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osmfmm f f 001.59 - , Q :Q ,, 450 QQ, fa SN A 1 6 P' Published by THE CLASS OF 1953 NARDIN ACADEMY 135 Cleveland Avenue B ff I 22 N Y k Foreword EMORY is the golden thread linking all the mental gifts and excellencies together." It is the hope of strengthening this thread that prompts us to gather our dreams, past and present, within these covers. It is because we do so under Mary's guidance that we have named our book "Rosarium", our rosary of memories, another link between us and Nardin Academy after we graduate. This is our string of beads, to be treasured and lovingly pondered in the future. Composed of five decades, our rosary stands for five wonderful phases in our lives, phases in which we find ourselves steadily going up-hill, climbing the mountain of sanctification, the fulfillment of life itself. The first decade takes us back to our baby days when we began our trek under the guiding hands of loving parents. As little ones in kindergarten and first grade we were "On the Plains", as it were, toddling towards the base of that mountain, eager to begin. The second decade in our rosary of memories is our freshman year when we enthusiastically "Began the Ascent". Our pace slackened in sophomore year as we bucked the high winds and steep terrains during "The Struggle" of the third decade. Reaching the fourth decade, our iunior year, we suddenly "Glimpsed the Heights" through the mist, and surged ahead ever mindful of our goal. Now our efforts are rewarded. For in senior year, the fifth decade of our "Rosarium", we find ourselves unbelievably and wondrously "On Sunrise Slope" where vast vistas of the future lie open before us. ' But our journey is far from complete. We have traveled but a fraction of the way, our "joy- ful mysteries". These five wonderful phases of our life here at Nardin are but hints of what awaits us. What lies beyond "Sunrise Slope" we can only surmise. Of this we can be sure, that in continuing the journey that lies ahead, in scaling that steep and difficult mountain of perfec- tion,we can look back through "Rosarium" and the memories it evokes will recall the truths learned at Nardin, and thus renew our confidence, hope, and courage. 2 1 4 . 'I . Q O 0 ,f O Q ,I I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n fs Q 0 ,- 0 ' - ' m C 0 X I 00" ' '.'gl . 9 l .J QS? Qrfbfk K His, Excellency Most Reverend Joseph Aloysius Burke, D. D. Bishop of Buffalo Motto "Fiat Voluntos Tua" His Excellency Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D. D Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo Motto ' "Ne Cesset Mater Manus Tue" UNH t r rlllurr x4 of 54c4 Miss Helen T. Gearity QQ- '50 President CX ff? 'N 47 ' 9 Miss Janet G. Lanou ' YW Principal lhg N X x 5 l' i, Miss Helen A. Shell . . . . . ....... Assistant Principal, ...H Sodality Moderator Miss Caroline B. Abel . . . . Biology, Heallth, General Science, Bio ogy C ub Moderator, Visual Aid Director I I l lm l l Miss Edna F. Boiack . . . . . . ...... First Grade tl'l,- Q Miss Amy de C. Clearman . . . . . . . Cafeteria Manager QAEQ7-5g3?:NkZ"0 Miss Martha E. Danmeyer . . . . Shorthand, Business Law, KS, ,111 I: PR 9, Secretarial Practice, ' 5 v 1 "Janua Caeli" Moderator Miss Mary E. Dearing . . . . . . . . . . . . . English ll l 'l H' Miss Helen P. Doll ..... . .Religion, Mathematics, lj' I gil Senior Class Adviser, "Cor Morice" Adviser, "Rosarium" Adviser Miss Mary T. Donahue. . . . . . . . . . . . . Mathematics Miss Barbara M. Fleming. . . . . Latin,Debate Club Moderator, 'N "Pulchrae Romanae" Moderator 4 of :All-144 Miss Ella M. Garvey ..... . . . . . . . . . . .... Librarian of YH: 4-,b 6' bo Miss Eleanor M. Hagerty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Social Studies Qc a o 1- Miss Mary A. Hagerty . . . . . Religion, English, Social Studies, S' 'ri Junior A Class Adviser Mrs. Mary Barrett Healy . . . . Speech, Senior Dramatic Club Coach U. Mrs. Cecelia Roy Kenny. . . . . . . . . . . . . Glee Club Directress I Miss Kathleen A. Kolp. . ...... Introduction to Business, Q -...f" Shorthand 8. Transcription Red Cross Moderator, Book Store Miss Elizabeth J. Kowal . . . . . . ..... Physical Education Miss Nora M. Leddy . . . . . Religion, English, Mathematics, Sophomore A Class Adviser "Sedes Sapientiae" Moderator of TH! ago Miss Katherine E. McGrath . . . . . . . . . . Study Supervisor gf l CA MissAnneR.Nloore..... ..........Secretary X '2 Miss Agnes E. Murphy .... . . . Religion, Typewriting, in I' Sophomore B Class Ad I "Rosa Mystica" Modlerildr Miss Irene T. Murphy . . . . . . . . . . . . Kindergarten Miss Marion L. O'Brien . . . . .Sacred and Secular Music Miss Loretta M. Pfennig . . . . . . .Registrar, School Nurse Miss Theresa M. Ryba . . . . . . . . . . . . French, Latin, Le Cercle Francais Moderator Missal Club Moderatol' f Your Miss Florence R. Smith . . . .. .Religion, Chemistry, Homemaking, ,Q 0 195. sJunior B Class Adviser, ex fi "Mater Dei" Moderator g 2 Miss Madeline M. Stockman . . . . Religion, English, Social Studies, 5 : Fres man A Class Adviser, Freshman Dramat' C h Miss Kathryn M. Wirtenberger. . . . Religion, English, SocialuStu3ai, Art, Freshman B Class Adviser, Career Guidanc:r?g.:bbMA17,3rator, "X iv u erator Q V Mrs. Thaddeus Zolkiewicz. . . . . . . . . . Dancing Instructor Miss Mary Helen Brick, R.N. . . . . . .Visiting Nurse I l Dr. Judith B. Landau, M.D. . . . . School Physician 5 Dear Seniors, Your years at Nardin were meant to help you become more and more aware of the prerogatives and the duties of your womanhood. Tobea "valiant woman" is to belong to the highest nobility. On the other hand, what is there in the world more incongruous, more repugnant, than a selfish woman? The domain of the woman is that of the interior life, the domain of the spirit. The Gospel presents Mary, our Blessed Lady, as the head and prototype of woman- kind when it tells us of her: "But Mary kept in mind all these words, pondering them in her heart." Never forget that the purpose of this interior spirit, of this pondering, is pre- cisely to be able to give more fully. A woman grasps the true meaning of life. . . and she loves. She is all understanding, all sympathy, all inspiration, all quiet strength, all service to others. You remember that Mary's first act, after receiv- ing the secret of the Incarnation, was to bring God-within-her to her cousin Eliz- abeth . Now, your task is to bring to the world in which you will move the stabiliz- ing influence of your faith and your deep convictions, the wisdom of your counsel the power of your self-forgetfulness. Whatever your vocation in life, your wom- anly way should lie close to the training of children, or the care of the sick, or the service of your brothers and sisters in Christ in their varied needs. Success, in the commonly received sense of the term, is not the purpose of your life. Accept with eagerness the responsibility, the privilege, the challenge of your true place in the modern world. "Mary arose and went with haste into the hill country. . . . " ,Zfef!i..,..., 6 I "1--L 1:4-, " --,. . ..,.,,, lu,-s ' . - fm Qa.,f,Qlgff,Eh.g5 .gtgy J, gl A4 HILLS iffy! ijf " f'f x if si ,wwf . ,,:' V H f-, X rl 2. - ,ll I l x. .ihwkmxnwy fv'wfrrl. 3g"'f' r .-q"",f-' Ui mi? l l if W Y. Phi-. ffllle. V' f I ' ' 1 A 3253, .fl Q Arthur Guiterman 'Ev A 'Q' Q. xii. - 5013, .5 '-" - f 9-L1 1- .xl it r 'gAQ w- AQMFW . . t Q l Hr law:-fir l want my hnllsl--the trail 4 lg. 5 5,6517 'pigs '.JlL-if That scorns the hollow.-- , f If nfl Up, up the rugged shale ,,.kj'l"'I' . i 1 N. V, MAJ a J 2 : :..h:J. Where few will follow. ig 'K s I 'l "' I ' 4 o et me hold my way, A' A " QWJZQVKMSS A By nothing halted, QA., 'Q 'Y "5""'f.fifg:-JJ iff- 5 " Until, at close of day, N, Q H E I stand, exalted, ,,,x,,,,tSq , ' . , X . 7 ,I it l -3322-A F- . X ll 'lx X 7, High on my hills of ClI'e0m-- u I XX X ' N ' Dear hills that know mel , if 1" 0 1" f 'A Q I And then, how fair will seem The lands below mel . I How pure, at vesper-time, The far bells chimingl I " God, give me hills to climb, If And strength for climbingl X, fyy - It f ' F n . 1 1 x ff ' fl l l ll l X ix f 1' I' iz . . , ' - V , .Tl - 1 f s ,f jj, , . tl, ,fm -r I g , f' ,, A 5-U 14 , li ,-Il. an 5 4, V M y . ,J-5 ,amz 41, r l 5, 'l 1, X ' i l p li, tg ,f!, :,' 4 if-ix 12 5431 ,t A I ,Q X Fiqh I n iff!! ',l1," "1 -.',' , ' - A gli' 5' 1 ff .N t'-: '!:, at w tafi llf.f'1Wl?ff' M fl it at wr fm' Plf' l tiki.. ,Q-,g,gglfT:':3l:f:.' asf ' lf' ld 'K t i ll' -4, , it ffrf :lr ji l l ,J xl: :. fP3l:l .. - -f .tl , - 1 i it ..l ,, ,fl y , I ,wx f X ,,- ga, A ,I I '. I 1 l ' 'pls x It Q Q.. 1 . , ymlf! Jlllvlgr W-, .H , , ti l l it all 'll .,+ g6"l'li' 5 ing, ,.'. gif l ' 1, zo. . .l l . 1 .., t ,. 1' ,kg .s if. . ' 9 X- i Q yi. 1' A lv, , , 'tm l . -4 all ll alll tv ' . T ll l. 1 2' 5 A rl, M Q Q f-A '4-'Ili ' 7 lf, ,xl '45:i"'Lrv'Q lt'-'lf 'H 9 l 'Wg' 1-' ' . l 1 fi"-1, L" if ' ' , . 4 , ,f X NX rx ' I , ' 52, V h ' ' X fu. fi if 4 , .. i t l if -xt mi,-.LW J I rl. ',6'E.?,,,l. 4 8 W 3 .Ng . K , W ef, -L fl, ll, N y ,, 'M 5- ' rat ?, "? l ill gn stiff. if .i ,, i w., fl 1- 'M 'GPL lW'fH,Arf ' , lim f v"?'g"-..11- 'MQW' ' 'AO' YA 14's ,f.:."" Aw, , . -.., , . ,-JWN4f'..,L .. g f 3- " 543-lim nu-lily ' 6 I , , , X Q " :' 1 , If 7 On the Plains When mother taught us our first words to When mother planted firm our baby feet, Unknown to us our pilgrim trek began, Initial grounds we eagerly did scan. speak fam ! 1 .gQ..,. ni .5 TTY! ,fm 'Q' is ' - flj ,U 479 441 455 U07 ll cw l 7 cm 8 ,.,,. .gr-.u -. . . 1-wal:-'f. .Liz-"Sq-J'.'5' '12-...rg ll X im: ' K I 5, 5523, v T S11 ' gg-.. .ip 97 vu QQJQ x 1 LG L' If L -f- ' , . tai- x ,n QWQ . lf Q .-. 5 f? v. 42 Rf l ' sz -. 'Jim .r- ' RW W., if-43 'ix ui! W If '91 'Q ef fa - nw ref v 'v- fi' ,, , tl ..4. . 42, 4 .W 'isixmir --f 515' .' 'Q' '1 .1-J. 5 , '2:?:,y.9qZ-Jr:-z-Mgzfe, -,.n.sylA',H,L.,,.p5x 'ijqg-lgi'-FA-Qing,-' -492. - " U83 i i237 29 1247 9 .41 ,. -f .1-, we IDEGA ll M T From thence pursued our course each tender year, At every boundary found new guides appear, Who seeking nought from us, taught w'th And 1 all pains, safely led o'er fir m foundation plains. Richard Fecher, Kathleen Kuhn, Anne Radice, Cher l La Duca, Shirley Edmonds, Michael Lombardo, Rene Alvarez, Catherine Gian, Ar 'll ' vu aNuxon, Paul Brzo- ska, Melita Mathias Front row: David Mc Grath, James Mills, Jean Burke, Dennis Seereiter, Robert Mogavero, Patricia Savattieri, Charles Skelton Standing: Sandra Deutsch, Richard Doherty, Patricia Mathias, Carol FT? ff? K? J ig fx ,ff 2 -i X Of f". ,jcs f rl , 'V K NZ! .. is.-'rf' Colangelo, Mariorie Kaminski, Yvonne Alvarez, Michele fx. fl. Ingrando, Mary Ann Cox ' J lm 2. Hard at workl l l if f'N , f x fy' Qt ,l :lx C 'CKY ale X Notch en Snow babies sl yu, Angels from Guardian Angel Hall Glory to God in the highestl X , . g ,,,,,. ,g zl , y . -- 'Q x A- Jv,f.....S ' we A . ' i ,gi 7 , .,1", ., :lu W ,.l. A, ' L+ -.mi ' GQ .6 1 . ,fig me egseziikwil QM ' A Y . . M ' gwt- Q "Littlest Angel" V 5-J X A - 4 Happy Birthday 3 hype? to youl me 5 A . 1 WND? 1 .- -n. ll IH' I I2 1 b A O . A What's going on? We Begin Awed stood we the moLestic mount elow, Yearning to reach the dim inviting glow Determined to possess the I prize in time, We started slow the iogged cliffs to climb First row: Ida Moscato, Leontine Kaitanowski, Barbara Lo Vallo, Jacqueline Leonard, Norma Kantowski, Rosalie La Duca Second row: Teresa Leitten, Judith Oriss, Katherine McGorray, Patricia Panaro Ida Palmeri Carol Messina Pa tricia Orlando, Carol McKnight Angela Valvo, Joan Sperrazza, Mildred Timineri, Mary Ann Regan, Joan Rollek ff? if Annette Frausfino, Lynda Stoll, Joan Saeli, Nancy Hoppe, Carmella Lazzaro, Rosalie Softile, Elaine Verfalino Nancy Pfoerfner, Grace Pepe First row: Beverly Allard, Mary Ann Casfiglione, Marcella Coughlin, Janet Hoffmeyer, Geraldine Golba, Deanna Doerr, Marilyn Bell Second row: Louise Dentice, Marie Tama, Barbara Andruczyk, Elaine Loiacono, Mary Ann Bochnik B4 s ff-I' df' nf Q 3 . XQV-I flme . O-LX0 Y ' IQ S O0'oinJhXe'xGY'e Pofhglo Rolgclgnuolo e'x9oll1'l'xWnn na lczolf, I Anfoi 'KG R Mol Ani? neffg Pan .Kris Sm-Uhr A'1OrI-e pe.Zf3sI.nsko MO! 1 Caro? Mary Ann Lochocki, Janet Henry, Suzanne Dikeman, Donna Howland, Carmella Lazzaro, Antoinette Sardina, Patricia Benintende, Sally Callari, Mary Ann Pasquarella, Maria Mas cari, Angela Anselmo I6 We Struggle Caesarean armies mountain passes held, With geometric skill those hoards we felled, We came, we saw, we conquered every foe, Then with "discretion" turned ' towards Cicero. . C09 ufnno rxxeupr X0 0 ?l?cllv'xc'l0 Yo? ofe XXOI Gevolsme ix gK0e Box 01 1 eve' ofno ' Standing: Bebeann Pidgeon Seated: Deonne Burnes, Ann Flynn , Jean Manta, Mary Lou Campbell, Jeannie Baker I8 seo, Sgt. Jef, B- .'7 M7 'on . Clnlszkil lei' ding: M UIQ e Wl.C DAMN U QU' dia Z' Mor e D' Pos D Qo q I Posquole ref FOf5,Ut, ,Nez ary 4n,-, igyeff, SU Qfnques Sgn 1 Urol ff fr AM' Foreground: Margaret Mary Wagner, Eleanor Graziano ry, Martha Michalska, Barbara Schalk, Con- cetta Capizza, Janice Kubiszyn, Elizabeth Zollciewicz I9 Standing: Sheila Hen- . i:W"w"'n3,a ' EWEEQQSAQ 5' :- f,a:'153.zi2a':g.1fl rl-'YI' fkq' fl ' w,L.s4w?Ei7g3 zgafazigsyz' l':'23:"lW'QfQ,5l y - v 4. 