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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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1 ,.,p.y! , ,I Ji, in mt-,1W,,',.. 1 ae1:n1,a4.1au,:.3 .mg whims' M. ,. fgffY2.m,Hi4?-fffl-ww-. 1 fa H 4-.:xmaz.a:q 4' if is Si M 3 F .1 rf ,. 5 E 3 3' 5 E 2 Q 5 2 5 5 5 E 2 ra 5 s 53 2? E' is E Q 2 5 53 A Z3 , ' , We WWW Q Q2 MMA? , 2 QM N H Y 1 .L .f L , a f I ,LII 'LZ ff .. V B, 'J OGNIZE ME. I'M THE NAPPANEE BULL- DOG, THE MASCOT. I'VE BEEN AROUND Q I HELLO EOLKS. You OUGHT TO REC- I EOR A LONG TIME, YOU KNOW. THESE STUDENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1948 WHO ARE PUTTING OUT THIS TWENTY- THIRD VOLUME OF THE NAPANET HAVE ASKED ME TO SHOW YOU AROUND- TO TAKE YOU THROUGH ALL PARTS OF THE SCHOOL AND LET YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY GOES ON AND WHO ALL THE KIDS ARE. I'M A PRETTY SMART BULLDOGg SO I AGREED TO DO IT. I'LL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO YOU AS WE GO ALONG. FIRST, THE STAFF WISHES TO THANK THE SPONSORS WHOSE NAMES APPEAR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGES FOR COOPERATING WITH THEM IN THIS NEW STYLE OF ADVERTISING. WITHOUT ADVERTISERS THERE COULD BIS NO ANNUAL. NAPPANEE HIGH SCHOOL, NAPPANEE INDIANA Hamm L , . 1 5 EIQLU Yr s -5 xjf' ME TO GET YOU STARTED, I'LL TAKE YOU AROUND TO THE CLASSROOMS AND SHOW YOU THE STUDENTS AT WORK. MT THE LIBRARY, WHERE THE STUDENTS GO TO STUDY, TO READ, LOOK UP REFERENCE MATERIALS, OR MAYBE JUST TO TALK TO THE LIBRARIAN. Five .ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES tm ' if Une oi' the attractions in the English classes-f-nreeordixig anal broadcasting practice. lt's none other than Donna Uline and Bud Hartman! Couldn't be a lvetter twosome, could it? Puzzlecl. are you? Then join the Spanish class and learn to understand and speak this musical language of our Southern neighbors. For your benefit. the sentences on the blackboard may be translated, "How are you?" "Very well. thank you!" "Here Spanish is spoken." 'flood morning. gentlemen." ix This page sponsored by A. H. Kaufman Sz Co. wnrl Sfll!"1x'II1llIl,S Shoes . MATH AND CHEMISTRY Tlmatl ill A Sm-nv fronl llw gvmnelry Class, lllllzfllll lmy a capable inslrnrtor. Mr. Noose. Roland Heckaman is proving to Ann Wriglll that triangle ADC is congruent to triangle HUC. ILE really' fun! "He r'arvl'nll Dmfl lrnrn yonrsvlflu These words Inav lac heard reveals-rllv . , l . xsllilv slnrlenls are rx JCl'lIIl6llllll!1 in clwlnistrv Class. Here Sally Millelnan, lmnisv l . . . Berry. Cenrgv Hyc-rs. Frank Coppes, ancl George Stoops are distilling llarrl watvr. This page sfzovzsorefl by KfLWfI'f-IIITIIFI and Krngm' Stow Sevwn .ART AND SOCIAL STUDIES M I The art class is one of the most useful in the school, providing posters and other artistic touches for our classrooms and hallways. This is the advanced art class working under the watchful eye of Mrs. Rood. Social studies are important in our school's curricula. History often entails study of maps. Here ,lacoh Gall and Vivian Vinke point out particular places on the map, while other students look on. Eight This page sponsored by J. S. Ka L. M. Slabaugh, M. D. and Miller Lumber KL Coal Co . MUSIC AND BIBLE More fun! At least these girls think sol N. ll. S, is proud of this salxztplione sextette. Its memlrers are lleverly lrlalin. liosarmu- Sheets. llunnu Uline. Ju Ann liigler. Marguerite Cearhart, and Delores Roth. The liilmle is studied the world over. ln our scluml it is taught to grades one through eight. Students in the upper four grades may take it il' they 1-lumso. Here Mrs. Bowman is telling her seventh grade students the story of "The Feeding: ul' thi- ldive Thousandl' in scene-0-felt. This page xponsorcd by Millefs North H1141 GIITILQI? lmrl Cvrl Bros. Imrlawr Shop Ning . HOME ECONOMICS AND TYPING 'WMMF' Yes, sir! This is one of Miss l3lank's home economics classes happily learning to prepare a meal ht for a king. The laboratory is equipped with modern electric and gas stoves and a gas refrigerator. What's happened? Everyone is wide awake and husy at his typing! Under the direction of Mr. Postma, many good typists are graduated from our high school. Ten This page sponsored by Hartman Gulf Service Station and City Electric Co . SHGP AND DRIVING liuzz, buzz, huzz. is the Sound you hear when you visit the shop. Members of the shop classes. besides doing their regularly assigned construction work. have helped school organizations by making bulletin boards. stage properties to be userl in plays. a set of lights for the Thespian initiation. and innumerable other artieles. A new ear was loaned to our school hy the lleed Motor llornpanyg a class was organized with lVlr. Weddle as the f-apable teacher. Here he is showing Shirley Davis the fundamentals of driving while Mark Cox and Patsy Corwin look on. This page sponsored by Schultz Bros, Co. ami lVf'7l1I.1l.2lSCl' Hatf'l1eries Eleven and Smfafw Y'-ua oo I H-1 a LD OUR COMINGS AND GOINGS FROM SEPTEMBER TO MAY. NOW YOU STUDENTS WILL SEE HOW YOU LOOK OUTSIDE OF CLASS AND THE CALENDAR WILL LET YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED EACH MONTH. .AI HALL OF SCIENCE. ONE OF THE FEATURES OF THE AN- NUAL P. T. A. HALLOWE'EN PARTY WAS THE EXHIBIT DISPLAYED IN THE SCIENCE ROOM. THE CHEMISTRY CLASS PREPARED ALL OF THE EXHIBITS AND EXPERIMENTS. THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST INGENIOUS OF THE MANY ATTRACTIONS. SQ SEPTEMBER CAME - BACK TO SCHOOL, K I TOOK IT EASY, l'M NO FOOL. C I . litfeg 3 l 4 l 5 8 9 10 11 12 15 16 17 18 19 22 Q0 Ln! 24 25 ,26 29 30 Fourteen This page sponsored by Ossie's SEPTEMBER Back to school. How does everyone like the new periods? My! Look at all the new faces around the school! Mr, Mummert seems to be rather strict in health class. First band rehearsal. Class meetings, Goody! Goody! Vacation already! For two days! Just another Monday. Band makes its first appearance at the Goshen Fair. How did it sound, kids? Hey, Smitty, did you get home all right with all those trophies? Softball game. Oh, this wonderful rainy weather! Mr. Weddle is sporting a black eye! He says he got it in baseball prac- tice, but I wonder? Softball. Hi-Y serious initiation. Softball game with Madison post- poned because of rain. First Lyceum Program, Mr. Whit- taker gave a speech based on his book, "We Thought We Heard The Angels Sing." Softball game-Nappanee 21, Bre- men 1! Dismissed from school early because of teachers meeting. An assembly program. Mr. Klitzke gave us a few "Do's" and "Don'ts" for the coming year! Excused early. Everyone made a dash uptown. I wonder why-? Aha, the fair's here! Donna! The idea! Trying to play your horn with your mittens on! Y- Teen and Hi-Y meetings. Did everyone bring his money? First bank day, which will be held every Wednesday morning during the Ac- tivity Period. Some changes in as- sembly seats! Eh, Cork and Shanty! First fire drill. Mr. Roose makes an announcement to the seniors about paying fees. Hey, Lewie! Next time be more care- ful riding on the "Bullet!" Boys out- numbered the girls at Teen Town! Senior pictures to be taken Friday. Be sure to wear your best bib and tucker. What was all the noise in the assem- bly? Why, today was the first game of the World Series! Did anyone notice a funny odor in government class? Next time, Dick, keep your shoes on! Hofme Covlcing and Hollar's Market OCTOBER The Junior girls seem to be starting a fad of wearing large ribbons in their hair. Cute little trick, girls! First issue of IVBulldog! Senior pictures taken today. Look at the birdie! Junior class party. Sleepy Miller, who won his bet on the World Series, made quite a little bit of money in just a few minutes, -so we hear! . Y-Teen serious initiation. Hi-Y meeting. Some teachers are really using their ability to write out detention slips, especially in the sixth hour assem- bly! First Hi-C meeting. Band attempts to march in formation for the first time this year. Cheerleading try-outs. I7on't spare your vocal chords kids! Final cheerleading try-outs. To you who won, Good Luck! Senior proofs arrived. Mr. Whitg can't understand why the seniors must look at their pictures in government class! First report cards. That "IJ" doesn't stand for llandy, kids! Hi-C meeting. Junior High cheer- leading try-outs. Band marched for Farmers' llay. Class of '48 received a plaque for selling over a 31,000 worth of maga- zines in their Junior year. Do your feet ache? Are you tired? The band manched 2 2f10 miles in Mishawaka! Nothing unusual. Y-Teen and Hi-Y meetings. Last day of school- -for four days! Teachers Association. Senior class meeting. We can't de- cide where we want to go for our trip. Quite a Dramatic Party last night! So we hear? Bank day. Student Council is purchasing a ra- dio to present to the school. Big Hallowe'en Party at the school! Bonfire, costumes. prizes, hilarity in general. Second issue of I'VRulldog. IN OCTOBER WE HAD TO STUDY5 ii YES, AND I MEAN EVERYBODY. f'5 aJaQ I If Ji I ul This page sponsored by Mast Sales Sz Serrice Fifteen 2. 5:9 BASKETBALL GAMES STARTED IN NOVEMBER, THAT FIRST GREAT GAME, I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER. I 6225, g Sixteen This page sponsov NOVEMBER 3 Senior class meeting. 11 Hi-Y and Y-Teen meetings. o 6 7 10 11 12 13 14 17 18 19 20 21 24 25 26 28 'ed In Some chorus members sing over sta- tion W.T.R.C., Elkhart. Rest of the annual pictures taken. Jo Ann Bigler, it must be loads of fun to go through the halls all day screaming "Next picture!" Pep session. First basketball game. Nappanee 33-New Paris 32. Nice going, kids! Corky found himself all alone in the detention room? How do you like it, Cork! Armistice Day Program. Mr. Campbell, the magician, enter- tained in the afternoon. Did you notice all the lights in the school house? No wonder! Night school! Mr. Overmeyer, substituting for Mr. Weddle, wonders why the seniors can't concentrate in health class. Maybe they have spring fever a lit- tle late this year! Could be! Movie on alcoholism. Pep session. Basketball game. Short hand class had a visitor in the afternoon-a kitten. Pat Naylor should have been there. Ronnie Kirk- Wood fell asleep in bookkeeping class and was very kindly aroused by Mr. Postma. Hi-Y and Y-Teen joint meeting! Pep session. Bremen 27-Nappanee 32. Bank day. Bookkeeping class tried to make their books balance. Quite a job, I'd say. Big Band Boosters Dance. Senior program! Too bad, Coxey! Looks as though you're hooked! Since Pat Naylor loves cats so well, Mr, Weddle decided we wouldn't dis- sect one in health class! Chicken! School dismissed early for Thanks- giving vacation. Report cards and do-they-report ! Nappanee loses to Goshen. y Edw. Livnhart Sz Sons, Wrzkflrusn DECEMBER Mr. Habegger is now a proud papa! Congratulations! Y-Teen and Hi-Y meetings. Senior class had a speech on "Why Social Security?" Table tennis at assemblies program! Pat Corwin seemed to distract one of the players from the game. Say now! Bev turned out to be quite a sophisticated lady in junior -class assembly program. Seniors meas- ured for caps and gowns. Pep ses- sion! Extra band and chorus rehearsals. Opening night of "Old Doc!" Second performance of "Old Doc!" P. T. A. Christmas program. The band and chorus make their first ap- pearan-ces. Just the day after the day before. Debate program. Pep session. Nap- panee defeated Columbia City 41 to 20. Assembly program, a speaker on vo- cations. Pep session. Mr. Mummert, Mr. Ha- begger, and Miss Hoover showed the cheer leaders how it should be done. At least the kids yelled! Bank day. Class meeting. We shall have GREY robes! Did you hear all the Oh's and Ah's about midafternoon? The senior pictures arrived. Y-Teen Christmas program. D'Bull- dog. Nappanee defeated Middlebury. We won't be back to school until next year! Two weeks vacation for Christmas! IN DECEMBER WE GOT A VACATION Qc J so I OPENED MY GIFTS Wm-4 INSPIRATION. ' 0 Thzs page sponsored by B. Sz B. Cafe and Nappanee Dairy Sgwnfgen IN JANUARY I CRAMMED AND CRAMMED, I SIMPLY HAD TO PASS THAT EXAM. JANUARY Back to school again. Mr. Klitzke in- troduced the new speaking system