Northview Middle School - North Star Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN)

 - Class of 1972

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Northview Middle School - North Star Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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-N., 5 H 1 1 M V X 1 F I z f f x 1' I f if ' X 3 5 ,XM 5 X . I .xx J 'X-3 , I LQ ' , .7 7 ',- , 2 1 f ' f N J K f X X 7, X-3 'f J I f 'Q f . ,JZAf 'J A If I X! , Q 3 . f U I-' ff. ,J JJ -,J X, f I r s 5 xr J 9 up A r Nff-, rw K P-Z pf f , I y V ' ' X 1 A J 1 J y KT fp ,f-f- -J Q ' A " 7, ' 5.5 S , .4 f - , '-,zwfrgaffQ.1q -rgif 3-7f'wP"... 1"H' ' 'Y ' t w' "ax 'A 'I l , f ew cfav,. .. .Qem12,axumL : GEN x ff lr X gffjvf w fxflzrxy NX xqhxj xx ' 5 K ,qi '. A I W - f j fr 5,5 Vg , .. iw ' M lfQ X fi ,fu , A gjfw ,V 1 V 'Q 9 A I' X. Ag! A H, fag NVQ Ll XXJ I' A11 ' A x " ' ' EJ .A Luxmfik 1X R , .LJ -,fb N5"wyX,'? FNLQQ fw A , 1 W . , PK K , .. N, N W M k ' XW'wf4 ,ex '11 'mf' KJ ' I W ,l MQMQ rx QL .QQ K, ALL wmv' E Y XENCOTVPUBITICLIBHARY 3 1 E lf!Wfi!!W!WlWlW 'Ifi'9'2V xxxhvrxfx, 6 , I ,w 7fU ju Ollfqngl A Vi L 1-V X L, 1 Q fl it , f 4 ' 1 xii' X L , A 1 4 f K 'L l J, ff -f' 4 H 1 1, f L 4 '. x ' f N L ' , 1 L V 1 A if R' f' '- X ' Y m'7f wif ' , F 9-"7 9 H .. fl Lfll nj ,-QA' .yf 3642, fp 2,2 ' a LK --J ,. JJ A. Ay D 1' I-, , xy. J' ' -4 , XX jf. Uf' x i I 11962 X 6 -" D. Y 4. A 0 fir? 9 J 'ai 9" ac' X I t r The Anglesiol' Norfhview c Presented bg the 1972 North Star Northview junior High School - 8401 'Westfield Boulevard Metropolitan School District ' t fW h' t T n h' ' o as ing on ow s ip 1 Indianapolis, Indiana . I r Q W . i Q STUDENT COUNCIL K I1-x"","',41 Student Council Officers: Prcsidcntf Mgirslmll Eadic V. Pres.,--Fred Mcljall Secretary Beverly Bumb Trcasurcrf P.1ul Wang Norihview Twins From top to bottom: Scllucttcs Smitli Stark Mcycr llylcc Houck Kcnnccly Q J nd gl nd .1 nd and llld Alld illd Lucas Eppink Wamsley Emily Tnw Solm Slmnncr L--L' N. '-'. ADMINISTRATIDN AND FACULTY IL C1oodbye.Mr,Sl1aul! Mr. -lolin C. Hilligoss. principal ll iz i4-l z ll 'l T, V , , I, J 1 l ll ii 4 1 BW' IJ 7 5 ll ns A xr, in , za x , A 1 3 i gi ,, e I H 4 i'."wr. x ' i ' X 'r .. . I ff' 'V V ' w , .l 'f " ,ng Tliree Administrators: jack Pitman, assistant principal, Mr. Hilligoss, and John Karaffa, assistant principal .-i.U!u.J!llle ., W ' , as Now Apollo was the son of Zeus and UU, I I I -- Would you please repeat that, Mr. Dougherty? Adminisiraiion And Faculig :mms EN f,-'c if 1 mifyw msfzl- 'Alisa .::, gm- -15,-Z .,1.L,, ,Z .4 'I'i:.f3' 2-2 .1 AE: Mrs. Gelb has her picture taken. A department chairman's duties are often quite varied. 'iv---1-Q . 45 it 21 This must be the gentlemcrfs table! :E ,.. I' F i 'TN- xx X. X A I i IIIUIP5 1 Wonder what the topic of conversation is here? . 4-4.- Expressions of early morning duty V 222 Colltcniphtiun i Lv , I, 'Qx N .fx vi' 5 I ' i Mary Riley , bookstore manager COUNSELORS: Lloyd Boyll, Edna Roe. Stove Fuson. Phyllis McClelland, and Gary Washburn ,X I"'f 5' H- Pr' VH f IX I A f LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Virginia Francisco. librarian is '. pe' . I 'J' , , I A 'yo Q x .xr I x 5 x ' 4 4 Wx CIOUNSELORS' ASSISTANTS 5 OFFICE AND AUDIO-VISUAL ASSISTANTS 7 a ff A so-2345. If if-"" 'W""'7' T" 4 s F, 7 hlurldh h Will!! -fs. I any Q J ,,.-sn- A ag? ff s 'Q 'I lyk' I --5, if in I A 5 "1-sf' , V ,, ,,,, 3.57 'I E 1 V mu'-.M H.-5 ' 1 5 T F S rs N 1 . -A T , 4 ,X ..:., , :,,,. V A W1 I J V Jw . f... QXXI. If. ,X., X V A 9 . W F ., ' ' in R, f,f-f sg ' PQ? ,pf f fffi' V- BOOKSTORE ASSISTANTS -'vp J' :Ay , , w :,. X V- : 4 ff 1 ,sr ff A f' s T zfvizf ,- A my .-:4 U V ,- ,g- vt: I .nigh 1, Q Az. F gg W .f 'f ig S ' if ,z!' 4: ' V-,::-xv . . K A A 5,9 ' ' 1- ' ' . .4.Z,3g.lw'g2 ' 1 11,53 J ,, :.r2v . .- eff'-fx'-.4 . ,, ,,."""""'K, wi ' , 'A '-I A-kr fi. . Kay Forsythe and Gwin Langford, Secretaries The staff of the VIEWPOINTS, the school newspaper Y 5 4 U .A . LX 3 CAFETERLXSTAFF CUSTODIAL STAFF GYM ASSIST.-XNTS? Sec ps L Maih Mike Marmon 405- Ernest Mornson, james Tackitt, Mildred Vance, Arlene Eckerle, Clara Sharp, and John Walton and Anna Williams john Emry "In math we do algebra, geometry, and calculus With proofs that are direct, indirect and monstrous. But try as we might It's still all insight And some of our solutions seem preposterous!" --I. Emry xQ+3z-lg+7j:ick Business . Dodie Cowan, Marsha Kovach, Tom Carroll, and Vera Sebastian Students enrolled in business courses at Northview learn an assortment of typong ang genera: business skills. L3arning to typw and balancing a budgey can be trying experiencez for those enrolged in these classes! +S'7o8i+!!!!! 1-1 1 has . 1-his L-f-7 -an i"'W"'2bi? . - ' ' , -- r 0 N if I Pauline Harbison and Sally Zimney Science , af" 4 l 1 X Q r itil ,r JI, David Hollingsworth Ardella Held Don Hully in l F-ef 'Mt s. ,' 1..:z' ' 1. Kathy Holman, Ruth F Stiles I fi Mn i . K , V ...I i 1 eq ' -v INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Don Rice, james Garten, jack Savant, and Forrest Cullings The Industrial Arts Department strives to provide trial and technical aspects of life today. It offers ori- entation in the areas of appreciation, production, consumption, and recreation through actual experi- ences with materials and goods. In doing this, the department serves as a practical arts phase of general education and the exploratory phase of vocational education. Marilyn Shaw A ff NaCl + H20 2 Salt Water A Northview student may come up with this solution if he is in the eighth grade Introductory Physical Science class. The Science Depart- ment not only includes IPS, but also biology and biology survey which are freshmen courses. For a seventh grader a basic course in earth science is offered, covering anything from Udust" to stars. A walk down the science wing will show classes doing everything from testing the hardness of rocks, or finding the solubility