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5 gil 'Y' :Lf K -F 5 I SQ I, " H fag'-: 4 "1 ,QF .1 4 'HS A Fifi -.4 if-I 11-' I-3 .- 1 , Kli- A ll? "5 5 , . 'JIM 21 X ij? X - X' '1 N ' ,. 5 - ,K 1. M 1,4 n v ' Q-xiii -1 f 3? fHlE'i- , V12- .',l. gg, 1. .. 1, X x 1 ' v 1 1 .1 .'.,l1vf. A Q -,QW Y Ag. ' I YT 'V . . 1 f ,A . 1. :Ali ' ' sq' Y. f xi, WC' 1 f iff .. Ar, V IJ-1447 N: Di f if Pwljj' 3.1: ,ig- ni? l .-IL' ,',l1,f, 1 w - 'VX ..V V Cimfff -Q 5 ,ef Q ' 13 . ' 'ei f.-i'- 's 1 'tffr ' A - jllf- Q 5- --331. f ' ly! fig' , ' " ' 1 . - fx-'I ' 'aff'--u."1v fqf f ,xr a.'f.fwv"'V M Tw ng .. Q sksi . . :yL',4:-'- A ,1?:'- 825 - 'ff '95 . ' -f .. VA' .155 " U2 gi-xg:l:3'fY4 44 , 'a'5z'Qfig 'gif' 4 417' 53?-f7:'k,'. ?gu ." w V, '-1 r-asf .V fix- ' Vw-f-eV V 4 A . 15?-' w1?lgf5,gfF ., Jw V- .Armin li '-?3ga,gi-zi'Y'hf+f-wif V N., , 1 f, , ,A,y. ,--3,15 QL, , - . ,i.'j""Y4S' " gh , - ,-If :ki 'L .' 4 mari. -A--V Ag- V- 'M ' 4 -.,. 3:x:h:Vli.::iV,+ jllfjgt. 4. ,Q 1:9 f:1?:f,g:: ggefcgf 4:51 fri! I V Q gf- ,if NVQ V -"Q"I,i?.5x, " ' ,xx Qi ' 5 ' iran? its . ' 1- k sg Q., J. ., il' w , VV , i' L.. , V 'if ,V -'Q -wg-f '. ' ' V. M- Vw fl 'A H Q V- F,.,,'Y-T,-f. 'i-g,..v Fha? N . , w' ', A:,5'Q5'igx 5 A , .,g. ,A .x,fk1fv'L1g.Qg,,.-fgg., ,Q pkg' ff H Qffwff1gp4fm1'3f'gS ' ..'- -9 . Q"-.-'. L ' ' . A ef V- mf- - . if, V 45111 L fy! , .A '.,L - rf," KL! iv' fir Q ff l' f 'Agp ,h nga , jiggfi J. ' 145,53 jf-1: W. Zi, Q avg- iz : wfne AW' ' 6' ' "K 1 f t, t 5' ' :'FLi.?'-ig , ,3fgvS3'+ 2V,,:, wk H33 . f, 9, . gtg.. nv Q m y f. L??'4i2.'4.s5Q.,.dg ' fx' N ' " " -A NPV .2'fN"i4'i'.2?"4' -. ' Q, ..-i, ' -'yi 'vt .yin '?.-.:'gHV,1:.l.3.,"' 3 , ' V, .L Few AL. ' V. 'V'-.2SJ2Ql'1' -f.1Qr?1'f5f?,3:.+f' Q' ,MY Qffiyg, if if Q, ,j,jZ,'f5ikf. V . ,. Ls, ' f- ' ,L -3L3Vw.j1Qf-jig: -' , 1 Any, . .-ff' .Vp--w' . .-4.9, -fe '32, H ,. ,. if' X, 1.1-if ..-" ff' V 1" " + V if ' '7 iv' - ' 1 Q fi? f"5"" 13,1 X A .A--ff' 5 127, ,.'. leg-'na , '- , x 'ni . 1 ' V 5: Edt A li V gas? 1 V "WV V:'?5w'f.fq,m4 34" 1 ,.,. 1 ' 1' I L' 9' f 3,529,554 ffl f 11: 2 E K5 Ak-' ' -'grit' 'Q -5 Riff' ' 3-gs, Hi A il il I K if A L' VF' QV , ' 5'E1IfLlVCi'b, Q K ' - , gl NI sl I -I' " 9' 5' EI' N in me -V Hi - V l A m .V 1 - ,Sh ,. , ,. ,aa . 5,, . ,A. X 'V K BF N V if Rf T ' -T I 1 Jimi ., . V .. ' Q, r WV , . , A 3 . V a-. ., -N-I s " ' t , " Q 5 'J -""" . I! I vm 2 A g'44 S ,. V X V I zz me VI 17 V V 'gf V V ,K -V V X Q ' ' gg Q V , 4114-2' . , L A -QS 'fi' V. f I V u f -44, ' fk "f"1"fk?' N -'- -f -.M "' V--'nd VM W' H VL -V .lVW.Vf- Mi' V ' - 'ifh-43. AL... uf :4. ".1S'3'P 1mf'zpv-,f1i,- 5 ,X ' 'Q '---M .M ,' ,, . , V M" V 1 g "Y ."fQ:J11v, 4' Vv., J gfkf-.,?.s:V'2..A W. .' if W' qgwfxgg xf'1FW"K7,zy,xsy',QfgAgi2 f31 ,, rfV V A ,fiib 'ibyn Z f , '- 'A lf' X -Q ffA'L'-"M ' K A -Yi ! ' V ,, V V 1 . ! V 4 is V . 5-+51 . -i-B 1c,,xVV-Vg 4gV.1H,w5,3"' . M 'im ed, f- V WV, ,'1"5"f'xn4's'8' V -,.' . -. vnx"s.-H., .5 1 , Q 04.1 -VWLET: if-.J 'Q '575'Vf'i"T3?'+55 if, V -Q -, Sf! V V . ' 7' 17-25 V22 . Rs: i7f.2:'ff2' -' h -1 -1.. Sm' f'ff"' , if A gi A -, .Vgsfmg2'5 V 4 jf: ,L f'f'V9,2?'fU if Jig, Ag : ai: " ' VV V I .4 ' 1 I K. A ' 1 LAL 'A ,Kwai . k + Q V V Thor I am I am I am Here it the god THOR, the war god. the Thunderer! in my Northland, My fastness and fortress Reign I forever! Here amid it-ehergs Rule I the nationsg This is my hammer, Ivljollnir, thC Miglltyg Giants and sorcerers Cannot withstand it. - Longfellow. 5 - ax 'S- Tahl e of Contents Dedication ......... Theme ............ F acalty ........ Freshmen ........ Sopholnores .... faniors ........... Seniors ........... 4 5 ........15 27 61 Urganizations ....... F aoorites ............ ....... Sweethearts .... Leaders hip ..... Sports ............. Activities ........ Senior Index.. Ads ................ ........79 131 143 151 163 191 208 213 Dedication We, the THOR Staff, with deep appreciation proudly dedicate the 1966 THOR to Miss Lucille Coumes, former sponsor of THOR. Miss Coumes is a very dedicated English teacher who has always taken an interest in the students she teaches. She is always will- ing to offer assistance in any way possible to her students and the school. We appreciate her sincere dedication to her work and to her students. f :arm ..,,,:3Q is , 1 f r.:-me .r 1 4 X f- - E-Us Li e at .H.S. new IIHHHH K M1 .f . tm- we 'X .Ja 1" f'J.1 f .il fd' A , The hustle and bustle of students in the halls between classes, on the grounds at recess, and in the streets after school, is a familiar sight around Northside. From the arrival ofthe first bus in the morning until the last one departs in the afternoon, everyone is just one big happy family. Life at N. H. S. is similar to aw, .. -Kaffe. . ' W ,, 3- wif-,2,??-Egfr-fi1if"2tfzw,,q, .1 . Q-ii Y V, r V+ rf'v'3g5zg 1,",,1a1f- A .. af 1, J I 'ifvpii' V .W R that at home. Someone is always watching over you to be sure you don't do anything wrong. As you turn through the pages of THOR, see how you fit in! , we-,5 A1 A '+M- 1 9 5 6 I is 1 rt I U U gil' 460 1 Q .la Lie 3:-....., OTL CZTIZPZLS N I -x-- N . " N -, ' K . ,Jus - ,, -LKL'LL A 1- 5 . N N 1 w L .qt 1 avg, Learning and Teaching x H .lx a 4 5 f ' .gf ,ff fl' wa" KKK . -- 2 , , H -4 5 ,E f 1 J L 2'f?QSt?Y K H' ff- wv smasezzwzxxffggg' W"' -' W.,5 S... Meeting . 15 and Mixing QE 1 Q fn g, ,Y A. f L Sandra Strong is happy over her selection as Student Council presi- deni. ' Our foorball season is one of win- ning and losing. Winning and Losing Our school irophy case shows our many winnings, H 1 i . - t 5' fe These happy girls smile happily upon win ning title of first and second maids in our homecoming activities. l . ... k ,f . i K fffi .. .- W 1.7402 t i i . r . f t 1 X l i ii l i if fNf?'f'Hl mix: my , ., V, .. lVA,zxf"'x XHHNYHN Beginning and Ending vw .,,. ,,,-fwfifi ' - ' ,fl A , W,p,,wiw-V ff f Mwfg, ,, The end of swimming class is always a dis- School comes io an en appointment. i o Whereas Northside High School has been blessed ever since its beginning with a capable sec- retary, and whereas today she has been desig- nated "Secretary of the Day" by Radio Station, K P E L, and whereas she has with efficiency and cheerfulness performed the many exacting duties for the office, and whereas her loyalty to the faculty, student body, and other person- nel has been exemplary, and whereas her christ- ian charity has been an inspiration to the entire school, therefore be it resolved that, today, May 6, 1966, be observed at Northside High School as "Mrs, Lena Mae Cormier Day. " ,......i 'VM PA-ig -,,,,.4-f" -1---Wo .fc - Faculty Wise Leadership Developes .,.f.t,y-l,.'L?l7 if K l,- 'UQ'-4 During the fifth year as principal of Northside, Mr. Faulk brings about many new and valued innovations. Raising the standards of Northside and acquiring the respect of its students is a hard taskg yet Mr. Faullc has accomplished both. We, as students of NOrIhSiClC,. are grateful for his dignified and wise leadership. -Ill? A familiar sight in the halls of Northside is Mr. Duhon, as sistant principal. Well-known for his understanding, Mr. Duhon wins the affection of rhe students of Northside. A staunch backer of the Vikings, he is indeed an asset to our school. ,-r.. is .Xb - Charle H. Duhon cz Better School Faculty and taff Work Mrs. Rose Des Ormeaux Guidance Counselor wwf' f 'ii ' ,if Carroll Hebert Guidance Counselor John Langlinais -- Librarian Mrs. Roy Carricut -- Secretary School Secretaries Mrs. Lena Cormier Mrs. MyfIiS Smith 4. ., w . K' Q K inthe., . . 4, ,rr , fir ii n 'X 'N 1 f x . , - gf- 1 My - W, . Huey- ' rr- , UQi3:l K: ,, - ,i Y Q . J- .9 ' 'WS' r 237 I "1 m, f A Q! arfhkxu' -7.32 '-., was rk, , K " sw ' 1 ......-f-M -'vIoh1dP"'0x C A F I ,xirgrh V' "i: 2- 'Q '." 1 K :,g . ' W ' , "L: E ' - WF' A ' I ' .'-L41-ff: , . r li C! ACC! Hard for orths ide ARCENEAUX, ROBERT Social Studies General Math B. S. 2 M. Ed. 5 U, S,L, B. A. , S. L. l. Student Council BAKER, JANE MRS, Home Economics B. S. : U. S. L. FHAQ 4- H Club BECHET, ROSE MRS. American History B, A. 5 U, S, L. M. A. 9 L. S. U. BERGER, AGNES MRS. Algebra B, A, 5 U. S. L. Betag Honor Roll BORDELON, MILDRED MRS. L American History ' B,A.:U,S,L, N B. A. : Hendrix A BOREL, WILLIAM i Science 5 B, s. Q L. S. U. ' B, S, , U. s. L. r a i I l BU RNEY, MARY M RS, French, English B, A. Q U, S, L, French Club l CGLE, ROSE MISS Girls' P, E, B, S. 9 M, Ed, g U. S. L. Valkyries Y., 4 , ig A Ili, R, ' .2,, ' I 5 I , 4' xg., rg - , mf fl. trtr we t, f A X i -. .z Q 35 rar xx. , ,I , r, .i 1. , ,ww 4, X , . .4,. fe , fx f a .. I -' A ., .N .,,::, , . . ,,,. 1. 'f rw 'i " A E 4, At X xt .Q COMEAUX, FRANK CORMIER, WILFRED Industrial Arts Science B.S.:U.S,L, B.S.:B.A.: M, Ed. 5 U, S.L. ,ff A CULOTTA, SARAH MISS Home Economics B. 3. : U. 5.11. M. S. 9 L. S. U. Fl-lAg Senior Banquet f S .l 1S-. wi? ,N . Zreasilglgy , If 1, r I Q . 1 V , f Q Mil-R.KYA' is CURTIS, KENNY DUFOUR, ROSEMARY MRS, Science Girls' P, E, 13.3. 2 M.A.: B. S. 3 U. S. L. Mississippi Cheerleadersg GAA Southern FPA: Newsnaoer Teachers Mrs, Linkhart busy giving dictation I to her shorthand students. FOURCADE, EMLLE Civics u B. 5. : U. 5. L. M, Ed. 3 Loyola Key Club rlni GAUTREAUX, E. J. GIROUARD, TERRY GOINS, RONALD HARRINGTON, Tl-IEDA MRS Commerce Art Math Civics Sociology M. A. 9 B, S, 5 L, S, U. B, A, 5 North- B, A, 9 U, S, L, B, A, g M, E, g U, S, L, B, S, g U, S, L, western Beta Club FBLA LCS Amis d'Art 4-H Club 20 Spend Many Hours in LACOUR, ROBERT LA FLEUR, MARY MRS, Chorus BMEg Mc Neeseg MMEQ Northwestern Chorus Club Mrs. Berger painting decorations for Honor Day Program. -f iv? W 1'A ' ' ' if . f , if Rhs s JOUETT, LOUIS Band B, A, : U, S, L, M, A. 1CO1UIUhla Home and Family Living LANCON, CHARLES 3.5. : U.S.L.: M. S. 5 Ohio FHA 551' K' T: Boys' P, E, 5. 5. 9 U. S. L. -. fu 'I N . K , r r-F R . Ak S 5 E J. , ' KENNoN, PAUL Science B. A. : U. S. L. M. A. : L. S. U. LINKHART, DIXIE MRS Commerce B. S. : U. S.L. Rauy wx S. l " 3511? ig :gr .s W ami ..- ,- lffsfffiillfii H T El . . Preparing, Teaching, Advising, and NCS MALAGARIE, CECIL MCDONOUGH, MYRTLE MOUTON, ALVA MRS, O'CONNOR, JAMES Science Math Home Economics Boys' P, E, B,A,gU.S.L. B.S.:U.S.L. B.S.:U.S.L. B.S.:U.S.L. FHA OZENNE, CAROLE MISS Math B, S, g U, S. L. PATIN, BARBARA MRS. Speech B, A. 9 U, S, L, Speech Club RICHARD, VALEX SEWELL, JOHN SIMON, MARGARET Industrial Arts Math Commerce B. S. g U, S, L, B, S, 5 North- B, S, g U, S, L, M. S. 3 L, S, U, western FBLA, Prom Industrial Arts Club Ring Committee MRS Supervising Extracurricular Activities SMALLEY, FRANK SMITH, DONALD ST, JULIEN, LOU MRS, THOMPSON, MASTON Math Science Spanish, English Cgmmergg B. 5. 1 SI. Michaels B, S, g Pcnn State B. A. 5 U, S, L, B, A, 5 U, S. L, B S, g U, S, L, Spanish Club Pictures Not A Allable: ARCENEAUX, CHARLES Boys' P, E, B, s, , U. S. L. BOURQUE, DARRELL English B, A. 5 U, S, L, BRANTON, DORIS MRS. English B,A. 3 M,E. 5 U,S,L, B, A, 5 Mtnsaps Quill Sc Scroll Club COUMES, LUCILLE MISS English B. A. 1 U. S. L. cox. JUDY MRS. Girls' R, E, Class Rings DAY, ROBERT Drivers Education B.S.:M.S.:L.S.U. FOREMAN, JOHN English B, A, g U, S, L. FUSELIER, ERNEST Industrial Arts B. S. 5 U. S. L. HARRINGTON, HORACE Boys' P, E, Mc Neese HODGES, GLORIA MISS Girls' P, E, B, S, g Northwestern M, A, 5 T. W. U. KELLNER, ANNE MRS, English . B. A. 1 U. S. L. Be ta LABBE, GENEVIEVE MISS English i B. A. : U, S. L, MCCAMMON, JANELLE English B, A, 5 Hendrix MEYERS, ALLEN Boys' P, E, ' B. S. : U. S. L. PRICE, HELEN MRS, English B, A. 1 U, S, L, B. A. 2 Kentucky COEg GAA THOR Wesleyan Cafeteria Workers, Janitors, and Matrons Excel at Thezr W ark rf: .,.k if' E " I sigiiifs ' ' - 5 e . A i I 1? I T T ..,. i A x' . I X Q. "',ix I CAFETERIA WORKERS: STANDING - Mrs. Bernice Trahan, Mrs. Lucy Menard, Mrs. Mae LeBlanc, SITTING - Mrs, Edola Babi- neaux, Mrs. Marie Lasseigne, Mrs. Mable Calais. P as , TOP ROW: Mrs. A, Aibarado and Mrs. Louise Theriot. BOTTOM ROW: Head Custodian, Wilbert Pre- jeang Joseph Courviiie, Isaac Lantier, Theophile Benoit, and Percy Lacy. i IV Q Classes t:.i-1-.,.-,,. - W ff? Q I Fres hmen 1 Freshman fficers x Q-...Q--0 V F R fr- f T T "4 fb 11 ' R ' , K -.,.,,,,.....-f Vi PRESIDENT: Sandra Bourg TREASURER: Bobby Bourque VICE PRESIDENT: Lorita Angelle REPORTER: Vickie Burgess SECRETARY: Barbara Griffen PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dennis Battenfield Abraham, Geneva Aguillard, Glenda Albarado, Lydia Albert, Harry Alleman, Karen Alleinand, Dennison J Allen, Ronald Angelle, Debra Angelle, Lorita Armes, Janice Work Hard B Aucoin, Shirley Babineaux, Carol Badeaux, Charlotte Bardin, Sharon is , A 4 ww, rr. q if' x. Writ, st. Barnes, Chelie if ' Barras, Loretta wil' f xg. ef .g t L K . ' Battenfield, Dennis i , X Q Beckworth, Cindy .f ,VWJ 4 4 -,,., E 5535, Begnaud. Brenda Benoit, John Benoit, Judy Benoit, Karen Bernard, Paul Bienvenue, Janelle Bihm, James Bihm, Ivy Billeaud, Bruce Birch, Karen I i.. r,t', i - X i if ' ii X ,N gflg g i ,' , , , LVL x, at ,L L A, o 1 ,r ' 5-. H f Q 4, n. , ..,a,iz,V f ,nf t :Q if wavy. ,' 4, , 6, , 1, 4 9 if , we J Vi ' W' ft PZ' fy, :- Eggs sf, ff a:pf,,i'k' Q' V iral ,K NA E. A if . -e,,5 xs as N ' . A?-X ' X x 'Swv' swf R ' B ii- Bixenman, Robert Bordelon, Steven Borel, Catherine Boudreaux, Corbett Boudreaux, Dianna Boudreaux, Lona Bourg, Sandra Bourque, Barbara Bourque, Bobby Bourque, Cynthia Breaux, Linda Breaux, Ramona Broussard, Carol Broussard, Catherine Broussard, Charles 'Q 7 Broussard, Christopher Broussard, Donald Durmg the Year Freshmen work hard during class time. Boutin, Donnie Boutte, jackie Boutte, Jessie Boutte, Nora Bowen, Kris Bowers, Ronan. Bozant, Fred Bozant, Madeline Breaux, Donna Breaux, Donna N Broussard, Doreen i Broussard, Frank ' Broussard Glenn , Broussard Marcella Broussard Mary l l X Broussard Norma , Broussard Rage Bryer, Belva Burgess, Vickie y Castille, Elaine l l i .rf Q., , 2' was - 's ' Q,- 'Y 'Winn i 1 B .v .rf r . '-1 .r f ,Wm ,' egg, ,if s-ffl' KQV' 16,2 1 I ar I ' ., V QI.. , gf 1' ..,, r, to HQQ7 Northside. -i r '--s-, .siav 'F Castille, Irene Caswell, Terry Chaisson, Larry ., h rl , o w sf x Q- ' gr v ef fl . ...., 2 L Chaisson, Manda Chiasson, Davis Champagne, Roberr Chandler, Paul Q 'X V' ' S K r il rr ,, B ' H A - L. , . ,rx f' if . Cloreaux, Jaylin Cole, Dale Comeaux, Terry Constantine, Linda Cook, Roger Cooper, ,Orville Cormier, Genella Cox, Carl Credeur, George Credeur, Roxanna Crenshaw, Eric Crowley, Ronald Darby, Jacqueline David, Steven Degeyter, Kirby Freshmen Begin to Janelle Duhon, Ann Duhon, Debbie L dye' , . . x x x Aw, f ,z 1 Degeyter, Wayne Deshazo, Marie Diiningue, Oscar Dixon, Rene Dom ingue, Brenda Domingue Domingue Do In ingue, Dom ingue, Dom ingue, Marcy Michael J. Michael W Priscilla Rene I ,ss Duhon Deborah Duhon Michael Duhon Robert Duhon Ronald Duhon, Sally Dwyerx Eric Estillette, James Fabacher, Michael Paul, Iona Fergason, Jean Fitch, Sigrid Fontenot, Ernest Fonrenot, Patsy Fonrenot, Sandra Forbes, Alex Foreman, Columbus Fox, Virgil Frederick, Leonard Futch, Gilbert Gallagher, Patrick Gallet, Frances Gannard, Robert Gannard, Russell Gary, Leroy Gautreaux, Clifton Freshmen sell pickles as a fund raising project for the French Club. Granger, Kenneth Gravouia, Ricky Green, Thomas Griffen, Barbara Gros, Leo Grossie John Grossie Kenneth Grossie, Linda Grossie Mary Grossie Sharon Grossie, Velma Guidry, Audrey Guidry, Debbie Guidry, Dinelle Guidry, Glen K I 35.111 it . , - --x V E 'U R -3 . A, , N l 'Q E. :Q ' BQ! ' If ' "sr X I ' t , R fil l G l eee ' r str' ' 7 F . trts rree ffl 'F F Feel at Home .,.,c Gautreaux, Judy 1 A yt Gautreaux, Lena Q f i , is Gautreaux, Linda Gautreaux, Mona Gesch, Billy "N .Q ,. .1 .,- K MM... , LM. in Z, 41 fn g k , , . 