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Wyggw Aff W 'fm Mff! New E .W wfwm M W MM! M E f J KJV 61 E w A Sw,mWjjQZjffff Eff Q E if ioplw 352 if wgjiwfm 'WWW L ,Q gggwjp W fffiyqmfyw J Q 155, f Q31 Www xii? En Egfigfaw if' M' gi 47 AW W Vw, N1 fwzwf5x ' ,J ,ZF ' l Vw, Www? XM W' 7 , L 'www f film ' ' V A ' I .7 My-I - fx, I' 1 3 , ly, ffffrf if 0 J!! f f 'VL' V' 41 ty IYWW M157 M, Ms' ji fwbb J IJ w . fb yuw fl: , , 1" f -1.10" A , , W 1 410' 7610 V51 ,in f JI fpolfo if f V J 61 1 40 ,, J . V X x Mfiflllffv ,411 iffy , 'MA' ,' , K X, I' X ,j ,,w-f'f 'j V ,5 f. J PX ,Ay I A ,uf f ' 1 ' ' ,J , 3, V, ,lf f,y I-VY . Q51 K Wig 17, gy' I " 1.17 5 ' , . M Wy XY' Ns A fx A . w J ' J! - fl ' , R 3 Q fflijfw ol! by ' Af 4-J ' A F5 Q f . A' . ' , M . qv A f V. , - K ,MJ is ' u Y ' VV L fyo s ,f of! Us!! V4 L' ,f K 1 S11 M S Q , - . W K w . SSS? WT? f 9 QNX 1 QM ,Wy awljlowfimww W M aafif-WTZH QAywJix w'idjj!! Ff de kiwi Mgjwyfmwjfmfesents egfazikifgag M ,M Of' W My E353 MKWI MQW 42nd Editiongga gag My rj ixk WML X Nampa High School MM ' Nampa, Idaho stag,-'X Qggggk Wygff W Bxiaisiaiizzsfzv XM A X556 aaa. gay-..94U-430""f"'fc?"""' Z . 44+ AL I gc fm-wffg ' ,Zum wif. e give honor here today, vin instructor who enjoys teaching Though not just for the pay, ut for the love of all her students, ' ml that their liz.-'es may he -more true e gives much of her greatness, help both -me and you. me teacher of good English rates as for the best. f we listen and we study We will pass every test. n literature ana' in writing She always has excelled. exlml in the field of drama She coaches and acts as well. , We thank Miss Tucker B 2 For our Future Teachers, too, That she organized this club - .'.n There is much honor flue. She is gracious, always smiling 'J ' 7 . Full of faith, and cheer and zest. f X For all this, we salute her. Madrid wish for her the Best. 14740 Wal -1 iM BY J. WALMSLEY. "dir" 5' '.. X Xe ,gf 1 ? A ki ...K . - i ,kg in X,'k . . 1 . Q5 A .Q -NTQQ Iss -er Ks . Q59 f -Q A YB agar, Qs Q-Wig 'ia Tiff .X wma? QB K . . 1 0 as , , .. , . I' . ,Q EJ V, . A J .A . X . is 3 Q .- 3 3 J K - . 525 . .. . Rf. .Cyp 'Q .g-K . N . . Q, . .f in Q ...iff A f Q ,Q . .5 .Xf- x A Q' 1 A .. F .. . xl, . 'Ns . . 2 Q J 6' ww-. il K i I 7 7 ,4 dmzzfzzsfm far :DMM 77244225 ?ulfo14 ale Superinfeiiififwj I X 12444. Jaivemwgfwfffazrs. PZ Q51 159441 -511,0 s ,plWy',,.,,. wax X, a-aff ,ifjkjlfl 9 ' X bill!!! Ukimlxw XM! 'I wf' ' ,na-f Message To Graduates Ai 'Jil JQ"J'l"'i ' " J ll xf' , y s- : 5024 'tQ,'lV ,lf-L, l r nfl-7 'N '- .X 'V X ' I vvish to extend to each member of the graduating class of 1953 my sincere congratulations and to express my confidence in your future wel- fare. That confidence is based upon my observations and contacts with you over the past six years. As I have Watched you at work and at play during those years, I have noted with approval your enthusiasm, your wholesome friendly attitude and your seriousness of purpose. You have grown, both physically and mentally. It is Well. The road ahead will not be easy and you will need all the strength and ability you have acquired. Some' of you are already in military service, others will follow. Some of you will enter industry and some will go to college. Whatever you do and wherever ou go, may the lessons learned in Nampa High School help you to ach e uccess. E FULTON GALE. sae? slwgfailf S 4 tiff, sifffipjf l'l wal Ka. -W flfgylifr sf jimi . isfsjifivfia N s gt Message To Graduates Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1953. Each graduate deserves some part of the credit for the accomplishments of this class through the years. Your class has been average in some fields of endeavor and out- standing in many others. The opportunity for academic, musical, literary and athletic advance- ment has been available to all of you. Many of you have taken advantage of these opportunities to the greatest degree. Your future successes will antage of these and future opportunities. d, to a large degree, upon the manner in which you have taken ad- 3 t 5 isis Whatever you choose for your life work, we hope you will consider your vocation worthy, and take pride in serving society well. NVQ: hope you will be proud to take your place as a citizen in the Community which has given you the opportunity to grow in the field of your choice. The faculty and administration have benefited greatly by their associa- tion with you. XVe extend to each of you our best wish a c ful, pleasant, Worthwhile life. PF. .U 497' DANIEL BEDINGER, B. A., M. S.: Eastern University of New Mexico, University of Southern California. Geometry, Algebra, Sophomore Class Advisor. ANNIE LAURIE BIRD, B.A., M.A.: University of Southern California, University of Cali- fornia, Universlty of Washington, University ol Oregon, Reed College. American History, Senior Class Advisor, Spiz Honorary Advisor. ELMER E. BITTLESTDN, B. A., M.Bus. Ed.: University of Idaho, Idaho Slate, Northwest Nazarene College, Cornell University. Typing, Academic Council. M. A. BODAHL, B. A., M.A.: Concordia College, University ol North Dakota, University of Montana, University of Washington. English ll, Journalism, Growl, Quill and Scroll. J. A. IBABEI BROWN, B.S., M. S.: University of Idaho, Coaching Schools. Boys' P. E. and Health, Head Athletic Director, Varsity Football- Basketball, Blu-N Honorary Advisor. WEBSTER CALDWELL, B. A.: University of Washington, LaSalle University of Law, C. of I. Physics, Advanced Mathematics, Aeronautics, Advisor ol the Explorers. E. 0. COCKRAN, B. S., M.S.: Nebraska State Teachers, University of Idaho. Government, Discipline Committee. ' MINA CONRAD, A. B., M.S.: College of Idaho, Colorado Teachers College, University of Idaho, Armst ng College. Bookkee ' , Business law, Business Math, Honor Society Advisor. X 1 ILQ- i"' MARTHA L. COUNSIL, B.S.: Oregon State, Corvalis, Eastern Oregon College of Education. LaGrande, Oregon. Home Economics, F.H.A. Advisor. GERALDINE CRUSE, B.A.: College ol Idaho, Univ. ol Idaho. Girls Counselor, Psychology. Daniel Bedinger Annie Laurie Bird Elmer E. Birtleston M. A. Bedahl J. A. Babel Brown Webster Caldwell E. 0. Cockran Mina Conrad Martha l..Coullsil Geraldine Cruse Lenn Cruse Julie Epperly Donna Garlington William Gavin Harry Gross , yn elin r. I J esp' W . LENN CRUSE, B. S., M.S.: University of Idaho. Biology, Faculty Manager, Service Club Advisor. JULIE EPFERLY, B.S.: Utah State Agricultural College. P. E. and Health, G.A.A. Advisor. DONNA GARLINGTON: Registrar. WILLIAM GAVIN, B.S.: Boston College. Chemistry, Consumer Science, Senior Class Co- Sponsor. HARRY GROSS, A. B.: Dakota Business College, Fargo, N. D., N. N. C., University of Idaho. Biology, Key Club Advisor, Co-sponsor of Sophomore Class. EVELYN HAGELIN, B.A., M. A.: Wellesley College, University of California, University of Idaho, University of Oregon, Breadloaf School of England, University of Geneva, Uni- versity of Paris, Western Reserve. French I, French Il, Latin I, Latin Il, English II, F. L. S. Co-sponsor. ' ROBERT A. HODGSON, B.A.: Fresno State, College of Idaho, University of Southern Cali- fornia, U. C. L.A., University of Idaho. English, Sage Advisor, Sophomore Magaline Advisor, Chess Club Advisor. ROBERT KAELIN, B.A., M. A.: Mont Clair St. College, Columbia University. Sociology, American History, Visual Aids Director. MYRTLE KECK, B.S.: University of Idaho, University of Chicago. Homemaking, F.H.A. Advisor. DEAN LEWIS, B.S.: University of Idaho, Idaho State Normal. World History, Football Line Coach, Varsity Track Coach, Blu-N Advisor. EARLE McIlEEVER, B. S., M. S.: Wittenberg, Springfield, Ohio: University of Idaho, Uni- versity of Miami, Columbia University. Band. LEO. C. MATHEWS, A. B., A. B., A.B., M.S.: Ashburg College, Willmore, Kentucky, College ol Idaho, University of Idaho. Boys' Counselor, Debate, Sophomore English, Debate Advisor, Il. F. L. Advisor. CHARLES POINT, B. A., M. A.: Colorado State, University of Oregon. Fine Arts. DALLAS D. QUICK, B. of Music: Northhranch Academy, Northbranch, Kan.: N.N.C., Friends Bible College, Hoveland, Kansas. A Choir, Boys' Glee, Girls' Glee, B Choir. X J. C. OUINLY, Master Machinist: Joplin, Missouri, Graduate Sweeny Vocational School, Kansas City, Ma. Machine Shop, Machinists Club Advisor. JOHN RUPERT, A. B.: University of Idaho, University of Washington, Oregon State College, N. N. C. Industrial Arts. '55 C ,Tl L3 YQ. KIRK RUSH, B. S.: University of Idaho. Agriculture I, ll, Ill, F. F. A. Advisor. MARIAN RYCRAFT, B. S.: Oregon State College, College of Idaho. Shorthand, Secretarial Practice, Typing, Y-teens Advisor. C. O. SAMUELSON, B.A., M.A.: Augustana College, Rock Island, lllinoisg University ol Michigan, University of Nebraska. Junior English, Drivers Training, Study Hall, Junior Class Co-sponsor, Hi-Y Advisor. CHARLES SPROUSE, B. S.: General Motors Institute, University ot Illinois, University of Minnesota. General Drawing, Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing. FLOSSIE STARK, B.S.: University of Idaho. Library. GUY E. TERWILLEGER, B.S., M. S.: Boise Junior College, Universlly of Idaho. Dramatics, Public Speaking, English III, Thespians Sponsor. VERL THORNOCK, B. S.: Idaho State College, Utah State College and University. Study Hall, Economics, Bays' P. E. and Health, Varsity Baseball Coach, Soph.-Frosh Football ond Basketball Coach, lntra-mural Director. DILLA TUCKER, B. A.: College ol Idaho, Pacific College in Oregon, University of Oregon, University ol Washington, Northwestern University. English Ill, English IV, F. T. A. Advisor. DOROTHY WILLIAMS: Office Secretary and Attendance Clerk. CHARLES L. WILSON: Music Education, Universlty of Idaho, Los Angeles Conservatory of Music. Orchestra, String Specialist. FREDA WRAY, A. B.: University of Kansas, Kansas Teachers, West Texas Teachers, Oregon State, Washburn College, University ol Idaho. Study Hall Supervisor, Spiz Club Advisor. HELEN YORK, B. S.: University of Idaho, Northern Idaho School at Education, La Escuela Interamerlcana of Mexico, N.N. C. Spanish I and ll, F. L. S. Co-sponsor, Junior Class Co-sponsor. 7 Earle NlcKeever Dallas D. Quick Kirk Rush Charles Sprouse Verl Thornock Charles L. Wilson Leo. C. Mathews Charles Point J. C. Duinly John Rupert Marian Rycralt C. 0. Samuelson Flassie Stark Guy E. Terwrlleger Dilla Tucker Dorothy Williams Freda Wray Helen York l Student Body L Cfficers Left to right: Leland Agenbroud, presi- dent: Ls-:Danna Nnhiger, secretary: Mux Guin, vice presideni. ' a 1 F Student Council Organization Leaders Left la rigllh B. Muinwuring, M. Blicken- ' stuff, C. Eckery, N. Hilly, F. Grant. Buck row, lefl In righl: M. Goin, B. Third row: C. Eckery, R. Suulls, A. raw: P. Lulande, R. Rogers, J. Nels N. Hilly, L. Nnfxiger, J. Mudiregor, Muinwnring, M. Blizkenstuff, J. Alsip, B. Bailey, J. Newman, D. Peppley, L. Agenbroud. Caldwell, R. Zarhnisky, C. Linde, J. Keuler, D. Tohler, G. Ernesl, B. Sinclnit. Seznnd ley, L. Budell, P. Schmii, C. Mullhews, S. Woolard, K. Johnson, J. Hanwuy. Frnni raw: M. Knowllon, P. Wissell, G. Givens, A. Hirkox, M. Freihurghnus, B. Harmon, D. Hoapes. B. 5. . 