Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN)

 - Class of 1940

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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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.1 -' f f- ..1- - 1 'ad -V 'fn' 1.. , .-Tv 9. ,. nf' ha' A, 1 S ., .. V x X - I - 1 5 , - -5 A -.Q V 9 '.2..' ' "1 ,m --V' ' 5'3" ' was ' "' ff- -- ww.-, -.- -"ww-11 H 'ih . . - -' -V -- Q.-.-, , - .V . -, b - M I , I ,,' ,.,... .. - .4 Q ., . . A ,mr 4 . ff, .wg -, -11, ,Q ak ,uh--5, ' . 5 'Z P, ,Q fxwwg-,M-2.aw5',..,TQ '- .2 - H 1 B ,, -'QL rf X, f,!4,.., ,lil ,F 4.4-x . if f K ,,,:..f,,.ewgf ff! -f MM, ., f. uv S M. 1. I r..-- ,,., xl:-V","f 'M 9' fig? UQ, 4, ,wi f 7 - 1'f. f 1 W. ,T .. , , ..:3,4- m ' j-., Q ""' , 5 '15,-'fs '5 ' f ' 1 -21 J f ,QU-4.-L,.. ., f -.QM AQ 'v-'f -"W I 'Q '- Nr - . ,':.,1..24 ' V- V--Mgr-,x,',,:"v-Riiv MVS'-'Ng-9fP?'3'1'f' bf 'btw 'iw ,'V i,",'4 K' f' v Q. .21 QMJV . Q14 v, , , ,W iv x, w..:+f. "Y" 'M I' , . - M., Y ' ' g hfjg A xl , f Y JA: 'kip v . - .yfi W - ' +A- ,, 1:.vL'Wf 1 , , ,V .V f A ,- xv. -v, --fg xi f In ry!! 1' . .,.,, , ww A -A 1- L' 4, .,5i9i,Q.Q K .. k fl ev Q 'g wwf . f,.,- Y wk K x Q. 1 1"..- , f'vH:".- f :ge1m-gg:2.-- 1-In ,L X-Ag.-'f,.'?5 ' - ,.v. ,Am ,- . 'QQ if . ' "V . ,v,,,, ,mp ,A Ha-A H '- f. xg, ...Q 'Ll . 1.- , 1 4 f ,gif ,,: 1 b. ,KE Vp: , . 15.2, ' .,',. L ,fn .vw -gif .f .2 , 4553" 31 ,..-, ,,,4. 5 . MR' .11 , ,. , 4 .f Q X f 4 HW-,, an 1 Nc' L -Q ,A , A M. .-73 59 1-915 ' . ' '?3 gfx, ' If 1' 4' - 11 ,,,, .1 .,.,, A, if Q 1 ,...i.,,.. -,-. .-, .. . 1:59 isis , A 1 Q iq. . .rum M.,-QA 'va ' -we EM 3 'X 1-4f'3n:...3"w J, A ' ' gxecufwe Ufficmd EDITOR ....... ... .. . .Robert Mellinger ASSISTANT EDITOR. . . . .Alonzo Nicodemus LITERARY. . . . . . CIRCULATION. . JOKES ...... ART ........ . BUSINESS MGR. ASSISTANT Bus. . . ...... Betty Phend . . ..... David Stalnaker . . . .Anna Ruth Mullett ......Merle Reed . . . .David Coppes NICR. .... Harold Holaway SPORTS ............ .... R ichard Best CALENDAR .... .... ll I ary Teeter ALUMNI ..... SNAP SHOT. . . ... . . .lack Byers . . . .George Rchrcr r ' '-1? iw: X 'A' , f. , ' ' 1455 , . HN-r 'ff ' , ,msg-. , , , ,H iv: -uw 53. f jgyff. , QQ .,-Wfrf, ,+ . , W ,f,, .t y' , . -2 V 'A Q ff f' wr 2 A r- ',I' 11. , - ,, , J . in , S ' . . Le: C, . f !"V4,'f, is? .I . .1 . W, K, 1 2' v N fx L R I if.. ,L J? , U' I '. ssc!" ZS-14 Y ,,, ,. . -i ,iiwgf I Q fi? I , S ' ' 1- fr . 3 .uf , v T 1 V 1 1 ' -i ,- ,A +1 1 ilfim ,., . V. X1 A . , ' U ' , I ' H f A A . Y , , , i' ff' .f H Qff,gs j554A'g is -' ly 'V Wifiw-' ' f .. ' 3 H5 ,J K. '1- fgwfff: , . , ggw- ,' ' " 1 'W . ,w'.' L' ' 'Q' 'f5f:T'if:",'-Q ' ' ' I lp 5-1' Zi? ,. 1 , ffgzzcs. -2' g . , L y. , , if . -nr -. 1: , ...:-. .. ' - img- . 1 M5 ,gh , , -wx, ' 553' 'j ' X ff-' Am f- 14' 1, 1 jf LA - ' V. , X 4 ,if api- '. .4 f ff' 4-f A . , 'F "... 194 -r." . " ' ,u , kmif.. 5, , in ' ' ,:,-yr. IQ ' ' '. ' '41 ' 2. V, V, 4 I V .. I , 4, K ' ' '.. A :.'i"1f V . , A - ,sv nuff 5 , - W 1 - ' wsgiki. , Q ,. Qgqaggvi-:.f-1, My ,7ff.,,-,- ,. I .K . . T':i57if"1-1' ' . 4 ,., A r V . ,. he fltfvifni J, , I . Y gh' . . .,,H, , , .sug- f 4 el. Q ,-M,f1z,, , ,M , 1 M ' -:san lwkh A Aww 1.1- ,5 -wi ., . ,sg f.1'fA, ,J -A ,uf ,.:A,'f .B s ,, . J.-' 1 , ?gz's+J1 ' ' 1 -' A 'Ag In , f' , W Sri? ' . ' ,. ,. ,M ' ' 'I , ' W' M' :.. , ' ' if-i'E1is,ff' f, ,z it -4 .L-ami., ,. TH . gy , N v ' N .,'1Z'-2148. sim 5 bf, wg ,is Q it 4 , .' 3 ' N ,ff 3: 1' 7185541 1' . wwf' Q 2 bg ,A . . in .134 Q 5 1, N " ' I 9 sw VV x 55 V ' ZXFQYQFH v- A Q r rf 'irfa Q-'iii Y -NSA' 6? W ni uf: K ,N v f -' at 11 w .Q mmf'-f .jf A ' 1"5fV1'??' fy. 'l i NCR. An. 'Tix y 5 . ., Q r 'ml f' L. ,"f 'fb '-, w--'- Qmxhv if ,A Q-fx 3 S ,-we M 1 5 nm J1- N'r'? 'D ' Wax' , - L' R ix 'L fi LW' Q 1-f,"'p"' 1'xfi"..ii N 1 gi . 'fi , ug. Q. - , -1 if if 6 g.iw-+3 lg lx vffgxr W x W fy in Q sr f 5 , ,pw iv Q 2 51' 1 1.1. , M, .P ::,s':., . x f :M v, I 116.5 .N . . n .. ,. b Q.. sg sv' fa in . Q 2 4 K .1 A ,X Y I .- kg Fig 3 L.wfv"', ' D N2 Q is R Q x M 19 , ,...-w ww arifsgg W f' Y , S K 3 Q g Q as S. Q, N' f Nm' N, . P N " li- 'pe ff' W I Ri K ,yum vw . W L My Je ,ff if -fx pf An ' gg: W Lia :lf N' mi If N- ,nv 3 X. im M 'fp Q X 9 .gag is Mak X, L pf! W AM, A . Nl Viwgu Q b 5, g k . X, W 'M 4 A p al .4 2 ,Q N. 5 . Mm' 2 mfw. 5 L . V E v- in 'er' ' s M., K. S x, M iw .16 4 . , ,U f . ' 'f " Q . V .. xx-. , 'if-.1Y.1.Z1u.' T -"f."LM..1 uf IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OE HIS LONG AND FAITHEUL SERVICE IN SPITE OF THE HANDICAP OF ILL HEALTH WE, THE CLASS OF 1940, HEREBY DEDICATE OUR YEARBOOK TO MR. POSTMA. MAY HE ENJOY MANY MORE SUCCESSFUL YEARS AS AN INSTRUCTOR AND A FRIEND OF THE STUDENTS IN NHS! Nappanee High School, Nappanee High School 'Tis for you we pine, Drop the ball right in the basket, Listenl to our cry, Rah! Rah! Rah! Nappanee High School, Nappanee High School Fight on for your fame, Fight fellows-Fight! Fight! Fight! Wefll win this game. We DRAW YOUR ATTENTICIN BOOK ONE... Glfmu BOOK TWO... 0 BOOK THREE... ffliwamf BOOK FOUR... 5PW51 BOOK FIVE... jakagvqch VO CUR THEME. IN THE PRESENTATION OF THIS VOLUME WE HAVE ENDEAVORED TO PORTRAY AS OUR THEME THE HWORLD'S FAIR OF 19407 IN THIS HWORLD OF TOMORROW" WILL BE SEEN GRADUATES OF OUR OWN HIGH SCHOOLg AND IT IS OUR MOST SINCERE HOPE THAT THIS VOLUME MAY AT MANY TIMES SERVE AS A MAGIC CARPET FOR THOSE IN CONVEY- ING FOND MEMORIES OF RICH EXPERIENCESg EACH HOPING THE FUTURE WILL HOLD THE BEST IN STORE FOR THEM. THE STAFF FIRST ROW'-LEFT-RIGHT: .Ia k By Merle R d Ruth Mullett M ry Nola, Roose, B tty Ph nd SECOND ROVV'-LEFT-RIGHT: Da d St lnakffr H ld H Best, Robert M ll' ger, David F pp W'll1rd George Rc-hror. fillrfr-lfllgs . . . Wim! II IIlIQ'SiIjllf'.' . . . WIP sw' you l"I'I"!UlIl1II . . His fIlfII,l'6".y . . . llffnp big! Busimfss Mgr .... T1v1z'f1f'r and pupif Book Gm F ACKLTY SICNIORS PROPHECY ACTIVITIIQS CLASS WILL DIPLOMQX llOl fR JFNIORS SOPIIOMURHS FRESHMICN ICICIITII CR XDIC Sl'fY!iN'I'H QLHMWI TWELVE Calen C. Roose Principal Mathematics Goshen College Manchester College Inldgarga University A. B.. Charles Byers Vocational Agriculture, Biology Purdue University Purdige School of Agriculture B. . Esther Hoover English, Physical Education Indiana University A. B. University of California. L. A. Ball State Teachers College Harvey Poslma Commercial Xvinona Summer School Indiana U. Biological Station Goshen College A. B. Manchester College 4 Lamar Mutschler President, Board of Education Dr. R. A. Fleetwood Secretary, Board of Education S. B. Bourne Treasurer, Board of Education J. A. Abell Superintendent Indiana University A. B. A. M. Ferne Lantz Music Goshen College Chicago Art Institute Arthur Jordan Conservatory Butler University B. M. C. Shirley Kinder Industrial Arts, Health Purdue Ball State Teachers College B. S. Clarence J. Holaway History, Latin. Mathematics Indiana University Winona. Summer School Goshen College A. B Wayne Best Homer Foulke History, Social Science Manchester College A. B. Science Indiana State Teachers Col- lege Ph. B. Indiana University M. S. Chicago University Washington State University Orthello Stephens Lawrence White English, Public Speaking History Purdue University of VVisconsin Indiana University, A. B. Karl McCann Art, English Ball State Teacher B. S. Mildred Shively English, History Manchester College s College, A. B. Northwestern University Indiana University Henry Busche English, Band Indiana Central Col lege, A. B. Manchester College A. B. Ball State Teachers College Indiana University M. S. Erma Blank Vocational Home Economics, English Indiana University A. B. Butler College Ball State Teachers College Herman E. Schuler Coach, Health, Mathematics Physical Education Indiana University LL. B., A. B. Indiana University M. S. Chicago University Washington State University Doris Davidhizer Clerk .4 THIRTEEN S ' fqoiiwlfied llotnlztrr AliNtl'I"I'. Nliidzlyu "'l'ht-y gn wild. simply wild nvvr nn-I" Ili-Y 2, IL, tg Stuclvnt l'nun4-il Z,I1, l: l'hi-Kvm 3. lin' ISHAN. NHl'llIIl.l'N 'tl':iti4-:nw :incl t'nrlituclv l'Hllflllt'I' :ill things." 'l'r:u'k l, LI, Il, lg lizise-hull l, I, il, I: liuskt-thzill 2, Il, 4. KtTilln'x li+:liKm't'll.t1. .'KllfI.l"' "Uh, htm shnrt tln- nights nrt-Y" tl, A. A, I, 2. il: Sr. tlirl liaise-r'x'vs 2. ll, -lp l"lltlll't' Hmnv- inzik-frs 25, Il, -l. Rlflllllllll llizsr. "Ili:-lc" "All tht- girls tn hint mln mite-r, lla- pus'-S lww. :i wuinun hut'-r." lli-Y 3, Il, lg Stwiul t'h:iirni:in nt' lli-Y tg l.ilwrztri:in Il, -1: 'l'r:n'k Z, il, l. Mgr.: Annual Stull'--Spnrts lid. -I. Gun. B0l'tLlll'1li. uHOLlgl1l'fu "I :nn nut :1l'r:ticl nl wnrk--I 1-:in gn to Sli-vp right ln-sitlv il." Ili-Y 23 'l'r:n-k l. 2. Jugk llvtzns, wlZ'iIISl1'I.II jr." "'l'hQ- pursuit nt' knnwlvtlgft- 4-:in sontvtinn-:-: llt't'tllll4" lmrinp.:." Hi-Y 25. Il, I: Vim- l'I'e-S. Ili-Y I: l'hi-K4-In 223 lit-lizttv 2,211 linntl I. 2, Zi, lg "l4I:irl5' tn lit-qi, l'I:trly tn llise-" -lg Nu- tinnul llmmr Suri'-ty Il. lg Annual St:il'l'fAlunini Itfd. -l: Vive- l'rt-s, ut' Ulztss l. 2. Bl-ITTY f:AI.I.kNIllH1li. "lime" "Sith sminttiiin-s burns tht- niitlnight nil: liut sml ln say, 'tis nut for toil." Girl ll:-sa-i'x't-s I. 2, Sl, li ti. A. A. I, Z, Il' lmnd 1, 13, 3, -4: liunrl S+-s'r1-tziry lg 4ll4't'1'lllll 1, 2. ZZ: l":u'tllty Sum-t:il'y -l. HOBICRT CI,liVlCl.KNll. "livin" "Still npininn ntlwstys in tht- wi'mn.t." Dullr Curr!-ZS. "lIu1'v" "tit-nius is :i nn-:ins nl' :ive-idinp: hard xxnrlif' H'lutlt-nt Ununi-il 12. Il, I: l'rt-S. Stud:-nt t'nunt'il li lAlllI'2l- rizin Il: Annuzil St:tt't'--littsim-ss Mgr. l: "l4I:1rly tn lit-ri, Iflnrly lu liise-" Stage- Assistant l. M-Kli.ltllilF1 tlonvvlw. ".llurgw" "Ht-r fri'-ntls ln-st linuw he-r truv worth." tl. A. A. 15, Sl: Hand 1, 2, 233 "I-Izirly tn lit-tl, Early to ltist-" -t. W,un': tIt'i.r. "Culp" "XVh:it hns lli-nry l"urtl gut thut I huvo-n't'?" Vr:l.M,x lllxvls. "Vvlrny" "I+1x'n-ry :irtist was Iirst :in :inuitt-ut'." lizintl 3.11. 1341. A, A. I3 tlirl lC1'St-l'Yl'Sl,'l. tirnint lh-:Vu'x. "Hun-li" "A swf-t-t vxpi-1-ssitni is tht- lilprln-st tylw nl' t'--niininv lnX'1'llll1-SS." tlirl livsf-iwtts 2, Il, I: "l'1:irly In lit-fl, ltlurly lu Iiist-" 4: Stud:-nt Ununt-il IS, t. Vrzmvu llrmrn. nVf'1III,il'v "Silt-In-it in-vt-r 51-l ln-truyt-tl Zlllytillvf' Girl Ile-st-iw'--:Q lp l":n-ulty St-1-iw-tziry l. Jovi Dlwwnik. "Hunk" 'Winshf liul lt's gr:-:it tn ln- in lnxw-," Ili-Y II, IL: liziskt-tlvzill Il, lg lluswhzill 1: "l-lztrly tu Re-d, lliurly In liistf' l. 'AHS l'1MMl'1li'l'. "l'frnmr'rl" "Hairy nn- - -" tlirl lit-se-:wits l, 2. Zi. lg tl, A. A. l, Lf, tml-rt-tt:t fl: Vlztr- 1-nw-" Il: tlil'l's ll:iSkt'll1nll l, 2, 21, lg tilt-nt Vlub 1, U, Il, 4. CLASS OF 1940 li0l'Sl'1R'l ARNUTT HAY lil-IKN K VIWIIKYN llI'IRIilCYl'Il.I-I RICH XRD lil-IST CARI. lltllltilil-IR JACK IH HRS IIIQTTY t'Xl.l.XN!bEli ROI!!-IRT f'I.l-IYEl.XfN Swan' Jlmw, CLASS FLOWER .... . . .Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS. . . ............................ Blue and Gold CLASS MOTTO ..... .."We fight, get beat, and rise and jight againf' CLASS SPONSORS .............................. Mr. Roose and Mr. Abell The old clock on the assembly wall ticked merrily away, and, as the hands moved slowly toward 8:25 on the morning of September 5, Sixty-five vacation-fresh students filed into the last two rows of scarred seats,-the privilege of only a senior. Yes, we were seniors at last! After twelve years of work and play, we had reached the top. Realizing that this final year was to be the busiest of all our school career, we immediately elected ollicers. Willard Miller seemed to be the people's choice for president. Alonzo Nicodemus ran a close second, and was elected vice-president. Mary Nola Roose who has handled the books for our class since we were in the seventh grade was retained as secretary-treasurer. Of course it was necessary for us to be represented in the Student Council, therefore we chose Mary Field, Mary Teeter, Gloria DeVaux, David Coppes. Fred Pletcher lHoward Miller as alternatej, and Robert Arnott for this or- ganization. Due to various complications, we were unabte to get together for a party. Early 'in the year, we decided to publish a yearbook. Bob Mellinger was elected Editor-in-Chief, and much of the credit for the success of this publication goes to him for his expert management. We visualize the approach of Commencement with mingled emotions in our hearts. for we realize that from there on, everything will be up to us. We have been successful during our school days- our class has been well represented in every organization, and we are especially proud to have eight members of the 1940 Sectional Basketball Championship Team members of our own class. Will our Success in the future be as great? Will we, working as individuals rather than a team, make the most of our opportunities and carve for ourselves a place in this busy world? We are grateful for having had an opportunity to obtain an education, and it is our Sincere de- sire that we may prove a credit to Nappanee High School. -Betty Phend DAVID COPPES MARJORIE CORWIN WADE CULP VELMA DAVIS GLORIA DE VAUX VELMA DUMPH JOE DUNNUCK LOIS EMMERT Nik S . A... Ninn l"iic1.n. "'I'w1l" MII.-r smilv, Iain- sunsliinf- dslrls into many :I Sun- II-xs In-url." Girl Ilvsa-ru-s I. 3. Il, I3 41, A, .L I, 2: S.-I-rw-I:u'y nI'Sl1l- II--ul mmmlm-il I3 Iiznml I, 2. il. Ig 1iirI's Rusk'-Ilmll l, 2,213 "I'I:IrI3 In In-II, Iiznrlp In Iiisi-" I: l'I:urmvt Qu:lr14-tI+- Z! Ilxlcicim' Ifucgrzi.. "lIurry" "'I'I1i- slulf- ul' nnilrimuny is :I 'grim' uma" I'lI'I IH'-41-l'xf-QI " " I I I. , .-,.i, . 'All isis ILICIICII. "Cvw'r" "Ni-:nln--ss is :u I-i'wui1im.:' g'l':u-v- of wnmzinlmudf' Vip-IQ li:-QI-1'x'4f'4 " " I I . . . .., .v. . II'll.i.ixM Ilnxsicic. "Hill" 'ZX nimivsl num ni-x--r Iulks ul' Iiimsn-If." Hp'-iw-11:1 I Russ ILIHN. "l'" "Girls IIIW' Iinivilillns mul :lSSl'lS." In-Imtv I: IIi-Y II. I3 Lust :und Ifnuml IM-pt. -Ig "I'I:1rIy to .i 3. . I .g- IHII, I..uI5 In I.i:-- I. IAHS IIIIIN. ul'l'IlIl'V-g "Il:urIcl XY.-siding In-IIs 2ll'l' ringinp:." fllrl Iii-sn-rv:-:4 2, 31, I: 13irI's Imslh-Ilmil I, 2, 3, 4. Ilicmx Him.. "RlIlIIlI.f.. MII.-'s Iitlli-, but su is :I Sliwk ul'1Iyn:llliiIn-I" 'I'l':l1'li Ig Ibpe-l'vII:i Il III-Y If, CI, IC S1-1'I'n'I:Il'y ul' Hi-Y 41 I'Iii-K1-m 523 Iinsi-Imll ZS: Iinskn-lIv:1II IS, Ig Class l'I'l':'Illl'lll I, I. II. Illia.:-ix IIxic'l'I:ic. "l'if-A-IH' "'I'.-:urs :nw :I gmiil :iltf-rnzitix-I-, but ll pour dis-l." Girl Il'-sf-ru-s I, 3, IZ, I: 42. A. A, I: Futuru l1UIlll'hl1lkt'l'S Z, II, I: HIIIUI l, 2, Il, I. IJRXNIQIS III-zum. nFI'!llll'I'1'u NWI- In-:nr him su Iiltlv-. uni know him not." I". I". .X. I1 Nzlliniml IIgvl1ul' Sm-in-I5 I. .Im H0I7I"I'IIC. "llnjwrn '4'I'h4' niw- IIIIIILLS amid UI' In-r :III tl'llv," IZ. .X. .X. I, 2. il, I: Ilirl Ile-sn-:ww-:Q I. 2, II, Ig Upm-I'vlIa1 I3 "I'I:irly lu IIMI, Ivlrurly In His'-" I'l'ug.q'1'zl1l1 Mgr. -I. II ximrim IIm..m xx. J. jr." "Girls jlrll fuss in--Y" Ili-Y I.. JL, lg Ili-Y I'rI-snii-nl -I: Iflund I, 2. 3, -I3 Vim- I'r:-x. UI Imml I: Ilruni Xluj-fr Ig "I'1HI'I5' In lim-d, 1'I:n'ly In Iiisf-" I: Hp--re-ll:u I. IImco'rm Ilmnicimxx. nllnllyu "'I'Iu- small:-st girl in Ihs- Svllilnl' vluss, .X suv-I-I :xml fri:-IHIIA lilllw lass." -. - . .--,- - , - .il , ... .., llirl Ibis.-i'xw I. 3, ZZ, I3 'I'r1-:n:4l1r-- ui' Hill Ilvse-r'x'v il, Ilwxuiwnl ul 1 nl I vim I Iuluiw Ilwmfmil ls ' Ig Vim- I'r--s. I"ulur-- Iliirm-m:iIuirs IL: I'r1-sich-nl I"lIllII'1' Ilimii-nu:iIwi-s Ig N:uInm:iI llimm' Smwii-my I. IIxl.l'il IIOI.I.KIi. fuzz HIIII. II1:1I I xx.