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. LJ X E '..,v...A.-1 .V -1 1 ., - ,.,,,,,, , ,,-,-, - - 1 f We wmsh to dedxcate tms annua aul Wnson ior ms counsehng gm ance and sincere un erstandm oi the students durmg the past ex hte years AV 'gui jus Q -5 - N ' ' ' X10 P . . . , .dn d ' g ' 'g en Mutant ,sw Ed1tor 1n ch1ef Bus1ness Manager Asszstant Sales Manager Art Ed1tor Assistant Sports Edmtor Assistant Class Editor Lzterary Editor I ohn Alexander Don Gentry Don Patton Harold Gentry Don Hallett Don Barker Charles LaFo1lette James Lowe Thena Rhoads Vlrglma Wills Assistant. . . Basil Hester K' E P CASSIDY HAZEL HARRISON LELAND MELVIN Prlnclpal Eng11sh Coach M8th8mHf1CS Latin Mathematlcs A L1brary Soclal Studles L B B A B E M M S E Rockvxlle H S Alamo H S Ind1ana UH1V6I'S1ty Western College Indlana State Marlon Normal Teachers College Wabash ETHEL QUIGG E Commerce B B New Market H S Central Normal LTON MILLIGAN Sclence Socmal Stud1es B S Waveland H S Indlana State Teachers College FLORENCE SERVIES English Bloommgton H S Ind1ana Unlversxty PAUL WILSON BETTY SHOAF DONALD DOUGLAS Social Studies Music Ag!-lculture English Ar Biology Counseling B M A M B A Crawfordsville H S New Market H S New Market H S Jordan College pu,-due Umverslty Wabash of Muslc University of Ill Indiana Universlty PHILLIP BECK World History U S History Dramatics A. B. Franklin H. S. Franklin College NELLIE I-IULBERT MERLE BUCKLEW Home Economics Music Band Physical Training B M Biology Coal City H S B. S. Jordan College Crawfordsville H. S. of Music Purdue University The Semor Glass .T UDY BALL DONALD L PATTON VIRGINIA BALDWIN Jr Ka Sr Plays Baseball C35 Sunshme Society C45 Chorus fl U25 Basketball 137 Chorus C43 Sr Play Sunsh1ne Socxety C31 Track 115 Student Councxl Q25 Annual Staff Class Pres C12J Chorus fly BEVERLY BEECHER BASIL HESTER NORMA R-ODGERS sunshine Society 443 Band My H1-Y 425 Sunshine Society 147 Chorus Q23 Basketball 133 Band 0 V27 Chorus Q31 T' CAROL BAKER DANNY RICE NANCY WEBB Band C43 Chorus 133 Basketball Mgr C33 Band C43 Sunshxne Soc1ety Q33 Sr play Band pres 1123 H1 Y C23 Chorus Q43 Crop Judgmg 633 Sunshme Soc1ety 143 Class Treasurer Q9 8: 103 JANE MARTN DONALD BARKER J' Band 123 Chorus 143 Baseball C43 st Play Basketball Q23 Sunshme Socxety Q43 H1 Y fzl OAN DOYEL. Class Secretary K9 Sz 123 Band C23 Chorus C33 Sunsh1ne Soc1ety Q43 Yell Leader C13 School Reporter U3 Jr Sz Sr Plays A L A ea. X 4 I 1-311' PERRY HOCKERSMITH LOLA DELANO VIRGINIA XQILLS Basketball C43 Class Treas fll 81 123 ghftglfne Society Q13 Baseball Q43 Sunshine Society f43 J: gl Sr Plays Track C43 Jr Play Class secretary C113 H1 Y C23 Chorus 337 School Reporter Q13 Crop Judging C33 Student Council C13 Annual Staff Vegetable Judging Q13 LUCILLE HOCKERSMITH HAROLD R. GENTRY Jr. Sz Sr. Plays Jr. Sz Sr. Plays Sunshine Society C13 Track Q13 Chorus Q33 Basketball Q33 Annual Staff Chorus C13 Student Council Pres. Student Council C23 Class Vice-Pres. K9 gl 103 Hi-Y C23 P" 21' 59 ALICE STEELE Band C43 Chorus 143 Sunshine Society 143 I5 v--qv BARBARA SEAMAN DONALD LEE GENTRY THENA DOVE RHOADS Band C43 Yen Leader 425 Annual Staff Sunsh1ne Socxety C43 Jr .gl Sr plays Chorus 149 chorus qu H1 Y Q21 Annual Staff Basketball f2J Class V1ce Pres Class Sec O05 i5Q'f'f I-IARRIETT JARVIS JOHN ALEXANDER MARY BETH HESTER Band C43 Basketball C45 Yell Leader C23 Sunshine Society C49 Class Pres. C111 Sunshine Q43 Chorus Q31 Editor of,Annual Chorus C45 Speech Club Hi-Y 123 Track C21 Band Q43 Baseball C13 Jr. Sz Sr. Plays Student Council 133 PHYLLIS JOHNSON CHARLES LaFOLLETTE MILDRED SURFACE Sunshine Soclety Q45 Basketball Q45 Sunshine Society 147 Pres of Sunshlne Baseball l4l Chorus U5 