Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN)

 - Class of 1923

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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1923 volume:

A- w - cj ' ' 1, 'is-J g-,,,.---.Z l 5-513 hindi v ll-f2Wt5Fil?E----1151 6 2 i ! 'lin .j1?,,,,.,lli3 5 Q H21 -fu 1-7 ... WHEN YOU THINK OF From a Senior Who Knows: Fall from a steamer's burning deckg Fall to earth from heaven above, But never, never fall in love. Next year all jokes must be sent in on tissue paper so that they may be seen through. She stood before her mirror With her eyes closed very tight, And tried to see just how she looked When fast asleep at night. He talks like a book, All his friends love to sav Furniture, What a pity he doesn't Shut up the same Way. Rugs, or Sfgfveg A Secret Still The old moonshiner had a secret THINK OF With many a bottle did fill And although I'm telling his secret, His secret is a secret still. THE LEHMAN FURNITURE STOFEE Ulf a girl dared you to Carly her B- F' RWGLE- PROP' NAPPA upstairs, would you feel inclined to take her up ?" J. R. Arnott Sc Son INSURANCE THAT INSURES Fire, Life, Tornado, Automobile WHY NOT PLACE THAT INSURANCE WITH US? WHISLER BLDG Motorcycles and Bicycles Sporting Goods Soft Drinks, Candy Cigars and Tobacco Day and Night Taxi Service Yoder Bros. PH N 9 9 NAPPANEE Phone . is gf,,uQgggf3Tfg,:9 1-j.Qy5:,,5,g,f5y U Rellicdfgidtilfllljllfiiliiltwgllilliiillil Fall down stairs and break your neckg B5 ii Judgment Buying clothes is a necessity. Buying good clothes is o test of good judgment Selling good clothes is the test of cz stores character. We sell and reconunend Kuppenheimer Good Clothes New models are 'ust in. A revelation in fine J falorlcs and colors. Beautiful tallormg. D1StlIlCtlVC designs. Hostetter 8: Myer -the House of Kuppenheimer good clothes. FIRST NATIONAL BANK UNITED STATES DEPOSITS NAPPANEE, INDIANA Capital, Surplus, and Profits S7U,Il00 .L S. WALTERS, President JESSE RINGENBERG, Vice President CHESTER WALTERS, Cashier RALPH MILLER, Assistant Cashier MABLE SLOAT, Assistant Cashier FIRMS, CORPORATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BASKET BALL SONG If you want to know how to plav Basket-ball If you want to have some fun If you want to laugh. if you want to shout If u attok howit doe yo W n now s n Or anything else about the game That vou would like to know Just watch the dear old Nappanee boys As over the floor they go. Cho. Well rah, rah, Napoanee, gives us another score We want a basket, make it a couple of dozen or more When we go in for basket-ball, we lead our opponents astray In every game its just the same It' b d t ' s oun o go our way. We really hate to beat you, we know how easy it would be We've done it before, we'll do it once 1 ore HURRAH FOR NAPPANEE! I I The Purple Parrot Was Printed and Embossed at Nappaneek Modern Printing Plant In doing this work we have endeavored to demonstrate again our policy of giving QUALITY PRINTING with GOOD SER VICE at MODERATE PRICE E. V. PUBLISHING HOUSE X -5 ,, Q, ' 5 , ' If x 4 J4"4 K Qfix Q' W THE MARK OF EXCELLENCE X QS W ' fa? F 44 'S X wb '-1365 f Y -Ei R Q? -Q4 ' 3, . ' "XX -SX 'f3f". ,, ' Sm. Q '5,!570f9'f gf ' IL X 6:27754 vi 'f 0 NSP S 3311? ' I Si-ex 14 YEAR BOO PECIALISTS X IRIS XX gb ef' WASH DRAWINGS ZINC ETCHINGS RETOUCHING COLOR ENGRAVINGS PEN DRAWINGS EMBOSSING DIES CODRER HALFTONES ELECTROTYPES ZINC HALFTONES N ICKELTYPES ENGRAVED AND STATIONERY . azfne gzymzfznq . FORT WAYNE ,INDIANA , It -PERSONALSERVICE' - swf: worm zzz ersozz In-,W WITH Tm: TAI-'F ,Gjfw QQ . I. I' ., 4-N., '-T " fm f Agfa. :. . . 1 -,f ' ' N641 RMI" f"""f H IWFQKL ' 121 4,-Lil. W. Lx 4, I 'wg I-' U -Mffgvxlll qylg Mg, -, ,rf ' -- 1' af' ,mx fb- 1- uh-' 'ffl . ,, ,- f , 4: '- U II il - WI ULU 49 Q-Qmmmmmmmmmmmmmm N-141-S EEEEEEEEEEEEEE li E E E E E E E E E E E EEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE EE EEE EEE EEEE EE Q5 EBEEE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Fu Q N Cao E E E E E E E QE QE QE QE QE '32 E1 E EG DD JOSEPH H. GROSH Dealer in Implements and Farm Machinery up 953 E E E E E E Q E W V EJ L.. 1-if .V.,x 1 E11 1511 i EU E iii: Lrg 1 E E V5 E 01 E E r. , I H ldv few E HI E E E fri W E E fi! E E E E E E L!! E E E E E E Miss Maze-"Velma, who Wrote L'The C1-isis"? Velma-''Ei'-er-Emerson." Miss Maze-"No." Velma-"Well I must be Wrong then." The nalfed hills lie wanton in the breeze, The fields are nude the groves un- frokecl Bare are the limbs of all the shame- less trees, No wonder that the corn is shocked. Mr. Young-"How did they get the ships over the mountains in the course of the Erie Canal?" Lucille C.-"They built an incline railroad." Hilda M.-CDiscussing the Sedition Lawsl-"This Law-" Mr. Young-"Rise please." Hilda M.-"Why-you've scared it cut of me now." SUPPLIES AND REPA RS EDISON MAZDA LAMPS Maust Electric Service 'SERVICE THAT SATISFIES Electrical Contractor IS' WEST MARKET STREET H. R. INEBNIT ATTORN EY-AT-LAW -O.. STOOPS BUILDING NAPPANEE. IND. REMEMBER WHEN YOU WANT PRINTING OF DISTINC TION, COME TO 157 WEST MARKET STREET EI UALITY PRINT SHOP FRANK A. REHRER. PROP PHONE NO B Just as the guards were leading his client away, the lawyer stopped and shook hands with the recent defend- ant. 'Tm sorry I couldn't do mzre for you, old man," he apologized. "Don't mention it sir," replied the prisoner politely. "Ain't live years enough ?" Mr. Lemmingcr announcing the meeting of the Historical Society- "Everybody come and bring your friends--it will cost you nothing and that is what you're all looking for now days." Miss Maze noticing in her Fresh- men English class that one of the girls was absent asked the reason why. Someone said that the girls' father had scarlet fever. Miss Maze-"Well, is the family "Guaranteed" The City Meat Market W. H. BEST 8t SONS All kinds of Fresh, Smoked, and Salt Meats, Oysters, Fish and Game in season. PHONE 71 EAST MARKET STREE "The Store of Quality and Service" All Our Candies ARE MANUFACTURED AT HOME UNDER PURE FOOD LAWS Try Our Delicious Milk Chocolates Box Candy a Specialty IF WE PLEASE YOU TELL OTHERS. IF NOT TELL US -, --,V--A,---f'----1 -'H rf' f 1' -i ' 1 I r -we X , N io' ll-l"'f1I"1 'l'Ul'21i""'l WE DO ALL KINDS OF Cleaning, Pressing and and Repair Work C. A. DEISCH WE ALSO CLEAN AND BLOCK ALL KINDS OF HATS THE TAILOR AND CLEANER , u,l1v.,-'HB Lf? !i,4 V,-41155 .ik ,sir Miss Maze4"Can we sympathize with a nervous little creature?" Esther K.-A-"I think men are so hard hearted." Merit Z.-"That is according to who it is." After Chester Thomas wrecked one of his father's Overlands he phoned a gar- age and said f"Send aid at once, I've turned turtle." The garage man answered-"Call up a zoo, we can't help you." Discussing "Friendship" in English IV. Deltha M.f"How could we reveal our thoughts to our friends unless We are close?" Mis Mazef"Lisle, define manners." LisleA"I don't have any." Writing on "Friendship." John M. writes: "Friendship may de- velop into-? Miss Maze--"Pass papers forward." Dutch Loop-"Don't you like a rough .guy like me?" VGll1l3fi'YPGS, except when the rough- ness is on your cheek." George Freesefs Sons MAKE THE FAMOUS F reesland Creamery Butter FANCIE ICE CREAM Butter, Eggs and Poultry NAPPANEE. INDIANA W l 11 uw-2 'UV 151 ill E5 2512 gf-i Q El lil li 1 f!:2,j' l!3FlllHliTll5llEfllElEil 5"illilEiJlillil:0g I 7 I. . llil it YOIII' , P an S Q 922132 Q ' X , ills ap : yl r Lam IRQ , yi, , ' "'-Tu' -. ' ' 5---5 --W' I ' X- Iwould Just be glad to i 1 ' have you talk to some of '12 the farmers in this locality who A A have put N appanee Seal-Tite A Silos on their farms and got their money back the first year. You "" ' could do the same on your farm. Why not phone or call on me and Iet me tell you how they have done it? just give me a few minutes of your time and I will show you with cold facts and figures how a Nappanee Silo on your farm will save enough crops for you and make enough extra profit for you to pay for itself. Send a postal or phone and ask me to send you my big free catalogue that tells all about the 25 superior features on Nap- panee Silos not found on others and why they are better and cheaper than any other. Don't fail to find out all about the Nap- panee before you buy. KD-10-D Photo raphs That Please DELIVERED WHEN PRONIISED U AT REASONABLE PRICES !'I Ll . fz, .I 193 THE PHOTO SHOP l'I v -H ll 2' PERCY G. WILLIAMS, PHOTOGRAPHER 1 Gosi-:EN is I .ji L, Q T! E Ipgf Old Pictures Copied? V. L!! . E INDIANA Certainly ,.f.- Eegililiiliillillililiiliililil I 92,3 immffiuiwfiirwe EEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E M1 4 EEE 1 We, Respectfully dedicate the 'Purple Parrot" 'to the parents of the Class of 23. A PAGE THR EE' ,1.1.4 . --. ., .. 4 . EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E. EEQH EI E E E El IE El El E E ? Q3 E E E E E U E E U E E E E1 l,l I i EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TE 1313115151 E mmmi1s1':i11 l923.ra :i1:s1ri1rins1iari1s1milfg1Eg3gpgx -.. r., Blue and White, Blue and White I Glorlana Prince Bestest School Resurrec.ed Zis Nappanee High Rah, Rah, Rah. Blue and White, Blue and White, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, of Banna in Indiana Boom Bah School, rah, rah, rah, rah, Are You Satisfied All around the minnie pool One a zooa, two a zooa, three a zooa n0tf 'UU-9 Zanl A bob tail wooly cat A kittle and a can Hail 'em, scale 'em Nappanee nail 'em, Fight Team Fight. We're wild Hit 'em in the Pie line Slap 'em in the gonk Cemetary, Cemetary, Honk, Honk, Honk! Who rae, Who rae Who are we? We're the bunch from Nappanee Victory, Victory, is our cry V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Will we do it? Nappanee High He's the man Who's the man Well I guess School, Yes, Yes, Yes. He's a Nappanee man fPlayerJ three times. We're wild, we're Wooly, We're rough as a saw, We eat 'em like oysters, Zickety boom rah, rah, Zickety boom rah, rah, Raw, Raw, Raw. Who rah, who rah, Nappanee rah, rah, Fight team fight. BASKET BALL SONGS Nappanee High School, Nappanee High School 'Tis for you we fight Drop that ball right in the basket Listen to our cries, Rah, Rah, Rah, Nappanee High School, Nappanee High School Fight on for your fame Fight fellows FIGHT! FIGHT I FIGHT I We'll win this game. Rah, Rah, Rah. Fight, fight for Nappanee, Break right thru the lines With our colors Hying We will. cheer you all the time Fight, fight for Nappanee Fight for victory Spread far the fame Of our fair name Rah, Rah, Nappanee win this game. Tune: "Old Wisconsin." WILL APPRECIATE YOUR PATRON. AGE, AND DEMONSTRATE OUR HIGH GRADE WORK. WHICH IS SURE TO PLEASE. NEAR CITY HALL MEMBER OF DAGUERRE CLUB OF INDIANA E. E. MANGOLD 226 N. MAIN ST. SOUTH BEND, IND. C. R. DIIVI MICH DENTIST EQUIPPED TO DO DENTAL X-RAY WORK The McDonald Studio lil El 21 l South Main Street El IE .LA.Rode South Bend, Indiana Bernard R.-"I wish Socrates had been an eskimof' Lowell B.-"Why'?" liernard R-"Because that's what I vrrcte cn ny exam. paper." 'rhe following aniiouncemeirt was on a bill board at the Rexall: "Georgia 7: Notre Dame 0 1st Quarter." Bernard R.-"How many quarterg do they play ?" Public Speaking Class Miss Lehman-"I have heard some of you girls say 'I am mad at he1',' you should say 'angry' but usually if some one would correct you it would make you MAD." A horse bit off a Long Island mans ear and the doctors sewed it ou, which is something that couldn't have been done if the horse had bit eff the man. hoe Repairing n-on The Progressive S hop no-1 H.B.Richmond 151 W. MARKET ST. WALL-PAPER PAINTS C. W. Johnson 8: Son Nyal Quality Drug Store "ON THE SQUARE" DRUGS STATIONERY F ' I ',XX 5-jlY'r:!sP-lwilp-Z1LINC, .',.w.'g: ls. , . I Elms S'W5eYe :-54. " 1: - 1 .11-.. G, x I ',.,.fS',,g:55: Q 2- , ,fig ' V h cm V 1 f X ' 9 - P ' ML I 'iii L 4 . 5 V x V 5 Q , if " 9 an Q I - Corus. 5. 1 Q - UJQ U ,x A ' 4 , ' ' 1 4 2 ,, gg .wifi-. -1 5-1. -.-..-4......-.A 1 f Q- bg., -:- - .. E' '-S4 ' Egfrffgbxets , ' - ma' q '- ' ' I Epuqn . g L X . W' - f kotucxii 5 ifseugh. , 1 Q. V Aw- 'W ., A ' 7"5'ug"?'lZf"5uv, 5 Qn'7 a3KQ wn.LMo1' HLIS ., Ji, 1 'wi xx: , MN . , Q , - was -A . , sit 1 'V fi-Lp- - ---gh ---"V, -' ' 5 -' -'KSNPSTED , 'fn -' 5 X. .- , , Q - 22 f-H .Q 1---J' ,, E -fl'-. -1 r4x.k , -. xouoyggpfxuv . V , -4, -1 .ss 3 - T- " - r-new-sm 2- E p . 1,-:E-+9 3' Nffrfg " . A, Wi s ifiifilifiri - ' ,Q ff 1 "Y' .1 53 U 1 , N F U, S h I,-2' - V ! ,M V , V 'veg' H ' " Tn- 1 V X M H , .wb Q. ,Vg , I ,kia 5 A - bldg L " X ' L' -'Y Q J 'IQ'-'G ':.'f ,N wus , - Y - gf . - XX V A fi - gf, jg? - 11 ffff V -5-!'e'?Es,-Q!" I 7-'95 4 ab'--W '14---S 55 Qm , , ., S., fi A -QR ggfvli 1:51 Yr I, X 3 - -,ma-t515f.?:Q4L55 if Q - . ra ' ' Uv, 1.-z at . in ' x 'ln Q Q", XX 5 X' f 1',m4'f.l0un Q? LAN ,QF-, 'lswsxig 1, gg?- .Qi PRDDUCTS Q IVOSTUM rg xg! gf X X- K ' - N' f 3 A yjulzftbn g, i ,' . f A-' A It - -, ' - 1 - ,, W ' ling 'LLJ X . - .. - N, f17'?f?4 X , 9 ' 21 1, er.-21' 1 , .'fkT4b-2"43fSy '7 1. ' A 1 ' ' 'I-5" 'Y-FPGA, H ' ,, I QQL-:vw-3 g x R 2 ,Q ,f -52213 -:iw-ex L ia W- '- 'xi-Q,,.,..,Q'?' I AQ' ff m f g, THE SATURDAY EVENING P0511 BB, w. 1 ...ff 1,4 -fu fr. I 1- , ffi ,,. Wil fi D5 1?1l'FQ:Q2jl ?, 13, L! Q5 TL E3 li . WWWEWfilm-iHiHmEE'i1M di 117-7 , ju Bl E E E E E E E E E E E E E E " Lg E1 N-H EE EEE E EEEEEEE AKLTTTJC3FLAJ?IiEi E E U E E E E E U E E E E E D E D E . E E H E E E E E E E E3 C1 E C ll C Cl E El ,E HY IU! lil EEEEEEEEEEEEEE SZ23 mmmmmmmnl EE EEEE up as El E1 En E1 E1 En E1 E1 E1 li-3 E1 Lil li-:1 Liu lim EJ li-J E1 mi-J E1 E1 E1 L-Tn E1 Lil E1 E1 li: E1 lin rin, E1 E1 Lil E1 E1 nm EJ E1 lil E1 Er E1 E1 1 E . E1 E1 lil E1 up ni AUTOGRAPHS J. -ff- :- --,,- f-, if-TJ ' ,.Q, 1 9 1 . YA: , 9 .,.-Q ,y 9 ,.. lf'4.c' ' 1-1-'ff 'L-H f-ww . 1 - ' 1 ' . . Ar. I 4 Q 1'.. 1 ' ...,! I! " I A I 1 4 V: ' f - . ' . 11 ,2-E ...- W. . 11-iv I-, r f as - r I ,I 1. , - A ' 0" '- ' v nf -M " V r -- 1 , I 4 'ffl' 3. ! 4 . , J. 'YQ K 'Q va '25 ,.-n.'. f A. ,.. P ' wr.-up 'a Q 1 , - Q , r . v 4 ' ' 24-' -4.n., ,5 .4 1, , '-,LJ...ZCl,v.J' ,. ..- n nl , -0 4 fi .4 - 5 N -J 1 -.1 Q fl 'Vadim-153 g':Qu.jw5 III E " illl L 1' 4114 I1 WI r My it gtllwiqsll b I .,,, ,S I. v,1l D' imp QW: 5" , il, . as 1 1, ,, ,mgi WL'- Gm- 'im Q W3 ESM' I . M 1: 'WG r 1' V 'Wi' wr, . 'w ,W V .. w i,'.',1. -. ug, r '15, ww ' - UM M , H, yl3fl3f'11"5f5"'Z :'4,!.1.,i!Nx, u 11 ltwifzzy zu, M 5 U ,'5M4!"i',1-1 IT . 1 an 1 , A' Uri. Yi' Ii , ,,.. , .1 ,. . .-, ,In .', .51 1- ,1 mv, ,,,, X V 'uw 1,141 -,-' mg. .,f, .1 Z! ' 'Q 1fr'.""5-'L:yl,1":' ,- .' ' ' 1- 'H 4,'..: fc , ti? 1515!-fwg Qzjf, f ":'v 5 Ef',jJ '.V' 'F"f ,4 1- 431' '.ff"'1f: 11573 'W , ' -fr! " Tj , jp Ir 2-11 .,. gl, " ' w1.y,1',. r,-:,1N:j11,4. , H WL! l.l:1'1m""'!I,. S" , L, 'I I,-"-M. 2:.3....q !,M,,:-'1q.' , -,-!.y'vj- ' , A 'mg V 1 Ilwlq,-fm!-N If-pl? fu! '51 3 ,qfq-Hg ,,:'5'.qY , 1:1 I .4 -,WM 1 ,1'- lun ' 'S .2 ff1'1M ew. Y-Il mlm 1 , -' 1.1':?3 Us V1 V fFIg.'fj:L'e,i ',,,f1':w'yQ'j,1,Q, 1-s, Q ,"3-1. , mg! LN . Q fWM5f,l 1 ,3g,g-l,.Nf,,N,b V. I1. 12115. ,Yip .4. gl! g.g,,..1: an 1.:w? f"-,,3,,y,:11f11:--M11rm yifw uw. 41+ 'ni 'H ' ' f.W!,mQ! rv ywxm V, ,1,...s Liu rf! !gmgii5lH:H:f1?mL ,1 r, -1 b',Q ' .,,4gwqjf. H -'11, Aw. H ff' "Ulf: ',,i11g3 Qllr- 'Ml , - K . NX :W EWWTHHNI Ik ,fum-1 M ,c,,'Nnj?lf44X:!Ii" is QEZIKV5 ,Q 'W 214113: 1 "lu 1' "' rip Imp 'fl lH,Li,t41,N I vpup Hxll' M!M.fT 4 4 Wynn" 1" ' . i K '3' '52 if L. 9 i ?l zFf :EW laimf 41, fffkifafw V 5 f'?,?v W l 5m?1iZp:11iag1 5'W2 1 'w5ff?' "Tf ,. a+ .. li1'T1""'Nllw'5Z! l: 1+-,lm 4I:r u-. wil' '.'-ww! -iw..-L.f. If: ,V w' I 'z"" 'M '15"','12mfw''JH'11' U- fi' H: 'W 'w,:i: ,!Ir41:-His!.',?1: Mg, 0 am, 5,1 I. gm . 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M l I W ,I W I W w I M1 Nga 5 ily U W V H 5 Y ., ws SHN z 1v,', , WJ , - ,K , , ,, . b I , I M My ' W-f' W v w'-?'1.- ' Mtv W W!?E5 i f1 'ili I www f4 m:sm,1 11 i 1-N iy.Y"'i V i5Mlf,r,1WN1l ij gg Ng Ni QE! lllw 4:-IH, -'J M1 A im M frm I! My-1 ,-Mil E1'f7'l5,a! i .1 ' M 'M "5 12 3,'f!iVNiwN', ww - 3 '13 7 i 5516! M ' ,rv-' 3 ' W "+I, w 'Mu f - ' fk 1, W wg Y X MN 1 l gm-Lair 1 j' f T "+ 'f ' YIM ,T W 4 X W frlggl A Y WV! Q W iw HN f 'J Xu xl mx W M W. ig Wh.mn1fm4lMMMMV LMI , ,1 "JIU Q" W 1 , g 5 , . ,I ,"- I i W Q I" ' 1 1 I ' 'H In-,f Isllflgwll! I I ll 1, i 5 ifl!f3N1M1 aw 2 'N " I ' M11 Q41 I I I '11 rw W 1' 4 'M wwvu m...v'm1'-I W W' + f"7'Y+ H' .""' -. '10 1 .,. Q ,Lf M... 1" D -4, 4, K. 2 sk 7-gf 1,3 v 7 . . -- - Tw' N r- " A t ' ,: ' L ., 4 1235. , V .-4'n,3'l-'93-ajft, '-wg ' 5412 x X Q. P. ,',.s:'ff- ...I tiff. 1. ' ' -1 'S .5 rua ' '-3" z . V V,.M.'-,V --. ...Q .f - , 7-.f r '1 :ag-:A , - 1 fi-ff2?fJ'i' '- .J S Fl. k Kg... 111 -r 3 - . if 7. W. 1 . A 'E .A-. ' 1, '- fl., : ws 's 4. P-' ,I , , K , '37 ' V '55-34' ' ' 'ish' ,anr . A U ' 5 J I 1- .i1'j : I 0 - va, N , v " I. A. ,F ...U .fx 4, .nl ' n 1. b 3 , e i. f-ffiyy '-'.'-1 , x 'H iii, 4. 1 'i' ' gg ,.N- ., ZW.. Q- aw -di? 3: -'. N36 .1 .