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I 0 Q IIf,I j A I 2 1614-l'." Q If T- f . 0 M7 ' 'Fl L ,fm Juli MQW? A S HB M' lg ln, 'S A K T 1 L -an -.. 35? ET? TTT S -Z: I fl 73 fm THE NAPLES CENTRAL SCHOOL at Naples New York yaxmemia THE 1956 N EAPOLITAN VOLUME NO. I5 Bebaufz, ,tuL6PLeU,aKZeg, ll was wilhin These wooded hills Ther lhe happy days ol our school life un- folded. The beauly of lhis lake counlry will remain forever in rhe memories of Neapolilan graduales, whelher we pur- sue our lile's worlq near lo our home valley or in some dislanl oily. Our mem- ories are always lhere lo remincl us of a Time in our life when cares were free and ioys were plenliful. W K, , ,- ,,,.-ff , "' A,,,,.4-" Lal' f ', A.-. A V ,, 'sf W a I QCN 'Z-n "' ' .,4,-1u.'f- X V, WN ' f'F'f' I ' K . Q u Q ,fw , , , , r , , X1 T., :M 11.4. '. 1. ff. e- ' . ' , .. W -5 , U .. It pf., . t if I 6 1 1 I r- f f V. ". ,y i sight" .Q: l,, , . , ., 1 A Vu A V HS? is x ...,,, ,raf- Rg L , .K 4 M. 9,15 4 ., , i ax' ? K 'f Y If I x W . .. H N ,N I X X .L .lv t I 5 XA y a x I g ul K 1 Q' . T K 5 N20 Q,-J 3 L m 1 ' W I 4, 1 L' ' W f . 1 xy ' J pl A ' ' in , Q 1 'i ax-'A Y: , 'J . U i h 4 , A, V L . A X I I Y X A , . , A . , t , , i P r ' f '- ' . . ' je.-X f- .1 , . ' A J 3' A ' Mzffw' 1 ' " x . , . " A . . i L f r F. . P b ' 2 'rr - W' f . 'f jf' 4 Af wif " l-if-. 'yu' ' K rr I W,,', ' ' f Ai . X f ' ' , - '. 1 if . xl' il f Q , 5"', v ,' k .L Y Vx X . Us , , , -vw A m .N V" af "'f3g,x l 4 ' I., Xi . 1 . V ', ,'K M 'H . YL J f A .f , N. H 1 Xi 'wx vue! . . an ' ' ' K 'L Q13 '1- K FOREWORD When we sing our Alma lvlaTer we Thinlc oT Naples, iTs valley, The surrounding hills, and The parT +ha+ each has played in The lives oT The sTudenTs and OT our school. Cur Alma MaTer also sings oT The role ThaT our school has played in The lives oT each oT us. The Board oT EducaTion, adminisTraTion, and TaculTy have guided us Through our TorrnaTive years, and have shown us how To do a iob and To do iT well. Along wiTh This They are our Triends and advisers. They help and encourage us To Take on The re-sponsibiliTies ThaT The educaTional organizaTions oTTer. Too, Alma IvlaTer sings oT sporTs and sTudenTs enjoying TogeTher her many acTiviTies l:noTh in worlc and play. 4 Forward Naples' Malce her maple-s Quiver wirh our cheer. Lei our rally MATER sir lhe Valle Y. Viclory is near! Keep The Green and While advancing Lei our colors fly: So we'll honor Alma Maier, Dear old Naples l-ligh. Forward Naples! Forward Naples! Tally one for her. Cul anolher nolch for Naples Lei us noi defer. For her honor We are slriving, l-ler we'll glorify. Shoul aloud for Alma Maier Dear old Naples High. Kendrick Shedd I --an--i "'lvInn,..,,. Jfo- LU-6,66 iio-non, Jifma. main Yes, we will honor our Alma Maier. And rnosl ol all we'll honor ils lacully. By our accomplishmenls and deeds in our laler life we can repay lhem for lheir palience, guidance and The high goals lhey sel' for us. Lei us resolve To use whal lhey laugh? us for lhe boiler- menl of mankind. Whal grealer reward coulcllwe give lhem? -lf' 4-V 54... 3, H, gf- 'MIWS 2, 1 ,,,.M--M m,,,1,,,,.-vw Q 4 -...M ,,,.4- .r ,. M H ,f -' -bn- .nw 'Q ,W-1+-weak Mr. Koby, Mr. Landino, Mr. Perry, Mr. Standish, Mr. Bassett, Mr. Sears, Mr. I-lowse. The labors ol our BOARD OF EDUCATION are greatly appreciated by students and faculty. These rnen qive ot their time to solve the many and varied administration problems. Many thanlcs for a job well donel 2'1- Jane, with her pleasing personality and etlicient ways, has become a friend and helper to every student and organization. The ADMINISTRATION 'Iackles fhe job of running fhe school . . The job ot leading our school falls on the shoulders of Mr. yyy, Thomas. our capable and efficient principal. ' i ' ' fi!-ilifljgijil 8 i SQ ik ' s NATQONN. -4 K "NnA.,f- 1 O x Q A' 5 .37 t,, f N IZ 1 Y ,.,L RH is ,2 1 A rg ff Ii K . if wid P rx ,r.sQS: Nqfm 1 ' ' 1 fffrw K if , M ' 'xl -, fi . ' 5 ...Q ' ei' - , A -, 53" Q gf :D ' . I ' r 5 . ,Q 1 . 1 X 1 Qui . 7 Uffw hh I , A A .ga " , A VI 'Q 1, , 4 5,ff:",.ff :,1,f. ,SQ 453 , 3,7 5 E, ,. se " 11' 1 1 'fL"fLf ' ' W ff ,N K, :kia S313 JU Lf' wha' ' ' , . I U4 V if if n 1 w"i,,i vi Ln 0 Yr, J . -V A, JT.. , -- ....--, , ' ' Q.. .... . ., ' l i . Ai H .r MRS. MORSE MR. KING MRS. GRAY MR. MOORE MRS. McKENNA Art Guidance and Junior l-liqh French and Math Instrumental Music School Nurse The Senior Class advisers Mrs Morse and Mr Moore discuss with Whenever we dont feel up to par Mrs McKenna M or and D Danaher the itinerary that the class will tollow on their is the one who cures our aches and pains Jew York City tour wlfh the cud of the FACULTY Mr Kung Guidance director discusses job opportunities A lew of the French students eagerly show Mrs Gray their Christ with B Denome and A Richards mas QIltS'lYOfY1 French pen pals a 'X Q2 4 5 5 -M, x b fir? 1 A-. , Ak', - fQ.,fL,wzg y- .,,,x:3 - K, .W Q, f -N nf ik Age, -L1 Ql ,r is RX XQER A' 'iff - V .. ww 'R' .T... gil MR. SCHICK MISS SANDERS MR. MILLER MR. SCHULTZ Junior High Junior High Junior High General Math and Agriculture "Are these answers right, Miss Sanders?" This is only one ot the questions going through these seventh graders' minds during their math class. These pleasant looks from our Future Farmers seem to express the knowledge that they are gaining through their discussion with Mr. Schultz. .4 Mr. Miller and Mr. Schick practice spelling words with the junior high students who participated in the county spelling contest. :C i f wr 'Q-Si! "fL'4"' Q' 7 'A 405 Liiftfvbrf f ff? 1 S Fjgfr 5, -fm 1 :kv I ff 1' BX an AQ!" Y., Mvir. ML-'atm Srth Grady Mr, Hgfmeg, Srxth Grgdgj Mr, Mrs. Brrglm, Thrrd Gradeq Mrs, Clerand, Socand Grade' Miss Wu, Frith Grads. Cr, W, Scrnvwd Grade: Mme Go der. Trwrd Grade. 1 The GRADE TEACHERS are our second parenfs. Grade' Mrs. Rreserwbergor, Fsurtrw Grade. '-' .. Uwrrrag, Fm! Grade' Mrs. Grbbous, Kmderqarien: Mrs. Lyon, Frr.,1 larado' Mrs. W,dmcv', Kmderqartem. N'-vw 698 42" V' 'AZN Q46 Mu' Hewrtf, Ffmrrrr Gradfz' Mrs, Srrtf-edamd, Frftrw aw ww.-4 w Q Mqmw f- u 1 H 1 -42' 1 -. S - .,., ., k K - K ,gn -if .hz , Q .. , . . eg, X ' W if?'f1Y 1, 4!"'5 53545329 , :I Q xr W 'HzQggi1g.,Qf54i:4 'f 'fg J mu if ff 3 QL 1 f as g 'ff-1 JW - I xx rg 157 1, fa? J ,' Q, IU' -V F ' " L .if 15, W ,4., , Q ff . 4 I gfitw v S' vw Q5 5, 4 el f fx mf S 'M 5 x. 5 uf .WL ik L 1' Y 4 4 KX . .ia....rfn..,... .,... ., -.. M, , . .,.u.......,.......4, - .EL ...g..L.-....L.,.4LL..g.... ....4.A....,,--... i.w,.. A-. - 1 . - a if gf.: 0 G 13 I I i WJ? First Row: P. Chapman, J, Jones, R. Konz, Mr. l-lunt, Mrs. Frederick, P. Gray, P. Cornish, A. Scheeren. S. Randall, E. Joseph, A, Eichberger. Second Row: J. Schenlc. D. Reed, K. Tietgen, P. McPhee, C. Seeger, J. Williams, E. Graff, G. Strong, J. Reed, L. Schwingle, V. Seager, M. Acomb, W. Jennings, B. Burd, J. Richards, T. Olney, J. Chapman, D. King. We admire our STUDENT COUNCIL Our Sfudenl Council members represenl every phase of school life. They are our friends, whose iudgemenl we have learned lo lrusl and respecl. Through lhe Council our sludenls have al- Tained a slandard ol sludenl governmenl which helps rhem To lalce responsibiliries and promole such proiecls as The monilor syslem, sponsored by rhis group. The Council members are nor only rhe leaders of The school buf also helpers whenever The need arises. They are always on hand lo help in emer- gencies and are willing To slep in on shorl nolice. OFFICERS Treasurer. P. Gray, Secretary: P. Chapman, Corresponding Secreiaryq J. Jones, Vic 2-President: A. Scheeren Parliamentarianq R. Konz, President: P. Cornish HONOR SOCIETY First