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, F' ' fl Y, H 4"'l'ff:. ' ",!' K. 2 5 " M13 .,,,, ,Egg 1 L 1 fl -ff ' , Lt' A .4 1 ,- .. ,, . 'L , -' .1 1. , 4 x -r '-,gig ,- t ' A: 2 Y ,-.. v , q., gf , ' 112' SQ-if 249' .. u I WY-.1 if 5rT'Vf:-32" Q. ..i?,,,., 1 A ,Ei-, -'ying 'ft QR' ' 'ff'i'9- ' K' V xl-:HY , 417 'Q - ,V 1 lr: 5 ff 1-1, .4 x 35.595951 K '53, if wi ,fx Ya .QRS 55, JA 15 5: .W Q 1' fa , !' rt' Dedfbarion To show our appreciation for his loyalty and faithfulness through seventeen years of school bus driving, the members of the Senior Class wish to dedicate the i956 Flyer to Mr. Sterling Shubert. Mr. Shubert has also driven the bus for all ot the school's extracurricular activities during these years. Jw .. OUR SCI-1001. www Y . wwf ,.m.w,.mh .nm 4. X, M K M, Class Colors Motto: ln Ourselves lne ruru ,,,f.-hw 1. arura MHS figffz cfzool faculty PAUL WILSON MRS. BESSIE HALL 1 ..-ssl JOE YOUNG MRS. KATHERINE VVRAY CHARLES DeBUSK H426 School Faculty MRS. NELLY HULBERT MERLE BUCKLEW RR MRS. ETHEL Qulcscs ELTON MILLIGAN MISS LUCILLE GARDNER Page Five - Q I H426 School Faculty WENDELL M. KING Principal DONALD D. DOUGLAS MRS. MARY K. MCCARTHY Senior Sponsor Senior Sponsor Page Six Class of I9 6 DAVID WESLEY BAKER Band, 4 years, Chorus, 3 years, Senior Play, Annual Staff, 4-H, 2 years, Band President, l year, Band Librarian, l year. DARRELL KEITH BRITTON Basketball, 4 years, Senior Play, Junior Play Usher, Baseball, 4 years, President, Student Council, l year, Treasurer, Sophomore Class, Class Tourney. DELORES FAYE BALDWIN Band, 5 years, Chorus, T year, Sun- shine, 4 years, 4-H, 3 years, Junior Play, Senior Play. ROBERT D. DECK Track, l year, Usher and Stage Crew, Junior Play, Usher and Stage Crew, Senior Play. FRED STEPHEN BARTH Track, 4 years, Baseball, 4 years, Basketball, 4 years, Annual Staff, Vice-President, Sophomore Class, Treasurer, Senior Class, Junior Play, Usher, Senior Play, Treasurer, Stu- dent Council, l year, Athletic Member, Student Council, l year, Class Tourney. GLENDA KAY DOVE Chorus, 4 years, Sunshine Society, 4 years, S.S.S. President, 2 years, Class Yell Leader, 4 years, Secretary and Treasurer, Freshman Class, "B" Team Cheer Leader, l year, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff, D.A.R. Citizen. flass of I9 6 DORIS LYNN DYER Sunshine, 4 years, Chorus, 2V2 years, Band, 6 years, Senior Play Prompter, Junior Play Usiherette, 4-H, 7 years, Junior Leader, 2 years. DlCK LAVON HARGIS Basketball, lV2 years, Stage Crew, Junior Play, Stage Crew, Senior Play. PHYLLIS ANN DYER Band, 5 years, Chorus, 4 years, Sunshine, 4 years, 4-H, 7 years, Junior Leader, 2 years, Latin Club, Senior Play, Prompter, Junior Play, Annual Staff. DONALD LAWRENCE HULTZ Basketball, 2 years, Class Tourney. LARRY DEAN GENTRY Basketball, TVQ years, Band, 4 years, Chorus, 4 years, Senior Play, Usher and Ticket Manager, Junior Play, ViceePresident, Band, l year, Class Treasurer, Junior Class, 4-H, 2 yea-rs, Annual Staff, Class Tour- ney. WILBERT EUGENE JARVIS Basketball, 2 years, President, Fresh- man Class, Junior Play, Senior Play, Class Tourney, Annual Staff. dass of I9 6 MARILEE JOHNSON Band, 6 years, Chorus, 3 years, Sun- shine, 4 years, 4-H, 8 years, Band Secretary, l year, Student Council, 2 years, Secretary, Student Council, l year, Class Yell Leader, 3 years, Junior Play, Senior Play, Class Secretary, Senior Class, Junior Lead- er, 2 years, Annual Staff. BYRON LEROY LEWELLEN Usher, Junior Play, Stage Crew, Junior Play, Stage Crew, Senior Play. KENNETH EUGENE KINCAID Confectionery salesman, l year. BILLIE ANN LIVESAY Annual Staff, Band, 3 years, Chorus, 4 years, Sunshine Society, 4 years, Junior Play, Senior Play, Latin Club, 4-H, 7 years, Junior Leader, l year, Prom Receptionist, l year. ANTHONY M. KOCHERT Junior Class President, Chorus, l year, Stage Crew, Junior and Senior Play, Senior Play. JOHN CALVIN MILLER Basketball, 4 years, Baseball, 4 years, Track, 2 years, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Usher, Senior Play, Vice-President, Senior Class, Class Tourney. 67055 of I9 6 SHERMAN MAX MORRIS Basketball, 2 years, Annual Staff, Band, 5 years, Chorus, 3 years, Properties committee, Junior and Senior Plays. SHIRLEY JEAN POWERS Band, 5 years, Chorus, 4 years, Sunshine, 4 years, 4-H, 6 years, Student Council, l year, Class Yell Leader, l year, Annual Staff, Junior Leader, 2 years, Senior Play, School Reporter, Usherette, Junior Play. VlRGlNlA PITTENGER 4-H, 6 years, Junior Leader, 2 years, Sunshine Society, 4 years, Chorus, 4 years, Lunch Cashier, V2 semester, Junior Play, Prompter, Senior Play. LYLE WAYNE QUIGG Band, 4 years, Chorus, 4 years, Band Equipment Manager, l year, Usher and Publicity, Junior Play, Usher and Publicity, Senior Play. SANDRA ANN POWERS Band, 5 years, Chorus, 4 years, Sunshine, 4 years, 4-H, 8 years, Junior Leader, 3 years, "B" Team Cheer Leader, 2 years, Varsity Cheer Leader, i year, Senior Play, Promp- ter, Junior Play, Annual Staff. RONALD EUGENE SEAMAN Basketball Mgr., 4 years, Student Council, 2 years, Junior Class Secre- tary, Annual Staff Editor, Junior Play, Senior Play, 4-H, 5 years. dass of I9 6 JERRY DEAN STEVENSON Basketball, 2 years, Baseball, 2 years, Senior Play, 4-H, 2 years, President, Sophomore Class, Annual Staff, Class Tourney. MYRTLE ELEANOR WIATT Band, 6 years, Chorus, l year, Sun- shine Society, 4 years, S.S.S. Treas- urer, l year, Senior Play, Make-up, Junior Play, Annual Staff. LLOYD DAVID STULL Track, 4 years, Baselball, 3 years, Basketball, 2V2 years, Band, 3 years, Chorus, 4 years, Vtice-Presi- dent, Junior Class, President, Senior Class, 4-H, 3 years, Band Librarian, l year, Senior Play, Usher and Ticket Manager, Junior Play, Prom Receptionist, l year, Annual Staff, Class Tourney. ROGER THOMAS WILLIAMSON Yell Leader, 2 years, Base-ball, l year, Class Tourney, Junior Play, Senior Play, At Crawfordsville: Wrestling, l year, F. F. A., 2 years, A. B. C., 2 years. JOHN HERBERT SWEARINGEN Baseball, 4 years, 4-H, 2 years, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff, Class