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I ,P M031-r K A ,K .mm Y A -Y 4- F' f . X A -V . KT x Q-QQVX n. w. . ? N S . r X K, . x , 3. s, wk. M35- . -. A K A .H , ,7 1 -. , ' V gf ' , ,, , , .,: ' 1??'f'Eil ' 4 '4-:J fa , , 1. 1 Q V. 5 I 'Q w ALA, X - 1. ,Q O- "7Z -prize winning photo by Gary Massonl capanee 1959 Published by The Associated Students of Napa Senior High School Napa, California June, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Nine L- l- Table of Contents In Memorium .... 3 School songs and yells .................................. 4 ADMINISTRATION .................................... 5 - 1 I Board of Education, Superintendent .... 6 School Administrators. ...................,..... 7 Faculty ..............,............................... 8 - I I Snaps .................................. ............. I 2 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ......... ......... I 3 - 24 Fall President .................,... ................ I 4 Fall A. S. B. Officers .......... ......... I 5- T6 Spring President .............. ............ I 7 Spring A. S. B. Officers ...... ......... I 8 - I9 20 Senior Fall Officers ............. ......... Senior Spring Officers ....... ......... 2 I Junior Fall Officers .......... ......... 2 2 Junior Spring Officers ....... ....... 2 3 General Assembly .......... ........... 2 4 SENIORS .............................. ........ 2 5 - 58 Senior Sweetheart ...... ................ 2 6 Senior Pictures ................. ........ 2 7 - 57 Monique Gendrault ........ ................ 5 8 JUNIORS .............................. ........ 5 9 - 67 Snaps ..................................... ............. 6 8 ACTIVITIES ............................................ 69 - 88 CIub's and Organizations ................ 72 - 84 Pep Representative ............. ............. 7 6 Miss Blue 'N' Gold ......... ......... 7 7 Snaps .......................... .......... 8 5 Girls Jinx ................. ......... 8 6 School Events ........ ................ 8 7 Snaps ................ ................... 8 8 SPORTS ................... ......... 8 9 - IOI Football ............. ......... 9 O - 94 Basketball ............, ......... 9 5 - 98 Baseball - Tennis .......... ....,........ 9 9 Track ................................. ........... I OO Rifle, Swimming, Golf ....... .............. I Ol Snaps ..................................... ................. I O2 ADVERTISING ..................... ..,..... I O3 - 131 2 ln Memorium SCOTTY EDWARD MILLER 1940 1958 A member of the class of 1959 Scotty excelled ln football basket ball and baseball He was a member of the North Napa Softball Club He was good ln art and typmg where he receuved one of the hnghest typmg awards Hls death came as a shock to hlS many frlends He was born In Uknah Cahforma LINDA ANNETTE HAECKL 1941 1958 long nllness Her death was deeply felt by her frnends She was actlve In the Glrls Athletnc Assoclatnon and the Hostess Club and was a class representatuve to the student councul In the nnnth and tenth grades Although born an Napa she llved an the East for a pernod of sux years Also a member of the class of 1959, Linda pa..sed away after a l 3 School Songs and Yells FIGHT SONG Blue and gold, blue and gold, filled with loyalty, Indians, Indians, watch our team. and see them fight, fight, fight, Blue and gold, brave and bold, on to victory So give a cheer for Napa While we fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. As do many other schools, Napa Senior High has many yells pertaining lust to the school and its emblem. While these yells are different, original, and strickly Napa yells, they require much audience participation and are difficult to put into words on paper! For that reason, we will just list a few of the yells usually done at the games. VICTORY Victory, Victory, that's V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Can we do it? You're doggone right So come on Napa, Fight! Fight! Fight! our cry: E-GA-TAH We are rough, We are tough, We are Indians, Struttin' our stuff. E-ga-tah, E-ga-tah Ugh, Ugh, Ugh QDMINISTRATION .kd f' eSupeHntendent H. M. MCPHERSON Superintendent Board E mm f of YfaJ.f Trustees -' 5 ff' '7-fi .ga '52 Lnl wr? .V . - 4612155 -g -gp? 5752? f'-95. w HUBERT FRUEHAUF DR. ALBAN L. BAILEY L President Clerk W A We L 5 L -KQQUR' MD r-""'x'M fi., - EL 51 'A 1 D. E. ALEXANDER JOSEPHINE LYERLAE ' WESLEY RUTHERFORD 6 Administrators ROY PATRICK Coordinator of secondary education Deans KENNETH CASSENEGA Principal TOM FOTINOS SALLY MCABEER DON HAWORTH Dean of BOYS Dean ot Girls Dean of Activities 7 "UU-6 Sarah Lynch John Colleolge George Hildebrandt Counselors Faculty C Q , -ft If 'ljv-fl 'A gc wxv ', Q 5 . 5 1, A, 1 ,., 2. -ua r- .f :J A 5f'7ir:?f1, r Q i iff: , Vernon Bailey Dee Baker Bob Barkhouse Richard Kresge Leona Barnes favs' Barry Beiigun Ervin Brien Dayton Coffey Roberv Covey 8 l z -, ,. ' , 4- if'-9' 1553 Q W ' ' i ml 5 .412 ' W' f:i'3Sl . ' , l -L ' i f ff' ,gf Ag. . ,. ,-,.,,,' -f QTEK: 31? U William Crane Donald Davis .XA ,',3.. 7 : 3 4, , , 2 R xii' gf . 1 . 1" fx Mil . ,f , A 2 ,qarr x l u, ,' , Barry Gill Paul Goldberg as 3 ?'!. Don Haworth Warren Kubler Karl Kulrri , 2 355-is f -M A. l"2?,l?f w. 1 'isi5 K I. M X"'lf25l 1 SB. O X 5 l' ii tax i.: v a., gif , Liga 1 f I -if-2-W' x -Qin: ' . is 3' ll." 4' Tom Elrick ,y me .9 . -2'l 4 I bg Y: :gal fl: f if SS .r 1? 5 ' ,-fx saffi? '2?.,S'ff "suis, . A, - ,..:'3, 1 i N ani- I Q .Ng f. +414 ,wg tr V151 . M ' w If If-1 'Q . ,M . ,' :f .41 Mike Fullmer ,Mg-um. ' ' I E? 15725 W' if x , ' 3 :Q ' Z ., 2 f fl 2' I 5.5 559 1 r:??, fQ5 , . tr. ,Q La nav W? W. ' A 52121525 ' , H' -4 I N Y evwmtg Hggf, -x X Howard Gressinger ,:Q?, . is 4. ' WEE? 1 r .f . f ex' L I .:f'.:???i Q J-fi ' W 1,4 ,, i A 353215. 111-35 , 3 af s l 3' , I J nj its ,riff Y 'xgivscla Walter Hemmerling Walter Johnson f'f,: :M ' , A A i 35115 f .Q - tiger! v ' n LV i. .H . ,. 1581 V1 Y , 52325 f ' 3 5 L Rafi' . ' IE ff fm fig? - :Q 2' :fi I- 2 , I' : 1 'sea f . fa ' Q ff . ' 'f14i'V'mf5l,:f: fl ' lil in 5 V l 2523? F1 K f:' , .. Antonio Latorre nk M. L. Hasiing Emma Kelly 4 nf '. , g ,I Margaret Laughlin John Lucas Georgiana Lyon . ,i - i N""'f , N' '- Richard Molinari Bernard O'Haire Sheridan Pricert Dewey Roberts i M J Simone Sletner Clinton Smith W 1 0 Joe Marelich Clarence Miller IW? az, -,pi , i Ea' Sh, 'L Esther Parker Bruce Payne Q, ' iw 'A'-:fl X Y-"4 3' hs "K 'w '91 . '- 'B -7-fp fx A 23 f ,k 1 Q4 S I Ann Schietfer Joseph Schrueder Robert Tellefsen Mai. Thornton Margaret Trower U' 'ie ,L :ICS ,, r O 3 Robert Van Prooyen i x 5 Qu- ' 'Q' 2 sis K 41 K Maurice Wood rs ,E' W V . "1 LV Ex Mfzw ' f : . we Ei A " , is , .Y F, 2 2, . 2 5? qw- .- X ,. fr- Chris Vaaler SCHOOL PERSONNEL I1 An old fashioned lady. , ,L iv No, no, no . . . you wouldn't Swing them strips Imitating their heroes. Aren'f you the strong one? Our Seniors. 1 - L, ' 1 -,Q-Emi. . .Ax YL' . V L L lFffEi'f'kl.' 1 3lM M 'Q iff all -ffl? :Elia ' ' firfna i fragir'-', N wi 5 Q i ' " . A 'i J ' ' . ' qw' A j , A 'I L ' Yi . f1""'h' if 9 , ff. , H ,A 1, , '. 1 -2, q Q34 dw 'Q' nz' f 1 '4 .-1 .,. Stron shoulders. Calories in those fries. 9 1 Qi, Glamor, 19?'e style. 3 'rf ,- , a fill k ,bw . 1.3: T in ' " '- sq? f Q .. l , . . 1, " , Q.. A ,QKQQ ' All 5 .H - 'ylfffl-Pal" 5 ' U fir,-a. Q-1 Curl Up with CI Hankel- Woman's newest occupation. Eating again, Chuck? 'I2 77 V lf, !f.i,!!,!!V flfr X X? fm ' 1el:, f7 ,' f ,f X f ff . f ,ff , , 1 ,f X 4f,f7z o40, f X ' fl! X' ,,,, ,QP J ff X' 1 ' ff f,ff'Z" f1 ",! fg9'gff57 vw! f f fy- ,4,, , ,, VV! !,,,,, 1 'sf X 4,4 QW Vfyvfffff f, 347 If s i ' vffilf ff ' ' ,Cf , if V1 VND JQQ, Q, ,V ,JW QB- 'IN ", WW ,ffilzf V Zu X Q' fy, X h 1 '77!fif6"'ZT,W ,Q7 M, ! !,l 5 V, W ffzau M i A Xs f , A ' ff, V V ', X ,,,' V ,, ,VVVV IVIV, X ,V ,, L VVV, g ,A ,Z I , H I "Vr'V ,, ' f !,,, 1 7 Zn 5' , K 'f fav f , I f 6ff f ' f Qj ,f' 0,71 f 17? f ,ffv' ? iQ,w'fhQf?:. Qff, 711, Q , 'f z,,E E' f if xii 41 Q fff 5A , X f4.-94, by f ' fKf2Qs0wbfY , Fall A. S. B. President PHIL LAMOREAUX Fall A. S. B. Officers Jim Capito vice-President Marilyn Murdoff Lynn Aguilar Secretary Commissioner ot Finance Peggy Wilson Judy Blshop Commissioner of Activities Commissioner ot Assemblies 15 . F , 1 Jerry Harris Sharon Hancock Commissioner of Public Relations Recorder Fall A. S. B. Officers After being installed by principal Ken Casanega, the fall A. S. B. officers at Napa Senior High started out to make it a successful term. Among the activities they took part in were the down- town rally, the N. B. L. conference at St Helena, the serving of refreshments to players after games, donated S50 tothe band in their campaign for new uniforms, and worked with the adult chairmen about Napa students becoming exchange students. Under the able leadership of presi- dent Phil Lamoreaux, the fall officers, all seniors, paved the way for the spring officers in this sec- ond year at Napa High. 3 Bob Backus Suzie Hall Commissioner of Building and Head Yell-leader Grounds X 'l 6 Spring A. S. B. President MARSHALL JAEGER 7 Spring A. S. B. Officers 'A 'UQ f dy-x I r 4 Q. ia. .aug ., ff : " a 1' Dale Teeiers Vice-President ' XA j':, U f i 1' ' Bev Davis Secretary sr-'ff Brenda Laniow Commissioner of Activities 18 Minnie Allado Commissioner of Finance Sharon Hancock C01'l'll'l'liSSi0D.el' of Assemblies Lexy Storm Carol West Kriss Amundson Commissioner of Public Relations Recorder Commissioner of Buildings and Ground: Spring A. S. B. Officers The spring officers, installed by the outgoing fall officers and the Constitutional Justice, Jerry Connell, almost immediately after being elected, launched into the iob of the approach- ing end of the school year. Instead of the usual installation dance, a reception in the A. S. B. room was given the new officers. The new officers, under the apt leadership of president Marsh Jaeger, attended the N. B. L. student lea der conference at Sonoma, supported the rifle team, the basketball team ito a certain extentj helped the exchange student, Monique Gend- rault, in purchasing graduation announcements and name, and arranged for the Dave Brubeck Quartet to come to the school. They worked busily with the officers of the iuinor and senior classes in preparing for the many end-of-the-year activities. 19 fs! . Senior Class Officers Ep is S , Fa ti:-aw Q 5 iris S515 55 :tres ' " , vv',x :rr 45 sr' . 5- -ga, 3 5 I 5 'Sv Dan Charlesworth ' S if 4, f 4-3 President 1-:,::fv , 311315 :5 . . 1? John Chipman Vice-President W Darlene Estes Secretary-Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES: Lexy Storm, Gary Bertagnolli, Steve Hischier, Tom Harris, Babs Murnan. 20 Senior Class Officers Spring -fu Pat Andersen Secretary-Treasurer gn... Richard Bell Vice-President Mike Green President .g:"""'-:Leg , REPRESENTATIVES: Monique Gendrauet, Peggy Wilson, Lynn Aguilar, Jim Capifo, Kay Trammer. 21 .lumor Class Gail Mi ghavacca Secretary 'Sf 4 'R Diana Brambrmk Recreation Director Suzie Prxce Mmme Allado Dlana Brambrink JUNIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVE I, V f 3:2715 .aiaif 1 41" -'O ff : " Junior Class Despite The fact that the Junior Class came from two different schools and did not have the experience of previously working togther, it was apparent that they quickly learned what teamwork and co-operation meant when they worked as a unit to produce the Winter Show in which 200 students participated. Walking off with the honor of first place on this proiect and winning The P. T. A. competition against the Seniors, were the results of their enthui- asm and hard work. Other activities included the Christmas Hall decorations, the prom, and a good repre- sentation in other Student Body functions such as school plays and student government. This summeer, representing The Jr. Class at Girls State will be Minnie Allado, and two outstanding boys are yet to be chosen for Boys State. Juniors also representing Napa Sr. High are two Foreign Exchange students, Patricia Blodgett and Gary Massoni, who will bee the first students ever to represent our school in that capacity. Looking back through the year, the Junior Class can have every right to be proud that they were able to participate so actively in Student Body affairs, and next year, as the new leaders ofthe school, it is certain that they will continue to play a part in making the year an active and successful one. SPRING JUNIOR representatives: L. to R. Jaqui Javrirall, Michelle Coakley, Valeri Beach, June Beelers, Pat O'Leary. 1 5 N 'L 23 i 5 GENERAL ASSEMBLY: ish Louis Venturini, Diana Brambrink, Linda Steele, Minnie Allado, Suzie Hall, Butch Murray, Dennis McDaniel. Znd: Babs Murnan, Jerry Harris, Judy Bishop, Marti Hobart, Brenda Lantow, Jerry Connell. PROPHECY: LEADERS OF TOMORROW we la, X I. 25,8 ' ' 2 The Lady and her body guard. ,......-- 1 Anchors away of r ,ei 4-Z' Listen here, buddy! 4 OOpsl Caught again! 24 'Q rNsM7""f:'f'fg'j'?t Gif, .Q 412vf7"' f tif- . , Q gif -an f:'W'.g", A f gr. 'fig of 26.1-1 ff'-F'tf5' t .1 5i.EM:wf,1 P ff41'1fQ: ' Y Come cleanlli Not Guilty! Pictures continued on Page 85 GRFIDUFITES A 2 qv f Senior Sweetheart W mi a "' g . My Q WILMA ROBERTS JAWS PALZWS JACKIE ZALHEL YW-+R' BOBBI I-NSE SANDY ADAM 26 The Senior Class A senior class member is more than just a student attending school. He is a leader, a per- son looked up to by underclassmen. Great responsibility rests upon the shoulders of a senior. The standards and reputation of a school depend, almost entirely, upon its senior class. This year our class has done remarkably well. Probably our most notable accomplishments have taken place on the athletic fields. Our teams are noted for their hard play and sportsman- ship and envied for their records. In school affairs our class has performed more than adequately. Seniors pride themselves on their ability to beat lower classmen in everything. This year is no exception. We were oper- ating smoothly, enjoying the sweet smell of success, when we suddenly had our pedestal jerked from beneath our feet. For the first time in the history of NSH the Junior Class worl the Winter Show! ln consolation I must admit, however, th at in all other school affairs, events, and activi- ties, the seniors prevailed as leaders and victors. Now the time has come for graduation from high school. I'm sure that many of us are ex- periencing the mixed emotions that go along with this important event. We feel happiness and pride in a iob well done, but we feel sorrow when we think of leaving. The thoughts concerning the Prom, the All-Night Party, the signing of yearbooks, and the display of class rings are ones of anxiety. All the rewards of a wonderful year are concentrated into so little a time. Baccalaureate and the graduation exercises are events that will be remembered and cher- ished for a lifetime. Everything that goes with the celebration of graduation gives us a good feeling, a feeling mixed with happiness and sorrow: a feeling to be long remembered. . 