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4 V ..,. .N A 1 ' fy --', W H f .X fi ,,: .xg "M ., ,,... ., V,,! Qlkvl' W - : fag, x VW.: , 4,,...:: .-. g ,215 .X ,, .Q . 2T5I'f5.j, f' , Qi fig ' ' V E 153: ' ' " ma-gnu Q UDY' F0 m5?V!5i-QP MQ NT' 'Q' L THE' NA P5 06N 'AN f n 5 1 u n u -1 4 s-. S if gl 1. A if fr-' Q if 24 4 Z 4 n . X Q . 0 f . 1 s ,M K A iw my f gh, 4'. 4. V. rl vi I li -, ..-xy we - ,.w,. .gf- N rf ?, -4'-. s . r,g4f'gg, M?- ' ' 1 war' lx.. A 4 iv-.1,, ,1M.:,1- vii' t, A-N 5331 S' 1 1 5.55 -f 4 ,A . 5, -,z K W . . u., ' V '1liLfl3f9'-FL. f,-'Z if ' E-56131 .. Jfv f A 1 -7'f"'?7'7' ,Mk3L',.:' 3,x,:3 ., . 55-Mgn 37.1.39-2'? 31,1 Q, 1 T , 1 Q , gt ,Qrjv 1 w A 'f I' 'NJ 1 xg m M 'N X ""w....., "5 X o f Wm ,. 5 ' Q- V.A"?"s X. ia Clp.S'O4fLlCl4'lCl Yvrzrbook of NAPSUNIAN SCHOUI, ATLANTA, GIZORGIA sk ..,f.,'se'? f . S ' 'F' l f .,- S' , .S-ff FCDREWCDRD AN We, Frances and Peggy, take this opportunity to thank you for ourselves and for the rest of the staff for your Wonderful cooperation, which has made this NAPSONIANA possible. If it affords you, who will see it, half as much pleasure as our preparing it, has afforded us, we will feel rewarded for our efforts. The two girls whom you will see throughout the book have been named Frances and Peggy. They will accom- pany you throughout the school and their conversation will tell you, as you go, much about the seniors and the ac- tivities of the school. In this NAPSONIANA we have tried to give you a story of Naps ch alw at you can take with you ays. We hope you will like it! from FRANCES and PEGGY. 4 D STAFPS NCDTE 1.0! Q We dedicate this 1945 edition of NAP- SONIANA to you, Miss Fugitt, in hopes that it will show you just how much We ap- preciate your continuous and untiring energy in helping us in work and play. on ten ts sTAEE's NOTE AND EDREWDRD DEDTCATTDN BOARD OF TRUSTEES FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SDPHDMDRES FRESHMEN BDARDING DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES WHO'S WHO FACTS ABOUT THE SENIORS COMMENCEMIZNT ALUMNAE Cglze Cgoarcf ofcamstees y, . w , Rv E Inf A6 'TV A E , R . .7 1 I 2 . x 5 .3 W rx' , 2 ff if L ' ww, Dr. Broyles, Dr. Brown, Dr. Hull, Mr. Clapp, Mrs. Hoyt, Mr. Greer, Dr. McCain Q91 9 4-af fqi' I x Wy' w. x M , X Board and Faculty Dinner, March 9, I945 Du Du. MR Du MR. THE BOARD PAU1. I". BROWN VIERNKJN S. Bkovlmis, -IR. Au 1-:N CLAPP RICHARD ORMIQ FLINN C. T. GRIAZIER MRS. CSIQORKJE B. How' Mk. RALPH A. Hume DR. M. MQH. I-IUL1, MRs.jAM11s C. MAl.lJNli DR. J. R. MCiCAIN ' 1 Dix, Fi-tRc1usoN Wooo ---- .-------- P rexiili-uf B.A., Davidson College, B.D., Union Theological Seminaryg D.D., Oglethorpe University. Our president is that smiling gentleman who speaks to us on Tuesdays and Thursdays and whom we often see standing behind the cafeteria counter. He is the Senior,s friend more than ever because he was the one who saw that the heater in Senior Hall was repaired. Miss Tiivkza Asiuiw' ---..--. Prinripal, Ijnglixb IV A.B., Cornell University. If we only had that faculty of being able to concentrate on so many things at once! From a girl's grades to May Day Dresses is 21 big jump. In spite of her many duties, she's always there to help us. Miss Ariel-3 P. Rivtzks -----. Axxixmrif Prinvijml, Bible BS., Wilitltrop Collegeg NLA., l-fmory University. W'e Napsites love you, Miss Rivers. W'e like your classes and we want to please you, but we can't help hoping you won't see the ehewing gum in our mouths. Miss IDOROTHY FUGITT ..---.... Pbyiiml Ftlllftlffllll BS., University of Southern California. She builds up our muscles, produces lime basketball, volleyball and tennis teams, and promotes good sportsmanship. We should make pretty good commandos by now. Miss l':'l'lIl:I. Pimiux ---.--.--- - English B.A., Bessie Tift College. XY'e are stunned! She spends so many hours trying to get us to speak correctly: then the other night such language as she let the Cecilians use. Mks. R. N. Mooitig ----4..--- - Lufifl B,A., LaGrange College. lf you have ever heard us slowly mumbling our Latin, you will know that it isn't Caesar or Virgil that appeals to us but Mrs. Moore. She never gets discouraged with us in our many mistakes. 8 it would m.tke any banker Miss Gimti lit II! 'l't'I'uaIII't'r uf flu' Srlmol ILA., Agnes Scott College. Miss lieitl handles our mottey rm, ttlairs so quickly antl easily that I jealous. Mus. I-'tu III Ric it Stu IIION lfugliilt I, Ijllftlfiilll ILA., Agnes Scott College, Ii.A.. in I.ihrary Science, Ifmory Uni- versity. WVIICH yott ean't lintl the hook you want or yott tlon't know where to find a list of ling' kings yott really respect her alailily to pttt her linger ot very thing you failed to find. M Rs. MRS. MOORE, MRS. SHELTON, MISS REID CLARK s MR ' S. DEF ORD 1 MISS HEF FERNAN' MRS ' ANDER SON , MRS 4 K Miss VIRGINIA HIl'l4'l RNAN . CIl7I'IIIIXfYiY, Ari, llome Frotiolulixt BS., Iowa State. ,I-I1CI'ClS something pullling tts, that's how Miss Ilelfernan can get tip so early four mornings take but two. a week for I.ah, wlten we can't Miss. SIDNI Y ANDIRSON - ------- lliifory, I.ifI'rIIlI1r4' IRA., Radford State Teachers College fVa.J Although Mrs. Anderson is new this year, she has IILIKIC a place in our hearts. She has been mistaken for a stutlent in our school many times. Her efforts have contributetl much to the success of tlte Cecilians, as well as of the history classes. Mus. IfTlIlI. CSLARK .... . . . . . . Sjmuiili, lliiloryl Young Harris Collegeg ILA., Oglethorpe University. What would we do without her? Iiut for her willingness and A ' A ' ' " ' ll ' rk patience with us, It is very doubtful If Spanish viou t utr wo its way into our brains. Mtts. Ift.l1IxIII'ItI W. Dtlfottu T-ypillk. Sllllfflhlllll Crichton School of Contmerce. Besides her regular work of teaching, she is always so willing to help and to cooperate with anyone or any school orgattivatiou. She always has it cheery smile for everyone. Mtts. W. jay KVNNI uv . . ......... MIIIZII-ntillit-,i Ifrskine College, A.I5., Central State Texas College. We ean't think of anyone who enioys It joke .Intl sees the funny sitle of life than Mrs. Kennetly. She always seems to tlraw an attentive .tuclience of girls. - Piano Mtts. glam. h'IA'IIlNCil.Y .... .... Iiush Conservatory. It isn't often that she comes over to see us. W'heu she is present, she usually has something interesting and important to tell tts about the musical happenings of the school and also of the city. CNot in picturesj 9 y iii ,1- 32ICfl l!fy Snaps 11 WHITAKER WILLIAMS KERR O'SULLIVAN QI'llO4' Qfjqcers FIRST SEMESTER BETTY ANNE WHITAKER . . . . . . ELIZABETH WILLIAMS CHARLOTTE KERR . ANN G,SULLIVAN . . President . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary . Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER ANN O,SULLIVAN . MYRTIS JENTZEN . NAN IVEY . . . NVILMA SHIPLEY . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer O SULLIVAN j JENTZEN IVEY SHIPLEY 12 515-H OP , 14. 4 NDERSON f B .4ND IIIfT'I'Y ANDERSON "Wl1at does Betty have up her sleeve for life in the great here-after?" "Well, Peggy, Hrst a home economics course in college to learn how to make my husband happy the scientinc way." HELEN ANDERSON "A dentist, Frances?" "Right you are, Peggy. Helen Anderson, the one and only absolutely painless dentist. She promises to recommend choco- late flavored tooth paste." BARBARA BIIRMAN "What's that about Lumpy Corn Starch?" "Wl1y. that's the sponsor of 'john junior's Other Wife,' the fascinating soap opera starring that famous radio star, Barbara Berman." VIRGINIA CATHERINE BISHOP "Any gown with the label, 'Bishopf is sure to be sleek, chie, and irresistible." "Poor Adrian! He can't hope to compete with Virginias brilliant designs." ERS-O N f UERMA N is We 5531 H . vw .. 4 "if sem ANDERSON HELEN ANDERSON sARaARA BERMAN VIRGINIA aisnor f , W AIA! I 13 4 K JW i , iF,,U05j" Jw J pri- go wifi lifts? 