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CIITI 0 'fl Q g mQi'. ,:B, I -f',55f4'1A' ' J' 1 .1 Ulhigv lil B M f, E IQ , 'Ni ' EQAV N TAM ' L H pjf A fe --TABLE OF CONTENTS Title ------ Dedication ---- Honor Society, Merit Awards, Honor Roll Board of Education ---- Administration - -- - - - Faculty - - Seniors - Annual Staff .Juniors - Sophomores Freshmen - 8th Grade 7th Grade Football Basketball Track ---- Student Council, Hall Monitors Code, News Staff - - G. R., Hi-Y - F. H. A, F. F. A. N-Club, G. A. A. - College Club, Debate Orchestra, Choir - Band - - Calendar - - Senior Class Play - Junior Class Play - Spring Prom - Class Prophecy Snaps - Advertising 1 3 5 6 7 8-10 12-18 19 21-23 25-27 29-31 33 34 36-38 39-41 43 - 46 47 48-49 50 51 52 53 54 56-57 58 59 60 59-62 63-67 68-88 -DEDICATION1 To the men of our faculty who have joined the cwmecl forces Mr. Willis R. Arn Mr. John V. Cuff Mr. 'Virgil K. Ort Mr. Wade O. Wichael PICTURE OF SCHOOL Under the elm" Childhood memories" "I pledge allegiance" "The east Wing" "Old campus" "The Way oui Trees for guards lSENIOR HONOR ROLL-- Eileen Atkinson Norman DeTray Lawrence Hampton John Long Lois Shelt Eleanor Belknap Marvelyn Genuit Mildred Kratzer Evelyn Osborne Ethyl Sickmiller Jeanne Solether --NATIONAL HONOR Eileen Atkinson Robert Bcwerman Marvelyn Genuit Carolyn Hoeffel John Long Harry Nichols Howard Shartzer William Small -HONOR Norman DeTray William Limpach Eleanor Belknap Fritz Pohlman Carmen Bond Robert Foster Norma Lauterbach Dick Weeks Patricia Hagans Lee Helberg Mary Hovey Robert Snyder Sue Carol Young Eleanor Belknap Norman DeTray Wilminia Cwcmer Rose Anne Howe Betty May Eritz Pohlman Lois Shelt Jeanne Solether William Limpach Mary Bevelhymer Wilminia Gomer NVilliam Limpach Earl Roessing William Small SOCIETY-- Carmen Bond Luther Cienuit Lawrence Hampton Mildred Kratzer Kenneth Musshel Earl Roessing Ethyl Sickmiller Donald Stough POINT AWA,RDS-1942-- Seniors Earl Roessing Don Eruchey Lois Shelt Mildred Kratzer Juniors Max Minnich Arlene Klotz Sophmores Waldo Gerken Gwendolyn Taylor Freshmen Orville Meyer Marilyn Ruetz Eighth Grade Charles Higbea Lenore Dunbar Seventh Grade James Reichert Ciweneth Detwiller Ruth Kurtz Lawrence Hampton Eileen Atkinson Ethyl Sickmiller William Westhoven Vivian Mahler Charles Snyder Lois Mehring James Kruse Ruth Daum Billy Little Omeda Leedy Jack Saneholtz Marilyn Brubaker QBOARD OF EDUCATION- Nl. DeTrav Ernest Vorwerk W. C. Chubb Otto Wittenberg T. P, Delventhal Paul E. Hoy, Clerk-Treasurer, We the students of Napoleon High School are grateful for the educational opportunities and ad- vantages given to us by the Board of Education, lt is through their efforts that We secure the facilities for advancement. By their earnest endeavor and guidance We are becoming better citizens. i-ADMINISTRATION- n Cleon Dubs Brillhart A, B., M. A., Napoleon Public School Superintendent Robert B. Oldfather A. B., Nl. A., Napoleon Higl School Principal x 8 ---FACULTY-- Physical Education Industrial Arts An tionette Zanolli B, S., Health and Phys sical Education. r Wade Wichael A. B., Health and Phy- sical Education, Bas- ketball Coach, Assis- tant Football Coach, Jane Brooks A Lawrence Secrest L, B, Miller A. B., Health and Phy- B. S., M. A., Indus- B S Industrial AHS sical Education. trial Arts. ' i' Music Attend ance-Li brary-Ofifice Lorrene Ort B S . . ., and Art. A B Music Michael Lombardi Instrumental Music. . ' n , Q it ffwf. f ft ' i iii , -V be Orley Sturdevant Evelyn Ferris Ora Green Visiting Teacher. Library Attendant. Secretary. FACULTY+- Science and Mathematz'cs Willis R. Arn B. S., M. S., M. A., Physics, Chemistry and General Science, Buck- eye Advisor. ,B 1 l s ' , Pharon K. Heckler B. S., A. B., Biology, General Science, Con- sumers Science, Hi-Y Advisor, Coach of Jun- ior High Football . if Sq if 1 l + 2 KS u l s ssh A s v- 1 A ills! T-k1"lJ' H Pr s ,, .slr . E , 1l:iTse2,. ,. .1 will . ..,, ls. .. ..,,..,. .. . " . iei'ixff5?'VE5? 9'if55:fZ?7f ' - .. . V Earl Riggle Physics, Chemistry and General Science. Language A. J. Rohrbaugh A. B.. Mathematics 9 Virgil Ort A. B., M. A., Junior High Science, Elemen- tary Supervisor, Visual Education Advisor. Stella Steiner John L, Johnson Carl F. Hawver Amy Kingsland . . . . . A., English, . A. B., Enghsh, Home A. B., B. s., Enghsh, B S' M M. A., Languages, Glrl Economics. Speedi, Df3m3fiCS- lgjfate' Freshman Foot' Reserve Advisor. -FACULTY-- Commercial Department Wayne Titus B. S., Retailing, Typ- ing. Bookkeeping, Re- tailing Coordinator. Genevieve Kellogg A. B., B, S., Short- hand, Typing, Busi- ness Math., Secretarial Practice. John Kappel B. S., Social Science, Business, Band Drill Master. Social Science Vocations 'Virginia Meekison M. A., History, Social Science. Clifford Nelson A. B., American His tory, Social Problems, Football Coach, Assis tant Basketball Coach Track Coach, Ruth Galloway Dewey D Shaw B. S., M. S., Vocation- B, S M S M ' 211 Home ECO110miCS. Vocational Agriculture CLASS OF '42--- President - Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer - The old maple tree in front of school Sways with new vigor today, For 'neath its branches in caps and gowns Passes our class on its way. Just four years ago it watched us start Quite green in our early years, And now today, just four years past It sees us seeking our careers. ln our time here, success has been ours- We studied books of every sort, XVe were found in clubs and in the band, Football, and all the other sports. Bill Limpach - - Bill Small - Marvelyn Genuit Robert Bowerman We filled the shoes of seniors before, Our two class plays were smash hits, And our 4'Buckeye", the best Aer Will be read as long as time permits. Now, all too soon June has rolled around, The class of '42 must go its' way, To make room for our younger fellowmen Who want to learn and have their say. On leaving, we want to thank our teachers Whose work, is a job well done. We also want to thank our fellow students For having made school life, fun. We leave now, the portals of N, H. S. And pass with glory Aneath the old maple tree, Prepared to fight the battle of life For freedom and democracy? BILL LIMPACH. ADOPTIONS MOTTO 4'Forward ever, Backward never." FLOWER Red Rose COLOR Silver and Blue LAMONT KOLBE - UI-Ians" -- Science Course l-2: General 3 3 In- dustrial Arts 45 Intramurals l-2-3-4. "'I am, 'what I am, my dust will be again."-ice cream cone fan-always a HI-Izu to everyone- MABEL VAN STREADER- "Mae'-Commercial Course l-2: Home Economics Course 3-4: E. H. A. 2. "The scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar." GEORGE COCKE - Commercial Course: Football l-3-4: Intramurals l-2-3-4: Reserve Basketball 3. 'AHealth and cheerfulness naturally beget each other."-a dyed-in-the- wool lover of horses. LUELLA ARLENE HOUCK - "Louie" - Science Course: G.-R. l- 2-3-4g Hall Monitor 3. "You are real, like silver, and your smilefi--June is the month for brides -her giggle ripples through the school like whipped cream on pumpkin pie. HARDY SWENSON-"Swede"- General Courseg Track 3-4: Football -4: Wauseon lg Wren High School 2- 3: Napoleon 3-4. "Afoot and light-hearted, I lake to the open road."-he has the looks of a descendant of a Norse god - another carefree senior - shoe salesman- JUNE ANN SWICK-Commercial Coursei Glee Club 2-3: Girl Reserves 2-3-4: Code Staff 3-45 Girls Basket- ball 2-3-41 Annual Staff 4: College Club 3. "Mindful not of herself."-'AOh, why has happiness so short a day?"- tiny creature - she knows how she wants things done-. ADOLPH GEOEPRION-"Duffy" -General Course: Napoleon High School 41 Debate 45 Scott High School 1-2-3. "Mingle your joys sometimes with your earnest occupations."-"Don't blame me because my name's Adolph and I have black hairl"-'4Duffy"- -CLASS OF '42- ,MARY BEVELHYMER-College Coursey G.-R. l-2-3-4: Band l-2-3: News Staff 4: Girl's Basketball 1-2-33 Choral Club l-2: Study Hall Assist- ant 2-3g College Club 3-4. "My tongue within my lips I rein, For who talks much must talk in vain."-a quiet girl without much to say--black, sparkling eyes. CARL THORNTON-4'Baldy"- General Course: Intramurals l-2-3-4. "Let him be sure to leave other men their turns to speak."-Baldy-"I have a rendezvous with fun!- MARGARET DONLEY - Home Economics Course: E. H. A. 3-4: Girls Basketball l-2. "lVhatever you do, do wisely, and think of the consequences."-what lives behind those soft, brown eyes? LELAND R. KNEPLEY-General Course. "Where he falls short, 'tis Natures fault aloneg Where he succeeds, the merit's all his own."-debonair-a spark! of mischief' surrounds him- what he can't do with a Ford! CAROL ALENE SHOEMAKER- "Shoey"-College Course: Glee Club l-2-3-4: Operetta l-2: Class Play 3: College Club 3-4: Girl Reserves 2-3- 43 Annual Staff 4: Intramurals l-2' Code Staff 2-3: News Staff 4: A ca- pella Choir 3-4: Girls Octet 3: Hall Monitor l-4: Choral Club l-2-3-41 Dramatic Club 1: Band 2-3-4: Stu- dent Assistant Cstudy hallj 4. '!Situated in the moon, kingdom of dream, province of illusion, capital Soap-Bubble" - "Attractive to the oomph degree". - never catch her without an answer - a ringer in everything. EARL E, ROESSING-"Bus"- Science Course l-2: Industrial Arts 3- 4: Football l: Basketball lx Track 3- 4: Tennis l-2-3-4: Hi-Y 2-3, Vice President 4: Band l-2-3-4: Orchestra l-2-3--4: Intramurals l-2-3-43 Stu- dent Council 2-3, President 43 Eresh- man Vice President, Sophomore Pres- ident: Code Staff 3-4: News Staff 4: Annual Business Manager 4: Hall Monitor 1-3-4: College Club 14: N. Club 3-4: Class Play 3. "Life has loveliness to sell-- All beautiful and splendid things." -- drummer, drum away: allow yourself never to be separated from your drums -strange that such a cool, serious- looking boy should be such a red-hot drummer!- BETTY L. MAY-Commercial Course: Napoleon High School 41 Girl Reserves 4: Bryan High School 1-2-3. "Thou hast the patience and the faith of Saints,"-a newcomer to the class--readily makes a place for her- self--there are no words in any lan-- auage to express her simple sweetness. -CLASS OF 342- BOB BOWERMAN - Agriculture Course l-2: Science Course 3-4: De- bate 1-25 Hi-Y 2-3-4: Student Coun- cil 3-45 College Club 49 Annual Staff 4g Code Staff 45 News Staff: Intra- murals 2-3-45 Activity Collector 3-4. "I was born to other thi'ngs"- "Time elaborately thrown away."- What quip will he think of next?- tormentor of teachers and fellow stu- dents alike-a cute little fellow, CAROLYN BOYER-"Pudge" or HBo"-Science Course5 Glee Club l- 2-3-45 Girl's Intramurals: Basket- ball I-2-35 Cheer Leader 3-X45 Girl Reserves l-2-3-45 Operetta 25 Annual Stall 4: Choral Club l-25 Class Play 31 College Club 45 A Capella Choir 45 Girls Intramural Volley Ball 33 Sports Manager 3-4. 'Her smile was like a rainbow flash- ing from a misty sky."-bubbling disposition-Bo-her feet just won't stand still--Eta Beta Pi leader. HAROLD BOST - Commercial Course l-2: Industrial Arts Course 3- 4: Intramural Basketball l-2: Hall Monitor 4. "Patience is powerfull" f'Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit."- "The kind of man who listens by the hour, but talks by stop-watch." BETTY J. HARRISON-Com- mercial Course: Girl Reserves l-2-3-45 Glee Club l-2. "Our thoughts and our conduct are our ownfl--modest, retiring- blond hair, well kept- NORMAN E. DETRAY-"Ned" -Science Course: Football 3-45 Bas- ketball l-2-3-4: Track 2-3-45 Band l-2-3-4: Orchestra l-2-3-45 Hi-Y 2-3-4, President 3: Student Council l-2-3-4: N Club 2-3-4, President 41 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 45 Code Staff 4: News Staff 4 Ceclitorjg Glee Club 3: College Club 4. 