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4,,, fff 91-5 F f Q' X flnsrf -1 'Ng Z 49'i'd' K ffx f 165 if MKII I 1 SK- I' w J , J 'I ff 5 'X X I me lf L 5, N7 I I , If I I K -.Qs ml v: ltr- Q!!! ' Z X . ' I- 'Q ,' II ' . ' ' f 352244, ",I':?' -!.,47x x fl Lx. V452 N - I I 23 I. if f l A1 l, 3 5 -f f t ' X ' 1 M ,Ph L II ,M , , I - FIL - I- f - ' X , I . I -ff - I - -2 Q , X ' ,Q I -I 54 J- I A' 'i ., f 1 S .ii I -I,-R -- g ?l- ' f f X , Q , - -. I H-Irv Q A fXI ,Q Q . Q f - ,f - -.I + -Q A-L m - -N' Xfffj ' V H I f I ' -f ' 'W I I -K ., 'N 'N s ' - I I , 1 J N W I H if J Fd 5 in ! ' U ,- A ' sq Nb f ,J I .. g, N - a I ' I -N -f -'A I I V G' 'f- . .L-:rx M E I - M17 I Vw f '.f IL:', -, - ,N N ' 'K i n I 1 .1 V ,f 7 ff ff l -fn 1, , ,C-k.':47j7"' I wif Y , L- i, I gf I X L 7 l I f 1 i L ykflv ., I ' .- , L A It ff-5-Il -1 , WI' MS---fi, Q 5-,, If -I I V I I -W k-'TL 6 lla I I w x E I I T N ' .J I I - I ,IE XM' I -,. Y , -v iv- f JI . I E IP I ' V X Ia .,. ' ' ' y sg N IN Q If I I ' I I Yi, - 1 1 ,KX ,z I 7 V 1 I , If t -1 V, A " I QI' ' -Y IM' l -If I C , X J E QI I I " ' I I I f I - f-' 1 , v 5 WF -xi la I 1 . l I 3 .jf-. ,,,., 1 f Jug f ! xr F 'I 1, lag. if? x W ' A w N W? fl Q x1 fig? dial! UMETMM i5mdl:lun.IuHlmuh11lMWm'dd?mFl " umm AIM! nu MWMWMM utiinih Www M. W1 !X f !N A 45" E- 'E lakh? "x S 'Ns l i gi' i 5 M gf K 'IEP k-i -Q- :VZ l SN Q Ls: R 5+ E QS. gli? Q 52 W4 Y' G DJ HW X! 0 Y 'S .aff 19797521 V114 is 11-1-9-gr L,-f K' ff 9 ff JU if I a 4, A 1 J, 3 mf , , ' 175 1,71 V' f" I Q .Q ,r fill! ......M..., .- Mx - ,g 4, - zwgiffrilf t, I , I l .J . is V A I , rl A I. A f - xl 4, l s xly uni ' i A --'K- 1 - -- ' ,xgw 1' - I ', ,I , i J' Q X xx v 4 ., ,J , I 3 , W , E- - K T f: X' if F1 X Q if N X xx' ' x x s f, ' x ' , ' . I 1. 4. X Q X I F 'QI ...-I 53"-rv Y, . 'XJ' h 'C I Q Y SX p 1- I 1 -A.,2..2Q-1.31- -Q x K I J .,., .. N N. ' - ' 'J ' A A - X ""' '- " '. ' .21 ,. "'-2?-T--' ... Nw E ,,F X it ' ' f. 'H ' E '-',-'?--- 1 Z- fy xx - E L r - I EN 1 1 f Q , gl f . E- Qfjgf ' g I 'E-M P A 5, - - -651 X" ba, TX NX Q , , x"1f'f wig rj- 11, ' fi- : - .E , jg 4 H f S ,W L L , , A - V 4. . .. H 1 - L xl J' y -L. k 4 ,,,.-- f :NN 'EQ 1 5 3 .54 1 53 ' " , ig A -' NR ? gba f- Q 1 is I ' '53 -- N: S9 ,X 1 if ' 'K f f Ei lg - W f Lie ' ii: ' Q- ' xx Y 5 - - x4 Y w, 3' I . 7 5 :X b, i in 6 I - ' ' " .T 2 N- LJ - 3- . 2 ,X V X ' - E- Q. t F ' gl 5- 2,41 K' ?' A , :Es 5' 9594 - , ' 5 T7 'ff ' ' K 5 if 5 "" i- 'E - f 5 i 'jx k.. T' ' F Ei' if, , sg f i LL ' .AA f y ,J , 1- 1 f T : I Q ' Ey V-T Q 1 I, " ' 2' - x 1 A:-1 . , ' : " by: , ' az... 5 A - ' " A A . A ,, ,. ,4.., , N ' f -I -V V fr I' dk' , ff' - Q U fig? I if f ff 'I' :5 - -f A I A-?v X L L W - X ' Y P l. '. , ' ' '-I K 'L 'K 1' LJ 7 'K nf s, XX l"-TIQJ m.,f...w AL VI A N AT E R 'S ll f' "N.. Pfblztg-llfb xfFl2r'Q'5 JP.l:flfAf5LFpLplJ1JJl4wu 'HA Where the xale of old Tlllsburv When the ex emnq txx nllqht deepen Meets the Westerxm skx And dlm fshadoxx s f1ll Proudlx stands our Alma Miter Lmqer long the golden ube am On her hlllrop hlgh On her xx extern xx ill Chorus Plaq xxe loxe blue and xx hlte Flowt for wxe N'illflCOliQ l-llqh o er thee lXlax' thx' som he lean and loxal To thy memory. X 2 S Nm Nj IFnrPmnrh T e Senxor Class of 1931 endeixormq to xnuntam the success of th1 annual puhhcitron feels yustlx proud 111 rts sexenth succes 1xe xear Kmqhthood andthe 3Xqe OfCh1X ilrx ha heen chosen is 1 theme ind 1 deplcted throuqhout th1s boolx 111 the xqrlous drixxrngs of medlex il llfe The h1qh1de1l xx hlch ch1x Hlrx tiuqht the socnl lnfe of the knrqht ind hrs p lr t1c1p1t1on 111 sports Ire 111 compired to our four xeirs of hlqh school s tlme pisses the p iqes of th1s boo xx1 xeci 1 Sl'11l11I1Q memorx 0 our cherrshed h1qh school daxs Vve ire qrlteful to our teichers under xx hose SUPCIXISIOII ind pltleme xx e haxe str1x en to Httaln our gowl The staff expresses 1ts qratltude to the fxcultx student bodx ind 111 other persons xx ho haxe contrlbuted to the pUbllC3f1011 of thls xeirbook Qluutenta Alma Nliter Facmq Paqe Tltle Paqe Forexx ord Theme Page Ded1c'1t1on Boircl of Education 1:1cultx SCIIIOI' Cliss Senlor Home Rooms Ser lor 31ct1x1t1es unlor C11 s bophomore Q11 lre hmm l'1cultx lreshmin CI iss Actlx mes XTQIIIOTILN Sports 'Xlph lhetlc allx X ours X nt T time at mc 1 4 1 l h 1 C.-.1 T' . C - ' A E V T 4 .P .Tj AF " 'x , 4 ' lc S , 3 , Q . f .S . x r , Qc , V. C V. 51 . wc . b c S ' lc ' c . .T 1 ,c .' 2 - Ag ' Q .'.' at J lc '11 ' 1 ll 1 J ' A K j f T . - . . . . .'.' , A . 1 e ' R M 1 , K 1 ' ' 2 K 3 . C , 4 C A 6 c I' 9 T cff ' J 31 1' 1 ' " ' 3 33 I ' . S: 36 A 3 N ass 39 3 s 1 at 4' -13 : 5 . 2 ,'.' -H , N ' ' -17 . 65 3 71 ,- 1 "1 ' Y N3 Last X 'ull 21 l est nt N-1 Ura lug us Page N5 Als 97 Qlhiualrg ff! f IIN, fl f NJ ffl as f 9 CMA NN X M W fgy X K Y IM ,HN ,fffrffffffh j gill Z 3 X. .. . H1 N f ffffff" f 0 :Wo XXXXON Of 7 - I, 'f . -ii V i- AQ, 1 ll f ' x HV- Q J f hu ,, ..-fd., X ' v Ht 1 ' ,631 I I f I , Z 0,1 E I rf' r., W Ill lm' X 'NX N' 0 K ll K KX '14 111222777 ffm, MX ' AA I N-'Q' . Wig. K X k C X ffffl, Q MY, X .Za ,ffll Bvhtratinn WF KV! 1 -of ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Left to rlght MISS Mary Boyle MISS Ixatherme Smuth Mr Henry Grrldkoxwk Mr Thomas Lexus Nlr Anthony Dlksa M155 Ahce 'VILCarthx 'X1155 Syh' Vhlhams Not Photographed Mr Harold Bombc VVe the C1155 of 1971 hereby dedu lu thl our N 111111111 to the te lChCFS ofthe Ilnqhsh Dep irtm-.nt xx ho In in lutmdllud u tot e Fnqlxsh QI INSIC e t umd of kmr hooc md the Aqe of Chu Hlrx yy h1 h we hx hm en 1 t e theme of our X earbook X X .7-Xhmrnmirattnn W N 1 fff ffff f f Q! W .. S H2534 oofso 5 iw Q N xx xg WW J 57 if fm w X7 W, Kbgfkff S I QNX ,M W ffffllf l f - M dy 2 W l 12 ff, I fff' T D 1 A A E Q Q Q FQ 0 Q 1 EJ 'ff f fff"E S , L4 TL! - is , 5 N T fn m l 5 I K Wir ' 0 as 0 fff ff' cf, 72 7 Q! -Zig. f Q N7 Y! rw f TX My 1 H X Q K f 1+ f I 4 Xf" fBE,, f I fff j, fzgfg A if ' , LQ5 f' Q1 N L 3.-'g n ff Qwfif, 2 - X , 57 f,dgffB ' N-qgiff , Z 5' 4 Y 1 QQKQ2 7 N ka m dh y 7 ,U K., .... 3 X I QW V W . 'N W A 11 X W X f nf X f J ff W ff ' 1 , 5:1 ll 'U j,,,Q4,, q,'w Baath nf 7 humttnn IOHN 7ANOVVlCZ I ARCHIE VINCENT 1-RANK MAYLN Sh' Presldent Vxcz Prcsndent Su U., .y THOMAS BURROWS MARIO CIPRIANI WILLIANI DUDECIX Q'ef'il E.-v BERNARD PXOTULAPX 10sEPH VKARROMSKI ,OHN 5-HHH l'0rme.r Prnndnnr Suptnm nd nt L L S x MARTIN M GRONKA PIIIICIPCII The graduatmg class of 1931 has left a fme record I am proud of your achlex ements durmg the past four years To help vou 'lttam 1 fuller measure of Nlason udge thyself xuth a Judgement of sex erlty 'md you xx 1ll Judge others vslth a judgement of charlty May all your plans for the future brmg you happmess b of success and happiness in life, it will be well for you to remember the words GEORGE V SHEEDER Muslcal Director LEWIS SVVEITZER Business Manage: LLEWELLYN EDMUNDS Guxdance Dlrector FRATNlx SHANNON IRENE KANON Secretary to Supenntendent STEPHEN OLllNSlxl X onallonal Director SYLX ESTER B07INSlsl Recreatxnnal Director Eight Attxnuanac Offlu.r ilkurultg COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT HEALTH AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS Sealed Vhss Ldna VN olfe Shorthand and Typmg Left t0 Ughf MV Kamuck B035 Health M155 Standmg 'Ur Fdvtard Cralla Consumer Educa Vvssodzl GMS H ahh Mr Strwak Polish mm Mr Frank Makarc 51, gookkcepmg Not photographed Whss Marx Humphrey Lat1n Not Photographed Mlss Bcssm Stra11S Shorthand Nhgq Claim Smith I-mnch and Spamgh and 1 x pmg Gm ff' G 3 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Seated llcft to mghtl P1159 Ruth VV1ll1s BIOIOQV M155 Tab1tha XK1l11s Bmlogy Standmg Nlr Alex VNxsotk1 Econoxmcs Mr Henrx Laxman CTTCIUISIYX Mr Adam Yaitrem slu Physxcs N Stuhrnt Iinhg Lxfxfgefrful? Y ff VW ,. T V cm V F f my J ,fufffzw X W X 2 X ilrflfiwfff E 2 K M XM X GCf'J'-fwuxyud M 1 , ' X ll . 1 -t I X ' C' N -if V 2 0 I K Q m f f . , , J Ohm . ' .fit '- ' X Mig- I Hu H H, ' ' tru? V r lg W 2:5 m . W l U ff A 24 ' + pu' ,L Q ' ' 'W 4 W H. u K S W " ' Q AE lm X ' X l '-'V' A iff' 1 I ff r M 7 4 ' 1 LY f ' 'Q I Q 'll W1 ,' J I lv' -i,-,. I lag. If , cf 4 f 71 A f f' W if 3 H X - , . . . S sd V lx ff ,f Z ' 1 ' - " 'Q 5 N If f U 4." Q .x V . J wifi 'E"a":""'- N f X Ccc .i?"':"' ' fs N ii- I - X5-x .,, C 21- - CQ 1,' ,- '5 E X it "-' " Exit u ,- - i "' I, t ' ff , , 1,- f--f-cff, f 0 xr' Hi' ' -4: -f-- - 5 J J I 1 M ff.-41 U 1 Vg, ' V L Qc-rrg x Us ryx, U:.----- K3 TQCQCQK-r 4-hxxb br H n 'ici Qc "'5"fl2..2 X' ' I - Q , X M I XLV ' 32 5' Q NNW , B r x Q , , , ,o -lf, v '-A its NX' , Q gvl-ff '.'r'- X V :Il - Q ,,,xA- i KL H -P 'U N32 . ' , , ,Q Q2 f C rl K ' if A x V, , 'g.+ flff Ky: Q C ,Ng ff T .1 s dx' Z fl J b of P X K E X3 L L Q ' QWKW M 23 A X A9 fee W Nw X if Q 5. FRE: MAN COLORS Blue and Gold MOTTO Educatxon our gam success ou goal FLOWER Amencan Beauty Rose 0112155 nf 1551 Seated Cecelxa Sos1nsk1 V1cePres1dent Lorrame Bucholtz Secretary CLASS OFFICERS Standing Wllham Budurka Presxdent Iohn Wllllams Treas urer CLASS SONG lTune Halls of Ivvl To our dear old Nantxcoke Hxgh School We w1ll pledge our loyalty And we vull long remember All the yoys shared vuth thee May the honor so deservmg Never never be undone Of the class of 51 The many bells that rang And all the songs vue sang VV1ll never be forgotten come As classmates vue nov part Wxth sadness m our heart what may But stnll mth purpose true me ll carry on For achxevement ln thc future Ever strnmg day by day The loyal class of 51 ls nov. on lts may Tel . . V r i - . . ,V . - . - ' ' , ' : . And may the memory linger , , V ' Y W' VC W4 T CCNSTANCE A. BLOCKUS lnguisitiye and intelligent are good descriptions of Connie. Her ac- tiveness as a cheerleader and her enjoyable company are only two rungs in her ladder to success. IOSEPH F. BOHINSKI Ioe atones for a small stature by his humorous and cooperative na- ture. These qualities, no doubt, are reasons for his many acquain- tances among fellow students. ROBERT F. BOYLE Bob has become one of the most likeable chaps of the class. His ability to keep the room in an up- roar was displayed by the unfor- gettable time he was locked in the closet. Thirteen FRANCIS I. ADAMCZYK "Fran" is regarded as a friendly and reliable student. Always pre- sent with him is his ready wit which is quickly accepted by his classmates. MARIE T. AUGUSTINE Quiet and demure at one moment while energetic and full of life the next is Marie. Her aid in high school activities indicates that she is a willing worker. NATALIE R. BIGOS The spark of gaiety, provided hy Natalie's presence, entices a lively spirit in a classroom. Indeed, this trait will prove helpful in later associations. IOSEPH F. ANDREIKO This energetic and light-hearted fellow can usually be seen as the Center of attraction. Theres never a dull moment when Ioe begins his droll stunts. ALMA M. BALLA First take a handful of charm, then add a cupful of vigor: next, stir in some radiant smiles, and last add a pinch of musical ability. These in- gredients composite our congenial Alma. MARY ANN BITTENBENDER Advice in selling! Mary Ann does- ni need it. She did a splendid job in selling candy at the football games. The enthusiasm of this girl will never be forgotten. ANDREW BOBOLA However dull a classroom seems, The addition of "Bubbles" makes it gleam: A carefree, light-hearted, brown- haired lad. A truer friend can never be had. EDWIN F. BOROFSKI If your first impression of Edwin reminded you of a quiet, shy fellow you had better change it. He is distinguished as one of the best pranksters the Nanticoke halls have known. LORRAINE D. BUCHOLTZ Lorraine will always be remember- ed for her pleasant smile and her beautiful blond hair. The splendid work she did as majorette contrib- uted toward her popularity. 3 490--4 HELEN B. CHAPURA Given: Pretty girl with dark hair, sparkling eyes, and pleasing per- sonality, Required: To add the above char- acteristics, Result: Who else could it be but our classmate Helen? MELANIE A. CIEMPOLA No doubt you have often wondered where MlVlillie" gets her energy. This is indeed a myetery. But, we do know that she did a magnificent Iob on the Yearbook Business Staff. IANET A. COOPER lanet is never found as part of a noisy group in a study hall or class. She best achieves her purpose by following the rule. "Silence is Gol- den." Fiurte industrious. our class. DOLORES D. CHEKLINSKI Astonishing as it may seem, "Dod- ie" is always bubbling with gaiety. The contributions of her wonderful voice to our minstrels helped to make them successful. EDWARD CIEPLIK Edward is a bright-eyed blond Of whom the girls are very fond: No greater pitcher can be found. VVhenever "Ko:y" is around. ROBERT W. CROOP Bob believes that there is a time and place for everything. He can be both fun-loving and serious dee pending upon what the occasion demands. WILLIAM I. BUDLIRKA Bills commendable achievements as Senior Class President establish- ed a fne record for his successors to equal. His efforts are best de- scribed as being conscientious and IOSEPH S. BUTCHKO loe is one of those fun-loving fel- lows who can always he found having a good time. Nevertheless. he was sincere and cooperative in many school activities. ROBERT BUTKA The best description of A'Red" is the adjective quiet, This accounts for his attentiveness which has helped him become a top student of RAYMOND BUSHELLI Quiet. sincere. and a grand person is Ray. His amiable character and loyalty to his fellov: classmates were well displayed by his contri- butions on the gridiron. IOHN F. BUTKA At one glance Iohns actions may seem studious and serious. How- ever, upon closer observation a winning smile is unfolded which makes him everyones friend. ARTHUR I. CAGIGAS Arthur surprises us once in a while with his hidden intellect. Never to be forgotten are his debates in ccn- sumer class on the subject of per- culators. CHARLES P. CROP No one can kick a ball like Chuck' Hes really good but not thru luck: l'm sure the girls would like to see. All the boys as handsome as he. IOHN I. CZECK Characteristic of lohn is his friend- liness and cooperation. As a Stu- dent of the Commercial Depart- ment. he proved his ability, since he is a typist of speed and accur- acy. THOMAS DAVIS Tom. although quiet and serious, possesses an amiable disposition. His sincere interest in basketball earned for him a position on the varsity squad. EDWARD F. CYWINSKI "Murphy" has displayed his talents in football. basketball. and baseball. Aside from sports however, his dis- tinction lies in the tendency to blush on the slightest remark from the fairer sex. ANNA DALMAS Finding Anna in a sullen mood is hard to imagine, because everyone certainly knows of her sociability. Her efficiency as a candy-girl proves this quality. DANIEL I. DISTASIO Whether performing on the foot- ball field or in the minstrel, Danny was equally proficient. Also, we can't forget his friendliness which established his popularity. MARY A. DOBRANSKI As spring bursts out from winter. so Mary has suddenly broken her silence. This change revealed qual- ities which Mary possessed. such as her voice, unknown to her friends. PAUL DROZDOWSKI Paul is generally considered a shy fellow, But---underneath that shyness we detect the other side of his dual personality: humor and "brains" DAVID C. EDWARDS Friendly. popular. and a "top notch" student seems to include ev- ery aspect. However, Davos a- chievement as an All Scholastic basketball player cannot escape praise. RICHARD DOMZALSKI Dum-Dum's sobriety is disregarded by those who know him personally. His list of friends is a long one which is accounted to his depend- ability. IOHN L. DZURIS VVe have as yet to see Iohn's ap- pearance anything but neat, for he is always well dressed. In addition his pleasant manners will aid him in future undertakings. IUDITH M. EVANS Despite her quiet manner, it is dif- ficult to find a truer friend than Iudy. This can be attributed to her helpful suggestions in solving prob- lems. Fifteen MARILYN I. EVANS The world would know its loss if Marilyn ever stopped laughing. This sense of humor plus her neat- ness are befitting to her charming personality. EVA MAE FINK Can you imagine finding Eva Mae in a serious mood? This would be a discovery because she is so care- free and gay. Her vivacity bright- ened many classrooms. ALFRED W. FLORKIEWICZ A1 always did a fine job whenever called upon. However, won't he please tell us why he is sooo bash- ful? Nevertheless, he can boast a great number of friends. MELVIN W. FARKAS Cooperative, dependable, and a dil- igent worker describe Melvins en- vious qualities. He is considered "tops" both as a student in the classroom and as a student mana- ger of the football team. MERLYN FLETCHER Opening exercises just weren't the same if "Murph" wasn't in the or- chestra playing the drums. Besides his ability as a drummer, he pos- sesses a keen sense of humor. IANICE M. FLOWERS Ianice belongs to the group of our more active members. She did a commendable job as President of the Tri Hi Y, even though it was a little difficult to call meetings to order. SYLVIA E. FRY Sylvia combines the characteristics of friendliness and sociability: then she "wears" them. With these assets it is little wonder she can make and keep friends. LEO W. GARCZYNSKI Facetiousness plus .,.... This explains to what extent Leos humorous an- tics will go. VVith such a jolly outlook no one can help liking him. HENRY GIUSTI 'Butchfl along with his twin sister. has a special ability for making friends. His accomplishments beth on the gridiron and in school can- not escape praise. ALFRED GALAT Underneath Al's quiescence we are certain there must be some wit. Of course, it is still to be found. One "feather in his hat" is his personal- ity. HENRIETTA M. GIUSTI 'Etta-s" usually has a radiant smile for everyone. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why she sold so much candy. VVe are sure she will meet with such success in the future. DOLORES GIZINSKI Happy-go-lucky. pleasant and smil- ing are only some of the adjectives to describe Dolores. This affable lass. never found in a morose mood. is sought by all as a companion. ESTHER A. GRANT No one will ever forget Esther's kindness and pleasantness toward her fellow classmates. In addition, her conscientious attitude in all un- dertakings is sure to spell success. IOAN GROMNIAK A quiet and gentle girl is Ioan. Be- ing both a pleasant and congenial lass who has been successful in any school undertaking, she will long be remembered by her classmates. EDMUND GROZIO Doing his utmost to be good-natur- ed and cheerful, Ed has succeeded. His colorful clothes and sportive manner cause a convivial atmos- phere inviting to any individual. Sekenleen there: efficient. miss. GEORGE I. GREVERA George and his accordion go to- gether. You cant think of one without recalling the other. His exceptional musical ability plus his Congeniality have made him a well- liked classmate. DOROTHY I. GROUT Dot, one of our very capable cheer- leaders just oozing with vitality, is classed as "tops," Possessing an amiable disposition, this girl's fu- ture is certain to be successful. SYLVESTER C. GRZYMSKI "Syl" is a quiet, intelligent student who devotes most of his time to his studies. VVhenever his name was called he responded with 'Arosy cheeks." IEANETTE GOLEMBIESKI lanie. with her short blonde hair. XX hen cheerings heard. is always As Civics Club Secretary she was Never. never inconsistent. ANN GORNECKI The banners of glory are carried by Ann. This includes loyalty to her friends and school. Also. her modest ways make her a charming RICHARD GRABOWSKI Determined to do his work but still able to find time for other ac- tivities, Dick adheres to the princi- ple "work before play." The front hall was usually buzzing when he was selling tickets. PAUL GONSKI Pauls joviality surprises many un- suspecting persons. Therefore we warn anyone in his presence to be "on his toes." His blonde hair contributes towards his innocent appearance. KATHLEEN T. GRABOWSKI Any gathering abounding in cheer- fulness must naturally contain 'ATootsie." Combining this with neatness and sociability, the por- trait of her features is complete. EMIL GRANITZKI In order to visualize Emil you must imagine a boy small in stature, friendly, humorous, and an efficient Associate Business Editor. Having formed the image, you can readily understand his versatility. THEODORE P. HOYSON Ted has received the distinction of never being without a smile or prank. Coming from the Hanover section, he can usually inform you of the latest happenings there. CHESTER C. HYLA "Chet", a returned ex-G. I. discov- ered the value of an education from his experiences. This well-liked student has once again answered Uncle Sams call. FRANCES E. INCELLI Frances is a pretty dark-haired girl, All her charm would be impossible to unfurl: She is always ready with a helping hand, All her classmates think she is sim- ply grand. Eighteen YVONNE GULLIFORD This dark-haired lass is noted for her capability in executing a joke. She has many friends and keeps them well informed on the latest jive. KENNETH E. HALL Because he believes in having fun, "Kenny" has the distinction of be- ing one of our most humorous stu- dents. Another of his specialties is poetry in which he excels. CAROLYN B. HOVICK Carolyn. a tall, winsome lass. is very active in school affairs. Her lovely smile and wonderful person- ality have endeared her to all. She will always be remembered for her successful management of the can- dy sales. MICHAEL HLINCHAR Mlkflikeu. our student from VVarrior Rxn. was an outstanding center on the champienship basketball team. Class rscifations from him were al- ways weimzzied since they were mixed with lzazinor. WALTER HYLA Personality. personality. plus more personality: tl1z1t's 'AVValt" to the T. Knowing this we need lool. no more for reasons contributing to- wgird his popularity. HENRIETTA M. IACHIMCZAK Credit due to this loquacious miss on her art of conversation cannot be denied. She holds the indispu- table title. 'Friend To All". IOHN E. HAIDUK Iohn is a very sociable fellow with a personality which enables him to win many friends. He is a quiet and studious and can be called up- on to do his best. lol-IN HANISH What. Iohn has no bananas for lunch! As long as we have known him. this fruit has appeared in his lunch every day. Energetic, studi- ous, friendly, and sports-minded. lohn has a bright future. MARY A. HOYNACKI With a determination to succeed and a reserved manner, Mary has secured an UA" rating from her classmates. Our hats are off to this fine girl. HENRY V. IANOSKI To be Editor of the Nannual one must be intelligent, industrious. and responsible. Considering all these factors. you can readily understand Hanks assignment to this position. His scholastic record is a milestone to success. CATHERINE IONES Mix one part friendliness with one part co-operation. Stir with capa- bility and season with sweetness. Add a sprinkle of humor and the result is Kate. one of the nicest girls to meet. IOHN A. KALINOSKI i'CalA' is quite a guy, Although he is bashful and shy: He likes to have his fun And is friendly to everyone. THERESA A. IAVORSKI Theresa presents a fascinating sub- ject for study. Her sparkling eyes and keen sense of humor are reccg- nized as important reasons for her rank among the students. ROBERT IONES Bob has the ability to apply him- self to the work at hand. VVith such a knack to get things done. a place in the world is held for him. STANLEY KAMINSKI Stanley is a quiet fellow with an amiable personality. One of his spceialties is Polish which he can speak fluently. We wish him the best of luck in any of his attempts. 117 IOAN A. KAMOWSKI This sweet girl is seldom seen with- out a smile. She may seem shy to you at first. but after gaining her friendship a change is noticed. She is also a bright student. NAOMI R. KIVLER Naomi is a pretty girl with ready wit, smile for everyone. and a dazzling personality. Her artistic ability in decorating brightened many dances and the title "Chair- man of Decorating Committees' was often bestowed upon her. DANIEL A. KOPKO It is generally agreed that Dan is one of the most quiet boys in the senior class. This tall. blonde lad has many acquaintances. all of whom are impressed by his loyalty to his friends. fi 1 13595 DAVID N. KISTLER Dave sometimes surprises everyone with a burst of witty remarks. He is usually serious and can be found discussing matters of current inter- est with the teachers. VINCENT KOLENDA Vince demonstrated his athletic ability on the gridiron. His con- genial ways have made him a fa- vorite among the students. A fine performance as "model" in the Minstrel is attributed to him. WALTER KOPKO XN'alt is another of our returned veterans. Seriousness seems to be his by-word and diligence is a com- mon practice with this fellow of true blue Nineteen IOHN T. KORUS Iohn. musically inclined. plays both in the orchestra and band. His seriousness. which is a noticeable characteristic. is usually missed by his absence from - shall we say - physics class. LORRAINE A. KOVALESKI Lorraine's winning ways more than compensate for her lack of height. liven though she kept the corridors lively during class. we cannot help but admire this sweet miss. IEAN M. KRAVITZ Diligent worker. ideal student, and wonderful classmate are qualities which truly can be applied to lean. As president of the Civics Club we remember her for the phrase. HYou are out of order". EUGENE E. KOSA Humorous and friendly are two ad- jectives properly used to describe A'Nappy". ln spite of his witty na- ture. however. he can adapt him- self to any task. including studies. ALBERTA A. KOWALCHIK Dark hair and dark eyes accent "Bert's" lively personality. Her fine record as cheerleader and her meticulous dress are indication of the bright future we know she will enjoy. LEONA M. KRIEGER Being a girl of few words, one would expect Leona to be unfriend- ly. However, contradictory to this belief Leona's concise manner in no wav interferes with her friendliness. of friends. out his future. serenity. RUTH KROGULSKI Whenever a joke is told, nine times out of ten you can be certain of Ruth's presence. Her subtle humor and quick wit account for her host THEODORE KRYZNEWSKI Speak often of a quiet fellow and he appears in the form of Ted, Further. we cannot neglect to speak of his neatness. Placing loyality above all. Ted has already mapped EDWARD KURYLOSKI Take our advice and dont be fod- ed by a calm exterior. Some of the Hnoisesu which helps to make study hall anything but a period of study can be traced to lids supposed IRENE E. KRYZANSKI To those who have not had the pleasure of lrene's acquaintance. she appears to be shy. But wait! lust lift that outer curtain of coy- ness and a garrulous person is un- veiled. IEAN T. KUBASHIK Did someone mention that they were looking for a girl with a de- sire to work? VVe have found a qualified person in the form of lean. One of her hobbies includes accor- dion playing. ARLENE l. KUSKIEWICZ Arlene. a student of the Cominer- cial Department. is rather shy. Given the opportunity. she has proven her ability. as demonstrated by her participation in the Minstrel. vllwenlx lv.: 98. ,f in MARILYN LEWIS Who is that conscientious girl? Of course. its Marilyn. Although usually busy she can find time to lend a helping hand. Her capabila ities and a wonderful personality will make her successful. BERNADINE M. LUKASZEWSKI Shy? VVell. just a little. "Bern" is sincere and conscientious but loves a good time. All this will be to her advantage in the future. .HMELIA H. MACZUGA Anyone needing advise on any matter can turn to Millie for help. She is a good sport and supports any action for the benefit of the school. 'l'-.xeiiix-4-vie l X ELAINE LIPKA IOSEPH KLITZ Tall. dark and a goodrlooking fel- low with wavy hair is Ioe. flow- ever. females do not iziterest lov since he is bashful in their presence. IOHN C. LACOMY Although Iohn is quiet. his reassur- ing smile. reserved manner. and pleasant disposition are quick to identify him as the likeable person we l-now. LEONARD I. LESKO VVhat this fellow lacks in height. he makes up in energy. Len loves a good time. but he also manages to do well in his studies. ,,:jfg?Z3fh I Av "v This charming miss is one of our good-looking blondes. At times she seems to be reserved. but we know her as being pleasant and very fond of fun. RITA MACHALA Red hair would seem to indicate a bad temper. This is certainly not true as far as Rita is concerned. She is a very friendly individual with a smile for everyone. ROBERT MADAY Bob is a striking chord of perfec- tion. This tall. dark, and hand' some lad. however. appears to be shy. In spite of his shyness he is quite active. CASIMER KUZNICKI Trying to keep up with "Kaz" would be quite difficult for he is adapt at track. Being handsome. he thereby accounts for his many admirers. NORMAN E. LEGINS No doubt. you will contradict the fact that Norman can be serious. VVell. for your information. he can. Directly opposite to this. he can ala so be the "life of the partyu when the occasion demands it. NANCY LEVANDA Being both earnest and sincere. Nancy has thus explained her high standing among classmates and in schoolwork. Her determination to get ahead is certain to pay divi- dends. -100 ,g EDWARD A. MICHALEK IRENE A. A quiet. studious fellow. with blonde hair is Ed. Notable of praise is his cooperative nature which we admire and which is sure to bring success. DOROTHY B. MIKOLINIS Dot. with her dark hair and friend- ly smile, has received the admira- tion of all who know her. Com- bining work with play is hard to do but Dot has done it well. CHARLES R. MITKE Charlie. a happy-go-lucky fellow. will never be found doing too much work. nor will he be found shirl-ting duty. His ability on the diamond proves his interest in baseball. 'l'.1..n:x into '??'.?' FRANCES I. MAGNOSI Frances is an industrious person. Talkative and fun loving can best describe her personality. Being sociable. she has many friends. all of whom admire her cougemality. WILLIAM MARCINKOWSKI This bashful blonde is not as shy as he seems. for his friends know him as being very humorous. His contributions on the gridiron helped to give the team its success. THERESA C. MARKOWSKI Theresa's sincerity and cooperation have made her outstanding as a classmate and student. Her jovial and good natured attitude have won the loyalty of many friends. BERNADINE MAKARA Since Bernie is rarely without a smile. perhaps this can account for her many friends. Her motto seems to be. "the more fun the bet- ter." A sparkling personality and sense of humor make her a lovable companion. ROBERT MARKOWSKI Bob is one of those boys who will keep the classroom lively with his wit and humor. His fine perform- ance in football aided in bringing our team to the top. STANLEY MERA Stanley is noted for his lively sense of humor which has brightened many classes. Howeyer, before completing his senior year. he join- ed the ranks of Uncle Sams sol- diers. MICHNO Once Irene begins talking. no one can say anything - - Enthusiasm I VVOW! It must all be embodied in this tall, blonde miss whom we will- ingly call our friend. THOMAS C. MISIEWICZ Tall. clark. curly haired? Yes, thats Tom. If anyone needs assis- tance Tom is always Hlohnny on the spot." This scores many points on his rating card. SYLVIA R. MODLA This pert blonde may appear calm. but really. Sylvia is as chipper as a squirrel. She lets nothing inter- fere with her studies and will sure ly be successful. ia C21 IFF!! CLARA ANN MUSIAL Lively. friendly. and talkative. Clare can vrin any argument. She can almays he found where there is noise and laughter. MARIE A. NEGRONI Marie. a cheerful and pleasant classmate. can always be seen with a heart-warming smile. Her sincer- ity has won the loyalty of many friends. GEORGE E. THOMAS Crash! Bang! Whaml That announ- ces Georges arrival to our Class since he came from Austria. It didnt take him long to become ac- quainted and be was readily accep- ted. Vita. probably one of the smallesf girls in the class of Sl. is a friend to all and enemy to none. Vfitli this characteristic she is certain to climb on the ladder to success. EDWARD M. NOVAK One exception to the rule is Ed. He is tall and handsome but blonde. His humor is always appreciated by his numerous friends and con- tributes to his popularity. ANDREW O'HARE "Irish" is a very adaptable person. being able to fit himself to the mood. He is reserved and likes to combine work with pleasure. VITA G. MUSTO flirt 4?