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 - Class of 1953

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1 -. ? rVY'K K' L'-C49-f"5'l '-wma-I , ! 'icy' Q, J, jk. 1 ' 1 4 I fr. r' 7 117,-f , J nf! ., Wcmldcake Scdaal 1 i my same ,fam . ,,' ' 1 V ,kV, MVN!! 775- Qu ,,, ,,,.. ,ff-""""',,',',,V., -..,-,, 'SL--..,,f ., , -.S x,, I, Vx ff ALMA MATER Where the vale of old Tilbury Meets the western sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater On her hilltop high. When the evening twilight deepens And dim shadows fall, Linger long the golden sunbeams On her western wall. Chorus Flag we love, blue and white Float for aye, Nanticoke High o'er thee, May thy sons be leal and loyal To the memory. I ll l J" "Tar ,go-1 ' m lf 15' 1 l Q l X llliM1itIlIlIliiIlIwilllliltlllbllllwidWWIIM111IIii11NdHMMI1um llllll1IIIIHIMI1lllfl4PlfP1'f"1"f'W'''MW'W"''''WN'"WMW f"M'+"l'14 w1h'M 'ii W, 6 'KG xNe we Q'i3de0" X00 BNQGQ and 5 - 'm V0 We dx! CO'i?zgxo0 Qosilw P-Neff 53 X0 s E3 C,Xa55 e 0 ef-X3 se 6 X 6 Yesetve '00 R 0 95 SQCXN Xie 3666 e XO mem UGSYXBXJ Ox aoge 6 Sxaodx0Qvx0OOX dai bam OG mea50YB X C GX X m xv Xe g WS OO O X 34096 X Sxasx e boo a a gx XS a Xesx NN 95 7 npgp 4 F S 44 W Gs U ffvfolpo 8 'Pj 6 flvxgj- 40 C7 r ff gffigffwiyfg O SOA ' 0485141 S 6884 6 'Q fC S C6 S64 G '96 0 C SA' 4401 Sslly 14934 44,q!V,p6. 0 4 47- SS M? Q Q S SO f 10 ,Q CS 10 N78 N508 44 F,VrF,V7S - my C X1 O 5 1 Q9 . 3 .Cd W' XN ' Y5 ' O O Y- YNY 505-cess ova Y' O sl eseov Q ld xoxl XO W . . N4- 5 O 5 . Q O b 6 YQ Y . .5 45 OR xko we XG 99 X nw" V Him' 3 f G 0 4 ae ,O P ,P 'O C 4 19 ' Q C 40 aff, 'ofP04f7OAj1gS4 XxXX K Q 6 96 532 X P26 9 Ga M ,,,Y4 ,m 44W , W44, w ulj 4 Q11 , 1 6 U . is 1 I' U X ng , , . D 1 ,. 9 1 5 tl . 2 J 'fr 2 i -61' fm -'Q 1 95 A im' ' 'N ' A qv- ' mC1'1OfjfP-"T, ,-Q, fm gazed af Sdlvccczlcaa X Seated Mr Wulluam Palmer Secretary Mr John Smuth Supermtendent M John Zanowucz Presldent Atty Joseph Gale Solncntor M Wtlluam Dudeck Treasurer Standlng Mr Joseph Warkornskm Vxce Presudent Mr Frank Mayewskl Mr Andrew Dorak Mr Thomas Burrows MV- L- SWGHZSI' Mrs. I. Warkornski Mr. L. Edmunds BUSWGSS Managef Secretary to Superintendent Guidance Director , 5051. Q' -' i X I Y, rag Y f " 2,6 an f f ' 9 1' 4- 933' 6' Wofgazznt Mr. F. Shannon Mr. S. Bozinski Mr. S. Olzinski Vocational Director Recreational Director Attendance Officer ., , ? ww? MATHEMATICS Seated: MR. J, NAMISNIAK-Plane Geometry MR. J. JONES-Solid Geometry, Advanced Algebra Standing: MR. G. DZURICA-Algebra 1 COMMERCIAL and HEALTH Seavedz MISS E. WOLFE-Typing, Stenography MISS D. WYSOCKI-Health Standing: MR. J. KANYUCK-Health MR. F. MAKARCHIK-Bookkeeping MR. F. MATTY-Typing, Bookkeeping Absent. f FISII-IE1PfI2yping, gerfography, C,,.,,4,,fCQ fLeZcf 1 l , f 1 I uf' 'I f-J IE X5 w I 1, QI Lg, X ,f II I.JIf1 . fl, ENGLISH and LANGUAGES Seated: MISS M. BOYLE-English MISS K. SMITH-English MR. H. GRUDKOWSKI-EngIiSI1 MRS. M. FISHER-English MR. A. DIKSA-Er1gI:sI1 Absent: MISS M. HUMPHREY-Latin MISS C. SMITH-Spanish MISS S WILLIAMS-French Gia SCIENCE MISS R. WILLIS-Biology, GIob MR. H. LEYMAN-Chemistry MR. A. YASTREMSKI-Physics MISS T. WILLIS-Biology f I xii I I 'x S, NN. 'x J I al Geo gl yn RELATED VOCATIONAL SUBJECTS Seated: MR. E. GRALLA-Consumer Ed.,'ReI. Science MR. A. WYSOCKI-Economics, Rel. Science Standing: MR. J. GOZDZASEK - ReI. Math., Rel. Drawing, Driver Training MR. J. HURLEY-ReI.'Drawing -M .wus II CQA- ff OCIAL STUDIES Seated: MR. s. BOZIMSKI-Hasfory MRS. E. STROJNY-History MR. E. DAVIES-History Standing: MR. W. STRYJAK-Economics, Polish MR. A. GRUDKOWSKI-Rei. English, Globe Geo. MR. E. DIFFENDAFER-Problems of Democ racy Absent: MISS T. BOBECK-History MR FRANK MAYEWSKI JR Best of luck to Mr Mayevvskl our ambetnous new band master who has done a commendable 'ob In his mutual effort as mustcal dlrector MR JOSEPH GOZDZASEK The Sensor Class wnshes to congratu late Mr Gozdzasek for his fine work In the Driver Trammg Course which was maugurated thus year HIGH SCHOOL HOT-ROD wuow . u W2-Tit: , QIQQQ, wg, H- S, iff wubw W 0,4 1952 OFFICERS JOHN BUCHOLTZ President WILLIAM HILL Treasurer MARIAN MACKOWIAK Secretary ARLENE ZAJACZKOWSKI Vrce President V' 'Q L CTO the tune of THE BELLS OF ST MARYS D Our school days are over Commencement IS here And we bld farewell to our hugh school dear The mem nes It gave to us long will remarn And we wrll forever cherish :ts name The days that we spent there we ll always remember With gladness yet sadness for the loys that we knew To all its teachmgs well be ever ever true Our friends wrll forever stay dear to our hearts E en though from each other we stray apart The sweet chimes of mem ry will ever recall Each day spent together In hallowed halls Now as we go forward on llfe s rocky pathway We pledge as we part to bring honor to thee May our high school colors be brlghtened forever And shine with glory from the Class of 53 QWords by Barbara Cyganow klj CLASS MOTTO CLASS FLOWER CI-A55 COLORS Labor omnla vlncrt Rose Blue and gold lLabor conquers all 2 fltil, Wy' ll 1 Il Y To Nantlcoke High School we pledge our devotiong I f V . Louise ALBE-RTI Commercial i ir? Minstrel 3 'I X' - IRENE AUGUSTINE "Augie"-Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain Vice President of Northeastern District Civics Club 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual Jr. Red Cross Council 3 Minstrel 3, 4 Chess Club A Gameworker 4 CHARLES ATKINS, JR. "Snappsey"-Vocational Deal sv" t MARIE BAKER Commeyiaa ' xi 1 ' I J t ' ' p x ' I r I' N 1 ,l I . i ' ,' Nz - J 1- ' 1 1 1 4 Y 1 .I l W JOAN BALLA BARBARA J. B ET ' K Academic "Barb"-Acade' Cheerleader 3, 4, Captain Civics ClubA6, ,uf Civics Club 4 Color Guard 4 g Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Jr. Nannual Nannual Student Council 4 Nannual Student Council 4 Jr. Red Cross Council 4 ufdd' 70 -0, f3M4,2Ffa.W+ DONALD . ARON "Bach"-Academic Key Club 2 Maia Boy Minstrel 3 Civics Club 4 Nannual TOZIA A. BECKLEY "Toz"-Scientific Tri-Hi-Y 2, Treasurer 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross Council 2, 3, President 4 Student Council 2 Minstrel 2. 3. A Cheerleader 3, A Civics Club 3, 4, Vice President Jr. Nannual Nannual, Co-Editor Chess Club 4 Nannual Minstrel 2, 3, 4 G Tfs.Hi,Y 2, 3, 4 '7fK 'lfo 7 MLP rf . , HENRY A. BAVITZ "Hank"-Vocational JOSERH J. BIEDA "Joe"-Vocational LD: C! MILDRED A. BROWN "Millie"-Commercial Maiorette 4 .14 .1 .J 9 xr JOHN J. BucHoLTz "Buck"-Scientific Hi-Y 3, 4 Key Club 2, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Chess Club 3, 4 Student Council 4 Nannual Co-Editor Senior Class President , Gameworker 4 QW MAR LAN E BURKE Commercial NORMAN J. BOROFSKI "Norm"-Commercial Key Club 2, 3, Secretary 4 GREGORY BRODGINSKI "Greg"-Commercial Key Club 2 Civics Club 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Chess Club 4 Nannual Treasurer, Hi-Y 4 Pi-iYi.Lis BRUSHKOSKI Commercial Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 , J 1 B Af-ff - " 'A '1-L O JOSEPH Buczewsxi "Biz"-Vocational Hi-Y 3 Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 I Q .1 - . M5 mmf, flf '. ln " ,J -Blu' . nfl. . ,L FRANCIS B. CHAPURA "Choppy"-Scientific Basketball 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Qui EM: L W. BOROWS KI "Moe"-Vocational GC, MARJORIE BROWN R fi' "Marge"-Commercial J K , TrivHi-Y 2, 3, 4 J W Minstrel 2, 3, 4 L. L 1 I f Jr. Nannual ' 5 Nannual A b, C c 4,-c Gameworker 4 i ' ' 1 22- A DJ' f' f "' f Q fl .-144 f f I I , 7 Zyc SYLVIA SUSAN CHRZAN "Suzie"-Academic Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Nantenna 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor Jr. Nannual Nannual Civics Club 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross Council 3, A Chess Club 4 JANICE B. CLARK "Jann-Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2 Jr. Red Cross Council 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual Nantenna 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief Candy Girl A A, EDWARD J. CIEMPOLA "Spook"-Gener Track 2 Football 2 Minstrel 2, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Polish Club 4 NICHOLAS L. COLATOSTI "Nick"-Vocational x I I, 7 ll I .I p ' ! 1 GERARD M. COONEY "Cooney"-Academic Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Baseball 4 Jr. Nannual, President Nannual Jr, Red Cross Council 3, Treasurer Teen House President 4 Minstrel 3, 4 Gameworker 4 BARBARA CYGANOWSKI "Babs"-Academic Cheerleader 3, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross Council 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Minstrel A JANICE DAviEs "Jan"-Commercial Minstrel 4 I t l 5 ' lx ff' JOSEPHINE CYaul.sKi "Jo"-Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2 Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual . .ill A, c.f""' , If fn rc ' , I .Ku IRENFCZARNECKI E "Rene"-Academic Nannual 4 ' s-.J ! 