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Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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:I X N X V J f x Q 1 X v Q . 1 - A Y K. v Y, w ,, U ., K x K X. Y A 1 .,1. U 5 s N K R Le, v V", U- y' u A " k 3 fv- X J, T 4 ff- Ji L1 gy V J' 0? ,J -9 : , VL lx- My "X xl lx . i my f vb i V Lvx :Bux?y7f4 V Ly- 'Liu fl-1 X o HV MLVE UQ, ' . j ff K "YY 0 'YP MOV ' 'i V N WJ L 17 XJ- CJ f-mf J "L , 'N JA Tr X Lv: f - if Jw N U , x V '14 ll 4 'KN XYELVXH I, X f' , IW- I .M my pil' ,iff : t U Y 5 v ' l IQ , 1 Lx ' XJ f W Q- . X I X J X X Y! X 7 UN-J Xl Rf fx' ' Xxx, if B-'S' v P Wk 6 s p - Pr C hi W .sw V ' f , . . V k D UNT, "5 had if IFEX? 4 gf! :GX ji? 47 , jf, ifvl--A 0 , l U I ,fm -f ! I -75" Cr: J ,'Q"w LJ ry! Xl ' - - LW r I 3-'M ' nfl, ,7 at ,jf 1' ,rf'I3-ffl X VI' IJ, ,f lj! 'L M G, Qy NN, x IL .Cm f-'Q ' ,, f 5" f U if J F ,, ,Q J Y ' -7 X 57 U9 1 Jay .W M J f 'N W V Q --V1 ya T XA 7' QF! 55? , ' dp' 'J 1' .fxj I mr, I 'Taxis bg' . U' .- 5- Q .7 J H ' Rh -if ' I QLQJ k-Diff in I fi 1 'ff - ' LN x . 1 ' M5 1 a mm X X Q gf f A, , . v , Q if D5 Q ,. X XV 1 xlkx 743 if A' AW N1 Q Q X Q Qs X f 5 Q XX .3 E5 1 Q x ' X 1 X K . J K3 S Y 5 N S Vw X Y f Y, ', ' ' Y L X. 1 J K N X x? .m Q I Q Q1 gl N X , 2 Q xl - S - X xt- N V K Y v Q X, gy 9 f V X XB, X ' ' I 1 2 A " A - Nw 3 5 a Q 4 QW ,X 1 1X yi J Qx Newy 1 xi E 1 LN ,1 'a Q Q X- Q X .Q - Q xx Aw Q X.: X Y 5 V X-X H YV - X 3 xnxx ,X Q YJ X Xwx . x KX '. K - X ., 2. it 'y wx 2.1 X, 5 Q X X-W3 :M ,X fi QM fi W1 +A X4 l YJ .Ng j xg 5 jp 5 XY A is ' 'QL '-, XJ WX Q xx Xfa ,AX 1 .J xl U V 1-X X V X x mmm A K A L- x M. Q3 MM-DBL who WXBSJKSQQQCQ 331 QQM7 aiu X ov JZ! A wg, u Qklw: -i 4435 LWXQ I I ,Wy 4 HMQ SQWX JW MW' A N ' Q QQ ogy .j 32? N 'W 1, fig? film? J 6 3? 'J eb MWY ' if viii? 95 -woiiix 3 9 gf PQQQQ 32513-5 dfjkjfifff ik fffkijfgg la 1 Qwgw is Q :7 F XR Ni Q X Eiga L9 l !a ,As , ffv' 5 ,fa ,avi wi' , ,,' If . I , Q- Q .A 3 . F.. X., A .k V M l H n 1 ls- f ff Ma. , .. ,3 -V Q rm, ' FY . ' -1 . . A , ,. 'l , .L Nl 4 4 1 ' 'X ' . "ts,-V , ' 9 Ir' n' V' 9 1' -2' .J 1' 1 ..s if-' V 'MI , if 0 4 ' N J' 1 U .ik . 1. , lg E r , 1 1 'xl 4 , A lr. .1 A1 if use fg 5, 7. , -A ,, Nh gy. ' ll vi' YV f .Q Y' is 'I Af f +' .vf , W 1.169 F .YL Top row: Mr. Sz Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Sz Mrs. Eldredge. Middle row: Mr. Sz Mrs. Annis, Mr. Sz Mrs. Burlingame, Mr. 8: Mrs. Olsen. Bottom row: Mr. Sz Mrs, Carroll, Mrs. Ragan, Mr. Xa Mrs. Vatne. We, the class of 1959, dedicate this annual to Our Parents SPONSORED BY DARIGOLD INC. I 'au1Aed12N uoajugqsem VT 'ON 19?-UXSICI au pre d'eN IOOQUS 113 IH SPONSORED BY KERSHAW STUDIO f'- ,..f 1 Left to right: Tom Carroll, Sharon Vatne, Gloria Creemer, Ben Randall, Linda Surface, Nadine Luce, Bob Whitmire, Mr. Heath, Barbara Ragan, Clara Mae Eldredge, Jim Johnson, Gail Annis, Duane Olsen. Annual Stuff It is our hope that everyone will enjoy this annual as the staff and I have enjoyed publishing it for you. We have tried to make it a book you will cherish in years to come. Sincerely, faqdal Your Annual Editor sponsoman av LEWIS COUNTY P. U. D. 3 SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Mr. Olson, clerkg Mr. Larseng Mr. Brossardg Mr. Schmit, chairmang absent, Mr. Slemp. Grade School Janitor ERNEST ROBINETTE 1 ,pa ' Il 'ff L . 'S' 0 I sf ,,'au,'. , ' If 0 mu ' Qf' ,' High School Janitor WILBUR THOMPSON ,, sf ' 4,51 54,0 if ZA, ., ,Q , . O ' -" . 'E r K .5 ' .M 3 ml, wr- . , , o-n' rx.. Cook MRS. ROBINETTE GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS Left to right: Mr. Wick, Principalg Mrs. Hamiltong Mrs. Nelsong Mr. Alobyg Mrs. Mortong Mrs. Hiltsg Mrs Bondg Mrs. Berg. . Admini tration if xxx ARTHUR H, SENNE, SUPERINTENDENT, B.A Typing I Bookkeeping Economics Chorus Band JOE POTOCZNY, PRINCIPAL B.S. in Education, M. A. English I, H, III U. S. History Government Senior Class Advisor Coach Football Basketball Baseball Boys' P.E, and Health 6 HERBERT HEATH JR. B. E. , M. E. Biology General Science Washington State History English IV Chemistry Orientation Paper Staff Advisor Annual Staff Advisor Freshman Class Advisor ..-1 GLENNYS PAC SMAG B. A. in Home Economics B. S, in Education Home Economics I, II, III Eighth Grade Home Ec. Typing I Boys' Home Ec. Girls' P.E. and Health F. H. A. Advisor 7 E ' 'ill I Q' .4 1 F LILLIAN SENNE, B. A. Algebra I, II Geometry Trigonometry French I Junior Class Advisor Library BRUCE JAROS B,A. in Industrial Arts General Math Shop 1, H, III Eighth Grade Shop Sophomore Class Advisor Coach Basketball u 7 ' N fiifk' f4 DUANE OLSEN, Valedictorian JAMES JOHNSON, Salutatorian "Courage to be Ourselves" "Teen-age" BARBARA RAGAN, Class Speaker TOM CARROLL, Faculty Speaker "Memories Build Character" "Gift of Opportunity" Graduation Day Gail Annis Barbara Ragan Sharon Vatne Ben Randall Torn Carroll Duane Olsen James Johnson Clara Mae Eldredge Gloria Creemer s PoNsoRED BY CHASE AGENCY AND JAMES ELECTRIC 8 i L Q i E 1 I s E THOMAS SINCLAIR CARROLL Student Council ------------- --- 1 Class Play ----------- ---- - -- 3,4 Class President ------ ------------ 3 ,4 Vice President ----- - --------- 2 Secretary --- ----- ------------- 2 Paper Staff ------- --- -------------- 4 Annual Staff --- ---------- ---4 Football ------- -------------- Basketball-- ------ - ----------- Baseball ---------- ------------ "N" Club ----- - ---- ----- - 1,2,3,4 1, 2,3,4 -1, 2, 3, 4 1,2,3,4 President- ------ ----- ---- -- 4 Vice President ---- ----- Faculty Speaker ------- ---- CLARA MAE ELDREDGE ----- 3 ----- 4 FHA ------------- -- ------------- 2, 3, 4 Girls' League ------- ---------- 1 Glee Club ------ --- ---------------- 2, 4 Class Secretary ---- - ------------- -1, 4 ASB Secretary ---------- ------------- 3 Carnival Princess ------------------- 4 Princess Napawinah -- ------ Class Play ----------- Paper Staff ---- Annual Staff3---- GAIL FREDRICK ANNIS Student Council -------- Class Play --------------- Band --- ---- -- ---- -- --------- - Chorus -------- ---- ------- ----- 4 -----45, 4 ----- 4 --- 4 ------- 4 ------- 3, 4 1, 2, 3,4 - 2,3,4 Paper Staff - ------- -- ---------- 3, 4 Annual Staff -------- --- ---- Class Vice President --------- -- Basketball -------------- - ----- "N" cmb ----------- ------ 4 ----- 3 1, 2, 3, 4 -------- 4 X1 V, E . Q : W 7 .2 - AJ WX I0 Q0 I DUANE ELLIOTT OLSEN Student Council ---------------- -1, 2, 3,4 ASB President -------- ----- 4 Honor Society ------------------ - l,2r,3,4 President ---------------------- 3 Class President --------------------- 1 , 2 Secretary -------------------- 1, 3 Class Play ----------------------- 3, 4 Annual Staff ------------------------- 4 Paper Staff ------------------------ 3, 4 Band ---------- ---- ------- Chorus ------------------------ 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 Basketball --------------------------- 4 "N" ciub ----------------------------- 4 Valedictorian Emery Plaque JAMES ORAN JOHNSON Student Council ---- ----- - --- ---- 3, 4 Class Play ----------------------- 3, 4 Class President ------ - -------------- 1 Vice -President -------- Sgt. -at-Arms ----------- Honor Society ------------- ---- ------2 ----- 1 1,f2, 3, 4 Vice President- ----------------- 3 President ----- ---- --------- 4 ASB Vice President --- ----- ---- Chorus ------------------------ Football ----------------------- ----- 4 --- 3,4 1, 2, 3,4 All star -------------------- 2, 3,4 Basketball --------------------- Baseball ----------------------- -1, 2, 3, 4 1,2,3,4 "N" Club ---------------------- 1, 2, 3, 4 President ------------- - ------- 3 Vice President ----------------- 2 Annual Staff ----------- - --------- 2, 4 Paper Staff ----- - ------------------- 4 Salutatorian BARBARA JEAN RAGAN Student Council --------------------- 2, 3 Carnival Princess -------------------- 2 Napawinah Princess - ---------------- 2 Girls' League ------------ - ---------- 1 Glee Club ---- ----- ----- - ---- 1,2,3,4 ASB Treasurer- ----- --- ------------ 4 Class Play ---- ---- ----- ----- - 3,4 FHA ----------- - ------ -------27374 Treasurer --------------------- 3 Band -------------- - ----------- 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff --------- - --------------- 4 Editor ------ ---- ------- ---- 4 Paper Staff ------- ---- - - ------ 4 Honor Society ---------------------- 3,4 Class Speaker ------------ - --------- -44 'E , X" , 5 1 4 ,S f y x ,J gil? 4 3:9 3? ll SHARON LE E VATNE Student Council ------ Class President ----- Secretary ---- Class Play --------- -------- 1,4 ----- 3 ----2, 3 ---------- 3, 4 Napawinah Princess ----- - ----------- -1 mee Club ---- ---- ---- 1, 2,3,4 Girls' League ------------------------ 1 FHA -------------------------- 2,3,4 Vice President ----------------- 3 Sgt. -at-Arms -------------- ---1, 4 Treasurer -------------------- 2 Song Queen --------------------- Band -------------------- ---- ---- 1 1, 2, 3, 4 Carnival Princess ------------ - ----- 3 Paper Staff ------------------------ -- 4 Annual Staff ------ ------------------ 4 Song Queen ----- BEN RANDALL --- 2 Class President ---------------------- 2 Treasurer - ----------- ---- ---- 2 Football ------ ----------- - ----- 1, 3 "N" Club -------------------------- 3, 4 Class Play ------------------------ 4 Annual Staff - --------------- ------Y 4 Paper Staff ------------------ -------- 4 GLORIA JEAN CREEMER Transferred from Adna ----- --- ------- 3 Princess Napawinah - ---------- - ---- 3 Chorus ------------------------- -- 3, 4 Band ------------------- ------------ 3 FHA ------------- - ----------- --- 354 Sgt. -at-Arms - -------- - ------ -3 Annual Staff -v ------------------------ -4 Paper Staff- ---- ----------------- -- 4 Junior Class Play ---- ------------- 3 JQ gli I 'J ,ff :T Fuvuli HOMHMKERS 9X P f ,' 1 4 XX' :gall 0 1 ff sf' 94 3' V, ss ' 5 5 7 5 5 , I Q' 4 ' Q 5 xi N . , A Q fllv 12 Twelve Years Together Four of the nine seniors of the '59 graduating class have gone to school through their entire lives together. They are Ben Randall, Tom Carroll, Gail Annis and Duane Olsen. 13 Senior Class Will We, the 1959 graduating class of Napavine High School, on the day of our Lord, May 22, 1959, being of sound mind and excellent memory, to the greatest of our ability do make our last will and testament. To the following, we leave: To MIR. SENNE, our superintendent, we will the privacy of his office after we are gone. To MR. POTOC ZNY, our principal and advisor, we leave our history books hoping next year's classes will do better. To MRS. SENNE, we leave our tattered library books. To MR. HEATH, we will the peace and quiet of the fourth period study hall. To MRS, PACSMAG, we just plain leave. To MR. JAROS, we leave the messy shop hoping next year they'll keep it clean. To WILBUR THOMPSON, we leave old N, H. S, hoping he can be as patient with the classes to come. I, CLARA MAE ELDREDGE, will my boy friends to Nadine Luce. That is if I can remember all of them. I, GLORIA CREEMER, will my good driving to Bob Slemp. Don't hit too many light poles. I, BARBARA RAGAN, will my reading ability to Jack Norman. Make good use of it next year, Jack. I, SHARON VATNE, will my day dreaming to the honor society students. But don't let the teachers catch you. I, JIM JOHNSON, will my football helmet to Dick Dibble. Kind of big isn't it, Dick I, DUANE OLSEN, will my classical love letters to Mike Matney. They may prove to be very interesting Mike. I, TOM CARROLL, will my basketball ability to Fred Aust. Are you a member of the team yet. I, GAIL ANNIS, will my ability to throw erasers to Mariann and Kay. Donut hit her too hard, Mariann. I, BEN RANDALL, will my curly hair to Mr. Potoczny. Don't comb it too much. I Signed, SENIORS OF '59 Witnesses: O f 5 Q 14 Senior Class History In the fall of '55 the class of '59 entered Napavine High School, not knowing what to expect from the Sophomores who were to initiate them September 9, 1955. Freshmen who entered from Napavine Grade School were: Barbara Ragan, Sharon Vatne, Tom Carroll, Ben Randall, Gail Annis, Dennis Lyons, Duane Olsen, John Estep and Duane Allison. Dorothy Byers, Jim Johnson, Clara Eldredge and Norman Guenther entered from Jackson Prairie, and Lester Tellevik from Chehalis. During the