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AO 1 ' ffl, J ' '7 " 1 f A f, , . ,IV f ,, . 27: ,iff Q 1, 1'11. .. JU THE NEWMARKET FLYER Wishes To Deoficezte This Issue To -,:5f:5.. aff: ' .5:f:f f' I A N 2'-., H ., Those Former Students Who Made The Supreme SJICVWCE In The Korean Wmf xxx 'Z-Am., r' " ,, we i iii! .wg N! , Hx Y, A, A, w,.x,w.w , ' 9.1, ' 1 x. my Q .5 ' ,Q T E. E-Vi?-'T 'W' 'Q s i ' I ig-L'-'QF'wf?f3?fSb1:l'2i51f 212,31 PR 'W 1 9 W , ,W 1' " W K X I' 6 Sfdff of the 1951-52 Flyer Editor-in-chief Assistant Sales Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Literary Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant . Art Editor . Assistant Class Editor Assistant . junior Representative Faculty Sponsor I JOANN RENDFELD . NANCY GARDNER .LOREN HAMPTON SUE CARR .BEN RICE I BILL WILKINSON MARY ANN WILSON PAT MILES , KEITH STEWART , JOHN FAIRFIELD ANNA KELLER DARRELL LESTER PATSY REDENBAUGH ROMELLA SANDERS MAXINE BURNSIDE MR, BECK IORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Right to left: President, Ben Rice, Vice President, Nancy Gardner, Secretary, Mary Ann Wilson, and Treasurer, Darrell Lester. Motto: "To the stars through difficnltyf' Colors: Green and Grey F lowc'1'.s-: Yellow and white ulxllI1HS,, l PHILIP BECK N PAUL WILSON World History, U. S. History, Dru- Social Studies, English, Counseling matics, A.B., Franklin High School, A.B., A.M., New Market High School Franklin College. XfVillJilSl1, Indiana University. l'r1,gc' Ifiw' DouALAs Surrous Roulzm' GILLILAANIJ Douoruy l. QUICG Chorus 3 years. Yell Leader l Basketball -1 years, Baseball 2 Chorus 4 years. Baud 2 years year Wliugate. Juuior Play Win- years. Track 2 Vears, Baud -1 Suushiue 4 years. gate. "B" Team Yell Leader 1 years. Chorus l year. Hi-Y 1 vear. year New Nlarket. lloux :XLLAN FA1uF11s1,n PA'rmC1A Hurts .loux Slmlvrs Basketball 4 years. Track 3 Sunshine 4 years. Chorus 4 Baseball 2 years. Hi-Y l vear years. Baseball l year. Hi-Y l years. Secretary of Suushiue. Junior Play. Senior Play. u year. :Xuuual Staff. Chorus 3 Treasurer luuior year, Iuuior I YCLITS. Play. Page Six 'UK 'X M rx , lg. DONALD HAnc:ls EDITII SUE CTARII ISIQNAIAMIN Hlcrlc Clmrus -1 yczlrs. Sunshine' 4 -luuior Play, Scnior Play. Band yours. Junior Play, Scuim' Play. 3 yvars, Ili-Y 1 yoar, PI'l'SlCll'llt Annual Staff, Band 1 year. SClll0l'yl'2ll', Vic-1'Prcsiclc-ntjunior ws if X Ol-Al. Timm' RONALD SCOTT Cllmus 4 'vars SlIIlSllllll' '3 Hi-Y 1 year. 3 xc us Sl'L'l'0t1ll'V lumm' vc-'lr llflfff' nql'l,'l.'ll ye-ar. Baud Prosida-nt Svnim' vcar, .xllllllkll Staff. W PA'rlurtl Ix ANN lllCl7l'INI3AUlllI Cllorus 3 vc-ars. SllllSlllIll' -1 yvars. Sc-lmol' lic-portm' Sc-mio yvar. :Xnnual Stall. XI Am' ANN VV11.sox Band 4 years. Chorus 4 years. lunior Play. Senior Play. Secre- tary Senior year. Annual Staff. I..-xnm' Liar: Il.uuus Band 4 Years. Chorus 3 years. Track 2 years. V sh :sez-' KEI1'II STEXVART Basketball 4 years. Basehall 4 years Track -1 years, Student Council 3 years. President Student Council Senior year. President Ninth year, Hi-Y 1 year, Annual Staff. NIARY NlYERS Anfxm Sunshine 4 years. Chorus 1 year, Senior Play, lunior Play. M-'dm Wil? 1oANN R1QNnF1cLn Band 3 'xg years. Chorus 4 years, Sunshine 4 years. Student Council 3 years, Editor of Annual, Senior Play, Vice President of Student Council Senior year, Good Citizen 1952 of New Market School. Page Higlzf X X S - 5 Lomax II.-xxnfrox Band 31.2 yrs.. Hi-Y and Track 1 yr., Basketball and Baseball 2 yrs.. Student Council Treas. jr. yr., Sec.-Treus. Freshman yr., Jr. and Sr. Plays, Student Manager Jr. and Sr. yrs.. Annual Staff. Si Elf N Nw 5' -N... clAlillOl.I, Liar: -IONICS NANfIX' ANN GAIKDNEIR -lrzncmic Zuczimin' Chorus 1 yn-ur, Truck 1 your lunior Pluy, Sm-nior Pluy. lioxu:1.i.A SANnif:ns Chorus 4 vvurs, Buncl 22 vvurs, Sunshinc 4 yeurs Prcsiclc-nt Senior yvur, Vicc- Prcsiclcnt lunior ycur. Sl'Cl'l'ttll'V S.S.S. Sophomorc vc-ur. Tl'L'11Slll'l'l' Frm-slnnun your, Student Council Secrvturv- Tr'c'us11l'm' Fra-slnnun vcur. Vicv Pl'vsiclvl1t Svnior vvur. Buschull 3 yours ut fll'2lXVfOI villv. A.B.C. IJARIIELI, LESTER EVA ul.-xlwls Sc:o'r'r Sunshinv 4 yours, Chorus 4 Buskc-tlwull 4 yours. Busvhull 4 Sunsl1inv4yc'urs, Bu11cl3vcais vc-urs, lunior Pluv, Senior Pluv. -Xnuuul Stull. yours. Trcusurcr Scnior vcur, Prcsiclvnt junior yeur. Vice Presi- dent Freshman your, Hi-Y 1 your. Truck 1 your. Pugf' Nimf Chorus 3 yvurs. ANNA Kr:1.Lr:n LOUIS SWENKE XIARTIIA BILDXVIN junior Play, Senior Play, Hi-Y 1 vear, Senior Plav. Sunshine4years. Chorus 1 year, Annual Staff. ' Chorus 2 years, Track 4 years. HoI,LAND H.-XRRI5 Baud 3 years, Chorus 1 year. Track 3 vears, Football-Danville I Vear. XVIILIAM XVn,.K1Nsox Basketball 4 years, Track -1 years, Band 4 years. Chorus 4 years, Hi-Y 1 year, Annual Staff. I'u,gz' T1-u XVu,1..1Axr VVILKINSON As a winner of a beautiful hahx contest. Cute wasrft he? The Passing of '52 Yes, it is spring again, and all the circuses are on the move. It just so happens one is stopping in our fair city of New Market. Circuses are a lot of fun. So let's follow the Senior year '52 on its way to the circus. Now stay close behind or you'll get lost in the crowd. Almost as soon as we step in the circus grounds we see a funny old clown, with a nose so big and red you can hardly see the rest of his face. Oh, look at his shoes, they are almost five times too big for him, and those oversized pants make him look so ridiculous. Come on, don't lag behind. Hey, look over there. That must be the "Big Topvg there is the side show, just look at all those tiny stands selling popcorn, cotton candy, trinkets, and taffy. And what is this, a fortune teller? There