-" , f ALBERT E. OLDFIELD Albert is a talented student with an unusual vigor to get things done. His special talent as Mmaster of the ivoriesw and his interest in Latin are only two successful undertak- ings. LEONA D. ORESICK Although she is a shy miss. Leona has won many friends through her charming personality. Her cheerful attitude is welcomed everywhere. VINCENT E. OSMANSKI "Snowball", with his exuberant spirit. injects liveliness into any group. His sociable manner and mischievousness are reasons for popularity among the students. ELEANOR OPALSKI Petite, blond Eleanor is one of our pretty candy girls. Her popularity can no doubt, be traced to her flashing smile of friendship with which she greets everyone. IEAN M. ORLOSKI lean is a pleasant person with a friendly attitude toward all. Her tranquil and serious character have been assets in her every endeavor. THOMAS OWENS Tom is the reason for all the smiles in the classroom. His jokes are in- strumental in breaking classroom monotony. This makes him enjoy- able company. lu emi. -three CHRISTINE M. PELEHACH Quiet. serious. and cautious are some of Christines traits. A sin- cerity. which is hard to equal. and a reserved manner make her a cherished friend. THOMAS I. PERANSKI Tom is a handsome, curly-haired fellow who is sincere and sociable in everything he does, Since he faces life with a smile, we are sure life will smile back at him. CARL 1. PETRO As president of the local Hi-Y Club and president of the North- east Hi-Y Council, Carl has proved his ability. His fine voice is also another of Carl's many assets. LORRAINE A. PEPEL This charming lass. small in stat- ure. has a winning smile. Her fine performance in the Minstrel will long be remembered. STEVE PERKOSKI Steve displayed fine ability on the football field. He also displayed much wit in the classroom. Com- bining the two, we have a humor- ous, cooperative student. THEODORE B. PETROCHKO Ted is not one to disagree on an established principle. He regards the characteristic of a pleasant personality as important. He is sure to succeed with these qualities. This attractive makes her the IRENE miss? lrene Cer our class. SHIRLEY Shirley has the which catches However, she is dent who loves of fun when the FLORENCE PETROSKI can always be found in a pleasant mood. This jolly friend whom everyone enjoys. The world could use many more persons like her. M. PIPON Talking about a sprightly young tainly can qualify. Because she is ambitious. neat. and conscientious, we rate her tops in M. POZNAK peculiar knack of telling a joke with a straight face many off guard. an industrious stu- to have her share occasion arises. QW 'ln-er ...A V :VC V L' if . ... ...ix at 1 IOAN M. PIKLITIS Ioan is a sweet friend who must he known well before she can be un- derstood, She is usually very quiet but has attracted many admirers. ELIZABETH PLYTAGE Bettys sweet manner more than makes up for her short stature. VVith her shining brown hair and sparkling brown eyes, she has gain- ed many admiring friends. SYLVIA M. PRAWDZIK An enthusiastic person, with a warm friendliness for everyone best describes Sylvia. She was a willing worler on the Subscription Committee of our Nannual. -l-xx entx -four EDWARD ROMANOWSKI Always ready with a cheery word. lid is popular with everyone. He has a fine sense of humor which has left many chuckling. He will always be remembered for his fine work as Sports Editor of the Year- hook. MAR LYN A. ROMANOWSKI lXfIiIl"ly!I4S quiet charm is noticed and cherished hy all. She is a stu- dious girl with an attractive smile and will surely succeed in the fu- ture. IOSEPH VV. ROMINSKI Ioe is a guiet student who surprises everyone with his wisecracks. He is an industrious worker who has many friends. Twenty'-fixe kv' fd 4v""?' GEORGE W. PRICE George is the possessor of a win- ning smile and many friends. He is serious at times. but most often he is in a happy. carefree mood. ELIZABETH I. RAIEWSKI Betty is a warm-hearted. generous girl. who is always ready to laugh or smile. Her friendliness and pop- ularity are admired by all. BETTY I. REEVES Betty is a calm and reserved per- son who takes things slowly. Will- ingness to help and 1ight-hearted- ness are her secrets for wide-spread popularity. FRANK ROMANOWSKI Frank is a quiet conscientious stu- dent, He seems to ahide hy the applicahle slogan: "VVe should be seen and not heard." hut his friends know him as a very likeable per- son. CHRISTINE D. ROMINSKI 'Chris' is one of our pleasant and charming classmates. Her delight- ful smile are carefree attitude will always henefit her in the future. MARIE E. ROMINSKI Marie always helieyes in looking at the sunny side of life. Her host of friends and popularity can be at- tributed to this admirable trait. WILLIAM 1. PRICE Bill is an interesting fellow who adds a little humor when you least expect it. His musical ability con- tributes to his very fine personality. IOHN P. RASPEN Iohn is a mild-mannered boy with a radiant smile, This popular lad is interested in acquiring knowledge and having fun at the same time. MARY ROMANOFSKI Mary is a lively girl full of vim and vigor. She is a conscientious stu- dent. regarded highly by her friends and classmates. IOSEPH SENDEK Ioe's quiet exterior hides his mis- chievous nature which made our school days happy ones. He has achieved success in wrestling. IOSEPH SIRERA Ioe's ability along mathematical and scientific lines is unlimited. Now we know where to get infor- mation on either subject. He is capable of taking life in its stride. and enjoying it at the same time. DELPHINE SKONIECZKI Her love of dancing and her sing- ing voice have established Del- phine's reputation. This petite miss is popular among fellow students. 'l'-.vt-iiiv--ix GENEVIEVE SIEKLICKI Gen is a rather quiet girl, but her wonderful personality has gained many friends for her. Her beauti- ful. long hair has been admired by 3 VX'alt's achievements on the grid- iron have been highly commended. He may be shy but is well-known and well-lilaecl by all his classmates. Although Al seems shy. his friends will izilornz von that in their com pany i.e s completely different. His dui 1 is zz stident has been admit WALTER I. SKALLA ALBERT SLATKY IAMES RULE is one of the tallest boys in our class. His physical abilities were well demonstrated on the foot- ball field where he helped raise many of our scores. ROBERT C. SCHIMMEL Bob is a quiet boy who is mathe- matically inclined. He will surely succeed in any because of his perserverance . MARY SCHLILTZ Mary is a tall miss who is some- what reserved. However, she has many friends, all of whom admire her lovely smile and friendly atti- tude. 5 EUGENE RYGWALSKI Gene is conscientious and diligent but still able to find time for fun. One of the reasons for the beautiful scenery in our Minstrel was his creative ability. ALPHONSE SCHRAMA From all outward appearances. Al seems to he very quiet. but he has helped keep many a classroom a- live. His industriousness is an admirable asset. MOLLY SCHWARTZ Nlolly, a sweet and charming girl, has been a home-bound student for three years. We have missed her presence in our class but have al- ways remembered her amiability and kindness. IOHN R. SMITH Iohns untiring efforts in the Hi-Y Club will long be remembered. He is a Foy who believes in having fun along with doing his school work, EDVVARD SOKOLOWSKI lid doesnt say much. but when he speaks. everyone listens. His loyal- ty to his classmates is another like- able characteristic which many ad- lnlfff. ROMAINE M. STAVITSKI One reason for Romaines many friends is her cheerfulness at all times. Her helpfulness has also been appreciated by many and suc- cess will undoubtedly, be hers. LOUELLA SMITH To adapt oneself to her surround- ings is a prerequisite to popularity. Louella, a newcomer from Shick- shinny. has done this successfully. CELIA L. SOSINSKI Celias popularity could perhaps be attributed to her lovely smile. VN'e will most remember her for her dil- igence in studies, co-operation in activities. and her wonderful per- sonality. IOHN P. STAWASZ lohns curly hair has been envied by many boys, His practical at- titude has been admired by many girls. All things considered, Iohn is popular with everyone. 1-T.-."' BOBYN R. STOROSKO Her pleasing appearance makes Bobyn another of our many pretty seniors. Her familiarity with the students can be traced to one word- friendly. LILLIAN STORTZ Lil's many friends admire her ami- ability and pleasant personality. Although she sometimes appears timid. her friendliness will assure a successful career ANN B. SWALLA Anna is one of the prettiest girls in our class. Her carefree attitude has given her a Mhappy-go-lucky" air which aids in making Ann one of the popular girls, also. 'af THEODORE STOROSKO No class could ever be horing with Ted in it, He just never could let it be so. However, our loss was the Navys gain when Ted joined the service. HELEN A. STRYCZYNSKI A pleasant attitude, which is re- spected. and a studious manner characterize Helen. Her intelli- gence and cooperation are surpas- sed by few. SYLVIA I. SZAINECKI Dark hair and flashing eyes make Sylvia an outstanding girl. VVell liked for her reliability and genial- ity. Sylvia was also a loyal band member. 'I'-.x enry-sex en CHARLES THOMAS Charlie has succeeded in gaining a host of friends. His sometimes prankish attitude and other note, worthy qualities will long he re- membered by his classmates. RUTH THOMAS Ruth surrounds herself with cheer- fulness and extends this to any in- terested person. This geniality and her intelligence make her a friend to all. HELEN A. TORBA Helen is an industrious young maid. Her studious manner and diligence will certainly mean success in the future. REYNOLD THOMAS Although Reynold appears some- what aloof at times. his friends are not deceived. Actually. he is 'very amiable and one of the nicest boys in our class. HENRY TOKAR A somewhat energetic boy. l'l:n': has a pleasant attitude toward all. There are very few who can resist the charm of his smile. DOROTHY I. TURLEY "Dot" appears to be calm, peaceful. and quiet on the surface, but she really has a turbulent mind Hsizz- lingw with good humor and hearty jokes. GENE TURLEY A keen mind and high type of yer- satility are the outstanding charac- teristics of Gene. We all admire his scholastic attainments which have added to his personality, THELMA TLIRLEY Calm and reserved, but a wonder- ful friend. Thelma is proudly claim- ed as one of our classmates She is a great pal. witty to the Nth de- gree. GLORIA B. TYBUR SKI Petite. cute. and lovable is "Bun- nyf' She has a twinl-'le in her eye and a jolly laugh that makes the world laugh with her. Q LOIS A, TLIRLEY Although quiet and shy. Lois has a large number of friends. As a can- dy girl, she attracted many "buy- ersl' with a sweet manner. This explains the soaring candy sales. CHESTER E. TWARDOWSKI "lVlooney's" ability on the baseball diamond has received the praise of many. However. this pleasant. Lun- assuming lad has not been affected hh' it and remains a good friend to a . EDMUND ULATOWSKI lfveryone knows Ed with his quick wit and easy smile. Being ambit- ious. he will surely succeed. VX'e lost a wonderful classmate when he left us to heed Uncle Sams call. 1 wi-mx -eight CAROL A. WEISS any '17' Carol sets an example which every student might well follow. Her ap- titude ranges from Iunior Class president to Captain of the cheer- leaders. Our hats off to this model student. FRANCIS R. WILCZEWSKI Francis is a good listener in any conversation. However just let him speak a few words. It will un- doubtedly prove that this quiet boy is really intellectual. IANET L, WILLIAMS Inner can be counted on to help her friends through any difficulty. She does this. not as a manner of at- tracting attention. but in her own quiet. reserved way. Twent n n IEAN A. LILATOWSKI leans pretty red hair has been the object of many comments. This sweet girl. whose company is en- joyed by everyone. can be either serious or jolly. depending upon the occasion. ELIZABETH A. VAN DERMARK As leader of the majorettes. Betty had shown only one of her many abilities. Anyone desirous of havf ing lessons in charm can apply to Betty. 'master of charm." MARIE D. WASELUS Marie is the envy of all the girls due to her height and dignified manner. She is the possessor of a charming smile and many friends. FLORENCE I. VANCE Yiyacious and happy-go,lucky is petite 'Flossief One of the ap- plicable proverbs. "Good things come in small packages." has prov- en true in her case. ROBERT WARKOMSKI VVithout Bobs aid. the sketches for the Nannual would not be possible. Besides his artistic ability. Bob is enjoyed for his cheery disposition and gay manner. DOLORES M. WASMANSKI Dolores thrilled minstrel audiences for the past three years with her beautiful voice. We also admire her skill in organization. ELEANOR I. WERBIN If you want to become acquainted with lileanor. we dont imagine that it will prove to be a difficult task. This is because of her Congeniality and ease at beginning conversation. DONALD H. WILLIAMS I-Iis ability at end you cannot match, For he always made a spectacular Catch: To the All-Scholastic was added his name, Bringing Don and the school wide acclaim. IOHN I. WILLIAMS Superb as a performer in the min- strel and "tops" as a classmate de- scribe lohns outstanding qualities. One of his specialties included the addition of wit to enliven a class- room. LARRY P. WILLIAMS Larry is a combination of fun. friendliness. and seriousness all in one package. This may seem strange but we. as classmates. un- derstand his adaptable traits. MARY WILLIAMS Mary' is a pretty lass. A well-lil-.ed girl in our class. With dark and flashing eyes of green, And a personality, quite serene. DOLORES WILUSHEWSKI Dolores is small in stature but big at heart. By this we mean that she is congenial and will do anything necessary for helping a friend. IOSEPI-IINE R. WITCZAK Iosephine can make almost anyone happy. All you have to do is lit- ten to her gay conversation. With such an outlook she is certain to "hit the right road." fhirtv i r fha A 1. .asv-,N PATRICK NUGENT "Dynamite comes in small pack- ages" is true in this case, as "Pat" is one of the smallest but Iiveliest boys of the class. I"Ie was the creditable student manager of the football team. E. IOSEPH YANOVITCH 'ABurkey" was both center on the football team and center of the classroom. In other words. versa- tile is an applicable adjective to this good natured student. LOIS ZALESKI Once you have gained her friend- ship. Lois is a loyal Companion. She wastes no time in getting things done. This ambitious girl also has a high scholastic rating. PATRICIA A. ZEGARSKI Pat has a smile for everyone. Her personality is magnetic. This sparkling lass is full of fun, As a cheerleader she was energetic. HENRY ZUKOWSKI To be serious would be quite an ordeal for this smiling lad, known to us as "Zuker". His comic an- tics are well enjoyed by his host of friends. HOME ROOM ll MR. HENRY GRUDKOWSKI First Row llefr to right!