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M21 -J X. w Q: . 1 ' f E , 3, i F w v x . 1 4 5 . W Y 4 L, Q 1 4 I A if Q xl- , . .J HHPS 77ze4ewz'a! 14. 'Y .H . , s Q ' ., .W , sk, +A, r 1 5 Q.. "HY , 2? 5 ,M H? 2 . .A 4, 1 n . Agua? W 4-wa -33515, yxgqyq R 4. 5 1 N 1-qw' 7 WM.. .- .mf 'ly L ' .sim V5 N iw- '- ' f- - ' . 1 we-. -W. WP+i":1'f 5M,-w:m' J 5 xi' ' 1 ,F :WEE5W33+5i1EfffMi25?2if5f+N"" , .h Q, j1.f"Yf"p: V5E,,:g"fx!55gig2LTESgf:r,gv,gki5 .2' Qwfggfsfuwwfv -' -P 5 4 .W gg " ,ik ,, V- iw A fx- x2i'?wf1?3'f k"g1gg..Q?g5af4.: fgl-1'-pae'wvfS""' f' ' Q nf ff Wes? W , Q., 1 7 ,C 1 If 5 I :S gf' N V I , f L. ,1,,.-,-': "" ' , ,,.'.g ' " an-K ' - ' 1' '- 'Q 'w'?'ii'fs'aZ5Q?,'W?353?-'KM 'fig' - ', f4w , -vs "H 'H V , , "IBN .N .5 1: I A4 yn ,fr Ig. 5 '+"'AA h U ' ,,13:LQ,',,,',.xm"j1,2'Q?,,.W,mg,g4vQi! , -' ""'14,f41fff"wi1"E1?' "- "WI M " . 1' x Gita.: :-5-ngq -vi-f-ss, s 3 iii 9 5 a - S AY, 'Wa . M . H Ik .. FF 'I' -Q . E A 3 I if 2 + - , 'six Align V ' Q' .1 C' xi I H , . F 1 5 , B M A A .wah . .. . , - , ' If 1 "--J '- ., " - aww sip-1'fFw3-:Q .JN--1. Y- , .. , r. 'SQL' . , pw ,nj iuffjy 2'f,7f1f.fl."fg,,'xffy-TQ' . . . fig ww -' W A . A, . . V. .' - 'fn vawrvn '."1fJ-'.'f.:.' ' bi.-:lip-Q. 4'-L-I ew ' .4 , . . . X -.3 xx,.,q.g.1 1, ..., Alf W., 4 v ff - , ,M K.-, .ww mg ramrdlmf-ginnFG??'?k:gP?'f35zi:S5?'i1:?T5?g:'Qf3swritLjnwuz -1w.:vvi'mNV'W"""nw, A H' 41 '2..111.-wf. -1 xwwf. 4'm,.:-. lvv J-UIQA Y. .-pi: ,ffqly ,bg e 'H ,,i,1,f-mv ., . . nvu'-'lQlf". ' -K 1, w.up,...-.H .V-f-,j ,xf1,15,,, :kr lf. , "' -' A - f"1 'l' 11 YJQQ-Pff"'?'f,sf1 J4'f.a?si-1-'--1-N-V' 'ily Zi' 94.49 MEI ':4.,lN, ,f-,nm 33 5 , . 95 .. w' 7 4 ' Q' .,, f -"-. 'Wu X55 4 -Q Q ' 1 x . I- ' ' ' A - .TFBQ-' ..,,:g.fw 4.1 tp . 4 luffm' - .l 'az 'vw X uv, df nit-,.'.,x-:jv,x',' wife' 5. A 5 " as-H+ffN" M , 4r4.,.1 f M ' ' ., ' vm -y..-U v b Published by the Students of the NAPSONIAN SCHQQL Of ATLANTA, GEORGIA fn .f 4 i 'Wm THE Annual Staff presents the 1944 Napsoniana. We hope we've given you a vivid picture of life at Naps to take with you always, and that you'll enjoy reading this Annual as much as weive enjoyed getting it together. We take this opportunity to thank the teachers and students outside of the Staff for their help and cooperation which made this Annual possible. 1 J 1 Li? ! 351,11 llv, , 1' uf- -... ,....,., . -,'- fm 4 , . Xb!! Mi I - -w,'," I11'111""3 W M iv: WV' ' '.E2.4fm,.x J., ' ' Q. if, .-, ,..1,,,,?W X, . . Q We D ' To you, Dr. Woofl, our 1944- Napsoniuml, in appre ciation for all you have done for us and for NAPS. BMRD 0F TR TEE DR. NIARION MCH. HULL Dk. PAUL F. BROWN Mus. G1-Julius B. HOYT Mn. Jlmlus SCUT1' Du. VERNON IEROYLI-ls. Jn. VRS. JAMES C. AIALIJNIG DR. J. R. ,WILICAIN DR. WILLIAM V. fbxmmrzlc Mn. C. T. Gmini: Mn. ALLEN W. CLAPI' Dx. R. O. FLINA X SW? J QL? H W MT? TABLE 0F CUNTENTS EDITOR'S NOTE DEDICATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS CHRISTMAS SERVICE SOPHOMORES ABSENTEES FRESHMEN NEW GIRLS AND BOARDING DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES TOM THUMB WEDDING ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS 5:3 fx WQH U 7 "'h itff fitsff? -f-. l R 2"1' X906 As il f-rf l' fi' : L 1 wiifsffr' Mflw . R S X H1513 , ,1 3 2 r ,W 'sg 1 - If N,,.,, M, - ' iv 3 ' ,'.w:..,,. -3. . ............,a...W: 1 L M me-'ff 'u,...- 5 ' eutiivsR151asm'WMA?51fiv v69nW15Vil'5Ga4ZXi'vWwiE1v9i1YsviilM1fin0K46?frLCb7?? ' L'af.4.1v,m.--ff't': DR. FERGUSON WOOD ....... l'rosiflPn,t BA , Davidson Collegeg HD., Union Theological Seininaryg DD., Oglethorpe University. We are fortunate in having so versatile a person for President of our school. ln addi- tion to his inspiring chapel talks, Dr. Wood is quite handy with a sandwich knife in the school cafeteria. PHARR FUGITT WOOD ASKEW RIVERS MOORE MISS Tl-IYRZA ASKEW . . Principal, Senior English NH., Cornell liniversity. Where does she get her time and energy? She's busy all day long with classes and office work. but she always has time to help us when we need her. MISS ALICE P. RIVERS .... Assistant Principal HS., Winthrop Collegeg NIA., Emory University. Nutrition and Bible, Her sunny disposition and cheerful smile make Bible classes more interesting-her alarm clock also pro- vides entertainment for the school. MRS. R. N. MOORE ....... . Latin RA., LaGrange College. Whether Caesar, Cicero, or Virgil. Xlrs. Moore knows her Latin. It isn't her fault if we don't know ours, too. MISS ETHEL PHARR . ..... . English BA., Bessie Tift College. Studying the classics under her guidance is more fun than it is work because of her very patient and oft repeated explanations. lVllSS DOROTHY FUGITT . Physical Education, Health B.S., University of Southern California. Her enthusiastic interest in sports makes Napsites realize their importance as one of our four ideals. FAC L'l'Y KENNEDY De FORD HEFFERNAN REID CLARK MATTINGLY HKS. VV. .l-XY KIINNICIH ............... ll11lf1r'11111li1'.s lfrsliinv tlullegt-z MIS.. Central State- lvxas llnllt-gt-. Nlrs, Kvllllvtly utlcls pc-11 to Math vlasses and tu any 4IIllf'l' grnttp ul' hllivll slit- is ai purt. llvrt-'s limping sho stays with us il lung timcl VHS. lil.lZAl5l'i'I'lI W. Dil FORD ........... Typing, Slwrllmnrl Critrlitun Scliuul ul' Cmiinin-i'cQ-. Slim- is untiring in hm' 1-llurts to taut-li soinewliul hut-kwartl Napsitvs tn lwcninc Q-xp:-rt typists. NIISS VIRGINIA IIFFFITIHN,-KN . . Cl1l'lIIiSH'j', Home blfTUIIOIIlil'S. f1r1, Hixmry of Ar! HS.. Iowa lnivvrsily. 'Vapsite-s arc' learning ln st-w. :Nlsu in Clicinistry Lal, she tvacflirs us to niulxc tht- snitrllivst inixturvs possihlcl MISS CRACK REID .................. Trvasurer HA.. Agnes Scott Collvge-. She is timing u good juli as t1'eust1i'vr nl' the svlinnl this year. Somehow, she nlanzigefs In km-p lzvr lruuks struiglit, Wei wish shv wnultl lot us in on he-r lirtlt- sc-vrvt. MRS. ETHEL CI..-XHK ............... Spanish, History Young Harris Cullegeg li.,-X.. Oglt-tlmrpv lnive-rsity. Wa-, thu Nupsitt-s. lmitl he-r a hearty wvltwnilie and an imitation ln stay with us a lung time-. :Xli'nicly wt- have umm- to love and apprctfiatt- hui' helpful ttmlt-rstaiitling of nur tliflivttltivs. MRS. .IANE NlYl"l'lNGl,Y ................. ljliflllfl Bush Cnnservatory. During the liusy liutlrs nl' tht- tlay we hear various nutvs of the sralc' und know that Shu is I'CIlf'ZlI'5lIlg om- of ln-r pupils for un important puhlit: uppearam-t-. MRS. FREDERICK SHlfIl.'l'ON ........ Llillfllfliflll, JUUFIIIIHSIII, Englixfz HA., Agnes Stott Cullegeg BA. in Lilirary Sciviicc. I'IIIlllI'y llnivelrsity. The may she remvin- hers who has what limik uv:-rtlue is uncanny. She is hvlpful always and we could not gt-t ulung without hvr. NIISS ROS,-X WING ................... S rwrvtrllw' Nvliut wwulcl iw ilu without Xliss Wingfs inurning Stutly Hull gram-tiligs? 'lllu-3 svvni tn giw the tluy Ll gmail sturt. NIISS l'il.lSl'f MUSE ................ History, l'1I'f'III'lI l'nivr-rsity of ,-Xlaliamag l'nivf-rsity uf llwrgia. Slit- has a sunny disposition, laughing brown eyes, and an unclerstaniling ol' thx- high scllunl girl. The luttzlr has niutle lu-r tht- SFWRZN lrif-nd nf all of us, Mug: 9 FACULTY SNAPS f'fww-2-+1 1, 3 X w-ffwfqwm. f,,,fL.,, CLASS III 'l'0ltY In a recent edition of that widely read Atlanta paper, The Senior Reader, dated JUHC, 1945, we noticed that one squadron of the Army Air Force had made several successful missions in the combat zone. By an odd coincidence, it seems that all of this squadron had received their wings at the Napsonian School in June, l944. Not all, however, began their basic train- ing at Naps, only one of its members, Dorothy Grau, enrolled in the Kindergarten and First Grade. After learning to count on her fingers, Dot received a furlough. This 1944 class was not represented again until Ray King came into the Fourth Grade. She, too, soon took a leave of absence, her place filled by Roberta Maclagan who started her training at Naps in the Fifth Grade and stayed on. ln the Seventh Grade, when the class was beginning its classification tests, Roberta was joined by a large number of Cadets, one of these, Ray King, merely