Tourney. RACHEL JEAN YOUNG Band, 5 years, Chorus, 2 years, Yell Leader, 2 years, Class Yell Leader, 4 years, Sunslhine, 4 years, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff, 4-H, 7 years, Junior Leader, 2 years, Student Council, 2 years. ANNUAL STAFF Row lz Phyllis Dyer, Rachel Young, Sandra Powers, Eleanor Wiatt, Billie Ann Livesay Glenda Dove, Ronald Seaman, Jeanie Powers, Marilee Johnson, David Stull. Row 2: Sherman Morris, David Baker, Wilbert Jarvis, John Swearingen, Fred Barth Dean Williams, Junior Representative, Larry Gentry. SENIORS 'I2 YEARS AGO Page Twelve dass fflkfory In 1944 a group of anxious boys and girls entered the first grade at New Market School. Among these, thirteen are still with us: Marilee Johnson, Billie Ann Livesay, Tammy Miller, Keith Britton, Delores Baldwin, Eleanor Wiatt, Jerry Stevenson, Wilbert Jarvis, Robert Deck, Kenneth Kincaid, Shirley Powers, Larry Gentry, and John Swearingen. Mrs. Evelyn Douglas, our teacher, escorted us on a train trip to the canning factory in Ladoga. David Baker and Lyle Quigg joined us later this year. We were off to a flying start. Now that we had passed into the second grade with Mrs. Widener as the teacher, she taught each of us to write to one thousand, which was quite an accomplishment. Dick Hargis, Bill Chamness, Glenda Dove, David Stull, and Sherman Morris became members of the class this year. Ronnie Seaman, who turned out to be the class politician, ioined us in the third grade. Ask Tammy, Butch, and Jerry what June told our teacher, Mrs. Edwards, about them. What was it, fellows??? Gee, fourth grade already! Rachel Young and Sandra Powers join- ed our now illustrious class. This was another year that proved to be quite mischievous for Keith and Tammy. How did you fellows retrieve those squirt guns that were taken from you by our teacher, Mrs. Grimes??? The next year we learned to be very well-behaved boys and girls. We didn't leave anything on our trays at noon, we didn't run in the halls, talk in classes, or write notes, and we didn't hesitate to get our lessons because we knew we would get iabbed by long, sharp finger- nails if we did. Of course, we are talking about the fifth grade and our teacher, Mrs. Haines. After Anthony Kochert and Byron Lewellen ioined our class in the sixth grade, we had a grand total of forty-eight. Mrs. Imogene DeBusk, who did her best to prepare us for our roles as members of the "up- stairs," accompanied us on a trip to Vincennes, Indiana, at the close of the year. After finding what teacher went with what class and after real- izing we could make as much noise as the other high school students could, we were well on our way in our first year "up-stairs." Mr. Milli- gan, our home-room teacher, had to suffer through our once-a-week class meetings with Dick Miles as president. Who ever heard of correct parliamentary procedure? We hadn't! Don Hultz joined our class this year. Also, we made a trip to Indianapolis to see the Indiana Legis- lature in action. Mr. Charles DeBusk and Mr. Phil Beck escorted our class on a very educational trip to Chicago during our eighth grade. By this time we had some really good basketball players in our class, and when Fred Barth ioined us, we thought we had never had it so good. The girls' Page Thirteen physical education classes had quite a number of exciting episodes. Maybe we should have had some lessons on "How to Use a Zipper Correctly." Would that have been a good idea, Glenda? At the Fish Fry in T952 we got our first taste of what it was going to be like to be freshmen. We were painted with lipstick, made fun of, and treated terribly. The girls who ioined Sunshine were given in- structions as to what to wear on initiation day at school. What a con- glomeration! Luckily, Mr. Cassidy, our principal, was absent that day. A pair of twins, Doris and Phyllis Dyer, joined our class this year. The Sunshine Society held a volley ball tournament, andlwe freshmen girls won. As sophomores we looked forward to painting the oncoming crop of green freshies at the Fish Fry. This year we also strutted around proudly in our blue and gray class sweaters, the prettiest New Market had ever seen. Our class was really grown-up now. Some of the boys even had driver's licenses. As we continued to climb the ladder of education, we found our- selves in the iunior spotlight. Of course, the big thing this year was getting our class rings. Nevertheless, some classmates didn't keep them very long! Aided by the wonderful directing of Mrs. Wray, we pre- sented our play, "Moonlight and Applesauce," on April Fool's Day, but it surely was no ioke. We were very pleased to have a sell-out on tickets. As iuniors it was our pleasure to hold a reception in honor of the seniors. lt was held at Old Trail Inn with Colonial Days as our theme carried out in the decorations. After dinner Gene Patton and his band provided music for dancing. We had worked hard on the reception and were rewarded by a great many compliments. September, l955, started the school year with our class as seniors. On October l we presented our play, "Kicked Out of College." On December l we gave a chicken supper to secure funds for our trip to New York after graduation. Plans for the Annual have already been started, and all graduation plans are in action. We wish to thank our parents, teachers, and all the people who have made our school days happy and our education possible. 51-.g j ,4 z"o'w.. .X X 'bg 5 . ,, . 