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4 Y ull o 4' r Q r f. J' ,Q ' 4 I U g 5 . lv wg ' - ff- ' A s ' Q.. x Y sf K. g I 1 I I. qi, Q 0 L ' I , Q I I' N Y 1 a' gk f . l ku' 4 . f,a x I I , N , in., M' "N ' ' n" A I' 'U I 'tl U .v kc D .1 .V ., I X ,x ,- , X , ' ' ljw'xQf1P"7 U V 'N 1 A I5 g 4 J I .- O .u 'l 5. TIHHE I 7Zez.fi0fz L!Zl7Zi0f' Qffgyg 9 5 Newham Iunior College Libfdiq? NQw+cr1 P ' "1 f To grow is to change, an growth is necessary for al life, Our Reflector is a mirror at each stage of growth both in knowledqle and in friendships. n this book we not only hope to reflect but catch and hold the year 1959 forever. 2 FIRST ROW: Cleft to righti Co-captains Luster, Rousseau. SECOND ROW: Amendola, DelMonte, Irwin, Roche, Kuper- smith Barow. THIRD ROW: Cruise, Quigley, Lawn, Mer- Q0 , . ,1-1552 Dedication The 1958 REFLECTOR is dedicated to Coach Wilson and the college basketball team to thank them for their unselfish and untiring efforts. We owe to them Newton Junior College's trophy in the Greater Boston Small College Conference. We are a young, small college anticipating vast yet gradual growth. This year Coach Wilson and our basketball team have brought increased respect to the team and greater prestige to the school. We are deeply proud of their outstanding achievement. 3 Coach Wilson i x FIRST ROW Cleft to rightl Miss Alice Kennedy, Dean of Women Mr. Walter Taylor, Director Miss Gloria Barron, Registrar SECOND ROW Cleft to rightj Mr. Harvey Pook, Bursar - Mr. Kenneth White, Dean of Men Dr. Charles Merrill, Adviser to Student Council Mr. Leo Judge, Bookstore Manager, Adviser to Athletic Board Facult Dr. William Knickerbocker, English Mrs. Selma Stonberg, English and Reading Workshop Mrs. Dorothy Wadrnan, English Mr. Walter Taylor, Creative Writing 'I Miss Alice Kennedy, Biological Sciences Dr. Charles Merrill Physical Sciences FRONT ROW Cleft to rightj Miss Gloria Barron, U.S. History, History of Western Civilization Mrs. Elizabeth Shrader, Contemporary History SECOND ROW Cleft to rightj Mr. Dwight Stewart, Philosophy, Religion Mr. Robert Hybels, Foundations of American Civilization FRONT ROW Qleft to rightl Mrs. Mirriam Ritvo, Interpersonal Relations Miss Alice Kennedy, Child Growth and Develop ment SECOND ROW Cleft to rightj Mr. Walter Taylor, Industrial Psychology Dr. Charles Merrill, General Psychology Mr. Kenneth White, World Resources and Industries, Marketing, and Business Management Mr. Harvey Poock, Fundamentals of Accounting, Introduction to Busi- ness, and Personal Typing Mr. Leo Judge, Elements of Accounting, Business Mathematics, Principles of Advertising, Business Law, and Effective Speaking 'iubb C27 . lf' A ,sgrkil-9. Mr. Francis Argento, French and Spanish Miss Helen Miles, Art Appreciation Mrs. Mabel Greeley, Librarian Miss E. Jane Kelley, Art Workshop 6 v R c x L., An uncensored account of faculty dislikes: Mr. Taylor--People who are all wind and no work Mrs. Wadman--Narrow-minded conformity Mrs. Stonberg--The use of "very" Mr. Stewart--Joke-tellers who forget their punch lines Mr. Hybels--Trying to find more than one copy of a book to be put on reserve for my class Mr. White--People who don't like my cat Mrs. Shrader--Engine trouble at 12 feet up Miss Kennedy--People who diet Mr. Judge--Sunday drivers who continue to drive the remainder of the week Dr. Merrill--Being wrong Miss Miles--Students who handle my art supplies with- out TLC Qtender loving carej Mrs. Ritvo--Hearing some individuals make un- documented generalizations about people Dr. Knickerbocker--I-Ie doesn't have one Mr. Poock--Ditto Mr. I-loose--The student who insists on never doing anything more than the barest minimum Miss Barron--People who enter the office saying "l know you're busy, but . . .!" 