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v -'-V W i , .r. 1' .l' 5 I fi I 4 0 WIN HONOR OF ALL WHO SERVED AND IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO Fill, On Route 97 in the Mochican State Park, West of Loudonvillo, Ohio, is the Memorial shrine dedicated to the 57th Division for all men and women who lost their lives and served in the armed services I I W I 4 ffm Cy ,Jig ? X, TR U0 L W X . I X A I A K N, I ll- B Llff' H1 S5 fx X xg fiw Y' The Munn -O., J-,JE IUUOU faeces Elsie flllll1::'y O ' ',Il::::l' mf' ,Z A' ll, I Hhocaf -Y! First Row lLeft to Eiightl Barbara Mcmillen, Pat Drake, Patsy Pipes, Bill Allison, assistant editor, Janet kay, editor, Mary Lou Castell, Bus. manager, Ruth Ann May. Second Row: Shirley Halkerow, Jo Ann martin, Beverly Kaylor, Jo Ann Wachtel, Larry Leppla, Johnny Strang, Dale Lininber, Lloyd Schlauch. Third Row: Shirley Martln, Janice Purdy, Rosemary Messner, Clara Ling, Leland Alexander, Shirley Gard, Frances Allis n, Fred wagner. Jong fvlar-ylaou Caslill Heli-for Butiheis Manage? Wlrlkn Borg Bill Allison Clqgs SPOHBDP ASSfS'l'C7f77' EClfl'0"' COMPLIRLKTS OF GOLD STAH FELD CO.--WOOSTnH, OHIO I I 4 ms 1 X cffxyxtn ,W li -tin if f N if 4, 34 ' K , , fs 4 a HAS 'IV E '3OfLU EARL ROCILIQILUELDLR,CLERK RALPH RILEY LAWERIINCIE PT,7RDY,I'7 5 GEORGE BOWERS VLRLE SPRANG K . G. 21 ,df A' 'V K-7 h. S4 , Q wx Q, , .7 'Q .,, fi ' six Eg ' 7 j 'L- tr-- -fi xjy, ' V, Q,- , fff' SPEECH TEACPHIR o K, '50 99995 Helen Sterling f 'gm rw EY we ' Mig Y- X39 CX CK, .1-0 'ii ,Ap 0 U0 ,QWYL , " Y4,,,5,Q M iq,-5' 66 . gf ' ' " Y ,O ri XR of e Q' Ox' ,fxzixvgg . 1 ' -Xa, , S -C69 5 Gp 0 . X090 dx xf' ef X .xi 9 0- V C, fx 'C I E LUC TL' , . f 4 . xH Q Q PEGGY wymfr 13 z Grade ,, '90 ,YV WS' DORIS LNLCH Sth Grade POHTLR ,sp N PEARL T.'I1JLAE?D srd Grade 2nd'Grade .0 lt, f: 4 -Q5 E JN-af' QQ", if-,T U I g A z.LA.1:R1fE mx: BARS y' E fkfx' f 641 Coach 1 JOTHE Ii. PIiCP'.R Fmrlish Q- -Q N 9 'FQ w . W: Ai' 'kwa X CC'!.ZPLI3.f:.NTS OF t Q co1.':.izh31AL SAVING Z? K u t.1lLLE.LiSBYHG, OYIO X5 QA. 'M 1-mug 'NO' 61 HAPFIET HORN 4th Grade 2203342 nADS'.'.'QRTji Co: marc ial 245' 'cr 4 1 JT eff' ' 'S' N QOXJ 0 Q9 X, Y 59 X 591063 X9 Av no 455,300 ,Gyn 1 Ge . xef , xwf wo 'vb 03' 3,520 yifdg Gi' ' v G8r':,'3"3 o 36319950 X-o'3 ' Y9'0-3,39 ,519 W 1,9 205 YOQI3 453' Q0 65,0 Yu ,f L , O .QIQA y 99 S GAL' f Q1 F' 'If KX I , 1.-1, V H , , ,., K A ' 1 IGNOM COOKS Left to Right: Leanne Drake, and Lena Wachtel. , H C -3- 1 , 1 1151-,a sr 5,113 N""-44 'N A ark" , x Q G C I J' ' , 4 x 3 L ' . N A - 1 1 1 J I . -Fr . :' ol -1. - L' ' gf-iwii X ' , sv V s BUS DRIVERS Left to Right: Wayne Hoff, John Brown, Donald Vfalkerow. 1 u 7 X I n . Q ,. 'Q NAS' as -4' 1 4 91 Q kk' XOJ ' fx. o - ,U at J A il 'SHIRLEW' ",' AL Annual Staff Class Sec. Ir. Play Sr. Play Band Girl's Chorus Girl's Softba HBILLU ALLISON Annual Staff 4 Junior Play 5 Senior Play 4 Student Council 5 Boy'a Chorus 3 Basketball 4 az- b KhROW 4 4 5 1 2,5,4 1 2 5 4 2 5. ll ,2i5:4 2 If-v ud"' 1q." nMARY LOUW CASTELL annual Staff Jr. Play Sr. Play' Student Uouncil Pres. Office 1 53' Band 2,5, G1rl's Ghorus 1,2,5, Girl's Softball 2,3, ,, Declamation 2,5, One Act Pla' COVPLINnNTS OW ' L ' 1 KIEFER'S SALES ' AND SSRVICES WOOSTER, OHIO ,i1P' 5.3, Prince of ieace 2,352 .3 Q .fa 1 N53 X ., if I 1 'JOHNNYM STHANG Annual Staff 4 Class Pres. 2,5 Vice Pres. 4 Jr. Play 2,5 sr. may 4 Student Uouncll 2 Boy's Chorus 2,5,4 BaSketba11 l,5,4 Baseball 2,5,4 'BEVERLYN KAYLOR Annual Staff Class Seo. Studen' vouncll Pres Jr. Play Band Girl's chorus 1, M x 2 4 2,5 5 2,5 2,5 ,5,4 1 I 'UID flih xp XXXX C:rJ -1' ' t 'v451' X CD .- ,N WLAHRYW LEPPLA 'Jo ANNN WACHTEL Annual Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Clase Pres. 1,4 Junior Play 133 Vice Pres. 2 " Senior Play 4 Jr, Play 5 " Band 2 3 4 Sr, Play 4 o l G1r1's Chorus l,2:3i4 Boyne, Chorus 2,3,4 G11-1's Softball 2,354 Basketball 5,4 :SR , Declamation 2,5,4 Baseball 3,4 ' QSLX -I One Act Play 2,3,4 one Act Play 5 Cheerleader 1 6- 'LLOYD' SCHLAUCH 'FRANCES' ALLISON Annual Staff 4 N 4 Senior Play 4 Annual Staff 5 student Council 4 Jfs Play, Boy's Chorus 2 Student Uouncil 3 Basketball 2 3 4 I 1 Band 2 Baseball 3,4 Girl's Chorus l,2,5,4 HJANETN MAY , ' Annual Staff 4 Jr. Play 5 Sr. Play 1,4 Band 2,5,4 G1rl's Chorus l,2,5,4 Girl's Softball 2,3g4 Cheerlegder 1,2,5,4 Prince of Peace 2,B,4 Declamation 2,5,4 one Act Play 5,4 CONBLIMENTS GF LOYDEYVILLE l MOTOR CO. I l 7 V 1 P If n 1 X ,De of