8 Lflassffs Lefl Oo Iighi: A. Bird, adviser: W. Crill, N. Slrulton, VI. Gavin, advisor. Seniorl Class Piloted through their final year by Marvin Blickenstaif, Wayne Crill and Norma Stratton, the seniors maintained their reputation for being outstanding school supporters. The winning of the noise rally, placing second in class competition for basketball and numerous pep rally skits were only a few of this active group's accomplishments. i A remarkable amount of the athletes in this class was varsity sport material in their sophomore and junior years. Out of this same group came several district champions in the various sports and speech activities for three consecutive years. The successfulness of their Junior-Senior Prom depended largely upon the capable handling of co- chairmen Janean Platt and Marvin Blickenstaff, but was backed superbly by the extensive cooperation of the entire class. Under the sponsorship of Willard Gavin and Annie Laurie Bird, the students wound up an outstanding high school career by their presentation of a thor- oughly successful senior assembly directed by Wayne Crill. MARVIN BLICKENSTAFF President 10 RALEIGH F. AGE LELAHD DALE AGEHBROAD Sophomore Class President: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Basket- ball: Sophomore Magazine: A Chair, President, Vice President: Ex- plorers: F. F. A.: Blu-N, Secretary: Ring Committee: Varsity Football: Student Body Vice President: Service Club, Vice President: Student Budget Committee: Student Rotarian: Boy-ol-the-Week: Honor Society. MARY LYNN ANRENS G. A. A., Council: F. L.S.: Band, Pep Band: Y-teens. YUVONNE ALVEY Y-teens: G. A. A.: F. L. S.: F. H. A. LUANHA JANE AMMONS Band, Secretary, Librarian, Pep Band: Bowling Club, Vice President: F. L.S.: G. A. A.: Ski Club: Spiz. CAROLYH ANDERSON F. H. A.: Y-teens: Sage, Sports Editor: Spiz: Senior Announcement Committee: Office Monitor: Honor Society. COLLEEN FAYE ARENT , G. A. A.: Y-teens: A Choir: Girls' Glee, President: Mazlri-Gals and Guys. MARY ANN ASSELIN Spiz: Y-teens: Girls' Glee, Librarian: G.A.A.: F.H.A.: Uflice Monitor. ERVIN MAURICE BAILEY Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseball: Art Club: Growl: F. F. A.: Hi-Y: Golf: Student Council: Kuna High School, Kuna, Idaho. l.It.LlAH DARWEAN BAKER ' Growl, Business Manager: Sophomore Magazine: Band, Sophomore Pop Band: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society, President: F. L. S.: Prom Committee: Spiz: Girls' State: D. A. R. Representative. SHIRLEY BALL Thespians: G. A. A.: Y-teens: Curious Savage, East Lynne. EDITH LORRAINE BALTAZOR G. A. A., Treasurer: F. L.S., Council: Spiz: F. H. A.: Office Monitor: Football l'.lueen's Attendant: Tennis: Fire Assistant. KEITH ALAN BARRICK A Choir: Sophomore Football: Madri-Gals and Guys: Boys' Glee: Hon- or Society. WILLIAM L. BARRUS Radio Club: Machinists' Club. RUYCE K. BATEY Sophomore Yell Leader: Thespians: Track: Tennis: B Choir: A Choir: Boys' Glee: Student Council. LILA LEE BAUGUESS Y-teens: F.H.A.: Spiz: G.A. A.: F. L. S.: Library: Harvest Ball Queen: Student Council. RICHARD DUANE BAUER F. F. A. IIM BAUNE F. F. A., Vice President, Portland Judging Team: Intramural Sports. 11 Seniors Seniors MARILYN IECKMAN DOLORES IREHE BREMENSOLO F. L.S. Council, G. A. A., Science Club, Girls' Glee, F. H.A., Honor Society. ELLEN BESCH G. A. A., Thespians, Spiz, F. L. S. GEORGIA BICE G. A. A., Bowling Club, Y-teens, Vice President, Science Club, Vice President, Debate Club, Spiz, Sage, A Choir, B Choir, Vice President. HENRY R. BLECHA Band, Key Club. CLIFFORD L. BLEDSOE Sophomore Football, Track, Blu-N, Varsity Football, F. F. A., Har- vest Bali King, Senior Announcement Committee. MARVIN R. BLICKENSTAFF All-State Band, Band, Vice President, Sophomore Pep Band, Director, Orchestra, Vice President, Sophomore Basketball, Ney Club, Secretary, Vice President, President, Tennis, Junior-Senior Prom, Co-chairman, Sage, Senior Editor, Blu-N, Honor Society, Treasurer,, Student llud' get Committee, Senior Class President, Boy-of-the-Week. LUCY MARIE BLDUGH Girls' Glee, A Choir, Y-teens, F. T. A., Honor Society. ROY M. BOIION A Choir. MONICA KAY BOTHWELL Spiz, G. A. A., Y-teens, Thespians, Science Club, Secretary, F. L. S., Orchestra, I Choir, Custodian, A Choir, Madri-Gals and Buys, All- State Drchestra, Honor Society. GEORGE H. BOWLES Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Machinists' Club, Vice Presi- dent, Student Council. ERNEST R. IIRESNEARS Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Track, Blu-N, Machinists Club, President, Boxing. PATRICIA CAROLE BREWSTER Spiz, Thespians, Historian, A Choir, lt Choir, Librarian, Girls Glee, Madri-Gals and Guys, Science Club, Y-teens, G. A. A., Our Town. DENNIS BROWN Sophomore Football, Manager, Machinists' Club. LUIS BUCHANAN BILL T. BUFFINGTON ADONNA CAROL BURKEL Y-teen, G. A. A., F. H.A., Spiz, Band, Science Club, Meridian High School. IRENE BURLILE Band, Pep Band, G. A. A. Council, F. L. S. IRIS BURLILE F. L.S.: G. A. A., Secretary: Band, Pep Band. PATRICIA BURNS F. Il. A.: G. A. A.: F. LS.: Ski Club: Office Monitor: Y-teens. GORDON V. CAINE F. I.. S.: Science Club. GARY CAMPBELL Orchestra, Custodian. TED CARLSON BONNIE LOREEN CARPENTER Girls' Glee: A Choir. PHYLLIS VIONE COMBS Bowling Club. RAMDNA ELIZABETH COMEAU Y-teens, Cabinet: G. A.A.: Bowling Club: B Choir: Spiz: Oltice Mon- itor: F. T. A. MYRNA RAE COOPER r.u.A., e,s.s., a cheat. Q JACK CDREY Sophomore Football: F. F. A. LUTHER L. COUCH Sophomore Football: Machinists' Club. R01 EANNE COYLE Y-teens: F. L. S.: Bowling Club: Growl, Page Editor, Co-feature Edi- tor, Reporter: Lettuce Bowl Committee: G. A. A.: Spiz: F. H.A., Re- porter: Honor Society. WAYNE E. CRILL Sophomore Foothall: Band, Custodian, Pep Band Director, Trumpet Trio, Dance Band, All-State Band: Key Club, Vice President, Presi- dent: Explorers: Science Club: Boys' State: Senior Class Vice Pres- ident: Ski Club: Sophomore Magazine: Tennis: Honor Society: Or- chestra, President: Boy-ot-the-Week. JIM CRDNIN BEVERLY CROUSE Ski Club: Y-teens: F. H. A.: B Choir: Office Monitor. FRED L. CROUSE Intramural Sports: Radio Club. DELORES JUNE DALTON G. A. A.: F. H.A.: Girls' Glee: A Choir. DONNA LEE DANIEL F. H. A.: G. A. A.: F. L.S.: Y-teens: Girls' Glee. Seniors Seniors BOB DILLON Sophomore Basketball: Student Council: Ili-Y: Intramural Sports: A Choir: It Choir: Boys' Glee. Ll0YD DDSSETT JANEL MAE DRAKE Spil: G. A. A.: Debate Club: Thespians: F. L. S.: F. ll. A.: Y-teens, Council: Orchestra, Secretary, Librarian, All-Northwest Orchestra, All-State Orchestra: Science Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Curious Savage, Magnificent Obscesslon. CAROL JOY ELLINGBOE Y-teens: G.A.A.: F.ll.A.: F.L.S.: Grovll, Reporter, Exchange Editor, News Editor: Quill and Scroll: Fire Secretary Splz. GARY WAYNE EVANS Machinists' Club: Sophomore Football. LARRIE JEAN EVANS Y-teens: F.L.S.: G.A.A.: F.Il.A. MARIAN EVERTZ Girls' Glee: Orchestra: F.H.A.: G. A.A. BONNIE LUCILLE EXLEY Derby High School, Derby, Iowa. YOLANDA JEAN FARNWORTII Orchestra: Growl, Circulation, Assistant Organizations, Assistant Bus- iness Manager: Y-teens: G. A. A.: Sophomore Magazine Staff, Feature Editor: Chairman Lettuce Bowl Dance: Quill and Scroll, Secretary: Honor Society. SAMANTHA ANNE FERGUSON Y-teens, Cabinet: G.A.A.: F.L.S.: A Choir: Madri-Gals and Guys. OLIVER 0. FILLMORE Boys' Glee: Madri-Gals and Guys: A Choir: Intramural Sports: Track: Iioxing: F.F.A. oonun w. nsiisa F. F. A. Intramural Sports. JACQUELINE RAE FOSTER Y-teens: G. A. A.: Student Council. JAMES D. FREEMAN Band, Vice President, Pep Iiand: Blu-N: Boxing Manager: Track: ln- tramural Sports. MARY ANN FREIBURGHAUS Spiz: F.H.A.: Girls' Glee Club: Office Monitor: G. A. A.: Student Council: F. T. A.: Y-teens: A Choir. R. WAYNE FRY Intramural Sports. DALE EDWIN GETTER Sophomore Basketball: Sophomore Football: Intramural Sports. LAWRENCE DALE GOETTSCHE Intramural Sports: Hi-Y, Treasurer. MAX D. GOIN Sophomore Football: Varsity Baseball: Sophomore Basketball: Hi-Y: F. F.A.: Varsity Basketball: A Choir: Explorers Club: Ring Commit- tee: Student Body President: Student Body Vice President. GRACIE EOMER F. H. A.: Y-teens: Spiz: G.A.A.: Honor Sosiety: Student Council: Junior-Senior Prom Committee. HOWARD GOMER Sophomore Football: Track: F. F. A.: Boxing: Explorers Club: Junior Class Vice President. DEAN L. GOOD KIYOMI GOTO Sophomore Magazine Stott: F.H.A.: G.A.A., Secretary: Y-teens, President: Merit Board, Chairman: Spiz: lettuce Bowl Queen: Li- brarian: Honor Society. BEVERLY CARLEHE GRAVES G.A.A.: Bowling Club: Y-teens: F. ll. A.: Girls' Glee: B Choir: Spiz: Hillsboro Senior High, Hillsboro, Oregon. Louise onion o.A.e., Y-teens: r. L. s. JOHN GROVE Sophomore Football: Boxing: Track: F. F.A., Portland Judging Team. CAROLE LOU GUDEMAN Football Queen: Lettuse Bowl Attendant: Growl, Reporter, Assistant Ad Manager, Assistant Editor: Spiz: Bowling Club: G.A.A.: Y-teens: Quill and Scroll: Ski Club: F. L. S.: Oltlce Monitor. VELLA PEARL HAl.COM F. H.A.: G. A.A.: B Chair: Elk Grove Union Higlr School, Elk Grove, Calilornia. BOB IRVING HALE Varsity Football: Track: Blu-N: Machinists' Club: Senior Announce- ment Committee. JACK L. HALSEY Debate: A Choir: Orchestra: N. F. l. HARVARD DOUGLAS HANKS Band: Intramural Sports. BILL HANSOH DARREL L. HANWAY Sophomore Football. HYRA JEAN HATCH Y-teens: F. H.A.: G.A.A.: Spiz: F. L. S.: Honor Society: Orches- tra: Sage. BARBARA JOYCE HAY ES F. H. A. BEVERLY JEAN HAYES F. H. A. Seniors Seniors ELLEN HAYES P Y-teens, E. A. A., Girls' Glas, B Choir. DOROTHY JEAN HEENEY Custer High School, Custer, South Dakota. MAXINE HENDERSON Girls' Glee, B Choir, G. A. A., Boise High School, Boise, Idaho. DAVE L. HENNESSEY Sophomore Football, Boxing, Captain, District Champion, Varsity Football, Co-captain, Big Six First Team, Student Council, Boy-of- the-Week, Blu-N, President, A Choir, B Choir. J. PATRICK HENRY F. L. S., President, Service Club, Honor Society, A Choir, Explorers, Madri-Gals and Guys, Boys' Glee, P. T. A., Student Representative, Science Club. EDWARD HESS Sophomore Football, F. F. A., Key Club, Sophomore Personality Kid, Explorers, Junior Class President, Ring Committee, Varsity Football, Boxing, A Choir, President. JOHNNY W. NETMER ERNEST CHARLES HICKOX Radio Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, Talent Show Chairman, Ski Club. NORMA LOU HILTY Sophomore Magazine, Editor, F.L.S., Vice President, Bowling Club. President, Spiz, Sergeant-at-Arms, Sage, Assistant Editor, Editor, Student Budget Committee,-Prom Committee, G.A.A. Council, Thes- pinns, Quill and Scroll, Ring Committee, Y-teens, Debate Club, N. F. L., Student Council, A Choir. GWENDOLYN MARIE HOGAN Sophomore Pep Band, Band, Y-teens, Honor Society. PAUL D. HOGAN Thespians, Dramatics, East Lynne. LOIS LUANN HOWELL F. L. S., Y-teens, Cabinet, F. T. A. BONNIE FAYE HUNT li. A. A., F. H. A., East Oakland High School, Oakland, California. DICK T. INOUYE JANET M. ISHINARA Y-teens, Treasurer, G.A.A., Librarian, Student Council. J. HARVY JACKMAN 1 Seven Keys to Baldpate, Thespians, Magnilicent Obscession, The Curious Savage, Our Town, East Lynne, Junior-Senior Prem Commit- tee, Blu-N, Boxing Manager. MABURN N. JACOBS F. F. A., Intramural Sports. MARY LOU JAMES G. A. A., F. L. S., F. H. A., Bond, Pop Bond, Sophomore Pep Band, Honor Society. DORIS ELAINE JANOUSHEK G. A. A.: Girls' Glee: San Lorenzo High School, Boulder Creek, Calif. BONNIE IMDGEAN JENKINS Y-teens: Girls' Glee, Secretary. KAREN PEGGY JESSEN F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Y-teens: Ollice Monitor. KENNY JOHNSON Track: Sophomore Basketball: Orchestra, President: Student Council: Who's Who Committee: Blu-N: Honor Society. SHIRLEY JOHNSON F. H.A.: Bowling Club: Band: Y-teens. VIRGINIA FERNE JOHNSON A Choir: Madri-Gals and Guys: Girls' Sextotte: G. A. A. BILLIE DEE JOLLEY Sophomore Class Secretary: G. A. A.: Y-toons: Bowling Club: Orches- tra: Junior Class Secretary: Spiz: Football Oueen's Attendant. MARILYN MAE KNOWLTON Sophomore Personality Kid: Bowling Club: Sophomore Magazine: Y-teens: G. A. A.: Yell Duchess: Yell Queen: Student Council: Honor Society: Science Club: Sage, Ad Manager: Lettuco Bowl Attendant: Blu-N: Spiz: Tennis: Girl-ol-the-Week: Student Budget Committee. CECELIA MARIE KORN G. A. A.: F. H. A.: F. L. S., Vice President. VIRGINIA MAE KORN G. A. A.: Junior Representative: F. H.A., Historian, Vice President, District President: Spiz: Science Club: F. L.S. DON KREHBIEI. Radio Club: Science Club: Honor Society. JACOB ALBERT KROMMENHOEK PATRICIA ANN KUKLA F. ll. A.: B Choir. HAZEL KURPJUWEIT Stockton High School, Stockton, Missouri. YOATTA KURPJUWEIT Stockton High School, Stockton, Missouri. KARL J. LAIIILE Intramural Sports. JOANN lEAVlTT Honor Society: Sage, Junior-Sophomore Editor: Band: Student Coun- cil: Y-teens: F. ll. A., Program Chairman: G.A.A.: F.T.A.: Ski Club: F. L.S.: Spiz: Science Club, Prosidont. TOM B. LINDSEY Golf: Band: Ski Cluh. Seniors Seniors BARBARA LEA LOVELADY - Growl, Y-teens, G. A. A., Bowling Club, Vice President, F. l. S., Grant Union High School, San .lose High School, Boise High School. MARILYN A. LUDLOW Y-teens, Cabinet, Honor Society, Science Club, Service Club, Sopho- more Magazine, Seven Keys to Baldpate, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon. JACK W. LUNDOIIIST B Choir Boys' Glee. HELEN LAVONNE LUSTER ALICE JOANN LYDA F. H. A. .I0 ANNE MocGREGOR Debate, G. A. A., Y-teens, Ring Committee, Spiz, Ouill and Scroll, Growl, Reporter, Exchange Editor, Assistant Feature Editor, Feature Editor, Service Club, Prom Committee, Honor Society. WILLIAM LEWIS MAINWARING Sophomore Football, Sophomore Basketball, Growl, Assistant Sports Editor, Assistant Editor, Editor, Sophomore Magazine, Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, President, Key Club, Vice President, Student Council, Prom Committee Chairman, Student Budget Committee, Boys State. PAULA LORRAINE MALPASS Y-teens, G. A. A., F.H.A., F.L.S. CHARMAINE 10E MANGUM Band, F. L. S., F. H. A., Bowling Club, Ski Club, Office Monitor, Spiz, Football Banquet, G. A. A. TREVA