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4 , ' . ' J'VN ' V' ' h. . u M ' v?Mr2k - , v ! '1"... ,A n . A . ,. ' . . . 15 ' ',1 3 .e " i. 't:. ! P. n 3 - I , . ... ,. wf-M 5-593 ' C . 4" .. ' . ' ,, ' 15."'WJ .';?' . ,. - 0H3 153-, ' v ' . I. . . ' ' uh; '- . I y. a 4 :4 - 'n 'il..:!.tru '1 m Hahy-I 3;. " p .. ,. ' 4 I ' .y , .l . , 4' v . 4 . 7 . o, ' , um. .. '0.. y?:; V' A Huntf K o . . - V . A Vk , ' .1 ' '0 -'-H'r'o ' wL-V .. la; '1 . ' .I.1A10'v.t.M too . tr Jug, 'qu . . , . 'vV . 2-5 .A l ,u eq.c.1wrwaE WM H' 9' M ,, "y A . ! - ,. , n ' - arm! -:- pk: VFW" ' 'i'wr' ' '! : , I I . - - , A h 1 1 7. M- '1;- J- a . - J. .. . 4'7 '" " ,'.,.4- -.. iai.ais .: .. u w ; ' ,, , . w r pr; . -' , a t" ;r a . I t ,i: , 9', 0- ,. v: ,- ' 4 9 c 3, .fx. 3 . , , l. f , , , I t l . i V '5' . - .L , r ' wluauhi , 4 , x . . . Q ' I l: q I V . WM! ...-., .. , w 'lwggtr'ngg'kj'iw ' WQW ' , 1.13.5 '. 'a W; 14V . ... ' '4. h H. . athhq'. I wa- , ,h , y; ' .IHQW " ' l , 1!?! 1-. .. a '3 $ ' . y ' L." 55": 7"2 0 ... ., .Huiilf - Nrw w . w$ 'v . 1m. !7 ' C ,l a f'ntwv, 7 NM." . M . - .41. ,1., . . 4 .4 - I " M'O. , ' I .,. . ,. i 1. Q r I 4,, , :2 t ' " . o a l V '1 ii"? a... 4."- .. . . . . a H. . w n m, 3 rat"; a r' - .'.1 u. ..f:?1 K; I. J :1;'N n ' r ; '2- 1"" "3;?! :1"; u if . 3 i gp- Mm 3 5'3.K . I ' ' Mn 3 Mi . .0 4' 3' 33 .I 'C .'.3 T . . I".' I O . uOn W .. F v .,.'.. 3 o l. 5 .g a '7. 3 0x - 3: ' - l. 5'3 3 Ix q. l '3 . - ik. Ii. 0 90 I o .g3 . .. .. '3 . . Kr.. a5 V ; $ ; , . .. 3 O. . cc 4 0 - Q3 54:. . 3 .,3 . ' . .K n k.i' - 3 0 i- 3 33. 3 a! .h'. -, v.3 ,y 1 g ?n c. '. .. P- . . . I w up .0 :7. a, "x 33 ' J ' x ' H . ' 3 . n v .3.0 r - 3."' ,ugr T: a' . 30.x. Q '.;. . , 3 ,x..,:...ia Q! 1 .3, 1 . . .3, .AVE-rk KEV. 'w .,. . 'l I V 4 x. 33 .3 3 r... I ' J 0 .j i , . , i 3.: O a , Q 3 13'? g 3: a L 3?- Iiivtg ' "a , h. 0-. ,. AV -- 6' ' 3i t- yeargoog chafff Clifford Mitchell, Assistant Editor; Michael Stoddard, Art Editor; Charlie Corliss, Assistant Photographer; David Emerson, Advertising Manager; Susan Hartford, Bditor-in-Chief; Mary Joyce, Photographer; Cynthia Farnsworth, Sales Manager; Rebecca Perry, Assistant Literary Editor; Teresa Stanwood, Literary Editor; Karen Perry, Senior Class Editor; Janet Arnold, Assistant Literary Editor; iabsenti Anita Beal, Sports Editor; Mrs. Charlotte Tucker, Yearbook Advisor Special thanks to Cindy Farren, Alfred Jordan, and Anthony Norton for their willingness to help when their services were needed. We, the SQUIRE staff, bring to you the keys to the events at Narraguagus for the 1968-1969 school year. There are times of happiness, times of sadness, times of victory, times of defeat, and, most of all, times of memories. This is your key to many memories. I The SQUIRE Staff ' W W 8; Y $$$in Win $5- W? V x A WW Mi:ij 49$ $6f630f WV ' k; R kawkaSgazggenf XXJNWXHVWSA PX; WNWW 3X W" W WWW wig twrf w rCJQ bfW :gdy g n A , ng mgazsxmye gram Ax .- W-Iml-iilAt-If-7 Q NP WI" Ed 601'912 C8 X A .W . .' w? m QXergenzs vi; WW wkcfassm en Ery72yglllcs ryaznzabons 5750a! lge 591210119 jogerfzsemezzls Wuszbw 775;: Wagerf geeney 972;. Ogarfes QSzuzmer, Jr. 73313fa12X 731710 0404f 991722 Clpaf fv-vu nnrru. a. v". -. o .., wwrv .' Wagndrzzlsfrafzbn ,5 7M $1 ing L ,, 1'71 z y,Wy ,, L$ R We wish to thank the following for supporting our yearbook with U4 page listing. SARGENT'S OIL - 8: COAL, Ellsworth; EDDIE FOSS, Machias; RUSSELL MORRIS, Machias; HALFWAY MARKET, Jones- boro. To MRS. CHARLOTTE TUCKER, we, the Senior Class, affectionately dedicate this issue of the SQUIRE for her dedication in duty, personal interest in us as individuals, enthusiasm in her Classes, and her never ending work as our yearbook adviser. Traditionally as we approach high school commencement time, the name "Senior Class" becomes synonymous with the compound term "perseverance and achievement." On June 13, you, the members of the Class of 1969 of Narraguagus High School, will be awaxded diplomas in recognition of your perseverance. You will have achieved a worthwhile goal - you will be high school graduates. In baseball parlance you will have arrived safely at first base, but you will not have scored. To attain you will need to arrive safely at second base, third base, home plate - and in that order. The rules of the game do not permit for shortcuts. Applying this analogy to the game of life, we learn tsometimes belatedlyi that shortcuts do not lead to success. Rather, attainment is contingent upon a series of worthwhile achievements which are gained through diligence in perseverance. To this end you have already estab- lished a pattern which I hope will not be interrupted by high school graduation. You must go on expecting more exciting and demanding challenges with unlimited opportunity for rewarding experiences. You are a class of excellent young men and women. During the past four years you have made some valuable contributions to both the academic and extracurricula programs of the school. And, Itrust that the standard of quality which you have helped to establish at Narraguagus High School will serve as a guide to inspire all future classes. In lieu of the use of flowery adjectives to commend you for accom- plishments to date, I have chosen to conclude with a prophecy based, as it were, on personal observations rather than the power of clairvoyance. In light of you: past performance, I prophesy that you are, by patient perseverance, going to experience and enjoy many worthwhile achieve- ments. You will score and be winners in the game of life. , CHARLES F. LAWRENCE, Superintendent The FACULTY pieces foyefher Me Key To ' access 6312;535 1" Xf , , , f V MRS. JANE E. SUMNER ,,, , , , , ,. ' , B.A. University of Maine MRS. JOAN F. MESERVE B.S. University of Maine MR. PHILIP C. TOBIN II B.A. University of Maine MRS. IRENE M. ALLEN B.A. Bates " nomakmvut k Y'I'W W'7m ..'7f 7.- w: ,-, ' Am 7., 4,, -' -.. -,.- .o-....w- "' WV .FWW MW 9y -.- W-.. w m Wdfgem afics MR. ALBERT D. RICHARD B.S. University of Maine MR. CHARLES M. SUMNER, JR. A.B. Bowdoin and M.A. University of Maine u, m... MR. ROBERT L. FEENEY B.S. Washington State College .... A. IAMM, .huu A- v u . . ... AHtIS.Mv-.LLIVI1 1 m s....m.....,. S i i Etta works a problem in geometry MATH IV GEOMETRY ity of Maine Univers B.S., ROBERT R. HAMMOND, State College . , Washington S B WILLEY , NANCY H K , 7 , KKxJVMMViZ , , g, y 7 ; K K? Kmimm 74, "man, ' v, wax K K KKKx K KKKKKKXKKK K K KKKK K K KKKKKKK RKK KKKKxKKK KKKKK KKKKKxKKKxxKKKKxK KKKKKK K KKKK KKKK KHNKKKKKKKKKKXNVKWKKKKKK K K K KK KKKKKK K KK xK K KKK NKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KSKKKKKKKK KKKK K KKK KK K K K K Kw KKxKKKKKKKKKKK K KK KKKxKKKKKKKKK KKK KKK KKKXKKKKKKK K KKKxKK KKKKK K KKKKKKKKK KK KKKKKKKKK K KKKxxxK KKK KKKKKxKK K KKxKKKK xKKKK KRKK KKUKKKKKK KxKK K K .KKKK KKKK KKx. x f K KKKKKKKKKKKK KKK KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KK KKKKKKKK XKKKKKKKKK K KKKx K KKK KKKKKKK KKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKK K KKKKKKKKKKKK K KKK KKKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKxKKxKKKKKKKKK KK KKKKKKKKKKK K K K KKKK K KKKKKK K K KKKKKKKKK K KKKKKKKKKKKKK K K K xKxKKKKxNKK K KxKKKK MKKKWKKKKKKxKxKKKKKKKK KKxxK KKKKKKKKKxKKKKKKKKxKKKKKKKK wKK KKxKKKKKKKKKK K KKKKKxxKKKKKxxxKKxKKxKKKxKKKKKKK K K KK K . K K xxxKKKKKxKKK K KKKKKKKK KxkaKxxXKKxxmeKKKKKKKx K KKxxKxKKKxKKKxKxKKKKxKKxKK KKKKKKKKXKxxKxKKxxKx. KKKKKKKKxKKKKxKKKKxxxxxKx KKKKKKK KKxK xKKxKKKKKKKKxKxxKKxKKKKKKxxK KKKKKKKKK K KKK KKK KKKKKxK K K KKK KKKKK xKxK KKKK K K K KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK K K KK KK K K K KKKKKKKKKKKKK K KKK KKKKKKK X N K KKxKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKxKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKNWKKKKxxKXKXxKKKxKK KK X? KxKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKxKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKVKKKKKKKKK KKxKKKKKKKKKKKKKWKKSKKKKK NV K xxKKKK NKNKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKxxKxKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKK KKxx$KKK KXKXKKXKXMKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KK K . KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKK$KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK K K KxKKxxKxKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKxKKKKKKKKKKKKKxxKxKKKKKKKKKKKxKKKKxK K K K KK xx xx xx x xxxxKxKxxstKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK K K K K x KKV xk$$g Kx KK K KKKKKKxxxKxKxx K KKKKK K KKKKKxKKKK KK.KKK KKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKK CIVICS A u 0 V1 11... .1 W .m 0 m m a H e. n 0 d a 00 w y w h W 9. S k C 0 S m 0 S m t .1 H k e S a e 1.. D.. 5714912 05 MRS. JANE E. SUMNER B. A. University of Maine Cliff, Susan and Karen FRENCH III Parlez-vous frangais? Souvenirs from Quebec 14?wa min W 501.612 09 MR. ALBERT D. RICHARD B.S. University of Maine MISS LORRAINE L. STUBBS B.S. University of Maine MR. JAMES A. CONNERS B.S. University of MaineAN I V n l '1 O; I ?Milz'k , 4 WWWWM I Z , ' way. , I 22M ZJW CHEM STUDY Karen P. , Terry H. , Gary 0. , Miss Stubbs, Craig F. , Ric T. , Steve R. , David T, , RichaId L. , Freddie H. Karen Perrm Chemistry is a V6 SUbject 1 Q W V WW We wish to thank the following for supporting our Yearbook with U4 Page listings. EDENBQESK EL, ' Harbor; CROMWELL HARBOR MOTEL, Bar Harbor; HINCKLEY'S DREAMWOOD MOTOR COURT, Bar H be M Jfome 80012 01221'03 . HELENE L. HAMMOND Preparing a meal B.S. University of Maine Dawnette T. , Beth K. , Sharon L. , Joan M. , Brenda R. Sewing Cindy D. , Abby S. , Louise S. , Bonnie C. , Jean C. , Linda C. , Lozina S. skirt? What are all those little children doing here?" These are comments about the Home Economics Department which can often be heard as one walks down the hall. Exactly what does go on in that informal, colorfui, horne-like room? Here girls enrolled in the Home Economics program develop con- cepts and skills in homemaking in order that they might have a happy and satisfying home and family life. To achieve this,the girls study the following seven areas. Personal and Family Relationships Child Care and Development Housing and Home Decoration Home Management and Consumer Buying Foods and Nutrition Grooming, Clothing, and Textiles Family Health and Safety Ideas for Better Living Sharon T. , Sonia O. , Carla M. , Charlene W. , Karen S. Even Cindy listens when Janet reads Michelle M. , Jessie C. , Tammy Y. , Kim D. , Tracy C. , Dale L. , Bruce, Barry, Brent L. Fashions '68 Christy escorted by Glendon models an informal dress Vern prefers party attire 550p MR. LINCOLN W. LANDALL, University of Montana MR. DAVID C. AYERS, B.S. , State University of New York ,. 