'li AIG ' rf, u ' tl My ACKSHEAR Boom, BL Utswett, BOSTICK. aff 1 4.1 If Lf ,New i ,",,, ,, 5 'V ' 1 KATH BYU' swf BARBARA BOSTICK KATHERINE BAKER BLACKSIIIIAR "Some clay PL , 'ggy, Eleanor Roosevelt will have an incl' traveling companion." "WI ERINE BLACKSHEAR lSpUI1S1'lbIC io, Frances?" "Katherine Blackshear, the famous interpretor, who got her start in Senora Clark's Spanish class." -IRAN CHRISTINE BODIN "Wl1at about -lean, Frances?" "I heard jean was headed for Stevens College to learn how to run the husband and household she intends to be in charge of." BARBARA BOSTICK "Barbara, a future laboratory technician, will bury herself in test tubes until the right young doctor comes along to change ALICE JEAN CASWELL her lab into ii vine covered eottagef' 5 ,1 J ALICE JEAN CASWIILL if "Alice jean wants to 'Hnish her book larnin' at college." "Yes, and while she's eramming she'll be thinking over the position offered her as organist at the N terian Churehf' orth Avenue Presby- vii! if V ix r . ' JEAN BODIN If J L0 14 -IULIANNE COOK "After Napa ,Iulianne will be found .lt Ai,nv.s Seutt wliere slie will add to lier knowledge of Iruneli l tlnn't know wlietlier slie intends to travv. t s wants to be able to read tlie menu." FLORIQNCIQ MARGARET CROOK "NX'lien Florence leaves Naps, sl1e's off tn eu eg. "Sl1e's a great one for euun'ry folk. I tlimk 1 ter sliew gotten some learnin' slie ix aiming to mtrr 1 eoun'ry preacher." ,f- ffiiw i f X A A 4 5 x . l Fx COOK, CROOK, FISKE, FRINK -A-I ,.... Qvlli RUTH W'A'l'l'liMlXN l5lSKlf "Ruth knows liow gnml slie ltmks in wliite so it ' 'Nurse Fiske' as won ' ' , . will b as slie can arrange it." "l'll remember to call un lier i f 1 get any pains " lillZfXl5lf'I'll AIl"AN FRINK "l'l.lts from Paris, play eltxtltes from Soutli I A from leelinl 'll . xmerlea, ski suits 1 t wi all be gatlierecl tngetlier fur American women to wear by that famous, fnsliion-conscious buyer, liliznbetli l7rink."A " . . f F ,XJJCRC if. ,ff , if 'if 1, afbla Q ff ti, JULIANNE CO A P Q a t OK FLORENCE CROOK RUTH Fiske 15 lxl l -I A 1... .. -1- flu '7 ELIZABETH FRI NK ..,.i.nm P? HARBIN, HOWINGTON, HIRLEMAN, HOSFORD MARTHA HOSFORD "ln n few ears Mnrthu's charms will flash before Mr. and . Y . Mrs. Al11Cf1CJ,S dazzled eyes from every magazine cover, Peggyf' "She's destined to become Harry Cunovcr's top model of l949." JESSICA ANNE HOXVINGTON "Anne tells me that she's -'oin' to s Gnd her time after Na s - .. ls P - P helping the palm trees decorate Californizfs sunny beaches. "Dry-wentlmer state, here she comes." 'XA , 21, -W X49 ANNE HOWINGTON MARTHA HOSFORD ELIZABETH HIRLEMAN 16 FRANCES HARBIN 'tHave you Francesis plans for :after Naps,' Peggy? 'lArmcd With a pad, il pencil, an efficient smile, and Mrs. De Ford's typing and shorthand instructions, Frances is going to be the ideal secretary, guaranteed to remember where she Bled that letter from Mr. Smith." ELIZABETH HIRLEMAN "College is the next thing on Elizabeth's list, Frances." "Thar's right. And then she will sit in front of the fire and whisper excerpts from Einstein's Theory on Relativity in the ear of her attractive husband." FRANCES HARBIN .r f I tx I ,.f"' v X X! i I I, Iv up X ir q " ff 1 X gi fillii Q 5,-f S 5-5 ,555 gli CLODIE HUBBELL X .I -. 1, 'Qi' - O,, .4.' NANIVEY : A HUBBELL, IVEY, JENTZEN, HUIE CIl,0Dll'l ANNIQ lIUlSl5lCI.I, "' long, linrd Sl!'UlKl1 of training will lx- .1 cinuli fur i'lmliu, "ln nn timc flat iIw'lI lmvc lli.ll alnctiii' of cliuiiiixiry nlcgu-c." Q , . Q, im. mr ts-A4 l',l,I'ANOR W'RlCill'l' HUH' 43 "A lirxlc gal wiili big iduii, Ixluiimr is LIs.'tui'iiiim-il in gn inin wine furin of rcligious work. "Slit lin .1 good start frnm Miss Rivcrs' liililc 1 laxscs. ililicifs i no xmpping licr now." ELEANOR HU'E noixoiin' NAN IVIfY 'INQIIIYS lmmc is guing lu lic pcrfcclimi, run un ilu' lxisix ut Artistic sewing, cooking, diwli-wnaliiiig. "W'iili licr talcnt fur drawing sliu'Il inakc liur liuuw world l 1lLsi'ns .iml f.iscin.iiing cli.ii'ni rcnowncd fur iu nriginn -. g " ig MYRTIS CfAROl.INI'. .II-fN'I'ZIfN "MyrIis lms LWO of tlic nicuxl liclping lmmls ll1.ll l kiniw ul, Ifr.xnccs." "Anal xlftur Naps, .is 21 'nuinl wnrkcr, sliu's going Iii lrnil ilu-ni XX Xiu cvcrylmcly wlio ncccls rlicm, Peggy." , l -f M ns EN I . n'n ,fix 17 KERR, JORDAN, LATHEM, LAURENT hs, p X11 . L 177 '4 flex, ,Nw I FRANCES JORDAN CHARLOTTE KERR BETTY 'XI I , f,1 ,II iff. I . , ' ' f 1 if , 1-itiwciiis ,JORDAN ' , "'Appe11dix Removed XVl1ile You W'.1it.' ,lillAlI'S I 1' wl1.1t Dr. Frances .lUl'Ll.lIl'X slugan will be. K WN f "Sl1e proniises tn have all new l112'lg.Illl'lQS and .1 V ' new N1t'xt1Nl.'xN.x in lter waiting I'Ot7l11.U to . if tv,b 19 ,V1 . K 1 by l ' . CH.'XRl,Ol ll. lxIzRR LQ. 1 .MQ , , r Lggq "C'l1.1rlutte will get more slimy apples ll1.lI1 any ntlier kindergarten teacher in history-if sl1e doesn't . turn gray after .1 few years of ABC's." 18 LATHEM CAROLINE LAURENT l'1lfT'liY l.A'l'liIiM "Fur an old business VVUINJI1 like Betty, tlic duties nf .111 advertising executive in .1 department store will lwe duek soup. A V 'e .1 lot uf ads to future Swim' "Sl1e's 541111115 tu 2,11 A . VH .. Rr'i1tf1'i' and Annual Sta s. CAROLINE I.AURlfNT "Caroline says she wants to help some orchestra make beautiful music. But we know, Peggy, that she "nts to capture the heart of a charming really wa curnet player." I Arif: , 1, Q! W' LORTON l.IfIf "Is lnrlon going to college, Frances?" Ycs-you ll Gnd Imcr on thc front scat in xlxc mum wlmurc llucy lmld tlmc class un 'How In ISL 1 Ihtlu Vlf Ilomcf " NUXIA R IQBICCCA l,Ifl-f HVIIIICII n cool business-like voicc nys 'I'm wrry, lmc's nm in just nuw,' you'II know that yuu'rc mlking to the boss' sec 1 I . c .md Run tlw Ideal ,f f y' A J' xmrl ii 'lk IX 1 as 45 :I as 0 R. LEE, L. LEE, LIETCH, LONG '74-?,q!c3Ii'21J fa fffffmf H Q4,o4fryKfKrdZXlf'ljf!lO , , rc ary, ln: main- Slny of the Hrm-Rclwcccn Lcc, of cnurxuf' Q Ji I I, ,L :Jr -, ... -f, ff, 22 g .,,, 5 --X INK, X 3 S .p 9-I EQCCA LEE LoR1oN L ' 74 .xxx If 'JIZTOLYQP X Lf' Q- -vw' J Tv-Nfl X I f' f, I ""vf"'.,43 ' A," .x..'Y yy L. ,- II' 5 ZYXJIQYUFIIIIX' I IVIICIHI ' "' f -3' 7 "Dottie is clcslincnl in become f.llI1Ull5 .ls .1 l.lbm'.1lory fffr If lccllnicI.1n," ' . "Shu must lmvc L1 way with rut tulwcs .mul rcmrtsf' , . If . , 4 ' FIKANCIS IIMOCQIQNI: LONG I Nia.. K! lx uvlvlll! nn cyc for color and quality, I"f.ll1CL'S will Sec tlml xllc pmt-wglr wivcs gvt tlmc Yury bg-xr In fabrics. Sl1c'x 4.3 gm cnlcring tllc Lcxtilc field ul' lmmc economics." T23 5? 19 ......,.........4.....? DOTTIE LIETCH FRANCES LONG J' . tx I II xv XL, Q' V . fl, fl! . K Yiilxi' JQ' is I,IfI-' hlCfiANN NORAS, MCCANN, McLA "Lee is .1 lass who wants to exercise her lJI'1II1 "She has in ext mi l . ii eo lege tlnys with hooks and books :Intl perhaps ii prufessorsliip at her Alma Mater, Duke " ,IANIS Memix If A In .1 shim' new eonxtrtbl I " I e helicopter, .lane will proba he lhe first wonmii flier to Complete .1 nonfs!op-round-the-wor three-times flight," I 'I' P99 Y XI tn Ki SQ ,RJ 1 xl X LEE MCCANN X 1 X 1444.11 f1j I' 1,4 Z bly lel- IN, MILLER MARILYN MILLIZR "Nurse Mzlrilyifs tlnint fl , y ngers are destined to cool many fever-racked forehead. "Unless she marries her Hrst patient." THALIA NORAS "I heard that Tlmlia wants to be a laboratory technician. "She likes to snoop into the private lives of the microbes and bncteriztef' Qjflivbuwek ,,tt I JANE MCLAIN Z0 4' MARILYN MILLER THALIA NORAS Il O'SULLIVAN, C. POGUE, M. POGUE ROOHAN . Z, ,4 ., 'IA' I .4 9 , ,WJ , ' ff" UmZ2? mao UfI90J'7 Up, I -'xfufid 1 air f as ' . 4 vw L? f Y - jf,-f n CAROLYN Poeus 'lf , MARY ANNE POGUE P! I x' PGYQY RQOHAN ' ' 'A F .A 1' ' ,fu ' CU 4" -' . .Aff I , V . ,, . V. . 1 4,11 . V , V ANN OSULLIVAN xjjigqu 5-,,,xxb XTVIQI XL rv' 1, GV AVI.. th xii xx! . ,1 ,'.1'1,. .J ,' f 4 . 0-1' ,", 1 ' A K '- lv' ir Q "f, .w yi ,-T-'Lv' y ist , pf V fu.. ' '1 ' f- - ' .A rf ww XX - ANN 0'SUI,I,IVAN , , 1' fr ' f'-' U 1' .2 ' . , " ' Q11 Kg, "H you cvcr go mSourl1 Amcrlcn, hunk Ann up, I7r.u1ccs. Sl1c'll slum' you .lrnuuJ." IP L "I will. I hear slmcl going lu hc .1 Iinguixr down llwrcf' xf ' ' X va . , T4 ' f L','. ' cg.-xRo1.YN I'OGUli XQXJHIIX ., ft?-X "Cf.lrulyn's Ambition is um lmvu llmc kind uf lmmu llmx nmkcs visitors want lu smy : .md stay-and stay." 'INR T"-uw E Qu MARY ANNIZ POCIUV 5 ull lp X xv . . lv fn X Ilxurc s-cm? tu bu xmwllm-mg xbmul 1 Pcnuul n at 'bunk mi typ-wrnu-r Illll Xhrv , x .L . 4 A 1 . , 4 L L , . 1 L . V. I ' "' A x Annu c.m't rcsnst, an sl1c's going to hc Al secretary." X I'IiCQCiY' ROOHAN Y "You'll find Peggy in some field of ulmumixlry. Mnylw -.lw'll clmngc lllC .xmmic 4' f Ihcwr' fur snmcthing worse. Or m.1x'lwc sl1c'll bc doing somcllmimg morn' inlmrumg W , X u y , A . . 1 -f i' cf: for insl.1ncc, supcrvising lllu prcpnrxuimm uf uumluticsf' .gr X, 21 1 A- 4 . X f, ROUTSOS, SLANN, SHIPLEY, SECKINGER v It :af firm? 1 - 57 ff fm!-"2" -4. 