return- ing from her furlough, others entering, Ann Joiner, Alice Lawrence, Mary Noras, Joanne Rae, and Ann Ransom. The next year Maribelle Calkins and Edith Lively entered the Eighth Grade to be classified and Dorothy Grau re- turned. The whole class rejoiced at the end of the year when they found they had all passed classification and were now ready to enter Pre- flight. When they entered Pre-flight-High School at Naps-June Roselle and Joann Smith entered too. Since they studied hard that year, all twelve were allowed to enter the Primary Flying School. However, one Cadet, Maribelle fig- Kkif ' 'Nga " ' ' ' -if . . , 1 f V' ,--"' 4' . -t' . ' ":' . Calkins, decided to take her Primary Training at another school. She did not report the fol- lowing fall, but the other eleven and a large number of new Cadets did. These new Cadets were: Maizie Almon, Frances Bennett, Lucile Castleberry, Mary Jayne Dritt, Peggy Kahn, Claire Kemper, Beverly Magbee, Marilyn Mc- Clung, Martha Niedlinger, Joyce Rounds, Betty Sealey, Louise Sharp, Shirlie Smith, and Lida Walker. When this class, which now numbered twenty-five, finished their Primary Training, they were told they could enter Basic Flying Train- ing. So tempting did this sound that all but one returned in the fall. Dot Grau was again on furlough, but six other Cadets transferred to Naps, Jane Carey, Ruth Clapp, Margaret Ann Elebash, Dorothy lzard, Polly Tate, Norma Tomey, and Frances Wright. The squadron this year acquired so much fame by putting on an Army Show that three candidates could not wait until the next fall and Marianne Keith, Mozelle Stone, and Juanita Swann entered in the middle of the year. The squadron's fame grew more and more, so when they began advanced training the next year, they found some new members awaiting them, Geraldine Bush, Emery Catts, Marjorie Clark, Barbara Eversole, Minnie Hamilton, Louise Hicks, and Nadia Moore. Also awaiting them were Maribelle Calkins and Dor- othy Grau, who could not resist returning to thc excellent training at Naps. Because of their appreciation to Naps for what it was doing for them the squadron put on a Mardi Gras for the schoolls entertainment. The school so thoroughly enjoyed this that they allowed all forty-four members of the class to graduate. They were presented their wings by Miss Thyrza Askew, Commander of Naps. Q Signedj BETTY SEALY. ALMON SEALY TOMEY KEMPER SECRND SEMESTER BETTY SEALX . l'residen1 BARBARA EVI-lRSOLk. . IXIECC-fjl'8SE!!l?ll1 EMI-:RY CATTS . Treasuru LOUISE Hicks . Secremry if N-T v ibcif' il: ' 50 ' f V ig 5 'Z ' ' Q55 l Wx E IRR owl ER' FIRST SEMESTER iR'lAlZlIi ALMON . I'resi1lcnt l3lQ'r'1'Y Smm . VTCC-lIl'CSl:dUlll NURMA 'l'oMl5Y . Treasurer CLAIRE KEMPER . Secretary SEALY EVERSOLE CATTS HICKS NlAnm1aI.Li: CALKINS lt seems that Marib-elle came back to our school this year to continue the outstanding work she did here in the eighth grade and her freshman year. She won the ,l. M. High llnselfish Service Award in the eighth grade and the Dorothy Partridge Cup in her freshman year. She was also Class Treasurer in '40, '4l, and this year she was a member of the Christmas Chorus. CEIMLDINIQ Busu We're so happy that "Curry" de- eided to spend her senior year at Naps. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and the cutest figure! JAN:-1 CAREY Sweet and pretty describes jane, who was chosen Mardi Gras Princess in her junior year. As a senior, she has been on the class basketball team. 14 FRA Ness E1.lzAm:rH ISENNMT Always charming and vivacious, Frances has added pep to our Nlardi Gras' and Stunt Nights. She was on the Class ,Basketball Team and the Subf-Varsity, '41, '42, Varsity, '42, '43, as a senior she was on the Athletic Board. the Senior Reader Staff, and was Captain of the Senior Volleyball Team. DIAIZIE ALMON Small and quiet, Maizie has been one of our classis most earnest workers. Serving as a class offl- cer in both her junior and senior years, she has been an inspiration to us. She is Secretary of the Athletic Association, a member of Pi Sigma Kappa, the Advisory Board, Bible Club, '43, '44, Class Basketball Team, '43, '44-3 Volleyball, '43, '44, and Presi- dent of the Senior Class. Countzrclockwise: Carey, Calltins, Bush, Bennett, Almon. LVCILE CASTLEBERRY Weire glad Lucile decided to re- turn to us for her senior year. She has been in the Bible Club. '4-25 on the Bowling, Team. and also on the Senior Basketball Team. She helped to make our Christmas service a success by taking part in the chorus. Emi-:in C.-vrrs She is tall, dark-haired. and plays wonderful basketball on the senior team. Were glad she de- cided to come to Naps to add her friendly note to our senior class. RUTH Baoww CLAPI' Ruth has proved her acting abil- ity by excellent performances in Cecilian plays. She has served as President of both the Cecilian Club and Bible Club. She was also Corresponding Secretary of the Athletic Association, an en- thusiastic member of the Class Basketball Teamg Vice-President of the Student Body, and a Pi Clockwise: Castleberry, C a t t s , Cla pp, Clarlr, Crocker. Sigma Kappa MARJURIF1 CLARK Marjie. one of our class's newest members, has been a very usable contribution to our Class Basket,- ball Team. On the Senior Reader Staff, she has written numerous articles for our school paper. 15 JUNE JOAN Cnocicsn One of the first things we noticed about ,loan when she joined our class this year was her ability to make good grades. It seems her report cards generally contain all A's. DoRo'ruv MsRLu GRAU Dot, an able basketball player. has helped our team to victory in both her sophomore and senior years. Bowling is another sport she excels in, for she won the Bowling Cup in '41-'42. BARBARA EBERSULIC A new addition to our Senior Class, Barbara has done well for herself, and for us. She is very enthusiastic about sports and has helped Miss Fugitt out by ref- ereeing the basketball games. Making the Honor Boll, also seems to be her hobby. .MINNIE HAM1LToN Although she hasn't been in our school very long, Minnie has proved to be a very valuable member of the Senior Class. She starred in the Cc:ciIian's fall pro- duction and has been a member of the Bible Club and of the Senior Basketball Team, and is one of our Red Cross Represen- tatives. 16 NIARLQARET AN N ELEBASH Business Manager of the NAP- SONIANA. Margaret Ann has been an active member of the Senior Class. She has taken part in the Bible Clubg Athletic Board, '43- '44g Class Basketball, '43-,44g Class Volleyball, 5433443 and was on the Advisory Council, '43, MARY ,IAYNE DRlT'T Mary Jayne, one of our cheer- leaders, has led our varsity to victory in many a game. She has taken part in the Bible Club, ,42- '43, and Class Basketball Teams, '41-'43, For her sophomore year she was Class Treasurer, Pi Sigma Kappa and a Cecilian. Counterclcckwise: Hamilton, Grau, Ebersole, Elebash, Drift. Louisa H1cKs If there is any singing to be done, Louise is the one who can do it. Her lovely voice enabled her to take one of the leads in our Easter program. She has also taken an active part in the Bible Club. Doao'rHY lzfsrm Dotis athletic ability won for her the Shamrock emblem in ,42-'4-3. She came in third in the Bowling Tournament of '43, and first in Badminton doubles. Also, she has taken an active part in the Cecilian and Bible Clubs, the Athletic Board and Senior Reader Staff, and is on the Varsity, ,4-4. Clockwise: Hicks, lzard, Joiner, Kahn, Keith. ANN JOINER Editor of the Senior Reader, Ann is a member of Quill and Scroll. As a cheerleader in 742- '43-'44 she has added pep to the school spirit. She was chosen Junior Marshal in '43. and has had a lead in the Class Day Pageant in ,41 and '42, In the Mardi Gras of ,41, she was crowned Queen and was also Treasurer of the Student Body in that year. Prccv KAHN Peggy's dark eyes and brown hair won for her a place in the Beauty Section of the '43 NAP- SONIANA. She also made a swell forward for the Senior Basketball Team. NTARIANNI-I KEITH She is the Tennis Chairman of the Athletic Board and on the Class Basketball Team and the '44 Varsity. Her favorite pastime is eating and she is always in a good humor. 