'v'v-wnnnrpma. 'J'r-v- Warren P. , Erwin D. and Fred W. Glendon C . Darryl D. , Myke S. , and Dave E. " .u nuumu-IW 9' ""J' I24. David H. and Glen S. sketch it out The following supported our yearbook with U4 page listings: COLONIAL THEATER, Milbridge; CURTIS SUN DAIRY, Cherryfield; SAUN'S BEAUTY SHOP, Milbridge; SAWYER'S LAUNDROMAT, Milbridge. Products of our Labors John C. and Dana F. Our mass production proj- ect - a sellout at $4.50 each e. . 25'2"?" 3." .m , MR. ALFRED D. MOORE, Sr. , B.S. , Washington State College MRS. CHARLOTTE C. TUCKER, B.S. , University of Maine Dear Bennie . . . KMWWW : If I only knew what they were saying! Shorthand II Mona D. and Teresa S. Wendy, Gail , Beverly Lawrence - That doesn't look like my house key! lwmmm Vol V , m ' V$mXV xwm 79 ysz'cdf 6027005012 BRIAN P. CATES, B.S., Aroostook State College VMary Joyca 'VWMWMMVNN V. ,v , WWW Gred Wieningen "Which way did you say the North Star was?" V VVV'vwg uglinu-I'V V'H'" jaw; Vs; A ; mama xwxxxv How do I get down? Louise, you'd better hang it up! VMI. Categ uouise Burkm The sky is falling! VVenelva Strouo v ,., y. w,,,m, "wry? 'V' '7'" a ' xxxgwkx wmxxkg V V x That's it. Put a bow right there. Gred Haskem We wish to thank the following for supporting our yearbook with U4 page listing. MACHIAS SYSTEM STORE, Machias; DOWNEAST 5 8; 10, Machias; HELEN'S RESTAURANT, Ixiachias; JOHNSON ROTOR CENTER, Machias , :WWW l W 1131b af QCJZQS. A . , -....-....-. r,.'.,".: "a .5 .. -"zsv'v'v-u-anmndn'... 6501713 JOHN B. WHITTEN Supervisor of Music i ;! ... -n...-...i- . This year the music program has taken on a new appearance under the direction of our new Supervisor of Music - Mr. John B. Whitten. The high school instrumental students performed as a highly proficient concert band, winning much approval through- out the year. Other students also participated in the performance area as members of the Narraguagus Singers, our newly formed twenty-five voice glee club. One of our glee club members, Bonnie Look, won acceptance at the 1969 Maine All State Music Festival. She was one of one hundred sopranos chosen from all over the state. With performances at Pep Rallies, color day, Christmas and Pops concerts, the Sumner - Narraguagus exchange concert, the A11 Eastern Maine Concert Festival, the Spring Concert and the Spring Music Festival, the music program has come to a close for this school year. It has been an extremely gratifying and active one, and all the members of the Narraguagus High School Band and Glee Club wish to thank everyone for his loyal support. rmu..wg....t,. ,. .. u't'b'l'lt' ',....nat-IL-ou$wuruo We wish to thank the following for supporting our yearbook with 1l4 page listing. DICK'S DINER, Ellsworth; ELLSWORTH DRUG STORE; ANCHOR REAL ESTATE, Ellsworth; M. R. HEAL, Ellsworth Concerf 75 0120f Nancy L., Ruth 8., Sarah L., Carol 13., Katherine 6., Cynthia P., Leah G., Ramona F., Belinda 8., Marina T., Cliff M. , Mr. Whitten, David 6., David P. , Garry 8., Etta T. , Glenn W., Warren P., Ruberta 8., Edward L., Noreen N., Gene R., Dawnette T., Wendy I. , Venelva 8., Jayne M., Bonnie N., Mary B. w? L 1L K; a LJL xer L X ' L LLK LLLL L KLKG L WM L M; cLLbLLm LL a KM C3 LWJ LP: Wt LLKSL LL ,. LLLLg A LLQLnLL L CLLL L V-w CECCLL L chk L C'de bkggbfoa; CK LR IILMVRCL 5 LLLLLJ LLOCI C LJrz;,L X4 JKJLLLL: LL LC x LL LLLL LI - LLLAILngL'X W7 L Ah LL? ,iCLLJ LLLL Lw4jf 1LLLL41LLLQ L; L ngcf L1; , , x '1 q 4MB L 3 L . 5L "L, wcsbi-J- C L . -..,- Mr. Whitten, Cynthia P, ,Christy P, , Brenda H, , Gayle C, , 5.:de S. , Gene P , Cynthia P, , Vemice L., Karen R. , L. Janice 6., Katherine 6., Nancy N., Katherin Etta 1",, Sarah L., fionnie L., Car; 8,, Puberta 8., Sherry L. N., Belinda 8., Debra L, , Noreen glgfdljy MRS. JOAN F. MESERVE B.S. University of Maine Brenda West, Janet Arnold, Libby Beal, Cynthia Farnsworth, Etta Tucker, Nancy Norton, Ella Far- ren, Sandy McLean, Gail Strout, Beverly Ingersoll, Michael Stoddard, Clarence Gray, Ruberta Strout, Paul Newcomb, Ricky Arnold, Barry Curtis, Dawnette Tibbetts, Jack Peterson, Garry Strout, Michael Robbins, Walter SIIout, Joe Sproul IV, and Jeffrey Beal. The following supported our yearbook with U4 page listings: WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT, Jones- boro; H. E. MEADE INC. , Meade; SHOPPEE'S DAIRY, Machias; MARGARETTA MOTEL, Machias wxxx .sxxxwxxw Another subscriber for Mad Magazine. Uanet Arnold No, Libby, of course I'm sure we don't have Ladx Chatterlx's Lover! ! ! A typical night after school! ! ! Let's see now . . . Wa1ter Strouo The Wild Wild West did you say? mrenda W650 w k QUI$I209 '- ...-......A. mgr..- -m MR. RICHARD A. DUFRESNE B.S. University of Maine M.Ed. University of Maine :Jw' mm-n'... l 9 . J J The.Guidance Department of Narraguagus High became a full-time service in Sep- tember of 1968. The Guidance Department attempts to place its emphasis on the in- dividual and on his needs and desires. It is our intention to provide each individual with an opportunity to know his abilities, interests, and personality traits, to develop them as well as possible, and to keep them flexible in order to meet the demands of a fluid environment. 7 Our primary concern is with the educational development of students; however, we are also concerned with the total growth and development of the individual. The Guidance Office, therefore, is not just a place to get change-in-course slips or infor- mation about colleges. This office is also the place where one can talk over mand g; problems. We hope that several students have benefited from this opportunity this past year and that many more will do so in the future. .n...m.............,... .t.. .... ... .- m; .. "m 's -- ua-mww-I- ys- cw - u- MRS. DORIS GRANT Secrefarz'es MRS. PAULA FARREN and MRS. JANICE KING MRS . MARIORIE RAMSDELL Now Hear this : 1..1-1: . , . . I .lisakl!.uli Pilbl S for dessert? What !! Gdkferz'a M'M'M Tastes Good 00 n .1 1 W 0 D a n r e V L. 1 e d m h a 1 u e B t. H a T. G 1 e .1 r u M n. O S r. e d n A a r. O 1 F W O 1.. e 0.0 .1 B e n e 1 .1 A $va NE xxxmxxi xx x xc WWWXXXXX Xixxxxx XxXxxx? xxxxk Xxxxxstxx Xx xxxxxxxxxk xxxxxx xxxxxx xv xxxxxx xx xxxxx XXxXxxx XXXXXxx 1th s:...?-:m.. ,4, :11? '44,?51 . v. . , 31,: 194 . nql1.lJldii-3 3a!l,1.i. JEANNETTE ARNOLD DOUGLAS BRADBURY Milbridge Milbridge CHARLES CORLISS ANITA BEAL Cherryfield Milbridge ELIZABETH BEAL DARRYL DORR MONA DOW DOUGLAS DOW, JR. Milbridge Harrington Cherryfield Milbridge lg WILLIAM DRISKO CYNTHIA FARNSWORTH DAVID EMERSON CYNTHIA FARREN Addison Cherryfield Columbia Falls Cherryfield JANICE GRANT DANA FAULKINGHAM Columbia Falls Harrington LAWRENCE FICKETT LINDA GRANT Cherryfield Columbia Falls 3! LOWELL FROST SUSAN HARTFORD Cherryfl'Leld TERRENCE GAY Cherryfield Xx Xxx V g x $$ W x xxx Xx :T' me Mk NS Harrington cherryfield HELEN HORNYAK Addisoh RICHARD GRANT Harrington SHARON KANE Addison FWNXVXN ALTON HALL Milbridge . , 3. -A.... .V;-.-......r-...L...-- ...- ALFRED JORDAN JR. Milbridge LOU AN N MERC HANT Milbridge CLIFFORD MITCHELL Harrington BONNIE NORT ON Addison OMER NORT ON JR. Addison LISSA NASH Addison PAUL NEWCOMB Addison NANCY NORT ON Addison 33 um r--! - -Ii JA - LTh n w A... KAREN PERRY RICHARD PERRY Addison Addison JACK PETERSON REBECCA PERRY Columbia Falls Harrington WAND A ROBINSON DAVID PINKHAM VALERIE ROSSI JAMES RAYMOND Harrington Milbridge Milbridge Cherryfield L'A GENE REQUA ANELDA SEAVEY MICHAEL ROBBINS TERESA STANWOOD Harrington Harrington Harrington Milbridge LOUISE STROUT KENN ETH ROBINSON Milbridge Milbridge DANA SAWYER VENELVA STROUT Milbridge Milbridge '5;an 35 IVA GARY STROUT JENNIE WORCESTER MALCOLM WILLEY MICHAEL ST ODDARD Milbridge Columbia Cherryfield Addison ...AL App...w.l..,l ...".An 1 ! g t A " 'i-xu': 'IuVrr-VV"WW- 4- Mae mm DAR Citizen Candidate MACHIAS- The students and faculty of Narraguagus High School in Harrington have se- lected their Good Citizen candi- date, who will be- sponsored in the selection of the State DAR Good Citizen by the Hannah Weston Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. She is Miss 'Susan' Elizabeth Hartford of Cherryfield. During her high school career Miss Hartford has received the; citizenship award .and Dirigo. Girl's.State. She has served her; class. .as treasurer, has beenl treasurer of the History Club for two years, was. class editor. for the yearbOok for three years and presently is ' editor-in-chief of the yearbook. She has been general manager,tassistant mam! ager and captain of'the' school' magazine drive a memo her of the French Club, the Fu- ture Teachers of America, . GirPs Varsity Club, has been a cheerleader and has been ac- tive in' softball and basketball. .She is a member of the Bap- tiSt Youth Fellowship, attends Bible Schdol and has httended Baptist Youth Camp. Her serv- ice to the community includes assisting at dinners for the American Legion ,and Eastern Star and- helping on the Cancer drives in Cherryfield. . Her plans for the future in-.: elude attending college where she plans to study to-become a physical educationi teapher. :Dz'riyo 91r5 t CSlafe 19 6 8 SUSAN HARTFORD 7391129 Orocfer Jfomemafer gwarof Cindy Farren was named 1969 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for Narraguagus High School on the basis of her score in a written knowl- edge and attitude test on homemaking given to senior girls. Cindy's achievement makes her eligi- ble for state and national scholarships and she will receive a specially designed silver charm from General Mills, the sponsor of the test. We wish to thank the following for supporu'ng our yearbook with U4 page listing. GAY BROTHERS , Jonesboro; BROWN 8:, WHITE PAPER CO. , Ban- gor; MaCKENZIE'S MARKET, Machias; LINDSAY OIL CO. , Machias . , t. . , .e . . t. , - t A . - , . t , , A . e e e '. . F c . 5 " p e e V. ' I w . . . J e e W . .7 '4 tmv . h t " VA h h ' A h in . . . w a e. t . pr : w n. .- e Vt . A ,. . e w t W . , e L K A h WMw-Wh-mu,ewttzeuaa..m.....M . t ea. . . -u. . .. . CINDY FARREN .1! x; 1 5.3;.ra'u iw, w : ac'iwfxguLNfE u... rMHLFpNIE; wwwicilhb x P: E Pit; xwamw :wxx xxx xmxxm mlny 1 'd an Queen 0120f Cynlgz Es; xx x $ $ xxxxxxxxxxxxx $ xxxxxxxxF RE :5 h C r a M d n a r G k ?.?igf $1.1 3 .CaJeil 1. 1. La 1'11! 11' flavi-l5i , , ; .. , : I . k I . :111 1 35;! 