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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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-N,A,-V-V-VK,x,w.,.. THE NAPANET 1931 -,A--NH,-,1 --AF,-E -.fv-N-1-,w-V-f-vs.,-.-,Af-v-x-vx,K,-A x,x.-v-V-Nf-X,-,,-vN'-,KF.,-,.,-,-.1,A,-,-.,-,,-,A,-, ..,,f,-.L -. ..,.f,,, C..a,.,.,-.,A.,,A.'.,-..,,-A.A.,A.,N.,. A.,,f..x..C.,s.A.N.NA.A.,.,..,,A.,,,.A.,,A.,.,,, THE EW FORD BECAUSE IT GIVES YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A MOTOR CAR ..? O...-.-vw- Comfort - Safety - Speed Beauty - Reliability Economy ,,TO. . There is nothing like the new F 0 R D anywhere in design, quality and price. ..l,O .. ales - famed' - Service ADVANCE AUTO SERVICE lo? PHONE 184 NAPPANEE, INDIANA Pg N tyf E HmmvrAffA -.-.-v-e ,N-x-.-,-f-vxf-.-,-.- THE NAPANET 1931 gage, ,,,,s.fQ.NLg, JL-,fL,gy--.4-.5 Y -.'.--f,1f..f--f.'1--igTE' L7iLQ1J1-.V-.LLZLLF NF' Blosser Shoe Store Always the Newest in Shoes and Hosiery Fred E. Cluen sHoE REPAIRING LAWYER -o0o PHOENIX 1-1os1ERY phone 64 -Cool NAPPANEE, INDIANA Long Experience in Shoe Fitting --000-l BOSTONIANS FOR MEN Lamar Reed-"Hoi Bought a saxaphone?" Wilfred Troup-"No, l borrowed it from Max Minardf' Lamar Reed-"But you can't play it." Wilfred Troup-"Neither can he while l've got it." O Miss Shively-"Where is the Aegean Sea?" Richard Blessing-MIA. G. E1 CJ Why I never heard of thc railroad." lol? Paul Stahly-"A noted doctor says that ill health always attacks one's weakest spots." LaVerne Miller-"You do have a lot of headaches don't you, dear?" S, F, Callandar .l.R.Arnott8zSon Real Estate and Insurance PHONE 18 --000--l -' Wisler Building loOo--- "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE" PLUMBING and HEATING -A-'A-A-AJ-A-MVB-A-A-Avg-A-A-A-A-A-A--f--A- v - - Y - - 1 - - - - - - v - - - -Page N inety-five THE NAPANET 1931 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I LI I jI I X If I QI ,I I I -I QI I ,I ,I ,I ,I I QI ,I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I . I jI ,I I I 'I 'I ,I ,I I QI I I . I I a.',s,:,:,. - - Y ,. - A - . f , Y , ' . - , Y . - , - , - , - . f , - . - ,L.L,L.L,L. - v . - ,L.l. - . ff-17-11?-T--,--, -Tv?-T-T--T-T-T-T-7-T-fv"'fT-T-f -Y. rf- . B. CAFE "JUST A GOOD PLACE T0 EAT" alue Satisfactory Shop ping That you can best serve your interests by trading here is exemplified every day in OUR PRICES.-The unquestionable reliability of the MER- CHANDISE. The FAIR, SQUARE, and LIBERAL treatment, and the assurance that this store stands back of every article purchased here. BOSTGN STORE I 1e-v-v-.-w-.-.--v--.-v--.----.---.-.-v-.-.,-.-.-.-,-,-. -.-.-,-,- ,-,-,-,.,.,.,., .,.,.,.w.--Y.v.,.w.,.w.-7.-.-.v.-.W.v.- .-.------------------.---.Av-.A.A..-.-.N,N,.,-.-.Av-,.v. - ,. A .,,,.,.-.-. -.-.,. . .-.-.-.-.-.-,v.-.-.-.v. .- Page Ninety-six THE NAPANET 1931 fx,-V-V-c A.-. 1 - - - - - - ,. - - - - .. .. - .. .. - - - - - - -.-.-.-.-.-.-.x.f.-..-.-.A.hfC,t.,.f.-.f.-.-.x.,s.,.A.f.-4.-.NJN. -v South Side Grocery Y0der C Groceries and Meats Ci- ELKHART and T. C. L E S L I E WAKARUSA Daily Busses Chartered for Special Trips Widmoyer 6? Walters Dealers in -- QUALITY MEATS Home Smoked Hams a Specialty TAXI SERVICE Also finest cuts in ,..-- BEEF, PORK and VEAL -'-- Phone 211 "The Home 0fHQuality Meats" Nappanee -:- Indiana Phone 53 NAPPANEE Mr. White-"Name two important historical dates." Fred. Ganger-"Let's see-Anthony and Cleopatra and Napoleon and Iosephinef .MOM Margaret McFall-1'Say Al, did you know Bob was taking up Latin, German, French, Italian and Swedish." Alberta Weygand-"Why' when does he study?" Margaret M.-"I-Ie cloesn't have to study: he runs an elevator." o Miss Heestand-"What are three good uses of the skin?" Edwin Roberts-"For protection, for beauty, and something,-something we love to touch." MOM NO yusrica Banker ftelephoningj-"Mr. Abell do you know your account is overdrawn 5177" Mr. Abell-"Say IVIr. Banker, look up a month ago. How did I stand then? I'l1 hold the phone." Banker lreturning to phonel-"You had a balance of 5100" Mr. Abell-'AWell, did I call you up?" MOM POOR HLIBBY Doctor-"Madam, I'm sorry, but I canlt cure your husband of talking in his sleep." Mrs. Holloway-"Well, then coulclrft you give him something to make him talk more distinctly?" - - - - .. - - - .i.. .. - - .,. .-.w.Y.,.v.Y.,.w..,.v.,.v.,.v,.-,-,-.-.-.-.-q,-.-.-v-.-v-v-,-.-.-.-.-v-v-.-fx-.-.-,-.-.-.-., ' . - .L. ' .L.L.L. - .Lx-.lag-.L.L.-.L.-.-.Y.,.-A- ...- - .... - - -.-v-.-,.-.-.-.-.-.A.A.-.-.-.a.-.-A-Jx.-.Aw-.-.-.-.A.-,.-.-, Page Ninety-seven .Y.,.,,. ,N ,,.,.v. ,V N.. ,.v.v.v.v.,.,.,. -.-.. ,.v.v.Y.Y.-.v.v.,.v.v.,.-.w,,.w.w.,.,., ..v.,.v.w.,V,,.V,,,,. - .,,.,,x,,,. ,,.,,. v W THE NAPAN ET 1931 L-L-LALfLAgQfg-g,-g-g-g-g-LAL--A.-.-.-.,i.T..T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T,T.,T.T.T..T.?.T..T T 'I 'I T'T-T-T'TC'- T'T'T-T-Tf?-Tffff-"-Aw ., ., - .. .- - ,. .. .....,... - .vel N A P A N E E KITCHEN EQUIPMENT UNITS FINE FURNITURE FOR FINE HOMES Mfg. by CGPPES BROS. 699 ZOOK, INC. NAPPANEE, INDIANA Display room always open for your inspection. . Q 'IIIEII Established WI , I , ,H Capital 1884 '9f?"f55T" ,ff 380.000 YI Q . . . , X IIWXQ-if ' 's,.'V4ppv-Fl? I FARMERS 81 TRADERS BANK 11i0 Books are the legacies that Genius leaves to mankind to be delivered down as presents to the generations of those that are yet unborn. Let one of your best books be one of your bank books. . II 'I 'I ,I I I I I II 'I II I I I 'I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IQI I I I 'I Ill jI ,I I I 'I 'I 'I II I I I QI I ,I I I I I II I I 'I 'I I I II II' 'I II I I I I I I I I 'I I I 'I I I I I Il: 'I , II, I-, jI I I I I I I 'I I 'ff--v---v----v--W----ffff---W-W-v-.--Y.-Y-Y--VVv---.---.---v-,..4. ------------------------we-----,-.A-A ..fuf--.-..-.A.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-4.-4.-.-.-4.-.-.-.-.-.-,-. Page Ninety-eight THE NAPANET 1931 ' ' ' """""' A 'v ' T 's.f h "" ' ' ' ' '-is-f--fxlfs-'f -1-A.A.A-'V x-fhfwf-fwfxfyf 'lgllxr FAIRY THEATRE ?oOol "The Pride of Nappaneeu loOo- SHOWING ONLY THE BEST FIRST RUN TALKING PICTURES Lombok- "None too Good for Nappaneen HOLDERM GROCERY -dici- Richelieu Quality Foods ,EI-,OOEE P H O N E 6 l low? Home Owned Store I left her at Midnight, You've surely heard this rime But was it Daylight-saving Or Eastern Standard time? ,-.... ....O Ioe Stouder-"What are these holes in that board?" Mr. Hunt-"Those are knot-holes." Ioe Stoucler-'Alf they are not holes what are they." O Daisy Orcutt-IFeeling a drop of water on her neckI "Dear, it's raining. think we had better go in." Wilfred Troup-"No, we're just standing under a weeping willow tree," l I I I I I I II I I I Drs. Defreese and We Collect and Deliver FREE -OOO- Send it to the Laundry PHONE 72 Fleetwood, M. D.'s Phone 20 202 West Market Street Nappanee-:--Indiana I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I fl I I ,I ,I I I I 'I I I ,I I I. II II II I I I ,I I 'I QI I I 'I I ,I I 1 I 'I 'I I ,I I :I I I I 'I I ,I 'I I I I I I I AI I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I ,I I II :I I I' 'I I I I I .--,---------A.,-.r--,,-.,,,,,,,,,R,,,,,,,,,R11,Q,,z,,1,,,H1?757? -----,,--WY,iwL-4L--,,--v---,-, Page Ninety-nine THE NAPANET 1931 D O N ' T D E T O U R III I The Shortest Road Betwe T , G. P . S d F h h traightl . Q Make Your Path to Our Bank It's the shortest distance between NOW and SUCCESS DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S AHEAD OF YOU? FARMERS LOAN E? TRUST CO. "The Bank on the Corner" t ' 1 We Show. Styles Whlle . R X '51 " --- F' SRX Theyq-e New And That Applies To Both Our Furnishings and Our Clothing HOSTETTER Kr MYER ., ....A,, .-x...,-- -v- ------,-.f.------ THE NAPANET 1931 Everything A Drug Store Should Have loOo+-1 ioOo1 The Store of Friendly Service C. W. Johnson T000 gg. Son A. H. KAUFMAN HARDWARE FISHING TACKLE "ON THE SQUARE" o0ol Volney Miller-'AWhat do you do when you hear the fire alarm?" Bob Blosser-"Oh, I just get up and feel the wall and if it ain't hot, I go back to bed." . Mr. Byers-tln Biology classy 'Where do the bugs go in the winter?" Harold Umbaugh-"Search me." .Oi,l Physics Teacher-"Some of these equations are awfully simple but others are simply awful." ..-..0 Donald Price-"Come in the barn and I'll show you how to milk." Leland Strang-"Don't you think I'd better start on a calf?" Deluxe Motor CO. Glen Geyer's Garage DESQTQ ejghf and Six Automobile Repairing A Speciality and PLYMQUTH Gasoline and 100 per cent Penn Oils The Cars of To-day Corner of Market and Clark Phone 245 Page One Hundred One -,277-V-v-NA,-ff - ,fre-A -NT,-dvx--.'LH.f:.,-LA-.,7,-L-N W-F.-F. 6 THE NAPANET 1931 ,X ,-, .- ,-X-.- f,- A L ,LY,x,.,,.,,-,-Y.,A,.,,.V.,v-v-.,-..,.fv.,-,,e.x,,,N.,.,.,, f..,-LN.. .. ,,,A-A.. -N .X.N.,--x,..,..,,.,.,x.A.A.A..yA.A.,NN.x.4.A.,.,,A. HARTER SPORTING GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GOSHEN, INDIANA LEHMAN FURNITURE STORE For QUALITY and LATEST DESIGNS in FURNITURE AND RUGS AT LIVE AND LET LIVE PRICES .1 LEHMAN FURNITURE STORE "The Home of Service" PHONE 62 C. IMINER, Pro PgOHddT .A.,,,,,.,,,-.N,,A.,x.,,,,,.,.,,,,,.f THE NAPANET 1931 5 ,Q-, '.1 ML QP' : f-T ' ,. - . -- Iv .. -',- J ig me-5, -U, lVlishler's Grocery - Phone 96 - GROCERIES George L. Lamb THE HOME OF FRUIT5 Students' and Ladies' Desks, Cos- VEGETABLES tumers, Draft, Decorative and Fire- N place Screens, and Umbrella Hold- -N- ers' WE DELIVER See local furniture dealers for particulars -gg- 'f ff' .. . . 631 ' A L Buzlders of Home Buszness .ik fwufeffflgef Z ,f TT """"' Off SCREENS HOME -' ' M f, ggi RS Ci, ' Nappanee, Indiana - Egllvnwm Fay Danner-"Did you know that Mrs, Goodrich is getting a man's salary." Arlene Conrad-"Sure, she's married." 1 "Where is the car?" demanded Mrs. White. "Dear mel" ejaculated Mr. White. "Did I take the car out?" V "You certainly did. You drove it to town." Ml-low odd! I remember now that after I got out I turned around to thank the gentleman who gave me the lift and wondered where he had gone." O Dean Price-"What's the matter with this lettuce, didn't you wash it?" Kathryn Metzler-"Sure, why I even used some perfumed soap on it." The Gutelius Store NOTIONS, DINNERWARE, VARIETY DEPARTMENT, WALL PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES "The Store of Real Values" 6FvVxmAf f-,-f-,Kp -M,-.,,A.,,,c,..,x,c.N,..A,a.,N,.,xA Here's Hoping You may live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. M. C. HAHN MODERN HEATING PLANTS. .,-V.,-,-,N - ,N-,,...,x,-VN,-.-,-.-.f-.-.7.f7,-c-.-V . A . l V l V A Y Page One Hundred Three THE NAPAN EAT 1931 -'Af'-'-'-f'-'-'---Ytvtvt-T-T-T-TE?-Tv?-7-7A-T-T-T-T-T-T-'T-Tft-ftvtvrT-T-T--7---NH'-fvvvvxfxf ------------- v---------V-----...fw-v--------------.,.-.., I 7 X TI ,Ig- O Contents I if Part One gi! ADMINISTRATION gl Part Two gf-AN K J CLASSES ,fw- K f I 5, Zig Part Three WZ J Kg ORGANIZATIONS fy? ,W Part Four J XE j ,N I f J 3 ACTIVITIES U M M Q, CQ, Part Five Q-X L w ATHLETICS IH, V PM "EJ J Part Six 4,1 Am Sofa FEATURES IWW ..,,,, Part Seven mb 'I ADVERTISEMENTS wx QM SM! T ' I , 5572 II! fp I I C gig "I 1 " I . ,ra I E "x'iE5.- bfg'T -gg f f I I w,C,mAJ l THE NAPANET 1931 First ational Bank UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY Nappanee, Indiana CAPITAL, SURPLUS, and PROFITS, 570,000.00 S. L. Ringenberg-President. Chester Walters-Cashier and Vice-President. Ralph Miller-Assistant Cashier. Solicits the Business Of FIRMS, CORPORATIONS, AND INDIVIDUALS Member Federal Reserve System Moyer Oil Corporation Distributors of MOTOR FUELS AND LUBRICANTS FURNACE FUELS AND OILS CLEANERS' NAPTI-IAS AND SOLVENTS GREASE, SOAP, AND ALCOHOL OOCOO OUR POLICY "Service Plus Quality" oOOo P h o n e 415 Nappanee, Indiana Page Une Hundred Four I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I II I' I I I I- II II ' I II III I I-I ' I Ii' II Ig I I I II I I Il' IU' IQ: I-' IU' IU' IU' IU' I'-' IQ' THE NAPANET I93I ,v,,,,,,,,w,,.,,,,,.,.,N,,,,.a,vR,-.,-,.,-,-afv-N-v-vx-v- -r, WN-,RA-.A-LAR -V5-,x,,,N,E,.,x,.,., ..s.., -,.Y,,.,,-Y. -.XA Y, , ..Y,.,.Y E-, .V.,, The Dom. To The Little Elf Grocery 'I II I "A Home Owned Store" HAPPINESS EE is the entrance to a new home- "WI-IERE QUALITY RULES or AND ECONOMY REIGNSH the old made new -II- 'M' MULLETTS MILLER LUMBER in 8: COAL CO. PHONE 67 SI-IE FLASI-IED A SMILE Marjorie A.-"Did you hear about I-Ielen F, being hurt in the explosion last night?" Marie VV.-"No, how Come?" Marjorie-"A smile lit up her face and the powder went off." MOM- Mr. Goodrich-"This car has two speeds." Edwin Roberts-"YeahI Watta ya' mean, two speeds?" Mr. Goodrich-"Well, one is the speed it has when I'm telling it to the judge, and the other is the speed it has when I am bragging about it to my friends." I-I-Iv.-.w-.-.----I---.-.---I----'-'-' Gwen LCHIQZ MOTHER'S BREAD Denfisf HUFFMAN BAKERY may -f.-.-u-.-.-.n.I-.I-.-I.-I.-I.I-.-I.I'.I ' ' Closed Thursday Afternoon I II I I II II ,I I-I II I II II II II II I II 'I I II 'I II II II II I II I I. II II II I II II II II I II II II II II II II 'I II II II I 'I II I I III II If --f-ff--- YY-f-- - H- --v-'--'ff- -fs -- Y- ff'--f' --"-- f ' Page One Hundred Five THE NAPANET 1931 IVIETZLER SHOE Co. 5 111 SOUTH MAIN STREET Ti ig, NAPPANEE, INDIANA T The Store of Beautiful Shoes-- T rmfm .--At Popular Prices KWMA MODERN MISS FOR THE MODERN GIRL. FRIENDLY FIVE FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN. STAR BRAND ALL LEATHER SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ' We Fit Your Feet. 1, 3 Rollins Hosiery. ,g -if Widths Dr. Scholls' Arch ,.,, I fe' AAA to EEE. Supports. UTSCHLER mice mme KITCHEN FURNITURE No matter what your particular Kitchen f N A Furniture requirements may be, you'll f XX - find a Mutschler Porce-Namel cabinet, table or breakfast set designed to meet them. The attractive Shaded Oak or Maple, as well as the Ivory, Green, Grey or White enamel finishes, will add -v new life and color to your kitchen or i breakfast nook. Q S See the different models on display at N. A. Lehman's Furniture Store. S Q0 ER Mutschler Brothers Co. 5 NAPPANEE, - INDIANA f. ,53SSip.ff':' "VS- -i X i,,, . E, A A K H W , I .my A W, . ' P . , k ' ,I ...,. , l , V , .- , . .,..., . , - ,,x, . R N , , ., A '-' aw w Q- -,-,fi , - Q' gtg ,-,,M,r.t...g..4.:.., P I " ' ' 4, - wg rm: .fi--V-N M W- . ' ,. 'T '1 -'sm.,1.,1 Qu ff-' L" . h , . , if ig V .1 it lv - ' i""'W'f-1-w I . .. R it H., , - , . .lg ,h 5 I 1 , 'Q ,.. T'T'Y . -T177-TY?-if-T-T-tvrvr-7-T ft-Tfffrvrvi' 'T-T-7 -T-T-T'-f'Tf1f:'-':vT-tvTfT----P'---v---v---P---f--- Page One Hundred Six EI I KI I II II II I I I II II I II II II II II I II II I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I 'I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I QI Il I I I I THE NAPANET' 1931 NAPPANEE PRESSURE WATER FILTERS Water Food as q3 I E . - ,.I IS T I Q. And Both i j m-ink Use a. Nappanee Water Filter in Your Home and be Assured of a. Supply of Pure, Wholesome Water. NI3llllf?lL'IlII'ffQl by NAPPANEE WATER FILTER CO. 152 South Clark Street Nappanee, Indiana, CALBECK OIL CO. Distributors of QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Phone 318 NAPPANEE, IND. STAFF COMPLAINT We editors may dig and scrape Till our finger tips are sore. But some young guy will let escape l've heard that joke before. O Earl Chamberlin-"I'm not going to school any more." Max Wiseman-"Why not?" Earl Chamberlin-"I can't learn anything because the teachers keep changing the lessons every day." - L. We Clean for the Whole Family CII.0,,.ad.,, App EE CHARLOTTE MORRISON, D. C. Assistant H ,- C. A. Deisch, Prop. 206 N. Main St. Phone l2J Office Hours: I.-00-5:00: 7:00-8:00 Phone I6 I I LRT'T'T'T'T'T-T-T-T'T'T'T'T'T-T'T'T-T-T'T-T'TT-T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'2T'T'T-T-TT-T-T-T'T'T'T'T-T Page One Hundred Seven THE NAPANET 1931 ,-vxfx fx,-.1-ex,-. -, -x,xf-x,K,-v-,H,- g,,,-v-vH,K,-v-.,-.-,- ,Vvx - vvv-.-.-Y-,-. -,,H,H,H,-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.Av-.-Y-,1-.-.- Mx.-,A.,,A.,,f .fE,,.A,,N.,x., ..N.A,N.A,x., J, ,A.w,yN.A.A.A..N.A.A.N.-.f,f. ,,A,wwg- ,AAJ,W. FINE IOB PRINTING PHONE 27 NAPPANEE ADVANCE-NEWS Published in NAPPANEE AND PRINTED IN THE INTEREST OF NAPPANEE O O "Nothing Too Big or Nothing Too Little-Try Us" The '6President" Bridge Set 5' iN 2 If I I I President Bridge Sets are most comfortable in use and extremely easy to put away. For real d1st1nct1on th1s set IS now the vogue. o o Nappanee Lumber E? Manufacturing Company NAPPANEE, INDIANA f-v-v-vxf-v-V-f-,-fx,-.-V-v-v-x-v-x-f-.-xf9 Hf - Tyan- -,-5 - 4 F A g -V- A A 7,-4,3-9 A 5,57 A 7,-R,--,A ,T ,T ,-.A ,-.- ,-A ,T ,-.A ,-.- T ,-.A 7 7,-.1-V-vwq,-, P 0HddEIl THE NAPANET 1931 r r l v V l l 4 1 lslififl-Lal-1-le-fi ' ' L-Lfl-lab'-'AL-----Lvv-Av-1-A-lv----i?f1'lT':fL-14x11"'Vx'111T22tT:Qti'EiZ:,Ti,1if:L' If ii E :l ll CALL QUALITY PRICE .f ll l 3 gf Clarence E. Ruch Q ll 24 fra For o l Shively Corp. if ,UI Wrecking Service and Automobile ll, ll Repairing of all kinds 1- I .i lx! Il 4, lj lj Brake Lining, Oil G Grease, Welding lf' 'l 5 Prest-O-Lite Batteries H Fl: ll - lu ll - gi :Q Corner of Market and Clark C 51 Phone Gar. 2 on IO Resid. 4142 SERVICE SATISFACTION ll I ,w f: li xl lf 11, ,J lg Mr. Byers-Mlackie, where is mother?" il Iackie B.-"Upstairs waving her hair," l ll Mr. Byers-"Good heavens, can't we afford a fla ,l ly g gl si 0- e Captain-"What are you scratching your head for Rastus?" Colored Private-"Aw sah, I got de 'aithmetic bugs in my head sah," U gi, Captain-"What are arithmetic bugs?" :ji Colored Private-A'Dat's cootiesf' ll lil Captain-"What do they have to do with arithmetic?" 44: Colored Private-"Well sah, dey add to my misery, dey subtract from my ll pleasure, dey divide my attention and dey multiply like everything." ll I ll l ll li ll 160 W. Market St. Phone 174 I. "" G L YLER - gl ' ' O Progressive 'll Dentist 4,4 y ll Shoe Shop g ll: X'Ray H. B. Richmond, Prop. ll lj U -io0o- la ll Corner of Market and Main Sts. Electrical Supplies ll ll Edison Mazda Lamps ll :fl Nappanee, Indiana iO0O l l' MODERN SHOE REPAIRING 3 ll Ir l l5-SLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTJP4TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT.TgTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTJILTLTQ Page One Hundred Nine ll ll L1 'J P: 1 ll fl EI ll ll 1 1 l I 3 J I 1 l 4 ll ll li 7 4 3 l fl 3 2 l fl if E52 la I 1.2 'lm lg 21 ll ll -fw-v-v-v-f-v-v-v-,H-vH,NA,.,H,,,.,-v- ,.,,..V,,.,,,,,,,,..,,N,.V.,.,K,-v-X..v.,.,.s-V-V-N THE NAPANET 1931 -,-fNfH,-,x,xfx,-.,-,-c-x,-,,X- J-X- -,-S-xfxn,-fvwxfvv-Af, ,-t,.,.,.,x-,fNF.P,Fvw'HfVxfs,qfNfx-vxfV-fVX-,FV.fvx-v-,-,- ,- N.A.,.,-,A.,.A.A.N.,.f..f-.g.fX.A.,.f,f. V- MNv-..wfxf.A.,.A.s.A.f-A.N.-.,-,,,x,x.s.x.N.N.A.c.,,MA.-fN..f.,A.A,.m.,. A A ,, ,. . ,. . ,, ...,.. -nl-.I TmlTml.-vm1ml,llllTlluilluiullinn...xnI11111.-lll:1rl1x,lln1l1glL, E. NEWCONIER Bc SON jewelers in Nappanee for 50 years. SEND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATES oOo Be sure and get one of our Graduate Certificates and save dollars on your purchases of "GIFTS THAT LAST" WIRING REPAIRING appanee Electric Shop Electragist F. C. ROCKSTROH, Prop. Phone 59 155 South Main Street Page One Hundred Ten A-fs.-----Av-A A A - -4--v-. ,A , THE NAPANET 1931 """ .""-.N,b.'-LA.'-..,'-v'-.'-.D L-.'-.2 .-.'-.."-fI5Zf.,CA.."'H 'Tm - ' - " - " - '7'i'T'T'T'T"."Z 'TYHj A A A qxi-,7. x,-vx,-V-N,-,x,-vR,q,-V-.,R,v MIGHTY GOOD COAL Syler Ea Syler MQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQSJ Drs. Slabaugh EG? Slabaugh PHONE 6 Dealers in Office, 111 North Main sf. Gram, Feed, Seeds. peppefminf I' S, Slabaughv M. D- and Spearmint Oils L. M. Slabaugh, M. D. l Feed Grinding and Mixing iloofwfwwvfmooovofvowMeow A SPECIALTY PHONE 87 Nappanee, Indiana Miss Plasterer-"The Chinese people make American people feel ashamed because-." Kathlyn Feldman-"Yes, but Chinatown in New York is the dirtiest place in Chicago." Momv... Mr. Schuler-"lf anybody moves shoot." Willy Troup-"Yes su if anybody shoots l'll move." MOM Lowell Mullett-"What's the matter with Donald?" Stahly Weldy-"Oh, he just got a shine and then remembered they were Dean's shoes." "MOTOR CARS OF QUALITY" Print Studebaker Where Hudson-Essex Good Oakland-Pontiac printing M P Is Done . S. letcher PHONE No, 8 Sales and Service 157 E. Market Street --Y --sV...Y.vv. v.,-N,,, - rr., ,-,---v- Page One Hundred Eleven I In I THE NAPANET 1931 .,-.,-,-X.-V1-V-X,-,.Sn,,.,.,,,.,..--S.-xfv-Vx-N,-N,-V-Vx,-S-.-,-v-.-,-, -v-.-.-.-.- - - - -,x,x,qfxA fr I 'I I II II I I I I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I .A...-,A.-,A.,.A., I I I I I I 1 I I .': I I ,ty I I I I rtl I I I If TRY'OUR Long Distance SERVICE-- I II NAPPANEE TELEPHONE C O M PA N Y RINGENBERG'S DRY GOODS MEN'S FURNISHINGS MILLINERY oOOo NAPPANEE, -:- -:- INDIANA THE NAPANET 1931 I I I I 4 I 4 Eff'"""'"'''L'L'L'L1':1'.'f:'i1'L'i'fl?L'f:'L':':'g'L2Tg2T:LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTIZLTLTLTSLTinf:1T2':T:T31:2'.:,':::?-in zvivijzz I I ' 'I I 'rn c ' s di I I e urtls tu o I Compliments of I I Leo. M. Herdliska, Mgr. I I I I Nappanee, Indiana Phone 403 Geo. FreeSe,s Sons I 'I II I Manufacturers of I I There is one gift that is never I I FREESELAND I I duplicated-your Photograph. CREANIY BUTTER I . I II' I -ioOo+- and I I I 'I ' FREESELAND 'I I PORTRAIT MAKERS f' I ICE CREAM I I COMMERCIAL ,+I I 70007 I PHOTOGRAPHERS I I Nappanee, Indiana I I PHOTO FINISHING I I I for AMATEURS. -'-'-'-'-'-'-' '-'-'-'-'-' I I If, I I-, E II I Book Salesman-"This book will do half your work." Dale Farrington-"Goody I'11 take two." I I -+01 .I I Miss Shively-"Iohnny, what does the buffalo on a nickel stand for?" I john Phillips-"Because there isn't room for him to sit down." I I ,M M 'I I O 'I I Angry Father-lat two A. M.I "Well, young lady, explain yourself. Where "I I have you been all night?" I I Helen Fowler-"I was sitting up with the sick son of the sick man you always III I tell mother you sit up with." I 'I .I 'I I 'I I 'I I III , I I I Courtesy E1 Service-Rates 1.50 E1 up W' H' Best E99 Sons II ' I. I MEAT MARKET II I I .I 17- il II I Coppes Hotel O00 I Home Killed Beef, Pork, Veal III I H. W. Eastman, Prop. and Lamb III II 'I' I Dining Room-American and Tl000 II I EUIOPCEH Plan Fish, Game, and Oysters in Season I II I II .I 'I ll:LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTJFLTLTLTLTLTLT1755.7 -LTLTLTLTQTLT ""-' - 7L7f7L7fi7:.7L' 'ITLT'?g7g7i7L7L2:?17i7:.'7:.7'7'7L7L7L7L7LTLQll5I Page One Hundred Thirteen THE NAPANET 1931 Nappanee High School -fa-Q-L-L-:AL-L-LTL-:AL-:-L-L1-g-4-L-L- 'I II THE NAPAN ET 1931 -a,x,-x,-,,E,,,,,.,.,,,.,,.x,w. ,,,. ,VA ,v.v.s.NA,N,,,,x,,- ,.,.,,.Y.,.w.,..v,,.,.,.,. .-. - - .-.,. .,.. - A - - - - - -7. - - - .,.,.,. NAPPANEE GREENHOUSE 'I I I QI :I In I II 'J IJ ,I ,I I I 11 I I I II 4 4 ,I I 1. RUFUS I. CULP, Proprietor Growers of Flower and Vegetable Plants Cut Flowers and Designs a Specialty WE SELL VIGORO 155 South Williams Street Walters E? Walters Qioflo- Drugs, Books, Stationery Wall Paper and Paints oOo NAPPANEE, INDIANA BE ON TIME WITH CORRECT TIME Reasonable and Reliable Watch Repairing Clock R. C, W A R D jeweler Home Restaurant FOR First Class Eats and Cooking WEYGAND, TOBIAS Ei RICHMOND Nappanee, Indiana Sandwich Shop I-IAZEL M. FETTERS, Prop. Short Orders and Sandwiches-A Specialty LUNCI-IES 25c PHONE 78 - - - - - - "-"-"-'-H-'-'-'-'-"-H-Pu Drs. Price 81 Price OFFICE and HOSPITAL ?O0O-..- Phone 30 ich- NAPPANEE, INDIANA '-'h'i-'H'I-'I-H-'-'H'I-'-l'H'I-'I-H- ' I I1 ' . ' , 'T 'T 'T 'T """'-"-'--"K"V'V'N-"'-'-'-"'-"'-T "".-, 'T -'rt 'T 'T 'I 'T 'T TT '-5gT1?f.:T'.TgTgTgTg2,TLTL's,."''QLTLTLTLTLTLZLTLTLTLT Page One Hundred Fourteen THE NAPANET 1931 g, I I I II "I I: I I II I I I If I I I 'I I. I, 4 I lf- I Ig: Ig, I 4 ,tg fr I I II II II, sg, I I - -,x,-,- ,x,,,-v-,-,-,-.-.-,-.-.A.-V-v-.-.-v-Y-.-VK,-X.-V-V.. -vN,K,xfv-N-V.,-,, x,-,,-V-v-, -A -X-V-XFN,-N-VN,-. w,,MQ.QwW.,g,.wWvvwgvW. N.,,,x.,X.,x.,Q,Q.f,,..,N.x.x.,x. T1'A'ff-'ff-'JT-H5'Jff-'fl THE MARK OF g EXCELUZNCE Z- QAQ ENGIQAVINCQS FOI2 THIS EDITION WERE PREPARED ,fy Me. FORT WAYNE ENG RAVING CQ FORT WAYN E. INDIANA ENGIZAVERS H ILLUSTMTORS and ELECTRGTYPERS fffdVf T-T-T-T-T'-'-fT-T'T-T-T-T T-T+T-TfT"?'