4-,.. ,ir 1 F ' ii Q " ,n ..- 1 --V" ? 'l' 2 U : 1' It A R Q -' I -A ,K is U --2 H 1 Li ' ..1'M' -1 2 t . t .f r A sua sf' my fag at 'ff' 'f x ff 15 X R - i ,Z + w J a 5 l Glenda Guidry Sheila Guid ry Keith Linda Guidry Guidry Lelia Charles Guillot Haddad Linda S. Guidry Beve rly Hansen Freshmen Enjo , tt Mmm fy- aaa, f -fi 'L W Ray ' Guidry Lyle Hargrave Their Ei it if 4 Cami'-' W' ' J ll b - - I iiib b D lg ' .--533' if " Q 3 Sharon Guidry Jan Harrington Heard, Dwight Heard, Gary Hebert, Cynthia Hebert, Dianna Hebert, James Hebert, Larry Hollier, Helen, Holloway, Harry Huval, Peggy Huval, Robert Jackson, Charles Iudice, Perry Kerr, Donald Key, Mary Kidder, Michael Kilchrist, Liz Krutsinger, Steve Lacobie, Debra Lallande, Forest Landry, Leonard Landry, Robert Landry, Wanda Lantier, Thomas Latiolais, Eddie Latiolais, Mona Latour, Michael Latta, 'Thomas Lavalley, Glenn Lavergne, John Lavergne, Kenneth Letchworth, Ron Lewis, Nancy Lopez, Mayo Lormand, Clifford Mabry, Linda Martin, Barbara Martin, Kay Marvin, Kenneth Matte, John Matte, Oscar -za ' .. 7 4. f i t'i'-l' 1? 'lt QS, i M ,, T fa' . w if First Year at orthside LeBlanc, John LeBlanc, Thomas Lee, Mary Leger, Larry Leger, Ronald Lemaire, Wayne Lester, Charles Lester, Deanna Q' I 'r McPherson Charles Melancon Errol Melancon Melancon Yvette Melancon Yvonne f ,, sf r Y? . , WM ,, . it .f,., ,L . , M .f x iff A , Kenneth 2 L Y " , f l i its T- I T" lass 0 969 Are nv., 3 ,g,,.gr- if T' ir S' f.. XM ' , ga V gf Rex Oliver Wayne Pellerin W 3, W4 gp Q ii? t Menard, Kenneth Menard, Patrick Mier, Mickey Miller, Judy Miller, Kenneth Mere, Gayle Monte, Steve Moore, John Mouton, Mouton, Mouton, Mouton Mouton Merline Micheal Roberta Ronald Tracy Myers, Maury Myers, M ark Myers, Debbie Navarre, Rita Nepveaux, Anna Nichol, Antony Oliver, Harold ,, J 'ft ,'-' ' 4: , I . K K7 V: K ' Micheal Nancy Larry Ortega Pellegran Pellerin Jessie Roy Lawrence Peltier Pool Potier Leaders Tomorrow . s - r 1 K K ffw ' ' 7 i f , ' 1 ,r z-51-., - . - '-In 'ii-.'-'S S R are 1 . X V fx" "'- P if Cynthia Deborah Patrick Ralph Prejean Prejean Prejean Prejean Roger Rickey Elda Connie Prejean Primeaux Rabeaux Richard Richard, Douglas Richard Keith Richard Lena 4' Richard Lennis ' K i ly , - Romero Patricia Y wh I 45 K - S gl'...a f i'-rf: Romero Patrick Romero Sylvia Romero Whinrey Roy, Deborah Royer, Anna Sabastian, Frances ' Salazar, Brenda Sandoval, Phil Schexnayder, Barbara Scoggins, Faye Shelton, Randall Simon, Curley Simon, Dianne Sims, Mary Smith, Sue ll QE" J ,. ,ofgiiigg Q. Qs'f 2 I '2S3,4.E4Ff ,' Q ln .1 5 55 fi, Q Q a .e 1 1 A -,,. ,Q X R ay' P i l A ' R ar R ?3x J ,, .,s,, N f -rrr aa? y.- .msn 'X' -. 3 2 - fi, F if ,f 1 Q' . D , ,, V4 .y 4 4 if iiigii i ga I 7 , ,Q W ul Q " R Q i -4 R Y: F X L ff V T Freshmen Await Sophomore . --,. M 1. Q? 41: 5 . i in 'K 'Y- I X .. Webb, Howard Wilson, Bonnie Youngblood, Bryon '-.1 ikii lk . . V V Not pictured are: Year Sonnier, Glenn Sonnier, Linda Sonnier, Michael Sonnier, Mickie Stelly, Harold Stewart, William Stutes, Judy Talbot, Sheila Terry, Dena Theriot, Walter Thibodeaux, Kenneth Thibodeaux, Linda Trahan Curtis Trahan Russell Trahan Susan Trahan, Vernice Turner, Dallas Turner, Wilbert Veazy, Earline Veazey, Eveyline Venable, Darrell Viator, Kathleen Vincent, Donnie Vincent, Janelle Verret, Linda Marie Aucoin Robert Brewer Brenetta Broussard Cynthia Butler Ruth Cormier Wendell Couret Edwin Courville Glen Guidry Gary Hernandez Betty McGee Debra Neff Gloria Schexnayder Lonny Stutes Harold Trahan Cleveland Tregre 2 YT"'iw fl?--A Y- ,, A V -ir. Sophomores ,T 4 it. 1 l. g ophomore Ufficers Q" 'N A . ,, hw PRESIDENT: Kathleen Bowen TREASURER: Faye Daigle VICE PRESIDENT: Deanna Jouban REPORTER: June Griffen SECRETARY: Mitzi Hebert PARLIAMENTARIAN: Creighton LeBlanc Anceler, Michael Anderson, Bonnie Arceneaiix, Glynn Armentor, Ronald Arnold, Earl Ayo, Frieda Babineaux, Stanley Badeaux, Gerald Badeaux, Waylon Badon, Bobby Promote School Spirit -arf' Baudoin, Charles Baudoin, Marie Becknell, Deanna Begnaud, Tommy Begnaud, Wallace Benoit, Harold Benoit, Judy Benoit, Robert Bernard, Gerald Berthelol, Terry Bienvenue, Anna Billeaud, Susan Blanchard, John Beckwith, Bobbie Begnaud, Charles Begnaud, James 7'i1',f' 4 , q i ' B rli 'ii ' W V my ,fc , , fl fi: ,nv 'QB .il . ,'. t -15. . f' ' s rl A 1 I L ,K ' B "Kiran M, , , ., B . .R W A K Z - We ,v 1 125, lf'-- X ggi , , y 5 X gg... X 15 we y fin R ig 'npr is W V' x X, 2 x A N limi iri B ' ,B . , cc,,r Q 1 I eg, I WW -ws "F-.'.':M 9 41? Q Qi iw 3 in TW' A a a . ,, I' K I , ,,...,. , . .. 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Plan Ahead for Domingue, Patrick Domingue, Veronica Doncet, Judy Drouet, Jimmy Dugas, Gayle Dnhon, Douglas Dnplecfhiari, Curtis Duprnis, Kerman Dupruis, Cynthia East, Marc Edwards, Tahnelle Falcon, Dalton Falcon, Nalton Farmer, Betty Faulk, Kenneth Derousselle, George Deilousselle, Peggy DeShazo, Belinda Deville, Linda Devillier, Donna Domingue, Dorian a -Q " I fs- far r 3 fav? ' M 5 i " f -S 5 1 . D S ' f rrl l 9 -, .- .-.... nf' 1: .... , 5 r, ,ra H -s r- rw-err'-.i-.Q " 1 .T JV: V, g frat i -rrr K ,. Q, rrr., ., , , 2.- ,fv V HQ, are 11 ,W ,E yy ,es on 1. y or,e X 1, . lll 3' . L ...V , . ,,:. r J as l if so in no r T D 'Q y Ford, me Jack . -'il .. Forman' F., if 2 X .1 " K F 3 BObby y Forresrier, rrr e i ' Anna l rllr i 1 eeor I i A ' ji K L f , - , Forrestier or D 1 PM r 13, E Fowl e r, ' Shelly Fneston, t 1119 ir M ,. A' ' Dennis 'R Two More Years at . .t. F i 2 ,Q an Green, David Griffen, June Guidroz, Brenda Guidry, Darrell Guidry, Gilbert Guidry, Jerry John Guidry, Katherine Guidry, Michael Guidry, Ronald Guidry, Ronald Ames Guidry Guillot, Haddad, v Sandra Faye Lee Ann Shirley Harrington, John Hawkins, Guy Gary, Mary Gautreaux, Brenda Girard, Virginia Girouard, Steven Granger, Elizabeth Green, Carmen , '..',,' ,. " 71 fr ,fn ,. . ,jf F -'Ti A f -- ' ' 1 " S , . Q 1 Hf,:1rrs5?y -xii gf-ta . i -f A 1 Q i 4 M at - 4 1 M. f i 3 f i 4 ' 7"' - ar ms M 5 I as-' 1' er- if 'Qi'- -an L:- 'L .ffsff'iw, , Na ' 1 ' l . fa r '9 1 'Z' if . , X, wa ' e---- ft Q. 1 5 , wit, . -gf, . R I A-9' 1, Hayes, Carroll Hayes, Elaine QT! ,, ! i s Q Hebert, Darlene Ann Hebert Jarvis Hebert Jerry Joseph Hebert Mitzi Hebert Rebecca Ann Hebert Victoria Hefner Joann Hernandez, Kent Hollenbeck, Reginald Hunt, Robert I-luval, Gerald Jagneaux, Joyce Johnson, Billy Johnson, Darrell Jouban, Deanna Kahn, Judy Kilchrisr, Phylis Lacy, Kenneth S f -+V fm, J., . - -. -1 X- 1 51 we 3 ff 3,8 11: 1 f J , x st l if is rc x may 1 , 2 1 Sir 'fix ' ,.,..-- L i ' xi Landry, Harold Landry, Sheila Langlinais, Willa Lantier, Kenneth Lariolais, Doris Lariolais, Janice Latiolais, Priscilla LeBlanc, Creighton LeBlanc, Randy Lemaire, Janelle lj I Lafargue, Deborah - A4Ql Lam, Dean 'f1- i , ' . ,-AV . - 1 Lalonde, Leola Ann , 4 R R 'Q ' ' " -'-,:. f fgr, ff. Lanclos, Michael Landry, Amber Q 3 Landry, Cynthia ,"K' S Tomorrow as 2 0 ,E fl wi 7' M- "qi af y '5 .. as -my ,, .jg J 5.5 2429" 'IQ l I 4 7 J aaaa QB, Z' E R ff f:: Ev' J1. ,1 I I - ' .L s Q 2 4 g M. 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X, lk 'E ' rf f-vt lt A , , Charlotte Champagne Rickey Comeaux Bullock, Kathleen Burgess, Robert Campbell, Glenn Carpenter, Deborah Castille, Earline M Caylor, Nelda ,... ,., M 1 5:53 W ,,,, Chaisson, Del Zi ',,l Chaisson Kenneth 5 N, Chaisson Olide st r-11 L Chaisson 'l imoth at Y 1 rr. f p , DI. fi' , JE- oisfi 3 ,ot , ,raise t tastes 1 B , t 4 B 1 sss B , I t,Z,rt 4r 2 Cindi Champagne Adele Conques Robert Choate Ray ford Constantine Gail Michael Clark Cole Martha Dolores Cooper Cormier ref IT . x t qi i . - : ff K 1-1233 ig KHTCH Linda COFTUEF Cormier Jerry Michael Cfedellf Credenr Dodson, Kenneth Domingue, Benny DuBois, Connie Dugas, Mona Duplin, Joetta Dupuis, Don Edwards, Rebecca Eikenbary, Bonita Falcon, Hilton Foco, Johnnie Fontenot, Jimmie Foreman, Barbara Forestier, Beauty Forestier, Betty Fruge, lxiozelle Gary, Wayne Gauthier, Jan Gilbert, Louis Giroilard, Calvin Godwin, John -Q., fg ttd Velra Cormier Michael Curtiss AA x ' ff H its , X i- 'in ai eve Q Delores Courville Sue Daigle fi t V if -J . 1 was . :Q Moo re 51' ,. 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M Jacque, Mildred Jaiiise, Judy Judice, Cynthia Judice, Aileen Judiee, Richard Juneau, Dane Juneau, Gaye Juneau, Wayne Kidder, Elsie 1 'QB "'- . 5 V it ,,,, 44 55 3 X it I ,, Mm., ' 3 Louviere, Charlotte Lyons, Cynthia Martin, Cathy Marvin, Jesse Maynard, Danny Melancon, Allen Miller, Keith Miller, Thomas Moss, Judy Moseley, Linda Q ark f 4 Q it with Mouton, Nancy Murphy, Carleen Myers, Kermit Myers, Susie Navarre, Robert Norman, Cynthia Olivier, Charles Orand, Steve Ortego, Steve Perrio, Robert Picard, Allen Picard, Barbara Picard, Janice Picard, Judy Plaisance, Verna Poche, Carroll A, xz , P, t..3X.y its , 'waz ., .,,g,, rw 3 QKFT' ' "Q, A as N kai it 'f F 1.1, .fr funiors Are , ,,,,, gl 3 ' I E f ft S g fi 'E s 11 t M S , ,,, aw Nr S M liii d if tr l t ttt, it .gt , E. 53 , fl 'aw V? .-wg, A' 12- , jr 4 'Q tr'-h WN ,rf-Q -gw1....g ' ..l: ' gn it ,iw V M 29,5 , mtg, , EQ.. ,W wr t t' 14 r-f':"- M as - vii" . JSI?" mm' BAK E A D w" ig 1 ' A 1 X fl --N , . 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K 4 I oooe X 1' 5 i. l"' K x l W . V 'N PRESIDENTg Susie Guilbeau TREASURER: Kenward Crochet VICE-PRESIDENT: Peggy Matthieu REPORTER: Georg Anna Landry SECRETARY: Kathy Lewis PARLIAMENTARIANg Susan McC1intick 5,3 1 . FEL, X ffcers in lass Election Abraham, Rodney Alleman, Burley Alleman, Susan Allemand, Priscilla an Allen, Michael Arabie, Russell Ardoin, Kenneth Bellot, Glen Bergeron, Lester Birch, Sheryl Blackwell, Gerald Aucoin, Clarence "'i Babirieaux, Sandra Baclon, Sherman Baucloin, Robert Begnaud, Linda Blanchard, Belinda Blanchard, Linda Boudreaux, Florence Boudreaux, Sharon Many Careers Awami Boudreaux, Tony Bourque, Diane Bourque, Ronald Broussard, Kathleen Broussard, Linda Broussard, Sandra Bruce, John Bowers, Jerry Bozant, John Bozant, Veronica Breaux, Larry Breaux, Susie Brewer, Rhonda Broussard, Betty LA Graduates Champagne Renee Chlasson, Dlane Chlasson, Erme eg g W Q, ? -3 ' IH ' ,,. If W N mga 1 gy. mf Comeaux Dlanne Q., new Comeaux, Larry Comeaux, Sandra Cormier, B111 Seniors Wear Thezr 'Daigle Crochet, Kenward 1 Elaine Dartez, Mike David, Glenn Decuir, Connie Delahoussaye, Gloria Preston Judy Linda Merlin DOmiUgUC Dore Doucei Doucet Sharon Regina Allen Beverly Duberuil du Bois Duhon Duhon -uf? Rmgs Pro udly Duhon, Irene Duhon, Kermit Duplechain Maxine Dwyer, Jacqueline Fontenot, Diane Fontenor, Glenda Roselyn Kathy Donald Daniel Fournier Fueston Futch Galler Linda Allen Harry Jessie Garrett Gautreaux Gautreaux Gautreaux at Griffin, Rodney Groh, Kenneth Guidry, Janice Guidry, Linda Guidry, Lynda Guidry, Sandra Guilbeaux, Betty Guilbeaux, Jeanelle 68 Seniors Begin to Make Guilbeaux, Linda Guilbeaux, Patrick Guilbeaux, Susie Guillot, Joseph Haddad, Carole Hale, William S wp f Gondran, Kenneth Gondron, Victor Gonzales, Joseph Granger, Phyllis Granger, Ronald Gravouia, Cynthia Gravouilla, Glincla Gravouilla, Joy XAL Q Heard, Carolyn Hebert, Hebert, Hebert, Hebert, Hebert Hebert, Hebert, Alton Heddie Janet Jerry Judith Linda Mary Plans or the Future X f Hebert, Marcia Hebert, Rodney Holloway, Linda Hornbuckle, Sammy Hughes, Nell Hunt, Barbara TN 2 KYN 41: Hunt, James Huval, Carol Huval, Joan Seniors Await Graduation Q .f -r ,.,, Lantier, Patricia Latiolais, John LeBlanc, James LeBlanc Mike Indest, Megan Jacques, Lucy Juneau, Sandra Kidder, Sylvia King, Brenda Knight, Louise Lanclos, Raymond Landry, Brenda Landry, Burley Landry, Georg Anna Landry, J, C, Langlinais, Elizabeth Lewis Kathryn M amer M ike Marks, Sandra Matte, Joe Matthieu, Peggy Maturin, Micheal Mayea, Dolores McBride, Charlotte McClinticl-4, Susan McPherson, Phyllis Mehal, Cyril Melancon, Alice Melancon, Eva Menard, Allen Menard, Jimmy Mine, Paul Morvant, Kenneth Mouton, JoAnn with Anticipation "S-., ax, 'U' Ni 1 L. it Mouton, Pat Mouton, Wanda Nepveaux, Leona ,pug .r"'Ni Jhxas Nepveaux, Leroy Noel. Rina Glivier, Judy iv y gif 'W' gi LJ. W- Seniors Bid Farewell Pool, Cathy Prejean, Cora Prejean, Russell Prejean, Sally Peterson, Belinda Pigron, Barbara Poinnier, Linda Primeaux, Brenda Reves, Kenneth Richard, Sharon Oretgo, Mitchel Patin, Glynn Patin, Sidney Pennington, Jack Riyoire, Corless Rhodus, Diane Roberts, Jane Robin, Merlin Rogers, Linda Romero, Barbara Romero, Cheryl Romero, Vernon Stelly, John Stokes, Brenda Stroderd, Ellen Thihodeaux, Bradley to Urthside Rowell, Sheryl Russum, Robert Sagona, Brenda Sonnier, Linda Sonnier, Madeline Steiner, Paul -wmv' Simon, Nona Sims, Lynda Smith, Margaret Sonnie r, George will Good Luck WE IORS! L AL. 5 Wilcox, Lionel Wyatt, Karen White, Kenneth Whittington, Alma Wills, Barbara Thibodeaux, Donald Thibodeaux, Frances Timmons, Wayne Touchet, Jessie Toups, Jane Trahan, Connie Trahan, Floyd Trahan, Janelle Trosclair, Donna Troy, Vincent Tullos, Sara Tyrrell, Sherry Venable, Henry Vice, John Vincent, Glinda Vincent, Melton Not pictured are Rose Blanchard Wilson Boudreaux Barbara Veillon Top T en, at Northside Names of students who maintained a 3.50 average or better, listed according to class rank: LINDA GARRETT VERONICA BOZANT GEORG ANNA LANDRY SANDRA IUNEAU LIONEL WILCOX SALLY PREJEAN BELINDA PETTERSON JOSEPH GUILLOT i x'x Salutatorian JOHN LATIOLAIS 3 LA, Letis Meet in 1971! C0'mC'f Une OUS J, C, LANDRY 140 Tessington CE 4-2435 JANICE GUIDRY 117 Eric Street CE 4-3156 nl , ,,.,, KENWARD CROCHET SANDRA GUIDRY 415103.11 Street CE 5-7623 136 Carllon Drive CE 4-0286 ' 1 1 if ,I I . ix . U. Orga zzatzons Q Q ii 2 pt... pp x5"Lx-fffbw 5455K K: Karen Wyatt, PRESIDENT Xl tudent Council The Student Council, sponsored by Mr. Robert Arceneaux, is one of Northside? most active organizations. The main project for 1966 is the sponsoring of a foreign exchange student, Members of the Student Council sell bonds, raf- fle a T, V, and have various other worthwhile projects. Mr. Robert Arceneaux, SPONSOR fl' fswssr:-wi asf: Hex, a 2 5 VICE PRESIDENT: ' R """" Robert Burgess Q if' Afro SECRETARY: Georg Anna Land ry Governs Student Body TREASURER: REPORTER: PARLIAMENTARIAN John Srelly Susan McC1imick Kenneth Lacy M-J SITTING, Kay Bowen, Barbara Cornes, Billie Mar- Kidder, Kathleen Broussard, Karen Wyatt. STAND- tin, Phyllis Savoy, Carole Broussard, Earline Vea- ING, Joedy Duplin, Johnny Harrington, Steve Orand, sey, Deana Lester, Paula Lafargue, Sue Daigle, John Vail, Guy Rials, Lionel Wilcox, Wayne Tim- Lynda Sims, Rosey Fournier, Belinda DeShazo, mons, Debbie Carpenter, Bonita Eikenbary, Ken- Brenda Mier, Deana Jouban, Faye Daigle, Cere ward Crochet, Linda Holloway, Robert Burgess, Tyrell, GeorgAnna Landry. KNEELINGg Cynthia Kenneth Morvant, Susie Guilbeau, Kenneth Lacy, Dupuis, Brenda Guidroz, Liz Kilchrist, Dena Terry, John Stelly, Sammy Hornbuckle, Mitchel Ortego, Lorita Angelle, Janice Guidry, Donna Breaux, Lin- Jack Pennington, Carole Haddad, Jimmy Fontenot, ette Guidry, Cindy Champagne, Megan Indest, Cyn- Wanda Mouton, Terry Rogers, Charlie Haddad, thia Judice, Janice Picard, Sandra Strong, Nancy Randy Shelton, Mike Lanclo, J, C, Landry. Broussard, Sandra Bourg, Sandra Comeaux, Sylvia ' LEFT, Mr, Faulk, as- sisted by Karen Wyatt gives out pens to the officers at the annual Student Council Ban- quet. Rosey Fournier and Robert Burgess provide ,,,, 1 . , great entertainment at Q . . . the banquet. 