4W1?1.31?1d4dJV 11149,. I 4 t.. i. A ZLLAZL LLLMLLWLWMLLLLLLLLLLZLLLLW :LLLnga L ,LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLALLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLL ,LfggLLiLLLL 7L LLLLLLLLLLLLVLLLLLL , LL LLLLLLLL L LLLLL 7? ,L g L L LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLMLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL L L L L LLL, LILLLLXL LLLALLLLL L LLLLLLLLL LLL L . LLLLLLLLMLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLL LLLLL LLLLLLLL , LLLLLLLLL L LLLLLLLLLL L , L LLLLLLLL LLL L egLLLLL ?,?th . ZLL L L L LLLLLLLL LLLLLLULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLL L LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ,, , LLL,L ., , LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL L LLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2 L L L ,x LLLL L L LLLLLLLLLLLLL HLLLLLLLLLMLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLM L L LLLLLLLLLLLL, L L LLL LVLLLAA LLLLLLLV WLLL aLLLxLLL LL L L xLxL m N, , MW $44 ,LWLiLwy x, Ax u i WLLL L LxLxLALNVLALLwaL LLVLL L L LL; , . L L LLA w L L xLL LULLL L L, LLLLL L LLLLL L LLLLLJLLLLLL LLLLLLLL L eLiLi? LLL L LLLLLLLLLLLLL L LLLLL ,L LLL LLLLLLLLLLLLL , ,L,L, LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1y 18 ir- who spoke "Qu Worcester, "I Like Men;" Janet Arnold, "The He y a G e C D e r r e T e r e W 8 6 9 1 r a C V: e h t r O f S t n a t s e t D. 0 C 00 n .1 k a e p S T. 0 .1 Jun The " Jennie Alfred Jordan, "Bert and I ess;" Rebecca Perry, "Sorry, Wrong Number;" Karen Perry, "The Waltz ." , 873 Teresa Stanwood , "The Stove;" and Lissa Nash, "Dust of the Road. " Alfred Jordan with "Bert and I" really cap- His "Down East" accent and noncha- t pnze . 13 fi h lant mannerisms left the audience "in stitches. " Second pr 11: ire audience and came 1n w tured the em Both spoke so well that they were chosen to participate in the finals. Alfred won a trophy for Nar- raguagus High School and also was rated the best speaker in Washington County. in. 1V1310n , was d lous Lissa Nash; Lissa Nash and Alfred Jordan went on to Machias to speak aga 1Z6, in the ser' glven to WILWLLWLL L LLLLLLLLLL ,, 1.1L. . ., , H , ZLM. L, ,LLLLLLLLLLL L, LL LL, LLL LLLLLLLLLLL LLLLL LLLLL LLLL g LLLLLLLLLLL L L XXLLL LLLLLLLLZ,L , LL L ,LL LngLL , LLLL LLLLLLLLL , LLLL L, L LLLLLL , , LLL, LLLLL ,LLLZLL, LLL L L ,L V . Xxx Xxx K :xv;:!hp, ill. QLIVVI? vi . We're glad you d1d A ,, ??wiykvg? ,, y 4315 V?! x, 00 + 4 t ..K C a b 6 m 0 C e V ' e W g y .z. , xwxw mm Personality Shoes - Square toes and Buckles New from the Reservation - Squaw Boots Greek God comes home Brain covers L. x xxx: L . L xix , : QYX x xxx: x X. XX Xxx V f , k ,. UJ .m gs $$$$$ . HINI ZZZ g; WMWM avg? ngggjy g , , x 3, , a .7 ,1 fit, ?i . ., 145;st xwa? y 95W Look 011776 4 4 II. E I .. '4 . bl. I rill- '4 '4 E ,4. .me 44. 2$ix$x$sx is$k k. 4 is This blond had more fun!! Camper's Convenience - The "Tent" Dress I... Jnil"'uv1.l.. 4 .5 44.3.4... ., v .. 4 . .444in $44 . .:..4 wk. 4.44 .,.. 4. .ra o wraa... nobzi amburbkrt .Tln . The Pierced Look That Hurt Feeling! Iv ; h: 1 r z X? v;rbntlufrlluvxfzifilzi 535.3,!de J. .,..L..f irln . . f5 .u n. F; L EEx k innx 1i V V y L Attt.c.0koctt$i3a g, Vs; mic 501050122 OPQS 9710935122 912 m, gawWWz , "9! a WWW M a RX; I9 I M I ' ? m, '9 '2 sir? r; 7 :7 k; 3,3 '7'W 1? 1.3 ; 7 i, AMMW vx 4, 39,4 Lg, gw .rvvw X9; wk; Mg; xngVW A M w t' .x, WV A 1 Ly ,1 1,41 013;ng 7mg ' V F A f a M a . v 2 m m , n , I n 4 M 9 . Mi , M? xmeZZ V JUL X $15 of rgQTriw , 14:qu awag, harvwfixw JV WJR WW $77k "Jr 9721; q M72613! cd f i l , hp'fN 1 M V' m A 47 , cngg xVMMngZgI MQJPQIQZZ ZR: 47 "7 :4 X .. .f A K 'gfgg: n! 0 12w;K M .f M9 Gail Alley Jean Crowley M Frederick Arnoldlgu M Suz anne Farnswort Willard Bailey Sandra Pickett James Beal Wanda Pickett Randy Brooks MN-niwvvu, .113. ., wvgxf-v. "m4: ., STEVE REECIijVice President GLENDON CROWLEY, Treasurer GAIL STROUT, Secretary RICHARD CAMPBELL, President Peggy Foss Richard Campbell Brenda Haywood John Chipman Beverly Ingersoll Carl Cirone Wendy Ingersoll Glendon Crowley Bonnie Look Erwin Dorr .vw...pyway..a-..1-r.... ,. . .., .. . ;M q. Nancy Look Richard Dorr Sarah Look Craig Pickett Carla Marston .., ,.,,M,.,l..,u y Lawrence Fraser Vickie Morse Clayton Gay III Noreen Norton Terrance Grant Sonia Overlock David Hammond Christy Parker Fred Haskell Patricia Parker Steve Helinski Marita Ray Terry Hutchins Susan Spizio James Kennedy Gail Strout Barry Leighton Richard Ingersoll Richard Leighton Sharon Tibbetts Jeff Morse Charlene Worcester Michael Murphy Marilyn Tucker Bobby Phinney Gary Owen John Purington Warren Polk Mark Strout Michael Smith Walter Strout Terry Strout David Tenney Dale Tenney Fred Wieninger PHOTOHNAOT AVAILABLE xi NO PHOTC VAILABL Donna Alley , Xuor' Jeffrey Beal X V XL; x ,f Belinda Bigelow 7W Aja v Michael Emerson 79312, 66'; Ruth Brooks 9 1 Bruce Davis Jessie Crowley Fredrick Davis Ella Farren Anthony Faulkingham FVL 0 K Ramona Foss NO? Katherine Getchell W Jimmy Grant Gayle Grant Clarence Gr Harriet Grant Alvin Hall Patricia Grant Glenn Ingersoll Beth Kelley Stephen Kingti Debra Kennedy A Robert Leighton' N Debra Kneeland 1M Sidney MerchantJU l Debra Larnson Leroy Merritt Sherry Look Ricky Meserve Sandy McLean Dana Mitchell Joan Morse Terry Moore Cynthia Peterson Anthony Norton ' """4141 i: '1 u v"? -' Wm! "WM W mnnithiwvrfrdwwyruw'm'wa CW w 3km N Mr. Richard - Advisor Anne Sm'th - President V nghorn - V.President Joe Sp 1 - Secretary rker - Tre asurer H Brenda Robinson Dana Parker 4; Karen Rockwell John Parker ; Rachel Sears . William Phinney f Anne Smith 7 Gary Robbins '1; Deanna Stanwood Robert Shaw Ruberta Strout William Skinner Marina Thibeau Timothy Small Dawnette Tibbetts ' Glen Smith , Etta Tucker , Joseph Sproul 5 Pamela Willey David Stanley . 1t: . Phyllis Worcester Walter Stanley Cary Willey :5, Gary Strout . . gresgm 012 Ofass 0120f DIANE STROUT, Treas.; BRENDA KNEELAND, Pres.; REBECCA BRADBURY, Sec.; KATHY HASKELL, V.Pres. MISS STUBBS, Advisor Rebecca Bradbury Elliot Batson Mary Bucknam Dale Beal Louise Burke Michael Bradbury Bonnie Chipman Thomas Bradley Linda Chipman Roger Burgess Judy Crowley Robert Caler Cynthia Davis Steve Corey Carol Davis Barry Curtis Leah Grace Garry Curtis :HVOAE?Ar;LOET Z , . k L x : x Kathy Haskell 0. ' Warren Dorr Donita Jordan Ronnie Fraser Wanda Kidder Anthony Freern an Brenda Kneeland David Grant Vernice Lord Allan Gray Macky Maclean Steve Hornyak uv- aungam.un... . A Gladys MacHatton Kenny Kane MJUED y Jayne Merritt . C 6V f Eddie Laprell . ' 01 Beverley Parker ;. L 0 , CL 3 "'1 V: 36 ,M llfdlk Brian Merritt J 1 Cindy Parker W! WU Clifford Perry !gdd k, L Lynn Perry ' lg 510190 J' w Bruce Pottle ma Cynthia Peterson UCU' I Timothy SaWyerU jam U Debra Pinkham XXZUV Galen Seavey Susan Purmgton HUD ijkrp Wm? $1161le Murray Seavey 636 Cynthia SaWyerC Anthony Small Abby Seavey Timothy Smith Jane Stanley WW WoijQJLW Embert Tibbetts Louise Stanwood Gary Tibbetts Kathryn Stoddard Robert Tibbetts Diane Strout Sheldon Trundy Lozina Strout Lawrence Tucker Brenda West Randy Tucker Bettina White Lester Wallace Janice Worcester Glenn Wakefield Michael Wieninger John Worcester Melvin Young Brent Anders ABSENT. PHOTO NOT PHOT.O AVAILABLE Not Available .35. ;!39$ 13! !$ l? '012 1'19de 93. W 55 mm ; 3' x;522..1. ?yy un, "nunuuuvn, Kathy Stoddarm a. n' .-uu.u I Flower Child or Pocahontas? . , ' , 42f 5x WAXZVMJ , . l xx z , , .,1,. I'll drink to that! ! Sheldon Trundy and Elliot Batsom insects e sleepily trying to pester the animals about the region. When a wagon would roll down the road, dust would fly out and smother you in a cloud of yellow. Down the road, just a little way, there was a small frog pond. Here there was a world of peace and quiet. Frogs easily croaking, flicking out their tongues to catch a tasty morsel. Sometimes you could catch a snake sunning his leathery, tough, skin, snetched on a rock or in the hot yellow sand. If you startled him, he would quickly flick out hls tongue and si- ' lendyslither;away. ' g- "Ti s' .I ' . -' I fmembefiohce when I weugt down there to my fiupgite shady shot, I saw afheautiful buttere . -.f1y. I'tlfiad. the most extraordinary colors IHad , ever seen. It flittered about so prettily that all I could think of was'ia lovely chiffon drzzsson a young girl" floating over a serene dance floor; I watohed her for at least a half hour; then she silently flew her way and I, not wanting to break the spellmvgtfiptoed silently away. t . Li Many days I would gofdown thergejust to think over-my problems. It was my spot and there it was always '70 degrees in the shadeBTcool willows and hackmatack trees. These and other insects were sleepily trying to pester the animalsyagut the region. - , - " I .u SARAH LOOK '70' 4; W 4W W4 W, ng ; aaa !' SusanS .- sgoiv v .245 BAC Lin G.?W-I eres s. : tch B. 5 T., Gene R., K , .., s C o P , Craig F., B r - 'd 'avid E F- W., ar 8., J mes K., Ga L. FRON OW: Bev ., Wan- ., . y M. , aang es B. I $ Elk. i Ship: 3 rlasx .IP I s: hurrmdx . L xA NW . m QR Xx 19 6 8 3123f gdeQldffOI? 591211.013; W12 ofer Me 10 awards ive athlet e C e r. n m S S a 1 C r. e d n U for Susan Honors Karen, Debbie, and Mari- na receive awards Buddy also receives recognition. M f fig!!! , . . V IP4Jr .yv ffklf'i r v! .!!:5:!5D'RIfK.J5r :A hi. Nakxk . V X x iv: w exxxxxmx VR aw ,yy,; 1 jfva:attiri ll , 4x1 Al? x ,i ,i??? x Congratulations ATHLETICS I II..- silt .iiLrlI-tfy 1... 1.1L. . K. xiv Janet A. Manager, Mary J. Co-Captain, Cynthia F. , Libby B. , Suzy H. Co-Captain, Anita B. , Janice G. Brenda W. , Ruth B. , Deanna S. , Debbie L, , Phyllis W. , Harriet G. STANDING SEATED 10.?05 g 11799312 9 ?In 17 $MW; x47z1 Z??? ; f? 462 y ,3 ? 2 , g 44wa 7 .WMWW x Phyllis, to jump is fine, but to do the minuet is ridiculous! !! Mary, how do you do it with only one leg??? Show us your stuff, Libby! 