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W 5-' Z6 I Y .K Q ,V ., ' lV',f 4 W.: 'nuff' ,. .1 X 1 h Lqvvkffx YN, I A25 '!?f3Kf4"f'4f,4,f1l4'2f -N ,ff ' gf' will ,fin tw ff 2 ' -- " ' ' . fx 1' 1 .. , , ff- f . w ,V , W Q Q ,M D+ . Ly ,V , J f - ' V yy V Vx. 1 , " V F-. '1 , :X I ' 'N 2 5, I -Rf I V' S? N , . f J we R my Q -1 ' Y 'U L,f":4.u ,L Af 1-----M V. .eg -, 1 '4 A I: , XVN4 A 'Lf' ' ' .ue ft, fCfy ff f 54, f 'jul F' ' + v 4 fff AAWJ I' M yy GY, 4. XX L, x ,' 5 0' , X 5 5, 5 p 1 ff-H v' X F ' Nl sf X Q 1 Q9 x gf f v, ' 1 Q " J M 1 5' . L 'fl N ff-'B 1 gm 11 Q 1 ww f J' a' , f ' , . 4 I , E. ' I ,QA X l v, 'J 1' Y R147 ci . ',, , U ff Y , A f 4 1 Q ' f f 03 iff G ,' fl-+A-,1 lrg egfgw llv I X "Ir 1 xl' I N' , f f , , .' xgf. uf 1, ,J TFA I ,sz X in ., N --f H, 13 ii N. q , W 4350 jaewvfyqg- z X X 1 ff ' 9 I X ll ,M 'Y fa 0 ' ., -5 X 7 Ai f-J.. M . Wlfsff ' L 723, F: J f - H .ng V Q , , , W. A Q? V ,f 5' '-ff., gym, 5 Q .1 . ff 1 Q' ' K: J I, X " 'X fm! iff v '- - 1 fff I 'I X . I J, I I ' ' O ff l M d A I In W ya.,-Q. , lf. X , JL ,,,, ,Al V A 5 1 1, Z. f K1 : z ' ' wr WA 1.51 - Q -. I ' ,f ff 1' 2 f 1 P 9 ,',r"'N,'-- 0 " , fx ' 1 muff . X H . lv' ' Tb 'Mi U! - ' If X " lin: 7: 'bc' 1 . cf fmfg- uf , A"' 1 Q X ' Ivisifzasi'-w'Q'nI Lila' Q?':'f: I ' Hy if A' ,.f'Z.:f 9 41 .5 551' 0 A ' -'f wifi!! . ' ffillfzffiiiil " ' 2 , -.,, fEf3::,'?f5f , O 'Pia v if O af uf L? X Q9 W7 1' O A Y X? AHL . If Q I J! ' XL 'I 1 'A v 4:16. P, I A Q T.-r Z f A X f ' 'M 0 vmaoo , N F , V: X. .,"'9' -xxx 2-f 'X ' 'N f Q K FW .1 + Z' 5 - 5 A' vLJWl'7f5'f'f 9 , 5 it Y A il ff, V A ' M ! 5914 4 ' M '1 A 'Z E. f '-if X I ' ff VX 'iiiiiiiil' ,C 7 'Q 'iff ' 1 K ' V . XXL i EF!1 ! Vs X f' '12 C . f 4 ' Y' X? 6, ',f,'f'.-':---T?" 'F-T' F, -VK, "IV I qg if lf T3-si . .. . I . .. ,f A y y f ISK f X . ,zz 1 Jl Z 14 U ' 1 W 42 if 4,3 ff' x X V , .4. ' " 7' 'Hilf- -f W , X x ,NX-xy 1 'l'r.:l:,l Xxx X I x , . ,h XQQ, ,I-.,"::l:':l,'l 5 L A .AsW . 1, . 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PM a Wwwwfiwyk W ' W 747' ' 'a -W- ww www dw '72 . f"'7'fifVP"f,j"2gwQ'f2jWO, .W 7? 6 ff JjQ AV' Why f I 1 f 1 I nl: Presenting 'f I ' ' 1 " ,' I I, f ' 41ST EDITION ,If f' VI," Aly NAMPA HIGH S!f'IiIOOLx,PUBL1CATION., A , f f , ff. I I I - I 5 H I L II . .x I , ' L ,ef ' "V 1 ' - I 0 I, X I 7 Q I 1 ll 1 f J 1 X , v , I nl f 1 I 4 I 1' 1 K fr ff' N . f 1 ff! Q fl f, ,n If ' I I I I Q I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GLENDA SHOWALTER BUSINESS MANAGER SALLY GOLD Jil, fff awww' AJ, 94,4-4!.f4-f' V' I ace! ff 1 Aj ,,,, Wfifj d.fyygf4,i-I ' h Jcfvolj ,V Aj fkyypffbcxgj-Z I 'fa L., ga, WM-M if MM if . , T f Q K X ' 'Q'A.AfDy ibm. Qfvv '3ii7g"' K' f X X-" iff? D? K. , J ' ' xx ,,QR ?F if ,3 'Nb :.Y, 'W ejmfzffwf -4-4-e,1,4.-4-Y-44-7v..a.,4,81.4vp-:fi .ldggafn-41.5-ig. ' . -vu,z.f..?:apu..fc,Z4,,f.,-4-ovpL4-Q4 PileL.aJ14jP5y.L0 . Q ,7g,,Za0z2-gd' - L 5 . ""' -0-v.J,4.-kv-v DEDICZXTIC Q 'WW -C4-fl--.-4a.oa,e...,u..4,0 .4zf?1d'77,4g,,,o ,M H-Dacia-ALILMJ f-v-e.-v.,4A4.,.74,'0h4'4,-e1X-4if+e...4,,,,,L. ,, 5, ,Ig wx 4f'f4'u"""6e""z't6 .ax-e,,2.. L0 --4-fed-Cdl ,zvslaa-Lf, 9gd i Zip T 2' rlfrwpf-'Z -401666, We ll Q Q F Therefore I hope, as no unwelcome guest, At your warm fireside, when the lamps are lighted A P I L L ' To have my place reserved among the rest,d a Nor stand as one unsought an uninvite . a u ' u -LONGFELLOVS With sincere congratulations and best Wishes, We, the Sage staff of 1952, Would like to dedicate this 41st edition of the annual to Mr. Paul Ludlow, popular teacher of Nampa High School. wgfyff' ,vvvv-v vlvr -vw Judfzftu fiafw. 4,00-LU 'C-44""f FQREWQRD if for The Sage room is buzzing with workers, A change which we note with relief. Our book will come out now on schedule Contrary to popular belief. We want to take this opportune time To thank you who helped with our book. Mr. Schwartz, our photographers, our good friends, For their work, you have only to look. 1 V", My 'il' V ff , .. 9.1 " To the teachers, our entire faculty We hope they enjoy every page. But most of our thanks to you students For the faith you showed buying our Sage. And may every page bring back a memory Of those golden days you once knew. With this thought in mind we present it- Our "SZ" SAGE . . . to you. .'-1-P!! CQNTE V wi ,W f B ..c. ,. Lights Nilpjigvwl ,gf H j. , . , - M, - L "x i K . ,fm t. it 47. C HJ ii ' ,J ff wif W 1 f 1 fx 1 X3 H205 - s . x . :fx x . if-, i' Candle Lights 'lr Lime Lights i' Flood Lights A' Spot Lights 'DI fu s 3 Q., fx .N ff, Y. Y : vs. ,iw-sw. X New 'K' Q 4 W 'ff W X an wx M1 R xl 1 xl MW ww Q ,Q N 32 my p A31 JH.. a a 'Q wi , , . . - - -.- vvvriizs--1. nu: Q . Q' . , , xx- N, . q I 5 ul .N Nipxlilzu' 01,5 u.Q q 5 ,nsN,n El mag:-:g-:lrQ:S:-IFEEIEIEQEEEEEEESI-:1:E:E!:i5lzgmigt-:ptg:g::::5:gi:irgzizizgriiigaigiai ' - Q . N u I I :rin-:-5:2-E: :g-:-I-:gI.gv:: Ig.-P:-:-:zur-if-I-.1-:-'lIr-2::.-:-.'I.-.-.:-.I-'I ---.g--.--Na.:-I-I, 5 H Q ,-Q.. I I l 1 H 5 , li I N Ni' NI Us I Q h,' I 5 l lg'-.I l 15 ' U Il xx ::g5E5gE,g45:51 ggvlzigigaigizggEgg5E52:E55E35P"IiEE:E55I:Migig-125:2:Ia:E::l:5:E:E1:tE5E5E!siziii I I-.v F- Igu I - I- I'.hXl I lm lvlll5Il'N'l .Lhllllp.g.35ql.5:5q!I.L'.-gl.gag-:ig-EN AQ- 7-2g.:I::g.!5'-QI,lI,f:.5I.3Eg.s,I,-.ggg-,n,gIIp::: llllu u,Iul!xshInI A u I. 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'-'I' 'fsIN' ll'll"Nlll' N,uN.I,N5!! I l.lkK. ll . lil' Q l . hid ggitlxilxgif. I-5.1. I Q.l.'1.l.I. Q HSI:'!:5::':'::':l:':I!'l"l.':.':'bi'H N 'eb 4' VIA ,5 V I u.: :E5ES5555E5f3Ei5E555E5E5E5325!!ii5"1 ' I 249 223225552:55EEf1EI:HER12if?!2!2Ii:1IiiEf: gzig:i::i5Eag!5E5Ez?5ErS5iQ1 I , Lf4:3:zlmatf:.:1:g:1!IgigE::g3:g,:3Iplgzg ' ' , ,, Z3Ii!!I22iz!':iafrP2s : S:E3:S::i::E::lEi:!Es:.h, , ,- ,J A. f "f 7 A I , I, , ' ' I Zif f 7 NN IW!f f f J G f' 7 9 K N XX ff I f fi? -1 , f X X , Q ff f , f P if f Dfw 1 9 f K ff IW 'If ffl I ff QW X Z!! I 1 il 1, f , 3 ' , ' 11 b Q If ff! :I f 1 .- 12 . ' I' ' , mg...-,, .. I imma M 1 LII II,. A X 1 , fr ' xl, K X J s x 1 ' I J xl fx hx ,gi I, ", ., 1, n "li ,1 I fr. A I I A x I , ' I X A M ' ' I Rx I -, I' Q ,' g.,fxx ' "'v, f f A " ' I ' X Nr ' hXI f I f f sg, f mx. . , f L, f X I x X 'kpc f f W ' -I 'lf .f - fl ' t"f'4 I I 1 ,kv --M It . I ,X , , . v X K SX ,iXRTi55,Q1Y Iv . , I Alia, f Q g ' .I . 1. , f I MN it ez. N KX xx I f if' ' xv!-Egg! , I- - I 35. -. I Q 'A' I I .- fr 4-1' -ff N-+ . ' 'xii M 'V fhfvf 1 ,I -' ' ' f' Mfg - . -X 6-f rx 3 I NWS I--5 Q6 kxxvfi in - R X N x K Kr. . .5--I , X E . - K- N ,NYC NX K xx , - I ,E x, -v,- P x xx Q Q? I Q Y Q pil x -,Ax - .txi E .. xx - I Y X I N Beacon Lights SL. PERNTEN DENT Successfully completing his sixth year as Nampa's Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Fulton Gale has come to consider his job as a hobby. This very likable individual's intereste are varied, in- cluding gardening, hunting and fishing. Graduating from Whitman College, Mr. Gale taught in Spokane, Washington: was principal and superintendent at Moscow, Idaho, and Anaconda, Montana. ANNIE LAURIE BIRD M. A. BODAHL American History: Senior Class Ad- visory Honorary Spiz Advisor. Advisor. ELMER BITTLESTON I. A. fBABEl BROWN Typing Ig Personal Use Typing. English II: Iournalism Ig Growl P. E. and Healthy Varsity Athletic PRNCIPAL With the completion of his twenty-first year of teach- ing, Mr. Harry Mills still considers the students of Nampa High his main interest, along with fishing and hunting. Mr. Mills graduated at NNC, and since then he has received his Masters Degree in Education from the Uni- versity Of Idaho. WEBSTER CALDWELL Algebra III and IV: Trigonometi Physics: Explorer Club Co-advisl FRAN CHRISTENSON Study Hall Supervisor: Y-teen Biology: English IV: Sophomore MWA CONRAD Coach. Advisor. Bookkeeping I and II, Business Law, LENN CRusE DONNA GARLINGTON Business Math.: Honor Society Biology: Service Club Advisor. Registrar. AdViS0f' ROWENA GARDNER HARRY GROSS GERALD1NE G. CRusE I-Iomemaking I, II, Illg FHA Co- Biologyg Girls' Counselor, Advisor. Class Advisor. .Miami WW '-'ww if tit .fwi Aix... lnzn Q ....,-: ' we 'if .. EVELYN l-IAGELIN Latin I and II: French I and II: Foreign Language Society Co-advisor. ROBERT A. HODGSON English II: Sage Advisor. ROBERT W. KAELIN American History: Sociology. MYRTLE KECK Homemaking I, II, III: FHA Co-advisor. IULIE LAGOS Girl's P. E. and Health: G. A. A. Advisor. DEAN LEWIS World History: Blu-N Advisor: Assistant Football Coach, Track and Boxing Coach. PAUL LUDLOW Chemistry: Driver's Training: Science Club Advisor: Explorer Club Co-advisor. LEO C. MATTHEWS Debate: Boys' Counselor. EARLE R. MCKEEVER Band Director. CHARLES H. POINT Art. DALLAS D. QUICK Choir Director. I. C. QUINLEY Machine Shop: Machinist Club Advisor. IOI-IN RUPERT Woodshop. KIRK RUSH Vocational Agriculture: FFA Advisor. MARION RYCRAFT Shorthand: Typing II: Business Practice. C. O. SAIvIuELSoN English III: Hi-Y Supervisor. CHARLES T. SPROUSE Mechanical Drawing I and II: General Drawing: Architectural Drafting. FLOSSIE STARR Librarian. GUY E. TERWILLIGER English II: Public Speaking: Dramatics I and II: Thespian Advisor. VERL THORNOCIQ Psychology: Economics: Soph.-Frosh Coach. DILLA TUCKER English III: FTA Advisor. DOROTHY WILLIAMS Mr. Mills' Secretary: Attendance Clerk. CHARLES L. WILSON Orchestra Director. FREDA WRAY American Government: Spiz Advisor. HELEN M. YORK Spanish: Foreign Language Society Co- advisor: Iunior Class Advisor. HOWARD ZINK Geometry: Sophomore Class Advisor. ACULTY Class of '52 . . . We Thank You Your Help Was Greatly Appreciated Jaw Sw WE ' , Auf Y VM if 5 5 gm E ....3"'f..,? M. ,M QM M, sggw ' W g .. 