W.. Il' " 1,b 'wr li' 157' 1' 1 Y J I , if 'la m 1 ' ff -E K 'JO ANN" MARTIN F It-DALE!! Annual Staff 4 Jr. Play 3 Gir1's Chorus 1,2,3,4 NFREDN WAGNER Annual Staff 4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 ,, 15: I gf fu 'r 'I' gt-ll .x., Wx f' vu I ,qi A, is nSmiHLEYn MARTIN Annual Saaff Student Uorncil Jr. Play Sr. Play Band 2,5, Girls Chorus 1,2,5, Prince of Peace 2,5, Ueclamation 2,3, One Act Play 3, COPFPLIHENTS OF D.c. cmmy LUNEER annual Staff 4 Jr. Play 5 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 3,4 'SHIRLEYN GARD Annual Staff 4 Sr. Play 4 G1r1's Vhorus 1,2,5,4 Z? I 0 5 l " co. ,. j U L' G LUHEEK-ROOFING-PALNTlN WOCSTLR, OHIO 1 fv ' 1 I CLASS HIBTO Y Twelve short years ago the nucleus of the graduating class of 1955 was attempting to climb the first rung on the ladder, which, shall we say represents the scholastic climb from early childhood to the day of graduation Yes, graduation from our first and primary phase of learning. The thoughts that were in our possession some twelve years ago, were not of this day, Nor were we looking beyond the sixth or the fourth grade, we had our first, and probably our most difficult goal to accomplish. fThat being our first step on the ladder.j Early one September morning back in 1941, Mrs. Willard looked approvingly over the scrubbed and shining faces of the half frightened children. Yes, the same too sure children who teased and begged for months to go to school, weren't they liked what the future held for them, Our mothers left us, and there we sat, staring at each other, at our classroom, and at Mrs. Willard with wide and wondering eyes. Mrs. Willard soon had us all acquaint- ed, and we were well on our way with printing, counting, and our A? B, C's, The second grade was very much the same, but of course we knew more, and in a short time were ready for the third rung on our ladder, Our teacher who guided our first attempts at learning was Mrs. Willard. Yes, and looking back over those first years, could we have asked for a kinder more understanding person to expose us to our studies than she. For helping us climb our first three rungs of the ladder, we thank you Mrs. Willard, and I know that some twenty or thirty other graduating classes of Nashville High School join us in this word of thanks, Now faster as all Before that our first steps up the ladder were taken, others came seemingly and were more easily accomplished. we gained students and lost them classes do. Along with additions of students came new taechers. long, the first eight rungs of the ladder were below us. we were looking forward to the final four rungs which were to hold for us not only knowledge from our books and homewrok, but what was gained from social activities which were available in high school. Such as the trips to the neighboring schools for basketball games, class plays, speech contests, etc. These served to develop our personality and indirectly to help us, the Class of 1955, to gain a better understanding of the inpotrance of our education. We build the ladder by which we rise, From the lowly earth to the vaulted skys We reach the summit round by round. Higher, higher we will climb, Up the mount of gloryg Till we reach the sunny Cline, Beyond life's crystal story. 1 1 I I Q 'K CLASS PO M When the school's last lesson is mastered, And the classes are tested and tried, When the stu idest student has vanished, And the dullest has stepped asideg We shall rest-and faith, we all need it, We shall rest for a moment or two, Till the wonderful school of experience Shall set us to work anew. Then They They With They those who have won shall be happy, shall pass through life's higher grade: shall face the wor1d's difficult problems countenance unafraidg shall pass through each test as they meet it At the sounding of duty's stern callg They shall work every day---when they have to--- And never be tired at all. And only the big world shall praise us, And only the big world shall blame, Though we work for the joy of the winning And climb up the pathway of fameg For each in his separate calling, His separate thought must express, As he follows the ladder as he sees it To the goal that to him m ans success. llllkiillllilllill Class Colors: Red and White Class Flower: Carnation Class Motto: USail ONW A U T O G R A P H S 11 I , I We, the Seniors of High School is rapidly the most partj see fit in a rightful and most and Testament. I, uLight Horsen, Bill to