Row: J. Pridmore, E Graff. R. Hoose, D. Dana her, M. Howse, J. Reed Mrs. Gray. Second Row: J Pridmore, B. Burd, B. Orr G. Moore, B. Reed. D Wheat. M. Randall, B Hawkins, K. Conrad, D Acomb, A. Scheeren, Mr Thomas. And respecf our HONOR SOCIETY Membership in NaTional I-lonor SocieTy is The mosT coveTed honor a sTudenT oT our school can receive. The Naples CenTral School ChapTer was organized in l95l buT IT already holds a high place in The minds of all oT us. The qualiTicaTions Tor membership are characTer, leadership, scholarship, service and an average of aT IeasT 851. This year sTudenTs Trom I-Iaverling I-Iigh School inducTed our new members. The I-Ionor SocieTy doesn'T have many acTiviTies buT iTs members are always ready To lend a helping hand here and There wherever iT is needed. They E. GraTT. B. Orr, D. Wheat M. Randall K. nr . . Co ad J Pridmore, D. Danaher, M. I-Iowse, A. Scheeren. OFFICERS A. Scheeren, Vice-President: J. Pridmore. President: D. Danaher, Secretary. acTed as guides Tor The Career Day pro- gram held aT our school This year. ln These smiling Taces a glimpse of Tomorrow's leaders may be seen. R. Harris, C. Kapins, R. Middlebroolc and J. Pridmore listen to J. Jones as she explains the lay-outs Tor the paper. Weekly deadlines keep The News STaTT has been The liTe line beTween The school and The people oT The surrounding com- muniTies. Every weelc The sTaTT reporTs a Tull page of school news in "The Naples Record." AT The same Time The sTaTT publishes "The Tower TaTTler," ,lg B. Orr, Art Editor of News Staff shows J. Brand how to put the headlines on the cover page. NEWS STAFF busy. our school paper. This year phofographs have been used Tor The TirsT Time. The newly esTablished jour-- nalism class, under The supervision oT Mrs. Dean, is helping To Train sTaTT members Tor Their reporTing duiies. Typing Editor P. Horan with assistants S. Randall and R. l-loose are working on stencils for the "Tower Tattler," our school paper. First Row: B. Burd, C, Kapins, C. Denome, S. Colf, J. Pridmore, A. Eichberger. Second Row: F. Mansfield, S. Randall, P. Horan, J. Jones, R. l-loose, Mrs. Dean, B. Orr, N. Fox. Third Row: R. Harris, J. LuTTrnan, P. Cornish, D. Duclos, A. Merlclinger, B. Bodine, M. Howse, G. Scott, P. Gray. J. Brand, R. Middlebroolc, M. Lyon, E.Gra1'T. STAFF J. Graff, G, Scott, and A, Sgheeren are busy drawing J. Pridmore, E. Joseph, and P. Smith are drumming up up the lay-outs for the yearbook. an ad from Mrs. Lyon. Our Alma Maier urges us fo do our besr in every phase of our school life, where our yearbook caplures in picrures and words every phase of our school life and spirif. The slarcl has been under 'rhe parienl guidance of Mrs. Gray, who has always advised us and shown us how we could berler our book. HELPERS First Row: D. Reed, A. Hawkins, J. Richards, L. Bills. Second Row: W. Watkins, J. Williams, R. Middlebrook, D. Duclos, S. Randall, B. Wells, N. Tilley, B. Tilley, C. Kapins. First Row: B. Drake, N, Fox Second Row: E. Joseph, B. Orr J. Pridmore, G. Moore, J Jones, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Dean Third Rowz, J. Pridmore, J Graff, A. Eichberger, R. Hoose A. Scheeren, B, Burd, P. Corn- ish, E. Graff, P. Horan, P Smith, G. Scott. B. Hawkins STAFF vunsoox STAFF E. Graff, J. Pridmore, B. Hawkins are choos ing pictures that will be used for yearbook IT7' m - xii -S JI A. Scheeren, President, holds a conference with the other otlicers ot the band, R. Konz, Student Council Representative, J. Pridmore, Treasurer and E. Joseph. Vice-President., OFFICERS First Row: M. Morse. N. Eckert, P. Watkins, S. Rennoldson, B Conrad, S. Harrington, S. Merklinger, P. Brown, L. Sargent, C Fox, B. Wells, R. Pridmore, D. Wheat, M. Schlegel, C. Graves, E. Cornish, G. Eckert, J. Pridmore, L. Dillon. Second Row G. Lincoln, J. Phillips, J. Richards, M. Hawks, G. Moore, J Brahm, R. Cornish, B. Standish, J. Swingle, R. Docteur, C. Wid Concerts keep SENIOR BAND in constant practice Here is the Naples Band. When a new score is introduced to this organi- zation the halls ring with a combination ot pleasant harmony and weird dischord. As time progresses the tormer reigns and what was once a taltering and vague melody evolves into a work ot music tit tor the acclaim ot any concert audience. Thanks to Mr. Moore. mer, P. Cleveland, E. Joseph, B. Bodine, S. Hoose, N. Guile, B. Treadwell, J. Chapman, F. Domm, J. Gratt. Third Row: P. Corn- ish, L. Fisher, R. Konz, J. Rectenwald, W. Jennings, l-l. Harbison, R. Joseph, L. Fisher, Mr. Moore, G. Strong, H. Fleischman, A. Scheeren, S. Randall, F. Jennings, L. Pulver, F. Merklinger, J. Stattord, S. Fox. and scales keep our JUNIOR BAND busy These, lhe midgels ol music, are lo be congralulaled for 'rheir parlicipalion in iunior band. When a young sfudenl begins sludy on an inslrumenl he needs more lhan iusl lhe desire lo play. He musl have a slrong delerminalion lo progress lo The ullimare musical goal in high school, lhe senior band. The slu- denls, piclured here, have rhal delerminalion. Wilhoul il, few would have reached The junior band level. ln a lew years +hey'll .X J 0 ly 0 9. 0 be silling lall and proud in lhe senior band chairs lhey so well 9 ' deserve wi+h days of dilficull praclice behind lhem, years of . . , MR. HAROLD MOORE musical enioymenl' ahead. Director First Row: R. Sargent, G. Merlclinger, T. Chapman, A. Corey. Sec- W. Chapman, C. Morse, K. Potter, D. Heath, A. Pulver Fourih ond Row: K. Landino, B. Schwingel, K. Deusenbery, K. Hawlcs, J. Row: C. Jerome, R. Woodard, L. Pulver, N. Pulver, S Mo Collins, J. Sargent, A. Bush, N. Harrington, R. Brand, L. Fox, L. Reed, C. Misel, R. Donley, R. Strong, B. Clawson, N Sn er J. lppolito, M. Wallcer, D. Wells, C. Clark. Third Row: C. J. French, E. Stewart, D, Phillips, B. Rennoldson, S Pridmore Wheaton, H. Shepherd, W. Perry, W. Pressler, M. Adams, R. S. Harbison. Hoag, C. Wilson, L. Bailey, R. Hanggi, W. Warner, G. King, Joan, Jackie, Jerry and Gene direct traTTic between classes . onitors The moniTors, who are represenTaTives OT our STu- denT Council, were organized in an aTTempT To puT more responsibiliTy on The shoulders oT The sTudenT body. These sTudenTs help in The halls, assemblies and special evenTs. The success oT This sysTem Though To The sTudenTs and The a ain proved Them is up y g - selves by co-operaTing compleTeIy wiTh The moniTors. Library Club F. Jennings, L, Fisher, fx. Merklinger, and A. T-langgi. isual Aids The visual aides should noT go by unnoTiced. They have given Their Time To learn The operaTions oT our school Tilm proiecTors. Since a maior parT oT Today's educaTional process is supplemenTed wiTh Tilms, The iob oT The visual aide is essenTial. To Them goes a well earned voTe oT Thanlcs. This club consisTs OT volunTeers who help Miss Shay, our librarian. Their duTies are To slip and shelve books, checlc new magazines and keep The library in order. lT also sponsors a greaTer inTeresT among pupils and Teachers in The use OT boolcs and oTher library maTerials To have improved library service. First Row: R. Woodard, V. McNamara, J. Phillips, R. Harris, M. Shay, O. Harris, L. Fox, S. Merlclinger, C. Graves, M. Gibbous, Mansfield, N. Eckert, N. Chadwick. Second Row: B. Clawson, J. R. Donley, C. Misel. Haight J. Sargent, N. Wallcer, J. Hughrier, M. Acomb, Miss .. 