1 I We wish to thank the following for supporting our yearbook with U2 page listings. TOP VALUE ENTERPRIS- ES, Ellsworth I L. b . t... PI!..I.5I? rbEklinf Fl rkfIl , . .VTI LIL , z W W ,WNWW- WWM Fred has the ball under Left vx Xx x Xxx T1p it to a Knight, Dana. Z? x KKXO x 22.11 xxxxxxxxxxxw xxx xx - WM; H L; wxxWMVQXxxx-xxxxxxxx xv W wwx xx Nxxx xxxxm: ervxxxxwxxxm wwwxxwwxxxmm wxxxxx x xxx WV xxx xxx- L xxx xf$ 9X xx RE KNsXkaKXXVxXXQxquxXXx Na Terry shoots and scores . , h hXhXhXXeXVX h 101' ' 0" RIC HARD T HIBEAU Jun 6 The forward 3 a W n O .1 t .1 S O p p 0 e h t e r u S e d m C H FRED HASKELL ; SMITH'S CITGO, Jonesboro; JOANNE'S BEAUTY SALON, Columbia Falls S 183 Mach HILL , zxiyxxx 7x29; The following supported our yearbook with U4 page listings: COMMERCIAL PRINTING CO. , Machias Outside shots were this forward LLOYD W. contribution to the team. MIKE MURPHY TERRY GAY 6' 0" Senior He played center for the Knights - a job well done. DANA FAULKINGHAM 5' 8" Senior The guard who kept the other teams jumping. JEFF MORSE 6'0" Junior The forward who found the basket often. The following supported our yearbook with U4 page listings: E. L. SHEA INC. , Ellsworth; M. A. CLARK, Ellsworth; D. H. LOOK 8c SONS , Addison; GOLDEN ANCHOR INN, Bar Harbor EtxtEiit4ll I.n .RT , z, , i2 gx ibby Be a1 1 Strout , L Gai . , . ,. 1, , 2 , ; .; ,,,,,, I7;2,3;syzfy4 vfwi$?$4?x 16 Look Bonn Linda Grant, Ingersoll, Teresa Stanwood , Z??? V Peggy Foss , Wendy 2147411.? FRONT ROW , ????xfxxggifi $$k$o$r$3 . wWykwMaga ,1Z412?3$72 is; E; QxxSE i Danni? GA? erfeaafrs A1 ut;nates Mary Joyce and Cindy Farren WENDY Co-Captaim LINDA 7 X :gxvaAxx Vii. V1457? as? : wk x xi, 4 X$$$ Rm? : x: x Cx$$wx mx XX 1 A$ Nx$ .:$$:xxxxvxxk$. . XXXX$ xwxmexX VX . . xx 9.. hard '12.; .o ,g 'Jeff M 0,, c d, m h . C R1 Ric r xxxxxxx xxxxx x 1!! e m a G d 0 w Dribble down the floor - Lib by , Cindy, Bonnie, Knights 1! I Mary Ye ah Teresa, Wendy, 51:..51. . W , D7, JJMJJQJJ J 7 JV J . 3;, $gu$xkz xx V K D m DKNDNgD ; Eusworthi? mm ,1 gm 8; cm DWW , ,S w W ..,A.,. quth lugs 13 I 3118 J t' D x VMX ROSBROUGH 1. J". 03! L. Bar HarB 4 .4 MO I X; REBECCA B. Captain Walter Stanley, Dale Beal, Anthony Freeman, Steve Kinghorn, Garry Curtis, Steve Corey, Coach Brian Cates, Glen Wakefield, Robert Leighton, David Grant, Joseph Sproul IV, Barry Curtis, Timothy Sawyer, Timothy Small, Michael Emerson ' BEVERLY P. W;-'w rup-u...-..y..,1g 2' x. zwnnurangrnp-L . . -....- . ..'. u;l:z.;., ii ; .1-..vru.- , GLADYS McI-I. V DONITA J. Co-Captain r mmxxxxxw sxxxxxkaxx - .xxxxx NARRAGAUGM ' ' Barry C., Richard G. , Dana F. , Albert W., Steve K. , Mr. Gates, Garry C. , Richard T. , Doug D. , Elliot B. , Scrappa C. , Kenny K. , Dale B. , Anthony F. , Butch B. , Doug B. , Mark 8., Mike M. , Kenny R. , Wil- ly D. W4 x W4; Mmmlmwxxmmwyw Wywww W1! ' :xgyyv xx Aw m xw , g M ? 4 . WWW mg W12: W94 XWMX , w; V53 My? ., .x f 7 0 ? w ? MW y , 1w V Mr , M ' , V ' X X , , 4; y , , W w , Mike Murphy at the bat Fred Haskell's fast b; 31.44,, . Vulf g-V uh kg .wg .4' x. M i .- W. K H ,a. n 3- 32;. 7 ' , cg :5 ,, ; ',,.L 1;. . u :3.. .- '9 .. ,- . "'X x k, .. A .. V4- .3.- . X , . J k . , a . .4 Iaujq ,'. "2 offX' X42: X S. . A, Qt ." a,Mdfu: 3f. ' e: , . k ' .Vu .5- g, .X- X -.k':;;.;, '.. , WM .. . $ '. a ' ,: $ anichwdw" '31". Z" w $4:th5. m.- 4. W ?'?1 V. W 3i . W? F.- ' 9 u X ' .s-' V'LVX'X': 4X. --.' 'N ! 3;,g5 . . - $x I u" out H113; a ;. -.-- MR. FEENE w Scrappa Campbell Y , Coach 71 XXXXXX X XXW Km pr 1"; m ,uiicii1rrllll ll3i. IlkPPlg . IV . ll ;. . : . . . 4. s ? , , , , . Eikaf. ,3 $1.. .iVA . . riskrthREtFLiLvaPrtvlltnuifttwri;knwlruu! .9 355,272: x? , , , , ma xxxE $ Xxx x x xxxxxxx Qxx NK i . xxx ; $E$S $ $ w ,,?Qgill$7z m XXXXxxXxxmxxXxx$ xxx . $$ XXXXXxxxR? $K xx , x XXXXXXx Kxxx LxEX , L Nk : X$NV sxa O Mw vV Mary had a little lamb . Dana Faulkingham 1!! 0 tests are so trymg $$Nx D 16 Ross 0 E e m 0 H e s e h T Va1er 'd also like I Santa .t:;ascxa.n.o. 5 xbetnvititQiOOua And Smalb '0 W 9 $ ,5' 0 511,14 I 4y$uf 7424 9"" But I use a deodorant aimmy , 4 xxx syrup . . . 'K K f . KDebi Kneelanm j 43:7 .K , : . Km .41., K '7 V , , H K v Aw , a 010 'V' L- L 0v VJ ,- K' i i AL X4 A, .01. C It xLx-ci Husk L 1;; 0L k 0x :. 'K Q 5 ' HI A w K V W ; y. Buit I m on the wagon. . . lekdvgm , K: v-A'BUKL, C? L . J ii A K Uhchard Perry, JrJ ' ' l k y; L' L5 Q 7L! K; You shut up or I'll mall you, K K j , too!! m L kk K KC V Mr. Moore, where's my Valentine? KButch Bailew kv VLLEU 5g L441 k . Marita Ray L 6 05 C mmm- 7 Lu The following supported our yearbook with 1M page listings: ROGER SKINNER, Milbridge; BROWN'S MOTEL and CABINS, Ionesboro; FRED WIENINGERwlionumentsL Milbridge; SMITH'S 66, Jonesboro KI' " v -M. I ?Wme mmmmmmm W9: ! W131 W - ana yu,4 uxw: Ni- lst ROW: Brian Cates, Richard T. , Douglas 15. , Douglas D. , Fred H. , Mike M. , Elliott B. , Steve K. , Robert Feeney 2nd ROW: Terry G. , Albert W, , Dave E. , Butch B. , Dana F. , Scrappa C. , Ricky D. , Anthony F. , Willy D. , Tim 8. 3rd ROW: Ricky A. , Mark S. , Richard G. , Jeff M. , Gary 0. , Cary W. , Ken R. , Garry C. , Barry C. , Dale B. SEATED: Phyllis W. , Susan H. , Gail S. , Cynthia F. , Libby B. , Teresa S. , Mary J. STANDING: Debra L. , Bonnie L. , Ruth B. , Cynthia P. , Wendy I. , Peggy F. . Jean- nette A. , Deanna S. WWWWW , . zylimml MW W1 WWWWWWW WM 7W WWW X W 3W62WWW V W ' , WWW ', , , WWW - WWW? W y; WW WWWWWWW my Wm W , 9 W , v . , , x W , . W WWWWWW WWW x WWW , - , W WW WWW WWW W W , ' W , VII 47 . I , Ixa Hr! : W WW ' l ' I . r . w, W INK x NV Mm RSITY CLUB ADVISORS: Mrs. Willey and Mr. Feeney , . , , OFFICERS: V. Pres., Cynthia F.; Treas., Libby 3., Sec., V ; l, Teresa S. , Pres. , Mary J. WWWWWWWWV , BOYS' VARSITY CLUB ADVISORS: Mr. Cares and Mr. Feeney OFFICERS: Treas. Doug B.; Pres. , Doug D.; V. Pres., Fred H.; Sec., Mike M. 111:1. 2 1111111.. ' Harriet G. , Doug D. , Cary W. . Anthony F. , Beverly I. . Mr. Ham , 191m . . Temp 6., Anita B. Q 4' STANDING: Lynn P. Treas. , Harriet G. Re- porter, Beverly 1. Sec. , Doug D. Chief Justice. SEATED: Terry G. V, Pres. , Anita B, Pres. , Robert Hammond Advisor 24' r Anita Beal Anita Beal ufure geacgers J gm erz'ca 1...".va y A t. ummwm : ,WWW I J .2, .- x ',. sndiwmmm 1-, 'k 1: Cynthia P. , Peggy F. , Ruth B. , John P. , Clifford M. , Marina T. , Debra L. , Karen R. , Jane S. , Nancy N. , Nancy L. , Noreen N. , Mrs. Irene Allan, Advisor, Sarah L. , Brenda W. A. A5;- .w , ewwwth-u Cynthia P. , Reporter; Peggy F. , Parliamentarian; Ruth B. , Historian; John P. , Vice Presi- dent; Clifford M. , President; Marina T. , Secretary; Debra L. , Librarian; Karen R. , Treas- ... r urer This year the F.T.A. consists of fourteen members. Officers are Cliff Mitchell, President; John Purington, Vice President; Marina Thibeau, Secretary; Karen Rockwell, Treasurer; Peggy Foss, Historian; Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Sumner, advisors. We have done many things to build our scholarship fund, such as having fudge sales, selling cook books, and selling Christmas candles. Also, we held a fudge sale for the benefit of the Heart Fund Drive. We have also been keeping informed about our state legislature and its bills on ed- ucation. Of enjoyment to everyone were the discussions we had and to which we in- vited guest speakers. .......,...-um, .- v1-w1vr-rnIIWnu; -.-. .' .m.....-,nt "'1 I V ".e, F x43 V, A r.- W 7w r; v I x, WWWM , memmwm WMWMMDI mat -- pwuul'f-F y.;;tu9yqa Janet A. , Teresa's. , Sharon K. , Anita B. , Libby B. . Cliff M. , Doug D. , Richard G. , Jack P. . A1fredJ., Gary S. , Dana S. , Paul N. , Terry G. ???kforzcw :Lvn. . . AvenumumJuL-u . . ;Qa.' STANDING: Dana S. , Alvin H. , Janet A. , John P. , Noreen NL, Mr. Hammond SEATED: Willie D. , Anita B. , Suzy H. , Cliff M. ,-Nancy L. , Rebecca P. , Sarah L. This year the History Club of Narragua- .. gus High is working on a book of folklore and superstition entitled "Folk Tales. " This! is to be compiled from all the tales of the surrounding communities . Officers for this year are Cliff Mitchell, President; Susan Hartford, Treasurer; and Anita Beal, Secretary. With the help of our advisor, Mr. Ham- mond, we plan to produce a wonderful book and hope it will be as successful as our for- mer publication. ROBERT HAMMOND - Advisor SUZY HARTFORD - Treasurer CLIFF MITCHELL - President ANITA BEAL - Secretary We wish to thank the following for supporting our yearbook with 1M: page listings. WATSON'S LAUNDRY, Ellsworth; HANCOCK COUNTY CREAMARY, Ellsworth; BEAL'S JEWELRY, Ellsworth; STEUBEN GROCERY, Steuben W . . X JWOXa I -' XXMzXX WWTW XeXXW 0 XXXWXXX XXX K s. X wW .. yXXXXXXXXQX X XXXWXZ X, MXXXX XXX XXX X ?T' 1'! w .mwxxVAwwx "71209 0120f gee In the middle of last October the regeneration of the Phoenix took place school Pop-rock Band, the Mystics, was reborn as the Fire and Ice. This time we dig things in different fashion by first enlisting the help of a faculty member to act as group manager. We had not previously had a manager and it has made a big difference in our practice efficiency since we can now concentrate on achieving good sound and presentation, leaving bookings and business arrangements to Mr. Tobin, our manager. WWEWMMIMHWIWWIhMIm-mmmlma.gnige n t; i 3: In the very short time since regrouping, the Fire and Ice has developed an ex- tremely effective style and tonality. The result has been that an encouraging and constant demand has developed, and we have played some of the biggest dance spots in the State of Maine: Women's Gym, University of Maine, Augusta Armory, Water- ville, Y.M.C.A ., Brunswick Naval Air Station, Bowdion College, Rockland Recrea- tion Center, etc. , etc. We are proud of our accomplishment and realize that hard work and dedication do get results when properly applied, and everyone deserves a lot of credit for what we 've done. Karen, our girl vocalist, for her vocal enrichment of our sound, Myke, our male vocalist for his interpretative moods. Dana, Ricky, Rich and Johnny for their articulate instrumental back-up and their unique Fire and Ice sound. The following supported our yearbook with U4 page listings. MOORE'S MARKET, Harrington; NICHOL'S FARM, Harrington; SHERM'S MARKET, Cherryfield; COLBETH'S MARKET, Cherryfield w? v-i-u-vmtn-n Wm MN m x x 1..- r Wm M wh w.- mMN , x x. mm... .1me ux uxwa. xmxxx V mxu 'Rx s- .1 .a w D1 1 'N: X 1 2X: . X1 N MANAGERS AND CAPTAINS4 lst ROW. Harriet G. , DoniIa J. , Anita B. , Susan H. , Bonnie L. , Nancy N. , Peggy F. 2nd ROW: Beverly I. , 62111 S. , Brenda K. , Marina T. , Anthony N. , Michael W. xj ' iv 11 i a w' i ,1 $2710? .Nwwm; WINNERS: SEATED- David S. , Marita R. , Teresa S. , Jennie W. The Red Barron and His Snoopies STANDING: Harriet G. , Paul N. , Ella F TMF- SpragueT 14 y , 4-..u-, ,1. XX X XXXX XX XX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX X X XXXXXXXX X X XXMX , X, ; XXX ; XX X X X X -W-.W$X.X...F,wv-rw.v-av www.v-WVV w a A X XX M . Sprague pulls a ,-.-V XEX$K xx 3 XXX A H 3:- umHA-nr-r ya.