of a solid, to checking the bacterial growth on lettuce. f"'4 , wifi. 5, 4 erris, Martha Gelb, and Dale Wayne Salmon Philip Smith Walt O'Brien an educational experience centered around the indus- HOME ECONOMICS: Janis Shadingfff- SfePhimif McDonald, and Jayne Falatic Pracfical Ar+s ar J I English N1VtN2- OI' - N1Vt NQN3 - OI' - N1 VIN1 - OI' - N1 VI Do these look familiar? These five sentence patterns form the basis of all of our written and spoken language. Northview students study En- glish not only to master skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing for communica- tion, but also to acquire an appreciation of our cultural heritage, a love of good litera- ture, and a pride in our abili- ty to use our language with clarity and ease. From our vast literary her- itage, Northview has chosen THE YEARLING, JOHNNY TREMAIIQI, and GREAT EX- PECTATIONS to be read in class. Yes, the five basic sen- tence patterns are used in these books, too! June McCoun Maria Nichols, Harriet Marple, and Linda ig, Cheryl Pilkinton, Ardis Wil' ' 3 5 E7 If , X Lorelei Terkhorn Pamela Judy Edwards McDermott Margaret Potts Foreign Language K. 4 f I -I vedo, David Fruits iGERMANl n VX 1 , lf,-J "Guten Tag!" QGood morning! XX - QFRENCHQ "Comment-allez vous?" QI-low are you?l QSPANISHQ "gComo se llama?" QWhat is your name?l QLATINQ "Appellor Maria." lMy name is Marial QENGLISI-Il McCoy "C'mon y'all! Whad're ya sayin? 'Cal 2 Sue Ann Sellmer y ' Steve Stroup Steve Fuson Dave Richards 'MWJ Kathy Deck, George Barrett, Anne Shortridge, and Jack Foster Social Siudies Social studies is the study ofthe relationship between man and the society in which he lives. History is the study of man, his progress, his suc- cesses, and his failures. Geography is the study of the land we live on. Each of these areas is studied I in an interesting way at Northview. Projects, visit- K E' ing speakers, television shows, and field trips fur- K ther expand the student's knowledge of various subjects. Mayor Richard E. Lugar was a guest speaker at Northview on January 12, 1972. He spoke to the World History X class and following his address he joined in an open discussion with Bill Dougherty Steve Keith Gary Washburn class members. Special Ed ucaiion The Special Education Department consists of three different departments. Mrs. Chotlos teaches English and readingg mathematics, foods, and clothing subjects are in the capable hands of Miss Rose: and Mr. Blankenbuehler gives instruction in the areas of science and social studies. Sherry Rose, john Blankenbuehler, and Kitzi Chotlos Heallh and Safeig and Physical Educaiion The Health Department presents the opportunity for each student to formulate attitudes toward current problems in our society. Along with the usual material of anatomy and physiology, the areas of drug education, family life education, and mental health education are offered in order to give the student a foundation for the development of the total individual. -99257 ,q., pEl-' INE 16 '. P1 Music The Music Department offers rewarding opportunities to every student involved in the program. In choir, band, or orchestra, there is a wide variety of activities such as school convocation programs, con- tests, and field trips. Who could for get the delightful Christmas pro- gram with Old Saint Nick! QNone other than Mr. Fruits, of coursell 1 - 2 - 3 - 4! is frequently the echo students hear coming from the gymnasium. In all the classes including all grades, many interest- ing sports and games are taught. Gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, coeducational square dancing, soft- ball, tennis, track, and field are taught to maintain sound minds and bodies-and to have fun! i AH Art students in colorfully spat- tered paintshirts produce portraits, still life, figure drawings, and ceram- ic sculptures. They learn the funda- mentals of color, design, and per- spective. There are opportunities for students to display their best efforts in the art rooms and display cases as well as open house and the "SOO" Festival of Arts. Art is taken by all eighth grade students, and is an elective for ninth grade. 1 L--4 4 I fi james Calvert, Dennis Shaul, Penelope Hash, Patricia Wiehe, and Richard Dennis coordinate Northview's mu- sic program. Karen Harding, Bill Smith, and joan Hokanson erald Kaufman, Tana Sue Theard Mason Meeks, and Pete Deakyne T Heather Crow, Bill Wright, and Carol Town teach Art. STUDENTS 2- ...- . ... - ..- ah B. 011' I1 Q' 1 f ' -1- .r "s x , I it fl Phimbe, Class of '75 Marlene Alderink Marianne Alderson Kevin Alclin I ff' 11' K 'gli 39 vw' IS 1 JI A - .. Kal Brenda Alford Debbie Allen Jeanie Allen Terri Alsop Randala Anderson Sharon Anglea Brian Archer Debbie Arfman Robert Arney Roy Arney Ross Arterberry Karen Atcheson Don Baker Melissa Bardwell Bob Barker Nancy Barnes Jeff Battram Bill Baum Sharon Baun Linda Bell Sandy Belschwender Thomas Belt Val Berger Sheri Berlinger Sally Berns Steve Bernstein Joe Berry Dean Bishop Mark Blain John Bodell Debbie Bohard Cathy Bolin Jeff Bolin Bill Borinstein John Borinstein Pattie Borman Angie Boston Ann Bowen Steve Bowsher Paul Brakke Bob Brenner Ben Brewer Brad Brown Marian Brown Pam Brown Clalre Brunner Beverly Bumb Sandy Burge Sarah Burger Cheryl Bush M1ke Butler Randy Butler Maureen Cairns Jay Calderon Steve Caldwell Steve Calvin Debbie Campbell John Capehart Larry Capron Alane Carney Beth Carroll Julie Chab Julie Chapman Lori Chavez Cindy Cherry :gl C7 X 11,7 va X Cx , " , 5- 1' L Q . I ' L if , Pu, r fp ya! E' , 'lik'-x ,di Wx., ,fshk vi N r S K fi I V. 1 VX - r w f , . C t 1 1-V x Y rj 7 Ya.. f K 4' ,Q wx ff' as x, . 