'mari ' ,.,.,..., 'ii a S3 2 JERRY AARON Math Maior, Football, trackp Block N fsecretaryj. -Dan Charlesworth Senior President, Fall Term. MARTHA "Marti" ABBOTT College Prepg Plans to attend Napa J C., Future Teachers Nice-presidentj, l by as A THERON ABEEL Civil En ineerin Ma'or Plans to at- 9 9 I 1 tend Napa J. C.: Road Gents of Napa an-r HARVEY ABRAMOWICZ Music Maior, Plans to snena c.o.P., earner Eight, Track, Football: Road Gents. Octet fsnokesmanl: Drama Groupp rt' as 315ai.zs::gg'sfae""Hr f iiiillsfe :Egiiilfiiifilyi ' is -- ir 'Iii' was rrzuy . r :Egan ' 4 , 1-,L . if Ei-255' . ia ' + 51- f -. '- "" ii s . tg af 5 l i ' Q . ',"' ,B 'gf K ...M my , 'fl 33 . 'Vin' : Ig :jg .1 ,lf X V ' - G3 a 4xlE.y f "l W . .- . T, g 1 SANDRA "Sandy" ADAM ANDRE Ula" ADAMS DONNA ADAMSON - - , LYNN AGUILAR B"S"'ej "QM" P'a"5 '9 ""e"d Sam' College Prep, Plans is attend cnlm College Pfepr Plans to arena Napa College Prep- Plans la srlend Univ Ferre? . .rllgom-P0n9IrlI12thr10017: Slate: Spanish Club, Winter Show: J. c., rnnrre Teachers, fSecretaryl of Nevada, lNinter snow, A, 5, sf E Y Umm' ee' Hifi Club- Science Club Nice-pfesiderlflr Treasure fFalIJp Senior Representative 27 5 TERRI LEE ALBAUGH General e 5 . -af T. la. if E Me g, . E - x r g. . . Q , ' v -R ., '55 saggy ., f -fix.. A A :Elf 1 ., 4, 3, Ylv' PAULA LEE AMEN College Prep.: Pla n s Io arlend San Francisco Slaleg C. S. F.p Winter Showg Council representative. 9' '71, 'kf' .Pe T .f ref' ' 4 ' , fm' GROVER ANDERSON College Prep mmf ru wg. QA f 4 , 'Wa MILTON EUGENE ALDERDYCE General : . EQ gt 1 Pt HERBERT "Herb" Arltell Math, Plans lo ahend Davis: Golf team. ,. MARCIA ANDERSON Generalp Plans to attend Knapp Col- lege of Nursing, 'fit ANTHONY "Tony" AKELAlTlS College Prep.: Plans vo attend U. C.p F, T. A.: Time Ou! for Gingerg uf PATRICIA "Pal" ANDERSON College Prep,f c. s. F., Drama Club ftreasurerji Girl's Leaguep Senior Class secrevary-treasuererp Winter Show. Fibvcrvx gt. :'9'5,f W WILLIAM ANDERSON General , A Q' . O-4 f f 4. Y -. J... yo- E3? " "fEf'. 7 .Si 2 . Af is ii ' F -aw . 2. , , . :- Q - 5' 3' JOYCE ASBURY LINDA ATWOOD MURIEL AUSTIN Business: Plans fo aflend Napa J. C. Musrcg Plans to atrend Napa J. C., Or- College Prep.g Plans to attend Napa chestra, Chorus. Gold Star in A-H, J. C.p Ushereitesi Chorus. G. A. A.: M. Y. F. :Lei Wll.LlAM "Bill" ALVARD Auto Shopf Plans to attend Napa J. C. Q' ' v-f ,X , I XY?"-wr a ci x , ,fl ANTHONY "Tony" ANDERSEN Elecrricilyp Plans lo ariend Napa J. C. . 2 Sees . .g T, yi,-W M-ve H .-f:':'.:.:1:. 1. 511251 us" W2 22595 Tiilfsii p' if . W ff? A 'I 1 f- f- 5235355 ' : fuzz, " W gg-eg: f ' was zsgsgs . A' :E E5 Q ' ' re , ft , X sf ,Vx K A H as , ew 1 "- ,.. - I rfifiset. fy, El Q TSE? , N 'Q ' ffrizt Tony" ARNOLD Plans to attend Cali- Academy: Block Ni ROBERT "Bob" BACKUS College Prep.g Plans to .mend U. S. F.: General Assembly, Block N: Track rearru Comm, Bldg. and Gr. LINDA ALLEN Business: Pla ns Io aIIend I. B. M. School. . .A " 'RPN :rl t ,. l A A 'Y I .Lg .31 qi .I 'iv li . f .lf "?i"'Y : fa? 2' JOHNNlE BECK Auto Mechanics: Air Force: Road Gents. Win. CHARLES "Chuck" BELL General: Homerocm president, fresh- manl. - ' PM 1255 a I ia I . we - -'IA DONALD BENDOWSKI d U C: College Prep.: Plans In alien . . Block N: Foclball. SW M" fe E if ' 5- ' 1- I , : . 3, rs . ,I s A fy, I. :ff 'gif' 1: I I N Xirifislflf if ffl: , S, I I HAROLD "Butch" BAILEY College Prep.: Plans to attend Napa J. C. MARY BECKER Business: Plans Io anend Napa J. C.: Pom-Pom Girl Isoph.J: Chorus Qfreshe man.j We MICHAEL "Mike" BEIL College Prep.: U. C. QBerkelBYli Block N: Football team: Track team. .5 ,: .x . I1 J -P3 .,-I lf? "Q 54 3 f JIM EENTLY General . , GLENDA BAILLIE Business f?'.?f?3 A I ' 'K .5 ' , gf' 'Q i f: Q . '3s4?J,.' DUANE BEEVERR Industrial Ari RICHARD BELL Engineering: Plans Io attend Sania Clara: C. S. F Lpresidenrj: Senior class vice president. WEE' " kklrgaak 51, HOWARD BENTON General: Plans to attend Napa J. C. ::, .Q 855' 1' A . -s -. 3 E . waismfs' ' Q 1 vi mf' gfffgfi' , . at I' , , if ' 6- . I fig ' r 13 fp, , ,E3fEfL r um. ' .zrczt LlNDA BAN KS General RONALD General: Plans Io ai Swimming team, Tv -Rv? MELINDA BELLNOE General gsvagfpgxxye-15 A. a 3, 171 ,525 in J, I 'H is v w -P 1 , ,4 :ag , 55: 'M ' 31' I iq ' ' 'f':a. f- 4?-e, .3 sci:-5 i .f 'Y ' 152.2 ' :ef fl- nissan I ' , 'fs1'2!1s L 'I A 1 A5223 Q, IE? . .337 s r Yi fail? N ': 5 ... f 5 1,452 ,gl Q: ,, , A' r' JOYCE BERGER Business: Class Senator ffreshrnanj. 2-23851 . f'5f." " I ALFRED DENNIS BERRY Ang Napaneef Band. .q. Y'. ' . 3. 'dig ,fy , ' azif A ' ifttrg . 5? fa- 5 ,. , 1- x . : If I X 2, ' R , - ,zgiggg EARLENEBESS Business ,if , , f HARLEY "Buddy" BIGGS Math.: Plans to attend Universily of Colorado: Foovballp Block N. Lgsrsar A ' f : 21,5313 f 551-2 A 1 . QA. K-fig 1 Mft: . pn ,II KJ: if 1, f sg- J' K ' ,W - sf 'ii ' 1' hifi ., .ry 2:35 N. W src? GARY BJOSTAD Industrial Arlsp Plans lo attend Prince' Ion . - fn . w if! wr, . NEW : . 3' 3 'fc-J "1 sg ff Af f.: ?"' 7 4514 1 N r Q, . .jf . sm' ' J ' 92.1. -1" R an :' iff ' , . lxflnlx GARY BERTAGNOLLI to atrend Idaho Slave School of N. B. L. Judgey Senior rep- SANDRA "Sandy" BERTOLUCCI Business Administraliony Plans to af- vend Napa J. C. BONNIE DUDEN Meior Home Enonomlcs .? .3 Q , 4 ff- ,L A - -, ,e . , w if '52 ,,,,,f. . -. .. ? 41- . -T ,J , fl 5' ,- A f j ff" S .fp : L 1' gf A, rw F l "' Y i" DOROTHY "Dottie" BLACK General BEST ALL AROUND X, . 1 "Yi . -, , mf . A: ff 3 fx 5 ' " B 2. ' -l . ffw ,. yy." rf, 5 fy, ,fw f . Lg' K .' 251 : E J . 'N PF, 1 iz' '4 '. " Y: -,. I 9. 1 .3 .1 . " E Ex ' ffffi ' . Q4 Q ff.: Y k , , -qi' ' fflf- U Marilyn Murdoff Phil Lamoreaux ROBERTA BIRCH JUDY BISHOP College Prep. Pom-Pom Girl lseniorl: Winter Show. JON "Slave" BLACK EUGENE "Gene" BLODGETT Generalp Plans Yo attend Napa J. C4 Journalism: Plans to attend Napa J. C. Block N5 Swimming team. MOST SCHOLASTIC 1 an Norman Gordon Stanley Johnson Joann Lopez 's ?l?f3'Ws3!P8 VIRGINIA BROOKINS General .. . , . ,, .gr ALLEN "AI" BRAMBRINK Daily lndustryg Plans to attend Davis extension of U. C. RONALD "Ron" BROSIO College Prepp Plans vo atrend San Jose Stale. KAY BONHAM Elementary Educationg Plans to atrend Westminsierg F. T. A. fpresidentlp Worthy Advisor of Rainbow: VIRGINIA "Ginny BOONE College Prep.p Plans Io atrend college in chicago, G. A. A. . ff' ffj .13 CYNTHIA "Cindy" BOWEN college Prep.g Pla n S lo anend San Jose State: French Club, . Y V Y ne, I C ' . A 4, 'Is 5 -M., ,ff "' . . .Ax . R , , . f. , f ms' Q.: .5 , , ...J " iff: . . 4':'w"..'r .2 CAROL BOWEN General GARY BRECKENRIDGE MARIETTA BRIDGES College Prepg Plans to altend Napa General J. C4 Cross-Counvry ieamp Track leamg Block N, 2 , ,f . ff?'5l'?f'f 2' I . n 3,4 rgv - W ,flu ', egg-3, f F if ex' ' F745 If 1. , xi . T 4 .. ' f I Q: ' t. A :-, gl. xi I I 5 , , 9, 4 ' , - .2 , if ., : ff , .f L.. H .::.:,: ,gglz ,I f e . 1-25Q.L!fK'f 1 ., - I -, Ii ' , . f,:.z- sz: ,, ff 2: . y -'f L .-is I, nl ' 'L:Es'?'? , P3 gp .' 3 if n f.l3?'.:t Q. i 5' J - .,- I . . mrs? L :Q I ELDON BROYLES Machine Shopp Golf ieam. SHARON BUCHER Commercial Arr: Plans to attend Cali- fornia School of Fine Artsp F. T. A. iifi? W' fi , .::',, 1 QQ' - me ' .. . 72. ' 5 .Q . 5' x,y 51 A V. , I Il' :mf T NG!!!-fi!! CAROLE BUNJES JOSEPH "Joe" BURCH Businessg Plans to ahend Beauty Col- Collepe Prep. leger Girl's League. LYNN BUSH College Prep.: Plans to aviend RONALD BUSSELEN General Pom-Pom Girl fsoph. and snip Winter Show, Exchange Assemblyg N. B L JAMES "Jim" CAPITO College Prep.: Plans to attend Napa Business J. C., Track ieamr Block N: W i nie r Showp Tennis ieamp A. S. B. vice JANICE CARPENTER NH JOHN CASSAYRE JOANN CHAPMAN General College Prep. WILLIAM "Bill" BURRELL College Prep.g Plans lo attend Oregon Siaieg Battalion Commander Cadeisg Science Club lrepresentaiivejg DENNIS BUSH General WILLIAM "Bill" CAIN Generalg Plans to attend Florida Chrisiian College. AL CAMPBELL General ui? I ' 2 r I L n l , HARRY CASSAYRE JAMES "Jim" CASSAYRE Mechanical engineeringg Plans fa er- iena Santa Clara University. , 'lf' , X . . -' 'B - El.. I- I 'W .f. ,,' DANIEL "Dan" CHARLESWORTH RICHARD CHEW College P rep,7 Block N lpresidenljg Generalp Block N. Senior Class president flfalllf fooiballp baseballg Win1er Show: f 3 JOHN CHIPMAN College Prep.: Plans to attend Col- lege of Pacific: Block N, Football, Se- nior Class vice presidentg trazki tennis. SANDRA "Sandy" CLINTON Business JAMES "Jerry" CONNELL College Prep.p Plans to attend Stan- fordf C. S, F. Klife memberjy Tennis team lcaptainlp Constitutional Justice A l Q j k ff '-Rita 5? 52 mei' .ak JS 5 1 ' 'W-. TQ? -Q V , N51 5' .. .. in . , , V n V 5 ' wa. .C .L . ifl -J " ,Fi .55 . V vf Xf' " TREF. g.5?w' i feilof i f5xQz,. fg l i I MICHAEL "Mike" CORBETI' General: Plans to attend Napa J. C, DIANE CHRISTMAN Business: Plans to attend Napa J. C4 Usherettes Lpresidenflf General Asa sembly: Chorus. MARILYN COLE General DARLENE CONVERSE Home Economicsp Pla ns to attend Napa J. C. SHEILA CORDIAL College Prep,y Director of Publica- tions lkidgeviewjg Constitution Com- mittee fkidgeviewjf CLARA CLARKE LEONDA "Lonnie" CLAYTON Business: Plans to attend Napa J. C. Musicg Plans to attend Napa J. C. ECHO DELAINE COLEMAN MARIE COLGAN Business: GirI's League General JERRY CONWAY MARY COOK Generaly Track team College Prep. MARY ANN COWEN DARRYL CROWE Gefiefdl General a J Pl' . . ' 4-, 3. . A J ' N ' 22:21-..,. .6 y n .. ' , .l..l5Qlf3? '. V 7" 2' ss-351, .. -, - . i-,si f az 'Orv" CROWE fend Nazarene Pasa- eshman Class Repre- JANET CUBA Musicg Plans to attend a business col- lege: Homeroom presidenl ffreshman and soplwomorel A312 "aa, ..??T?-T'?9"VWR:'!..f' 3:1633 Q'g,j32.EYl 0 3 . fax V 'S 3 1313 DEANNA cuLusoN Business- Plans To allend Napa J. c. ., . 5 'K ' 1 .1-M.. X is . ny., N '55 i 5 J gf ,' iff Lars Wir: . . .-. GLEN "Eddy" DAVIDSON Businessp Plans to attend Napa J. C. Music: Plans io attend Chico Slate: Football. YVONNE CROXEN Business 1'9- BARBARA CULLISON General ifliza ar 'Uk MARIE Fresh- man BEVERLY "Bev" DAVIS Business: Plans lo attend Napa J. C.s C. S. F.: N. B, L. Conference, Winter Show: A. S. B. Secretary Qseniorjz Sophomore Pom-Pom Girl: Soohomore Class vice president. E MOST POPULAR Marshall Jaeger Peggy Wilson lg ' Q2 A f 1 , f1fg?9? 4' 1' Q 'N fflfi3?'Q9 N ,fi RONALD "Ran" DAL PORTO College Preps Plans to atrend Napa J. C. ' 1. ,1 e as . 3.'i,?i1ELi55f1'2j1Y5i - I w i se 1 , ,gg s Em gg 11' 13.27121 wg., - .. 'V V Zf a my . Safes. ., gi .xsf s Q L E QF .22 s. '11 ,, es . n Qi if . . V' A " '. '3 - 2 bfi? I .s 1 -:S 20 45 saws? raw' 1 ooueLAs "Doug" DAVIS Business. Plans to snsnd Napa J. c, Baskefballs Black N. 2,5+'i:::,?:. 1" " i'1i'i'-QQZVQQE 312 WZ- 1 Y. 3: .4 2 . W is . as il l ll 3 filing P . , i m ga, D 'STA P -K - 1. yi' ' ' ' Y? 5. + 'vii 'i 537- R li x f' CAROL DAVIS Business: Plans Vo attend Healds Col lege: Hall Decorarionir Winter Show Girl'S Jinx. JOHN DEAKINS Businesss Plans to atrend Napa J. C. MOST ATHLETIC 8 4 3 Darlene Schank John Rawlins .UP SHARON "Sherry" DOBBS BARBARA "Barb" DONEY Business: Plans to attend Napa J. C. Businessf Plans to aliend Napa J, C. ' ' 3 4 . a A , A, A : ,. ' . , ' .4 , as ,L 5 . 1 Y , 5 t 3 A fi. ,,. ff ' A . , r sa, 1 'Q ' ' .3 . A f 'S , - it ' h ,O , . Qjfg z f . -' - 1 if 41 1 4 S 3 . E" fa l ' JUDY DOTY MERLEEN DOUGLAS General General CAROL DELLENBAUGH Generali Plans Io alfend Napa J. C. Ushereftes, WAYNE DILLON College Prepp Plans to attend Univ, of San Francisco. MICHAEL "Mike" DONOHUE Armed Force. Rifle team. NORMAN DOW College Prepi Plans to attend Univ. of Coloradog Golf ieamf C. S. F Constilu- lion Commihee Uuniorj. 35 to alvend Hum- Gold reponerg JOANNE DITTMER General: Plans to attend Napa J. C4 Girls League: Jobs Daughters. lssur committee JAMES DOYL P. E. Majury Basketball team, .ir ' m 43 ' x - 'fd QP 'af?f2,i-P T . gg 2' ' lied:-Q it li " '3 , 9 5' an f .. I , NORMA DRIVER General CHARLENE EDWARDS Business: Plans io airend Napa J. C. DALENE ESTES General: Plans to arrend Napa J. C. and Chico Siaie. CAROLYN EXLEY Business: Plans io attend Univ. of Ne- vada: Winter Show: Pom-Pom Girl, Yell Leadery rneshman, sophomore, HENRY DURBIN General: Plans to atrend Chico Slate. L ' '5 rf: ' ssff: : " ' I7 s fzfkffff. ' ,qs - -vw. 'F 5:5553 1, f5l l PAUL EHRLICH College Prep.: Plans ro atrend Napa J. C and Stanford: Tennis team: swim- ming iearvip Salvador Teen-age Club: 5 aww, 1 sf? '21"::f,- , 3 . 3 3 if 2 'Z S.: sri' z . , 1 ., e 'UNH Q . i . 1' X 1 I N Q, I .s A A A BILL EVANS General: Plans to attend San Jose Slate. ff? ?i 5 7"" izffmffh. 7 A I V .' f , I ROBERT FAULK "I 5 5 5' C Aarmed Forces DWAYNE EARLY College Prep., Plans fo atrend San Francisco State, Fall Play lMale Ieadjg 'UV ,irl at N . Irs X 44' 6 .. CHRISTINA "Christy" ELLIS College Prep.: Plans to arlend San Jose State: Future Teachers lrepj C. S. F. French Club: Pom-Pom Girl JAMES EVEN College Prep., Pla ns San Francisco State, Drama Teachers: "Time Ou! for DIANE EASLEY Business: Plans to attend a business college: Member of Chorus and Or- chestra. v-,Hi 'a I , xii , aw. ' W 1 M. 1 ' is .Q ,431 'a' z A vc g 7 W ref' 'li 1. , 3 . f X is 5 l if . J f I C F .: .-fi? SUSAN ERDMANN Business: Plans to attend Hales Busi- ness Collegei Winver Show: Hoopster: Secrerarv l9IhI 12:23. .ig ROBERT EWEN General LANA FECHTER Business: Chorus 19th and lOrh gradej. 36 CORALIE FILLIPPINI Business: Hostess Club: Representa- tive Wth gradel. 'br cf' PATRICIA "PAT" FIMREITE Business. 'ix DIXIE FORD Businessg Girls League: N a pa n ee Siaff. .-. ' ' Q', 'IQV I W N' Q . J, 4""Y if ii, ' ' ff . I fa A, nf 5. ,whiff 1, we Qf fy an f ' gags. -g .f V .A N .H wi. rmf.. .5 4,933 ARTHUR "ART" FUSSEI. Drafting, plans fo atrend Napa J, C4 Baseball Team 19th and l0lh gradesj. 