59345252 54531 age 9221-9:1-.q,g.S3,g 2 -" Ez G2:"'- '76 fv71.'iI3-ll 5 Grbgiizsysmv. f?'5r2f:3-35493 'tb-rl'-, 'iff-f'1'1. 3535 Q23-wi w2:,i'l'Qu'?9.2s 15,2-.5112-5L':'rq,f,'f.! va.-Qggfzgffuggr. E Jxicfrlfx-w-2 l5"i:iQE2:?395i5i f-:7'5Q'-fa?-?'3"i' itiiigvkffwif ' GEJFS' "VE vm'iS43s-'-W' e-we-1445 '.x-Agn.. ,gfyh .' :JN J . .S-gil ' 33' 'b cff5g3.'Z:j 'QQEIETW cv 'sfrlsgifidmd . .i Patlff '1- E 'Wal' 'J .mf '45-fffsfl-'E'5ii7,2F' 1-'2..sJ ry. P -'ta-zrvf?'2'5-W1 P5 1, Qs , -L94 22':.'Ej,grf-Jwilfiw . f " :. Qaggsiisifggggi 1 v--:A I P swf' - if 3144.1 1 W. 6.:',Q6.g2!: pg' 'Z-ESA .4 ga,-aef?P4z asks?-. .L "V 2512525 I-512325 Q 25,1 43: 1133191 , :- ' 1 4 . '11 -. 5"'.'. Rails- , ffcfivgip-f f.3f?Eg:,,y,,xJ:.5'Zr'3, Pmsffifaisae. A-.,g, U,-, . .-7,1 1 ' wX1'g'2T1x1:ft ' M252 r.. .fb C,oooeKW0 UW ?,oqn3u Y"0""eS gaoboow Joo Bio n Zak ndolillirf Anno 1 Maria Ezmslsulo Usa I X Yi oe 51-W e 9 w xml SNPOKX 1-1-X I O Coq! 000 C horlone Yx A 'gem' 5 wars. gm: 1 O0 9 I B? Sxexge S113-4 . 4141141253-4'.g.. ,f.4:??fTffr5:EP:P5 nrsigf. . -f rl :fi '. f3u,.Z4qfZ.'2a.g-111 .4 :: -Tri f?.:.1vi-'1 -'4:7'.35v":?'gEY?f 50,2-fazfxkj nf. L:62,1Kf.'f,f Ny? emfgigejagfyg. R759 .2f,,.?.Sf-' fqzfgflljfflzif :fFvi5:2g.1:zC f '.-T,54'17g.-'Q .F Q 1: 53-cpf1g:.f 59? :,YQ'4x44,5'5 .:.v:, f, w.'32-'I-L, so z15S"5'Li': 12153 ..fI1:?,::55...v .-mxrs,-f,,.cr,,-5, 5ggg::::3F5f'5 gg,+g::gaaf5g MA- -Q-.xv YF' 'QMTFI7 1-'girl SQEPW-s1.13'.ff: ' ' , I- ' . 269129511- Q., - ..s,,z,:.n kgfg-g.QQ,?. :L.,.:,, 1 cv-1. 7 ' f'1.cy9j5iZ5Y'cY' A ,,,...zQ,ii .mg There Sq Wio 40,6 Zak , E - Iuzubefh we Cl-,ter Q ,WW X We Glimpse the Heights The light of triumph flickered through the vale We chased it up the moonlit vistas pole, Midway we stopped nor could our icy bespeak, We glimpsed the sunrise summit-- long sought peak. Suzanne Casey, Josephine Puleo, Rose Marie Moribello, Florence Starzynski, Barbara Swan Carol Schrag, Margaret Downing, Christine Szelest, Nina Kulick Front: Geraldine de Leon Antoinette Lonza, Joyce Murphy, Wilma Ruane, Teresa Schwab Rose Ann Bongi, Jo Ann Bongi, Joan Lew, Twila Doucel' Front: Marie Genco Camille Zgliczynski, Josephine Castro, Sue Honsberger, Carolyn Linkner, Elizabeth Anne Tafu, Kath- leen Macaluso Nancy Cannizzaro, Gloria Work, Elaine Salvo, Mary Cannizzaro Mary Ann De James, Mary Gon- zalez, Ida Callari, Sheila Hobson, Carol De Yot, Bernice Hcrtenstein Ruth Winter Paula Amigone, Mary Cala, Mary Spagnuolo, Catherine Torre, Patricia Chentfant, Theresa Palermo N YY '1 L"Z VY Anna Fabozzi, Rose Marie Caputy, Elaine Fisher, Constance Stanford r hafvmimwjeligfbff ,rr 0, ' f N On Sunrise Slope f Ap from all the world we stand , Up wn sequestered I d. , Th g i g p i fl ' g r T g h 'gh b I Y X 1 I K Mx Q., l 7 , B - l o BA Q 'f X' . '52 ,ew Q -r ff , n 7 WI I I ll V w c Y egg, FS! 4 25 Maureen Shannon PRESIDENT sodomy 1,2,a,4 Eucharistic Committee I,2,3 Publicity Committee 3,4 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Glee Club I,2,3 Senior Dramatics Career Guidance Club 4 Athletic Club 4 Debate Club 4 Rosarium Staff Honor Roll I,2,3,4 Latin Honor Society 2,3 A.P.S.L. Award Class Banker 2,3 Editor-in-chief Cor Mariae Salutatorian Sodality l,2,3,4 Eucharistic Committee 2 Our Lady's Committee 3 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 Senior Dramatics Honor RolI,I,2,3,4 Latin Honor Society'2,3 A.P.S.L. cum laude Award Chmn. English Book Club 2 Rosarium Staff Delegate to Model UN 3 Pres. Junior Class "High-erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy." The ty ical Irish colleen isshe with dump ed chin, gay laugh and cious and considerate Maureen makesa practice of pleasing others Glee Club 3,4 Debate Club 4 Cor Mariae Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 Career Guidance Club 4 Honor Roll I,2,3,4 Latin Honor Society 2,3 F. . . I 2: sparkling blue eyes. Reserved, gra- K Rosarium Staff . I For this latter trait she received the thanks of her classmates when they elected her class-president. Kathleen Klee TREAS URER She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, And pleasant to think on." Efficient, dependable and per- petually gay, Rose Marie is noted for unfailing thoughtfulness. In- born leadership and ingenuity well qualified her for the difficult task of Student Council President. De- spite the fact that she has many "irons in the fire", Rose Marie never fails to find time to be a friend to everyone. 26 I A. P.S. L. ,cum laude Award Rep. Student Council 3 "Free from self-seeking, envy, low design, I have not found a whiter soul than thine." Whenever there was a task to be done, Kathy was first in line either to volunteer or to be drafted, proving that she possessed an over- whelming sense of generosity and willingness to please. An artist with a sensitive soul and an imagi- native mind gifted in prose and poetry Kathy also has a remarkable talent for getting along with others. Her philosophy maysbe summarized in the quotation, "With malice to- wards none, with charity for all." Rose Marie Azzarelli STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Sodality l,2,3,4 Apostolic Committee 2,3 Janua Caeli 4 Glee Club l,4 Cor Mariae Staff 4 Senior Dramatics Honor Roll l Vice-Pres. Class 3,4 Vice-Pres. Student Council 4 APSL23 g 1? "Those about her From her shall read the perfect ways of honor." She came, she saw, she con- quered. No task was ever too dif- ficultfor Mellp no noble sacrifice too great. With "Excelsior" as her motto, she began to scale the scho- Iastic heights when she won a schol- arship to Nardin. Since that day, she has mounted steadily and gra- ciously. N Geraldine Kowalkowski SODALITY PRE FECT "A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent." Sweet and ladylike in every way, Barbara shares a warm friend- liness with all. Anxious to please , she is ready to help whenever called on, proving that her heart is as big as she is tall. In her participation in school activities, Barbara never fails to display a deep sense of loyalty. S Carmel la Mauro SECRETARY "She is a winsome wee thing She isa handsome wee thing." In this "little package" we find a "big prize". Gerry, a truly bright personality, is fun- loving and gay, but withal,thor- oughly reliable. A true Nardin girl, she is active in school af- fairs and helps push projects with her victorious drive, all the while kee ing excellent marks in her studies. Gerry's biggest honor was her election as Sodality Prefect. 27 Barbara Biondol il lo VICE-PRESIDENT Sodality l,2,3,4 Eucharistic Committee 2 Our Lady's Committee 3 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Social Action 4 Dramatic Club 4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 Rosarium Staff Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Latin Honor Society 2,3 A. P.S. L. summa cum laude and magna gg-n-lame Awards 2,3 Class Banker l,2,3 Secy. Sophomore Class Valedictorian Sodality l,2,3,4 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 A. P. S. L. 2, 3 Senior Dramatics Honor Roll l,4 Pres. Freshman Class Secy. Sodality 3 Bus. Manager of Rosarium Elizabeth Allard Sodality l,2,3,4 Mater Dei 2,4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Cor Moriae Staff 3 Dramatic Club 4 A.P.S.L. 2,3 Honor Roll 4 Delegate to Model UN 3,4 Sodality I,2,4 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Legion of Decency 1 Cor Mariae Staff 4 Glee Club 2 Art Club 4 Athletic Club 4 Cheerleader 4 Senior Dramatics "She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen." In the two years that Bette has been with us as "one of the girls", she has proved herselfa sincere friend. A capable busi- ness student, tall, graceful Bet- te possesses a winning smile and a contagious laugh. Her soft- spoken and charitable manner are t e trademarks of her fun-loving personality. Claudette Paluch "Life is too short for mean anxieties." An adept typist, Jo ce has always been willing to llend her services to those in need of ac- curate work in a hurry. Posses- sing a good sense of humor, she has been the cause of a round of laughter many times. 28 Sodality l,2,3,4 ' Mater Dei 4 C Legion of Decency l,2 Glee Club 4 Senior Dramatics Class Banker 3 Treas. Junior Class Q! Q Career Guidance Club 4 F Though she looks so bewitch- ingly simple, Yet there's mischief in every dimple. " Dimpled cheeks, smiling eyes and a merry laugh characterize this carefree miss. Quick to make friends, Claudette's zest For living shines through all she does. She loves to talk, laugh, sing and pol- ka, and is noted for spreading a spark of gaiety wherever she goes. Joyce Randall I Sodality l,2,3,4 Glee Club l,3,4 Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 Athletic Club 4 Cheerleader 4 Rosarium Staff Honor Roll 1,4 Librarian 3 Class Banker I Student Council Monitor Co-chmn. Janua Caeli 4 Co-chmn. SDS 4 it It "She is as good as gold." A steady visitor to the Chapel, Patti disguises a serious character beneath twinkling eyes and a hearty laugh. Possessing a smile and per- sonality warm enough to melt the coldest heart, she is one of those in- valuable people who never fail in a moment of need. Wyatt 'vvWH J- Helen Denise Riordan "ls she not more than painting can suggest Or youthful poets fancy when they love?" A model secretary, Carol strikesanote of efficiencyin all she does. Though she is gen- erally on the business end of school activities, Carol enjoys participation in sports and is active in Sodality work. Tal- ented in music, she is the pos- sessor of a fine soprano voice, which never fails to bring en- ioyment to her listeners. Patricia Luttrell "She smiled and the shadows departed. " Cheerful, with a bit of Irish in her twinkling eyes, Helen displays her generosity in all she does, particularly in her active Sodality work. A dimpled smile is her trade- mark. Indeed, it is the key that opens the door to her many happy associations. 29 Carol Muschaweck Sodality l,2,3,4 Mater Dei I,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 4 Senior Dramatics Biology Club 4 Co-chmn. Our Lady's Comm. 3 Chmn. Mater Dei 4 Sodality 1,2,3,4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 4 Senior Dramatics Latin Honor Society 2 A. P.S.L. l laude Award 2 Honor Roll I Pres. Debate Club 4 Chmn. Mission Committee 3 Chmn. .Ianua Caeli 4 Rep. Student Council 4 ,Wy W, Sandra Manta Sodality l,2,3,4 Our Lady's Comm Rosa Mystica 4 Debate Club 4 Senior Dramatics Chmn. L and F 4 Glee Club I Art Club 4 Athletic Club 4 Senior Dramatics ittee 2 "There was a little girl who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead." A "little girl", Sandy has a great interest in modern mu- sic, but has proven herself also possessor of classical talent at the keyboard. French, Sandy's adopted tongue, has added an international touch to this al- ready pleasing personality. Patricia Bird "Her pencil is striking, resistless, and grand, Her manners are gentle comply- ing and bland. " Originality and vivacitymark the literary efforts which flow from Laverne's pen. Beneath her confident, yet unassuming manner lies an understanding, sympathetic, fun loving nature. Ambitious and persevering, she is always ready to help others. 30 Sodality l,2,3,4 Janua Caeli 4 Glee Club 4 J Cor Mariae Staff 2 Latin Honor Society 2 A. P. S. L. 2, 3 I Le Cercle Frangais 4 6 Senior Dramatics "The girl with laughing eyes and long, shining locks." For Patty, the world should revolve on roller skates, not on an axis. "A whiz on wheels", skating is her life's delight, that and keeping her hair long and flowing. Reserved and modest in manner, Pat enioys working with others, who, in turn, find it is a pleasure to work with her. Laverne Paladino Sodality l,2,3,4 Apostolic Committee 2,3 Senior Dramatics Latin Honor Society 2,3 Vice-Pres. Freshman Class Rep. Student Council 3 Co-chmn. Apostolic Committee 3 Chmn. Rosa Mystica 4 V Junior Red Cross 4 W' "Her voice was ever soft, Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman." A boyish bob, a charming smile and sparkling eyes are the first things that attract one to Angie. She is noted for her sense of fashion and always presents a trim appearance. Pleasant to talk with, and generous with co-oper- ation, Angie has a host of friends. Patricia Janicki "Simple as nature, sweet beyond compare." Susie, in her simple ways, reminds you of the typical "girl next door". A happy disposi- tion is manifested especially by her pleasant smile. In school activities, Sue identifies her- self with Sodality work. She also enioys sports and is known for her horsemanship. Angeline Matteliano "How sweet and fair she seems to be." Like unto a Princess in charm and grace, Pat also possesses the nonchalance so characteristic of a light heart. A pleasant carefree spirit makes Patty one of the nicest people to know. 31 Suzanne Braun Sodality l,2,3,4 Mission Committee 2 Janua Caeli 4 Senior Dramatics Honor Roll 1,3 Latin Honor Society 3 Class Secretary I Sodality l,2,3,4 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Social Action Committee Glee Club l,2,3,4 Senior Dramatics "She was born with a gift of laughter." Up-to-date with the latest tunes or newest dances, Joanna is the class jazz enthusiast None the less, her interest in fun is secondary to her in- Sodality l,2,3,4 Apostolic Committee 3 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Cor Mariae Staff 2,3 Biology Club 4 Athletic Club 4 Senior Dramatics Honor Roll l,2,3,4 N C terest in school work. A capable stu- dent, Joanna is most dependable in completing assignments and maintains her position on the honor roll. Joanna Coppola Sodality I,2,3,4 Publicity Committee 2 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Senior Dramatics A. P. S. L. 2,3 Delegate to Model UN 4 Librarian of Glee Club 4 Joan Brzezinski Sgdqlify l,2,3,4 "A maiden never bold, Rggq Mygficq 2,4 Of spirit still and quiet." A. P. S. L. 2, 3 Art Club 4 Raven black hair, and bright Sgnigr Drqmqficg Q4 SYBS are ll18 HFS? l'l1lI'IgS YOU DD' 6 tice in Barbara. A warm friend iw with an open heart, Barb has an understanding nature and a depth of sympathy that indicates great- ness of sou . 