in the assembly. Mary Alice Hall is sporting a diamond, left hand, third finger! Congratulations, Mary! Pep session. Mr. White treated the government class today! Pictures! Mr. Weddle decided the health stu- 'dents shouIdn't be so anxious for the bell to ring at noon so he kept them after class. Oh, well, we didn't want any dinner anyway! No Heat! No Lights! Go Home! The game of the year! Nappanee de- feats Jimtown in an overtime game 31 to 28. Nice going! Hi-Y meeting today. Everyone enjoyed the performance given by the actors in the play "Snow White." Garter decided he didn't have to mind Miss Hoover. The solution- one detention slip for Garter! Exams! And still more exams! Assembly program! School dismissed for the afternoon. Nappanee 43- Walkerton 41. Another overtime game. First day of the second semester! Graduation, here we come! Just another day. Report cards, again. School dis- missed early for teachers meeting. Some more of the annual pictures are taken, Pep session! Nappanee wins over Goshen! Something new has been added? Did you notice? The Block N! Also, the band got new risers for the stage! Hi-Y march of dimes. Some senior girls get lockers. Band concert posponed until a later date. Joint Hi-Y and Y-Teen meeting. Mrs. Pelfehrvim gave us some mono- logues with facial impressions. Wow, some impression! Seniors take I. Q. test. You're sup- posed to know all the answers, in case you didn't know it! For girls only! A moving picture on good grooming. Big pep session! "Sye" was there! Mr. Mummert presented the Athletic Awards! D'Bulldog! Ezghteen Thzs page sponsored by Trump Cleanefrs Kr Dyers FEBRUARY Extra band rehearsal. Economics test. Ohhhhh, Brotherrrr! Band concert. Notice the clean trophy case and burnished trophies. Thanks, National Honor Society. Mr. Postma gave the bookkeeping class an unexpected test. Poor Lewie! He's still in a stew about the uniforms! Basketball game. Did you notice the team's new knee socks? Neat, huh? Assemblies program. Mr. Webster was the speaker. He's positive that there will be onions in heaven be- cause--get-this-they have a heav- enly smell! Return game with Wakarusa. Economics test! I wonder if anyone knew the answers? Mr. White prob- ably did! Motion picture "Seeds of Destiny." Band is being measured for uni- forms. Pep session. Lost to John Adams. Tough oats! Y-Teen sponsored a dance after the game. Symphoneers provided the music. Some band ensembles and soloists played for Kiwanis. Woe is me. Mud! Everyone is practicing like mad to get ready for contest! Preliminary contest for band stu- dents. Drawings were made for the tourney! Concord is our victim! Culver 33-Nappanee 32. Overtime game. Doctor I. Q. assembly pro- gram. Also a movie "Huckleberry Finn." Tourney tickets were sold immediately after the picture. Band students who are going to Ft. Wayne tomorrow, Good Luck! Blue Monday. Hi-Y and Y-Teen joint meeting. Some students who went to the band contest Saturday entertained! Pep session. School was dismissed early. Concord defeated us in our first game in the tourney. Everyone looks a little tired today? It couldn't be the tourney, could it? Did you see Lewie's cute bow tie today? The sectional tourney was completed in Elkhart. FEBRUARY - I FELL IN LOVE7 MY HEAD WAS IN THE CLOUDS ABOVE ! 7m-9 Page SP07LS0'r0d by Nappanee Milling Co. cmd M1llers Grocery Nineteen MARCH BROUGHT ALONG 'A TOUCH OF SPRlNGg I GOT INTO THE SPIRIT OF THE THING. MARCH Have you paid your class dues yet? Mr. Mummert didn't know if he would have enough little yellow slips to go around for the sixth hour as- sembly. Seven seniors were awarded their band sweaters. Class Tourney! Naturally, the Sen- iors won! Report cards. School dis- missed early. Mr. Wilson, Bremen band instructor, came to direct the band. Extra chorus rehearsal. Bremen and Nappanee Joint Concert is a success! Joint concert with Bremen is given in Nappanee. Just another day. Hi-Y boys were awarded their let- ters! Bank day. Senior Commencement Invitations on the bulletin board! Try-outs to qualify for chorus robes! Class meeting. Blue Monday. First extra band rehearsal! When Lewie turned out the lights to show us the new Band Uniforms in the spot light, I wonder why Bev said "Stop it, Fred!" Did you wear something green to- day! Lewie Habegger didn't forget. He had a piece of green crepe paper on the lapel of his suit. I wonder Where "Baber" had her mind in Economics class? It cer- tainly wasn't there because Mr. White asked her one question 3 times. Windy day! Windows fell out! School dismissed early! Spring is sprung The grass is riz I wonder where the posies is! Basketball banquet. Hershey merited the Most Valuable Player Trophy! Y-Teen Easter program. Rev. Mr. Enz was the speaker. Assembly program. Bus is riding around in a new con- vertible. D'Bulldog! Spring vaca- tion! Vacation is over. Back to work now! Some band members were fitted with uniforms. They're still a big secret to be revealed tomorrow evening at the concert. Band and chorus had a very success- ful concert. New uniforms were presented to the band. Gideon speak- er in the afternoon. A New Testa- ment was given to each pupil in school. Mr. Best seemed to lose his balance Cdue to some unknown reason! while coming down the stage steps in the assembly! Twenty Thzs page sponsored by House of Harter, Goshen APRIL April Fool's issue of D'Bulldog. Wonderful school we have, isnt it? Joan Bishop, an original quiz kid, entertained us. The big day is tomorrow. Band and Chorus District Contest held in Nappanee. Both the band and chorus placed first. Track meet. Rest of the annual pic- tures were taken. Meals were served in the home economics room. Hi-Y and Y-Teen meetings. Whoop- sie girls entertained the Y-Teens! Hi-Y and Y-Teen party! Track meet at Elkhart. Imagine! Only six more weeks of school! State Band and Chorus Contest held at North Manchester. For the third consecutive year, both the band and chorus placed first. Band staged a huge parade during the noon hour. All this in celebra- tion of their rating last Saturday. Assembly program-"Alice in Won- derland." Track meet at Wakarusa. Some blue ribbons for N. H. S. We placed second at meet. Dead line for annual copy at print- ers. Seniors earn money for trip by sponsoring movie at theater. Senior class meeting. Where will we go for our trip? Movies, third and fourth hour both. "Heidi" and "The God of Creation." 'County track meet at Rice Field. Nappanee third with 35 points. Material for school handbook is all m. Teen Town Leap Year Dance. Senior English class went to Chi- cago to see Shakespearian play. GUESS WHAT CAME WITH APRIL SHOWERS? SPRING FEVER - 'AND THOSE LONG CLASS HOURS 41- 'M Thzs page sponsored by J. R. Arnott Ka Son and Wright Funeral Home Twenty ofne Z4 I 'J scHooL's our, Bur AM I GLAD? Qs' NO, IN FACT, l'M VERY SAD. MAY 16 Baccalaureate-Rev. Mr. Smith is our speaker. 18 Class Day. 19 Junior and Senior Reception! 20 Commencement-The great day has arrived. So long, kids! 28 Seniors will start on a three day boat cruise on Lake Michigan and up to Mackinac Island. i Twenty-two This page sponsored by Hatfield Sz Hostetter Clothiers OUR WHO'S WHO WINNERS.. These five seniors were chosen by their classmates E because of their high standards in the five fields. V .r r 0 0 ll I I L.: SCHOLARSHIP-Margaret Farrington LFIADERSHII'-ROSCIIH Cearhart Iheck ATHLETICS-Harold Hershberger DRAMATICS-JO Ann Bigler ART-Kenneth Ca This page sponsored by Huffman Bakery Twenty-tho-ee WWW A! 4 x Q! 9: I NEXT YOU WILL SEE THE FORMAL PART OF THE BOOK- ADMINISTRATORS, FACULTY, SENIORS, AND GRADES ONE TO ELEVEN. CORRIDOR SCENE-THIS IS THE WAY THE HALL LOOKS EVERY D'AY BETWEEN CLASSES - WITH ALL THE TALKING, LAUGHING, AND PRIMPING. ll 1 ye sponsored by State Bank of Nuppune Twmzt SUPERINTENDENT LYLE K. KLITZKE Teachers College, Whitewater, Wis. University of Iowa, B. A. University of Chicago, M. A. Purdue University PRINCIPAL GALEN C. Roosn Mathematics Goshen College Manchester College Indiana University, A. Il., M. S. Purdue University Vl'ith the Consolidation of Scott Township and Nappanee City schools into The Nzippanee llonnnunily Schools. membership of the school board was iricre-Lised. The board holds meetings on the first Monday of every month and works out svhool prohlenis. STANDING: Virgil Anglin, Hzirter Wright, Lyle Klitzke. SEATI-ln: John Coppes, trezisurerg Carlyle Mutschler, presidentg Charles Fldler, secre- tary. Twenty-six This page sponsored by The E. V. PIl.IJlZ'S1ll7I!I House FACULTY WAYNE BEST Physical Education, Social Studies, Junior High Coach Manchester College, A. B. Indiana University M. S. IRMA BLANK Vocational Home Economics, English Indiana University, A. B. Butler University Ball State Teachers College MES. MAEGUERITE BOWMAN Biblo Wheaton College, A. B. CIIARLES BYERS Vocational Agriculture, In- dustrial Arts. Purdue, B. S. Ball State Teachers College Ind. State Teachers College LEWIS HAEEGGER Instrumental Music, Com- mercc Manchester College, B. S. Michigan State University CLARENCE HoI.AwAY Mathematics, Foreign Lan- guages Goshen College, B. S. Indiana University, M. S. ESTHI-IR HoovER Health, Physical Ed., English Indiana University, A. B. University of California Ball State Teachers College MRS. LUCY MILES English Indiana University, A. B. Northwestern University HURNELL MUMMPIRT Health, Social Studies, Phys- ical Education, Coach Franklin College Ball State Teachers College MRS. EDITII PELCHRZIM English, Speech 85 Dramatics Goshen College, A. B. Ball State Teachers College Lyceum Arts Conservatory HARVEY POSTMA Commerce Goshen College, A. B. Indiana University MRS. JEAN REINOEHL Vocal Music Northwestern Univ. B. M. E. MRS. IWARY R000 Art, Art Supervisor Terre Haute Teachers Col- lege B. S. IIIILDEED SHIVELY English, Library Manchester College, A. B. Northwestern University Indiana University JAMES WEDDLE Health, Biology. Phy. lid., Drivers Training Manchester College. B. S. Indiana University LAVVRENCE VVHITE Social Science Manchester College, A. B. Rall State Teachers College Indiana University. M. S. MRS. ANNA XVOODHAMS, R.N. School Nurse Ft. NVayne Methodist Hos- pital Training School DAVID YODER Science, Mathematics Goshen College, B. A. TMS 111190 S1?0'7IS07'f'!1 by the E. V Publzshmg House Twenty beven Twenty- eight SENIOR CLASS. A senior trip was one of our biggest problems of the year. Although we talked of visiting Washington, D. C., we finally decided to take a three day boat cruise on Lake Michigan, spending one of the days on Mackinac Island at the top of the Southern Peninsula of Michigan. This trip will take place from May 28 to 30. The seniors sold tickets for a motion picture, "Killer McCoy." The proceeds from this project helped pay for our trip. During the Christmas vacation we had a sleigh ride, after which the Virginia Reel, and played fox and geese. W but happy faces. we ate, did e returned h ' ome Wllll cold toes SECTY.-TREAS. ..... David W'd L moyer PRESIDENT . . . . ....... Carl Lvmna VICE-PRESID ENT. . .Arden Hamman FLOWER .. ........... Red rose COLORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ..... Crimson and white MOTTO. . . .. .The higher we rise, the broader our ivieur. COMMENCEMENT ROBES ..... . ...... . . . ......... Gray SPONSORS ......... .. .Miss Hoover, Mr. Roose KENNETH LEE ANGLIN VIVIAN LAVETTA PIIYLLIS Jo BEERY DAISY LOUISE BERRY Jo ANN BIGLI-IR "Kenny" BABCOCK "Phyl" "Louise" "Mousey" HBabe'l'n One may smile, and smile, and be a villain. F. F. A. 4: 'Hi-Y 4: Band 1: Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Softball 1. 2. 3: Track 3: Noon Basketball 1. 2. 3: Class play 3: President of class 1. Beauty's choicest mir- ror is an admiring eye. Y-Teen 1, 2. 4: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Vice-pres. 4: Re- ception committec 3: G. A. A. 1. There is a woman at the beginning of all great things. Band 2. 3. 4: Monitor 1: Y-Teens 1, 2. 3. 4: Jour- nalism 4: Reception com- mittee 3. How strangely easy diflicult things are. Future Homemakers 4: Vice-president 4: Band 2, 3. 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Monitor 2: Class presi- dent 1. Nature has inclined us to love men. Student council 1: Y- Tcens 1. 