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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Q , "1'.fl,w1l '- t l,,F ' -i,'3' f 'I si ' ' ' I - 4 -. ui. ,.,.,, 1 1- '. E . 3 - An" ., , W ' f' ' , , ', if -al 1 W ve -, f :1'+,ac W 1. I 1- . x ' F Q A. . rw ," ,,' 5,.u' ,U ,Jan - ' ' ' A. :"5,g." W r" 4- -1' ' i iwfll' 5 ' I 'W ' 1 i li' ' 1- ,i '- v- -' -' -.x . . uf! I L" Q. hifi, I' V -ff," 76 . I - .-rx. V , -- .- ,.,. .. ,.. ,f ., ..:1Q, 4 -. A .. '. , P is: ' 1 f -, - ,, ,, 7- . i..W5. -"v,-,113-1' ,Q Q- X , I ,., . ' ' . - X 1 . 3, '21,-v2e'.".+4 ' P - -Mfg' !..3f,f,1 ' L 1 . . ,.'l'-1Q.4g7.w-5 gg. T 'V r-'un' f ' 11-3 1 .f "wa L . Y -' av-,swf . -.4u,f'..'5-?'-"' . .' lxfl'!,W""f ,WF VT 'J , , v 1 'Fr .115 .i X l M ' ' . , X Q . ?3f'fv: A f ' , 1 . , 11' -' ,I 19 A ' vp. A .sg V . I '-aan' J! , . ,.V. , . , .', J 1' 'v?"""- '- . V A , N , . -H .- L - -VI.. Ai, , iff- 'I - 12.3 A 'O..,Ngr " '3.V,m5,yfg' L4'f'E',, x -.. ff- ' y . .-1- , , , self,-Q,-, -1-' . ,. . , if . . ,ig.:.n"", 5 ., gl- -J. 11 - - 1- , fin 3':,,'T.'..1.w-S1- ' Q . L-- ,aff " , 4 P-'Z-.y r ' Ht. vs... :hr - Y., wg., . 1 X ,, " Q A"-' 1 " '-1-F. - . . .li,N"-mx . s-a . 3' H' .K . . Q! ,. ' 'f 1- J..-. - 1. f 31.33 :If ' F .., . 'ia wg'-Lv , T, 1243.113 4' .J V ' - 'f f. fm -, .'A:.fn . i . -f . ' -vw ww mr. . . Q --pi va' .::5.,i:. . ' - N-J' fy' rrugya jfLZ1?3'E,'? ' 1, 'V , , . , -, ,122 " ' . .gf rA:Y:Hi,L, E 1 A J: I . ,A fp jg is In 5 'F-5 bw -A . - AJP . ' gag! ' -, + Tye -ff gvnf' .X , A -'wg-'miiq I ,pmfkh 3, M. 'N .. 3 A . Q vp'.jlf...': Jf' ' ",1 " eff. -5, , f uf"-"' "." ' ' F-. ,mf V - S I A . 4. .V am '. w.l,iE. u 1 , .' -if . H 'Q . -X .W ,gf . .A W. Y. . L , 47' A L M . 4:41 ,r X if-qt - 1 , :ff , - I . ,I M I 3, 1... ,Q nw, 2 Y, , .gr-',' 1 V - . - - ' ' ' ' .Xiu ', 1 .. 2 . ,- ,W . . . i.Lh2,:pls .xg g,,:W,l .. -, jpdvwji , 'i fr: :.,4 . L ,shinal : :I . .1 ,, J - . , ,,, 1 U? 1 ' ' ' jg ' 1 Q. . 5 21-. 1. , U b V+ . .Zjr ' ' Q-W .T -i, - W Fx. ...hymn .Q .' Z xy' f -43,37 3" Ab-LL?-Af' QA' 'N .' . .' 1' '.-y- ' f!'f"".1: X Q, -..:.i.A!?-.',' " ' .' '- ' I' - -rs' . '12 . .1 vi" ., .121 ii: . . .ag V ' 'P' ' ' " -5.1 ' AL, ' ' L ' G.. V wx In .- ' vi . T?'2..5, -riff nw.. ,J Q n . ' 5 L, 1. X . mg ,. 1 L., -. . . gf- . .1 . L. "lu Ll iq-gk V-,f 'HA 1 vm, .11 ,H K., 'ff-, I V'iQ,H2..3. ' 7 1:1 '. 1.,, Al: LJ N. 5. . .' ' ' A fi' . A.: lla . , l , 5 'fr x ,.,,. . 4. ml' I p-'U' .X ':f.,,':' '- . M X i H ll in 1 x ' A vi . " 1- if -. if Qu .ix A "Q, Lv. .1 A ALM- -,. . ,'x..,, 1 .5553 , A .NL .Wd 1 ' wr: .4 . , 1, 112,- r' . 4 Ah .Mig ,Q ' ' MH. . lf' K ia, , v 1 Y fc V ' " ,. E fh- . ,A :., 2 .1 .. .I N ' x :fur 4. ' yi' f" . -ff ,gy . .. 'N 4,1 , ..,.. , , 'F f ' ,. 1 ', , , . C' . - uri 5, -L-j.V'1r. -a..'z ,NV-g1'v?, .11 M fg- X-ui! ' ' ' inf' 'nr N' .A 1 it .I 4 X - Atv' A ., Q: If. 'n 3. ,nf - ..- n u 5 My v , . rm r I 'Jw-S -4 1. -NF-'Q 5, , RH, '- . --iffwii " , -11,5 , 'l 9' ',1,-li' '- . ' 1 ,. -Q' . 'iv . jug, W --f, ,. ' 'HE Li 3,1 -5:55. " xj-,A '- 'J :f"'f".'1.'+"f-' ag, f M: ,' 1-.2-, , , W. 'A .L t AA, I .1"Pf'4'a, 1 .,4.' Vg. U ,Q , dr. . 0 .. 144'- 1 'iw in 'gf' A ' jig' "1 Q ft MC .wgf m" ' L- r 'wr - ,IPD ', A . 1 'r ub ' 'U Af V. aL KI., . Nl , f A "Amp '?- 5' 0, I rl 'EJ Hun., .-Q :Liz ,, 8- ,d ,: 1 , A' HA' 1 1,-Q .1g'g-Vvg' ft, , ND' '- f .1 1 ' hw 598-e -, - . ,-Q45 , - .. 'is H ' 'lf' 5, , H - 1. win -, 5 . 1, - I Y ., I - ' - . 'fir , " yiir' Q 1 'L .1 ,. fi V ul- f,-9 -'Www 1 1 . , X ff'f?xE5:i1- J ' . viii, 3, .' - . '.'-,',-gif.. ' - - li' . 'TUNE FOR. 'PHE NAPANET NAPPANEE, INDI 1950 ll l -Ll 1 'Qt mom gi il 1 lg-ji T l T E T flgllialu To r 1 L L w E THE 1950 NAPANET The TIME has come once again to open the doors of Nappanee High School and take you behind the scenes, revealing the component parts which combined to give our school its per- sonality. The present Napanet is a record of our endeavors to obtain a fuller and clearer outlook on life, to gain a truer viewpoint by rubbing shoulders with reality. I. A. Miller, Inc. Pvntiao and International Trucks TIME FOR SCHOOL I. A. Miller, Inc. General Electric Appliances AN INDEX OF WHAT WE DID CLASSES PAGE: 2 I We spent our time to find that which we most are seek- ing. ADMINISTRATION PAGE: 10 They spent their time to benefit us. CLASSMAT ES PAGE: 16 i We spent our time in associ- ation with our fellow stu- dents. .S trztv Hrznlf of LV1112.1lfl'l'll'U Delbert Price, Ill. D. Member of Fed. Ilep. hzs, Corp. -4- 451 N. Hartman St.-Phone 99 ACTIVITIES PAGE: 38 We spent our time in de- votion to clubs and other important events. MUSIC PAGE: 56 We spent our time in achieving greater heights in musical ability. SPGRTS PAGE: 60 We spent our time in de- veloping skill and realiz- ing the value of clean play in the field of athletics. East Side Grocery Lutes Service Station Groceries-Meats-Fresh, Vegetables - - Gas0line-Oil-Atlas Tires-Batteries - E r v gf." IN THE ENGLISH CLASS IN THE HOME ECONOMICS CLASS ll0Cl6lL77IlL7l'8 Ice Cream N applmee liwzfry - 6 - We learn to express our- selves intelligently in order to be successful in this world of keen competition. Preparing to be the ideal homemakers of tomorrow, are these girls, under the direction ot Mrs. Millice. Clotliiny, HlI?'fIIl'fIl'l' and A111IlZ'lIi'ICf'S Slzivcly llvpartnzent Store ff IN THE CHEMISTRY CLASS IN THE GOVERNMENT CLASS .YOIllIfllIl,SG7' Hufclieries "Good Luck" Chicks - 7 -- Through scientific research these students are preparing to meet the challenge of the future. These students of today will be the citizens of tomorrow. Here they learn the founda- tions upon which our govern- ment is formed. Milleffs Gfrocefry Save TlLI'0IlylL I. G. A. IN THE LATIN CLASS IN THE SHORTHAND CLASS O. N. Lentz, ll.IJ.S. 15.4 'Ai East Market Street - 8- I Learning fo understand and read fluenfly a foreign lan- guage draws us closer fo- gefher with our neighbors. These girls are being trained for a career in business as they fake dicfafion from fheir feacher, Mr. Posfma. Pletchefr Motofr Company Buick-Olds-GMC Trurclcs IN THE GEOMETRY CLASS IN THE DRIVING CLASS Quality Pfnint Shop Printing of the Better Kind - 9 - The habii of correcf thinking acquired in this sfudy is beneficial fo all. The sfu- dents learn fo reason out and prove facfs according fo given conditions. Under the direcfion of Mr. Weddle these sfudenfs learn the rules and fundamenfals of safe driving. Willafrd M. N aylofr Insufncmce-Real Esmte-Lvrms I I, if J I I X.l,! L r 56 K V 4 TIME has left its mark upon us in the form ot added knowledge, and it is only through the el-Torts of our teachers and ad- visors that we have gained that learning. Year after year they have guided us in prepar- ing for our responsibilities in the world. They have helped us to gain the knowledge which we now possess, they have en- abled us to make more of our own decisions and iron out our difficulties in life. WILLIAM KENDALL, Superintendent GALEN ROOSE, High School Principal HUBER YODER, Grade School Principal E. IV. Piclrlislzing House Prmters of "Napanet" FROM TO 6 B. 'fi' TIME FOR THE ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL BOARD President-CARLYLE MUTSCHLER Secretary-CHARLES EDLER Treasurer-JOHN COPPE5 These members of the School Board have made themselves endeared to Nappanee High School by their commendable interest in everything undertaken by thu students, and the problems that arise. OFFICE PERSONNEL These girls, Rae Ellen Field, Katherine Zimmerman, and Margie Middaugh, are the able secretaries to Mr. Roose, Mr. Kendall, and Mr. Yoder. The clerical work of our school increases with its constant growth. NURSE With a cheerful smile for all, Anna Woodhams, in her clean white uniform, is on hand every day to care 'for our many aches and pains. This year she has been busy giving hearing tests and as- sisting in physical examinations of stu- dents. Mugfs Ciffvs Sr'r1'fcr2 Station Stillsmzfs Mv'n,'s mul Boys lV6fl'I' Upvrrltwl hy Hull um! SC'lIlIIll!'ln'f"V' - 12- Spoo tmg Goods FACULTY IVAYNE BEST Physical Education, Social Studies. Junior High and Track Coach Manchester College, A.B. Indiana University, MHS. CHARLES BYERS Vocational Agriculture Purdue, B.S. Ball State Teachers College Indiana Statc Teachers College ROSEANNA FOLEY Jr. High English, Health, Physical Education Hanovei' College. B.S. LEVVIS HABEGGER Instrumental Music, Commerce Manchester College, RS. Michigan State University CLARENCE HOLAVVAY Mathematics, Foreign Languages Goshen College, B.A. Indiana University, M.S. ESTHEII Hoovifilfz English. Physical Education Indiana University, A.B. University of California at Los Angeles Ball State Teachers College JAMES KING Industrial Arts, Diversified Occupations Purdue, B.S., T. and LE., M.S. Ed. DONALD MASON Mathematics. Assistant Football Coach Purdue, Ii.l'.E. LUCY lvlllililfl English Indiana Univ-crsity, A.B. Northwestern University Goshen College MARCIA MILLICE Honin Economics Purdue, B.S. ISURNELI. MUMMERT Health, Physical ldducation, Geography, Coach Franklin College, A.B, Hall State Teachers College HARVEY POSTMA Commerce Goshen Coll-ege, A.B. Indiana University, M.C.S. l'1l.lX'lI'IR VURLEE Mathematics, Science Rall State Teachers College, B.S. University of Illinois DOROTHY RITTER Music Central College, Mo. Northwestern University, B.M.E. MARY ROOII Art Terre Haute Teachers College, B,S. JAMES XVEDDLE Biology, Driving Manchester College, B.S. Indiana University, M.S. OLIVE VVEAVER English and Library Middle Tennessee State, RS. University of Illinois, B.S. in L.S. LAXVRENCE VVHITE Social Science Manchester College, A.B. Ball State Teachers College Indiana University, M.S. G. L. Oryza, D.D.S. 201 North Main Street Wright Funeral Home A'm'b1LlfLTLC'6 Service CAFETERIA CUSTODIANS Mrs. Clouse lwashing dishesl, Mrs. Geyer lcookingl, Left to right: Noble Flowers, Ralph Mrs. Otto lwashing dishesl. These women have pre- pared the meals every day. Stump, Donald Swihart. CAFETERIA AND CUSTODIANS Here are three "young" men whom you see almost everyday. They have kept our school in good condition and readiness day after day. At ll:3O every school day the cafeteria in the grade building becomes a place of pleasant bustle and activity. This new addition to the school program has