-rv rim-Ii inslo-:id III' IIJIIILISIJIIIVIH Nunn Ilnsiim-IIw:uII I, Il, I. IIONILII JUHNSUN. nllnlf' "II:1s1i- mzikf-s xxnslv wus in--xvrIII-rnmlslrzili-sl Ivy mv." N4u11IlI1:INkl'lI1:lII I, I Ill-:i.I:x Kim.. ".IngwI" "'I'Iu'4Iigl1ll5 UI' :I King must :xlwziys In- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIUILV' Iiirl Ii+-sf-rxv I, 2, ll, I1 'in-Vs Ilfuskf-llmll I, U, 'IL l"2l4'IllIy S.-I-rn-I:ul'5 I, NIIKIUIIII-1 NIIIITIN. 'illurjf-" "'I':1I-'ntsI-misllllltl-mil' xv-ry vssa-num-." Girl llvs:-rxv I, 3. 21. Ig Ifulilrw Ilwnm-lnuIivrs Z, fl, I: I!:mcI , , I, LI, II, Ig I.IIll'Ill'lIIlI I. SG, I, N:nllul1:II Ilnnur Suri:-ty II. Mun I'H'1"D II-WNIIVI' "NUI ll IIII.I.lVII ILUNSI-IR IAII ISE lil-IN RUSS ILIIIN IAIIS II IIIN IIICVIN IIKLI. IIICLICN IIXR'Il II CLASS OF 1940 4 Seam P 1950 The World of Today and Tomorrow! Today we are secure within the halls of Educationfgain- ing our knowledge at our parents' expenseg tomorrowfwho knows? Then we shall be called upon to apply the knowledge we have gainedg4-to shift for ourselves. Come with me aboard the magic carpet of time ten years hence. and let us journey across the United States and see how many of the members of the Class of ,410 we can account for. The dark war clouds have at last lifted from Europe, and as we skim lightly over New York Har- bor. we notice that a large steamer is docking. As we join the merry throng which has assembled to greet- the arrivals, we see a Red Cross Nurse come briskly down the gangplank. It's ROSEMARY MAUST who is just returning from service in Europe. That dignified gentleman waiting to gfeet her looks familiar too. Of course,-it must be CHARLES PLETCHER, JR. He now occupies the mayor's office back in Locke, but he's never lost his affection for Rosie, so he took the week off, and came to New York to meet her. Also returning to the good old U. S. A. aboard this ship, we find ROSS GWIN, American ambassador to France, ROBERT MELLINCER, a well known artist who has just com- pleted a. year of study in Paris, and VELMA DUMPH and KATHRYN MEEK, two famous mission- aries who have been performing miracles among the uncivilized people of the world. The last passenger leaves the steamer, and we turn our attention to the great city of New York, hoping to Rnd among its teeming millions more familiar faces. Our day has been a strenuous one, so let us seek amusement and relaxation in some of New York's gayest spots. The brilliant lights of a night club draw our attention, and upon entering, we hear the sweet music of ROBERT WEY- CANITS orchestra. Robert always was an able musician and he now conducts one of the country's most famous orchestras. He is quite fortunate in having ANNA RUTH MULLETT as his featured vocalist, for Annieis singing is the pride of America. She is also heard each Wednesday evening on comedian JOE DUNNUCICS coast to coast radio program sponsored by BOUCHEWS Brewery. We knew Carl would work his way up! We leave the night club, filled with pleasant memories of the old acquaintances we have encount- ered during the day, and, upon entering a taxi to proceed to our headquarters, we are further surprised FRANCIS HERR JOY HOFFER HAROLD HOLAWAY DOROTHY HOLDERMAN RALPH HOLLAR DONALD JOHNSON HELEN KING MARJORIE MARTIN Samoa' 14 ' " liosiiivi-im' Murw. "Rom-" "'l'n llusit- 1-vt-i'ytliim.g' sw-ins funny, 'l'li:lt's why ht-r ilisymsilit-n's sunny." l.ibr:tri:tn 1, Z, CZ, I1 l+'t1turw- llnnln-nrikn-rs -l. K-XTIIRYN Mm-ik. NlXYIlIll'N 'WVitli lmiks dl'llllll'4' :ts any sziint. XX'itlinnl :i sign nl' tmttgw- nr paint." l"uturw- llUlllt'lll2lkl'l'S Il, I. Ul'Il,lil'Ill'l' Mi-:i.i.iNt:i:n. "7'uhIn-r "A vnnthe-r's pride-. at futln-r's joy, A gr:-:tl big' bnnm-ing baby buy." l+', I". A. I. 2: lli-Y 2, Il, 1. Rlllllilfl' Mi':i.t.iNt:i:n. "Hub 'tAn :artist SllI!I'l'Hlt' in nitnw- ways thu-1 one-." lli-Y Z, il, l: llnnnr S114-in-ty -l: linskt-tbztll -lf 'IH-nnis -1: 'l'r:u-k lg "l4I:irly lu lin-ti, l'I:u'ly tu liist-" Make--tip lklgr. -1: Hp:-iw-ttzn lg l":u-ulty St'4'l'l'l2ll'A' lg Edillll'-ll1-i'lll1'f, Napal- lln-l l. N URM -x x M i-:Txi.i:it. "Norm" llc- who lms lixw-xl UllH4'lll'l'IA' .ind quit-ily has liw-ci we-Il " 'l'r:tvk if llnwuui Nlii.i.i-lic. "Burn-r" "I wire- nut for study, it wt-:ike-ns my 4-yt-s." Sttuh-nt Vrrunt-il I. -I: tint-iw-tlzt. l. li1'1'ii ANN Mii.i.i:R. "Rutlu'1-" "Yu-li 4-:tn nt-vw-r tm-ll :tbuut the-sv littlt- girls." l"uture- lltmit-inatkt-rs 2, 25, -l. Vi'ii.i., Nlll.l.l-IR. "Bill" l.1lu-tl by ull, Inu-cl by ,,,,,,.,,,,,AAA,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A,., . ?" R t'l:i,'s l'r1-sith-tit I: 'l'r:tinw-r ut' If-:ini Il, lg Annual Stull' -1. I'-tl I. TVIUYI-Ili. 'hRl'l'l'fl'Illlqq "Vt'I'IlA', vu- ilu bi-lit-vw ln- shnws signs nf lift-.' ANN.-x Rl"I'll Ml'l.l.l-ZTT. ".-1nn,u-" HHN- stnp nur whisin-rt-tl 1-mir:-rszttitms. 'I'n hw-:ir ln-r JlIIlllSlllg' rt-1-il:itinns." 41. A. A. l, 2, fl: Ilirl lin-sv-rw-s l, ZZ, 25, -l: Opt-rt-9141 .15 "l-Iurly ln lit-d. lflurly to Iiist-" Make--up IM-pt. -1: llruin Mu,imw-ttt- IL, I3 Annual St:it't'--.luke-s Htl. -lg l+':u-ulty Sm-- l'4'llIl'j' IZ 42irI's liuskt-tbull l, ZZ, 3, -1. Luis Mt wrz. "Muni: "XYli:tt slit- wills tu flu nr sity, ls rlunt- in lin- vo-ry nit-t-st way." l-'1nurt- llttlllt'lllllkl'S Z. Il. -I: tl. A, A. 3, IB. 4: "I-Iurly to Ih-al, I-Inrly In liis--" l'l'll1.1I'2Illl llt-pt. tg St-it-iivv Ulub, Girl lin-sw-l'x'v l tlGlkh:trtJ. Amxzn Niczomzmts. ul,!ll1fIl.1'u Utlppnsitiun tu zt mztn in love- is like- oil to :1 tire-." i lli-Y lg lirtntl 2, ti, I: l'rt-s. nt' Iiztml -lg Vim- I'r4-s. of Vluss I3 Annual Stnlt'-Asst. lid. lg liusm-bz-ll 2, I', -1' llnskv-tb:nlI -tg llnncl Surg:-nt l. v l4i:'i"i'Y l'ni:Nn. "lit-th. ' "And still tht- wnntit-r gre-w, 'l'lml nm- ln-:ui t-multi 1-:irry all slit- km-w." Girl lin-1-:4-l'w-s l, 22, 3, -ly S1-s-i'a-tary ol' Girl liv-st-rx't- 3, 1: Nutiqnul llunurSm'i1-ty SZ, -tg Annual Stut't'-llitt-rury Hd IJ Vim- l'l'4-S. llulllrl' Sm'i4'IA' -li llvluttt- lf. Ii: il. A. A. l, I, Ci, I. MxiulA'N l'ii-i'i:Nm:i:. "Pip" It " ' mnIldt-n1-n- is :t gre-:it inspiration to it's poss4-ssorf' tlirl lie-st-rve-s l, 2. Zi, I: tl. A. A. l, 2. Zig Hand 2, Zi, -lg .. ,A , , ,. ., l..iiI5 tn He-cl, luurly In Inst- I. llii-xm.i:s Jn. l'i.i1'I'f:iii:it. ufjllllfllfu "llusli! the-5' say ht- nn:-v liusl zu girl." nm' .:, ig iv. i-2 .x. 1, lliixiumzs Nw: I,l.l'I'l'IZlllHIli. "l.'urny', HM1"2f".':':"f,f ifh:QfUfl'iH1'll"i1'f",Ql'li!..,li L Rust-imtxin' Mil ST li KTIIRYN mzitig Ill-Il.l'lI-IRT Mif:i.i.1xt,i-:ia imisitziw Mici.1.ixt:ii. Nniaiwxw Mi-:Tzi.i:i: iinw-tim x1ii.i.i:it lil'Tll -WN Mil.i.15R wii.i.xim MiI.i.igi: CLASS OF 1940 Senioa 7950 --0 to find that YY ADE CULP is operating the taxi. Wade came to New York to seek his fortune. but he ended up with an ordinary occupation. We awaken to find the sun shining brightly and beckoning to us to continue our journey. From New York. we plan to travel by air to Washington D. C. Upon arriving at the airport, we learn that we are to be piloted by a lady. Of course we never dreamed that our pilot would be LILLIAN SE- CHRIST, but then Lillian always was determined to fly and she is fulfilling her ambition. HICLIQN KING also prefers an Hairy" career. She is the stewardess aboard Lillianis plane. The beautiful city of Washington provides one with a wide variety of sights to be seen. Chief interest, however, seems to center around the Capitol building. We encounter a young lady walking briskly up the capitol steps, and find. much to our delight, that she is the presidenfs private secretary. MARY TEETER. Thanks to serving Mr. Best in her senior year at NHS, Mary proved quite well equipped for the job. Married? Oh no, not yet, but it doesn't look as though it would be long. That reporter, hounding her footsteps, doesnlt have all his interest centered on getting a story. Say!- he looks familiar. Vlvhy. itfs DEVON HALL. I wonder if he's made up his mind at last! In the halls of Congress, we find history in the making. DAVID STALNAKER is attempting to duplicate Mr. Smith's remarkable feat. He always was one to talk a lot, and it seems that he has plenty to say now. Everyone is too much interested in what this red-headed Indiana senator is saying to explain to us his purpose, so after exchanging a few words with representative NORMAN METZ- LER, we quietly leave to continue our sight-seeing elsewhere. From Washington, we travel southward to sunny Florida. It is an established fact that this lovely vacationland lures many northerners to vacation here, and it is our hope that among the thousands of pleasure seekers, we may find some of our former classmates. Upon arriving at one of Miami's largest hotels, we find that HOWARD MILLER. a prominent author, who has just returned from Ha- waii where he obtained the material for his latest novel, is making his headquarters here. This bit of information is imparted to us by DONALD JOHNSTON. a bell hop in the same hotel. We also learn from various sources that one of Indiana's foremost society leaders, the former MARILYN PIPPEN- P-NUI. MOYEIS XNNA RUTH MULLET'l' LUIS MUNTZ ALONZO NICODEMUS BETTY PH END MARILYN PIPPENCER CHARLES PLETCHER JR. CHARLES NYE PLETCHER S. H... l'lliI-llll-llilffli l,l.I'I'l'I.lll'Ili. "l"rwl" "'I'In- I-1-iisus --nilurm-4-s sn-Ywllln-4-ll million XY4llIll'll. Ili-I-f I'II llkv In ln' Ille- 4-I-IISIlS." II:-Y 2, Il, I3 IM-Iuutv 2: timid I, 3. II, II: Studvnt Umiiivil 3, Ii, I: 'I'r:u-k I, 3: llrum lXI:i:ur 1, 2. il: liuml Nvws Re-- pfwtvt' I, II: Ili-Y Ne-ws livpnwtn-r LZ, 3, 4. VI'r:st.m' I'iuzi':ic. "lim" "I'm srultlvst wlivn l sing." lAlIClKI.l'1 Iimzn, "Rnd" "4iixw- mt- :I swing soup.: :intl lvt, mv tl:tu1'vI" Ili-Y 3, IZ, I: 'I'r:u-k I: Atittunl Stull'-Art llltl, I, Ili-:must-1 Rlilllil-Ili. "limi" "I"riw'mIs, litmiuns. Vnunt1'ylii1-ri.-It-till mt- yuur gurls!" Ili-Y 3, ZZ, Ig 'I'rv:ist1l':-ul' lIi.Y I: l'lii-Ks-in 55: liztnd 2. ... I, N nw I rvs, nl lfillltl ..: luurly tn limi, I+.:nrly tu List' llusinw-ss llprr. I: Amtunl St:tt't'-Snnpslwt Htl. I. lfmzimxxx Rumi. "l"rwldif"' "SIn- plzlys tlu- piztnu with the- 1.grt-:ttt-st of 4-us'-, It's :u ple-znsttrt' In lu-:ir ln-r tirkle- tht- kt-ys." tiirl lIt-svl'x't- 2, Il, I: H. A. A. I. II: Nutimiul llmim' Su' vivty -I. Alun' NMA litmstl. "Ania "Just :ask mv!" tlirl lit-st-rvv I. 2, 35, I: Sung.: I,w:ulc-r ol' Girl lftSt'l'X'U 3: VIN' llI'4'H. UI' IliI'l lCw'S4'l'Y1- -I1 "l'l:lI'ly Ili lla-d, l'1:lI'ly In llist-" I: Futura- Iittmt-maukt-rs 2, Zi. I: National llunnr Stwivty Il, I: Sw-, ut' Nrttiunul lltmm' Sm-imp' -I: l4llH'2ll'lZllI I. Z, Il, Ii l'I:nss St-I-rt-tnry-'I'rt-:tsurv I, 22, ll, .Ig Sq-1-rt-tary wt Annttzul htnlt I. Si:r'ltms'1'. "Lil" "Quit-t in I-lass lvut ww- stlspe-rt nut str quif-t vlstt- AYlll'l'Q'.H llirl Ii:-svrvv I, 2. Il, I: Vim- l'rvs. nt' tlirl lie-st-rvv I3 H. A. A. I, 2, Il, I: Iiuml 35, I: "I'I:urIy to lit-d, Iflnrly tt, llisf-" I. M.uiut.w3r: Si1t4:1.ltp. "Slum" "Sur-- to ln- In-:tr1I." tiirl lc.-st-:ww 15, II, I: "I'I:nrly tu limi, liztrly tn Iiisef' -I: Hp.-1-n'tt:1 I: Iinml il, I. Il0liKl5l-II.l.Ii Sit xt M. "l.'nr1'v" "'I'ml1ui'rtm' is tim lutt-: livw ttltlgiyj' Girl III-st-r'x'v 3, il, I: 42. A. A. I, 2, ii, 'tg lfuture- Ilumv- mzukwrs Il. llowxm1t.l.i: SllIil'1'l'S. nllllllllil'-. "Sl1o- Inns many numtllt-ss virtut-s." ti. A. A. I, 3. il: l"ttturv Ilunin-n1:ukv-rs 2 Il: Hirl li:-::vl'w- I, I. il. I. Yicitxx SIAHKIILII. "Slmrly" "Shurt :mtl Suu:-y." I"uturo- Ilwmt-mzuko-rs 2, 22: II:-lmtv 2, Il, S.-I-rvtury l"lIIllI't' Ilnlln-ln:tluAl's Il: 12. A, A, 31: tlirl lin-se1r'vv Sl, llxxm S'i'u.Nxi4i:ii. "7'nrf'l1y" "XI'-- :nrmy rn-Ai.--Ilitlf-r, Mussolini, :mtl I." Ili-Y 2, .i. I: liulitl 2, il, I: Alztrvliitig Capt. til' Hand Cl: Vim- I'rvs. III' t'l:1ss Il: "l'l:lt'I5' In HMI, linrly tn His.-" I3 Iznswlnull I: 'I'r:u-k I, 3: Amtuul SIJIII'-I'il'1'lIl:lII1tl1 Mgr. I: llvlmtv 2: Ilnnri Surg.-nt I. IAMIN S'l'UIlll'1li. "l.'lu1f' "I,tlx'tA :tml :I I-nugli muiiiiul lu- hill." I". I", A. I, I, Il, I: l'l'l'Slllt'lll ut' I". lf. A. li l4flSl'llZlll I, .f, il. I3 lhtslil-tlmll Z, Il. I. Alun 'l'i':i:'l'r:it. "7'w'l" "lI' silvmw- is gtfltlt-ii. I'II timmy- gn-I rivlif' :Earl Il--st-1-xv I, 3. il, I: Sm-iztl t'l1:nirm:u1 ul' Hirl lft'Sl'l'Yt' I: SIIIIIVIII t'ntn11'll Il, I: ti. A. A. I, 2, Ili 4lit'l's lluskwt- lmll I, 2, ii. I: "l'l!ll'lA' tu limi. I'l:irl5' tu llisw' l'ltlulit-itb' Mgr. I1 I-:u'uIl5 N-I-rt-tary I: Ilrum XI:u,lwi'wtt+' 3, -I: An- nual Stull l':uIt-mlzir Ifltl. I. lima:-zm' III-zxcaxxn. Nl1t'll'lN'I'I'yu "All gre-:tt lllt'll liztxw- In-rn slilull l':in-1::ti', Napoli-nil :tml l." Iiuml I, 3, II, I: .AllXt'l'llSlll3.1' Mgr. ut' Iiziml I: Ilrtml Nw-ws ll:-ptwtv-I' I: Sttulvnt l'1msltn-lni- I, lfiiwig I min. "llumlwl" "Slutty gr--:tt mt-n :uw dying'-I tlwrt IN-I-I sn ww-Il mise-It'." Ili-Y 2. Il, I: l.IlIl'iIl'l7IlI 3, Il. I: Iiust-Imll I: 'l'r:t4-I. Mgr. Zi IZ lhtske-tlmll II, I. tl.xIci.i 1.14: Altmiul.. lwlff "lt I5ll'l svlmt-I I tlislikt-: it's tht- print-ipul of tlu: IllIIlIL.l' CLASS OF 1 940 ' U , -. l'lil'IlIl'1lillIK l'l lC'I'IIlll'1li III'ISl.l'IY PICISICR lVIl'Ilil.l-I Iilfliln ILICURCH Rl-Illlil-IR FIIICINIYNX RIIII-I IVIKRY NULK HOUSE LILLIAN SICIIIIRIST M.-XRlAl.YCl'l SHELIC genial: P 1950 --8 lllfll. is vacationing in Miami at the present time. Although Marilyn is now Mrs. Robert Mitchell. this fact doesn't keep her from being the number I sweetheart of the millionaire playboy DAVID CUP- l'l'iS. the idol of all American women. lt is rumored that she has been in constant consultation with her lawyer Wll.l.AllD lVlll.l.l'lll. obviously on the subject of gaining her fredom from Mr llvlitchell. llill always was a good hand at settling dilliculties between students at NHS. Hereis hoping he can handle this affair properly. Among other leading personalities in Florida's social life. we discover that FHFD Pl,li'l'Cll Flt and his orchestra is very much in demand. Featured with this musical unit are l3lf'llTY tiAl.l.AY- Dlilt and lX'll'llll,lf lll'll'lD. famous dancing team of stage and screen. lVlAll,lOllll'l MARTIN and her singing saxophone are also included in llletcheris personality parade. The colorful whirl of life here becomes monotonous after a short time. and we find our thoughts drifting back to the Middlewest and Nappanee. It is with delightful expectancy that we again take up our travels-the next stop being our own beloved home town. Here we are certain to find many familiar places and faces. Upon a visit to our old meeting place. the Hex, we find that it is now under the capable management of' HAROLD HOLAWAY. He ought to know all about it as he used to spend most of his spare time there. FRICDONNA RICE is his .chief soda-jerker. and this combi- nation has served to attract many beauty-seeking young men and women to pause for refreshment at the llex. We are able to learn the whereabouts of several of our old classmates from the idlers and gossipers congregated here. JACK llYl'lliS. who used to be known to his fellow students as "l'finstein ,lr.". is now llrofiessor of Mathematics at Purdue University. He recently was credited with a great mathematical discovery in the form of proof of the trisection of an angle. llUl3l'iHT Cl.l'lVl'iLAND and HAY DEAN have joined the U. S. Navy, and are now China-bound. llll,l. UUNSFH. we learn. has taken over the management of Ringling llros. Circus. and he himself' is featured as the fat man. Failing to gain further information at the Hex. let us go on a sight-seeing tour of Nappanee. and see how many of our classmates we can find who were contented to "stay in their own back yard." Nappanee has grown to become a thriving metropolis. and now boasts of one QKHFI I lg gn tl'M lylyyx tlgpjllllpj SHI-QlQ'1'S YERNA SIAB-KUGH D.