- XX X , "My heart belongs to Sn00py "My heart belongs to the Seniors" QVL :xxx 3 ,. EVELYKLVL L L xxx E L L L W$L$L$$x 5L LLLLxxxxEsL KL L L XXX LL? L L L xxx? xxxxxL L L xw$$$$x$ MKENWWWx xxxxXxxLxx L L xxx x L xx LX ka kkxxxxxxxxxxL xF LL LL x? xs xxwkaxv Q LX xqixxs 33$ xxxxxxxxxxx x Terry smiles as he slaves Don't bite! I ! LDeanna and Anna L .WN .. L. -LNL m e 1 b o r P a S e V 1 o S d r a h .c Dd; L M Uayne, Noreen, and Beverlw airfrakrhbtei .lili lonal L Hammond and som me 9?, Z Vzg L WM? x5 440x The touch of the profess "Indoctrination for Courtney" LKathy and Jan LMr. and Mrs. l 1 1 1 1 W 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 x 1x x 1 1331;. 2311 1Staff 4; Class Treas 1; Student Council 2; Gregg Shorthand Awards; J V Ch LAWRENCE FICKETT - course-Gene1a1 JEANETTE ARNOLD - course-Home Economics - History Club 3,4; Varsity Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Basketball 1, manager 4; Softball 1,3,4; J.V. Cheerleader .1; Jr. Speaking 3; Home EC. Award 3; Volleyball 1; Skating Club 1; Drama Club 1. M14NITA BEAL - course-College - History Club 1360.1 3 ,;4 Varsity Club 43113113431111 W 11211131141 33111152111 1, 3 4, Softball 1, 3, 4; J. V. Cheerleader 1, 2; Varsity Cileerlead- er 3; Class Treas. 1; Student Council 1, sec. -treas. 3, pres. 4; Magazine Drive Captain 4; Student Council Award 3, Drama Club 1; Skating Club 1; Volleyball 1. 1; 1 ELIZA13ETH BEAL - course-Business - Varsity Club 1treasJ 4; FBLA 3; Basketfball 1,2, 3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; J.V. Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Class Treas. 3, 4; Gregg Shorthand Award; Drama Club 1; Skating Club 1; Volleyball 1. DOUGLAS BRADBURY - course-College - History Club 3,4; Varsity Club 4; J3. ketba111,2,3; Baseball 1; Soccer 1,2,4; MTA Award-honors, Math 4. CHARLES CORLISS - ?yrsguBusmess - FBLA 3; Mock Staff 4; Class Vice Pres. 3. 1 1 WNVMVE My .1 1; 11 1144941111" DARRYL DORR- cours3-1I'31dus 1e 2 113311313111 1, 2; Shop Award 3. - 111 DOUGJ AS DOW - c0332:- 0311:1111 History c1ub 3,1 - sity Club wresJ 4- J.V. Basketball 32.311311131133113 2,133.4;800111 1, 4; c ' Pres 1; Studfgouncil MONADow-cours1-e 13313 See. 1; Magazme Drive 1 v y, 4 v X 1 1 1'11 , g , 1Q X WILLIAM DRISKO- icaurse-Collegegz- Trag 311wick Academy, Lebanon, New York; Histor Club 4 Varsny Basketball 11,2;Baseba11 1; Track 1,2; Soc 3er 1 2, 4; C1as3 Officer 4;St1::dentbC10unc112;Play3 1, 2; Skiing 1, 2; Cross Cotintry 2; Swim Team 1. 1 1 1 1 DAVID EMERSOVourse-College g- 1141m61y C111b 3, Vars1ty Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; J. v.2113133113 133; Class Prgs;,1, Bas3ba113. 1 M1 1N Captain 1; Gregg1, rlead- X CYNTHIA FARREN - course-College - Transfer Student, Oroville Union High Schoolxx Oroville,Ca11fornia; Varsity Cheerleader 4; AWards 12, 31 for being in top 10 CY 1131?W6R114VWBWHESSWWaISWMmWW14:37:16? e151; 3a:3ke1ba11 3,4; 801113311 3,4. 3' academically in class; National Honor Society 1,2,3;Ca11fornia Scholarship Asso- $3M Clatiol'l 2.3; GAA 3; Bettwa1rac1keer3mevEcw3w3zu 4-. - $11 '3! DANA FAULKINGHAM - course-Industrial Arts - Varsity Club 4; J.V. Basketball 1,1; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Soccer 4; Vice Pres. 1; Shop AWard 3; plays 2.3.131 3; $5.111 311 TERRANCE GAY - course-College - Varsity Club 4; Varsity Basketball 1112, 3 ,41; 111ad1 3; Class Pres. 1; Class Vice Pres. 2, 4, Jr. Speaking 12nd prize13; M21gaz1rie Drive Captain 1, 2, 3; math Award 2; 331,3 Award 2; 3portsmansn1p Award 3; MTA Award- honors, total achievement 4. . , w.;k...; .. 3.4 vv-ihi ...x,..- A- 14; -963. i"..- -.. '1... 6.. - - H?NICF c- .. NT - oufe-Cllege - siftbaQoftbfll, 4; C ?.ruw 161-44.,24114- . alirmr, - . n-z-EMJ '3'": IN. .11?! Texas; History Club 3; Varsity Club 4; Softball 4; Track 1, 2; Varsity Cheerleade1 I 3 ,;4 FHA 1 ,2;Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Amarillo High Newspaper 2; Gymnas- tics Club 2; Archery 2. RICHARD GRANT - course-Industrial Arts - History Club 4; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Basketball Manager 4. 1' WW French Club 3; PTA 3; E J.V. Cheerleader 1; , .. - Sitizenship Award D E ' "61A 1 HELEN HORNYAK - goursi General - Tr 1 Student, John' . Kennedy Memorial E: f N16 Jersey; Trac 2,; Sophomore arLety Show; Junior Re- view; Art Club 1, ,3; rchery 2; Voc 51' 3 a1 Drawing 2. ALFRED JORDAN IR. 1- Band 1,2; Jr. Spea'jgdnggj ; ; : 4 cougse- -Industria1 Afr j Baseball 1; 80;. 2; Class Pres. 4; lst prizek Y6 10k Staff 4; U F Speech Festival 3,4. MARY JOYCE - cours Bu ess - Varsity C , E Pres. 4; Year c E taff2,3,4; Basket- ba112,3,;4 Softba 11, 3,4; Varsity 1 , leader 4: Diri t ' 13' State Candidate 3 SHARON KANE - cou se-Hemeimnomic ' - : ball 2. LOU ANN MERCHAN1" - oLrse-Home Ec 9 i . ' ' . . .. der 1. CLIFFORD MITCHELLE - . .f - French c1'ub, 'Vice Pres. 3; FTA 1,2,. . ? .. -Band 1,2, Pres. 42$: ' I ' 4. , . ' - 134121111, 'T'vm'ng Student Coun011 1;. , ' ors, xMath and Total Achievement. ITSSA NASH - r6ouE e- ome Eco 26,6" , . . ice PreE4thakmgWize; gift 9? 5;! PAUL NEWCOMB cg urse-COIEE g9j- Yearboqk Staff 1; 1.91 Basketba111,2, 3; Base- 3; Play 3; Pastuf ow 2; U oE WpeWE'esuval 3'41 bm.m $111.11.; band616; 626; "3:6 Magazme Duve nigh balesman 4. 15.4.4444 WW4nwm wmwww 4.. w .4 1 BONNIE NORTON- gourse-Busmess - FBLA 4; Softbali64 6Majorette 4; Magazine Drive . ,4 E 1 4 Captam 1 . E S 3 erc mzw 1.. ........... 44.4w... 4...... 4...- 4..., .5? f KW E NANCY NORTON - cgurse-College - H1story Club 3; FTA 2, 4, Chorus 4, Magazine Drive Captain 4. 4 f 46 ,4 1 vA OMER NOR'I'QN - course-Industnal Arts .1... M41... JACK PETERSON - course-Industnal Arts - J. V Basketball 1:13aseball 1; Vice Pres. 1. KAREN PERRY- ggggg :g- . . , S. . .. W ,. M11111, W529; 1Capt. 1 1, 2; Vzrsity Cheerleader 1Co-Capt j 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Student Council 11Trea. 1, Jr. eksin;3; UofMgpeec Festival; Yerbook WorkghopBW MTA fmw onors EM , ,, RICHARD PERRY - course-College - J.V.Basketba11 2; History Club 3, 4; Debating Club 1; Yearbook Workshop 3; U of M Speech Festival 3 ,;4 Yearbook Staff 3. KIWIWVWIWWM '4 I, ,,, 1 3;B1010gy Award 2; JFK Junior ngh Southlngton Connecticut 1, JAMES RAYMOND - course-Industrial Arts - Shop III Award all around best projeco. $ , L ' GENE REQUA - course-College - Vice Pre Band 1,2. MICHAEL ROBBINS - cour dustrial n - Vice KENNETH ROBINSON - J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 1,2; Soccer 1,2,4. ,5 ;- m .. WANDA ROBINSON - 'ge-General - Sc ' 3:11 1,2. VALERIE ROSSI - course-bH bme Economic T ansfer Student 4- lta Monica High School, Santa Moyca; California; BM 1 111,2; Softbal I Track 1,2. DANA SAWYER - course-College - Histor lub 3,4; J.V. B ' all 2; Baseball 1; Track 2; Soccer 1, 2,: Class Pres. 2; nt Council 1; 1; Play 1. ANELDA SEAVEY - c w-Home Econorm TERESA STANWOOD - c ' - " ; ; arsthJy Club Sec. 4; FBLA 3,4; Yearbook Sta" - - rsity Cheerleader 3, math 4; Magazil :' ' ;' Awar ; Draf Club 1; Volleyball 1; Skating Club 1. 1 MICHAEL STODDARE -- a book Staff 3, I.V. Basketball 1; Track 1; Library C f. ' I h , e conomlcs - r er tudent-Fkhngeley High School, , Track.1,2. GARY STROUT - '1 ' ' . . Bas e ' migk, 1; Soccer 1, 2; Band 1,2,31Concert: star; 4; ra 'Club 1; atin L -FBLA VENELVA STROUT course-Bus ess - FBLA 4; S 2 WRMajorette 4. MALCOLM WILLEY 1ccqus 1a Arts 5 pp 11 1st Pr ze. ing 3; Skating CluH 14:; 1; , . JENNIE WORCESTERXcou se-Hfm Economic -, Ba 1 1; Softball 1; Ir. Speak- 1 . a. . 24.52.23, nu.-r :49 u;s,g:. .. ;;n- L-a-Zki e. L1 ,. ,, J, Look at these pictures, and you will realize that they are not of beautiful downtown Milbridge. If you are still puzzling, I shall try to explain. I have an interesting but expensive hobby of writing to foreign pen pals. I say "interesting" because we ex- change many ideas, postcards, and gifts; I say "expensive" because I sometimes pay 50 cents to mail a letter and much more to send a package. However, I can assure you it is well-worth it. . This poem entitled "A Message to You" was written by one of my pen pals who lives in Madras, India. He is a young man with an unusual childhood - to us at least. His mother inherited a large fortune; however, when she married, she put the entire for- tune under the supervision of her husband . Later he married four other women with her consent, of course. Shortly after her first son, my pen pal, was born, her husband turned her out with the baby. Since she had nothing and no place to go, she was forced to leave her son in the care of friends, who brought him up. He is now working as an accountant's assistant and helps his foster parents in any way he can. No one has ever heard from his mother, and they believe she may have committed suicide. To you this story may seem like something that only happens in the movies, but to someone in India it is just another everyday occurrence. We asked my pen pal to write an article for our yearbook because we felt it would be of interest. As you read the following page, try to judge his work by the thought behind it bearing in mind that this young man is expressing himself in a "foreign" language. After all, how many foreign languages can you speak? REBECCA PERRY '69 A MESSAGE TO YOU Happy to hear my unknown mates! That you are becoming high school graduates. At this time of hour of pleasure, To give you a message, I greatly desire. Be proud not for what is known, There are many you yet to learn. What is known is so much of sand, That you can conceal in the closed hand. What is unknown is as much of sand, That is scattered on the wide land. Acquire much knowledge in the tender age, Lest in the later age, it will be a mirage. What you learn when you are young, sticks in the mind very long. Like new cloth that absorbs colour briskly, Is the young mind grasps matters quickly. Be pure in thought, word and deed, I And do not be a person of greed. As greed brings all only sorrow, No use of biting lips tomorrow. Respect your old teachers even you leave school, As they are prevented you from becoming fool. "Each one must teach one " be your aim, Seeing you thus all will acclaim. Knowledge is a concealed treasure, Give it to the needy with much pleasure. The more you give it, the more it will thrive, Even in your mind, it secretly survive. Success and bright future, I wish you and Ribecca, A pen friend of mine in my dreamland Amerfda'. S R E .b T R E V D A 3. KLW'E TENgoi what I WQS MCWUXQ xHQHj3 W MQN Chrysler - Plymouth - Valiant Sale 5 and Se rV1ce Tel. 667- 5366 llsworth, Me. 3 3g Eb h Compliments of Insurance - Real EstatX