MARIE MARTIN VEYONNE MARTINEAU f Y-teens, G.A. A., F. L.S., Office Typist. CAROLYN .l. MASON CATHERINE I. MATTHEWS Y-teens, G. A.A., F. L. S., Bowling Club, Orchestra. HOWARD DUANE McCLUNG Pep Band, Band, Boxing Manager, Blu-N. DAN McClIRlEY JAY GLEN McDONALD Thespians, Secretary, Our Town, Curious Savage, East Lynne. WAYNE L. McGREW Intramural Sports. ARDATH MAE McINTYRE BRUCE McKNlGHT F. F.A.: A Choir: Intramural Sports: Varsity Baseball. GARY A. McMAHAN Band: Key Club: Tennis. IRIS McNEES G. A. A.: Y-teens: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Student Council: Spiz: Growl, Reporter, Exchange Editor, News Editor, Assistant News Editor, Organization Editor. MIKE McREYNOLDS Band Dance Band Pep Band sconce M. ueuex Columbia Prep, Portland, Orog ROBERT M. MIDDLETON . VERDA MAE MILLER KENNETH MILLS Sophomore Football: Band, Pep Band: Orchestra: Track: Boxing Mon- ager: Blu-N: Key Club: Intramural Sports. KAYE NORA MITCHELL Thespians, President: Band: Girls' Glee, Vice President: G. A. A.: F, L. S., Secretary: Spil, Secretary: Science Club: Y-teens: Girls State: Honor Society: Curious Savage, East Lynn, Down to Earth. RAYMOND DALE MITCHELL Machinists' Club: F. T. A. RALPH L. MOORE JIM MORF F. F. A., Sentinel, State Judging Team: Blu-N: Football Manager: Ili-Y. JOHN ALBERT MORRIS A Choir: Madri-Gals and Guys: Boys' Glee: Ski Club: Explorers Club: Grants Pass High School, Grants Pass, Oregon. BARBARA LEE MOSIER A Choir: Modri-Gals and Guys: Girls' Sextette: Y-teens: Point Keep- er: F.ll.A.: F. L. S.: Science Club: Thespians: Spiz: East Lynne, North Central High School, Spokane, Washington. KENNETH G. MUSICK Machinists' Club: Meridian High School, Meridian, Idaho. LORIH J. NELSON Explorers Club: Blu-N: A Choir, Vice President: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball, Manager: Madrl-Galsand Guys. JACK NEWMAN Sophomore Football: Varsity Football, Big Six Team: Sophomore Basketball: Varsity Basketball, Captain: Varsity Baseball: Blu-N, Vice President: Student Council: Student Rotarian. IOANN M. NICHOLAS Y-teens: F. H. A.: G. A. A.: F. LS.: Library. Seniors WILLIAM E. NOVASKY Key Club, Hi-Y, F. LS., Science Club, Pep Band, Band, Custodian, Sophomore Football Manager. JANICE ELAINE OURECKY A Choir. EARL E. PALMER Radio Club. BILL PARKER Machinists' Club, Student Council, Boys State, Sophomore Basketball, Tennis, F. L. S., Sante Fe High School, Santa Fe, New Mexico. GENE PATE F. F. A., Honest Boll Committee. EVA PELREN G.A.A., Y-teens, Ski Club, F. L. S., F. T. A., Bowling Club, Choir, F. H. A. DUANE J. PEPPLEY Blu-N, Explorers Club, Key Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Sophomore Bas- ketball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, A Choir, Student Council. DONALD RAY PEWITT Intramural Sports, Track, Boxing. DEAN E. PHELPS Band, Sophomore Pep Band, Track. LEO A. PITTMAN Machinists' Club, Boxing, l9llIh Bomber Squadron. .IENNINE ANN PLATT Thespians, Honor Society, 6. A. A., Y-teens, Cabinet, Spiz, Vice President, Service Club, President, .lunior-Senior Prom, Co-chairman, Girls State. ELIZABETH MARIE POTTER Y-teens, Sergeant-at-Arms, 6. A. A., Bowling Club, Secretary, F. L. S., Spiz, President, Debate Club, Growl, Reporter, Prom Committee, Service Club. DAVID L. POWELL Explorers Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Blu-N, Sophomore Football, Soph- omore Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Trazk, Student Council. ALICE MAY PRDHASKA G.A.A., F. H.A., F. L.S., Y-teens, Cabinet, Farewell Banquet Chairman, Service Club, Secretary, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Vice President, Sage, Feature Editor, Spiz. ROLLAHD PYWELL Student Council Hi-Y, Science Club, Machinists' Club, Varsity Base- ball. MAXINE RUTH RICE Bowling Team. CHARLES LEE RICHARDSON Machinists' Club, Intramural Sports. VICTOR RICHARDSON Varsity Baseball, Intramural Sports, Senior Manager. DON RIDENER Sophomore Football: Boxing, District Champion: Track: Blu-N, Ser- geant-at-Arms: Fire Chief: Varsity Football, Co-captoin, Blg Six Team. LORNA LOU ROBERTSON Y-teens: Ci.A.A.: F.H.A.: F.L.S.: Salem High School, Salem, Ore. RONALD ROMER F. F. A., Portland Judging Team: Track: Band: Sophomore Basket- ball: Varsity Basketball. BARBARA SALLEE F. L.S.: Y-teens: Growl: Quill and Scroll: Spiz. CHARLES SAULLS L A Choir, librarian: Explorers Club, Vice President: Blu-N: Football Jamboree: Varsity Football, Manager: Yell Duke: Spiz. SHIRLEY LAVON SCHAEFER CHARLES SCHELL F. F. A., Harvest Ball. DOROTHY LOUISE SCHLAPIA Honor Society: Spiz: G. A. A.: F.H.A.: Y-teens: Office Monitor: Band. CHARLES D. SCHMIDT BETTY JEAN SCNRIMPSCHER Sophomore Yell leader: Mndri-Gals and Guys: F. H. A.: ll Choir, Manager: A Choir: Girls Sextette. CLAIRE MARGARET SCHULER G. A. A.: F. H. A.: F. L. S., Treasurer: Honor Society. LOIS J. SCHVIARI F. H. A.: F. L. S.: Y-teens: G. A. A. ELVIN L. SCRIVNER Meridian High School, Meridian, Idaho. MELVIN L. SCRIVNER Meridian High School, Meridian, ldnho. CECILIA SEITZ Spin 6. A. A.: F. L.S.: Ski Club: Science Club: F. N. A., Secretary: Y-teens, Visual-Aid Secretary. ROY SELVES F. F. A., President, Portland Judging Team, Harvest Ball Committee. SUE SHIRTLIFF Sophomore Magazine Statt: Ottice Monitor: Honor Society: Thes- plans: Our Town, Down to Earth. ROBERT MARTIN SIMPSON Sage: A Choir: Blu-N: Sophomore Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Golf: Madri-Gals and Guys. Seniors Seniors LAVONNE AUDREY SKALSKY Y-teens, Music Chairman, A Choir, librarian, Manager, Student Council, F.T. A., Historian, Reporter, Library, Thespians, Initiation Banquet, Madri-Gals and Guys, East Lynne, Down to Earth. EUNICE KAY SMITH G. A. A. Harvey High School, Painesville, Ohio. GENEVIEVE SMITH B Choir, Girls' Gleo. NORMA JEANNE SMITH Band, Pop Band, Growl, Reporter, Y-teens, G. A. A., F. L. S., Spiz, F.T.A., Student Council, F. H. A. PATRICIA MARIE SMITH Sophomore Yell Queen, A Chair, Bowling Club, President, G. A. A., Spiz, Girls' Glee. JOAN SPARKS Girls' Glen, G. A. A. BONNIE B. SPICKELMIER Y-teens, Science Club, G. A. A. BILLY MAX STALLINGS Blu-N, Boxing. DON REY STEPHENSON Junior Basketball Managor, Blu-N, Debate Club, N. F. L., Intramural Sports. NDRMA STRATTON Senior Class Secretary, Career Day Conference Chairman, Thespians, Vice President, Bowling Club, Secretary, G.A.A., Girl-of-the-Week, Spiz, Student Council, Ski Club, Honor Society, Down to Earth. BETTY JANE STUCK . Forest Grove Union High School, Forest Grove, Oregon. PATRICIA DEAN TAGGART Y-teens, Bowling Club, President, G. A. A., F. l. S., Spiz, Prom Committee. CAROL L. THOMAS Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Key Club, F. L. S., A Choir, Orchestra, Bays' Glee, Madri-Gals and Guys. GRANT ALBERT THOMPSON LETHA MARIE TNORNBRUGH CAROL MARIE THDRNE Y-teens, F. H. A., G. A. A., Spiz, Ski Club, Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Librarian, Orchestra, Librarian. HELEN DARLENE TNUESON Y-teens, Spiz, Science Club, F.H.A., District Degrees Chairman, President, Ring Committee, F. T. A., F. L. S., G. A. A. MARVIN DEE TILDEN Band, Pep Band, Machinists' Club. ROSE MARIE TLUCEK G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Sophomore Magazine Staff: Office Monitor: Honor Society. DAVE TOMLINSON Varsity Football: Assistant Fire Chief: Blu-N: Track: East High School, Salt Lalco City, Utah. CHARLES DUANE TOVEY F. F. A.: Thespians: Student Council: Sophomore Yell Leader: Down to Earth, Curious Savage. D. JALENE TRITTHART Y-teens: F. L. S.: F. H.A.: G.A.A.: Bowling Club, Vice President: Spiz: Student Council: Harvest Ball Co-chairman. DONNA MAE TROYER Honor Society: F. L.S.: Y-teens. FRANCIS D. VASSAR F. F. A., Harvest Ball Co-chairman: Varsity Baseball, Manager. JEAN ANN WAGNER CLIVE H. WALKER A Choir: Madri-Gals and Guys: Boys' Gloe Club. JANET M. WALMSLEY Sophomore Magazine Staff: F. T. A.: F. l. S.: Debate: Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: G. A. A.: Y-teens: Thespians: Science Club: A Choir, Librarian: Junior-Senior Prom Committee: Girl-of-the-Week: Sage, Business Manager: Spiz: Treasurer: Bowling Club: All-State Choir: Down to Earth, Curious Savage: Magnificent Obscession. DON WARD Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Caldwell High School, Caldwell, Idaho. JERRY DEE WARD Jovcs nucleus wcrsou ' Y-teens: F. H. A.: 6. A.A.: Spiz: Bowling Club, Treasurer. DONNA DEVERE WATT Student Council: Dance Band: Y-teens: G. A. A.: Spiz: F. L. S.: Tennis: Sophomore Magazine Stall. MARILYN C. WEAVER Band: Pep Band: Orchestra, Librarian: G.A.A.: F. L.S.: Spiz, His- torian: Y-teens: Office Monitor. MARILYN LESLIE WEAVER G. A. A. PEGGY ANN WEBB G.A.A., Vice President: F. H.A., Treasurer: Y-teens: F. L.S.: Li- brary: Spil. DENNIS WHITE Sophomore Football: Boxing: Track: Baseball: B Choir: Sage. MAYNARD ASHER WHITE Track: Intramural Sports. X . X xwx 23 Seniors .Mi .IW ff fl? DON WISELY Band, Pep Band, All-State Band, Chair, Student Dirertor, Kay Club, Orchestra, Boys' Glee, Who's Who Committee. MARILYN RAE WOI.DEN F. L. S., Honor Society, Secretary, Grand View High School, Grand View, Idaho. ' DUANE D. WOLFE ' Hi-Y, Key Club, Srience Club, land, President, Pap Band, Dance Band, Trumpet Trio, Varsity Basketball, Intramural Sports, EX- plorers. DARIENE WOOD SHIRLEY JOANNE WODLARD Bowling Club, Student Council, F. H.A. JAMES E. WROTEN Intramural Sports, F. F.A., Reporter, District Reporter, Harvest Ball, A Chair, Boys' Glee, All-State Choir, Mudri-Gals and Guys. ADRIAN YRIIIAR F. F. A., Baseball, lli-Y. ERNESTINE A. YOUNG G.A.A., Debate Club, F.H.A., Sophomore Magazine, Oflice Monitor, ,JAX 2525? 7,wZff4f W me I f F g 'W . W 1 iv . . :ww . , , I Seniors MW HCDNOR UDE S L. BAKER M. BLICKENSTAFF P. HENRY DONALD W. CLARK Boxing, ate, Choir. EN! ON Girls Glee, Glenns Ferry High School, Glenns Ferry, Idaho. THOMAS MURPHY Golf, Machinist LESLIE PETTIT DON R. ROMER s' Club. Varsity Basketballg Varsity Baseball, Band, Sophomore Basketball. JERRY SMITH F. F. A. Seniors Not Pictured FRED STUART F. F. A4 Blu-Ng Sports. JAY ALLEN TAYLOR Machinists' Club. C. JAY WADSWORTH Machinists' Club, HOWARD WAYMAN WESLEY WILCOX Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, lnlramural Blackfoot High School, Blackfoot, Idaho. N E3 ii assemblies, WB salute a swell group of enthusiastic i students. "' ii ,, Q, . I 5 ZX. 'i . if Q M .B 2 1 A X r .fo g . XXX an msn GRANT f President 3 iii. cis A X ss gg iz 0' s v 0 ' L rl i N ll .5 ,ig - t 'X a r Leh la righh C. Samuelson, adviser, B. Nelson, .l. Young, F. Grunl, H. York, adviser. Junior C ass Holding down the position of the middlemen we find this year-'s group of juniors doing a job well-done. Choosing the motto, "If We Can't Do the Great Things, NVe'll Do the Small Things in a Great XVay,,' they proved their determination by coming in second in the noise rally. The colors Qld and blue and the class flower they chose showed their good taste as they worked their way up liligher on the latlder of success. Students elected to class oflices were: president, Fred Grantg Bob Nelson, vice presidentg secretary, Joyce Young. This able group was under the advisorship of Helen York and C. O. Samuelson. Carol Larsen and LaDonna Nafziger were chosen as co-chairmen for tl-Q? Junior-Senior Prom this year. Gne of the virsity yell leaders, Alva Fae Caldwell. is a mem- ber of this mighty junior class,,Nias well as a large :number of the players that took part in all varsity N P s o ts. Claimin fii t lace in class com etition at - P g fi P K P 'sm Q , L .XL Y " 26 . Cooper F. Abe V. Adamson L. Alvey G. Anderson H. Bears D. Bell K. Blickenslall ll. Boelllke F. Bowna N. Brumhozk D. Ahrans C. Andrews D. Ball: M. Bonneru L. Budell . Akovlnka . Baldwin . Barnathy . Boolh . ludall A. Albers M. Barney S. Beumaler L. Boston M. Budell Allen Bass 1. Bilbao R Bolloms. Caldwell R. Allen N. Bales V. Birks M. Bowman R. Capps Carlon Cavanah Cedarslrom Chadwick Ch illenden Chilvuood Clough Colson Connealy Cox Croll Daniels Davidson Davis Dennie Dickerson Diehm Dossell Drake Duncan Dyas Easlland Eastman fir' I '-W. A K R xi.. X x XX J- S X. .. J Qgfsf Exe. . . Easton L. Engelllardt . Fleming S. Flisher . Gates M. Gibhens LHIIIJSDILEILL 431,17 NG. Harmon . Hendry P. Henry G. Ernest P. Exley B. Fouser D. Frost J. Goodwin F. Grant K. Harris N. Hartford . Hensen R. Herr Former y Fry Gray P. Hatfield Heurk J. Fillmore G. Fry L. Grim E. Heath R. Higgins M. Finch Z. Fullerton D. Gunderson J. Helsley D. Higginson M. Hoffman J. Holloway C. Hoolnogle V. Home E. Hooten C. Hutton M. Hutton M. lbbotson J. Immisxh 1. Ivey G. Jennings P. Jensen L. John E. Johnson J. Johnson