?"---T--T ---...f.f.---v- ------..--..-- THE NAPANET 1931 . A4' .. ii , S ,.g.' I ' " ' i'- - I: ' :: "W'e Print to Please" at 301-305 North Elm st. E gl .-.-.-.v-.-.-.- '-'- :::P-'-' -'-'-'-'-'-'-'--'-'- -.-.--r-.-.-.-.-.-..-.n.n.n. I. PRINTING MUST 5 B E M U R E TH A N ,- H Cl N EST ' - - - g 'I T MUST COMBINE honest work- E ff manship and artistry, Good mater- I: ials are the foundation of every I' sf' good printing product, but they do .V-if not GUARANTEE . .4 No wie of I: thumb or set custom will make it a I: quality product . . . It is the added Il THOUGHT that a good printer puts I: into his work that makes it worth I: the money of his customer. E IT HAS BEEN the policy of this company, E: since its organization in 1920, to ,I combine the best materials and craft- 'I manship in its every production. To this fact we attribute the confidence I: of a highly satisfied clientele. If you I' would have the best in printing and i advertising products, try the UE. V." ,E E. V. PUBLISHING HOUSE NAPPANEE. INDIANA Page One Hundred Sixteen THE NAPANET 193i - - - - Y-A-W-V-FN, A Av. -. .w-y .'.-.,-.-. .-.w.V.....v..v.w-w---7-,..,.,- ,.,A,., ..V.,.,.,,., .c- ,.,- .,,u,- ,-V-c, ,- ,-f-, -,- V I r r i I i .-L44-L-4-.A.-.-.-.A.AL-L-.ALMfew--AAA-A---fwA-'--A-+A--MMf-f-A--A-A-f-f-fu y-Nfww-Af--f-- -M'-'Hs i W' i. li fa. I, jf ji 3 f: il 1, fl . f f Ig 4. -531 lg ,, fl fi fm x- . . lj sb An AppP6Cl8t1OH a 213 . IW L, The annual staff of the '31 Napanet jtffw wishes to take this opportunity to thank the f ' + business men of Nappanee for their cooper- rv: ation in making this annual a success. We hope the old slogan, "Advertising Pays" is C just as true now as it was years ago and I, jj Q , that advertising is valuable in the Napanet X fl F just as it is in other publications. It is' the cfmkhk' fi ij ,K wish of each one that Nappanee Business 9 2? Men enjoy many prosperous seasons. jj ,Y Q, j XYZ The stag? also wishes, as an N. H. S. 3 publicity medium, to thank our community ' ff? jj fp in general for their excellent support of the fy j if school and its extra-curricular activities of ll M, plays, athletics, band, etc. Our wishes are 9 J for a bigger and better Nappanee. :gif Q df Last but not least, the staff wishes to fy 1, thank all pupils and teachers who have con- X, Zyf tributed to the columns in this annual and AVQQK vfy helped to make it the best possible. May 'lb Yvq Q this annual be truly a memory book, and , is looked upon now and in years- to come with ki ll :nl "ii - 1 ,I ju sb great pride. gh E, V I f Til Z lj :I ,Wx -R. V. G. 1 lg Ui 1 ' ij .4 'Nl Aifflfs CQ ,Q 'lj if x I Wig? yjjjjr lj' wi is a li we .A s a ,N , e,. 'Z '15 X ,I , Xe x,e,jfw , 4f A5 iiiffwffftigf ,Z 'qu ' if GZQ af' "1 I iuggsgs Q ig.: 'Nl fel ,jj if IV, jj :GE lr c--,--c---------------t.---------c.......,.,.,.,...,.......,.,.,...,.....,...,.,...,i15 Page Une Hundred Seventeen THE NAPANET 1931 fe Autographs x Page One Hundred Eighteen H , NWN, af -mv: , J., - ..'- . . , 2 ,J ' f . 1" r--Q-ww. 'lx-A .. 1, ff ,J L2 -'v X :vi:?.jEa1j?i mf 0 xmywr, ' ' . 52 ff' -af 'H X vpn ' .. , .n , ,.,,, ,vu ,,,- N 1 , x , g V, 'N ' r , , Mm, .-, .,n I L.,..,1 , ,,V..x. '.,.,-.M X..i ,.,,, If ,M Q., ..h', 4 ' ..,-.xv 1 r " J f .w ,.,:- 4 va 1 "3 a r 215, gb, i, . 2531- N 4, 'E 1" 'vit 1 1 1 H x -'Q ,N 'r .f V:-,r -- , -,W . N- - ,f-'L ,. I 1"1 W' . 1- 'mi -. -Ho 4, , , U: -. -.: IQXIQ ,T- vh-,j.: ' 'wr' 1-- +1 .5 ,. . . A512 . 1 .'1' ,gl-QQ , r. f..j,gq1- -,Q 'VQIQW' ,-:sa +L: ,..1f,, gy faygv, ,. ,R . f 1 1 , 12,1 '4c,..Uq. 1- .-' ,nv. .w 2 --,141 -xv "g, , 1 QI 5-L 'iq-' ' x I, kd., s Y - 1 :T ,,, 2553512 f 5Z"?Yfg'l2.' mf, , , ,. I, -1... Gif' xy .- " xl 1" 14:1 ,", ' 35351 " ,..,,x - ,,., 115-V --vvfv x"l -- ' -' 5-5 ,, . -V3 -v . gg'-?Qii'5i? uv' f 215 1 . - .- ,-" uw---12, . ,., R., 1 a . 1. 1. .,.- ., "'c' , . ., 1. v,.., 4 11 ,,k. 4, 'M e, 'Z NE f , , ' ' m: W-my -N n .K ,1- 'f:., F.Y'fL 'HL 1. . , ,,.,,..4 Q :gif '5Nrr'uT., 'I . 1.1 H ' , .tif 4150,-I' ,, ', '- dvr' m viii.:-: I ' ,rv - ' ? - :33s!If5:f12L '-51" 1 " , . f Ny , - ' Qu! Vw - ' V., Um' , ,, ,A .4 , X . -Q 1' "1"-"Y'l'iA'-.15 v 4 nn, N,1,N5r5, Qgvqfuf 3 ,I , ,W L :g:,f'-. ,. ,N -:.'-1..," -. V' 415' x ' - 45'::f,5,a,ji ,Vi-. - ., , .,-'M' HEI.: -In ' -. f 1 .A 1 .145 Fr-,4 I ' lv, av- xg JT..-,A WLT. my-hi: ,f-??Z.'5f":!'?QlSSa ' -e . -w- V h ..1-K.--t -: u :flag A -avi:-VFFQWWVFQ wi . .I ,,-.-,,,,,z -5.p,,. f . .,...,B1!NhV.lT,,., .qmg,V . ,fl1"-ff H'f.'-y'.1 'wx 1 14,1-.4:' z ': QQ ,4, - 5 , . - -1. , "JH " " W "9" 4 " ,V ,P tlgg' ,Q.. ..r , V, L, 1 W I X , A vw . 'b . ,Q 1' Yr- X "1:,.: ff, w 3 1,555 ,,-gg: ff ' , . V , ' Q ,e . ,NV . M5 y.: -' 'Q - . I' f ff: '11 '-1 xfkjff , 'V 1 f. nf.-H-N u. M-uqfhv mz1.f?a4 ' HLi,i?Z.i ig? 92? ' ' ' ,,..,,. Qi-.c E94-5' ., :,,fi':L.: . "l::ii3 '11 5 .4 3,11-zigvz 1 'wijnrf' p: gf.. 'V f g A2241 Jr?-L '79 B: .. f-:Q15f7ujf2 'g-5 45, 1 'Q a.5.,.-1:fif'4 . 41,-f,.gif,'f26i,f' v , .. . r'lfrfif4,15fF,Yu1jlig+.zaj1r1,g . .fijia nf.-f ef, :fi -1- . U ,gli-fi,-.1' gl.. fflfvfg f' 1 .1 ' 1 ,1- 1 nf J-s' ' 1. , , 1 . M15- 7 "Z if .,GiLg,j' . N. f- 5134-Zgu., rf.!,f,. .J'v'j.., ' . 4 fllffllr ' , v f "i 1' :fr I , ,- . , ,-1 - , 4 5 I ,X , ' , Y . ,M ii ' " ,sk : f , ' u-"ff ., . , . ve- 1 4 ,.,'. wx ' 5 M 'L If-.... ., L. . , .4.,. ..--1 l ,,f... M , 41,14 4 1.51 ,I ,-.1 V-YW! I --1 A1 v HU' HX ,- tq, H -LN 'Y ii ,r 'NVQ v , , W4 1."W1 A 'ks 4 six . J., x -..f, r. . -an ' -. F , THE NAPAN ET 1931 5 C View of North Main Street View of East Market Street .-..A-.A.--v-v-.,-.-.-.f.Q-'Av-4.-Y-.-v-.A.,A.A.Y-.+.-.-.f-.-.-.- .-...-.-,-.-v-.-.- . . VV .keg 71,152-.9s. iv,-gv-' - -. ,. 3 "--5"',.'GI:., ' -'le V., I, '. '- "S-Lf' .'.. V.. .,r' . 759-22-' I-VVf'ii::!-143:-V-.. 'L:MS?E"WS'nV f' "?".P5i' - , ' 'fffff-,.f3Ge-...fe-4. :f+,.."'- 'N . ,.,.,I ..,I,,4I 5 whlggp- I ..EIIIIIIII.,,,,I, .,I,.,I,I:.:-,,,,II ,I-VV. 5y.E5Qg.7V,.,,,q5"I ,,V,i-.IImII.IIIIIIiI5IIIIII?II,V. ,. ,I my-.. .,-,.I35I,I.Ii, UI... IIII 5III V.2rIIf?:V' fig: wif!Fg.rI:f5,I:vJI,25fA-f.II',III1I II f ,, -.535 64145 -"'Icg:"' PWR: ri '1'-T? 'f '-..A"' V "H 'iw-I 'Q' f-63:1 . '-'fi-1. is V " fr-V 1 ' '1.j""-'.:!9i- 1, PWS-z 'fp - V -.-' ' , f.-V5 -'- . ' V. RIM- Z, fig-I,:IV,, :1,,V., .IV . I IAM.. 4 -QIUII. .GIQIIIT In .III . ,XISIFQI ,4I. Z ..,II I . -.99 ,n,,.,, ...A I,. 15-I-uplgf .g,., .-, 1 363 A--.,,.-. 14, ,.L. . I, ., - . , I, V .,,,I I V 1"'9':M55'f--i'11--."- ...f .faf,4VVV'w1sV.f-.'.-- -fV.-I2g.VV--J U-V '..V.-V41-V Q1-:V. V 1' -ff--v V ' f .,'-:Wiki-ILMQI. I e:PV"'f11.' '4-Vs-me. --sf?--ff'?'f'V'i-QV' V-'11V2- -' '- V-- ,VI I ,- I5:a,5,.III63,I A II,Ir.,EA. ,II,Ii, IJIp,9,.II3,U,.. IIQIIMIIIHII-,g ,IPL ,,,,I.II, ,4 I . X , ,, -II I I ,V. v:.4,,1. z, gl. ., V - 1.,-N 4- -1. -4 ,,.'k ,1-- V V V , .V1rzggV:VmV-V 'A-11:'1qE.'7 .V '-A V .V--VV -. 1-VV , ,Av y VI -1 -'.g,'I533' ya V In-QQ:-, ' 5 I ,, -,.VI,j.,, -HI V' ,, '- . Ev. 3- I 'I + , Isy I V -e Rf- V V V 'V gig Vff 's' . -wiv ' -555.3-g.fVv..-. .,,-..,.I,, AFV--'Lf '. 5... V , -V2 f-fr,-3.0 . ',1.,,.., VA . 1 , ,ff gf . 'img-gi.,f'Z?jQiQ'IIh5.',azQq!giag- V.,.,f!f'jgh5? '. zri::VV,,I "fIfgVf1'fjQ3 V5 .,'.x,,I'1' Eff .V i"'.V,2fr., ,I A--1 W5 H i' Q'-"---' -' V V 'VS .in 'V -Fl: fd if--Sh-f V.- 1.7 'V'-V ' 1'1.2y'.. -V JZ-' :. ' ' ""V .' .Vw - . wi,9,V, V. - . nV..V ,qqf VV---in---w V-V.f...' - -. .. 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'z --. -' - 'MAE 'Lf' -:V ' V.3'. ' ' 1" e ' ,Vt V ' - ' l ' :img .. ,V .. .V " - ,.-,J .Liu V ' !""'1'. ' : . ' V V V4- , ' ,VV --V 'V Q . ,,,I -YI IX, j.- , II, 3 If,. I VI I ' V - s I, I ,: I.,' ' V I V I ., . V -V-, 1.1 "'.i':1, -:WV " .V V - 5 . , g ,,:I , V' VI I , ,II , If , I . ' , z-,.nlVC."'- -- .V .7 , ' .,V -wg.. V-I M .If . V ,V , V ' , ' 1 ' V . . I ,.. ,, ., . .. 2, V- ' .71 . .f V 3 ' - J.. ' V ' ' P.-'f':. , . I I I I, II I v Ii? ,,',fI4:f. , A. , - ' f ',4 1-'Tj ,ff - " 1 ' " 1 V. . V f ,V , , IEDIM, . I .VII,Er' , 'I II. ,. s V V- , , V 1. 4 , . - . U VII. V , ,nfl-1 I V . IIIII II I II.,, V ,I , ,IQ-III-' .' I V I I.: .', , ' ' - ' ' ' I .I "' 1 .I - A..-,g 'f . 2 " ' - ' ' . 'HA-3' . . ,AI I 2 ' A V :T , F., , . - I . . ., IIIIII'- ' -IV . , . , N -fi. . . . V THE NAPAN ET 1931 X Q ai x I I .5 X f xx m X fx fi X EX x w my N, X"-, ,A lf I X 'g 1. ' I - X 1: X xy. M, ff . 5 W . ,jj if!- ."" .N -w ,x,, MQ. ZQKQ- -e . Q . .-fs' Coppes Bros and Zook Mutschler Bros. Company II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .-.-Lx1,..f.-.,. I II -I 'I 'I 'I 'I . I . I I I 'I , I I I 'I 'I . I I I 'I I I I I I 'I I I III 'I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I fl I I I QI I THE NAPANET 1931 View of Business District . - . Q' :,,,,,.II1- 5 R .aw VT' Q., Q la "' 4 'I' WWW --.-:Irs ,. u I. J., , A ,A .ge :, H 1-I , 'I . - --3, 'n -5.4. ' .N ' I ,..,gs'1, jj 'sg , 1 " -E-5331,---q,,,,i . he Q 1 -I - , Ag . -I . ... ., ,. -.. -5,5510 'in L A - ,-I . . Na+- N 55. .. "sw -C. -f ' Y -1 Jr: .. , ..---'L':,,,,b, , B. and O. Depot I .-,-,-v-.-.-.-,-,-,-.-.,-..,.f,......-,-....-..-.-.-,-.-.-,-.-.-,-.-.-V- .,-.-,-,-.-.-.-.-,-.,- F,vwW1 Q,,wWgJ., .,-.f-x,N,,,x.x.A.,,,,A.,.,,A..,,A. THE NAPANET 1931 ' -N1 ' ' vfyur 'H 'z -, L 'Z ,mg f ', .4 -' s Front View of Assembly ws--m .ca-'ie - A Q wg -,-,, il Q -ou... . Rear View of Assembly THE NAPANET 1931 -, ,Wg 53? XVIW,l'jfl' wx., ffJHwW,! T ,.,,, L, 1 X 1 I ii x U ' H 1 , 1 f' R .-' " J qi Ax E xx f 1 4 Ahminiairatinn E 2 5 si 4 si ' C F' 1' ,J N J 5 'I 4 F: i I . I 1 I 41' 14' In lv 4 1' fi H F5 'll fi 55 H 1 THE NAPAN ET 1931 -.-.-.-.-.-.-.NJ-4.-.A.-.-.-...f--.-.-f.A.f..-.., ,.-.-.-. 43 Q 7- .L ' f sr x . Qsur tis, 'A'?'7'6x Af -1,- Board of Education CLAUDE H. COPPES President of the Board of Education MILLER ULINE Secretary of the Board of Education LA MAR MLITSCHLER Treasurer of the Board of Education I.A.ABELL Superintendent Indiana University A. B. IEAN MARY MILLER Clerk R. V. GOODRICH Principal Science Tri State College A. B. University of Chicago A G . - . Page Twelve I I I I I I I I P I I I I I I I THE NAPANET 1931 A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A-A-AgA,AwAYAYAvAkAAYA-AwAwA,AAA,A-AYA-Av.,A,A-AWAA AAA,.wA,AA,AA,. I-Af.-AA.-A-.-.-.-.A.-.-.A.-A-.-.-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-.-AA,x.,'A..-.AA-A-.-.A---,,,t.,,,A,,.,,,,A,A,,,,,A,,c-,AA .... . , 5 I II 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I 'I I P I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I QI I I . I 4 I 'I 'I I I 'I QI I 'I 'I I I I I 'I I J I I I 'I . I I 'I I I 'I . I I tl QI I I I . fl I I I . I I 'I I jl I I 'I I I I I . I I I 'I 'I 'I il I I il I 'I jI I 'I Faculty MAYRETHA PLASTERER Commercial Business English DePauw University A. li Ball State Teachers Cnllt-ge IESSE HUNT Industrial Arts General Science Indiana State Teachers Collegi- Muncie- State Teachers Follegz- Graduate Student Indiana University MILDRED SI-IIVELY English History Geography Manchester Collegi- A. li. Northwestern College GALEN ROOSE Mathematics Indiana. University A. l-I. KATHRYN ROSENBERRY English Art Ball State Teachers College LAWERENCE WHITE History Social Science Manchester College A. l-3. Ball State Teachers College RUTH I-IEESTAND Home Economics Manchester College A. B. yt . Zn! .1 f ,Lf ' '15 1 I I . .A e ff + .V 5. -1, ,- xn ,V ...a-If 5-,., ,f X, Page Thirteen 'X A af 5? Q .w:5:'3vi'S.i't. ,. .1 r ,-ef .f , '. 1'1" ,. ,, Y'1'v',.fLY'ff1 f-I.. ,' Jn ' 5' w. . ,f7.- ,. QS. fi, uv" 'J 'i- ... ,.., Y , . fx 1- ,Q - -' , fu, ,, ,r 4' n xi. f!1'fgq.'W 1 ' L-,IH . , - "Q, ,J . .'-1 5'-ifzx 1, 9 U: E'32i j,2?'f-""?1fTFHf' :7!?f?Qa 41 , mg: pu Q, Z" gf.j,n4f .. X, ,gash 1-' ff 3 I X 1 , ' -,Mt - 2.-.1 1, 1 : 1 rf 5? ,., 1 4 v . Q 3: THE NAPANET 1931 ,,,.v,,., v , ..-.,.v.-.VK,.v.V.,,.v..v.-..,,.,,-N, - .-,.v.-.'.v.,.-.v.V.v.'.v.Y.-.Q.v.v.v.-.v.V.V.-.w.v.v.v.v.-.v.V.-.v. Wx.-.-.A.A.A..-x,x.-.-..-.--.A.A.-.-.A.A-2.-.-.f.-.-.-.A..-.- - A - - . . . - , . Faculty ' I E: A.3f..1 tl Z V I 'Q- .I """' ' ' A RUTH BRIGGS wiv , English 23 , . Public Speaking me ,x '1 in . Bible Study M' jj . DePauw University A, B. '-- HERMAN SCI-IULER A ' ' 1 is Health l ' ' S V Physical Education - V Coach Q -- V Indiana University LL. B S ,Q -5 MARGARET NEWBY .1 4- ,f 5 V W i Y Latin J 1 3.3K -' English - G li. - -A Earlham A. B. ' -p Indiana. University A. M. if " V American Academy, Rome 4, FZ' -2 , w . CHARLES BYERS V Vocational Agriculture Biology -fx.: 'A Purdue University B. S. A R AGNES CLARK CASH Indiana University B. P. S M Music CLARENCE HOLLOWAY XVin0na Summer School Goshen College A. B. Indiana. University Terre Haute Ball State Teacher College 'ith and Sth Arithmetic 7th and Sth History MABEL HECKAMAN Jr. High English Physical Education Xvittenburg College A. B. Indiana University A fvf ' TJ' Sit' Page Fourteen THE NAPANET 1931 I 011215525 1 .1 THE NAPAN ET 1931 Senior Class History N SEPTEMBER 7, 1928, seventy-four students entered Nappanee High School Q as the greenest bunch of Freshies ever enrolled. After getting thoroughly settled in our new abode, we elected Stahly Weldy PresTdent, Alberta Weygand Vice President, Erdean Stahly Secretary-Treasurer, and Mrs. B. and Mr. Trabue, Advisors. At the same time we chose a class motto "Toil Conquers All Things," a flower, Yellow Rose and the class colors Blue and Gold. During our first year we had one party, which was held in the gym. At the beginning of our Sophomore year only fifty-one of the original seventy- four reported for duty. This time we elected Iames Eaton President, Don Price Vice President, Alberta Weygand Secretary-Treasurer, and Miss Newby and Mr, Martin Advisors. On this year's social program were two parties. One a Halloween party with the other three classes, was held in the gym. The other, during the second half, was a "hobo's party" at Dean's and Dons Everyone had an exceptionally good time at this party, so good in fact, that in order to prolong it some of them walked home. In our Iunior year only forty-one of us came back but our diminished numbers only made the rest of us feel more determined to live up to our class motto. This year we elected Wayne Dunham President, Wanda Minard Vice President, Kathyrn Metzler Secretary, Fay Danner Treasurer, Miss Newby and Mr. Schuler Advisors. During this year we had two parties, one at Blosser's Park, the other a Pro- gressive Party with refreshments at different country homes. As Juniors we gave a play entitled "The Patsy." This play, a great success, restored our dwindling resources to such an extent that we were able to put across a very presentable reception lin the form of a Circusl for the departing Seniors. This year f 19301 only thirty-eight members of our once mighty class came back. We elected Wayne Dunham President, Frances Gall Vice President, Erdean Stahly Secretary, Miss Newby, Mr. Goodrich, Sponsors, and Mr. Abell Advisor. On De- cember l7, 1930, the Senior Class presented the Three-Act comedy "Peg O' My Heart." Although this play was not as well attended as the one given in our Iunior year, everyone was well pleased with it. This year we had-parties. One a theatre party. The other ??? ? ? And as Seniors we worked on the greatest project ever attempted by our class, the eighth volume of the Napanet. As every class before us, we insist that ours is the Hnest annual ever turned out, We hope you are not disappointed. 277-T-'QQT-1227-T-T'T-Tv?-T-T-T'T'T-TY?'T-T-T-T-T-T-T -T-T-T-T-T-Tv1NCN1'-T-T-T'T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-TfT'T-T-T-TY?-T-T-T Page Sixteen THE NAPANET 1931 Seniors Ann,- OFFICERS Wayne Dunham - - - President Frances Gall - - - Vice President Erdean Stahly - - Secretary-Treasurer Miss Newby and Mr. Goodrich - Advisors MOTTO "Toil Conquers All Things." COLORS Blue and Gold. FLOWER Yellow Rose ENROLLMENT 38. Page Seventeen THE NAPANET 1931 .,Av--A.-.,,A.A.A.A.-.A-A.L.A.A.A.AvAvL-AvA-A,,,A.,A.,,,A.A.A,A,A.-.SA + as C., + Ni: Q. DEAN PRICE 'AY-N A bashful country Lad, is he, But will it last, Ah! we shall see. it -,4 Hi-Y '29, '30, '31: Future Farmers '30, '313 .. . Second Team Basketball '31: Noon Bas- ketball '29, '30, '31, ALBERTA WEYGAND To-morrow life is too late: live to-day. Editor-in-Chief '31: Student Council '30, '3l: Secretary-Treasurer '29: Vice Presi- dent 'ESQ Band '29, '30, '313 Girl Reserves '29, '30, '3l: Glee Club '29, '30, '31: Latin Club '29: Science Club '30: Commercial Club '30, '31: "Pickles" '293 "Peg O' MV Heart" '31: Girls Athletics '31: Literary Society '3ll. Af MARY MALCOLM As one of the quiet members of our class Mary has had time to further her Commercial knowledge. Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31: Commercial Club '31: Girls Athletics '31. HENRY BAUMGARTNER Hank's main ability is along the line of Athletics and he has managed to keep away from the fairer sex. First Team Basketball '30. '31: Second Team Basketball '29, '30: Noon Basket- ball LZS, '29, '30, '31: Future Farmers '.J,, '01, ELEANOR SECHRIST The laughter of girls is, and ever was, among the delightful sounds of earth. Girl Reserves '30, '3l: Glee Club '29, '30, '31: Commercial Club '30, '31: "Pickles" '29: Girls Athletics '31. MARIE WALTERS True worth ig in being, not seeming. Assistant Literary Editor '31: Librarians '30, '31: Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, . -we S,-f IH R Page Eighteen THE NAPAN ET 1931 WAYNE DUNI-IAM Men's arguments often prove nothing more than their wishes. Business Manager '31g President '30, '31: First Team Basketball '30, '31: Sec-ond Team Basketball '2Sp Student Council '28, Band '29, '30, '31: Hi-Y '20, '30, '31: Latin Club 'ZEN Laboratory Assistant '31: Base' ball 130, '31: Tennis '30, '31: "Patsy" 'Zl0: "Peg O' My Heart" 313 Literary Society '30. FRIEDA CLOUSE Frieda Comes from the city of Locke. "Quiet and Studiousu seem to be Frieda's motto. Assistant Calendar Editor '31: Girl R+-- serves '313 Latin Club T195 Comnieruial Club '31. MAXINE RUMMEL The Blushing beauties of a modest maid. Commercial Club '31. RUSSEL IONES He that can have patience, can have what he will. Commercial Club '31: Literary Society '30: Noon Basketball '28, '29, '30, '31Z "Peg O' My Heart" '31, ARLENE CONRAD A jolly good friend at all times. Girl Reserves '31, Commercial Club '30, '31: Girls Athletics '31. MARIORIE GINGERICH What sweet delight a quiet life af- fords. Commercial Club '3 0. 1 r 'if ,.f"' f 3'-'H s-121 ,f X Pane Nineteen THE NAPAN ET 1931 "!""" 45 Qc' 'S' N .. N-- Y ELWYN BRLIMBALIGH Perseverance is irresistible. f Noon Basketball '29, '30, '31: Track '29, '30, '31. KATHRYN METZLER It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved, Snap Editor '31: Secretary '30: Girl Re- serves '29, '303 '31: Glee Club '29, '30, '3i15 Latin Club 'L9, '30, '31: "Pickles" 'L9: Girls Athletics '31. MIRIAM MILLER A light heart lives long. Joke Editor '31: Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31: Commercial Club '31: Martha Wash- ington Club '30: "Professor Pepp" '29. STAI-ILY WELDY Even virtue is more fair when it ap- pears in a handsome man. Assistant Business Manager '31: Noon Basketball '28, '29, '30, '31: Librarian '30, '31: Student Council '29, '30: President 'ZSQ Hi-Y '29, '30, '31: Latin Club '291 Lit- erary Society '30, "Patsy" '30: "Professor Pepp" '29: "Peg O' My Heart" '31. ALLEGRA RICHMOND The more we study the more we learn our ignorance. Librarian '29, '30, '31: Girl Reserves '29, 30, '31, Glee Club '29, '30, Latin Club '291 Commercial Club '30. CHARLOTTE DICK Modest and unassuming, calm and self-possessed. Girl Reserves '30, '31: Latin Club '29C Commercial Club '30, '31: Girls Athletics '31 Page Twenty THE NAPAN ET 1931 - - - - - - - - - - - .-J.-.-.-4.-.-.-.-..,v-.-.-.-.-.-..A.- .-.-.-.---..-.LAL-L-.' -.' -L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-.V :.-4-L-.v L-LA:-4 EDWIN ROBERTS Too much sensibility creates unhappi- strokes. Assistant Editor '31: Student Council '31g Librarian 'lllg Band '3tlg Hi-Y '30, '313 Latin Club 'EUC Commercial Club T511 "PatSy" '305 "Peg O' My I-If-art" 'Zl1. CORA RUFF Good words are better than bad strokes. Commercial Club '29, '3u: "Peg O' My Heart" '3'1: Girls Athletics '31. ERDEAN STAHLY Zealous yet modest. Secretary and Treasurer '28, '31: Girl Hee serves '29, '30, 'fllg Latin Club '29: Martha Xvashiugton Club '3li: Girls Athletics '3l. DALE FARRINGTON Goshen has a strong attraction for Dale. Noon Basketball '28, '29. '30, '31. ARABELLA HAINES Patience and gentleness are power. Girls Athletics '31. FRANCES RUMMEL Silent when glad: affectionate though shy. Commercial Club '31. ff ,,,-- 4 1" 3-All S531 X X 4 Pane Twenty-one THE NAPANET 1931 4 I 4 4 -- ...,- ,,, , ,,,, I,, II' 'I I I . II 1 , ,,, I, DONALD PRICE I, . . I" Luck is a very good word if you put a II: "P" before it. :gl I'-' Vice President '29g Student Council '31, Second Team Basketball '31, Noon Bas- I,-, ketball '28, '29, '305 Sports Editor, Napa- I,-, net '31: Hi-Y '29, '30, '31p Commercial I,', Club '30, '31g "Patsy" '30g "Peg O' My Ig, Heart" '31, 3, I IQ' I,-I WANDA MINARD :QI . 'I ' I never dare to write as funny as I I-,I . 'ffm' :il i -Q -'I ' ' Librarians '29, '30, '31Z Vice President :II V, '30g Assistant Snap Editor '31, Senior ,'I I sv . , Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, Latin Club '29g ,QI 31:22-f Commercial Club '30, '31: "Patsy" '30, ,QI If.,-gg 1: 9 1 "Professor Pepp" '29: "Peg O' My Heart" IMI .vb ,I .5 '31, Girls Athletics '31. 44: ,,1'QSSf.I:w-5 ,,,,e 7 II - KATHYLN FELDMAN Ig III - The beaut o a lovel woman is like II 1 , V1 y y I'I . ,. ""'S'f- II , .. , VNII . ,, j,.S ,I K ' -- Girls Noon Basketball '31: Senior Girl II ef ' Reserves '30, '31: Latin Club '2fI: Com- II C is-fi", mereiai Club '30, '31, '-Pickles" 'zfiz Girls I., fr-I, Q Athletics '31. I., is eil I-I --.EF- f . 'I P RAYMOND REED II X X 'xt 0 Q' Learning makes' a man fit Company for U ' himself. II 'I I4 Noon Basketball '28, '29: Second Team IZI '29, '30: Art Editor "Napanet" '31C Track It: '29. II I II lf, MARY PIPPEN gi, . . . 'I Wit is the flower of conversation. :II i,, Librarian '29, '30, '31: Senior Girl Re- :'I serves '29, '30, '31: Latin Club '29: ,QI "Patsy" '30: "Pickles" '29Z "Peg O' My ,',I Heart" '313 Yell Leader '31. IZ: IC, I 'I li ROBERTA HEPLER I' If' If country life is healthy to the body, it ig no less so to the mind. Ii: I Martha VVashington Club '30. 'I Ig, A nf S.-N:- I I I 4 I I ' I Ig, I 4 IU: IS: 1, II It IDI I, I , I , I 4 I I I 4 Pane Twenty-two THE NAPANET 1931 WARD HLIMMEL No really great man thought himself so. Noon Basketball '28, '20, '30, ':I1: Hand '27, '28, '29, '30: Science Club '30: Cum- mereial Club '30, '31, ANNA RASMLISSEN My tongue, but not my heart, shall have its will. Senior Girl Reserves '20, '30, 'iilz Lutin Club '2lI: Junior Girl Reserves '27, '2P5: Commercial Club '2!I. '30, Til: Girls Athletics '31, NORMA MANUEL Although Norma came to us when a Senior, she has made many friends. Student Council, '31, Glee Cluh '31: Coni- inereial Club '31: Girls Athletivs '31, RICHARD BLESSING The hand that follows intellect can achieve. Laboratory Assistant '30, '3l. MARGARET MCFALL Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others. Senior Girl Reserves '29, '30, '3l: Junior Girl Reserves '27, '2S: Librarian '29, '30, '31g Glee Club '28, '29, '30, '3l: Latin Club '29: Commercial Club '3l: Literary Club '30, "Patsy" '31I: "Pickles" '2fI: Yell Lead- er '29, '3tIg Girls Athletic-s '31, FRANCES GALL We are often able because we think we are able. Senior Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31: Stu- dent Council '29, '30: Calendar Editor "Napanet" '31: Vice President '31: Com- mercial Club '30, '31: Martha XVashington Club '30g "Patsy" '30, ,,. f" I ,J i jf g' xx ,gf -.f-ll Sq, X' X ,I 'I I lI I , 1 I. I. lr lI I , li I 1 'I 15: 11, 17: 1 11, 15, 1, 1 I 1 li 1 1. 1" 1 1 15, 1 I 1 II I I1 I I tl 11, 1. 