Bar Harbor 288-3336 Serving Washington and Hancock Counties Over 75 Years. QPSW Te1.989- 2455 Brewer, Me. . and ;mm; Q h Yhug C FRED C. LYNAM 8: CO. , 3 Ellsworth He adquarte r s for Pendleton McGregor - London Fog Ship' n Shore w Loews CAOCMJL clcSSicU Compliments of SARGENT'S TRAILERS SALEM? $23k; llswo rth, Maine N Kg 60 MW fwxlxoygx DUN 5f: kilgxo x0309 . ,my' 31 g Cstin J FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK Dig, dig, dig-- In a graveyard dark and cold. Dig, and bury, lose from sight, Dig and bur , let her lie-- Forget her che, forget her name, forget . . . The screams, the shrieks, the hideous laugh The tender voice you'llhear ever after-- Tears of pain in her lovely eyes . . , But it was quick. Take your shovel Beelzebub And wipe the blood from your face Someone's sure to come and see us And you're lost in the maze . . . I-Iur . . . Slink into the shadow--and wait--an watch-- and wait . . . A victim opens the ate . . . The clammy grip o a clammy hand Folding over a startled mouth And forever lost is the sound of life As she creeps beneath the earth. Sorrow, oh joy and sorrow! Thrive upon her blood . . . live Beelzebub . . . live . , , but in the end - oh, in the end - yours will be the worst of all . . . Brenda Hayward '70 FICKETT'S SERVICE STATION Tel. Columbia 483- 2752 Everything for Your Car General Contractor Backhoe - Shovel - Crane Work SEAR'S Catalog Sales Merchant C. THOMAS LEAVITT Shop by Mail or Phone Main Street Ellsworth, Maine Tel. 667-5381 Mon. , Thur. , Sat. 83:30 to 5:00 p.m. Friday 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. MOORE'S PAINT SHOP Fender and Body Work on All Makes Auto Painting "No job too big or too small We do them all" Steuben, Maine Tel. 546-2207 THE WINTER HARBOR AGENCY EARLE B. TRACY JR. Insurance and Real Estate Notary Public South Gouldsboro , Maine Tel. 963-2347 963-2963 WWW ammxwmxxmwmwxxwwmmm THAT '8 POLITICS Conventions are lively with screams and shouts The campaign trail has ruts and bumps As "dark horses" try to throw incumbents out. But glittering generalities smooth out the lumps. Shaky planks are replaced to help the platform Watts is Visited and babies are kissed But no one can word that one on the bomb. But then we think of the debate that was missed. Balloons come down like drops from the sky The polls are in and the votes are counted And confetti could very well get in your eye. But the electoral college has us surmounted. The slogan says that "Nixon's the One! " We have a winner and he'll have to do But Georgy Boy has all the fun. Until it's that time again in '72. The campaigning here has just begun. Before November there's much to be done. Susan Hartford '69 WELL DONE AND GOOD LUCK! STEVENS STUDIOS A Complete Photographic Service mun A A Wwawmli .....-uu-V..ur , .4 t - . 7 qt a.-.vugrwmdr... V 4.. n: ..., ,JAl-l a Inr- W . SOUNDS OF BEA UTY SILENCE . . . Though the wind blows fitfully thru the dry leaves-- YET, THERE IS SILENCE QUIET . . . The droplets of rain splash to their deaths against the ground-- YET, THERE IS QUIET STILLNESS . . . The thunder rages in the high heavens and it showers down its anger-- YET, THERE IS STILLNESS DARKNESS . .The lightning brightens up the deep gray sky with its absolute power-- YET, THERE IS DARKNESS SOLITUDE . . . The people carry on their business, scurrying about like frightened mice-- YET, THERE IS SOLITUDE DEATH . . . I live butI cannot hear or see the beauty of the storm-- SO, THERE IS DEATH! H. Hornyak '69 KING COLE BOYD 8: NOYES FINE JEWELERS "Makes Good Potato Chips" Bangor, Maine ': 3 ' Q? E ,3 Compliments of DOUGLAS BAKERY J DICK S RON STATION Bar Harbor, Maine Harrington, Maine SENIOR What shall I do? What will I become? Do I want to do anything? Or do I want just fun? Questions like those arise in my mind Life will be easy and life will be gay, When I'm just sitting and hiding my time. It'll surely be fun but only for a day. The year is almost over and soon I'll be free, Then I'll get bored and begin to think Free from English, math, and history. Of school, friends, books, paper and ink. I won't have to think of what I shall wear I'll probably wonder where all my classmates have Or lose sleep because of rolled-up-hair. gone; Won't it be nice to stay in bed And if my life won't be meaningful before very long. Sleep late, and not worry my head. Anita Beal '69 Compliaeglts of ngDg BANGOR IVE BETTEV VERNAL 0. WOODWARD Lobsters - Gas - Oil - Trucking Area Code 207 Tel. 497-2244 and 497-5638 Be 211 s , Maine Groceries - Free Delivery Iii i; 5;, v:- '1 $ MERRITPS SHELL GENERAL REPAIRS Harrington, Maine 04643 JASPER WYMAN 8: SON "CANNED FOODS eiffj ilbridge, Maine , 0! x SENIOR CLASS The Senior Class is really great We get up early and stay out late. We build our "bods" in Cates' Phys Ed On what little we are fed. The Underclassmen worship us But magazines still bring a "cuss. " No other class can take our place We are the best of all our race. Success is knocking at'bur door No other class could offer more, So we leave you with this happy line: "You'll never be half as fine! " Elizabeth Beal "69" Teresa Stanwood "69" R. W. MATHEWS 8: SON GULF DIS TRIBU TOR Gas - Oils - Range and Furnace Oils Burner Service Cher ryfield, Maine Tel. 546-2566 Tel. Col. 483-2305 A THOUSAND SOLDIERS A thousand soldiers One quiet tear A hundred little boys With one big fear One waiying woman Still she prays One young man There he lays An ugly gun Three ugly graves Two hundred prisoners Three hundred slaves Seven million tears Black and white Shed for the brave Who were sent to fight Shed for the men Who have to die Weep For it helps to cry Lissa Nash '69 Compliments of WILLIAM C. UPTON NEW MACHIAS DRY CLEANERS 97 Main Street Machias , Maine McCULLEN VOLKSWAGEN 46 High Street Ellsworth AUTHORIZED VW SALE and SERVICE 667-5501 THE BOOKSTORE Next to the Shopping Center Ellsworth, Maine Bringing You and Books Together BILL'S PLACE Clams :3: Pizza Sandwiches to Take Out High Street - Ellsworth Telephone Orders 667-9827 OPEN 9 AM to 12 PM X MID W5 0p OPEN AND CLOSED His eyes were open What he saw was NOT clear He laughed inside When he called her "Dear" His heart was closed When he held her near Her arms were open Her mind was free Her heart was unlocked He held the key Her eyes were closed She COUld NOT see Rebecca Perry '69 VERNON E. PETTIGREW REAL ESTATE BROKER EAMPBELL FUNERAL HOME Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer REAL ESTATE BROKER Re sidential - Re creational -- Lady Assistant on Request 24- Hour Ambulance Service Che rryfield, Maine Commercial 3 Church Street Cherryfield, Maine Tel. 546-7011 MACHIAS SYSTEM STORE ROBERT L. CRANE Ladies' Apparel - Accessories Machias, Maine Tel. 207-255-3772 SARGENTS MOBILE HOMES Sales Lots Located - Machias, Ellsworth, Skowhegan, and Auburn Contact - BASIL SMITH at 255-3997 for Information on Sales and Service .4 "a I LYMBURNER ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. Electrical Work of Every Description Zenith Hearing Aids 37 Cottage Street Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 Frigidaire Lighting Fixtures Maytag Washers Lamps - Shades RCA - Radio - TV Phone 288-3691 TRACY'S MOTEL 8: RESTAURANT Cherryfield Open Daily 7 a.m. t0 8 p.rn. Visit Our New Dining Room - Complete Menu From a Bite to a Banquet Need Gifts at Reasonable Prices? The Gift Corner at Tracy's Restaurant You're Sure to Find it Among These :kCoastal Novelties ??Maine Souvenirs ?itFriendly Village Dishware 63Glassware :kPlace Mats ALSO: Photo Finishing Service Wide Selection Kodak and Polaroid Film 1'36 BAR HARBOR MOTOR CO. Dodge Cars - Dodge Trucks Authorized Sales and Service Ellsworth, Maine Tel. 667-2566 Compliments of L. L. CROWLEY Addison, Maine 3 n Compliments of RODERICK M. MILLER FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE SERVICE FLORIST SICK-ROOM RENTALS Phone Jone spo rt 497-5524 A QUEST ION Breathes there a man, fool or wise, who can make me understand How in all of God's creation, a man can judge a man by sight alone? Explain how he says, "The best for me, what's left for him is all right. " And gives as reason, "After all, he's just a black, I'm white. " - Karen Perry '69 MACHIAS SAVINGS BANK Machias, Maine Incorporated March 1869 OUR lOOTH ANNIVERSARY Banking Hours Monday through Thursday 9 a. m. to 3 p.m. Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - ,L'.h;w.!fn Antks -sgmsm'V-KJtenvxn-pamng: a1;x..c:.:appkl,. :Jz-LLC. e- 4g. -s-A . ; MILLETTiS MARKET CHOICE MEATS - GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS Tel. 546-2383 Milbridge , Maine WA LLS OF STONE Walls of stone, bars of steel, . . . a cell; THE WORLD A cell in which we all live our lives. There are births, deaths, sicknesses; And the pattern never changes. We cannot escape from conformity We are bonr; we cry; we laugh; we fight for all that we want in this world. Yet we die, leaving behind the memories of accom- plishments soon to be forgotten by all. Some men are recorded in books, but who really cares about them? Students read, memorize, and forget. These men are only stepping stones used for the suc- cess of others; Success which is rewarded by death. A cell is a prison, the world is a cell, and life is the prisoner. Walls of stone, bars of steel . . . a cell; THE WORLD Honey Hornyak "69" Compliments of VINER MUSIC CO. Bangor, Maine Compliments of: WONGiS LAUNDRY Pickering Square Bangor, Maine THE SEASHORE Yesterday I took a walk by the sea. The beach was deserted and only a half-buried coke bottle near the charcoal ashes of a fire that once had burned brightly remained as proof that anyone had ever been there at all, I walked on. The sound of the thundering water as it crashed down upon the beach - reminding me somewhat of a spoiled child throwing a tantrum when not the center of attention - was caught by the giant cliffs behind and tossed into the wind like the hawk from the hawker's glove. I stopped and listened. Drifting back with the breeze came the faint mewing of gulls as they circled over the water in search of food. I walked on. Night was beginning to fall and the sun, orange in the distance, spread fingers of color across the horizon. Soon it would be dark. I turned toward home. B. Hayward, '70' SCOTTIS VARIETY STORE RICHARDIS SUNOCO STATIGN Lunch Counter Bear Dynamic Patent Medicine Wheel Balancing and Alignment Harrington, Maine T1res - Batterles ; 3 Tel. 483-2885 Harrington Tel. 483-97674 TABLERITE MEATS SARGENT COAL 