17 A LICH LAWRENCE Alice-sparkling green eyes and long red hair make her one of the loveliest seniors. Since she entered in the Seventh Grade she has been on the Freshman and Sophomore Basketball Teams and was Secretary of the Sophomore Class. ln her junior year, she was a maid in Class Day. Dur- ing her senior year, Alice was in the iBible Clubg on the Athletic Boardg and President of the Student Body. RAY KING Very blonde and very pretty, Ray has been with us since the Sev- enth Grade. As a freshman. she was on the Class Basketball Team. During her sophomore year, she was Vice-President of the Student Body and also on the Class Basketball Team. CLAIRE KEMP1-:R Since the beginning of her sopho- more year, Claire has had a part in almost everything. She has been a class ofhcer in both senior and junior yearsg .Assistant Busi- ness Manager of the Annual. '42-'4-3g on the Senior and .lunior Basketball Teams and the Senior Volleyball Teamg in the Presi- dentis Club of '43g '4-3 Pi Sigma Kappa member and also on the Advisory Council her senior year, and President of the Cecilians. 18 EDITH LIVELY As a member of the Bible Club, Edith has worked long and dili- gently to make the program in- teresting. She also has the dis- tinction of completing four years work in three years. Rom:n1'A lVl,ACLAGAN Roberta has been with us since the Fifth Grade. She was the Red Cross Representative for her class in '40 and again in '43g and also a member of the Bible Club. She is also a member of Pi Sigma Kappa. Counterclockwise: Maclagan, Live- ly, Lawrence, King, Kemper. JANE BEVERLY TWACBEE Shiny brown hair and big brown eyes make her lovely to look at. Beverly has been an active Nap- site. She was on the Class Vol- leyball Team, '42-'43, and a member of the Bowling Team the same year. As a senior, she was Society Editor of the Senior Reader and was also in the Choir. MARILYN HUNTINGTON MCCLUNG Marilyn spends most of her time in sports. She was a member of the Bible Club and was on the Class Basketball and Volleyball Teams of '41-'4-2, and on the Varsity in '4-2. Horseback riding is one of her favorite sports and she rushes about the South to all the horse shows. Clockwise: Magbee, McClung, Moore, Neidlinger, Noras. ,,.......i NAIJIA Moom: Nadia came to our school just this fall. but already she has taken an interest in school ac- tivities. She was a member of the Christmas Chorus of '43. MARTHA REBECCA N EDLINGICR Martha has large, hazel eyes, brown hair and a wonderful per- sonality. As a sophomore, she was on the Class Basketball Team. She was Secretary of the Junior Class and a member of the Bible Club. MARY Norms She's as friendly as a girl can be and her accounts of trips she's taken are entertaining. Mary was on the Junior Basketball Team and she sang in the chorus for two years. 19 JUNE Rossettti One of the busiest Napsites, June was Freshman Bed Cross Representative and representa- tive for the school for three yearsg Program Chairman of the Bible Club, .lunior Year, Mem- bership Chairman, Senior Year, Presidents' Club, Sophomore Yearg Pi Sigma Kappa, '43-,44. ANN Rfwsom Ann, Editor-in-Chief of the NAP- SONIANA, has been on the annual staff for two years. serving last year as Assistant Literary Editor. She was President of the Fresh- man and Sophomore Classes and Secretary and President of the Student Body. Also, she has served as President and Secretary of the Athletic Association and is a member of Pi Sigma Kappa. She won the Gladys Neal Cup and was chosen most representa- tive junior. She has been a mem- ber of Class Basketball and Volleyball Teams for four years, and has been a varsity member for three years. .loAN1xr: RAE Her wonderful acting adds much to the Cecilian plays and she made a handsome prince at Mardi Gras in '41 and '43. Joanne has been Captain of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Basketball Teams, and on her Class Volleyball Team for four years. ln ,4-2: she won second prize at Field Day, in '43 first prize. She also served as Vice- President of the Cecilians in '43, on the Athletic Board in '44, and is a member of the Quill and Scroll, on Varsity '41, '42, ,43, '44, and Captain of '44 Varsity. 20 Joyce SHLMA Bouwns Because of her cheerful person- ality, Joyce is a popular senior and an enthusiastic member of the Naps cheering section. BETTY SEALY She has a friendly smile for everyone and is always willing to do more than her share in everything. Betty was Secretary of the Sophomore Class and Vice-President of the Senior Class, Class Maid, '41g Class Basketball, '42-'433 Volleyball, '42-313. As a senior she was Lit- erary Editor of the Annual, Sec- retary of the Bible Club, a mem- ber of Pi Sigma Kappa, and President of Senior Class. Ccuniercloclcwise: Sealy, Rounds, Rosselle, Ransom, Rae. Nlozi:l.Lt1 Sroxlz Une of our boarding students. Mozelle has many friends in tht- Senior Class. These she acquired by her cheery smile and friend- liness. Lotnsrz SHARP Dainty, cute, and popularithafs Louise. Sophomore Basketball Teamg Vice-President of Junior Classg Program Chairman ol Bible Clubg Class Nlaid, '4-l. Snnnnc l'll'1Alili SMITH Soft yellow hair. blue eyes and a friendly smile-Shirley is a favorite with the Senior Class. She is Assistant Society Editor of the Senior Reader and has been on both Sophomore and .lunior Basketball Teams. ,loft NN Swnrn ln her freshman year .loann was Vice-President of her Class. Also she has been a member of the Bible Club in '41-'44, Being journalistically inclined, she was on the Senior Reader Staff for '42-'43. .I Im NITA SWA N N Quiet. considerate and capable, Juanita is a popular member of the Senior Class and Art Editor of the 1944 Annual and a mem- ber of the Advisory Council. Cloclcwise: Sharp, J. Smith, S. Smith, Stone, Swann. 21 Non MA JHA N Tomizr Norma has a charming western accent with her friendly smile. During ber two years. with us she has been Treasurer of the Junior Class and on the Junior Basketball Team and was a Junior Maid at Class Day, '43g Bible Club, '42-'43g Senior Reader Staff, '42-71-3. '43-'44. POLLY JhNN TAN: PnIly's portrayals uf "little sis- ter" in Cecilian plays are dar' ling-and sn is Polly. She has green eyes and red hair and sn much personality. Class Basket- ball Team in suphornnre year. Nkshhlxlhlilllklilil XEXXNXX in 7 .A ' I ' ""b1iitff!4!f'ff1fiaaisaaff' ll N C3 Jf,! M ,!. WyWiii'J'il Lnm WA1.Ki:1c Lida-the poetess of Naps-Ahas won two National Poetry Con- tests. Since her junior year, she has been on the Senior Reader Staff and is the Business Man- ager and Feature and Editorial Writer for '4-3344. She is Field Day Chairman of the Athletic Board, a member of the Quill and Scroll, and Treasurer of the Bible Club. Fimwcils WH,CHT Blltmde and very small, we all admire her darling clothes and like her wonderful personality. Couniercloclswisez Wright, Walker Tomey, Tate. CLASS We, the members of the Senior Class of '44, being of more or less sound mind, and realizing that those de- parting should make proper disposition of the talents, charms, and eccentricities which have been held in awe f?J by the underclassmen, do hereby will and be- queath the following: Item I: To the up and coming Senior Class we leave the Knew this year" tile fioor in Senior Hall. Item II: I, Joanne Rae, leave my string of Junior High basketball admirers to Nan Ivey. Item III: I, Jane Carey, sadly leave Nancy McClung to the "next" Senior Class, led by Betty Ann Whitaker. Item IV: I, Maribell Calkins, leave my gentle tongue to Jean Bodin and Barbara Berman, that the Study Hall may be more restful. Item V: We, Lucille Castleberry and Nadia Moore, leave our stature to Betty Anderson and Frances Harbin. They need it i?l. Item VI: I, Mary Jayne Dritt, relinquish my spirit and vim in cheer leading to Martha Hosford. Item VII: I, Margaret Ann Elebash, leave my voice, to help beg for ads for the annual, to Elizabeth Wolf. Item VIII: We, Maizie Almon and Betty Sealy, leave our executive ability to Betty Wright and Frances Long. Item IX: I, Edith Lively, leave my ability to