Harry Tape. I, Frances Allison, Donna Elsasser. I, Shirley Gard, do SENIOR WILL the year 1953 A. D. seeing that our time in Nashville drawing to a close and being in a right mind Cfor to dispose of our property, real, personal, and mixed beneficial way, we hereby make public our Last Will Allison, bequeath my basketball grace and tactics will my ability to be the shortest in the class to bequeath my ambition to anybody that hasn't any, I, Mary Lou Castell, do will my office job to Phyllis Bevington, and my out-of-town interests to Beverly Bergoon. I, Janet May, do bequeath my perpetual motion to Patsy Pipes and ny cheerleading ability to Bill Taillon. I, Shirley Walkerow, do will my ability to get to class on time, to Beverly Bower. I, Dale Lininger, will my curly hair and attractive eyes to Robert Lockhard. I, Jo Ann Wachtel, do will and bequeath my seat in Bill's new WChevieW to Doris Anderson. I, Beverly Kaylor, will my Qunbintential mischieviousness to WSpikeW Peebles, and Berlin friendships to Ruth Ann May, I, Fred Wagner, bequeath my position in the WBachelor's Clubn, to Ronnie Galbraith. In In If to Mr. Van Barg. 'ChetW Conner, will my attraction to every-town's-girls, to John Schopfer Connie Elsasser, bequeath my slender statue to Barbara McMillan. Johnny Strang, do will my ambition to be the second WHopalong Cassidyn Larry Leppla, bequeath my ability to be s perfect gentleman to Hsplkev I. Peebles. Io Lloyd Schlauch, will my ability to be boisterous to John Parnell. I, Jo Ann Martin, bequeath my dignified silence to Dorlores Davenport, 1. Shirley Martin, will my worn out Wbubblen gum to Mr. Wadsworth. To the Freshman, the Seniors leave their seats in detention hall, To the Sophomores, we will our ability to get along with Mr. Franks. To the Juniors, we will our general good looks and intelligence, Witnesses: Dewitt Nit-Witt Half-Witt Signed: SENIGR CLASS I . A GLASS FRGPHECY I see it is now the day of the reunion of the Graduating Class of 1955, in the elaborate estate of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Van Barg, and their son Maurice the IV. The day is perfect for such a gathering and I am expecting many shocks and amusements. The builer is now greeting the first guest who we find is Johnny Strang and his wife, Close to their sides we find their lovely twins WPamU and WPatW. John seems to be extremely happy for his Wherfordn Farm is becoming a tremendous success. Well, look here, we find our next arrival to be WLarryW Leppla. Larry is driving a pink Cadillac convertible which he thought would m tch his wife's purple coat. He is now the Chief of Police of Nashville and is trying to catch the culprit who hooks radios up to NLo d Speakersn and plays them during American History Class, Could it have been Mr. ladsworth? What's this we have here? Outside a taxi pulls to the curb and our old classmates HShirleyN Gard and WFrancesU Allison are getting out. Shirley is in a wheel chair. Yes, she had both of her legs broken, it seems she was chasing a wolf around a corner and fell in a man hole. Now she has called 'dpon Frances, who is a registered nurse, to care for her, What's that noise? Thunder? Don't tell me it's going to rain today. Sounds like birds singing, now, Oh, no, that's WShir1eyN Martin, She is now starring in North Pacific, and is playing opposite 'Enco Pinzian, The guest that just Nblew inn we find is Jo Ann Wachtel, being greeted by Van himself. Did you know she is a TV star? She is star comedian on the show WI am a Blockn. My, C My, our secretary just arrived, Shirley Walkerow. After she got her experience and education from being a secretary of the class she decided to go even higher goals and now has a distinguished office position in the UBachelor's Clubn of America, What's this we have here? No, our eyes aren't deceiving us, or is that Beverly Kaylor? What's that she is wearing? Leopard skin? And is that a monkey on her shoulder? Now I recollect, she always did want to act with nTarzanU. Jo Ann Martin has arrived and is being greeted by the butler. Jo Ann has at last filled her greatest ambition of being quietly wed to a nfinen five star general. I can still hear a distant rumbling noise, but it doesnft seem to bother the others so we will see who is next, Another couple is at the door, Lloyd Schlauch. Lloyd is really coming up in the world. His date for this evening is non other than.Marilyn Monroe, I hear a clicking of high heels, sure enough