541 A or - , AA 77 KATHRYN ROUTSOS "Kathryn told me that her fond- est desire is to be the proud posses- sor of a B.A. degree." "She's already working toward that end, Peggy." f 5 KATHRYN ROUTSOS FRANCES SECKINGER WILMA SHIPLEY FR ANCITS SI-ICKINGIZR "Frances thinks intelligence helps to hook Ll husband. She's determined to get that good old college eduentionf' VVILMA SHIPLIQY "lf you have any aches and pains, Peggy, save them for Dr. Wilma to fix." "IL won't take her long to learn how to administer pink pills for pale people." SHIILA SLANN X "Sheila says she wouldn't miss out on her 'college daze' for a pair of nylons." "After that slie'll turn her talents over to managing her father's estate." SHEILA SLANN Z2 S 160 ' 4 X4 1 i 'Y' I if V.- : .W -..., .P nt. Q WATT, WHITAKER, WHITNER, UDELL I7j',u,fnfi1 f , 'I-11 qflffflffy ,5.,a,I f an f A W I i r X x I , ffm .?'lj-. f I --40 f w, 1 'QW ju fa JZSX s JANICE UDELL MARILYN WATT IJXNIC I l'lJlI,I "Smut x-sux' lnxwnilwg r1gIxl In ycars In umm' IW picking up lI1L' papcr .IHLI r'L'.uIIl1g I.luIru'x wvll Iumwn ufIumlx." NIAI ill YN M.ulINn pI.m I, In ru LIm4m 1 xcImnI IIHL um uw .III vxpuricm'c'II uI1ucrIc.uIcr. XY JXIIUIA x In 'n lo I-.IIII-uc .lflcr NAIA, I'l'.l11cus," SIM' mug: ' ' . . . r III I'l'Y ANN XY'III'I'AIiI Ii XXIIIUH xIn' IInixI1cs xlmIying tuxIIm-IIM ,md writing lIxumcx .ll yuIIcpga', Iirlu .Mm WIIII ITUILQIII NILHIXIIIIQ LlIllk IHIKPIXN .IIIKI XVIVIIIIIIL I.:rULNCI'y IIXI.N,n I I IZAISI 'III XVIIIIINI I4 I at "IIIll.lI!L'lII is luml Iuy :Imp u.1II of !Iw wxI4I .md wlmlly XVcst." "I'm going ln vixxl Iwr. II'.lllk'L'N, wI1un xI1c you 1nst.lIIuI In .1 I',lII1I5IIIlg Imuw on .I " BETTY ANN WHITAKER ELIZABETH WHITNER Isig r,1ncI1 I ummm um "M.1y ' ' , IIQLIQ? 25 1 4 I ,dr QA 1 .1 ,Y if W ,ga 'P + I if l ' ' 5 . I X I X ,A gf jc 7 fi., kj' .4 IX it- , 4 Q 3 , I , x A E RN i Q Gs Y' I Qi xx YS -k Rx Neff I 1 ,ff- ,z.!' I I 'N ex 1: , Kv , WILLIAMS, tis WOOD, WOLF, . . wiLsoN C 1 y I ,wo ,UN Jn' WsnM?'A'2LQ A , 3 V " gh 150-5 . JL' -C . Lgtfv V0, f,LV.lJLk-Y V 4-I M - J xl NX by M 'N 4 P-I ELIZABETH WILLIAMS BOBBIE WOOD M CrW"?f'? I 5 :ED I 2, ,,,.i.. MARGARET WILSON ELIZABETH WOLF ELIZABETH NWILLIAMS "Having always wondered 'what makes things run,' Elizabeth will probably have the time of her life being a psychologist and tinkering with loose screws in pc0ple's minds." MARGARET 'WILSON "Why has Margaret been going around saying 'Sh-h-h!' in a haughty tone?" "It's just to get in practice for her future position as a librarian." ELIZABETPI LEIGPI WOLF "Wl1en the signs outside the auditorium reads, 'Elizabeth YV0lf-Celebrated Concert Pianistf we Napsites can say we knew her whenf' BOBBIE WOOD "How about Bobbie, Frances? What's she going to do?" "Well, Peggy, she tells me she wants to be a social worker. And what Bobbie goes after-she gets!" 24 WRIGHT, WORTH, WORTHINGTON 7AA!U'c,z,L ' fi AW . Q 1,,1,l',EQ2J Jw www E 5 6 wr A v 77 -l 6: ,-.TT :H :-57' C 172 ng' gb: C '12 'VNV .f: --:- C v 3: T5 C EC.. .- -C -1: C1 :fm J :-i 2.7: 72,1 47 'TF' G... : ,.. E: C: C Z .7 JULIA WORTH JOYCE WORTHINGTON Fidgery of pniientsf' JOYCE XVORTHINGTON iix Z 71LZw21 "Y0u'll find joyce amid tlie el.itter and SILICCLIIO elieks of typewriteix at tlic scliuol of commerce." "Sl1e'll be following up tlie beginningw slie got nt Napa" BETTY XVRIGHT "Betty will always be buried in a pile of travel folders, trying in decide where to go on lier nexz trip." "She will always include in lier estimated expenses money for pmt cards home." 25 I BETTY WRIGHT 7 r CSD0Ifll.OI' ki 'MX IELLARS JOHNSON DAVIS J Ax amor Qfjqcers FIRST SEMESTER MAIKTHA ZELLARS ' HAZFQI. JOHNSON DOLLY DAVIS . JANE MACRAE . . . Vin' SECOND SEMESTER BETTY IVEY . . MARTHA JACKSON NEW A i Y .Ig K.. HAZEL JOHNSON BETTY A N NE WIT. Prf'siJr'nf -Prrivizlwlf Svcrviary Trraszzrrr Prrsidwzf . . Vim-Prc'sirlz'nf Svfrvlnry SON . . TI'l'dSI!YI'f' MACRAE A AES XL f BH. x X JACKSON - v N VT JOHNSO 28 N WlLSON IDORIS PA'l"I'liRSON, BI'.'I"l'Y ANN Wll.SiJN, BARBARA BROWN, Klum' Housli zli, RKQARI 'I' GI , A ' A " u'1'uA AIM KSON, NIAIKTIIA LAHS, PIAZI l. AIUIINSON lSAu1,1.1. CLARK, Mmm' ANN CZOWAN, BARBARA CA1u'1aN'1'1 lx Pfwsx' lfu1fl'oN ELLANOR HILYMAN, BEVERLY MILLER, LOUISE HARW'E1.L, ANN JACKSON C 2 f 5 1 5255 Q EVA TURNER, MARTIIA MINER, GLORIA ORRIN, ROSE PINTCI-IUCK, MARIAN MATTISON 30 6 .1 MC J ,Z -.....,., Q... .-... ,,.:fn-xwxw lirfvrv LIANI-. HANQQQK, JAN1-3 CAsoN, NlAR'l'HA Gnusr, BL'I"1'Y jo CliOSliX', P1-Lum' Cl mm P10 N N A 4 'N v gb 5 -57... SONIA FRLITAG, -IOYCIQ WINIQIIAA1, K1-.NNY SU'l"l'l"li, BIa'l"l'Y BARN!-.s, C11A1u.u3 W11.1. JOSEY, MIIKIAM Rlafxms 31 1-11-Q xx--Q.-...Q- Dol LY IJAVIS, FRANc:1Qs IDOMINIQY, JANE MAC'liAli, PAT LEIWASTIERS, AND ! I FRANCES CLA PP ,,.- rf, f fm A 615 BARBARA SMITH, NANCY SMITH, DOT HENRY, BETTY MCLENDON, MART1'IA HYDE J A , xNfxNc Y rf lj 1 Cl. U Allili BROWN RUTH Scifxluu ,B'RvAZl.l nzouv Colman ' 5 I rl, ' lf? ,. . i'l'T IWARY I ANN XV11A'I'1 RVN!-I-1 N1 BARBARA Home num, I'Io1!mAN .I'.Y QXVMAN .'l"l'Y Bl 'I I Il A PAT lllvlfolum NNY l5l"I4'l'Y CIARPI N ll la R051-. S1 lvrus -Q.,-h ' . mf. 1 ML: UI'll.O4' HCZPS TI IIC NAPSITIQS' YEAR Autumn is the beginning of our New Year. lt brings us back to old friends here, And new ones, too, to meet us all. There's the Cecilinn play and volleyball! NVinter rushes in with spirits gay For basketball is on its way! Our Christmas service we all hnld dear, But then come exams to fill us with fear. Spring makes us lung wistfully for recess 'When we let go the energy we just c:m't suppress. The Mardi Gras and Spring Play Keep us excited fur many Ll day. Summer begins with graduation, And we're filled with both sadness and elnrion. Vacation is greeted with iny by iill, But don't worry, dear Nnps, we'll be buck in the full! lh1ARGARl 'r GlI.I.l'SI'Il xx.. .WV , SS. 3-1 .ff 5 QQ D 'Qiifxivgagaa GIBSON HAWKINS MUNDY WILLIS HAMRICK CS3OilDllO47flOI'Q Ql!A.CQ4'.S' FIRST SEMESTER X 4 f 5' I , I VANN GIBSON . . . President DOLORES MUNDY . . Vice-President Cixi R SUSANNE XVILLIS . . . . Sccreiary f DOLORES HAMRICR . . Treaszzrer SECOND SEMESTER -ff X JEAN HAWIQINS . . . . Prcsirlwzt DOLORES MUNDY . . . Vicf-Prrsident KATRINA ALFORD . . . Secretary CAROL DENT . . . Trvasurer ' H J FGA' ,xx 4 MUNDY ALFORD DENT 30 B1 'l sv CZOVINGTON M1111 CIUMMINGS ANNI4 HASTY DM' XVALKI-LR SARAH Mulwrn' XBOLORI-15 MUNIIN' NIAIRGARKI' Ax.'1'MAN IWUNTI-1 PAUL Mfxmmox Dm' Amex Pugm' Mc1Clu4,Am' MAIRIAN PLRSONS KATRINA AI.I'kL7lilJ W., T75 g CAROLYN BARNETT, CHARLOTTE BREWER, MARY LUCILE BORN, SARA BRADHAM CECIL ROSENSON, CAROL DENT PEGGY THRASH, MARY JANE POTTER IYORRAINF CIARTLR, LINNIE COLLTNS, DOT SKENDER, JANE I-IARRELSON 38 VANN Cmsox, Dm' M11,1,1'1z, B11'1"rx' ANN TnmA1I,KxI.1., IUOIORITS Hfxmnuczu, RUTII ESTVS M, ........ Q' ll 4::, M3-fx :""r7v R . 2, ---' JIZAN HAW'KIN TANYA TATQM, ANN Buoomf KA1'HraR1N1a PIQNDIQR CAROL BIRCH BETTY CHAPPIQLL BARBARA LAMISIZRT 5,11-,ANNINIZ ELLIS, SUZANNV wIll.l.lS, .X :R Q I CS3OplZOITLO4'Q CSBHCZPS XY, KNIGHT GOLDSMITH ANASON C9203 man Cqffqcers FIRST SEMESTER QIEANNIQ KNIGHT . . . . President BIJITIJO GOLDSMITH . . Vic'c'-Przfsidvnf ATAI.ANTli ANASON . . Treasurer TATUM PRATHER TAYLOR DITTLER .0 f I D my X gk X ' VIRGINIA TATUM . HELEN PRATHER . JOSEPHINE TAYLOR PATSY DITTLER . 561 , 42 SECOND SEMESTER JY If . . Prvsidcnf Vice-President . Sfcretary . Treaszzrvr SIIIANNIQ cIRliIiNSTONF ETIIIZI. RICIIARIISON ANN BROWN PATSY IJl'I"I'LliR ,,1 43 4' x, wr HELEN SEWELL ZOE ANN WINDHAM JUNE FOWLER JEAN SRINIIER DONNA FRAZER HELEN A. PRATIIER xIOSliPHlN1iTAX'LOR PERLITA ANDREWS VIRGINIA TA'l'UM ,ll 7 Y" Joan Jordan, Atalante Anason, Jeanne Knight, Rutledge Ingram, Bettejo Goldsmith lmlssingl 1 8 J ! X l fill ,il Bobbie ,lean Carroll, Frances Bolding, Natalie Anderson, Ann Cochran -14 8j'QS!lI'I'lClI'l CSEHCZPS L, . IJRANQ1-LS JORDAN Bolsulli Wfoon JULIA XVORTH MARGARIZT ALTMAN SARA MURPHY IDAY WAI.KliR ETH!-ll. RICHARDSQN Enrrn MQLLNNAN B1-:TTY jo CROSBY KIZNNY SU'l"1'1iR PEGGY CoR1QR MONT1-1 PAU 1. MAIDIDLJX ANN141 HAS'l'Y' MITZI CUMMINGS P1-ZRLITA ANDRIQWS EMULYN MQRRIS ANNIQ PARSONS KATHRYN PARSONS MRS. Mc:A1-111-1 MIKS. MQKINNON Q BCDARDINC DEPARTMENT .Zfctivlty Gafenalar SEPTEMBER JANUARY S Sunburned Napsites sadly bid farewell to summer vaca- 1 Festive Alumnae Tea given. tion and return to school. . . , 2 Parties over, Napsites reluctantly return to studies. - A - UR U - I A 15 New girls get acquainted at odeo party in Gym 9 Cheerleaders for coming basketball season chosen in 18 Tennis lures athletic Napsites to enjoy last of warm chapel try-outs, weather days' 12 New student body officers elected. 20 ' ' l tn . . . . Outstanding git S chosen to be Class O Cen 14 Fearful Napsites do last-minute cramming. 16-20 Students struggle painfully through exam week. OCTOBER 22 Pitiful Napsites, recuperating from exams, spend holidav 2 Dr. Fowle speaks in chapel. m bed' 5 Trembling Napsites try out for Cecilgansl 24 Naps defeats Sacred Heart! Basketball season off to a , , , I , good start. 