7 ,O Y W Am lA-- ,i,,,.f'a,f 5 We Owe to Them . . . The increasingly attractive appearance of NJC is made possible by the Newton Federation of Women's Clubs. During the fall, its President, Mrs. Eveline Mooney, an active member of the Newtonville chapter, held a successful fund-raising bridge at the college. Through the efforts of the club members NJC now has curtains in several rooms, a furnished and decorated third floor conference and faculty room, as well as numerous furniture and furnishings throughout the building. In the field of art, the Women's Club has set up a program with the Newton Art Association by which NJC has the privilege of a rotating exhibit of paintings such as James King Bonnat's "Pigeon Cove" as well as the opportunity of obtaining several pictures as college property. We at the college feel grateful for being the Newton Women's Club's "adopted children" and want to thank them for being such good parents. " .1 . 4"'1""'?-"2 8 NJC has been further enriched in the field of inter-racial relations by speakers and books from the Kaplan Fund. We are indebted to Mr. Joseph Kaplan for his generous contribution to our understanding and growth. The Board of Visitors consists of ten Newton citizens interested in the welfare of the college. They aid in the growth of NJC by advising on the school beautification and program. We wish to thank the following members for their appreciated assistance: Fred C. Alexander, Trustee, Jackson Homestead Adelaide M. Ball, an active member in community affairs Dr. Franklin P. Hawkes, Department of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Franklin D. Jerome, Vice-President, Old Colony Trust Company Joseph Kaplan, President, Colonial Tanning Company Egon D. Kattwinkel, M.D. Norman B. Krim, Vice-President, Raytheon, Inc. Herbert N. McGill, President and Treasurer, McGill Commodity Service Philip J. McNiff, Associate Librarian, Harvard University fMrs.l Eveline Mooney, Newtonville Women's Club The Alumni Council acts as the liaison between the college and the alumni and works closely with the permanent class secretary, who for the class of 1958 is Joan Hunter. The council aids the college by giving books to the library in the name of outstanding members of the student body. This Spring, alumnus Robert Flynn, a post-graduate student at NJC, was elected to the council thus adding to the list of alumni workers. 9 'V-itz! FIRST ROW: Don Lawn, J.W. Wilson, Joan Hunter. SECOND ROW: Sam Kapreilian Nancy Folsom, Dr. Merrill, Dick Arnold, Ernie Dunbar Student Council The Student Council is the link between the college authorities and the student body because it carries out the administration's policies in the light of student views. Elected by the student body at the beginning of each school year, the following students comprised the Council for the year 1957-1958: JW Wilson, President, Don Lawn, Vice- President, Joan Hunter, Secretary, Dick Arnold and Sam Kapreilian, second-year representatives, and Nancy Folsom Bob Carson, and Ernie Dunbar, first-year representatives. Dr. Merrill, faculty advisor, was an invaluable aid. By organizing boards and committees, the Council has been the motivating force behind college activities and a factor in school improvements. This year it devised a parking lot system with the co-operation of the Building Improvements Committee. Along with the time-consuming task of revising the Constitution, the Council's other activ- ties included sponsoring the annual sale of class rings, planning our second Ivy Day, as well as acting as hosts at the annual Math Tournament. As a policy-making body, the Student Council has ful- filled its purpose by assisting in the gradual yet lasting growth of NJC. 10 -- Publications Board The function of the Publications Board, headed by Langford Ander- son, is to write the school newspaper and yearbook. This year our one newspaper was published through the earnest efforts of Chris Thomson. This animated edition was entitled "Oh Bosh, It's Just Oure Olde School Journale!" Much credit goes to Chris for his very original and much enjoyed publication. With the aid of faculty advisor Mrs. Wadman, the yearbook staff headed by Laurie Shambad, Editor-in-chief, Sylvia Diamond, Assistant Editor, Vince Marchand, Business Manager, happily embarked on setting up this REFLECTOR. They were assisted by a helpful yearbook staff consisting of Marsha Reed, Grace Maloney, Joan Goldman, Nancy Folsom, Dick Arnold, Paul Engborg, Dick Barrette, Marshall Dorfman, and George Earley. Sincere