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wily 1 45 Q , 1.0150 v,' , fn n 3 I 0 N ' 1 I , Z W, - gg ' In M 4.5, R E N Q - me , , , Ng 5... U 5? Y , W . A"""' E N N l A 'I """' D U --- --:+,..L .JP-El 'fl' -- EFZW 13 , i runus QWALNU T Ll- 'Z' 1 ' -' o ,g Lu - WV Rx R K 1: -r D in s T R E 5 T IW, O Krjlfnv' HH. I L I 1. self SEB' L... P3 ul- Q m l ---- Uk t .. ici, . 122 i A B A 5 H ' -J G U 9 E "' J-an r-4 U .....,-,00NIE' ,-J V, - 23-la A 1--. ,, . Y Y 1 1 , - ..,,, was 'iw'-" F 1 56,3 " ffl," -' ' A . -. 'Q an Aw, -- M 1 N .15 H P -j 7, - ,I f I A V g AI! C . . We QW ,.,.,., AT NAPPANEE HIGH WE CATHER ..... SOME OF US RIDE BIKES ..... OTHERS WALK .....A A FEW COME BY BUS . . . . . AND A FEW HAVE GAS ENOUGH TO DRIVE . . . . . WE GATHER FOR ONE PURPOSE ..... EDUCATION. EDUCATION FOR TODAY'S PROBLEMS AND EDUCATION TO PREPARE US FOR TOMORROW'S POSTWAR PROBLEMS. NAPPANEE HIGH SCHOOL NAPPANEE, INDIANA 'gn g'TlzruzlglL min, snow and lzef1t."' Ilmmmmmm. Another excuse. "Well, they still run-or do they. 979 937 We X945 fl! THE CLOUDS OF WAR ARE BEGINNING TO DISPERSE .... . THE BLUE SKY OF PEACE IS PEEPING THROUGH ..... AND WITH THE COMING OF PEACE WE ARE CONFRONTED BY NEW PROBLEMS ..... PROBLEMS OF OUR PART IN MAIN- TAINING PEACE AND OF EARNING A LIVING IN THE POSTWAR WORLD. WE HAVE GATHERED AT NAPPANEE HIGH TO LEARN HOW TO MEET THESE DIFFICULTIES. OUR PREPARATION IS SHOWN IN THIS . . . THE1945 NAPANET HERE STANDS NAPPANEE HIGH SCHOOL. STAUNCH AND SOLID IT HAS STOOD. THROUGH SUNSHINE AND STORM IT HAS REMAINED A SYMBOL OF CIVILIZATION'S ETERNAL STRUG- GLE AGAINST IGNORANCE. ONLY THROUGH EDUCATION CAN OUR NATION MAINTAIN ITS FREEDOM. ONLY THROUGH SCHOOLS SUCH AS THIS CAN WE SECURE THAT EDUCATION. A TRIBUTE TO THOSE IN SERVICE We, the class of 194-5, wish to extend our gratitude and respect to the graduates of Nappanee High School who are serving and have served in our Armed Forces. As we write this tribute there are over 270 names on the honor roll in the assembly. There are 7 gold stars designating those of you who have paid the supreme sacrifice. Many of you have received various awards and medals as tokens of appreciation for the sacrihces you have made. We can only say, Hthank youw in our Small way. Before the war is over many of the boys and girls from our own class will be in the Service with you. Until peace, our thoughts and prayers are ever for you and your safe return. SCHOOL BOARD Left: LAMAR STOOPS Secretary, Board of Education Center: JOHN COPPES Treasurer. Board of Education Right: CARLYLE MUTSCHLER President, Board of Education. Left: .l. A. ABELL Superintendent. Indiana University A.B., A.M. Rights GALEN C. ROOSE Principal. Mathematics. Coshen College. X Manchester College. ' Indiana University A.B., MS. We, the class of 194-5, pause in our activities to pay tribute to a group of unsung heroes. These heroes are the teachers and school officials who have guided us through twelve years of training. Year after year, they pursue their unpretentious way, expecting little credit and receiving even less. Yet, theirs is the sacred responsibility of molding and shaping the minds of youth. Often we have misunderstood each other, which perhaps was a good thing, for in ironing out these difficulties we have come to have a closer bond of mutual understanding. Now, as we pass from these halls of learning to take our places in the adult world, we say whats ollm to you, our faculty. FACULTY Top Row: Frzzrzcefs liurnurd English, Public Speaking. Goshen College A.I-3. Hurrcy Frcclericlf Government. Manchester College A.B.g In- diana U. M. S. occond Row: Lezris llzzlwgger . Band, General Business. Manchester College B.S. Harvey Postnza Commercial, Geography. Indiana U. Biological Stationg Goshen College A.B.g Manches- ter College. Bottom Row: 1.llLl'l'f'l1C'f' llwfzile Social Studies. Manchester College A.B.g Ball State Teachers College, Indiana U. M.S. illrs. J. ll. Bozrnuzn Bible Teacher. Wheaton College A.B. Clzurlcs Byers Vocational Agriculture, Biology, Industrial Arts. Purdue U.g Purdue School of Agriculture B.S. Esther Hoover English, Physical Education. Indiana U. A.B.g U. of Cali- fornia L. A.g Ball State Teach- ers College. 1'Y0flIf' Lani: Music. Goshen Collegeg Chicago Art Institute, Arthur Jordan Con- servatoryg Butler U. B.M. .llildrffd Sfzirely English, Librarian. Manchester C ol le g e A, Hg Northwestern U.g Indiana U. fam' llnfirner Art, Mechanical Drawing, Ashland Collegeg Manchester College B.S.g Chicago Art In- stitute. Ecu fall S011 rock School Nurse. lrmo Blank Vocational Home Economics, English. Indiana U., Butler College, Ball State College. CXIIFPIIKT' Holuzmy History, Latin, Spanish, Math. Goshen College A.B., Winona Summer Schoolg Indiana U. M.S. Clay Ti0Zl.'IlSf'Ild Science. Oakland City College, Peabody College, Indiana State Teach- ers College. JIIIIIUS Uqetldle C o a c h, Physical Education, Health, Arithmetic. Manchester College A.B. .llury Louise Laser Clerk. The old science lab bel- lowed smoke and stench again this year after a year's vacation. We enjoyed a new teacher-Mr. Townsend. Nothing can he more worthwhile than the teach- ing of Christianity in our schools. This year, for the hrst time, Mrs. Bowman ex- tended her Bible classes to include the seventh and eighth grades. Her Work must he commended indeed. livery day, from l:55 to 2:50 Miss Barnard and her wild pupils overran the art room to pursue the elusive study of puhlic speaking. However. we learned a lot and had fun as well. The shop class this year offered metal work as well as woodworking. With Mr. Byers supervising, a thor- ough course in manual training was given. Hamm +2 til 4, TO Ph 'll 3 ,J fr- 45 0 f MQ 5 A . p 1+,1gi10 A .- , 'J to 3- ' X- -'-- i t . 'Lx ' j -Q 'XX I ' Q A f ew' 'Q ' G nnounts 'J 43-.. f f Q' J 3 A, l 1 sa ' l ' I 'S lv 1 1 HICRIC ARE T H Ii C R 0 I' P S A S TIIICY COME FORWARD THROUGH THIS URADICS TO GRADI fA'I'E. PAUL BOURNE "Rabbit" -President, Genius is one part inspiration and three parts perspiration. J O A N NUNEMAKER "J o d y" - Secretary- Treasurer. All's fair in love and War. RUSSEL HARTER "Mole" - Vice-president. Loyalty is worth more than wealth. CLASS OFFICERS NIORS ln 1933 a group of very frightened youngsters entered the first grade here at Nappanee. Graduation was then a long, long way off. We slowly progressed though, until it seemed the years were slipping away too fast. And now they have gone, all twelve of them. We look hack with both satisfaction and regret. They were the happiest days of our lives and we have enjoyed them. So now, in l945, we prepare to take up the banner of responsibility. With the confidence of youth we will face the future and try to conquer its problems. Only by enlarging and using the education that we received here in school can we do this. The torch is ours now and we will hear it high. 0 6 NIO PATRICIA BYICIIS. 'LPat.'7 A woman conceals what she knows not. MAX ISICIJCII. "Ish," He who loves well olieys well. IQVADICAN CI,lNIJANIEl,. 4'Decle.,' For long is not forever. ROGER ISOOMIZRSHINE. Hllogerf' Hon- est men fear neither light nor dark. HICTTY DAVIS. "Betty," She that is horn a heauty is half married. DALIC CWIN. c'Gwinie." Between a wom- anis yes and no, there isn't room for a pin to go. BICTTIC DOERINC. Hliedf' Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. IICIIHY HOCKICIIT. "Ieff.u Knowledge is power. FICHIXIZ FIIICNCIIR. iil'lI'6I1gI8I'.u what the heart thinlcelh, the tongue speaketh. FRANK HOFFICR "Boonie" All women are goodgfor nothing. IUANITA HAMMAN "lNita" I will find a way or make one. JAY HOIAWAY HC. I." Through oherli- ence learn to cornmancl. RUBICIITA IIIYICLY 4'l'live" An obedient wife commands her hushancl. ll0l3l'ili'l' LLOYD 'lllohw He is a fool who is not melancholy once a clay. I.llIIll,l'l JFNSICX "Cile" A good name keeps its luster in the flarlx. SENIORS VCIAYNE MCCUEN Hfllaci' Choose your love, then love your choice. VIRGINIA JENSEN uCinny" If you would he well served, serve yourself. KENNETH MIDDAUCH NMiddie" He is happy that thinks himself so. CWENDOLYN JOHNSON HCwen,' Stars are not seen by sunlight. KEITH MILLER HKeith" He knows most that speaks least. NOHMA MCDONALD uNorma'7 Friend- ship is love without its wings. LEHOY NISLEY Mwhiteyv A great talker is a great liar. LOIS METZLEH HEflie" He that sings drives away his troubles. IIOY Pl"EIl"EEII "Pie" An ounce of wis- dom is worth a pound of wit. MARTHA MILLER nMarty" Better he horn lucky than wise. MEHHIL PIPPEN 4'Cutch" All the wit in the world is not in one head. BETTE NUNEMAKER '4Bette" The less people think. the more they talk. GEORGE PIPPENGER uporki' Fortune favors the brave. PHYLLIS OSWALD '4Phid', Youth and age will never agree. JOHN PRICE HCash', Deeds are males and words are females. l tl NIORS tiIAHtJL PLl'lTfll'll'lR hsusiei' lleauty is the flower of virtue. JOHN SECHRIST "Kihhy', A woman nay is no denial. RICTTY POSTMA "Doll" Life is hut a dream. flllAllLl'lS Sllllllllll lltlllllClii, Great hopes make great men. PHYLLIS PRICE "Phyllis" Charity he- gins at home but should not end there. DOUGLAS TOIEIAS Nllyw Men rule the w orlclg women the men. DUIQOTHY SHEETS hllorothyi' A cheer- ful wife is the joy of life. JUNE TOBIAS ':June" lfvery cloud has a silver lining. SALLY ULIYE 'galil Write down the ad- yiee of him who loves you. though you like it not at present. 'lnft MOTTO: "We clo what others think aboutf' COLORS: Azure and silver. FLOWER: Red Carnation. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Country 4. Student Council 2. Napanet staff 4. ROGER BOOMERSHINE-Hi-Y 4. Debate 4. Fostoria, Ohio, I, 2, PAUL BOURNE+Class Pres. 2, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Pres. 4. Pres. Student Conn oil 4. Pres. Nat'l Honor Soc. 4. Napanet Ed. 4. Track 2, 3, 4 Debate 3, 4. Valedictorian. PATRICIA BYERS-Band 4. C. R. 4. Napanet staff 4. Syracuse, Ind., I, 2, EVADEAN CLINDANIEL-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4. Ir. C. R. Sr. C. R. 2, 3, 4. F. H. M I, 2. Band 3, 4. Librarian I, 2, 3. BETTY DAv1sgopefetra1. Jr.o.R. Sr.C.R.2, 4. c.A,A.1,2. BETFE DOERINfEBand 1,2,3,4. Jr.o.H. sf.c.R.2,3,4. G, A. A. 1, 2, ga F. H. M. I, 2. Librarian I. 2. FERNE FRENCER-.Ir. G. B. Sr. C. R. 2. C. A. A. I, 2, 3. F. H. M. I, 2. DALE GWIN-Student Council 3. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Vice-pres. 4. Basketball I, 3 Track 2. Noon Basketball 2, 4. JUANITA HAMMAN-Debate 2, 3, 4. Band 2, 3. Napanet Assit. Ed. 4. Ir. G. R Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4. Journalism 3. RUSSEL HARTER-Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Vice-pres. Class 4. ROBERTA HIVELY-Band I, 2, 3, 4. Sec. Band 4. Student Council 2, 3, 4. Vice- pres. 4. National Honor Society 3, 4, Sec. 4. Journalism Ed. 4. ,Ir C. R. Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4. Napanet staff 4. Vice-Pres. Class 2 Salutatorian. JERRY HOCKERT-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Noon Basketball 2, 4. FRANK HOFFER-Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. JAY HOLAWAY-Basketball 3, 4. Track 2, 3, 4. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Tennis 2. Vice Pres. Band 4. Napanet staff 4. I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. Treas. Hi-Y 4. LUCILE JENSEN-Jr. C. R. Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA JENSEN-Natfl Honor Soc. 4. Student Council I, 4. Napanet staff 4 Jr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. G. A. A. I, 2. F. H. M. 2. CVIIENDOLYN JOHNSON!-G. A. A. I. 2, 3, 4. Ir. C. R. Sr. C. R. 2, 4. F. H. M. l ROBERT LLOYD-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Noon Basketball 4. Journalism Co.-Ed. 4. Band 3 WAYNE McCUEN-Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Noon Basket ball I, 2, 4. Napanet staff 4-. NORMA MCDONALD-Cloak Room Monitor 4. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES LOIS Mnrztlzngchofus 1, 2, -1. Band 1, 2, sa. -1. Operetta 1- 2- N-21131161 Staff- Jr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4. Journalism- KENNETH MIDDAUGH-Basketilail 1. 2. 4- Baseball 3- 4- Track 3- 4- Hi-Y 4'- KEITH MILLER-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Band 2. National Honor Soc. 4. Noon Basketball 4. Student Council 4. MARTHA MILLER-Band l, 2, 3, 4. Debate Student Council Sec. 3. Operetta 2. Napanet staff. Jr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2. 3. 4. G. R. Sec. 3, Vice- Pres. 4. LEROY NISLEY-Hi-Y 2, 4. F. F. A. 2. 3, Sec. 3. Noon Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. BETTE NUNEMAKER-Band l, 2, 3, 4. Jr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4. Chorus 4. Journalism 4. JOAN NUNElVlAKERfJr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2. 3, 4. Class Sec.-Treas. l. 2, 3, 4. G. R. Treas. 3. Napanet staff 4. Journalism 4. Band l, 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS OSWALD-Jr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2, AI. G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4. F. H. M. l, 2. ROY PFEIFFER-Noon Basketball 2, 4. Track fl. MERRIL PIPPEN-Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Tennis 3. Noon Basketball l. GEORGE PIPPENGER-Hi-Y 4, Noon Basketball 4. U. S. Navy 2nd Sem. 4. CAROL PLETCHER4Band l, 2. 3. 4, Pres. -I-. Nat'l Honor Soc. 3. 4. Student Council 3, 43 Sec. 4. Operetta 2. Jr. G. R. Pres. Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4. Journalism 4. Librarian 2, 3, 4. BETTY POSTMA-Band l, 2. Chorus 2, 3. Student Council l. Operetta 2. Napa- net staff. Jr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2, 3, 4. JOHN PRICEfHi-Y 2, 3, 4. Noon Basketball I, 2. 3. -I. Napanet staff. PHYLLIS PRICE-Band 2. 3, 4. Jr. G. R. Sr. C. R. 2. 3, 4. JOHN SECHRIST4Band 2, 3, 41. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Noon Basketball 4. DOROTHY SHEETS'wOperetta 2. Jr. C. R. Sr. G. R. 2. 3. 4. C. A. A. l. 2. 3. 4. CHARLES STUMP-Basketball 3, 4. Baseball I. 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Tennis 3. Napanet staff. Noon Basketball l, 2. Class Pres. 3. Vice-Pres. l. DOUGLAS TOBIAS-Basketball l. 2, 3, 4. Track l, 3. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. Napanet staff 4. Student Council 2. Noon Basketball 2. JUNE TOBIAS-G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. F. H. M. l. SALLY ULlNE4Band l, 2, 3. 4, Treas. 4. Debate Nat'l Honor Soc. 4. Operetta 2. Napanet staff 4. Jr. G. R. Sr. G. R. 2. 3, 4, Sec. 3. 4. SOCIAL EVENTS BACCALAUREATE Methodist Church Sunday Evening, May 20, 1945, at 8 Organ Prelude .................................. Processional . . . . . . . Brother James Air Scripture Heading Prayer ............ Ave Maria . . . Sermon . Sanctus . Benediction .... Organ Postlude . . . High School Choir Girls' Trio High School Choir COMMENCEMENT Nappanee High School Community Building o'clock. .. . . . . .Miss Helen Betz . . . .Miss Helen Betz ...........Iacoh ........llev. 1.1. Ifnz ....Rev. H. A. P. Homer ............Schubert ... Rev. C. E. Jones .........Gounod ...Rev. I. G. Roderer . . . .Miss Helen Betz Friday, May 25, 1945, at 8:15 o'clock. Out of the Night ..................................................... Sloan Donkeyis Serenade Invocation .. Salutatory .... Indiana ...... The Rosary .... Address ........... Italian Street Song . . . High School Choir Girls, Double Sextette High School Choir Valedictory ................................ Presentation of Aw ards: For the American Legion . . . . For the Hi-Y . Presentation of Diplomas . . . . Benediction ........... . . . .Friml-Stothart .Ilev. Milton Engelhardt . . . . . . . .Roberta Hively . ..... Lois Metzler . . ............. Nevin . . .Dr. C. A. McPheeters . . . . . . . . Victor Herbert .. Paul Bourne . . . .Mr. Russel Hartman . . . Mr. Lawrence Ivhite . . .. . .Prin. G. C. Roose . . .Rev. Jesse W. Hoover DIPLOMA HOUR There are forty-three students in the class of 1945. Twenty-two are girls and twenty-one are boys. The valedictorian is Paul Bourne, the salutatorian is Roberta Hively. During the past twenty-two years the valedictorian has been a boy seven times, the salutatorian has been a girl twelve times. Rev. Richard S. Reilly is awarded a diploma with the class of 1945. Most of his work was done in other schools. Since the high school was organized in 1894, there have been a total of 1527 graduates. Since 1925 the general average of every graduate has been calculated to three decimal places, and his rank in his class determined and made a matter of permanent record. Twelve years ago sixty-five children were enrolled in the first grade. Of these sixty-five, twenty-eight are on the platform tonight. Three are still undergraduates, twenty have moved from our city, nine have dropped out, three are in the service, and one is in college. Much as these 65 are scattered, in one instance five, and in another instance six, senior names appear in the same consecutive order as in their first grade register. To the twenty-eight now graduating, who were in the original class of 1933, fifteen others have been added: one entered school in 1932, six entered the class in grades two to eight, five entered as freshmen and three as seniors. The following have excelled in attendance: seven have missed less than ten days. Those who have missed less than five days up to April 3 are: Keith Miller, 0, Dorothy Sheets, 1 1f3g Roy Pfeiffer 4K3 Roberta Hively, 4 5f6. Keith Miller is the only graduate with a perfect record of attendance. The average age of the boys is 17 years 11 months and 4 days. The average age of the girls is 17 years 11 months and 29 days. Only one former class of boys f1929jwas younger than this group. The average age of boys in the class of 1929 was 17 years 10 months and 15 days. Birthdays are evenly distributed, although January with live is high and October with two is low. There are twins on tlnauguration Day, March 4, June 10, and July 12. One boy was born Dec. 31, 1926, and another Jan. 1, 1927-in different years but one day apart. Birthdays are well scattered throughout the months, but 21st, 20th, 10th and 1st are most numerous. Carol Pletcher is the baby of the class. Her age is 17 years 2 months and 21 days. The second youngest is Lois Metzler, who is 1 month and 10 days older than Carol. SOME WILL I, MAX Mlshcabibhlei' BIGLER, will my nickname to John Thompson who I hope will appreciate it more than I do. I, PAUL NCount Basiew BOURNE, offer my jurnpin, iive to "Phil's Pillsw. I, ROGER uTyrone Poweri' BOOMERSI-IINE will my flashing dark eyes, beaming from under my black eyebrows to Pete Smith to win the love of a lady. I, PATRICIA 'GSyracuse', BYERS will my home town and Syracuse ways to any- one who can carry them on better than I have. I, EVADEAN uHow I Love My Work" CLINDANIEL will my job in the 5 and I0c store to June Linn, and I know she'll like it as well as I did. I, BETTE uAin't Love Grand?,7 DAVIS, will my little yellow coupe to Herman Hall and Jeanette Clouse in case they ever get tired of strolling around. I, BETTE MAnchor's Awayw DOERING, will my sailor-friend to Joyce Klingaman and I hope her anchor will hold. I, FERNE MWhat a Lifeli' FRENCER, will my position in a certain grocery store to Doris Holaway. I, DALE 'gYodeler', CWIN, do hereby will my talents to Jim Mellinger to be used at class parties. I, JUANITA '4Billie Boy" HAMMAN, will my interest in the U. S. Navy to Mary H. Vvalters providing she can write more often than I do. I, RUSSEL HMighty Mouse" HARTER, will my 4'Charles Atlas" physique to Charles Atlas, deceased. I, ROBERTA 4'This Is Itlw HIVELY, will my steady romance during high school days to Phyllis Guard and Ken Walters because they have a good start now. I, JERRY 'Tunnybooka' HOCKERT, will my classical reading to Aubrey Schultz, to be used not more than 7 periods a day. I, FRANK "Touch Me Not" I-IOFFER, will my ability to stay away from the gals and still slay them to anyone who can do a better job than I have. I, JAY UC. J." HOLAWAY, will my nick-name to my brother Carrol, as it seems to be a family heirloom. I, LUCILE uSchool,s-a-long-way-from-homei' JENSEN, will my daily walks from school to home to Shirley Pittman. hoping she won't miss me too much. I, VIRGINIA uWarbler7' JENSEN, will my sweet voice and personality to Ruth Speicher, wishing her as much success as I have had. I, GWENDOLYN 'Tll Walk Alonew JOHNSON, will my favorite song to Joan Bigler on the condition that she will sing it often. I, ROBERT HScientist" LLOYD, will my moveable character fmoveable to the assemblyj to HBottles" Kring hoping his behavior will find favor with the Chemistry teacher. I, NORMA HIs You Is or Is You Aint, M'DONALD, will my singing ability to be used in next yearis speech play. I, WAYNE uLove ,em and Leave 'emw McCUE'N, will my HOne and Onliesn to Jackie Milleman who is doing all right now. I, LOIS I'James W. Riley" METZLER, will my desire to become another great Hoosier poet to Jean Dunnick providing she can get more encouragement than I have had. . AND SOME WON'T I, KENNETH c'Save the Dayw MIDDAUGH, will my position on the team, to Dean Guard, hoping he can get in there and fight like I did. I. KEITH '6This Book-keeping Gets Mew MILLER, will my ambitious personality- especially in the afternoon assemblies-to anyone who will take the interest that I have. I, MARTHA uRingleader'7 MILLER. will my witty sayings and ways to Jean Sechrist to be used often in Miss Hoover's presence. I, LEROY HEord', NISLEY, will my automobile to anyone who can take the chances I did and come out alive. I. RETTE 4'Cupid" NUNEMAKER, will my house and parties to Pegge Lloyd to be used for the same purpose that I used them. Yes, itis fun being 4'Cupid". I. JOAN 6'Gadabout,, NUNEMAKER. will my 4'Merry Oldsmobilew to Don Rhodes in case his Chevy breaks down. I. PHYLLIS Mlitterbugw OSWALD, will my fast steps to the envious ones that watch me . . . also, my well-known laugh I give to Bette Strang to be used sparingly in the years to come. I, ROY uMathematician" PFEIEFER, will my ability to work out chemical formulas to anyone taking Chemistry next year. I, MERRIL 'lFrankie,, PIPPEN, will my golden voice to Tom Walters to be used in next year's bond drive providing he can find another partner. I, GEORGE 'gAdmiral7, PIPPENGER, will my great responsibilities to Rob Hoflier. I, CAROL 'close Iturbiu PLETCHER. will my position and patience in Chorus class to next year's accompanist. I, BETTE HDrugstore', POSTMA, will my position as soda-jerk to Rose Hartman