5,1 si ' f 3 iiaiiimdsbggffgaw Q' W5 awww 3 353333333 iii 54 Al pf Some sit. some chat, but most dance to the irresistible music Musicians and dancers get into the swing of "The OI South." A large crowd gathers at the punch bowl, Tor the pause that refreshes. Junior Prom 'si The lovely queen with her crown of roses and the ladies of her court reign over the dance. A humorous tale brings a chuglcle T from the members of the head table, X 24 ln keeping wiTh The spiriT and TradiTion oT our Alma MaTer, The Junior Class prese-nTed as Their Prom, "The Old SouTh." Wifh The dreamy music OT The "George Tell Quin- TeTTe," playing in The background The couples Tound Themselves dancing on The veranda oT a romanTic souThern planTaTion near'The banlcs oT The Mississippi River. "The PlanTaTion," a river sTeamboaT, was nesTled aT The docks on The willow-covered river banlcs. X The climax of the play came when Shalimar, taced with either cleaning the school tor a month or open confession, chose the latter and said she framed Pamela by planting the money in her purse. Buzz Bailey gets ready to clobber Ronald Sassoon tor trying to horn in on his romance with Pamela Jones when Mr. Ames makes a timely entrance. GQNO 77 More Homework CAST Miss Goodin . . . Mathematics teacher: not as mean as she seems: 50- Norma Kennedy. Mrs. Clendenning . Pat Horan. . . Science teacher: plump: sensitive to heat: 40- Miss Ogilvie . . . English teacher and DRAMA coach: about 35-Marian Howse. Mr. Harper . . . l-listory teacher: middle-aged and a confirmed bachelor- Norman Fox. Coach Guthrie . . . Mr. Lundquist . . . Danaher. breezy, congenial: about 25-Bob McClelland. long-suttering, ambitious principal: nearing 50-David Pamela Jones . . . capable, conscientious, well-liked: 17-Pat Gray. "Buzz" Bailey . . . Pamelas boytriend-with more freckles than brains- Bob Woodhouse. Shalimar Ames . . . a trouble-maker: good-looking: overindulqed-Anne With Faversham Lightly looking on, Mrs. Ratchet pointedly tells acting principal, Pamela Jones, that Mr. Tok has taken "me bucket." J. Briglin, stage manager: N. Tilley, makeup committee: Mrs, Dean, ad- viier: G. Moore, costume committee S. Randall, publicity committee: M Randall, student director: B. Drake property committee: R. l-loose. book holder: J, Pridmore, property commit tee: W. Watkins, property commit tee. 25 Eichberger. "Midge" Murphy . . field Faversham Lightly , . Tallulah Ploetz . . . Calf. Ronald Sassoon . . Scheeren. . fond ot rumors and bubble gum: lb-Frances Mans .a freshman: siow and sleepy-Paul Smith. the high school's gitt to the The-ah-ter: I8-Sheila . handsome, over-contident basketball star: l8-Al Miss Dill . . . school secretary: acidulous etticient and 30-Pat Cornish "Tick" Tok . . . The Napoleonic janitor-Bill Steinmetz. Mrs. Ratchet . . , the cleaning woman: slovenly, shrewish-Jackie Jones Elmer B. Ames . . Ralph Konz. Rusty Wings . Shalimar's father: a paunchy, pompous attorney- 'NN W-I FUTURE First Row: D. Schutz, W. Steinmetz, D.'Wright, W. Bodine. Second Row: R. Connor, C. Fox, P. Smith, FARMERS OF R. McClelland, A. Merlclinger, Mr. Schultz. Third Row: D. Schutz, L. Evarts, E. Latler, M. Bodine, A. AMERICA Richards, R. Fox, R. Worden, L. Schutz, F. Merlclinger. Fourth Row: N. For, B. Daggett, J. Frnnfis, F. Jennings, R. Tenney, R. Evarts, R, Dillon, W. Standish. W, McClelland, W. Borden, l, Wallzer, Through practice and projects our FUTURE FARMERS learn. Seated: C. Fox, President: A. Merlclinger, Student Council. Standing: W. Steinmetz, Sentinel: P. Smith, Treasurer: R. McClelland, Secretary: W, Bodine, Reporter: D. Wright, Vice-President: Mr. Schultz, Adviser. OFFICERS 26 The purpose ot the Future Farmers ot America is to practice brotherhood, honor rural opportunities and responsibilities and to develop those qualities which a Future Farmer should possess. Each year the F.F.A. enters in sports with other F.F.A. Clubs. ln the winter we play basketball and in the spring sottball. During the year our club has money- malcing projects, Some ot these activities are F.F.A. Fair, F.F.A. and F.l-l.A. Dance, seed selling, and Father and Son Banquet. Several ot the members raise pheasants to earn money. With our money we buy new sports equipment, have parties, go to see baslcet- ball games in Rochester, and this year we helped to buy new F.F.A. iaclcets tor our members. We also made a contribution to the F.F.A. Camp in the.Adirondaclc Moun- tains. This spring we are planning to start a crop demonstration. We teel that we have had a very suc- cesstul year. FIU! 45- t"' 'W o First Row: G. Moore, F. Mansfield, S. Randall, B. Bartholomew, S. Lafler. Second ROW: Mrs. Seeger, FUTURE B. Tilley, J. Pridrnore, R. Middlebraok, W. Watkins, N. Tilley. Third Row: P. Watkins, B. Reed, D. HOMEMAKERS OF Reed, L. Haitz, R, Harris, M, Mueller, D. Pulyer. AMERICA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS face fhe fufure wifh courage and hope. In November fhe F.l-l.A. had a Mofher and Daughfer Banquef wifh fhe program consisfing of fhe inifiafion of five new members. In December we profifed by having a bake sale. We joined forces wifh fhe F.F.A. and sponsored a round and square dance in April. A liffle lafer we helped fhe FFA. puf on fheir annual banquef. The firsf parf of June saw us giving our own fashion show. We were our own models, modeling fhe fashions we had made in our homemaking classes. A suc- cessful year was complefed by fhe elecfion of a new slafe of officers for nexf year. v---.4-7 O n,ab-f J. Pridrnore, President: W. Watkins, Secretary: S. Lafler, Corresponding Secretary: B. Tilley, Treasurer: R. Middlebrook, Vice-Presideni: Mrs. Seeger, Adviser. 27 OFFICERS Henan . .ik f'Er'.' 'ei r. Wohlschleqel, our monitor, helps a little boy Dessert coming up, as mothers and sophomores Senior Banque t. uni in distress, napshots Our Sportsmanship Club and its "Snitchin'l adviser Mr. Clarlc, taste the Queen Pat and King AI with their the J supper Members ot yearbook give "The Neapolitan" 5. once over ag in at DuBois Press court at the Senior Ball I r 'X Us Our fifth grade presented a Christ mas pageant, "The Littlest Angel. ' f le!! -was Hin L r First Row: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Cornish, Mrs. Miller. Second Row: Mrs. Clawson, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Dinzler. COOKS As The kniTe breaks The golden brown crusT OT The pie, The caTe- Teria help Thinks back over The duTies OT The day: The hard work oT preparing The lunch served To The hungry sTudenTs, and oT puT- Ting Things in readiness Tor anoTher round OT same. Now ThaT iT's cuT, leT's eaT! 2?f fT' -T f i 'W' . ,w g W Z4'+u1-ff School help means service. BUS DRIVERS A greaT deal ol serious consid- eraTion was given To The qualifica- Tions oT These men beTore They were accepTed as our bus drivers. Firsi Row: E. Herrick, G. Blanchard, C. Bush. Second Row: L. Gibbous, B. Claw- son, M. Chapman, S, Lyon, A. Eldred, F. Corey. CUSTODIAN S Our reliable cusTodians Take a mid-morning break Trom Their many and varied duTies, To have a liTTle "gabTesT." Their eFForTs help To mainTain our school's ap- pearance. P. Sweltz. C. Bush, C. Mayer, R. Prid- more, T. Drake. C. Stewart. 29 7f6MfLf1FL69JL66f'LCl!Ld Pulseadu-amazing, The pride of Naples has always been iis afhlefic record and 'rhe boys who esfablish 'rhose records. The marlc of a school is made by ils a+hle'res. May +he green and while always wave proudly in vicfory and defeal for no mailer whelher you win or lose i+'s how you play fhe game 'rhal counfs. df y lm," v-',,,u X efw' 1 -mln. -nf w- V A 'ff 2 .ay is , 5 6 W Q. 1 ff zoregroundz J. Adams, Coach Ilarlc, E. Joseph. First Row: D. Danaher, L. Evarts, R. Eddy, S Randall, V. Seager, R. Pridmore Second Row: G. Joseph, J. Reed E. Seager, A. Scheeren, R. Dillon G. Fleischman. R. Konz, J. Star' lord. Baseball -JW-N f W- .X t-xf -'W-1-w,,,,-f. -W... 