year the class had a bake sale to earn money for their treasury. We chose Sharon Vatne to represent the class for Princess Napawinah, selected the yellow rose for a class flower and chose silver and gold as our class colors. Our class motto was "Climb, though the rocks be rugged. " We also chose Barbara Ragan as candidate for Carnival Princess. Our advisor was Mr. James Nelson. The following year the Sophomore Class began with the same students who finished the Freshman year with the exception of Dorothy Byers. We started the year by initiating the Freshmen on September 21, 1956. For entertainment at the annual high school Christmas party, the Sophomores presented a panto- mime and short skit. The Sophomores also had a fairly successful year finan- cially. We held a bake sale in November and also a Western style dance. We chose Barbara Ragan as candidate for Napawinah Princess. Our class advisor was Mrs. Pacsmag. The class of '59 had a successful Junior year. That is, in everyway except financially. We began the year with only ten members, seven boys and three girls. However, during the second semester Gloria Creemer entered from Adna We received our class rings on January 20 after a prolonged wait. ln the latter part of the year we presented our class play, entitled "Hold the Phone. " We escorted the Senior Class of '58' to Jantzen Beach on the annual Junior-Senior Picnic. Our advisor was Mr. Ackerman. We chose Sharon Vatne for Carnival Princess candidate and Gloria Creemer for Princess Napawinah. In the fall of '58 we came back as Seniors, the best year of all for us. We entered with eight students, but later we gained two more, Sally Welch, who came from Centralia and Gloria Creemer who came back to join us again from Roseburg, Oregon. Sally Welch left after a short stay. During the year we gave our Senior play, "Desperate Ambrose", a three act western comedy, which was presented in November. We chose Clara Eldredge as Princess Napawinah and also Carnival Princess. Other events in our last year were: Field trip to Camp McDonald, Junior-Senior picnic to Jantzen Beach, Senior skip to Victoria, B.C. , Baccalaureate, May 24, and Graduation. Duane Olsen is Valedictorian and Jim Johnson is Salutatorian. Barbara Ragan was chosen Class Speaker and Tom Carroll as Faculty Speaker. Mr. Potoczny is our class advisor and Mr. Heath is our annual staff advisor. I5 Senior Class Prophecy MOONPORT THRIVES: "59" GRADS MAKE GOOD Moonport 41, June 1975. The income from tourist trade at this thriving colony has risen some 9095 over last year's total. What is it that calls a rapidly increasing number of tourists Moonward each year ? Is it the isolation, or the hint of adventure and exploration? Yes, these factors do contribute, but the principal attraction here is the odd assortment of recreational facilities. TOM and SHARON CARROLL are the managers of their own Lonely Hearts Club. At this growing establishment many a left-out lover has found new happiness as interblanetary arms entangle. They use their own successful marriage as an incentive for others JAMES JOHNSON is the chief instructor at "Johnson's School of Modern Dance and Ballet for Young Ladies". Since graduating from N. H. S. Jim has received a B.A. from Oxford, an M.A. from Heidelberg and flat feet from dancing with heavy girls. CLARA MAE ELDREDGE owns and supervises the only lunar circus. Her star attractions include tiny green moon men, gigantic space bats and a repre- sentative of every race in the solar system. Clara formerly rose to promin- ence as an elephant trainer on earth. BEN RANDALL is continuing in his old trade. He is the moon's most suc- cessful bootlegger. Ben calls the result "earthshine" and uses green cheese as the raw product. Although he says it is a mere 100 proof, a grasshopper's breath will knock a space bat out at a 100 paces. GAIL ANNIS is the proprietor of "Gai1's'Lunar Health and Beauty Resort". Here for a reasonable fee one can learn to lead a happy, wholesome life with- out liquor, smoking or fatty foods. tThat's life?l Gail is also the author of several books namely, "The Evils of Smoking" and "The Possibilities of Tobacco Growing on the Moon." BARBARA WHITE, recently proclaimed Moon Mother of the year, offers instruction in lunar house keeping over the local T, V. station K:O:N:G. She shows how to sweep space dust under the rug, wash green cheese off children and many other tricks of house organization. Barbara is so busy that husband Walter is forced to stay home and take care of their ten children. GLORIA CREEMER, now known as Careless Creemer, is the moon's sole dealer in used space ships. At G1oria's one may buy anything on wheels. In- cidentally, today's special is a beautiful 1960 jet black "Fris-Bee" priced at only 3550, 000. I6 Then we find a battered sign which reads "Official laboratory of DUANE OLSEN, the Curious Chemist, " Duane has made several "firsts" in his career. For instance, he was the first person to reach the moon and the only person who came without the use of a rocket. It seems that when he was on earth, one of his experiments exploded and when he when he awoke he was on the moon. MR. POTOC ZNY is a guest at Gail's health resort where he is recovering from raising twin daughters. PMR. SENNE is also a resident of Moonport ifl. He has retired from tea-1' ching and now has his own band - "the Space Rats". MR. HEATH is a regular visitor at Jim's school of dance for young ladies. It seems he is trying to re-live his younger days. With that, we have summarized these strange characters who now inhabit Moonport ifl. Your moon reporter, AU 17 BARBARA RAGAN I have been sweep- ing this crazy floor all day and it's still dirty. " ll DUANE OLSEN But I Still think I deserve an "A". GLORIA CRE EMER "So, what if I did eat the last dozen cream puffs. " BEN RANDALL CLARA MAE ELDREDGE "It's all right to "Come on, come on, be bashful, honey, give me the keys. " but don't disappear. SHARON VATNE "Wow! this pilot's training is murder. GAIL ANNIS Anybody got a comb? " Il 18 JIM JOHNSON "Ride 'em cowboy" TOMMY CARROLL "All right, you guys