Band C33 Track C45 Cho,-Us 44, Annual Staff Jr gzgr plays Ir 8zSr Plays Class Pres K9 Sz 101 Class V1ce Pres C125 Hi Y C21 Chorus C11 DELORES STEVENS LLOYD PHILPOTT ROSEMARY WILLETT Band C25 Basketball 129 Band 43, Chorus 447 Track 623 chorus K3 lf2J Sunshine Society My Hi'Y lzl Sunshine Society Q41 Speech Club Student Director Speech Club of the Jr. 8: Sr. Plays Y LATRICIA DECK DON HALLETT ELLENE SHEETS Chorus 133 Basketball 143 Sunshine Society 133 Sunshine Society 123 Track 113 Chorus 143 Chorus 123 Annual Staff J r Sz Sr Plays H1 Y 123 VIVIAN ELDRIDGE JAMES LOWE BETTY SWINDLER Sunshine Society 143 Baseball 133 Ch0I'US 123 Chorus 113 Basketball 133 SUHShin9 S0CietY 143 Track 113 Assistant Librarian Hi-Y 123 Ir. Play Chorus 123 HISTORY OF CLASS OF 1951 On September 5 1950 thlrty sxx of us Semors entered the halls of Dear Ole Alma Mater for the twelfth and flnal year Sxnce th1s IS our last year we are en deavormg to make rt our best year also Out of our thlrty s1x members there are only n1ne who started here 1n the f1rst grade Those or1g1nal class members are Joan Doyel Phyll1s Johnson, Nancy Webb Lola Delano, Beverly Beecher Al1ce Steele Mary Beth Hester Don Hallett and Charles LaFollette As we look back on our past exper1ences a few remam V1V1d ln our memory such as the t1me Don Hallett was rewarded w1th a spank1ng when he was a szxth grader the many recesses whlch were spent playmg The Lone Ranger w1th none other than Phyll1s Johnson belng the Lone Ranger and V1rg1n1a Wllls her fa1thful fr1end bemg Tonto We remember Charles LaFollette received an electnc tram one year for Chrlstmas many years ago chlefly because he broke that horrlble hab1t suckmg hrs thumb Remember Nancy Webb was so cute IH her long curls? Don Barker wr1ter of poetry espec1ally to the gxrls was well known xn hrs days Norma Rodgers always ' sh1ned 1n basketball Lola Delano w1ll always be remembered by her grggle These are but a few of the many thmgs we shall remember about our class mates but 1n a few years we shall hold these memomes so dear to our hearts The sponsors of our class th1s year are M1ss Harrlson and Mr Douglas Our class offlcers are Judy Ball, Pres1dent Charles LaFollette Vlce Presldent Joan Doyel Secretary Lola Delano Treasurer Harold Gentry and John Alexander serve on the Student Councxl w1th Harold as Presxdent Class colors are red and gray The Class flower IS a whlte rose We began our act1v1t1es of the year w1th our Semor Play Mr Beck dlrected our play and Delores Stevens was Student Dlrector dur1ng both our Jumor and Semor Plays Mr Rlsley was dxrector of the Jun1or Play The title of the J umor Play was Th1s N1ght Beware The Semor Play was ent1tled S1las Sm1dge from Turnxp Rldge The annual class tournament was next 1n l1ne wlth the Semors agaln commg out v1ctor1ous for the thlrd consecutlve year We f1rst defeated the Sophomores and then defeated the Jumors 1n the f1na1 game Don Gentry and Joan Doyel were sen1or class yell leaders Followmg the class tournament the class went to the home of Al1ce Steele to en1oy a get together Games were played, refreshments were served and pxctures whmch were taken durmg play rehearsals were shown Followlng the Semor Play the class celebrated by having a party at the home of Norma Rodgers Class mem bers and the1r guests were present and the remarnder of the evenmg was spent playlng games dancmg and 6l'lJOy1hg the refreshments Band members 1n our class are Delores Stevens Basll Hester Mary Beth Hester Al1ce Steele Nancy Webb Phyll1s Johnson Barbara Seaman Jane Martm and Carol Sue Baker Yell leader Don Gentry Basketball players Charles La Follette Don Barker Don Hallett Perry Hockersm1th John Alexander James Lowe and Don Patton The Ways and Means Commxttee has made these suggestxons October Maga z1ne sale November Food sale December or January Soup supper February Valent1ne Dance Aprll Sprmg Carn1val The goal of our class IS to take a tr1p IU May followlng our graduatxon 1 1 ' Q , " - 1 - " 1 . I , 1 1 1 1 , . y 1 1 1 1 1 , . , . - 1 1 1 1 ' K . ,, . . 