8: OIL CORP. FREESESIS STAMPS ELLSWORTH IGA FOODLINER "THE OWNER'S IN THE STORE" RANGE and FUEL OIL COAL - , ANTHRACITE and BITUMINOUS FOR THE VERY FINEST IN OIL BURNER and STOKER Meats Fruits Vegetables Frozen Foods Dairy SALES and SERVICE High Street Ellsworth, Maine FEET COVERINGS Shoes are things which cover the feet, Socks are in between Boots are on the outside They're the ones that are seen. Bonnie Look '70 RAY4S T. V. Philco Dealer Radio, TV, Appliances Antenna Installations Tel. 546-2409 HAWKINS' SERVICE INC. Rambler, Scout, Moto-Ski Chrysler Boats and Motors Sales and Service Machias, Maine Tel. 255-3775 O. W. AND B. S. LOOK CO., INC. Wholesale Lobsters and Fuel Oil Compliment Ins ur ance Se rvice Distributor for Cities Service Products Dial 497-2353 Jone sport, Maine STACKPOLE APPLIANCES . ENITH Ze nith and Hotpoint Quality Appliance s "We Service What We Sell" Machias , Maine UNCONSCIOUS I was by the bubbling stream At night inside my dream, Of majestic colors, blue and gold My shimmering dream was being told P It thrashecl and stung While being one .. . Of the most beautiful moves And not one thought did lose The clear idea was life Not the kind where husband-wife But life as love Were words alone To my head this all soaked And past thoughts were blocked But this is all the kind of life desired. Willey Drisko "69" DRISCOLL'S MARKET Meats and Groceries Gulf Gas and Oil 483-2292 Columbia Fall 5 , Maine FARRENlS HARDWARE Plumbing and Heating Columbia Falls, Maine Phone 483-2391 MIDWAY GROCERY Groceries - Pizzas - Guns - Ammo Aquarium Supplie 5 Columbia Falls, Maine Tel. 483-2342 COMPLIMENTS OF WDEA RADIO And the Ulalume spoke softly As the gentle rain fell down On a night in the springtime When darkness came around And the Ulalume spoke of Death And it spoke of Love and Life And it told the world around it That all was not lost in strife And the world looked back And it searched in vain 'For the Ulalume who spoke Softly in the spring - in the rain Lissa Nash '69 ULA LUM E 10 Me. MNGQS, 94 wall 06A Hut 9663011; Fch MWA, A sense Me. , WINTER HARBOR FOOD SERVICE Winte r Harbor , Maine Tel. 963-2256 SARGENT'S GARAGE Milbridge , Maine Wheel Line-up and Balance DUNBAR'S STORE Choice Meats - Groceries Frozen Foods General Me rchandise i GA 2-6844 Sullivan, Me. VOSEtS DRY GOODS Ladies' - Men's - Children's Clothing Telephone 483- 2949 Harrington, Maine A. L. STEWART 8: SONS Blueberries; Canned, Frozen, Pie Filling; Vegetables Cherryfield, Calais, Machais, South Paris, Freedom, and Union SOCIETY 'S RING I wear a ring. I belong--this shows it-- It's there for all the world to see, They know--they're smart--they can see, I'm the happiest girl in the world. How can they know of the weak link in a once strong cHain? What a. dull, dull shineI wear. ButI wear a ring. I belong . . . Sue Hartford '69 SERVWAY SERVICE RALPH LOOK, Owne r Telephone 483-2209 Columbia Falls, Maine, 04623 Artie Cats Tires, Used - New Handyman Jacks Automobile Batteries 24-Hour Wrecker Service Ice, Wholesale - Retail Quaker State Oil Jigger Sales and Service Distributers of Oilzum Oil i i a .;.-. 1, 4r, ;, ,on ugk gr, .h';-: Nina. vxy .3 ,- ; n; , , y y I 0' v 0 $ - As I sit in my seat reading my Emily Dickerson and you, your Robert Frost, many black flying and crawling, annoying, pestering, little creatures surround me. 'They buzz, dive, nake'a landing zone of my nose, and thoroughly distract me from my work. It seems a constant war is in the process, with out side losing. y -i.: I Tney are everydher verwhelming. As I am reading my boo '11 land on a word and I interrupt my train of thought. Some day we'll win, I think; signs are showing already. Just yesterday, when I opened my bonk, I found a fly, squished, but on the place where I had ended. David Pinkham '69 Compliments of PILOT HOUSE DELIA WILKES, Prop. Columbia, Maine DOW PONTIAC, INC. E11 swo rth, Maine Oldsmobile Pontiac GMC Willis Jeep Compliments of SHIRLEY H. CARTER SPECIAL AGENT THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 169 State Street Ellsworth, Maine Phone 667-8231 STEVENS SUPERMARKET A shville , Maine Choice Meats and Quality Groceries Phone No. 422- 6776 PLEA SURE Pleasure is sitting before a blazing fireplace as immaculately white snowflakes swirl about in the darkness outside; therefore, coziness is pleasure, Pleasure is lying on the deck of a sailboat, absorbing the genial radiance of the broiling July sun; therefore, relaxation is pleasure. Pleasure is the days of retirement when one can look back on a rich career and elate at the fullness of life; therefore, contentment is pleasure. Contentment, coziness, and relaxation all help make life pleasurable. And pleasure is a part of that eterr 5 u IWQ'AIF-vIAC-LA up... nal human goal of happiness. J. Purington '70 HANDY E. PINKHAM AND SONS "No load too small" am, .e... . s a "4,?1 ,Vm; Funny" "No load too large" ,a HANDY E. PINKHAM and SONS Pulpwood Dealer and Christmas Trees wtwm;w':n hard vi-m y. s , - a. x Snowplowing Driveways and Short Roads us shanw Phone 546-7790 Steuben, Maine 04680- is i Mi . Kit" LIFE 3 nd EMOTIONS Love . . . hate .. . respect .. . disgust . . . peace . . . war .. . They spin together to form a Catacomb of emotions They each move separately in their own private motions Tip twirl fall spin To form a LIFE! H. Hornyak '69 ;.;....Ag AL 6 . 5 A QUODDY CHEVY Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales and Service Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Marine Engines Telephone 255- 3605 O. L. 2 R. C. CARVER Gene ral Merchandise Carver' s Shellfish, Lobsters , Clams , and Crabs Beals, Maine BAR HARBOR MOTOR CO. Dodge Cars - Dodge Trucks Authorized Sales -and Service Ellsworfh, Maine Tel. 667-2566 CHERRYFIELD "66" SERVICE Brake Adjustment Gas, Oil, and Tires Route 1, Cherryfield Maine Phone: 546- 2221 SULLIVAN FORD SALES 499 Hammond Street Bangor, Maine Tel. 942-4631 GO AHEAD Go ahead, Hard, plain, Ask some human being Common-lookin'n . . . piece. " Who happens to be standing around, But they don't realize Of what use I am. That when this great Earth One will say, Was Created "I can't think of anything I was the first here. That you are tremendously And what do you Good for. " Suppose this entire Others say, 9 Earth is made out of? "You are definitely Me! A piece of good-for- nothing, Linda Grant '69 H. F. PINKHAM Mate rial s and Millwo rk Hardware - Paint Supplies Aluminum Windows and Doors Phone 546- 7828 Milbridge, Maine 4 M 1 WBBS OF TIME 1- L ' H' den by locked doors and curtains, y closed shutters and dark attic windows These webs have gathered in years of emptiness" RU Years of dreary days without caring. p Never swept or brushed aside-- But left there to rot and fall-- MOnly for more to collect. What stories could these webs tell us? one, for webs of time gather only her an has never trodden Bonnie Look '70 L. A. GRAY CO. POLLEY1S GARAGE One-Stop Shop for Addison, Maine Building Supplies. General Repairing Tel. 422- 6722 Hancock Sullivan Bridge Sullivan, Maine Garage - 483-2706 Home - 483-2786 BYRON H. SMITH 8: CO., INC. :5: Health and Beauty Aids :55 Du E k Housewares, Toys, and Notions :1: :1: Mac Donald's Vanilla :1: :1: Bakewell Cream :1: 1: Smith's Extracts :1: 1: Three Crow Spices :1: Just Above Bangor Shopping Center 365 Main Street Tel. 942-7351 Bangor, Maine 04401 Hours Phone 942-5531 10 AM to 10 PM MAI N E PEOPLE BANK DN MAINE PEOPLE BANK ON MERRILL , THE MERRILL TRUST COMPANY MEMBER F.D.I.C. c W We are all eggs Fragile In the same, tempest-tossed salad Cracking out a living Wondering Why ? EGGS Terry Gay '69 C ONGRATULAT IONS GRADUA TES A FULL Visit Our 5 Convenient foices for SERVE E peiiiililii QicoumsHome ??;?fieiiifitfm NK BAR HARBOR BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY Bar Harbor Northeast Harbor Southwest Harbor Blue Hill Lubec Member of FDIC and Federal Reserve System DOWN IN THE PASTURE OF DEATH I've worlds to see before I die I've things to learn before I cry I've a-ways to go before I lie Down in the pasture of Death I've songs to sing before I sleep I've friends to help before I weep I'll learn to walk before I creep Down in the pasture of Death I I've good friends and I've good foe I'Il sing it high, I'II sing it low And I'll thank God before I go Down in the pasture of Death Lissa Nash '69 Parts - Accessories Dia1667-2513 667-2514 MORRISON CHEVROLET, INC. sales service Chevrolet Marine Motor Conversions naughn - . Water Street Ellsworth, Maine Chevrolet Dealer Since 1930 3 i5 P m At; AltauAAMw W LONELNwa g. M is onel'ness? wave upon - t s 0, please, what is loneliness Tell me if you can. B. West "72 BROWNG MARKET, INC. Addison, Maine A11 Western Steer Beef Groceries, Meat, Hardware Self Service . QiEREDaWHITw$ Tel. 483-2746 Top Value Stamp 8 Grain and Clothing F. W. BURNHAM, CO. COLON E. HASKELL, Owner Milbridge, Maine Tel. 546-2242 Hot Water and Steam Heating vw k I. Plumbing Stoves 3 Hardware Ranges Paints Gas Ranges Oils Oil Burners Furnaces Bottle Gas ' if E XCLUSIVE ARTHUR CHAPIN Wholesale Distributers Bangor, Maine MY CAT, THE SPY Bobbie came to my neighborhood late in the fall of 1966 and has been there ever since. I believe that one should mind his own business; however, Bobbie seems to be a suspicious character who ought to be watched. One night soon after she came, I heard something prowling around outside of my window, but when I went to see what was there, I caught a glimpse of her vanishing into the night. What could she possibly want with me? WhenI return after a long day away from home, I sometimes see her coming out of my room and upon entering, I can tell that she has been doing a little looking around. Things on my dresser are sometimes disturbed, per- haps by her "pawing" through them. Other than her prowling around, her shifty eyes, and quiet but concerned attitude, I also have other evidence that, I believe, tends to confirm my beliefs, but I shall not disclose these at this time. Susan Hartford '69 BRITTS Ellsworth Shopping Center Route 1, Corner of High and East Maple Streets, Ellsworth, Maine Open a Britts Charge Account Hardware . Fashions Fabrics Sporting Goods Girdles and Bras Appliances Hosiery Boys' Wear Lingerie Footwear Housewares Girls' Wear Candy Jewelry Men' 5 Wear Tel, 667-5351 EMERSON GROCERY Quality - Meats, Groceries Marine Paint General Supplies Ball Band Rubber Pacs and Boots POLKIS GENERAL STORE Indian Rive r , Addison Grocerie 8, Me ats , Hardware Clothing, Paints, Stamps We Especially Cater to Older Folks Tel. 497-5525 KENNEDY'S DRUG STORE Phone 546-2335 Milbridge , Maine COMMERCIAL CRUMBS OR TUNE IN AND TURN OFF The following 60 seconds, if taken seriously. can give you health, cleanliness. sex appeal, monthly paywentn, the cigarette habit, or deletions tremors. The ideal conmercial, of course, would do all of this at once. But since no commercial is ideal, we, too, give our versions in bits and pieces. THE HILLTOP HOUSE Home of Fresh- Baked Pizza Bar Harbor Road Ellsworth, Maine TO SUIT YOUR TOM S MOBIL STATION Dealer in Mobil Products KEYS DUPLICATED GROCERIES Tel. 497- 5567 Jonesport, Maine CB-KMA - 5712 RIDGE DAIRY Fernald's Special and Sunrise Fruit Juice Grant' 5 Dairy Products Addison, Maine 04606 DAVIS'S CITIES SERVICE Automobile Repair Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries Accessories Range 7942 Fuel and Diesel Oils Fuel - Chief Furnace Dealer Tel. - 483-2380 Addison, Maine THE HOLMES AGENCYs- Insurance - Real Estate - Appraisals 14-16 State Street Ellsworth, Maine 14605 J. F. LEIGHTON co. Dry Goods - Clothing - Footwear Men's Furnishings - Notions Milline ry and Garm ents Tel. 546-2211 Milbridge, Maine CIRONPS AUTO SALES 8: SERVICE New and Used Cars Bought and Sold Harrington, Maine Tel. 483-2984 TO ALL THE OLDER GENERATION ' THANK-YOU FOR OUR EDUCATION - NOW PLEASE STEP ASIDE - WE ARE ALIVE AND COMING THROUGH. GENE AND WILLIE How AGouW o.L1.11L5 SQueezE Houav? 