credit for lllillilllg 'dllilllllllllilll onv oi' ilu- grezltvst shows over presented at N01'tllXVOSf01'I1. Eavh of these zxforernentionod p3ll'flK'llHllllS S2ll'l'llli'l'4l Yillllilllli' Timo so that the rest of Tho school might vujoy tlwmsvlvvs. Vvlflllilll 4-zlvll of them Hrllillllbulilll would not ll2lV0 lwvn l'UlIlIll4't0. ln Vivw of The fact that we have seloctvd "'l':1mlml:1" :us ilu- tln-mv for flw Nor Wester' for 19157, if is only 2lpIil'UlD1'lEIl0 that we should 1-4-1'og'11izv Tlmosv who were slvtive in lllillilllg it the SIIUUUSS thai it wus. And so to all Those who wvrv in :my way rvsponsilmlo for "Talm- lllll2l,,S'. gI'P2ll suvcess wo mosi gran-iously llvdiczliv this Xorwvstor. DEDICATICDN FUREWURD I"111'111:111yt1I' 11s tlw v111't:1i11 is I':1lli11g tlll 41111' high sc-1111411 tlztys. To otlmt-rs it l1:1sj11st iwgfllll to risen To all ut' 11s tlw past year 11218 loft' Illilllj' 11lv:1s:111t 111t1111111'it-s. I11 itll 0tT'f11't to pro- svi-Vv thvsv lll0IlltlI'il'S for thu I'11t111'v. the Nm'- wvstvi' iitll' ISICZT hats iM'l'll 1111l1lisl1cd. Lilw tllv p1'r1fl11t'tim1 of :111y stztggv 111'0s011'r:1- tion. tht- 1111l1li4-:1ti4111 ui' fill' Norwestvr in- voiws 1V1'it01's. artists, sz1lvs1111'11. 211141 il host ot' ot'lw1' c't111t:'il111tt11-s, Su si111il111- 2111? these two 114-tivitivs tl1z1t ns :1 tl1v111u for tlw 19537 N411-wvstvl' W0 1111111 s0lt't'tet'i "T:1111l1t1l:1." "'l':1111l111l:1." thv 1-41g11t1111011 ot' NOI'filXVK'Si9l'll'S big vztrioty show. was 111-igi11:1lly the Ilillllt' attiixvfl to 1111 i111111'o111pt11 show 11110111-d illl on-112111 li1101'. 'l'l1t1 lnwst-11t:1ti4111 of 'l'z1111l1t1l:1 at North- wvste11'11 1-1-111't1sv11tt1d. 11141111 tl1:111 :111yIl1i11g vlsv, the glily. ilillllly. l'ZlI'0i'1'0l', :ts wvll :is stutliotls. spirit tl1z1t is p1'vv:1I1-11t Zlllltbllg its Silllitlllii .xllii :ts this. tht- twt111ty-tI1i1'al Ytiillllll' ul' Nor- XVl'Si0I'. liws 1111, so will that spirit that is Nt11'tl1wvst01'11. CUNTENTS l':1g:v S .x1"l'lVl'l'lI'2S - l".xc'V1,'1'Y Ijilgfl A4 .l.xxl'.x1cY Fuss l':1g'v 40 JVN14: Vlhxss Page 52 lhlgrv T2 Hnrslcs Y Sl'm:'1's V lamp TS I"m'l'l'1:lcs - 151530 90 fxm ,s '3, mme? 'Q-I 1 V if?-J M gk QV gif? K Mig? 3 NWN xi ar 111 f f ff ff I be I ff qw ,pf P V ,..z ll ,L-I f-C49, , ' H. or - nb- ' JL, Q ll If qu' , X I X Q, Q? Page Ten TAMBULA Northwestern went scouting around for a new kind of production to put on for the autumn of 19236. The out- eoine of this seareh was an idea for it variety show. The plan of the show was also unusual, for the niethod of selecting the east was like that of an amateur hour. Any student or group of students who had something to offer by way of entertainment was invited to have an audition before a group of teaeliers acting as judges, After many trials and rejeetions the amateurs who sueeeeded perfected their parts and the show was arranged in a definite order. The title chosen for it was tfTa1nbula,f' which was the name given to' an ini- prolnptu show given on shipboard. Tl1e curtain was raised disclosing a brilliant Mexican scene. A gorgeous costumed chorus and Don Sprague, Ruth Iglesias, Robert Monroe, Robert lVei1', and Milton Merry sang: Leona McKenzie. Mildred -lirasik, Brooks iVest, and Herbert Lightman dancedg Miss Hazel Carton and Miss Alice M. Lowden directed this scene. The entire act consisted of Haig Sarabedien, violinist, and Leo Gai-ahedien, pianist. 3 Scene Two was a short farce entitled t'Meridein's Right Hand., ln the third scene an N. B. C. concert was broadcast. Hartwell's Harmonizers. an excellent orchestra dressed in white jackets, played the familiar theme songs of all the famous orchestras on the radio. The iniitations of Guy Lomlwai-do, the "Hit Parade" and others were very good. "Mars Martian On," or the fourth scene, was given by the Northwestern Radio Players under the direction of Mr. -loseph K. Boltz. This was an original skit demonstrating how much more modern Mars was than Earth i11 lfillti. The last act contained the llarrison Brothers in a guitar-song-and-dance specialty. The tinal scene of the program took place H011 the Range." The "Taml1ula" was a greater success than anyone ever hoped, and it deserves the four stars it will receive on the list of unusually tine productions given at Northwestern. Page Eleven First NON"-BlI'. J. H. W FALL flllll'l'. lilNVl'I'S, Newtmi. Sil1w111e11. lliuse. Gnu- tllif'l'. F0llillllI't', Shaw. Neeolrfl I1'n11'-Ligl Rich. D11-l101'. Thirfl Ifflll'-fR,ll'0, lllllilll. Ge11g1'. Guilluz. AIlll'4i0t'li. Sllilllllllll. BIi'i'iIlK'llill. Mr. J. P. M1-tl11i11114-ss. liyl'41ll. llzlrtwell. Blue. Kirhy, Rm-gv11l1:11'dt. Mzxllu-ws. Miss hlC'l'l'i2llll. l"n1l1'fll lfnvlr' Iil'j'illll. I'1'1-ss111:111. Iie1'1'y. II:11't. I'11ll111:111. Ihlllili. Slfillll. iiil'l'I'ii'li. SPRING First lfml'--R41l11'1'ts. Slllll'lilllll. Bitbfibilf. limit. I3llll0lly. Stolen. Lewis, Miss 1It'l'l'i2llll. N1'r'r1111l lfnlr 'M1', AIt'fillilIll1'SS. l'4141k. 11:1 l'lllPXVl'l'. 3Illl'kltll'll. Phillips. 'I'hi1'lI l1'nu'gSie11 Fourth NUIVYY-Iiil'i '. xV0llll'l'. Iltlllillil. lmvid. M1 hens. I'll'lli'l'llil'l. l.i1111. llllt'IlllllU'. Rive. .il'l'Ullll'. ny. Shaw. I!1'yz111t. S:1111:11'i:111. llillllll. Km-itz. Imw11s. Hzlrtwell. lil'tlXVlll'll. Page 7'1rr'71'r' STUDENT COUNCIL The No1'tl1weste1'11 Student t'm1111'il umde 1111 PXi'l'llii0ll to the llllWl'llit'll rule ol' lmving il hwy lll'l'Sitl0lli when it elected 'Fcnho SillYUlll'll l'u1- the full tel-111 ui' 191511. lluwever, she lll0I'P than justi- tied their l':1itl1 i11 her. She was Slll'l'l'l'lll'1l hy Dllllillti Il2l1'iXVl1il, presi- dent ul' the sp1'i11gr term ol' 10217. who Ullllilllllllli to exercise the judicial powers with such suc-cess that the e11ti1'e Student 0111111-il was invited to give il de1111:11st1'i1,tic111 ot il typivul lll4'0i'illg,f :lt the Naitimml 17011- vention of Student 0011111-ils, 111 NUl'iill'l'll High Sc-l1m1l 1111 June 30, 1937. With Miss liezltriffe Me1'1'i:1111, Mr. -I. l'. Mc-G11i1111ess, and Mr. J. G. XVoll1e1' :lt the helm. tl1is hotly e11g:1g'es ill lllillly eng1'f1ssi11g enter- prises, the most i111po1-ta111t of whieh is the c-111111111-ti11g ot the Vsed Book Store. The z1pp1'oxi111:1te 111111111111 of business t1-:111s:14-ted since Sl'Iii9lllllU1'. JHSZLSOO, is piwmot of this stz1te111e11t. The Student U1111111-il is indeed the legislative ll2ll'k-110110 of the sclmol. and its eu-tivities are as widely Y2l1'lPIi :ls they :ire lllillly. The routine consists of 1111p1'0pI'i11tio11s for sur-h i111po1'tz111t items as identi- liQ'2liiOll l'2l1'dS. scfl1c1l111'sl1ip medals, 1-epairs 4111 ilHlllll'li 111'ope1'ties used hy the school, illld others too Yllllll01'Ol1S to 1llQIlTi0Il. The Council is greatly to be compli111enled on the success of its undei-tukings, which are done by, of, and for the good of those who eleeted them as their 1'ep1'cse11t:1tives. 13141liA'1'ING ULV13 First R1111'-A1eX:111111-r. Sftxfllllilll. Iiilllilgiil. NVi1ki11s1111. 11111111112 f 111 Grief f. Ftl1111E'I'. P4 N11-111111 lro11'fI1111111:11'11. 1i1'y1111t. K1'ist11. 121-1111'11e11, 111111111111 111111 Miss Y111111g1111'1-1 7'l1ir1l 1111111--G1':1y. .1:111111s. 11:11't11'1111. D1111t11. Grzly. 11111111s S IX NI1 11I'1I1A'I'1NG TEAM Gilpin, Me1't1111 Davis, Miller. 11111-11111 D111s DEBATING CLUB 111 111-1-111111111sh111e11ts t11e Deb:1ti11g Club ranks high z11111111g sf'h11111 111'gz111izz1ti1111s. f,I'flf21111ZPd i11 11111111111-y, 1936, 111'1dQI' t11e 1e:1ders11ip of Miss Florence Y111111g1111'e, the 011111 has sp1111s111-e11 debates dealing with 111'0ble111S of A11191'iC2111 g111'e1'11111e11t. The most 1111tst:11111i11g of these was t11e skillfully 1111111111211 i11'g111I1011f 1111 the subject, "Res1111'e11 that the United States sl111111d z1111111t 21 111111-1111101-111 1egis111t111'e.,' The Iyllbiltillgl 1111111 has 11eii11ite1y 11'1111 21 11211116 for itself at Xorth- western largxely 111'1':111se of t11e 1111111-ts of the otlicers t11is past term: Mary B1'j'21Ilf, Il1'6S1d0I1tQ 1Vi11i11m 131-1111'11e11, vice-p1'eside11tg 111111 Grace Frlieclltel, S6l'1'Pf2l1'y. DEBATING TEAM X01't1lNV9StG1'1l High S1-110111 may 11'1111 best1111' praise 11111111 tl1e Debat- ing Team 11'11i1-11 for t11e past year has b111'11e its c11111rs. Trziilled under the able 11i1'e1-ti1111 of M1-. K:11'1 Scott, the te:1111 has s11111'eeded i11 11'i1111i11g lll0S1 of its 111+b11tes ill the Det1'11it High Sc110111 Debating Ltiilglltl 1-111111-sts 1111 the 1111esti11'11, "lies1111'e11 that e1111't1-i1-:11 utilities in A1ll6I'1C'il sl11111ld be g111'e1-11111e1111 o11'11ed.', In vie1v of this fine record made by the team, it is with deepest regrets and best YViS1'1QS that we bid fzu-ewell to those members who are g1'ac111z1ting. Page 111 :teen III-Y ICICI! I-'irxf lfwlv' Muir. I,1-vvllsml. Mr. Kim: lS1lmlSol'lI IIZIIIIU. llvinlstault. x'r':'m11l lfnu' limlkm-. IIIPIIIIIIUIPIISII, Vlalspill, Winstzlnlm-y. Imrlingx. l'Ilir1I lfmr IA-up:rI1I. IIIIUX. Shaw. Ilvmlry. S1111-. IJ III -Y XVI I ITE I"ir.vl lfrm' I"1':ls1'r. l'Zlll2lI'j'. Ilzlriwvll. Linsm-. Mvlic-n-vm-1'. Iilwnvllvll. Nw-mul lfulr Mzltlu-xml, YUIIIIQ. Krivtz. NI2lIll'UI'. SIl'2lIll. IPUIIEIZIS. I"l'I'I'IN. 'I'l:i1'fI Ifuu' Mc'I'Illi,::ltt. NIOj'l'l'S. SIIIVIC. INIXIIII. 4'ulIn'ifIg1-. Kirby. I,:l I'1'I1YNV4'l'. HI-Y GRA Y Ifirxf Nou' Mr, Sissml ISIHDIISUVI 3 Momll. I'ullm:m. II.11I, I"l'llSI1'I'. Lau'- kin. IAIIIU. Nrwnul Ifufr Ilulrh-11. .Xmls-rsml, Iiristxu, Wnulvss. l21'm-in-lllnzlvli. Mulhy. Smit Il. I'rry1v l"UIlI'lI,'l'71f HI-Y CLUB! HI-Y The activities of the Hi-Y are based on the purpose of creating and maintaining throughout the school and community high standards of t'hristian character and living. Meetings are l1eld each Tuesday evening at tl1e Y. M. G A.. a member's home. or a neighborhood Church. There are occasional "combined" meetings with the Girl Reserves. Each meeting generally includes a. business meeting, entertainment. and a devotion led by a member. On every Friday morning at 6:30 tl1ere is a meeting of the members of all chapters. Here breakfast is served: it is followed by a business meeting. Social activities for the year included dances. outings. and parties. Each chapter did its share at Thanksgiving and tlhristmas by sending out baskets. The chapters are ever willing and ready to aid the school in any way possible. All of the chapters are sponsored by the Y. M. C. A. The ehapter advisers are Mr. M. D. .Ierou1e, 'White Uhapterg Mr. Ii. IC. King. Red Fhapter: and Mr. I". G. Sisson, Gray Uhapter. Presidents for the fall term were Don Hartwell, lVhite: Earle Mott. Red: and Ted Hart, Gray. Those who succeeded them in the spring were Don Hartwell, Ray Danto, and Charles Pullman, respec- tivelv. GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves under the guiding direction of Miss L. IC. Holte man and Miss ID. I.. Emmons, have undertaken and accomplished several projects in the past year. As a Christmas project, they befriended a needy family and watched out for their welfare through- 1.nt the winter. At present the girls are making garments for the Needlework Guild. The girls who graduate are given a banquet by the renraining Girl Reserves. This is a semi-annual event. Every few months the Northwestern Girl Reserves meet with the City-Wide Girl Reserves and discuss activities common to both. One night the Girl Reserves had a pot lurk at the Girls' "Y" and invited a few lucky fellows to the 'filo-ed" dance al'terwards. The Mothers were invited to a Mother-Ilaughter tea and were royally entertained by an old-fashioned melodrama.. The Girl Reserves with the lli-Y boys had an outing at River Rouge Park near the end of the term, when the weather was at its best. The purpose of the Girl Reserves is to raise their own standards and ideals and thus enjoy a more complete appreciation of lite. GIRL RESERVES - First RoursMerrick. Garrett. Sudekum. Lawson. Buyers. Tainsh. Meyer MacDonald. Beebe, Seating. Second Rour-Harroun, Roberts, Estes. Wehrle. Campbell. Sroka, Hoag land, Kilpatrick. Glnskie, Brooks, Borden. IVallaee. Mallett. 'Fhird Rove-Shannon. Sage, Doremus. Traeger, Renswiek, Petreqnin MeDonald. Berg. Wells. Streeter. Genge. Feagin. Fourfll lfmrf- Sims. Roos. Johnston. Chance. Knisel, IIosteI't'er, llamp ton, Sihvonen, Folkmire, Lombard, VVeyer. Schening, l"ifll1 Hou:-Grinim. Clarke, Baker, Shusta. Dawe. Heath, Finkbeiner wnnams, Murdock, Slater, Frackelton. I Page Fifteen The tenseness of the studio audience . . . the amber glow of the warning signal . . . a breathless instant . . . and . . . the Radio Players are on the air! Many times during the past year has this scene taken place, in each case bringing new glory to t"e group Hllfl to its director, Mr. Joseph K. Holtz. Because of the very latest type public address apparatus, so generously donated by the Alumni and the Student Council, the Players have been able to practice over real radio equipment and hear exactly how their voices sound. The Radio Players presented Longfellow's Evangeline over VVJR and the March of Youth over YVWV-I, doing a, fine job in each instance. The success of the sparkling musical show, "'l'ambula,', was partly due to the hilarious humor of 'fMars" Martian Onf' amusing slice of slapstick dished up by the Players. Five Players were also cast in the 12A play. The aim of the Radio Club is to aid in develop- ing clear speaking voices as Well as culture, and to prepare students for careers in radio. The Science illld Radio Club, directed by Mr. Austin Cline, continues to explore the fascinating world about us. Radio is rapidly "going places" at Northwestern Z SCIENCE and RADIO CLUB First Ron'-Henry, Linse, Heimstadt, Cameron. Nm-ond lfou'MChatham, Hart, Buell, Gray. Page Sixteen RADIO Mn. ltmxrx Alu. I':lNL.XIl XYIIALIS RADIU Tlli.X1XIA'l'ICS First lfnlr---1NI1'. Edgan' NVillis, Mr. liullz. AIIRIIIIN. Allvn. BIVLUIIIIZIII I.l1n-vlclxuff, Cmwv. va-mul H0112-I'11llm:111. Slnvk. fl:lx'wuml. Il. I:Ill'll1'l1. Lal l"'lmw1', llmnwt RADIO 1'I,.XYI'lRS l"ir.vl lfnnrr -Sllilllllllll. Ln Flmvvlz Iizlwlm-11.t'z1ll, L1-wis.I'1-rkins. llc-llu1m'4 Nwmual lfuu' -llm1g.:l:11ui. Hlllll. Imrkwuml. Sllilll'hI'1l0Ill. Ilalrdml, Hmsx Hloll. 'l'lliI'Ilv Hou' f'I'tHX'K', IE4-mn-ll. 11I'IliQ, Nl0wYl'I'. .XlI4il'1'WS, Gillvll. Uuilgllib Mvyvr, I.i'LL'llIIll2lll. f"Irlll'fll lion' Williams. Cruigr. Slum-la. 1:ill'XY1Nlll. Sumrl. Fox. I,11vm'lclmll Rnrivk. 'l':1lnl1-, A111-11, AKIZIIIIN. Page SL'UCl1ff,'l'lI BOYS' TRIO Wilkinson. Poole, Robertson DOUBLE TRIO MacKinnon, Jirasek. Hubbard, Donnelly, 0'lgl'i0l1, Ruhl LINCOLN HOUSE TRIO David Robertson Richard VVilkinson .lack Poole :LCCOIIIPSIHISLZ Maria QUTTIHPYU1' Organized with the help of Miss Alice Lowden, the group sang I'or HTambula,,' and on several occasions outside of school. THE GIRLS' DOUBLE TRIO The Girls' Double Trio, composed of Mildred -lirasik, Jean Hub- bard, Patricia Donelly, Irene O'Brien, Kathlyn MeKinnan and Jean Ruhl, have proved to the satisfaction of those who have had the pleasure of listening to them, the old adage that "a thing worth doing at all is worth doing well." The girls, ably coached and accompanied by Miss Luarietta Kenk, have sung on radio stations TVJR and TVTV-T. They will sing this sunnner at a National Educa- tion Association luncheon, and at a conference later that afternoon. In the past they have pleased listeners at Mai-ygrove College, Parent- Teaehers Meetings, and other lunclieons throughout the city. Page Eighteen, GLEE CLUBS BOYS' The Boys, Glee Club is composed of eleventh and twelfth grade boys who, because of their excellent Voices and ability to read music, were recommended by their music instructors. Although most of the boys' time was spent in collaboration with the Girls, Glee Club, they put forth special effort and have sung at various church and club organizations through' out the city. They will sing for the American Classical League Section at the opening of the National Education Association. the twenty-seventh ot' June. The boys are led on to greater achievements by Miss Alice M. Lowden. GIRLS' The Girls' Glee Club is made up of girls that have been recommended by their music teachers for their quality of voice and their ability to read notes. This terin their time has been taken up in preparing for tl1e Spring Concert and also getting ready to participate in the National Education Association meeting that will be held in Detroit in June. Miss Laurietta K1-nk. the Girls' tllee Club instructor. stated that she has derived a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure in training the excellent voices of the group and congratulates them on their line work. First Row-Jackson, Proctor, XYQ-st. Trosky, Hudson. Brosofske. Roble, Sochowicz. Ncvrnwl Row-XVclls, Munson, Adgcrs. Brown. Tellia, Rhcauinc. Robert- son. Third Ron:-Allen, Joseph. fifilllflll. Kel-f. Sprague. Roberts, Poole, Gleeson. First Refw-Jones, Stewart, Baker, Miss Kenk. Simon. Donnelly. Esther. Second R0wfWallace, Somenski, MacKinnon. Darkwood, Nelson, Cor- nelius, Schoenith, Frew. Third Ron:-Welnrle. Hoagland. 'l'arve1'. Martin. Williams, Poole, Quit- lneyer, Gregg. Milton. Fourth. Row-Maas. Carter. Lowe, Green. Ruhl. Jirasek. Auty. Hridwell. Fifth Row-Herb, Kyler, Spiros, Schultz, Hubbard. Bennett, McGuire. 