hoping she can pull in the trade as fast as I did. I, JOHN '6What Is This Thing Called Love?" PRICE, will this question to anyone who can find the answer. I, PHYLLIS "Stenographer,' PRICE, will my love of typing to next year's typing classes. I. JOHN 4'Carry-Me-Back-To-Old-Virginnyw SECHRIST. will the song by the same name to anyone who likes it as well as I do . . . providing they never sing it in my presence. I, DOROTHY '6Down on the Farmv SHEETS. will my extreme shyness to the classes that could use some of it. I, CHARLES "Strawberry Blondei' STUMP, will my susceptability to blondes to '4B0mber,' Lemna. I, DOUGLAS uFootball Shoulders" TOBIAS. will my forward passes to Robert Stillson because he is so backward. I. JUNE '4Happy Days Are Here Againll' TORIAS, will my sunny disposition to Delores Kurtz. - I. SALLY 'GDO I Worryfw ULINE. will my worries and cares to Nappanee High School, because most of them originated there. Signed: I Lois Metzler, Martha Miller. E PROPHECY A Prophecy is quite a strange thing, You never know just what life will bring. lt's hard to tell where you may be ln 717, or in 763. Well, your guess is as good as mine, So here is the story written in rhyme. Max B. is the coach at Nappanee. He's been coach there since '53, Patricia's an artist and has made quite a name, With her famous paintings in the great 4'Hall of Fame Chuck Stump has gone east, he,s a diplomat, Now who would have thought he'd come to that? Martha Miller's an author and has written some books Remember her pranks, then her innocent looks? Guess who is now on the radio? lt's Sally, she has her own style show. Jay Holaway has a grocery store His motto is: HStop here and you will get moreln Virginia J. has a musical career She was voted the best woman singer this year. Booney has left us, he,s in Hollywood, I guess we decided that he really should Co on to the stage, has he been a success? By the looks of his fan mail Fd surely say yes! Juanita has gone to Washington She ran for the Senate and really won. Leroy has his own photoshop, ln the photography game he,s gone to the top. Dale is a mechanical engineer, fHe's worked for the president, I hear.j June has her own special hamburger shop, If you're near by, just drive in and stop. Cutch has retired after a lifetime of fame, The L'Second Knute Rocknev is his new name, For after he left us at fair Nappanee He changed to football and made history. John Sechrist, now this is quite a surprise, Invented a lotion to kill bugs and flies. Ken Middaugh is in the carpenter trade, The book-ends he makes are the finest yet made. Carol,s become the 4'Woman in Whitef' Yes, I know she has patients all right! Paul is a surgeon, one of the best, 9 AT YOU WILL BE So you'll be in good hands if you go there to Roger is making a tour of the nations, While Lucile, a designer, draws new creations. Bette and Evadean have gone from us here, For they live in Bremen throughout the year. Dougis a cartoonist, and l'm sure you have seen His work appear often in a magazine. John Price has a bakery on the Main Street, If those cakes taste like they look, What a treat! Bette Postma is a famous model for Powers, l know that's hard work, for she poses for hours. Bob Lloyd owns an airport, and also some ships, So if youire traveling, see him for your trips. Boy Pfeiffer designed, now this may be a shock, A wonderful thing-it's a two-faced clock! Ferne has a beauty shop in Elkhart, Phyllis P. and Norma help do their part, S0 if you want beauty, that is the place. They can make your hair Hpurtyf' if not your face. Russel now has a streamlined bus, His famous saying is, 6'Ride Safe With Russ." Roberta's a reporter. She works for 6'The Sun," rest. And the write-ups she writes, are the best ever done. Joan now is known as the new '4Dorothy Dix." And Wayne is in radio, he stars as HTom Mix." Phyllis O. is a dancer featured on Broadway, She was always good, and say by the way, Did you know George was an admiral far out on th I never dreamed that would happen, did you? Jerry writes kid's books and you should see His latest '4Goofy Gopher" and "Silly Susie." Keith is a plumber and he really knows How to fix that faucet and where each pipe goes. Dorothy is married and lives on a farm, e blue? And Gwendolyn's vocalist on wllhe Hour of Charm." Bette N. has found what singers need, To sing like a bird, just eat bird seed! Bette Davis still has her sweet personality, And we've come to the end of this crazy prophecy. Will these things come true ?????? Well, just wait and see ll!! Lois Metzler. NSEPARABLE Max Bigler and his Htooth paste adv grin. Paul Bourne and his original humor. Roger Boomershine and an argument in Chemistry class. Patricia Byers and her winning charm. Evadean Clindaniel and Bremen. Betty Davis and a certain yellow coupe. Betty Doering and that HJohnny." Ferne Frenger and the giggles. Dale Gwin and Mr. Roosels secretary. Juanita Hamman and her '44 class ring. Russel Harter and his sunny disposition. Roberta Hively and her mischief. Jerry Hockert and his rosy cheeks. Frank Holfer and his handsome features. Jay Holaway and his daring spirit. Lucile Jensen and her nickname L'Cile." Virginia Jensen and her beautiful, blonde, curly locks. Gwendolyn Johnson and her excitable nature. Robert Lloyd and his wiggley ears. ' Norma McDonald and her fake horse laugh. Wayne lVlcCuen and his Harem. Lois Metzler and her rattled brain. Kenneth Middaugh and his Sophomore heart throb. Keith Miller and his silent personality. Leroy Nisley and his wolfish reputation. Bette Nunemaker and her temper in typing class. Joan Nunemaker and her friendly taps on the back. Phyllis Oswald and her uRoger.', Roy Pfeiffer and his love of mathematics. Merril Pippen and a basketball. George Pippenger and his toothless smile. Carol Pletcher and strange combination of red hair and an even disposition Betty Postma and her letters from the Navy. John Price and his bread route. Phyllis Price and her career as secretary to a certain businessman. John Sechrist and the Metzler residence. Dorothy Sheets and her wrist watch. Charles Stump and his "home made" jokes. Douglas Tobias and his startling cartoons. June Tobias and the latest dance step. Sally Uline and her worries. A Martha Miller. ALUMNI Evelyn Burkholder George Buss Dan Curtis Dallas Gardner Royce Geyer Doris Hall Howard Hoover Russel Hostetter Paul Huffman Bill Johnson Jean Kohlhorst Helen Kring Bill Kurtz Mary Louise Laser Beatrice Linn Kenneth Mattern John Maust John Mellinger Earl Metzler Marialyce Metzler Glen Michael Clarence Middaugh Helene Miller Isabelle Miller Jean Alice Miller Mona Lou Miner Bill Mishler Elmer Mishler Virginia Mishler Agnes Muntz Frances Neterer .Iulia Pletcher Mary Alice Pletclier Edward Price Joan Rensberger Jean Richmond Sam Richmond Doris Robertson Eugene Roose .Iean Sheets Norma Sheets Pegge Shively Jim Stillson Bonnie Teeter Alva Van Dyke Dortha Winger LaVon Kuhn Franklin Diesch Housework Navy Army Navy Navy Mrs. Lamar Wagner Studebaker Corporation Navy Goshen College Purdue University Miami University Navy High School Clerk Adams Westlake Navy Army Cadet Air Corps Navy Mrs. LaMar Clouse At home, farming Navy Mullett's Grocery Conn Instruments Rexall Drug Store Wegmiller's Dime Store Army Navy Anderson College Dr. Miles Laboratory Ashland College Mrs. Mervin Lechlitner Nappanee Specialty Co. Navy Boston Store Nappanee Specialty Co. Cadet Air Corps Adams Westlake Army Industrial Canvas Factory Uline's Factory Ashland College Navy At home Kenyon College Manchester College Huffman Bakery Studebaker Corporation Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Goshen, Indiana West Lafayette, Indiana Oxford, Ohio Mishawaka, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Anderson, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Ashland. Ohio Wakarusa, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee. Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Bremen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Ashland, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Gambier. Ohio North Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana JUNIORS President .......... ...... ...... D e an Guard Vice-President ..... .................. P hyllis Guard Secretary ,......... ....... R ose Marie Hartman We, the Class of 746, intend to leave our mark in the world. 4 Not a chalk mark, it will be greater than that. lt will be a dent. The biggest of all the marks will be--well, let's travel to our capitol city and we shall observe the greatest politicians of all time. At the head of things is none other than the class politician fand Democratj Dean Guard, who presides as our President. Under him is our very faithful Secretary of State, alias Vice-President, Phyllis Guard. We have as our Secretary of the Treasury, Rose Hartman, who does an excellent job with our national debts. We have, awaiting to give advice and assistance, our sponsors, Mr. Postma and Mr. Holoway. -Phyllis Guard. 9 9 CLASS OF 19 TOP PICTURE Left to Right Bottom Row: Mr. Holoway, sponsor, Betty Moore, Betty Lynch, Mary Helen Walters, June Linn, Lois Thomas, Eugene Spon- seller, Don Rhodes, Robert Stillson. Second Row: Louise Pletcher, Barbara Post- ma, Jean Sechrist, Shirley Pittman, Rich- ard Miller, James Mellinger. Top Row: Tom Walters, Don Middleton, Ken- neth Walters, John Thompson, Lyle Smith, Aubrey Schultz, Wilbur Metzler. 46 BOTTOM PICTURE Left to Right Bottom Row: Dale Freet, James Housouer, Doris Anglin, Marilyn Huff, Rose Hart- man, Verna Lou Arnott, Dorothy Hood, Mr. Postma, sponsor, Second Row: Robert Hoffer, Dale Hershberg- er, Joyce Klingaman, Phyllis Guard, Jeanette Clouse, Jean llunnuck, Jackie Estep, Delores Kurtz. Top Row: Herman Hall, Wayne Hepler, Dallas Burkholder, Robert Crowe, Dean Guard, George Flowers, Joe Gould, Robert Kring. SOPHOMORES President ........... ....... J ack Milleman Vice-President ....... ...... P hyllis Mellinger Secretary ........... ......... N ancy Uline We, the Sophomore class, began our march this year with 58 members. At the first of the year we held an election. As captain we chose Jack Mille- man. Phyllis Mellinger was selected to assist him. To keep an account of our journey and expenses Nancy Uline remained as secretary. As council members we chose Pegge Lloyd, Mary Katherine Hartman, Arthur Schwartz, and Owen Lemna. Miss Blank and Mr. White remained as our advisors. On our march we have attended strictly to business, not holding any parties during the entire year. We were all saddened by the death of Mr. Charles Welty, the father of one of our classmates. Everyone in our class is eagerly looking forward to his Junior year. All of us hope to make it a successful adventure. -Nancy Uline. 