6 Cecilians take in new members in chapel skit. V kl h 1 26 't N F . 12 All "A" seniors are ofhcially saluted on Pi Sigma Kappa MSI Y mc es on u ton Recognition Day- 31 Good crowd turns out for Naps-Decatur game. NOVEMBER FEBRUARY 6-10 Dr. Herman L. Turner brings inspiring messages during i Juniors' Original Skit and sons Win traditional Sin8'S0n8- Rehgmus Emphasis Week' 3 Varsity defeats Alumnae. 13 Mrs. Louie Newton gives forceful talk in chapel. 7 Naps varsity Plays North Fulton. 1S lgfliss. .fklicia Coflin speaks for "World Student Fund 8 Ambitious girls try out for Ceciliansl efvlce- .. . 9Th Ce'l' ' h'blk d ld'bb . 17 Class basketball teams present original skits at recess. ree new mmm receive t eu- lc an go U ons Volleyball teams from Seminary, Druid Hills play Naps 10 N3PS Pi3YS Alham- in SYm' , 14 V ' l C ' . Fathers shine at Daddies' Night P.-T. A. meeting. Narsnylp ays ovmgtOT 16 C ' . 21 Audience thrills to Cecilians' mystery play, "Drums of SPS Pays ommercm Death." 21 Druid Hills-Naps game played. 23 Napsites sleep through delightful Thanksgiving holiday. 23 Sacred Heart opposes Naps varsity. 27 Seniors defeat Freshmen and Sophomores defeat juniors 28 Frances Seckinger's Radio Play is presented over WATL. in first of exciting class basketball games. 28 Juniors lose to Seniors and Sophomores overcome Fresh- MARc1-I men. 29 Sophomore team wins basketball plaque from Seniors 2 Basketball season reaches climax at Naps-Seminary game. and Freshmen defeat Juniors' S Joints creak on first day of bowling. 7 Napsites hear Mrs. Ben Knox in Chapel. DECEMBER 9 Faculty and members of Board of Trustees are enter- . A d ' . 5 Dr. Broyles speaks in chapel. tame at dmner . 14 Napsites sing familiar carols in beloved annual Christmas 16 Colorful H0335 and beaimfui music make Mardi GUS service. great success. 15 Naps Varsity revealed! Girls joyfully don their green 19 Badminton and table tennis tournaments begin. and gold sweaters. -- - - - - U - s. Latin IV girls and Pi sigma Kappa Sponsor entertain- 27 Cecilians give delightful old favorite, Little Women. ment of ladies from Eventide. 30 Napsites enjoy beloved Easter service before jumping Books and studies abandoned, Napsites are off for seven- whole-heartedlly into spring vacations! teen wonderful holidays! X APRIL WV, ' 2 Leaving holidays behind, Napsites enter last lap of school , " year. . 17 New members of Quill and Scroll are recognized in ' ' , chapel. -E , 5, 'Q M AY X- , I A 21-25 Now or never-final exams! A 27 Napsites are all in white for Commencement Sunday. 28 Dignilied Seniors parade across the lawn in billowy pastel -' dresses-Class Day! or 29 Seniors are starry-eyed on never-to-be-forgotten Gradua- T tion Night! 30 Last day of school-Oh, joy! Summer. ,CQLAAJ .... GILLESPIE WILLIAMS HAMRICK INGRAM 4,71 'bi I 'mfk UW gi f' Qa,7f ' go! -7,v6ox,fd',647f,,.-,-g,ff,,q:qfl'.o41:4 L 7c""""' J:'AA6l 1.1 Student CDFFICERS ELIZABETH WILl.IAMS . . . Prvsizlmf MAIQGAIILT GILLIZSPIE . . Vi1'c'-Prrsidurt DOLORFS HAMIIICK . . Scrrvlary IKUTLEDGE INGRAM . . Tff'dS1H'L7' -RQ? I I SECOND SEMESTER MAIRTIIA ZIzLl.ARS ..... Prrsirfwzl BIJIIY ANN WlII1'AKl'lR , Vim'-Prr'xiJI'1zi VANN CIIBSON . . . . Sz'c'rc'fury JOAN KIORIIAN . . Trc'asurr'r ZELLARS GIBSON .I . E WHITAKER JORDAN F. sf . ...,..-.. s.. O'SULLIVAN HUIE THE SENIQR READER At last, girls' I-Ie . re they come! The latest edition of the Senior Rf'advr.' Due to the fact that the Senior Rffadrr staff works hard, we have a swell paper. The staff consists of twelve girls, each of them con- tributing to the make-up of the paper. We salute this Hne group of girls and the work they are doing. Ia. MILLER, BELL, N. IVEY, I-IAWKINS, BROOKE, MCCANN, M. MILLER, WHITNER, WHITAKER, B. IVEY, HUIE, LATHEM, O'SULLIVAN EDITORIAL STAFF ANN QySUl.I.IVAN . . . . . Editor NAN IvIiY . . . . S!10TfXEl,if07' Bl.'l"l'Y ANN XVHI'rAK1iIz .... News Ezfifor ELIQANUR HUIE . Axxistanf Sjwrfs Ezlifor IIISVI-QRI.Y MII.I.I-,R .... Axsixfanf Nvzw Effilnr BETTY IVIZY . . . Socivfy Edifor EI IzAIs1JI'II W'IIITN1fIx ..... Fl'df1lI'l' Eilifor JEAN PIAWKINS . Lower Srlvool Eflifor LI-.Ie INKICCANN . . . Asxixlauf Iiwafzzrr' Effifor ALICE P. RIVERS . Iiarulfy Aifrixvr BUSINESS STAFF BI1'I"I'x' LA'rIIIfM . . BIISEIIUSX Managfv' ANNEBROOKL1 . . . Bmizzvs. I'ImI'I'II BI-11.1. . . Bzzsiazvss Assisiaui MRS. D. S. DEIJORIJ . w Axsisfauf . Bzzsiwxx AlIl'iSf'l' N ,Y . .1 I si WHITAKER N. I MILLER B. IVEY . .... .s.. WHITNER M HAWKINS LATHEM BELL CCANN is. L N . ,,.,.,.,.. ,if s...-....t .W N. IVEY BROOKE NAPSCDNIAF ' A STA FF If ' "' ' LEE, ROOHAN, HOWINGTON, LONG, MILLER, WRIGHT, DAVIS, BETHEA, ESTES STAFF l'I'c,c,Y RooImN . . . . l311xim'xs Malmgw' l5la'I"I'Y XVIUQQIIT . . I,ifI'rury lfflilor Dori Y lDAx'Is . . Alxxixfanl I,ifr'rarAy Iizfifor ANN HOWINGTON . 1 Ari, lfrhrm. l'nf1"Ix' BI 'llll A . . A.YXlXfIll1f Busnzrsx Manager 1 Y V RI4.IsIc.c1A l.I I-, . . , . Sluf l'lmlograj1lu'r RUTH 1i'ST'iS ' ' AI"""'W 11f'f""' IFIKANKIIN l.oNc- . . . Iirlifm' Doi' Mu,i.i-pu . . Slajf Pf7!lf0.Ql'tlf7!lt'I' ANNUAL STAFF These are the girls, who, with your cooperation, have been able to produce this Annual. The part of the work most known to students is the long lines of pictures that are taken and the Atl Cninpgiign. Behind the scenes, the staff is busy selecting gi cover, pictures, collecting, sorting, writing mnteri.1l to present the story of the year to the school. , EJ il 4 I .,, . K., I . Q iss-I - - Z, nf- 4 I I f l Q I 7 5 s MQ is -M f gf 1 4 5 I ff f X , ' 5 , Ls 1 ? - .7 V? Q 3 7 .4 KN np' ,gg LONG wuinulm, . , ,, . K :sv-'Q f I N'-5.2111 X -1 ' sf . N 1 1 as I 4 . , I KX Z 'i:' I L A V: V " , .,:Nm,,,:.,,g, EE," H X x- X .. k xx F' X , I ROOHAN WRIGHT DAVIS HOWINGTON BETHEA ESTES LEE MILLER ,rf I 'f IS N' ,I f XX ff f ,I -f' on 1 SECOND SEMESTER ANN fJ,SUl.I,IX'AN EI.IZAI5I-LTII XVIIITNI-.II BI4'I"I'Y lvm' KIANI-1 MAQRAIQ MARIQARIQT AITMAN VIRGINIA T'A'I'UM BIZTTYAIO GOLUSMITII JEANNI5 HAWIQINS QMissing from picturcj EJvz'sory B QA R D FIRST SEMESTER ALICE JEAN CASWELL BETTY ANN XVHITAKER BETTY BETHEA MARTHA ZEIIAIIS MARGARET ALTMAN XIANN GIBSON JIEANNE KNIGHT WRIGHT, LONG, BOSTICK, WOLF, LATHEM, O'SULLIVAN, WHITNER QPQ SQQIYZLH SKYZLPLDQY WHHNER Bosrlck Pl SIGMA KAPPA An honor to which many aspire, but which only a few attain, is Pi Sigma Kappa. To win this honor, a girl must have had at least an "A" average in her Sophomore antl Junior years in the college preparatory course. At graduation the names of the Alunior girls who have made it are read out from the stage. lt is a very happy group of girls who, there in the presence of the lovely rose-hedeelxed Ciratluates, receive their blue rihhons on the stage from the Senior Pi Sigma Kappas. 53 lixlaiafxlm liusllc k . I'ri'xiili'1ll, Smwlif S nm MIQMBIQRS limumim Bosi link Bi In Iaxiin M llIiANCLl s l.oNc. ANN QYSL11 l.lYAN lil lfaxlsl Ill XVI II l' lil IIAISI 'rii NX'ol it lil l"IY Xxvlillilll' Nl li WI' kc QL X55 ln an . .hw . ,..., rr:-var V -lwsamw-i-N mp... Cglze Cecifian Qfay The house lights dim, the curtains part, The Cecilian play is about to start. The audience awaits with bated breath For the presentation of "Drums of Death." The maid Celeste mystically chants, And foretells the future while in her trance. The drums beat, the darts fly, Another victim is about to die. The sheriff enters to solve the case, But brings about his own disgraceg He talks to Myrtle on the phone Searching for his badgeg but he's not alone, For in comes a creature garbed all in black, And does strange things behind his back. Ah! what is this, a secret romance. The plot thickens, you can tell at a glance That Paula's in love. But to make your flesh creep Mrs. Oakley, with her lantern, walks in her sleep. But to top this all, jules keeps you in doubt, By continually stating, "He am just stepped out." BETTY HANCOCK .5- V.. r' I gf I i I I w 4 v 4 Y if WILLIAMS The CECILIANS The Cccilians make up our Ilrnxnntic Club, Ll Imrd working group who, twicv: gi ycnr, entertain thc school with :l play. They hold Ll Try-Out in thc fall .md :lnothcr in the spring. Much cxcitcnicnt reigns on thcsc Thursdays whcn budding actresses gn about rather dazed, murmuring, gcsturing, and awaiting brcnthIcssIy those famous clever announcements at Friday morning's chapel. IIl.lZAl3I,'I'Il W1i.i.1,xMs . - - . -IAN1. Mmpimi- . . . . RIKNI-Ili NliXX'M1XN - - MAu'ruA Z1 1.1.Aits PI-.GGY ROOIIAN Doiiv Dfxvis - MAit'ruA Z1-.LLARS KIANL NIAQIQAIQ . FIRST SIZMFSTITR OFFICERS SIZCON D