is a sign that says: Madame Swami! Knows All! Hears All! Tells All! Come let me tell your Past, and Future. And look! there is the Senior class ,52 going in. Come on let's go back and listen. Don't make any noise or they'll hear us. Sh-sh-sh-sh-. "I am Madame Swami. I am going to tell your past. First, I'll tell you your name. You are the Senior year of ,52. You are twelve years old. You were born with 36 members. Some of which you still have. They are Millie Myers Adair, Sue Carr, John Fairfield, Nancy Card- ner, Bob Gilliland, Eva jane Jarvis Scott, Carroll Jones, Anna Keller, Pat Miles, Ben Rice, Romella Sanders, Keith Stewart, Louis Swenke, Mary Ann Wilson, Bill Wilkinson, and Ronald Scott. In your Hrst vear you were in the movies taken by Mr. Wilkinson. You also made recipe books for your mothers' Christmas. In your first year you also learned your first real school game. 'Dog and his Bonef In your second year the famous Detective Stewart shot and killed the notorious out-law Gilli- land in a game of 'Cops and Robbers., Yes, it was sad indeed. But in the third year all shed their natural being to become Indians with Big-sitting Bill as your chief. The fourth and fifth grades passed quickly. In my crystal ball I can see that hardly a member got through without getting blisters from the maypoles. In the sixth grade I see a school paper written by you. There was also a Halloween party. Nancy Gardner won the prize for the best mask. I see you taking a great step. Proudly you go upstairs with the higher classmen. That is when your fun began. I can see an eraser fight taking place in Mr. Piisley's history class. There was also a party without a sponsor. I can see in my crystal ball that none of you will forget the fun you had at all the parties and plays you have given. But here at last I see the Class of '52 in its last year. Well, I W0llldl1,t believe it if I hadn't seen it in my crystal ball, but those Seniors are still playing 'Dog and his Bone' 'i Page Elc van Class Will Many a Senior through these portals have passed Coing forth in grand review. But let it be known, none could surpass The class of '52. As our future unfolds WhCl'6 eire we trod On life's road in the light of Cod, May each succeed in his own right, May he find his future happy and bright. So here we begin the beginning of our end By willing our precious gems To that unexpecting Junior gang. We take into consideration the things they need, And hope they'll be pleased with what we leave. To Ralph Delp, first on our list, We know heill be pleased with this: It's big and black, with a mysterious look, It's Louis Swenke's prize address book. To Donna Enoch, everyoneis pal, Eva Jane Jarvis Scott, a married gal, Leaves an ability she no more needs - The thought could no sweeter be, As catch-m, hold-m and marry-m. Don Hargis has a strange habit He'll be leaving behind to Shirley Stewart. We are all sure sheill love it Because after all, she might do it - Holding hands i11 the hall. Her partly used pack of cigarettes CSenior Playj Sue Carr leaves behind To Mary Jo Jarvis, we hope she doesn't mind. fWe don't mean this as an insult or crime, But we can't think of anything else to rhyme.J To Mary Alice Alexander, a short little Miss, Romella Sanders wills something she's missed. You'll not be surprised to find it A bit of Romella's towering height, So Mary Alice won't have to stand on tip toes, To kiss good night. fls that right?j For Bettv Lou Hester we have a charming gift, Something sheill remember when she puts on her slippers. We were asked not give the name, but herels a tip Of who's willing the charming gift. It's a Scottie pup for her to pet while he's away. Ben Rice has an ability Frank Hoss needs When he's out in the car speeding. Thatis to keep car damages down low, So fixing them up won't cost so much dough. It's a terrible thing to leave this behind But we just decided not to take it this time. Doralas Suitor's big mouth, it comes as a shock, But never the less it goes to John Bullock. To Miss Jayne South, who we see in the hall a swinging, Anna Keller leaves a famous recording To help her out in getting a Date - The recording, "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Katef, David White is getting a prize - A whole rack of pink and green ties. From Larry Harris this comes. With pride To this we add a box of polka-dot dye. From Patsy Piendenbaugh to Benny Morris We will an exclusive course On how to keep your manners polished. This he needs we'll all acknowledge. Martha Baldwin has a cute little phrase To will to Don Miles on these last days. Something that you'll agree he lacks - 'So round, So firm, So fully packed., Nancy Cardner's personality we are dreading to wi To quiet Christine Calder, a sweet little dear. We mean no harm or crime, But only to make her gay and fine. The tenor, Carroll Jones, our singing man, Or at least he thinks he can, We will this voice that brings music to our ears To Roy Wills, and shedding no tears. To Jack Gardner, QDon,t let Mr. Wilson know, Or he'll surely think us all schmoes.Q Itis a history book, the answers added for gleam So heill pass and stay on the 'Ai team. Mary Aim gives up her inside pull To Betty Lewellen, a shy little girl. We hope it pleases her a lot, As it will surely hit the spot. Page Twelve From Pat Miles, who gets around Able to hit the high spots of the town, It's this ability to Malchom Cash To add to his debonair dash. From Ronald Scott to Jim Lytle We will this recording to which he's entitled. We hope he takes no offense at this joke When he hears itis title, "Slow-Poke." Dorothy Quigg is learning to cook So she'll have no need