0'Brien, XVahnen. Page Nineteen A'CAPELLA CHOIR Many times during the past year have the halls resounded to the stirringly rich tones of the Capella Choir, a group of which Xorthwestern High School may well be proud. The members of the group. which is so very beautifully directed by Miss Alice M. Lowden, are most carefully selected by her. and must have good ensemble voices, tl1e ability to read music. and an equally important desire to work hard. The singers are not content to turn out a "fair" piece of work. but strive unceasingly to weave an elaborate pattern of perfect harmony. The greatest honor conferred on the choir was its being selected by a state committee to represent Michigan and Detroit in the competition festival of the North Central Music Educators Conference held in Minneapolis from April fourth to eighth. The thirty-six singers merited a good rating at this festival a11d were combined into' a huge choir of about one thousand voices. which was directed by Dr. Hollis Dann and sang before the Convention audience. In March. the Acapella Choir made its annual trip to Ypsi- lanti to sing during the Bach Festival directed by that out- standing conductor. Mr. Frederick Alexander. An event which Detroit music lovers will remember happily for years to come was the pulsating performance of Yerdits "Requiem', presented at Masonic Temple under the direction of Mr. Franco Ghione in honor of the late Mr. Ossip Gabrilo- witsch. In this inspiring' tribute, the Acapella choir formed part of the large choir that. along with Metropolitan Opera stars. sang the vibrant music to the accompaniment of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Thaddeus WVronski. direc- tor of the Detroit Civic Opera Company, assisted in training the choir for this occasion. On June 5. the Acapella choir sang on the March of Youth program over radio station NVYV-I, and on June 27 were enthusiastically received at the National Education Associa- tion convention. In the comparatively short time that it has been formed. Northwestern's Acapella, choir has soared high, and we may feel sure that it will continue rising to even loftier heights. First l?mu'-Frew. Grisrfl. Jirasek. 0'I!rian. Vokes. McKenzie. Jones. Kelly. llerb. Quilnieyer. Darkwood. Ncefnirl Nun'---Miss liowden. Auty. Mctluire. Wehner. Slitzell. Schultz. Hubbard. Kyler. Tarver. Macliinnon. Third lffoilf-Munson, Wilkinson. Weir. Robb. David. Gleeson. Schonnner. lilflllffh Row- '-e'- Causley. Blue. Roberts, Poole, Zulauf, Trosky. Soehowicz. Page Twenty ORCHESTRA Northwestern seems destined to have an excellent orchestra every year. .l,0l'llilllS the fact that Mr. Hoy M. Miller is the leader has something to do with it. To be a lll0llllH'I' of the orchestra, one must pass rigid written tests every few weeks and a playing test every few nlonths. The orchestra. played over the radio this term and gave a very successful 1ll'0Q,'l'i1lll, which was enjoyed by all. During the year, Mr. Miller and his "Melodeers" may be counted on for melody at the school plays, rallys, etc. The excellent music is certainly enjoyed hy all. SENIOR BAND This year the band has been divided into two divisions! third and fourth hours. Under the capable supervision and direction of Roy M. Miller, who is also a teacher at Wayne Vniversity, the band is progressing rapidly. Every year the high standard of excellence set hy the preceding hand is reached and then some. The drilling ot' the hand has been under the supervision of the R. U. T. C.g so that alone should show how excellent their training By all evidence, the senior band will continue to be 'ttopsf' 0llf'Ill'lSTR .K SIGNIUR HAND l"if'.vf lforr--Fields. Guenther. Zoller. lioundtield. Pllflllilll, l'thes. Voorhees. Wilson. 'l'2I,2',Lf2l1'l. Traskos. Nrr-mul Hflll'-lll1ll'22ll'l'i Mcliae. Giles. lic-tty Mc-Rae. lienton. White Llnnpkin. Love. liundorff. Ilillier. Hamilton. Wisner. Tlrirrl Iron'-I'et1'osky. Austin. Fair. Taylor. Brown. Ferguson. Fustn- kian. Lucas. Hulbert. lVhite. La Flower. l'lU'IIl'flI Ifozc-eClays. lirogrclan, Merry, tlodharet. Hudson. fllt'llll.RllI'liS, Hollis, Sayed, Frager. Nickel. Fifth Ron'-West, Heidrick. Procter. Fingrer. liable. Lucas. Dante Hartwell. Jones, Gray, Maher. 1 Page Twenty-one UANVE OI" G IH'Il'I'l'ING FINNISII FOLK DANFIC 1 FINNISH FOLK l'iANl'I'I Kxmzmxc GROUP: 'I'l1irrl lfulrflfvfl in lfiylli -Moyvr. I:2llll'l'. Nwruurl lfmr ff'4lll1Illlill, NVilvnx. Ibrigsghi D tlzxpslcy. I"ir.wI limi' lrllj'1'l'S. l"ulkn1i1'm-. Russo. I12lkL'l'. S'1uxNnlN4a GlCHl'l'I 'I'I1i1'1I lffnlr--Imfl fn lfiyflzf---NVe'yu1'. IN-:11'sm1. Nw-will lfnu'-fl11'ig.rg:s. GVOOXI, Hridwa Ilyrml. I"irsf lfllllf'-Aslllitll. R0lll'k1'. Slltllqilllll. Ikon-In-. yv 'I'l:-fully-t1l'r1 DANCE CLUB Tl1e Creative Dance Club has made rapid progress since its founding a little over one year ago. The enthusiasm of Miss Prudentia, Huifman incites in each girl a sincere etfort to do her best. The dancers had more opportunity than ever before to create compositions. Activity began with the dancers pai-taking in the variety show. t'Tambula.,' A per- formance was given in January at the IZA Mother and Daughter Teag May l the ,group demonstrated technique and the method of composing dances and some completed compo- sitions for the Schoolmasters' Club at Ann Arbor. The Dance Club took part in a symposium given at Southeastern High School and gave a recital for Northwestern to bring a year full of accomplishments to a close. 1'rc.widcnt '--- Jean 'Folkmire 09365 Jane XVeyer 119373 Via-0-President Nedra Buyers 1192161 Nancy Beebe 1193-ITJ Secretary - - Carol Zander Colleen Sudekum FENCING CLUB Tl1e Fencing Club, under the leadership of Miss Beatrice Merriam, retired a team undefeated from the Held save for one exception during the season. Composed of both boys and girls, the club was well repre- sented in the men's and women's individual state tournament, being unusually fortunate in possessing' a member, Byron Krieger, who set the precedent of being the iirst high school boy ever to place in the State Finals. XVith Miss Merriamls and -lane Scott's foil trophies, augmented by John Dreheris medal in saber, the Northwestern Club has taken a. total of seven medals in the yearls competition. The Club coach is fast gaining the reputation in fencing circles of turning out crack teams, which, because of the scarcity oi' high school competition, scheduled most of their meets with private schools and colleges. The tirst girls' team competition was held this year with Wayne liniversity. First Rr1v1riMal1o11ey, Stofiiet, Krieger, Byerly, Maltby. Sniderman, La Flower, Sophiea, Thomas, Dreher. Second Roar--Pearsoil, McMullen, Skart. Noble. Krauser, Choc-kley, Scott, Beebe, Thompson. Third If!!10-NV00llWV0l'i'll. Andrews. Ramsey. Stevenson. Roy. Edmunds, Gossard, Young, Clark, Peltier, Miss Merriam. Page Twenty-tlrrcc LIBRARY A 1l1'9?llll that had been long aided and abetted, yet feared dreanit ill vain, canie true Klllrlllgl tl1e fall ter111 of 1936. The dI'6HlllQ112 Miss G1111-e hvlllflill, llill'2lI'l2lI1 of Xortliwesterii High School. The tll'92llllZ :1 119W library, 1-oinplete witl1 modern conveniences. The dreain was more than just fuliilled. It was constructed ill conference with the plilllS of Miss XVinton, 211111 l1er every wish was catered to, Although tl1e new fiirniture has not yet arrived, it is expected to i11 tl1e near future. The library stali' at present is larger than ever before i11 tl1e history of the school. The 11ew location lllllSt tend to influence the students. as El large lllllllllel' were compelled to enter a i'61'lll7S application for ad1nittan1-e to tl1e staff. Those Ill9llllJ9l'S wl1o have retained their positions the greatest 1111111- ber of terms are Lois Linn, Pearl Hlll'N'ii'll, tllld Eva Laine. The library 111:1i11tains that hushed 2ltlll0SpllQ1'0 so pleasing to students desirous of perusing good books. Those wrong- doers who abuse this privilege are severely repri111a11de1l, and forbidden fll1'tll61' access for tl1e Pelllklllldel' of tl1e term. The assistant librariaii, Mrs. Faith Miirdoeli, was born tilfaitli TONVIlS9llIlv1 1-o11se11ne11tly those wl1o address llel' by her maiden 11211116 receive a, "down tl1e nose" glance, with a twinkle behind it. A new SySt9Il'l has been devised wherein a staff 111en1ber is appointed supervisor for a. speeiiie period. Tl1is student supervisor is lUldQ1' the jlll'iSfilCfiUI1 of the librarians, and fills their places when Miss Winton and Mrs. Murdoch are Called away or are engrossed in Uillel' matters. It is to the supervisors that tl1e inquiring pupils go, for they are there for that purpose. The library is il 1-o11sta11t source of QYCI'-i1lC1'QflSi1'1g infor- lH2i,ti0l1-illf01'lll2lflllll adequate to supply tl1e needs oi' eam-h of N01'tllXX'9St0I'1l,S three thousand six l1lll1d1'6d pupils. Its new VO'1lllll9S 1-o11tain ill8Xll2lllSfllll0 inaterialg it is at tl1e disposal of the entire sehool. First R010-Deyo. Iglesias, Brooks. Doremus, Kirby, H1-i111'iel1, Dugan MeKittriek. Second 11'o11:--Stelidel, Cady. 1'2ll'lil'1', Mueller, Menzies, Laine, King. Third I1'o'11'gMerit11e1v, Wilson, Ellgill, Kerby, Smithy, Kiinble, Hurvieh. 1"0'llI'ffL Row-Broadway, Sehibbye, Murdoch, Miss Winton, Linn. Grey Page Twenty-four STAFF Page 7'1w2m'y-fin .-4 From Imff fn Ifiyllf i'l'tlXV. IZ1111111-tt. M1'I.1'1111:111. Nvlh-s. All1'11. Ilwrl. A1l:1111s, M11Sllt'l'. Sil'Ut't1'I'. lyffllll Imff In Ifiylllf' Nvllrs. H1'llllK'tt. M1-l11'1111:1ll. livwi. f'l'llNY1'. Aiil'll. A1iillllS. MUSIIVIZ Stl't't't0l'. "'l'h11 I.:1tv f'ilI'iNttl1lilC'I' R1-:111" hy Sidlwy Ilmv:111i. :1 alvlig.rl1tt'11l lll0ti0I'll l'0Illltti.V, was thf- illllli g'1':11l11:1ti11g class. Tho play is 111111s11:1I. Stl'2lI1Q'l'iy ltlltblljlil thv tliil' c'l1:l1':l1't01' flilxti t1111 yvzlrs lri-fm-11 the svviw opo11s. H0 w:1s:111 artist and lvft il 1111111- hm- ul' IP2lilltillQ1N. llis lliI'tlll'l'S :ill nt' :1 s111l4Iv11 ilt't'2lIIl0 thv Vilgfl' :1111l thu sm-1':1111hI11 tn I gm them. hy ililil' 111va111s or foul, llliliil'S Ill! thv plot. G1-1-wi. loyalty, y l'ilil'2llll'l'y, 111111 1-1r111z1111'1- all play il 11:11-t ill tho llliliiillg' of the tlllll. of Thr' Vast X iil'. Ilzlggm-tt. il 1-11111111-y lDl'2It'tititlIN'l' . Nllglilliliti ,xiivll San-11 Huggvtt, l1is with ..... A1111 Mosher ' A1111 i"IZlgIQll'tt. his 4l:111g1l1tm-1' . Mz11ivli111- Strevtvi- Susie 111151511-tt. 11 yilllllglttl' 1h111gl1t01' . i,0I'tltily B01111vtt 'l'z1llz111t, il llililltltl' . . . Eddie .Xdzxins Da1V011po1't, il Nvw York vritim' lCdwz11'd lived 112 A Rosen, Illl art' dezllel' . . . David Nclles ' XV:11'11'1-11 U1-0:11111-1'. :1 vilhxgo hwy . R-if-1121111 Shu-la Ahhf-y, tho ho1-oi111- ..... Isahvl M1114-11111111 Tho sings' settings W1111- :11'1':111g:g1-d hy Mr. .l. K. Holtz, and thv lllllSiI' by Mr. Roy M. Miller. The play was di1'ef-ted hy Miss Julia E. Gettemy. l'u1fr' 'l'lt'l'IIf!f-SLI' First Ifuzr- --'l':1rv+fr. Woodley: AlPXilIl1ll'l'. Pzxpst, Blzlgu. Pe-pliuski. Sroku. Grigg. Kuvtf. Nvrrnirl lfulr 7 Miss Norris. l'1iuk. ,Mhllf-sou. Iiews. Klu- smvski. .lmu-s. Imrviuus. Iiilllilflil, Iloupvr. Third Run' -W Iiryunf. Uzxdys. -lllC'kSllll. Arunt. II:11ln-ram. Thuuipsuu. 5Il'l'll'llI1Zlll. Isuu. Ifmfrtlz lfuzr--I.ip:l1ti11:m. linu- zlld, SZylll2lllSki. Sm-huivlz. Mzlluum-y. K 1' i s t n. Hull, Sm-Ilowiuz. First Iflllli Qllillf4'I'0, Ari-hm-r. Ilolwrts. Hznrrouu. l,l'102H'il, Ibzlrvy, H1111-y. Wu-iuort. Arui- strong. Nfwmal ffIlIl'f"IQ1ll'SiilS, Imlsiu. Spring. Mzlssm-y. GllSS2ll'4l. Piuk. Iirmxdwuy. Suds-kuui, Mrs, Uairtuii. 'I'l1ir1l Run' --- Myers. Hoff. l'I'm'1v!'. Vmlpvr. Briggs. Shustzl. Wvir, Grallului. lfuurfh 1n'rnI'f-fI'I1rl4lv11. C2lIlll'I" nu. l':lliuvr'. Pulluulu. Huh' rx-r. XVurun-r. Smith. Gusto. Iii-ke-1's14-y, Firsl lfmf- -Haiigrllt. Miss St. Julius. Hzuuptnui. Nm-lsnu. lim-aiu. RUIIRIIIII. Jurxluu. Nw-mlrl lfmr - ---- HiIl1iIll2lI'Sil. Ra-vsv. IIPFIIIZIIIS. 3It'I'1il1'llill Ilurtlvss. Mutl. 'I'hir1I Noir- 'L4'1l4'il. Puls-. Jzluf itzki. Ilurvivh. K1-llvy. Cud- Iiuz. Svott. Fnurlll fflllli-"I':ViISiZ4'l". Bl2ll'k' ium-u. Ilawge-r. Tll0Ill2lt'kl'1l. In-twvv. Rus:-ulwrg. Blu uwl. LANGUAGE CLUBS -' LNFIN i Again as iu tho past. Umuitizi KOIIIQIIIZI, wiih Miss Nouuzl Norris as sponsor. has sliccvvdcd in IbI'OIIl0iillg iuierest iu thv 4-lzisses of X0l'thNYlfStel'I1. The ofiicers :irc Consul. Marion Hvnnigar: 1Jl'2lK'i0I', lid SZylll2lHSiii1 S1-rilm. Jlzule TIIOIIIIJSOIIQ Aedile. Viuvuut Uzlusly: :md tho Nuutii. Iilvauun' Srokzi :wud Hulbert Ball. SPANISH Los Leouc-s lflspzumlvs 1"'l'hc Spanish Lious",b haw succvss- fully coiilph-tml ilw svmuul yvzu' of tilllil' oxisiviivv. 'Phil 4-luh lIl00tillQS 21111 hvlcl vvvry third wc-ok. .Xflvr husiuvss is disvussvil. Olli01'filiIllllPIlf is QiVK'll. lizlw Vastu zuul ,loziu llzlrruuu llzlw lmvu prvsiih-ills for thv pzisl iwu 14-rlus. FRENCH f'TiT'T3 'Phe l"I'0lll'il Uluh is the uvwvst of the iilllglllilgjf' clubs to bo UI'g'5llliZ0li :itz N01'filWl'Sil'l'll, :is if was just stzlrfvd iu the spring' of 1937. Viulvi' the guiding: haiuds of Miss Ht-lvu Sf. -luhu. sponsor. and David Nelson, pi-Osidvlli. tho SiIllil'llTS Ire- 1-oiue hotter zicquzliuted with thu Fl'PllI'il laiigiiaigv. Page 7'w0nIy-swarm: 1 l., Page 711170711111 OFFICERS R. O. T. C. This year 11111 RA. 11. T. C. ll11S W1111 lllillly 2lW1lI'1lS :11111 111111111's 1l1l1lQ1' S1'1'g1Ji11lt Floyd 111. 3111111-11. 111 -121l111211'y 11111 1,'11111p1111y s11111 11 l111'li1111 111111111111 111 1111111111111 11gr11i11s1 11111111' 111111111111s. '1'1111 111111111111 was 1'111111111111111111 11V 12111111 1s1-1.1. l.e1'11y S1111111 who 11Z1S S11l1'1' 11111111 111111111111111 111 12111111 1'1111111i11. 11111' 11111101111 won 1111s 111'i11 111111 il 1112111111111 si1v111' 1-1111 wus 111-11s111111111 111 I,i11111111111111 S1l2lNV 115' 11111 S11j11111-11111's. Iluring 1l1is YPHI' 11111' 1111111 'I2111111 1111111 1l2ll'1 111 11111 1111111-st Tl'1l11llf' A12l11'l1. T1111s11 111111112 11111-1 W1'1'1' 12111111 3.i1lj1l1' B1Z1l'l1111 Zflleski. 12111111 21111 111. -1111111 1'lI21I'1191. 12111111 Sgt. H111'11111 111111, 12111111 Sg1. l'1l'l1PST K1'1111s1-, 12111111 1l1l1'l111l'211 l111w1'11111:11 lil-11i1111111111'l1, 1l:l111'1 I'v1. 11111111 Akley, 1'1VP1'f' y11111' il Sp91'12ll Military ICX1-111111111-11 511111111 is g'iv1111 111 11111 1111s1 111ii11'Q1', 1111111'11Ill11l1SS1111l1'11 1111'11'11l', 211111 1111111111 in 11111 111111. 'l'1111 1111111111s NV1'l'11 VVUII by 12111111 112111121111 1111'1l2l1'11 'I'111-1'11lI, 12111111 Sgl. l.111'11.v S1111w, 111111 12111111 1'v1. xV1lI'l'1'1l B11'1l1'211'1i01l, 1'1'11111111i1111s w111'11 111111111 EIS 1'111111ws: 12111111 112111111111 l111'l1E1I'11 L. '1l11I'l'1'll 111 12111111 11111111 M:1j111', 112111121111 AI2l1'l1P1l Z11111sl1i 111 12111111 B12lj111', 12111111 1s1-11i11111e1111111 1.111-115' S111111' 111 12111111 1l2lI112llll. 12111111 1s11 S1'I'g'Pil111, W111-111111 'I'. A11'fl1'2l1'li1'Il 111 1211101 21111 l1i11111111111111, 111211191 l'lf11U1l11 Se1'g1111111 .l1111n P11111'11111 111 172111131 21111-L111111111111111, Cadet S11I'g.1'6i11l1, Eugene Bierly 111 12111111 21111-Ll6111PI121I1t, 12111111 Sergeant -1111111 111111ey 111 12111111 21111-Li111111111:1111, 12111111 S1111ge11111 11-11 1'111'ey 111 121de1 fflld-L181110l1f11l1. 12111111 S111'g11an1 Melvin G111111111 111 12111111 Staff 21111-11ie111enant. The R. O. T. C. l1ilS 21 111111111111 1'1i1SS 111111111 111 which 1110 class is conducted by 111e cadet 111F111e1-s. In these classes 11160157 and Close order drill are taught. In addition 10 11111 regular class period the unit has special drills before or 11111111 s1-1111111 hours. -night UAUMINTON ULVH First Roux-Jones. Harroun. Yerringzton, llowper. Hackett. Smith, P01 K1 Stegnmu. NVilliams. Nccouzl lu'UIl'h-Pilfl'll'k. f'orrick. Draeger. Steele. Sweeney, l'llil1lN Jones. Wille. Ziinmerman, Dawe. Tlrirfl Noir- -Roberts. Roy. Mrs. Dunn. Murphy. G ' arwood, Kloeppel, Fallum. Keefe. Sumpter. lelletic Millard. Hi 61 -r. CAMERA CLUB First Row-eWalker, Cameron, Walters. Williams. Second Row-eXVarner, Greenberg, Terrell, Kreitz, Perlman, BADMINTON CLUB ' The Badminton Club is a newly organized club in Northwestern. lt is fast taking' its place as one of the most popular. The club was started by Mrs. Mildred Dunn. At tirst it was open only to girls, but later boys were accepted. If you look in the girls' gym between three and six o'clock, you will see three courts on which there is plenty of fast playing. You will also see many waiting their turns. The club's coach and founder is an excellent player herself. With her coaching, the team, which was selected from club members, was able to put up excellent stands against teams from other schools. In fact, they did so well that they are able to boast a clean record of no defeats at the end of the season. CAMERA CLUB Mr. -Iohn Bovill undertook the task ot' reorganizing' the Camera Club. Only a few members of last term's organization returned, many being lost by Q'l'2ltlll2ltl01l. Although only a new club, it proved to be one of the best oi' its kind ever introduced into Northwestern. Its aim is to acquaint the members with everything connected with the camera. The meetings, at which were discussed the merits of the different kinds and makes of camerasg lensg Iilmsg and the printing and devel- oping' of lilrns, were held every two' weeks in school. The club had several men, connected with prominent camera shops in the city, speak at its meetings. 