'fRuler by a peoples choic'e"., 'love comforlelh like sunshine after rainf' - into everything - a strong, handsome face-man wilh wit, mis- chief and sense-"a trumpeter pulling notes like taffy into a thin sweet thread of soundu. ARLENE LENSMAN-"Arley"- Science Course5 Glee Club I-2-35 Choral Club 2-35 Operetta 25 "Code" Staff l-2-3-45 News Staff 45 Intra- murals l-25 Girl Reserves l-2-3-45 College Club 45 Annual Staff 4' Usher I-2-3. "Studious of ease and fond of hum- ble things.I'-Arlie-vibrant-vivacb ous-Uher eyes change the subject"- l-AWRENCE G. HAMPTON - "I.arry"-Science Courseg Band I-2- 3-45 Orchestra 2-3-45 Basketball I-23 Track 2: Tennis 3-43 Intramurals 3- 45 Hi-Y 2-3-4, Treasurer 4: N-Club 3-4: Class Play 3: Hall Monitor 45 Annual Staff 4: Code Staff 2-3-45 News Staff 45 Glee Club 33 College Club 4. "Aid me for to win her-" "What ardently we wish, we soon believe."- The ivory-tickler of the 'IRhythm Four From Baltimore"-I always do what I should-no more, no less. 1 MARY FOSTER-'4Kak" - Sci- ence Course5 Glee Club l-2-3: G.-R. l-2-3-4: Operetta 2: College Club 3-4: Hall Monitor 4: Annual Staff 45 Choral Club l-25 Class Play 3. "To know is nothing at all, to imagine is everythingf'-"You do my eyes a favorf'-Napoleon's belle of fashion--eyes as blue as the Duchess of Wi'ndsorls.-"Kak". MELVIN BURKHOI,DER-Com- mercial Course l-2: Industrial Arts Course 3-4: Intramural Basketball l- 2. '1My own thoughts are my com- panions."-a rather solemn boy in school, but afterwards, he has his fun -there is something to admire in him. LOLA E. EICKHOPF-Commep cial Course. "The vacation of every man and woman is to serve other people."- "Dimples like small whirlpools in her cheeksfl -- you'd think with all the typing she does, sheld soon tire of it-- LELAND GLICK-"Ace"-Gem eral Course l-25 Industrial Arts Course 3-4: Basketball 3: Track 45 Hi-Y 3- 4: N-Club 45 Football l-2-3-45 In- tramurals l-2-3-54. "Heres a man who's devoted to his cause."-never idle-"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." GRACE BOST-Home Economics Course: Girl's Intramurals l-2: F. H. A. 2-3. "Silence has many advantages" - "Ever let the fancy roam Pleasure never is at home." iWILLIAM DELVENTHAI.-Bill -College Course: Intramurals 1-2-3- 4: Band l-2-3: Class Play 3. "Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear." "His voice goes on with a rising wind in itu-talent galore-- "He listens out of the corner of his mind." XVILMINA M. GOMIER-"Willie" -Commercial Course: Annual Staff G43 Code Staff 3-45 College Club 3- 45 Class Secretary 2: Glee Club I-2- 35 Class Play 3: Girl Reserves 1-2-3- 4, Treasurer 45 Choral Club 25 Ac- tivity Collector 25 Dramatic Club l. "A taste for books which is the pleasure and glory of my life,"-"A whispered look" - "hummingbird hands"-fair skin, black hair and eyes -Hml ELEANOR BELKNAP - "Bugs" --College Course? Glee Club I-2: Dramatic Club lg Operetta 1-2: Class Play 3: College Club 3-4: Girl Rt- serves l-2-3-4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3: Annual Staff 3-4, Co- Editor 4: Intramurals 1-2-43 Code Stall 2-3-4. Junior Editor 3, Editor 43 News Stall 4: Hall Monitor 4: Choral Club 1-2, Class Treasurer 33 Debate l-2-4: National Honor Society 3-4. f'Here is another head on the string of confusion." "Whose skill was al- most as great as his honesty-"-doo- dling scientist-painter of pictures- Nooki. JOHNNY BOST - Commercial Courseg Football Varsity N l-2-3-4: Basketball Reserve N 1, Varsity N 2-3- 43 Track Varsity N 1-2-3-4: Vice President of Class l: Football Co- Captain 4: All League Quarterback 4: Code Staff 2-3-4. I am a woman-hater, but the Good Book tells us to love our enemies and I always obey tqhe Holy Wrilt.-a friend in neled-eyes that laugh at you-Corporal Johnny Bost. DONNA MARIE STEVENS - Commercial Course 1-21 Home Ec- onomics Course 3-4: P. H. A. 1-2-3. "Language was given to us that we might say pleasant things to each other."--tall, blonde, and willowy- ROBERT CUPP - "Cuppy"--- --Commercial Course. "Let no woman's weapons, water- drops, stain my man's cheeks."--a masculine man--likes to hunt and tin- ker. ANNA LOUDON - Commercial Course: Glee Club 1-2-33 Basketball 2. "Here tiles of pints extend tlheir shining rows, Puffs, Powders, Patches, Bibles, Billet-dauxf'-a mind of her own-a captivating smile. PAUL MANN--Industrial Arts Course. "An honest man's the noblest work of God."-he plays "hard-to-tind"- buried in the shop. CAROLYN HOEFFEL - College Course: Glee Club 1-2-35 Choral Club 2: 'Operetta 1-2: Band 2-3-43 College Club 3-41 Intramurals l-Z-3: All-Star Basketball Game 3: Ping- Pong 3-43 Girl Reserves 1-2-3-4, Co- Social Chairman 3. President 4: Hall Monitor 4: Student Council 43 An- nual Staff 4, Editor: Code Staff 4: News Stall 4. "I am sure care's an enemy to life." -"Every man in the room tries to get her wave-length, but she doesn't tune inf'-knitter-al'ways dashing hither and yon-class-cutter. -CLASS OF '42-- 15 'BERNARD CRAWFORD-Com- ercial Course. "We cannot all be maslers."--an- other of these shy but powerful men, MARGARET L. EAHRINGER- Commercial Coursel E. H, A. 2. "Thoughts that came with doves' footsteps guide the world." - quiet, sweet, always willing to help some- one- KENNETH E. HOOVER-"Kem ny"-Commercial Course 1-2-33 In- dustrial Arts Course 4. 'mlhough I am not splenetive and rash, Yet have I something in me dangerous." -freckles - one man in the class with height! MARJORIE BRUNS-"Marg" - Home Economic Course 1: Commer- cial Course 33 Girls Intramural Volley- ball team l: Hall Monitor 4. 'fLike a skein of loose silk blown against a wall she walks-"-neat' as a pin-does she spend ALL her time primping?-Hhuman face divine." HARRY NICHOLS - General Course: Intramurals 2-3. "A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is a visible labour and there is an invisible labour.: -a good physicist-he should be more widely-known- EILEEN ATKINSON-"Einy"- College Course: Dramatic Club l: Hall Monitor' lg Debate ll District Music Contest 1-2: State Music Con- test l-2: Double Octet l: Choral Club 1-2: Operetta 1-2: Class Play 3: Girls' Octet 35 Orchestra 3-4: College Club 3-4: Code Staff 2-3-4: Annual Staff 3-4: Glee Club l-2-3-4: Girl Reserves l-2-3-4: News Staff 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3-4. "IVIen who undertake considerable things even in a regular way. ought to give us ground to presume ability." --classroom agitator -- linguist-saw castic wit-sold on organ and piano- LOWELL E. REID - Science Course l-2: Industrial Arts Course 3- 43 Basketball l-2: Intramurals 1-3- 4: Tennis 2-3-4: Hi-Y 3-4: N Club 4: Football 1: Hall Monitor 43 An- nual Staff 4: Class Play 3: Band l 2-3-.43 Orchestra 2-3-4. HI can feel the twinkle of his eye in his handshake."-"Delmar Avis and the newsu-he can always laugh --- freckle-face--with freckles as diminui- tive as pin-poirzts- 16 -CLASS OF '42- KENNETH W. MUSSHEL - "Kenny"-Commercial Course: Foot- ball 2-3-4: Track 3-4: Intramurals I-2-3-4: N-Club 3-4: Hall Monitor 4. "RecallesZ that trifles make perfec- tion, and perfection is no triflefl- tall, dark and handsome-football man- JEANNE MARIE SOLETHER- 'lleannieq-General Course: Cygnet l-2: Detroit 3: Dramatic Club 3: Ra- dio Club 3: Annual Staff 4: Code Staff 4: Glee Club l-2-4: Class Pres- iclent l: Class Reporter 3: College Club 4: News Staff 4: Band I: Bas- ketball I: Girl Reserves 4: Girls' Sextet l-2: Class Play 2-3. "She would be as the stars in your sight that turn in the endless hollowf' -she says what she thinks-she can always find something to laugh at. CLARENCE GEE - "Junior" - Commercial Course. "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in irons." - Messenger boy. - 'iSmoke-ring calmness." P LAURA SCHUETTE-'Sunshine' -Commercial Course: Girl Reserves 4: Intramurals l-2-33 Hall Monitor 4. "Her sunny locks hang on her tem- ples like a golden fleece."-lady of the perfect teeth-gay. ROBERT JENNINGS-L'Junior" --Vocational Agriculture Course: Hall Monitor l: F. F. A. l-2-3-4: F. F. A. Treasurer 2: F. F, A. President 3-4: Intramurals 3. "Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others."-a success- ful farmer in the making-soy bean expert- WILMA PLASSMAN-Commerc- ial Course. "Absence makes the heart grow fonderf'-why did you leave? we miss you so-long, auburnish-bronze hair framing a petal-like face- JOHN F. LONG - illohnnyw- Science Course: Activity Ticket Col- lector 2: Hi-Y 3-4: College Club 4: Intramurals 3-4: Hall Monitor 4: News Staff 4: Class Play 3. "So mild, so merciful, so strong: so good, So patient, peaceful, loving: loyal, pure."-he has a scientific mind, -he bears the marks of a professor- the sole man in French class-how brave he is! MARILYN L. RETTIG - Com- mercial Course: College Club 3-4: Basketball l-2-3-4: Choral Club 21 Glee Club l-2-3: Hall Monitor 4: Volleyball 3-4: Table Tennis 41 Girl Reserves 3-4: Code Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Hockey 2-3-4: G. A. A. 3-4: Intramurals l-2-3-43 Girls' All- Star Basketball 3. NA word Htly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."-she knows her rights and gets them-why are stenographers so efficient, so pun- ctual, so good?-"Blondie". CLARENCE SPIETH-"Junior'f --Science Course, l-Z: General Course 3: Industrial Arts Course 4: Football l-2: Hall Monitor 4. "Silence, when nothing need be said, is the eloquence of discretion."- "Sping"-why worry?-"Maybe l'n2 not what I seem?" MADLYN WII-LEMAN-'Willy' -Science Course I-2: Home Econ- omics Course 3-4: Glee Club I: F. H. A. 3-4: News Staff 4: Code Stall' 3-4: Ping-Pong l-2: G, A. A. "When we shall have succeeded, then will be our time to rejoice, and freely laugh."-one look is all that is necessary to know that she is full of fun- MAURICE NYE-"Moe"'-Com- mercial Course: Football l-2-3-4: Basketball l-2-3: N-Club 2-3-4, Sec- retary 3: Hall Monitor 4: Intramurals 1-4. "To persevere in one's duty and to be silent, is the best answer to calam- nyf'--by their shoulders shall ye know football men- ETHYL SICKMILLER-"Sicky" -Science Course: Girl Reserves l-2- 3: Hall Monitor 3: Glee Club l-Z-3. f'My soul goes clad in gorgeous things,"-whiz at math-she would befriend her worst enemy- HOWARD SHARTZER-Howdy -Science Course: Football l-2-3-4: Easketball l-2-3: Track I-2-3-4: Hall Monitor 4: N-Club 3-43 N-Club Secretary 4. i'Cool for the dutiful weighing of ill with good."-"lVIy heart is an open book."-he likes everyone, ev- eryone likes him-at ease with the world- THELMA EILEEN MCCOLLEY -Commercial Course: Basketball l- 2-3-4: Volleyball 3-4: Baseball 3-4: Hall Monitor 4. "The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another.l'-demure- she keeps her thoughts to herself-the lady in the red jacket- MARY JANE MEAD-"Picl2le"- Commercial Course 1-2: Home Econ- omics Course 3-4: Basketball 1-2-3- 4: Volleyball 2-3-4: Ping Pong 2-3- 4: Glee Club 1-2-4: News Staff 4: Girl Reserves l-2-3-4: P. H. A. 3-4, President: G. A. A. 2-3-4: Sports Nlanager 2-3-4: Hockey 2-3: A Ca- pella Choir 4. "Courage is on all hands, consider- ed an essential of high character"- what would life be without athletics? --stunning-the "bass" of the girls' glee club. MILDEN A, NOLTE-Commer- cial Course: Band 3-4. "Thought is the laborer of the in- tellect, reverie is its pleasure."