-XYID STALNKKIHIIR l.X'tItlt Sltbll 'VIXRX Tl-ll'1Tl-IR ROBERT XNEYGXND FRANK YARI.-KN tj,tRI.Yl.l1 N10 Swan Pwphwf 1950 --e of the finest business districts in Northern Indiana. RICHARD BEST, following the family profession, has taken over Bestis Meat Market. A new brick building, designed by RALPH HOLLAR, a noted architect, has re- placed the old frame one which used to house the market. A new business has been established in the form of an escort bureau, owned and operated by FRANCIS HERR, who has overcome his shyness where ladies are concerned, and now makes it his business to cheer lonely hearts. ROBERT ARNOTT has advanced from a shoe-shine boy to become proprietor of a large shoe store. ln order to keep the United Brethren parsonage in the family, ALONZO NICODEMUS has taken up the ministry and now fills the pulpit formerly occupied by his father. Of course every minister needs a companion to aid him in his work, and it isn't hard to guess that Lonnie has chosen MARY FIELD as his life-long assistant. Among other successful homemakers in Nappanee, we find LOIS HAHN, HELEN HARTER, LOUISE GEYER, RUTH ANN MILLER, and VELMA DAVIS. WESLEY PRISER, who is helping Lois to be a successful housewife, has just opened a new bakery. Wes decided that it was time Huffmans had some compe- tition. After bowling a few games at CARLYLE MOORE'S bowling alley, we at last turn our attention to the city schools. Naturally, we can not expect all our teachers, efforts to be wasted, so we are certain to find some who have followed in their footsteps. As would be expected, MARY NOLA ROOSE has taken over the kindergarten department. and from all appearances, she is finding that teaching isnit always an ideal occupation. Evidently, Superintendent GEORGE REHRER hasn't taught his small son proper behavior, for he seems to be the center of a great deal of commotion in Miss Roose's kindergarten. LOIS EMMERT has replaced Miss Lantz as head of the music department, and as we spy on one of her classes, we find her not too gently pulling a little boyis hair in an effort to help him reach the top of the scale. CORA- BELLE SHAUM is putting her knowledge of cooking. sewing. and other household arts to practical use as head of the Home Economics department. PAUL MOYER is the gentleman you see pushing the broom around. He's the new janitor. FRANK YARIAN, after having TWENTY-TWO been Coach Best's right-hand man during his senior year, has finally advanced to the posi- tion of chief of the NHS coaching staff. Upon making a tour of the surrounding country, we find DELBERT MELLINGER plowing his fields and planting his spring crops. He is well known hereabouts as the typical American farmer. JOY I-IOFFER, who choses to spend her life as a spinster, is owner of a large dairy farm south of town. Out Etna Green way, we discover that HAR- RIET FOGEL has settled down to the Grimm life of a farmer's wife. Having covered Nappanee and vicinity very thoroughly, we say "au revoirw to our friends, and continue our "See America Firsti' tour in the windy city of Chicago. The base- ball fans here are all extremely enthusiastic over the Cub's latest discovery,---a sensational new pitcher. Anxious to see him in action, we decide to take the afternoon off and see a ball game. When the shower of confetti, pop bottles, etc. was cleared away, imagine our surprise to see LAMAR STOUDER walk calmly out to the mound. His ability to pitch didn't end upon graduating from NHS. VERNA SLABAUGH is the idol of all Chicago socialities. She is the proprietor of a very exclusive fashion shop, and her cre- ations are the ideal costumes. MARIALYCE SEELIG and LOIS MUNTZ are the young ladies who model for Miss Slabaugh. DONA- BELLE SHEETS, KATHRYN BERKEYPILE, and MARJORIE CORWIN are all members of the WLS National Barn Dance crew, and are becoming famous as the 3 little maids, the original trio having left the show. DOROTHY HOLDERMAN has also gained fame via the radio. She is the nation's leading lady news commentator. A Even Hollywood has gained something from the NHS Class of '40. The latest glam- our boy to stir the hearts of feminine movie- goers is none other than 'CHARLES N. PLETCHER. His new leading lady, who has the male movie fans agog is the beautiful GLORIA DEVAUX. Hollywood rumors say wedding bells will ring soon for these two famous stars. Our journey is nearing its end. We have found that fortune has smiled on the Class of 940, bringing each member success and happi- ness. May their success be lasting and their happiness complete. Here's to the Clas of '4-O! --Betty Phend. '7!w Glam Wd! We, the Class of 194-0, being of sound minds and superior mentalities, realizing the necessity of a definite division and adminis- tration of estimable properties after the ex- tinction of the departing rank, do hereby present our last will and testament: I, Robert Arnott, will my position as boot- black to my little brother '4Hinge', to be kept in the family for another decade. I, Ray Bean, will my position as center field to anyone who can run as fast as I can after Hhomersf, I, Kathryn Berkeypile, will my Htall, dark, and handsomew boy-friend to my sister Ruby, for various reasons. I, Richard Best, will my ambling gait to 'iAlice" Miller, in case he loses his. We, Carl Bougher and Robert Cleveland, will our ubrotherly love" to 'GSkip" Kern and 6'Bal', Wise. I, Jack Byers, will myself to any girl who will appreciate my observant courtesies. I, Betty Callander, will my Warsaw week-ends to Annie Stuckman, when she outgrows the excitement of Nappanee. I, David Coppes, will my ability to 'Gget away with Murderw to Lamar Metzler, when he can produce that "innocent look" which I have perfected. I, Marjorie Corwin, will my well-worn drum- sticks to Bob Kinsey. I, Wade Culp, will my 'gOldsmobile7, to Ev- erett Rummel, in case of Tire Trouble with his Tricycle. We, Velma Davis and Donabelle Sheets, will our "Mary and Marthav friendship to Lora Belle Herr and Elizabeth Pletcher. Gloria DeVaux, will my ability to frighten Mr. McCann to Margaret Sechrist. Velma Dumph, will my bookkeeping equip- ment to Isabelle Rensberger. ,Ioe Dunnuck, will my ability to keep :1 girl for two years to Tom Wegmiller. Lois Emmert, will my "way with the men" to Jean Oyler. Mary Field, will my pleasant strolls down the corriders with a b. b. uregulari' to ,Io Mullett. Harriet Fogel, will my height to Irene Tobias. Louise Geyer, will my citizenship grades to Kenneth Keiffer. John Gonser, will my ability to Hap my ears to 4'Fish-Earsv Reed so he can signal areo- planes. Ross Cwin, will the Lost and Found de- partment to whoever finds it first. Lois Hahn, will my admiration for a cer- tain "Corny" senior to Jean Harler, to be lavished upon the "man of her choice." DeVon Hall, will my ability to evade preachers' daughters to Dallas Gardner to help keep him out of the hands of young Nick. Helen Harter, will the benefits of my daily sprint to Biology class to anyone who needs the exercise. Francis Herr, will my guilty conscience caused in Physics class to 'GSlug" Copsey, hoping he can overcome it, as I haven't. Joy Hoffer, will my early morning walks to school to my brother "Bud." TWENTY-THREE -me eta. waz --e.,..z.4.....f Harold Holaway, will the lead in next year's operetta to "Shanty" Geyer. Dorothy Holderman, will my oliice of Presi- dent of the Girl Reserves to Bennie Sue Blackburn. Ralph Hollar, will my deep love for Science to Dave Johnson. Donald Johnston, will my permanent 'per- manent" to "Nubbie, Jr." Helen King, will my bored expression in Lit class to anyone who doesn't enjoy that course any more than I do. Marjorie Martin, will my nimble typist fingers to Eileen Madlem. Rosemary Maust, will my ever-present bovine cud to any barbarian who wan-ts it. Kathryn Meek, will my love for writing letters to Doris Foudy. Delbert Mellinger, will my daily drive in the Whippet to Johnny Maust-after I have graduated. Robert Mellinger, will my timely hair-do to Jim Martin, in the event that he needs a new Ncreationf' Norman Metzler, will my fine record of maximum hours spent at the library to anyone who can break it. Howard Miller, will my imitations of Mrs. Uppington to Mr. lioose to be used on an assembly program. Ruth Anne Miller. will my sense of humor to liill Muntz, provided he considers it a safe investment. . Willard Miller. will my position as care- taker of the Dog-House to "Shanty" Geyer. TW ENTY-FOUR I, Carlyle Moore, will my tiring ambitions to Gerald Lynch. I, Paul Moyer, will my title, MReverend," to anyone who needs a collection. I, Anna Ruth Mullett, will my ability to "please" the teachers to Mary Ann Fox. I, Lois Muntz, will my ability to keep my Plymouth boy-friend to anyone who can keep him longer than I have. I, Alonzo Nicodemus, will my telephone book fwith No. 3400 blacked-outj to Bob Yarian. We, Betty Phend and Marilyn Pippenger, will our membership in the D. of S. to Iilner Phend and Carol Hahn. I, Charles Nye Pletcher, will my desire for fighting in the dressing-room to "Bones" Pippen, hoping he has better luck. I, Charles Jr. Pletcher, will my talent for keeping my remarks to myself to '5Wimpy" Nettrour. I, Fred Pletcher, will my envied auxiliary chair in Economics class to John Doyle to insure his comfort while dozing. I, Wesley Priser, will my ability to sleep through "fire and wateri' in Physics class to "Angiei, Thomas. I, Merle Reed, will my ability to upump- handle" to Plumber Johnny Mullett, to be used in '6priming" only. I, George Rehrer, will my trained tresses to Miles Fairchild, provided he cares for them as I have. . l, Fredonna Rice, will my back seat in the as- sembly to Eloise Stahly to further her friendship with Webster lNoahJ. I 7fae 67444 Wa!! --Ganiawd Mary Nola Roose, will my deepest sympa- thies to the students in charge of honor rooms next year. Lillian Sechrist, will my passion for writ- ing poetry to Verda Longfield. to be usel in any way she chooses. Marialyce Seelig, will my abundant interest in Wakarusa to Shirley Walters and Betty Tobias, to be divided equally. Corabelle Shaum, will my post office ad- dress to the few who don't have it in their possession already. t Verna Slabaugh, will my ability to ask questions and argue to Max Weaver, in case he needs it. David Stalnaker, will my flare for feminine flames to that fickle fellow, Don Frenger. TWENTY-FIVE Lamar Stouder, will my lengthy stride to Bob Stump. Mary Teeter. will my faculty slave-driver employer fBeefJ to Wilma Hamman, hop- ing she can pacify him better than I did. Robert Weygand, will my fl hopej dis- carded sling to whoever needs it first, on the condition that he return it should I need it again. Frank Yarian, will my over-sized basket- ball shoes to Johnny Mellinger WITNESS!-:sz f. A. Abell Galen Roose Mary Nola Roose fbzlplama allow: The graduating Class of 1940 numbers 65. There are thirty-four boys and thirty-one girls. N. H. S. has graduated one larger class than this. During the past seventeen years, including the present class, -1-02 boys and 4-20 girls have graduated from N. H. S. The vale- dictorian has been a girl thirteen times. The Salutatorian has been a girl eleven times. Evidently girls are brighter or else they work harder. Birthdays are rather evenly distributed throughout the yearg however, the month of August tops the list with eight while Sep- tember is at the bottom with only two. Twins and important birthdays are fewer than in most classes. ,lack Byers and Charles Pletcher lnot Nyel celebrate the same birthday, Wil- liam Gonser and Lillian Sechrist, the sameg Carlyle Moore and Wesley Priser, the same. George Behrer celebrates Washington's birth- day, while Ross Cwin claims Columbus Day and Lois Muntz April lst. Four of these stu- dents were born between August 11 and 15, 1922. The oldest member of the class is a boy. The babies of the class are Anna Ruth Mullett and Marilyn Pippenger. Marilyn, the youngest, is 16 years, 10 months and 13 days old today. The average age of the boys is 18 years, 2 months and 12.68 days. The average age of the girls is 18 years, 0 months and 15.58 days. The average age of the boys is 9 days more than the boys of last year. The average age of the girls is 17.86 days more than the girls of last year. The boys of the present class are younger than seven of the past sixteen classes and older than eight. The girls of the present TWENTY-SIX class are younger than six and older than ten of the past sixteen classes. The attendance of the class has been good. The girls attendance record is the best since 1931. The average attendance for the class during four years is 97.80595 The girls missed an average of 3.048 days each yearg the boys missed an average of 4-.553 days each year. A total of 997.33 days has been missed up to April 19-619.33 by the boys and 378.83 by the girls. Those who have missed five days or less during the four years are as follows: Francis Herr, Joy Hoifer, and Betty Phend perfect attendance, Fredonna Rice l day absence, Robert Cleveland 1 213 days: Mary Field 1 516 daysg Charles Nye Pletcher and Betty Callander 2 116 daysg Norman Metzler 2 113 daysg Velma Dumph and Dor- othy Holderman 2 112 days, Helen King 2 516 daysg Delbert Mellinger and Mary Nola Roose 3 daysg Velma Davis 3 113 daysg Charles Pletcher 4 daysg and Harriet Fogel 4 113 days. Of the 65 graduates, five entered Nappanee High School prior to 1928, thirty-six in 1928, nine from 'the second to the eighth year, and fifteen entered high school either as freshmen or later. Of these fifteen, ten entered from the rural schools of the surrounding town- ships. Seventy-six children were enrolled in Nappanee first grade during the year 1928- 29. Of these seventy-six, thirty-six are on the platform tonight, twenty-nine have moved away, eight have dropped out of school and three are still in school. Thirteen of these graduates are classed as rural and fifty-two live in Nappanee. -I. A. Abell. uniafui . CLASS HISTORY 6'All aboardnl l l Wl'ickets" shouts the conductor, HHow many tickets for 'Special 41' to-day?" 668W We're'oFf! With sixty-eight on board we start our journey again. For our crew we elected the following: Robert Stump, Richard Pippen, and Carolyn Centzhorn. Our Student Council passengers were: Ethel Mae Could, John Rich- mond, Wilfred Wise, Jeanne Alice Mishler, and James Slagle. The latter left us at Montpelier, Ohio, for it was his destination. After another stop, which was for a weiner roast the whistle was blown to remind us of the trip ahead. We are looking forward to the Junior-Senior Reception because it will be our last stop, until we arrive at our destination, May 23, 1941. -Carolyn Centzhorn. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..... ,........ R obert Stump VICE-PRESIDENT... ...... Richard Pippen SECRETARY ............ Carolyn Centzhorn TWENTY-SEVEN I unioful Him-liarml AYt'!lIIlill'QI Mary liarringe-r Arlene- lligler Lamar lllouse Harolfl Copsvy ,lollll lluylt' lleatlia Dumpli Carolyn llentzliorn ltllwl lmulrl Wilma Hamman Darlvm- Haney jean Harter l,i:ll'1f'l'IN4 Hoc-liste-llvr Tom Huusouer Ulivf' Hull' l'.Sllll'l' Huflmali Howard Kurtz Phyllis Kurtn Charlotte Lamb Cordon Mvfforiivivk lmvell lVlC'Clll"ll Dorothy Male-nlin Lamar llletzler Phyllis Me-Uler Harry Mitlflletoli llvtty Miller Doris Millvr Mvrvin Miller Jean Alice Mishler Hvlen Mourv Maxine Nloyvr Bill Mun!! John Mullett James Uslmornv 144110714 llichard ljippen Isabelle Pleteher lsahelle llensberger ,loseph llieher ,lohn lliehmond lfverett Hummel Jean Schell lfsther Seehrist Norma Seehrist Phyllis Sechrist Amos Sheets Charlotte Slabaugh James Slagle Hollen Sponaeller lfloise Stahly Bernard Stouder Fred Strang Billy Strauss . Anna Lou Stuclcman Phyllis Stump Robert Stump Uliver Stutzman Mildred Stump Gerald Thomas Lois Wagner Lalllar Warren Wilford Wise Robert Yarian Max Weaver Tom Wegmiller Gertrude Yoder Holland Baker lliehard George Verda Hepler if if Y? TWENTY-NINE .S 91... CLASS HISTORY As another year of school in the N. H. S. airline service draws to a close, we, the class of 'G4-27' look back with pleasure at the many good times we have had this year. We selected Willard Hoover as our pilot and ,lean Oyler as eo-pilot with Vivian Postma handling our financial affairs. As our student Council members we chose Russel Campbell, Pat Doyle, Josephine Mullett, and Robert Ceyer. Mr. Holaway and Miss Lantz were our sponsors. ln April our plane stopped off at the skating rink for a party. In spite of many bumps and bruises everyone had a good time. We have been well represented in band, Clee Club, Hi-Y, C. A. A., and ll. R. and also several of the boys were on the second team in basketball. We are eagerly looking forward to the coming years and hope to enjoy them as much as we have those in the past. klfulny Hofaway. OFFICERS Pm-:smEN'r ....... ..... W 'illnrd Hoover Viet:-P1:P:s ......... Bennie Sue Blackburn, Sr:cm:'1'Am' ..... ....... V ivian Postmfz I THIRTY TOP PICTURE First How: Jean Oyler, Vivian Postmu, .lose- phine Mull:-tt, Maxine Jensen, Charlotte Shaum, Betty Miller, Joan Mellinger. Svroml Row: Junior Frenger, Marilyn Stahly, Norma Kring, Mae Muntz, Anna Mae Reed, Ilene Madlem, Marilyn Richmond, Miss Lantz. Thirfl How: Hobart Johnston, Raymond Miller, lflarl Holderman, Jeanette Slabaugh, Wilma Netrour, Eleanor Phend, Willard Losee Bill Walters ll' ' , Y , avid Johnson. Fourtli, Row: NVilliS Roose, Walter Reed, Robert Wenger, Lisle Roose, Bob Geyer, James Mar- tin, Raymond Kern, Bill VVebster, Donald Stoops. -iw? BOTTOM PICTURE First Row: Elsie Bougher, Norma Baker, Julia George, Georgia Hoffer, Esther Huff, Ruby Holaway, Mariann Fox, Maxine Hershberger, Mr. Holaway. Sevonfl Row: Russel Campbell, lloris Foudy, Norma Deisch, Mary Edith llumph, Berdena Hoffer, Carol Hahn, Kathryn Harter, Benn' Sue Blackb ' ' ie urn, Bill Henley, Sammy Coppes. Third Row: Pat lloyle, Stanly Farrington, Cas- tle Hoke, Wilbur Gaut, Lowell Gardner, Richard Counts, Max Gwin, Charles Gaut, Willard Hoover. THIRTY-ONE CLASS HISTORY f We the "Class of 43" started our voyage towards graduation in the ship called 'iCreenies." The number of sailors on board was eighty-one. Our captains were Miss Stephens and Mr. Foulke. September ll we held a meeting in the main cabin room. The officers selected were Robert Kinsey, Margaret Sechrist, and ,lane Mcliall. James Newcomer joined Betty' Tobias and Ellen Jean Pippen as councilors of our ship. November 18 we cleared the deck and held our skating party, which was enjoyed by all. - We have sailors belonging to the organizations, G. A. A., Junior G. R., and quite a few in the Band. ' We hope all of our sailors will return next year, and that we will have as much pleasure in resuming our voyage to graduation. -Jane M cF all. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ................ Robert Kinsey VICE-PREslDENT..Margaret Sechrist SECRETARY .. .... ........ J ane McFall THIRTY-TWO TOP PICTURE First Run-: Olan Stutzman, Lamar Wagner, Robert Miller, Lyle Mast, Irene Tobias, Ruby Zentz, Rosemary Martin, Junior Penrose, Harold Miller, James Miller. Sveoml Heir: Jane Slabaugh, Maxine Weaver, Jean Rensberger, Elizabeth Tobias, Peggy Stahly, Barbara Mutschler, Mildred Moore, Betty Straus, Ardene Stull, Elizabeth Pleteher, Miss Stephens. Thirfl Row: Mary Ellen Neterer, Ellen Jean Pippen, Helen Stump, Shirley Walters, Betty Tobias, Margaret Seehrist, Jane McFall, Phyllis Welty, Virginia Swihart, Mary Pfeif- fer, llonna Thomas. F'o14rth k'ou': Billy Metzler, James Newcomer, .Iames Myers, James E. Miller, Max Postma, Ilirk Silberg, Charles Peters, Junior Slagle. BOTTOM PICTURE First How: Robert Fowler, John Linn, llewey Housouer, Bernard Cleveland, Bernice John- son, Helen Hofer, Francis Bammel, Kieth Ilumph, Paul Keifer, James Callander. S'4'r'onrI Rove: Paul Huffman, Virginia Holaway, Ruby Harter, lloris Huff, Betty lleFrees, Rosemary Brown, Norma Hartman, Gerald Lynch, Kenneth Harter, Mr. Foulke, sponsor. Third Role: Francis lJeBow, Ada Culp, llonna- belle Huffman, Ruby Lynch, Janice Huff, Verda Longifield, Ruby Berkevpile, Norma Belle Best, Erma Jean Hollar, Lora Belle Herr. Fnurtlzt Row: Max Hollar, Robert Kinsey, Nathan Jones, Kenneth Keifer, Richard Ganger, Gerald Bigler, lionald Frenger, Owen Hepler, Miles Fairchild, Marshall Hof- fer, Ilewey Hall. THIRTYVTH Rl-TE eafmqwe... CLASS HISTORY Hurrah! welre sliding into the first base of our High School year, our Coaches being Mr. Kinder and Miss Shively. Having them for our leaders we are sure to be safe at first. We had two skating parties at Stuckmanls Hall. We had a lot of fun although our skates wouldn't stay on. A few of us were learning to he tumblers. We are hoping that we will enjoy our first year in High School. llere's tn the eighth grade Thai dear old class Good luck to us, I hope we all pass. -john Mellinger. OFFICERS l,RI'ISllJEN'l' ,... ...... J ohn Maust VICE-PREs1oi:NT . ...... John Mellinger SECRETARY ....... .Mary Louise liaser TH I RTY-FOUR I TOP PICTURE First Row: Billy Furney, Royce Geyer, Dick Schuler, Lucile Stutzman, Doris Hall, Ruby Fisher, Junior Mishler, Sammy Richmond, Junior Bartman. Sigf-nm! Row: Lois Nicodemus, Jean Kolhorst, Norma Fredericks, Peggy Shively, Norma Jean Richmond. Betty Longfield, Mary Louise Laser, Mary Alice Metzler, Beatrice Linn, Mr. Kinder, sponsor. Third How: Dallas Gardner, Billy Johnson, Richard Arnott, Betty Gaut, Jeanette Far- rington, Joan Coppes, Alice Cooper, Richard Buss Glenn Davis, Shannon Corwin. Fourth Row: Freeman Fry, Chester Adams, Eugene Rouse, Richard Evans, Oscar Ingle, llan Curtis, Billy Mishler, Howard Hoover, Eddie Price. BOTTOM PICTURE First Row: Clarence Middaugh, Earl Metzler, John Maust, Joan Rensberger, Louise Reed, Jaunita Martin, Jean Miller, Jim Stillson, John Mellinger, Richard Sponseller. Second Row: Isabelle Miller, Jean Peters, Fran- cis Neterer, Joan Tobias, Helen Streck, Maxine Stouder, Mona Lou Miner, Julia Pletcher, Beverly Walters, Miss Shively, Sll0YI,S0'l'. Third Roux' George Pippenger, Mary Nettrour, June Tobias, Helen Miller, Jean Sheets, Fay Mast, Ivan Snooks. Fourth Row: Oscar Weaver, Bernard Manning, Jack Ryman, David Miller. THIRTY-I-'IVI-I CLASS HISTORY W e the class of 1945 have just completed our first year of Junior High with 57 students enrolled. Shortly after school started we elected oflicers: Wayne McCuen, Sally Uline, and Joan Nunemaker. Genevieve Arnott was selected the member of the Student Council. Our sponsors the first semester were Mrs. Rood and Mr. Schuler. Dur- ing the second semseter Mr. McCann took Mrs. Rood's place. Our activities during the year included two skating parties which were enjoyed by who all. At present there remains but one year until we enter our first year in high school. I -Ioan Nunemaker, Sally Uline. OFFICERS PRESIDENT .............. W ayne McCuen VICE-PRESIDENT ............ Sully Uline SECRETARY ........... Joan Nunemaker TI-IIRTY-SIX TOP PICTURE t Gwendolyn Johnson, First How: Russel Har er, ' ' ' an Betty lloer- Clara Hamilton, Betty Bai tm , ing, Evadean Clindaniel, Fern Franger, Betty Davis, Ruby Hershberger, Paul Bourne. Gieene Jennv Arnott, Shir- Svr'rn1rIRo1v.' Grace ' ., . . ' C lu Juanita Hamman ley Bammel, Iiene ul, Virginia Jenfien, Lucile Jensen, Mrs. Rood. Third Run-: Jerry Hockert, Kenneth Hersh ' ' 'ld Hartman, Richard berger, Iia Fry, Geal C s, R bert Freet, Har- lleardorff, Alan Coppe. o vey Copenhaver, Lewis Hare, Dale Gaut Frank Hoffer. BOTTOM PICTURE d Z ntz Kenneth Middaugh, Fi1'stR014': Willar e , , ' ' S hrist, Martha Millei, Merril Pippen, John ec Ilorothy Weaver, Betty Nunemakcr, Wayne VValters, Leroy Nissley, Jay Holaway, Ilouglas Tobias. Ph llis Oswald Lois Ser-um! Row: Sally Uline, y , ' R ttv Postma, Joan Metzler, Carol Pletchei, e I makei Frances Truex, Myrtle Rens- S huler, Nune ', berger, Marjorie Rensberger, Mr. c sponsor. Thiwl Razr: Roy Pfielfer, Robert Snider, Earnest " les Doyle, Charles Stump, Lewis Ixieffer, Char Bammel, Kieth Miller, Lowell Richei. THIRTY-SEX EN W. P. fl. lIfff'l' IllIHlI1l'I'7f'H . . . Mrnrnrnmf Hi-Y, C. H. party . . . This is flu life' .... 9 ffnior Seelig . . . I'VlIPI'f',S Torchy? . . . Lffflllillg on the' old top mil Bank 7m STUDENT COUNCIL HI-Y CLUB HONOR SOCIETY LIBRARIANS BAND CHORUS SENIOR C. R. JUNIOR C. R. FUTURE FARMERS FUTURE HOME MAKERS CLASS PLAY DEBATE STU I1l'IN'I' COUNCII KT , up I'ir'f14r4'j First Row: Gloria lJoVaux, Jean Alice Mishlor, Josephine Mullctt, Mary 'l'vvtvr, Betty To- bias, lillvn Joan Pippvn, Mr. Roosv, sponsor. Sw-mul lfow: Jamc-s Nvwromvr, Russel Camp- lwll, listln-r Gould, Mary Fields, Jenny Arnott, llavid Coppazs, Jams-s Slaglv. l'l1irrl limr: Rohr-rt. Arnott, Wilfred Wise, John Rivhniond, Pat lloylv, Rohm-rt Wvngar, How- ard Millvr. HI-Y llioflvm, I,lI'flll'f'j 'irsf fiom: llc-lb:-rt M1vlling'vr, Robert Mellinger, Ge-orgo R4-hrrr, lluvid Stalnaker, Harold IURT5 Holawav, Richard Bc t I 's , Robort Arnott, lla- mar Mvtzlvr, Lisle Roosc, Mr. White, sponsor. Sw-mul Rvw: Alonzo Nicodonlus, llavid Johnson, Pat lloylc, Willard Hoovvr, Sam Coppos, James Slaglv, Robert Geyer, Rill Honlc-y, Donald Stoops, llirk Hall. Tlliwl Row: Wilfred Wisv, Jack Hyvrs, John Iloylo, Roh Yarian, Tom Wogmiller, Paul Clousv, Jim Martin, Richard C Gwin. ounts, Max Fo14rtliRuu'.' Harry Middlvton, Joseph Richvr, Merle Reed, Robert Stump, Lamar Clouso, Joe llunnick, Willis Roose, Robert Wenger, Charles Nye Plvtchor, Charlvs Plotvhor, Jr., Frank Yarian. Sludeal Gcuwcil PRESIDENT ..... David Coppes VICE PRES.. . .John Richmond SECRETARY ...... Mary Field As the oflicial organ of student government. the Student Council serves as the medium through which student control and administrative interpretations are effected. Problems of student discipline falls under jurisdiction of this body. Also there are two permanent committees, the Girls Athletic Committee and the Sanitation Committee, in charge of cleanliness in the corridors and class rooms. Since 1937 the Lost and Found Department has been sponsored by the Council. This department helps to locate articles which are lost, and returns them to their owners. At the be innin of the school ear the Student Council instituted the home-room s fstem. During 8 g Y 5 is this period from 8:25 to 8:55 each day, clubs. classes, and special committees may meet. As an out- growth of this system the honor-rooms and assembly were organized. Because the only ofhcial in these study rooms are student monitors, the student develops the spirit of self-direction in the school and trains his mind and will to its full power. This year the Student Council Constitution was revised. Under this revision each home-room elects two representatives to the Council instead of each class electing their quota of members. By repre- senting a home-room that meets each day instead of a class that meets twice a year, a Student Council member is brought much closer to student problems which may be remedied by the Council. A College Plan was also introduced this year by the Council. Under this plan students who maintain an academic and citizenship average of 88 or better for the four years of their high school career may, during the last six weeks of their senior year, attend school only for their classes. This is a reward for attaining high grades and helps prepare the senior for college study. Jia-if GM PRESIDENT . .Harold Holauray VICE-PRES.. . ..... lack Byers SECRETARY .... George Rehrer Since the first Hi-Y was organized December 31, 1924, its aims have been to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterf, Mr. Abell was its first advisor. Beginning in 1929 Mr. White has assumed leadership of the club, and has done excellent work since then. The new members of each year have to under-go a rough initiation, and also a serious initiation. This year the club has made several trips to the Elkhart Y. M. C. A. Early this spring a com- bined C. R.-Hi-Y. skating party proved a success. A Father-and-Son banquet was held this year at the Brethren Church. FORTY-ONE PRESIDENT ....... Jack Byers vlcla-PRES. ...... Betty Phend SECRETARY.Mafy Nola Roose This is the fifth year for the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools in Nappanee High School. The charter was granted to the Nappanee Chapter on March 25, 1936. Membership in this organization is based on four virtues' character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The members of the organization are chosen by the entire faculty. The membership of the organization is limited, only fifteen per-cent of the Senior class may be selected. Mary Nola Roose, Betty Phend, and Jack Byers were members of the society for the last two years. During the year new members of both Senior and Junior classes have been added. Directing an Honesty questionnaire among all high school students has been one of the outstand- ing features accomplished this year by the Society. -6. In the School library there are many new books now available. Also a group of twenty weekly and monthly magazines are for the use of the students. Books for reference readings are placed upon reserve shelves, and can only be used for one hour. The work of the Librarian runs from checking all books that leave the library to charging the students that hold them over-due. The old rule of requiring students to get permission to use library during study hour still goesg and since in effect has cut down the number who visit and loaf. This year the Library was given a new vertical file for pamphlets and clippings. Under the supervision of Miss Shively the librarians have shown much co-operation and ad- vancement. FORTY-TWO I HONOR SUCH' '.'l'Y K'l'up I'if'f11rCj LIBHAKIANS flfntlunz lll.l'lllI'l'j Ifflf'lx'1fll1l'.' Rob:-rt M0lling'er, .luck Byers, Hurry I'1I'0llf Hana' Jean Schvll, Phyllis Stump, Mui Mimlillcton, Amos Sheets, Francis Hvrr. jorio Martin, Miss Shively, Mary Nulu Ilmmsl 'mul Huff: lithcl Gould, llorothy HUlll1'l'lll2i!l, Mth1'Y'1 Hatter' Mary Nola Rouse, I"1'i'tlUllll21 Rico, Marjorie Buell' Hman' Cassvl Hrikc I.'b Martin, Betty Plic-ml. mary M'1USt , ML vllo l'lvlc'l1i-r, lima-- K , Ruby Hollaway, Phyllis Kurtz, Je.um0 Alice Mishler, Frank Yurizm, Willis Roose. lfl PKTN fl' ll lxlili This yu-url z ' ' C . i 1 1 , HAND lviml Milli ilrpmxlrnitnlx uinly pulul In sldlll nrinx lmnmx il fli- . f liiviiilic-rs, is mlml uw liiglily us any yn-I. mul iF vx- , 1 'qlrivl illlfl slain' vrnilvsls. CHORUS flfottvm l'ir'tu1'r'j Firsl How: Phyllis lVl1-tzli-r, Wilma Netrour, 'I'hir1lRv1r.