2. 3, 4: Jour- nalism 4: llramatics 3. 42 President 4: Thespian Society 4: "Little VVOm- en" 3: "Old Doc" 4: Band 2. 3, 4: News reporter 3: Treasurer 4: Monitor 2: Reception committee 3: Cheerleader 2: Librarian 2, 3, 4: Band Ensembles 3, 4: Asst. Manager of annual 4. This page sponsored by I. A. Miller Inc. Twenty-nine Lois BRUMBAUGII BEVERLY RAE VINKE JAMES ROBERT Buss Ulloislf ugevn acJimv1 No woman dare ex- press all she thinks. Future Homemakers I, ' Librarian 1 Woman is miserable I care not for study: only so far as she it weakens my eyes. thinks herself so. Hi-Y 3' 4, F' F. A. 1 33.3- '. 2' 3: Dramatics 1, 3, 4: Track 1' ,2' 3' 47 Cross Ice pres. of Library club 1: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3: Vice-pres. 1: Class usher 1, 2: Class Vic-e-presi- dent 3. Chorus 1 2 3 4. nwhat Country 1, Noon basket- a Life" if-'lieons 4. ball 2' GEORGE ELMER BYERS rsBityn The census embraces seventeen million wom- en. Gee! I'd like to be the census. Chorus 1, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Sgt.-at-arms 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3: Noon bas- ketball 1, 2: Intramural 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: News reporter 2, 3: Vice- pres. 4: Journalism 3, 4: Business manager 4: Dramatics 4: Thespian Society 4: "Old Doon 42 National Honor Society 4: Student Council 4: Hi- Y 3. 4: Rand Ensemble-s 1, 2, 3. 4: Trzivk 2, 3, 4: Annual staIT 4. KENNETH BIRD CALBECK "Bus" The night sho stars and women i better light. Journalism 1. 2, 9 Student count-il 3: l 1, 2, 3, 4: Band en: bles 1, 2: Rot-option 1 mittee 3: Che-erleadf 3, 4: Dramatic-s 4: Doo" 4: Class presi 3: H1-Y 2, Il. 4: Cm ponding: soc. 4: ll major 1, 2. 3: An staff 4. RICHARD GENE FRANK S. COPPES PATRICIA LORRAINE MARK Cox FRED LAMAR CUR1 CALLANDER "Garter" CORWIN "Leech,ie" "Fossil" ll ' 7, K !7 Dzck , ' Pat , Sleep in peace and Haste is only admis- lt is better to h Smiles are the lan- wake in joy, R 0 t t e I- late than sible in catching flies. loved and lost than Y f l . , '. . h guage O Ove Yllramatios 3. 4: "Little novel Phi-Sci 4: Intramural ed to ave loved at Journalism 3. 4: Dram- VV'0l'YlCg 3: I Debate 22 Reception committee 45 HPY 2' 3- 4- Journalism 2, 3: Dr atics 3. 4: News reporter H145 -- 3: 4' Vhflrllf 3: 3: Dramatic-s 1, 2, 3, 4: atics 2, 3. 4: Stu! 4: Thespian Society 4: 41 NIOH l1g1Skf:fba1l -I 3- Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Jour- oouncil 2: Hi-Y 2, 3 "Little VVomen" 3: "Old Manager -' 3' nalism 1, 2, 3. 4: Annual Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Chr Doc" 4: National Honor Staff 4. ensembles 2, 3: Bam Society 4: Student noun- oil 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Secre- tary 4: Annual Staff 3, 4: Editor 4: Monitor 1, 2. 3: Reception committee 3. Thirty This page sponsored 2, 3, 4: President 4: Tl pian So:-iety 4: "Voic4 America." 2: "Do Re 3: Reception Commi 3: Noon basketball 2 by Coppes Inc. MARGARET ELLRN ROSENA ADELE MARILYN JEANETTE JOE BILL GEYER JACK EDWIN GRAN FARRINGTON "Magma" She who means no mischief does it all. Librarian 2, 3, 4: Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Song leader 4: Journalism 3, 4: Editor 4: Dramatic-s 3, 4: Thespian Sor-iety 4: "Do Re Mi" 3: National Hon- or Society 4: Studt-nt eouncil 4: Annual staff 4: Chorus 1, ZZ. 3, 4: Chorus ensembles 3. 4: Reveption eommittee 3: G. A. A, 1: Valedirtorian 4. GEARHART 'KIZOSGTLILH Impossible is a Word only to be found in the dictionary of fools. Student council 1, 3, 4: S 0 e re t ar y 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Presi- dent 4: CO-Editor of An- nual 4: Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4: Vive-pres. 3: Journal- ism 4: Drarnatics 3, 4: The-spian Society 4: "Lit- tle XY'onlen" 3: "Old Dow' 4: IU't'PDll0Yl t'0ll'lYY'llll1'4' 3: Librarian 3. 4: Rook- slore clerk 3. 4: tl. A. A. 3: Sillllliiltiflklfl 4: D. A. R. l's-plw-s1-Iltative 4. GEORGE "Shanty" "Cutie" The man that blushes You can never tell is not quite a brute. about these llttle girls. Hi-Y 2' 3, 4: S Librarian 4: Chorus 1' arms 3: Basketball 1. 2, U -. . 4: - 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: ,:g,,f:mDQffmf.''Qf.T,,e,fQuQ. Softball 41 Track 1. gt.-at- "Jack" Opposition to a man in love is like oil to a fire. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. 4: Secretary 2. 3: President 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Annual staff 4: Noon basketball 1, 2, 3: U. H. llSlll'I' 4. MARY ALICE HALL WILLIAM ARDEN OSCAR JUNIOR HAROLD LEROY BETTY Jo HOSTETTER "Mary" HAMMAN HECKAMAN HERSIIBERGER "Bert" , . "AwIie" "Jun " IiHf'TSll6fl1'y Sometimes I sit and y ' She loves but one- think and sometimes I My tongue is might- Humanity is consti- Men rule the World: at a time. ,lust sit. ler than my pen. tutlonally lazy, women the men. Anrmnawus 31 4: TMS- Student couneil l: Dramatics 4: Thespian Basketball 1, 2, 33 Cross Country 13 Trng-k PlFf,f1'5W'llU' 43 ' P01 Rf Chorus 3: llY'HIY'l2llll'S 4: Society 4: "Old Doc"' 4: D1-Hnyatiqg 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 1. 2, 33 Baseball 1, 23 Ml 33 Y'T"f'F51l -- 3-.44 Future Homemakers 3, Debate 3. 4: President 4: 4: Track 1. Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: S0m'7l'fad"r R0"'lDlm,f' 41 songlulldt-r 3, 4: G. A. Ill-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 21 Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Hi-Y 1, ff0mm'f2ef' 3- UIOPUS 1- -- Treasurer 41 Basketball 2, 3: F. F. A. 1. 3- 4I flmflls "nS""1l"f'S A. 2. 2, 3: Intramural 4: Moni- tor 2, 4: Class Vice-presi- dent 4. 2. 3, 4: Student council 2: Journalism 3, 4. This page sponsored by Coppes Ina. U'1lirfy-lmg RONALD GENE CARL ROBERT LEMNA RICIIARII M. LINN BETTE LOUISE LOSEE WILLARO DEVON KHIKWOQD "Duck" "Dick" "Bette" MARVEL Bong To laugh at all jokes I'd like to be bashful, I might be better if I awww Girls, you fuss me. is a job. but the girls won't let would, but it's so lone- Were there no w Enizrfbli' ig 3Ehi,:.'3a'Ii 2?Qi2f:.32.2:,j.J:i1':z ifelfg Qlaifm mm we I ASS V1i"f9bI?F0S'id'f1'f" -1: Rec-epficin ehmmittoe H' Y ' staff 43 Hand l: Rand On- Svmbln- 1: liziskf-llmll 1, 2. 3, fl: liasvlmll l. 2. il: Softball 4: lllonitm' 2 Rec-option t'UIllIlllllt't' ANNA MAE.MIDDAUGH SALLY LOU lWILLEMAN RICHARD NOBLE MILLER VIRGINIA MAY PATRICIA ANN NAI "Maisie" NSKIIH "Sleepy" MI-TTERLING l'Pat" , , , , , "Virginia" Speech IS great, but To Q young heart, N0th1Hg'lSlHl1JOSSlblC If 'twere not for silence is greater. CV91'Yth11'1g IS full- with science. Men are but children cat, I think I could . , l' . Future Homomakf-rs 3, D D r Z mya. IPI I' s 'gfllqd Raskc-llmall u S h 0 r 4: of a larger growth Ive 4. off" 2 '- eww . L. -L N l..l Lb'll 1. 2: . - 4: Future Iilmjnenmkr-rs 'Prtzlgknfl ull? llsasljiletbgrll fl: Yxrpong 71' 2' 3' 4" FE- 3' CI?0gL:,l21r:f.'t2fIlyBT?d1 THPSDIHH NWIUIY l- Ll- Baseball 35 Dramatlcs 4. pnsomblp 1, 3' 3. 43 Teens 1. 2, 3, 43 PI dent 4: Journalism 3 Dramatics 3, 4: ' Doc" 4: Debate 4. lvrzirian 4. Thirty-two This page sponsored by Pletcher Furniture Co. GORDON W. NETERER "Chris" His eyebrows whistle as the girls pass, Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Soft- ball 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent council 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Social chairman 4. ROBERT CHARLES ORN uBobn All women are good -for nothing. Annual staff 4: Phi-Sci 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. FRANK RUSS!-:L PARSONS "Powse" Faint h e a r t ne'er won fair lady. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Sgt.-at- arms 4: Annual Staff 4: LOIS JEAN ROBINSON mais" Politeness is to do and say the kindest things in the kindest way. Journalism 4: Y-Teens fl Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Band 1 3 4 em 1. 2, 3, 4: Band ens - bles 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross country 1, 2. 3. 4: Track 1, 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramaties 4. DOLORES LUCILE ROTH "Babe" Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others. Librarian 2. 3. 4: Cheerleader 4: Reception eommittee 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: Secretary 43 Student count-il 1. 4: An- nual staff 4: Chorus 1, 4: Rand l, 2, 3. 4: Vice- president 4: Rand ensem- bles 2, 3, 4. PAUL RAY RUMMEL llpaulll He says little but ".hat's no sign he isn't thinking. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Sgt,- at-arms 2: Treasurer 3. 4: Hi-Y 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross country 1: Noon basketball 1, 2, 3: Usher RUTH EDITH SPEICHER JOE B. S'r1LLsoN MAGDALEN FAY "Spike" "Corky" STINEMETZ 4KFay!! I can resist every- thing except tempta- tion. Journalism 3, 4: An- nual staff 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4: Chorus ensembles 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Merit secretary 2, 3, 4: Band ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4: Re- ception eommittee 3: Class vice-president 3: I-'aeulty secretary 4. Popularity is power. Journalisml 9 3. Timetells onawom- Dramaties 4: Hi-Y 2', 3f 42 3,111 especlauy a good Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Band tlme. 1. 2, 3. 4: President 4: Band ensembles 2, 3, 4: G. A, A. 1: Reception Softball 4: Noon basket- committee 3: Future ball 13 RGCGDUOYI COIN- Homemakers 4: Y-Teens mittee 3: Intramural 4: Intramural 4: Class vice- president 2. 1, 2. 3, 4. DAVID WILLIAM W1DivIoYER lKZ1ggy!! Many great men are dying--I don't feel so well myself. National Honor Society 3, 4: Student council 3, 4: President 4: Debate 1: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: Secretary 3: President 4: Annual staff 3. 4: Business manager 4: Chorus 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Band ensembles 1. 2, 3. 4: Reception com- mittee 3: Class secre- tary-treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4: Phi-Sci 4: President 4: This page sponsored by Pletcher Furniture Co, Thi,-ty-t1,,-ee I fx? Illia? SENIOR CLASS WILL We the class of 1948, being blessed with superhuman knowledge and possessing superior minds, do make and publish this our last will and testament. I, Kenneth Anglin, will my ability to "wow" the girls at N. H. S., and yet stay loyal to an out-of-town girl, to my brother '4Willy" Anglin. I, Vivian Babcock, will to Bette May my entire wardrobe. I, Phyllis Beery, will my good times at Oakwood to anyone who can have as much fun as I had. I, ,lo Ann Bigler, will my position as a Bigler to the last one of HHarry's,' kids, Greta Bigler. I, Lois Brumbaugh, will my studiousness to Margaret Mutschler. I. James Buss, will my wavy hair to '4Windy" Metzler to add variety to his short cut blonde hair. I, George Byers, will my strong voice to Dean Middaugh to add to the one he already has. I, Kenneth Calbeck, will to Roland Heckaman my position as cheer-leader. I, Richard Callander, will my ambitious nature to next year's Napanet editor. I, Frank Coppes, will my nice quiet running, air conditioned Ford to who ever will take a chance with it. I, Patricia Corwin, will to Eloise Milleman all of my out-of-town dates. I, Mark Cox, will to Pete Rose my graceful walk to and from classes and the pencil sharpener. I, Fred Curtis, will my sweet smelling powders and hair tonics to Ray Ralston. We, Margaret Farrington and Betty Hostetter, will our interest in certain Madi- son fellows to their other admirers. I, Rosena Gearhart, will my oratorical talent to my sister Marguerite. I, Marilyn George, will my always ready smile to Mary Arnott to add to the nice smile she already has. I, Joe Geyer, will my ability to blush easily to Rosamae Sheets, who already turns a nice shade of red very easily. We, Louise Berry and Jack Gran, will our steady courtship as an example to next year's young lovers. We, Mary Alice Hall and Sally Milleman, will our cheery smiles and our unchanging dispositions to any person who does not have either of our traits. Thirty-four I, Arden Hamman, will my ability to voice my views in Debate to Charles Chapman. I, Oscar Heckaman, will my "way" of telling the truth f?J to anyone who thinks he can get away with it as long as I have. I, Harold