3, ,- Page Fourteen Class W17l We, the members of the Class of i956 of the New Market Joint School, sincerely and thoughtfully do hereby will the following person- al traits and legacies to the so-named beneficiaries. We, Keith Britton and Tammy Miller, will to Fred Miles our ability to sit on the bread box and keep cool. l, Sandra Powers, will my energy to Shirley Hood. I, Glenda Dove, will my ability to get a fiance to Elaine Rains. We, Marilee Johnson and Rachel Young, will our ability to get an "A" in band to Tom DeBusk. l, Anthony Kochert, will my dignity to Clifton Carr. We, Butch Jarvis and Don Hultz, will our ability to stay out late to Harold Keller. l, Jerry Stevenson, will my curly hair to Jim Keller. We, Dave Baker and Tom Williamson, will our ability to carry pencils on top of our ears to those who would like it. We three side-kicks, Doris Dyer, Phyllis Dyer, and Virginia Pitten- ger, will our giggles to Herschell Beecher. We, Eleanor Wiatt and Delores Baldwin, will our worn-out clarinets to two music-minded people. We, David Stull and Fred Barth, will our love stories to Dale Hester. l, Ronnie Seaman, will my political philosophy to Edna Kochert. I, Larry Gentry, will my ability to drive like "Doc" to Marion Max- well. We generals, Sherman Morris and John Swearingen, will our command ot the school to David South. We, Byron Lewellen and Dick Hargis, will our ability to stay out of wrecks to Rex Larew. We, Billie Ann Livesay and Jeanie Powers, will our tight skirts to Anna Fruits. Page Fifteen I, Lyle Quigg, will my police pull to Dean Williams. l, Bob Deck, will a permanent seat in the Senior Room to Dan Cook, who now has a temporary one. I, Kenneth Kincaid, will my love for library books to the whole student body. We, the Class of 1956, will Mr. King a bottle of hair restorer. We, the Class of 1956, will our sponsors, Mrs. McCarthy and Mr. Douglas, good luck and best wishes with the Class of 1960. We, the Class of 1956, will Mr. Wilson a bright red Contour chair. We, the Class of 1956, will Mr. DeBusk a supply of "growing pills" for his Junior High basketball team. We, the Class of 1956, will Mr. Milligan a space ship to take his science class on field trips. We, the Class of 1956, will Mrs. Hall a quiet, undisturbed library and the student body another social corner to take its place. We, the Class of 1956, will Mrs. Wray a quiet, intelligent speech class. We, the Class of 1956, will Mrs. Quigg a robot to count the school money for her. We, the Class of 1956, will Mr. Bucklew a magic wand to wave at his band. We, the Class of 1956, will Mrs. Hulbert a good time in the Senior Room next year. We, the Class of 1956, will our Senior Room and all the excitement that goes with it to the iuniors, our abounding intellect to the sopho- mores, our ability to endure the perturbing classes to the freshmen, and our exuberant rowdiness to the Junior High. We, the Class of 1956, will Mr. Young a simplified health book. Attorneys: Mrs. McCarthy Mr. Douglas Witnesses: Sandra Powers Rachel Young Larry Gentry Lyle Quigg THE SENIOR CLASS Page Sixteen dass Propfzecy We take our annual trip around the world in l974. Before we boarded the ship, we noticed a small concession stand operated by "Hotdog" Kochert. "Penny Pincher" Quigg was operating the popcorn machine. As we boarded the ship, we noticed that "Fire Water" Jarvis was massaging alcohol on "Captain" Lewellen's back with a wire brush. We arrived in Hawaii before schedule because of the jet propel- led motor in charge of "Hurricane" Hultz. After we left the ship, we passed a small theater where the Dyer twins were starred in a big production called a "Hula For Two." After we left Hawaii, we were startled by seeing two small figures on a deserted island. As we approached, we were surprised to find that it was Fred and Shirley. They were playing Tic-Tac-Toe in the sand. When we came nearer, they waved us on. The next stop was Australia, where we took a tour into the wilder- ness. The guide was none other than Sandra Powers, "The Man Hunter." ln a little clearing we stopped at a kangaroo ranch operated by Billie Ann Livesay and Ken Kincaid. We finally got out of the wilderness without any mishaps. We then went to Shanghai, from which point we took an airplane trip over China, the plane being piloted by "Wang Lung" Williamson. Afterwards we went to Moosecalf, Russia, where we were greet- ed by "Comrade" Herb Swearingen and his companion, Rachel Young. We left Russia by a camel caravan and entered into Arabia. We passed a Foreign Legion post and saw Larry Gentry and Tammy Miller on K.P. duty. We went farther into the desert and found a small oasis where we saw Sherm Morris and Virginia Pittenger watering their camels. The desert brought no more events to us. We then left Arabia and went to our next destined stop, Pieter- maritzburg, Union of South Africa. There we saw Dick Hargis employed by the Sanitary Street Cleaners' Department. On the same block we noticed Deck's "We Wash and You lron Service." Page Seventeen We had a dangerous iourney to Paris, as we were piloted by Keith Britton in his black and yellow Piper Cub. When we arrived in Paris, we went to the Riviera where we saw Eleanor Wiatt in a Bikini bathing suit. While in Paris, we went sightsee- ing. We came upon a man pushing a cart around with the most beautiful flowers in it. He was giving a lecture on the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Who was he? Well, it couldn't be anyone else but Pierre Ron -Seaman. When we started for the good old U.S.A. on the Queen Elizabeth, we were passed by a green and purple canoe paddled by Dave Stull and Glenda Dove. Glenda was playing a banjo and singing, "Oh, Jack- ie, Oh, Jackie!" We also saw Delores Baldwin swimming the Atlantic Ocean. After we landed in New York, we drove home on a six-lane high- way. We were passed by Jake Stevenson, driving his Model T Ford, and Dave Baker, driving a hopped up l9l2 Oldsmobile. Riding with Dave was Marilee Johnson, his girl Friday. We stopped to get gasoline at a small garage in Bal Hinch, where we found Mrs. McCarthy taking care of the gasoline tanks. After we left the garage, we came across a man with a quail slung over his shoulder. He was wearing a fur coat and carrying a muzzle-loading rifle. We stopped and asked him if he needed a lift, and we found to our surprise that it was Mr. Douglas. We drove him into New Market, and then we said goodbye to each other until next year. l l l x F Page Eighteen STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: Jeanie Powers, Anna Fruits, Nancy Stickler, Secretary, Keith Britton, President, Dennis