been very successful. Wholesome meals are served for twenty-five cents. Special credit should be given to the P.T.A. mothers who have given much of their time in helping with the lunches. The home economics girls have also helped servo and keep the eating rooms in order. Stuckmrm's Shoe Store R. A. Fleetwood, M.D. R41 l"rescripti0n - 14 -- 301 N0'l'UL Main Street BOOKSTORE All school supplies from pencils to Bulldog Hats are sold in this book store, which is open from 8:00 - 8:20 o'clock in the morning and l2:35 - l2:45 at noon. Mr. Holaway is in charge of the store and his helper is Mary Rockstroh. These two have been on the iob every day since school began. The money from this store is put into a textbook fund from which the students' books are bought and rented. Left to right-Mariette Mellinger, Jennie Lee Gall, Mary Rockstroh, Eugene Mr. Holaway Smith Joseph, VV. Kindig Kroger Store Attorney att L-aw -- 15 - Quality and Service 5 " f l Q 5 1 1: Atl- -:N l l ll ll-E llllllii " A Drinking cokes at noon period are: Nannette Troxel, George Hochstetler, Leon Farmwald, Bar- bara Moneyheffer. Profits from this machine help to finance De- bate team activities. Respect for our school is found in our associations with our fellow students. As our school years passed by, we formed everlasting friendships, some new, some old. Books are the whole of neither high school or life, they illumine but one vista, and we must look through another window of con- tact with the world if we want to see the whole plane of life and, by combining our observations with our classmates, view the world in its completeness. Kf:cy's Deluxe Motor Sales 1loSoto-Plymouth, FROM i TO TIME FOR CLASSMATES Kacgfs Deluxe Moto Sinclair Pfr . 5 ll if,,,sf V fff,?'7 WHO'S WHO Plc tclz er If'u'rnitu rc Company Furmturc-A pplirmccs si fa These students have received the outstanding honors of our school. Sports .,,.,,, Scholarship .c,... . Dromotics ..s... . Leadership Art ................ ,,.,., Music ....,.....,, Agriculture Eugene Smith .....Deloris McCuen .....,.....YJack Reed ...,...,,..,,.,,,,Fred Rice William Farrington ....,,Potriciu Hollcr .....Leon Fcirmwald SENIGR CLASS Class Flower: Red Camelia Class Colors: Dark Red and Grey Class Sponsors: Miss Hoover and Mr. Roose Class Motto: "Too low they build, who build beneath the stars."-Young. At last a senior, dignified and most assuming, praised and hon- ored by his schoolmates. Even as we, the class of 1950, look back on those days we've learned to cherish, on events we've learned to honor, sadness creeps into our memory. In the shadow of these passing memories, hopes were born, ideas grew. 1 House of Hrwter, Goshen Ind - 13 -1 "Sportmg Good JUSTIN BAMMEL "Justin" Chorus l, 2, 3, Ensembles l, 2 MARY HELEN ARNOTT "Mary" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3 LCLETA COPPES "Leta" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, Li- brarian 3 CARLYLE BUSS "Carlyle" FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural basketball 3, 4, Noon basketball l, 2 WlLLlAM COPPES "Bill" Hi-Y 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Intramural basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 2, 3, 4 MARTHA CORI. "Martha" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 3, Class secretary and treasurer l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Annual Staff 4, G.A.A. l, 2 PHYLLlS GALBREATH "Phyl" Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, 4 LEON FARMWALD "Leon" FFA l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Secretary 3, Intramural basketball 3, 4 WILLIAM FARRINGTON "Bill" HI-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, En- sembles 3, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, Class Vice-president 3, Dramatics, "Old Doc" 2, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask The Professor" 4, Journalism 2, 3, 4 LAURINE HAINES "Laurine" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 3, G.A.A. l Klin.e's Dept. Stow, flfrxlwll, Iml. Olympia. Cfzrzflivs, Gvslmn, Ind. l'V11U'I'l? Better llIl"I'f'll!llIflfSl' is CflllJ'ft'lJIlSl!j Svlrl -- 20- Home Illlldv Crmdivs J I A J' PEGGE HARE "Peg" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Class President I, Vice- president 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, Journalism I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, "Sun- bonnet Sue" 3 JAMES HECKAMAN "Rabbit" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Softball 3 ROLAND HECKAMAN "Roland" Band I, 2, 3, 4, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, Dra- matics, "Old Doc" 2, Intramural basket- ball 3, 4, Track I, 2 CAROLE HECKAMAN "Carole" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Ensembles I, 3, 4, Librarian 4, Thes- pians 4, Dramatics, "Little Women" I, "Old Doc" 2, "Doctor's Orders" 4, "Sun- bonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4, Journalism I, 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA HOLLAR "Pat" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, National Honor Society, Secretary-treasurer 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Chorus 4, President 4, Ensembles I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4, State Rep- resentative 4, D.A.R. 4 GEORGE HOCHSTETLER "George" Intramural basketball I, 2, 3, 4 CARROLL HOLAWAY "Carroll" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Ensembles I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural basket- ball 3, 4, Journalism 4, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4 PATRICIA MARTIN "Pat" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, FHA I, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 4 BETTY MAY "Betty" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Band 3, Chorus 2, 3, G.A.A. I WILLIAM HOOD "Bill" F.F.A. 4, Intramural basketball, Track 3 Lockridge Studio Rochester, I 'IL!fiU,7L!l Robertsonfs South Bend's Favorite Dept. Stofre I':lIIl'. I1lI'7Illlll'f K1 SIWIS, lVl1,i'1I'I'llS!L, Ind. Complete Homv Ou tfittvrs NELSON MARTIN "Nelson" Hi-Y 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Track l, Noon bas- ketball 'l DELORIS McCUEN "Dee" Y-Teens 'l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Vice-president 4, Student Council 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Reception Committee 3, Valedictorian 4, Class Vice- president 4, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4, Journalism 4 MARIETTE MELLINGER "Etta" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Ensembles 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Salutato- rian 4, Girls' State 3, Dramatics l, 2, 3, "Little Women" l, Journalism l, 2, 3, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3 GEORGE McGILLEN "George" Hi-Y 4, Thespians 4, In Science Hill School: Thespians, President, Chorus, Student Council, Journalism STANLEY NAYLOR "Stan" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 4, Student Council Vice-president 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural basket- ball 3, 4, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4 MARGIE MIDDAUGH "Marge" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3 FERNE MIKEL "Ferne" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 JAMES PITTMAN "Jim" Band l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l JACK REED "Babe" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, Chorus l, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural basketball 2, 3, "Old Doc" 2, "Stranger in the Night" 3, "Doctor's Orders" 4, Presi- dent of Class 2 BARBARA MONEYHEFFER "Barb" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, President 4, Student Council 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-treasurer 3, 4, G.A.A. 2 ROSAMAE SHEETS "Rosie" Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-presi- dent 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Ensembles 2, 3, 4, Thespians 4, Debate 2, Journalism 4, Dramatics 2, 3, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4, "Doctor's Orders" 4 GENE GWIN "Teeny" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Intramural basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matics, "Stranger in the Night" 3, "Doc- tor's Orders" 4 KENNETH GEORGE "Kenny" Future Farmers I ARLENE SCHWARTZ "Arlene" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, President 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Ensembles I, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pians 3, 4, Secretary 4, Debate 2, Dra- matics Vice-president 2, Journalism I, 2, 3, 4, "Little Women" I, "Stranger in the Night" 3, "Doctor's Orders" 4, "Sunbon- net Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4 PATRICIA REED "Pat" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 4 DANIEL GAMBLE "Dan" Hi-Y 3, 4, Class President I, Thespians 3, 4, Debate 3, Track 3, Journalism 3, Dra- matics, "Stranger in the Night" 3, "Doc- tor's Orders" 4 DONALD GARDNER "Don" Hi-Y 2, Reception Committee 3, Track I, Basketball 2, Intramural basketball I, 2, 3, 4 JOAN SHAUM "Joan" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 4 BETTY LEE TANIS, "Betty Lee" Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Recep- tion Committee 3, Annual Staff 4, Thes- pians 4, Debate 2, Journalism 4, Dramatics 2, 3, "Doctor's Orders" 4, "Ask the Pro- fessor" 4 FRED RICE "Fred" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-president 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 3, 4, An- nual Staff 4, Thespians 4, Journalism 4, Class President 4, "Ask the Professor " 4, "Doctor's Orders" 4 M. W olfberg and Son, Wakarusa, Ind. Good Clothes for Every Member of the Family Stahigfs Prmhcce, Wakarusa, Ind. Poultry-Eggs-Custom, Bzltclzsering-Craving DONALD RILEY "Don" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 NANNETTE TROXEL "Nannette" makers 2, 3, 4, G.A,A. 2, 3 HELEN WYMAN "Helen" Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Debate 2, "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4 EUGENE SMITH "Smitty" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Ensembles I, 2, 3, Annual Track I, 2, 3, Softball 3, Journalism I, 2, 3,4 EUGENE SLABAUGH "Gene" "Sunbonnet Sue" 3, "Ask the Professor" 4 PEGGE WILLIAMS "Peg" Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, vice- president 4, G.A.A. I, 2 ANN WRIGHT "Ann" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, 4, President 4, Girls' State 3, Jour- nalism 2, 3, 4, "Stranger in the Night" 3 ROY SNYDER "Roy" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. I, Track 3, 4, Intra- mural basketball 3, 4 MAX WEAVER "Max" Hi-Y 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Debate 2, 3, 4, President 4, Journalism I, 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM TYNDALL "Bill" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, An- nual Staff 4, Debate 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Track I, 3, 4, Noon basketball I, 2, 4, Journalism I, 2, 3 Sfllflllllfln Wrrtch. Shop Seclwist and Son Fine Watches and Diamonds -24- I'lu'mbin.g and Heating Y-Teens 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Future Home- Staff 4, Debate I, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, SE IORS Ruckman-Callandez Insurance Agency TOP ROW ACROSS: Singing in the assembly Being measured for caps and gowns Chatting in the hall MIDDLE ROW: Examining commencement invi- tations "Coking" between classes Studying in the library BOTTOM ROW: Primping between classes Buying lunch tickets indulging in candy bars O. A. Lambert Produce Buyer and Shipper l l JU IORS We have sixty-four members in our class this year, most of whom are active in many maior activi- ties. Our Student C o u n c i I repre- sentatives are John Robinson and Dana Gray. Herbert Cripe, Mari- lyn Reed, and Barbara Sharp be- came National H o n or Society members. Selling magazines helped us a great deal in raising money for our class, and because of our money making proiects, we were much too busy for parties. CLASS OFFICERS Vice-president .............. Elsie Davis Secretary-treasurer-Barbara Sharp President ....... ...... H erbert Cripe Wm. F. Nehefr and Son Reed Ch0v'l'0leC Sales Real Estate and Insurumce - 26 -- Chevrolet First for "so" Top Bow: Keith Anglemeyer Wilfred Anglin Lyle Wade Best Dennis Brumbaugh John Brunso William Buss 10th Bow: Delores Cole Richard Corwin Herbert Cripe Elsie Davis Harvey DeFrees Phyllis Detwiler 9th low: Richard Dick Forrest Dunnuck Edward Eilers James Fleetwood JoAnn Galbreath Sally Gall 8th Bow: Vance George Carol Gillis Barbara Golden Dana Gray Yvonne Haines Virgil Hall 7th ROW! Willard Hartman Carl Heckaman Donnabelle Hepler Phillip Huif Niles Hunsberger Norma Ingle 6th Row: Gene Johnson Dawn Keesler Jerry Lentl Rodney Loudermilk Virgil Martin Richard Mikel 5th Bowl Irena Miller James Miller Robert Miller Thelma Miller Richard Mishler Rachael Pfeiffer 4th Row: Marilyn Phend Beverly Ralston Glen Reed Marilyn Reed LaMar Reichert Emma Jean Rensberger 3rd Dow: John Robinson Nancy Sechrist Barbara Sharp Betty Sharp Bernell .Slabaugh Howard Stutzman 2nd Bow: .... Lois Templin Richard Ulino Ralph Umbaugh David Walters 'Frieda Walters Billie Jean Widmoyer llt Bow: Donald Welty Walter Williams Royce Yoder Nappanee Greeruhouse "Say It With Flowers" North End Garage-R. H. Mishler Your Kaiser Frasier Dealer SOPHO ORES Ren s1ie'rge'r S tfL'lZlllL'l'd Service T1'res-Batteries-A ccvssowes The Sophomore Class was in high spirits when it entered the halls of N.H.S. on the second lap of its high school career. After having a hayride we got down to some real business. ln order that next year's seniors might have the best reception ever, we planned to have a bake sale. This proiect was most suc- cessful. Our sponsors are Mrs. Miles and Mr. Weddle and Student Council m e m b e r s are Patricia Henley and George Sheets. CLASS OFFICERS Vice-president ..,. James Mitterling President ..,,,,,. Della Ina Chapman Sec'y-Treas. ...... Patricia Richmond Millefr Lwmibefr and Coal Co. For Good Coal, Phone 137 Top row: Mark Bammel Wilfred Blessing David Bowers Della Ina, Chapman Shirley Davis 2nd row: Martha Dick Eldon Disher JoAnn Farrington Jerald Freet Junior Fuller 3rd row: Douglas Geyer 'Roger Greenawalt Patricia Henley David Hostetter Robert Jensen 4th row: Esther Kaufman Edwin Kern Paul Lechlitner Barbara LeCount Arlene Lehman 5th row: Avis Losee Sue Martin James Messner Robert Messner James Mitterling 6th row: Marla Mutschler Betty Phillips Mary Jane Pittman Rose Reprogle Patricia Richmond 7th row: Mary Rockstroh James Rose Arlene Schmucker Monna Sechrist Eleanora Shaffer Sth row: Betty Sharkey George Sheets Dale Shively JoAnn Shively Mary Slabaugh 9th row: Sally Snider David Stouder Glen Stump William Stutzman Ruby Tobias 10th row: James Troxel Allen Wagner Arlene Welty Wayne Welty Marie Wilson 11th row: Fred Wilt Philip wright John Zimmerman - ' Ronald Miller fabsentj E. Newcomer and Sofn. Naylofr's Grocery and Market The Store of Fiwe Jewelry - 29 - Ffree Delivery .J FRESHME We the class of "53" started our freshman year with seventy-seven members. Officers were elected soon after school had started. Our student council members are Alice .loan Slabaugh and Greta Bigler. Our class sponsors are Miss Foley and Mr. White. Our first party was a skating party at the Warsaw Tunnel of Fun. Everyone is looking forward to our second year in high school. CLASS OFFICERS Vice-president ....,,,,,,.... Paul Flowers President ..... ...... K eith MCCUen Sec'y-Treas. ......,... Jolene Klingaman Ray Hivcl y 0. E. Chfristnefr and Son 1,I1llH1JiH"j um! Rcfrigwratflr Serfrice - 30 - D-X P'f0d1l6tS Top row: Norris Balsley Madge Bauman Greta Bigler Charlene Bollman James Burt Carlyle Chupp Carroll Coppes Tenth row: Betty Corwin Stanley 'Farmwald James Fish Paul Flowers Waneta Frenier Donald Gal reath Theodore Gall Ninth row: Shirley Gaskill Marlene George Richard Gessinger Robert Gessinger Shirley Geyer Douglas Golden Wesley Hansen Eighth row: Shirley Heckaman Lula Belle Harman Richard Hepler Walter Hershberger Charles Hostetler Betty Hochstetler Helen Huff Seventh row: Ruth Kahler Jolene Klingaman Joan Knepp Jane Loudermilk Patricia Lutes Robert Lutes Billy Main Sixth row: Donald Malcolm Mary Martin Junior Martz Keith McCuen Sheila McGriff Dorothy Mikel Carl Miller Fifth row: Eli Miller Ervin Miller Julia. Miller Lewis Mitschelen George Mitschelen, Jr. Carol Ma-e Miller Kenneth Mitterling Fourth row: Suzanne Mummert Donald Parcell Gordon Pfeiffer Marilyn Pippenger Marianne Reed Julia Rensberger Janet Rohrer Third row: Phyllis Roth Paul Sechrist Billy Sharp Ruth Sheets Alice Slabaugh Kathryn Slabaugh Marilyn Sparks Second row: VVilliam Stillson Jane ,Strauss William Strang Shirley Sutheimer Donna Teeter Gerald Wagner Mary Jo Walters Bottom row: Robert Waters Samuel Weldy Carlyle Welty Betty Yoder Lowell Young C. W. Johnson Ga Son Drug Store Curl Brothers Barber Shop Try Our Soda Fountain - 31 - Quwk Service TOI' PICTURE l!H'l"l'4lM IQUXVZ linlu-rl lllwsll-s. .lohn 'I'cvl1l:us. l"1':mlilin lh-1-ml, .lunn-S XYHV- rvn. .luuinr Phillips, t'l1:1rIvs lllll4'S. SIGUHNIH IIUXY: t':u'ulyn lie-rn, lmis Sl'l'llI'lSl, l!:1r'lu:lr':l Mvllunnlal. Molly .In 'l'nlui:ls, l'2ll'Ul l'u:4tm:1. t'zu'nlyn lllurlz. Shirlr-y l.4mg'lim-ld, Sully Slmive-ly. 'l'lllllll KUXV: Mr. lh-sl, swnxsmi Gln-nnis llw-ml, Susan XN'rip.:'l1l. Slmirll-y lmsm-1-, XX'y:1ml Mvlluw, f':1rul:- .Xnn Nillvr. Kathryn Milla-V, Luis l.1-mlm, Mary I':lll'll 'l'u-nxvl, Shirlvy Sm-vhrisl. 'l'4ll' HUXY: lill'hJll'Il lil-lmsln-r'g'l-1', l.:um:1r l'lQ-I1-lu-1', 1,1-un Wmvllll. Vllalrlvs XY:lIla-rs, l'zlul X1-ntz, lluyw' Stump, .lzlmf-s 'l'ulri:1s, 1':mVl illurris, .luniur N1-wvmm-r. BOTTONI PICTURE l!O'I"l'UKl HUXVZ llumllll lllSlll'I'. .lm-ssv l:1'I'l.1'1'l', .lilvkiv l'l1'l'y. linlwrl XVy1v1:ln. M1-lvin Nissln-y, lmnniv llm-hstl-llle-1', lAlI'4'll lmsn-1-, SICUUNII HHXY: ,lmm Grimm, 'l'w-Fry Il2llllSllt'l', l':n'ul Iflslln-1' Illilln-V, l!:1rlx:l1':l Uumws. Kzly lu-mlzull. Num-y lnppm-s. .lam-I lf lslu-V, lhmnn- l'm'l, Lulzlln-llv lla-pl.-r. 'Vllllill ROW: .lvun Il:1rtm:u1, Ill-ll-n lwllz, 'I'vrry lluslw-ll:-r. Marla-xw l+'x"nw l"11'ul lbw-I4'l'v-1-Q 9'1l'il'x ivlxrm-k l'llllll'l t'linp.:e mu 1 l IRQ all im 1 4 .xflillllli Patsy Klvim, Mr. lltllzmwny, spullsor. 'FUI' RUNY: Max lim-ry, Idllllill' llul't'm:ln. Iluuglzls Uripv. .lm-k llmul, Klux Slulvzlllglm. llilllllll' Hes-kzumxn, Iluvid Gull, l":1rl'ull liillu-V, Ile-m',u,'v Fox. Rvif-lwrf Auto .qf'7'l'l.f'P A. H. Ifflllflllflll and Co. Mvtnfr 7'um'-I'p, If1rHv1'y uml L1llJl'I.CllfI.fl71 - 32 - H11rrlu'11rf', Pninf, mul Slmrfirzg Goods TOP PICTURE I"RON'l' RUN' ts:-zittttd, ln-ft to rig'hlJ: Virgil Fisher, Daniel Hostottf-r. Lyle- Hull. Nonztlti tlorvs. Donald 1'xEH'l1lXX'2lld, Norman Marvcl. SECOND IUDW: l'Nl'21l1t'k'S Alvtlrilil Mary Jzuw l"I't'Ilg't'l'. Sandra Ne-ttrour. Martha Inglt-, Douf,:I:1s Kzihlttr, .lumt-s 'lg2lI'I!'ll2ll1, .Iool M+-Ilinp.:'m-r, lit-tty Set-hrist. l':itrit'i:i Kriz. THIRD ROW: Miss Rittt-r, advisor, Janet Mattvrn, Johzmna .l-vrlt-S. Doris HllI1Sllt'l'gQ'l'. Mary Jam- Russ, .Ioan lnglv, Bvtty Kieifvr, Reovzl .If-wt-ll. Stvllzt Snydvr, Iii-lu-tw-ai, l'z1t'rn-ll. The-lina Rose-. TOI' RONV: John lnglv, Vivtor Milli-t'. Howard He-plvr, Ilowvll Detwn,-ilt-r, Mt-lvin Gingurich, Jonas Hof-listotlivr, .Iohn lluchstutlur, Wilbur Kuufnlan. BOTTOM PICTURE FRONT ROW ist-zttvd, loft to rightbz Bryct- Slahaugh, NVaynQ Brock, Mol- vin Mullt-t. .