1 1 - - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - , . . 1 H . . ,, . . N . . . . ,, . . . . . . 1 1 - 1 1 - . , 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . , . " 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' I 1 ' . . . ' , , 1 7 7 , ' . . 1 1 ' CEM 'W As the tlme grows near for passmg Out of th1s hxgh school dear We hope we ve made lastlng 1mpress1ons And want all of you to hear Our most valuable and pr1zed possess1ons We are proud to leave behmd And we re sure no greater endowments In th1s world you ll ever fmd Now we don t pretend to be w1tty And our Engllsh as far from class But we re tryxng to enterta1n you By 1nclud1ng each lad and lass Yifiifiiiiiiiiiiifiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiifii Delores Stevens wllls her f1gure tall and stately To Patty Mlles who hasn t grown lately Icky Hockersmlth wllls h1s ab1l1ty to smk foul shots To Kexth Stewart and hopes he ll hxt lots Harnett Jarv1s w1lls her baton To Nancy Gardner and hopes she get back 1n the band Mary Beth Hester wxlls her techmque of holdlng a man To Eva Jane Jarvls and hopes that next t1me she can Don Gentry w1l1s h1s ab1l1ty to cheer To Benny R1ce so he can lead yells next year Don Barker a lad erect and tall W1lls th1s asset to Carroll Jones so he can play ball Ellene Sheets w1lls her abzllty to keep st1ll 1n class To Mary Mlldred Myers a talkat1ve l1ttle lass Chlck LaFollette wllls h1s ab1l1ty to get along w1th h1s gal To blond Roland Harr1s who xs a shy pal Don Hallett w1lls h1s seat on the school hack To Loren Hampton who can enterta1n each httle J 111 and Jack V1v1an Eldrxdge w1lls her extens1ve vocabulary To Romella Sanders may she keep Mr W1lson cool as a berry Norma Rodgers wllls her qulet d1sp0s1t1on To John Sheets so Mrs Servles nerves can be 1n a relaxed cond1t1on Phyll1s Johnson wxlls the offlce of Sunsh1ne president To Mary Ann Wllson may she never hesltant John Alexander leaves h1s m1nd keen and true To John Fa1rf1eld and hopes he ll flnd a new clue A g1rl w1th good attendance Judy Ball W1lls her record to Lou1s Swenke so can answer roll call V1rg1n1a W1lls leaves her ab1l1ty to lose welght To Martha Baldwln so pounds she won t Lola Delano leaves her Job as hot lunch clerk To Patsy Redenbough a dark ha1red perk V1rg1n1a Baldwm who s good ln the art of flgurmg W1lls th1s ab1l1ty to Edlth Sue Carr so her Job at Larew s won t be h1nder1ng Joan Doyel w1th a grand personal1ty W1lls th1s traxt to Larry Harr1s to prevent h1s rascal1ty The sen1or boy who s basketball manager namely Danny R106 W1lls h1s Job to Loyal Delano who d make a manager so n1ce J1m Lowe whose amb1t1on IS to keep all books closed txght W1lls th1s tralt to Anna Keller who w1ll always be br1ght A O . . , , . . . , . 9 ' Q - , . . . . , - . . . . , n . . . , . . , 3 . . , , , 7 7 . 1 ' 2 7 i . . , n u ' 1 1 - , ' ' he u , I . . . , , twirling hand hate, I ll , - . - i . . . . , , . 1 ' ' 7 s ! 7 . . . . . , , . . , , 7 7 - . . . . , 7 9 . . v . . 