7 J b, JoAN E. DAVIS "Joani"-Academic -Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross Council 3, 4 Nantenna 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual Chess Club 4 Candy Girl 3 Gameworker 3, 4 0'-q me LORETTA DAVIS B. JO-ANN DECKER Commercial "Jo-Jon-Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Nantenna 2, 4 Band T, 2, 3, 4 Vlirtstrel 2 V Tri-Hi-Y 2 X Student Council 2 ' Jr. Red Cross T Q If ' Jr. Nannual ' Nannual I R Minstrel 1, 3, 4 I , V Civics Club 4 ,fb . . is-1 nv! I j NX J l SHIRLEY DILLON CARL DRAPIEWSKI Commercial 1, "Drlpf'-Scientific Civics Club 3, 4 ,U X. I ' Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice President 4 ll DELORES DUDA I . Tri-Hi-Y 2 "Dee"-Com f Minstrel da 98 C mrjlfil W ALFREDA DUSZEWSKI "Al"-Commercial Polish Club 4 Minstrel 3, 4 WW DAVID L. EKKER "Dave"-General Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Gameworker 4 s STANLEY DUDRICK "Duu!s"-Scientific Key Club 4 Sophomore Class Vice President Track 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer, President 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Chess Club 3, 4 Teen House Secretary 3 Jr. Red Cross Council 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual, Business Manager Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 4 Nantenna, Sports Editor 4 Milk Boy 2 H. DAVID EDMUNDS "Dave"-Scientific Football 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 4 CATHERINE EVANS "Kate"-Commercial Minstrel 2 Student Council 4, President Minstrel 2, 3, 4 i LORRAINE FEDOR JOYCE FINK "Lolly"-Commercial Academic Minstrel 2, 3 Band 2, 3, 4 Nannual Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 2 J Jr. Red Cross Council 2 I I ., . .Q.'f" -1 I in M J, CAR .GABEL JOHN L. GLUSHEFSKI " e"-Gener ' "Bazil"-Vocational restlin Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Track 2 Q 'i ALICE GORKA "Al"-Academic Civics Club 3, 4 Orchestra 4 Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Chess Club 4, Secretary Jr. Nannual STANLEY J. GORNECKI "Jake"-Commercial Nannual Candy Girl 4 Gameworker 4 ,La -, Q ' ., x A ,Q 1 " A 5,11 ' a 9 It f .1 . ,2 1, r -A . ' ' 5- ELIZABETH GRABOWSKI "Dolly"-General Band 2 Jr. Red Cross Council 2 RAYMOND C. GRITSKO "Butch"-Scientific Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 Key Club 4 Polish Club 4, President Chess Club 4, Treasurer f., THEODORE J. GRANOSKI "Ted"-Commercial Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Gameworker 4 EDWARD GROHOLSKI "Big Ed"-General Football 3 Key Club 4 I x JULIA HERMAN General Tri-Hi'-Y 2, 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Gameworker 4 Minsirel 2 Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 Josem-4 H. HocKEN "Hawk"-General Key Club 4 Chess Club 4 lb wah lcllll 5 x , z -.. ' 1 CLAUDETTE HUDAK Academic Tri'Hi-Y 2 Nantenna 1, 2, 3 Minstrel 3 Civics Club 3 Color Guard 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 4 RUTH Rose GRUSKIEWICZ "Reef"-Commercial TrifHi-Y 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Gameworker 2, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Jr. Red Cross 4 Chess Club 4 JOHN E. GRZYMSKI "Jinx"-Scientific Football 1, 2 Basketball 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Civics Club 4 Gameworker 4 Chess Club 4 Nannual 4 u , .1 'I :J L I, n f , DOROTHY A. LEWIS HARTMAN GWIAZDOWSKI "Re "-Vocational , "Dot"-Academic ' Tri-Hi-Y 2 prank' Minslrel 2, 4 ' iff" 1 I , CX QA! 'J I W will WlLL.AM J. HILL "Bill"-Scientific Senior Class Treasurer l , X. WALTER J. HoJsAcK "Walt"-Vocational A 1 ANDREW HvozDA "Andy"-Commercial Hi-Y 2 Milk soy 2 Band 2, 3, 4 JEAN JACOB Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2 Civics Club 3 Jr. Red Cross 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual fr PATRICIA E. JO "Par"-Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2 Minstrel 2 Nahtenna 3, 4, Soc Jr. Nannual , Nalnnual Q Gam X' .X ,ff NES ial Edit A W fr. iff Pi-iu.1P JAvORsKi "Phil"-sfaennffc Gameworker 4 GO CAROL JONES "Jonsie"--Academic Jr. Red Cross 2 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Minstrel 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Nantenna 4, Exchange Editor I EDWARD D. JONES "Jap"-Commerc' I lfg fi if v "'4'i"0' , QU! . - fi db , . :I iii 4 MARLENE KASHULA Scientific Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Chess Club 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 I JOHN KENJO KI "J. K."-General Teen House Secretary 4 Basketball 1, 3 Milk Boy 2 ec. 5144175 2 3? ' 1 J f 1 f 1' f 1 .I K LORETTA KALINOWQKI Commercial Polish Club 4 DOROTHY KEDDA "Dot"-General Tri-Hi-Y 2 Jr. Nannual Polish Club 4 Nantenna 4 Minstrel 3, 4 JOAN KIRBY "Yak-Yak"-Commercial Minstrel 3, 4 MARY KISHEL Commercial Nannual 4 Polish Club 4 I Minstrel 3, 4 0 rlolllfl S-I 2 Jr' I 4 I RITA KoT u LAK Commercial Civics Club 4 Chess Club 4 Nannual 4 Wlffr MYRON ANDREW Kozivlos KI "Moe"-Vocational Q,Cf J EUGENE KRASON "Gene"-Vocarional uw CARO L KNOL I. Scientific Chess Club 3, 4 Mins1rel'2, 3, 4 N EUGENE KNIZER "Jimmy"-Vocational CD69 MARCELLA KNOREK "Marcy"-Commercial Student Council 2, 3 Polish Club 4 Minstrel 3, 4 JEAN KOVALIK Academic Color Guard 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual A I chess Club 4 1 if' , 'A J , R! ,J GERAALDINE KRAJEWSKI Commercial Polish Club 4 MARY ANN KRAUSE A Commercial O1 AM Mel' , Muff Alulf f'ryxb,o-Ikljnw-I fd ,. ,lr r ,,.-ml' Q 1'1" is Cf JosEPi-i KRAVITZ "Ace"-Academic Key Club 3, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 flr. Nannual Nannual Gameworker 4 Milk Boy 2 CHARLES Kuamsiq "Kaz"-Academic Football 3, 4 Key Club 4 Chess Club 4 1':"L2"J-"9 QA-4? flu qfvf If em 0 N... RONALD KRYZNEWSKI "Vern"-Commercial " fl KeyClub4 jx '.l, Hi-Y 3 " Nantenna 4 Minstrel 3, 4 My! Chess Club 3, 4 Gameworker 4 " Baseball I MARY Kuizuc "Merch"-Commercial I 1 4- l Lain-, f X 'f4,,l . ,lr X 'fi A HENRY KWIATKOWSKI "Hank"-General Key Club 2 Minstrel 3, 4 Track 2 up 6 ,Y GJ a MARGARET LEHET "Borch"-Commercial Minstrel 4 Nannual ELEANOR LEslcHKo Commercial Civics Club 3, 4 Minstrel 2, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Candy Girl 4 Gameworker 4 JACQUELINE LANGLEY "Jakie"-General Civics Club 4 WAYNE LENTHALL "Digger"-Commercial Band 2, 3, 4 Junior Class Treasurer Hi-Y 3, 4 Key Club 4 Minstrel 3, 4 Gameworker 4 Track 3 BE RNARD LEvANDowsK1 "Bernie"-Vocational Football 2 ' O I C 4 x t "st 4 ' 1 I . Q -I J 1' '-a I Iv s i . . 1 N. I .. N x EDWARD LINKIEWICZ "Link"-Scientific Civics Club 3, 4, President Hi-Y 3, 4 Chess Club 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Track 2, 3, 4 VIRGINIA M. LIPOWSKI "Ver Gee"-Scientific Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, Secretary 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 Jr. Nannual Nannual Civics Club 3, 4, Secretary Minstrel 3, 4 Chess Club 4 A A- MARIoN MACKOWIAK "Mack"-Academic Senior Class Secretary Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer Student Council 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 3 Jr. Nannual, Secretary Nannual Chess Club A Minstrel 3, 4 Garneworlcer 4 CATHERINE MARY LIPINSKI "Kay"-Commercial Polish Club 4 PATRICIA A. LUBESCO "Pat"-Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4 Nantenna 3, 4, Assistant Editor Jr. Nannual Nannual Student Council 3, Secretary 4 Jr. Red Cross 3 Civics Club 4 Minstrel 4 Gameworker 4 Chess Club 4, Vice President JOHN A. MADAJ Evvsici Iii MARY LEVANDA ANNE ELIZABETH Commercial LEYMAN TYl'l'll-Y 2, 3, 4 "Nancy"--Academic N'3VlV'U3l Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Captain 1 If . . V Jr, Red Cross 4, Secretary 16 4 " ! 1 27 4-4 K A if Minstrel 2, 3, 4 ' f . ' Jr. Nannual 4 .' . Ll I A 1' 5 4' C 4 4 X l Nannual If i I fl' .Student Council 2 L ' if - ' 'Y' kg ,', gf Chess Club 4 f I , . ff If , Q Lf-f THERESA LIANNA ROGER L. LIGOTSKI Commercial Scientific Jr. Class President Jr. Class Secretary Civics Club 4 "Smoocher"-Scientific 9 Key Club 4 Track 3, 4 Jos E P H MADAY "Joe"-Vocational ff flfwob ELEANOR MANN "El"-Commercial Minstrel 2, 3, 4 I CLEM MAYEWSKI Vocational g,Cf 7,1150 l-qdf Joi-i N MARCINKOWSKI "Jake"-Academic Gameworker 4 Pollslt Club 4 I lr bf of we JOHN MICHALSKI "Gaylord"-Academic Sophomore Class Treasurer Junior Class Vice President . Civics Club 3, 4 Key Club 3, 4, Treasurer Chess Club 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual ' Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 ' Basketball l, 2, 3 J f 4 C Y CAROL MAYNARD Commercial 4 I I L. , . 