upole- vault" from sophomore to senior to anyone who can stand the extra work-Clodie Hubbell and Elizabeth Frink are nearly ready. Item X: I. Dorothy Grau, leave my long distance hop to school to Florence Crook. May she use it as well as I have done! Item XI: We, Claire Kemper, Minnie Hamilton, and Ruth Clapp, leave our fingers that are in every good pie to Elizabeth Williams and Peggy Roohan. Item XII: I, Dorothy Izard, leave my over abundant school spirit to .lean Compton, Betty Lathem, and Caro- line Laurent. Item XIII: I, Mary Noras, leave my quiet and sweet ways to Margaret Wilson and Rebecca Lee land of course my sister, Thalial. Item XIV: I, Ann Joiner, relinquish the editorship of the Senior Reader to Ann O'Sullivan. Item XV: I, Peggy Kahn, leave my lovely face and hair to Lynn Barker and Julianne Cook-who don't need them, but every little bit helps. Item XVI: We, Geraldine Bush, Marianne Keith, and Lida Walker, leave our love for the boys in service to Frances Seckinger, Dot Lietch, Eleanor Huie, and Mary Anne Pogue. Item XVII: I, Alice Lawrence, leave my devotion to Miss Muse to Lorton Lee. Q .9 , ,, :. r7'fi"s'eJ ' -W-S-ut v . Q. -.4- I gl , ,, ..,., 1- 'ff'- K,-R. A,,.fP-- ,,.,,-ggfega'- , ,. .1-tg? x ,Q ',..wM'f:2, ' ,gets-ff' -2. , .. ,tx f.,,,,..,-55 ,A 7 Y , 4?:sff4.a11ffl: fffww' W use ' ,plbbuh N 3f,,...,... i, .. "H--4. . Item XVIII: I, Marilyn McClung, gladly relinquish my flair for always being late to any poor soul who wants it. Item XIX: I, Frances Bennett, leave my unusual ability in dancing to Miriam Reams. Item XX: I, Juanita Swann, leave the art editorship of the annual to Ann Howington. Item XXI: We, Louise Hicks, Emery Catts, and Mozelle Stone, the B. D. Babes, leave our many trots back and forth fusing up precious shoe leatherl. to Bobbie Wood and Frances Jordan. Item XXII: I, Roberta Maclagan, leave my work with the Red Cross to Patsy Cook and Ruth Fiske- maybe Charlotte Martin will help too. Item XXIII: I, Ann Ransom, leave the trials and tribulations of being editor of the annual to Alice Jean Caswell. Cltis fun, though.l Item XXIV. I, June Rosselle, leave my work in the Bible Club to Lee McCann. Item XXV: We, Joanne Smith, Shirlie Smith, Bev- erly Magbee, and Frances Wright, relinquish our de- lightful rides to the Varsity with Phoebe Cavan to an- other "crew" who won't abuse the privilege. Item XXVI: I, Norma Tomey, leave my undying curiosity to Marilyn Miller. Item XXVII: I, Joyce Rounds, leave my taste for good-looking clothes to Caroline Pogue. Item XXVIII: I, Barbara Eversole, the Dash-Over, Dash-Back Kid, leave my constant presence in the gym to Wilma Shipley. Item XXIX: I, Polly Tate, leave my cuddlie looks and pretty hair to Joyce Worthington. Item XXX: I, Marjorie Clark, leave my shapely "ankles" to someone who will take good care of them. flt has taken years to perfect them.7 Item XXXI: I, Joanne Crocker, leave my A's to Elizabeth Whitner and .Barbara Bostick. Item XXXII: We, Ray King, Louise Sharp, and Martha Neidlinger leave our constant companionship to whoever can take it. fVitamins! Vitamins! Vitaminsll Witness my hand and seal, this fifteenth day of Feb- ruary, 194-4. Signed I SENIOR CLASS Witnesses .' MAIRZY Dons Dozv Doars LAMZY DIVEY A ttorney-at-Law J NORMA TOMEY May 23, 1957. If you have looked through the papers in the last few years and especially in this year of 1957, you will find that the alumnae of a certain school, Napsonian High, in Atlanta, Georgia, have been mentioned numerous times. This col- umnist Hnds that she has written about a large number of them herself. We find that the most illustrious group of them all came from one class-that of 194-4. Upon referring back to our articles of the past few years, we found that the tracing of such a class would make interest- ing reading for our public. Any one of our readers can remember when a few years ago our relations with Greece be- came strained after the Greeks sent us a ship- load of olive trees as a goodwill gift, and our secretary of state, who was not a graduate of Napsonian, wrote back thanking them for the beautiful date palms. lt was then that the true diplomatic ability of Ambassador Mary Noras came to the front. She sent an apology to the Greek Embassy and a fifty page report on the characteristics of olive trees to the secretary of state. On the home front, our foremost Home Eco- nomics expert, the former Miss Geraldine Bush, has gone into business manufacturing her own discovery, the roll-less, stick-less, flexible, fault- less rolling pin, which she has patented under the title of the Elmer Pin. She named it after the man who was her inspiration. ln the literary world, we find Miss Joanne Rae, who has once again been acclaimed the greatest biographer of all time for the fifteenth volume of her Life of Abraham Lincoln. She has now recorded his life up to his eighteenth year. Lucile Castleberry's book, Smiles I've AME I Known and Why They Fitted Their Faces, is coming off the press next month and it is rumored to be the most revealing book since Under Cover. The class of '44 is represented on the legiti- mate stage by Miss Ruth Clapp, whose modern- ized version of Milton's Comns has proved to be a record breaker. But not only do we find Nap- sites in the theater: Mlle. Louise Hicks has been hailed as another Kirsten Flagstad for her in- terpretations of the Wagnerian heroines. On the concert stage, We find Claire Kemper, whose rendition of her own tone poem, Variations On the Actions of a Little Brother, on the violin has brought Carnegie Hall to its feet for thirty-six encores. That great exponent of the acrobatic dance, Frances Bennett, is now on tour with her troupe exhibiting the triple dipped front roll hand stand over six people. Two of the foremost debaters of the genera- tion, the Misses Pauline Tate and Maizie Almon, are now filling engagements on the West Coast. Miss Tate debates on the subjects, French Verbs: Pro and Con, and Cats as Mascots: Pro and Con. Miss Tate has no trouble with her voca- tion except that she can find no one who will defend against her the "pro" of either topic. Miss Almon's chosen field of debate is Frater- nity Pins: Pro and Con. Her only complaint is similar to Miss Tate's except that she can find no one to defend the Neon." ln the world of science, that eminent labora- tory technician, Dorothy lzard, has perfected her discovery of cultured measles cultures, and thereby revolutionized the disease. She was able to complete her investigation through the co- operation of Drs. Mozelle Stone and Emery Catts, the foremost authorities on measles in THE EW North America. The name of Barbara Eversole, M.D., has become a household word since her correspondence course, Seven Steps to Success- ful Broken Bone Setting at Home, became a best seller. When Nurse Maribelle Calkins recently became President of the American Nurses Asso- ciation, she broke all precedent by omitting from all Home Nursing courses the demonstra- tion bed bath. The new president of the National Red Cross, June Rosselle, has been presenting her ballet company in several benefit perform- ances. ln charge of the U. S. 0. we find Dorothy Crau and Roberta Maclagan. They have en- larged it since the last war to include help for civilians as well as for those in uniform. The New Flairie Success Course has made new women out of 26,000,000 old ones, and the guiding spirits in the various departments of Beauty, Inc., of which the Success Course is a part are: Mlles. Peggy Kahn and Louise Sharpe, co-presidents in charge of general beauty, Mlle. Beverly Magbee, first vice-president in charge of hair, Mlle. Margie Clark, first vice-president in charge of complexionsg Mlle. Jane Carey, first vice-president in charge of eyes, and Mlle. Joyce Rounds, general manager and coordinator of beauty principles. Those three noted chemists, Minnie Hamilton, Marianne Keith, and Joan Crocker are contin- uing their search for an inexpensive method of mass production of unbreakable test tubes. Edith Lively, archaeologist extraordinary, has just finished a report to the Smithsonian