get me out of this overgrown doiley. " Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Top row: Dick Dibble, Mike Matney, Jack Norman, Rod Smith, Bob Whitmire, Roger Thomas, Lorin Vlach, Fred Norman, Martin Hoage, Dick Muller, Kay McCulloy, Darleen Creemer, Betty Randall, Judith Candady, Roberta Matney, Marianne Hagan, Kathleen Pea, Mrs. Senne. Junior Class In the fall of 1958, we had fifteen Juniors in our class. Theywere Kathleen Pea, Mariann Ragan, Vivian Moon, Roberta Matney, Judith Canaday, Betty Randall, Dick Muller, Fred Norman, Lorin Vlach, Dick Dibble, Sandy Tyler, Bob Slemp, Jack Norman, Martin Hoage and Mike Mat- ney. We had three new studentsg Kay McCulley, Rodger Thomas and Ev Durant. Later on in the year we gained Darlene Creemer who moved back from Roseburg, Oregon and lost Vivian Moon, Sandy Tyler, and Ev Durant. On November 4th, fifteen proud Juniors received their class rings and on April 10th, we pre- sented our Junior Class Play entitled "lf Mother Only Knew. " On May Sth, we took the Seniors on the Junior-Senior Picnic to Jantzen Beach. During the year we held a bake sale and had a dance. OFFICE FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTER President Bob Slemp Vice President Jack Norman Secretary Sz Treasurer Kathleen Pea Sgt-at-Arms Rodger Thomas 20 Top row: Ronald Baglien, Larry Jensen, Steve Stedham, Denny Larson, Ranny Schmit, Ronnie Schmit, Gary Hill, Harold Bowman, Donnie Schmit. Gm-rv Matney, Fred Aust, Mr. Jaros, Adell Gowan, Sheryl Goodard, Shirley Hilts, Lorene Carns, Karen Senne, Donna Olson, Marilyn Clark, Karen Erickson, Sharon Bachler, Ellen Mathews, Lorna Matson, Nadine Luce, Judy Fink, Luana Graves. Sophomore Class We started our Sophomore year with 30 students. They were Sharon Bachler, Lorene Carns, Marilyn Clark, Darlene Cooke, Karen Erickson, Beverly Faith, Judi Fink, Sheryl Goodard, Adell Gawan, Shirley Hilts, Linda Hines, Audrey Hoxit, Nadine Luce, Lorna Matson, Donna. Olsen, Karen Senne, Luana Graves, Fred Aust, Ronald Baglien, Harold Bowman, Gary Hill, Larry Jen- sen, Dennis Larson, Jerry Matney, Don Schmit, Ron Schmit, Ranny Schmit, Steve Stedham, Dale Swayze and George Smith. Then during the year we regretfully lost 6 students. They were Dale Swayze, Darelene Cooke, George Smith, Beverly Faith, Linda Hines and Audrey Hoxit, but gained one new one, Ellen Mathews. We were very happy to entertain the students at the Christmas program. The officers for the year were: OFFICE President Donna Olsen Vice President Gary Hill Secretary-Treasurer Nadine Luce Sgt. -at-Arms Karen Erickson 21 Top row: Leroy Muller, Kenneth Messal, Steve Jackson, Walter Hall, Gordon Vlach, Darrell Davis, Harland Ray, Tom Vatne, Eddie Hoxit, Jerry Matson. Bottom row: Loella Dickenson, Theresa Surdam, Linda Surface, Karen Marie Carroll, Karen Curtis, Joan Clark, Lois Maesner, Betty Estep, Geneie Mat- ney, Cornelia Adams, Brenda Mathews, Alice White, and Mr. Heath Class Advisor. Freshman Class We started our Freshman year with 29 students. They were Cornelia Adams, Joan Clark, Karen Marie Carroll, Karen Curtis, Darrell Davis, Loella Dickenson, Betty Estep, Walter Hall, Eddie Hoxit, Steve Jackson, David Larson, Ruth Larson, Lois Maesner, Geneie Matney, Gerry Matson, Kenneth Messal, Leroy Muller, Harlan Ray, Carolyn Richardson, Theresa Surdam, Linda Surface, Tom Vatne, Gordon Vlach and Alice White. We had 5 students who left us. They were Bill Thorn, Duane Abramch, Betty Byers, George Koons, and David Black. Brenda Mathews later joined us. This year we served refreshments at the Christmas Program. The officers for the year were: OFFICE FIRST SEMESTER President Eddie Hoxit Vice President Karen Curtis Secretary Loella Dickenson Treasurer Linda Surface 22 SECOND SEMESTER Kenneth Messal Carolyn Richardson Linda Surface Darrell Davis Grades V ,eff ,,i?M"l.Nr-J i fiifillfiafzb, WW 15155353- Q :f:Q,rm,f. s z iitfimwzs - A H 4 bn ,Q 'S 5 Big ,Af ,M gf., W 5 4 x . I X f 'T M' y 45 WN' Q f W S I , ,sa ., be 44 4 "f2,UV We w4lQLi1 Qu . - M F ""' ,, Am v ,, . ,.,V, UQ. .sp 'fx x fb ' To ?f39' L V, 429- 3, , A X 51" '95 in 4 wfg, s fn.- a -4 3 -fa J' V , ' r UA 'Wir Aw 4 1 f Q, ff F , . 235 yd' ,Q ,A Q A I -vi- ,4!P" Lx ""'lg wx WU ik! A . ,rw-5' , 'RA 0 A 4 iw + 421 Q Ki' '99 Q ' X Q MV H61 4 4 , --Qazzw in '-4 I 'f4.,' 1 , 'HJ 4' 4 .K r'f 0.3-4' ffl ' 9 I , .,. -3 GS. 0 ,0 fi-fha. IK UIQ, M3 59' NW - ,..', A Q sr, ' ' A Q ' f J- Rh -5, 'KL-4 ' :I . V " , . A -T ' w ggx k ,Mlm 312' '.. 2. Q32 few L f - . .J -av, -. ' - H' , U K A ,j1. 'S4!: , lg-23. .' J. 5 , , U f , fb I, f gf? W gif I I 'wi r 5 ,M ul Y ,s ,F X Pep Stuff Marilyn Clark, Karen Senne YELL QUEENS Shirley Hilts, Roberta Matney, Geneie Matney 28 Sp0r.I. . ig lk Q M' w 9 A A . 5 wi f 1271? ff, x 2 Front row: Ron Baglien, Tom Vatne, Denny Larson. Middle row: Tom Carroll, Jim Johnson, Gary Hill, Steve Stedham. Standing: Mr. Potoczny, Bob Whitmire, Bob Slemp, Harold Bowman, Ron Schmit, Larry Jensen. High School Football The Napavine Tigers opened their 1958 football season on Saturday, September 20. They played the North River Redskins at Napavine and came out on the short end of a 21-7 score. Tom Carroll scored the lone touchdown for the Tigers. On Friday, September 26, the Tigers traveled to Rainier for a game with the Rainier Mountaineers Napavine won by a score of 32-12. The scoring was led by Jim Johnson with three touchdowns. Tom Vatne and Harold Bowman also scored for the Tigers. The Tigers trounced the Oakville Acorns on October 4, by a score of 49-Q. The Tigers were led in scoring by Jim Johnson with 6 touchdowns. Tom Carroll also scored one touchdown for the Tigers. Napavine traveled to Wishkah on October 10 to play the strong Wishkah Loggers. The scoring load was distributed evenly among three players - Tom Vatne, Bob Whitmire, and Jim Johnson all scoring once. The final socre was Wishkah 32, Napavine 20. On October 17 the Napavine Tigers traveled to Adna to play the Adna Pirates. The Tigers toppled the Pirates by the score of 26-0. Gary Hill threw 3 touchdown passes during the game. The pass receivers were Harold Bowman, Bob Whitmire and Jim Johnson. 