-there's many a girl who admires and cnvies that luscious natural wave- MARY ANNE MATHERS -- Commercial Course. "Her heart was in her work, and the heart gives grace unto every art." --her enguling personality makes up for her tiny stature- DONALD B. PROVOST-"Don" --Industrial Arts Course: Stamp Club 2. 4'There is no substitute for thorough going, ardent, sincere earnestness."-- Curly-the age of machines calls all men to be mechanics- WILDA tl. ROI-IDY-Commercial Course 1-2: Home Economic Course 3--4: E. H. A. 1-2: Basketball 1-2. "ln men whom men condemn as ill I find so much of goodness still."-the individuality of red hair - a smile, genuine as blossoming dogwood- DON PRUCI-IEY-"Drake"-Sch ence Course: Football 1-2-3-4: Track 2-3-4: Hi-Y 2-3-4: N Club 2-3-4: College Club 4 President: Band 1-2-- 3-4: News Staff 3: Code Staff 3-4: Annual Staff 3-4: Intramurals 1-2-3- 4: Class Play 3: Hall Monitor 2: All League Tackle 4. "It is not good that the man should be alone."-Art runs in a family-- take pencil and paper away from him. and what would he do?--i'Duke". RUTH MARIE MEYER-Ruthie -Commercial Course: Libbey High School 1-2: Code Stall 2: Girl Re- serves 4: Intramural 2. "Light of step and heart is she."- have you ever seen her sorrowful?- -CLASS OF '42- 17 DALTON L. COMADOLL - "Shorty"--Commercial Course 1-2: Industrial Arts 3-4. 'iForemost man of his world."-ti little man, but mighty in mischief. f JOANNE LAREMORE-"Joey, -Commercial Course: Girls' Vested Glee Club 3: Girl Reserves 2. "As calmly detached as nurses in a hospital who smile faintly at what the patients say under ether."-sweet- heart face-she lets her smile fall everywhere- XVALLACE NELSON-"lVally" --Agriculture Course: P. F. A. 1-2- 3-4, Vice President 3-4: Hi-Y 2-3-4: Intramurals l-2-4. "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." --- Nordic beauty naive but. in spite of this, a good farmer. PHYLLIS ROHRBAUGH-Conv mcrcial Course l-2: Home Economic Course 3-4: Id. H. A. 1-2-3. l'We dropped life while the fuse was still burning."-i'l'm the smaller Rohrbaugh girl." -- "The cobweb prison of shyness."- RALPH EEAVERSON, JR.-- '4Porlzy"-Commercial Course: Band 2-3-4: Orchestra 2-3-4: Hi-Y 4: In- tramurals 1-2-3. "Nonsense, now and then, is pleas- ant."--'My appetite comes to me while eating."-tap-dancer-player of bass viola-Daisy-Porky-This is why the government rationed sugar. MARJORIE BRUBAKER-'Bra' --Science Course: Glee Club 1-2-3- 4: Girl Reserves 1-2-3--4: Cheerleader 3-4: Intramural basktball 1-2: Oper- etta 2: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3: College Club 3-4: News Stall 4: Hall Ivlonitor 4: Choral Club 1-2. "I have been one acquainted with the night."--'AThine eyes are like the deep, blue, boundless heaven."- champion soda-jerlzer-"that's my story and Iill stick to it!"-a perky cheerleader. XVILLIAM LIMPACI-I - "Tiger" -Science Course 1-2: Industrial Arts Course 3-4: National Honor Society 3-4: Class President 4: Vice Presi- dent 3: Student Council 1-2-3-4: Annual Stall 3-4: Code Staff 2-3-4: Cheerleader 3-4: N Club 4: Treasurer 4: Intramurals 1-2-3-4: Basketball l- 2: Glee Club 2-3, President 3: Op- eretta 2: College Club 4: Class Play 3: Retailing, President 4. "Now that we have stepped off the curb, shall we land in the gutter?"-- screwball Tiger--really, you should be in radio-the leader of the middle- hair-part men- --CLASS OF '42-- JAMES B. KERR-'AJim"+Sci- ence Course: Tennis l-2-3-4: Basket- ball l-2: Hi-Y 3-4: Intramurals 1-2- 3-4: College Club 4: News Staff 4: Hall Monitor 3: Class Play: Annual Staff 4: Clee Club 3: N Club 3-4. A'Still to be neat, still to be dressed as you were going to a feast."-high school Adonis-never without a cam- era-worldly-wiseiul am an Ameri- can born Chinese." MARVELYN GENUlT-"Marnie" ifommercial Course: Debate l: Glee Club 1-3-4: Class Secretary 4: An- nual Staff 4. l'Keep cool and you command everybody."-gorgeous, soft red hair and big, brown eyes - a combination plus!--"Busy as a fiddler's elbow"- a smile can do anything! COLLEEN GUHL - Commercial Course: Cilee Club 1: Girl Reserves 3. A'Affection is the broadest basis of a good life."-"elastic as memory"-a capacity for chattering + being a twin is a distinct advantage. MILDRED MAE KRATZER -- ''Millie'l-Commercial Course: Glee Club l-2: Choral Club l: Code Stall 4: Annual Staff 4: Hall Monitor 2-43 College Club 3: National Honor So- ciety 3-4. "As frank as rain on cherry blos- soms." -- efficient-wise-two mina- ture blue lakes serve as her eyes, fram- ed by a shadowy fringe of black-ef- fervescent, LOlS SHELT-College Course: Band l-2-3-4: Orchestra 2-3-4: Glee Club l-2-3: Student Assistant 1-2-3- 4: Activity Ticket Collector 2: Chor- al Club 2: Art Club l: News Staff 4: Annual Staff 4, "Pure with a sense of the passing of saints through the wood."-the guietest people are frequently the mosl mischievous ones at heart-all set to be a nurse. MARIL YN ROHRBAUGH--Com- mcrcial Course I-2: Home Economics Course 3-4: F. H. A, l-2-3. "You and I picked up life and looked at it curiously" - hard-worlr ing---neuer tiring-. WILLIAM SMALL-'ABill"-Seb ence Course: Football l-2-3-4: Bas- ketball l-2-3-4: Track l-2-3-4: N Club 2-3-4, Vice President 3-4: Class Vice President 4: Hall Monitor l-3: Code Staff 2-3-4: Annual Staff 4. "I agree with no man's opinions, I have some of my own."-"be care- free while you may, for some day you may have to work." EILEEN GUHL - Commercial Course: Glee Club l. "No one is born without ambitious worldly desires."-"Restless as a chip- rnunl'z's tail"--I, too, have the ad-- vantage of being a twin-. EVELYN R. OSBORNE-Com- mcrcial Course: Glee Club l-2-3: Movie Usher l-2: Room Monitor 2: Code Staff 4. "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."+her typing efficiency will put your eyebrows on stilts. JANET REIMUND-Commercial Course 2-3: General Course l: Home Economics Course 4: Basketball l-2- 3-41 Volleyball 3-4: Tennis 3-4: Table Tennis 1-2-3-4: Hockey 2-3- 4: Baseball 1-2-3: Glee Club 2: G. A, A. 3-4: F. H. A. 3-4: H. R. S. Manager 2-3: Intramurals 3. "Moderation is the silken string running through the peace of all vir- tues."--rosy cheeks, carefree smile, dancing eyes-all have an air of ath- letics--she can cook, too. --ANNUAL STAFF- Editors - Business Managers - Advisors: Advertising: Art: Mary Foster Luella Houck Carolyn Boyer Marjorie Brubaker Lowell Reid Donald Eruchey Typists: Mildred Kratzer Wilmina 'Gomer Marilyn Rettig Lois Shelt Carolyn Boyer Evelyn Osborn Eleanor Belknap, Carolyn l-loeffl Earl Roessing, Lawrence Hampto 1 Mr. W. R. Arn, Mr. R. B, Oldfather Liter ary Stall: William Limpach Arlene Lensman Eileen Atkinson Jeanne Solether Robert Bovverman Carol Shoemaker Sports: William Small Norman DeTray Photography: James Kerr Robert Kniffln --SNAPS? 'Which is the teacher?" "There'1l come a dav Elmer" AAWhere do you belongf' "Class Cutters Bowl Kem over" "Champs? -CLASS OF,43-- Zl E President - Fritz Pohlman Vice President Bill Westhoven Secretary - Carmen Bond Treasurer Dick Motter Three full school years have quickly passed beyond us. lt seems only a few Weeks ago We, the class of forty-three, entered Napoleon High School. ln our imagination We could see ourselves setting the pace of the school. With hard Work it wasn't long until we had done just that. Our grades were high, ccmpared with the other classes. Our class participated in athletics and clubs in great numbers. ' --FRITZ POHLMAN 22 ASS OF' lst row: R. Sauber A. Thomas R. Bemis B. Bernius J. Dietrick R. Davis 2nd row: M. Smith T. Spencer V. Barnett R. HeH'Iinger L. Sworden D. Hockenberry 3rd row: R. Kniffin J. Heilman R. Travis G. Walker H. Thompson C. Casteel 4th row: M, Mengerink E. Imbrock L. Hockman M. Minnich M. Armstrong D. Stough 5th row: G. Gurtzweiler H. Kurtz R. Harrington R. Howe W. Vocke E. Lange 6th roW:: L. Miller B. Hoover M. Fruchev W. Meyer V. Mahler E. Hancock 7th row: R. Dackenhaus G. Blair 8th M. Luebker C, Dietrich R. Bost M. Andrew R. Farison row: R. Dille V. Cupp C. Buckmaster M. Hoffman J. Bemis J. Curdes J, Harmon -CLASS OF lst row: P. Bressler P. McAllister B. Creager R. Oberhaus J, Krauss 2nd row: : H. Dehnbostel D. Davis K. Ashenfelter E. Allen R. Fleaglc 3rd row: N. Kratzer J. Smith M. Reimund E. Rosebrook R. Plory 4th row: R. Agler N. Shelt T. Boyd M. Dietrich F. Pohlman 5th row: J. Rieger V. Pruth C. Bond C. Vorwerk G. Parsels 6th row: L. Cmenuit L. J. Riggs W. Westhoveri R. Reiser R. Motter 7th row: J. Delventhal H. Rothenberger M. Cuff B. Perry H. Smith 8th row: L. Genuit B. Meyers D. Orwig V. Wittenberg D. Gunter 9th row: C. Fillinger D. Pacey A. Klotz L. Wiechers P. Leonhardt --S N A P S-- 'Ye old leanin' post" 'iWho is she? Teachefs Pet" 'iWhat have I said?" 'ipeekin Who's the center of attraction?" "Can we teach? Little genius" "At your service -CLASSOF '44--- 25 President Elaine May Vice President Don lngle Secretary-Treasurer LaVerne Long When the final bell tolled on the opening day of school, the Sophomorezs seated themselves and then with a knowing smile glanced at the newcomers. not forgetting that now they were beyond the green stage. Each and everyone entered into the spirit of making Napoleon High better than ever. Sophomores were found entering into football. basketball. track, E. E. A., debate, G. R. and Hi-Y, E. H. A. Each one did credit to the task they undertook. We are very grateful to our teachers for the guidance and patience they have shown throughout the year. And even though at times we have been a bit mischievous, I'm sure that none of us meant any harm. As the school year draws near the end we look back and feel proud of our advancement. ln the succeeding years we will always remember our Sopho- more year as one of the most pleasant spent in Napoleon High. -ELAINE MAY 26 -CLASS OF '4 4-- lst Znd 3rd 4th IOWZ D. Luebker N. Richard N. Stevens J. Palmer J. Kanney IOWI Nl. Shafer M. Sturdavant E. Saneholtz E. Hefflinger D. Kirian row: J. Bruns V. Reichert W. Dietrich R. Foster E. Thornton row: R. Freytag M. Gebhardt D. Farison M. Buckmaster G. McAllister 5lh row: B. Mathers J. Miller M. l. Roessing J. Fruchey L. Vorwerk 61h row: E. Sharpe L. Elling D. Smith M. Bond L. Hickman 7th row: R. Shumkaer E. May VV. Oberhaus M. Davis R. Shinrla 8th row: L. Panning C. Snyder N. Gilliland W. Foster D. Shelt 9th row D. Fleaglc B. Bell R. Speiser B. Allen D. Plummer CL lst row: 2nd 3 rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th P. Walters E. Vajen P. Sonnenberg D. Wurthmann W. Lensman row: E. Hess P. Von Deylcn L. Long B. Showman M. Dulle row: XV. Glick B. Little P. Deimling G. Taylor D. Huddle row: B. Thielman W. Cordes M. Desgrange R. Stites M. Deblin row: R. Harmon D. Stout T. McCo11ey P. Glanz E. Augenstein row: H. Desgrange D. Barnes M. Wachtman J. Heaston L. Mehring row: P. Phipps R. Huddle M. Meek A. Knepley K. Creager row: L. Russell D. Beard B. Rasey W. Wittenber N. Lauterbach row: D. Ingle H. Laremore W. Gerken W. Gerken P. LeRuth N. Howe 2 --S N A P S-- The three Stooges" A'Fifteen cents, please. C fl h yn "International hook-up are u t ere. "'Any bonds today? Yeah, team! Rah!" NA11 set for a touchdown --CLASS OF'44-- 29 President James Kruse Vice President Richard Vxfeeks Secretary-Treasurer Albert Daman After eight enioyable years of hard Work and pleasure the class of '45 has finally reached high school. Our two years of junior high were just the preliminaries to the real thing, as you don't