Hershberger, will my talent on the basketball team to Forrest "Ike', Dunnuck, who promises to be a star of the team. I, Ronald Kirkwood, will one of my band instruments to James Pittman, who will carry on without me next year. I, Carl Lemna, will my early morning hours in the assembly to Fred Rice whom I see almost every morning around 7:30 in the study hall. I, Richard Linn, will my pin-up pictures in my locker to Bob Hepler to adsl to the collection he already has. I, Betty Losee, will my ability in art to Bill Farrington. I, Willard Marvel, will my good standing with all the teachers to Dick Gardner. I, Anna Mae Middaugh, will my quiet manner to Phyllis Weaver, hoping it will quiet her down. I, Richard Miller, will my ability to untangle bookkeeping problems to some poor fellow who takes it next year. I, Virginia Mitterling, will my giggle to Bevery Hahn to add to her chuckle. I, Patricia Naylor, will my family of cats to he divided evenly between Margaret Mutschler and her sister Marla. I, Gordon Neterer, will my ability to love and leave the girls and still keep them running after me to anyone who thinks he can get away with it as long as I have. I, Robert Orn, will my spectacular chemistry experiments to my chemistry teacher to use as he wishes. I, Frank Parsons, will my height to Arlen Slabaugh, seeing that he could use some, I, Lois Robinson, will my cute pug nose to Joan Zook. I, Delores Roth, will my shorthand ability to anyone who has trouble with that subject. I, Paul Rummel, will my bashfulness to the sophomore girls who could cer- tainly use some. I, Ruth Speicher, will my band sweater fwhen I get itj to Donna Uline, in case hers will be late in arriving next year. I, Joe Stillson, will my ability to charm the ladies to Jerry Lentz, who is doing very well already. I, Fay Stinemetz, will my interest in the bakery to anyone who can eat as much pastry as I did. I, Beverly Vinke, will my position in the telephone ollice to any other girl with a pleasant voice. I, David Widmoyer, will my will-power to stay away from all females to Bud Hartman. We do hereby constitute and appoint Mr. Lewis Habegger sole executor of this last will and testament. In witness whereof, we, the Class of 1948, have to this our will, set our hands and seal this first day of April, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight. Signed: SENIORS Thzrty five CLASS PROPHEC.Y THE NAPANET FORESEER Editor-Ruth Speicher MAY 3, 1958 Co-Editor-Patricia Corwin Local A hit stage play entitled "False Ears" will appear at the Music Hall on the 5th and 6th of May. The famous Jo Ann Biglen and Dick Callander from Broadway will star in the play. A capacity crowd is expected at this outstanding attraction. Sl 4 If Miss Lois Robinson has won the Indiana trophy for taking dictation faster than any one else in the state. Miss Robinson took this dictation at a rate of 200 words a minute and typed the 320 word letter in a mere three minutes. Authorities say that she has also broken the world record. 1' HY 10' The president of the United States gave special recognition to Mr. Willard Marvel who has finally untangled the treasury department's bookkeeping. The president, hearing of the ability of Mr. Marvel in bookkeeping work, called him just one month ago to come to the aid of the treasury department. Mr. Mar- vel is the owner of the Ply- mouth Automobile Company in Nappanee. if ik if A large reception honoring Mr. George Byers was held in the Agriculture Hall at Purdue Universitv. Mr. Byers recently discovered that an ant could be trained to kill a termite in a very short time. Soon to be found on news stands will be a nhamplet entitled "Let the Ant Do It," by Mr. Byers. il if lk The attraction in the Music Hall. May 10. will be two fam- ous Metropolitan Opera singers. They are none other than our home town girls. Miss Betty Hostetter and Miss Beverly Thirty-six 1948 Graduates Make Vinke. You will not want to miss this special program! Pk wk bk The famous test pilot, James Buss, announced Saturday, May 1, that he would begin his dar- ing trip to the moon on May 19. In an interview Mr. Buss stated that he would fly his newly in- vented atomic propulsion plane. He also said that he expected to return to the earth within at least one Week after hc starts for the moon, "Moon or nothing at all" is Buss's motto. i U l COURT NEWS Mr. Gordon Neterer filed a di- vorce suit against his third wife, who was formerly Miss Delores Roth. He charged her with flirt- ing with a red faced man hold- ing a hatchet standing in front of the new cigar store run by Dick Linn. Mr. Neterer has hir- ed Junior Heckarnan as his at- torney, and he is very sure of winning this, his third divorce. lk 'K lk Mr. Jack Gran reported today before the city council that ten pigs, three hundred chickens, and one horse had been stolen from his farm on the night of April 30. Mr. Gran went on to say that he and his wife, formerly Miss Louise Berry, were listening to the Mark Cox radio program and were laughing so hard at his jokes that they heard no dis- turbance in the barn yard. Mayor Carl Lemna announced later that an F. B. I. man by thelname of Ronald Kirkwood would be sent from Washington to investigate the case. Mayor Lemna advises all farmers to keep an eye on their barnyards. Good WASHINGTON NEWS The Democractic candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Arden Hamman, stated in a speech before the Window Washers Union that when he is elected president, every window washer would have a new brush, bucket, and a pair of the finest towels. Miss Phyllis Beery, Republi- can candidate, promised a well known homemakers club that she would put an automatic dish washer, automatic ironer, and at least three maids in every home if she were elected. Il ll ll NEW DISCOVERY Hollywood has just discovered an actor who, they say, will cause more girls to faint with his screen love making than the famous "Swoon Goon," Fred Curtis, can with his golden voice. The new Hollywood dis- covery is Frank Parsons. Pro- ducer David Widmoyer has just released a picture starring both Frank and Fred. Special ambu- lances will be waiting in front of each theater in which the pic- ture is shown. if HY ll Miss Rosena Gearhart started to the mission field in Egypt last Wednesdav. Miss Gearhart plans to remain there for five years. i it ill Miss Lois Brumbaugh is plan- ning a six month trin to Italy and Northern Eurcme in order to further her knowledge of an- cient history. Unon her return to the United States she will fill a teaching position in the local high school. Miss Sally Milleman, newly ap- pointed Elkhart County Nurse, will give T. B. tests in Virginia Mitterling's h o m e economics room at the high school on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Those wishing to have the test should notify Miss Anna Mae Middaugh, head of the Nappanee Health Department. 1' lk lk OPENING The "El Flippo" dress shop, ovsmed and operated by Miss Mary Alice Hall, will have its grand opening on Saturday, May 8. Miss Hall has engaged Miss Vivian Babcock, a Powers Model, to model the customers' choices. The shop will handle only the famous Bette Losee original creations. 11 K ll Rumors are out that Mr. Joe Geyer eloped with a chorus girl who danced in the "Hotsy Totsy Revue," which made its last ap- pearance at the Fairy Theater last week. ll ik if RIOT IN FORAKER Police officials answered a. riot call at the Designers Convention held in nForaker Saturday night and discovered a mob assaulting one poor man. The police, break- ing through the mob, recovered the badly mangled fellow. The victim, gasping for breath, fi- nally very faintly said his name was Mr. Joe Stillson of the Still- son Clothing Store here in Nap- panee. Further investigation of the riot revealed' that Mr. Still- son had suggested that men's trousers be shortened to at least 10 inches from the floor and that tiny pearl buttons be put on the coats. The victim of the assault, suffering from two cracked ribs, one broken arm, fractured skull, and three bro- ken fingers, is recovering in the Community Hospital. ADVERTISEMENTS Interior Decorator Mr. Kenneth Calbeck has re- cently opened a modern interior decorators studio on North Main Street. Mr. Calbeck invites you to come in or call 411414 and get information immediately on the "Spring Look" for your home. lk if lk Farm Implements Mr. Paul Rummel and Mr. Kenneth Anglin invite you to visit their newly established store at the corner of Main and Market streets, They carry a complete line of the latest and finest in farm machinery. ik lk lk "Read It" Book Shop Miss Marilyn George, owner of the i'Read It" Book shop an- nounces the arrival of the best seller "The Soda and I." Miss George recommends this book to everyone, young and old, be- cause it is written by our own talented Miss Margaret Far- rington. Miss Farrington is now working on a book entitled "The Success of a Soda." li Il li Used Cars For the best in used cars see Frank "Garter" Coppes. Garter announces that his special this week is a 1929 Ford. This car is in the best of condition and has a beautiful paint job. The car is yours for only 81.00 if you see Garter this week. Don't delay, see Garter today!! Ik li 4 Special this week! Two for the price of one! Harold Hershberger, Undertaker 'IK Ii li Taking a trip this week-end and having trouble finding a place for the kitten to stay while you are gone? Call 51511515 and get full informa- tion about my Cat Kennels. I give the kittens loving care! -Pat Naylor Cat Kennels- Are your nerves torn? Your patience worn ? Don't be forlorn, Call Bob Orn!! -Orn Electric Service- 1' ll lk A loaf a day From baker Fay -Fay Stinemetz Bakery- ll' ll' lk You are married to a lug, He throws you on the rug, You would like to give him a slug, But, call Richard Miller for a drug!! -Richard Miller's Drug Storw ill il If LOST AND 'FOUND LOST-X purse containing S20 and a bathing suit, on sandy Biga Ditcha, Fay Stinemetz beach of La north of city. all lil ll FOUND-Fountain pen by wom- an half full of blue ink. In- quire Rosena Gearhart. lk lk 'K FOR RENT Furnished apartments, suit- able for gentlemen with folding doors. Call Mr, Harold Hersh- berger for information. 41 W ll AD: We sell fur ladies' coats. -Stillson Clothing Store- ! If li WANTED-A piano by a wom- an with carved legs. -See Sally Milleman - Thirty-sev en Thirty-eight JUNIOR CLASS. Under the capable leadership of our sponsors, Mrs. Rood and Mr. Postma, we the class of '49, have successfully completed another year at good old N. H. S. We elected Wendell Metzler as our president and Patty Pippen as our vice- president. The secretary remains Phyllis Weaver. Beverly Hahn and Charles Chapman were chosen to represent us in the Student Council. To raise money for reception we sold magazine subscriptions, as the juniors are accustomed to doing. We also got the proceeds from selling concessions at the basket- ball games. We enjoyed two parties during the year. The first was a weiner roast at Ceyers' Dam followed .by a hayride. The other was a roller skating party at Elkhart. Phyllis Weaver PHYLLIS WEAVER ...... Sec'y.