- Q ' 'A ,Hu ti Q... '73, ' i 5' 1'- -1 r -fr 4 D E- 1. 7524-1,51 1. ".'xfh-ln' . . '14, ,. .-.' 'yu-,s c ' , .AJ Rl SG.. 7' p- ,nw .t,.,, . ga- -. 61 .Z ".' . .QR 2. P, ,'.'.,ig Tu "-gif' S I 9. '2- I .a- Y vi' - 11-I .,: . : : A A ., 'V . - .. ,, 4, '.v.J M., '-c ., 'Q-lr i . 2 ,Z - ,' V, , .X 1. Q A. f 3 '-,H 1 4 5, itz, jc- xi -Af Q., "- x-I A ' -'I'-2 .2553 -- - .. , ' 4 gf "i ' . 43 x ' - 1 1 1 A ' - -. -:U 1 A Q , J f x J .jeg j.74A 5 Jw. !,' ,' Y ,v,- 4 sub.- g .,.,- 7,-w,., --, ,lf 'V W X g .. , 5,-V-. A Jbif, x '13 ,A.'x,3 ,"! -A . N- E!fi'1RfihiTViQfE1E1ENi!IEKi1IEJElEl W. A. PRICE PRESIDENT PROF. F. E. YOUNG SUPERINTENDENT fvflf I 9.23 mmmmmfuiz mmmizmsfsnm'-Q Et. E 3 E. Q E II fi E El. Lil Q C. W. JOHNSON Eg IQ El TREASURER E Q E E E Ex E ARTHUR Ml SECRETARY f.. :Qi ul.. QE !,A..X A E E QQ E E E PROF. O. J. YODER E PRINCIPAL-scnENcE EJ EJ IE IE! Q Ei IDM fi. . Y .I I + , , A l"' zu' ' - . trqtg a' W" '1,7A . .Jw . 1 "1 1 15: 'MII 4 'Q .Ni H4 F 'U-ll-.H ' 1 A x,' km i lx s 4. 'Nj Pr L FLA .. 'A 4 P.. I Il , V, ' Fr- f U TF,- 1 qv vw' ' .-1. 'gl' 43 vu- ' 'X ll ' I l.' 'M' - ' 1 'VM 4: ' 1 I A . Q . l ' 1 X.: .144 H 3 x H , Amr! ll 'Q V 4.. .1 1, , I ",t.J,:,7- n 1' I V4 ' . ' 1 ,I Y I 1 ,if . '4n' 5 , K I '..g:t G 5 F 4. , 1'1Is' um! . . ' ' ll' .,, Q , w , I I .N -F Rn" an-1,1 ' -1 ,V-s Ju! ' .4 , u 1 ,I Y I 1 ,if . '4n' 5 , K I '..g:t G 5 F 4. , 1'1Is' um! . . ' ' ll' .,, Q , w , I I .N -F Rn" an-1,1 ' -1 ,V-s Ju! ' .4 , u 5. rj 4 1 I 2 f A r - , 6 . m 1 si' r X 1 f x f 1 1 -. r- . 1 , . 1 's ' 1 ., Y x. - y x n 4 A 1 7 My Q e f L 1 K vp, L X M e ' x ' - , 1 x x .U X C s 1 -: , x 1 X. 2-Q L-11mmwnQ1mEmm5i1mmu,u EQ E ll E X xfxfvyx I EJ I E E E 1 E fly Ci Q-fi LL E1 H E M EQ 553 X ,X in X Ly 'EL VE E E E fl!! ,H E3 Q4 E M Q , Q P n ng J E: I 1 I E2 X fig pg rf- E Q gl 5235 I P! ' ul! if E W s BUSBEE 5 E fi! W ., Q1 3 m Q il :-:r5Jri1ri1r51ri1ri1ri1EJng-Jri11i1EJE1lE1 I 923 mmmmmmmmmmmmmm:-Q 1 If ppl l'I EI EI HOUR DEAR FACULTY" Apologies to Ring Lardner Of all the jobs assigned to me, I like this one the best A poem about the faculty, Prof, Young and all the rest. The one who starts this poem stuff, Our English teacher dear, Her motto is to treat 'em rough, She has no favorites here. And then of course the principal O. J.'s his name for short, And with red ink his pen is full, To mar our month's report. And next comes big boy Lemminger, "He teacha da manual train" And history to the sophomores To scratch their hard boiled brain. 'Tis far from me to e'er forget Our public speaking Prof., Miss Lehman causes us to fret, Assigning poems and stuff. Now nine loud cheers for oo, la, la, And do, ra, Miss Vernier, She has a brand new sweet pa, pa, Her discipline we fear? 'Z ? ? 'I ? And then we hear, "Take these points please, I voice your sentiment, I'm pleased to introduce Miss Squeeze From Lover's Lane, Vermont." We love that sweet, good natured soul, Miss Griffith is her name, They call her Hazel we are told, And long may she remain. Now Galen is a heavy guy, He teaches Algebra, He's blackened many freshmen's eyes, And dearly made them pay. Miss Meahl lives well up to her name, She's mighty hard to beat, In spite of all her cooking fame, This Meahl I'd hate to eat. And now I've done my duty clear, The Faculty described, Of punishment I have no fear, Because my name I'1l hide. LISLE WILT '23 fl .,i L. ,niaiizi 1 rj ' f, 4' 'lr vi 1 . L, , sv.-. A . I -T lwfi: ssylf Q2 mag Q QU Q Q Q 9 Z f Q9 X, man x , lla ma CLASSES 1 X r x L " 'A . J' ' vn- CED PI4 ' ' f 1-I15rj.', .1'-i?,,f f,f ? .ily gl 1 ITL Fi S575 1 ' if "hN Q? ,L g3'.1,..J 421GUMEiliijggjpilwm-lmmmlilmz g I EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEE EEUU A SENIOR LOVE STORY They stroll in the moonlight together. He was a young man used to hard Knox. He had recently become a Rich-mond in the sight of his friends. It is the place where the Land-is rather hilly. Down in the Del-tha see an Arch and a Farm- wald inn. Soon as they were seated with their arms entwined, a Leh-man passed them. Think- ing they would not again be interrupted, they- this time a Miller walked past them. At last he has the courage to ask the Price of a kiss. She asked, "Wil-ma care?" At the large sum asked he thought he would Freese and Wilt under her glance. Hee-stands up as a Hare passed by them. He sighs and sez, "No use. Hou-sour is life," as they pass through the Glenn together. The End. my is E1 E1 lm E1 rm E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 151 E1 E1 ? vi EJ E1 E1 E1 Lil E1 lil lil E1 E1 Lil E1 E1 E1 my we EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE l I E E E E E E E E E E E E E E F4 ND lu be E E E E E E E :E QE EE ME E E E Q! ii GRADUATION The class "'23" toiled four short years, And will greet graduation as it nears. We can Well remember, Back to dear September, When We were freshmen scarcely in our teens Those days our class consisted of six, tens T'was long before graduation. Class of "'23" sets a noble pace, For other classes who help in the ra.ce. Our class leads in all sports, And Wins at tennis courts. For in all games We come in forty strong, To yell, laugh, cheer and help the cause along. T'was all before graduation. Besides all our interesting studies, We have grander times still at our parties. The Way we all do it, Is with a. good spirit. So sister class take advice from "'23" And always have lots of fun and great glee. Have it before graduation. The thought of graduation brings to us The need of many clothes and lots of fuss. But such is this old life, With a continual strife. We think of grand presents that will be sent And Wonder how much money will be spent. T'will be during graduation. We have been very fortunate in having Good teachers to do all our instructing. So our Work was Well done, The past four years now gone. In future years proud will a teacher be To say they taught class of "'23" T'will be after graduation. LOUISE STUCKMAN uguneslzfisiai I 92.3 EEfEE'li?Elli'lE.l1"l"l at-1-I-21 i,, " """" " """"" 1 A 2 Jn i ' P' """' M' 'I?"'-'- 1 7 X x 5 'N 'f7jV'i. yr? ,Lg Qi. wp, 32.15-if - gg? ffcfb .4..,..u.........L.4in......l.4:...a........... .. -, -,. -- - ,, l l U 1 1 I l ETHEL ARCH Mfreeti! Class Treasurer '20, Operetta '21, Editor in Chief '23, Vice-President '23 Class Play '23, Historical Society, Infant Orators Society. "The nice things said of her are all true." PAUL HEESTAND "Paulie" Operetta '21, President '22-'23, Discussion League '21-'22, Orchestra '22-'23i Band '22-'23, Historical Society, Play '23, Business Manager of Annua. "Like two splendid gentlemen rolled in one." HELEN PRICE Vice President '20, Operetta '21, Treasurer '23, Orchestra '23, Historical Society, Athletic Association. "One of those welcome faces that bring sunshine to shadowed places." Class Colors-Purple and Gold Class Motto-"The higher we rise the broader our view." Class Flower-Yellow Rose Faculty Advisor-O. J. Yoder . ,. . ., .. A 4 X, ..,-A.- . . , JULPLQL::l3Ul!UL'UBU'l-+05' 2'U'y 1 ' ' ' r'i 5-1 ,Af ,, . Fi?EiEiEi!i!iEsL-sigaisiiycima-im N1H-S EEEEEEEEEEEE EE Q iii? Y fi.-. LA VONNE BICKEL I Ti "Bickel" , :Qi Infant Orators, Operetta '21, Annual ,-3 Photographer, Athletic Ass'n., Historical LU Society. ill "She is her father's daughter and all her E brothers too." 'lf U 311' LOWELL BREVIER U Sing "Skeet" E an Operetta '21, Tennis Tournament, As- E 'gif sistant Business Mgr., Historical Society, - I lfj Athletic Ass'n., Infant Orators, Class Play ,Ea '23, Orchestra. E 'AM "He will awake some morning to find himself famous." vi infill ' so H- W gg,-I I HELEN FREESIQ ' 55 Infant Orators, Operetta 21, Society -El Editor, Historical Society, Athletic Associ- 5, QQ ation, Class Play '23. I, "Singers are merry and free from sor- E ii' rows and cares." lil A mil 531 El E, ROYCE MISHLER lp:g ltMiSh17 Operetta '21, Vice President '21, Play '23, wg Joke Editor Annual, Historical Society, In- , , fant Orators Society, Tennis Tourna- E3 G54 ment '23. ,gg "He loves to chat with the ,girls we know: 'Tis the way of men, they'rc always so." :ii lil iii LETEI1? MII1LER eggy . E1 .-if Infant Orators Society, Athletic As- - !i: sociatlon, Prophetess Annual. E "Not bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, E lil but a new mingling of them all." ug E iii Q Q5 El LSA El sfj E ifgl El iii E1 Ei-il E3 Eg! Lal lil 2-QEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I 92 hmm!-Jcim mmmmusmrilmmf-2 '-'liiriimiteifiiiilmliimliitiiciliiiii N -S lf.ilEllil!llillQi.lE1lilIillEllEllElVill!:'S ff B E - - Lil DELTHA METZLER I Operetta '21, Bgseliet Ball 1CapEainl '21-'23, Ass't Editor, Infant Orators, Yell IQ i Leader '23, T1-ack '22, , 'lk "When she's around we can't be sad! f She's broken the heart of many a lad." UE JOHN MILTENBERG El f-Milt" E President '20,.Operetta '21, Tennis Tour- nament '22, Play '23, Infant Orators So- lil ciety, Historical Society, Track '22-'23, El Basket Ball '22-'23, Base Ball '23, Assis- i tant Editor Annual. "Many great men are dyingel don't feel very well myself." EEEEE GURNIE LANDIS M. H. S. Press Club, Play '23, Historical E1 Society, Infant Orators Society. El "So smart and active, but you'd never u ss ,g e r How much she has that makes success EEEEEEEEQTEEEE x LISLE WILT "Wilt" ' Operetta, Basket Ball "22-'23, Base Ball '22-'23, Athletic Association, Infant Or- ators, Orchestra, Band, Sport Editor An- nual, Play '23. "Genius is a means of avoiding hard work." MARTHA HIMES "Martine" E Operetta '20, Historical Society, Athletic - Association. E "Her loveliness I never knew until she smiled on me." EEEEEEEDEEEEE lj ii IE El El El E El IE E El El El El El El Fu Nil To in El El El El El E1 E El it E :E El QE uv ggi 535 Hifi l , 1, .ef we X 0-f x,- of lc..,a1:- ,-v. . c . I 133 'A 4 in gi le? im El El lil Dil El an E L-B Fil lil E lil li!! lf El l ii li ii E, if :ji EQ li ll? li Ci lil ,. c L2 lk? E ia IE lil S .W , f I r I l l l A x X i X I 5.3. VIDA LEHMAN Historical Society, Infant Orators So- ciety, Operetta, Athletic Association. "A wizard at studies a wizard at art. from the look on her face a wizard at heart." CHESTER THOMAS "Chet" Operetta '21, Athletic Ass'n, Historical Society, Band '22. "A modest man never talks of himself." ESTHER KNOX President '22 QA. H. SJ, Infant Orators, Historical Society, Athletic Ass'n. "She has a matchless tongue that con- quers all reply." LLOYD FARRINGTON 6lFerryH Historical Society, Athletic Association, Band '23. "Some times I sit and think, And sometimes I just sit." DOROTHY ROOSE "Nubbins" Operetta '21, Class Play '23, Athletic Association, Infant Orators. "A kind and gentle heart she has, To comfort friends and foes." W'XC'Z'J3'i.'f3fw - - ,-1 --fgo? -few?-g..suq.,ia,,9.3..i:. ..- -. 4- I' l' EYE,sllflllf-Till'giil2,ligii.l!if.ilii5'ili'ilf DORIS ROOSE Operetta '21, Secretary '21-'22, Infant Orators, Athletic Ass'n. "Saucy, clever and neat, Intelligent and mighty sweet." LESTER YODER "Hessie" Operetta '21, Basket Ball '23, Base Bull '22-'23. "Speech is silver, but silence is golden." LOUISE STUCKMAN "Skeezix" Operetta '21, Class Play '23, Historical Society, Athletic Ass'n. "She laughs and laughs and laughs, While we for hopeless passion die." GLEN YODER Vice President '22, Infant Orators, Basket Ball '22-'23, Base Ball '22-'23. "Thex'e's a deal of mischief under his calm exterior." CAROL WYSONG Operetta '21, Athletic Association. "What she wills to do or say Is done in the very nicest way" -.nxQgl,gzEiLff . . . , D ., I I i i ' . ", '5 If-Oli I 4, . I ,,. -. LE 1 127 , 1 K., 1?- il 5 -1 fill ,W 112: , - I 1 T" , Q. Z1 E1 4 Qi? Fl 5431 1 El 11251 EJ if 1' ,T '1 1, 241 f 1 sz i E- -4 Fi 1i, 1112 1753 lib , P1 1 fi 1 71 l jfs. 1 11-f, .1 l, Q , 5 1 gf,feiei11e1QsiE1511s11Q11i1ii1 i'i ei N -IRI -S e11g:1ti1tQQ119:1131,Q'11i1i1E1ri1mm:-'S WILMA HARE E "Skinney" Operetta '21, Basket Ball QCaptainJ '21-'23, Track '22, Class Play '23, Athletic ' Association, "Life is no longer if I hurry The world is no better if I worry." EJ E E lil E TE E ii WILMA BLEILE Operetta '21, Historical Society, A "I never make the least pretense to in conversation." is 1 15-gf lil E lil shine E Ei ll BERNARD RICHMOND "Bunk" Athletic Association, Historical "Calm and unafraid he walk Unhurried by time or tide." Society sy Z -e E' E11 m o 1: 3 1: so lillilflillfllllill Athletic Association, Operetta "Her friends best know her true worth." il Lil El THEO GEYER Operetta '21, Historical Society, Histori- ' cal Association. ill "Infinite riches in a small room." A ' , 1 lil 1 5 M-Nfwifw-N - El IE ei I 923 fmimmiimm mmmmmms-2 .:,. ---4...-i...,,,i, 7.21 l , .- , 1 l n l I lr X 1 l ll ,pm 1.1. -1 'fl l-4 1- L uf, -1'--,L-1, MILDRED MILLER ccMil1yvv Operetta '21, Athletic Association. "The quick mind, the sensitive eye, the modest bearing." VELMA HARE "Skinney" Operetta '21, Basket Ball '21, Athletic Association. "Sure to be heard." MERRIT ZENTZ "Ginnie" Operetta '21, Track '22, Base Ball '23, Basket Ball. "He is backward about coming forward." ARLENE STUCKMAN "Stuck" Orchestra, Athletic Association, Band '22. "She makes the world happy with her music." REBA BRUMBAUGH Operetta '21, Basket Ball '21-'23, Ath- letic Association. "I'm all right as long as I am not dis- turbedf' I , , . N. if! v , , , , 1-1 x f' -- - -f NAOMI BECK HBeCk77 Operetta '21, Yell leader '22, Historical Society, Athletic Ass'n., Track '22. "Let no man accost me unless he has a mighty good reason." MARY PETERS "Shorty" Operetta '21, Athletic Association. "Whose little body lodged a mighty mind." RAY FREVERT 6lSarnYY Track '22, Play '23. "He is 6 feet O'man." LUCILLE CALLANDER inHeftyvv Basket Ball '21-'23, Historical Society, Track '22, Athletic Association. "You can manufacture blonds, but such lovely red hair comes natural." BEATRICE FARMWALD nBeevr Orchestra and Band, Historical Society, Athletic Ass'n., Operetta '21, "A Winsome, wee thing." .QQQQSQQM-Q... - "AM I lNTRUDlNG?" CAST Mrs. Hastings Y.,.,...,,......,.,...,,..,. Ethel Arch Blair Hoover ..,,.,..,,,,,.....,.,A., Royce Mishler Earnest Rathburn ,,,,.,...... Lowell Brevier Marjory Vare ,,,.....,,,,..,,,, Louise Stuckman Dick Waldron ll...i.,,,, ,ii,l,,,.,,,.... L isle VV1lt Mona l..,i,,.,.... ,,i,,,,,, G urnie Landis Horace Vare ,,,,,,i ,,,,,,,,,,,, R ay Frevert Violet Vare ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, X Vilma Hare Peter ,.....,,,,,, ,..,.,., J ohn Miltenberg Dora ,..,........,..,. ..,.,..,.,, H elen Freese Gerald Mays .,....i ,,,,,,,, P aul Heestand Jane ,..............l,,. ,,,.... D orothy Roose Horace Vare a rich Business man, tries to keep from being frozen out of the Bluebird Motors Corporation, in which he is a heavy stockholder. Blair HOOVGYY all adventurer, acquires some notes of Vare's when the latter is short of cash, anfl threatens to ruin him unless he will sell his Bluebird stock at a low figure. ' N Vare has been forced into a tight corner Financially when Jerry. eccentric son or his comrade of years ago, appears on the scene. Jerry is a regular rustic tornado, and sets out not only to save the stock for Vare, but to win Vare's daughter for i'lll'llS6'l1. Jerry arrives fresh from Sage Creek, by heck, and is about as much at home in the palatial Vare household as a bull in a china shop. Besides his Whirlwind courtship of Margie, Jerry' furnishes much amusement for Margie's slangy young sister, Vi, and the latter's friend, Dora, who is "tho dithcouraged over her love affair." And he upsets the stately demeanor of Vare's studious niece, Jane. and her serious-minded secretary, Earnest. Meanwhile he wins the admiration of Dickie Waldron, who is busy raising a mustache, and of Peter, Vi's schoolboy sweetheart. He fiees from the winning wiles of Mona, the pert little French maid, and keeps his eagle eye on Mrs. Hastings, the mysterious woman in black. YN Igfv'uLJn'Ng4 ..l1 .Z gg, ' M J2rrY yole. G N820 SHN 756, N tis? ge ' a,'l'i1e.l' and-'O'fQ,'6i3.,'r,5 ' .gff-'-Er? " MQ, fvOq I U P ...u-G21-a,LQ L .' " QW' 'Ivy A . , ' vb' U XJ 4-71' 'Sf-iv :':EEEEEEEEEEEEEE N-H-SlElEi1E1E1lilliJE1EJlElElE1E1 , EEEEEEEEEEEEEE E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE EE EEEEEEE EE EEEEE Q5 ii VE aE ZE EE EE E E .E Ili! 2 .- L E. .-.:..TEg3E:1iE. Q, I' 1 . IN MEMORIAM JESSE BEST JANUARY 28. 1905 ARCH 6. 19 Q I v l . " I IUNIORS H511 U ..- U 1 E E. is E 153 E ' ii E lil lil v. ...J R "1 lil E il il Gil lm QE lg fi ssl Lil IE Q il IE ii fi LJ E El E 'El lil lil E lil El EJ El lil lil El El Harold Myers JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Louise Dorothy Best Blanche Babcock Russel Conrad Dale Culp Wilbur Culp Francis Carlson Edward Golden Walter Haney Fred Lemna Charles Miller Dora Moore Mary Mullen Alma Phillips Lucille Pinkerton Ruth Riley I R ff va u Leona Stouder Edna Sylvester Esther Thomas Mack Widmoyer John Walters Ferne Weldy Wilma Weldy Delilah Yoder Lopp ccoocco.. l. ,.,.e ..acac V 106 Pres. President Victor Calbeck .,., . - Sec.