32 Latin Honor Society 2,3 A.P.S.L. ma na in laude Award 2,3 Secy. English Book Club 2 Chmn. Pamphlet Rack 3 "From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot, she is all mirth." Mischief is one of her favorite pastimes, but it is alvvo s in fun. Joan is one of those goocllnatured people who laughs at her mistakes and enioys having others laugh with her. However, her wit is not al- ways in what she says, but in how she says it. Barbara Woiciechowski Athletic Club 4 Chmn. Nardin Cheerleaders 4 N B IN "lt is good to be merry and wise, It is good to be honest and true." Competent and resourceful, Nancy has proved herself an ear- nest and successful student during the four years. For all her quiet ways, she is friendly and helpful and rates high with everyone, and her bright Irish eyes can light up any room. Judith Conway "My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle l" A newcomer to Nardin for her last year, June has won the hearts of many and delighted the eyes of all who admired her bulletin-board displays. She accomplishes all she undertakes with a drive and deter- mination characteristic of her. Nancy O'Brian "Truly she is the very flower of youth." Dreaming and getting into mis- chief are Judy's favorite pastimes. However, she does more of the lat- ter than the former, at no one's ex- pense and always to the amusement of all. Simplicity is Judy's mode of life. She enioys helping others and sharing interests with them. 33 GI'-4 June Debs Latin Club 4 Senior Dramatics Latin Honor Society 3,4 Honor Roll l,3,4 A.P.S.L. CE laude Award 3 Sodality l,2,3,4 Janua Caeli 4 Dramatic Club 4 Le Cercle Francais 4 Biology Club 4 Debate Club 4 Joan Harla Biology Club 4 Cor Mariae Staff 3 Rosarium Staff Senior Dramatics Honor Roll 4 Class Banker 3,4 Glee Club l,3,4 Art Club 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Senior Dramatics Rep. Athletic Club 4 "The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, Foresight, strength and skill." With a flair for the dramatic this bright, talented miss has a friendly attitude towards every- one she meets and an intense in- terest in everything she does. Active in every phase of school life, Joan has maintained a high scholastic rating. A good speak- er, a pianist, a sports fan, awrit- er and an artist, Joan's various interests are indicative of an en- gaging personality. Sharon Thomas "The peace of evening in her quiet ways." Another who is fond of the modern recordings is Carm. Atid the "h" and you have the "charm that she reveals to her friends by her honest smile and warm per- sonality. 34 Sodality i,2,3,4 Eucharistic Committee 2 Our Lady's Committee 3 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Legion of Decency 4 Dramatic Club 4 Debate Club 4 Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 Athletic Club 4 Varsity Basketball 4 Honor Roll i,2,3,4 Latin Honor Society 3 Banker 2 Delegate to UN 3,4 Editor-in-chief of Rosarium Ii if Glee Club i,2,4 IQ "A quick responsiveness in word and deed A dignity and stateliness at need." Displaying on occasion alittle bit of pixie in her pretty bluee es, Sharon is a very competent seri- possessed young lady well-calcu- lated to handle responsibility with composure. Fun-lovingandlight- hearted she enioys dancing, hasa fine singing voice and plays the piano admirably. Carmelo Zuppa Sodality l,2,3,4 Rosa Mystica 2,4 Glee Club l Art Club 4 A.P.S.L. 2 Senior Dramatics "Grace was in all her steps Heaven in her eye, ln every gesture, dignity and love." The girl with the twinkling eyes, flashing smile and "Mamie" bangs, will be remembered by us simply as Bunny. Always ready to lend a hand or give a word of praise, Bunny, with her pleasant chatter, is a most congenial com- panion at work or play. Catherine Turnboo "Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content. The quiet mind is richer than a crown." This is our "S" girl--sweet, sincere and simple. Ruthie may be quiet but her thoughtfulness and pleasant nature are reason enough to like her. Always calm, cool and collected, Ruth seems to sail serenely through the varied currents of life. Ver .U if , ,-'MW Bernadette Coyle "Her smile is the sweetest that ever was-- Her cheek like the rose is but fresher." A button nose that wrinkles when she laughs, a dazzling smile . J consltant chatter.and gay Laughter, that sour Cathy Sports enthu siast, she is particularly notedfor her abil ity on the basketball court. Gifted musically, Cathy can play three instruments equallywell and is ever ready to accommodate when a pianist is needed. 35 Ruth Chapin Sodality l,2,3,4 Apostolic Committee 2,3 ' Modesty Committee 2 Legion of Decency 2,3 Sacristan 4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 A. P. S. L. 2, 3 Senior Dramatics Honor Roll 4 Secretary of Sodality 2 Vice-Pres. Student Council 3 Co-chmn. Mater Dei 4 Vice-prefect Sodality 4 Sodality l,2,3,4 Rosa Mystica 2,3,4 Legion of Decency 3 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Varsity Basketball 4 Senior Dramatics Secy. Le Cercle Francais 4 Virginia Reis Sodality l,2,3,.4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Le Cercle Fran cis 4 Athletic Club Z Varsity Basketball 4 Rosarium Staff Senior Dramatics Honor Roll l,2,3,4 Latin Honor Society 2,3 A. P. S. L. Award 2,3 Delegate to Model UN 4 Senior Banker Pres. Sophomore Class Chmn. Sedes Sapientiae 4 Pres. Career Guidance Club 4 Sodality l,2,3,4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Cor Mariae Staff 3 Le Cercle Francais 4 Art Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 . Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class I K0 0 "Sugar and spice and all things nice." Ginny remains the class mimic and champion motorcyclist. Ex- celling in athletics, she is our all- around "good sport". She is noted , also, for her pleasant singing voice. Virginia will be well remembered for her many impersonations and an- tics which brightened more than one dull moment. Barbara Penders "Light of step and heart is she." Colorful and carefree, good- natured Maxine entertains a youthful outlook on life. She is a talented artist fwith a passion for any shade of purplei, a dancer and a pianist. On occasion, she has utilized all three talents to produce musical skits for assembly programs. 36 Senior Dramatics Coach Junior Varsity 4 Captain Senior Varsity 4 Pres. Glee Club 4 "ln thy face I see The map of honour, truth and loyalty." Barbara is the all-around stu- dent. As sportsman, she is parti- cularly remembered as being an excellent shot on the basketball court. Barb is noted for her char- ity, thoughtfulness, her constant display of school spirit and her scholastic efficiency. Maxine Chmielecki Sodality l,3,4 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Chorus I, Senior Dramatics Honor Roll I 2,4 2 Secy. Junior Class 8 5' "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate." Sparkling blue eyes and fine features are the rare combination portrayed in this busy little miss. Feminine and sweet as a Flower, Marlene is one of those charming persons who win their way with a smile. Domenico Sturniolo "Age cannot wither her nor custom stale Her infinite variety" As enthusiastic as she is pretty, "Marcie" is one of those people who fits into every occasion. Sincerely interested in others, she proves to be a great source of merriment and en'o ment. Fond of music and sho I Y P' ping tours, Marcie will always have a great many friends. Marlene Keller "She smiles at life, and life smiles back at her." True to the saying "good things come in small packages", Mickey ranks high in the good humor department. Always with something up her sleeve, she gives fair warning of it through her mischievous eyes and sly chuckle. Possessor of a big heart and an alert keen mind, Mickey can be relied upon to enlighten the most difficult moments. 37 Marceline Kobis Sodality i,2,3,4 Glee Club l,2,3,4 Rosarium Staff Secy. Career Guidance Club 4 Co-chmn. Sedes Sapientiae 4 Sodality l,2,3,4 Eucharistic Committee 2 Sedes Sapientiae 4 Glee Club 2,3,4 Debate 4 Senior Dramatics Honor Roll I A. P. S. L. 2,3 Chmn. Social Action 4 soaulafy1,2,3,4 Publicity Committee 2 Secles Sapientiae 4 Glee Club l Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 f A.P.S. L. 2,3 f Dramatic Club 4 Art Editor of Rosarium Art Club Treasurer 4 Rep. Student Council 4 Maryann Tomasulo CLASS POET CLASS POEM Dear Lady as we leave This home where Christ doth dwell There's a thought within our minds That ioyously does swell. We do not have to part with thee, You'll come with us along To be our Tower of Ivory, Resplendent, pure and strong. Four busy happy years We studied with our gaze Upon the 'deeper things of life, Upon thy loving ways. Now as we bravely turn to face ' The paths that lie ahead, Our confidence in you we place And we shall have no dread. 38 "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the rimrose peeps beneath the thorn. " A reserved, gracious, modest manner marks the girl who is our class artist. Maryann's creative talent was on display for many oc- casions and always to the benefit of others. Her charity is boundless as oven by her constant readiness to end a hand in any school or class i' proiect. We shall not dread the world With all its sin and strife As long as you are with us, To guard our way through life And may our daily living, Bring such a light to others That all may Feel your presence And men may live as brothers First row: D. Sfurniolo, G. Kowolkowski, M. Chmielecki, M. Keller B Coyle, M Tomasulo A Maffelnano C. Turnboo, S. Manta. Second row: P. Janicki, L. Palodino, C Muschaweclc J Randall N O Brian P. Bird, M. Kobis, J. Coppola. Third row: S. Thomas, J. Brzezmsku J Debs H Ruordan B Allard B Biondolillo, C., Paluch, J. Harla. Fourth row: P. Luftrell, S. Braun R Chapin, M Shannon C Mauro gi li ' Class Day rw. 52,4 Q PN Maureen Shannon PRE SIDE NT B. Wojciechowski, V. Reis, R.M. Azzarelli, C. Zuppa, B. Penders J Conway K Klee 0 j 'YJ TW ' J gm N x If JN ,gg U X S M K I fn, - 3 9 of fef EG 4' 5' - fffxl 'Y HS ,fig Nl' fltw' NE of man's most prized possessions is the gift of memory. If he could not recall a beloved person, a heart warming scene, a prized book, his life would be empty and void of all the love and tender- ness which remembrance evokes. When an incident or a person has gone into the realm of the past, no power can recall the physical counterpart, but the joyful memory can be had with iust the beckoning of the heart. Here, on this page, we, the Class of '53, shall attempt to recreate our four yearsat Nardin. These remembrances are dear, for they belong especially to us. We hope you will enioy them as they are an integral part of the history of the Senior C ass. September, l949-- On a bright September morning in l949, sixty awed freshmen could be seen walking up the path to the door of Nardin Academy. There each stopped, composed herself as best she could, and withawave of courageous strength pulled open the door. All that could be seen were girls rushing from one group to another, all that could be heard were greetings resounding from one end of the hall to the other. There didn't seem to be any place for them, the new freshmen. Suddenly they found themselves surrounded by friendly students eager to escort them to their homerooms. They were led up one flight of stairs, and then up another into either of two homerooms: 303 under the guidance of Miss Kolp, or 304 under Miss Gear- ity's care. That first morning flew by for us. No longer were we alone: we met our teachers and became acquainted with the girls who were to be our schoolmates for four years. One and all agreed that high school promised to be a wonderful experience. Soon Se tember became only a remembrance, and as October got underway, fearsome rumors reached our ears. They seemed to be circulated by the seniors and were all about the same thing--Initiation. We gulped and shook in our boots, as we wished fervently for some miracle to stop this dreadful event, but not ing happened. One night in October we were put through the trials and rigors which were meant to test our stamina. At the command of the Seniors, we held a circus which could easily have rivaled the Ringling Brothers' Showl We withstood all the endurance tests, even the famed Torture Chamber, and at the end were pronounced full-fledged members of the student body. Oh, happy nightl The next months were filled with studies, Christmas vacation, and exams. We elected our class of- ficers and Geraldine Kowalkowski became our first president. At the mid-term exams we were introduced to the blue books, an acquaintance which we were always reluctant to renew. But we conquered that ob- stacle and school life once more progressed quietly. Then something happened which again aroused and filled us with excitement. We were soon to be received into the Sodality. That da will always be one of our treasured remembrances. Veiled in white, we knelt to receive our Sodality medals and recite the act of consecration to Our Blessed Lady. Once more our cup of happiness overflowed. Shortly afterwards, our first high school dance, the Freshman-Sophomore Frolic, added another leaf to our golden book of memories. ,... g:::+:-:::g:::: '40 .