it is Janet May. She and her husband own a big car washing plant, and specialize in NCrosleys and Austins.n The great veterinarian, WComnieU Elsasser, is being shown to her proper seat. I hear question now confronting the V Club of America is 'Why do black cows eat green grass and give white milk and yellow cream?0 Well, well, here is Fred Wagner, now a prominent lawyer in New York City quite a family man too, we hear. The eighth child came the other day. His Bachelor Club membership expired. fcontinuedj I I , f r PROPHECY---continued Listen to the trumpets blaring out WMilitary Escortu. No wonder its welcoming to old admiral Chet Conner. Thanks to the Naval Reserves. Gee, here comes Mary Lou Castell through the door. It looks like those hills are doing her no harm. She took u the job of landscaping after the stone quarries moved out and a big hole is left, but she is rather disappointed because she couldn't find any gold in them thar hills. That noise outside isgetting worse, I can't imagine what is causing that awful racket. Whatever it is, is getting nearer. Let's investigate, Guess what is coming in now, we might have known Bill Allison and Dale Dininger is racing. Dale has a new Mercury and is doing quite well for himself. Bill finally get his combination WChevieU and 0FordW finished. A UWillie-Billn that goes a 119 m. p. h.. JOKES Mr. Wadsworth: WCalm1y define the difference between life and love'. NLife is just one fool thing after another--Love is just two fool things after each othern. iitii The teachers are afraid of the principal: the principal is afraid of the supervisorsg the su ervisors are afraid of the school boardsg the school boards are afraid of the parentsg the parents are afraid of the childreng the children ---- ha ng it, the children't afraid of anybody. wmmmm Shirley M: NI got fifty on my history test.F Beverly K: Nwell, that makes you a half-witu. mamma Mr. Franks Cto Senior Classjz Wwhat an ignorant class. You are dismissed and please do not flap your ears as you go out.F ii!!! Jo Ann: 'What do you call a man who drives a car, Dad? Dad: UThat depends on how close he comes to me.N iikii If you can't laugh at the jokes of this age, laugh at the age of the jokes, INSIDE ST GRY nBil1HAllison UChetU Conner Likes Women Likes W men Dislikes Competition Dislikes Snooty people Pastime Eating Pastime Working on cars Ambition Farmer Anbition Navy Fav. Town Shreve Fav. Town Wooster NFredW Wagner uLarryU Leppla Likes Baseball Likes Blo hair 6 blue eyes Dislikes Girls Dislikes Bashful girls Pastime Hunting 5 Fishing Pastime Tinkering Ambition To be a man Ambition Engineer Fav. Town Mansfield Fav. Town Nashville WFrancesN Allison 'Jo Annu Wachtel Likes Cooking Likes Dill pickles Dislikes Johhny Rae Dislikes Hillbilly music Pastime Watching TV Pastime Riding in the rain Ambition Secretary Ambition 2nd Marilyn Monroe Fav. Town Millersburg Fav. Town Millersburg nShirleyn Gard UJo Annu Martin Likes Western music Likes Dancing Dislikes History Dislikes To be teased Pastime Watching TV Pastime UA certain guyn Ambition Secretary Ambition Beautician Fav. Town Wooster Fav. Town Perrysville UConnieW Elsasser WShirleyU Walkerow Likes Food Likes Sitting in balcony's Dislikes Secrets Dislikes Nosey people Pastime Reading Pastime Taking cream bottles Ambition Ag. Degree Ambition Nurse Fav. Town Glenmont Fav. Town Loudonville NDaleN Dininger HLloydN Schlauch Likes Basketball Likes Basketball Dislikes Teachers Dislikes Bananas Pastime Driving around Pastime Watching TV Ambition Soldier Ambition Own large farm Fav. Town R reve Fav. Town Nashville UJohhny Strang Likes Basketball Dislikes Stuck up people Pastime Talking to Pat Pipes Ambition Farmer Fav. Town Loudonville I WJanetN May HMary Loun Castell Likes Late Hours Likes A good timeg to sleep Dislikes To get up Dislikes To milk Pastime Doing what comes natura Pastime Taking Ash Trays Ambition To stay single lly Ambition To be an old maid Fav. Town Loudonville Fav. Town Killbuck WBeverlyN Kaylor H Shirley" Martin Likes Flirting Likes Black hair 6 blue eyes Dislikes Ladies men Dislikes Crowded places Pastine Being a nut Pastime Dreaming Ambition Peanut vendor Ambition College degree Fav. Town Spelicy Fav. Town Loudonville Frances Allison Bill Allison Chet Conner Jo Ann Wachtel Larry Leppla Janet May Mary Lou Castell Beverly Kaylor Lloyd Schlauch Shirley Martin Shirley Gard Connie Elsasser Shirley Walkerow Jo Ann Martin Dale Dininger Fred