'I 1 I 'I ,I ,I I 'I ,I ji ,I ,I ,I ,I ,I I QI ,I I 3 ,I ,I I jI I 1 ,I ,I I QI ,I ,I I QI ,I ,I ,I I 4 I 'I il II I 1 I ll I 11 I ' I I 1 1 I 1 .41 ,I I I 1-' Il: 1 I 15: 1 1'1' I 1 I 1 1 I 1 I 1'-' 1 I ll 1, , ' I ' I 1 I I ,I I I .'I ,II Ill I I Page Twenty-three FA' 'I' .1 I-.' A':!""' 14 12 'W ufighi I ev!3?sie3+:5h vi-??i5i!iffZ3" ' In -If ,, 1 , ,x g -' vg..,,1,3, s 5' fH"'mi'i,'5 .f- vhf, f'1V',..f1.N! J 5 'IE HI, f 7' xg .-,Z v4 TYEQQ. Q,1..'- it ,V '-S fr'-p 1,'-a- l',f5'Tf fx, nf I if U 1 ,,f -. 1 - 5 , pf, " ,'1,' 'M ' J."f'. :I ' rx . ,IMI , UV , . . I 1 - 1 . . 4 Y ' t -1? 'if . FQ It A A ' f Q' f ,UV vyrx I .Htl ., ,-I-' ,K ' :ll 1 ,l .Vigil 1 ,. 1' N flu ,f Z.- - 1 1 .1 ,Sw ' . :rw " fi," ' vu , .,'- ,u. ,it . 11-.ri j : ' ,1:5,,,. , 3 '.'f5 1x15 qw V 14'4'7"" 'f - , 4 , .- 4, www' , '24- ,,,,v1 Q. H -,.- 2 -mt 1 r,, . N., N A+" . , aqf:v-,- u - fi? . '...TiA-fi'-"rx ' 1' ,,p9i.,': V "5 ' . I ..,, by .,.-V3 1 - f' ,s fx", .,4,.,g,-A.. W1 n 'V ..1,' THE NAPANET 1931 - - - . - - A - .... . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . ,-.-.'. ,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.v.,.-.-.-. .-.-. . .-, . , .-. , .-.-. . . . ,-.wx . . X .-.1 1.1,- -L. I .. ,,.-:g k 'N ' I H" 'ME I ZA .. I 1-,fe A . I. II Ii III?" f- , , -1.,.,Ix. f 'K I X-I ., - 'A - La V IMXKII, I, XX ,YP 'gow 3,51 X f--fy Q N 'Lg E- KX2.-. ..:...1.QB M5-'T N A Q . " sw -. 1 Snykfe-'qiga sr-fxffi'-:se 'lm Q . :I 3-12' XR ' .1 fig-.2 I' I ,MII 'ff - Inv' if ,. sf. N . frlx' - - -2- ? S145 ,zf - Q- -asker-ffer w 1. 4 ew-I .. NQ1.js,' :,. ,IW r L: 1 7 . I' I :aww 7 sgigggsfe 3-N5 G JI I . ', .,I-S15 .Sis -14 . wi N I f- " Q S 3-. -.g fix. --.1-H S-n-- 1f3.Q3WQ,i:.,,y.6 ' I A I xr' WX -' -Ii 51' 'N' fig 1 .- ROBERT RILEY Noon Basketball '28, '29, '30, '31. PAY DANNER Fay's main hobby is making high grades and .she seems fo be successful. Treasurer '3O: Senior Girl Reserves '30, 'Sill Latin Club '29, '30, '31: Literary Edi- tor "Napanet" '31. MISS NEWBY Advisor MR. GOODRICH Advisor MR. ABELL Advisor I I I I 'I I 4 Ii: 1 I 'I 'I . I I . I I . I , I 'I I II -I , I I . I I I I I I I I . I . I 'I 'I , I , I I I I I I I 1 I . I QI I I I I I ,I ,I I I 'I , I I 4 I'-I I4 . I I+, II, 'I ,I II ,I ,I I I I II 'I II 'I 'I V - - - -vff - V - - ,V-.-Y-Y-.-V-.-.-,-.-,-. ----- - -.--f--- ---------- -- AAA- --------------II vvv- vv -v-------------Y-Y--------v-----., Page Twenty-four THE NAPANET 1931 Class Prophecy fxfif ITHOUT my crystal it would be a difficult task to carry out what has been 3 ' assigned to me-that of prophesying the future of my fellow-Seniors. But L Y W here in the retracted lights of my crystal I see it all. A figure swathed in yards of filmly stuff, being looked upon by a vast audience is none other than Alberta W. who has proven her stage career a big success. What do I see in the blue background?? Two pretty little faces encircled by a ring-it must be serious!! About and near the brunette I see little children. She, Margaret M. will be a governess perhaps. And in the background surrounding the blonde are rows and rows of dining tables. I remember Kate M. said she plans on taking up dietetics, Now-what have I here? A trace of broad smile. Of course-it is Edwin R. No wonder the smile, for I see now coming into view two feminine figures. Edwin must be a dancing instructor for he is swinging the girls rhythmically to the orchestra in turn, and appears to be giving them pointers now and then. What do I see now that doesnt look as good-Ya police cop stops a car. Why- it is Stahly W. driving. I-le must be the 1940 speed record-breaker. Here is something of a different naturega book. Someone is turning over its leaves as if it pertained to chemistry. It is Fay Danner. Don't be surprised if sh: is responsible for the issuance of the 1940 Chemistry Text Book. Again as I turn my crystal I see a green coloring. Now I know what it is-a hay meadow and two farmers in big straw hatsAI-Ienry B. and Robert R. Here is an "Austin" and somebody getting out of it. You can be sure that it is Nap's live-wire-'Wanda Minard. What do you suppose she is doing riding around in an Austin? What is this? Rows of test tubes thistle tubes, labelled bottles and boys all alike. No wonder-it is Don and Dean P. Looks as if they are going into chemistry in a big way! I thought so! Mary Pippen entering a store, above which hangs a sign-Drugs. Let us follow Mary into the store and satisfy our curiosity. A person behind the counter whom we can all guess is Wayne D. What is he doing? Nothing out of the ordinary-just fishing into his pocket. He hands a roll of bills to Mary who is now Mrs. Dunham. Ah! this makes me dizzy-a typewriter keyboard-a silver cup-Russel Jones. Of all things! Now don't get hungry. For I see pies, cakes, roast chicken, and lots of good things so tempting to we Seniors. But stay! They are being watched by Mary Malcolm. Looks as though she is going to be supervisor of a 4-H Club or some such thing. I must be right for I see Clara Ruff in charge of a sewing stall near by. This is strange-the faint out-line of a boot. It must be Italy. But what is Eleanor Sechrist doing over there, trying to enchant some handsome Italian with an over-flowing melody of love?? Looks as if somebody has found trouble for himself, for I see Raymond Reed's long legs dangling in the air. Don't get a bad impression of him, for he is only making his way back to earth by means of a parachute. But he isn't the only one who floats about on high. Richard Blessing is up there too. Down below I see a dilapidated plane. Page Twenty-Eve THE NAPANET 1931 Here is something pretty-a stage all decorated. A tall figure is coming out to address us. Anna R. She must be the assistant manager of a theatre. She introduces to us the two star comedians, Elwyn B. and Charlotte Dick in "Wait a Minute, Nineteen Thirty." Now I see someone in the barber's chair. He is being shorn by Dale Farrington. Of course there would have to be a barber out of our class. Here must be a County Fair, for I see numerous stalls, and animals of different kinds about the grounds. Above one of the stalls is the sign "Mrs, Marjorie Mac Rae famous for her pies." That is none other than Marjorie Gingerich. Now as we wander about the grounds we come to the poultry section to learn that the Rurnmel sisters, Frances and Maxine have taken prize for their Leg-horns, "the white egg- layers." We 1931 Seniors couldn't possibly do without a beauty specialist, says my crystal. For here I see Arabella H. carefully dressing Frances Gall's hair. Frances has quite a business air about her. Yes, and I can see dimly an office room, and above the door, "Frances Gall-Private Secretary. This looks interesting. A bridge table in a grand resort hotel, The couples play- ing, appear to be members of the wealthier sex. But with all her riches, we recognize one of these players as Allegra Richmond. Now my crystal takes on the aspect of a school room. Rows of desks, black- boards, little heads bobbing about. But more important is the instructor at her desk, who looks up now and then, to see lack or Iohnny pulling Suzzie's curls, or making hand-signs. This is Erdean Stahly's kindergarten class. ln place of these little tots I now see older children, they look to be Sophomores. Their teacher is attempting to explain a geometrical figure to them. However, it is so poorly drawn on the board that I could not explain it myself if asked. Let us conclude that one of the boys of her class drew the figure. I am sure that would suit their teacher, Frieda Clouse. Oh, how pretty! Here is a living room Ht for a king and queen. I recognize the landscape gardening as that of Arlene Conrad. And none other than Marie Walters could have done the interior decorating, for my crystal reveals a cup won by her for that type of work. Here is something of interest to the girls, and maybe some of the boys. It is a dress parade, or style show. All the pretty colors of the rainbow are draped grace- fully on slim, lithe figures by one we all know Kathyln F. She will no doubt be a style expert. Who is this coming? Little Miriam Miller in her white uniform. Before her scatter the subordinate nurses. I just saw one tall, gaunt figure disappear, But wait, Her head is reappearing around a corner-it is only I, Norma M. But to my mis- fortune Miriam sees me. But after all, it isn't so bad. She only puts me in charge of Roberta Hepler, Farm Bureau head, who has come to this particular hospital to have her tonsils removed. Playing thus with my crystal is fun, but it is now clouding over and I can see no more. -Norma Manuel. ---------.f.,-.-..---.---v.,,,,--.v....---....----,.W-v-Y-----v------------ Page Twenty-six -,.,.-.V.v.Y.,N,. ,,.Y.,. ,,.v., . ,.,.v.-.-7. 1.7.-.w. .,,..,.,.v..,.v.v.Y.v,,,Y.Y.i.v.v.v.'.v.v.w.V.v.v.-1. w.i.w.w. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I THE NAPAN ET 1931 .v.v.v.Y.w...--..- -D-----..---------------.,.------------,,-..----,-.. -.----.,-.,.,. ,.,..,.-. Suggested Program for Commencement Class Song Salutatorian - Frances Gall Piano Solo Marjorie Gingerich Class History - - - Donald Price Quartette - - - Edwin Roberts, Stahly Weldy Alberta Weygand, Kathryn Metzler Reading ----- Mary Pippen Solo - Eleanor Sechrist Class Poem Wanda Minard Piano Solo Roberta Hepler Class Prophecy Norma Manuel Valedictorian ---- Fay Danner Cornet Duet Wayne Dunham, Alberta Weygand Reading - ---- Margaret McFall Class Song MOM Diploma Hour HE graduating Class of 1931 numbers thirty-eight students. Of this number 9 thirteen are boys and twenty-Eve are girls. This is the smallest class since 7 1926. This Class claims to make up for this shortage in numbers by their good looks and intelligence. Classes for the past seven years have numbers as follows: 1924-245 1925-37: 1926-36z 1927-57: 1928-54: 1929-47: 1930-57. March and December are not popular birthday months for no student claims windy March and only one graduate celebrates December. May, October and No- vember are celebrated most frequent-there being six birthdays in each of these months. The rest of the birthdays are well scattered among the other seven months. No pupil has a birthday on an important holiday. There is one pair of twins and two other pupils whose birthdays ball on November 28. Twenty-one were born in 1913: eleven have been in school more than twelve years and six less than twelve years. The average age of the girls is 18 years, 1 month and 5 days. The average age of the boys is 18 years and 5 days. The girls graduate 2 months and 12 days older than the girls of 1930. The boys graduate 1 month and 22 days younger than the boys of 1930. Both the oldest and youngest are girls. The youngest, Frieda Clouse, is 16 years, 4 months and 6 days old to-night. She is a sister of Vera Clouse the baby of the Class of 1930, and 3 months and 18 days younger than Vera was on her graduation day. The Salutatory was given by Frances Gallg the Valedictory by Fay Danner. A. A. - - ---- - -.-.-. -.-.-.-A.-.--...-.-..s.-v- .A-.-.-v.-C -..-.-.-.,-.-,NJ..--.A..-.-A.A.N.,C, .,,f.-.C,-.-.-.-.-4, sA-- - A- As--s - A.-vf-..s.A.I I I II II I I II II I I I I F II II II I I . I I III II, Ig, I I 'I I II, Ig, II, II, II, II II II I' I I I II IVI I I I. I II I I II 'I 'I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I II I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I I, I I I III I II II II 'I If- I I I I I I I II II, 'I 'I 'I I I I I 'I I, , I I I I I I I l I' ' fvlvlvl-ls'-1-1-1-'Tfl-lvivlvlv-'v'-T-T-T-Tvf fTvTvTvTvf'vT-T'TvT'T -T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T-T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T-T'T"f'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T' l Page Twenty-seven v 1 1 I . r 1 1 1 I . THE NAPANET 1931 II':,':x zzz-.Yr vt -. -. -T 1-. -2 -f -A Y-A -. -. -A -A -. -: -7 -. -. '-. -. -, -pf - -A -': -. -A-T -. -. Y: -A fr Y: -7 wr -. -, v-. -. V-. Y-. -. Y-. Y-. -. -. -. -. v-. -. f,:,::---- 1 I I I I, . 1, Will and Testament 5: 1 If ln, E, THE MEMBERS of the Class of 1931, being of sound mind and excell- lt SH ent judgment, realizing that we must depart soon, do hereby present our last I L will and testament. I lt l ARTICLE I. It I Item 1. To Thelma Welty, we, Wayne Dunham and Kathryn Metzler, do if bequeath our ability to argue. I Item 2. I, Marjorie Gingerich, do bequeath to Leland Strang my ability to 4: Walk into the Assembly quietly. 4, Item 3. We, the twins of the Senior Class, Don and Dean Price, do present I to twins of the Freshman Class, Galen and Gerald Philips our record as good twins. :V Item fl. To Fred Lopp, I Fay Danner, do bequeath my ability to concentrate. I Item 5. To Mr. White, I Anna Rasmussen, do bequeath my shell-rimmed :QI glasses to be used in finding lost or strayed students in the Assembly. Item 6. I, Elwin Brumbaugh, do bequeath my hard used books to Donavon I", Hollar. . li: Item 7. I, Frieda Clouse, do bequeath my seriousness to Garnet Walters. Item 8. I, Frances Gall, do bequeath to Bill Pebble my valued book culture. Item 9. We, the Rumniel sisters, Frances and Maxine, do bequeath our ora- V: torical ability to David Stump. :,' Item 10. I, Kathlyn Feldman, do bequeath my ability to clerk in a grocer store ' to Bennie Barnhart. Item 11. We, Dale Farrington and Arabella Haines, do bequeath to Max lj: Wiseman our "English Helps in Speech Arts." lj: Item 12. I, Mary Pippen, do will my "suntan" to Chester Rasmussen. I: Item 13. I, Ward Hummel, do bequeath my popularity with Goshen girls to ,jr Clyde Hushberger. IIE Item 14. I, Charlotte Dick, do will to Charles Weygand my diet for making li, people thin. lf: Item 15. I, Edwin Roberts, do bequeath my good disposition to Miss Plasterer. 1,11 Item 16. We, Marie Walters, and Erdean Stahly, do bequeath our quietness li.: to the Seventh grades when entering the assembly. El: Item 17. I, Alberta Weygand, do bequeath my ability to blow' a comet, to ,jr Mary Iane Stose. if Item 18. I, Stahly Weldy, do bequeath my collegiate strut to Eleanor Stump. lj: Item 19. I, Margaret McFall, do bequeath my dancing ability to Harold Bock. Item 20. To Irvin Yoder, I, Cora Ruff do bequeath my yellow locks. lf: Item 21. I, Norma Manuel, do bequeath my Canadian Experiences to all "Dry" members of the Iunior Class. lf: Item 22. I, Allegra Richmond, do bequeath my style to Phyllis Housour. Item 23. I, Robert Riley, do bequeath my long legs to Glen Fields. ll: Item 24. I, Arlene Conrad, do bequeath the ability to keep my glasses on to Miss Briggs. lf! QlTLTLTL7LTLT:7ifli'?j1Z Ii'IgTgTLTQTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT-T-t -T-T-T'T-T-:vf-T- T-T-7-7-7-T-T-7-'71-vf-7-7V7-gv7v7.-.-V-.-.-,-, Page Twenty-eight THE NAPANET 1931 I I I I I I I I II I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I 'I I 'I ,I I 'I 'I 1 I 'I 'I QI ,I I 1 I 'I QI I 1 IEL'L'L'L'L'LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLZR"'''LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL-MCA-'"SLT,'Z-:'ILT,1TgTgTLT-': Y: -7 V7 -TlTLQ:l75::---ff-------Y---1-----3 li-I gl III I Item 25. I, Raymond Reed, do bequeath to Robert Unger one inch of my l'I hei ht to be id nnuall until he is a senior. 1 1, 9 pa H Y I Item 26. I, Henry Baumgartner, present my nonchalant air, to Miriam Geyer. Item 27. I, Wanda Minard, will to Iohn Deboe my seat in the assembly in IU: I-,I case another large enough cannot be found. III :Il Item 28. I, Russell Iones, do bequeath my special seat in the hall to any l other student who indulges in gum chewing. QI If Item 29. I, Richard Blessing, doth bestow my last name on Paul Stahly and QI LaVerne Miller. :E IH: Item 30. I, Eleanor Sechrist, do will my voice to Oliver Owens. :I II . 1,1 ,I ' ARTICLE II 1' .I - I L1 Item l. Upon the Freshmen Class of '3'-1, we bestow our deepest sympathy. fl: Item 2. To the Sophomores, we bequeath our dignity. I :Ll Item 3. We bequeath to the Iunior Class the exclusive right to make the 1931 1: Napanet. We also give them the privilege of exceeding us if possible, in making I., a better Napanet. I l1: Item 4. And, last but not least, to our teachers we bequeath many of the :I tricks pupils indulge in, when under pretense of studying diligently. 1: I1 I :fl We, the undersigned, do hereby solemnly affirm that the above is the last will I and testament, to our knowledge and belief, of the Senior class of 1931, N. H. S. 1: ,IIE QSignedj, Witnesses: Wanda Minard, "Micky" McFall, Norma Manuel. 121, jI I, .I :nl Senior Class. Russell Iones, Lawyer. :Ii Ii I1, H, li" II 'gl :Z-' Il I I1 I 11' 1' ,II 1. ,I I. III I. IW, I I I :il :I I-I 1. ll: 11' lil: :II ll W I IQ: nfl li-I 'SI IU: l" II iv "I II :II 'jI "I ',I I :fl QI ,II II -I I 'I 'I 'fl VI '-'I FI '-I I ll 'I '-'I 'I :NI QI l3LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLZLTLTSLTLTLTLT5LiilTgTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLZfgTi3gTgTgTgTLTLTgT5i l Page Twenty-nine THE NAPANET 1931 dyf.-.-.A.f.A A - - - A ,- ------v-----A..f.-------- Juniors 11,: ' X :,. - V A,-,. s s fi 1.-.:1 5 sw ',:. ,..v.', -- ,.,. L QQ ' Q, OFFICERS Charles Lehman - President Robert Miller - Vice President Glen Field - - Secretary-Treasurer Miss Rosenberry and Mr, Byers - Advisors COLORS Red and White FLOWER Red Rose ENROLLMENT Forty-five Page Thirty THE NAPANET 1931 A-ffvvv fm- fx,-VN-,wx -v-c,-.,-v-v-,-v-vN,x,Nf-vN,-,,j,-,,-c,-vx-v-,1f- -,af-.A.H -X -,.,.-i1-- mf - f-, AAAAA,,, Y Junior Class l . ' Top Row-Left to Right-Lucile Malcolm, Wava Miner, Pearl Hummel, Iulia Blosser, Ruth l-laney, Benneville Barnhart, Harold Berger, Robert Miller, Clyde Hersh- berger, Glen Field, Lowell l-lershberger, Frederick Ganger, Iohn DeBow, Earl graham, Ioe Lape, Lowell Mullett, Volney Miller, Charles Weygand, Harold ock. Middle Row-Left to Right-Thelma Welty, Mabel Krou, Vivian Eppley, Carolyn Arch, Marie Sierk, Lois Mitchell, Dorothy Coppes, Noble Seidner, Lee Ander- son, Charles Lehman, Harold Umbaugh, Paul Stahly. Bottom Row--Left to Right-Clara Felter, Rosa Blessing, Theora l-lolderman, La- Verne Miller, Marguerite Richcreek, Ruth Felter, Ruth Stump, Merle Calbeck, Robert Blosser, Marion Rensberger, lohn Stahly, Edward Stahly, lrvin Yoder, Leland Strang. Junior Class History I N 1920 a number of small boys and girls were brought to school by their 7 5 proud parents, and were enrolled in the first grade as the Class of '32. These L 'Z small children gradually grew and every year they advanced one step nearer to the time when they would enter high school. Finally after eight long years of wait- ing the time arrived, the pupils received their report cards and on them was written these three wonderful words, "Promoted to Freshman." Ah! Many were the proud parents who read these words. At last their little child was in high school. So in the fall of 1928 fifty-five pupils entered the doors of that wonderful institu- tion of learning, "Nappanee High School." Of course these pupils were very tirnorous because those of us who had older brothers had heard rumors of what the terrible upper classmen would do to us. These Freshmen realizing that they must have organization if they were to hold off this almost certain disaster, met and elected Mr. Roose, who had taken pity on us, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .. - - - - .,,.v.-.w. .. ,,.,,.v.v.w.v.-.-.-.,.X.v.v.v. ,.,,x fs?-7-Tv:-7' A - , - A- , - r v , - r - , - -- . f . Y r - . - . -, ' . Y , ' . - . ' - .-.. - - A,A,-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-,s4c.--.fsasA:-A.--A-4----A Page Thirty-une fvxn,vxF THE NAPANET 1931 and Miss Smith as our advisors. These two notables talked to us on the character and the standards of the pupils we should elect for our officers. So we elected Lowell Mullett to be our chief officer with Robert Miller as his assistant. Glen Field was made secretary-treasurer. At a later class meeting we selected the red rose as our flower and red and white for our class colors. We decided to get two small penants rather than one large one, so the secretary sent and got two very pretty penants. Of course everybody needs a signboard for commencement so we had the local electrician fix us a nice signboard with the board of white and the electric bulbs of red. Very few of our number failed to make the necessary grades in the final examina- tion for the year, which only adds to our fame. So we separated for the summer vacation. But to our surprise only fifty-two re- turned for our Sophomore year in high school. We came early on that beautiful fall day in 1929 because we planned on getting our revenge on the new Freshman. How- ever, all of them seemed to have been warned because they all stayed in the assembly or close to some teacher. This year we elected Charles Lehman, Wava Miner and Robert Miller as our officers and Mr. Byers and Miss Shively as our advisors. . The principle class party was held at Blosser's Park. Despite the many falls and collisions no one was killed, but several slightly injured. We parted for the summer but all of us planned on coming back unless something happened. Then when school did start we found we had lost only five from our ranks. When we came back we were forty-seven strong. We elected Charles Lehman, president, Robert Miller, vice president, and Glen Field, secretary-treasurer. This year Mr. Byers and Miss Rosenberry were our acl- visors. In November we held a theater party at South Bend. As Mr. Byers was not able to accompany us Mr. Goodrich went instead. We selected, "Second Childhood," as our class play. The characters in this play were excellent and showed real talent. We wish to thank Miss Briggs and Miss Ros- enberry for the help they have given us in this play. We also realized that we must give the Seniors the best reception that has ever been given. I am not at liberty to tell you the program and menu, but it is excellent. We are not only looking forward to the closing of this year, but we are going still farther into our Senior year. We are planning on putting forth the best volume of the Napanet in '32 that will ever be published. Our class also is proud of the showing its boys have made in athletics. We have been represented in basketball ever since we have been in high school. In the eighth grade we had one of the best teams in high school, also in the summer of 1929 Coach john Longfellow picked Hve of our number to play summer baseball with the high school baseball team. Since we have been in high school we have never failed to be represented on any team that the high school has put forth. As Freshmen Charles Lehman and Ioe Lape represented us on the second team. On the baseball team was Charles Lehman, Ioe Lape and Glen Field. As Sophomores, Lowell Mullett and Charles Lehman were on the first team and Ioe Lape, Lee Anderson, Earl Graham, Bob Blosser and Nelson Eaton on the second team. Charles Lehman was on the tennis team. The girls as well as boys have had good teams. They have been especially strong in the band, glee club and other organizations. -G. F. Page Thirty-two THE NAPANET 1931 I I III I I 1 I I II . I . I . I I. I I I I I I I . I I I . I I I. I I I I . I I I II II I II II II I I I I I I I 1 II . II, 1, I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I .'I I I I I I III' I In I I 1,1 II I I I I, , I I, I'-I 1' ' I. II I I. I . .II II: IQ' I It Freckles and His Friends lm N THE year of 1892 when Merril Blosser was born, the city of Nappanee lit- , tle realized that he was one who would help put the prosperous little town 7 q on the map. ln Merril's early days he developed a fondness for drawing and his parents encouraged him to take lessons. The first public exhibition of his talents were caricatures of the school faculty. Mr. Ioe Chappel, Editor of the National Magazine of Boston. had a contest for boys and girls under the age of fifteen in which they were to write on the subject: "How to Invest Five Hundred Dollars and VVhy." There were two thousand and five hundred contestants and Merril was a first prize winner which gave him a trip to Washington, D. C. There he witnessed Theodore Roosevelts first inauguration. While in the presence of Teddy Roosevelt, Merril took a pad of paper from the Presidents desk, and made a sketch of the famous man which brought forth from him the comment, "Bully" The President was so pleased with the sketch that he detained him for some time chatting with him and encouraging him to keep on with his draw- ing. This was the experience that convinced him that he should be an artist. After some experience in drawing for several papers, it was discovered that he liked to sketch 'Ikidsf' This resulted in birth of "Freckles and His Friends." It is universally believed by many children that Freckles is Blosser's own son. but the original Freckles is Merril himself at the age of four. As We look over Freckles' costume we see the coat that was made from his grandfathefs shrinking flannel shirt. lavender in color. The trousers are Dr. Charles lnk's cast olf one's, dark gray with a maroon stripe. All he has new is his waist and neck-tie. In the comic strip we are convinced that Freckles' roving spirit is due to his good fortune in winning the trip to Washington. Freckles has traveled from coast to coast. He has slept in the old Waldorf Hotel of New York City and in the hotel of San Francisco where President Harding died. He cruised to Catalina in the boat with the glass bottom and toured through Arizona and New Mexico to see the Pueblo cities where the ancient Indians lived. Some time ago the school children of Indianapolis voted on the characters in all comic strips and Freckles won. Another instance, all the dailies in the United States voted on which Kid Strip is cleanest and again "Freckles and His Friends" scored the hightest. Merrill now lives in Los Angeles, paying an occasional visit to his parents in this city. I 1, , - - ....... A - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .. - .,.,.,.,.