1 X K ilzz :zlu W 1 zzu Q ,,,,, A'A' .. ,.," 2--- Q 111 ' '-"" ' ' ':':: 'ii' Q-Q2 gr. F . ..:,, :..s : x ll, ..:.. , I V ., .5 V ---- , 1 hw g eo? ' Y' -. .. ' ' 6 , Na g 7' Zzl V 7 --rz 7 ' 1- K is , at se: is asv, lg "'.. ' - B 5 .iaz :,. . . .. ,,,. .V . ,,:,,, . x Q. .--. .... :.,' --'-'- . .- I 1 :::.,.,.. , ::s:s:a:s: a:1' ' -if-5 " ::.,,,, ' , Q. ,gN- . eg . " W 'Q 1': I. Mermaids? 2. When we were young and guy. 3. Early bird. 4. Boys ond girls Stove. 5. Dog pile. 6. How about n Iih? 7. Nofhin' hui legs! 8. Got ony ideas? 9. Summertime. 10. Cured hams. Il. Four of n kind. 12. Don'i feed the monkey. 13. Disgusfing, ain'1 ii? I4. Failhful Spiuers. 15. Mony long years ngo. 16. Boredom. I7. Me? 18. Miss Bird's pride ond ioy. 19. Between me devil and the deep blue seo. 10 X XXX K - - J f J 7Y,Zqf5fJf,1fJ 'iff W2 W ' W , .fx 9 M6 ff, ll ' Q 1 L", ' fiwffffynfbiou '9 My iff f ' 4 !V, JW QIJJ KVIJQJ ,M ' M 'ff' ' Candle Lights svn is 3 it 2 9? S .Si , Q 'S ...Set John Price, Vice-President Don White, President Nephi Donohue, Secretory Nadine Wittemon, Marge Hooker, Cindy Mnriineuu, Peggy Tuei, John Prize Miss Bird, Advisor Announcement Committee Co-chairman of Sr. Assembly Leaving Nampa High we're remembering ' many things. We have been proving our motto. "Either we'll find ll way or we'll make one." As Sophomores we won the noise rally and copped first place with our candidate for Beauty Queen. Highlighting our junior year was the prom using our emblems, red and white .ind the red ' i :2-'-r:2:2 E '2E5i35'i::1 1 '. . f.:-5?-1II 'f:20r1s ' """" Q ,f rose. ,:,. :::- ":', f ' As Seniors, thinking of our wonderful school "i'.ifiii.i 'R We .e ' 'iilv A ai days, friends and teachers, we're sure you will -----i-t- 5 5 N ii' Q 7' ::' e P i agree these have truly been the best years of our ' lives. .Ni I H, -:-:-- : 55 . S -::: M, :zq .,. , 3 it e I :Q . Honor Students Brent Tlieurer Frank Hermann Donna Hale ,A .- ,X lf? .46 12 ANITA B. ADRAI-IAM: "Her standards are high and 'hil' " G. A. A.: Spanish Club: F. H. A.: Office Monitor: Spiz: Bowling Club. CAROLE B. ALLEN: "We laughed and laughed-- morc fun!" Student Body Secretary: Varsity Yell Queen: Sophomore Yell Leader: Band, Librarian: Majorette: Spiz, Parliamentarian: French Club: Honorary member, Blu-N: Office Monitor: Bowl- ing Club: Tennis Team: Girl of the Week: G. A. A.: Student Teacher: Ski Club, Secretary- Treasurer. WESLEY I. ALLEN: "Once I thought nites were made for study." Sophomore football: Pep band: Concert band. Manager, Vice president, Presi- dent: Varsity football: Explorers, President: Stu- dent Council: Student member, I. C. C.: F. F. A.: P. C. A.: Boy of the Week. DON AMES: "fm not alone in thisln Pocatello High School, Pocatello, Idaho. IANE ANDERSON! "It's nice to be natural when y0u'rc naturally nice." F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Ring Committee: Office Monitor: Quill and Scroll: Sage, Reporter, Iunior Editor: Thespians. ELSIE M. ANDREWS! "Happy I am, from care I'm free. Why aren't they all content like mc?" F. H. A.: Y-teens: Girls' Glee, Secretary. l1l'l'HEI. F. ANDREWS: "My delight is in the sons ul men." Y-teens: Girls' Glee, Librarian. BILL ARRLEGATE: "Oh, that red hair."' KIP ATKINS: "Fleet as the wind." CLIFFORD D. BAIaIsI'I"I': "Declaration of Independ- CHCC. GENE A. BAIsIsIT'r: "Short cut to fun." WILLIAM E. BAKER: "When trouble comes my way, I take another path." Band, Vice-president: Pep band: Dance band: N. F. L.: Debate Club, Presi- dent: Key Club: Explorers Club: Science Club: TNA., Vice-president: Track: Honor Society: u- . IOHN M. BARTON: "A life spent worthily should be measured by nobler lines-by deeds not words." Hi-Y: Varsity football: Varsity basketball: Track: Sophomore football: Sophomore basketball. H. RICHARD BASS: "Flashing red hair, tall, need we say more?" Poly. High School, Long Beach, Cal- ifornia. IOANNE F. BEcKER: "Blonde Bombshelll' F. H. A.: Y-teens: G. A. A.: Sidney High School, Sidney, Montana: College High School, Nampa, Idaho. CLEVE BECKWITH: "Quietness has its own rewards." Hi-Y: Key Club: Varsity baseball: Sophomore football: Ski Club: F. F. A., Secretary: Harvest Ball King. VIOLA IEAN BEQLKWITII: "W'isdom, vision and fore- sight for tomorrow." Honor Society. CAROL H. BELKNAP: "The sunshine of your smile." Quill and Scroll: Y-teens: F. L. S.: Growl, Re- porter, Exchange Editor, Circulation Editor: F. T. A.: Student teacher. SENICDRS SENICDRS DON BENNETT: "You can't keep a good man down. Track: Varsity football: Boxing. TONY BERG: "Why study, when tl'Iere's so much to learn?" Intramural sports. EVIQRETT C. BEVINGTON: "Not very tall, but neither was Napoleon." Boxing: Blu-N: Bowling Club. NANCY L. BIEGERT: "The Iolly Iournalistf' Growl, Circulation Editor, Assistant Organizations Edit- or, Feature Editor: Spiz, Historian: Service Club: Merit Board, Chairman: Prom Committee, Chair- man: Career Conference, Chairman: Bowling Club: F. L. S.: Girls Sextet: Office Monitor: Stu- dent Teacher: Graduation Decoration, Chairman. ADA F. BILLICK: "To know her is to like her." F. H. A.: F. T. A., Secretary: Y-teens: Oflice Monitor. l"lAI.E BIXBY: "To his eyes there is but one beloved face on earth." Blu-N: Varsity football: Track: Sophomore football. TBI: BLACKSTOCK: "QI1ietness has its own happi- ness." Machinist Club: Marsing High School, Marsing, Idaho. VERNON BLAKE: "What have you got that gets us?" F. F. A. WILLIAM E. BLANCHARD: "I love the life I lead." Track: Blu-N: F. L. S. BONITA BLAusIaR: "Ioy of living." G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Y-teens. LAWANA BOAL: "Her voice lingers on." Y-teens: G. A. A.: Girl's Glee: B Choir: Honor Society: Office Monitor. FRANKLIN L. BRAMON: "Life is a jest and all things show it, I thought so once and now I know it." F. F. A.: Baseball: Intramural Sports: Machinists Club. LOIS BRIGGS: "Valuable gifts are often wrapped in small packages." Ski Club: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Y-teens. MARY ANN Bnockoz "For Sale: My option on the front seat of a Nash." G. A. A.: Y-teens: Ski Club: Ofliice Monitor. VERNA BRONVNI "All this and Heaven too."' G. A. A.: F. L. S., Treasurer: Girl's Glee. Librarian: Bowling Club: Trooping Theater: Y-teens: Boise High School, Boise, Idaho. IULIA L. BRUGGEMAN: "You must know her to ap- preciate her." G. A. A.: Student Teacher: Girl's Glee: F. H. A.: Y-teens: Tumbling: A Choir: Ski Club. AI.Yt1li V. BIIIzc:IIFIIaLIJz "She praises life with heart and voice." Y-teens: F. H. A.: A Choir: G. A. A. NEIL B. BLIRKEL: "In the spring a young man's fan- cy lightly turns, and turns, and turns." Key Club: Hi-Y: Track, Manager: Blu-N: Debate: A Choir: B Choir: Boys' Glee. CI.ARlCli CALDWELL: "The same wherever you meet her." DON CARROLL: "Thcrc's nothing impossible for one who tries." F. F. A.: Machinists Club. IOANNIZ K. CHADWICK: "You'll like her at first sight, and she improves on acquaintance." Iunior Class Secretary: Student Council: Beauty Queen: Let- tuce Bowl Queen Attendant: Y-teens, Cabinet: Varsity Debate Team: N. F. L.: Honor Society, Secretary: Spiz: Thespians, President: Sage, Ad Manager: Debate Club: Girl of the Week. DORIS M. CIIAPIN: "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." Thespians: Our Town: Curious Savage: Boise High School, Boise, Idaho. M. AI,Ic:Ia CIIAPMAN: "A friend to everyone, and everyone is a friend to her." Y-teens: Tumbling: Office Monitor: G, A. A.: Orchestra: Spiz: Prom Committee: Librarian: String Quintet. Cl.AlIIJlA L. CHAPMAN: "Ambition is honorable-f has no rest." Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Spiz: Honor Society: Y-teens, Cabinet: A Choir: Office Monitor: Latin Club: Debate Club: F. L, S.: Prom Committee: Sophomore Committee. BARBARA CIIliNIiY: "Looking for efficient laughter? She has it."' Y-teens: G. A. A.: F. H. A. ROIJNIQY CIIITTHNIJON: "He takes his time but he always gets there." F. F. A., Treasurer, District Treasurer. MAURICE L. CLEMIiNTs: "Great men are dying every day: in fact I don't feel well myself!" Band: Pep Band: Honor Band: Key Club, Secretary: F. F. A., President, Treasurer, District Secretary, District Vicefpresidentp Explorers, Vice-presi- dent: Sophomore Class Vice-president: Honor Society. RALPII l. CLEMENT5: 'AAfter speech, silence is the greatcst power in the world." Orchestra: Honor Society, President: F. L. S., President: Hi-Y. LARRY E. CLOYD: "They accomplish much, who faithfully toil." F. F. A.: Intramural Sports. LENARD COCHRANi "Is it only in spring a young man's fancy turns to love?" Wenatchee High School, Wenatchee, Washington. PATSY COLLINS: "Be gone dull care! Thou and I shall never agree." F. H. A.: Spanish Club: Y- teens, Cabinet: F. L. S., Executive Council: Spizl 'Office Monitor: Prom Committee. ROY E. COLSON: "Silence is better than unmeaning words." Band: Pep Band. CAROL COVERT: "A happy combination of work and pep." N. F. L.: Debate Club: F. L, S.: Oiiice lVlonitor: Y-teens: G. A. A.: Librarian: F. T. A. SANFORD COWIE: "Beware.' I may do more startling things." Machinists Club: B Choir: Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Montana. l. LIZROY CRILL: "1'n1 as big for me as you are for you." Baseball: Varsity football: F. F. A., Sen- tinel: Hi-Y: Blu-N. C. DWIGHT CROGHAN: "Silence does not indicate a lack of ufisdonif' Sophomore football: Varsity football. SENIORS 15 SENIORS sawn' ,A 16 RAYMOND DARROW: "None but himself can be his parallel." MILTON DEAN: "The finest fruit earth holds up to its Maker is a finished man." Sophomore football: Sophomore basketball: Baseball: Varsity foot- ball: Varsity Basketball: Track: Blu-N: Explor- ers: lunior Class President: Sophomore Class President. BONNIE DEMILL: "She lets her light shine without throwing a spotlight on herself." Student