SITMliSTI?R OFFICERS I 6 BROOKE DAVIS FREITAG HOLZMAN MACRAE MCCANN PEN DER TATOM ,,....,f,.1 is E .. MEMBERS ANNIQ Bkooiu SONIA Ifiuzrnxrz QIANIL IVIALIKAI' KA'l'IIIRlNl1PI.Nl Dorm' l,AVl9 . . I'rrxirlrr1f Virv- I'ri1iirl1'l1l . . Sz'1'r4'fury . . Triurxlrrur . . Pr1'xiJi'l1l Vin'-l'r1'xiJi'r1t . . Sprrrlury . . Trvuxllrrr n.R MARY Loulsl- l'Io1.lMA N Lua MQCA N N TANYA TA'roM I"kAN1:l- IJUMINVY IZLFANOR Hun R1aNifli Ni WMAN MAR'l'liA Z1,l.l,Aks RUTH Ifs'I'i s PAT LliMAS'l'l:RS IfLIZAlH"I'll Wll.l.lAL1S Pi-ucv ROUHAN Iiu Non IIVYMA N ta ALANNA SMIIH - hfIAR'I'llA Hun: ESTES LEMASTERS ,s A f 1 Wow ,lj fc! 415- aft! ' Q4 Gs.qfl.l Y? DOMINEY HUIE NEWMAN ZELLARS 55 .LAM fvfj ROOHAN WHITNER, BROWN, LONG, DAVIS, O'SULLIVAN, LATHEM QUILI. and SCRQLL Quill and Scroll is a national journalistic group and we feel honored that we have a branch here. To be a member, you TA' ,Y ' v. ' l must be in the upper third of your class and have had pub- , in , lished in either the Senioi' Rean'r'r' or the Annual a definite X amount of Work. Since some do make membership, we can't say that it is impossible to get in, but we would say that it ,A I looks a little difficult. ' A ,A MEMBERS All BARBARA BROWN X X, ' DO1.LH'DAX'lS BETTY LATHEM FRANCES LONG N ANN O,SULLIVAN ELIZABETH WHITNER X.. Sci ll. Al MVMBI-'RS us, li. Alliurtl, M. Altm. in l. llell K llll lill , . if x ear, ll. lim icls, A. llrmrke, li. Brown, liruwn, Chix w 'ru C mi, A. ,l. Caswell l ilapi, C1 ls, li. loving- lilll li I fr .IV- ,. uvsluy, lf. Crook, ,. Ulll, l. lie l-urnl. I l'llis C760 BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club is .in 0l'g.Il1llLl- tion for the purpuse of studying the Bible anal helping others. Membership is open to .ill of our high school students. They meet twice Ll month to study the Bible, and frequently have Ll speaker. One of their projects is work at Aiclmore where they brighten the lives of the chil- dren by telling them stories. MIZMBIZRS M. Gillespie, IS. -I. llnneuek, M. llytle, li. Ivey, N. lvey, M. klaeksmi, li., li. l..itl1em, I.., R., P. l.em.islers, KI. Mgierne, M. Mnltisnu, l.. Me- Canu, P., M, Miller, S. Murphy, A. O', ll. l'.utersun, K. Pender, M. l'er- sons, XV. Shipley, A. Smith, ll. Smith, li. A. Vflxillk ' .s,.. . er. l'. W'liilA ner, lf. XY'illi1m' 9 NX'illix li A W'ilxun, ll. Wfuml. B I ,X v I JOAN JORDAN, PAT DE FORD, MARY JANE POTTER, JULIANNE COOK, KATHERINE BLACKSHEAR JAQJLJNIQR RED CROSS COUNCIL The Junior Red Cross Council is a grand group of girls who head our work for others. Each class elects one girl as their representative and the school chooses a school representative. Under their guidance and that of their adviser, we Hll baskets of food at the holidays for those less fortunate than ourselvesg we pack boxes for the school children in the liberated countriesg we put over polio and forget-me-not drivesg we collect tin foil Qeven in war daysjg We buy and sell Stamps and Bonds-Yes, we try to work, and we are for- tunate to have such leaders. ,.?,. C2111 Y.-E Tl. gl' AX , ff ,, if, A f if 'J ' P+ v .ul - ff' I. , f ' i ... A' p The FRENCH CLUB gr NORAS, COOK, LATHEM, WOOD, JENTZEN, SHIPLEY, WILSON, IVEY, LAZEAR The newly organized Ifrench Club has several interesting featuresg among these are their social life and their scrapbook. They have parties throughout the year at members' homes. Of a more serious nature is their scrapbook. lt contains articles which the girls have found about lfranee and the French speaking world. As a result of these activities, the girls have a keener interest in French. MEMBERS -lui IANNI. Cook Groitm LAZIQAR NAN lvl-LY TllAl,lA Noims MYR Hs xIl'.NTZl.N XWlI.N1A Siiilfiaiv Bi-'i rx' l,A'i'iu-M Mfximzxiti-'I' Wi1,stmN Mus. Alatii, XVoon I'vtIl'llIfiY AJ! 'ixer A 'K p, ANR sftphf x x,1 F .ln xx-,flip i . ,. - 'N if' i 5. 59 CECILIANS Have you ever tried for the Cecilians, Dramatic club at Naps? If you haven't, it's quite worth the effort, You may be selected, perhaps. First you search the world for a subject That the judges will accept. Then you study and practice the poem Till you think you've become adept. The night before you are quite restless You dream you cannot say a word. And your knees are shaking so loudly That no other sound can be heard. Day comes. T'here's Mother to wake you. "Can you say it?" she will anxiously ask. You rush through it without an error And think, "That wasn't a task." So blithely you go through the school day. You shed all your lessons like dust. At recess you regale your classmates With the speech--you feel that you must. Then comes the actual moment Your number has been called at last.- The walk to the platform is endless, But at least the waiting is past. The first verse you say seems quite easy, The second you're doubtful and pauseg Beginning the third you recover And finish-hear the applause!! You rush from the room all aquiver Thankful indeed to be through. But oh, what a wonderful feeling When you find out they really chose you. ELEANOR HUIE PIN-UP BOY Have you ever watched a Napsite Opening her locker door? Have you seen her eager eyes light up, The moment just before? Have you wondered why she sighed As she took a peep inside? Wondered why she looked so foolish, Wondered what it was she spied? If you'll look into her locker, You won't wonder any more. ' There's a picture of Van Johnson Pasted on her locker door! DoLLv DAVIS CHEMISTRY LAB. I know that I shall never forget The smell of gas from out the jet Or how in vain my partner tries To wipe the acid from her eyes. Mid shouts of triumph and disaster Experiments continue faster 'Til at last the weary class Is o'er come by some queer gas. FRANCES JORDAN CHAPEL ANNOUNCEMENTS The announcements made in Chapel Sometimes provoke your smiles All made by different girls In many different styles. There's the girl who drawls out slowly, "Yawl, weive lots ta' do, ya' know" She sounds like a southern character You see in a picture show. The girl that leaps up wildly And rattles off things so fast You hear the first of their sentence, But what was that part at the last? There's the girl that hangs her head And mumbles things way down low, You can't understand what she says And you hope that you're not 'sposed to know. Every one makes mistakes we see, For perfection's hard to reach. But let's all start in chapel today To try to improve our speech. JANE MACRAE BIG PUSH ON NAPS FRONT ' C00 THE CAFETERIA Ever hear of Bessie Fordam in the class of .'4S? She took her time to get in line, and now she isn't alive. Now I should like to tell you, although it's an admission, The other girls got all the lunchg Bess died of malnutrition. So, welcome, little new girls. Let me give you some advice. It takes a lot of muscle, to get a little rice. The gal that runs the fastest, when the lunch gong peals away Is the one that gets the vitamins, to run the race next day. BETTY IVEY EXAMS The morning after The night before We feared to enter The study hall door. But we finally went in To await the doom That we knew would come In that fateful room. After hours of working To make a good mark, We welcomed the "freedom" As light after dark! The horrified looks we were wearing were spent And the smiles that we bore were smiles of content. FLORENCE Cnoox SENIOR READER-HERE'S 'TO YOU! There is a little paper Simple as can be, But getting up those columns Sometimes islagony. There's always hurly burly The day we go to press. Features'readg not so newsy, When written under stress. Our journalistic efforts Seem weak when we are through, But we give you--Senior Reader Naps' paper-Here's to you! ANNE O,SULLIVAN 4 S.