for this tattered book, It tells of her loves and of her hates, Of her Hrst and last dates Yes, this memory book goes to Lois Ann Hester. Keith Stewart wills a parking spot That he's been keeping hot To Kenneth Baldwin and a girl he's got. We know heill thank Keith a lot. And to this we add a PS. To be used only on Sunday nights. To a ladies man, charming Norman Surface, Loren Hampton wills this for a purpose. He knows it isn't much, This quiet little spot, atop Heart-Break Ridge. For Maxine Burnside we have a gift. Oh, goodness we hope she takes the tip lt's Joann Rendfeld's ability, Maxine never possessed To speak only when asked. ill Wilkinson has something to leave behind o Bob Servies, though he'll aquire it in time. What else could it be, but Bill's personality To make Bob a man among men entirely. Tonnny Hedrick has a surprise in store. When he takes Bob's little sister to the door. It's Bob's promise to leave the door unlocked So the folks won't know it's past 12 o'clock. For Rosie Obenchain we have a terrible shock lt's a face that would surely stop a clock, A picture of her Dear little John To keep her from longing for another Don Juan? Jerome Zachary has a secret he'll be willing, Which Gerald Hampton has been eyeing. It's exactly what Gerald needs for more dates - The secret of what Jerome uses for bait. To a bov, Rex Oliver, so tall and slim, Rolland'Harris wills to him a precious gem. lt being Rollandis most noticed "Three Mis" Meat, Muscles and Man. From Jolm Sheets to Merle Reeves - And we do not mean to tease - But itis John's act of eternal gab To which we add - Is that so bad? Opal Tracy's penmanship she'll leave behind To Rex Mason, whose writings a crime, It'll help him write to the girl we know By the name of Mary Jo. To Michael Oswalt our whole class leaves The seat of Bob Gilliland which we believe Michael, being only another pill, Should really be able to fill. Millie Adair has nothing to leave But only her plans of her future To Richard Grimes these go. fWe mean not to teasel But isnit it enough that she leaves! To Elizabeth Hockersmith, here near the last The Seniors will a seat at the head of the class. It has never been occupied By a senior gal or guy. To Mr. Wilson, a man of test, We leave a whip, He'll do the rest. To Mrs. Hall with her southern drawl, We wish her good luck with you-ns all. To Mr. Cassidy, a famous, well-known teacher We leave this note, "Youll make a better preacher." To Mr. Melvin we will a basketball team, Hoping next year they'll be on the beam. To Mrs. Hulbert goes a big red book, Containing information on how to cook. To Mr. Bucklew and his wonderful chorus We leave our wonderful voices-they bore us. To Mr. DeBusk, so tall dark and tan We would like to ask, where could you find a hand- somer man? To Mr. Milligan, our health teacher, VVe will a class without a sleeper. To Mrs. Quigg, a good teacher and typist, We leave behind these words, hope you liked us.' To Mrs. McCarthy weill leave behind An errand boy, we're sure she won't mind. To Mr. Douglas some ear plugs we bequeath So he canit hear the chorus and band's squeaks. For Mr. Beck, we will assume, He'll lind use for this sound-proof room. Witnesses: Attorneys: Mr. Wilson Joann Rendfeld M1'. Beck Patsy Redenbaugh THE SENIOR CLASS Page Thirteen Class Prophecy While cruising along the highway one Sunday afternoon at seventy miles an hour, we heard a slight disturbance behind us on the modern dirt road. We found this to be State Trooper Louis Swenke trying to catch us on his purple and yellow putt-putt. He was quite dashing in his slightly used uniform. As we entered Ferdinand, Indiana fpopulation 4,000Q we were stopped abruptly by a flat tire which enabled OHieer Swenke to catch up with us. We were arrested for breaking the ten mile speed limit. We appeared before judge Rice who fined us 351000, or two hours in jail. Not wanting to spend our money, we spent two hours in jail. As we entered the cell we heard strange noises coming from nearby. On further investigation we discovered none other than John and Anna Keller Fairfield with their singing star "Bing" jones. They were arrested for disturbing the peace. When we had served our time we proceeded to the nearest garage, owned by Hargis and Sheets, Inc. Since the garage was rushed, we walked around town while our tire was being fixed. On the corner of Hollywood and Vine there was a crowd of people listening to Paul Wilson electioneering for the job of janitor in the State House. The swanky night club in the middle of the block attracted our attention for by this time we were aware of our empty stomachs. We sat down in a cozy booth and our orders were taken by Eva Jane Scott. Our hamburgers were slightly delayed because the chef, Bob Gilliland, had to rush to his Jersey Farms to slaughter a beef. We were greatly entertained by the floor show consisting of Romella Sanders, Martha Baldwin, and Pat Miles. The music was furnished by Hamptons usouped-up" Iazz Band. When we emerged from the night club a delicious aroma had filled the air. Following our noses, we came upon Darrell Lester selling peanuts in order to buy fishing worms. Page ldourfvciz A band coming down the street consisting of Mary Ann Wilson and Bill Wilkinson with Nancy Gardner as drum majorette aroused our curiosity, so we followed it to the carnival grounds. After buying our tickets from Dorothy Quigg, we proceeded into the grounds, where the noisy barker, Ronald Scott, could be heard everywhere. After a little delay, Holland Harris and his assistant. Joann Rendfeld, appeared on the stage. Miss Rendfeld assisted Holland who was dressed in a tiger skin by