-,-,-,-,-,-.-,-,-,-.-.-.-,-,-.1-,-,-.-.-.-,-.-,-.-,-.-.-,- If" ' ' ' " """""""""' ""A"" """' 'A"""""' Page Thirty-three FA' 'I' .1 I-.' A':!""' 14 12 'W ufighi I ev!3?sie3+:5h vi-??i5i!iffZ3" ' In -If ,, 1 , ,x g -' vg..,,1,3, s 5' fH"'mi'i,'5 .f- vhf, f'1V',..f1.N! J 5 'IE HI, f 7' xg .-,Z v4 TYEQQ. Q,1..'- it ,V '-S fr'-p 1,'-a- l',f5'Tf fx, nf I if U 1 ,,f -. 1 - 5 , pf, " ,'1,' 'M ' J."f'. :I ' rx . ,IMI , UV , . . I 1 - 1 . . 4 Y ' t -1? 'if . FQ It A A ' f Q' f ,UV vyrx I .Htl ., ,-I-' ,K ' :ll 1 ,l .Vigil 1 ,. 1' N flu ,f Z.- - 1 1 .1 ,Sw ' . :rw " fi," ' vu , .,'- ,u. ,it . 11-.ri j : ' ,1:5,,,. , 3 '.'f5 1x15 qw V 14'4'7"" 'f - , 4 , .- 4, www' , '24- ,,,,v1 Q. H -,.- 2 -mt 1 r,, . N., N A+" . , aqf:v-,- u - fi? . '...TiA-fi'-"rx ' 1' ,,p9i.,': V "5 ' . I ..,, by .,.-V3 1 - f' ,s fx", .,4,.,g,-A.. W1 n 'V ..1,' --------, THE NAPANET 1931 .1-.-.-.N.A.f.A.N,LAL-L4 A.'-.- -L-LAL-gA.'-gA:.A.'-3.-.'-'-'-'ff- 'ff - ': A'-'A---------:vsA'-'ff Sophomores OFFICERS Karl Freese ---- President Carolyn Mullett Vice President Karl Knoble - - - Secretary Wilfred Troup - - Treasurer Miss Heestand and Mr. Schuler Advisors COLOR Purple and Gold FLOWER Yellow Rose ENROLLMENT Fifty Page Thirty-four savvy THE NAPANET 1931 Sophomore Class Top Row-Left to Right-Carolyn Mullett, Glenwyn Walters, Bernice Hollar, Ieanette Buss, Eleanor Stump, Howard Brumbaugh, William Pepple, Raymond Gall, Wilfred Troup, Max Wiseman, Glenn Conrad, Clifford Iervis, Ralph Rum- mel, Philip Stump, Thurlo Clouse, Karl Freese, George Hershberger, Donald Wagner, George Riley. lwiddle Row-Left to Right-Lodema Newcomer, Mary Furney, Virginia Richmond, Willodean Snider, Helen Fowler, Ruth Eppley. Kathryn Richmond, Mona Lou Slabaugh, Donavan Hollar, Loyal Corwin, Reed Newcomer, Richard Wise, Russel Ganger. Bottom Row-Left to Right-Mary Rickert, Phyllis Manges, Katherine Mellinger, Evelyn Walters, Bertha Geil, Marjorie Anglemeyer, Karl Knoble, Harold Miller, Dale Stoucler, LaMar Reed. Charles Stouder, Clemert Kyle, Frederick Lopp. gg.----v--.-,fp --.l,.v,l.l,-.--v.Y.n.Y .ir .W-i--v. w.-'Av-,Y-.Y.N., , ,...-C-,, v-. Page Thirty-tive 1-V-V-V-,-V-vs,-NX -N,-N. -,- V-Vx,-wx A,-.vw-,,.'a,-.A ,-,-S,.-,,-.,x,,x,- .,,H,-,-,--N-N-xfs.-v-- f-.,-,.,.,-. -V-a -.-,--,- ,-.-- ,- , - .- AA e-X, CA.N,,N.,-.A.a. --.,xA.,e,,A.A..-.x., -x.-f.,,,.,,N.,.,,A,,.f.A.,- ,,,A.,A.,N.,, .A.,,.-,C ..,.,,---..,-.,J--.fy -Cf.. THE NAPANET 1931 . . . , . .-. . . .' ,-. .-. . . . .L.L.,1::-'.,g-gag-2.--L-L-.r-L-L-.'-L-L-L-.1-L-L-.L-.-.-.L-L-.------A-A---A.A---- Sophomore Class History ' HE Class of "33", entered the seventh grade on September 7th, 1927, with an enrollment of forty-eight. We soon learned how to behave ourselves in the g building that was new and amazing to us. At a meeting Carolyn Mullett was chosen as president for that year. On September 4th, 1928, we entered the eighth grade with the same number of members as the year before. That year we elected Wilfred Troup as president. We had a very good basketball team and played quite a few games. A very successful Hallowe'en party was held, with the seventh grade attending as guests. The next year we entered Nappane High School, known and treated as green Freshmen. Many boys and girls from the country joined our ranks, swelling the enrollment to sixty-six. We elected the following class officers: Wilfred Troup, presidentg Howard Strycker, vice president: lane Kurtz, secretary: Carolyn Mullett, treasurer. Purple and gold were chosen for our class colors and the yellow rose for our class flower. Miss Heestand and Mr. Martin were selected as class advisors. Our advisors had a chance to use their ability, for the class held a skating party at Stuckman's Hall. There were only thirty-five present, but a good time seemed to be had by all. Three teachers were in attendance, Mr. White, Miss Heestand, and Miss Plasterer. This year we returned to get revenge on this year's Freshmen for the treatment we had received. As Sophomores we chose the following officers: Karl Freese, president: Carolyn Mullett, vice presidentg Karl Knble, secretaryg Wilfred Troup, treasurer, Mr. Schuler was chosen to take the place of Mr. Martin in helping Miss Heestand to guide the class. Our class is represented in the Student Council by Glenwyn Walters and Mar- jorie Anglemeyer. - We are quite proud of our boys who play basketball, and with two years ahead of them they are sure to be of great service to N. H. S. This year we held a cootie party. There were many members in attendance, and the party was enjoyed by all. And so we have passed another year trying to set a good example for our under- classmen. With the exception of sleepy Mondays and chewing gum we consider our- selves successful. -K. F. Page Thirty-six THE NAPAN ET 1931 Senior Class Poem REMEMBER Q u ! Remember! We're not bowed yet by weight or strife. We can't expect to glide through life. We dare not look behind or down, Or wish for space to turn around. Instead- With eagerness of youth in all our faces We try to fill our destined places, And with all thoughts of fun in distance hurled We'll climb 1ife's hill into the world. Remember! Some of us will fall no doubt, But others will the hardships flout And, not even through the trials fear, But climb until they find what's there Behind the rugged hilltop crest, And know that they have done their best To raise their standard, and Honor gain No matter how hard the game. We will not look ahead too far, Or hitch our wagons to a star. We'll come down to earth, yet keep a goal, And Remember! What we learned at school. We'll read life's signs that point the way And profit ever by what they say. Little things our life may hinder But our motto we must Remember! It's this: To profit by what our efforts bring For "toil will conquer everything." Remember! -W. G. M. Page Thirty-seven THE NAPANET 1931 - -,-vx,. - - - .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,-,-,.,.,.,. ,-,.,-,-,-,-.-,-,.,-,-,-,A,-,--,--.,.-.,.,.,..,.w.-.PY.,.,.w.v.,.,.,.,.,.v.v.v.w.v.v. g.X.,-.-.-.-4.-.-.A..x.-.-.-.f..-.-.-..-.-.-.A.A.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-. AA--- Freshmen 1 v 1 F -A-tO-F1-1-iiF1-ii-1A1A1A1AtAtA-F I I I I I I I -I I I I if I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I I I I .I I -I I I I I 'I I I I I I I OFFICERS Russel Gonser - - - President Wendell Frederick - Vice President Willodene Walters - Secretary-Treasurer Miss Plasterer and Mr. Roose - Advisors COLORS Green and White FLOWER White Rose ENROLLMENT Fifty-six I -I 4 'I I I I I I 'I I II' I I I I I II' II II I I I I I I I II I I, I I I -' I I I .I I I I I I I I I, I-I 'I I - --A-- ---------A --A--A----------A--A-------- -----A---------- I , I I 'l5EQEAfIiPEiEI1T'-'A'F'A'A'FA'A'A'F'O'A'A'A'A'-'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'-'A"'A'A'A'A'A'F'l'P'-'-'F'A'A'A'F'A-A-F-'A-A--F'A'A"'A"'A'A' Af-wx,-VH,-. THE NAPANET l93l Freshman Class Front Rowflbonald Geyf-V, l'l?ll'l Linn, XVz1i'd XYalteI's, 42:11.-n I'liilips, l'I:u'l 4'hamh+'i'l:iin, Opel Laughman, Virgil Rf-ed, Moim- Howland. In,-Vue Stawlilmiisif, Vai-lylw lwppifn, St-cond Row-Hvlen Slallalli-1'll. Irma .Iol1nson, Lois Hi-rki-ypil+-, l"li.iw-mm chilli-gp, ijworgizi Mil. ler. Mildred Robinson, The-lma Ff-ll:-i', Sylvia Gold:-ii, Maxine Fiivlnfiw-wk, Vivian Illia-hmond, Doris Balm-m-k, Ethel Hi-plvr, Hazel Hn-rr, upal 1'.iiii':ul. Third Row-Inez Early, Ev'-lyn Speivli,-V, rl--in-va Mill'-V, ln.-z Mil,-liar-l, Muryjanf- Sins:-, iVil- lodene XVall+fl's. Robe-rt Kinney. Russwl 121-iisvfiy Anios Pulp, Lf-slip XVvlty, Firm XVid' moyer, In-an Slahaugh, Fourth Row-Miriam Geyer, Vi-ra Klutz, Mary Mullfiitt, Mary Alishle-V, Phyllis Hoiisnm-r, Don Miller, Gerald Phillips. Earl Dir-k, Lyle- Slrzitlss, .laspe-i' 'l'ol,ii:is, illll'Sll'l' Rasmussen. Fifth Row-Daisy Orcutt, lie-ii:-viefve Yzirism, Fi'aii4i'+is Rislf-y, Hicharcl H:-ivozns. Robe,-rl Quig- ley, Otis I'IllI'iSlTt'I'g'E'I', Max Min:-ird, XY.-ndf-ll Fl'eclvri1-k, .Inhn M4-Fall, .luv Smudi-r, I-time-rt Unger. Freshman Class History E started out on the voyage of our higher education on September 8, 1930, in l j the boat called A'Greenies " We waved good-bye to our mothers on the shore I l - and toddled inquisitively around the decks and rooms until we finally were told which ones were to be ours. As things began to get straightened out and run smoothly we were informed by Mr. Roose and Miss Plasterer, our pilots, that we should have some oflicers. The crew chosen were Russel Gonser, president: Wendell Frederick, vice president: Wil- lodene Walters, secretary-treasurer: and Genevieve Yarian, member of the Student Council. The rest of the class were jolly sailors. We chose our colors, green and white fquite appropriate for "freshies"l and our flwer, the white rose. We have two "pups" in our class of whom we are quite proud, especially since one of them received a letter. Soon after our voyage began we had a rollicking party, when we cleared the deck at the skating rink. Every sailor enjoyed himself immensely. During our Freshman year we have had a quiet sea and are hoping and looking forward to smooth sailing for our bark during the remaining three years of our voy- age. However, if hardships and storms do arise the good ship A'Greenies" will over- come them and the sailors will sing a jolly sailor's tune to keep happy. -V. L. R. L-.AJQ -g-g-.-L-L-L-1,-LfL-.Av--L-L-L-Af----------A ---rv--'v'-'va-v'-'vo-'-'-'-'v'-A-' '--' P Egg fr ? I I I I I I I I I I I ,I ,I I 'I I I I I I I I 'I 'I I I I I II II I II II III THE NAPAN ET 1931 I ,I I I I I I II Ig, I I I II I I I I I I I I, II I I I I I'-I I I I II I I I I I I I I I fl I I ,I I I I II II I I ,I I I I I I I .II ,I I IU II I If 4, I II I I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I ,I I II ,I II I II I III II II II -I I I I I .II .I I I I I I 'I I II II ,I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,AI I I 'I I ,I I I I III II I 'II Eighth Grade President - - George Knoble Vice President - - Dale Christner Secretary-Treasurer - -' Howard Bock Sponsors - - Miss Shively, Mr. Holloway Motto - - - Culture for service Color - - - Purple and white Flower - - White Rose Enrollment - Fifty-four First Row from Back-Willard lngle, William Owen, Lowell Hepler, David Stump. Charles Culp, David Hockert, C. Holaway, Carl Conrad, Glen Hochstettler, Charles Farrington, Lawrence Hazel, Robert Farrington, Carlyle Ulery. Second Row-Meredith Strang, Eileen Mellinger, Shirley Holaway, Myrtle Field, Opal Miller, Esther Van Sickle, Catherine Coppes, Helen Syler, Charlotte Mc- Cuen, Phyllis Callander, Myrtle Gonser, Mary Miner, Kathryn Gall, Caroldean Dumph, Fern Pippen. Third Row-Louise Fowler, Glenna Blosser, Alice Malcolm, Gladys Herch-berger, Gertrude Roth, Myrtle Palmer, Helen Shively, Fern Geyer, Frieda Berkeypile, Dorothy Arnott. Cleo Belle Linn. Lorena Hochstettler. Fourth Row-Geo. Knoble, Lester Stout, Billie Best, Francis Berlin, Kenneth Crow, Fred Reed, Robert Reed, Dale Christner, Howard Bock, Clifford Shank. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I ,I ,I I I 'I ,I I jI I ,I I I ,I I I II I ' I I I I I I IW' I I IW' I I II II ,I ,I ,I I I I I II -I ,I I ,I ,I III -I I II I I I5 II II I I I I I" ,I ,I I IW' I -' III I JI Pane Forty THE NAPANET 1931 f K .3 -Y ig-Q ' ' . A.. Seventh Grade President - - Kenneth Curtis Vice President - - Noel Howenstein Secretary-Treasurer - - - Evelyn Christner Sponsors - - Miss I-leckaman, Mr. Hunt Motto We can because we think we can Colors - - Yellow and White Flower - Yellow Chrysanthemum Enrollment ---- Sixty-one Top Row, Left to Rightfloe Geil, Carl Iohnson, Paul Swihart, Robert Coppes, Don- ald Miller, Andrew Richmond, lack Evans, Alfred Nettrour, Kenneth Curtis, Robert Callander. Second Row-Richard Radebaugh, Eugene Yarian, Iohn Philips, Robert Ganger, Kathryn Stahly, Elta Holaway, Dorothy Dumph, Lillian Lond, Mary Lou Long, Margaret Reher. Third Row-james Ruff, Evelyn Doering, Mary Shilling, Kathryn Myers, Marian Brock, Arlene Hochstetler, Iosephine Kronk, Dorothy Miller, Evelyn Christner, Ruth Knox, Ruth Callander, Dorothy Adams, Iris Kyle, Miss Heckaman, Ad- visor, Grace Stump. Fourth Row-Ieanette Richmond, Harold Kring, Evelyn Burch, Bessie Adams, lose- phine Miller, Margaret Thomas, Elta North, Miriam Grasz. Esther Pippen, Cora Stump, Evelyn King, Ethel Lemna. Bottom Row-Arnold Hartman, Fred Blosser, Leonard Clark, David Miller, Paul Mishler, LaMar Tobias, Charles Newcomer, Burdette Arch, LaMar Stahly, Noel Howenstein, Iames Richcreek, Donald Ruple, Robert DeBow. Page Forty-one THE NAPANET 1931 Student Council R. V. Goodrich, Advisor, Donald Price, Alberta Weygand, Norma Manuel, Edwin Roberts, Dorothy Coppes, Leland Strang, Lowell Mullett, Glenwyn Walters, Genevieve Yarian, Marjorie Angelmeyer. As the Student Council of 1031 was organized Lowell Mullett was elected president. The Student Council is one of the student organizations of many high schools and are always on the job. Our aim is to promote the interests of the students in governing them- selves. This is the aim of the Student Council in our High School. The four classes of the Senior High School are represented in this council so that when any serious difficulty arises it may be settled fairly by the students because they know that their class has been repre- sented. This does not mean that the whole school will finally be entirely under the control of the students but that they. with the choice and guidance of the teachers, will aid in school gov- ernment. NVith the aid of Mr. Goodrich the Student Council has done a great deal in preparing programs which we thought would be interesting to the high school. XVe have tried to do our duty this year and we hope that what we have strived to do has been a success and has been appreciated by the high school students and also the faculty. Among the activities this year a radio was purchased for the high school. XVe got the money for this by putting on a show and a basketball game. Another thing we did was making a definite program for girls athletics. which enabled them to receive a NHS monogram. NVQ- made out a schedule of the different things in which they could take part, and then divided them into different groups with a captain over each group. The team that won received eight points and the other team received live points so that each girl had the same chance. After a total of one hundred points has been received each Senior girl will re- ceive her monogram, the girls from other classes must have one hundred and fifty points. ditference in the number of points is due the fact that this is the first year for girls at e ics. L. S. "32". , ..,..,.,.. ,-,,.-.. .... .q-.,...v-v-.- .v.. -.-.-Y,.,--v--,---.-.-,,- .-,. .-.-.-.v. Av.-. .-.-.-.-. .-.Y ....A. v -v-v.v-v-v- - - -,-,-,-,A,-v-v-.-,-v-.-.-.-a-,AY-..---------A--i--v Page Forty-two THE NAPANET 1931 ---T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Tiff?--fwtvtf-f-f-T-T-Tfff?-T--?-7ff--f-'P' YT -Ts?-T---N "f'----T--T-1-v-fxf-'1'-N-N-frf-'--'rsf . ' ' "' I "' " Top Row--Left to Right-Miss I-leestand, Advisor, Margaret McFall, Leland Strang. Wanda Minard, Edwin Roberts, Mary Pippen, Stahly Weldy, Allegra Rich- mond, Miss Newby, Advisor. Bottom Row-Left to Right-Karl Knoble, Ruth Eppley, Marjorie Anglemeyer, Marie Walters, Pearl Hummel, Robert Miller. Librarians The student Librarian Organization was established and sponsored by Mr. Abell in 1929. At that time it was considered a temporary arrangement-to be continued only if successful. A fair degree of success was attained in that year and in 1930 it was reorganized under sponsorship of Miss Newby and Miss Heestand who have had special training in Library Science. The greater part of last year was spent in preparing to install the card system which we now have. Before this time the books had been checked by pencil in note hooks, but this system was ineliicient and unsatisfactory. XVL- now have the same system of checking and fines as the Public Library. The Library was recently checked and the shelf list brought up-to-date and it was found that the library contains a few over 1,600 books. In addition to this the school subscribes for 26 magazines and receives several college papers. The organization itself is composed of from 12 to 15 students who give one study period a day to library work. Their duties are to see that books are properly checked. to read stocks and keep books in order, and to assist students in finding reference books. They also make Library Standards and decide and collect fines. During the period of preparation for the card system a number of seventh and eighth grade and Freshmen students were called into service. partly to aid librarians, but primarily to train them in library work so that they may be more eflicient librarians. Along with their other work the librarians have earnestly tried to educate the student body in the-correct usage of books and magazines, but there is still much to be accomplished. The Seniors who are leaving the organization this year wish the under classmen the greatest possible degree of success in the ensuing years. -A. R. fig Page Forty-three ,..Av r. 1Hf 49 'Im' h ,- f .1 -,N A .. 1'-X, 5 'N I N e N 4 . '-4-4.x In ' .-.41.,l+-4- . I.-L. , ,.,. ,, 2. . .1 1 1 ,. .a THE NAPAN ET 1931 IV'A'A'M'A'A' "1" "MM'""H"I""'A"'A"'-"'W-I'4'-'H'-'"Af-I-'-'-'-M-A-A-'-'--A--W-A-'f---f--A---M I I I I I I I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I I I I I 'I I I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I I I II II 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I 'I 'I 1 I I I I I I . I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I ..,,,,. J Fa I I Q I I 3 , II' III I ' I I , I 'S I "4 ,I Q , Q IN If " ab hqn n QNQ' I If I 1A X . ".'I,,I fi I XJ I . ' ' 5 5 I fI 2 I I 9 f VAX IAQ ' Bvzuavs IT A 'X 4. k ' I' NOT Wm fag : X. .. I fx J I .I K. I I 3 .Y 'X Q . 'NI f If II 'I . , , , I "I, I I II .V.x 'I I I I 'I I I . I I I I I I 'I . I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I 1 I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I . I 'I 'I I I . I I I I . I 'I 'I I I . I I I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I II II I I I Page Forty-four ,,.,x,-x,Vx,. .-.-A.-.-.-.AN.--,.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-.-,-,-,-,-,-A-ALA Y A v A , A . A ,A . A v A V A v A . A Y . I. THE NAPANET 1931 ,bi ,T'Tv.vTw--T Tv:v.v.v.v.w.W.-.w.vAV.v.v.--V.v.v.,.v.,..,..,,.v.v.-.w.Y.k .-.v.-.V.,, gA X f I x if 'NCL 'A flmffff , QCXVMF fi Z' 1, Ni? ' ' ' , I' f f L LU -QQTT' .X qv ' J""'f-N-f , ' k. lg ' kywy? O XL. -:"'-gf Iw i! 1 I W ' Maj flmygf 1 WMQG .4 XX Q? A X! V I X , x fn' x NSW fff-f ff J 7 A4 RL V' flfff' LXXQJ LYNN Kiki 4 f, 1 ww !J'7f ,g,f"5 fxxffl 25 fl X? 111 MW-CN. ,XV SN XXX' X! X Gwgarnizaiinnn THE NAPANET 1931 . . . . . . 'T'T"x'N'M . T'-..'-."L121-L-'-LAS.-L-L-L','A.' -.-L-L-L A.-.-L -L-L-LALXL ' -L-' -' -' A-' -' -LALAL-' -.A..-L-L-L-L -LALAL-LA-A..-A 5 Zv s , The Staff For the great task of publishing the '31 Napanet, Alberta was chosen the editor- in-chief. She has shouldered the responsibility very capably and much of the annuals success is due to her tireless and cheerful working. Edwin very ably assisted her and, in fact, has become her right hand man. Wayne and Stahly took care of the business connected with it. The boys have worked long and hard to make the annual successful financially. The advertising and circulation was assigned to Mary, who took care of that part in a very capable way. To write up the basketball games, track meets, baseball games, tennis, and the various other athletics Donald has spent a great deal of time and work. Miriam and Erdean have furnished the funny contents fthose that are intention- ally funny.j Wanda and Raymond, with their artistic ability, made drawings for the title pages. For all the various poses, positions, people, freaks, and jokes exposed on the snapshot pages, Kathryn and Wanda clicked the camera. Freida and Frances, working together contributed a record of the entire school year, reminding the students of the important, or unimportant, things that happened on the school days of '30 and '31. To finish up the annual there were added society notes of the social events, and literature composed by some of the high school students. Fay and Marie took care of that department. Robert was the silent member of the staff. His duty was to learn the secrets of publishing an annual. Next year he will show the public what watching this year's staff taught him. Mr. Goodrich and Miss Newby worked faithfully with the staff to complete a successful yearbook. The staff greatly appreciated the help and guidance of their two sponsors. -F. D. Page Forty-six THE NAPANET 1931 Comets- Charles Weygand Wilfred Troup Alberta Weygand Wayne Dunham Karl Freese, Ir. Genevieve Yarian Mona Lou Slabaugh Ruth Haney Maryjane Stose Clairnets- William Pepple john McFall Carolyn Mullett Mary Mullett Glenwyn Walters Robert Miller Georgia Miller Inez Early Flute- Vivian Richmond Wendell Frederick Trom bones- Marion Rensberger Frances Risley Band Chester Rasmussen Evelyn Walters Carlyle Ulery Baritone- lrvin Yoder Altos- Clifford Iervis Karl Knoble George Knoble Gerald Phillips Saxaphones- Max Minard Ieanette Buss George Hershberger Basses- Lowell Mullett Ward Hummel Volney Miller Drums- Lee Anderson Glen Field Garnet Walters Miriam Geyer Page Forty-seven THE NAPAN ET 1931 W ,r ...Y ,,,,,, r, l Top Row-Anna Rasmussen, XVanda Minard, Alberta NVe-ygand, Theora Holderman, Marie Sierk, Clara Felter, Dorothy Coppes, Lois Mitchell, Charlotte Dick, Mary Pippen, Allegra Richmond, Frieda Clouse, Lucile Malcolm. Second Row from Top-Carolyn Arch, Ruth Felter, Helen Slabaugh, Marguerite Richcreek, lglary Jeanette Rickert, Ethel He-pler, Marjorie Anglemyer, Virginia Richmond, Miriam feyer. Middle Row-Eleanor Stump, Ruth Epply, Glenwvn VValters, Eleanor Sechrist, Kathlyn Feld- man, Jeanette Buss, Carolyn Mullett, Arabella Haines, Mary Malcolm, Julia Blosser. Maxine Richoreek, Arlene Conrad. Second Row from Bottom-Marie XValters, Erdean Stahly, Vivian Epply, Xvillodean Snider. Evelyn XValters, Monalou Slabaugh, Margaret McFall, Kathyrn Richmond, Kathyrn Metzler, Miriam Miller, Fay Danner, Pearl Hummel, LaVerne Miller, Thelma Felter. Bottom -Row-Frances Gall, XVillodean Vifalters, Inez Micheal, Vivian Richmond, Genevieve Yarian, Mary Mullett, Inez Early, Mary Jane Stose. Daisy Orcutt. Girl Reserves 3 H in 1 I'IE GIRL RESERVE organization has been well likened to a ship. Our l sponsor 1S the Captain, the president First Mate, the rest of the officers are , the Crew, while the members are the Passengers. In 1925 the Y. W. C. A. of Elkhart, Indiana persuaded the Nappanee girls to go on a cruise of their own. Miss Hazel Dickey, as first Captain, made a successful voyage of the first year and through her efforts and with the increased interest of the Elkhart organization in our work, we have been cruising the sea of activity since that eventful September in 1925. Our fleet has traveled in a triangular formation. At each point of the triangle the main ships travel ill Body, C21 Mind, Q31 Spirit and only by keeping the fleet together, can we hope to attain success, for one ship strayed or sunken will mean a break in the triangle, thus breaking the spirit and making it utterly impossible for the organization to realize its purpose. Every year we dock long enough to refuel our courage-elect new crews, and a captain, take on new passengers and then again we resume our journey. Often we take a guest on board or bring an entertainer into our group for the interest and entertainment of the girls, and at times we have parties on board to relieve the mon- otony of the voyage. Until this year, only girls of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes were initiated into the club but we found that many of the freshmen girls would like to join the Senior Club rather than the Iunior Girl Reserves. Knowing this, we felt that ,-.