Wray, Vice- President, Elaine Rains, Treasurer, Marilee Johnson. Row 2: J. T. Stickler, Marion Maxwell, Jack Deck, Fred Barth, Patsy Thomas, Nancy Vaughn, Mrs. Hall, advisor. s i i LIBRARIANS Row if Rachel Young, Marilee Johnson, Anna Fruits, Mrs. Hall, Ruth Ellen Hester, Juanita Kochert, Carolyn Swenke, Lenna Axsom. Row 2: Ruth Meadows, John Sayler, Rita Wilbur, Tom Williamson, Glenn Livesay, Geraldine Kochert. Przgv Nineteen ww SUNSHINE SOCIETY Row l: Ruthanna Dye, Ruth Ellen Hester, Corresponding Secretary, Judy Frame, Billie Ann Livesay, Patsy Williams, Darlene Lewellen, Nancy Servies, Jeannette Rains, Sandra Powers, Edna Koch' ert, Anna Fruits, Elaine Rains, Vice-President, Lenna Axsorn, Glenda Dove, President, Carolyn Dougherty. Row 2: Marilynn Bain, Carol King, Recording Secretary, Juanita Kochert, Nancy Stickler, Rachel Young, Jeanie Powers, Sandra Estelle, Ruth Meadows, Carolyn Swenke, Barbara Boots, Alice Sanders, Nancy Vaughn, Barbara Pittenger, Eleanor Wiatt, Treasurer, Delores Baldwin, Joyce l-lultz. Row 3: Mrs. Nelly Hulbert, Marilee Johnson, Ruth Surface, Janetta Jones, Phyllis Dyer, Doris Dyer, Virginia Pittenger. LATIN CLUB Row lg Marilynn Bain, Guard, Nancy Stickler, Secretary, Roger Deck, President, Jeannette Rains, Vice- Presidentg Carol King, Guard. Row 21 Mrs. Mary McCarthy, Juanita Kochert, Ruth Ellen Hester, Carolyn Dougherty, Sandra Estelle, Ruth Meadows, Judy Frame, Steve Young, Barbara Boots, Lenna Axsorn, Rita Wilbur, Ruthanna Dye, Row 3: Nancy Vaughn, Ruth Ann Surface, Darlene Lewellen, Alice Sanders, Carolyn Swenke, Daryl Fry, Eddie Krug. PIIQK' 'l'u'c'iiljf Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 BAND Sandra Powers, Rachel Young, Lyle Quigg, Marilee Johnson. Eleanor Wiatt, Nancy Lawler Swank, Judy Frame, Barbara Boots, Rex Larew, Ruth Ellen Hester, Rita Wilbur, Doris Dyer, Eddie Krug. Delores Baldwin, Carol King, Carolyn Dougherty, Marilynn Bain, David Baker, Sherman Morris, Tom DeBusk. Mr. Bucklew, Director, Larry Gentry, Bill Young, Jeanie Powers, Nancy Stickler, David Stull, Phyllis Dyer. Row l: ROW 2: Row 3: CHORUS Ruthanna Dye, Ruth Ellen Hester, Judy Frame, Billie Arm Livesay, Patsy Williams, Lyle Quigg, David Stull, J. T. Stickler, Daryl Fry, Dale Baldwin, Glenda Dove, Sandra Powers, Joyce Hultz, Delores Baldwin, Eleanor Wiatt, Anna Fruits. Marilynn Bain, Rita Wilbur, Carol King, Nancy Stickler, Rachel Young, Jeanie Powers, Michael Hockersmith, Larry Powers, Steve Young, Anthony Kochert, Ruth Meadows, Sandra Estelle, Barbara Boots, Jeannette Rains, Lenna Axsorn, Mildred Elliott. Marilee Johnson, Ruth Ann Surface, Janetta Jones, Phyllis Dyer, Doris Dyer, Sherman Morris, Roger Deck, Tom DeBusk, Rex Larew, David Baker, Larry Gentry, Virginia Pittenger, Barbara Pittenger, Alice Sanders, Nancy Vaughn, Carolyn Dougherty, Mr. Bucklevv, Director. Pugf' 7'1uCi11y-mic ELEVENTH GRADE Row l Row 2: Row 3 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Fred Miles, Anna Fruits, Edna Kochert, Nancy Law- ler, Marion Maxwell, Dav- id Soutih, Jim Keller. Mrs. Nelly Hulbert, Slhir- ley Hood, Elaine Rains, Dean Williams, Mr. Wil- son. Harold Keller, Danny Cook, Herschel Beecher, Clifton Carr, Dale Hester, Rex Larew, Tom DeBusk. TENTH GRADE John Sayler, Glenn Live- say, Jim Royer, Ralph Jar- vis, Steve Young, Roger Deck, Daryl Fry, Johnny Lytle. Carol King, Rita Wilbur, Lenna Axsom, Judy Ray, Kathryn Nipper, Sandra Estelle, Dale Baldwin, James Maddox. C a r o l y n Dougherty, Mildred Elliott, Joyce Hultz, Carolyn Swenke, Jack Stites, Roy English, David Hunt. Marilynn Bain, Nancy Stickler, Barbara Pitten- ger, Ruthanna Dye. Ruth Meadows, Bob Swank, Alice Sanders, Pat French, Edward Stephens, Fred Deck, Den- nis Wray, John Kincaid, Eddie Krug. Not Pictured: Mrs. Ethel Quigg, Mr. Bucklew. NINTH GRADE Larry Powers, Michael Hockersmitih, Jackie Har- wood, Gregory Kincaid, Daniel Estelle, Darrell Cook, Vaughn Poynter, Glen Oney. Ruth Ellen Hester, Mrs. Bess Hall, Judy Frame, Jeanette Rains, Darlene Lewellen, Juanita Koch- ert, Nancy Servies, Nancy Vaughn, Patsy Williams. Barbara Boots, Tom Fruits, J. T. Stickler, Patty Bar- ker, Ruth Ann Surface, Esther Swink. Derril Nipper, John Keller, Jim Covault, Mr. Young, Eddie Higgins, Janetta Jones, Not Pictured: Eloise Jus- tus. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row EIGHTH GRADE l: Sarah Carr, Shirley Mad- dox, John Byrd, Dale Hockersmith, Dean Nor- man, Stephen Stamper, David Wilkinson, Larry Cook. 2: Joann Bullock, Geraldine Kochert, Starlet Poynter, Sue Livesay, Nancy Herr, Fred Jones, Bill Young, Billy Joe Wininger. 3: MaryAnn Dougherty, Judy Taylor, Patsy Thom- as, Mary Jane Myers, Mary Ann Axsom. 4: Louis Mason, Herschel Hampton, Mr. DeBusk, David Anglin, Fred Nip- per. Not Pictured: Alvin Cleek, Herschel Jarvis, Sandra Smith, and Mary Ann Swink. SEVENTH GRADE i: Dennis Bonwell, Jimmie Reed, Tony Higbie, Rich- ard Harwood, Kent Simp- son, Charles Taylor, Dan- ny Thompson, Wayne Cooper, Frankie Powers. 2: Carolyn Myers, Jean Bain, Jimmy Stevenson, Patricia South, Susan Crane, Bon- nie Harwood, Jean Beech- er, Joe Fruits. 3: Jack Deck, Mary Rose Hampton, Rose Garland, Betty Estelle, Ma rle n e Grandstaft, Patty Smith. 4: Russell Keller, Larry Haff- ner, Donnie Hunt, Mr. Milligan, sponsor, Betty Maxwell, Donna Witty. Not Pictured: Edgar Pick- el, Winnie Smith, and James Runyon. SIXTH GRADE i: Max Gentry, Gay Frame, Carol Elliott, Gary Hood, Dale Miller, Ronnie La- rew, Jimmie Boots. 2: Patty Swank, Libbie Bell Weaver, Linda Vaughn, Myrtle Livesay, Cheryl Obenchain, Jeannie Smith, Nancy Cord, Ger- ald Krug. 3: Maria Gaviola, Stevie Powers, David Hayes, Ed- na Maddox, Don a l d French, Betty Powers, Kenneth Anglin. Marion Carr, Marguerite Nipper, Larry Sayler, Mrs. Imogene DeBusk, Linda Barker, Patty Layne, Clar- ene Hampton. Not Pictured: Frank Jus- tus, Mable Pickel, and Phillip Smith. 