'W 1-of ROSE GARCIA General. s Q5 ' 4 Vflsfaffa 'W f . fiifhiilii 2 i 357.5 1' zisffzffl 'TEV' ' .ff JOYCE FISCHER College prep.p Plans to attend Napa J. C4 Chorus Ivice chairmanl. L'-Th.. TZ? MARJORIE "MARGE" FRAZIER College prep.g San Francisco Staley Winter Show. Exchange Assembly, -.ilbff I ,f B w JAMES "JIM" GARCIA Generalp plans to aflend San Jose Staley Science Club: French Clubf Golf Term" I ... GARWIN "GAR" GASTER Generali plans lo atrend Napa J. C. 37 GORDON FLEISCHMANN SANDRA FLETCHER Agriculture, plans to mend Davis, College prepp plans to attend Napa F. F. A. fSecreIaryJ, J. c. I L ., '- 55.5. QW 7 , J I :.,g 55,513 Vgtxyf 55 fl ga . g 1 fqgis vig' I S YE Y I , I I . . ,5 rag' W A if-,-,, -. Tlfllyrqi I, . 554 . X I ' ,gi . X. - 1 if . Mk. We ' ,.,, b J. 'isis 5.54- 2 i , I . I RICHARD FRYCKMAN JAMES FULTON College prepp Football Team. General. ' fs fi H'-':'::p:?f' ' I an . Ps if . E - ,P .- -Q ,s xq , MARILYN GARCIA NELLIE General. plans MONIQUE GENDRAULT English, plans to attend Law School in Toulouse, Francei Exchange Stu- dentp l2ll1 grade rep. Napanee Sfaffg GARY GILLIIAND College Prep.y Plans to aflend C.O,P.p Winter Showf Prom Committee: Track, Golf Club fSec.J, SHI' NOMAN GORDON Engineering: Plans to attend Calif, ln- srirute of Technologyg C. S. F. fpresjz Hmm' JACK GRAHAM Plans to attend Napa J, C. JUDITH "Judy" GREEN Business BETTY GRICE College Prepq Plans to attend Napa J. C. and Chico Srateg Future Teachers, Drama Clubp Class Representative EVELYN GOSSELL General z 1,5 1 ' sg: 312. gr ' eff? Ei Yflfl 7 Q. 'Z :iffy if 'fe I KJ 5 T " nfl. JOHN GRASSMAN Road Gents Nice Presj Fooiball team ffhh and meh! MICAEL uvukay GREEN College prep., Plans to attend Yale: C, S, F.: Golf Team: Winier Show: Comm. of Public Relations filth MARll.YN GRIGGS College Prep.p Plans to aitend Naza- rene College. ' 38 MOST WITl'Y Judy Bishop Jim Jeffords 8' - 1 T iv . . . 'Eff ' F 5 ,, SK A I' Q. I g V 1: fi g . bg J: A fi? SANDY GREENWADE Business: Plans fo atiend I. B. M. Schoolg Girls League. N 1 X 1 KAREN GUNDESTRUP Plans to attend Napa J. C.p Science Clubp Girls League: Chorus. PAT GREENWELL General ALEXANDER GUTHRIE College Prep.: Plans to atrend CaI.f Tennis leam. N ICEST - 5355? I: I 'T 'iff ' CAROLYN i-me Z . 7 A W .: If , J 4 kgrig? 5 Business. Plans vo attend Napa J. C. I ' A 5 f N A . ra I il Harriet Powers Rolf lversen MARYNELL HAMMOND General JIM HARMON ROBERTA HARNED GARY HARRIS Shop Maier. Plans to attend Napa College Prep.. Plans to attend Univ. College Prep. J. C. uf Cal.. Science Club. C. S. F. THOMAS "Tom" HARRIS EVA HARRISON GARY HARSH College Prep.. Plans to attend C. O, P.. College Prep.. Plans to attend P. U. C.. General Asst. Yell Leader. Representative to Napanee lAssistant Editorj. Girls General Assembly. League lPres.I. Drama Club fSec.J. 39 SUZIE HALL College Prep.. Plans to attend Univ. of Cal. C. S. F. Winter Show. French Club. General Assembly 3' UL 4. 1 affgrfli 5 R ,'1" n' 15:7 1-- 'X Qi 4 -,Q ' . 'I a.el at 1. :Lf sq- ' 1.3.7 I l ?l ee- 1 aff' : V A HANCOCK to attend Wesv- Band Jam- GERALD HARRIS College Prep.. Plans fo attend West- minster College. A. S. B. Comm. of Public Relations. A. S. B. Yell Leader PATRICIA HART College Prep.. C. S. F. Science Club. Napa Symphony. WILLIAM "Bill" HART General '33 an f A ' ' ,L 'K' ' za 2 if? CAROL HERIFORD Businessp G. A. A. 3' ae? 125 1 6"", jflax. A . N Q N 2 FRANK HERWATT College Prep fv- STEVE HISCHER College Prep: Plans ro .mend Univ. of Cal.: Rambler Basketball team: Gener- al Assembly representative. 3 , SANDRA "Sandy" HARVILLE General RICHARD HERMES College Prep.: Plans to mend a stare college. NORMAN "Norm" HICKS College Prep. Plans to anend Napa J. C. and Univ. of Cal. ROBERTA "BUbbe" HISE Generali Plans to atrend Napa J. C.p Napa Equestrian Club fPres,Jp Sludenv Body Representative l9vhj. FRANK HENDERSON General JUDY HERRITI' College Prep.g Plans to attend Napa J. C., Director of Finance lSopl1omoreJ. ., W ' ll J.. 5 ' . ,Y WILLIAM HILTON College Prepi Plans to attend Napa J. C. and Humbolr States Winter Show. JOAN HOLSTEN Business: LONNE HENNESEY Plans to attend Santa Rosa J. C., wimer Show: Class Proied for Halloween ll Zihj. .r, 7' ZX -F' NANCY HERRON Businessi Plans to attend Napa J. Ca G. A. A. Gm 'Ears . Q-'-'V 22:1 is JOHN HINOTE Industrial Ads A . 'iiiflQ??'fi. ' Eiirarizxz SUSAN HODGERS College Prepp Plans io attend Napa Business: Plans to atrend Napa J. C. J. C. and San Francisco Siare. f Egg, b s gff, f..5,5H A We z- V 7,2514 Qlgfefifl . J fr! Eiigiffl' ' 755 -5-31 4: J..' , -' sg , .f. Q ' f 1 gg, . A 4 i 11' - ' J X .ff VAN A. HOPPE General Q g' ...Miz fgfq 4 sf 11' . YW f I 2 . arf' : AMN sr ya-rv' Ig DALE "Rad" HYDER Business: Manaqer of Baseball team. Sandy" HYTHOLT Plans to atrend Chico Education Club lcharter ROLF IVERSEN College Prop. Plans to attend Univ. of Washingtong Swimming Team: one of the "Ether Eight Jazz Band." JACK HOOVER College Prepg Plans to attend San Francisco State. . 1 alfa! -4- v ' ll i"' as r f , i ' A , 1- lm ff' W Y Afeew ,' . ll 1 ' - 'fl JAMES "Jim" HYER College Prepf Plans to attend Santa Rosa J, C. and Santa Claraf Baseball teamp Block Ng Class representative WILLIAM "Bud" INGLIS Engineering: Plans to attend Sacraa memo State, 'Yer ' .2 rs.. , gm, 'U , 'T . I . flfi .,. 3 . ff 5- -ex JOAN JACKS College Prep, Plans to attend San Jose Statef Rainbow Girls. :lfzzirff gif' i' 1 3 i :if Sl' 2' ' gf 33. ' ' I ? Iw i .3 f 4, . , 'iffexl . -'P :if . l f. Q 5 " it fe A xp 'Q 1 2' X A ROBERT HORTON Plans to attend Napa J. C. f ,A ' 3 . fix " J A Y- h ,- me law ' 1 ':f? . f 55355 -, . ' I qv'-f-v , gn .5-J f , gi . ' , J N155 ,yang 1 TF 7735,-25531 5 1 Tlff THOMAS HYLAND College Prepi Plans to attend Napa J. C4 Basketball team imanagerlz Track team. iii ' A K . .Ns . H 3,351 " elif! ,girl lf' K. 1 LW? ,l LARRY INGRAM Generalp Plans to attend Napa J. C, MARSHALL "Marsh" JAEGER Businessi Plans to attend Univ. of Calf Footballg basketball, track, golf, Block Ng Smden Body president 55' ' Efwuk I t : 1' 'J 1 , if, , 'Q 1 1 8 A 'li f , lt PHILLIP HOWLETT Business. Plans to attend Napa J. C. FRED HYMER P. E. Maiory Plans to attend San Fran- cisco Stateg Block N1 Swimming team. M. J f as Q .. I 2 g g, Q Y . ffs 1 ' G . , ."'! i -0 AT 'fi5ac..J??.' at 3- BONNIE INGWERSEN Generalp Plans to attend Napa J. C. SHARON JAMISON General ra-. . 5 ' . M. '40, fy' INR , ff il if K sf? l ,, 1 4... .ali 1 1 T2 ' :gif- W its .. 3 I fi? JAMES "Jim" JEFFORDS Drafting maiorg Plans to attend Napa J. C.: Basketball teamg baseball team. 1, W GAYLE JOHNSON College Prep. Plans 'lo attend Napa J. C.: C. S. F. ff.: J ' kfiif 'L gil Q x 3 ife5I?vf53i JOHN JOHNSON Business: F, F. A. 'Q HUGH JONES General DAVID JOHNSON General JAMES JOHNSON . if 7 EA W t , 4,1 "5 - - I Q Y V ,. K . '7 wif' ' f ,fue 'if 'X . l .:. t' '--""Qqf, , e w W A tr STANLEY fStan" JOHNSON Scienceg Plans to attend Calif, Insti- tute of TechnolO9Y: C. S. F. Science Club iSec.Jp Honor Group of Science JACKIE JONES College Prep. Plans to atrend Napa J. C4 Winter Sllowg "Pink Magic", Dpwn-Town Rallyy ' BEST LOOKING 'Yr-v .va Johnnie Beck Lynn Bush f7fi'." + It , I iff? 5.21 I hw BETTY JONES CLEAVE JONES Generali Plans to attend Napa J. C. Math. Plans to attend Cal Poly? One of the "Checkes". DON JUDAH KEITH KERRI Commercial Arty Plans to attend Cal. Gener School of Fine Arts. Prom Committee: Golf Club Tres. Block N. al. Basketball team: Block N BEST DRESSED Q X l Jerry Harris Tom Harris Babs Murnan MARY KLARNER General JENS KRAUSHAAR Generalg Science Clubp Swimming feim. GLENDA KLEID College Prep: Plans to attend San Francsico Slate: Future Teachers lPres.J G. A. A. 15522 A f gag.- Fllif rv ,'42'.ff . S. ,ir ,,,. ' YS? , , jf .:. X 1 I N . M cl' ' ' 5. sb A . Q il w , ,X KENNETH "Ken" KROB General ' V at K A, .i , , Sm W, T? . , . ,., 1, Q' . 5 79 EONNIE KINGSFORD Businessg Plans to attend Brigham Young University. . . A .f,.rf,3:f,51f4a: e 'gig 3725 ' ,Q 5.15 , gr? T A 1 S , Q' is , ax. A g . , S i . ffl A Ms lg' A -' ':g,,..i tif' .yr I R3-?V,Yg.' . I 'A EARL KINSEL General ,X FAYE KNIGHT Business -mr- CAROLYN KUHN Generali Hostess Club General 43 A .f KARL KINNEY LIROY KIRKPATRICK General X' V 52' . 5 - . rw - 's' ' . . h. , s. ' H -v 2. Q , A 1 ' . . " . : .fl N J, 'Ag GARY KOLLIN Football Teamp Baseball Team T fs in A MT. eggs - , .:,, ' 4 , ,,r. , 1, 1. , 1 'jjl Kigfgi ' I -.. - ,' ' : r. x .,,, -f GENE KUUEVAN Agricultural Sciencep Plans to attend Cal Polyg F, F, A. Qspring reporter, fall vice presidentj. al? ', f,.,:r.- fsmggfai , .. .Jr . ff 2 1 " ,rg , t ::..' Q?'5.:: : sv: f? ' or r C. fri? .QW . ' , L JAMES ".lim" KUUEVAN Agriculture: Plans to attend Napa J. C.: F. F. A. 'iii if s-.... PHIL LAMOREAUX College Prep: Plans to attend Prince- ton: Boys Stare: Outstanding leader: ASB President lfalll: Block N Dres.l: ff l , 3: , -oe, nay... V X f bi .5 ' Q, ,ow 'li J f CAROLYN LEMMONS WILLIAM "Bill" LOEFFLER College Prep: Plans to attend Cal Poly of Davis: Basketball and band: Com- missioner of Buildings and Grounds , 4:15-is '.: ffm-'fa it ' f-.le 'g .1 'fl' .L -P . ' iv-'ve pf. .efjgafyfg ' zfsfrw S' seqmlf.: of n TERRY SCOTT LAIRD College Prep: Plans lo aflend Napa J. C.: Swimming Team: Science Club lireasurerl. fi 'KC' BRENDA LANTOW College Prep: Plans to ahend Stan- ford: Drama Club fpresidenrj: C. S. F Isecrelarvl: Science Club: WT.. WANDALEMMONS Business: Napanee: Girl's League: Rainbow Girl. K? l FRA -i in 1 1 X! ., ,WGS in a""-- 1 ', rl V9 K3 j -,V -v Iv JOANNE LOPEZ College Prep: Plans to aliend U. C.: Science Club: Life member of C. S. F, ftreasurerj, 44 I N 5793 Mt, X fm? I: Q, L . 'A""3,. ' . 5' . ' :af ...M - VN. ft. A l f v L i CHARLENE LAKK Business: Plans lo mend a J. C. ,4- JOHN LARSON General: Cade? Corps: Stage Craft. '?"?' fy was ROGER LAMB General: F. F. A.: Block N: Track. 4, PAMELA LAWLER Business: Plans to attend Napa J. 9. . K? Q3 ' has A , s v ROBERT LILEY LEONARD LETZ General College Prep: Plans to attend U. C L ae: ef - P W'W'fW3I2Q'?"i P' A ills- Al . -C :Q I K 'Ia .vw Y .ai . A .gwgg . ' , " .j vf '-s ,xby esp ef' 1n,.,sie P - I 12. 5i3,5:: GAIL LOUDON DOROTHY LOVIE College Prep: Plans to aflend Napa General J. C.: Girls League. MlKE LUCAS wg 5 nam MANNINGA ,gjgfg Qji ftiiif R X ' CHARLES MEIR General ANDRIS "Andy" MEZULlS Engineering maiorg Plans to attend U. C4 track team. 4 V 1 ?-2f'T?!i91'f . 11 52.2351 ,E 'C f?f': ' " EELHPY: i. rf. ,322 'nfl . 2 , :Ez ggi, 2, :Q 3 1 1 , .- 15 rt 2 - xx rg. esvkdil -ft: 41,323,- 331 : ,5lEi2W?5" . , ': tg p , f fr , "' ' .5 I '. - - z 133: Z W -, 1, P1 'Z , ' L ,X .Z."' t 'E cj- Y 1 3 Wilt W A AH.: 1 -if liz l P lt "LP, ' -2: ff? 1 L DON MCFARLAND BARBARA MANNERING Businessp Plans to attend Sacramento State. ig i 34, A324 ? fp ml'1'?r'i' . 7355? A, r. . lg ., , 'sit .s Ag Q, .X , 14.26.11 VETZL ' ,W k-S asilfhv f ' A ,z . E . xt ' tc ,, A - ' . .f f P 7 ES I A ' is 3 l' f + 6 ...K A , . - K me ' 65 x L is s Q , e . . , 1 A' V: A MARGARET "Markie" MARDEN Business: Plans to attend I. B. M. School. MARILYN MARSHALL Science rnaicrp Plans to attend Napa J. C4 Hall Decorations at Christmas. STEPHEN "Steve" MEILINK Plans to attend Oregon LORAINE MENTZER Businessp Plans to attend Napa J. C. NROTC candidate, De- chorus. ,. K.. ,. 1L..,..??E M 32, .h N 31- .. 11 :rig - 1 J E ' gif' F '- il M , kit? , . . 'Q -13 f SHARLEEN MOERS HENRY MOLINA Business: Plans to attend San Fran- cisco State College1 Future Teachers. 45 BETTY MANNERING Beauty maiorf Plans to attend Par- rie's Beauty College. ALLEN BEAU MARTIN Engineering maiory Plans to attend U. C., Football, basketball, baseball. gn-1 we CLARENCE MERWIN Math maiorp Plans to attend Napa J. C., Track fcross countryl. RONALD MOLLO ROY MOMERAK College prep: Plans to attend Napa J. C. 1'.'f"S BARBARA MOORE Businessg Usherenes. 'M' .,..,..-. KENNETH "Ken" MORTON cyl all , gt HAROLD "Bulch" MURRAY Businessf Plans to attend Napa J. C4 Football: Block N: Director of Boys Actzvines fkidgeviewy. . . . 4 ws. l JOSETTE MONTINI General THOMAS "Tom" MORRIS College Prepg Plans to attend Tufts :Jniversityy Community proien prob- ems. Tv- ',', ' , ff SHARON MUNK General: Winter Show: Hi-Fi Club: Yell leader 112th gradeji Pom-Pom girl moth and Ilth gradesj. JOAN McCANLESS MOST TALENTED Richard Bell Eddy Davidson Lexy Storm MARILYN MURDOFF College prep: Plans to attend U. C., A. S. B. Secretary fFallj5 Exchange As- sembliesp Winter Show: ' . A 92 ,, ,,.5 . . " -2'FfffA , " at l lj. L, ,... . LEON MCCLURE Math maior: Golf, tennis, baseball, swimming. track. , fvff' BARBARA MURNAN College prepg Plans to attend Cottey Collegep Napanee Ieditorjg mth grade representative, Winter Show JAMES MCDANIEL Commercial An maiorp Plans to at- tend Napa J. C. and San Jose State. MOST FRIENDLY Peggy Stratton K -Fr' 7. ,, . Q f 1? lk 5, f g k, . jffils' , 5155" ,'f WALLACE "Wally" NALLY Vocational Wilding Maior ROBERT "Bob" OLMSTEAD Math maiorp Plans to attend Napa J. C., Blue 'N' staff lphotographersj. Dale Teeters WESLEY "Wes" NICHOLAS College Prep: Plans to attend San Jose State. B-v JOHN OLSEN Engineering maiorg Plans to attend Napa J. C. than San Jose State. : '15, ,- JO ANN MCDANIEL Business maiof: Plans to attend Napa J, C. ANNE MCSLYNN College prep: Plans to attend Napa J. C.: Native Daughters Essay Award warmer rom gradel. K S :J - GEORGIAN NlMPHlUS College Prep.: Plans to attend Mount Zion College of Nursing, Winter Show Committee, assistant yel-leader, MARY OLSEN General MCDONALD to attend Napa Girls League: CAROL MCPHEE General: Plans to attend Sacramento State. QQ.--2 JOHN NYQUIST Math maiorp Plans to attend Cal Poly. MVRON ORABANEC General ELIZABETH "Belly" ORAM General. G. A. A. Secretary Sopho- ITIOTB. , .r P it 2- , , U ' N V Q' + is of 1 5,1 l fra Qgggf 2 ff ' j 4 xii.. ,V H Jr if 5:. :' W .fin i ALVIN "Al" PAULSON General ' .r .' ,rx .. ,X -gi 2. . - U1 Q: ' Vi 1 3 A 3.55" if 0 2 eff' ' -. ALMA "Sally" PERRYHOUSE Business JANET PIERSON Business: Plans to attend I. B. M. NORMA ORAM Business JON PAWELA College prepg Plans to arte d Fresno State: Block Nr Footbally Track team. RITA PERSICO Businessp Plans to attend Napa Jr. College: Chorus. RUSSELL "Russ" PILLARD Math., Rifle Team JANIS PALZIS College prep. Plans to attend Univer- sity of Nevadai Winter Show: Pom Pom Girl 1lOth and I2thJf 555' J fff:.'g3f55fg3P s :mv " px, 5. A... N . ,. My . 'Q firm fi. ' ' . 4 . 2-,, ... , GORDON PEARIGEN General: Plans to attend Napa Jr. College. TOM PETERS Mathg Block Ng Football. DENIS PIRIO College prep: Plans to attend Santa Clara College. .mv ','.' ' eu' ,g F ,- as rfr. S.: 'gig' r ff 8.3, 'ip J if V 8 . 