4 1 f . .4 ,I 1 Track 3, 4 lr yi my Jose PH MIKANOWICZ MIC C11 I ld "Joe"-Vocational Tri-Hi-Y 2 ,J . Color Guard 3, 4 My Qepfz X EDWARD MIKLASZEWICZ ARLENE A. "Eddie"-Vocational MHQLASIEVVQC1 Academic T,i,H5,y 2 Minstrel 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Gameworker 'r ,af rw , pfqfiww JOSEPH MiKoLiNis "Mack"-Vocational MARIAN J. MYERS "Mar"-Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Student Council 4, Secretary Jr. Nannual Nannual Jr. Red Cross 3 f ' .2 V Y , W J ' il . h f Jil Qld? , L ' l Wy dx NANCY ORLovvsKi A J ,, ,, . Nan -Commercial ,yi X Minstrel 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Orchestra 2, 3, 4 lil fllll E EA on Orizosi-HNA "E -Commercial - lx DJ ,RQ Track 4 V i' 34" 1453445 1 . K 1 sJ WM JOSEPH PARSNIK "Yosey"-General Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Milk Boy 2 Gameworker 4 Q65 CECBLIA OSMANSKI "Teena"-Commercial Jr. Red Cross 2 Civics Club 3 Nantenna 2, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Minstrel 2, 3, 4 RAYMOND OZEHOSKI "Ray"-General Football 3, 4 ALICE PATACKAS "Al"-Commercial Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Red Cross 2 Nantenna 1, 2 pl.. ANN MODLA "Nancyf'-Commercial Nannual Minstrel 2, 3, A STANLEY NIEMIEC "Waldo"-Vocational Dec GLADYS PATTERSON "Dimples"-Scientific Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 ARLIS ANN PERSINGER JOHN PATTERSON "Par"-Academic Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 3, 4 Nj 'Q'A,4.1Xl JJ, ' J xvr ffl 1 1, ffft Ji f s 'T if ,tgawf alfa .1-' y i' " y . WMD. yd. SONIA PETRASH 1 X Commercial ' "Sunny"-Commercial g ' Min 'fel 3 Q' H r Nantenna 2, 3, 4, Literal . -,j'ZJff,Mff , - , A, In r. annua by L' W4 Nannual . ' Jr. Red Cross 2, 3 , . W4 - Civics Club 4 I Vy 1 T Gameworker 4 X M 1 "1 . if ,, l ' l I," QL' 1 P . .-.' 2 .f 5 l , xi I VJ! . -.NX L JV xv .V X WSJ xxvll XX lf A . J 'x GERALD PETRO "Jerry"-General 2, 3, 4 N Minstrel 2, 3, 4 K i ameworker 4 DOROTHY JEAN PiKuTis "Smoky"-Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Secretary, 4 annual Gameworker 'J A President Af i' Aft' A' W Jr, Nannual 'll N, lift I N l Ml' J Jr. Red Cross 3 f ff1"- l . CHARLES PETROSKI Vocational RAL PH PIONTKOWSKI "Rez"-Vocarional J Minstrel 2, 3, 4 J ' l l gulf' , MARLEN E POZNAK Academic R5 FRANKLIN J. PRICE "Fuzz"-Scientific KCY Club 2, 3, 4, President Jr. Nannual Nannual, Art Editor Chess Club 2 Vice President, 4 President Student Council 2, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Gameworker 4 Nantenna 1, 3 Baseball l, 2 Band 2 3 X T Louise Ricci Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2 Minstrel 2 i J 1 Jo-ANN ROBACK "Jo"-Commercial Trl-Hi-Y 2 Minstrel 2, 3, A Nantenna 2, 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Polish Club 4 BARBARA ROSPENDOWSKI "Babs1'-Academic Chess Club 4 M2 ' V THERESA RICHTER If "Terry"-Academic - -'f Civics Club 3, "Mb 7" ,4 - 'virll J J N44 lf Ula .M 1 ' il" TJ 21751 Jlgif' W I C ' , L I. . N g I . f Ji .Q ,f ig. ,J,,,,, my l MJT, , 5 f 4 4 . 1 FRANCIS ROMANOWSKI "Romeo"-Commercial Gameworker 4 Nannual L A " ' 1 V CAROL ROSTALSKI Academic Tri-HERY 2, 3, A Candy Girl A Gameworker A F if r J , .' 1' ig, 'K -v. EDWARD PUDDIMOTT JOHN RAPADUSKI "Eddie"-Vocational "Rap"-Academic Teen House 4, Treasurer Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Track 3 I' gm , P 'I'- f 1 ' MONICA RASKI ASTRID REX . '! "Mor1ie"-Commercial Commefclal I, Candy Girl 4 Polish Club A f j ' .f -,IV '1- J' Y 1 .--jf 1,J. f ' I C, .. f, 7 V . 3,55 Q. , 'QS .S WILUAM Ruooicx "Power"YGeneral Key Club .1 Baseball l, 2, 3, A L0 414404 BARBARA SABULSKI "Bobbie"-Commercial MinsTrel 3 Polish Club 4 Nannual ' 'I 1 if I , f 7 , J , .4 1 , A 1 f I if 1 ', ,fi 1 X 'jlz f ji fn 1 1 J"'f ,lf ffl .J ,mv f.' l ', ,v.N , 0 SYLVESTER SALVADORE "Sal"-General MARY ANN SCHIMMEL. Commercial C' I PHYLLIS SHEMANSKI '7hyl"-Commercial Polish Club A .4 . al' 'ti , f -7 7 zfflfii fl I n ! J 3 ROMAINE SARRl "9 "Ronnie"-Commercial Minstrel 2 Jr, Red Cross 2 Namenna 3, 4 Q69 --4 'MAQRLENE J. SHANNON "Bur7ercup"-Academic Chetrleader 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 2, 3 Civics Club 3, A Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Jr. Narmual Nannual Chess Club A ROSEMARY SHEMKO "fx, C' Trl-Hi-Y 2, 4 rf , , Minstrel 3 V "'f4'ff 7' Jr. Nannual ,Y QL 4' FL 1 4 Nannual . , LC , ISA Y r M. f i K' .1 . , 1 12 , r , , , A Qin HELEN SKALLA "Skalche"-Commercial Polish Club 4 STAN LEY SOBOLEWSKI UQ "Sub"-Scientific Key Club 3, 4 JOHN SOKOLOWSKI HENRY SovvA ANN E. SHERIDAN "Annie"-Commercial Candy Girl 3 Head Candy Girl 4 Gameworker 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Chess Club 4 Minstrel 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual Student Council 2, Treasurer .lr. Red Cross PETER SHUMA "Scar"-Academic Sophomore Class President Teen House Vice President 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball W lrblg CHESTER SHERKSNAS "Sherky"-Vocational STANLEY Sivicic "Tikey"-Vocational Wrestling 3 5 1 fu xi ig-J "Coogan"-Vocational Vocational ln. rf' ,I -'I JOHN STANCKER TERESA STAWASZ Vocayfonaf "Terry"-General gukeyball 2, 3 Student Council 3 Minstrel 3 Q .A It,v'.l'NJQg4 K JERRY STENEVICH CYRII. STRETANSKI 'fBud"-Vocational "Cy'f-Academic , HIY 2, 3, 4, Chaplain Band I, 2, sl ' Civics Club A Orchestra 2. Wrestling 3 Jr. Nannual Track 3, 4 Nannual it I J, l r ,,,s04?C'ulpjaseballl,2 F- Milk Boy 2 A in 9 . 1 I 9 'P I "img Qkrybf . fxwf- ' I-HA! NORMA SUBARTON MARIANNE E. SULEWSKI Commercial ACBO'6'fT1lC Nantenna 4 Trl-Hi-Y 2, 3 Polish Club 4 l laughs it Student Counci Nantenna 2, 4 Minstrel 2 Jr. Red Cross 3 Jr. Nannual Nannual Chess Club 4 5' K I 2 JACK SWIRAT "Jackie"-Vocational Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 3 Football I, 2, 3 ' J if if ,127 MARlEfSZAJ NSCZ "Iggy"-Academic Tri-Hi'Y 2, 3, 4, Vice President Maiorette 3, 4, Leader Minstrel 2, 3, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual Student Council 3 Jr. Red Cross 3 f I' f WILLIAM TREMAYNE Ommerci , ,, "Bill"-Scientific a,,tg' : 1 bCivics Club 3, 4, Treasurer 5 Z 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 ',, 371754 Chess Club 2, 3, Vice ' f 4-. President 4 Jr. Nannual ' A ' Nannual 6 ff Key cms 2, 4 5.12.4 Eliza -X f f X '5u'f1.f5 PM M! f- HAROLD SWITH RS Academic DAISY THOMAS "Dee"-Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2 Student Council 2 Jr. Red Cross 2 Jr. Nannual Nannual Civlcs Club A Nantenna l, 2 gc YF '- 'incl QT Q- 'QS' Wx, ' JOHN TROJANOWSKI "Troy"-General Key Club 2 Hi-Y 3 Chess Club 3 lOeffD -if if " 5 2 ' '. ' Ll . . il' J i ' T X r - ' .ffl 'f -1 JJ 2, l K V fl 7 8 J !' 7' ' Louise A.URBAN 'j "Bobbie"-Commercial Jr. Nannual X Nannual DAVID TURNER General Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, A NANCY UREN "Nan"-General Tri-Hi'Y 2 Civics Club 4 T"l'Hl'Y 2 pf" Jr. Nannual Minstrel 2, 3, AP' PTI 9' Nannual A I ' kit' A ,k5l I' i P, ' J , ' 'AX' gr" Q ffgffv 0 ,J 1 V A ' il in Djedfpb N' . -'M I WL 1 C fi- ,yn 'Q 3' if AJ - K fi' 1 XL. an MV QI V N ' if l gy if ,X -J j Y - . L X WILLIAM VAN FOSSEN Hi-Y 2, 3, A Jr. Nannual Civics Club 4 Track 2, 3 Gameworker 4 "' 'fBillf'-Academic ,lu . X i I . if - , u I . . i J-' ' JOAN WAQEOWSKJ Academic Jr. Red Cross 2 Jr. Nannual Nannual Minstrel 3, 4 Candy Girl 4 l , Gameworker 4 VJ Vg N EJJJJ. . 1 K if'J J , I ll' J 5, HENRIETTA WADziNsKi JC1RON3 C l Academic Cdr-nmercipf Jr. Narmuai, Vice President TrifHi-Yif Nannual Minstrel 3 4 Jr. Red Cross 2 Gameworlier 4 Q3 lx-jr U , EDWARD TURLEY "Ed"-Commercial Milk Boy 2 wi JAN UCZEN Academic Orchestra 4 Jr. Red Cross 4 wi Pl I r Y BARBARA ALTERS Commercial A Band 2134 -,,' Orchestra 2, 3. 4 GEORGE WEAVER "Gil"-Scientific Hi-Y 2, 3, Financial Secretary, 4 Secretary Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Civics Club 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 3 Track Team 3 Milk Boy 2 GABRIELLA M. WARGO "Gay"-Commercial Polish Club 4 A , 1. I ff' , QQ f x ff., f MICHAEL WEISS "Mike"-Scientific Wrestling 2, 3, 4 .Jjl fi ,gl ,Y IV? 7 sd'- f I M-,fu if 1 i I FM Q! E W 1,7 , I 3 , ' ' A lfflnl prix. V I I -4 A , L , I FRANCES A. WETZEL BErTw7'.1, W,u.Qz ws 5: f 4 "Fran"-Commercial Commegkl N fl. ' I Nantenna 3, A StudenyCouncQ Y37.1.,1'J" ' Jr. Nannual ,7 1 lf F ' 1'2- Nannual ' J" 7,-L A ,. il "' X I , fl! A . ,f .I x , M , ill f - f' if 67 I --1: 'Wil V ,D 57 71.7 l 1 f 'XX - ' f , XJQZ .Ja:iuJ.,J.Msr.1 .- GERALDINE ANN Mvnom WoLosoNowncH WISINSKI General "Gerry"-Commercial Wrestling 3, 4 Tri'Hi-Y 2 Football 3 Minstrel 3 -f ff' " l ' I ' ,...-f,y , 4 1' is If ,if I K If , I I .- f 1 .3 , H - ' " ' , ,if J. ' ' ' l,',,.,cvt, ' X 1 I' , I ,fy is, , I I DAWN WOMPIERSKI ,f WILLIAM YANovlTcH "Donny"-Commercial J "Bingo"-Vocational Jr. Nannual ig 'I Football 2, 3, 4 Nannual ' 1 jfrack 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 4 -- '- l wysilang 2, 3 Minstrel 3, 4 ,f ! ' ' Civics Club 4 ' I I K , u I A I V. Roaenr YASTREMSKI "Bob"-Scientific Band l, 2, 3, 4 xx Orchestra 3, 4 lx Hi-Y 3, 4 X Key Club 2, 4 Q Minstrel 4 . XX Student Councll 4 XX X , Chess Club 4 I. 1" T Track 2 , - 1 J . ' A ' ,. 3 . X ,,,,w'l U - .ff .,,,' -4 we 4 . X C g X A K A 1 KQ5 l . f 'Nl . 1 Donowv ANNE YA'rsKo N -, "Dot"-General Nannual I ll Chess Club 4 1 ' l tx lx t l A x Q ' .4 f ' I 7 , . ' V JOHN R. YENCHEK "Jackie"-General ARLENE ZA.:AczKowsKl Key Club 3, 4 "Zaza"-Academic X, Jr. Nannual Senior Class Vice President Wrestling 'l, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Baseball 1 Jr. Nannual Gameworker 4 Nannuil Civics Club 3, 4 Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 My Minstrel 2, 4 J, V Chess Club 4 ffl I x t Band I, 2, 3, 4 . , I .los E PH ZANOWICZ Joe -Vocational .Nil 4 klllll f f I ,749 V 'u i t . ,ml L , I K . MARIE ZANowicz Academic Sophomore Class Secretary Student Council 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 2 Minstrel 3, 4 Garneworker 4 Candy Girl 4 Jr. Nannual Nannual - 5 , 'f ' x?1 - big-Qtfy' fs gg. if . T 5.4 wfff 'SQ-"K X22-" ,-" , w.. ., ,ll" '. '. ' ..' e Q, .