Coun- cil: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: A Choir: Spiz: Office Mon- itor. NORMAN E. DEVRIES: "Sorry! No record avail- able." Hi-Y: B Choir: A Choir. Librarian: Cald- well High School, Caldwell, Idaho. Nevin DONAFIIIIZZ "Wanted: More class dues." Senior Class Secretary: Student Council: F. F. A.: Machinists Club, Vice-president: Varsity football: Varsity basketball: Boxing: Baseball. RUTH M. DRAPER: "She may be timid, she may be shy, but there is a twinkle in her eye." G. A. A.: Y-teens: F. H. A., Vice-president: F. T. A., His- torian: Spiz: Office Monitor: Librarian. RONALD I. Du1x:ieoN: "My Ford and I are never very far apart." DARLENE G. DUFFY: "Ring out the old. ring in the new. I want variety." Service Club: Y-teens: F. T. A.: G. A. A.: Librarian. Du NNE EASTMAN: "lf she's good enough for me l'll hang her on our family tree." Boxing: Varsity football: Blu-N: Hi-Y: B Choir, Vice-president. ANNE M. EILER: "Studies to kill time." Y-teens: F. L. S.: A Choir. LOIS EMERSON: "She loves many, trusts few: always paddles her own canoe." BLAINE F. EVANS: "A self-made man." Honor band: Band, Librarian: Orchestra: Pep band, Student Director: Happy Four Quartet: Dance band lead-- er: Science Club: Student Council: Trumpet Trio: Orchestra Clinic: Boxing. lVlARGARET A. EVERTZ: "Time is awfully hard to kill." F. H. A.: Y-teen. IOHN A. FLITTON: "Bored of Education." Baseball: Sophomore basketball: Blu-N: Explorers: Student Council. DALE V. FORREY: "Men of few words are the best." Boy's Glee: A Choir, Manager: Track: Explorers: Madri-Gals and Guys. HAROLD O. FORSHEY: "Tall, studious and happy." Band: Pep band: Sophomore Magazine: Baseball, Manager: Varsity Debate: Key Club: Honor So- ciety: Debate Club: N. F. L., President: Ski Club. SIIIRLHY A. FRANr:oNia: "With curly hair and laugh- ing eyes." Ski Club: F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Girls' Glee. D. LADENE FRANS: "lt's good to be merry and wise." Thespians: Y-teens: F. H. A.: Seven Keys to Balclpatc: Office Monitor. EVELYN L. FRIDAY! "Our pal Friday." Y-teens: Es- condido High School, Escondido. California. DARLENE FROST: "Advises the use of the hoe as the most scientific weed exterminatorf' F. T. A., Sec- retary, Treasurer, President: Spiz: Pep Band: Band: Student Council: Student P. T. A. Member: Librarian: Debate: G. A. A.: N. F. L. P. KATHLEEN Glass: "With vollies of eternal bab- ble." Y-teens: G. A. A.: Sophomore Magazine: Girl's Glee: Thespians: Bowling Club: Trooping Theater: Curious Savage: F. L. S. IUANITA M. GIFFORD: "I don't dare be as funny as I might." F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Y-teens: Librarian. SALLY L. GOLD: "All that shines is not gold, but Sally is." Service Club: French Club: G. A. A.: Y-teens, Cabinet: Spiz: Band: Orchestra, Treas- urer: Sophomore Ma azine, Humor Editor: Sage. Reporter, Assistant Business Manager, Business Manager: F. L. S.: Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Prom Committee, Chairman. Wu.L1AM URIPN GOWEN: "His tongue is like a wa- ter fall,TiL hardly stifs toefsttg atsallil Blu-N:5li Club: espians: ey u : op omore e Leader: Yell King: Boxing: Honorary Member, Spiz: Seven Keys to Baldpateg Tiger Houseg Our Town: Three Old Maid Aiznts. EDWARD L. GRASS: 4'Whin1, wigor, ufitality, and women." Band: Orchestra: French Club. LARRY D. GRAVES: "Once I was caught studying. but I have almost lived down the disgrace." Ma- chinists Club: Pep Band: Band: Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, Oregon. BEA GRAYSON: "I do betray myself with blushingf, Thespians: White Rock School, Iane, Missouri. ELDEN L. GROSS: "A penny for your thoughts." Machinists Club: Boxing. ROBERT Guss1E: "He has a grin that won't come off." Boxing. BURREI. F. HAILEY: "The only diamond he cares for as the baseball diamond." Machinists Club: Base- all. DONNA A. HALE: "The course of true love never runs smooth." Service Club, Secretary-Treasurer: N. F. L., Vice-president: Debate Club, Vice-pres- ident: Honor Society, Treasurer: Growl, Business Manager: Quill and Scroll: Y-teens, Treasurer: Girls State: Sophomore Magazine, Editor: Spiz: District and State Debate: G. A. A.: Sophomore Committee. IANICE K. HALES: "Ambition has no rest." Y-teens. Vice-president: G. A. A.: Spiz: Growl, Reporter, Organization Editor, Assistant Editor: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society, Vice-president: Service Club: Sophomore Magazine: Girls State. MYRNA C. HALLER: "Short and sweet and hard to beat." G. A. A.: Orchestra, Secretary: Y-teens: Football Queen Attendant: Bowling Club: Stu- dent Teacher. LAURENE HALvERsoN: "A rose with all its sweetest leaves unfolded." Sophomore Committee: Student Council: Office Monitor: Prom Committee: G. A. A.: Spiz: F. T. A., Vice-president: Y-teens: Girl's Glee Club: F. H. A., Treasurer, President: State Parliamentarian: Harvest Ball Queen. GLORIA D. HAMlI.TONZ "School is the least of my troubles." F. H. A.: B Choir. DELORES A. HANSON: "One way to succeed is to do more than required." Honor Society: Y-teens: Orchestra, Librarian, Vice-president, String Quin- tet: Librarian: Ofhce Monitor: F. L. S.: F. T. A.: Spiz: G. A. A.: Sophomore Magazine, Diary Ed- itor: Spanish Club: Sage, Typist, Senior Editor: Quill and Scroll. SENIORS SENICDRS ,pw .Ka l8 DARLENE A. HANWAY: "A little short Oi perfect' Spiz, Treasurer: Y-teens: Sage Carnival: Troup- ing Theater: Prom Committee: Who's Who Com- mittee: Broadwater High, Broadwater, Nebraska. IOAN G. HARROLD: "She is active, stirring, all afirc cannot rest, cannot tire." Thespians, Treasurer: Y-teens, Vice-president, President, District Treas- urer: F. H. A.: Harvest Ball Attendant: G. A. A. Prom Committee Chairman: Spiz: Office Monitor Career Conference Committee: N. F. L., Point Keeper: Seven Keys to Baldpate: Curious Savage DICK HASBROLICK: "Well, Ive'll live only oncef Hi-Y. CHARLES R. HAsENYAGER: "Life is so merry."' Base- ball: Soph-Frosh football. IOAN HAZEN: "Ideas wont work unless we dof FRANK l-IERMANN: "Calm, studious, happy." Pep Band: Student Council: Honor Society: Sage. Band. XNILFORD "BILL" Hass: "Men, like bullets, go far- thest when smoothest." Varsity Track: Blu-N Basketball: Football: F. F. A.: Key Club: Iunioi Class Vice-president: Iunior-Senior Prom CO- chairman: Student Body President: Boy of the Week. RICHARD HEYER: "He's not as bashful as he looksf F. F. A., Vice-president: Hi-Y: Harvest Ball At- tendant. MARGY HOOKER: "Gravity is all that holds her down." Majorette: Sophomore Yell Leader: G. A A.: F. L. S.: Spiz: Student Council: Office Moni- tor: Honor Society: Football Queen Attendant. IACKIE D. HORNER: "Polish takes time." IEAN HUNT: "Time will catch her in its flight anc. turn her red hair into white." Y-teens. ELDON HUNTER: "Personality with a smile." F. F. A. CI.YDE HUTTON: "A pipe, a wife, .a farm-these threcg dear world is all I ask of thee." Boxing. PATSY E. IBBOTSON: "The 'I's' have it." G. A. A.: Y-teens: Ski Club: F. L. S.: Bowling Club: Honor Society: Ring Committee: Tennis: Sage, Sports Editor: Sophomore Magazine. MARVIN IENKINS: "There's a joker in every deck.' Band, Custodian: Orchestra, Custodian: Explor- ers: Pep Band: Key Club, President: Science Club, Secretary, Vice-president: Thespians, Vice- president: Quill and Scroll: Track Manager: Blu- N: Hi-Y: Sage, Photographer: Prom Committee: Dance Band: "Magnificent Obsessiong Curious Savagep Seven Keys to Baldpatep Our Town. BEVERLY I. IEssEN: "Followed, loved and admired by many." Student Teacher: Spiz: Y-teens: F. H. A.: Bowling Club: G. A. A.: Office Monitor: Prom Committee. CAIIROL E. IoHNs'I'oN: HCOOI as a cucumber but not so green. ' DAVID IONES: "Something between a hindrance and a help." Sophomore football: Band: Pep Band: Orchestra: Machinists Club. ROBERT E. IONES: "History will be the death of me." Hi-Y: B Choir: Thespians: Dramatics: Our Town. DONNA R. KIBLER: "Her friendliness includes every- one." Sage, Reporter, Organization Editor, Sales Manager: Y-Teens, Cabinet: Quill and Scroll: G. A. .: Honor Society: Latin Club: F. L. S.: F. gg. A.: B Choir, Pianist: A Choir: Madri-Gals and uys. WAYNE A. KIMBALL: "Can I help it if 1'm hand- some?" Rigby High School, Rigby, Idaho. FRED Y. KIMURA: "He is not so old and not so bold, but oh, how the teachers like him." Baseball: In' iigiaiural Sports: Caldwell High School, Caldwell, a o. BENNY L. KING: "Now if it is pep or noise you want, - Student Council: Yell Duke: Honf orary Member, Blu-N: Honorary Member, Spiz: Ski Club. Ion R. KINLEY: "I'd rather have a fool make me merry, than experience make me sad." F. F. A.: Tennis. DOLORES I. KNIGHT: "Make yourself what you want to be." ARVID R. KREP5: "He has qualities which promise success." IOANNE KRIEGEI2: "Free and easy." Spiz: F. T. A., Historian: F. H. A.: Spanish Club: Y-teens: Ski Club: Office Monitor. IOHN H. KROMMENHOEK: "One man with courage makes a majority." Blu-N: F. F. A.: Baseball, Manager. IAMES W. KRLIGER: "Gifted with the power of words." Debate: N. F. L.: Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms: Key Club, Sgt. at Arms: Explorers Club: Soph- Frosh Baseball: Our Hearts Were Y0ung and Gay: Lab Assistant: Boys State. HOLLY IEAN KUGLER: "Quietness is a mark of fame." Girls' Glee: A Choir. BERNARD M. KLIKLA: "Never do anything today you can put off 'til tomorrow." Sophomore foot- ball: F. F. A.: Varsity football: Iunior Varsity basketball, Manager: Blu-N: Varsity basketball, Manager. MYRNA E. LANE: "Her pleasure is the power to charm." String Quintet: Orchestra, Secretary: A Choir, Pianist: All Northwest Music Festival: Madri-Gals and Guys: Y-teens: F. H. A.: Adrian High