-loan Pilwuras. Lo:- raine Bucholr: Ianice Flowers. Esther Grant. Alberta Knwalchik. Ieanetre Goleme hieilrx Naomi Kivler. Alma Balla. Convance Blockus. Marilvn Evans. Lois Turlev Betrv Reeves lrene Pipe-n. Mary Romanofski. Second Row-Emil Granxtzlu. Alfred Flurkic-.r. ic:. Druid Kiatler. Bernadine Lulraxzew-lu Shirley Poznalx. Bernadine Makara. Marilxn Lewis. Carolyn Hovxck. lean Kravrt: Svlxia Nfodln. Ioan Knmowslri Chester Hvla lox- eph Bnhinski Sylvester Gryzimski. Third Row-Rohert Cronp Inseph Andrmlm 5-'lelvin Farllas Henry Guistx, Richard Gra- howuki, lrweph Butchku. Inhn Butka. Henrv Ianollvi. XVilliam Budurka. Michael Hunchar lJ.nid Edwards. Robert Butka Thomas lla- vis, Kenneth llall. Absentee:-lohn llanuh Edward Michalek. HOME ROOM 12 MR. IOHN T. IONES First Row lleft to rightj-Iudith Evans Dol- ores VVilus:ewski. Natalie Bigos, Ann Dal- maw. Patricia Zegarslci. Carol Weiss. Betlv Vandermarle Mary Dohranslci. Lorraine Ko- valeslci. lane! Cooper. Marlyn Romanowski. Marv Ann Bittenhender. Helen Chapura Nlelanle Ciempola. Second Row-Alben Oldfield Merlvn Fletch- er. Cfharlef Mirke. Frances Magnosl Marie Augustine Theresa Iawnrski. Svlvia S:.H- ni-cki, Marv YVill1ams Delores Chelrllnxlti. Cecelia Snsrnski. lean Ulatowaki Theodore lletrochko Ioseph Sendelc Leonard Lesko. Third Row-Eugene Kona YN1lliam Price Rnvmond Bushelll. Edwin Bornfslni. Robert Schimmel. Norman Leggrns. Theodore Store rwlm Leo Garchinslti. Donald VVilI1arnf. lrvhn Slawaaz. llamcl Distr-isio. Edward Cx'- xxinxlu Francis Adamczyk. Thomas Mine! nn: lnhn Ramen, HOME ROOM 13 P P MR. IOHN KANYUCK First Row 'left to rightr-Nancx Lexanda lienrietta Cunt: Eta Nfae Fink Ann Gor- K T ncclrx Catherine lone: Yxonne Gulliford Irena- Krvznnvlu. Klan' Ann l'lox'n.iclni Kath- leen Grahowrlu Elaine Liplrn Francex ln- Lelli llororhv Grout Leona Krieger loan bfvmaniax, I K X Second Row-Halter Hvla. Theodore Hot xon Ed lllatowrlu lean Kuhaxhek Svlxia Fm liz-forci Gizinfki Henrierra lachimczalx Ar- lene Kiilltieuic: Ruth Krugulalcx. lohn Xvxll- rams Vincent Kolenda lohn l.acomv Ioaerh birrra. F Third Rnwfffharlr-N Thomas Rexnold Tlzom- v-I .ix llnnlc Tukar Bob XN'arkr-mslu George Grexern Stanlcx Karnxnxki lhiniel Koplw losfph Yanovltch Casimcr Ku:niClKl lfxwenc Rxgwnlfki XVxlliam Marcinkowski Paul Condi Gene Turlev Edward Kurvlowskx. loin Kormas. Q-12'-Y HOME ROOM I4 MISS D. 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Lniemn L I ILLEANORI W LRBITN Cnmmercml FRANLIS R VK ILCfI:VV SRI Gennral DON AI D H VII ILLIAXI5 3ILaLIf:n1Ik IXNLT VS ILI I-'IRIS Lommerual IOHN I NK II LI-XVIS xIIf:mIL I IXRRI I' XKIIIIXXI9 Cnmmnrnul I 'KI XRI YY II I IXNIS '5Ig1IIImII DOI ORE9 XX ILIISHI XX Slxl IXIxIIcm1I IOSEPHINI' R XKITC.fAIx Cnmmnrclal N IOSEPH YANOX ITCH A adImII I IOI5 NI fXII'iIxI Cnmmgnul PRTRICIK A IPC XRSRI Lwdnmu I HI NRY IIIROVN Qlxl Inkrxl II II II I nl I I I In I 'Ir I rv Gllamz nf 1552 CLASS OFFICERS Seated Marlene Neary Treasurer Susan Hrozda Secretary Standing Iohn Harcharek Vlce President Stanley Mrchalskl Presndent Farewell Seniors COLORS Blue and Pmk MOTTO To work ns to succeed FLOWER Llly of the Valley You have now achieved your goal We extend our sincerest wishes for the future success of every member of the graduatmg class of 51 We wxll forever remember your kmd assnstance ln all actxvxtles and the fme manner ln vuhlch you have carrled on the school tradntlons you have established an en w able record we vnll attempt to mamtam It Th 1 '-l 1 I v . - . - : ' '. , . . f . - Y . . . . . , - . 'i Z ' ' . L, ir y-six ' Tlvuexuth Grabs Munn, Qlunmz HOME ROOM 16 MISS CLAIRE SMITH First Row llefr ro rrghz-Regrna Krzv-xrcl Sxlxra Schlelcher. Ieanne McMahon. Dolorex Flkolamk Sallx- Ann Iames. Lorena Rn- rnlznmx-kr Marx Suu Geraldine Andrukrre Xlearrlvnn Shrpkoxum Iilalne Dzraldou-,rr Barbara Ijxllon Ir-an Czelwv Shrrlex Kerr- mercr Ann lenkrnx. Second Row-Themif-re Glmrdekr lnrndld Broun, Theodore Czerwrnxkl Vwdllmm Ed- xxdrdw Iohn Baldwrn loan Bucxkovxykn, lean Farrchrld Sophie Gavewukr, lean Mnkreuxc: Anrhonv Chrkhrnskx Charlee Iisrxxannck Dan- lel Iiesrnnhdu Tom Conrad. Thnrd Row-Ioseph Gluhanrcz, Lester Green- land Pzwmond Zupl-o Kenneth Fans: I1-on Gnrwhor, lmxrd Mver- Angelo Felrm, Peter Burluslm, Rnvnwnd Butlewlcz, Robert llnm- brmulrx lnmex lm-.rx Anthony C.nro::fvn1 Robert liunczm If-hn Bobbvn. Absentee-Arlene Schmxdr. HOME ROOM 2l MR. EDWARD GRALLA First Row llefl to rrghll-Marne VVovno-kr Sandra VVysoclu Arlene Balla, ludilh VVal- rrng, Shirley VVasenda. Dorothy Bartubh Bernadine VV1n1arsk1, Rose Marv VVaxter Geraldine Barnat. Ann Marie Albanese Svl- vra Cecelskz. Eleanor Blzdzuckr Bernrce lhfrmax. Ann Zanoivicz. Second Row-Leonard Greenland Charlz-N Hx- drer Iidwdrd Kolc-nkre-wich, Robert Knorr loan Arc-nxoln Murqrxrcr Cnrev Nuncx' Chul- lon Allre C,.annon lN.ur.ullc Allabmrgh l,con- nrd lennrngx VVllln.xm Knrch Inq-ph l' Third Row-lohn Kolarma. Clem Kopko, An- lhnnv Gill Phillip Klfwdp Paul Gronlca Stephen Gun. Srdnlev Iablomkr Iohn Har- chareli, Cbarlex Holmmelu Edward ldblon- sk: loseph Iablonslnx Rav hldllowav. Iohn l.f:g:n:. HOME ROOM 22 MR, EDWIN DAVIES Firsr Row 1lclr ro rzghrr-Shrrlex Crwrrrrnu lloforex llombroxkr Ge-nexlexe Hosnnckx Klfnrw ldrolm Thercws liuzlnxlcr Knrhrxn Fletcher Sumo llrozndd Florence Kdnou- elm Gi'mld1nrC1c'mr'rwl.x I.0ri'r!.-1 Clhrlxtofwr- rr Bern Cvccm Mildred Ionex Marx Chu-- cum. Second Rowfhhnlfram Lexxrf Ioxeph xlodla lohn l.x1:enei1 Francv Larkm Stanlex Hz- ehaf-L1 Frazer- Leon: Svlxexrer l,a:-oorch lmnze-l Klxoinxk: Stephen I,eNko Vzncent Klmnxnxnae Leonard Mrkolfxzfzxk Third RowfRobcrr Slarkoxwkr Frank Lrzelr- kfwxxxL1 I7h1l1p Nllcoccl Kenneth I.ur: Nor- xzmn Nlenirzvrkr Alfred Mxller Io-eph Klrerprw Al l.eXlw-.rrzz Ahsentces-Albzrm If-mx Lx Alfred N.rq.r. 'GV r",v-'NP' 1 C3 li s llqizrtw Lx HOME ROOM 23 MR. ALEX XVYSOCKI Ifnrxr Run .Ht :I r .'t !I1..1-1 KI rrf Ilia., I .3-'xr KIJQ I'v1.:-'r If :Luis Nvi- 1.- X1 KI.1'. A frm IN-'1','.m": Il.:1. :ru I . .- I'r:1m' I,: E,'.1,1 I1.1'x': Nw..wI.:rvl I IX- 'I' KIA' uw- Nunn Klux Nlzdu- ' 'N "1 .I Ii:-..:--' 'I'rffw.I K-.xmrrwx-.xkI. Scruml Row- I',,1A.1'.Z ':- 'I'i:v-mi-yr. X1 iw- nw -L1 IQ: P-'YI I 1.0171 IHLII I?IIIy'I:6 I'-"w Km-Mr I5r:1w.i:rw If-Iyrv lIm'1'.4IxIfJIv' ,V I3.mu14mI Nu-.11 -c--wx Rwtwrr RAR I , -'uv I5.u1N"uxl-I Imtwx Ilm-I.Iy1xIx1. Third Row-INIn'rI.:-II Ilrgim ILII'Am Rrvrnlwmxlx Iwfrx II If-v1wm'II 'I'Kw:t'.I- N.srIIu:m Imvytdn N' :IIZ IQrvn.aIII IJr:Iv ."X1I.xn Qumu IfuX,vm I".,Ix.4IXL1 AmI,I ru I21Iw.Ixhflxk1 I:r.mI KI' .MILH-I-1 HOME ROOM 3-I MRS. E. K. STROINY Fxrst Row 'Ie-fr ro rxglx -C.If:v11m Pxctrzxk, 'I",rcrv-A PCIQIMCI1 IVI.ur:Q U-fxki Ann O!- ::Nn:.m ,-'Xnamncrzc Pmrwr Liwrmhv Shdndm. I3 A"g Wm RAN Iiwrz- Ruik Iwwxv Smrcslu. III-lcv: Pvmn-ku Am: KI.xr1c Punko IVIarmn I':.ITuL1 Swrhne' Smrnnkn Iilcanur Smchn- -.u.n. Scuund Rowfifhcxtcr Sternmk, Rrgmnld Zah- 'vwlxku Iidxmrd Sr:-r':, Andrcw Smdrf. Irvm' I'7:Iuil Ivan Rmitcr Gcnrxlvxi' Ran'- :'wv'nI fXI,Im.xrcr PrNt.a.k.v I.x:nrX Schnrtzcr. IF!-st SIIII1-..m Vmucnz Scrcm Fmnlx Zum:- r4 '-.IM Third Row-Iwvg'Iw Sizhurrwx fX'IxcIx.ucI Vcm- , " l'?,IrIw Y.w4fw XY1II.xrnI Snzsrluw Ilrvn- 5-wvfw IvwvVP YIufv:1Z1:1vII1 IMI Strq- luxv- bkwgdfz- R:vf'.xrII Strvrzvxxxkl X r.,- Ynmu rd: I1-Ixuxrxi XY1IM'x IwI:n S:- . -I I..1-.x.4rIf Ilf1tt'f'rI41 'Xf'H'rlttcN-Iz,Iv,m Rmf I.-21:1 Z.1:vI. HOME ROOSI 26 IVIISS THERESA BOBECK I'1rNI Rum 'Ivfl Ir' r:..fff--'Uur.IIII,zw XNXIILI I ,mm XX 1' H l.'.I:1'I fI1-tv: kIc:.1I.I.:1v IIf.1 ' .Jr ,"X1..I'w XY.:'1.1r, IH fw mx XY-vf':r.I AIIN-'-X.1 XX.1',1f.v, -L. I'.i,1!v" 5aQf KIA " 1.1 51112 IM- IN.,'..1:W Iff'.u,:'-- Aff: Suund Run I' ,.,. .-'I FI.-f .. , 'IW If-'xv I' 'nxt XX :I -- I Xu X NI.:-. I fzwi- f Il'-' Vw-'LC' VIN", IU, I."--F I-"-'tl'-'VH Third Row l 'I ' X' -'1' w it 1' ' -' " - ,-'X' iw I , V' I II '-'- " U- '..- I: H' -r, I1 I' 'Z Xlmuntcc- In.: XJ" N1 ' Ivy xr I Gllaum nf 1953 CLASS OFFICERS Seated Mrs Eleanor Strojny Advrsor Mane Zanowrcz Secretary urcr Peter Shuma Prcsrdent FLOWER Rose CCLORS Blue and Gold MOTTO Labor omma vmcrt lLabor conquers alll I'h1 Standing-Stanley Dudrick, Vice-President: Iohn Michalski, Treas- ' lr y-nin HOME ROOM 27 MISS MARY HUMPHREY First Row llefr ru r1,4htr-'Maxrnan Mxerf Ia- nlce Dane- Mxldrcd Brmxn Smcm Cannon Eleanor Pegnrclln Irene Cznrncclu Barham Cvganfwxxxkr Thcrvm Nuhnn lfwephmne Cx- hulakx Ioan Bdlln lNI.1rlur1e Brmxn Imxn Dana. Second Row-Hcnrx Bnxn: Iohn Buckhnlr: Tnzxd Becklev Pntrlcm Cumnrrwkr Phvllx- Brmkoxwlu Svlvm Chr:.:n Irenc Augufune. Mane Baker. Innlre Clark. Rose Nlxcnccx. Marlene Kafhuln. Iuhn Norkma, Chdrlcw Pctrrukr, Third Row-Irwhn Snkulmwlu, Sranlcx' Dud- rlck Cheatcr Shcrlmnrn Iuhn Shankar. Gxr- ard Cnonev, Ralph Pmnrknxwlu Carl Dm! pmwslu Frank ONr.1prwxx'lx':. llrwnalrl Barnn Stnnlev Nmmlcc. Grcgrwrx' Bmdzlnskx lnhn Buuewskr. HOME ROOM 29 MR. WILLIAM STRYIAK First Row llcft rn rxghrj-In Ann Decker. Elizabeth Gmhrwwskx, Allcc Gfvrka, Claudette Hudak. Gemldlnc Humcmk. Catherine Ex- anw. Durmhx' Gwmdzrlmxskx, Ruth Crush- 1ewrc:. Iovcc Flnk. Iulm Herman Loretta Davxs. Second Row-Thendnrc Granoskl. Anthony Incellr Inhn Ilenyrwralxi. lhavld Edmunds. Ins- eph Hrvcken. Carl Gnhlc lnhn Grvzmski, Raymond Grltsko Ddxld Ecker, Phxllp Io- worski Brllv Hill. HOME ROOM 31 MR. HAROLD BOMBE First Row 'lr-fx rf- rxghrl-Rum K:-mlnk Mun- xc.4 RANIII Allrfdn Knrnmn, Cnrwl Knoll Iilnxnc Kvr: Phxllu Slwnmnxkn Nunn Sex- nmn Rn.: Kuzluxukz In-.un Innwh Cnr:-l lnnex Marx Ann Kramer Arlu' llcr-lngrr. Second RnwfSr.mlrx' 'l'1-rkmulrx Ilenrv Kxxm- xlwufh 5-vr1x.eIlvrl.wlx Imrr-11.111-m-N Bar- lvfxm Bnllxrl Marx Kuhvl ll:-rnrhx Kxcrlzi Itlennffr Ixxllnlxhw QI4'r.alrI Srvnvxnh lill- xxnrd fXI1Ill.u:4'xxu: lr-hn 5I.nrx11:L1vvwIx1 INI'.r4-n Kwznmxkx Third Row-Ill-erh Znnmxn: llhnrlc- Kuhxn- xk: Aug..-1 'll-.gr1.1n: I4-l.n lNI.rd.Iu-xwlx lid- .mrd l,xnR,--un: Im-ph Klxknnfwxnz KIM- hcu I, XYlllmrn,Y.nnvx1uh I.evn.1rd Zah- Arrhnr XXI-lrh l--hn Xhlrrrrhlwwiz HOME ROOM 32 MR. GEORGE DZURICA First Row lleir ro rightr-Rnse Shemlm Ar- lene 511khasu'1c:. Dornthv Pilcutas Barbara XY,-alters. Eleanor Michnn Carnl Vlfallace Eleanrvr Ostrashma. Cecelia Osmanski, Ther- esa Leanna. Rxta Nlarshallmclx Frances Puf- fen Catherine Liprnslu Marv Ellen Pxscnrxl: Mara'-n Macknulak, Second Row-Clem Hmnnwslu Emil Brwmu- slu lnhn Rapndnwski, Patricia Luhe-cn Nancv Orltwwslrl. Marlene Pfunall, Gloria Orhan Gladvs Patterson, Nick Prnzeralilx VValter Hmrack Edmund Patlmath. Third Row-lerrx' Perm. Ierrv Roman lnhn Patterson. Henrv Snwa lnhn Glushefskx Inhn Mlchalslfl, Nicholas Cnlatnsti, Paul Guelxford, Charles Arluns lrvseph Bieda. Francis Rnmannwslu. HOME ROOM 33 MR. HARRY DYKINS First Row lleft to right!-Rnmaine Sarr. Al- ice Ann Rowell. Louise Ricci. In-Ann Rn- haclc. Barbara Sahulski. Theresa Richter. Helen Skalla. Therese Stacnnsz, Marianne Schlmmel, Marlene Shannon, Ann Sheridan. Second Row-loan llczen, Stanlev Sahlclewskl Harnld Swithers, Norma Suhartun. Anna Mndla Carol Rn-1'n'4l-fx Peter Shuma, Svl- vesler Salvador, David Turner. Third Row-Tom Sherwood. Edward Runs Bill Van Fussen, George Vlveaver, Bill Tre- mavne, Cvrll Stretanslry. HOME ROOM 34 MR. HENRY LEYMAN First Row lleft tn right!-lnan Kirhv. Pauline Chem Margaret Lehet. Dnlnres Duda. Lnu- ise Alherti. Carnl Mavnard. Beth' Innes, Geraldine Krayewskr. Virginia Lxpnwslu lackuelme Langlev Shnrlex' Dillon, Mareane Burke Patricia Burner. Second Row-Rnherr Yastremslu. Lewrcnce Nice last-ph Madav Marcella Knnrek. Al- freda lluzewslcx Eleanor Mann Beverlv Lut: Irwhn linda luhn R. Yinchelc, Eugene Krasnn loseph VVa11nskr. Third Row-Michall VVenss. Slanlev Cnvne Norman Brwrnfsku. Edward Yarnszewslu Ins- eph Mxknlinls. Clem Malewski. Stanley Gor- neclu. Bernard Lexan. Edward Innes, Lewis Harrman. Eugene Knezer. 9.9- Forty-one . K- fp 6 1, 'T' .+ 1 nj 'al ne. ltorzi mo HOME ROOM 37 MRS. MARY FISHER First Row llef! to right!-Henrietta Wadsin- ski. Ioan Wachowski. Marianne Sulewskx Frances Wetzel. Daisy Thomas. Regina Tor- ba, Dolores Thomas. Elizabeth W'ilc:eu'ski. Amelia Zanowicz, Marie Szajnecki. Louise Urban. Nancv Llren. Second Row-Roger Ligotski, Wavne Lenthal, lames Ohes. William Ruddiclc. Ronald Krvz- newslri. Edward Cie-mpola, Edward Mirha- laviez. lack Kearney. Edward Rygalslci. HOME ROOM 39 MISS TABITHA WILLIS First Row lleft to right!-Marie Zanowicz. Dorothy Yalslco. Gabriella Wargo. Dawn Wompierslri. Helen Yarocz. Geraldine Wis- inski. Arlene Zajaczkowski. Ioan Zedock, Mary Kuruc, Alice Patackas. Second Row-Ierry Kalminski. Francis Cha- pura, Franklin Price. Myron Wolosonowich. Andrew Hrozda. Edward Turlex, Ioseph Parsmik. I 16 .Hrrzhman il1arnlig MR SIESKO P1"lI'lC1pal Mr Slesko was appomted prxnclpal of the umor Huh School ID summer of 1950 He sponsored the omg 1nal Nannual XXl11Cl'l appeared 1n 19-13 and continued to successfullx pubhsh fue subsequent 'yearbooks The pres ent Semor class 15 qrateful for hrs sponsorshlp of the flrst Lnxor lNannual Club and express the1r qratltude for hxs q no nee and contmued assltsance IH publlshxnq thxs year book MR MAIOR Mr Mayor d1ed on NOX ember -1 1950 l-le began hxs teaehlnq Lareer ln 1936 and taught General SCIENCE for txxelxt xears at the unxor Hlgh School He was an ZSSIQ tant football toach for three years and asslstant baseball Loaeh tor two xears The present Senlor class many of to the 1dII1lly of the deceased FRFSHMAN FACULTY F1rst Row lleft to r ghtr Plmer Lohman Amelxa Thomas Marx ob Ella 'Xlundx Sxlxla C1m met Allce McCarthy Thomas Lexus S cond Row Esther lxmstler XX1ll13I'I1 annes Charles 'Xlalor c eph Snslto 'Xnthonx lxullqoxx skl Andrew 'Xhroslau LLICIB Slnlfh ' Y' ' 1 1 sl ' ' ' T . I 1 , ' A . If' 'Q - -, ' ' L lk fn - 1 whom jvere taulght by lVlr. Major, extend theikrusympathy 1 lr rt -three inth Grahe Quinn Runnin .4 Forty four HOME ROOM l MR. MIROSLAW First Row flefr tn right!-Flnrencc Shes-der Ilrwrnthx' Gaxewslti Patricia Tulmxxalu I.t'- ona Cassia Rita Brnlnhek Marnlvnn Bur- mann. Ilnlnref Raczlmvrslci Ioan Hull, Ilel- phine Iaszcz. Flurcnce Baker I'ili:al1cth Schreiner. Second Row-Dolores Brnglin. Marx Ann Ku- hashrk. VVilliam Crnnp, George Grrwmnxak Frank Iinclenskx, VVilIxam Thermus Maurice Hurlev. Paul Yatflw Irene Buczlwxxski Bar- ham VVx'cla, Third Row-Gerald Ihidalc. Michael Cintala, Iames Kaminslsi. Stanlev Nnrc:vlc, Dennis Shipltovx ski. ROOM 2 MR. ELMER LOHMAN First Row-Barbara Kolatlva, Carol VVent:. Lnrraine Butczvnski. Leatha Bnrman. Christ- ine Hassav. Inan Rnpers. Patricia Shipp. Elaine Krvzanski. Mary Klaga. Shelby Evans. Barbara Kempslci. Second Row-Rita Petrochlco, Robert Olshef- ski. Francis Stavitslci. George Smith, Henry Kmetz. Stephen Pelehach. Fred Bleich, Will- iam Brown. Edward Bigos. Inseph Szczecin- ski. Georgia XVandel. Third Row-Michael VVe1ss, David Rasmus. Gerald Dembowslci Iohn Motika. Robert Zaleslci. .Iohn Iagodzinslci. Inseph Birosik Francis Levanda. HOME ROOM 3 MISS LUCIA SMITH First Row llefr tn right:-Geraldine Gtwgtxlla Sxlxia Nmalt XN'iniIt'r Rnhaczexuki Imr- raine Kvzak Elnzaherh Plute Ilelphine Osh- insltx KIargarctSxx1da Susan Ugin Marx Ann lIarclnim Ihvrvrhx U Neill Patricia Vk'ei-X, Second Row-Iixelxn IM-mnm Ilveddx IH-tri-ski Raxmvntl Ifrxta-iv Bc-nctlrtt Upnlfki Rfwbcr: Schiil If-tm Kcnwr-R1 R.nrr2vr1mllirahvxx- -L1 Frank B1crd:1euJ: B111 Xyrllianv lean XN'rrmrer-li Third Row-Frank Barclrilc Carl Sallt-ga Kenneth Xxnlliartzs Richard XVw:nlal1 INIAU- rice Cardr-ne Anrhf-nt Malrarczxlx It-lin Nlaciag HOME ROOM 4 MR. A. KLILIGOWSKI First Row lleft to rightp-Lorraine C:y:xk Arlene Fed:-rchdlr. Phvllls Pepel Alma Sal- xadore, loan Goralrki, Ioan Valenunellx Marxlxn Yeager. Patricia Sranluexucz. Bern Beexe Monica Ciempola. A Second Row-Ieaneue Principalr Rnd Ofhm- ski. Ronald Tremayne Anthonx' Korclr lames Powell. Richard Ionex Robert Daniel- owrcz, Laurence Lavchur, Samuel Ullara, Dolores Golumh. Theresa M1cheu'ic:. Third Row-Frank Brel:-nda Ian Namunxalm, Ranald Komurfkm, Michael Balmer, Chester Bngacki. HOME ROOM 5 MISS ESTHER L. KISTLER First Row lleft to right!-Arlene Zdeh. Marie Guisri. Stasin Ianilc. lvlarie Haidulc. Dolores Levandoxuki Milclred Michalek. lillzaherh Paequellrne. Eileen plaihmxki. Rita VV.ido5 Patricia Grahoxwlxx. Marv Vincent Antoin- ette Ricci. Second Row-Ruth Kelly. Phyllix Gorxlu. Roherr Lafrowski, Frank Pasquinr Leon Nowakowekr Norman Sadowski. Richard Marruza Charles Daw., Mary Ann ilanuh Denisia Holloway. Third Row-Eugene Krajewski Charles Uhaza Leonard Supchalc. Dennis Kravitz. Henry Nowicki. HOME ROOM 6 MISS SYLVIA CIMMET First Row lleit In gnrhtl-Svlvia Sulexxxlu Chrifrme Ofmanslu Dormhv Mavevnkx Shlrlev Schimmel. Helen Nei4wf-rider. Patri- cia Legins. Barhara Ninas. Ceceil Kusxavage Madlxn Moran, Patricia Pelrash. Second Row-Elizabeth Scholl loiephine Ln! poka Che-rer Bmfofslu. Norman Noxak Charlee Maxwell Charles Skr:xr'kmx'ski iohn Vincent AnrhfXnvFalC0n1er1 Lorraine f.lar.4.ilflrx Henrietta Permmxlch, Third Row-l:r.mciN Blalohelr Bernard lanou- xk: l.eon Oxropmxrcz Laumer Boncal hd, l xx ard Rhodha. J .