30 Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Nap:-wine llapavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Standing: Mr. Potoczny, coachg Gary Hill, Bob Whitmire, Ron Schmit, Bob Slemp, Gail Anais. Kneeling: Steve Stedham, Tom Carroll, Harold Bowman, Jim Johnson, Duane Olsen. Basketball "A" Squad A-Squad Game Scores 34 36 32 60 44 48 65 61 40 58 46 37 61 51 53 32 47 47 57 58 4' League Games Playoff Games 47 58 32 White Pass White Pass Winlock Winlock Quinalt Quinalt Adna Oakville Tenino Rainier PeE11 Toutle Lake Boistfort Adna PeE11 Toutle Lake Rainier Oakville Tenino Boistfort PeE11 Green Hill 49 33 43 31 55 42 50" 68" 61" 48" 47" 52" 38" 48" 494' 46" 37" 51" 75" 394' 34 40 Napavine Napavine Tom Carroll Gary Hill Steve Stedham Harold Bowman Bob Whitmire TOM 34 38 230 192 162 145 129 Tournament Games Individual Scoring Ilwaco Morton Jim Johnson Ron Schmit Bob Slemp Duane Olsen Gail Annis 51 51 117 62 58 9 7 1, BOB GAIL JIM DUANE Standing: Mr. Jaros, coachg Ron Baglien, Denny Larson, Ranny Schmit, Tom Vatne. Kneeling: Fred Norman, Lorin Vlach, Gordon Vlach, Ken Messal, Darrell Davis. Basketball "B" Squad B-Squad Game Scores Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine Napavine White Pass White Pass Winlock Winlock Quinault Tenino Tenino Adna Adna Oakville Oakville Rainier Rainier PeE1l PeE1l Toutle Lake Toutle Lake Boistfort Boistfort ' 34 Gordon Vlach Lorin Vlach Ranny Schmit Tom Vatne Jack Norman Denny Larson Darrell Davis Walt Hall Ron Baglien Fred Norman Ken Messal Dick Muller Individual Scoring 244 215 2 97 57 52 31 26 19 17 3 3 3 Back row: Mr. Potoczny, coachg Darrell Davis, Gordon Vlach, Gary Hill, Ron Schmit, Lorin Vlach, Jim Johnson. Second Row: Ron Baglien, Ken Messal, Tom Vatne, Walt Hall, Fred Norman, Jerry Matney, Tom Carroll. Front: Jerry Matson, Manager. Baseball The Napavine Tigers took third place in a very strong league composed of Toledo, Winlock, Toutle Lake and Napavine. League Game Scores Napavine 0 Winlock Napavine 0 Toledo Napav ine 8 Toutle Lake Napavine 1 Winlock Napavine 2 Toledo Napavine 6 Toutle Lake 35 Top row: Donnie Schmit, Bob Whitmire, Ronnie Schmit, Harold Bowman, Steve Stedham, Mr. Potoczny, Duane Olsen, Ben Randall, Larry Jenson, Gordon Vlach, Denny Larson, Dick Muller, Darrell Davis, Lorin Vlach, Gail Annis, Gary Hill, Jim Johnson, Tom Carroll, Ronald Baglien, Tom Vatne. "N" Club "N" Club History Members of the "N" Club this year were: Tom Carroll, Jim Johnson, Ben Randall, Duane Olsen, Gail Annis, Lorin Vlach, Bob Slemp, Dick Muller, Gary Hill, Larry Jensen, Ran Schmit, Don Schmit, Bob Whitemire, Gordon Vlach, Ron Baglien, Darrell Davis, Steve Stedham, Tom Vatne, Eddie Hoxit, Denny Larson and Harold Bowman. Officers were: President Tom Carroll Vice President Gary Hill Secretary-Treasurer Lorin Vlach The annual "N" Club Carnival was held Friday, November 21. 36 Student Government and Activites Top row: Bob Whitmire, Ben Randall, Mr. Heath, Duane Olsen, Jim Johnson, Gail Annis, Tom Carroll, Barbara Hagan, Clara Mae Eldredge, Sharon Vatne, Gloria Creemer. Paper Stuff Editor ------------------------------------ Duane Olsen Ass't editor ------------------------------ Gail Annis Art editor ------------------------------ Barbara Ragan Sports editor ------------------------------ Jim Johnson Reporters and feature writers ------------------- Sharon Vatne, Gloria Creemer, Clara Mae Eldredge, Ben Randall, Bob Whitmire and Tom Carroll. l as Student Council .r..:,3 -kNA- Left to right: Karen Serme, Shirley Hilts, Barbara Ragan, Mr. Senne, Darrell Davis, Duane Olsen, Karen Curtis, Judith Canaday, Loren Vlach, Jim Johnson, Sharen Vatne, Gail Annis. 39 Top row: Duane Olsen, Jim Johnson, Loren Vlach, Gordon Vlach, Eddie Hoxit, Mariann Ragan, Barbara Ragan, Karen Senne, Lorna Matson, Luana Graves, Sheryl Goodard, Theresa Surdam, Mr. Senne. Honor Society Although the Honor Society did not have many meetings this year, we did accomplish a great deal. Pins were given to the new members and the old members were given pins of higher merit. At the end of the first semester We welcomed three freshmen to our ranks. In April we visited Bonneville Dam, The Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother and the Portland Zoo. We enjoyed this sojourn very much. Officers were: President Jim Johnson Vice President Lorin Vlach Secretary Lorna Matson Advisor Mr. Senne 40 Senne Gail Annis, LeRoy Muller, Mike Russell, Darrell Standing: Bettie Estep, Roberta Matney, Barbara Ragan, Gerry Matson, Mr. Aaby, Dick Dibble, Mr. Davis, Duane Olson, Karen Erickson, Terry Senne, Lorita Philips, Edna Oppelt, Helen Mack, Delbert Estep, Kathy Hamilton, Jimmy Aust, George Eastman, Luce, H9 Canaday, Nadi Jud ith ossard, Br Gary Arthurs, Terry Carns, yce Jo nne, Se STSH K ill, H Gary Curtis , ZTGH K ust A red Baglien, F Ronald unsell M TY Ter -. afi- M Senne Party Shirley Hilts, Sharon Bachlor, Lorna Matson, Sharon Vatne, Donna Olson, Lorene Carns, Sharon Musser, Kay McCulley, Cora Lee Annis, Joan Clark. lyn Clark, ll School Band Mixed Chorus Top row: Duane Olsen, Ronald Baglien, Jim Johnson, Gary Hill, Karen Erickson, Maryiln Clark, Karen Senne, Joan Clark, Sharon Vatne, Lois Maesner, Cornelia Adams, Gail Annis, Darrell Davis, Tom Vatne, Mr. Senne, Director. Sccond row: Mariann Ragan, Theresa Surdam, Sheryl Goodard, Darlene Crcemer, Barbara Ragan, Shirley Hilts, Lorene Carns, Karen Curtis, Nadine Luce, Linda Surface, Donna Olsen, Lorna Marson, Clara Eldredge, Alice White, Kay MeCul1ey. Girls' GI CI 'Pop row: Mariann Ragan, Theresa Surdam, Marilyn Clark, Karen Senne, Karen Erickson, Joan Clark, Sharon Vatne, Lois Maesncr, Cornelia Adams, Alice White, Kay McCulley. Bottom row: Sheryl Goodard, Dar- lene Crcemer, Barbara Kagan, Shirley Hilts, Lorene Carns, Karen Curtis, Nadine Luce, Linda Surface, Donna Olsen, Lorna Matson, Clara Elrlreclgc, lVIr. Scnnc, Director. 