171,00 Twenty-11 i nc UNITED ARTSMEN Left to Right-Meyers. Brown. Bowers. Meaclnun. XVinstanley, Genge, Hockenberry. AUDITORIUM STAFF First Row-Walker, Dunn, Hart, Kynon, Wilson. Sccrmrl Rout-Strophegal, Boltz. Page Thirty UNITED ARTSMEN To meet the increasing demand for new publicity at Northwestern, there was re-organized, this year, the "United Artsmenf' This small group of ten boys has complete charge of publicity in the school. Membership is limited to ten, and members are selected by Mr. J. K. Boltz, faculty adviser, on the basis of skill and experience. This yearis Artsmen included John Bowers, president: Bob Cameron, first vice-president, Marvin Brown, second vice-president, VVarren Yvinstanly, secretaryg and Howard Kratz, treasurer. The remaining included Dick Genge, .lim Hoc-kenberry, lid Kreig, Dick Meachan, and Dick Meyers. The U. A. has served practically every organization at Northwestern and will continue to live up to the high standards set by the Artsmen of old. AUDITORIUM STAFF Behind all of the festive and theatrical happenings at Northwestern are the tours of planning' and work of the Auditorium Staff. Dances in the gym must be lighted and decorated . . . Someone wants to use the Public Address System . . . An outside show moves on to our stage and there must be electrical and stage works for that . . . Then the Tambula comes along, an all school show requiring unusual ideas and new settings . . . more hours of work . . . The year is ended with the biggest show of all, the ftliate Christopher Bean" . . . requiring many rehearsals before the showing . . . ln January the staff was given the able assistance of Edward Sokolowski, a trained technician, who worked under the direction of Mr. Joseph K. Boltz. COLT - 110' 'V 1 J111 makes t1e twentietl1 e1111see11tive ye111' t1111t The Colts 111111111-11tion 1l?lS been 21 s111-eess. 111 F01ll'll211'Y, 15117. The Colt nmde its first 111111e111'11111-e in N01'f1lW6S101'I1 High Sf'1l001. At one time it was 1'9I1llI'l'11 to 21 1W0-112l,12,'9 sheet l1e1'1111se ol' 1111111 ot' funds, 11111 then soon 1'11111e 11111-lc to 21 f0l1l"112lg'9 tive 1'ol1111111 112111812 But this 111111111 little 1litfe1'e111'e i11 the 21111011111 of 1-ir1'11l11- tion, 11e1'1111se though it I111-ke11 11ll2ll1111j' it 1-11nke1l high in 1111111- ity. R9g'2ll'l119SS of the 1'21C1 111211 The Volt 1111s 111111 s11 lllillly eX11e1'ie111'es, 1511111-151317 1111118 it 11t the 11111114 of its SllK'C'PSS 111111 this is 1l11e to the ex1'e1lent work ot the st11tT 111111 the 1111111 1111111- e1's11i11 ot f,Si'El1' Linse 111111 Folleen Sllflllklllll. Staff lll01ll1191'S 111-11 EIS follows: IJ1lifo1'-111-cl1i12f - Colleen Slldelilllll Aessoeircte Editor - - - Nilllfj' Beehe U'1I'01l1flff07'11 11lr111agcr - - Bob Li1F10XV91' Boys' Sports Editor - - Leslie S11l1'l1TlQI'f1B1d I,llbHf?if'U Di1'1'1'fr11's - ---- 1v1l119l1 .'Xl'1Sllll'1l A111151 DQ1111'11Qf1fIQ XVIII. -BPUXVIIQ11 xvlll. 'D11wns B. B. 11Sll'1iWO0I1 1,e11o1'11 Slater 1111111111 H11m11ton 11111112 Rryee f'1'yst111 1q11l1111l'? Nillllj' Heehe -loy Conner M111-y Frew Mary Jane 1V11odley Betty Yerrington Jean R11111 Helen 111111dflS -1111111 Bowers P211l'1C1H, Goetz TY1'1sTS Allison Ross R1+ZI'0Il1'ERS 321111121 1q2ll'V0'l1PIl M111'tl111 HP01'IllElllS A111e1't11 M111'11i1fk Esther H1I1l11ll2l1'S11 1'1192ll10I' Srok11 B01'I1?1l'l1 A1fS1lll18l' C1111'111.,1'1'111N Billie 11111'1cw11o11 A111121 1I11ywo1111 -195111119 Spring 1121 1'Q'2l,1'9f 112111Z Peggy Sigler -104111 A1l1101'S011 Mary -151119 Greene A11vmr1'r1s1N11. 1130111111 Dixon Coburn 17101151111 IIIIIHFYVC11 M11 ry J. Greene A111-e Srokn Mil1l1'e1l 0211111111011 13111-11111-11 Williznns Tlfllllll Sil1v1111en -1111111 B11we1's -11101: Poole -192111116 S111'i11g Salley S111111111' 13111'11111'11. Wil1i11111s -11-1111 L11n11111r1l AIfl1'101l Kelley Saima Karvonen 1,?lf110Il611y Nnney Sigler LeR11y S1121VV 1iilli11n Trybns 312ll'g1l1'9f 11511171 First Row-Peake, Strom. Frew, Bowers, Lawson, Linse, Feagan, Hzirtwell, Reehe, Wade. Secrmrl .R0'Il7T1Vfi1121CK', Wehrle. D111'kw11o11, Newton, Sl1i111-111'o11n1 Sudeknm, DO2.fIH2lll, Rnhl, Arn. L11 Flower, Danto. Third RUM?-HP1IIlSf2lf1f. 1V1l1S0l'. Slater, Bernstein. S112lll1101l. II1llt11Hi11'S11 Heermans, S11g11, Spring, K1111ert, 1f2lIl1l0fZkY. XV1111ilI11S. 1"0'LLI'flI1 181111-i1i11lc1-1', Stone, St1'e1-te1'. Kelly. L11n1l1111'1l. S11lV0ll0I1 Ye1'i11gto11, Craig, Leo11ol1l. 11'iffl11 R011----Wi1so11. Hart. Altsl111l1-r. Sl1II1IIl01'f16'1f1. Myers, 1i1111111C Meyer, MeLell11nd, Norvell. SLl1ld6l'S, Wolford, Slack. 1 1 Page Thirty-one NORWESTER STAFF Immediately after summer vacation, the Norwester Staff was appointed. John Bowers, well known for l1is activities in the art department, on The Colt, and for his scholastic ability was chosen lClditor of the 19317 Norwester. -Iohn's experience on school publications and his amazing artistic ability made him well qualilied for this position. The 1937 Xorwester, because of the tireless eli'orts of John and his staff, should go down as one of the best Norwesters in the history of the school. The difference between Northwestern's year book a11d those of other schools is one of quality. The Norwester, ever since its organization in 1914, has stood for the ultimate in year books. In order to keep up this high standard, the seniors voted to' pay an extra twenty-five cents to be used for part of the engraving fee. Miss Florence Guenther and Mr. Joseph K. Boltz deserve the bulk of the credit for the production and beauty of this present book. Because of the success and colorfulness of 'tTambula.'l it was chosen as the theme of the book. Candid camera shots, taken by James Yoohrees, are a special feature ol' this, the 1937 Xorwester. Nadine Dawe directed the activities of the circulation statl. with the counsel of Mr. Joseph Blumenthal. Keen competition featured the selling of Norwester Tags. Kenny Hibbard. Alfred Sockowicz, Joy Connor, and Eleanor S1-oka were among the leaders in the number of sales. A special contest was held for second record people, proving very successful. Mr. J. ti. NVolber lent the stall' the bcnelit of the long experience he has had in directing such activities as the Norwester. Mr. A. H. Keenan's immediate assistance proved invaluable as in years past. First Iron'--S1n'i11g:. Strain, Dawe. Bowers. Roy. Page, Beebe. Second N0ll'4fliI2ll'llit'lC. Pichagian. t'oyle, Sroka. Moore, Paisley, 1'erry, Lightman, Bernstein. Schwesinger, Knisel. Sochowicz. Henning. Si'llYVOSi1lf.Z'l'l'. Knisel. Sochowicz, Henningz. lfourfh lfolc- -Ellgle, Kimball, Massey. Hampton, Beam, Nancy Lloyd. l4lol'l'. Jane Lloyd. Ififlli lion:--Meyers. Linn. lfruechtel. Reaunie, Schubert, Wolford. Hibbard, Campbell, Morton, Preston. Page Thirty-two NORWESTER STAFF Nineteen Thirty-Seven Editor . . . . . John Bowers Assistant Editor . ..,.. . James Voorhees Editorial Staff Literary Editor .,,,......, Nancy Beebe Assistant Literary Editor ........ Herbert Lightman Virginia Lee Kimball, Bill Kloeppcl, Bob La Flower, Lois Linn, Alberta Warwick, Jayne Moore, Lois Paisley, Chuck Pullman, Leora Schube1't, Dick Slack, Jeanne Spring, Eleanor Sroka. Photography Editor .,........ Roy Stram Assistant Photography Editor ....... john Meyers Bob Morrison. Publicity . . .... , United Artsmen Art Staff Art Editor .,...,.,.... Stephen Page Cartoonist ............ John Preston Prudence Bernstein, Shirley Doremus. Wanda Engle, Margaret Knisel, Mary Jane Lloyd, Nancy Lloyd, Janette Massey, Eleanor Merckel. Circulation Staff Circulation Manager .....,.., Nadine Dawe Assistant Circulation Manager ..,.... Dorothy Roy Prudence Bernstein, Elsie Cook, Charles Claspill. Joy Conner, Grace Freuchtal, Violet Hagan, Don Hartwell, Betty Henning. Ken Hibbard, Esther Hubbard, Betty Newton, Mary Pichagjian, Gregory Pillon, Marianna Porter, June Roberts, Leora Schubert. Belva Sloan, Alfred Sochowicz, Betty Traeger, Margaret Tulloch. Eleanor Sroka, Betty Yerington. Advertising Staff Carl Alllylllli, Ruth Beam, NVillis Burling. Helen Cleveland, Dixon Coburn, Joy Conner, Jane Cornwall, Kathleen Coyle, Charlotte Early, Bernice Feagan, Robert Hawkins, Maxine Mae Jones, Lillian Keder, J. McKenzie Kerr. Ilene Maas. Bessie McQueary, John Meyers, Jayne Moore, Jean Ruhl, Paul Taylor, Betty Traeger, Earl XValker, Patricia NVebb. ADVISERS Miss Florence M. Guenther Mr. J. G. Wolber Mr. J. K. Boltz Mr. J. C, Blumenthal Mr. A. B. Keenan Page Thirty-thi eo '11 A1 gg J 5 f C2 2 '51 3 2 XXX 3 72 XN'X'X'XNLxI2.?,'x.'x.'x,'x.'x.'x.'x..'x.'N,'xJ rc-,,,,,-..'x'x-Q1 ff' N71 5 2 11 X-XXmk'o...'x9cN'b-'7'7, 5 f-""'xqm"1 1'Lx"' 'le E' .4 tj - 4 1 56, l1XXXbNNNNxNN 5' 1211 g A5 ,-gx'VV12 ,xvx FG' rs. lf! '51 if ff 11'kL'x'LRqxL'N-'V"'osy 5 'Y FN' zh NQLM1 mKX1q'q,'X."?-Lgb' rg-5' 5 FCS., K g4.x,N"'-gg 22 if l1'L'x5NJ'N, fa-'QNTAJXX11 r-9' P' XXXX f-' f' X XXX1 Q, 9 ' Lcgscmxtbifvocxx. 449' Puyc' Tlrirfy-sirr NORTHWESTERN CHRONICLE The following tem-l1e1's were added to NOI'thW9SlQI'll'S stat? during the past year: Ixus B.xscOnn - H. PARKER BRONVN ELLEN GREENE LOAN M.xLLOIcY ICAIAIA BIINKOFF JOHN EITTEN - AIDELE SCI-IINELER - The following fencllers he HARRY BICCAIN - M. ELEANO1: l'ETERsON N. EDITH TILTON V English English English COIIIIIICFCTEIT f'0llllllQFl'l3ll - Music - Sight Sawing: we left dllI'lll"' the mst vear: 8 L - - - - TO Cass High School - - Resigned Died-August, 1936 The eni-Olhnent in Selrteinber, 1936, was 3,4439 and in Februziry, 1 12554. There were 248 sfndents g'I'2ldll2lf011 from Northwestern in Class Of -Iilllllillw, 1937. The June class will number 457. MR. RIVETT MR. XVOLBER 937, the Page Tlli7'fjj'8f'171?Il Ita MR. BYRON .I. Rwx-rrr NORTHWESTERN FACULTY MR. .IOSEPII G. Women ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Iris Bascomb Miss Olga Battersbee . . PV'inr'ipal .-lxsisfunf PI'f'l'lf'ilNLl Miss IVIAY S. JAEHNIG, Head of Department Mr. Parker H. Brown Miss Elizabeth F. Seaver Mr. Joseph C. Blumenthal Miss Gertrude Bogenrieder Miss Cora E. Bright Miss Marie L. Brown Mrs. Ella B. Adams Miss Isabella M. Black Miss Miss Martha A. Butler Miss Mr. Albert B. Keenan Miss Miss Beatrice Merriam Miss Lelia S. Nelson Mr. Karl E. Scott Miss Miss LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT ELs1E E. COOPER, Head of Department Mrs. Hazel Carton Miss Mrs. Emma Nielson Miss COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MR. HARRY A. 0'BRIEN, Head of Department Mrs. Grace Burton Miss Nellie A. Gregg Miss Mrs. Gracia DeRatt Miss Kathleen Joyce Miss Mrs. Ella Doherty Mr. Charles W. Ludke Mrs. Gertrude A. Ungers Eleanor N. Wardwell Phyllis G. Wiley Julia E. Gettemy Nonna A. Norris Helen M. St. John Emma Minkoff Ruth Randall Dorothy Swygard Miss Katherine Doherty Mr. Loan W. Mallory EXACT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. SHERMAN R. AVILSON, Head of Department Mr. Austin M. Cline Mr. Patrick Sullivan Mr. J. P. McGuiness Mr. Willard M. Wade HEALTII DEPARTMENT QROYS' DEPARTMENTJ ,1 GIRLS' DEPARTMENTJ MR. BERT G. AIARIS Head of Department Miss l'Rl'nEN'r1A C. IIUFFMAN Mr. Sam I. Bishop Miss Mary E. Clark Mr. Arthur T. Carty Mrs. Mildred Dunn Mr. Leo S. Maas Miss Elsie B. Watson Sgt. Floyd E. Moore, ROTC HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mas. FLORENCE STEVENS, Head of Department Mr. Earl F. Benson Miss Lydia Holtman Mr. XVayne Markley Mr. Clifford E. Carr Mrs. Vernetta Kemmer Miss Louise Orth Miss Irene J. Finn Mrs. Anna K. Keppel INDUSTRIAL ARTS MR. Lows G. BURGESS, Head of Department Mr. Burton Baisinger Miss Mary I. Elliott Mr. Louis E. King Mr. Harry C. Barget Miss Deda L. Emmons Mrs. Edna B. Maris Mr. Joseph K. Boltz Mr. John Bovill Mr. Wade 0. Hulbert Miss Marion Kanouse Miss Florence Guenther MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MR. JosErH G. WVOLBER, Head of Department Miss Florence Mathews Miss Mr. Ric-hard E. Remington Miss Gladys Snyder MUSIC DEPARTMENT Florence Younglove Miss ALICE M. LOVVDEN, Head of Department Miss Lauretta Kenk Mr. Roy M. Miller Mr. John A. Otten NATURAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT N MR. A. R. GILPIN, Head of Department Miss Barbara M. Barker Mrs. Violet Stoll Miss Bernice M. Woodbock Miss Ella M. Clark Mr. Albert H. Hollinger Miss Susanna A. Clough, Helen Keller Miss Vera E. Fox, Betsy Ross Mr. Myron D. Jerome, Roosevelt Miss Anne Doyle, Bookkeeper Mrs. Marie Gaylord. Clerk Mrs. Faith Murdoch, Librarian Miss Adele M. Schindler, Sight Saving gn 'I'llirfg1-eight Mr. Frederick G. Sisson Miss Jean YV. XVilson GRADEROOM PRINCIPALS Mr. Casswell N. Munro, Pershing Mr. Carl R. Stoll, Lincoln Miss Mrs. Clarissa Vyn, Mount Vernon Emily IVatson, Jane Austen Miss Dorothy L. Smith. Chief Clerk Mrs. Selma Burgman, Stenographer Miss Catherine Cavanaugh, Adjustment Room Miss Mrs. Mrs. Virginia Shaver, Clerk Grace E. Winton, Librarian Janet Dawson, Lunch Room Mgr. "Ww- .nf ,Q- fi'S?oV" .nan 11.111 'V N 4 NN 5, f" 'NJ rv if L: x.xx.Nx'x'x-V N.gxx'xXXXXj1X xxxnxx E 63,1 If K' xkx MMG if x 5' 'S 33 4 'J' 4. 2 fly x ci Nxbxxxwwv 732 l11xx,x'1'x'L1.1 0 5 'U e0-xv' '41, QT' wvwyw 'Y :N xnxx? hgsg 5' 8.9 7, .cX.'5'1'-N "-'-'Ts"" 9' sf' Q .736 1523 111-x, Q I ,I fp' 5. fl' " ...WY-' J' If J' N v" .:' f-'T' p' f' S Ny f' ,uf-I fix' f' ,fl f' PJ Z ,a'N":f,J XXNXX 'X '1 ,Q3 ff ,::' ,s' ,-'T' .s' 'fwla' Q si. --. 11 :ng 5l1:--- 11 Q0-" 'Q ,L 99 -QP' PYLYN."xX-x'x..'x' f ,f fro' f 5 as f" vxxxxxx-N-Xxxwww H OFFICERS 1"oLKM1Rl-1 LA wsox COLORS RED and GRAY MOTTO NO PROGRESS WITHOUT STRUGGLE Anno 15 rvrzlzs FA Uxou FOLK M 1 inc H ART CELEBS ED Anno: Varsity Football and Track, House President, Vice-President, "N" Club, President, Class President, Cum Laude. XI-:DRA Brjvrzasz Girl Reserves, Vice-President, Dance Club, Vice-President, Colt, 12-A Luncheon Connnittee, House Basketball, Suinnla Cum Laude. BETTY FAUNCE: House President, G. A. A., Vice-President, Latin Club, Secretary, Student Council, Executive Board, Colt, House Hockey. JEAN FOLKMIRE: Dance Club, President, Student Council, Executive Board, Cr. A. A., Colt, Class Vice-President. Tl-ID HART: Hi-Y Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chairman of Executive Board, Student Council, Colt, Radio and Science Club Vice-President, Stage Crew. BAm:m: LAWSON: House President and Vice-President, Class Secretary, Colt, Associate Editor, Student Council, Executive Board, Corresponding Secretary, Norwester, Girl Reserves Cabinet, Cum Laude. Oscixn LINSE: Colt Editor, 12-A Motto Coinnlittee, Chairman, Hi-V Vice-l'resident and Secretary, Norwester, Student Council Executive Board, Radio and Science Club, House Sports, Summa Cum Laude. LILLIAN MOGGE: House President, G. A. A. Board, Varsity Hockey, Co-Captain, Student Council Executive Board, Latin Club, House Sports, 12-A Spade, Summa Cum Laude. EARLE MOTT: Student Council. President, House President, Hi-Y President, VicefPresident and Executive Board Member, 12-A Vocational Committee Chairlnan, Fencing Club, Colt, Norwester, Radio Dramatics, Tanibula, Cum Laude. Rox STRAM : Student Council, House Vice-President, Colt Managing Editor, Norwester, Hi-Y, Varsity Football, Cross-Country. LAWSON LINSE MOGGE Mora: STRAM Abdo. Edward President, House. llilflttllll. Svhool Foothzlll. Sill4lE'lll ll1llllll'll. Abrahamson, Abe House Sports. lillllll. Amos, Ulysses llilllllllll. School Truck. Holder of Indoor Truck Rs-vortl. Cross Country. Asquith, Selwyn Avedian, John Hi-Y. S1-hool Swimuiiug. House- Sports. Baker, De Elta Colt. House Sports. Girl R1-si-rvvs. Beyreuther, Louise B Colt. Girl Reserves. Norwoster. loor, Dolly House Sports. Business. Bond, Hazel Chorus. Spanish Club. Branfh, La Vern House Sports. Sl'll0Ul Swimiuiugg. Howling. Brelsford, Margaret Sehool Basketball. l.:1t111 Club. IZA Color Coiuiuittve. Breuckman, Mable House Sports. Library St11tT. 'llt'IlIllS Cluh. Buell, Robert Orchestra. Library Staff. S1'i0m'e-Radio. Bunkofske, Melita Burdick, Constance Burke, William House Sports. School Football. Buyers, Nedra Vice-President, Girl Reserves. Colt. 12A lilllll'llP0ll ll0IllIIllltl'l'. Byron, Moira House Sports. Girl Reserves. Student Counoil. O 0 Nineieen Thiriy-Seven Balen, Helen Breuhan, Louise Campbell, Ruth House Sports. Chorus. House Scholarship Fencing. Barasch, Morton Glue Cluh. Band. Chorus. Barringer, Melvin llou se Sports, Barth, William Bassetti, Virginia House Sports. Basso, Mary Svhool SlVllllllllllg. Hrl'ilIl'llTlllIl." Dunve Cluh. Bender, Edward House Sports. R. U. 'l'. C. Committee. 12A Vocational Ifommittee. Briggs, William Br Br Spanish Club. R. 0. T. C. 