0 0 CLASS OF 19 TOP PICTURE Left to Right Bottom Rowf: Phyllis Bennet, Norma Kuhn, Marcelene May, Anna Lou Gonderman, Patsy Hare, Jane Lou Bigler, Doris Hola- way, Norma Jean Bleile. Second Row: Miss Blank, sponsor, Maxine Haines, Bonnie Buss, Billie Jean Gran, Rosemary Jacobs, June Haines, Thelma Coppes, Mary K, Hartman, Peggy Lloyd, Sally Howenstein, Bernice Detwiler, Thelma Foudy, llonnabelle Mast. Top Row: Arthur Haney, George Malcolm, Paul Lehman, Dewey Epply, Ralph Culp, Robert Gould, Benny Housouer, Phillip Cripe, Owen Lemna, Jim Lentz. A7 BOTTOM PICTURE Bottom Row: Carrie Peters, Mary Jeanette Welty, Virginia Warren, Joan Strauss, Marcelene May, Mary Ellen Middaugh, Helen Messner, Phyllis Mellinger, Alice June Miller. Second Row: Mr. White, sponsor, Richard Roher, llonnabelle Mast, Zelma Waters, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Uline, Norma Ralston, Pauline Wise, Eugene Slagle, Kenneth MacDonald, Wayne North. Top Row: Jack Wilbur, Arthur Schwartz, Dick Stoops, Phillip Price, Dick Stahly, Gareth Sechrist, Jack Milleman, Levi Tobias, George Malcolm. .4-ikf' RESHMEN President ........ .......... L ouise Beery Vice-President ...... ..... M arilyn Burkholder Secretary-Treasurer .............. David Widmoyer The first meeting of the ninth grade was held in the study hall. Our sponsors were Mr. Byers and Miss Shively. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Byers and the above oflieers were elected. This year the Freshmen had their own basketball team. Many boys played on this team and did a splendid job. Many Freshmen boys and girls belong to Band and Chorus and were kept busy during the school year appearing in Concerts. We have enjoyed our Freshman year and we are looking forward to our Sophomore year. -David Widmoyer. 9 Q CLASS OF 1948 TOP PICTURE Bottom, Row: Tom Brock, Arden Hamman, Betty Hostetter, Vivian Babcock, Barbara Bright, Louise Berry, Frank Coppes, Mark Cox, Dick Callender. Second Row: Junior Heckaman, Joe Bill Geyer, Kenneth Calbeck, Barbara Hart- man, Jo Ann Bigler, Rosena Gearhart, Phyllis Beery, Margaret Farrington, Helen Davis. Top Row: George Byers, Fred Curtis, Harold Hershberger, Stephen Hoyt, Marilyn Burkholder, Jack Gran, Patricia Corwin, James Buss, Dallas Gall, Miss Shively, sponsor. SECOND PICTURE Bottom Row: Ronald Kirkwood, Robert Tobias, Richard Max Miller, Betty Losee, Fay Steinmetz, Joan Stuckman, Carol Nisley, Marilee Longfield, Joe Stillson. Second Row: Mary Stutzman, Ruth Speicher, Lois Robinson, Mary Jane Robinson, Bar- bara Wilbur, Patsy Naylor, Delores Roth, Robert Orn. Third Row: Virginia Mettcrling, Sally Mille- man, Anna Mae Middaugh, Paul Rummel, Richard Noble Miller, Mr. Byers, sponsor. Top Row: Gordon Neterer, Dick Linn, Carl Lemna, Frank Parsons, Willard Marvel, David Widmoyer. l EIGHTH GRA TOP PICTURE Left to Right Bottom Row: Shirley Bartman, Kathleen Hoffer, Delores Ingle, Betty Hood, David Bauman, Bobby Joe Hollar, Kenneth Bollman, Dick Gardner, Norma Helmuth. Second Row: Marilyn Jensen, Rae Ellen Field, Shirley Davis, Mary Ann Bartholomew, Richard Jacobs, Lotus Adams, Vernon Hostetter, Aubrey Halleum, Mr. Town- send, sponsor. Top Row: Douglas Hummel, Roy Kauffman, Lyle Conrad, Clell Hartman, Rex Davis, Jean Freet, Rosemary Hamilton, Beverly Hahn, Marguerite Gearhart. BOTTOM PICTURE Bottom Row: Velma Ingle, Trilba Stillson, Sarah Walters, Dorothy Miller, Marlene Scheets, Betty Stutzman, Phyllis Weaver, Janet Miller, Wendell Metzler, Miss Wei- mer, sponsor. Second Row: Mary Lou Oswald, Ina Mae Troxel, Nancy Shaum, Marilyn Miller, Margaret Miller, Florence Rhodes, Mar- jorie Snyder, Eloise Milleman, Patty Pippen, Eugene Stutzman. Top Row: Charles Rensberger, Jack Miller, Ray Ralston, Margaret Mutschler, Donna Uline, John Mishler, Dean Middaugh, George Stoops, Edward LeCount, Robert Reilly. SEVENTH GRADE TOP PICTURE Left to Right Bottom Row: Marietta Mellinger, Joan Shaum, Peggy Stump, James Pittman, Donald Riley, Donald Swartzlander, Eugene Sla- baugh, Leonard Stout, Jack Tobias, Mr. Weddle, sponsor. Second Row: Joan Teeters, Pauline Stinemetz, Sylvia Yoder, Edna Stutzman, Elizabeth Wilbur, Arlene Schwartz, Patsy Reed, Bernaden Weirick, Marjorie Middaugh. Top Row: Clifford Truax, William Tyndall, Jack Reed, M-ax Weaver, Roy Snyder, Fred Rice, Stanley Naylor, Eugene Smith, Bob Strang. BOTTOM PICTURE Left to Right Bottom Row: Mary Helen Arnott, Billy Far- rington, George Hostetler, Carroll Holo- way, Jim Heckaman, Joan Lloyd, Betty May, Ruth Bartman, Shirley Copenhaver, Janet Eiman, Miss Lantz, sponsor. Second Row: Roland Heckaman, Lois Hart- man, Raymond Kuhn, Don Copenhaver, Gerald Fuller, Kenneth George, Bill Hood, Billy Coppes, Don Gardner, John Bright. Top Row: Carol Heckaman, Peggy Hare, Pat- sy Hollar, Jennie Gall, Martha Corl, Patsy Martin, Loleta Coppes, Phyllis Housouer. I g--5 x if A ,x 1 X f X , uuv""" Jounufluasrs S I Q-"' , C 'rnrnilvrnnl l fi ll' 4. .f 'fn U' .- jxg o-'f W' J'1..,'T I " ,:..I lah' CW A WE DON'T WORK ALL THE DAY AT SCHOOL BOOKS. PART OF THE TIME IS SPENT AT EXTRA- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. SOME OF OUR HAPPIEST HOURS WERE SPENT IN THESE ORGANIZA- TIONS. Bottom Row: Jo Ann Bigler, Joan Lloyd, Arlene Schwartz, Marietta Mellinger, Patricia Hollar, Wendell Metzler, Dallas Gall, Mr. Roose, sponsor. Second Row: Joyce Klingaman, Donna Uline, Marguerite Gearhart, Arthur Schwartz, Paul Bourne, Kate Hartman, Peggy Lloyd, Clell Hartman. Top Row: Virginia Jensen, Carol Pletcher, Owen Lemna, John Thompson, Keith Miller, Carl Lemna, Roberta Hively, George Byers. STUDENT CCJUNCIL President ....,. Paul Bourne Vice-Pres. .. .... Roberta Hively Secretary ........... ..... ....... ....... C a r ol Pletcher Always an active organization, the Student Council again experienced a busy year. We met every other Thursday after school. Under the guiding hand of Mr. Roose, problems were presented and solutions were discussed. Various improvements in school procedure were inaugurated. Our outstanding project which we undertook was the sale of war bonds and stamps. On Dec. 5 we held a successful bond rally in the assembly. We sold 33,200 worth of bonds and stamps and were presented with a Minute- man Hag because over ninety per cent of the school participated. Membership in the Student Council is made up of all members of the National Honor Society and two representatives from each home room. . - -Paul Bourne. Seated: Rose Marie Hartman, Roberta Hively, Sally Uline, Virginia Jensen, Carol Pletcher. Standing: Robert Crowe, Paul Hourne, Keith Miller, Mr. Abell, Sponsor. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY l'rcsirlcrLt .,.... ........ P aul Bourne Secretary ..... Roberta Hively The National Honor Society was organized in 1921. The charter of the Society was first granted to the Nappanee High School on March 25, 1936. lt is composed of pupils who stand in the highest fifteen per cent of the Senior Class and five per cent of the Junior Class. The purpose of the society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character. liach year the society has a special project. Since the large honor roll in the assembly was purchased the duty of the society has been to keep up-to- date the names of the men and women who have graduated from Nappanee High School and who are now in the service of our country. -Roberta Hively. Left to Right Seated: Joan Nunernaker, Carol Pletcher, Roberta Hively, Sally Uline, Patricia Byers, Juanita Hamman. Standing: Wayne McCuen, Paul Bourne, Jay Holaway, Max Bigler, Lois Metzler, Charles Stump, Virginia Jensen, Douglas Tobias, Martha Miller. NAPANET STAFF EDITOR .............. ....... I Jaul Rourne ASSOCIATE EDITOR ...... ..... J uanila Hamman RUSINESS MANAGER ....... ..... C harles Stump ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER . . . ..... Roberta Hively ART EDITOR ............... .. ......... Patricia Byers ASST. ART EDITOR .... ............... D ouglas Tobias LITERARY EDITORS . .. .... Lois Metzler, Martha Miller SNAP SHOTS ........ ..... I Seite Postma. John Price CALENDAR . .. ............... Sally Uline ALUMNI .... ............. V irginia Jensen SPORTS .... ....... M ax Rigler, Carol Pletcher JOKES ........ .... W 'ayne Mcfluen, Jay Holaway SECRETARY ............. ................ J oan Nuncmaker We, the Annual Staff of 1945, have Clone our heist to edit and publish the Napanet this year. This Annual is the result of our hard work and We hope you will all enjoy it. From the Stalf of '45 to the Staff of '46, NCOOD LUCK." JOURNALISM STAFF OFFICERS Editor-Roberta Hively. Co-lfditor-Robert Lloyd. Business Manager-Art Schwartz. Feature lfditor-Lois Metzler. Music lfditor-Carol l'letcher. Art liditor-Barbara Wilbur. Sports liditors-Dean and Phyllis Guard. The Journalism Club under the sponsorship of Miss Barnard was founded last year. This was the first successful attempt to organize such a club. The purpose of this club is to publish the school newspaper. Diliulldog, once a month and to make the school more conscious of its activities. The journalism Club ollers experience to its members and is an extra- curricular activity which has proved its ability to create more unity among Nappaneeis student body. D,Bulldog is put out entirely by the members of this club. It strives to please all by its many articles concerning student views. The paper has been a huge success again this year under the capable leadership of our editors and our sponsor. -Roberta Ilively. Bottom Row: Bob Tobias, Arthur Haney, Tom Brock, George Byers, Paul Rummel, Ronnie Kirkwood, Eugene Stutzman. Second Rom: Dale Hershberger, George Malcolm, Dallas Burkholder, James Buss, Harold Hershberger, Jim Housouer. Top Row: Paul Lehman, George Flowers, Jack Gran, Bob Hoffer, Charles Byers, sponsor. 1 Bottom Row: Art Schwartz, Robert Gould, Jack Milleman, Benny Housour, Dick Stahly, Jim Mellinger, Paul Bourne, Gareth Sechrist, Robert Lloyd, Eugene Slagle, Mr. White, sponsor, Second Row: Robert Fairchild, Dale Freet, Robert Crowe, Wayne Hepler, LeRoy Nisley, Phil Price, Jim Lentz, Kenneth Middaugh, Jay Holaway, Joe Gould, Keith Miller. Third Row: Herman Hall, Aubrey Schultz, Jack Wilbur, Lyle Smith, Owen Lemna, Wilbur Metzler, Roger Boomershine, Robert Kring, Wayne McCuen, John Price, Richard Miller, Robert Stillson. Top Row: Dewey Eppley, Dick Stoops, Dean Guard, George Pippenger, Don Middleton, Kenneth Walters, John Thompson, Jerry Hockert, Tom Walters, Merril Pippen, Dale Gwin, Douglas Tobias. QCharles Stump and John Sechrist were not presentl F F. A. President .......... ....... C eorge Flowers V ice-President ..... ...... R obert Hoff er Secretary .................................. Paul Lehman The Future Farmers started the year with nine members. Later it was increased by the addition of ten '4Green Handsf, During the year one old and one new member dropped out. A pest killing contest was held in the district. We participated and divided the members into two teams with Bob Hofler and George Flowers as captains. Bob HoiTer's team won. George Malcolm was the high point man. Dallas Burkholder. a junior, won his honor sweater. Many of the boys bought F.F.A. jackets, emblems and pins. Other events of the year included a father and son banquet held on March 9, and a play presented at the Farmers Institute entitled '4Not On The Minutesf' --George Byers. -Y President .............. ..... P aul Bourne Vice-President ...... ........... D ale Gwin Secretary ........... ....... J ohn Thompson Treasurer .............,.................... Jay Holaway The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. Since a state decree forbids the rough initiation of new members, the serious initiation held at the United Brethren Church had double significance. Eighteen new members joined, boosting our membership to forty-seven. The Hi-Y held a Father and Son Banquet at the First Brethren Church on October 9. We went swimming at the Elkhart Y.M.C.A. twice and on January 20 we sponsored a dime line for infantile paralysis that took in over fifty dollars. All in all, the club enjoyed a successful year that is characteristic of Nappanee Hi-Y Clubs. -Paul Bourne. IOR GIRL RESERVES Left to Right Bottom Row: Miss Lantz, Sponsor, Phyllis Oswald, Phyllis Bennet, Helen Messner, Mary Middaugh, Joan Strauss, Marcelene May, Betty Strang, Patsy Hare, Jane Lou Bigler, Doris Holoway, Anna Lou Gonderman, Lois Thomas, Carrie Peters, Betty Doering, Martha Miller. Second Row: Marilyn Huff, Virginia Warren, Jackie Estep, Bonnie Buss, Thelma Coppes, Phyllis Mellinger, Sally Howenstein, Doris Anglin, Verna Arnott, Rose Hartman, Mary Walters, Evadean Clindaniel, Phyllis Guard, Miss Barnard, Sponsor. Third Row: Gwendolyn Johnson, Betty Moore, Betty Lynch, Joan Nunemaker, Betty Postma, Betty Nunemaker, Mary Jeanette Welty, Kate Hartman, Peggy Lloyd, Thelma Foudy, Rosemary Jacobs, Dorothy Sheets, Jean Dunnuck, Juanita Hamman, Sally Uline. Top Row: Joyce Klingerman, Jean Sechrist, Barbara Postma, Patricia Byers, Virginia Jensen, Carol Pletcher, Jeanette Clouse, Roberta Hively, Lois Metzler, June Linn, Louise Pletcher, Delores Kurtz, Donnabelle Mast, Phyllis Price, Betty Davis, Shirley Pittman, Lucille Jensen. President ....... . . Virginia Jensen Vice-President . . . ..... Martha Miller Secretary .... ........ S ally Uline Treasurer ............... Mary Helen Walters This year marks the twentieth year for the Girl Reserves in NHS. The first club was organized in l925 with twenty-five members. Now, twenty years later we have more than doubled that and have a membership of sixty. This year we became a registered member of the National Board of the Young Women's Christian Association. The symbol of the club is the blue triangleg the ,base standing for spirit, and its two sides for health and knowledge. Outstanding events for the year include a party held on October l0 in the high school gym, the serious initiation held on October l9, and the Northern Indiana Girl Reserve Conference held at Elkhart on February 17. At Christmas we sent gifts to Japanese Americans living in relocation centers. We seniors sincerely hope that we have been true to our slogan and have lived up to our purpose and can do so in future years. -Virginia lenseri. IOR GIRL RESERVES Left to Right Bottom Rowg Patsy Martin, Shirley Bartman, Ruth Bartman, Lois Hartman, Joan Shaum, Dorothy Miller, Betty Stutzman, Phyllis Weaver, Betty May, Joan Lloyd, Arlene Schwartz, Elizabeth Wilbur, Marietta Mellinger, Sylvia Yoder, Janet Eiman, Mary Helen Arnott. Second Row: Nancy Shaum, Ina Troxel, Marilyn Jensen, Betty Hood, Velma Ingle, Trilba Stillson, Carol Heckaman, Louise Berry, Marilee Longfield, Florence Rhodes, Janet Miller, Marlene Scheets, Sarah Walters, Norma Helmuth, Mary Jane Robinson, Carol Nisley. Third Row: Kathleen Hoffer, Margaret Miller, Rae Ellen Field, Marjorie Snyder, Eloise Milleman, Patty Pippen, Mary Lou Oswald, Lois Robinson, Jo Ann Bigler, Patsy Naylor, Margaret Farrington, Shirley Davis, Beverly Hahn, Loleta Coppes, Ruth Speicher, Miss Shively, sponsor, Sally Milleman, Top Row : Margaret Mutschler, Donna Uline, Joan Teeter, Marilyn Miller, Jean Freet, Virginia Metterling, Phyllis Beery, Rosena Gearhart, Barbara Hartman, Marguer- ite Gearhart, Barbara Wilbur, Delores Roth, Rosemary Hamilton, Betty Hostetter, Helen Davis. The Junior Girl Reserves is a group of the seventh grade, eighth grade, and freshman girls whose slogan is, STO face life squarely" and whose purpose is, HTO Hnd and give the bestf' Our officers are: President ...... .. . Barbara Wilbur Vice-President. .............. liosena Gearhart Secretary-Treas. .......... Marguerite Cearhart The vice-president serves as program chairman with Margaret Farrington, Donna Uline, and Joan Lloyd as her assistants. Our song leader is Delores Roth and pianist Margaret Mutschler. Phyllis Weaver and Margaret Mutschler are responsible for pu.blicizing our meetings. The new members were received into our organization at a candlelight ceremony on December lllr, l944. Our programs have been educational as well as entertaining. Some of the high-lights were a speech on poetry by Mrs. J. M. Bowman and a talk on books and their value by Rev. C. E. Jones. We have had a very successful year under the guidance of Miss Shively. We extend our best wishes to the Girl Reserves next year and hope that they will enjoy their meetings and be successful in every way. -Marguerite Cearhart. BAND The band of 63 members has had a very successful year under the direction of Mr. Habegger. A chorus and band program was given and the annual joint concert with Bremen was presented both here and in Bremen. On April 21 the band competed in the contest which was held in Elkhart. We were proud to have approximately 55 soloists and ensemblists entering the contest as well as the band. Our last performance of the year was a spring concert given May ll. The band has been made much better this year by the purchasing of some new instruments which included two sousaphones, an oboe, and a French horn. As the year draws to a close we realize that only under the direction of Mr. Habegger could we have had such a success- ful year. First Rom: Carol Pletcher, Sally Uline, Roberta Hively, Joan Nunemaker, Bette Nunemaker, Patty Pippen, Mar- garet Mutschler, George Byers, Patsy Naylor, Rose Marie Hartman, Barbara Postma. Second Row: Martha Miller, Sally Howen- stein, Lois Thomas, Kate Hartman. Nancy Uline, June Linn, Peggy Lloyd, Patricia Byers, Delores Roth, Mary Helen Walters, Betty Doering, Lois Metzler. Third Row: Fred Curtis, Mary Jeanette Welty, Bonnie Buss, Rae Ellen Fields, Kathleen Hofer, John Thompson, Wayne McCuen, Tom Walters, David Widmoyer, Frank Parsons, Carrol Holaway, Eugene Smith, Dick Gardner, Rex Davis, Jay Holaway, Phillip Price, Arthur Schwartz, Carl Lemna, Ruth Speicher, Donna Uline, Fourth, Raw: Left-Patricia Hollar, Carol Heckaman, Arlene Schwartz, Center- llon Rhodes, John Sechrist, James Pitt- man. Right-Dick Miller, Joe Stillson, Owen Lemna, Dick Stoops. StrmrIin.g.' Kenneth Calbeck, Mr. Habegger, Director, Dana Gray, Marlene Sheets, George Stoops, Harold Hershberger, Jean Sechrist, Evadean Clindaniel, Phyllis Price, Doris Anglin. Absent from Picture: Ronnie Kirkwood. CHORUS The Na anee Hi h School Chorus totals fort -six members. The iro ram pp g Y l g for the group this year consisted of the trip to South Bend to sing for the North Central Indiana Teacher's Association, the annual joint concert with Bremen which was held here on March 2, and at Bremen on March 4. On March 25 the Easter Cantata HBise Glorious Conqueror" by Heyser was given at the Community Building. Other concerts were given for the Parent Teacher's Association, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, and the May Festival on May 4. The Contest was on April 21, and members took part as 'soloists and also in ensembles. The last two performances of the Chorus were at Baccalaureate and Commencement. Miss Lantz has done another good job this year. Praise must also go to the accompanist, Carol Pletclier. Bottom Row: Carol Pletcher, June Linn, Barbara Postma, Marilyn Burkholder, Mary Walters, Lois Metzler, Kate Betty Nunemaker, Joan Strauss, Joe Hartman, Thelma Foudy, Doris Ang- Stillson, Miss Lantz, Director. lin, Norma Jean Bleile, Doris Holaway, Top Row: Owen Lemna, George Byers, Jim Martha Miller. Lentz, Carl Lemna, Jean Sechrist, Second Rauf: Arthur Schwartz, Fred Cur- Jean Dunnuck, Roger Boomershine, tis, Mary Jeanette Welty, Zelma Waters, Phillip Price, David Widmoyer. Virginia Jensen, Sally Howenstein, 1 Bottom Row: Betty Strangi Phyllis Oswalt, Betty Postma, Dorothy Sheets Billie Gran, Dick Caln lander. Top Row: Ferne Frenger Roberta Hively, Max Bigf ler, Jack Milleman, Vir- ginia Jensen, Jeanette Clouse. Bottom Row: Dennis Brum- baugh, Gene Johnson, Ber- nell Slabaugh, L o w e 11 Kuhn, John Brunso, Laman Wricker, Carl Heckaman David Walters. Top Row: Johnny Robinson Wade Best, Devon New- comer, Jerry Lentz, How' ard Stutzman, Dana Gray Forrest Dunnuck, Richard Corwin, Bottom Row: Rose Hartman. Verna Arnott, Jackid Estep, Dorothy Sheets, Norma Ralston. Top Row: Betty Moore, Joyce Klingaman, Caro Pletcher, Virginia Jensen Miss Shively, sponsor. ' MONITORS The Monitors have served faithfully all year. They collected the yellow slips at each hour. Some of them took care of the attendance record for each day in order to ease the work of Mr. Roose PATROL BOYS LIBR These boys have stood in ram, snow and heat to direct the paths of children coming to and from school. They did a fine job, indeed, for we had no one injured by car or bicycle while crossing the streets. ARIANS These girls and Miss Shively cared for the library all year. They searched for delinquent library material and kept the library well organized and useful. Not only did they supply us with reference material but also with current periodicals and books for pleasure reading. First Row: Paul Bourne, Arthur Schwartz, Juanita Hamman, Miss Barnard, Sponsorg David Widmoyer. Second Row: Dewey Eppley, Roger Boomershine. DEBATE Our season opened with practice sessions ot' debate here at school. ln December we went to South Bend for a practice debate conference at Central High. Here we met teams from North Judson, Biley, Central, Fort Wayiie, John Adams and Laporte. On Feb. 9 we accepted an invitation from Central S. B. to debate before their senior high school assembly. Our affirmative team met their negative team. No decision was given. On this trip we also went out to the Notre Dame library for material. Then on Feb. 24 we again Went to South Bend for the Conference debate. All of us enjoyed this year's work very much and we had good times on all our trips with Miss Barnard. Our teams consisted of: AFFlBlNlATlVB-Boger Boomershine, Juanita Hamman. Alternate-David Widmoyei'. NEGATIVE-Paul Bourne, Arthur Schwartz. Alternate-Dewey Eppley. -Juanita Hamman. mrs ij ,' Z X' Sm' 1 "Ah F it P CALEN X .i ' A- i' -'- - QWN N x . 5. 1 - 3 w 'M 110' 'gy- li' ' ' "'4'!.lM 'ffllllh 2 U I J: if 7138 x Llx Q X ix g X MW x i V55 DQQXRIN L S rf J gl Q-1 Fil Clgf ' 2 swf- j C K Ji f l ? l -'Si X -is W 3. . if S E W DAR SEPTEMBER 5, Tues. Our last year is off to a good start. Just look at all the new teachers hmmmmmmllll No, girls, you can,t go out for basketball. 6, Wed. First band rehearsal. For some strange reason all you girls seem to be interested in band too?????? 8, Fri. Senior class meeting. We are all glad to welcome our two new members, Patricia Byers, and Roger Boom- ershine. 11, Mon. Baseball game. Nappanee 7, Bristol 7. 12, Tues. Class Meetings. Who is the good looking sailor, Phyllis? We all want more of those corridor exhibitions. uAin,t Love Grand?,' 13, Wed. What happened fellows? Baseball. Nappa- nee O, ,limtown 6. 15, Fri. Bourbon Fair. Why all the NC" excuses???lll 19, Tues. Another annual staff meeting at 9 oiclock. Miss Hoover wonders how that is arranged. 