School, Adrian, Oregon. NE.AL LANE: "None but hhnself could be his par- allel." Meridian High School, Meridian, Idaho. MARILYN M. LARSEN: "The girl with the twirl." Spiz: Band: Pep Band: Y-teens: Majorette: Hon- or Band. GARY LAUNT: "Life without laughing is a weary task." Band: Pep Band: Our Town. NORMA R. LEAVITT: "A quiet tongue shows a wise head." Y-teens: F. H. A. SENIGRS wk his ELINICE C. LESTER: "Lucky in love." G. A. AJ F. H. A.: Bowling Club: Tennis: Spiz: Y-teens, Cab- inet: Office Monitor. GLENN L. LESTER: "Ready, steady, sturdy ami sure." Track: Varsity football, Manager: Blu-N, Intramural Sports, Manager. ARLENA LEWELLEN: "Some people cause happiness wherever they go." Latin Club: F. H. A.: Y-teens Payette High School, Payette, Idaho. E. IOAN LEWIS: "She leaves a record that will not rust." G. A. A.: Y-teens: Latin Club: Girl's Glee President: F. L. S. E. SHIRLEY LEWIS: "The men I love." F. H. A.: G A. A.: F. L. S.: Y-teens: Spiz: Spanish Club: Of. tice Monitor: Tumbling: Girl's Glee: Prom Com' mittee: Girl's Sextet. DELORES LITTLE: "A little bit of sunshine." G. A A.: Y-teens: F. H. A.: B Choir: Girls Glee. IuANI'rA LockI.EAR: "Song without words." A Choir: Parma High School, Parma, Idaho: Bois: High School, Boise, Idaho. TOMMY L. MACGREGOR: "ln the 20th century a mar must either push or be pushed." Growl, Reporter Assistant Sports Editor, Sports Editor, Editor-in Chief: Explorers, Secretary-Treasurer: Key Club President, Delegate International Convention Sgt. at Arms: Honor Society: N. F. L.: Debate Secretary-Treasurer: Quill and Scroll: Studen Council: Prom Committee, Chairman: Sophomori Committee: Service Club: Boy of the Week. D. NORENE MAcHos: "Those 'Star Dust' memor ies." Spiz: Band, Majorette: Pep Band: F. L. S. French Club: Tumbling: G. A. A.: Prom Commit tee: Y-teens: Office Monitor. MELBURN MARKLIS: "Life would be quite intoler able if it were not for our amusementsf' Varsitj basketball: Track: Explorers: Sophomore basket ball. C. CLARINDA MARTINEAU: "What is this thing caller love?" Spiz, President: G. A. A., Vice-president Council: Student Council: Lettuce Bowl Attend ant: Office Monitor: F. H. A.: Friendship Queei Attendant: Spanish Club: Y-teens: Girl's Glee Librarian, President. F. REID MAY: "fm full of fun and fancy free." Ra dio Club, President: Student Teacher: Sage, Re porter, Music Editor: F. L. S.: Key Club: Scieno Club, Vice - president: Student Council: Pron Committee, Chairman. MARGARET A. MCCORMICK: "Piccolo Peg." Band Secretary-Treasurer: Pep Band: Orchestra: F. L S.: French Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Sage, Re porter, Music Editor, Feature Editor: Spiz: Quil and Scroll: Y-teens, Cabinet: Science Club: F T. A.: Honor Society. HELEN L. MCFARLAND: "Holiday for Strings." G A. A.: Orchestra, Vice-president, President: F. H A.: Bowling Club: Y-teens: Spiz: Oflice Monitor Who's Who Committee: Prom Committee: String Quartet. JOAN MCGLOTHLEN: "Quietncss can be heard a long way." F. H. A. FRANCES A. MEwssEL: "Nothing is more useful that silence." Girl's Glee. IIM MIHAN: "The 'eyes' have it." F. F. A. DONALD E. MILLER: "Donald, duck, here come thi girls." Machinists Club: Blu-N: B Choir: Tennis GARY B. MINER: "I got rhythm." Band. Custodian: Pep Band: Hi-Y, Secretary, President: Key Club, Secretary: Explorers, Sgt. at Arms: Science Club. MILT MINOR: "If ladies interfere with your work, quit workin Sophomore Magazine, Sports Editor: Sophomore football: Key Club: Quill and Scroll: Sage. Assistant Sports Editor, Sports Editor, AS- sistant Advertising Manager: Thespians: Student Council: Trooping Theater: Our Town: Curious Savage. MARLENE D. MITCHELL: "A sure cure for the blues." G. A. A.: Y-teens: F. H. A.: Bowling Club, Pres- ident: F. L. S.: B Choir, President: Ski Club, Vice- president: Spiz. RICHARD R. MOON: "The 'Moon' shines bright Over Nampa." Radio Club: Ski Club. SHIRLEY A. MOOREHOUSEC "Short and snappy, cute and happy." Orchestra, Librarian: Spiz, Secre- tary: G. A. A., Council: Y-teens: Student Coun- cil: Who's Who Committee: Yell Queen: Prom Committee: Bowling Club. PAT MORRIS: "Hurry, hurry-1'm getting away." F. F. A.: Varsity football: Soph-Frosh football. VIRGINIA MORRIS: "The wise are silent." SHIRLEY A. NAY: "With a song in my heart." G. A. A.: Y-teens: A Choir: Gir1's Glee: Parma High School, Parma, Idaho. IACK NEWLAND: "For he's a jolly good fellow." Ex- plorers: Growl, Reporter, Assistant Sports Editor. Sports Editor: Hi-Y: Service Club: Quill and Scroll, Vice-president: A Choir: Madri-Gals and Guys: Student Council: Honor Society. DONNA NOBLE: "Gentlemen prefer blondes, but marry brunettes." BChoir: Girl's Glee: Boise High School, Boise, Idaho. ELLEN C. NOBLE: "A 'Noble' one will always have giegdsf' Orchestra: Girl's Glee: Tumbling: G. IUANITA OFFILL: "Can't help lovin' dat man of mine." VANITA ORD: "If smiles were dollars, 1'd be a mil- lionaire." Y-teens: G. A. A.: Thespians: Bowling Club: Science Club: Debate: Trooping Theater: Our Town. RONALD E. ORMSBY: "The world's no better if you worry." Radio Club: Ski Club. DOUGLAS H. PALLESEN: "Despair of the teachers. glory of the girls." Boxing: Baseball. CAROLYN R. PATTERSON: "Give me my boots and saddle." Girl's Glee: G. A. A.: Band. IEANNE PATTERSON: "Thou hast no faults. or I no faults can spy: Thou are all beauty, or all blind- ness I." A Choir: South Davis, Bountiful, Utah: Alterra High School, Roosevelt, Utah. MARLIN PATTERSON: "l labor to kill time." F. F. A.: Intramural Sports. SENICRS Qt A ' X , lm. .1 Mf Si N .ww-M TQ' :-.::::::2.-1 f Q'Q21A1'2EE::":: l Z 22 DUANE PERRON: "That old gany of mine." Debate: French Club: Intramural Sports: .Seven Keys to Baldpate: Our Town. BARBARA I. PETERSEN: "A pretty 'curl' is like a mel- ody." F. H. A., Treasurer: Y-teens: Prom Com- mittee: G. A. A.: Bowling Club: Spiz: Harvest Ball Attendant. MARILYN L. PETERSON: "She need not worry of los- ing her smile." Y-teens: F. H. A.: G. A. A., Coun- cil: Spiz: B Choir: Bowling Club. ERNEST C. PINTHER: "The importance of being 'Earnest'." F. F. A., Secretary: Blu-N: Key Club: Soph-Frosh football: Track. ILA Lou PIRNIE: "A friend worth knowing." Sage. Art Editor: Sweetheart Ball Chairman: Quill and Scroll, Sgt. at Arms: Prom Committee: G. A. A.: F. H. A.: Y-teens: Spiz. HARRY L. PRICE: "Tall and true. eyes of blue." Hi- Y: Service Club: French Club: F. L. S., Council. IOIINNY PRICE: "Study is a pastime, why ouerdof' Student Council: Explorers: Key Club, Vice-pres- ident: Varsity football: Ski Club, President: Sen- ior Class Vice-president. DICK PuRDuIvI: "Pleasure before business." F. L. S.: Debate Club: French Club: Track: Boxing. GEORGE RAMSEY: "An index of business conditions: monkey business." Varsity football: Varsity bas- ketball: Band: Explorers: Blu-N. FRANCES RANDOLPH: "It's nice to be neat." Office Monitor. I. IACK REYNOLDS: "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to bluffflct us bluff." Explorers: Blu-N: Sophomore football: Sopho- more basketball: Varsity football: Boxing: Key Club: Band. LORENE RICHARDS: "The girl with the smile is al- ways u1orthwhil'e." F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Y-teens: B Choir, President: A Choir. KAY RICHARDSON: "O Kay. that's our stamp of ap- proval." A Choir, Secretary: Student Council: Madri-Gals and Guys: Football Queen: Prom Committee: Y-teens, Cabinet: G. A. A.: F. T. A.: Bowling Club: F. H. A.: Spiz. JAMES E. RICHEY: "Time is but the stream we go fishing in." Ski Club: Key Club: Thespians: Soph- Frosh football: Varsity football. MARJORIE E. ROARK: "She lives all the days of her life." F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Y-teens. PAT ROBBINS: "Diuinely tall and divinely fair." Growlg Y-teens: Science Club, Vice-president. President: Service Club: Band: Honor Society: French Club: F. L. S.: G. A. A.: Sophomore Ma- gazine. I. L. ROBINSON: "Did nothing in particular and dia it well." Key Club: F. F. A.: French Club: F. L. S GARY RODENSPIEL: "Why hurry? Time won't gc any faster." DELBERT L. ROSE: "My only books are LUOHICIIIS looks." Track: Glenns Ferry High School, Glenns S I O Ferry, Idaho. Ruiav RosEcRANs: "An easy-minded soul." GLENN A. Ross: "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Radio Club: Ski Club. MARGARET Ross: "The mad 'rushin' F. H. A.: Of- fice Monitor. LEROY SAMuELsoN: "The definition of a gentle- man." Soph-Frosh football: Explorers: I-li-Y, Youth Legislature: Intramural Sports. FRANCES E. SCHAEFER: "Silence is deep as eternity, speech is shallow as time." F. H, A.: B. Choir: Girl's Glee. KENNETH SCHMHJT: "When I ie-el like studying, I lie down and sleep it off." F. F. A. LOUELLA F. SCHRIMPSTERZ "Always there with joy and cheer." F. H. A.: Girl's Glee, Librarian. SHIRLEY SHEFSTALL: "Whats a calendar for? Dates, of course." Spiz, Vice-president: Bowling Club, Vice-president: G. A. A., Council: Girl's Glee, Librarian: Y-teens: Office Monitor: Prom Committee. GLENDA SHOWALTER: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Sage, Reporter, Assistant Editor, Editor-in-Chief: Sophomore Ma- gazine, Society Editor: Who's Who Committee: Merit Board: Latin Club, Treasurer: F.T.A.: Iunior-Senior Prom Co-chairman: Spiz: Student Council: Y-teens: Quill and Scroll: G. A. A.: Girl of the Week. MARGARET G. SHROLL: "Cheerful today, tomorrow and every day." Librarian: Orchestra: Y-teens: F. H. A. LOREN D. SKALSKY: "A head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute mischief." F. F. A.: Hi-Y, Chaplain: Explorers: Key Club: F. T. A. RAY SKILLINGS: "Contentment is wealth and 1'm ll millionaire." Explorers Club: Key Club: Blu-N, Secretary: Varsity basketball: Tennis: Track: Boxing. DORLA SNYDER: "Moderation, the noblest gift of heaven." Parma High School, Parma, Idaho. RITA E. SOMMER: "By the work, one knows the worker." Girl's Glee: G. A. A. FARRE1. L. SQLIIRES: "My kingdom for a horse -." BARRY W. STANLEY: "A terrific tease, but one who will please." F. F. A.: Soph-Frosh football. IAMES A. STEELE: "Ah, why should life all labor be?" Growl, Reporter, Assistant Business Mana- er, Ad Manager: I-Ii-Y: Science Club, Sgt. at Arms: Service Club: Blu-N: Golf: Quill and Scroll: Key Club: Honor Society: Ski Club. swam W SWA em Q BEVERLY I. STEWART: "The sweetest noise on earth is a woman's tongue." Y-teens, Cabinet: F. H. A.: G. A. A.: B Choir: A Choir. DICK SUTTLE: "Kindly blow by and let me sleep." F. F. A. HELEN TACKETT: "Never speaks aloud without per- mission." BRENT THEURER: "My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." F. F. A.: Student Council: Growl, Assistant Editor, Assistant Fea- ture Editor, Organizations Editor, Editor-in-Chief: Hi-Y, Vice-president, President: Key Club: Hon- or Society: Quill and Scroll, President: Service Club: Boys State. SHARON THOMPSON: "A quiet lassisometimesf Y-teens: G. A. A.: Honor Society: Ski Club: Quill and Scroll. Secretary: Growl, Exchange Editor: Assistant Feature Editor, Feature Editor. JAY TODD: "Easy to look over, but never over- looked." Student Council: A Choir. R. EUGENE TRUEBLOOD: "He lives in a cycle of 'cyeles'." PEGGY E. TUEL: "A queen of queens is she!" Spiz: Girl's Glee, President: Lettuce Bowl Queen: Stu- dent Council: Prom Committee: G. A. A., Secre- tary-Treasurer, Council: Y-teens: A Choir, Vice- president: Bowling Club: Honor Society: Girl of the Week. DOLORES I. TLIRPEN: "Anything for a quiet life." Band, Librarian: Pep Band: Y-teens. MILDRED LINDERHILL: "Without labor nothing pros- pers." B Choir: Girl's Glee: G. A. A. MARGARET A. VAN DE GRIFT: "Common sense and some nonsense." Quill and Scroll: Science Club. Secretary-Treasurer: F. T. A.: F. L. S.: Spiz: G. A. A.: Growl, Assistant Ad Manager, Exchange Eiiiior, Reporter: Y-teens: Office Monitor: French u . BETTY VANDERMEER: "A happy heart makes a blooming visagef' F. H. A.: F. T. A.: Y-teens: Spiz: Librarian: F. L. S.: Ski Club. PHYLLIS VAN HESS: "With a song in my heart." DONNA M. VELARDE: "She could argue a fish out of water and make it think it was better off." Bowling Club: Tumbling: G. A. A.: Girl's Glee. IONNA LEE WAGNER: "Alas for those who never sing but die with music in them." Latin Club: F. L. S.: Band: Y-teens: A Choir: Madri-Gals and Guys: Honor Society: Girl's Sextet. WILMA L. WALDVOGEL: "A flower whose bloom de- fies the blast." South Gate High School, South Gate, California. DELORES A. WALLIS: "Mirror, mirror on the wall - - " F. H. A.: B Choir: A Choir. E. IANEAN WALSH: "If women only knew the ex- tent of their power." Service Club, President: Y- teens, Cabinet: Honor Society: Debate, Secretary- Treasurer, Class A State Championship: Quill and Scroll: Sophomore Magazine, Assistant Ed- itor: N. F. L., Secretary-Treasurer: Growl, As- sistant Editor, News Editor: F. T. A.: G. A. A.: Girls State: Spiz: Sophomore Committee. RUBY F. WARD: "I am a great friend to public amusementsf' F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Tumbling: Y- teens: Girl's Glee. RICHARD WEIGHT: "Pack up your troubles." SHIRLEY I. WHEELOCK: "Shirley sincere." Band: Pep Band: Y-teens: G. A. A.: Girl's Glee: F. H. A. CLARENCE WHITE: "A man with a future." F. F. A., Assistant Reporter: Track: Blu-N. DONALD C. WHITE: "Young America in action." Student Council: Soph-Frosh football: Track: Varsit football, Captain: Big Six Conference First Team: Explorers: Blu-N, President: Senior Class President. PHYLLIS E. WHITE: "You can go a mile with a smile." F. H. A.: G. A. A.: Bowling Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer: Melba High School, Melba, Ida. ROGER K. WILDE: "They go 'Wilde' simply 'Wilde' over me." Band: Pep Band: F. L. S.: Hi-Y: Sage, Snapshot Editor: Key Club: Soph-Frosh football: Spanish Club: Sophomore Magazine, Printer: In- tramural Sports: A Choir: All-Northwest Choir. DONNA WILLIAMS: "It is better to blush than to turn pale." G. A. A.: Orchestra: B Choir. KEN WILSKE: H11 There goes another test tube." Student Council: Sophomore basketball: French Club, Vice-president: Varsity basketball: Var- sity football: Explorers: F. L. S.: Blu-N: Honor Society: Boys State. Boa E. WILSON: "Bob had an accident, and did it make him sore: what he thought was H20 was H5047 Student Council: Explorers: Varsity football: Track: Ontario High School, Ontario, Oregon. IOSEPH D. WITMER: "To study or not to study! That is the questionl" Student Council: Blu-N: Boxing, Manager. NADINE WITTEMAN: "Ioy springs from labor." Spiz: F. H. A.: G. A. A., President, Council: Orchestra. Librarian: Girl's Glee, Pianist: Student Council: Ollice Monitor: Prom Committee: Science Club: Band: Y-teens: F. T. A.: Honor Society. DUANE YAMAMOTO2 "A fiashing smile for every- one." Hi-Y, Secretary: Explorers: Key Club: F. F. A.: Student Council: Sophomore basketball, Manager: Tennis: Caldwell High School, Cald- well, Idaho. JAMES M. YARTER: "My 'Alice' blue gown." GERALD K. ZIMMERMAN: "A reserved boy-but for whom?" Soph-Frosh football, Manager: Varsity football, Manager: Baseball: Sophomore Class Secretary: Explorers, Vice President: Key Club, Vice-president: Blu-N: Who's Who Committee. W1LsoN BEvINcroN: "Free as the wind." SENIORS lm.:-:,,,. 2. ye..,,,Mw Y , 1 K Xb. wen, '3:3'f ww 25 if-A 3 . .A Ted Mess, President Billie Dee Jolly, Secretory Howard Gomer, Vice-president Mrs. York ond Mr. Samuelson, Advisors Class of I953 Why, it's the N. H. S. Junior Class-for sure! Got it gang? This class is really in the groove. They've what it takes to be "super-duper-plus." What have these jacks and ,Iills done to make them so extra-special? Plenty! Bend an ear and you,re sure to give a cheer for what's coming. Living up to their motto to the very most, "If a thing is worth doing at all, it's worth doing well,' is this group of N. H. Sfers. The big boss-man this year was capable Ted Hess, who was assisted by that swell guy, Howard Gomer. Then to make the picture complete, we have petite Billie Dee Jolley serving as scribe for her second year. And also, one of those peppy school-yell leaders happened to be from the junior class. Who--why, Marilyn Knowlton, but natch! Next on the agenda, we find that the Junior-Senior prom held this spring was made a complete success only by the extra efforts of those two likeable students, Jennine Platt and Marvin Blickenstaff. What a time! Leading the school honor roll more than once, we find this group is made up of some of the top-notch pupils in N. H. S. Are they sports enthusiasts? You can bet your "bottom dollar" if ever there were a peppier bunch at N. H. S., they couldn't beat this gang for noise. Remember the noise rally for the Thanksgiving game? They really showed their stuff, didn't they? Under the "iron hands" of Mrs. York and Mr. Samuelson, advisors, we find this class carrying out the best of business procedure at all of their meetings. We'll always remember the large number of sports players that came from this class of variety-the juniors. Now that you've read in "black and white" about this determined, ambitions and enthusiastic group, you'll agree that the Senior Class of next year will be made of the best of students. Hep-cats! Jive!-Who? Z6 'IW- 2 fm x .I .W r Riff Z - I 'A. y ,Wag A f ,e:,.rf A, C f ,is ' ' f ,bile ' .fuif Lynn Aherens Shirley Ball Darrell Berg Lucy Blough Carol Burkel Don Clark Wayne Crawford Yuvonne Alvey Lorraine Ballazar Irene Bermensolo Roy Bohon Irene Burlile Romona Comeau Wayne Crill luanna Ammons Keilh Barrick Ellen Beash Kay Bolhwell Iris Burlile Florence Cooke Beverly Crouse Carolyn Anderson Bill Barris Georgia Bite Pal Brewster Pal Burns Myrna Cooper Fred Crouse 27 Q. Q ,rw 'K . .,.,, l e el. Wm 'V' rn kim, I 'M' 24 A ,,.,,.:,.,-" : ..,. : J:-E: , gs 1-1 3 v.:5:EiE:- jj li W Q 2 B if Colleen Arenl Lila Bauguess Shirley Blair Dennis Brown Gordon Caine Jack Corey Mary Ann Assilin Jim Baune Clifford Bledsoe Richard Brown Gary Campbell Mary Cory Delores Dallon Donna Daniels 5174-C Lillian Baker Marilyn Beckman Marvin Blickenslafl Lois Buchanan Bonnie Carpenter Ro Jeanne Coyle Howard Dick Juniors C5 is if ,QTEK X we 'a :ears -,af We 1 A Mui. i Y 3 is Q i , -K we 5 exe? s QW? sw- 15--. we Bob Dillon Oliver Fillmore Lawerence Goellsche John Grove Darrel Honway Ernie Hickox Maburne Jacobs Juni Janel Drake Donald Fisher Max Goin Carole Gudeman Hyra Halch Freda Higgins MaryLou James OPS 2.5 Seek Gary Evans Jackie Fosler Gracie Gomer Yolanda Gunderson Ellen Hayes Gwendolyn Hogan Bonnie Jenkins :il A ..,,: aa: . Lorrie Jean Evans Jim Freeman Howard Gomer Flora May Hague Maxine Henderson Morie Holloway Virginia Jessee 28 Marian Everlz Mary Ann Freiburghaus Kiyo Goto Jack Halsey Pal Henry Lois Howell Peggy Jessen Sammy Ferguson Dale Getter Beverly Graves Douglas Hanks Dave Hennessey Virginia Hughes Kenny Johnson Darlene Filer Belhine Givens Louise Gregg Bill Hanson Ted Hess Janel lshihara Virginia Johnson 'lfh ws. xi m i ""' 7 1' 'wi 'Pk YQ MRM New Q L . ,.,,, . A Q N Q Y hr X W me A Q ,mu ss , , L :iles - 1, new my K e f QQ are Y ir Rl at ,."' q 4 B "22 f cw W :'A" L 'KW5 " - J .J ,.,l,' :: - :::i'L is Billie Dee Jolley Alice Lantzer Helen Luster Carolyn Mason Gary McMahon Jim Morf Bill Novasky Cecelia Korn Joann Leavitt Bill Mainwaring Marilyn Knowlton Sue Layland Jo MacGregor Catherine Matthews Beth McBee lris McNees Mike Mclleynolds John Morris Sharon Mott Junico Ourexky Bill Parker Virginia Korn Tom Lindsey Paula Malpass Duane Mcflung Robert Middelton Phyllis Naylor Gene Pate 29 Don Krehbiel Barbara Lovelady Charmaine Mangum Jay McDonald Kenny Mills Lorin Nelson Eva Felren Pat Kukla Marilyn Ludlow Treva Martin Ardath Mclntyre Kaye Mitchell Jack Newman Duane Peppley sei? i.K Bernard Lacey Jack Lundquist VeYonne Martineau Bruce McKnight Ralph Moore JoAnn Nicholas Donald Pewitt Juniors Dean helps QW IN P MNC. 