'iTHl'l'llllllil.N ooks, John 0I'CllPSll'il. linusl. own, Julia Brown, Leola Brown, Marion Bu chta, Dorothy Captain, School Basketball. G. A. A. Motto Committee. yy "Naughty Marietta. Canary. George R. Hi-Y. R. 0. T. C. Carlson, Phyllis Radio I5I'iiIllillll'S Club Show-off. ll0IllIll0Tli'9IllPllt Duy Comiuittee. Carlson, Ruth House Sports. School liziskethall. Svhool Hof-key. Carroll, Louise Carter, Catherine Glee Club. Girl Reserves. Chorus. Casio, David School Cross-Country. Hi-Y. Colt. Chambers, Lucille House Vice-President. House Sports. Colt. Chappelle, Griffin Clarke, Marian Colt. Girl Reserves. Coleman, Irma House Sports. Girl Re erves. Collins, William School Baseball. School Tennis. Library Stalf. Cooper, Marguerite House Sports. Sw-hool Swimming. Dietrich, Alred Latin Club. Doremus, Shirley Colt. Girl Reserves. G. A. A. Darfman, Lillian Latin Club. Iitlllilllllg Team. Norwester. Douglas, John Hi-Y. Drew, Thelma Girl Reserves. Dudley, Virgil House Sports. School Cross-Country. Fox, Harry Glee Club. Franklin, James Friday, Barbara Gapsky, Dorothy llunce Club. Garrett, Joan House Sports. School Basketball. Girl Reserves. Gaye, Alred House Sports. Svhool Tran-k. O O Nineteen Thirty-Seven Cross, Grace Lynn Farrar, Jessie George, Helen Bowling. Sc-hool Basketball. Chorus. Glee Club, Chorus. Curran, Ruth Davis, Harold Hi-Y. Science-Radio. School Rille Team. Davis, James Davis, Merton Debating Team. R. O. T. C. Dewitt, Jesse Latin Club. Dicks, Marforie House Sports. School Swimming. Class Day Committee. Faunce, Betty House President. Colt. G. A. A. Fenster, George House Sports. Hi-Y. Ferris, Blake Hi-Y. Few, Lorraine Finkbeiner, Lucille Girl Reserves. 12A Social Commit tee. Folkmire, Jean House Sports. Colt. 12A Vice-President. Gillett, Calla House Sports. Debating. "Naughty Marietta Kluski, Lillian Girl Reserves. G. A. A. Goga, Mollie House Sports. Grady, Howard Gray, Vincent Greer, Eunice Girl Reserves. Chorus. Griggs, Annie Girl Reserves. Gross, William House Sports. Orchestra. Hart, Ted Hi-Y. Colt. Norwester. Hartley, William Hi-Y. Orchestra. Heath, Audrey June Girl Reserves. Tennis Club. Heimstadt, Raymond School Basketball. Hi-Y. Colt. Kahremanis, Mary Kanaga, Lenore Colt. Latin Club. Norwester. Kaplan, Lottie G. A. A. Keller, Hazel Keller, Majorie Keppel, Roberla Latin Club. Levinson, Milton Lewis, Hazen Lewis, ,I ack Lewis, Strickland Linse. Oscar Editor-in-Chief, Colt. Norwester. Chairman, 12A Motto Committee. Lister, Mary Nineteen Thirty-Seven Henry, Robert House Sports. School Swimming. Science. Hill, Joe House Sports. School Football. School Cross-Country. Hoagland, Lois House Vice-President. Girl Reserves. "Gondoliers." Iglesias, Ruth House Secretary. Spanish Club, "Naughty Marietta." Jones, Dale House Sports. School Basketball. School Baseball. jones, Myrtle House Sports. Girl Reserves. Joseph, Arthur Glee Club. "Naughty Marietta." "Gondoliers." Kilpatrick, Ruth House Secretary. School Hockey. 12A Social Committee. Klosowslci, Esther House Sports. Latin Club. Bowling. Kobert, Harriet Colt. "Prince of Pilsen." Koclear, Violet Krauser, June Fencing Club. Lawson, Barbee Gale Colt. Norwester. 12A Secretary. Levenson, Morton Hi-Y. Volt. Norwester. Long, Ernestine House Sports. Lutzeh, Lawrence MacDonald, ,lean House Sports. Student Council. Girl Reserves. Mallon, Raymond House Sports. Malmquist, Robert Martin, Don School Track. Colt. Matthews, La Voca Colt. Student Council. 12A Social Committee Maurer, Harry Hi-Y. McCauley, Betty Spanish Club. Riding Club. McLogan, Ralph House Sports. Meister, Benjamin House Sports. School Football. Merckel, Eleanore House Sports. 12A Dress Committee. Meyer, Irene Colt. Radio Players Club. 12A Vocational Committee. Norvell, Evelyn Colt. Norwester. Novak, Samuel O'Brien, Jean House Sports O'Dorki, Edward Ogg, Edith G. A. A. Olive, Jamieson House Sports. Colt. Pittman, Randall House Sports. School Football. Orchestra. Porter, Geraldine House Sports. Norwester. Pressman. Warner School Track. Colt. Camera Club. Ravine, Sidney Reardon, Marie Resume, Jeanne Bowling. Nineteen Thh+ y-Seven Mogge, Lillian House President. Student Council. Social Committee. Moran, James House Sports. Hi-Y. Moss, Lorraine Girl Reserves. Spanish Club. Mott, Earle Colt. Student Council. Norwester. Murphy, Maxine Bowling Club. Neuner, Marion House Sports. School Basketeball. Nogrady, Andrew German Club. Mathamatics Club. Chess Club. Orstadios, Sigfrid Panlner, Vera Parkman, Evla Patrick, William House Sports. Payette, William Perry, Gertrude House Sports. Girl Reserves. Pettiford, Alonzo House Sports. School Track. Glee Club. Regener, Franklin Stage Crew. R. O. T. C. Renswick, Helen Bowling. Girl Reserves. 12A Vocational Committee. Rheaume, Lawrence Orchestra. Glee Club. Chorus. Richards, Lloyd House Sports. Robertson, David Glee Club. Chorus. "Naughty Marietta." Robinson, Marjorie Roos, Betty House President. Girl Reserves. 12A Dress Committee Rotick, Bill House Sports. Hi-Y, Bowling Club. Rose, Charles House Sports. School Football. Bowling Club. Ross, William House Secretary. Rowe, Robin House Sports. Ruhl, Frank House Sports. School Swimming. Russell, Florence Sevener, Lorenzo House President. School Track. School Cross-Country. Sexton, Margaret Shanklin, Della Mary Siegel, Harry House Sports. Simpson, Flora House Sports. School Hockey. Sipley, Doris Glee Club. Chorus. Stone, Donald House Sports. School Tennis. Stone, Harry House Sports. Glee Club. Stram, Roy House Sports. Colt. Norwester. Slrauther, Ellen Girl Reserves. House Sports. School Hockey. Street, Corile Taggart, Robert House Sports. Band. R. 0. T. C. N ' + T h ' + S Sayed, Samuel Soloman, Laconia Tainsh, Janet Bowling Club. House Sports. Colt. Hand. School Basketball. Norwester. "T:1mbula." Fencing Club. Class Day Committee. Scandary, Ted House Sports. School Football. Scharf, Eileen House Sports. School Hockey. G. A. A. Schauer, Gus Schening, Nora Bowling. Colt. 12A Dues Comm Schmidt, Theodore R. O. T. C. Camera Club. Seabaugh, Sara House Sports. School Tennis. ittee. Sommerville, Hector Southerland, Rubie Sparling, Genevieve Stankwitz, Pearl Steinke, Wilfred Stewart, Phylisia Glee Club. Fencing Club. "Naughty Marietta." Taylor, Connie Glee Club. Chorus. "Naughty Marietta." Taylor, Ethelyn Girl Reserves. Taylor, Lawrence Taylor, Ruth House Sports. 12A Social Committee Badminton Club. Tebbel, James Thomson, George House Sports. Tozer, Herbert Tritz, Madelene Turcotte, Eileen Chorus. Triple Trio. Turns, John R. O. T. C. Unseld, Bethany Webb, Charles Weigand, Harvey School Football. School Hockey. Wentling, Verda House Sports. 12A Vocatioilal Commit- tee. West, Brooks Glee Club. Chorus. Prince of Pilsen. Westerberg, Shirley Williams, Liberty Orchestra. Band. Williams. Wanda Girl Reserves. Williams, Waverly House Sports. Wilson, McKinley House Sports. School Tennis. Hi-Y. Wilson, Stuart Girl Reserves. Colt. Science-Rzulio. Norwvster. Vellner, Irving Whiteherse, Dale Wggfgr' Howard N ' T h ' lnefeen lrfy-Seven WlE2Uh9im, Millon Wiggin. Louise Woodworth. Leonard School Basketball. Glee Club. House Sports. BOWIIYIZA Chorus. Walasky, Daniel House Sports. School Cross-Country. Watson, Richard House Sports. HNaughty Marietta." Wilkinson, Richard House Sports. School Swimming. Chorus. Williams, Grace House Sports. Girl Reserves. Chorus. Wright, Linwood House Sports. School Track. Zander, Carol Louise JANUARY CLASS COMMITTEES Social: Lillian Mogge, chairman, VVilliam Briggs, Raymond Heimstadt, Wlarner Press- man, Lucille Finklmeiner, Ruth Kilpatrick, LaVoca Matthews, Ruth Taylor. Class Daly: Theodore Hart, Chairman, Helen Bell, Marjorie Dicks, Vvllllla McDonough, Janet Tainsh, Harold Davis, Raymond Madi- son, Richard lVilkinson. Dues: David Casio, chairmang Moira Byron, Lois Hoagland, Norma Schening, Bethany Unseld, Merton Davis, Jack Lewis, lVillian1 Ross, Harry lVilliams. ooationnl.' Earle Mott, chairman: Louise Breuhan, Irene Meyer, Helen Renswiek, Verda lVentling, Joh11 Douglas, Morton Levenson, Don Sprague. Color: Margaret Brefsford, chairman, Mary Basso, June Heath, George Flint. Luncheon: Nedra Buyers, chairman, Joan Garrett, Roberta Keppel, Phylisia Stewart, Wanda lllilliams, Robert Buell, .Ioseph Hill, Frank Ruhl. Jlieniorfial: Betty Faunce, chairman, Elaine McMullen, Eileen Sehening, Connie Taylor, James Davis, Robert Henry, William Rorick. C0lI?Hlf'll'00lll0l7ff Roy Strain, chairman, Phyllis Carlson, Marguerite Cooper, William Gross, Harold Moran, John Turos. Motto: Osear Linse, chairman: Dorothy 'IV D Buehta, Dale lVhiteherse. Doremus, Eleanor Eileen Turcotte. ross: Jean Folkmire, chairman, Shirle Merc-kel, Elizabeth Ross Persons rem-eiving Sixu Alix Finn I,,xl'm+: llirron xs Helen Bell Louise Brenhan Dorothy Buehta Nedra Buyers Elaine McMullen Eleanor Merekel Lillian Mogge Persons receiving Mary Basso Constance Burdick Marguerite Cooper Joan Garrett Calla Gillett Audrey Heath Ruth Iglesias Roberta Keppel Barbee Lawson Verda XYentling Harold Davis Merton Davis John Douglas Morton Levenson Oscar Linse Frank Ruhl l.,xI'nr: llll'I.0AI.lS Bethany llnseld Edward Ahdo George Flint Howard Gray Strickland Lewis Earle Mott NVilliarn Payette Don Sprague Roy Stram Madelene Tritz Sl'ne1,xL Hoivons ll. of M. Plaque- -Edward Abdo S1'i:nnN'r Conseil, Awami Boys-Merton Davis Girlsglfllaine McMullen XVAYNI41 IlNIVERSITY SCI1oLARsH1r Lillian Mogge Page Fifty LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JANUARY CLASS OF I937 We, the graduating class of January 1937, of the City of Detroit, in the County of lVayne, and State of Michigan, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testa- ment, in the manner following, that is to say: To all 12-B girls, we gladly leave the fascinating little curl on the forehead of our Class president, E. Abdo. NVe hope that half of the 12-A treasury doesn't leave with Dave Casto. Nedra Buyers, Lillian Mogge, Oscar Linse, Verda Wentling, Merton Davis, Harold Davis, Elaine Mc- Mullen, Eleanor Merkle, Frank Ruhl, John Douglas, and Morton Levenson proudly leave with their Summa Cum Laude's, and bequeath their brains to all 12-B smart alecks. Ray Heimstadt joyfully leaves to all geography students his complete hatred of said subject. Louis Hoagland and Ruth Kilpatrick leave their almost Siamese-twin reputation to Margaret Knisel and Marian Krehl. Don Sprague's studious brief-case is duely be- queathed to Dave Nelles. Phylis Carlson most regretfully leaves her dancing partner, Bob Ringel. The glib over-worked tongue of Harold Davis is just left, and may no one ever find it. Lorenzo Severnor, Louise Breuhan, Earle Mott, Dolly Bloor, Louise Carrol, Emma Coleman, and Maxine Murphy will soon leave school for the first time. Irene Meyer and Dorothy Gapske bequeath their blond locks to Tenho Sihmonen. Howard llfindsor, Morton Levenson, and Merton Davis leave their many oratorical powers to LeRoy Shaw. Lucille Chambers leaves to settle down ? ??? ??? Frank Ruhl leaves his graceful diving in the minds of all who have seen him. To Colleen Sudckum, .lean Folkmire bequeaths her winning ways with the male population of North- western. Ted Hart and Dale WVhitchurse leave their height in the clouds. XViln1a McDonough leaves her bashful ways behind for anyone who cares to pick them up and resolves to be more self-confident. All those with Cu Laude Diplomas leave with honors and bequeath their outstanding ability to all energetic 12-Bls. Lucille Finkbeiner leaves under the desk all the gum she was caught chewing in Mr. O'Brien's class with the hope that the lucky, person finding it will enjoy it as much as she had. Margaret Brelsford leaves her boyish attire and hearty handshake to all sissies. The good luck of securing caps and gowns is left to the next graduating class. tMay their debates in English class be as effective as ourslj Janet Tainsh, Marjorie Dicks and Jean Folkmire leave the brain-wrecking job of composing the next Class day will to whoever wants it. Page Fifty-one -Ce'-X'xX'XXX111l ,:5'c' 1 ,., 2 F' 3' f" .1 rd N.-'7 f' A7 F' 4-7' 2 .ff 6 Sf Mb XXX-sf' Z -1 K ,:9"c, Z if Q Q Q9 6 -fbi-N LLNS-Y-X' XXI X 3 .395 Y sf ,3 9' r-If-1 Pr! ggi? x 32 H 143' 'QT' Qlkxx?-Qi Ill 1 X XXXXX XXXXX Xxx . . 7 IB? 4? fx., . I .QI fs! Q5 f-I fb?-'lu-ally NN Z9 'll '41 'fr 11 ,cf 1 ' I Il' Af affix XY.XXxx:N? I Nxxxxwwmm' H f K H H ,ff if FJ g J' ,-.1 N IIARTWELL SIIIVONEN SUDEK mi LOVE C O L O R S CORONATION BLUE and DEEP ROSE M O T T O EVERYONE IS THE ARCHITECT OF HIS OWN FORTUNE f f Bovvnns DQXNTO HARTvvEL1. LOVE ROBERTs CELEBS JOHN Boavnns: Summa Cum Laude, Norvveeter Editor' Hi-Y, Secretary, Student Council - 1 4 , v 1 , n V 1 I V . u , Treasurer: l nlted Artsmen President' N arsitv Swimminff' Colt, Publicxtv Manager' . 7 ' 7 . P37 . 4 7 Tambula, Class Day Coinnnttee, Chairman. r ISAY DANTO: Detroit Atliliated Hi-Y Clubs, President, Hi-Y, President, Vice-President, and Secretary, Student Council, Treasurer, Colt, Assistant Editor, Noi-Wester, Executive Board: Northwestern Hi-Y Executive Board, Treasurer. IKPNALD HAn'1'v.'H1.I.: President. Senior Class: Hi-Y, President: Student Council, President, Debating Club, President, Colt, Circulation Manager. SOL Lovi-1: Student Council, House and Varsity Swimming, House ViceAPresident, President, HieY, Treasurer, Senior Class, Summa Cum Laude. .IVNE Ronnms: Latin Club, Spanish Club, Executive Board, Girl Reserves, Class Day Committee, House Vice President: Treasurer, Student Council, G. A. A., Executive Board, Vars- ity Basketball and Hockey: Badminton Club: Cum Laude, Norxvester. lisonx Sen Um-:RT : House President, Vice-President, Treasurer, G. A. A., Publicity Manager, Varsity Hockey, Co-Captain, City lVest Side Hockey, Varsity Basketball, Norwester, Circu- lation and Literary Statt, Girl Reserves, Vocational Committee, Chairman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, House Sports. LEROY SHAW! Colt, Business Manager, Norxvester, Business Manager, Declamatory Speaking Champion, Oratorieal Speaking Champion, Hi-Y, President, Debating Club: Fencing Club, Student Council, Viee-President, R. 0. T. C. Captain: Commander of Platoon in Third Battalion. TENHO SIHvoN1-JN: Student Council Treasurer President' Girl Reserves Secretary' House President' Y' ' 7 I 7 7 7 1 7v ' . l 7 Yice-President, Senior Class, 12-B Spade, Summa Cum Laude, Xarsity Svvunnnng and Hocke " Dance Club' Colt. 3 7 7 DICK SLACK: Hi-Y, President of Executive Board, Student Council, Varsity Swimming, Radio a11d Dramatics Club: Colt' Norwester. 7 7 CoLLl-:EN SL'nnKr'M : Secretary, Senior Class, Colt Editor, Girl Reserves, President, G. A. A., President, Dance Club, President, Secretary: Student Council: House Secretarv' S Janish Club Y' . 1. . , 1 7 7 X ice-President' Cum Laude. 7 SCHUBERT SHAW SIHVONEN SLATK SUDEKUM Adams, Ed. G. Business Manager, Radio Dramntics. Tambula. "Tho Late Christopher Bean." Adams, Vivian Cotumencement Coln- mittee. Latin Club. Addelson, Edith A. Albertson, Don Albrecht, Frank H. House- Football. House Basketball. Alexander, Robert C. Auty, Jean M. A Capella Choir. House Hockey Team. Ilouso 'Fm-nuis. Banks, Alice House Basketball. llouse Swimming. House Hockey. Banks, Marguerite Basketball. Jr. Ctll1llS. Beatrice Hockey. Bowling Club, Barigian, Field Barnard, G. Dorothy Barnard, Florence N. Bell, Caroline W. Bennett, Dorothy M. Girls' Golf Team. 12A Play. Riding Club. Bennett, Enid T. House Committee. Bennett, Jane Radio Dramatics Club. Bernstein, Prudence Art Staff Norwester. Publicity Staff, Colt. Chairman of House Art Committee. Berry, James D. Student Council 13 termsj. Latin Club. A Capella Choir. Nineteen Thirty-Seven Allen, Reginald L. President of the Radio Drama Club, 1936-37. 12A Play. Part in "'l'ambula" 1936. Amode, Irene W. Anderson, Beryl E. Senior Uri-lu-stra. House Accolnpanist. Anderson, Stewart Hi-Y Executive Board 12A Dress Committee. lhlst-rve Basketball. Archer, Dorothy President, Spanish Club Assistant House 'l'r1-asurer. Arena, Anthony G. President. Pershing: Barth, William L. Bauer, Nancy School Swimming House Basketball Team Dance Club, Tea m. Beam, Ruth House Treasurer, Mt. Vernon: Norwester Staff: Colt Statt. Beaman, Bernice House Tennis. Beardsley, Julia L. Beebe, Nancy V. Associate- Editor of Colt. HOHSP- , Yl4'0-l'l'l'Slllt1llt of Girl Football 'lean1. Rage,-VOS' Track Team Ufaptaml, ViL.,.e1,,.,,Nident, Dance Club. Arnold, Clarisse Dance Club. House Swimming. Girls' Glee Club. Begley. Kathleen Bierley, Eugene M. Fencing: Team and Club. 22nd Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Binkley, Pearle G. Birt, Ruth C. Colt Staff. 12A Uri-ss Committee. Blackburn, Betty Bland, Charles N. House Sports. Varsity Track. French Club. Bonner, Hazel E. Girls' Glee Club. Girl Reserves. Bower, Edwin Bowers, John R. Norwester Editor. Summa Cum Laude. Varsity Swimming. Boyd, Ralph Brace, Ellen C. Breitenbeck, John H. Brenner, Jack B. Broadway, Marion L. Los Leones Espanoles. Buchan, Charles Baseball Team. Bullough, Jr., William Burcki, Alvera C. L. Clerical Committee, 18 Burtless, Sara Lee Freneh Club. House Committee. Bushey, Grant E. Bycraft, Leslie P. Varsity Swimming. "N" Club - Hi-Y. G. Cartel, Marjorie J. Chance, Ethel Girl Reserves Club. Norwester. House Committee. Chase, Barbara Lee President of 109. House Sports. Colt Staff. Cherry, Willia Gene Chairman of Non- Sorority Letters. 