42 Top row: Adell Cowan, Kay McCulley, Loella Dickinson, Darleen Creemer, Sheryl Goodard, Geneie Matney, Barbara Ragan, Mariann Ragan, Kathleen Pea, Theresa Surdam, Betty Randall, Sharon Vatne, Judith Canaday, Joan Clark, Karen Curtis, Gloria Creemer, Clara Mae Eldredge, Sharon Bachler, Roberta Matney, Lorna Matson, Karen Erickson, Marilyn Clark, Lois Maesner, Bettie Estep, Cornelia Adams, Mrs. Pacsmag, Alice White, Shirley Hilts, Donna Olsen, Karen Senne, Lorene Carns, Karen Carroll, Linda Surface, Ellen Mathews, Nadine Luce, Judy Fink, Luana Graves, Brenda' Mathews. F.H.A. This past year has been a busy one for our F. H.A. Chapter. We began the 1958-59 school year with 38 members. During the year we gained two members, Brenda and Ellen Mathews. Un- fortunately we lost Audrey Hoxit and Beverly Faith. Events for the year were: September 16, a come-as-you-are party for the freshman girlsg September 23, initiation of new members, December 11, Father-Daughter Banquetg December 13, Box Social at I. 0.0. F. Hallg November, hot-dog sale at "N" Club Carnival, April 11, car wash and bake sale at Art Sz Don's Service Station, February 14, Sweetheart Tolog May 1, Mothers' Tea. The new officers for the 1959-60 year were installed on March 16. They are: President, Judith Canadayg Vice President, Sheryl Goodardg Secretary, Lorna Matsong Treasurer, Joan Clark, Par- liamentarian, Karen Carroll, Historian, Linda Surfaceg Reporter, Luana Graves. 43 "I does ma'am yassuh I does. " "Well, whose line is next? " Ma,Qwve Desperate Ambrose "Ambrose on the spot!" "Dor1't move partner. " "N" Club Carnival was held November, 1958. Above are: Clara Mae, Judith, Jim Johnson, Maryiln, Queen Lorna and Joan. 51 ,,,..-n Carnival f' g Tolo The F. H,A, held their formal dance of the year with the theme 'Star Dust' on Febru- ary 14, 1959. 3 -.::.,. 1," xi' -" f , RA , ff I A mi Q1 tyg 5511, L Best Dressed NADINE LUCE EDDIE HOXIT Most Likely to succeed Best Dancers BARBARA RAGAN 1 KAREN SENNE DUANE oLsEN o S GARY HILL Best Looking SHERYL GOODARD GARY HILL KAREN SENNE S- Class Cut-Ups BOB SLEMP mf' , KAREN ERICKSON ,N his A i,w,,,:-'Y L Aj ' f Za? g K ' Q-'A' Q A, xx mil' v f 'W 2 Y ' 5 rw' E 5 4 M I 1 A A I Best Physique 8: Most Athletic N , KAREN ERICKSON ' JIM JOHNSON Most Studious Most Courteous LUANA GRAVES LORNA MATSON DUANE OLSEN DUANE OLSEN 46 4 Q Who's Lazy! Wrong end up! Annie Oakley Take me to your leader Recogmze the A real -er nose? Ooh I --boys. hay- shaker "Turn me loose Beauty and the Beast. A11 dressed Tall, tan, terr1f1c Ready for anythlng The End' Why Johnny' Nice car ! Salty Watch the bn-dy Really! Say Uncle! Uugh! 5, Somethm' good Shirley ! Birdie Naturally curlY My' My Where's Sharon? Years ago J . Colleens V Q? L M llle Ready? Lift! 5 , i,, IVL x Q49 Buddies if 0 V --H an ! 'S Wi, f 'l-I ,i 3 ofa f Q ggi Y aw, xx n M. .. ,'.. in Qqeyago 0 Haunt yer house '7 wang LOOK Mow Honor SOC19ty Sabbatlcal Princess and Court Ups1de down Red Gal-t eps cheese cake Artist at work N Tired A11-school picnic Engaged Cold Meanie Happy! Cute Kar Good-bye Who is who 9 . I 5 i , Weyerhueuser Timber Company vAu.. - Mc DONALD OPERATION In-IELP PREVENT FOREST FIRESII X '1 6 we 129.1 B X CONGRATULATIONS cn.Ass OF '59' 5 gig, OF THE NAPAVINE HIGH SCHOOL PO Box 40 WASHINGTON PHONE SH 8 8661 WINLQCK WASHINGTON Boreen lumber Co PHONE SU 5 3661 CABINET SHQP ROOFING MATERIALS GLASS FULLER PAINTS 5 vi mm I N URN INSULATION -ig MIL-I-WORK I I xx xi 1 A lewis County Automobile Dealers, Inc. BUICK FORD - MERCURY SEVERNS MOTOR CO. EDDINS AUTO. CO. PLYMOUTH - CHRYSLER - IMPERIAL DODGE - PLYMOUTH CHEHALIS GARAGE ED S. MAYES PONTIAC PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER IMPERIAL OAKES PONTIAC CARTER'S GARAGE ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS NASH RAMBLER ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC HOWARD H HUTCHINS FORD MERCURY LINCOLN OLDSMOBILE UHLMANN MOTORS SEIP AND HANSEN STUDEBAKER PACKARD IJESOTO PLYMOUTH LINDSEY MOTORS RILEY MOTORS CADILLAC CHEVROLET WARREN BROS CHEVROLET TRI MOUNTAIN BENNY'S BURGER BAR FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES I-L., , 1514 MARKET SH 8 3333 SNACKS SHORT ORDERS - ON OLD HIGHWAY 99 SERVING ENTIRE LEWIS COUNTY BETTY HAMILTON OwNER -. N lf 99 WHEN YOU THINK OF LUMBER ,. REMEMBER THIS NUMBER . . CALL SHERWOOD 8-7162 .... . FOR PALMER LUIVIBER CO NC MOULDINGS, DOORS FRAMES, WINDOWS, INSULATION EIvIENT PLASTERBOARD EVERYTHING FOR TI-IE BUILDER 952 RRINDLE CHEHALIS WASHINGTON MOORE'S NURSERY QROSE AND CLYDEJ ' NB' Qin' 1 PEoNIEs SHRUBBERY PHONE SH 8-4520 Rr-'D 3 cI-IEI-IALIs WASHINGTON DICK'S SHELL SERVICE TIES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES LUBRICATION COMPLETE CAR SERVICE DICK DOROTHY, PROP WINLOCK, WASHINGTON SU 5 3831 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM CHE HALIS MUSIC STORE TO CLASS OND FACULTY OF 1959 PIANos AND ORGANS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND MUSIC RECORD PLAYERS AND RECORDS IvIAeNAvox TELEVISION YouR COMPLETE MUSIC STORE SH 8 7914 27 MARKET I . 1 me-: E-Y. ...,2.:2 v 'I V. -V N9 I I NAPAVINE GARAGE def! .III fy .IOURNEYMAN MECHANIC NEW AND USED PARTS ROAD SERVICE KNOLL BROS NAPAVINE FEED CO FEED HAY SEED BULK on SACK DELIVERY .elkwsag R' lg 5, LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED GOOD FOOD MOM'S CAFE Zi' FRIENDLY SERVICE NAPAVINE WASHINGTON my YOU GET A FULLER MARKET R I Q I, S5 BASKET WHEN You GO 'ro 9 Y f ? 