D. Jones V. .lanes D. Julian P. Keahay A. Keim E. Keim J. Keuter D. Kincheloe S. Kirkwood KN .LQ . fi x . - x .w '. '1 x V. xx I .K 'KX X 28 ,N', ' -RQ. N. X 1- - xii X x X - - Ei G. Krieger D. Kunerth C. Lane C. Larsen J. Maller R. Maravilla G. McDonald K. McDonald F. Momany M. Maare Si J. Kunenh K. Kurpiuweit S. Lenx V. Lenz D. Manhews L. Maupin K. Mzbnnald G. Mdilnlhlen P. Moulin M. Maultan X ' Z. . ...N X Q- -.2 X Qi SF xXx X X X X X xx. X Xa . X.. A - .2 5-.1.x., . A RX Q LL S Q. . - QQ.. X5 . SY X . Q X X .Nm . B. Laible P. Lalande L. Lewis A. Lowe R. McBride J. Mdullaurh J. Mercer S. Middlelon Nl. Mumford A. Myers xx . bbxxx N , x -XXLNQQ X553 X. .X XX X X X QV :T s Q6 X Q. -- xx i s 'th Six Sf... x .X S 29 Landers . Mnchas Mdurley . Mihan . Nafxiger . Nelsan G. Newland N. Nichol E. Niehalf . Nohiger D. Nnlkensmeier R. Ohrt D. Ovarian K. Owen R. Parkinson A. Paylon . Pendleion M. Perry P. Pelerson M. Peugh D. Phelps E. Phipps L. Pline S. Prewiit G. Price G. Prouty J. Pywell C. Reece K. Reed Relk n. Rigas Rudolph J. Rumpel Schmitt S. Schmitt Skelton E. Snider Taylor J. Thompson . Rivett C. Rupert S. Srhendele S. Sparks . Tiegs . Roberts . Rupert F. Serratas C. Stewart D. Tiegs . Ross M. Sarnp B. Shawhan J. Stone G. Tiegs J. Rothenberger J. Sarnes B. Sinclair . Sullivan J. Tlurek M. Rovrherry R. Scliueler E. Skaggs R. Tarter L. Tlucek D. Tohler P. Todd 0. Tullis P. Turpen Nl. Wadsworth W. Wakefield H. B. W R. J. H. Whitmarsh Wilkinson Wilson Winnirki Wyatt Young Young WM- A,-iM'4i,,,.,,,44J'2w,c,,4.,,4 Tim, W"'ff2f"Qf u T o G R A' P fwMW 1 fwggln ,?4,:'pfA5:j,fy f fb' +3 . W' 3 jC5 Q, Rgyjwwii if gm iisgffm md E XSS QX9 3 Q2 Ea sw iss wiv E E95 kiwi 3 335233 W F? f, Left la righl: H. Gross, adviser: C. Hill, C. Reed, C. Erkery, R. Bedinger, adviser. Sophomore Class Nev' to the halls of Senior High were the "S0phs of ,539 who have been a brilliant addition to our school. Students were spurred by the shining leadership of Chuck Eckery, who Won the honor of prexy. The vice president position was capably occupied by Corky Hill, and Colleen Reed efficiently performed the duties of secretary. Living up to their class motto, "Forward Ever, Back- ward Never," they are forever moving onward. For class colors, blue and white were chosen, and the white carnation was selected for the flower. With many favorable suggestions in all meetings, Harry Gross and D. W. Bedinger are to be congratulated for their beneficial support. Heading the staff for the sophomore magazine, "The Green Yearsf' this year were Kenny Rogers who was elected editor, and Dorlene Hammon, who acted in the capacity of business manager. Material for this magazine was Written and contributed by this outstanding group. Standing behind their cheer lead- ers one' hundred per cent they showed spirit and pep at assemblies and at the games. Their Sophomore basketball team, well supported by the class, rolled to victory to be tops in their field. Holding high their banner of green, these sophs have contributed a great deal to the Welfare of the school. CHUCK ECKERY President 32 1. Azree J. Andrews J. Bodahl L. Bruck L. Callaway D. Adams D. Arnald T. Brandt Y. Brurks M. Campbell Clark Clark X Clark lfw Cullman Co Ilan Constable 1 Carey ' Carey fax Cox Coyle ..... ,XXX ' NX ix X - XXX. X X X S x X N X X5 xx XX X X X X XX X X 1 X X --X5 x XX X XX X X X X X X is xx X X X X X XX J? A if F. Allen T. Bainas G. lrlghl M. Buchanan P. Campball X -. X . . -fX fi-WXXV X x...X- X R X X X X 2 X xg X .XX WR f S ' XX -XXSX' XXX- YES! G. Allen M. Besrh J. Brarkus B. Burlunan S. Campbell X XXX i N ..XX SX X X X X X F 4 XX - A Sf'- X XXX XX X X N 48 X XX X X XX X si J. Alsip S. Alversan G. Belts E. Bevinglan B. Brawn L. Braun D. Budell I. Burri L. Carlson J. Challer J. Andrensen P. Blanchard M. Brure L. Cain M. Chanlund XXXXXXXXXXXX . .... ....X..,...X X .,.. .XXX Daniel - XXX. N5 A A A Dawson A BN XX X ' X- 5 XXX.-E X NS X Deal X X A X DaCaursey X-X ' XXXL B Xffffs ' Wk ATN A - NT . N :X -X . XXXS XXX QXXX X: :X X XXX: XX XX -XX X XX X X XXX X DeVnes "X X il XXXSXXX 2 NX " -X K X XXXXX XXX .X J XX X XXX -- X- Dewev A- A X ffl aff ' X Doane A A : . XX XQX. 5 noun X L - I N X- X. f X nada ' X X' XX X X XXXXXX X XXX L Xe- X - -1 X X X- XSX X X .X QA is X X X. X - NN XQXQ XXXXXXX XX X ' .X 5 ., - XXXXXXX X X ' 33 H. Dodge J. Edwards J. Gefrer G. Grigg D. Halnlnon Domeier G. Domeny S. Ellinghoe J. Engle J. Gibbs J. Giese D Hall F. Hollberg Hanson . Hanwoy J. Donohue E. Erickson . Givens . Hallherg . Harmon D. Doramus J. Dudgeon R. Ewing M. Fader B. Godfrey I. Goellsrhe M. Hamhy R. Hamilton . Harris C. Harwood C. Eckery D. Fairchild D. Gray D. Hamlnon D. Henderson N. llennis J. Hensen J. Hensen K. Hermann P. Herr B. Hetmer H. L. C. 6. G. B. D. F. V. S. P. Hogge Halbert Holley Hoopes Horne Horner Howard Howe Howell Howey Huslnn W. Hyslop -Xfi- X5 P is SDN X . X X s: x- X QA X K. Jucohs D. Jones B. Koho S. Lee L. Marluy J. MrMilIin K. Mclloynolds B. Mexham J. Medley W. Mosser M. Mihon LA. Moore M. Masier P. Murray K. Naugle M. Neal P. Nelson M. Newman M. Noroll N. Norlon C. Nunley M. 0'llrien K. Oliver B. 0'NeaI E. Ong P. Pork D. Pallerson M. Perkins C. Peterson N. Jacobson D. Jonas Krommenhock Lill Moinwaring C. Jenkins R. Kelley . Kruger Li e . Mgneau, -1 x . - -e tra? i .5 gk... . -QQ' . 1 ei. X Sk XX X X A. Jensen F. Keuter T. Lolonde W. Lillie J. Molhews ,s x N ' U . :K XX Q . Q. E is S xx Xs . . X x 5 N. . T .. D. Johns M. Johnson K. Kidder D. King A. Larsen S. Loumh B. Loveioy ' S. Lundquisi D. May S. MrCusIand . lx S Q B. Johnston G. Klofmon T. Lawrenre P. Markrllwr P. Mrllaniels 35 i x J PI K N-2.4 Pelerson Pooley Reid Riveil Rolh C. Piersol R Pooley Rnissh Robert I Russel . Pilsher . Poner . Rich T. Roberts R. Schaefer C. Pilcher ll. Pinlher H. Powell F. Prollil B. Risllurelsorl C. Rlthesin D. Robertson R. Robinson ll. Srhoonnver K. Srhulrhies 36 Pinlher Rea Ricks R. Rogers L. Shoddy D. Pline C. Reed E. Rilshie D. Roll: W. Shaffer Skeeis Shefsroll Shoopmnn Shoopmon Siebel Skinner Skogsberg Nl. Smilh Snyder Sommer Spongenberg Stallings Siilson M. Sluarl Summers Tuggnrl Taylor Taylor Terry Thompson .Tiegs Tlucek Tluxek Tomlinson V. Toolson R. Wagers C. Warner ' R . Vlhils L. Wlsoly . Yoder Young Young Ziuman . link M . luerrher . Farr Fiedler . Fithian Flowers . Franz . Frasier Frederick Fredrirks Garner Gentry F. Towery K Wakilnoio . Walarmnn Whilson . Wiseell . Tudor . Walker . Weaver . Wilderson . Wood . Van Cleef S. Walsh V. Wnover E. Wilderson D. Woalord N X R X x XX X am XX N X Bvim i 9 : - ' Q ix N. sk J. Veglnert G. Wallman D. Werlrsr J. Williams S. Woolery ...MX K Ni-r 350 Q X N ww ' -.ff Ei f si Q3 ws. V. Vincanl M. Ward N. Wells K. Wilske G. Wroten a 'N :rig - I. E. Von Sickl 1. Ware J. Westwood F. Winans R. Yeider Zfmris' J-l yhhyhfs if Merit system board. This yaar's career conlerence, sm Th G ' h I l . e reclan r eer eaders n the Foalbull Jamboree The snide' opening of F. H' A. week. Rnyully of Football Jamboree chosen by lhe leam. "The Blrd Man" demonstrales various bird calls 38 L - L , LL., L ks x ff: 1 X X if 5 X xxx KX- ' L E? L K f x K XL x?LQ Q x x YQ x- , -L L' Q it X ' x 'X 9' I if 3 ir, L x x L LQ? - L: X55 ' wr :X K - 'S X , xx Q s Vx JL in Q Q Y +1 H L ' K Lf LL L 'I x x 55 XE , ff' Sassy! K . L -f 2 ' S x K L, ,f I L ' ' Q ' Lg Xxx, L L 5- - - 2 s 5 K -. in L Lx ' s L' - L s - 1 1 - - A L :L , f L ' as S 3 5 Liss L' K' 5 L ' f Q. L z X x Lf' L 1 ' X i ' XL Q 35 L ' 1 ' SL Q K Q L' S QL . L sei ,. +L X 5 X -A-L L xii 1 Q my 3 in - Lv 1' s.. K is 3, 54 L' Q2 M81 L i Q 'ffl L ws 5k x 'N L s -Q X 53 S5 Q? if L LL JV' Q A - L Z'f+'..'-41 jLLL .-www 5 Y Vsfxx, ijfgyfh by f 5 1 ' 5 l 1 ' W4 !iff L.x fig. f Lf 3? Q Q Qi.: 3 :iff Vs 2, jg .wx i X ,gixflg ff " wg, 5 as -55 5 xx XS ' Q f ' N n ff L' i K D '55, 9' m Sm 'Nu L -L K 'Q L 6 if AQ. QQ' SN 5 A :Lg-I Way, 'QL sf Q - L 'LL xx 1 L is L iw' ht .K L in -LN L L V :gg L 'N 'iii if W -:QL 'NN , L LL K RQ 'L 'WL - L LL 1- K Lg L A L LNLLLLLX Lx L K Lk 'SN 'rg C 'gk-QKQQQ ,thx Y if Q L Nia L Q L L Q wx X S L - Lf, iiigji: k KL L-L L. L K ' L QQ Q six X K lL i L Li 'L G X - ' LXLL LSL x L L L L .X 'JV x I XL X , Back row, lett to right: D. Wisoly, K. Barrick, F. Henry, B. Simpson, C. Thomas, M. Goin, l'. Hess, B. Beutler, L. Nelson, B. McKnight, W. Fesler, L. Alvey, R. Bohon, R. Middleton, K. Hermann, D. Wilkerson, R. Saulls, L. Agenbraad, D. Peppley, J. Morris. Second row: L. John, J. Fillmore, E. Keim, C. Arent, S. Flisher, Nl. Frieburghaus, C. Peterson, M. Samp, L. Blough, C. Baldwin, N. Drake, J. Wroten, C. Walker, R. Van Clell, G.Anderson, 0. Fillmore, B. Shawhan, C. Nunley, D. Quick, adviser. Front row: V.Johnson, B. Schrimpscher, P. Smith, A. Walker, C. Fry, J. Walmsley, N. Hilty, G. Bice, B. Carpenter, N. Nirhol, L. Skalsky, B. Mosier, K. Bothwell, P. Brewster, P. Blanchard, D. Hammon. The Nampa High A Choir, under the indefatigable leadership of Dallas D. Quick, is one of the most outstanding high school choirs in the Boise Valley. With its purpose to learn and perform the world's greatest music in a manner pleasing to the public, it has presented two programs in Boise's St. Michael's Cathedral. In Ianuary. the group put on their rendition of a festive Mardi Gras including songs. costumes and dances. A major work presented by this busy group was "The Peaceable Kingdom" by Randall Thompson. They also participated in the annual Christmas program. and four of the five Concerts of the Month. Don Wisely was elected student director of thc choir this year and Ted Hess presided over the group. S A and B Choirs Under the direction of Dallas Quick the B Choir helped make the Welfare Iamboree and Mardi Gras a success. They participated in the Thanksgiving game and also made a trip to Emmett in March to attend the district tournament. This year Ends the largest class ever to be had in the history of Nampa High. The group of choristers chose for their capable leader, prexy Kathleen Mac- Donald and her assistant vice president Sally Beumeler. Bruce Harmon served as scribe for the club. The choir can readily term this year as a very successful one. Back raw, left to right: M. Buchanan, E. Hanson, M. Franz, M. Cooper, E. Jantz, E. Davis, S. McCurley, J. Rothenberger, M. Scrivner, F. Momony, E. Scrivner, 6. Stallings, R. DeVries, B. Harmon, S. Beumeler, K. McDonald, D. Robertson, M. Newman. Third row: D. Quick, 'D. Woolard, N. Boelhe, R. Mainwaring, D. tlall, K. Kidder, M. Budell, V. Van De Grill, C. Andrews, J. Bailey, R. Parkinson, J. Ward, C. Nunley, J. Lundquist, J.Stephens, K. Dwens, P. Rose, E. Erickson, M. Perkins. Second row: C. Constable, D. Bernethy, C. Mason, N. Wells, M. Wyatt, L. Relk, V. Rudolph, E. Leer, C. Rupert, 8. Koho, V. Lenz, J. McCullough, C. Hoofnagle, L. Cotner, B. Richardson, S. Alverson, J. Decker, G. Horn, A. Dodge. First row: B. Trivilian, P. Drinkall, P. Kukla, G. Jennings, J.Jo!1nson, L. Moore, J. Ivey, D. Toleman, C. Slloopman. 40 Xi.. x -. K D '- x W xx ' I Back row, lett to right: 0. Fillmore, E. Srrivner, T. Brandt, G. Stallings, R. De Vries, B. Harmon, J. Andrews, C. Nunley, K. Barrick, C. Walker, F. Momsny, 6. Anderson. Front row: D. Quick, M. Srrivner, R. Van Cleef, C. Andrews, C. Srhultliies, W. Fesler, 1. Morris, J. Bilboa, P. Henry, F. Vassar, B. Shnwharr, J. Wroten, K. Rogers. Under the direction of Dallas Quick this hard-working group of music enthusiasts practiced several noons a week throughout the year to provide entertainment for all who had the pleasure to hear them. One of their biggest accomplishments was their humorous rendition of the song, "Nothing Like A Dame," sung at the ehoir's annual concert, this year titled Mardi Gras. Nlembership in this or- ganization could bc obtained through participation in any of thc other vocal groups. Tried for the.lirst time this year, the successful body of male singers will be a definite part of Nampa High's music department. Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs To give the girls a chance to sing and show what they have learned at different performances is the duty of the Girls' Glee, under the guidance of Dallas Quick. It is open to sophomore girls who are chosen to belong, and also any upper classmen. Elected at the beginning of the year to head the class were president, Colleen Arent, vice president, Kaye Mitchell and secretary, Delores Dalton. In April the Girls' Glee journeyed to Emmett to attend the Spring Festival. This was one of the most interesting events of Lhi cyear. The club learned "Ceremony of Carols" by Benjamin Britton. which they sang with other Christmas Carols during the Q1 ays. Bark raw, left to right: I. Johnson, T. Robert, D. lanoshek, D. Daniels, A. Farr, C. Arant, J. Hensen, B. Hensen, M. Boneru, E. Hayes, P. Wissel, G. Newland, B. Carpenter, G. Givens. E. Johnson, M. Finch. Second row: M. Henderson, M. Asselin, A. Keim, A. Martineau, B. lenkins, M. Stuart, I. Bermensolo, J. Mr:Millin, l. Summers, E. Leer, .B. Clouser,QP. Brewster, C. Snyder, H. Bass. Front row: E. Bevingtan, P. Smith, S. McCasIand, D. Arnold, D. Nnltensmeier, .l. Edwards, D. Dalton, Y. Brooks, J. Engle, K. Rath, D. Clay, B. Johnson, 0. Tullis, D. Quick, director. A 41 -DN ' Back row, loft to right: S. Flisher, A.WaIker, N. Drake, C. Walker, B. Harmon, B.Sl1awhan, C. Nunley, F. Momeny, L. Skalsky, B. Mosier. Front raw: C. Peterson, C. Aront, L. Keim, W. Fesler, I. Morris, P. Henry, K. Barrick, K. Bothwell, P. Brewster, D. Hammon, D. Quick. Heard many times during the past year at various civic organizations and musical programs was the Nampa High Madri-Gals and Guys. This group of sixteen from the A Choir performed light music for the enjoyment of all. This hard-working group met for their rehearsals on Friday noons at which time they practiced to increase the group's repertoire. The club had its origin four years ago with Dallas Quick, director, who is still their leader. During the holiday season, the Madri-Gals and Guys performed a group of carols at the annual Christmas banquet for the teachers. Efforts of the group were rewarded, for their performances during the year were received very well. Madri-Gals and Guys and Orchestra Under the direction of Charles Wilson, the Nampa High Orchestra meets each morning in the music room. The capable Mi'. Wilson acquaints the young musician with fine orchestral music which does much to develop the player socially. The enthusias- tic players studied many classics, and for the lighter side they played various pieces such as "Blue Tango." One of the big events of the year was the Orchestra Concert held December 5, which included string ensembles, guest soloists, two piano numbers and many other groups which placed it among the outstanding events of the year. Also in March, the Orchestra and "A" Choir gave a combined concert. They accompanied the Mardi Gras and the Welfare Jamboree. Standing, lelt to right: G. Campbell, P. Jones, J. Akin, C. Wilson, director. Seated, left to right: D. Rupert, R. Gates, B. Wilkerson, B. Jolley, I. Cox, D. Wisely, D. Fuhriman, D. Roth, K. llothwell, K. Flemming, J. Drake, .l. Medley, W. Messer, l. Higgins, E. Coffman, M. Neal, P. Houston, B. 0'Neal, 1. Brockus. Piano, left ta right: H.Hatrh, M. Blirkenstalf, C. Hurron, K. Johnson. 42 of Filth row, left to right: B. Tiegs, C. Ford, J. Dawson, B. Reid, M. Tilden. Fourth row: D. Wolle, J. Freeman, C. Thomas, B. Loible, A. Meyers, D. Coulton, 6. Domeny, D. McClung, I.. Cain, D. Rirh, R. Hamilton, G. Flenor, C. Sullivan, R. Higgins, R. Diehm, G. Allen, D. Hammon, C. Carlon, J. Bodahl, L. Ammons. Standing: E. Mclteever, director. Third raw: M. lhhetson, K. Blickenstall, P. McDaniel, P. Herr, J. Garner, T. Lindsey, M. Dennie, W. Crill, J. Mercer, L. Grimm, M. Hilly, F. Allen, D. Heuck, J. Erkery, R. Herr, A. Ruse, D. Romer, R. White, J. Westwood, H. Tiegs, J. Williams, M. Norell, K. Mills. Serand raw: R. Coyle, A. Pinlher, D. Hanks, li. Hogan, D. Grey, D. Kunerth, P. Deal, M. Weaver, C. Thorne, R. Ewing, B. Novasky, M. Weaver, L. Ahrens, M. McReynoIds, P. Murray, K. Naugle, P. Turpin. Front row: D. Wisely, I. Burlile, M. James, J. Ware, S. Kirkwood, M. Blirltenstall, G. Wroten, E. Niehall, N. Dodd, J. Leavitt, J. Moron, B. Hinlx, M. Gibbons, L. Baker, J. Landers. Marching for all home football games, participating in the Big Six Music festival, and producing the Band Wagon show were only a few of the activities in which this group was engaged this year. President Duane Wolfe and capable director, Earle McKeever, were very largely responsible for the band's success this year. Major works performed this year were Beethoven's Cor- iolan Overture and the finale to Dvorak's New World Symphony. At the Armistice Day football game they put on a half-time show with the Caldwell band. For the Thanksgiving Day game the band performed a religious ceremony with the choir and junior high school bands. The bancl helped add to the holiday spirit with their part in the annual Christmas assembly. Concert Band and Twirlers The colorful blue and white satin uniforms of these peppy girls add an extra attraction to the Nampa High School band. They accompany the band on all occasions, performing during the halftime at the football and some basketball games. Some other per- formances were at the Bandwagon Show, the District Music Festival, concerts, parades, and others. The talented Twirlers play a musical instrument in the band when not twirling. Ioann Leavitt and Carol Thorne have been with the band for three years. Newer members are Barbara Tiegs and Margie Gibbons. These girls take pride in doing a good job and are able to meet competi- tion at any time by their sparkling performances. Lelt to right: J. Leavitt, M. Gibbons, B. Tiegs, C. Thorne. 43 Standing: M. Weaver, J. Dawson, B. Reid, K. Nnugle, L. Ahrens, B. llinfxe, J. Landers, W. Crill. Second row: I. Burlile, L. Grimm, R. Herr, C. Erkery, M. Hilly, C. Thomas, J. Mercer H. Tiegs. First row: R. Coyle, J. Ware, B. Novnsky, G. Allen, J. Bodahl, D. Hammon, R. Diehm, R. Hamilton, C. Sullivan. Pep Band This year's twenty-five members of the Nampa High pep band have just finished a commendable job of providing added zest to our pep assemblies and basketball games. Wayne Crill was the director of this active group and held morning rehearsals three f f ch meek A specill project for the org lnizition this yeir was the production of U 7 Q 2 2 2 i 1 d show. The proceeds from this went for the payment of a pep band trip. The K c ' responsibility of this group was the playing at every home basketball game at which V of L id "Hail to the Varsity" were heard. Assistant di ctors were Donald X isel f nd ' 'n Mercer. I ie cj-gfq ya, 3 - W5 . , - 7 'R If i I W .,,, j gay , , f ,fl w 775 ,I 6 44- S 3 x Q NURMA Hll-TY. Edilbf- JANET WALMSLEY, Business Manager The "mad-rush" from October to March, of collecting pictures, selling Sages, writing stories and handling business resulted in the output of this year's Sage. Through the co- operation, time, patience, good judgment and efforts of the Sage staff, plus the perserver- ance of Norma Hilty, editor, and Janet XValmsley, business manager, this edition was made possible. The staffers not only worked but enjoyed social affairs as well. The annual banquet was held in Boise where the "H" staff leaders were named. Also many parties will bc remembered, such as the Garage Party. The Sage staff was responsible for the annual Sweetheart Ball. Highlight of the dance was the crowning of the sweetheart King and Queen. Bark row lah lo nghh R. Hodgson, advisor, G. Ernest, D. Wluiie, M. Blickensiaff, D. Heuck, G. Tiegs. Second row: H. Halth, K. Blickenstalf, C. Anderson, N. Hihy N Nichol C Larsen Froni row: L. Nahiger, G. Bice, M. Knowlton, J. Wolmsley, J. Leaviii, A. Prohaska. 46 QNX mu. MAINWARING, LILLIAN nnksk, mi ness fannuger. , - S2 YQ H al an - 1 ff! Afau Pd B73 W w 06212 2552.5 .Q ff ,rfvfm-56 .5 eff CWNA ndenqhe ab n Bill lvlainwaring as first and second semester editor, andgme Ada? ' .illia a ' . busi e ana , the Growl was published each Tuesday, third period. da!-ENS-a'9'1 ' few e pt on 5 advisor was witty "Mike" Bodahl. The purpose of the Q3-S5 .I C-,dal r 1 is o p Eh Vind opinions for the improvements of the school and itsf-L' h GPC- " M o a . i.5 .' stimcints in journalism. During the year, Growl sponsored the Se A1 0153 L L tuce l dance, a banquet for its members at Christmas, a spring picnic, a field trip L1 to the Boise Statesman, and the journalism conference at the University of Idaho in the spring. The Growl has received all-state Journalism rating for the last two years, also the International Quill and Scroll Award whenever the paper was submitted. i l l Back row, lah to right: M. Bodolll, advisor: W. Wilson, D. Maughn, D. Dodge, B. Campbell, R. Holmes, B. Mainwaring, J. Keuier. Second row: D. Jones, B. Mezham, R. Capps, R. Coyle, 1 C. Gudsman, F. Winans, P. Nelson, B. Hinin. Third row: B. Porter, V. Dickerson, C. Hoolnagle, A. Thomas, M. Lill, A. Larson, C. Reed, F. Keuler. Fronl row: A. Keim, .l. MacGregor, J. Helslsy, I. M:Nees, J. lmlnisch, G. Blight, C. Ellinghns. S. Sparks, L. Baker, A. Easlon, Y. Farnwarlh, L. Lewis. , T I Buck row, left to right: L. Agenbroarl, P. Henry, K. Barrick, M. Blidrenstalf, K. Johnson, B. Mainwuring, D. Krehbiel, W. Crill. Third raw: J. MacGregor, H. Hatrh, J. Walrnsley, R. Coyle, C. Anderson, K. Goto, M. James, K. Mitchell. Second row: M. Knowlton, J. Leavitt, S. Shurllill, K. Bothwell, L. Blough G. Hogan, Y. Farnworlh, M. Walden, N. Stratton, E. Young. Front row: I. Mrllees, D. Troyer, R. Tlurek, L. Baker, G. Gomer, D. Srhlapia, I. Bermensalo, E. Schuler, A. Prohaska, M. Conrad, advisor. The local chapter of Sigma Chi Lambda, more commonly known as the Nampa Chapter of National Honor Society. was headed by Lillian Baker this year. Mr. Harry Mills was honorary advisor. The purpose of this club is to strive for high scholastic and moral standards, to promote worthy leadership and to render service. With Miss Mina Conrad as advisor, this outstanding club initiated new senior members at the end of the first semester and new junior members at the close of the second semester. These students were chosen on a basis of their own grade averages in comparison with the other members of their class. Honor Society and Service Club Members of the Service Club are recognized by their sweaters and bright red emblems. Under the guidance of Mr. Lena Cruse, they are on hand to sell and take tickets and also usher at all athletic contests. The members are chosen as sophomores, by the fa- culty, on the basis of character and scholarship. Among their many activities are their Christmas Banquet which was held in Boise, and also the fall initiation and spring trip. The leaders this year were Iennine Platt, president: Leland Agenbroad, vice president: glilce Frohaska, secretary. This club was originated by "Doc" Caldwell in 1943. It is a big help and service to Nampa Senior High c oo . Back row, left to right: B. Potter, R. Capps, F. Henry, G. Davidson, L. Agenhraad, J. Keuter, F. Grunt, S. Sparks, J. MacGregor, A. Prnhaska, L. Cruse, adviser. Front row: A. Easton, K. Blixkenstalf, D. Frost, L. Nalziger, L. Dudell, L. Baker, G. Cruse, advisor. 48 Back raw, lelt to right: M. Bodahl, advisor: R. Capps, W. Wilson, B. Mainwnring, B. Campbell, J. Kueter. Second row: N. Hilty, V. Dickerson, I. McNees, C. Gudeman, J. Walmsley, A. Easton, S. Sparks. Front raw: J. MacGregor, J. Leavitt, A. Prohaska, Y. Farnworth, L. Baker, C. Ellingboe, A. Keim. Quill and Scroll, or Nampa International Honor Society for High School journalism students, is composed of members of our journalism classes. These students have completed one year of work on either of the two publications of Nampa High School, the Growl, a weekly periodical, and the Sage, the school annual. Quill and Scroll is an honorary organization to which pupils who have an interest in journalism may belong. Some of the club's activities are the bi-annual initiations, which are formal and held in a private home, and a spring picnic. This year the club was capably headed by Bill Nlainwaring. Mr. M. A. Bodahl served as advisor and helped the club in its purpose of promoting interest in high school journalism. Quill and Scroll and . F. L. "National Forensic League is the honor society for students who earn outstanding points in speech or debate," quotes Mr. Matthews, the advisor for the Nampa society. The purpose of the organization is to support speech activities and hold regional and national tournaments. It has constantly won first place in the third district since 1939. During the year of 1951-52, the Nampa debators won the Interstate Speech Tournament. This year under the able leadership of Fred Grant, the club participated in the Western N. F. L. Tournament held at Great Falls, Montana. This club began as the Silver "N" and later. under the direction of Dilla Tucker, it joined the National League. Back row, left ta right: D. Tahler, D. Clark, I. Halsey, H. latkmnn, G. Davidson, D. Ritlener, F. Grant, L. Mathews, advisor. Front row: A. Euston, T. Lawrence, M. Petty,'N. Hilty, C. Pitcher, D. Frost, P. Deal, E. Young, J. Goodwin. 