thanks go to non-staff and faculty members for their generous assistance. Our purpose has been to help remember our days at NJC. This REFLECTOR is our sailing point for recollecting the year 1958. LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Engborg, Sylvia Diamond, Langford Anderson, Laurie Shambad, Nancy Folsom 'U' 11 ii sid' U7 LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Zimmerman, Carolyn Cleveland, John Mc- Cluskey, Richard Giordano, George Earley, Alice Livingston, Bob Carson, Sylvia Diamond Public Relations Board The Public Relations Board, with its subdivision, the Building Im- provements Committee, has tried to promote good relations between NJC and the community and to improve our school building. Headed by George Earley, Chairmang John McCluskey, Vice-chairman, Richard Giordano, Treasurer, and Joe Zimmerman, Secretary, the Board has been helpful by assisting at Ivy Day and at two Newtonville Women's Club fund-raising functions and by setting up the MIT State Science Fair. Many thanks go to faculty advisor Dean Kennedy, under whose guidance the Board worked. Through the efforts of the Building Improvements Committee, NJC has purchased a coffee urn. In addition, George Earley, John McClus- key, Richard Giordano, and Al DelMonte, members of the committee, have arranged the boys' lockers so as to permit a ping-pong room. Similarly, the student lounge has been made more liveable by several non-committee members who have rearranged furniture and helped in keeping it presentable. Tentative plans have been made for next year to further improve our well-used lounge. 12. U 0 s I Athletic Board It is the responsibility of the Athletic Board to buy all equipment necessary for NJC sports. Headed by Robert St. John, Chairman, Donald Rubenstein, Treasurerg and Louis Farrugia, Secretary, the Board, aided by Mr. Judge, faculty advisor, has purchased the supplies for the baseball and basketball teams as well as kept the ping-pong room equipped. The Board furnished measurements for our winning basketball tearn's jackets and aided in acquiring them. They further helped NJC by arranging transportation for the team. LEFT- TO RIGHT: Charles Roche, Dick Irwin, Louis Farrugia, Bruce Dewire, Mr. Judge Bob St. John Q' N -r O ur I7 C er 17101, Stl. Opp Iufffz S 3 33 53 29 e 559 66 9 57 D 42 43 Y 550 33 if 2 35 mall C 69 4, Basketball 69 51 59 57 en 60 5 55 50 Newton Junior College's basketball victory was achieved by the unyielding effort of Coach "Bev" Wilson, Co-captains Norm Rosseau and Don Luster, the team, and Manager, John David Jenkins. The "Garden Citians" overpowered each opponent with a skillful offense and a stubborn defense. Throughout the season, the team displayed and demonstrated judgement, character, and leadership. It is no wonder that after an early loss to our title contender, Burdett, the team surged upward winning nine consecutive games. Spurred on by the NJC cheering section, Newton Junior College faced Burdett in the Greater Boston Small College Conference and emerged victorious by a score of 55 to 50. Thus, for the second time in five years the league title was ours. The trophy is not only significant of a fine team, but also purports spirit, perseverance, capability, and Newton Junior College. ' Victor I 2:6 -6 Q egm1c0ww1261 'd65N554Qg2 e-xv-9 695 B ' Q 'gp ,WB 9151K X Go age-X SQ 'ox 9 Y. e, 1 Yv .15 'Qoidk 59' xaoo eq X0 veg, gr 003 gsm X 'QKN 93 1 xiw 95x00 0 www 909,-'x 5 ' Omtjxkofab 5 1 xox X 091569 C 'f.xq,5-X 6-6 no M41 Q, -gg S C9 Csseakei 09 Q,o16s10fooe Qxov 9 Qwangxo 'D 'GX 5 GoXXe 56,962 'xo-11 wg, 9K,1QiYt-SOSYGO Q50 xo 'CW '3 X9 S5 5 ov 00? X95 xy X was wiv 616 Ko Q95 939' Ykgko-99 5009- l nose,-eew WQQGG Xe, wb 10050 9905 , Sh Seem NX5045 19' :We 506901 ,OMG exfa96oo'2 WY- '1- 'cxxxs we-eow 'i'oeWva1S 1 .QQQSXQX af 259 Xcxot QYYXWJB gov cox. ot ggggglke. 'e 35363 93,5 sgvioxe ,q.pqxQ0XoS xKggu.4i'a-Kei ,Awe qgwr. A qfxgxdxxxg xx 90611 Q 02 Gi wwe, o -1.6 .319 540 K 'fskio Rxxei, wfwe 35-eb fa: PLAYE R Ro Luusse Roste au Ir Cher 13391 Qimegusmith 5eiiie3nS Giwnonte 11631 Cirfirdic Anfalise hiarm Ri en d d eougla G -P il F-TA 3 . 