feel that you really go to high school until you become a freshman. But Why look at the past? Let's look at the present and the future. Our class participated in such activities as: band, orchestra, intramurals. freshman football and basketball and Student Council, Several of the boys even made the reserve basketball team and were creditable representatives of us all. We also took part in the glee clubs and a great many students helped with the Code. After this year We will all feel that We are thoroughly acquainted and although We accomplished many things this year, we will, We are sure, surpass our present attainment. -JAMES KRUSE 30 ASSOFU15 lst row: K. Knepley R. McMichael E. Schulze A. Daman M. Ruetz J. Holden 2nd row: F. Leifer M. Bost J. Kruse M. L. Farison C. Maher R. Wirick 3rd row: R. Louden E. Gee J. Ratzlaff W. Moden B. Beck R. Smith fifth row: J. Crawford R. Blair D. Plassman M. Walters D. Rohrbaugh B. Sausser 5th row: O. M. lngle R. Gilbert P. Ott H. Diemer R. Thompson G. Campbell 6th row: J. Hefflinger M. Schwab W. Chubb D. Chubb J. Spencer D. Vajen 7th row: M. Huddle R. Swick E. Reiser E. Meyer E. Hoover J. Small 8th row: R. Weeks C. Murray J. Davis L. Thompson D. Blair B. Gebhart 9th row: K. Wiechers D. Lange R. Walters E. Nelson O. Meyer L. Miller B. Wright --CLASS F lst row: A. Lange H. Rohdy A. Baker L. Drewes R. Herman 2nd rowzz I. Farison E. Scarf P. Hagan J. Donovan A. Kolbe 3rd row: L. Groll E. Barrett F. Pacey M. Durham ' F. Keller 4th row: E. Elling E. Meyer A. Wencit M. Augenstein M. Dille 5th row: L. Gunn N. Hockman W. Badenhop H. Davis L. Wetter 6th row: R. Daum D. Hockenbcrry J. Heilman B. Ritter D. Baker 7th row: G. Willeman J. Deblin G. Miller J. Hoeifel R. Yackee 8th row: R. Davis C. Yocum M, Thomas G. Smith R. Miller 9th row: P. Sarrler J. Shoemaker W. Kluth M. Buckmaster R. Keil M. Hahn 32 -SNAPS--Q "Going somewhere?" 'Jam pile "One, two, three, kick!" UThe Rhythm Four With Private Bowes "Upside down" A'The brains of the squads A'Look where I am" 'KThe seven racqueteers --CLASS OF'46- 33 lst row: 2nd 3rd 4th 5th TOVV IOW IOW IOW lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row 4th row 5th row Absent--G. Kruse, J. Sturdavant, 1 E Bickford, B. Bost, D. F. Plassman. J. Boyer, R. Schueler, E. Svvingle, D. Ellinvvood, R. Showman, B. Hatcher N. J. Anderson, H. Kruse, B. Little, B. Klotz, R. Campbell, R. Scheele, O. H. Leedv L. Helberg, E. Hegle, J. Provost, R Hucter, M. A. Carter, H. Elling, A. Baker : J. Meek, O. Ashenfelter, N. Watchman, M. L. Hovev, S. Donovan, H. Hoover C. Lemon, L. Shelt, L. Dunbar, L. Marcus, W. Huddle, M. Panning, E. Grubaugh Ci. Riggs, C. Higbea, E. Fruchev, P. Bernius, W. Oberhaus, M. Hutchinson, J. May. N. Cupp, W. Bostelman, J. Young, L. Junge, R. Murray, J. Delventhal, R. Burkholder Kraegel, R. Weirauch, E. Miller, L. Ordwav, D. Cupp : M. Dillon, R. Dulle, F. Fauchler, I. Spencer, V. Babcock, D. Wittenberg 1 A. Perry, R. Liddle, N. Brown, O. Schlosser, R. Johnson, R. Ciarverick, E. Keller W. Willeman. 34 -CLASS OF '4'7--- lst row: N. Drewes, P. Burns, D. Hoover, T. Hardy E. Bowerman, E. Hoover, R. Gunn, D. Andrew 2nd row: M. Hatch, J. Dillon, L. Knipp, E. Haase, N. Lange, M. Packler, D. Davis 3rd row: G Bliss, E. Altman, G. Detwiller, A. Haase, B. Ellis, E. Dew, H. Babcock, M. Elling 4th row: G. Fronce, L. Baden, V. Gordes, P. Leonhardt, P. Bowers, D. Gray, F. Altman, C. Davis J. Leffler v 5th row: E. Frederick, M. Cordes, B. Arps, M. Brubaker, D. Hill, F. Hoover, M. Keller, C. Gee lst row: J. Moden, W. Young, M. Rohrbaugh, J. Saneholtz, J. Snyder, R. Quillman, H. Plassman 2nd row: N. Riggs, M. Whitchurch, B. Quillman, J. Palmer, R. Schwab, E. Mitchell, J Miller, C. Schwab 3rd row: J. Reichert, T. Thompson, E. Rasey, S. Yeung, V. Scarr, J. Neuhauser, L. Nelson, A. Miller, J. Schlosser 4th row: P. Zachrich, D. Yaichner, D. Shumaker, M. Wacthman, R. Snyder, E. Wittenberg, H. Shasteen, B. Niebel, VV. Shafer 5th row: F. Yackee, C. Spieth, H. Sonnenberg, D. Reimund, E. Mann, B. Van DeVelde, J. Reissen, J. Radel Ma 'N W PS T6 '- 5-M THLET I C S 159 , 3 V' . A Q Q -FOOTBALL SQUAD- lst row: Znd row: 3rd row 4th row 5th row M. Nye, N. DeTray, W. Small, J. Bost, D. Fruchey, K. Musshel, H. Shartzer Mr. Wichael, Asst. Coach, G. Gurtzweiler, R. Motter, R. Hefflinger, T. Boyd, L. Weichers, L. Glick, M. Minnich, H. Swenson, Mr. Nelson, Coach. D. Pleagle, D. lngle, M. Luebker, R. Parison, W. Westhoven, D. Hockenberry, R. Foster, J. Pruchey, P. Sonnenberg. R. Swick, C. Thornton, J. Small, G. Coche, L, Crroll, H. Laremorc. W. Kluth, D. Plassman, M. Augenstein. E. Hancock, J. Holden, G. Willeman, J. Weeks, E. Scarr, R. Agler. Napoleon High School had its most successful football season in a decade this year, scoring 212 points to their opponents 72, they won eight straight before losing their last game to Bryan on a rain soaked field This year marked the first time in the long rivalry between Napoleon and Defiance that the Wild- cats were able to lick Defiance two years in succession, The Cats set themselves up as the kingpins of the Northwestern Ohio pigskin parade until injuries and mud finally brought about their downfall. This year, four of the boys made the mythical All-League first team: John Bost at quarterback: Mose Nye at left end, Don Fruchey at right tackle and Ronnie Hefflinger at right guard. Three boys were named on the second team: Howard Shartzer and Larry Weichers in the backfield and Dick Motter at guard, while Ned DeTray, Bill Small, Max Minnich and Gus Gurtzweiler were given honorable mention. The Wildcats were one of the smallest teams in the N. W. O. A. L. this year, but they proved to their opponents that dynamite comes in small packages as they consistently played their bigger adversaries off their feet. A great deal of the success of this team was due to head Coach Cliff Nelson and his able assistant, Wade Wichael, who led them to their first N. W. O. A. L. Championship in six years. lst row: 2nd Mr, YVichael lVlr. Nelson row: Donald Fruchey Howard Shartzer Kenneth Musshel 3rd row: 4th 5th 6th William Small Nlaurice Nye John Bost row: Norman Derliray Leland Glick Martin Luebker row: Ronald Hefflinger Max Minnich Lawrence Wiechers row: Thomas Boyd Gerald Gurtzweiler Richard Motter Napoleon vs. Swanton -FOOTBALL HISTORY Napoleon Swanton-7 Napoleon Montpelier-7 Napoleon Defiance-19 Napoleon Liberty Center-7 Napoleon Bowling Green-0 Napoleon Perrysburg-6 Napoleon Wauseon-7 Napoleon Delta-7 Napoleon Bryan-13 The smallest Napoleon team in years took the field against a husky Swanton crew. The outcome was never in doubt after the first quarter. This is the most scoring a Napoleon team has done for many years. Napoleon vs. Montpelier The first time the "Cats" got the ball. Johnny Bost ran 75 yards for a touchdown. The Napoleon eleven scored 21 points the first quarter to smother the young, inexperienced, but game Montpelier team. Napoleon vs. Defiance Outweighed 20 lbs to the man, the unproven Napoleon Wildcats scored two touchdowns in the first quarter against the Defiance Bulldogs. The Bull- dogs came back to tie the game up several times, but the "Cats" were not to be denied, and went on to win. Napoleon vs. Liberty Center The Liberty Center Tigers had a very tricky defense and it took the Wildcats a quarter and more to figure it out. After this, the tide of battle quickly turned, and the balance of the game was turned over to the Reserves. Napoleon vs. Bowling Green The Napoleon team journeyed to Bowling Green to play the toughest Bobcat team of a decade. Napoleon, scored in the closing seconds of the first half and the rest of the game was played in mid-field. Napoleon vs. Perrysburg Playing in a heavy rain which made the field very muddy, the Wildcats proved that they could play under adverse conditions. It was a tough battle for three quarters, but the Wildcats finally shook their backs loose, Napoleon vs. Wauseon Victory in the game meant a share in the league crown. The team really went to town and the outcome was never in doubt. Napoleon vs. Delta In a game that was supposed to decide leadership in Northwestern Ohio football circles, these two undefeated teams fought a dogged battle for three- quarters. The "Cats" employing both razzle-dazzle and driving football went on to win. Napoleon vs. Bryan UMUDY! BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Mr, Wichael Bill Small Norman DeTray John Bost Bill Vvfesthoven Max Minnich Robert Foster Fritz Pohlrnan XDOI1 lngle does not appear in this group of lettermen although he is a letterman. LBASKETBALL- lst row: J. Fruchey, R. Speiser, R. Foster, M, Minnich, N. DeTray, D. lngle 2nd row: Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon T, lVlcColley D. Fleagle, V. Reichert, W. Westhoven, F. Pohlman, K. Delventhal K. Creager, D. Hockenberry 34--Liberty Center 9 45-Delta 3l 28-Bryan 32 28-Deshler 25 Z4-Deiance 38 38-Montpelier 20 -Hicksville 44 3 6 24-Wauseon 3 6 Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon ---Montpelier 37 --Bowling Green 37 -Wauseon 34 l5- 3l-Liberty Center 29 28--Bryan 20 43-Van Wert 50 46kPaulding 31 Defiance 3 7 Napoleon vs Liberty Center The young and inexperienced Napoleon Wildcats opened against a Lib- erty club of unknown strength. The Wildcats shot immediately into the lead and held the Tigers to a single Held goal throughout the game. Napoleon vs. Delta Against a fast and close-guarding Delta team, the Cats immediately be' gan to hit, and built up an early lead which was never relinquished.. Napoleon vs. Bryan After trailing 8 points at the half, the Wildcats forged into the lead in the third period. In the fourth quarter, the fancy shooting of the Bears finally subdued the Cats. 1 4 --BASKETBALL? Napoleon vs. Deshler The Cats journeyed to Deshler and finally won out in a close game, de- feating a good class "B" team. Napoleon vs, Defiance I The Bulldogs, one of the most highly touted teams in Northwestern Ohio laid their string of victories on the block. They got the victory, and the Cats got the block. Napoleon vs. Montpelier After a close first half, the Wildcats limited the Locos to a single field basket in the third period, while the Cats piled up a considerable margin. Napoleon vs. Hicksville The Cats journeyed to Hicksville and were beaten in a hard fought battle. Five of our boys went out on fouls, and this helped contribute to our defeat, Napoleon vs. Wauseon After a slow first half, the Cats found themselves in the third and fourth quarters, but were too far behind to grasp victory. Napoleon vs. Montpelier The Montpelier club caught the Cats badly off form and went into an early lead. The Cats simply could not hit, and were decisively beaten by the Locos. Napoleon vs. Bowling Green The Cats looked better in this game, but the Bobcats were never in danger. Napoleon vs. Wauseon The Cats played good ball in this game, and nearly upset the Indians, but an early Wauseon lead survived 'till the last. Napoleon vs. Defiance Hitting their all-season low, the Cats simply couldn't connect. and their defense was ragged. The Cats fell apart in the final minutes of the game, and the Bulldogs took advantage of this, Napoleon vs. Liberty Center Trailing 17 to 10 at the half, the Cats were not to be denied, and won out in a close game over an up and coming Tiger team. Napoleon vs. Bryan Remembering the last football game, and the first cage game, the Wild- cats gained sweet revenge from the Bryan