Wagner JMRSUQQ Nashville School CAN YOU IMAGINE? Being unfriendly Without a girl in his car Being a traffic cop Not liking football Without competition Not being a farmer's daughter Bright-eyed on Monday morning Not having fun Replacing Johnny Rae Not getting along with people Being boisterous Being first woman president Being a Hjazzn baby A man hater Being a horse driver Being henpecked With Marilyn Monroe Without the N53U Seniors I I X ...xx- N 1 VX O J i-I 1 H 3 X' W .X ,N M X'-. "5 . N. Xx UWM Z' Y Tw fx Q--Q ' X ,X xx 5 . l Q my T 1 i , I 1 if u 5 I 4 K s s fi ,nw 1 'ww 'A ,1 E I 1 COHPL HENTB OF' DON GE gg 0 T A , if ,B es. do 7j5':f , hoe, '. . Q fn F7 4- C5 45 - 1 Xtf , " ' 3 K ' A 3. xl ,fe JHWS. Bmw Wwwu 'PwbU4v J?-fw'P JUMU' " a Q 4 1 v 4 ' swim M I van 'Paid-IP ' -pw? B, PY' 65. SS . 1 if Q ff .,g QA..,, L !r 'Emwip lib-uw e.b!1m.4J1J 'Hwwaw CUfoJm.P- W :B4f1Mw' " Wa.Uufww-" LJ. eluv m gag gn K tix I SQA h ' 'xt I X 'Em-4'R. 771fw-CB IBLILM. Jomaw CJMLS 1 1 HFX T .14, MEM W ! 1 1 1 1 I", C'-.' N ' w ,q vu ' , X .4 A . D I ' ' 1 . V x 4 -.g '85, s , 'Ricfhwt ZB,w.'B ?fl.,LOfUv 19 ' ,SL-www A1-cf-4-'L .A I XX Ax 7:f,I,,i ' re'ovua1aL ,Ga-1,wf-"7 flv-vmw 'Ro-alum. . ff P gfgjft JM :ff ,bwwvw J'a.miw.u JZMLQC. naw 'Hui f a' 8 0 G 0' e ' XIX Abgena ggmg Q,Wf.,Q 74fw+,3m...:l:,,w aww img -fe no ' 'x 1 x C I ' ,5' 'XQ E1aLAwT 2BLf12-4 'I-IGM, N7Zz.w,Lf,., Emu 'RwUm. , fi 27 . i s.i f' imp-..w.u.. Cam-ILM 9-vmln CMJU s723dl-u '7Qwwg- ,, A .N , Q! X, . www cnwgw :r.Q,,.,'P CVMAM X 1 I 1 .-l..l--ss qi 5, Q xk- , Q-' n J'--bg, 'pm ' 5. . .s' ,"' - -6 x QI 9 ,:..' Yin I ' I 311204-C4 'BMI-we I' o e X31 " J sf o " M issmei Loc.ka.,rd +'Bt-own M-JH ...I -I K. 'i . os fl: 1 'E' IH onyx ,Il!!x :sf-,.. sl an :Dx in ill .Pr 1 ,A .rl Ez .Laing rides 5 and First Row: CLeft to Li5htJ Howard Rock, Tommy Miller, Billy Brown, Gary Yartin, Bobby Picklesimer, Raymind Rock. Second Row: Coretta Breneman, betty Burgett Marilyn McKinley, Janey Kline, Judy Knox Patsy Hays, Vera Whetstone. Third Roni Pennie Hollister, Valerie Fetter fofs Hays, Virginal Messner, Beverly McCul1o Smithhisler. Fourth Row: Dale Lockard, John Bridenthal, Peggy Schopf Sandra Spreng, Patsy Lincicome, Fazel Schlauch, Joanne Reiheld, Jimmie McMil1en, Frank Burpett, Donald Harris. Missing from the picture, Virgina! Miller, Grace Miller '- is -- Alf' , Lois Lang, ugh, Paulin Gard, Herbert fd , Carol Dininger 6 6 W y ff, , Gloria Smetzer, ,f?3Zf ,gf I r Betty Myers of the fifth grade. Avery Frown of the six and - grade .Q X I K s ,,x 1 'l- 17, E-an JL 9 x9 Oil, 62 I wr' 'tr ,- ,f J . ,,. 1 Us , Ihr.. GRADE X S J First Row:CLef't to Rifhtl QQ Tilly Young, Jimmy Lint, Harold Woljamott, Tommy ' Lang, Billy Wachtel, Clarence Pipes, Charles I-eesner. S Second low: Larry Stonebrook, Seor ie Teale, Evelyn Smetzer, Linde Anderson, Sharon Purdy, Judith Eevinfton, Peggy Plcklesimer, Ada Ehersole, Bobby Brown. Third Xow: James kennell, Freddie Rnees, I-Iarion f'1:'t,1n, Ilangy Bliley, Itervin Martin, Danny Wagner, Larry Liohler. Fourth Row: Elerie Vavbel, Carol Tipton, Linda 3-lart , to mf In I Filly Yenter, Stiles Drown, Drnwld llalkerow. 1-I gil 1, :A ,Q -'Al ,wg Q21 tang!! ' " 4 1 -, 11 nl 1,--1 ' lf! - -ulrlis an NIC, E vu- -' v 11: 1' N- J Q V 1- 1 11 .V 'ggi y - . 1 1 11 - fl" Y - A fi rn - - I' , 29, -4 ' -- H- - 6 h" " I I rx os. -'. ' b ' .. '.-,f :H ' ee - f A :w e I' 'f 4 ' 5 - -- ' . , ' ..'s 5 U 2. J . .w a ll ' ,T , 1, 11 - -3- 13- J. J K v . - -1 2 ga-.5 'i .' Q -W W x ,. . ,J -I :Ig Q :I ,.' - ' ', 'x 1 V -1' f e . , . 1 Lqfil, tqifvl 5 - Pj if N. W 5.5" W I GRALE 3 First Row CLeft to Rightj I Carol Harris, Judy Ann Ebersol, Marjorie Killer, Mary Jane Ebersole, Joanna Martin, Donna Smlthhisler, Kathleen Davenport. A Second Row: Garry Clinage, Leland Donley, Dick J, Bevington, Nancy Jeffries, Judy Locker-d, Carol Re irp-,ton, Carole Hazlett. Third How Harry Schlauch, Jimmy Alexander, Bobby XJ Yeater, Ga Kenne th Norris . ry Eergoon, Kenneth killer, Eugene Vauhel, I f . N lla llll may Illllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll1'lllllll'e lllll llllll ,,llllll' lf' C57 if' I First Row:CLeft to Right! Billy Stonebrook, Roy Smetzer, Patty Yeater, Edith Scblauch, Sheila Sue Purdy, Bertha Mae Ebersole, Carol Ann Burgett, Larry Cohkle. Second Row: Jqel Bridenthaul, Diana Devore, Hazel Wolgamott, Suzann Tipton, Brenda Pyers, Tommy Lockard, Darrell Rock, Gary Stonebrook. Third Row: Wynn Teale, Susan Aockenfelder, Laverle