'bum aw Qtr mgwzssl' if Rr fa, 55. 'N S ' item Am 5-me 'W Jennine Platt Malcine Rice W Dorothy Schlapia Eleanor Shaw ' Bonnie Spffkelmier Maria e Relk Charlie Saulls rr Roy Selva: Jaan Sparks Betty Potter Charles Richardson 5 Chuck Schell Sue Shvrtliff Don Stephenson Dave Powell Victor Richardsan Betty Schrimpscher Bohiimpson ' 'G Norma Stratton Carolihomas Grant Thompson Carol Tlrofhe Darlufet Thueson .Ialane Tritthart Donna Troyer Leona Tullis Francis Vassar . '. C ,, " 1? J . 4 is ' ' ' Q u nr ors u , 'll '2- -r 5 3 0 Alice Prohaska Larnaiiobeltnn Claire Schuler LaVonne Slralsky Harlan Swetland Marylin Tilden Jean Wagner 9 lx sa O Del Provant Barbara Sallee Lois Schwarz Norma Smith? Pat Taggart r Rose Mari? Tlucek Janet Walmsley rx .W Weed ,K , . C. 1 :rf .. ..f"' Wa 'W' 'au we-r ,wh my Q , ...f c . LW :. 'W- I r. ww, Km Rolland Pyweu Clifford Samson Cecilia Seitz Pat Smith Edna Thiede Dunno Tovey Jerry Ward xv f is-ffl W- -A 1+ L-A-of mf mm: ir?" as ' salglqgl ok, -vvf, IDA- G--4. " I-1-iii EQ lx... sm? any Joyce wmn . ml .w Q Mm . eqvef " Peggy " 5"nndwn:.f 0 ynard :in "QiDu'n wnTuwfs M' 1:3-:,, :N-,w,,.. LP"'U".1i1l""' "+H:e:z,. b,M..Kn- , 7 ,,,,:,, KLM-QQ 9 - wwwu 1-,..9.,,gk Jia-.Q-.. . AJ wma vw-K---v wk 'P --31 S s MM-lp -hlnssvvvsy-IAQ lisp fffwbvdxu Rowe. ..., v.,,,:.sJun4QsssNQL:Eg-u1'dqIiN Q-5, YN-M-, , hi J-L. v,,,,. .,u.-4.2L Us-uugg, -:Cab wg 5 ,,, s suns - , V'ihYhfcuH?f:"'b' "N" OWNBNRWN 3"'f' mmco b wmnunfynlefha Zi. waynemsmw SLB U, A .,n g 2 M 5. bRo3Darf:ug Mag: Bo I' ok O 5 P Qaaexfllngggxt jgwatouri gilemlch S. N 4 Nvvo Q' 0 " C L hatiguway gl luffin ton Tom Murzhuogki ck A - ,L aJ.,vm:-www. S - W M 1, Shirlsy Johnson Frat, X Don Ri ner 5 u M k , 9 I hm Jwnlyollp v-40.5 J m - ERN '1 e 1 5 Verda Miller lloyd Dossett Do Romsrl lr 7 V54-. 4 -R . Q"""'P"'n,.n s.3E'1'1i'."?"! S S -A ' , X, y,,1""",, ,. M M k.,-fgllxizhornelgrugh hh ar ' I ,empSmi1E . X QPJ- s gm nnuuclmrzv' U ' Pgkln :N-U uyyrimi v-Us uv wvlwqgfrx L' 'S' 3 MIM' LW. ek -Qwaenfaazrbfwx-Y N lf: ' -if '-9N.o--- - JJ- ok, o-.-A. Qi-w-s '-Nw-M ' j J. CHQ' 'L+' AN' MM M .L LL Q., ,X S ot:-A-QS :J-xt 0 . 'Q U. 7"""".'4 RQX L- Lux ,XF Z3 'ls' -""ju"' I S I S U il? J --use ffgkfh-l i. P' kwa-R .fx . -- V --':n . f...-...I..- .Ji .L A.- ESI Class . . . 'Civ J. D. Stephens, President Fred Grant, Vice-president Barbara Tiegs, Secretary LaDonnu Nafziger, Treasurer Mr. Zink and Mr. Gross, Advisors Swinging automatically into high school activities, this year's class of greenies added to the school's pep and enthusiasm what they lacked in skill and knowledge. "lf we can't do the great things, we'll do the small things in a great Way," was the challenging motto chosen by this year's very active group. Completion of the sophs' choice included the yellow rose as their class flower and gold with blue to represent their colors. Backed by the able advisors, Harry Gross and Howard Zink, the young set selected the following to serve as mainsprings of the class: J. D. Stephens, presidentg Fred Grant, vice-prexyg Barbara Tiegs, secretaryg LaDonna Nafziger, treasurer. Their robust cheering section was spurred on by active Ray Capps, Sue Sparks, Alva Cald- well and Karla Harris. For the third consecutive year the sophs edited a class magazine, "The Green Years." Editor and associate editor were Paul Forshey and Kay Fleming, respectively. Placing third in the noise rally they claimed still another position in the group of enthusiasts of ole' N. H. S. Presenting keen competition for the Junior and Senior classes, they managed to obtain many coveted positions on the varsity football team. Fred Abe Vada Adamson David Ahrens Jerry Akin Linda Akovenko Tom Akovenko Bud Albers Dick Allen lloberla Allen Leon Alvey Gary Anderson Guy Von Babbill Mavis Barney Cynlhia Burrell Helen Bass Norman Hales Joyce Becker Laliell Bahunin Dennis Bell Dale Bellz Frank Bennett Donna Bsrnelhy Sally Beumeler Benny Billllll 32 .lack Bilboa Donna Jean Bingoman Sonny Blair Kay Blickenstall Nancy Boehlke Roy Bohart Margaret Bonneru Kathleen Booth Larry Boston Ruby Bottoms Marvello Bowman Frank Bowne Gene Brimhall Nancy Brumback Lee Budell luann Budell Mary Budell Alva Caldwell Bob Campbell Ray Capps Clarion Carlon Robert Casper Carol Cederstrom Charlotte Chadwick Jerry Childs Wilma Chittendg Myles Clough Carl Colson Georgia Conneoly Marilyn Cooper JoAnn Cox Donna Lee Daniels Glen Davidson Deo Davies Marietta Dennie Verdonna Dickerson Robert Diehm Betty Dildine Carolyn Dossett Norma Drake Shirlie Duncan Thelma Durrant Eugene Eastland Janis Eastman Anne Easton leo Engelhardt Gayle Ernest Pat Exley Wayne Farmer Betty Fickel Janie Fillmore Margaret Finch Kay Fleming George Flenor Shirley Flisher Dan Flores Paul Forshey Bob Fouser Donna Rae Frost Charlotte Fry We-w an was riffs 'iw ww fm? SQ' Zoe Fullerton Rose Gates Dwight Geddes Margie Gibbons Jean Goodwin Fred Grant Delores Gray lowell Grim Darrell Gunderson Katheryn Hahn Bonnie Hanson George Harmon Karla Harris Clara Jo Hartz Phyllis Hatfield Jane Helsley Lekudra Hendry Pat Henry Beth Hensen Ronald Herr George Hetmer Danny Heuck Robert Higgins Dennis Higginson LeRoy Hochholter Marylee Hoffman Jean Holloway Evelyn Hooten Cleone Hurren Helen Huse Charles Hutton Henry Hutton Mabel lbbotson JoAnn lmmisch Jaan Ivey Paul Jensen Wayne Jensen Louise John Eilene Johnson Jeannine Johnson Dale Jones Deke Julian Anne Keim Elizabeth Keim Donna Kincheloe Sylvia Kirkwood Betty Knight Frances Knowlden Glennyth Krieger Donnumae Kunerth James Kunerth Robert Laible Jeanie Landers Carol larsen Pat Lalande Evelyn Leer Mavis Leer Shirley Le Favour Shirley lenz Valna Lenz lynell Lewis Tony lopez Vernie Lopez Bob Machos Jerry Mallet Rocky Marvella Don Matthews Dee Maughan Karen Maxson Gary Mcfartney Lorna Mcfluslrey Mary Lou McCormick Joyce McCullough Sylvia Mcfurley Gene McDonald Kathleen McDonald .lim Mercer Marie Mewzel Gary Mihan Bob Miyake Merwyn Moore Eugene Morse Paul Moulen Marilyn Moulton Judy Moxon Maxine Munlord Vivian Murphy Allen Myers laDonna Nalziger Bob Nelson Ginger Newland Sarah Newman Norma Nichol Shirley Nofziger Delores Noltensmeier David Ollill Daniel Overton Karen Owen Arlene Payton AnnaMae Pechance Martha Perry Pat Peterson Don Phelps Lewis Philer Erma Phipps larry Pline Don Pooley Gene Price Sylvia Prewett John Pywell Raymond Ramsey Clyle Reece Kaye lleed louise Relk Dennis Rivett Kenny llivett Henrietta Roberts linda Ross Don Rothrhild Maxine llowberry 'Z' ur Ek 'Zi freer: , , X -3 at lf., WMA f K ':- Q? as A . , 9 rfb i"J'4"' s e 4, NO' 'Sify' Y""'pW ww VN '4E9""' ia., N W S ' .... S N -as Mod? Vera Rudolph Jim Rumpel Charlotte Rupert Dorothy Rupert Shirley Samson Marilyn Samp Janice Sarnes Robert Schaefer Stanley Schindele Pat Schmidt Shirley Schmidt Lavern Seal Frances Serratos Nedra Shaffer Bob Shawhan Chet Simmons Bob Sinclair Gilbert Sinclair Elmer Skaggs Marie Skelton Sue Sparks Dixie Steflan J. D. Stephens Connie Stewart Jeannette Stone Clayton Sullivan Omar Susewind Dolorita Taylor Theodore Thatcher Barbara Tiegs Dale liegs Gordon Tiegs Jerry Tlucek Douglas Tobler Bonnie Trovillion 0rva Tullis Peggy Turpen Mary Walker Yvonne Walker Wayne Wakefield Don Walsh Barbara Walters Maurice Weaver Patty Webb Shirlene White Billie Wilkinson Lyman Wilson Walter Wilson Madelyne Wyatt Carol Yeager Clara Young Harry Young Joyce Young Ron Zarbnisky 4 I Lime Lights . E i x. t The Sage With a well-deserved triumphant feeling, the Sage staff of '52 proudly presented the annual year-book to N. H. S. subscribers at the close of the year. EDITORVIN-CHIEF After having reached the quota of subscriptions GLENN SHOWMTER needed to publish the Sage last fall, the industrious staffers began the long grind of putting together the annual, page by page. This consisted of arranging pictures alphabetically, writing features, and handling busi- ness affairs. The Sage staff lived and worked in a "mad-haze" from November to March, and the members regained "normal consciousness," only when all the Sages were finally distributed among their owners. Only through the cooperation of all the staffers with their "go-gettern editor, Glenda Showalter, and business manager Sal Gold, was the publication of the Sage made possible. Witli a quick glance at the social life of this organization we find that Sage staff handled the annual Sweetheart Ball, which was a well-received formal dance enjoyed by all who attended. At the dance the Sweetheart King and Queen were majestieally crowned, before the spectators. The staff members, themselves, enjoyed a banquet at Boise at which time the new '53 staff heads were announced. This year, for the first time, the staff initiated new members. BUSINESS MANAGER SALLY GOLD Bock row, left to right: Milt Minor, Jane Anderson, Reid May, lla Lou Pirnie, Marvin Jenkins, Pat lbbotson, Roger Wilde. Middle row: Peggy MtCormitk, Delores Hanson, Sally Gold, Glenda Showalter, JoAnne Chadwick, Donna Kibler, Mr. Hodgson, Advisor. First row: Bob Simpson, Alice Prohasko, Janet Walrnsley, Marilyn Knowlton, Georgia Bice, Norma Hilty, Joann Leavitt, Marvin Blirkanstalf. 