4: FIFTH GRADE Row l: Brenda Reed, Connie Hunt, Grace Keller, Linda Zimmerman, :Ethel Dye, Archie Alexander, Johnny Weaver, James Kochert, Ronnie Miles. Row 2: Ronald Copeland, Dorothy Servies, Jimmy Booton, Patricia Scott, Cha r I es Kochert, John Switzer, Noble Parmon. Row 3: Mrs. Dorothy Wilson, Bill Gillis, Barbara Fry, Ruth Kochert, Jerry Vaughn, John Charles Sayler, Rich- ard Hampton. Row 4: Ernest York, Phil-ip Carr, Donald Kincaid, Patricia Morris, Gerald Howard, Ronald Witty, Robert Ax- som. Not Pictured: Ray Lemon, Vurlin Aimes, Ealine Fow- ler, Dianna Emerson. FOURTH GRADE Row l: Teddy Priebe, David Kel- ler, Elsie Smith, Sally Lynn Miles, Sally Herr, Robert Hedrick, Delores Osborne, Deanna Reedy, Brenda Livesay, Kay Thompson, Mary Howard. Row 2: Dianne Kay Douglas, Al- len Harwood, Betty Lou Grimes, Nancy Ann Har- ris, Gary Miller, Nancy Fruits, Patricia Dougherty, Jay T. Sandusky, Norman Gaviola, Betty Morris, Sal- ly Johnson. Row 3: Mrs. Mary Cooper, Sherry Grimes, Judy Rice, Jean Ann Surface, Larry Thomp- son, James Wagoner, Con- ley Stamper, Robert Max- well, Robert Allen King. Not Pictured: David Lee Smith, Andrew Justus. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE Row I: Judith Cash, Paula Smith, Bobby Stull, Brenda Gavi- ola, Debbie Stevens, J. D. Swink, James T a y I o r, Mary Ann Vaughn, Carol Watson, Margaret York. Row 2: Patty Cord, Russell Brown, Ruthanne Bonwell, Ber- nard Deaton, Naomi Bald- win, Leland Axsom, Keith Blaydes, Diane Clampitt, Beverly Crowe, A I l e n Deck. Row 3: Mrs. Mary Archer. Not Pictured: Shirley Jus- tus, Carolyn Jo Fowler. Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row l: Row 2: Row l: Row 2: THIRD GRADE Richard French, Kirby Fry, Tony Roe, Linda Jo Mc- Kinney, Julia Blair, Clark Jones, Ralph Fry, Donald Koc-hert, Richard Hunt, Nathan Hester. Stefanie Miller, R obe rt Gillis, Janet Lewellen, Michael Rouse, Judith My- ers, Ruth Ann Sandusky, Derrick Kidd, Johnny Joe Jacks. Mrs. Frances Farrow, Stan- ley Clampitt, David Mad- dox, Bernice Gaviola, Robert Hayes, Jonathan Hester, Carol Inman. Philip Boots, Madonna Baker, Linda Larew, Joyce Deck, Judy Noland, David Kincaid. Not Pictured: Glenn Smith and Larry Pickel, SECOND GRADE Sally Zachary, Carolyn Layne, Marsha Kidd, Pam- ela Vaughn, Sharon Poin- ter, Judy Lewellen, Dan- ny South, Stevie Zimmer- man, Johnny Livesay, Chester Starnes. Lyn Williams, Thelma Kel- ler, Marcia Wagner, San- dy Loveless, James Wal- ters, Robert Miller, Eddie Pittenger, Paul Surface, Mrs. Carol Schneider. Not Pictured: Lee Cord, Jr., Lynn Cleek, Judith Runyon, and Joyce Smith. SECOND GRADE Ralph Jones, Larry Doug- las, Larry Cassida, Bobby Douglas, Karen Cord, David Douglas, David Johnson, Janet Baldwin. Linda Davis, Sheila Cash, Rebecca Ann Jeffrey, Martha Garland, Dale Con- rad, Barbara Chappell, Cathy Cooper, Do n a l d Hester, Mrs. Velma How- ard. Not Pictured: Ernest Es- telle and Jimmy Fairfield. FIRST GRADE Larry Bell, Frankie Crowe, Daryl Livesay, Sammy Bayless, Billy Davis, John Wagner, Mike Grimes, Sammy Joe Jeffery, Way- ne Adams. Peggy Hunt, Nancy John- son, Dina Hayes, Joe Cash, Patricia Louy, Peg- gy French, Jeannie Inman, Glenda Blair, Joe Arlene Lewellen. Mrs. Elizabeth Dinwidclie, Martin Allee, Stevie Grim- es, Vickie Frey, Carolyn Axsom, Mary Jane Lytle, Debbie Eskew, Donna Deaton. Not Pictured: Mike Deck. FIRST GRADE Phillip Myers, P hi l l i p Thomas, Marilyn Smitih, Carolyn Sayler, Kathy Roe, Sandra Sandusky, Ralph Walters, Joyce Mc- Kinney, Sandra Witty. James Wray, Sheila My- ers, Sue Pruitt, Phillip Thompson, Thomas Witty, Michael Zachary, Barry Smith, Cindy Miles. Jay Miller, Rose Ray, Diana Maxwell, June Morrison, Lowell Mc- Laughlin, Larry McLaugh- lin, Rita Nipper, Ronald Wray, Mrs. Ruth Wilson. Not Pictured: Joseph Em- erson and Glen Cleek. ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Mrs. Mary Cooper, Mrs. Frances Farrow, Mrs. Mary A r c h e r , Mrs. Elizabetih Dinwiddie. Mrs, lmogene DeBusk, Mrs. Velma Howard, Mrs. C a r ol Schneider, Mrs. Ruth Wilson, Mrs. Dorothy Wilson, Miss Lucille Gard- ner. Not Pictured: Mrs. Ruby Cornell, who replaced Mrs. Elizabeth Dinwiddie. Mrs. Lorene Cosby, who replaced Mrs. C a r o l Schneider. Row Row Row Row JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Row I: Winnifred Smith, Rose Garland, Mary Rose Hampton, Donna Witty, Joann Bullock, Sara Carr, Jean Beecher, Bonnie Harwood, Marlene Grandstaff, Betty Estelle, Starlet Poynter, Sue Livesay, Patricia South, Jean Bain, Patricia Smith. Row 2: Judy Taylor, Nancy Herr, Mary Ann Axsom, Betty Maxwell, Mary Ann Swink, Mary Ann Dougherty, Patsy Thomas, Miss Lucille Gardner Danny Thompson, Tony Higbie, Joe Fruits, Fred Jones, Jack Deck, Charles Taylor, Dean Norman, John Byrd. Row 3: CLASS OFFICERS Seniors David Stull, Tammy Miller, son, Fred Barth, Juniors David South, Danny Cook, Edna Kochert. Sophomores Marilynn Bain, Ralph Jarvi Johnny Lytle, Freshmen John Keller, Torn Fruits, Michael Hockersmith. Marilee John- Elaine Rains, 5, Carol King, Darrell Cook, Officers seated in the following right: president, vice president, secretary, order, lett to and treasurer. JUNIOR HIGH CLASS OFFICERS Row T: Row 2: Seventh Grade Kent Simpson, Garland, Larry ner, Jean Bain Eighth Grade Rose Heff- Billy Winiger, Jo- ann Bullock, Mary A n n Dougherty, Louis Mason. P SENIOR PLAY JUNIOR PLAY KICKED OUT OF COLLEGE MOONLIGHT AND APPLESAUCE Bootles Benrbow ..... Tad Cheseldine . Leviticus ......... Scotch McAllister . . Shorty Long ....... Slivers Magee ....... Mr. Beniamin Benbow Mr. Sandy McCann ... .. Officer Riley ....... Mr. Gears ...... Jonquil Gray ........ Betty Benloow ....... Mrs, Beniamin Benbow "Ma" Baggsby .... . . Mrs. Mehitabel McCann Selina McCann ...... Juliet Snobibs ....... Mlle. Mimi Fleurette .. Salamanca Spivins .. .... Butch Jarvis Tom Williamson John Swearingen .... David Baker . . . Larry Gentry ,. Keith Britton .. . . . David Stull . Ronald Seaman . Jerry Stevenson Anthony Kochert Billie Ann Livesay Marilee Johnson ... Glenda Dove Delores Baldwin .... Phyllis Dyer .. ,.. Sandra Powers . ... Eleanor Wiatt ... Rachel Young . Shirley Powers Eli Barnes ......... . .. Ellen Barnes ........ Grandmother Barnes ... Nita Barnes .... Kay Barnes ..... Hamilton Barnes . Frank Eastup ... Oswald Drew .. Gertie Sims ..... Archie the Sapper Lillie t-he Lynx ,.. A Reporter .... An Officer ... .... Ronald Seaman .. Billie Ann Livesay .... June Keller ... Marilee Johnson ..... Rachel Young ... John Swearingen .. Tom Williamson ... . Butch Jarvis .. Delores Baldwin .... Tammy Miller . . . Glenda Kay Dove Cheryl Maye Hampton Fred Barth Page 'l'wenIy-eight :Q-ESG r if ZFX! CUSTODIANS Jim Patton Alva Mills COOKS Mrs. Opal Lafollette, Mrs. Hazel Miles, Mrs. Helen Simpson, Mrs. Olga Patton, and Mrs. Hazel Mills. BUS DRIVERS Ralph Ross, Noble Trexler, Harrison Enoch, Sterling Shubert, Lloyd Cash, Ross Lawler, John Etter, and Lloyd Jefferies. Not pictured: John Froedge and Bill Etter. We wish to express our appreciation to the school cooks, the 'bus drivers, and the custodians. Page Thirty Sports VARSITY Row 1: Rex Larew, Fred Barth, Tammy Miller, Keith Britton, Dennis Wray. Row 2: Manager Glenn Livesay, John Lytle, Dean Williams, Coach Joe Young, Marion Maxwell, Jim Keller, Tom DeBusk, Manager Ronald Seaman. Starting the season with four impressive victories in the first four games, the New Market Flyers cooled off to end the season with eight victories and thirteen defeats. Victories over Waveland and Brownsburg, teams we had not defeated for several years, high-lighted the 1955-56 season. Keith Britton with 327 points and Dennis Wray with 243 points were the high scorers for tfhe Flyers. Award jackets were given to two seniors, Tammy Miller and Fred Barth. Sweaters were given to Keith Britton and to the student manager, Ron Seaman. Tammy Miller was elected captain by this team- mates and Keith Britton was voted the most valuable player at the end of the year. The reserve team had a highly successful season, winning twelve games and dropping six. New Market 61 Montezuma 33 New Market 53 Fillmore 58 New Market Granville Wells 49 New Market New Ross New Market Linden 56 New Market Darlington New Market Coal Creek 35 New Market Brownsburg New Market Ladoga 74 New Market Waynetown New Market Covington 82 New Market Roachdale New Market Klondike 58 New ,Market Richland Twp New Market Waveland 57 New Market Darlington New Market Alamo 64 New Market Marshall County Tourney New Market 54 Linden New Market 43 Waynetown Sectional Tourney New Market 45 Ladoga Page Thirty-one "B" TEAM Row l: Bob Swank, Fred Deck, Ralph Jarvis, Edward Step-hens, Johnny Lyile, John Sayler, Row 2: Manager Glenn Livesay, Steve Young, Eddie Krug, Larry Powers, Coaoh Joe Young, J. T. Stickler, John Keller, Michael Hockersmilh, Manager Ronald Seaman. "B" Team Varsity Junior High PFNSY VVill'iBfff1S Elaine Rains Patsy Thomas Nlarilynn Bain Torn Williamson Siarlel Sue Poynler Sandra Powers Page Thirty-two Row l: John Swearingen, David Stull, Tammy Miller, Fred Barth, Tom DeBusk, Keith Britton, Dennis Wray, Jim Keller. Row 2: Bob Swank, Michael Hockersmith, Fred Deck, Larry Powers, Coach Joe Young, Tom Williamson, John Sayler, Johnny Lytle, John Keller, Rex Larew. BASEBALL TEAM The New Market Purple Flyers baseball team completed a highly successful season, winning six games and dropping two. New Market was defeated by New Ross in the county final in a game marked by snow, rain, and a very strong wind. New New New New Q X, 3 , s ,L ming BASEBALL RESULTS - 1955 Market Alamo l New Market Ladoga Market Darlington 5 New Market Coal Creek Market Linden 8 New Market Waveland Market Waynetown O New Market New Ross Page Thirty-three CLASS CHAMPS Row I: Glenda Dove, Rachel Young, Keith Britton, Tammy Miller, Fred Barth, Jeanie Powers, Marilee Johnson. Row 21 Tom Williamson, John Swearingen, Butch Jarvis, David Stull, Larry Gentry, Sherman Morris. The annual New Market Class Tourney opened with the iuniors overwhelming the freshmen 50 to 16. in the second game the seniors blasted the sophomores AO to 27. The next night brought the freshmen and the sophomores together, in this game the soohs defeated the fresihies 45 to 28. In the chamoionshio game our hard-playing seniors rolled over the iuniors by a score of 37 to 23. Page Thirty-four l TRACK Row l: Dean Williams, Rex Larew, Tom DeBusk, Fred Barth, Jim Keller. Row 2: Dennis Wray, Roy English, Jack Stites, Coach Joe Young, David Stull, Tammy Miller, John Sayler. CLASS YELL LEADERS Row la Freshman Yell Leaders - Barbara Boots, Judy Frame, and Jeannette Rains. Row 2: Sophomore Yell Leaders - Carol King and Sandra Estelle. Row 3: Junior Yell Leaders S Anna Fruits and Elaine Rains. Page Tllirly-fue JUNIOR HIGH "A" TEAM Row I: Fred Jones, Joe Fruits, .lack Deck, Frank Powers, Kent Simpson. Row 2: John Byrd, Louis Mason, Dale Hockersrnith, Coach Charles DeBusk, David Wilkin- son, Bill Wininger, Manager Stephen Stamper. JUNIOR HIGH "B" TEAM Row I: Donald Hunt, Joe Fruits, Jack Deck, Frank Powers, Kent Simpson. Row 2: Coash Charles DeBusk, Wayne Cooper, Larry Cook, Dennis Bonwell, Jim Steven- son, Dan Thompson, Charles Taylor, Tony Higbie, Manager Stephen Stamper. Page Thirty-six 44' A' ww tr tr I I 'I I I I 'I 1 I 'I I I I I 'I P 'I E S K E W E Compliments of I FURNITURE STORE CHARLES LAREW I ELECTRIC APPLIANCES GROCERY 8' LOCKER 21 E Phone 21 5 Phone 74 ' 1: New Market, Indiana I New Muket' India' 5 .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. ? 1: 4: IE 1, : 3 NOBLE REEVES : Compliments of Eg Noble Reeves - Pauline Reeves 1: KEI..I..ER'S ELECTRIC , FUNERAL DIRECTORS I SERVICE I New Market, Indiana E New Market, Indiana I 'I I 5 I LAYNE 8z MYERS E L. G. ETTER 8: SONS I I GRAINS and FEEDS .E Authorized Dealers J New Market, Indiana 2 sales 1 service 4 Ig FORD CARS - TRUCKS I jI TRACTOIRS ' 4' 5 If New Market, Inaiene gf - - Page Thirty-eight fV xAAAJxAAJxAfxAfvvvx A AAA J. M. DOUGHERTY New Market Drug Store Luncheonette 81 Fountain New Market, Indiana SPORTSMAN'S SHOP P 126 E. Main sr. 'r EE Featuring the Finest Names 'r 3 Luggage - Sportswear If Photography - Hobby Supplies 1: Hunting 8: Fishing Supplies Athletic Equipment :E Crawfordsville, Indiana 1: 3 ff:rfv-vvszxf.