9 , . ! I Thena Mae Rhoads, a plump l1ttle m1ss W1l1s th1s attractlon to Dorothy Qu1gg, who lacks some of th1s Pet1te Betty Swmdler w1lls her g1ggle so funny To Phyllls Thompson a shy l1ttle bunny Rosemary Wlllett so 11vely and ay Leaves her energy to Larry Harms And hopes he ll keep everyone happy after she IS away Lloyd Ph1lpott leaves h1s gxft of gab To meek Gordon McCollum a hand some lad Don Patton, who s seen but not heard Leaves h1s seat 1n the semor room To Harvey Lewellen who's qu1te a l1ve blrd Al1ce Steele and Bas1l Hester who are always seen as a pa1r, Leave th1s twosome to Ronald Scott and Joann Rendfeld who make a couple fa1r every trlck, Wllls th1s ab1l1ty to Mary Kay Carr a shy l1ttle Ch1Ck Nancy Webb w1lls her ab1l1ty to go steady To Bob G1l111and who s always ready Carol Sue Baker w1lls her tresses of reddlsh bxown To Bxll W1lk1nson who has han l1ke a clown Harold Gentry leaves the art of gettmg a leadlng role 1n a play To Darrell Lester who d make a good actor okay? Beverly Beecher has a tatoo she wants to leave behlnd So she asks Jay Delp to treat lt kxnd Luc1lle I-lockersmlth who has her lesson each day W1l1s th1s ab1l1ty to Davxd Lowe and hopes he ll change m h1s way Mlldred Surface who now acts as a nurses' a1d Leaves her Job to Suzanne Mxchael and hopes she'11 always get pald Barbara Seaman w1lls her f1ne spellmg grade To Donald Hargls so he can tackle spell1ng l1ke a general s a1de Latr1c1a Deck leaves her ab111ty to always enyoy sports To Opal Tracy and hopes she 11 enyoy a game of all sorts To our pr1nc1pal Mr Cassldy a busy man mdeed, We leave a robot errand boy To help h1m 1n h1s need To dear Mr W1lson whose bark IS really worse than h1s b1te The Semor Class leaves a plcture of Joe Lou1s for h1m to look at When he gets the urge to f1ght We gxve our thanks to our Sponsors Mr Douglas and Mlss Harr1son For no others would make a compar1son To the rest of our dear teachers We leave an over s1zed handkercmef to w1pe thexr tears As we leaze th1s Hall of Fame But truly on the ser1ous slde Our pralse you more than deserve And hope you w1ll forglve us As we go forth to serve As we say goofi bye to our classmates and frlends To enter the world cruel and cold The memor1es of our hlgh school days We ll cher1sh when we grow old We the Sen1ors be1ng of sound m1nd and body do hereby declare th1s to be our last w1ll and testament Wltnessess Mr W1lson Attorneys MISS Harr1son Year 1951 Thena Rhoads V1rg1n1a W1lls n . . , Y ! , . . . , . - y . . . . . g . ' 7 , . 7 ' ! , - . . . . Q 1 . , - . 7 ! , . . 1 ' y 7 . - . . . 7 Jane Martxn, whose art IS knowlng Whom we,Ve nearly driven insane, , ' l . , ' cc yy ' ' 7 . L 7 . . . . . Y x , . , , . . , , . a - ' 3 7 , . . pI'0P BC, The class of 1952 had a reun1on early 1n January 1980 and we vis1ted the school where we had spent so many happy hours Rufus Patton follow1ng 1n the footsteps of Mr Cass1dy IS now prmclpal of the old JO1nt school and none other than Icky I-lockersmxth IS Jumor high pr1nc1pal Jane Mart1n IS the school secretary She got the pos1t1on because of her ab1l1ty to take shorthand rap1dly As we wandered down the halls we glanced 1nto the commerclal room and d1scovered three new commerc1al teachers V1v1an Eldr1dge Joan Doyel and ROSIB W1llett who had replaced Mrs Qu1gg Room 7 d1d not seem the same for Mr W1lson has been replaced by John Alexander who IS very much l1ke h1m Professor Alexander s ass1stant who makes out h1s tests IS Lloyd Ph1lpott Tak1ng Floss1e Serv1es place and hav1ng Just as hard a t1me w1th Sen1or Classes as Mrs Serv1es dxd IS none other than Mxd Surface M1ss Harr1son left New Market several years ago to become l1brar1an of the Congress1onal Llbrary 1n Wash1ngton D C Judy Ball lS now attempt1ng to cram Lat1n 1nto the heads of the soph1es now holds sway 1n world hxstory Wh1Ch he br1ghtens up vnth a tune from h1s French harp now and then We went to the fourth per1od assembly to rest before the lunch room rush and found none other than V1rg1n1a Wllls who was hav1ng Just as much