-4 Artuntwa www' XQQX qii rf-dugg Wg 1F ' ff EE Q hw W Q 509, fm ,,,,,.. I 5 rg 2 N' , , X ,, Sgt fM?Rx'Q A , if sf I I il if M wam .m"'i..4' Q J, 'J Q M 1 U4 UJ-J' an L L K Uv' V Lu k' 'N' C C L x k L ccff K es: 4--f il f Q 15?-'t .ff 1' x ' .f 800 1- v ' 1 A I V I IQ ,' ff 6 V I X It lf' Q lf! -' ' Q f f 10 l lx 0 M V v I -...11-f, - X 'I f ' tx' J 41 fx is 8 , , 'Main ,.. - Q ,ln ' ,.-- I , 3' 24 aimnfll f 9 ,. ' , ' 5 -F ,,-- "R, ffff " ' X. ?- I If.. 4- ,f f-. ' V' H W' fs , '.'.' .. ?ns : ' - cf gy 2' x - ' 'f . 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U A "I 1 K 11. f A Qf ff ., ' 1 1 T' -1f:!lQ+l-f:Qf jg g:f5'ffb, ' 4 + : :-f L -2-4: - ' 1' 1 ' A-if "" ilfi- , 142' '. fi , FF' I dj 9?N9GPf 'sul' IA CJ' Q" I hm' Nm N, Niyy NANNUAL EDITORIAL STAFF Front Alex Wysockx Adv1sor Rear ean Krawtz Co editor Henry anoskl Echtor In Chlef Ed Ulatowskl ASSOCIBIC Editor MBFIIQH Lexus Assomate Ed1tor Uhr IH 1 ff'- LITERARY STAFF Seated lhft to rmghtl Alb1rrOldf1old Cdrolmv Houck In-an INABXII Lorramc Ixox alcskl Standing hlganor Qpdlskl Patrlua Zgqamkx Consrame Blockus Ccccha Qoxxmlu Alma Balla Edxtor Imdnmtu Golulmhuskl Ioan Pllxuras Ircm Plpan Lorralm Buckholt In Lx ugh ' . ., , ff! 379 . H . F 1 f M f N I I 5' , U ' ,I ,V I I l A 4 W ' ' ' ' f ' ' ,. o 0 I 4 V Q 5 M. o 1 ":' :'1 'SI' I 1 -.,. V ' 4 , .. K7 T FIA I .'. .C . .2 'I'lf?f, gg 3 N Q X X9 I I I A vu, 5 s , , .x X W annual Staff BUSINESS COMMITTEE First Row lleft to rlqhtb Htnrxctta Cu1st1 I1m1l GYEUIISIKI Co cdltor NBOIUI Ixultr Co tdltor Melanie CICINPOIB Second Row Alhtrta Ixoxwllthxk Dorothy Trout Rlti Mathala Betty Rccxts Thxrd Row Frame-s IVIAQIIOSI Ttd Storosko I dmund C ro 10 Bcrnadmt Makard SUBSCRIPTION COMMITTEE toxukl NIHNL A 11st I1 tond Rom Htltn Chipum I P S I 1 P xx I :lt a ixtor tttlli QONIIININI tdltor COIINILIII Elo ku I'X1tHIttn CSI'dIWOSIxl Allnrtd Ixo xdltmk I r - ' ' " ' A , ' J , ' c ' . ' ' "Q, ' vp- 1-, .gd , f v' If" as 3 A A., Y' '42 First Row 4lvft to right: -Iflvzmor Opalsl-ti. Franucs Imvlli. INI.1rx' Arm Bxttcrllwudcr. Ivan U14 1 t " utijx r. Se' '- ' ' Q x. rcnc ipau. fy vi. ra 1: '. Ct -ct 1 Cf ' Q , , Cu ' : ,' tt' t' 5. 2 . " 1 ' ' ' x" " '. "'I K'H ' Uhr 1951 annual Staff SPORTS AND ART EDITORS Left to nght B111 Budurka Sports hditor Bob Warkomski Art Edlt0f Edd1e Romanowski Sports Editor TYPING COMVPT 'I EL Standmg Marie Negrone Anna Dalmas Dolores Chcklms 1 Ircnc Michno Not Clghotographed Anna Sxxalla Sxlxia Praxxd 1 Sxlxia Frx Melanie Cicmpola Dorothy YOU! Ifi Seated Heft to right! -Elaine Lipka. Iohri Czck. Christine Romiiiski. Gloria Tyhurski, anirnna Jr. f FTLZEIQ: NANTENNA EDITORIAL STAFF Left to Right Carolyn Hovlck lean Kravltz Wxllnam Budurka Henry Ianoskl Marllyn Evans Clara Mus1al NANTENNA REPORTERS Flrst Row lleft to rnghtb Mary Ann Bxttenbender Melame Cxempola Phxlomae Kashubosky arolm Second Row Ceceha Osmanskl Soma Patrarsh Sylvna Chr an Claudette Hudak Ioan Welss Exelyn Domam Marxanne Sulevxskx Loretta Davrs Third Row Albert Oldfneld Ed Ulatouskl Wlllxam Edwards Wlllxam Tremayne Henry an oskn Wxllxam Budurka Robert Ruck Robert Wafk0XXSkl bf: Carolyn Hovick, Maglyn Evans, Mary Sutt. .lean Miskiewicz. Svylvia Schleicher, Marie l ' A 15 9 mimi! Flrst Row Chur Leader Susan Hro da Qand 1 xXXSOLl'xl 9xlx11 ClLClNl'xI 1111 X'X1rf1sld Constanu Bloakus lVlar1ly11 lyanx Canam C1olcn1h1cSk1 Patrxua lcqarsln A11111 Sxy1ll1 Allnrn lxm 1l1l11lC Bmtty Comm Second Row Lorra1nc Buaholt Betty Xdlldlfllllflx Ruth lully can C mn lX'lar1ly11 Sl11plAoxxslC1 Loretta OlVlalley Carol XVc1ss Prof George V Shccchr Lorramn lxoxalulo l'hnr1 a lxxx lfl'xOXKSl'xl Carol Pun lxlldflllll' lNc-ary Ann Omsman Bar bara DIllOIl Florence Vance First Row Band Ruth Morqan Sally as B1rl1ar1X'X iltus AI1111 Ball1 ?X1lr11 !111L koxxsl-C1 oan Balla Mary can Qakoyx sk1 Norma Wont Fyclyn Nou ash111sk1 Qonla DLldIlLlx Second Row Nancy Orloyxnlfu SylXl8 Chr an Crriu B1ll1 lX'l1rl1111 lxuhulva Phxlhx Br11sl1kov1sk1 Chr1sr1nc ROIT1lIlSkl Sylxn Szayncclu lX'lary W1lll3mS o Ann Dmkar loyu l111lC C ladys P.-1tt11so11 SXlXll C11l11l1 Third Row Day1cl Turner huqcnv lxriyc-v1sk1 Henry Noxxmlu X'X1y111 1111111 all l1on1rd lVl1kola1L ylx Fred Sullnan An drcyx Hro da Robert Yaitrcmskl Cc rald Coopmr Rohr-rt L1 nth 1ll Lnonxrd l1a11koxx1Lh lu VX1aur Fourth Row Mcrlxn Fletcher Rcglnald Lal11cq'1lsk1 X'X1ll11111 C rorql Fll11oclo11 Hoy son X'X1ll11111 Pr1u Frank lxo ak 'iran lay lVl1Lhalsk1 Cu-orqc Wcaycr Raymond Cmrslxo Cx r1l Qhrtanslo Qt 1nl1y Dllllflkh oslph Bun cxyslu QBFIITPZTYEI F - fr. 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Seninr Eanh Hiemherz Seated lleft to r1ghtJ Mary W1ll ams Sylwa Szaneckx Chr1st1ne ROIT11l'1Skl Alma Balla Standlng Merlyn Fletcher Iolm Korus Wllham Prlce JQIEIIUYPTTPB Dlllon Ruth lxelly Standing Ioan C exal Carolyn Pmce Loretta OlVlallex Betty Vandermark Theresa Kvuat lCOXXSlCl Ann Ottlsman lNlarlenc lNear5 lei: r ee J Kneeling' lleft to right!-Lorraine Buckholtz, Marilyn Shipkowski, Florence Vance, Barbara -1 y- hr 15 3 Glhvrrlvahern QQ N.-if Plrst Row llnft to rlqhtl Qxlxxi Cnulxkm Anna gxxalli am, KK 'xrflcld Nlirxlyn fxans benond Rovs Bum Comm Dorothx C rout Patrlua fnqarskl Qandra VX ysopkx Cxrol VN uv Constmu Blmkus umm C olaml uskx Allwrta l'XOXKdlLhlk Susan Hro da Srmnr Glhevrlvahrm Y.. .et 0 right- II'11i'. 1 1' W. . .mf :i II - mi. kr Rx. C'ru1VK"z. .f ' 1 ' ' 11 I:',': Glanhg Girlz ani! 13-lililk Enga rs! 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Thelm' T I ' Sh 1 ' Pm: '11, C. 1-l' H 11. Ie.1n K .1111: Bc . ' . . 1 IJ11l111-1 Q. 111 111 Th' '- ' -. ' S , 1 1 SVI . C 1' -R. Ch: 1 1 T111 1 r Inf: Yi 1 rch. I. '1 R 1' K.1: 111121 1111 IJ1111 V1'll.11111 11 111' 111 1111 Bfy . 2 s". ' P 111 sk. r '-1 1. ' .. 4 .Quj '.'1' v Sch... 1.1 .. I 31,1 ly , . 11 . YY , ,, Q! :E RA 1, W H15 if n , 1 , 1 M 1 A, 1 1. i ' V ' 51.3 ,y '4 . vw- ' F f ' :J f 1 ' 4 5 1 . ff 'f , K ay: fs. , 1, A . .7 , ' 4 , 5 - X . l 1 171,12 R111 ff: :H r1.1Er1fI , P 1111 I ' 1. 5111111-L1 B1-::.1i1n1' I.11k.1X:r -11: li. .. 1 431.11111 IJ11r111h1 M ' '1I:r1:- KL11 Anrt B1frcr1l'1n 1.11 11: - 11,1 'I111111 f . .iz If .nLf.1 Fun Q1 , . j . 11: Iam Kr. 1: 51 11 C V 11.1 KI. .111 I, 111, .V 1 '4111' Hull E111 .1111 1 115.111 Gr. 1 411 11.111 UI. 111rl11 I11l11r.'- Ch' NR Bi'1r1.1d1111? K1.111.1r11 L,.1111l. 11111111 If ' N1 L1111 R Kr1'41:.1.. 1111.11 XN'1111.11r- I1-In R.111'c1:. 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NJ- :-. i'xx.i-'r K1.:'r XM xy, 1 Hlt-r IH- X m.- tb- I'x'.r- Th 1 Run f V. - i' - F If.. iv I- - 4, ' lf'--. li' -r 1021.1 Vat. .-a Q. ix b'.1'fv.X1.':-f l': ii i -1' ' F I -' - '1 I 1 4, .nplwd I' ' - lf,.w I fm 71 I-fix Svtuhvnt mmril OFFICERS Seated Wlcft to rmghtl-Eleanor Opalski. Treasurer: Arm Shendan, Secretary. Standing-Naomi Kivler. President: Method Pipan. Vim-President. x I 1 x L nrxl Lam' f mm K4 A rr um! fm 1 Pu- U nr nn Uri-iii-13 Glluh '26 117' 3 ,. Q A gk 1 21.5- OFFICERS Seated First Row Mirllxn Lcum Trvasurmr benond Rovs ganclm VX5soLk1 buutary dIl1LL Hoxxcrs Prcvdant btandmg Alma Billx X 1m Prcmdult Q.- -5 Iur I nw iuond Ron X T xrd Ron I uunh Run IIN xx It . . - ' K 2. N t 6 i , .,. T-. 5 : -Q wg R A , 'I' aa ' 1 1 45 6 ' 131. ,A 'I ik . , I A l I . S ' - ' I . 9 , : N R ' 'wt ' -ww,1:.: If: I1 'K II.,-I kgn., NI..,.':I x. I -3 In -,I-x NIJ". buf' 1.15 Hw... 'XI LQ I-::-rx--P N. Ix . w Nmpx. 1.x I.-:.1::pI Ix .mv ,-X"1i 'uf Ii,"-".lQ,1-rp . 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I.1'y1111111 du r:o11xt111!:z111 .1 1111-11115113 1 Center-Klux Ruth VK'1ll1s SllPl'TY15iIlQ il Biology Class. C N5 -Om, 1mU.mImq :Ii 'I'XINIIlA,C1l1XN B --ik' 1 s 1 H I M 171 ot Q, xx ' 1111111.15 1 C kzzig Clmx 1 . . Yk'z Higzkin Hmm , 2 -4 A A 2 ,i wb 475515 X wi-Q'1.f'f -, 1 , , U , C 1 - - W u na' .41 ,I I .av 3 n x Q I 1 P' ' - J, K L , ,.,., 1 1 ""' ""77iZ , N 2 Q -4 gE1igiiQ!! "-1 . o 'A ' -iffy' Q z ?. I rf, if X '3 Ss ', C '- ' , . 2 ' 'sl i , L91 ' 3 ' x Ima. t I iz f , .. 13 a W A , , A G A, 2 ,, MUUZISU' nm... .... . , 5 ' 5 ,, - A - - 0 . ' M ' 5 K V "f::g'f"l ! gy! s 1 '+?.'f:i-'V ,,,, '-,141 1 1 . , . A 2 v 1 ': " 'f-Y 4 'QVQQ ? f zyuvr 5 . , in-3 , c 57? 4 3 . ,, ,. 'elif S4 1 U if 3 9 1 f X 'S xx ,X I QM an ' 1 'I 'Ht f , A' I 'IfJ,g.l WWE' li' ag. 5 V 'Wi . W , . , Qfffqz 1 1: P V I M 7 ,IWW 3 gf., ia,- ,ff .,.,.- QW!! avi! A y ',hv Q' it As' 1? 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T' W? 7-W: ily ,SHN an 49. First Row 'left in right!-lidwnrd Cvvunikl Vmcenl Knlenda. Iames Rule Stexe Pc-rllv-.wi-I Rf-lwrr Xllzkfl.--., Il----pl: Yllnwmlclx Henry Giunti. Xvxll mm Slmunlwuukn Donald VV1ll1.xmf Ddmel lllslasm. VVal!er Skalla. S:c0nd Row-Anthrvnv lhkm crunch, Rrwlncrt Vlarkrvmxlcx Paul Gulllfnrd. Irvlnn Oli:-nn!-. 4.l.l: 1 XX lar: Ynrfxlzpl' john Harchenrek. lcseph Vdllnrvnellx Peter Burluxlnu Thrvnmx Nardo::zn Irwhn Hanlah Edwin Ruxxlnxin, Third Row-lvvc,Glul'mn1c: lfmnln Z.nn.nL1wuwkx Anthunv Larrrwzzrvnx P4ulGrr1nlx.n bmnfrx C, -.rm l'- LBJ: Analrcxx Sindh. Thcodrwrc Gln-.x .nl l..nrx VN lllmm 5, Clmrlcx Crop. MANAGERS Kneeling-Cnrl Pruxhxnxkn, Antlwnx lnnclln. Standing-lfdxxnrnl Rndonxx llnrrx llxkcns. PM Nu-qcnr, Z ,, gx COACHES Hnrrx llxlnnx, lacultx' mnnagcr XY1llmm Irwnex Eduard Gmld. Avnla- nx lfxlwn f'X'w!:."- E-l..l ..4- rl ll-'mx l.vxn an M s-lun Fnrkm student manager. Seventy-three EI1 nnthall INTRODUCTION The 1950 football team. with its first year under Anthony Diksa as head coach. produced one of the most successful and exciting seasons, Although the Nanticoke team lost the VVyoming Valley Conference to Plymouth by .0-17 points. they were named co-champions by the Sunday Independent. This years team displayed one of the greatest lines in valley history: prov- en by the small number of points scored against them. Much praise should be given to coach Anthony Diksa and assistant coaches Edward Gralla. VVilliam Iones. Henry Leyman. and Anthony Kuligowski for the fine team they produced. LUZERNE Nanticoke started the 1950 football season with a 20-6 vic- tory over Luzerne. After a Luzerne score. Dan Distasio threw touchdown passes to Don Vvilliams and Gene Prukalski. Ed Cywinski intercepted a pass and a few plays latter he scored the final touchdown. MEYERS In the second conference game the Nans turned back a strong and determined Meyer's eleven. A pass to Don Will- iams and the running of Walt Skalla and Ed Cywinski had the ball on the eight yard line before Murphy Cywinski scored. A blocked kick by Pete Bartuska on the Meyers two yard line set up a score for Skalla and a 14-0 victory for Nanticoke. G.A.R. In a hard fought game the Nans defeated the Grenadiers by an 18-6 score. Losing 6-O, the Nans scored with less than a minute to the half on a pass to Skalla. In the second half Ed Cywinski scored two touchdowns and that was the margin of victory. HANOVER In its fourth conference clash Nanticoke downed Hanover by a score of 21-0. The game was all Nanticokes as O'Don- nell. Skalla, and Kolenda did the scoring. The Hawkeyes backs gained only two first downs while the Nans clicked for 33-f yards from scrimmage. "Murph" Cywinski in his usual roll kicked the extra points. COUGHLIN lid Cywinski and Gene Prukalski scored two quick touch- downs in the first quarter and that was all the scoring done in the game. For the second time in a row the Nans line proved to he "Seven blocks of Anthraciteu as Coughlin never crossed nliclfield. an Se-.enty-four LARKSVILLE Nanticoke in defeating Larksville by a 26-O count ran the total to 79 points scored without the opposition crossing the goal line. Skalla scored three times with one being a 25 yard jaunt. The final score was registered on a long pass from Crop to Harcharik. with Alklurphl' Cywinski kicking the extra points. NEWPORT In the annual classic Nanticol-.e swamped a determined Newport team by a score of 20-O. The Nutcrackers held the Nans to a scoreless tie at half time. but in the second half the Nanticoke offensive went into action. VVith Skalla registering one touchdown and O'Donnell scoring two, the Nans rolled up their seventh straight win. KINGSTON Nanticoke trounced Kingston 25 to 6 on a water-soaked field. Skalla ran -13 yards for the initial score without a would- be tackler near him. lim Rule blocked a Kingston punt on the five yard line setting up a score for Cywinski, Skalla and O'- Donnell climaxed Nanticokes scoring with the last drive cover- ing 92 yards. The Huskies' lone score broke the Nans string of 124 points without the opposition scoring. BERYVICK The Nans suffered their first setback at the hands of Ber- wick by the score of 7-0. Berwick scored in the third quarter on a 83 yard runback and the Nans fought back desperately. On a series of passes the ball was on the Bulldogs five yard line. With the ball on the one-foot line the game ended before the Nans could put it in action. With a loss under their belt. Nanticoke looked forward to the championship clash at Ply- mouth. PLYMOUTH With the championship at stake in the Thanksgiving class- ics. Nanticoke played an equally strong Plymouth team to a 7-7 tie. The score reading 7-O at half time in favor of the Shawnee team. the Nans played a determined game in the second half. Nanticoke scored on a fourth down pass to Bartuska in the end zone and Cywinski kicked the important extra point. The game ended with the Nans still trying to score again as Distasio filled the air with passes. Because of the tie Nanticoke lost the championship to Plymouth according to the conference system even though they had identical records. VVe, the members of the Yearbook staff. would like to of- fer our congratulations to the l050 football team on their suc- cess during the season and the sportsmanship shown by the players. The defensive play was excellent and. when a touch- down was needed, the line could be counted on to open a big hole. The backs took over from there and the Nans had an- other touchdown. All in all. win or lose. youre still CHAMPS in our book. lk.- Seventy -fix e Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke Nanticoke 20 1-l 18 21 l-l 26 20 25 O 7 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Luzerne Meyers GAR. Hanover Coughlin Larksville Newport Kingston Berwick Plymouth 6 0 6 O O Q O 6 7 7 asa?-,Q ilinnthall 'iaiw MIGHTY ATOMS ir 1 x ri irlie lJix:s I.en Rwinni: I-'Xuzfi Ki ur .5-.i:.:ii-t 'l'.itin.inni lmxe Iidmuntls M.niriu- K tuind Row B11 K1 L nltr x L ert INl.irl.iiw-Li lm' Y.i':w.i't' lf-iii Xxvillmins Hill Ixtfhvr ltihn R.ip.uliisKi itil it Shunm l.e-if--lti XXX- .Li I--sw llilv lid lfxwiiislti lhin llisiusw VN'.ilt MIGHTY ATOMS VS. WI-IIZ KIDS The 'Old Shoe Strap' was started this year between two junior varsity teams. euth uoached hy the Iunior and Senior mcmht-rs of the football squad. The Mighty Atoms. coached hy lim Rule. defeated Nardozzos VVhi: Kids, the Iunior team. In the three game series the Atoms won two, 7-6 and 6-0, while losing one, O-6. with the final score reading 13-12 in their favor. The Atoms. sparlfed hy Pete Shuma, recevied a gold plated toothall shoe as the trophy at a hanquet. The entire football squad was featud at an informal banquet. with plenty of re- freshments served follow cd hy fine entertainment. These games are looked upon as an annual affair with plans for improvement in the future. irdrint' lim lliiiiims Ron ll.inls Srtiplwxxslti liihn Ki xiii lsi Sltallu. 'fir' '3 rl XYIIIZ KIDS irt nu s l..i:i-.Af R -- t V l' - ii -v. lee 5 'im' karl Lmhel l-inn Xinteizi limi: Maha sz B Muni Riu 1 L I X w.