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1 li x A 4 Wi -1-, Q is 44--3 .IE ,,,. -nw -1 -sv ,WW-4,,.w , - ..- rn., - - F, 4 --1---Viv' ' l 5 -, q -:pu-vw - - -y-iv--,..---eu-v-nr-14 4 'ff' 'I' we .1 J J r 1-I 1 rf r? wwe-1-1"'PlI'!l!ml' i"""""' "W O As the years come and go, there is always one which stands foremost in the eyes of each stu- dent-that of his graduation. It is our sincere desire that the IQ43 GUIDE POST may contain both a written and pictorial account which will more firmly tie the hands between the graduat- ing class and N.H.S. In years to come they turn back to these pages, they may vividly re- call that part of their youth spent in Nancy High Schoolp once again bygone days and old friend- ships may be re-established if only in the quiet and peaceful visionary powers of the mind. In order that this GUIDE POST may accomplish the long-desired results, the staff has worked long and earnestly. We are hopeful that this volume will serve as an everlasting token of the class of 1943. Published by the Class of I943 NANCY HIGH sc:HooL Nancy, Ky. April, I943 V ' E1p-y'v,pu-uur'-v'-..--.--.---T---.--v7p- v-- -1-pq-q-v .-. .- ,-,-----. . q To the boys of Nancy High School who are serving our country in the Army, Navy, Air service and Marines, and to those who will soon enter the service, we respectfully dedicate this issue of the GUIDE POST ' 4 'gf """"l .' ll',x' J 'f - '!:l"l,Ji! ll""! ' .1 'nf I ",,r It .nf 1 g I ft ,gl ' r at - 1 1.114 at , 'I D .,, ,,. 6-4-gui-llltbllf is 4 'b W fzi f iwail X 'fix Ks 'EZKQ4 iv! fv "' ry It 'X A , 1 ' ' W, H. PING RAYMOND I. WESLEY Member Superintendent of Science Hill, Ky. Pulaski County Schools W. R. PERKINS GEORGE ORWIN Vice-Chairman Treasurer Somerset, Ky. Somerset, Ky. OSCAR ARD ORVILLE SWEARINGEN Member Attendance Officer Nortleet, KY- Science Hill, Ky. EVERET1' WALLACE Member Quinton, Ky. MR. HIGGINS MR, RAMSBY AB- UUIVGTSUY Cf K9T1lUCkY B.S. University of Kentucky M.A. University of Kentucky Agriculture Principal MR- BARLOW MRS. RAINWATER BS. Western Bl.. Baylor Coach, Science and Phys. Ed. AB. Western English and Science MHS. BARLOW MISS THOMAS B.S. Western AB. Asbury Home Economics M,A. University ot Kentucky Mathematics MR. CARTER MRS. WEAVER RB- K9f1tUCkY WGSISYGI1 A.B. University of Kentucky Social Science Librarian Social Science MRS. HIGGINS MRS- HARRIS A.B. Union A.B. Western English MUS-iC BARKLEY COLSON President WILLIAM MINTON Vice-President CATHERINE TOMS Secretary HAROLD BRADLEY Treasurer MRS. HIGGINS Sponsor MHS. WEAVER Sponsor MOTTO: OUT OF THE HARBOR, INTO THE SEA OF LIFE SENIOR LELA BUCHANAN .,Bug,. A "A friendly girl with many friends" WINFRED CUNDIFF "Isaac" "Always ready, always willing" IOHN DALTON Hlohnnyn "Never asleep on the job" LURETHA DAWS "Retha" "Quiet but capable" EZRA DELK "Edd" "Smiling all the time" HELLA DELK IASPER ' ' Kitten' ' Her sunny locks hang over her temples like a golden fleece." DORIS MILDRED HANEY "Midge" "Easy to look at and nice to know" EDNA MARIE HARGIS ..Ed,. "Always full of merriment" CLASS ELSIE MAE HARMON "Melca" "A jolly girl with a sensible air about her LEONARD P. HARMON "Put" "Up to the top and over" ELSIE HARNESS "Curly" "True silence is golden" LUCY MAE HENDERSON "Luce" "A good heart is Worth gold" SARAH EVELYN HOLDER "Surry" "Holding higher the torch of learning" ELNORA KEITH "Mickey" "A heart with room for every joy" DUAL MCCLENDAN "Dud" "Happy