450 Shelby Chittenden Carol Cislak jim Clark John Clark Michele Clark John Cofield Cindy Cohen Francie Cohen Pam Connelly jane Converse Rick Cook Connie Cox Nancy Cox Shayla Coy Dan Crafton Lexa Craigie Bill Crimmins Randy Cunningham Scott Curson Jamie Cuskagen Jack Dan Robbyn Danner Danny Darlington Bob Davidson Jim Davis Mark Davis Mary Jo Dawson Donna Day Susie Day Nancy Deck Brian Deckert Clifford Deiner Debbie Delello john DelRe Dennis DeMasie Terry Dickey Leigh Dickinson Randy Dixon Craig Dorstc Darlene Downard Michael Dudley Joe Dugdale Kim Dunn Leslie Dustman Dave Dyar Ron Dye Richard Dyke Kris Earl Cynthia Earle Marianne Eckhart Glen Edwards Henry Efroymson Harvey Elam Terri Elliott Carol Emhardt Donna England Teresa Engledow Rick Enzie Janet Etherington Greg Evans Kathy Evans Teresa Evans Jane Failey Sue Fairfield Susan Fansler Joanne Farris Mary Farris Amy Feldmann Tom Fencl Mark Fernkas Nfl' . 1. 'A , -sv, , 43, ,n of +- Lfeiki-4 ---r vi'K95 :Ml v-.. , .E ,Qs I I1 ffm inn! s JN . ffflix 1 li us, t A i D a 'Z ,fs UK Mike Fessler Doug Fields Mary Finneran Mark Fischer Judy Fisher Sue Fisher August Fleming Mary Ellen Fletcher Sherrill Fletcher John Florea Marilyn Fogle Jeff Forbes Philip Ford Mark Foreste Barb Forsythe Robert Foster Dave Freeman Lucy Friedland David Gangstad Mary Ellen Garber Leah Garlotte Tom Garrison Brian Gatlin Donna Gehring Mike Gellenbeck Nancy Gemmer Jane Gilmer Linda Glass Dennis Godfrey Jeff Goldsmith Judy Goodwin Ann Gorman James Goss Judy Gowan Mardi Gradolf Morton Green Robye Green Sharon Greenberg Ron Greene Teresa Gregor David Grossman Christy Grueninger Rick Habig Ed Hague Trish Haley Sandy Haley Dan Hall Larry Hall jay Hammel Kim Hankins Tracy Hapak Walter Harding Tim Harlan John Harman Lisa Harris Steve Hayes Ed Haynes Greg Heath Tab Heffernan Sue Heffley jim Henderson Kyle Henderson Mark Henry Steve Henson Greg Herman Jay Hickey Don Hickman Suzanne Hicks Don Hill Lucretia Hilton Reed Hitchcock John Hixon Steve Hocker Bob Hodgson Judy Holmes Miles Holsworth Sylvia Holt Randy Hopkins Cindi Hoster Charlie Houck Dan Houck Mark Howe Angie Hudson Tim Hudson Debbie Huffman Buffie Hughes Melvin Hunter Cathy Hurst Ruth Husk David Jacobsen Jay Jaffe DouglasJohnson JeffJohnson Carolyn Jones Tom Jones Bruce Jordan Nancy Joseph Rick Joslin Hal Justice Lisa Kahn Ralph Kahn Anne Kappes Nancy Kasle Rick Kasle Bitsy Kavanaugh Kim Keefe David Keen Jeanie Kekar Ann Kellogg Mark Kemper .Ioan Kennedy John Kennedy Bruce Kidd Mike Kidd Becky Kimble Debbie Kimbrel Karen Kincannon Gary Kinney Mark Kippert janet Kissel Virginia Kissel Tim Klingaman Jeff Koby Dana Kohlenberg Linda Koopman Mimi Kraft Matt Kreegar Cindy Lakin Mark Lambert Betsy Lanagan Eric Lane Doug Lareau Karen Larman john Lecklider Bob Lee Doug Lee Jean Lee Mike Lee Susie Lee Peggy Leeds ,.A + I W,-7 'Ti SIP g.,.. 'CI' , 4 if g , CVS 9. gg' A' N 11' Matt Lesher Gail Levinson Loriann Levinson Barbara Lewis Scott Lindquist jeff Linn Jeff Littlefield Derry Lockhart Patti Long Brian Lowring ay Lozier Terri Lucas jim Lukenbill Gretchen Luros Melanie Lutz Kathie Lyons Tom MacDonell Connie MHCII Tim Maddox Ann Mahrdt Susie Maierson Laurie Manalan David Manning Mike Marienthal Lisa Mafleff Debbie Marley Kevin Marley Elyce Marrs Jeannie Marsella Connie Martin Ken Martin Missy Martin Mike Martin Mike Martindill Marianne Mast Karen Waldschmldt Scott Wallace John Wallisa Greg Walton Paul Wang Kay Warren John Warvel Don Wells Maribeth Wells Robbie Wells Jeanne Wendt Douglas West Terry West Kathryn Westerman Cheryl Weymouth Russell Whiles Bob Whirrett Amy White Becky White Lynn Whitten Debbie Whyte Robert Williams Robin Wilson Scott Wilson Cindy Wirth David Wolff Janet Wood ancy Wykes obby Wynne jeff Young Terri Yount Steve Zier Eileen Ziker Ian Zmoda Kim Zobbe N X t '- .f asf , . . N5 ' 'N 'r ,, . , i f x , Nl .Q 3 or SLXVK il '1 i ,N A ,, 'K G' Q- I 5 A I 7 ,Jil ' .2 L' sl far., r w ff' ,f12i'1" ' r , - 0, V 1 ffql l x fn' l3f W I I pr A 1. -Ali .9 sg, l LeAnn Zumbaugh Tim Ballew Howard Bodell Chris Cory Pam Dake Marshall Eadie Daniel Elkins Becky Hannowsky Candy Haughton Ruthie Karels Rob King Mike Kublnik Mary Lukins Dan Maher Dave McShan Richard Owens Susie Parks Bloor Redding, Jr. Susan Rippey Debby Rutherford Dawn Sandoe Lisa Scott Susan Smay Greg Stanton Cathy Vermillion Ginger Whitney Eighth Grade Bruce Abbitt Terry Abbott Teresa Adams David Adler Mike Ainbinder Mike Akin Mike Alderink Becky Alford Karen Andersen Julie Anthony David Antos Betsy Applegarth Gary Apter Susan Askren Cynthia Austin john Baker Suzy Ball Ed Barnard Dave Barry Mark Bartlett Bill Bastian Mark Baun Brooklley Baxter Kim Baxter Robert Bayless Tom Beasley Ann Bell Robert Belt Joni Bennett Jeff Berger Jennie Bergman Scott Berkowitz Brad Berman Peggy Berns Steve Bernstecker Mark Bernstein Bob Berry Peggy Berry Terry Besse John Beyer Dave Binkley Jeff Black john Black Julie Blackburn Mar Bland Mark Bloss Christine Bobbett Barbara Boje Carol Boleman Greg Bond Brenda Booker Jim Bowers Kenny Brackin Vickie Brackin 'xr Tv f 5 z ' N. Vis...-X .leg ui rv ur - . ,J . .- -2 1 ff vi' rs 'R xv so G 1 'R . .. h, , fr.. - ,. X T X, Q X X at X 'X K X X 5 in f Qt--w . 7. ,f.14 K , 1 y ve , rig A t , lit, 1 'fel' A 1 A '45 :QA is " ii' 'T fe ' .N - t ft f f.. - - is A. Ann , it I rv' vs L 1 4- 1- 2 K 1 l XXL! - - f x 4 ,B fig guh f ' I I . Ea ,X 'SF .Fl Yvsg, K 5 . -41' S? RMS' xfk 1. fs" ' . ,FE 0'- ts 'N E If l v es , v. xi X L SA A Di fi G 'X . 1' 'P 41 1 ,V xx N W X X s 4 X X - V . Q . fk C K ,X X 1 ,V f-3 K. . l fix? 'X ' ' tr HY X , Kevin Brazil Holly Broad Terry Brooks Carolyn Brown David Brown Rick Brown Bryan Paul David Bullman Karen Bullman Diane Burns Larry Burns Doug Burress Gary Cantrell Mark Carmin Kent Carpenter Jim Carson Marcia Chaney Richard Chastain Leslie Chavez Kate Cherry Bob Clark Rena Cohen Alan Cohn Kathy Cohrs Nancilee Compton Mary Conklin Bill Conn Amy Cook Dianne Cook Jim Cook Tammy Corlett Lisa Costin Tim Covey Brant Cowser Lisa Coy Dan Crabtree Kim Crays Steve Crooks Robin Cunningham Cheryl Danley Deborah Darlington Karen Dearing Eric Decker Bob Deirch jill deKater Monty Delello James Del Re jeff Dempsey Tracy Dentel Beth Dickinson David Dickinson Gilbert Dingley Mary Dinwiddie Ellie Dlott Maureen Dolan Greg Doss Ron Downard Christopher Doyle Leanne Drennan Susan Drum Scott Dunham Joan Dustman Tom Duval Darby Dyar Steve Dyke Tim Dy e Sharon Eaton John Eby Phyllis Eden jean Edwards Carline Elkins Barbara Elliott Sheila Elliott John Elmore Randall Emily Andrea Emold Susie Estridge George Farris jane Fehsenfeld Rosemary Feichrner Mary Fencl Mike Fishburn Pat Fitzgerald Peggy Fleming Kat y Florea Marie Flori Greg Fogarty Susan Fogle Scott Forbes Yee Ford Pam Formulalv Lesley Foster Ron Frankovitz George Freyn Randy Fried Caryn Frisch David Fry Cathy Furnish Tim Garrison Mary Gavit Greg Gemmer Dana George Jeff Gerholdt Becky Gilbert George Gilmer Chris Glass Lisa Goldstein 1-' -6 K.