7 9 FULLER'S af My ef ,xrlces f LV CHEHALIS CENTRALIA MIRACLE MILE GROCERIES HARDWARE GAS OIL ACCESSORIES WlL.LlAM'S SHELL SERVICE PHONE AM 2 3413 ex fa NAPAVINE, WASHINGTON l , QW ' S T J ..,:.:: ...I . JM KKA A ' . ""' - .. bl. , Q QU" IN ,, - 85 Si- , H- 0 ',II ' f 'V 'AA EEA A f V4 ' I ,pfiie E, I ,,,,j Z I PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS GARRISON'S REXALL DRUGS THREE STORES TO SERVE You BETTER LOCATED AT WINLOCK SU 5 3451 CENTRALIA PE 5 3222 CHEHALIS SH 8 3222 TRODAHL'S MARKET FRESH NIEATS AND LOCKERS PHONE SH 8 3124 FOREST CONGRATULATIONS FROM ALL THE GANG THE YARD BIRDS SHOPPING CENTER AND ALL YOUR MIRACLE MILE MERCHANTS IN CHEHALIS I LOTS OF LUCK CHEHALIS WASHINGTON MC KEE'S RADIATOR SERVICE DISTRIBUTOR FOR GENERAL MOTORS RADIATORS AND HEATERS' PHONE SU 8-4322 618 NATIONAL AvENuE CHEHALIS WASHINGTON I II AT T .Ii V TO THE CLASS OF '59 T I ll i I I WILLYS SPORT SHOP FOR ALL SPORTS EQUIPMENT DAIRY THE ONLY DAIRY STILL BOTTLING 113 w MAIN HOPE'S DAIRY LEWIS COUNTY s FINEST CARTONS ALSO IN GLASS AVAILABLE IN BUSINESS FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS PHONE SH 8 8722 PHONE PE 6-4122 CHEHALI S WASHINGTON CENTRALIA WASHINGTON ITYS THE LATEST IN LIVING ROOMS CENTRAL FUEL CO STOKERMATIC COAL HEATERS NEW AND USED FURNACES SH 8 7842 on SH 8 8808 PAYS TO S CHE HALI S PHONE SH 8-4331 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON HOP AT WASHINGTON PENNEY'S 2347 MARKET y. 3 u 891 MARKET ' fx 57 NAPAVINE, WASHINGTON J I CA E R. T. EVENS STORE CANDY - CIGARETTES FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES AM 2-3331 MM NEW IDEA CASE TERRATRAC CRAWLERS FARM MACHINERY GRAHAM IMPLEMENT CO 2394 MARKET STREET cHEHAn.lS WASHINGTON MORTON' S MEAT MARKET XEIWER BEXXUBXIS N XS CUSTOM CUT-rl NG I If -wgifq NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON PHONE AM2 3313 NAPAVINE WASHINGTON SH ERwooD 8-4821 CHEHALIS GRAIN COMPANY INC wHox.EsAL.E AND RETAIL GRAIN HAY F1.ouR AND POULTRY FOODS 1028 PRINDL.E ST cHEHAl.IS WASHINGTON Bank Accounts IIIIIIIBSVI CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF WI NL.OCK WASHINGTON ,fs 1' 0 lv I ' --f I . X ,' , I 4 -, h .Tm75555fIfffEEf2?ff2355'::::57VT:f?fff3fE223' R-E. POL-I-UNI I I I .I I to dra 0 0 - 0 IX' LK ff, v-59-- Q I I CENTRALIA FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN 215 NORTH PEARL CENTRALIA WASHINGTON PE 6 3363 ROY H ALEXANDER MANAGER DALE wI-IIsI..ER ,M XXXVI W4-' INSURANCE Z X 5 mx WINLOCK WASHINGTON MOORE'S MEN'S CLOTHING 869 MARKET ST SH 8-4214 COMPLETE WARDROBE FOR MEN CHEHALIS WASHINGTON WHOLESALING RETAILI NG KELLY'S PACKING CO I FRESH AND cuREO MEATS PHONE SU 8 8251 PACIFIC HIGHWAY WI NLOCK VARIETY STORE CONFRATULATIONS TO CLA OF 1959 HLOTS OF LUCK GREETING CARDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES FRESH CANDIES X WINLOCK WASHINGTON FREE DELI VE RY SERVICE WINLOCK DRY CLEANERS GUARANTEED CLEANING PHONE SU 5 3241 WINLOCK WASHINGTON CHEHALIS WASHINGTON THE GESLER McNIVEN CO 30 5 NORTH TOWER CONGRATU LATIONS CLASS OF '59 SHAKERTOWN CORPORATION WORL D LEADING MANUFACTURER OF 5 FLOORS OF RED CEDAR SHAKES HOME FURNIHSINGS PLANTS WI NLOCK, WASHINGTON CENTRALIA WASHINGTON CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON VANCOUVER, E.c, . ' Q' Z Q X Q . PHONE SU 5-3611 FLOE' S INC . 1339 cHEHAl.1s AVENUE CHEHA1-IS, WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS PARTS - SERVICE SH 8-8331 CHEHALIS GARAGE 960 MARKET ST CHEHALIS WASHINGTON CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH I MFE RIAL RALPHE MAUEL OWNER BUSINESS PHONE SH 8 8563 HOME PHONE SH 8 7229 KULIEN HAND MADE SHOES T BETTER WEAR BETTER 611 NORTH TOWER CENTRALIA WASHINGTON NICCHI ELNA SEWING CENTER ALL MAKE S SE RVI CED BUTTONS BELTS BUCKLES COVERED SCISSORS PINKING SHEARS CENTRALIA WASHINGTON 317 NORTH TOWER PE 5 7212 GEORGE SEARS CO. rvPREscRlPTloN DRUGGISTH PHONE SH 8-7721 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON A NEW DAILY CHRONICLE CHEHALIS or-'FICE TO SERVE YOU BETTER LOCATED AT PACIFIC AND PRINDLE THE DAILY CHRONICLE CENTRALIA DR CHUENY WONG OPTOMETRI ST 'CONGRATULATIONS CLASS 1959" SU 5 3861 WINLOCK WASHINGTON NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON 3 aRANcHEs LEWIS COUNTY TOLEDO WI NLOCK U l v OF F1 - I NEW AND USED MACHINES IN ,,,,,m. - EDERALRESIIHVE ' s :. U O I I C LEWIS COUNTY LU MBER I FOR YOUR BULLDING NEEDS ROOFING PAINTS ASBESTOS CABINETS SHAKES MILLWORK SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 1 ll PE 6-7655 MAYME'S VARIETY STORE POP AND ICE CREAM GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS NAPAVI NE WASHINGTON CHE HALI S SAW SHOP SHARPENING SAWS KNIVES COMP! ETE LAWN MOWER SERVICE LIGHT WELDING AIR COOLED MOTOR REPAIR AND SERVICE YOUR COMPLETE ONE STOP PAINT HEADQUARTERS ROOF COATING - LADDERS WALL PAPER 1001 cl-IEHALIS C C WHITE PAINT CENTER SH 8-3822 DR. WAYNE L. HINES OPTOMETRIST CONTACT LENSES FITTED SH 8 7702 884 MARKET s'r CHEHALIS WASHINGTON GOOTEE CHEVROLET CO MORE PEOPLE DRIVE CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR SU 5 3232 853 PACIFIC Ava SH 8-4824 cl-:El-ml.: s WASHINGTON BARTEL'S ME ' PHONE SH 8 3871 HEHALIS WASHINGTON WINLOCK w N S STORE WIN PHONE ASHINGTON LOCK HARDWARE anihhinlu 'NEI x 5 881 PACIFIC su 5 3251 I 'If"""i WINLOCK 8 V: f ,-., 3 515- , I V"- ' 2 IT.,,,,:,,,,.,' E'-?n"'vTF if, f 1 - 115 21 'fi LSI: -LE? 74. 1:14. -- -.xv LQ 12,92 - L 44 WASHINGTON ERVING'S WINLOCK HATCHERY aw 'f DAY OLD CHICKS PHONE SU 5-3671 WINLOCK, WASHINGTON X A TW . X 49. , , E -L . I I vga L. ,ff WE PICK UP AND DELIVER ON TUESDAY AND FRIDAY FRENCH CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON 972 PACIFIC AVENUE SH 8 3733 WINLOCK NEWS PHONE SU 5 3802 WI NLOCK WASHINGTON cOMPL.l MENTS OF STANDARD HATCHERY WINLOCK WASHINGTON PHONE SU 5-3181 DOYLES CHEHALIS PHARMACY SERVICE FOR THE SICK CHEHALIS WASHINGTON PHONE SH 8-4260 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '59 ROBERT'S BEAUTY SALON 870 MARKET ST PHONE SH 8-4233 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON SALES SERVICE IVIOKINNELL TRACTOR CO NICHOLS WILSON FORD CO IWHERE GOOD VALUE AND YOUR DOLLARS PHONE SU 5 3154 GET TOGETHER j NIASSEY FERGUSON GMC TRUCKS xl PHONE SH 8 8688 WINLOCK WASHINGTON CHEHALIS WASHINGTON . - . , I I I , T ' 2555 . . Rn I L s y O EARL C CU MMINGS DISTRIBUTOR SHEI..I. PRODUCTS PHONE SU 5 3241 WINLOCK WASHINGTON BRUNSWIGIS SHOE STORE X Q 4"Nx ka 829 MARKET CHEHALI S WASHINGTON ARNE'S MOBILE SERVICE ROUTE 3 sox 268 ON OLD HIGHWAY 99 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON AM 2 3211 McCOY YOUNG INC COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP AUTO PARTS PHONE SH 8-4436 1015 cHEHAI.IS AvENuE CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON REDI-GAS SERVICE OF CHEHALIS CHEHALIS WASHINGTON PHONE SH 8-4802 ROUTE 2 Box 168 BFN FRANKLIN STORES 815 17 MARKET STREET cHEHAI.IS WASHINGTON OUR BUYING POVVER OF 2500 STORES ENABLES US TO GIVE BETTER VALUES FOR LESS MONEY WINLOCK FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS PHONE SU 5 3421 WINLOCK, WASHINGTON CROCKER'S MEN S AND WOMEN S APPAREL YARDAGE AND SI MPLICITY PATTERNS PHONE SU 5 3491 wINI.OcK WASHINGTON I I INFANTVS AND CHILDREN'S WEAR I I- . 