-zreas. WTENDELL METZLER ...... President PATTY P1PPEN . . . . . .Vice-president 9 TOP Row: Donnabelle Anglin Mary Ann Bartholomew Kenneth Bollman Charles Chapman Rex Davis Shirley Davis SECOND Row I Rae Ellen Field Joan Flowers Richard Gardner Marguerite Gearhart Rose Marie Greenawalt Beverly Hahn THIRD Row: Rosemary Hamilton Clell Hartman, Jr. Allen Hepler Charles Hepler Robert Hepler Willard Hepler FOURTH ROW 1 Kathleen Hoifer Joe Hollar Betty Hood Douglas Hummel Marilyn Jensen Roy Kaufman FIFTH Row: Edward LeCount Helen Mattern Wendell Metzler Dean Middaugh Eloise Milleman Dorothy Miller SIXTH Row: Janet Miller Jean Miller Margaret Miller Marilyn Miller Margaret Mutschler Patricia Pippen SEVENTH Row: Ray Ralston Devon Rose Marlene Scheets Arlene Slabaugh Wayne Slabaugh Marjorie Snyder EIGHTH Row: George Stoops Betty Stutzman Donna Uline Sarah Walters Phyllis Weaver Wilma Yoder Bo'r'roM Row : Joan Zook Nor PICTURED: Trilba Stillson Jacob Gall Vivian Vinke This page sponsored by Elkhart County Farm Bm eau Coop Assn Inc Thirty nme Forty SOPHO MORE CLASS JACK REED ...... President PECGE HARE ....... Vice-president MARTH,A CORI. . .Secretary-treasurer We, the class of l950, met on September 5, 194-7, for our first class meeting under the title of usassyn sophomores. At this meeting we had election of oflicers. The results are as above. Fred Rice and Bill Farrington were appointed student council members. Our class sponsors have been Mr. Mummert and Mr. Weddle. Our second meeting. which was October 9, was called for the purpose of deciding on a class party. There were several suggestions but a hayride was favored most. It included a party at the Sheets farm. Martha Corl TOP Row: Mar Arnott Y Mary Frances Bertelson Carlyle Buss Everett Buss Virginia Carpenter William Coppes Loleta Coppes SECOND Row: Martha Corl Anna Lou Edler Leon Farmwald William Farrington Jennie Lee Gall Donald Gardner Kenneth George THIRD Row: Gene Gwin Laurine Haines Pegge Hare Lois Hartman Carole Heckaman Roland Heckaman James Heckaman FOURTH Row: George Hochstetler Carroll Holaway Patricia Hollar William Hood Joan Lloyd Nelson Martin Patricia Martin FIFTH Row: Mary Mast Bette May Mariette Mellinger Leura Melville Margie Middaugh Ferne Mikel Max Richard Miller SIXTH Row: Barbara Moneyheffei Stanley Naylor James Pittman Jack Reed Patricia Reed Fred Rice Donald Riley SEVENTH Row: E Arlene Schwartz Joan Shaum Rosamae Sheets Eugene Slabaugh Gene Smith Roy Snyder Edna Stutzman EIGIITII ROW: Betty Tanis Nannette Troxel Willian Tyndall Max Weaver Donald Welty Pegge Williams Ann Wright BOTTOM Row: Helen Wyman NOT PICTURED: Harold Collins Shirley Copenhav Phyllis Housouer Jack Tobias Phyllis Galbreath This page sponsored by Stzllson s Clothzers Sz Spcrtzng Gozds and Clzpp Auto Supply Co Iforty one Forty- two As another yea r of school in the N. H. S. Airline Service draws to a close. we. the class of "Sl" look back with pleasure at the many good times we have had. We selected Dennis Brumbaugh as our pilot and Jerry Lentz as our co-pilot, with Barbara Sharp handling our financial affairsg as our student council members we chose Frieda Walters and Herbert Cripe. Mr. Best and Mr. White are our sponsors. We have been well represented in band, chorus, G, A. A., Y- groups. Teens, and athletic Barbara Sharp RP.Secrezar FRESHMEN CLASS DENNIS BRUMBAUGH ..... President JERRY LENTZ ....... Vice-presidenvl BARBARA SHA y-treasurer TOP Row: Keith Anglemeyer Wilfred Anglin Carlyle Baumgartner Lyle Wade Best Omar Bontrager Dennis Brumbaugh John Paul Brunso Si-:coNn Row: William Buss Herbert Cripe, Jr. Elsie Davis Harvey DeFrees, Jr. Phyllis Detwiler Howard Dick Forrest Dunnuck THIRD Row: James Fleetwood Sally Gall Donna Belle Garman Vance George Carol Gillis Barbara Golden Dana Gray FOURTH Row : William Grimm Yvonne Haines Virgil Hall Willard Hartman Carl Heckaman Donnabelle Hepler Philip Huif FIFTH Row: Niles Hunsberger Norma Ingle Wayne Ingle Gene Johnson Dawn Keesler Carole Klitzke Jerry Lentz SIXTH Row: Walter Longfield Rodney Loudermilk Virgil Martin Richard Mikel Irene Miller Robert Miller James Miller SEVENTH Row: Thelma Miller Richard Mishler Rachael Pfeiffer Marilyn Phend Beverly Ralston Glen Reed Marilyn Reed EIGHTH Row: LaMar Reichert Emma Jean Rensberger John Robinson Nancy Sechrist Barbara Sharp Betty Sharp Bernell Slabaugh NINTH Row: Howard Stutzman Richard Uline Ralph Umbaugh David Walters Frieda Walters Bille Jean Widmoyer Walter Williams BOTTOM Row : Eugene Yoder Royce Yoder Nor PICTURBD: Norma Bauman Carol Chesley Richard Corwin Jo Ann Galbreath Leonard Stout 7-his page sponsored by Walters Recreation and 0. N. Lentz, D.D.S. F0Ttu-th,-ee EIGHTH GRADE . . . We, the class of '52 began our year with forty-eight students. Our sponsors are Mr. Yoder and Mr. Holaway. Looking back, we find that the election of officers was an important part. Jim Mitterling was elected president, Ronald Miller, vice-president, and Pat Richmond, secretary-treasurer. We chose Marla Mutschler and Ruby Tobias as our student council members, We enjoyed two parties during the year, one in the school gymnasium and the other a skating party at Warsaw. Pat Richmond Top Picture: H Top Row: Roger llreenawzfilt, Junior Fuller. Wilfred Blessing, Richard Adams, Fri-d Wilt, David Stouder, David Hartman. Middle Row: Mr. Yoder, advisor, Eldon Ilishi-r. Douglas Geyer, Sur- Marlin. IN-lla Chaipnian. Marin Mulsi-hli-r, David Bowers. Allen NVagner. Bottom Row: Patricia Henley, .Ioan l':ii'i-ingion. -Iozin Shixwly, l'ali'if-izi liivlmiond. liarlrzira Li-l'oun1. Colleen llzirtmzin, Mziriu lVilson. Bottom picture: Top ROW: lidwin Ki-rn, .lzinivs 'l'i'oxi-l. llzilf- Sliixi-ly, llolwrl Rlvssiii-V. XYilli:ini Siillcson, Philip XYi'if.:'lil, Thomas Phillips, th-oi'giA Shi-i-ts, .Izimi-s Xliiii-1'ling:, Middle Row: Mr. Holziwziy, ziclvisor. Iiiiliy 'l'olnizis, Moiimi Si-1-lirisl. Willocleiie Kf-ifi-r. Bi-ity Slizirkey. llziry Rovkstroh, Al'leiiv Ss'hriiiu'kvr, .lzinivs Messiiiir. Bottom Row: William Stulzman, l'aul 1A'l'l'llllllk'l'. Sally Snider. Nornizi Nino, Mary Jani- Vittniriii, ltr-ity Phillips, Arlene lin-linizm, Mary Slzilmaugh, lilllliild Miller. Forty-four This page sponsored by Boston Store SEVENTH GRADE... Soon after our arrival in the high school building, both sections of the seventh grade met and organized. We chose Suzanne Mummert, president, and James Burt, vice-president. Later Jolene Klingaman was ap- pointed secretary-treasurer. Julia Miller and Keith McCuen are our student council representatives. We had two skating parties. We wcnt on the school bus to the Warsaw skating' rink. What a wonderful time we all had! Jolene Klingaman Top Picture: Top Row: Lewis Mitschelen, George Mitschelen, Keith MCCuen. Nvalter H+-rshbergvr, Richard Gessinger, Uharlos llochstoils-r, Robert Gessingre-r. Third Row: Miss Blank, advisor, Carroll Coppes, Carole llaumgartner, Wanda Gearhari. lie-tty Corwin. Mary Lou Gran, Madge Bauman. Richard Hvplor. Second Row: Suzannn- Mummerl. Shirley Hee-kaman, Phyllis Roth. Charlene liollnian, Ruth Kalilor. .lllllllllil Hart- man. Shirlvy Geyer, Greta Bigler, Bottom Row: TQ-d Gall. Douglas Golden, Gerald XVagner, Norris Balsley. .Ianios Hurt. Bottom Picture: Top Rfqow: Gordon Smith, Rolwrt Lulos, liobi-rt Waters, Michael Svriimzs, William Siranpr, John l'fvil't'i-r. Gordon l' vil'l'vi'. Third. Row: l'airii-ia Ilulvs, Marilyn l'ipp4-rigor. Marianne lim-d, Geraldine lim-iI'l'f-r, Carol Mai- Milli-i'. Shirloy Sale hvirnn-r. .Ioli-no Klinganian, Miss Sliivvly, advisor. Secogmd. Row: Julia Miller, Marilyn Walters, Marilyn Sparks. Jan Loudi-rmilk, Donna. 'IW-vt:-i', Holly Yodi-r, .Ioyi-o ' 'mile-i'. Bottom Row: Donald Parcoll, Kennn-Lh lilitterling, Billy Loo Main. Carl Milli-r, llarry Milli-r. This page sponsored by D. W, Price, M. D. Ifcrtgf-.iii Sixth Grade TOP ROW: Wyana McDOw, Donald Disher, Charles Walters, Max Slabaugh, David Gall, George Fox, David Stinemetz, Joyce Fox. THIRD ROW: Mr. Harvey Frederick, teacher, Lois Lemna, Jo Ann Grimm, Sarita Schrock, Carol Ann Miller, Kathryn Miller, Shirley Losee, Carol Esther Miller. SECOND Row: Nancy Coppes, Judith Deisch, Carol Postma, Lois Ann Sechrist. Terry Hamsher Susan Wright, Carolyn Kern, Sally Shively. BOTTOM ROW: Jacky Ulery, John Tobias, Charles Lutes, John Stump, Robert Rhodes. TOP ROW: Royce Stump, Jack Hood, James Tobias, Lamar Heckaman, Lamar Huffman Raymond Thomas, Far- rel Biller. THIRD Row: Mrs. Edith Pelchrzim, teacher, Paul Zentz, Mary Ellen Troxel, Janina Clingenpeel, Beatrice Adams. Joan Ingle, Shirley Sechrist, Carl Morris. SECOND Row: Shirley Longffleld, Jean Alice Hart- man, Patsy Keim, Glcnice Reed, Lulabelle Hepler, Bonnie Corl, Mar- 'tha Hartman, Terry Hostetler. BOTTOM ROW: Max Beery, Jimmy Warren, Junior Phillips, Dick Rensberger, Robert Wyman, John Ingle. Fifth Grade TOP Row: Jimmy Woodhams. Jeaneane Stout, Thelma Rose, Frances Sechrist. Betty Sochrist, Reova Jewell, Paul Parks. TIIIRD Row: Mardella Wagner, Judy Swihart, Janice Stickel, Marv Jane Huffman, Rebecca Parcell, Kenlyn Calbeck, Nancy Q u i g l e y, Mrs. Stump, teacher. SECOND ROW : Norma Sheets, Mary Helen Pippen, Linda Pletcher, Sandra Nettrour, Sharon Miner. Beverly George, Martha Ingle, Marcia Mutschler. BOTTOM ROW: Alan Wilt, Jim Reed, Joel Mel- linger, Joe Stouder, Bryce Sla- baugh, John Kierein. F0?f1!Sl-2' This page sponsov ed by Nappanee Lzmzbcr 81 Manufacturing CO. Fifth Grade TOP Row: Lyle Hall, Arthur Snowden, Larry Wagner, Victor Miller, Wade Pfeif- fer, Clayton Truex. TIIIRD ROW: Mr. Yoder, teacher, Johanna Jerles, Donna Sutheimer, Sharon Jensen, Stella Snyder, Katie Bontreger, Mary Jane Buss, Lowell Pippenger. SECOND Row: Betty Kiefer, Mary Hartman, Peg- gy Arch, Patty Roth, Carol Byrer, Joy Fox. BOTTOM Row: Lowell Detwiler, Keith Garman, Norman Marvel, Virgil Fisher, James Bartman, Douglas Kahler. Fourth Grade TOP Row: Kenneth Stump, Eddie Hand, Rich- ard Wright, Russell Smith, Wilfred Rensberger, Leo Williams, James Brunso, Daniel Nine. TIIIRD Row: Mrs. Ercel Metzler, teacher, Fred- die Hockert, Roberta Jewell, Sharon Troxel, Kathleen Hahn, Shirley Huffman, Marilyn Byrer, Gilbert Reed. SECOND Row: Kenneth Young, Betty Miller, Leota Haney, Patty Tobias, Joan An- drews, Wilma Copenhaver, Nancy Peters, Larry Fisher. BOTTOM Row: Gary Weygand, James Saltsgiver, Donnie George, Walter Corwin, James Weldy, Robert Buss, Richard Walters. TOP Row: Doris Balsley, John Marlan Miller, Richard Adams, Eddie Wave Fos- ter, Russell Ervin, Winifred Hersh- berger, Jerry Reed, Marcia Mel- linger. THIRD Row: Low Ann Leer. Nancy Baumgart- ner, Sally Stouder, Sarah Lee Lopp, Patricia Snider, Connie Hossler, Mary Ellen Jones, Mrs. Bernice Miller, teacher. SECOND Row: Sherry Gillis, Janet Culp, Mary Ellen Hall, Patsy Corl. Abby Lee Hossler, Barbara Stahly, Mary Lucille Miller, Betty Woodhams. BOTTOM ROW: John Stahly, Lloyd Brewer, James Clouse, Russell Hepler, Philip Leh- man, Jackie Arnott. This page sponsored by Nappanee Lumber 8x Mn,un.facturi11g Co. F04-fy-gp11p,l Third Grade ToP Row: Jan Culp, Junior Pittman, John Troxel, Billy Stouder, David Stoops, George Stinemetz, Peter Pippen, Michael Price. THIRD Row: Sue Ann Pletcher, Sally Stutzman, Janet Klingaman, Sue Ellen Grimm, Virginia Bowman, Judy Martin, Carol Andrews, Mrs. G i bb on ey, teacher. SI1coND Row: David Arch, Rosemary Miller, Carol Wagner, Jeanette Ervin, Marilyn Lehman, Jean Swihart, Kay Stou- der, Billy Frenger. BoTToM Row: Edwin Bontrager, John Hummell, Noel George, Vernon Jewell, Ralph Fink, Terry Haney. TOP Row: Robert Haines, Billy Keifer, Doug- las Nine, Larry Lakins, Dickie Hepler, Donnie Miller, Chris Wood- hams, Ned Hoover. THIRD Row: Tommy Miller, Bobby Jones, Doro- thy Parcell, Clara Rae Walters, Linda Lou Housour, June Heltzel, Keith Saltsgiver, Kenneth Tullis, Miss Elva Schrock, teacher. SECOND Row: Jimmy Fox, Jean Adams, Linda Kay Chandler, Barbara Fowley, Louise Hershberger, Sue Martin- dale, Linda Walters, Patricia Peter- son, Ray Corl. BOTTOM Row: Douglas Rensberger, Alfred Keim, Harold Huffman, David Lloyd, Dickie Shively. Second Grade Tor Row: Jimmy Lutes, Johnny Kendall, Stanley Thomas, Jimmy Pippenger, Roger He-ckaman, Donald Deisch, Freddie Hunsberger, Dickie Norton. TIIIRD Row: Mrs. Hemminger, teacher, Peggy Jo Lakins, Donna Kay Wagner, Mar- garethe Bertelson, Dixie Hare, Mar- guerite Wagner, Patsy Martin, Karen Neterer, Dottie Ulery, Char- lotte Stickel. SECOND Row: Carol Sparks, Carol Weldy, Jane Ann Rood, Rachel Holaway, Carol Sue Hahn, Yvonne Ingle, Letitia Nettrour, Eleanor Shively, Marie Klotz. RoTToM Row: Harrv Hood, Harry Peterson, Ger- ald Yoder, Eddie Combs, Billy Con- rad, Larry Stahly, David Geyer, Dale Hoyt. Forty ezqht Tim puqr sponsored by J C Zzmmermrm D D.S. and Cox Cval KL Lumber Co. Second Grade Tor Row: Mrs. Bertha Wiley, teacher, Brent Gall, Albert Kohler, Danny Sla- baugh, Roger Evans, Keith Fisher, Wendell Sheets, Jimmy Hamsher, Larry George. MIDDLE ROW! Mary Jean Woodhams, Larry Cripe, Ronnie Hoover, Jimmy Stouder, Gene Heckaman, Eddie Keim, Har- old Miller, Danny Evans, Loretta Keifer. BOTTOM Row: Dolores Marvel, Shirley Miller, Anita Hoover, Sandra Reed, Judy Kauffman, Carolyn Hershberger, Glenwyn Bollman, Glenda Dumph. First Grade TOP Row: Alton Hershberger, Connie Pletch- er, Joan Williams, Gene Blucker, Delores Heckaman, Michael Pippen- ger, Dennis Swihart, Juanita Shar- key. THIRD Row: Mary Kierein, Bobby Stouder, lla- vid Mast, Chad Hand, Jimmie George, Johnny H e p l e r, Goldie Adams, Charles Parcell, Lora Belle Burt, teacher. SECOND Row: Sharline Nine, Sandra Smith, Caro- lyn Miller, Martha Jane Elliott, Marsha Swihart, Sandra Nichols, Carman Bartman, Beverly Walters, Patty Leer, Johnny Jones. BOTTOM Row: Lee Price, Dickie Emmons, Donald Martz, Jimmy Rassi, Bobby Dan Widmoyer, Ronnie Zentz, Stanley Heckaman. Jhvk Tor Row: r6'fVI7 -S Irene Stahly, teacher, Sharon Se- christ, Rosetta Bontreger, Judy Lewis, Ruth Greenawalt, Sue Ellen Pippenger, Ruth Esther Haines, Margo Miller, Karole Slabaugh, Caroline Conrad, Ronny Hollar. THIRD ROW! Ronny Ingle, Jo Ann Getz, Martha Ann Hartman, Larry Nunemaker, Philip Arnott, Leon Ringenberg, Larry Landis. Sl-:COND Row: Sherry Stuckman, Mary Hershber- ger, Jean Culp, Marilyn Grimm, Jerry Schwartz, Sandra Ringle, Karen Miller, Sharon Ingle, Arthur Miller, Steven Hockert. BOTTOM Row: Gene Robinson, Freddie Stump, Johnny Hostetler, Dale Fink, Dickie Hall, Bobby Williams, ll e n n i s George, Larry Stutzman. This page sponsored by Quality Print .Shop and Nappanee Utzlzties Co Pony mm THE NAPPANEE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Community Schools. Thr-y are: 1f1'eCter1 in 1910 , EM ,W Freeted in 1037 tlorwrm' ScHooi.s Bl-IST Mrs. xxiillllii George. teacher 1,l.Ii,XS.XNT VAl,I.m' Mrs. Agnes Surguy, teacher WYEST M1LLwooD 1VIrs. Edith llrosvenor, teacher Fifty This page sponsored by Collins Furrziture Store and Hadley Dress Shop The five schools on this page eonstitute the Nuppunee N.