49 Bark row, lah to right: J. Drake, K. Baath, K. Gola, K. Blickenstaff, J. Young. Second row: H. Hatch, A. Prohaska, S. Ferguson, 6. Bits, P. Turpin, C. Larson. Front row: J. Walmsley, G. Gomer, J. lshihara, A. Easton, W. Messer, M. Ryrraff, advisor. Being one of the largest clubs in N. H. S., the Y-teens again made 1952-53 a successful school year. They were headed by their capable president, Kiyo Goto, and sponsored by Mrs. Rycraft, of the faculty, and Mrs. Iohn Brandt, outside advisor. Among their many activities during the year was a Mother-Daughter tea and a Last-Chance skating party. The Christmas season was given tribute by the Y-teens' hanging of the greens in the halls. One of the most worthy projects was the sending of chocolates overseas at Christmas. which were given to the Southern Korean children. We know that this club will keep up their good work in the future as they have in the past. Y-Teens and G.A. A. With Donna Kincheloe swinging the gavel, the Girls' Athletic Association again carried out its purpose, "To give all girls in Nampa High the right to participate in sports." One of their biggest projects was the adoption of new uniforms, consisting of white V-necked sweaters, blue skirts, white saddles and blue collars and socks. Also blue and white G. A. A. emblems were earned to wear on the sweaters. The girls took part in initiation last fall and enjoyed the play days held in the different surrounding towns. In order to raise money they sold candy and gum at all the home basketball games. Much of the success of this energetic club is attributed to Mrs. Iulie Epperly, sponsor. Back row, left la right: J. Young, C. Snyder, P. Webb, L. Alirens, K. Wilske. Front raw: I. Burlile, P. Lalande, M. Gibhens, D. Kinrheloe, I. Burlile, J. Epperly, advisor. 50 Back raw, left to right: D. Tobler, D. Wisely, J. Bodalrl, F. Allen, F. Grant, J. Alsip, G. Allan, D. Hammon, C. Eckery, W. llyslop, F. Weaver. Front row: H. Gross, advisor, D. Wolfe, W. Crill, D. Poppley, ll. Mainwuring, M. Blitkenslalf, G. Davidson, C. Thomas, B. Novaslty, J. Merrern Sponsored by the Nampa Kiwanis, the N. H. S. Key Club had such activities during the year as an initiation at Lake Lowell, the placing of Christmas Seal posters, and taking charge of the noon Kiwanis program for the celebration of National Key Club week. This active club also took it upon themselves to try to organize the Utah-Idaho district in which there are 12 clubs. The Key Club was originated in 1947 and has as its purpose the betterment of the school and community in which they meet. Mr. Harry Gross acted as the advisor to the group this year. ' Key and Hi-Y Clubs The Hi-Y Club has just completed an active and successful year. They met every Monday noon and had night meetings once a month at a member's home. The club sponsored the Thanksgiving assembly at which Dr. Paul Pitman was speaker. Helping the Y-teens. they decorated the school with greens for the Christmas season. Also with this group, the Hi-Y boys collected and de- livered a large amount of food for needy Nampa families. For money raising projects they gave after-game dances. This club is a branch of the Y. M. C. A. and they made monthly trips to Boise for recreation in the Y. M. C. A. there. The club was led this year by lack Bilbao and Ronald Herr, and had C. O. Samuelson as advisor. Back row, left lo right: E. Hizkox, J. Bllboa, P.Todrl, B.Navasky, B.BaiIsy, D. Bower. Third row: J. Gaottsche, R. Herr, B.Camphell, C.SamuaIson. Second row: L.Gaells:l1e, K. Hermann, W. Wilson, F. Grant, F. Momany, J. Mercer. Front raw: D. Defoursey, B. Diehm, J. Keuler, R. DeVries, L. Grim, R. Wagers. 51 Back raw, left ra right: B. Harman, C. Andrews, J. McDonald, P. Hagan, D. Baker, 6. Terwilliger, advisory H. Jackman, S. Ball, S. Walsh, P. Yoder, J. Chalfer. Secand'raw: D. Torrey, J. Keuler, J. Drake, K. Bothwell, J. Imlisch, S. Waolery, P. Paterson, V. Lones, N. Hilty. Fran! row: E. Beszh, S. Beumeler, J. Walmsley, L. Skalsky, K. Mitchell, B. Master, S. Shurllrff, N. Slratian, M. Casper, C. Chadwick. "Act Well your part, there all the honor lies." So reads the motto of the National Thespian Society under the direction of Guy Terwilliger. Presided over by Kaye Mitchell, the club meetings are held every second and fourth Thursdays, "to further the inter- est in dramatic arts." Membership in this organization is obtained by an accumulation of points pertaining to dramatics. The year's activities included the production of "East Lynne," and the comedy, "Down to Earth," presented exclusively by the Thespian group. The goal of each member of this club is to earn his school letter, which is distributed at the end of every school year. This same organization won superior rating at last year's District Declamatiou Contest. Thespians and Debate Club An interest in debate and the willingness to support the club are the main qualifications needed to gain admittance into the Debate Club, which is advised by Mr. Mathews. Some of the projects of this energetic group were selling book covers to the N. H. S. students and also selling coilee at the football games. The money made from these projects was used for their annual district and state trips. The purpose of this group is to raise money to support the activities of the club, such as debates with other towns. Winning four state titles in the past four years has been one of the many accomplishments of the debators. Back- raw, left ra right: C. Reece, G. Davidson, D. Rideaer. Third raw: D. Clark, J. Halsey, K. McDanaId, H. Jackman, F. Grant, J. Keurer, D. Tahler, L. Mathews, advisor. Second raw: N. Hrlly, K. Mitchell, B. Masier, D. Frasr, J. Drake, J. lmmisch, G. Krieger, E. Yaung, D. Stephenson. Fran! raw: M. Perry, F. Deal, J. Walmsley, T. Lawrence, C. Pilcher, A. Easran, J. Gaadwin. . 52 new .s g ' J ' - ' -- -. . is r, Standing: S. Zieman, C. Clark, C. Warner, R. Robinson, V. Howell, N. Smith, M. Mihan, J. Rivatt, B. Buckmnn, V. Adamson, J. Selves, I. Summers, D. Anderson, C. Stuart, C. Korn, C. Schuler, L. Lewis, B. Tiogs, T. Roberts, D. Frost, S. Woolery, S. Lani, A. Roberts, M. Bonneru, C. Peterson, N. Hennis, E.Niohoff, D. Ddiels, S. Flisher, M. James, M. Hoffman, C. Dossett, P. Chittwood, V. Halrom, M. Bruce, J. Nicholas, E. Polron, D. Rupert, R. Tlucolc, E. Young, M. Btrdell, C. Harolnagle, B. Walters, N. Jacobson, B. Clark. Third row: M. Chandlin, P. Wissel, G. Givens, P. Webb, H. Beer, J. Landers, M. Barney, . Eastman, 1. Drake, J. Leavitt, V. Dickerson, P. Peterson, N. Brrrmbaclr, C. Cederstrom, M. Wadsworth, M. Finch, G. Grigg, S. Alverson. V. Weaver, P. Kukla, B. Crouse. Second row: P. McDaniel, M. Freiburghaus, D. Schlapio, G. Gomer, P. Malpass, 0. Tullis, J. Watson, C. Seitc, V. Korn, P. Webb, M. Sump, H. Hutch, C. Chadwick, R. Coyle, G. Connealy, R. Comeau, G. Rico, S. Prewitt, M. Cooper. First row: M. Noal, D. Dalton, S. Nohiger, Y. Alvey, M. Bowman, L. Robertson, R. Rogers, W. Chittenden, S. Lee, L. Baltaxar, C. Mangum, B. Johnston, B. Graves, C. Snyder, M. Campbell, J. Tritthort, D. Bernethy, L. Kelm, N. Nichol, M. Cooper, G. Jennings, P. Burns, R. White, S. Quinley, J. Nelsley, M. Corey, B. Brown, D. Adams. Led this vear bv capable prexy, Darlene Thueson, the Future Homemakers of America did well in accomplishing their purpose of promoting an appreciation of homemaking and family life. There were over 100 ambitious members in the club this year. Some of the projects undertaken by the club were to serve luncheons, send Christmas boxes overseas, and also send sewing materials to Home Ec classes in Germany. The annual style show and tea, the F. H. A. District Convention in Caldwell, and the state con- vention in Boise were some of the many social activities. "Shine On Harvest Moon." was the theme of the F. H. A. Harvest Ball lgeld Nov. 14. The highlight of the affair was the traditional crowning of the King and Queen, who were Clifford Bledsoe and Lila augess. F.H.A. and F. F.A. The Future Farmers of America originated in 1928 and has the purpose of developing agricultural leadership, cooperation and Citizenship. The colors of the active club are national blue and corn gold. This year Roy Selves served as prexy, lim Baune as vice prexy and David Ahrens as secretary. Mr. Kirk Rush advised the Club and assisted the members on various projects. Some of these were to sell pop at all football games and selling Christmas cards to raise funds for the support of the club. The group co-sponsored the Harvest Ball and held an initiation for the incoming members. ' Back row, Iett to right: H. Young, B. Horne, F. Howe, K. Rush, advisor, D. Brandt, R. Skinner, F. Towery, F. Corey, V. Tooleson, F. Abe, J. Smith, J. Kunorth, L. Seale, B.Taggert, D. Patterson, J. Tluceli, J. Burrie, G. Slcogsberg, C. Ford, R. Pooloy, B. Newton, R. Romer, W. Little, S. Campbell. Third row: C. Schell, D. Fisher, G. Pate, J. Baune, R. Solves, D. Tiegs, J. Wroten, D. Ahrens, J. Mort, B.McKnight, D. Huskey, G. Thompson. Second row: J. Grove, C. Linde, L.CoIlaway, L. Brooks, V. Dommier, J. Goettsche, L. Hockhalter, D. Tovey, J. Waltman, F. Vassar, J. Matthews. Front row: G. Allen, D. Hammond, F. Allen, S. Young, K. Nauglo, A. Davis, R. Wogors, E. Wilkerson, P. Rea, K. Mclieynolds, D. Jones, A. Pinther. 53 Back row, lol! to right: M.1an1es, C. Hurlen, K. Booth, S. Lenz, M. Bonnereau, G. Caine, B. Parker, B. Novasky, J. Alley, C. Thomas, G. Price, R. Tlucek, R. Schafer, I. Bilboa, 6. Davidson, D. Overton. Third raw: J. Walmsley, J. Leavitt, C. Snyder, B. Clark, C. Dossetl, S. Flisher, E. Bosch, I. Bermensolo, F. Serratos, E. Pelren, R. Capps, K. Fleming, S. Sparks, C. Larson, P. Burns, A. Walker, P. Paterson, L. Evans, B. Lavelally, D. Taylor, J. Westwood. Scrond row: L. Robertson, D. Daniels, L. Lewis, A. Easton, 6. Proudy, G. Fry, .l. Young, S. Beumeler, P. Lalande, P. Srhmitt, K. Blickenstaff, Y. Martineall, K. Wilske, A. Hirkax, B. Mosier, K. Mitchell, V. Korn. Front row: I. Moxnn, L. Howell, .l. Sarnes, M. Munllorsl, D. Daniels, J. Cox, C. Schuler, P. Henry, C. Korn, M. Sump, I. Drake, D. Bernithy, D. Gray. J. Filmore, D. Rupert, E. llevington. Led by Pat Henry. F. L. S. has increased interest and knowledge in foreign languages and the countries from which they orig- inated. The club is open to anyone who has had six weeks of foreign language. "He who speaks two languages is worth two men," states Mrs. York, one of the able sponsors. Miss Hagelin, the other sponsor of the club agrees that a foreign language study may be an interesting life-long hobby. With such enthusiastic sponsors the Foreign Language Society was bound to be a success. The club sponsored an informative window display for American Education Week. The big event. bringing the year to a climax, was the annual banquet, which was held in the spring. ' F.L.S. and F.T. . Meeting the first and third Tuesdays of every month the Nampa High School Chapter of the Future Teachers of America, un- der the supervision of Miss Dilla Tucker, strove to proiect to its members the qualifications and conditions of the teaching profes- sion. Presiding over the club's activities were Donna Rae Frost, president: Lynell Lewis, vice president: Marilyn Moulton, secre- tary, LaVonne Skalsky, historian. Open to anyone interested in the field of teaching, the group originally chose Dr. Lyle Stanford, the noted educator from the College of Idaho, as the club's honorary member and person to whom this chapter was dedicated. This year's successfully completed project was the establishment of future teachers as substitutes in the elementary schools. Bank row, lelt to right: R. Comeau, M. Frelburghous, V. Dickerson, M. Munlord, N. Drake, C. Stewart, L. Blough, E. Coffman, E. Coffman, D. Tucker, advisor. Fronl row: N. Smith, If Leavitt, L. Lewis, D. Frost, L. Skolsky, M. Moulton, E. Felren, J, Maxon. 