-If: l l- ,,s- ' 'tl - 1 lx: I w-inf., BH lewis Beirurt: lexar-1.1 lfmik l'I.i.t s I R i Nl Rn Kiran- -f. lt-'tt l H Xxt: ::i l'..itr Liriidsn x MIKE HUNCHAR ED CYWINSKI DON WILLIAMS Etwkvthall NANTICOKE HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL The Nantneoke Hlgh School Basl-tetball team started the IQDO l93l season as a darkhorse m qutst of the Vkyommg Valley Champlonshlp Vhlth three xarsxty mtmbers hdxxards Hunchar and XV1ll1ams returnlnq and thrte capable guards ID Cyyunskl Dans and Dlstaslo the Nans under Coach Crilla started on the road to xrctory The Nans stryed IIOIICC of thexr poxxtr as thty trounttd C A R 60 to 2-I ln the mttlal game of tht se :son In a stt sau game Nantlcoke subdued Nt yn port -I1 -I6 afttr an txtra pt rlod Nantrcoke nt xt mtt a tough and dtttrmlntd lxmqston ttam but the Huskxes were not one to stand rn tht xx ay of tht Nans surge for first half honors and attepttd a 5-I -I6 deft it Wlth the fans theermg and scrtamlnq on tyexy shot the Nxns topped Plymouth 40 31 'I hrs VICIOFX broke tht Shayxnets home streak for fxfty consecuttye mns The Nans got past Coughlm -I1 -I7 md Meyers -I3 33 vsxth thtlr eyes on the Btrvtlck gamt Iht Nxns toppttl Hanoxer 53 33 and cmched the flrst half honors as Berxutlt lost to Ply mouth Bervuck finally ended the Nans xlttory strmq by 1 DO D2 xlttory In the most thrllhng game of tht season the Nans handicapped hy the Illness of Don XNIIIIIIIIS lost ln txxo txtra perxods and ended the flrst half as champs xxxtb a 1 l rttord In the second half Nantxcoke topped Q A R and Newport by the 1dent1cal score of 'H 36 Kmgston upset Nantltoke by the score of 55 50 yuth less than a mmutt left III tht game Ply mouth pulled another upset m oyerconnnq a N1IIIlkOkC ltad The Nans got back on the xxmmng srdt mth a 61 38 ut tory over Coughlm and then conquered Meyers DD 35 Hano yer beat the Nans 65 60 and Berxuck toolt sttond half honors In a yxarm up game for the hxg play off the Nans hested Bervxxck -16 35 The Nantlcoke NVBFTIOTS met Beryxttk tn a playoff game for the Wy omlng Valley Conference tltle and bested the Bull dogs 38 36 In a mp and tuck battle the game xx as dt ctded by fouls made by Edwards and Cy XXIIISICI tn the dying st tonds of the game Nantlcoke then met Old Forge Latmxyanni Ltagut champs ln Dlstrttt 2 senn fmals 'Iht lNans starttd lalt and fmetlly oxercafe an Qld Forqt ltad IH tht thnrd ptrlod and lttpt 1t themselxes for a -I5 39 xlttory In the Dlstrttt 7 fmals Sxxoytrsullt xxxth 6 3 ot Holup topped the Nans 31 37 Tht Nans fought dtsptrtttly to oxtr tone the lead plled up by tht Saxlors but xfttr 1 nxrtl fought battle boxx ed to their oppontnts IL askttball ttam and Coath Crtllr d 1 ralst for xxmnmg tht XXXOIIIIIILI X xllty t and ll qrtat shoyung the ttam madt m tht P I A A play offs XX :th a flttmg thmavc tyxo Nantxtoltt playtrs Dxxt ldvxards and Don xVIlIl3IUS vkere named on the X allty All Stholasttt, Ttam 19 .34-it A J DIYI 'NGK TOM DAXIS DAX! FDVNARDS I 1 is 1 I 1 ' ' - , 1' T t ' A , fl I ', 1 V f I V1 My ' usz- 1 , ' - , -V -5 , - .' v I If' V V. Y. V. V . V. U K 1 I 5 - S 'I F-, ' l . . ., VV . ,V . . . t I I E I I Q I I 5 ' . L l V I ' '1 '-' xv '1 I J - L , , 1 I . r 1 . ' I 1 1 I Nh V . xx- x K '. 1- s ' w l.- x T "' ' - f T W V ' -I Il I . H. . - . K -' 5 x -' ,D " 1 Q H- L. V 5, 2 K ' U I - ' -' 5 'A ' ' -' " f V. . l I V V. . A V, V ,V . V V 2 - F- 1' ' 3. A . 1 I I . A- . v' AV' U V ' V s ' VV t V i , and winning 38-36 in an extra period. l '. l lk V V. . H V. --- V, V- ' . ig xg V . V 5 . A - 1 ' , w , ff Qs. I V A, -'lf Q. .A .V .-.kV 1 ,IVV VL , V I l I ' ' ' I ' ' " s Al , 1 ' 1 ' 1' ' .I Q 1 ' a 'Q - K - --.V V . - , Txwyj I K TI f b 3 ' ' 1' ' ' ' In t are L'St'I'VIIlg1 of l X , mud p V. , V . V tm, i U, V Z A t . . V l- ' t' 'A ' ' I ' . . . . ' ' I ' f ff gVl V. V .VVV ,VVV V V, 1'f 2 1 V -' H I ' - , k I. 4 1' V Scxenly'-e ht 17,93 M .-. .-Q xx .ls 'Q ' 4-z s ,-., f HT., ' Mrentling nrx Rnxx f 1 tx Ich eph 1 elt Nlxlvte YN en Q Dennm Kraxnt Ph1ll1p Ixnap Robert Duncan ed mx atlta me Sendelt chn 11d x ntl 'xlluel ax 1, ecnnd Rnxx B h Wrlfbt l lt Br an Bull X-nnoxnch Franc Lee fxhn Ham h oe Yanoxlrc 1rd Rnvs btw x Lrx t n en e u anne 1 1 ram ixne nxxett an ex on n an ex xlt Prnt lfttnt xr' -Q..-av NANTICOKE WRESTLING The Nantlcoke vtrestlers under the gtndance of Ioeeph Gord IBS ek started the season hx partlcxpatlnq In the annual In the tournament Denms IXFBXII xx on a troplex hx XKIUIIIIIQ the 103 lb champ1onsh1p The flrst league opponent xxaQ Couqhlxns Crusa ere to xxhom the Nami loit 28 to l3 In the setond mirth INa1t1tolt met and defeated the Hanox er I-laxx kextx hx tht store of IO to 17 IXIDQSIOIIS experlente found the lNans t xxx p tx and dt eated them 38 to D Fortx Fort out tf tht htst xxrtetl q teams m the xallex doxxned the INant1toltt ttam T' to I6 lX'ltx tre prox ed too stronq for Nanntol-e and dtft attd thtm 'IQ to l-l Next Ixtantxcoke met and defeattd C AR 3-I tu I7 r 1 ha l fouqht contest Tht fmal matth of tht st axon lwrtmqht INEIIIII tolte aqaxnst tht1r ancxent rlx als tht Plxmouth Intlx mx xxho str lvatlt the lNans 76 to lf IVI1lte VX tus lost out tn Dxstrltt 7 fln als to Pttlt from Couqhlxn Tht Nam tndt tl tht st non xxxth 1 'I D rt tord Ilxglfty F' xt ' 'let ru :uh -Cru Ins Grwzdzzs ' ' ' s.. ' ' :, ' ' . , 'I' G1 I " I ' . Iv B. - xxm lidxt . ' I xje. 'a fx '- 'xe. Iac' wh I . is ni. I 5 , I ' " h. Th' my 'js t .le "x 'ne Iah Y chelc Itw Gl h' :. Bll VV ll' 5. VV. ' R ' , St' l ' Iahl slvt. St' l ' S1 "lt, Inhn Iikker Blll "e, Ixm pre-season novice tournament at the VVilkes-Barre Y.lXI,C.A. . . , -Y 1 , ' ' - - A ' I v A ' 'X . , ., . , .. J ... " Q 3 ' ' I J ry' a '- f '. I' . 1 ' 1 f ' A lnl ' - v - I - 'N t f . -Y ' 5 ' ' ' I. . . t - it 1 rt iliaarhall 1.4 in-1 First Row I n Esln I ar e t 6 C 0 Er C r Bu Cond Row A d D11 I lx S ur leplllx 'llxe ich Ha h Absent lack O Donnel Frank Zayac L k Nantncokc Nantxcokc N3Hf1COkC lNant1coke Nantncokc Nantncoke Nantlcoke Nantlcokc fv LAST YEARS RECORD THIS YE 'XRS SCHEDUIE First Half Second Half Shlckshmny 3 Plymouth 6 Nexxport 4 Larksvllle Shlckshmny Plymouth 9 Larksv1lle Ncxx port Shmkihmnx Plymouth New port Larlfixxllc Sl1lClCSl1lHlly Ply mouth Nexx port Larksx xllt First Half Second Half Apxll 76 ilhplll 30 Max 3 Nlax 1 'Xlax l-I ax 'Vlax 71 'Xlix 7-1 lmmt xxx ix lomt ixx xx mm xxx xx hon x 'VM QQ 4.4854 Exghtx one 43 ef' E' R R ' 1' R, g P of '53 'xl ,, 1 I , V tty, ,ffl gy 4 , 2 'Aft Q4 5 A ly 1 R' v fn f1 ' ' ' , , ' 1' Z 'Y 1 l' W, Y ' ' ' 'A A 3 1 Y W4 .' . f QA' 4 1 ,, ff H ,-- . ' t 1 , l 3 gg, X . R , ' W . 5 at I 13 V Q f , V , X W 5' v,,f,'flfml' f , Ska? 1 'I 2 " '.4lef to right!-Std Ch 5lc', Ch l s M1 lx . Ni lc Pr : li k, Mx' on Wffwlgfxnrvxxnph Im' Purxmk rf-ter Gr:-xnzxlz lfQ1'.'t1:g Pct'- ar Mita. S2 I l '- n u K, ac' 'xvirat loc Kut: Ed K yloxxmki. Ed C '. B1 Hunchgxr. lime litlxxurdf Lrutrlcx Civ-gi, lid Cjv.'.:nxk: NYQI: Sktxllu . ' rc fm '. - ' . ' ' ' Z curb i. 4 . A 9 'A i 'Q A' 4 6 . , ,,l, I , ' ' 8 ' 3 ., 4- . 5 ' Q -2 I- A 'l ' ' 2 ' . ' ' . 1 I' axxiiy V ' 6 ' Ma 1' lf lu - l ' 9 ' 2 ' . X' .. Q Q A' ' ' V 3 .Q - - tl. 5 - 1- Efrark Furs! Row llelt tn nghtb Ld Imluexuc Bxll Van lmwen lack Kearnex ack Vincent hd Cxempnla Tum Nardo oe Gluchanlc Pete Shuma Tom Sherwood Bob Yastremslu Ed Yam hef lu ohn Yenchelc mxnaqer Second Row Ted Glowaclu Sxlxester La owlch Paul bronka Smnlex lablon Lx oe Suharlon ohn Hanxsh Bill hanmllch Dan Dlstaslo Richard Stru ewulu l-d Rowunslu Francls Leon: Gene Rx galslu oe Hxla Vince Kolenda B111 Price manager Aprll May May May 2 THIS YEAR S SCHEDULE Nantxcoke and Hanover Nantlcoke and Wyoming Nantxcoke G A R and Hanover Nantxcoke Meyers Hanover In 1ts third year at Nantlcoke H1gh School the new sport of Track under the able coachmg of Mr Iohn Kanyuck rs steadlly gamlng prestlge Whlle the boys excel 1n fxeld events progress IS also bemg made on the track ID speed and dxstance raclng Th1s athletlc event xs assured a permanent place ln our hxgh schools sports -3,1 4, rnqhrx mn W Z 1qree1ble benrgnant conqenral Clrlrqent entertarnrnq f1sC1n1t1nq q1rrulOus bonomble rntercstrnq Ioxral keer1 low 1l IT1l Cl 11e1t obserxant persrstent qurescent relmble studrous trlented u11Clerst111Cl111q x rqorous xx lttw xl11l1r 1111111 xoutbftrl 61 ous Mphahetrrallg Ignurz IXCIOIHI Krxler Helen Cl11p11r1 Io111 D1x1 I Qorqt Thorn 1111ce Floxx er I1 ther Grant S lxe ter Gr xrn kr L rrx Vx rllra Ol'1Il Rispen C1rl Petro Henrx Tok1r Lorr 11116 Bu bolt N e x I1 F1rk1 Robert B11tlx1 rlxr rx 1 N1 1r1lxr1 Lexxr Em1lGra111t kr Bettx Reexes Rrchard x r1boxx kr Ieo CI IFC x11 lxr Irene R111 111 e rnettel olernbreslxr btext l erlxoxx slxr Q tory Irrte oresC1 skr Clrr IVILI let rt le k V11 11111 rrte Con t1nce Blockus Bern 1d1ne M 1k1r1 Fdxx rrtl Rorr rnoxx k ll Prkut rs M rrx Dobr rnskr Fdxxrn Borolskr oe Hobrn kr Robert Qroop Anna Dalmis Dolore Cbeklrnskr I3dn1u11t1 C ro ro C,l11rle Crop C1roly Il Hoxrck Ednrund LIl1toxxsk1 Albert1 Ixoxx 1lcl11k oe X 7110 rtt x x11 IVlocll1 Bern1tl111eIt1k1 exx slxr XIVIIII 1 ll bl IIQIIIIQOXX lxr Q1 IIIIQI 111Ck1 ol'1r1Butk1 Henrx C ll tr lVI1rlxn Ror11111oxxsk1 Sxlx11I:rx M1rv Rom nrofxlxr I,orr1111e Kox rleskr Leor11IXr1eqer Sxlx11S nneckr Sxlxrr Pmxxcl rlx obr1IX1 111c 1xxsk1 ol111 VN rllr 1111 CII rrlex TIIOIIIY xx 11tl lVl1Qb1lQk R 1lo+QrtlVl1tl1x llelerr Strxt xr lx M rrx St Vrncent O 111111 kr Helen Torb1 Theren 1xo1slQ1 Qhrrlex Mrtke Lors Z1lesk1 I-lenrx 111oxk1 C111 Ulrtoxx lxr B1llBudurlx1 51lbertOlcll1eld C rrol VN cr Robert VN rrlxonr kr Dolores VV 1x111 Nlarv WIIIIHXTIS P1tr1c11 Zeq1rxlx1 D1r11el Drsturo l'dx 1rd Sokoloxxskr Edxx 1rclC,xxx1nSk1 Don rld VV1ll11111 ID rx rtl I clxx rrtl Robert NI1rkoxx Nlxr Robert Boxle Ilorente Retro kr Xrnelm 'XI re uq 1 Ueorqe L rex er1 A1111 Sxx 1ll1 INI1rrlx11 Igx 111 l3l1111c Lrplxr Ele 111or VS erorn tx Plxtrqc Prtrrtlx Nrrrerrt IDCIIUITIIIL SLor11Qt lx ln li Id lx AI1111 B1ll1 Mrlxt Hunth r Qettl11 bosrn kr Robert ones I L1 . Q ' 1 A-Qi Q ' " . ' I Q Q,'I Q "w, 11 'K ' Q1.. B- ' Ie ' ' ' . jx' ' S 1 IR19 Q Ei 1' fI' I ITIS. C- I ' I Q: . Q . 4' 'Q . Q' S 1. D- "K 1 I l'1 Q Qs, 'Q , IeQ11 ' Q '1 1. 1 IQ 'A' 1 E- ' ' t ' ': ', I' ' ' fl Q , 's ', - JQ 11' I:-i,'Ii't 'Q I ' I1 trl G--K Q Q Dol J 1:1115 ', Q il siQ1l, - Dllil 'l , s o. 7'll'Q I3 H- Q Q , Q ' Q Q Q , ,, 'Q x 1Q A 1. IoQ1 ' Q I-' 1' QQ, S ' ' Q' ', I I 'I 1' . I Q S . K- Q ' f , I Q I, Q ' 'Q ' , I IQ x" 'l1. L- l'Q Sf'l"Q Q. Q ' . Qs: .f" QI 'Q IQs' 'K M- 'l I Q , 1' I as '. Q X' Q '. X' "Q N- Q Etlxx'Q1rtlNox'Q1k,Iol111Dzurrs, Kzrtbleen Clrirboxxskr, I:rQ1nces Intelli. Q- 5 " Q 1 Q J Q' 'Q 5 I. Q I ' I , 1' "Q :Q ' '. P- I' "Q 'Q ' :' A I 'Ii ', I I' 'Q S, Q '11 Q Q1 'g Iicl Ii ' -. Q 1 , c f' Q Q ' 1 ':l' rs 'i, Q 'l1t1lt:. R- 'Q ' Q s ', Q . ,fi IQ ' I Q ' 3 ' . S-g ' 5 Q .' ', V' IQ J ', I Q Q S ' 'Q. Tgg . "1 , Q ' 'I Ss. ' Ii ' s '13 Ii Q Q1r1sl-Qi. U- 3 Q ' k 1 I ' 'Q Q ' 'Q IQ Q Q ' QQ' . I xQ '. Vgfx 5 'Q Il' " J ', Q I' 'Q s, Q " f 'Q' s, x 1 Q ' --' lr 1' ,J ' ' 'Q. Q':tQ.I I I ' Q. X-, 'QQ'L ' 'Q Q. I'Q s,QQ' "Q, Q 7 Y-1' Bet I' l'Qt , Q .I Q , ' 1Q' 11:1 Io1 Q1' 19. -: Ql 5 . Q Q Q, ' Q11 I1'1'Q I 1' I .1411 ' Mant Ill mth lwtmnrnt We the members of the class of 1931 of Nanticoke High School County of Lu erne Commonvi ealth of Pennsvlxania being of good health and of sound mind and being desirious of directing as to hovx our estates shall be disposed of after our departure in the presence of these vtitnesses do hereby make this our Last Will and Testament WE WILL To the teachers We leave our pleasant mem ories the uniors We leave the air of superior ity which accompanies entrance into the Senior Class vtith the hope that they vull treat underclass men humanely las vie did Eduard Novak vtills his toni kit to Angelo DeFel1ci Walter Skalla leaves his football post to ohn 0 Donnell Emil Granitzki xulls his elex ation to Leonard Pushefski Peter Bartuska inherits his popularity from Da Mary Ann Hoynacki vxills her amiable smlle to Dorothy Shanclro Richard Domzalski bequeaths his quiet dispos 1t1on to ohn Luzenski Stanley Michalski is enclovt ed with Albert Old field s ability to tickle the ivories Betty Vandermark bequeaths her batons to any competent unior ean McMahon obtains her talkative nature from oseph1neW1tczak Theresa avorski vxills her sparkling eyes to Barbara Dillon Dan Distasio leases his haircut to Method Pipan George Thomas xxills his xxittx remarks to Frank Kozak Antoinette Payor inherits her melodious xoice from Dolores Wasmaiiski Robert Wirkoniski xxills his irtistic ibilitx to Shirley Waseiida Lester Greenland inherits his good tiste in clothes from ohn C eck ohn Williiriis bequewths his sbility to argue to Ronald Price Marie Neqroni xxills her pleasant attitude to Ann Zinoxxicz Edu ard Sokolovx ski xxills his reticence to Don ald Brovt n Lorraine Bucholt hands doxx n her reserved na ture to Shirley Cottrino Alma Balla leax es her headaches as Literary Editor to anv sollcitous unior Rex nold Thomas leix es his pleasing personality to Richard Stru eu ski Storosko Ann enkins inherits her sociabilitv from Carol Weiss Nlerlvn Fletcher leax es his drums to any unior vxho IS vt illing to carrv on Bernice Thomas acquires her ladv like manner from anice Floss ers Irene Ripon leax es her supply of locker keys to any ready unior Shirley Kemmerer inherits her friendliness from Christine Pelehach Henry anoski 'ind all other members of the Nannu1lSt1ffleaxethe1r problems to uniors haxing the persex emnce to c1rrv on All other belonqinqs xx hich xxe f11led or forgot to mention me to be disposed of 'is thought best Witiiessed bx U R Solemn I B Honor able Ill: nv . 5 I z . . ': ' ' I I A 'z 3 . : . ' ' To I ' J: ' J ' - - - ,- 5, c it . , ' ' 1 f ' , I. 7 f c ' .4 A. . I . I vid Edwards. L Ioan Tillistki inherits her fidelity from Bobyn l ' ' -' 1 . I' I .B c I c ' Q I .B , Y A .S .. , H c c I . I f I flgity-Ou 4 5' Q , 1 I' 7, 7,41 if 'J 35, v , if ! 5 xr 9' 1 4 ,ff lj Q 'ali 1 ' E+ qi, 3 ,ya I f ff V M MEM f M 181 QM .1170 , ----I ,. 'ik' ,gy Q Hn aw-Pg lb.. S9 rea fa K. " 1 115 tI5PIlIP1 ixhvvf X U? 64 Nw 5234 X L Q - U ' 4 W jk. " Wx 4, ' my W wg? , V M if COMPLIMENTS OF N ANTICOKE CITY ADMINISTRATION Mayor ATTY. ANTHONY B. DREIFR Councilmen WILLIAM WILLIAMS BOLISH KOCIFNSKI EDWARD KOWALSKI BERT ANDREWS Cnty Treasurer STANLEY BAKER Clty Controller FRANK QNORKI NORKIEWIC Clty Sohcxtor THIRWALL GRIFFITI-I Ch1ef of Pollee I Z, IR 1oHN SMERESKI A 4 I I'I I .I'I'I'I I I'I III I,III Id 'I I I I'I I 'I I I I'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I'I'I I'I I I flfll I I I I'I'I4I'I'I'I'I 'I I'I'I I, 'I BFST Vw ISHES FROM cwepi few? Breathes There The Man Breathes there the man with soul RO dead Who never to himself hath said This is mx ou 11 m nam e la Nl Whose l'lt3Ifl1E'1fl1I1C CI VK1fl'l11lll1I'I'll'L1IHLLl As home his footsteps lee hath tux neil Fiom vt undeiinq ou a foieiq 1 str 1d7 If such theie hieathe qo mailx him v ell OI 11111 110 111111 tie raptuiessxxe Boundless his vt ealth as vt ish can claim Despite those t tles povter and pell The w1etCl1 Concenteied all III sell L1x111q shall loi felt laii 1e11oxx11 And clouhlx tlxmq shall qo tloxt I1 To the X 1le dust liom whence he spiunq Unxx ept u11ho11o'ecl and unsunq lS11 xlVEllfCI Scottl 'I 'II "III III " II ff ff If I 74 ' 1 V " 1 v xy A ' v I 1 ,Aw w L1 A . , F 'l' 'sql' 'eyxfllz l'lighthougl1l1istitles,p1'oudl1is11ame. 7 -A 1 f vv v- - .4 1 1 4 b ' I ' I I I ' ' ' I ' ' ' I I ' I I' BEST WISHES FROM THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NANTICOKE PENNA Leland C Rummage Presldent Charles W3S1l6WSk1 r Vxce Presldent Dr C E Bennett Vlce Pres1dent Stanley C Croop Secretary oseph A Dougherty Trust Offlcer Edward M3kOWSk1 Assxstant Caslner Frank Bejza Assxstant Caslner The Bank For All The People w1th 63 years of seruce EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT DO YOU HAVE ONE AT OUR BANK? Membel Fedmal Deposlt ln umnce Cotpomtnon 'N 9699999655 , . ,J . ' ' Q S ' c ' 'c I'f'f'f,! 1951 Congratulahons Graduates MAY FACH 'NEW PATHVN AY YOU PURSUE BRINIC RFAL SUCCFSS AND HAPPINI SS TO MAKIL THE FUTURI1 BRIC HT FOR YOU e f e e e of C 1ft1 p JI 1r the x1l11e of xour New oo mcreases thru the xe1rs Ill the heauts of thoke xx ho e l1fe lonq fr1e11ds md ple1s'111treCollect1o11s 11e forexer hxed xx1th111 11s p ICICN The I'7l6'iSA1I1fI1I1lCS the sethicks the L11 lllllllq Co111p1111o11sh1ps e L 1lled xx1th exer mere ISI q C ql ullx expuss our ere 1 the ple11c14 p1t1o11 1 1 of the student hodx of the N111r1coke l'l1qh Sghool 11410111 Qo11t11111ecl emle IX w e to Neue L1 1 x 1 x 1 PORTRAITB OF DISTINCTION AND QUALITY W PAWLOWSKI Photographer H111 Bldg Over Rex Theatre Phone 68 I v 7 1 1 4 ,.. -T I . Lili Q1 111 pi c rf 11z111Sh1 cw 1. 