-rv1-vslwn-ffvnfvs-f:v-ffvxA1v:::AAzvv-fffv-4vv::::::.zvvxzw-:ferr ,xnfxfx A,x,x,X,X,X,XAA,,,,X AA AAAAA A AA AA,VxAAfvvxAfVx AAA AA AAA,VxAJvxAAAA,vxAAAAAA,X GOODMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE f. Crawfordsville and Rockville MAPLEHURST gi JERSEY FARMS 4 MILK - ICE CREAM In EE Fine Dairy Products tr :E Phone 1150 4 :E 201 s. washington si. ft Crawfordsville, Indiana 'I In NA'VNA' vVNA'f'V A ,A ,Ck ,VX ,XA ,X,X,x ,X,X,Vx,X,VxAVVVAJVXAVVVVN'AAVA'AVAVA'AVfXVAVAV, ""VVVVVVAVAVAAVVAVAVAQAVVVV Compliments of STAFFORD CANDY Crawfordsville, Indiana CO. tr r 4 n 4 r 4 i 4 n 4 4+ D tr 9 "The Store for Men" Complete Line of ARROW SHIRTS Crawfordsville, Indiana 2, A , xA'ixVE! !????? -:LE L4xAr vw-Z3 b4VJ 4v2 - Page Thirty-nine AAAAA AAAAAAAA A AAA AAAAA x,vX,vX,XA,x,X,x,XA, Compliments of DR. D. L. HUGHES and DR. J. R. VORHIES New Market, Indiana .nnnn-.-:.fvvv.n- xfvvvvvfff A Afxfxfvxfxfxfx ::::f::.zxf-.n-:.zvznn-:.zx1xfw-.-.-:Jvxzxf - - - - - - - - - - AAAAAAAAfVxAAA,vXAAAAfVXAAAAAA,xAX,vfrfvfvfv ' ' ' SHELL OIL PRODUCTS BOOTS BROS. Distributors Gasoline - Fuel Oil - Grease - Oil Phone 25-R-4 or 54-W VxA,VVsAAAA,VX,X,VVVVXA,AAAAAAAAAAAA,NAAA AAAAAAAAA AA ,X HARVEY B. SAYLER Licensed Real Estate Broker Office in Home-Phone 135-W New Market, Indiana Compliments of NEW MARKET LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER and MILLWORK Phone 126 xf """"fX'fx """VVVVVAVAVAVAVAAAVVVfxfvxvvvfxvfxvfxfxvvfxfvxvfxvfxfxvvvfxfvvvxfxvVVVVAAVVA'AVA,V ""VVVV'VVVVVVVVVV DRIVEWAY STONE LIME J. E. MORRIS New Market, Indiana ED SWEARINGEN Bear Axle 8z Wheel Aligning Service Phone New Market 121 'VVVVVVVVVAAAAVVVVAAAVVVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAAVVXTVVVAAVV VAVAVAVAAJXAVV'VA'fV.AVAVAV VVV'""VV'VVVVV'V'VVV RHOADS TV Radio - TV - Service Antenna Installation New Market, Indiana Phone 46-W Electrical Contractor HARRY FEAR New Market, Indiana Phone 127-W AAAAAA,vvfA A AAAAAAAAAAA Af fvvvvvvVxAAAAA CITIES SERVICE NEW MARKET PRODUCTS WELDING and REPAIR Russell Keim, Agent Phon 97 e Phone 80-W New Market, Indiana New Market, Indiana Page Forty P 3 4 3 '3 '3 '3 '3 '3 '3 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 '3 '3 '3 '3 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 P 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 3 3 '3 4 3 3 '3 4 3 3 3 4 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 P 5 4 3 3 '3 4 3 3 1 3 1 3 3 P P 3 G A R D N E R 1E FLOWER SHOP 'E CLARK BROS' 1' , 1' REPAIR WORK 4 Complete Floral Service 1: 3 Telegraph Delivery Service 3 PLUMBING - HEATING :I Phone 51 - 213 N. Green St. '5 Phone 81 3 C wf d '11 I d' 3 New Market, Indiana 3 'a 0' 'V' e' " 'an' 15- .... ,WW - .............A........ lt- 1' 'ffAvvxXA7wvvoQU 5: WEST'S IGA MARKET I 1 Compliments of 'i We Sell i Q' QUALITY MEATS - GROCERIES DQUGI-AS gf AT EVERYDAY Low PRICES gf BARBER 3: Owned Independently 3 l 3 43 131 W' Mau' Crawfordsville, Indiana 1: Crawfordsville, Indiana 1: 1 1 3 IE IE CRAWFORDSVILLE R 81 M BOOK STORE 13 FARM SUPPLY 3 . - . - 3 Phone 1190 Gifts Stationery Books EE 130 W. Main st. School and qffice Supplies EE Cnwfordsviue, Indiana Crawfordsvllle, Indiana gl 3 'I 'I 3 1 4 4 4 3: 3 3 THE FARMERS STATE BANK 1 'I 1 3: Capltal 8z Surplus 575,000.00 3 3 New Market, Indiana 3 3 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I Phone 44 12 4 3 If 4 lg-,-f Af,-v-v'x1x,-v-'A-AvAvA.Av-v-vxlxl-v-v-vlv 3 3 '3 1 'I Ave.-.-. J Page F orty-one WEIR SHOE STORE Home of Fine Shoes 113 S. Washington St. Crawfordsville, Indiana I 'I I 'I I I I 'I Cormpliments of if MONTGOMERY WARD 4a I 1 I 'I 1 ,D Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments of 'I 1 r 1 1+ I Compliments of I HOWELL-GOODWIN BANTZ DRUG STORE 'E PRINTING CO I 'I 211 E. Main St. I Printers and Designers Crawfordsville, Indiana , Cl'HWf0l'dSVilIe, Indiana IE This Book is One of Our Products jr CRAWFORDSVILLE QE CLEANERS gt MORRIS BROS. GARAGE 126 S. Washington Street AUTO REPAIRING Phone 644 I Tires - Accessories N Market, I d' Your Sta-Nu Cleaner :I ew n mm I YOU ARE WELCOME , Compliments of AT THE I DECKER'S INC. NEW MARKET :I 514-518-520 Main street CHRISTIAN CHURCH , Lahyettef Indiana GERALD LANE E OBENCHAIN BROS. ' GROCERIES and MEATS h Generi,Truckin:l k 5' Parkersburg, Indiana P one 131- U-New ar et Phone New Market 13-R-11 Page F arty-two AAA -v-v-.anna-.nwxzvxzxf.-v-.nun-frvnnly-:vu-vu-fvn-vnnnv ajxfxf-Nfxfxfxfxfxf-XA,-Cf XAAAAAAA AAAA AAAA I PAUL E. DOYEL " HEATING and PLUMBING Phone 132-W-New Market I I 4 I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I Compliments of ALVA JOHNSON A Booster I -v-v-vw-v-v-v-vs-v-v-.-vAv-v-v-xzxzx,-A.-.-v-v'xxx'-.-.Av-v-v-vAv-v-v+v+v4.-.-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.- 1v AfvfAAAnAAfvf AAJxAA AnnnAfS v I J U A N IT A ' s 5 BEAUTY SHOPPE if Permanent Waving Hair Styling - Manicures EQ New Market, Indiana D The H. Goble Printing Co Greenfield, Indiana - A - - -.-v-v-v-vxzxzxasfw-.-v-sax.-.-v-:xxx Jvvxfafafaf ' ' ' 'N ,VxAAfvxAfvvXAAAAAAAAfvxAfvvxAAfxAfxfvxAAmAA QI Indiana Certified Seeds Knox and Dual Wheat Clintland Oats Lincoln 8: Hawkeye Beans PAUL K. JOHNSON New Market Phone 'I " DRIVEWAY STONE LIME C. B. ADES Russellville, Indiana I " f?7vi2' 4I Compliments of I McFARLAND 8z MILLER MONUMENT WORKS Erectors 8: Builders of Highest Quality Cemetery Memorials I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 I I I I I 'I 4 Crawfordsville, Indiana 4, ,I HALL'S EMPORIUM The Store for the Home" DRAPERIFS and GIFTS 132 W. Main Crawfordsville, Indiana I II WHARF F MUSIC CO. If 113 W. Market St., Phone 1155 'I 1 Coin Operated Amusement Machines 'I Phonographs and Records Crawfordsville, Indiana 'I v?i2 27?f?,?7v?v?QR RQ,?7v2'f?f? STEPI-IENSON 8: CRANE CIGAR STORE SODA FOUNTAIN POOL 107 S. Washington Crawfordsville, Indiana ------------------ ----- NMM, ,.v.,,.,-.-,-. , - - - v - - - - - - O - v v v v A - - - , .-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.N-v-v-v-.-v-.-.A.-AM.-.