-xi'mNr:r: HIGH Sciiooi, NAIIIIANM: Cttkllli Sciiiooi. Drum Moliorelfes Carol Klitzke, Carole Heckaman, Arlene Schwartz. It's not too pleasant for these girls when they have to march through the streets on a cold or rainy dayg but they do it anyhow. Cusfoclians "Little Don" fFoltzJ and "Big Don" fSwihartj These men are the first to arrive and the lust to leave school. Cheerleaders Roland Heckaman, Delores Roth, Pegge Hare, Kenneth Calbeck. For the first time, Nappanee had four cheerleaders. The cheerleaders attended every game and led the fans in spirited yelling. This page sponsvrwl by Glen Geyi-1"s Garage and Nuppwnee Grecnhozcse Fifty-one f L 4 x Q! -1 S 5. Fifty-t 7-,Ly WHAT WOULD SCHOOL BE WITHOUT THE VARIOUS CLUBS, COUNCILS, AND OTHER ACTIVITIES? LOOK CLOSELY, YOU KIDS, YOUR PICTURE IS BOUND TO BE THERE SOMEPLACE. STANDING! Fred Curtis, Margaret Farrington, Arden Hamman, Mrs, Edith Pel- chrzim, sponsor, George Byers, William Farrington, Mariette Mellingfer, Dick Callander. SEATED: Joan Flowers, Rosena Gearhart, Betty Hostetter, Jo Ann Bigler, Janet Miller, Sally Milleman, Phyllis Weaver. THESPIAN SOCIETY INITIATION. These fourteen members of the Dramatic Club were eligible to join The National Thespian Society. On April 6, an impres- sive initiation ceremony was held on the stage of the Community Building. The president of the club holds the charter. This page sponsored by Revzslfergfvr Sfll7l!1ll'I'I11 Ser-vice and Hivelgfs Plumbing Kr Reffrigerator Serv-ice F'ifty-thfree STUDENT COUNCIL. PRESIIJENT ,,,,,,,.....,,....,Y,...,,,,...,,..,,, David Wilimoyer SECRETARY .. ,Y ,.,,,A, ,A.,........, R 0 semi Gearhzwt The Student Council is an organization which strives to promote the general welfare of the school and improve the conditions therein in every way possible. Its membership consists of two representatives from each home room, and the National Honor Society. In addition to the principal duty of the club-that of settling school problems - we have sponsored seven special assembly programs with entertainment provided by The Schools Assemblies Service. We also sponsored a bu: to all outside basketball games. It is really an honor to be a member of the Student Council. Rosena Gearhart .ar NAUONAL HONOR SOCETY. PRESIDENT ,...,., ....,.,,,.,,,..,,.,, ,.,., , R osemi. Gerwhurt SsCRr:TARY-TREASURER .........,..........,,.,.. Delores Roth The National Honor Society Society Charter was granted to the Nappanee Chapter on March 25, 1936 The National Honor Society is composed of students selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership service, and character. The membership of the organization is limitedg only fifteen per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the Junior class may be chosen, There are nine members this year. The main project of the organization this year has been to complete a handbook, which will contain informa- tion that will be valuable to the students entering high school. Delores Roth Fifty-four This page sprmsofred by Naylofs Gfrocewy K: Market SENIOR TEENS l'1cEs11iENT ,,,. ., ,Patsy Naylor VICE PRESIDENT ,.,, ...,.....,,,..... B overly Hahn SEc1:ETARr EEEEE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. , .. EE...,,,,....,,,..... llfmim Uline TREASURER ....w..,.........,....,.w, Marguerite Gearhart The Y-Teens, under the sponsorship of Miss Hoover and Mrs. Miles, have again had a very successful year. We have a membership of seventy-six students from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. . On October 7, the thirty-six new members were welcomed into the organization by the serious initiation. They found our slogan to be "To Face Life Squarelyu and our purpose "To Find and Give the Best." A few of the Y-Teen girls attended the Y-Teen conference at Gary, Indiana, on February 7, and learned how to make our organization more interesting. Other outstanding events were the sponsoring of a Bad Luck llance on Friday, February lil, and also making candles to send to Holland. llonna Uline Top Row: l'auliiie Stineinelz, Fay Stinemetz, Janet Miller, Virginia Mitlerling, lfldna Stutzman, Marjorie Snyder, Mar- gzaret Miller, Sally Millenian, Leura. Melville, Lois Robinson, Delores Roth. Patsy Naylor. Middle Row: Mrs, Miles. sponsor, Patsy Reed. Mary Mast. Barbara lXloneylieI't'er, ,loan Shauni, Margie lXIitlml:iiip:,'li, l'atrit-ia Martin. XVihna Yoder. Eloise Milleman, Pegge NVilliams, Dorothy Miller, 'I'rilha Stillson, Arlene Seliwzirlz, lXlarilyn Miller. lletly Tunis. Ann XVright, llosamae Sheets, .Ioan Zook. Bottom ROW: lietty Stulznian, Sarah VVzLlters, Marlene Sheets, Helen Mattern. Phyllis XVe:lvel', llllllllll Uline, Mzirgaret Mutseliler. l'atric-ia l'ippen. Ruth Speieher, Mariette Mellinger. liette May, Helen XVyman. T011 Row: llette liosee. Kathleen Holler, Rosena Gearliart. ,lo Ann lligler, Beverly Hahn, Rae Ellen lfielml. lloiiiixilielle Anglin, Shirley llavis, .loan Flowers, Patricia llollar, Anna l.ouI'1dler, Carole Heekanian. Middle ROW: Miss Hoover, sponsor, 'Patricia Corwin, Joan Lloyd, Lois Hartman, Jennie Gall, Shirley t'openliax'er, llellb' llood, liaurine Haines. Marguerite Gearhart. Ros mary Hamilton, Mary Ann lizirtlioloniew. lilzirilyn .lt-risen. Mary Arnotl, Iietty Hostetter, Marilyn Burkholder. Bottom Row: Phyllis Housouer, Virginia, Uarpenter, Phyllis lieery. Margaret Farrington, Mary l"r:inc-es lierlelson, 1.olet:i tfoppes, Vivian Babcock, Louise Berry, Marilyn George, Vegge Hare, Martha t'orl. This page sponsored by Nuppanee Telephone C0. Fifty-Jive Fifty-sir NAPANET STAFF . . . EDITOR ....... ..,.... D ick Callander C0-EDITOR ...,.,..,...,,..,... Rosena Gearhafrt BUSINESS MANAGER ,,w. David Widmoyer ASST. BUS. MGR, ,..,,.,,,,,, Jo Ann Bigler JUNIOR EDITOR .......,.,.,.,,, Pa,t'r'icif1, Pippen JUNIOR BUS. MGR ...,..... Wendell Metzler ART EDITORS .,GG,.,G Margaret Farrington Bette Losee S , , . ' NAPBIIOT EDITORS .....,,G Iienneth Calbeck Jack Gran SPORTS EDITORS ,V,,,, ..IIIG F rank Parsons Carl Lenzna ALUMNI G eorge Byers CALENDAR .....,.,......,.,..,.,,...,. Delores Roth YVILL AND PROPIIEOY ,,,,,,.. Ruth Speicher Patricia Corwin EDITORIAL ADVISOR ......,......,., Miss Hoover BUSINESS ADVISOR ...,., ,.,,,, M r. Rouse ART ADVISOR ,,O,,,... ..... M rs. Road The first annual called the "Napanet" was published in 1924. Since that time the HNa t77 ' ' pane has been Something to which all students and many adults look forward each year. Now, with the completion of all the h p otography, mounting, engraving, print- ing, and binding, the staff presents the 1948 "Napanet." Special thanks should go to the Lockridge Studio of Rochester Dr, Mac- kenzie Of Nappanee, The Indianapolis En- graving CO., and the E. V. Publishing House, all of whom helped to make this yearbook possible, Top Picture: Ilzivid Widmoyer, Dick Uallander Second Picture: lie-ite Lose-ei, Margaret Far- I'iIIg,'LOII. Third Picture: Patricia 1'ippen, Hosena Gear- lizxrr. Bottom Picture: Smndii . l"I'1lllli lzirsuns, ln-nneth Calbeuk. Carl . ltulh Spvic-hvr, NVvndvll Mi-tzler, Ig: l'l1ll'lt'l1l Corwin, George Byers , , lmililizi .lzwk ilI'llll. Sw-all-d Hoover, Mr, liuusv. : II.-Im-.-S Ruth, JO Ann Rigler, Miss This page sponsored by Mutsr-hler Bros. "D' BULLDOG" . . . EDITOR A,.. ,.,,, ,,.,,, M a rgaret Farrington Co-Enrroa ..........,..A.,............ Donna, Uline BUSINESS MANAGER ..,....A., George Byers ADVISORS ,.,,,,.,.,,.,,.A., ...,.... M rs. Miles Mr. Postma An enthusiastic Journalism Club of about forty members published nine regular is- sues of "D'Bulldog." A fine spirit of co- operation and responsibility enabled the staff to deliver the paper on time each month. A special feature was an extra April Fool issue which created much interest. Margaret Farrington, the efficient editor, was sent by the club to the two weeks Press Conference held at Indiana University July 21 to August 2, 1947. '.l.'op Picture: Margaret Farrington, Gi-om.-:e B ers Donna Uline Mrs Miles Second Picture: Betty Hostetter, special events reporter: Beverly Hahn, junior reporter, Marilyn George, senior reporter: l't-gge Hare, sophomore reporter. Third Picture: Kenneth Calhet-k, art editor: Flell Hartman, sports editor: Patricia Naylor, music editor: Patricia. l'ippen, feature editor. Bottom Picture: Typists, stone-ilers, and mimeographers at work. This page sponsored by M utsehler Bros, I"1'j'ty-servri BAND PRESIDENT ..... .... J oe Stillson VICE-PRESIDENT .. ...... Delores Roth SECRETARY ..... .... P azricia Naylor TREASURER ...... . .... lo Arm Bigler SGT.-AT-ARMs ...... .... G eorge Byers MARCHING CAPTAIN . . ...... Clell Hartman DRUM MAJORETTE . . . . . .Carole Heclcaman LIBRARIANS .............................. Dormabellc Anglia ,lo Ann Lloyd Again the band has had an important place in our school's activities. lt well deserves the attractive new uniforms and equipment for which members and towns- people worked so diligently and contributed so generously through the Band Boosters Club. The superior ratings merited in each contest in which the band participated prove the organization deserved and appreciated the splendid cooperation from Patricia Naylor CVCTYOIIC. FLUTES Patricia Naylor Margaret Mutschler George Byers Marla Mutschler Patricia Richmond OBOES Patricia Pippen Carol Klitzke BAssooN Louise Berry Bb CLARINETS Rae Ellen Field Patricia Hollar Kathleen Hoffer Arlene Schwartz Donnabelle Anglin Carole Heekarnan Barbara Sharp Phyllis Beery Mariette Mellinger Gene Johnson Jerry Lentz Charles Chapman Della Chapman CORNETS Frank Parsons David Widmoyer David Stouder Helen Mattern Marilyn Phend Barbara Coppes Joan Shively Eh ALTO CLARINET Phyllis Weaver BASS CLARINET Fred Curtis ALTO SAXAPHONI-:s Delores Roth Marguerite Gearhart Jo Ann Bigler Joan Farrington Frieda Walters Patricia Henley TENOR SAXAPHONES Donna Uline Ruth Speicher Rosamae Sheets Sue Martin BARITONE SAXAPHONES Beverly Hahn Beverly Ralston Carroll Holaway Eugene Smith Helen Wyman Clell Hartman Fred Wilt Carl Heckaman VVade Best Keith McCuen TROMBONES Joe Stillson Roland Helckaman Anna Lou Edler Marie Wilson FRENCH HoRNs Joan Lloyd Vance George Dawn Keesler BARITONES Richard Uline Donald Welty BASSES Ronald Kirkwood James Pittman PERCUSSION George Stoons Kenneth Calbeck Marlene Schects Dana Gray Harold Hershberge I' Fifty-eight This page sprmsorevl by Mullet's Saw Way Marlaet and HllTt7Il'll-lLyS Shell Service CHORUS Pm-:siDENT ...... ...... F red Curtis Vici:-PREs1Di:NT ....... .... I fix.