-Treas. Class Colors-Red and Green Class Flower-Red Rose up may H H E m E Q W U U U U U H 4 fn Q in in ni-21 Lil E1 m E1 lil fa Q E: E1 lvl rm ElEIliIDUEllEllEIIElElElEll'iIEJEIIElEllElEIEllEllilEIE1IEIEJEIEIEIE!Ellilfllillilfillillillillilliliillillillillilillilillillillil lv: ii El 2 E 2 El E lil 0 E El lil lil lil EJ El EJ N4 NG lx: Do D D El IE El E E IE D El E1 El E El I5 ii 5. L lil li I 1 I liar . as ,:..1 El F, 1 I lf" ' F. 'lu lt' l ffr Sig E 41 WHAT BECAME OF HARRIET "The coach is waiting outside mam," said the butler as he entered the room where Harriet De Buford was putting the finishing touches to her elaborate toilet. Harriet De Buford was dressed as a typical eighteenth century woman. A dress made of many yards of expensive silk, bustles and enormous puff sleeves. A Hower bedecked and plume covered hat upon a powdered wig, which she wore, completed her costume. At the same time in another part of London in a low, damp and dimly lighted room were three men. At a glance one would have taken them for brothers. They were dark, short, and heavily mustached, probably they were Italians. Their clothes were of the style worn in the time of Robin Hood. "The plan cannot be a failure even though those powdered wig and satin knicker clad literary men do see us," said the one who seemed to be the leader, as they left the room. Harriet arrived early at the villa of Count Harwood, where the guests were to be entertained in the afternoon. In the evening as they would have a banquet at one of the leading coffee-houses, she told the coachman she could walk from the driveway. She was walking leisurely up the pathway toward the house when she saw some of the guests playing games. She hastened her steps but had gone but a little way when she was quickly grabbed and gagged, put into some sort of a hack, and taken quickly away. She was taken to a dark room, unbound and the gag removed from her after which the three men left. Suddenly the Hoor began to give way, she screamed as she went down-down-down- "That will be enough for to-day," said the chaperon of the play that was to be given for the benefit of the west side orphans. DORA MOORE '24 My Physics tis of thee, Thou look of misery, Of thee I cry, I hate your laws and gases, I wish you were in ashes, thru my head now dashes, From thee I'll die. John W.-"Can you see the pic- tures ?" I Alma P.-"No I can't see a thing." John-"Well then keep your eye on me and laugh when I do." ' Mr. Roose CHist. 35-Wilbur what is the meaning of false doc- trine? Wilbur-Why when the doctor gives people the wrong stuff when they're sick. af- ---.1 . .Q .e,,,il4. 4 is-L,"e'y" 'c X Stranger-"Shay frien, help me find my hat." Russell C.-"Why man, it's on your head." Stranger-"On my head! Yessa! well then brother, I'll look for it myself." Harold M.-CAttempting to be witty in Geometryl-"Can anyone tell me where my polygons is ?" Victor C.-"Up the Geometree Sir " Y Dorthy B.-I feel like a fire- place. Louise L.-How's that? D. B.-Grate. L. L.-That's nothing, I feel like a nutmeg. D. B.-How's that? L. L.-Grater. B ieflmmiiselfifimii QV- Mnliilit-illfililrilrilfiiililiirimg-3 Y Louise .. ...... f.. .., L , .. 4. ,. .. ---- Dale .,., L, 'W ,,, - jgl-Eertainly Must be in Love. Dorothy . ,,.. , Harold Af..4.. - JUNIOR MUSIC BOX "If You Would Love Me." ,-"Are You Playing Fair? 77 !7 95 Lips. "Cutie" Isabelle ...,.,. H ---W,,--"It's Up To You. Edna ooo.-,... .... Leona ,,,l,-, "Old Fashioned Girl. Oogie-Oogie Wa Wa. Edward ...o... --"Poor Little Me. Mary ooo....v ,...oo,,o, .,,..,,,o..,o Wilbur C. ,,,. - ..L..,.. ,,,,,oi ' 'You're Only a, Baby." Blanche ..,i..., ,,va.,.,, ' 'Kiss Me Again" Francis ...,.,ao .,... "I Ain't Nobody's Baby." Russel ,... Walter H. Fred --,,f'Down on the Farm. -'YA--nw- v--'YA----w-A- 77 MW-, ,.,,,..,oo,.o.,o,.., "Just Because H ,ol,.l,,,,,,,-o,, "The Sheik. "Wil2SiT'fQ125 My Place? Charles.,... o.oo,.l.........,..,.. ' Dora oo...,o. Alma. e,,. Lucillelm Ruth ool.,. "Sweet Hortense. .,L-"I've Got the Wonder Where He Went and When He's Comin' Back Bluesf' --.--."Gee, But I Hate To Go Home Alone." MN er,,4,..-r,,,,--A,,,,r,,,,o,,,,,,l -"No Use Crying." ...W-l-e,--"Oh for the wings of a Dove." Esther .,a,aa , HT2.X1.,, John ..,.. '"ffffffffffffijblff''iii-SEQ'Me Posies" Wilma ..--.. H Ferne ..,.. Mack ooo..., Delilah..- Victor ,...o. l,l,-,-,--,,--,,,-"All By Myself. "Stumbling" and Delilah." -,-,-.,"My Honey's Lovin' Arms." lil Eel seq las! lil IE! lil I si e 'Hz ESI ,E R51 ""l l F541 lil E3 lil if ii E1 lil "1 I Tl EH ' al lfis EE if? Q9 EJ E E El E- 1 LE ri .Ed 1 E li E El EI lil El El El EI lil uanmilimliirnminii I 923 mmmmmmmummmmmmm:-Q 'tw-, V ORES M O PI-I SO SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Class Officers Firm' Pippen ,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,..,..,,...,,,.,,,,.... President George Pepplec ,.,,,, ...,,.,,,,, V ice President Marjorie Price .,....... ........ S ec. and Treas. Charles Gardner Howard Foster John Bock Floyd Gingerich Dallas Hepler Herbert Holderman Walter Klotz Edgar Miller Gilbert Miller Roy Miller Robert Mishler Lowell Sheets LaMa1' Stoops Kenneth Stouder Walter Ulery Harry Walters LaMar Wehrly Victor Wyman Roy Weaver lone Best Mable Frederick Myrtle Frederick Eloise Ganger Ruth Heestand Nettie Hershberger Edna Housour Elizabeth Inks Edith Knox Mary Landis Elsie Miller Doris Pippenger Katherine Rickert Myrtle Roose Marjorie Schrock Marion Snyder Edith Stahly Alma Stouder Mable Strouss Elizabeth Walters Mary Weaver Edna Yoder Marjorie Yoder Fred Fenton Llass Colors-Purple and White Motto:The higher We rise, the broader Class Flower-La France Rose our view. f E -zafv-'miigg1.21if , , . H.. ,W ... .M .... .. A. -. I ,XM '12-gi-Q m mriiriimgmreeifiifii HPS er iiiLiiiwiniwialsiflegnjirgfifw- D WUEWEWEEWEE E E EE El E .WEE ii W EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWEUWEEE EEDEEE E! ii E E E E E E E El E E E E E E N ND lo Oo E E E E E E3 , E EE-Z1 QB EE in EE QE E B I CHRISTMAS IN THE NORTHLAND There is a lonely cabin, in fact many of them, in the Great North Woods. But this one is particularly noticeable. Although it is far from any signs of human habitation it has an air of being a home in the real sense of the word. There are chintz curtained windows and a casual glance will tell you that everything possible has been done to make the place more homelike for Dorothy and Helen the daughters of Mr. John MacAlpine, a trader in furs. Inside a fire is blazing merrily and the girls with woebegone faces are gaz- ing at each other. "But most anyone would grow tired of living with a governess everyday in the year seeing nothing but Indians and French Canadians." "Well listen, sis, you know that Dad's awfully busy this week and we can't expect to go back to New York for Christmas," replied Dorothy grimly. "Say, Dot, I've an idea that Dad would be pleased if we would just try to have a nice Christmas here and not bother him with our grumbles," announced Helen. "Why you know I think it would be loads of fun if we just knew how to arrange things. You know we can get all the greens and berries that we could use and there are just loads of evergreen trees," said Dorothy enthusiastically. "Say that's a fine plan and lets begin tomorrow bright and early," said Helen. They fell asleep that night amid suppressed excitement, but the day dawned cold and dreary. 'Naturally they were disappointed that they could not begin preparations but upon Helen's suggestions that they make candy they found a most enjoyable way to pass the time. Tfne following day they started out with Joe, a native Indian, as a helper. They collected holly and greens of all kinds. Finally they realized that they were very tired and hungry so they started home. Upon nearing the house Helen said, "It looks like we have company, but I suppose it's only friends discussing business with Dad." Nevertheless they were excited for they thought that it might be friends from the village. They hastened to the house and as they opened the door what met their eyes but ten of the boys and girls from the States. When everyone had talked until they were breathless dinner was an- nounced and as one of the boys said later, "Believe me that dinner was the best I have ever tasted except maybe the Christmas dinner the following day." The next day was Christmas and they spent the day in skating and explor- ing. When the festivities had ceased and they were seated around the fire Mr. MacAlpine said suddenly, "I have a surprise for you. I really believe that it would do my daughters good to be in a real High School, American brand, so I have decided to send them back to the States with you after the Holidays." He wisely stopped there for everyone was so surprised that they hardly knew what to say, but Dorothy told them that she was just about as happy as anyone could be and remain a human being. KATHARINE RICKERT '25 I L J F ibr, ' lim" ' im W Ile, E lil I-32 lm, Q! E mfs L' l r .- QL.. lla Fl ,EQ fl fm 'lil B. if lil dl 'J Qp.i,l..ggmlssltetfltselt'ilEits Ni-H simseimmsmsmmmmsg-Qi WHEN AUNT MARCIA CAME "Mother, there's a card from aunt Marcia, said Alice Cravens, as she hur- ried up the steps with the morning's mail," and she's coming to-morrow to spend Xmas with us." Mrs. Cravens, who was stirring up a spice cake, paused to remark, "well I'll declare, I wasn't looking for her this year." "I see where my fun is spoiled," remarked Ted, "I supose I'll have to wear that stiff collar and that green and yellow dotted tie she gave me last year while she was here." "Where's that book she gave me last year?" said Alice, "I read two pages and that was enough for me. I'll put it on the table anyway maybe she'll think I read it. "Now children," replied Mrs. Cravens, "Aunt Marcia has queer ways but I want you to be natural when she's here. I guess I'd better put the red crocheted center piece on the table that she gave me. You hunt it up Alice. And Ted, put the smoking stand that she gave father in the library, although he never smokes." Xmas morning dawned bright and fair. At 9:30 o'cl0ck a tall gaunt look- ing lady mounted the steps and rang the bell at Craven's home. Mr. Craven's hurried to the door. "Merry Xmas, Marcia, come right in. I was coming to meet you at 10:45. "Hello, James and sister Martha and Ted and Alice," answered Marcia, "I was a comin' on that train, but I got a chance to ride and I saved my car fare." "Just make yourself at home aunt Marcia," said Ted, who was squirming uneasily in his. stiff collar. "Yes I will," replied aunt Marcia, Han' if you ain't got the tie on I gave you last year. You look right sporty wearin' it. An heres that red center piece I gave your mother, an' the book I gave Alice an' James has even got his smokin' stand settin' in here. I'm ,glad you 'preciate the things I gave you. By the way, Where's my suit case? 1've got a few presents in there. I'm gonna give you some real ones this year. I thought if you enjoyed your last years' ones I'd give you these an' if you didn't I'd keep 'em. And to their astonishment she handed Alice a beautiful onyx ring, a pair of shining new skates to Ted, a real cut glass bowl to Mrs. Cravens and a lounging robe to Mr. Cravens. That evening when aunt Marcia left they gave her a heavy invitation to re- turn and all agreed she sure was a trump. MABEL STRAUSS '25 SOPHOMORE Lamar Stoops lat the wheell-"Don't you feel a little chilly? Don't you think you had better have something around you?" , Mary L.-"Well wait till we get a little farther out into the country." Miss Vernier-"Did you speak to me?" Romantic Soph.--UNO, but I'd like to." Mr. Lemminger:-"Elizabeth, will you tell me what Benedict Arnold wanted to do on his death bed?" , Elizabeth-"Oh, he wanted to die in his Union Suit." Mr. Lemminger fHist. 25-"Charles, what do you think of the Turkisli Atrocites ?" Charles M.-"I don't know, I never smoke them." Stoop-"What is a good remedy for corns?" . Pippen-"I dunno-I'm a student in law, not agriculture." IE lol lil lfggi gl L33 lfil El lgl Fi! I lfxl .- lil li l ljll lil Fl in lil li! lfll :En El LE' .-, wil li El lil I7 El Ei El CU lil l.!.l E l lil lil lil lil El El lil E-J T-llilliljililillilillillillillillillil I 923li1eJE1fi1li1lE1liJE1liILQE1lEIE1E12'Z ak g l,.1.1v ,V ,H Jilfffifgfilg 1 W 3 Q A f ' 2 r I 1 i JTNPRL lyel -S iiriim lilis lmeu r-E 32-Q a LE W Elf! EI E E EI FRESHMEN CLASS ROLL I Guy Pippenger-President Opal Walters-Secretary-Treasurer li lil E 'Harold Anglemyer George Arnott ,vg- Edward Arch Ferrill Arch Paul Bleile Dale Barnhart Franklin Dennison Gerald Ganger Hanson Gwin Lowell Harmon Seward Harmon Harley Klotz George Landis Maynard Lehman Gerald McCuen Lowell Mast Earl Messner LaVon Mellinger Raymond Mishler Leslie Orn Ray Phillips Jerome Parcell Samuel Riley Virgil Stuckman Marion Schrock Wilson Slabaugh Merl Stouder Walter Strycker Harry Sechrist -Paul Stump Alfred Tobias Stanley Weldy Paul Weldy Charles Welty Kermit Weaver 'Y Fred Yoder Wallace Miner ' I Colors Blue-Gold A ,f I.. if M., 2 Joseph Weaver Blanch Bleile Minnie Burtsfield Clarissa Brindensteine Ferne Buss Margerete Beach Ruth Culp Thelma Conrad Bessie Defrees Bertie Gooch Pearl Heckeman I, Miriam Heestand ' Cora Hepler Amanda Kronk Edna Minard 'Maxine McAndrew Hazel Pippen Wilma Rhinehart Beulah Riley .Ilo Robinson 'Mary Slabaugh Florence Sundstrohm Mable Shupp Treva Shaum Anna Sierk Fern Teeter Marjory Tobiasvf' osephine Tobias Isabelle Ulery Florence Weldy Evelyn Wayner Gladys Culp Wanda Rupert Glenn Gentzhorn 'iii 73 J I 923 mmmmmmmmmm mmmsi Qu' iACRYOFTHECARDWMLFOREST Miss Horton sat in her study with head bowed, chin in hands, studying, plau- ning and scheming. It had been a mystery to her sinie Helen Cabel had entered her boarding school at Middleton. W hen questioned, Helen, had always said that she lived at Lancaster, but refused to say more. Helen was a very quiet girl, but with a large influence. Whenever anyone was in trouble they always came to the "Peacemaker" for help. Miss Horton had again told Helen to come to her otiice, and she was planning in some way to talk to her so that she would reveal her life story. She rose abruptly as a tall, slender girl with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes, and entered the room. "Helen, I can not stand this any longer, you must tell me what your home life has been or I cannot let you stay. It is always a rule here that I know the past lives of the girls, so as to judge them accordin.gly,l' Miss Horton announced. For an answer, Helen drew forth a neat violin case and handing it with tears in her eyes to Miss Horton, said: "Let this tell you," and she rushed from the room. Miss Horton took the violin from its case, which was very old, and simply let it takes its own course' and tell the whole story. The birds outside the window seemed to accompany it with chords and variations. As she drew the bow across the strings, she heard the oriole and cardinals sing in the early morning dawn. The robin, warblers, song birds, sparrows, and all the birds of the forest, sang together as one cry of the forest The cottage, too, was there, with the Woodbine and roses climbing over the small old porch. An old woman was sitting in the door way sewing. Miss Horton closed her eyes and wandered through the dense trees and flowers, seeing a young girl making friends with everything she met. Miss Horton lay the violin on the table and muttered softly, "surely the birds and trees of the 'Cardinal Forest' " inamed because of the many cardinals in itl "have made Helen the sweet, loving Queen that she is to us all." MIRIAM L. HEESTAND '26 FRESHMAN Old Lady-USUN, CHU YOU direct me Ferril-"Well, the moon shines at to the Farmers and Traders Bank?" night when it is dark and the sun Harry S.-"Yessum for a quarter." ' O. L.-"Isn't that mighty high pay, my boy?" H. S.-"No'm not for a bank director. shines in broad daylight when it isn't needed." Freshie fstzitistically inquiringb- "When is a young lady not a lady." Willard Yoder remains in rear of Wise Senior qyaWning3-HUSua11y-" room while other French students move forward. Miss Venier-"Come on Willard, I like to have you near me." Ruby C.-"Would you like to hear the theory of kissing?" Evelyn W.-"No, I only care for 144 , ' vv Opal W. My face 1s my fortune. applied Sciencef, Geo. Landis-"How long have you been broke?" Mr. Roose-"Jerome Parcel, you've been loafing all this period, satan al- ways finds work for idle hands to dog 'here take this note to the office." Ferril A.-"The moon is much more useful than the sun." Hansen G.-"How do you figure that out?" 4 Q 37, ' lf' "' Y"--"4 ' ..-if. Q- ' f ' 1 ,,. ,, ,A ,R ,iw I 1, I , . . ' 5,14 jf! Q .4 f,f,-qt- .fV ' ' ! . 3f,Clw11"W.f,'Sa T - ' . ,,. I, 1-def" X-,,I'.'..5N.-fy: xl -I , -. 4 1-a',' f ' 'WP fr , P, '1H ,f4g.,,.NA. ,,l.,1 WA if Wm I? A l v 1 mr ,vm - tw X K. QA , yy :A ,, .1 1 :A - , , V1 P , f H: -'HH1 , 11.41 I w UMW! A I i limi WU 1 ' I IIWH stiff, 'I ff!