109. Clark, Bettie C. House Swimming. House Howling. Claspill, Charles B. Vice-President, HiAY Red Chapter, Color Com mittee. Nineteen Thirty-Seven Brooks, Mattie L. Girl Reserves. House Basketball. Brooks, Patricia M. House Sports. Colt. Brosofslre, Edward W. Brown, Elsie V. House Sports. Brown, Mildred G. House Art Committee. Brownlee, Dorothy Brunner, William F. Swimming Team. Student Council. House Treasurer. Cain. William O. Camera Club. Honor Roll. Cameron, Charlotte E. Cameron, Robert G. First Vice-President, United Artsmen. Varsity Tennis. one Spanish Club. Cardwell, Bette O. Carless, G. Victor Hi-Y. French Club. R. 0. T. C. Carlson, Charlotte C. Carlson, G. Ralph ye: IF. Clemett, Corrine House- fi4llllIllll'ft?ft, 186 Cleveland, Helen I. Norwester Staff. Library Staff. Scholarship Comniitteo, 109. Coflling, Ersel I. Frencli Club. House- Committee. Colbridge, Thomas D. Varsity Swimminfr. 2 years. "N" Club. Cole, M. Virginia French Club. House Committee. Danee Club. Cook, Frank F. Coons, Elizabeth L. Vocational Committee, Senior Class. Craft, Wm. Crail, Eileen M. Crater, Virginia E. House Committee. Crowder, Henry Crowe, Edward B. School Sports. Radio Dramatic' Club. 12A Play. Danto, Raymond E. President, Detroit Allll- iated Hi-Y Clubs. President, Vice-President. Red Chapter Hi4Y. Treasurer, Student Council. Drew, Mary Catherine Duffey, Betty J. House Basketball. Dundas, Helen Colt Staff 1'lXf'I'lllIlVP 'Board G. A. A. Captain, Golf Team. Dunn, Eva E. Early, Charlotte E. Eby, Jean H. T. Estes, Dorothea Norwester Staff. Riding Cluh. House Com mittee. Ewing, Rhoda B. Camera Club. Bernice Feagan, Girl Reserves. Feeley, Robert Ferens, Joanna Fick, Elaine E. Nineteen Thirty-Seven Darcy, Alice K. Vive-President, Spanish Club Lunvhoon Colnnliitee. 'Fa inbu la. Davidson, Mariorie School Basketball Team. House Sports. Dawe, Nadine E. Circulation llfilllllglll' ol' the Norwester. Secretary, Helen Keller House. Svllool 'l'vnnis Oaptain. De Witt, Roy Joseph De Young, Roland E. Dorst, Robert A. Dotson, Grace W. Girl Reserves. Junior Chorus. Business College. Eckersley, Roy Varsity Football Varsity Trar-k. Spanish Club. Elliott, Yvonne E. School Golf Team. Emans, Harry F. Emerv, Lorraine School Hockey Team. House Basketball Team. House Swimming Team. Emig, Jacqueline B. House Sports. House Committee. Engle, Wanda F. Norwester Art Staff. Art COIIlIl'lll'l'l?f', Helen Keller. Eotf, Nancy Student Council. Norwester Staif. 12A Dues Committee. Fields, Robert E. Senior Band. Finkbeiner, William Finley, Beatrice Finley, Robert Ford, David L. Fournier, Bette House Committee llouso C0lIlllllll'C'l'. Fox, Ruth M. Fruechtel, Grace L. Student Council. Debating Club. 12A Committee. Fyfe, Claude H. Gagnon, Shirley Radio Blayers. French Club. Badminton Club. Geary, Maurice V. Commeneenient Commit- tee House Sports. George, Milton Varsit ' Baseball 5 . Varsity Basketball. "N" Club. Gibbard, Bruce E. Gordon, Ameli House Sports. Girls' Glee Club. Gossard, Nancy President. Riding Club. Member G. A. A. Spanish Club. Greenberg, Maurice Gregory, Harry P. Varsity Football. Basketball. President of Pershing. Griflilh, Evelyn L. Spanish Club. Grimm, Ruth V. Girl Reserves. House Sports. Handloser, Ruth L. House Tennis. House Ba sketball, House Hoc-key. Svbool Hovkoy. Harris, Betty J. House Committees. Latin Club. Harroun, Jeanne Student Council. President and Sevretary Spanish Club. Girl Reserves. Hartwell. Donald F. President. Senior Class President. Student Counvil. Hi-Y. Hausch, Catherine M. Hazen, Clayton Nineteen Thirty-Seven Gibson, Melbourne A. Gilbard, Juanita R. House Hoc-key. House Basketball. Gilmer, Melvin A. Gilpin, Alec R. Cum Laude. Debating Team. Student Counvil. Glieson, Norman G. A Capella Choir. Track. Tambula. Godhardt, Clarence B. Band. Goolshy, Beatrice Junior Chorus. Girl Reserves. Hreger. Kathryn French Club. House Committees. Hagan, Violet Norwester Staff. House Soeial Committee. Halligan, Hubert J. Hamilton, John Wm. Hamilton, Ruby J. Hampton, Lillian C. Girl Reserves. Colt. Treasurer, Betty Ross House. Hanclloser, Lucille E. House Tennis. House Basketball. House Hockey. School Hockey. Hem-mans, Martha M. Girl Reserves. Comitia Romana. Colt. Heidrich, Harold G. Heinrich, Losetta E. Supervisor on Library Stad. Helmer, Marion C. House Sports. Henley, David R. Henning, Betty Norwester Cir:-ulation. House Sports. Herb, Virginia H. 12A Motto Committee. Senior Chorus. Glee Club. Hickman, Doris B. Hindmarsh, Esther L. Colt Staff. FI'E'Ill"ll Club. Norwester Stall, Hinkle, Barbara R. Hogg, Evelyn C. Hollenbeck, Jessie M. Hurvich, Pearl Library Staff. French Cluh. Jasobson, Frances E. Circulation Staff, Wester. James, Eleanor Janitzki, Marion J. Treasurer, Betsy House. Sehool Hockey. House Sports. Jaskierry, Adam F. Nor- Ross Girls' Golf Team. Football. Colt Staff. Student 5121112111912 Girls' Basketball. Holmes. Phyllis E. Jenfen, Christine D. Colt Staff. 10A House Committee. Soeial Cfrllllllilfl-'P for 202. Jones, Maxine J. School Golf. Sehool Hockey. Jurma, Robert Kapecki, Regina School Swimming. G. A. A. Board. House Sports. Karn, Leone J. House Sports. Kelley, Juanita M. Frenvh Club. House Committee. Kenealy. Martin J. Varsity Hoc-key. "N" Club. Nineteen Thirty-Seven Hoogoian, Rose Horger. Jeanette C. Horner, Helen H. Hostetter, Harriet Girl Reserves. Tennis Team. House Basketball. Howard, Ernestine E. Am-me Girl Rm-serves Hubbard, Marion Riding Club. House Sports. Huey, Wellman H. Johnson, Andrew G. Johnson, Eugene V. Johnson, Evelyn V. Johnson, Viola House 'l'reasun-r. Srhool Golf. House Sports. Johnson, William F. Jones, Frances M. Senior Glee Cluh. A Capella Choir. All City Chorus. Jones, Gladys L. Vive-1'I'9Si110Ut, R00S9' Girl Reserves. Treasurer. Wit HOIISP- Captain of Girl Reserves 'l'1'f-asurer, Red Chapter. Basketball Team. Hi-Y. Varsity Swimming, two years. Kiesel, Georgia F. House Committee. Kimble, Crystal M. Norwester Stal Colt Staf. Art Committee, B1-tn Ross House. King, Jane House Committee. Norwester Staff. Colt Staff. Kirkpatrick. Mildred C House Committee. Kirschbaum, Jerome Kloeppel, William Klotz, Richard J Kluck, Gordon K. Kneff, David Knisel, Margaret L. G. A. A. Secretary. Chairman. Girl Reserves Ring Committee. Norwester Art Staff. Kratz, Howard C. Krehl, Marion E. Girl Reserves. Commencement Committee. House Chairman of Activities Committee. Kreitz, Karl K. Student Council. Treasurer, Hi-Y. Track. Levites, Edward J. Lewis, John B. Lightman, Bernice F. Golf Team. Lloyd, Mary Jane Art Staff. Norwestcr. Art Committee, Betsy Ross. Library Staff. Louden, Hazel J. Library Stan. School Swimming Tezun. Louttit, ,lack M. Cfllt Staff. Maisana. Santina M. Mallett, June A. Girl Reserves. House Bowling. Margolies, Bill Marshall, Alice Girl Reserves Cluh. House Basketball. Marshall, Ruth Junior Chorus. House Sports. Marville. Earl 9 O Nineteen Thirty-Seven Kfey. Melcla M. Love, Sol Massey, Jeannette Treasurer, Senior Class. Art Staff. Norwester President and Viee-Pres- Spanish Club, ident of Roosevelt House Art Chairman Konkle, Robert E. La Dez, John E. LaFlower, Rob't M. Class Daly Committee, 12A Class. Vice-President. Hi-Y. Circulation Manager, Colt. Lang, Harry T. Leiter, Marguerite House Arb Committee. Levin, Philip Isidore House. Summa Cum Diploma. Lowe, Louise M. Lowe, Louise R. Senior Girls' Glee Club. Lucas, William J. C. MacDonald. Mary Eileen Secretary of G. A. A. School Swimming: Team. 12A Dues Committee. Mackinen, William F. Maidowski. Edna V. Girls' Swimming Team. Girl Reserves Club. Mafternak, Eleanore D. House Sports. Mathieson, Albert Maxwell, Vincent E. Mayer, Mildred M. Colt Staif. Art Committee. Mayfield, William S. McCauley, Aileen A. McDonald, Rosemary Art Committee, Betsy Ross House. McGraw, Leo G. McGuire, Dorothy G. "G0ndoliers" A Cape-lla Choir. Avtivitios Cflllllllllltw, Bm-tsy Ross House-. McKean, Charles McKitrick, Frances J. Moll. Dorothy M. Morgan, Irene J. Morris, Jeanette Morrison, Robert E. 12A Color Coinmittvv. Norwvstfwr. Spanish Club. Morton, V. Emmetta Girls' Varsity Basketball. Norwestvr Staff. Houso Swimming. Nelson, Virginia t Si-nior Chorus Class North, Isabel J. Vhairniau. House Committee. House Hoi-key. O'Flaherty, Marjorie C. House Tennis. Page, Stephen S. Art Editor of Norwn-st Scene Designs-r of "The Gonilolii-rs". Hi-Y Rod. Paisley, Lois V. UI' Colt Cirvulation Staff. Norwester Staff. House Committee. I I -. ' ' 1 1 Mendelsohn, Edward Mosher, rv Palmer, June I. 2gf'P'la '. ,J House Committee, l usa flannniti-4-. Art. , X . Nine teen Thht y-Seven Merithew, Lucia Jane Library Sta ff, Supervisor. l'l'IljII'Zllll Coxnmittvo, Ili-tsy Ross House. Merrick, Ruth L. Girl R4-'sorw-s. Studvnt Counvil. Sovr+-tary, Betsy Ross 10A. Miller, Robert Debating. Motto Committee. Summa Cum Laude. Mikesell, Juanita Lucille Milligan, Howard M. Mills, Lois Jean House Sports. House- Committew, 13311151-5 Club. Mitchell, Lorraine L. Hostess of Home Sviviwo Class. llousi- Sports. Moss, Virginia A. Svhool Hoi-key. Ss-hool Swimminpz. llousi- Basketball. Motl, Charlotte A. Norwvster. Uilils and Ends. From-lt Clulr. Muller, Paul Munson, S. Cornwall Myers, John Jay Varsity Swimming. Assistant Photography Editor. Norwester. 12A Vovational fx0lllITllll'l'f'. Nagel, Sabina Nelles, David Palmer, Zola V. Girl Reserves. Parker, James K. Varsity Tennis. Patton, Dorothy L. Student Count-il. House Committvv. House Sports. Patton, Marjorie L. House Sports. House Coinrnittf-P. Pehkonen, Wilfred Penick, Mary Penick, Parker D. Cross Country 'l'I':l4-k 'l'i-ann. Holi' 'l'i':lnl. T1-am. Pennylegion, Edward D. Perkins, Cecil F. Boxing. Perlman, Cyril S. Petersen, Walter Varsity Swimmin Team. IIouse Sports. F! Peterson, Norma B. House Swimming Team. Petlicki. Mary Prew, Wiota Captain of Girls' Swimming Team. G. A. A. Golf Team. Puro, Albert Varsity Swimming: T1-'un House Sports. Quirk, Kathleen M. House Committee. House Sports. Ratner, Ruth House Committee. Latin Club. Ramsay, Winifred N. House Committee. Former member of the Fencing Club. Rafhott, Joseph A. Future Craftsmen of America. Hi-Y, White. Roberts, June Vice-President, .lane Austen. Treasurer. Jane Austen Student Council. Robinson, Barbara House Art Committee. Rollins, Raymond E. Roteh, Kenneth R. House Track. House Basketball. House Cross Country. Wayne University. Rourke, Ethel F. School Swimming Team. House Swimming Team. School Basketball. Rowe, Charles F. Tennis Team. Motto Committee. 0 o Nineteen Thirty-Seven Phardel, John W. Reed, Edward A. Roy. Dorothy R. 0. T. C. Rifle Team. Latin Club. School Tennis Team. 0flieer's Club. Phillips, June Piaskowski, Fred M. Varsity Golf Team. House Sports. Pichagjian, Mary House Hockey Team. Norwester Staff. Pillon, Gregory M. Student Council. Norwester Staff. House Track Team. Poole, Lillian R House Football. Honor Roll. efse, Evelyn French Club. House Basketball, House Committee. Renaud, Vera Jean Rheaume. Elmer C. Secretary-Treasurer, Lincoln House. Student Council. House Football. House Swimming. Rich. Sophie L. Ri Vice-President, Jane Austen House. Secretary, Jane Austen House. Student Council. ngel. Robert O. Swimming Team, 3 yrs. Captain. Secretary-Treasurer of "N" Club. Assistant Circulation Manager of Norwester. Badminton Club. Royster, Priscilla Norwester Staff. Rufker, Robert B. House Track. House Basketball. House Football. Rutherford, Lillian House Basketball. House Art Committee. Senior Chorus. Sale, Jack President of Lineoln 2 years. Member of Team 3 years. Captain of the Baseball Team. Baseball Sanders, Dorothy B. "Tambula." Roberts, Earl A. Sarfhet, Betty Marie i Pr?2,lf:l,0'FEg: ht SMH. ViceAPresident, Spanish Orchestra. in-Y. ' ' ' ' Club. 'tTambula." A Capella Choir. 12A Memorial Committee. Golf Club. Schauer, Violet M. Schneider, Thomas Schoenith. Faye E. Senior Girls' Glee C Schraeder, Charles H. Schraeder, Lucille Art Committee, 204. Schroeder, Edw. lub. Scott, jane R. Fencing Club. Riding Club. Seleske, Barney E. Sports. R. O. T. C. Shahinian, Peter Tennis Team. Shand, Muriel K. 12A Vocational Committee. House Tennis. House Basketball. House Committee. Shaw, LeRoy President. Hi-Y. Vice-President, Student Council. School Oratorical Champion, 1936. Sherf, Guenevere A. Sims, Betty F. G. A. A. Representative. Girl Reserves. House Basketball. Sla k. Richard A., Jr. Varsity Swimming. Vice-President, Lincoln House. Student Council. Slater, Lenora Treasurer, Helen Keller House. School Field Hockey. Girl Reserves. Sloan, Belva C. House Basketball. Smith, I. Wallace Smith, William Nineteen Thirty-Seven Schubert, Leora M. Shlotzhauer, Maryan M. President, Helen Keller House. Co-Captain School Hockey. G. A. A. Schultz, Carl J. Schultz, M. Isabel Girls' Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. House Committee. Schultz, Marion B. Schwalm, William Honor Roll. Debating. Schwesinger, Betty E. Norwester Stad. Colt Staff. Scott, Isobel M. Siegwald, George Sielalf, Vera Sihvonen, Tenho Spade Receiver. Vice-President 12A. President, Student Council. Simon, Bette Social Committee. A Cappella Choir. Riding Club. Simons, P. Stanley Simonsen, Betty J. Orchestra. "Seventeen," Dance Club. Sochowicz, Alfred R. Norwester Staff. A Capella Choir. Latin Club. Spiros, Goldie G. A. A. All-City Hockey Teain. Chairman, House Committee. Squires, Lorraine A. Sroka, Eleanor E. Student Council. Girl Reserves. School Sports. Stabler, Louise Stephens, W. Forrest Student Council. Stewart, Harrison S. House Sports. Stewart, Sylvester S. Stirling, James Vice-President. House. Stitzell, Lyda D. Glee Club. "Gondoliers." "Tambula." Stockell, Lottie M. S House Basketball. Girls' Glee Club. Dance Club. tolinsky, Grace Stolt, M. Elsie Girl Reserves. House Sports. House Committee. Lincoln Szwejkowski, Bennie Taleaferro, Gloria V. Girl Reserves. Taper, Grace Taylor, Paul Templeton, Marie J. Secretary, "Ever Loyal" Girl Reserves. Terrell, Richard L. Captain and Company Commander, R. O. T. C. Colt Staff photographer. Turner, john Tweedie, Emma B. Tzouras, Bertha B. House Sports. House Committee. Umbarger, Aileen Vail, Eleanor House Sports. House Basketball. Van Horn, Mary House Committee. Secretary of House House Sports. G. A. A. Treasurer. 186 Nineteen Thirty-Seven Starck, Margaret St St House Committee. reeter, Madeline R. Treasurer of Girl Reserves. 12A Play. Colt Staff. uendel, Norma L. Library StaE. House Committee. House Sports. Sudekum, Colleen E. Secretary, Senior Class. Editor-in-Chief of Colt. President, Girl Reserves. Swain, Donald W. Sydes. Arnett Syl School Football., House Track. School Track. School Cross Country. vester. Cecilia G. House Basketball. Thompson, Edward A. Football. Tolbert, Fred., Jr. Tolbert, M. Lucille Tracy, Donald P. R. 0. T. C. Traeger, Elizabeth Ann Girl Reserves. 12A Luncheon Committee. N0rW9St9F. Tryhus, Lillian B. Colt Staff. House Basketball. Norwester Staff. Tulloch, Margaret B. Norwester, Circulation. Van Vleck, John B. School Basketball. Football. Baseball. Vessier, Rosella M. House Committee. Voorhees, james W. Track Team. Norwester Staf. Wade, Joseph, jr. School Basketball. House Basketball. Colt Staff. Walker, William M. Camera Club. Luncheon Committee. Wallace, Homer, Jr. Wallace, Margaret E. Chairman, Scholarship Committee. Girl Reserves. Glee Club. Walters, Jack E. Camera Club. Wanless, Jimmy President of Second Record. Vice-President of First Record. Member of Hi-Y. Warner, Harold M. Spanish Club. Camera Club. Webster, Emma M. Girl Reserves. House Basketball. Wehrle, Dorothy A. Small Choir. Girl Reserves. Colt Staff. House Connnittee. Wellington, Wilma M. Girl Reserves. House Hoc-key. Williams, Earl Williams, Jacquelyn Senior Glee Club Chorus. House Hockey. an Williams, Lela Williams, Virginia Spanish Club. Badminton Club. Willis, Mary E. House Sports. House Committee. School Basketball. Wilson, Gwenn Sehool Swimming. House Sports. Riding Club. d Young, E. Harold Senior Orchestra. Young, E. William Senior Orchestra. Zakrzewski, Esther A House Sports. House Committee Zienert, Leonard Art Editor, 1936 Norwester. Zimmerman, Roy H. Zoller, John E., Jr. Band. Varsity Track. Nlneiee ' n Thhty-Seven Girl Reserves. Honor Roll Committee. Weisman, Emily B. House Committee. House Sports. Westlund, Irene L. School Basketball, Captain. House Sports. G. A. A. Member. Weyer, Jane F. Treasurer, Jane Austen House. President, Dance Club. Girl Reserves. Whinnery, Geraldine White, William E. Varsity Track. Whiting, Edmund J. Wolford, Eugene, Jr. Seeretary-Treasurer, First and Second Re 226. Wolford, Ruth House Hockey. Clerieal Committee. 