'WO' 'M Iffi 5 Viking Scroll The VIKING SCROLL is an official school publication issued every week by the newspaper staff of Northside High School. The staff is composed of students who devote at least one hour a day in order to produce a newspaper that will be informative and enjoyable to the Northside student body and adminis- tration. Carole Haddad, EDITOR gi 93? WY? PATH' W Mr, Kenny Curtis, SPONSOR Mike Dartez, BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION EDITOR Jane Toups, FASHION EDITOR John Latiolais, SPORTS EDITOR Beth Langlinais, CLUBS EDITOR 3 341' ,QSM . Q, Staff Members Wark Hard to Bring Lou Knight, FACULTY AD VISOR oh... NW! v- Sammy Ho rnbuckle, fwfr HEAD PRINTER Linda Sims, STAFF ARTIST -fs PRINTERS Larry Breaux Kenneth Groh Robert Ru ssum TYPISTS Arlette Bourg Betty Broussard 'wi Nelda Caylor 1:-er Judy Janice Gaye Juneau Eva Meiancon Wanda Mouton lm.. Newspaper Staff during a "coffee break", Us the Latest News Mr. Sock and Miss Stocking "VIKINGS of the year", J, C, Landry and Carole Haddad. Wayne Timmons and Eva Melancon sw" 'Es P- These students sold pro- grams for the third Inter- national World Trampoline Championship. Staff is always busily working. 86 Thor EDITOR - Janice Guidry Many hard, long hours go into the making , of a yearbook, and many hard, long hours are spent on the making of YOUR yearbook. We, the staff, hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you, THOR is under the capable leadership of Mrs. Helen Price, sponsor. 5+ X 'rv' 1 J. C. Landry Sandra Strong Mickie Schurz Assistant Editor and Classes Editor Activities I-Iditor Organizations Editor i Presents Its Edztors Donna Bradshaw Linda Holloway Kenward Crochet Ad Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Q M W ,,.. . -'lid Rikwjkieif, fff,',,Af. !M'9'l!I1 lil? E' g Peggy Matthieu, Sweetheart Section Bonita Eikenbary, Assistant in Organizations "Cut and stamp, is that all we have to do around here?" Q-ii THOR members busy typ- ing final drafts. own Nancy Mouton, Assistant in Activities Barbara Hunt, Assistant in Organizations Sandra Guidry, Senior Section Barbara Prejean, Assistant in Activities Lionel Wilcox, Assistant in Sports Kathy Lewis, Assistant in A Linda Alleman, Typist ?""'?b If X0 4-an-4 Michelle Arceneaux, Assistant in Classes 315 mr Cu-"P" 'fi Jim Breaux, Assistant in Sports jackie Dwyer, Assistant in Ads. Northside High Marching Band x yr 2 5 , . X . " ,Mfg Ji A d 'f f" 4, ,, XS . ,,, - . ww. , L. " v"T'f-ff -H , N -rsagffk " N 1 .1 Sf" x m V' Q f X X W6 - -MT 21 N,f" ' r 'f A X ' ' 1' AJ dew "ff 4 r-'Mrs fi , , V 1 qui, W -"1-:cr if-:W f?2f-se Q34 I 1, fig: v if Q? , Ll ' 'ie 1 ff' f, -A . ' , -'V A ' V", 'J ff Q A1-'X W , A ,V X E Mummy N15 1: Ni 1 .r xl, W I N J ,V K, . ,V Q"vr"v-vu I' ' , . .,.,f f' -Q ..."!F!' , ,,?,7,,,,g,, i E E f f ' . 3 if fbi? fx I ai 5 ,I W3 I E' iiq A ' X ! , :-. if - 'rw F -. . , 1, MAIORETTES: Kathy Guillot, Joan Huval, Head Majoretteg Janice Picard Belinda Peterson, and Drum Major, Wayne Timmons, o W a,.f Mickie Schurz, Kathy Guillot, and Tahnelle Ed- if 93" wards, Clarincts. -si. ,,.. . X Nancy Broussard, French Horn "2 ":d f" Marc East, Pat Breaux, John Bozant and Mike ' Mamer, Drummers Eddie Richard, Trombone b ,ig . ,ugh i 'r I if-7 S i 4 Cynthia Judice, Barbara Prejean, Mickie Schutz, Debra Lacobie, Lydia Albarado, Cynthia Butler, Phil Sandoval, Gail Heaton, Ann Lukinovich, Cheryl Butler, Rosy Four- nier, Debra Bonvillan, and Tahnelle Edwards. Ricky Comeaux, David Youngblood, Ronald Allen, Kris Bowen, Ronald Nelson, Creighton LeBlanc, Glenn Wheeler, Roger Cook and Floyd Trahan. David Youngblood TROMBONES: Eddie Richard, Jarvis He- bert, Gerald Thibo- deaux, and Jack Ford. steals a nap on the trip to Six Flags. A a r "Play it girls! 3112? ,i Gail Heaton, Contra bass Clarinet R- 'A f Q 4 ,, ,. 63 I if cf T 57' - 9 lS J rc 2 1 : 1 z : ' f' :f: ', r ,,'1r51" , t . 1 : 1 e' f, 5 in 5 f f ',,,,.,j' we 1 Mf fr, .1 , 3 - Q9 , - 5 :t E 5 5 15 -V 3 QV , ,' 2 : A it veil. M ,ef PEZ? ,619 3fE",E L9 rl f 'lQg"'A 76619 3 i fit' 1, 'Bgdi if rzmlggpqr , 9' ,gr 13 'WMQQ1 6, 1' if , rg - it R 4 A I in A SL' ll 5,1 3' xaqbq, ,v ., - ,, -4 tr L 1. 0 f Zi .1,f , "' ' V I " VM' 'V' '. ' A " 7 'Q' , . ' ,..f, ,l.. V. If. +I A p , fr' 1" ,1 . rw. -4 !' A" ' ,..-. . fx ,. .rg Hiro, rsfflfq , rw l"G.,,. 'ry ,iw ,ff KNEELINGg Cynthia Butler, Ann Lukinovich, Debra Lacobie, Barbara Prejean, Cynthia Judice, Sandra Strong, Susie Myers, Cynthia Landry, Carol Brous- sard, Phil Sandoval, Dian Guillot, Sherry Tyrell, Betty Farmer, Connie Trahan, Kathy Pool, Pat Pre- jean, Ronald Allen, Roger Cook, David Youngblood. STANDING: Marc East, Emma Mehal, Debra Bon- villan, Sue Ramsey, Mickie Schutz, Cheryl Butler, Tahnelle Edwards, Gail Heaton, Rosy Fournier, James Miller, Jack Ford, Larry Comeaux, Sheila Boutte, John Harrington, Eddie Richard, Jarvis He- bert, Lydia Albarado, Kris Bowen, Glenn Wheeler, Rickey Comeaux, John Salazar, Mike Mamer, John Bozant, Pat Breaux, Mark Peschier, Ralph Prejean, Randy LeBlanc, Robert Baudoin, Kenneth Miller, Terry Rogers, Ronald Nelson, Gerald Thibodeaux, Floyd Trahan, Creighton LeBlanc. JoAnn Smith and June Allums Sandra Strong and Susie Myers ' 4. tart rr' "5 r ,, x 1 I Kenny Miller, Bassoon or ' -Xvyljfph., I 1 ' te Mark Peschier, Bass r '- L , ff! li- ' ' W- SI' 4 , r' ,yn rr X L " 93 Much credit goes to the N, H, S, Band this year. The members of the band tirelessly work to make each year the biggest year ever. Activities for the band start in Au- gust with band camp and marching practice. Their hard work is evident in the excellent half-time shows which they present during football season. The highlight oi the year comes vyhen the hand takes a trip to Six Flags Over Texas. On the way the band plays concerts in var- ious places. F' 3 SNOOZERSI French Horns: TOPg Dian Guillot and John Harrington BOTTOMg Cynthia Landry and Carol Broussard Orchestra Section folm Philzp Sousa Award Winner ROSELYN FOURNIER Singing Ambassadors l,-,fl OFFICERS: SITTING: Linda Holloway, Presidentg James LeBlanc, Vice-President. STANDING: Ieanelle Guilbeaux, Reporterg Wanda Boudreaux, Historiang Connie Trahan, Treasurerg Ellen Stroderd, Secretary. K I 1 L ji: Northside is especially proud of this organization because of its many accomplishments. Among The Ambassador's many performances of the year are the Teaeher's Convention in New Orleans during the Thanksgiving holidays and the Kiwanis Club dinner meeting. The club is sponsored by Mr. Robert LaCour. ,.3 -i E J usa? LSU Rally: ,Linda Garrett, Z James LeBlanc, Kay Bow- en, Rayburn Miller, Wan- da Boudreaux, David Till man, Ellen Stroderd, and Billy Stewart. 96 r"'li 5 x dreaux, Charlotte McBride, Patricia Lemoine, ara LeBlanc, Pat Thibodeaux, Paula Lafargue, tha Cooper, Janice Latiolais, Ilene Judice, Be- a DeShazo, Debbie Lafargue, Peggy Matthieu. NDING: Jerry Bowers, Vincent Troy, Linnett ry, Kenneth Reeves, Ronald Guidry, Jeanelle beaux, Kay Bowen, Joe Guillot, Janet Hebert, ton Moss, Phyllis Kilchrist, Mary Lemoine, Barb Trahan, Pat Mouton, Linda Holloway, Connie an, Beverly Duhon, James LeBlanc, Curtis enson, David Tillman, Diane Chlasson, Mona reaux, Ronald Robicheaux, Garden Tinnon, ne Anslem, Robert Rouly, Joe Matt, Sue Bil- d, Kay Begnaud, Linda Garrett, Nancy Hebert. lr u ROW: Linda Hayer. Gale Roger, Mary Moore USL Rally SITTING Ellen Stroderd STAND Cormier, Ellen Stroderd, Barbara Theriot, ING Linda Garrett Kay Bowen Rayburn Mil Thibodeaux, Linda Guilbeaux, Marion Boucl ler David Tillman Dalton Moss Wanda Boud Wanda Landry, Corless Rivoire, Renee Cham reaux and Ronald Guldry ne, Brenda Broussard, Linda Doucet, Susie Breaux da Boudreaux, Brenda Stokes, Phyllis Thibodeaux ,OND ROW: Kathy Fuston, JoAnn Mouton, Florence 'INA fvq 4,0 f f r W ,If a sf HEAD-CHEERLEADER: Carole Haddad Cheerleaders Much of the atmosphere surround- ing our school is based on the pro- gram and planning done by us. We start planning our program at cheerleader camp at Lamar Tech in Beaumont, Texas. We have on Y display in the trophy case three first place ribbons, one second place ribbon, and our second place trophy in senior division. Probably our most treasured accomplishment is the "SPIRIT STICK! " SENIORS J. C. Landry Eva Melancon 9 Hr- wg5,x, 1?""'v Debbie Bonita Carpenter Eikenbary 51, 7- ..,, , r , ,, r - ,.v., he iff Tr M 4 5 Phyllis Thibodeaux "Farewe1l! Promote Spirit Holding the SPIRIT STICK at La- mar Tech are the six N, H, S, Cheerleaders! iii , L I xx, i, Vczlkyries Promote Spirit , '5""'W st' Aves The main objectives ofthe Valkyries are to support the football and basketball teams at games and pep rallies and to promote school spirit. Many weeks are spent in preparing for half-time shows and for the Christmas andthe Homecoming parades. The other activities of the Valkyries are the selling of football pennants and an an- nual talent show Any girl from the 9th to 12th grade who makes and main- tains a term average of "C" or better is eligible for mem- bership in the Valkyries. PRESIDENT: Paula Lalfargue DRILL LEADER: Susie Guilbeau SECRETARY: Ruth Taylor REPORTER: Sally Prejean TREASURER: Susan Alleman REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE Jeanne Klumpp .und ,A A-mfg' N .mfg r, K . I A, ,X if ,Mr , V Q I G R ,r Lug ZW Manga.. .. . , 1.9 l , if .r ,Hi 'lf ww- Q, ' ' f --rl, ', . -- , 4' ,. , 1 5 . ff' x ' .1 f, " ' - - ,r , 'iv 'iffy' I A-5f'rts?Er'nz:QQ Q' " ' " . " . . '71, -t if Q ' 5 if W' Liffm " 'assi' . ,.Q'.+rfZ' r .. i s W ' S - A 3 g . fa. , -11, 7 1 , . . ""' i' t - .r w f .. , me-cs ,,.,. ' "15""' f f-vflilaaa-an . ,,.,. v f H aw -. 2- - - H: . - f- ,V 'ff Euan-rm, r ' H ' .L ft' ff' wwf? w1m4,f:as'awr.,,f,,ggg,r?i"'f"t g t k A xlnrnm1uafrnnxq1.:1r.'sv3ru11pm,,- .ig--sn W kmwmewlwr '' ' f fr' - - " ,,q - ff -, F' Yfiw - fam' ' r Y ' rr' '- f -- - rf, .. , W-Qs' A--r N.,,,rr.m,: ,-f.1,.g E ,. ,.,., I T ' -ff- ' ffii my .,.,, vi, , ,,,v , - - 1- Web? fi, Ma, ,, -,:W w.M- ,E I W Q -. , ,gi g ,, 7.. ,. ,. 1 "ng -1-31' .. - ---'f f y 'H f,-f ' L' T , . . if .g ,,x'fa. f-.1,,1w1 ij J vizf-wf. 1-'rr2':f'f'w .,',. f L " , 1 - .2 . " 1 .' x ' , " 1 "fat at or vxswge' H , A N E , W 1 I 5 .. ,3 :: J:,r , Y" ' : . I K, ,gint Af .5 5 , Us ' N - 11 :3 J 'mv f. , r g 1 A --- - ,,,, ., ,r rg.: 1, If , .m.,. 5r,u waz 1 5 V W. Z J ., ,M ,gg ,:S1,ffsg'fxQ , ,51, afw. L 's .5 ' J., I ,, fy, ,, -3- Q fr- . , - ' I +I tg , 2 ,A ,- f r L ,:, Q Lf if VM, S 2 4. ' A r , g a. M ., hz, A it H9 E If , Q, , r ,Q X ' by ,, . Y rffifervlf wr 1 A 4' mga- , V J ' I . J Q, , . ' ' iff 'll L' ffm., - ' " 1 f ' .- -' . 'J , ..1 1 1 . , . 4 if-'Y05:z?7Qf'fY431'.. 1 ' , , A if -a was ' ' ,af 1 1 W .4:r,rr,,v4-fini-M--q w W kim-. it D 'L Y .- , .330 , i . , il r l. , ' - - V f - ' f 1 .i - 2 , 4 ' 'twmiw 'es'-wifi-.Eli .V : ra + . L A H 5 x D , ,dh V of 1 . 1. V 3 rg r f l we : Y? W , ,L ,, H ia' lyji,-:Q M 1Sa." fff" .- V ' 1, ,W -ga, .-fe , , K Y R X M Ma. ,.., sw .tl r . ., V, ,. ,C W ,. ,,.,, .V ,,Kf5,m,.f,1rg- 'za f' Mi. rf ew 4 ,,, " f r I 2 - A- -R 4 1 . . .,.. -ff 5 V YA , C I ff We" .37 ' F-N? ii' 'ani231-3z32riff'f,Q,al " f 4 2 25,-1-'VI' . -'f'f'-Wk1,,'?2Li5'5'7372-' , W ft - ,ist-'? '+:- V ' 551 X ' ' -1 FWS ia. " "-,fel-1--3f"L.S2-"', -,fqqotir rwwwe -rf"'-.-,,'?4wv fceffwv iv ..,, . A fi -- 1':j31,- " HH' ,go . , r1""4rf'W,'Liar-:H--fr:-rf" 2 V-ww -4 1, 'afffae' ,fr,dur If' :.11pi?7fk!-qrtyp.-N M. as-fy-y'p's,,f:rlg2-,,.,s ff :w rt 'L " .,- 73- , ,ff M A f, .X W, Hy:-fy,-ar c , ,ra fy, ' ,a-M,-f.. V Q- H -, -yi'w. ff"'2 DRUMMERSg Peggy DeRousselle, Shirley Haddad, Linda Guidry, Lou Knight, Barbara Richards, Ellen Strodard, Kay Begnaud, and Debbie Lalzargue, SENIORS: Janice Guidry, Lou Knight, Sally Prejean, Susan Alle- man, Susie Guilbeaux, and Sheryl Rowell. is "'vx 'F fir C Lcrrita Angelle Kay Begnaud Sue Billeaud Charlotte Badeaux Sharon Bordens Wanda Boudreaux Cathy Broussard Kathy Bullock Debbie Comeaux Karen Cormier Sue Daigle Peggy Dellousselle lOl Marie DeShazo Debbie Duhon Joy Grouvillia Dardanella Guidry Janice Guidry Linda Guidry Sandra Guidry Lelia Guillor Shirley Haddad Darlene Hebert 'Q' Heddie Hebert Barbara Hunt Aileen Judice Judy Kahn Elizabeth Key Lou Knight Debbie Lallargue Barbara LeBlanc Jackie Magnon Jody Richard Barbara Richards Sheryl Rowell Ellen Strodard Bernell Tauzin Connie Trahan gg ING Russell Prejean Homer Bellot Peggy A d Z4 Les Amis d' Art is composed of out- standing students in the field of art. The club's cultural projects throughout the year include: field trips, art work for civic organizations, and participa- tion in various art contests throughout the city and state. This busy year is highlighted with banquets, parties, and picnics. OFFICERS: Kathy Lewis, Vice- Presidentg Glenn Wheeler, Treas- urerg Regina duBois, Secretary, Susan McClintick, Reporterg Wayne Timmons, President, Beta is a National Honor Society in which only students who average 3. O or better are members, The Beta members who wish may attend the convention which is held in Baton Rouge. This year our theme is "Don't be Old Fashioned. " The girls wear granny dresses and the boys dress accordingly. The club is co-sponsored by Mrs. Kellner and Mrs. Harrington. Beta Club Attend 1 -A--1 t l Yi X ' AI fs SITTING: Karen Wyatt, Secretaryg Cynthia Iudice, President. STAND- ING: Mrs. Harrington, Co-spon- sorg GeorgAnna Landry, Reporterg Robert Burgess, Vice-Presidentg Sally Prejean, Treasurerg Mrs. Kellner, Co-sponsor. L Convention as Grannies ., -: A 31. ' ' 2 V' Us in .. 1, .f , D'i5',.1.Q-f.. Ax' FIRST ROW: Kay Bowen, Wanda Boudreaux, Debbie Pool, Lana Snead. SECOND ROW: Billie Martin, Shiela Landry, Barbara Cornes, Pricillia Latiolais, Linda Conques, Brenda Guidroz, Cynthia Comeaux, Jackie Magnon, Sue Daigle, Dardanella Guidry, ff 1' J x one-r N Q W V x X n 1 ' Ill ' , - V L..-. fwqmr W, 3 - at .N Paula Lafargue, Phyllis Savoy, Brenda Viator, Kath- leen Bullock, Kathleen Broussard, Rebecca Edwards, Sandra Juneau. THIRD ROW: Sharon Richard, Susan Alleman, Ann Lukinovich, June Griffen, Susan Bruce Linda Garret, Diane Guillot, Janice Picard, Susan McClintock, Belinda Peterson, Nancy Broussard, Sandra Guidry, Janice Guidry, Veronica Bozant. FOURTH ROW: John Harrington, Sandra Strong, William Wilcox, Barbara Prejean, Sue Ramsey, Steve Tarver, Benny Domingue, Guy Rials, John Latiolais, Steve McKee, Lionel Wilcox, Kenward Crochet, Eva Melancon, Mitchel Ortego, Harold Benoit. IO5 C R 'Bi a iv 1 4, WI Key lub Key Club International is the fastest growing service club in North America, with a new club formed each day. The Northside Key Club itself, made up of the "key" boys in the school, is grow- ing larger and more efficient. They are not letting the grass grow under their feet, Project upon project is suc- cessfully completed for the benefit of our school, community, and churches. Key Clubbers through their experiences have learned to serve humanity unself- ishly and develop into good citizens of the future, Of the twenty-two mem- bers, nine Key Clubbers are on the Stu- dent Council, many are athletes, and four are presidents of school clubs. On the serious side, Key Clubbers learn to put spiritual objectives before material needs. On the lighter side, they en- joy fellowship and good times together which they will always remember. Robert and Guy look over the college cata logs which they obtained for the school. x ,Cf Civ, fp, xi' -'Ammo OFFICERS: President, Lionel Wilcox: Vice- President, Art Ramsey, Sponsor, Mr. Four- cadeg Secretary, Robert Burgess Sweetheart, Kathy Lewis, Treasurer, Kenward Crochet, Parliamentarian, Joe Guillotg Reporter, William Wilcox. vil ' FIRST ROW: Creighton LeBlanc, Kenneth Lacy. SECOND ROW: Steve McKee, Leo- nard Breaux, Wayne Timmons, John Harrington, Kenneth Morvant, Guy Rials, Steve Tarver. THIRD ROW: Donald Taylor, Kenneth Dodson, Glenn Wheeler, Kenneth White, Rickey Vail, John Latiolais, Steve Orand. Serves the School and the City 0""1 Key Clubbers usher at Municipal Audi- and repair the school sign as a school torium as a city project project. l07 "l'd like 5555 plates of barbecue, please!" Lionel presents Mr. Primeaux with the turkey the Key Club rafiles each year, Key Club assists Student Council in registering alumni. Key Clubbers touching up what was -once messed up Qby L, H, s, J. , 1 . 