'Pu-v 0,137-mon 1N VOQR K?QN1RW THE MOST ?owERFUF $u1ci squint: 1,... THE cIUILIZED wom-D RIER BUICK PONTIAC CO. Machias, Me. Phone 255-3006 New and Used Automobiles Marine Conver sions ALPINE LEATHER SHORTS AND HAND KNITS Main Street Milbridge, Me. 546- 7852 LOOK BROTHERS, INC. Groceries, General Merchandise Wall Paper Gasoline and Oils Jonesboro, Me. WILSON'S 96 Main Street Ellsworth A Complete Department Store for the Whole Family Where Friendly, Experienced Salesgirls Make Your Shopping .a Pleasure w 8:? 43g: bawgnigel$nwm of VSSKb ngA My antigcggk or nevg VVv used furniture open 7 days and 7 nights 12 hours a day Tel. 483-4432 1 352: .gm - 4,1,5..s;...1g-...WM .. ,. .15$ '- 11 I iboN'T THINK BXDOEN MAGIC. TAKEQ Ou'! bumfbgnglg .1 Bun wE 'LL 19A! .! ... 1 .- $5 Kw 133?: - 8,, 5 818883188. GRANT'S BARBER SHOP WILLEWS GROCERIES V a$wMAM MLA. 1.1.. W . n h 1 O Cherryfield, Maine Hardware and Clothing Open Tuesday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm Phone: 546-2233 Open Saturday 8 am to 6:30 pm Closed Mondays Cherryfield, Maine MURIEUS THE ACTION AGENCY DRESS SHOP 8 Ladies' - Misses - Children's Complete Real Estate Service and Infants' Apparel Tel. 546-2425 Machias, Me. 04654 Milbridge, Maine Phone 255- 4496 GEOQGE , TDIO Voq HAVE To EAT THHT WHOLE CAN oFf 'DON'T woRRVl Compliments of MILLARD A. WHITNEY CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH- VALIANT-DODGE Sale 5 and Service Machias , Maine Tel - 225-8700 WARREN FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Tel - 546- 2435 ANN AND ROLAND WARREN SAWYER MOTOR,INC. 546-2551 Chrysle r - Plymouth Sale 5 and Service Milbridge, Maine C. H. MATHEWS, CO. Quality Me ats , Groc . Gene ral Supplie s Cherryfield, Maine Tel - 546-2601 BEAL BUSINESS COLLEGE . . . is a Junior College offering the Associate Degree. You are invited to Visit or write the College for details on one and two-year programs in the fields of Accounting, Business Management, Secretarial Science, Business Data Processing, and Computer Programming. 9 Central Street, Bangor, Maine, 04401 DO YOU? Look up. Look down. Lood around. Do you see the wind blow? the trees grow? What do you happen to see? a candle glow? Do you see the grass? the trees? life? Do you see the milky way? moods of gray? Know questions. Know answers. Know something profound lover's play? , What do you know to be? Do you walk where birds fly? where people Do you knowsbeauty? God? strife? pass by? I do So does He Do You? Where Angels cry? I do So dOes He Do you? CINDY FARREN '69 FRYEiS ESSO SERVICE Harrington, Maine Distributors of Esso Heating Oil, Gasoline, and Bottled Gas, also Tires, Batteries, and Accessories L. P. Gas Bulk Service Tel. 483-2788 THE JUNGLE When I was small, I used to continually ask a lot of questions about one of my favorite subjects - the jungle. I always wondered about the wild animals that lived in its vast, green, depths, and all of the trees that hung low, almost completely crowding out the sky. I was always getting big fat books from the library on it and its inhabitants and cramming my brain with facts and tales. As I grew up, I learned about another jungle - one that is very near to us, and being curious, Ibegan to ask people about it. To my surprise many people had heard of it and some had even traveled through it. One person I talked to described it this way: "The jungle is truly very exciting because of the great contrast which exists there. The side which first catches one's eye is to the left for there among the trees are millions and millions of beautifully colored and fragrant flowers and shrubs. It truly is exquisite, the sun' is brightly shining overhead, and stretched as far as one can see is a fresh, grassy path so well-trodden that it almost compels one to follow it. But still, . M WWW PINEO LUMBER COMPANY W V aterials Paint - Dependa e 33V Coluxgji: ii 8 , aine there is something so dark and completely mystifying about the other side of this jungle that one must get a glimpse of it before he leaves. The path here is much different, made up of thorny twigs, sharp stones, stumps to trip over, and animals which look so much more powerful than a human being that a person is utterly repelled by the whole dismal scene. The traveller would quickly turn away to follow his first impulse, unless, of course, he has particularly good vision, for then he can see beyond these difficulties to the beautiful, delicious, fruit trees from which he may find nourishment. " Even then, the choice between the right path and the left path requires much thought, and this brings us to the strangest part yet in this bewildering jungle, one cannot stand still or go backward for there is an un- explainable force which pushes a person ahead as if to make room for other travellers; and as much as he re- sents deciding which road to follow, he mu5t make a choice! ! Perhaps you've already visited this place? If so, how did-m find it? KAREN PERRY "69" Top Quality Heating Oil Diesel Fuel Forced Warm-Air Heating Hot Water Heaters Floor Furnaces Call Us for Your Heating Oil Needs and Be Assured of 24-Hour Emergency Service. Burner Service by Trained Servicemen Dial 546-2506 Cherryfield, Maine AUTUMN The beauty of an autumn day, The sky is clear and bright The birds don't sing as children play, The south is their aim of flight. The wind blows round the dried-up leaves, As Dad pulls out his rake He cleans up the yard and opens the eaves Before the first snowflake. The rain falls, comes down in sheets, It fills the gutters high It overflows into the streets, Where cars often pass by. Pretty soon the trees are bare, As you wake into the dawn You realize that you're still there But Autumn's come and gone. CINDY FARREN '69 It's Good Business to Do Business with Union Trust UNION TRUST COMPANY B ranches in Cherryfield, Milbridge, Stohington, and Ellsworth Shopping Center Member FDIC - Federal Reserve System " Things go better With Coke" HALE 8 HAMLIN Attorneys and Counselors at Law Blue Hill - Ellsworth Maine ELLSWORTH AMERICAN INC. Publi she rs of THE ELLSWORTH AMERICAN "Hancock County's Most Complete Weekly" PENOBSCOT SAVINGS BANK ELLSWORTH BUILDERS SUPPLY Cliff M. , President; Cynthia P. , Librarian; Ramona R. , Secretary Treasurer "'""b'""$w' 'wlmV-u-.vw....v. . . x - . "alannpu-au. ....A, Glenn W. , Sergeant of Arms Etta T. , Librarian David P. , Sergeant of Arms Garry S. , Concert Master VBNELVA Mum , w, NW; xVWh w, k Jim, N 22 $ V $ xVAB m $ w MA x2 19 Q kdO 7 MA N47 N wv ,7 iM v m$ x $N ,, s Mx v fwk $$X N X M; y WXV Q N MY A; N Vy: RN N v X N x x 'me :w , Ax $0 N x!,$ vwx waw N74; ww , x x x N V xx w w m , ' tmq: WW, $44K 9an x1 N K $2; www M K m km? 2ws M r, am w W? W, a.,,. K x "f tide! N22,m;j X x: - ,1" J x NW N A, M 750$ EVEN wS NW$0K N N 9w- 7, V9 x 4 N x NX xx VN N MW'5 5 w xx x ' w x: N N VK XNNXQXXQ A N A V r f :vagi N VM MM . wwmw MIMI ,Mwwwwmmwu MW Mg N ngqm x . WM 3x N gr v N 7 N1; ! l ! E VywwmwmyAwM'Iww Mg q , Mfg WiWCme mymyuwwmmwmmamymw a . Mhagmwv x ..x gaggiw. u A..awu4...-. 4 writ," . .A. . ..,..A NXNx Xxx x x x ington; ?" Han: CHERRYFIELD BARGAIN STORE; GAYS DAIRY 8c POULTRY FARM, Cherryfield; J. J. NEWBURY CO. , Ellsworth JOHNSON aawyen r e d n u r O r e v 0 t .1 .m L .1 t 0 g e uV I m h t "I. "One, two, three, and four . . . " :, AW; :4 Kc.Kf-7V.S.Aaf;da;ou -. The following supported our yearbook with U4 page listings. E. H. 43?;2 5x I .. KW V , waq r L AN;V ' - , m7 , ,. ,' ; Aww x, ,, W4 Aw V y; VA 4 11 am a 14$; v 4Q $.A v 6 Q xw xmv , y, , Ax Q40 maz b wow, w IZOf . . . elnyFIDX B LWW I' 3 u WV, WK $ xg xx NN ?WZ g , , - V . V : - , , , x 5m; ,yV , , ' , , . f , ' - . . L : - - L : I , .. L f . L xgEKszxk 4W$meayxxyAW' " w, W x- mm m ORV Nuxxw XW l: , We wish to thank the following for supporting our yearbook with 1X4 page listings. MAIN SHOE STORE, Ellsworth; STRATTON'S DEPT. STORE, Ellsworth; PERLIN'S, Ellsworth, ASHMORE BROTHERS, Ellsworth - ILVKQ! W'Kiriu' ' r-1n m Vil'Zwr .5 KJ5 Centimetres ' O The Tlffen Company. 2007 Blue Cyan Green Magenta White 3lColor Black 0:-.-$1 g 0-21 F363 FJHN;i P 'I G-D'Gnnh-HJ1nII-5 PIP 6L 8L LL 17L 9L KL M

Suggestions in the Narraguagus High School - Squire Yearbook (Harrington, ME) collection:

Narraguagus High School - Squire Yearbook (Harrington, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 48

1969, pg 48

Narraguagus High School - Squire Yearbook (Harrington, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 125

1969, pg 125

Narraguagus High School - Squire Yearbook (Harrington, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 135

1969, pg 135

Narraguagus High School - Squire Yearbook (Harrington, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 87

1969, pg 87

Narraguagus High School - Squire Yearbook (Harrington, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 105

1969, pg 105

Narraguagus High School - Squire Yearbook (Harrington, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 43

1969, pg 43

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