'w..c,,, Wilh a record ol wins and no deleals our baseball 'ream wenl inlo +he finals +o slarl againsl Cuba. ln 'rhis game lhey were suppressed only afler five exlra-innings of play. First Row: G. Joseph, Coach Clark. Second Row: R. Konz, G. Fleischman, S, Randall, Third Row: Volleyball E. Joseph. D. Danaher, Harold Kennedy. Our volleyball leam wenl To Canandaigua in lhe league lournamenl and were lorlunale enough lo deleal every Team lhere. A+ Rochesler 'rhey look Three games in a row and delealed Cohoclon in The finals. 32 it 3 1 Our soccer Team wenT unconquered all Through The season and advanced inTo The Tinals wiTh a clean slaTe. In This game They were deTeaTed by only one poinT aT The hands of Pemfield. First Row: D, Wright, V. Seager L. Schwingle, R. Eddy. R. Prid more, T. Olney. Second Row: L Evarts, J. Adams, J. Stafford, J Swingle, Coach Clarlc, W. Borden R. Fox, S. Randall. Third Row: L Fisher, R. Evarts, F. Jennings, E Joseph, J. Strong, J. Reed, A Scheeren. P. Cleveland, A. Hanggi L. Sargent. OCCCI' Wa. 'ks' ' 1 m."?iev'2'H5g . is , ,. J "'H i9g 5 , K . ,K W. 4. .. ! 9 4. 'TV - .. .J 4 rin -. 1 .., A F3 'sf h N MEM ,f I Jffqqg tg, , First Row: V. Seeger, J. Adams,, D. Danaher, R. Konz, F. Jennings, G. Fleischman. Second Row: W. McClelland, E. Joseph, S. Yacuzio, G. Joseph, E. Seager, R. McClelland, A. Scheeren. H. Kennedy. Our Traclc Team broughT home The coveTed cup by deTeaTing The sTrong Phelps Team by a one and a half poinT margin. The meeT was decided by a 440 relay race. 33 Track Basketball VARSITY I, Iwwpll, R. Dull-Jn, C. Fox, J. Reed, Coac lllulli, ww.. ab l J' ., 'V 'X 7, - -V Dave Sian Jim gf J0l'nnY Jim 1 Clair Ward Russ Although we lost our first game lu Phelps we were able E., , , QNQIL... leml game at Canandaigua agaunst to come basl: in the second gums and deleul Um' arch H,,,g were reall, Wlmoping it up, rivals. 5 Rnilllnll, J, Stafford, D. Danaher, J Hlnfm, W Bknden, R. Docteur, R. Konz h ll-'W I955-56 SCORES Qpponenfs Scores NCS 4O 75 Belfasf ,.,....... Red Jackef ..,.,,. 54 Vicfor ...... . . . 4l Dansville . . . 45 Gorham . . . . . 39 Cliffon . . . . . 54 Middlesex , . . . '52 Phelps . . . . . . 67 Bloomfield ......., 44 Red Jackef ....... 4I 62 59 66 70 Honeoye . , . . , 70 l08 59 6I 64 70 83 Vicfor .,,.,. , . . 38 70 Gorham . , . . . 52 79 l-loneoye . . ,. , 62 87 Cliffon . . . . , 49 66 Middlesex . . , 58 78 Phelps .... . . . 52 6l Bloomfield . . . , . , 7l 68 Ovid .,... , . . 70 76 Cuba ..,.. , . , 46 57 Caledonia . . . 74 54 Again, fhis year, The varsify reached fhe playoffs. The goal was a fhird sfraighf championship louf circum- sfances beyond fheir confrol sfopped fhe vicfory march ar fhe finals. Somefirnes when a feam doesn'f quife make fhe fop fheir previous record is forgoffen. If is nof fhaf way af Naples. We, fhe specfafors, know how our boys can play and do nof lef one defeaf erase ACTION The pride of pasf vicfories. As long as Naples lasfs likewise may fhis spirif survive. Defeaf, fo a feam fhaf has known if buf a few firnes, is a difficulf fhing fo fake. The looys are winners in luofh cases. While our varsiiy baskefball learn was on fhe floor playing hard againsf fhe opponenfs, our cheerleaders were on fhe sidelines woiking iusf as hard fo keep fhe crowd's spirif up. All fhrough 'rho season fhey worked and piacficad on fhe old favorife cheers and from firne fo fime presenfed new .ind differenf ones fo our sfu-:lenl lfody. A greaf deal of the credif for our winning feain and school spirif should go fo ihese girls. CHEERLEADERS A. hiciubeiger, C. Olney, U, Wheat, P. Gray, l' flia,n.ian,. 35 -- First Row: Mr. Hynes, T. Olney, V, Seeger, R. Pridmore, R. Angelo. Second Row: L. Schwinqle, R. Lee, M. Bodine, l.. Fisher, R. Evarts. J. V. Basketball J. V. CHEERLEADERS J. Graiil, E. Cornish, B. Jennings, S. l-loose, M. Schlegel. When one looks aT The varsiTy's record one wonders iusT how long They will remain on Top. Then wiTh a loolc aT The Junior VarsiTy's record There is no more wondering. The Junior VarsiTy, barring a Tew deTeaTs which They swear were giTTs To The oTher Team, have had an equally brighT season. WhaT They laclced in finesse They made up in spiriT. Here is Truly maTerial Tor The sporl arena. 36 land. F.F.A. CHEERLEADERS . P Kidder, L. Hanggi. First Row: Mr. Schultz, F. Me ger y D W gh Merklinger, W. Standish, P. Sm th R Tenney Second Row L Walker D Schutz . Bodine, L. Eyarts, R. Fox, A R herds W Mc a d F Jenn ngs R Mi: W. Watkins, D. Duclos C. Ka ins, S. I955-56 SCORES Opponenls Scores NCS Opponenls Scores NCS Canandaigua .... 26 66 Cohoclon Jun. Var. 34 40 Bloomfield ....... 83 Wayland Jun. Var. , ll 43 Wayland Varsily . 47 Wayland Varsily .. 22 34 V' ,land Jun. Var. 85 Phelps ..,...,,... 24 58 -2. ndaigua .,.. 7l Odessa ......,.,. 28 l32 L. oelon Jun. Var. 75 Penn Yan ... ... 35 6I Bloomfield ....... 87 Odessa . . , . . 28 I I4 1955-56 SCORES - Opponents Scores NCS l-loneoye ..,. . ..... 46 58 Honeoye ...... ... 42 51 Honeoye Falls ... 29 69 Canandaigua . ... 29 56 Bloomfield ... ... 22 89 Rushville ,,. , 7 94 Phelps 5l 7l Rushville , 4.. 15 98 Cohocton .. ... 30 67 l-loneoye ... ... 30 69 Cohocton ... l 3 55 Cohocton .. ... 26 62 , Canandaigua , ... 22 61 Wayland .. .., 28 80 Bloomfield ... ... 32 77 Prattsburg ... . ... 24 80 Honeoye Falls ,. ... 58 49 Phelps ...,... 19 47 Clifton ..,.. .. . 37 46 Dansville ... .... 20 60 Dansville ... .... 27 66 Wayland ... .,.. 27 72 Cur Naples Junior i-ligh team enjoyed a very successful basketball season. The tirst game was played early in November against I-loneoye. The team consisted of seventh and eighth graders along with a few sixth graders. Stressing team-work in using zone and man- tosman patterns, the boys won twenty-two out ot twenty-three games from area schools. Although lacking in height, our boys had too much speed and ability tor other teams. Among the eighth graders Gary Seager was outstanding, Howie Fleischman led the seventh graders and "Jake" Joseph showed much promise as a sixth grader. Our scrappy team averaged 70 points per game in com- pleting a very successful season. Furs Row C Clarlc R Joseph G Eckert K Tnetgen Mr Schick, W. Danaher, 5. Evarts, D. Donley, J. Brahm. H. Fleischman, R. A Westbrook D Eddy R Schutz Second Row W Jennings, Cornish, l.. Fox, G.Seager, M. Schutz,T.Smith. '-Illini. . ' . ,,.' - N +5 . fy.-as 5 . , l a H K fr - .1 A A AVVK .va mamma. A " 'A Q 5 u'a'Wms A f.::.'.a'Eamw 3 Q? ah' fr Q Uv 2, '- QM ,F , ,,L.V K 4 v . -XL - Q dv ' ig i X 1 . I 1- - ww X , V f 3 k - 5 f J gr K W ! rg 'A L ' 7 Kf '41 E g , LVV' Wm EI,,XXW,ggg-1. :.i Q H 4 X uri"-ils,3?'i'ii1' 1: 2 if Ex 15 Q A U A 2 VL. A K s 7 2 1 I k 'A YM? QV!-bf! xl Q Watch khe if over! j o gad. 'M'+'fV4f++nnun-nu-aaf"""' L' h rl' X ,,, ' I ! fr NN-MQW blllg y 401: A VL. Ciuianxftfnefz, W When a senior class gracluafes There is somelhing los+. Bul lhis loss is nor noliced for long. H is Jrhe underclassmen who move info rhe looors of The deparlr- ing seniors. They are leff To carry on lhe Naples lradilion, +o conlinue culling Those nolches. A loolc af These under- classmen is ample assurance +ha+ Naples will conlinue fo advance. ag ' ff ff ,,,, 13 I .5 ,mm1I!I i . 'Q"', 'K 72, , up W B , . I 5 A 1" Q.. 9 , x QI e X . K . X az, Q5 fs rf A if , , .KIRK x x , M...--' M' 1 wi 1253 A l 0 .xx f' o Q "f"! 