11 ie F 151 31 11 8 32 39 11 13 20 9 Z5 17 3 7 19 4 10 7 3 2 12 3 T 5 3 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 26 O 0 2 1 151 15 3' wgboc Xaisx 1M50'1. 'a-06 1066 009' wx 51015333201 :Q YO 991 Q9 5, .4439 Gaze 639' , Y-01393212-sa. 4,Qvo'44'? ,cog and -csc 'Wwe' zc,5gg'Qqxe,s1ix0- ivo96e51S515w'oMc1L m3m,5 xo Xewe QW 92211119 W we 511311.31-133, 211505 , .beg ,au Xgg, 'LCXNQGQ' x ,ba XQQ0 QCOSCSHX fm 96106-.1 Xi. 'oesko 6 Q 6 6 .sm gm 9 Yi. db 21 QQ be 5.1381 Snake pi QLXQ VXOSZS5 'Voz 90039233 G C99 'MG 3 ' Gxs. '? Q 9-ooeeew. it .,.. . - - -'VK 15' q.q9eis1v'YQ0 35 "" " ff, q. u X10-sxex. 0 -1- "" Q 13 XX -Qexgixowsfl. ,vin ' "" os 3 9 M -'1'mfi5f,3f',"QJ"'ffff.0 'Q - 141 ,T..f ....,. ox k ,L . .... . . Q F G 11:3 3 ' Q 5 6 T 3 3 ' P. M ii 17 3 2 2 1 3 4 A 1 3 V 4 6 1-3 1 5 6 1 1 6 40 4 3 5 2 2 9 1 1 3 O 1 4 2 7 7 Z 4 1 7 O 5 Although met with strong opposition, NJC's base- ball team faired well this year with a record of four wins, four losses, and two ties. Praise goes to Bob St. John, Peter Tamis, Don Lawn, pitchersg Dick Quigley, catcher, and Phil Cruise, Mike Yaffee, Charlie Roche, Jim Levenbaum, Dick Irwin, Joe Adario, Louie Farrugia, and Bruce Dewire, team members, for their loyal support and team spirit. Thanks, too, goes to Coach Malone for his invaluable assistance during the 1957-1958 NJC baseball season. 16 Baseball SECOND ROW: Qleft to rightl Melvin Laurie, Judy Kaufman, Joan Hunter, Dean White, FIRST ROW: Qleft to f right, Monique Lom- bard, Joe Adario, Bob Arnold, Roberta Hunter. ja borg. Social Board Social life at NJC is largely in the hands of the Social Board, with its four subordinate committees, the Outing Club, the International Club, the Dance Committee, and the Prom Committee. Praise goes to these groups for plan- ning many joyful social activities and to Dean White for his guidance. This year the Social Board was under the capable leadership of Bob Arnold, Chairman, Monique Lombard, Vice-Chairman, Roberta Hunter, Secretary, Joe Adario, Treasurer, and Paul Engborg, Parliamentarian. The Board gave a gay Christmas party in the NJC's library which included a melodious chorus and band, elaborate decorations, and home-made refresh- ments. In March a small but happy group attended the Board's ski weekend in Jaffrey, N. H. During the first week of the school year, the Outing Club held a get- acquainted picnic at Ware's Cove, Auburndale. A livelier event was the Club's outing in May at Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester. Many thanks to Bruce MacDonald, Chairman, and Jo Ann Kelleher, Vice-Chairman, for plan- ning two well-enjoyed affairs. Although inactive during the winter months, the International Club held in May a highly successful dinner and dance at La Cantina Club, an Italian restaurant in Framingham. The careful planning by Chairman Franca Celli and Vice-Chairman Paul Woodland, greatly aided by Sylvia Diamond, Marsha Reed, and Jenni Magni, resulted in a pleasant evening for all. The Dance Committee headed by Joe Adario, Chairman, and Paul Engborg, Vice-Chairman, can be thanked for their work in planning school dances. The 'Harvest Hop' in November at the Newton Highlands Women's Club and the 'Basketball Bawl'March at the Newton Centre Women's Club added much to college life at NJC. The climax of the social season came in May when formally clad NJCers attended the annual prom. Amid a sparkling array of whirling gowns, students and faculty danced to the melodious sounds of Jeff Carlton's Band. Such a dazzling evening was planned by Chairman Melvin Laurie and Vice-Chairman Janet Casey of the Prom Committee. This year much has been done by various boards and clubs to create spirit and harmony within the college. Above all, throughout the year the Social Board has led this attempt by providing well-selected and Well-organized social functions. 