- L New f-s Y One dc? in June we discovered that we were no longer lowly freshmen. No, we had now become full-fledge sophomores! September , 1950-- As school began we were saddened to find that since business courses were no longer offered, twenty- one of our classmates had transferred. Our homerooms were on the first floor flucky usll. Miss Eleanor Hagerty had charge of l03 and her sister, Miss Mary Hagerty had 101. Also in that year we had the honor of having one of our girls elected to a Sodality office, Bernadette Coyle became secretary. As for our studies, we were soon taken up with the delights of solving a geometry original all by our- selves or typing one whole sentence without error. Our Latin students were diligently applying them- selves to translating the trials and hardships of Caesar. It is general knowledge that every Latin student knew that "All Gaul is divided into three parts--". Under the able tutelage of Miss Shell, five girls received Latin awards at the June Assembly. Carmella Mauro was given a medal in recognition of the superior showing that she made in the Nationwide Latin Competitive Exam and Barbara Penders, Joanna Coppola, Maureen Shannon, and Helen Riordan received merit certificates for the excellent marks they obtained on the same exam. Also in our sophomore year we began an English Club under the direction of Rose Marie Azzarelli. This club was a means of our becoming better acquainted with good literature. Books bought with money from our club treasury were donated to the school library. At the assembly program on the last day of school we were directed to the iunior seats and we then realized that we had reached a milestone in our high school life. We were now upperclassmenl September, l95l-- The Business Course was resumed and with it some of our former classmates returned. Betty Allard also came that September and received a friendly welcome from the rest of the iuniors. Our third year at Nardin was filled with many events of importance to us. The "Big Sister" proiect began in an effort to prevent incoming freshmen from experiencing loneliness and bewilderment during the first few da s of new school routine. The "Life of Bertha Hummel", with an all junior cast, wasre- ceived warmly by the student body. Six of our class represented our school at the Variety Show held at Canisius High School. During the year we were witnesses to a series of "firsts" which had notable bearings on our school life. The "Cor Mariae", formerly a Sodality newspaper, became a school project with our own Kathy Klee as assistant editor. About a month before Easter, Nardin Academy held a candy sale, the pro- ceeds of which went into school improvements. The Junior Class had charge of this sale and two of our fContinued on page 461 44.1.1-.5.t.-.A 41 1-11.-1.41:-1:.v:.--1.-at E 4f..s:u3.1:g111: -me-fa. ----- ' ----- ,- 555513 ei all ITH the passing of time, we of the class of '53 have aged four years and it is with great reluctance that we hereby do ordain and establish this our last will and testament. Treat not these things lightly, dear juniors. Rather regard them as gifts which have been given to you with every best wish for your future success and happiness at Nardin Academy. We, the senior class bequeath to the faculty our love and loyalty. For their patience, guidance and en- couragement we thank our teachers with all our hearts. To the Junior Class we leave our ever-so-handylock- ers on the second floor. We bequeath to the Sophomore Class the green gym suits significant of upper-class- men. To the Freshman Class we leave the seats in assembly behind the seniors. To the individual iuniors the following bequests are made: Betty Allard leaves to Rose Ann Bongi those hilarious echoes which issue from the cafeteria annex when- ever Betty is present. Always-busy Rose Marie Azzarelli bequeaths her ability to be in three places at once to Carolyn Linknerp and to Jo Castro, she leaves all those lunches she never had time to eat. Little Mary Ann De James is the lucky recipient of two inches of Barbara Biondolillo's five feet nine. Elizabeth Tatu receives from Pat Bird fthe Skater, one hundred used tickets from the Arena rink, while lucky Olivia Endres inherits Pat's uncle--the treasurer of the city of Buffalo. Sue Braun gives her natural knack of teasing to Mary Spagnuolo. Sue Casey inherits Joan Brzezinski's propensity for blowing up the school during chemistry. lBetter watch Sue closely, Miss Smithll Ruthie Chapin's courage in surrendering her hair to the shears is graciously passed on to Gloria Work. Carol Vertalino is the recipient of Maxine Chmielecki's cute little French accent from the Mardi Gras. Judy Conway leaves her traditional habit of sneezing at the quietest moment to Bernice Hartenstein. Joanna Coppola bequeaths Mary Gonzalez that favorite bag of peanuts. lNo lon er need you fear star- vation in Wednesday speech class, Maryll Joanna also leaves Rose Marie Moribello her "cool" iazz records. lBuy your ear-plugs eairly and avoid the rush, iuniorsll Bunny Coyle has bequeathed to Nina Kulick an inexhaustible supply of chatter. June Debs leaves her ability to train cheer-leaders to Carol De Yot. With stubborn loyalty, she also be- queaths a Stevenson button to Rose Marie Caputy. Geraldine de Leon seemed so taken with that Canisius football player at the Mardi Gras that Joan Harla has left her the suit, ibut not the playerli Joan also surrenders regretfully to Sue Honsberger a silhouette of Dan Cupid from the Hearty-Party in '52. As of this date, Theresa Palermo has the privilege of walking to school with a boy every day. Who is he? The six-year-old that Pat Janicki daily escorted to Nardin grammar school. fSlip him somervitamins, Terry, maybe he'll grow fastll 42 QE? flirt mmm Those precious Holy Cross souvenirs are willed to Catherine Torre by Marlene Keller. Elaine Salvo is now the envied possessor of Kathleen Klee's versatile "strokes of genius". Marcie Kobis bequeaths to Peggy Downing all those tediously typed homework papers, while to Paula Amigone goes Marcie's iazziest iazz record. Now all she needs is a player. The innocent look that Gerry Kowalkowski wears when called upon to recite is left to Toni Lanza. Patti Luttrell's iolly laugh is now Mary Cala's. May it provide as much fun for your class as it has given to ours. Sandy Manta wills to Barbara Swan her privilege of having a famous theatrical brother. Twila Doucet had better sharpen her appetite. She now has Angie Matteliano's passion for pizza. Carmella Mauro's ability to produce terrific marks and laughter is willed to Loretta Hubert. Carm also gives to Chris Szelest the privilege of writing next year's T.B. essay. Carol Muschaweck leaves Marie Genco her ability to type fifty-four words a minute. Nancy O'Brian's mountainous collection of Cicero's orations are now the possession of Nancy Cannizzaro. fConsider yourself an honored man, Ciceroll Laverne Paladino leaves Pat Chentfant her bruises from the senior play. A little Witch Hazel will helpl Anna Fabozzi will really look darling with the charming dimples Claudette Paluch bequeaths her. . . s Barbara Penders wills Connie Stanford her ability to hypnotize a basketball. fNo need to guess who'll be the star player next yearll Barbara also shares her famous baloney sandwiches with Sheila Hobson, together with the consequent heckling. Joyce Randall leaves Carol Schrag one old McMahon cover, with many .memories attached. Ginny Reis leaves Kathy Macaluso one slightly used motorcycle hub-cap. Virginia also wills Wilma Ruane the blue face she gets from blowing her whistle on the basketball court. To Ruth Winter, Helen Riordan gives one brand new shiny post card depicting Niagara Falls, Helen's old home town. Helen also offers a bit of advice to Florence Starzynski along with three tickets from Canisius College games. "Don't try to use them, Flo." With a sigh of regret for is it relief?J Maureen Shannon bequeaths to Jo Ann Bongi that special rendition of "Old Man River". Mary Cannizzaro receives the privilege of resembling Gerry Kowalkowski for three nights, the gift of fContinued on page 74, 43 , .. ..,, ..,, ,- v. .- - - . -, K " 22:1-.g5::1:f1f' I , . ., 1 .,. .4-r. ,mia-,-. -1,-.g.-.-51. .'-". 2'Eb:-:-J'-14:74.11-.s -Q12-:-:-.'-.-'-1-,,4-:wg-.',.:-:igqz-:L1-ig.:-rg:-2 s-:-J-L-.4,.,'.-L-.-:gr gtg:-1-7-gag.,.:2gY-1-mit., -',:1:-.,--:':-'.-:-:- .,, ''.L4:'.I:15-.-:-.Q-.Z'15''.7-51,1-3 ex is-N:-1-3,1,X-k'.'N,.g.-...1.f.-.33-., Nggifgim.-.p.'.-.-.-.g.,wr -.-.r.2-1.1:1335-.-,e,5.4.g.,:,.,-,.,-..,5.g.g.3.-Q:-.fz ..".'.-.'g.f.f.-af.-..: s , '.-:-1.3.-.s,.g.1..5.-.4.'.'. ,44-g.g:3.-.,'.-t-L-Z'Z. ezq-:.g.-.-151:-N.: -1.9-xg2-13.-4-3.3-1-11:-:A-.-. '-: -.9.,--.gms-.-t-.-4.1.-.Q -'-te. 1-fN''--3-'-:-:-5+ -vw:-,-1-'4 1, Q-.5-4-Qqng 2-fag', -.,.93.-.1.-.A:.g.'-g.7.-.f.-rg. 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Q s x :l:f.-'7'fL+'Z-:ffl ,'.'.,- '.',-',0,'.','. fd .. .'.., 5. 1-1' -' .-: 1-rw.. " zgtfg-1' o o s N 1 ' x 1 FTER viewing the sensational opening performance of "Scientific Star-gazing", drama .critic Kathleen Klee predicted it as a nomination for the award presented by the Ameri- can Academy of Theatrical Arts. The play, written by Laverne Paladino, was directed by Maxine Chmielecki. - The play opens in the laboratory of scientist Helen Riordan, inventor of a serum alleged to empower its user to foretell the future. Eager to learn of the successes of her fellow graduates, Judy Conway proffered her services for the experiment. As Judy, under the effects of the serum, related what she saw, Dr. Riordan recorded the following notes: Serving as a representative of the United States of America in a political advisory capa- city in Europe, Rose Marie Azzarelli has been instrumental in forming the United States of Europe. Pat Bird, upon claiming the Women's Roller Derby Championship, is preparing for an ex- tensive tour. United States Senator Joanna Coppola has iust set the record for the longest filibuster in Congress. In her dream world Judy heard News Commentator Domenica Sturniolo announce the as- tonishing fact that Finance Director Sharon Thomas has balanced the nation's budget. She also saw the nation's top surgeon, Bunny Coyle, assisted by Pat Luttrell, perform a delicate operation on the eyelash of cyclist Virginia Reis Mao was iniured in the Motorcy- cling Competition. Maryann Tomasulo has announced that her next art show, "Portraits by the Dozen", will feature paintings of her children. Doctors report that industrial king Humphrey Hammerhead has been cured of his ulcers. Humphrey gratefully attributes his complete cure to his new secretary, Carol Muschaweck, in whose competent hands he has placed his worries. Claudette Paluch's reducing salon is sandwiched in between Angie Matteliano's well- known diet kitchen and Ruth Chapin's ice-cream parlor. Which way do her customers turn? - You guessed itl June Debs did the interior decorating for Marlene Keller's exclusive dress shop where Pat Janicki is modeling all the latest creations. Judy caught a fleeting glimpse of Saks Fifth Avenue where Barbara Biondolillo is head buyer. Deep sea diver Marceline Kobis has charted the Grand Canyon of the Pacific Ocean. XXI, xxl I xy 1 44 , , . .. .... f -H.-.f .......-. .. 'v g:3:g.,:g.- s'I,.'.j3Ig:g1gZgZ5-' 14:3 "-g.gtg2.g.yL,:-5.3:-f .zjgql-EZ'..1. 3.5.5311Lg:3if7'.'1y.g-.ggG-xii., 1.-5.314 s 0 sf...-EN--1-:11:1:..-gg.:-.Q1: 1s:f-:-:-g.f:- 5-spa..Aaz:Eze-Q.'-4342:Iss:-:fftqfz-.-:Rivaar-zz:--mfg:-.-1. ,..-::e-fa.,-9' Q ' ., me 2. 