Tope, Judy Campbell, Ronnie Bevington, Holly Harmett, Carlos Brown. Missing from picture: Harry Myers, Roger Pennell. ll ld--1 11, it -I lllllf-.DFII "" Ill' lll A 13 lllls, , - -' ut, Q. y -T llll 'r-L V fe ' llll yin 'H X 4 I ff ' la! 1 I I , . . ' Us lf li I ""l"1 .fi 'Gnu' 4 ,xi , a or I Z, - xv- 4' i I "'1'!lk I , v-- w First dow:lLeft to aigntl Judy Kline, Jerry Purdy, Dean Ling, Elaine Armstrong, Friecilla Brown, Harold Yeater, Dlcky Lint, Gloria Harris. Second Row: Jimmy Jock, Howard Lockard, Bobby Martin, Johnny Smetzer,'D1anna Smlthhisler, Sally Waohtel, Leland Leppla, Kristie Jo Taggart. Third Row: Judith Hays, Teddy Vaubel, Bonnie Hazlett, Tommy Davenport, Benny Martin, Larry Schaffer, Lloyd Donlay. I E 'A In I K TEVI 'x 5 llln A op, DDQ " ' 99lQg.. Ng Q s SQ Xp 33300, X X fi N Q UN IXU -O 0' fx -'Q X -,QM x 5, X- 1 .'- Z 1 X j X 52 QSXNX 'af N1 2 5 f X . f X 'x XXX 4 K X 1 N I 8 -Q J- fm 6' " ,Q 13 ' .O lf It r I GIRLS CHORUS First Row Usefb to Rlghtj Mary Breneman, Janet Geary, Jo Ann Wachtel, Laura Lint, lviarylyn Yeazer, Geneva Martin, Janice Geary, Second How: Janet may, lireath 'J-alkerow, Patsy Pipes, Mary Lou Castell, Shirley Walkerow, Clara Ling, Gloria Purdy. Yhird Row: Shirley Martin, Jo Ann Martin, Beverly O Kaylor, Nancy Schafer, Pat Drake, Dolores Davenport, s .' Laverla Donley, Beverly Bergoon, Barbara McMillan. Forth Row: Janice Purdy, Rosemary hiessner, Harriet Schlauch, Georgia Martin, Lorthy Hannah, Norma Gard, Doris Anderson. Missing irom picture Phyllis Bevington. all HIQI dnl' . m' ' I--1 m --I 2-I ICI? . HI' up ll "f I I ' 1 l I I ul 5 'y' . All " ll Q Q o V ' O Q BOYS CHORUS '03 1 Q P. R X ++?q,Y?vQp" First Row CLeft to. Right! pil, 1 Del Parnell, Fred lint, Larry Alexander, Arthur ,Q Fetter, Donald Whetstone, Dan Allison. 65,5 N Second Row: John Parnell, Bill Talllon, Johnny Qwo Strang, Larry Leppla, John Scziopfer. 'V Missing from picture Roy Dininger. we Jn l. I l in 1: Zaiowa Y H- -11--aa - .-vw-.:: , 51- -ei-W, l l l loan i lsdlillilliilil lllllllli lllll ll lllllll 1 L1 ' ,I 1 l-. NX, 1 bd ' H. QL, U STUDLNT COUNCIL irst Low: CLeft to rightj Sandra Castell, Harriet Schlauch, Treas.g Mary Lou Castell, Pres., Laura Lint, Vice Pres., Jancie Purdy, Sec., Leland Alexander. Second hey: Bertha Yeater, Lloyd zchlauch, Ronnie Galbraith, John hfhnofer, Danny nl'ison. BAND First Row: lLeft to Hlghtl Sandra Spreng, Donny Whetstone, Mwrylyn McKinley, Beverly Bowers, Sandra Castell, Janice Purdy, Peggy Schopfer, Vera whetstoen, Majorette, Rosemary Mesener. Second How: Nancy Preneman, Shirley Walkerow, Janet May, JoAnn Qachtel, Doris Anderson, beverly Eergoon, John Sohonfer, Del Parnell. Fhird how: Phyllis Martin, Shirley Martin, John Parnell, Fred Lint, Arthur Fetter, Larry Alexander, Clara Ling, Larry Devore, Georgia Martin. Fourth Row: Cecile Lint, Tloria ?urdy, Bertha Yeater, Cerol Wiley, Ruth Tay, Larra Lint, Pat Drake, Mary Lou Castell, Directnr, James Yilrrove. 9 Y L Q f J, liY1jU:E nC S Y A x . 'fs 'X w J P x, 6 Nix if T5 M5 X 'tj x jj fix! 6' W: 2 W X 'l',,.J-f '-L' f N- ifbg 'f ff I o v i-i-'W iii- ll-ligw ' '--g-iii.. '1 l Ill' Lu: 121i 'runnin "' 1- - ""' 1311: 111 , B-vv, lib- . ., 11 1 31' I 25 hi ! Y in I ' '1 iq iq ll 2 ll- ll h 3 1 .--I : V ...X qu., --- 1 l' - I 'T' 4 'J ll " ff'- F fE.r- O " -'N A1 A I 5 riff 3 of 'u 7 1 . H f ' f I. .-5'kafE3,:10, 12 -Q sz '2 1 , I If f I X g e : 'I ' f -A I 1 XXX of - f r fr mx' . . If ,x.fA XI I , :QQ It ' r lX,,'P 'XX XX . I I. I-if s 'W AV' U. f fl 4 .A O, . t- . 'HI , VARSITY First Row: KLeft to Hightl Fred Wagner, Lloyd Schlauch, Larry Leppla, Johnny Strong, Bill Allison, Dale Dininger. Second Row: Coach Van Barg, Harold Brltenbutche Ronnie Galbraith rx John Parnell Arthur Fettbr 'fm Q? 'BA " 0 'W .'Nrf 4r'5fn,' llliluii, J ? QP Qkiy ef SS? xy ,ww 'inf' IQ xx COMPLIMENTS OF STRANG AND CO. COMPLIMENTS OF FARMER'S SAVINGS LOUDENVILLE, OHIO BANK LOUDENVILLE, OHIO Pe T Laura Harriet 1 Q D01-in Jr. High Qmmpa Front Row: Coach, Harry zine Jnnka BUNNY, Kenny Second Row: Jimmy, feIanH,'HEnager Bob, Jimmv Larry NX 5' if xyf, 1 Bl r T SPGRTS Four letterman returned to Coach Van Barg's team, Larry Leppla, Johnny Strang, Dale Dininger and Fred Wagner, and after two weeks practice we played our first game and lost to: Northwestern 90.p .... ,Nashville 36 We lost again to Homerville 67 ..... Nashville 57 Shreve 54 ..... Nashville 47 Hurrah Victory -- Nashville 45 ..... Danville 52 We took Berlin 60, .... Nashville 64 Big Prairie 76.,.,.Nashville 58 We lost an overtime to Hayesville 64.,,.Nashville 59 We took a tight squeeze Nashville 54 .... Walnut Creek 50 we beat a stubborn Shreve team 66 ..... Nashville 67 We fought a losing battle to Killbuck 61 ..... Nashville 56 The Tigers win again, Nashville 73...,Glenmont 53 we lost a heartbreaker to Perrysville 65.,.,Nashvi1le 64 Nashville was beaten by Apple Creek 47 .... Nashville 36 we downed Clark after a hard fight, Nashville 65...Clark 58 Nashville lost to Berlin 56 .... Nashville 53 Big Prairie did it again 86 ..... Nashville 69 Nashville 54.A ........ lelnut Creek 51 Uh--C .,.Killbuck 110 ...... Nashville 68 Nashville 74., ........ Glenmonb 51 we lost another one to Apple Creek 45.p .... Nashville 34 A close one---Nashville 75 ....... ,,Clark 72 we attempted Doylestown 61, but lost, Nashville 55 ....-..-......... Q..-.....-....-.... TO RNAMENT We lost a close one to Glenmont 5l........Nashvi1le 50 we lost again to Clark 67.,.....Nashvi1le 59 Our 7th and 8th Grade team won the tournament by beating: Holmesville 23 ............. Nashville 66 Big Prairie 33... .... Nashville 76 Killbuck 35 ................ Nashville 37 Our Varsity Cheerleaders Patsy Pipes, Nancy Shafer, Pat Drake and Janet May, as they cheered the Nashville Tigers through the 1952-1953 season, were successful in winning theHolmes County Cheerleading Trophy, we must not forget the Reserve Cheerleaders, Harriet Schlauch, Laura Lint and Doris Anderson, who helped us win that trophy too, F i 1 li? lf Q. U I 0 I ll L WF iT H!-P-if 1H!",Q amaum anvil' ' D H I M151 GIRLS SOFTBALL TEA M if FXAQIHX v KO' A Eiggg ggy fLeft to Rightl rl? f' Janet Geary, Mary Lou Castell, Janet hay, Jo Ann Uachtel, lf? Laura Lint. R Secong Row: Coach Van Berg, Laverla Donlay, Shirley Lalkerow, Clara Ling, Nancy Shafer. Kissing from picture Phyllis Bevington. L. wfw al LN A - .qm. K V' -Q ,., C BOY'S BASEBALL hIP', J 1 i .WJ :fi lst row: Dale Dininger, Jbhn Strang, Larry Leppla Lloyd Schlauch, Fred Wagner. 2nd row: Coach Van Barg, Harold Broitenbucher, Larry Alexander, Roy Dininger, Ronnie Galbraith, Arthur Fetter. COHPLINENTS OF THE MILLEESBUHG FURNITURE CO. Phone 307 COILPLIPLENTS OF THE HOLMES TRPVLTOR SALES, Phvne SEV? MILLERSBURG 1. .V V, 4 'l V 4 I, N ll - lr 1 U ' 'E R PM Xa S Wk 1 INA M 0 7 6 .9 J X XZ E2 H ' I 3 . E1 if 5 J , J , 4 FA 3 - If J' if lm 4 X fl Q M, M 69 fx Fx 7' " li I Ki! 1 BUCK Savings EEUWH COMPLCTC Banking 15wC,YVl'CB MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE Sysffm HND PEDEAL or-ZPos1'T llvfufafwcf comb. Hi H b UQ K, Ohio .fx GBENE RT - cfzsfffm H PH RKJNS ,F-Dgfofv ffkvs YDE CORHTWQ Cd The NHME Fore 'BE+T.ER'H1iN772vQ WE WIULL GLf7DL7f Show you. how 'fo 7DF7I'NT youn Ovvfvfzawfss JRLL57' ASK ILS gg NH 5 lvvf'LLE, 73' Ohio 1 V 4 L F Rgedg DHVC3-iN MarKcT MGQTS-"GYOC.EYl'ES -Veje7"oJ:!eS Dry GUQJS Na s Pi Vx' H8 1 vu , Q gwiff 0510 Affeffm! ,p!7Ol7C lf 7'7- Complim en-f-'S O70 M oni7Lor Banff HIL? lDr'a.f1V'f6,, Of7iO G. Df?Rf1'nj Cafskief' T5 The Cfa,33 OF if-3 T COMPHMCDTS of WLLHCE MOTORS FOR D DEHLEH5 M'IIcr.Sbur3, I 1 I Ohio CQMPI i ME N75 Of WAyNE FARM BQREALL -Sl'H3?EVE,O!-HO RINKJCROWS G1 fflf an GH ERCL fo Nc SANDWIC HES Y SHONKS DFIRY PASTEURIZED SELECTED DMRY PRODUCTS MILKBUTTER- BUTTEHMILK - COTTAGE CHE ESE SWEET CREAM- ICE CREAM Phone 'IJ17 MiHcvSlbuYZ,Ohio WEST Efvo GARAGE COMPLIMENT5 FFED ,PM E -Prop HOWARD ANVhaL"l'5 Yfsovz. . 41.55 r' J Davos Ano Plynoadh CA:-s Afvo7'mckrL 0 E 011.0 O!VVf Sl1rEVE,0hio Phone 13.01 O I". 0 The LouooNviLLa 777758 Wm. H. SMITH PUBLISHER BHJNKMEIERS -LOUDONVILLE OHIO COMPLIMENTS oF L0ucloNVl'He, Ohio 1' 1 , Y Y V lvx!illF7Rd3 Dress Shop CQMPIIMENTS CDF LRCIIES Qppnflel ROGER S Pho NE 3361 QVMEYIN5' and Boys Clofkihfg 9HREVE,0'+'O J SHREVEDHIG AMy SHELL mir ACRE XAfoosT'ER RoRCl LouDoNvi!lE,OHlo NIUEL-STOP-FOR-NXHM-and-Crm. we NEVER close ,slLlW SR' Mc'ClO'C JIM Jgz -L-. - -... 4. .. 1..J HO,mCS Counfy 'FOTIT7 Bureau COOPerof:vc A5570 MfllCrSbur9 -Wafnuf Cree! 'Nasfivfffc 4 Phone 246 " 3'l'FJ.. ' 2131 H03,'Pof-'iffy and Dairy Feeds Gas Kerosene , Fence Pains dumb GFQG-SC Seears Twne - ef- VIC ppluances Ferfffpzer k T3inJer Twine, Farm Machinery 5' " F1 5 il- ,ii - i .n e 4 ' GLEN ROD!