11-B Woodward, Cleo E. Woolman, James Colt Staff. Wright, Marie A. Wright, William R. Dancing. Baseball. Wells, Juanita Mae Wiltsie, Mary D. Bell, Rqbgrr cord, Brooks, John Caldwell, William Hudson, Wesley Hulbert, Theodore Maxwell, Vincent Nineteen Thirty-Seven JUNE CLASS COMMITTEES Social .' Eugene XVolford, chairman, Ruth Beam, Betty Sims, Bill Kloeppel, Betty Simon, Bill Brunner, Jimmy Wanless, Jean Harroun. Class Day: John Bowers, chairman, Bob La- Flower, Jim Voorhees, Leslie Bycraft, June Roberts, Patricia Brooks, Nadine Dawe, Pearl Hurvich. D11c.s'.' Sol Love, chairman: Nancy Eoff, Harry Gregory, XVellman Huey, Eleanor Sroka, Richard Slack, Mary MacDonald, Madeline Streeter. Vooattionall: Leora Schubert, chairman, Robert Cameron, Stephen Page, John Myers, Grace Taper, Betty Coons, Sabina Nagel, Muriel Shand. Color: Ruth Merrick, chairman, Robert Morri- son, Charles Claspill, Margaret VVallace. Limfchloofw' Nancy Beebe, chairman, Karl Krietz, Raymond Danto, lVilliam WValker, Margaret Knisel., Mary WVillis, Alice Darcy, Betty Traeger. Jlemorial: Barbara Chase, chairman, Alex Gil- pin, Earl Roberts, Robert Kunkle, Jane Weyer, Dorothy Patton, Lillian Hampton. Uommencen1ent.' David Nelles, chairman, Maurice Geary, Forrest Stephens, 'Sophie Rich, Vivian Adams, Marion Krehl. Motto: Tom Colbridge, chairman, Robert Mil- ler, Martha Heermans, Virginia Herb, Charles Rowe. Costume: Tenho Sihvonen, chairman, Grace Fruechtel, Dorothy Roy, Esther Hindmarsh, Stuart Anderson, Gregory Pillon, Ruth Birt, Robert Jurma. Persons receiving SUMMA CUM LAUDH Dirnomlxs Sol Love Robert B. Miller John David Nelles Tenho Sihvonen Sophie Rich Pearl Hurvich Ruth Merrick Persons receiving Cm Grace Taber Jean Harroun Ruby Hamilton Martha Heermans Harriet Hostetter Margaret Knisel Emmetta Morten Irene Morgan Tom Colbridge Alec Gilpin Maurice Greenberg Charlotte Cameron Corine Clemette Nadine Dawe Betty Fournier Rose Hoogoian Stephen Page Harold WVarner Leroy Shaw Wilfred Pehkoncn Wellman Huey David Knetli John Bowers Charles Claspill Eleanor Sroka Ruth VVolford Nancy Eotf Virginia Cole Ersel Codling 1 LAUDE D11'1.oA1.xs Charlotte Motl Dorothy Patten Kathleen Quirk Leora Schubert Isobel Scott Le11ore Slater Norma Stuendel Frances Jacobson Beryl Anderson Florence Barnard Nancy Beebe Betty Coons Grace Fruechtel Shirley Gagnon Nancy Gossard Marion Broadway Karl Krietz John Myers Colleen Sudekum -I ane VVeyer J une Roberts Page Siwty-eight VANEY ATTARIAN l'I,IF'l'0N BITRNS .IUIIN l'IIARL'l'UN NVILLIAM DUNNELLY Ninefeen Thir+y-Seven CLAIRE S. EDGAR YELMA MCMVRRY GENE 0lif'l'TT EIJNVAIUJ SMITH JESSE SOMIGHGARY RILTIIARD SMYTH Nineteen Thirty-Seven NORTHWESTERN EVENING HIGH sc:-fool. These pages are graciously reserved by the Norvvester Stalt for the Evening High School graduates .... About three hundred adult students con- tinue their high school education at North- western in the evening. These nnen and women are an important part of Nortlnvestern High School. It is indeed gratifying to know that the Norsvester Staff is able to join tl1e school adnlinistration in bringing about a closer relationship between the day Ellld evening school. lVe dedicate these pages to the June, 1937, graduating class of Northwestern High School, with the hope that they may be the beginning of fl long series of graduation keepsakes. lVith these pages go the best wishes of the nienibers of Noi-Wester Staff to the graduates of Northwestern Evening High School. Page Siazty-nine HONOR STUDENTS These students have attained an average of twenty or more honor points each semester. To maintain this standard one must attain an approximate A- average. Those who belong to this group may well be proud of the fact. SULQUDWENT 2.29.!iSlL OFFICERS SIHVONEN SHAW NEWTON G.-XUTHIER Bowmzs HARTWELL RICE MURDOCK BRYANT DANTO Page Seventy 'l'l'1N'l'H G IQAIJIG II! TNI DRS l" Ifnlr'----1'I1m'klvy, llvz1u1111-, Wvlls. I'I4l111u111ls. ITIIIIIIUHV. N:li'i':lf I"lm-ming. Nrwnlfl lion'--Iiy1'o11. Hlll'k4'. I:I'IK'kllilll5. Lilfllllllilll. Wumlwurtll. lmuh H2ll'lDl'j'. Pllillips. ll I.I'IYICN'1'1 I G NADH II1 JN1 DRS l"i1'sf lfnlf' 'fJlliIlll2lj'1'l'. Srukal. .Iv1'u1111'. Ifl'ilI1'l'. ZiIllllll'l'Ill2lll. IQUHUIIIIIUS H l2l1'VU1'. Nrwnzfl lfnlr- -f,'fll1'IllZlll. Iislll, lfnx, Mzlylu-1'1'y, liryslllt. l1l'uwm'll Strznlltllm-r. 'l'WIfILF'l'II GRADE HHNUR HOLL l"fr.vl lff11f'--l!lly1'1's. Km-pln-I. BIt'AIlll1l'll. f'll2lllt'l'. Slam-V. SillYlllll'll. Wm 'yvlz Wmnal lfmrf -Lillsv. xVilkillNUll. Shaw, Millor. Iluuglzns. Davis, Low. Tlzirrl Hull'---fllalvis. Imwlnsuxz. Smvmlc-l, Clzlspill, 'I':m1'1'. Ihlvllhl. S1l'2ll1l, fxlllllll. P11110 Svlfwllty-znlc' 2 xxlii-"' I 3 bxxxuxxkxxxx Q ? f 5 6? P' 2 f-J Qxxxxxxxxggqixxxxxxkxxxxyg CLLNYN'-509 Q1 N.,,x'X-'X'NX.'L1eb I 3' All Q 6 S h1xwxx,'f2'3Z'h 'o,NN,0:,,-QXxxx f-'F' 'fi X l11x111xpN'0-xxx 'IEP 'xxx-F rlflllxmuxvxxx PT, Smlz 5 71 9 fr?-I .Smzeef hwxif' E' 5' 1111 E -QT' xpmuv Ng 61111 'N-NNNN fd xxxxblkxx p' f' 115 r' L Q NNN Q LX.x'N- ll! lin Lf TA UL B U L A '- E2 Lax. LXfL ZX Lxft. gn Q9 Q. QQ 1 1 fu-fu--If -nf N N! 14.7" f'-O' ff!!! 'BNI FAUNCE BYRON Cimsn CHOCKLEY BOYK C,-xsn Gmmonv As'rERioU MOUNT VERNON HOUSE Mount Yvrnon liouso. spurrvtl on hy Miss t'lz1rissz1 Yyn. the housv prinripzll. :Ind its trzulitionzll symbols, tho spinning whvc-l and pirturvs ol' George Ellltl Murtlm Walsh- inggton, lends the other housvs il nu-rry rzu-1+ for srllolzlstir :incl sports K'Il2lllllbiOIlSlll1lS. Betty l":11111rv, rhosvn presitlont ot' tho full svuwstcr, kvpt tho girls on thvir toos trying to live up to hvr stzintlzirtls und Betty Byron, poppy girl that shr is, wus chosen yire-president. H111-hzirzi Lee Ulmsv, president' of the spring NttlllCSi6'l', is noted in the gi-aflorooiu for hvr pop talks and whut's niorv, prnrtic-vs what she prvau-lies. .lulic Uhorkley, tho illllllllilliltl. wus virvfprvsitlt-nt. PERSHING HOUSE Following the stmxzlzlrtls st-t long ago hy the lllilll utter whom it was numvtl, tion. .lohn -I. Ptlrsliing. Pershing Houso has this your stood out inoro than vw-r hvfore in its 0lQ.Illit'Pll yours ot' vxistencv. Its lll6lllll9l'S lmvv not only oxrvllt-tl in SC'llUl2lI'Slllll :ind utlilvtirs but in :luy tivltl in whirh thoy nnly llzlvv pzlrtivipzltvtl. lvlltll'I' the lvzldersllip of Presitlonts Boyk :intl Gregory, I'l'I'SilillQliPS hzlyv llliltll? Ronin lltl thoir ulltbllllfl :lt sc-hool. lxilllllllill' to 92lt'il is tho QIYOPII illltl whitv l,l'l'SlliIlg lmiilwl- that hzings upon the front wzlll. More ililllllllill' is that lllilll who hzls, for tho pzist eiglitvvil yours, orrupivtl the Cllilll' in front of that hzinnor. Mr. t'z1swell N. Munro, housv principal. has hot-n and zllwalys will luv un iuvslluzlhlt- frivurl to eau-h hoy who l'z1lls unrler his guiding hzlntl. Pershing Housv. this yvzlr. wus uhlv to hozlst of lmviug tho only hoys' house to lnlvv honor pins, of ll2lVillg two of its niomlwrs us -lununry Uluss Utiirors, and of hzlvingx rvpreseiitzltives on All-City and All-State tozuns. XVith thoso who are now lt'2lVillQ NOI'illXVPSf0l'll. the spirit of Pvrsliing will go, and wherever they go they will follow tho stzuulzlrds that lmve nlzule Pershing House "tirst in nznnos, tirst in eyerytl1ing:." Page Smrenty-four BETSY ROSS HOUSE The new location of the Betsy Boss House seems to have a great deal of intluence over the activities of the members despite the fact that they are minus a clock and a few other knick-knacks, They have repeated the history of 15924 by winning the lnterhouse basketball and swimming chalnpionship again in 19327. But it isn't like the Betsy Boss house to achieve one mark and be content, for she produced the young lady who received the Wayne scholarship, known to Northwesternies as Mils Lillian Mogge and also brought forth Miss Elaine Mc-Mullen. who received the scholarship medal for girls. It is extremely difIicu.t to discover what it is that so inspires the girls of the Betsy Boss House. One of the answers has been: the tine leadership of Miss Vera li. Fox a11d the friendly little chats she has with the girls at record on the subject of sports and scholarship. Then again it has been said that the beautiful picture of Betsy Boss patiently sewing the first American Flag inspired the girls to keep the name of Betsy Ross held as high as it may be held. But whatever it is, it has done a great deal for the past and present and may it do as much for the future. ROOSEVELT HOUSE The past year has seen a change in location for Roosevelt House which left its place in the basement in favor of the large, cheerful Boom 102, which formerly housed the library. l'nder the guidance of Mr. Myron ll. .leron1e, Roosevelt boys have succeeded in maintaining tl1e largest honor roll in tl1e school, and their ambition at present is to till the spacious blackboard with names of their honor students. Roosevelt House has been jokingly referred to as "the garden spot of Northwestern" because of the many green plants which frame its windows and lend a cheery atmosphere. Not only do Roosevelt boys rank at the top in scholarship achievement, but they have also proved their superiority in the world of sports by carrying otf two of the most coveted inter-house trophies. September saw tl1en1 out on tl1e gridiron "l'2l1'ill' to go" and determined to capture the football championship, which they did after a lively season. Again in the swimming meet. Roosevelt House fought hard till it had added another victory to' its laurels. Un the executive board of the .lune grad- uating class, Roosevelt House was well represented by two otiicers, lion Hartwell, presidentg and Sol Love, treasurer. And so Roosevelt marches on, striving ever to uphold its reputation of Han all- around house of allearound fellows." MOGGE IIOAGLAND NEWTON IIINKLE MOTT LOVE Lovr: H UEY Page Scizcnfgl-j71'c Roos STOCKER SIHVONEN SMITH SALE Sinn' K SALE WAN Less JANE AUSTEN HOUSE Tl1is very successful house has been under the guidance ol' two capable presidents this school year. Miss Betty Roos, and Miss Tenho Sihvonen. Miss Roos was a very active member of Northwestern and richly deserved the presidency of -lane Austen House. Tenho Sihvonen, vice-president ot the graduating class and a leader in many other lines of work, was the Spring house president. Together the leadership of these two girls indicates the high standard of leadership in -lane Austen House. The house under the very motherly house-principal, Mrs. li. T. Watson, has pro- gressed rapidly this year-a new room was taken over and made as homelike as possible. The social committee in the fall term organized and gave a very successful Christmas party which was greatly enjoyed by all the girls. The scholarship standing ot' the grade-room is very high-Aindeed very few houses can boast ol' as many students on the honor roll as -lane Austen House can. Indeed the leadership shown by this house is remarkable and will continue to be as long as the school stands and -lane Austen House exists. LINCOLN HOUSE The outstanding leadership of -lack Sales, acting president of Lincoln House, has pushed the boys ot this house to uphold long and honorable traditions in sports, scholarship, citizenship, and work. Lincoln House was much grieved in the past year to hear of the death of its tirst principal, Mr. A. F. Jones. Mr. R. C. Stoll, who has taken Mr. Jones' place for the last tive years, is a very outstanding, capable leader and has had great success in the house. A new system of informing the students ot' the importance and interest of various courses is being tried. One day out of the tive is taken up with talks from the various instructors on the importance of their subject and the tield it otters. Two days there is musical entertaimncnt for the boys. The other oflicers were: in the spring term, vice-president. Richard Slack: secretary. Elmer RBHIIIHPQ in the fall term, vice-president, .linnny Wanlessg secretary, Eugene NYolford. Second record otiicers are as follows: l'resident, Marvin Zeulaufg vice-president, Frank Sutchg secretary, James Spatiord. Mr. Stoll, the house principal. is a very encouraging man. He not only believes in a strong mind but also in a, strong body. Puyc Scrcnfy-.s'i:v ir ak 'A' ak HELEN KELLER HOUSE - Under the coinpanionable supervision of its beloved head, Miss Susanna Clough, the girls of Helen Keller House have again proved that they live up to the house motto, 'twhatever you do, do well." lVith the spirit to get ahead, the girls have won honors in both scholastics and athletics. Leora Schubert was chosen co-captain of the school hockey team, Irene Westlund, the basketball captain, Lois Linn, the swimming captain 1 and Nadine Dawe, tennis captain. These girls are just a few of the ones who have made good. Since 19230. Helen Keller House had grown from a scant number of 250 commercial students, to the present enlistment of 452, making it the youngest and largest girls, house. Of course, there is not room enough for all of these coininercial girls, so the 11 B's. under the capable supervision of Mrs. Florence Stevens. have progressed nicely in their room across the hall from Helen Keller. Many of the Helen Keller aluinnae have, during the last term, returned to visit their Helen Keller House and Miss Clough. For these girls, Miss Plough has kept an aluiunac book in which each girl writes a few lines. A large number of the aluinnae have gained very good positions, which proves that the eiiiciency taught to commercial students has been accomplished by many of the former students. Lfiwsoir SIEBOLD SCHUBERT NAGLE Page Seventy-seven sfffffkz. 4 Q.. WSC. S wa Q 'H R, vvl. W va. 7' '12, 49? ,,,ffffffff,:Q,w-'Q-f LO- 4 55 -fxffff-4-,sn fff-62. if 175 Q if 'O'-Affffjs'-Vfffffq S ffff '-'L P if cgjii VJ'-ffffffgsf 'Q K fn N. fff H bbfffggfgx 5 Q ,Lu lux-9' IN I 'XX f ,5 K F X If r-' s MKNISEL ,wad ,429 ,, 55" if Q-' 1-PMU J ,cf-'Sl H221 9 'CU fs! 'X."1X,-N"53f'6v SWIMMING First Row-Donald, Puro, Weir, Ilibbard, Flynn. Preston, Wuerfel, M yers, Love. Second Roll?--Slack, Tiyeraft, Ruhl, Colbridge. llrown. Wilkenson, Reade. Tinham. T11 ifrd Row-Sclioninier, Bowers, McGuirk, Vosburg. Koch, Coach Maas. Ringel. Puye Eiylity The 19137 boys' swimming team again brought the city title to Northwestern. For the last tive years Northwestern has held the championship, and the Colts have won a total of thirteen out of sixteen city titles, During the last eight years the Northwestern teain has not lost a dual meet in its own pool. This record has been estab- lished through the exceptionally skillful coaching of one of the best coaches in the l'nited States, tloach Leo Maas. Day after day the Colts would splash their way from one e11d of the pool to the other, training their bodies for the big.: days to come. To open the season, the Volts, rated as a third-rate team, gave Southwestern a swalnping defeat by the score of 56 to 19. North- western showed spirit, skill, and tine coaching in taking every tirst and second in this meet. Despite this amazing victory Northwestern was still not rated as a title threat. The next meet, an exhibition meet with Royal Oak, was the closest all season, with the Colts matching a S57 to 35 victory in a rough, mineral water pool. Evidence of a well-balanced and exceptionally tine coached team began to show as the Volts romped over Central 513 to 212: Redford 50 to 25, Cooley 57 to Zlfig and the favorite for the title, Western, 40 to 35, to complete a season of dual meets undefeated. ln the city meet Northwestern's strength lay in its breast-stroke, hack-stroke and in its relays. ln the 100 yd. breast-stroke Dick Koch set a new city record while obtaining tirst place. In the back- stroke, Leroy Ogle and Freeman Flynn placed "one-twoll in the tinals. The meet was taken when the tour-man relay took tirst. The medley team, after setting an unofficial record, was disqualified. The boys who took part in the city meet were: Leslie liyeraft, Tom Col- hridge, Freeman Flynn, Dick Koch, Leroy Ogle, Al Puro, Dick Slack, Captain Dick Wilkinson, Wellman Huey, and Lloyd Preston. --- FOOTBALL Fifst Roar-J. Van Vleck, Case, Jaskierny, Arena, Abdo. Pittman, XV. Van Vleck. .lohnson. Serwnfl Rout-Dennis, Nelson, Bradford, Leekner, Gregory, ll. Kennedy. Thompson, Kruszewski, Harvey. Third Nou'--Coaeli Bishop, Hill, Clark. Trosky. Eekersley. Maroney, Muller. T. Kennedy. Strain. Fourfh Ifmc--Zellman. Shaffer. Pullman. Sydes, Diefenbaeh, Alston, Burke, Asteriou, Fraser, Holden. Fiflh Rovrr-Johilstoli, Brown, Ray, Fitzsimmons. XViggle, Merrit, Haufmister, McVieor, Palmer. The football Colts of 1936 were one of the most powerful, hard fiffliting' teams in the history of Noi-thwestern's 0'ridironers. D 1 8 They opened the season against our neighbors, WVilbur XVrigl1t, and scored forty points while holding their rivals scoreless. Redford, a Veteran team, was this fast team's next victim, and the Colts won, 13-0. Central, a lifelong rival, proved to be another easy foe for these unscored upon Colts, the game ending Northwestern 25, Central 0. Things surely looked good, for our powerful team had beaten Chadsey and XVestern, high-rated XVest Side contenders. Then came the big day of the championship race, and Northwestern met Cooley at the opponent's tield. Cooley had been defeated by Cen- tral, a team that could not score against the Colts. lt appeared that Northwestern was sure to win another XVest Side Title and be in line for a Uity Championship, hut Cooley upset their plans by win- ning, 19-7. Our only touchdown was scored by Frank Bradford, who returned a punt 80 yards for a touchdown. Page Eighty-our BASKETBALL --- Top Row-George, J. Van Vleck, Coach Carty, B. Van Vleck, Nelson. Bottom Row-Johnson, Milligan, Mr. Maris, Buhrer, Swayze. Page Eighty-two Northwesternis strong basketball team again fought their way to the City Playoffs with one of the finest teams in the city. During the regular season, after dropping the opener to Central by the score of 16-24, they won the remainder of their games with ease. One of the surprises to Northwestern was the hard battle given them by Chadsey, with the hard-fighting Colts iinally coming out on top-Northwestern 29, Chadsey 28. Other hard tights were given this battling team