3, F92 JOHN PATRlCK Generalg Plans to attend Humbolt. ,.. JOYCE PENA Business: Plans to attend l. B. M. Schoolp Band Dance Group. ' grrf? ll We 3 Q JANET PETERSON College Prep: Pom Pam Girl, 10th: 9th grade class representative. JUDITH PITTSLEY College prep. Plans to attend San Jose State, Cheques: Octetteg Chorus, Win- ner of the Napa Lions Club Speech Contesti , :zz .o. ' ,' 1 ', fa I R' f ' r 'QT rg TONY PLAKK LARRY POLI PEGGY PURCELL Generalr Plans to attend Brigham Young university, nm Grade Yen Leader fwoodlandjp -4 stir' I v , W xg., WILLIAM PURCELL gs 2 ,, THEODORE POLI Electronics: Plans to go into the Navy CLAUDIA JAY PUTNAM Businessr Plans to attend a School of of Dental Nursing "2 af? 9 it e 'T' 5,52 ""'1 . ' '. ir' ' 'H -5- .rl- .,r V 'fl "Q . wpzxxi .,. ex., W . 1, ,L . .. 2.11, f ws". "1E ' s RONDA QUAINI wh' Businessg Plans to attend Pierre's Beauty School: Winter Show: E Committee: Wee Sockeerrw, 15.3, 2' fl' e 'Q A 'il 5 .ee . .,. I J HANK QUINN ALTA RANDOL Businessg Plans to attend Napa Jr. lection College 5' . I CHARLES RATHER JUHN "Jesse" RAWLINS JR, VICKI RAWLINS College prep Plans to attend Humbolt College Prep: Plans to attend Univer- Businessf Plans to attend I. B, M. Collegeg Footballf Salvador Commu- sity of Calitorniag Block Ng Footballg School. mtv Club- aeekeibevlr Baseball: N. B. L. Confer- ence. HARRIET POWERS College Prep: Plans to attend Davis: C. 5, F. Q5ecretaryjg Future Teachers: lOth Grade Senator, I yy- 561 Elf '1,"2'1,fr'Ul GERALD QUADOS Generali Plans to attend Chico State. JOAN RANERI Business? Plans to attend Oakland Jr, Collegey Election Committeei Hal Decorations, Winter Show, Senior Dancer Senior Peay, BETTY JOE REED Business CAROL REGALIA Business 3 Eviighli 5 1 Y QI? .77 ' 'T' if ' 'F-Y' ' . A r. 1 rr 5,441 A.. J: rg' av THOMAS REID College prepg Plans to atrend Napa Jr. College xr A., xxx . DIANA RICHARDS Business WILLIAM ROBERTSON cpuegp prepg Plans fo attend Notre Dame: Block N7 Baseballr Basketball: :fur . . ggi: 11 , '. ' ifie . wr iie nz-E r 7 r i X' M 'fz,3ii5 I 5.3 .3 1 1 , U r ,l,l , WILLIAM "BILL" REICHENBERG English, Plans to atrend Napa Jr. Colleae. ' H? 4351? .4 ' 'f Q W 'EV Ita' 43 r .-gi gy 2 l Q 0' s V -A' . 5 I? 1 ff' ,gh PAULINA REIS College prepp Plans ro atrend Chico Stare, The Cheques: Ocrern Chorus, iii Q P: is E-:E 335' 4 .L 2 . I .rzwxmz 'ir ,. . AE, A . Q V 55' if , Q rj, sl' MICHAEL RILEY Foreign Languagesp Plans to attend Napa Jr. College: Basketball: Baseball. .. . -1 Mg, ,,.,,N I is Q ,, ., gc A fair' 1 I' . E , , KRISTINE ROBINSON Business, Plans to attend Napa Jr. College. MOST LIKELY .pe .,,,. :' , , Y? TO SUCCEED . 1. , -,vial 3 lk. -1 5 Myrna Stewart : ii Sr: ff' ' f 2: 332-1 .. mfg " 12311 .. .. . 22, ' :Q ww... . 'L WI LMA ROBERTS Business A ' T. ,',. 'I I, is if 1-z- SHERRY RODEEN General: Jobs Daughters .Sf Jerry Troup :Q Tj . it L if I TYEYEQAAQ4 , . . -.E . " K. ' . us' ' tn! 1 sf' ' ir. if CLIFFORD GARY ROBERTSON cpupgp prepg Plans fa ahend Oregon srarp. '12a1Ea1g.g5rig21ixeaff- .., i21f1ii'a21gzei 1 E352 a M PATRICIA ROGERS Business , 3... i BEST ALL 'ROUND PERSONALITY A 2 Bob Backus Bev Davis gffgfgiz -i ,.. ...,A . A., ,. IJ 'zxs " 1 .z.:2 5:15 fi-as as if-z.:: z'1::' 24311.73 : . i i - 2 5 s 'erase ,. -s, .. viz. 7154 I-L. ' .2 - 'lt zz: fn. za: :sz 17222 . ' P ii ff ' . .yas 133 a.!.. if fe Wx, ' f gg' W. . f' ' 3 -1?E?e fs. eg.g g :i 'Q gi f i i f:,'3LEE.55Ei5vi: J Q 1 - CLAUDETTE ST. PIERRE Business. MICHAEL SAMPSON College prep.p plans to attend Napa College: Odd Rods Car Club. JAMES SCHALLOW DARLENE SCHANK Colege prep.g plans lo avtend Calif. Business: plans to aiierid Napa Jr. Mariiime Academy, Swimming Team. caliege, Head Yell leader in rom Grade Jr. MARY ROLLINS Business. SANDRA ROUNDS Business, plans College, Vo ailend Napa J .. se.-3 ' sptii .a . r Xl. e. ' rfatxlg A YZF we f 2. mae. MlKE SAVOV E: . . S Q 2 xiii - 5.5. . Ykfffz 3 Z' . C . I I 71' xg. . wi WSI .. K2 DELMAR SCHANK Generali plans io snend Davis. - iii " Q. :- in int., l ig yirrzsf X x X ROBERT RORIE Generali plans to atrend San Jose Staley Foofballp Basketballg Track Team, sleek Ni Swimming Team. "Sift" l in ANN RUTHERFORD College prep.1 plans to attend Univer- siiy of Californiay Drama Club lvice- presidenilg Ridgeview Senate ,tz. . 222 E.: 5 'L' N.. .,, ,s.4,..,., + 3922 . """"A me fe isa ' ?.I RAVMOND "Ray" Scansi Math, plans lo anend Napa Jr. Col- lege DlANE SCHELL College prep.p plans to arlend Chico Sla1e:Winler Sl1ow:Girls' Leagues 9th Grade Class President. h l SUZANNE "Susie" College prep.p plans lo memo Stale: Spring and ery Girls Leaguep Winter NOEL SCHMUTZ Elecfronicsl plans to attend Napa Jr Collegeg Tennis Team. CHARLES "Chuck" SCHWARZE College prep. SAMUEL "Sam" SEETIN Mathp plans to amend Kansas Univer- sityp Wimer Show. American Prob- lems Activities: Tennis Team, 4 . ?e2i"w1'Q 'fPa12?f ef wi'-wire ' l 'il . ary- sing f QE, T12 , .gr 1' . . .M 39531 " f I ' A A all r. A l au . if 03' gg, st, Q I 3 if 'V A W , ff ' 1 ' 1 5 e l ,el gf" Veeg. 1. e, f V' CHARLOTTE sl-lAPFEla JEAN SHANN General. Business: Usherenes. Qlwfg ' 4.14 f l s .2 1" S. 2 el W "NPL 5 5 A 'Y me 4 NF e Z! Harb Col- Club SEMINARA atrend Colo- Pom Girl JOYCE SHERWOOD College prep., plans to ellehel Santa Rosa J. C4 Tri-Hi-Y lsfehlle Caryl. Pep- eleh lefehlle Cilyl, JUDlTH "Judy" SHIPPY BARBARA "Bobble" SHOFFETT JOAN SIMPKINS College prep.. plans lo ehehd uhlvef. General Bllelheee, vvlhlef shew Committee, elly af Oreg Kreme Clubp High eeheel A s. s. lolh grade secretary plays: Winler Show, RON SCHULEV Generali plans to attend Napa Jr. College. PATRICIA "Pai" SETTLEMIER Business: plans to atrend Napa Junior Collegeg Handy N a pa rl e e fl lihjg Speech filthy: Yell leader fNewporI, Q W 14 . 'f , . .Q .T- Fl GLENDA SHIELDS Business: plans to anend I. B. M. School. PETE SIMPSON General, plans le allend Napa J. c. li? f - """, ,, vi 1 .1 5- ff T Eiinwz f it 1. gl Z . 3 rug. 1. zz. ..,f. ALVIN SLACK Electrical engineer maiorp plans Io attend Napa J. C. ROBERT SKINNER Generaly plans to attend Napa J. C, 1-1. . A ' vi' ,l I A il .. 5 K - ' t. .1 ? 'A 4 me YQQAQ . f T -sim ' 4 MW., , au. 5, , 5 '1 it 'X 3 3 ' , ., . vgffu I ' I 3. 421.1- 53, ' , DON SMITH College prepq plans to attend U. C, SHARON SMITH DONNA STALKER Business major: plans to attend Napa J. C4 Usheretvesy chorus ioctetl. J. C, iNEDRA SPENCER Business maiorp plans to attend Napa SHARON STEPHENS ALEX STEWART Business maior. THOMAS SLIMAN College prep.. plans fo afiend San Francisco State. DIANE SOUTHGATE Business maiorp plans to ariend I. B, M. school. i ffl: , z A s wif J f-1 :V T ,iq ,. 1: ' 19' WAYNE STANLEY DAVID STEWART General. JUDY SMIGLE General. ,E , E ' . 9,3 ,. 4 I . H 1 . ' 33,5 5, W - v gfgfffil' 3- li . . PAUL SPANNER JOYCE STEELE plans Io attend Santa managed, College prep.p plans to mend Davlsp Science Club fpres.lf C, S. F. Nice- presidenfjg Drama club. Nursingp Usherenesg DONNA STOLLER Business maiorp plans to attend Arm- slrong Business School. DAVID STORY SHARON STRONG Colege prep.: plans to attend Napa J. C, Q Q ? - I . 7' 1: 5 , V 33: my "A A J. S' CHARLES STONE General. ,E , ' 1 -3 5.2 fi QUE' E .4 ' 1 X 3 THOMAS STOWE College prep.y plans to ahend Napa J. C. SHARON STUHR Businessp Winter Show. E 5 'Le P 45 L ff eg . 1 4 waxy jf WINSTON TENNANT College prep.i plans to attend San .lose Slate. MARY THOMPSON College prep.g plans lp avvend c. o. P. Future Teachers fSecre1aryJ. s CHARLOTTE STONE Business major. NEVA STRATTON Generali plans to attend Napa J. C.g Winter Showg Hall Decorations: Direc- . A . .. . . for of Girls crlvllles fkld evlewjg DALE TEETERS College prep.: plans to attend Colo- rado School of Engineeringp llfh grade president: A. S. B. vice-pres. ig. . A 1 gee sur ,V . M is Q: 1 L.-,gmig LEE TIEDEMANN LEXY STORM College prep.i plans to Band 1SecrerarYl: C Public Relations KAREN STRONG Business maiorp plans io afend l. B. M. Schooly girls basketball feamg Girls Leeague: Winter Show. KENNETH TEIXEIRA General. HELEN TIPTON Business maior, plans to attend Napa J. C. KAREN TRANMER Generalpg Plans to arlend Napa J. C4 Hi-Fi ClubsgAssis1an1 yell-leaderg l21h grade representavive fSpringj. SHERRY TURNBULL College prep., plans lo atrend Sr. Jo- sepl'1's College of Nursingf F U U u r e Nurses fSonora High Schooll. LOUIS VENTURINI College prep,p plans to attend C. O. P.: Block N irepresenlavively Baseball. f 3532814135 if E? 1 za. 2' ' 1 ' - A: 4 1, is 'E P -xx .. Q A--an ks 1, f ...nit 4 3 - tif ia' . 2 e.. fl, gs' .j f. g' NORMA VOLONTE Home Economics Maiorg plans to at- rend San Francisco Stale. if r A 1 5' if A nl' ' , 1 1- 5' ' I '-5553: z, .al l ,li BETTY TRUSKETT Business maiory plans to atrend Val- leio J. C. GERALD IKUUI' College prep., plans to atrend U. C. PATSY TURNER Business maior. 'ii l fl P' ARLETTE VAN CLEAVE PERCY VAN ORDER FRED UHLICH Business maiorg plans to atrend Napa General. J. C. JULIAN Uayj VESTERFELT OLAV VISNAPUU DARLEAN VOLBERG General: plans to attend C. O. Pefoor- College prep., plans to atrend Napa Business maion plans to atrend Napa ball lcaplain and Most Valuable Play- J. C. J. C erjf track: rennisf Napanee svaflp ' ??'f'V2f.'s2fslf 1 1 f 1 ff if-' ' ' ' 1 , ' 1 .,,, QQQQ , Q . .4 ,2'i L it ' ' , 3.559 . " 1 , . - im f A we A if v TNA 3 81 A ,l an V., i .1 K +1 ' . . , W l ..' f :Vail -rllf -" E nf s' 51 5 . L All . V 4 fi Y' :iw . ' ' 5M 'gfl ff f 1:-??i: ef A . its 2- 2. 'ff x. 1.- XfIEr,"iE7"? '- Q "r'Lf... -' . . ., . -Vp... .H rk. LEWIS EDWIN WADE Math maion plans vo attend San Jose CHERYL WADE College prep. Sfale. 55 SANDRE WARTHEN Business Maier: Plans to airend Long Beach Siafeg Hi-Fi Club. WILLIS WEBER Engineering Maior: Plans vo atrend Oregon Sieve: Blue 'N' Gold staff: General Assembly. I 'L Y I' Q.. - has 1 ' r I N wk 415. Q I' sh: , r 'R Q 2. . A Q2 SHARON WESTBERG ,M X ilu. A f 1 Q: 5. 9- -, ' ' 'Y A Etflgxikj-Q 1 11' W' 6110.11-1':w . A ,Q K-' X3 33, s,fH?'!1x21' ,f ' J. 3 ' - ,. ' . a geing fgfm A ' 'l,E-fig, egg ' Q. 523512352 z' 'RZ-13 -Q1 W: Y , ' .YH 2 + "1 Q V 'X A1 v ' gli I 9 1 tx v, 6 DIANE WILCOX Business Maior: Plans Io attend Napa J, C. GARY WAREHIME EUGENE WEIGHT Chemistry Maier: Plans to attend Cal Poly. wnne College prep. J. c. BONNIE WILLIAMS SUSAN WELLS General LINDA WAVRIK General CAROL WEST Business Maier: Plans to attend Napa J. C4 GirI's League, Winier Slwlwg A. S, B. Recorder fSpringl. K' a. ..,.l Q . W! x fsg k MARGARET WHITELEY ro attend Napa General: Plans to attend Riverside Ba- tisl College. Bulletin work for the Li- brary. HAROLD WILLIAMS College prep.: Plans lo atrend Napa J. C. than San Francisco: DeMolay. av 'I . 5' . , .8 'K va X Jo, . .N im... . rm L CLAUDIA WHITNEY Business rnaior: Plans io avvend Napa J. C. xl, 'Nm' K SANDRA WILLIAMS Business Major ARLENE WILSON College Prep.g Plans In attend Chico Slaieq A. S. B. Historian fkidgeviewl. In ' 9 P 1-1. g . M Q I YQ 2, :,g1L'.g QQ A I iii? fiiii' R pw . S DONNA WITYEN Business Maiorg Plans to atrend Napa J.C. 1. v' P DONALD WOOLEY LINDA YEPSON KENNETH WILSON College Prep.f Plans to ahend Cal PEGGY B. Commissioner ALTA WITEX Home Economics Maier, Plans to ar- Poly. Future Teacher: tend Santa Rosa J. C.: Chorus. Commissioner 1 2, 1, 3 5. 4 K. , .. xy , .. val, - ' K5 we 2 , he X 2 ilk- Y Q . f,-EXW ' fr. ,-., ying' f 2 ,x3k.:y22f 1 vw 4 fm K .I K ' . 1 s 4 iff' fs A I , v V , . . , JAMES WOOD ALICE WONG PHILIP WONG College Prep.f Plans to atrend Calif. Business Maier. Plans to attend San College Prep.: Plans vo mend Cal Institute of Technologyy Tennis team: Francisco Stare, Polyg Odd Tods of Napa, Winter Show. MARTHA WREN DAVID YOUNG E. , 2 ' . W, I vw bv' me--ff' ' we DAVID WYSS BRUCE YEARLY JOANNE YEPSON 'G 'J 5 ,, 1 s ,I fl 'Q' Q .. A JACQULYN ZALETEL LOUIS ZANARDI JUDY ZLOCZEWSKI 57 About 9l'Ma of the Senior Class had 35" their pictures taken this year. JANICE MCDONALD Business MONIQUE GENDRAULT .......................................................................... Napa's First Exchange Student First slumber party fSept. '58J Sampling America's traditional food. Weekend's high literature Two sailors and their south seas gals fGlr1s Jinx? Monique Eating at New Year's Eve party .. A , A .,-.. 4 f, . 3 .V X U 4 ,, " f'?fzv'i?'g . M 0 Q 3-9 QQWB xxx? i . 1 F15 1 ' Q mg 's ' f , K 5551--nfs' ' it 1-05 i f 'is 'iz A' , ua , Q. . V 2, ' , .5 ' -,"1if.' K ,Q 4 U'-,J ' ' . - - Q. 7: , S, , . . , '51 gd f v 4 s 4. . . Celebrating 18th birthday at surprise party Moniquep friends, Eva Harrison, Eva Grayg Eating again! for her. ' Amer. sister, Babs Murnan. l ss JUNIGRS Juniors lst: Minnie Allado, Barbie Allen, Donna Aderyce, Linn Baly, Janet Bailey, Charlene Aitken, Alexis Abadie. 2nd: Jack Barker, Mickey Allan, Jim Andrews, John Anderson, John Ankundlngf ROY BOFFOQGH, Charlene Agnew. 3rd: Jim Ballard, Duslin Baker, Lanny Ackler, Kriss Amundson, Und!! BGSHGH, Kdlhy Anderson. Helen Benning, Rosemarie Bisfodeau, Bari Baughman, Mary Ann Behrens, Dallas Berg, Patricia Blodgetl, Crystal Bloxham. 2nd: Judge Beaublen, Valerie Beach, June Beeler, Ria Bodnar, Jeollen Bonefacio. 3rd: Diane Boon, Pal Bolts, Steve Berg, Tom Blewell, Robert Bennell, Carmelila Bosch, Marie Blanchard. 60 Juniors Pat brink, Jeanette Campbell. 2nd: Charles Carol Carbone Diane Burk- halter, Sandra Brady, Ken Carden. 3rd: Ed Burgle, Bef? BUl'rlSlGleS, Al BVUHB, Bill Bowers, Frank Bradley, Ken Bridge. lst: Shelly Coakley, Christine Chapman, Sheila Chase, Carol Constable, Louis Cooper, Jane Clark, Glenda Carr, Bonnie Conghlin. 2nd: Kita Cody, Bob Carrington, Wayne Caldwell, Craig Colledge, Larry Charistian, Janice Converse. Mike Cook. ,lift-22 . .f ' 'l tv -.v, 'YV . l I - Bobbye Damrill, Claudia Dailey, Pat Cunningham, Marilya Donner, Bernita Davis. 2nd: Barbara Davis, Connie Day, Bill Coffield, Shirley Crowley. Carolyn Davis. 3rd: Jerry Daugherty, Jim Davis, Donald Denison, Dick Curtis, Lyle Davis, Vern Davidson, Van Crane. 61 Juniors Hank D'Amours, Carolyn Ensele, Wanda Faulk, Roberta Edwards, Anne Ehrlick, Pattianne Dryker, Dwight Fair- cloth. 2nd: Hiram Feldman, Judy Farrow, Carol Faa sch, Ed Fell, Patsy Evans, Carol Donaldson, Sandra Dodd, Chuck Dougherty. 3rd: Ron Dinwiddie, Don Dillard, Jim Ellis, Bill Drennen, Terry Embody, Hardie Doshier, Bill Duncan Carol Freeman, Claire Fillipini, Darlyne Fong, Audrey Frost, Eleanor Fruchtenecht, May-Ling Fong, Claudine Friel. 2nd: John Gallagher, Joy Ferrari, Betty Fletcher, Carol Forsythe, Gail Fields, John Forney, Paul Ferrero. 3rol: Ross Fritler, Butch Feigel, Duane Frifz, Bob French, Gary DUViSSOr1, Michael Teiters. Dick Guisto. Dedi Grandaffi. Carolyn Grover. Joyce Grev, Joyce Gardner, Vanda Goodwin, Grabb ti , W , George Glover. 2nd: Carole Gee, Mary Lou Granes, Judy Ghislelld, Glefm Ellen Gray, Dianne GC1UCllI'10, Karen Gasrer, Carol Greco, Jim Gallagher. 