trouble gett1ng the 7th graders seated as Mr Melv1n had in 1950 When we went down to the gym we found the gym class at work do1ng cal1s themcs under the superv1s1on of Harold Gentry a graduate of Harvard and Thena Rhoads a graduate of Purdue We really th1nk the exerc1ses were for the teachers mstead of the boys and g1rls Tak1ng Mrs I-lulberts place IS Al1ce Steele who 1S sav1ng her money for the day when Basll pops the quest1on Now ready for lunch we found that the lunch counter has been replaced by a cafeterxa managed by Sxssy Delano and Barbara Seamen Latr1c1a Deck oper ates the d1shwash1ng mach1ne and Ellene Sheets sees that she gets the Job done wlth a Whlp 1n her hand After lunch we strolled over to the annex and learned from one of the band pup1ls that the1r dxrector 1S now Phyll1s Johnson and that they had Just re turned from the1r long des1red tr1p to the Rose Bowl 1n Los Angeles Cal1forn1a Mr Patton and Mr M1115 have ret1red and Luc1lle l-Iockersm1th and V1rg1n1a Baldw1n are do1ng a wonderful Job of keep1ng the candy wrappers off the floor Mr M1ll1gan health and safety teacher for many years has been replaced by Delores Stevens . . , , . y . . i . , . . . H . ,, . . . . 7 . . 7 9 ! , . . . . . , . , . , . . Room 8 is no longer graced by the presence of Mr. Beck, but Jim Lowe 7 7 , . . , . . . . ' K4 ' !! It Q! , . D . . , , f 'A' Since our high school has been enlarged we find now that we have a school doctor and nurse none other than Don Barker M.D. and Nancy Webb R.N. who is working for Dr. Pierson on weekends. This year the old school has a wonderful girls chorus under the direction of Basil Hester. Norma Rodgers makes all the uniforms for the school following in the footsteps of her mother. The grand champion baton twirler, Harriett Jarvis is teaching a class of 50 boys who hope someday to reach as high a goal as their teacher before them We then wandered 1nto the biology room of Mr Douglas and found Don Gentry pounding biology into those poor freshmen heads After a three course dinner in the Hallett Drug Store, where we were waited on by Carol Sue Baker we attended the ball game between New Market and Mt Zion Ch1ck LaFollette is coach of a team that hasn t won a game in four years The yell leaders were little Mary Beth Keim, Ioan Shaw and Don Gentry .Tr and they were attractively dressed in the uniforms which their parents had worn when they were in school As a preliminary game that rught the junior high played Whitesville and they were coached by our good old student manager Danny Rice, who also is teaching mathematics We sat down back of Beverly Beecher and Betty Swindler and their hus bands We chatted with them awhile and learned that their husbands were trustees of Brown and Union townships and it was through their efforts that the entire class of 1951 had obtained jobs in New Market after Donnelly s went We then decided to depart from the dearly beloved school and come back a few years later bankrupt under the Martin Panic of 1960. 2 NAME John Alexander Carol Baker Vlrglnla Baldwin Judy Ball Don Barker Latricia Deck Beverly Beecher Lola Delano Lucille Hockersmith Perry Hockersmith Phyllis Johnson James Lowe Charles LaFollette Jane Martin Harriett Jarv1s Lloyd Phxlpott Vlvxan Eldridge Joan Doyel Don Gentry Basil Hester Harold Gentry Ahce Steele Mildred Surface Thena Rhoads Danny Rice Betty Swmdler Barbara Seaman Delores Stevens Nancy Webb Norma Rodgers Rosemary Wxllett Ellene Sheets V1rg1n1a Wxlls Mary Beth Hester Don Hallett Don Patton jet! fared FAvoR1'rE soNG Two Dollar Pistol Simple Melody I ll Sail My Ship Alone Over the Rainbow Simple Melody Czena Czena Czena Harbor Lights Sam's Song It is no Secret I