1 Literary lub ,Hw,,,,.V' e 4,,L- A A W-WM X,.a,ff fd M-m"" 'ilg i AYAAi" A76 ig ' 1 , 'K , r-. ,. it M OFFICERS and MEMBERS: Barbara Comes, Presidentg STANDING, Sandra Bourg, Secretary- Treasurerg Linda Thibodeaux, Reporterg Jan l-larringtong Tahnelle Edwards, Vice Presidentg David Tillrnang Mr, Bourque, Sponsorg Ivy Bihmg Janice Latiolais. Not pictured is Mrs. Bran- ton, Sponsor. The Quill and Scroll Club exists to promote fellowship among students who are interest- ed in good literature and creative writing. During the regular club meetings, the mem- bers discuss books, give book reviews, and do creative writing. The fall project for the club is a Book Fairg the spring activities center around the pub- lication of a booklet of original poems written by students of Northside. 'I l'l I I A gi :gmm HTH fwfr fe sfafefefyg Wg!! : : 2 liz 1 ,r,l,!,l ltlllrl ' r'l,l 422m , ,e ..t w r 1. . 7 Mitt. 5 liI,l'l,t ' el' l'lgl I l'l IAIQI4 vlvlv A'Pll KNEELINGQ Jerry Hebert, Ernest Broussard, Harold Benoit, Kenneth Lacy, Odile Chaisson, Steve Orte- go, Glenn Prejean, Terry Rogers, Mike Morvant, Jack Pennington, Donald Taylor, Kenneth Dodson, Mike Allen, Wayne Garyjjohn Latiolais. STAND- ING: Allen Menard, Mitchel Ortego, Lionel Wil- Pt' 99 The "N" Club is composed of all the lettermen and managers of varsity sports. The aims of the club are to promote all sports at Northside and to raise the stand- ards of the school. The club is sponsored by Coach Jim O'Con- nor. OFFICERS: Kenward Crochet, President, Galen Boutte, Vice President, Kenneth White, Secretary-Treasurerg John Stelly Sergeant-at-arms. IIO cox, Bernis Lemaire, Doug Duhon, Paul Mine, Ray burn Miller, Charles Benoit, Rodney Griffin, Joe Guillot, Jerry Chiasson, Cy Mehal, Donald Thi- bodeaux, Jim Breaux, Larry Breaux, and Charles Begnaud. F- 3 - ll ll I n,u.t:r,u 4-H Club Sponsored by Mr, Goins and Mrs, Baker, the 4-H Club is open to students who are interested in im- proving themselves and their com- munities. The four I-l's represent head, heart, hands, and health, ' OFFICERS: Sylvia Kidder, Presidentg Dardanella Q Guidry, Vice-President, Sandra Juneau, Secretary, Kathleen Broussard, Treasurer, Mr. Goins, Sponsor, Adele Conques, Reporter, Ann Lukinovich and Randy ' LeBlanc, Recreation Leaders, Jarvis Hebert, Parlia- mentariang Mrs. Baker, Sponsor. ,gs- ,ff l SITTINGE Jackie M3gHOf1, Sheila Lalidfy, Goins, Adele Conques, Ann Lukinovich, Judy Doucet and Kermit Duhon. STAND- Randy LeBlanc, Jarvis Hebert and Mrs, ING: Sylvia Kidder, Dardanella Guidry, Baker, Sandra Juneau, Kathleen Broussard, Mr, 1 'W' Z. f 5 J ff I W.. RALLY STUDENTS: FIRST ROW, Dian Guillot, Char- lotte Champagne, Jan Gauthier, Paula LaFargue, GeorgAnna Landry. SEC- OND ROWg Debbie Car- penter, Karen Wyatt, Sandra Bourg, Kay Beg- naud, Lynda Pool, Susie Guilbeaux. THIRD ROW5 J, C, Landry, Robert Bur- gess, Mack Stromer, Kath- leen Burch, Eva Melancon, Sheryl Birch, Kenneth Mor- vant, Glenn Arceneaux, Thomas Miller, FOURTH ROWg Bradley Thibodeaux, Joe Guillot, Al Robicheaux. ' , ... 1 I I I 2 rt 4 5 I I 9 2 Speech lub Produces Toi Many long, hard working hours go into the Speech Club. The students and sponsor prepare for rallies , which are held throughout ' the year all over the state. The big event everyone ' looks forward to each year I is the Tournament of Champ- 1 ions which is held in Lake Charles. Any student re- I ceiving a rating of superior or excellent at any one of the rallies over the year qualifies for this tourna- ment, OFFICERS: Kenneth Morvant, President, Karen Wyatt, Vice-Presidentg GeorgAnna Landry, Secretary, Paula LaFargue, Treas- urerg Kay Begnaud, Reporterg Dian Guil- lot, Program Chairman, Brenda Landry, Historian. fl DRAMATICS SITTINGg Debbie Carpenter, Eva Melaneon Susie Guilbeau, GeorgAnna Landry Lynda Pool, Brenda Sagona. STAND- ING Joe Gurllot, Kay Begnaud, Bradley Thi- 1 - - Guillot Jan Gauthier Paula lafargue JoAnn bodeaux Shery Buch' Brenda Landry' Ken neth Morvanr Jane Roberts. Mike Curtis, Susie Guilbeau, Malcolm Stromer, Gerald Breaux, J, C, Landry, Sheryl Birch, Lynda Pool, Jane Roberts, Creighton LeBlanc, A1 Robicheaux, John Vail, Art Ramsey, Michelle Arceneaux. f13'SSE?sFaafe.wz24.':aff 1fi,4wff?'2if 'C"l'4Y,3fr'-w,'?l5W:!7'..-L-fr f.fe1r:lQ2c?. r,sN:wf1'. f The French Club, spon- sored by Mrs. Burney, is composed of students who have taken or who are presently enrolled in a French class. The purpose of the organization is to promote a better under- standing of France, its people, customs, and language. Everyone enjoys if French Club Banquet. P ,,.p-ff" " -swf V 1153 L - s' - o .u- vhiafilf . . K lim-3 -5 '4' , 'W.L'k Fig ww.. .- , 1. mc. It Qi V A 'ffl ' .V I .-Qi v, J .rw.f.?: '-' X vi, f1gf?',?il2...4jf if f :Af 'Pg' ., .f.r,2-'52 V- - r " rdf-1":"' , J AN. . A'1,s,-ffnzff. l.!, kf'1- , A' J , f QQ r .1-,. if -.,,1',M,A A , - ""'ff1T" H 5.5 Eaalik 243' f E ,Qggggq ., '4i,j+Q v QQ - 4 .1 at A e- - l. 7 " A V . ,, ' ,wr 'wt Q x 1 4 , Md ? 'ir -, if "' V y 7 ' -rd -Q Ex, -, , Y 51' LEFT TO RIGHT: Mona Dugas, Liz Krrchrrsr, Susie Berrholotr. Marc Myers. Ivy Bihm. Carole Haddad. Myers, Dena Terry, Judy Kahn, Charlotte Badeaux, Mona Latiolais, Charles Haddad, Louann Walton, Charlotte Champagne, Nancy Pellegfam, Leona Carole Babineaux, Thomas Miller, Karen Allernan IIS EZ Cfrculo Espanol The purpose of the club is to promote interest in Spanish speaking countries. A Each year El Circulo Es- at panol holds a banquet at il which a pinata is broken H A by the members. 'Ki , E OFFICERS: Phyllis Savoie, President: Jessie Touchet, Vice-Presidentg Megan Indest, Secretaryg Sandra Comeaux, Treasurerg Kathleen Burch, Reporterg Linda Guidry, Ronald Guidry, Parliamentariansg and Mrs. St, Julien, Sponsor. Kathleen Burch and Jerry Guidry doing the "Mexican Hat Dance" for Pan American Day' Phyllis Savoie presents Mrs. St, Julien with a gift from the club, Y ' Kathy Burch receiying Spanish Club Merit Award from Mr. Faulk. .4 3 Group of entertainers corn- posed of the Spanish Ill , ' Class. Kathy Burch and jerry Guidry dancing a flamenco. The "pinata" being broken by the Spanish Club. ' GIRLS: Ruthetta Beckworth, Kathleen Le- Blanc, Cynthia Norman, Barbara Foreman, Sandra Broussard, Gail Clark, Maxine Dup- lechain, Kathleen Bullock, Marie Boudoin, Eloise Ardoin, Cynthia Dupuis, Debbie Clark, Margaret Smith, Lou Knight, Geraldine Gredeur, and Jackie Magnon. 1 3 BOYS: Kenneth White, Steve Tarver, Ste- ven McKee, Jerry Guidry, Ronald Guidry, Emick Bonin, Ronald Allen, Jarvis Hebert, Guy Rials, Stanley, Babineaux, George De Rouselle, Murphy Leger, Ronald Bourque. blot Pictured is Ronnie Rebouche. Q iz g tim. ogg 52 "0 ...f-'Qi.-'. p llstlt srlrt a 1 Q s 3 Future Physicians 0 America The purpose of the FPA Club is to bring together the students who excel in the field of science, To be a member of the FPA Club, one must earn and main- tain a "B" average. The club is spon- sored by Mr. Kenny Curtis. 5.-yrs W I' s ss., yh x ? rslrs s f 44 Ot 'bylw 021 SRS V OFFICERS: Nancy Broussard, Presidentg June Griffen, Vice Presidentg Lana Snead, Secre taryg Jarvis Hebert, Reporter. MEMBERS: Cere Tyrell, Cynthia Juclice, Carole Wise, Sandra Gui- dry, Susan Bruce, Ruthetta Beck- worrh, Debbie Clark, Mona La- riolais, Pricillia Latiolais, Sidney Patin, Vickie Hebert, and Kris V I Bowen. Strive or Pro iciency Future Teachers OFFICERS: SITTING: Sue Ramsey, Vice-Presidentg Sandra Strong, Presidentg Kay Begnaud, Treasurerg Janice Picard, Secretary. STANDINGQ Sheryl But- ler, and Mickie Schutz, Voting Delegatesg Sue Daigle, Reporterg Diane Guillot, District Represent- ative. Sandra Strong, STATE TREASURER, l20 of America The FTA Club is a very industrious and hard- working club. It works hard during the year to help the school and community in any way it can. During the year, they sell do-nuts before school. They also help the needy children around Christ- mas time by collecting old toys to give to them, They also give a Teacher's Tea during American Education Week to show their appreciation to the faculty of Northside, Around April, all of the members, look forward to convention. All year they acquire points, and the top 15 members are chosen to attend convention. Running a candidate for a state of- fice always makes convention much more ex- citing. This year the president, Sandra Strong, ran for the office of State Treasurer, The club and school are very proud of her victory, wwfmmaarua " .. ' iisrr l 9 ,:.. . V - f Mr. Hebert listens closely, to plans concerning the banquet, SITTING: Joan Huval, Debbie Myers, Lelia Guil- lot, Phyllis Savoy, Kath- leen Bullock, Mitzi He- bert, Diane Viator, Brenda Guidroz, Marion Boudreaux, iKathy Guillot. KNEELING: Faye Daigle, Judy Kahn, Susie Myers, Michelle Arceneaux, Sherry Tyrell, Mickie Sonnier, Lona Boudreaux, Jan Gauthier, Bonn ie Anderson, Rebec ca Hebert. STANDING: Phyl- lis Thibodeaux, Leona Bertholort, Arr Ramsey, Linda Conques, Wayne Timmons, Shelly Fowler, Brenda M ier, Paula Lafargue Carole Broussard, Barbara May, Sarah Welch, Barb- ara Prejean, Deana Jouban. Future Business Leaders of America . 1 1 i r i i Brenda Stokes, Treasurer, Mrs. Simon, Sponsorg Rebecca Edwards, Historian Kenward Crochet, Reporterg Glenn David, Parliamentarian Wanda Mouton, Vice President, Megan Indest, President, Sharon Richard, Secretary Are Todaygs Scholars X future -QusinessLeaders of-A-merica under the leadership of Megan Indest, President, and Mrs, Margaret Sirnon, Sponsor, is an organization of young business students who are taking or have taken one or more business subjects, One of the main objec- tives of F, B, L, A, is to develop competent, aggressive business leadership, if: Brenda Stokes, Buddy Bruce, and Sharon Richard, Current Eventsg Sheryl Birch, QSEATEDJ Jane Toups, Carole Haddad, Mrs. Simon and Megan are being presented the second pl-ace trophy at District Convention. Mr, and Miss F,B, L, A, , J, C, Landry and Me- gan Indest. Xa X Lloyd Gonzales, and Joan I-luval, Parlia- mentary Proceduresg QSTANDINGQ Rebecca Edwards and GeorgAnna Landry, Spellingg Megan Indest, Miss F. B, l., A, , I, C, Land- ry, Mr, F.B.t,A, ,LQ BMW SITTING: J. C. Landry, Sara Tullos, Brenda Sagona, Glinda Grauvoilla, Leona Nepeaux, Brenda Landry, Cora Prejean, Donna Trosclair, Janice Guidry, Jane Toups, Rhonda Brewer, Carole Haddad, Phyllis Granger, Ronald Bour- que. KNEELING: Eva Melancon, Sally Prejean, Susan Alleman, Sandra Guidry, Joy Grouvillia, Sylvia Kidder, Diane Rhodus, Udll Cuaissou, Diane Bourque, Connie Decuir, Carol Huval, Wanda Mouton, Diane Fontenot, Connie Tra- han, Sandra Comeaux, Phyllis Crenshaw, Re- cg R nucnrlon Ppocm s f i UTURE EADERS MERICA C usmfss nee Champagne. STANDING: Margaret Smith, Cynthia Grovouia, Buddy Bruce, Beth Langlinais, Linda Begnaud, Mitchel Ortego, Lynda Sims, Sammy Hornbuckle, Sheryl Birch, Daniel Gal- let, Megan Indest, Kenward Crochet, Sharon Richard, Brenda Stokes, Sandra Marks, Pat Guil- beaux, Linda Guidry, Janet Hebert, Jessie Tou- chet, Geraldine Credeur, Kermit Duhon, Nona Simon, Jeanelle Guilbeaux, Linda Holloway, Jerry Hebert, GeorgAnna Landry, Joanne Cormier Cy Mehal. Discussions at F, B, L, A, meetings prove to he interesting and profitable. Many "officers" meetings are called before school and at recess. FINISHED AT LAST! SITTING: Peggy Matthieu, Susan Griffen, Mi- chelle Arceneaux, Adele Conques, Hope Lemoine, Cindy Chanpagne, Judy Janice, Nelda Caylor, Debbie Carpenter, Johnny Boutte, Joetta Duplin, Jackie Magnon, Nellie Simon, Patrica Lemoine, Donna Bradshaw, Lee Ann Guilloi, Sandra Babi- neaux. STANDING: Lloyd Gonzales, Dardanella Guidry, Linnet Guidry, Glenn Prejean, Terry Rogers, Johnny Foco, Cathy Martin, Jim Breaux, Phyllis Thibodeaux, Nancy Mouton, Thomas DeShazo, Linda Alleman, Charlotte Louviere, Mozelle Fruge, Judy Moss, Lucy Boudreaux, Debra Webb, Yvonne Boudreaux, Galen Boutre, Rebecca Edwards, Barbara Trahan, Sarah Nevils. FHA. The Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca is an organization which helps individuals improve personal, family and community life, Any girl who has taken one year of home economics is eligible to join, Among the many activities, FHA participates in selling candy, Mother-Daughter Tea and the an- nual Sweetheart Dance, The spon- sors are Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Culotta, Mrs. LaFleur, and Mrs. Mouton, . MM, A k V ,, +'-,V ' J R time A if XSKBRE M KEN AMERICA fi' - W.. -f ,, .f ,V rfb wk , V, 1 ii: OFFICERS: FIRST ROWQ Sylvia Kidder, Secretary, Sally Prejean, Treasurer, Linda Guilbeau, Corresponding Secretary, Dardanella Guidry, 2nd Vice President, Lou Knight, Parliamentariang Sandra Juneau, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Sandra Guidry, lst Vice Presi- dentg Kathleen Broussard, Presidentg Veronica Bozant, Historian, Brenda Guidroz, Songleader. " 'r ' - ' at e1r 1 ft M., 5 'f i It me It ' 'Af Z C . .,,ff . - l W ,rw .. 'rfa,,s."-ti trsii sf . "xg: 'W wf-J,-,Wi W FIRST ROW: Sally Prejean, Leona Nepveau, Heddie Hebert, Glinda Grouvilla, Velta Cor- mier, Sheryl Holloway, Sandra Courville, Brenda Viator, Cynthia Guidry, Hope LeMoine, Dardan- ella Guidry, Carole Wise, Lucy Boudreaux, Del Chiasson, Adele Conques, Judy Moss, Kathleen Broussard, Veronica Bozant, SECOND ROW: i 4, flu' 'mm Guidry, Sylvia Kidder, Sandra Comeaux, Lou Knight, Barbara Wills, Georgie Greir, Joy Grou- villia, Charlotte McBride, Sheryl Romero, Judy Oliver, Barbara Pigron, Marcia Hebert, Dianna Rhodus, Linda Sonnier, Dolores Mayea, Donna Trosclair, Sandra Marks, Gloria Delhousaye, Linda L. Guidry, Linda Holloway, Linda Guil- Miss Culotta, Sponsor, Sandra Juneau, Sandra beau. IZ6 -1' in, Judy Benoit, Diana Viator, Debra Myers, Jan Harrington, Dena Terry, Liz Kilehrist. TOP ROW: Mrs. Alva Mouton, co-sponsorg Bonnie Broussard, Debra Pool, Jackie Constan- tine, Brenda Goulas, Cynthia Conieaux, Mona Trahan, Debra Romero, Amber Landry, Bonnie Anderson, Bernell Tauzin, Jody Richard, Shirley Haddad, Debra Comeaux, Gayle Dugas, Lona Boudreaux, Frances Sebastian, Karen Benoit, Kathy Dore, Debra Angelle, Geneva Abraham, Nancy Pellegram, Kathy Giridry. iris Athletic Association GAA's main purpose if to encourage girls to take part in athletics. The club's annual project is to sponsor "Play Day" throughout the parish, The club is sponsored by Mrs, Dufour, - OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Ruth Taylor, Historian: Sue Daigle, Secretary-Treasurer: Rosy Fournier, President: Cathy Pool, Vice-President: Cynthia Judice, Reporter, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Dufour, Sponsor: Sandra Guidry, Brenda Landry, Kathy Lewis, Jane Toups, Peggy Matthieu, Class Representatives. 