as the day is long" VIRGINIA MCCLENDAN "Ienny" " 'Tis noble to do good" SENIOR IAMES WILLIAM McFALI. ,,Runt,, "Sincerity is a fine possession" LEWEL A. MOLEN ,Niggeru "There's someihing about a soldier" IUANITA MOLEN "Melissa" "Never failing, always faithful" HERBERT NORFLEET "Herb" "People admire modesty" MAUDENA NORFLEET ,,BabY,. Quiet and unassuming but always on the job" DORA GLADYS PATTERSON "Pai" "Good nature and good sense join" DORIS ROY "Frisky" "Your songs live on in memory" NELLIE PITTMAN ROY "Penellibe" "Searching for an ideal" CLASS ANNA MARIE SHEPPHERD "Ann" "She hath the charm of calm good sense INA SIMPSON ngveu 'She never fears evil" IUANITA TAHTER "Boots" "She puts things over" GLEN TAYLOR "Andy" "He never worries" ILUS C. TAYLOR Hpe ., 9 "Always willing and cooperative" WEYNATH WEDDLE "Windy" "Independent in his belief" RUAL WILSON "Doc" "Sincerity is the mark of sirong souls" IOHN MAYNARD WOOD "Woody" "Carefree and happy" Hi5TCJR oai gradua- Yor tour years we have been striving tor one g , tion. For this we wiii get a dipioma which wiii be out most vaiuabie and treasured possession in the years to come. Though we may regret ieaving Nancy and bidding our schooimates and teachers goodbye, we are eager to begin our work in the worid and to try to tind what iite has to otter. in i940 we entered Na.ncy High Schooi a iiveiy bunch ot green Freshmen determined to make a name and piace tor our- seives that the schooi wiii remember. Mr. Hisiope and Mr. Kasper were out sponsors. We eiected Barkiey Coison as our president, and he has continued to serve us ati through our stay at Nancy. We iearned the routine ot our work and studied hard. When we started our second year we tound that a iew ot our ciassmates had dropped out. With Mrs. Higgins and Mr. Carter as our sponsors, we became more dignified and quieter. Our ciass piay, "A Ready-made Famiiyf' was the main attrac- tion ot the year. Our third year came and passed more quickiy. Our number decreased to torty-six. Some had iett to get married and some to tind empioyment. Mrs. Bartow and Mr. Hisiope were our sponsors. We were proud ot our piay, "Biack Cats." When we gathered again as Seniors we tound that a iew more had dropped out, ieaving thirty-six. Two oi our ciassmates, Lewei Moten and Leonard Harmon, ieit to iight tor our country. With deep regret we watched them ieave, but were aiso very proud ot them. Our sponsors were Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Higgins. As historian ot our ciass, i speak tor ati in saying there wiii aiways be deep gratitude in our hearts tor our principai and tacuity tor their understanding and kindness to us. We shaii treasure the memories ot our ciassmates and 'triends at i. fEdna Hargis. iong Nancy High Schoo . Q' Q., L-I:-Q., A -- -gear A . W" Q t t or fs' 1 :Lf ,Q 'i t -'jf ily ' .za ir XX t ll if t t an 1: " if 1 if Z3 i ' t 'i t ' "' aff NYZJ-9- -v4T f t .tg -W e i' r CLASS POEM Four years ago in '39, We started out at Nancy High. We settled down with spirits ftne, Mind to our books we did apply. In '40 we began anew, ' .More grown up too in mind and heart. Gut sad to say we'd lost a few, Who,se ways from ours lay far apart. Our funior year we did enjoy Our lessons, games, and friendships true. Our hopes gave zest to girl and boy, als graduation dawned upon our view. So here at last as Seniors, we High school we'll leave far behind, Jvluch richer than