club, Napoleon vs. Van Wert The Napoleon team journeyed to Van Wert and after a slow start against the favored Cougars, the Cats overcame a 15 point deficit and tied the game at the half. Van Wert's power finally overcame the Cats in the second half. Napoleon vs, Paulding In the last regularly scheduled game, the Cats displayed their best form of the season, and easily defeated the colorful Paulding team, whch had defeated many good teams. District Tournament Napoleon vs. Montpelier In their first game in the tournament, the Cats were slight underdogs to the Montpelier club. After a slow start, the Cats came to life, and kept up the pace 'till the end of the game. Napoleon vs. Bowling Green In the semi-final battle, the highly favored Bowling Green Bobcats met an inspired Napoleon team. The Wildcats led by one point at the half but slowly fell behind in the remainder of the game. This was their toughest game of the season, and the Cats fought their hearts out, and almost won. 1-TRACKl Under the direction of Mr. Nelson, Mr. Wichael and Mr. Andrews the thin clads of Napoleon High School are in the midst of another track season as we go to press. This year, because of the tire shortage, the schedule has been curtailed. Bryan, Montpelier, Wauseon, Deliance, Liberty Center and Bowling Green have been met in dual and triangular meets. The League meet will be held at Bryan this year on the night of May 18th. Track is just beginning to get a little notice from the public and we have hopes that this year will be a successful one. Those returning from last year's squad are: Howard Shartzer Don Fruchey Kenneth Musshel Earl Roessing Bill Small Ned DeTray Dick Motter Martin Luebker Ray Farison Max Minnich Tom Boyd Don Ingle Some additional prospects are: Bob Foster Jack Fruchey Ronnie Hefflinger Bob Swick H 1 We hope that this year's team will be the winners of all meets in which it is entered. CLUBS Hs-Y G-R News course CLUB REA. EAA. ,cms cws cuom !' DEBATE s.A,A, ORCHESTRA aa ND QSTUDENT COUNCIL? With Mr, Oldfather as advisor, the Student Council continued its work as the representative of the student body. During the year projects started in the years before were continued. Base kets of food were distributed to the needy at Thanksgiving time, the hall mon- itors Were again sponsored, and the Lost and Found case was maintained thru out the year. ln Working for the defense effort, the Council sponsored a drive for scrap metal in the school and helped in the city-Wide campaign. --HALL MONITORSL After three years the Hall Monitors, who were organized by the Student Council, are still one of the main features in Napoleon High Schools' represen- tation by the student body. The primary purpose of this organization is safety in case of ire or to assist, as Well as report the injury or illness of students. Of no less importance are the secondary purposes, for the Hall Monitors are also to help maintain order in the halls, keep the halls clear and orderly, and to act as receptionist to the many strangers who enter our building. The group consists of 42 members representing all four classes. Each monitor is on duty one period each school day, The members of this creditable organization look upon their appointment not only as an honorable means of representing the student body, but also as a duty which they are proud to undertake. --NEWS STAFF-- The News Staff this year Was ccmposed of the entire senior English class and was under the supervision of Mr. Johnson. Each student was given a chance to Write an editorial, While notes of each and every organization in school, along with sports and office news, all Went together to form one complete and Well-organized Hpaper Within a paper." Three feature Writers Were also on hand to report adequately on any import' ant "break," This year the School Notes were written primarily for the general public-- not for the students. We acted on the belief that the public Would like to have a Weekly resume of the school's events. The many favorable comments from the citizenry have more than justified our belief. --CODE STAFF- Editor - - Eleanor Belknap Assistant Editor ---- Bill Small. Associate Editor ---- Eileen Atkinson Copy Managers ---- Mary lrene Roessing, Muriel Bond The "Code", newspaper-magazine for Napoleon High School has ended its third year of publication. The need and purpose of this paper are obvious. Socially and morally the school needs a form of student support which can he found through the medium of student self-expression. GIRL RESERVES M-H1-Y? -GIRL RESERVE HISTORY-- President - Carolyn Hoeffel Vice President Maryellen Cuff Secretary Mary Deblin Treasurer - - Wilminia Gomer Program Chairman - ---- Eleanor Belknap Social Chairmen - M. Brubaker, J. Heilman, M. l. Roessing Service Chairmen - C. Boyer, P. Leonhardt, J, Kanney Publicity Chairmen M. Poster, J. Rieger, R. R. Huddle Chaplain - - - - - Mary J, Mead Music Conductors ----- E. Atkinson, C. Shoemaker Advisors: Miss Kingsland, Miss Zanolli, Miss Brooks The Ciirl Reserves club was bigger this year than ever before. Three parties and one joint meeting were enjoyed this year. Vi7e contributed as usual to the Thanksgiving baskets. The annual MotherfDaughter Banquet was held on May l3th and it was a great success. The Senior Breakfast was another big event of the year. Now that another year has passed we leave all our successes to the remain- ing members and we hope they will continue the good work. We are sure they will always keep the candles burning and the Girl Reserves Code alive and moving. lHI-Y HISTORY- President - Norman DeTray Vice President Earl Roessing Secretary - Robert Bowerman Treasurer - Lawrence Hampton Advisors - Mr. Heckler, Mr. Kappel Under the guidance of Mr. Heckler the Hi-Y Club magnified an already crowded program. The project of equiping a room in the hospital was carried to completion. Our policy of sending flowers to patients in the hospital each Sunday morning was continued. We cooperated as usual with the Student Council in giving baskets at Thanksgiving. The candy stand was operated daily and also at the football games. Two formal inductions were held, and many feature speakers addressed the group. The Club decided to show its loyalty and help our country by buying a defense bond for the Club of "52." Delegates were sent to all conventions and four officers were sponsors at Camp Nelson Dodd, the annual state Hi-Y training quarters and we are looking forward to sending 'next year's officers so they may have the benefits of this splendid training. -F. F. A.T President - - - - Junior Jennings Vice President Wally Nelson Secretary - Junior Harmon Treasurer - Eldin lmbrock News Reporter Ronnie Hefflinger Advisor ----- - - Mr. D. D. Shaw The Future Farmers of America have been very active through the school year. In the beginning of the year they sold Wildcat stickers to put on windows. Later the group traveled to nearby towns to play basketball with other F. F. A. organizations. Several members of the group also attended the International Livestock Show in Chicago. As a last expedition, the entire group went to the Marsh Foundation School at Van NVcrt. --F. H. Af- President - - - Mary Jane Mead Vice President Janet Reimund Secretary - Betty Myers Treasurer - - - Gertrude Parsels News Reporter - - - Jean Krauss Advisors ------ Miss Galloway, Miss Steiner The Future Homemakers of America have done their bit towards national defense this year. At Christmas, baskets were sent to different soldiers and when school was resumed after New Years, knitting was begun. Thirteen sweaters, iifteen caps and thirteen pairs of mit- tens were completed in all. Upon completion of the knitting project, the girls made three hun- dred Red Cross arm bands for the county drive. As a nnishing project hospital garments were sewn for use in camps. s l --N-cLUB-- President - Norman DeTray Vice President - Bill Small Secretary - - Howard Shartzer Treasurer ----- Bill Limpach The "N" Club started the year out with a bang. They made a large program booklet for the Napoleon-Defiance football game. They also are pub' lishers of the "Code" which has been very successful this year. They have lost their new and faithful advisor, Mr. Wichael, who has joined the Navy. -G. A. A .- President - Janet Reimund Vice President Vivian Barnett Secretary ---- - Joan Deblin Treasurer ---- Norma Lauterbach Every girl from Jr. High to Senior High is a potential member of the Girls Athletic Association. This organization, started by Miss Zanolli and carried on by Miss Brooks, has given our school many of its outstanding activities, such as our popular noon dances, bakes sales, play nights, all star games, etc., all these have pro- vided money to buy our all star team's suits. Through a point system G. A. A. monogramed letters and pins are award-- ed at the end of each year to the persons who are eligible. Several years of partici- pation in various activities are needed for these awards. Through the work of all, the G. A. A. has become an outstanding organ'- ization in our high school. -COLLEGECLUB-- President Donald Fruchey Vice President Bob Bowerman Secretary A- Patricia Leonhardt Treasurer ------- Wm. Westhoven For the second year the College Club has enabled prospective college stun dents to plan tl'eir future career before leaving school. Thirty-six have been registered. Several movies on vocations, aptitudes and requirements have been shown. Also representatives from numerous colleges have helped students plan for the future. Just before Christmas vacation, a tea was given for our graduates who are attending college. It was held in the cafeteria and seems to have established a tradition for the high school. Again, as before, the College Club has served its purpose and has gained even more favor than before with the students of the high school. W-DEBATE-M The Debate Club has experienced a most successful season. With only two seniors and four juniors, Mr. Hawver has high hopes for a future of noth- ing but winning teams ahead. Early in March the club was officially started. Previously it had been an organization without officers and a social life. The squad participated in six tournaments, and other debates. --ORCHESTRA-- The Napoleon High School orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Lom- bardi has completed another successful year. It has entertained at local meetings and banquets during the year. Besides entertaining at a school assembly, it has provided entertainment at the Junior and Senior Class plays, The orchestra also participated in the annual commence- ment exercises. The orchestra meets only once a Week and their time to practice is limited to forty-five minutes, but it can Work miracles during that short time and come out With a very fine orchestra. Along With the orchestra's busy schedule, it did its part in helping out the Mid-Winter Sunday afternoon concerts by giving a line performance. Although there are quite a few leaving the orchestra this year, We are sure that they Will be Well replaced and the orchestra will be better than ever. +C H 0 1 R-- This year a new and different choir Was formed. It was composed of an especially selected group of high school and junior high students. This group consisted of forty-three girls, all of Whom have satin vestments. Numerous public appearances including institutes and school programs, have kept the girls busy during the year. In March the organization presented a program in the auditorium. lt Was given as one of the series of Sunday afternoon concerts. From the comments of citizens Who have heard the group it is evident that Mrs. Ort has produced an entertaining and talented group of girls. --BAND- The band under the direction of Mr. Lombardi, and Mr. John Kappel, has just strutted through another year. During the football season it manuever- ed through many and varied difficult marching formations. lt also furnished music for the basketball games, and for many public concerts. A program given for the Sunday afternoon Mid-Winter Concerts. was directed by two former band members: Mr. John Hartman, and Mr. Fritz Evers. During the year the band performed on many civic and educational pro- grams traveling among other places to Lakeside, Crestline and Wauseon. Socmn. Lure Sept. 9 Oct. Oct. 8 Oct. 10 Oct. 14 Oct. 17 Oct. 21 Oct. 22 Oct. 23 Oct. 24 Oct. 28 Oct. 31 Nov. Nov. 5 Nov. 7 Nov. l l Nov. 17 Nov. 19 Nov. 20 Nov. 24 Nov. 25 Nov. 28 Dec. 1 Dec. 12 Dec. 7.1 16- -CALENDAR- QCIP icwu -Woe is me! School started today. "Doctors here and there" as the Northwestern Ohio Medical Asso- ciation meets in the gym. -"Team fight! On to victory!" Rain almost cancelled our snake dance. -"Yippee"! I knew we'd beat Defiance C21-191 Gee, what a team! -l don't usually get tired but--well single session and night school! 