lnsti- tute telling why it was unhealthy for the kings of Egypt to be buried in the pyramids. Miss Lively claims she figured out her theory through trigonometry. The marriage of Miss Alice Lawrence to A. Riche Mann caused much comment in the social circle, as Miss Lawrence had described herself as a permanent 'fbachelor girlf, She is often visited at her town house by those two horticul- turists, Margaret Ann Elebash and Joanne Smith. They recently placed a revolutionary orchid on the market. It is much cheaper than the old style orchid, a fact which these artists of the vegetable attribute to the materials used to make them-turnips, red cabbage, and ice. A new figure has joined the ranks of the Petty Girl and the Varga Girl. She is the Swann Girl, drawn by Artist Juanita Swann, who modestly attributes all her success to her models, Mary Jayne Dritt, Martha Niedlinger, and Ray King. Miss Marilyn McClung's school, in which everyone majors in "How Not To Be Late,', is the' rage of the day. Miss McClung claims she was first inspired to direct the course when she was at Naps. Betty Sealy, Shirlie Smith, and Frances Wright are engaged in the novel and prosperous business of making note cards and bibliography cards for the benefit of those writing investiga- tive theses. This columnist has it on good authority that the vacant seat in the supreme court may be filled by none other than Miss Ann Ransom. ln the higher brackets of journalism we find those two noted editors, Ann Joiner and Norma Tomey. They recently introduced a revolution- ary daily which publishes only first hand pic- tures of the news when it is news, without writ- ten articles. And just in case you've wondered how this writer got so well acquainted with so many prominent people, she too was in the class of '44-. WINCHELL WALKER. Qs ,j,...-kt X '4 U ' ,aF?FE'r -1-'1 5 ..,,,., , E IUR AP sql! we "-tvgmvfa CLASS OF U14 Each day of our senior year presents A hundred or more great events, I guess this year will always be The greatest one of all to me. Our senior class had fame, And best of all an honest name What this class of '44 has done, Can never be stopped by anyone. NADIA Moomz. SENIOR HALL White bricks gleaming in the morning sun-light Windows, like eyes, all shiny and bright, Books and papers strewn from left to right, That's Senior Hall. The radio blaring, through the school resounds Disturbing the peace for miles around, All cats and dogs a home here have found, Thatis Senior Hall. JOANNE RAE. 26 E : Q ' . 1 ?' I 5 - 'Q' up C ' L - . "1 ! ' ' .. A - A ,f 5:51, 1 15. 2 ,, a 1 x H ,Aka W g' ' 1- J f-1 Q ' 3 X , f f W , ... I w:'AN"zw, ,S 1 'fl gp' wif- 4 V div' . ' ,E ,ka e W, 3: 11am 5 X , X w. 4 s .,, " - 2 ., ii! .: Q MVN X , Q- : ,A A '. . k , mil' ' ' 3 I K f ,1 FQ , ii, f . ww. V ff ', E211 5 s PK' , Q Y A it 3 29 gg 9 21 R in 2 , ,, -- 5. -7 1 M , 47 ,V , IM ..,.,-3, . ,, X - - . x X. - ., 5 w X gl QS Q K . .f x N L 1' 4 V 1 X236 4 52- 6 ig ,V , ., . . 1 H. . , '!.'7i:. . .-A, 1- - -2 mf-Q - vm, 4 515 . 1 if 1 Q ff 4 gigs' 'fn ff YQ, m SXX 65 as 'A f a mn X ., K , f y 0 if 2 ki 5 X 1 V' in 1 'f 'I fi 4' S v ,W '3 1 wiki: 1 'A p w' Q X ,x x I ,,,2 "f 1, f f ' ff 'M We-f as 'H f fa 5' 'SG iiazweb a T236 ff' ' 0 YL i Q 9 E light-' 1 I f M R '5 bg f W I if ' n . 9 gf Sa 'Q va Q f 1 Alfa? E i gl 2 Rf Qe f sg, 1 M3195 X X, R 2 4514.5 ,M f 1 3 5 g is 1 2 gm . km M K K5 ' ' ff' ' x x .fbi g 1. , My 1 23. , M mf, ', ' . . a ' KW . Q, 'M . I f ' , , 3 ' - , ' ' K . V, .1 1 ,A I - 111141 51 .,.. f 4 5 Q ' V .A,, W : -. K Q 2 1 V 4, Wk ..., .,., R lu i G ,. .. V . 4 ,,.., I 4 T. L 9- J .. . U F. f , gb av ff M U ' M , 5 A , LYL ni 3 " M V . , I Vi A5,V mf rf A 1 A.,. , , tj, 2 I A . , f 5, In ., ,---W, ,... .. H I ,A yn wg W A: , . ,I ,Q dm f Y V' rv 1 i:f,,.:,,w. ,-.,1,:,,3v-34.- M .-q,A H L, ,awww . ax X A fa- ' W b i x , aa I 4 iff' 'Q i ia -.JA E s 5 , . if ET CASWELL WHITAKER EIEST SEMESTER ALICE JEAN CASWELL . President ELIZABETH WILLIAMS . Vice-President PEGGY ROOHAN . . . Secretary BETTY ANNE WHITAKER . Treasurer JUNIIIE EEEICER 2 WILLIAMS COOK COMPTON O'SUl.I.IVAN 28 SECUND SEMESTER ELIZABETH WIIITNER . . . Presidenz JIILIANNE COOK . . . Vice-President JEAN COMPTON . . Secretary ANN 0'SIILLIvAN . . Treasurer Compton, J. Cook, P Cook, Duren, Fiske, Frink, Gavan, Harbin. H. Anderson, Caswell, Barker, Boslick, Bodin Hubbell, Huie, Ivey, Howington, Lafhem, Jordan. Norus, Shipley, Seckinger, Roohun, O'SuIlivan. Lietch, Long, Miller, Lee, McCann, Laurent. Wilson, Williams, Wolf, Whifuker, Whifner Wood, Wright. JU ltllt STUDY HALL lim just one of those study hall girls Who does not get her lessons done, But sits around and plays with pearls, And looks at the noon day sun. When study hall is almost over, And we look around at the room, We think this class is an awful bore, As the bell rings with a mighty boom. A P LATIN III, MATH II The Latin Book Three and Algebra Two, Side by side on the table lay. 7Twas half past eight and sad to relate Nor one 11or t'other had been read all day. The tests for tomorrow seemed so remote, And she just had to hear about Bob Burns goat. ANNE 0iSULLIVAN. CHRIST AS 'ERVICE THIS CHHISIHVIAS SICKV lilli See the wllilencfss of that varldles, shining l,lll'0l1gll lliu niisly shadows And the star is gleaming softly in the stillness of llw 4-liurvli. ark. an angel choir is Slllhlllg far almvv. Coffs low-gii'1 lJl'lIlQ,lIlz, uSilenl night, Holy iiighl,--Jesus, lmrfl ul thy lnirlhf' MINNIE l'lAMIL'I'0N, Will 32 :fig BROWN BET HEA PATTERSON FRIETAG SEEENII SEMESTER IVIARGARET GILLESPIE . . President MARTHA ZELLAR5 . . Vice-l'1-esiflclzz BETTY IVEY . . . Secretary BETTY IVICCLENDON . . Tn:a.surer 0PHOM0liE UFEICER EIEEE SEMESTER BARBARA BROWN . . President Doms PATTERSON . . Vice-President BETTY Bl5THE:A . . Secretary SONIA l"1:1ETAu . Treasurer GILLESPIE IVEY ZELLARS MeCl.ENDON B. Brown, C. Brown, Barnes, Beull, Bell. W.. ,Wm Dominey, Davis, Freiiug, Cuson, Carpentei Gillespie, Ivey, House, Hyde, Fulion. 35 Mclendon, Newman, Patterson, Reumes, N. Smiih, B. Smith. Jackson, Josey, Johnson, Macrae, Lum, Miller Whufley, Wilson, Windham, Zellurs. UPHO HIRE AIR NAPSONIAN Napsonian. we honor thf-v. Anil pledge our lasting loyalty. Proud svhool me know so well'-'W So we are privileged to tell Others of the joys that are ours. Never failing when the husy hours lmpatiently rush on through the days, And leading us in the lwst of ways Napsonian, hail! Mlm:-xR+:'l' Gn.LEsPlE. MY NOTEBOOK My notebook is an awful mess Because I keep it so l guess. l often say I'll Clean il out, But that clay never comes about. l keep right on collecting things, And hooking them to the little rings. Some day there,ll be no more roomg Then l will elean it out, l assume. J. CARPENTER AB E 'PEE MARTHA HOSFORD BARBARA BERMAN CAROLYN POGUE NIARY ANN Poems MARY WEATHERSPOON BETTY ANDERSON JOYEE WORTHINGTON BETTY BETHEA 38 r K Mi 14 'ii lf Ei ,M A V 1 MILLER ALFORD WILLIS ALEX SECENR SEMESTER ANNE BROOKE . MARGARET ALTMAN DOLORES HAMRICK PEGGY MCCREADY . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer ERESHMAE EEEIEERI FIRST SEMESTER DOROTHY NIILLER . . President SUSANNE WILIIIS . Vice-President KATRINA ALFORD . . Secretary DOROTHY ALEX . Treasurer 'a BROOKE HAMRICK ALTMAN MQCREADY 'Q 5 H X 1 1 Alex, Barn, Alford, Burneh, Altman. ,,..,-A , ,-I-3 :ea fly: .M Humrick, Estes, Grist, Harrelson. Brewer, Brook, Davie, Entrekin. Potter, Person, Murphy, Powell. Miller, M:Creudy, N. McCIung, Mundy. Willis, Gibson, Rosenson, Thrailkill, Walker FRE HMAN ANTIC CRUSHES AT NAPS It really is very funny, to see the Napsites sigh, Every time they have a chance to see their crush go by. The crushes and the Freshmen, are really on the beam, Itis funny how they race and run, to see their so-called dream. This subject of the crushes, is really fun 'tis true, But I will stay just as I am, I think it's best, d0n't you? DoLoREs MUNDY. THE RECESS BELL If you hear the sound of money and books dropped on the Hoor, If you see all eyes turned longingly toward the class room door, There's no need to ask the reason 'cause anyone can tell That thereis only three more minutes before the recess bell. If you hear a distant tinkle and then a mighty roar And see thirty starving heathen pushing out the door, Thereis no need to ask the reason 'cause anyone can tell The dreary morning's over and there's the recess bell! KATRINA ALFORD. B0 RDI G DEPARTME T W GIRL BARBARA PADIQETT DOUGLAS KINOREE ETIIEI, RICHARDSON BOBBY WOOD MRS. NICAFEI-L NIARCARET ALTMAN FRANCES JORDAN DAY WALKER EDITH MAILLENIRAN NIOZELLE STONE LOUISE HICKS GENEVIEVE BYERIA' JANE CASON SARA IVIURPIIY EMERY CATTS 1 c 1 ep'-11 ffgflibff Q ACTIVITY CAL DAR SEPTEMBER 7-Napsites return to school after a summer of working at the Red Cross and various other jobs. 29-October 7-Napsites swim at the "Y," OCTOBER 13-Cecilian Club gives a few lucky girls the title of Cecilian. NOVEMBER 7-Radio play presented over WAGA. 11-Freshmen basketball team plays the Junior team. Seniors play the Sophomores. In the chapel the class basketball teams give skits for the entertainment of student body. 16-Sophomores win the Bond Drive, having bought a total of 31.67200 worth. Freshmen play Sophomoresg Juniors play the Seniors. 16-19-Dr. Hugh Bradley, the guest speaker during Religious Emphasis Week, is enthusiastically received by the school, and earnestly heard. 17-Ivey's volleyball team plays Williams' teamg Junior basketball team plays the Sophomoresg ' Seniors play Freshmen. 23-Thanksgiving Service in chapel. 24-Napsites leave school for the holidays! 29-After a very full week-end, Napsites return to school and to work again. 30-Freshmen play Juniors and Seniors play Sopho- mores-volleyball. DECEMBER 2-Freshmen volleyball team defeats the Sopho- more team and Seniors defeat Juniors. 9-All Atlanta turns out to see the Cecilians pre- sent "A Mind of Her Ownf, 16-Christmas Service at the North Avenue Presby- terian Church sets the holiday mood. 17-In chapel Napsites have a Christmas Service for their guests from Eventide. Naps, ,44 Var- 26-Naps Varsity rallies for the Sacred Heart game. 29-Naps Varsity plays Griflin. FEBRUARY 1-Colonel George S. Clark talks in chapel about Bataan-all long to help with the war effort. 2-Naps Varsity plays North Fulton. Spring vaca- tion-58 days away. 5-Naps Varsity plays Athens. 8-Mr. Sidney Gates speaks in chapel. 9-Naps Varsity plays Decatur. 10-Cecilian Tryouts-all the school is in an agony of suspense about the new members. Napsites have a paper sale to help with the waste paper drive. 11-New Cecilians are received in chapel. Varsity plays South DeKalb. 12-Naps Varsity plays Alumnae. 14-15-Dr. Barnhouse speaks in chapel. 19-Naps Varsity plays Athens. Spring vacation is only 11-1 days away. 21-Edith Lively's radio play presented over WAGA. 22-American Legion speaker in chapel. Varsity plays Sacred Heart. 24-Pi Sigma Kappa Recognition Day-New P. S. Kfs announced. 25-Naps Varsity plays Yatesville. Sing Song to revive old songs. MARCH 1-Naps Varsity plays Decatur. 3-Naps Varsity plays the last game of the sea- son-the traditional Seminary game in the Henry Grady Gym. 10-Naps has annual Mardi Gras-two perform- ances. What a success! r 30-Cecilian play is welcomed by the play-goers of Atlanta. 31-Easter Service in the morning. Finally that wonderful, long awaited day has arrived-the beginning of Spring Vacation. sity is announced. As a last tribute to 194-3, APRIL Napsites depart for two weeks of fun! JANUARY 3-After two wonderful weeks, well worn Napsites reluctantly return to school. 10-Napsites diligently attempt to cram a semesteris work into one little review week. 17--Last day of grace before exams! 13-Unhappy Napsites embark on their last chance of passing. 22-End of exam week is gleefully welcomed by whole school-day of reckoning postponed. 24--Napsites take to their beds on this well earned holiday. 25-Napsites return to school for another stay until spring vacation, which is still 66 days away. 3-9-Spring vacation and Napsites give all their attention to the business of having a good time. 10-Napsites reluctantly return to the trials and tribulations brought on by school. 17-Mr. Raymond Nixon speaks in chapel for the Quill and Scroll. MAY 18-Senior exams begin. 22-26-All Napsites take final examinations. 26-Lower School Class Day. 28-Commencement Sunday. 29-Senior Class Day. 3-OL-Finally the big day arrives-Graduation. 31--School closes for the summer and happy Nap- sites embark on three wonderful months of fun! WILLIAMS CARPENTER ESTES FIRST SEMESTER ALICE LAWRENCE ........... Presiflenz if ELIZABETH WILLIAMS . . Vice-President LAWRENCE JONNIE CARPENTER . . Secretary RUTH ESTI-LS . TIPUSUIET -M '14 S STUDENT GEVERNMENT I fi 'Z I f J If I 1-'I I f I SEEEND SEMESTER ALICE JEAN CASWELL . ......... President CASVVEI-l CLAPP MUNDY BETHEA 47 RUTH CLAPP . . Vice-President DELORES MUNDY . . Secretary BETTY BETHEA . . Treasurer AP 0 IAN TAFF ANN RANSOM . . Editor MARGARET ANN ELEBASH Business Manager BETTY SEALY . . . Literary Editor FRANCES LONG . Assistant Literary Editor JUANITA SWANN . . Art Editor ELIZABETH WOLF Assistant Business Manager BARBARA SMITH . . Alumnae Editor MNSOM ELEBASH CLODIE HUBBIJLL . Staff Photographer SEALY LONG WOLF swANN ff , f f . Q '4" ""r-"' f SMITH Husain 4 x iii? M '51 ff! 5 " M - ..,.. , 48 EIRST SEMESTER Mi 1 ARVISRRY RRARR SECRND SEMESTER TOMEY O'SULLIVAN WHITAKER WHITNER IVEY MAGBEE SMITH LATHEM ANN JOINER . NORMA TOMEY . ANN 07SULLIVAN . BETTY ANN WHITAKER ELIZABETH WIIITNER . JOANNE RAE . . NAN TVEY . . BEVERLY MAILREE SHIRLIE SMITH . IVIARGIE CLARK . ALICE P. RIVERS . LIDA WALKER . BETTY LATHEM . PEGGY ROOHAN . MARILYN MILLER . DOT TZARD . . FRANCES BENNETT . EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF . . . . Editor . . . News Editor . Assistant News Editor . . . Feature Editor . Assistant Feature Editor . . . Sports Editor . Assistant Sports Editor . . . Society Editor . Assistant Society Editor . . . Feature Writer . Faculty Adviser . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . . . Bookkeeper Q .IOINER WALKER 50 RAE MILLER IZARD SE I0lt READER STAFF "The Senior Readers have come." This is one of the most welcome announce- ments we receive in chapel heeause everyone is anxious for her Copy of this monthly publication. The staff, too, is anxious to see the results of their tireless efforts. They have worked hard writing, proof-reading, and trying to Hnance this paper with ads. The appreciation with which it is received is the reward for their long, hard work. KAPPA PI IGMA Vt MRS. FREDERICK SHE1iToN . . Faculty Adviser CLAIRE KEMPER ..... . . President MEMBERS BETTY SEALY MARY JAYNE DRITT MAIZIE ALMON JUNE RossELLE ANN RANSOM ROBERTA MAIILAGAN RUTH CLAPP kk-: NHP5 Ut Loon x..-xx 51 When they receive their blue and white on graduation night, the whole school thrills with them. For this group of girls are the ones who have earned member- ship to this Honor Society by maintaining an honor scholastic average during the Sophomore and Junior years at Naps. QUILL AND URULL ANN O,SULLIVAN ANN JOINER LIDA WALKER JOANNE RAE M' - Y -A-' 1137.74 ng? :'x X .," ..,1. "A , 1 .Q 52 FIRST SEMESTER SECRNR SEMESTER XLICIAI T..-XWRI-INIII-I TJURUTHN NIILIJ-IR BARBARA BRUWY ALICE JEAN CAswELL TSTAIZIE ALBION ,IOANNE RAE ANN RAINSUNI ITTARGARI-IT ANN TELICBASH CLAIRE KEMPER RUTH CLAPP ANN JOINER TJDA EV.-KLKHR .TIENI-I R0ssEL1.E ALICE JEAN CAEWELI. ANN BROOKE TTTARGARI-IT GII.Ll1ISI'Il-I ELIZABETH WITITNIAIIC BETTY SEALT JQANNE RAE ANN RANSOM MARGARET ANN ELERASH CLAIRE KEMPICR ATINNIE HAMILTON ANN JOINER LIDA WALKER JUNE ROSSELLE CLAPP KEMPER E THE C CILIA FIRST SEMESTER RUTH CLAPP ...... President JOANNE RAE . . . Vice-President CLAIRE KEMPER . . Secretary JANE MACRAE ...... Treasurer SECOND ssmssrin CLAIRE KEMPISR ..... President DOLLY DAVIS . . Vice-President MINNIE HAMILTON . . Secretary JEAN COMPTON ..... Treasurer MISS PHARR MISS ASKEW . H C255 AAPWRJ 8 U sf U e gg Q . 5 L .,1. V , FACULTY ADVISERS MISS MUSE . . Honorary Member MEMBERS RIITI-I CLAPP ,JI-iAlX COxIP'TON PATST COOK IJOLLY DAVIS FRA NCI-LS DOM1 NET NIARY .IANIC DRlT'l' SUNIA FREITAG NIINNIH HAIIIILTOA DOROTHY IZARIJ CLAIRI: KEWIPER PAT LICMASTIAIRS JANE MACRAII LEE JWCCANN RICNICH NEWMAR JOAANE RAE POLLY TATIC ELIZABETH WILLIA ms NIARTHA ZELLARS CECILIAN SNA S 'is .. ' Til fl!! 