3rd: Ben Greenwell, Gran? Gvndesirvp. Sharon GOHSGF, MYFIW Geiger, Virginia Grimoldi, Ronald Gunderson, Leigh Gaba, Stan Glaros. 62 Mary Heinmiller, Helen Hancock, Sue Haylor, Dianne Hallowell, Glenn Hobaugh, Eileen Hotfeer, Linda Hansen, Erma Hofer. 2nd: Wally Horrell, Kathy Harris, Tonnie Hannis, Glenn Henderson, Phillip Harris, Errol Hintin, Richard Hipner. 3rd: Harold Harris, Chuck Halterman, Dean Harbough, Jim Hemper, Bob Holston, Dave Haley, Dave Heitz, Wally Hawks. Marlene Johnston, Gretchin Hill, Sandy Holland, Jim Hudburt, Betty Jones, Jamie Hill, Jo Ann Hughes, Lynda Imboden. 121 Butch Horne, Marti Hobart, Lois Hunt, Tanya Hinkle, Gerry Hastings, Pat Inglis, Carolyn Harwood, Bill Jones. 131 Darryl Hunter, Tommy Ihorn, Jim Johnson, Mike Huntley, Jim Hulmer. 1. Jan Lauder, Pat Knowlton, Jeanne Lauder, Karen Kern, Carole Larsen, Vicki Kroplin, Joan Kruger. 12D Sally Lashmett, Sherry Land, Carolyn Johnson, Jaqui Juvenall, Shirley Langdon, Bernice lm- boden, Dan Johansen. CBJ Grady Kear, Kent Hoopingarner, Mike Kroplin, Dick Kukendall, Frank Lammerman, Tom Johnson, Larry Kirigin. 63 Juniors Sieve Leaske, Dianne Lonergan, Marlene Libby, Darlene Libby, Jeleffe L0fenZ, Mary l-0n90fi6, Craig Leach f2lTom Malloy, Bill Mahoney, Janice Lecair, Jeanne Linderen, Vera Leonard, Gene Lunfey- CSJ Roger Lindberg, Allan Maltbv, Arlie Llovd, Tom Lowenstein, Bill Kaufmann. kb Sherry Markey, Darlene Miller, Sharon Million, Bonnie McHale, Rebin MeSSen96le- f2l Janef Mer- shall, Donna Miller, Sandra Miller, Phyllis MichealS, Jeanne MCGFGQOV, Kefherine Marks. 131 Mick- ey Miller, Byron Moafs, Dean Mimmack, Garv Massoni. Carole Moore, De'ena Metcalf, Sandy McLeod, Arleen Matzen, Jill Martinelli, Bev Matthews. 123 Gale Migliavacca, Dolly Merrill, Janis Morlan, Merilee Morgan, Marilyn M0I'enSTefn, Sharon,Meyer. C31 Gary Mills, Phil Malloy, Pat Meadow, Buzz McGlynn, Ken Martin. 64 Juniors Sandy Negri, Loretta McKinney, Cindy Northrop, Genie Mount, Virginia Morris Q21 Lee Negri, Bob Negri, Lauri Nelson, Ed Mulsotf, Bob Murray f3j Gene Norton, Max Newbury, Dick Mosser, Karen Nelson, Steve Morris, Tom Northrop. Charles Patrick, Dave Paul, Rose Perez, Bill Partridge, Tony Ortiz f2j Dave O'Brien, Larry Petersen, Darrl Olmstead, Pat O'l.eary, Ella Mae Perry, Jim O'Brien 135 Dave Passini, Joyce Owsley, Ron Ol- son, Toni Olson, Dwight Pattison, John Olsen. William Poff, Faye Person, Suzie Price, Jennie Petersen, Sue Rachel, Joyce Read, Gayle Pool, Dave Pitcher, Ken Rambo Q21 Wanda Phillips, Norma Pillard, Sandy Randol, Mary Ann Price, Linda Ran- dol, Cathy Quaini, Dianne Rollins, Janice Phillips, Gwen Preston, Sylvia Rauch C31 Randy Reaka, Lar- ry Peterson, Bill Porter, Ron Porter, Cal Robinson, Phil Prather, Leah Price. 65 Juniors T ,C , we . OA 0 . Richard Rondoni, Melanie Saunder, Mildred Rorie, Irene Robles, Nldrilyn Sax, Louie Banios T21 Charles Rossi, Jo Ann Reinholz, Judy Reavis, Carol Ruha, Shirley Rosano, Barbara Robles, Paul Schneider C31 John Rossi, Carl Sandow, Mike Rounds, Mike Schrempp. 'X Dave Sheriff, Lynn Scriven, Joan Sherman, Janet Simmonds, Paula Sleeper, Barbara Shipp 121' Phil- lip Simpson, Crystal Snavely, Linda Seigli, Carole Shinn, Bonnie Smith. 131 Mike Smith, Bill Sisson, Doug Siemens, Bob Sisson, Bill Simons, Dick Shelton. . 1. v' 3 , ,gg-'gb . ,, , Gary Schneider, Steve Thomas, Gayle Thomas, Sandra Story, Don Scott, Tony Souza. C21 Larry Ter- williger, Gail Splawn, Jean Spencer, Veda Sund, Donna Nelms, John Batto. Q31 Perry Steltz, Danny Swak, Mike Zepner, Phil Teaderman, Jimmie Tanton. 66 xi? QQ ' X' Na xx Q2 X X X Juniors Jim Penny Keri Tremaine, Sue Truiillo, Pat Von Salven, Jim Watson, Cliff Travis, Don Vough. Q23 Sandy Vervais, Carol Warren, Sandy Van Cleave, Kay Watts, Peggy Wall, Beth Wade, Greta Von Uhlit. f3J Rich Vandagriff, Dick Van Verka, Fred Watson, Betsy Walker, Carol Warner, John Speck, Steve Warrington, Wayne Vaughn. Sandy Zupo, Shirley Wilson, Harriett Williams, Harlem White, Pat Wilson, Sharon Woodard, Linda Wheeler. 121 Bonnie Whiteley Robert Young, George Weitz, Bernard Webster, Wayne Wilkinson, Dan York, Kay Wheeler. CBJ Jim Wicks, Peter Zwetsloot, Karen Wiggens, Tommy William, Jackie Weidler, Charles York, Ron Wilkinson. Bob Parkerson, Linda Steele, Alvin Carlile, Dave Bradd, Lynette Yappert, Dennie McDaniel. C25 Larry Beltz, Bill Cowell, Ken Vernengo, Mike Black, Ron Curry, Ron Vernengo. 67 l .J ia' lam XX Iii ix! 'xl'- H . ' ' .4'," , was ?'w Nupa's coeds. swimmln' hole fo SPH' bfllches Set for the outdoors. the left. mean diet. -Assn-'pau in-ewg: new ,xv QR' 3:4 ' Aga 3 Boysl Take Noticel Come on' ll-'Sl' U few more Who snapped that flash bulb? Just holdln' up feel- fhe wall. ' "S, 35' I . v- ' ' ' l wi itiyj' sqfk ,-tl 4 X f :l.2:g 'M' , Gun fofin' Cavalier- Lookl Muscles! What happened? Who or what is if? , QL? ,. f XWEAPJ, Oh, that smug smile. And so on up Yo the top. Mad on a day like this? 68 CICTIVITIES X35 59 ' l Ross l Sp SPfi99S W' rin one of these lovely girls will be announced as Miss Blue 'N' Gold at tonighlfs ame with Montgomery E ' , From left to right V-hey U91 I mtallation Hefd installation Of Sflldem gody officers was held la-Si Monday evening in the High Following the installation a dance was held in the gym. Q1-esgy dress was the attire for the dance 'with music ming provided by Nick Bai-des and his band. ' Officers installed were Phil Lamoreaux, president, l F 4 l Jim Capito, vice preddlenki Marilyn Murdnff. secretawsi Peggy wow Perri--icrcrl ol assemblie treasurerg I recorderg .lc lic relations. commissions and grounds Studen g Editor Jan Palzig, got .i, mlafzi, ond! Peggy lR'il1:r,:ff i'2::3.' v-'ere' nommaiefi on tm oasis ofg looks, persimlffe, mil grade' ave rage, Indians in Play 'Y " lil lilllgll Who wi11il1fBe2 3 Miss Blue and Gold will re-I ign over N.S.H,S.'s last home, game ,of the season, Novem-1 ber l4, ,with Montgomery High School. The journalism class is sponsoring a contest Mth ncmnations of Janis Palzis, Peggy Wilson and Sandy Adams made by the execu- tive council of the general. assembly. The school 'had the chance to vote for the one llioy prefer. She- was chosen for nomi- rullion by: personality, looks, ligrxitlc average and she had . to be a senior girl. Montgumeryg Tilt io' Memorial Stadium The iihpgw High Indians nring lim-ri -we :mzom on Old :wifi E 'iii-fel, iorzifht sis lhry when 1- :sw znwxly form ed lxliiivvgrorrieijl High of Same ii!-fx in the last game of like wil- vi for Eufth iemns. The l:.iL-ze1,- rfsszachfd by Bob Ciitfy tue nail a sue. Coggin: ls awry in lngfxyzy ways. They iiizirnefi her io win grzicimiait, low roi: iimlvly. and :ihmf :iii miifrlviizi a high slpgluf of sgififiemmfship i"l"he Ami" Jaeger gets the starting nod at the helm, 'The air should be filled with fotzlvalls if the Indians play the type of game that they have all season, for more than once this year the aim of Jaeger and the recieving of Rawlins put Napa on the scoreboard, Although Napa dislikes lplaying vhe role of favorites, Qthcp, can not be installed as Qnnylhing else for this game, wmv prediction -- Napa will i The announcement ol tho, Queen will im be given mmf half time of the game. Then, she and hcr two attene ' dents will appear for the crowning and the receiving, of her gifts. She will receive, gifts from Simpsons Jewelry Store, Partricks Candy Shop, she will be driven in hy Phil , Lamoreaux, in a car lozmul to us for the occasion 21 Mloffitt Motors. Mr. Casan- ,ega will do the honor oft ,crowning her with A cmwx-if loaned to us for the evening' by Watson's Jewlers. Who Downie ivn ff Sei frost lr: fl . 53 5 'l'fxi.x3 iw: , from gt 'lie 1- wwf f, 'S 'Fi V M, 'bf . 4 rally, in f if a, Citi "'l f gow. To sl. 1 fri! gflirs:'l'+ f, w... r f. ' -5 . ., .-,, ,E 5, ,. ,A ,. I., YW., 1 .i, i i izixia ii ' flx new vis YN ed no rf, ac' 'i 'A f ,. .wwf r-c-mxniv 1 soo you th . 1'Blue and K ' to the gam- Kids 'I M. 2 fa ber 14' ml ' s Senior Hig I ' having a S: , V a free yea: '. 4 .' Q X 4 two lucky Q .' A i,', -'crazy sm ' , ' QV Q The judg ffl' c A on how m 1 ',' X an :- accepted fa K A if K b00k. P' Y, for me fo: Babs Murnan Fall Edlt0!' -f , clearness, 1 4, 3 and the arriimi- ject matter. of variety of sludents pn- X lXLl nggl: rui :hai ii-s f U sexe 1 Napa Sen, :mx EM lou Zananil X gm., 1, agni will ap id ,,t, V ants on B been 1:-Y December 1 1" gm' Os X 'NV KJCR""T"' BLUE 'N GOLD STAFF: lsr: Dave shiriff, Paul schneadef, Monique Gendraun, Mr. Gill me They aim fadvm Paffy Arm Dryer, Gene Blodgeft, Babe Murnan. Qndz Ross Spriggs, Hiram Feldman, 'MS the lawn' Judie Lelis, Jan Desnoyer, Carol Lemmons, Norma Pillard. Srd: Dennis White, Willis Weber, i ,M :gin Mike Sliman, Tommie Hannis, Bob Olmsfead, KBHWY Shephafdi Jim D0flBfld- fi? wwf-ion for we years, andfiay for 3 YOBTS-. mrs, 1 :mm Grmident: Phill Lamoresux, and grounds. lint-st smhnl.: hw-i we lily- 70 tyli , ,M for ,K l sABs MURNAN f, '1 V Q: Editor l LE EVA :gin Rigger ASs1sfl'l,':l'f,5f29ON B UI' When other times and other days have found us gone our separate ways, this book will continue to serve as a treasure chest of' memories for you. Your high school years are the ones with which you carve the greatest notches in your life, what you do today many times helps to determine the "you" of tomorrow. Years from now your yearbook will aid you in remembering the days of your youth in high school. I would like to thank my assistant, Eva Harrison, my business manager, Joyce Steele, and our ad- visor, Mr. Elrick, without whom we would have been lost, and the rest ofthe students who have helped make this Napanee of 1959 a book which we hope will be a book that you, the students and faculty, will be proud to have as your annual. My special thanks go to Mr. Lockner, our photographer, who worked overtime and double overtime on all the pictures he took and developed for us. Thanks also go to student Mike Sliman, for taking the advertising pictures for us. -Babs Murnan Editor NAPANEE STAFF: lst: Dennis Berry, Carol Lemmons, Dixie Ford, Kathy Tolman, Monique Gendrault, Minne Allo- do. 2nd. Babs Murnan, Brenda Lantow, Joyce Steele, Eva Harrison, Marti Hobart. 71 DRAMA CLUB: Ist: Pat Anderson Ctreos.J, Brenda Lantow fpres.J, Ann Rutherford lveepl, Eva Harrison fsect.l. 2nd: Jim Even, Phil Lamoreoux, Tony Akelaitis, Judy Shippy, Jerry Connell. The purpose of the Drama Club is to promote an interest in and a better understanding of the theater arts. Any person interested in any phase of the theater arts is a potential member of the club. The Drama Club has attended a play in Santa Rosa and has shown a noon movie as a money raising proiect. They plan to attend a plan in San Francisco before the school year is terminated. The Usherettes is a service club consisting of a group of girls which volunteer to usher at all school functions such as school plays, Open House, etc. When asked, these girls also usher other community functions for which the high school building is used. USHERETTES: ist: Bobs Murnan, Muriel Austin, Nedra Spencer, Gayle Pool, Borbaro Moore. 2nd: Diane Christ- man lpres.J, Joyce Steele. Patsy Rogers, Carol Dellenbough, Evo HCIrI'iS0t'l- 72 C. S. F.: lst: Gretchen Hill, Vanda Goodwin, Bonnie Coughlin, Joann Lopez isp. tres.i, Pat Anderson, Pat Hart, Judy Reaers, Arleen Matzen. 2nd: Marti Hobart, Gayle Johnson, Roberta Harned, Suzie Hall, Harriet Powers fsp. sec.J, Brenda Lantow ffoll secj, Marilyn Murdoff, Myrna Stewart Cfall veepj. 3rd: Phil Lam-oreaux, Richard Bell lfall pres.J, Stan Johnson, Jerry Connell, Norman Gordon isp. pres.J, Gerald Stowe, Mike Green, Gary Mas- soni fsp. veeplz Gerald Troupe, Mr. Hastings iadv.J. C. S. F. tries to foster a higher standard of scholarship and general attainment on the part of students in the secondary schools in the state ofCalifornia. A student qualifying for membership, must have accumulated on the previous report card a total of IO or more points: A equals 3 points, B equals l point, C through F do not count. Gym and repeated classes do not count also. Th is year's C. S. F members have taken various field trips to colleges such as Standford, and they have donated funds for the oncoming exchange student. The Junior Statesmen of America invite any high school students interested in debating and government, to learn about the government and its processes by actually participating in a genuine minature government, which consists of other teenagers like themselves. Napa's J. S. A. members have attended several state and regional conventions and a small group of members have appear- ed on television in order to tell others about this organization. V? J. S. A.: lst: Gretchen Hill, Bonnie Coughlin, Vanda Goodwin, Gerald Stowe, lveepb, Minnie Allodo fpres.J, Eleanor Fruchteenicht fsec.D. 2nd: Bobs Murnan, Marti Hobart, Joyce Steele, Carolyn Tood, Bob Murray, Marie Blanchard fcomp.-not shown.l 73 'W CIS' fb'- ,Q- '94 4? sf Tir' GIRLS' LEAGUE: lst: Linda Steele fclub rep.lg Pat Anderson frepl. Monique Gendrault. 21-od: Babs Murnan lrepjp Donna Adamson lveepl, Joyce Steele fsecl, Peggy Wilson frepj, Eva Harrison fpresJ. These are two organizations to which all girls can belong. The Girls' Athletic Association tries to create an interest in sports and teamwork. They have at- tended a hocky tournament in Chico and a basketball tournament in Santa Rosa. The girls' League Organization sponsors the Girls' Jinks, an all girl cos- tume party, and this year the two clubs are going to sponsor the Father and Daughter Banquet and the Mother and .f , Q A V Daughter Tea. 1 Q . ' ' -v 'P ,f A ,gs KCUHVI : X ' 5-gang? I Elf? 'Jr' AWA? z ' ' Q , H 'A A - ,W Nlfskf g t 5: ,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,, 1 .1 vamp ' ps- .. E A l , K .gl A - 1- , K me .. f . u s . 4 ' l 1- . 5 . . A 2 ' ?fgr:zg',.g ' ' ' ' A .Mfrs-' A X 'ifgfgg-,hw . 1 i - , :Q .y .a., , E vlffffpf Y ' 5' 'f ' t . ... Ai I . " I t A6 - .. z J W .' ' ' A W ww "' 'vi' G. A. A.: l. to r.-Lynette Yappert ftresj Darlene Libby lrepl, Eleanor Fruclvtenict 1pres.J, Marlene Libby 1sec.7. 74 Yfr F. T. A.: lst: Marilyn McDonald, Donna Adamson, Judy Reavis, Carolyn Davis, Vanda Goodwin, Sharleen Moers, Shirley Langdon. 