-1 .U ' ' A 'A v , 1 I s f-, -w.'1,'L, , wr,-. X Jw -wil, 1, "1 1' 4 ' -.Lf J WN Q" Yffu: ,.:,0 V! I , Vigil L 1 V . I, 'V H .' 'x1 Jr, .' y 43 " W , .., lx. v 'Q nv, ,'u,f 'H' a-J' w,I-J xml :I-HQ' xx ' . ,wi . '- "!'-w ' -WO V -JZ' Y gg' 'FRF I gf: X mf , ww :gg 42:3 mix v M 2 S ' 'as I , 43 Z hrllhfx .Days HY? YXIQNDY .6 T5 U -, '4 2, if on I. awk 1 Tk X "ig, 6 .1 f .v Q g 3, 2 'Q-js ., Eg . V 4 vrfi-QCY Avbmtms L gow AAN A 'I hh - K - , ff' 5 .ef ' -. W ierj ' i 'I g..a 1 - . yy, 4 . - Z 1 C1 4 . V9 2 nw -wo xxof' ' I gel' O 46? at ? N fg NVSHQGF . if sk DXNNSI L' W- qw Hrs hind, 1 . Y swf' W . . Ros Zee? NNS4 . A EN Q? 1 Pajsnsimrifisisimliiiiimmmiii Nfljfs' lElliElEEIiIilEKiElElE!filE'lFEE?P'Q,7 it . El til me ei ran E1 IF? fi? EJ fp iisl I., W V1.1 ISI T-in MEI Yi! ,il Hi! F! is a ie QQ-iz :ei U9 ,Ei l':'l 'il ig.: E E3 1. E 1 Ei E E E E E El E EI li Ii I? El lil lil li THE CLOSE UP San Francisco, Cal. Sept. 10, 1928 Dearest "Del":- I am so sorry that your contract with the Girls Basket Ball League prevented your coming to our 1928 Class Reunion. I just returned yesterday from dear old Nappanee where the reunion was held. It was out at the City Park. Say, I bet you wouldn't know the old place. It sure has been iixed like a grand park all right, and Nappanee now has a popula- tion of 50,000. I'm telling you that Class '23 is iilling no mean place in this old world. I suppose you'll want to know what everybody has "come to." Dorothy Roose has founded a hospital in Chicago for sick kittens. None of the feline race run around there half starved. . John Miltenberg has succeeded Rudolph Valentino in "The Sheik." John and Gurnie Landis have produced this wonderful film in the South Sea Islands. fCan you imagine it?J Lisle Wilt has been admitted into the Giants Base Ball Tleam. Probably you remember, how, when a child Lisle practiced pitching dough in the bakery. Vida Lehman is teaching English in Northwestern University. She is one of ihe most famous critics in that part of the state. Lloyd Farrington has fassed a degree in Pharmacology and has gone into business in the thriving town of Nappanee. A-hem! Ethel Arch is a famous doctor in charge of the largest hospital in New York. She told me her motto was "kill or cure." Also, two of her head nurses are Carrol Wysong and Mildred Miller. Hollywood is overrun with applicants. Two of them are Beatrice Farmwald and Velma Hare. Lowell Brevier is a great violinist and has toured throughout Europe. He intends to travel thru Asia soon. Bernard Richmond has a taxi service in South Bend. He makes the yellow cabs turn green with envy at the sight of his red cars. The "Startling Duet" are surprising the world with their accomplishments. The Duet consists of Helen Freese and Martha Himes. We received word this morning from Paris that Louise Stuckman's marriage to Lord Chauncey Reginald Archibald Flauntleroy prevented her attending the reunion. Doris Roose delivers weekly lectures from a soap-box on "Woman's Place"- Politics. Lately, hubby has been seen rooting for her opponent across the street who lectured on "Woman's Place"-Home. Wilma Hare is exhibiting the latest style of hair dress to the Fiji Islanders. She says that Lucile Callander is trying to establish a shoe factory there but the Islanders refuse to wear anything but satin pumps. Ha! Arlene Stuckman started east for the winter. She is working for the Red- I path Chautauqua. .Naomi Beck is introducing player pianos and mouth harps to the South Africans. Wilma Bleile is editing the New York Times. She has for her staff Myrtle Housour and Theo. Geyer. Helen Price has been awarded medals for high diving and expert swimming. She also received a medal for saving nine lives. Her pet cat nearly drowned. li' xl , IF, LF! ff". LL. I Bi L . I I lrsv lvl 5 ,,., Q.: 'Q . 'i. izfi lff Ei' -2 i fill F7 its fi-I L eff iii! in We inf F., ig: "Ti ual ig!! i- ls? ll-Zi iL"i in :Yell Wil ll: fbfgg 'Qi I il IE E El 2-Zmliiliirmuilsislliilsiiiisifiiiiiiii 1 923E1E1f31i1lE1ri1E1s1s1rslsmE1te:-'Q gJi'l'?ll,3fjl TV- uileltillillilmrselsleseneim ig Merritt Zentz is engaged in shady dealing. He manufactures umbrellas. LaVonne Bickel is touring the country with her husband. He is a famous orator. He speaks on "Nobody loves a fat man." Glenn Yoder is founder of the African railroad going from coast to coast. It has a sprinkling device attached to lay the dust. Esther Knox is a patient dry goods clerk. She sells yards and yards of ma- terial because of her superfluous speech. Anyone desiring to cross the has completed his plans for this Royce Mishler has discovered without any effort on part of the ocean may do so in six hours. Paul Heestand wonderful aeroplane Se1'V1Ce. means of making the brain work automatically student. This is a very timely invention. Reba Brumbaugh is holding down a good position at Long Beach. She is governess to the children of Mary Peters, a wealthy widow. Chester Thomas is private tutor to "John D., Jr." He reports his salary is worth all his trouble. Lester Yoder is introducing athletics to the Bolsheviki of Russia. Ray Frevert is his head manager and has introduced the game of marbles. I hope you are still on the map when you have read this and you may know that the above news surprised me as much as it does you. Yours, MPEG!! QLETHA MILLERJ W S 0 fl E E lil E -sl lei E 52, ill E! E il E El til E il lil lil Lal El lil fill V-, ,El El li Q! El sl El ,il El El gl El E il lil .El lil lil lil lil E El EJ lil El I 923 eiiilsmmslmmmmmlimslmg-3 TNS' "1FlT'fOUR' THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief ,,,.,,,,............,.,. Ethel Arch Assistant Editors ,....,........ Deltha Metzler John Miltenberg Business Manager .,...,....., Paul Heestand Ass't Business Mgr ...,,....,. Lowell Brevier Photographer... LaVonne Bickel Treasurer .,...,........................,.,. Helen Price Prophetess ..,........ ......,.. L etha Miller Athletic Editor ..,.... ......,.....,, L isle Wilt Joke Editor .........,... ......... R oyce Mishler Society Editor ..,.,... .,...... H elen Freese QM N .- O Y' f'f,'D- 'P,'R u N I-S gat Yo' u-'3 .viz W I O 1 u 1 I 3 'T' it .. ? ... "The wages of sin is a swell au- tomobile," remarked the common man as he watched the bootlegger drive away. Carrol Wysong Cdiscussing U. S. pcssessionsj "As soon as there were 5,000 male men in a territory, it became a state." Country Judge-"How long have you owned a car?" Glenn Y. Ccharged with speed- ingl-"One week, your honor." Judge-"Um-then you can still afford to pay a fine-twenty dol- lars." Edward S.-"I get so tired of eating at restaurants." Hiene R.-"I'm married too!" Nuggah, has yo' jined dis head Ku Klux yet ?" "Naw, but dis head Ku Klux has been tryin' to jine me fo' de las' fo' miles an' a half." "Why did Mrs. Dare change her hair from brown to golden ?" "I believe it was to gratify her ghggsbands dyeing request." Yoder-"How was iron discov- ered?" Fred L.-"I heard pa say they smelt it." . 1 if-,gg 1 i 2.g:cfn.gni SOCIETY 19194923 WME i SOCIETY NOTES FRESHMAN YEAR We, the Class of 1923, entered into Nappanee High School in September, 1919, to the tune of clapping hands. We were just like most Freshmen and it was rather hard for us to get started. Being a class of 65 pupils they had to take the Seniors and Juniors out of the Assembly to make room for us. We felt quite happy over this affair. At the beginning of our school year we had 'several parties in the gym and played games. These parties were usually to get acquainted and we had lots o fun. We entertained our sister class at a party and they entertained us in return. During the winter we had several skating parties at the rink and every- one enjoyed them. In the spring of this year we had UYELL PRACT-ICE" most every evening in the week. The usual crowd always came. Since we were still a young class we had to walk to these parties. We usually walked several miles in the country' to some nice woods where we would build a fire and roast "weenies" and "marsh- mellowlf' We sure had good times at these parties. They were the main fea- tures of society during our Freshman Year. When graduation night came around however we lost our nerve and didn't yell. The one and only time that our nerve failed us during the four years in N. H. S. Right after graduation Naomi Beck entertained us one evening at her home. We had a good time playing games. SOPHOMORE YEAR The first event in society during our Sophomore year was a party in the gym given for all the classes. Everyone had a delightful time. On Hallow'een night the Faculty gave us a masquerade party at the gym, and everyone helped to make it a success. One evening in the late fall we had a Weenie roast at Geyer's Dam, and had a grand old time. During the winter our class had a rage on Pot-luck suppers. We had these parties in the gym and always had a good time. Our class has about three times as many girls as boys so you see we never suffered for good eats. We managed to entertain the Freshmen and Juniors ati Pot-luck suppers. In the Spring of this year we went to several country parties. The Seniors entertained us at Fern Price's and we had a dandy time. We played Country games and had very ,good eats. Later in the Spring of the same year we entertained the Seniors at a Country party at Lowell Frederick's. The main feature of this party was playing country games. JUNIOR YEAR At the beginning of our Junior year we had several "Weenie" roasts with the Senior Class. We again had the annual Hallow'een masquerade party in the gym. We all had a good time. Marjorie Price got a prize for having the prettiest costume. The forepart of the evening was spent in musical entertainment then everyone played games. After this society events seemed to lag for some time. During Christmas vacation we had a pot-luck supper in the gym and it seemed like old times. One evening during the middle of January the Freshmen entertained us at a party in the gym. We all had a very nice time. On the coldest night of the winter of 1922 we decided to have a bob sled party. We rode out to Louise Stuckman's in two bobs. When we arrived at her house she had everything ready for a good time. We played cards and got good and warm before we started back for home. We had good eats at her house which made us feel better. On the way home we sang songs and had an awfully good time. ' Later in the same year we entertained the Freshmen at a party in the gym. mNfjlielliTl'lJfF' 'Fifa ffl Tl "T Fil-if YlT1lflfTi' lf. S SEQ? - l ' ':I?'V?.7-'l u.l is 1...isandl'e,flellsiE.tellsi:e.tele,-zu t l , A 1. l 1 -- 1 fl The main event of the season of our Junior year was the Junior-Senior re- fip ception given at the Methodist church. The forepart of the evening was spent in 26. the community room where places were set for seventy people for a four-course lzffrl dinner. The dining room was decorated with bouquets of lilacs, candlabras and pink roses, the Senior Class flower was given as a favor. Between courses W, Miss Lehman gave a very good reading, and Mr. Tharp played a fine cello solo. ggi'-' T'oasts were given by several members of the faculty and school board. Rev. lui Detweiler, Supt. C. F. Miller of Goshen, and the president of the Senior Class gave very fine talks. The president of the Junior Class, Paul Heestand, acted if as toastmaster. After the banquet the people returned to the Reception Hall. me 'fl Several days before graduation the Juniors and Seniors went to Lake --3 Wawasee for a Picnic supper. Those who went gave rumors of having a lovely lil time. if Q11 sEN1o1c YEAR ra T17 The first party of our Senior year was at Wakarusa. The Wakarusa Juniors and Seniors entertained the Juniors and we Seniors at the High School. The for- :Ql part of the evening was spent in listening to an entertalnment given by the Wakarusa students. Then followed a snake dance. Then we returned to the E, school grounds and had a "Weenie" and "marshmellow" roast. li? During the fall of our Senior year LaVon Bickel entertained us at her F, home. The party was a hard time party and every one was dressed to lit the oc- ,fi casion. The evening was spent in yell practice, playing games, and singing. The fl main feature of the evening was a snake dance. Ei The High School had a Hallow'een party at the gym. October 31, 1922. Most E21 of the students, were masqueraded in very charming costumes. The evening was ,il spent in singing and playing games. In December of our Senior year we entertained the Wakarusa Juniors and fgfi Senio1's. The evening was spent in playing games in the High School gym. I . The Sophomores entertained us very royally at a partyiin the gym one if evening near Christmas time. Everyone spent a pleasant evening at this party. lg On Friday evening, March 9 the High School had a skating party at Stuck- lll man's rink. A large time was enjoyed by all. V01 Qi Friday evening, April 6, the Soph's and Seniors had a pot-luck supper in the E53 D. S. room. We had some eats. After that everyone piled out to hear the Ashland E, Glee Club and the Party was disbanded. The Junior-Senior .reception was given in honor of the Senior class at the M. El E. church Friday evening, April 20, 1923. The banquet was served in the Com- ., munity room. The decorations were quite chic. The Junior class colors of red and lil green were used in the banquet room and baloons were used to decorate. Ameri- can Beauty roses decorated the tables, and were given as favors. A three- li E lil lil lil lil lil l!l lil U U lil lil coursed dinner was served consisting of fruit cocktail, creamed chicken in pat- ties, mashed potatoes with creamed peas, hot rolls, cabbage salad, coffee, after- dinner mints, ice cream and cake. The local orchestra furnished excellent music during the dinner. Principal O. J. Yoder was toastmaster and toasts were given between courses and after the dinner by Harold Myers, the Junior President, Paul Heestand, the Senior Presi- dent, Supt. F. E. Young, Glenn Yoder, Captain of Base Ball team, County Supt. C. F. Miller, Dr. W. A. Price, C. W. Johnson and Arthur Miller. After the banquet the guests went to the reception room which was decorated with baloons in the Senior Class colors of purple and gold. The Juniors gave ez very clever entertainment in the reception room. The program consisted of ai piano solo by Fern Welty, several selections by the orchestra, an original reading bv Lucile Pinkerton involving some Junior and Senior names. An interpretation of a meeting of the school faculty was given by some Junior boys and was exceed- ingly clever. A Motor Romance Contest was held. LaVon Bickel and Wilma Hare received the prizes. The banquet was a decided success and everyone had an enjoyable time. We are all looking forward to the many society events of the closing year of the Senior Class. VVe are looking forward to the many spring parties and es- pecially to the Baccalaureate and Graduation Exercises. Sgmlrizriirsrilmeitomriilstolilril I 9253 lilwelmeirseleleellelili. M gr' .5 - Lu V1 I I-3, -,, 1 Y ' I qv ., fig, ' i asf 2 .in Q - ' m-msg? ' 4, f"-'lull' . Egg.. - E Yen -Salsa le' I. R. It-"Why is your nose in the middle of your face?" U. R. Dum-Don't know. Why?" I. R. It-"Because it's the scenterf' The Purple Parrot is like a girl-get one of your own-don't take someone else's. "Don't buy thermometers in the sum- mer-they are lower in the winter." Why pay a doctor bill when you can go to the window and remove the pane? Discussing Emerson's "Friendship" in English IV. Helen P.-"I don't think we should be- come to intimate with a friend or we will get mussed up." Vida Lehman criticizing Emerson-"I disagree with his idea of being alone too much." Miss Maze asking questions in Eng- lish IV. Velma-"No." Lester-"No." Miss Maze-"Lester, I think your mind is about 500 miles from here." S Lucille C. quoting from Emerson- "Gifts are not to be given to men." Miss Maze-"Well it is rather a hard thing." .1 . John-"There will be many sad hearts when I marry! A Queen!"Indeed! How many do you propose to marry? ' Glenn Yoder and Harold Meyers went on a "skippin' " fishing trip. Harold-"How are the fish over there?" Glenn-"I dropped them a line, but so far I've no reply." Velma-"He asked me if I would scream if he kissed me." Beatrice-"What did you say?" Velma-"I said I didn't see how I could." Herbert Holderman-"But, my dear, you know the old proverb, 'Love is blind! " Reba B.-"Yes, but the neighbors aren't, so pull down the blind." Lucille P.-Mr. Yoder, who is this Violet Ray you're always talking about?" Dale C.-"You know, last year the doctor told me if I didn't stop smoking I'd be feeble-minded." Evelyn W.-"Why didn't you stop?" f .. L. :spar I A' . .iih.1i,Lz.mu4.u an. . L- A If I ...-...-,.,,. ... ,, 4 ,-77,7 g ZQPGAQKIIZAZTI NS W f .1 A. Y D HMM mf sjn 7 +01 F W 5 sw' - 1 x Q. ..-v,,, , . ..