'z 1' ' wh lc exe ' 3 2' ' " ' 5 st r fff ' 5 1 ' Q " t f ' 5 ' Q 211' 1"Cz ' ' ' i."1l1 pleasure as years progress. VV 1 z V' , 's111C "z1pp1'ec141t1o11x fc 1' is ll Q ' 11.11 3 j fa ' ' 'H ' .1 '1 P 1 Q 'c1' shall h P' 'S vo rorhcli111i1ofo111-a1b1l'1j10,110jcu . 1 . CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OE 1951 FROM NANTICOKE DIVISION A Good Plane To Work GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS CAREEUL TRAINING FRIENDLY SLIPERVISIONI DEPENDABLE MANAGEMEINT STEADY WORK AK Y VY I I Visit Our Personnel Office Soon IN.:1 1xf:, 4 444 444444 4 4444444444444444 4 4 4 4'4'4,4'4'4,4'4'4'4"4' , ' ,lr , , ' , r rl' '4'4,4,4'4,4'4"4'4 4,4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4'4'4,4'4'4'4'4,4,4,4'4, ,4' '4,4'4,4'4,4, Z 2Ll 1 Qu f um. 04 e SADOWSKI STUDIOS 403 Eost Noble Street Nontlcoke Po L 1 L LL f 3 'llc Lf nftutftt c nh 2 N CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Sxneere Conqrituliuons and hood luck to you todly Mm your up omt help you qaln Success 1n eye-rv xx IN lVliv proqress rn arlx your yxlth A qood and noble name lXl1y vou fultlll your h1qh lde lls W1fhOl1f 1 doubt or ques Xnt nmy your l4FlQIlClSl'llfUN mu tl ulx Your d nlx haupl ness Keep up the Courzqe you haxe shoxx n And nex er shlrlc or qult Y ou knoxx you only qet lrotn lute IIXOU put1nto1t 'X ou xx ell deseryt the honor th it e st ool h ts qlx en you Ant so qonqrltul ltlons Ind M ay xll your dreams Qozne true May we express our deep gratltude and alneere appreelatlon for the wholehearted eooperatlon and patronaqe of the student body and faculty of the Nantleoke Hxgh behool As always we shall tend to serve you to the utmost of our Hblllfy SADOWSKI STUDIO NANTICOIXE PA ','p'p',p'p'f'f','f'y'f'f'f'f'f'f'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r 'f'f'f'f'r'r'Q'f'Q'r'r'f'r'r'r'f'r'f'f'r'r'r'flr'r'r'f'r'f"r'r'ffv'f'f'r5 I " A X r V f fffff fffffffffflfffffffflflff .Btdfu 'ff Qtuffl QA: fgi ' nf! . 5tLJ-cvgfel 11.41 ' .ffegle ': SDL' ' ' is lit bales 'jaltf l' l Q 1' A ' . . .. ' ' I 'Q . . Q, A Q ' 4' eyery step. . ,Along your rise to fame. , ,And may your deeds endow you z x . l ' 'S 5 ' 9 lj . .' Q I' 'y '- Q . . .Th Eh , Q. X ' y' . . , ly ' K Q Q A Q2 . . . Q 'Q ' 1 ' . . ,. , . . , X. ' ' y' , . "55v' - 4 fgf'il!'!,?,!,!'I'!,!ll'!fl'!llsIl4!,l,lfi4l'!'l COMPLIMENTS OF I ITALIAN AMERICAN CITIZENS CLUB Orlando CIPFIBIII Autorxo Blangoum ohn Cerbara Armanto Cetrelll LUIQO Palu Z1 OFFICERS TRUSTEES Pxebldent Vlce Plesldent Recordmg Secretary Elnanual Secretary Tleasurer Ben VOIIDICGIII Roger Pace Thomaw Blangotml HOUSE COMMITTEE Mauono La1c1 LLIIQI Leutex Mlchicl Paolmo EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Lulgx Colloccho Dxck Sx lx estex Waldo XZOIDICLIII X Z . 1 C 1 . . x . I 4 4 444 444444 44 444 4 4 4 4444 :'I'I'I I'I'I'I'I'I'I I'I I I I'I I I I I I I'I'I'I I I'I'I'I'IaI I I I'I'I I'I'I'I I'I'I'I'I'I'I'I'I I I I'I'I'I'I I I I I I'I,I'I'I'I' I'I' I I'I'I'I4I 'I I'I I'I' BEST XYISHES AND SUCCESS TCI TIIE SENIOR CLASS OI: 1021 FILMS - DEVELOPING AND PRINTING - CAMERAS Photo Supplies for Home Developing and Printing Movie Projectors and ITIIIHILICI' c1x1h1111 A tio Plus Our Own Gua antee JOSEPH C BOROFSKI WILLIAM E DAVIS 1 UNFRAI DIRI'C, TOR 37-I 376 EAST CHURL H S I RI IT NANTICORL PA PHONE 7950 H I I L on M, rhmq 11111 1 11 1 1 o Xe cw 1a mu Q ILLkIII 2 1 II ic L IIIIS relx recept ILIK I11 ei o 1q1t L 1 not edi ite 1 0 aine 111111 1 1 011 IIC I'Qfd1IIS he 1 in oft UIIQSS 1 Ho Us Q 1 1 lui K 1 x x oine 21111111111 1 L XII 1111 4 4444 444444 4444 4444 44 4,4,4,f'4'4444 44444444444 44,4'4,,4' 444,"4'4,44'4'4'4,44444 ", 44,4,,',,,, ',',','4, ,,'l N .' L 1 ' 3 Ex'1',' ' 1 I1-11111 IXIEIINCIAS 1-.11I1Iix111I1I1 I1111IIQ1-p111.1 ' IIS - - ' T V' 3 . . 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Waluts You To Know WE FURNISH your home from attic to basement. ODD AND END STORE Broadway and Arch Street Nantmcoke Penna YOU boys and g1rls who wlll graduate thxs year are most fortunate fortunate because you l1ve ln an era when eIectr1c1ty and gas have done so much to reduce the drudgery of mankmd Low cost gas and electrlclty m college on the farm m busmess and lndustry w1l1 do much to re lease tmme that you can use ln creatxve effort LUZERNE COUNTY GAS AND ELECTRIC CORP , . Y Y X. . . - I 9'f9'5'5"f".v'a6'f'fx',',',6',',',', V 0 0 6 0 v 6 0 G G 6 6 6 Q S 0 0 6 0 6 6 4' ev:-I V ll! I Conqrltulitlons md best xushe to the Griduitmq Class of 1911 md Comm ue succe s and h zppmess ull xour llfe JANOSKIS WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO 129 131 S MARKET STREET PHONE 461 ESTABLISHED 1908 We have pamts and enamels for every purpose Wxndow shades and wmdow glass cut to any SIZQ Pleture frammg nn all lts branches MARTZ LINES Phone 3 0171 Martz Bus Terminal 52 Pubhc Square Wilkes Barre, Pa 'Nxmrx I ' I lflllllflllf l I z 2 is J S . Q .yi z '- d 3 sp L a 5 ' ' . . . 4 4' 4 I I I II I 4 lil I I I4 I l,l,l,f'4,aI, 4 ,I ,4 ,4'4'4'4'4 ,4'4,4,4'4 '4,4,4,4,4'4'4'4'4,4 ,4'4'4'4'4,4,4,4,4 ,4 '4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4' 4, 4 ,4 'I '4 '4'4'4 ,I 'I ,I ,I 'I '4 '4'4 '4'4' '4 '4"4,4 '4 '4,l '4"4 ,I '4'4 ,4',4' 'I ,I 'lrlrl 'I '4 ,I ,I ,4"f' BEST WISH ES TO THE CLASS OF '51 Raymond R Hedden ond NANTICOKE LUMBER 8: SUPPLY CC 2140 2539 Congratulatlons The N3!1IlCOliQ Alumm Assoclatlon xx xshes to extend to each member of the Class of 1931 a slncere xxxsh for future success Thousands of students haxe trod the marble hills before xou lVlanx haxe attamed econornlc c1x1c ind socuil success 111 thc XZIYIOUS commumtles of thus continent Folloxxmq xour qraduatxon das xou too xxmll seek xour qoal 111 llfe Wherexer xou qo xxhit ex er sou mm do tht Alumni Assocmtmon xull qlidlx help xou 111 ex erv xx av possxble Ir 1 the purpo t of thls orf ml atlon to further the C'Cll1CdIlOIldl CIXIC .an socml mnso 1 mun er o 1 1 ar and xrhome The Nontlcoke Alumm Assoc1c1t1on 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 9 '4'4'4'4,4,4,4'4'4'4'4'4,4'4'4'4,4,4'4 4,4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4'4r4,4'4'4'4'4'4,4'4'4 N r 1 I I 1 - - V . K . '. . ,.' ., . ' . ' ' . '. ' .' , V1 7 V -b Y V I 1 I Y 1 ' K ' , , . , V 5 I b... ', A .' K v , I 1 V . s ' sf A t,a :' ' ' ,' ' , 'd."'z 3 lts eb'sbtlzf1'z 4 . . . . . 4 Y ffffffffffffffflfffff lf ffffffff ffffffffffffffffff I futrtx tug. RCDTARY CLUB I 'PNA110 The Rotary Club of Nanhcoke extends nts e l onqratu ations and best WlSh2S for future success and happlness to the Class of 1951 Flrst wlth Com Operated th? Latest S Phonographs and ljhone N mtleolxe l672 Amusement Machines LIIVVCRA IND STRI3EF 'NIANTICGKE PA Compl ments of NANTICOKE POST No 350 AMERICAN LEGION SAM ROCERS LGREN HAEFFLE Comm mder Acllutmt ADANI H NSTRI lVlSl'xl lm mee Qffleer Compllments of lOl-IN ALLAN E1 SON Always Buymq Alwayb sellmq Scrap Metal Sterlll ed WIPIIIQ Cloth Paper Used Plp uuk of all lx11lCl You tall We plclx up Lowe Bro lclx 'N1nt1cokel36 N BextW1shes To The Cl iss Of D1 Amerlcan Leg1on AUX1l13fy Umt 350 n A41 ,qui I 'N Q ., 5 v , Q ' ' ' , j , . 1 L , . J l . . . . ' 1 . J i ' 2 1' 1 4, C , . ' '- , L H . . . . Rags L I . ' . . e I Q ' s - r 1 max l . ffl I lllllllllllllllll lllllll 'fl' f f flflflflflflf fl f f l f f f 7 f f f I f I f I f 7 fl' f f f f Jfdflflflflflllllfllll Illlflllllf Compliments of Andy's Service Station General Repairs POST N04 42 PHONE 9055 WORLD WAR II VETERANS 159 BROADWAY STREET NANTICOKE. PA. BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS: We do not do all of the Printing in Nanticoke, so we just do the best of it ' ANTHRACITE PRINTING COMPANY 150 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA GEORGE BALLA ESTATE Masonry Contractor PHONE 989 Office Opposite West Nanticoke Bridge Residence 325 East Spring Street Nantlcoke Pa Best Wishes To The Class of l95l Bartuska s Furniture Stores 200 206 EAST MAIN STREET COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Refrigerators Radios Cleaners Washers Good Luck to the Class of 51 BAVITZ RECREATION CENTER BAVITZ SERVICE STATION 133 BROADWAY STREET Nanticoke Penna Tires Batteries Accessories PHONE 9136 100570 ATLANTIC PRODUCTS Variety Merchandis at Popular Prices A Frxendlx Place To Shop BEN FRANKLIN STORE 160 SOUTH MARKET STREET NANITICOKE PA Home of Keepsake Diamonds BERMAN IEWELRY STORE ewelry Records Appliances D2 FAST MAIN STREET Nantlcolte Perma Largest Selection of Popular and Classical Music in Town TRX US FIRST X our Doxxntoxx n Store For free records xi it Berm in s Record Dept Q 1 , . ! . , . V , . . . . Y C ' . . Y V v , . . , I . . . - - S c . . ','4',',',',',',',',r,',',','4,4'4'4'4','4'4,4'.,'4,4','4'4, 4,1 'a'4r4'4,4,e'4,4'4'1,4 '4'l 'l'l,4 'I,4'I '4 ,4 '4'a,4'4,4'4'4,a ,4'4'4 I1 '4'4'a'4,a,4 rl, BEST VVISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1991 B1scont1n1 63 Sons Coal Company Underground Mxnlng and Strlppmq Contractors MAIN OFFICE 243 PROSPECT STREFT 'NANTICOKE PA TELEPHONE NANTICOKE 533 Best Wlshes and Good Luck HOUSE OF BONI Spaghettx Sauce A Hometown Product 1 EAST CREEN STREET Comphments of BOYEK S PURE FOOD MARKET Phone 1033 Compllments of BRADER INSURANCE AGENCY Establlshed Over 60 Years NANTICOKE PFNNA Compllments of Thomas C Buczkowslu FUNERAL DIRECTOR Broadway Auto Supply Tlres Batterles ACLQSSOYIQS T1re Repalrxng and Sportmg Goods 23 BROADWAY STREET N lIIIlQOlK6 Rennl THOMAS C BURROWS TELEVISION Tests Inotallatlon Te 2173 349F Church Comphments of CATN ES CHEVROLET 149 EAST MAIN STREET IN'ilII1COlC6 Penni C I Compliments to the Class of 31 Nanucoke Iunlor Chamber of Commerce I,l'4,lrJ'l,l'J'l'4'4,l,l'J,l,I'l, f,l,l'l,l,J'lpl,l,l,l,I'l,l'l,J'l,l,l'l'l'l'l' Y y - Nanticoke, Penna, 288 East Noble Street, Nanticoke, Ra. 4 ' Q 'N , 1 . . . , I A I , . C , C 4 I I I I I 4 4 fv5frfffr1vfrfr99959fv'r 'r'r'f'f'r'r'r'f99'f'r'r'r'I999'r'f'rf'r'v'f'v'f'f?'.v'f'i'rff'r'r'f':'r'f'r'r'r'f' CEASE MOTOR COMPANY DODGE PLYMOUTH Dodge Iob Rated Trucks 33 37 N IVIARKET STRFET Nantlcoke Phone 375 or 2743 DEPENDABLE USED CARS AND TRUCKS MAIN HIGIIWAX' AT SILKWORTH ROAD W. Nantncoke Phone 2963 Sucaess To The Semors CHARM SHOPPE Cionzynskfs Economy Store 45 S MARKET STREET NANTICOKI4 Fresh Meats Grocerles Frunts and Vegetables Frosted Foods Cards' Gifts and Lmgerle D47 S Mirket Street N1HtlCOkQ Pa Compllments of Ch1ck s Auto Supply Co CIMMET S INC Sportlng Goods Electrlcal Appllances Sterlmq Varxety Store Everythmg For Your Car D EAST MAIN STREET 243 SOUTH PROSPECT STREET N1lIflCOk6 Pemm NANTICGKE PA No xx oman his ex er expected to be bette dres ed than she can be Ill ICOAY Sult or Dress FRQM CLEM S CAFE 13 WEST WASHINGTON STREET S SEA FOODS NANTICOKI: PPNNA C Opoka Prop iff' I . c c , . f . 1 . " 1 L V C . , . ' C f ' .' I' IS 7 1 . - . . . I. , . TRADE NASH PEG. 4 L I' 'l'4'd,l,l'I'lr4' d'd'd,I,l'd'l,I,I'Ifl,d'4,I'l,I'4'4,l'4'I,l' 4,4'I,l'4'l'4'd'I'4'4,I,I'I'I'd f flflf f f I flflf'f4fIfdf'f4f,fTf'fdf f I f flflflf f 7 f P f f f Suecew To The C1r.1duat111q Claw 011951 CRAWFORDS Large5tSport1ng Goods Store m Nantlcoke D1an1Ond'S Candy Shoppe 120 EAST MAIN STRFFT 4 EAST BROAD STREET lN'lI1f1CO1C6 Penni N'11ltlCO1xC 1211111 CROTZER S IEWELRY STORE Dr T R Crotzer Propr etor ORTQNIIETRISSI Your Dealer For Tlus Year s Hlgh School Rmqs 109 S MARKET S'I RP141 VAN 1S1C,OKl PA Best W1 hes To The Semor Clns Be tYV1shes For SL Ccess To The C11 s of U1 S D bk k A Zenegrljurgni gency D1ff s Dolly Machson Shop Vxctorn Bulldmq Prospect Street NANTICDKE REWNA A DRAPIEWSKI 65 SONS FUNERAL DIREC ITORS Smce 1531 Comp11111entQ of Elqm Watehes Co Pley D1amonds Parker Pens Ronson Llghters Downtown Bowlmg Academy And Restaurant EDDY S IEWELRY STORE 211 ERQADWAY STREE r Eddy Wamkomskl T 1 h 9139 e ep one Eugene Edwards Sr Propnemr 161 S 1X1111NetStreet 1N111t1coke R1 I ve A , 1. T. ' ' . 3 z. 1 . . . , i . . 1 , . fm , , . . , , 1 Z. . Y. .- s J Q 1 it CSJ A .f ' ' . 1 . - Ac I I K , .1 Q' , Y , . - f 22 WEST GREEN STREET NANTICOKE, PA. . 9 . H . . Q ' ' ' ve ' , 2 . 1 -'Y -v ,4'4'4'4,a,4'4"4'4'a'1'o"4 'a,a,4,a,4'a,4'a'1'4,1,4,l'4 4,4,a,a'a,a'a,a'1'a'4,4'4'a, ,4,4,4, a,4'a,4,a,4 Esposito's Modern Shoe Service VAL ESTOCK Home - of- Invisible - Resoling L h d D lr . unc an e ieaeies 46 South Market Street Na11ticoke.Pa. PHONE 1393 Best Wishes of Cor11pli111e11ts of 1. K. EVANS - FLORIST LARRY EVANS 2314 CRIEI N STREET NANTICOKF PFNNA EVANS CANDY SHOP ROBERT FREY 63 SONS Manufacturers of Er1bro1der1es and Laces 186 S MARKET STREET NANTICOKE PA Compliments of EARKAS MARKET GFOCCFIQS Fresh Qualxty Meats Produce 900 S MARKE I3 STREET N1IIflCOk2 P1 PHONE 9032 AL PINK YouR OLDSMOBILE DEALER -121 VV M1111 Street N7IlflCOk6 Pe1111a Make a Date With The 88 Oldsmobile PHONE -13 COIIlpl1IllLI1fS of Florek s and Gmka 5 Cafe Sea Food and Ch eken D nnerx 21 Vlfl Sl CllLlI'C,li S1 Pl l l N1lIlIlLOlxL l L Phone 9105 1 Co11 ir 1tul 1t1o11 FLOOR CRAFTERS ll SOLlIliMAPlxl1T S'l Rl I I FLOORS BY CRAFTSMAN L. I 3. ' I . n n - C . C V y 1 C , C . 9' -l 2 2 .' ' ' - 1 . a N . - . . I V Y I .l M , - . - . 1,1 1 x 4 1 1 , - . . . . . W- 3 3 . . . 1 - , Q I l - X ' X ' ' IN.ll1Ilt0liC, Pd. phQl1C 22-12 V . 1 1 ' 'X 7'llIlii. "f'f'f'f'f'f'f4f,f'flflfffl IflflfIf'I'fif'fIf,f'fIflflflflflflflflfafafvflfifdflflfl I1' ir tl '11 BEST NX ISHES TO THE CLASS OE 1 400 CLUB 1211 S PROSPECT STREET 400 CLUB NANITICOKE PA Best WISRQS forthe Graduate from F U L L E R S RESTAURANT AND SODA FOUNTAIN Home Cooked IVIealS at thelr best Home NI1de Cindy of quahtv Home Mide Ice Creim The Best Fx er Fresh Rowsted Pewnuts IIT the shell S llted Nut Me its from 111 ox er the xx orld Delxcxous B B Q S Our Speclalty FREE DELIVERY Phone 2435 and 9163 Success to the Cl1ss of D1 Freddy S Bar and Grlll 100 EAST RIDGE STREET Fred 'ind Verni Bolt Sea Foods and Sand v ches Nant1coke P Phone 9048 Frank S SGIVICG Statlon Frank M3fC1HkOWSk1 Prop CORNI R C RAND AND HANOVER STREETS Phone 1423 VV GABE S PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 817 Mobll GaS and O11 BROADWAY NANTICOKE PA GALAT S MARKET FRESH MEATS GROCERIES 201 VV CHURCH S FREET Phone l997M NANTICOKE PA AL GALAT Prop C GALLI S SEA FOOD 120 West Church Street TNant1coke P1 PHONE 186 All Kmds of Fresh Flsh and Fr1ed F1 h I rd 'J '1,4,a'1,d'4 fd ,1 'd,4 ,J ,4'4'l,4,4 ,4'd ,J ,d'4 '4'1'4'4'4 '4,4,d GAYSON S RESTAURANT Edvard F Gayeskl Prop Home Cooked Me1ls Ste1ks Chops Home Made SoupS Spaghettl Ch1l1 DQIICIOUS Hamburgs and Hot Dogs Nlodern FOUXIVHIII Serxlce 137 F Minn Street Phone Nantlcoke 9175 'iiilllflllflllffflllf'I'f'ITl'fd !'I'f4 fd!'I,f'l'f'f4flf'fl!'I' nd .d flu , '4,l'l'l,4"l,l'l'l'l'I?l,l,f'I'4'l, Ll'I,I,l'4',l,I,I,l,J"l'l,l'4'I' , Iliff ffffff I- , ..- .. f 3 , .ff . 1 , , I . if 77 if H N T Y, Y Y . s . Y ' C K A n - 4 . c ' . , Gasolme and Olls - Expert Lubrncatlon C " . .4 4 . . . ' 1 . 1 . 1 . , , ' I T . 2 J 5 ' ' ' , A A I ..- ., --.1 C .ART 7 Y 1 C K . . N . 2 i ' Y , 1 Y ' 1 1' . I, Q Y . e 5 I C .I ' C I ' .I " Y ' . . . . .' , ' . 1- ' - - C , Y. ' . 5 ' ' 'S . . S. . 1 '4!'II!4!I!'f4l,lTIT!lflflflfllIf'ld!'I'I'flf4f'fIf'llflI . Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay, Straw, and Cement Phone 1708+178 South Market Street Household FUl'I1iShiI19S Phone 141-Broadway Street NANTICOKE' PA' 51-53 West Green Street Nanticoke, Pa Phone VV-B 22280 Phone Nanticoke 2898-I COMPLIMENTS OF GOLDEN QUALITY ICE CREAM COMPANY Best WlSh2S to the Class of 51 Comphments f BURT GOMMER Wholesale Candy and Tobacco 619 HANOVER STRETT Nantlcoke Pa Phone 974 I OE GURKA Your Reglonal Certlfled Accordlan School 420 BLISS STREET Phone 3050 I N1IlflCOkE P New and Used Accordxans IOSEPH L GRABOWSKI Authorlzed Dealer ln Rock of Ages Monuments 192 WEST CHURCH STREET Nantncoke Pa Phone 723 Grabowslu Funeral Home oseph L Grabowskl Dlrector 190 192 W CHURCH STREET Nantxcoke Pa PHONE 723 Iohn Grontkowslu 63 Sons Funeral Dlrector Monument Bu1lder 37 VVEST CREEN STREET 'QANTICOKF PA I HANISH BROS Meats and Grocerxes Frozen Foods CORNER CHESTIN UT AND UNIION STS Phone Nantxcoke 474 V . . ,- Y V . ' , . , O - K V , . -I . . Q I . , , . c Y - . Q , - I .. I . l I'!'r'f'r,f'f'r'!'