-v-,,-..-----------.,-------.,,-,-,-5,-.-,..,,.,,,-,-.--..---,--. Page Forty-eight THE NAPAN ET 1931 .'.V.v.V.v.v.v.Y.,.Y.v.'.v.,..,.'.v.,.v.v.v. .YA-.-.,.v.v..v.v.,.v..,.,.v.v..v.,.v.,.-.v.v.w.V.v.v.w.,,,,..v.v.-.v..w.w...-.-.Y. allowing them to join the Senior Girl Reserves would benefit both organizations. The favorable response we have received from these girls has proved this belief. The annual social program usually consists of Initiation, Recognition, and Instal- lation ceremonies: Annual Hi-Y and Girl Reserve exchange of entertainment: mothers and dads banquet. an Elkhart, Nappanee G. R. party and Senior Farewell. Besides this the girls find an outlet to their interests by taking part in school programs before the student assembly and before the club itself. Our work in charity and community problems as well as the promotion of better citizenship and Christian work both at home and abroad, introduces us to a wide scope of educational subjects. Our success to any extent is due to the cooperation of the members of the club, its sponsors, advisors and to the members of the faculty and of our community who make it possible for us to carry on the club work. -W. G. M. 1925. 29 members. Sponsor-Miss Hazel Dickey. Officers: Pres.-Kathryn Rickert. V. Pres.-Mary Landis. Sec.-Edna Housouer. Treas.-Myrtle Roose. 1925-1926. 34 members. Sponsor-Miss Hazel Dickey. Officers: Pres.-Florence Sundstrom. V. Pres.-Charlotte Price. Sec.-Maxine Mc!-Xndrews. Treas.-Isabelle Widmoyer. 1926-1927. 42 members. Sponsor-Miss Hazel Dickey. Officers: Pres.-Dorothy Price. V. Pres.-Beatrice Tea. Sec.-Evelyn Brevier. Treas.-Isabelle Widmoyer. 1927-1928. 57 members. Sponsors-Miss Dorothy Smith, Miss Hazel Dickey. Officers: Pres.-Margaret Mullett. V. Pres.-Virginia Coppes. Sec.-Evelyn Lehman. Treas.-Helen Minard. 1928-1929. 43 members. Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Smith. Officers: Pres. Virginia Coppes. V. Pres.-Gwendolyn Richmond. Sec.-Margaret Heckaman. Treas.-Maxine Wright. 1929-1930. 52 members. Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Smith. Officers: Pres.-Wilma Stose. V. Pres.-Wanda Minard. Treas.-Kathryn Metzler. Sec.-Mary Pippen. 1930-1931. 58 members. Sponsor-Miss Ruth Briggs. Officers: Pres.-Wanda Gene Minard. V. Pres.-Alberta Weygand. Sec.-Miriam Miller. Treas.-Fay Danner. Page Forty-nine THE NAPANET 1931 ,A A -ANL L- -,,,.-------..--,A--------Y-----,----.-..--. ..- -.....,.,,.--.-,.. ,E - f ,, . ,M g A V 2 , Top Row-Thurlo Clouse, Richard XVise, Edwin Roberts, Harold Berger, Wayne Dunham, lltir. XVhite, Advisor, William Pe-pple, John DeBow, Lowell Mullett, Donald Price, Karl freese. Middle Row, Left to Right-Harold Miller, Joe Lape, Noble Siedner, Robert Blosser, Leland Strang, Stahly NVeldy, Reed Newcomer, Dean Price, Harold Umbaugh. Bottom Row, Left to Right-Karl Knoble, Robert Miller, Fredrick Lopp, Charles Lehman, Glenn Fields, George Hershberger, Raymond Gall, Clifford Jervis, Earl Graham, Edward Stahly. Hi-Y Club MEMBERSHIP F' N the thirteenth of October, thirteen new members were taken into the Club, making a total membership of twenty-nine. A very effective initiation was , given to the new members, who were blindfolded and taken for a ride to a graveyard. The second degree of the initiation was administered on the fifteenth of October, in the First Brethren Church. FATHER AND SON BANQUET A special feature of the Club this year was its Father and Son Banquet. With the aid of Miss Heestand and Mrs. White the Club succeeded in putting on its own banquet and entertaining the fathers. HI-Y AND G. R. PARTIES In the first semester of the year the Girl Reserves gave the Hi-Y a theater party at the Fairy Theater of Nappanee. The Hi-Y, in return, gave the Girl Reserves a party in the second semester. HI-Y AWARDS Last spring the Club awarded a basketball trophy to Ira Phillips for being out- standing in sportsmanship during the year. This year a basketball trophy is to be Page Fifty THE NAPAN ET 1931 awarded, and also a jeweled I-li-Y pin to the member of the Club who is outstanding in scholarship during his high school course. The Club this year donated fifteen dol- lars for the teaching of religious education in the public schools. OFFICERS 1924-1925 George Pepple-President LaMar Stoops-Vice President LaMar Wehrly-Secretary Walter Ulery-Treasurer. 1925-1926 Alfred Tobias-President Harry Sechrist-Vice President Iunior Pippen-Secretary Edward Arch-Treasurer 1926-1927 lunior Pippen-President Beherald Pinkerman-Vice President Douglas Price-Secretary Iohn Price-Treasurer 1927-1928 Douglas Price-President Carlyle Mullett-Vice President Wayne Best-Secretary Ellsworth Rood-Treasurer 1928-1929 Lester McCuen-President Carlyle Mullett-Vice President Raymond Hepler-Secretary Iohn Early-Treasurer 1929-1930 Maxwell Clouse-President Iohn Early-Vice President Stahly Weldy-Secretary Alfred Stump-Treasurer 1930-1931 Stahly Weldy-President Charles Lehman-Vice President Robert Miller-Secretary Donald Price-Treasurer Page ,Fifty-one THE NAPANET 1931 i Top Huw, Left to liiglit-Loi-elie Hot-hstetleig Myrtle Field. Kathryn Gall, Evelyn Mullett, Ht-len Syler, Catliffrine Copiws, Miriam flrasz, Ethel lit-nina. Hottinii Row-Arlem- H1,lK,'l1SlH1lt'1', Mary Farrington, Irma Johnson, Mary Long, Margaret Relirt-r, Ruth Uallaiitler, Ruth Knox, Esther Pippen, Exwflyn King. Junior Girl Reserves The lunior Girl Reserves of the Nappane High School were organized in 1927. In 1931 we have a group of twenty girls under the supervision of Miss Heckaman and Miss Shively. An installation service was held in Ianuary and the following officers were installed:- Catherine Coppes, President: Erma Iohnson, Vice-President: Helen Tyler, Secre- taryg Lorene l-lochstetler, Treasurer. There were ten girls who joined the Girl Reserves in Ianuary. We hope to have a bigger organization next year than we have now. The formal initiation was held in Ianuary. The arm band of the Girl Reserves is a white back-ground with large blue letters and a blue triangle around it. The girls made part of these themselves. The Iunior Girl Reserves are a small division of the Y. W. C. A. On Washington's birthday we had a Washington program and anecdotes from Washingtons life were given. At our last meeting in March a spring program was given. We discussed the birds and flowers of spring which was very interesting. Slogan To face life squarely. Purpose To find and give the best. Pledge I will do my best to honour God, my country, and my community: to help other girls: and to be in all ways a loyal, true member of the Girl Reserves. C. C., M. G. Page Fifty-two THE NAPANET 1931 Q 1 i Top Row. Left to Right-Kathlyn Feldman, Ruth Haney, Miriam Geyer, Dorothy Coppes, Mrs. Cash, Advisor, La Verne Miller, XVava Miner, Lois Mitchr-ll, Eleanor Sechrist. Middle Row-Mary Furney. Glenwyn Xvalters, Carolyn Arch, Daisy Orcult, Georgia Miller, Jeanette Buss, Margaret McFall, Alberta NVeygand. Bottom Row-Vivian Epply, Evelyn XYalters, Carolyn Mulle-lt, Vivian Richmond, Maxine Richcreek, Mary Jane Stose, NVi1lodean XValters, Kathryn Metzlcr, Mary Mullett, Mary Jeanette Ricke-rt, Genevieve Yarian. Glee Club OFFICERS Advisor - Mrs. Cash President - Alberta Weygand Vice President Vivian Epply Secretary - Carolyn Arch Pianist - - - Evelyn Walters Assistant Pianist Wava Miner The Glee Club was organized this year under the direction of Mrs. Cash, the Public School Music Teacher. The club met every Monday evening after school and spent its time singing spiritual and classical music. The Glee Club sang on several occasions during the year, but did not present an operetta. The Glee Club will have special music for the Baccaluareate services. Page Fifty-three THE NAPANET 1931 -c-,A ,-.A.-,-.-.-.-, -ff-f-.-,-s.-v---N---f----f Y-f----v-T-T--Tv?-7--Tv-T-T-T-T-TYT-777-T-7-:----7--T--T-7-T-7-A Iff'-'N-n--W-V'-A-'-of-1A-'-sr'-s-o"'o"-M"""s"' ' "' ' ' "' " """"" ' "'i"' "' "' ' ' ' ' I I 1 , , . . , .. . ., ,. . ,. ,.. . . . Y , ,. .. .. , , l ,I I 5: In II I I ,I I ll li Ii II :A ss . .xr , . I I P ,I 4 I I Top Row, Left to Rightgllnssell Jones. NVard Hummel, Harold Bock, Anna Rasmussen, Frieda Plouse. Norma Manuel, Miss Vlasterer, Advisor, Lois Mitchell, XVanda Minard. I Charlotte Dick, Edwin Roberts, Clyde Ht-rshhergvr. Volney Miller. I Second How, Left to Right-Fred Ganger, Katlilyn Feldman, Marjorie Gingeg-rich, Theora I Holclerman, Allegra Richmond, Rosa Blessing, lfrances Gall, Cora Ruff. Lucile Malcolm. K Margaret Mr-Fail, Eleanor Set-hrist. I Bottom IiHXV1:Xl'Il'llt' Conrad, Vivian Epply, Erdean Stahly, Maxine Rummel, Francis Rum- I Riiel, Miriam Miller, Carolyn Arch, Ruth Felter, Arabella Haines, Alberta XVQ-ygand. Mary I I alcolm. New memlu,-rs whose pictures do not appear-Julia Blosser, Pearl Hummel, LaVerne Miller. Ii Wara Miner, Raymond Reed. Marguerite Richcreek, Marie Sierk, Paul Stahly. I . EI Commercial Club E HISTORY OF THE N, H. S. COMMERCIAL CLUB IX The N. H. S. Commercial Club was organized in the year of 1929, with Miss Plasterer acting as our advisor. EI The object of the association is to cultivate higher interest in commercial enterprises. Q The membership is composed of those who take commercial work. 19: This year the club decided to meet during the activity period the first and third I Wednesdays of each month. I The club chose the following officers for the first semester, President, Miriam Q, Millerg Vice President, Fredrick Gangerg Secretary-Treasurer, Vivian Epply. No social meetings were held during the first semester. Officers for the second semester were chosen as follows: President, Frances Gall: ij Vice President, Edwin Roberts, Secretary-Treasurer, Lois Mitchell. The officers of the first semester gave a play before the assembly in Ianuary. The ijt name of the play was "Not to the Swift." Besides our general programs one banquet was held in the High School Building 1: on March 27, l93l, about forty were present. The following program was given: 1: Singing by all: Music by Robert Widmoyerg Several Songs by Eleanor Sechrist: Wel- I', come by Frances Gall: What We are Doing by Allegra Richmond: Business Talk by QI Claude Coppes: How I Got My Iob by Ruth Stahly, a former Commercial Club mem- PI ber: and a reading, "Little Shorthand Annie," by Margaret McFall. lj, This year's club still leaves a goal to be reached by the Commercial Club next year, this goal is "To get all Students interested in Commercial Work." I 12 'I I 'I If v-s's'N--"vw-f-f--e---- -A-v-----T-T-7-1-TY TvT-T-T-TfT-tfT-T-T-T'T- T'T'T'T-T-TLTLTLTIFLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT ''TTA'Tl-"i1T'FTl'f'FT5WA'A'T"AlA"'A'A"J'A'T"'""'""""""T"TTT THE NAPANET 1931 v.w.v.v.Y.Y.v.v.v.-.-.V.v.w.,.,.vn-.,.,--,-,-,-,-, -,-,- -7-7-1-if-ll: Latin Club The "Societas Classican was organized in 1928 to promote a fuller appreciation of the classical language. Any one continuing the study after completing one year is eligible to the club. Meetings, with alternating consuls presiding every other meeting, were held monthly. Two consuls, two praetors, two quaestors, four aediles, two vigiles, and two trivunes constitute the staff of oflicers. Ofiices can not be held successively. Virginia Coppes, Maxwell Clouse, Wilma Stose, Carlin Felter, lean Miller, Vera Clouse, Wayne Fletcher, Kathryn Metzler, Fay Danner, Clara Felter, and Lowell Hershberger have held the consulship. The club has created an interest for Latin songs, playlets, games, and mythology stories through its programs. A Roman banquet, and two open meetings, which Latin students from various neighboring towns have attended, were some of the main events in the history of the club. The club sponsored five members in the county Latin contest. In section 1, Wendell Frederick won first place in the contest at Elkhart. He took 2nd place in the District contest, at Bourbon scoring 149 points out of a possible 153. Wendell is to be congratulated upon his success. The school and club hope that he may even be better next year. It has been quite successful in every way during its short existence due to the capability of the advisor, Miss Newby. TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT:TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL7 ZTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTlTlTl:LTL:-lTlT'ELTF'ff'TT3"f?E' I I I 1 1 fl I I I I I I I 1 It It I. It I t Is 4 1. U I 1 I 'THE NAPANET 1931 N,,,,,,,,,,,,C,c.-....A.f.-------------v--------------v--------------------. 1 1 1 J I 1 J J "I 71 1 I I I I I I 1, 5: I FI IE EI Ii I I I 1. fl paacrgrr g. 1 . - greg Top Row. Left to Righlgflussl-ll Ijanger. Doiiald NYagner, Noble Sir-dner, Henry Baumgart- ner, Mr, 1'Iyei's. Advisor, I-Iziruld Berger, Imnald Price, Dean 1'i'ic+-, Edward Stahly, Dean Slauluaugh. 134-ttmn Row. LI,-ft to Riglit-Rohr-i't Kinney, IM,-Vw: Stackhouse, Raymond Gall, Harold Mil- ler, Dali- Stouder, Harold L'mhaugh. Le-sliv XYe1ty, Joe Stnudf-r, Veloris Brown, John Stahly. Future Farmers The Nappanee chapter of Future Farmers was reorganized soon after school started last fall. The Future Farmers of America is an organization of vocational agriculture stu- dents throughout the United States. They are governed by student officers and are advised by the local vocational agriculture instructors. The purpose of the organization is to train boys in agriculture, and as leaders in community, state, and national affairs. On October 17, three boys and their instructor, Mr. Byers, went to Purdue to at- tend the State Future Farmer congress. At this meeting Harold Umbaugh was awarded the Hoosier Farmer Key. Later in October, the old members met at the home of Harold Umbaugh and set the stage, before the new members arrived, for the rough free hand initiation. The serious ceremony was carried out in a very effective manner. On February 2, the Nappanee chapter of Future Farmers held a Father and Son meeting. The program was educational as well as entertaining. After the business meeting was finished, two reels of agriculture pictures were shown. Then the boys and their dads went into the gym where they enjoyed a game of basketball. The Future Farmers co-operated with Purdue University and the local Kiwanis Club in staging the First Annual Muck Crop Show-Nov. 13-14. The success of this show far exceeded the hopes of those in charge. On April 7 the Nappanee chapter sponsored the 2nd Annual Rally of Future Farmers of seven counties. The rally was held in the basement of the Methodist church. While the guests were eating, they were entertained by "Dewberries Dew- drops." After the supper the following program was given: Stunts by visiting chap- ters: Talk, "Corporation Versus Co-operative Farming", Congressman Pettengill. Page Fifty-six THE NAPANET 1931 ,,.V.,1--.. .,.,., N,x,N.Y.V,.v1.,.v.Y.,. 05 o 0 o : Z 4, ing Ariiuitiwa -,-,-,V-V-,f-.,-,-,-vxA,-.x.x,s. K,-V-va,-,N - v - - v - - - v ...,..A.-.-v-5.-.A-. THE NAPANET 1931 .itll ll T fijyll ' u A Xitllllx 1 1 - . X Senior Play "PEG O' MY HEART" Cast Mrs. Chichester - - Iarvis, the butler - - Ethel, Mrs. Chichestefs daughter Alaric, Mrs. Chichester's son - - Christian Brent - - - - Wanda Minard Edwin Roberts Mary Pippen Donald Price Stahly Weldy Peg ---- Alberta Weygand Montgomery Hawkes, a lawyer - Russel lones The Maid ---- - - Cora Ruff lerry ---- - Wayne Dunham ACT I The Coming of Peg. ACT II The Rebellion of Peg fOne month later.j ACT Ill Peg O' My Heart fOne night later.l The entire action of the comedy passes in the living room of Rega Villa Mrs Chichester's home in Scarsborough, England, in early summer. Director, Miss Briggs. Stage Managers, Edwin Roberts, Dean Price. Business Managers, Dean Price, Margaret McFall. This comedy was well presented by the Senior Class of Nappanee High School on Wednesday evening, December 17, 1930, at the Auritorium. Page Fifty-eight THE NAPANET 1931 , . If M fl Riff Xfffilx L l ' Abrx -.zu l X ' 'T ' lv l ll l I JJ ' J jf! wa. .X g -ix - I 1 , 1 ' 7 . X ' M if a - , f 1 . ,. g . .. .gf f -'-T 'f3.Qff"c f"o ' i" gsfffi f or , .i ,. W- M f i 191 4 lj , My Nl hi L Ji? 4- ' H UV' ct., rg X, X - 2 wil. H S m . . ' la if .I ii , ' Y l l Y 'gli ' . l T' U", 1 l Sl -Q 2 'lil nl l KL V ill!-'lf' 'f l f i- . . Y. lb -ll' ' , 'H 'ff f W fi, i lj!! - A lm' 5 . P 41 -. A X L x, ii' -' , . ", ll ' ,f . V1 -vw X T ,:.i..,Hf. , ff fyilly I l g ow- 'L ri .A -ML ' A ' '. 4 ""A" . 'QL V ' ' ' ' . .3 fi -Qi A ' ' .i f 'fi-I l i -. ' sv , . .1533 ,,'V. in 5 W A 'lin , w s Q . ,L -l,. 2' '- Q .1 'N ti Qsief '- A Q-, -+0 1 . be H W lm, 'wg ,V ' .3 - .1 l 1 .ix my , b , , 7. if , E, V. L1 Nl , X f- 'H at 7.1" i ,,. . fx H, - , - w . ., ,A - 4 l - Z i ' A. X X - x J . .-fo i - gf Q'f5'T?l?"" X. '-N-Qiftjni-l4r5,y.i.uw www 'Ffh 'eflifft if - ' 1, :, - - i V .lunior Play "SECOND CHILDHOOD" Characters Professor Frederick Relyea - - Mrs. Wellsmiller, fuauntienj his sister Sylvia Relyea, his daughter - - Philip Stanton, his assistant - General Henry Burbeck - - Marcella Burbeck, his daughter-in-law Mrs Vivvert, a neighbor - - Mrs, Henderson, her mother Lucille Norton, a neighbor Iudge Sanderson - - Sheriff Iohnson ---- Scene: Doctor Relyea's home, Coshocton, ACT I-Eleven o'clock in the morning. ACT II-One o'clock that afternoon. ACT III--Eight o'clock that evening. Indiana. - Ioe Lape Dorothy Coppes Theora Holderman , Robert Blosser Earl Graham - Ruth Stump - Lois Mitchell Margarite Richcreek - Pearl Hummel Charles Lehman Lee Anderson Page Fifty-nine THE NAPANET 1931 ,-Vx,-,-,-.-.-.-.-,-.-,xA,w-.-.-v-.-.-.-v-.------------'NP----Y--------f1fK1S'------v'-f---f------' .-....AA,. .,e.,.,e.,.,.,...,e.,., ...MN C,,,.,..,.,.-.,e..e,.,.. I Calendar SEPTEMBER 8 Hello everybody! With all the smiling faces we have prospects for a joyful year together. 9. First pep session but no permanent pianist. Some students are having difficulty understanding the activities period. 10. Everything running smoothly. 11. Hi-Y class meeting. Freshman class meeting. Collection of pencils taken for the "poor teachers." 12. Sophomore class meeting. 16. Assembly-more rules and regulations! 17. Short Hi-Y meeting after school. 18. Freshman and Sophomore class meetings. 19. Iunior and Senior class meetings. 22. Please walk with less reverberation. G. R. Cabinet reports a pleasant outing at Birch Lake over the week-end. 23. Slides and lecture on "Tobacco" by Mr. Finell of the Anti-Tobacco League "Little" Iohnny also sang a few songs. 26. Mr. Stoffer gives a talk on India. 30. First period classes copy down rules. Mathematics class gives a pantomime "Naughty Nick" in the assembly. OCTOBER 1 N. H. S. vs. Bremen to-night in baseball. Team, do your stuff. 2. G. R. Meeting. 6. Mr. Graham talks about fire prevention. 7. Rev. Burns holds devotions. 10. No school to-day. Teachers' convention. 15. Commercial Club holds first meeting to elect officers. 16. Folk dances and songs, under direction of Miss Heckaman, are given before the Assembly. 17. Mr. Eston, from Indianapolis, gives talk on "Conservation of Natural Re- sources." Echoes from the Hi-Y initiation last night: these boys are as good at make- up as the girls. 21. Program of songs and entertainment by the "Future Farmers." 22. Grade Cards-OUCH! That's why these long faces. 23. Our Principal makes a 20 minute talk in the Assembly. Use your imagination. 28. Program commemorating Rooseve1t's birthday. 31. Seniors are having their pictures taken for the Napanet. NOVEMBER 4. Rev. Risley gives talk before the Assembly. 5. Seniors have potluck supper at Alberta's and afterwards a theater party. 6. Librarians demonstrate how to handle books and use library. 7. Pep session with try outs for yell leader. Senior class play try outs. 11. Program in honor of Armistice Day. Classes march down town. 13. G. R. Initiation. 14. Rev. Metzler holds devotions. Bulldogs vs. New Paris: Score 37-16 in favor of N. H. S. 17. Senior class is busy working on the play "Peg O' My Heart." 18. Musical program in Assembly. 19. Commercial Club meeting. Latin Club holds Open House. 21. Basketball. Nappanee beats Bremen 25-13. ..,,.v,,.v.Vx,, I I III I I I Ill I II . II . II . II 'I . I II 'I . I . I . I . I I . I I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 4 I I'I 'I . I I . I I I I I I 'I . I 'I . I 'I I I I I I 'I I . I I . I I I I I II 'I . I I I 'I I I I I I 4 'I I I -ef.,-.,-..F.-fc. N-v-,A,..-e-.-V.,.,-.,.,-,.,w-.,.,a-e,.fefc vNWYWV ' -...--,-.-. -.-.-.-.-,-.-.---.uv-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.CV.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-C---.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Page Sixty I THE NAF-'ANET 1931 'I . I 'I I I I ,I I 4 I I 4 :I I I Calendar 'I ll 25. Thanksgiving program in the Assembly. II 26. Cooking class sells doughnuts. 384 cases of indigestion reported. 'I Nappanee loses to Milford 19-31. I 26-27. TI-IANKSGIVING VACATION. I DECEMBER I 2. Program in Assembly. 3. Grade cards again. 'iMan is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward." I 4. G. R.'s spend an hour in Italy. I 5. Culver defeats Bulldogs 10-12. What a game! .I 9. Programs of songs and readings in the Assembly. I 10. Seniors try their high-powered salesmansl1ip in selling tickets for thei1 I class play. I 11. Another almost perfect day. I 12. Nappanee beats Michigan City by the skin of their teeth II5-14.I 16. Senior class presents a delectable sample of their play before the Assembly 17. Senior play is even better than the sample. ' 19. Riley ISouth BendI bows to Nappanee 30-25. 'I 20. Kendallville, city of refrigerators and windmills, wins over Bulldog? 15-23. I 23. Christmas program this morning. Christmas spirit everywhere. o long I until next year. I I IANUARY fl 5 Every one back, feeling fine. A fire in the Chemistry room? I 6. Health test for everyone to-day. If. , What? Another Hre in the Chemistry room? I3 9. Nappanee beats Syracuse 26-22 O. T. Almost our Waterloo! La 4 16. Mr. and Mrs. White of Oak Park, Illinois entertained with singing. II Played Central, South Bend. Another victory for the Bulldogs 16-7. If I 19. G. R.