17 Janet Casey, Paul Eng- Ski Week-End Perhaps one of the worst blizzards of the season fell on March 14, the day of the NJC ski weekend at Birchtoft Lodge, Jaffrey N. H., an event planned by the Social Board. Nevertheless, bad weather did not deter our group of ardent skiing fans who plowed through seven hours of blowing snow. A blazing log fire and a hot meal were well appreci- ated after this long, dark journey. The weekend brought many unexpected events such as Dom's "boy," a crowd of "silent" friends, and Bob Sweetnam's philosophy lecture. Talents included those of John Gradeski, whose make-up skill seemed expert, and Dick Arnold, whose swan dive rated a first on our casualty list. In looking back, we feel that the endless card games, charades, piano playing, ping-pong, and the laughter and joy of being together are the essence of NJC's weekend in New Hampshire. 18 Vy Da NJC began the Ivy Day tradition on May 1, 1957, with the planting of ivy around the col- lege grounds and the simultaneous entrance of NJC into the "Ivy League." Similarly, this year a ceremony was planned to plant twelve rose bushes along our corner fence. Unfortunately, only one bush survived an unexpected "frost"g nevertheless, this bush was set into the ground with skill and speeches worthy of our original dozen. With Mr. Taylor presiding, the group planting consisted of Mrs. Irene K. Thresher, Repre- sentative to the General Court, Mrs. Gene- vieve Oncley, Newton School Committee, Mr. Fred C. Alexander and Mr. Joseph Kaplan, NJC Visiting Committeeg Mrs. Eveline Mooney, Chairman of the Education Committee, Newton Federation of Women's Clubsg Mrs. Charles Haney, President of the Newtonville Garden Club, Miss Adelaide M. Ball, former Newton Aldermang Mr. James Lewis, Newtonville Improvem ents, and Mike Flynn, Chairman of the first Ivy Day Com- mittee. While hel in to beautif our school the P S Y f roses are syrnbolic of flowering growth of NJC. .1 x 'gala r 5-A I -'ii L""nn AA. uting On a cool, cloudy Monday, May 26th, a group of beach-seeking NJCers piled into streamer- bearing cars and headed toward Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester. This was the day of the Outing C1ub's last picnic for which sandwiches and soft drinks were provided. Activities of the day included playing foot- ball and softball Qwith Grace Maloney making the .casualty listj, picture taking, and for a few resolute souls, swimming in the cool Atlantic. All who went will remember a happy time amid the Gloucester sand dunes. Z0 J if" 1. .p ni'- Prom May lbth found many of NJC's students and faculty in swirling gowns and white dinner jackets dancing a variety of steps to the music of Jeff Car1ton's Band at the University Club in Boston. All who went will agree that our fourth an- nual prom was one ofthe rnost beautiful affairs. This year Moni- que Lombard from Geneva, Switzer land, was chosen as our first Prom Queen. Her three attendants were non-members of NJC. Parties in Auburndale and in Green Harbor concluded this most memorable evening. 5 Z1 vat gn X - PQ r 7 'km , i xxx- x 'E YM-2 5 mx:- fi Room WEN X559 ET :ifiwf-w"F Jw,-QWW4 Y A W' 1 5, ,.,' ,- x ' 'ff xv-1 1 4 , 11,4 -aff A fi r '51 ...-q --QQ., M31 nw BMS as wnbif , Q ff' 5. fm ,x T uf '49,- f im Orientation If you were able to fall out of bed and dash up three floors every Tuesday morning in time to arrive at 8:30 in NJC's library, you would find the guest speaker or panel interesting and informative. It is during these early morn- ing hours that NJC students are introduced to many fields through informal meetings called Orientation. Moderated by Director Taylor, the discussions have included topics ranging from Ndabaningi Sithole's enlightening presenta- tion of conditions in Africa to Dr. John Collins' view of ethics and morality in America. Dr. Collins is the Executive Secretary of the Boston Ethical Fellowship. However, often these "conversations" have had a local vein such as Christian Herter, Jr. and Edward McCormick, Jr.'s discussion on the dif- ferences between the Republican and Democratic parties. Later in the year we were privileged to have Colonel George F. Conner, USA, and Captain Irwin Moore, USN, in a Thursday morning Orientation called "USSR vis-a-vis USA." One of the most stimulating meetings of the year, the speakers contribution to our understanding of our ever-expanding neighbors indeed provided an informative conference and