we thought we'd be, In heart and soul and mind. Some soon may join the war's great strife, Some be happy as a good housewife. Whate'er may happen to us by and by, We'll all bring honor to Nancy High. -'Doris 'Ro y. . ,, , it .M S v 4i--nnl- .ll- BUHEAU OF INVESTIGATION Washington, D. C. April l6, l958 N. H. S. Class ot '43, Alumni Board, Nancy, Kentucky. Dear Sirs: ln compliance with your request for information concerning the N. H. S. class ot '43, the following is submitted as the result oi an extensive and painstaking investigation. Harold Bradley is director oi the Nancy Rhythm Band. Leia Buchanan, the old maid school teacher, has iust married Lindel Simpson. Barkley Colson is serving another term as president oi the United States. Winired Cunditt is substituting tor Shorty Hobbs, co-starring with Eller Long. Iohn Dalton is manager ot the little store across the road. Luretha Daws is private secretary to General MacArthur. Ezra Delk inherited a large tortune and spends most oi his time yatching. Bella Delk is still happily married and answers to the name "Ma." Edna Hargis is married to a man named Eayety and lives in Louisville. Elsie Harness teaches physical education at N.H.S. Elsie Harmon has at last succeeded. She is now Mrs. lohn Dalton. Leonard Harmon retired trom the army and is now a iarmer at Oak Hill. Mildred Haney has iust won another beauty contest, this time in South America. Lucy Henderson is poet laureate ot Kentucky. Sarah Holder was awarded a prize tor her high score on a nation-wide intelligence test. Elnora Keith has signed a ten-year contract to work tor Elmer Hughes. Virginia McClendon is managing a dude ranch in Arizona. Dual McClendon, the explorer, is returning to the States to ioin his wiie tthe iormer Willie Delkl. I lames Mclfall is basketball coach at Nancy. William Minton is Agriculture supervisor lor the state oi Ohio. luanita Molen is doing bit parts in Hollywood. Lewel Molen, the ladies' man oi l943, is now a henpecked husband. Herbert Nortleet is State Highway Commissioner. Gladys Patterson is a photographer's model in New York. Doris Boy is singing in opera. Nellie Roy, the mother oi nine sons, is proud to have tour oi them serving in the U. S. Navy. Anna Shepperd gave up hopes oi getting married and is now a nun. Catherine Toms is a nurse at Mayo Clinic. luanita Tarter is a tap dancer at loyland. Ina Simpson is chiet cook and bottle washer at Greyhound Inn. Glen Taylor has finished his course at Asbury College and is pastor ot the Metho- dist Church. llus 'Taylor is principal ot Dunbar School. Weynath Weddle is manager ot the Tarter Produce Co. Rual Wilson is leading the choir "Wings over lordanf' Maynard Wood is U. S. Senator irom Kentucky. Our investigation accounts tor every member oi the class. All are tree and most oi them eating several square meals a day. Ptespecttully yours, Maudena Norileet, Special Investigator. .,.