2nd: Jim Even, Tony Akelaitis, Christy Ellis, Glenda Klied, Harriet Powers, Kay Boham, Mr. Barkhouse fadvisorl. The Future Teachers of America is an organization that tries to further The interest of The students inthe career of teaching. This year's members have sponsored a dance, spent a day observing The methods of Teaching elementary school, and are going To visit a college in San Francisco. The motto of The Future Farmers of America is: Learning To do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living To serve. Any boy enrolled in vocational agriculture between the ages of 14 and 20, is eligible to become a member. This year's members have raised steers to take to The Cow Pal- ace, sold walnuts and corn as a money raising proiect, and wood cutting. These are Typical activities of The Future Farmers of America. F. F. A.: ist: Gordon Fleischman Cfall sec.Jp Dennis Peierce, Darryl Crow Csp. pres.J, Jerry Myers ffall pres.J, John Johnson, R. E. Early fadvisorl. 2nd: Kenny Tremine, Gary Schneider, Myrle Pemelton, Walter Basford, Bill Hill, Charles Lopez. 3rd: Mike Fry, Mike Barrett, Paul Spanne, John Batto, Jim Kulievan lsp. veeplp Mike Holmes isp. treas.J. 75 FALL YELL LEADERS: I. to r.: Sharon Munk, Carolyn Exley, Suzie Hall, Susie Schoening, Kathy Quaini. POM-POM GIRLS: front: Maureen Seminara, Sandy Negri, Roberfa Birch, Sandy Adam. Back: Jan Palzis, Lvnn Bush, Sandy Randol. Q2 SPRING YELL LEADERS: I. to r.: Sharon Munk, Jerry Harris, Suzie Hall, Tom Harris, Susie Schoening 76 Miss Blue'n Gold MISS PEGGY WILSON Sandy Adam, Peggy Wilson, Jan Palzis. To encourage participation in school athletics is the purpose of our Block N. lt also acts as a service club to promote better relationships in the community as well as with other schools. To qualify for member- ship one must attend three meetings which are held every month, This year the Block N members have done such things as starting a Trophy Room in the gym, sponsoring the Blue and Gold Game, selling basketball programs in order to raise money for the new band uniforms, and purchasing a school ban- ner. BLOCK N: lst: Dale Teeters fveepi, Jerry Aaron isec.J, Dan Charlesworth ipres.l, John Rawlins itreasi, louis Venturini Crep.D. 2nd: Jerry Connell, Jim Hyer, John Chipman, Bob Backus, Butch Murray, Jim Langenback, Beau Martin, Don Bendowski. 3rd: Hank Molina, Gary Kollin, Jay Vesterfelt, Jim Capito, Doug Siemens, Craig Colledge. 4th: Dony Arnold, Harley Biggs, Bill Robertson, Ross Sprigs, Tom Northrop, Mike Kroplin. 5th: Mike Bell, Denny Bush, Marshall Jaeger, Ted Poli, Bill Pursell, Phil Lamoreaux, Frank Herwatt, Kerry Merwin. 77 1 in SCIENCE CLUB: Bill Burrell 1rep.J, Marilyn McDonald, Monique Gendruulf. Brenda Luntow, Myrna Stewart, fpres.J, Donna Adamson fveepl. 2nd: Vic Coffield, Pat Hart, Roberta Harned, Karen Gundestrup. The science club is an organization that triesto promote interest in different fields of science. They have taken several field trips and have discussed various fields of science at their noon meet- ings. ORCHESTRA: Ist: Carolyn Ensile, Linda Attwood, Greta Von Uhlif, Joan Feldman, Diane Easley, Pat Hart. 2nd: Linda Bastin, Sanda Van Cleove, Rita Ebert, Nancy lischora, Linda Steele fpianol. 3rd: Harvy Abramowicz, Dick Moser, Carolyn Grover, Judy Reavis, Eddy Davidson, Edwin Shull, Russell McKee, Karl Timm, Mr. Karl Kulti. Abesnt: Steve Richofsky, Robert McFarlen, Larry Eckes. 78 Pt ist: Marilyn Griggs, Wilma Roberts, Janet Cuda, Paula Amen, Jim Hyer, June Clark, Mary Longoria, Janet Shoffiett, Penny Dunham, Linda Jaun, Josette Montini. 2nd: Jim Schallon, Virginia Marshall, Karen GUN-'lefSlYUP, Ina Bracken, Jim Waters, Jerry Harris, Sandra McLeod, Maureen Seminara, Pat Fimrite, Peggy Mentzer, Kathy Shepherd, Roberta Edwards. 3rd: Darlene Converse, Barbara Eggers, Bev Davis, Louis Venturini, Carol Bowman, Janice Converse, Arleen Matzen, Sharon Wilson, Lorraine Roberts, Arlette Van Cleave. 4th: Myrna Geiger, Hank Molina, Harley Biggs, Diane Easley, Milton Abbott, Dia ne Christman, Russell McKee, Richard Fryckman, Duane Fritz, Carol Fosch, Laurel Nelson. Absent: Linn Batty, Joyce Fischer, Rose Garcia, Veronica Hayes, Bill Henry, Jame Hill. Kav Wheller. The chorus has done such things as performing at the U. C. and Stanford Festivals and at the Paci- fic Music Clinic in Stockton. They made a tape at Christmas for the Napa State Hospital. They have sung at the school Christmas program, Installations for the Kiwanis, at the Napa Symphony Pop Concert and at the Band Jamboree. The Octet consists of Marti Abbott, Judy Pittsley, Penny Reis, Joyce Fischer, Nedra Spencer, Paula Amen, Jerry Harris, Jeff McDaniel. This group has sung for various civic groups. Chorus officers for 5th period are, President, Hank Molina, vice president, Joyce Fischer, and secretary, Sharon Wilson. The 6th period officers are, President, Jeff McDaniel and secretary, Peggy Wilson. Q0 rs Ist: Nedra Spencer, Gayle Pool, Norma Oram, Rita Persico, Diane Lonergan, Peggy Wilson, Darlene Miller, Pen- ney Ries, Virginia Morris, Judy Pittsley, Betty Jones, Merlene Douglas. 2nd: Orvalea Crow, Leonda Clayton Pat Medow, Tom Harris, Gwen Stavas, Cvonne Croxen, Joyce Burger, Sally Austen, Alta Witeke. 3rd: Linda At- wood, Norma Platt, Judy Farrow, Jean Shann, Diane Lonergan, John Gallagher, Linda Randal, Donna Stoller Harry Cassayre. 4th: Darryl Hunter, Vern Davidson, Leonard Litz, Allan Clemans, David Wyss, Denny Bush, Ron Olson, Jeff McDaniel, Toni Olson, Martha Abbott, Peggy Van. Absent: Muriel Austin, Hilia Alden, Bill Ev- ans, Nellie Garcia, Marilyn Manson, Hank Quinn, Marilyn Sax, Chorlet Shaffer, Judy Smigle, Barbara Roberts, Arlene Wilson, Rosemary Vistodeau. 1 79 M., , 4 X., 'Ml by 7 X Y W xx. WILLIAM CRAKE Band Director Row I: Christine Chapman, Jeannette Campbell, Bill Partridge, Lou Zanardi, Dennis Berry, Shirley Langdon, Harriet Williams, Marti Hobart. Row 2: Lexy Storm, Virginia Boone, Jim Johnson, Mike Huntley, Van Crane, Bob Young, Helen Benning, William Crane, dir. Row 3: Penny Koppen, Vern Davidson, Gary Biostaol, Dayton Hamblin, Allen Baker, Dick Moser, Ron Wilkenson, Bob Kroplin, Row 4: Jerome Bordon, Jean Holdsworth, Jim McDonald, Jim Ellis, Dick Curis, Tom lhorn, Bill Loeftler, Paul Shous, Russell McKee. Reeds Row l Penny Koppen, Harriet Williams, Christine Chapman, Jeanette Campbell. Row 2: Allen Baker Mike Huntley, Helen Benning, Lexy Storm, Shirley Langdon, Virginia Boone, Dick it ,A , Ai , ' ' . Ll N M 5 f lr P . K wur v :fn 1 :. ' is ,Q M: 1, 1 1 ,b 51 1 Q Q Moser. 80 Dick Kuykendall Band Major .Q Q , I - K , :Yr . ie. I 5' N x K A .f , I V V x L Winds: Vern Davidson, Paul Sl-louse, Jerome Bordon, Russell Mckee Van Crane. N ff' .rf Fi Trumpets and Coronets: ist Jim McDonald, Ron Wilkenson, Dayion Hamblin, Tom lhorn, Jim Johnson, Bob Young. 2nd: Gary Biostad, Jim Ellis, Bill Loeffler, Eddy Davidson, Bob Kroplin. Percussion: Marti Hobart, Dennis Berry, Lou Zanardi, Dick Curtis, Bill Partridge, Jean Holdsworfh. 81 W 5, ' Battalion Staff: Asst. Commandant Lt. Robert Wise, Battalion Commander Lt. Col. William Burrell, Officer Maior Tom Hyland, S-4 Lt. John Larson, S-3 Lt. Russell Pillard, S-l Lt. Harry Cassayre, S-2 Lt. Ronald Busselen, Sgt. Maior MfSqt. Stephen Morris. . There are five obiectives of the California Cadet Corps. ln addition to developing qualities of lead- ership and understanding basic military concepts, the Cadet Corps stresses citizenship, patrotism and encourages scholarship. K The mission of the Cadet Corps is to provide the schools of the State with courses in leadership built around the military framework as an integral part of the school program. During the Summer Encampment at Camp Luis Obispo in 1958, these outstanding awards were won by the following Cadets: Col. Raymond E. Smith Memorial Award won by Lt. Col. Wm. N. Burrell as the outstanding non-commissioned officer. This award is based on scholarship, leadership in the Corps School activities, and athletics. Mai. DeWitt Creveling, Perpetual Award-3rd place to Mai Tom Hyland as the best drilled non-commissioned officer. Under the training of Lt. Robert E. Wise, Asst. Commandant, Maior Tom, drillmaster, developed an excellent drill team which performed for the Annual Parents Night Dinner on March 12th and sev- eral other social functions. Front: Company Com. Capt. Robert Sisson, Lt. John Ankunding, Lt. Harry Schoonmaker. Row li Clark Postlewait, Robert Mclntire, Ken Martin, Ted Paxon, Dan Dinwiddie, Phillip Harris, Oren Per- ry, Wayne Mills, Paul Scott, Ken Smith. Row 2: Ron Paxton, Floyd Patrick, Tom Clark, Bob Rico, Jack Gardner, Lloud Tillosson, Berry Hottal, Billy Kurts, Richard Lee, Leonard Truthewey, Eddie Wood- ruff, William Mosely. 82 Front: Company Com. Capt. Donald Dinwiddie, lst Sgt. Bill lrwin, Lt. Jay Ferreri, Lt. Gerald Srowe, Lt. Robert Bennett. Row 1: Phil Martin, James Anderson, Russell Wison, Ray Thomason, Kenneth Keith, Jim Willefork, George Postlewait, Ray Jinks,Woyne Walsuck, Gordon Birmingham, BVYUH Olsen, I-B -lClCkSOI'l, Jerry Sitlnly, Willis Rumler, Alfred Gevos, Mike Blanchard, Ron Burnns, Mark Mahews, Scott, Bennett, Ted Pavia. Row 2: Joe Marck, Wayne Myers, Delmar Bray, Jack Snell, James BYUC, JGYUSS lI19et'S0r1, Harry Acee, Ken Bridge, ROY Cavia, Glenn Hobough, Robert Stensil, Allen Baker, Monte Wilson, Darryl Martin, DOUQ MGVHY1, Greg ROQSFS, Aaron Mosley, Mike Donahue. The Military Ball was one of the outstanding formal affairs of the school year. Chairman for the dance was Lt. Col. Wm. Burrell, with the following officers of the Battalion Staff working with him: Lt. Cassayre, in charge of the Queen contestants, Major Tom Hyland, Tickets, Capt. Dinwiddie, Decorations, Capt. Sasson, Refreshments, Lt. John Larson, Music, and Lt. Pillard, Cleanup. The queen candidates, chosen by a committee of the General Assembly were Jackie Jones and Lynn Aguilar, representing the senior class and Kriss Amundson and Virginia Grimaldi representing the iunior class. The Battalion Staff of Napa High formed the Cadre for the Annual Leadership training school held at Marine Barracks at Mare Island on February 7 and 8. Over iOO boys from Region 6 attended making this an outstanding weekend in the school year for the Cadets. Regular classroom sessions were conducted by the various Commandants of the Region to increase the knowledge of leadership. In October the Cadet Corps spent a day at Mare Island to review faciilities and to observe the oper- ation of the Marine Barracks. This year the Cadet program was consolidated at Napa High School for all Napa Cadets. Those from Redwood, Silverado, and Ridgeview Junior Highs were bussed into Napa to attend their cadet classes. The little gym was assigned to the Cadet Battalion and has been fixed into a attractive classroom, office, and storeroom. 83 Joe Banana lPhil Lamoreauxj and his Bunch, the music with appeal. Left to right: Harvey Abramowicz, Bass, Rolf lversen, Clarinet, Hank Quinn, Drums, Phil Lamoreaux, Saxophone, Jerry Connell, Piano, Richard Bell, Trumpet, Van Crane, Trombone. All of these groups perform at various student functions, such as rallys. They all entertined at the oudoor rally, which was held downtown in the ealier part of the school year. As all of these stu- dents are seniors except one, this is the last year they will perform for Napa High. The Shortcuts and the Cheques are singing groups. The Cheques have performed on TV where they hav won sev- eral awards. THE SHORTCUTS I. to r.: Butch Murray, Hank Molina, Hank Quinn, Denny Bush. . .-M., 'fu' V-ff 1-5 ri ,-ho., duh THE CHEQUES I. to r.: Penny Ries, Cleave Jones, Judy Pittsley. 84 Identification of Pictures on Page 131. MORE BABY Yes, it hurtslll g ' I it . fa :K ,433 I-X ,, 'a' . - Y ' W? . ig 5? 1 A I gi' I: I, 10 Miss Prissy "'?. ' 'J fzpiiixi myiw uf" I3 Aw, Please, Mom. PICTURES 1 I , r -2 i 1 I " , 941533, 'M I , L 3 ,, fi Ji wj 4, I 43 .xvgsw we I :aw L .. f ', H'M.,f V V, 5 gqtff- I ' '.f.fIf??f.i'iQf??il'5-,L wf1f"' ' 1'-' 3.0-' . w 8 Nice little doggy 1 'I Charm - Her 14 I forgot, Mommyll 15 85 , Y", 1 ' I.-.,.., c Q.. .:.Q ' . ., ,- f max:- .agfi I, If sr "1 e 1: . 5' ' 9 iii... ' -I ' ,aa Q i, fl: . g i"J?5'?Et' 1 in .. tg uh , 11 :. ,A ,I,..,q:5 , K 9 Gool Goo! .fa 'X . :V ,kia if .iz vt I . - 1 .qw rw? " ,J sq' I... , -A n I ' 'A' ., A Y Q Q. Q Q f. I Q 5 gr ' vi ' , ,id in-' A .. I r , .99 3 . 6 as ,o - . My Q 5. , w L ff 455 1,31 Ki 5' ggi, ' 12 AII right, hurry-up. ., 1: A ..,.g:3:i.1:.:..,., . . , -,,.,,,.,,...,,:1'g: Q, A ha, I told you soIII X, Q 'S 86 OUTDOOR RALLY Y L PLAY: TIME OUT FOR GINGER WINTER SHOW: SENIOR PORTION SENIOR WINTER SHOW REI-IEARSAL 87 Geisha girl. Three must get theirs. Please be seated. Monday is washday ,v" 49, Well, uh, welll Sand does something for you. Spring has sprung. I 'lie' Don't hide fhatawayl Ten-armed monster. Ain'9 she cute? 2 J 5 Ice cold wafer. Eight l iiile Dutch dolls. Help - - - Now Reallyl -88 x--."" 4 SPORTS Varsity Football Games and Scores Napa 'I9 Petaluma Napa 8 Sacramento Napa San Rafael Napa Redwood Napa 25 . Santa Rosa Napa 30 Drake Napa 14 Pittsburg Napa 26 Tamalpais Napa 38 Montgomery BOB COVEY AL POWERS , Head Coach Asst- C0331 The Napa Indians started slowly, gained momentum steadily, and finished the season strong. In their 1958 debut the Indians outmanned and Outclassed a highly regarded Petaluma eleven I9 to l2. Coach Covey substituted freely in an attempt to determine his future eleven. The Sacramento Dragons snapped the India ns six game winning streak by handing them a I4 to 8 loss. Although the Indians dominated the secOfiCl half, ll WGS T00 lale to OVGYCOITIG flie advan- tage that Sacramento had gained in the first half ofthe ball game. Minus the services of ace quarterback Marshall Jaeger, the Indians tied San Rafael, the 1958 North Bay League Champs, 6 to 6. The unhearled Redwood Giants iarred the Indians with a 6 to O loss as Napa failed to perform up to their capacity. The Santa Rosa game proved to be the turrying point in the season as the Indians began to show their prowress by defeating a strong Santa Rosa team by 25 to 7. Drake was overpowered 30 to 6 the following week and the Indians set their sights on high- ly ranked Pittsburg High School. After leading the Pirates for over three quarters, two Costly fumbles turned the tide and the Indians lost l4to l9. A Napa then disposed of Tamalpais High School, 6 very fine team, by 26 to 7- The Indians then went on to finish strong by defeating the underdog Montgomery Vikings by the impressive score of 38 to 14 in the first meeting between these two schools. Jay Vesterfelt captained the 1958 Varsity and also received the honor as 'Most Valuable Player." Marshall Jaeger was the recepient for the "Best Back" award and John Chipman was sel- ected for the "Best Lineman" award. Row 1: Cliff Travis, Butch Murray, Bill Purcell, Dale Teeters, Jerry Aaron, John Chipman, Tom Peters, Mike Kroplin, Jim Langenbach, Gary Kollin, Beau Martin. Row 2: Coach Al Powers, Richard Chew, Buddy Biggs, Jim Ellis, Tom Northrup, Butch Horne, Richard Vandagriff, Arlie Lloyd, Jay Vesterfelt, Mike Bell, Don Bendowski, Dick Brooks, Vern Davidson, Coach Bob Covey, Coach Frank Humpert. Row 3: Mgr. Mike Donahue, Bill Henry, Crain Colledge, Eddy Davidson, Dale West, Paul Sho-use, Dick Fryckman, Marshall Jaeger, Max Newberry, Bill Coffield, Steve Warrington, Doug Simons. Alex Stewart, Jim Hempler, Mgr., Bill Evans. 