was an exceptional honor for NJC. In a lighter vein, our last meeting consisted of the harmonious student duet of Marsha Reed and Art Clifford and the music-like faculty quartet of Mr. Taylor, Dr. Knickerbocker, Dr. Merrill, and Mr. Judge, a first in NJC's music history. The presentation of the basketball trophy to Coach Wilson and school jackets to the team concluded this year's Orientation season. In Sum, Orientation has been a worthwhile all-school meeting because of its wide scope of subjects and speakers and its cultural influence on the student body. Z3 ,- ,Q-If 1 'UP f A is l-up ' . lf' wx , w 'g Q ,f P - E, n Af. -WJ f 02 , fp, ,7- .Haw J rg ,, J 1-nv' y J 'y fi? , , r ff :V 1 'W- , 204 . cv - ' ' ,PTF .0 u .. 6 ' fe'-F , ,ga W " 5.2! 'fam '1-fd' Nfl 1.3, .. f f . M 'Y' x M ,. 'ff' "fn .'1 N, K ., in A Q L f . 'L - YM-" I' ,.. J fjff 1 ' Nkf . V ' L Nw 5 l xv Gwyn , , ks? iq V 3 xl 1f'Q'j ' ' W?" . 4 -5 x . 'N f 'W A 0-vm A , ,Q , i ',, 0 an 4 1, , ' J' L 5' sl ,A, x X -nh if il vf -f . " he I , ' :Q : yay P . j' ,y bg? f iff , f A V E' , , .n 5 1 rv' ' K 3 i Y 7 , V 'i E rj K h S nv D 'I if is f .L ' zz .ry f. Q' ,S 1 2,-.A 46' 'fx' ,Aix eg . gil ..-4 l-' . v- H cr, M . V+. iS. 'o .ft-' I 4 i 1 'ai'L--X ' S0 , 4' 1 I 3 , r fm. 1' H , 4. 4 'G - vf ' ' 'lu 4 I -Y 9 .X 9.4 1 xx 'N' -I C' -' r l I iw, L0 1 fl v Q .lLX, Qi. " - D- .4 I 'fi , Lt r'-'N ' QQ 1 . 5'-A 4 ' f '1 Q 1 , ' Wifi S I 1+ nv' 0 iQ :gunna L! ,nada :Qu-ff' 'ai' 5. , L 1 4 . s . l O . - ' . X: AN q.'- 129 , ' , , W, .ff -1 X, ' ,, x 1 fi A wt ' ' swf, ,.,' E. +5 :fy V .- 2 Z., V :Lk ' Egg?" 9' J . Qi, . n 1 V' ,, we gf' , Kilim x ' " ,Q ' R.: , fisgi' ,v xQ2,f'1 ' 'Q A Y any vw? Q x ' W? ' " Q! 1' I 3 , Zh." fx ,gif . ff ' 1' ' , f pf N ,iw Q, , my , Q f 1 ff W, ' f 13'-1 , Q i f , Q f' if K W1 wi? " ffl ,f 1 5' Q X if f af nf - ,.'Yf,' Lest we forget. . the well tread path to X- . 2 qscav, 4 ' in winter the frosted the shops in the Square. . a few of the many ,s . sticker bearers. . f the quietness of quietness. . f1re escape. . .the greeness of sprumg. . .the emptlness of abandoned hallways. . .the news and meeting center. . . .a part yet not a part. . seen but not seen. . Sfrengfken, aide ana! Q Old! How can we figure time, you and I? How do we deal within its realm, Face timeless aspects of our lives? Pierce the facade of passing days, The thoughts that live outside the years, The ideas caught 'twixt soul and mind? These are the precious seeds we took, These the songs unborn insideg We only hope to make them come, And then to nourish them to strength To guide them to maturity, And give them mellowness and grace. Now rules, and facts and learning ours, But wisdom is not come as yet- It only falls and sifts through time, To cover those who grow and serve, Who move with time's unceasing beat, To rhythms sounded by Man's feet. Their pith is made by sweat and toil, Their dreams are those of a little child. Such is our world, 'tis your's and mine To strengthen, raise and glorify. Alice Melvin U 2 9 Richard G. Arnold Dick 3 Richard Rd. Lexington General Student Council, Social Board, Chairman, Prom Committeeg Outing Club, International Club, Yearbook, Base- ball. Prepared at: Lexington High Alvin F. Brackman Alvy 126 Langdon St. Newton Busine ss Administration Prepared at: Newton High Joseph A. Adario Joey 47 Hunting St. Somerville General Social Board, Treasur- er, Prom Committee, Chairman. Prepared at: Somerville High Langford B. Anderson Lang, L. B. 40 Alexander Rd. Newton Highlands General Student C ouncilg Publi- cations Board, Chair- man, Newspaper Associate Editor. Service Record: U.S. Marine Corps. Q31 Prepared at: Thayer Academy Dominic F. Barisano, Jr. Dom 6 Colonial Ave. Newtonville Business Administration Service Record: U. S. Army Q21 Prepared at: Newton High Richard C. Boudrot Dick 37 Evergreen Ave. Auburndale General Service Record: U. S. Air Force Q42 Prepared at: Newton High Robert A. Arnold Bob 3 Richard Rd. Lexington General Social Board, Chair- man, Outing Club, Chairmang Internation Clubg Prom Committee Dance Committee. Prepared at: Lexington High Richard L. Bushman Dick 40 Carver Rd. Newton