-.f :4:4:Q9:vvVa Page F arty-three -------- I I fr tr 'P I 'I :I I r o lce o 1: F 'I' Serv' St t ig sHAvE.R's HATCHERY ig 0 Ppfuus mg' ' I 200 West Market Phone 204 110 N W Ph 2 28 1' I . ater - one 0 2: P I E ' I Ig 0""' BqZ'P'g:f"k 81 P I 5 EvlNRuDE IE U V 'C S ou 'S IE ouTsoARo Moroks Ig Fresh Dressed Turkeys Ig I I Sales and Service I: Crawfordsville, Indiana 4: 1: 4: Crawfordsville, Indiana I I 1' "A'A'A'A'A'A"""'A'A'A'A'A'""""-'-"'A'A'A'A'v'-'A'-'SA'A'A'T'-'A'A'-'A''A'A"""""'"A'A'A'A'A'A""""'A"'A"""'A 1' Ig I I Ig If I, 4 7 I: SCHULTZ 8: SCHULTZ :I SCHIFF S SHOES I ll II I . EI The 500k Sf0'e :I "America's Greatest Shoe Values 4: 4 Ig Phone 1400 sci-urrs CORNER 'I 51 105 N- Wnnninlfon Sf- 1: Main 8x washington st. I Cfnwfnfdwillef lndinnn Crawfordsville, Indiana e I . Ig 5: I P 5- I : :I 4 1, 'I 'I 3' G. T. DILLMAN at soN 5 5 IMPLEMENT co. 1: THE RAP? C0- 'I 'I . . . I "The House of Service Since 1890" Clothmg ' Furmshmgs ' Shoes EI Crawfordsville, Indiana Crawfordsvme' Indiana If ig I' I' :I ,I I ' I I k'.v.-.v.Y.,-v.,-,-,x-,-,-.-x,-.-.-v-.- -v-v-v-v-.zxzw-v-v-v-v ---- Page F arty-four IE 'n In INDIANA CERTIFIED SEEDS Plant the Best .I 'I 'r 1: 4 clinumd oats :E Hawkeye Beans 'v Knox and Dual Wheat 3 WAYNE VANCLEAVE Crawfordsville, R.R. 2 New Market Phone r l 11 RUSSELLVILLE STONE CO., INC. Agricultural Limestone and Road Stone Russellville, Indiana f-, wxfffv v v vvvv.. .f.-.-v-.-.-.-v-v-.-v-v-v-v+v-,Av-v-,-, 9v-4-,Av-gfxf,A,Agf,A,-,-,A,A,A,-,-,-,- Q 4 s i 10 ff- f 'if i- ' f, Wl 1f'fV'T In n 'r 4 "Buy Here 81 Save" NEW MARKET :E COAL YARD " in tr E. R. Uackj Sanders l 4 Phone 26-w gf 4 New Market, Indiana 1: l Nationally Known Brands MEN'S CLOTHING at Popular Prices I ffecks Crawfordsville, Indiana V Vlb4lmA??J vvvVX,xAQQ4XQvQfVvxAfv xzvvvfv v vvvv -xfvxfvvvy . i5. WHITECOTTON HARDWARE JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS FURNACES - PLUMBING HARDWARE PUMPS Fred Whitecotton, Prop. Phone 27 Waveland, Indiana j Page F orty-fi fvvvvN " 5 F R 0 E D G E ' s :E DOWNTOWN SERVICE 1: Compliments of Crawfordsville Paint and 'r PIIODC S. Gfeell Sl. Crawfordsville, Indiana , , . . 1, 221 E. Main St. Phone 58 Lubrication Tires ,I C wf d ,ll I d. Batteries Wash ra or svn e, n :ana 3: ft n Eg DAIRY QUEEN DRIVE-IN Compliments of 1, THE DONUT DUNK 'E Sundaes - Malts - Shakes Crawfordsville, Indiana i U's' 231 at S' Blvd' , Crawfordsville, Indiana If I O' K'8?'Q3lggWAY J. R. LYTLE 8z soNs DQDGE PLYMQUTH :E OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT DODGE TRUCKS 1 Phone New Market-29-R-2 Sales and Service Crawfordsville, Indiana, R.R. 7 Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments of DR. ROBERT DENNY Ladoga, Indiana LAYMON'S POULTRY MARKET Crawfordsville, Indiana POULTRY and EGGS Free Pick-up 8. Custom Dressing Phone 55 AA,fAAAAAfXAfXAfffvfAfvvvvv in 4 'n in R. M. HORNER, INC. E P P I HAZEL'S BO-KA SHOPPE Corsages Our Specialty BUICK PONTIAC ' , , 1 Phone 700 Crawfordsville, Indiana 1 4 Across from the Strand 1 1, Crawfordsville, Indiana I 1+ Page F arty-six """""""'J fNA 'n i Compliments of 3 THE GOLDEN RULE YOUR FASHION STORE 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 'I 1 . u P Crawfordsvllle, lndlana 3 P 1 3 3 3 3 'I lr Montgomery Co. Farm Bureau Co Op Association Inc. Brown's Valley Elevator Feed - Fence - Fertilizer Seed and Grain Custom Grinding and Mixing Phone Waveland-1 00 A C0mPlime"lS Of Russellville Elevator COOPER Phone43 Grains - Feeds - Seeds - Coal Fertilizer International Harvester Dealer International Trucks 8z Refrigerators Russellville, Indiana Custom Grinding 8: Mixing Russellville, Indiana -.-.-s-v-v-.-.-vxf-v-.-.-.-.sfvs-.-.-.-.-.-.A.sfvw-v-.-.-N,-v-.-.-v-v-.-.-.-srsfsrvszv-v-4 ?AAm 3 LEE BURKETT Breeder of POLAND CHINA HOGS Ladoga, Indiana, R.R. 1 Q 3 :Is 3 'r 'r '3 S H E E T S AUTO - BODY SHOP Cities Service Products Parkersburg, Indiana 4 ,iR66 Fine Class Rings - Announcements Yearbooks - Awards JOSTEN'S 'r 'r 'r 1 3 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 1 3 3 Since 1897 1' Representative: Ken Eslinger 5 Phone Crawford-2019 Terre Haute, Indiana S A V E SAVE WHAT? Your magazine subscriptions each year for the annual Curtis Magazine Subscription Campaign conducted by the Senior Class R. C. YOUNG School Plan Rep. Curtis Circulation Co. -----vvvvxf.-.-.-.- v-v-v-v- Page F arty-seven A A A A .A.A.A.A4xAAAfvAvAvA.A I I I I I I tr 'I I I I I I I I I I I I gl Compliments of E RALPH'S STUDIO I Brazil, Indiana I I 4+ I .,.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.,.N.,.,.,.,.5.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.,.,.,.,.,.V.,.v.M.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. I mMVWVVWAAA I I :I Compliments of Q 1895 - 1955 I 4 Se ' I d' Sch 1 ' Glen Clodfelter, Rep. 1 'mg " "na oo 5 :I LEE gl KIGER 81 COMPANY, lnc. jr 4' 4' 4 School Supplies and Equipment L 4 4 COMPANY 1: 1830 W. 16th Street E I Indianapolis, Indiana Terre Haute, Indiana I I ., :E :I DONALD K. MARTIN I New Market, Indiana I GROCERIES - MEATS and MISCELLANEOUS MERCHANDISE I :I I 4 I I I I I 4 tr 1 I 4 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I 4 NEW IDEA S Bob Bain FARM EQUIPMENT R. A. Sayler Imp. Co. TYDOL OIL - PRODUCTS New Market Phone 119-W New Market Phone-117-K !3?J, Page Forty-eight Autographs Editor-in-chief Assistant ...... Sports Editor .. Assistant ....... Literary Editor . . . Assistants ..... Advertising Manager Assistants ........ Business Manager . . Assistant ......... Circulation Manager Assistants ........ Junior Representative Page F orty-nine FLYER STAFF EDITORIAL BUSINESS . Ronald Sea-man Glenda Dove . . . . Fred Bartih ..... Dave Stull .. Rachel Young Marilee Johnson Sandra Powers .. Larry Gentry .... Dave Baker Butch Jarvis John Swearingen Sherman Morris Tammy Miller Keith Britton .. Shirley Powers . Jerry Stevenson .., Eleanor Wiatt Phyllis Dyer Billie Ann Livesay .. Dean Williams Aafograpbs Aufograpfzs -. .. 1 1 l-I Howell-Goodwin Printing Cn., Crawfordsville, Indiana Zi? -wer J if

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New Market High School - Flyer Yearbook (New Market, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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