-fc , .fa -- I 2 I I 8 E l N Q i. 'Niue--1-1 M-m..,,.,v-N., Howard Goldwasser Paul Goodwin Mike Goren Kathy Gray Rich Green Beth Greenberg Joel Greene Ruth Ann Greene Greg Greenwood Cheryl Gre g Jamie Grifgn Patricia Groce Mark Grosskopf Jim Guerrettoz Mary Beth Haerle April Haines Bev Haley Debbie Hall jim Hamerstadt Chris Hamilton Tom Hamilton Todd Hankins Sally Harris Sally Hartnett jill Hartsock Sally Harvey Greg Haslam Tammy Hazen jane Hearn Gary Hendrix Clare Henkel Timothy Hensley Pam Herman Tom Herman Audrey Herr Coleen Herschberger Eddie Hibbard Patty Hicks john Hilfiker Mary Hilton Joan Hobbs Jay Hogshire Mark Holdgrafer Teresa Holmes Andy Horning Tracy Hostein Dana Hotte Elizabeth Houck Annette Howard jeff Howard Steve Huffman Debbie Hughes john Hughes Rick Hurst Mark Hylton Tom Hylton Steve Inman Mary Sue Jackson julie Jacobsen Bill jankowski Tricia Jarvis Alex jefferson Mary Jerden Kathy Jewett Diana .Ioffe Dave Johnson janet johnson Kathy johnson Tina johnson Diana Jones Bobby Jordan Kim Jordan Rick Kahn Jay Kammeraad Blair Karsch Brad Keeney Wendye Kidd Kevin Kiley Jane Kimble Ken Kime Karen Kinder Eileen King Bill Kingston Julie Kippert Kelly Kirc-h Susan Kleffman Jill Klein Matt Klein John Kline Brian Kloer Kellett Koch Mary Kohlstaedt Mark Koopman jeff Kreegar John Kroeger Joe Lacombe Denise Lareau Mike Larkin Steve Lawrence Amy Lee Bob Lee Patti Leonard David Leslie Kevin Lewis Robin Lewis Tom Lewis Carol Liebrich Marianne Light l E , 2... u. + 1 Tx Q ly, I, 1 .pc-, , it w ' L . A -we 44 fa W' 4 H: 1 , 1 I 2, ,. . f '4 j , LL ,U , Q at L, is -ua 354 36' gf- ti'--af -X, A ,g.. is 4 4 fa, J K ,A if .. .. . XM... af- --v. FV. ' re v . .Jn L half if ' -gi-Tai" '-"" 't ,' . . 4 ' s R 1 . y ' I S ' in K . . - . ... A . .', ' gn", fl.: -f , sr ,, Q. vs s,, A we v, v xi. + 'ffl ,-,ff ,ak x X. , ,nnln ff "V U 1 .X I , Ke ' I XX L , 17 l'Xr fv- ,4 L Q -b-af' fi, . x . , 1 J Q- . X ' i Ki ll K i X V TT? ' N nb? 1 M lil. 1 x c r .yv g, 3 I. P Brad Lindemann Ted Linzel Tom Litton Lisa Londe Leslie Longshore Karla Loos Suzy Loudermilk Joann Lykins Cindy Lyons Cindy Maguire Nancy Maguire Tom Marshall Mike Martindill Jeff Mathews Stacy Maurer Moe McArdle Mark McCallister Theresa McComb Holly McCullough Mike McCullou h Scott McDowel? Vince McFarland jim McGarvey Pat McGrath William McGuire Kevin McKinney Mike McKinney Rick McNutt David McRee Bruce Meier Jill Merritt Susan Messinger Randy Milch Susie Milender Lesa Miller Mark Miller Tom Miller Michele Millikan Diane Mills Pamela Mills Steve Miner David Minton Kathy Minx Anne Mitchell Kristi Moeller Mike Mohr Andy Moline Sarah Montgomery Cindee Moore Jim Moore Tom Morgan Jim Moser Susan Muhlbacher Tom Muirhead Jim Murduck Lynn Myers Lisa Nankivell jim Nathan Debbie Nead jay Neal Cathy Nemec Vicki Neumann Karen Newberg jim Newell Adeline Nicholas Neil Nicholson Rick Norman Ann Norton Susan Ochs Deirdre O'Connor Carla Off David Chson Julie O'Leary David Orr Ann Overshiner Suzy Pantzer Bess Pappas Mike Parent John Partenheimer Debbie Patterson Donnie Patterson Richard Pearson Brad Peglow John Peoples Bart Peterson Pete Peterson Carrie Pfeiffer Karen Pfrang Cyndi Phillips Joni Pickett Christy Piletic Lisa Pindell Mark Plane Greg Plautz Dane Poteet Becky Powell Cynthia Pride Melinda Pryor Scott Raatz Debbie Radez Jim Ralston Susan Rappaport Cindy Ray Debbie Rayer Cynthia Raymond Ronnie Reehling Bill Reinking Eric Reinking i .,,, .1 V' i . f r L., A . , i L ,ff "' f A , 517- f 49h - v A e 'ag M , ,. V Y - H b y ,L M , ,., P L Q 3 , .1 i' , lsr...-'X -A ' 1 ' ' lv ii X. 'ay if a . f q e . ,. . f X ' 1 P 552' ' ,L P , Q We . 3 , .- ,. 0 'B ' 1, 1 1, , 4 K VM' I A ' I is A 'ei'iii , , s- ' 'rx ' - "' 3 1 t-ii: 'ii I g -F 1 Q ' Q - if , . A S X: X Y ,K , 8? KX mtl l ' fix ll '8 P gs- X I x Y w x .fr Q 5 T QW 'xi'-I ,K A . , X 1 N4 s Q 'X ,Aft S ii: X sf 67' 'ili s S M, f i ,Q f " i A 1 L X K s X Q S J. x I ,ji s - I www 'E' unfit' 'rw -4' Q Q- ,,,..,---. -4,......-... if , 5 stile a Y 3 1 I :bE X: 6 ' Til'-'55. . sl ,Q , . sf-g,3"P 1. . ,ag x . ' il Y, r S . .. Q ' I az- Y O g g' S I . 1 t Q, 'R ,Rf- - ' 5 ' N 1 'T 2 -is K. f , - V qi- J. ,iq - ,C ,, , 1' 84- .N X ,A-. 1 K X 'X f' ra ,N X , , 4' X . ! 51' lx X -ff . Michele Reis Diana Reynolds Tim Rice Mary Richards David Richardson Sherry Richter Ken Rigdon Clare Rittenhouse Cathy Roberts Vickie Roberts Dana Robinson Cheryl Roe Amy Rogers Doug Rogers Jont Rogers Mitch Rolsky Doug Rose Susan Rosenthal Gregg Roy Tammy Runciman Debbie Rutherford Kathy Ruwe Nancy Rybolt Nadeen Santoro Nancy Saville Jill Schaeffer Judy Schlegel Chuck Schneider Jane Schrage Bruce Schram Steve Schroeder Steve Schulz David Schweihs David Scofield Judson Scott Lisa Sebastian Sherri Sedam Greg Segal Linda Segall Danny Selig Beverly Sell Eddie Senen Steve Shorr Chris Shultz Jim Silcox Cynthia Simon Susie Sinclair Scott Sippel Colleen Sirka Keith Skinner Bridget Sleater Bill Slichenmyer Pat Smith Susan Snyder Ellen Sobel Ann Sofios Jamie Sohn Jennifer Sohn Charles Soltan Kelly Sowers Chip Speake Diane Spencer Mark Stall Alice Stamp Debbye Stanley jolinda Stegman Pam Stein Debbie Steiman Hugh Stephenson jeff Sternberger Doug Stewart Sydne Stone J. Sundstrom Celia Surface Jim Swearingen Ken Swenson Mark Sylvester Debbie Takash Mary Taw Polly Taw Karen Tharp Barbara Thibodeau Karen Thomas Thomas Thompkins Barbara Thompson Sharon Thurman Rick Tornes King Traub Duane Trinkle Ellen Tuchman Beth Turner Susan Van Fossen Billie Vaughn Carl Verbarg Jay Vermillion Tammy Vice Cheryl Vorrhis Barbara Walclschmldt Jeane Walker Kent Wallace Cindy Walls Connie Wamsley Bill Warner Debbie Weber Tom Webber Leslie Weeclman Kevin Weeks Nancy Weinstein Lloyd Weiser gf. 4-is ..