Highlands Liberal Arts Prepared at: Tabor Academy Sylvia D. Diamond Sil 72 Kensington St. Newtonville General Social Boardg Inter- national Club, Presidentg Yearbook, Assistant Editorg Public Rela- tions Board. Prepared at: Newton High Joan E. Hunter Joannie, Little Hunter 45 Outlook Dr. Lexington General Student Council, Secre- taryg Social Board, Secretaryg Outing Clubg Prom Committeeg Sec - retary of Class of 1958. Prepared at: Lexington High Janet P. Casey Casey 10 Celghorn Lane North Tewksbury General Social Board Prepared at: Lowell High Carolyn Cleveland Carole 24 Fairfield St. Newton Liberal Arts Inte rnational Clubg Pub - lications Boardg Public Relations Boardg At- tendance Committee. Prepared at: Newton High M. if-.., faeik ig' A, Paul B. Engborg 20 Bedford St. Lexington Liberal Arts Social Boardg Outing Clubg International Clubg Dance Commit- teeg Yearbook. Prepared at: Lexington High Robert O. Hamblet Bob 5 De rby St. Waltham Liberal Arts Service Record: U. S. Marine Corps Q31 Prepared at: Newton High 8 wi William J. Egan, Jr. Bill 214 High St. Brookline Business Administration Social Boardg Building Irnprovements Commit- teeg Athletic Boardg Service Record: U. S. J Marine Corps. Q21 5 Prepared at: St. Mary's High f Brookline ,,,-n 1' John D. Jenkins J. D. 87 Washington St. Newton General Prepared at: Christian High, Cambridge James S. Levenbaum Jim, Levi 15A Bowdoin Ave. Dorchester Business Administration Social Board Prepared at: Roxbury Memorial Walter G. Mackie Walt 192 Cedar Ave. Arlington Liberal Arts Prepared at: Lexington High B.U. Jr. College Sam C. Kapreilian, Jr. Steve Kostas 783 Watertown St. West Newton Business Administration Student Councilg Prom Committeeg Dance Committeeg Athletic Board Prepared at: Newton High John A. Kivlehan Kiv 470 Albermarle Rd. Newtonville Business Administration Dance Committee Prepared at: Newton High Kenneth Love ring Ken i6 Battle Green Rd. Lexington General Social Boardg Prom Committee. Prepared at: Lexington High si 4. I Donald C. Luster Don Z3 Juniper St. Boston Liberal Arts Election Board, Chair- mang Basketball, Co- Captain. Prepared at: Boston Technical ' 5. K ' ". -. . I : .f ha, , ' ' . , - sl' u R 1- Af' f :A if., Monique R. Lombard 53 Hunnewell St. Wellesley Hills Liberal Arts Social Board, Vice- Presidentg International Clubg Attendance Com- mittee. Prepared at: Ecole Superieure Des Jeunes Filles, Switzerland Richard L. Ouellet Louie 3 Lake Rd. Wellesley Marketing and Management Service Record: U. S. Marine Corps. Q22 Prepared at: Wellesley High Lewis Rosenberg Louie 411 Parker St. Newton General Building Irnprovernents Committee. Prepared at: Boston English Winslow C. Tisdel Win 6 Rowe St. Auburndale General Service Record: U. S. Army QZQ Prepared at: Newton High Henry A. Paltrineri 351 Linden St. Wellesley Hills General Service Record: U. S. Army Q21 Prepared at: Wellesley Charles RaW01'th High Chuck 8 Russell Rd. Newton Liberal Arts Yearbook Prepared at: Newton High Robert A. Shurdut Gumshoes 69 Babcock St., Brookline Busine ss Administration Service Record: U. S. Navy UH Prepared at: Brookline Frederlck M' Strong Fred 57 Lake Ave. Newton Centre Business Administration Prepared at: Newton High Northeastern if i Donald P. Rubenstein Don 110 Hull St. Newton General Athletic Board, Secre- tary. Service Record: U. S. Army Q21 Prepared at: Boston English J. W. Wilson Rebel 7C Hansen Rd. Waltham General Student Council, Presi- dentg Social Boardg International Club. Service Record: U.S.Ai1-Froce Q51 Prepared at: Tuckerman High Robert S. Wood Woody 158 Ridge Ave. Newton Centre Liberal Arts Athletic Boardg Base ball. A. John Gradeski John Sandy Pond Rd. Lincoln Liberal Arts Prepared at: Weston High Richard McConnell Dick 33 Linden St. Brookline Business Administration Baseball Service Record: U. S. Army Q22 Prepared at: Brookline High Frank Nicolazzo Nick 10 Andrea Rd. Framingham Business Administration Service Record: U. S. Army Q31 Prepared at: Newton High X 34 Michael Yaffee 156 Washington St. Wellesley Liberal Arts Baseball Prepared at. Wellesley High Mike John J. O'Connell Jack, Okie 37 Endicott St. Newton Highlands