20, Wed. Baseball. Nappanee 0, Concord 2. 22, Fri. First Journalism meeting. Roberta is our new editor. 25, Mon. New seats in Miss Barnard's room. Will the fee for autographing them still be 50c????? 26, Tues. Jeff Hockert has turned out to be quite an ora- tor. His latest topic is HOf What is a Golf Ball Made?', or 6'Around and Around it Goes and Where it ends We're sure to find outf, 28, Thurs. Fall opening of Teen Town. 29, Fri. Junior hay ride-Better luck next time kidsI?!?! OCTOBER 2, Mon. Was the peppiness of the chemistry class today dueto Bourne,s oxygen????? 3, Tues. Junior Class Meeting. 4, Wed. 5th 31 6th hour assemblies hear World Series. Mr. Habegger promises the privilege again tomorrow if we are good. 5, Thurs. We were good! ll Again we hear World Series. 9, Mon. Hi-Y swimming party at Elkhart YMCA. 10, Tues. Don't the Senior fellows look 4'purty" in their HSunday Suits?', The senior pictures account for this sudden change in their wearing apparel, and just think- there's no wife this year either-but he does have an assistant. Hang on to your men, girls! l ll 13, Fri. Health test, boy are we dumb! I ll And after the help we had, too. CALENDAR 17, Tues. Band Officers have a party at Habeggers. Everyone was amazed at Miss Weimer's ability to play her Bach numbers or should I say "A Backy number?" 20, Fri. Why all the moaning and groaning? Oh, we get our proofs. First edition of D'Bulldog. 24, Tues. Nothing to do but work, work, work!! 26, Thurs. Teacher,s institute. That means we get a much needed vacation. 27, Fri. Ditto. 30, Mon. Meow! Meow! Health Class holds '6Cat Session" for the purpose of building better personalities. Even Miss Hoover is discussed, and in her very presence too, but she finds we don't think she is so bad after all. 31, Tues. Senior pictures retaken for those who didn't look beautiful enough the first time. NOVEMBER 3, Fri. First basketball game. For a change we have a team which really shows the old !'Bulldog Spiritf, Nap- panee 43, New Paris 23. 6, Mon. ln preparation for election day the high school St junior high hear political speeches. Patricia, Juanita and Chuck have proved to be some politicians. Now, do you know how to vote? 7, Tues. The big day is here and thanks to the government class we find voting booths in the gym and everyone votes. 8, Wed. We have reached our goal. 90? of the school is buying bonds St stamps. 10, Fri. Again the Bulldogs chalk up a victory. Nappanee 29, Bremen 24. 14, Tues. Wakarusa and Culver play here. 15, Wed. Severe casualties resulted from mass basket- ball in the fellows gym class today!!! 16, Thurs. What's this we hear about milk costing 552.00 a bottle right here in N. H. S.? And after all the govern- ment class said about inflation!!! 21, Tues. 'fWhat does the Rexall have that school doesnlt have?,' Mr. Roose wondered 6th hour today as he pro-1 ceeded to search from room to room looking for !'Those Senior Cirlsf, but all to no avail. 22, Wed. Shhhhhhh! Bulldogs 33, Wakarusa 46. 23, Thurs. Thanksgiving vacation. r cj! 'ff 1 f l l 14 - X. I ta . K5 ,,.. 'X Fix as 4 X wit ' E X -CJD!! xg! is, 4447 X fl ix? 1 'i CALENIDAR ' W1 N X Ll 947 ff a XD 'fl' Jlh fffvod, 3 5 avi. DEQ X li 1 Es 27, Mon. Senior pictures are here. Aren't we proud of ourselves????? 28, Tues. Miss Hoover today was presented with nColor Backw and cold cream to restore her youthfulness after an especially strenuous period with her health class. 29, Wed. Kingsbury sends war veteran to speak and fur- nishes feminine convoy. Keep your seats, wolves!!! DECEMBER 1, Fri. We again disappoint Bremen. Nappanee 33, Bremen 18. 5, Tues. Bond rally! We7ve gone over our 353,000 goal. Don't the male members of our faculty look refined with- out their ties????? 6,Wed. That aroma is just the chemistry class experiment- ing with sulphur. 8, Fri. We're getting to be awfully proud of our team. We gain another victory. Bulldogs 39, Washington 35. P. S. The second team won its 7th game. 11, Mon. Something new has been added. Two assembly programs in one day! Teen Town brings soldier from Billings Hospital and pictures are shown on the uOrigin of the Biblef' 12, Tues. Speech class play called off. Shame! Shame! 13, Wed. Annual Staff meeting and at 8 0'cl0ck too. Early to bed and early to rise Makes you healthy, wealthy and sleepy. 15, Fri. Special Pep Session, but what good did it do? Nappanee 35, Goshen 38. 18, Mon. Senior class meeting for the purpose of hghting out plans for a class party. 20, Wed. Senior Christmas party. The amateur show brought out our true talents. Even Mr. Abell and Mr. Boose render a beautiful selection entitled HBulldog on the Bank.'7 21, Thurs. Merry Christmas! ll No school till Jan. 2, 745. 28, 29, 30. Tourney at John Adams. Did we win????? Slippery roads bring bad luck to our team, and a number of them find themselves in the Elkhart hospital. We're all very sorry and wish for all of them a hasty recovery. CALENDAR JANUARY 2, Tues. We're all back again. Brrrrrr. 10 below zero. 3, Wed. Due to the teamis misfortune, this week's games are postponed. 4, Thurs. Wonder of Wondersl Chemistry Assignment! Get busy kids. 8, Mon. Five more days of health. How Miss Hoover is going to miss us?l?l?l? 10, Wed. Miss Hooveris birthdays seem to be coming thick and fast. Health class sings Happy Birthday again, tut tut. The physics class today tried to end it all by blow- ing up the science room. Arenlt you ashamed boys?'???? 11, Thurs. Speech class giving last minute speeches for a semester test. Mr. Townsend proposes a slumber party for the chemistry class to find out the effects of carbon dioxide. Now its our turn to say uDon't be silly, Mr. Townsendf, 12, Fri. Today the chemistry class seems to be in the dark as to what put together with something makes something else. - 15, Mon. Today marks the beginning of a new semester and it will be our last, so letls make it a climax for our 12 years of strenuous labor. 16, Tues. '60h, what a blamed uncertain thing This pesky weather is, It blew, and snew, and then it thew And now, by jing, its frizf, 17, Wed. Report cards and they really reportlll 19, Fri. Assembly program on the evils of narcotics. 22, Mon. Today N. H. S. is filled with the delightful aroma of the orientlll Sniff, sniff, who would think radiators would make such superb incense burners. 24-, Wed. Chemistry was made quite interesting today for the rest of us but, oh, what about poor Jay? Roy will have to be careful about where he drops those chemicals, especially those which eat holes in clothing. 26, Fri. Pep session to get everyone all pepped up for the Elkhart game. Nappanee 33, Flkhart 41. 30, Tues. Our first economics test. Now come on kids and show Mr. White how intelligent you really are. FEBRUARY 1, Thurs. Tom Walters silent for a change. Wl1y????? A dislocated jaw. 2, Fri. Oratorical contset after school. Congratulations, Paul!!! 5, Mon. Tom Vlfalters completely recovered l guess. At least he and Gutch were feeling well enough that Miss , . ' , f-,,. 1, " ,-- Z .. sq.,-,1.' .. 1' , .- 9..s.-5 '," . ,fn .-' -5-...' xg - Vi . -. ol' , . . l',5'l L., . Q 55 K , ' 906 Y Alg I F . f. '0, 0 1 , I-h fir i'lv 1951.33 NJ J 1 at 5 - e H. : 9 Q Q ,G 0,59 as o XX E sic. We X-Jb 5' 5 - va X, .ii Q X 3 A are 1 L-6 favs CIA LE NI !XR Pbixscf? 1 VVS bid C 1 K jJJ -7' XQXJD sf 5Q,fj5hW 1, X 4 f ff f fr X I l. If' D inlflllll i 9: ' t 3 '32 L 'U gi -1 E 1 ' 1 Xb f . x 1 1 t In N i -7, , ' 1 'X iff' 1+ ess .f!!,!'.-A! ' Ns X'1.4g.1ff44'f' ' A -EW-Q 4' 154 ,'g xii A ,, Zig- 'ns .-.- 1 -i,f4-gs 'N 7 ' 2134- ll -tat f f,-' N, Q- Q ' Y ,plz-A Q X xx I, H --fifr ' 1 1 Y x Barnard decided speech class wasn't the best place for them for the rest of the year. 7, Wed. Vacation!!! 1 mean just for the debate team. They say they went to South Bend to debate????? B, Thurs. How do you etch glass'????? The chemistry class is sure to find out. 9, Fri. Today we all got out our pencils and papers and had the privilege of taking a spelling test. Are we really 'seniors????? The tests don't show it. 12, Mon. The economics class honored Abe Lincoln to- day by singing happy birthday to him. 141, Wed. We celebrate Valentine Day by giving tokens of love????? to our beloved teachers. HTo Be or Not To Be, A Farmerw was the topic discussed in speech. 15,Thurs. Count noses!!! Did we all survive??? Yes, l guess we're all here and with very few casualties too. For awhile 1 thought the gas in chemistry had got the best of us. 16, Fri. We were all very much impressed today with the World Day of Prayer Service which was planned for us by Mrs. Bowman. 19, Mon. Mr. White thinks we should start the week off right with an economics test. 21, Wed. Mad scramble!!! Tourney tickets here. 22, Thurs. 1st session of the tourney. 23, Fri. Mr. Roose announces that skipping school to go to the tourney is prohibited. As a side line to the an- nouncements a short pep session was held. Did we win our game??? 1 guess we did!!! 26, Mon. Chorus sings for Kiwanis, and right after the tourney, too, tch, tch. 28, Wed. Report Cards!!! This afternoon found us f'All spread outl' about our chemistry grades and hurrying to chemistry to Mcry on Mr. Townsend,s shoulder." MARCH 2, Fri. Joint Band and Chorus concert with Bremen. We also entertain them at lunch before the concert. 4, Sun. Concert at Bremen. 5, Mon. Happy Birthday, Miss Hoover!!! We of the health class carried out our threat and had a real for sure party for Miss Hoover on her 16th?? birthday. 6, Tues. First session of class tourney. Who's going to win????? Ask the seniors. 7, Wed. Last game of tourney and we did win too. More group pictures. CALENDAR 9, Fri. No band today. Mr. Habegger takes some kids to a clinic in Manchester. 12, Mon. Spring is sprung!!! First cases of spring fever today. 13, Tues. Thanks to the senior girls, the girls cloak room has been redecorated. 16, Fri. No band pictures again today. Discouraging indeed!!! 19, Mon. Anyone wondering how and why Boonie met his doom today may inquire from the senior girls????? Kenny Walters back today. Long time no see. 26, Mon. Another economics test!!! 28, Wed. Practice makes perfect. Now do you know those chemistry formulas, Martha? 29, Thurs. School out!!!-,lust till Tuesday. APRIL 3, Tues. The economics and chemistry classes have taken quite a liking to cheeeeeese!!! lately. 6, Fri. Our Times test-Boy are we DUMB! !! 10, Tues. We find a different seating arrangement in economics. Why, Mr. White????? 12, Thurs. This is a historical day due to the death of President Roosevelt. 13, Fri. Friday the 13th!!! Need we say more? 16, Mon. Today an impressive memorial service was held in the assembly for the late President Roosevelt. 18, Wed. Report card! Oh, unhappy day! 21, Sat. Band goes to contest in Elkhart and takes 2nd division. 25, Wed. Assembly program!!! Stanley Lehman, re- turned internee from Manila, speaks. 26, Thurs. 4'Lois, after this, please donit bring your overshoes to economics? MAY May 2, Wed. May Festival at the Community Building under the direction of Miss Lantz. 18, Fri. THF. NIGHT OF NIGHTS-RECEPTION. 20, Sun. Baccalaureate. Rev. Jones is our speaker, 25, Fri. Commencement and our high school days are over! We dood it! QE MTX I SV ! l E S MX' 15 x N ! ' AQ X . xb ' Rf C?