- 'Eu X-Ji ' 1 .CLASS KNCC For four years I have s teachers, and f of uffered indignities at the hands of my or four years I have wanted to correct the faults my classmates. Now I am making one final gesture which I do hope will not be futile. Juniors, stay in your place. We are still in command. Sophomores, don 't feel too smart. Theres quite a lot yet that you can learn. Freshmen, if you would keep your minds on your studies you would make better grades. Mr. Higgins, the senior boys would like you better if you didn't have so much work for them to do. Mrs. Higgins, we know that you are 98 per cent of the Hig- gins family, but we think the Prof could have made the grade without your assistance. Mrs. Rainwater, just because you taught at Eubank for five years is no reason why you should try to make us over. Mr. Carter, don 't brag: you aren 't the only person who has ever visited the "Yellowstone National Park." Miss Thomas, we think you are swell, but you should be more sociable. Mrs. Barlow, why brag all the time? We know you are a good cook. Mr. Barlow, you're the coach. Don 't let the boys influence you so much. Mr. Ramsey, we know that you are a good Ag. teacher, but you don't have to rub it in. Mrs. Weaver, other people have graduated from the Univer- sity of Kentucky. Mrs. Harris, if you are such a good singer, why don 't you sing for us sometime? Harold Bradley, you can 't take Lucille with you in the Air Corps. Lela Buchanan, temper always goes with red hair. Barkley Colson, you re not the only captain of a basketball 196171. Hella Delk Jasper, take things easy, you re a married woman now. Ezra Delk, if you would study more, you might make better grades. Luretha Daws, youre so quiet we don 't even know you 'r around. . John Dalton, Elsie Harmon is not School. e the only girl in Na ncy High I Mildred Haney, every senior class selects the prettiest girl. Edna Hargis, no person can talk all the time and really say anything. Leonard Harmon, you aren't the only boy who ever made "State Farmer." lna Simpson, it you would be quiet on the bus we would like you better. Anna Shepperd, it is said that valuable things are put up in small packages, but l doubt it. Catherine Toms, you are too quiet. Why don't you express yourselt? Glen Taylor, you have too many chips on your shoulder. luanita Tarter, you may toin the Waves, but you can't join the Navy. Weyneth Weddle, don't brag. You're not Mr. Earl Tarter's son-in-law yet. Maynard Wood, slow and steady does not always win the race. Ptual Wilson, don't act so dignitied. The girls are only kid- ding. Lucy Henderson, you study too much tor your own good. Doris Roy, you're not the only girl that ever worked in Som- erset. Elsie Harmon, you should have better control oi your temper. Elnora Keith, think more about your studies and let Mr. Carter alone. luanita Molen, why don't you make love yourself instead oi reading what others do? Lewel Molen, take things easy, remember you're only a buck private. William Minton, it you're so handsome, why aren't you popular with the girls? lames McFall, why don't you stay out oi trouble tor a change? Virginia McClendon, you talk entirely too much. i H Dual lvlcClendon, your love tor the girls will be your down- a . Maudena Nortleet, you aren't the wiie ot a soldier yet. Herbert Norileet, you aren't the only one that knows the composition ot soil. Gladys Patterson, you worry too much about grades. d Nellie Roy, you aren't the only girl that ever married a sol- ier. llus Taylor, it takes more experience than you have to be a welder. Sarah Holder, you're not the teachers' only pet. Elsie Harness, don't worry about Linden, Uncle Sam has to worry about all oi them. --Wintred Cunditt. -nr-pq-, ' "'r1"',i1"!" A ' " ' WILL We, the Senior Class of 1943, being fully aware of the catastrophe about to descend upon us, do forthwith decree that our worldly stores shall be disposed of in the following