Liberal Arts Prepared at: Newton High Paul V. Toomey 3 Kenwood Dr. Norwood Liberal Arts Publications Boardg Yearbook Prepared at: Norwood High John N. Vance Jack 11 Lowell St. Arlington Business Administration Prepared at: Lexington High 0l'l 0 OW? To live To love TO die - This is the cycle of Life, the perpetual beat of the human race. We live to love And we die lovingg Idove is the central human trait Which when stifled, Produces a grotesque soul, a soul without the life-blood of human qualities Let us Say we have lived Because we have felt And had compassion for others. For love will wither if locked within the human shell And in the process, The soul within the body will shrivel, also. Thus, with a soul Steeped in the love and respect for others, Let us strive to become a greater person. Only then will we have become the person God wished to create. Only then will we have lived loved and died as He ordained Laurie Shambad 35 190 Y The Youn g And Happy Times 36 At 4 o'clock on a warm, sunny June lst, NJC's second Baccalaureate Ser- vice was held at Newton City Hall's Memorial Auditorium. Leading the procession were Dr. Merrill, Bac- calaureate Marshal, Dr. Navez, Fac- ulty Marshal, and JW Wilson, Class Marshal, in a most memorable Service With Mr. Taylor presiding, high points of the Service occurred with the presentation of awards and scholar- ships by Dean White and Julia A. Wight, '48, and a warm and wonderful address by Dr. J. Wendell Yeo, Vice-President for Academic Affairs at B.U. Dr. Yeo extended some timely advice for ac- quiring attitudes useful throughout life. Rev. William J. Flanagan de- livered the invocation, Rev. William C. Fleming, '56, performed the scripture reading, and Rabbi Murray I. Rothman, concluded the Service with the benedic- 'B I .. X ' Baccalaureate X J 3 N S s AWARDS Newton Community Forurn Aid - JW Wilson Newton Junior College Service Awards Richard Arnold Sylvia Diamond Robert Arnold Joan Hunter Carolyn Cleveland JW Wilson Alumni Council Book Awards - Robert Arnold Monique SC HO LA RSI-HPS Lombard Newton Kiwanis Club Scholarship - Donald Lawn Normandy Dance Series Scholarships - Newton Junior College Scholarships - Carlos Chiroboga Gail Gallup Bruce Dewire Marsha Reed 37 Franca Celli Ernest Dunbar Commencement At 7 o'clock on a clear June 6th, NJC's Eleventh Annual Commencement Exercises began. After a piano prelude by Judy Kaufman, '59, Dr. Merrill, Commencement Marshal, Dr. Navez, Faculty Marshal, and JW Wilson, Class Marshal, ' led an impressive and dignified procession of graduates, faculty and guest speakers into City Hall's Memorial Auditorium. Presided over by Mr. Taylor, the evening included the invocation by Rev. William C. Fleming, '51, a musical inter- lude by Erroll Haywood, '56, and greetings by Harold B. Gores, Superintendent of Newton Schools, Howard Whitmore, Jr., Mayor of Newton, and John J. Desmond, Jr., retired Commissioner of Educa- tion. Richard Bushman, '58, delivered the class dissertation entitled "Education, An Answer To Communism." The Commencement Address, which impressed upon the graduates their importance as America's future resource, was given by Dr. Owen Burns Kiernan, Commissioner of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NJC's llth Commencement concluded with the presentation of degrees and certificates by Haskell C. Freedman, Chairman of the Newton School Committee. After- ward, the graduates celebrated their accomplish- ment by a Bon Voyage Party at La Cantina Club for our Swiss graduate, Monique Lombard. Fai To learn is to change, and change ls the essence of life. The B,dE9iQJf has tried to show growth bg capturing change rn the gear l958. So, too we hope your gears at Newton Junior College hole helped gou grow through leur ning, toward a more creatwe and harmonious life. 39 I5 g 4 J I .- O .u 'l 5. 4 Y ull o 4' r Q r f. J' ,Q ' 4 I U g 5 . lv wg ' - ff- ' A s ' Q.. x Y sf K. g I 1 I I. qi, Q 0 L ' I , Q I I' N Y 1 a' gk f . l ku' 4 . f,a x I I , N , in., M' "N ' ' n" A I' 'U I 'tl U .v kc D .1 .V ., I X ,x ,- , X , ' ' ljw'xQf1P"7 U V 'N 1 A

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