handing his heavy aluminum weights to him. ,. The next attraction had quite a throng gathered around it. 1 guess the reason was because it was a dance featuring Mary Myers Adair. Next we came to a high pole with Doralas Suitors on top. "She was. getting ready to jump into a flaming barrel of water. Then came the breath-taking moment. Drums rolled, people gasped and then she jumped. After staying under water for three minutes, she was rescued by jerome Zachary who had just finished swimming the English Channel. After leaving this booth we came to a tight wire stretched between two poles about thirty feet above the ground. jay Delp was carrying Sue Carr on his shoulders while riding a bicycle on this wire. Impossible? Not at alll We had our fortunes told by Patsy Redenbaugh who had gone to college to improve her profession. We bought a three foot hot dog, at thirty cents a foot from Opal Tracy. The hot dog would have been delicious if it hadn't been for the trouble we had of keeping it off the ground. As we left the grounds, we encountered Mr. Beck picking up papers with a pin on the end of a stick. NVe rode in a taxi driven by Larry Harris to the garage where our car was parked. We paid our bill of seventy-five cents to Phyllis Thompson who was bookkeeper for the firm. As we were driving out of town, Keith Stewart crossed the road followed by his coon dogs and in turn they were followed by the coons. We continued on our way out of town and all had a very pleasant feeling of having spent a very enjoyable day after all with our friends the members of the Class of 1952 of good old New Market High School. Page Fifteen ,. 'f Can You Imagine? john Sheets with his nose in his own business? Martha Baldwin as a Power's model? Carroll Jones without his gift of gab? Dorothy Quigg without thoughts of romance? Bomella Sanders in spike heels? Sue Carr with a new Ford? Nancy Gardner with pig-tails? Millie Adair without her letter from jim? Jerome Zachary in short pants? Keith Stewart in a serious mood? Bill Wilkinson as a champion tiddly-wink player? Doralas Suitors as a driver in the 500 mile race? Louie Swanke without a girl on his mind? Pat Miles six feet tall? Mary Ann Wilson a "D" student? Holland Harris as a teacher of advanced math? Don Hargis in a co-operative mood? Anna Keller not studing hard? John Fairfield as a big business tycoon? Bob Gilliland be chosen as safe driver of the year? Ronald Scott breaking the two mile track record? B611 Price ll0t Wkllltlllg P3.l'll21ITl6l1tkl1'V Pl'OC6dlll'C in C Opal Tracy with a family of twelve? Darrell Lester ever staying home at nights? Eva Jane Scott without that sleepy look? Larry Harris as a henpecked husband? Patsy Redenbaugh without her motherly look? Joann Rendfeld with out "Dizzy Dean? Scott? Loren Hampton as a preacher's perfect son? Mr. Cassidy with a crew cut? "Henry" Beck using improper pronounciation? Charlie DeBusk with the brains of a professor? Bill Mrs. Hall without her southern drawl? Quigg as a roller derby winner? Mrs. McCarthy with a Crabby disposition? Melvin singing first soprano? Mrs. Mrs. Hulbert as a poor housekeeper? Mr. Douglas with a religious shop class? Mr. Bucklew as a jazz band leader? Mr. Wilson without his teeth? lass meetings? New Market High School with an intelligent Senior Class? Mr. Milligan with a quiet seventh grade? Page Sioateefn A PARITY NOTRE DAME SONG Cheer Cheer for New Market High Shout out the victory clear to the sky Send those nga' iq!'l'l'llfI'l'lI Opal 'l'rucy ami Patsy ltr-nic-nimligli in 'cargo Dm- to tin' l'l'illL'i1llll'1' of 1 this picture' rim-s not 1llJlX'ilI'. FRESHIES Out To Win Norma Axnoni, -Ieunettzx Cain, Boli Young, Margaret Wfallters, Beverly Calder, Norma Vlliutt, Leslie Dove, Fred Fruits, Cordon Ruins, Mary Ann Kocliert, llurolrl lh-ewes, Sliirley Miles, Martlln Crimes, llurvey Gilliland, june Oney, Hit-lmrd Douglas, Mary Ann Iloss, Jeanette Pratt, -lolin Stull, -lounn Frzune, Don Maxx- AU' wt-Il, Boll Tucker, Robert Young, Carolyn Ilznnpton, Bill Saniclers, Donultl NVliitc, Bk-tty Scrvies, Larry Zucliury, Iolin XVilson. AW Class Officers Mus. HALL A.B. VV6StC1'Il Ken- tucky State Teachers College. NIA. Indiana University, Nlajor-Eng- lisli and Lilirau'y Science. Don'f Let cl Single SOPHOMORE ln slliflkv' Huy, Sm' Sc1'xic:4. Train Russ, IJUII Dyu, Clmrlcs Surxivs, Arliv Thmnpsun, lone-s, Tum Pratt, Nlcudows, Norma xlilfilyll Ilvclrick, Ora Lu- Lyons. Cau'ulj'n I,c'm1:1rcl. ii Class Officers .luck Dvlillsk, Bulm Xvilkilwllll, Nlllllll lizlkvr, 1,4-Ulu Bill Calltlcly lilltll NICNIZIIIUII, lfzlrl Cilliluml, .lcwcl XVills, Nlaldmlnu Dock, tlcun Z2lL'Ilill'f', Dull' NKll'Illilll. llcrmzm KL-llc1', Nancy crlillilklllll, Virginia Pklullll, Inv! lligggvm, NHSUIIIRIIAP' l'41th'1'. Dirk Rlluzltls. , w Nina. XIc:C,.xn'l'm' lisll, Latin. RU1lCIlil2lIl' 'g , Iillilvl' LylliYl'l'5itN. lung nf Fa UNIORS Never Slugger . Seniors Never Fa!! KUIIIIY B1llClXYlll, Lois llvsloly -lim Lytlc. Sliirlcy Slowzu'l, Donna llnocli. Boll Sm'1'x'im's. Klnxim' lillmsiclsz Ralph D4-lp. lilimlwlli llon-lu-rsmilli, Bon Rlorris. Mil-Inwl Oswult, layin- Soutli, Bolm Clrinws, Nlnlcolm Cuslm, Framk Iloss, Nlury Alien' .'xl1'Xllllll1'l', Rox NIKISUII, Nlvrlc 1'wL'w-s, Rox Oliver, Don Milcs, Cilnrislim' Culclcr, Nlnry Alu tlurvis, Tom Ili-cl1'ick, Hosic- Olicn- ulmin, 'luck c:ill'illlL'1', Rlmtlm Potter, David Wfliitc, Bvttv llcstcr, Norman Slll'l.llL'l'. livlty' Ln-wcllvn. Curolfl llLl1llPt0ll.' ETIIICL QUIGC LELAND NIELVIN Commerce, A.B., Conch. Xl21tllt'llliltlCS, B.S.C,. New Nlurkvt Social Studios, Iligli School, Central Alamo H. S., Iu- Normal. cliaulu State' Tc'a1cl1e'rs College. f4!,, R1 Class Officers "New