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r' r'f'r'r'r'I flr' 'f'r'r'r'r'f'r Succe to the Sen1or Class of 1931 Complzment of lVIodern Desxgns of Quallty Wallpapers Be t Grade Pamts and Sundry Items HECHT S HARDWARE H111 Pamt and Wallpaper Store 182 SQUTH MARKET STREET Ninmcolxe Pennrt Success 'and Best of Iuck to the Class of HOTEL N AN TICGKE RESTAURANT AND BAR Hrmko Economy Store MAIN AND MARKET STREET S Room Res 9057 1-18 mm STRFET NANT1coKE acobs Platter Chatter Be out 111 Front om 'Your Hlgh School Bind We carry the latest ln all types of Records and Albums also the 45 Records and Players B incl ind Crchestrx Instruments c ish or pwvments IACOBS MUSIC C0 H2 E MAIN STREET NANTICOKE, PA PHONE 40 Conlplnnents of S Alo1s V BOl1lllSlil Cen Nlgr ind Sec y S Oven Fresh Quahty Baked Goods Lobster Tall Platters Sandwnches PHQNE 2933 Chxlx Chxcken Dmners 32 souTH MARKET STREET 422 PAIRCHILD STREET Mlmmke PWM Nnmtlcoke Pa 93 VV M1111 Street Clen Lyon CONC RATULATIGNS CLASS OF 1931 We ire MlqhfV Proud of Y ou The Ro ul to Success Is W11t111q Eor You IIMMY THE IEWELER N EAST MAIN STREET YAINTICOKE PA My ll Store Buy nq Power Saves You Money 5 99999666 5 1 I I Ifdf,f,fIf'f4l4f'f,f'f,f 'f'f'f'fI dfdflfdllllflfallllfiflfTflllflldflflllflflfdfdf . ' C F rs - ' 5 Q , 0 q I ' . 1 K , c . . ' " xy . q . , , 3 1 . ' ' ' ' PA 1 , S , . I ' 1 ., ' , V -I A - 1 1 I 4 1 y I Q '4 1 0 f I 4 f Z ,' 3 .' 2 .1 1 .I . A Sheet Muslc and Books for All Instruments. Capable Instructors. lllt K 0 ' - . I , . - 9 . , . . Y . . C Y Q A 1 4 A c . I . , . C , . F ' . c , 1 A I , E C ' C . . . C I R V ' 4 L . . A . ' I'4'l'4"l'lrl'I'l'l'l'I,l'J'l'4,l'l,l'l' l'l'4,l'l'l'l'l'l'l'4,l,I,l,l'4'l,l,l'4 '4'l,l' J' x k K X K 11 Illllt IVL FPXCII If,fIflf'f4f4f4f4f4flf fdflflidfdl 'f,'If,f,f'f,l,fJ',f,f fJfIfll,f,f Compliments of Compliments of EMIL IAROLIN Robert E Iob Mary lob Plumbmg and Heatmq GENERAL INSURANCE 227 WEST CHURCH STREET Best VV1shes From COIlQI'EifL1l3flOIlS Thomas P Iones and Sons In KATA S RESTAURANT C Charles and Lllllan Kata Props Furniture and Home Fumlbhmqs Fmest 1n Sea Food and Sandwwhes 428 Hwnox er Street N mtlnoke P1 Qtmllty xs our Quintlty PHONE 531 D20 SOUTH WALNUT STREET IOSEPH S FURNITURE STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME PHONE 966 IOSEPH GRZYMSKI Prop COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FROM NANTICOKE KIWANIS CLUB WE BulLD Best VN1 hes from COlVlPLllXlENTS OF Kxelar s Presto Restaurant Barbecue Hambufqs Klem A Drozdowslu 119 SOUTH MAPKTT STRLI T PHONE 9280 K l 1 4 Q 0 , Q . . 1 . y . 1 ' V i T . c . c f c Y .. - H , . waits-. ,f-9 4Pt .,- N S 1 - .,.. 513 VMI Q gif' lPNA1Xf1 44 YY 5, 'VS k. 4 , n Y . S - . 5 L O ,., , . . . 1 , . . 4 . X 4 . . 4 4,4,1,4'a,a,4,a,4'a,a'garfrv IOHNNY S MEAT MARKET I ohn Kobylasz Propj 303 VN MAIN STREE T 'N ANTICOKE PA Fresh Meats Groce Produce Home IVIade Sausage Our Specxalty Phone Qrders T :ken 1nd Dehx ered PHONE 2515 Be IVX1 hes ToThe Cla s0f DI Counc1lman KOC1QHSk1 See or Call TED KOMOROSKI FURNITURE STORE 622 2-I 26 IAIRCIIIIID STREET 'N IIIIICOTQE P1 Phone 175 ERANK L KNOREK INSURANCE AGENCY NOTARY PUBLIC -H2 HANOVER STREET Phone 2067 I or 1432 VV THE LEADER STORE -I1 43 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA STEPPIING STONES Isn t lt stranqe that prlnces and IQIIIQS And common folk hlxe xou ind me Are m lker of eternltx Toeuhx qlxen whwq of tool A shapeless mass and a hook of rules A stumblnnq block or a stepplnq stone R L SIIARPE New lv Remodc led KOfOHk1QW1CZ S Pharmacy Next Door to Rex Theatre 186 MARKET STREET PHONE 1142 'N IIIIILOIQC P he Cla Best W1ShQS for Succe s III Your Iuture THE LEVENTHAL STORE 2 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKIA PN Success tothe C r mduatlnq Cl 1ss MARY KRYNICK BEAUTY SAI ON 13-I PINE STRIE ET NAINTICOKE PA Conqr ltul mons Erom E I LEWIS Elorxst and Gxft Shop I-I9 SOUTH IXIARKI T STREET Nantncoke P 1 O I 99966 TflfdllllflflfdflfillfqflflflflflfafT74747lf'PlfIfIfIf'fIf4fIf'f'I4llf'fIf'f'fIf'f f 7 .fdflflfdllflflfllal I IIITIIITIIITITITI I llfdflllllflf ' S 'S 3 .SJ H' U I I- P Y ' . A I 4 4 L A 4 . A . ' . Q - ries - f E c H ' . I, ' , L L , 1. . ' ' Y I ' ' ' . . . - . ,T el C .4 K .T . C . . C . . C 1 ,', And clox-:ns that caper in saw-dust rings And each must make ere life has flown. 2 ' '? z ' 'S 5' ' . .5 s - . . , 2 A .., ,, ' ' X . 1 z Q K of DI 1 . Y t . , . , 1 I A 4 -4 Y ' 1 . 'Q ' , a. ' ' , . . ., - .. I 4 2 ' J To SI K ss of DI K f f Sf A I . . I I . . .. f . I, " , g , 'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'f'f'r'r'f'r'r f'p'p'p f'p'p'p'p'p 'p',',",', . 4 COMPLIMENTS OF LIBERTY THROWING COMPANY, INC. NANTICOKE. PENNSYLVANIA Success to the Graduating Class of M51 H lOHN LUZENSKI Groceries, Meats and Fruits 603 HANOVER AT RIDGE STREET Nmmcokc Pd Mary Kloss Stemmslu The Store All VVomen Know May Prosperltx be xxlth X ou 111 the 'H e Irs to Come MARY LEE DRESS SHOP P I MATIKIEWICZ Funeral Drrector NANTICQKF 2 Store, pm MQUTH 233 MOSIER STRFET NANTICOKE PA COMPLIMENTS OE MAYWOOD FARMS Mllk and Dalry Products Poultry and Fresh Eggs CARTER BACHE PHONE 21 Conqratulatrons from your COI11pllIllCllfS f 31 Metropohtan Lrfe Insurance MICHAEIQQPPAPER CO SALE R6pf6S6Ht3t1VQS Paper Paper Bags School Supplres Noveltnes 10 NORTH MARIxLT STREET Charles Velon Manaqer Nnmcokc P KW U fy Y . , t. y . , V c . c . , , 4 o . 4 v . 4 . 4 . 'T 'T O Y . . o , 1 1 - 1 , - , 4 Q 1 x 1 . A 4 , .H 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4'4,4,4'4,4,4,4'4,4'4'4,4,4'4,4'4,4' '4' ' r r r ' '4, ,4'4'4r4' ' , ' ' ,4,4,4'4'4'4'4'4,4'4'4'4'4'4'4'4 4 4 4 4 MILLARD'S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE Spar-Tex Paints and Varnishes Imperial VVashable Wallpapers NANTICOKE Direct Factory Distributors PENNSYLVANIA -103 S. Ilzmover Street Nanticoke. Penna. COMPLIMENTS OI THE MINERS NATIONAL BANK OF NANTICOKE Best Wlslles To The Nlembers ofthe Cla s of 1931 VVILLIAM I MONT Watchmaker and Ieweler ELGIN WATCHES Authorxzed Keepsake Dxamond Dealer 120 S MARKET STRFET MOZART BOWLING ALLEY Propmetor Henry Pnseckl Bowlmq Soda Candy ete Nantmoke Bar Equlpment and Paper Suppl1es Beer Equipment Restaurant Equlpment Booths Stools Bars Back Bars 127 S MARKFT STREET IN. AINFI ICOKF PA ohn fKr1ckJ Woynoskl Prop Best W1 hes To The Cl1ss of Dl N anueoke Dress Company 216 EAST BROAD STREI1 F INANTICOKP PIX IF 1'I S GOOD FOR NANTICOKE IF IT S EOR THE GOOD OF NANTICOKE WE RF FOR IT N AN TICOKE DAILY PRESS Phone 317 7101 'XSI MAIN STRIAEI 4Re1rJ Meat Dlsplay Cases PHONE 8-19 Hlqh Pressure Beer Systems Manufacturers CORNER HILI AND SLOPI STRFFTS INNXNTICOKF PA Walk In Coolers Q ' c .' I . l t v x v , I. - H . Q . v 4 . 1 , , . 4 . I J, . .. 4. - .1 c .I -S f 2 . . v . W . : -V . 1 , I 4 .. 4 u 1 y f X 4. . v . 4 V , ., I . '4'4'4'd'd'J'l'4'l'l,4'4'l,a'1,a,a'4 4'1,4'4'4'4,a'a'1'4'J,4'a'4'l'f'4'1 'z' lzuzzl 'l - '15'f'r'f'f'p'f'f'f'r'f'f'f'r'f'r' ' ' ' ' 959'f'f'! r'r 5'r'r'f'r'.v'r'v'f'f'f'r'r':': Compllments of Compllments of NOBLE FURNITURE PARK PHARMACY os Elmskn Owner E Tuz1nsk1andT T Beckley 23 23 EAST NOBLE STREET 6 EAST BROAD STREET INHIIIICOICC Perma Nantlcoke PGIIHSNIXEUIB Comphments of Compl1mentS of Petro the Plumber oseph S P1etro Prop PAT S ICE AND COAL Plumbmg Supplles and Hardware 56 S Market Street Nmtlcoke P1 Succeis 'md BestW1sl es to the Claes of 1931 TI-IE POLISH FALCONS OF AMERICA NEST No 91 NANTICOKE PENNA ZIQIHUIICI Sulevx skl Pres1de11t Henry Leyman Treasur er Bruce EIIIOSIKI Vlce Pres1cle11t Sta11levlVI1tarnoxxsk1 Em Secretirv oseph P Slesko Rec Secretarv Z1gmundIVIe11dr k A yc 1 ssmt Em Secv oseph Lopoka Stevs ard Succesb to The Class of D1 Success to The Class of D1 PEOPLE S SHOE STORE Mr and Mrs Anth n P1 Home of Natmnally Advertlsed Shoes O y Scotty 1 EAST MAIIN STREET NANTICOKE PA PITZ S MARKET of Grocerles Fresh Meats and Produee Premo s Com Operated 113 WFST c PII N STRIHPI C 1garette Servlce Nwntnolxe PC1111 l PHONE 2131 CALL 720 K I I I 1 . I , . . . v . . . c . . . I v l K Y Y 1 . , . Y Q c . c r ,I c .I tl I . . i y . , , . , . , . V . . . Q I , . l Z . 1 . . . I . . . , . . I I -' 1 ' 1 - , 1 . . K , , 7 . U . . ivy ' ' v 1 Y . Y . . y . F, - . - . -f v ' ' . 1 x 1 11 . - 1 I ' . SN' Yillllil 'lltlllffrlllfl-" f 'Ili'f'r'f'r'f'r'r'f'r'r'f ' 'r'f'f'r'r' ' Best Wlshes and Good Luck PURE ICE 63 COAL CO ALBERT REES Dealers and Dlstrlbutors of Glen Alden Coal SALL5 BUICK SERVICE Manufactured Ice and Ice Cubes ANITHRO PLO STOKERS N MARKET STREET Phone Narmcoke 222 N mtlcoke penm Conqratul mon to the Semor Cl is of 1031 'N mucolxe H1 Ih School WHWL 730 ON YOUR DIAL LET REILLY MAKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME BUY BOOST B I D LI LI Re1lly s Furmture Store W WNTICOKE Ohm Remy Prop THE SCHAEFER PRESS Home Furmshers 'md Decorators Home OE Fine Weddlng Papers Commercial Prlntlng PHONE 92 Can Narmcoke 2206 1317 XV CNRPFIN STRI PT NANTICOKF PA 73 W I III I XI Q1 IQIHI 'I' INANTICQKI: IJA Phone 773 CLJIIIDIIIIICIIIS to the Semor Class I WILLIAM SCHREINER Schwartz Furmture Store Insurance Real Estate Notary PubI1c 202 P IL Street H mm er Sectlon NIANITICOKE PA 226 SOUTH MARKF T STRFFT FURNITURE OI DISTINCTION N HIIILOIKC PCIIIII Compllmeme of Qomplxments of BILL SHAEFLER SIVICK S HOINEX Por C I I I I I ITIIIIIIITIIIdlII'I'I'I,IIITI'IIIIIIITITIIITITIIIIITITI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I I I I I I 'I'IdI4!llo f .I c 1 . . I .V . V I I I 1 1 I A I , .2 ' , .. , . - , . . I L 2 sis .I - It I ' I ll !! 38 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE, PENNA. . 9 . - -1 . I I ' I Q If .l c 1 f I I '- f.,R2,'. iff -, . I- IQQQI lf ' I . . 1 - iz I , 2 ' ' I , . , 1 v : a " , Q. Y lldlldddddlll f lf"4f'f'f'l4f4fI.V4.V4f Tldllldfal Compliments of SPOTANSKVS PHARMACY Reliable Prescription Service PHONE 624 138 SOUTH MARKET STREET STAN -LEE MEN 'S SHOP 158 SOUTH MARKET STREET NANTICOKE fFormerly Ianowski-Bednar Co.J "A Place To Go For Brands You Know" Stan's Quality Food Market Groceries - Meats - Vegetables 396 E RIDGE STREET NANTICOKE PA FREE DELIVERY TEL. 2663 The Best Home Made Sausage In Town STUMPY'S 397 E UNION STREET NANTICOKE, PA PHONE 3388 COMPLIMENTS OF STATE REX FAMILY THEATERS Compliments of Superior Motor Co Inc Chrysler Plymouth SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2112 ARCI-I AND LOCUSTS STREETS Ed Gelb Proprietor Susquehanna Lumber Company Where the Greatest Number Buy Their Lumber 120 ARCH STREET NANTICOKE PA Compliments of SWAN EY S RESTAURANT 5 I I I Swantko s Food Market Home of Quality Foods A FAIRLAWN STORE 728 PINI' STREET NANTICOKI' F' I" . ., . .. . ,, , , Y 7 Y .. U l A 'I l, PA. Phone 445 ITV'fd''f'f'l'flf'f'f,fIl'flI4 A ' 'l'f'!'f'l'!'I' fiflflr r'r'f allfarlrlr'rIfdf'r'tdr'f'f4.O'f'!'!4f'flf4f Success to the Cmcluating Class of 1951 SWIRATS CAFE MST A FRIEND Compliments of Phgyne 367 TOPPS l L TURNEREBCG Plumbmq Heat1nq and Sheet Metal Work 7l4ASllXlAIlN5lRllT HXMXRKIMFSTRIII INAINPI IC,Olxl4 PA Phone 864 N ANITICOKE PA Best ol Luck WADZIN SKI S PHARMACY As Close To You As Your Phone Ill mkh S1 REF F CHURCH AWD WALNLIT STRILETS PHONE 9051 NANTICOKE PA N mtxcoke Pennswlx m1 1 BEST VVISHPS l POM Veterans of Fore1gn Wars of the U S Post 290 Home Assoelatlon lNAlN'l ICOKE PENNSH LN ANI N l WEISS 5 SUN ILCONIQMY PARK MARKET MICHAEL L WEISS Quallty Meats Grocerles Vegetables 3014 BROAD STRPFT NANTICOKE PA Phone 812 INXXTICOKIH PIANNA l I . . . , , , 7 ., , I 5 ., . . . X ., . .M l 1 J 1 1 ,b , . . , . A L , 1 Y N X , . 1 1 1 V l . l A 4 lvi A , 'Q hi ' 1 , J x . . . . . , - X, , , . L L A f Best XVisl1es To The Class of '51 Phone 591 . - L O 1. l Q . l '. L' . . , v 1 - . , '.' l ., . L . I l,l'l'l'l I l'l'f'l'lrl I I I,J'l'l'I'l'I,l'fri'I'l,l'l'l'f,l'l'l'l'l,f'l l I fffr69Q'v6666 .0 i':66666666'f6'r'r':'r'r .v f Compliments of WESLEY AUTO COMPANY YOUR FORD DEALER SINCE 1915 dflldflflflflflflflfaflflfdf I I P h 0 n e 5 9 4 -I WILLIAMS PEAN UTS DONUT AND NUT SHOP 133 SOUTH MARKET STREET Nantlcoke, Pa BEST WISHES W O R T H S Smart Wearmg Apparel NANTICOKE PLYMOUTH Compllments of IOSEPH YATKO Lnght Lunches Phone 9060 519 SOUTH MARKET STREET Nantlcoke Penna ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS PHONE 419 Y T HARDWARE STORE CO DISTRIBUTOR OB DUPONT PAINTS Plumbmg Heatmg Tmnmg Stove Repaxrs 126 and 140 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE PA Anthony Zab1egalSk1 Grocer CORNER HANOVER AND UNION Nantxcoke Pa Phone 1373 COIlgI'3fL1l3tlOlIS to the Semor Cliss of 1951 George W Weaver S Sons East Mun Street Phone 1000 Member of Florlsts Telegriph Delnxerx ASSOCIHIIOII Best Wlshes for the Graduate from F U L L E R S RESTAURANT and SODA FOUNTAIN Home Made Candy of qualnty HonIe made Ice Cream The Best ex er Fresh Roasted Peanuts In the shell salted nuts from all ox er the xx orld DCllClOUS B B O S our Speclalty FREE DELIVERY Phones 2435 and 9163 Complxments of 6666666666 6 96 f 6 6 6666666666666 Oldd n , I Y FLORISTS VINCENT ZNANIECKI 141 . . 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W. Dombron Sn, mis. ni-. N, R. inifiist, MD. Dr.B.I.' . ,ins ii.-.1,c.ix1ii-gm.Mn. Dr. im 1 xiii ini. 1. ft if X .1 .it of. in iii-.'i'.sfiii.tfyiiSitio. Dr.Sri 1 its, in. in-.iisiif iiiiiii ski. io. ini. PQ - '- ins, mis. 14111111114i11111111 1 1 11 1 11111 1 1111111111114I1111111 1 11 1111 111 lltllltrlllfrrfflflf rf fr rfff ffl! If Ifrrrfr!!rff!ffrIfflrrr!rfrrff!ffrriff!!! 3 COINIPLIM ENTS OF LOCAL 898 UNITED MINE WORKERS OE AMERICA No 7 Colliery Susquehanna Coal Co BEST XVISHES TG THE CLASS OF 51 Bake Rite Bilxerx Marv s Lunch Boroxx ski s C ife Price s Grocerv Boroxx ski s Crocerx Miss Claire Smith Colunihn Furniture Co Sokoloxx ski s Cnioch Eros P istrx Shoppe Thomas Funeral Home Is ibell 1 s Be xutv Shop Uczen s Grocery ohnnw s C ife Zibiegalski s Cafe KUllI1Sl'xlGI'OCCI' A I riend Apprvrrahnn On behalf of the Senior Class We the members of the Nannual Staff xx ish to express our sincere 'ippreci mon to all xx ho haxe aided us in the pubh c ation of the 1931 Ninnu il tions xx hose fin inci il iid h is made possible this publication We sincerelx hope that our subscribers xxill cirefullv reid the idx er tisements incl p itroni c those xx ho h ixe helped to make this vearhook 1 suc CCSN THF NAINNLIAL STAFI' 1 1 ','p' 'p'p',' 'p'f' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'f'r r r r 1 r r'f'r r'f'f'r'r' ' 'f'r' 'f'r'r'f'r'r'r r r'r'r'r'rfP'r'r'r'r'r' ' l 1 . . c - I c ' 1' c I 'f B.. 2.1 lv Lv 4 K Ja z Q I O O 4 I c , .' , I'sL .' AI.1 .Ll 1 'Z l C I I I I .L I -- E I - c 2 . We are especially grateful to all the businessmen and civic organiza- f f X 4' X z Q 3 ' 3 " e ! . z ' - ia Q ':' 5 ' z ' 1 I 2 Q - S , - r r r ' r ' r' ' r r ' ' rr f JAMQ-, nw KVXNE . p.. V, . JE: 'fi l ,453fff .Mk X X if ff 1 df. M... , LLL v Ci-1 .FL X A Q, I Xx N ' x A'xw.Lw,ZmfA4fQmw!QJQAQ-fvfz ,cf-1-4 fgk di -+ ii 'N 11 42151 ' 1....,x M, K K -V L-?'V Q? - ' " ' X. f K, A f' if 1 1 k , -' ,fffif I A -,-J--' El , ff' L- A 5 x -N uw- X 1 Y fff- Ill JA tw!! QQMQ V I2 x 4 .A '-Li X ' Q i- L C if X ' + I lg K 'i X - ' .. f I L I J ., 1 xt- i 8 ' I X X I' ' '-f-H k '1 -- SQ L' 'J 'I l V X 5 ,- v-W r -Q N -Q 7 f 7 4 5 l ' '- 1' gif' , an I X3 ? I N l"' lv W ' 'X rx AN! 'xox . .. ' -. .. v I N ,Q 17. ' - ofa. '-L if ' hx . X K1 1 - XS K, " - " 'L A, , lx---, ft, ,. :AA-1' T 1 - C- -I 'QQ ,V 'I 73 Q N -1411? 1 I f Q- fy 'VI' -My -vi7-i- ' s fr ' f x fx 1 U , , p , 1- A i , - 1 N, . , xl rj , Y'Q4fYQ aw ,mix 'fmt 1 5 fi-. ,,,,, g,.,..L 9, , L - J, -, H ' ff. ..,lJ I I X ,- f ,fe A: . 3' 'RV l ,'-A X -. X -Q . , fam Af V, '.,' i m! J W- LA- -1 - l - 114 f J fj ,2'2.2i s ln' .r Xe, ' T -N -1 L E U i ,HI Yfii ' ' I 'A Xi- f ... - x-I I , I -1 ,V ,- V 5 X ,-,J ,I fp, I y I 'Q r -?il - , 5 I 'ii7gi.-4-2 Qf'.- Q, xx ' - l 1 I, ' . ,' e 3y M. -fm- ., 4 g .sy , x I xv X X X f X fn C """'-XL cxs-"Z Z ,. f ,f f-fig! 55 T Q' H J 41? jx yi , Jksxwfw X f QR-1 - xx, X lx -llfj Q71 QM.1? Ff',ffJ-'J:'.--if -J-.dlwhrfe-41 W fi .lil --1-I KI 1 I Q -ii' ' ,IJHJIE - " 5 Lf? L R lx Af Q- Q, W' li'r'T'L -PJ, -7 ag! ,Q ng X224 fff25:mg f 2. XM, -f K Ci-fl-Q4 J JY k 1,6311 C E17 f-f Lf f I YK gwfgxm

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Nanticoke High School - Nannual Yearbook (Nanticoke, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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