-we 5: 3 S I 2 lie I i i 3 QI ll S is XX-' i t f . A, l Q!! X 2 XX t sy 11X 6 Q T I w Q l Hmm 4 D ' 19 I .5-gg., 75... KI 'f Q 'L Ja" f. SHPE V' JUMP' BML 0' 9 K :ilu X.. .JN f' sf A K J mv 9 4-.- Mg -.- TRP-CNPQY P 'P' A ini"-1'f GIRLS AND BOYS ALIKE NEED AND ENJOY EXERCISE AND THE EXCITEMENT OF COMPETITIVE SPORTS. NOT ONLY FOR HONOR BUT FOR PLEASURE WE EN- TERED THE VARIOUS TYPES OF ATHLETICS. BASKETBALL , COACH-Mr. Weddle, our new coach, put new life into the basketball team. This is shown hy the record of the team's work this year. The boys enjoyed working with him and the whole school is looking forward to an even better season under his coaching next year. MANAGERS-HDoc,' and HLouie," our loyal managers deserve a share of the glory usually given the team. They did a fine job and will be with us again next year. CHEERLEADERS-These girls led our cheering section faithfully throughout the season. 6 9 Louis Cripe Mr. Weddle, Eugene Sponsellor. Jane Lou Bigler, Patsy Hare, Betty Stran SECOND TEAM The B squad, composed largely of freshmen and sophomores, played a strenuous schedule this year. The pups Won seven consecutive contests before falling in a non-conference game to Coshen. ln Conference play the squad had an even break With the larger schools, and Won five out of ten games. The team had a successful season, Winning eleven of eighteen contests. The record would have been even better if the Pups had not been handicapped by the loss of several players to the varsity following the holiday accident. Q 0 Seated: Joe Bill Geyer, Jack Milleman, Harold Hershberger, Jim Mellinger, Gordon Neterer, Benny Housouer. Standing: Eugene Sponseller, Mgr.g Owen Lemna, Robert Crowe, Carl Lemna, Philip Cripe, Mgrzg Mr. Weddle, Coach. TRACK Possessing tlie greatest strength in tliree years, our 1945 squad, with HPat" O'Neal as coach, turned in a good record for the season. SCHEDULE Score Time Opponent Place Nap. Opp. April 6 Milford and Syracuse Milford 67 Mil-4-0, Sy-10 9 Jefferson Twp. Nappanee 59 13 l l Wakarusa Wakarusa 4l 50 16 Wakarusa and Milford Nappanee Rained out 20 County Smaller school meet at Elkhart Waky lst, Nap Zndg Concord 3rd 25 Concord Coslien 27 Freshmen-Sophomores meet at Coshen May l Conference meet Mishawaka ll Sectional meet Elkhart Bottom Row: Richard Miller, Wilbur Metzler, Gordon Neterer, Kenneth Middaugh, Herman Hall, Paul Bourne. Second Row: Junior Heckaman, Eugene Slagle, Dallas Burkholder, Roy Pfeiffer, Robert Gould, Harold Hershberger, Robert Crowe. Top Row: Mr. O'Neal, Coachg Paul Rummel, Max Bigler, Dean Guard, Frank Par- sons, Russel Harter, Joe Bill Geyer, Jay Holaway. l h CROSS COUNTRY t This is the first year in the history of Nappanee High School that Cross- Country has been on its athletic progranl. Ifnlike track, the team with the lest number of points wins. Under the leadership of Mr. O'Neal, Nappanee should have some very good Cross-Country teams in the future. SCI Iljlllflli Nap. Opp. Elkhart There 45 15 Goshen Here 45 13 C o sh en Th 0 r e 4-5 1 5 Bottom Row: Arthur Schwartz, Max Bigler, Jack Milleman, Harold Hershberger, Dick Miller, James Russ, Top Roux' Paul Rummel, Bob Crowe, Joe Gould, Robert Gould, Mr. O'Nea1, Coach BASEBALL FALL SCHEDULE Nap. Opp. September 8 Concord H 44 3 11 Bristol T 7 7 13 Jamestown H 0 8 24 Concord T 0 2 27 New Paris H 10 9 29 Wakarusa T 1 2 SPRING SCHEDULE fTentativej April 13 Elkhart T 19 Tlfiiley, S. B. H 27 :fiMiehigan City T 30 ifilxfashington, S.B. T May 2 Concord H 4 Central, S. B. H 3 :':Aclams, S. B. H 15 :31Elkhart H 18 :3iMishawaka T Conference games Bottom Row: Owen Lemna, Kenneth Middaugh, Jim Mellinger, Wayne McCuen, Herman Hall, Merril Pippen. Second Row: Douglas Tobias, Max Bigler, Dean Guard. Charles Stump, Lyle Smith, Bob Hoffer. Top Row: Eugene Sponseller, lVIgr.g Phillip Cripe, Gordon Neterer, Joe Bill Geyer, Harold Hershberger, Mr. Weddle, Coach. r 3 " v 4 fgfflr. fy' f I 'JJ :gl 4-'l 155-is ' Qkvq-f ,f 5""s,, fl , ,-AQHA Y . X. J I, . i ,, -. . ff- ' iff -1: F, "-Q all Mr F r b i V 1 TY? V f m T I-v ff! -1 ' 'fs' , ' fW ,ff A if " , f V ., , 1 ll :li 1 V" H '5 -fxfr 4, l' f 3 ll- " i ': ,' S '-- P-' .-, ' 'tr 3 .f WUQAQR7 1111 " iii ' ' ' f as ,J , 'WWW 111 ,g fi?" X ' rf' ir, 1 '7F1j4?,1iT-Q .i " A .JF X ' Q ' VR -Afi'-'-T ,if '.,--- " Ngvrir g I A K In N I ki" I A ,A -A kk., I HAD THE SAME CHANCE 1 ,X , - -Jwjffr AND ouDN'T TAKE iT. i' W qu and b 'T fl lr 1 'fo The CLASS It is said that in one of lhe studios in Hollywood fhe following sign is posted: "No one here works over 40 hours o week except the executives" Which group are you headed for? Ncgofvf mx -. L: -RL -Q: v ,gy N. x C Yx . , .. ,. ., . .,f sg. V- sf-' -X rss,--'.p'.-N 4571- g -'-:gr V '- '-cgQ- ----qu, --f v,-A -- nz.:-1-1 -- L-.w-qv-7-'J sg!--g "5- -., 'L ' - .- ff"-Q qv-is-.. .x - rf XWQ -,rs ' '---fi - J-:N 1cc:yw.- ' - Q wzxxxmqn f-p'a,Q,q2,cgcx L-.we if- sax' -:ff v -K - ,- -L -- H -5-94 - PX?-N-5. 'gr .gfpcfv -N - "'-I VEC- -.-L. ,KJ , s, X, X w.1..z hw- - :thx -c...-w ' x-I-1 - , X.'.'s.v-,5 QQ iii? -fs-?f1::Q.:: wg? Eze,-Qin 5-52,51 QS ffriiqs-,f-ip-w5?f1:21?5w 555: 75- calf- bc. ,5 V Y Y W V i b .lg . Y . J - , X U.: '-Qdx, few. A . 5 M- . -1- - -. , .-fc 5, XX N bn- Q . - - , cs-3 . ,k -K --,f 1-,ff -. - . - . ,, , Q .L . we A A q ,I r X5, c .QM N --,Qc . . .. V., x 1 .1 Af- ., , , .. ,f , X x K- -. ..,, , ff'-'yfu z 11' -X - ' K, ' ' qw- -- -A ' ,-1 , 5 ,I - , - . J -:-'H 2133.511 '-cqsemiix -Rm , -,fy QJLQG, -- 1152-, "S-.-E3 :Q-5.1-:- sw-.V J Tig-,t3,i-eg-qL-Saw ii-gf ..i.i.4. :fgg , w-v.-152: :Q-x5s:qfq-F,Eew- Gp.--.Lbs--fgqyf'-F,--gvgv ' -- L3 1-gy 3:35-lkfq Q, hi .,.v,:Q:fg:gT,Sg.'.,2E'l-35ca-ig-,Q Jef:-1 445- 'W-,Q "SxX- -1, ., 1'N-':M+vc2wQPfiN' -'Q--tif: Q'B-"'.,-Am , .-A310 '. Gia: rw-:XQMV - JUS. E-ev! .-'Qfqw X -41-1-v.'f"fw'-E-W-iN'1-.YV of -'lc-P-4, . no ,xx.1, Af- vs-.N X-A A, , f1..,Y,.. .r.cN .. , . - -c .. ,...,. , .c xxx-, 'ZH -.,. A-Aoqf. V ,..-.V ivzfq ,,1.-,,., Nix- Y. -4,-.rV,1,'nN4 s-xg..-,-Nfvkfl. .,fzi9f, Any ,-fm- ,X .xifig-. Qcxkc., x ff-,-2.4, ?.1QI:139x'- fair: feblsfS1.-fxike-A-.-Tess:-.9-1.1-, w.c1:-Lff-- -.-2-P,-fl-55:5-1 :-. -sir:-:sw Q,ua.5i4w.1A Alix- .-vez X ,-r 2wf1s.':1.f :1-:Su -:fir :QQ 0 a:?rxf:'!1:st ' P U El Compliments of BERTHA KRING BecsutyShop u,m,,.m.nnlnlnnnnnnnunluuu ulunnlun lnnllll John P.: Could you marry a girl with a picture face? Russell H.: Oh, sure, if she had the right kind of frame to go with it. Carol: Donit let my father see you kissing me. Max: But lim not kissing you. Carol: I thought lid tell you just in case. Central Barber Shop Fred Lemna Don Silberg Proprietors "Where all the Particular Men Meet" ECKLEBARGER BEAUTY SHOP Latest in Hair Styling PERMANENTS - MANICURING FINGER WAVING Compliments of S. Main St. Barber Shop For Friendly Service W. C. CORL, Proprietor EYE IT TRYIT BUYIT ij? .i fciu ev RoLi1'rj l-Ijl1,li ' OPERATORS Margaret Hahn Madelyn Mellinger Reed's Chevrolet Sales PHONE 123 PHONE 11 Compliments of M. WOLFBERG EG? SON lWAKARUSA, INDIANA- THE STORE THAT HAS THE GOODS EI ,,,,,,..,..,.,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,.,, ,........................................................... ............................ El Compliments of G O U L D S T U D I O East Market St. Nappanee, Ind. Lutes' Standard Service fStandard Products, GASOLINE - OIL - BATTERIES ATLAS TIRES Telephone No. 67 Hartman's Shell Service Station Use-d Cars Goodyear Tires Phone 318 Roy: What did you do last summer for a living? Keith: I mowed grass in a big cem- etery. Roy: Business pretty dead around your town? Keith: Rather, hut none of my cus- tomers did any kicking. Sentry: Halt-Who goes there? Voice: Cook, with doughnuts. Sentry: Pass cook, halt doughnuts. Kibby: I hear you've got a girl, Whitey. Whitey: Sure. Kibby: VVhat,s her name? Whitey: Belle. Kihby: Seen her lately? Whitey: No. Kihby: Did you have a fight? Whitey: No, not that. But when I went to her house the last two nights and there was a sign on the door, HBell out of orderf, I didn't go in. Compliments of S tuclzmcm Shoes Compliments of the Nappanee Lumber EG? Mfg. Co. Manufactu f th Nationally Known HBABYHELTHH HIGH CHAIR E IJ NAYLOR'S "Home of Little Elf Foods" FRESH AND CURED MEATS PHONE 149 MET ZLER SHOE CO. FLORSHEIM AND CROSBY SQUARE TREADEASY BELLAI PA SHOES FOR MEN RE RIS FASHION ACTIVE MAID MILLER HEALTH SHOES HOSIERY W E 1nnnnmmnmu-nnnnmun E Mr. lioose: Mr. Townsend, what is your idea of civilization? Townsend: ltis a good idea, and l Compliments of W E G M I L L E R ' S think somebody ought to start it. 5c TO S1-00 STORE Judge: Guilty or not guilty? Defendant: Not guilty. Featuring Judge: Have you ever been in jail before? 5C,S1lO0 MERCHANDISE Defendant: No sir, I never stole any- thing before. SHIVELY'S HARDWARE - DRY GOODS - FURNITURE I NAPPANEE'S DEPARTMENT STORE Let us supply your needs '55 :,1 'V'. -- 4 " -. TO BE SUCCESSFUL LOOK SUCCESSFUL iva S Q Si : J L Let Us keep your garments in first-class s order at all times. Highest Quality Workmcmship Popular Prices NAPPANEE'S ONLY PLANT 156 North Main PHONE 16 lahw fm fu 0RTA-BILT l is - YQFE' 'AZ --za--1-i:'f:fE:s:1:-:e:, ,X ---- M :,: Q ad- Wan E 'K-...JF he modern PORTA-BILT Kitchen is a pleasant practi- cal room that expresses the taste and good judgment of the discriminating owner. It may be a severe "clinical" room or a colorful, frivolous oneg it may be a compact nook or a spacious counterpart of the Colonial American kitchen that staged the good and abundant living we know as the 'tAmerican Way of Life". Whatever the architectur- al requirement, PORTA-BILT fulfills the need, and with the fulfillment goes the assurance of shorter kitchen hours, and easier kitchen tasksg the fullest measure of satisfaction, pride and enjoyment. O. N. LENTZ Beechley Tire 81 Battery Shop Tires - Tubes - Batteries Dentist Gas - - LUbl'iCa'tiOYl . Wheel Balancing 15415 E. Market St. PHONE 154 TIRE 84 BATTERY SERVICE Sally: How do ghosts get into C . houses? omphments I X H Martha linnocentlyl: Wlth skeleton f keys, of course. o Nopponee Utilities Co. B. A. ULINE, Mgr. Q Pippen llooking at his report cardl : Well lim famous like George Wash- ington now. Stump: How do you figure that? Pippen: Well, I went down in his- tory. Compliments of R O Y R U C K M A N Insurance of All Kinds COX Cool ond Lumber Co. COAL - LUMBER and BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Compliments of M. C. HAHN Plumbing and Heating Phone 150 Modern Beouty Shop Permanents - Sets Scalp Treatments ISABELLE CORL P h o n e 3 O 7 257 N. Main st. Nappanee, Ind- mun u E1 El Y E1 E1 KROGER STORE Wolters Drug Store WALL PAPER Courtesy - Quality - Service DRUGS - STATIONERY Nappanee Indiana FLOYD KAUFFMAN, Mgr. PHONE 144 Good for3Generc1lions QUALITY FAMILY FLOURS And Cereals Mode by APPA EE MILLING CO., Inc. Poullry - Hog - Doiiry Feeds THAT ARE Superior - EH:icienl - Economical HARTZLER MOTOR CO. Authorized i-Sri' I--1-11 SA LES SERVICE FORD CARS - FORD TRUCKS Mobiloil, Gas and Oil Washing and Greasing East on U. S. 6 NAPPANEE, IND. Nopponee Greenhouse Corsages for the N E W G R A D U A T E "Flowers for all Occasions" Telephone No. 156 HiVe1y's Plumbing EG? Refrigerator Service FURNACES HEATERS