38 Th Growl Presiding in the "Green Room" at N. H. S. this year were 28 hard-working Growl members. Under the guidance of Mr. Bodahl, Growl advisor, the for- mer Growl room was renovated into a "green haven" by the artistic and industrious members. Taking a fast but enjoyable look at the past activi- EDITOR-'MHIEFS BRENT THEURER' TOM MMGREGOR Lies of the year, we find that the Growl was entirely responsible for the well-received Lettuce Bowl Dance held after the Nampa-Boise football game, on October 12. At this affair, Peggy Tuel was selected as Football Queen, whose secret election was due to the Growlers. Other "fun-parties" which the members of this weekly publication undertook were the Christmas Banquet and the Spring picnic, which both proved to be a grand success. To become one of the high school newspaper journalists, requires six weeks of Journalism and a letter of application written to the Editor. Participants of this class gain credits along with learning the fundamental "work" of journalism technique. Closely alliliated with Quill and Scroll, a journalism society, we find that this publication has been the winner of the International Honor Awardlfor several years. The paper can be obtained with a student body ticket. BUSINESS MANAGER DONNA MALE Buck row, left to right: Dee Maughn, Carol Ellingboe, Lillian Baker, Carole Gudemnn, Roleanne Coyle, Nancy Biegert, Jo MacGregor, lrls McNees, lane Helsley, Mr. Bodahl. Middle row: Sherry Thompson, lack Newland, Janice Hales, Tom Macllregor, Donna Hale, Brent Theurer, .laneun Walsh, Jamie Steele. Bottom row: Jerry Kueter, Ray Capps, Ann Easton, Verdonna Dickerson, Bob Campbell, Waller Wilson, Karla Harris, Sue Sparks. 39 CAST Stage Manager .,..,., ..Harvey Jackman Dr. Gibbs ............ ........... R obert Jones Joe Crowell ....,....... ......... J immy Johnson Howie Newsome ....,,, ..... Duane Perron Mrs. Gibbs .............. ,.,.... D oris Chapin M1's. Webb .....,Y,V, ..,,...... P atty Brewster George Gibbs .... .... ...........,...,,........ M i lt Minor Rebecca Gibbs ,..Y,.,V ,.....,,, C harlotte Chadwick Wally Webb ....,...... ..l,.............. Le wis Phifer Emily Webb ......,.....,,,,.. ......,., J oAnn Immisch Professor Willard .......,...... ...,...... B uddy Richey Mr. Webb ....,........,.....,,....,.,...., ,,,,,,,,. J ay McDonald Woman in the Balcony ..,..,...................... Sue Shurtliff Lady in the Box.. ,v,, ,...,,,..... ..,....... L a Vonne Skalsky Simon Stilson VVV,,V.V,,,..,,,...,,. ...,,,,.......... G ary Launt M1's. Soames ,......,,, ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,, V g.iNita Ord Constable Warren . .Duain Ackerman Si Crowell ...... Y,,Y ......,,,.,. Lo x vell Grim Sam Craig .......,,,,.,, Joe Stoddard ,.,,....,. lst Dead Man... End Dead Man ......... ,, lst Dead Woman ...,,,.., ,Carlos Andrews .,,.......Marvin Jenkins ......PauI Jensen Gowen ,,,.....Darlene Hanway "Our Town Seen enacting one of the love scenes were Milt Minor und JoAnn Immisrh, who played George Gibbs and Emily Webb. "Our Town"! This is a wonderful little country village where everybody knows every- body. Most of the students of Nampa High were present at the matinee of this production on November 8. Many more attended the night performance on November 10. Under the di- rection of Mr. Guy E. Terwilleger, the drama- tics department sponsored this simple, human drama as their In a typical first production of the year. New England town at the turn of the century people were truly interested in local folks. In this town the Webb and Gibbs families lived. just ordinary George Gibbs after knowing Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs are neighbors until the day that and Emily Webb fall in love each other all their lives. The Dirussing the days happenings were Mrs. Webb IPM Brewslerl, Mrs. Sonmes 1VuNitu Ord, and Mrs. Gibbs iDoris Chapinl. whole town looked on with interest at the ro- mance that followed. Then one june day the bride's father escorted Emily down the aisle to become Mrs. George Gibbs. Even as hum- drum living set in and again Dr. Gibbs started making his daily rounds, and Rebecca Gibbs started to enjoy being left without George's teasing, tragedy struck. Wally Webb is drowned and Emily dies in childbirth. Emily then learns that living people are curious. She sees how thoughtless people are of the ones they love and then she knows, but too late, that people just don't live life to its fullest. This play was done without props and was explained by the stage manager, Harvey Jack- man. Simple, warm, human and typical, the production, "Our Town" was a great success. The cast of The Curious Savage. 'A' Staging their annual Thespian play this year's group presented a three-act farce entitled "The Curious Savage." Mrs. Savage, played by JoAnn Chad- wick, attempts to salvage her newly- obtained inheritance from her selfish children. When they find that their mother has placed the money in the form of negotiable bonds and is giving it away to her friends, they confine her My Favorite Pet. The Curious Savage ThuI's music? to an institution. Unknown to her family she has hidden the bonds inside her toy teddy bear. At last Mrs. Savage leaves the "bug house" after realizing that she is not actualy insane as she has been led to believe. The production, staged in late Feb- ruary, was produced and directed by Guy Terwilliger and was assisted by the student director, Doris Chapin. ak ...Ah Back row: E. McKeever, M. Tilden, G. Miner, R. Bohart, C. Burkel, C. Sullivan, C. Samson, J. Sarnes, M. Bonnerau, N. Machos, N. Smith, D. Mae Kunerth, T. Lindsey, M. Dennie, B. Blair, F. Rangland, R. Wilde, M. Clements, D. McClung, W. Crawford, B. Tiegs. Third row: D. Romer, R. Romer, R. Herr, G, Flenor, L. Grimm, R. Liable, D. Heuck, W. Allen, J. Mercer, W. Crill, B. Novasky, M. Larsen, M. lbbotson, D. Turpen, G. Hogan, D. Hanks, D. Gray, P. Robbins, H. Forshey, F. Herman, L, Ammons, C. Carlon, S. Schindele, R. Diehm, R. Higgins. Second row: A. Myers, C. Thomas, D. Provant, J. Freeman, D. Phelps, l. Burlile, E. Baker, D. Wolfe, B. Evans, M. Jenkins, S. Kirkwood, D. Wisely, I. Burlile, M. Lou James, D. Frost, M. Weaver, L. Ahrens, S. Duncan, P. Turpen, M. McReynolds. First row: J. Leavitt, J. Landers, K, Mitchell, M. Gibbons, L. Baker, B. McGee, P. MtCormick, C. Mangum, M. Blickenstaif, M. Weaver, C. Thorne, A. Pechanec, K. ills, F. Forshey, G. Davidson, L. Graves. Concert Band Donning their new uniforms, the band took to the grid- iron during the halftimes of the football games. For a special trip they ventured to Twin Falls. In the fall, a special band of 250 members met for concerts in Caldwell, Emmett and Nampa. In the spring they went to Boise for the annual Festival. The group was supervised by Earle lVIcKeever with Wes Allen as president: Wayne Crill, vice presiclentg Peg McCormick, secretary: and Delores Turpine, librarian. Among their many other activities, they performed in the Christmas program, assisted in Concert of the Month and Bandwagon show. Dance Band Applying their knowledge of music for a practical pur- pose, were eleven students of Nampa High, who organ- ized themselves into the school dance band. The purpose of this well-liked group of musicians, is to provide music for after-game dances and also some of the sport dances sponsored by the school. Band members who participate in the dance band are volunteers, since the group originated when these stu- dents decided to form the band, which is a non-profit organization. The songs that the band specializes in are those that are mostly fast and jivey. Back row: Blain Evans, Jerry Akin, Carol Thomas, Wayne Crill, Eddie Baker. Front row: Donna Watt, Gary Miner, Frank Hermann, Marvin Jenkins. Narene Marhos, Joann Leavitt, Carol Thorne, Barbara Tiegs, Marilyn Larsen, Margie Gibbens, Charmaine Mangum. Twirlers These gals are the snappy twirlers who add pep and glamour to the band. Through cold, rain, and snow at least some of them never failed to perform a half-time skit and formation with the band for every football game. Also in the program of these girls was the job of performing at several concerts, parades, and basketball games. They proved themselves able to meet competition by their sparkling performance. Pep Band At every home game one can hear the familiar strains of such old favorites as "Auditorium Sessions," "Dark I'own Strut'ter's Ball," and "Semper Fidelisf' At the conclusion of each game, Win or lose, "Hail to the Varsity" is sung, accompanied by the Pep Band. These snappy numbers, which help keep the spirit of N. H. S. alive, issue from the instruments of the 25 persons comprising the band. They are under the direction of Blaine livans, stu- dent director, and Marvin jenkins, who takes over when Blaine is absent. The band has played at every home game, traveled to the District Tournament, and the Boise and Caldwell games. Back row: Blaine Evans, Duane Mcflung, Marvin Tilden, Gary Miner, Maurice Clements. Middle row: Margie Gibbons, Anna Mae Pethanec, Wayne Crill, Eddie Baker, Jim Merrer, Wes Allen, Danny Heurk, Irene Burlile, Carol Thomas, Jim Freeman, Lynn Ahrens, Peggy Turpen, Luanna Ammons, Bob Diehm. First row: Mary Lou James, Iris Burlile, Delores Turpen, Janice Sornes, Sylvia Kirkwood, Bill Novasky, Don Wisely, Marvin Jenkins, Paul Forshey, Roger Wilde, Frank Herman, Harald Forshey. 