- Alonzo Nicmlolnus, El'llHl.l02lI1 Hul Vivian Postinu, llosmnary Martin, Harbarxi lar, Charluttv Shaum, llorim Foumly, Jeanette lVlutsc'hl4-r, lim-riiic'v Johnson. Slilbiluflli, Julia Ge-urge, Mary liclitli llurnpli, S,.,.,,,,,l R,,,,... Miss llimtzy NU,-,ml fgukl.,-y NIH,-y Annuruth Mullett, Joy Hoffm-r, lzlfnsc' Stulily, Iizxrringor, Norma Kring, Kathryn Hartlc-r Hilmlil H0li1WiiY- .lf-an Uylz-r, Runnin: Sur- lilzu-klmrn, lVlLiXllIl' l'v0Hl'fll Hmr: Bill Gonr ' ' l'll'l'Sl1lbf'l'j.fl'l', Ge-rtruclv Yorlvr. Stoops ' l"UliTY-lflll R sf-1, Xlallor Rcwcl, llonzilll , lxobvrt XVOng0r, lVillis llonsv, Hill Honlcy, Earl Hnlclorman, Roh Gays-r, llc-Von Hull, Castle Hoko. i Bam! Director: Henry E. Busche Clarinets: Bennie Sue Blackburn Mary Field Carolyn Gentzhorn Wilma Hamman Helen Harter Bill Johnson Maryalyce Metzler Betty Miller lSophj Robert Miller Jean Alice Mishler Betty Nunemaker ,loan Nunemaker Marilyn Pippenger Carol Pletcher Isabelle Rensberger Phyllis Sechrist Esther Sechrist Sally Uline Betty Tobias Comets: Betty Callander David Johnson Betty Miller fJr.J Bill Mishler Eddie Price George Rehrer Norma Sechrist David Stalnaker Glaoawt Trumpets: Richard Avenmarg Velma Davis Fred Pletcher Saxophones: Mary Barringer Tom Housour Jean Kohlhorst Marjorie Martin Joan Mellinger Marialyce Seelig Eloise Stahley Tom Wegmiller Bob Weygand Trombones: Jack Byers Pat Doyle Keith Dumph Mary Ann Fox Harold Holaway Max Postma Eugene Roose Dan Curtis Altos : Paul Clouse Jean Harter This year the Chorus has been very active and has accomplished much under the splendid direction of Miss Lantz and our talented pianist Barbara Mutschler. French horns: John Doyle Flutes: Reatha Dumph V Ethel Gould Mary Ellen Neterer Norma Richmond Nathan Jones Bassoons: Julia George Baritones : - Royce Geyer Alonzo Nicodemus Drums: Robert Kinsey Josephine Mullett James Osborne Jeanette Slahaugh Shirley Walters Wilfred Wise Sousaphones: Lisle Roose Robert Yarian Oboe: Annie Stuckman Our programs for the year have been difficult, but we as a class have enjoyed giving them Some of the outstanding ones were: Singing for the visiting superintendents at Coppes Hotel, Nov. 2. The Christmas program at the Methodist Church. The Operetta, 6'Rings in the Sawdustw, March 15. Band Concert and Musicory. Community Building, April 12. Baccalaureate Service at the Methodist Church. Commencement May 23. As the year draws to a close the Seniors regret leaving and the un der classmen look forward to the coming year in this class. -Anna Ruth M ullett FORTY-Five Seniaa 171-lk PRES. . . .Dorothy Holderman vicE-PRES. ..... . . ........ SECRETARY ...... Betty Phend The Girl Reserves, one of the outstanding clubs of N.H.S., has been on the upward climb since it was organized in 1925. Then it became a branch of the Y.W.C.A., Miss Hazel Dickey being the organizer and first sponsor. Since then the club has continued to live up to its purpose, "To find and give the best," and we owe a great deal to our present sponsors, Miss Ferne Lantz and Miss Urthello Stephen. Our Club meets bi-monthly and besides having entertaining programs we are challenged to "Face life squarely". T wenty-three new members were taken into the Club by a real initiation given by the old mem- bers. Later an inspirational initiation was held. The Club continues to progress and has reached this standard only by the interest and co-operation of the girls, officers and sponsors. . -Lois Emmerz. SENIOR GROUP fTop Picture! FIRST ROW: Miss Stephens, sponsor, Mary Teeter, Anna. Ruth Mullett, Dorothy Holderman. Helen Harter, Marialyce Seelig, Jean Harter, Joan Mellinger. Wilma Nettrour, Phyllis Metzler, Nor- ma Sechrist, Miss Lantz, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Isabelle Rensberger, Phyllis Stump, Marjorie Martin, Norma. Baker, Maxine Jensen, Charlotte Shaum, Betty Miller, Norma Kring, Lillian Sechrist, Kathryn Harter, Vivian Postma, Mary Nola. Roose, Wilma. Hamman, Carol Hahn. THIRD ROW: Velma Davis, Phyllis Sechrist. Mary Edith Dumph. Marilyn Stahly, Velma Dumph, Jean Oyler, Josephine Mullett. Carolyn Gentz- 'MR PRES. . .... Virginia Holaway VICE PRES.. . . . . horn, Phyllis Kurtz, Bennie Sue Blackburn. Joy Hoffer, Marilyn Richmond. FOURTH ROW: Corabelle Shaum, Louise Geyer, Dorothy Malcolm, Isabelle Pletcher, Kathryn Berkeypile. Donnabelle Sheets, Fredonna Rice, Marilyn Pippenger, Mary Fields. Anna Lou Stuckman, Betty Callander, Eleanor Phend, Ruby Holaway. FIFTH ROW: Ethel Gould, Olive Huff, Mariann Fox. Eileen Madlem, Lois Hahn, Gloria De Vain, Helen King, Betty Phend, Eloise Stahly. Ger- trude Yoder, Arlene Bigler. .lane McFall SECRETARY . .Lois Nicodemus The Junior Girl Reserve was organized in 1925 by Mrs. Georgia Miller Replogle as a branch of the Senior Girl Reserve, and as a branch of the Y.W.C.A. With Miss Shively as our sponsor, the group has enjoyed a progressing year. A The rough initiation which was enjoyed by all was held October 19, 1939. The candle lighting service, held in recognition of the new members was December 7, at the gym. The meetings have consisted of musical numbers, readings, etc., as well as outside speakers. The year is not ended but we are sure the rest of the year will go as smoothly as it has before. FORTY-SIX -Lois N icodemus. sl -QSJXFNW-1 Y i JUNIOR GRUUI' flioltom Pivturvj lf'lllS'I' RUXY: ,loan lin-iislroimfm-i'. Uarol l'll'lllll'l', Mar- Norrna Frvdvricks, Fay Mast, Uvily Longfir-ld, lha Millvr, lflvadi-an Ulindanii-I, Rn-ily Doi-ring, Miss Shivoly, sponsor. C-tx' !:' :, D' ' '-, , , M.:-If l.'1-ZllllglvnlA,lSm1cf:.T2lMyllgllttlg litvill Mllhr FOURTH ROVV: Ruby llynvh, Norma mist, Ellzabe-lh ' ' ' Tobias, Julia l'ln-tchvr, .lean Volvrs, Mona Minvr, SIGUUNIV RHXV: Ri-riiivv Johnson, Ross-niary Marlin, Jean Ellen Shoots, Hvlvno Mille-r. Rvtty Num-- l"ranm-is Nvtvror, RQ-ity Tobias, N12lI'Kfil"l'l Se- maker. Francis Truex, Barbara lVlllISC'llll'I', .Iam- whrist. llvlvn Stump, Shirlvy' xVZllll'I'S. Ellen Jean Mclfall, Vvrda. Longfix-ld, Lois Nivodvmus, Rvtty Vippvn, Mary lflllon Na-I4-rvr, .ln-an Kolhorsl, limi- Postma. Mildred Moore-, lfotty Strauss, Virginia trim-v Linn, Marialyvv MQ-lzlor. Juan Coppf-s, Jonson. Jani-I l+'arrinp:lun, Mary llouisv liasvr, Luuillo , - , . 1 -. ,. . , , f , FIFTH RUNV: H1-Ivn Stn-4-k, Mary M-Ili-our. .loan TIIJHLIII-lll, hhnlq Rarnnnl, Ruby Antz, lflrllb Tobias, Phyllis Wwnyy Ardthml Stun' Fmmris ' lh-Row, Rosvniary Brown, l'lI'lIlZl llollar. Ruby l'lllRli RUXY: lr:-no 'I'obia:4, Isabs-llv Millor, l'.-gggy Bvrkvypilv, In-nv Pulp. Joan Nuni-rnaki-r Juanita. Slahly, Juno Tobias, lilaxinf- VVll2lVl'l', .Ivan Runs- llilllllllilll, Sally Uline-, Rc-tty lit-l"i'n-vs, Ilonna' in-rgvr. Ruby Harlvr, Virginia Holaway. Graco bvllc- Huffman, Luvillv Jn-ns:-n, Phyllis Oswald, Hrw-ii--. .le-nny Arnoll. ia-ggy Shiv:-ly, Norma. Lora Belle Herr. Elizabeth l'lf-lchcr. Jn-an Rivhniond, Ruby Fish'-r, Mabvl Ria-hvr, FORTY-SEVEN ff? l"U'l'Ulll'I I".-XIIIVIICIIS f1'np l'i1'fHr1l FUTUHPI HOME M.-XKICHS Hluttum I'if'!11rwj I im! lima-: I,zm1zu' XYIl1.!.'IN'l', Ulzm Stutzman, Iiarl l"'."N7 RUN'-' Ch21l'l0ftff Sldbillli-Eh, VPVIHI Sla- llulrlvrmzxn, .hum-s Mvyn-rs, Ivlm-glmlj H,,ff',-,N hnugh, llorothy Holriormzm, lluth Ann Millvr, Ml.. ggyws, Sp,,,m,,-. .Ivan Hatter, Mary Nola llmm-, Mrs. Noosa-, 1-mul lfmw: Km-nm-th Ilzu'tc-r, Gs-raalmi liiglvz' , Nlmmwr' , , , Junim- I"l'2lY11l'l'l'v Ilzlymmul MillK'l'v Olin-It N'f'P1l:f .5fxn11'.Hf'hylvlls Igblinflh I'1St'lf""v Hunmufl' Stutzmlm. dl uw Y dnvy, atnyn- H1-!kvyp1le-, Lms 4 ' 1 V A Nluntz, Kathryn Mc-vk, Lms NNz1g1wr'. ""l Ilf"'g1i. ml"Wii'.'4.'ll.lf'f"f?' flllmfs 'Wig' xlfl' Third Roux' Isabelle Plctvhvr, RUSt'lN21l'y Mzxust, md' 'HUM ' 'I' 1'1" """5l"' "'m"5 ' nib' May Muntz, Muriumx Fox, Iistlwr Hutf, Imr- lmrrllf Ix'wu'.' l'Ix'v1'c-tt Ilummn-l, Mm-rvin Millnw, uthy Malcolm, Iithvl Gwuld. Bill Nluntx, K'hz11'ln-s Plc-tm-lwr, Jr., Lzmnmau' 1.',,,,,-U, 1f,,,,-5 M-I -' -' Sioumlvr. .llymlv Martin, Julia Gs-urgv, Jm-urwttv Slubaugh, Anna M'w lic-cd l"Icm 1 y 11, , , Mudlr-nm, Vvrdu He-ph-r, Oliva- HufT. 'X-l11l1.H'l' aufulze aalammfi PRESIDENT . . .Lamar Stoader SECRETARY ..... Amos Sheets TREASURER .... Howard Kurtz The annual camping trip indefinitely postponed on account of bad weatherg but a picnic at Boy Scout Camp on Bremen Lake was held shortly after school started. Thirteen new boys were initiated into the "Green Hand" degree. Howard Kurtz proved to be No. 1 Corn Husker in the local and district contests and did good work in the State contest. The finances for the organization were raised by selling candy during the noon hour. A Father and Son banquet was held March 8. and Amos Sheets and Everett Rummel were chosen delegates to Annual State Convention at Purdue April 5. 4u.2fuaeJl PRES. ..... Dorothy Malcolm VICE PRES. Dofy Uolderrnan SEC.-TREAS.. . .Darlene Haney The Future Home Makers, Club was first organized in 1933 for the purpose of interesting home economic girls in home making. Membership is limited to girls who have taken at least one year of home economics in high school. The club has a membership of twenty-six this year. Clubvmeetings are held twice monthly. This year we have had for some of our programs outside speakers who have given interesting talks on such subjects as: G'Nursing as a Professionn, 4'Books and Other Things", and 4'Fashions,'. Last year the club took an educational trip to South Bend. They saw such interesting places as: Notre Dame, Healthwin, and Green Blatz Furriers. This year the club has earned money by serving a dinner to the principals of Elkhart County. With this money they are planning to take a trip to Elkhart this spring for a similar purpose. vDarlene Haney. FORTY-NINE ew ma, "Early to Bed and Early to Rise" became actuality when the Speech Class pre- sented this comedy farce- THE CAST Abbie Fuller. . . ............ .... M arilyn Pippenger Bobby Fuller. . ..... Harold Holaway Marion Fuller. . . . . .Lillian Sechrist Everett Fuller. . . .... ,lack Byers Spanky Minuti .... ...... M ary Field ,lim Griggs .... .... D ave Stalnaker Patsy Fuller. . . . .Marialyce Seelig Daisy Fairfax ..... ..Marjorie Corwin Otto Kirschmeier, . . . ....... Ross Gwin Mr. Conkle ....... .... J oe Dunnuck Laura Montgomery .... ..... G loria De Vaux fbedde Glad FIFTY The Nappanee High School Debate Club completed its first year of debating under the supervision of Miss Stephen. The team is a member of the State High School Discussion League. The de- baters have competed in contests at Elkhart, Warsaw, Nappanee, Middlebury. This year the team is made up of freshman except one. Since the members have three years yet in school Miss Stephens is expecting much success during the next few years. Knu- ., xii! gm. riy Yu Riser. CLASS PLAY vc-110 containing all the chzlrarflers in the play. Mlfarly I0 Bed and lfu Dl'1l3A'l'l'f TEAM vl' Rout' Nillilllll Jonvs. Miss Slvphvn. sponsor. Milvs Fuirvllilii. 'iller. Ross Guin. Kivlh Dnmph lflI'TN-1 H11 i iioi1Cl'I 'W Firxl Hun" What! Another strike? . . . l'll protect you . . . What happened to Housaur? . . . The ideal teacher . . . Nazi salute and Postma . . . Emmert and IJeVaux, equal 2 more. Bank '7!me "CLASS POEIW' WHO'S WHO 'QLEA P YEAR SWEET- HEARTS" CALENDAR .IIFST IMAGINE SOCIETY NOTES ALUMNI 1939 FIFTY-FOUR 01444 poem It was almost four years ago, When we as strangers passed, Into the place called the N. II. S. And entered the Freshman class. We overcame our Freshman fears, When Sophomores we became, We always had good scholarship And always played the game. At last we reached our Junior year, A happy carefree throng, And showed the Seniors our respect By our Junior-Senior Prom. Beneath the teachers' steady gaze, We tried to do our best, And with firm determination We struggled for success. Our school days are almost over, Let's be happy and gay. And hope good luck will follow us Along our pleasant way. Now, since we've reached our Senior year QW e cannot tell you whyj We hate to say farewell to you, And bid you all good-bye. Whoa Wim QThe census of the 1940 Senior classj Most popular girl .... ..... G loria De Vaux Most popular boy .... Best looking girl ..... . Most handsome boy. Q . . . Best dressed girl ..... . .. . . . .Willard Miller . . . .Gloria De Vaux . . .Harold Holaway .Marilyn Pippenger Best dressed boy ....... ....... D avid Coppes Cleverest boy or girl .... Most studious girl ....... . . . . . . . . . Most studious boy. . . Girl who has done most for the class.. . . . . ..... Robert Mellinger .Dorothy Holderman . ...... .... ...Francisl-lerr . .Mary Nola Roose Boy who has done most for the class. . . ....... Willard Miller Best dancer, boy ..... Best singer, boy .... Best singer, girl ........... Wittiest boy or girl ......... Girl most likely to succeed ..... . . Boy most likely to succeed .... Best sport, boy or girl ....... Shyest boy or girl ............ . .. The boy with the best physique. . Nea! est girl ................ Neatest boy ........ Best natured boy .... Best matured girl .... Most friendly boy. . . Most friendly girl ..... . Always smiling girl .... . . Always smiling boy .... Biggest flirt, boy ..... Biggest flirt, girl ........... Most talented, boy or girl ..... . . . . .Betty Callander Best dancer, girl .................... . . . . . . . . . .Merle Reed . . .Harold Holaway . . . .Lois Emmert' . . . . . .Joe Dunnuck . .Mary Nola Roose .f ....... ,lack Byers . . . .Willard Miller . . . . . .Francis llerr .Alonzo Nicodemus . . . .Betty Callander . . . .Richard Best . . . .Willard Miller . . .Rosemary Maust . .Robert Mellinger . . .Rosemary Maust . . .Rosemary Maust . . . .Willard Miller . . . . . . . . . .David Stalnaker . . . . . .Lois Emmett . . .Robert Weygand FIFTY-FIVE .feap ffeaas Another Leap Year has rolled around, When the girls can show their affection. And in its pages we have found, These females have made their selection First in line is Mary Field. She has made her yearly pick. To have and hold and keep out late, Our handsome hero, Nick. Wilma Hamman, our mutual friend Has proven herself quite the lass. She's taken Joe to raise and love And write notes to in class. Next one we find is Anna Lou, She's rated herself quite smart. Sheis pecked, shagged and suzy-qued Her way into Merle Reedis heart. A little girl that we all know, Has gotten so much sweeter Since she's wooed and won Bob Canger. Guess who? Why Mary Teeter. Vivian Postma a Sophomore girl Has dared and defied all the rest. She's opened her arms and given her love. . To curly headed Dick Best. Marilyn Pippenger a friend of all Has certainly lost no ground. She finally has Mitchell under her To struggle is useless heis found. thumb. The next in line is Fredonna Rice. It isn't hard to see. The reason she grabbed Bill Miller, Was for his ancient HT". Josephine Mullett from the north end of town Has been bitten by nature's 'Slove-bug" She made up her mind to get a man. But her choice was a guy named Slug. And last but not least, is Betty Phend. Shels rated among the best. She's taken Lamar for better or worst. Her love will outlive the rest. So, now girls, you had better set your trap lf you aim to catch your lover For it looks to me that there's not many left, All the 4'Availables,, are running for cover. I-'IFTY-SIX Submitted by Lois Hahn. G,4l.L'8lV2b ,412 SEPTEMBER: 5-School opens with a bang! New Speech teacher-hm-m-n? 7-The seventh graders are, as usual, un- derfoot already. Baseball-Nappanee, 105 Concord, 4-. 8--By the way-who is that good looking stranger who is causing all the flurry among the gals?l? 12-Second week of school. Everyone fin- ally getting down to business. Base- ball-wNappanee, 43 Middlebury, 3. 13-Heat wave-102 deg. Early dismissal. Hot dog! 14-Whewll this heat is getting us down. Baseball-Nappanee, 7, Millersburg, B. 18--Why the sudden interest in tennis, girls? It couldn't be that new in- structor?? 19--First Hi-Y meeting. Baseball-Nap panee, 10, Elkhart, 0. 20--Miss Stephen heroically rescued Dave Coppes from a visiting bee in Eng. Lit. class. Baseball-Nappanee, 53 Con- cord, 4. 