-I' . J QYIIQ VARSITY ff-fi - :T IS ,W BETTY ANN WHITAKER 5- -"l ' 'WA Capfain ' JULIANNE COOK NAN IVEY LORTON LEE ANN O,SULLIVAN CAROLYN POGUE JULIA WORTH ANN JACKSON BETTY IVEY M ,mid 6 if ' -3535 'ai' an -was ..... .L A,....., .ad 'Mai NU' Sk W- If-I .J I Q2 ' 62 I, BETTY ANN WILSON ANN BROOKE RUTII ESTES VANN GIBSON DELORE5 HAMRICK DOROTHY MILLER MARY JANE POTTER CECILE ROSENSON BETTY ANN THRAIL Q ,W His' Q' KILL 911030 ,, L.. - if fm Zlfkfetfc S N A P S K E COOK 3ULl?r?3deni vi n Kill: I N 'x I, ,v I A KA ll. .1 . -sb FRANCES JORDAN Secretary TI-IE BOARD C,SUI.I,IVAN . . Szuinznzizzg HOWINGTON . . . Posters ROOHAN . . . Tennis CAsW111.1, . . Tal1If'T1'1111is Poouii . . Bazlnziufou Ivifv . . . BUZUIIIIKQ XVHITAKIQR . . Basketball XVILLIAMS . . Field Day XVHITNIQR . . . Volk'-ylzall Miss FUGITT . . Fm-zzlly Adviser ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Posters, announcements, schedules, and scores are all connected with the work of the Athletic Board. Each sport that has ll major place in the school has a girl ns L1 chair- man, whose work it is to see that this sport is kept in the limelight. She stirs up interest in her sport and tries to get as many to partici- pate as she can. They do 21 reall job and surely deserve all the praise we can bestow. CASWELL, WHITAKER, FUGITT, WILLIAMS, JORDAN, ROOHAN, O'SULLlVAN, IVEY, POGUE, COOK, HOWINGTON O4 Cgyzots at gaancforn f W , A Lg h . iii 1 K 5 N CLASS BASKETBALL SENIORS WH1'rAK111:, Cjtlllfdfll O,SUI,l.lX'AN HUIIZ ROOIIAN CASWHLL BOSTICK WVOIRTII IVLY Lu-. LuJrc:11 POGUL HOs1fO1um COOK XVIl.l,lAN1S fmfd 2 'Z C, Or YA Z If XX Y PL 14 X 4 gy N ' WN ' 1 ,, , 4- JUNIORS BROWN 131211. STIVERS JACKSON XVlI,SON HOUSE JOH NSON I'IliYN1AN JACKSON RLAM5 Z1il.1.ARS, CARPIE NT IVLY C Bu'rHI1A Y ,. V.. ajnfuizz I-. R CLASS BASKETBALL Cl ,ASS I'1ASKIi'l'l5Al.I, The class hnsketlmll teams are gm- notineetl at the close of the first lxisltetlmll practices. The practices LIIK' open to the entire high school and .1 majority try out. Although the games are few, class spirit reaches its peak .is el.1ss members cheer on their te.1ms to victory. The highly eovetetl prize is the pl.1tlLlC upon which the winning te.1m nllixes their class name and tl.1te. In the school these games are highlights of the ye.1r. SOPHOMORES Ram Nsox likooiu. M11 1 1 1x l111m11 1t11,1, cilliSON, Cfujiluirl A1 1 x M.1x111mx WA1.1t1.1a CSOYINKIION llAs11t1t.1x POIUI 1 1a CIt'x1s11Nc.s Iis l'l,S r17 VRHSIIMAN .lo1t1mN W1N1111As1 S1 W1 1 1. 'l'.1xY1o1t R14 111x1t11soN TATUM lftmw1 1 lt, Cffz1'1'1'l1u11lr lNt.1tA1x1, lfujmlain Bltoww, clX7!'t'l'Il'tlt,A'l Ci0l.IbSMI'l'Il Dorothy Lietch, Martha Hcsford, Mary Ann Fogue, Marilyn Watt, Martha Zellars, Betty Bethea, Miriam Reams I -,A .. .. 0 , -,Q x .wr-Q: .rf 3' - z A- yyy rr ,tttr M CHEERLEADERS v-qw f...t.t. 68 ,Ns-' W wx A LW 4' Q - 1, ' f 11' Q 7 -A A ? G --- S 7 10 'J if ff-5' Zf wi ZLR 6 SLJPERLATIVES Mosf Rejlrfscfnfaiinfc Frcsbnzan VIRGINIA ANN TATUM JJ I if I fy X Mosf RCl17CSUl1fHfjL'!, Soplnomorf' ANN BROOKE Most Reprcsenlafive juniors MARGARET GILESPIE AND DOLLY DAVIS 7? V. gr , .Q 3 V? V e K, I ,-JKf. " if A-if K ,Ll 'ffm I I L is -f, I .' 4 l'.l,llAlSIL IH Noffififj' Ahjlify XVHVI NI-,ll SEIXIIQRS 'Lb--H611 KCQQX-I ff-fv4.,,,,..k 6,11 vit is f-C. M fd"-' 4-4-an 'obfv ETX sf 'J ' N3 lSl'l"1'x ANN W1u'1'AK1:11 sscsfifuuru-sy of Rich' Pla ANNIQ QYSUI l.IVAN 1 .1 Y INK, x W ' Tw Y R. C fb! f 5 Xl 4 N FJ 7 fx li' - s N. Q w 3 L ' 'a 6 N I 1 x,X9N : :X V, Q JA? ALICIQJIQAN Cmwfl-11.1 J' W l ,N ' R 3 S1'r1'icc' gf XQ Lv- N l 3 xj - xf K K4 5 Y 714 Q Nix MX. C., N ,K 5:52 ,. W JXQSE F-sf: -- 555 t'-if ragga - 'Ss x .4 , X swf? STEM W iq X-A 'Q Si stzfidf xx -+ ig! :gf X x Q M wr 4 M xi ,V n 'fa :.,:.41 :',4:g.:-w,?3:g- -I-Z -A , WX 1 . ,. : FRANCES SFCKINGER Bvsf Loolzrr WAC S Wim AVS? fia- , WW 3 MH Y, ,1 7' 'Q +2 ,gg 5 DORO. Mos! Plragni LIETCH 118 Prrsongjjfj Bi v mx LY MXLLSAK Mosf Talvvzfvf who 19 If MARCiARl:'I' A1.'rMAN Max! Kimflvy 74 X Wim api? AN I VE Moy! A fblf 75 Cgdczcts ABCDLJT Tl-IE SENICDRS AT 4, X 1, 4 GPS Class History The class of 1945 Turns back a page or two In the book that holds their history Of the days when they were few. They've always been a noble Class, Standing for high ideals, And when it comes to friendliness 'Tis the greatest of their appeals. They started in the seventh grade A class eleven strong, Their Duke was Prince of Mardi Gras Life seemed just like a song. And now they found that they'd become The Seniors of Junior High: They studied Diana, Venus, and Zeus And Apollo's ride in the sky. They lighted the candles at Christmas, Each holding a flaming taper, And, before they came to graduate, They put out the Snappy Newspaper. High School! At last they'd reached the goal And what a new sensation- They sat in Study Hall and dreamed About a grand vacation. They delved in Shakespeare, Coleridge, and Poe, And in sports they did excel, They gave of their best to the Freshman Class And jumped at every bell. 3 The Sophomore year was glorious Except for the novels of Scottg Then after they struggled through all of this They found Charles Dickens their lot. Their group always had time to play No matter how much work, And when came time for Mardi Gras They were the last to shirk. "Mrs. Miniver" was their theme, 'Twas beautifully done, They also made the pink Rose Chain- They had just worlds of fun. As Juniors they were snappy, Big sales talkers as well- They won the greater Naps Campaign And then ran out pell mell To get their "Lorna Doone" books done Before the stated date, For if they failed to know it well They met a gruesome fate. . Their Senior trials seemed so many And true there were a few With Milton, Bunyan, and dear old Burke And Boyle, and Malta's jew. The Mardi Gras was glorious, The best you've ever seen. Then they looked forward to Class Day To its honors and its Queen. The last page of their history With joy and richness flows, And from each high school day A loving memory grows. They found their teachers glad to help A In failures and success, And with each golden hour that passed They shared our happiness. It's hard for us to say goodbye Because we've had such fun- We've had so much to bind us all And make us seem as one. But an opportunity greets us To go out and make Naps shine- We all will work and do our best for A school that is so fine! E. WHITNER E. WILLIAMS, '45 f X f 4 61.1.15 A ' CLASS We, the Seniors of '44-'45, being of educated minds and "Miss Fugitt" trained bodies, do bequeath to next year's Seniors the agony of chemistry lab in the cold gray dawng the delight of not keeping study halls, and the haven of Senior Hall. I, Betty Anderson, bequeath to Kenny'Sutter my mathematical mind. I, Barbara Berman, bestow upon Sonia Freitag and Renee Newman my frequent trips to Mrs. Hodges. I, Helen Anderson, leave my vocal chords Qfor screaming at basketball gamesj to Nancy Smith. I, Virginia Bishop, bequeath my talent as a model to Frances Clapp. I, Katherine Blackshear, will my chapel announce- ments to Pat DeFord. I, Jean Bodin, leave two inches of my height to Doris Patterson. I, Barbara Bostick, bequeath my place on the honor roll to Betty Barnes and Miriam Reams. I, Alice Jean Caswell, do leave to Beverly Miller the piano. I I, Julianne Cook, bequeath to Marian Mattison my basketball prowess. I, Florence Crook, leave my lovely blonde locks to Martha Zellars and Pat Lemasters, who wanted them so badly. I, Ruth Fiske, leave my high notes to Hazel Johnson. ' I, Elizabeth Frink, will my even temper to Patsy Fulton. I, Frances Harbin, bestow upon Ann Whatley my talent for theme writing. I, Elizabeth Hirleman, leave my remarkable ability to tumble to Gloria Orkin and Martha Grist. I, Martha Hosford, bequeath to Frances Dominey my tardiness to chemistry lab. I, Anne Howington, bestow upon Dolly Davis all my bobby pins. I, Clodie Hubbell, leave my double joints, so useful in gym, to Charlie Will Josey. ' I, Eleanor Huie, leave to Jonny Carpenter my ability to Whisper in class. I, Nan Ivey, bequeath to Judy House my spark- ling wit. I, Myrtis Jentzen, leave to Peggy Champion my history discussions. I, Frances Jordan, bequeath my gay, rippling laugh- ter to Betty Anne Wilson. I, Charlotte Kerr, leave my calm dignity to Jane Macrae. WILL I, Betty Lathem, will to Edith Bell my many hours spent talking on the phone. I, Caroline Laurent, will my timidity to Betty jo Crosby. I, Lorton Lee, will my poker face to Dot Henry. I, Rebecca Lee, reluctantly leave my camera to Betty Jane Hancock. I, Dottie Lietch, bequeath my spirited cheerleading to Claire Brown. I, Frances Long, bequeath my "stickability" to Patsy Fulton. Take care of it! . I, Lee McCann, bestow upon Betty McLendon my broken bones. I, Jane McLain, leave my trim ankles to Barbara Smith. I, Marilyn Miller, leave my western accent to Carol Burch. I, Thalia Noras, bestow my irresistible charm on Ann jackson and Ruth Scarratt. I, Anne O'Sullivan, leave my editorial ability to Barbara Brown. I, Carolyn Pogue, will to Mary Ann Cowan my long, wavy locks. I, Mary Anne Pogue, leave my strong will to Rose Pintchuck, Joyce Windham, and Eva Turner. Divide it among yourselves. I, Peggy Roohan, bequeath my salesmanship to Martha Jackson. I, Kathryn Routsos, leave my genius for Latin to jane Cason. I, Frances Seckinger, leave my irrepressible pep to Betty Bethea. I, Wilma Shipley, bequeath my indisputable au- thority to Barbara Wall. I, Janice Udell, leave my journalistic ability to Nancy Brazell. I, Marilyn Watt, leave my soft southern drawl to Martha Miner. ' I, Betty Ann Whitaker, will my seat in Latin IV to Betty Ivey. I, Elizabeth Whitner, will my beloved nickname, "Tibus," to Barbara Hope. I, Elizabeth Williams, leave my South African dia- lect to Margaret Gillespie. I, Margaret Wilson, will my patience to Dot Henry. I, Elizabeth Wolf, will my artistic temperament to Louise Harwell. I, Bobby Wood, will my gym suit to Mary Louise Holzman. I, Julia Worth, bequeath to Martha Hyde my ob- noxious ability to pop chewing gum. I, Joyce,Worthington, bequeath my sunny smile to Barbara Carpenter. 