-. X -r ,Q .x .1 WSW K ffl 01 fx-43 tl. l N , x 1 1 I lr l A Nancy Wells Carolyn Westerman Kim Westover Lee Wheeler Susie Whelden Lynn Whitaker Dale White Missy Whitney jill Whitten Kathie Wickstrand Jody Wiedman Susan wild Bob Williams Dick Wilson jim Wilson Judy Wilson Cheryl Wimmenauer Anne Wolf janet Wolf jim Woodruff Kim Woodruff Debbie Worth Linda Worth Ken Wright Tim Wright Douglas Yaryan jeanny Yune Lee Ann Zobbe Karan Zumbaugh Tom Bingham Andy Bonge jane Brummett Dan Cairns Marcia Chaney Kathy Cohrs Jeff Duckworth Bill Dyar Rick Elliott Lauranne England Audrey Epstein Lesley Foster Sara I-Iabegger Oza Hoosier Brent Houtzer Rick Kilmer jeff Kiplin er john Koehler Shari Kornfeld Sally Mathews Theresa McComb Mike McRee Mary Ann Meier Nancy Newett Charlotte Pittman Jill Schaeffer Marla Smith Scott Stiles Terry Thompson Jeff Todd Garry Vandever 3:3 QA x x xr .1 - ,- I-:aff - I . -:i,5f ,,.- ' ,ap ,f I , , ,vz , tg: 'Y-L, N- - ,, Z "s, V , x ' 1 V ' 4 W' i d L 6 kv 25 if 7 if ff f X, , J'Q KI " '17 Ricky Van Meter Lori Williams 8+h Grade Angles , 4sr.,f1:? K y, Ei v 'fi 5 F-4 'Q 'T-5 'x I WX 1 - wi A I Debbie Adams Neil Alain Qeye nfh Richard Allen Stacy Allen Leann Allison James Andersen Patty Andersen Marty Anderson Vicky Anderson Tammy Angell Greg Antos Kristy Arensman Beth Ayers Brenda Baird Lori Baird Brian Baker Cara Ballew Peter Banta Mitch Bardwell Janet Barnes Karl Barr Lee Batesole john Baum Richard Baxter Jon Beasley jay Beattey James Beaver Tammy Becker Bob Beckwith Jocelyn Bell Caroline Bennett julie Bennett Bill Berkowitz Lori Berlinger Pat Berry Steve Berry David Blain Larry Blake Shawn Bobbett Bob Borinstein Teresa Borman Stephanie Borns Tim Boruff Randy Boston Charles Bowen Kathy Bowsher Kim Boyland Diana Brackin Kristen Brakke Susie Brenner Duane Brigham Bill Brissman Kevin Broaddus john Brooke Tom Brooks Janice Brown Kenny Brown Danny Brunner Frank Buddenbaum Scott Burkley Carol Burnett David Bursten Julie Bush Jack Butler Mark Butler Robert Butler John Caldwell Mark Calloway Larry Camp Ruth Campbell Jeff Camplese Cindy Cantrell Debbie Carlson Patrick Carr Philip Carroll Milt Charbonneau David Chernoff Karla Chittenden Jim Clark Sara Clark Barbara Clayton Kelly Clayton Donnald Coffman Martha Conder Kathy Converse Terry Conway Carolyn Cook Jeff Corbin Jim Cory Tom Cottingham Roy Cotten Nancy Cottrell Greg Cowser Joe Cox Donald Craig Dawn Crews Sally Cronin Richard Cunningham Jamie Dan Sarah Darnell John Daugherty Barbara Davidson Bill Davis Brad Davis Eddie Davis Jeff Davis Kelly Davis Phillip Davis 1 'Si x , fi . Y is I t 'i . I in K ki 5 ll' 4 1,5 'W' 'Fl xt X ' C X x - 3 XX ffl., gg t QP A 'rs F fx 'M' X x - ' A fa at x, ' Q X 4f'5V'5f7f1f!':'ii'27HE2Ei2iF:JE5IE'??:IEEGiGi' V mfg.. 5,2 .nz - ,,.,,r .,- -, .-,.. 4. . y 5' a. so nl f , , ,qw , . 1 sv- A. . ,ks X A , , . .,,:,.., K -. , -,f N " rr, br , ' "' r X N . X , A 'N '5 U s 'i' U-S A t X ,Q x , N iff f x Q gk X ss-P ,Y rs fiwxxf f 5 JI was s if X X J ti ki K K X K J X vw Richard Davis Rick Davis Bob Day Melinda Day Rick DeBaun Patty Decker Aaron Deel Doug Deitch Sarah Delman Eric Denney Joe Denny Ken Deuser Pam Dickmeyer Theresa Dickson David Dingley Scott Dixon Kathi Donahue Patti Donovan Barbara Douglas Ed Downs Bruce Drummond David Dubow Cathy Dudley Dale Dudley Jeff Dugdale Dawn Durrett Duane Dye Cynthia Dyer Susan Eadie Bill Eagleson Andrew Ebbert Melinda Ecklor Kevin Elliott Tom Elliott Jerry Elmas Irene Emery Frank Eppink Steve Eppink David Evans Greg Evans Paula Evans Charles Everett Scott Exter julie Fansler Bob Farris Judy Fehsenfeld Mark Feichtner Eric Fernkas Debbie Fessler John Finneran David Fishman Linda Fleck Julia Fleck Bruce Fogarty Eddie Fokker Cindy Ford Joyce Foy Wendy Foy Tod Francis Ron Freeman Dick Frei'e Karl Fricllce Julie Furnish Peter Galvin David Gammon Tracy Gardner Virginia Gardner Bryan Garlotte Terri Garrison Gayle Garling Gerri Gellersen Jill Gemmer Jeff George Brenda Gettys Nancy Gibson Don Gill Trey Gilstrap Lorretta Gipe Russell Gige Lori Glass ord Ross Glazier Lynda Glick Cynthia Gnat Robin Goldman Barbara Goodbar Aprile Goodman Cindy Goodwin Jasen Goslin jamie Gray Virginia Gray Carolynn Greeley Sherry Greenwood Steve Gresh Debbie Griffin Becky Grimes Linda Gross Joanie Grossman Dennis Haase Liz Hackl Marc Hadd Rick Hales Anne Hall Kathleen Hall Tom Hall Mike Hannowski Linda Harding Joe Harlan Jerry Harman Qu? K ' 6 7 ,I l G e in E ' I H. ' , Q5 ,f, l , llfllll ' ,lx I f, 5 1 ' is X '54 .4 la S r x2 X slit f 11 1 X lr! K K-3 A m, ,X 5 Z, 0, 'l 'x lr , M' si ar an-QQ X ,gain ,F Q M. I I lr X 4 r" i N J .ay , - Q' nr Bob Harmon Stacy Harrington Brad Harris Jeff Harris Jeff Harrison Natalie Haverty Don Hayes Terry Hazen Karen Heffernan June Hennegan John Hennessey Betsy Henshaw Michele Heraly Tom Hicks Scott Hiland Joe Hilfiker Kathy Hines Janet Hinkle Jerry Hobbs Dave Hocker Vicki Hoffmann Sam Hollan Gary Hollinden Brad Holmes Mike Hopkins Julie Hoster Tracy Howe Emily Hueber Rex Hunt Jan Jaffe Joseph Jameson Wade Janney Debbie Jarrett Ellen Jas er Diane Jolinson Janet Johnson Nancy Johnson Ted Johnson Julie Johnston Liz Johnston Karla Jones Terri Joseph Cynthia Karl Mary Kassebaum Mike Katz John Kautzman Chris Keefe Esti Keen Karen Keeney Jay Kelliher Patty Kelliher Greg Kiley Nancy Kincannon Tom King Linda Kinnaman jon Kiplinger Dawna Kirkpartick Margaret Kissel Elizabeth Klingaman Gena Koch Karyl Koopman Bob Kowich Jerry Kuyoth Darla Lackey Susan Laikin Susan Langford Phil Larman Karen Latendresse Robert Laughlin John Lawrence Fredrick Lay David Lee Denise Lee Diane Lee Virginia Lee Lynda Leslie Missi LeVay Martha Levenson Lisa Lickliter Linda Liebrich Lillie Dwight John Limp Darrel Linder Chris Lindgren Thomas Lindquist John Linn Pam Linsley Tammy Litton Janice Lotts John Luber David Lucas Don Lucas jane Lukins jeff Lumpkin Paula Lurvey Lori MacDonald Rick MacGi1l Tim Mahoney Emily Mahrdt Gary Man s John Mar ak Michael Martin Tony Martin Debbie Maze DeeDee McArdle Dave McCartney Mark McClelland Kitty McCormick 1 X -in .... ...t,q,,.. .,r, . ..,, .. ,.Q....,,,. .L l 'fi-S R , Z A M1--g -T V 932 Q V, I we if 25 .