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Space explorers Jo ce Randall and Barbara Wojciechowski have radioed their arrival on the moon. Although the first to reach this satellite, they overlooked one minor detail - a way to return to earth. Carmella Mauro has opened an institution for instructing future yearbook staff members in how to solicit yearbook patrons. Detective Betty Allard, sometimes known as the Silent Sleuth, was chief witness at the trial of the underworld boss. He was convicted through the forceful efforts of Prosecuting Attorney Joan Brzezinski. Judy was just on time to see the successful close of the "Glasses for Shannon" campaign. Maureen has been collecting glasses of every size and description since graduation. She hopes soon to complete her astonishing engineering project - a glass dam in the Colorado River at Grand Canyon. Sandy Manta has the distinction of being the first stewardess to make the commercial stratosphere flight. Barbara Penders, head technologist of the photography department at one of the top movie studios, has captured the imagination of the nation with her six dimension cinematic process. After initiation to children's manners through experiences with her own "angels", Car- mela Zuppa has decided to write a book of etiquette for "little people". Catherine Turnboo, head of the West Point Music Department, on tour with the Glee Club, is appearing with her boys on the Star Time Review television program, emceed by smiling Sue Braun. Gerry Kowalkowski is in the limelight as holder of the Olympic fencing title and the nation's foremost instructor in that line. World renowned safari leader and archeologist Joan Harla has discovered the ruins of a lost civilization. She has determined from evidence found, that the Alaskan natives are descendants of those who migrated from the civilization of darkest Africa. A "back-to-the-kitchen" movement has just been inaugurated by Nancy O'Brian in an effort to persuade American housewives to provide that extra "dainty" that will keep the family together. Wnen Judy views and hears herself singing the lead in the opera "Carmen" she is shocked into reality. ln the last scene of the play, Helen publishes the results of her experiment for the bene- fit of the innocent victims whose futures were so unwittingly forecast. Kathleen Klee and Maureen Shannon I 1 1 I xl', v'r xll, U1 Nil xii QI, 45 k Xf ef' O. cg. 33.1.1 ., ,j " .-.-fr.:-1-'-'.-.' f ,I-Z'.g:,fg:3f5'.42 f 1 ' T .-323' 1 " , .g2:f:Sff:.gf1i if s: :-5".'-?4 4-2.3 '-:sim-3.1-: ' 64219.-ffk' o j:5:,:5.I'- . " 'Z-'f-121.1342 , .-.Q 7:itf1525'1-f :-:-1 4. .nv s ., .','.-.-.-. 'fri "u o','.','r:' . ,Af-,of:5',5.g.g-31.5. ' - 5w,g,.g.,.5..- - - v , ?7:f:ij1f'?.i: :T-.5:54.Zi'fG27f-J'f'5: fzf ..-, ,.,..,.-4,..- ..', .- 5. Y, ,. .,. Q,- '. :1:5:1:-1-'. 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Bernadette Coyle was elected vice president and Maureen Shannon and Suzanne Braun were chosen homeroom representatives. Before the term ended another election took place at which Geraldine Kowalkowski became Prefect and Bernadette Coyle Vice-Prefect of the Sodality for the year 1952-53. It is customary for the iuniors to fete the seniors before their graduation and so on May l4, we held a ban- quet at the Top O' The Town Tea Room with seniors as honored guests. At the end of the month another iunior- senior affair, the annual prom, held at the Twentieth Century Club, was acclaimed by all as one of the high- lights of the year's social events. On Class Day, the seniors bequeathed to us their cherished memories of the Academy and with their exam- ple to guide us, we became THE SENIORS, Class of '53. September, 1952-- In September, thirty-seven girls walked up the path to the door of Nardin Academy, but how unlike the timid freshmen of '49l Now, their step was firm and sure, but yet a little reluctant, for this would be the last year that they would meet inside the familiar, beloved walls of the Academy. Next year the Class of '53 would be separated, each girl starting on a different walk of life, but always remembering the place where she spent the years between childhood and womanhood--her dear Alma Mater. Among the thirty-seven we welcomed June Debs, a newcomer to our senior group. The first important event on our agenda was the election of officers. Maureen Shannon became our last class president. During those first few months of school the Student Council began to function. Rose Marie Azzarelli took over the office of president and Barbara Biondolillo, that of vice-president. The girls chose as capable representatives Helen Riordan and Maryann Tomasulo. Initiation came next and this was the chance we had anticipated for four years. It was now our turn to let the rumors fly, with the intention of making freshman hair stand on end. Initiation was enioyed fully by every member of the student body and a new group of girls were officially made members of Nardin Academy. One day in November cries of glee could be heard coming from the senior homeroom. The occasion was the receiving of our class rings. Now beyond a doubt, we were seniorsl In the next few weeks our homeroom was filled with mystery and the auditorium seemed always to con- tain innumerable seniors. The event? The senior play, the highlight of the fall season. The play decided upon was "The Prince and the Pauper", with Gerry Kowalkowski cost as the regal personage and Mickey Sturniolo portraying the little pauper. They were given talented support by the rest of the seniors and a select group of underclassmen. As the curtain fell on the last performance of the play, it was acclaimed by everyone to be the equal of even a Broadway production! When the first issue of "Cor Marine" came out under the editorship of Kathleen Klee, it was greeted with surprised exclamations from the girls, for no longer was it a mimeographed copy, it had changed its form and had joined the ranks of printed newspapers. Later in the year it won a notional award in a School Press Pro- iect sponsored by the National Tuberculosis Association and Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Carmella Mauro wrote the winning essay on Tuberculosis published in the December issue. Carmella further distin- guished herself by her success in the State's Scholarship examination. Another honor came to our group when four of our girls were chosen to represent Nardin Academy on the High School Forum of the Air. Gerry Kowalkowski, Maureen Shannon, Kathleen Klee, and Joan Harla dis- cussed the problem of race discrimination and the means of overcoming it. D The weeks before Christmas were filled with eager chattering about gowns, tickets, parties and escorts. An experienced listener would have no trouble discerning what was in the near future. The seniors had been invited as guests of the Alumnae to their annual Dance held at the Hotel Statler. It was one night never to be forgotten. During Lent a paragraph written by Rose Marie Azzarelli on some aspect of the Holy Season was chosen by the Buffalo Courier-Express to be published in their paper. As an award she received a Bible autographed by Bishop Burke. Some seniors also had a chance to show their knowledge of current events when they repre- sented Turkey at the United Nations Model Assembly. fContinued on page 891 46 7.1-,A 1 -. ,, .,. ,X vi gf I X? 5 r1AmA2 l IANUA CAELI CENTRAL COUNCIL Seated: Twila Doucet, Treasurer, Geraldine Kowalkowskl, Prefect, Bernadette Coyle, Vice-Prefect, Nina Kuliclc, Secretary Standing: Marlene Keller, Helen Riordan, Barbara Penders, Patricia Luttrell, Suzanne Braun, Marie Genco, Carol Muschaweck Kneeling: N. Cannizzaro, M. Can- S. Casey, M. Conti, B.J. Borynski Standing: S. Manta, M. Spagnuolo, B. Biondolillo, J.A. Bongi, M. Shan- non, B. Wegley, R.A. Bongi ROSA MYSTICA W G , 1 ' Seated: R. Chapin, J. Castro, M. Genco, S. Braun, chairman, C. Capizzi, M.A. Mahiques, P. Papa Standing: J. Miller, J. Zaker, L. Caparella, R. Winter,C. Torre, B. Wojciechowski, C. De Yot, J. Manta, A. Lanza, J. Kubiszyn, C. Vertalino, J. Morreale, N. Kuliclc, O. Endres, M.L. Shriver X nizzaro, C. Calandra, M.A. De James, A. Matteliano, J. Conway, T. Doucet, H. Riordan, chairman, C. Muschaweck, MATER DEI Seated: J. Harla, M. Keller, B. Penders, chairman, G. Ko- walkowski, C. Mauro Standing: J.SBaker, C. Link- ner, R.M. Azzarelli, P. Janic- ki, W. Ruane, M. Kobis, J. Murphy, J. Coppola, M. Tom- asulo', D. Sturniolo, N. Moylan, K. Klee, C. Szelest First row: T. Wlodarczak, F. Starzynski, C. Biondolillo, C. Paluch, P. Luttrell, chairman, B. Coyle, M.M. Wagner, E. Stefaniak, E. Delahanty Second row: F. Castronova, M. L. Campbell, E. Allard, D. Szmania, D. Wozniak, J. Saab Third row: E. Wechter, M. Chmielecki, A. Flynn, D. Burnes, E. Zolkiewicz, S. Biniszkiewicz, B. Pidgeon SEDES SAPIENTIAE SDS CRUSADE First row: C. Calandra, M. M. Wagner, J. Saab, C. Muschaweck, C. Szelest, chairman, D. Burnes, M.A. Mahiques, J. Morreale Second row: M. Conti, T. Doucet, E. Delahanty, M. L. Campbell, D. Szmania, D. Wozniak 49 X ll ll, BULLETIN BOARD AND PAMPHLET COMMITTEES 'TN This is such pleasant business. Kathleen Klee, Mary Conti, Nina Kulick, Betty Jane Borynski Kneeling: M. L. Shriver, M. La Nasa Seated: C. Zgliczynski, C. Mauro, J. Morreale, E. A Standing: J. Baker, C. Capizzi, J. Kubiszyn, B. Tatu, M. Conti, R.M. Azzarelli Biondolillo, B. Coyle, F. Castronova, C. Biondolillo, Standing: P. Janiclci, G. Kowallcowski, F. Starzynski, S. Casey, E. Salvo, C. Linkner J. Zalcer, K. Macaluso, D. Sturniolo, chairman SACRISTANS SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE 50 JANUARY RECEPTION of SODALISTS 3 STUDENT COUNCIL Elaine Salvo, Secretary, Rose Marie Azzarelli, President, Barbara Biondolillo, Vice-President, Elizabeth Wechter, Treasurer HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES f , II 'I F K 5221, J r I NI L x f l I '.1xxXw X MONITORS Josephine Morreale, Theresa Wloclarczak, Carol Muscha weck, Nina Kulick, Wilma Ruane, Antoinette Sardina, Sylvia Rataiczak ,.,,,:- Y 95 ,-5, N, ' Seated: Helen Riordan, Nancy Hoppe, Maryann Tomasulo Standing: Jeannie Baker, Diana Wozniak, Barbara Swan, Rosalie La Duca, Florence Starzynski 51 Jucly Conway Domenica Sturniolo, Maureen Shannon, Joan Harla, Kathleen Klee, Helen Riordan, Miss Barbara M. Fleming Debate Club Moderator Nar ' dm Na. . Win , ,ff f--1 3 ld 5 N- - , S x ff! H100 Uatig Academ .LNOIHIAW - ' 1102 Airing 51 an-35:1 fins ,Von 3' ciauoind ,he CfF11b,,,6LIDr,,S0nt one Drc-S for PIU . Omg 'Od S . the mbl Ax- "'0I1 p"0Je "' a a PPP- "i"f'l' l Inf'-71 ct' Tllennual Q 'ss Asst rc M 8147 gl l staff! School ,:'Zlii'Tfi1 ' f J T'Pr he f- " an, u-3. Cf lf-I Ydvigpr qapo, ami . ,U,,,, Cliffor- my' Seated: Maureen Shannon, Carol Vertalino, Kathleen Klee, editor-in-chief, Jeannie Balcer, Jacqueline Saab, Barbara Swan, Carol Muschawecle Standing: Rose Marie Azzarelli, Barbara Biondolillo, Christine Szelest, Carmella Mauro, Joan Harla, Mary Lou Campbell, Maryann Tomasulo, Joyce Randall 1 1 ,iltfi . 2x'?' ,ngi 1 5... ,-5-V .. fy - -fv, .J - 1 'x 'Y.-H...a'. if' "A uv are, ,A-5, , sn"4'1".- fi' f ' ' 5.2357 Foreground: Theresa Wlodarczok, Elizabeth Zolkiewicz 1" ,x.,. ' it Standing: Angela Valvo, Rosalie Sottile, Janet Henry, Sheila Henry, M" Marilyn Smith, Joan Sperraua, Marcella Coughlin, Joan Rollelc, Antninnttn qtncinclzn , . .Y H . - - . First row: Josephine Puleo, Patricia Papa, Jeannie Baker, Josephine Morreale, Mary Ann Mahiques. Second row: Rose Ann Bongi, Betty Jane Borynslci, Rosalie La Duca, Leontine Kaitanowski, Nancy Pfoertner, Janet Hoffmeyer, Patricia Orlando, Marilyn Bell, Constance Stanford, Jo Ann Bongi. Third row: Josephine Castro, Paula Mietus, Martha Michalska, Betty Jane Hadyn, Teresa Ann Leitten, Joyce Murphy, Elaine Loiacono, Mrs. T. Zolkiewicz, instructor, Mary Ann Bochnik, Mary Ann Lochocki, Mary Ann Regan, Ida Palmeri, Mary Conti, Carol Calandra 53 LE CERC LE FRANCAIS Patricia Papa, Teresa Schwab, Deanna Burnes, Carol Calandra, Margaret Mary Wagner, Geraldine de Leon, Maxine Chmieleclci , Judith Conway, Wilma Ruane, Bebeann Pidgeon, Joan Zaker, Sandra Manta, Barbara Penders, Miss Theresa Ryba, moderator. Foreground: Joyce Murphy, Jean Miller, Elisabeth Wechter, Marie Genco, president, Nina Kulick PULCHRAE ROMANAE Parisian modes '? ? ? if ,Sp X R Discedel Wagner, Catherine Torre. 54 Olivia Endres, Constance Stanford, Jacqueline Saab, Ann Flynn, Mary Lou Shriver, Deanna Burnes, president, Joyce Murphy, Elaine Stefaniak, Carol Schrag, Margaret Mary NX' SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Seillol D 'Nile Wo Boi-ren s Mopldmoac X med First row: D. Wozniak, M. Di Pasquale, E. A. Tatu, S. Casey E. Wechfer, M. Genco, M. Tomasulo, J.A. Di Pasquale nx- Second row: C. Mauro, J. Conway, F. Casfronova, T. Schwab D. Szmania, W. Ruane, C. Paluch, J. Harlc, C. Verfalino, E Delahanfy, M. Shannon 3 FRESHMAN DRAMATIC CLUB "Cupid on the Loose" First row: K. Gillis, M. Timineri, D. Doerr Second row: J. Saeli, J. Oriss, E. Vertalino, C. McKnight Third row: B. Allard, M. Bell, M.A. Lochocki, D. Howland, N. Hoppe, J. Henry I ,,, sl 'vl Q5 0200 , Y X 00 XSS P, , R on YB xlxov-oe! ,H .. of Oxxi 0 gk Y-o C0501 , . X09 muon i g'- 0 .XG SOXSJO xooato Cosxro Q50 QXXG ' K OSZQYWXO K5 0 , A Q,o"" ' , 0 oe , , ' , 000 M6 X, Cb 0 K 'O f X rm 1 th X' X P' x X XX C e S1f009e xk Sw' . 8 XX S v N 'G is X 5 XO X X 1 ' ' X o ' X ff . Andarffi X- I 'igEiigifgaiigiigaiiigiiii First row: J. Morreale, A. Lanza, D. Sturniolo, S. Casey, G. Kowalkowski, M. Chmielecki, E.A. Tatu, F. Starzynski. Second row: B.J. Hadyn, M. Shannon, M.A. Mahiques, Mrs. C.R. Kenny, directress, P. Janicki, B. Penders, M.M. Wagner, G. Work. Third row: B. Hartenstein, B.J. Borynski, C. Calandra, M. Conti, C. Szelest, E. Graziano, C. Muschcweck, B. Coyle, C. De Yot. Fourth row: W. Ruane, C. Stanford, V. Reis, president, J. Murphy, C. Zuppa, M. Genco, H. Riordan 56 ART Fhggfrow .' 