Market High School Triumphs Over All" Nmy 9 Alaunu Nm 16 Linclen Nm 21 Lalclogu Nm 28 liussellville Nm. 30 New Russ Dee T 110llL'1li1211l' Dee 15 1110111111111 Twp. Dee. 21 NVzue1uml Iam. 4 Selllalrmzun Iam. 0 ,-Xlumo BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1951 - 1952 Tl 1r-1 'e Alam. The l'c1 jam. Ile l'rx Glam. There Feb. Tbere Feb The 1'c- Feb Ile 1'c- Feb There Feb There Feb. Ile 1'c- l'flyc' Tfweuiy-amz' 1J2ll'11llgtOll Bmvers 25.26 County Cmington XVRIVI letmvn Brmvl lS17lIl'g Kkmclike Tborntown Darlington Tm 1 rnev lberr llerr I'berc llere lbere llere llere llere A ii A "A" TEAM john Fairfield, Xlulcom Cash, Bill VVilkinson, Couch Melvin, Hex Oliver, Norman Surface. Loren Hampton. Bob Gilliland, Bob Servies, Tom Ross, Keith Stewart, Darrell Lester. jmck DeBusk. and Jack Gardner. "B" TEAM I Bob Young, jim Lytle, Donald Maxwell, Couch Nlelvin, Leslie Dove, john Stull, Loren Hampton. Larry Zucluiry, Tom Hedrick, Kenny Baldwin, Rex Mason, Garold Hampton, Bob YVilkinson, Cordon Rains, Fred Fruits, Arlie Thompson. and Tom Pratt. Page Twcn fy-two l CLASS CHAMPS lionulcl Scott, Bill NVilkinson, B011 Rico, Kcitli Stewart, Bulb Gilliland, 'Iolm Faiirfivlcl, Dnrrcll Lester, amcl Loren Hampton. l i JUNIOR HIGH Lurrv Gt-ntry, Slicrmun Nlorris. Coach Dc-Buslt, Dick Ilzirgis, David Stull, Kcitli 'Brittm1, Dc-an VVillinms, Tummy Nliller, Butch Jarvis, .Ivrry Ste-vcnscm, Tom DcBusk. and jim Kcllvr. Page Twcufy-flzrcc BASEBALL TEAM Fred Fruits, Gordon Rains, Malcom Cash, Norman Surface, Coach Melvin, Don Maxwell, jim Lytle, Leslie Dove, John Stull, Jack Gardner, Keith Stewart, Torn I-Ieclriek, john Sheets, Bob Gilliland, Boh Servies, Ierome Zachary, Carolcl Hampton. Darrell Lester. and Tom Ross. "A" TEAM Donna Enoch. Larry Zachary, and Nlarv Alice Alexander. JUNIOR HIGH "B" TEAM Glenda Dove and Rachel Young. Nlary Ann Hoss, Doralas Snitors. and Shirley Nliles. Page T'u'4'11ly-four CHORUS lfirsl ltorr: john Wilson, lticharcl Douglas, john Fairfield, Frank lloss, Larry llarris. Carroll loncs, Donna Enoch, Iavnc South, Nlarv Ann lloss, Bc-ttv Hcstcr, Mary Ann NVilson. Yancx' tlarclncr, and ltoinclla' Sandcrs. l 1 Scroll-11 Rout Holi Nllilliinson, Holm Cillilancl, Garolcl llampton, Bill XVilliinson. 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I Srwrllfl limb: Misa cI1lI4CIIll'l', Put Nlilvs, Ca1x'uIy'11 BllI'IQl'l', Annu Fruits, liillil- Ann l,iwsux, I Iuallum' XYIQIII, I71'I4m's IIQIILIWIH, :UNI AIIL1' Sz1l1cIc'rs. I Tfzirzl linux' sIlIl'Il'f' I'mu-lx, N414-Iu'I Ymxng, CII-mln Ilmv. Sllzlrmu Slay. Nancy I,4m'I1-r. Illllt' In-II1'1', 1u1cI XIalriI4'4' IuI1nsrm. s if Unix'4'rsifV, XIAIFIOII Nm' mul. XVuImsI1. STUDENT COUNCIL Iiulm NKIIIIIQ, .Xl'IlL' IIIKIIIIPSUII, Sc'1'l'1'Ial'y, XIRIVI' Aliu- :XI1'xzlmIvl'g Nliflllll Wills, 1'r1'.s'i1Ir'l1I, ilI1 SI1-xx:u'I1 SIIIVIQ NIIII-5, I"r1mI4 Iluss, 11mI Vim' l'rr',s'irI1'11I, .Iuzmn Ih'ncII'm'IcI. LIBRARIANS NIIIIII' nXcI:m', Nlrs. IIa1II, HIHXIIN' lillrxmmlv, Alllylll SUIIIII, l'IIiza1IwII1 IIHl'Iik'l'hlllIIIl, xI2ll'f In ,llll'NI5, :IIN IIUIIIVIIII SzlmI1-rs. LlllclllllaltlXIus1c-1,011 IC. P. fIASSlIJY I,l'IIICIlJilI. Xlaltlwllmi ics. I3.S., XII.. L.L.B. I3.S.l'f.. NI.S.Ii., Incliaum E? -" HGHTH GRADE NIH. DEBUSK Eighth Craclc NIR. NIILLIGAN Seventh Grudc SEVENTH GRADE MRS. DEBUsK Sixth Crude Bins. OSBORNE Third Gracic Nlns. PEACOCK Bins. COOPER Fifth Crude Fourth Crude- WB' MRS. WIDNER Mas. DQYEL Second Crude First Crude UM. R I gr 1' 'xg' 1 I DoNAx1,n lJUl'lll..XS .'xgl'iCl!ltllI'1'. Biology li. N.. Nl. S.. Nmx Nlurkvt High SQ-lmol I'llrclllc' LIIliY0l'SifV. Uni- Yi'l'Sltf' of lllmols. HOME ECONOMICS ROOM SPEECH ROOM SENIOR ROOM COMMERCE ROOM I'11gv Twvnfy-1 ' COOKS CUSTODIANS Autographs I Th fy:-rx I 4+ 54' 4' +I 52+ +4+ 5+ 54 +f+ '4 341 34 I4 C4 Q4 C4 C4 44 14 Q4 54 31 4 ,l 54 '4 34 I 54 Q4 44 C "5Yfvfff?"' --AAA v-v---'A-Af'--A - -vfzfxaff-96:4 + V'-Yfzxvxir-xiifviie 4 K .34 1 44 P 144 '+ Y Y 5-Yew-tl 2 vftftftgvgffxfsf 4, 44, ,, 'S 4:4 4444 lx 4+ + 4 4 4 N 4,4 U-fx,-Y!-J'-'Y .zffmxvwyv-yyygyvx Ivy l, Compliments of Compliments of Open Sundays THOMAS' 4 I MARATH ON STATION 5: CONEY ISLAND CAFE 4+ + 4 WAVELAND, INDIANA 444: CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA 1:5 'ifYfvfiffifcfvivfvfVQKYKYTZTY3Y7'fxYTvT:TY?'f555!5ii!f7iY3REQ?xQgtiY7Z? x'5f'5?5?35'5'f5f'5"5"5""'l'f if Egg CONSOER'S FARM BUREAU I STANDARD SERVICE N ATLAS TIRES BATTERIES 4 CAR WASH , , 201 West M Ice! Sl eet Gasohne - Fuel O11 -' Gfease 144 CRAWFORDSVITLE, INDIANA 0il - Fly Spray tg 4,4,,I,x,.,,,m,A,,,,,VI,I,,A,I,,4 I,,I 4. 'K can ? Compliments of ALBERT DELANO .jg +4 NEW MARKET K Phone 3 on 157 New Market, Ind. Qi I 5-:eve ia: ' DN: rw-rfxtxfv-te!-YMZX ,X fx ,-.fx A fx .A ,M ,A f- A ,-If AHA ,- , . - ., WHITECOTTON HARDWARE JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS FURNACES - PLUMBING HARDWARE PUMPS Fred Whitecotton, Prop. Phone 27 Waveland, Indiana -.,,N,.-.,,.--.,,.--.,,.------ ...... --.v.v ,, .,-I+I ,... ,f , .. D Y :1:'2Q4:-:A:xL ' 'isle-:f As4Q4.-.fu" N-QAQAQ vlalg-:4.L'D-:AQ-gl:-:lc-xfv-' .-.-Q-vlgsfxfxfvxf' ' ' Q-Q-9-Q-xfvvszs' ' ' vx1NA.7" I I -A-A AV- ,. , Page Thirty-4+ne I 5 gf 51' gl 'I 25: -: I 4: I I 2+ +2 21: Q2 144 +I PI' Q + I+ C4, 444 81+ 5+ +P 54+ 84+ 34+ 5 I S 5 I 4, 1 4+ 4+ I 4+ 4 4+ 4 + P 44 4+ 4+ P -v-.-vxzx, I 1:P 34 I lg! +4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 4' I I + 22 44 14I + 22 34, 9:- ++ 5+ '+ 1+ 4+ 4+ +4+ Ps +43 54+ 54+ 54+ ---.x,vvv-vv.-sfvvfvvwvv CLINE SAYLER AUTO REPAIRING TIRES - ACCESSORIES NEW MARKET, INDIANA - - - - - - - A A .......... .v.v.'.- .v.v,'x,xA,x,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,,,V,,,,N,,.v.v.-A ,.v,vV "'!