1 I, Betty Wright, leave to Betty Rose Stivers my serenity. fx A R X b':'g'! 'y X w .9 'fl xx N. V T X i 'uf BETTY ANDERSON - Vice-President of Sophomore Class '42-'43g Chorus '43-'4S. KATHERINE BLACKSHEAR School Junior Red Cross Representative '44-'45g Bible Club '44-'453 Tennis Team '44-'4S. JEAN BODIN Class Basketball Team '43-'44g Class Volleyball Team '44-'45. BARBAR A BOSTICK Class Basketball Team '43-'44 and '44-'45g Bible Club '44- '4Sg Pi Sigma Kappa, President '44-'4Sg Class Volleyball Team '43-'44 and '44-'45. ALICE JEAN CASWELL Secretary of Freshman Class '41-'42g Vice-President of Sophomore Class '42-'43g Secretary of Student Body '42- '43g Advisory Board '43-'44 and '44-'45g President of junior Class '43-'445 Superlative '43-'44g Class Day Maid '41-'42g Junior Marshal '43-'44g First Place in Table Ten- nis Singles and Doubles '41-'42 and '42-'43g Second Place in-Table Tennis Singles '43-'44g First Place in Table Ten- ' nis Doubles '43-'44g Class Basketball '41-'45g Bible Club '44-'45g Gladys Neal Cup '44. JULIANNE COOK Senior Class Junior Red Cross Representative '44-'45g junior Duke in Mardi Gras '43-'44g Bible Club '44-'4Sg President of French Club '44-'4Sg Vice-President of junior Class '43- '44g President of Athletic Association '44-'4Sg Class Basket- ball Team '43-'44 and '44-'45g Varsity '43-'44 and '44-'45s Vice-President and Treasurer of the French Club '44-'4S. FLORENCE CROOK Bible Club '44-'45. RUTH FISKE y Class Basketball Team '42-'43 and '43- Z '44g Class Red Cross Representative '43-'44. MARTHA HOSFORD Cheerleader '43-'44 and '44-'45g Class Basketball Team '44-'45g Class Volley- ball Team '44-'45g Varsity Volleyball Team '44-'45, jg X.-, ANNE HOWINGTON KWJ Class Basketball Team '43-'44g Athletic Board '44-'45g Art Editor of Annual '44-,45. CLODIE HUBBELL Annual Staff Photographer '43-'443 " rx P i 2 1 'K K 'MPM if ii' t -- - 6 Class Basketball Team '43-'44g Class Volleyball Team '43-'44. CLASS ELEANOR HUIE Class Basketball Team '43-'44 and '44-,45g Class Volleyball Team '43-'44g Assistant Sports Editor of Senior Reader '44-'45s Cecilian Club '44-'4S. NAN IVEY ' Class Day Maid '41-'42 and '43-'44g Treasurer of Student Body '41-'42g Vice-President of Freshman Class '41-'42g Sub-Varsity '41-'42g Varsity '42-'4Sg Senior Reader Staff '43-'445 Sports Editor of Senior Reader '44-'45g Tennis Teamg Bowling Teamg Table Tennis, Second Place '42-'43g Junior Duchess Mardi Gras '43-'44g Athletic Board '44-'4Sg French Club '44-'45g Bible Club '44-'4Sg Class Volleyball Team '44-'45g Secretary of Senior Classg'44-'4S. MYRTIS JENTZEN Secretary of French Club '44-'45g Vice-President of Senior Class '44-'45g President of French Club '44-'45. FRANCES JORDAN Secretary of Athletic Association '44-'4Sg Bible Club '44- ,45 CHARLOTTE KERR Secretary of Senior Class '44-'45g Christmas Choir '44-'45. BETTY LATHEM Bible Club Treasurer '43-'44 and President '44-'4Sg Assist- ant Business Manager Senior Render '43-'4-45 Business Man- ager Senior Reader '44-'4Sg French Club '44-'45g Quill and Scroll '44-'4-Kg Pi Sigma Kappa '44-'45g Scorekeeper for Varsity Games '44-'453 Christmas Chorus ,43-'44 and '44-'4-5. CAROLINE LAURENT Kindergarten Pianist. LORTON LEE Bible Club '44-'455 Class Basketball Team '44-'45g Varsity Basketball Team '44-'45g Varsity Volleyball Team '44-'4S. REBECCA LEE Treasurer Sophomore Class '42-'4-3g Annual Photographer '44-'4S9 Bible Club '44-'4Sg Basketball Timekeeper '44-'4-S. DOROTHY LIETCH Cheerleader '43-'44 and '44-'4-S3 Class Basketball Team '44-,45. FRANCES LONG Pi Sigma Kappa '44-'4Sg Assistant Literary Editor of An- nual '43-'44g Editor of Annual '44-'4Sg Quill and Scroll '45 RECORD LEE MCCANN Ceeilian Club '43-'4-ig Bible Club '44-'45g Assistant Fea- lure Editor of Senior Reader '44-'4Sg Parliamentarian, Cecilians '4S. MARILYN MILLER Assistant Business Manager Senior Reader '43-'44g Bible Club '44-'45. THALIA NORAS . Captain of Gym Class '42-'43g Class Basketball Team '41- '44g Captain of Class Basketball Team '42-'43 and '43-'44g Class Volleyball Team '42-'43 and '43-'44g French Club '44-'45, ANNE O'SULLIVAN Editor of Senior Reader '44-45g Varsity '42-'45, '43-'44 and '44-'Hg Class Basketball Team '41-'4Sg Sub-Varsity '41-'42g President of Freshman Class '41-'42g Treasurer of Student Body '42-'43g Treasurer of Junior Class '43-'44g Treasurer of Senior Class '44-'4Sg President of Senior Class '44-'45g Advisory Board '43-'443 Athletic Board '44-'45g Winner of Swimming Meet '42g Pi Sigma Kappa '44-'4Sg Quill and Scroll. CAROLYN POGUE Treasurer of Freshman Class '41-'42: Sub-Varsity '41-'42g Varsity '42-'43 and '44-'45: Class Basketball Team '41-'42, '42-'43 and '44-'45g Athletic Board '44-'4S. MARY ANNE POGUE Sub-Varsity '41-'42g Volleyball '41-'42g Duke in Mardi Gras '41-'42g Class Basketball Team '41-'42g Chorus of Fall Stunt '42-'43g Cheerleader '44-'4S. PEGGY ROOHAN Class Basketball Team '42-'45g Class Volleyball Team '42- '4Sg First Place in Tennis Doubles '43-'44g Second Place in Tennis Singles '43-'44g Assistant Business Manager of Senior Reader '43-'44g Secretary of junior Class '43-'44g Business Manager of Annual '44-'45g Cecilian President '44-'45, FRANCES SECKINGER Class Day Maid '42-'43g Prince:s in Mardi Gras '42-'43, WILMA SHIPLEY First Place in Diving '41-'42g Sub-Varsity '41-'42g Varsity '42-'43g Volleyball Varsity '44-'45: Class Basketball Team '4l-'43g Advisory Board '45-'44g Bible Club '44-'45: French Club '44-'4Sg Treasurer of Senior Class '44-'45g Secretary of French Club '44-'45, MARILYN WATT Class Volleyball Team '44-'4Sg Volleyball Varsity '44-'4Sg Cheerleader '44-'4S. BETTY ANN WI-IITAKER Feature Editor Sen'or Reader '43-'44g News Editor Senior Reader '44-'45g President of Freshman Class '41-'4-24 Vice- President of Sophomore Class '42-'43g Vice-President of junior Class '43-'44g President of Senior Class '44-'Mg Treasurer of Student Body '41-'42g Vice-President of Stu- dent Body '44-'4Sg Class Basketball Team '41-'45: Varsity '41-'45, Captain '44-'45g Athletic Board '44-'4S: Bible Club ,44-'4Sg Advisory Board '44-'4Sg Volleyball Varsitv '44-'4Y. ELIZABETH WHITNER Class Basketball Team '41-'42g Treasurer of Freshman Class '41-'42g Winner of Dorothy Partridge Cup '41-'42g Alum- nae Editor of Annual '42-'45g Secretary of Sophomore Class '42-'43g Most Representative Sophomore '42-'43g Assistant Feature Editor Senior Reader '43-'44g Feature Editor of Senior Reader '44-'45g President of junior Class '43-'44: Advisory Board '43-'44 and '44-'45g Athletic Board '44-'45g Bible Club '44-'4Sg President of Pi Sigma Kappa '44-'4Sg Quill and Scroll '4-S. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Class Basketball Team '42-'45g Sophomore Class President '42-'43g Class Day Maid '42-'43g Vice-President of Student Body '43-'44: Vice-President of junior Class '43-'44: Cecilian '43-'45g President '44-'4Sg President of Student Body '44-'45g Vice-President of Senior Class '44-'45g Ath- letic Board '44-'45, MARGARET WILSON War Stamp Seller '43-'4-43 Class Red Cross Representative '43-'44g Bible Club '43-'44. ELIZABETH WOLF Class Basketball Team '41-'44g Assistant Business Manager of Annual '43-'44g Pi Sigma Kappa '44-'45. 1.4 , BOBBIE WOOD X I Bible Club '43-'44, .i f .- g' Q5 ' JULIA WORTH l X ..,. Class Basketball Team '44-'4Sg Varsity J f, '44-'4S. . . A l V .. vi. X JOYCE WORTHINGTON QU Christmas Chorus. ' BETTY VURIGHT -- ...