'ii " i- ifsff X F. W 1.1 A, it ,ff ff' in 4 'WL' gl,j'f'-"4 at ti .. if ,B t t, 14 .. ,.-- , bc ,, ,, ., ,WH THE NEW CECILIANS If youlve noticed several girls strutting proudly down the hall, With shining faces and sprightly paces, And happy looks about them all. Then you'll know that theyire the ones, Who now wear the black and gold, The very sweet, the new elite, Cecilians! so Tim told. DoI.LY DAVIS. ' 'WWW it 3-, OPENING NIGHT The opening night of the Cecilian play Saw excitement and anxiety, The players had waited for this day, When their talents become a reality. Properties must he ready, Cecilians on your feet, Time for the curtain-steady, Here's the crisis we must meet. Down comes the final curtain, The applause is lasting praise, The Cecilian talents are certain, We'll look forward to future plays. RI-:NEE NEWMAN X -- i,,., it. pdf' "I fm... ,, 1 . ff .V H,-'mr .lf , - ff' 5 if mf W. fa, . i, f ji ff lf, T,- , ,. .., a JJ JU HDR RED CRUSS Davis, Muclugun, Mundy, Hamilton, Rosselle, Fiske. 56 ROSSELLE School Represenlufive BIBLE 0Fl+'IlfEIiI' RITII CIAIIP . CLAIIIE IX!-LMP!-Ili . BETTN SEAIA . LIIIA wV'KI.Kl-Ill sic MINNII-1 HAMILTON JANE NIAIQIIAE lil,-HRH KIQNIPI-IR . Bl-IT'l'X IATIIEII . Mlss HIxI:I:s . OND SEMESTER . . l'1'0s1'rfzf1Il fir 'ef-l'l'c.v1'rfP11l Sl'l'l't'fIIf-V . 7're'r1,v111'f'1' . l'rf'S1'1lc11l Vice- l'r1v.9I'11el1l Swflvlary . . 7'rm1s11n'1' l'vfll'IllfJ' !1lI'l7I'Sl'I' MEMBERS ,WAIZII-1 AEIIUN HlI'I'H CIIAPP IJUIIOTIII IZAIIII J'llJI'I'H IIIIEIA' Am IIAINSOIII JANE NJ.-XCIQAE HE'l'TN l.A'I'IIEM JUNE Hossl-:I,I,E BETTY SEALN IIIIJA WAEKEII CLAIRE BROWN JANE CASOIN CLAIRE KEMPEI: MINNIE HAMII.Tm4 DOLLI' DAVIS l,0IIIsE HIciKs l3AI:I3AI:A SMITII NANCY SMITH PoI,I.If 'I'ATIc KINEEEEAETEN PRESENTS 'PEM THEME WEDDING E: ul Q, Xdxfl' 019 A Q, Mfsk EAL 'fm i .ff 2, .. . ' .- -' Sny w '. V X 6 Q 3 'Q S ,3 Y if 3 'fs if a i QI gf! 1 , A .S . i- 5, Ag. --fp , R, , r , Q . ., " if V .. . 5 .V 5 K 5 5 V. in .. . ...Z I, ga 3. Hn., ,. K - D .. ' tg, ., JE . 'XXQESQX 3 . . W f i, L. ' v 1. . .. . , g p ,A . , . .W U -. - A., W gk fx 2 ,ww L '- A - , . 5 ,Q ...Q t ,. in .. 1, ,gf I X., X V ...WN if , U A . Qi .. A x , - Q, , Q . - g ' -X A f ff I wage 1 X M , . Q .Q V , jf A kv s .. AM,.,,,a A W-.. 1 ' ,uf-M "" ' , S i ,lg . J' W Y ii it 'L " ' ' xx , fm-am ...J ' . tw . 3 J, gd 5 1 r i ,Z f M - f f . 1 . 29 3 ., f RM A i gi Q t 5 up ,H 2: , ,AA ' ff. ' 5 1 f' -T - Q5 fl '31 vv W , Q .i. Aki' W I .5 .V I ki .V gnu? L ' if ' 1' ' . , R Aw 2 f fi .H H A f' xii , 2 wi 1- 1 ' -f ,LH Q '- ,+ 2 pg.. 'i -. - 75+ jf HA , jj I Q . I .3 f '13 G A 51643: V L V. :z 3 A f K9 5 - ff 'if fii S lr, . 4 , Ai Z i 6 .. V, L - 2, Sf: ' e 1 Y ' Q- Q ' 4.5 -I A -3 9 A - A - A ' ,g 5 A .t - , .1 . , x J n :Y k - M M I ,J '73 5 Vu A x' 1 . 4 Em F I 'xl ' - 'Ax Xa X , 5 it QP li if ' X 6 Ek fi . X L .w A - . ,mf 7 5 s"'a mfllf, i v--If K ., ny ff-, ,v,,,,. Y 532' CQQKVEQQ J -1 X ff NA' ff 49NxiifixNNqXXfFECESS AT NAPs! -il. 'I 'Q ,U 51919 W pm! fN fr-J ff'-0j9f0XX X33 604532 I X 4 ff f + x,SkfQ759 fy F W fbfg :ig cilgff25,29' .41-""'j--Z-3 -'J-f,,.. , .- i,-...Q ,..-, f ,,l , ,-,-- I - ' 1 X F Q JY 5? Okql is L fx gi?AQkmg5i NX,.55w f if fl N N0 Q1 MKQKJ ig W3 -..J -gf -9-Swxwn. -' RANSOM Cl-APP ATHLETIC AS 0ClA'I'l0 ANN RANSOM . .... Presiflenl RUTH CLAPP . . Corresponding Secretary MAIZE ALMON . . Recording Secretary ATHLETIC B Miss DOROTHY FUGITT FRANCES BENNETT . ANN JOINER . . JOANNE RAE . ALICE LAWRENCE . BETTY SEALY . DOT IZARD .... NIARCARET ANN ELEBASH LIDA WTXI.KER . . IVIARIANNE KEITH . OARD . Faculty Aflviser Volleyball Slllillllllillg Basketball . Posters . Bowling Barlminlon Table Tennis Fielzl Day . Tennis JOANNE RAE HE VAIVITY A ,, fm"-,' ' f,-f, 1.1" --, . 1 I E fy Lf", Wx 'Z ,, VY, :fi .3 Q21 I ,, , ,C . L 4 I I . ,AIT ,.f,.,. "' '-,wM..,..,., , 96- , ,.,., ,J :fum INS, ANN HANSOM BETTY ANN WIL,SON NIARY JANE PO'I"l'l:IR ANN BROOKE IJURUTIH' ALEX ALEX DELOEES HAMRIILK DUNOTHY IZARD ANN 0.SUI.l,IVAN ,IULLIANNE COOKE DOROTHY NIILLER Bl:I'I"l'Y ANN WIYIITAK ANN JACKSON CECILE HOSENSUX NIARIANNE KEITH NAN IVEY RUTH ESTES JUDY HOUSE NANCY IVICCLUNU 1944 BA 'KETBALL For all the games tl1ey've played this yearg They fought and won or fought and lost, But played clean games at any cost. The first they played was Sacred Heart, Where ,loanne played a leading partg The next game ended in defeat, For Griffin had us in retreat. North Fulton was the next game played, And 28 was the score we made. Then Athens played us at the "Y," Forget that scoreg let's let that die. Decatur's team at first proved best, But later we won on the next test. Alumnae games bring back old friends, So our contact never ends. From five games played, we next lost two, A thing which we should never do. The Seminary came up at last, The basketball season has passed. ELEA Nou H Una, '45 UNIUR, 'l'l-IALIA Nmms, Cuptairz ISAHBARA 1l30s1'lf:K KWH 0'Sl:1.1.n AN NAVY lxm l'r:1:m Humux .IIQAN Hmm XMI-1 llnwlwmwmx HUTII lflsmz .IRAN f:tHNII"I'1HX ,llumwrxla Umm lQl.r1Amm Iilrllc lL'r:'rTw .KAN W'HI'I'AKI'lN E1.1zAm:T1-1 W11.L1AMs CLOIIIIC Hlzumzu. JXLICI-I JEAN' CAsw141LL ELIZABETH Wow CE l0li' ,IUA N N IC H A ld, Cllfilflfll MAIZIII ,'Xm1ox .I A N ld CARICN I.m:ll.l.l-3 fA5'l'l.l41HIfl lzmzln f,A'l'1's Hlwll limvv Nlmuallc CIARK Nl MIN .l A rx IC DKl'l"l' XlAm,Ama'l' Xu lil IJmm'l'Hx CHAIN Nlmxlr: IIAXIEIQIUN llolm'rHx IxAmm l'lcum' KAHN NIAIUMNI-1 KIQITH CLAIRE Krzuvm .MW lhxslmxl Hlc'r'rw SICALY RRY ,ICHASII KETB LI, sovuomolws JLDN HOUSE. Cuplain BETTY BETHEA BARRARA BROWN l'lIDI'I'H BELL IJOT HENRY ISETTY Ivm l"IifXN1II'IS IJOMINEY ANN ,IALRRON MINIRXIVI BEAM BETTX ANN VVVILSUN BARBARA WALL NANCY SMITH FRE HMEN DOROTHY ALEX, Captain ANNE BROOKE CHARLOTTE BREWER CAROLYN BARNETTE RUTH ESTES DELORES HAMRIEE DOROTHY M1LLER NANOY MCCLUNO MARY JANE POTTER JANE POWELL CECIL ROSENSON BETTY THRAILKILL SUSANNE WILLIS Joiner, Driti, Sharp, Lieich, Hosford. UHEERLEADERS c 3 1 J iii' ,7 W , 1' FNFW .Af A fiifiw 'M is lj' W I f A. .359 K! , A' ' I 7' A ' Jiffy af! , ' V K. fi Jw" wif' A , x 'H Af sb ff O le Mel-vresenfqfiv in Q, ARGAR5, e SOM., M Ji' lh GILLESPIE ore Most Representative Junior ALICE JEAN CASWELL SUPERLATIVES 5 KN fa' fmi fifi x XV H HM Nm XX :AA MLW I 5 1 ee e - LT Most Representative Freshman an MARGARET ALTMAN 'X A xi fif 55 - imx kg X LENIUR Abilify snrv SEALY Nobilify MAIZIE ALMON Play JOANNE RAY 4 'S' . w 21 ,, H iw, ' .2 Service ANN RANSOM Sophomore JUDY HOUSE K BEAUTIE Freshman DAY WALKER Senior LOUISE SHARP Junior FRANCES SECKINGER llUA'I' T2 UUMMENCEMENT ll0N0ll , 1943 Napsonia-VIRGINIA DICKSON-Announced by Anne Joiner, Junior Marshal. Class Cup, Seniors-By Winifred Williams, Student President. Cecilian Dramatic Club Cup-VIRGINIA DICKSON-By Jacqueline McPherson, '38 fDonor of the cupl. Atlanta Chapter, D. A. R., Meflal-FRANCES JOHNSTON-By Mrs. M. C. Cooper, Regent. Joseph Habersham Chapter, D. A. R., Medal-VIRGINIA DICKSON-By Regent of Chapter. General John Floyd Chapter, U. S. Daughters of 1812, MCJGI-JUlNE CHACEP-By Mrs. R. S. Jones, Jr., President. .Atlanta Chapter, U. D. C., Medal-ANNE BROOKE-By Mrs. Lawrence McCord. American Legion Medal-VIRGINIA DICKSON-By Mrs. Hugh Howell. Dorothy Partridge Memorial Cup-SONIA FREITAG-By Elizabeth Whitner fWinner of Cup in '42l. Gladys Neal Memorial Cup-ANN RANSOM-By Joyce Oberdorfer fwinner of Cup in '42l. JUNIOR HIGH HONORS The Mrs. J. M. High Unseljish Service Award-MARY THOMAS. MAY COURT Junior Marshal-ANNE JOINER. Maids--PATRICIA POWER, DOROTHY HENRY, '46g ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, FRANCES SECKINGER, '45, ALICE LAWRENCE, NORMA TOMEY, 714. 73 3 VL 'QS' 1937 ,i I ,'1- i L 1 i 1939 "Uh, Napsonia, f'vll1lS0lIl.Il, lwlozzeff. 