8 . Wo, Kneeling: J. Coppola, P. Lutfrell, K. Maca- luso, S. Thomas, J. Conway Second row: C. Schrag, C. Zgliczynski, N. Moylan, B. Wegley, C. Szelest, C. Linkner, K. Klee, T. Doucet Third row: E. Tofu, M. A. De James, J. Castro BIOLOGY ,USO fciecho S Career Guidance Club Marlene Keller, Barbara Penders, President, Kathleen Klee, Berna- dette Coyle, Elizabeth Allard Mary Gonzalez, Joan Lew, Christine Szelest, Maureen Shannon Junior Red Cross Seated: Helen Riordan, Ida Callari, Suzanne Braun, Ruth Winter, Carol Schrag, Lavina Capar- ella, Marilyn Smith, Twila Doucet, Olivia Endres, Bebeann Pidgeon, Theresa Wlodarczak, Rosalie Scottile, Anne Marie Pepe, Ann Flynn Standing: Anne Marie Reinartz, Carolyn Linkner, Jacqueline Leonard 58 en ers, C. Muschaweclc, J. Debs, V. Reis, presfdenr, T. Wlodarczak, A. Lanza. Second row: C. Zuppa, J. Randall, J. A. Bongi, L. Paladino, S. Biniszkiewicz, E. S f ' ssrwon ATHLETIC CLUB u 1 nu ml' ll' f 'ffl' IUIIIZLZ! ff., ,, 'unnul ln, ,, 'llmuf V.f,,,,MW1udl . 'LQQMH' -dim' T I if 0 rw L' 5,4- Sfanding: J. Co l ppo a, W. Ruane, B. Wegley, J. Murphy, E.A. T I' YL H . . . a u, J. Harla, N. oppe, C. Zglrczynsln, S. Sfergerwald, B.J. Hadyn, M.L. Campbell, J. Zaker, S Henry. Seated: C. Turnboo, S. Braun, B. P d re UHIULC, K. Macaluso, C. Stanford FRESHMAN ATHLETIC CLUB .-A--N 3 'js A JZ R vw' x an BY M- f hh J-Ill 1 . - : n -lr I . ' IJ, 0 ' ,J, H ff eyer, C. Pomana,L. Kaifanowskljtl. Kanfowski, P- KLfMEL5cLlfrf ,lA1?tarl3o, J. Rgllelc, A?S1L:sinska. Secondrow: M. A. Cf-15779, 10091 M- A- Pos' qucrellq, P, Beninfencg, S. Callori, B. Lo Vallo, M. A. Bochnik, A. Frausfino S Dlkeman M L PUHUVO J. Henry, C. Grimaldi, M. Schleicher, M- Smiflb A- M- Reinanz' Third 'om' J' SPe'mzzq'A' Sordino' M,C0u9hIm L.Denf:ce M A Regan lPalmer: B Allard F rfh N PF , . , . . ou row: . oerfner,S.Rafafczak,L. Sfoll,D.Dzialak 59 E Senior arslf Y al 'ai First row: Jo Ann Bongi, Joanna Coppola, Vir- '- inia Reis ca tain Antoinette Lanza -., 9 1 P 1 1 'Carmela Zuppa. Second row: " Laverne Palaclino, Joan ,Z Harla, Barbara Penders 5 K sw, w"5E sr s a en .gr if X 'Q 2, K 1 XX . S -X Q , Miss Elizabeth J. Kowal Physical Education Instructor . ' f x-9 50f30s0". Wah ' J unlor Vars 'em First row: M.L.Campbell, A.Sardina, C.Stanford 1, captain, J.Henry, N.Hoppe. Second row: S. Nw Henry, M.Genco, A.Valvo, J. Murphy, x kk T. Wlodarczalc, W. Ruane, B. J. Borynski, V. Reis, coach. , ' '-14' v '."'fA', is - gp-,gc ga: ' sr E . Stefanrak Y zi53g'Q,g..l4 ' '-'-193- 7""' 60 Team! Team! Team! F5 A, xXX CHEERLEADERS Carol Muschcweck, Paula Mietus, Betty Jane Hodyn, Geraldine Bclaz, Martha Michalskc, Sybil Steigerwcld. Standing: June Debs, captain fi- No bull's eye this time! 2 I don't need a glovel 61 Bdnkers Bar b fha Ura P '70 P e Qrffcffjfb gtk, A QPU rio Wnn F I Drk Yn,., 1 Jo 1 Yee Ui,-,e Murphrefglin I o Offs' Sh G ofo 6,-,con 3-horn I ose Qs, b phfn Unk. e 1 Morns real e Legio n0fD Um row: Rose Ann Bong Anne Tow, Joseprdne PuXeo , GMRS, Twno Doucet. Second row: Noreen M0yXon, Joyce Y er, Christine S1.eXesr, Joo 62 oXX , Pouh: Nxierus, Elizabeth Mocohnso , Kctrdeen VJ, Urine Wah r, Jo P-nn BongK, Lynda Sr Borboro NNegXey , Korrdeen Murphy, C,omRXXe 1guC1Nl0S n Hodo, chokrnon. The heart of the Catholic School is the Chapel. From the Tabernacle where He dwells Who is the Way the Truth and the Life radnates the grace anclstrength that sustains and unifies the work of.Catholic Education. Here at Nardin the dailyvisit, the genuflection as we pass, the very nearness of Our Lord tends to stabilize all that we do and enriches with eternal value, the most insignificant of our activities. Be it a math regents or a tricky basketball play, an intricate dress pattern or graceful dance routine we accomplish it through prayer, confidence and honest work In the hands of the Divine Artist all these varied strands of work, play, humor and minor tragedy are woven into the tapestry of our lives, enriching the personality and at the same time, safeguarding and developing individuality. rfraarerviii lllwilgzxl Benednctron durlng General Retreat 5 F28 with Father Miceli if Father Lord with Nardin girls Father Ball with Sodclity Prefect and a group of newly-received Sodclists. 65 WBEN Radio Broadcast A discussion of racial prejudice -TRUTH FREE Poster Contest Catholic Book Week J bit Thoughtful Days Delegates to the Model United Nations General Assembly lt's so hard to choose. Participants in the annual American Legion Oratorical Contest Book Fair Looking over the variety of books Enl0Yln9 the Book Fai' 66 Sfudlous Days Typical school scene Junior-Senior cooperation M-. ik: vb Off to the Science Museum p -,Q-1 l i - g Exploring the unknown Lef'5 see what hqppens General Nlotors' Science Demonstration ' ,ggi Carefree Days x 'L-34000 -U' YO You Sweet Sue Soy! Look whaf 5 goin n b Which twin the Toni? if Khdoy ha s W on 0Ver i nexf Don'f grab! For my trick.. 'Look Mom I ls she in for c surprise! Come to th e 11 M ' X1 m dcnci09 - ard' Gfus. 68 These faces seem famll lar. ,X Qi 5 X Wha1"s so funny? i yal Dig ph ' a craly horse! f ge things are happen- I Ing Trail's end Peek-a-boo Cavalier charms Hiawatha. Tha1"s life. 4 . , . A 1 1 G an , , . . - . - 'wx A 915 4 ,uf Q Q Coke's a natural . East meets West 69 1115-, -.wyjylgg Mgszzf, . 'Wfff-i5f::1gQ5,ii2afz - ' f QW -A L--,, L.. F x W gi IV, VlVk,Vi krirgyrll K ,, Q 'QL H ? .. Yi. Q Q Q X1 M Q' V Y A 1535 wi has '25 ., l ' ws: 1 Y ' ' 4' Q? VAL' ai ' W I ' L V51 0 Z' K N - f 4- Q f r . at 'V xr f HQ ' GP Az? Y J 1- ,W " T ' f 1 5 w 1,1 -5 : ' if ' A F 3, 'Q QQ , '55 5 -Mv X ytyr it ri . ,QL 3 iff 1 ' v - V it k fav- K we we Sb , ' x' - xii? in gr 5 Q ,,x., 'gf l:.f' af Vx W ., 5 SZIALLW 7 kg, W 'fir-Q Vx: f W g N A yi 5 Q 1 ' 1-fiiialfe X 3 f 6 ,yn . 71 : 1: 25 . X "zz A , ,,, tr k i, 541' S 5- ,pf Q1 'Y J' .,.J'L xi X L, X T24 . 1 mf 21 .. g'i.K . 1 V I f f .,-f 'S iw 5 5 , gffgffsg A Q we 5 gud Af .912 I gl 3 rg .M 2 "' u gi 1 r an fi f - , . g kg, 5+ X 5 -1659- Class Will lContinued from page 431 Mickey Sturniolo. lBetter don a blond hair or two, Maryl1 To Ida Callari, Mickey leaves her perse- verance in holding the floor in every debate. Sharon Thomas wills Terry Schwab all her old shorthand notes. As artist from artist, Barbara Wegley inherits one slightly-dried-up paint box from Maryann Tomasulo Maryann also leaves Joan Lew a well developed knack of losing things. Cathy Turnboo gives Camille Zgliczynski a sheet of Notre Dame cheers. How about the lungs to go with it,Cathy? Joyce Murphy inherits Cathy's iob of piano-player at informal meetings. Barbara Woiciechowski bestows on Josephine Puleo her beer mug from the senior play. lBetter keep your eye on Jol l1 Carmela Zuppa regretfully f?1 wills Elaine Fisher her ton of make-up slips. Lastly, we hereby name Miss Helen Doll executrix of our Last Will and Testament. Signed, sealed, declared, published and witnessed by the undersigned in this year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-three. The Senior Class of 1953. Joan Harla Key to Senior Baby Pictures Patricia Ann Janicki Joan Harla 21 Carol Ann Muschaweck 141 Nancy O'Brian 31 Judith Conway 151 Joanna Coppola 41 Marceline Kobis 161 Helen Riordan 51 Patricia Bird 171 Suzanne Braun 61 Barbara Penders 181 Sharon Thomas 71 Joan Marie Brzezinski 191 Catherine Turnboo 81 Virginia Reis 201 Elizabeth Allard 91 Rose Marie Azzarelli 211 Patricia Luttrell 101 Joyce Randall 221 Geraldine Kowalkowski 111 Claudette Paluch 231 Kathleen Klee 121 Carmella Mauro 241 Maureen Shannon 1' 'Jw'!'nf" .V .v. Y ,P 4fx'.f"-Vg. ni f?55vi3l?.-. 1. ,AA AZ! ffl! 1 .5 ,-nv ,. 'M 323 it ,wi figs fi ii' 9:5 1352 ig? ,iii u ', .QQ ifai ISF.. WH, TE H0 nf, USE 7:1 LAc3 'DR YN 4 D To 3.52 DBRI' A CA Qngo N-2-. Y '.f,.E . ' s - 'gkflf f' if 1.51 I hereby certify QL,- accom n 'n fla was flown over the United vii: 953' , .nz Q. ky, States Capitol durlng the month of January, 1953. 51:23. Y fp Qu" 1. ,- -'we Q... l . I ,vi gf: Thls flag 1S be1ng presented with the compliments of the Honorable Thomas P. 2327 Flaherty, of Buffalo, New York. 35:4 " 4- -,vi 9,55 :inf off t"',',i a if 1'3" .37 ,--,-g Respectfully yours, 31,3 ef: fr 1 5 5, .1 FW ,3 ifff 'iff 2752 .. - K L ,,.,:, LYLE 0. smumf .ng Clerk of me House of Representatives jgf T' iii. fi! EQ' 1135 ,gf 'ffiffi Q,-1535 9-f Lair fl-7' 52: .Q-L1 -1 fs'-' fl. iff 'zqig Tiff? '.x.1:Y ' 1 5 4 3.1 Q? Er" -AW: 51233 gf, I .f-'75, y'iQ'iiT" "tg" '.-."',', 5511 u.1'.f.4"+pr"q w 'ww .v- ' 4. ff.. - . -f - ,ce . , . , , -,,. , ,N . . ,M ,-,,,, , . U.. . V ,, , ?:f'.' 75 1?Q I Ln. A ..A' A , , It I 4. Fi , . 'N ', f N' .f 1 , f NA "mis "ff w , 5 f 7 ' 2 A g' 5 is : ff' 4-5 M Jw 4 . 'r N ' - g f 'nik - M s f,-Us e e 4 7 , 'P' fi 4 4 J e 4 3 2-eh ff ' 'q W, QV- ggegi, ., , ,' -as ' I' , .fH,' ly! I A A ' sit 'if-JS M ' ' N' ' rg A V i 3, --. L 1, 2, . ,V VSV M ,gk Y ,Ag E- W .L ,, K i " ', 1 ' '- ii xg: I A .no-2 1 -X , P f l 1 uf Q", xx, '- Senior hxolllcr-Duugllter IAIIICIICOII S-iturclny, May 23, Junior-Senior Banquet at Leonordo's Memorable Days 76 -- . - -nn r WRNUARY SODALHY RECEPTION PARTY Seated: B. Coyle, Miss H. Shell, Moderator, G. Kowalkowski, Prefect, S. Braun, H. Riordan, N. Kulick, J. J' Kubiszyn, A. Flynn, C. Calandro, M. Conti, M.A. Mahiques, M.L. Shriver. Standing: P. Luttrell, J. Manta, D. Burnes, M.M. Wagner, J. Saab, Pidgeon, M. L. Campbell, E. Wechter, B.J. Borynski, L. Caparella, E. Zolkiewicz, J . Morreale JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Queen Shannon and King Ragan is through his stomach. Time out for a coffee break 77 .Pi f Fafher's Night .... .... ........ HKD J May C rowning vp! Ad .lesum L f Per Mariam r NA., 6 79 Salufafory IGHT Reverend Monsignor Garvey, Reverend Father Hanley, Reverend Fathers, beloved parents, our dear teachers and all our good friends: eagerly Q-Q5f"f2-W X :V 'ff' we have anticipated the pleasure of welcoming you to our graduation exer- lfli 'rf I ' "' I-i l H7:'h'lftf mWl7e1, ., te C 'ses ' flint, " .,.:f -my ,I J Our spiritual welfare has always been of deep concern to you, our de- voted priests, and we are greatly honored by the continued interest in our progress that brings you here tonight. To you, our beloved parents, who looked far above and beyond any selfish considerations when you decided to send us to Nardin Academy, we extend a very special welcome. We say that we know and we try to appreciate the successive sacrifices that this decision has called for on your part, but we re- alize that as yet, we only glimpse the extent of your generosity. We hope that tonight, as you share with us the ioy of achievement, you will experience the beginnings ofa reward-that will keep growing even unto eternity. Welcome to you, the faculty, teachers in the highest sense of the word. To you we are indebted not only for our progress in the arts, sciences, languages and mathematics, but for something incom- parably more important, that priceless training in Christian virtue which you never failed to give by word and example. And you, our good friends, without whose kindly interest and enthusiasm our high school memories must have lost much of their ioy and color, you too we greet with a welcome all your own. When it comes to a welcome, I think Monsignor Garvey - and maybe Father Hanley, too - will agree with me that the Irish have the word for it and so I bid you, one and all, a hundred thousand welcomes here tonight. Kathleen Klee ,. ' . up 3- mllp S ovfqfp Gllilf I 4, 9 f.fig,a.Qm Qivyekgjy Qglilequdgl 'S' Q0 ' cgi, 4 80 I Valedicfory The beloved poet Robert Browning once said: "God's in His heaven, AIl's right with the world." But is everything all right today? At no other time has our world been in such a turmoil, besieged on all sides by the forces of evil. Certain groups of people are being caught up in a web of secu- larism and atheism and are being transformed into identical personalities. They are i willing to sacrifice their integrity and even their individuality for the approval of the crowd. They begin to act alike, speak alike, and think alike. Man's dignity is so great thatwe cannotallow his intrinsic worth to become so debased: it remains forus to restore it to its rightful level. This, then, has been the first aim of our education: to raise up Catholic women who, imbued with the knowledge of iust how precious every human life is to God, will bring into their world the distinct mode of Catholic living. Hand in hand with this distinctive way of life, comes the acknowledgement of what we believe. Many persons have found it easier to remain silent than to express their tenets to hostile audiences. They are to be pitied because they so feebly fail to let their light shine in the darkness. But more to be censured are those who acknowledge their spiritual convictions, but neglect to put them into practice. They are always willing to reiterate their beliefs but never go beyond vocal assertion. We, who