-' u 3-. Q Mr .x,y..d,. it A I Q. ' 'ig' yy-B' f'ei ,? A--gp' - E 3 I., Q kv N .YI " r I I 47 N Q, W mrable uslness luke u e ependable ffervescent rlendly arrulous andsome nqulsltlve ocular and hearted ovely uslcal ea bservant 0 ite Ulet apturous cholarly alented nderstandlng ugorous I cltlng outhful an Donald Baron Ann Sherudan Carol Maynard Charles Kubnnskl Frank Prtce Eleanor Lestchko Marlene Poznak John Stancker Nancy Leyman Gerald Stenevuch Mtchael Werss Mary Levanda Edward Llnklewucz Jo Ann Decker Martan Myers John Patterson Arlene Zalaczkowskl Ronald Kryznnewsku Irene Augustrne John Mlchalskt John Madagewsku Vtrgnnua Lnpowskr Tozta Beckley Gerald Petro Barbara Cyganowsku Stanley Dudrnck John Yenchek Marlene Shannon Edward Groholskt John Swlrat Carl Draptewskn Wtlllann Yanovltch Marlene Kashula Roger Lugotskx Btanley Sobolewsk Irene Czarnecku John Rapaduskl Peter Shuma Joan Balla Marlon Mackowuak Carol Rostalsku Sonua Petrash l-larold Swnthers John Grrynnsku Doro hy Plkutls Ruta Kotulak Eleanor Mann Patrlcta Lubesco Barbara Balllet Edward Clernpola Claudette l-ludak Jan Uczen Carol Jones Dolores Thomas Wayne Lenthall Theodore Granoskl Norma Subarton Astrtd Rex Myron Wolosonowlcz Joseph Kravitz Loulse Rtcct Montca Rasku John Marclnkowskl Raymond Grutsko Davtd Ekker Eleanor Otroshlna Edward Rygwalsks Aluce Rowett Theresa Rlchter Julla Herman Theresa Luanna Janice Clark John Bucholtz Wnlluam Tremayne Carol Knoll Phyllts Bruslkowskr Ann Modla Allce Gorka Cregory Brodgunskl Robert Yastrenwskt Jean Jacobs Jean Kovaltk Henry Kwlatkowsku Daytd Edmuwds John Zanowlcz Charles Petroski Marnanne Sulewsku Joan Wachowskn John Kenlorskt Wulllarn VanFossen Gladys Patterson Sylvua Chrzan Loretta Davns Marne Zanowlcz Carl Gabel Joseph Maday Francis Romanowskn Shtrley Dlllon Davld Turner Arlene Mtklaszewtcz Marne Szalnecku Gerard Cooney George Weaver Frances Wetzel 1 Tax lll L.-9815 llc A- ' z I A , , ' '. B- ' -' : ' I V , , . C- T : I ' I ' ' I , D- : ' ' ' , - , ' I . . EA I . .I . .I . I . . F- - I , .I . . . . .I . I I I G- I .I I . I I I HW I .I . I , ,I I I , I l- ' U : , ' ', C l, , J- I - .I I I . . I K-A - 3 'I ' I A I ' 'I LW I I . . I . I I . , I M- l : ' I ' I I I N- T: I I- I 'I O- : I ' I ' I I ' I Pi l' I V . .I . ,I . .I . I Q- l : ' I ' I 'I ' I RI- I . , . . Sl I I . . I I . II ,I T- : I ' I -1 ' 'I 1 ll, U- . I I . I . .I . I I V-J I . I .I . .I ,I -'trys ' ' 'I ' ' I ' I ' I X- l l 2 ' I ' A I I I YL I . .I . . I . I , , I Z- y: ' ' 'I I I I cf . -' 4 4 Ig . I X . Q X N' t ... II I II IIII IIIIM4. Q :a+-,, 'ci 7' 'Q'-5. ,Lf ,, ffufii-I ,fp x f Hu" L-. f, 1:2 , iii? x' .,, fkf -fy., -'n5,L,, X , P:- 4, Mr ,V 3. .119 K, A-, ,V .A .W .L if 2. 1 K fi 'JU Pjfx 5444 of 7254 OFFICERS Ronald Borofskr Treasurer Marilyn Yeager Secretary Grace Balla Presldenf Charles Davns Vice President COLORS Red and White M1 FLOWER Amerrcan Beauty Rose MOTTO Knowledge rs the treasure but wrsdom rs the treasure ofa wrse man Q 'gl 9' 3" 6 N 4 , U '.QyJLrf ,Mr W F R " WF uf' 2 I 'Y F X a A ,F C P' I' S N Q' 'nu if -'G 1 Y ' Q ' : ' 3.3 ,Fi-'f W5 .zfgk ' 4' mf, i t A iiiy 5159419 'Q if Q ii v ,.x IQQQ 04.590 5xf5tQ' :sis if N35 9?-. if 1.1 f ' xg-if m Y , kit tp. was ,, me W' Q N F!! 2' ! My W 1, , -QA-v i all' Q W? lx 'Xin I K. x ,,, ,f fi yi 4 A, K Yr .',.4k,wy V za V' in J -'41 ,pix f 0 .jf 'wi M "' 'K J ' ""?'7??1 V . ' '-Q 'Q53 I--7::L:"' f 1, YW 4- 'X 1,l. A. MW X551 A .1 RM, "ity sl W- - am ag 1955 T img, MM F"fFff' X GC OFFICERS I ph C M051 99 '- www 9'Sl'oY.'l W Q0 i -AK X- , ,P .J fi, 1 f W3 .1 1 F' I. 'Q f ' ' F 1 C' 'N , NX b V X YK W, Adam Shepe a, Presidentp Jose hickson, Treasurerg Jean Piku as, S t y- F d Elmy V' P 'd 1. I' ' ii 26 fl ' 'jx 4 'Ns I N ' 5,55 fr F! ?:"'Y'. 40 Gtr V E 4? A1 'ml f HH Q Q D H1 5 S 2 Y' 3 SIU 39,2 Uh' X fa Q tg: 4- S' 'F U Q.. 'W' , 1 . .W 2' 5 fi 'Q-11 1 1. , , I 75 gr I ' ' I , , hp 23 si? V' 'SLE K j oqfflg '5:'ff':'F Q -f q 51, S35-24' 'Pi' lf yz! Q NJ ".... '51 E01 f' I gs '15 x 3, f..4..g.:. -, I I A gr' xi ' , t I if QU- in?- xii? 1 IR 6 5. ' i 5 ge , N-A k AE: k 7 M, , gnu Q sa 3 h Lv!! ff' 4 5. - Www .ev X ai f Q 1 ' 1"" , - , . 2 X-1 F55 ' an . , T ' 1 15 W5 , A 5' V 'i s n A Q ':':1lQx ' ' -' 'A 7 " ,B ,K six A..' in W My Q Vx, 'Z 'Y Q nr K X, . i Q fm. '-'iff ' Q' SY" NW' 1 fy A M, . '-4 '-"P 214.5 H . ' - "ow- w 2 'M 2 wf 5 x wg 'K 1 . 13.3. if D Q it if O 'fn x A.,-.-Q 4 . x A - ... ff f fpizf '-ff, Q45 .nl'?K,f?'-fl: . x 1 ii ., ,gg fg 4 W 4+M2v li ttf! ' XA g klk . ' New X q 'K 1 J. P. SIESKO-Principal ff? Q Seated: A. Thomas, M. Job, E. Mundy, A. McCarthy, L. Smith, E. Kistler, C. Cimmet Standing: A. Kuligowski, T. Lewis, W. Furman, W, Jones, J. P. Siesko, F. Chickson A. Miroslaw, E. Lohman. 3 I ROOM l-Miss M. Job First row: D. Kolodzieiczak, R. Gluhanicz, C. Warakomski, M. Kosinski, B. Williams, G. Retel, B. Shemko, R. Pennella, F. Wisniewski. Second row: J. Kemmerer, J. Baker, T. Burgas, H. Valence, S. Wintergrass, D. Komorowski, J. Fisher, R. Luzenski. Third row: D. Swantko, W. Dugan, M. Danko, D. Shemanski, R. May, J. Pieplow, R. Bienkowski. ROOM 2-Mr. E. Lohman First row: J. Quoos, M. Maiewski, M. Maiewski, P. Cannon, M. Burrier, C. Dremalski, E. O'Brien, B. Smiczenski, R. Smith, M. Kuniega. Second row: L. Fiyuf, S. Peplinski, D. Condu, D. Reich, C. Nowosacki, A. Piontkowski, J. Olszewski, R. Van Fossen, A. Sepela. Third row: J. Bogdan, B, Bohinski, C. Knorek, W. Mc-ra, J. Krasson. Absent: D. Sokolowski. .R vfdx 45.4 ROOM 3-Miss L. Smith First row: P. Narr, H. Gromniak, J. Butchko, B. Ostroski, B. Sutchko, L. Raydo, B. Jaskiewicz, N Maiiros, J. Bienkowski, A. Lazor. Second row: V. Levanda, L. Cionzynski, A. Calabro, J. Edmuntowicz K. Deminski, E, Carroll, P. Levandoski, F. Michalski. Third row: R. Zendarski, J, Gronka, B. Rentko J. Bera, J. Rusczyk, J: Humenanski. Q ROOM 4-Mr. A. Miroslaw First row: B. McCarthy, M. Tirpak, M. Kenjorski, E. Potvak, J. Gillis, M. Polniasczek, S. Dudrick, J. Hamish, L. Mendrzycki. Second row: B, Korman, M. Rydzewski, J. Standish, L. Yezefski, J. Wisniewski, M. Cecelski, R. Nowicki, B. Shannon, B. Kolodziei. Third row: J. Golab, T. Kravitz, R. Busch, J. Syslo, P. Chernikovich, R. Baker. ROOM 5-Miss E. Kistler First row: L. Garren, T. Boback, H. Szymaszek, K. Murray, M. Ogin, L. Lulewicz, T, Klaga, C. Dzialdowski A. Kendra. Second row: P. Grabowski, P. Lehman, J. Matikfwwicz, F. Koscheka, W. Maxwell, J. Modla R. Blockus, M. Grevera, F. Plodwick. Third row: R. Levanda, E. Budurka, R. Bobin, P. Ulatowski, R Bakalar, A. Kvedrowicz. 'B Y .pill '. E1 J 'Ll ROOM 6-Miss S. Cimmet First row: M. Zionkowski, A, Robaczewski, L. Maday, H. Principali, U. Buczkowski, C. Tomcavage, K. Hallman, D. Butz. Second row: H, Roscoe, D. Sibert, A. Shock, R. Howells, R. Drabek, D. Kupinewicz, E. Sarnak, M, Roscoe. Third row: J. Thomas, C. Pipan, S. Pluto, R. Wolfkiel, R. Glanville, D. Hampton, H. Markowski, E. Baurys. ROOM 7-Miss E. L. Mundy First row: M. Howell, M. Kempski, F. Moiinski, L. Stenevich, B. Estock, C. Grozier, R. A. Patterson, S. Ulatowski. Second row: A. Slupski, M. Krason, A. Domin, N. Markowski, R. Thomas, J. Weitzkutonis, J. wyda, T. Mickowski. Third row: A. Gordan, L. Bogdan, R. Prawdzik, D. Bonsavage, A. Danko. Absent: B. Kosch. ROOM 8-Mr. F. Chickson First row: A. Rasmus, J. Zaremba, L. Everett, P. James, C. Magnosi, M. J. Kraiewski, R. Klimaszewski, C. A. Vishnefski, K. Smolinski. Second row: N. Piontkowski, R. Sager, E. Moore, B. Jacobs, D. Bigos, E. Verfin, R. Briggs, R. Cieplik, F. Poharski. Third row: R. Olszewski, P. Nagle, L. Briggs, J. Atkins, R. Smith, R. Royer, W. Lacomy, T. Turley. ysfl 'in' -ing! ROOM 9-Mr. H. Furman First row: J. Zaremba, G. Jenceleski, L. Sager, P. Gasilewski, M. Balinski, H. Everett, A. Supchak, C Zoltewicz, E. Beldowicz, N. Whytoshek. Second row: J. Hudachek, R, Wenslow, R. Rasmus, C. Selecky A. Slominski, C. Zaykoski, R. Haughney, Third row: M, Alberti, J. Martin, J. Cain, E. Balinski. Absent M. Wolfe, M. Jamrowski. EDITORIAL STAFF JOHN BUCKHOLTZ A, MR ALEX vvvsocm or ASX u Wyn- X ,, +' 47 4 . X Y . Y 'X Q . K X' run' .QWQM 49' ,gf , if at ,H Y. my x, 4' ,I 'KV x W ll h -+ 7 vw 5 .. T k IN. has-5,r Standung Lou se Urban Nancy Orlowsku Josephine Cybulske Sona Petrash Seated JoAnn Decker, ,H W fa .Q W wt Q , N Q, , W, ' If ' 1- Y ' ,df 'Aff f' , ...sf ,Q-,fb V Q W , 7 '53 fi if 3' LM. ,W is 'S A Q Q ,fag k iff f If 1 ig, ,wg AW,-, 24 MMM ..-4, 'V' 4' WW ,..