-Y-:x'9'551-YAY-:'?!5!5fxtX:xt'55-55-Yfvx'fv-!:,X!b115:- A f-fjbfbs-.f , A ,N ,A A f- A ,A ,- Rf,-A ,N ,f-,fxff ,f- ,N A f- A , - 5'N' 1 'N Q X Q Q Q K Q X 3 S 5 Q -y- - - xA.-v-v-.-v-vu-v-s-v-v-.xfxzxfvx-v-vs, v v,- Ax?-vw-S -. . . if. f- fx fs fx.f-.f-if-.fxfxfxf-A fe.fX,f,fx,fe-- X Af. Compliments of A FRIEND Af--.. sJee'vwAf.,M,f. ,NJA eA..n.f-.f.f-f f-.f f fx Compliments of McDANIEL F RIEGHT LINE CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA fJxf fvxf-A Af., Qi E Q 5 Q Q X Q Q 5 Q 3 5 Y Q Q Q Q Q Q Q xfvx,-.nn A Af fvvxfx Compliments of NEW MARKET DRUG STORE .f f.fx.f-.1--Afxf-..e.f ff Af-,AJC A ,Af Af- FJ- f VEATCH AND PINKERTON International Harvester Sales and Service Phone 126 CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA L . A fvvxfxfsfxzxfxzxrxrxzxrvvvv Aff., , .fe X,-.Af fx.A,N.,A.,-,Q - ,,,I,. ,A ,NJ-,A Compliments of Q LINCOLN - MERCURY Inc S 1 Q 1 Q K S K K K 1 -Vx. - v .-xA, vvv. - v v-xxx,-N, w'Q'f57-Qs- J-,fxfxfxf-JXfxf,fxf. f'bs.f.ff,,xf- Compliments of CHARLES LAREW GROCERY and LOCKER Phone 21 NEW MARKET, INDIANA CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA f-.fxf Afvx ,.f.,xf-.f f-,X nfs - A ,AfX,X, ,Aft A, A, ,X,.f - A M, A, ,.k, AQ K S R Q 9 R Q R Q S S 2 :IQ :it 4,Q K K ,E 1:2 Ii llfj Q K K 2 :IQ Q G R is THE FARMERS STATE BANK Capital and Surplus 350,000 Member F.D'.I.C. NEW MARKET, INDIANA JQANQ vi'koQ'4'4'2'3"' Jo2'4J ' -'42 Ae-tfvwf ' "V-vivl?i-RQ5:-chakra" -' :iii-:2AA:44 122.9i9e' 25 Page Thirty-two - x.M.N. ,Lv -'- 5C 1 1:1 I1 ,, S2 1:1 1:1 1,1 1:1 1 'E ,, ' Q 1:1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1:1 1 :IS 'P kc 1 1 1 22 1:1 In :If 1:5 1:? 1: Ir I2 1 1 f I 1:1 ,1 4, P 'F 'r 1 r 1? r 1:4 v 11, 1 'I bf 1:1 I 1 1 1 :r 3, P ,1 ,Q 11 r 1:Q ,S '5 F 51 r 1 X 1,1 bi gb '2 if 1:" P? 1:2 1, 12 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1 1 a-.ev-v- .-v-.-v-v-rv-v-.-v-.-.AzsaNW.-.-4NA,-v+.-.- .V A , A 1-ffffxfx, Af fx,-xfvxls f1,s.f- fJx,X,-J-X f-xfxfxf , - .v'flf" vvxfxfxa-.v-.1x1-vv-rx:-.vvvxf-v-- V ,A ,-,fx ff f-,ADX fy- f-.1-1 fm-A f-.F , sn swift -teivffvx wsf555!55T' sv A ,sf-vi? 1 if Compliments of DEMAREE STUDIO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER 213 West Pike Street Crawfordsville, Indiana OWENS OIL CO. "Gas for Less" cRAwFoRDsvu.LE, INDIANA WILLIAMS COAL CO. 512 South Grant Avenue Phone 30' CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA ff' V. V v??x5?7Yft ',"fs"'3n57! vff?f'fYT'?!3ffi' TYT'fiTtf??'?Y??T5"5-'tT:?7vf'f5'TYTif!T'TYf'f'f'f5f3i'P??-flzivf-554 'srvvvw-v-szxrxrv-frrfv-ffrv-v51v-.xanax-vnu-rv-Arvfvvp-.A S K , fxfxfx,-x,1,xf.,e.fx,x,X,-.,fX, ..e,e,x,--Av ,L 1 , - -,fxfxfxfxfvv Ox, .Af C- ,. , , - 1- ,fwff-., f .1 Xf- BI - RITE MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS F RUITS - VEGETABLES "North-West Trading Center" U. S. 136 -- West CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA See "PEANUT" AT W A B A S H SERVICE STATION Corner Wabash and Washington Crawfordsville, Indiana Phone 2084 fy- V- f Compliments of CARWFORDSVILLE CLEANERS Phone 644 128 South Washington Street 1:: I1 jig? CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA Q S, . .A A.A A-A.A.A.A.A.- -,i-.-:f,A KAL- . , , . ,A,A,gL- ,fo O L, . ., , . . Lf . -L. , , C. ., ,fyf-.f -.- ,fx V, Mx HOWELL-GOODWIN Printing Company Printer and Designers Crawfordsville, Indiana This Is One Of Our Products Page Thirty-threr' PIP I P 11 41 I 1 ,li Qi H41 21+ 1 .Ig J' n 'r 11 1 2 fr 5:1 7 gi in 23' r 51+ 5 I x 1 7 S1 1 QP 1 r 1 1 1 r .3 fr 1 Q1 4 S S11 5 h B11 S 5 K 4 S S fi: Sip 1 X 2 511 5:E 21: 91' 1: 25 21: 2? 1-1 5 viiilli-.-f 7 311 1' 1 'r 5 5 P 9 5 I X1 4 S 5 x 1 3 fxzszxzxzxzv-.A.rvAvA.-v-vA.AvAvs1x,-.-.-v-.'vxfv-.- K H Vxvxvkiv,XfvxTzfvfxx,-.f,2v?v-.fxfxfcf-: -f ,-fxfxv-tfxfvxvwf E-vw-v-U-vf nf,-ff. f ,A fx, -.fx ,A I ,,,f ,N ,,-. Aft,-J. ,,X,C S ,li X143 .-..-- 3 -Qf - 1 V gl ,Ja 1 if If Q uJ"x l X K S 5 . 'i 9 I I 5 :I 2 517 I 4 ' If 2 :TLV E 1 1 ,bfi , U T f e. 4 I 5 A ITG 4 ' 5 I R. M. HORNER, Inc. 3 sm . . :i E -wfl Qigif-.-vi-sz: ' Q ' W Si-f " Nm p BUICK - PONTIAC 5 - H I' GMC TRUCKS I 5, 2 MCFARLAND 1: 222 East Market St. S Sf x P Phone 183 2 EQ: Q MONUMENT WORKS 2 CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA Q ', S Crawfordsville, Indiana S E 2 - A A N -ff.,--f-ff Af.AA,-.f-J . fwfemf H., .D .XA ,,,,,X,-.f ,W-,Cf.,X. ,x.,,,h.AA,-.,-,,,, E 2 2 Q - 3 LEE 1. BURKETT B K ROOT BEER Q RED HOTS CONEY ISLANDS Breeder of Q 0 5 pen POLAND CHINA H065 5 12:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. 2 , X Ladoga, Indlana, R. R. 1 State Road 43 Q Compliments of Compliments of S MILES WELDING SHOP SHELL E Phone 2033 x 5 ER I E TA 116 North Walnut Street S V C S Z X, BROWNSVALLEY, INDIANA CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA 5 S f 2 ' Z COLEMAN s S F d L k G C. W. SPENCER 8: SONS E 00 ' oc er mcery I LUMBER at HARDWARE Q K'II' - C ' - P ' A . . 5 I mg Psrmglgs mcessmg Service Smce 1901 I one Q Waveland Phone Q WAVELAND, INDIANA 5 Page Thirty-four 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 , ,,-,45fs.4-v,,h.154x.1-. -,45f5g:,,,,,45,g,g,- LAYNE E S K E W AND FURNITURE STORE THOMPSON I 1 GRAINS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES and FEEDS K Phone 74 Q Ig, NEW MARKET' INDIANA NEW MARKET, INDIANA '3?!T'f4'fT'7Yftf'!A:fvf:fY'ft 37'TY7WTYYYTv'YfYTvT'f5454T:T'2v"'A565fNlgfI'2vfvfvfvfvT!54Y5Cv'v7'5f5'YSCvfvffVN!Y5ff'f'f'5fVVN' Compliments of gg 1, A DR. and MRS. PAUL F. SCOTT L 1 RALPH ROSS 8: SONS OBENCHAIN BROS CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS GROCERIE5 and MEATS GENERAL REPAIRING ? PARKERSBURG, INDIANA PARKERSBURC' INDIANA C Phone - New Market l EQ on 13 1, 211 NVWWMN :I AA ir, 31 4,5 in O. P. FRUITS A BOOSTER Jewelry and Service Shop 20625 Market Street F' if cRAwFORDsvII.I.E, INDIANA 'P 1 Page Th'iI'ty-fi'vf' -.