-Xlle-n Slztlvzitigli, Ilivhard Stout. Alan XYilt, Janws Ht-od. SECOND ROW: Nzmvy Quiglt-y. Linda l'lt1tvhor. Pzitrit-ia Roth. Foggy Arm-h, Iltlvt-rly Goorgc, Donna Sutht-im-ur. Jzinico Stickel, Mary Hvlvn Pippen. Norma Shoots, Zllarcia Mutsrhlvr. THIRD ROW: Mr. Mason. advisor. .Iudith Swi- hzlrt. I+'r:tnt-vs Swhrist, Nurjzlnt- lIllI'l.I'Il?lI'I. Mardi-lla, xvilfljlll-'I', Esther XVefldy, .lvztiin-ztiw Stout. Ida Slzihzuigh. Nora Juno Yoder. Ray Yoder. TOP ROW: Clayton Truvx, Jztnws XVoodhzuns. XVzide- l'l't-il't'vr. Larry XVZIHQIIUF, 17f'lYlll'I' Mullet, Joe Stoudor, Lowell 1'ippHnger, 1'au1 Parks, James Eilers, Arthur Snowdon. City Electric Co., C0-rzfracting Hotpoint Applzmzces-Radios mid Records - 33 - SEVENTH GRADE Rcp'rogle's Sefrvice Station Mrwrnthon Gas and Oils W ul Mfrs Rec'-1'f'11tio11. Home of Clvun. livwlzng SIXTH GRADE Top Row: left to right Philip lln-hmzm. XVlnfnrd llvrsll- lwrprwx .luv Slutsmnn. ldddil- Hand, lV:u'r1-n lirm-k. Gurdon Sand, Ilon- ald th-or-pro, John Stuhly. Center Row: Mr. lf'rwd1-rim-k. 1+-:u-ln-r: l':1tsy Lo- sw-, Shirlo-y Hut'I'm:xn, llrmnn lh-ll li4'I1SlN'I'f.Z'l'l'. K1-nny Stump, .Inmf-s XV4-ldy, Marilyn liym-r, Funnix- lfvr- vldzn. Murlzm Millvr. I'ron1 Row: Palsy Curl. Mary lllllvn .lnm-s, Glvn Slzllvzullprll. liuth Ann Slulmugh. .Xl- Ivn Milsvln-le-ll, lim-tty Mille-r, .Iuun .Xll1Il'l'NVS, lllllllly Nino, IG cl xx' i u Ht'I'j.Z'l'l', l,:nVun l'ulp. SIXTH GRADE Top Row: tllvn Mull:-l. Arthur lla-wr, .lm-kiv Arnull. Ka-nm-th Yuum.1', lVullQ-r l'0I'Wil'l. Rim-h:ll'd XVx'igllt. llussvll lflrvin, .lzune-s llrunsn, XYill'lw-ll llk'llSlN'l'j-Z'l'l'. Center Row: Mrs. l':-Ivllrzim. l1'1ll'hl'l'f Lloyd Hrs-ww-V, .lame-s Alln-n Vlnusv, llimlu lmu Stump, llurntlly linul'l'm:m. Sully Sluudm-r, .ll'2lll Foltz, l':llri1'iu Snidvr. .lame-s S:lIlsg.:ix'vI', liivlulrd lY:1lle-rci. 1'ron1Row: Mary ICII1-ll lllille-V. Slwrry Gillis. Imntzn llzim-y. lllurilyn Mnrlz. IM-ily llkvmilmlns. l':llril'i:u 'l'ulwizxs, Ru- lu-rlzl .ln-wm-ll. Szxrull lmv llupp, Kxltllulu-4-n Hahn, .Xlrlny llossln-V. llulry Nisslvy. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE! Top Row: Eddie- Rosle-r. IM-llwrt flvllgrwivk. lmlulvy liuss, .lorry lin-ml, llivhurcl Hvple-V, lluvid Storms, Roman Must. l70llj.fl2lS Nim-, Nm-d Hoovvr, 1.1-u XK'illi:ums. Center Row: Mr. flrot'l', ln-:lvl1v1': Mnrvizz Mol- Iingzm-r, ll nr r i s llnlslvy. Slmrun 'l'ruxvl. Umlllil- llosslvr, Mary lmu Mill-4-r. llunnnv l.m-wr. Suv l'1lll-n tlrimm. .Iurly Milliw-. Front Row: Mary l+IIl1-n Hull, lizlrlmm Stullly. Russ:-ll Hl'Dll'l'. John 'Vrnxl-l, David Arch, Junior l'illm:m, liulvlry .lone-s, .Ium-I Uulp, lllurizn New-zla-y. FIFTH GRADE: Top Row! lmvi Huvhslvllv-l'. Huy Furl. Mivh- :lvl l'I'i4'4', l'n'l4'I' Vippvfl, lkilliv Kvifn-r, Vumw lmpp, Gary l'Ve-ygund. .lame-s Spivlwr, F1-:lnklin l'Q-rkins. liillie lNl:1rlind:llv. Center Row: Miss l10NK'2lI'd. to-:xvlu-l': Vvrmm .ln-we-ll, .Kulu-ry xxrlfitllllllll, l.ouis4- llc-rslllvm-rgelr, Judy Rvvd, llnruthy Farm-ll. Judy Marlin. .lunv Ile-ltzvl. Novl Ge-omxv, Tummy Millvr. I'I'0!l.t Row: Roy Rrm-k. Larry Fishvr, Carol Andrc-ws, Hosvnmry Millvr, Farol Wngm-r, Wilma t'oponhux'e-r, l'z1- lrivizl l'e-tl-rson, Linda NVzal1orS, Joan Swihart. Linda Housour. Nappannee Cold Stforalge Frozen Foods cmd Meats EW M i GRADE rrvn Top row: left to right: Chris Woodhams. Jan Culp, Gerald Mattorn, Donnie Millor, Dickie- Cop- pes, Jackie Hunsbvrgor, David Weldy, Jacob Jai-kson, Robert Haines, Terry Haney, Alvin Stutz- man, Lowf-ll Harman. Center row: Mrs. Gvorgf-, is-achf-rg Clara, Yoder, Judy l'hvnd, Janet Klingaman, Nancy Pc-tr-rs. ,Suv Martindalo, Sally Stutzman, Kay Stouder, Clara Walters. Suu I'l0tc-hvr, K+-ith Salts- giver, Ralph Fink. Front row: Edwin Hochstotltf-r. Larry Slabaugh. Billifl Fronger, Lulu .lt-an Adams, Tha-Ima Miller, Marilyn Li-hman, Jeanm-tio Erwin, Vonda Sue Losoo. Iaiinda K. Chandle-r, Larry McDon- li . GRADE FIVE Top row: left to right: Ronnie Hoovs-r, Vernon Nissloy, Jim Stoudtlr, Eli Svhmuvkor, Don- ald Millor, Edward K4-im, Phillip Hochstc-tler, Jim Lutas, Douglas Ronslvwgor. G4-no llockaman. Center row: Mr. Miller, t-eat-hr-r: Harry Peter- son, Larry Rilvy, Uhristy Slahauizh, .lim Hamsher, Ere-nt Gall, Bill Con- rad, Harry Hood. Larry G1-orge, Nvaltc-r Slaliaugh, Danny Slahaugh, Larry Stahly. Front row: Marie Klotz, Loretta Koifor, Donna Kay Vvagnvr. Sui-lln-n Fil-ld, Shirley Millor, Carol NW-ldy. Yvonno lnglo, GI-vnda. Dumph, Karon Note-rar, Els-anor Shin-ly. GRADE FOUR Top row: Eddie Combs, Keith Fishf-r, Jorry Ganshorn, 'F r Q- d di 0 Hunslwrger. John Fvldman, Alfrcfd Keim, Harold Miller. Robert Mt-Donald, Marvin Hochstvtler, Larry Uripu. Center row: Arl-on Mullvt, Alb:-rt Kohlor, Jim l'ippe-nge-r. Marguorite Wagonvr, Carolyn He-rshlwrger. Judy Kauf- man, ,Sharon Reproglv, Dottie- Ulory, Raymond Zook, NVQ-ndvll Shvs-ts, Billy Kvndall, Miss Bvrkoy, tx-ach-Pr. Front row: Judy Mat- Slaliaugh, Carol Sparks, Mary .Ir-an Woodhanis, Glm-nwyn Bollman, Dixie Haro, Carol Sue Hahn, Charlottv Stickt-l, Ravhvl Holaway, Ronnio Elliott. GRADE THREE AND FOUR Top row: Richard Martz, Larry Stulzman. Roger Hockaman, Jar-kin Stump, Ronnie Inglc, David Gvyc-r, Rom-r Evans, David Mast, Jonas Mullvtt, Konn-c-th Farmwald, Gone- Robinson. Center row: Mrs. Metzlvr, tvachor: John Kon- dall. Sandra Smith. Varna Otto, .loyw Welty. Martha Hartman, Anita Hoovvr, Patsy Marlin, Jua- nita. Sharkf-y. Mary E114-n Horsh- lwrger, Mivhavl Pippe-nge-r. Front row: Ruth Ellwn Gros-nawalt. Le-titia Nettrour. Jane Ann Rood. Re-vs-rly Walters, Carman Hartman, Barbara King. ,Steven Hockvrt, Larry Otto, Dennis Georg:-, .lamvs Rassi. 'vummnw Mming CO' Boston Store-Men's and Boys' Wea-'r Q""l'ffff Flow and Feeds - 35 - Lfldies' and Girls' Ready to Wear, and Appliances J. R. Arnott mul Son, Raul Estate and I nsm'rm.ce GRADE THREE T011 Row! K4-nnlvlh Ill-or, llnlu-rl S1-ln-1-ls, Iiia'h:1l'll Nnrlun. John llnslvllq-V. l.ur1'y Nunn-nmkvr. l'hilip ,Xl'llUll. Jalncs lAl!1g't'lll'l'kt'l', Mn-rlv Spil-ln-r. Me-lvin Sl'hIlllll'kl'l', .l:u'kiv .lm-ksnn, liilly Kriz, Centex Row! Miss Gund:-n. lfhwin llimxl-rim-lu. Ronald Hnllur. t'zl,rnl5'n XVvlIy, Matti-v Must. Doris Ann lk:-rg:-r. Cnrnlim- Ponrzxd, luIllll'llN' Vulp. Gloria, lie-od, Slllldl'Zl Nivlwls. lllllll lllsllwr lluilmvs, .loan XYilli:un:4. r!'0nt Row: Tomnly Rim-lnnnnfl. IM-nnis Swilmurt. Suv l'Ill4-n l'ippvm.:'1-r, ,Xrlhur lllillvr, lfrw-ddiv Stump, IN-lnrvs Hl'l'l-iillllilll. I'ZllI'l4'l?l lu-Q-r, liurn-n Rlillll-r, I':l'lllIl Sl:lh:1ugl1. lfizlrl llnullslvtlf-r. GRADE THREE Top Row: Miss .Sm-lmnwk, l'llHl'lQ'S l':11'm-I-ll, limb- vrt XVilli:1n1s, SIZIIIIUY Il1't'l-iillllllll, .lnhn llnilvy. Imrry l,:nndis. llnnmn Must. Imnzuld Rlzlrlz. Alton llvrsh- ln-rm-r. In-on liilmgn-xlln-1'p.:'. Center Row: Gunn- liluvkvr. Sharon Slllt'klIl1lll. Slmril- Hoyt, II'-lvn llmhaiuglm. .ln .Xnn G1-lz. Rlzlmgu Mille-x'. Murslm Swilmrl. Shzlrlinv Ninn-, Uwnniw- .ln I'lo1c-lwr, liziruln- Sl:lh:1ugh, .Iunu-s th-u1'gx'. I'l'Oll'l Row: Ln-0 l'rim-1-, Hnhhy Ilan XX'imllnnyl-V. Slmrun Svc-lwist, llivliil- lfinnnnns. l,m'l'v1ln, lllalrvm-l, llzxh- Fink. .Il'Jll'l Pulp. Ilivkin- llzxll, .luhn .Innm-s, Czwnlyn Mille-r, GRADE TWO Top Row: John Unpyws, th-nrgv lfn-1-sm-, Rnd- nvy Stump. Hillxl lllitse-ln-ll-n, Vvr- dnn Fvldlnzin, .lun l'la-V1-lzlml, t'l1zu'ln-s 1:l't"l'l1Q'. l"rvddi1- Swilmrl. th-ry lllusiluml, Uhaul llzlnd. Center Row: Mrs. .Kmh-rsun. l'hillin llivuns. llllldll li:-ml. llluxine- NU-lty, llllldfl lla-1-kaln:u1. liurl-n Spivln-V, .le-nnllv liillvr. lmu Ann XVynx:1n. llvlnl-vs XY:ldv, l':1ul llm-lmstvllw-1', Allan t'4n'win. Front Row: Iinhhy l.1-hlnzln. lllrm-st llillvr, lirunl Nvtlruur. RIZIVIPIII' l':u'ks, .In- nnne- Slulmufslm, Slmrnn lnprlv, Uzxrn- lyn Yvsam-1', Donna Mzlrxw-I. l'or'li:1 lllulswhlvr. GRADE TWO T01I Row: Jvl'ry Slzllmznlgll. Lonniv Slzlhzllurh. Mivlulvl Milcholl, Gury Stutznmn. Sta-vm-11 llnll. Rnlwrt lf':n-rnn:tm1. Larry Evzxns. Illivlmvl Urn, Lun- niv Yodvr. Center Row: Mrs. 1gY'I'f.2'l'l', .Tzu-qw-lilmv Fisln-r. Palsy NV:1l':'vr1. Judith lmwis. Susan N1-ilrc-rl, Suzunnnh Fzllln-wk. Judith Sw-hnri, She-rrilx'nn Gnnse-r, .Iuniw-v fllilh-V. llnrm-us lllillvr. Front Row I Marilyn Grimm, Suv lfillvn I-light. Vornon Ifllllflhlllilll. Um-tty Andrl-ws. Nnrrna, Suv Kohlvr. Raymond Hol- lar, Kvnnvth Mullffl, Linda Primm Clipp Auto Supply Eve'ryfI1i'n.g fofr the Auto B Sz B Cafe A Good Place to Eat GRADE TWiO Top row: Royce Farmwald, Ronnie Zentz, Jimmy Grimm, Edward Getz, Larry Burckhart, Lester Slabaugh, Lewis Naylor, Roy Mt-Donald. Center row: Mrs. Surguy. teacher: Jay Stoudvr. Marietta Holderman, L a c o n d a Jewell, Nancy Shiv:-ly, Sharon Hershberger, Goldie Adams, Gary Culp, Jerry Elmore. Front row: Terry Pippenger, James Rood. Susan Templeton, Rita. Nettrour, Lee Hochstettler, Allen Wagner. Connie Haney, Karen Clouse. GRADE ONE 1'op row: Ronnie Hershberger, Daniel Smuck- er, Fred Giggy, Stev-en Dawson, Lewis Snowden, Larry Jones, Roger Grimm, Charles Ingle, R a n d y Richmond, George Adams. Center row: Mrs. Hemminger, teacher: David Wiseman, Donnie Sw:-christ, Danny Bridenstine, S u s a n Pipponger, Christine Schmiedel, Martha Over- meyer, Gerry Spicher, Dick Clouse, Levi Mast. Front 1'0W I Dianna. Evans, Barbara Keifer, Mary Hochstetler, ,Sandra Martz, Carolyn Longfield, Joan Mishler, Jeanette Hostetler, Janice Berger. GRADE ONE Top row: Vernon Mullet, Harley Yoder, Ronny Cori, Stanley Lopp. Tommy King, Jimmy Hershberger, Freddie Yoder, David Berger, Lloyd Nissley. Center row: Mrs. Stahly, teacher: Arneal Pip- penger, Sandra Nine, Barbara Stouder, Martha Robinson, Kay Jensen, Barbara Evans, Jo Ellen Hossl-er, Kathy Stahly. Front row: Betty Holmes, Frieda Mullet. Sharon Miller, Diane Richmond. Gwendolyn Fisher, Diana NVeaver, Kaaren Chandler. GRADE ONE Top row: Dermott Miller, Tommy Ste-yaert. Arden Tusing, Sammy Longanecker, W i 1 b u r H-ershberger, Richard Spicher, ,Stephen Quigley, Kent Mishler. Center row: Mrs. Burt, teacher: Freddy ,Slab- augh, Anita Corwin. Rita Farring- ton, Mary Kindig, Martha. Sla- baugh, Sharon Mast:-rson, Kathy Ringenberg, Polly Pippen, Lynn Slabaugh. Front row: .Sandra Zook, Esther Gingerivh, Roger Buss, Judy Otto, Danny Gey-er, Nancy Arch, Junior Holmes, l.aVonda Stahly. I Dunhwm cmd Love Prescriptions--Fountain Service f' ANP-ii l ' li ,. It --'flux i- af 1 l Q ls-43 l f Z Z - Y F Z' . X TL, f Much of our time is spent in extra curricular activities, and it is through these activities that students' talents are uncovered in various ways. They help us de- velop our character and social relations, encourage us to be- come leaders, help us to shoulder responsibilities and become more aware oi our potential future use- fulness. The picture at the upper right shows the presidents of our vari- ous clubs cind organizations. One of the most outstanding events of the school year was the presentation ofthe Thespian play, "Doctor's Orders." The cast is pictured at the right, seated are JoAnn Farrington, R o s a m c e Sheets, Fred Rice, Betty Tanis. Standing: Della Ina Chapman, Jack Reed, Patricia Richmond, Richard Mishler, Daniel Gamble, Carole Heckaman, Gene Gwin. FROM TO Jlvll-1I.INlfI?f't' Islllflllffl' mu! Mrmzuffrcturivzg Co. Nm'm'ry I"11.'rriitufra 1 xx A H, ' . - S. JW 5 fs Z Q - M wwf 5 l W ,F YK: . Q If S3 74: Kiley 5 f , , , 'fw xx: f -- s yy . . 