manner: r To the faculty we leave the memory of our classy may they think well of it. To the Iunior Class, we leave our high and lofty position and the privileges and advantages which go with it. To the Sophomore Class, we leave our puppy-love affairs with the hope that they will profit by our mistakes. To the Freshman Class, we leave our heartfelt sympathy for the next three years. Harold Bradley leaves his singing voice to Norman Tarter. Lela Buchanan leaves her solemn looks to Pauline Ragle. Barkley Colson leaves his position on the basketball team to Deward Camp- bell. Winfred Cundiff leaves his love for "Baby Iohnson" to Clancy Barnes. Iohn Daulton leaves his black hair to Sam Zimmerman. Luretha Daws leaves her silent actions to Iimmy Prather. Ezra Delk joyfully leaves his books to Lorene Taylor. Hella Delk Iasper leaves her alibis to Gladys Roberts. Mildred Haney leaves her ability to make friends to anyone who needs it. Edna Hargis leaves her temper to Pauline Hunley. Elsie Harness leaves her quiet ways to Iewell Bland. Leonard Harmon leaves his farming ability to Esten Webb. Elsie Harmon leaves her place in the music department to Annie Minton. Gladys Patterson leaves her giggles to Glenn Smith. Doris Roy leaves her girlish figure to Cyree Hart. Nellie Roy refuses to give up any of her possessions, as she is savng them for Hubert. A Anna Shepperd leaves her good grades to Wilbur Buchanan. lna Simpson leaves her job as entertainer on the bus to Martha Ann Henson. Iuanita Tarter leaves her place as cheerleader to Rena Burton. Glenn Taylor leaves his ability to write ballads to Nina Norfleet. Ilus Taylor leaves his mechanical ability to Ioe Pitman. Catherine Toms leaves her cunning ways to Lowell Norfleet. Wayneth Weddle leaves his love for "Elgie" to Curtis Luttrell. - Rual Wilson leaves his hall-walking ability to Sylvia Roberts. Maynard Wood leaves his ability to attend classes without studying to Alberta Hargis. Lucy Henderson leaves her love for the faculty to all the freshmen. Sarah Holder leaves her serious disposition to Dolly Hill. Elnora Keith leaves her love affair with Mr. Carter to Eva Mae Taylor. Dual McClendon leaves his "Wise Cracks" to Linden Taylor. Virginia McClendon leaves her desire for "True Romane Magazines" to Evelyn Mize. Iames McFall leaves his cough drops to Fern Burgin. t William Minton leaves his public speaking ability to Pad Daulton. Lewel Molen leaves his fair complexion to Iunior Miller. Herbert Norfleet leaves his ability to sneak out of study hall to Lindel Muse. Maudena Norfleet leaves her ability to write love letters to Nina Tarter. I -luanita Molen. 'HQ' QI! VY'-uw-rv. ' ""Y"W'!'! JOKES Elnora Keith: Did you ever take chloroform? Ina Simpson: No, who teaches it? James McFall ton April lsti: Why so tired? , Maynard Wood: Who wouldn'1 be after a March of 31 days? Anna Shepperd: I just tore my new handkerchief. Gladys Patterson: It must have been an awful blow! Elsie Harness: How did you come out with your exams? Ezra Delk: Iust like Napoleon. I went down in history. Barkley Colson: A woman is nothing but a rag, a bone and a hank of hairl Sarah Holder: Oh, is that so! VV ell, man is noth- I ing but a brag, a groan, and a tank of airl Mrs. Rainwater: Who wrote "Oh, to be in Eng- land' '? Glen Taylor: Hitler! 