--- ,- , .'..' pf..-' - - . ' agp: , , , Q aw ,.,- -JN,-. j , 5. . 4 - -',,.- . L V l' 11'.Yf'K-'lifif Q H -Jaw. 'v'v.4,.. .1 ' :1-if '.1.v.4,- ' ' '. -14 -' ', "Ffh, A .5-,M ' qifll-" ..'.,4 ,. .1 . 1 - :M 6,4 ..,! N ..A 9 ig .A-FQ. 'Fix ' an 1 ftf. ' In 'iq' 4... .gf ' F. .3-1 . It V- :. .3 ,Ax."'g?i' ,A 1',,'-' . 2,12 , gpg ' fn:-'il ' K 'r- ' -X '- ' 7,11 Ln. ., 3- -' '3 A," 1' ,.. jf' ,' - , 19,-'.g2C..'v 4' -5 1 "J-.zfl ,. Y.: A -,:H.4" -1.f'C- ". 'L' . L"f3-J' W- y --:ev fu-6 XF. V- ."f. .-jl.'5f4,yEvf" 5 'f"M.1'g Hag: ' :HV . ' " f,34'v..-..i,,..,-4--V. 4.-' Eg,-5:11, A,.,. xl, .v , .,,.. 1.--. 14 .. .r . 5 ,.,,. .-.3525 151' Q. V ,F -gxjaig, 3 -5- uf 4.95 Q if'-X.. yi., W IJ- :hifi-V,-A A Amar, .1 3 . v'1'-1-1 " mfg Q- ."':i . W: .--aa-,t-5 .' :' - Q '-4.. 'L' M 4' ,- a ji .g K -1. l.-- 5...--'Qtr ,...' - - ,- ,vi Q., "J, -,age iff- Hrfii- li-E"l--1.1 '- " 75 T- 'J 'Q 'mg 41, -g kf ..f br- .b , 5 I' 1261, V X 1- L-'A 1 Sig, !.gl,. '- ',u .- f 'J' Y' 1 " ' ' f ,ft ,- 'A '- iff. l"l'fQA-v V4 1 . 2 Q , .V ,1,1'.,,f.,i..-A AI , l. I 1' 4 is ' ' .. .-X. .1 , '.,: ."-- ' f .L ""- '. , ,I-r vs-s 7. ,i:,,fff3 ". 'H '4- , , , ,W nf, sf -- ' 1-1 ,' gift . .NIA Y' 'ti ggi, , -. ., "g.,s"-J" ' QQ'-75'-A 1-523 . --'f -xs ,Ami , ,f-1-.. 4 " .. . -r'1',- ,, dl LH, .7, ,A .,V i. .xv 111 .Qi . 't ,V f QA-1'1" 4 . K. ., . -5211 ' 'Q,... +L.. ,V--qw. R. ' ,Q-mf V , .N x o-'pk l 'G ' . Y,.':, 0"::, .- f. .-Jag '. .0 , ' ""'u-. - 2 ' P5 Tw .. ..,,..,,.., v, F 1i'. A., , IA! ' f- wa'9' . . .. N' .r. x , P1 ' 'kxlxli-'fl Z -.,u ,pk f. A inn- :.' . 'rw V , -' f- ,. 'A . .' ,'..'," ' lA I .2 ' -- f'1".- 'fu' f' 4a.'2'3.,- f- nfl -. . f.,.- .i:, V ,. In , . WS'-1: "-zwr.-jr" . ,. , T'N::"" X 5 -,5,t , ' g 1 . .ff ' 1 ' msg' ' in X ,,-.J n y. ,A A .1 VN. ,A-we - .N-V , 1 , W ' png., v..- X.. Ms. ',. ' Ar, A 41- , iii? 11 ,if zffv' '43i2"I'.'! 51 V. X n 1? ni' THE INFANT ORATORS SOCIETY The Public Speaking department of the Nappanee High School has only recently been added to the school curriculum and has been for the last two years under the able direction of Miss Josephine Lehman. The first semester was spent in the study of the various elements in Public Speaking and speech making occupied the greater part of the time. At the beginning of the 2nd semester the real society was formed, a con- stitution drawn up which provided for President, Secretary, Sargent at arms, and various other otiicers, the officers serving a term of one week. Each week programs of varied nature were ,given by members of the class and at the regular recitation period, visitors were allowed on different occasions. In the preliminary contest which was held to determine who would repre- sent Nappanee in the Oratorical Contest to be held here Friday, April 27, Royce Mishler won out. The last six weeks were spent in the study of dramatics and short plays were given. There are Sixteen Members in the Class Ethel Arch Letha Miller LaVonne Bickle Royce Mishler Lowell Brevier John Miltenberg Helen Freese Dorothy Roose Esther Knox Doris Roose Vida Lehman Leona Stouder Gurnie Landis Lisle Wilt Deltha Metzler Glen Yoder HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS Ruth Heestand .,,.,, ,A..,, A . President Martha Himes ,,,, ..Vice President Mabel Frederick ., . Sec'y-Treas. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Without doubt, this has been one of the most successful years for the Girls' Glee Club. Early in the fall the first meeting was held and after several try outs, the best voices were chosen for the several parts. The club has met regularly once a week under the direction of Miss Vernier to whom the success of the year is largely due. The club made its first appearance before the assembly when it took part in the Thanksgiving program. The following numbers were furnished: Little Orphant Annie. Ah I Have Sighed to Rest Me. From II Trovatore, By Verde. At a later date it sang before the Historical Society at a meeting which was held in December. club Its first semester appearance closed with the Christmas program in which the sang with much interpretation. Th b ' : The Angel, by Rubenstein. e num ers g1ven were Who is Sylvia? by Schubert. In the second semester the club made its public appearance at the d't ' . Q au 1 orium, where it sang with much success during intermissions of the Sophomore play. It haslbeen the aim of the club to present in an artistic manner music of ttlllie very highest standard and through the constant efforts of Miss'Yernier and e unusua interest on the part of the members, a high grade of muslclanshlp has been developed. First Sopranos Ione Best Frances Carlson Mable Frederick Esther Knox Edan Minard Florence Sunstrom Marion Snyder Maxine McAndrew Esther Thomas Josephine Tobias Marguerite Tobias Evelyn Wagner Elsie Miller Opal Walters Marjorie Tobias Second Soprano Blanche Babcock Nettie Hershberger Miriam Heestand Edna Sylvester Minnie Burtsfield Altos Myrtle Frederick Ruth Heestand Alma Stouder . Isabella Ulery ACCOMPANIST-Martha Himes "1 W 3 ilsizejlelislts lrr V :gi fa lQMQgQf5l4E:15E7lrsQif3'2 fx WH IP: fl E -AJ 0 E in .s O E CJ CU E -A-7 2 : E 5 O Q O 5-4 D. U2 QE 'S 2 C 3 EU 5. 1" .. 3 E 5 r: -I-7 L: :s U2 Q2 .E Tu .S UI 5: it Q3 .:: H3 EDU! 2? cu: QE C.: fi: c: QC!! O Ez? mv vi' Es: M3 we Eg E.: 71,5 mC gm KID UE Ep ll ba base he t of W fe 3. and 5 ball baske of the OYNE S at ayed It pl tivities. HC any school in m Q th ented has repres he Band 'I ITIES ga music. eil' with th town Q th ed rtain te ell and B 9 th EI' mm SU 9 th During There are now 60 members, who play a wide variety of musical instruments. The fame of the Nappanee Band has spread throughout Northern Indiana and we fully realize we are soon to hear more of it. The Band has played several times in the assembly and following is one of their programs: March... ..... , "Feld-Cornet' 2. . 'o'w'm':n'g -cusmo E202-5 9539: 7:50052 . Egg 4-7 .Q of .0J,-ggi' ,3gF-4, E300-'11 i 1.942 .mg .U: .C- 5Qf. 'Ui f 25: :w. EMNS.: s-bn-0-'OU wgfvbs-' :O oN Om3UE Showers" April 2.1108 D THE ORCHESTRA THE ORCHESTRA Nappanee High School is very proud to possess one of the best orchestras in the county. This year has been one of decided success, much of which has been due to the efforts of Mr. Rickert who so skillfully organized the orchestra early in the fall. Under his direction it reached a high degree of efiiciency which has been . retained throughout the year. In the se-ond semester Miss Vernier succeeded Mr. Rickert and has shown her ability in the art of conducting by the splendid results she has obtained. The members have, on the whole, co-operated with a fine spirit. Throughout the year several new ones have been added to the body of musicians and are developing much ability in this field of music. A regular meeting has been held each week in the assembly, during the en- tire season. At each meeting serious attention has been given to the study of some of the more advanced orchestral works, as a result the repertoire has been enlarged considerably and now includes such well known overtures as Martha, Poet and Peasant, William Tell, etc. From time to time some splendid concerts have been ,given in the assembly at which the friends and patrons of the school have been present. The orchestra has also been much in demand outside of school and has made several successful public appearances. Among these are the concerts given during the intermissions of the Senior and Sophomore plays at the Auditorium. The following are pres- ent members of the orchestra: Violins Clarinets Lowell Brevier 'Cello Richard Clemmer Verda Frevert Edgar Miller Elizabeth Inks Arlene Stuckman George Pepple Leona Stouder H Iilutt? l Trombone Piano Qfjse Paul Heestand Mabel F1-adm-ick Saxophones Comets Beatrice Farmwald gordon Haist Ione Best ictor Wyman Lowell Sheets Charlotte Price Drums Harry Reed Director and Conductor-Miss Vernier DOMESTIC SCIENCE The Domestic Science department has accomplished a great amount of work this year in the line of costume making and cooking. In the fall of nineteen twenty-two the hall and two rooms were filled to over- flowing. The kitchen being only large enough to accommodate sixteen girls, the group had to be divided into sections of seventeen each. Experiment cooking was practiced for a while, after which quite substantial and nourishing luncheons were served to the school children. Menu making, the right way of setting a table, the three styles of table service, kinds of foods, methods of cooking and the uses of foods were given special emphasis. In sewing enough dresses, undergarments and blouses were made to start a very modern ready-to-wear shop. The second semester the classes were changed to sewing entirely. 'Ifhe previous cooking and sewing classes were joined by a great number of others, until now the total number of girls in this department is one hundred and five. Great interest and co-operation has been shown and developed when so much work has been accomplished with the aid of only four Singer Sewing Machines. Some up-to-date and very stylish garments of all materials have been made. A big exhibit was given on the seventeenth and eighteenth of May which was equal to any style show ever given here. Some garments such as capes, dresses, and blouses were masterpieces. A good line of designing was also given. A large variety of cooked foods and food values had their place on the list. The great aim of this department is to develop the girl on all points, to bring out her individuality, and enable her to make a sound and capable woman out of herself. vi . . , 'wr T g.i'i+f'fIleIHells'le.!!ewie1Il'!ieim,i fi - fiifiiw L17ilte.4le.'tifl!Q1.e'lFVH is if i .ig MANUAL TRAINING .hun-L l I !, I r i il T E , The manual training department has followed the example set by the classes 14 of last year with some improvement. The work of this year has been under the I . supervision of Mr. Lemminger who will leave us at the end of the year's work to I ,. resume his college work. The course has been practically the same as last year. The course is open to seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth year students. The seventh year students specialize in the uses cf tools and then follow up this in 5 making the very simplest of articles such as, keyboards, game boards, and tie racks. The eighth year students follow the same outline as that of the seventh i ' V only the projects made are more advanced and specialize in making book racks, 23,2 taborets, and pedestals. The ninth year follows the work of the eighth grade because a number of 57.1 students were from the country where they do not receive instruction in manual Q training. Their work is that of making small articles of furniture needed in the i, home, pedestals and hall trees, advanced cabinet making was taken up. The L cedar chest and larger articles were constructed. Part of the time was spent in f ix mechanical drawing. . The tenth year studied advanced making, constructing library tables, radio- tables, writing desks. and beds. Part of the time is spent in mechanical drawing and architectual drawing. Lg! The department made a set of Bicycle racks, repaired gymnasium lockers also Ei! general repair work was done through out the buildings. Q1 At the close of the year we expect to hold an exhibition of the various articles made throughout the year. We are also going to hold bird house con- E!,l tests and the prizes are: lst prize-S3.00g 2nd prize-S2.00g 3rd prize-31.00. IE These prizes are being given by some of the business men of Nappanee. Eg: El wa. A A as f :fi L ,Qeiuiigiuiuiiiuiuiisiisiisisaimrii ,!,.,JmiiiEiEie.iti,iisieifiisiief.1fii11i y ' ' K , K 1 . ,J+- 'SN- - - 3--:L-.. Sri 9-, I f, I "Qi -- 5 4 FQ? no 5 ' ag' ' gg . ,, - .X Ha. 5 f S KL els : E Y . gqe - .FQ 2' ,- , : ' 2 A"' I .,-kt 1 5, dal fo 14 I YA. 1 L X 1 ' 5 1 F ,, S, gr 63 Q n 0552 QTC YG ATHLETICS as R 1' A f N I K xl, , 1 xg .. Vo X ' ww xg 1' , '-.:, 5 x 's H' -. 1 , x .. -3 -N- r 1 ,, . -. r .. 2 1 an 'A .+ 5,5 A .. " di,-5. ,faq M if jug... .: .V it , . . 3 . 11 2 Q 1. " fir' Ar-' . . f rf . .Y P-'i 4 ' griigfhi A ' - " f. Q ' ' . b- .. . -A-ff 7- s -L A- ' ,QP g .1,,,ff, .1:,1':1-.I 1.3 Hx -Mg--,-1 Y -. .fig " -3,,.',L,5,' .'g.gV,',: a , Egan-fiLJ2.1::.:. .,5'f., .J I . -U. .- -1 1.1. fy ... 'M-4..'Aj,,. ' - .41-vm , 'f I -T 1-we 1 Y . , 1 M-.A5,, .. fs. .X . x A 1. '-Q47 " , . Liw., ' his -Q-ff.-vf Zur Lf' ef 'R '. -'Lf -fur... ' ,gf-Ty '.. gif. ..f' ' fi :N A -' f -. 'Q QF" I ,J 51,154 . ff' AT f ' 15,2 ff if- A-Rb ,Q-1 -7 '- -uyggx,-,,,,' -- :- , E .X ,, r- f .5 ,wx ,Q 1 , . .--- - . -.-. x' IKJ5 '..-:'- L 5719, ,EF f , ,JF - fi' 1 a.."1c'7'9" M ' ""'S?'?f2Y A lf' jk 51-. - - ., i x. 'VE 1.34 . Z'. '-Jia' .L L. Y g5.,,j.,f ,lmlt -Q ,JM 'V ,Ak-.Ag in-. , .-Q . k"1',-xL'75f,"f vi1v,'-V, 1. , 6 ,Sw 5-Q1 P Tg,'1'f4,' 1.j'w'f,4. Q, 51i.,f'.'Q J'-,' , ' 1 41,1-f'w,? 'T u'P?fNL-WL, Xml? if. 'z ,V riff-Wyiw if--"Y 3 ,lf he-3',f,g ,'ti?.,,g:g.x-,f.-has :al , 1.. :,. .Cf :A -- .-fl, J--".z:. 5 ' -L if ,j' 3, '- 1 ,,.. 554 +i53x'1?,'f-gE?,vrf"" 4-1-iwif' A .Q Ei?ZS3,f-sy ... e .-. X -.. f- , - 7. -' 'y'54!"54:'5 51, Qu "' sw ' V5.3 5,5 f ' ' "- L, P ',-,. 5332-+R.-W .13-. Vxfff- f .,,gc,.': 4 ' , bel .,:5.."55i 17:1 'A-'L 7 - gf' 'xQ,j'1,,, gs. fn-4 ' '...,' api- Na 1t'x:,f zfgliili ,' Q X' .' -S-5a,,,ff.1 .-Q a,,3u,,go'?.-. . lifzii v-.,'ff?Q59 zz -, -7,4 K 5- V- Fr., -,, ' a 1, -1, f.,-1 ' ' -- '. 'R ki ..f-5. 'i-,. ,U . R '99, ' 'L ,MI 5 . evhgi .W , ' ,sg " . .' . -J 1 '95-Zz:--riff Ju,-I. 135- 1 -1. " ,,-2 ,:-- --'r .J 'WW Q 'rx -px ls 4 P, - w bl 5. T' ' 'fi I :-,.., K Wwe' 4 -'-' v A 'iifff ' X " 4, Ljpg J P. 'NJ '- '. , 3 mn: fi .- 'v--' ' f X ' -jpgg.. I 'N ' C R v .- 1-fl F151 fb" I 564 , lg- 5 Ili ' TRL' 1 f-. fi ' is , 'za I Q., ifrl ia? .v Ill 'JE 'IRIX L51 5.1 4 :E i e jg ., X . A1 "li 'ff 511 521 552' ,- . -A w 1 L- H. "YI fur 'Hi eff W W lei E E BASKET BALL Two weeks after school opened coach Yoder issued the first call for basket- ball recruits. About thirty men answered the call, but by the end of the week the squad had been reduced to twelve. I Coach found himself in a very bad position, because all of last year's stars had graduated or quit school. Sylvester who was to have held the pivot position embarked upon the sea of matrimony. The team ,got away to a poor start and a jinx seemed to haunt their foot- steps. At times they would display rare form and all would seem to be going well, then fiooey, the fighting spirit seemed to be lost. So it progressed until after New Years, the team playing by spurts. Dur- ing the vacation was when the team really got started. They played the Alumni of '22 and defeated them. From that time on things were greatly improved, the team winning over half of their games. The new men had begun to hit their stride and every game was hard fought. At the county tournament Nappanee nearly upset the dope bucket by hold- ing Goshen to a four point win. At the last few minutes of play Nappanee was leading, but in a last desperate effort at long basket Burkey of Goshen put his team in the lead. We took great pleasure in taking the scalps of our' old rivals from Bremen, TWICE. The second game being caused by a challenge from the Windy city crew. Again at the District Tournament Nappanee surprised the fans by holding Elkhart to a very close score, to be exact, one point. Some time perhaps, luck may be with Nappanee at the tournament but thus far the Blue and White has not been able to come through. Hope is running high for a team next year that will make them all guess. There will be at least ten seasoned men ready to fight for the Blue and White when the season opens next year. Following is a list of those who will probably fight for a berth on the squad next year: Walters, Myers, Lemna, W. Culp, D. Culp, Hepler, Arnott, Stoops, Pippenger, Gardner, Wysong, Stuckman and Holderman. From this list the first team will probably be picked. There are also many candidates for the second squad. LISLE WILT iso--?f if-3 15.1 El E ez M E E me Q ix lil E1 E1 on is in E1 E1 mil in on is In E1 Eimillmmsiilmlixirmiinmoiilg-Q TEEMEE EEE EE i,E!EE EMEHE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Emi M5 4' QE :E QE QE QE E .D F E1 E E E fE E PN-A. W5 to QQ E E E E E E E E E E E E E E up ii 2-Qmelmrilrnmmmrilmmelmrn N- H -S Elmmmeimmmmmmmmms-2 in g E1 El TENNIS Eg E School tennis was the first sport to get under way. The first week plans E were made and the next week entrants were received for the tournament which lil E has become an annual and bids fair to become a semi-annual fete. E There were 26 entrants. Lowell Brevier won the championship with J. E1 Pippen as runner-up. R. Mishler and L. Sheets reached the semi-finals. El The tournament was played on the new city courts at the Municipal Park. E We are, of course, glad that it resulted in a victory for the seniors. El LISLE WILT li E lil li El li El , E lil --"+P'3r-Xie-+E+i+4-e E El E3 E El E EI THE SENSATIONAL TOURNAMENT El lil E1 E March 3d and 4th, the annual basket-ball tournament was held at the South E El Bend Y. M. C. A. E E There were entered as contestants: South Bend, North Liberty, Lakeville, E1 E1 Nappanee, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Walkerton, Goshen, New Paris, Millersburg EJ E and Bristol. , E Lakeville sprung a big surprise by winning her way to the finals. They El played a very hard schedule and put out the strongest teams at the E tournament. They eliminated in order, Goshen, Mishawaka and Elkhart. E They were defeated by South Bend in the finals. E1 E Nappanee was defeated by Elkhart in their first game by one point. E South Bend Went to tho state tournament and made a good showing. Q ! E Mishawaka beat Bristol E E South Bend beat Walkerton Lakeville beat Goshen E EJ New Paris beat Millersburg E E Elkhart beat Nappanee Lakeville beat Mishawaka E El South Bend beat Nei-rn Liberty E lg Elkhart beat New Paris E Lakeville beat Elkhart El South Bend beat Lakeville E1 E LISLE WILT El EJ 2-:mmmmmmmlmmmmmmm 1 923 mmmmmmmmmmmlnmm'-' PAGE: FIFTY-THRb.t 1 i PPAN HSC " xt gi GLENN YODER His exceptional eye for the basket is his chief characteristic. His speed and ac- curacy will be missed. Lost by graduation. LISLE WILT Utility forward. Lost by graduation. Fast thinking and Hoorwork makes him a valuable man. LESTER YODER "Hessy" Captain. This is his first year in basket-ball but he has conducted him- self like a veteran holding down the pivot position. Also claimed by graduation. MERRIT ZENTZ "Ginnie." Back guard at the beginning of the season. Later sickness kept him out of the game 'till near the end of the sea- son. Another lost by graduation. Lk JOHN MILTENBERG Utility forward Milt has come i h d . n an y on many occasions. The last victim of graduation. i 23: ,os 1 so 1 - in Pm 9. S5 f dl IFJ lil Le 'LL 'Eg ll 4 JOHN WALTERS "Mel," This is John's first year in basket- ball but he has been very valuable to the team. He has another year and will un- doubtedly develop into a very valuable floor guard for the Blue and White. FRED LEMNA "Eli" Fred is also a new man on the squad. He has played center and floor guard with equal ability. His long shots have helped to win many games. One more year for this fellow. HAROLD MYERS "Swede." This big fellow has been dev- eloped this year. He has been one of the best back .guards in this section and still has another year, in which he will have further chance to display his wares and help put N. H. S. at the top of the list. DALE CULP . "Doc," All county forward. This speedy guy is another of the players developed this year. He has another year and will surely be one of the best forwards in the district. WILBUR CULP "Speag." Sub. forward. Has another year in which to make a place for himself. dWfwD?dN'ff-9 UwJNh .. ... 5 . - , - SECOND TEAM Under Mr. Lemrninger, the seconds had a Very suc- cessful season. Many of these members will be on the first squad in the coming season. 1,Ngremmmm-H31me 14223 mlmmmnumselfrilullmmimi 'EL mj E nm 9 a Ei '- Y . W an . L 1 1 X W . 1 lg if . Y Y I w 1 Li PJ ll: iff li. ,. l If :i1' jg GIRLS BASKET-BALL l x fi- The girl's team had a successful season. They won four of the eight games 5 that they had scheduled. l . l. All ut two of the team graduate this year, leaving only the two guards WE, around which to build next year's team. There is, however, much promising ma- U, terial in sight. The girl's game is gaining in favor with the fans and becomes more It popular each year.. Qld The Hrst game was with LaGrange at Nappanee, but although hard fought Ili' the locals lost to the Corn City aggregation. G The next game was with Bremen at Nappahee on Thanksgiving after- -1 noon. We took our old rivals into camp, to the tune of 21 to 10. fl Goshen next, well at least they knew they had played and this defeat if only served to pep up the girls. Score, 10-8. .-, Lf Bourbon next fell victim to the Blue and White by 30 to 12. The game was played at Nappanee and Captain Metzler's squad showed great improvement. Et' Bremen's scalp was again added to our belt in the game played at the. new gym at Bremen. Getting better day by day, girls. F, Got even with Goshen when they visited us at our own battle ground. ,zz Lost to Bourbon at Bourbon by one point. Small gym, perhaps. lil Lost at LaGrange, the last game of the season. Quit with our reputation Til still on the good side. LISLE WILT '23 Lil El E f. E-,gil-Hilliri E 'ir " 'c"'1'p ' VG 1' U 7 Q' 'Q' illzlillil' a+snalfa'f.z' B --9 ii- I A-1 K, ..lL,-L.ill-JL.:gll...-.ll..ll.liIlLu'.'lE,llI",lm7"vya MARY LANDIS Mary, another player in her first year should be given much credit for her close guarding and her persis- tant effort. As right guard, the team could not have found an equal. MARJORIE TOBIAS Our running center, Margie, has proven herself an excellent player, because of her speedy floor work. She has only been with the team during the latter part of the year, but will make a great player for next year. MARY WEAVER Our last guard, Mary, has been a great credit to the team. Although she has only been with the team one year, her marked ability as guard should be n-oted. Mary will again be with the team next year. LUCILLE CALLANDER "Hefty" has been with the Girl's Basket Ball Team for three years. As center, the team has never been able to find an equal. By graduating, she will be a great loss to next years' team. DELTHA METZLER "Del" has served on the girls' team for several years and her work as a forward has been of exceptional qual- ity. The team will suffer great loss through her graduation. WILMA HARE "Sara" has been on the girls' team for four years and has been one of the best forwards that Nap has had. She is always on the spot when need- ed to "put her there" and her loss by graduation will be felt very much. lip-I :Q f'll Jil il Lil lg! lil af fmmman-fuirmfieuinl-laiirimlf-1:-: GIRLS' PHYSICAL TRAINING Many of the girls in the High School have become interested in physical culture. This training, in addition to being beneficial is considered "fun" because they learn to play many out-door and in-door games, and in addition are taught grace of carriage, etc. The girls have contests among themselves which prove to be very interesting. There are at present thirty- two members of the class. A special course of Camp's famous "dozen" was in- troduced in the second semester and was very profitable as well as interesting. Miss Meahl deserves much credit for the interest she has shown in the work, and we hope that year by year in every way the girls' physical training course will become more and more efficient and beneficial. X E.4.L.. ......-4.,hL,., ,Mg MARY MEAHL Girl's basket-ball, physical training. Miss Meahl's task was not so hard as the other coaches', there being the entire offensive end of last years team to build around. She devoted much of her time to the team and the good showing made by the girls rewards her effort. WM. LEMMINGER Second basket-ball squad, physical train- ing, track. Big Bill has been a hard worker all thru the year and developed some fine players on the second team, in addition to helping with the first squad. His efforts in the track line brought promising results. O. J. YODER Boy's basket-ball, base-ball. O. J. indeed found an inexperienced bunch waiting him at the opening of school this year, not a player remaining from last year's team. However, through his tire- less efforts the team developed greatly in the latter part of the year and made a fine showing. GROVER HEPLER The man who has faithfully looked after our wants, making us warm, for coolj and comfortable. We hold him in highest re- gar . 4 .1 5 .els is UB. ELil!ElE'lEEl.ilVE!JEEll'fI'l! BASE BALL THE TEAM N"'v'frf"wf-vw-Q... 14.. . ,, ,,, 4, P. .M- ,J ,fjga:,'.J.'u-1 'lr uf "VW s ' f T X 157 - Y- ' .1 5- . L 4 . . ,-B X S , :J Q V 'H U, i.l', ,. 3" gn' '34 ,L .a.vxv' W . gm-1 -- ... " . ' f " ui' 3 Y 6 n- -113,311 . 1... V . 1 ,lu .eh . :- ly' Irs w A , ' . 5-' '. V.. , .4 6-:. U PQ I+ . L! t ku N ,fi L- .' ,--Vw. ' i . 1 D, ' 'A ,ruff-. " 'fr K . 'J-' jf? , M I 1" F l J . Q4 . -v-' if . Q .. X x. , ' A . gh A' 11 "ff ' . .r-13. , 1 f 'Q' 'St ,, f J.,.. . I K . 'F' , -aj 1 V ,,. 1, 1 -Z, :Q ' w-5-af.'1 . 1 ' , 1.11-3 H, X 4.4.-4 Z , 'M '1'i, .ilxf 1 , , , ' vf!y'r5,rf.QT'.5 - - -. X. Q,-I 1, xsm .h ,i 4 ' -1. ' '. 'J -.WF A . z N35-':..:-" ' ' ,F-Q-,-.:'g I I . 4 ,Q Ibmltl K-V A , , , .-':- 1-,Q ,Ik v5Xj- V , lr r I 4, If ,.-- W, L sl 1 '-...fn ,,5.". ' nn' , , I . :QL ,, 'P' . v - , . 1 3 ' ' 1 - 'W ..1"-"Vw . . , ,-,, v -f '4 ' ws fi' ' . -1 . ir 'o. 1 I xl x .Y .- ' .a ' F I . X . I A : ' ' . :"1- ' 1 PH, 1' 1-f, J V . i V 1 dx i 'Q' ,1 . "v .' ' .-- :V 4 ' - ,Z iv f' 4 5 --V' 1 1 - - ', X as cvi' Vl's .Ln 1 , Q ,QD ,T "Q 9" 'L n ' 'V 7? rx. 6.6 xv' 4' BASE BALL LISLE WILT. FALL SEASON The first base-ball game was with Milford, at Nappanee, Sept. 15, just one week after school opened. , This resulted in a defeat for Nappanee, score 5-1. This defeat, however, is easily accounted for. The team had not yet had sufficient practice and could not connect with Godshalks offerings. Holderman pitched well but wildness some- what handicapped him. The second game was also with Milford, Sept. 29, at Milford and the locals took the gravel city team's measure, 10-2. Diligent practice under the coach and newly elected captain had greatly improved the batting and fielding of the team. Holderman twirled masterfully, having seventeen strikeouts to his credit and al- lowing but two scattered hits. The team went to LaGrange to play two games during the fair but rain prevented play. This ended the fall schedule with a 500 average for Nappanee. SPRING SEASON When Coach Yoder issued the call for candidates for the base-ball team in the spring. about thirty aspirants answered the call. Among them were the eight men from last fall's squad, while several were missing from the lineup on account of ineligibility. However, with the material at hand the coach started practice. The first week was devoted entirely to throwing, fielding, and batting, of which the last mentioned seemed to be the prevailing need. The schedule for the season was completed which included games in the county league and also some outside of it. Not much outside practicing could be done the first few days so the squad had inside workouts in the gym. The infield seemed to be intact from last season's squad but the outfield pre- sented a somewhat greater problem. For the first game Sheets, W. Culp and Phillips were selected to fill the gardens, however. there being so many candi- dates for these positions it will be a hot race all through the season to see who keeps and who loses their berths. The keen competition keeps the re- cruits going at their best at all times. I The' last season battery also remains, Holderman, pitch, and Lemna catch. This pair works well together, and since neither graduates N. H. S. is sure to hive! a good battery for at least one more year, Wilt and L. Yoder are the utility pi c ers. The park association consented to have the team use the diamond at the new park for their games. The first game of the season was with Middlebury at Middlebury on March 30, but on account of rain the game was not played until April 4. The Blue and White were defeated in a hard fought game by the score of 1-O. The teams inability to hit the ball was the main reason for the defeat, coupled with some costly errors on Holderman's part. Several regulars were missing from the lineup and detracted from the old batting punch so in evidence last fall. The team fielded well, nearly all members accepting many chances without error. NEW PARIS-19-0 With the regulars all again in uniform, the Friday following the Middlebury game. the blue and white diamond warriors had no difficulty in defeating the New Paris aggregation, a shut out going to the visitors. ' Holderman was at all times the master of the situation, pitching a one hit game. with no runs chalked up against him. While he was thus feeding the visitors his offerings, the rest of his team-mates got behind him and garnered 19 runs off the New Paris twirler's delivery. The game was called in the 5th inning, at the request of New Paris. Had it continued the full route it is hard to tell what the final score of Nappanee would have been, not so hard, however, to place the goose egg of New Paris at its proper position, at the pace Holdermaun was setting. The rookies had begun to snap out of it, and all the players were hitting with a vengeance. The prospects are now good for the best team Nappanee has put on the field for a long time. GOSHEN-6-1 And then came the crimson and white, to amuse the locals while they were earning another easy victory. Once more Holderman was in no trouble and easily sent back man after man to the bench, ignobly struck out. Goshen did not have a look in from the start, and the Nappanee batters were wielding the stick with pronounced results. They hammered and battered the Goshen pitcher all over the extensive lot, while Holderman had them eating from his hand. Goshen luck seemed much in evidence when in the last inning they managed to avoid a shutout. A large crowd was at the game, possibly because it was Goshen who playe,l and furnished the entertainment. One of last year's two defeats was avenged. G. Yoder was chosen captain at a meeting held during the week, with L. Yoder acting as student manager. Abbot, as usual. was not satisfied with the officiating at the game but we have come to regard his out-bursts as to be expected and ignored. All right, Who's next? ! LIGONIER-12-1 For a time we thought that we would have no game on the following Fri- day. after the Goshen game, but Ligonier obligingly called and offered to walk to the slaughter. They are greatly improved over last years team, but, nothing could stop the blue and white. Hermie Sax, the Lincoln Life star, has been coaching the Lig- onier team. Their greatest weakness seems to be in the pitching department. The same old story. Holderman and Lemna did most of the playing, strik- ing out 17 men. The old firing squad was out in full dress, clouting the pill at will, yes and at every point in the park. Now, the squad is demanding a return game with the county champions, Middlebury, who however, seem unwilling for some cause or other to be able to arrange dates, or something like that. However, to return to the subject, Ligonier went home well pleased with the showing they had made. We will never get discouraged after that. MISHAWAKA-3-2 This was by far the best game of the season, being a pitcher's duel all the way through, the Mishawaka pitcher allowing three hits, while Nappanee's ace permitted two scattered bingles. Mishawaka put two across the rubber in their first chance at bat. Both pitchers were pitching air-tight base ball and the blue and white could not score in their first time up. The next inning Holderman came back strong, and from that time on had the maroon and white eating from his glove, so to' speak. Nappanee scored two runs in the 6th inning, tying the score. Mishawaka could not score in the 6th, 7th or Sth, but in the last half of the 8th with one gone, Wilt hit and stole second. and was driven home by L. Yoder who came through with a double. This ended the game so far as scoring was concerned. There was a large crowd at the game, and this support was very much an- preciated by the team. At last Middlebury has consented to play, they do, however, refuse to play at Nappanee, since this is a post season game for them. NAPPANEE DEFEATS THE COUNTY CHAMPIONS.-7-4 On Wednesday, May 2, the team went to Middlebury to play them the second game of the season. This game was on a challenge by Nappanee to satisfy the members of the team that they had the best team in the county. A former letter from the Middlebury coach had said. "We will admit you have the second best team in the county, but we can see no advantage in playing you." Nappanee was not satisfied to be called the SECOND best team, and promptly issued a challenge, which Middlebury was reluctant to take but finally did, thereby proving that Nappanee has this year the best team in the district. First inning: G Yoder popped out to the third baseman. Wilt flied out into right field. Culp ended the session by rolling out to short. Holderman struck out the first two batters for Middlebury, the third grounding to Wilt for an easy putout. Second inning: L. Yoder grounded out to the infield. Phillips did the same. Lemna walked and Hepler struck out. And so it ran until the third inning when Nappanee bunched three hits and on one free ticket to first and one error, pushed three runs across the rubber. Middlebury was held helpless at Holderman's hands until the sixth inning. Then the crowd showed ,good sportsmanship by crowding out onto the diamond and E E Q33 lei M W E E E E E E E V51 E El x...iJ 'T' Q E FJ.. Lil If l EI ii! E 3 E El E '4 Ti Q lla! M E E E W FFT' n .x.. a... E E E E H E E E E E trying in all ways to rattle Holderman, who passed the first man andl then filled the sacks before the baloon came down. With the' paths loaded Holderman struck out two men and it looked like he would come through whole, but the next two men hit safely and dgoge in three runs, making the score 4-3 in Nappanee'-s favor. The 1 t t as man ,groun e ou . In the first of the seventh the old game was decided. A pass to first, stealing second, and coupled with three hits, by G. Yoder, Wilt and Gardner netted three runs before the avalanche could be stopped. The first man up for Middlebury hit safely, but to no avail, his mates were stopped in their tracks, and the COUNTY CHAMPIONS were defeated for the first time this year, to the tune of 7-4. The next game is with Milford, but the annual goes to press before this game will b e played. Following is the record of the team for the spring sea- son of 1923. Opponents Nappanee Middlebury ....., ............ 