-.-.-.-v-.-.-4-xr.-v ff.-rv-v-. we-:rv-yuan-.efvn-::f.+.-v v-.nn-:rv-v-f.-.-,AAAA,K, ff-, A ff- 1- 91- AA ff- eff ff-.fe.,-fxfxf-J-,1.xf 1- fxfvvxf ff .fx f- f,- Af fx f- A A ,A - ,AOA ,A ,A f it I , 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1,1 1 I NEW MARKET I LUMBER CO. Compliments of I 2 P, :IQ I ,X 1,1 I S K LUMBER and MILL WORK K K II 31 II Phone 12 Q 2 12 NEW MARKET, INDIANA 41 If Funeral Directors NOBLE REEVES AND PAULINE REEVES NEW MARKET, INDIANA T. O. X. E. , I.-gzgvpvgxgyfvp-ggvfqv ,,E, E,E.f55,xf5g,,x, 'IN 'S I 1,1 1 'I go 1,L 1 GERALD LANE GENERAL TRUCKING 'Q Phone 131 K NEW MARKET, INDIANA jig I R I -.-v-v-.-.-sfsfxfs ev-.-.-.mfxfxfxfxzvv x,x.fs.fxf-Cf-vsfxfxfsfsfsz f W, - f- A ,-.fx 1- ,f-!'5'1Y- ,A V. ,,- A ,.k,. 1 ,. ,npr .X,.h,.E,A.JX,-L,,, MONTGOMERY COUNTY ARTIFICIAL BREEDERS ASSOCIATION WILLIAM A. BALDWIN Phone 3-37 NEW MARKET, INDIANA A-N'-H11-GfvfvT'f'f15fN??:fvfi5?vT:3f'Pf'i'?f157vfN". ,Avi6f:,Arf4f:vw:- . . , V 'I 1 2 Indiana Certified Seeds K Vigo Wheat Clinton Oats Lincoln and Hawkeye Beans li PAUL K. JOHNSON Ladoga R. R. I New Market, Indiana K DRIVEWAY STONE LIME J. E. MORRIS NEW MARKET, INDIANA Rivxfbt P7?TY7:5?fYTvT??T:i!55iY?iii A'ETi1?Y? r5f???iTEY?v?'5545'541Y2'2-zfvf '5 'N'N"N'N'V ,,, If 3, Compliments of NEW MARKET TELEPHONE COMPANY 153 I 'I I 1' Compliments of HAROLD SEAMAN - - f- f -ef,-.AJ-,fNf.f,fxf.,-.fef -JV-O-O Of Of vm-gx 4- QQQ-fywQwQvg-4-104-avz-4v.4-Q4vgNQf44f-Q-Q-fxA4v -QA444QQ?-k.v.-.'h11k.:'.vgvvnnkn. Page Thirfy-s'i41' ,-AAA .f.f.-,-.-.fvvv-v-.1-v-ve.-fyv.e.5avf.-ve.-vf 5 fp-cry, gr- - -cv sv 1 Alf- w veff- .1 1.-431.7 -1 -Alf- DONALD K. MARTIN yi Groceries - Meats Miscellaneous Merchandise and Caps Phone 29 NEW MARKET, INDIANA I A- -- A- 25 PROUDLY SERVING II? DREYER'S CUT-PRICE I 'I K 4:L: Ig IQ I si 4 I , . 4,4 4,44 4 I I I Pg I I If Za 3 I j MEADOW GOLD 2:4 Milk and Ice Cream voqyqf. , ,fgnsfv Y ,zyzgqyf REXALL DRUGS 5 DREYER 8: McCREARY REXALL DRUGS DREYER 81 SHEETS REXALL DRUGS MONTGOMERY COUNTY "f""YVN KI Q 34, I'I III 'I I A 4 414: 4 PI' I I 'P X4I 4, , II J W2 PII 'I I 3'I DP 44' I I III 5 I Tb +I III 'I I P2 D I'I 54, 4.4, 44 34' QI I I Ib II 'I I .v .Y D- 1 v ve-ff-'f-Y ev w I I I if "The Finest Sold is Meadow Gold" :If Phone 3040 I 3' CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA 4 K CRAWFORDSVILLE FARM SUPPLY PURINA CHOWS CUSTOM SPRAYING 103 West Main Street CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA I AAAAAAAAfvvvvN 4 4 4 1 I'I II 5'I 3'I 'I EI III II I'I 'II x4, 'I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 4 'I 52 41, :I gl I I S'I I:I II SCHULTZ and SCHULTZ I L. G. ETTER 8: SONS "The Book Store" Phone 1400 105 North Washington Street ji Sales Service CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA I Ford Cars - Trucks - Tractors NEW MARKET, INDIANA 5'I I III III 21' I PI' ij: If 'P 47, V4, I'I 3 xl' .'I It 'Z x I k,q,vvvvvw+.xfv-v-J.-Qevv-v-.-vsf' D v-.-.-vows-ve.-Jxrzieezet-.-44Q-.-eeasf " Pagf' Thirty-sevf'u v-.-.-.zwz-4-.--ve.-crew-v-QA-7-L-L5-Q1-Q-4-:Av-L-Q-.ff ' 39 4 II I I X ,. , aj' 4 .l' 5 X A4 4 'I 3 Eypkgggg 5X,:,?g,Q,:y,Q,,NJ15g9 9:tiiQ,'6ivRv?'RTiif-if-?r?6v fv2:2v' v?v2v7:Y5Q2i 4'4 If 3 4:4 4" 34' 'fw 4' 44' :B 4", ' ,K . New ldea Farm Machinery ' :I 4,4 4 Glidden Feeds - Hatchery G O O D M A N ' S I 44 S4 5:5 "Q DEPARTMENT STORE gg 15 GRAY AGRICULTURE ,Q 315 4 ' '4 :gg SUPPLY Co., INC. 35 If .gi CRAWFORDSVILLE :S Phone 222 'E 53 4: SZ and G: 4 ' 4 if Harold L. Gray - Mark R. Gray ROCKVILLE 4' ' 51' if CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA 4, ,v 5, 4+ 4 54, 4 ' 4 1: 4, I3 4 P 4' 4' 4' ' - +-A+-------- .N A------- - ----v------Afv-4:v-.-v-we----vw-vw---N------1-ffaxavivivwkfw 4 E: "x7'?N'fx'fxTf'517'Y'e7X7X7'7'K 'xfN?PfX5'Yf'YfP5XTfXlXf' fffff f' I' f'xfX.f' IXJXF fxf' 1'-fXfX-IN 'X-lx 1' fx fx fxfkfxfx -f I 4 4: S4 4 PS , H :E C'VlLLE DRIVE-INN 34 Comp'-mm of 53 4 F4 4+ 4g I IE Make up a Party E4 D ,x I if and If Barber Shop 4: 4 4 2 'fx Visit the C'ville Drive-Inn RUSSELLVILLE, INDIANA ji 14 4 5 4 ..... I - ..... LWMMWNW4 1:8 gtqgg-v ,fx6-:g:5Aytg-Qfypf9,:YeYe,e,e-gy ,gf .,. 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A,-,af f-,X X , ,-If .Xf.,e.,- e.e,A,X,,,-,,-.,e,e.f f-ff F,-f,A,t,a at FREEDMAN'S Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA THE WETHERILL f x Compliments of SAM BOOTS YOUR SHELL OIL DISTRIBUTOR CORNER FRUIT MARKET Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale and Retail CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA You can always count on good values Q MAHANS GREENHOUSE 2 Roachdale, R. R. I Raccoon, Indiana 5 Q Wholesale and Retail 3 Pot Plants Bedding Plants 4 Q K GARDNER FLOWER SHOP 1 Roast Turkey Dinners-Fried Chicken Q K 1, Dinners-Sea Food Platters-Country 5 1 1 Cured Ham-Italian Spaghetti fx I C Q s H N Week Days - 5:30 - 8:00 sunaay. and Holiaays - 12:30 - 7:00 Closed Monday af Tuesday 'I BRowNsvA1.uzY, INDIANA 2 2 s Complete Floral Service CORSAGES NOVELTIES GIFTS Telegraph Delivery Service Phone 81 NEW MARKET, INDIANA Page Tl11'rty-'nirzc' ,f-.QJ-,f . ,f :A:AQ-S 4 QAQAYJAJ-JL-QA. f S, QAQK . xfk, S f S :XGA efsfvxfxfsfsfvszsfxf L . . . 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EfxfKff1.fxf1,-f A. fxf-If-f-,fe RUSSELLVILLE ELEVATOR Phone 43 GRAIN FEEDS SEEDS COAL FERTILIZER CUSTOM GRINDING and MIXING RUSSELLVILLE, INDIANA LQ, eA.g,kfACQ,., EQOA, ef-OA.,-.f ef JALQ: .1-,V -VAJA: -of J .1-C--JeJv-f-SQQJ .f-.1-J ,A .f-J-JL!-,f-,f -efglgzgj-,,f-C2 ii, ef ,ftfxfxfv C Page Forty A - - -Af fvfvtgffggsqyfgtyffgafvfifofv-vffyfv-C-AAA'f-1.f.451fvQ.f.f.