1 Mr. Higgins Csternlyl: You should have been in class half an hour ago. Harold Bradley: Why, what happened? Mr. Ramsey: Name four kinds of sheep. William Minton: Black sheep, white sheep, Mary's little lamb, and hydraulic ram. ,. .5 v 5,1 . Iohn Dalton: All my ancestors were fishermen. I'm at the end of the line. Ilus Taylor: Isee. Aworm. Mrs. Weaver: Dual, where is the Suwannee River? Dual McClendan Cafter much hesitationl: Er, far, far away. Elsie Harmon: See that boy over there annoying Virginia? Edna Hargis: Why, he isn't even looking at her. Elsie Harmon: That's what's annoying her. Maudena Norfleet Cthrilledl: George proposed to me last nightl Doris Roy: Doe-sn't he do it beautifully, though? Mrs. Higgins: Give me a sentence with an object. Winfred Cundiff: Mrs. Higgins, you are very beautiful. Mrs. Higgins: What is the object? Winfred Cundiff: A good mark. Mr. Carter: You see, class, I believe in fighting the enemy with his own weapons. Rella Delk: Really? Iust how do you go about stinging a wasp? JOKES Herbert Norfleet targuingl: I ought to know. I Don't I go to school, stupid? Lela Buchanan: Sure, and you come home that way, tool Lewel Molen: You know, I feel like punching that hard-boiled sergeant in the nose again. Leonard Harmon: Again? Lewel Molen: Yes, I felt like it yesterday. Mr. Higgins: You know, dear, my faith could move a mountain. Mrs. Higgins: Then you'd better apply some of it to those ashes in the basement. Mr. Barlow: What on earth caused my shaving brush to be so stiff? I Mrs. Barlow: I don't know. It was all right when I painted the door with it this morning. u Lucy Henderson: Why do you make such low marks in history? , ' Luretha Daws: Aw, the-y're always asking me something that happened before I was born. Iuanita Tarter: Now, let's thinkl I Iuanita Molen: No, let's do something that you can do, too. Weynath Weddle: I'd like for you to come over and have dinner with us. Mrs. Weaver: Thank you, sir, but your class work is already satisfactory. x Rual Wilson: Does your husband talk in his sleep? Nellie Roy: No, and it's terribly exasperating. He just grins. Catherine Toms: This book will do half your work for you. . Mildred Haney: Fine. I'l1 take two. -Rella Delk Iasper. 1 CAN YOU IMAGINE? Harold Bradley being a night owl. Lela Buchanan acting like a Senior. Barkley Colson not being president. Winfred Cundift having his lessons on time. Iohn Daulton short and fat. Luretha Daws without an armload of books. Ezra Delk speaking to a girl. Bella Delk married and settled down. Mildred Haney disturbing in class. Edna Hargis with her mouth closed. Elsie Harmon not being boy crazy. Leonard Harmon proposing to a girl. Elsie Harness talking all the time. Lucy Henderson the wife of a sailor. Elnora Keith not giggling. Dual McClendon acting his age. Virginia McClendon being a nurse maid. Iames McFall flirting with a girl. William Minton with a temper. Iuanita Molen being a public speaker. Lewel Molen being a henpecked husband. Herbert Norfleet without curly hair. Maudena Norileet arguing with Mr. Carter. Gladys Patterson tall and slim. Doris Roy sitting still for five minutes. Nellie Roy teaching sclzool. Anna Shepperd not responding to questions in class Ina Simpson a glamor girl. Iuanita Tarter keeping house for "Shiny." Glenn Taylor sitting on the front row in class. Ilus Taylor being a cowboy. Catherine Toms not blushing. Weyneth Weddle attending class regularly. Rual Wilson with blond hair. Maynard Wood principal of Nancy High School. Mr. Higgins pushing a baby