-I-Ii-Y theater party. If I 20. "Two Great Chemists," Wayne and Edwin, demonstrated interesting phases l 21 EI Chemistry' d d 1 k 1 1 11 11 11 II . xemptions rea to- ay. " t ta es a itt e rain wit t e suns ine." I. I 22. TWENTY-THREE EXAMS. I-I :I 26. New semester. Grade cards handed out. What a way to begin a semester! :Il ' 29. Mr. Steups talks on fire prevention. If' FEB30. AAn?ther hair-raising game. LaPorte beats Nappanee 8-10. EI 'I RU R 'I I 2. Representative from Earlham college speaks to Seniors. I 3. Band entertains in the Assembly. I 6. Elkhart wins basketball game 19-26. II I 10. Eighth grade gives play "I-low Lincoln Paid for His Stockings." :II i 13. Another defeat: Goshen 21, Nappanee 13. Still chances to win. II I 14. I-Iere's the chance we were looking for: Nappanee 235 Mishawaka 20. I 16. Commercial Club presents play "Not to the Swift" in the Assembly. 'FI 17. Rev. Rowe of Indianapolis gives talk in the Assembly. I-I , 20. Another victory! Nappanee defeats Plymouth 30-20. If: 61 absent because of sickness. 'II I 24. Playlet on harmful effects of strong drink and tobacco given by five grade . children, I'-' QI 25. "Dewberry and His Dewdropsn entertain with popular tunes. 26. School benefit show given at the Fairy theater. 'II . 28. Wendell Frederick wins first place in Latin I in the county contest. -I MARCH II I 2. Mr. Daugherty of Indianapolis talks this morning on "Habit Formation." IQ, ll- ---A----------------- - -------A--------7-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-TI:-?-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-t-T-T-T-T'T-T-T-T-TfT'TfT'T'Tlll Page Sixty-one THE NAPANET 1931 Calendar 4. Some members of the Iunior and Senior classes spend to-day in Indianapolis visiting the Legislature. 6. Basketball Tournament to-day and to-morrow at Elkhart. Nappanee beats Millersburg, Iimtown and Goshen. Elkhart beats Nappanee. Student Council presents school with a radio. 9. Such weather. Snow piled up and still snowing. School out at three be- cause of drifts. 10. Mr. Mutschler entertains with movies of his travels in Europe. 11. Again: GRADE CARDS. 12. Hi-Y meeting. 13. Letters and sweaters awarded to basketball boys. 16. Iunior class is rehearsing its play "Second Childhood." 17. Program for St. Patrick. 19. Annual staff uses public speaking in the assembly to advertise the '31 Napanet. 20. Basketball boys and fans go to Indianapolis to the state tournament. The rest of us hear it over the radio. A 21. Wendell Frederick takes second place in the district Latin contest. 24. Rev. Burns holds devotions to-day. 25. Seniors are rushing around making annual sales. 27. Commercial Club banquet. APRIL 1. April Fool! Spring vacation until Monday. 9. I-Ii-Y and G. R. attend party at Y. M. C. A. at Elkhart. 14. "Dewberry and His Dewdropsn again tune up for us. 16. First baseball game of the season, with Mishawaka, Score 1-7. 20. Iunior and Senior class meetings. 22. GRADE CARDS. Why spoil a good day? Hi-Y holds installation of oflicers. 23. N. H. S. tennis team defeats Riley 4-l. 24. Baseball at Laporte. Nappanee 1-Laporte? lWe stopped countingl 25. Our band wins first place in the district contest. 28. Tennis matches with Mishawaka. 29. Baseball game with Central fSouth Bend.j 30. Iunior play "Second Childhood." Good work, Iuniorsl MAY 1. May baskets. 2. Tennis matches with Central. 5. More tennis. This time with Elkhart. 6. Baseball game at Mishawaka. 7. Nappanee tennis team goes to South Bend to play against Riley. 12. We try tennis with Goshen. 13. Baseball game with Laporte. 18. Iust another blue Monday. 19. More racket-weilding with Elkhart. 20. Batters up against Central. 22. Iunior-Senior reception. As usual the freshman girls are there to see what the boys are wearing. 25. Baccalaureate services at the Methodist church. 27-28. EXAMS. 29. Largest factory in Nappanee closes down for three months. 789 people out of employment. Commencement. Page Sixty-two THE NAPANET 1931 . A VA v A -A . A.A- A .T.A , A .7.77.-,-T,7,:-.v.-.v.- ,.A.,.-.Y.V.v.,.,. ,,,,,-, , A A AHA, -AA- A SOCIETY NOTES FRESHMAN PARTY On a lovely evening about ten days after the first day of November thirty-six youngsters of the Freshman Class held a skating party in Stuckmans Hall from seven to nine-thirty o'clock. Miss Newby, Miss Heckaman, Mr. Roose and Mr. Goodrich went with them to take care of them. Aside from a FEW falls and some bad bruises, everyone thorough- ly enjoyed himself. lMiss Heckaman fell harder than any one else.l The evenings fun was ended by everyone wishing for another big event. MOTHERS' AND FATHERS' BANQUET In honor of Saint Patricks Day, the Girl Reserves invited their Mothers and Dads to a supper in the basement of the First Brethren Church. After the supper a program in memory of the lrish Saint was given, consisting of the following: Welcome by Wanda Minard, G. R. President: Response for Mothers, Mrs. Harry Richmond: Response for Dads, Mr. Ralph Metzlerg Solo, Eleanor Sechrist: History of Saint Patricks Day, Allegra Richmond: lrish lokes, Margaret McFall. About sixty were present. lt is events like this that make our mothers and fathers young again. SOPHOMORE PARTY Not to be out done by her sister classes the Sophomore class planned and carried out a party at the American Legion Hall. After a potluck supper, ice cream and cake were served to those present, includ- ing Miss Heestand and Mr. Schuler. The Sophs played bunco, cootie, and various other games until they resolved that it was time to go home and go to bed. G. R. AND HI-Y PARTY AT ELKHART The Elkhart Girl Reserves invited the Elkhart Hi-Y boys, the Nappanee G, R. and Hi-Y girls and boys, and the Iamestown Girl Reserves to a banquet on the eve- ning of April 9. Twenty fun-seekers from Nappanee and two from Iamestown at- tended the supper and program that followed. Everyone took part in the club singing: then there was a "Welcome Address" by the Elkhart G. R. President: "Thanks to G. R." by Elkhart Hi-Y president: a talk on "My Old Kentucky Home," by Reverend Gibbons of Warsaw. The rest of the evening was devoted to dancing. SENIOR CLASS PARTY Urged by the "society bug," thirty-five members of the Senior Class and Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Goodrich, Prof. and Mrs. Abell, and Miss Margaret Newby partook of a pot-luck supper, on Tuesday evening, October 27, at the home of Alberta Wey- gand. After the supper ice cream and cake were served. The big event then fol- lowed-teachers and all went to the Fairy Theater where "Love in the Rough" was being shown. Before the beginning of the show, the members of the party en- tertained the other folks at the theater with some songs. After the show, some went to the indoor golf course, some went home, and some went other places. G. R. AND HI-Y PARTY Spurred on by good-heartedness, the Girl Reserves entertained the Hi-Y boys at a theater party at the Fairy Theater. Although this was a turned around situation, the girls entertained the young gentlemen very nicely, and they in turn were very ap- preciative. "Bachelor Father" was the picture shown. IUNIOR CLASS PARTY Following the examples of their elders, the members of the lunior Class held a theater party at the Colfax Theater in South Bend on Friday evening, November 7. R. B. Goodrich and Miss Rosenberry sponsored the party. -,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-.-.-,-,-,-.- -.- -.-.-.-.- -.- -,- -f--:------------------4-7-7--T-7-1'-T-T-T-7-T-T-'T-1-T-T-T-T3fl ,,,.,L,.,.,. 1 'C,.,.. NLQA--.,-.,., ,.c,.c,.,-vw -,,,.,.,,.,.s..s A ..,,,..,,.,.,,T,.,,:s.., .,., l J J J l 'l lt: II ,n I. :ll ,rp 11' 1'-' :Il lip Ip' 5. :f .jg ll-I ll rig ki: Igig li' 1'-' 42' 45' Page Sixty-three THE NAPAN ET 1931 ,.w.,.,.'.'.-.,-,,-,.,.v.v.-,.-.,.v.v.Y-,.-.v.v.v.,.v.v.v.,.,.w.wAw.v..-.v.. . .. ,. . ff f -k .gf J xg, The 1931 Napanet W fx gy, ,ff k VOLUME VIII if 5 Copyright 2 , f' z ,J Alberta XVPygand - - - V Editor-in-Chief x ,, Edwin Roberts - - Assistant Editor-in-Chief y XJ? Wayne- Dunham ---- Business Manager X Stahly NVQ-ldy - Assistant Business NI3l'ltigt'l' Q U, it 33 3 u M01 MEQJKJ Published by H df . flax JV The Senior Class rx ,, rhk HJ? of t lb iw NAPPANEE HIGH SCHOOL i qu u is Na anee Hi h School th PP 9 ?yb,I N'-SPP-VVEF INDI-VXI-X if' Almxh - - - 1. A A A - l5E3M3 V rr v 0 WM WJ! Zn V - 2 Qi! t ,, 7, . 4 , - Vjdfm HQ ffm' f 1 JEL if f X xml fN2 7 Az- - W., X -----.--Av-.-.A----.-.-.-.-.,t.-.- . A-.-.-.WA-.-.-.-.-.-. .-.v. . .-.-.-.-. ,-,- THE NAPAN ET 1931 -.-.A.A-.A.-.-.s.,.f.-.A.A.A.-.-.k.f.,..,,,.A.A.-K.-.x.s.A.-..-.-.-Y .f.-.hA.A. '-6 .-.-.A..- .Ag-.A.A.-.-.-L G. R. CONFERENCE On Friday evening, September 19, the members and sponsors of the G. R. Club Cabinet went to the YWCA Camp at Birch Lake, Michigan, for the setting up conference, at the invitation of the Elkhart G. R. Plans were made and the meetings outlined for the coming year. On Saturday afternoon, the sponsors of Nappanee's Club came home, leaving the girls under their own care. Swimming was indulged in by practically every one. Camp-fire singing following weiner roasts, and stunts in the lodge were attractive features. Late in the afternoon on Saturday the girls hiked around the lake, approximately five miles, over ditches and fences, through burs and swamps, along the lake shore and over hills. The cook had a difficult time to prepare enough supper for the hungry girls. The girls returned on the following Sunday. FATHER AND SON BANQUET On Monday evening, November 24, the Hi-Y Club held its annual father and son banquet in the high school building, with about sixty fathers and sons in attendance. The President of the Club, Stahly Weldy, opened the meeting and after singing a few songs the dinner was served. After dinner Harold Miller gave a few selections on his guitar. Then Reverend Claude Garrison of Milford gave a talk on "The Relation- ship of Father and Son." He brought out in three words, Light, Heat, and Power, the relationship between them. He gave his talk in such a way that it held the listener's attention and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. After this Robert Widmoyer played a few selections on the marimbaphone and then everybody went into the gymnasium to play games. , COMMERCIAL CLUB BANQUET On Friday evening, March 27, thirty Commercial Club Members and ten guests enjoyed a banquet, served in the lower hall of the school building. After the banquet dinner the following program was given. Welcome by Frances Gall, C. C. President, Farewell Address from Seniors by Allegra Richmond, Talk, "The Business World" by Claude Coppes: Reading, "Little Shorthand Annie" by Margaret McFall2 Talk by former C. C. member, Ruth Stahly: typing contest, Wava Miner, LaVerne Miller, and Mary Malcolm. Between numbers Robert Widmoyer entertained the group with selections upon his marimbaphone. Pep singing was led by Eleanor Sechrist. The group adjourned after singing, "Run Along Home and jump Into Bed." IUNIOR-SENIOR RECEPTION The last big social event of the school year was the banquet which the Iuniors gave in honor of the Seniors on Friday evening, May 22 at the Coppes Hotel. The Seniors had eagerly looked forward to that occasion, and it exceeded all expectations. The following program was given: Menzories of 1931 Interpreter - - - Mr. Abell Chapter I, II, III, IV, V - Mr. Roose Preface - - Leland Strang' Wierd Laughter - Dorothy Coppes Dedication to Seniors Charles Lehman Turning the Pages - Ruth Stump Acknowledgment - Wayne Dunham Inheritance Tales - Edwin Roberts Boys' Quartet - L. Mullett, S. Weldy Closed Leaves - - Mr. Goodrich B. Blosser, V. Miller Orchestra - Dew and Dewdrops OPEN LATIN CLUB MEETING The open meeting of the Latin Club was held in the High School Assembly on Wednesday evening, November 19, with one hundred and seventy-five present. Latin Classes of Bremen, Goshen, Madison Center and LaPaz participated in the program. The meeting was opened with a "Welcome" by Fay Danner: Latin songs, sung by the entire group, were led by Miss Thelma Abell, instructor of Latin at Madison Center, and were followed by a Vergil song, led by the Goshen Class. Woodrow Hawkins of Madison Center gave an interesting reading entitled "Spartacus's Speech to the Gladiators." A report on the life of Vergil was given by Isobel Draper of Bremen. This was followed by more Vergil songs, sung by LaPaz. Margaret Wes- ton, also from Bremen, told the story of Aeneid. A playlet the "Golden Apple" was v.W.v.v.v.-.w.w.v.Y.,.v.v..v.v.v.v..v..v.v.v.,.,.v.v.v.w.v.'.v.,.v.v.,.,,.,,.v.,.v.v.v.v.v.v.Y.,.,.-A ,,,,,--,,,,, Page Sixty-four -ALALALAL-QA Y v LALA122221 zllifc-.1-,-Y-.-.-v-.-v-.-, -.-.-.-vfl-Y-.-.-v-,N-,A.-.-.-V-Vx,-x,.,V-v-V-V-V-V-V-.fx THE NAPAN ET 1931 given by Nappanee and Goshen. The LaPaz Chorus next sang two songs in Latin. The program was concluded by a playlet called 'AVergil Fantasy" by Bremen. "PEG O' MY HEART" Margaret O'Connell, a young Irish girl, arrives in England from her home in New York. She is to live with her aunt, Mrs. Chichester, a month during which time she is to study. If at the end of the month she proves herself worthy of the best traditions of her mothers family she will receive a large fortune according to the dying wishes of her mother's and Mrs. Chichester's brother. Peg is not to know the conditions of her Uncle's will. The English home is stiff and formal and the treatment she receives at the hands of her aunt, Mrs. Chichester, and hateful jabs of her cousin. Ethel, together with the pestering of Ethel's pampered brother Alaric, makes Peg long for her common but comfortable home in America and the love of her father. The only friend she finds in England is the handsome, wealthy and young nobleman Sir Gerald Adair. Peg proves her worth to her haughty cousin by shielding Ethel after she has found her eloping with a married friend of the family. In this way she saves the family from disgrace. Peg learns -the conditions of the will but loses her faith in men because her lawyer Mr, Hawks and her cousin, Alaric propose to her and she thinks it is be- cause of her fortune. She determines to return to American but on learning that her aunt is being paid a certain sum of money for keeping her, and that this money is their only source of income since the bank has failed, she decides to stay. The comforting news, that the bank is soon to reopen its doors, is received. Peg decides to remain in England when the man of her choice Sir Gerald Adair UerryI asks her to share his title. --W. M. '3l. "SECOND CHILDHOOD" Professor Frederick Relyea, a small town physician recently turned scientist, thinks he has discovered the "Elixir of Youth", which, he claims, will return to old age former youthfulness. To the astonishment of Mrs. Wellsmiller and Sylvia, her sweetheart, Philip Stanton, steals the neighboring Mrs. Vivvert's dog for the purpose of experimenting. Sylvia exchanges the dog for one of its pups and her father, think- ing the dog has turned to a puppy, is elated over the results of his youth-bringing liquid. The loan on the Relyea house is dueg the professor has no money to pay it. In sheer desperation he turns to General Burbeck for financial aid. Receiving no encour- agement from him, Relyea persuades the General that for 310,000 he will make him a young man-and winning Sylvia's hand will be less difficult. Writing his check for the 510,000 the General spills his "youth." His Spanish daughter-in-law leaves her baby in the Relyea's home and Burbeck rushes after her. In his absence, Phil and the Professor come and find the baby, who, they think, is General Burbeck. Proud as he is of his "marvelous discovery" he is somewhat baffled as to what to do with the general until "he grows up." He tells his story to the city Iudge who accuses him of kidnapping and Phil of murder. Sy1via's rapidity in coming to evident conclusions makes her think that her father and her fiance have stolen the baby. Consequently she accepts the general's proposal of marriage. Phil and the doctor find on the sofa another baby wrapped in Sylvia's kimona and thinking it is she they declare that "the whole world is growing young"! Mrs. Vivvert's and Marcella's babies disappearg the neighbors place the theft on Doctor Relyea and Phil, both of whom Sheriff Iohnson threatens to put in jail. The Relyea home is in uproarious confusion until the sheriff finds and returnsthe babies to their mothers, relieving Phil of further responsibility, and Sylvia changes her mind about him. - - - - - - - - - - - .. - - - - - .. .. - - - - - -5- - - .,,,.,.v.'.v.w .v.Y.w.v.w.w.w.-.-.,.v.-.v.Y..,.v. ,,N.v.,,.-.v.Y.-..,.v..v.,.w.v. I' I I,-, fl, 'I QI I' I 'I I, 2, ,I ,I I ,I , ,I I, I I I ,. I II I, I 'I jI ,I ,I ,I ,I ,I I II EI I , I :I I I I, I II' I I I0 I If- I I,:, ,I ,I I II, II, Ig, I I I'-' ,I ,. I I I I II I I II, II, I I If: I I II Il' I-I II, II, :I I I II'I xx.-4.-:A----'-'--------A-A---.-A-.-.-.-xx, . -'x--- . A A--,J -.-.- -.-.-,,-,--4.---.--,..,,-,.,.,-A c .-A .-.-.v. .-. ,-1. Page Sixty-five II ' I I I II I I II I I II I I I I I II I . I'I I I THE NAPANET 1931 fr , . Y Af: f . - Y , do , . - , , - , . , -fir-7-T-T-T-T--Tit-7--it -A -A-A -'Tf"'8"'-'A'-"I --2 A- GLT:-T3,TLT4TLT,f,gjLTLTLTLTLTLQLTLTLTLT- -'v' ' A-' ' --R "- A-'fs F. I, I I I I I, I I ' I 'I I I :III II II IV' II I I I I 'I I', II I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I II II II I IU' I" III 'I I I II I I I I III Ig, I I II WI III I I II I I UI 4 I I I I I I III I I I I I I III I I I I I I II Ill I I I ,I I I 'I 'I I I I I II I I II' II III II I I II 12' II I I I I IW' IU' IW' IW' I' ' 'I I I - I I I 'II III If' I I IU' IU' IH' J I, qx .N 4-I xv ' 'LQ '. WIQQIIQYH if sur wusu I seam: ra sms! r I ISM I-,551 . , I, X5 gbg.grsI ' 'x , I, . I I ,IQ 561 lv, ! 1 lg - I-III was 'II-4, ' f I MEN 0,99 C1 V JO Aho ' III- 4 'N I 0 J f e 0+ Us "ka , C da' 4,0 MEN -r-Q, ' FINE 'xx 'VXI LI Mew! user II 'I II nnessmqs ws a I - I MH-V sn.wY. H559 P-fi cam, -I-us THN1' BEST s:,IInon.qmn. nun You com Nunn, sap-yE1'lME5 ranger, cm-IPI.sxIuN! RN, sur I1 MENS HERCH snuvLn Excsen H15 QRHSP Im, qannucss I5 DR wrrnrlf R nsnvzu Fan? NIJ SELRET :g.s..-I Q, V, ,U-I Imam' ., ITY IN Irs 125 SXH RX kx ' I5 BI T , I' 1 -' :G-21'-' Qs- ff 5 ff?-if I I I , -lc,-'I+ NI if I ,, I5 1-mr S' ' . 1316 ' I . I . Q y K iw 5 Iv .5 I I BEST ESTPITE. we aww No-r N' me aes-r PHRT orsznurv 5 Vx wunr we no I,I,,,cH wwen we svenx -. I N0 ,.,cTU,,E mans. CNN EXPM55. -sunsnms I5 qksa-r Memcmr IA wean T0 THE wlsel 'lv ,e 1 Q 'V IA, 'qs ' 04' r 'Va 0 by mr X 'ff W Av fix H. 4+ ed Ev-Ia' 66' so I,-I 4 xl F694-AILP4' J Q, 4- - H runs ' A ISND nenvulcs wns Evsl! - MUSE vw . 3'gfT:qgN1'Lg' 11,49 UM Pl"'Df'D Pznrs c'r sussrrrurr 9 0 44, 'N 01- , K ' Q, I I I,1:TLTLTLTLTLTLT-T-T-T'T-T-T'T'T-T-T-TYT-Tv?-T-T-T-T-T'T-TvT-T-T-TvTfT-TfT- T-T-Tv?-T-TvT-T-TfT-T-T-T-Tv?T-T-T-TY?-TY?-T-TfTfTfTL Page Sixty-six I K. THE NAPANET 1931 -----------------------------------..--------A-----..--.VN,,----- -rg--J LITERARY A TR UTHFLIL TONGUE II I've tolled and tolled a million times," Said the church bell, with a sigh: "And though I'm a century old. Of all the times that I have tolled, I have never tolled a lie." MMGTM , WHEN I AM DEAD When I am dead bury me deep Put my Biology at my feet. Put my Geometry at my head, Tell Mr. Roose why I am dead. Put my English at my side Tell Miss Briggs I'm glad I died. Put my History on my chest Tell Mr. White I did my best. Now Please, Please, don't sob or cry I met my death at Nappanee High. +Robert Blosser. --. -..-QM... lg..- FOOD FOR THOUGHT AND DIGESTION There are certain books that are not customarily eaten by the reader, but on the other hand, there are those that anyone would relish. For instance, you would find "The Cereals of America" delectable as nearly all of us like cereals and besides they are recommended as healthy food. IServe with sugar and cream.I The "Bent Twig" is spicy. Choice of flavor: cinnamon or cloves. Since "We" have our "Youth" we needn't watch our diet for at "Seventeen" we can stand most anything. Suppose that we were "Ninety-Three" then perhaps, "The Brimming Cup" of "Milk and It's Products" would be best, that is, if you don't swallow the "Gold Bug" in the proc- ess and have to do the "Oliver Twist" to get over the eflects. Another substantial meal might be made of "Food Products" Isounds like hashl and "Mushrooms" are enjoyed. I might suggest that you be sure not to get "Toad Stools" by U. Will Dyee. Only a cannibal would think of devouring the "Human Body," the rest of us have hopes of Antin's "Promised Land," and only pigs and lower animals eat such things as "Soil": so let me warn you again that if you decide to nibble upon a book, chew it the customary sixty-two times to insure its digestibility, then, I assure you, you will feel "Les Miserables". -Wanda Gene Minarda w I I I . . , ......... ,.,., . ,-.-.v I I I I I I I 1I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Page Sixty-seven I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I THE NAPAN ET 1931 w,A - , W ,,.,.,-,.,.v.w.w.,,.,.v.,.-.v.v.v.v.v.Y.Y.Y.v.v.v.w.v.v.v.v.v.-,.v.4.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v . ,.,. .... . - ......... A ...,......... ,,-,,, - - - - .fv-..-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.s.f.f---.A. - - - J. .-Q. .N.. - .. - - - ,. - - - .x.,. - - - - - .. - .. - - - - - ON RIDING A BICYCLE To be able to ride one of those two-wheeled curved pipes with pedals, had long been my one cherished ambition. Iust recently I found myself possessor of a suf- ficient amount of intestinal fortitude to slide my leg over the funny seat and allow myself to be shoved free of the porch steps. My nerve held me up on one side and the principle of gravitation pulled me on the other. I tried to exercise all of the patent-pending instructions that had been issued me, only to discover that I couldn't balance, guide, pedal, and keep my dress out of the rear wheel at the same time- and as a result my patient friends had to unwind themselves from their side and mouth performance to in turn, unwrap me from around the wheel. As soon as they had accomplished this, my friends again doubled into obstreperous laughter as my pedal extremities came into contact with the front spokes when I tried to turn the handles far enough to enable me to turn a corner. It seemed to me that suddenly, "President I-Ioover's Proclamation for Preservaf tion of Natural Resources" was realized. Forests appeared everywhere-before me. beside me and behind me. The underbrush of the phantom wilderness poked at me and the tree trunks blocked my way. Somehow I couldn't steer clear of any of them, and so I resigned myself to an ungraceful trip over the bar for a forced landing. Of course as soon as I found both of my feet on the ground again, the usual four trees in our yard looked very easy to steer between. Riding a bicycle looks much easier when you are not on it. I didn't learn to ride but I will as soon as bicycles are run by horse power in- stead of will power. -Wanda Gene Minard. MOM DAY DREAMING Day dreaming. Who hasn't tried it? I sat in my comfortable seat in the as- sembly one beautiful day reading my history lesson. When I had read about a paragraph a pleasant thought flashed across, in what seemed the back part of my brain, and I soon found myself staring out of the window, and all my energy was de- voted to the dream. Reading my history and staring into space alternately fmy history lesson ran through my mind without much effect.l The bell rang and in a doze I passed to my history class. When I came to, Miss Shively was speaking, "Take pencil and paper and write the names of all the persons in to-day's lesson. My mind was blank. "Ol me!" I sighed, "I can't remember any name that could be connected with a history. Napoleon's name appears in many lessons. I'll take a guess." But as luck would have it, I missed my guess. The remainder of my paper was blank, but was neatly decorated with a zero when it was returned. Now, take a hint all you day dreamers, from one who knows. Reserve your day dreams for vacation and use your study periods for study only. -Marjorie Anglemyer. .,. . T -.-.3 -.55 117 LT 11: -.5-. -.-.-. - LT .,. ........,............