3 , 1 OFFICERS R. Fox, President: D. Duclos, Corresponding Secrelary: K. Con rad, Vice-Presidenh B. Orr, Treasurer: C. Kapins. Secretary The members of lhe JUNIOR CLASS have gradually A bake sale slarled lhe pennies iingling inlo lhe junior lreasury lollowed by a paper drive which was inheriled lrom lhe seniors. More money soon came rolling in wilh lhe pop sales. ln February a spaghelli supper was helcl. The girls and boys challenged each olher on lhe sale ol lickels wilh losers planning a parly lor lhe winners. The girls worked in lhe kilchen while lhe boys did a line iob ol wailing on lable. Jean Fisher, who relurned lo Naples lrom Ge- neva, gave us a chance lo be recognized socially. Jean won a gold wrisl walch and a lrip lo Chicago lo allend lhe 4-l'l Club Congress. She look lhese 'l'aken on responsibilify. as lirsl prize al lhe New York Slale 4-lll bread making conlesl in Syracuse. Our class rings arrived February 6 and il seemed lo brighlen us up lor a lew days. These will be some-lhing lhal we can keep lo remind us ol our high school years al Naples Cenlral School. The lradilion ol lhe Junior-Senior Banquel and Junior Prom was carried oul on June l. We owe much ol our success lo our newly elecl- ed advisers lor lhe 55-56 season. lvlrs. Seager and Mr. Clark have helped lo make our aclivilies a success and we appreciale lheir guidance very much. J, Fisher, center, demonstrates how to make her award-winning Swedish tea rings to W. Borden, P. Chapman, R. Dil- lon. D. Acomb, B. Bartholomew, and P. Brown. SJUU I L. Watker, R. Dcctew, D. Wriqtnt and R. Tenney ttwtize the tast mintte betcre anncancsments to get ttwetr books tor morning cwasses as E. Ftetscnman asks S. Latter and D. Reed it ttwere was an as- signment tcr nfstcry. . ,,ss .H . ,M, .. ,.,... W. Standwstw, B. Watts, G. Scott, P Watkins, C. Wldmer, and B. Orr are busy setectwng cards tor their class pro- ject. 44 C. Denome buying pop at a basketball game trom ner classmates E, Gratt, I.. Evarts, D. Dudes, K. Conrad, and R. Fox. First Row: R. Angelo. A. Fox, R. Worden, R. Pridmore, V. Seeger, M. Donley, P. McPhee. Second Row: Mr. Richter, B. Reed, Y. Denome, B. Burd, M. Lullman, M. Mueller, P. Washburn, D. Pulver. Third Row: L. Schutz, R. Briglin, J. The SOPHOMORE CLASS looks forward fo the coming years When we came into high school as freshmen our goals were not set and most of us were uncertain of the opportunities that a school life offers. We were loolcing to upper classmen for guidance. Bur now as sophomores we have been able to straighten out many of our maior problems. We have become more involved in groups and organizations and have been able to pattern ourselves as individuals. As sophomores we have found each of us achieving his own goal. By giving our assistance and cooperation we have been able to prove ourselves an important part of our Alma Mater. OFFICERS V. Seeger, President: R. Worden, Vice President: B. Reed, Corresponding Secretary: J. Adams, Treasurer and P. Washburn, Secretary. 45 Rennoldson, M. Schlegel, S. Hoose, N. Guile, S. Kidder, L Hanggi, E. Cornish, B. Jennings. Fourth Row: J. Reed. R Evarts, J. Francis, G. Acomb, M. Bodine, J. Brand, J. Adams R. Lee, S. Hanggi, B. Hawkins. 6 IK- AA Firsf Row: F. Merklinger, J. Graff, R. Connor, J. Hughner, J. R. Huber, J. Tilley, D. Chapman, L. Fisher. B. Daggatt, R. Richards, N. Walker, J. Schenk. Second Row: M. Brownson, Fox, L. Fisher, W. McClelland, L. Schwingle, O. Harris, E. J. Rector, L. Pulver, A. Hawkins, M. Mansfield, Mr. Hynes. Laller, H. Fuller, D. Schulz, L. Bills, J. Luffrnan, P. Preston, T. Olney. Third Row: And Idsf buf noi' leasf we mee'l' 'l'he FRESHMEN. A wonderful day il was when we freshmen look our firsl slep fowards high school life ale lhough, we musl admil, we experienced The usual pangs of "greenil'is" by arriving in lhe wrong classrooms. Bul, considering everylhing, we gol off To a flying sfarl +hanks +o our grand adviser, Mr. l-lynes. We experienced greal' suc- cess wilh our lirsr high school proiecl, a pancake supper. As we end our firsl year, we now feel +ha+ we are really a perl ol: senior high school OFFICERS Schwingle, President: P. Preston, Treasurer: J. Luffman, Vice-President: L. Bills, Secretary. First Row: D. Rennoldson, V. Morgan, B. Conrad, L. Schultz, S. Chapman, F. Domm, M. King. Second Row: K. Tiefgen, D. Potter, T. Guile, A. Newman, L. Donley, F. Willis, B. Lobdell, R. Damboise, L. Hoh. Third Row: Mr. Miller, M. Acomb, A. Rex, G. Seeger, H. Johnson, D. Fuller, J. Widmer, J. Brahm, G. Fleischman, S. Snyder, R. Todd. First Row: S. Walker, T. Baader, A. Campbell, L. Standish, S. Rennoldson, S. Ross, B. Worden. Sec- ond Row? S. Harrington, J. Phillips, P. Gardner, R. Willis, H. Todd, T. Smith, F. Mueller, D. Coye, C. Kidd. Third Row: Mr. King, G. Pridmore, M. King, E. Hurlburt, L. Schenk, L. Fox, D. Donley, M. Schutz, B. Danaher, G. Lombard. 47 .. Till? ll' 4 First Row: R. Schutz, J. Yacuzza, F. Mansfield, R. Smith, P. Huber, D, Eddy. Second Row: G. Lincoln J. Chapman, S. Standish, T. Baader, M. Hawks, M, Kidd, L. Dillon, B. Read. Third Row: C. Stone, F Corso, W. Lafler, S. Merklinger. S. Campbell, N. Vierhile, S. Evarts, C. Main, C. Graves, G. Eckert S. Fox, Mr. Schick, First Row: M. Willis, N. Eckert, C. Lee, M. Morse. Second Row: N. Schenk, D. Hall, B. Cermak, D. King, S, Evarts, P. Sutton, M. Gibbous. Third Row: T. Hoh, J. Steinmetz, Westbrook, J. Luttman, R. Tnzadwell, H. Fleischman, R. Cornish, R. Wheaton, W. Jennings, P. Martin, R. Briggs. Fourth Row: Miss Sanders. 48 15's . 5. FMQS A911 First Row: N. l-lanrngton, D. Schultz, L. Reed, W. Pressler, D. Briglin, P. Baader. Second Row: H. Schwingle, J. French, B. Dean, R. Barkley, R, Hanggi, J. Schultz, J. Lyon, A. Hawks. Third Row: Mrs. Moscato, J. Guile, C. Wilson, L. Bailey, R. Richmond, A. Corey, E. Thompson, J. Rectenwqld, B. 1 Stone, J. Rectenwald. 4 First Row: C. Mlsel, C. Latler, C. Dambolse, S. Bills. Second Row: C. Clarlc, L. Barton, L. Fox, Ll. Schleqel, L. Morgan, J. Faber, R, Brand. Third Row: Mrs. Holmes, D. Preston, R. Joseph, R. Bailey, V. Woodard, N. Snyder, R. Donley, W. Warner. Absent: G. Chapman, E. Richmond, D. Slyter, C. Smith. 49 1 First Row: D. Heath. M. Smith, P. Hughner, L. Pulver, D. Phillips, R. Woodard, R. Brahm. Second Row: V. McNamara, S. Moore, E. Stewart, R. Rohinq, P. Fuller, V. Elwell, H. Schrankler. K. Deusenberry, R. Fleischman. Third Row: R, Rennoldson, B. Clawson, D. Smith, S. Beckwith, P. Jennings, S. Jones, H. Campbell, J. Sargent. M. Randall, Mrs. Sutherland. First Row: K. Potter, D. Donley, B, Rennoldsori, N. Newman, H. Harbison, G. Steinrnetz, B. Harrington Sscond Row: J. Chadwick, G. Schenk, N. Pulver, J. Ippolito. C. Bouchard, E. Richmond, R. Field, G Merklrriqer, C. Schultz. Third Row: G. Kung, R. Hoaq. M. Peck, D. Partridge, R. Sargent, D. Daqgett R. Acomb, C. Francis, D. Wheaton, J. Haight, Mr. Brown. 50 1 First Row: C. Hilton, C. Jerome, E. Willis, L. Cermalc. Second Row: J. Doty, M. Misel, C. Schenk, D Damboise, P. Fox, C. Wheaton, R. Schenlc. Third Row: S. Pridmore, P. French, M. Mansfield, R Brown, M. Snyder, H. Shepard, L. Schermer, K. Landino, B. Yaeger. Fourth Row: Mrs. Riesenberger T. Chapman, K. Rector, R. Bailey, R. Slzrong, D. Coons, M. Adams, R. Palmer, M. Wallcer. VA xf .qv Firsk Row: L. Donley, C. Willis, W. White, M. Keenan, K. Ostrander, S. Harbison. Second Row: A. Pulver, J. Collins, R. Fox, W. Cooper, G. Baader, B. Schwingel, S. Wheat. Third Row: C. Hurlburt, W. Rohring, D. Schenk, R, Fuller, P. Danaher, T. Snyder, C. Morse, S. McGuire, R. Elwell. Fourih Row: L. Abraham, R. Perry, J. Hills, R. Broadwell, C. Webster, D. Smith, T. Tilley, A. Bush, W. Chapman, Miss Hewitt. 