4 FIRST ROW: Del Chaisson, Linda Blanchard, Belinda Blanchard, Brenda Mier, Shelly Fowler, Carole Bab- ineaux, Donna Trosclair, Pris Domingue, Carole Haddad, Mozelle Fruge, Lois Pellerin, Nancy Pelle- gram, SECOND ROW: Judy Janice, Cere Tyrell, Peggy DeRousselle, Faye Daigle, Belinda DeShaZo, Debra Bonvillain, Pat Romero, Phyllis Thibodeaux, Irene Castille, Sandra Babineaux, Judy Oliver, Karen Benoit, THIRD ROW: Debbie Myers, Wanda Mouton, Judy Moss, Nancy Hebert, Phyllis Crenshaw, Sharon Boudreaux, Margie Darborn, Jeanelle Bienvenu, lline Veazey, Linda Guidry, Nawana Degeyter, Mona Gautreaux, Sharon Guidry, Dena Terry, FOURTH ROW: Liz Kilchrist, Charlotte Louviere, Linda Alleman, Lynda Sims, Nancy Mouton, Ann Lukinvich, Susan Bruce, Denel Guidry, Erline Vea- zey, Sharon Bordon, Deanna Lester, Jan Harrington, FIFTH ROW: Margaret Smith, Debbie Angelle, Mickie Mier, Lorita Angelle, Roberta Mouton, Mavis Hebert, Barbara Picard, Anna Bienvenue, Florence Thibodeaux Elizabeth Nickles, Isadora Quarnta, Sandra Broussard. SIXTH ROW: Debbie Pool, Judy Roger, Connie Patin, Ilene Judice, Jackie Boutin, Carman Hebert, Carol Broussard, Debbie Lafargue, Mary Lemoine, Lana Snead, Emma Mehal. SEV- ENTH ROW: Shirley Haddad, Cora Prejean, Elaine Daigle, Cheryl Romero, Dana Boudreaux, Sandra Boudreaux, Jeanelle Nuegbaroa, Shirley Romero, Janice Picard, Adele Conques, Sue Ramsey, FIRST ROW: Connie Patin, Lee Ann Guillot, Debra Rogers, Nellie Simon, Belinda DeShazo, Judy Kahn Webb, Nawana Degeyter. SECOND ROW: Judy Brenda Mier, Margie Darborn. Camping Kc Outdoor Education COE teaches girls the right and safe C , l g ways of camping. Each year the Y W S ii' girls take an overnight camping A M mp. The Club is sponsored by Miss 1 Gloria Hodges, mu W" ll'l' 'n"M'fW"rifrriFi or no .ff f S ,r s ,. .. , reer i A S irii s ,Cssi is - F k 'rx' S K L r , I, .. 'fy K V , I 5 .51 1 1 .,,,- X ' ,. ' g"n4,if g,. V F F F ' f M A nkk V 5 V , .JA r - L i, . , A , 3 i, y OFFICERS: Sue Daigle, President, Mary X h A F h in Lemoine, Vice-President, Shelly Fowler, 1 , ,,-- We T " 1-' 'V Secretaryg Debbie Lafargue, Treasurer, I if m 1 h ' Faye Daigle, Historian, Reporter, Behind , X is Miss Hodges, Sponsor. ' E S J -,, KNEELING: Glenn Bellot, Steve Ortego, Ronald ald Broussard, l-larold Benoit, Johnny Poco, Rod- Schexnayder, Marc Myers, Allen Picard, Terry ney Griffin, Pat Breaux, Wayne Gary, Gerald Rogers, Ricky Comeaux, Malcolm Guidry, Carol Huval, Melvin Hebert, Calvin Girard, Melvin Poche, Darrell Guidry, Ronnie Alleman. Stoutes. STANDING: Mr. Richard, Bobby Badeaux, Ron- fm Industrial Arts lub Mr. Richard, club sponsor, guides the club into im- proving the Industrial Arts Department at Northside. There are several money raising activities in which the club engages in throughout the year. They attend an annual Industrial Arts Convention and usually have someone running for a state office, OFFICERSg Mitchel Ortego, President, Jack Pennington, Vice- Presidentg James LeBlanc, Secretaryg Mr, Richard, Sponsorg Harold Landry, Treasurer, Sammy Hornbuckle, Reporterg Larry Breaux, Parliamentarian. Favorites J? 1'."'Z5 ,if ff- i f Q? D X 1 ff N 1 . I 'K 1 ' L. fl J' f Q I 4 Q .Q-1 . W . ' Q 3- X 0 2 Q. I, 1, ! ILL I , if 1 1- L ofms ' 4 V. 'S 1-lx.. 1247 zifgi ' . fr' Af'ff'w ',..elu.A fl 'EEK' if-5, 5 -Y Aw K, 56 gemfib- X Lzonel Wilcox 53- A Viv?-SQA af , 2 Ll 5 A" 6, W' 0241 1 ,isv .1 ..- JFS ur, 's '1 " ik.: ' lfeksi xxx ,. ,gfzvx 2.21 A A' -'l 'iv W X' 1 X ' , ' 'A M f I f' ' haf, ,f Q2 ,. 4,1 gif 5,4 'I '.'l r "el Q . 'Tc' J ,C 5 271 3 114 , A 'I JP 5 I, . E I' fd, N ji nl' " P Kathy Lewis ormxfvsxaja 9 0 U , H 1 mi' "4 , f :ian -A - ' , l It lx , :W N' 'i 'J ,I . N54 1 M -1, "' , Nga! , gal sy Class Favorite v ,, Nb. I, Ar ni z . K ,. A ff fu nf' ' ' My W If M - , Z: ' 1 X ik K N Q ' -ex mi? .. E? H ff' A ' e W W , , ff' K - , 'iv ' 1 , .fx 9 , , fs ,f Q ff SUR s SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES Carole Haddad Sammy Hornbuckle mile Appreciatively Q 0 I ,- I p.LvL 9 . J I I , f F .nf 1 . U L L, 1 f ,f x if. ,, - , , 1 M- ww- Q K W, 'Q J :f,.L , I- 41. g -NQ ,- L L , f N - L UR ff, ,Ly-L LL ffl XL L.. 5 if s f ' .ff f .L 'mr H L A L W, 'ps L K 'L , H NNN i 5 L L 1 ANN 1 I - ' Q .L .sf 5 Q . '75 44 Lg V, .I - iw- L v , L W L, ,L 6 L L 1 af' LL 1, ,L gf' X. ,Lf V wg KM :aw 1 -wa: L - b a - ' ' S LL ,L 56.1 K wr. 4 ,,,, f " 1 : w 'QL I. 'iff wifi '14- ,Nf--Mzf L+ ' ,L L. L-Y Q5-.4 14 f wwf, -' 1 L 'L ' M 3 FW - L - 4 L' 5 3 H L ' -L 'I Ln 7' fly'- L fm 34" fy, L . , L", ww: ,sy ' , ' L ' LLLr,q.g 'L' - H L - 1 A m L 1, t Q .. ! 7 1' ' L wa ' . L L' ,L , JL mf rf M . k " 2 1 LL-X L 'W r' y ' f' J ,WML L., ..,. L I ' -I L ,,,' f- , 5 - f Q in g V 14 'Q ,Lk W L j L I h 5, ,ig - L wax in f 1 LA, if-L 'yL K '31, 1 -ff , K f L, 31.5 X LL1 , - L-fi, mms? 'il' f 'rf ' - L an 2 , K' V- -MXALMW-1 3, A x ' - L - pq, 7 '51, L L, L M Q lu, QLLM L ww- -' A Lf:-A Lf: LLLJLLLELL, ,L , -1 L: QL 2, L L L 'w?x'LiwJ :ig :LL 1, L .V LL 5.5 Lf we I Q LLLL L - Q , Lygp-'ge LLw31L Xj LM Y 55 Hi .KL L A T' L jg -Lk-4,1-14,1 L L' -' JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES Yvonne Boudreaux Galin Boutte L f A i Q .:::,, . x -1 . VESQHS ,Eg . -W ,S lx.. sswxj Y - 'sg -,gisgsxigf sf sw 'F K .- fm, , SK Sift W' A .T ' fly f -5 - I f b - -2 5 ax-fellfj ,ia ss h 54 'X "NYY" x ...,...,s,.,,W.W,ss,, . y s Class Favorites K -FG 1 I Qkmfagxkg, , 2 3 in wg A ,L A - g v , , . E. Amt , .fn A -gg? 1 4 s fx 4, ' ' W. L. xi? an- YN V K ' . I K fwf,g1- an ' IW? 4 ' L. I 4 .. , A, .KV Q H, Mx. Y ,NK , , -fm..,- V ,sp . .,' ,ff N, ,f W fu., Nm an sf ,, , 1- 5 .gif If Wir 6 Q Y f fill , ,I , ,.M,,,m ' w, w mg , w .. as fs. g an rw. , Y "-.iz-AM 'fs M rm SOP!-IOMORE CLASS FAVORITES Faye Daigle Doug Duhon Popular Vote 'la 1 . 4- , yx, N 'N H- 1 ,L , by-V K ff K 5 KWH' , P- 'X v '. ' " . , ,-' gg K Q 11. 1 k , Q P ' , Q . ,, Q ,, f A , , N 35 . A3 l 2' ' ',- , Fig J 1' 4 4 My W ' . " 6, W Z", Qf A , , s. -1 7 '. A ' ' . my - " . ' ., 'r . Hr. I t , M ,, ..., , V: E " 'Sf' .f fy pf ,fit . 'A vi 5 f '95 5 A g LX 4 .X ,N 'wma 1 ' V ,ff f, i"F'fvxLfw Aff' f'av4a5w1 -1' 9 31 +- ' ff ., Q mj- , H V 6, .V , -hm: 1 - ' ww, x . ws, .if ,fy 97" ' ' ' Vg,-ina-11' .Mug Q - f' ' df ' ' , A ,, K Q.-mf , - .1 .1 ,V A, 1 at ' vm. Q 'MQ . N.-:aff .A 7 TH f r r V , My A.. 4 4 ky- I 4 'N' I 3' - gh' i KYJ , A . FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES LOFUH Aflgelle Bourque Mr. 62 Miss School Spirit W- . , Q, , a., , A. , .1 Ma .r'i., ' A an '- . 4.1 ' .. 1 X y.. ,F 4 , f P' ' .. my QQ' A ' K any w mf. N - . A , K f .,., , . W M sr A A E5 4' 4 ' N dj '. - ,' X I H. r 5 df f. I , ag, Q X . ga 9 .-fl ,..,.f 1. rx an y V aa v , V mv' vi .Q 1 -, rl ' -. M r A v Q .r W JH.. Q ' .1 . N 4 5 ,Y . A S1 ,H I A x A v X V A f, X' , A ' 4, v . '- . 3 sax-,7 Q Q . , H' ,,, M QL .- 'N K ' , Q , .Q A ,N MQ W . - .V W W Q sw . nj. , .4-f , wish ya , ' 1 A la L A, Q 'WA V V 4 4, f if ' ,Q rn- L . ' X, K, . " . ' . W .my 5 , xl M, , . 3. A, 'nw or ... e' Karen Wyatt Charles Haddad -re T h0r's Choices FRIENDLIEST Carole Haddad and Jerry Bowers ' WITTIEST Kermit Duhon and Nancy Mouton 1? A 1 , iid , ii A Q., , ,,... .,, , - 4' . ,A . f' ' . ja... il 1, ' -M , ..f K QQ- rawf f . ,,. , ,fa a . ' .V if , --,ff jf: L v,,, .,. 'alfm 1. ' Sa w, .- .L . A , , m map 4 ' V TW, i H , M1 I a,ad 1 ai -1 ff -'nw' , .1 A 1 , , W, BEST DRESSED Mickey Schutz and I im Breaux MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ' Lionel Wilcox. and Karen Wyatt MOST HANDSOME Rodney Griffin MOST BEAUTIFUL Peggy Matthieu BIGGEST FLIRT Rene Champagne BIGGEST WOLF Kenneth White MISS MEGAPHONE Bonita Eikenbary MR. LOUDSPEAKER J. C, Landry HARDEST WORKERS Kenward Crochet an d I Linda Holloway Sweethearts fffx 'S '-'N 372. W X fr f if KATHY LEWIS Key Club Senior LINDA HOLLOW AY 'Ther Senior WANDA MOUTON Senior Class Senior SUE RAMSEY I FTA Junior MEGAN INDEST Spanish Senior PEGGY MATTHIEU Les Amis D'Art Senior ' Mr if ROBERTA MOUTON SUSAN McCLINTICK Freshman Class ' Student Councll Freshman Senior LINDA SIMS CAROL HUVAL - GAA Industrial Arts . Senior Senior JL YVONNE BOUDREAUX PHYLIS KILCHRIST FBLA .Sophomore Class Junior 'Sophomore JEANNE KLUMPP JANELLE GUILBEAU V Junior Class Chorus Junior Q Senior CAROLE HADDAD Viking Scroll Senior JUNE GRIFFIN A F. P.,A. Sophomore ' GEORG ANNA LANDRY Speech Club Q Senior A. SUSAN GRIFFIN French Junior PHYLIS THIBODEAUX "N" Club Junior KATHLEEN BROUSSARD . FHA Senior SUSIE GUILBEAUX Valkyries Senior IANICE PICARD Beth I50 Junior l,,, N, JOAN HUVAL Band ' Senior JACKIE MAGNON 4- H Sophomore Leadership g9,,f-Q -i- Pelican State W. ' o 1 K 1 VLAV x,lVA in L K. , . ,. 3 V QEULFLQ4, QQXXCAN 1155! GW 1, 5, GXRXE4 9-5?'E9Tf 3yQLC3TATE Lionel Wilcox, Karen Wyatt, Georg Anna Landry, and J, C, Landry Leadership Con erence fa? ET "-74? A . 'NN Janice Guidry and J, C, Landry, YEARBOOK Karen Wyatt and Kenneth Morvant, SPEECH Two . .S. Students Place K1'fel,:" ' lx-, gr 115' . 3-1: - ' yay., 5 W Y 4 V , '- -' fl Q F w MV' T 'NJ . 11, BATON ROUGE, La. , April 2--Two Northside places 3rd in World Geography, At least 35 AAA students place at the State Literary Rally Satur- schools Of The Slate rake part iD the rally. Con- day, April 2, in AAA competition, Cora Pre- gratulations to our winners! jean places 2nd in Shorthand and Billy Gesch Ll i n tate Literary Rally FIRST ROWg James Pool, 3rd, Industrial Arts Ilg J, C, Landry, 3rd, Clerical Practiceg Wil- liam Wilcox, 3rd, Algebra IIQ Harold Landry, 3rd, Industrial Arts Ig BACK ROW: Vickie Burgess, 3rd, English Ig Brenda Viator, 3rd, Home Economics Hlg Shelia Landry, 2nd, Home Economics Hg Sylvia Kidder, 2nd, Business Englishg Ralph Prejean, lst, General Mathg Sharon Duberuil, 2nd, French Ig Barbara Cornes, 3rd, Span- ish Hg and Nelly Simon, 3rd, General Business. ev x X x x NMQXV t N FIRST ROW: Mike Morvant, 2nd, Industrial Arts Ig Steve McKee, 4th, Civics, Paul Steiner, lst, Bookkeepinggjoe Guillot, 3rd, Trigonome- try. SECOND ROW: Bobby Badon, 2nd, Indus- trial Arts Ilg Eloise Ardoin, 5th, Typing, Kath- leen Broussard, 5th, Home Economics IVQ Cora Prejean, 2nd, Shortliandg Megan Indest, 5th, English IVg Frances Sebastian, lst Home Eco nomicsg Sharon Duberuil, 2nd Frenchl Barb ara Schexnayder, 3rd, Spanishl Nelly Simon lst, General Businessg Debbie Romero lst Home EC., Mona Latolais, 5th General Sci ence, Mrs. Linkhart, Sponsor Seniors Win ,"'+""'N. l56 .wi E! Rina.. C OMM ERC E MEGAN INDEST PAUL STEINER CORA PREIEAN - not pictured M ATHEM ATICS SUSAN MCCLINTICK JOSEPH GUILLOT SCIENCE RENEE CHAMPAGNE JOHN LATIOLAIS Cofveted Awards .. ,..1 hm.1 A 5 -2 fl S R. if Q ' VOCATIONAL KATHLEEN BRGUSSARD JERRY BOW ER or Academic Excellence LANGUAGES KATHLEEN BURCH SHARON DUBERUIL .TOURNALISM .TANICE GUIDRY CAROLE HADDAD J. C. LANDRY - not pictured ' H - as cz Result 2 5 4 19" ENGLISH KAREN WYATT LINDA GARRETT nor pictured ! 1 E SPEECH r SUSIE GUILBEAUX WN KENNETH MORVANT E r- , 4-,,w-4. i E 3, El r A x A - B "v"M""bfs.-u-.,mwM4"' ,JBKUBQE N .Am.4,.. sem-w4,,, I Q,,,,,,. W. ,, 'avlw-nag., wvvunuewqg., Aaah.- mummy. Erik Hifi "'WffqQ Ziyi, Qwmwm ,Q k ' k K, 3' ' ,DMV ,f - f W K f O ... fTheir GOVERNMENT MEGAN INDEST VERONICA BOZANT - not pictured 5 f SOCIAL STUDIES X KAREN WYATT JOSEPH GUILLOT lbo Vp h 1 Hard Work During the Year THLETICS CATHERINE POOL JOHN STELLY MUSIC AND ART LINDA GARRETT WAYNE TIMMONS ROSELYNN FOURNIER I62 YARC Representatives Karen Wyatt and Cynthia Indice Youth Council Karen Wyatt, President Cynthia Judice and John Harrington, Representatives A thletics X 1 3 ,I .cf X "A u- 94' f R ff: ll Viking Coaches --13-fe' F ootball JAMES O'CONNOR A U, S, l,,, graduate of 1956, Coach O'Connor begins his third year as interior line coach. HORACE HARRINGTON A McNeese graduate of 1965, Coach Harrington begins his second year as tackle coach. Head Coach fl i ALL EN M EY ERS A U, S, L, graduate of 1953, Coach Meyers begins his fifth year as athletic director, Basketball CHARLES ARCENEAUX A U, S, L, graduate of 1956, Coach Arceneaux '64 begins his second year as head basketball coach. Track - ,,t,.,., , ,.,,,, ' A 1-if Qu , ,ttt t- - A 'm"I1, W- :""t mimi . ,t.. ... M .,.. r W - . , " t s p p r l 1 , 1 so A ioil i if 1 - i'fv",: 'Jli ' F ' CHARLES LANCON A U, S, L, graduate of 1959, Coach Lancon be- gins his fifth year as head track coach. orthside t R sl 'AR ., 1 -J 1 -X c G , 9 xwm' U V V , EA i 'll ll mt 3 ul 1? L Q ' U 4 2 H ai. t 1. 4 mi2A W A N 5 433- J A N--19 LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: Cy Mehal, Jerry Chaisson, Mitchel Ortego, Jack Pennington, Ken White, Joe Guil- lot, Ron White, Jim Breaux, Don Taylor, Emick Bonin, Louis Gilbert, Steve Ortego. 2nd ROW: Rod Griffin, Bernis Lemair, Mike Allen, Dwayne Battenfield, Herbert Schexnayder, John Bourque, Jerry Hebert, Ted Sellers, Malt-olm Taylor, Gordon Tinnin, 3rd ROW: Dane Juneau, Bert Bordelon, Kent Hernandez, Don Standsfield, Wayne Gary, Terry Rogers, John Stelly, Ken Lacy, Harold Beniot. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Morvant, Paul Mine, Harold Landry, Crieghton LeBlanc, Billy Johnson, Olide Chaisson, Connie Begnaud, Charlie Boudreaux, Gerald Badeaux. MANAGERS: Wayne Juneau, Steve Borclelon, Terry Vanlipps. Vikings '65 RODNEY GRIFFIN - Right End MITCHELL ORTEGO - Quarterback PAUL MINE - Right Tackle JERRY CHIASSON Left Halfback Senio The inspiring Senior Vikings gallantly lead our team through many hard fought battles, On the practice field, as well as during game time, the hard knock- ing upper classmen demonstrate their undaunted leadership. Confidently following the seniors and releasing a roar of spirit, the Viking brawn tumble over the Pineville Rebels 6-0. Everyone at North- side enjoys the long awaited victory, JoE GUILLOT - Left Tackle JERRY HEBERT - Right End Seniors Rod Griffin and . M. f,:'.ar-ia' 'R ak v. JOHN STELLY - Fullback MIKE ALLEN Linebacker FY lXlI:HAL Right Tackle pi Lkl,l'LgS NHS St. Martinsville NHS Abbeville - - - NHS Lafayette - - NHS Bolton - - - NHS Eunice - - NHS LaG range - - NHS Sulphur - - - NHS Crowley ---- NHS Lake Charles - - NHS Pineville ---- NHS New Iberia - - - f0U1HP a New Iberia end run- KEN WHITE Tackle JACK PENNINGTON Halfback J 5 Q Hr" - Q. 4 . TED SELLERS - Left Guard 45.53 :K ,h 4.. V 'K Muddy Mike Allen and Jim ' LOUIS GILBERT - Center Breaux break in to upset a pass l .. rms f Vv,,,-f STEVE ORTEGO - Right Guard Juniors Junior Vikings, leaders in their own way, gain valu- able experience following the seniors, Every junior plays with courage in supporting his teammates and opponents leave the field fully knowing that their Vikings are not weaklings. The juniors' enthusiasm proves to be a vital factor in boosting the team 's and the student body's spirit. DON TAYLOR - Right Haliback if iz .st,t- if - ,,.. TERRY ROGERS - Left Halfback WAYNE GARY - Left Guard Q Q a E 5 I . 1 gd? Av Q f , 4 A 5 Q AA f 2 1'3E,f15k7'fA,ffz5L.-A . A '.., f f :ww ,.- - 1555 SI AAA opponents from AAfA .AAs:A-Ai2A-- DWAYNE BATTENFIELD - Chafles High- BERNIS LEMAIRE - mgm End Right Halfback aww. . BERT BORDELON ' Center OLIDE CHIASSON - Left Gua'd DUANE JUNEAU - Left Guard JIMMY FONTENOT - Halrback , - MALCOLM TAYLOR - Center HAROLD BENIOT - Left Erld KENNETH LACY - Quarterback Mike Morvant, 22, R CREIGHTON LEBLANC - Halfback Griffin, 84, and Loui CHARLIE BOUDREAUX - Guard Gilbert, 50, get to th DOTQS ttom of thmgs to p11e a LaGrange Gator dive. MIKE MORVANT - Left Halfback JIM BREAUX - Fullback GERALD BADEAUX - Right Guard KENT HERNANDEZ - Fullback GORDON TINNIN - Halfback JOHN BOURQUE - Tackle DEAN LANE - Tackle KM CONNIE BEGNAUD - Right MIKE RICHARD - Halfback l72 DOUG DUHON - Right End JOHN GODWIN - Tackle ff Basketball COACH ARCENEAUX RICHARD BOBBY IUDICE BABINEAUX RAY MILLER DONALD TAYLOR ff Startmg Fwe MITCHELL ORTEGO 173 Seniors PAT MOUTON and MITCHEL ORTEGO Juniors RICHARD IUDICE, I. D. LAVERNGE, TERRY WALL, RAYBURN MILLER, DONALD TAYLOR BOBBY BABINEAUX Sophomore Cagers MIKE MORVANT, HARGLD BENIOT, DOUG DUI-ION, KENNETH LACY, GUY RIALS, STANLEY BABINEAUX ,V , 3' f, . 