-IE G ro 0, r i ejs Miffcrsfaurj o """" 'W' Glen R 0 e, - Own er F The Hefams Bank . M illersburg, Qfyfo Q Member cf The F-eolgral DE'P05f7l' + IDSMFQHCE Cans-fgor-a,'f'f'or7 . And Fecferaf Peserve Bank A E-S7La.bl1'Sl7e0L 1370 i-H15 LouJonvfHQ Farmers Eciuffy Co. Crow, Flour, Feeds., SegJs,C,o4l I J M03+2-Y' MIX F'cecls-- F' FINJ Lnrne. I J L-Iauaorlvllil Y PI-non Q, 1.1L--Q ' COMPLQIEMEPJTS ' voumcgs mamma V l I OHIO 1.1. , CompIime,nT3 of Loudon WHQ DryCIca,Y2fl1jC0- 1 p ' ' 'Dr' C,lea.,ninj,Rfg55'mj Pe. Lrrlhj I Loucfovw7H2,OH0 u X - f, 'PkoYLe,32-'L5' 17 -1 Y , 1 11. , L, .r ,- CQMPLIMENTS DF VCDGEL GROCERY I ff f2'f: O ' W l.l.5L'CKCELEVfXT0R KILL BJCKOHIO GRAIN ELAWTOR FARM EQUIPMENT fiC.7oun5 Louolonville. FWXPU"Xg YOUYT9 Bros. C6LPO.jQ, QFQQR V60 Q ,A, ,, Hard warg, 431.34 336 we,S'rm..m sr ala v x TXQHDHLLS 473nT'F1Q - awe. F0 ' ' Car' j.07L5 ,SHLQPV-Ser'v1c.e,AAA jphohf, 34, .75 Wrecker Service 5 , QAOXVE 1 bouifh WasHmJ1'a'n 7l1'f'LLl:a.c.K, C9'f21'o 2 ff'ZLe'A5b"'-"G20h'0 i i Whf-:Ts1'onEs GENERHL Sfores S7L!7NDHRD Oil. 'Proow-,fs + GroLERiES "" ""f7u,+o,PEpf7l'Rs Vhme .wg WHSWLL-fr, 0610 The FHRMERS Banff . fVIEMbERs of F. DI. C. MEM bERS' OTC FEDEFGL RESERVE Sy5TffJ 5 PIREVE, Ohio 1 f i WHSH l'A!G Tofv 71oWfV5f7f'p f17a7L77'o,L W ICVRE A1110 Z!'Gf77"!QV6 Infswenfvce Vhofvf 3.1! LH KE WZ Z E, F21-efsf C!7f'1fDbELL Ufifo T LQWCY' Yo uv C OJ 'I' E I of Dr'essfng we!! E Mgxgggbkgfgghio B B E I and Bcgwgrwggelgngf .1 QF I WW WHITE55 FLDWERS 5 Milfcrsburg , Ohio Phone I 3 6 "WHEN ITS: FLOWERS-SAY IT WITH OURSw .SHREVE MILLING GRHINIS, FEEDS, 5EEDS,HN.P FERTILIZER Q GFINDJNG' HND MIXING SHREVE offyp PHQNI3 HHFOLD 2371 GEFBER FEEDS PROP Q al T5 Slwopp j I l Q,'fD77"0.Q7"or TTR ks Mu 04.55 LGR 6 ' J QQ if I I " QQ Olm - Mar- M, ea I3 Wes c. or! I gf-5bg,r I 5 I 'Phone 6 - I LL f' I if "' H n m- -Wim MIXCTSB G45 WIIP '+ 1 RE BHS BEHUTY SHOP COLD Wfwf M0 MACHINLESS PHON E PEBMHNENT5 NHSHVILLE, In ZHL3 v 3 Q-H-LO-1 COMIDUMENT5 CQMPLIMENTS QF OF a HCL. EDWHRDJ V515 ND LOUDQNWLLE o HID NHSHVILLE HHHDWHHE Ccweral. Hardwavc-Pal'NT-Fu-M SUPPLl'fJ' PHONE 7.131 NHSHVILLE, OHIO CUNYPLIMENTS of CFNSTE LHS PLHC E RT. SIL! N195 HVILLE OH I0 HUN TING- HND-FISHINCV UCENS1? JHELLS Y 11 ' we FX M5 "' Millcrsbuvg, Om V C. B. IC-'VAN K5 'Roo-FinG,SpouLTfNG-, Roof PAfNTffVG SHPEVE OHM: P1-iofve Q! Y 7 Mis!-fvfLLE,OHfO o'ne I COM FSLFIM ENTS Hl'ME5"RADIOd ELECTRI VV FI' C H TEL S Bpfpfk C.H- HIQNAE S, Pr-ap. ,S HO P Lecfr-Le.aL-APPLianee +Ser-vice git, WW rave, OhLo 9 - 'PHL Lc. 0 V Cr-QSLQY lf, X f A 41 I JQ W ,ff ma il" Guns 'AMMUNHIOU - Wall Plper -Afvifq U65 I HHIKCUTS Q SHFVES Dean Ss Berry Pair! NHSHVILLEJ 01-,lfo Plume 37R.3 igil'l' Y Mjeaveps Mfouhh Mfesferu AUTO Shop PQSS0C.fQ'f'C, S'f'ove, MiHer5buV9,0Ho LQUJQNWIIQ XAf0.T'C.h6S ' C'fockS Sues 'FQPU' Bob L-,0.,WfENCCA BesT Wl.ShCS 'fri' Ctofnpffn-7en7L5 of N Class of 53 xx Banlws DQ1'ry Bar Resfuranf Miflevsburj Loudofwvfne Phone L13 ,--4 iw H7 W .TacKson 572 THE BEST IN DRYCLEANING - Millcrlibuvg, Ohfo Since ISI! as Qc JONES MARK E T sf 'C+ VX GBDLEIFIES' M E ATS 'off 'fi-'S 1- ,X " 'E?!Z5?E'S LOUDON PosT-157 LOUDONVILLE, omo SHHEVE, OHIO Y SHREINER SOLE CQINC. KILLBUCK, OHIO Complimarffs Of MANLY MODERN BEAUTY SHOP 'I Q vesumzuffz soufvc. memgwr Mmm LS SHORHEZE Camlolime,n7'3O'F HG. 'TSA-RSON5' DA Yi? STORE REAL ESTATE BROKER , Gfcnmggfo M,Qf,i.'1f2azf,, 532 .lei 444 W GEO.:-l. MRYERS OMPUMENTS FINE FOOTWEAR FOR OF Lnoazs MMENBURN ETT 3 SHN-1vE,oH1o MLESJSQEONT ECON OIVW GROCERY Milfersburj, OlL7"O PHUNE '-H GOOD LUG w 4 TO cuss OV53' Y C0mP" mQnfS of Woof! lm! INN Van? . Be-va Liar- DYY Gooch Big jaxiyjrfei' O 1 Sfvrevcejj-no 731210 Ohio Geo Lwcfy Ccmpfimcnfs of 7 Fciff Hgcncy TW Klpurcnfy 'fnsurcnnccg--Banff: IUSUKQOCC 'Shreve Ohfg 01110 EComlsfimcn7L5-CIF -fgovvgfowyxl SHQH - ev :C aLouJcg2iLfiee Sfvoe 31,7 Wag' pam Sf LJOUJOUV,-NCD Logdhonnvrlle OM 'G , I S-fufZMAN Mo-for ComlO fimen1'S of Safeg. See-Se 311702 3'foYQ M iffers Burg NM' Hersbuwj Oh fo 0,750 N f BEP.R1NBi:RGi:R's rmucizfr HAROLD WELSH, ATTORNEY mmmm' WHOLESALE co. VAN'S TAVERN KENBETH rmlesmvf, ANMQUES CHET DEWITT Metzler LOCKER B O O S T E R S MILLERSBURG HARDWARE Q SUPPLY Maxwell Bros, A Co. MILTON KLINE ISALY7S DAIRY HOFFMAN'S DRUG STORE S. W. CAREY KESTER DRY CLEANING HOLMES RADIO Q EIECTRIC HILLTOP DRIVE-INN Louoonville, Loudonville, Wooster, Ohio Ohio Ohio Nashville, Ohio Nashville, Ohio Millersourg, Millersburg, Millershurg, Millersburg, Millersburg, Millersburg, Millersburg, Loudonville, Shreve, Ohio Millersbqrg, Millersburg, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio io Ohio hio Ohio Ohio A U T O G R A P H S 'I I I 1 1 ,,.-f-"" .611 Rf! -f

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