- '1 'W i 1 s x ai '50 K 'R gt, iii Rf .1 '-i5 Q at is P.. z xl h MAL . K X' l 5: r: 2' - XX F is kit. ,, P xx v ' v :V -gg' ,sf Y , X if -V, Q4 fi 1 E X X e S Q 1,.. L ' if i fa. As 1 Kim . .F YRS' if My "" W as 'Www W F Q fri-,' ix 5 '77 JR H ,b,,, R it ' XE fl TW re-r'h - ' ' , , 'el ' f -' C 'Q' ini . R f Q -Q 7, : if lf 4 'Q i' I' x :AX l N ,Ls ,h 5 J , .XX f 1 5 -r fl F i axes fi I J A X C, . T' lx I x 1 X 'I f., 1 Je -1? - as P., 7 as 3 y . lr im ,g 1' of A X-l .J-' 1- x , Xb 'r f -..Aft Bill McCullough Cathy McDermott Greg McFadden Stephanie McFarland jim McGhee Pam McGhee Brenda McGuire Steve McLear Laura McLimore Amy McMinn Laurie McNutt Fred Means Natalie Meek Jim Merritt Jennifer Meyer Lucy Meyer Monique Michaud John Milam Paula Miner jenny Moore Kirk Morford julie Mueller Jeff Muller Mary Jo Murdock Drew Murray Kelly Nevin Scott Newell Audrey Newman Margaret Niehus Bruce Nigh Cindy Norman Steve O'Brien William Officer Greg O'I-Ierren Pat O'Kane Julie Olson Kathy O'Mahony Louise Orr Beth Otto Kristin Overley Ken Overshiner Evan Palmer Matt Parsons Betsy Patton jeff Payne Keih Peacock Pam Pearson Steve Pecar Charles Pechette Laura Peglow Martha Peoples Beth Perk Brian Pesecky Penny Peterson Priscilla Pickett Mary Piletic Brian Pilrz Stephanie Pinkus Dave Pioch Linda Pirler Lisa Plane Lori Popp Karen Potter Dana Powers George Pratt Cheri Pryor Milge Pryor Debbie Purkey Mark Radez Pam Ray Richard Rayer Mary Redding Billy Reed Harold Reecl Kirk Reinking Beth Renfro Avis Reprogle Linda Reuss Mark Rhamy Nancy Rhoads Lisa Rhodes Molly Rice Laurie Rich Rus Richardson Kelly Riddell Janet Riley Kimberly Risley Susan Rittenhous Becky Robbins Carol Roberts Helen Robins Jay Robinson C Saraj. Rodenbeck Mary Rogers Duncan Rogers Tom Rogers Keith Rongey Beth Root Jay Ross jon Ross Lisa Rucker Mike Ruwe Ellen Salach Ellen Schankerman Eric Schechter Amy Schilling Terry Schlegel Lorna Schmidgall it W7 ' by "rv an ep. " 'Y , J wi ,, , A f ' t W "1 ik 1 4 -3' 1 "' -V , P A A-r 1 iii I . AQ, xl- bk f' " A X 4 ff. z 5779? D ir is ' SQL ' 2 "f J 2 , 1 Q vm uv . , sc ,, will ,. f73?'1:uE5r?f,i-'Qi -ff?',iW"1ff -we--' 41 I iv. 's.v.: .fx , 4 v R yg , ' .xx I Xxpx .dx 'N , Q if X 45 px Barbara Schmidt Debbie Schmidt Beth Schneider Mary Schneider jean Schrage Brad Schuette Leigh Schuerre Elizabeth Scott Lisa Secrest Ann Segar David Seidel Kay Sexton Richard Shaw Charlie Shoffner Sally Shultz Anne Simpson Collette Sirka Ken Skweres Jill Slavin Nancy Slichenmyer Julie Smith Karen Smith Sharon Smith Stu Smith Evie Smukler Alice Soltan Mark Speake Bill Spencer Arnettie Stahl Lynn Stark Scott Starling Ellen Stein Mike Step David Stephany Levi stiff Bradley Stoner Drew Strole Charlie Sutphin Kevin Sutton Chris Swain Terry Swain Jerry Sweeney David Swenson Willis Talley Mike Tavel Cress Templeton Dianne Thiel Reggie Thoman Brian Tobin Cindy Tobler John Towle An ne Trudgen Stacy Turnipseed Sheryl Uminger Frank Unversaw Leslie Unversaw Mark Van Allen Bill Vandivier Janet Van Fossen Victoria Verbarg jeff Vezina Jeff Vincent Cindy Virgin Andy Vos Ross Wadler Cathie Waeiss Donna Wagner Jan Wagoner Steve Wahle Anne Waldrum Steve Walker Janet Wallisa Anne Walsh Jill Warvel Tara Wasson Todd Wasson Greg Webb Marcia Webster Dan Wehmeier Karen Weinstein Lisa Wells Matt Welty Valerie Wendt Dave White Debbie White Steve White Kathy Wiley Chris Williams Melissa Williams Mark Willock Carolyn Wilson Stacy Wilson Greg Winebar Kerry Winter Marilyn Wolf Patty Wykes Michael Yard Cynthia Young Sara Young Tim Zeigler Linda Zener Ann Zintel Tony Zrebiec Randy Becker Bob Bolles Kenny Bolles Pete Dinwiddie Ricky Goren , ., ,lr 1 4 - 1 x, I in fr . a ag? be Fi n in 1 I i . C, 3, 3, , 1 A: I , S23 3 A We il i t W ii 4evf'Q2 I' -" i fa QI ,, ,.,,, ,.,,,,. ' ea ,ij ,. , , I -M . ,.. . ' ' -' , f r Q a r . , e w ,Q ' Q .. - ' A-sk W- 1 :sw f 5 S 1 'F' K 'N :-' 1 t I, ugh' ' in N A. A , 434,15 RF -, N f s , X at Qs- Nun E X Q Ii V- ,fx ar Y '-4, 'EQ , .,. . ' Xi "' . Rx i is 1 Q-3? , 1 ref A n ! Steve Greene Brad I-licks Greg Hintz Lori Miller Sharon Ossip Sara Pappas Mary Ping Ilene Schanke Bill Turk l'ITl3l"l Lynette Vincent Sw-' fr - J 50 SPORTS Q1 X ' ,Q 3 , in W 00" erleaders , " e 1 -1 ,y V . . g Q, ,Y . l ' V, ,Fi L. to R: Nancy Partenheimer, Cathy Hurst. Back row: Ruth I-Iusk, julie Meyer and Cindy Wirth K Freshmen During the 1971-1972 school year, the three squads of cheerleaders worked long hours of practicing and cheering to boost school spirit and to promote good sportsmanship. Preparing for this year's athletic events the ninth grade squad attended Smith-Walbridge Cheerleading Camp where they earned eleven outstanding-performance blue ribbons. As a unit the fifteen girls prepared signs, decorated rooms, and pro moted athletic sales to boost enthusiasm for the Northview Falcons. ,IS .r 3 R Freshmen Baskeiball Now 'LH51' boy was 'Fame di It's D0ug's ball! r F i,-. ,sb-fl. L...a.:b' " 3. 