5 l Firsi Row: H. Moore, R. Brink, P. Collins. Second Row: R. Webster, W, Wright, D. Shepard, J. Fitzwater, M. Randall, P. Warren, N. Todd. Third Row: L. Engel, T. Middleton, E. Lurcfman, R. Deusenbery. C. Hills, R. Doty, M, King, S. Woodard, G. Eckert, B. King. Fourth Row: R. Walker, M. Schenk, R. Standish, G. Hulburt, S. Clawsori, C. Halvorsen, E. Cade, K. Lafler, F. Savage. G. Hoh, Mrs. Briqlin. First Row: D. Field, A. Little, G, Chapman, L. Drake, J. Moore, M. Keenan, M. Elwell. Second ' ' L. Row- G Leach J Wheat J Hilton J Miller, R. Wells, S. Warren, B. Francis. Third Row: Bushi Ri Thomibsori, J. Clawson, J. Gralzl, G. Dagqett, M. Rectenwald, R. Coye, B. Cade, G. Schle el. Fourth Row' Miss Gelder D. Works G McNamara, K. Olney: J. Zaweiski, E. Sharpe, g . , , . W. Welch, L. Schenk, J. Domm, S. Kluge, T. Simons. h 52 i First Row: P. Moore, J. Lee, M. Moore, C. Mansfield, J. Riesenberger, J. Wells. Second Row S. Hawlcs, Y. Bush, D. Ulmer, B. Fox. P. Sweltz, D. Braun, R. Jerome. Third Row: K. Kluge, J Donley, S. Huber, J. Woodard, S. Washburn, J. Steffen, D. Smith, J. Adams, L. Yaeger, R Brink. Fourih Row: Mrs. Cleland. L. Sweltz, S. Kidder. S, Donley, H. Davis, S. Wright, E. Little B. Warner, R. l-lowse, J, Denome, A. Perry, A, Laller, B. Shepard. First Row: N. Tenny, B. Lawton, B. Luffrnan. Second Row: P. Caprini, D. Cermalc, M. Weelcs C. King, P. Fox, C. Schenk, L. Brink. Third Row: P. Leach, E. Pridmore, L. Voisine, E. Fox, 3 Washburn, N. Braadwell, D. White, A. Richmond, P. Dean. Fourth Row: B. Wohlschleqel, W Rupert, P. Preston, D. Abraham, G. Donley, V. Love, T. Brahm, J. Simons, S. Webster, K. Hanggi Miss Call, 53 First Row: K. Hilton, P. Schwingle, G. Joslph, S. Geerhart, K. Eddy. Second Row: J. Brinlc, K. Moore, R. Cell, K. Keenan, D. Schenk, H. Washburn, R. Yacuzzo. Third Row: R. Schenk. L. Randall, R. Stoplca. Grade irnons C Elwell S Warren E Domm Fourth Row' Mrs. Lyon, A. Rector, D. Aldrich, O. Sharpe, J. S' , , , , , . . . E. Coons, C. Corey, L. Wells, R. Wells, W. Graves, J. Leach, K. Wells. First Row: V. Schultz, E. Webster, B. Cull. C, Buckner, O. Chadwick. Second Row: D. Schenk, D. ' J Eclc t Thid R ' L Willis R. Rohring R Hanqgl, E. Hills, C. Cooper, S. Lafler, M. Lodge, . er. r ow. . , , . Engel, N, Perry, S. Kirlcmire, R. Steffen, R. Spears, CE. Pittinqer, D. Yeoman, W. Wiley. Fourth Row: D. Webster, J. Deusenbery, C. Gardner, D. Fleischman, F. Vvfright, L. Burgess. S. Adams, W. Hoyt, J. Wentworth, L. Clute, Mrs. Thomas. 54 'lm wil -11 .lil- - Kindergarten First Row: E. Elwell, G. Graves, V. Loclcson. C. Hilton, Second Row: D. Pnlver. M. Geiger, D. Kurtz Third Row: J. Cade, R. Kidder, M. Becker, J. Daggett. D. Thompson, W. Tilley, R. Davis. Fourth Row S. MacDonald, D. Wiley, K. King, N. Riesenberqer, B. Clawsan. D. Field. Fifth Row: M. Wells, A Newman, K, Barton, A. Gurnee, C. Randall, L. Broadwell. M. Mansfield, J. Sargent, M. Washburn Mrs. Gibbous. First Table: J. Willis, B. Adams, A. Lafler, M. Williams, J. Collins, S. Presler, N. Baader. Second Table: P. Coye, K. Leach, L. Eddy, A. Wixom, L. Schenk, S. Blanchard, T. Warren. Third Table: M. Simons, L. Bailey, P. French, C. Rector. R. Riesenberger, M. Lodge, B. Steele. Fourth Row: Mrs. Widmer, H. Chapman, J. King, D. Drake, J. Webster, D. Yeoman, T. Middleton, P. Schenk. if' P... ,zy- . x i -1, tffwuf aloud Koh, :Uma malzm Qzafa old flea l-lere are The Tinished producTs, The work oT Twelve years wrapped up in one eager bundle. The school has done iTs iob. IT is up To These, The seniors To prove wheTher Those years have been well spenT. And as success comes To each senior may They all shouT aloud Tor Their Alma MaTer wiTh The graTiTude ThaT will be in The hearTs of every one oT Them. elf 0' fill? ,L.aa m. CLASS of 1956 DAVID DANAHER "I came. I saw. I conquered." Athletic Association 1.2.3, 4. Vice-President 4: Baseball 1.2.3,4: Basketball I,2.3.4: Track 2,3,4: Soccer 3.4: Volleyball 3.4: Badminton 27 Na- tional Honor Society 3.4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Senior Play Cast. BEVERLY DRAKE "The past unsighed tor, and the 'Future sure." G.A.A. 1.2, 3.4: Honor Team 2.3.4: Sportsmanship Club 3.4. Captain 4: Athletic Association 3.4, Secretary 4: Yearbook Assistant Typing Editor 3. Typing Editor 4: Senior Play Property Committee. ANNE EICHBERGER "I have been in such a pickle since I saw you last.' J.V. Cheerleader 1.2. Varsity Cheerleader 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2: F.H.A. 2.3: Athletic Association 1.2,3.4: News Stott 1.2. 3.4: Chorus 1.2,3.4. Yearbook Assistant Literary Editor 4: Girls' Track Team 1.2: Senior Play Cast. 58 WILLIAM BODINE "Why should the devil have all the good times?" J.V. Basketball 1.2: Ritle Club 1.2: News Staff 4: F.F.A. 4. Reporter 4. Basketball 4: Band Athletic Association 3.4: Senior Play Publicity. JAMES BRIGLIN "To know a thing is nothing unless others know you know it." J.V. Basketball 1: Sportsmanship 2, 3: Athletic As- sociation l.2.3: Senior Play Stage Manager. SHEILA COLF "Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain character- istics of a vigorous mind." Transferred from Geneva this year. Chorus 1.2.3,4: News Statt 4: G.A.A. 1.2: Secretary ot Beta Hi-Y-Club 1.2,3: SHHD Club 3: Senior Play Cast. PATRICIA CORNISH "To know is nothing at all: to imagine is everything." News Statt 2. 3, 4: Yearbook 1. 2: Band Chorus 3: G.A.A. 1.2: Athletic Association 3: Varsity Alternate Cheerleader 3: F.H.A. 2: Class Parliamentarian 3: Student Council 1.3.4. Treasurer 4: Constitution Committee 2: Senior Play Cast. X,-i :il vw ft-y ii hit im.. CLAIR FOX "His words were simple and his soul sincere." Athletic As- sociation l.2.3.4: J.V. Basketball 1.2: Varsity Basketball 3.4: E.A.A. Softball 2.3.47 F.F.A. l.2.3.4? President 4: Rifle Club I: Band i,2.3.4: Senior Play Assistant Stage Manager. NORMAN FOX "Work fascinates me. I could sit and watch it for hours." Chorus I.2.3.4, County Festival 3, State Festival I: F.F.A. 3: Yearbook Statf 3, 4. Assistant Photography Editor 3. Photography Editor 4: News Staff 3.4: Senior Flay Cast. PATRICIA GRAY "The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people." News Staii 2, 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Student Council 2.3.4. Secretary 3.4. Monitor 4: Athletic Association 2,3.4: J.V. Alternate Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2: Constitution Revision Committee 2: Senior Play Cast. ROBERTA HOOSE "Never leave that till tomarrow which you can do today." Class Corresponding Secretary I: Class Secretary 2.3.4: Yearbook 3.4, Assistant Typing Editor 4: News Staff 3.4. Assistant Typing Editor 4: Chorus 3.4: G.A.A. l.3.4: National Honor Society 4: Library Club I: Business Man- ager and Prompter for Senior Play. M Wim ....-.w5i9m:.e'-a:.i:l , .lKi.s-.i Q , 1:1-1 X... APLE CE TRAL PATRICIA HORAN "She doth nothing but talk of her horses." G.A.A. l.2.3.4. Honor Team 2.3.4: News Statl .2.3.4. Typing Editor 4: Yearbook Stott 2.3.4, Assistant Typing Editor 4: Band I: Senior Play Cast. MARIAN HOWSE "The most useless day of all is that in which ws have not laughed." News Statl I.2.3.4. Exchange Editor 3, Assist- ant Editor 4: G.A.A. 1.2.45 F.H.A. 2: Class Corresponding Secretary i.2.3.4: National Honor Society 4: Senior Play Cast. FRANK JENNINGS "Merrily, merrily. shall I livu now." Band Chorus I, 41 l:.I:.A. I.2,3.4. 4-I'l I.2.3.4: J.V. Basketball 27 F.F.A. Basketball 3.4: F.F.A. Softball 2.3.4: Soccer 2.3.4: Track 2.3,4: Senior Play Electrician. 59 JACQUELINE JONES "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" News Statt 3.4. Editor-in-chief 4: Yearbook 4, Literary Editor 4: G.A.A. 3.4. Vice-President 4: Student Council 4. Vice- President 4, Monitor 4, Senior Play Cast: D.A.R. Citizenship Award 4. EDWARD JOSEPH "They say great men die young. You know I haven't 'felt well lately!" Class President I.2.3,4: Band Vice- President 3.4: Student Council 1.2,3.4: Vice-President of County Studsnt Council 4: Yearbook 2.3.4. Business Man- ager 4: Chorus 3.4: Athletic Association 2.3.4, Vice-Pres- ident 3. President 4: Varsity Basketball 2.3.4: Soccer 2.3.4: Varsity Baseball 1.2,3.4: Track 3.4: Volleyball 2.3.47 Boys State 3. NORMA KENNEDY "Do you not know I am a woman? When I think. I must speak." Chorus 1.2: Band lmajorattesl 1.2: F.H.A. 2: G.A.A. 1.2. 