by Cooley, Wilbur VVright, and U. of D. High. The yearls playing was marked by the fine team work of the Van Vleck twins with Ernie Buhrer, Ed. Johnson, "Putters7' Milligan, Dave Nelson, and Milton George, high point honors going to John Van Vleck. Northwestern, defending City Champs, were up against stronger opposition this year than ever before. Although tied with Central for West Side Championship, this fast quintet looked bound for another City Title. Odd things happened at Naval Armory during the City playoffs and Northwestern took two straight defeats at the hands of Hamtramck and Southeastern. The scores were: Ham- tramck 20, Northwestern 18, and Southeastern 29, Northwestern 12. BASEBALL First Row-Milligan, George, Sale, Nelson, Smith, Lewis, Johnson. Second 1fO'lUfrC'02lCll Maas, Bradford. Shiako, Buhrer, Mount, Trosky, Boswell, Mr. Mark. Third Row-Samarian, Van Vleck, Kalninski, Kennedy, Carts, NVeigle, Kluck, Leopold. Because of the publication requirements of The Norwester, it is impossible to print a summary of the Colts' baseball schedule. How- ever. the Red and Gray team rated as a strong contender for the baseball crown. Coach Leo Maas had a number of veterans back from last yearls strong team, and at the first call for material this year there were one hundred and titty candidates hopeful ot a posif tion in the starting line-up. After cutting the squad to its normal size, Coach Maas seems to prefer Sales as catcher, with Kluck and Kennedy to relieve him, Milton George as first-sackerg John Lewis as second-basemang Howard Milligan as the starting short-stop, and either Dave Nelson or Charles Kaminski working' at the third sack. In the outfield Ed Smith, James Boswell, have Corts. and Bill VanVleck divide the garden-duty. The coachls most difficult problem was in finding some pitchers. The best hurlers appeared to be Ernie Buhrer, with "stuff" but weak con- trol: Ed Johnson with his steady working, ,Frank Bradford with his 'thoppervg and Bob Schika with his blazing fast-ball. Coach Maas always has a dangerous squad of leather-chasers to carry on for Northwestern, and this yearls squad looked to be the best since Northwesternis last city championship ball team in 1934. In the practice games, which were few because of had weather, Northwestern decisively whipped Cass Tech and Commerce and dropped a decision to Southeastern. For the tirst time in a number of years, the length of the school term permits a championship play-oft series. The fellows promised to take advantage of this fact and carry oft another city championship for the Red and Gray at Northwestern. Page Eighty-three 'i "Y" f'IiI'l5 First IFon"fMillig::l11. Wie-gaund. Abdo. K1-nealy. Flynn. Nrrrmri Ifmr'---1'I:11'lc. Kennedy. Dennis. Lewis. MeGrz1w. .Bl lYS' TRACK TEAM First Hou'-Coaeli Bishop, Evilsizer, Jones, Johnson, Hostel, Clark, Dues. NVhito. Mr. Maris. Nwozlfi lf0Il'+f'llI'0i'tlll. Harold. iiilllllllwll. Kruszewski, Sydes. Hall. Maxwell. Mullins. Third Rouf-Voorhees. Drew, Dodson, Sehnielz. Simons, Sliaffer, Vase, Samarion. "N"-CLUB The HN" Ulub is a well known organization made up of athletes who have won their "Ns" in varsity sports. ln its membership are some of the best athletes in the state. Twenty-five new members were admitted into the club this year. The "N" Club members are resperted by everyone. and to be a member is a goal worth working for. The club is under the able sponsorship of Mr. Arthur Carty, who also arts as the treasurer of the club. VVith the G. A. A., the "XV Club has been instrumental in sponsoring many dances. ln the fall the clubs otiic-ers included Ed Abdo, presidentg Harry Dennis, vice-presidentg and -Iohn Lewis, secretary. The spring term found the following' men in otiieo: John Lewis, president: Howard Milligan, vice-presidentg and Harry Gi-egoiy, secretary. TRACK TEAM Northweslei-n's track team this year was far from a, Pity Cham- pionship team and it was the sec-ond year in which they had not Iinished high in the West Side standings. Bernard Stienbacker, a Foltz polevaulter. placed in the lVest Side meet and Hoy Rostel, high jumper, won lirst in the NVest Side and Uity meets. These hard working track teams deserve much credit for their many long hours of work and we sincerely wish Coach Sam Bishop and his boys the best ol' lurk in the coniing events. Page Hiylrly-fmlr BOYS' GOLF TEAM In the spring a young fellow's fancy turns to golf, among other things, and that explains why the Boys' Goll' Team is out on the links busily engaged in perfecting its technique in anticipation of a lively season. I'nder the experienced coaching of Mr. Bert G. Maris, the boys are continually at work mastering the fine points of the game, which include the grip, stance, and swing. The tealn follows no regular set schedule, but plays invitational matches with teams on the west side. The nieinbers of the feillll include Paul Taylor, Bob Regenhardt. Bob Bush, Fred Piaskowski, and the newly-joined Fred Ueshger, who is a fine player. YVith this promising line-up, the team will be HI'?l1'lIl, to gov when the shout of HFOREP' rings out. BOYS' TENNIS Northwestern was very well represented on the tennis courts this fall. Xelles and Uotton played No. 1. Shahinian and Collins No. 2, and Rowe and Garwood No. 3. Shahinian and Collins were elini- inated in the senli-finals by Nelles and Cotton who went on the tinals where they were beaten by Central. The teillll was coached by Mr. Arthur Carty and managed by Jini Parker. David Xe.les, who has played two years, was captain oi' both spring and fall teams. Four veterans reported back this spring and the fifth position will be a hard fought battle between the substitutes. lf the team lives up to expec-tations, they should go places this spring. BOYS' GOLF TEAM Oesehger, Taylor, Mr. Bert Maris. Bush, ltaslcowslee. BOYS' TENNIS Garvvood, Rowe, Nelles, Collins, Shahinian. Page Fzgh ty five GlRL'S BASKETBALL First Rolf'-ff-Sroka, XVillis. Morgan, Shnsta. Patriek. NVQ-stlnnd. Street. Morton. Sc-hnbert. tlorriek. Ihrge Eigltty-Sim' XVitl1 a veteran squad 4-apably led by tlaptain Irene XVestlund and drilled intensively in the fundamentals ot' the game by Mrs. Mildred Dunn, the Coltettes had one ot the best teams ever to represent the Red and Gray. line to the returning of so many veterans for the team, there was keen eompetition among them for the various positions on the tirst team. The ret-ord for the season was exceptional because the Volt girls won seven games while only losing two mat:-hes to their opponents. The two tilts which were lost were both close contests. Une was to the Northern girls. and the other was to a, strong Hamtramc-lc basketball sextet. The best showing of the season of the Uoltettes was when they beat Vooley by a lI12ll'f2fll1 of thirty-one points. With the graduation of eight players this year, Coach llunn will have to rebuild next year. This will not be a ditiienlt job as the reserves, with Lois Ball leading them, was one ot the strongest developed here. Irene iVestlund and Jennie Shasta, Iorwards: and Lois Townsend, ljluetta Morton, and Mary Morgan, gnardsg who were the outstanding players formed the nnelens of this year's aggregation. In the race for the eaptaint-y of the 1938 team, it was so close that several ballots were needed to decide the winner, before Shirley Meliachin emerged vietorious over June Patrielc. A lonff established crustoin of holdino' a 'oint swimminv' team- D H - 15 basketball team party was broken this year. - GIRLS' SWIMMING First Ifozrilhitlaml. Iiarder. Albreeht. Hamov. NViIlits. Uhapman. Kosniek. Menoek. Gardiner. l!:lteliI'I'e. Henley. Second Roar--ffarly. S4-lnnidt, Nipgen. Mehelland, Prew, Linn. l'ink. Third Razr-.Ia11s. Mac-Donald. Sihvonen. Moir. Miller, Laine. .l"0lll'flI RoH'-Petrequin. Hackett. Miss Watson. Kimble. After many weeks of faithful practice, with the excellent eoac-hing and training of Miss Elsie lVatson, and with the splendid leadership of Captain Lois Lynn, the mei-maids of Northwestern High School splashed through tI1e 1937 season not on top, but in full swing among the highest of sehool swimming teams. This year seems to have been a year of tirst happenings. For it is the tirst time that Highland Park Team has been defeated, and as one n1igl1t well guess, it took the Coltettes to do itg it is the tirst time their medley relay has ever been defeated a11d this tragic defeat was at the hands of Cooley teamg it is also the Iirst time Miss Watson has consented to be in the group picture ot the team. What has she to hide? Among the many reasons why all Northwestern ought to be proud of the Coltettes is that there are a few ehampions scattered throughout their team, such as lViota Prew and -lean Nipgin. who are both bark-stroke champs. Though this book reminds all that many grand swinnners are being lost. it also remi11ds us that Miss Watson has her eye on just as many newcomers in hopes that she can rebuild just as strong a team. Page Eiglrty-sezven GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM First Row -Pelletier. Edmonds. Phillips. Parke. Dawe. Arata. Roy. Hostitter. Seepnvl Ifrnrf -Shusta. 'l'od. Patriek. Westlund. Sinith. Holtz. Vorriek. Third lfow-Meliaehin. Draeger, King. Porter, Byron. GIRLS' GOLF Elliott. Johnson. liennett. lluiidas. Meltlaehin. Williams. .lone-s. Ilig.-rhtman. Page Eighty-eight GIRLS' TENNIS l'reeise strokes and the twangingr ol' racket strings that eeho pleas- antly when a ball is well-hit gave evidenee of spring try-outs for the Ilirls' Tennis Team. 'llhose who were tinally seleeted by Mrs. Mildred llunn, the eoaeh. are as follows: Nadine llawe. .lane l'lfllIl0lltlS, -Iillltli Parker, Marian Pellitier. Margaret llanz, lalelen Ilraeger, Shirley Melflaehin, Harriet Hostetter, Shirley Cerriek, -lenny Shusta. -lune lloltz, Helen Arata, Dorothy Phillips, Gloria Smith, llelen Baker, llorothy Roy. Nadine Ilawe, who has been on the teani for two years. was elected eaptain. The entire teani partieipated in the Mic-liigran State Girls' Open 'Fournalnent at Kingswood Sehool, on May ll. 'l'he sehools played were Uooley, Central. Southeastern. Northern. Haintralnek. Kingswood. and the team deserves due eredit for pro- ducing a yery sueeesstul season. GIRLS' GOLF The distinction of being a inelnber ol' the Girls' Golf Teain is indeed one to he proud of. The slcill it requires to play a good game of golf is not bestowed upon everyone, and Northwestern is fortunate to have a girls' teani of outstanding ability. Helen Dundas, the captain, eau "shoot" eighteen holes with an unusually low score. and Shirley Mt-lflaeliin, another member of the team, has, in one short year of playing the ganie. gained the position of "number one" player. Miss Prudentia Hulfnuan. the eoaeh. iinparted her extensive kn0Wl4 edge of the game to the team and helped theni develop their talent. The result. as is generally known. is a teani ready. willing. and able to stand up against the barbed teeth ol' opposition. G. A. A. The G. A. A. proved to he a real 'wllilllllllllilll this yearg soincthing for everybody's interest. The object of tl1e year was to sponsor ll101'0 "co-recreational" activities and, as llSll2ll, the H. A. A. came out splendidly. lvIlfl91' tl1e head of 'ACUl'l'l'l'02ll'l0Il2ll', activities l'0lllQ tl1e lllllll9l'0llS roller skating parties, dances, splash parties, and tl1e 11ewly organized Btlfllllllllflll Clnh. A lllSfU1'y-lllillilllg event was the Spring Frolic Dance given by the G. A. A. and "N" Club. The dance marked tl1e first time tlltlf tl1e two IIIUST active clnhs ot tl1e school have given anything jointly. Tl1e year was "to'pped,' hy the Elllllllill G. A. A. banquet at wl1icl1 house and individual sport l10Il0I'S were recognized. The girls set il line standard for fntnre G. A. Afers to follow. GIRLS' HOCKEY The f0I'1ll and grace with wl1icl1 Northwesternfs Girls' Hockey TQEIIII swung into their 1936 season has 11ot been matched for three or four SCHSOHS. Much is to he said about the tine spirit and sportsnianship that pre- vailed among the Girls' Hockey Team this season. The leillll played better hockey than lIl0St schools as to f0I'lll and stick work, but failed to take advantage of tl1e "breaks" Nevertheless, tl1ey did not collapse fl'0I1l defeat, but henetited by it. Hockey all over the city was f'llElI'2lCll'l'lZQll by good playing this year, and Northwestern inet her match in several instances. G. A. A. First 11'ou'-Rohe1'ts. Roche, Ricl1a1'ds, Kniscl. Miss Dunn. P9tI'0l1lllll. Sllflt'lillII1, Dundas. Srconrl Ron'-Mogzge, Gossard, Slater. Linn. SK'lllllDl'l'l. Ilawv. l"0lliI1ll!'0, l'0ll'SUll. Blilffllllllillil. .i I GIRLS' HOCKEY J"ir.s'l Nou?--A. li2lI'll011. Andrews. Sroka, Pink, Corrick. Arata. Potrcquin, AVOStllllld, B. B2ll'd01l. Second Row-Snriand, Roberts, Kilpatrick, L. Handloser, R. Handloscr, Carlson, Slater, Schubert, Mogge, Ball, Spiros. Brolsford, Rich. I Page Eighty-nine ,,-G-'NN-NNNX. -1 fx 12 5 K 9 2 fur 5 9 2 lx-'L l1'X'Xx."N-'ogvxx K vxdixglvvqll ff' 121 'fb 7 I-'l1L.x'L"' 4,1 ultxxxx-nh 7 1113 2 4 lllmxxm-QXNNNN 1 ,-C' Z f-'NU fs' ,Clz ff 5 -Q53-'clfz ?1.L,L,x,s.,..x-E-:N P' N P' ff Q' A-67' I .-9' 9 1-'17 ... WV? "' I 'F JC ,4 -X llx""v A-I ,fx Tl! ,c 5 ,g rc' f' A-'V QR Nfx?-N' NTZH 11 I z.L.x9.-'V ri 1'LX,"' fJ1 'NA 55.1 V34 X Z X NW-XXX bf 11 if Q0 fJ 4 s SH X X xXXXN.Xx.N-'N' R Llll j I" f' J-f F' 3 f"' 'df' f"' .r,. ,. XX ix KXXXXQX fi fu-9 fin' Pav funn H fs' 3 'Xp Q GOWNS and CAPS CCHLEGES ACADEMIES NGRMALSCHOCLS UNIVERSITIES Correct H Q O D S for C111 American Degrees COTRELL and LEONARD Est. 1832 Inc. 1935 ALBANY, N. Y. Americds Pioneer Qutfitfer WEYHING BROS MANUFACTURING CO L 1 R t1ve 3 9? Q 3: qi A1 ii :Z J! 5 vw A in wx ix 13 fi ax N ,xx 11 Q, 1 2 fi ? N Fa W 92 5 5 5. 3 fi 3 fl' yi n NORTHWESTERN HEART-BEAT Tl1e early morning scuttle and last desperate dash to beat the tardy bell . . . Colt salesmen catching every passerby for the usual heckling . . . A young freshman genius at iirst record talking about Relativity . . . audience looking interested but blank . . . Culprit explaining to teacher why he hasn't an absence excuse . . . teacher seems very skeptical . . . Some young art critics passing judgment on the newest posters advertising a roller skating party . . . The mad rush to get to a class in the Martindale Building . . . The city slicker trying to talk his way through the hall without a pass . . . An equally slick hall guard doing her duty . . . A bevy of pretty girls chattering and laughing, and in their midst, the school athletic hero . , . wearing that well- known modest grin . . . The bashl'ul young blade trying to coax a date out 8 D of the newest charmer . . . under the handicap of ai Ngo away" look in a teacheris eye . . . Lanky lad staring out of the window in English class . . . dreaming of South American skies and romance, and wishing he had skipped 'tthis dumb classv . . . The electric tension of the classroom during mid-semesters . . . the audible sigh of relief when the bell finally rings . . . A large group of hitherto unap- preciated heroes at last rewarded by being able to sport a red "N" . . . Boy and girl draped over the cannon , . . thousands of miles away, no doubt . . . Public speaking students mumbling orations in the corridor . . . receiving Hteched in the haid" glances from passers-by . . . A Hswing-it" enthusiast truckin' in the lower hall . . . keeping an wary eye for a roving teacher who might squelch such Fred Astaire ambitions . . . and so it goes . . . cheeriol TYIer 6-2800 Trinity 2-9092 We Deliver Ca F .+ r HENRY'S MARKET rson urn' u e Fancy Groceries - Quality Meats Cgmpany FRESH FRUITS sl VEGETABLES FULL LINE OF BEER AND WINE Your I-Iome Should Come 7743 Woodmw Wilson Bet. Pallister and Delaware First DETROIT, MICH. Credit It You Wish , You SUDEKUM up and See Us- 7360 Grand River , I FREE TOOTHPICKS Detroit, Much. IfV1ftI1 All P-mfchascs MENTION THIS "AD" WHEN 0 BUYING AND RECEIVE A NICE GIFT, COLLEEN GIFT SHOP C'011zjvlz'111.e1zfs of Telephone: TYler 6-3090 REPRODUCING PIANOS FATHER and SON ROBERT M. TRADER Expert Piano Tuning and Repairing Years with Grinnell Brothers f PLAYER PIANOS and REFlNISHlNG 0 8947 QUINCY AVENUE at Taylor Comjvliments of Eureka Tool and Die Co. Manufacturers of Precision Tools and Dies GLENN A. MAAS, Pres. COLORS-POSTER BOAR D ARTISTS' MATERIALS BRUSHES ARTHUR F. HOERAUF and Company 525 VVoodward PATRONIZE DEXTER RECREATION Dexter Blvd. at Boston BOVVLING BILLIARDS T H O S E W H 0 24 Alleys 16 Tables E H E L P E D Organise Your Leagues or Groups F 10 C B "I" PRODUCE YOUR W N,,,,.,efQf,,,,fZ' my NORWESTER! Reduced Prices to Organized High School Groups og' X Q N l ll X90 W!! X x 1 x ,Jx l 'Hfflv If fj V l ff X217 of Xxx I N X ll l l it l XQWX A XL K f f ,fxxt if CT gf? V I l 'Z Qlll"l'lG Al lam: Sf-lmol Opens l"ooIlm:lll SPGISOII Full Golf and Tennis Xvw Liln-:11'y lllll'1lf'd 1 l4"lUlll'1R I2-A Elec-lion Stuflvnt Ummm-il l,illll'0 il. A. A. l'I2lll0NVO'CIl Party Ilvlmslting 'l'l11'1-0 lssuos of the Colt NUYICXIIHCR 'l'nmlml:1 Allfl'SPIIll'SlP1'S Roller Skating Party I2-A Ton, Volt Published lllcvmllalcla xvllilllllklli Party Bzlslcvtlmll Season Colt Published fllll'lSllllilS fl0Il001't flllI'lSflll2lS V2l,C2lll0l1 .l,xNl'.x1u' Firml lflxzuns l'r0sidenl's Ball Colt Published Class Day Wnnmencemeut LOOKING BACK fam A FEBRUARY 1,-BN SXVllTllHlI10' Finals fm fgj 12-A Eieiion f W con Published ff f X KQM,-D New Term Begins fi J Student Council Election -ghsl N - p W F I 1 ,fx wa 53 199C M2-SQ BIARCH Basketlmll Finals g N , X T1'2lClI Season Q N -E l Fc-nm-ing " Colt Published Iloclzunution Uonfesfs , A1'1:lr, Two Issues of tho Colt A Vzlppolln Choir Boxing 3I?lfl'llQS lV2lSllll1gf01l Trip 3llfl'S9llll'SfUl'S BIAY Baseball Season 12-A Play Colt Out Hi-Y Districi Ilnnffe HN" Club-G. A. A. Dance JUNE Last Colt, June 4 Final Exams June Prom Comniencement "NH Club Moonlight NR cf G 2. Q x . f Wx F 4 Q4 7 2, Ts ,gh K' K5 9 .ij-D A Q K . all if E sk " Xw 7 ffl 5:9 . 