21-What was the riot in Goshen about? Oh -Nappanee's band raiding the rides! 25-Change to Central Standard time. Ahl that means another hour of much needed sleep. 26-First C. R. meeting. Baseball-Nap panee, 7, Bristol, 5. 27--Interesting speech class-Hnow we all know how to kiss correctly. Including Mr. Roosel 28-Baseball-Nappanee, 135 Jefferson, 0. OCTOBER: 2-Mr. Foulke's Physics' class presented him with a yellow slip, entitling him to one seat in the assembly, for play- ing with the water pumps during class period. Tskl tskl and at his age, tool 3--Hi-Y meeting. Baseball- Nappanee, 8, Elkhart, 5. 4-Tom Wegmiller finds Mr. Kindefs lectures on health rather boring. At least he slept through one today-but then, who couldn't? 5-Joe Dunnuck gives the Hnew versionw of Rip Van Winkle in speech class, or at any rate Washington Irving would never have reco nized it! 3 7-Saturday baseball game. Nappanee, 0, Jamestown, 1. 10-Hi-Y boys, rough initiation last night. New members give home room pro- grams. lt seems that some of the boys are "Deeply in Lovef, C. B. meeting. 11-Lockridge photographer shows pic- tures to Annual Staff---half of which lBig Brothersl were in overalls. Too bad boys-his wife was good looking, too. 12-Another Annual Stall meeting and the Ypsilanti photographer. QNO wife- no contractlj l3-Student Council meeting and also 16 meeting of National Honor Society. -Dave Coppes had better learn to write his letters to out-of-town girls at home -unless, of course, he wants the whole school to know "how much he loves her." 17-5'Sophomore glamour gals" hit a new low-G. B. initiation last night. 19-Senior pictures taken - aren't we handsome and don't we impress the lower classmen?l? 20-More group pictures-Dave Stalnaker seemed to think his only duty was to amuse the Photog's wife. 23-Government class goes to South Bend 2 to General Motoris trial-Ted Field remembered what teacher said about shop-lifting, but not until the clerk reminded her she hadnit paid for that ring! - 4F--Senior pictures arrive - ain't we purty? Purty awful! C. R. meeting. 25--Last day of school for the week- teachers, institute. 30-'Try-outs for cheer leaders. Betty To- bias, Shirley Walters and Jean Ellen Pippen elected. Nice going, kids! 51--Hi-Y meeting and a swimming party tonight. More fun l NOVEMBER : l---My--my-what a mad rush to pre- pare for visiting superintendents! Senator Best gives seniors a courtesy talk-now remember, lquotel "address teachers by Miss, Mrs.. or Mr." lun- quotel. Okay Mr. Best! , FIFTY-SEVEN 614.L'ElVfb ,412 2-Superintendents have arrived! Don't the teachers look nice? Several of them have actually honored the oc- casion by wearing vests! 3-First basketball game of the season. Nappanee, 20, New Paris, 23. 7-Retakes of senior pictures. G. R. meet- ing-Mrs. Seelig gives a very interest- ing talk on college life. 8-If one can judge by the number get- ting excused to go to the "Muck Crops Shown, this school is going to turn out a surplus of "muck farmersf' 10-Student Council meeting. Second bas- ketball game. Who 'sez we haven't got a team?? Nappanee, 25, Roches- ter, 13. 13-By the looks of Annie Mullettis lip, Bob Mellinger had better get that tooth straightened or go easy on the "French angle." 14-Students must study their government as a result of several not knowing council members or mayor of Nappa- nee. fAnd when Mr. Abell was visit- ing, too!!J 16-Now boys, you mustn't tear buttons off the other fellow's sweater! Yarian doesn't like it-at least that sock he took at Coppes seemed to indicate that he doesn't. Coppes in a dazed condi- tion gave this statement to the press- fquotel "It hurt!" funquotel. 17-Whata, game-Nappanee, 31, Bremen, 13. But something should be done about -the Himmodesty of dress" of our players. That rip in Mellingeris pants -tsk! 22-Last day of school. Thanksgiving-- um-mm-mm-mmm-mmmm. 24-Judging by this game, the trainer had better start giving the boys "Carter's Little Liver Pills" for that added "vim, vigor and vitality"! Nappanee, 17g Kendallville, 24. 28-Teeters had an accident in govern- ment class this morning fcould have been quite serious, tool when B. Mel- linger, Byers, and Coppes with a sudden jerk of the chair landed her on the floor. Teet recovered and her statement is, at this time. unprintable. flnserted by stalf.J ' 29--Once again the team shows the old Bulldog spirit! Nappanee, 36, Waka- rusa, 24. FIFTY-EIGHT DECEMBER: 1-Whatta' game! Nappanee, 295 Misha- waka, 27. Will somebody please get Hookey Stuckman a straight jacket- he can't stand another game like this one. 6-"Early to Bed, Early to Rise" given at Community building. 8-Student Council meeting. Nappanee, 22, Riley, 28. 10-Physics class has suddenly developed a great love for music, especially, "Three Blind Mice." 13--Torchy can always count on Coppes to let go with that piece of chalk when Homer is writing out that "yellow slip." My-my, what a little i'Brain- work' can do! 14-Band gives recital at Community building. Also that long anticipated cantata. But Busche, don't you think you miscast those angles?!? 15--Mr. Abell gives government class a talk on school expenditures. With fquotej "the maintenance fund down to 32.47 there can be no more broken windows, radiators, etc." funquotej. Nappanee, 165 Washington, 23. 20-Since it was the last day of school for the year 1939, the Physic's class decided to present "An Apple to the Teacher." But that one good deed won't change that semester exam one bit! . . 22-Another hard fought game ends in de- feat. Nappanee, 30, Goshen, 31. 27-The unscheduled basketball game at Madison. Nappanee, 15g Madison, 21. "Bill, get out that flea powder!" 29-The Wakarusa Indians are again de- feated by Bulldogs. Nappanee, 31, Wakarusa, 25. 31-New Year's Eve-no more need be said. JANUARY: 2--Lonnie Nick is starting the New Year off right--or is he??? After all, it isn't everyone who can get away with kissing his girl back at the library tables, but Nick- one must consider Miss Shively's modesty! 4,1 5.-. G,4.L'8!V.Z 1412 Senior class meeting. And believe it or not - an out-of-town party at Ceyer,s dam! Not only that, but a Leap Year party! KNOW girls, you can foot the bills once!! Nappanee-Mishawaka game almost ended in the lynching of Coach Best, but this was prevented when he re- seated himself with some able assist- ance from Referee Oliver. Nappanee, 26g Mishawaka, 36. 6--Saturday basketball game at Ft.Wayne. 9 Nappanee, 20g Ft. Wayne, 37. -"Stop me if you've heard this one!" Why is it that all these Senior Glam- our Boys havenit got dates for the Leap Year party? Touching, ain't it? 10-Hi-Y meeting and members decide to have a Hi-Y, G. R. party. ll-Returns of Senior "Who's Who" poll are printed! QNow we should have a Senior "Who's Mad at When poll takenlj 12--This game certainly had ample pro- tection by the strong arm of the law I8 state troopers, 2 city copsj. We wonder if, perhaps, Referee Oliver re- quested this? Nappanee, 223 Central, 30. 15-Senior class party postponed until later date. fBasketball men unable to attend because of their defeat.J Gosh! but isn't the coach popular with the girls??? 16-G. R. meeting. New semester and new art teacher. Alright, eh? At least the girls say the new art teacher is alright! 17-Economic's class fthat select group with unusual abilityl get off to a not so good start. Freddie Pletcher re- turns, once more, to these old halls of learning. 19-Came almost postponed due to cold 22-- wave. Nappanee, 343 Mich. City, 36. uPolar Bear Best" opens all windows in Economics class in 18 deg. below zero weather!! Brr-rr-r-rr-r! G. R.- Hi-Y party postponed. 24-Mr. Kern from South Bend Business College talks to Seniors. 26-Nap-Goshen game turns out to be quite a tea party-with Stouder pouring. In fact he only poured in six baskets! Nappanee, 335 Goshen, 31. 30-Noted authority speaks to G. R. on topic of GAS Boys See Us., 6'Do notf' warned lecturer Best, "wear bright red nail polish, a surplus amount of lip- stick and above all --- do not have crooked stocking seams!" 31-Last day for Senior class dues-and- thus comes to an end the first month in the year of 540. FEBRUARY: 1-Mutiny in the Big House---or rather Eng. Lit. class. Ten Seniors Qsulking due to an unpopular assignment! give identical compositions. 2-Special pep session held in assembly. But all this to no avail-Nappanee again bows in defeat to the Blue Blaz- ers. Nappanee, 28, Elkhart, 30. 5-Another wave of opposition to the G'Who's Whoi' column comes in from the east end again! Perhaps we could change the biggest flirt to 't0h Ma, he's makin, eyes at me"! 7-The 5th hour assembly sees some ex- citement when Lamar Metzler and Bob Yarian are removed from their seats and placed upon the stage. 9-The last home game and again the boys meet with defeat. Nappanee, 26g LaPorte, 41. 13-C. R. meeting. Lois Hahn gives poem entitled, "Leap Year Sweethearts," which has created nothing less than a sensation. 14?Well-did everyone get a Valentine? Miss Stephen evidently received her share. 15-Why-oh why, was a certain speech student kicked out of class? Now teacher-mustn,t argue! His papa was in the 4'World Warv not any "Euro- pean War of 1914- to 1918"! 17-Saturday basketball game at Warsaw. Nappanee, 27g Warsaw, 38. QNO com- ment can be made about this game which would not be embarrassing to the team!J 20-Solom Riszk, representative of Read- er's Digest, gives talk to the entire student body. 22-George LWashingtonl Rehrer's birth- day. Fuzz Hollar gets his chin dislo- cated playing noon basketball. FlFTY'NlNE 23- G,4.L'81Vfb 1412 Riley game and Nicodemus really fights! Nappanee, 23g Riley, 38. 27-My! what happy, smiling faces one sees! REPORT CARDS-and isn't Miss Stephen popular?!? 29--Official Sadie Hawkins Day! Lois Em- mert is reported to be swinging a las- so!! First game of tournament. Go- shen defeats Elkhart. MARCH: l--Nappanee defeats Wakarusa. Overtime game! Nappanee, 303 Wakarusa, 28. 2-.limtown bows to Bulldogs, 37 to 23. Concord Minutemen defeat powerful Goshen Redskins and come to finals with Nappanee. Nap wins sectional tournament!! Nap, 27g Concord, 26. Bulldog squad are county champs and will proceed to regional tournament at Plymouth. lt I It I' It Seen at Tourney-"Fuehrer Abell" is given the "Nazi salute" by fans at the south end of the gymnasium. 4--Another Monday but not at all blue. My! everyone looks happy, not ex- cluding Coach Best who is in the best humor anyone has ever seen him. 6-Some of the Seniors attend a conven- tion at Goshen. Basketball team goes to Plymouth to practice. Nick is still on crutches as a result of an injury received in the Concord game. 9-Bulldogs are eliminated in Regional by Rochester, 21 to 26. l 'l l' f l Seen at Tourney-,lean Oyler flirting with out-of-town boys. Ted Fields with her pockets full of candy rabbits. Neterer, Stump and Walters Hselect- ingi' necklaces at the dime store. 12-G. R. meeting. 15-Operetta, "Rings in the Sawdustf' given by chorus class. "Fish" Reed steals the show with his Irish antics. 16-Physic's class has "picnic lunchv dur- ing class period. "Have another sand- wich, Homer?" l7+What's this about "Handel" going to sleep on a date? Shirley must be slippin'! 19-For the first time in history, '6Happy 21 Birthdayv is sung in Bcst's class. "Happy Birthday Beef!" G. R.-Hi-Y party at skating rink. Photog takes pictures of band, basket- SIXTY ball boys and track team. We wonder if you will be able to see any of the basketball team with Coach Best and Trainer "Shanty" Geyer both in the picture! 26-Student Council meeting. Last day of school for the week and then that long anticipated vacation. APRIL: 1-No one attends school. April fool- it's spring vacation! 4---Student Council recommends "College Planw for Seniors making 85 averages. 5-What was the band trying to do in marching rehearsals? Oh- that was an airplane! 9-"College Planv lwith too many addi- tions and correctionsl adopted by faculty. 12--Underclassmen enrolling for next ear's classes. Seniors, don't ou wish Y Y you had another year? 15-Annie Mullettis recitation in Econom- ics class proved qui-te embarrassing to both Annie and Mr. Best. Her topic was, "how to select and purchase beef." 17-Senior committee pick commencement invitations. Senior bulletins are dis- tributed. 20-District band contest at Huntington. 25-Members of Annual Staff are seen run- ning through the halls with wild looks on their faces. That "stuff" has to be gotten in! 27-Biology class goes to Chicago. MAY: 3-State band contest at Whiting. 7-Flash! A last minute scramble for Re- ception dates! Not many to pick from now boys! Those already with dates arenit satisfied!! 12-Flash! Flash! fNews scoop of the yearll Francis Herr has a girl! The lucky little lady-,lean Sheets, 8th grade! !'Francis-ain't you 'shamed'?" 17-"Then night-Junior, Senior Recep- tion! l9-Baccalaureate. - - 23-Commencement ..... and exit the class of Forty. "Good luck to all you kids and my sympathy to the guy who has to write these four pages next year!', M. E. T. M1 9 Peace reigning in Mr. Foulke's 6th hour assembly. Mr. Postma allowing anyone to chew gum in his classes. Mr. Best not saying uabsolutely truew and Hdefinitely so." A basketball team getting through a season without breaking training rules. Mary without Nickg Joe without Wilmag Jo without Copsey! John Mullett, an A student. Fredonna Rice going with the same boy two weeks in a row. Marilyn Pippenger not flirting. Nappanee High School without Charlotte Lamb. Bob Geyer the thin man in the circus. Rosemary Maust not giggling. Mr. White not having an after-school session with one of his students. The faculty without the assistance of Mary Nola. Corny Pletcher a Hollywood glamour boy. Francis Herr a lady's man. An intelligent English Lit. class. Lois Emmert not running after Dick Hall. Carolyn Gentzhorn not wanting to go with the high school hero. Mr. Kinder assuming the dignity of a high school teacher. The assembly platform empty for one day. Frank Yarian--the perfect gentleman. Dave Stalknaker without his red hair and his temper. The Physics class not attempting to perform unheard-of experiments. Mr. Busche remembering everything he ought to do in one day. Coppes and Kurtz not fighting. Gloria De Vaux an old maid. Willis Roose following in his sisteris footsteps. Miss Steven not reprimanding Joe Dunnuck for his Munnecessaryw remarks in Speech class. Harold Holaway not blushing every time anyone speaks to him. Carl Bougher, a model of good citizenship. "Peter" Wegmiller not sleeping in classes. Nappanee High School without the 1940 Napanet! SIXTY-ONE Nob! ANNUAL JUNIOR-SENIOR RECEPTION A May l7 Theme - uMoonlight and Rosesv Program -W '6W'haL We Find in a Rose Carden" BACCALAUREATE METHODIST CHURCH Sunday evening. May 19 at 8:00 P. M. Program March .................................. Miss Barbara Mutschler Praise the Name of the Lord .......................... P. lvanoff High School Chorus Invocation .................................. Rev. J. Floyd Seelig Co Song of Mine.. .................................. Barton Double Sextette Scripture Reading .... ..................... R ev. Harvey Emmert Sermon ........... .................. R ev. Alonzo Nicodemus God is a Spirit .................................. . ...... Scholin High School Chorus Benediction .... ......... ....... ..... R e v . E. S. Mullett COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM COMMUNITY BUILDING Thursday, May 23 at 8:15 P. M. Program Sunbeam Out of Heaven .................... F. Melius Christiansen The Rl uebirds .... Invocation ..... Salutatory ...... A Song of India. Butterfly! Butter Address ........ Hi Ho Sing Gaily Hail Clad Day.. H ' ' ' ' ' 'nigh 'sfCi.'0'0'1' CLLILLQ ' ' ' .........--........ .- yl ...................... Girls Clee Club . . ................ Hon. High School Chorus . . . Leontovich-Krone . .Rev. W. E. Snider .. . . . . .Betty Phend . . .Rimsky-Korsakov . . . . ...Leo Delibes Samuel B. Pettengill . . . . . . .Swiss-Luvaas .Olaf C. Christiansen Valedictory ........................... ..... M ary Nola Roose Presentation of Awards- For Hi-Y ........... .......... L awrence White For American Legion. . . .... Commander Harold Gray For the School ........ ......... S upt. J. A. Abell Presentation of Diplomas .... ...... P rin. G. C. Roose Renediction ............... .... R ev. L. E. Foudy SIXTY-TWO Mary Ball Gerald Banghart Dale Berger George Bock Howard Burkholder Ruby Calbeck Rolbert Clark Lois Conrad Kenneth Copsey Anna Culp Max DeBow Isabelle Doering Junior Dumph Carlyle Frederick Helen Furney Everett Gould James Green Ralph Green Thelma Hahn Donivan Hall Helen Hamman Elva Haney Elener Hochstettcr Dorcas Hoke Dorothy Hoover Frederick Jensen Ralph J erles Tilson King Dora Linn John Lynch Gwendolyn McCormick John Malcolm Robert Malcolm Paul Mellinger Dorothy Metzler Irma Miller Marvin Miller Catharine Mishler Margaret Mountjoy Catherine Mullett Ivadelle Pletcher George Price Robert Rensberger Wade Richmond Evelyn Roose Rosemary Roose Ina Marie Shaeffer Arthur Sharp Marilyn Slagle Virginia Snider Miriam Stahly Glen Stillson Jean Strauss Martha Wagner Paul Weldy Raymond Wise Maurine Wiseman fqlamni 1939 Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester, Ind. Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend. Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Man-chester, Ind. Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Ft. Wayne, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana N appanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Wakarusa, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Muncie, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Wakarusa, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Montpelier, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Ashland, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Terre Haute, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Schultz 5 8z 10 Boston Store Farmer Manchester College Farmer Home Miller Transfer Co. South Bend Bus. College Coppes, Inc. Working Home Mrs. LaMar Peifferle Mulletts Grocery Manchester College Ren Sandwich Shop Coppes, Inc. Ball State Ft. Wayne Business College Rexall Drug Store South Bend Bus. College Davis Plumbing Shop Home Mitchell Real Estate Home Dr. Oyler B Sz O Railroad La Fevre Electric Shop Huffman Bakery Home Huffman Bakery Indiana Central Farmer Post Graduate, Nappanee Farmer Beauty Shop Mrs. Clarance Mishler Home Rexall Drug Store Ball State College South Bend Bus. College Mrs. Ray Muffley Indiana University Notre Dame Ulines Ren Sandwich Shop Goshen College Home Metzler Shoe Store Home Mrs. Joe Applewhite Home Ashland College Dr. Slabaugh Oflice Nappanee Telephone Off. State Teachers College E. V. Publishing House Rexall Drug Store SIXTY-THREE Q Hill and his rzssel . . . Yrzrinn, and Yarinn .... f 4nothPr Pippvn . . . B and B after the tourney . . . Out our way. Bank Zzawa VARSITY BASKETBALL THE PLAYERS OUTSTANDING GAMES 2ND TEAM BASKETBALL BASEBALL A TRACK TENNIS C. A. A. NOON BASKETBALL 1' ' I fig :Af ff 51 I ff ,fffv I I if 1 dw-w First Ruff: Richard Pippen, Frank Yarian, Devon Hall, Ray Bean, Robort Mellingvr Lowell McCuen. lim-lr Hovzr: Robert Geyer, z1ss't mgr., Carlyle Tobias, Robert Stump, Chaz-les Nye Fletcher, Lalnar Stoumlcr, Joe llunnuck, Alonzo Nicoclemus, Coach Wayne Host. Wafzfulfaf Eadkellfalf N ll 9 llASlil'l'llllAl,l. Slflll'llJlll.l'l Nov. 3 Nc-w Paris Ill l:0l'llQ'Slf'l' I7 lin-llwll 2l lie-mlullville 29 V4 ukurusu Dec. l Misllawaka 2-l liiley. S. ll. l5 Washington. S. 22 tl0Sllflll 27 lllzulison 29 xXlL1l'iiiI'llS2l an. 5 lVlislluwaka1 ln N. S. l"l. wayne I2 llvntrul. S. li. I0 lwlflllgllll llily 21, flosllc-n IR-ll. 2 lflklnalrl fl l.aporle l 7 Wu rszl w 23 lliley. S. ll. SIXTY-SIX lS'l' 'l'lfAlNl Nap. 20 25 252 l7 30 29 Q2 l 6 30 l 5 30 26 20 22 IH, 33 30 26 27 23 Upp. 23 l Ii l Ii 2-'l 2 If 27 29 23 3 l 2 l 26 30 37 30 S40 Jil 32 kll 258 43 v Olliciuls Flllli'f5lIi1W llurtff- lfink Pvllllvys llerkey f-Veller Tziylor liridvr lierkcy fVeller Anglemeycr-llyers Slli1Wf fllliver lllxuncller Smith Pelllcys Scllunlackc-rA-l.aml1ert Oliver --Lamlwrl llroweAl'lrnie Sllawfllliver Yurnellevllaunl lvllffllllff' -flfikholl Cookf- Mclflure Armlt4Wood Crowe-f-Voller llurt 'Lumlwrl 7!aef7Zaqai4.. RAY BEAN "Beanie', "Beanie" is one of our faster players. His ability to make set and one-handed shots gave him his well-deserved place on the team. Ray is a Senior this year. JOE DUNNUCK "Dunk, Well known, is Joe, by the Nappanee fans as one of our best offensive players. Win- ning the Goshen game in the last few seconds is typical of ,loeis playing. Joe will also graduate. DE VON HALL uRabbit" Being the smallest man on the team has in no way handicapped "Rabbit". Speed and ability to think quickly characterizes him. De Von will be lost by graduation. LOWELL MCCUEN "Gunn "Cut's,' ability to sink long shots well earned him a regular position on the first five. Only a Junior, "Cut" will have another year of basketball. ROBERT MELLINGER "Bohn His ability to score when placed in the game has made "Bob" well known to the fans as a reliable and dependable player. '4Bob', also leaves the school by graduation. ALONZO NICODEMUS "Nick" Playing best on defense, "Nick" also came through with his share of the points. Being one of the heaviest men on the teamraided him in being a valuable guard. "Nick" is a Senior. ' RICHARD PIPPEN "Bones', Pip has proven to be the backbone of the team. Although being handicapped by his knee, he was one of the speediest and very good on defense. He is a ,lunior and will play next year. CHARLES PLETCHER "Corny,' The main thing "Corny" was noted for this year was his last few minutes of play in each game. He could be depended on for at least two baskets. It is too bad the school loses him this year. LAMAR STOUDER "Club,' The position of center was usually filled by 6'Club", who played the position very well. The latter part of the year, LaMar improved his shots and aided the team in winning. "Club', is also a Senior. FRANK YARIAN "Handle" ' "Handle,' came through when ever needed. One of the most conscientious boys in obey- ing training rules. His ability to score on left-handed shots always put his name on the score sheet. Frank is a Senior. SIXTY-SEVEN MISHAWAKA 27 NAPPANEE 29 One of the outstanding victorious games which the Bulldogs played this season. The team gained a long lead in the first half, only to have the Maroons creep up to within one point of the Bulldogs in the third quarter. However the Naps held the lead and a little more to end the game with a two point lead. GOSHEN 31 NAPPANEE 33 The most exciting game of the season was played in Coshen's gymnasium with a crowd of 1800 spectators. The Redskins outplayed the Bulldogs for the entire first half only to col- lapse during the third quarter. Stouder seemed to wax hot for he swished four straight long shots. This semed to demoralize the Redskins. In the fourth quarter Hoogenhoom made sev- eral shots to bring them within range of the Naps. Finally with 9 seconds of play left, l-loogenboom made a foul shot to tie the game. Out of the scramble came the ball sailing to- ward the Nap goal. Dunnuck seemed to be waiting for it because he picked it out of the air and with an amazing side shot cinched the game for the Bulldogs. ELKHART 32 NAPPANEE 30 This game was the worst defeat of the season because of the lead the Naps had all during the first half only to falter in the third quarter after having the lead of twelve points. Finally receiving a defeat of two points the Bulldogs were amazed to have lost such a game to their worst rival. THE 1940 SECTIONAL AND REGIONAL The Nappanee Bulldogs entered the Semi-Finals of The Sectional Tourney in the contest with Jamestown, which they defeated by a score of 27 to 23 in a fast and furious game for which the ,limmies deserve all credit for the game they played. Upon the defeat of the Jim- mies, the Naps went to the finals to play the Concord Minutemen. This was the outstanding game of the tourney ending with a score of 27 to 26 in favor of the Bulldogs to sew up the tourney for them, for the first time since l935. Luck to you in the year to come from the Class of '4-0. The Bulldogs were put out of the Regional in the first game played, bowing to the Ro- chester team. In the evening however the Zebras bowed also to the Riley Wildcats who won the tourney. SIXTY-EIGHT v Nov Dec. HII. 'elm Back Row: Wayne Best, coach. Willis Roose, Harold Copsey, Carlyle Tobias, Hobart Johnston, Robert Stump, Rollan Sponseller, Robert Geyer, mgr. First Row: David Johnson, Kenneth Kiefer, Gerald Bigler, Pat Doyle, James Ellis Miller, Bernard Stouder. Secancf '7eam Eaakeidall N. H. S. l3ASIiICTIIAI,I, SCHIfIJI,1I,I'l ZND TICAM INap. Opp. Ullieizlls . EI New Paris I2 2I Flllli-'-SIIHXN 10 Rochester il I2 Walters f I'hiIIips I7 Bremen 2-I 2I VI alters-2 --Moore 2-I Kendallville It! 27 Iierky---Veller 29 Wakarnsa I8 ICI Geyer' f-Walters I Misllawaka 9 I I Ileyer-Hwazlters 3 Hiley. S. H. In I5 Viialters--Phillips I5 Washington. S. li. I5 II Oliver -Shan' 22 Goshen I9 253 Vlallers-ffl'I1iIIips 27 Illadison Twp. 29 I2 Peflleys 29 Viakarnsa F3 I 28 I.timI7CTIf'Sf'Illlllliitfli 5 Mishawaka I0 2l Uliverf -Walker 0 N S. Ift. Wayne I7 I9 Crowe' 'Ifrnie 12 Central, S. B. I9 23 Sllawe-Ulixer I9 Michigan City ISI 29 fitllllllivllflllillff 26 Goshen IQI- 235 McClure-l'1icl1ofI 2 Elkhart I6 29 Walters V V Geyer 9 Laporte I3 2I Arridt-f-Wood I7 Warsaw I4 20 Crouve- -Veller 23 Ililey. S. H. I4 I6 I16lllSffI.I2llTlIK?l'I SIXTY-NINE Cl' 1 Front Row: David Stalnaker, Lowell McCuen. Ser-om! Hou-: Mr. Roose, Max Weaver, Marshall Hoffer, Alonzo Nivcodemus, Bernard Stouder, Frank Yarian, Coach Schuler. 'l'l1.i'r1l How: Harold Ccpsey, Lamar Stouder, Joe llunnuck, Ray Bean N. H. S. BASEBALL SHEDULE ll'1tI.l. or l9fS9l QSPRING or l91-01 Nap. Upp Apr. I2 Bremen H 9 l Sept. 7 Concord H I0 4 16 RHQY- S' B- T 5 , l2 Nliddleluury T 44 3 w2EnEshart I S B Eg 7' - H- Millerslnlrg T 7 8 22 Iiigxjn' ' ' T i i I0 tilkmfl H IU 0 30 Washington, S. B. H -f - 20 Concord T 5 fl May 3 Laporte H .. - 26 Bristol H 7 5 7 Laporte T f f 28 Jefferson T ISS 0 10 lmey: S' Ii: H '- ' oct. za lfllfhart '1' zz 5 "HY if i j 7 JWH'f'W" T I 2 I7 Central. S. H. T -N f 24 Washington. S. B. T ff f 25 Culver Mil. Acad. T - - Sl-IYENTY Back Row: Frank Yarian, llavid Johnson, Max Postma, Bernard Stouder, Richard Counts, Everett Rummel, Bill Muntz, Bob Yarian. Second Row: Richard Best, Robert Stump, Robert Kinsey, Donald Stoops, Billy Web- ster, Willis Roose, Gerald Bigler, Ray Bean, Lisle Roose, Coach Wayne Best. First Row: Carlyle Tobias, Harold Copsey, Mervin Miller, James Ellis Miller, Hobart Johnston, Charles Nye Pletcher, Lowell McCuen. April Us May 'Www 7am N. H. S. TRACK SHEDULE Wakarusa . . . . Lakeville ........ . . . Freshman-Sophomore . . . llounty Meet ....... ,limtown-Concord .. Angola-Goshen .. Conference . . . Sectional . . . At . . . Wakarusa . .. . Lakeville . .. .Goshen . . . .Goshen . . .Nappanee . . . .Goshen . .. lilkhart . . . .Elkhart SEVENTY-ONE IV:-mfr Roux' Lamar Motzler, Willard Hoover, Robert Mellingor. Ifurlf Rm:-: Mr. Kinder, Pat lloylo, Robert Stump, Richard Pippen. 76l'tItlZ- 7eam lN. ll. 5. TICNNIS SllHliDUl.l, N-pl. 'P Nllldllglilll Lily . . . I2 boslivn ...... li 1 1-lilrzil. 5. ll.. . IU liilm-y. 5. ll. . Zl llkilzlrl . .. Url. 2 llisliaixsuku ... i l.ziporlc- . .. Sl-IX liYl'N -'HKU D -1 fl ll 5 I f- J 5 5 I ' fa Zifaqne "Beef" Bed! Q We, the Class of 6g40',, do extend to Wa ne Beef Best. best wishes for man Y Y more successful and victorious coaching years. Em Glam .fealefu - The cheerleaders chosen this year by the student body were Shirley Walters, Betty Tobias, and Ellen Jean Pippen all of the Freshman class. These girls have served us very faithfully throughout the year. The girls have created a renewed interest in cheering the team on, with their new yells, gymnastics, and contagious pep and vigor. Slucfen! Malayan The Manager this year was Vllillard fBillJ Miller. The duty of the Student Manager is taping and wrapping strained ligaments and pulled tendons, taking care of balls, suits, and all other equipment, and this year Bill tossed the dog house around. Assistant Manager was Robert tShant Ge er. It seems that if there was anv c y Y , dirty work to be done, it feel to "Shanty" to do it. To these two we give due credit. SEVENTY-THREE First Hou-: Janice Huff, Charlotte Slabaugh, Norma Sechrist, ltonnabelle Huffman, Elizabeth Tobias, Maxine Weaver, Peggy Stahly, Jean Rensberger, Riosemary Brown, Bernice Johnson, Norma Hartman, Irene Tobias, Rosemary Martin. Sm-mul Row: Corabelle Shaum, Lillian Sechrisit, Betty Phend, Lois Wagner, Marilyn Stahly, Carolyn Gentzhorn, Ardean Stull, Betty Miller, Joan Mellinger, Jcan Harter, Mary Ellen Netercr, Ellen Jean Pippen, Betty Tobias, Margaret Sechrist, Shirley Walters, Helen Stump, Francis DeBow. Third Row: Charlotte Shaum, Wilma Nettrouer, Norma Baker, Georgia Hoffer, lloro- thy Malcolm, Arlene Bigler, Jeanne Alice Mishler, Benny Sue Blackburn, Josephine Mullett, Jean Oyler, Carol Hahn, Darlene Haney, Ruby Holaway, Elenor Phend, Mae Muntz, Miss Hoover. lf'o:o'Ih How: Ada Culp, Mary Ann Fox, Marilyn Richmond, Elsie Bougher, Vcrda Longfield, Betty lleF1-ees, Norma Belle Best, Olive Huff, Eilene Madlem, Anna Mae Reed, llonnabelle Sheets, Phyllis Sechrist, Virginia Swihart, Isabelle Rens- hf-rgcr, Phyllis Kurtz. lf'if'ln Row: Virginia Holaway, Ruby Harter, Ruby Lynch, Esther Huffman, Mabel Richer, Jane McFall, Jane Slabaugh, Julia George, Jeanette Slaibaugh, Eloise Stahly, Erma Jean Hollar, Ruby Berkeypile, Vivian Postma, Kathryn Harte", Anna Ruth Mullett, Joy Hoffer, Lois Muntz, Maxine Hershberger, Verda Hepler. Q. fl. 4. The tlirlis Athletic Association. organized in l93l. gives the high school girls ll rliavn-0 to uin monograms in sports. The fDirl's inter lilass Tourney. sponsored hy the C. A. A. was won hy the seniors. There are six sports in the cluh: basketball. hasehall. volley hall. track. tennis. hiking and the newly added sport. bicycling. A girl must participate in all sports in order to gain points. When l5ll points are ohtained. she receives her NHS monogram. After earning this she is entitled to lvny a larger six inch N monogram. SEYENTY- l-'Ol ' R Noon Ba-dkelfdall '7eama Seniors Don Johnston - Capt. Harold Holaway Norman Metzler George Rehrer Dave Stalnaker Robert Arnott Ralph Hollar Howard Miller Sophomores Bill Webster - Capt. Lisle Roose Wlillard Hoover Stanley Farrington Bill Henley Lowell Gardner Earl Holderman Paul Clouse Richard Counts F. F.A. Mervin Miller - Capt. Bill Muntz Lamar Clouse Junior Frenger Dick George Everett Hummel Charles Pletcher Olen Stutzman Howard Kurtz Francis Herr funiors Wilfred Wise - Capt Dick Avenmarg Lamar Metzler Robert Yarian Joe Richer Tom Housouer John Doyle Gerald Thomas Max Weaver Freshmen Max Postma - Capt. Louie Hare James Carl Miller Richard Silberg Billy Metzler Dewey Hall Paul Huffman Max Hollar Robert Fowler Dewey Housouer All Stars Oliver Stutzman James Newcomer Tom Wegmiller Raymond Miller Bob Cleveland Kenneth Harter Owen Hepler Marshall Holfer SEVENTY PIVE Calf-her In pitchflr . . . llnngvrf . . . Nf'ff'ff'f arm' Strzhllx . . . lillllllfllfhll . . . Bittv and Bittier . . . Watch the birdiv Book awe THE SENIOR CLASS WISH- ES TO THANK EACH FIRM THAT HAS CONTRIBUTED TOWARD MAKING THIS A MORE SUCCESSFUL AN- NUAL. YOU CAN HELP THE F U T U R E CLASSES BY PATRONIZING THESE FRIENDS OF THE SCHOOL. NAP PANEE ADVANCE-NEWS Published in Nappanee for Nappanee people and with the interest of Nappanee SCHOOL SUPPLIES JOB at heart. PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES AYLOR' HOME STORE AND MARKET "Home of Little Elf Foods" FRESH AND CURED MEATS SI-VI-NTY I-IK HT PHONE 149 Visit RODIN'S RECORD DEPT. Largest in Michiana DECCA VICTOR COLUMBIA BLUEBIRD VOCALION BRUNSWICK Records from 35c Large Stock of record accessories. Electric Machines R O D I N a S 9 Listening Booths 132 N. Michigan SOUTH BEND Economy Market Miller Service Station Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS M E A T S WASHING - GREASING Pl'0I'llpt Deliveries Ph0l16 78 S A M B O U R N E 01fU7l6'f E. Market St. Phone 212 Home Furnishings - Home Appliances PLETCHER Furniture Co. Telephone 62 N APPANEE, INDIANA "The Furniture City of Northern Indiana" SIMMONS BEDDING - MAYTAG WASHERS SEVENTY-NINE NUNEMAKER FOOD A, H, KAUFMAN SHOP ee COMPANY Phone 61 LL ,AKA G E N E R A L WE DELIVER UWT,-WL S T O R E ONE OF LIFE'S MILESTONES- GRADUATION WE HAVE CLOTHED YOU BEFORE YOU REACHED THAT MILESTONE . . . . LET US CONTINUE TO CLOTHE YOU AFTER YOU HAVE PASSED IT. Sam'l Spiro Sf Co. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA COX J. R. Arnott 6? Son Coal fi Lunlber CO. Real Estate and Insurance A Wisler Building COAL - LUMBER and NAPPANEE - INDIANA B U I L D E R S' S U P P LIE S "Insurance with Service" PIC HTS Miller Lumber Es? Coal Co. COMPLETE HOMES NEW PLANS - LOW PRICED Phone 137 I Serve Yourself MULLETT'S SAVE-WAY FOOD MARKET "The Best For Less Always and All-ways" Compliments of Hadley Dress Shop - The New Store for - LADIES AND YOUNG GIRLS STILLSON' Men's and Boys' Wear Home of BOTANY TIES INTERWOVEN SOCKS EMERSON HATS Qigfli Drycleaning and Pressing Compliments of HOWARD PRIC KETT W FARM 81 CITY PROPERTY MORTGAGE LOANS GENERAL INSURANCE 112 East Market St. Phone 218 EIGHTY-ONE NORTH END SERVICE Compliments Dealers Distributors -I' Slabaughv M' D' Phillips Petroleum Products Lee Tires L' M' Slabaugh' M' D' KENNETH CULP - CARL HOFFER Phone 66 JOHN McCORMICK Progressive Shoe Shop H. B. RICHMOND, Prop. Hi-Grade Fuels - Whiting Stokers 107 W. Market St, Builders, Supplies MODERN SHOE REPAIRING Edison Mazda Lamps So. Madison St. Phone 394 Electrical Supplies Nappanee, Indiana Phone 174 1-IARTZLER MOTOR co. Authorized sums smvzox FORD CARS FORD TRUCKS MOBILOIL GAS Sz OIL - WASHINGSLGREASING East on U. S. 6 NAPPANEE INDIANA Isl! HTY TW! The Quality Print Shop "Where Good Pr FRANK Compliments LeFevre Electric S Nappanee's Exclusive Electric Sto Westinghouse Distributor Phone 59 Lontracting - Repairing - Applianc 151 South Main N APPANEE, INDIANA A. REHRER, Prop. OP f 5 6' CS f 1 7' . . r 3 gl." Lllll, ,"'-1 l -W: yr: If' :V Ik? ,1,Aj :Jp lm I 14' "" ' " - X llllvl TN' A ""1 . f ff llfllllw , W ' ff' ' fix lf,, Q' w M QXX I Aw: ' full ll llxu X W Save With Kroger Store A Telephone irzting is Done" 1101010201: Courtesy - Quality - Service FLOYD KAUFFMAN, Mgr. O O Shell Service Station Goodyear Tires Market 8: Clark Phone 318 JOE KAUFMAN 5555 NAPPANEE TELEPHONE COMPANY l FICHTY THREF "DRINK MILK FOR HE'ALTH'S SAKEU NAPPANEE DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK - CREAM - ICE CREAM - CHEESE - BUTTER PHONE 490 Good for 3 Generations QUALITY FAMILY FLOURS And Cereals Made by NAPPANEE MILLING COMPANY Poultry - Hog - Dairy Feeds THAT ARE Superior - Eflicient - Economical Oorsages for the NEW GRADUATE Coffee Shop G 0 0 Dax E A L S Nappanee Greenhouse G 0 0 D B E D S Telephone No. 156 PIFHTY l' lR This breakfast set was the sensation of the show held in the American Furniture Mart in Chicago during January. The distinctly new and modern design with the Queen Ann legs and new style top gives this set a unique and enviable distinction. Throughout these 64 years the main objective of COPPFIS, Inc. has been to create and develop new ideas in Kitchen Furniture of excellent quality at fair prices. Now in 1940 more than ever before, NAPANEE Breakfast and Kitchen Furniture stands out. You certainly can't blame any woman for preferring the smartness and beauty of the 19410 NAPANEE Breakfast and Kitchen Furniture for either a new home or for modernizing an old one. COPPES NAPANEIC Breakfast and Kitchen Furniture may be seen on display at the PLIC'l'Cl-IRR FURNITURE CO. in Nappanee. Manufacturers since 1876 NAPPANEE - INDIANA ICICHTY-I-'IYI-L Compliments Compliments of of Chevrolet Garage , Ren Sandwlch Shop Frank Reed Willard Reed 160 West Mmket Compliments of Cgmplimentg SYLER Ei SYLER Of Home of GAM BLE STORES S U R E W A Y F E E D S Coronado Appliances and HIGH QUALITY COALS L- A- KING, PWD- THE DECIDING FACTOR IN BUYING IS TO GET QUALITY AND SERVICE-ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR ABOUT OUR SERVICE AND QUALITY. -WE CLEAN DAILY - Service Cleaners 8: Dyers PHONE 16 - NAPPANEE F. M. STIRMAN A. VV. TRIGG I-ICHIN IK STATE BANK OF NAPPANEE W Your Banking Business Is Appreciated SHIVELY'S Hardware - Dry Goods - Furniture NAPPANEE'S DEPARTMENT STORE L t us supply your needs. Compliments of FAIRY THEATER W. C. KOHLHORST, Prop. Mast Auto Wrecking General Repairing Service Gl ss Replaced G PHILLIPS 66 - Ol Ol' F m Equipment N pp I d' Ph L361 Stauffer Grain Co. QUALITY COAL GRAIN - FEED CUSTOM GRINDING Compliments of Mutschler Brothers Company NAPPANEE, INDIANA GEORGE L. LAMB, Inc Manufacturers ' Screens - Desks - Costumers 1 and Venetian Blinds i, A NAPPANEE, INDIANA, U. s. A. Let us liven UP Y0ur home with 100 92 PERFECT VENETIAN BLINDS j A M I Inszlft on 'iCAMB" Venetian Blinds :t11:2 Compliments of NAPPANEE LUMBER Ei MFG. GO. Manufacturers of FOLDING CARD TABLES FOLDING CHAIRS HIGH CHAIRS BABY CRIBS SUMMER FURNITURE Distinctive Furniture by Nappanee EIGHTY-NINE F. N. HASCALL CO. GOSHEN Interior Decorating WALL PAPERS CARPETS - DRAPERIES A EVERYTHING A Drug Store Should HAVE C. W. JOHNSON 81 SON "On the Square" The Store of Friendly Service Buy Shoes the New Way v , v " A Gotham F y - Hosiery f 1 3 Eg Electric Shoe Repairing nf: lg STUCKMAN'S 5 H O E SHOES I: I TT I N G- Dr. Geo. L. Oyler DENTIST QQ PHONES: Office 251 Residence 434 Nappanee, Ind. NINI-ITY HATFIELD 6? HOSTETT ER EXE Ilkni and Boys' Vwar QQ NAPPANEE, INDIANA E. NEWCOMER EG? SON Jewelers and Optometrists EXTEND A cordial invitation to inspect their store on South Main Street where a complete line of jewelry and gift articles for every oc- casion will be found When in GOSHEN visit T H E O L Y PI CANDY KITCH for Delicious HOME-MADE CANDIES AND ICE C DAINTY LIGHT LUNCHES Corner Main and Clinton Streets A N REAM Phone 519 GOSHEN Est. 1913 H A R T E R ' Sporting Goods RETAILERS OF FINEST SPORTIN GOODS G IN NORTHERN INDIANA GOSHEN, INDIANA 'NINETX 'Nl O. N. LENTZ Walters Drug Store Dentist WALL PAPER X-RAY DRUGS - STATIONERY Nappanee Indiana 108 S. Main St. Phone 15-1 PHONE 144 Compliments of City Electric Company Drs Price 89, Price IVAN P. MILLER OFFICE AND HOSPITAL Proprietor X-RAY LABORATORY Willard A. Price, M.. D. 152 N. Main St. Tel. 18 Douglas W. Price, M. D THE B Ei' B AND HOME CAFES W Sizzling Steaks and Fried Chicken im NAPPANEE, INDIANA NNT DR. C. S. KAHLER Complimentsof DENTIS1- WEGMILLI-ER'S 5c T0 51.00 STORE X-RAY Featuring Phone 172 5c - 31.00 Merchandise The VITREOUS STEEL PRODUCTS CO. wishes you SUCCESS But we want to remind you that our wishes will be of little help. According to the law of averages most of you will fail. However, at this time of life your future is in your hands. The rules for success are easy-but they must be followed. 0. D. DAVIS LOUDERMI.LK'S Home Modemizer HUME APPLIANCES Sheet Metal and Plumbing W6 Sp60'illl'l:26 in all k'i'I'I,dS h t' . 154 East Market st. of ea my D U R D See Us- Softeners 81 Pumps to your advantage. NINETY-THREE "It's Smart To Buy For Less" AT THE BOSTON STORE NAPPANEE, INDIANA Ready to Wear Widmoyer 8: Walters The Home of Quality Meats, Home Smoked Hams and Bacon a Specialty. PHONE 53 SOUTH MAIN Millinery Shoes Ladies' Furnishings PIPPENGER'S Dry Goods SERVICE STATION Men's Kz Boys' Furnishings Phone 17 Gulf Products PHONE 461 Washing and Greasing OT HER'S BREAD mm THE FRESHEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE LINE OF BAKERY PRODUCTS IN NORTHERN INDIANA. H FFMAN BAKERY NINETY-l4'Ol'lI DEL XE OTOR SALE DESo'ro AND PLYMOUTH I Iv ,if SALES - SERVICE Y, W SINCLAIR GAS Sz OIL KENDALL 8: QUAKER STATE OIL U. S. TIRES EDW. LIENHART Ed SONS FURNITURE ,- A RUGS 8z CARPETING i,,T 59f5 ' 5 ? ' R FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS GLOBE STOVES if and 1' 'I MAYTAG WASHERS 5' U gy "A Good Place to Shop" WAKARUSA - TEL. 71 NINETY-FIVE PLETCHER MOTOR COMPANY BUICK - OLDSMOBILE JOHNSON SEA HORSE -- FRIGIDAIRE SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 118 Compliments of THE OHIO OIL MILLERS' GROCERY Save Every Day Thru The I. G. A. Phone 415 We Deliver Phone 96 O. E. CHRISTNER, M gr. Motor Repair Service That Must have YOUR "OK" Glen Geyer's Garage Nappanee, Ind., on U. S. 6. PHONES: Day - 245 Night - 477 W. C. BEST EE? SON HOME DRESSED BEEF, PORK, VEAL AND LAMB Phone 71 NINETY-SIX THE YODER EE Daily trips to Elkhart Parker Pens Whitmanis Chocolates 0? Eastman Kodaks Buses for Special Tours Toilet Articles New and Used Bicycles Wall Paper Repairing QM Dunham 81 Love TELEPHONE 211 PHONE 45 Compliments of George Freese's Sons me Manufacturers of FREESELAND CREAMERY BUTTER and FREESELAND ICE CREAM N appanee, Indiana NINFTY SEX FIN . A. MILLER NAPPANEE - GOSHEN - ELKHART Authorized PONTIAC Sales 81 Service "4-OO for '4-O" BRIGGS DUBOIS, Nappanee, Mgr. 152 West Walnut St. Phone 393 COmplimentg Compliments of of M. C. H AHN Heating Engineer E' Heating e6 Air Conditioning Equipment Lawyer GENERAL PLUMBING Calbeck Oil Co. Dealers in HIGH GRADE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Nappanee, Indiana Phone 247 'VINFTY HCI-II' Schultz Bros. Co. Featuring 5c to 31.00 Merchandise on .T...i New Maust Bldg. Nappanee, Ind. Compliments of R. A. Fleetwood, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Compliments of Owen B. Leonard Attorney at Law Jesse T. Mitchell Justice of the Peace Real Estate - Loans - Insurance 208 E.ast Market St. Phone 290 Nappanee, Indiana Metzler Shoe Co. FLORSHEIM Sz CROSBY SQUARE For Men TREADEASY, AIR TRED, HUGTITES and PARIS FASHION For Ladies Compliments of Pontiac Engraving Co. Chicago, Illinois NINETY-NINF PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of E. V. PUBLISHING HOUSE Printers - Publishers - Office Supplies Napp anee, Indiana - - - THE 1940 ANNUAL STAFF WISHES THAT SUCCESS MAY CROWN THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE STAFF OF THE 1941 "NAPANET" - - - There would be some mighty surprised people IF .............. 4'Pip,' would really quit '5Confidence.,, Biddy Arnott had his Economics. Gloria came to school without make-up. Teet didnit come to school in the uStage- coach." Betty Phend didnit have her Sunday night date with Club. What is the difference between a kiss and a sewing machine? "One sews seams good, and one seems so good." Miss Stephens: "The Chinese travel in junks. Does anyone know what a junk is ?" "Dunk": "Yeah! Byer's NTU. Club Stouder: "You are the breath of my life." Betty Phend: "Then hold your breath for a while." Freshmen .... .... G rassy Sophomores .... .... S assy Juniors .... .... B rassy Seniors . . . ....... .... C LASSY An intelligent girl is one who knows how to refuse a kiss without being deprived of it. When it comes to automobile parties, a machine is only as fast as the people in it .................... "The 'Chevy' rattles along pretty fast sometimes, doesn't it Teet?" Miss Shively fshylyj: "Give me a box of powder." Clerk: 'cYessum ......... Bug, flea, rat, roach, gun, or face?" While singing uBeer-Barrel Polka" in Home Room Program .......... Carl B. pipes up: "Spent 810 on that." Bob Mellinger: 6'On the song?" English Literature Class ........ Miss Stephen: HFrank, what was the Mermaid Tavern?7, Handel: "I don't know, but it sounds like something under water." Mrs. Teeter: 'GMary, did that young Canger bring you home last night?" Mary: HYes mother, did the noise dis- turb you?" Mrs. Teeter: "No, it wasn't the noise, it was the silence." Barber looking at Biddy Arnotts sleek hair asked if he wanted it cut or just the oil changed. ONE HUNDRED ONE ,afdfvwffw Qzma m 1 U' '55-fm ' r 2:55. Q 1",1?':'f' H',""wwv ,z V - -'mf - W' , at If., 4,.." 5 '- '52-v L fvsv' Q-'ww - 1-.1:f'A-.5523 5- I g v A v V I ...V ' - x . ,, A-I' .sj K. ,sg - x , 1 4 K Nfrl 'lm ., -.h ff, A .i., , , ififlliqzci . 's ' 175' '11"'6,'.s ,f H Q5 v Qw.x,4 , 4 .fr-. J. v - .QL 1 v , 4 Jaw, , 1. 4 . fi ,, G W-Q nazi? ' ,L- Y X r-1: ' V X.. , V 1 2, w' ,i ,, . ...M , , . wh., ff ..,. Q- . X, ,mi . Aw Q ,, nf 'w 4 z ,-A, X vi ,af A am - 1 , "-A154 VN-",g'v 434 Q , , .'kl4J'A: x vw . , 1 ' r."1X,4- , -. y . 5., :F ., IQ... , pl. ,i -- rg .. 4 x ,+. ,l I--H .3--Xin..-,- Sw x ,W - Y L WW fiiliead ' 'ivy' ' "EYE,-A ZF 'Z , 3'-.AH L L A , q . Q- Tiix-,nw -if -,Af , 1. t , gg. n 3 k,,k if A - rw. .q'f4- ,N Q- 1 ' , " ,wg :fr ax, , f A5 N ,f . .ip-F"f61,i. Q 1, 'O fix. -- 7. , , ,rw , A '4 Q. , ' , '- ,wf.,. " 1' , 'fx' r --,,,! .I 71, , kfekyh W "j,-vf-:'- ,1- , , " su, . f, - , , I ' ' V1 4 A ... Fw- V ' af'- ' I . E -,, 'H ,.,r ' L-'in ? , I W .,4, QQ, w .- ' H,,l,,,,, ,IV H :ew 'il- Je Ri . W K . Q K- . NL W I 4 1-mf, ., r A ,3,:,, Q. if ,z - A31 1 gh AQ, 7. F-.Q F , "'f" ' :' ,L 'iff ' : , " " T'A , , -- 'L -- , .- ,. .A ,,,. I K " ' 1. .7 . , 1 . 'P '.:,' r - A , r 5 ,. ,. q ' nl, . , gf- Q . - 'Q . . b 3 . .4 ... I . .EPI 2 az W - f - " 1 , - 14, " ,fin- ,. .4 . Iv . ,.7h ' egg fit. " 'ff 9 M, . . Q I .g r 1,3 1' " f 'Q 1 I, g , .,. :Y , .,, , X 4 , I ' Y .. , -vw 3. , -1 A - f1qf?'. f- f ..v-If ., :ig,1,v vw 5 v. ,A , ' LA: -1 I ' 1 , ' 1 ' ,vwUV,f .7 - pig V K b ,"7."'1'f':t.I-' ' 1 .- - , -A A. 1' 2 Q .fy , , ' fs- ft 1' ax . ,V V .xr .Q, 4' .4 -.0 .'. ,. ' ,nv-V... ,A . . if ,r ' V vy, ' , ' .. Xa , .. . ' 4 .mf . ' . M, . if - 5: .u " T, , . 3 5' ' . ' , VV "fi-7 'fs fx 4 ' sw., , Y - ' 'M L I avi, ' ,4J,. A Q ,H 9 A A ':i'.:3, ., ' A if . , ' ,a . . J., Q I ff vi,-'Jr - V . S., , QQ.- A if ffz A .,, ,. 'Pt' ' 1 1 K ,, 4, hs A u . 5 w-- .4 '? 'Wy rj' FA, ' ,wlil 3 , .M 2 A -Pi' ,J-A , .A. . . r-.' W I , i 1 .X:-y..,', , Hn.-r'4'1.. ,, a Y -X-1m ..1-. 4. .. .,.. L ,3- 1 '.- - , M ' 1-'F 1. " ' A 3 W 1 Q , ' ' ' v. Q . ,Q ' ' Q , ' , ' vel 'tc .af ' ' s 1 - ' 1 ,, 2. ...,.J'..A.9:'g,!. 1 , V k ' ' ' f .Al x . 1 .1 fb 1 2,5-V ,v JVWETQQ ... .- fi Iv, 1 N .1 . k I I +V w y, L, , :N ,I L- , 5,5 2.2, 1. s '.'vQ'gl!,l,,g,if5,v T' 1 Q ., 3421. ,,'E'!,.',i'i-'-1- 'Af' W 1... .,, R Q-.1 aa ' ' W.-. . , fgvlk , . ' ', , - xxx X ,,,. V .My S? My + W , . .. X A yi" - ' 'P ' ' , 1 ' A 1 ., ' 4 .N k A ' .qv A f Q 1 4' . A 94 'ni' A - f I 3: as 'fy 1 A ' 2 N wf 3 . di, ', x X -A M., .. - . , Y J L ey' . 'I a -s 1 ' 1 ,t . F" a. M . ' ' "' ' .2 f ,. - . . , . . . , . Q Q .v . uf' 15.7. ', 4 rw. 1' ' .P : - . , , , 4.5 U2 , "if M s. ' Ai UW' """lf'-7",'-' I .' ' . X., 4- - T8 J ' , 1... , . 1, 4- A -1 53 , 1 L L. x - 9 1 v S ' 3, 4 f A I M ' Qu- ' ' 2 -

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