90 JAY VESTERFELT Caapialn en er 'Most Valuable Player" JERRY AARON Fullback I, alll , DENNY BUSH Halrback CRAIG COLLEDGE End JOHN CHIPMAN Guard "Best LiIleIXlB.l'l" 2 .T . ' " v 1: 'dv 4 . I, """ f ' '34 W' MIKE BELL Tackle MARSHALL JAEGER Quarterback "Best Back" MIKE KROPLIN Halfback Captain elect 2.1 E .wqe .M 5, My-jpvf .:',5, DON BENDOWSKI HARLEY BIGGS Tackle Halfback DICK BROOKS Quarterback I2 ' I' F31-J .. EDDY DAVIDSON End RICHARD CHEW BILL COFFIELD End Center ... iff 4 VERN DAVIDSON JIM ELLIS End Gum-a DICK FRYCKMAN JIM HEMPLER WAYNE HORNE GARY KOLLIN Tackle Quarterback Fullback Halfback ' I 1:1535 1, ,. - Wi, . . 3' I fi mei I 'f I I 4 ' . Q' ' 4 ,. l JIM LANGENBACH ARLIE LLOYD BEAU MARTIN BUTCH MURRAY Halfback Quarterback Fullback Halfback -IQ gf MAX NEWBERRY Cen vi' -. ,I ,J JOHN RAWLINS End TOM NORTHRUP PURCELL ackle f5"'Q'i!i,, ' 'ram PAUL SHOUSE Guard End BILL SIMON Tackle TOM PETERS Tackle any if - - ROSS SPRIGGS Tackle f . . 2 frm" 85,3 A A , V 4 ggi ' T ,Q - ,a ,. .H . . if DALE TEETERS CLIFF TRAVIS RICHARD VANDAGRIFF Guard Halfback Tackle e' ?rI"g!IE: Q 'IV ,-.1 . 'Q STEVE WARRINGTON DALE WEST End Center .. 5 ' i" :bk I " , N A L1 ,J 1. J I' a4I:5UQk.38Fii1B'?r in ,M 353' f 2 .I , ff we I I . ,F - -,-, - il - ' ' . - A 4 J V ' .Q ' I M A I E43 e 36412 - L L, M 43 - ' an if FI v, 5 Ni all '?- L I ' 5, .4 Q K ' 5 X231 . if. giafx : gy 4 c ,- Pi A I . HA A ,H I HW r I, ,gjwni Mg .fc F' JAYVEES - Row I: Mike Hunfley, Sieve Taylor, Bill Hill, Ed Baker, Jim Colmer, Dick Guisfo, Dave Pitcher, Keiih Fiegol, Jon Pawela, Howie Schroeder, John Knuclson, Bill Anderson. Row 2: Coach Dale Fisher, Dave Scott, Lee Negri, Frank Herwatf, , Ron Leavitt, Roberf Murray. Cal , Bob Negri, Bill Dosier, Jerry Hurt, Bob Rorie, Bill Evans. 93 QI: k.'i,, N V BASKETBALL SCORES A . ' 1 i. , ' Napa 58 Analy 39 I ,, ,M .Fa ' 13' V Napa 53 Armijo 37 I, ai . 5, ' ap -1 Napa sa ukiah 46 l . ' Q? .. ,ie , W g f ' Napa 65 Benicia 37 I - " ' iff' Q ' ' ' 3 - Napa 41 Sacred Heart 43 '- 1 'f '- l ' Q Napa 56 getagima 39 'i ' , J' rm, "L:,3f,' Napa57 oo and36 -,gg l r 'Tr 1. ' L, f 153 1,3 Napa 'rs Ukiah 32 , V f. , - ., . 4 -A y 1-4 :ne . 2 ' -A '..1r1 "vo . 4. 'I Q A geo , I Lzaauz GAMES 'L ' . 4 W . gi.. , Q Napa 65 Redwood as , peg, . - r 'Q I , r- . ' up iitbl Napa 58 Drake 54 -x r' R 4. -f Y W 4 1. A-4'f",5,'g ,Y 2112 ggfgk Napa 51 Tamalpais 50 1 fgtfgi, '- Q 1 - H " .I 'gaskets gapa 5g 1g'Iontgcgmery4g0 R , it ' . , t 'fr 1 1233 apa 5 anta osa. .. " I - x V g.. 't is 13, Napa 53 San1Rafael 48 ' ' 2 . , arf? ' .yea ' if .jqiw Napa 5 Hea dsburg 49' lf, isivf 2 'W Xgggfetgqrtf Napa 53 Redwood 38 'E -r Q' T ' . , ,. 'fx eva re e 4 ef- ,fa J x i: gaps: 36 ignta Rosa 4157 L 3 Vg ' " ' ' ' apa 67 ontgomery ' " ' ' ' "' ' Napa 49 San Rafael 32 Napa 47 Fort Bragg 44" ' JOHgag:Cgolal::E1DGE "l10t a league game 'IEEE b?ENCgINz? "post:-season game am er or Redwood Court Napa 51 Tamalpais 42 Napa 41 Redwood 33 Na a 15 V ll 28' p a ejo 'Finals-Napa's Second It is with pleasure that I recall some ofthe ma ny memories that I have collected in the 30 years I have coached in the Napa schools. Starting with the fall of 1929 at the Intermediate School, which is no longer in existence and where the teams played on dirt and graveled fields until now in 1959 when we have the best of play areas has been a most interesting experience. There have been many good years in football, basketball, and baseball where we have won championships and have lost them by close scores in many thrilling 9emeS- However, there are always some games which standout more clearly than otherS, SUCh 6 Ohe WGS beating Vellele in football in 1933 for the first time in I3 years and winning the chamPl0i'iShiP of the North Bay l-ee9Ue et the Same Time: Winning the "B" basketball championship from Calistoga in a play-off game between'Section i and Section ll in 1942, taking the Varsity basketball team to the First Tournament of Champions at Berkeley I2 years ago after winning the North Bay League title, beating Lodi High School's great football team on the old Coleman Field in 1942 by the score 14 to T3: this yeer'S effOi'TSi by e NHPB team, winning 2l games and losing only 4, which included defeating Fort Bragg's undefeated team in a post season game at Fort Bragg by the score of 47 to 44. There have been many victories and defeats but I have always been proud of the way each play- er has conducted himself both in victory and defeat. I know that I shall miss the thrill of the game but I am glad to have played a small part in the history of Napa High School Athletics. I am sorry there is not enough space to mention each team and player for they have given much in order to carry out traditions and make Napa athletic teams great teams, win or lose. Yes, I will always carry pleasant memories of the manv athletes whom it has been my pleasure to coach. Sincerely, "Coach" J. Colledge Row 1: Keith Kerri, Bill Bowers, Bill Robertson, John Rawlins, Marshall Jaeger, Steve Warrington, Row 2: Beau Mortin, score keeper, Dave O'Brian, Doug Davis, Phil Lomoreoux, Mike Kroplin, Jim Doyl, Mgr. Tom Hyland. 95 MARSHALL JEAGER Captain Forward Free Throw Trophy Winner ' BILL POWERS Forward I :U 15 . xx ' I LLL. f2YfQIf? M--f igkgfig A . 41095 X DOUG DAVIS Guard Outstanding Player I 'L V ,av r ii v . X. Lu M X ?, . ' 3 'if ' , .5 ,X , ,, K , 4 LX K rf I KEITH KERRI MIKE KROPLIN PHIL LAMOREAUX Forward Guard Forward rV,A iyfrt gl I .. Wil 2. ' 'Q T I 3' it gg :':"L:a3' I rg I , JOHN RAWLINS BILL ROBERTSON STEVE WARRINGTON Forward Center Forward J IM DOYL Guard L .,,,, , ii, -pa J .X 1 DAVE O'BRIAN Guard i V -'M JIM JEFFORDS Guard J. V. Captain ed Jr. Varsity Basketball 1.2 Row 1: Bill Drennen, Bill Loeffler, Dick Kuykenda l, Craig Colledge, Bob Rorie, Row 2. Dick Brooks, Darryl Hunter, Jim Jeftords, Mike Riley, Bill Porter, Bill Mahoney. This year, the J. V.'s had one ofthe most successful seasons in the history of the school. They play- 31 games, winning 28, and losing 3. The J. V.'s were under a new coach, Mr. Deming. In league play the team went undefeated, winning 12 losing O. In a Junior High league comprising Silverado, Redwood, and Ridgeview the J. V.'s win this league, winning 8 games and losing 1. The J. V.'s, playing against some of the stiffest competition averaged 4 6 points per game while holding the opposition to 31 points per game. The high light of this season was a double-overtime, sudden-death game, against San Rafael with Napa winning 35 to 32. The J. V.'s scored a total of 1428 points to their opponents' total of 981. The leading scorers of the team were Jim Jefforols 1975 Bill Drennen 203, Dick Brooks 178, Darryl Hunter 174, Bill Loeffler 135. Jim Jeffords was elected captain of this year's team. - J V BASSKETBALL SCHEDULE NAPA OP. '41 ....... ..,..... M ontgomery 44 ...... ...... ...... ..... Analy 19 46 ........ ..... - Redwood 47 .. ........ - ..... - Armiio 34 '35 ....... ........e... 5 onto Rosa 57 ..... .... ,.... .......... .,. Ukiah 27 '50 ........ ................. S an Rafael 39 ...... ....... - ... .... Benicia 26 41 ....... ..,.- ....... Silverado 32 ..... ...... S acred Heart 36 56 ........ ...... H ealdsburg 35 ............ . ....... ..... ....... Petaluma 31 45 ......., ..aa,... R idgeview 39 ....... - .......... - .......,.... ,....Ridgeview 33 '28 ....... ....,,... R edwood 50 ............. ........ W oodlund 43 '40 ....... ....... T amalpais 56 ...... - ........ - ..... Redwood 35 38 ....,., ...... R edwood 63 ...... ............. U kiah 19 '50 ....... ............... D rake 63 ..... .... ............. S i Iverado 23 '45 ....... ..... S anta Rosa '31 ....... ........................, R edwood 28 50 ..,.... ......... S ilverado '47 ...... , .....,. - .....,,, -... Drake 21 '50 ....... ........ M ontgomery 61 ....... ...... R idgeview 53 '35 .....s. ....... S an Rafael '36 ...... ...-. Tamalpais 30 33 ....,.. ...,,,. F arts. Bragg 97 Action Shots 98 ST ei is x X ,Q 4 Y , 4 3 I s Q, I ff xx T? A Baseball Team ,Hyun Row lg John Knudson, Bill Duncan, Mike Riley, Dick Guisto, Steve Taylor, Jim Hyer, Butch Horne, Harlan White, Rich Rondoni, Row 2: Dave O'Brian, Chuck Carbone, Mike Smith, Gary Kol- lin, Louie Venturini, John Rawlins, Bill Robertson, Jim Jeffords, Beau Martin, Dan Charlesworth, Coach Bob Steen, Row 3: Coach Dale Fisher, Mgr. Vough, Mgr. Dale Hyder, Lee Negri, Ken Carden, Jim Tanto, John Batto, Bill Coffield, Dick Brooks, Vern Davidson, Bill Porter, Max Newberry, Jim Langenbach, Dwight Patterson, Dave Passini, Steve Warrington. Tennis Team YJ Row I: Dick Moser, Phil Lamoreaux, Jim Langenb ach, Jay Vesterfelt, John Chipman, Ron Busselen. Row 2: Jerry Connell, Alex Guthrie, Jim Wood, Jim Capito, Sam Seetin, Roger Pendroefti, Ron Wilkenson, Noel Schmutz. 99 Track Team 4.51, , : AL, 6 -Q 43, Aki. ..'k...,,.. Row I, L to R: C. .Nelson, W. Rorie, B. Backus, C. Halferman, D. Teeters, J. Waters, S. Leask, J. Con- way, T. Hyland. Row 2, L fo R, D. Curtis, J. Pawel a, G. Breckenbridge, M. Cook, A. Mezulis, G. Massoni, J. Johnson, P. Lamoreaux, J. Vesterfelt, M. Schrempp. Row 3, L to R, B. Jones lMgr.j, A. Arnold, M. Bell, B. Hill, E. Burgle, J. Nicol, D. McDaniel, K. Merwin, B. Evans, J. Capito, R. Lind- berg, S. Johnson lMgr.j, J. A. Schreuder lcoachj. Cross Country Bottom row: I. To r. R. Lindberg, J. Nicol Ccaptl, D. McDaniel, Rear row, l. to r.: K. Merwin, C. Nelson, J. Johnson, G. Breckenridge, J. A. Schreuder fcoachj. V 100 Rifle Team at n Kneeling: Bill Burrell, Russell Pillard, Don Dinwiddie, Bob Sisson, Mike Donahue. Standing: Ron Busselen, Harry Schoonmaker, Phil Martin, John Ankunding, Mike Mullins, Phil Harris, Allen Baker. Regional honors were won by the Rifle Team under the direction and supervision of Gem. W. O. Thompson, Commandant. The team practiced persistenly for 4 months in preparation for the state matches held March 19-20 at Sacramento. Undefeated in 3 matches against 15 schools of Region 6, they won the opportunity to attend the state matches. They took first and second prizes in their division. Of i0 men chosen from the Region to participate in the individual match, 8 were from Napa High. Swimming Team ,J Row l: Ron Beland, Tony Ortiz, Roy Barrigan, Gen Scott, Paul Erhlich, Rolf lversen, Scott Laird. Row 2: Tom Blewett, Jim MacDonald, Frank Herwatt, Richard Hepner, Viv Coffield, Bob Murray, Fred Hymer, Jens Kraush- aar. Missing: Steve Black, Eddie Ortiz. 'l0'l RY. , Twister, sister. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z- Now, boys, you know the low. H' fi hr' . 2,3 I , W' W 1 ' y 2 f"'X, 1-:S - 3' ' W , f i irx ii' 2 ' Run for the hills-Martians have come. Legs and Buckets. Good, clean fun. ,:. tl1:'41""""1!Wk, Surrounded by beauty. Twin book-ends, HAI HAI Lovely postmen Y-..- 'M The beat, man, the bat. Dress theme-simpuicity and clarity. Where are you going? 'I02 Good Luck to the Class of '59 THOMAS GARAGE 1735 Trancas Best Wishes to Class of '59 IXL TOGGERY "Your friendly men's store where women like Lo trade" Congratulations Class of '59 MAGGETTI'S PHARMACY Second 8: Brown Napa, Calif. BA 44665 Napa' Cam' 1020 Main sm, BA 6-8350 Prone BA 6-7814 1 Res. Phone BA 4-2363 Con ratulations 1 g EARL'S Auro WRECKING CLYDE W. WALLACE LAMOREAUX CATTLE Route 1, Box 661-C REA'-TOR COMPANY Vallejo, California Phone BA 6-2568 Oak Knoll Ranch Napa-Vallejo Highway at 1606 Jefferson SI. Napa, Calif. Napa' California Napa Junction GOODYEAR SERVICE Retail Division of The Goodyear Tire 84 Rubber Co. VERN A. PIERCE, Sfore Manager 3rd and Randolph Streets Napa, Calif. Phone: BA 4-6596 "Best Wishes Class of .59,, NAPA BOWL 1054 Soscol Avenue Napa, California Compliments of A. L. KING 915 Main Street 41-Marr? 1 5532? I i KEIG'S SHOE sToRE 103 o o, .4 q ,. M.,v:i.4..o N-., Napa, California DR. BERNARD MATZEN KENNY'S DRIVE-IN Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Mario A. Gaudino Carl J. McCanless ORTHODONTIST Complete Soda Fountain MARlo'S SHELL SERVICE 2010 Jefferson Street Kenneth L- Wagner SHELL PRODUCTS P. O. Box 596 2210 Jefferson Street 101 Lincoln Ave' BA 4,1457 Ph BA 6-6922 BA 6-8676 Napa, Calif. Nair: California Napa, California Cattle Feed B t W'Sh Mining Machinery as ' ,es Msus mcurlsto senvlcs Steel Fabrication Class Of 59 Ornamental Iron Work from Melvin C. Shanks, Prop. Steel and Steel Products JERAND'S FLOOR COVERING 2303 Jefferson St. STOHSNER MACHINE 2538 J ff St t GOODYEAR TIRES e el'SOIl T29 WORKS . . Napa, California Napa. Callfvrma 2570 Jefferson sc. BA 6-8530 Best Wishes to Class of '59 from MUNCY DRUGS Earl F. Muncy Prescriptions Supplies Cosmetics, Candy, Notes 2412 Jefferson St. BA 6-6338 Complete Brake Service Frame and Axle Straightening Wheel Balancing HICKS WHEEL ALIGNING Brown St. and Central Ave. BA 4-0305 Napa, Calif. Best Wishes Class of '59 from GLAZIERS HARDWARE 2740 Jefferson Street BA 6-8351 Napa, California Y fff? 2215 gg 'wcswst ,..1.,.g.,.,,Vw6hm C DOUGHTY INSURANCE CO. PAUL T. WATSON JEWELRY 2273 Jefferson Street Napa, California I I 17 First Street Napa, California 104 102 Years Heated Swimming Pool , , Full-Tile Showers of sewlce to this CALNAP TANNING Co. Wall-to-Wall Carpets Community Quiet, off Highway THE NAPA JOURNAL Oldest Newspaper in Napa County 1098 Brown St. BA 6-5593 101 S. Coombs Street BA 4-3141 Napa, California Television-Coffee Shop-Lounge CASA LU AL MOTEL and DINING ROOM 53 Units . . . 2 Bridal Units 200 S. Coombs St. Napa, Calif Compliments of : RAY MOORE T. V. 1323 Main St. Napa, Califomia PAUL'S PLUMBING 8. HEATING Paul T. Miersch 2608 Laurel St. BA 6-8290 Napa, California Congratulations Class of '59 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 1139 First St. Napa, California Congratulations to the Class "Eat here and diet home" For the Finest of '59 Motion Picture Entertainment MAGelE's LUNCH -mend- ROGERS DONUT SHOP Specializing in Home-made Pies UPTOWN THEATRE Napa Valley Shopping Center 101 Kelly Rd. OR Phone BAldwin 4-7773 Vallejo' Calif' KAY VON DRIVE-IN Napa, California Ph' Napa BA 4-6303 Napa mm fl' arf" ' f 5531523 '45, 1ff1if"eBf,a' 34:2 M .1-.21 5 ff l if??"!5ff'f4 . 