-1. A LITERARY COMMITTEE Standing Jean Jacobs Theresa Ltanna Eleanor Lesechko WIIIuarn Trernayne Vnrglnua Ltpowskl Arlene Seated Rtta Kotulak Marne Szalneckt Nancy Leyrnan Barbara Cygan Zayaczkovvskx Dawn Womp ersku ovvskl Marqorle Brown 'vw " my sf? E rw 1 ,QQ It SUBSCRIPTION COMMITTEE Sfandung Rosemary Shernko Joan Davcs Irene Augustnne Barbara BaIIlet Joan Wachowskl Patrucza Jones Marlon Mackowsak Maman Myers Seated Arlene Muklaszewucz Henrnetta Wadzmsku Marlene Shannon Ann Sheridan Dorothy Pnkutls su -r 'Pi .5 if LJ -9 :Q af Q 154 '51 , J ,QM Q , , 4' if 1-4. 'KS T Q ix 'X R '-1: '1 ii A' 1 V J Q ' ,Y i , 793' L ' 1 VVXZ , ji' f K I " A Q " iff' 'bv 1 'QA W Af. . ,vw il? 2: , K 1 r " m 'FL ' - H 5 !f?'f'f- . if 5335322 SX ' V A9 Q fig Qeinlifff V 32 m - 'ugly ff 1 L . 'iggggaffy-, X 'wg ': -'F .ggi , JE, I v A4 'Q P 4 9 . H A , 'II .lllit Ill! iii if T r 5' w X ' e hu- lkjlnx wh . 1 f ' f...A.9Dt'X'." Q , 'gi I . -... elseif? as... had QT, XE, igf .V an agp Q' ' 1 - W , A if 2 . it S Xu., Q is , '15 ,ln ls E.-3 XJ!! ,O Q 2 29" 8' lftil- ang 515-5 413. s 4 'Q' Yi. .. ' wilful 24 4' -' V I J. ,,., .- Y -,.- .. .. Q . U v 52- .. ., -, uf- '- 6 ' OFFICERS Seated: PATRICIA NOWAK DOROTHY PIKUTIS Standing: IRENE AUGUSTINE ELIZABETH SCHREINER MARIE SZAJNECKI Absent: MISS T. WILLIS Vice Treasurer President Chaplain Secretary President Advisor TRI-HI-Y First row: M. Kashula, C. Jones, M. Myers, T. Beckley, M. Shannon, V. Lipowski, B. Ballief, M. Shiner, D. Pikutis, l. Augustine, J. Herman, C. Rostalski, R. Shernko, D. Wornpierski, A. Sheridan. Second row M. Guisti, P. Nowak, B. Wyda, M. Borman, S. Sulewski, G. Balla, B. Krynick, S. Kravitz, Y. Bozimski P. Legins, P. Fry, L. O'MaIIey, D. Gayewski, B. Scholl, B. Bylinski, F. Puffin, P. Lubesco, M. Mackowiak Third row: E. Borowski, D, Levandowski, R. Sheeder, M. Brown, G, Gruskiewicz, J. Wompierski, P. Shipp, L. Buchinski, R. Wydowski, J. Lapoka, G. Piepon, F. Musieal, F. Baker, D. Yascz, P. Kelly. Fourth row: P. Stankiewicz, M. Yeager, J. Davis, E. Yatsko, J. Weiss, E. Domain, J. Loyek, N. Machie- wicz, P. Gorski, A. Shulcis, L. Novashinski, A. Fedorchak, D. Deminski, E. Schriener, A. Salvador. 11' 'Q 'W .XT 4 -5 95253 E 'af ,, 5 X YA. .- W 'Q mfg has 34.1 it .Ak A -42-1 is 1 W we w fl Q ,., M: 41-I K K ' V i if 42 E fy M' L1 ,E ef 45 X 3 Q9 N '9 3' fs? Eff nl W Q 153 5' X45 Q. gf .v Q5 , W 4 a T X sf' f ff ' x f , ,ML K- i ls .9 + 1' ' Q' V Q, as av - f N age' if ' iv V :.A, 1 R if M , , E xv If xml lm 59 Ili If-ffm ,ylfki N!- v ' -. f X., 1 . .y A ,..,W,.,a,- X W ,, ' gr W EM J S at ca . 5' orncetas ' Standing: RAYMOND GRITSKO Treasurer FRANKLIN PRICE President Seated: ALICE GORKA Secretary PATRJCIA LUBESCO Vice President "Qi .4- 'av X f S -:n fx ,.-. gs' , av 'YT' '5 ,Q f S i .2 . J 2 E 1 ' . S. .1 I tis. " ... t First row: R. Lenthalt, A. Zaiaczkovvski, N. Novak, l. Augustine, J. Buchohz, P. Lubesco, S. Dudrick M. Myers, R. Grttsko, B. Rospendovvskl, R. Ozehoski, R. KotuJak Second row: E. Llnkievvicz, R Grusklevvlcz, F. Price, J. Davis, R. Yastremskl, M. Shannon, C, Drapiewski, J. Kovatik, G. Brodginski T. Beckiev, R. Kryznievvski. Third row: N, Leyman, A. Sheridan, A Gorka, C. Knoti, M. Yeager, M Suievvski, V, Lipowskl, E. Borovvski, S. Chrzan, Fourth rovv: B. Cyganowski, D. Yatsko, M. Kashula, J. Grzvrnski, W. Trernavne, G. Weaver, P. Stankievvicz, M. Mackovviak, T. Richter. ..x ', 1 QCP' amid! 'ww OFFICERS Left To right: NANCY LEYMAN Secretary JULIA HERMAN Vice-Chairman JANICE LOYEK Chairman Absent. MISS KATHERINE HESS Advisor First row: L. O'MaIIey, N. Mackiewisz, D. Pikuvis, L. Resperski, J. Loyek, A. Salvadore, E. B0fOfSki, M. Yeager, P. Svankiewicz, N. Leyman, J. Herman, C. BoItz, B. Krynick. Second row: F. Duda, J Womperski, C. Janse, P. Legins, C. Hudak, R. Sarr, R. Gruskiewicz, V. Lipowski, C. Jones, S. Chrzan T. Beckley. Third row: J. Burchek, M. O'DonneII, D. Gaiewski, P. Srachowiak, Y. Bozimski, S. Kravitz, P. Ostrowski, J. Balla, A. Zaiaczkowski, B, Cyganowski. Fourth row: M. Shukis, M. Buckley, R Svephanik, J. Baker, D. Minsavage, D. Zedarski, V' OFFICERS Left to right JOHN MICHALSKI Treasurer FRANKLIN PRICE Presvderwr EUGENE KRAJEWSKI Vice President CHESTER BOGACKI Secre-vary MR. EDWIN DAVIES Advisor ,UIQ EI-C N 1 ,v I ,,,,,,,1 :fo Q IN XC 163 X xx '-,, fl Q I F' 'K'-3' ff' Firsi row: R, Bogacki, C. Bogacki, J, Olenginski, E. Kraiewski, R. Lenfhall, F. Price, R. Gritsko, C. Panella, R. Kryzniewski, R, Yastremski. Second row: J. Bucholtz, S. Dudrick, R. Harvey, Brodginski, J. Kravitz, R. Ozehoski, W. Ruddick, J. Madaiewski, N. Borofski. Third row: F, Romanowski, D. Baron, W. Van Fossen, G. Cooney, J. Grzymski, W, Tremayne, G. Weaver, C. Drapiewski, W. Lenthali, S. Sobolewski, G. Cooper. 6640046 OFFICERS GEFZARD COONEY President JOHN RAPADUSKI Secretary JOHN KENJORSKI Treasurer PETER SHUMA Vice President -Q, x ,g,f. ,x x 'I .fe - 0 .Ji Q, x, . a.,,,.u.Q CN I 3 ga 5 5 .1 Y1 2 f Q X X X t . ' K, K -A , I -1 V' . '- . ' gN SV "' Lmkf ff ,- , A,,, , I 'S '92 ef! 4 l 4 Q' 2 Z' I 1' in 3 fy , , ,,, gi - 5 my ' - Q, Q ' 4 x 1 x . 4 uv U ' 5 0 y Q V 4 '. YL- - ' . - Z - ' g 0 iv ,N - L 'Q rx' 1 'L' , 7 A x "xg if?"ix?'--l'Zxg'f'f5' if E f , - I xl .l'g"'?'ffx 'JL W sl, 1 Q,vX'g.B.X,g, 3 rf X lx , fd .M ' f H -R-fm -. A 'Y 4 gy- HEY in-lfflf., ni' Y..r!'i':-'N - x - HLA, . Q S x - 'EW' "' 'gxf'? Q N ' ,L.""" A f N'N-5:3 X- 9 W7 ' 1' 'ff 5 51' x 4. sf f LA 1 fx 9 9 x Vw, Rfk? Q fy! , L, 5. il- , I , A In Q ' A I wf fx -x 'N -1 A -N L 5 fx. IQ x l - U I 1 , Q K ei! 1 J g .J ieez mdew 01 -y ,,. V in WN. 'WS X Kneeling: Rosalie Tesar, Dorothy Gaiewski, Barbara Cyganowski, Marlene Shannon. Standing: Jean Wompierski, Nancy Leyman, Joan Balla, Tozia Beckley, Sally Kravitz. edgdft Qacwafe emkvz 4607 -4' ik ESQ H E 'T' ,..- L-1-'lf fx..,,.. Us-Y' .X QM-V4 N ,iv as-.A-1 te ,W - Q? f 4-yvx ly km Le Seated T Beckle M Shannon Standin J Balla B Cygano Y to ight I i Y 9 Kovahk wslu N Leyman 'ln 173 I 1 if 1, ." I A X W Q xx N 1 af Nf- Y E Waoczlcavmf' 564,04 'yczcallg Stcwleaz' 'godq Q1 '---wnqgg, ..g...--.. Seated: J. Mackin, F. Shannon, Directory G. Higgins. Standing: S. Pauletti, H. Sipple, J. Jacobs, N. Groblewski, L. Elgart, Assistant Director. if -4 in Y PVAIIIIHI , 2 11553135 xii 315, ui nag ' Q 'xv p,. V ' V I " in - L4- ""' gg-'gr"?r5lf'9-Q 'Q Y 1 'tif fx V, In az Wlemazckzm Oh! How we miss this girl so fair, One for whom we much did care. Forgive our grief for one we loved, Because she has gone up above. Sleep, sweet Frances, with the quiet heavens For from this world of ours thou did depart. So let no mournful thoughts of yesterday Disturb the peacefulness of thine heart. -5 Madalyn Gordon Patricia Ostroski FRANCES D. BAKER September 29, 1936-December 11, 1952 Frances resided with her parents at 166 West Noble Street, Nanticoke. She received her elementary education at Holy Trinity Parochial School. She then entered Nanticoke High School where she was a member of the Sophomore Class at the time of her death. Her many interests included music, reading, and dancing. She contracted rheumatic fever at the age of twelve which left her with an enlarged heart. Her death came as a great shock to everyone, as she had been in seemingly good health. We extend our sincerest sympathy to all her relatives and deeply regret her untimely death. CLASS of 1955 ..,iLJ.A.... . . . ... ll. K mf - I ali X ll t si A f 4 - ,E I 4 V. 1 ' . - vff ' " " 3 ,-fi' f M -'K ' ,ff +V 17 I2-5 ffpx 23 20 'Vw 1' Q 1 fe SF wi wf'if?'7 'L ' 1 - 1 mf! t F Alfv in 1 me fa 4- M M a "f M J ' " X X I Y l ' is ty M J pf v ,gs 36? Jim fmx x ' .0 gba - -. ,Q ff W k kv I 4 ff 'tk R in lg is I fm ww, Jehu, Q , Q www wa- vm ,4.g, -..,, ' y ' 'V ,A fa, I ...M , Www wwe- Ww I u'i'3uia-Lisa-sn., nr' M pw, 'vivawQi1,, 1. . , ...W f'kjwm4.,,gw,N-n X A af .Mad Y4"?1,i nafnflff J' 32:14 .1 'Ld SCENE A lIvIng room where a group of N H S students are porIng over a collectIon of old yearbooks IU search of Ideas for theIr l973 edItIon of the Nannual Thelr attentIon IS focused on the 1953 edItIon As they look over the SSDIOFS pIctures THEY SPEAK Theres John Bucholtz Hes beIng mentIoned for ChIef Justnce of the Supreme Court And look at Toz Beckley stewardess at T W A Heres the latest release of newly appoInted admIrals DavId Edmunds DavId Ecker Ray OzehoskI and Bull Ruddlck Stan DudrIck and George Weaver have been acclaImed for theIr outstandxng EngIneers contrIbutIons to medIcal SCIENCE And l Imagune In theIr travels they have seen Nancy Leyman Joan Balla Barbara BallIet SylvIa Chrzan Joan Davas Jacque lIne Langley Arlene MIklaszewIcz PBTTICIB Lubesco and Dorothy Yatsko all regIstered nurses' The fIeld of chemIcal engIneerIng has been enlIghtened by the dISCOVSFlES of Ray Gntsko John Madalewskl Frank PFICE Bob YastremskI and MIchael Welss Harold Swnthers and AlIce Rowett mIssIonarIes have been makung progress wnth the heathens of darkest ATFICB Gerald Petro accsdentally poIsoned hIs WITG He was a pharmacIst other pharmacIsts John Mlchalskl ard FFGDCIS Chapura dont follow AlIce Gorka Barbara Cyganowskl and Joan Wachowskl have all been Deans of Women at noted women s colleges Edward LInkIewIcz was recently put IU charge of the Army s Corps of wonderful Hope our suI appoInted MarIe Szalneckl as an Interlor decorator has lust fInIshed doIng over the Whlte House VVGYHC Llfllllldll dlIU QIGIIICY KJUHICLKI UIC IUIIII IIICIIILJCIU UI VVDKL Jan Uczen IS on tour of Europe after taktng the CarnegIe Hall CTITICS Joseph Hocken has been 3ppOlnfed Secretary of the lnterIor He wIll be assIsted IH hlS post by another able forester Edward Rygwalsku Ronald Krzyznewskn has fInally succeeded In makIng a record equaltng Johnny Rays Cry Marlene Shannon IS makmg her second mIlIIon modelnng Jacques Faths latest fashlons WIllIam YanovItch has lust Slgned a contract Browns LOUISE RICCI and MarIe Baker are now happIly Bull Van Fossen has lust shot down hIs 25th Jack Yenchek IS cleanIng up selllng row boats THEY CONCLUDE Well the Class of T953 was successful maybe theres stIll hope for the Class of 73 At least now after IookIng at the 53 Nannual we have some Ideas for our yearbook Let s get to work' by storm to play football for the Cleveland marrued Mug to the Arabs of the Sahara Desert . , , 1 , , . . . . , . . . , . . . . - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . ,, ,, . . . . . , . , I Y. 1 1 1 . . . . , . 