-ian Babcock SECRi:TARY-Tni1AsURi:n . . . . . .Betty llostutzer I,i1umn1AN ............... .......... . . .Thelnuz Miller "You're flat," "Think highergn "Wonderfulg" "You can do it if you try," are just a few of the expressions used by our director, Mrs, Reinoehl, during the school year. There are fifty-one in the class this year. The ability to sight-read. quality of voice. and attitude toward the work qualified thirty-two members for robes. The rohe choir goes to the District Music Contest and gives special programs. Besides the robe choir we have a sextet, consisting of Patty Pippen, Shirley Davis. Donna Uline, Margaret Mutschler, Phyllis Weaver, and Beverly Hahn, and also a triple trio, consisting of these same girls plus Buth Speicher, Betty Hostetter, and Margaret Farrington. We have given a Christmas program, have had our annual concert with Bremen. have gone to District Contest, have given a spring concert. and have sung at the Baccalaureate Service. Betty Hostetter TOP Row: Jack Reed, Fred Rice, Ronald Kirkwood, Max Weaver, Frank Parsons, Marilyn Phend, Barbara Sharp, Donna Uline, Margaret Mutschler, Beverly Hahn, Mary Frances Bertelson, Marilyn Jensen, Forrest Dunnuck, George Byers, Stanley Naylor, Joe Stillson, Fred Curtis. MIDDLE Row: Marilyn Miller, Ruth Speicher, Margaret Farrington, Betty Hostetter, Patricia Naylor, Betty Tanis, Ann Wright, Helen Wyman, Loleta Coppes, Pegrzo Hare, Delores Roth, Martha Cori, Anna Lou Edler, Kathleen Hoffer, Trilba Still- son, Phyllis Detwiler. BOTTOM ROW: Thelma Miller, Carol Gillis, Bette May, Rosamae Sheets, Phyllis Weaver, Shirley Davis, Nancy Sechrist, Vivian Babcock, Patricia Pippen, Arlene Schwartz, Norma Ingle, Virginia Carpenter, Dorothy Miller, Betty Sharp. 4. - i i - This page sporzsorerl by Sliivcly Ilepairtnzmlf Store and Dixie Smzdwiclz Shop Ififfly-rf DEBATE CLUB An increased interest in forensics was shown this year by the enrollment of sixteen members in the llebatf Club. We did not take part in inter-scholastic debating, however. Activities were confined to round table dis cussions, panel programs, and club debates. The most profitable experience of the year was two days spent on the Purdue campus attending the llebatc and lforensic Conference, December 5 and 6, 1947. Standlng: Arlene Schwartz, lieura Melville, Betty Tanis, .loan Lloyd, Eugene Slabangli. Roseniae Sheets. Arden llain many Helen Wyman, George Stoops. Seated.: Ronald Kirkwood. Mrs. Miles, sponsor, Billie Jean XVidrnoyer, Patricia Naylor, XVilliam Tyndall. .Ianet Miller. DRAMATIC CLUB Back Row: .Taek Reed, Dick Callander, .Terry Lentz. Joe Stillson, Arden lflamnian, Kenneth Callieek, Roland lleelaaniai' Fred t'nrtis. Frank Uoppes, Carl Lemna. Xvilliani Farrington. Third Row: Sally Milleman, Marguerite tlearhart, l'atrieia Corwin, Mary Aliee llall, Virginia Mitlerling. l'alriei:i Nay lor. .lanet Miller, .loan Lloyd, Margaret Miller. Second. ROW: Mrs. Velehrzini, sponsor, Beverly Hahn. Ann VVriglit, Lenra Melville, t'arol Cliesley. Mary Franees Bertel son, Carole Heekaman, Mariette Mellinger. Betty Hostetter, Margaret Farrington. Bottom ROW: Betty Tanis, liosamae Sheets, .lo Ann Bigler, Marilyn Miller, Arlene Seliwartz, Marlene St'llt'l'lS, l'hylli XVQ-aver, Rosena tlearhart, .Ioan Flowers, Marilyn George. PRESIDENT .,,,..,,,,,,.,,,, ,,.,.,.,,.......,,,........ J o Ann Bigler VICE-PRESIDENT ....,,............. ....... A rlcnr SCl1lU!l7'f.3' SECRETARY .......,............................,........... Janet Miller TREASURER ..................,..,......................... .Joan Lloyd The Dramatic Club, in December, presented the play "Old Doc." This year fourteen members of the club were eligible to become members of The National Thespian Society At our installation and initiation cermony, held April 6, in the Community Building, We were presented with thi official charter by Mr. Roose. Sixty This page sponsored by Kline's Department Store, Goshen JR. Y-TEENS I'Ri:si1mNT ,,,,.w. ,,.A, , ........,.,ww.......A.., , ,,.,, . Elsie Davis VICE-PRESIDENT ..... AA.... ,.,......... .,...,, B zz 0 'lima Slifwp Si-:CRm'ARY-TREASURER ,....,,......,.,.... Della. Chapman SONG LEADER ..,..,.,,........................... Yvonnv Hrmws Under the direction of our sponsor, Miss Shively, the Jr. Y-Teens enjoyed another year of Y-Teen spirit. With Barbara Sharp chairman of the program 'committee we had some very interesting programs. TOP ROW: l'l1YlllS ll"lWi1+'Y'- lfrivda WVHIIPFS, Barbara Sharp. Beverly Ralston. Mary Lou Gran, Jolt-no Klingaman. lla-tty Corwin. Mary Jani- Pittman, Mario Wilson, Marla. Mutschlor, Sue Martin, Patricia Rim-hmond, lwlla Chapman, Joan Shively, .loan Farrington. ' Third ROW: NiU'iHl1W' Rwd- MHIWIYII l'iDlN'IUKf'F. -Tllliil Miller, Carole Baumgartnvr, Donna Tooter, .lane lioudormilk. Carol Uliosloy, liilliv Joan XVlidmoyor, Raphael l'fm-it'l'er, Arlene Lehman, Marilyn Phi-nd. Sally Gall. tloraldinv lim-ifm-r. Madge Bauman. Second Row: lit-tty Yoder. Ruth Kahlvr. Rwanda Gm-arhart. Shirley Hoi-kaman. Marilyn Walters, Carol Gillis, 'Fliolma Mill:-r. Sally Snider, Mary Roclistroh, Emma .Ioan Ronsberger, Nancy Ss-christ, Marilyn Reed, Shirlvy Sutlivinier. Willode-no Kt'il'1'l'. Bottom Row: Norma Nine. Colt-on Hartman, Greta Biglor, Suzanne Murnmvrt, Phyllis Roth, Juanita. Hartman, Charlonr- Uvllmrirl- ShiI'l1'Y l?4'5'PI'. Betty Vhilllllfi Patricia. Henley, Barbara. Le Count, Norma lngle. Carol Klilzko, Ilaxvn K1-vsli-r. Yvonne Haines, Elsie Davis. LIBRARIANS Librarians keep magazines and books in order, check books in and out, collect fines on overdue books, and get books for students from the reserve cupboard. The school subscribes to thirty magazines and the library has many types of reference material, along with some fiction. A large new Funk and Wagnall's unabridged dictionary is a favorite source of information. Standing: Miss Shively, advisor.. .lo .Xnn lliglor, Rosona Gearhart. Margarm-t Mill.-r Seated: lll1ll'f.1ll0l'llt' tivarhart. Billie Jean XVidm0yer. Marilyn Rurkholder, lXlarp.:'areit l"arrinp:ton. Hn-lon Mattt-rn, IM-lorvs Roth. This page spomormf by M, WOUIPWU Sz Son and Stflhly Ilairy Sz Prodzlce, WaI.'rn'usf1 Sixty-our FUTURE FARMERS PRI-ISIDI-INT ..., , , ,,,A,.,, , ,,,,,,, ...,,,.,,, ,, , J f 1 e If Gran V1cE-PREs1m-:NT .. ,....4.,.,. . , , . .George Byars SECRETARY ..w,,, , ,,.,,,,,., ,,,,,....,...,,,, Kenneth. Bollman TREASURER ,,w,A.,A..,AA......,,,,...........,A......,, Paul Rummel. A pest killing contest in which Jack Gran and Paul Rummel were captains, with Jack Gran's team winning a parent and son banquet held March 123 basketball Monday eveningrsg a stunt for Farmers Instituteg and a wast paper drive were our principal events of the year. Top R-ow: lflvi-retl lluss, Kenneth Anglin. lmimlii W1-lly, l.z1Mz1r Rr-ic'lu-rl. William Grimm, Leon Farmwzild. Nelson Mai lin, Wilfred .-Xnglin. A Middle ROW: Uzxrlyll- lluss, l'li:1i'lvs lll-pl'-V. lim-ith .XllLflQ'llll'XQ'l', liuyw- Yoder, Umm-r l3unti':1g'r-i', Xxnllllillll Russ. Niles HunS lwrgl-r. Arlen Slilliilllflll. Bottom ROW: Virgil lllarlin. Iiulpli bniliziugli. l'z1ul lluninwl, llvvon llusv, .luck tlrun. livnnn-th liollmzui. th-m'g0 Byers, M Byers, zspimsur. i .i , ! '1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Standing: lizuxrine llziiii-ls, l'w-age Williams, Anna lllzw lllidduuprh. Mary Alice Hall. Janet Miller. Miss Blank. spons Virginizi, Milli-rlin l"e'rml Mikel, Nunnvlte- 'Froxx-l, Phyllis leluilsom-r, Sully Millvman. lmuisv Berry. Edna Stutzm: l-. M:ll'p.2'1ll'1'l lllillvr. l':illie-rin1- Pliillips. 4 Seated: Mairilyn th-m'g'1-. .ln-:in Miller, Bl:urjm'i4- Snyder. lim- Ella-n Field. Shirley Davis, llonnnlwlle Anglin. Fay Stmeme l'a11'i1'i:1 Marlin. Iizwliarzi Alum-ylu-l'l'vr. l'z1ti'i1-ia lim-d. PRESIDENT ,ii......i...,........ .,...,...,,.,,... ,,,,.,i J I1 net Miller VICE-PRESIDENT . ..i......... ........... ............ L o uise Berry SECRETARY-TREASURER. .. .Rose Marie Gwerzailialt SONG LEADER . .............,................... Mary Alice Hall The Future Homemakers Club was organized in Nappanee in 1933 with the purpose of interesting home ex nomics girls in better homemaking. This year the local club has aflfiliated with the state society which has been organized since 1945. As a. mom making project to finance a trip for the club, food was served at the district band contest in Nappanee, April Siarty-fwo This page sponsored by Mctzler Shoe Co. ami Gay Togs Fashion Shop HI-Y PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,, David Widmoyer Vicu-PREs1uEN'r . ,..... .....,. ,, w C Tfzrl Lfllllilflf Si-:CRETARY ,,.. ,,,, A ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 1 lick Callander TREASURER ......,,.w..................,,,,...,..A. Arden Hamnum SPONSOR .............w .,......,w..........ww.... .........,... M r. White Our Hi-Y Club this year is one of the largest there has ever been. We started out the year with fifty-one members. The advisory council members are Mr. Best, Mr. Mummert, Mr. Weddle, Mr. Roose, and Mr. Klitzke. During the Infantile Paralysis Fund Drive in January, our club raised two hundred dollars and ninety-five cents. This included proceeds from our annual dimeline, the high school, and the grade school. Mark Cox was chairman of this committee. Our club was very proud of the amount of money taken in, for it surpassed all previous collections. The Father and Son Banquet was held on March 9 at the Grace EUB Church, The Reverend V. L. Palmer of Bremen was the speaker. The attendance at this supper was greater than in any previous year. Eighteen seniors were awarded Hi-Y "N" letters this year. Their letters are maroon and white. Top Picture: Top Row: Gm-ol'p:v Ilya-rs, .lack lived, Roy Snyder, Hill Tyndall. Carl lmiiiiizi, lfrzink Vztrsoiis, .lov Slillson. Gordon Ne-tore-i'. Middle ROW: l':iul ltuininf-l, liiigt-no Smith. Robert Urn. David Widnioyvr, Us-von Rose. Fred Rive, Mr. While. sponsor. Bottom IIRTJW: George Stoops, In-an Middziugh, Donald Riley,.Xrlt-n Slalvziiigli, Rox Davis, Stanley Naylor, W1-mln-ll Ali-lzlvr. Car y ei Buss. Bottom Picture: Top Row: l'Ivt-ri-lt Iluss. liolwrt Heplvr. Arden Haininan, Fred Curtis. Harold livi'sl1ln-rgw. .lark Gran. Ilouglus Hummel. .Toe Hollar. Middle ROW: lion 1l:irdne-r, Gene Gwin. XVilliam Coppes, Cliarlt-:s t'hapinan, Ulf-ll Hzirtniaii. Jr., lfrziiik Uoppvs. .lov Geyer. Bottom Row: Ixenm-th Anglin, William Farrington, Carroll Holaway. Roland Hr-ckaman, Mark Cox, Ronnie Kirkwood. Kenneth Callwvk, Dick Callander. This TWU? SIP0?1S0'1'er1 by G. L. Oyler, D.l1.S. and C. W. Jolinsfln Sz Son Drug Store Szfrty-tlirec PHLSCI PIU-ZSIIJIQNT ...... ...,,,......,A I lafuirl lfVi!IllI0jlt"I' VICE-PRESIDENT .,,A..,.A..,.A .,..... I lvorgja Stoops Snciu-:TARY-Tnmsuimn .......,..,....... Ronald Kirkwood Phi-Sci was organized this year in order to give a student of physics or chemistry an opportunity to do additional work in these fields. Many interesting experiments W61'Q performed and considerable scientific inform- ation acquired by members of the club. Standing: Ronnie Kirkwood, Dfark Cox, l:t'0l'g'l' Sloops, Uarl Lvmnzi. Mr. Yoder, sponsor, Holm-rl Urn, llvorgn- liyors. Richard Miller. Seated: David Nvidmoyer and Douglas Hummel. PATROL BOYS Back Row: Lyle Hall. David Gall, Jack Hood. Raymond Tliomas, Furl Morris. Middle Row: Mr. Yoder, supervisor, James Tobias, John Tobias. Douglas Kalili-r. ltoyvo Stump. Bottom Row: Alan Will. .Iohn Stump, David Stine-metz. Bobby Rhodes. Charles Lutes. Not in picture: James Woodhams. The Patrol Boys have a great responsibility in looking after the safety of the younger children. Whateve the Weather may be, the boys are on duty at street intersections. The Nappanee City Police Department speak highly of their work. They are to be commended for their faithfulness to duty. Sixty-fvuv' This page sponsored by O. E. Clzristner KL Son, D-X Products, and Beechlffy Tire Sz Battery Shop BOOKSTORE Sm-luml supplies may lu- purvliaserl lietwvvii Iflzllll-8:25 -N. M. ur 121235-12: I5 ll. Nl. lmiu jmiu l"luxwrs or llosvuu Gf'Lll'lliil'l. sliuli-ut nuuuigvrs. lllr. lloluxsuy is iu 1-lmrgv llcrv Ju Ami lligler mlmuls llu' lruyiug. DISMISSAL OF CLASS "Ymu1'1'e ?XCllS8fllu A typical high school class the second the lu-ll rings. wlufs going to rom-li the flour first? Fred Hire, you wereift supposed to luuk all llu- caiiieni. This page Rpmzsowrl by Syler Xl Sylm' S iffy-ji:-4, SW Xi I 4 , x n ., s F. 