buggy. Mrs. Higgins being an expert cook. Mr. Ramsey without a smile. Miss Thomas a cranky housewife. Mrs. Rainwater a physical education teacher. Mr. Barlow being a preacher. Mrs. Barlow without "sweet Iune." Mrs. Weaver with black hair. Mr. Carter not talking cn the subject of love. Mrs. Harris trotting a baby on her knee. -Sarah E. Holder. SNAIPSIHIOTS 1' 3. '-1 JUINIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .............. Vice President .... Secretary-Treasurer ..... Sponsor. . . Sponsor. . . . .IAMES TAYLOR GLADYS B.OBl:'.R'l'S . PAULINE RAGLE . . . MRS. BARLOW MRS. HAIINIWATER ROW I Doyle Baker lewell Barker Oscar Blevins Christine Brock La Fern Burgin Dexter Burton Montie Burton Deward Campbell ROW III Pauline Minton Zula Muse Vivian Norfleet Thelma Pierce Lucille Prather Anna Price Elfrecla Richardson Orville Rainwater Herman Schoolcratt Glen Smith ROW II Loyd Compton Howard Cundiff Ervin Dalton Vinnie Dalton Willie Delk Cloyd Emerson Maxine Garner Violet Hart Mary Huff Margaret Hughes Anna Minton ROW IV Audrey Tarter Milburn Tarter Norman Tarter Martha Taylor Alice Vanhook Bernice Vanhoosier lean Wilson Sam Zimmerman ..,,, .-wr.-, .--, , - SOPHONIOREFCLASS I i ROW I Avolee Anderson Hazel Boyatt Jewell Burton Olga Burton Rena Burton Elsie Chumbley Charles Conley ROW III Lindel Muse Ruby Muse Uma Norfleet Gladys Pittman Sylvia Roberts Winfred Sowders Elfreda Spaw Elgie Tarter Harold Tarter Hubert Tarter ' ROW II Daphine Floyd Geneva Floyd Dempsey Flynn Estel Gover Cyree Hart Maurice Hart Pauline Hunley Kathleen Iohnson Bonnie McGahan Orin Mullen ROW IV Linden Taylor Lorene Taylor Iunior Tucker Maxine Turpen Lorene Vanhoosier Elsie Wilson Ray Yanders OFFICERS President .................. CARI. FLYNN Vice President ......... LELAND MERRICK Secretary ......... .,..., E DITH BURGIN Sponsor. . . ..... MISS THOMAS Sponso ..... MR. IIAMSEY If V!'S fi? . .3 si'-. ' 1. .J, ii M Wifi FRE AN CL OFFICERS President ..... .... E UNICE WILSON Vice President .............. ENSEI. MUSE Secretary Treasurer. . ONEIDA 'WILSON Sponsor ....... MR. BARLOW Sponsor ...... MR. CARTER ROW I lean Ashbrook Iewell Bland Iames Bradley Thelma Bradley Denver Buchanan Glen Buchanan Veta Buchanan Wilbur Buchanan Marilyn Burkett Helen Carter ROW II Mildred Cundift Thresa Dalton Helen Delk Lucille Dye Inez Garner Bernice Gessett Alberta Hargis Martha Henson Dolly Hill Curtis Luttrell Dorsie Marcum Olene Meece Austine Miller ROW IV Ruth Roberts Athaye Sawyer Wilbur Sayers lvon Sharpe Alfreda Simpson Loree Stephens Mary Stringer Anita Tarter Creola Tarter Freda Tarter Geraldine Tarter Nina Tarter Eva Taylor ROW III Edna Mincey Inez Mitchell Evelyn Mize Iames Molen Tinsley Muse Wanda Muse Wilma Muse Lowell Norfleet Nina Norfleet Ioe Pittman Rosene Pittman Georgia Prather Iames Prather ROW V Iames Trimble Loyd Trimble Maxine Trimble Betty Tucker Roy Tucker Thelma Vaughn Esten Webb Gladys Weddle lunior Wilson .,.