1 H- lfCZlfLSlfLCIfCUZS JOHN LAT1o1,As, RoBERT BURGESS, WILLIAM WILCOX Northside starts its basketball season as Don-Taylor passes the ball out to Rich- Pat Mouton takes a center jumpf ard Judice for a two-point jump shot. . . Lf... E Vikings Break 5 Record Y 'an.ivzM""XwW" ' ' gr Madame: SITTING L, to R, Russell Goulas, Bobby Badeaux, Glenn Prejean, Don Dupuis, Carroll Pepper, Jerry Guidry, Sammy Hornbuckle, Mike LeBlanc. KNEELING L. to R. Connie Begnaud, Jerry Hebert, Galen Boutte, Andy Mello, Gerald Badeaux, Doug Duhon, Donald Taylor, Larry Breaux. STANDING L. to R. Kenward Crochet, Donaldffhibodeaux, Jerry Chiasson, Earnest Broussard, Charles Benoit, John Stelly, EVENTS 100 yard Dash 220 yard Dash 440 yard Dash 880 yard Run Mile Run 440 yard Relay 880 yard Relay Mile Relay Shot Put Discus Javelin Broad Jump Hop, Step and Jump High Jump 120 yard High Hurdles 180 yard Low Hurdles Pole Vault 440 yard Relay and 880 yard Relay Willis Delhomme, Johnny Thibodeaux Donald Credeur, Darrel Stoute TIME AND DISTANCE 10.0 22.1 48. 5 2:02.0 4:40.23 42.8 1:29.1 3:23.2 47' 1 3f4" 145' 200' 1" 21' 1 1f2" 42'1" 5'9" 15. 8 19.2 121111 Mile Relay HOLD ER AND YEAR Johnny Thibodeaux - 1964 Rodgers Guidry - 1962 Willis Delhomme - 1964 Doug Fredrick - 1962 GALEN BOUTTE - 1966 GALEN BOUTTE - 1966 1964 1964 1964 MIKE LEBLANC - 1966 Lane Hudson - 1965 EARNEST BROUSSARD - 1966 Randy Eikenbary - 1964 Jerry Venable - 1963 Jerry Hebert - 1965 Rell Lafargue - 1964 LARRY BREAUX - 1966 Donald Credeur - 1964 Jimmy Anderson - 1963 Jerry Chaisson, Johnny Thibodeaux Willis Delhomme, Donald Credeur During 1964-65 Season Earnest Broussard breaks the school Galen sets a new school record by record in the javelin and places breaking the mile run record and second in district and represents tying the 880 yard run record. Northside in state. Mike LeBlanc shatters the shot put Larry Breaux ties the school record record and sets a new one of 47 in the 120 yard high hurdles. feet l 3X4 inches. Track Team Work 880 and Mile Runners - Don Dupuis, Russell Goulas, Galen Bourre. Low and High Hurdler Brent Breaux Janwr Varszty Team . ef L lk SITTING - L, to R, - Ronald Guidry, David Green, Ronald Armentor, Warren Bourque, Mike Morvant, Jerry Credeur, Clarence Guidry. KNEELING - L. to R. - Robert I-lunt, Louis Gilbert, Jerry Guidry, Kent Hernandez, Wayne Gary, Tracy Roy. STANDING - L. to R, - Marc East, Terry Wall, Rayburn Miller, DeWitt Lamb, Jim Breaux. Mon Hours After School Rayburn Miller High Jump N. Donald Thibodeaux Glenn Prejean Relay and Dash Man Relay and Dash Man John Stelly Discus Carroll Pepper H as Charles Beniot Shot Putter Good fel.- Season The 1966 track team is coached by Charles Lancon and his hard work- ing assistants. Although the team does not have an outstanding record they display fine sportsmanship. Paul Mine Javelin Jerry Hebert - High Jump JM 880 yard Relay, Sam my Ho rnbuokle, Kenward Crochet, Donald Thibocleaux, Glenn Prejean. Relay Teams l 440 yard Relay, Connie Begnaud, Glenn Prejean, Donald Thibodeaux, Louis Gilbert Display Teamwork Mile Relay - L. to R. Donald Thibodeaux, Glenn Prejean, 55, ,ln,nn Kll n,l e n nl if? wi? 'fl ' T' Aff ,JH Kenward Crochet, Gerald Badeaux. Donald Thibodeaux, track team captain, receives the award for the outstanding track man. A thletic Guest Speaker - Head Football Coach of the University of Southwestern Louisi- ana, RUSS FAULKIN BERRY RAY MILLER Basketball Team Captain DON THIBODEAUX Track Team Captain fn: A ATHLETIC -SCHOLASTIC AWARDS Awards RICHARD JUDII Outstanding Basketball Play BOBBY ADEAI Hardest Basketball Worl JOHN STELLY - Chamber of Commerce Award CY MEHAL and TERRY ROGERS - Hardest Foo LIONEL WILCOX - Highest Scholastic Award ball Workersg Ted Sellers, Jerry Chaisson, and '84 Louis Gilbert. utstanding Athlete JOHN STELLY - Four Year Letterman in Football and Letterman in Track. Track Awards e t x. I reerrr il trttx ERNEST BROUSSARD - Outstanding Fteldman, DONALD Tl-IIBODEAUX - Outstanding track man, and DONNIE DUPUIS - Hardest Worker, KENWARD CROCHET - Senior Track Letterman, Re- CHARLES BENIOT - Senior Track Letterman lays, "N" Club Presidentl Shot Put DONNIE DUPUIS - Track Hardest Worker ERNEST BROUSSARD - Outstanding Fieldman Javelin. Basketball Honors 'f 5 ii' RICHARD IUDICE - BOBBY BADEAUX - Outstanding Player Hardest Worker As a result of their volunteered time, MANAGERS and STATISTICIANS receive plaques and jackeis. WILLIAM WILCOX, junior siarisrician, receives a plaque. 1' 1 'Hg Footb MIKE ALLEN - First permanent Team Cap- tain in Football, TED SELLERS - Outstanding Defensive Lineman all Awards JERRY CHAISSON - Outstanding Back. ffflw rar- 3 H LOUIS GILBERT - Outstanding Offensive Lineman. WH: 41. ,sf L ,, L Debra Pool does a trampoline act during her P, E, class. l88 irls, P E Girls P, E, teachers stop to talk be tween classes. To build strong minds and healthy bodies is the goal of our Physical Education Department. In keep- ing with this goal, students partic- ipate in such activities as volley- ball, softball, basketball, tum- bling, and trampoline. Department Adds ew 1 5 ii, Q as Y ww" V " A -42 .f h 42-, ,V-LV,-LL Q-V ., , L p, V-, ,,': f, , , L -.KV ' V x ,. Li V ,fb V 1" , L, "vgg3'.' ' , ' ww, ,V fV w zL,x,V f,3.f..z? .L 4 ,,V G - ,gm 1 I V, ,L V,.,, 15'4,f"f'6V 1 V31 Yum V.'fi. , " TU -V! if ,.' --2: rf 1, ,. ? if V , V V' -,V i VV 5 " ' 'V' 515 "3-V iff V5 '-W . I ' f "V5.5,Vt:w. - fag -"' uf' VV' LJ: W". L' x,2J1,:f V 'V W "VlV'If' ' " 2 V K' ' A V ' V I-5'9"5llJX 2 5-2 MV'4'l3?l X- . L W Q 'L'f1'5 J V' " H l V '1 -vw 'V L ' V W" F V. ?? ,L 'iw' - ' 1 " ' i . ,-"' V 5 L ' ,, ,. , L'L,,,,.,' . gf V 5246-Gi-fmfbw L LL ,shi 4 i L V , L. L A f MV ,uv V- YL, W, 'Q . ' ' YW? V Vis L .M .1-fn . 1fV,,LQ.,! ,-,Vi V,,i,'?M Q .f ffz, Q hw , 92 ,L 1' -, ' ,' V .- V.-.m-ML I f-VY' ryan .HL la , 1 1' - 1 V :Q LL V W ' " ' "' ' . .A-6 fx ' ' " 5 , 4 , 'X L V -pf-A ' .Wg 4? V ' ,L LL "V if ' Z V HSA." X- 1 Lsw K V ' . 41 V -V -L ' 5 T'li"rk:LWi: ' V VV ' ' 5 - ' 'A Zh X L L L - f L m X f f ' " A L' V L, V if V ,Lf L , L, L i 'QV , 1-My L Mig, QL, V7 rj rkrrr 3 K C. V 3, I ,Ai V A ,V-Q - V- " fi ' Q Q " V' ! ' . QV ' 1- 'W' K 5 V1 , , VV ' 1 x LL ,. V - V- V -- V- .L V - L K, .V V L LL V,V.,V V f-" ,L VL 1V .,,,,, VM-L aw L L,V1wa--fVVVVVV- . ,VLVL L. ,, WV Li 4' Q, ' -'VV J aL - ,Q VL.L:L,VV V ' A " Vwf ' 'V jf?-fVV g'V Vf4:'4JV,V-L V V2 'ff' - V221 -V ' -, , , , L. ,L V , , .mf L ,W , ,V V LV L L, L, A L -M,-V: L43 ,L ' V L ' ' ' i 'J ffw' W K ff' MW. ,L ' -VW VW L, ---'am , L "QL , 4 V , V L , ,L L, L V VV V ffff VVVV1 1, W -V " ni .. " ' 'A -L 'L V. - V- V ' L'x?L14fafM"f5 'iw -IM., Ng, fjivyf'-'Vg' it V' V41-V? IV q T' fig, Q, 4,7 1 A ig il wet - 52: ' L' i ZF' 1 - " , L ,,VVL,, L,,VV,L Rf,-1: f VV 1 j f 3, ', VQL I L, LL ,LVL 'Q?7iw5'1,bkilffifkifff-g5?if5?6fe 1' :g , if g,L lf" ,, 1...-.mL,iJw-o-4,-,P W ., f, ,QW iL,,fHJ , L:-If jf? f 7 ,L i- Ly, fn 14, V 'Lfi'A,:1p,-gin'r..,V' ,.:'L,gWwVV--nVw-me ,' 1 V if 'YV-'fL i L ,A 'LLL -V1 V. ,L , ,L i, V 3,V2':ff.V" Vw V. A -L H' L V,-few ,, V mb LL fe-men, V.L Vi VV ,gw V, VV H - 'Q " 7 M- A -fix '71 i il - f1'ffg2T?'E, -L VVV f ., V- ff 'L V- in 'if' ii: I :5'f5'z7ffT'3"3LfV "W"W'f's9'fF47?55'f ilVV, fL,,,,,-- T ff' 73547 'V'WL3'dml Q ' on N :lk H in M L ZA LL K, -f,,:i,, 3.33 Vz,?,tL5LV7p-AV .L ,-9755393 V:Hj7?'i1lV1-yq9Vy:ggJQ R.1a,,,,2r 5: i L -,-eq L Mg.. f M71 -eff :L ,ggK1g,L , if- -'Vi .L - V V . " - 1-V W :V V, - - Li ,-VWIQQVV -Vw ,wry www-s'iifwiV -VV:-A " ff -. 1- , n, V LLV ,L qw- Lf?--L?""" VM L L, A -. ,L 'L NV: . 4r?S-wJ,'L:::,,:i,,V,,,,i-V Q, -, -,LL-fHLL A Vw L f 'Vg LX. LVM, ,gf ww v'f,.a,j3,,MZ9'?V'VLivrsdfaa-f:1Va,V,,,a,qw ewfwwf-'ein - 1, ..4,5,.,,0 M5 , wi L ' 1 .vgqfyfn L5?4f'5ff" Vw V V -A V -1 TLS' ' ' ' ,.l,.t,5.V W- A11 -'-.ew 3.4:-ffm, V-'rw' fV-LM,- :iw -VV.,VLV4Vw-aux' ,r .L -ly-Lf. w.-M',?'.r3.-5V.,i+:5g,. VV . ' Football is being taught to girls in P, E, l 4 Kathy Pool does the bar-hang for her Physical Fitness test. i Activities or ci Better Program - , , kits, V. I di., 9' K i ii, 1 This year Northside's Girls' Physical Education Depart- ment starts a new program of teaching swimming, This ifacility is made available to ns by the Acadian Hills Conn try Club. W i fi Q, K f ,N 9512-v iiii.. iit,, ,i,s , 1 i is iw? QI . .ef -- ' 12"'1,- I' ii. - f. ,Mw,,k, Activities 4 D ' fn G 'K 4' 0 rs X 2 fi I-JI gfdczll' 1965 Homecoming Actifuitie X--X ,X A J 1? I 3 1 ,I 7 4 ,V . Aw Q, - 5 We HS' A Xe. ,-.Q QUEEN Del Chaisson and escort, Mike Allen i onor Class of 962 M f s 1 J is 5 X it 92 ,, fi t ,Pl 1' FIRST MAID Carol Huval and escort, Mitchell Ortego I 1 x L,,, TL? SECOND MAID Wanda Mouton and escort, Terry Rogers yan' ff 1 Vikings watch as a Eunice Bobcat goes up in flames at the annual bonfire. SNAP... CRACKLE. . .MEEOW. These Girls Participate as Maid .1 'lt R 'ix ty .C R 6 1 IX X X tl Xxx I f 'X 'xt - Joan Huval and escort, Jack Pennington 1 Jane Toups and escort, Jerry Chaisson Homecoming activities be- gin with the annual Home- coming parade on Thurs- day afternoon October 8, 1965. Eager Viking fans turn out in throngs to line the Homecoming parade route through downtown Lafayette. I94 Cynthia Gravouia and escort Cy Mehal Ti se, Six' Judy Janise and escort, Joe Guillot ' xJ"',,,,. .-. Louise Knight and escort, Paul Mine Charlotte Louviere and escort John Stelly on Annual Homecoming Court l Sue Daigle and escort, Ted Sellers T 7,, is he E 4 Susan McClintick and escort, Lionel Wilcox On Friday October 8, 1965 a capacity crowd fills the Viking stadium to watch the Northside Vikings battle the Eunice Bobcats to a scoreless dead- lock. is N x A f-- ' ' my X I it 4 I S j Sandra Comeaux and escort, Jerry Hebert , at 1 sa ' s l lf, t ' - t rl ,.t fl Brenda Stokes and escort, I Dwayne Battenfield Lynda Sims and escort, Rodney Griffin Janelle Guibeau and escort, Kenneth White ri g s It qw I E, o s,a,,,,,,. ,.. .. T, , g c ',w' ,,i1 Q . 1.1 M mx.. R .m., r f r ' . r . Q so, ' .1 f ,. If it - ts rr-xi-P, ,,, " -:ak u 5 r X 1 Q: 5 gi it O K Q i , wigs, . ., Q. "Moonlight and Roses" is the theme for the sixth annual F, H. A. Sweetheart Ball. Sylvia Kidder, Mistress of Ceremonies, introduces these girls at the Grand Entrance of the Courtg Debra Myers and escort, Sam- my l-lornbuckleg Elizabeth Kil- christ and escort, Mike Dartez Billie Martin and escort Glenn David, Diana Viator, and es- cort, Bill Haleg Brenda Guid- roz and escort, Cy Mehalg Bonnie Anderson and escort, John Bozantg Debra Romero and escort, Jerry Hebert, Adele Conques and escort, Allen Menardg Kathleen Brous- sard and escort, Rodney Grif- feng Sandra Guidry and escort, James LeBlanc, Louise Knight and escort, Jessie Touchet, Sally Prejean and escort, Ken- ward Crochetg Veronica Bo- zant and escort, James Hunt, The climax of the evening occurs when Kathleen Brous- sard is chosen queen, with Sally Prejean as her first maid and Veronica Bozant as her second maid. I96 k,'- r L Dogpatch, USA. LIL' ABNER and DAISY MAE Wayne Timmons and Eva Melancon The French Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Burney, holds the annual Sadie Hawk- ins dance. Billy John and the Continentals provide the entertainment as the couples MARRYN' SAM, John Vail "git hitched" by Marry'n Sam. ,1 . 1 . Ai t jf .1 5 ,if ,IP 'Q P Jhiduiffh Q - ' Q. ' 4 i ,X R E l ,ins 5 V N11 Y 1 -f "" 15' -1 K in U, Each guest is presented with an Hawiian lei used to bring out the theme, "Isle of Golden Dreams". Junior-Senioz Lil' Bob and the Lollypops play great dancing music for the Junior-Senior Prom. . . Enjo .. .atleast Wanda Mouton and Terry Rogers think so. Prom y All -J s -arm' Linda Alleman places lei around the neck of her escort, Melvin Clark, Velta Cormier and date dance to music played by Lil' Bob and the Lollypops. I99 - 1 5 5 3 L 3 200 orths ide Alssemoles or ,, ,M Dian Guillot speaks on the theme of the program, "The Brain. " II at McNeese Rally. EQ V Cynthia Judice, President of Beta Club, presides over the honor program, Honor Program Mr. Faulk presents William Wilcox with an award for receiving a third place in Algebra Father Sigur delivers an interesting, in- formal, and humorous speech. Cynthia Judice Robert Burgess Karen Wyatt Sally Prejean Georg Anna Landry Mr. Sendon from the Optimist Club presents Gilbert Comeaux with an award for placing first in his class in an art contest. Mt. Faullc congratulates Steve McKee for placing first in the current events test given at Northside. Robert Burgess, Vice- President of the Beta Club, presents certificates of honor to students who have been on the honor roll five consecutive six weeks. Mr, Faullc presents Darda- nella Guidry with an award for home economics. Dian Gnillot Mfr Lloyd Faulk Mr, Sendon Mr. Paul Broussard V ""' 15. 2- g"-r 1i115!"ii:giisaw3' Y A m e 2 5 .. ' si: LQQQ, i , y . M - . , . - S ' wr- ' 'fwf -we fr wwe: : fair or 9' . , -1 .,,ac.m,.Q J ,,.. Hs ft l -s. . if ' A if W' ' f f' - l 41 -7.-S2:,SEi,iil,::s5f ,521 ,ggi 'ig ,N f Q, L f 1 'V -X ,,,, W X "Gs 4 ff s F 'qs 'Sf i . ' o AMERICAN LEGION AWARDS ij M ,j ' 1 Kenward Crochet and Susan Mc Clintiek , s 2 r Master of Ceremonies LIONEL WILCOX .A ,INQ- CIVIC AWARDS - QSEATEDJ Peggy Matthieu, Health Certificateg Karen Wyatt, D, A, R, and Pelican State Award, GeorgAnna Landry, Pelican State Award, Kathleen Broussard, Most Outstanding girl in the senior class: J. C. Landry, Pelican State Awardg Lionel Wilcox, Pelican Stare Awardg John Latiolais, Southern Bell Award. 202 Honor ight Program , 3 , J , jl r ,J 'K ' it I h ,. 7 ,,.., ,Q V , ,X ' '- I ' , ' ,T ,QQ L - ll roo t, 1 A ' 1 A t , - , ,,,, V - is ., f , - A r rf , 1 I as .2 r sq 3 1. ,,,, V M W , 7 5. 555 f Viz , L Y' ' .gl V ' fa, , iwisyk A U fU',, ': L, fifd lqf ' J f ' 5 at V ' fr! 3 !5 ,,?iA3l V, F . 1, ,- Ii A L 2 ' I V, TT ,f - 1-L I , " ,- , . Q' , . - A 'TW J ' 'tif 7 3 mr' . QQ - 2 ' ' 21 f I "if 1 - . , ' t -o r 'K' fill , i .'i"3 o , i g the A ,t f 3 I ff F , , i it 5 ta ' Lg I , L ,fl 3 fi g f 4 ,. lgaaxfryf K W - ' ' Tzfxfix, 5 J f fr . A' J B , , . A V Q , ,, ,. J H: K 4 1. H . are -- ' 2 J' Llp .- ,ilu .. ev- 1 M 1 rj 'g ' 2 .yi y I .-f u J M if -1'f 1 '. tKi'aW., 1i?W " ' -az .fm-, '- , , 5 1 1 A 1' - ' A I ' - it f-7'. f -' . Q , , , it I V f fi f .3 . Q , . A, if 46 ,. .,Vh Q iq, .tp .. Q Q J V -We U . W, lbir , Q W :L In u 1 A , Azx. , ., : , IQ A V. H V, yi ACADEMIC AWARDS - Linda Garrett, Music, Sandra Juneau, F, H, A, Degreeg Sally Prejean, F, H, A, Degree, Joe Guillot, Math, John Latiolais, American History, Sandra Guiclry, F, H, A, Degree, Karen Wyatt, English and Social Studies, Susan McClintick, Math Award, Alma Whittington, Hardest Workerg Jerry Bowers, Industrial Arts. SEATED: Veronica Bozant, Commerce Award, Megan Indest, Outstand- ing Business Student, Sylvia Kidder, F, H, A, Degree, Cora Prejean, Shorthand Award, Janice Guidry, Yearbook Award, Kathleen Broussard, F, H, A, Degree, Kathleen Burch, Spanish, SCHOLARSHIPS - Lionel Wilcox, Susie Guilbeaux, John Stelly, Glenn David, John Latiolais, Kenneth Morvant. QSEATEDQ Sandra Juneau, Veronica Bozant, Karen Wyatt, Linda Garrett, GeorgAnna Landry, Cora Prejean, "A" AVERAGE STUDENTS Veronica Bozant and Linda Garrett 1 ophomores Conclude Yea Mrs. Mary Alice Burney KSPOYISOIJ helps students make the Sophomore Breakfast the best ever. June Griffcu - REPORTER Kay Bowen - PRESIDENT Debbie Comeaux - QUEEN Faye Daigle - SECRETARY 204 Sophomore KING QUEEN Jim Breaux and Debbie Comeaux 6 vith Annual Breakfast Below are shown the participants in the Sophomore beauty tontesr itgflfzaliiiailnf ,....f' MQ Q, Q 'it P' it il nl - , Harold Landry and Daniel Boudreaux Qleftj make a lovely couple, while Miss Etouffee frightj smiles happily after receiving her bouquet of brown weeds. She is the proud winner of the Sophomore beauty contest. Miss Etouffee is not only beautiful but also has an enchanting person- ality which oompliments her clar- lirtg figure. Congratulations, Jim! You really make a great model! Below a number of the Sophomores enjoy the breakfast prepared for this special occasion. ,- 1' , 4, as " 'V' Y. fi, wa .,Q-me . 