1936 lzzczzrrzalzffzg our low and our rlremnx. Spiril of our lzopes and ufzllerslnrzrfizzg, l,0vc'ly 11.3 the slry Ilia! OAFI' llwv lIf'fIlllS.v No liuppivr nieniory 1-onws to an allnnnu hvurl than that of Class Day---llie golclvn sunsliinv on llie- lawn, llif' gl'llf'6'liUl prorvssioii ol' maids and sclniors, Ihv softly Sllililfifl yet volorful clrf-ssvs, the lovely, lovely flowers of spring-linle-and Napsoniaflhal one whom the class has 1-hose-n as bvsl lwspvaking the- Spirit ol' lhf- School! llc-re are soma' of 1111391 Nupsonia 'flflflivlly lloyl. horse-lf li graiidflaughlel' of Naps, for lim' nlollwr is an alumna, ll former lPilCllf'1'. and now 21 menlber ol' our Bozircl of Trustees. Napsoniu 'I37ffBarlJara M4611uglic-yffiion Mrs. Aubrey Talliar. Nzlpsonin, li6ffJElClIUl'l1Il l1fll'Pll1'l'SOIl. fflarolyri .Vlailcvriv--V Mrs. W'allace Carpelltf-1'-1 unotlwr rvcenl aflclilion lo our Bourcl of Trustevs. '34--Elizulleth B1ili'liSllPiiI"fI1U1N Nlrs. Williailil Flvnn land Billy started in our sm-hooli. Nupsoniu aflfim lVlary l1fliil0Ill"' Mrs. John M1-K. Wlartiiifanotlim' cluughlvr of our Bozirfl mvinlwr. Napsonia '35 clauglilvr of lXapsonia Nupsonia 'I3lflVlary HLl1'lf'L1r'1l'S. Harold lf. Williams. Napsonia '26-Y Leila Mason Mrs. Tlltllllilb 1'lll'lI'6flgP lclaughlvr. 1935 - X w 1,1-P. is an prcsmll l'ourlh b1'aclm'l. H.'1IfI'1" rfolilefzlnzevll mul low' vzfer bless llwv.. rllay llle fulurf' all SllIISlliIIf' t'llIflIfll'II.lM 5, I 1934 1933 1931 1926 f . f , f 'x - ,D 1 H r n I fx I K I' i I N N I Y '4 1 ' . 1 ' , 1 P I I f 1 5' I , I I I ,nnPs. 1444 ffdecwl AUTUGRAPHS J R. WALRAVEN MACHINE TOOLS AND SHOP EQUIPMENT 1241 Fairview Road, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Phone Cllescent 4-311 Compliments Of EAST POINT AMUSEMENT CO. COMPLIMENTS OF LeGRAND, INC. 120 Alabama Street, S. W. Atlanta, Ga. Compliments of T H E T A V E R N 625 Peachtree Street Compliments of FROST MOTOR COMPANY BALLARD,S DISPENSING OPTICIANS Walter Ballard Optical Co. -Three Stores? 105 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING W. W. ORR DOCTORS BUILDING COMPLIMENTS OF RAND 8a COMPANY 201 Spring Street, N. W. COMPLIMENTE OI' A F R I E N D T 0 M S L A T E ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CO. 592 Peachtree Street, N. E. Atlanta, Ga. Complete line of Rawlins, Spalding, Reach, Wright SI Ditson, Voit, and many Other lines Of athletic equipment. Tennis and Badminton expert restringing by Mr. A. P. Jettee. H NAPSONIAN SENIOR RINGS CECILIAN PINS C 0 rn p l i rn e n 15 5 For Any Graduating Year INVITATIONS - MEDALS TROPHIES of x h e HERFF-JONES COMPANY H. S. CANFIELD 1560 N. Decatur Rd. Atlanta LOVABLE Compliments of J. AUSTIN DII.lON CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 502 Pryor Street, S. W. Compliments of E. A. MORGAN, .leweler 118 Alabama Street, S. W. Atlanta, Ga. N A P S I T E S BE SURE TU PATRUNIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1 78 m LEARN THE LESSON OF THRIFT AND GRADUATE TO GREATER SAVINGS AT BIG STAR LITTLE STAR ROGERS' STORES Compliments of JOHN .lARREl.l.'S 84 Broad St., N. W. Complimem Ui Look for the Red Truck f f f J. P. ALLEN s. co. Then Buy GORDON,S CAKES CANDIES COMPLIWII-LNTS OF ASSORTED NUTS B U T L E R ' S SALTED PEANUTS BEAUTIFUL SHOES PEANUT5 GORDON FOODS Compliments of B R A N D E S , I N C . Trucks Serving the South 79 AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE DECATUR, GEORGIA Students from Napsonian School have made an enviable record at Agnes Scott, both in academic work and in student activities. They are always welcome. The College offers excellent facilities in regular courses and also on Music, Art, Speech, and Physi- cal Education. For literature, address S. G. STUKES, Registrar Box N J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CO. ATLANTA ESTABLISHED 1874 WEDDING RECEPTION VISITING CARDS MoNoGRA1vIIvIED STATIONERY Artistic Creations With Fine Material Samples and Prices Upon Request 110 Peachtree Street, N. W., at Peachtree Street Entrance Piedmont Hotel Congratulations! Best Wishes to the Graduates and "NAPS" from l ,,l,,,Z,,,,,:,Z, ,,,,.,., S irii ,.,.,.I,.,,,.I,, , , I,,,, ,,,g,, .,,,,.,,,,, ,::,, ,,g,,, ,SISG .,,,,.,, I I y , Compliments of GEO. MOORE ICE CREAM CO. COMPLIMENTS OF 5 Q mc:-rs BAKERY THE HOUSE OF FINE DIAMONDS SINCE 1897 774 N. Highland Ave., N, E, HIX GREEN BUICK CO. 41 North Avenue 6'Between the Peachitreesn Compliments of MARGUERITE SIMS COMPLIMENTS OF NEAL'S MII.I.INERY 171 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ga. WESLEYAN CQLLEGE Oldest Chartered College for Women MACON, GEORGIA Historic Downtown Campus: CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC AND A SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Rivoli Campus, Near Macon: LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE Fully A ccredited NEINEN C. MCPHERSON, JR., President WESLEYAN COLLEGE MACON, GEORGIA 0 Compliments of the HENRY GRADY HOTEL WHITNER 81 COMPANY OLDEST INSURANCE AGENCY IN ATLANTAH ESTABLISHED 1865 22 Marietta Building I 81 Compliments of Peachtree Hills Delicatessen R. V. Long Powell Cleaners Superior Laundry A Friend Compliments of A F R I E N D Compliments of L E 0 N F R O S H I N 225-27 Peachtree COMPLIMENTS OF MAIER 81 BERKELE 111 Peachtree Street, N. E. Compliments of MARSH BUSINESS COLLEGE DRINK BOB'S COLA GOOD FOR THIRST At Founts Everywhere 82 C0lIIIIIl'll1,ClIlS Of Fickeff - Brown Manufacturing GEORGIA MUNICIPAL BONDS LOCAL SECURITIES BANK STOCKS BROOKE, TINDALL 8: CO. Bonds and Stocks Atlanta, Georgia Telephone WAlnut 3040 J. W. TINDALL BYRON BROOKE Company MOPS AND BROOIvIs Compliments of L. M. DUREN, Jeweler 109 Hunter St., S. W. Atlanta, Ga. Charlie Brown, President ATLANTA GEORGIA Compliments of W. PAUL WILLIS www' wiwlwjzea Pause at the familiar red cooler for ice-cold Coca-Cola. Its life, sparkle and delicious taste will give you the real meaning of refreshment. 83 I 'NNN If U S .WM SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating-planning layout and design - typesetting-printing lithographing and binding . . . Thr ough- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing...Uur services include a special college annual sales and service organization . . . Abundant equipment-modern and complete . . . Prices representing maximum in value BIG FUUTE 8 DAVlES PRINTING f LITHUGHAPHING 0 ENGRAVING A T L A N T A 'HOTO-PR CESS fN6l2 VIN6 CO ns-now Luanne STREETXATLANTA asonsulx , , ru mv U- "G-:?:2::::: ::'::':"1ZJ2 Q5.:::::.I:.I 14 ..:::':::'-1: g::::......., 'Zin-4"I::::"' iii -':::::::::: fi::::Q::::q:::f l5S!2IiSIfQ"'- awizsztferilfl ....--::::::5g,, lhiifmnv :1::::::z:..,if: N., .. H372 In-?'::1::'1f :::,:,.....,- .U---5: sq.. ':::::..:..,. 1522353222225 -----"'31f3... N.--gr' HHH :Hz 5: 'g::21.2:::.: Emu i.:::.1 :fl2Ef":1r:: :::....-vggff 543351: :i::':'!..... iiiiiizsztsz ,a:.::L5.f,y 155552221553 ,......m.v 4:--"':::::.... v:::.... ..,. :::::::55:12S:: , ?:::::1::f5EE:! :f53f7fZ.1.::a:2 :::r1i1133:EE'E! ,!EZEi':::'2EfE5E a::5g:g:pg::5:eg Iain:-112:11-ga: f1IZfZfw'f1'il:1 M:-::::7.A---Z ai'El:::e::::.:5g :::.....1g:::::.. ::::::::f15E:e::: z::EE::::::::.g53 ::1::::::..::1,g: ?'55:?:i::::1!:. :::::,... -- '-1E::::::::::r:1 :'1..'fHr::c::: ffil?EZZEa::z::: 7Z?i2iE::!:14I2S ::::::::::::::::. ---4-'::f:f:::::: :::::5I??EE?::p:- :::...,,g1gg1e:f P71f4E::::::::::: :::::::::::gg5g5, I--::::::::zs2Q1C E5:125fEEEEEE.::. 12CJ.i7g:f3:1L!Z, ::::!2-glggzawz, ::1f2f93EiEi,i.: ..,,..--gj.,...... 'E!2iEE:E::rI:?1E 1....,.,g:.',-V 'A'::1::,..--:::: :: 3?52E:::a:25E 5!r?ff5??Zs2-E21 ':s::z:.., .-'zrv ::xa::5?1::' 12:1 'cw 1-' :uit '::1:L:::..,1:::. 3.1.:vr:!E.:::p 17I15E:1::':"11E 1::::5g5'E::::::: 1::,..,,.,51:r:: ......g::.......- ':::::........,.. .-.u,,...,-:2'f- .... .... :,,,,:,,, :1:1:::g:,g1z1::: 53f5fZ3:z::!iZi2- rzgzziiiisczezzz :::::7:,r::e::a '- 'z:::::,ff--:': :t:.,,v:::::ZL?g :qgg5g55zf:::,.. lf3i::::4:::gQQQ: gggzilfpqgggggg 2212--yE:::.:i:: :"'..'-::f:.:::: :::2221-'e:::!::' P4WiE?E3E.:::: ::I1:i:::::f::::: EEE3?ZEi:::::::ii ""1 -....,..-:A 0 , . . . . 1 V n " . . Z ' 4 . , . .1 V .. . . Uh F . ' x ul . if . I ' I .. I , pf. . N. .. z , ' . . 'F , . , . . . . . , ' , .., '. F 1 .. , . v ', , . ul 1 ' . I 1 I. o I v I 'l 1. . . V. 7 1 . f . .. tzziiihilltl I.. 1 a w fl E 2 5 i 3 1 2 ? S 2 1 Q Q i G i Z 5 5 1 ,E s 5 5 a 1' X a 3 3 3

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