54 "Practice makes perfect." jay Meyer scores t Um! Front row. l. to r: G. Evans. Miller, Meyer, Davis. M. Kemper, K. Marley. D. Dyar, R. Dye. and rl. Hickey. Second row: Coach Savant, D. Lee, H. justice. E. Hague, D. Wolff, F. McFall, and B. Kidd. The freshmen basketball team fought long and hard, at games as well as practice, to end up the year with a winning season. The team won eleven out of eighteen games. scoring their highest total against Westlane. Other teams which were defeated by the Falcons were Ben Davis, Eastwood. Belzer Craig, Southport. and Decatur. iggfllaf I V S 5 I: -A - A 4 :tg K., X ' . e, X F ' ' F N-A L x This is a good picture-of the ball! A "Time Out" to relaxf 55 i 1 V l U I- 'll I I ,rf AMEND fr , 4 'Al ,cg Al ., , FU . 1' l Front row. l. to r: R. Reehling. G. Doss.j. Neal. G. Freyn. B. Bastian.-I. HL1lUCl'StL1df.-l. Wilson. D. Selig. Second row: li. Dygir. ID. Hinkley. R. Hurst, K. McKinney. K. Koch, E. Reinking, D. Bullmun, M. Akin. G. Greenwood. T. l5rooli5..1nd Coach O'Brien. l 5 I Sevenih and Eighih Grade Baskeiball ' 3 51 f f-35 "A" Front row. l. to r: -I. Finnenxn, D. Freije. D. Dyc.'I. Limp. D. Evansul. Cory. B. Kowich. K. Elliott. K. lleuser. Second row: J. Rapp,B.McCullougl1.-I. Robinson.D.Pioch,j.15easley..I.Harris, R. Davis. I'J.Murr.1y..and Couch Fuson. "Ii" Front row. l. to rr VI. Caldwell, L. Blake, M. Rhamy, G. Starkul. Merritt.J. Kautzman. D. Fishman. Second row: -I. Dugdule, IJ. Dingley, K. Bolles, T. Rogers. A. Laughlin. T. Hall. R. MacGill. D. Rogers. .ind Couch Rice. . Freshmen n . A.. mil he If A Front row. 1 to r: M. Kemper, G. Kinney, P. Brakke, Kennedy,J. Clark. S. Step, D. Manning, S. Peglow, P. Abel. M. Kidd, Smith, C. Deiner. Second row: Coach Savant, D. Dud1ey,J. Davis. K. Marley, R. Towel. QI. Jaffe, H. Justice, E. Hague, T. Fencl. B. Kidd, D. Dyar, R. Dye, D. Baker Number "42" jim Cory drives for two! Co u nirg Northview's two cross country teams y ' J compiled winning re- cords this year. The freshmen team won 24 A out of 26 meets. earn- ing the best scores in competition with Ar- lington. Creston. and Wayne South. The seventh and eighth grade K' . - . team vvon 13 out of17 meets. Their best score ' ' 1 Q P ' Y was earned in the com- i petition with Wayne Sevenih and Eighih Grade South' ..m..,.- - 1' Front row: 1. to r: S. Exter, S. Ho11an,J. Kautzman, A. Ebbert. J. Caldwell, L. Blake. T. Zeigler. bl. Finner.1n. D. Dye. K. Deuser, M. Holdgrafer, D. Pioch, G. Winebar, K. Overshiner. Second row: Coach Savant, D. EY.1I1S..l. Hogshire. -I. Limp, M. Grosskopf,J. McCardle, G. Haslam, C. Soltan. M. Akin, B. Cowser, M. Bloss, J. Kroeger. T. Hawkins. s 84 as -we ,. ' V X, W N 44 , JT' ,If----"""'i',AW" ,A ' , -a-,,4Q-i'lqlasu-vas--3- . f- V N, F I T Q' : "in4"-- -w-. e'j"'T"f' ,. ff "Z, -, ffl ME" "U'1'. T' Qflfa- 'Tia' 1 4" '. -5-I '- vi 1-na 1 4" - ' , 24a Front rovx l tor D Spence D Wells M Eadie D Tetrick Dugdale Mever D.Shaw,D.Matters.T.Dickey,S. Prltz M Nldfflfldlll S Stxson Second row Mr Smith D Vezina T Carrison S Hoclcenj. Linn, F.McFall,M, Marxcnthil D Cangstad Clark R Miller B Schumacher D Lee and Coach Stiles. Freshmen Fooiball The freshmen football team. follow ing a rigorous schedule, competed against the following teams during the season: Eastwood, Fulton, Belzer, Woodview. Southport. Carmel, and Westlane. The team's best score was 36 to 28, winning against Eastwood. X15 ' Front row, l. to r: G. I-Ierman,J. Bolin. T. Jones, Hammell, S. Caldwell, R. Wynne, D. Hill, B. Baum. Second rovx J. Borinstein, D. Manning, S. Step. S. Peglow, T. Dickey, R. Kahn, DelRe. Wallisa. Third row: P. Ford, H. Efroymson, R. Miller, D. Lockhart, M. Marienthal, M. Martindill, D. Wells, B. Deckert, Coach Wright. Fourth row Coach Richards, E. Officer, M. Eadie, S. Hocker, D. Spence, R. I-Iabig, D. Tetrick. Relaxed Wrestlers? reshmen Wresiling The freshmen wrestling team, coached by Dave Richards, enjoyed a winning season this year, taking first in seven out of twelve meets. The highest points were scored against Beech Grove, Eastwood, Arlington and Wcstlane. The team also won their meets against Ben Davis, Southport, and Belzer. 1 If ,J f T .5 1 sw fit ' ' V - - --X ' 1 ' x li . L L A . Pr-. "MO 1-fl I ff S li . N . x 4 , A I ' nn: ' 1, Q- 0 C mi fl'f 41 Bw Front row, l. to r: Coach Meeks. G. Cantrell. J. Scott. B. Bastian. B. Berman. Y. Ford. D. Binkley. C. Doyle. D. Orr. B. Keeney. D, Wilson. Coach Kaufman. Second row: D. Brown. D. Dickinson. M. Carman. B. Dietch. B. Paul. R. Hurst. hl. Cook. vl. Lacombe B. Peglow. vl. Black. S. Dyke. K. McKinney. Third row: G. Greenwood, G. Freyn. K. Brazil. H. Stephenson. S. Stiles. G. Dingley. T. Morgan,j. Neal. D. Rose. M. Martindill. P. Fitzgerald. B. Dyar. Fourth row: J. Dyke. D. Bullman. -I. Wilson. J. Partenheimer. M. Miller. R. Green. G. Doss. K, Koch. K. Carpenter. R. Reehling. ,I . Mathews.j. Kohler. D. Barry. l at Q I E lghlh r Grade Football Sevenfh Grade Football fx 14116 ,lClQl-,Haig 4 , quid! Tx cfm- Vg I ,Ax K THE TEAM Hi! Greg! 'N-... X- Wresiling sq Qevenih and Eighih Grade I I A E X,, -9. pmgifiil Reinking and I-locker grapple. r 4535 Suns-Q dirisn An action shot of Skinner .and Dyk Tennis 1 ' 1 1 p. . i - . ' ' 1 I 1 'f' X I Nest -- -.-512. L Left to right: T. Herman. B. Bastian. R. Hurst. R. Kahn, vl. Clark. R. Dixon, P. Stckctce. and Coach Washburn. "Wc'rc ncvcr given the coverage of the other sports but wc'rc just as IMPGRTANTV' s. 5 R 2 N Physical Education Assistants IHC Track 1 ll?5ffl!fQlliffl.fll5ll' .illl,2f",?f' "7 lf' pring 5 C, ,gigs '15 ports l 1 l j Left to right Baseball lil' E W. .. ., ' .M . ,. ,lb Wi , 1 V . I 5 Q bl it r r W A ' ' ,' 4 3' .Jlx 5 'S E a . f , F l 3, 3 2 if ' 'E M 4 1 T' :"','2fs-me jx 2,529 W V Nb The baseball coaches are, left to right: Don Davis, Walt O'Brien and Pete Deakyne. The student representatives are: J. Meyer and Steve l-locker. l Y J f ' .-1 , Coach Meeks, T. Dickey, M. Eadie, and Coach Wright. Golf Hifi PHT? Jfllelf' f if A' 1 1 R' 'Q 'I' Q 1, p Stir Ls l: l at A if ' fi-Eff. if , , 4 Qgf l .XA :1 ':' a 4 4 Ili' 1' I,-0 1 ,Fm l t-I4 . .54 xg . -W .X N - z i'sZ' - T' - , .. -xv-. kv v -4, . ' '. - ss 1 Q , W l D.Dy'21f.COklCl1 Stiles. and bl. Miller 63 Freshmen Faculig Baskeiball 's i Game Wh0'5 next? HC actually made it? In a hard fought game with the lead constantly changing hands, the faculty made the winning score of 47 to 42. Pistol Pete Hams it up! Where s the ball? Guard that "72" 7 i A These girls displayed skill at halftime. The freshmen back on defense name A K? Perf-oct form! - mi ACTIVITIES X ff' 'A I Orchesira Lv. I 1.."""