35, - 1 X . ' I v wfifzif i' is .. V' 4' i 1 ' Lh . , l 1 . -, ' ,bg W A - f my ff 4 gms U H ii A ,fir , aw, R Q- 2: gh Q 'Bi Q Q , Q eh K" -.Tx .. 5 5 A if A Q, xv SENIOR WEEK No TIME is more important to a Senior than his Graduation week. Baccalaureate FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH Sunday Afternoon, May 21, 1950, at 3:00 o'clock Organ Prelude-"Evening Prayer" ........ Kohlman Mrs. Lewis Habegger, Organist Processional-"Pomp and Circumstance" .... Elgar Class of 1950, Mrs. Habegger, Organist Invocation ................ The Reverend Marvin Jewell Pastor, Pilgrim Holiness Church Hymn-"Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" ...... No. 286, The Congregation Scripture Reading .................. The Reverend Paul Brennaman, Pastor, United Missionary Church Prayer ............ The Reverend Samuel Longenecker Pastor, Church of the Brethren "Ave Maris Stella" ............................................ Grieg High School Robed Choir, Miss Ritter, Director Sermon .................... The Reverend Virgil E. Meyer "If With All Your Hearts" .............. Mendelssohn- Mansfield, High School Robed Choir Benediction ..The Reverend C. Samuel Overmeyer Pastor, Grace E. U. B. Church Recessional-"The March of the Priests" ............ Mendelssohn, Mrs. Lewis Habegger, Organist "March in D" ....,.,,.......................................... Handel Mrs. Lewis Habegger, Organist Junior-Senior Reception GRAND BALLROOM, EAGLE TEMPLE, WARSAW, IND. Wednesday Night, May 24, 1950, at 6:30 o'clock Welcome ....... ........ H erbert Cripe, Toastmaster Response ........................... ....... F red Rice Barber Shop Quartette Prophecy The Boy Wonder ........ ......... M aster Kehler The Master Mind ........ ............ M r. Benz Senior Class Night COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Tuesday Night, May 23, at 8:00 o'clock Opening Remarks ........................ William Kendall Superintendent "After Graduation Day" .................. Vocal Octette Betty Tanis, Del-oris McCuen, Gene Smith, Carroll Holaway, Fred Rice, Max Weaver, Patricia Hollar, Carole Heckaman. Herf-Jones Awards ...... Galen C. Roose, Principal American Legion Citizenship Awards .................... Dale Christner Agriculture Awards ........................ Charles Byers State Bank Agriculture Award ....... George Rose Hi-Y Awards .................................. Lawrence W-hite Merit Awards and Honorable Mention ................ James Weddle Class Prophecy ...... ......... J ack Reed "Malaguena" ............................................ Piano Duet Rosamae Sheets, Arlene Schwartz Commencement COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Thursday Evening, May 25, 1950, at 8:15 o'clock Processional-"Pomp and Circumstan-ce" fElgarJ Class of 1950, High School Band Lewis G. Habegger, Conductor Invocation .............. The Reverend Kenneth Smith Pastor, Methodist Episcopal Church Music-"Selections of Symphony Number Six" ' fTschaikowskyJ High School Band Salutatory Address .................. Mariette Mellinger Address ........................................ Dr. Harold Church Director of Research, Indiana University Valedictory Address ...................... Deloris McCuen Music-"Songs of Jerome Kern" 1LeitzenJ ........ High School Band Presentation of Diplomas ........ Mr. Virgil Anglin Member, Board of School Trustees Benediction ............ The Reverend Clinton Templin Pastor, Church of the Nazarene Recessional--"Pomp and Circumstancen .............. The Graduates, High School Band NAPANET The Staff and Advisors of this year's "Napanet" worked long and laboriously with the idea of making the l95O issue as good as possible. If our photographic iourney into some of the many activities of our school life gives the reader pleas- ant memories, our mission will have been accomplished and the staff will feel iustly awarded. Calendar .......... Business Advisor . Art Advisor ....... Editorial Advisor .... Editor ....... ...... M ariette Mellinger Co-Editor ............... ......,.,.... F red Rice Business Manager ....., Stanley Naylor Asst. Bus. Mgr. .... ....... P atricia Hollar Junior Editor ........ ....... B arbara Sharp Junior Bus. Mgr. .,... ....,.,.... H erbert Cripe Art Editor ....,..,.. William Farrington Sports Editors ..... .....,. W illiam Tyndall Eugene Smith Alumni .. ....... Martha Corl ......Betty Tanis .,..,Miss Hoover ......Mr. Roose .....Mrs. Rood TOP PICTURE ,Stanley Naylor, Mariette Mellinger CENTER PICTURE Standing: Herbert Cripe, Fred Rice Seated: Patricia Hollar, Barbara Sharp BOTTOM PICTURE Standing: Mrs. Rood, Miss Hoover, VVilliam Farrington, Mr. Roose Seated: Betty Tanis, Eugene Smith, Xvilliam Tyndall, Martha Cori Beeohlezf Tzfre and Battery Shop H0lla'r's Market Gasoline, Oil Lubrication The Place of Fine Meats HD' Bulldog" The school newspaper, the "D'Bulldog", is published twice monthly by the Journal- ism Club. A change in the paper this year is the omission of a cover page, instead, the most important school news is intro- duced by headlines. Congratulations tothe staff for the fine work this year in helping to improve our newspaper. Editor ,,,,, Co-Editor .A,,u Business Mgr. Y Sports Editor , Music Editor Feature Editor ..,, Art Editor .rr,,, Society Editor ,,,, Faculty Advisor ,, ., Production Manager TOI' PICTURE William Farrington ,l,,s,,,.,.,Ann Wright ...,.Eugene Smith .Jerry Lentz ,,,,,Rosamae Sheets ,,,,,Arlene Schwartz ,,,,..,.,....Betty Tanis ....,Carole Heckaman Miles . c,,A Mr. Postma Seated: H4-tty 'I':inis, William l"iil'l'lllLQ'lllll Standing: l'1iu.:v'm- Smith. .Kim Wriglil, Mrs. Milo-H MIDDLE PICTURE Seated: .Xi'l-will Svliwxirlz. ihlflI'l1l Nutsvhl-Ar, lhvs:un:u- Slim-ls Standing: .l1'I'l'y ln-nlz, lmnn llruy. .luhn I -ir u n so BOTTOM PICTURE Left to Right: Mary llc-lun Arnull. l':1Irivi:i Mzirlin, Nlaiuzil- lllllllilllgil, l.uln-lu Popp.-S, Mr. l'nstm:i. li1Il'il!II'1l lllmn-yin-l'I'r-r, l'w-g'p.:4- llurr- Hlvn f1t'!11"I'YS f:ll'I'!lf!l6 I I e'n.c"r11l A u to Hepa iv' East Side Llllllbel' C0. Lower Il7"LCt'S, Plwne L-JJJ or L-440 TOP PICTURE Bottom Row: left to right: l':n'mlI HUIHWZIY. xvilliillll I4':u'rim:IHIl, Slunlm-3' N:lylm', I"l'a-d Iiiw, lf'm'rvsl Imnnuwk, XYilli:1m 'l'XllllIlH. - Center Row: Hvrln-r'l Uripw-, 1.:1IXlz1r In-ivl1m'l, .lzumks livvkzxmrln. .lzlnlvs lXIill-vl'lim,:'. I1:lx'id Iluslvltw-ri spm1:4m', Mr. XVIIH1-. Top ROW: .lnvk lim-Qi. lmnivl tlallnhh-. XX'il!i:1m liusx llivhrlrml 4'm'wil1, Ilim-hursl lvlillv. Max W1-:uw-l', Plmlwin lie-Vu. BOTTOM PICTURE Bottom Row: left to rightg .lmm-s laws-AL, 1:1-mfgv Shw-ls. Imvid Huws-1's. 111-iw Guin, .IPIIIIPS Mill:-v', Iinlu-rl Alillvr, Center Row: llvlmv Smith. Iivrm-ll Slnlnulgll, llunuld ltile-y, l"ra-d XVill. Eldon l3iShl'l', Nm-lsnn 1YlZll'lill. Top Row: .Iuhn liruusu, .harm-s lflw-lxwrmi, l'zu'l II'-1-kzunmx, llvn- ms Ul'llII1b1lllp.1'h, Jnrry Ln-nlz, I1!lYill Wzxllvrs. John liohinsnn, President-STANLEY NAYLOR Vice President-FRED RICE Secretory--BILL FARRINGTON Ili.:-ie' SllIlfIIl,:iC1I- Shop Whltvrs llrzly Stow' "Host F0011 HL Town." - 43 - Presm'1pfz07'1s, Cos'nlet1,cS, and Smlas TOP PICTURE Front row, left to right: Yumm- Hninvs, lfllsiv Davis, l!iIli-- .l1'Illl " ' ' gn NN lmlnluyl-r, lvggn- Huw, Mary Arnotl. lmh-lam knppvs, Blur -' llllilllilllllll. l!zu'luu':m Mmm-ylmvftk-l'. Center row: Mrs, Mile-S. SllUllSlll': Norma lnglv, l':1ll'i1-in llullsu lius:un:n- Slln-1-ts,ll1-lly May, llvlvn XVXIHALI1, .xllll lYl'l1,.1'll Nunm-lt-v 'I'ruxvl, l'ulri1'i:1 Marlin. . ' Top row: ll'la1l'ie-Ilv llll-llillgw-l'. Sun- lllJll'llll, l4'1-1'u4- Xlilu-I. .lvmm 1,1-v Gull, Arla-nv Ss-llwzlrlz. .luzln Slmum, 'Vllvlmzx .llllll'l Mzlrlllrg 1'm'l. President-PATRICIA HOLLAR Vice-president-ROSAMAE SHEETS Secretary-FRIEDA WALTERS Treasurer-NANNETTE TROXEL wt? 4- 7,6 G '17 'sr 459 'CI YV --, vm V "7' , l f, .N K Y I X klf BOTTOM PICTURE Front row, left to right: Uzllwlv llm-1-knnmn, llvlly 'l'!llllS, Mum: XX'ilsun, Marilyn lil-4-nl. llIllYll lil-vsl--r, l"r'il-mln XYnll1-1-, l'lll'illllll'2l, Sll1ll'l'Q'l', lflmmn, .lu-:ln lll'llSl!e'l'5.f1'l'. Center row: l':1tl'i4-iam lflwnlvy, 1':u'ul Gillis. .llkxllll l":u'riuglmm, .ll .Xnn Shixw-ly, IN-llzn Inn l'h:npm:m, l':nlri4-in Iiiwllmwml, Murlx Mutsvhlvr. liusl- lim-prngll-, Phyllis IM-twill-V, Nlzurilyn l'lu-ml Mis:-1 lluuvn-l', sponsor. Tow row: Iwluris Nllilllvll, :Xl'lt'llQ' Sl'llllllll'lil'I', lwpfgv lVilli:nmN ll!llll'lll4' llznim-S, l'ntri1'i:L lim-ml, Ha-ily Sharp, lm-iw Klilll-1 li2l1'llIU'l l'i'4-il't'e-r, M:u'lh:L llivk, l5!ll'llIll'1L Sharp. Hrullvy ll'1'4'HS Slwp Nappanve lftilitivs C0. Tin' Shura' for ll"U'IIH'H, mul lfolllzg Girls -44 - 205 East Lllllffllll Sirwt N Seated, left to right: Mrs. Mih-S, spmmsmt Marilyn Rm-d, Jam: I.mxdvrmilk, Nan:-y Sewhrisl. I L Siandlng: H4'I'l1t'H Slllllilllpfh, Max Wf-:wx-l', William 'l'ynd:1H, llmr: WIVIIY. Iflw-d XYill, Ilznvid Ilowvrs. Standing, left to right: Uillit- .Ivan XVidmuynfr, Ann XVrig'hl, l':ul-ulv f'lv'4'kIlIllZlIl, Miss We-:Ive-r, Laurim- Haines, Fernie Mikn-I. Seated: Ruse- lin-pruglu. I I Q A I Q J. C. Zl.'lNlI107'lIIfl7l-, D.D.S. C0.r Coal IIJNI Lumber C0. 11191: .,v0'I'HI- Main Street - 45 - Prompt Service, Hrllins I'vlfTIll.fll'I'0 Sfnrf' F1-ggfs Tea-mfg Spy-I-fee 1 TOP PICTURE-l"IRST RONV: I.. he-rmm, N. Sh-r-vis. M. Mut- sc-hlvr, M. Vippn-n, I', Arm-h, l'. llulh. li. 114-4117.11-, M. Tobias, J. Slivks-I. l'. Puslmu, S. G1-yn-r. l.. l'l1-lvhe-l'. SIGVUNIW RUXV: K. Sla- huugh. A. Slah:1up:h. .I. Millvr, M. Sparks. li. Iiiprlvr. S. Ht't'k2lI1I2fh, R. lfZlhIl'l', U. llullmun, .I. Rnhrvr, M. Rm-ed. U. Mikvl, S. Gusklll, X l'. Kriz, J. Mallvrn. THIRD RUW: S, Shiva-ly. W. Nm-Dow. Ill. Sw-hrisl. U. Km-rn. .l. hlpzle-, ll. Sm-hrist, .l. Swihnrt, F. Ms'G!'lil. o - M. I1'r'e-lugs-1'. 'If'. Sl'l'hl'iSl. S. M4-llx'il'I', V. Millm-r, ll. Huff, D. S115- . V 4 .. 1 , ,, , ,, . 1 Y' ll - he-nm-r. .l. .lu-rl:-5, M. lluIIm.m, PUUICIH IJPXX. Musa XM.1ur,. visor: N. In-frm-S, N. Quigh-y, IG. Wa-ldy. J. Stout, I'. Km-im. M. 'Fruxn-I, S. l.rmp:Iie-Id, Il. 1X14'lhm:1Id. .l. Fish:-r. N. Mzmrlz, J, Grimm. N. Vuppw-S, IS. Uupm-S. li. K4-ndzlll. M. Russ, li. lluvhstn-l1v!'