1 1 In I .I Il I r-. I n I- f - . , I I I1I1nnr-1-I1 'I V. , . 1 11 11 . . . . . , - - - 11 - 11 , . 1 1 1 . 1 . ' 1 1 1 gow my .356 Seated M Davis N. Uren, K. Janso, M. Shannon, Mr. J. Shannon, Lions' Club, M. Minsavage J Lapoka Standing B Scholl A. Patackas, R. Meck, S. Petrash, Mr. J. Siesko, Lions' Club, Mr A Bavitz ro V Lipowski A Sheridan, T. Richter, T. Beckley. This year with the sponsorship of the Lions and Polish American Citizens' Clubs, a bowling league comprised of high school students was organized. The teams met each Sunday afternoon. The vic- tors were feted to a banquet at which they were presented with a trophy and awards. For spring activities please refer to the Supplement, st row T Granoski, J. Persinger, M. Weiss, G. Cooper, R. Gritsko, E. Linkiewicz T Granoski Cagigas Second row: R. Lenthall, F. Rornanowski, L. Hartman, W. Lenthall, R. Tremayne M Cardone S Dudriclc L Novakowski, A. Falconieri. Third row: E. Ciempola, R. Croop, J. Chickson E Sepela Opalslu M Paulus, Mr. L' PVUk5lSlfl, Mr. M. Gronka, W. Tremayne, F. Price G Weaver sa The Board of Educahon of Nanhcoke School Dls+rlc+ wishes 'ro exfend hearhesi' congra+uIahons +o fhe graduahng class of I953 WILLIAM DUDECK Treasurer FRANK MAYEWSKI JOHN SMITH Supermfendeni LEWIS SWEITZER Buslness Agenf JOHN ZANOWICZ Presldeni' JOSEPH GALE Sollclfor WILLIAM PALMER, Secrefary ANDREW DORAK THOMAS BURROWS JGSEPH WARKOMSKI llllllml 05 N Ill DERN L CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I953 'Fldence Our effor+s shall always be lo brlng you pho'rographs of +he hnghesf quallfy a+ prices fo sahsfy your buclgei' THE PAWLOWSKI STUDIO a+ 'rhe park 9 E GREEN ST NANTICOKE Phone 68 Y Y 1 P 0 l l P H U G R H P H We wish lo 'Thank you for your con+inued pafronage and con- THE CompIumen+s of CITY ADMINISTRATION Mayor ANTHONY B DREIER CounclImen BERT ANDREWS BOLISH KOCIENSHI FRANK MARCINKOWSKI GEORGE WILLIAMS Clfy SoIlcl+or CHARLES MAKAR PIumblng Inspecfor JOSEPH PETRO Cufy EIecI'r1clan GORDON ROBERTS MIKE MARKOWSKI Assls+an'r SI'ree+ Commlssloner WILLIAM PALMER Sfreef Commissioner JOSEPH RAPADUSKI Inspe-c+or of HeaI+I1 JOHN THOMAS Clfy CIerIc EUGENE HUDAK Cufy Con+roIIer LILLIAN NORK Clfy Treasurer STANLEY BAKER Chief of PoIzce SIMON KUPINEWICZ License CIerIc BERNARD DZIEDZIC Building Inspecfor BEST WISHES and SUCCESS To +I1e Sensor Class of I953 MOVIE PROJECTORS and ENLARGERS Every+I1mg from Makers l+I1 Es+abIlsI-med Repuhahons Plus our own Guaran+ee JOSEPH C BOROFSKI N? 62 E MAIN STREET PHONE 75 pfvrv I CA., .IPI Q COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN CITIZEN CLUB Nanhcoke Penna Films-Developing and Prinfing-Cameras PI1o+o Supplies for Home developing and prIn'I'Ing . W. . . 2 ' E i? , E I .sta Eg I 5 ful I ' I' T, YJ' W 1' X 'N REDDY SA e n you brIghTen The oy' The besT sTudenTs are Those Z -X who have ad W equaTe lIghT properly placed Tor readmg and sTudyIng Clean bulbs and clean Igh+ shades may be all you n d ee To Improve home lIghTIng BETTER LIGH T BETTER SIGHT LUZERNE ELECTRIC AND GA CO UNITED eAs S IMPROVEMENT co TO ALL SENIORS When you clImb The hIlls oT The comIng years May you Travel In hlgh and never shITT e WITh PlenTy oT S al: g ars. p r and never a lcnoclc Ancl a joy Tilling sTaTion in every block econ LUCK N ANTICOKE CREAMERY Milk and D ' aIry Products Phone 678 J l 7 I G9 Z7 QW 7 , E Q X ml YS: "BrighTen Th boolc a cl ' RE as b -I , pdf' ,lf , ,,- B :J ' - ' COMPLIMENTS OF Nonticoke Post No. 350 American Legion STANLEY BIELAWA-Commander LOREN c. HAEFELE--Adiu+an+ HENRY zloLKowsKl-Finance officer BEST WlSHES TO THE SENIOR' We do nor do all of +l1e Prmhng n Nanhcoke so e lusl' do +l1e besf of I+' ANTHRACITE PRINTING COMPANY I50 Mann Srreel' Nanhcoke Penna Compl me fs of BISCONTINI 6' SON S COAL CO Underground Mlmng and Sfrupplng Con+racl'ors Ma Offnce 243 Prospecl' Srreef NANTICOKE PENNA Telephone Nanhcolce 535 CEASE MOTOR COMPANY Dodge Job Rafed Truclcs 35 NORTH MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PENNA Dependable Used Cars TWO LARGE LOTS Mann H ghway 8: SIlkW0l'+l'1 Rd Wesf Nanhcolce Crossroads Hano er To nslup I Dodge .,.............,,.l., .S . .,,.,..,...a.,r,, .r,, ,....,.r.....,.. P l ymou+l1 COMPLIMENTS OF John Balla MASONRY CONTRACTOR PHONE I867 4IO Kosciuszzo S+. Nanficoke, Pa BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF l953 400 Club I2II S Prospec+ S+ NANTICOKE PENNA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Ed Gorka Fresh Mea+s and Grocerles Phone l72l 80 Wesi' Souih S+ NANTICOKE PA COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES FROM NANTICOKE KIWANIS CLUB We Build I I I I . . , . . . I . :W T F. H- -1.1 2 S ' xg V I l 0 I I Complimenfs of GEM FURNITURE Inc. "CompIe+e Home Furnishers" I54 S. Markef S+. IOI-IO7 E. Main Sf. Phone 8lO Phone IPOI8 NANTICOKE PENNA Complnmenfs of GOLDEN QUALITY Ice Cream Company To I'he Class of I953 Besl' Wishes and Blessings THE PRIESTS OF REV R A WIEZIOLOWSKI Pas+or REV W F SKURSKI REV A M KAZMAREK JACOBS PLATTER CHATTER Be our ln Froni' Jom your Hugh School Band We carry fhe Ia+es+ In all Iypes of Records and Albums also Ihe 45 RECORDS and PLAYERS Band and Orchesfra Insfrumenfs cash or pa me fs Capable Insfrucfors JACOBS MUSIC CO I42 E Mann S+ Nanhcolce Penna PHONE 40 HCLY TRINITY CHURCH men+s. Sheer Music and Books 'for all Insirzlz KJ Beauhful ne selechons of Coafs Su +5 Dresses arrlvlng daily X X it ks Wed Iove +o have you see +hem Make 1+ soon won+ you7 CLAIRES DRESS SHOP 69 E Mann S+ Nanhcoke ah WILLIAM E DAVIS Funeral Dlrec+or 374 376 E. Church S+. Nanficoke. Penna PHONE 2950 A DRAPIEWSKI and SONS Funeral Direc+ors Since l88I 22 Wes+ Green S+ree'I' NANTICOKE, PENNA. Ky f - r'k l M, Cul. ' , fv fl IN of ' w - '- I' I -440,8 ge X , I ' v QS . ' I I I I IL . P . ' . I 5- f TADEMARKREG. Joseph's FURN TU RE STORE Everyfhung for fhe Home Phone 966 JOSEPH GRZYMSKI Prop Complimenfs of F. L. KNOREK AGENCY, Agenfs Insurance Nofary Public 432 S Hano er Sfreef NANTICOKE PENNA Phone 2067J or I432 W The Officers and Members of The NANTICOKE LIONS CLUB Exfend fhelr Besf Wlshes For fhe Success of Each Member of fhe Class of I953 and also for 'the Confmued Success of fhe NANNUAL 0054- 4 X45 W LIBERTY INTELLIGENCE Our Nahon s Safefy THE LEADER STORE 4I 43 Easf Mann Sfreef Nanflcolce Pa STEPPING STONES Isn f sf sfrange fhaf prmces and lungs Ancl clowns fhaf caper In aw dusf rmgs And common folk Inlce you and me Are makers of efermfy? A shapeless mass and a bool: of rules And each musf malre ere Iufe has flown A sfumblmg block or a sfeppmg sfone R L SHARPE Q V , . , . I . f h . f. . - To each is iven a ba of fools. ,,, .L 9 9 fl :X A ' 3. .S . . ' Mo! . ' I MAYWOOD FARMS Mull: and Derry Procluc+s Poulfry and Fresh Eggs CARTER BACHE PHONE 2I success +0 me CLASS of 1953 MOZART BOWLING ALLEY P opr 9+ r HENRY PIASECKI Bowling Soda Candy E+c COMPLIMENTS OF THE NANTICOKE NATIONA Nan+icoke, Penna. L BANK E. COMPLIMENTS OF PARK PHARMACY TUZINSKI and T. T BECKLEY 6 Easf Broad S+ree+ NANTICOKE, PENNSYLVANIA CompIimen+s of r i o- POLISH FALCON S NEST PGSCOG 136 E church 5+ TELEVISION CO Nanhcoke P 447 WaInuI' Sfreef OFFICERS Headquarfers For V Presndegf Z VSULEWSKI :ce Pres: en? HORANZY ADMIRAL DUMONT SYLVANIA Fm secfmy s MITARNQWSKI TELEVISIQN Assf Fm Sec Z MENDRZYKI Record ng Sec-J SIESKO Treasurer H LEYMAN Dlrec+ors C OBAZA J OLSZEWSKI L WADZINSKI S+e ard-J LEWSZYK To I'I'1e Class of I953 Besf Wishes and BIesslngs THE PRIEST of ST FRANCIS CHURCH REV A G RAFFERTY Pasfor REV J J BELL Ass+ Pas+or REV J J KAZLAUSKAS Ass+ Pas'ror COMPLIMENTS OF STATE and REX THEATRES ' 9I . ' ,a. 3 "' '. r-.I i W . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF I953 NANTICOKE HIGH SCHOOL WHWL 730 on your dual 38 Easl' Mann Slreel' Nanhcolce Pa WOODY SAYS Woodlawn Milk Builds Good Health CONGRATULATIONS The Nan'I'1coIce Alumm Assoclahon shes Io exlend 'Io each member of l'he Class of l953 a sincere wish for fulure success Thousands of sfudenls ha e +rod lhe marble halls before you Many ha e allalned economc cu c and social success In +he your goal In life Where er you go whale er you may do lhe Alumm Assoclahon will gladly help you In every way possible II' IS lhe purpose of +hls organ zahon lo furlher 'lhe educahonal c vlc and soclal alms of als members bolh afar and al home THE NANTICOKE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FATHER WALTER SKURSKI MANNYS Barber Shop C GALLI LEES Cafe JOHN KULINSKI LEON S Barber Shop GEORGE V SHEEDER DEL WOLEVER MRS J SWANTKO FRISCHMANS REV EDMUND S PENKALA MR HIGGINS STANLEY MACK CLOVER SHOP MR JACOBS ll ll ' , . I . . . . wi I . . . 1 V . v I , 'vi , various communilies of lhis conlinenl. Following your gradualion day, you will seek ' V D V I . . . . I I . I . l I I I I T N 1 wx H Your H ed Ei OENERIASZEEOTRIO P W H H1 NANTICOKE W e HOWARD TREMAYNE E BEST OF LUCK UNITED CITIZENS CLUB NANTICOKE PENNA COMPLIMENTS OF '32 WILKES BARRE PENNA STEGMAIER BREWING CO Compllmenfs of VETERANS of FOREIGN WARS POST 290 HOME ASSOCIATION ' T in I I , if ff f K, - I35 . Main S+. I I I Pine S+ree+ "FIRST WITH THE LATEST" Phone Nanficoke I672 ADAM'S NOVELTY Coin Operafed Phonographs and Amusemenf Machines 4I W. Grand S'Iree+ NANTICOKE, PENNA. CompIimen+s of JOHN ALLAN 81 SON "You caII-We pick up" Lower Broadway NanI'icoIre I36 AL S MARKET AL GERELLI Proprue+or Phone 22 I39 Hanover Sfreei' ALS MENS SHOP Home of Nahonal Brands of Mens Wear FEATURING ARROW SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES STETSON HATS BOTANY CLOTHES 48 E Mann S+reeI' Nanhcoke Penna Sporhng Goods Flshlng Tackle Hunhng Equnpmenf ALS SPORTING GOODS Phone 2699 AL SKUZINSKI Prop 543 Hanover S+ree+ Nanhcoke Pa ARTESIAN BEVERAGES Phone I40I J Wesi' Nanhcolce Pa AMERICAN LEGION AUX UNIT NO 350 OFFICERS Sr Vxce MRS LARRY HAUPT Jr Vice MRS ELIZ SADOWSKI Sec MRS JOHN KOMOROWSKI Treas MRS WILLIAM WEISS Chaplam MRS THOMAS WILLIAMS Hlsiorlan MRS VICTOR DORAK Sgi' of Arms MISS RITA CRAVITZ Compllmenfs of POST NO 42 WORLD WAR n VETERANS I Presaaen+-MRS. JOHN KUNNICK AMVETS GEORGE BALLIET AND SONS Manufacfurers of DELICATESSEN and MEAT PRODUCTS 2I Eas+ Poplar SI Wesi' Nanf coIce P Pho e Nani coke 2I55 Bes'I' Wishes +o Class of I953 BARTUSKA S Furm+ure Sfores 200 206 Eas+ M S+ree+ CompIe+e Ho e Fu nsh ngs REFRIGERATORS RADIOS CLEANERS WASHERS Good Luck +o Hue Class of l953 Bavutz RECREATION CENTER BAVITZ SERVICE STATION I33 Broadway Sfreei' Nanhcoke Penna TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Pho e 9I36 I00f Alfanhc Produds Home of Keepsake Damonds BERMAN JEWELRY STORE Jewelry Records Appl ances 52 Easi' Mann Sfreef Nanhcoke Penna The Home of Fne Furmfure BEVAN S Shopping CenI're Wes+ Nanhcoke Penna WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES R C A RADIOS Pho e Sfoe 22I2 Res dence 3067 BLAINE S LUMBER Wes+ Na 'rcoke PHONE NAN I39R BOROFSKI ECONOMY STORE I63 Garf eId SI eef NANTICOKE PENNA I - aIn m rI I I , enna. n - I ' . I . n . . 0 I ll I 1 ll I I I , . - - I I - n r - 5 . I n I I r , . Compl menfs of BOYEK S PURE FOOD MARKET Phone I033 288 Easf NobIe S+ree+ NANTICOKE PENNA CompIlmenI's of STANLEY BREZINSKI BROADWAY AUTO SUPPLY Tres BaH'erles Accessories Tlre Repalrmg and Sporhng Goods 25 BROADWAY STREET NANTICOKE PENNA BRUNI S BAR B OUE Oven Fresh Plzza Wes? Nan+ coke Pen a THOMAS C BUCZKOWSKI Funeral Dlrecfor BUTCHKO S AI'IanI'lc Gas and OII SPECIALIZING IN LUBRICATION BATTERY d TIRE SERVICE 907 Sou+h Markef S+ree+ Phone 99I66 CHICKS AUTO SUPPLY CO Sporhng Goods Elecfrucal Appluances EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CAR 243 So fh Prospecf Sfreef Na hcoke Penna Compllmenfs of CIMMET S Inc Sferlmg Varle+y Sfore 5 Easi Ma S+ree+ Nani coke Penna CompIimen+s of . . . CLEWELL S PHARMACY A Complefe L'ne of Var'eI'y Mercl1and'se Anlrlels Socks Nylo s Glo es No elhes Games Puzzles WEST NANTICOKE PENNA Phone Nan 2792 Crawford s Largesl' Sporhng Goods Srore In Nanhcolre I20 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PENNA COMPLIMENTS or 3 Deuces Success fo Ihe G aduahng Class of I953 DIAMOND S CANDY SHOPPE 4 Easl' Broad SI' Nanhcolce Pa DIFFS DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM SHOPPE Del clously Drfferenf Sundaes 8: Sodas TO THE SENIOR CLASS A S DOBKOWSKI AGENCY General Insurances VICTORIA BUILDING Prospecl' Sfreef Nanl coke Penna EASY PAY TIRE STORE KEN WILLIAMSON Broadway 8: Arch Sfreefs Nanhcolce Pa Goodyear Tlres Mor r Ia Rad s Columba Blres 81 Blre Repa rs STOP a+ Ihe ESSO SIGN JAMES H ROAN ESSO SERVICE STATION Open 24 Hrs Daly PHONE 9l5l Roule Il 8: 29 W NANTICOKE PA I I I I I , , n' , v I V l I I . . r . I I I BEST WISHES i . . I , . - . I ' - oo - Io I I I I BEST WISHES OF J K EVANS FLORIST 23 E Green S+ree+ Nanhcoke Penna AI Fink YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER 42I W Mann S+ Nanhcoke Penna Make a Daie +h fhe 88 Oldsmob Ie PHONE 43 CONGRATULATIONS FLOOR CRAFTERS ll Soufh Markei Sfreei Nanhcolre Pa Phone 2242 Floors By Craffsmen Success +o +he class of I953 FREDDY S BAR AND GRILL I00 Easi' Ridge Sfreef FRED and VERNA BOLT2 Sea Food and Sandwuches Nanhcoke Pa Phone 9048 Comphmenfs of ROBERT FREY and SONS Embrosder es and Laces I86 Soufh Markei' Sfreef NANTICOKE PENNA FRANK S SERVICE STATION FRANK MARCINKOWSKI Prop Gasolme and OaIs Corner G and a d Hano er S s PHONE I423 W GABE S PONTIAC SaIes and Service PHONE 8I7 MoblI Gas and Owl Broad ay Nanf coke Pa GAYSON S RESTAU RANT EDWARD F GAYESKI Prop Home cooked meals-Sieaks Chops-Home made So ps Spagheff Chl DeIco s Hamburgs a d Hof Dogs MODERN FOUNTAIN SERVICE I37 E Mann S+reeI' Phone Nanhcoke 9I75 - WI , I . I N I Mainufedurers of EXpel'I' Lubricafion I r n v I . I I ' u I- II- I I u n w , I , . . I GENERAL AUTOMOBILE 20I Carey Ave WlIIces Barre P GENERAL AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE Rad a+ors a d Heafers Cleaned FIushed Repalred Recored 436 Easi' Mann SI' NANTICOKE PA GIBBS MILLING CO FIour Feed Gram Hay S'I'raw and Cemeni' Phone I708 I78 S Markef S+ Phone Broad ay SI'ree'I' Phone W B 22280 Phone Nanhcoke 2898 J JOSEPH L GRABOWSKI Aufhorlzed Dealer Rock of Ages Monumenis I92 Wesi' Church S'IreeI' PHONE 723 Tme becomes Mea gless as you dance and dream fo Ihe M sc of HERBIE GREEN and has ORCHESTRA Phone I840 64 Wesf Chu ch S+reef NANTICOKE PA es Wlshes and Good Luck To Graduahng Class of 53 From JOE GURKA ACCORDION SCHOOLS 420 Bllss SI' Nanhcoke Pa Phone 305OJ HOME of 'rhe WORLDS FAMOUS DUMA ACCORDION DESIGNED BY ARCHIE PANCOTTI COMPLIMENTS OF HAN ISH Bros Meafs and Groceries Frozen Foods Corner Ches+nu+ and Umon Sis Phone Nanhcoke 474 Congrafulahons To The CIass of 53 HANOVER HOSE CO CO. I n ' , a. I ' I I . in I4I W NANTICOKE, PENNA. Nan+ic0Ire. Pa- I B + ' I nin ' ui I' COMPLIMENTS OF HECHT'S HARDWARE A+ The Park The choices+ of God's Blessing +o IAIII I'he graduafes of I953 REV. NICHOLAS FISANICK HOLY TRANSFIGURATION UKRANIAN GREEK CATHOLIC CHURCH Hanover Secfion Nanficolre Phone Nanhcoke 333 or 25I I TELEGRAPH SERVICE HOME FLORAL Flowers for all occasions FRANCES MICOCCI I49 Broadway Nanhcoke P Besf Wishes and Good Luck HOUSE OF BONI Spagheih Sauce Homefown Producf EAST GREEN STREET NANTICOKE PA Congra+ula+ions +o +he Class of 53 INTERNATIONAL LADIES GARMENT WORKERS UNION Locals 249 and 295 Sou'l'h Washlngion Sfreei' WILKES BARRE PA Complimenfs of JANICZEK S Lobs+er Tail Pla++ers Sandwiches C II Chicken Dinners NANTICOKE PA JERRY S GROCERY STORE lsmoked sausage I65 Wesi' Umon SI'ree+ Nanhcolce Pa Complimenfs of JOHNNY S CAFE SERVING SEAFOOD A I ' . a. ' ' I . I h.l. 4I ' ' ' - I D 422 Fairchild Sfreef I Corner Church and Hanover S+reeI's COMPLIMENTS OF John s Cars Compllmenfs of JONES CITIES SERVICE GEORGE G JONES Pop 308 E Mann S'rreeI' Phone 9082 Congra+uIa+lons Kafa s Resfauranf CHARLES nd LILLIAN KATA 9 Fmes'I' In Sea Food and Sandwiches Qualify IS our Ouan+l'I'y 520 S I'h Wal I SIreeI' Phone I094 2I2 Eas+ Mann S'rree+ KEYSTONE SPECIALTY CO Wholes Ie C fe +o ers Clga s C ga eHes FRANCIS X KOWALSKI Prop Nanhcoke Penna Compl me Is of KNOLLS SHOE STORE I60 S Markef S+ Furnlfure and EIecI'rlcaI Appliances SEE CALL TED KOMOROSKI Furnl+ure Sfore 622 24 26 Fa rch Id SI' Phone I75 NANTICOKE PA COMPLIMENTS OF LECHER S CASH HARDWARE II6 E Mann S+ree+ Nanhcoke Pa COMPLIMENTS OF LeventhoI's STORE 26 E Mann S+ . , r . , . Il ' Il I a Proprifors . a on ci n ' ' r, I r , and Tobacco . I ou nu . , . I I n or I - - I i . , . I I ' , E J LWIS FIorlsI' and GIII' SI1op I49 S MarIle+ S'Iree+ NANTICOKE PA COMPLIMENTS OF JCI-IN LUZENSKI Success Io Ihe Class of 953 COMPLIMENTS OF MACKS STYLE CENTER Co gadFr s gs for Young Me MODERATE PRICES COMPLIMENTS OF MARCINKOWSKI S SERVICE STATION FRANK MARCINKOWSKI Prop Gasoline and OIIs Experf Lubrlcahon Corner Grand 81 Ha o e SIS PHONE 3558 MILL MEMORIAL LIBRARY Na 'I'coIce Pennsyl anna MILLARD S WALLPAPER and PAINT STORE Impe IW sh ble Wallpapers Drec+ Facf ry Dsf bu+ors 403 S Hanover SI Nanhcolce Pa COMPLIMENTS OF THE LOYAL ORDER OF THE MOOSE Na Icoke Pe a We Buy Fully Guaran+eecI Time Paymenfs NANTICOKE AUTO MART Inc I3I Broad ay S+ eef PHONE 2203 Used Cars wlfh many Unused Mules WE SELL . . E I ' I Q I I I 'I'I'1In n u nI I1In . . I I n n v r . 