1 Ho Hum. --What a day! "Merchant of Venice" troupe has a break-down, we singed Liberty Center C27-75 and groan-Hrst grade cards. Seems like we'll never grow up! "Alice ln Wonderland" movie gives steadies Hrst chance to sit together in auditorium. Look pretty now! Today pictures were taken and all girls wore pearls and sweaters. I'm getting used to seeing us win-this time over Bowling Green. Oh glorious freedom! Teachers meeting in Toledo. -"Crime doesn't pay!" Wrist watch lost and culprit hunted. Funny. everyone is usually honest. Another victory when we took Perrysburg easily. 4-At last the Student Council meets. -Just like a farm when Arnold's Barnyard Frolics appears. -Delta literally bowed to our heroic boys. Such mighty men of football. -We must have single session like today more often. We also walloped Wauseon's football squad. -Make a dash for reserved seats at Bryan game. This game makes IT16 I19I'VOl1S. -I found the cause of mice in my locker when we had a locker clean- out today-huh-chocolate bar! -Sadness envelopes all as Bryan defeats us in football. We still get a trophy, thank heavens. -Back to the grind but school now starts at nine bells. -My art knowledge is low but Mr. Newberry Cartistl here today advanced my education. -Bashful boys receive football awards today. Fairly shook! Our grade cards were given out. Encore! Encore! Brought the super super Ritz Trumpeteers baclf. again this year. Also, first basketball game with Liberty Center and we won. We singed Delta on their own floor tonight and what a game! Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May June June June -CALENDAR- l9-I nearly cried when Bryan beat us on our own Hoor tonight. Woe! 22-Everyone's chest blew up as we beat Deshler there tonight. 23-Ah, ha! Christmas holidays begin and everyone is rushing madly Cincluding mej. 5-I'm really glad school reopened. Nothing else to do. 13-Hicksville blew our team clear off the map tonight but I have hopes. 20-Forgot my activity ticket quarter and Mr. Oldfather doesn't like that. 22-More programs disappear. The School for Drama assembly cancelled. 23-Two bad strikes! Grade cards and the Montpelier game Cawayj. -Bowling Green bowled us over tonight but we're getting better. 30-Why does Wauseon have Kraus? I-Ie really beat us-darn it! 6-Defiance pulled no punches I hear. I missed the game and dance after it. 12-From the back hills came "Bub" Burns. Now everyone feels philos- osophical because he was a sort of philosopher. 24-Van Wert won. 26-We won over Paulding. 6-Noise in the assembly cut short the orchestras program. Couldn't hear a thing. 9-Felt confident until I saw my grade card today. I thought I turned all lessons in. IO-Edna Means, characterist, gave the best assembly of the year. She really had command of her audience. I didn't even knit. ll-Guess who? Our speech class has run all over school doing imita' tions which were supposed to be good but! 20-Mr. Morgan lectured today and very well. 27--No noise please! Band gave an assembly today. 30-Spring vacation begins and I'd rather be in school. No fooling. -Vacation wasn't bad, I admit, but today I was glad to return to school, -Will you puleeze pay your activity quarter?? -Missed the Moyer lecture but I heard it was good. -Well, I'll graduate. I just saw my fifth grade card. Last assembly for Recognition. All the seniors seem sorta blue! I know I do! Senior examinations begin. I wonder about that French! Took my last exam and kissed the school goodbye with the rest. The lucky kids still in high school took their exams. too. The baccalaureate srevices were simply lovely. l-More underclass exams. 2-Goodbye Alma Mater! Graduation day sobers all seniors! 3-My last grade card and---schools out! Gosh, I'l1 miss it. -SENIOR CLASS PLAY-- M-l-he hole ownis olkinqn This annual Senior Class Play which was written by John Emers-on and Anita Loos was presented to the public May 20th and Zlst under the direction of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Heckler. The Cast Henry Simmons - - Harriet Simmons Ethel Simmons Chester Binney Letty Lythe Donald Swift Roger Shields Sally Otis Lila Wilson Annia - Sadie Bloom Taxi Driver Mrs. Jackson and Girls - Norman DeTray Marvelyn Cwenuit Eileen Atkinson Mary Eoster Jeanne Solether Bill Limpach Earl Roessing Carol Shoemaker Marjorie Brubaker Bill Delventhal Don Eruchey Jim Kerr Lawrence Hampton Ruth Meyers Arlene Lensman Carolyn Hoeffel Carolyn Boyer Ethyl Sickmiller Laura Schuette Mary Bevelhymer Bob Bowerman Wally Nelson Joanne Laremore Thelma McColley Mildred Kratzer Mr. Simmons, a paint manufacturer, wishes to marry his daughter, Ethel, to his business partner, Chester Binney, who is anything but the ideal man a girl would Want to marry. Mr. Simmons has a theory that every woman wants a man that all other women are crazy about so he searches for a way to make the unromantic Chester popular. He finally is gifted with the bright idea of selecting several pictures of beautiful girls from the corner drug store and hav- ing Chester admit having a love affair with one of them. The pictures which Chester select are l'The Queen of Rumaniau, "The Mona Lisa", and 'lLetty Lythe, the movie star". Since all are impossible but Letty Lythe, Chet is forced to fake a love affair with her. Soon the whole town is talking and all of the girls are falling in love with Chet and her jealousy leaks out. All goes well with Mr. Simmons' plan until Letty comes to the neighborhood theatre to make a personal appearance-accompanied by her fiance, who happens to be a prize fighter. Chester, poor thing, weathers the storm and wins Ethel in the end. lJUNIOR CLASS PLAYl l CGJUHQ NACICV, Presented March lOth and llth, l94Z by the Junior Class under the direction of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Heckler. The cast in order of appearance: Penny Wood ----- Joan Reiger, June Delventhal Chuck Harris - - - - - Clayton Vorwerk Mrs. Wood - - Arlene Klotz, Carmen Bond Elmer Tuttle - - - Eritz Polhman Dr. Wood - - - Robert Knifiin Eflie - - - Betty Bernius, Martha Dietrich Milly Lou - - - Carolyn Casteel, Marilyn Andrew G. Mervyn Roberts A Max Minnich, Bill Westhoven Roger Van Vleck - - - - Virgil Fruth Mr. Harris - - - - - Walter Meyer Ralph Wentworth Eddie Hancock, Leon Cuenuit Shirley Wentworth ---- Maryellen Cuff, Vivian Mahler Julie Harris ----- Joan Heilman, Patty Leonhardt "June Mad" is a three-act comedy written by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements. It is the story of a normal, happy, modern family consisting of Mrs. Wood, charming and middle-aged, Mr. Wood, middle-aged with a slight sardonic humor and their fifteen year old daughter Penny. Penny and her pal, Chuck Harris, who is only serious when speaking of his i'glider", have romantic difficulties when Penny's Uncle Mervyn comes home from college bringing wth him, Roger Van Vleck, an aristocrat and a handsome one. Penny falls in love with Roger and tries to appear older by downing all of her tomboyish ideas and putting on Hairsf' Meanwhile, Mervyn is being well occupied by Milly Lou, the ever faithful pest who has always had a soft spot in her heart for Mervyn. To make the cast complete we have Elmer, the handy man, Effie, the maid, Mr. Harris, the lawyer and Chuck's father, Julie Harris, Chuck's sister and a 'ldame" home from college and Ralph and Shirley Wentworth, a brother and sister. The unusualness of the play is the double-cast. The main purpose of this is to give experience for future plays. 1 --SPRING PROM-- prinq Pom Amid an array of totem poles and wigwams, the annual Sophomore, Junior, Senior prom was held on May seventeenth. The decorations for the gymnasium were entirely planned and carried out by a committee. For sev- eral days previous to the affair, Junior class rooms seemed bare as everyone worked eagerly. At the entrance of the gym was a thunderous War bird for a welcome. At the south end of the floor the orchestra platform was flanked on each side by colorful totem poles. On each side of the floor was a Wigwam, hand made and painted by art students, and a full size canoe. The dance began at eight o'clock and couples glided happily to Henri Fiddlers music until 'AC1oodnight Ladies" packed the indians, tomahavvks and fun into the box of memories. COMMITTEE Carol Shoemaker, Mary Foster, - - - Chairmen Bill Limpach Carolyn Boyer Marjorie Brubaker Norman De Tray Bob Bowerman Earl Roessing Don Eruchey Lowell Reid Mr. Roberts was the advisor for this years spring prom. We hope the proms in the years to come will be as nice as the one on May 17, 1941. TPROPHECY- hols Who n f merico - Helen Eileen Atkinson'-Famous pianist. Gained fame immediately after winning a Major Bowes' Amateur show. Now featured pianist with the Henry County string symphony orchestra. Ralph Beaverson. Jr.