m a Little Busybody You Wonderful You Tramp on the Street Stardust Alice Blue Gown Stardust Nevertheless Old Man R1ver Nevertheless We ll Go Chasmg Women Simple Melody Mona L1sa Always Always Harbor Llghts Always Am t Nobody s Business You Wonderful You Slmple Melody Sent1mental Me Mlssouri Waltz You re Too Dangerous Cher1e I ll Never Be Free Somet1me I 11 Never Be Free S1mple Melody Goofus FAVORITE SAYING Hey Leatherhead! Holy Cow! Oh, no! W-e-1-l Dadgrlme it! Gee whiz! Good heavens! Oh gosh' Oh cotton' Dadgrime! Can you prove t a statement? Shlver my tlmbers' Check that' Shucks! Mercy! Oh Bugdust' Cackleberr1es' That s Rancldl Dadgrime lt' Oh gosh! Dadgrrme' Oh Sugar' That s My Bus1ness Oh Mercy' Dadgrime' Good gnef ' You know how It ls' Good grief' That s your story! Holy cow' Horsefeathers' Oh shoot' Oh that makes me so mad! Oh Helen' Hey Bud' Shucks ' -'xr Left to nght Frrst row, Jay Delp Carroll Jones Bob G1ll1land Keith Stewart, John Fa1rf1eld Harvey Lewellen Lou1s Swenke Second row, Martha Baldwmn Joann Rend feld Dorothy Qu1gg Phyll1s Thompson Anna Keller Patty Miles, Mary Ann Wllson Patsy Redanbough Kay Carr Third row Darrell Lester Eva Jane Jarvis, Mary Mxldred Myers Nancy Gardner Edrth Sue Carr Davld Lowe Donald Hargrs Fourth row Loyal Delano Ronald Scott Loren Hampton Mrs Servxes Opal Tracy Larry Harrrs Fred Lowe Roland Harms Frith row Romella Sanders, John Sheets Benny R1ce Gordon McCollum B111 Melvm Left to rmght F1rst row Merle Reeves Donald Mrles Ralph Delp M1chae1 Oswalt Gerald Hampton Tommy Hedr1ck Jack Gardner Teddy Ray Second row Mlchael Ball Mary Al1ce Alexander Donna Enoch Chr1st1ne Calder Shlrley Hudson Anna Mae Thurnall Shxrley Stewart Jayne South Sammy Pratt Rex Mason Thxrd row J1m Pratt Mar3or1e Wray Kenny Baldw1n Betty Hester David White Roy Wills Fourth row Dlck G'r1mes Betty Lewellan MHXIHE Burns1de Mary Jo Jarv1s ROSIE Obencharn Lozs Ann Hester Loure Brown John Bullock Fifth row Frank Hoss, Rex Ohver Bob Serv1es Malcom Cash Norman Surface Jxmmy Lytle , - x, Y " " N X x- ' W 4 it H ' 1, ' ' ' . 1 , 4 3 L u s ' ' 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 ! . - 9 9 9 ! 7 I l ! 7 9 9 9 7 7 9 9 9 ! ' 7 Y 9 9 9 9 5 9 9 ' I ,N - -vf -.V L ' , .DQ WU f - .. F-YM, . 5 . F I I "' ' 1 f l if i . , 7 . ,V ' X ' s -.Ax . . . . 1 9 1 9 9 9 3 ! ! 7 3 ! 9 7 1 J 7 3 J P D 7 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 2 ' 9 9 ' , 6 1 Q71 lid! Y MJ 'lfii in .E--S ','f.?-I-55 1- 311 18.1 '1- il? I- I1 ii ll il 11 1- ll AE ' k I . I 5, 5 V. l .I is 4:r , - A 'ta V K . , - 1 , Q .M-VJ ,--1- f - V u -r l - '- w M 1 ! 1 v, l v . j .I A w 7 ' N 'n , 5 , ' . , cv 1 5 ' 15:54 eiifim - - ' , Q Q 'V , Q: , mv 'uf ' ,S xv. QP 4 'h 5 E K f r 'fm' ' 'x tm . 4. - . A . -,- "J" '- c up QVP L' ' 1' 'Quart - 2 9, -M E, i Y my L. -fm .G -5 LK I F- 4- Q , 1 x A , , n Q x 1 V In I ". 'J V1 " x L., cf ' L-fi v . Q i M- ii - , 5, iq ' . -- mn. f - v ,A . .- -r - v 'K 'Nl' ig.. ' ' ' ' , '-' at I 'q fn ,gf X53 4 6 V n ,, 'I gf., 1 5 ' 39' - i u . . - in .xdfidfica These boys make up the New Market High School basketball team for the 1950 1951 season As our annual goes to press lt is 1mpossible to give you the outcome of the games But if they w1ll perform to any degree of the performance of last year's team they w1ll be doing real well This team is the defending Sectxonal Champlons of 1950 and we know they w1ll be gunning for the second straight sect1ona1 championsmp this year They start the season November 1 with Kmngman The schedule th1s year IS as follows Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Kmgman Ladoga Alamo Russellville Klond1ke New Ross Roachdale Here There Here There Here Here Here Dec Dec Dec an an .Tan Feb Feb Bowers Richland Waveland Darlington Ladoga Waveland Covington Waynetown Let s hope they make h1story for whmch we can be proud Here There There There Here Here Here There . K .1 ' ..... .13 ...... . 