1 O Lost New Paris .... ........ 0 19 Won Goshen ...... .,.,.... 1 6 Won Ligonier ........ ..,..... 1 12 Won Mishawaka ...... ........ 2 3 Won Middlebury ...... ....,....... 4 7 Won TOTALS ...,.... .....,.... 9 47 Percentage of games won-833 'QQWW5 v ID ' as bl f f'j14'.'Q'3 GB fox 'X . I ' ,A I W'-53 D' is E El lil til E lil Lil E1 E1 IE IE E1 li E1 fn E1 E1 lil E1 E1 E1 E1 E EJ E1 E1 E1 E1 Lil up rm EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUEEEEEEEEEEEEEDEEEEEEEEE KW. mmf' IE E 12 E1 e E1 E1 QE liz li E1 E lil E1 IE li he WD N be EJ E1 li E1 E1 EJ lil E1 E1 E1 E1 lil El lil my ii lj: r ,,f y ..,'1, q f 15' IQ XV ,, L Q ! lv I nxxg Iigiglgbx ,fF'iJi 1 I f - S ' -,A AMF? sg 5" Wie:-'fy' "' ' U K EU WV 9 ' 5:13 W Q? il H 'llllflillm ll Pj ,ff l fxw, 4 23 T ff 1-V vi L M -rp - EEE?" gJi rgfS'rgwS4 -'1!I!lElEmF 'W' . A al 93 SW Y L We Mack W.-fYoder Bros.J-'Tve got you where I want you, move if you dare. It's taken me many years to get you where I've got you, but now by using your own methods and your own trickery, I've got you where I want you. Now move if you dare!" Fred L.-"Yep, you're right, but it's the first game of checkers you ever did win from me." Harold M.-Look here I ask you for the last time for that half dollar. V Dale C.-Thank heavens that's the end of that silly question. Mr. Young-"Lowell, discuss the early life in England." Lowell-"The people were very simple-" "He is fortunate whose wife is a mute."-Lisle W. v Young - "The Representatives remain in session from noon till 12 P. M." Paul-"Do they have intermis- sion for supper?" Young-"Is he always wanting something to eat ?" Velma Qsitting on V. L.'s lap holding a string at her sidej -"I'm fishing." ' Velours L.-"You can't get me to bite." .Ei f1w5i.s'1asismsmiieiiiweii-1:3 .Ll tk . x Fl wuyl JM ' is ill ul El F3223 iii CALENDAR 131-5 Q - 7 lllll-Il ling, aaaaaagsg. mmmulagirg EEEEFWBV Q SEPTEMBER 1922 Sept. 11-N. H. S. opened. About 170 enrolled in H. School. About 74 Freshmen. Pupils register and dismissed. Teachers Meet! l ! Sept. 12fSeveral new faces. Classes meet. More difficulty with schedule. Teachers meet! Sept. 13-More conflicts. John M. starts to school. Baseball practice. Sept. 14-Students are informed twice that property owners do not care to have their lawns walked over. Keep oif the lawn! Sept. 15-Base-ball. N. H. S. vs. Milford H. S. Score 6-1. Holderman struck out 18 men. Sept. 18fMr. Young called a meeting of Juniors and Seniors but was too busy in office to talk to them. Sept. 19-School as usual. Sept. 20-Nothing doing. Sept. 21-Whoo-pee! First big day of Home-Coming. Aeroplane seen and heard over school-house. Come on, let's go. Athletic association organized. Herbert Holderman president. Naomi Beck, Sec.-Treas. Sept. 22-No school this P. M. Everbody permitted to go to Home-Coming. Senior class meeting, Paul H. elected president. A great relief! The Knox sisters join N. H. S. Sept. 25-Rev. Detweiler speaks to us on the Frosh. Sept. 26-Four new seats in the assembly. staff. Whew! Dismissed at 11:00 P. M. Sept. 27-Another freshman. O: My. Base-ball practice. Sept. 28--Tennis Tournament in full swing. H. S. boys and faculty meet. Some of annual staff get busy. Sept. 294Lowell B. wins tennis tournament. Congratulations. "Character." Joseph Weaver joins Committee meets to elect annual TRUCK CAR TRACTOR Tx-na UNIVERSAL CAR SMITH OTOR CO. NAPPAN EE ELKHART WAKARUSA , , i. ,f , . N .f Vw: I '- ,--.-1 .VA Y .P 7 A 3 5? Fl ru1"'. 1 N1 lil E CQ El ffj 2 5 ,. ,. --f. ...., - an 1 .3 ff?'.fQl..5gl.f.'lfi?EJJ.!.rlf.l!"S'IflLf.ll!l!l Qi I' .- Q1:ilk525142151615511:35:5244-141:1:1545:w:-Vx.-cf:-or-:MkM:25:1255512525 5: 9:-:-:4-:-:-:-:c+:-:co-cfcozkkm2-:Macc-:2'f454495755'73W-5"-"""-"Z Ar .vu fs-1 -' . - 52: if fig-Q FI 'f :IE -'g 2 :5 : , . ...... is ,.:., 1: : 1 : 1 5 s s s e : : : :?f - ':'g::::1,:m:...,.,,, , "5:3:f.. .-:5:5:3:3:!: : 2- 23fIf3""71. ' 5:3:f:5:5" -s:s:z:f -'-' -' g:s:z:sS: 1 s s:s:s:z., 2:s:s:1 :355g::.,.,, 152555551123 2 55555255553 filisisis' ,,,.,.A.3.::::I:5f2Ef5f:':"' if -5Nwfwwfnoo-sovmcwxc-:-:-eff.-wir-gay:3:5.34.:4.,4.,,,,.-....,.,.g.:.f?! 52525: m':f55:E:g.g.,.,, -:-5:55235 2:5155555531555155555555:5:r:r:r-r-'-'-"' ' ' ""f'ffff:1E2:2:-:-:..-.-.-.-. .-.-555555351 Whatever clothes you buy at Spiro 's is right Thats a feeling of satisfaction for you and for us, too. You pick the suit here you like best: you're sure of the newest styles and good quality: we're so sure such 'value will make you a lasting friend that we guarantee satisfaction on all you buy here. Q4 it 9 S M L E9 lg U 119-121 SOUTH MICHIGAN ST. SOUTH BEND THE HOIVIE OF HART SCHAFFNER 699 MARX CLOTHES FQ E 233353551E1E1E1rs1LQEmf.m1 I UQ, J .wujfmw L. A. MORRISON D. C CHARLOTTE MORRISON D. C REED'S GARAGE Morrison 8: Morrison AUTOMOBILES AND CHIROPRACTORS AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES Chiropractic Will Make You REPAIRING A SPECIALTY NAPPANEE. INDIANA NAPPANEE, INDIANA PHONE 125 OFFICE 206 N. MAIN Well OCTOBER Oct. 2-Base-ball. Milford vs. Nappanee, score 10-2 in our favor. We had a "swell" party given us by Wakarusa Seniors. O! Boy. The Seniors find out they are capable of writing verses. Oct. 3-The first number of the Lyceum Lecture Course. The Alexander trio gave first number. Oct. 4-The Alexander trio visited N. H. S. and gave some fine music. Oct. 5-Just plain school. Oct. 6-Reports out that Eddie's married. Hey! Eddie is zat so? Whew! ! Oct. 9-Rev. Miller gives us a fine speech and says: "Don't be mushy." We're not! Oct. 10-Mr. Yoder tells his Physics students that the four kinds of sheep are: Black sheep, White sheep, Mary's little lamb and hydraulic ram. Oct. 11-Eddie says the King gave the girls some valuable wedding gifts! What's he thinking about? Oct. 12-In bookkeeping Class: Paul: I'm only off 3,000. Not very much! Miss Grifiith-Oh no that's not much. Oct. 13-No school! Teachers all gone. Oh, if they'd only stay! l Oct. 16-Basket-ball practice starts. We're going to have some team. I'm a prophet. Oct. 17-In His. 4-Royce, discussing early N. Y. It was about a mile long and the streets were half a mile wide, "Some streets." Oct. 18-Mr. Yoder-Charles explain the principle of the elevator. It's il- lustrated by those pulleys. Charles-Yes, but they hain't like they used to be. Oct. 19-Lots of tests and lots of 100's. Who got 'em? Oct. 20-D. S. U. beat us at basket ball, 26-16. Oh! Hum! Oct. 234Dorothy Carl married. What is this world comin' to? I Wanner know. Oct. 24-We decided a name for the Annual. It's a bird! Oct. 25-Mr. Young describes the times of 1765: The cost of marriage license was 3535.00 Couldn't buy on time, either. Oct. 26-Jes' plain school. Oct. 27-Mr. Young in Hist. 4-Yes they went to Halifax! Peggy bit the end of her fountain pen off during Mr. Young's speech. Oct. 30-H. S. Hallow'een Party announced. Everybody come. Oct. 31-Lester Yoder elected Captain of Basket-ball teamg Congratulations! STAHLY 8: STUCKMA STUDEBAKER AND CH EVROLET D E A L E R S FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION WA TCH STUDEBAKER AND CHEVROLET LEAD EXCLUSIVE SEE US FOR WILLARD BATTERY LOW PRICED AGENCY TIRES HSTUDEBAKER AND CHEVROLET SER VICE" N"'v'frf"wf-vw-Q... 14.. . ,, ,,, 4, P. .M- ,J ,fjga:,'.J.'u-1 'lr uf "VW s ' f T X 157 - Y- ' .1 5- . L 4 . . ,-B X S , :J Q V 'H U, i.l', ,. 3" gn' '34 ,L .a.vxv' W . gm-1 -- ... " . ' f " ui' 3 Y 6 n- -113,311 . 1... V . 1 ,lu .eh . :- ly' Irs w A , ' . 5-' '. V.. , .4 6-:. U PQ I+ . L! t ku N ,fi L- .' ,--Vw. ' i . 1 D, ' 'A ,ruff-. " 'fr K . 'J-' jf? , M I 1" F l J . Q4 . -v-' if . Q .. X x. , ' A . gh A' 11 "ff ' . .r-13. , 1 f 'Q' 'St ,, f J.,.. . I K . 'F' , -aj 1 V ,,. 1, 1 -Z, :Q ' w-5-af.'1 . 1 ' , 1.11-3 H, X 4.4.-4 Z , 'M '1'i, .ilxf 1 , , , ' vf!y'r5,rf.QT'.5 - - -. X. Q,-I 1, xsm .h ,i 4 ' -1. ' '. 'J -.WF A . z N35-':..:-" ' ' ,F-Q-,-.:'g I I . 4 ,Q Ibmltl K-V A , , , .-':- 1-,Q ,Ik v5Xj- V , lr r I 4, If ,.-- W, L sl 1 '-...fn ,,5.". ' nn' , , I . :QL ,, 'P' . v - , . 1 3 ' ' 1 - 'W ..1"-"Vw . . , ,-,, v -f '4 ' ws fi' ' . -1 . ir 'o. 1 I xl x .Y .- ' .a ' F I . X . I A : ' ' . :"1- ' 1 PH, 1' 1-f, J V . i V 1 dx i 'Q' ,1 . "v .' ' .-- :V 4 ' - ,Z iv f' 4 5 --V' 1 1 - - ', X as cvi' Vl's .Ln 1 , Q ,QD ,T "Q 9" 'L n ' 'V 7? rx. 6.6 xv' 4' 1,1 el vl ,Fi wl i-fl I l Pl EF SYLER E9 SYLER GRAIN, AY, l.ouR, EED, COAL SEEDS, Tc. NAPPANEE. INDI ANA Nov. 1w Metzler. NOVEMBER Rain! Rain! Rain! Elected yell leaders. "Sonny" Reed and Deltha Nov. 2-Mr. Young: "What was the time of the ordinance of 1787." Nov. 3-"Pep" meeting. First B. B. ,game to-night. Let's go. Nov. 6- New Paris beat us in B. B. Oh, well who cares. "A bad beginning, a good ending." . n l Nov. 7-Poems all returned, somebody always takin' the Joy.outta life. Nov. 8-Doris believes as she said in English class, "Love is the basls of Courtesy." She's experienced. Nov. 9-Junior boy receives a "Mushy letter". Whose guilty? A Freshie I suppose. Nov. 10 -Election day! Come on everybody vote for Seniors. Nov. 13-Bunch of Seniors Went to Goshen to get an image of their "mugs," wonder if the Camera's broken? Nov. 14-It's Tuesday, that's all. Nov. 15'-Wilma H. says that one of Emerson's poems is Grays Elegy. Nov. 16-Victor W. tries to start a new style but loses his nerve after he gets to school. then runs like a deer clear home to get his collar. Nov. 17-Senior proofs returned, what a calamity-a chorus of Oh's and etc. Nov. 20-Rev. Miller gave the Monday morning talk. Glen Yoder our long lost school mate comes back. Miss Maze lectures on "Character" in Senior Eng- lish class. Nov. 21-Getting ready for LaGrange. Nov. 22-Teachers all had quite a time keeping the students in their seats on account of the cold. Everyone was shimming. Nov. 23-Louise S. who became so interested in what was said in Sewing fell of her chair. The' injuries were not great. Nov. 24-Girls lost to LaGrange 18-9, boys won 16-11. Glen says Miss Grif- fith is simply crazy about him. A few minutes later he was sent from the room. no Min'1y Nov. 27-Poems in Senior English. Esther cries out in despair, "Don't read mine," Royce in disgust says, "Pm no poet." Nov. 28-Miss Maze. You can tell character by one's face. For instance the flappers. Velma blushed. Why? Nov. 29-Three periods given to the program which was music, furnished by the H. S. Orchestra. firi- , ' Q v lil lvl Ill 'AW :Fl 13:2 l -v l Lil iff, llf 2 -.. q tl . lfl 5. l :J 1 vi 5 .L f WVU .Jw 'fl .. X 1,11 l E ig' fr, 4 lj 23? i ffl 1-T' Lid! lil Lil ifil lil E L1 li Ci E li lil El lil lg,-fjmcilsle enlsilmliialrilr-nellil 1923 mlilmelmmellelmmullirilelf-2 The Hartman Bros. Compan You are cordially invited to 'visit this store at your pleasure. 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WILL LAPE DECEMBER Dec. 4-It was rumored at school to-day that Vida once tried stepping out. Dec. 5-Naomi decides she would rather leave Senior English than read an original theme. Dec. 6-Naomi not yet returned, Seniors all worried. Dec. 7-Eventftil day, got our report cards. read. Teachers get their pedigrees Dec. 8-Man from Japan talks to us. We all buy dogs, elephants, cats and string them all over our persons. Dec. 11-Helen looks blue to-day. Someone says Lisle was in Milford last night. Dec. 12-Awfully cold to-day. Mothers made us dig up our woolens. Dec. 13gJuniors and Seniors entertain the same classes from Wakarusa. Fine eats, fine time, and fine people. Dec. 14-Jake Myers and Glen Yoder hide in the locker room while O. J. strolls the halls. Dec. 18-Rev. Martens talks to us on using our time to good advantage. As if we don't. Naomi sleepy. We hear it whispered 9 o'clock last night. Dec. 19-Doris starts career as a poet. Paul business? ? ? Y ? ? Dec. 20-Beck decides that the photographer make her picture presentable. Dec. 21-Louise Stuckman: Un Physics classb enough. It won't come out right. 22-Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, etc. was not Dec. about that she was out until and Lowell go to Goshen on must flatter her in order to Gosh, 5 was too much and 4 No school for a week. ,QD TPA sr c WEB' A S EEE?-0 Q, Eg"5i'e ,Qv4PPA!il-Eiggg I CAPITAL 580,000 OFFICERS DIRECTORS FRANK COPPES FRANK COPPES PREWENT FRED E. COPPES GEORGE FREESE CHARLES MUTSCHLER HARRY B- GREENE VICE-PRESIDENT CHARLES MUTSCHLER FRED E, CQPPES CLAUDE R. STOOPS CASHIER "THE KEY TO SUCCESS," and a master key at that, is one of our bank books that shows regular deposits. It is a key to future success because it prepares you to meet every opportunity more than half way. We invite you to start an account NOW. W idmoyer 8: Walters EVERY DAY A u-for FRESH. 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Jan. 11-Domestic science class prove their worth by serving dinner to the county superintendents and principals. Jan. 12-Goshen comes over, all liquored up. Jan. 15-Talk by Dr. Myers of Indiana U. Jan. 16-Exemptions? l Pity evermore. We are told that the pretty cut-out pictures in a ladies magazine would be fme for the freshmen. Jan. 17-Examinations! ! l ! l Tfhose poor freshmen, and seniors too. Jan. 18-More examinations l ! ! Jan. 19-The team went to Milford and ,got back the same night. Something unusual. Jan. 22-Just because Harry was so fast, Bee and Velma are sore. Jan. 23-The staff ,going to be shot to-day. Pity the camera. Jan. 24-Just school. Jan. 25-Mrs. Stanley, farmer's institute speaker, gave a talk before the assembly. Jan. 26-Teams go to Bourbon to-night. Jan. 29-Characters chosen for the class play. Everybody happy? Y ? ? Jan. 30-Dog-gone those Poems. Jan. 27-I am sure I voice your sentiment when I say that we are pleased to -"'l"iliw"l" " """1'M'MfK"" --1 1 -E 'A' '-Y "Allin" N 'illiq' -lla-liqlmln-.I f- .efzalf.ei.3ns:Lsl.sfl,slunl5Lmmil5 1 ,f M .5 fflwlillililifllflh--JLAL-Le -t. L.. 4 , il- l A: ui I l Qi 1 3 il lil El E , ,np Us-a -IN SOUTH BEND - "Nowadays Itfs Kuehnfs for Shoes. " PAUL O. KUEHN FOOTWEAR DRED TwEN'rv.FlvE SOUTH NICHI SOUTH BEND FOR The Finest Bread and Pastry USE NAPPANEE F LOURS PERFECTION MATCHLESS fBIended Patentj CRed Turkey Patentb A-ONE VESTA CSp1'ing Patenty CWinter Patentl EVERY SACK SOLD ON A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE GET rr Enom voun DEALER on Fnom THE NAPPANEE NIILLING CO. , , H, L' r'y'1 . N . !,, ug w Coppes Bros. 8: Zook jf' fu -,Fi r Q-"-U jx' ' H Y al l w e 4 T . -L Llm"':?st-'SF fl! 4. , Q :Lp ty ,A A F, THE HOME 'gi 'Wim E, LA sp ','1.if1,-v1i,Li'w f .J N ll ff PSHE' 'sl-'T , F W l j f 6 The Dutch K ztchenet m y 5 NAPPANEE. INDIANA FEBRUARY find the school house too cold to have school. Feb. 1-Nothing much. Feb. 2-Oh Boy we beat Bremen girls and boys, Ain't We glad. Feb. 5-Program by our orchestra. Feb. 6-Juniors give lecture at Auditorium. Feb. 7-Hip-hor-ray for N. H. S. our B. B. teams won four games tonight. Don't say Nan. can't win or you might get in trouble. Feb. 8-Commercial Arith. class speed test papers returned. Everybody happy? Well I should smile! since we're having the same test over again next Friday. Feb. 9-Naomi thinks stuttering the latest so she begins practising early then she can teach her class mates the new art. Feb. 12-Sth grade give Lincoln Day program this A. M. Feb. 13fLouise in Hist. 4: "The ABC Mediators meet in Niagara Falls," laughter. "O well I mean Niagara. Canada." Feb. 14-Glenn suddenly decided to quit public speaking while in class to- day. "Shiver mv Timbers" 10 below zero, where were the teachers last. Feb. 15-All Seniors sent from history class to study their lesson. Feb. 16YUpon one cold and windy day The teachers all did blow away Far to the north, at Goshen to hear Their pedigree read, for part of this year. Hot Dog! No school! Feb. 19-Miss Griffith called home very suddenly and Mr. Cocamar was substitute. Feb. 20ASeniors discuss the coming class play, under