07' ik 1 X Qc? X Y D E T R 0 I T CUMMERCIAL CULLEGE Featuring one-year and two-year courses in Business Administration and Secretarial Science, this College devotes its entire time and attention to the training of high school and col'ege graduates for a business career and for professional practice as Secretaries, Shorthand Reporters, Accountants, and Comn ercial Teachers. Conforming to the practice of well-established colleges, the Detroit Commercial College does not employ anyone to canvass for students. Summer School, June 21 to August 12. Fall Semester, Day School, :mth year, begins September 8. Six Evening' Schools open in Sep- tember. Syllabus on request. Attendance past school year exceeded 600. R. Maclean, President Miss Lola Maclean, Educational Director Eugene A. Walling, Attorney, Director of Law and Business Organization Miss Margaret Benz, Director of Accounting and Business Mathematics Miss Josephine Rankin, Director of Shorthand and Secretarial Science Miss Gertrude Steffen, Director of English and Business Geography Miss Ella Coulter, Director of Typewriting and Office Practice NINETEEN CLIFFORD AT WOODWARD EARLY'S PHARMACY SMITH 86 JONES LUMBER Phone UN. 1-9841 COMPANY 2592 FENKELL AVE Quality Lumber and Millwork 5470 Vtlabash Ave. Detroit, Mich. Renovating-,sterilizing Phone EUclid 6164 We Deliver WALTER'S MARKET Free E.ffz'mates Quality Meats and Groceries AMERICAN BEDDING CO. WALTER PUENT, Prop. 1326 E. Congress St. 8250 Grand River CAdillac S589 DETROIT, MICH. WANT ADS THE DETROIT BLUES January, I937 HELP WANTED-MALE YOUNG MAN to "hit the line" when I leave. Must have a hard head. Apply Ed Abdo. GOOD ARGUER to take the place of Har- old Davis on the Debating team. See Mr. Karl Scott. EXPERIENCED HOD-CARRIER to help Oscar Linse cart off his Summa Cum Laude. HELP WANTED-FEMALE EFFICIENT YOUNG LADY to take care of my stag line till I Iget back. Apply Moira Byron. COMPETENT SECRETARY to keep track of the honors piled on Lillian Mogge. YOUNG LADY to uphold the honor of recl- heads at Northwestern. Must be dyed-in- the-wool red-head. Apply Jean Folkmire. FOR SALE-MISCELLANEOUS BATH-TUB baritone voice. Guaranteed to break leases in one application. See Don Sprague. BEAUTIFUL JACK-KNIFE DIVE. Can be used in whittling ornamental tooth-picks. Apply Frank Ruhl. SLIGHTLY DOG-EARED COPY OF LIN! COLN'S GETTYSBURG ADDRESS cheap. See Howard Windsor. ONE GRACEFUL DANCING PARTNER named Bob Ringel. A whiz at the waltz and light on your feet. Inquire Phylis Carlson. MY SERVICES AS FIREMAN'S LADDER. Sturdy and waterproof. See Ted Hart. MY DRAMATIC ABILITY-Ideal for any young ham. Inquire, Earl Mott. ONE MUCH ABUSED GEOGRAPHY TEXT. Best thing for insomnia. See Ray Heimstadt. SITUATIONS WANTED POSITION AS BANK TELLER. Experi- enced as IZA treasurer. Dave Casto, No. 183755, Sing Sing Prison. REFINED YOUNG MAN wants job as HOG-CALLER. Experienced in oratory. See LeRoy Shaw. JOB AS PRETZEL MODEL. Experienced in modern dancing class at Northwestern High School. Inquire Nedra Buyers. EXPERIENCED YOUNG LADY DESIRES POSITION AS CHEWING GUM BREAKER-INNER. See Lucille Fink- beiner. POSITION WRITING OBITUARY NO- TICES. Experienced on Norwester. Inquire Janet Tainsh. JOB AS POSTAGE STAMP LICKER. Competent. See Morton Levenson. -FRESH- See -FRUIT- Yvufffvf BUB BARRAIJME the Asking -ENTER CAUTIOUSLY- 110 Northwestern WILBUR S. ERICKSON Fancy Meats AND Poultry 5109 TIREMAN AVENUE DETROIT For Your New F O R D HETTCHE MOTOR SALES Grand Blvd. ar I4-'rh TYler 4-5704 TESTIMONIAI1 'FO BERT MARIS It is proper and fitting to pause on life's way, As we render a tribute to one while we may. For 'tis always lllIll'Il nil-er to give fragrant bowers. To a real n1a11 wl1o's living and eau still smell the flowers. To that end we won't wait 'til lifl-'s span be tllled, And we learn that our friend's voice has finally been stilled. But now while he's still full of pep and good eheer, We will try to tell him we are glad that he's here. lt's tl1e privilege of few men in life to shape boys, And to give them the training of eourage and poise, And yet snr-h is the work of Bert Maris today, He who moulds a tine Illilll from the 1'0llllll0IlPSlf clay. For nearly twenty-five years. it's a very long time, He has faithfully given a service sublime. At Northwestern he eoael1ed in most every kI'l0SVll 51311112 Vim-tory trod i11 his wake, elevating his name. See the plaques and tl1e 4-ups whiz-l1 are trophies of skill. Won by boys l1e has worked witl1 and put through the 111i1l. Un the field and tl1e diamond. in hockey and track, None eould withstand his ge11i11s or stay l1is uttaek. 'Fhere are thousands of boys whose el1arac-ter fine, Fan he traeed to his coaching along the straight line. We glory i11 knowing that HIPS' won't demean, And with us regard him i11 highest esteem. We could go on forever, Bert, singing your praise, And we kll0W that mere words can never you phase, But we like you, as soldier, Kiwanian, friend and boy, May you live many years. your noble efforts to 0Ilj0y. NICHOLAS SALOVYICH. Ifnanimously adopted by resolution as part of the permanent reeords Northwest Kiwanis Club, Wednesday, March 24, 1937. C. S. I. Sets the Standard by Which Efficient Secretaries and Calculating Machine Operators Are judged WITH Tl-IE RESULT THAT we are the most successtul school in the city in securing employment tor our graduates. 0 Write or Telephone tor Prospectus C THE IilII.IIlII.lITINli AND SEBRETARIAL INSTITUTE Randolph I477 Elizabeth at John R. 0 Compliments of GENE FENBY AND HIS ORCHESTRA C011Zf7ll7'1ZC1ZlA' of FRED MYERS Custom Hair Cuifiug 5007 W. Chicago at Nardin Park Euc. 2445 Authorized Radio Service All makes. 310.00 Cash reward for any radio we cannot repair. Students dis- count on all purchases or service if this ad is presented. Small electrical repairs. Walton Radio 86 Appliance Co. 7405 Grand River-Grace Millers Bldg. Y'l"!m' 6-3807 NVE MAKE KEYS FINN CLEANERS P L A N T S 7649 Hamilton FLOWERS CORSAGES MADISON 1145 FOR ALL OCCASIONS Your Neighborhood JEROME Cleaners Call For and Dcli7'e'ry S1'1'7'z'z'r' FLOWER SHOP 102 Northwestern Buy your new Ford or R 6? G LEARN used car from FISTICUFFS IN HERMAN REUM Hettche Motor Sales Co. 2475 W. Grand Blvd. at 14th TYler 4-5704 10 EASY LESSONS OR 5 HARD ONES One Dollar a Day The Bradford Way TAYLOR,S MARKET Foods of Excellence CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES Phone Tyler 5-3955 7559 Grand River Ave. FRED A. GINSBURG 86 COMPANY Insurance 1110 LAFAYETTE BLDG. RANDOLPH 2630 Hettche Motor Sales Co. Your Nciglzborlzood Ford Dealer" VV. 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Sol 1.1111- wns tht- diving: st:11' of tl11- 11ftu1'11u1111 111111 111'm'1'1l that gunrl things 1111111- in little 11:1c'kz1gvs. Saw Ruth lim-11111 111111 .Ii111 xVilllll'SN hm v11t1':111w4l with ru- 111111111- to mnjoy thx- slmw. lTl'tWl' l111111v 111111 1'v111111ln-lc-tl my fun- turvs for tht- 0v1'11i11,Lf 111111 :tt :1l11111t llil' lmst se-vc-11 :1 c'111'sz1,f1- 1111110 w:1lki11g i11 with Bill lgl'lllllll'l' z1tt:14'l11-tl to it. W11 STALIC JOKES fultlwl llll i11t11 his 11111--11111111-'11'l1:1tl1 11111l1ll1--j11111111-1' :1111l 1':1ttlv1l 4low11 to tlw RED TIES Swing:-It Club. Xvllvll wo :11'rivc-rl llll'I'l'. tho 111:111:1gv1'. liwlrliv Atlums. 1'111111- t1'1111ki11' out to 1111-1-t 11s 111111 J- DAVID NELLES slmwt-cl llS to il tzlblm- 111-xt to lllvvly- 111:11'1'1-llvcl Hill Kim-111wI. who was howl- ROSENS PAWN SHOP ing fm' Rl l1z1111l1111'g1'1'. W11 saw Ruth tffmlfizzuorl on Pago 1081 'l'l'l'll'I'E A professional school conducting Pace Courses, Accountancy and Business Administration. New c111pf11'tu11itiCs are z11'isi11g for t1':1i11c1l z1c'C111111t:111ts in privztte busi- ness, in thc employ of the g'm'c1'11111c11t, Zllltl in p1'c1fcssim1e1l z1Ccc11111tz1l1cy. NVritc or call for 21 new illllstratccl Imcmklvt rluw1'iI1i11g the illllllj' 111'11ctic21l feattlres of thc courses and the Institute. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES 120 MADISON AVENUE Q NP- VW. 13057 OU we -1 'Kg-XE Me U 'fskkf-1 Ps?-'Ou 0 -4 O 1,1 CO1 'Z '50 X P wi 'K 9' 5, go goose? Q , po? o meocesci 496 0066666 52908 no-ne-30 0094 09? il! K ev, 9.9 N56 G9-QSM bs-'N00fvN ew P'-fl-D . 9 'l1f1"L0 4:18 9-.E LO' yn 11-ei, Ag magga 'ESQ K at 1-W I ' fm ,ia 9' 'V 'S Q5 W Q D W Q11 'Wvr IN TER-CITY ROOFING Lafayette 2840, 2841 CO111f7li111Z11fS of AND HERMAN C. NAGEL SIDING COMPANY WHOLESALE FRUITS and VEGETABLES 6385 Van Buren Ty' 6-8403 2700 Eighteenth St., Western Market FOR SALE ONE VVORN-OUT STUDEBAKER C e n S o I- e d ! 40 M.P.H. CHEAP JOE BOLTZ ZQETZQNIZING HAND WOVEN THESE GARMENTS ADVERTISERS FROM THE OLD MENTION SPINNING XVHEEI. THEIR ONE-o-NINE Aljl NORTHWESTERN Redford 4771 C. N. VVhearley, Manager ICE COLD ICE 85 COAL CO. 14544 ASBURY PARK DETROIT, MICH. Slrirfhzg Always to Serve You Belter Milk, Cream, Cheese, Eggs From Our Refrigerator to Yours. The Last Word in Service. C 0111,f7ll'1'lll?'71f.S' of J. M. KERR, INC. C'O1nPllfMVleHfS of Bradford N. Smith C. A. SMITH PRINTING DETROIT CONTAINER COMPANY 6556 Scotten Avenue CORPORATION School and Club Pl'0g1'C111l.S' Tzrkefs and Advertising 9119 Thaddeus St. TYler 5-0547 LEARN HOW TO C 0'l'llj'71I.14'1P1ZfS of BE UNPOPULAR LURIE BROTHERS DANCE THE AfsLACK"' :army MARKET Richard Slack Dance School 31.00 DOWN 10a PER DANCE 8450 Grand River, Near Quincy When Selecting a BUSINESS SCHOOL BE SURE TO ASK This Vital Question Will you refund all my unused prepaid tuition if I am dissatisfied? Our answer is YES. We refund ALL unused prepaid tuition to any student not 1007, satisfied. S3 weekly tuition pays for Gregg Shorthand, Type- writing, Bookkeeping, Comptometer, Switchboard Operating by indi- vidual instruction. Free Employment Service. Open daily and Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings. GARVIN' SECRET!-KRII-ll.. SCHOOL 8th Floor Fox Theater Bldg. 0 Let the Business University in the United Artists Bldg. train you for a high grade position as Executive Secretary, Court Re- porter, or Accountant and Au- ditor. SUMMER TERM June 28111 FALL TERM Sep+. 7111 One Year and Two Year Courses in Business Aclminisfrafion Ancl Secre1'aria1 Training 'ffiz ' Regisirafion Limiied lo High School Graduates and fhose wi+h College Training Applicahons Mus1 be Made in Advance 0 Fommercial teacher training in affiliation with the Michigan State Normal College. Students may take 72 hours' work at The D. B. U. to- ward their life certifmate or degree. 9 Free placement service to our grad- uates. Many Detroit fll11'lS depend entirely upon The D. B. U. for oiiice help. 9 Eilablished 1850. Over 60,000 grad- uates. 9 Finest of business college quarters, occupying the entire 10th floor of the United Artists Building. Phone CA. 1205 or Write for Bulletin De+roi1' Business Universi+y Uni1'ed Ar+is1's Bldg. De+roi+, Mich. CC1111ti11u1'11 from page 1031 15111 111111 "I'11111-rs" Milligan r11sS1111g s11111e 11111-111111111' s1111g:1111111 11v111' 111 il 0111'- 11111' w111111 K1l1'1 Krietz 121111.11911 his 11111111 off 1111 '11111. 1111v11 Nelles was 11x111111n111g 1l'111l1S 111 1111111'11y P111 1i1'1111kS. 111111 d11111- 1111s11'111i11g: with 11 s111111111. Moe Geary wus 11111k111g flllllly f111-vs 111 S111111ie Rich. 11111011 1-'1'111'1'1111'1. 111111 N11111'j' E11ff 1'1'111- 'l'h1'111- SIIl2l1'1 G11'1s1, 111111 was "f111'1'i11ly 1-j111-11111" 115' 111111111'1'r. FI'2l11li 111'1111f111'11. A1 El 11111111-111 11111111, Ray 111111111 was 1111w11 1111 11111- k111-11 111'111111s111g 111 111-115' '1'1'1111g:1-1'. A1110 111111111 was ex- 11111i11111g 11111 1111ysi11g1'111111y 11f 11 1'11111f11- 11111- 111111111111 111 Viv11111 A1111111s, 111111 S111111'1 A1111111's1111 was w111s111-1'i11g Sw1'111 1111111111gs 111 1'1111f 111111111111 S111111k11111. "A11111 11111" 1'1l11111 was 11'y111g 111 give k11111z:'1' N11111'y 1111111111 '111111-f11111." '11111' l'111l11' show s1111'11111 with 111111- 1111l11.f 111111 1,11 I"111w1-1' 11s M. V., 111111 11111' 111 1111- 11111111. 1111111111111 115' "1I1111:1111" 11111'1w1111. XV1' SZIXV 11111 111111111 11'11111111's '1'11111 1l111111'1111.Il1 111111 1111111111111 W111f111'11 1Ilil1i11l12f 11111 111111111 s11 1111 111111 111-1: . . . fm' 1111'1'1'j'. .1111-k 11111'11s was 1111sy giving: his S2lX11111l111l1' 11 1111111 111 11111 111111-, T1111 1111111-s of 1111- 1111S1'1I11111', 1'1S11ll'l' 1111111- 111111's11. A1111 M11s111'1'. '1'1-111111 S111v11111111. 111111 A12l11l'l1111' S1111111111' 11111 21 s11111111y 1'1111111l111 211111 1111111 .I111111 H111'1'111111 211111 J11111- 1111111-1'1s snug: 11 S1-111 s1111g . . . 111 XV211lZ 1111111. Next. A111-1+ 111l1't'y 111111111111 11111 1l11115.f111'121l1 1i111111s1111y . . . 111 S11:1111s11. 111111 wus f11l111w1-11 by H111'1'y 111'11,Lr111'y :11111 1.v111'11 S1f111111111't 111111155 1111 A112l1'l11' 1111111'11. l'12l1'1 li011l'1'1S, 11111 V1111 V11-1-lc. :11111 N111'111 1119ilS01l 11111 11 s111'111g 1111111'1. 111'1-ssvd ill 111'111ty 1111111 tights. l1:11'11111'11 l'1111s11 was 11111'1111l22f 1111 11111 1111111' 111 il 11111 1'1111111111. 11111 f11s1 f111' l'Y1'1l J11111113' V11111'11111's 111111 his 0111111111 1'i111ll'1'21. W1111. 1111- 1-1111 of Z1 dizzy 1111y . . . 1111-:1s:1111 1I1,Ll'1l1111i11'l'. Lillian's Beaute Salon Sf11'1'f11l1'3i1lg in ,Vrfw Ray 1'Vla1'l1i111'- lvsx f,l'I'lIlllllff'l11f 11111165 lufluzlizzg All lx'i1111.1' nf 1901111131 Czilfzzrc 4245 Joy Road, Near Otsego For .4ff111z'11l111mz1.1' Tyler 9-5897 A Personal lnv itation from lna Dei Marvin To you who :ire gzmfllrzit- ing: -lloorl Luc-ki I wish you :lil slim-ess. To the mzmy of you whose plans for the future are unset- thwk I extend a vordhd hr vitzrtiou to visit me and dismiss the exceptional op- portrurity now open to cup- zrlile. properly trzliuexl women in the field of Beauty Culture. The 02ll'1llllf.fS :ire much higher than in most professions. The hours ure short. The wmkfmdmumg Del Mar Offers Northwestern Graduates Unlimited Opportunity Let Del Mar "Develop the Fortune in Your Fingers Z" .Xt Del Marr. in six short. happy mouths, you learn all phases of Beauty Culture, and fit yourself for :1 pleaszult. well-paid job. Del Mar is fl non- profit corporation-rintiimrrlly ref-ognizerl. from const-to-voarst. ns one of the largest. most respected sr-hools in Amerivn. It has rt large stuff of r-zrpallole. prize-winning: instructors. and uses only the newest. most modern methods :ind equipment. Del Marr attracts the highest type of girls, and many Nortlrwi-stern grrrduntes have already won ri-:rl SIIIWUSS through the personal nttention they reeeiverl. After grarluartiou Del Mar provides free employment servive. for life. Tuition is low. and an easy, Year-to-Pay Plan mark:-s it possible for you to receive the iinest training. on terms that are exemp- tionally convenient, Call at the school, or write for Flilfllrl. 36-page illustrriterl booklet. FREE CATALOG Semi your name today for this beautiful book on Beauty Culture. lna DEL MARvin, Director D E l. M A R America's Finest Beauty School Second Floor, Stormfeltz-Loveley Bldg. Woodward at East Grand Boulevard Detroit - Michigan INSPECT DEL MAR You are invited tn in- spect the si-lwol at any time texrept Saturdayb. Bring your parents and friends. SPECIALIZED TRAINING A good position and business leadership come largely as the result of education, training, energy, initiative, industry, ambi- tion, and other individual traits. Adequate specialized training following high school will prepare you for employment in business where you 1-an qualify for larger responsibility and opportunity. Sei-retu1'i:ll Sl'l0Ili'6, Ac-counting, Shortlmnd, Business Admin- istration, Stenotypy-one of these courses will increase tre- mendously your clizmces for desirable oiiive t'lllIll0yIll9Ilf. Schools at 5040 Joy Road, near Grand River, at 3240 Gratiot, Corner of Mack, and in Pontiac and Saginaw. THE BUSINESS INSTITUTE Downtown School, Michigan Building, 220 Bagley, Detroit You arf rordirllly imritcd fo visit our most r1o11Lfcwi011,t Iorwfion. fo in.-:pact the imc.:-rwllml facilities and observe the students and foarlmrfrs at their work. Or fcleplrone Raymlolph, 65,94 a FISHER Comfvlzmcfzfs of WALL PAPER CO. 514 Randolph Street and GEORGE F. AMYONI 5 local branches CADILLAC S950 Michiganls Largest Wall Paper and Distributors "Ask Your Decorator" PATRIINIZE 0UR ADVERTISERS 'AUTOGRAPHS 'J- I 1 2 F W J , E -.J

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