3: News Stati 1.2.3: Yearbook 1.2,3: Senior Play Cast. RALPH KONZ "Men of 'few words are the best." Student Council 3.4. 4 Monitor 4 Band I 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 President : ' : . . , : . . . : Baseball 1.2,3,4: Valleyabll 3. Track 2.3.4: Senior Play Cast: Athletic Association fl an 3 Ny, 4253111 APLE CE TR L ROBERT McCLELLAND "Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes." F.F.A. 1.2,3.4. Softball 2.3, Basketball 2.3.4. Secretary 4: 4-H 1,2,3.4: Track 2.3,4: Volleyball 2.3.4: Baseball 3: Stu- dent Council 3: Senior Play Cast. FRANCES MANSFIELD "Life is just one darn thing after another." G.A.A. 1: News Staff 3.4: F.l-l.A. 2.3.4. Reporter 3. Recreation Leader 4: Chorus 1.2.3,4: Senior Play Cast. ALAN MERKLINGER "Ask a woman's advice, do the opposite and you're sure to be win." Student Council 2.4: Rifle Club 1.2: F.F.A. 4, Basketball 4. Softball 4: Yearbook 4: News Statl 4: Senior Play. 60 L- Lt.-- CLASS of 19. 6 MARGO RANDALL "Money buys misery. Boy. would I like to try that kind of misery!" G.A.A. 1,2,4: F.F.A. Cheerleader 2: Class Parliamentarian 2: National Honor Society 4: Student Di- rector of Senior Play. SARAH RANDALL "A merry lace is the sign of a happy heart." Yearbook 3. I4: News Statl 3.4, Assistant Typing Editor 4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: Student Cczincil 4: F.H.A. 3.4. Historian 4: Li- braray Club 1.2. Secretary 1.2: Class Parliamentarian 4: Senior Play Publicity Chairman. ALEXANDER SCHEEREN "The horn, the horn. the lusty horn. is not a thing to laugh. to scorn." Class Vice-President 1.2: Student Council 3.4, Parliamentarian 4. Monitor 4: Basketball 1.2.3: Base- ball Soccer 2.3.4: Track 2.3,4: Band Pres- ident 4: National Honor Society 2.3.4. Vice-President 4: Yearbook Art Editor 4. Assistant Art Editor 2.3: Senior Play Cast: Chorus 4. 61 ROSALIE MIDDLEBROOK "Without music life would be a mistake." Chorus 2.3.4 Treasurer 4: G.A.A., Treasurer 4: F.H.A. 3.4. Vice- President 4: Library Club 2.3: Senior Play Make-up Com- mittee: News Statl 4: Yearbook 3. 4. GLORIA MOORE "The only way to have a 'Friend is to be one." Band 1.2.3. 4, Mass Band 1.2.3: Chorus 2.3.4. Pianist 2.4. Treasurer 3. Mass Chorus 3.4: National Honor Society 4: G.A.A. 1.2. 3.4. Treasurer 3. Honor Team 2: F.H.A. 2.3.4, Treasurer 3. Song Leader 4: Student Council 3. Corresponding Sec- retary 3: Class Treasurer 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Assistant Editor: Library Club 1: Senior Play Costume Manager. JANET PRIDMORE "Virtue is her own reward." G.A.A. 1.3.4: F.H.A. 2.3.4 Vice-President 3. President 4: Yearbook 4. Assistant Bus- iness Manager 4: National Honor Society 4: Flag Bearer 4: Senior Play Costume Manager. JUDITH PRIDMORE "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kind- ness?" Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 2.3: Band 1.2.3. 4, Treasurer 3.4. Mass Band 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2: Yearbook 2.3.4. Assistant Business Manager 3. Editor-in-Chief 4: News Staff 4. Student Council 4: National Honor Society 3.4. President 4: Flag Bearer 4: F.F.A. Cheerleader 4. Property Manager of Senior Play. ? X X if ' lir WW, i -we zap 4 ff. CIJXSS of 1956 BARBARA TILLEY "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." G.A.A. Secretary 33 President 4, Track 2. Honor Team 2.3.47 F.I-LA. 2.3.4. Historian 3, Treasurer 47 Chorus 1.2. 3.4: Yearbook 3.47 Library Club 1.2.3. President 1, Vice- President 2: Senior Play Make-up Manager. NANCY TILLEY "As merry as the day is long." Chorus I.2.3.4: F.I-l.A. 3.4, Parliarnentarian 47 G.A.A., Secretary 47 Li- brary Club 2.3. President 27 Senior Play Make-up Commit- tee 47 Yearbook 4. WILMA WATKINS "It matters not how long you live, but how well." G.A.A. 1.3.47 F.I-l.A. 2.3.4. Secretary 3.47 Yearbook 4: Sports- manship 27 F.F.A. Cheerleader 47 Senior Play Properties. ROBERT WOODHOUSE 'll can resist everything except temptation." Student Council 3: Rifle Club 1.27 Soccer 27 Senior Play Cast 4. 62 if .DONALD SCHUTZ 'THe will give the devil his due." P.F.A. 12.3.47 Rifle Club 1,21 Senior Play Publicity. PAUL SMITH "They say best men are moulded out of faults." Sports- manship 3.47 Athletic Association 3.47 F.F.A, 12.3.47 Treasurer 4. Basketball Softball 2.3.47 Senior Play Cast 4. T INMETZ WILLIAM S E "Books are good enough in their own way, but they are a mighty blooclless substitute for life." Class Treasurer 17 Rifle Club 1.27 Athletic Association 3.47 F.F.A. 3.4. Bas- ketball 3.4, Sentinel 4'7 Sportsmanship li Senior Play Cast 4. CARLTON STEWART A -1 'L 7 "The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it." Publicity Manager of Senior Play 4. APLE CE TRAL 've fr. 1 Q 11 OFFY Mr. and Mrs. Lysie, Frieda Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Geri' and Freddie Eckerf PATRONS and and and and and and R.N Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Donald Pridmore Leonard Richmond Harry Dean Delmar Drake and Louis Angelo Edmond Orr IVF PH IS f'INt T U'lKCWrN'Y siaizvxcxi ouxfim v A N Y 9 M fr r 1 , X151 xi A as U ,. REHY 0 UNXON :T CRAVHER 8 Q nsooxs VHOTO i 1 - Ks cud- WA OTOGRA - LOCUST CREEK western GRENDON'S MC RAY'S APIARY rl Z N. Associate RADIO and T.v. GREENHOUSES G W Store X Sales and Service FLOWERS Y -Tj' 2 X Q . 'E Fox ALL --' O OCCASIONS - 1, R. M. HERMAN ' ll A, Prop. 4 Miles North of Naples NAPLESI NEW YORK Phone 4942 Phone: ATLANTA 377 NQZLEQI E. B. ARNOLD NAPLES. NEW YORK PARK'S DAIRY Highest Quality Pasteurized I-lomogenized MILK and CREAM Phono Atlania 467 WAYLAND, NEW YORK Bris'I'oI Springs Food Markei' Francis Standish Pro p. NAPLES 2917 CANANDAIGUA 1192-W DlLLON'S BARBER SHOP Y' i NAPLES, N EW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF 'T Ii? Is HAZEL 5. JOHNNY nEcTon FINE Fooos ' 'X f 0 'J NAPLES. New YORK f' 3 X Q if ' S. . 0 ' L 5 64 CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE C L A S S O F 'I 9 5 6 Join your many friends and drive a 'Q CORNISH MOTOR COMPANY NAPLES, NEW YORK Aletha Smith NURSING IIUME COMPLETE NURSING HOME CARE NAPLES, NEW YORK PHONE 4l8I 65 fa M1f1 ,gif SME - in fag ? 1, whom N, X yguymirrf- my wc ,4if1r'Hl'N nf Mj ,lgL CUNA-A GJWIDME RS MMV Kjfoflfcfbzfaie VVINES D0- IT-YOURSELF A QBf Qfarlp gum -sump Kffj Q , ?fXQ f- W 'f .ff4 Ultrttuti ' j 9lggg,,a1, RBDYUUUEIIUHS fV?1'91'T:j?7f l5'ris!al6ab1h:t Gary EMM 7. WMM Today, school cafeteria buyers have found that good food costs less, especially in feeding children and teenagers. There is no waste in serv- ing food of the same fine quality that is featured in the leading ho- tels and restaurants. There is no extra cost for the assurance gained by serving food of the same purity as that served by the most exacting hospital. QM d16'W" V W Sexton foods are prepared exclu- sively for those who serve many people each day. This specialization makes dealing at Sexton's pleasant, convenient and satisfying. Sixty- three years of dependable service are back of every purchase. A Sexton salesman calls in your town at least every other week. If he has not been in to see you, please drop us a card and we will have him call. .Quaddpioafa I X CHILI UNC IILAND CITY SAN YIANCISCO . ATLANTA UALI-Al I PITT IILRCII u PHILADELPHIA a DETROIT u l05T0 f INDIANAPDL S IOHN SEXTON and CO. The Nafional Chain Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 423 G. P. C. NEW YORK I, NEW YORK GERT and FREDDY ECKERT lee?" Z 1 ff 44, ,, 4 'FF BARBER SHOP BEAUTY SHOP Naples, New York Compliments of PRESTON'S