-,-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-L-LAL-L-.1-L-LA:.-L-4-QL-gi Page Sixty-eight I I V' THE NAPANET 1931 - - f - - - - - A.,,.A.A.,,.--.--,---.---N.,,,,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,A,A,-.,,.-.-.,, -V 'Nj ,, , Y n V v I X V K 1 ' naw" - 0 4 a. 'D f 1 f:'v1YlY J V, , x-'xev -aww Q P011 , mmm zimimwm ,W gb, Q ni, 3. , .MW 3 new-avi, 3 A?-5,4 ,,fB,k9,1Q1i: f ,Tig aTU3Sriki'x,k!5:?'1dLii?fd1Q:,g 5' J Q1 'rgzlfiifrn 'HT' A347 3,3 J gi. 'fig 4-'1-C1 fg-siL??" ,'?',,?1-ev , . ,, d .,-:s:,s-'F'55':f",, ,,-wi. Kiwfuvvqq 'V' 'inffffsf 15552 uf "1'i'f'?" 4? .r a e , 0 'L tai erin 529 1 i bint iv hl"" 1 X, Z xr 'Q x ycc ritz 1 I f ff V I0 V , 30 , , , 5 V L ' ' F -ff T: , ni V .. - ,,,,, A , .,, ..-. V f i ' . X ,L - 'gi'-1 15: , 1,f,g,.4.L jiri. . .. . , . .. . ,gh ,Je . 1 -52 z.-61.11 -' "L--:x:,. 51.1 1 '- L1:-.f1,:-gA- , fx 'J ' ' : r-, - 'a 794 1.1 15':i'.!i 5. ,1--- . fs,-f F"- . ,111 L- --.-- ... A- .V-"' .- . ' E:-iffy 4: fi f ,- - -' -1-- -7- ,ark-1' 'f.v.- 4" 5 ... "2- ' - 1, ff- .4 :'4 . r.: - '- e - +. - . . Q94 1. , 1 '- .:-ig--5 zu: ni-5r.:: .- ' , .: 'W 'gf rg.. . sp 1-1 2 ...ixf-L ' - ' Q- ,ffcff-' , , 49534 '-.2'f':"' Fw .,-f- 'Hg ,f'f' , " .L , f- 1 . : '-' ,rn --' 1- -- ,LA S.. -. -, ..,. . , - -5 , - , , . -.. - . . "":-7-:wi .-ff.. ..: .Q - -:-' - --a f .- . , - .. ..-1-" L "'uL"' eg -,G -.,. -:El 1-:ff ei '.., . Q--1' f.-f M - V- v-- .I - . 'f-ff 1 :-vc' - .,--. ' .5 : A . z-GJ: '- 'Lia-ff .- T - .' - -'- --'-' ,- -- - E "- ,." -- ' ,' , 1, 'pf E,-as 1- L f,-f.-TV ' S- 'uisw-'f'sff2.aQi -fr rm: Q, f N 1 f , is-5 1' cfs :grab 4. ,'?.f-,.f' 0 Q-, 4-'gas' iw., n" ff fx--2-:Fi 0 f J, 73' 4. V , ' ac- 1.-Z3 ' .Pe - 1 AER' - 'L.- . 4 L ns' 'rl ' ,- ' 'I f , A Q , ' .1 , 1-6 Q ,J , K i N ,V ,X 4 'B . . A ', ' wif 1 Qi 'Q A- 'X -,, , M. f L, ' S V . - , . Y , 1, 1 , ,... - ,6 7 ,XD-ji , 'Y ' N' w , ji f f-Y Y, , - -T f , Athlrtirz .A.,.A,A,-.-A-Av...-.-.-1g.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.,.-.-.,.-.-.v.-.v.,.v.v,,.-. ,Y.v.-.v.v.v.-.v.-.-.-.v.,.v.v,-.,.-.-.-.'.v.v THE NAPAN ET 1931 fo.,..w..w.,.,.,..,.,.V.,.i.w-,.-.,.v-Y.,1.,.,. ,.V.v.-.,.v.-.v.v.v.w.v.v.v.'.v.w.w.-.-.-...Y.v.v.w. - - - - - - - - - - - - - .,...c.-4--.-. .-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-..,.-.-.-.-.A.x.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.--..-..-.-.-4.-.-.-.-.--.-.-.-.LAL-L-L-L-.' -.' -.' -.' -L-L-L-L-. CHEER LEADER Pep is most essential if the spirits of the team are to be kept in good shape. The student body exercised excellent choice in choosing Mary to lead them this year. Believe us, she is a "Pippen." A' N ,rs i'Pep 'em" isn't very far from "Pippen."-Perhaps this accounts for her never failing loyalty. When the A rooters became discouraged Mary, did a great deal of the rooting herself. History of Athletics UE to its splendid physical education program, ' jig Nappanee has for the past seven years pro- , , duced some very successful basketball teams. For the past three years, working in connection with the Indiana State Health program Nappanee has or- ganized physical education classes. This helps to bring to light talent, which otherwise might not be found. In physical education the mind as well as the muscles are developed. Participation in athletics helps to develop not only quick thinking and a sense of co- MARY PIPPEN operation but also ability to follow instructions. Nappanee is the smallest school in the Big Ten but this has not hindered it from forging ahead and making a name for itself. Previously, not much thought has been given to girls athletics. The Student Council started working last year on an equitable point system by which girls could win N. H. S. monograms for intramural athletics participation. The Student Council of this year in connection with physical education supervisions, completed the arrangements for such a system and thus afforded a new interest in feminine athletic competition. The following is a system for point basis of awards: ...M-...........-.....,... Q.. .-.W Events Winner Loser Total pts. possible 1. Basketball .........,.................... 8 pts. 5 pts. 32 points 2. Baseball ............. ..... 5 pts. 3 pts. 20 points 3. Volley Ball ....... ..... 5 pts. 3 pts. 20 points 4. Tennis ,....,,..,.,. ...... 8 pts. 5 pts. 32 points 5. Hiking .......... ...... 5 pts. 0 pts. 20 points 6. Track ..................... . al Running broad jump ...... .. el 50 yd. dash .............................. . bj Standing broad jump .i..,,.. .. fj Baseball throw ....................... . cj Low hurdles ....................................... gj Relay-400 yds. t8 girlsl ......... dl 75 yd. dash .......................................... hj High jump .......................................... Winner 2 points, each event. Loser, l point, each event. For the past few years much interest has been shown in a noon basketball league. The faculty has been considerate and willing to help students develop athletic ability, and have proved this by arranging a schedule that would not interfere with other outside activities. Although not so prominent as basketball and baseball, mention should be made of volley ball, track, and tennis. However, students seem to be taking more interest in these minor athletics than in former years. Any school is to be congratulated if they have high standards of sportsmanship. We feel that both the team and rooters should have this praise accorded them. Pane Seventy THE NAPANET 1931 .,,,,,.,..,,.,,..,. V.. ,x.,.v.v .,,.Y.Y.V..,.,.,,.V, .,.,.,.,.v.v.-.-.w.,A,..Y.,.,.-.. .- .w..,,,,N,.,.,.-.,.,x,K,K,,N,.,.,,,,., WQgw-iAwwwwa-4w- ---A--s.f-A-x-fyf--A----r-- --x- ---A-A------.f-A.1.f-- First Team Games Nappanee ..,......... New Paris 16 Nappanee 26 Syracuse to. tj 22 Nappanee ,,..,....... Bremen 13 Nappanee l6 Central QS. Bendl 7 Nappanee ,...... ,.., M ilford 30 Nappanee 23 Mishawaka 24 Nappanee .,.Av,,Vv,,, Culver 12 Nappanee 8 LaPorte 10 Nappanee ,........... Michigan City l-l Nappanee 19 Elkhart 26 Nappanee ......,...,. Riley CSO. Bendj 25 Nappanee ' 13 Goshen 21 Nappanee ,.,....,,,.. Kendallville 23 Nappanee 23 Mishawaka 20 Nappanee .,,......... Elkhart 13 Nappanee 30 Plymouth 20 Nappanee ,...,,,,, ..Goshen 20 Nappanee 24 Alumni 23 INVITATIONAL TOURNEY fat Plymouthj Nappanee .,,,.....V.. Argos ,. 9 Finals Nappanee 42 ...,.....i,i Bourbon 9 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT fat Elkhartj Nappanee .,.....,.... Millersburg 22 Finals Nappanee ..,.t,,...,. Iamestown 9 Nappanee ............ Goshen 15 Nappanee 20 ........,,. Elkhart 25 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT GAMES NAPPANEE AND ELKHART: The Naps started out in their usual style by running up the score to 5 and O before Elkhart had much chance at the ball. How- ever, as the game progressed the effects of the game with Goshen began to tell on the Bulldogs. The Blue Blazers seemed to have Lady luck on their side during the greater share of the game. As the gun sounded Nappanee was trailing along 5 points behind Elkhart. This final game of the tournament proved to be one of the fastest and most exciting games that the Nappanee fans had a chance to witness during the entire season. NAPPANEE AND GOSHEN: Playing a superior brand of ball the Blue and White defeated the Redskins by a good margin. During the first part of the game the Bulldogs ran up the score before the Redskins could get their bearing. The Goshen boys played excellent basketball but due to the speed and accuracy of the Bulldogs they were unable to make much headway. At the final gun the Bulldogs were 7 points in the lead. This 7 point lead was enough to satisfy the fan's revenge for the two former Nappanee-Goshen games. NAPPANEE AND IIMTOWN: This was the first game on Saturday morn- ing. The Bulldogs had no trouble in overcoming the Iimmies. As the game proved to be such a walk away for the Blue and White, Coach Schuler decided to save the big five for the game with Goshen and so ran in the subs. The subs continued to hold the lead over the Iimmies until the end of the game. NAPPANEE AND MILLERSBURG: Nappanee and Millersburg played the opening game of this year's exciting sectional tournament. The game opened rather slow and not much scoring was done until the middle of the first half. Although the Bulldogs led throughout the game the Millersburg offense proved rather threatening at times. Page Seventy-one THE NAPANET 1931 .,N"'A' T',.TTT"- vahvaauhwiawahw CRAH DUN AM f 5 , 4 ANDER L 5 5 E R , V ,f X ,V-., L scuuLER I IAIQROUP -'- LOPP LEH -J L Q! X ' ,, ff" N V lg' 4 X bif 1 54 e '39 ' ' X 4 N Qi, 4 4 42 6,5 M xy x 4 xi fx! l gf es- S 4 xY+ X'X Y, X X x X 'f 3 2 , 1 4 WP. X F, f f 4 . 4 4 W 3 V 4 ' fy vi i n EJ A .M ,," XX If Q xx ff ff" . . xx x b X 1 1-Ag' X fl Z I 'J-Y ' , 4 - 'sg 3 K . .e l -A . s Q j ' Al X 1a"' X i ? 4 f f K 4 I - A xx r , 4 Z N X 5 X 4 N 1, xx A I Y . 4, 4, sR I 'Z x N xi I aff' 4 F 5 I 4 FN L? 4 I ' X 14 X 4 QI IA 5? Q X1 1 5 X x 4 X QR n ,I , 5 W' 4 f , f J XX i 4 K NULL N ETT BAUNGARTN K EI: M 'fn H W VI I Eu 52 f'l 41 'fn Fr I 'S r 4 4 E1 H F17 SE fi 4 ai if EE gl 4 il if E4 gl 14 4 it "2 H 44' U 54 1 4 4 lg, Vp I 4 Q4 lj 44, ly :e- 414' H ki: ' r I 1 iff: 4 4 4 45, M ,gn nf-' G .1-Vx,-V-v-.,-,-.-,.v.i,.-..-.w.,., J. - - - - - - A A - P g S ty-t A -.-.-.A.,-.A.-.A.- THE NAPANET 1931 First Team CHARLES LEHMAN "Chas" did not see much action during the first half of the season due to an operation. However, he came back at the New Year and helped the team by his persistent effort. Charley should come back stronger than ever next year. LEE ANDERSON played sub back guard and handled the position very well. His fine work this year will put him on the squad for next year's winning team. WAYNE DUNHAM "Ira" the captain of the '30-'31 quintet led his team through a partially success- ful season. As backguard he did some very effective playing. Ira graduates. leaving a vacancy to be filled. DEAN PRICE Dean was our sub forward. Although he did not see much action he was a loyal hard working member of the team. Dean is another player who graduates and thus he will not be on the team next season. HENRY BAUMGARTNER "Hank" played center and forward, Due to his ability to hit the basket from all angles he was a much feared player. Hank will be lost due to graduation. WILFRED TROUP "Willie" should receive much credit for the success of our team due to his jump- ing and scoring abilities. Willie has two more years at N. H. S. and will be a candidate for center next year. LOWELL MULLETT "Bud" held down the position of floorguard very successfully. Bud always got his man and his dribbling was the envy of the opposing team. He has one more year on the team. FREDERICK LOPP "Freddie" is the smallest man on the team, but he manages to keep up his end of the playing by his speed and foot work. As he is only a Sophomore great work is expected of him during the next two years. EARL GRAHAM "Donnie" served the squad in the capacity of general utility man, having had the distinction of playing every position upon the team, at times when his services were most needed. He is a junior and should be a valuable asset to the team next year. ROBERT BLOSSER "Bob", although small in stature, usually gave a good account of himself when- ever called into action. Bob is a junior and should prove helpful to the team next year. - - - - - - - - .i.w.-.,.-.v.v.Y.-.W.v.v.v.w.-.Y.,.,.v.-R.,-.VT-..,T,T,T-T,T-T,T,T,T,7,T.T,T.T.T,T,T.7,- .T.T.T.T.Z:2Z: Page Seventy-three THE NAPAN ET 1931 O Foreword I IN TURN, WE THE CLASS OF '31, BY PUBLISHING THE STH 3 , VOLUME OF THE NAPANET, ,, f HAVE ASSUMED THE RESRONSI- K I A5 BILITY OF RECORDING THE i MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS OF F0 'J QQ THE NARRANEE IUNIOR AND K J SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS DURING ki fp THIS YEAR. Z J R II -I M WE HAVE TRIED TO PUT BE- bid FORE YOU THE THINGS WHICH, 3 Q Q ff IN OUR ESTIMATION, WOULD fy , INTEREST Y O U MOST AND gig C ZZ WOULD BRING BACK MEMORIES ,AIM X-,Q , 'V T, OF N. H. S. DURING 1930 AND Im, W ' W 1931 ffl 4' l Z I I' 1lbE1j'I'0II,, HRK 1'a'iM'v If W,WW1I E iw ,' 2 THE NAPANET 1931 Top Row-Dale Stouder, Reed Newcomer, Glenn Conrad, Donald Price, George Hershberger, Middle Row-Coach Schuler, Glenn Fields, Gerald Phillips, Merle Calbeck, Mr. Abell. Bottom Row-Ioe Lape, Carlyle Pippen. Second Team The Pups have retained the same honors that former seconds have gained by losing only two out of sixteen games played. The greater share of the boys are only underclassmen and will see action on the team again next year. The Pups journeyed with Bulldogs to meet the opposing teams of other cities except Michigan City, and when their part of the entertaining was over afforded an enthusiastic yelling squad for the first team. SECOND TEAM GAMES Nappanee New Paris Nappanee ............ Syracuse Nappanee Bremen Nappanee Cen. QSO. Bend Nappanee Milford Nappanee Mishawaka Nappanee Culver Nappanee 14 ,,.......... LaPOrte Nappanee Riley Nappanee ............ Elkhart Nappanee Kendallville Nappanee Goshen Nappanee Elkhart Nappanee ............ Mishawaka Nappanee Goshen Nappanee Plymouth Page Seventy-four I I I I I I I. IU' I" I I. . I IC l. I I I I I . 1 . I III, I ' I I III I I I. I I. I I. I'-' I' : I. II I I. I l. II I I. I. I. I. If I. I I I. lI I II . I I . I If-I III ' I I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I I I I I I. I. THE NAPANET 1931 -L-L-L-L-L-.' -L-L-L-L-4-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-.1 -L-L-1.-L-L-L-:,-.:-L-L-L-L-J.-L -L-L-.1 -L -L-,L-LQ.-J.-L.-.1-..:-.L-L-.L-.1,c1-c.,L-L-.-.-.-.-.,s-.,..,.,.,.A..1..,,A. Believe lt Ur Not I . HE basketball team of 1931 is to be congratulated upon its many accomplish- I ' ments. Beginning the season with practically an inexperienced squad, the . f "Naps" again developed into one of the leading teams of northern lndiana, which seems to be more or less a tradition at Nappanee high school. Believe it or not, but there are seven good reasons why the Bulldogs of 1930-1931 deserve to rank among the leading teams of the north. First of all the team played a difficult schedule and advanced to the finals of the sectional tournament in the "tough" upper bracket. When the smoke has cleared it was discovered that Nappanee had played a total of twenty-three games and had won fourteen and lost nine. This record will compare favorably with that of most of the larger schools. Second, the team tied for third place in the N. l. H. S. C. Standing, a place we have occupied for the past two years, but with a veteran team. Third, we lost to Culver by the small margin of two points, 10 to 12 to be exact. Culver had an experienced team and went undefeated during its regular schedule, won the Rochester sectional and was eliminated in the Regional by South Bend a team previously beaten by Nappanee. Fourth, Nappanee handed Elkhart possibly its most overwhelming defeat of the year 31 to 13. Elkhart was the team that beat Nappanee in the final game of the sectional mostly through the fortunes of a lucky weak bracket draw, and then ad- vanced to the second round of the State finals at Indianapolis only to be eliminated by Greencastle runners up in the Championship race. Fifth, Nappanee was one of the two teams that defeated Central of South Bend during the seasonal play. South Bend made a remarkable record by finishing second in the N. I. 1-1. S. C., winning the strong Mishawaka sectional and losing to Elkhart in the Regional by one point. Nappanee beat South Bend 16 to 7 clearly demonstrat- ing superiority over the Bears in all departments of the game. Fans who saw this game will verify the above statement. Sixth, Laporte 10-Nappanee 8. As you all know Laporte turned out to be the eastern division champions and then won from East Chicago for the Championship of the entire N. 1. H. S. C. Laporte was unquestionably Nappanees most diflicult opponent, and if rumors are true Laporte harbors the same feeling about Nappanee. Seventh, the year would not be complete without turning in a win over our traditional rival Goshen. After taking a setback twice during the season from Go- shen the Naps turned on the Redskins in the semi-finals of the Sectional Tournament at Elkhart and demonstrated to the tune of 22 to 15 that Nappanee still had a basket- ball team. We are proud to say that this victory was not a "Fluke" but won upon merits of superior team work and marksmanship. FRS' H3511 Page Seventy-five 11 11 f1 I1 1 l 1 11 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 E1 1 1 1 x I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 :ii E1 1 THE NAPAN ET 1931 . L, - -.,,,,,..f.f,., ,,..f.,-.,.,xA.,.,.,.,NA., , ,. x.f..A.,.N.A.A.-.A.x.-,,..A,.,..A.,,,,A.,.,M,-..f.-.-.f Back Row-Glenn Fields, Mr. Schuler, Coach, Lee Anderson Mida'Ie Rouf-Wayne Dunham, Wilfred Troup, Charles Lehman Lowell Mullett Harold Umbaugh. Bottom Row-Irvin Yoder, Fredrick Lopp, Gerald Phillips, Ioe Lape oe Stouder Page Seventy-six Baseball FALL Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee 2, Bremen 3. 5, Mentone 15. 17, Milford 2,' 11. Bremen 1.' SPRING April 15- Mishawaka' April 22-LaPorte April 29- Central fSouth Bendj May 6-Mishawaka May 13-Laporte' May 20-Central fSouth Bend1 ' Home games. THE NAPANET 1931 Girls' Athletics HAT can we do to earn letters or insignia with which to deck our sweaters and blouses? This has been the urgent cry of the girls of Nappanee High School ' for several years. lt has been a real problem, for considering the fact that boys' athletics demand much of the boys' time and energy for the sake of the school, while there seemed to be no school duty in athletics for the girls to fulfill, it seemed scarcely fair that the girls should be given insignia by the school and thus be shown equal prestige with the boys who had earned theirs through long hours of labor for the school. And yet the girls have resented feeling so useless, uppermost of all, however, has been the desire to wear their schools insignia. This year we have made some attempts to solve the problem. The girls have still not been asked to work for the glory of Nappanee High School, but they have worked out a plan of physical activity between teams of the school which enables them to receive a monogram on the basis of how hard they have worked in this intra mural activity. There have been two purposes in these attempts to work out this plan. First. we have felt the need of physical activity and participation in team games for the girls of our school. This plan enables all the girls who feel able to take part and thus re- ceive the benefits of activity. 1-Ieretofore only the girls of the physical education classes had an opportunity to receive any exercise and enjoy the fun that goes with it. The second purpose was to enable the girls to receive the cherished monogram. What is the attraction of a monogram? We do not know, but we clo know that girls love ornaments and that any decoration for which they have worked means much more to them than the ordinary ornaments which they use. Miss Heestand, Miss 1-leckaman. Mr. Goodrich, and Mr. Schuler worked out the following scheme for girls' athletic participation and for the earning of monograms. The plan was approved by Mr. Abell and so far has not been changed. All girls participating, except the Senior girls of 1931, are to receive a mono- gram after winning 150 points. Because of the lack of time the Senior girls of 1931 are to receive a monogram after winning 100 points. Six major activities form the program and anyone working for the monogram is obliged to take part in four of the six branches. These activities are: basketball. volley ball, indoor baseball, tennis, track and hiking. The points of each have been so distributed as the aforementioned committee deemed each to be valuable. A girl must work at least two years on this program before she can secure her monogram. It has been planned that as much of the work as possible be clone out-of-doors, while most of it is to be done at the noon intermission. At the time of the writing of this article, the program has proved successful to a satisfying degree. There have been some rough points, but those can be smoothed in another year's work. We have discovered that the activity has given the girls lessons in good sports- manship, organization, leadership, and responsibility, as well as vigorous exercise. Next year we hope to start the program earlier, thus being able to do more work out-of-doors and also avoiding rushing the various activities. We also hope to extend the program. As our athletic field becomes developed we can add hockey and soccer to our schedule. The awarding of the monograrns will be done near the close of each semester. We hope that the Senior girls this year who have so loyally supported the program may receive their awards. Others who have been as faithful and deserving will be rewarded next year and can be the first girls of N. H. S. to show their desired decor- ations daily to the school, - - - - - - - - - - - A - - - - - - - .W-.Y-V.V.w.w.v.-.v.v.'.'.,.,.v.v.w.-.v.v.,.,.v.v.,.-.-.--W-,-,-,.,-,-,.v-,-.-,-,-,-,-.-,-K I I I 4 I I. l ll EI LI II ll' II II II II f II FI I ,I fl fl l fl I fl KI II ,I I II ,I I I I fI I II la fl II l I ll I I2 II E2 I I I QI I 'I 'I I 'I jI I I I I I I . I 'I 'I Page Seventy-seven THE NAPANET 1931 1 I1 I1 I1 1 1 11 ' 1 1 4, 1 if I1 I1 I1 L I II 1 if 4 1 1 1 1 1 15' 'f 1 , 41 1,-, 1' ' 51 1 ,1 1 13 fi 11 ,J 15' 11 11 1I I,', 1. I 1 1 1 I4 1 1 'Y . 1" 1 ,1 is 1: 1 K 1 I 1 12: 11, 11, 11, 1 ' 1 1 1 51,1 1, , 1,-, 11, 11, 1 1 1 11 11, 11, 11, 1 11' , 1 , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 V1 15' 15' 15: 1'. ,11 , :I 15: J 1 57 Q-1-mf, 1, Q, A 1 E ,-,,f RQ 47' . 1 N., il .3 N Ne mmm 1- f DUl7f1df77 " .. ,F A L .- :3 1 ' ,,., ' '1 ,- wr -- cfgf- . My ' gf A 4 ' v H22 1 3, X or 'X' it-dak ' 'fs , 'X is fx 1 x , gf, . 1 . X if 1 5311: .. E .,., 1 N.. 5 af 1 , 'A' ,v.,,g1g., 'Ea-1 , 7-"OUP Q A 4 1 'A If S f 1 1. 1' 'R . s -9 N Nw.-. , Q D6 -fENNlS., Q47 es nm, LUPP . j 7?ob1n.s Q: ,, ,1A-:Q 1 .,.., by 1, ., ..... -, :- 1 1 I W-L I Q N9 ' ,J 1, V y :.. I 'x x M 1 f E511 ' 1 1 HI Pirates Blackhawks NOON-DAY -' W Gianfs i X C UL --. 'ff 11-L - .i , g 'fx if SAS Q 1. V Q ,gg 1 1 2 1 1- N1 f -. Q 'V 1.11. ' ' Cubs ' 0 I nhwq A ....,,, 1-. .., , ,, - eb . R 'X-. Sr, N' " '- - X E! ,, 4: . V Q ..: 1 Yal1K'eeS ' ,.. 1,5111 , 1 A . . , H S ifij ' - 1, 1 . 111- 1 ,Il ' X . 1:5 - +53 fi Mx 1 'Rangers A.. u. L. Lehman. Imfincibles E1 Lx ........ b 1 ,l Q K I t if A Q 1 N 1 S 1: ' G il , .. ,mr N ,Q fx i S xg - 5 1 5 1 3 11 xx xi 11 1 11 If I 77'oJans. 1 Q12-Zim 1 la--- .... ------ Page Seventy-eight THE NAPAN ET 1931 J-f-J-xfv-vw-sHfv-v.-,x,,,,,,,R,-,.,.,.,x.s,x-s,.fKf,.v,,,,,L.,,N-N-rs,v,I, Ari. YV xr 'AJ if AY ff ,q,K,N.,-,,.,,,,.,,.,,,.,,.,1,.,,,,.v,,, - - - - --.,-.-.-.e,s..s,-.-.A.A.,.,.,-.-.-..-..,,,-.,C ,C .N A. - , .f,,f, ..A.,.,.,.,,A.,,x,.,x..CA...,f.....-- ,ALC JL.,--.- new-L LL- J.-L,--W 4 I I 'I I 'r I Il . . ll Spring Tennls Schedule l ' April 23 Riley qsoufh Bendj' gg May 2 Central tSouth Bendl' C' May 5 Elkhart' May 7 Riley fSouth Bendj 5: May 12 Goshen ll May 19 Elkhart l May 21 Central fSouth Bendj 1' May 28 Goshen' 3 ' Home games. tif ll N. H. s. Track 1931 E5 E: Q CACI-I SCHULER issued first call for track candidates on April lst, and about twenty boys reported for the initial practice. fl Interest in track this year seems to be greater than in former years possibly ll due to the fact that our new athletic field has been completed which affords the boys better opportunities in training. Et Realizing this increasing interest and the possibilities of our future track teams ll a heavy track program has been arranged for our track athletes. ll l The squad this year is inexperienced but in the making. Track teams are not ll I developed in one season. It requires several years of faithful and persistent training. J Thus far this season our team has not made any outstanding record upon the cinder gr path but the best we can hope for are the benefits that come from experience and l : training. 