1, I Spar+ex PaInI's 81 VarnIsI1es rIa a a I o I rI n I ' ' v ' ' ' l , . w r n I , nn . . . Phone 52I NANTICOKE CANDY CC Clgars-CigareHes-Tobacco Cand'es VICTORIA MILLER Prop. 706 Soufh MarIce+ S+ Nanhcoke Penna. I+ s good for Nan+icoIce I+ s for +he good of Nan+icoIce WE RE FOR IT NANTICOKE DAILY PRESS Phone 5I5 2I0 Easi' Main Sfreei' Rear BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I953 NANTICOKE DRESS COMPANY 2I6 Easi' Broad S'rree+ COMPLIMENTS OF NARR S CAFE SpecIaIIzIng In Sea Food LIgh+ Lunches and Homemade ChIII I5 Wes+ WashIng+on S+reeI' NANTICOKE PENNA PHONE 9I90 COMPLIMENTS OF NOBLE FURNITURE JOSEPH ELINSKI O ner 23 25 Easf Noble S'rree1' Nanhcoke Penna COMPLIMENTS OF NORKY S CAFE 384 Easf Unlon S1'ree+ Nanhcoke Penna COMPLIMENTS OF OWENS FUNERAL HOME Phone 2I07 270 Easf Mann Sfreei' NANTICOKE PENNA PISCOTTY S AIr Condlhoned Tavern 38 Arch S+ Nanhcoke Penna ANTHONY and WANDA PISCOTTY Proprnefors Phone 9 I 76 If' ' , If ' I I ' I I Nanficolce, Penna. ' i V I I W . 1 PITZ S MARKET Grocerues Fresh Meals and Produce I43 Wesf Green S+ree+ Nanhcolre Pennsylvanua PHONE 2I3I PRICES TIRE SHOP Vulcanlzmg Recapplng New and Used Tlres PHONE 2090 Corner Wash ng+on and Prospecr NANTICOKE PENNA PURE ICE 81 COAL CO Glen Alden Coal Elecrrnc Furnace Man S'I'oker ANTRA PLO WAGNER Ray s TIRE CENTER 548 E Mann S+ Nanhcolce P Phone 9088 RAY SEDORCHUK REILLY S FURNITURE STORE JOHN REILLY Prop Home Furnishers and Decorafors Phone 92 I5 I7 W Green Sfreel' Nanhcolce Penna Bes+ Wushes 'Io fhe Sen or Class Remco Flnesl Ouallly Used Cars MAIN HIGHWAY WEST NANTICOKE COMPLIMENTS OF RICHARD SERVICE STATION Corner Church 8: Chesfnufs SIS GOOD GULF and NO NOX GASOLINES Phone 9090 RUMMAGE S SILVA DROME Hunloclrs Creek Bo lung Slcahng Plcmc Grove Free S mm ng Free Bus Service from Nanhcolze EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT I SI' 1 l ' , a. Lei' Reilly Make Your House a Home . i I , . W. - . ' ' -- wi I UY BOAST BUILD Nan? coke THE SCHAEFER PRESS Home of Fne Wedd g Pape mercaI P I CaII Nan'I'lcoIce 2206 3I5 SouI'I1 Hanover Sfreei' Nanhcoke Penna Pho e 733 J WILLIAM SCHREINER Insurance ReaI Es+a+e Nofary Public 226 So +I1 Ma I:e+ S'rreeI NANTICOKE PENNA CompIlmen+s +o I'I1e Sensor CIass SCHWARTZ FURNITURE STORE 36 E Broad S+ree+ Nanf coke Pe na FURNITURE of DISTINCTION COMPLIMENTS OF SHAFFLER S WILCO STORE I63 Honey Poi S+ree+ Nanhcoke Penna GEORGE V SH EEDER SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 57 E Mann SI'reeI' Nanhcoke Penna The Bes+ n Se ng Machines and V cuum Cleaners BEST WISHES Slvlck s Cafe Nanhcoke Penna SMERESKI S SERVICE STATION JOSEPH SM ERESKI Prop sol ead Eper'ILb aio Corner Haoe adB s PHONE 9II2 B n - In I J. I In rs 1 Com I rin Ing ' u r -I , n . Complimenfs +o 'I'I'l6 Class of I953 . I WI ' a O I ' I T Ga In n OIIS x u ric I n ' I . n v r n road SI. ECONOMY STORES J SOBOLEWSKI A CompIe+e Food MarIce+ 40 Broad ay S+ ee+ NANTICOKE PENNA Spotonsks s DRUG STORE I38 S Marke+ S+ Nanhcoke P Phone 624 J EDMUNDWICZ Prop STAN S OUALITY FOOD MARKET Groce es Mea+ Vege+abIes 396 E Ridge S+ Nan+ucoIce P FREE DELIVERY TeI 2663 STANDISH S SUNOCO SERVICE Phone 9l I7 Broad S+ o++ MarIce+ S+ NBHIICOIKG P A + Z SERVICE MEN S SHOP CIo+I1 ng and Genfs F sh ngs I58 S MarIce+ S+ree+ A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPH STUCCIO Bes+ Pizza IO7 Gr dS+ N +cIce P COMPLIMENTS OF SUPERIOR MOTOR CO Inc Chrysler Plymo fh es a Phone 2I I2 PHQNE 2832 Arch and Locus+s S+ree+s ED GELB Prop 'I s. . W r ' , a. A. . , ' I a, . , 6. I STAN-LEE COMPLIMENTS or an Sal rg ServiEe BEST wlsl-IES WO RTHS Smarl' Wearing Apparel Nan+icoIce-Plymoufh .U COMPLIMENTS or JOSEPH YATSKO Lighf Lunches Phone 9060 5l9 S. Marlce+ S+ree+ NANTICOKE, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS or YENCHEK S CLEANERS Dry Cleaning and Pressmg Phone I99 5l4 S Marlcel' S+ree+ NANTICOKE PENNA Elecfrlcal Supplles Sporhng Goods HARDWARE STORE Phone 4I9 Exclusuve dealer of DuPon+ Pam'Is Plumbing Heahng Tlnmng Sfove Repalrung I26 and I40 E Mann Sfreei' Nanhcolce Penna ANTHONY ZABIEGALSKI Grocer Corner Hanover 8: Unlon Nanhcoke Penn PHONE I373 COMPLIMENTS OF ZNANIECKI BROTHERS PROFESSIONAL PATRONS J A DRAPIEWSKI J HUMPHREY L J KNORR EDMUND JANOSCZYK STEPHEN JONAS DR N R LAKATOS DELBERT R MAJOR P E RINGAWA T A SALACZYNSKI H L SHEMANSKI PERCY and THOMAS WILLIAMS I Y. T. DR. . . DR. . DR. B. J. FORD DR. and MRS. I. C. MORGAN DR. I. . DR. . . DR. . . DR. . . DR. DR. . . DR. DR. SUSQUEHANNA LUMBER COMPANY Where 'Ihe Grea+es+ N mber Buy Their Lumber I20 Arch S+ree'r NBFIIICOIKG Penna SWANTKO S FOOD MARKET Home of OuaI+y Foods A FAIRLAWN STORE 288 Pune SI'ree+ Nanhcoke Penna Phone 445 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I953 Swlrat s Cafe Compl men'Is of VICTOR S BATTERY SERVICE Mofor T ne Up Brake and Wheel AIlg en'I' S+a'Ie I spec'Io Corn Rldge 8: Prospecf S'rs Nanhcoke Penna WADZINSKI S PHARMACY As Close +o you As Y Ph e Waln I S'I'ree'I' Nanfc Ire Penna PHONE 905I Phone 59I MICHAEL L WEISS aII'y Me 'Is Groce Vege+abIes Nanhcoke Penna COMPLIMENTS OF Wesley AUTO COMPANY Your Ford Dealer Since I9I5 Phone 594 J WILLIAMS PEANUTS DONUT and NUT SHOP I33 Soufh Markef S'Iree'I' NANTICOKE PENNA I i ll u i I u i ' nm n I n I ' . PHoNE'9o4s ' W, I Ou I a - ries our on u I io , ' Congralulahons +o +he Class of l953 FOTT1 THE BLUEBIRD RESTAURANT I59 S Marlcef S1'ree+ Your hos+ JOHN SENDEROVWTZ COMPLIMENTS or CATNES CHEVROLET I49 Easl' Mann Sfreef Nanhcolce Penna CROTZER S JEWELRY STORE DR T R CROTZER Prop Op+ome+r1s+ Dealer for +hus years Class rings IO9 S Marlcel' Sl' Elgin Wa+ches Co Pley Dnamonds Parker Pens Ronson Lngh+ers EDDYS JEWELRY STORE EDDY WARAKOMSKI I67 S Marke+ Besf Washes +o fhe Class of 953 BURT GOMMER Wholesale Candy and Tobacco 6l9 Hanover Sfreef Nanhcoke Pa PHONE 974 J Congrafulahons Class of I953 We are Mrghfy Proud of you The Road +o Success us Walhng for you JIMMY +he Jeweler Easl' Mann S+reei' Nanhcolce Pa MY II STORE BUYING POWER SAVES YOU MONEY Brung nn your Kodalr Fulm Developing and Prunhng 8 HOUR SERVICE Koronklewlcz's DRUG STORE l86 Marlcei' S+ree+ Nanhcolce Penna Complumenfs of KLEM A DROZDOWSKI f Naniicolce, Pa. Naruicoke. Pa. I, I . 8 ' ' , . Compllmenfs of MICHAEL S PAPER CO Wholesale P per Bags scho I s ppl es No e es I0 Nor+h MarIce+ S+ree+ NANTICOKE PA Besf Wsshes Io Ihe Members of Ihe Class of I953 WILLIAM J MONT WaI'chmaIcer and Jeweler ELGIN W + hes Au+h ed KEEPSAKE Damond Deale IZO S Market Sfreei' Mary Lee DRESS SHOP 5 7 Sou+h MarIceI' SI'reeI' Co pI men+s of IVIAYS DRESS SHOP Soufh Markei' S+reeI' ALBERT REES Sales Bulck Servlce I83 M Ice? SI eeI' NANTICPOKE PENNA COMPLIMENTS OF Swaney's RESTAURANT Phone 362 J L TURNER 5' CO Plumbing-Heafing and Shee+ Me+aI Work II8 MarIceI' Sfreei' NANTICOKE, PENNA I a 0 U V 3 Q oriz I r , . CompIImen'I's of . . . ' m I . . . I - I8I ar r . . . Compllmenls of KELLYS SCHOOL BUSES PLAYING THE GAME Are you playmg +he game on +he field of Isle Are you keeping wn+hln +he rules7 Do you play wn+h a lump and a 'oy In +he slrlfe Nor whsmper for be+'I'er +ools7 There IS always a chap who lags behlnd And walls 'fhaf +he world as gray Thai' has axe IS dull and has wheels won I grmd And :I s lafe 'Io begun 'Ioday Bu+ If you should ask +he o+her chap The one who has gone ahead You II fund +ha+h1s+ooIs were worse mayhap And he s made new ones nnsfead For playmg +he game means no+ +o grun When 'lhe held ns smoo+h and clear Bul' +o flghi- from 'the furs+ for 'the 'oy 'Ihereln Nor Io heed Ihe haun+ of fear And Ihfough In 'rhe slrlfe no prize you earn That marks 'rhe vucfor s fame Know shll If you ve Irled a+ every 'rurn You have won for you ve played 'Ihe game CONGRATULATIONS and FUTURE SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I953 Sfucllo of Modern Phofography Bridal and Family Groups Child and Adulf Poriranfure Yours for BeHer Pho+ography SADOWSKI STUDIO 403 Eas'r Noble S'rree+ Nanhcoke Pa Phone 2548 To ,the Class of N53 The MEMBERS of 'Ihe CLASS of I953 wnsh fo exfencl fhelr appreciahon and I 'Ihanks +o Ihe business and professuonal men l I and +he social, servnce, and fralernal clubs l ST. S for fheur help In making lhls book possible THE ANNUAL STAFF also wnshes 'l'o REV. PUSKARI pasfor 'rhank Mr Alex Wysocki :Is advnsor whose REV. JANEKAI Cu,.a+e unders+and1ng and supervuslon paved Ihe I way +o The success of fhis book. y Besl' Washes and Blessmgs I . .. 5 I A 3 . -. I '- I I I ull: 1 , ' '! I I I my ,I . ,gf VW X . . Ziinp., v , I' 'Tm U r . w W fa 'e .',. M5 ,M 4 2679? : ee N f' - gw,.,S,f5'i .f- r-, ff 'b -., ., f,,,.f ' A ' A SI - , 3 41'i'1'3i4" w . HF ,. Kv.M,.A,,.. ,fb , -2,59 View 'Q- Qjfyfw x ,vs ' gig: . gfikglirjn'-L..', Q f' J 'f ' , A1 fL44':fi?,9SS - Af 3 ,.5,,:-'f5'w?f?.m .. , 2 5 ' y . 2' 'ix iffy, f J , YN A

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