-' mf, W s ww Siage Band I"",. X... iff .QL lm. -L Conceri Band 'bef- ' ...' -Pl na-lair H 'N -. .. l 14 Iniermediaie Band my son Plays -Fir-51' violin! Beasley lend helping hands Yif Mr Shaul an e c Cadei Band 7 0 0 U I ll , . f. , g . fl 'I' Freshman Choir Choirs Eighfh Grade Choir' 9 9 , 5 E35 if 1 n, ng 4'4f?, f129elQlQ'3f3"e9fi5 1 M eb la vf1hnvxgw 'h r ' 0 iw A n Sevenfh Grade Choir Club SLOT CAR RACING ws ij 'sf ARTS AND CRAFTS 9 SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS . Q -fg- I.. W SCOUT MERIT ISAIJGE Y' vu-7' "-ri HANDBALL AND SQUASH 95 NEEDLEPGINT ,I 1 I I I I g I I z , z S I , ,gh I iv Q I' v In-3 Q .7 'E 'B "wh Q he '55 new-gf-., 5.1, E, X ' Q A , LWIQ4 I M' 'MY' EGE5 "fo, . Q-Q . E . 5 h0g'n', 1 15 I STAGE CREW K4 7 x l , f V ,Al ' f ' I L Q E 7 x Last-mmutc mstructlons Behind the Scenes SPEECH AND DRAMA 9 1 . w - ' a q BOOSTER CLUB m '--- ' r in 1 'QA , 3 is is ,Q .1 les as 1. sg, ,'- , l Q Q gfffmx I 9 5 ,A lwiwffxf ses? E ia, Ri ix I XA' 1,1 5-an O l l A9 .x,., x . ,,x X--. ' S, if- ihx --,x Af- 4.7 f ,Ii V 4' ,Lui-,Z " 1-1- ff! -dh u I x 5 x if il I n 'R JFS as l 1 ,.,,,, .' - l .I I ' Q G S,I 5, x I L N' I "O ' -.Q ' , R 4 , u 5 - . I " .14 ' I SKIING ECOLOGY BEGINNING CHESS Q ' 41" 5 fu I 7? f 9 ""' u fl cgi DRAMA 3 9 PING IDUNCI HORSEBACK RIDINC 'L N , l X f v ' 1 1 f I L 2 SKITTLEGAMES I III? ggi . AUDIO-VISUAL 'I O AVIATION RAP SESSION '7 ui-fix wg 65 'MF IRR H-NAI ...Q SLOT CAR RACING GIRLS' ROUNDTABLE RAP SESSION 73 QQ HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 41 , 3 T SPORTS ORIENTATION MODEL BUILDING ROCK MUSIC I 74 HH I-wx ,I-nf GIRLS' GYMNASTICS 3100 VL mlam HOCKEY leg X. YP AWS!! s ,L ' f 3 M GAMES GAMES SCHOOL PUBLICITY MODEL BUILDING jUNlOR HUMANE SUCIL FY 1 I . KX.: CROCHETING x . gx I - V .L .S Q ff? g , ART COMPETITIVE CHESS u v A l X , .. A ' , . f , A J T ll I 1 . E . . . :sl STAMP AND COIN COLLECTING GOLF INTERNATIONAL FOODS 0 .,. , O HEALTH AND SAFETY M lf! :QQ 's M. N ADVANCED BASKETBALL TRAMPOLINE AND TUMBLING DRAMA 7 TEACHERS AIDES WRESTLING AND WEIGHTLIFTING iid Marilyn .ilu ,-...--. -.,.-. . -.--- f" t ff' sa-J Susan Cathy LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Tom Fencl wills his ROTC uniform to an eighth grader Guy Ridder wills his overdue library books to next year's students. Barb Forsythe wills her big toe to the biology lab for dissection. Mary Miller wills her algorithm Theorem to another algebra brain. Brian Lowring wills his torn up library card to a book worm. Monica Throgmartin wills her old can of Right Guard to the smelly gym classes. Nancy Deck wills the prestige of being a freshman to an incoming one. Kim Hankins Wills her ODYSSEY book to Myth Peggy Berns. Elizabeth Kavanaugh wills to someone the ability to be ultra-accident prone. Teresa Engledow wills her ability not to get sick dissecting frogs in Mr. Stiles' class to a scientist. Nancy joseph wills her World History honor pass to another honor student. Mary Lukins wills her ability to drive her teachers up a wall to another talkative eighth grader. Bruce Schumacher wills his "racing" bus complete with driver to an eighth grader on that same bus. :ii 5 N 'S- ,J ,ik Mimi Nancy H - Robbyn 'Pr , Susie Elleen W., l YL"4+ .Eff-.' 1 in ,, Beth se 4-4. r Sandy - ,491 , , sz -r 4 . "-ia' Mary M.. 'au if " V0 ow W L 40,1 Q ,. X A S, f 4 'U' r WMS infra ', jane Maureen li Susan Barbara the bells worked? school was canceled because of snow? the clocks all had tlie same time? tlie Frosli were little lost seventli graders? "Rod's" was the key to liasliion? p I, , 5 :r. l E w Y ' SQ , .,, ' . , Q, ,Q rm A ,h 9 1 f eg. A Terri Q -f 1, 'A S ' Jim 4 A Tern ,AVV E M n W, I U ltzvvzv: ii, .1 9:9 -I Oh n an d Joan 'wifi . V I fiflii " ': N X KM I Y Q 1 M it lk ,',A ,- "'2--'1-fr Nancy , - W Q 1 ' heryl Ann ' ' Susie Remember when . . 1 - North Central seemed years away? ' ' M y' you used to like frogs? 43- ,i Flower Power was a groovy word? ,f ' n . . . Mike F i a 1 A X Y X 6 Julie ' " ' Debbie 'S S' -'s' 1 Elaine as A Barb , Q f w- .i f . V I julie A4 Q as , f . " . 'L .Q ft Elliott ,. - X 1svf4J A At X " ' N Ruth Laura Mary - Susan XL' . , - nh' ,A - Front row. l. to rt Ann Mahrdt, Nancy joseph, Mimi Kraft. Susie Skinner, Carolyn Westerman. Carolyn jones. Susan Rosenthal. Second row: Vicki Shanner. Steve Miner. 'I ill Klein. Rob King. Dave johnson. Tom Bingham. 1 ,,,- ff'egQdjQQ'jjm'1 The '7I- '72 Norih Siar Qiaff Vicliidflilw .fm r The NORTH STAR stall worked diligently to bring you this ytarhools. The students 1I1Cl1X1dL1dlP1CfUI'Lb were eompiled by all the staffers, but the specific sections were prepared by the following staff members: Sportsfllrve Johnson. who is also our staff photographer, was in charge, Steve Miner, Tom Bingham, and Rob King: faculty andthe "special" page-f Naney joseph and Ann Mahrdt. act1v1t1esfCarolyn jones in charge, Carolyn Westerman, Mimi Kraft. and Susan Rosenthal: cheerleaders-Susie Skinner and jill Klein. The entire operation was supervised by the LCl1fO1',VlClxlSl1dI1I1Lf,XVl1O was also responsible for the division pages and the staff page. uid in Fl l , 5----.K i it-Q .WIA T F C ez The NORTH STAR St: bids you a fond farewell! , , , X I I L 3 x x L Nr, X V, X ' .Xxx N I 'L I 1-D 'L X X M X, LL .X txjx I sf' 'w I Lk.. X XXL! K 1 I , 1 w Xi I ..f ' N . X Xu X xx J M Y NQENX ,N M QV Y, W AN ly fx J, K U X-jf - Q! f X! 1 ' T- i N , L: r ' , v - XJ Y Y ' Vx V ' v p ,Sc A vxx X-5 Y OL xi -4 if 1 , 'J sf LT' I I lx H. V ,a,.,.,,'-4.1 x, -.H ifgig-'1gW'FTTg:1'7VS1rrN1f-'q'myY11M-:v-Q. 3 W X , K 4 11 1 v M I' Aknsmsqiemy anwk3f1wtNLf:M" af. J,id. 1 f.-M mil F 'w1:u'iu

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