1,1-1 --4 ' 21:51-3, 1 Y 'u"'1f 355 5? '- e 1 gr ll 2- Rf I - qs, ful ' i' 1 tit, , t .r ' ' ijt- ,ji A 'fi :kk - ' 'lx ,ffgx El Ei so K , I, A V. Q ,. 5 ,. tl Q Q . gg L - f Q. : ?' -- t, .,... . ., , , . ' Iv! f Y fl Viking Relay Court K Wm LW! , . , V . by 1:sr,..,," JJ- v s , aqui 2- , V .4 ' . Q i Zia umm,-I .wzxmaa -rx tyzrfffin ' - ws , rf' . f ry o , W122f.f-ist.m,r.t , . .VM ., 'N L' 2 " . 4 4 'qs K ' "'i'r' Sm 'Q M' M r -1, 'W' r W lx i L , lL:i:gi:?gga.g1 .ir , l t as-any , . tr-iw ,L i!31i'w I , , '1 . . ". 'K' he .r ,ik . I 'I W , Qtcnncnatvnifili522325 1 Q wrt, K "fmt if 757' ft - iii J - 'F r ' ff ' if-E' ft. he 9' Xl J' .SPV , ' N W ,wit IQ 4 f . t 53: L 'X 1',, - r These girls participate as maids in the Second Annual Viking Relay Court: Joan l-luval, Carole Haddad, Queen Yvonne Boudreaux, First Maid Phyllis Kilchrist, Second Maid June Griffen, Megan Indest, Beth Langlinais. At right is Queen Yvonne Boudreaux with her father as her escort. 3. iss Cournes delivers a ' interesting speech the yearbook. Banquet Linda Alieman fabovej closes the evening by thanking the staff for all the work and effort they put into Thor '66, She then presents Mrs, Price with a silver tray, a gift of appreciation from the staff members. Mr. Faulk Cabovej presents a brief but informative message to the Thor staff members. Micki Schutz fbeiowj presides over the banquet as Mistress of Ceremonies. S- 6 ,ik K' .'.i. 5 - 1 , L' . its M A BRAHAM , RODNEY ALLEMAN, BURLEY Orchestra 62- 66. ALLEMAN, SUSAN Beta 64-665 Valkyries 62-665 Treasurer 665 FHA 62-655 FBLA 665 Homeroom Vice-President 64, ALLEMAND, PRISCILLA Valkyries 64-66. ALLEN, MIKE Football 62-665 Track 635 Bas- ketball 635 "N" Club 64-66. ARABIE, RUSSELL Band 645 Honor Roll 65. ARDOIN, KENNETH Science Club 62-645 Civil Air Patrol 62-66. AUCOIN, CLARENCE IR. 4-H Club 635 Track 63: Art Award 655 Art Club 64-66. BABINEAUX, SANDRA FBLA 64-665 GAA 66: 4-H Club 66. BADON, SHERMAN BAUDOIN, ROBERT Band 62-665 FBLA 63-665 Science Fair 64. BEGNAUD, LINDA Valkyries 635 FHA 62-665 NHS Beauty Ball 645 FBLA 64-66: Girls Football 65. BELLOT, GLENN Drill Team 655 Industrial Arts Club 64-665 McNeese Rally 65. BERGERON, LESTER BIRCH, SHERYL Yearbook Staff 62-645 FTA 655 Miss Mardi Gras Queen 655 FBLA 665 Speech Club 665 Horse Show Queen 665 Junior Miss Maid 66. Bl. AC KWELL , GERALD BLANCHARD, BELINDA FHA 62-655 French Club 635 GAA 64,665 Art Award 655 Art Club 66. BLANCHARD, LINDA 208 Senior Index French Club 635 FHA 62-655 Art Award 655 Art Club 66. BLANCHARD, ROSE FHA 655 GAA Representative 655 FBLA 66. BOUDREAUX, FLORENCE Chorus 63- 66. BOUDREAUX, SHARON GAA 66. BOUDREAUX, TONY Homeroom Representative 64. BOURQUE, DIAN Valkyries 635 FBLA 66. BOURQUE, RONALD Honor Roll 645 FBLA 64-665 Spanish Club 66. BOWER, JERRY Football 635 Chorus 665 Indus- trial Arts Award 66. BOZANT, VERONICA FHA 62-665 Court 64-665 2nd Maid 665 Historian 665 Junior Homemaker Degree 655 Beta 64-665 Valkyries 635 Home- coming Court 655 Rallies. BOZANT, Joun BREAUX, LARRY BREAUX, SUSIE 4-H Club 655 Chorus 64-66. BREWER, RHONDA FBLA B65 FHA 665 GAA 66. BROUSSARD, BETTY BROUSSARD, KATHLEEN 4-H Club 62-665 Queen's Con- .test 655 Speech 62-645 Beta 665 Student Council 665 FHA 62-665 Rally 635 Girl ofthe Month 635 FHA Leadership Camp 63-655 Rally 655 Cor- responding Secretaty 655 Jun- ior Homemaker Degree 655 President 665 Sweetheart 665 Outstanding in Good Grooming5 Altrusa Club Meeting 63. BROUSSARD, LINDA BROUSSARD, SANDRA Spanish Club 64-66. BRUCE, JOHN Science Fair USL 63-655 FBLA 66: Basketball 635 Football 635 l Science Club 635 BURGH, KATHLEEN Rally 645 Spanish Club 63-665 l Science Fair 655 Reporter 63-65. BUTLER, CHERYL 1 BUTLER, PAT CASTILLE, GARY Track B3-655 Band B3-665 FBLA B4-665 Radio Club 64-66. CHAMPAGNE, RENEE Band 635 Chorus 63-665 FBLA 665 GAA 66. CHIASSON, ERNIE CHIASSON, GAYLE Dramatics 655 FBLA 665 FHA 661 CHIASSON, JERRY Football 62-665 Basketball 63566 Track 62-665 N Club 63-665 Hardest Worker 65. COLLEY, EMELIE COMEAUX, DIANNE Chorus 62-66. COMEAUX, FRANCES Art Award 64: Art Club 64-66- Chorus 64-66. COMEAUX, LARRY Band 64- 66. COMEAUX, SANDRA Valkyries 62-645 4-H Club 645 Spanish Club 65-665 Treasurer 665 Student Council 665 Home- room Representative 665 FHA 66 FBLA 665 Homecoming Court 66 COURVILLE, RUSSELL Industrial Arts Club 64-66. CORMIER, IOANNE Frosh Queen 625 Band 63-655 FBLA 66. CREDEUR, GERALDINE Valkyries 62-645 Spanish Club 64-665 FBLA BB. CRENSHAW, PHYLLIS FBLA 64-665 4-H Club 64-665 GAA 64-66. CROCHET, KENWARD French Club 64-655 Reporter 655 Science Club 635 Track 62-665 Junior and Senior Class Treas- urer5 Beta 64-665 FBLA 64-665 Thor 665 Key Club 64-665 Re- porter 64-665 Mr. School Spirit 655 Student Council 665 N Club President 66. DAIGLE, ELAINE 4-H Club 62-645 GAA 64-665 Playday 655 Volleyball 62-66. DARTEZ, MIKE Industrial Arts 62-665 Newspaper Staff 64-665 Newspaper Award 65. DAVID, GLENN French Club 62-665 Sergeant- at-Arms 655 Parliamentarian 665 Science Club 635 Science Fair 62-645 FBLA 64-665 Parlia- mentarian 66. DECUIR, CONNIE Valkyries 62-645 FBLA 66. DELAHOUSSAYE, GLORIA DORE, JUDY FHA 66. DOUCET, LINDA Chorus 64-665 FHA 64. DOUCET, MERLIN DOMINGUE, PRESTON 4-H Club 62-645 Chorus 64. DUBERUIL, SHARON DuBOIS, REGINA Valkyries 62-645 Art Award 645 Art Club 64-665 Secretary 66. DUHON, ALLEN DUHON, BEVERLY Chorus 62-665 FBLA 66. DUHON, IRENE DUHON, KERMIT Chorus 63-665 FBLA 665 Home- coming Parade Award 66. DUPLECHAIN, MAXINE Chorus 62-655 Spanish Club 66. DWYER, JACKIE Thor 66. FONTENOT, GLENDA EUEsToN, KATHY chorus 63-665 FBLA 64. FUTCH, DONALD GALLET, DANIEL Newspaper Staff 63-655 FBLA 665 Honor Roll 64. GARRETT, LINDA Chorus 64-665 Beta 665 Davis Current Event Medal 655 GAA 665 Rally 64-66. GAUTREAUX, ALLEN GAUTREAUX, HARRY GAUTREAUX, IESSIE Football 635 Track 63. GRANGER, PHYLLIS 4-H Club 62-665 Queen's Con- test 63-655 Speech Club 665 FBLA 66. GRANG ER, RONALD GRAVOUIA, CYNTHIA Speech Club 635 FBLA 64-665 Girls Football 655 Mardi Gras Ball 65. GAA 665 Homecoming Court 66. GRAVOUILLA, GLENDA FHA 64-66. GRAVOUILLA, JOY RITA Speech Club 62-655 FHA 64-665 FHA Leadership Camp 655 Girl of the Month 655665 Junior Home- makers Degree 655 Valkyries 64-665 McNeese Rally 655 FBLA 66. GRIFFIN, RODNEY Football 62-665 Basketball 635 Track 62-655 Orchestra 63-655 Industrial Arts Club 64-66. GRoH, KENNETH Newspaper Staff 64-66. GONDRAN, KENNETH GONDRAN, VICTOR GONZALES, JOSEPH GUIDRY, IANICE FHA 62-655 Valkyries 62-665 Science Fair USL 62-645 Beta 63-665 State Convention 64-665 THOR Staff 64-665 Editor 665 Assistant Editor 655 Leadership Conference LSU 655 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 655 Student Council 665 Speech Club 645 Altrusa Club Meeting 63: March of Dimes Chairman 665 FBLA 665 District Convention 665 Honor Roll Award 62-64, 665 Editor of Yearbook Award 665 4 year Senior Valkyrie Award. GUIDRY, LINDA ANN Valkyries 63-665 Drummer 665 Sweetheart 635 FTA 655 FTA 655 Spanish Club 64-665 Parlia- mentarian 64-665 Homeroom Treasurer 66. GUIDRY, LYNDA LOUISE 4-H Club 62-655 FBLA 63-665 Girls Football Team 63-655 Science Fair 62-645 GAA 64-66 GUIDRY, SANDRA FHA 62-665 Songleader 645 Second Vice-President 655 Vice-President 665 Court 64-66 Junior Homemaker Degree 655 Convention 655 FHA Leadership Camp 665 Beta 63-665 Conven- tion 665 Valkyries 62- 64, 665 Homeroom Reporter 645 FBLA 665 THOR Staff, Secretary 66: Honor Roll Award 665 Senior Valkyrie Award5 Chaper Home- maker Degree. GUILBEAUX, BETTY GAA 65. GUJLBEAUX, JEANELLE Chorus 62-665 Reporter, Sweet- heart 665 NHS Beauty Ball 645 FBLA 665 Homecoming Court 66. GULLBEAUX, LINDA FHA 63, 64-665 Court 635 Cor- responding Secretary 665 Girl ofthe Month 655 Chorus 62-665 4-H Club 64. GUILBEAUX, PATRICK GUILBEAUX, SUSIE Valkyries 62-665 Drill Leader 665 Representative At Large 63- 655 Sweetheart 645665 Sopho- more Class Treasurer5 Junior and Senior Class President5 NHS Beauty Ball 645 Speech Club 62- 655 Reporter 645 Sweetheart 655 Mardi Gras Ball 63-655 First Maid 655 Student Council 64-66 GUILLOT, JOSEPH Football 62-665 Basketball 62- 645 Track 62-665 civu Air Pa- " 209 trol 62-665 Math Sweater 62-645 Rally 62-655 Key Club 63-665 Sergeant-at-Arms 665 Chorus 63-665 Honor Roll Drill Team 65. HADDAD, CAROLE Valkyries 62-645 French Club 62-645 4-H Club 62-645 Parlia- mentarian 635 Secretary 645 FHA 63-655 Mardi Gras Ball 64 GAA Reporter 655 Cheerleader 64-665 Head 665 Senior Class Favorite 665 FBLA 665 Student Council 665 Newspaper Editor 66. HEARD, cARoLYN HEBERT, ALTON HEBERT, HEDDIE 4-H Club 655 FBLA 665 FHA 66 GAA 665 Valkyries 66. HEBERT, JANET 1 HEBERT, JERRY HEBERT, JUDITH HEBERT LINDA GAA 66. HEBERT, MARCIA FHA 66. HEBERT, MARY ALICE HEBERT, RODNEY HOLLOWAY, LINDA Chorus 62-665 Reporter 655 President 665 FHA 62-665 Court 655 Songleader 655 Convention 655 Freshman Class Secretary 635 4-H Club 635 Miss School Spirit 655 Rally 665 Hardest Worker 665 THOR Staff, Art Editor 665 Sweetheart 665 FBLA 665 Student Council 66. HORNBUCKLE, SAMMY Industrial Arts Club 64-665 Par- liamentarian 665 Newspaper Staff 64-665 FBLA 665 Student Council 66. HUGHES, WAYNE FHA 66, HUNT, BARBARA Valkyries 64-665 THOR 66. HUNT, JAMES Football 63-655 N Club 65-66. HUVAL, CAROL FHA 62-645 4-H ciub 635 2,0 Speech Club 62-655 Junior Class Favorite 655 FBLA 665 Industrial Arts Sweetheart 665 First Maid Homecoming Court 66. HUVAL, JOAN Band 62-665 Majorette 64-665 Head 665 Sweetheart 655 Base- ball 645 FHA 63. INDEST, MEGAN Spanish Club 64-665 Sweetheart 64-665 Secretary 665 FBLA 64- 665 Convention 64-665 Girls Football Team 655 President 66 4-H Club Reporter 655 Home- room President 655 Rallyg Stu- dent Council 665 Outstanding Commerce Student5 Viking Re- lay Court 66, JACQUES, LUCY Chorus 62-645 Freshman Class Sweetheart 63. JUNEAU, SANDRA Science Fair 635 Beta 63-665 FHA 63-665 Reporter 665 FHA Leadership Camp 655 Junior Homemakers Degree 655 Girl of the Month 655 Rally 645 4-H Club 64-665 Secretary 66. KIDDER, sYLvtA FHA 62-665 Parliamentarian 655 Junior Degree 655 Court 655 Sec retary 665 Leadership Camp 645 Convention 655 4-H Club 62- 665 Reporter 645 Recreational Leader 635 President 64-665 Homeroom Vice-President 655 Student Council 64-665 FBLA 665 cherry Pie Cot1test5 Val- kyries 64. KING, BRENDA FHA 64. KNIGHT, LOUISE Valkyries 62-665 Asst. Drum- mer 665 FHA 62-665 Parliamen- tarian 665 Court 665 JV Cheer- leader5 GAA - Class Representa- tive 665 Spanish Club 665 News- paper Staff - Faculty Advisor, Proofreader 665 Homeroom Sec- retary 66. LANCLOS, RAYMOND LANDRY, BRENDA FBLA 63-665 4-H Club 62-665 Speech Award 655 GAA 665 Homeroom Representative 62- 665 Speech Club 66. LANDRY, BURLEY Basketball 635 Honor Roll 65. LANDRY , GEORG ANNA Freshman Favorite5 Speech Club 62-665 Sweetheart 645 665 Secretary 665 Chorus 62-645 Historian 645 Mardi Gras Ball 63,655 Little oscar Award 635 Science Club 635 lst Maid NHS Beauty Ball 645 Beta 63-665 Reporter 665JLlI1iOl' Claw Secre- tary 655 Student Council 64-665 Reporter 655 Secretary 665 Work- shop 665 Northside Review 655 Ring Committee5 Pelican State 665 FBLA 66. LANDRY, J. C. Science Fair 62-645 FBLA 64- 665 Mr. FBLA 665 Cheerleader 64-665 Speech Club 64-665 THOR Staff 64-665 Organiza- tions Editor 665 Pelican State 655 Leadership Conference 655 Rallies 64-665 Student Council 665 Mr. Loudspeaker 66. LANGLINAIS, ELIZABETH 4-H Club 62-655 Recreational Leader 655 FHA 62-645 Band 635 Science Club 635 Chorus 63-665 FTA 63-665 FBLA 64- 665 Girls Football Team 655 Newspaper Staff 64-665 GAA 64-66. LATIOLAIS, JOHN Basketball 62-655 French Club 62-645 Rally 63-655 Honor Roll 63-655 Statistician 64-665 Beta 64-665 Key Club 665 Newspaper Staff, Sports Editor 66. LeBLANC, JAMES Chorus 62-665 Vice-President 665 State Rally 665 Industrial Arts Club 64-665 Secretary 66. LeBLANC, MIKE LEWIS, KATHY Sock Hop Court 635 May Day Queen 645 Sophomore and Junior Class Favorite5 Art Club 64-665 Vice-President 665 Re- porter 655 THOR Staff 64-665 Asst. Art Editor 665 FTA 64- 665 GAA 64-665 Executive Council 665 Industrial Arts Sweetheart 655 Senior Class' Secretary 665 Key Club Sweet- heart 665 Homecoming Queen 655 Miss Northside 66. MARKS, SANDRA 4-H Club 663 FHA 64-663 FBLA 66. MAM ER, MIKE MATTHIEU, PEGGY Frosh Queen 63g Class Favorite 633 Student Council 63: Math Club 63Q Science Club 633 4-H Club Hardest Worker 63: Band 62-643 Majorette 64: Sophomore Class Sweetheart3 FTA 63-663 Sweetheart 653 NHS Beauty Ball 643 Chorus 63-663 Viking Relay Court 65: THOR Staff 64-665 Wittiest 651 Most Beautiful 665 Art Club 663 Sweetheart 663 Vice-President Freshman and Senior Class3 FBLA 663 GAA 66: Volleyball Team 662 La, State Board of Health Life Saver Award 66Q Honor Roll. MATTE, JOE Co-ed Track Meet 64. MATURIN, MICHAEL MAYEA, DOLORES FHA 63-66. MCBRIDE, CHARLOTTE FHA 62'66Q Chorus 63-663 4-H Club 66. MQCLINTIGK, SUSAN MBPHERSON, PHYLLIS MEHAL, CYRD. Football 64-663 Captain 663 FBLA 663 N Club 66. MELANCON, ALICE MELANCON, EVA 4-H Club 62-663 Reporter 63: Vice-President 643 French Club 62-643663 Reporter 663 Valkyries 62-643 FHA 62-643 Beta 63-663 Science Fair 63: Speech Club 63364-663 GAA 63-663 FTA 633 FBLA 663 Cheerleader 64-663 Newspaper Staff 66. MENARD, ALLEN FBLA 62-663 French Club 62-663 Sergeant-at-Arms 653 Treasurer 66: Track 62-663 Science Fair 632 N Club 64-663 FTA 65Q FHA 66. MENARD, JIMMY MINE, PAUL MORVANT, KENNETH Speech Club 63-663 Debate 63-651 Program Chairman 65: President 66: Rally 66: Student Council 663 Key Club 663 Board of Governors 663 Chairman of Hemophelia Drive 66. MOUTON, IOANN Chorus 62-64366. MOUTON, PATRICK MOUTON, WANDA FBLA 64-663 Vice-President 663 GAA 64-663 Viking Relay Court 65Q French Club 663 President 66g Student Council 663 Senior Class Sweetheart3 2nd Maid Homecoming 662 Newspaper Staff 66. NEPVEAUX, LEONA FHA 64-663 Dramatics 64-663 FBLA 66. NOEL, RITA OLIVIER, JUDY FHA 64-663 GAA 66. ORTEGO, MITCHEL Football 62-663 Basketball 62- 641 Track 62'65Q Vice-President Freshman Class3 Sophomdre Class President3 N Club 63-665 Beta 63-663 Student Council 64, 663 Industrial Arts Club 64-663 FBLA 66. PATIN, GLYNN PATIN, SIDNEY Band 63-653 Sea Scouts, Crew Leader 643 FPA 64-66. PENNINGTON, JACK Football 62-663 Basketball 633 Track 62-643 N Club 63-663 In- dustrial Arts 63-663 Vice-Presi- dent 663 Sophomore and Junior Class Favorites3 Junior Class Vice-President, PETERSON, BELINDA Speech Club 62-643 Band 62-663 Majorette 63-663 Beta 63-663 Rally 64: THOR Staff, Class Edi- tor 653 Biggest Flirt 65: News- paper, Head Proofreader 64. PIGRON, BARBARA POINNIER, LINDA POOL, GATHY PREJEAN, CORA 4-H Club 633 FBLA 663 GAA 663 Rally 66. PREIEAN, RUSSELL Art Award 65. PREJEAN, SALLY FHA 62-663 Convention 651 His- torian 65Q FHA Leadership Camp