cover, to-day. Feb. 21-Lisle tells Prof. Young that Gov. of Pennsylvania was crazy to re- fuse the large salary offered him, and he does not eat pork either. Feb. 22-Royce applauds his own speech in public speaking to-day. Wash- ington Program. Feb. 23-Lucille is busy receiving telegrams and 'phone calls. Feb. 26-Talk by the Rev. Paul Miller, an evangelist. -Feb. 27-Senior history test, every body peeved. Feb. 28-Rain, snow, vmater, mud and what not? SHLA OLLEGE ASHLAND. on-no A Standard Christian College offering courses in Arts and Sciences, Divinity, Normal, Physical Education, and Music. FULLY RECOGNIZED BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Nappanee High School has sent at least one graduate to Ashland during a period of the past twelve years. Our enrollment is limited, the class room affords per- sonal touch, and all the Professors are frankly Christian. During the past two years the Athletic Teams have lead all colleges of similar size in the state. New Library and Administration Building will be ready for use by June, 1923. If you are interested in a college of sufficient size as to offer all legitimate activities and yet not so large but that the individual student has a real opportunity to make a place for himself, write to the President- EDWIN ELMORE JACOBS, M. Sc., Ph. D. ANCI-IESTER OLLEGE A Standard College The College of Liberal Arts ofers to young men and women the advantages of a liberal education at a moder- ate expense, under the very best environment. The de- partments of Education, Commerce, Bible, Expression, Home Economics and Agriculture offer special training. The School of Music gives instruction in Voice, Piano, Violin, Cornet, etc. Public School Music and Leaders' Courses given special attention. Manchester College is located in one of the most beautiful and healthful little cities in the state. Students find a hearty Welcome, eiiicient teaching and very help- ful associations. For catalogue and further information, address OTHO WINGER, President, North Manchester, Indiana. MARCH Mar. 1-March again after 365 days. Mar. 2-Forward march. to the tournament. Mar. o- Mar. 6- what do you Mar. 7- South Bend took the tournament, but we didn't want it anyway. O. J. Junior puts in his first appearance today. No! Yes? l Well, think of that? Beat Bremen last night. Mar. 8-Not much of anything. Mar. 9-Orchestra favored us with some music this morning. Black-boards show signs of some promising artists. Mar. 10-Saturday, pay day. Mar. 12-Talk by J. DeBow. Mar. 13-Bats in the Belfry. Mar. 14-Every one headed for Hoop-La. Mar. 15-Seniors selling class play tickets. 16 Mar. -Some Seniors learn that the dictionary was written by Noah instead of Daniel Webster. Mar. 19-Everybody looks like they washed their hair. Mar. 2OfHam Sechrist decides to go out for the 100 yard dash. Mar. 21AWilma and Deltha get sent out of sewing class. It was a bloody fight. Mar. 22-In trying to settle a question over oifice holding, Miss Lehman said she thought the Constitution would hold them up in that. Mar. 23-Music by H. S. Band. Miss Mary Landis gave a talk. Mar. 26-J. E. Hartzler, president of Bluffton Theological Seminary spoke to us this morning. It was a mighty fine talk. Mar. 27-The annual progressed a little to-day. Mar. 28-The public speaking class gave original maxims. They sure took the "Bees Knees"? l l I Mar. 29-Civics class show their dumb ability today. Prof. Young bestows friendly glances on members. Mar. 30-Got cold today. Base Ball practice sounds Ushiverishf' . N- . . . f 4 . i .. ,. . . .. , , W 7 ..,-,..,a....-.,.-..-. -.... ,M .-. flTf'F'ffffQ'c is . fix' ' Qiil..-gF?3lI?.llE1lf,!1f1fl+?ElIilIE'llEJ - l if i vii is i isa iii li iii aw Q fa Q! ii E E E E E E E E E E E E Q: E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Q5 Hi EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Q5 ii E E E E E E E E E E E EI CI CI Fu YD In Ca.: E E E E E El E E E EE jjE QE EE 2 E My Mi Arelene S.-"Does Helen know --the more you tell much about automobiles?" Beatrice F.-"Gee, no! she asked me if I cooled my car by stripping the gears." Miss Meahl in Girls' Basket Ball Practice-"No I don't like Victor Wy- man anymore." Wilma H.-"Why what's wrong ?" Deltha M.-"What, did he do?" Miss Meahl-"Yes, that's it, he didn't do anything." Letha M.-"Deltha ate something that poisoned her." Dorothy R.-"Croquette ?" the more you sell The Nappanee Advance-News Is the recognized advertising med- ium of Northern Indiana. Every Nappanee merchant as well as those of surrounding towns uses its columns. F OR MONE Y SA VING BAR GAINS As well as all the news of Nappanee and vicinity you should read the Advance-News. 'uLetha-"Not yet, but she is very 1 ." Louis XIV.-"They hanged her in China." William the Conqueror-"Shang- hai?" Louis-"No, not very." J. S. SLABAUGH M. D. Eyes Tested Classes Fitted PHONE 47 258 N. MAIN ST NAPPANEE INDIANA H. J. DEFREES M. D. NAPPANEE INDIANA 6 EJ L'-Sl H E E V ll ...a W ,J F- Q E I. !!l Ill LE M E E E EJ E3 E E E E Ie' E E Q E E E E E E E E if E E Q Q E E E E E E L my Elini EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE EE EEEEEEEEEE n THE PURPLE PARRQT -- - -"'-uf ' PUBLISHED BY CLASS 1923 .f 1'1" 1' -, , - - EL' E1 E1 lin fm E1 lil E1 E1 lm EJ E1 lil E1 EJ E M ri: lil E1 lm tm E1 E1 lil E1 En lm E1 rm rin lvl rm EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEE EE EE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EE Q5 li E E E E E E E E E E E E - E1 E Fu NO lu Cu E E E E E E E E E :E QE gE ME gg rim EE' EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY oun "GERBELLE" HCOOKS DELIGHT" Fl.ouRs ARE PLEASING OUR MANY CUSTOMERS BETTER AND BETTER TRY THEM AND BE CONVINCED THE GOSHEN MILLING CO. Wationatlly Pricedl Branded in Lhe Back. Q 5 V 'wm H Gam sm s b b gm - Illlfodguu Mggcl umgfieim M'5'5':1'V' '7O0 '6OO 5495 '398 GULBRANSEN PIANOS AND PLAYERS AND VICTOR TALKING MACHINES SOLD BY LEHMAN MUSIC STORE NAPPANEE, IND. Sold On Easy Terms. Highest Grades in Lumber are used for specific purposes in building new HOMES To obtain the kind and grade of lumber which will not only build for permanence, but for economy, is the home builders problem- We make it easy for you if you consult us- Our plan service and sugges- tions will help you to reduce the cost. M1ller Lumber 85' Coal Co. She-"I just came from the beauty parlor." He-Cbefore marriedl-"How love- ly you look." He-fafter marrieclj-"What's the matter was it closed ?" Encoiled She tightly clings about him- The dainty, slender thing, For he was a Wooden top, And she, a long, White string. "Income tax!" grumbled the car- pet as papa got the hammer. Ethel-What are you cirawing?" Deltha-"A dog." Ethel-"But where is his tail?" Deltha-"Oh, that is still in the ink bottle." Mr. Young-"In the late war we had meatless, wheatless-and what other kind, Louise 7" Louise S.-"Feetless." XM Distinctive footwear at popular prices. Blosser Shoe Store FOR All Branches of Insurance Groceries AUTOMOBILE Fair Treatment CROP INSURANCE EXPLOSION FIRE AND LIGHTNING HAIL PLATE GLASS . . woRKMAN's COMPENSATION WINDSTORM SEE T. J. PRICKETT 8: SON STRONGEST COMPANIES NAPPANEE. IND P. D. BURGENER THE MARKET STREET GROCER P 0 96 ,..A ..- ' 1 f K .1 "'V'5r "" I-ull f"s'- f"w'1-f-M61 tl' 'ii X fl tsl in Mala S zz l fl W - ' 5.5.3-Inaswgza, l:3,:'f 1, vfff iraqi fa L5 F355 1 - i We ll Build It For You 2 H Q 0 Wg Paint DID you know that Elkhart has an iff exclusive Boys' Store? iq, it fOr YOU- Yvhen 3 Cufumner ,Everything for boys 1 to 18 years tif WHITCS 21 SINC131 3Ul30m0b1l9 t0D old. Suits, Top Coats, Underwear, 'ff and automobile painting, don't Hosiery, Wash Suits, Play Suits, 'fi turn down the order, but let us ?VeTauS,kHat5, Capsrfgmlfrlgllass C01- Q' build it and paint it for you. We ars' Nec Wear and O Cla Oy cout . . . . Outiitters. speciahze in autonnnnle top W, building, painting and carriage if bmMm. f g SCHULT'S BOYS STORE ,Z A150 Carry 3 line of farmmg 607 Main St., Near Monument implements. is lin fi -W? ff N C o C W. J. SCHULT 8: CO. 'i ' cj appanee arriage o. Q NAPPANEE' INMANA CLOTHIERS Fon DAD AND LAD SINCE 1as4 AAPFUL pi April 24What's up? Something to cause a gloomy feeling among some K2 Seniors. ?Q April 3-What's up again? Glen escorted a '24 girl home. Who? L. L. A-,Ik April 4-O. J. was playing "Peek-a-boo" with the rooms. Seniors had some Q .Q time keeping out of his way. l 'll April 5-Seniors had a regular blow out. Tried to sing in the assembly, tried XM to give their clap. They must have been sleepy. l 5:5 April 9-"Singing" for morning exercises. Mr. Yoder kept '23's company ln SJ room 2. '1 April 10ADo you remember. sweet Alice Ben Bolt, if When John and Glen got such a joltg if For soap she did feed them. and then had to lead them, gi To one of our "Home Town" Doctors. , 4. April 11-A little lad and a little lass, lfib One from '22, one from this class, To-nite did sail in Paul's wee ford, ,fl The last we heard was, all aboard: LaVon, Ray, Brenda, Paul. Mfg April 12-Glen bought candy for a class in the Library in charge of Esther. 731 April 13-Prof. Young sprung a Civic test. Mad? Oh, no. On account of 4 this three 23's and a 24 went for a ride in a new Ford. April 16-Chose the Minister to give the Baccalaureate address. Tig April 17-The Junior-Senior reception begins to show up. April 18-Mr. Yoder gave the Seniors a little address on discipline. lg! April 19-Every day in every way, its getting worse and worse. fmt April 20-Reception was given. Quite an affair. April 21-What an uproar. A iil Got ladio news this mornin Two Senior irls ste ed out with EEE v223- '. S g . PP . . 2 Freshies, 2 more with Sophs, and a few with last year Seniors. What IS this world coming too. April 24-Nothing doing. V'w 1 ffxf ji Q23 eiinnaiieimenxotninisfinrsimfeg EEE 5. fi E1 F D 1 QQDPIP De 'awww 51:55. O-.. - ENNSN QTTAT fiom? m'C1t-PN gQL,,E'.:1-Fi FDCD 1-+...Uq Q 25'-'Fw' H2855 14:5-funn: 2 55522 ggqmg sense P2522 D-Smgi. 5 H22 mN,...Q-, mf: -f 5f5'f5"r+- :- mfibmm 2.EfE.:w-5 :s:sf'W::' mmmilg --vm ,... S' M52 ?,?g' Q mig ST U1 un V' m U3 m D' 55 Z E- if -1 -- ui :s 2 'fi 2 Ei' 'D Q O rf' 5 3' IEEMME 2-QEEIEEEIEIEIEEEEIEEE N-H EEEEEEEEE EIEEEQQQ. I,. lil 1,31 E1 Iiarry R.-"I know, but they hav- EI E1 en t been here as long as I have. L9 E . Leslie O.-"Why, there Freshmen ii! th 1 th t 't d b .fa E iynm Eslsegclass a aren as um as 1. lil El The bird we would like to send if E flowers to, is the one who invented a ji El luminous glass eye to enable a blind .ip El man to see in the dark. SEE It Pays to Advertise! Extract from a laundry advertise- QE E Energie: gpgnw kgllpyour wife, let us GEYER 3, CI-Ipp o e 1r y wor . ,egg E! Under the Southern Hemisphere El A sleeper of the Amazon lil Put nighties of his gramazon ' El Why did he that?'He was too fat EXPERIENCE COUNTS ALWAYS 12' E1 To put his own paJarnazon. In E AS WE PASS Z I'm looking back to see if they E Are looking back to see if I PHONE 245 El Am looking back to see if they r IE Are looking back at me. I Ll E El 1- Ig Y El TO KEEP YOUNG If El w. A. PRICE M. D. PRICE rf El TO LIVE LONG Q? EJ. Ist EJ I-I El IIT EJ L21 E D P , gt P , Eat Mothers Bread PS. PICS PICS 'U EJ Ig! E1 E E BAKED AT E Office and Hospital El uffman a ery El El H B le W NAPPANEE INDIANA E E El E Q E 5-QEIEIEEIEEEIEIEEEEEE I 923 EEEEIEEEIIEEEIEIEIEIEE-3 P.-Rui. Ev' Irv '.: Flowers For All Occasions Our best attention given to funeral designs and special orders. SPRING PLANTS AND BULBS IMPORTED FALL BULBS IN SEASON. Remember your Home Florist when you need flowers. "Nappanee Greenhouse" Mr. Young-"Lansing was a great Secretary of State-lets see?-was he from Michigan ?" John Idescribing the battle of Bull Runl-"I d0n't know if the North retreated but it said if the South had followed them they could have captured the capital." Mr. Young-Icollecting money for Current Events in Hist. IVJ-"Did I give everybody their change 7" Lloyd Farr.-"I owe you a nickel yet." Mr. Young-"Oh, very well." Mr. Young-"What is the name of John Fremont's Wife ?" Helen P.-"Mrs, Fremont." Gurnie Landis speaking of the Mil- ford girls visiting our High School classes-"I don't see Why the boys couldn't come." Velma-"Naomi John Wants one of PHONE 156 W. MARKET ST . ,, your pictures. Naomi-"Let John speak for him- self." urrlca DIREITDR5 T-255 1. . . . Mutschler Bros. Company MANUFACTURERS OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED SAMSON and PORCE-NAMEL Tables NAPPANEE, INDIANA eogspeooonmee ,, .SPATENT OFFICE The Better Kltcnen Tablen Papa-"You were up late last night, daughter." Doris R.-"Yes, papa, our Fresh Air Club met on the veranda." Papa-"Who belongs to your Fresh Air Club ?" Doris-Cslowly and somewhat re- luctantlyJ-"Well, papa, there are two of us at present-Willard and- mef' Willard Yoder remains in rear of room while other French students move forward. Miss Vernier-"Come on Willard, I like to have you close to me." Miss Maze-"Give me a definition of love, Glenn." Glenn-"Anything you can put arms around." Ethel-"Mr, Young, may I use your typewriter?" Mr. Young-"It is out of repair. I am using it now." HARDWARE PAINTS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES FURNACES TINWORK EI C. C. CASS 8: CO. PHONE 59 NAPPANEE G. L. OYLER DENTIST 2ND FLOOR HARTMAN BLOCK NAPPANEE. INDIANA 'E 1-,w- 1 If swf he A A Walters 8: Walters DRUGS. BOOKS, STATIONERY WALL-PAPER AND PAINTS -lon NAPPANEE INDIANA Lf 32,51 N LAMB BROS. 8: GREENE MANUFACTURERS OF Tn , r:i'r"" '13'5x It 'imma .iffy 1?1Bs?f 'UNFJIEQFQ lf. ruff- b -,W P, 1 af, - -Q-.I I !Jn9qiQ.f4!f14l' li. ,glllli E "ite n I-.wm fi? Art Glass 8: Metal Overlay Lamps NAPPANEE, INDIANA Q 3- .,..1!e......-., Ray-"Lloyd, don't you wish that the Lord had made you a woman ?" Lloyd-"Weill, I-" Ray-"Never mind, maybe He has and you haven't found her yet." Reba B.-frushing into book storej -"I would like "The life of Caesar!" Lib.-"Sorry, but Brutus got ahead of you." Speaking of white mule, two rustic sports were uncertainly flivering their way home from the county seat. "Bill" said Henry, "I wancha to be very careful. Firs' thing y'know you'lI have us both in a ditch." "Me ?" said Bill in astonishment, "Why I thought you was drivin'." Snowdrop White, the organist. made a terrible mistake at the funeral of Rastus Smith. Instead of playing the Funeral March, she struck up- "Where d-o we go from here." John M.-"Naomi has the sharpest eyes I ever saw." Glenn Y.-"Yes, I noticed the cut on your cheek." WILLARD A. PRICE, PRESIDENT HERBERT L. WEYGAND, vn:E.PnE5mEN1- OWEN J. SHOEMAKER. SECRETARY-TREASURER BOARD OF DIRECTORS WILLARD A. PRICE H. M. TROXEL HERBERT L. WEYGAND J. S. SLABAUGH H. .I DEFREES J. D. RAPP AFETY ERVICE ATISFACTION FARMERS LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY 1" in .fl One Dollar Starts a Savings Account QP' :gn EI ,l,n..aftemri1lela1sealell1l 1 922.3 .mmmelieirtifitulilmaau-Je1l.w-32-, .nie i n sooo is " ? if 5 ' THINGS d e ff? , ig T0 'QRISTU EAT "" s S1 Y Q LEEELE I ,V f lus'rn5F J, 55335 JUST BECAUSE A THING IS CHEAP, 5?-'L--LUUR' f ,gms IT IS NOT NECESSARILY --TA A GOOD BUYY You are practicing genuine economy when you buy dependable merchandise, You will find satisfaction in ordering youi'g'1'oce1'ies from us. All the food in oui t has a reputation for its goodness. Our aim is to please you-always ullett's Grocery CQPPQS H0fQf BUY '-GIFTS THAT LAST" FOR L. B. Branham, Prop. Weddings, Graduation, Specialty Of Banquets Anniversaries, Birthdays and Sunday Dinners OU G T APPY EVE G OF JEWELRY GOOD LINE OF CIGARS Give US 11 Trial E.Newcomer8rSon-Jewelers -3 Everybody Goes to CLEMMER'S sac ioc STORE VARIETY DEPARTMENTS Louise S.-Cdiscussing Hist. IV.J -"It said etc., it said, etc., and it-" Mr. Young-"You use the expres- sion 'it said' too much." Louise-"Well, I guess I'll cut 'er out." As the result of over extension of her neck, Lucille Calendar fell out of ller chair. It was at first thought that we would have to call Mr. Young -in order to hoist her, four boys be- ing unable to do it. As a group of boys were passing Dr. Miles' Laboratory at Elkhart Firm Pippen exclaimed-"Gee, that's a big building to make such little pills." 1 Mr. Young-Un Hist. IV.J-"Paul, why don't you study? When George Washington was your age he was a surveyor." Paul-"Yes, when he was your age, he was president." The Young Man 3'Day YOUTH---Itfs here today. It will stay as long as you wear clothes that express youthful appearance. We're now showing the new Spring models. El SHOUP 8: KOHLER 108 N. MAIN ST. GOSHEN MECHANO-THERAPY is a scientific combination of Diet Manipulation, Physiological Exer- cise, Water, Heat, Light, Electric- ity and mode of living for the pur- pose of establishing a normal con- dition of the body. If you are sick, it will make you Well. Treatments pleasant. Call, phone or write to DR. A. B. SMITH Phone 195 Nappanee

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