5:1 w iii KOFFEE KUP SILVER BELL REALTY 936 Main Street Napa, California 2560 Jefferson Street Napa, California 105 NAPA FOOD CENTER 2565 Kilburn Ave. "One Stop Shopping" Using Dr. Scholl's Foot Comfort Remedies, Appliances and Arch Supports ron Poor conm:c'r1No MOREST SHOE SERVICE Carl Morest, Jr. Best Wishes to Class of '59 SPROUSE-REITZ CO. 1319 First st. Napa, California "We Aim to Please" BA 4-9796 2006 Morlan Dr. Napa, Calif. Napa SENATE corsss SHOP Angm THE NAPA ELECTRIC SHOP 1050 Lincoln Ave. Napa, California 1331 First St. Napa, Calif. Home Cooking Short Orders Sandwiches of All Kinds Fountain Service Small and Large Pizzas BA 4-9939 Tony 8: Jerry NAPA POINT SERVICE Free Pickup and Delivery We Give SKzH Green Stamps Allan and Vent Angell, props. BA 4-9871 Napa, Calif. Expert Shoe Repairing and Cleaning and Dying at TAYLOR'S SHOE SHOP 1209 First St. BA 6-7108 Napa, Calif. E. C. KRAFT 8l CO. Auto Parts 700 Main Napa, California BOOK'S ICE CREAM For real Ice Cream Ice Cream Cakes, Pies, and Nut Rolls 1519 Min Street Napa, Califomia SELF'S SUPER MARKET THE WRIGHT SPOT DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 2538 Old Sonoma Road BAIdwin 4-4118 1019 Soscol Avenue Ph. BA 6-8158 106 Best Wishes Class of '59 from JOHN STUTZMAN'S PHOTOGRAPHY CENTER 1625 Jefferson St. BA 4-2882 Portraits of Distinction Inquire about our "Cap K: Govsm" Specials SCOTT TANDY INSURANCE "Insure Toway-Be Sure Tomorrow" Phone BA 6-3743 New Homeowners Policyf-Saves Money 1112 Brown St. Napa, Calif. Ask about our Mortgage Cancellation Plan Congratulations Class of '59 JACK COAKLEY FLORIST 1506 Main St. Napa, California COLONIAL SADDLE SHOP AND SHOE REPAIR 1113 Main Street BAldwin 6-8359 Napa, California Congratulations Class of '59 PURITY STORES Napa, California LOVEJOY'S PHARMACY Prescription Druggists 947 Main St. Napa, California Cement Mixers, Lawn Mowers, Routers, JAMES A' JACKSON Congratulations Outboard Motors, Electric Drills, Insurance Plumber's Tools, House Trailers, Jack Class Hammers, TV Sales, TV Rentals, The Agency of '59 Floor Sanders of I Dependable Service HAl.'s EQUIPMENT RENTAL Omce: BMdw,,, 6,3884 QUEEN OF THE VAL'-FY 1131 Solano 1019 Pearl street HOSPITAL BA1dwin 4-7045 Napa, Calif. Napa, California COLLA SHELL SERVICE WM. PRAUL PLUMBING 81 HEATING 2770 Jefferson Street Napa, California 300 Lincoln Avenue Napa, California Ph. BAIdwin 4-1350 'I07 Congratulations Class of '59 VAN WINDEN NURSERY Pueblo and Freeway Napa Best Wishes to the Class of '59 KELLY'S PET SUPPLY 2007 Main St. Pets and Pet Supplies Congratulations Class of '59 SHERWOOD MUNK Chief of Police CRESTVIEW HOMES Telephone BA1dwin 4-6923 CONOW CONSTRUCTION CO. Building Contractors 2962 Jefferson St. Napa, California Congratulaions to the Class of '59 ECONOMY DRUG STORE 897 Freeway Drive BAldw'In +8178 Napa, California Congratulations Class ,,,,ng,,tu1,,m,,1s LAUDERDALE REALTY of '59 to the Class of 159 1504 Main St. Napa, Calif. Al Lauderdale 0. W. SCHMIDT JOHN CLAUSSEN Realm' Office: Ph. BA 6-3411 New York Life Insurance Sheriff l 1300 Pearl Street RSSIGSIICE Ph. BA 6-7876 BA 4-3193 W I-u p HAWK'S FOUNTAIN Open 7 - 7 Serving . . . Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 2556 Jefferson Street Napa, California ALTA CLEANERS Congraulations to the Class of '59 GENE'S SIGNAL SERVICE STATION 1033 Solano Ave. BA1dwin 6-7385 Mechanic on Duty Minor Motor Repairs Hammond Organs, Pianos, Sheet Music, Radios, Records, HI-FI, Phones, Rentals PRESTON MUSIC CO. "Everything in Music" 1424 Second St. BA 4-3679 Best Wishes to the Class of '59 ROY'S USED CARS AND AUTO WRECKERS Good assortment of Used Cars and Auto Parts Napa-Vallejo Hwy. BA 4-3576 MI 2-6638 DR. ALDEN C. STEIGER oP'roM'E'r1usT Telephone BA 6-5446 1200 Clay st. Napa, Califomia ALLEN AND BEN EDICT Complete Home Furnishing Corner Brovsm, Coombs, and Clay Napa, California PHILIP and WAYNE McCORMICK Real Estate 920 Brown St. Bus. Phone 6-9396 Napa, California Congraulations Class of '59 VERN'S FOSTER FREEZE LINCOLN MARKET 1027 Lincoln Avenue HAWK'S AUTO PARTS A. W. Hawk AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Machoine Shop Q Rebuilt For the best in Malts, Shakes phone 6-2438 sz so forth Eigffgfse Napa, California 5 Corner of Lincoln k Brown Main 31 Lincnln BA 4-1469 TOWN HOUSE BEAUTY SALON DANIEL' AWNINGS Napa Valley Center First 81 Freeway H29 Solano Avenue BAIdwin 6-8206 'I09 AL'S AUTO WRECKERS BAldwin 4-0304 Guaranteed Used since 1920 Parts open smdays HELSLEY FURNITURE co. Alvin Guadagni 1327 Main St. Owner Napa, California 1274 McK1nstry St. Phone 4-7061 NEFF'S STATIONERY I ROSEE 'Office dz Artist MASSEN S FABRICS Fine Apparel 8: Supplies Quality Materials agnglneenng Accessories N tti 8: Ed M 1109 Main Street e e men Na B Napa' Camo,-ma 900 Coombs Street P Bmdwin 4.1741 Napa, Califomia 1222 First Phone 4-3808 .J T 'k V, ........ 1' W L.,'t3.E"2r'::wiv-W-2 GASSER MOTORS AMERICAN HEALTH STUDIO 2023 Soscol Avenue BAldwin 6-7484 2414 Jefferson Street Napa, California 110 Congratulations Class of '59 CANDYLAND "lf it's quality your desire, look for our label on your next box of candy" Congratulations Class of '59 FAMILY DRUG STORE ..a-t- 1825 Sonoma Road Best of Luck to Class of '59 NAPA ICE CREAM 1813 Sonoma Road Napa, California FOOD CITY BAKERY Specializing in Fine Pastries Oven Freshness BURGIN 76 SERVICE Congratulations to the Graduating Class of '59 Wedding, Birthday, Special STATION Cakes ADAMO Music Rose Sz Robert H. Berge 1790 Imola Ave' 1849 smwma Rd. BA 4-5219 Napa- California 906 Coombs sweet Napa' california Napa, California Best Wishes My Best to the Class of '59 to all the Young Graduates ED BUTTS Standard Station LOUIS A. EZETTIE Third and School Streets 928 Coombs St., Napa Napa, California Autograph Space Complimems of: MARTIN Business Equipment NOTE: TREADWAY Sr WIGGER FUNERAL CHAPEL Standard Sr Portable Typewriters 623 Coombs Street Napa, California Sales-Supplies,-Repairs 'I'I'I HARRIS Phone 6-6153 Sales - Service - Rentals GLASS 8. BODY SHOP NAPA VALLEY HOWLAND AND Body and Fender - Auto Glass I-OCKER SERVICE 51'AVA5 Windshields - Radiator Complete Processing Service Service Appliance 1700 Yajome St. Quality Meats at Wholesale Prices parts and Service for BA 4-1465 Time ' - - Payment All Makes NSPS, CH1if0miH 1746 Yojome st. Napa, conf. 3209 Jefferson BA 4-5252 "I' we don't have it NOW- ff ,al L Forget lt, Buy dlrect it th d You don't need it 1 om e pro ucer. ANYWAY-1 Get really fresh, extra rich Milk -031: gm I Save 12c a gallon! I . f BREWZIE53 AND HAGEN ROAD DAIRY FARM U, Mm hwf 5 'I 1146 Main St. Napa, California Napa, Califomia TED BELL'S TEXACO SERVICE Guaranteed Tire Retreading Buy TED'S Treads BA 4-9988 3rd 8: Silverado Trail Napa, Califomia Use Karl's for your Family Shoe Store KARL'S 1149 First St. BAldwin 4-9927 Napa, California SPENCER'S UNION SERVICE Free Pickup Hz Delivery Howard Spencer, Prop. BAldwin 6-5987 Napa, Califomia ALBERT'S DEPARTMENT STORE II6 First Street Napa, California 'II2 HERRlTT'S FLORAL 8K GIFT SHOP Third s. Coombs sis. BAldwin 4-0787 'f - .EF -' fm-,......,,,, - ' , f.. ,,,,., 2, , , ' 'Y -- f fv,.1..,.. ,,,,M, 4 HAGUE'S UNION STATION 1900 Jefferson Street Napa, Calif. NAPA POINT SERVIGE Silverado Trail 8. Soscol Ave. Ph. BAIdvvin 4-9871 Lubrication - Tires - Batteries - Wheel Balancing We Give Green Stamps FRED JACKSON ARGO JEWELERS T337 Firsl Sfreet BA 4-2329 3 X X SLINSEN CONSTRUCTION RATTO 86 CRANDALL 1558 Trancas Road Napa, California 1114-1124 Main Street Napa, California take toe of the trigger fZiZf'2'sf5llZ5.'2fSX?Silfd fi FIRMFRS rx and superior insurance QINSURBNCEQASX protection from f OU .XX THE NAPA REGISTER JOHN K. OSINGA, District Mgr. 1202 First Street Napa, California 1300 Pearl Street BA 4-3193 l 114 ' - . A A? ' '+P.! T 2 ' ,M ,, . 1 9 'E " "'W 5"lfr new QSIM- 3-A 'mmm 1 15,34 W K ml 1 A Vpnrsw, yn W . . ., Q 3 5' M Mm W Q' 1 at ts AL ' :Q ' ' 21 A 'U Q A t f x NV 1 E F GOLDEN STATE DAIRY NAPA MUSIC STORE aw Randolph sneer Napa, California 1125 Main Street NGPUI California wg, ' 7'frfTfi1? NAPA FURNITURE CO. SHORT'S FLOWER SHOP 918 Coombs Street Napa, California 1210 First Street Napa, California 115 , fl! X Nuo., .l VOORHEES BRIDG-EFORD FLYING SERVICE "THE MEN'S STYLE STORE OF NAPA" , 935 Brown Sireet Napa, California Napa County All'p0r1' Napa, CBllfOrl'1l8 : . 1 In ' .4 V .1 ' My LOUISE'S DRESS SHOP Formerly "Lilah's 932 Brown Street Napa, California LYERLA BROS' MARKET Specializing in Sweaters and Skirts 2323 Jefferson St. BA 6-8006 116 , .V-sr A - ' 0 ...f,fm-rut 'sf-s,f'-ig if ' . I 1 . f2f.ff " 1'F g . . '-5 'C Z: -ij,,I.?7g' fs. Kr-.l 34.: 1 'ff Q 'f-e:.3',rf,'22:'5f:E'g':5'f.ii 4.41" , ,., any fy? 'f K zriffiffffg' f'55xig1i?'gf35fQf 5,5 525 fffif. 3 ff f5,1:'3if,S'lf fff if 5 ' Si? ffl? fQ'f1ff'!f'fQ f'.'ff??L5!7fF's? Q PI' 'A :s?!5.?,'i.5 -".f'h:7J'f'f5: Fc' Fr' fffrf 5:3 29:23.-ff ff 2,154 9: f NOYES LUMBER COMPANY 929 Third Street BA 4-5431 162 South Coombs Street BA 4-0405 Over 50 Years of Dependability fME4'rE1agf5,,g,,,, "THE DIAMOND STORE OF NAPA" 'I129 First Street, Napa - Ph. BA 6-7626 424 Georgia St., Volleio 913 Texas Street, Fairfield Headquarters for 'A' Keepsake Perfect Blue-White Diamond Rings 'A' All the Famous Name Watches 'k The North Bay Area's Most Complete Selection of Sterling Silver FOOD FAIR First G Silverado Trail Napa, Calif. R 0 T H M A N ' S Burre11's Fountain 85 Candies "Napa's Leading Young Men's Shop" 1134 First Street BA 6-3561 943 Main Street Napa California Napa, California af 1 i Q . 'Q A 'viii If ' ' ln.. H 2 ' UPTOWN MOTORS SILVERADO COUNTRY CLUB 1150 Pearl sneer BA 4-4540 Napa, California Napa, California 'I 18 r,:gf:,,,.f,.3 ' 3 , fn Qi Ni? fy ,. 5 1, Vi MARLENEIS DRESS SHOP Booth's Richfield Service Station 1303 First Street Napa, California 1552 Silverado Trail Napa, California CONGRATULATION TO THE CLASS OF '59 3 'fllii . ' iiififf GEORGE BLAUFUSS 85 SON Packers of Fruit Juices since 1908. GENE CHOPPING REAL ESTATE Soscol Avenue - Napa, California 1806 Jefferson Street Napa, Calif. 119 ARE BUILT OF Masonry Units YES...there ore many years of comfort built into o home of BASALITE! Construc- tion with this permanent material assures not only a solid lifetime investment...but it also permits outstanding design pos- sibilities for many types of architecture. ,-A 1. ax lightweight Plan your future well. . . insist on IASALITE for homo construction! LIGIITEI - - IETTEI BASALT IUCK COMPANY, INC., HIPC, Cllllfbfllli Member Expmaea sr-tue, Clay a. sine Institut! , , ,ff-AZ 'fd YV Alf. 't 1-.K----4, . x U ,..w NAPA MILLING COMPANY Main and Fifth Streets 120 ,-,A ,nu - 5.5641- E. F. "GENE" CLAUS Heating - Sheet Metal - Air Conditioning 2100 Napa - Vallejo Hwy. Napa, California WIGGER BROS. "Served by your Alumni" 933 Coombs Street BA 6-8489 1211 First Street 121 RANKIN'S SERVICE STATION 2815 Jefferson Street Napa, California 001-522 A it T "Y'!x'1i.3 33 A 31, ,QE 4511: Z .K : Wyxjgg Q R E 1 EE R f H :22.Q5??3i2et41iiQa?l'2:?zx2512as? SL T 2 if ' MM Q 1 Q H12 U, T ,...Q,,, , .M 22 .f,...i,,,I 85 s T mar' mg, ,f ,,o..W.1wL , i. t K-S -no A 8. W ROOT BEER 891 Silverado Trail Napa, California 122 rxiizkflerxgrtvyi 1 '24 f . ff. fi-1 f ,' K .2faw5?fr1Ff?W 'Q . g:.,.Wg,4:,:1, gr 3.4 Q ,.,sr.-swaewffvf NEMES PRINTING COMPANY 520 Third sneer smdwin 6-5448 qw 1-4, 31- - .,,,l-v,9y.,x.,.,. 7 ,,, ' 'W ' 1 . , 1 K .,.,,, 13 - 3' , .M f ' .,, v--Wjizr-W-vfw ' , f V ,,i..,. L , VJ. - -....4dl..- PACIFIC ROOFING SERVICE 180 South Coombs St. BA 6-5451 123 ,ww-V-4. CHIC'S BURGERS 2500 Jefferson Street Napa, California BETTENCOURT MOTORCYCLES 1241 Brown Street Napa, California 124 STORNETTA'S DAIRY 4300 Fremont Drive Sonoma, California o',5TL1 ' W' :fri lava 2 2 X , 'yrizffz ,,, I V GT iv- A :.1,. 'M W t " K. . " N FOOD CITY G-ROCERY 1805 Sonoma Road Napa, Co l25 Iifornia ..-..,,.. ,..-.-. .14 wm4.,.a,..x zum av-' 'Q 4 -I ,, , " J 'W-:Q X 'wQu:::.,,, I . . , QQ ' A ' -kia-.wgLft,75.t' W5 annum- 5-.QV mm. V ' " ., Y ,,,.,.?6?i??3??w-'W , X . ., - f Iff323iQQ,3Ti5g7 f' ,,.-I ff Courtney's Payless Drugs Bob's Barber Shop Bantam Wash Ice Cream Made apa 1 N ealty Go. R larte Gu Service Television apa N Q PU IP I4 Q Ir' I:1:I RP Z El bd rn U3 JOHS .LIINOCI IAIVH'HO"Hl1.I..I.I1H A .r 4- v 5 'X G 3"-'lf Gaiam, f KJ' ,H-4 Q. ,gs N....l up--Jo 4-'Ii ,W :3, V .Pt ' 'UM Lv 'FJ 37 i,-Sggzfv . ' Mpc. .yfg N, , iff 5125, 1 1 1 x m N 1 1 E ,'2V'fNf'N gf A ,P-iw-if X 4 E uimm PPLY SU BUlLDER'S NAPA BA'dwin 6-3797 2590 Jefferson Street If Z n 'U O -fl ua Z n. 5. I W of S 11 Ch 53 O 3-SS l'1'l is Z 3 5.955 "1 1235 m 55155 I'l'1 OSU S2-W U b?gd V o EP f"U F aw F - z z. .ii A A: 4 x:-.ex-M .LSEIH IM HS SEI .- ld Q SNOI.lV'Ifl.l.VEl9NOD BDO SUPP' R' OUR ADVIKFISER l r 'l. Phil Lamoreaux, President ffallj. 2. Lynn Aguilar, Finance, and Tom and Jerry Harris, Sen. Rep., Public Relations, Asst. Yell-leaders. 3. Dale Teeters, Vice-president fspringl. Carol West, Recorder fspringl. 5. Marshall Jaeger, President fspringl. 6. Bev Davis, Secretary fspringi. 7. Lexy Storm, Public Relations lspringj. 8. Bobs Murnanp Napanee Editor, A surprise from her staff. 9. Brenda Lantow, Activities fspringl. 10. Sharon Hancock, Recorder ffalll, Assemblies lspringl. il. Bob Backus, Building and Grounds ffalll. 12. Kriss Amundson, Buildings and Grounds ffalll. 13. Jim Capito, Vice-president ffalli, 14. Marilyn Murdoff, Secretary ffalll. 15. Suzie Hall fyell-leaderi. Noi pictured are Peggy Wilson, Activities Ifalllg Judy Bishop, Assemblies ffalllp Minnie Allado, Finance fspringl. BOB RICHARDS Chevron SGTVICG l31 x xv, L 5 ,fq x.. Ml fy ff ,mf f f 1 Kr 1 'J Q X , J , ff ' '. I s ' ! Y, ff .105 4 W E ff I WW x ' ,ff A 7 K,fff7'gffNf KLA- X l , xl ,H ff! A If 1 55 5 I X X Nf 1 If wx x, 1 f f 2' ' ,,-' rf.. v ,4 , , , f f . C gififfbj XY Q, 132 2 25 ,p r1, ,1, f, 3 ' fi 1 ' Y -, Lv- .qw ff A u ,. , W 4: 4,1 .. .Yi Q- 5 ' E34 EH '11 . H , Q La , Ay A 1 1 Nw, ,-,Vx , .num ,F ,- .em 2 'ii vu . V- , .SU 5. "ff, :Q '- f,, gg.. N 1 V X ,G+ B, E t.: '31 .gk it iii Ap i F134 Y A". ff 91 , f , Q:??5,, 1 -C iw i 1, 4 Q J, -Q., 9 if ff . gg A, X . 1 ,fn A .X ., T K 'Iv 15 f x X ff: , Elf ffvi :see . f -rv V.-'..,4 V- , 1. 1 L, V 1. in ,.,. V, ,.. . Kwan-2 , ?. n-, , V . uv, -- 1--Mfg, X V vvw W-,yffxil-x'-xa,wfv ff-: -f ..,.,, qyxvwgwfn- '- ' :GH ' I :c.w"c1i, Q Q .' - -A V f ' by 'V ' ' ' M.. 1 ,, ,W r gfmw ,+V-, .. , X- , ,. q .5 ,V -- -- ff' 1----fLHQLwf fv ia fiQ'+"m,M-,A K-'V ,N Q .. . H, ., ., ,.. f , ,J-J, xx 5 -x ' ,A x ix mf' T.. -7.5 , 1 ig . Q f, gk . 4 5 1 I Y Flll ig, ' Qiaif 5 vi

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