tonight graduate from Nardin Academy, must not only profess our be- liefs but must activate them, either in humble or grand manner. Our actions must come under the ethics of respon- sibility: we must be part of that group which explains and defends its faith whenever the occasion arises. Here at school we have been given innumerable opportunities to ioin study groups which have for their purpose the chal- lenging of our intellects and strengthening of our wills to meet the defiance of the materialistic world. Indeed, our Nardin training has prepared us to become modern Christophers. The third part of our education is one which will continue through all the years of our maturity. Its scope is infinite, and the reward obtained from its pursuance, immeasurable. This is the study and appreciation of human nature. Nardin Academy has given us a firm foundation in this art. A study of human nature entails a great many things, the greatest being the development of understanding, sincerity, and consideration for the rights of others. Understanding has ever been the keynote in all human relations. Without understanding there is no ground for mutual aid. We are subject to fallacy, and if we do not understand man's shortcomings we shall never be able to help our neighbor toward his eternal destiny. Sincerity overcomes self-consciousness and permits a person to express his feelings of amity without fanfare. Lastly, consideration establishes the significance of man in the scheme of things, it emphasizes his worth and dignity and gives them eternal meaning. These sterling qualities imbedded in our characters during our high school years will serve as sources of strength during the inevitable crises of our adult life, when everything seems to be out of place and nothing seems right in the world. Now at the culmination of four years' study we hope we have attained these goals for which we have striven so intensely. To our parents, who understand our every feeling, all we need to say is "Thank you. May God make us worthy of you." To our teachers, who have encouraged us to seek the finer things in life, and who have been ready to assist us whenever their help was needed, all we can say is "May God reward you". .The hope of the class of '53 as we leave our beloved Nardin Academy, is that in future years we shall set our mark on al that is good, and that we shall be ever steadfast in pursuit of the true and the beautiful. And so, even while we bid you farewell there is a song of adventure in our hearts-- "Up the broad highway of knowledge We shall march forever on For this life is but the glimmer, And Eternity--the dawn. " Carmella Mauro Sl ' Ja L! "'-- wvwwuasqg. " ' Nardin Officers: Miss K. Hughes, Mrs. W.R. ' MW P. Suchon, Miss R. Winter, Pfalzer, Miss R. Longo, Miss G. iss J- SUFCF, Mrs. J. Quigley Drake, Miss C. Weppner, A umnae Mrs. G. Remington. President. . Reception GUESTS OF HONOR CLASS OF 1953 82 First row: G. Kowallcowski, M. Chmielecki, M. Keller, P. Luttrell, Right Reverend Monsignor Francis Garvey, Most Reverend Bishop Adolph Noser, S.V. D. , Father Hanley, O. P. , J. Conway, K. Klee, M. Toma- sulo, C. Turnboo, S. Manta Second row: D. Sturniolo, S. Braun, R. Chapin, M. Shannon, C. Mauro, B. Wojciechowski, P. Janiclci, V. Reis, R. Azzarelli, C. Zup- pa, M. Kobls, B. Penders, B. Coyle, J. Coppola, A. Matteliano Third row: S. Thomas, J. Debs, L. Paladino, J. Randall, C: Muscha- weck, J. Brzezinski, B. Biondolillo, H. Riordan, E. Allard, P. Bird, N. O'Brian, C. Paluch, J. Harlc C ommencemem' June 19, 1953 83 Reverend Philip L. Hanley O. P. Commencement Speaker ASSISTANT B EDITOLJQNE Nina K . Rose lg: ,54 T191 l54 RCgSqrium fqff l. ITERARY AN 2:0545 MEDITQRQ ART r. f'i:,:lZe"El7WfjZo'eIIa I I J ' Mqf,Y""" clT,l,ee" Kfff Teen Shc:SUIo Flgn ' N Fl,?REClFllOlxl ot the tact that lt talces more t an a pert a d brush to orrrt a e wlsh to tharrlc all those who so gerterousy aye t err 'rr ldeas. ln partlcular do we wlsh to t a d support whloh launched the odylce and the hearte t and were ' ot tlrrte and e Sl ato, who o 'tul photagra hy l asslstance they were Mgr Y L gloria F: Shriver ,5 Axizlie La SSG 155 1 BUSINESS EDIT ORS Slldfon The mas M ' Gr.. len e Keller C I Urol Muschgweck B r Grborc Pena K ers' . owalkowialfiraldine 'ooo tlme hetr ayers, The student body l r the whole area ss trle en Do our taculty a ylser ose encouragemen . rrwaluable and all the members ot he taculty who ye so urxstlnt Nt Albert dded rmmeasurably to the appearance ot our yearbook with hls beautr Mr . James Mc, Gurlf-, whose techrtlca arded us rn preparmg the ROS Pslllljttlx tor pulollcatlon Our patrons who, by thetr tlnanctal support hawed us that wholeheartedly 'oehlrtd our llterary venture 34 I 1-Innnrarg Hatrnna Most Reverend Joseph A. Burke, D. D. . . . Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D.D ..... Right Reverend Monsignor John J. Nash, V. G. ,D. D. Right Reverend Monsignor John P. Boland .............Bishop of Buffalo ... Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo Very Reverend Gerald A. Quinn, S. J. Very Reverend Philip E. Dobson, S.J. Right Reverend Monsignor Edmund J. Britt Right Reverend Monsignor Francis Garvey Right Reverend Monsignor Edward J. Rengel Very Reverend Monsignor Sylvester J. Holbel liatrnma Reverend Eugene H. Selbert Reverend James J Redmond S J Reverend Timothy J Ring Reverend Michael Gugante O M Mr. John Adams Mrs. Fred J. Allard Mrs. Jennie Allesandra Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Rene Alvarez Mr. F. Rene Alvarez Mr. 8. Mrs. Daniel D. Amigone Miss Paula Marie Amigone Mr. 8. Nlrs. Louis Anselmo Geraldine Antoszewski Mr. Lewis T. Armstrong Mr. 8- Mrs. Frank Azzarelli Mr. 8. Mrs. Salvatore T. Azzarelli Mr. Vincent D. Azzarelli A Friend Mrs. John H. Baker Miss Geraldine Balaz Mr. 8. Mrs. George Barone Miss Florence Bauer Mr. 8. Mrs. John B. Baumann Mrs. F. Bayerl Miss Inez Bayerl Miss Carol A. Behrendt Miss Marilyn Bell Mr. 8 Mrs. Ralph E. Bell Miss Charlotte Biondolillo Mr. 8- Mrs. Bernard J. Bird Nlrs. Francis A. Bird Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter T. Bird Bob and Lou Mrs. Joseph Bochnik Miss Mary Ann Bochnik Miss Theresa Bochnik Mr. 8- Nlrs. Joseph Boiarski Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard J. Boiarski Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Bona Miss Jo Ann Bongi Miss Rose Ann Bongi Mr. 8- Mrs. S. Bongi Miss Suzanne Braun Miss Evelyn F. Brennan Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Brzezinski Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter Brzoska Mr. 8. Mrs. Philip L. Burger Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard F. Burke Miss Deanna Burnes Dr. 8- Mrs. S.P. Burnes Miss Mildred Buscarino A Friend Miss Carol Calandra Mr. 8- Mrs. Thomas Calandra Mr. 8. Mrs. Theodore T. Calata Mr. 8- Mrs. J. Callari Mrs. Edward Cameron Mr. 8. Mrs. George M. Campbell Miss Mary Cansdale Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert Caparella Mr. 8- Mrs. Anthon Caparella Miss Lavina Caparella Mr. 8. Mrs. Capizzi Miss Suzanne Casey Miss Margaret Casey Miss Mary Claire Casey Mr. 8- Mrs. James D. Casey Dr. 8. Mrs. Vincent Castile Mr. 8. Mrs. John Castro Miss Josephine Castro Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Castronova Miss Frances Castronova Miss Florence De James Catalano Miss Rose Catalano Mr. 8. Mrs. James Cavalieri Mrs. Joseph Cavaretta, Jr. Mrs. Michael Cavaretta Mrs. Melvin C. Chapin Miss Ruth Mary Chapin Mr. 8- Mrs. John Chinni Mr. Lee Fox Chmiel Mr. 8. Mrs. Casimer Chmielecki Mr. John Christian Mrs. James A. Chute Miss Mary K. Clemens Mr. 8. Mrs. L. Clementi Mr. 8. Mrs. Thos A. Collella Mr. 8. Mrs. Colley Miss Geraldine S. Collins Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Conti Miss Mary M. Conti Mrs. Donald Lee Conway Mrs. A. Coppola Miss Jo Anna J. Coppola Mr. 8- Mrs. F. Cornwell Mr. 8- Mrs. T. Coughlin Dr. 8- Mrs. Francis R. Coyle Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert Crato Margaret Czuczelowicz A Friend Mr. Jack Daley, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Victor Daley, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald S. Day Miss Delphine'T. Debs Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph E. Debs Mr. 8- Mrs. Daniel V. De James Miss Eleanor R. De James Miss Eileen Delahanty Mrs. H.C. Delahanty Barbara and Andy Denardo Frank De Nisci Miss Carol Ann De Yot M. 8. Mrs. Anthony J. Dierdorf Miss Jo Anne De Pasquale Miss Margie Di Pasquale Dr. Stephen Di Pasquale Mrs. Stephen Di Pasquale M. Michael Di Renzo Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Dittman Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph J. Doepp Miss P. Deanna Doerr M. 8. Mrs. Charles Doherty Miss Louise M. Donahue Stephanie M. Doran Dudley G. Doucet, U.S.N. Miss Linda Ann Doucet Mr. 8. Ms. Lionel J. Doucet M. 8. Ms. Kenneth Doucet Miss Twila Eileen Doucet M. 8. Mrs. Albert H. Downing M. Albert H. Downing, Jr. Miss Peggy Downing Miss Gloria M. Drake M. 8. Mrs. Leonard Drews Dr. 8. Ms. Joseph E. Drexelius Miss Deborah Ann Dunning Miss Jean Dzialak M. Peter Dzialak A Friend M. 8. Ms. Harold Edmonds Mr. 8. Ms. Norbert F. Endres M. 8. Ms. Edward J. Engler Miss Mary Enright M. 8. Ms. Joseph D. Evers Miss Anna Fabozzi Miss Peggy Fath M. 8. Ms. Edmond Feist M. 8. Ms. Thomas Fialla M. 8. Mrs. Louis Filsinger M. Fred G. Fingele Miss Jo Ann Fiorella Ms. Mary E. Fix Miss Barbara M. Fleming Florence and Elaine Miss Ann Flynn M. 8. Ms. R.L. Flynn M. Merrill Frable Miss Alice Freitas Miss Mary Freitas The French Club A Friend Miss Jean Gaeta M. 8. Mrs. Jack A. Gaglione M. 8. Ms. S. Gaglione Miss Marie Gallagher M. 8. Ms. Thomas H. Galley M. 8. Ms. Joseph A. Gardner M. C.J. Gargas Ms. C.J. Gargas Ms. M. Gawronski M. 8. Ms. Edward F. Gelia M. 8. Ms. James Genco Miss Marie Genco liatrnnz 86 M. 8. Ms. T. Georger Mr. Herman Geraci M. Gerald Gervase Miss Evelyn M. Gietzen M. 8. Ms. Joseph L. Gioele Mr. 8. Mrs. Sam Giolie, Sr. Mr. 8. Ms. Sam Giolie Miss Mary D. Girvin M. Leo J. Glynn Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter J. Golba Miss Patricia Golonka Miss Ruth E. Gortzig M. 8. Ms. A. Andrew Graziano Miss Eleanor Graziano M. 8. Ms. Ignatius Graziano Miss Stephanie M. Graziano M. Salvator Greco Mrs. Brenda L. Grieser M. Philip Grimaldi M. A. Gristmacher M. 8. Ms. V. Grochol Mr. 8. Mrs. Carl H. Guenther Miss Marie E. Guida M. 8. Ms.. Joseph D. Gullo Dr. 8. Mrs. Rosario Gullo Ms. Joseph Gunn A Friend Miss Betty Jane Hadyn M. 8. Ms. Stanley F. Hadynka Miss Patricia Halpin M. John Hargrave M. 8. Ms. A.J. Harla Miss Joan Barbara Harla Mrs. Mar Barrett Healy Miss Kathleen Hedley M. 8. Ms. John J.'Hennessey, Jr Ms. Catherine Fa Henry Karen 8. Terrence Henry Miss Janet Henry Miss Marie E. Higgins M. 8. Ms. Fred Hitzel M. D. Hobson Dr. 8. Mrs. N.C. Hoffmeyer Mr. 8. Ms. John E. Hogan Mrs. Velma Marie Holt Miss Margaret A. Honer Ms. A. Hoppe Miss Carol Hoppe Miss Florence Hoppe Miss Nancy Hoppe M. Philip Horwath Miss Donna Howland M. 8. Ms. George Howland M. Peter Howland Ms. Kathryn S. Hovey Miss Kathleen Hughes M. 8. Ms. Thomas J. Hull Miss Catherine Human A Friend M. 8. Ms. Michael C. Ingrando M. 8. Ms. George Ippolito Miss Mary Lou Janicki Miss Patricia A. Janicki Miss Pearl Jasieniecki M. 8. Ms. Louis A. Jezewski M. 8. Ms. John T. Joyce, Jr. Miss Irma Kaiser Mr. 8 Mrs. Raymond M. Kaminski Mr. 8 Mrs. Henry F. Kantowski Victoria 8 Irene Kantovvski Mr. Edward D. Kasprzyk' Mr. Seymore Katz Mr. 8 Mrs. Kazmierczak Mr. 8 Mrs. M.G. Kazus Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph A. Keller Miss Marlene M. Keller Hon. John L. Kelly Mr. 8 Mrs. Leonard E. Kieffer Mrs. Mary Killian Mr. 8 Mrs. Norbert Kirchgessner Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Kist Mrs. Catherine Klee Mr. 8 Mrs. Chas J. Klee Miss Elizabeth A. Klee Mr. Donald Kobis Mr. Frank Kobis Mrs. Frank Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Kobis Edward Kobla Wm. Koksch Bernard Komasara Miss Mary Kopec Miss Betty Jane Kowal Mr. 8 Mrs. Edward B. Kowalkowski Miss Geraldine K. Kowalkowski Robert G. Krieger, U.S.N. Mr. 8 Mrs. A. H. Krietemeyer Mr. Peter Krug Miss Janice Kubiszyn Mr . 