-Owner and manager of "Porky's Palace", New York's most popular night club. He is the first big time manager to own and manage his own place, and to serve his own food and to give his own floor show. Eleanor Belknap-Well known columnist writing her column 'iMy Night" for hundreds of the nation's leading newspapers. This column has helped thousands to find new sleeping enjoyment. John Bost-Chosen as the best coach in the United States last year. He is coaching fleas to do ballet for Feeney's Flea Circus. Mary Bevelhymer-MHolds the record as being the fastest gum chewer in New York City. She attributes her ability to make her mouth move to work- ing at the bargain counter in Macy's basement. Grace Bost-Noted the world over for 'lGracious Gracies Geraniumsf' Because of the way she shines in her field she has become known as the "Flour- escent Florist." p Harold Bost--Inventor of the flying motor scooter. He solved this intricate problem by placing his scooter inside a Taylor cub and taking oHf. Robert Gene Bowerman-Star pitcher with the Detroit Tigers. When the batter throws down his pat, he picks it up and pitches it to the bat boy. Carolyn Jean Boyer-Gowns by i'Carolyn" hit a new peak this season. There wasn't a race in which at least one horse didn't have on one of those fine horse blankets. Marjorie Grace Brubaker--"Helpful Marge" is heard on a nation-wide hook-up every morning, except on Sundays, giving advice to the love-lorn. She solves the problems by taking examples from her own life. Marjorie Bruns-Operator of "Brun's Beauty Salon", and famous for her ringlets. She has everyones hair going around in circles. Melvin Burkholder-Well known in business circles everywhere. Now president of R. C. A., CRidgeville Carp Aquariumj. Dalton Comadoll-Owner of Comadoll's Classy Clubhouse for Con- genial Citizens close to the ground. Associating with these short people makes him feel that he's on top of the world. George Coche-First man ever to win the Hambletonian stakes. When his horse slipped at the start, George traded places, took the sulky and went on to victory. Bernard Crawford-Fastest mechanic in the world. When he touches an object, no matter how greasy, he gets his hand away before any of the grease has a chance to stick to his hands. Dallas Cupp-Taking Gene Autry's place, "Texas" Cupp has become the matinee idol of millions of children. His popularity has been due to the way he can ward off the villian with his blazing six guns. Robert Cupp-Vv'inner of the A. B. C. bowling tournament sponsored by Ajax Biscuit Company. Competing with 50 other bowlers, he won the tourna- ment by forfeit telling the kids their mothers wanted them to come home. William R. Delventhal-Now in his thirteenth consecutive year on Broad-- way. He has a front row seat, center aisle, at the i'l3ollies." Norman Eugene DeTray-Became governor of Ohio after one of the most unique campaigns ever staged. The elections were held during one of Ohio's worst cold waves, and he warmed things up with a few hot licks on his trumpet -PRGPHECYEY making himself unanimously the peoples choice. Margaret Donley-Writer of the weekly magazine feature "Maggies Mem- ories." She gets her news from friendly switchboard operators the world over. Lola Eickhoff-The country's best known dietician. She claims Eileen Atkinson is her biggest success and Ralph Beaverson her greatest failure. Margaret Fahringer-Winner of the national cherry pie baking contest. She credits her success to her recipe, that of using peaches instead of cherries. Mary Kathryn FostereHOne of the nations best known models. She is now modeling bathing suits for Sears, Roebuck and Co. Donald Fruchey-President of Duke Features Syndicate. His cartoonists are applauded for their original stripes, 'iLittle Orphan Fannie", "Colossal4 man" and "Big Abner." Clarence Gee Jr.-Known as the "Cyclone of the keys", he is the world's fastest typer. Weekly he edits and types twelve thousand copies of "Gee's Jour- nal", the fastest selling farm paper in America. Marvelyn Genuit-The "Family Poetessn. she is considered the best of her time. Her best known poem is that depicting the family battle scene with the question like title "Who'sontopsis." Adolph Geoffrion-New York's dynamic district attorney. He has solved the case that has baffled police for centuries and has found out who killed Cock Robin. Leland Glick-Singing star of stage, screen and radio. He is rated the best crooner since Bing Crosby. Wilminia Gomer-Elementary teacher in Napoleon. She has long been an advocator of college at twelve so that the young persons will have more time to be a success in life. Colleen and Eileen Guhl-Owners of the world famous Guhl Sisters' Cough Drop Co. These girls have discovered a new substance called sweetten which, when you use their cough drops makes your cough sound like sweet music. Lawrence Hampton-Took up criminology in college and graduated with high honors. Now he has gained his long sought ambition and has been chosen "Best Melvin Purvis Jr, Ci-Man." Betty Harrison-Betty known as the i'Book Reading ltinerantf' She has been in every library and read every book east of the Mississippi. Cali- fornia here she comes. Carolyn Hoeffel-Taking the advice of "Helpful Marge", she began grow- ing orange blossoms for her wedding. This didn't work however, because after she had raised one thousand orange blossoms and tive hundred oranges. she had no one to squeeze them. Kenneth Hoover-A pool champion, best since Willis Hoppe. He won the Holgate first open pool tournament. Luella Houck-Voted to be HMrs. Typical American." With her family of four she is an example of what every American housewife should be. Robert Jennings Jr.-Inventor of the new crop called soy-wheat, combin- ation of soy beans and wheat. This can be used in making plastic for automo- biles, and when your auto is worn out you can take it to the mill and have flour made from it. James Bancroft Kerr-Tommy Manville had many, but he's a dub com- pared to Jim Kerr. Although still unmarried, the number of possibilities grow more each day. Leland Knepley-President of the A and P grocery chain. He has intro- duced a new idea in retailing, that of having clerks wait on customers. Lamont Kolbe-His is the greatest success story ever. Starting at the bot- tom he washed windows on the ground floor of the Empire State building. Now -PROPHECYl he has reached the top of his career, washing windows on the top floor. Mildred May Kratzer-Upon graduation from business school she was elected most likely to become a great stenographer. This would have come true if she hadn't married her first boss. Joanne Laremore-A well known cook who is the originator of "Maw" l.aremore's Spotless Soup. This soup will not epot neckties because it con- tains kerosene, and cleans instead of spotting. Arlene Lensman-A beauty contest queen. After elementary competition all over the country she acquired her crowning achievement and became beauty queen of Barton's Corners. William Charles Limpach-The yelling that was his in the game at N. H. S. has taken him to success today, for he now takes Johnnies place and has a HCall for Phillip Morris." John Long-Well known Anarctic explorer. Under the employment of the government he has charge of the up-keep of the South Pole. Anna Loudon-The smartest restaurant woman ever. She 11Ot only op- erates a restaurant but also a crutch store where customers can buv crutches and help the weak coffee, soup, etc. Thelma McColley-The world's greatest trick roller skater. A success after doing a spin of one hundred revolutions, she became a Hop hitting the floor in one-half second. Paul Mann-Lauded as the greatest production manager. He is credited with finding a way to save time and get more work from his men by having them smoke regular cigarettes instead of king-size. Mary Ann Mathers--Leader of America's second revolution. She was a big cause in the change from regular lard to Spry. Betty May-Osa Johnson was great in her day, but Miss May far sur- passes her feats. She has brought back lions, tigers, elephants, panthers, all alive-with fleas. Mary Jane Mead-Fastest running woman alive. She attributes her ability to run fast to her stockings, which help her by running when she runs. Ruth Meyer-Following her retailing experience in Napoleon High School Ruth has become a buyer in a large department store. She buys old paper, boxes, etc. f Kenneth Musshel-One of America's best and widely known men. He is a door to door salesman for Fuller brushes. Wallace Nelson?-Developed a new super steer. lt is heavier than all other types and needs only one thing for perfection, it lost its legs in the process. When these can be recovered it will be a success. Harry Nichols-This modern Einstein is known for the Nichol's Theory which proves a circle is a straight line gong around some empty space. Milden Nolte-Well known geologist. Discovered the tooth of a dinosaur, believed to be dead since the Triassic period. Later proven to be a time capsule buried at the New York XVorld's Fair. Maurice Nye-He is the first man to become a general in the United States Navy. He is general clean-up man on the U. S. S. North Carolina. Evelyn Osborne-Known as "Evelyn the Dairymaidn and champion milker in Northwestern Ohio, She broke the Northwestern Ohio record by one squirt, getting twelve per second. Donald Provost-ln the dark days of the war, when tires were scarce. this man became a success. He had four good tires. Lowell Eugene Reid-Considered to be the leading golfer of his time. Never before has there been a golfer who could slice the ball so much that it came back like a boomerang. Janet Reimund--Janet became the first woman player in organized base- 1PROI-UHECY? ball. She is a pitcher and a great success because no man wants to hit a lady. Marilyn Rettig-She has become a lone star in her field. She is the only person who can write the new tobacco auctioneer language in shorthand. Wilda Rhody-The Mljitan-haired rider of the plains." Not since the days of Calamity Jane has there been such a woman that could out-ride, out- shoot and out-talk a man like Wilda can. Earl Ferdinand Roessing4Leader of the most popular swing band of the day, "The Boogie Woogie Jive Five for Solid Senders on a Bender." lt's suc- cess is due to "Bus" abilty to drum up business. Marilyn Rohrbaugh-With her team the "Rohrbaugh Rattlersn, she has become a leader in her field. ln seventy-live contests they out-'knitted and out- purled their opponents and dropped only five stitches. Phyllis Rohrbaugh-First wcman ever to win a national husking bee. She won standing alone because, mistaking the men's ears for corn she tossed them in the wagon and no one was left to compete with her. Laura Schuette-Blond, Laura became an academy award winner in her first year in pictures. She received the award for her portrayal of "Cone" in "Gone with the Wind." Howard Arthur Shartzer-Not since Rudolph Valentino has there been such a romantic screen idol. Due to his blushing all of his pictures are in techs nicolor. Lois Shelt-Honored and revered for the noble work she has done in her capacity as a nurse. She is the best trained nurse for caring for dogs with the pink-eye. Carol Shoemaker-The most widely seen face on advertisements is Carols who works for Figgle's Falseteeth. On signs everywhere you will see Carols face with her teeth showing, and the words inscribed, "See they look real." Ethyl Sickmiller-Known the world over as the queen of hamburgers, Her hamburg shops have become extremely popular because she has something new added to her hamburgs-meat. William Arthur Small-HUntil recently Mr. Small was a great philantrop- ist. He gave libraries, museums, schools and many other things to the public. His philantropy stopped, however, when Bryan asked for a lake. Junior Spieth--Working night and day for prohibition, Mr. Speith has become the greatest temperance worker in the nation and the first man to be' come an honorary member of the W. C. T. U. Jeanne Marie Solether-She is undoubtedly the greatest painter since Michael Angelo. Her paintings are seen everywhere and the rat menace is prac- tically wiped out. Donna Stevens-Fame and fortune has come to prima Donna. Marrying County Discount she has become a countess of sales tax stamps for her church. Hardy Swenson-Crack engineer with the Wabash Railroad. He has set a new record for the Napoleon-Okolona run and is streamlining his engine so he can break his new record. June Ann Swick-Now appearing with Ringling Bros. Barnum 23 Bailey Circus' big acrobat show. As the acrobats go flying in the air, June takes her turn selling popcorn to the audience. Carl Thornton-The man who found success in reading comic books. Everyone knew that if it was good enough for Carl, it was good enough for them, so Duke Features Syndicate has hired him to read their books. Mabel Van Streader--aThe most successful lipstick saleswoman in the history of the business. She has been selling to the Ubanges. Madlyn Willeman-The lady who missed becoming the president of the United States because of her hat. She threw her hat into the ring, but the el- ection was over before they could Hgure out whether it was a hat or not. GUESS WHO? 64 -GUESS WHO?