. S. Svhruwk, li. I':nw-vll. lf'llf"I'H IIUXYI N. HZHIIXHIIY. IR. Adams. H. Foltz, fl. Rm-d, M. Iflxvms. 'l'. llnstvlle-r. .l. H:u'1m:m. P. Millvr. T. Hnmshvr, S. XYl'ip:hI. S, lmsn-Q-, U, Mills-V. K. IXlilln'1', .l. l'lil1l.YQ'lHlt'1'l. I.. Ile-ph-r, li. Furl, H. K'orwin, ll. ll1111s!u-11:1-l'. President-DONNA TEETER Vice-president-GRETA BIGLER Sec.-Treos.-TERRY HAMSHER Bottom row: Marivtto Ms-llimr-ur. Pntrim-ia Richmond, JoAnn Far- rim,:1un. IM-lla Inu l1hZlDl1lllll, Arlo-nv S1-hwzxrtz, Rf-My Tunis Rosauum- Shm-ts, l':n'uln- 1'lt'1'kZllll?ill, Ann XYrighl. Top row: Mrs. I'-4-lf-hrizm, zldvisnrg .luck Rm-d, Dani:-l tlzunlulv Fr:-d Rim-. .Is-rry LQ-nlz, Rivhurd Mishlvr, th-no Gwin, Mr TI I Q l'urI4-4-,:1dx'isnr. President-ANN WRIGHT Secretary--ARLENE SCHWARTZ Treasurer-DICK MISHLER :mv l"llHIfH11f71!lN - 46- Gas, Oil, Lu.brica.tioVn and I' SI'I.X'I'l'lIl: I'-I-ggw XVIIIIELIIIS. Jennie- Lei- Gall. Nzimwttv Troxvl. Irvin- Mill:-V. Phyllis Gallwf-atll, Donnrilivllv Ht-plvr. t'l'1N'l'lCli ROW: llrs. Millivv, SDtlllStlI'I II2lI'Il?ll'2l tloldt-n. I'zitriciz1 Rm-d. T34-tty Sharp ltlmnm Ifl'IlSIIl'l'H't'I'. Martha Dick, Arle-nv XX'vlty, Ig2ll'Il2ll'?l llloiwylu-I'l7ur. 'FOI' IROXV: I':itl'i0i:1 Martin, I4Fll1l'Illt' l-lainos. Ferni- Miki-I, Normzt Inp.:'lt-. II2lt'Il2lt'I l't'+-itfe-r. Hstlu-I' Kaufman, Mary Pittman, Arlt-nv SC'Illl1lII'Iit'T'. President-PATRICIA MARTIN Vice-president-PEGGE WILLIAMS Sec.-Treas.-BARBARA MONEYHEFFER SlGA'l'lCl5: Dali- Shivvly. Xvayne VVf1lty, Ralph Umhaugh, Virgil Itlzirtin, lmwm I":i1'mwz1ld. Keith Anglvnu-yor, Glvn Stump. XViIfr0d lllvssimz. t'lCN'I'l'Ili ROXV: IIPOFLEQ' Shi-cts, Howztrd Ilivk. Dum-Lld Malcolm. Ric-lizird Hvplu-r, Low-till Young, Eli Millm-r. Ruger 171-1-viiauvalt, Paul lmc-hlitnvr, Jams-S Troxvl, Mr. liyt-rs. sponsor. 'PHI' ROW: Jann-s Mitterling. William Stillson. Stanlvy Farm- wziltl, liuuprlzts Golden, Dunald Wvlty, Nvlsun Martin. Je-rald 1+'l'e-vt. .Iuhii Zimmvrmzm. President-LEON FARMWALD Vice-president-ROYCE YODER Secretory-KEITH ANGLEMEYER Treasurer-VIRGII MARTIN Mast Sales and Service - 47 - Oliver Farm Equipment NATIONAL Left t0 Right : Seated: Ig2'll'bllI'il, Sharp, BIGlI'i1'Il4' M1-lIi11g'1-1', I':1t1'i111 l'I0ll'll' 1 . Standing: XYilli:1m l+':11'1'i111:1o11. l"l't'li liil-lf. Hilflblll 1uHl1l'j'h1'l'l'1'l'. :xl'l!'lN' Sm-hw:11'lz, Ile-Flu-1't l'l'iD1'. HQ Presadem-BARBARA MONEYHEFFER Secrefary-treasurer-PATRICIA HOLLAR xvf 5' Seated: Harold l'hillipS, Alia'-11 .luexn Sl:1h:l11g'l1, 1:1111 lfif.fll'I', Kay Kvndzull. ,XI'll'l11' Svl1w:11'Iz, H1-rlu Uripv. Standing: I':1l1'i4-izL llv11l1fy. :uJll'i1'll1' IXIQ-lli11g'v1', 1':1l1'i411 Hnllalr, XVilli:1m l":11'1'i111:1m1, l3:11'l1:11':1 !4h:11'p. 1111111 Gray. H2ll'll1ll'Zl M0111-yllm-i'1'1-1', l"1'1-ml Ili:-1-, 11l'llI'f.,l She-1-ts. .Iuhn liuI1i11sm1. C0 I I 4 President-ARLENE SCHWARTZ Hrljfmrm Hrrlfrfry Mvflwz 's livwzrl Secretary-JOHN ROBINSON Bottom Rfow, Left to Right: Marilyn Pipponger, Bvtty f'lll'XVlll, Joh-nv Klingzunan, Betty Sharp, Patricia. Marlin. Center Row: Ruth Kuhlur. llclvn Huff, Gm-tu liiglver, M:u'lvm- th-omru, Jane Loudermilk, Bvlty Yoder, Miss Full-y, sponsor. Top Row: Maulgw- Rnunmn. Rachzwl l'f0iI'i'1-1', Julia lif-l1s!v4-11:1-t', Suzzmnv lxlll!HlIll'I't, llonrm Tvolcr, 'Flu-Ima Milla-r. President-PATRICIA MARTIN Vice-president-BETTY SHARP Secretclry-treasurer-THELMA MILLER G. A. A. i K QS Jw- ,fmm 5- T? vs-1-xv Y?" J 1 'W' A WW W ' J by .f rf .o.R A lst Row seated, left to right: Mariette Mellinger, Har- vvy T1e1Fr0Qs. Gnd. Row seated: John Brunso, Arlf-no Schwartz, Ilivhzlrtl Corwin. 31'c1 ROW Seated: t':n'roll Holuway. Umm Gray, Hvrln-rl Uripn-. IM-nnis I:I'llIIlh2IllH'h, .Izmws Fla-4-lwond. Rosa- nnu- Slum-4-ts. IN-luris lVIvl'11f-11, Rivhzu'd Corwin. Standing. left to right: Imnim-l Haxnhlv. lCxlp:vm- Smith. Mr, l'lll'lA'Q' sponsor: Forrvst Dunnuvk, G1-n-v John- son, Stunlvy Naylor, Jvrry lmnlz, Juvk Rm-od, lli4'hIll'1! Mishle-r. President-DANIEL GAMBLE Vice-president-RICHARD CORWIN Secrefary-treasurer-DELORIS MCCUEN ACTIVE TOMS - 49 - Quality Cleaning 7 CALE DAR SICPTWIVIBER Back to old routine again, new faces too. 19 First assembly which was simi- lar to the proc-ess of packing sar- dim-s. Mr. Kendall was introduced to the student body. 20 Journalism staff members were given their various jobs. 21 The jingle of coins rang through the school: I guess everyone re- ' " I membered banl-5 day. Annual staff meeting. Ag. C ass went to Bour- sona OF THE CLASS OF so IN SEPTEMBER 1933. ,Wt '2 -l-H club has a hayride tonight. Too bad it had to rain and be so cold. Or didn't you notice? 'ZS First Teen-Town dance. 236 Hurry. Hurry, Journalism dead- line today at noon!! 'T The school's scientific minds are meeting again this evening. Y- Teens and Hi-Y today, too. Al- most forgot Hi-F tonight. How can you be two plane at once? 238 Journalism meeting. 39 The chorus had a meeting and decided on a Hard Times party since we all are having a rather hard time in school. Ha! Jill Teen Town. OCTOBER THE LUNCH PROGRBM T0 3 Asselrnhlyf proggami todzziy. A spea er rom out Hen Tri- HRT bune. and 3rd hotrr we had group , singing. Basketba l tryouts. Good ED Amosr oven Nite ,,,..,, boys, 4 Active Atom club meets tonight. 5 Journalism Club makes a trip to Foote-att is iumonuceof RT N. ll.S. 11 Nfipprznee Telephone Co. Sure with a Telephone -- 50- thc South Bend Tribune offices. Initiation today for the Future 'l+'armers. The world's series was heard in the assembly. Posture King and Queen crowned in assembly program. Journalism deadline at noon. Hoy! it was a tough one, too. Y-Teens bring candy bars for children overseas. CALE DAR Chorus Hard Times party. The D'l4ulldog staff work-ed after school. Cheerleader tryouts. Teen Town hayride. Queens nominated for Hallowe'en Festival: each.horne room sup- ported its nominee. Jr. Y-Teens, ,Science Club. Basketball season tickets on sale today. Some eager beavers got here at 6:30 a.m. Regardless of the scramble. there were no casualti-es. Senior and individual pic-tures were taken today. Everyone had on his Sunday best. Mr. Habegger and Mr. Coppes talked to us during Act. Period. Dr. Otto spoke to us on the Crypt of Civilization. Thespians had play tryouts. Thespians met again: more try- outs and business m-eeting. Joint meeting of Hi-Y and Y- Teensg program given by Y- Teens. l'lay practice. 428 T e a c h e r s' Association. No school. Hallowe'en F e s t i v al tonight. School out at 2:40 so building might be decorated. PVEMRER School started at 10:00 this morning. Oh, how we wish it were like that everyday! Everything back to normal today. Thespians had play practice. First game with New Paris: we won a smashing victory. Seventeen seniors went to Elk- hart for College Day. Game with Bremen. Another vic- tory for Nap. Go get 'em, Bull- dogs! XfVoof!! Group pictures. Everybody watch the birdie. School as usual, which usually isn't just usual. Game with Kendallvilleg Naps lost. mu. is Hema GND semen Pmtuaes me TAKEN SMITTV SERTS FOR BRSKETBBLL .GENES RRE RESERVED .snxtisatt season oven 4 Metzler Shoe Company - 51 - Florsheim Shoes for Men-Miller Health Shoes for Women l NR. MILES RPPLIES MRKE UP TO BILL Ano eos- ' l 1 1 l cumin CALL von me oveaml WORK I5 BEGUN UN 'NHPIXNET' Syler and Syler Grain-If'c:mls-Seeds-Fefrtilizer - 52 - CALE D Asst-lnhly Dl'tll.Z'!'fllll hy Y.l+'.l'. Pllvt-tion day. W:xk:n'ns:n grmn-3 Nzxppniim- gut hnvk on th-it win- ning' list ,ltr-ilti. tlpt-rvttzt przn-ti4'vs all llf'l4'l'llUtllL Ilrvss rt-livnrsztl tunigllt. lftlflllllll' ruutinv. xV2ll'SilXV cdgvd out Nap in lust ininntv, Ulu-rvttzl was hig stivvt-ss. tlnslivxi hztllgrnnt- :nwtln-1' hiss for thv tt-mn. Y-'l't'I'llS put nn ilSSt'llllblj' pru- p:l':1ni. Hut l'1ll'lX fur vnu-nliun, l'lx'1-i'ymit- hunks hi-:lllhy vnnngh :lt'te-r his 'I'l1:inlisp.:'ix'inp: v:u':ltitm. I knuw t-x'vi'ym1t- is glzul tu he han-k. t'tn1g'l1!! Hi-1' tonight. tlivulv 4-nrds. tlh dt-nr. it' wl- wunld unly lntw- win-kt-d h:u'd1-rl ! l+Znglisl1 4-lzissvs gn tn sm- "Julius l'llt'SZll'H nt Al1lllk'hl'Stt'l', 'lt'lGM HIGH Thi-spizin pl':u-tit-v :iftt-1' school. Umn-tn'd Q.f!ll1lt'I Xnps lost- in tinul ininntt-. llvhnta-rs gn to l'lll'dlll'C also mn- st-html setnztturs :ind 1-1-pix-st-iitztt ivos. Nnthiln.: nnusnnl lmpp-vm-tl. Y-'IH-vn lH'tlg'l'lllll in 1lSSt'lllbAlY. Uzmtntn, iwzujtit-v in f'0IIllllllll-HY linilding. Miss liuttvr has pink ,.y,.. l'lx't-ryhmly luring: ynui' lnonvyg it's hunk dziy. Studi-nt t'uunvil trims trt-ti nftt-1' sm-lnml tonight. lilly, dmws lt louk prvtty! Vulninhizi City gunnv lu-rv tonight. Nztps lust- Ili-15. liig Stwk Hop zlftn-1' th-it guinea Ulltlw'!'t'lllSSlllt'Il gut thvil' pic-turvs lwtlny :intl what :L St'I'2lIllblt'. Y- 'l'm-vn Muthvi' :intl llztnglitt-I' han- qtn-t :ut First llrt-tlnw-n t'lnn'ch. t':1nt:1t:l pi':u'tit'm-. "llnnst-l and tlra-tt-I" was 1n'vsl-nit-d :tt Pum- inunity lttliltling: it was most 'un- jnynlllv. Annual stnI'1' lllt'!'lllll.L'. t'l1m-us gm-s 4-znmlinpr tonight. l':n't 5' 2lflt'l'NV1Ll'dS. Paid nssvmhlyg Paul Burkt-y, zirlist. liludisnm gninn- lwrv. Bull- tlugs losv. 19 20 ll C LE DAR Cantata tonight. Senior pictures arrive. Hi-Y, Y-Teen assembly program. Ball game at Bram-en. Last day of school before vacation. Christ- mas play this afternoon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, UYt'I'y0Ilt'. JANUARY 4 5 6 it lil -1 1- 13 16 17 18 "0 213 NVell, vacation is over and every- one is glad to be back. tjokej Last night we lost to Milford. We made a good showing at the Holiday tourney. Assembly pro- gram today, trampoline acrobats. Some of our boys are pretty good at this art, too. Hal Group pictures were taken today. liallgame tonight. Nappanee wins from Jimtown 52-47. Teen-Town after game. l'lay practice tonight. Y-Teens and Hi-Y exchange pro- grams. Hi-C tonight. Vacation tomorrow. Whuopee! Ilebaters go to Mishawaka. Friday the 13th! Lookout! Sen- iors have class meeting. Rough game with Ligonier, but we won. A s s e ni b l y program activity period. The trophy the second team received at the second team tourney was presented to the school. Chorus starts making plans for trip to Chicago. Student Council met after school. Out early because of teachers meeting. Ballgame with Goshen. Another smashing victory. 