2 l In the Laporte quadrangular meet held at Laporte, Saturday, April 25th, Nap- ll I panee finished in third place, which was our first engagement of the season. Such a l I record should at least be encouraging to the boys, l The squad includes such hopeful athletes as: Clyde Hershberger, Charles Lehman, l Wilfred Troup, Frederick Lopp, LaMar Reed, Harold Bock, Earl Graham, Russell J I Iones, Lowell Hershberger, and Gerald Phillips. l r 'J 3 1931 TRACK SCHEDULE I Saturday, April 25th .,,....,..,,.,,..,,.....,....,.....................,...,.............. Quadrangular at LaPorte l tMichigan City-Laporte-Nappanee-ValparaisoJ S., I , 4: Tuesday, April 28th ......,......,..............,..,..,,...........,.....44,....,,,,,,,44.,. Dual meet at Nappanee I KN. H. S.-Iimtownl lr, E Saturday, May 2nd ................................,...,.A,r.,,..... Invitational at Plymouth 18 schoolsl : QRochester-Plymouth-Culver-Nappanee-Bourbon- lf f: ' Argos-Walkerton-Lakevillel nl E Saturday, May 9th ....... ............................,...,.......... C onference meet at East Chicago Saturday, May 16th .......... .................. S ectional meet at Elkhart 1: Saturday, May 23rd .......... ....... S tate meet at Indianapolis l lr. IE l :il LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL?LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTiT!lTgTLTLTLTLTLTQTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT LTLTLT:?LTfLTLTLTLTLTLTL:-Ql Page Seventy-nine THE NAPAN ET 1931 - - - - - - - - - - - - - v - - - - - - - .x.,Lf.. Y - .-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.--..-..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..A.-.-.-4.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.1I AIR THRILLS A few years ago an aeroplane was taking passengers over Nappanee. I was one. As soon as I got into the plane I began to think what might happen while I was in the air. I decided to get out but the plane had started. As we were going across the field I looked out of the plane and saw the fence at the end of the field coming nearer and nearer. I shut rny eyes and waited for the crash but there wasn't any. The plane rose from the ground and we were in the air about a hundred feet when I opened my eyes. We flew north over Wakarusa and then back over Nappanee. The buildings and cars looked like toys. The fields looked like city blocks and cows and horses looked like cats and dogs, When the plane started down to land I felt as if it had fallen out from under me. Later a friend and I rode with the same pilot and he remembered me. I told him we wanted all the stunts he dared to do. When we were up in the air he flew around over town. I-Ie first banked the plane one way and then the other and then darted down and shot up again. When we landed we found that we had forgotten to strap ourselves in. -D. H. P5334 Bti! Ili .lg IJ II II .tg Ill IJ .QI .lg IJ IJ II 'I . Ill III Ill Ill IA: I I Iil II Il I II II .ll IJ .lp ' I . 'I I .tg Il II I I I Iql I4I 'I I IJ Itl ,tg .tp Iql Ili IJ IJ Ill II IJ Ill II III Itl ,tl ' I fy Iii Ill III III I I Il' II' 1'-' IU: I I1 .- 1,1 If I I 4 I '4 4 I I I I I I I 1,1 I 4 I' . . I 1,- l . . . . I1 , I 4 Page Eighty I I 4 I 4 4 4 THE NAPAN ET 1931 - - - - - - - - - - ..-.-.-.-.-.-.A--4.4-.-.-.-.-.A.--..-.A-.-.-.-.-.A-v-.-.--f.-.-.-.-.-,V I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I QI I I I I I I I I I I I QI I I I I I I I I I jI I I I II I I -415 A ,UYII-1' I'JiLV zv IK, ,, 4 I If I I f X I , I 35 Qi? ggxF,g.4I,vIg3 L Z If? Mf' "'N,'Iff 1 2 " 1 I XX 1 '14 IQ 1,1 f 'N ' ' QEIIL if I 5+ -f,.,.-"' VFW ,111 X I I 1 L ff X X f , I 1 'QW' ,V , fkf ffv 5,- , f - Z fx nf I ' ffff ' I Al 5 ilbezlturvz 4-------------- L'-'-'A'-'-'-'-'-'-'-u'::-'----------Az-.'-'---'--.-----.----f---v--Y.,.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- THE NAPAN ET 1931 . - . v . Y . v . -7- '-T-T-TfT-T'T- . - . 'T-TCVTYTQTYT-T-T-TYT-TATYT-TYT-TfT-T-Tfi-T-T-T -T-T-T-TY?-Tfifififi YTRTYT-T'T"T T-TvT'T-T-T- Jokes SIGN IN FRONT OF NAPPANEE CHURCH 10:30-Morning Service ' 7:00-Evening Service Fast time QI-low times are changingj M WHAT MAKES TEACHERS THAT WAY? 1. Nero began to rain in the sixteenth century. 2, The Germans lived on the upper side of the Rhine. 3. A blizzard is the inside of a hen. 4. A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle. 5. George Washington married Mary Curtis and in due time became the father of his country. 6. A mountain range is a large cook stove. 7. Achilles was dipped in the river Styx to make him normal. A 8. Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of saliva from the Vatican. 9. Typhoid fever is prevented by fascination. 10. Sixty gallons make one hedgehog. ll, Georgice was founded by people who had been executed. 12. In the Middle Ages the people in the cities threw their garbage into the streets because they didn't have any back yards to throw it in. MO-M Amos Culp-"Say didn't you tell me that "procrastinate" meant "to put off." Earl Chamberlin-"Yea," Amos Culp-"Well, it don't work, I told the bus driver to procrastinate me at Main Street and he let me ride to the end of the line." MOM "I say!" exclaimed Miss Plasterer who thought she had been overcharged in a drug store. "Have you any sense of honor?" "l'm sorry," said Wayne Dunham, from force of habit. "I have not, but I have something just as good." T Kathryn Richmond-"This is a clever little confession story you've written, but why did you name the man Adam?" Virginia Richmond-"The editor wanted it written in first person." MOM "What is your occupation?" asked the judge sternly. "I haven't any," replied VVard Hummel, "I just circulate around." "Please note," said the judge to the court clerk. "that this gentleman is retired from circulation for thirty days." MOM Mr. White farrested for speedingj-"But, your honor, I'm a teacher." Mr, Miller-"Ignorance doesn't excuse anybody." ...MO....... A NOTE TO TEACHER "Dear Teacher-Kindly excuse Iohnnie's absence yesterday. He fell in the mud. By doing likewise you will greatly oblige his mother." - M Russell jones-"That driver ahead must be Miss Briggs, my old school teacher." Arlene Conrad-"Why?" Russell jones-"She seems to be so reluctant about letting me pass." Page Eighty-two THE NAPANET 1931 J okes WHY sruow The more you study, the more you know. The more you know, the more you forget, The more you forget, the less you know, So why study? The less you study, the less you know The less you know, the less you forget, The less you forget, the more you know. So why study? . Cora Rulf-"How far back can you trace your descent, Anna?" Anna R.-"I can't really say. But our family has been descending for a long time." Bud Mullett fin the dining roornl-"Do you serve lobsters here?" Waitress-"Yes, sit down and you will be served at once." Miss Newby-"I'm tempted to give a Vergil test to-day." Clara Felter-"Yield not to temptation." -.4i ELECTRICAL WOMEN AAR., When a woman is sulky and will not speak ...........,.,,....,.,,,., ,,,,,,,,. E xciler If she gets too excited ......,,.................,.....,.... ,,,... C orztroler If she talks too long ,...,,,,,,,...,.....,,.......... .... ..,,,,,,. 1 n terrupter If her ways of thinking are not yours ,........ ,,.,, C onuerter If she is willing to come half way ,.....,..,,. ........... M eler If she wants to come all the way ,........ .,,...... R eceiver If she wants to go farther ..,,......i.i,,.......... ,,,i,,,,, C onductor If she wants to be an angel ........i.................. .Transformer If you think she is picking your pockets ....... ................ D etector If she proves your fears are wrong .,....,.... Compensator If she If she If she goes up in the air .,,,,,.........,,....... wants chocolates ........ sings out of tune ...., .........Condens'er ...........Feeder ......,.....Tuner If she is a poor cook .,....... .,.. D ischarger If her dress unhooks ...,.., ,,... C onnec'or If she eats too much .,,...,....,,.,..... i....., R educer If she is wrong ................,...........,,...., ,i...,. R ectifier If her fingers and toes are cold .... ,,.,..,,i.. H eater lf she gossips too rnuch .....,............ ...... R egulator If she fumes and sputter-s ..,,, ,,.,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,,..., I n sulator If she becomes upset ,..,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,..,,,.,,,,,,4,,,,, ....,.... R eserver Lyle Strauss-"I think this school is haunted." Dean Slabaugh-"Why?" Lyle Strauss-"Because they're always talking about the school spirit." TRUE LOVE T. Motorist-"I'm sorry I ran over your hen. Would a dollar make it right Mr. Byers-"Well, better make it two, I have a rooster that was mighty fond of that hen and the shock might kill him too." Page Eighty-three TH E NAPAN ET 1931 KM 3' fx 'iffif Ex gxvf.-jfffgf 1 -711 9 X DQdlCHt1OH f TO OUR HONORED AND 3 'X REVERED PARENTS WHO ,f f HAVE SO GRACIOUSLY f K5 GUIDED US THROUGH OUR I Og, SCHOOL CAREER, WE THE H0 'J XQ CLASS OF '31 RESPECTFULLY K Q J DEDICATE THIS EIGHTH 35 VOLUME OF THE NAPANET. X R r M J MW 6-Eli' H 1 W 7 W2 ff ,f Wi , Eff .QB W fl! Vg gisx 5 Qlyyux We QA " AVMA SW! ' T W Elfcygf " " T "'T1,'a , Liv' f ' ,E ' Li' , T ' 'Q-Xfllf T31 QJX U nik 5512!-QYZX THE NAPANET 1931 -v- ,-,-,-.-,.,-,.,.,.,,,.w.w.,.,.v.v.v.4,,.v.,. v.v.,.,.,.w.-.W-V.Y.v.-.V.w.V.V.w.-.w.w.-.v.v.v.v.vAv.w-v-w-w--V-Y--w-- - - - .f-.-.-...A-.,.A.f.A.,,..yA.A.f..-.-.-,-.-.-N.-A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.f.-.--.-.A-.A-.-.-.4-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.- 2 -an ., M' O 621' .vmuxoxi .4 madrid I4 'X E " N f-51, ' 12 .. 1.-ffi 45 2 . A g-J " .H A ei? fi y vgg, Q , 'A Qf'j.5i,'A ' 1,5-, YQ W Jo" -, A , ,f ,, X, . ,- - .Mb , '5"4Nx -' 'iff 1 ' N I 7 X . H53 Q 4:2 ff' 1" -. MU' 3 2' xx 1 ' il ,L Q zz rn 1 -- 'Q-'f 'A U A-25 1 2 - ' ' of D V .V J" ' 51' ,sftfi f-ff CJ '1 -E A 3 M 1,9 5, 4 "X, V49 '5"?"j51iI,,, qs" 'Z i,,1V X4 1 ,I in any 2 ,m,?1. d Wy, in f-f, fy-4 ,, -Q-1 -4 1:-0 1 .- ,af Vg, 1. If , wi- ' h my wx, '- " w o ri 'A P lyzqgyn 22,3 - ' ' E5 4 Wa 1 2 in 5" Z wg!" " "' 1 Z , :gf ii 3 2 " fx r. 3 0 3' ' Q ,,?,,, l ff. ,M ,xi . . 5 ,, 5 3 J s Q. A Fr., -I J . - .fix xx " 3 71 5' -vzzga -" - f- A " - 2 5' G-,..-J "' an 'bm "1 . ' -4 ""-me .af W 2 ' X ,lx ,X W V ' oo fl,-in Tk zN3,m.M i 4' VX lm, W., ,,,f , .-,,M,.Mp,?l,3,Y!f,?,,-,M-Z,iR,a,g,,f,mf Q 4 -, an gh' " -P X ' A f :fb ' ,.-f, 'L . r- V, X , f m fm' 2 X X, 1 32+ 75' '- V' 'Z'4f,42'if':ff2 Us N -. 5 V f it 4 4 . . , , iff. f, I f' 11 5 ' "v ! ff ' V .- V' lx Illy I . Ani? 4. ,7 I- dxf:-, ,vjflqifrivimdhqgg X A H., A 4 B N ., .qmwoii 52,2 -,Tj1.'f'f 1' ! 'GA Hll v-Lgffl 67 -57491165454 NA ""QQi-Q: T: l N' "RL 'HR 1' 1 ,-gi---11-11,,,.:f:A -X - rv' BET TER HOME 57 K.,-.A.-ii-.-.-., 4.4.-.A-.A.-.-.-.A.-..--.-.-.-,A.-.-,,--.-.-.-..-.--.-,-.-v-.-..-.A.Av-.Ai-.-.-4.-.-.-.A.-Y-.-.-.-.-.A.- Page Eighty-four THE NAPANET 1931 4 - -5,-Y-f?-'T'Tg7L7L7L':lT5LTLTLTLTQI - ,,w.,..-.Tv1-TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL'L""A'A' J' Y II - .,-.-T-7-T::gTgTLT5C7lTlTlT4TLTL'L' "'A'-- - - I -:LTQTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLALAdv- - - I I I I 'I . I I 'I U I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I ,I I I I I ,I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I 'I I I I I I I I I I II I' II I I I I I I I 'I I I , I I I I I I QI I I 'I 'I I I II I IV. I II I I: I I 1 I P u 2. z L E. I 'I I I I I F 1 N D I I I I I I I I I I F A C E 5 I II .I ,I I, I 'QI .' II I II I -JI ,I - - --v-T-7-T-T-T-T-T'T'7'T' ' ' ' v " I - - -,-v-7-T-T-T' 'T'7' - ' A ' ' ' ' 'I - - -v--T-T-T-T-T-T-?fT'T'T'7'7'7' ' v ' v ' ' - I -Av-7-V-Y.vT,,,T.T1.7.1-1-fvf-ff?-T'T'T'T'T' A "" ' ' Pagg EiEIhtY'nVe THE NAPANET 1931 fs,-,..-,-,1 - ..A.f,.-.N..x.A.,x.,.,-,A.xA.A.. ..,-..-.-.N.A.A.x.,s,c.-.-.-J.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.1.-.-.A.-.-.A.-.-.-.- Just lmagine Mary Pippen ,... Assistant manager of a drug store. Richard Blessing-Not having something to add to the question. Fay Danner-Failing. Erclean Stahly4Not having a joke on someone. Mrs. Cash-Losing her temper. Wayne Dunham-Unable to argue. Phyllis I'lousourfQuiet. Mr. Abell-Leaving his spectacles on. Russell Iones-On time. Kathryn Metzler-Calm while talking. Robert Blosser-A quiet, bashful boy. Freicla Clouse-Throwing paper wads. Oliver Owens-With straight hair. Francis Risley-Acting sensible. Paul Stahly-Without LaVerne Miller. Daisy and Wilfred-Walking fast. Garnet Walters-Not interested in Wakarusa. Dewberrys Orchestra-Not practicing. Thelma Welty-Chewing gum. Miss Rosenberry-Using slang. lohn Debow--Flirting. Bud Mullett-With his hair mussed up. ' Mary janet Rickert-Without having hysterics at a basketball game Donavan Hollar-Going to school on a sunny afternoon. Mr. Hunt-Without an announcement. Wendall Fredrick-Loafing. Amos Culp-Not getting everyone else's lessons. Schuler-Without his sheepskin. Max Wiseman-Awake in the assembly. Hazel Herr-Cheerleader. Thurlo Clouse-Getting his brothers grades. The Seventh Graders-Sitting still. The Radio-Going a whole period. Nappanee-Having a new school building. 1931 Napanet-Not any good. P534 5:2331 .,.,,,K,,,. - - - - - .,,,,,.,.V.v.v.,..,-,-,-,,.,.,.v..i.v1.v.'.,.v.Y.V.V.,.,.v..v.v.-.-.Y.v.'.v.v.-TvTwT-777,777-T Page Eighty-six THE NAPANET 1931 vx-XM? ,-,- ,X,-fxNFePvH,-,-,-,-vs,xfvQ,x,x-cFvHFo-,.E-,,A,-v-v1FefVR,x-x- fs.fCA.,.A.,e.,,,,,.A.f.A.,.,,A.A.. ..,N.X.,N.N..,N., -,W.--e.,,ww,,,A.,A,s,,x,,.vs.-M..x.x,.,,A.,wN.,wWx.,,--.,-C,CA. Favorne Songs "I'm Following You" .......,,..,,,,..,v...,,,..............................,....,. .,....... M r. Goodrich "I-low You Goin' to Keep 'Em Down on the Farrnu? ....... ..A.........., M r.Byers "The Lost Chord" ..,.V.,,,....,.................V.... ......... .............. ......... . . . Mr. Roose "After the Ball is Over" ...., ,,,Y,,.,........ M r. Schuler "Toot, Toot, Tootsie" ...................,....,...,,........... ,,,e..,, C has. Weygand "I'm lust a Gigolo" ..,,...,,,............................v...,....,.. ...,... L eland Strang "I'm Contented With the Little Things in Life" .,..., ,,,.,....,, G alen Phillips "It's Three o'Clock in the Morning" ,,,,..,......,,...,,...,,,,.. ,,.,,...,..........,. W ayne Dunham "I'm Blue Again" ..,..,,,......,..,..........l..l..........,...............,.........,...........,,.... Alberta Weygand "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder for Someone Else "..,. ........ K athryn Metzler "Wearing of the Green" . ,..,,,,,,.,,...,,.,....AA...,..,.,,....,.,.Y.....,, ....,..,,i, ,,.,.. 4 - H Club Girls . .lO. . Jokes Miss Rosenberry-"Correct this sentence: Before any damage could be done the fire was put out by the volunteer fire department." Harold Miller-"The fire was put out before any damage could be done by the volunteer fire department." M.1Oi.... . If a body sees a body Thinking in a quiz And a body helps a body Is it the teachers bez? Everybody has their troubles Some are worse 'tis true Yet all the flunkers aid require So what 'cha goin' to do? .i MY OLD FORD By Stahly Weldy One Ford car with a piston ring Two rear wheels, one front spring Has no fenders, seat or plank Burns a lot of gas, darned hard to crank Carburetor broken half Way through Engine missing, hits on two Three years old, will be four in the spring Has shock absorbers and everything Radiator broken sure does leak Differential dry, you can hear it squeak Ten spokes missing, front all bent Tires blown out, 'ain't worth a cent. She's got alot of power she'll go like the deuce Burns either gas or tobacco juice, Windshield gone, top smashed in But it's a real good Ford For the shape it's in. - .. - - - - - - ,,. - A - A, ,.v.v.v.v.-.v.v.v.w.-.w.Y.w.W.v.V.v.v.v.-.Y.-.Y.v.v.v.v.-.Y.v. - - - - - - - - - f Y - f-'."'T ss.-.---gf- ,-1---'- - - . - - - - . . . . . Page Eighty-seven THE NAPANET 1931 Alma Anglin Jeanette Arch Richard Berger XVayne Best Virgil Bowman Myrtle P. Burgener Mary Chamberlin John Coppes Earl Culp Fred Culp Leslie Field Dorothy Geyer Verda Geyer Marjorie Guiss Gladys Hepler Mary Hoogeboom Esther Hoover Farrel Hughes Raymond Johnson Harold Klingaman Evelyn Lehman Pauline Lopp Mary Markley Harold Michael Floyd Miller Mary Miller Helen Minard Dorothy Mishler Margaret Mullett Viola McGowen Thomas Pinkerman Dorothy Price Douglas Price Theodore Price Pauline Riley Ellsworth Rood John Sechrist Mildred Seidner Charles Sheets Ralph Stahly Virgil Stout Forrest Strang Beatrice Tea Harry Tobias Girard VValker Dale NVatts Evelyn XVehrly Lillian Wells Mabel YVelty Ray VVeygand Harter VVright Roberta IVysong Carlyle Yarian Zola Yoder Wilma Abell Irene Anglemyer Ruth Barnhart Homer Baumgartner Launa Beechley Opal Brumbaugh Melba Campbell Virginia Coppes Lillie Crow Kathryn DeBow Carlin Felter Howard Field Helen Frederick Gleta Frederick John Frevert 'Margaret Frevert Joy George Isobel Geyer Russel Harmon Raymond Hepler Verna Herr Blanche Jervis Ruth Kinney Oscar Kline Alumni 1928 Home girl Student Farmer Manchester College Employed Home girl Employed Purdue University Employed Nappanee Greenhouse Nappanee Advance-News Home girl tMrs. H. Slabaughb Employed Employed Home girl Student Employed Farmer Employed Student Home girl tMrs. Arlo Blosserl Nappanee Telephone Co. Farmer Student Advance-News Office Employed Mullett's Grocery Home girl Huffman's Bakery Indiana University Student Employed Indiana Central College Student Indiana University Home girl Farmer Employed Farmer Employed 1Mrs. Ray Mishlerb Farmer Employed Employed Employed-Bank fMrs. Donald Sniderj fMrs. Roy Bollmanj Employed Student Gutelius Employed Employed Alumni 1929 Student-DePauw Home girl Employed Farmer Home girl Home girl Telephone Office Student Chilcote's Nurse's Training Butler University Advance-News Home girl Home girl Employed Student Home girl tMrs. Glen Yoderj Farmer Rexall-Employed tMrs. Harold Bleilel Student Home girl Employed Nappanee, Indiana Kansas City, Mo. Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana LaFayette, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Auburn, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Los Angeles, California Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart. Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Ashland, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Tennessee Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Defiance, Ohio Elkhart, Indiana Vvakarusa, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nanpanee. Indiana Tndianapolis, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Greencastle, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Gravelton, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Xvooster, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Gary, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester Nappanee, Indiana VVarsaW. Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana New Concord, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Page Eighty-eight THE NAPANET 1931 Kathryn Knobel Isabelle Lopp Hazel Metzler Dorothy Miller Ferril Miller Madge Miller Inez Mishler Carlyle Mullet Chester McCuen Lester McCuen Lelah McCuen Russel Orn Hilda Phillips Violet Pippenger Willard Slabaugh Gerald Stahly John Stauffer Marjorie Nvalters Ruth XVeber Veda XVeldy Julia Xvelty Maxine Wright Evelyn Yarian Bernice Berger Glenn Bleile Dorothy Bowman Quincy Brown. Jr. Ruth Chamberlin Howard Clouse Maxwell Clouse Vera Clouse Lillie Culp John Early Ruth Gingrich Orville Haney Margaret Heckaman Addie Hill Maijorie Hollar Mary Holloway Devon Hossler Lowell Huffman Ernest Hunsherger Charles Jones Xvilma Kline Elizabeth Klotz Dale Lehman Dillard Lehman Robert Mc.-Xndrew YViley McDowell Eldon Miller Jean Miller Maxine Miller Ralph Mitchell Maxwell Mishler Marvin Mishler Ralph Moore Marie Mullett Helen Louise Ogden Ira Phillips Bessie Pippenger Harold Pippenger Gwendolyn Richmond Joe Richmond David Shaum Danson Shaum Russel Snider 'Wilma Snider Lloyd Stahly Ruth Stahly Xvilma Stose Alfred Stump Laura. Stump Mildred Tobias Newell Troup Harold Umbaugh Enid Walters Jacob Walters Opal Wisler Arlene Wysong Ivan Yoder -.-.-.-.av-.--.--.--.A.-.-.-.N.,s.-.-.-.-.-,-.e.-.a.,.-.-.w.-.-eva.--- Home girl Coppes' Office Student Home girl Clipp Auto Supply Co. Home girl Employed-Ulines Mullett's Grocery Employed-Ulines tMrs. Wymanl Employed Employed Home girl Home girl Farmer Farmer Notre Dame University Elkhart Business College Blulfton College Home girl E. V. Publishing Co. Earlham College Nappanec Milling Po. Alumni 1930 I-Ionic girl Nappanet- Milling CO, Employed Farmer I-Ioinc girl Farmer Uarpentcr Home girl Home girl Farmer tMrs. XVilliam Mycrsb Farmer Nurses Training Home girl Student Employed Employed Employed Employed Employed Home girl Home girl Employed Coyne Electric School Employed Farmer Employed Employed Home girl Employed Employed Farmer Farmer Student Student-St. Mary's Employed-City Dairy Student-Michigan University Farmer Employed Employed Nappanee Milling Co. Employed Student Employed Farmer Employed-Ford Garage Nurses Training E. V. Publishing Co. Home girl Nurses Training Farmers 8 Traders Bank Farmer Home girl Employed Employed Home girl ' Employed Nappanee, Nappanee Indiana Indiana North lilalncliester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappance, Indiana Nappanee. Indiana Nappance, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanec, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanec, Indiana Nappanec. Indiana Notre Dame, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Bluffton. Ohio Nappanee. Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Ri:-hniond, Indiana Nappani-i-, Indiana Nappancv, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappani-v-, Indiana Nappant-c, Indiana. Nappanee, Indiana Nappanci-, Indiana Nappaiiefe, Indiana Nappance, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Detroit. Michigan Nappance Indiana South Bend, Indiana Elkhart. Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappam-ti, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappance, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee. Indiana Chicago, Illinois Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame. Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Ann Arbor, Michigan Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester, India na Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee. Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Gravelton. Indiana Elkhart. Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana - - - -, - -- - - - - - - - - .V.,..v.,.v.v.'.v.,.-.,.,.,.v.-.,.,.v.v.v.,.,.-.v.-.V.- g.,.v.v.v.v.-.-.v.'.'.v.'.v.v.-7-T-TvTY Page Eighty-nine THE NAPAN ET 1931 f- V- ' N -X ", 'lxgt , 1 -.Lf QM! b. pn A. A . 'I ' g i Zag -E 3 , , Q -if f'ffai:'Pf'2wx'f'7 " y"" 'A x .,'g:..3. X v 'B B ...ff-VN 7'- sis' x X ' 5 ' Q 5. S R X' s 9 H f 4 1 ' A Ne Kath 'jf .K 2 lg. 3 'Q E .H 3,Ll15EgQf..-Q Sig? 7 E 1g ' 1 'N 1- -Q N '--fwz-,.,N.4:""'i ' :tibv ana. p if ,J P' ,Q 54 I ' Y li --5 Av ' .ff if 1,2 I , ' 'ay 4- 5. 'Q - -, 1- j Z '5 v Jyfyfx- ,bn .. U-J. - Q" , f ,- :Jaw A , I' I my t - 'Law Aug - A 4 ,Q N r W U Q, jgyxf Jqgm. -lk ' xifnl.-Ay: " -,, .. 1' E15 L. x - Nw- . H Q7 'N N ,izlfw , X, A! 3 L Fig me NAPANET 1931 NLBLS Aim -..-- A.- ,E THE NAPANET 1931 F Q M cum ' 4 cn me QQ? A I3 I3 EA DAN C If 25 E5 R: I: E 5' :I All men can afford to pay the moderate :- 5 :I :: costs we ask to insure good appearance- l: I: :: but no man can afford to pay the price of :: neglected appearance 4 E Tum to THIS STORE for your ap- E: parel-with the assurance that you will :E be served with what is Authentic in Fash- 'I " :: :E ion-dependable in service-and genuinely E: worth its price. :- :: W MEN? WEAR- FLORSI-IEIM SHOES - WILSON BRGS. HABERDASI-IERY -,Q - -Af-F -crm -c7FV:,-, A -Afw.-.-.-.-.-v-.-. -.-.,-.-.-,-fv-v-.-,-,- -v-.-,-VK,-W-,-,V-v-V-V-xfvN,m,-V-V-vR,. - .-. A Page Ninety-two ,.,,.,,.,,H,.v,,.,.,,,,,,

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