1 , -89' '. . Q f l. Q-ffl, in-mnn... K- Benq ' 5. gg 'y if? "'i-su f-.,.., .. ,.,.. Ez 53 ' 1 ST, ' I l I TIRES INC GOODYEAR TIRES FINEST RETREADING 1040 MARKET STREET CHEHALIS wAsI-IINGTON CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS WASHINGTON JUNK AUTO AND PARTS OF ALL KINDS GRANGE SUPPLY CO OIL AND GREASE DIESELINE OR STOVE GAS CHEHALIS WASHINGTON 1071 STATE SH 8 8668 CHEHALIS BRICK AND TILE CO FOUNDED 1902 OFFICE AND PLANT OI-IEI-IALIS WASHINGTON FREMONT G SURROWS MANAGER RELIANCE FOOD CENTER 309 S TOWER PE 6-4773 OPEN 9 TO 9 7 DAYS A WEEK EVERYTHING FOR Goon EATING MADSEN'S CORNER STORE MOBILE GAS GROCERIES SOUTH CITY LIMITS VIRGIL R LEE AND SON 917 MARKET ST cI-IEI-IALIS WASHINGTON SH 8 3326 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE REAL ESTATE AGENCY BLAKELY AND HOUT BUILDER S SUPPLY HERALD BECKMAN OWNER MANAGER MIRACLE MILE CHEHALIS WASHINGTON CO. 1336 OI-IEI-IALIS AVE, OLD "99" CENTRALIA KNITTING MILL SKOOKU M SWEATE RS AND JACKETS 1002 w MAIN ST CENTRALIA WASHINGTON J C PENNEY CO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PE 6 3177 208 NORTH TOWER CENTRALIA LOUIS A VIMONT COMMERCIAL PRINTING AND STATIONERY SH 8 3201 KANOU SE 'S FOOD CE NTE R BARGAINS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK SH 8 7252 176 9 MAR KET cHEHAI..IS WASHINGTON HAMILTON FORGE D MACHINE SHOP wINI..ocK WASHINGTON FECHTNER' S JEWELRY EST 1903 825 MARKET STREET ST HEI.ENs BLDG CHEHALIS SH 8--4313 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON BUCK AND SON FARM EQUIPMENT CO LILLEGARD OLIVER TRACTORS HARDWARE HoMEI..ITE CHAIN SAWS 2155 MARKET STREET TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU SH 8 8877 CHEHALIS MOR-I-ON CHEHALIS WASHINGTON HARDWARE FOR EVERY PURPOSE A Q A CLASS OF "59" N SECURITY STATE BANK INCORPORATED 1903 4 Q-0,0 46000003 Raw CHEHALIS WASHINGTON HUGHES SHOE STORE LADIES AND CHILDRENS SHOES 827 MARKET ST PHONE SH8 7933 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON CHEHALIS CITY LAUNDRY LOTS OF LUCK TO TI-IE CLASS our PHONE SH 8--4822 1065 MAIN ST cI-IEI-IAI.Is, WASHINGTON KAIJA FEED AND SEED THE GARDEN STORE PHONE SH 8-4221 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON MARY McCRANKS' SHAMROCK INN SOUTH ON oI..D 99 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON EVERNDEN STUDIO PORTRAIT AND COM MERCIAL. PHOTOGRAPHY PHONE PE 6-4313 CENTRALIA WASHINGTON CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF SONNEMANN'S CITY CLEANERS PHONE SH 8 7488 1055 MAIN sr cI-IEI-IAI.Is WASHINGTON BERRYHILL' S STORE 871 209 MARKET ST NORTH TOWER HV, , ' 'P-. Il ll ... fc?-I mx X ' siv - b I , '59 '59 I CHEHALIS AND CENTRALIA MEET ME WHERE THE GANG GOES BURGER JINl'S cENTRAI.IA WASHINGTON QUICK SERVICE TRANSFER Mow NG PACKING STORAGE 1056 PRINDLE S-r PHONE SH 8 3221 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON L AND E BOTTLING COMPANY 901 STATE STREET PHONE SH 8 8244 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON DAIRY BAR THERE S WHERE YOU FIND GOOD FOOD PHONE SH 8 3793 889 MAIN ST cHEHAI.IS WASHINGTON SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO 801 MARKET STREET SH 8-4473 cHEI-IAI.IS WASHINGTON MILLERIS ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING CO WASHINGTON PHONE SU 5 3456 WEST COAST GROCERY CO CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '59 1025 PRINDLE SH 8 3801 CHE HALIS WASHINGTON FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 921 1::I-IEHAI..Is AvENuE PHONE SH 8-4423 cI-IEI-IAI.IS WAS:-IINGTQN II .ll . , ' I WlNl-OCK' 1 HAGERMAN DISTRIBUTING CO CONG RATU LATI ONS CLASS OF 59' CHEHALIS WASHINGTON 957 WEST SH 8-4231 ROWLAND LUMBER COMPANY FOR FINE MII.I.WORK SASH DOORS CABINETS HARDWARE CENTRALIA WASHINGTON NICGANDY SHELL SERVICE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE PHONE SH 8 7911 1240 MARKET cHEHAI.IS WASHINGTON DYSON'S OPEN 8 A M - 9 P.M MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 1106 W MAIN STREET CENTRALIA WASHINGTON coMPI.E-rs HOME FURNISHINGS Fon voun Evsnv NEED CHARL.ET'S PHONE PE 6 3367 310 N TOWER CONGRATULATIONS O THE CLASS OF '59 VIRGIL O HARKINS MAYOR OF WI NLOCK CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '59 R C TOWNSEND WE SEI.I. FRESH HONEY AM 2 3478 NAPAVINE WASHINGTON PATRONIZE OUR SPONSORS PLEASE' I I PE 6-3359 cENTRAI.IA, WASHINGTON T ' I U K U TED IVIEISNER WINI.OcK, WASHINGTON NORTON'S SHELL SERVICE WINLOCK, WASHINGTON SEXTON'S SERVICE WINI..OcK WASHINGTON WINLOCK LAUNDRY WI NLOCK WASHINGTON LOWOW PI:.LTOLA WINLOCK WASHINGTON DON'S MOBILE SERVICE WINI.OcK WASHINGTON HARRY'S UNION SERVICE wINI.OcK WASHINGTON ALLEGRE S EGG SUPPLY WINI.OcK WASHINGTON SARVELA AND SON WINI.OcK WASHINGTON WAYNE BEVIS WI NLOCK WASHINGTON CENTRALIA WASHINGTON CENTRALIA FLOWER SHOP CENTRALIA WASHINGTON HUB-CITY CLEANERS cHEHAI.IS cENTRAI.IA WASHINGTON CHE HALI S ADVOCATE cI-IEHAI.I S WASHINGTON BURNETT'S JEWELRY CHEHALIS WASHINGTON SCHWARTZ'S MENS WEAR CHEHALIS WASHINGTON FARM SERVICE AND SUPPLY WINI.OcK WASHINGTON HITCHOCK RADIO SHOP cI-IEHAI..IS, WASHINGTON DAIRY QUEEN CENTRALIA, V'-IASHI NGTON CHEHALIS AUTO ELECTRIC cHEHAI.IS WASHINGTON PITTSBURG PAINTS CHEHALIS WASHINGTON HOUSTON S AUTO PARTS cENTRAI.IA WASHINGTON ST I'IELI:N'S HOTEL cHEHAI.IS WASHINGTON JONES DRUGS cHSHAI.I S WASHINGTON DR LONGHIVIAN cHEHAI.IS WASHINGTON NORTHWEST LUNIBER AND NIILLWORK cHEHAI.IS WASHINGTON KE LLY'S SPORT SHOP CHEHALIS WASHINGTON CHE HALI S WASHINGTON JOHNA MAY CO CHEHALIS WASHINGTON O K RUBBER WELDERS CHEHALIS WASHINGTON ROD'S CAFE MARY S CORNER KEEN AND HOWARDS GENTRALIA WASHINGTON B AND IVI AUTO PARTS cENTRAI.IA WASHINGTON POWER SAW AND MARINE cENTRAI..IA WASHINGTON '- I I PROFITS DEPARTMENT STORE CHEHALIS BOWLING ALLEY ,M ff MMQQEESEHQ mf' W diiiigagw W if M QEEQQ WW M My QW , Wjww JM wa W A fw mv fp 5555 ,l,,CfgL!Q'ifff7'LMQ HW , iggF'QNEg,1g HW? ggki MXN? 4 A Xwxi E Wff ,wb fm ' . 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