3 .. . .. .15 ..... .10 ...... .21 .... Nov. 17 Linden ...... Here Jan. 5 Alamo ....... There .21 . . . J .12 . . .. . 24 ' ..... I .26 ...... .1 .... . 31 .. .8 .... .2 .... .13 ... First row left to right Danny R1ce manager, James Lowe John Alexander Donald Hallett second row Icky Hockersmith Harold Gentry Basll Hester Donald Patton Chick LaFo1lette Donald Barker Hooray for thxs team they did It again For the tlurd t1me m a row they won the class tourney We think specxal trlbute should be g1ven to these boys for they suffered only one defeat in class tourney hxstory They were beaten in thexr freshman year by the seniors 1n the final game They have won the class tourney three t1mes As far as we know there has been only one other class team Wm three t1mes m a row Th1s year the class tourney was played on the nights of October 24 and 25 with the Juniors defeating the fresh1es by a score of 90 to 26 m the first game The seniors beat the sophomores 61 to 40 in the second game The second night, in the consolation game the sophomores beat the fresh1es In the final game the seniors defeated the juniors by a score of 52 to 37 and that was the end of the class tourney of 1950 w 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' , . . , . 7 Fxrst row, left to r1ght Kenneth Baldwin Jack DeBusk Tommy Hedrick second row Lou1e Brown Bob Gilliland Bill Wilkinson Rex Oliver Rex Mason Jack Gardner th1rd row Loren Hampton Tom Servies Bill Mel vm, Coach, Tommy Ross James Lytle Fxrst row left to r1ght Freddie Fruits Jerry Stevenson Tammy Miller, second row left to r1ght, David Stull Bob Young Leslxe Dove Donald Maxwell .Tun Robinson Kelth Britton third row John Wilson, I ohn Stull Charles DeBusk Coach Gordon Rams s n 9 9 a 9 1 a 9 a Q 7 s 1 ' . . , . 2 9 r s 7 1 l . ! 1 9 r 9 1 v s ' garfegaf Fxrst row left to r1ght Don Barker Chick LaFollette Norman Surface Don Patton, Second row Tom Serv1es, Keith Stewart .Tim Lowe .Tack Gardner Icky Hockersmlth Darrell Lester Jack DeBusk Thlrd row Malcom Cash BillMe1v1n Coach .T1m Lytle For the second t1me 1n a row the New Market baseball team IS Mont wln the coveted title They were also ln the fxnals 1n 1948 The hitting was matched very evenly w1th Don Patton Chxck LaFollette and Ke1th Stewart heading the list w1th 406 389 and 373 respectlvely In the opemng game they defeated Ladoga by a score of 4 to 2 They beat New Ross 14 to 0 and Alamo 12 to 3 The southern champ1onsh1p was captured by defeatmg Wave land 5 to l They then played Darl1ngton for the t1tle gomery County Champions. They beat Darlington 4 to 3 at Crawfordsville to S UNSHINE STUDENT COUNCIL CHORUS BAND YE LL LEADERS nit. s Iii B s 4: .RG Y, Q K, U I . . Q iw N f, ' -55 gS:3""'A 0 wi 5 QR" Li Fagan. ,: t, x'i sl fs", 3 2 E Y , ,I- W , 35,9 V 'Q ...uh P al: fv- S ,Mn sms W 2 ff-. J, 1--P' 5- ,W . rf 'A -'Y A 5. inf' Q 1 , . . an . 5 :Q ,MNH 5 V7 f' "N---I? 'iv 11" ' x 5 ' .fw,,, R 1 5' ' - 5. 7. il ,,. .I .1 ,W W T . 6, . W? M, , . 3 , 1 ,J '-7' ,. - 6. 1 N- ,g N' N.-5-fe 125 Q f 4 5? ' ' ff ii 1 2 . A i ,S ni, i if 1 - Q 3 'Q fi' , T Q wx S . , Qrfw , 4 '. ' A ! , .k v- in ' 5 Ku X 2 f ww 1 , , 2 . . . tk 4 , Q ,t - -- ' 1 X 9, K !v?'