- President of the Sophomore Class '42- -fa, '43: Advisory Board '43-'44g Literary -5' Editor of the Annual '44-'4Yg Pi Sigma Kappa '44-'4S. ' la uatwn 7944 82 Class Cup .... Ceeilian Dramatic Cup Award, Ciuitan Club . Medal, American Legion Medal, Atlanta Chapter, D.A.R.. . . . Medal, Ioseph Haber- sham Chapter, D.A.R. Medal, General john Floyd Chapter, U. S. Daughters of 1812 . Medal, Atlanta Chapter, U. D. C. . . . . Dorothy Partridge Memorial Cup . . The Gladys Neal Memorial Cup . . Napsonia . . . The Mrs. I. M. High Unselfish Service Award .... Iunior Marshal . Flower Girls . Maids . . . ommencement 3 onors 44 Presented By Presented To Alice Jean Caswell, Student President . . . SENIOR CLASS Claire Kemper, Cecilian President .......... RUTH CLAPI' Mr. Clark Harrison, Chairman, Citizenship Committee, Civitan Club . EDITH LIVELY Mr. J. L. R. Boyd, Chairman, Essay Committee ..... MARTHA ZELLARS Mrs. Harry Malone, Regent . . . . FRANCES WRIGHT Miss Dixie Stevens, Regent . . . LIDA WALKER Mrs: Lawrence McCord, President . . LOUISE SHARP Mrs. John Moreland Speir, President . . . ATALANTE ANASON Miss Dorothy Fugitt, a former winner . ,. MARGARET ALTMAN, ANNE BROOKE Mrs. Frederick Shelton, a former Pi Sigma Kappa . . . ALICE JEAN CASWELL Alice Jean Caswell, Junior Marshal . . . . JOANNE RAE JUNIOR HIGH . . . . . . . . . ATALANTE ANASON THE ATTENDANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . ALICE JEAN CASWELL, '45 . . JERE WARD, '56 fDaughter of jo Taylor Ward, '33jg PATTY TOOLIN, '56 LYNN BARRER, NAN IVEY, '45, MARGARET GILLESPIE, MARTHA ZELLARS, '46, MAR- GARET ALTMAN, PEGGY MCCREADY, '47, 83 r Julia Greenfield Kulrnan Margaret Ransom Sheffield H9221 if .N H9l91 Elizabeth Flinn Eckert Mary Willis Hgyf H7261 H9I51 Sarah Dobl-s Blanc H9321 Margaret Lee Colbert Nllllie l"" Howard limi H9361 l ?i . ' to Dorothy Malone Yates H9381 Julia Harvard H9401 SOME FORMER ANNUAL ICDITORS Happy days of the past when Annuals reached the hands of eager Napsites! Here we look upon some of these editors as they are today. 1915-Mary Willis Hoyt CMrs. George B., now a member of the Board of Trustees of our schoolj . . . The first annual-a thrill! But also concern, lor some miscallcd the name "Naps-onion," and the next year it had to be Napsonian. 1919-Margaret Ransom Sheffield Clvlrs. l. M., . . . An annual, yes, but the world still so war torn, we called it only "The Green and Gold." 1922-,lulia Greenfield Kulman lMrs. H. M.1 . . . A beautiful year, for war was almost forgotten and we thought none could come again. l926+Elizebeth Flinn Eckert CMN. R. G.1 , . . An especially great basket- ball year, the victory everywhere sung by the annual. Naps 371 points, no losses, opponents 156 points. 1932-Sarah Dobbs Blanc CMrs. L. A.1 . . . Yes, ri great innovation-the Senior pictures were with drapes-4-how glamorous! 1933-Margaret Lee Colbert . . . The Annual for the class that quarreled more violently, more gaily, more cheerfully--and loved each other more ardently-than any other. I936-Nettie Lee Greer Howard QMrs. james C., ,1r.1 . . . Do you re- member that clever strokef-our own baby pictures along with our Senior pictures to complete our feeling of grown-up-ness? 1938-Dorothy Malone Yates fMrs. Charlcsj . . . A year of confusion with two sets of identical twins. 1940--lulia Harvard Warnoch QMrs. R. P., ,1r.1 . . . This year brought Mardi Gras to Naps, which has since become an established custom here. 1941-,lane Estes . . . A year of happiness, service, play, and succe-s. Oli, what a sad night graduation night was! 1944--Ann Ransom . . . And mem: ries clung about :i year so close, so dear! Jane Estes Ann Ransom ll94l1 H9441 Warnock 84 FHIS All WAS GOTTEN BY EDITH BELI S SG WHIT!-IHEH IIII. IIIIMPI-INY mistributor EITIE5 SERVICE PETHULEUM PHIIIIUETS 1 O If It9s Cities Service it has to be good. -11 BOX 64 STATION D ATLANTA GEORGIA Sf THESE ADS WERE GOTTEN BY ELEANOR HUIE COMPLIMENTS 1 1 A FRIEND will BALL!-lHl1'S Cbispensing cqpticians 0 WALTER BALLARD 0PTICAL C0. cglzree Stores 105 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING W. W. ORR DOCTORS BUILDING HIX GREEN BUICK IIIJ. 41 North Avenue 0 ugetween tlze -Qeaclztrees U COMPLIMENTS OF . . . MARSH BUSINESS COLLEGE COMPLIMENTS OF . . . DORIS FULLERTON SHOP 247 Peachtree Street, N. E. The Draughon School of Commerce "ln Quest of Qualify" 579 Peachtree, N. E. Erlanger Theatre Bldg ATLANTA, GA. THESE ADS WERE GOTTEN BY PEGGY ROOHAN AGNES SCOTT CIILLEGE DECATUR, GA. o Students from NAPSONI.-KN School have made an enviable record at Agnes Scott, both in academic work and in student activities. They are always welcome. The College offers excellent facilities in regular courses, and also in Music. Art, Speech and Physical Education. 0 For Literature Address S. G. STUKES, Registrar B O X N COMPLIMENTS ..OF.. LUV!-lBI.E BH SSIEHE EU PA Y COMPLIMENTS 1 1 BEEHMAN BHUEEHY CUM AN 3076 6th, N. E. VE. 88 81 T O M S L A T E Athletic Equipment Co. 592 Peachtree N. E. Atlanta, Georgia Complete Line of Rawlings, Spalding, Reach-XVright and Ditson and Voit and many other lines of Athletic Equipment. Tennis and Badminton Expert Restringing by A. P. JETTE. FRED C. BLAIR F L O W lf R S "INIJIYlI7UAI,I'l'Y IN F1.ow1-:RSM 1580 Pllclmrmyr nn. vii. 3595 COMPLIMENTS OI" . . . I. . M . D U R E N .I E VV E L E R 109 Hunter St., S. VV. THESE ADS WERE GOTTEN BY ATALANTE ANASON COMPIJMENTS OF . . . WALCO SPORTING GOODS CO. 41 Pryor St., N. Ii. c:oM1'1.1MEN7's or . . . A F R I E N D CQMPLIMENTS OF . . . A D A M ' S CA F E COMPLIMENTS OF . . . NATIONAL DISTRIBUTING CO. COMPLIMENTS 1 1 ATLANTA HESTAIHANT SUPPLY EU. -l COMl'I.lMliNTS Ol" . . . POST OFFICE DELICATESSEN CoMP1.1MEN7's or . . . GEO. MOORE ICE CREAM CO. x CUMPLIMENTS 1 OF 1 SHIP AHOY O COMPLIMENTS OF . . . E. A. MORGAN, Jeweler 118 Alabama, S. VV. AT LA N TA COMPLIMIZNTS OF . , . A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS OF... M. J. UDELL o Gompfiments Of' IlWllSIiIN'5 CONGRATULATIONS . . . Best VVishes to the Graduates and UNAPSU -from- I'I O L Z M A N ' S Z9 Broad St., S. VV, ATLANTA ONE OF AMERICAS FINER JEWELERS Tll0S. C. COX Reliable Druggist 772 N. Highland Ave. HE. 0915 NOTED FOR ACCURACY IN HANDLING PRESCRIPTIONS COMPLIMENTS OF . . . ALLIED INSURANCE AND FINANCE, L1'cI. COMPLIMENTS Laurence D. Cook Insurance Agency, Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . FISI'IER'S .IEWELERS 14 Marietta St., S. W. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . THE WEINKLE CO. Johnnie Scarratf Garage COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE o 24 Baker St., N. E. J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING C0. ATLANTA Established 1874 WEDDING : RECEPTION VISITING CARDS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY Artistic Creations with Fine Material Samples and Prices Upon Request 110 PEACHTREE STREET Peachtree Street Entrance Piedmont Hotel COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Mr. and Mrs. John Alex COMPLIMENTS OF . . . INTERNATIONAL PRINTING CO. HURST DANCING SCHOOL 5942: Peachtree St. HE. 9226 FREE SAMPLE LESSON by appointment Where Refinement Prevails "We Know How" DANCES - VVeclnesday, Saturday P, M. I Established in Atlanta 45 Years Learn the Lesson of Thrift and Graduate to Greater Saving at BIG STAB LITTLE STAR HIIIIEIVS STIIIIES LOOK FOR THE RED TRUCK--- THEN BUY GORDON'S OPOTATO CHIPS OCAKES:CANDIES OASSORTED NUTS OSALTED PEANUTS OPEANUTS GORDON FO0DS, INC. WHITNEH a cu. J- H-WAUUWEN HOLDEST INSURANCE AND AGENCY IN SHGP EQUIPMENT ATLANTA" Established in 1865 9 o 866 Ponce de Leon Ave., N. E. 210 WILLIAM OLIVER BUILDING VE. 0773 J COMP!-IMENTS 01" ' - - CoMP1.1Ml5NTs OF . . . 3025 l' acll rcc Ro l tatiguclihcad, at 141 Pcachtruc St., N. IC. fUMPI,IMliNTS or . B U Y W A R B Q N D S MONTE'S BEAUTY SALON 1 A N D W A R S 'I' A M P S we wish to express appreciation to the gdvertr'sers who through their gener- osity have helped to mahe oar hooh possthle. 23 NW, '1 - QUCCESSFUL ANNUZ-XLS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating-planning layout and design - typesetting-printing lithographing and binding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing...Uur services include a special college annual sales and service organization . . . Abundant equipment-modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FUUTE 84 DAVIES PRINTING - LITHUGHAPHING - ENGBAVING A T L A N T A f n ....., ,.,., 3 VQHET LHC! 4, .,.""l :rg 'Eff ww V - M ww " figs A J" ? S P X3 i ,sk sw 4' THE Mnms mm IIJENTIFIES me sounrs FINEST YEIlBB00l1S w""" 'El Wflfllfiff 'E I Q, I j jj ,i l y '-. .ei i Iv 1 , . -I I X M I. Y R' yi? if Molfogzayyadeza for THIS YEARBOOK alfgezf Love Cjdezyp zifxea IIIIIIIIIII PHUETUGIIIIPHII IIEPIIIITIIIEIIT 252 PEACHTREE sT.,N.E. I TEL.'MA. 7426 I ATLANTA is? A PORTRAIT ORDERS FROM NEGATIVES ON FILE - - FILLED A T A N Y TI M E if F Q- QP. ,. .u Wir ,ws,', :fi T., ' A f W . ff-.f, 1. -- , fi- ' 1 iff . ' .age - Q ' V ' N Y Q' . hx -' g 4-fwygl-8 - .1 ,L 3, 4!'i':" . -EY ,qv ., if .2-Q ,.2-:qv ,,- . 5. ,. f,-,gf ., 4, 5 N ' N. ff li Y .Q Q. -3, X, X f ' .ff , w I -J ,w '51 .. DEVU-Q T' C

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