'J f' I fi THE SPORTS SECTION! LAST IN THE BOOK, BUT CER- TAINLY ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT. IT'S A GREAT HONOR TO THE BOYS TO BE ON ANY OF THE TEAMS. AND AFTER YOU'VE SEEN THIS SECTION, IT'S TIME FOR ME, YOUR NAPPANEE BULLDOG, TO SAY, "GOODBYE," I EN- .IOYED OUR LITTLE TRIP THROUGH THE SCHOOL, DIDN'T YOU? I'LL ALWAYS BE AROUND THOUGH, SO LOOK FOR ME. Sixty-six A SCENE FROM THE GOSHEN-NAPPANEE BASKETBALL GAME PLAYED HERE JANUARY 23. NAPPANEE WON, 40-30. ll p nf sfunzsrn-011 by Weygzznzfs D-X Service and R. A. Fleetwood, M. D. Sixff FRANK PARSONS GORDON NETRRRII KPINNETII ANCLIN PIIIGENI: SMITII JI1InIY IINT Center Guard Guard i'l0l'Wi1l'Il l'l0I'N l'iR.-XNK l'ARsoNs CoRIIoN NI:'I'r:RI1R KI:NNr:'I'II AN4.I.IN KIICRNIQ SMITII JERRY ldl-INTZ HARoI.n HIf:RsIInERor:R CARI. I.RIvIN-x Vl'+:NIiIcI.I. MIQTZLER FoRIII:sT DVNNIYCK Joe lill.I. Cicrrzk Sixrfy-1'-igllf First Team Players Powse was a tall lad wlIose hard work IIIIder tlIe basket helped things along III fair weather aIId foul. Powse is a seIIior this year. Chris. a fast driving guard. was hard to take care of with his hot Olll'-llZlllll6l'S. His change of pace often threw opponents off guard. Chris will be graduated this year. Kenny. a new mall oII tlIe bulldog team, had lllellly of fight and speed xIlIielI often meallt added points for the bulldogs, Kenny had a good eye for the basket oII long set shots. Kenny is a senior this year. Smitty is a tall aIId narrow boy who can really drop ,em in from far. far away. We can anticipate some thrilling shots from his ll3llllS IIext year. Smitty is a sophomore. ,Ierry is a hard worker who will add height under the basket to next yearis team. Jerry is a freshman. Hershey. a varsity member for three years, was the most experienced man oII the team. Hershey has been lIigh scorer for the past two seasons. He sparked the team through tough games with his comeback scoring. Harold is a senior this year. lJllClCiS sickness at the end of the season was a had break for tlIe Naps. He was a good ball handler and an accurate passer. His one handers were of great value to the team. Duck is a senior. Windy is a quick ball stealer who goes down the lloor like lightning. We can look forward to some fast playing from this little Illilll next year. Windy is a junior this year. lke is a good hall handler who shows promise of better things to come. Ike is a freshman. Shanty's tenacious grip on that ol' ball was seldom. if ever. broken by the opposition. Joe could always be C0lIIllCd Oll to get his share of the rehoIIIIds. A bulldog of bnlldogs and a senior. Thais page sponsofred by Delugre Motor Sales ll,ll Hrilislmlamsma Cxm. I.:-:MN x WlaNln4:l,l. wil-I'l'ZI.lCli lsiblilil-1S'I' lJ11NNl'1:lQ tlms in XII Gllilfll lluarxl fzllilfil Ullalftl I"m'xs ml 1947-1948 Schedule WON 'J LOST I0 XLIIPIHIIIPQ' 2313 Nvw Paris 152 Nlllbllilllli' 2 IXLIIJIJLIIIPO F52 lla Nlllilllllltlt' Ii Kmldzillville' 35 HIPIIIPII 27 wvi1k2.lI'llSil 357 Nlllblillllilt' 32 Goshen S121 NLlIPlPillll'l' I0 U0llI'0l'1i 21 Nuppunvc' 'll lilllllllllbiil City 20 N21Illlilllk't' 39 Madison 37 Nappanec 238 Micldlvlrllry 30 NRIIYIJLIIIUK' IST Milford ll Nupparwe fil ,IQIIIIFSUJWII 23 Nappunvc- I3 xvillkt'I'l0ll ll Nuppanec- 10 lloshvn 30 Xappanev 29 lflkharl 3,1 NLIPIIHIIFK' ll North Manchester 15 Nappanve I-2 Wakarusa 53 Nillbllilllll' 'IO Julm Adams 51 Nuppanm- 32 l:llIYl'l' 323 Sf'l'fl.UIIllI T0ul'I1f'y NLIIJINIIICC 25 lImlf'm'4l PIC: 005 Toluls 087 35 AVt'l'iiflt'S Sify W-KYNI-I ISIQST ....... ...... 1 'mvlf 1-wwf: l1lnM11l.l. NIl'N1MPIli'l' .... liuskvrlmll f-mzrlz ,lixmlcs w'l'IIlIlI,li ..... .... . Nnfllmll muff: 77113 lfflflf' Spmzsorffrl 1111 ll1'I11.r0 Motor Snlvs -'f y- N STANDING: James Heckaman, Ralph Umbaugh, Dennis Brumbaugh, Richaid Ulme Lamar Reichert, Herbert Cripe, Carl Heckaman. SHA'l'ED: Wilfred Anglin, William Hood, Stanley Naylor, William Grimm HllXV3lLl Stntzrnan. Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Second Team WON 5 LOST lil ll New Paris 8 Kendallville 20 Bremen I8 Wakarusa lli Goshen 15 Concord 17 llolurnlmia City 23 Madison 23 Middlebury 27 Milford 34 Jamestown 38 Walkerton 23 Goshen 23 lflkhart 28 North Manchester 28 Wakarnsa 22 ,lohn Adams 25 Culver 402 Totals 22.3 Averages 29 I0 21 I5 2l 25 24 18 24 31 8 23 25 32 Rl 22 28 31 424 23.5 Seventy This page sponsored by Vifreous Steel Products Co STANDING: Stanley Naylor, Jerry Lentz, James Heckaman, William Grimm, Eugene Smith, Gene Johnson, Joe Stillson, Carl Lemna, Dennis Brumbaugh, Mr. Weddle, coach. KNMEIANG: William Hepler, Forrest llunnuck, Joe Bill Geyer, Gordon Neterer, Wen- -tlell Metzler, Wayne Slabaugh, Allen Hepler. Softball Softball replaced baseball in our fall sports schedule. This is the first time in the history of our school that we have played varsity softhall. Scores were as follows: Nappanee Opponents 2 Milford -L fl- Lakeville 3 3 Madison 4 21 Bremen l 1 Milford 6 31 Totals 18 6.2 Averages 3.6 This page sponsored by Indiamlpolis Engfraving Co. Seventy-one I rar STANDING: George Byers, Clell Hartman, Paul Rummel, Donald Welty, Stanley Naylor, Jerry Le-ntz,.W1ll1am Hood, Jack Reed, Forrest Dunnuck. KNEELING: Dennis Brumbaugh, Roland Heckaman, Dana Gray, Gene Johnson, Wil- liam Coppes, Gene Gwin, Wayne Slabaugh. SEATED: Charles Chapman, Richard Uline, Herbert Cripe, Carl Heckaman, John Paul Brunso, Wendell Metzler. Track Our track team this year is composed largely of underclassmen. Vllith this fact in view, we can forsee an even hetter track team in the next few years. The spring schedule is listed below. April 5 . . . .... Wakarusa April 8 . .. ............... Concord April I44 . . . . .Frosh-Soph County Meet April 16 ............... Lakeville April 21 . . .... County Meet April 27 . .. .,......... Jimtown April 30 .... Lakeville Relays May 4 .. . ........ Milford May 11 . . . . .Walkerton May 16 . . . .... Sectional May 23 . . . ..... State Seventy-two This page sponsored by F. M. Kendall, M. D. and Hepleffs Marathon Service Station Phyllis Jean Bennett Jane Lou Bigler Bonnie Lou Buss Dewey W. Eppley Robert James Freet William Davis Gamble Anna Lou Gonderman Billie .lean Gran June Lucille Haines Arthur F. Haney Patricia ,Ioan Hare Mary Catherine Hartman Doris Ellen Holaway Benny E. Housouer Sally Howenstein Richard Klitzke Norma Jean Kuhn Owen Lemna James Lentz Margaret Lloyd George Malcolm Donnabelle Mast Marcelene May Phyllis Mellinger Helen Messner Mary Ellen Middaugh ,lack Milleman Marilyn Miller Wayne North Phillip Price Norma Ralston Richard Rohrer Arthur Schwartz Eugene Slagle Richard Stoops Bette Strang Joan Strauss Levi Tobias Nancy Uline Kenneth Walters Virginia Warren Mary Jeanette Welty Pauline Wise 1947 Kandiland Pletcher Motor Co. Dr. D. W. Price, oiiice Purdue Extension School Nappanee Utilities Co, Nappanee Trailer Co. Nappanee Milling Co. Mutschler Bros. Co. Mrs. Lowell Slabaugh Deceased Mrs. Kenneth Middaugh State Bank of Nappanee Nappanee Lumber Sz Mfg. Co. Ashland College Coppes Inc. Purdue University South Bend Lathe Works Ball State Teachers College Indiana Extension School Presbyterian Hospital Farmer Nappanee Sportswear Mfg. Co. Mrs, Marion May E. V. Publishing House South Bend College of Commerce Coppes Inc. Ball State Teachers College Nappanee Lumber Sz Mfg., Co. E. V. Publishing House Bread Route Mrs. Warren Freed Olivet Nazarene School Indiana University Pletcher Motor Co. DePauw University Deceased Dr. Slabaugh, oiiice Mutschler Bros. Co. Oberlin College Indiana College of Embalming South Bend College of Commerce Nappanee Telephone Co. Ashland College ALUMNI Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Ashland, Ohio Nappanee, Ind. West Lafayette, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Muncie, Ind. South Bend, Ind. New York, N. Y. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Muncie, Indiana Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Kankakee, Ill. Bloomington, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Greencastle, Ind, Nappanee, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Oberlin, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Nappanee, Ind. Ashland, Ohio Seventy three SENIOR WEEK 1948 Baccalaureate METHODIST CHURCH Sunday Evening, May 16, at 8:00 o'clock Organ Prelude--"Meditation" .................. Kohlman Mrs. Lewis Habegger, Organist Processional-"Pump and Circumstance" .... Elgar Class of 1948, Mrs. Habegger, Organist Invocation ........ The Reverend Ray E. Zook, Pastor Church of the Brethren "Arise and Shine" ................................ Christiansen High School Chorus Prayer ........ The Reverend J. P. Slaughter, Pastor First Evangelical United Brethren Church Address ...... The Reverend Kenneth Smith, Pastor Methodist Church "Hear Our Prayer" ................................ Chenoweth High School Chorus Benediction ........ The Reverend J. Milton Bowman, Pastor First Brethren Church Recessional .......................................... Class of 1948, Mrs. Lewis Habegger, Organist "Postlude" .......................................................... Harris Mrs. Lewis Habegger, Organist Commencement COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Thursday Evening, May 20, at 8:00 o'clock Processional-"Pomp and Circumstancen ...... Elgar Class of 1948, High School Band Invocation ........ The Reverend L. E. Foudy, Pastor Church of God "Dee Pur le" ...r.................................... ,....... D eRose p p High School Band Salutatory Address ...................... Rosena Gearhart Address ........ Dr. W. W. Wright, Acting President, Indiana University Valedictory Address ............ Margaret Farrington "His Honor" ...................,.............................. Fillmore High School Band Presentation of Dlplomas .......................i.................. Mr. Carlyle A. Mutschler President of Board of School Trustees Benediction ........ The Reverend Thomas Douglas, Pastor Mount Tabor Church of God Recessional ........ The Graduates, High School Band Seventy-four Senior Night C' COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Tuesday Night, May 18, at 8:00 o'clock Opening Talk ............ Lyle Klitzke, -Superintendent Cornet Duet-"The Holy City" .................... Adams Frank Parsons, David Widmoyer Reading .................... "Mary Entertains a Visitor" Lois Brumbaugh Herf Jones Awards .......... Galen Roose, Principal American Legion Citizenship Award .................... DeVon Hossler DeKalb Agriculture Award ............ Charles Byers Hi-Y Awards ..,.,,.....,.....,................ Lawrence White State Bank Agriculture Award ......,,.. Floyd Ruch Bouquets ,,,,....,.........,..........,.,.,............ James Weddle Boys Quartet-"The Whiffenpoof Song"..Pomeroy George Byers. Fred Curtis Ronald Kirkwood, Joe Stillson Piano Duet-"Seranade" .......................... Schubert Vivian Babcock, Patricia Naylor Dramatic Skit ,.......,............... "Through With Girls" Beverly Vinke, Kenneth Calbeck Kenneth Anglin, Arden Hamman Junior-Senior Banquet HOTEL ELKHART, ELKHART, INDIANA Wednesday Night, May 19, at 7:00 o'clock NVelc0me -,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,......... Wendell M6tZl6r Respgnse ,,,,,,, ,,,,...,,,...,..... C aI'l Lemna Vocal Solo Prophecy ,,,,,, ,,......, M arguerite Ge-arhart Reading ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,..,...,....,.. P hyllis Weaver Vocal Solo Farewell to Seniors .,...... ....... M r. Klitlke Games and Dancing AUTOGRAPHS 9: -i 'X 5 5 Q ls 'E v ge 1 E EE 'i H E rs 5 '4 A-A ' 4 ff 4 P A if X: 1 2 2 Z 3 3 2 P? E J 14 A :F u H N ff .f Z 3 7 ! 'i ',I 'Q IR P5 9, M 9 L! 5 31 l w V fi L . vi Lf is K 2 A ,. , vi Q E R 'S ' J'--Qti?i51KE ,M ' Lax Jil L-3u.u.'6.i'lFM.-2.15" 'JB?RZE5B'5.,ff-V. if X VJ. .EY . 'ltr' L iv" .'af,..1,b' ' ??'W 1 fl--5.-.4, ' Y' ,-'t.B'i '

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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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