Junior Homemaker Degree 653 Court 663 Beta 63-663 Treasurer 663 Convention 663 Valkyries 62-663 Reporter 663 Sweetheart 652 May Day Candidate 643 Ral- ly 64-663 FBLA 663 Homeroom Treasurer 643 Homeroom Presi- dent 66. PREMEAUX, BRENDA REVES, KENNETH Chorus 63-663 RHODUS, DIANA FHA 62-643 GAA 653 FBLA 66. RICHARD, SHARON Rally 63Q Beta 63-663 FBLA 64- 66Q Secretary 663 Convention 65-66. RIVOIRE, CORLESS . Chorus 64-663 4-H Club 64: GAA 64-66. ROBERTS, JANE Valkyries 632 Chorus 62-663 Dramatics 64-66, ROBIN, MERLIN ROGERS, LINDA FHA 62-663 Valkyries 62-643 Sock Hop Court 63Q Industrial Arts Sweetheart 643 Camping and Outdoor Education 66. ROMERO, BARBA FHA 63, 66. ROMERO, CHERYL FHA 64-663 GAA 64-66. ROMERO, VERNON ROWELL, SHERYL Valkyries 63-66. RUSSUM, ROBERT Newspaper Staff 653 FBLA 66. SAGONA, BRENDA FHA 63g FBLA 66Q Speech Club 661 Dramatics 63-66. SIMON, NONA FBLA 66. SIMS, LYNDA Speech Club 633 FHA 633 FBLA 2l I STOKES, BRENDA 63-665 GAA 63-66: Sweetheart 665 Student Council 665 News- paper Staff 64-665 Sweetheart 655 Artist 665 Homecoming Court 66, SONNIER, BEVERLY CLARK SONIER, GEORGE Track 62- 66. SONNIER, LINDA FHA 64-665 French Club 66. SONNIER, MADELINE FHA 62-665 French Club 66. SMITH, MARGARET Valkyries 62-645 Chorus 645 FBLA 64-665 Spanish Club 64-665 GAA 64-66. STEINER, PAUL Science Fair 635 French Club 645 Rally 645 Beta 64-665 Hon- or Roll5 Rally 665 lst - Book- keeping5 3rd - Typing. STELLY, JOHN THIBODIAUX, FRANCES TIMMONS, WAYNE Band 62-665 Drum Major 665 Science Club 62-655 Art Club 64-665 Treasurer 655 President 665 FTA 665 Student Council 665 Key Club 66. TOUCHET , JESSIE Football 62-645 Spanish Club 64-665 Parliarnentarian 655 Vice-President 665 FHA 66. TOUPS, JANE FHA 62-645 Court 645 Valkyrie 62-645 GAA 64-665 FBLA 63- 665 Mardi Gras Ball 645 Viking Relay Court 655 Homecoming Court 64-665 lst Maid 655 Camping and Outdoor Educa- tion 66. TRAHAN, CONNIE Chorus 62-665 Treasurer 665 Rally 63-665 4-H Club 62-645 FHA 635 Valkyries 665 FBLA 66. FBLA 64-665 Treasurer 665 Con- vention 655 Girls Football Team 655 4-H Club 635 FHA 63-665 Court 645 Chorus 63-655 Home- coming Court 66. STRODDERD, ELLEN Sock Hop 635 Science Fair 635 Chorus 62-665 Sweetheart 655 Treasurer 655 Secretary 665 Mardi Gras Ball 655 Junior Miss Pageant 665 Valkyries 62-665 Homeroom Class President 635 Rally 63-66. THIBODEAUX, BRADLEY Science Fair 635 Industrial Arts 635 Art Club 655 Prom Com- mittee 655 Speech Club 665 Rally 66. THIBODEAUX, DONALD Track 62-665 N Club 65. 2l2 TRAHAN, FLOYD Band 62-665 All State Band 66. TRAHAN, IANELLE VINCENT, GLENDA VINCENT, MELTON WHITE, KENNETH Speech Club 62-645 Parliamen- tarian 645 N Club 64-665 Sec- retary-Treasurer 665 Football 64-665 Student Council 655 Spanish Club 64-665 President 65. WHITTINGTON, ALMA Honor Roll 63, 64-66. WILCOX, LIONEL Freshman Class President 635 Football 62-665 Basketball 635 Track 635 Science Club 635 In- dustrial Arts 635 Rally 62-655 Sophomore Class Vice-President 645 Key Club 63-665 Vice-Presi- dent 655 President 665 Beta 63- 665 Treasurer 655 Convention 65, 665 Pelican State 655 Junior Class Parliamentarian 655 Stu- dent Council 64-665 Vice-Presi- dent 655 N Club 65-665 Sertoma Youth Award 665 Mr. Northside 665 Most Likely to Succeed 66. WILLS, BARBARA FHA 635 valkyfies 635 Art Club FBLA 64? Valkluies 661 FHA 66- 66. TROSCLAIR, DONNA Altrusa Club Meeting 635 FHA 635665 FBLA 665 GAA 66. TROY, VINCENT Chorus 62-66. TULLOS, SARA FHA 62-645 Chorus 635 GAA 63-655 Play-day Helper 635 FBLA 66. TYRELL, SHERRY VEILLON, BARBARA VENEABLE, HENRY vrcE, JOHN WYATT, KAREN Speech 62-665 Program Chair- man 645 President 655 Vice- President 665 Rally 62-665 Amer can Legion Oratorical Award 63- Beta Club 63-665 Candidate State Secretary 655 Vice-Presi- dent 655 Secretary 665 Debate 63-655 GAA 645 Student Coun- cil 64-665 President 665 Science Fair 655 Youth Council 64-665 President 665 Pelican State 655 FPA 64-665 Reporter 655 North- side Review 655 Miss School Spirit 665 L'Avenier Chemistry Award 655 Most Likely to Suc- ceed 66, Ads ALESI PIZZA HOUSE 411 Lfy C mpliments of O J h t SERVICE CHEVROLET tt L 2108 Cameron Street L f y tt L GUARANTY BANK -ITC L4- I.'Tt YYY' ' A2517-L14 Y JOYCE GIRARD A Southern Bell Tele h Northside Graduate at Work fo I' p one and Telegraph ou too might find a job with a future waitin g for you at BALFOUR COMPANY F t St S thwest L ABDALLA'S DEPARTMENT STORE FALCON FLOOR COVERING C mplim nt of C p t g Tl L' 1 m- S d g HUB CITY BANKING DALLAS J. HEBI-ERT, Manager POB 38 Sttl.. PAUL WITKOUSKI L. J. REAUX JR. Compliments of Any Court - Any Where - Any Time Member s of ---- HUB CITY BONDING SERVICE THE LAFAYETTE OAK GROVE, INC. Bail Bond Z4 hour service 204 W. Main Phone CE 5-3438 Lafayette NDRTHSIDE PHARMACY We Feature Service to Our Customers A. 24-Hour Prescription Service B. Charge Accounts C. Free Delivery Service D. Cleco Collection Stub - Station FI. Telephone Collection Stub - Station F. Money Orders 2531 Moss Street Dial- CE 2-ZQ66 Lafayette Louisiana .TOI-INSON'S BICYCLE STORE 945 East Simcoe LAFAYE TTE HARDWARE 121 Vermillion YOUR DWIGHT W. ANDRUS INSURANCE AGENCY MOSS STREET Aglw 1404 S. College P.O. Drawer 51749 CE 2-6242 KA THRYN' S FABRIC SHOP Box 51587, O. S. C. SERVICE DRUG STORE 600 St. Landry T. SARDY'S FABRIC SHOP 1017 Sth Street CE 5-7370 and Mrs. Sardy Bernard, Prop. HOLLIER FLOOR COVERING Donald Hollier 1900 Cameron 22700 Scott Road Lafayette, Louisiana LA RIVIERE .IEWELERS 1102 Jeanne HUBERT HEBERT 8: SONS LANDRY'S BARBER SHOP AND SHORTY THE SHINE BOY 1109 E. Simcoe LANDRY'S SEAT COVER 8: GLASS SHOP 1500 Jefferson Street 58241 RICHARD'S PHARMACY Chester L. Richard Registered Pharmacist L. C. GIBBS Tower Maintenance 2l4 Tennessee BLAIR HOUSE RESTAURANT Lafayette, Louisiana SALOOM'S Ladies and Children Apparel 1335 Jefferson SOUTHSIDE BARBER SHOP Shoppers' Mall 1055 Marilyn Dr. TEMPO' S SHOES Mr . Richard 515 Jefferson Tempos - Petite Debs MARY CARTER PAINT STORE 408 Bertrand Dr. Lafayette, Louisiana Buy one - Get one free Ph. CE 4-3600 Compliments of 'ROMERO BAIT SHOP 432 Louisiana Ave. CE 4-2276 NORTI-IGATE 8: OIL CENTER CONOCO 816 Alexander CE 2-3235 and 620 Pinhook CE 2-2509 SOLAR SUPPLY INC . of Lafayette WASHINGTON LIFE INS. CO. 214 Jefferson 43276 Lafayette, La. Compliments of REAMCO INC . B W1 for fu t LAFAYETTE BOWLING LANES C mpliments of W. F. BEALL'S DEPARTMENT STORE 4 Corners Sh pp g C t d Winnwood Shopp g C t C mpliments of DIXIE PHONOGRAPH LclFLEUR'S FLORIST C mpliments f GIFT SHOP Ct Shpp gVl1g Lfy HUB CITY LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS 121 St wart Street S th C ll g Shopping Cente Ph e 4-3266 PEPPER BOTTLING CO. PORTRAITS OF DIS TINC TION LONG'S STUDIO AND CAMERA CENTER 2843 J h t CE 2 2566 SCOGGINS SUPER MARKET 1215 Moss St t L f yette, L YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES CE 4-1329 OLEN R. SCOGGINS, Owner BROUSSARD FEEDS INCORPORATED P O B 2577 MARINE ELECTRIC Your Be st Connection Downtown TOP'S PAINT CENTER 3805 Johnston Oil Center Shopping Village Lafayette, Louisiana NORTHSIDE PAINT CENTER 2318 Moss Street Lafayette, Louisiana Phone CE 5-0506 or CE 5-7655 DENNIS RCGERS , Pre sident ABDALLA'S FURNITURE STORE .Ieffer son Street Lafayette, Louisiana ELMER'S HOME BEVERAGE SERVICE Would like to serve you. Just call CE 2-4925 soft drinks delivered to your door. Compliments of I-IUB CITY IRON WORKS, INC. BOB LANDRY gl SONS I-IUVAL BAKING C O. Compliments of CITIZ.EN'S AUTO SALES Best Wishes - Budweiser Michelob Busch Bavarian WORMSER'S OF LAFAYETTE 1017 East St. Mary Blvd. A FRIEND ANSLEM'S T.V. SERVICE 105 Atlanta Drive CE 5-3366 Lafayette, La DELHOMME FUNERAL HOME and FLORIST Compliments of SOUTHWEST RAMBLER PETRO'S SUPER MARKET Since 1920 600 Lamar St. House of Fine Foods, Drugs, and Liquors CLAY HUVAL'S Watch and Jewelry Repair ALAMO GLASS CO. INC. Cflass for every purpose 205 E. Vermillion CE 4-0125 A FRIEND DUGAL ' S NURSERY CENTER 2300 Pinhook Rd. CE 4-3459 Lafayette, Louisiana Compliments of BECHET'S QUALITY PHARMACY 1004 Johnston CE 5-6458 PRESTON AND WALLACE UNIVERSITY SHOP MOSS STREET CANAL STATION Wash Grease Tire Repair I PLAY PUTT-PUTT at THE SOUTH COLLEGE SHOPPING CENTER ALLEN BREAUX STUDIO 1406 Pinhook Rd. BOUDIE'S RECORDS 8: CAMERA SHOP DALTON'S BARBER SHOP Dalton Hernandez - Owner 1307 Moss Street Phone CE 5-9592 BORDEN'S K D OND Q SEC ,51 7 YEA R S COBURN'S PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING MINUTE MART FOCD STORE Moss Street ESSO Road Service Open 6:00 A.M. -- 2:00 P. M. Oil Center FRANK MOUTON, Owner J SJ APPLIANCE The House That Service Built 301-03 Jefferson Home of: Frigidaire Zenith Fedders SOUTH COLLEGE OPTICAL CO., INC. 1438 South College Road Lafayette, Louisiana ERIC'S LOUNGE Scott Road Lafayette, Louisiana BE'E'S GROCERY Whitney Romero, Prop. DRONET'S SHOES Oil Center Shopping Center Lafayette, Louisiana Compliments of GAIDRY'S MEN'S WEAR BLUE'S STUDIO Your Photographer 1008 Johnston PENNY'S Always First Quality Open your charge account at. . . PENNY'S TODAY! ! ! BROWN'S JEWELRY IN BROWN'S THRIFT CITY Best Wishes to Northside High JOHN LINKHART, Manager L. A. FREY .fX 'S' YH DAIRY QUEEN Moss Street lOO Carlton Dr. TRIBUNE PRINTING PLANT Letter Presses and Off Set Lith-o-graphy 212 East Vermillion CLARENCE CTAUBERT, Sr. - Owner CE 2-2881 COUNTRY LUMBER CO. Highway 167 CE 4-3344 Lafayette, Louisiana DON'S FURNITURE 2323 Moss Street Lafayette, Louisiana "Home of Lafayette's Best Buys" Compliments of LAFAYETTE FRUIT CO. GUIDRY'S UNIFORM AND TAILOR UNIFORMS OF ALL TYPES Alteration - Tuxedo Rentals- DONALD ROMERO REAL ESTATE gl INC. CITY TAXI CE 5-7515 502 E. Third St. fCityI All types of Insurance - See Donald Romero or George Dupuis ROMERO SHOE 8: SADDLE SHOP GILLEY AVIATION SERVICE BEADLE'S FURNITURE EXCHANGE 710 Kaliste Saloom Rd. BUSCH JEWELRY CO. 527 Jefferson Pat Patten Home Phone CE 2-7885 EL PATIO DRUG STORE ACKAL'S PHARMACY ROYAL FURNITURE CO. 201 Jefferson Lafayette, Louisiana REGGIE SOILEAU: President General Manager Telephones: Business: 232-3184 Residence: 232-4159 LAFAYETTE DISTRIBUTORS INC. PAUL C. ELMER, Mgr. P. O. Box 2295 Telephone Center 4-3253 Lafayette, La. A FRIEND Compliments of ROMERO'S BAIT SI-IOP 432 Louisiana Ave. ASI-I'S BOOKKEEPING SERVICE 211 .Iefferson Blvd. Compliments of LA FLEUR'S JEWELERS SEVEN- UP BOTTLING CO. of Lafayette, Inc. 523 N. University Ave. I Lafayette, Louisiana Compliments of BALWAN of Lafayette 433 I-Ieymann Blvd. A 8: W DRIVE INN Two Locations - 600 N. University Corner of Foreman on Drive and Dulles Blvd. Specializing In Auto Bodyg Paint and Glass Work BREAUX'S AUTO BODY SHOP Dorothy Street S. P. BREAUX, JR. Manager Phone CE 5-5315 Lafayette, La. CHASTANT FEED AND SEED STORE Purina Chow Dial CE 4-2351 Best Wishes - to 1965 - 1966 Class of Northside High School SCOTT FENCE CO. CENTRAL EXCAVATION CO. 2, Box 555 Ph. CE 4-5 Lafayette, La. Gene ral Construction Bulldozers Dragline s Labor Crews Pipelines Boardroads FASHIONAIRE BEAUTY SALON 107 Atlanta CE 2-1187 Earline Foco Benton Two operators to serve you! C. RICHARD COCHRAN Toledo Scales and Food Machines 3002 Cameron St. CE 4-4043 LAFAYETTE MOTOR CO. LAFAYETTE BUILDING ASSOCIATION Office Phone -- CE 2-1773 Res. Phone -- CE 2-0350 Savings and Home Loans WHITE REAL ESTATE CURRENT PER DEVELOPER gl RENTALS 4M'X: DIVIDEND ANNUM J. D. WHITE P.O. Box 2476 I U Lafayette, Louisiana 107 W. Vermillion CE 2-4631 UNION FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAFAYETTE Home Insured 4V2'Xa E Loans Savings Current Rate 700 Jefferson CE 4-0139 Lafayette , Louisiana EVANGELINE HOTEL 302 Jefferson Featuring Prime Meals and Caterers to Private Parties Phone CE 5-5501 5192555 Compliments of LEE FURNITURE LAMB RENTAL TOOLS, INC Serving the industry with a complete line of drilling and production equipment. For 24 Hour Service Call Scott Road CE 5-5588 LAFAYETTE HIGHWAY EQUIPMENT AND SALES PRESTON J. BABINEAUX 1936-A Moss Street Lafayette, Louisiana Real Estate Insurance Appraisals PELICAN CREAMERY MONTGOMERY WARDS AND C0 PAUL'S PAIR-OF-DICE llON orth Main B ux Bridge L C mpliments of LeBLANC AUTO SALES ALBERT L BLANC .TR O MOSS STREET WASHETERIA Moss St t ABDALLA'S FURNITURE Fine Furnitu 314 Jefferson L f yette, L AMERICAN BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY In Banking As In Lifeg American Way Is The Best W Corner of Lee and Jefferson "Grow With Us" Member F. D. LC. . . Phone CE 4-5211 Compliments of EVANGELINE MOTORS CCCA COLA CO. Compliments of WOLF'S li Enjoy LJL Sunbeam Barter-whip nm ice-cold Bread Sunbeam WAL TER ROMERO, Agent STATE FARM INSURANCE 4 Corners Shopplng Center Ph CE 2 4452 Lafayette Loulslana ANDERS BOOK STORE Text Books - New and Used School Supplies Art and Engineering Study Outlines Paper Back Books Now You Can Dry Clean Clothes and Household Articles at Terrific Savings of Time and Money Your clothes, household articles and budget get a new lift with our RCA WHIRLPOOL COIN OPERATED DRY- CLEANERS. You'll enjoy big savings in time and money-clothes and household articles look better - last longer be- cause now you can afford to dryclean them more often. Bring in a load of drycleaning soon and start enjoying these terrific savings. COIN-O-MATIC DRY CLEANING 8g PRESSING 103 Maryln Drive 404 Jeanne Street Johnston Street Shopper's Mall 4 Corners Shopping Ct 235-1007 GREENWO0D'S SHCES Lafayette, Louisiana FASHION FOOTNOTES FROM GREENWOODS! ! This season the look of yesteryear is the fashion look of now. Visit our downtown balcony and see the old become new in Piccolinos, Old Maine Trotters, California Cobblers, and many more old timers cutting fashion capers. Winnwood Shopping Center CE 5-3746 425 Jefferson CE 5-7308 AMERICAN BANK AND TRUST CO Lafayette, Louisiana Corner of Lee and Jefferson Soon Branch Northgate Shopping Center ln Banking as in Life, The American Way ls the Best Way Grow with us Member of FDIC Phone CE 4-52ll GUIDRY'S GRO. AND MKT. Local Slaughter See us for meats for your home freezer 616 N. University CORMIER' S C LEANERS SMYLIE'S Office Machines -- Cash Registers 300 W. Congress CE 5-0114 COUNTRY LUMBER Highway 167 4-3344 Lafayette LATOUR' S GULF STATION TI-IE SALES 8: SERVICES OF SYLVANIA T.V. gl OTHERS 1602 Moss St. CE 5-4924 TOP'S WOODWORK 3805 Johnson St. Lafayette, Louisiana Compliments of FORMATION SPECIALITIES, INC. BUSCI-I JEWELRY CO. 527 Jefferson. Pat Patten Home Phone CE 2-7885 LAMB CASING SERVICE LOUPE'S GROCERY 81 MKT. PAUL'S .IEWELRY STORE 408 Jefferson St. P. O. Box 2932 CE 4-4645 Lafayette, Louisiana Compliments of PROF ERNY'S MUSIC CO. For good food, kind service and where friends meet- Go to the BIG "R" DRIVE INN for a real night out- LESTER BREAUX FLOWER at GIFT SHOP Carencro, La. Best Wishes to ---- A Great School! EVANGELINE SPECIALITIES CARROLL'S AUTO SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich Tires and Accessories Compliments of HUB CITY MOTORS ANGELLE INSURANCE AGENCY Carenc ro C ompliments of WEINBERG'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE SALES Nationally Advertised Sold at discount prices 240 Cameron BRASSEAUX GRO. gl SEAFOOD Carencro, La. Congratulations Class of '66 LYBRARY LCUNGE 201 McKinley St. Lafayette, Louisiana SWINGING MACHINE PINHOOK Lafayette, Louisiana A utograp hs 1 A uzfographs A utographs A utographs . , ., . Y V . . - . . Yi. 'L 5 1 . , , I I, J AI l,I4ll. 4. ., ,i V4 Pr

Suggestions in the Northside High School - Thor Yearbook (Lafayette, LA) collection:

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1966, pg 253

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