-- Little cupid! Don't fall off! Tuffy Thornton Just three My how you've M. Rohrbaugh M. Bevelhymer at six months Dalton Comadoll changed. M. Vfilleman Camera shy! Two-gun Porky! E. Osborn R. Beaverson Did you signal? Little Boy Blue! Cold? 6-day Tricycle Rider Posy Princess! L. Hampton L. Reid L. Houck E. Atkinson 'iKak" Beauty and the Beast! L. Eichoff Don't squint Teddy Bear! Cracker King Bathing Beauty! The sun shines bright! J. Solether B. Bowerman "Duke!' Jr. Jennings C. Hoeffel Recitation by The Gold Dust Twins! M. Kratzer The Guhl Twins Curly Top lt looks natural! That hair cut again! Biggy Boy M. Brubaker B. Delventhal Tiger Limpach N. DeTray First party dress! Napoleon Bonaparte! Look at the birdy! Bashful Boyer! Posing C. Shoemaker H, Bost Lois Shelt C. Boyer E. Sickmiller The V Great Profile! W. Nelson -SNAPS-- Sink it!" "Something to be proud off' "Drummer boy C. D." at his Work "Always efficient Manpower" H1941 Champions" L'Punting 66 iSNAPS- A'Strong Man" "Jealous, Chuck? "Let us in on ith HI-leads up i Motorists Mutual Auto and Fire Insurance Compliments of G L A Z E The COAL Man Represented by H. H. MEYER Vic Donahey, President Carl Crispin, Sec'y QHE Staff of the 1942 Buckeye Wishes to thank its friends, the merchants of Napoleon, for their loyal and complete co- operation and support this year, as always, in helping us publish this, the 26th edition of the Napoleon High School Buckeye. Compliments of The EICKHOFF FURNITURE STORE 816 N. Perry Compliments of BUYER MURTUARY Little In Businessg Big In Service Compliments of FRUCHEYS GROCERIES and MEATS .. .- n Few, gr. 714 scott St. Phone: 9-1301 TW Us 'OHCQSSQSQUQIQQEIQAZ one of The Compliments of Market Five Big Stores Lumber NAPOLEON DEFIANCE COYHPGHY HOLGATE BRYAN KEEP 'EM FLYING Compliments of GROLL'S MARKET C Compliments of CITY COAL COMPANY +1 1 DAWSON MOTOR SALES BUICK PONTIAC SERVICE Phone: 9-2264 Compliments of AUGENSTEIN Sz HOEFFEL Clothes For Dad and Lad "Satisfaction Guaranteed" L. S. DUNBAR SALES and SERVICE Napoleon, Ohio SUYDAM BROS. SALES SERVICE FORD 85 MERCURY I 833 North Perry Phone: 2-6881 l I I I F. W. REITER Sz SUN INSURANCE 1 I i '1 GEORGE E. RAFFERTY, Jr VARIOUS KINDS OF INSURANCE YOUR DUTY It is the patriotic duty of everybody to serve our country in some capacity. You seniors in high school can serve your country Well by preparing for secre- tarial and accounting positions in the de- fense Industry and government. International College "School of Commerce" FORT WAYNE, IND. RASEY'S GROCERY Ka MEATS Gpen Nites, Sundays and Holidays Compliments of CARL F. RAUSCH Sz SONS Compliments of RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY Quick Dependable Service I- Compliments of MRS. ANDY L. ORME Drs. J. H. a W. v. Glick, o. D. li i T i ' DAY'S OIL CO, Distributors of Sinclair Gasoline, Kerosene 8: Oils Furnace Oils Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of E. V. AUSTERMILLER oNE-sToP SERVICE Compliments of The Napoleon Grain Sz Stock Co. Napoleon, Ohio The Only Farmer's Owned Elevator In Napoleon Marathon Service Station "Best In The Long Run" BOB and PETE 24-I-Iour Service Compliments of The Napoleon Products Company For EVERLASTING SATISFACTION Visit THE BEAUTY SALON HENRY COUNTY SIGNAL A NEWSPAPER FoR THE FAMILY FARMERS PROD O U Com f COMPANY LUB-X-REFINERY , 132 West Front St. CE "EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHS" Has always been the slogan of our studio Our photographs typify Character, Quality and Individuality THE LIVINGSTON STUDIOS 417 SUMMIT ST., TOLEDO, OHIO We keep your negative on file, you may order additional photographs at any time. Compliments of MARCUS AUTO WRECKING- Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of SPOTSS PLACE Compliments of Compliments of HAGEN 81 soNs J. W. HARPER Compliments of FOSTER CANNING CO. Packers of CANNED and DRY DOG FOODS Napoleon, Ohio Glendale, Long Island, N. Y. Kansas City, Kansas Greensburg, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of FRUTIPS DAIRY HENRY C. THIELMAN Shell Products Distributor FRED H. GERKEN HAULER and CONTRACTOR Napoleon, Ohio ' R. C. BADEN Distributor of GULF OIL PRODUCTS Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of The The Napoleon Creamery Co. Wellington Hotel PASTUERIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS PAUL LEIFER Compliments of Sheet Metal Wo1'k-Spouting-Roofing Furnace Repairing 924 W. Washington St. Phone 2-2401 Make Our Store Your Store Compliments of THIESEN-HILDRED CO., STATE and WORLD L U M B E R THEATRES Always A Good Show At The State VIC'S VIC'S Compliments of Compliments of VI ' C S The RESTAURANT - Loudon Packmg Co and CONFECTIONERY NAPOLEON' OHIO VlC'S VIC'S STUDEBAKER FoR 1942 lf ITS 9 Top-Flight In Style, Lowest Cost Per Mile S BOKERMAN N ITN Oh, Sales-Servlce G ago eOim'T QS R Napoleon, Ohm D1y oods, Lfjolifil eau, ugs .. l ..... - - 1 Compliments of FAHRlNGER'S GREENHOUSE Compliments of THE FARM BUREAU BUREAU l Farm Service and Supplies Of All Kind '4Oil Is Amunition, Use It Wiselyv CITIES SERVICE OIL Sz GAS Home Oil Co. Herman J. Vorwerk Ernest Cr. Vorwerk W. G. MCCLURE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 125 W. Washington St. Phone: 2-2831 Compliments of DIRR 8z BECK Compliments of LARRYS DINER sTEAKs and LUNCHES Compliments of NAPOLECN CLINICAL LABCRATORY Compliments of TONY'S BAKERY DALLAS YUUNG GENERAL INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE 110W E. Washington St. Compliments of WHITEHOUSE HAMBURGER SHG? Compliments of A. F. WESCHE Sz SUN FUNERAL HOME Compliments of J. H. VOCKE 81 SON DAISY FLoUR Compliments of QUALITY MEAT MARKET Compliments of RED Sz TED DRUGGISTS Compliments of HAHN'S CLOTHING' Compliments of GERRTS BEAUTY SHOPPE Frank C. Dielman COAL Sz BUILDERS' SUPPLIES FREEMAN STOKERS Yards: 415 E. Clinton St. Ofliee Phone: 2-2341, Res. Phone 2-2341 NAPOLEON, OHIO Compliments of Compliments of J' BERYLE9S CAFE I WM. F. WARNCKE Real Estate Sz Loans Insurance Of All Kind Compliments of CHUBB'S BAKERY QUALITY BREAD and PASTRIES I. K. I-IONECK DRY CLEANER Shop Phone: 9-1641 Res. Sc Plant Phone: 2-5691 Free Delivery Fur Storage, Freely Insured Now is the time for Spring and Summer cleaning, and to have it done properly reouires an up-to-date plant. HONECK HAS SUCH A PLANT here in Napoleon? Where all garments are moth-proofed, and sanitary-cleaned. APPEARANCE Is An Important Step To SUCCESS H O Y ' S Shoes Clothing FOR YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of and READY-TO-WEAR, SHOP AT LUDWIGSPARSELS MORRIS 50 O me T0 31,00 NAPOLEON, OHIO Compliments of MITCHELLIS i MEYERHOLTZ STORE NAPOLEON, OHIO Flowers FLOVVERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone: 2-5081 828-830 Oakwood Ave, zvr Compliments of Bonded Member F Florist Telegraph Delivery Assn. Compliments of THE NAPOLEON SAND 8a Ohio Gas, Light 8z Coke CO. GRAVEL CU- Wishes The seniors The Best Of Luck LEO EBERWINE, MGR. In Their Later Life PREPARE FOR A POSITION At This Old Reliable School Summer Term Openings June lst Sz 1 C0mPlim91'1tS Of Fall Term Opening September Sth P. R. CREAGER l , Thurber P. Davis, Principal W1'ite or phone for a Course Folder 5th DAVIS BUSINESS COLLEGE I-Iuron 81 Adams Streets Toledo, O. Compliments of BIDDIE'S RESTAURANT and SERVICE STATION The Graduating Class of Napoleon High School EX- presses It's Sincere Thanks To the Supporters of the 1942 Buckeye. Compliments of WILLIAM FETTER REAL ESTATE at INSURANCE HAlVlPTON'S SINCLAIR SERVICE N and TIRE SHOP Compliments of Compliments of REICHERTS JEWELRY STORE Bowl for HEALTH and PLEASURE In Ame1'ica's Favorite Pastime at HAYS, BOWLING CENTER ..n - Q .. A f QPLEVROLEU 'il i V '11 SNYDER CHEVROLET CO. Best Wishes To The GRADUATING CLASS From The Napoleon Egg Auction ROY HIGGINS TAILORING and DRY CLEANING Hats Cleaned and Blocked Napoleon, Ohio '4Alvvays Reliable, Prompt and Eflicient Service" We Call For and Deliver Compliments of L. P. KRAUSS SOHIO SERVICE STATION 823 N. Perry St. ATLAS TIRES 62 BATTERIES LUBRICATION Compliments of F RUCHEY 9 SERVICE CO. I-Ierff - Iones Company Designers and lVIanufacturers of School and College Jevvelery, Graduation Announcements Medals, Cups and Trophies INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Jewelers To Napoleon High School Representative: R. J. Dicken Compliments of FLOYD WALKER Compliments of WELLINGTON BARBER SHOP H. A. LIMPACH Compliments of SHOEMAKERS JOHN H. SANEHOLTZ SONS CEMETERY MEMORIALS Napoleon, Ohio The Northwestern Telephone Service Co. For 24-HOUR TELEPHONE and POSTAL TELEGRAPH SERVICE Compliments of The Community Bank SHAFIWS DRUG STORES NAPOLEON, oH1o RUDY,S SERVICE NAPOLEON, OHIO Phone: 2-5351 Compliments of DRS. E. M. 8z D. E. DeTRAY C U R D E S I BREAD and PASTRIES X Napoleon, Ohio Phone 2-7571 The 1942 B U C K E Y E is the product of the Job Printing Department of L. L. ORWIG Sz SONS PUBLISHERS and PRINTERS Napoleon, Ohio Plummer Spray Equipment Co. Manufactu1'e1's and Designers T PoRTABLE INDUSTRIAL i p sTAT1oNARY PAINTING EQUIPMENT Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of THE PALMER HOUSE Compliments of SPENGLER'S GROCERY 1 vi i 1 N , , W 1 + 3 1 l i W V Compliments of Compliments of The L, P0 YOUNG MURRAY TRUCK LENE BARBER sHoP If It's HARDWARE We Have It 'E H VIA' 'll Napoleon Hardware Cvmpansf a t GLENN SPEISER E Phone: 2-7821 Napoleon, Ghio MAHER BEVERAGE CGOLERATORS Maher Coal Sz Ice Co RED 8z WHITE STORE , l Best Wishes of Comphmehts of ll Pure Foods, Groceries, Meats, Fresh PYROFAX DISTRIBUTOP Vegetables l MARTIN E. HOEEEEL Lawyer A Compliments of DR. D. C. GEORGE Compliments of C. W. CLIPPINGER, O. D. J. C. WILLIAMSON DAVID .MEEKISON Attorney-At-Law DR. E. G. COLE Dentist DR. P. D. COOPER Dentist EERD G. BEHRENS FREDERICK S. ALBRINK Attorney-At-Law G. M. THOMAS, D. C. DR. KENNETH E. DYE Osteophathie Physician Compliments of ROBERT B. PEPER Prosecuting Attorney LAWRENCE C. WARDEN Lawyer Compliments of E. C. EILLBRIGHT, D .C DRS. C. M. S5 J. J. HARRISON Compliments of A FRIEND www - ZMWWMW ' IM Qf 5 EW Ni V 'FIVI K f ' 'I 63? om? Q ff E' pf Wig W 5 CN SHoF5v01 1?M5iW WW M f MMQvQf0mwQJ WJ JS x - - aiu dWf f If Mifii' Wjipww yvgggfm jf!! UJ52g7'if3w'JJf2""'rM,f - Q.QYQf rfb Q'7?'f'PW gffwfwgw 'if W xp" 41026 We M' 5 .x92.'A' MKG 'Wy . 604251929 M0?,5ii'M Wg. QQWQW 54-S" ' , , f1 e fkgw 6394 WW Qf NW 'W Avggxix , B K' f77A!7-ff! Z-85' J'el2vfc'12 M' 4 , . ,364 L6 wg W . ff 332359. X QV A i 601926 , jf Q1 sffo My a, x ., W bm 2 MW? 4 00 X , m5ffWfgi 0 u F dMffWEi2fM?ZwJ mifjw Z?a3m"35-Jgwwwfggbw I ,jr WQW7 QQWC inffgqig' f f M A tp bWfgE5?6g Vi ' yr my W jjfffgffffwf QP' My My . 0 P6 f ' , Qjjp QW MMM 5546 ' 1 X - My W WWW WKQWWA 462 , ff B k Ab-XA LGI' Jefzvfce ,, W- .,.., ..,,-. ,,.., ..v,,,f , ,HY-,nw -L.X,TlJ. U I -4: .lj Stl' , lx V . A 321 JZ? Umm ,ww A ,

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