.eixl ' sf ,ex Q E' r 15..A Q jg' ,E 1 ' 'Frm WHITECOTTON HARDWARE John Deere Implements Furnaces Plumbmg Hardware Pumps Phone 27 Waveland Comphments of BILL SWINDLER gl SON Growers and D1str1butors of quahty fru1ts and vegetables R R 7 Phone 1694 1 Crawfords alle Ind O Fred Whitecotton, Prop. also plants in season. CLINE C SAY,LER S GARAGE NOBLE REEVES A R T uw epalrmg meg and Noble Reeve-2 Paulme Reeves Accessomee Bear Axle and Wheel Funeral D1rectors New Market Indiana New Market Inchana LAREWVS GROCERY ESKEW FURNITURE STORE AND LOCKER Electrlcal Apphances Phone 21 Phone 74 New M zrket Indlana New Mal ket Indlana Compliments of Comp1imentS of 1 DONALD K MARTIN THE Grocerxes Meats FARMERS STATE BANK M150 Mcrchandxse and Caps Plee Zmg Coffee Clpltal and Surpluq S50 000 Membex F D I C Phone 29 New Market Indlana New Market Inchana Comphments of Authm Ized Dtdlerg NEW 'VIXRRLT LUMBER COMPANY 53195 Serum! Lumber and MIIIWOI k Ford Cars Trucks Tractors PhOnC126 New Market Indiana New Market Ind1ana L. G. ETTER AND soNs U ' Compliments of THE BANK CIGAR STORE 218 East Main Street Phone 714 Crawfordsville Indiana You Can Always Count On Good Values At FREEDMAN S Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family THE SPORTSMAN S SHOP Featuring the Finest Names in Athletic Equipment Phone 1250 Crawfordsville Indlana Compliments of SCHLOOT FURNITURE CO Crawfordsville Indiana GARDNER FLOWER SHOPPE Complete Floral Service T 1eg,raph Delivery Service Phone 81 New Market Indiana MCGA UGHEY HIXON COM PANY Packard The One for 51 202 204 East Market Street Phone 2122 C1 awfordsville Indiana LAYNE AND THOMPSON GRAIN CO Feed Grain Grinder and Mixer of Feeds Phone 75 New Max ltet Indiana Compliments of GALEY HARDWARE Phone 2434 126 North Green Street Crawfordsville Indiana Corsages Novelties Gifts , Compliments of NEW MARKET COAL YARD Jack Sanders GOULD'S FLOWERS Flowers of Distinction Artistically Arranged Two Stores to Serve You 902 Sloan St. 114 S. Green Phone 895 Phone 3128 Compliments of MEADOW GOLD M1114 and Ice Cream Crawfordsville Indiana Compliments of THE NEW MARKET HARDWARE Phone 147 New Market Infhana Compliments of DILLMAN S Ox er 60 000 Stoxes Crawfordsx111e Indiana R AND M BOOK S FORE Gifts, Stationer, School Sz O fice Supplies Crawfordsville Indiana Compliments of Gifts, For the Home BANTZ DRUG STORE Records, Games E1eLtr1ca1App Re11ab1e Presciiptions 201 E1StMa1n Street 211 East Mmm St Crawfordsx111e Indiana Crawfordsville Indiana THE CORNER GIFT STORE ' ' Compliments of Compliments of LOG CABIN INN LINCOLN MERCURY INC Yountsx 1lle Ind1ana Cmwfordqx me Indlana Comphments of BUTTER NUT BREAD CRAWFORDSVILLE CLEANERS The Cleveland Bakery Phone 644 128 s W3Sh1Hg,tOl'l Phone 540 Cr.1wfordsv1lle Inchana Crawfordsvlue Indlana Cornphments of JOHN SEXTON AND CO BORDEN ICE CREAM COMPANY Fruxt and Vegetables Phone 762 Cmcago 90 Iumols Manager H N Otterman Crawfordswlle Indlana Comphments of C F EMLING COMPANY DEMAREE STUDIO Inst1tut1onal Foods 1401 13 WLSt Hubbard St 213 wegt plke St Chmago 22 111111012 Crawfordswlle Indxana 4431 Wilcox St. MIL LIGAN BROTHERS A Sales and Service Compliments of His Chalmers VEATCH AND PINKERTON International Harvester Crawfordsviue Indiana Crawfordsville Indiana SCHULTZ AND SCHULTZ THE BOOK STORE STECK S Clothing and Shoes We Feature 105 North Washmgton St National Brands of Merchandise Phone 1400 At Popular Prices Crawfordsville Indiana Come In And Browse Around BOOSTERS Ray Oliver Jarvis Sundries Sz Lunch Hazel Bo Ka Shoppe Russell F Keim Cities Service Products Yates Equipment Sz Sales Laymon Poultry Market Colonial Inn Community Motor Sales Idle Hour Roller Rink Compl1ments of a Friend New Market New Market Crawfordsville New Market Crawfordsville Crawfordsvllle Crawfordsv1lle Crawfoxdsvllle Crawfordsvillc C1 awfordsville T'-9 'fgpf '4' 441 K' -1 L f x . 0 V .. . L 1. 2"N - 0 . 2' - 4 . A I, . , . 1 .' ' I Qu. - . . 0. ' of .3 H

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