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. A Friend John Kubiszyn Joseph Kubiszyn Paul Kuhn David J. Kulick Gillman J. Laehy Miss Frances M. La Nasa Mr. Joseph Miss Maria Dr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Latin Club Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mrs. Annet A. La Nasa La Nasa S. La Nasa F. Lark Paul La Vigne Gerald J. Le Fevre Andrew M. Lehner te Lehner Mr. 8 Mrs. Norbert A. Lehner Mr. 8 Mrs. George Lemke Mrs. George Lew Miss Joan Lew Miss Diane Linkner Mr. William Linkner Mrs. William Linkner Miss Norma Lippert Mr. Joseph Lochocki Mrs. Joseph Lochocki Mrs. Julia Lochocki Miss Mar Ann Lochocki Miss Faith A. Locke Mr. 8 Mrs. William W. Locke Mr. Carl Lo Manto Miss Rita A. Longo Mr . Russell C . Lo Presti Mr. 8 Mrs. Albert Lotempio Mr .8Mrs. L. Lo Vallo Mr. 8 Mrs. V. Lo Vallo Hatrunz 87 Miss Elaine Lukas Miss Lorraine Lukas Mr. James Luksch Mr. Wilfred C. Luttrell Mrs. Wilfred C. Luttrell Mr. 8 Mrs. Liguori Lynch Miss Mary L. Macaluso Mrs. Samuel Macaluso Mr. 8 Mrs. Nick Macoretta Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Maggo Mr. John L. Maher Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Mahiques Miss Mary Ann Mahiques Mr. A. Malachowski Dr. 8 Mrs. N.P. Mancuso Miss Rita J. Mangus Mr. 8 Mrs. C. Manta Mr. Vincent J. Manta Dr. D.L. Manzella Mr. Joseph Margarone Mr. 8 Mrs. Stanley W. Mary and Delores Mr. 8 Mrs. F. Mascari Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Mascari Mr. 8 Mrs. M. Mascari Mr. 8 Mrs. John J. Mathias Miss Jennie Matteliano Miss Carmella T. Mauro Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank A. Mauro Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony J. Mazilla Mr. 8 Mrs. Daniel Mead Miss Cary Mibak Miss Martha Michalski Miss Mary Anne Michalski Mrs. H.C. Mietus Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Corson Miller Mr. Raymond R. Miller Miss Anne R. Minio Miss Theresa Minor Miss Felicia Mioducki Missal Club Dr. 8 Mrs. Herman Mogavero Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Monticello Miss Catherine Moribello Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony Morreale Miss Josephine Morreale Mr. Orval C. Morris Mr. 8 Mrs. Leslie Moyer Miss Agnes Mularky Miss Frances S. Murphy Mr. 8 Mrs. Jerome T. Murphy Miss Joy Maria Murphy Miss Monica A. Murphy Mr. Arthur F. Musarra Marks Mr. 8 Mrs. Edward G. Muschaweck Mrs. Edward H. Mc Cellen Mr. Donald Mc Cormick Miss Sheila C. Mc Gahan Mr. Murty Mc Guire Miss Nancy Naples Miss Catherine Ann Natoli Mr. 8 Mrs. Wallace Newrocki Miss Mar J. Nicastro Nina anJCarolyn Mr. Michael Noeppel Mr. Bill Nolder Mr. 8. Mrs. Floyd A. Northrup Mr. 8 Mrs. Harold F. O'Brian Mrs. Grace O'Grady Omega Zeta Pi Sorority Mr. Bernard Oriss Mrs. Bernard Oriss Mrs. Maude L. Ortt Miss Patricia Osiecki Mr. 8 Mrs. Theodore Paladino Mr. 8 M's. Frank C. Palermo Mr. 8 Mrs. C. Frank Paluch Mr. Anthony Panaro Mr. Anthony F. Panaro Mr. Michael Panaro gs: . Nicholas Panaro, Jr. . 8 Mrs. Frank Panepinto C.A. Pantera Miss Lucille Paolini Miss Patricia Papa Miss Theresa Papa Mr. Frank W. Parlato Mr. 8 Mrs. C. Pasquarella Miss Mary Ann Pasquarella Mr. 8 Mrs. P. Pazemielewski Miss Barbara M. Penders Mr. Elmer J. Penders Mrs. Elmer J. Penders Mrs. Frank Penders Mr. 8 Mrs. Leo P. Penders Mr. Thomas U. Penders Mr. D.N. Pepe Mr. 8 Mrs. Eugene Perry Miss Mary C. Perry Mrs. Jean Peterson Mr. 8 Mrs. William R. Pfalzer Mr. 8 Mrs. Ferdinand R. Pfister Miss Nancy Lee Pfoertner Mr. 8 Mrs. A.H. Pfoertner Miss Bebeann Pidgeon Mr. 8 Mrs. Stephen Pidgeon Miss Mae L. Pieri Mr. Theodore Pietrzak Miss Barbara Pittisi Mr. 8 Mrs. C. Poczkalski Miss Mary Pomona Mr. 8 Mrs. P. Pomana Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard C. Pongo Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony Puleo Miss Josephine Puleo M's. Florence Quinn Dr. 8 Mrs. Lawrence J. Radise Mr. 8 Mrs. Henry J. Rados Mr. William J. Rogan Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Rataiczak Miss Sylvia Rataiczak Ray Decorators Ray Gay Sales Mr. John Regan, Jr. Mr. John Regan, Sr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony C. Reger Mr. 8 Mrs. Nelson Reimamn Miss Ann Marie Reinartz Mrs. Max Reis Mr. 8 Mrs. Casey Renczkowski Mr. 8 Mrs. Dennis A. Riordan Mr. Donald Riordan Mr. Edmund E. Riordan Mr. 8 Mrs. George R. Riordan Matrnnn 88 Miss Helen D. Riordan Miss Mary Edith Riordan Mr. William M. Riordan Mrs. Charles Rittling Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph E. Robb Miss Barbara Roberts Rose and Katherine Mrs. F. Rosinski Mr. Charles Roth Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Rozcka Dr. 8 Mrs. Eugene M. Ruszai Mr. 8 Mrs. H. Rutecki Mrs. John Ryan, Jr. Miss Theresa Marie Ryba Miss Jacqueline Saab Dr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Saab Mrs. Ida Saeli Miss Marie Salerno Miss Elaine E. Salvo Mr. 8 Mrs. Salvatore C. Salvo Miss Lucille Sardella Mrs. John H. Savage Miss Mary C. Savage Miss Catherine L. Schabel Miss Alice M. Schaefer Mr. Howard Schafer Mrs. H. Michael Schafer Mr. H. Michael Schafer Mr. 8 Mrs. Eugene Schleicher Miss Marilynn E. Schleicher Miss Shirley Ann Schoen Miss Jeanne Schultz Mrs. Louis J. Schuster Mrs. Arthur M. Schunk Mr. 8 Mrs. Francis F. Schwab Mr. 8 Mrs. John H. Schwarzott Mrs. Ester M. Schwing Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Scott Miss Inez Senger Dr. Charles Serlecki Mrs. Charles Serlecki Miss Beatrice Shannon Miss Elizabeth C. Shannon Mr. John P. Shannon Mr. John P. Shannon, Jr. Mrs. John P. Shannon Miss Maril n E. Shannon Mr. Patrick Shannon Miss Mary Shaw Miss Mary Lou Shriver Mr. 8 Mrs. M.D. Shriver Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Schultz Dr. 8 Mrs. C.L. Sielski Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Signorino Miss Gloria P. Signorino Mr. 8 Mrs. Val J. Siwek Mr. 8 Mrs. Chas. Skelton Mr. 8 Mrs. Carl Sofia Miss Lottie Sokol Mr. Willard C. Soule Mrs. M.U. O'Grady Spencer Mr. 8 Mrs. John Sperrazza Mr. 8 Mrs. Walter Stanish Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Starzynski Miss Antoinette Stasinski Mr. 8 Mrs. E. Stasinski Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Stasio Miss Elaine M. Stefaniak Mr. Dennis Stefaniak Mr. Frank J. Stefaniak - Mrs. Frank J. Stefaniak Miss Mary Steffan Miss Sybil Steigerwald Mr. 8. Mrs. Victor Steigerwald Miss Isabel M. Strachan Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Strzelecki Miss D. Sturniolo Mrs. William E. Swanz Miss Rosemary Switala Miss Barbara Swan Miss Christine Szelest Mr. 8. Mrs. S. Szelest Mr. T.F. Szelongowski Mr. 8. Mrs. D. Szmania Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Szmania Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Tamol Miss Elizabeth Anne Tatu Mr. 8. Mrs. John D. Tatu Mr. John Termini Mrs. Elizabeth A. Thomas Mr. 8. Mrs. James Thomas Mr. Phillip G. Thomas Miss Sharon Thomas Miss Mildred Timineri Mrs. Robert Timineri Mr. 8. Mrs. Adam Tittiung Miss Clara Todaro Miss Anna Tomasulo Miss Mary Ann Tomasulo Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Tomasulo Mr. 8. Mrs. R. Tomasulo Miss Rosemary Tomasulo Mr. 8. Mrs. V. Tomasulo Triangle Circle Club Mr. 8. Mrs. John Tripi Miss Ottavia Tripi Mr. 8. Mrs. Lawrence D. Trudell Mrs. Florence M. Turnboo Miss Angela Valvo Miss Frances Valvo Mr. 8. Mrs. John Valvo igairnnn Mr. Frank J. Veina Miss Elaine Vertalino Mrs. Jenny Vertalino Miss Beverly K. Wagner Mr. 8. Mrs. Clyde R. Wagner Miss Margaret Wagner Miss Margaret Mary Wagner Mr. Michael G. Wagner Mrs. Michael G. Wagner Mr. 8. Mrs. James F. Walter Mrs. Anthony Wampach Miss Mildred Wampach Miss Gloria Wansart Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Warda Mr. Eddie Waz Mrs. Joseph A. Wechter Dr. 8. Mrs. Weglikowski Mr. 8. Mrs. John Weglikowski Mr. Ruppert Welch Miss Caroline D. Weppner Miss Joan Rose Wheat Mrs. James E. White Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard White Mr. Rocco White Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Wiechec Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Winkler Miss Rose Winter Mrs. Rose Winter Miss Ruth Winter John and Edward Wlodarczak Mr. 8. Mrs. Howard Wozniak Miss Josephine Wozniak 8. Mrs.J. Wozniak . 8. Mrs. Leonard Wozniak . 8. Mrs. Leonard Zabrocki . 8. Mrs. H. Zakrzewski . 8. Mrs. Jerry Zakrzewski . 8. Mrs. A. Zawierucha . 8. Mrs. T. Zolkiewicz Ted and Betty Zolkiewicz Mr. 8. Mrs. Eugene R. Zgliczy Miss Jo-Ellen Ziobro sssssss nski Misses Kathrine and Jean Ziobro Mr. 8. Mrs. D. Zuppa Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank G. Vastola, Jr. CLASS HISTORY CContinued from page 461 Shortly after Easter, the senior closed retreat was conducted by Father Amy. It was a welcomed spiritual event before our departure into the secular world. The seniors ushered in the month of May' with their last high school formal, the Junior-Senior Prom. On May l3, it was our turn to be feted by the Junior Class at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. The round of social activities continued with the Mother-Daughter Luncheon, at which we were the guests of honor. And so our Book of Memories closes on the Class of '53. Our reminiscences fade away until there remains only the nostalgia which accompanies a trip into the past. As Christopher Morley once said, "There are de- grees of sadness in the closing of doors," but there also awaits us the happiness which comes from the opening of new doors. Carmella Mauro 89 ,A ' 1 if usin ws atrunst Angela J. Adamski - Insurance Agent 470 Fillmore Avenue Adrian Meats Home Made Sausage Alario's Delicatessen Stockbridge and Orleans Avenues Amherst Bakery 497 Amherst Street Amigone Funeral Home 1389 East Delevan Avenue Andre - Murielle Beauty Salon 505 Delaware Avenue Anzio Pizza Baking Company 2016 South Park Avenue L. G. Balfour Company Attleboro, Massachusetts Banner Sales Company 1440 East Delevan Avenue Bartlo's Food Market 761 Sycamore Street Ben Franklin Store 3156 Main Street Best Delicatessen 717 Best Street Bidwell Garage 947 Elmwood Avenue Bihrs Food Shop 5735 Main Street Ray C. Biondolillo - Insurance 546 -8 Ellicott Square Mr. Joseph Bochnik -xTool 8-.Die Maker 215 West Hazeltine Avenue Brace Cleaners 3130 Main Street Braun's Grocery 501 Northampton Street Sheriff Arthur D. Britt 10 Delaware Avenue Browne Lis - Choice Groceries 99 Pleasant Parkway Buszka Funeral Home Inc. 1997 Clinton Street Joseph Carnevale, Accountant 631 Niagara Street C. B. C. Service 1055 Genesee Street W. Cempura's Groceries 72 Sunset Street Churchill's Landscape Service 14 Clemo Street T. Ciminelli, Constructor 309 Easton Street Cleveland Drive Nurseries lnc. 81 Cleveland Drive at Circle Colonial Iron Works 125 Mohican Avenue Cross Town Distr. Corp. 84 Pine Ridge Road Dawson's Delicatessen 280 Abbott Road Victor J. Dean - Grocer 384 Connecticut Street Ernest de Leon - Contractor 163 172 Sixteenth Street Deinhart Drug Inc. 1507 Fillmore Avenue Martin J. Dermangian 571 Elmwood Avenue De Wald Flower Shop 1755 Genesee Street J. Leslie De Yot - Fine Meats 1361 Jefferson Avenue 90 Don Jay Studios, Inc. 5478 Broadway, Lancaster Donovan's Drug Store 2824 Delaware Avenue Thos. J. Downing Sons Co. 365 Swan Street Elber's Jewelers North Tonavvanda Emergency Hospital 108 Pine Street Family Bakery 619 Hertel Avenue Fink Construction Co. 276 Hinman Avenue Fraustino's Market 479 Swan Street Frenchy's 71 Bridgeman Street Gayety Barber Shop 32 West Huron Street James V. Genco, Accountant 666 Auburn Avenue General Distributors Inc. Buffalo, New York Giambrone's Funeral Home 909 West Avenue Globe Electric Co. 82 Weyand Street Grant Dairy Bar 354 Grant Street Chet Janicki's Restaurant 3676 Harlem Road Kantowski's Food Store 388 Paderewski Drive Frank Kurtz Groceries 751 Genesee Street Lackawanna Lumber Company 343 Ridge Road Lesniak's Delicatessen 57 Bridgeman Street Harry Lester's Toyland 47 West Tupper Street Carl Loiacono - Shoe Repair 1622 Genesee Street Samuel T. Macaluso, Jr. General Contractor 36 Hedley Place Mar-Jon Delicatessen 520 Amherst Street Anthony Martone Funeral Home 744 Niagara Street Mascari's Market 914 Elmwood Avenue Chester Michalski - Meats 19 Broadway Market Henry C. Mietus - Drugs 527 Doat Street Amelia Moran - Insurance 754 Main Street Morris 8. Reimann Wreckers 4000 No. Bailey Avenue Morrison-Hall Furniture Company 3100 Main Street Martin Moscato - Detective Agency 350 Main Street Multigraph Letter Co. 1115 Genesee Bldg. A. G. McDonnell - Portrait Studio 1327 Jefferson Avenue Nardin Mothers' Council 135 Cleveland Avenue Nebral Furniture Co. 511 Rhode Island Street New York Fashion Shoppe 1504 Genesee Street Northern Insurance Co. of New York 605 Genesee Bldg. Joseph Palanker 8- Sons 32 West Genesee Street B. J. Papa - Fire Adjuster 305 Morgan Bldg. Ted Patricola - Jewelers 518 Elmwood Avenue Queen City Plating Works 566 Michigan Avenue Red Eagle Restaurant 561 Forest Avenue Rich's Delicatessen 714 Abbott Road John Roberts' Funeral Home 762 Elmwood Avenue Frederick G. Ryan, Caterer 352 East Utica Street Select Dry Cleaners 3761 Harlem Road Simone's Market 128 Normal Avenue Smithers Drug Store Main Street 8. Eggert Road Snowball's Restaurant 319 Hampshire Street Sottile's Market 173-175 Seventh Street Stewart's Meats 587 West Delavan Avenue 91 Sunrise Press 574 Fillmore Avenue William J. Sapio-Delicatessen 203 West Utica Sam Scaduto's Market 742 West Avenue Schiferle's Home 8- Auto Supplies 1533 Genesee Street at Bissel D. B. Schunke - Furniture 463 Amherst Street Teddy's Beauty Shoppe 3106 Main Street Joseph Torre - Contractor 423 - 14th Street Tremaine Shoe Repair 1806 Delaware Avenue Tri-County Realty Co. East Otto, New York Tylock's Delicatessen 2282 Elmwood Avenue L. J. Urbanski, Pharmacist 411 Amherst Street Walker's Garage 202 West Utica Street West Seneca Fruit Market 2481 Seneca Street John Wlodarczak - Grocer 230 Paderevvski Drive Walter Zelasko - Grocer 60 Bridgeman Street Ziegler's Doughnuts 3690 Harlem Road Aufographs ilu 8' I I 92 This book printed by Velvatone, a lpecial proceu of lithographi printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buiaio, N. Y. N other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvntone method

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