-.fxfxf - - C-.-.rv-v-.1--1-.-vgvf3.-vqgfvevggvfvgvazgq, ,,x. ,C lgfv AMAA.. ,, .,.. v-v-v--f-5-AX vt-1: , 'H 'H 'F f f .gYg.zv- aff-4251 1.5-1: f.1:.gv vufvgvevf.45g:vge.f:vsf.,5fg.:v9.f.4:.f. 4 Q 41 11 tr 5-Y sYNTx!1v1!A:AYsvs7xvx5s7vx six A "R!fxf 'KEAG-sksvx , 11 4:4 14 ,. 11 lr 'E 1 1 4:4 ,S in si-H,-U - ,A vvvvvvvv. U kv v, .fxqyfgf-,fvf.e.Avf.z-sa. Y v BANK RUSSELLVILLE Checking Accounts - No Service Charge ADVANTAGEOUS LOANS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS TRAVELERS CHECKS - INSURANCE SERVICE Fifty-nine Years of Conservative Banking Experience Russellville, Indiana .zvxf-.fxfvxf--AJ----vxfnfx,----.fxf---A N. A. BAYLESS Registered Hampshire Hogs Phone 830 ring 2 Crawfordsville R. R. 5 N 4 4 4 1 f 1 Tvf'f'f"N"'5fT"vf"'95'f'7'f'fYYEf7vTtfYf:f:f:f:f'f?f5f5:i!f ,fs X ., A , X , , - ,f A. Compliments of CLOVERLEAF DAIRY cRAwFoRDsvu.l.E, INDIANA f '4 2 fs A X I il I0 'I l'.,':.'A.'1' 4 S SPORTSlVIAN'S SHOP 12 PHOTO SUPPLIES 151 L U G G A G E Hunting and Fishing Supplies s P o R T s w E A R 44 Z CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA S ,..., .... , ..., , , HAzEL's Bo-KA SHOPPE 13 gf Quality Flowers For All Occasions Phone 700 P 4 O FU P..- N 510. SS' UE. 12:- F9 r-Q F12 E59 Q3 3,9- 2 If 65'5!' 11 1" E, I, P lr 1, 1+ 1,i, 45. 'E Z, 1,1 1,' 1,1 45, 1 In ,, 4,4 QE 1 ' , - 45, 1,4 42, 1,1 'F 44, , f ,, 1,. 'rf 4, If ri 4:1 Iv 450 cl l 4'i lx 1 1, . 4,1 1E P Pclgf' Forly-0144' iq' jjj: li 44 , .: S1 SS 44, r Q 4 4 41, 'r fu U I PI' Kit! ,QP 5 ..g S13 S13 2" N r S+ 7 iz 3 il' 1 P ii' igl Q.: 'r 'r 21 5:1 34' n PF 2 i Lili 44 .-v-fv-.-.+-4-v- 1 r 'r fn tn qu 1 1 4' tr v 5 'I 4 ff 4 r 7: :I 313 4 2 u 3 x 21' if 'r 4 H I1 ni in S S P 2 X F' 4 , 47 Q I I 4: 1,4 1,4 Pk 1lL 4' ,x 4,4 1 I 4'9 I If 4:1 1 X 4'4 4'4 4 X R 14 I 1,4 PK by 4,4 1,1 11 K 1:4 1,1 1,2 4,4 1,4 Iga 1 4 I 1 4:4 45 1 I 4'7 ,4 4 S 4:4 19 1 1 4'Q Ii 4,4 4,4 1 4:1 4,4 fiQ?i46if?,Av1v- f -vxTfvv-Z-' - +2 'ls 1,f 4,4 4,4 4,4 1,g lhg 1,4 :I 52 12 'I I A.-.1-.-C-.nn-:vu-vs.-vu-. -v-v-vars.-v-vsfxzs, - .-xfsfx, C ,A A ,e,,-g,1,'-,Af nom WJ- ,if .A 75K nf- ,f- ff A-f mf F.,-.f f-,X .-. -vu-s,+vAv-v-v -v-vazxzw-v-v -.-.-. -.-v-v-xfxzv-v-.-.-.-v-.-xzwA.-.-.-v-.-.-v- mfsfvw- - - -. xkfvfxf ff ,1.,N,,'5e .1,e,f.fe, -f 75457,-- -Xfx,5:e , - ,fX,fA,f1,h -. ,P mfxf fxfxf-J-.fx 11 A-ff ,A ,Awe ,- Af Av-wgf ,A E ,. ,. , , ,A ,A ,A I I Compliments of 4 x Compliments of ' , 1 ck-9 I CLARK CAFE Q e Q BROWNSVALLEY, INDIANA tl? CLOT H I N G S H O ES li Crawfordsville, Indiana Q A Ng '4 I - - L - - S fvvy A f-.f f . fx fe - 1-tfe RQ Q 1:1 'I 11 'I I I I K X 4 x Compliments of P? 3 Compliments of I I SHAVERS HATCHERY, GOLDEN RULE 5 I 3 IIC. s Youk 5 Q BABY CHICKC f FASHION I 5 STORE Q AND Q E ALL KINDS OF FEED fl cRAwFoRDsvII.I.E, INDIANA 5 Q: 1 Compliments of I 11 E I S Str ' A A f'f'f'?7'Q1Tifvfgi-2'f5,'3555Qf':'7'f5'f39TY7'1751T!34x9fYfYT'Lv?-fi'?:5'27'?Y 4'Y7Y5' Zll ANGLIN 8: STRONG PLUMBING and HEATING COMPLETE PLUMBING AND HEATING fl Sales and Service C1 Telephone 538-W 206 East Market Street Crawfordsville, Indiana We., ,N , ,,,,-,, , , V , JE, J, ,, , ,, v ,AMX NV, -, ,-e,, , N, A Page Forly-two Atf-ff:A:Ai'f5f'55bR1Ai - NA-AYAYA-'fwA',A-AtA'A'-'TiA!5f3ffv!f'AtA'AvC'AY?5'!5tA'7Y 'I 'I ,fvfvf-15.-vt , 4 I 4 I 'I I gf V lf K V F? 4,' I I AffAAA Compliments of IDLE HOUR ROLLER RINK Monday and Wednesday Party Nights Phone 3240-Ring 4 CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA Compliments of -Y oft-Y Af- -1 div -Ave!-'v-Y k' Y X 1:2 MOTORCYCLE 32 SERVICE COMPANY IS 2? "Red" Chaney, Sales Manager I 2 I Ifg 22 Indian Motorcycle for Ii Sports - Police - Business 35 II, I :IQ 201 East South Blvd I It CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA 4,43 4? I II' I lb Ig II , Compliments of in . BORDEN ICE CREAM CO. gf, 1 Phone 762 CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA I 4: I 4. U. runner oo.. nu. I, 'II CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA I A ..... AA, --.,-.,--.,-.,-.,,AAA 2 4 I 4 I 4, I , l1,Wx1V,A For Good Food COLONIAL INN 1703 East Main Street CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA IfY,17x,.v,vx,I I ,,vY,,v,IVA-,,5. ,,,,,-v Compliments of FEAR ELECTRIC NEW MARKET, INDIANA I I 4 I 'I :I I I I 'I I Compliments of G E V E R S DRY CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANERS Wearing Apparel Draperies - Curtains Rugs 8: Carpets Phone 208 707 South Grant Avenue JUANITA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Permanent Waving Hair Styling Hair Cutting I Manicures PHONE 129 , AQ, Afvwsfsfy A A A A A A A A A AAA' 45 iA3'F'X or 52 I III N I Tb I, , III, I I I I XII PI' II XII It XII S'I I2 I .III I B XII III I I I I'I II il I III 24 X'I S:I PI' I I IS I'I I'I 54, EI 51' 1 I at 5'I I I I4 I II iI:I QQ 3'I :I III I I IS LPJI S I U' ' JQ6:-69.1-' T. GI 4 52 I'I I I I II I'I QI I I .Ii :I II KI ,f C. ,-, 4 ,. , . , ..,,,-.,-,,,f,,,v-..--, ,fo ,J-J, ,. ,,,,,,, pg, I V. .,, . . 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CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA 1:2 E lf N .NMVN .I,,,e ,, A ,,,A,.,.A,,,,,.,,V., A,,AL,,,,NA,,,,I A I A I A A , Xfxfx-' - -f VX' V - -' fwvx ff JN-1 .1x.f f fx! AJ 1:5 2 53 HARRY GOLDBERG, Inc. I f Q Corner Grant and Lafayette Avenue D I L L M A N , S fx RX Rags - Iron - Paper - Metals I :Ei Oxygen A- Acetylene Over 60,000 Items Pipes and Fittings Q K If cRAwFoRDsvII.I.Ia, INDIANA 2 R NMA' 1152:-:-Q-553:124:1:49:-59:35-:4:-verse:-5-:V ADA. ef ,Aytf A,-,AeA A f- - - J-, 6C2,A,5Vv9f5,ff-f ,rv-ef ef-ef eefx, JJJJ A xfvvv- - - - - - - xfvw Page F0 rty-fou 1' Q - 'ai " 4 2 'i 1 4 w l 3 1 I w N Q 1 w 1 1 1 -4

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