----....... .. .,.,- . -- Y ff Q WILLIAM MINTON BARKLEY COLSON Editor-in-Chief Sports Editor HAROLD BRADLEY MRS, WEAVER 3!lSil'lBSS Manage! Faculty Adviser IUANITA TARTER MRS- mggms A1'fEdi'0f Faculty Adviser MILDRED HANEY MISS THOMAS Literary Editor Typllt GIRLS' SEXTETTE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 14 . MIXED CHGRUS DOUBLE QUARTET HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Iewell Barker Iewell Bland Christine Brock Lela Buchanan La Fern Burgin Iewell Burton Montie Burton Olga Burton Helen Carter Elsie Chumbley Mildred Cundiff Thresa Dalton Jr- if OFFICERS President .............. IUANITA TARTER Vice President ......... PAULINE MINTON Secretary-Treasurer .... MILDRED HANEY Sponsor ....... .... M RS. BARLOW Luretha Daws Daphine Floyd Geneva Floyd Maxine Garner 'Edna Hargis Cyree Hart Violet Hart Elsie Harmon ' Lucy Henderson Margaret Hughes Bella Delk Iasper Kathleen Iohnson Vivian Norfleet Bosene Pittman Georgia Prather Lucille Prather Pauline Ragle Elnora Keith Virginia McClenclon Anna Minton Iuanita Molen Zula Muse Maudena Norfleet Uma Norfleet Martha Taylor Catherine Toms Alice Vanhook Bernice Vanhoosier Lorene Vanhoosier Doris Roy Nellie Roy Anna Shepperd Alfreda Simpson Ina Simpson Audrey Tarter Elgie Tarter F.F.A. CLU B OFFICERS President ............ WEYNATH WEDDLE Vice President ........, LELAND MERRICK Secretary ...... ..... H AROLD BRADLEY Treasurer. . .... WILLIAM MINTON STATE FARMERS mound Huw' Winfred Cundllf Weynath Weddle - wfllla m Mill fda 'r ii: Ei BASK ET Pint Row: Carl Flynn, James McFall, Sam Barlow CCoachl, Iames Molen, Glen Taylor. Second Row: Barkley Colson, Irvin Daulton, Norman Tarter. f Herman Schoolcraft, Sam Zimmerman. . X The Dragons have had one oi the most successful basket j ball seasons in the history of Nancy High School. Coach W Barlow is to be commended for the excellent record which x .next 0 the team has made. fu 7 Rt 9-15 All SCORES ' Opponent Nancy Opponent Nancy SHOPVILLE 23 51 1I?Alr?SS5EJTgPg1?NGS 333122 HILL 3? 33 ggg3ggH3g5G gg gg FERGUSON 18 76 BURNSIDE 25 53 MIDDLEBURG 32 49 SCIENCE HILL 42 32 SOMERSET 20 37 WHITLEY CITY 32 35 EUBANK 16 32 WAYNE COUNTY 31 18 HIGHLAND 27 43 TAMESTGWN 35 50 IAMESTOWN 29 59 WAYNESBURG "' 19 36 32 Tgurnamenf EUBANK 25 32 SHOPVILLE 14 51 HEADQUARTERS 18 51 SQMERSET 24 29 M. M. I. . 41 38 SCIENCE HILL 35 28 TOTALS: NANCY 1039 ..... 1' .OPPONENTS 685 lx Q' A , ' W 3 1 'ii 1 , .Q 1 , 1 K Wx K X Qpw 1 4.-..,,Q ex' 1 MM W Qfkk I -.2 ' vnvv' .,. .,, ,'- CAMPUS ATTRACTIQNS K :gf ,.... - 'R T M , ' 52 :f-2 : g 'fix a N I X x S- H 'K ,L X n A M 2 K H ff. ' f an . Q, k" ' m f ,ff .. :"a2':. MUG 771 40 ,V iv fb if H Siksfii . 'ff X. 4 f ' 1 Q! Q 3-:- E 1 l,J,6' C Pic. Ramon J. Silvers Bob Daulton M. E. Compton Myrtle Stephens C. P. Delk Firsi' Naiional Bank R. C. Tarter Denney Murrell Ramsey Undertaking Co. Glen Tarter Farmers Nalional Bank Citizens Nafional Bank Stinson, Cundifi and Sons Ezra T. Minton Somerset Hatchery C. I. Ross Cundiff Bros. Sandusky's Grocery Somerset Pharmacy Anderson Wesley Drug Uriah Mifchell C. R. Tucker Onie P. Hamilton Neal Haney S. E. Shepperd Dr. R. F. Jasper Dr. Robr. G. Richardson Dr. Brent Weddle Dr. W. R. Cundlff Gladstone Wesley L. C. Tarter Luther Childers W. R. Jones Minnie Wilson Tuckers Bros. Elza Beasley Royal Hatchery Claudia Minton Arnold Weddle Chas. N. Weaver Dexhimer-Beary Motors V. D. Rice J. P. Emerson Alene Massey W. H. Tibbals George Tarter U. Y. Drake We want to express our appreciation and gratitude to the people whose contributions have made possible this annual. Also we want to thanh Bob Owen for assisting us with our art worh. BALL E vm f is M KY iii! "" ' ,1 ,sf ' Wifi O ,CHEERLEADER PIERCE CUNDIFF TARTER wx -it ' "!"" N Q2-FOOT Ammm -ILDOZ ZPFCUOU f1Xs ml l f , f E- jj, 'VB fff'!ff52f'f,ff ,N Xl f L7 7' M v Q N., so A P I' . Q 1 ip, +

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