54 Back raw, lell to right: M. Brure, L. Nafxiger, B. Tiegs, S. Prewitl, B. Potter, V. Rlesh, S. Walsh, K. Wilske, D. Ragh, G. Givens, P. Wissel, F, Winans, L. Brown, C. Read, .l. Walmslay, K. Roth, S. Lee, A. Marlineau, D. Raherlsan, S. Woolard, P. Combs, M. Perry, N. Brumhark, E. Pelren, D. Rupert, D. Taylor, B. Lavalady, T. Lawrance. Seeond row: P. Yoder, J. Challer, M. Gihbens, J. Landers, H. Beer, L. Relk, M. Wyatt, M. Barney, M. Mihan, D. Burns, C. Warner, G. Jennings, P. Taggerl, J. Tritthart, J. Watson, P. Smith. Fronl row: N. Dudd, B. Kaho, M. Zinc, J. Sarnes, J. Young, S. Beumeler, P. Schmidt, D. Kinrheloe, P. Lalande, M. Bonneru, R. Gates, V. Adams, M. lhboison. The purpose of the Bowling Club is for health and entertainment. It is under the direction of the Girls' Athletic Association, with Mrs. Epperly as advisor. Each year the American Iunior Bowling Club gives the girls on the champion bowling team a pin. Each March a tournament is held with teams all over the nation participating. Any high school girl that wants may join the Bowl- ing Club. A small collection is used to buy each of the girls a medal. Before they can receive points at school the girls must bowl alt' least two-thirds of the games. The Bowling Club was organized in 1946 by Opal Thendleck, Physical Education teacher at t :lt time. Bowling and Machinists Clubs Under the guidance of Ioe Quinley as advisor, the Machinists Club held meetings every other Monday night in the Machine shop. The purpose of this group is to try to interest the boys in the different phases of shop work. Also to learn to use different tools and equipment. The club was originated by their advisor in 1944 and has been active ever since that year. The most out- standing accomplishment during the year of this skilled organization, whose president is Earnest Breshears, was the construction of the charger used bv the Athletic department. Outside activities included a banquet at the close of the year and a visit to the B. I. C. Machine Shop and Olson City. Bark row, left to rightx B. Hale, J. Wadsworth, E. Breshears, L. Maupin, G. Bowles, B. Parker. Front row: D. Brown, C. Richardson, J. Quinly, advisor, W. Jensen, A. Wilson. 55 Back row, left in right: C. Saulls, A. Bird, honorary advisor, G. Gomer, B. Mosier, M. Asselin, P. Brewster, K. Bothwell, C. Anderson, J. Drake, J. Leaviir, G. Bice, N. Smith, P. Webb, H. Harrlu, A. Prolraska, C. Burkel, F. Taggert, R. Coylo, M. Freihurghaus, D. Schlnpio, F. Wray, advisor. Second row: C. Sein, C. Mangum, M. Knowlton, N. Hilry, B. Potter, I. Platt, M. Weaver, K. Mitchell, L. Boker, R. Comeau, J. Walmsley, E. Bosch, C. Ellinghoe, V. Korn. Front row: B. Graves, B. Jolley, I. MacGregor, I. MrNees, D. Wah, C. Thorne, N. Slration, L. Ammons, L. Balfaxor, I. Watson, B. Sallee, J. Trilllrart. Senior and Junior Spiz This active club, whose purpose is to promote pep and a feeling of good will, met each Monday in room 25. Under the guid- ing eye of advisor Mrs. Freda Wray, and honorary advisor Miss Annie Laurie Bird, the club sells hotdogs at the football games to raise money. With the guidance of President Betty Potter, this peppy club sponsored a banquet for the football team, a senior farewell banquet, a tea to which Boise and Caldwell's pep clubs were invited, a formal, various sport dances, and they also dec- orated the goal posts before the football games. They presented a skit at the football jamboree and a school assembly. The club originated in 1925 under the direction of Miss Bird. New junior members who gained membership into the club second semester and who are not pictured are: Hazel Beer. Barbara Walters. Joyce Young, Shirley Lenz, Donna Rae Frost, Norma Nichol, Kay Blickenstaff, Verdonna Dickerson, Louise Relk, Madelyn Wyfatt, Sylvia Prewitt, Elizabeth Keim, Patricia LaLande, Peggy Tur- pen, Patty Webb and Ianie Fillmore. Back row, leh lo right: A. Caldwell, L. Nalxiger, G. Connealy, K. Fleming, C. Larsen, B. Tiegs, K. Harris, M. Samp. Front row: L. Budell, S. Sparks, L. Lewis, C. Chadwick, A. Keim, J. lmmisrh. 56 .Q ii9.:.Es.X. A .2211 A SS s .sx..:x i . ii Back row, Ieh to light: D. Lewis, advisory J. Kunnorlh, E. Breshears, K. Johnson, D. Powell, H. Jackman, J. D. Stephens, M. Blitkenstalf, B. Simpson, D. Beilz, J. Freeman, B. Hale, J. A. Brown, advisor. Second row: A. Coldwell, D. Peppley, R. Zurhnisky, L. Seal, J. Newman, L. Agenbroad, D. Tiegs, F. Stewart, K. Mills. Front raw: D. Stephenson, R. Morovillo, R. Suulls, D. Phelps, M. Knowlton, K. Harris, D. Maughn, D. Gunderson, D. Mrflung, F. Bennett, L. Morkey. Blu-N, the club to which ninety per cent of all lettermen belong, is noted around Nampa High School for its famous initiations for new recruits twice a year. Other activities consisted of a pheasant feed, swimming picnic in the spring, and the Football Iamboree where the football queen was crowned. This year they were very conscientious in in raising money for the promotion of the club and spring sports by selling hats, decals, collecting dues, and putting on dances. lt' met the second and fourth Mondays of every month in Room 30 with David Hennessey presiding and Dean Lewis as sponsor. The club was originated in 1922 by the basket- ball team of that year and has functioned ever since. Blu-N Club and Sophomore Magazine Staff The Sophomore Nlagazine staff was selected by the Sophomore English teachers, Mr. Bodahl, Miss Hagelin. Mr. Nlathews and Mr. Hodgson. The purpose of the magazine is to furnish creative talents for the sophomore students. Taking top positions on this year's staff are editor, Kenneth Rogers and business manager, Dorlene Hammon. The magazine is a very outstanding accomplish- ment of the Sophomore class. Material for it is taken from stories selected from the sophomore English classes. This organization is supported by the sophomores through their class dues. Mr. Robert Hodgson. sophomore English teacher, is the advisor of the magazine. Ei fs 1 New Bork row, leil to right: K. Rogers, M. Word, A. Larson, C. Pilzher, S. Walsh, M. Moser, C. Eckery. Front row: J. Bodahl, M. Bruce, D. Hnmmon, A. Thomas, W. Messer, E. Bevingtan, R. Hodgson. advisor. ' 57 Bock row, left lo riglli: H. Gover, T. Hess, L. Agenbrood, B. Nelson, P. Henry, J. Alsip, M. Goin, A. Albers, W. Coldwell, advisor. Front raw: L. Nelson, J. Acree, W. Crill, M. Blicken- sloll, C. Soulls, B. Fouser, D. Powell, D. Peppley. Combining work with fun, the Explorers Club sold pop corn at football and basketball games and took several overnight out- ings in the mountains. Also, the annual Stag Banquet was held and enjoyed by all attending. Two initiations are held each year in which the new members are acquainted with the more rugged features of outdoor life. The Explorers is a branch of the scouting program and was originated in Nampa High in 1938. The year is climaxed with a three or four day trip on which money earned during the vear is spent for transportation and food. Marvin Blickenstaff presided over the club this year as proxy, with Webster "Doc" Caldwell serving as advisor. Explorers and Science Clubs To increase scientific interest among students is the main purpose of Science Club. Mr. Gavin. chemistry teacher, is the new advisor of the club. It was originated by Mr. Ludlow. Science Club is headed bv prexy, IoAnn Leavitt. Other oflicers were Geor- gia Bice, vice president: Kay Bothwell, scribe: Ianel Drake, sergeant-at-arms. Any student that is interested in Science may join. To obtain membership they must first give a Hve-minute talk on any scientific subject. and then they are voted on by the old members. During the school' terms, trips are taken to parts of the valley that afford scientific interest. Money for these trips is taken from the club dues. Bork row, Iell lo right: 6. Coins, P. Henry, D. Krehhiel, G. Harmon, W. Crill, B. Novusky, D. Wolfe, I. Pywell. Second row: R. Pywell, J. Moxon, K. Booth, J. Drake, G. Newland, V. Korn, W. Guvin, advisor. Fronl row: 1. Leavill, D. Thueson, G. Bice, M. Knowlton, K. Mikllell, B. Mosier, I. Bermensolo. 58 R Q11 ig ' X XY- S 2 A s...SfX:X.X -X. frg vx, X x .xy .aw -NX. -QXX kk wi Z. ngpunill' www X gk X Y .Q ' A SR ggw X .XX by ' S X X - -.QQ X. X x X .. ' X. . . px Q X N 1 XX XX. X . . X. X X. . pls- . H X X . .K ' X .. S X i v - . . . NX .Q X X . . XS? XX ' - K -X X 'XXX-is X ' SEX 1 .ig X A .. XX. K4Fiz.:Xg . 'R . K - L if X . ' 'X .. Y I ffl. 1. 2 L ' X X N K ..: . Xxx 5 . .K Q f-ssh X X s fig K . .- pf T3 x ii.-5315 . .X X Y - - . . Xfgis X X X ' iiiiiimfiiX..1s355 X X - 1 -ezgpffifaie .X Q X X f ff? - 'fr k iflfiii ilziilf- . x k fffsxsxix fXfQfEi3ixi X IS3:.XXX.2.-3 Ssiiif ' K . X. '?SQXS1f5'ffxfV kk Tfi.:EfT1'f!gS:wX W - X -' SSX XX PfXE?z2sa.if:.f.f xg N, .1 X XXX X X ' X 21155312-f. E . w,..X X Q .. X .X X Q Back row, Ieh to right: D. Lewis, roach: E. Bresllears, J. Kunnerth, J. Newman, D. Tomlinson, L. Seal, P. Todd, I. D. Slevens, D. llellx, B. Fouser, D. Peppley, B. Brown, roach. Second row: t. Bledsoe, R. Zarhniskey, D. Ward, D. Ridener, R. Ori, B. Hale, D. Hennessey, T. Lopez, R. Maruvella, J.PyweII, L. Agenlsroad, W. Farmer. Fran! row: L. Boston, D. Flares, B. Vandergrih, F. Smart, D. Tovey, B. Beuiler, L. Nelson, 6. Tiegs, D. Geddes, G. Bowles, N. Bates, C. Suulss, manager. Football Coach "Babe" Brown's Bulldogs of "SZ" won the Big Six Championship in an extremely good season by winning eight games, losing one, and tieing one. The opponents this year were from Montana, Oregon and Idaho. A great setback to the team was in the Pocatello game when Bob Hale fractured his leg, keeping him off the field the rest of the season. "Babe" reported this year more athletes received leg injuries than any other year he has coached in Nampa. The boys scored a 32-14 victory over the Grants Pass Cavemen, defending Oregon Champions, in the annual Lettuce Bowl game. Reveng- ing their only defeat they walloped the Pocatello Indians, 15-7. The squad practiced long and hard for the annual "Tur- key Day" clash with the Boise Braves. The Bulldogs out-played the capital city team, giving them all the football they could handle. The annual Football Jamboree was held Thursday, November 13, at the Adelaide Theatre. The Queen was crowned by the co-captains, Dave Hennessey and Don Ridener. The squad was entertained at a banquet sponsored by the Nampa Lions Club, December 2. The event Was held in the Eagles Hall. The speaker was Bob Caccia from Idaho State College. At the close of the season, Don Ridener, Jack X Newman, Dave I-Iennessey, Dale Beltz and J. D. Stephens Don Ridener, Dave Hennessey 60 earned berths on the Big Six All-Star Team. Nampa Great Falls 0 Nampa Caldwell 12 Nampa Pocatello 28 Nampa Boise 6 Nampa Twin Falls 12 Nampa Grants 'Pass 14 Nampa Baker 8 Nampa Pocatello 7 Nampa Caldwell 14 Nampa Boise 28 Co-Capmins: K And his gffl Dn you know wlmi ynu're doing, Boise? Holiday Football Varsiiy coaches and managers, Iell In right: B. Brown, W. Farmer, J. Mullel, C. Suulls, D. Lewis. 61 F495 SEASON'S RECORD . .kkxkk eser P P - .Jw Y 31- 5 1 . kt t ff six s g fs zxfigg- 1 sg xh.. s i ki ... . 5 t K K. .i it N V essex ki my . J P X ggegeggg Nampa Baker Nampa Idaho Falls PW X Nampa Ontario Nampa Boise Xa Nampa Weiser Nampa Twin Falls A Nampa Emmett Nampa Pocatello 11. . X Nampa Weiser Nampa Idaho Falls A E, W it Nampa Caldwell Nampa Caldwell Nampa Twin Falls Nampa Emmett .A-Li:-.-tt- l-tL1- A -l-ll --:si--2 1.'.s. -1:1.1 seiisa- .-:.---.'.f-' ..k. Nampa lerome Nampa Payette tiiiti iltl ttsl P kjg iil -s---L-.L.-h- .-L- Nampa Boise Nampa Boise sass Nampa Pocatello Nampa Emmett -:.s I t.l. N Nampa Meridian Nampa Meridian L Nampa Payette 'Mfg EWMAN, Cuphxin fy? ' , 'Q' B sketba l Afll, S Smashing to success in winn ig the District Tournament y defeating Meridian, the Nampa Bulldogs climaxed a rather thrilling season. Under the expert coaching of J. . Brown the team pulled out of a slow start to once again bring fame to the school. Y XWO Starting with only six lettermen, Brown built one of the strongest teams in our state XV I , D gg ,K X - ' ' , with Jack Newman chosen as captain. XVich the loss of only two home games the Bull- is V! dogs held a good, but not outstanding, chance, so it seemed, in the district tournament at Boise. However at the end of their final game they remained undefeated. Buck row, lell to right: I. A. Drown, couch: D. Belh, B. Fuuser, L. Seal, B. Nelson, J. Newman, D. Peppley, L. Maupin. From raw: R. Iurhnisky, R. Romer, M. Gain, D. Romer, D. Wolfe. 63 ' W 'Qf 'MJ ,ZZ 22 9 q - X10 f 6? Qiff We If 53 J. NEWMAN, Pikher Climaxing the eventful sports season was the team of hard-hitting diamond demons. Jack Newman, Bill Bailey, Duane Peppley, Max Goin, Ron Zarbnisky, Don Romer were among the returning lettcrmen found on the field for spring training. Veteran Coach Verl Thornock with his famous call to "play ball" gave the boys a workout which aided them in their victorious games. This popular spring sport at N. H. S. draws many a spectator to view the many games played. Bark row, Ish in right: V. Tllornozk, couch: D. Ward, L. Nalson, D. Bslfx, J. Newman, I.. Saul, R. Zurlznisky, .l. Kunnerlh. Third row: F. Carey, 6. Tiegs, M. Guin, V. Richardson, A. Y F. Stewart, B. Bailey. Second row: C. Linde, J. Vegwert, F. Yowery, R. Hill, R. Tarler, J. Grove, V. Toolson. Front row: I. Reid, W. Farmer. J. Mullet. 