l.G.A.STORE 62 N. ' Q A-. IN-19? A . ws .0 Everyday Low Prices Phone 33lI Cohocfon S+ree'r Naples, N. Y. Best Wishes To The CLASS OF I956 GORDON BRAND General Repairs Genuine Clmevrolel Parls Expert Chevrolet Service Compliments of the 7? tylapifroz CHEVROLET ll gifs Race S1'ree+ Naples, New York k RooT U 'BEEF 5 ""' X sl HOT 'D cj 5 I FERTlLIZp SECURITY TRUST COMPANY I ,w"1'l.JNl Hl"""'Qf ,,9:512:glg::' 'gasiiwlnifan ifi vs -n Ad. X175 f Q52 ,5 nl L,-f rg- '-- ej164RA I . L.. if . Q. . Q :L jf .5 1r!7..cQ? ' I gQP.fffff M., -ff'Q,2Q hshfyg ' ..... V A 53, 4829 ' Complete Banking Service Member of The F.D.l.C. Naples, New Yorlc Comfzlimenls of VAN DYNE OIL co., mc. ..l 1 . n e w 'fa ' 'I jiifji E- , I I M-m i l - -Ei'-3 and Your TYDOL DEALER W. E. OTTO 81 CO. Naples, New Yorlx Jeono- L HIGHLAND com. C7 Try Your Drug Store First PETER J. SAVAGE Headquarters for PHOTOS-RAPHIC SUPPLIES Naples 232I Your Druggist Is More Than a Mercbarzt Compliments of o The RED and WHITE BENNETT BROTHERS I QUQC4. I923 BEST l956 BUICK Come In and See Bob and Irv YET NAPLES, NEW YORK Compliments M O 0 R E c o T T R E L L of ill Norfh Col'1oc+on New York NAPLES PRODUCE LEO YAEGER, Prop. Feed and Building Materials Naples, New York Congratulations LAKE ROAD DAIRY ff' we C L A S S O F I 9 5 6 C. E. HAIGHT is . '55 rm v fs BRHND Q gb l"'W"X M' 1 lxllwl MVN A " Dais Brand C 7 Naples, New Yorlc P0Lf0f'5 Phone 709I Naples, New Yok Comlblimenls to the CLASS OF I956 ROBERT B. ALLEN Furniiure and Funeral Service Naples New York l INN asp 9 'JP '5 JG. -6 good F1064 At All Times Best Wishes QQQQ N EMORY FUNERAL HOME Rock-of-Ages Monumenis Compliments of STRICK MOTORS SALES and SERVICE Rou're ISR Wayland, New York . Phone 27Il X m m Ny, 4 Attention Seniors' i' ' See Us Soon Licensed Willis Moore and Genevieve Emory HARRY A. WILEY S Jig Pyro 'PDX 5 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS I-IQMELITE SAW CHAINS SUNOCO GAS and OIL Phone 7I3l Naples, New York Compliments of the PERRIELLO'S NAPLES THEATER Entertainment At Its Best Compliments of the NAPLES GOSPEL TABERNACLE Naples, New York "Living For jesus" "Looking For Christ" 'laboring For Souls" , 1 CHARLES R. coz , STANNSH puny: Appliances Seeds ssl-:IQ-I-EMA Produce and 4 Q. Q- Coal ', Q A Q F I I 2 I Naples, New York A. H. WILCOX and SON BUILDING MATERIALS NAPLES, NEW YORK ROBERT MILLER CO. Allis - C lralmers TRACTORS and MACHINERY GENUINE ALLIS - CHALMERS PARTS Used in Service Work Norfh Cohocfon, New York S Under New Management , w fr.. XXX on-S' 6 .losers-I FAMILY f N1 7- f TT-f ChiIdren's and Ladies' Shop ,' f, Compliments of ,S RALPH and CLARA 9 A LYON P Compliments of C L A W S 0 N ' S SERVICE STATION Home Town Service for Home Town Customers Naples, New York Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. SCHUYLER Best Wishes to the CLASS OF l956 W 0 L F A N G E R ' S CHAS. E. BRIGLIN, Prop. Norlh Cohoclon, New York Compliments of C. J. WITTER Potatoes a Specialty WHITE - HlLLSlDE BRAND RED - ROSEBUD BRAND Naples, New York Compliments Compliments of of the L. w. BASSETT NAPLES LIQUOR STORE Phone l 7-l l Naples, New York General Insurance ' Naples 364I . Naples, New York Congratulations to the CLASS OF I956 GRANBY G HEMENWAY GAS COMPANY Naples, New York EARL JOHNSON Highland and Tip-Top Two Brands of QUALITY POTATOES Naples, New York Best Wishes to the CLASS OF I956 , CTWAX lsr l , 2' -1 - FWZ 1. -LP, : , 7 711 lg! iii A X CONROY JEWELERS Naples, New York WHEAT BROTHERS Buy the Bag or Buy the Ton But Always - Buy G. L. F. NAPLES, NEW YORK f V Me3+'Frod0tfs George and Kafherin e Abraham ATTORNEYS AT LA W AMOS IPPOLITO Fleischman .S Compliments SGTVICB S+a+lon of 156 Everything for ICE CREAIW Your Car , TEXACO GASOLINE TEX, co A HARDWARE Bullrlozer W rk MAIN and Cohocton Street -v Naples' New York Sand and Grit-el NAPI-ES. NEW YORK BRISTOL SPRINGS NAPLES, NEW YORK NEW YORK Q Compliments of BEN FRANKLINS AQ' be 6. 7 0 GREEN:-louses SMITH 5 and 10 O. 9 Best Wishes to the Q Q It cLAss OF nose MILLER DEPARTMENT WAN stone Q, vans! , Ao bb 'K' I-assi' NAPLES. N EW YORK NAPLES, NEW YORK NAPLES, NEW YORK Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of DR. HOOD. D.C. NAPLE5 on. K. L. COFFEE SHOP HARWOOD DR P J and To ' ' ' MONIER MANOR CLASS OF .956 ENGUSH MES WILLIAM MISEL NAPLESI NEW YORK NAPLES, NEW YORK NEW YORK Proprietor Congratulations Compliments Compliments of C0mPli"l0'1fJ of to the of CLASS OF I956 C. W. GUILE JAMES R. REED NAPLES MOTORS GENERAL GARAGE REPAIRS FARM IMPLEMENTS ATTORNEY AT LAW YOU' DODGE ALBERT HANGGI SALES and SERVICE NAP'-ES' NEW YORK and NAPLES., NEW YORK Naples' New York PLYMOUTH Dealer rv, jk' -. -I ,, LONG and CHADWICK AGENCY. INC. Real Estate - Iusllranfe NAPLES, NEW YORK ATLANTA HARDWARE and FARM SUPPLY A Beautiful Drive Adds Mllt'1J To rl Beautiful Home C113 1 JOHN TIBERIO Your Blackfop Man Naples 4846 The Naples Pennysaver O + , N Q QD Pubzfflmz by The 1,'x,' I W EMORYS if j E35 M.. Complimenls of MOUNTAIN FREDAIS VIEW INN HARRY H. COURTN EY Proprietor ROOMS and MEALS ATLANTA. NEW YORK BEAUTY SHOP BABBIN 8. HARMON Inc. ATLANTA, NEW YORK OLIVER - IRON AGE FARM EQUIPMENT EIGHTY-SEVENTH , YEAR Compliments Compliments I , f 'EQIP of Gulf Service 0 TOWNSEND BILL'S GARAGE Maples iwuntl f QPR Y A . . . 6 . ,.. BODY WORK. ,S Service Sfahon and A. NORTH col-TOCTON I GENERAL REPAIRS in 'id A NEW YORK Phone 2902 -gf NAPLES- NEW YORK BRISTOL SPRINGS, N. Y. Sen- 'N' NAPLES, NEW YORK Eg-, r 'A Q ,M f 1 -,Q '4-rn 'H-"L v' .1 . ,, r 4.45':- X-3 'T' - . --'Wag .- , " ,-':1 'fu' 4 4 u . L ' 'F H' V . . . . ' U fl U- . q i., .I g . f f ' w a:-" .. . H -A . , Q 4. ,. F. if V i . '- f Q Q.: 1-. ,ga-: n , I Q. -. 1- ' .' 1 ,D .. - F ,.-gn, -.j.-- ,, rg ,J.M',-,-'." - My zu .g - . 3 ,,. , " -, '1""4" ' ' 5 w-.4,. -. A, -y ,. F., 4- . -,1 1-:L-tv . .,.. . 'A -1:2 1 1 'l T- me " '.ff'1f. SF. J 7, , 4 -"' 5 .- 'J' 1 , ,- wfg' 5411. . 3-I ' f',"'-3-.ii Wffwf' " .11 1 Fg,"E'-'1'f!Hi' !"' M7 I . W- K ' 3 - 1. ' ' '- - , .1 1 ' , , 1 ui 1, ',' A '- ' - A A , V Q5 , . .N '.f.f., .N -4 . , I 4. . - U 1 " ' ' -l - I , - 'H ' . u N' ' .. .5 xI1,f:,.1.l 11. V I .. ' , 1, - Z 'Z 1 X .1 ' , o fa "w , ' X 1 ' .., - . , . ,N . j, ' "Tv .- . ,, h . x., o.,.,d .1 . .4-S . . - . QL 4 . . - QM ? ' 1 14: , - , E '. Y .A:"1 L A ' "ig if jr v 'ffl 1 I,-rP' A I . Ai. f N . .l , .. 5,4 , . 1 ' 'A 'af' . ,Ly A -N ' 4 I-1 '. ' .'m.,f l .. :FU fl ,' : 'V l ..:,. . ' ' ' . .- 3, 1. . ' -'5'f2'1 N , 'ii' x xt 15.1 I . Jig! 4 . ' ,pix .A 153. : . . x .. 3 . 3 - , "'f. . 5154 ,E I. P f' ' .Zig 9.9- L " 'i , J- . ' P . ' if? ' A F HN' 1: ref' - .. QT F' s - - ' . Ffh E5 . ' .,:2e'l 9' Qi .H " ' if- ,. I ' ' I . ., h I '.. . ig 3 . ' . RUF H -A " ' ex. 13:4 . 'ffm . ' 1" ,r- f Q l ,M ' I , u I I l hi . " xii 4 ' ' E N , . 1 , r .V . V 1 A ' Q? . 7442 a o ' . fix .iv . I Y X'-nj ..,. ': Q Q I '- 1,431 5 ,ff ' 4 'vi' .. I A 1 9 1 U Lx . , . 11- - at 1 ll' . r 14 " ' -1- ' ' Q ' N x ' 4 v ' 4 w - Pr'-up . ,4 '. ,- 1' 1 '.. - f - . ' - 1, 5 U . ' -. X- -if u -Hz, '.,.,f yi V -2".vs- "' 1 "vw -.Nev - 3 .. - , , 9 x -Y g,- - sy Mu. ,, Eh - " ' " ' ' .iunuAA.i.g1..-11.1-.....f.,L.K.r.n.ssa.m.uh:Q2.Q...4f.:.m',i.f -.r-f:4..,......J..f1--9.1.1u..L.r.x......1. 'M MA 1 ' 'A 1 J I 15 ij? an x lr , , Jew' A mf A AL 1 viva W a5l ,1,Q1i ...., ..,..,, - li 2 WLM AW.-NZ 'SM A I"""-ol E5 Ti 1 U A. . 4 og Q Y A 7 ' .0 R, Q -'Q i i 5 ii , 1 Ai i g ii N , X1 F I.: , 1, N "WM " ' N - -QW! V. T i Pla -L it, i E +. ' 'Th' QM ' I ' 7 . M - ' 'rm ' H' 0 1 QI "w""J'N"'ww-f'f1,N,f'g'f?:"'J - - m M13 .W!wlK?,,MNNwf, m?n,J5?

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1956, pg 30

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