All Kinds of Plumbing Needs Pl f y p t needs now El t R f g t St Ei Hot Water He t D p F U t f r Your Home RAY HIVELY 15 EAST MARKET NAPPANEE INDIANA If h y h g h h ld b f d D h II 206 E1 El C OMPLIMEN TS OF E. V. PublishingHouse Christian Light Press Printers . . Publishers . Stationers Religious Articles and Books Nappanee, Indiana MOTI-IER'S BREAD THE FRESHEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE LINE OF BAKERY PRODUCTS IN NORTHERN INDIANA HUFFMAN BAKERY E EI ninnnnnunnunuininnnnnnnnunun nnunnnuumuu n "DRINK MILK FOR HEALTH'S SAKE" NAPPANEE DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK - CREAM - ICE CREAM - CHEESE - BUTTER Phone-490 Glen Geyer's Golrolge Motor Repair Service That Nlust Have YOUR "O.K." NAPPANEE, IND., on U. s. 6 PHONES: Day - 245 Night - 477 JESSE T. MITCHELL Notary Public Real Estate - Loans - Insurance 112 East Market St. Phone 290 NAPPANEE, INDIANA Mrs.: Henry! there's someone creep- ing up the stairs! Mr.: What time is it dear? Mrs.: It's half past three. Mr.: Good! It's not me, then. Turn over and go to sleep. Mr. White: Wayne, tell me what you know about the Japanese race. Wayne: I don't know anything about it. I didnit See it. MILLER IMPLEME NT CO, MCCORMICK - DEERING FARM MACHINERY 0 PHONE 69 Compliments of HADLEY DRESS SHOP LADIES AND YOUNG GIRLS EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE E i nnnunnuuulinIuInIunuulInunununnnuunuulnulnlnlunnnuillInnlnlnluuinnnnlnlnnnlullnnu ni E Compliments of PLETCHER OTOR CO. BUICK . . . OLDSMOBILE Allis Chalmers Implements PHONF 118 IT'S SMART T0 BUY FOR LESS atthe BO TON STORE NAPPANEE, INDIANA MILLINERY READY-TO-WEAR SHOES LADIES'FURNISHINGS HOMEFURNISHINGS MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS PHONE 461 When in Goshen Visit the O L Y M P I A CANDY KITCHEN FOR DELICIOUS Home Made Candies and Ice Cream Dainty Light Lunches CORNER MAIN AND CLINTON STREETS PHONE 519 GOSHEN EST. 1913 GAMBLE STORE DRY GOODS HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD NEEDS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ROOFING and INSULATION AUTO ACCESSORIES - TIRES - BATTERIES COAL AND WOOD RANGES - HEATERS PHONE 65 THE COFFEE SHOP SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS COME IN AND TRY OUR SUNDAY SPECIALS CREAM CHICKEN DINNERS BAKED HAM SWISS STEAK HATFIELD E99 HOST ETT ER MEN'S EQ? BOY'S WEAR Nappanee, Indiana Dr-Qpficei Have You had Your iron Betty D.: Remember that cheese you today' sold me yesterday? Roy P.: Yes I've been chewing my Fern F.. Yes. nails. Carol: Oh! Max. what beautiful fresh flowers you brought me! I do heleive there is still a Iittle dew on them. Max fhlushingj Yes. hut I will fin- ish paying it off tomorrow. Betty D.: Did you say it was import- ed or deported from Switzerland? Mr. Townsend: I am dismissing you a few minutes earlier today. Please go out quietly so as not to wake the other classes. El El PLETCHER Furniture Co. Home Furnishings Home Appliances Telephone 62 Nappanee, Indiana O "We D0 What Otlaem TlJz'nk Aboutv Class of '45 I Clayton Pletcher Laverne Pletcher E IIllllIllIlllllllIIllllIllIIIlllllllllllllvlllllllll """' """"lllllllllllll E ll1InlnllllullnllulnlllulnlnllllnllIllllullulllnlnunullulnnnlullnllnlunullnnunnlllllllllll'lllllll'l"' ""'"""""""""""""""" NAPPANEE ADVANCE NEWS Published in NAPPANEE for NAPPANEE People with the interest of NAPPANEE at Heart SCHOOL SUPPLIES J O B P R I N T I N G OFFICE SUPPLIES McCORMICK DR. GEO. L. OYLER coAL - SUPPLIES DENT'ST Corner Main and Walnut STOKERS - PAINTS O So. Madison St. PHONE 394 PHONES Offc 251 NAPPANEE, INDIANA R d 434 N pp e I d MAST AUTO SERVICE General Repairing Service G1 Repl c d Nash Sales and Service Oliver Fa m Equipment C mpliments of W. A. Mackenzie D. V. M. N pp I da PHONE L361 Veterinarian T H E B 84 B C A F E I SIZZLING STEAKS AND FRIED CHICKEN O NAPPANEE, INDIANA HARTER'S SPORTING GOODS 4 RETAII LRS OI' FINEST SPOR'I ING GOODS IN NORTHERN INDIANA 0 GOSHEN INDIANA Zcfw. .fiadaaaf 8 San eampfefe Jfame Uaffzlffeu I FUNERAL DIRECTORS WAKARUSA, INDIANA T I ph 71 Compliments of CUPPES, I nc. Manufacturers Since 1876 Breakfast -- Kitchen Furniture U - El STATE BAN OF NAPPANEE YOUR BANKING BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED EVERYTHING A Drug Store Should HAVE C. W. JOHNSON Ei SON "On the Square" The Store of Friendly Service SCHULTZ BROS. CO. Featuring 5c to 31.00 IVlerchandise New Maust Bldg. Nappanee, Ind. Whitey: That was wonderful treat- ment doctor. My back feels much bet- ter. Was it my sacroiliac? Doctor: Not at all. Your suspenders were twisted. Roger: When I sing I get tears in my eyes. What can I do to stop that? Keith: Try stuffing cotton in your ears. Him: Is this Garfield 4066? Listen, dear, will it be all right if I bring a couple fellows home for dinner? Her: Certainly it will-glad to have them. Him: Oh, pardon me, ladyg wrong number. John: l'll be frank with you-youire not the first girl I ever kissed." Lois: And lill be frank with you - you've got a lot to learn." Compliments J. S. SLABAUGH, M. D. L. M. SLABAUGH, M. D. Compliments of FAIRY THEATER w. c. Koi-ILHORST, Prop. That man Certainly helieves in giving till it hurts-ls he that generous with his money? No, just with his advice. Returning to camp one evening a two star general couIdn't produce his identification and the rookie on guard refused to let him pass. lfxasperated. the general leaned forward, pointed to the stars on his shoulders and hellow- ed. "Do you know what these IUCLIII?-7 :'Sure.ii hopped the rookie. "You got two sons in the servicefi Max: Do you allow a man to kiss you while out driving? Carol: No. if he is driving he isn't giving as much attention to the kiss as it deserves. Whitey: I've had a car for four years now and I haven't had a wreck. Jay H.: You mean youive had that wreck for four years and havenit had a car. DELUXE MOTOR SALES DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL KENDALL AND QUAKER STATE OIL U.S . TIRES NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES, INC. "GOOD LUCK" CHICKS U.S.APPROVED PULLORUM TESTED HEADQUARTERS FOR GARDEN SEEDS PHONE 86 zo 3 5 FHMU4 MHMQHMQQZTS . mr!!! NOZM . Wsimw EGMMG M gm MSE 5 gk 'Sims KESSQ E I,H,,HH,,UH,H,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, numniunnnunuiuunnunninnnnnunnnunnnnnnuuinnnumu E YODER BUS COMPANY 3 DAILY TRIPS TO ELKHART Widmoyer 81 Walters The Home of Quality Meats, Home Smoked Hams and Bacon a Specialty 7:00 A. M. II100 A- M- PHONE 53 SOUTH MAIN 5:00 P. M. Taxi Service HARTMAN'S ' GULF SERVICE New and Used Bicycles Repairing Phone . GULF PRODUCTS Washing and Greasing MILLER'S GROCERY Save Every Day Thru The I. G. A. We Deliver PHONE 96 J. R. Arnott 81 Son Real Estate and Insurance O Wisler Building NAPPANEE - INDIANA "Insurance with Service" E. NEWCOMER 8. SON Jewelers and Optometrists EXTEND A cordial invitation to inspect their store on South Main Street where a complete line of jewelry and gift articles for every occasion will be found. E mu lmmlnmllIllnlmnnnnmlnunnilll """""l E A. H. Kaufman E-9 Company General Store Progressive Shoe Shop H. B. RICHMOND, Prop. 107 W. Market St. MODERN SHOE REPAIRING Edison Mazda Lamps The Quality Print Shop "Where Good Printing is Done" 151 South Main NAPPANEE, INDIANA FRANK A. REHRER, Prop. MULLETT'S Self-Serve FOOD MARKET The best for less Always and All-Ways Phone 174 NUNEMAKER WRIGHT'S Ambulance Service A. E. WRIGHT 84 SON . At Your Service Day and Night Phone 108 E. Walnut St. PHONE 73 C 1. t Compliments of omp imen s of SYLER 6? SYLER LLINS'FURNITURE Homeof 31035 suRE wAY FEEDS and . HIGH QUALITY COALS and PHONE '12 nunnunnlu FIELD SEEDS GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 45 KA YLUR LS' STUDIO 112N thM Mh k Id E1 ca E1 .. E1 ELKHART COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATIGN, Inc. Nappanee Branch . Phone 97 A New Freedom of Speech . . . Sixty-nine years ago last .- U, March, the first spoken words Y " ' Were successfully transmitted AJ 5 over the telephone. MARCH kk PN g The telephone gave a new ,H meaning to freedom of speech. It made men free to talk to the V whole world . . . breaking down boundaries of distance . . . over- coming natural obstacles. Still serving the cause of free- dom, the telephone industry is tirelessly working to help speed f the day when it can resume its true functions of serving peace l and progress. v if xl' 'T 1 .' X" A V Is- s"- N' 41 ' Nappanee Telephone Company Miller Lumber if Coal Co. BUILDING MATERIALS Insulation and Storm Sash For All Essential Needs Phone 137 Nappanee, Indiana E ,nuI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ulnlnlnuulluulInln1lnnllnlunnnuuunnl E El EI Compliments of Walter's Beauty Shoppe INDIVIDUAL HAIR STYLING AND PERMANENT WAVING EXPERIENCED OPERATORS PHONE 3802 152 NORTH ELM STREET Gutch met Mrs. Weddle one after- noon on the street. He asked: Why are you rushing a- bout like this on a hot day? I'm trying to get something for my husband, she said. Gutch laughed and asked, Had any offers? Roberta: Dale, you havenit kissed me for three days. Dale tabsentmindedlylr You dont sayl Then who have I been kissing? Boss: Doug. I wish you wouIdn't sing at your work. Doug: I wasnit working sir, I was just singing. Waiter: The blue plate special is 80 cents sir, the white plate special is 85. Boonie: Why's that? Better food oi more food? Waiter: Neither one, sir-we have to wash the plate, T A V E R N G R I L L U. G. Sheley, Proprietor O RESTAURANT O Phone 51 105 South Main st. Nappanee, Ind E El REGARDLESS OF YOUR ABILITY A good impression right from the start counts a lot. Naturally, your appear- ance . . . more than anything else . . . keynotes the impression you make . . . for folks remember what they see. So, if you Want 'em to remember you as a man or boy of taste and distinction Who makes a first impression , . . stop in and see us. We've spent years in South Bend, helping men and boys do just that. AM'L Pllill 81 C0 wmmlzffayfwwmfaua E1 I3 El E Compliments of 9 i STILLSON S Nappanee's Largest and Most Complete Men's and Boy's Store O REMEMBER-1 Buy War Bonds and Stamps Every Pay Day I Home of EMERSON AND CHAMP HATS BOTANY TIES MACK SHAPELY SHIRTS Bob: Whyis that guy under arrest?', Jerry: He's wanted in Chicago-he's a crook. Bob: Cripes, why do they want any more crooks in Chicago? Mr. Holawayz Have you heard of Julius Caesar? Juanita: Yes, sir. Mr. Holawayz What do you think he would be doing if he were alive to- day? Juanita: Drawing an old-age pen- sion. Mr. Muliettz What do you want? I fired you two weeks ago. Fern: I came back to see if you were still in business. Jerry: Did you tell her you weren't worthy of her? Cash: I was intending to, but she told me first. IlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllll"l"l'l Compliments of Nappanee Cold Storage Locker Service F R o z E N F o o D PHONE 180 Compliments of MAIN GRILL o.A.MlsHLER S i We Herve All Your Needs In Drug Store Merchandise B Dunham 81 Love 0 Your Store BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS PATRONIZE QUR ADVERT IZERS Engravings produced by INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO., Inc. NMMWWM 15:51, 'l

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