53-25. Keep up the good work. Government classes visit court- house and county farm. A few of the boys couldn't find their way home. How "aboot" that? 2-t l-li-Y and Y-Teens meet today. 26 Report cards, 257 Pep session today: game with Elkhart, 40-45. NVell, we almost beat them. .ill Play practice. Blue Monday. 31 Assembly program about time lapse photography. FDIBRUARY 1 Doc took first five to see game at South Bend. 2 National Honor Society met. The ground hog saw his shadow: six more weeks of winter. 3 New Paris ballgame at N. P. SENi0R PICTURES HRRIVE PRT WORKS ON CHRISTMRS DISPLRV XFQR Mnsumvaxn onvunmmzepyt A SPANISH ROOM IS DECORRTED FOR A MG-ROUP ,mcltuaea ,' Indianapolis Engraving Co. --53- Designers and Engravers of Yearbooks - f . . . - DIIVIS PERFOPIMS ON TRHMPOLINE FRED PRESENTS Znl TERM TROPHY T0 Tae scuoo I.. CHORUS awo BAND skouvs CHORUS EES PLRCE FIRST IN CONTE'-TIS 'KISS ME KHTE' lfllrlmrt 1'1l1l'NI, l?z4r1'nu. Cl!-IJI1f"l'tlfI1'i' Assnmnfzcm, Inc. - 54 - CALE DAR Assembly program put on by junior class starring Sir Non- ehalant and Sir Gallon Head. All publie meetings in Com- munity Building are to be halted after Friday because of coal shortage, Farmers Institute. Local solo and ensemble contest held today. Game with Wakarusa, s e o r e 70-45. The team was really hot. Sleet and rain blot out rural electricity and telephones. Assembly talk by Mr. Kendall: his subjeet was raising money for tht- Memorial Field. Senior elass votes to donate money to the Field project. School out early bt-cause of team-hers' meeting. Chorus rnelnln-rs go to Chieago after school to see "Kiss Me Kate." t'ulver game: Naps lose 'IT-53. Rr-rr. is it eold today: students ex'-en wore eoats to classes, Get your tourney tickets now!! School as usual. Y-Teens and Hi-Y met. Chemistry t-lass went to Miles' Laboratories in IKM. Totirne-y today: l'ep session Ae- tivity period. Naps play llristol, "Beat Em." VVon from llristol 36- 157. Lost to .lt-I't'erson 28-29. Sehool again today whil-e teams rest for Saturday. Out at 1:30 beeause of drifting roads. VVL-Il, tourns-y's over and Elkhart won. VVe'lI just have to try again next year. A RUH March came in like a lion today. Sehool out early today bet-ause of drifting' roads. Fashion show 5th hour, courtesy of Boston Store. Y-Teens and Hi-Y meetings. Band eoneert with guest con- ductor Mr. Martino. Father and son banquet spon- sored by the Hi-Y. Evangelical Youth s p 0 n s 0 r e d skating party. St. l'atritrk's Day. Paid assembly program: "So You l1on't Like Shakespeare." CALE DAR 20 First day of spring: yes, every- one has a yo-yo: that's a sure sign of spring. 21 Thespian party. 22 Final intramural game. 24 U'Bulldog out tonight. Announce winners of essay contest. 237 Yo-yo contest in home rooms. 28 Y-Teens. Band practice tonight. 29 Chorus practice tonight. Superin- tendents from different schools visit here. APRIL 3 Rand and chorus put on program to celebrate their all first ratings in district contest. .Active Atoms gave a program activity period. 6 Last day before Easter vacation. Hurray! ! 11 Everybody back after long week- end. 123 Chorus practice after school. 13 Chorus picture taken. 14 Tree sales end today. 17 Chorus and band bring home tirsts from State contest for the fifth straight year. Program ac- tivity period to congratulate them. 18 Seniors deliver magnolia trees. 19 Thespian dress rehearsal. 20 Afternoon and night performance of "Doctor's Orders." 21 Last Performance of the play. Teen-Town aft-erwards. 24 Home Plc. trip. as Shop boys visit various factories ln town. LIS Chorus Spring Festival. MAY 1 Deadline for Seniors to turn in money for their trip. .1 Grade May Festival. Sl Lakeville relays. 122 Sectional track meet. 14 Mother's Day. 15 Concert trip for Band. 18 Kids day for Seniors. Zlll Regional track meet. 131 Baccalaureate. 23 Class night. 24 Reception. 25 Graduation. lNTRfll'lURAL TOURNEVS GET UNDERWIW. 3g3'RgfggNsgggERS" SPRING Has SPRUNG M.HlLgana 'SCHODL IS OUT!! " Vitreous Steel Products Co. - 55 - Porcelain Enamel Pfroducts L ? -: FROM 'oz' , :fl ,"l' ':'. :- - . .1!' '- qi. l l l aff Q- J , - , XJXQQ 'ln O s 'jf To -Q XJ The chorus, under the direction of Dorothy Ritter, and the band, under the direction of Lewis Ha- begger, have once again brought honor to our school. They have not only gained recognition in the State Contest in which they both received superior ratings, but they have achieved acclaim in their local concerts and musical entertainment. The- nit-lurv at the upper right shows the uflivt-rs of the hand and l'hUl'Ul'. The chorus at right, bottom row: Mary Slahaugh, Arlt-ne Lehman. Kathryn Slahaugh. Alice Slahaugh. Greta lligler. Marlene George. Lois Tomplin, Dt-loris Mctfu-en, Barbara Sharp, Hs-len Wyman. Second row: Shirley Geyer, Martha Dick, Mary Pittman, Bette Corwin, Phyllis Roth, Arlene Schwartz, Nancy Se-christ, Norma Jean Ingle. Carol Gillis, Yvonne Haines, Carole Het-kaman, Hel-en Huff. Third row: Miss Ritter. director: David ltowers, Bernell Slabaugh, l.aMar Rt-ivhvrt, Charlene Bollm:-tn, Shirlvy Sutheimer. Jane Loudermilk, Marie Wilson. Marla Mutschler. Pntrit-ia. Hollar, Marilyn Reed, Phyllis Detwiler, Betty Sharp, Ann Nvright, Betty Tanis, Rosamae Shes-t.'. Top raw: Paul Socrhrist, Gene John- son, Forrest Dunnuck, NVilliam Farrington, James Burt, Robert Jonson. Stanley Naylor. Carroll Holaway, Roland Heckaman. Eugene Smith, Fred Rim-. NVilliam Tyndall, Max Vlfeaver, David Stoudw-r. Coppes, Inc. N appaniee K itcherus TI E FOR MUSIC -. Coppes, Inc. Napprmee Kitchens Hrrtjielfl anal Hvsfefltw- Vlotlfim-.g Menfs l1'vrz,r-Ifnys' l1'l'flI' 58 SENIOR Sally Snider Patricia Richmond Marla Mutsehler SEAT!-DD: Mary Roekstroh, Barbara Coppes, llella Ina Chapman, Barbara Sharp, Carole Hecka- man, Arlene Schwartz, Patricia Hollar. TOP ROW: Carol Esther Miller, Mary Jo Walters, Marilyn Phend, Mariette Mellinger, Suzanne Mummelt, Donna Teeter, JoAnn Shively, Phyllis Roth. SEAT!-1Il.' Jack Ulery, Patricia Henley, Frieda Wal- ters, JoAnn Farrington. STANDING! Arlene Welty, Jane Loudermilk, Beverly Ralston, Sue Martin, Rosamae Sheets. Sl-ZATED: Marlene George, Kenneth Mitterling, John Rrunso, Mary Slabaugh, Helen Wyman, Jean Knepp. STANDING! Joan Grimm, Eugene Smith, Carl Hecka- man, Fred Wilt, Carroll Holaway, Dave Stouder. AN SI-ZATHD: Paul Flowers, James Mittel'- ling, Richard Uline. STANDING: Richard Mishlcr, Roland Hcckaman, Marie Wilson, Walter Hersliberger, Robert Wyman. SEATHIL' Joyce Klingraman, Barbara LeCount, Dawn Keesler, Vance George. STANDING: Max Slabaugh, Daniel Gamble, Mark Bainmel, James Pitt- man, Harvey DeFrees. Betty Corwin Marilyn Pippenger Dana Gray William Tyndall 2 XX Lp l X' 4 fix, ll y l FROM N ,,, ie I H Q ' H. - X O o 1 lex , Eugene Smith views one of the many trophies our school has won in different fields of sports. Time after time we crowded into our gym, and our opponents' gyms, to cheer and encourage our team on to victory. The sports picture would not have been complete, however, without the "Pep Band" which filled our hearts with school spirit and enthusiasm. They have done a grand job all year. Those who participate are: David Stouder, Car- roll Holaway, Dana Gray, William Tyndall, Mark Bammel, Richard Mishler, and Roland Heckaman. M1l.tS6llll'T Brothers Cavnzpcmy Porta-Bilt Kitchen Fu'r'rLitzw'e , FOR PORTS NVQ' L . Mzatschlev' I3-rofhers Company Pwrtczx-Bilt Kitchen L'Zl7'ILZ't1l7'l3 BASKETBALL Left to right: WAYNE BEST Track coach DONALD MASON Assistant football coach BURNELL MUMMERT Basketball and football coach FIRST TEAM PLAYERS EUGENE SMITH-S m i t t y, the counly's leading scorer this year, could be depended upon for a large number of points in every game. Smitty is a senior this year. JERRY LENTZ-D i g g e r was a stocky rebounder who should be valuable to the Bulldogs next year. He is a iunior. JAMES HECKAMAN-Rabbit was the speediest man on the varsity. Jim's alertness and speed will be lost to the cause next season as he will be graduated this year. fiii Af WJ-gg N I v is . Q M ' :iq ' r We 1 f i1gl'i+42'fr':m:p ., wiv, I' -f tw if A45 5 " g Q -.4 ed WJ?" g 'rn' be I E nw Akrp ef s f U C-f"' ka A -Qf N z E NS TEAM STATISTICS Name Ht. Wt. Age Grade Forrest Dunnuck ...... ........ 5 ' 10" 160 17 Jr. Jerry l,entz ...,.,.,... ...,.... 5 ' 11" 176 17 Jr. Eugene Smith ........., ..,..... 6 ' 2V2 " 150 18 Sr. James Heckaman ....... ........ 5 ' 6" 135 18 Sr. Edward Eilers ....... ........ 6 ' 3" 180 16 Jr. Carl Heckaman .,,,.. .,...... 5 ' 10" 160 16 Jr. Richard Uline .......... ........ 6 '3" 160 16 Jr. Wilfred Anglin ,,.,....,.. ..,..,., 6 ' 2" 187 17 Jr. Dennis Brumbaugh ...........,.... 5' 10" 154 16 Jr. 1949-1950 SCHEDUL WON 10 Nappanee 41 Nappanee 57 Nappanee 37 Nappanee 40 Nappanee 41 Nappanee 38 Nappanee 32 Nappanee 40 Nappanee 49 FG 103 8 1 13 8 29 37 26 24 37 E LOS1' 1 2 New Paris Bremen Kendallville Wakarusa Warsaw Goshen Concord Columbia City Madison Twp. Nappaneo 51 Bremen Holiday Tourney Nappanee 49 Kendollville 47 - lDouble over-timel Nappanee 32 Auburn 47 Nappanee 32 Milford Nappanee 52 Jimtown Nappanee 50 Ligonier Nappanee 53 Goshen Nappanee 40 Elkhart Nappanee 37 New Paris Nappanee 70 Wakarusa Nappanee 47 Culver Sectional Tourney Nappanee 47 Bristol 36 Nappanee 28 Jefferson Twp. 29 Nappanee Opponents 963 Total Points 902 Total Points 43.8 Average 41.0 Average ...64.. F 60 25 35 13 54 45 27 6 48 Total Points 269 44 274 16 sz 103 70 1,3 A 82 SECQND TEA Seated: William Strang, Robert Gessinger Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Center Row: James Mitterling, Ralph Umbaugh, James Fish, Robert Jensen, George Sheets Top Row: Keith McCuen, Fred Wilt, Walter Hershberger, Glen Stump, Edwin Kern, Burnell Mummert SCHEDULE WON New Paris Bremen Kendallville Wakarusa Warsaw Goshen Concord Columblia City Madison Bremen 16 19 26 34 27 27 21 15 28 26 21 LOST 4 Nappanee 44 Nappanee 38 Nappanee 26 Nappanee 31 Nappanee 25 Nappanee 33 Nappanee 32 Nappanee 26 1. Total 571 Average 31.7 coach Milford 32 Jimtown 20 Ligonier 18 Goshen 39 Elkhart 30 New Paris 15 Wakarusa 23 Culver 32 Total 424 Average 23.5 CHEERLE DERS JoAnn Farrington Niles Hunsberger Patricia Richmond Cheerleaders Something new has been added! Yes, we have a boy cheerleader again. Everyone will agree that he has done a good iob. Two of last year's cheerleaders have also returned. They have stood behind the team all the way, encouraging our boys and enlivening the bas- ketball spirii among fans. Football Twenty-eight boys reported for football prac- tices this year in preparation for the games next season. The boys worked very hard on the fundamentals in order that we might have a good team formed for our first showing in this sport. The season was topped off with an intra- squad game. With the planning of a new stadium and the keen interest of the boys, we hope that football will become one of Nappa- nee High School's most outstanding sports. F OOTB LL . . --...................,,....