64 P. Schmit, K. Hermann, W. Cvill, R. Herr. Frnnl row: P. Lulande, M. Knowlton, L. Bullolor. GOH' Left In right: T. Lindsay, B. Simpson, T. Murphy. Beginning practice in the early part of March are the energetic golf players of Nampa high school. Among those oldsters at N. H. S. who play this exacting game are Tom Lindsey, Bob Simpson and Tom Murphy. The team mates that turned out this spring were Chuck Eckery, Jerry Steel, Don Jones, Bud Ellingboe and Bill Bailey. The team was much stronger this year than it has been for many years, and it was one of the few teams' in the valley that had returning lettermen. After sifting out the best racking talent in school by playing off competitive matches for approximately two weeks, Tennis Coach Julie Epperly escorted her team to make 1953 a year of successful victories for N. H. S. The team composed mostly of seniors and lettermen was furthered by the outstanding abilities of players Marilyn Knowlton, Lorraine Baltazor, Marvin Blickenstaff and Karl Hermann. Tennk ask raw, lah to rigln: D. Kintheloe, 65 X W Track Adding still another laurel to Nampa High School was this year's versatile track team. The return of several veterans in this particular sport highlighted the season with many exciting meets. Don Ridener, Buddy Van De Grift and Kenny Johnson were only a few of the outstanding athletes making the team's reputation as interesting as it turned out to be. Last year's rather amazing season and winning the Big Six meet may have counted for much of this year's conidence of the team but whatever the reason we would attribute much of their success to the capable- coaching of Dean Lewis. Buck row, left io righh R. Ohrf, D. Tiegs, C. Bledsoe, L. Saul, I. Freeman, K. Mills, D. Gunderson. Fran! raw: L. Mackey, D. Powell, R. Romer, D. Ridener, R. Znrlmisky, B. Van de Brill. 66 Burk row, leli lo right: M. Johnson, V. Toolson, L. Clark, B. Lovoioy, li. Martindale, K. Srllultiue, I. Alsip, D. Brandi. Second row: C. Erkery, J. Hnnwoy, F. Corey, C. Hill, D. Hammond, C. Linde, D. Baker, V. Thornork, roach. Front row: R. Skinner, E. llrork, B. Reid. This year's team of so-called "greenies" proved that they could gain as much honor and glory as their varsity idols. Having a membership of fifteen, the group not only won seventy-five percent of their games but also succeeded in winning the Invitational Tournament held at the Northwest Nazarene College. They obtained the coveted trophy to prove their worth by the fact that the Nampa youths tied with Boise at the finish of the fourth quarter on the last night of the contest. Coached to victory by Verl Thornock, the successful teanfs starting line-up consisted of Fred Corey, Iack Hanway, Don Brandt, Val Toolson and Lorry Clark. Sophomore Basketball and Football This year's sophomore football team was one of the strongest in history. The over-all record was six wins and two losses. Pros- pects for next year's varsity are probably the best since the sophomore team of 1947. The team had just about everything a fine team should have-a set of fast, shifty backs, a heavy and hard charging line and a fine coach. At the end of the season ten play- ers went up to the varsity to gain experience for next year. The team managers were Maurice Hilty and Mike Norell. All in all the sophomores had a fine season and congratulations are in order for the team and its coach, Verl Thornock. Bork row, left lo right: V. Thornoxk, couch: H. Dodge, T. Lulonde, C. Linde, B. Reed, R. Pauley, J. Vegwert, F. Towery, J. Acne, F. Corey, D. Boker, T. Paige. Second row: M. Norrell, manager: K. Hughes, L. Monkey, K. Thompson, F. Howe, 6. Domenoy, D. Spongenliorg, T. Brandt, R. Skinner, G. Brock, T. Gibbs, L. Coin, M. Hilly, monogor. From row: E. Wilkerson, J. Hnrsky, C. Hioring, A. Wilson, M. Fiihion, J. Andrenson, C. Hill, L. Young, V. Toolsen, L. Clark. . 67 SCHEDULE Nampa 5 ,.... Vale 6 Nampa 95 .,..- ..... M eridian 935 p Nampa 7M ..... .,... M eridian 736 Nampa 3 ...a. Marsing 5 Nampa 4 .,... Kuna- S Nampa S ..... Marsing 2 Nampa 7 ..,., Meridian 8 A Nampa 6 p..., Kuna 4 Nampa 7 .-, ..,.. Vale 3 Nampa 7,5 ..... Meridian 716 D. RIDENER Captain Boxing Being definitely a one-man game, this year's group of leather-throwers proved them- selves by adding almost a professional touch to the competition. Wheii, at the beginning of the year, it seemed evident that boxing would be excluded from the school agenda thc hidden appreciation of the sport came out. The schedule was finaly successfully launched through, and Nampa came through again under the veteran coaching of Dean Lewis and the inspiration of two-year district championship winner and team captain, Don Ridener. E tr.. X .k.. , .,..,.. ..... ...... t... ... . . . .. . Back row, left ta right: D. Lewis, teach: ll. Sinclair, T. Baines, J. Kunerth, W. While, E. Bresheurs, D. Ridener, D. llennassay, B. Shillings, C. Hunan, F. Benneli, B. Hale. Fran! row J. Freeman, ll. Jackman, D. Maughn, K. While, A. Caldwell, ll. Median, ll. Gamer, G. Stallings, J. Sible, G. Sinclair, M. Nfmell, D. Bellis, K. Mills, M. llilly. J 68 INTRZXMLIRKL SPOR"S 69 I X vKWvxwx x ww 12.1, , AAN' Nwnnuwmxwvwu .. NX The winning float from the newly sponsored Lettuce Bowl Parade. This weird creation was built and paid for by the students of Miss Bird's homeroom. The royal kiss of this year's Sweetheart King and Queen, Norma Stratton and NVayne Crill. Those surprised faces were results of antics at the Quill and Scroll initiation. Oh, those fiends! Wlio ever knew Science Club initiation would be like this. Seen here are the three lovely senior girls who were nominated for the Lettuce Bowl Queenship. From left to right: Carole Gudenian, Kilo Goto and Marilyn Knowlton. They are riding atop the float that was built in their honor. So this is how the Growl is published! Under the supervision of "XVhip" Bodahl, we see what an outstanding newspaper staff should look like. The receivers of the Growl were many times favored by the work of its distribution by Jo MacGregor and Rojeanne Coyle and Iris McNees. A bit of typical noon-hour entertainment was that of auction- eering oif various young ladies. That job is being accomplished here by Dave Hennessey and Bob Nelson. The Sage room was the scene set 'for the industrious lot that was known to be called the annual staff. The band is seen here in only one of its many outstanding con- cert formations at an invitational college football game held in Boise. FUN 1. This happens on earth? 2. Sounds good. 3. The line-up. 4. B iul lake. 5. Alley cats. 6. Shovelin' it in. 7. Dont feed the monkey. S. M1'. Atlas. 9. Curlylocks. 10. This is a pep club? 11. Get ready-1-2-3. 12. Sleepytime Gal. 13. Poor Nloscow. 14. Oh, these initiations: 15. Rarin' to go. 16. Determined lasses. 17. Iaunty Iuniors. 18. What's so funny? 19. Pretty baby. 20. Patriotic sophs. 21. Loafers on the loose. 22. Daffy Nafie. 23. Lovely scenery. 24. I'Cl hate to do this for a living. 25. Anything you say. 26. Gorgeous George. 27. Name 'em and you can have 'en1. 76 A melodramatic success was the he famous play, "East Lynne." It was p ented by the dramatic classes and was the fall production. XVith Barbara Mosier in the role of the delicate, charming and easily led astray Lady Isabella, the play proved to find justice for all. The manly hero, a country lawyer, Archibald, was vividly portrayed by Paul Hogan. The wicked villain, Jay McDonald, and Bar- bara Hale, Vonda Jones, provided enough triangles to put the geometry students out of business. Humor was added by barrels full of laughs at John Dill- Jerry Keuter, and the old maid, who made fun of him but later decided to be his bride, Kaye lviitchell. A matinee performance was given to students of high school and the play proved a fine financial as well as amusing success. XVith wigs and eighteenth century dresses, mustaches and side burns, top hats and tails- as well as very fine acting--made this play that will long be remembered. G. TERWILLIGER WWW fasflfgfrz if CAST ady Isabel Vane ..,... Barbara Mosiex' Archibald .,.... .... P aul Hogan Sir Francis - -,- lay McDonald Cornelia -- --- Kaye Mitchell Iohn ..... ..... I erry Kcuter Raymond --- --- Emma ..- Ioycc --- ---- Harvey Iackman - - - - LaVonne Skalsky Patricia Peterson Wilson --- ..... Shirley Ball Barbara -- Richard ,,,-. - Mrs. Bethel .... -- Vonda Ioncs --- Ioe Summers --- Phyllis Yoder Ld! In lighh I. Drake L. Skalsky H. Jurkman J. Keuier K. Mitchell J. Walmsley 78 Augusta Pilone - - - Agnes - - - Wilfred Diana .... Baster - - Millie - Orpha --- june --- Ruthie - Robert --- Richard Herman CAST ----- Lavonne Skalsky ---, Bruce Harmon --- Ianet Walxnsley --- Duane Tovey ---- Norma Hilty --- Carlos Andrews ---- Sally Buemeler ----- Ianel Drake ---.. Sue Shurtliff --- Norma Stratton ---- Ierry Keuter ---.. lay McDonald ----.. Paul Hogan 'Gaia' 5 wig, Down CII Sarfclrgajg K. Ml I CNELL Direzlnr "Down to Earth" was judged by many as the most outstanding Thespian performance of the year. It was presented n ithe true Thespian manner. The story evolves around two angels who, on a mission to earth, were pestered continuously by a rnischevious would- be angel named Pilone. Janet Walnmsley and Duane Tovey played the parts of the angels and Bruce Har- mon took the part of Pilone. The "celestial plan" was to take two elderly souls back to heaven. These mortals were portrayed by LaVonne Skalsky and Paul Hogan. The angels finally completed their task but they had to settle for two entirely different souls. They took back Bruce Har- man and the maid, who was played by Norma Hilty. Others in the play were Janel Drake, Norma Strat- ton, Sally Buemeler, Carlos Andrews, Sue Shurtliif, Jay McDonald and Jerry Keuter. Sterling perform- ances were turned in by the actors and the produc- tioi was enjoyed lyll who attended. 2 " vgaufwfwf Left la right: J. Wnlmsley, B. Harmon, D. Tovey. 79 ' ffzmjfz T0 P Mmisn Baker Marvin ,bllckensfiiff Max Guru. Walmgleg Johan Mac Gregor 80 w E IO www l . QR -in X X ' ' x K . x 711 w X , ' 15. Q xX xS wx .. Q X -3 wvX wx 1 xx X X. - A X V bxxxwx t bSiskx xfixx' xr--E Ha - ' f' . - wx jk ...x. - xxx E5 . W X X QKSQS - x 3 M, X Ki 5 Q fini' Li Eiiqiiil K X XALL x xx Q X X 5 ki 55 X Q X Q X X Q. XQ I Q isx xx iff .N -. I -x f wfffif:-x .rw-X - 5. X- wzirw zfiffi 1 - f--fifrzff --,fmllzf H ax -..z,,, Q . .:::ix:Qfzi . . xx liifiiiiw P .1 'ri fl if - . . - -,E:Etf.-gg t mz1 Main u.-M-an agua cn-in - T Jai: , W-Qvigfi qlix. , .4 QQ-'P ' - xfawey, wx 5 x ' X XX Sfifg - xxx-W x an x --- ad-Q. uw K .E 54. - " ..ffQxgfg , K F xif Zag X55 5 W 1 f f f um 9 f ,1 , A ,W ff f W N W MMZWM Z 'W ,f ,qw X M Q fj 4 ,ff ' ,f , , A 'V ' f , Iiggfg , ' -- A 4 ya' f 5535 1 4ffgvf!fG f Z ffnwf W 1 fr: ,f mg f ffff -f-- f 'fl,W,,,f , ,fwffes f 73 ' Q L UXMXQX .!..... 2 XX ix :lg K 3 Q X :riff X5 X X X wqsfi ,R 1531 Q K K X .iris N. in -X K A X1-1 QSLQEIIT T Yi' k ,Q ...NW..k.., 2 - QQ Q- 'eos-gifs. Bice K iyc Gofo Burma Stratton Xvlamia En-nswor-ih 81 17.2 .I Qddgggw f u T1--06 ig?Q?1?gn.jaQjg6? 49140 2 - Mjyfw,-gm f fZ?:f523zfZ22?Q3ffQ? ff !ff?iiMf77WWWff'm3f4f1jL7'T'f !M!,,fj,jJ wW'Z9M wfwfww L, . N. 5. 1 E N14 - M ' ,IU lfZZZZ2Z54 QZQZQQ ZQ? ?iff1fQ?f,fW'j "9 Q Wffwzwf my Af,,4..: HW! ffyiigcvw WF mia-'A W fygffjf wmv Akiywywwip 3MV5'ff A My ww Q, Wy. - L 5924145 Wi flffiff 'WaCy.7f'gf:rZjmg N 4-rw-f -'K 77 Wag wif-A-M H kP 9' ' PM w?ff"7fff','C0WM?1M 4+ I '51 MQ! W? W PM WWWf2"f:Zwf,,.zfg?QQqi-ig XL jjj? 53f f,ijz:,fmi, RW !9",W'L,WfJVy J, - X Q Wi Mjl!,0!d3,4!f'i:74"",,,,H Q f' si? ' ydf' M gf' MJ 3 4 of MW 7'i7'f"'j My Mfg fffffffiik l1QffM7fi 'fy' M5 3,2 Lilj1 5? Q fi fcfafazfhg A jp jf WIT! My - jfifdfif' X 'Tl' Wi! yy 4? 9.3 X-1i?fgNi4,2l ' . if JZ? , umqfgyldu ESX MM IA ffm REE ,WE fy3W'?w?ff7v 632653365 ev 'O "fi-ff 74 Qi'z4R'35V'f"?s9f'J4g'5'Y M! '69, A ff? qw 'QW WW? 430 Aiffdfrf' P T 1 1 Egg MJQQZM ,Q GSW gm gg 3 SW Qsiifgmlg W, M 'A , SRM QQX 31534 ' new A k fig? 25555 S5 fJfg ' 5 kg f Ngggi? 555 ,gk lsf wjf My X ff' haw? 1 WK W M ek ? 1? J A7WA4 ,WJ . . ME 42 WWWN Q3 MW mf N Wg MMJVMM sijwfsg W, WWw QFQNQMAQRQQW jj i 9433- SEN S? W 3511? SXii?ff5W ??5 Q gQgSliiXQi3?i5?E'ffifiZf13f'V SQSEQ5 335 55 gk W 'f'NmYi fNeXf E if bf off Xv., - .. , ? :,3. fr '4 E Zfdwwza ,EW JAW7- 2 ,,ff5Z2g,T272?f3m fffQ47fWQ4mQ-,zf.,.MfTf,.n,g 4,xf,Z.4,4i,5 975' 450,-:J Af ,,mq :L?W,4 QM Amd Zvi-Q27 cwZfL,fffZ,Q,N 5 ?jZZA 2?i.3 f'm7ff Qf'!"WZ'-ff f in C2 7 - - ! T . ,x . , zgzgggggggggga Wwwiff ??i XM, Wwe-32 MP 1,234 if wdgbgmagdw lik WM Qf"'xj',rff,,P"rA 'X 3 j':vf'2:'ff 1 2MwWQZgqipW??5 I My 4546? iiXWWMyiiEgQmf Q7f5 jXZ?X?ix SXQXWWQWME E MQ 4 Wz1i iE S W , X Mig? 23453 f f if?-2 1 W WRX 25532-JM?,65,, 'L 4, 7zMQiwM7 jaffwwi A-M4 Vfff? Qfwf-1,4445 meg! 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