- 3 . , ii f Q yi 1 , , if TQ lf'li0N'l' ROW lsl-:ul-di: 1. William Slulzmang 26, Jzun-es Hung 25, Kf-ith M1-Cuiing 21, xiviiliam Sirgngp S, 11011.-rl 1,111,153 11, Paul Flnwl-rs: 19, IJ011glasGuyv1'g 33,R0ge-1' G11-1-iiziwall. MIDIHLE ROXV: 30, Phillip Wright: 32, JZIIHPS Husog 152, Ulizirle-s l-lush-lIvi'g 15, iillllilid Geillwozilliz 27. Robe-rl tlvssing'-iw: il. ifldward Ke-rn: lil. Him-l1:u'd H+-plvrg 20, Junior l"ullvr: 16, itil-li:u'd th-ssiiigl-in 'FUI' HOXY Lslalidingj: 28. llzlvid XVz1ltv1's: 217, Hnwzird SIIIIZIIIRIIII IX. XYiifl'l'41 Aiigliii: Ill, William llrimmg 125, th-nv .luhiisoni T, i+'o1'l'+-sl liuilnuvkg 5. .Ie-rry lientz, 32. llvnnis liv'llliilv:iL11:qh: 6. lilmlu-rl, .le-nsi-nz 2, .Iunivs Fish: ZR, lddwzird lflilvrs. -671 TRACK on . I SI'IA'l'l4Zll: He-luv .Iulins1ni, 1':il'l lln-4-kuniam, lluvid Sl0lldQ'I', Fred VVilt, Ronald Mill-wr, Rudnvy Laude-rmilk, lhxviml Sluucln-i', John l':iul lirunswi, film-n Iii-ml. Mlllllhlfl ROXVI Roy Snyder, IM-nnis l3I'llI'llb2lll2.fll, Iinlu-rl .In-nsm-n. XVill'i'e-Ll Ill'-ssing. lmvicl Wziln-rs. Wnilvr Williauns. .Iumvs lim-1-Kerman, Wvndz-ll Mi-lzlx-r, I+'rn'm-sl Ilunnuck. STANDINQI: Mr. lh-st. 4-mu-li: Alln-n lil-pl'-r, XYill:1r4l l-li-pli-r. liivlirilwl Ulim-, In-an Middmlgh, llQ'0l'j.2'0 Simms, l'1llLft'l1t' Smith. .lvrry In-nlz. 4'li:ii'lv-s 1'llIllllllHll. l':llXYfll'll lfliln-rs, XVilli:xm Hood, .Im-k lil-vd, Stanlvy Naylor, .huns-s Milli-r. Losses from lasi year's squad, by graduation, were Wendell Metzler, Allen Hepler, Willard Hepler, Dean Middaugh, George Sfoops, and Charles Chapman. --"" ...68-... TRACK As the season progressed, our track team rounded into a well-developed ag- gregation. The team was particularly strong in the dashes and distance runs. Although members were hampered somewhat by early spring rains and short practice periods, they beat Middlebury, Concord, and Wakarusa in early season engagements. The team will lose very few men by graduation and should be strong nexi year. April April April April April April April May May May May May TRACK SCHEDULE FOR "SO" Lakeville .......Wakarusa ...-...Middlebury .......Concord Howe Frosh-Soph Middlebury-Jimto County Meet wn-Nappanee Lakeville Relays .......Sectional ...-...Syracuse Junior High Meet -69 -. There ......There Here There There .Wakarusa Elkhart .....Elkhart There Elkhart -............Here ........Wakarusa l : l I. 5 '-.I . . ' ' ".'. ' ' ,E-,rr - .v.. ,.- .- .-, ',,.--.' J." ' " - . ',"r' .'. '. Active Atoms ..... Administration .... Alumni ....,....... Band ........,., Basketball ..... Bookstore ..... Cafeteria ..... Calendar .,.... Cheerleaders .,,, Chorus ,.r... Classes ....... Custodians ......... D'Bulldog Staff A.,... LTZSW 1572- l ' FROM TO I DEX 49 0-l 3 7l ......58-59 ...62-65 . l5 I4 .......5O-55 66 . 57 6-9 .14 .42 Debate .................. .... 4 5 Eighth Grade ............. . Elementary Grades Football ..................... . 32 ......34-37 67 Freshmen ..,.............. ...... 3 0-3l Future Farmers ........... . Future Homemakers ...... . 47 47 G.A.A. ...., . HI-Y ....... Juniors .......... Junior Y-Teens .... Librarians . ..,....... . 49 43 .......26-27 46 .45 Napanet Staff ............... .... 4 I National Honor Society National Thespians ....... .... Nurse ........................ Office Personnel ..... School Board ..... Seniors ............ Senior Week .............. Senior Who's Who .... Senior Y-Teens .... Seventh Grade .... Sophomores ........... Student Council ....... Track ................. 48 46 I2 I2 l2 19-25 40 18 44 33 28-29 48 68-69 5 Donnabelle Anglin Mary Bartholomew Kenneth Bollman Charles Chapman Shirley Davis Rae Ellen Field Joan Flowers Richard Gardner Marguerite Gearhart Rose Marie Greenwalt Beverly Hahn ' Rosemary Hamilton Clell Hartman, Jr. Allen Hepler Charles Hepler Robert Hepler Willard Hepler Kathleen Hoffer Bobby Joe Hollar Douglas Hummel Marilyn Jensen Roy Kaufman Edward LeCount I Helen Mattern Wendell Metzler Richard Dean Middaugh Eloise Milleman Dorothy Miller Janet Miller Jean Miller Marilyn Miller Margaret Mutschler Patricia Pippen Ray Ralston Devon Rose Marlene Scheets Arlen Slabaugh Wayne Slabaugh Mariorie Snyder Trilba Stillson George Stoops Bette Stutzman Donna Uline Vivian Vinke Phyllis Weaver Wilma Yoder Joan Zook ALUMNI OF 1949 Ruckman, Callander Insurance Agency Mother's Ice Cream Co. Krogers Indiana University Mrs. Wayne Yoder High School Principal's Office Nappanee Milling Co., Office Great Lakes Naval Training Station Wheaton College Joyner Corporation Coppes Inc., Mrs. Donald Rhodes I. A. Miller At Home Nappanee Depot and Freight Office Ball Band At Home Mrs. Richard Gardner At Home At Home Dr. J. S. SIabaugh's Office Ball Band Coppes Inc. Nappanee Telephone Company Bluffton College Mutschler Bros. Company Schultz Bros. Ossie's Restaurant Purdue University Nappanee Utilities Company Mrs. Richard Rouch 1 DePauw University Nappanee Telephone Company Huffman Bakery Coppes Inc. Bethel College At Home Hollar's Bread Truck At Home Nappanee Lumber 8. Manufacturing Co. Indiana University Mrs. Val Johnson Dr. R. A. Fleetwood's Office Napana Laundry Nappanee Lumber 8. Manufacturing Co. Nappanee lumber 8. Manufacturing Co. Roth's Meat Packing Co. Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Chicago, II linois Wheaton, Illinois Bourbon, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Mishawaka, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Mishawaka, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bluffton, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana West LaFayette, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Greencastle, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, 'Indiana Mishawaka, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Nappanee, Nappanee, Nappanee, Nappanee, Waterloo, Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Iowa .n E 'P""f, 'K .-53f'f""Z3'f1. Z'li'5'i'f' "'3'YP"WKN"'+5l' , ' 3 gf af , . -- ",fg1'..:?: Hg.. ,-It 5,59 ,-.DF k,,,,A',:f L V . r - .- . -rm H f N iff' f- P. lv i .ht ' 47 t .Q-Aj. , lf... -I . X 4. x.., -N 4542. .gi-,r-. . ' ' ' . if X 2g,,,.,4. - ' . ' - rn. ' -. . 5, - . , 1 'A . Q . ' ' . ' . - 1' ' . . ' , 4. - , . - ' y T . ' ' . 'U . Q- I 1 . 1--. . - . , 'Q 1g . 1,4 t. , Q . fu "vc, ' A V ' . ' , r . ' ' : nl v ' V Q., -.1 . , X 1 I ' f "' ' L 'f 195 ' 1 v Q nu . Y I - ' f ' 1 .. f . Y V . 3 5 ,, .. F.. .A ': 'fi R .,.. . ri V ' . Qu ,wp 5, K , . ,-. 1 y i ' -,H-gn, 'Vg ' . 5 ' . "L ii V - .' wi . 4 ,- X "X" ' . :gg , ' - ' Q. V 'r x . . .. 1 .- gn - 1-'L --fu - , -. 4 .' f ':' Y if ' .fig L ll. 1. , IQ 'L 1. Q' ,N j . i P , 'Q -' .- Y IV" . -1ff'f.-bf . ,df . iff: . . F + " ff' ' ' E :- - I .3 'Q 3. X me . 5 .1---.., ' -5 'Y .. ' ' . 2i"uf..s' '- -- .1 ' 'I w' Y' Y 7'- ' ., 1 .- H t- L. - ' 4223! .. f . fu - Aff f-'f 1 vw .1 .Uk , -." 'f I: J' , '-W . far-3 L ' .CY v- ,- "'5'!.'x-A . . h r., f., . " ' r ' '-1' .. ' , .1 V Q . ' ' f.. Q if: ' v ,. 1 T ' pg' W- . i...., -I ,J.- .. - ',, . 4" - 5.1-. 1-. ' A ,W .iw . if ' 4'- 'jv kg?-"A .55 ', .A ., ... 5-yi ,Higgs-E . Y. I ph .4 . y " 4 fjg":1y.j?'. - ' ' -W :. 'Q' M I ' xl gf., : -HPV A ' , ": '- . mg, . A . Q 1. ., " ' 1-hir. .2 V.. , . -F -'ff' 'T 0 ' ,. ' 1 1. .- ' 1 . "Y . 1 5 Z .K x . .. F 1 1' X . - , . 3 " ' I I Q :X '. ' ' - 1 'lf X. ,rv , . ,nr gy .nl ,. ' L.. Vg , ' 5. . .V h . .. , ' v - Q ' X fl? -.ti ' - '. ', ,A "." . v V Jin'-."'. ' '. K Q . K- ..'...." " W1 - .,, --A. fa, , Q..--. . '- ' 'W V A J- -.T"l1',. -3:1 in ' A ' .'.""?"', i J. i' , -I, QI!-J . "L 121, , ..,-f,,5 -KL- f , gg. :wfmb ' , A . ' J I g,jQgQg,.gg1"Pg:1L- A M, 4 nz' aug., y. , , : ., f.. 4. ,f g 'Q 1 5 "-F7 . f ' -uf in ' ,LY ... ' Q ' . 4. ,N . ,..14,3g2f,Y.f:l-. ,.. 5. I, '- ' 1- . .j'n:'w' 1.2-,EEQQUQVQ 1 A x H, . . h A ., , . . 2 Lv- 1 ,V . . .Y . . ' . . 'igfsax-5 3+ 12+ A 'wr' V. .gi .. A4 ' - ..a . - . . . M . .Q - ' 1' H s A , , 45, 15. ' 1 I W 3 ' 'H yy fp'-I ' ' -E IQ., 17175. ' ' 91,7 f' . I '1 1, -viii' A 'fr' 'Wg , Wx, at -.H ' 14- ', .if . -' i x ..: wif ' 'Q ' x 2 " 1 1 A , 6 ' -ff' . ,, 4, . if ' . 25 f V .L , . t . .. - wwf . ' '27 4 . A ' , p.. ' if - .v. "1-. 1.1 ., I . 1 mv? J wir., 'j --fiffnfkrfawf .5.1MSEx,?Qf4 ,. . ii .. :V I' .M .4 a, fy.- . p ' 'wma-. f ' 'l,,'ff ff' x':.f:' 41.7 ?QQs'5'QQi5-f - . , L V 2 3 -4 Lafrlir? . ..': gg .QL Q I aa-ng J 1,5---: J .1-. , r -.R uf. , 1 , " NW- Jah". 'YI . .. , A 7 .im l .. ' . ,. 1 . 1 1..,z,w3unH . w Neff" ., x ,Z ,. . 4 .' . y . R- ,fgw f '- My-. 4 -,L L -yn ', .J ,I b 4, ,-,.-r.,, - E' , fig? . 1 F'-'ff lx, 5 ffvf , 'i' X , .P Q.. W. : e",1 .Mgr Q I.. W 4. s - fr f f- 'kb' . N f A V. -I I . , :qu Uv 1. ir' Qgml - "L-.rf , . "1kr9'igiIil-fb?-af' 1- 5 . , -1Q.f"'Pf'1:g!lQ-' X s'.5',f,,l .EB ' f' 1 'l', -'Q.7f?fFgt-V "QL -1. wn. r-,Sq '.-K W' Cin. . 5-fl - Iiv. .4 JZ- i'xg?.21'a I, N 55' wL"1..f - ,- . 1- NSI' 4- 1 1 V 'H' '..-1' .515 '--5, ' -rp, za . .P , ,gn 'Q 1 f- Ag, , ,N ...x ...fy .. "' -If 'Af ".'.F' . I v:3f,..5l,. Wg.: N' , , ,. ., --1-Q 11.4,-1, , - .,l.22"fB3':lQ51. . 1 , ' Q. f-L. -gg, I . ...J-,-.,,r ,Y-gr-. ,, , Mg - - ,. - 'L 3' J pak '.v,gfw id 1' - -- 2- Q- ay... 2PnmSef.ffvf.' 'W' U .. .f n, -f5'.f.F1,sg'f4" , rf ...L .. , . . X- 314:-,. :mfw --...uf 31.4. .L - .f,,-Mad. .D . Qigkfkj '- 1f'i,fg2???:f' .'g.f.-x-rw 1,4 f 'MB- .Y"'rf 1 wg-V ,vw jf-N -V4 ,- L :-ug...- ,. V,-f A ., ,, , , , 1 . ,-.- u 1 . Af ...Ev .I ' v +V. . . ..a4a:ff:.v...: I N ,mn-sniff. Zu. ' ' ' 'H ' Ji:-' .JI-LF. ' A .- gw- 1 - I " wwifm ' .-f 1 .,L.:, V 5.

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