43 Our Music Leaders ,pw as am? Earle McKeever, Band Charles Wilson, Orchesira Dallas Quick, Choir Orchestra The Nampa High Orchestra of 1951-52 was composed of 36 members under the baton of Charles Wilson. Meeting daily in the music room these avid students of the finer art of music studied such overtures as "The Barber of Sevilleu and Egmontf' For the lighter side they were fans of "Deep Purple," "Sleigh Ride," and "Plink, Plank, Plunkf' This year has been the scene of many aczivities for the orchestra. They were present among the cast of the Welfare Jamboree, and attended the Orchestra Clinic in Weiser. They were honored by a visit from Dr. Antonia Brico when she was in Nampa for master classes. Soon after was the Orchestra Concert featuring "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name," with the Choir doing the vocals, and the program liberally sprinkled with solos and novelty numbers. The district festival in Boise was attended by Nampa Orchestra members and they were represented well in the All-Idaho Music Conference also in Boise. Among small groups out of the orchestra were a string quartet and a string quintet. Standing, left io right: G. Campbell, K. Johnson, J. Akin, C. Hartz, E. Noble, Mr. Wilson. Back row, lefi to right: M. Weaver, C. Thorne, W. Crill, B. Evans, E. Boker, D. Jones, K. Mills, M. Holler, R. Gales, B. Potter. Third row, Iefi io right: F. Higginson, ll. Jolley, M. Jenkins, S. Kirkwood, K. Boihwell, H. McFarland, K. Fleming, C. Mullhews, D. Fuhriman. Second row, Iefi lo right: S. Moorehouse, A. Chapman, M. Lane, S. Gold, J. Maxon, N. Wiiiemun, D. Ruperi, J. Young. Firsl row, left io righi: D. Hanson, C. Hurren, J. Drake, J. Cox, B. Wilkinson. 44 ' MU IC RNS, ET . 1 ff' """"'r-on--Q... -an 3 z 2 ,,o.. Saloisls in 1952 orrhesrra cancerr. N. H. S.'s representatives to All-Northwest Musir Conference at Missoula. Drummin' man. 3 Gabriels blow. Watch oul, Hurry James! A furor ance Oufored lhese Ilurers ru Inav. Keyboard Kings. Spring's here ar las!---look, grass! Three linle songhirds. Yo-Yo observers observing Yo-Yo. Up, up, Junior Birdman. Our and in the door. 45 w w g, Q, 9 S S mg sys Q ' 1 1 3 Q an , W 8 Fx 2 Q M 3 ' BQ x gag V N' A.EEE lri ' A K A A,: f W 4 .... N Q' 5' J- sy' QR E 529' Q if' s,jgiS!igx?i'5f583 3, v , f ' ' www ww www 'f"Q Q 1 L Back row, left to right: V. Ward, M. Underhill M. Relk, S. Wheelock, M. Finch, B. Hansen, E. Hayes, B. Jenkins, N. Hilty, E. Thiede, F. Schaefer, L. Schrimpscher, E. Shaw, D. little R. Ward, M. Henderson. Middle raw, left to right: D. Quick, B. Graves, C. Martineau, P. Smith, S. Frnncone, J. Hooley, F. Muzell, Z. Fullerton, M. Asselin, L. Scott, J. Bruggman, E. Andrews, K. Gibbs, C. Patterson, C. Arant, L. Bowles. First raw, left to right: S. LaFavour, L. John, M. Evertz, D. Noble, B. lawrence, E. Andrews, D. Velarde, S. Lewis, V. Brown, M. Freiberghaus, H. Taclcett, C. Fry. ' ' "B" Choir Girls Glee This year forty-four girls made a daily trek to the music room for fourth period glee club. The girls signed for this course primarily to learn the fundamentals of music. The organization had as an aim the stimulation of love and in- terest in music. A main feature of the year's musical activities was their participation in the Bandwagon Show, held April 4. iflection of officers took place in the fall, with those elected presiding over the group for the remainder of the vear. Under the direction of Mr. Dallas Quick, Girls' Glee inadc- several successful public appearances during the Yt"ll' The "B" Choir spent a busy year under the leadership of capable Sandy Cowie, president. Combined with the "A" Choir, these able songsters pre- sented a number in the annual Welfare Iamboree held on November 2 and 3, and also took part in the orchestra program February 8. Several numbers were also presented by this group at the Christmas Program given by the com- bined band, orchestra, and choirs, on December 19. Officers were chosen early in the fall and with the help of Dallas Quick, choir director, various tasks were suc- cessfully completed throughout the year. Back row, left to right: D. Miller, N. Lane, R. Ormsby, D. Weight, D. White, B. Jones, Mr. Quick. Second row: G. Connealy, L. Boal, R. Batey, W. Hoppins, D. Rose, F. Cox, D. Jones, J. Lundquist, S. Cowie, K. Bothwell. First row: B. Stewart, M. Peterson, J. Haverfield, J. Becker, G. Newland, P. Brewster, P. Kukla, B. Hensen, C. Lane, S. Lafavour, L. Tullis, E. Johnson, D. Williams, M. Henderson, D. Noltensmire, 0. Tullis. Buck row, left to right: K. Rithardson, D. Hole, N.Wittemon, J. Harrold, P. McCormick, S. Thompson, 1.Walsh, P. Tuel, M. Vun De Grift, H. McFarland, C. Chapman, P. Collins, M. Larsen, B. DeMill, M. Hooker, L. Halverson, J. Chadwick. Middle row: Miss Bird, Honorary Advisor, N. Muchos, S. Lewis, C. Allen, N. Biegert, C. Murtineau, D. Hanway, D. Hanson, G. Showalter, J. Hales, R. Draper, Mrs. Wray, Advisor. Front row: B. Gowen, Yell King, E. Lester, A. Abraham, I. Pirnie, M, Peterson, B. lessen, S. Gold, M. Mitchell, A. Chapman, J. Krieger, B. Peterson, B. VanderMeer, D. Frost, B. King, Yell Duke. Senior and Junior Spiz Changing their uniforms to red pullover sweaters and navy blue socks, skirts and collars, this peppy club has generated school spirit and enthusiasm at all games and has formed the backbone of the cheering section. Starting the year by selling hotdogs at the games, they continued their many activities through- out the school year. They were sponsors of a card section at the Thanlssgiving game, caroling at Christmas, the Spiz formal and the football banquet. Meetings were held every Monday in the room of their advisor, Mrs. Wrary. As in past years, Miss Bird has helped in the activities of the club by serving as honorary advisor. Third row: E. Besch, G. Gomer, M. Relk, M. Weaver, N.Stratton, N. Hilty, R. Comeau, J.Watson, N. Smith, D.Schlapia, B.lolley, K. Goto, J. Drake. Second row M. Knowlton, I. MrNees, G. Bice, L. Baker, K. Mitchell, J. Leavitt, A. Prohaska, J.Wa'msley, P. Taggart, B. Potter. First row: K. Bothwell, C. Thorne, D. Watt, C. Burkel C. Gudemun, L. Ammons, J. MacGregor, J. Platt, B. Groves, P. Smith. 48 Blu- The letterman's club at Nampa High is known as the Blu-N. Boys who have shown exception- al ability in their chosen sports and hold the athletic letter for that sport are eligible for mem- bership. The members hold initiations bi-an- nually. Besides their well-known initiation, they also present the Football Iamboree, sell coffee at athletic events and enjoy their Pheasant feed in December with the new initiates as waiters. Back row: D. lewis, E.Pinther, D. Ridener, C. White, N. Burkel, J. Zimmerman, B. Simpson, G. Ramsey, M. Dean, J. Reynolds, D. llennessey, L. Crill, K. Mills, D. Miller, E. Bevington, B. Brown. Middle row: D. Eastman, M. Jenkins, H. Bixby, D. Powell, R. Gowen, B. Blanchard, S. Moorehouse, D. White R. Skillings, M. Knowlton, J. Steele, B. Kukla, K. Wilske, B. Hess. First row: D.Maughn, B. Stallings, J. Krommenhoek, M. Blickenstalt, R. Zarbnisky, D. Phelps, G. Lester, J. Mort, D. Pooley, D. Peppley, C, Saulls, L. Agenbrood, J. Stephens, D. Beltz. Key Club Sponsored by the Nampa Kiwanis Club, the Key Club was led hy Marvin Ienkins. Noon meetings were held each Tuesday at which the members heard special speakers invited by the group. Illustrating their purpose of helping the school and community in any way they can, the thirty members decorated Lincoln gym for the teen-age Halloween dance. They are also work- ing to send delegates to the national convention in Chicago this summer. Bark row, left to right: Loren Skalsky, Paul Forxhey, Bill Smith, Glen Davidson, Jamie Steele, Marvin Blickenstalf, Bill Mainwaring, Ray Skillings, Maurice Clements, Kenny Mills. Middle row: Bill Hess, Milt Minor, Tom MacGregor, Wayne Crill, V. Pres., Marvin Jenkins, Pres.g Jim Kruger, Harold Forshey, Jerry Zimmerman, Ernest Pinther. First row: Henry Blecha, Buddy Richey, Doug Tobler, Brent lheurer, Duane Yamamoto, Neil Burkel, Carol Thomas, Duane Peppley, Don Wisley. Hi Y To create and maintain high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community is the purpose of the Hi-Y Club. Their outstanding Thanksgiving program was highlighted by Rev. Herbert Richards, special speaker from Boise. Other activities were helping the Y-teens dec- orate the halls for Christmas, Father-Son ban- uet and sending representatives to the Youth legislature and Youth Movement in Boise. Back row, lelt to right: NeilBurkel, Ronald Herr, Jim Rumpele, Norman DeVries, lewis Phifer, Mr. Samuelson, Advisor. Middle row: Jamie Steele, Loren Skalsky, Duane Yamamoto, Sec., Brent Theurer, V. President, John Barton, Leroy Samuelson. First row: Lawrenre Goeltxche, Harry Price, Marvin Jenkins, Jim Kruger, Carol Thomas, Richard Hasbrouck. 'asf s.-.-...ik EV : ...H .. . 'i Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is the name given to thi Nampa International Honor Society for Higl School Iournalism students. Composed of thi members of our journalism classes this organi zation represents the two publications of Namp: High School, the Grow! and the Sage. Thr group chose Brent Theurer as president. Witl Mr. M, A. Bodahl as advisor they initiate bi annually. To be eligible for membership Candi dates must have completed one semester of wori on one of the publications. Back row, left to right: Delores Hansen, Sally Gold, Tom MacGrego Reid May, Roger Wilde, Jamie Steele, Milt Minor, Marvin Jenkin Barbara Sallee, Janice Hales. Middle row: Carol Belknap, Morgar: Van De Grilt, Donna Kibler, Sharon Thompson, Sec'y-Treasurer, Brel Theurer, Pres., lla lou Pirnie, Janean Walsh, Donna Hale, Nam Biegert, Glenda Showalter. Front row: Jo MacGregor, lrisMcNee Yolanda Gunderson, Lillian Baker, Jane Andeson, Peggy McCormicl Put lbbotson, Carol Ellingboe. Honor Society Headed by Ralph Clements and advised b Mina Conrad is the National Organization c Honor. It serves 'ATO create enthusiasm fc scholarship and at the same time to stimulate desire to render service, to promote worthy leac ership and to encourage the development c character into pupils of Nampa High School." ln order to obtain membership a person mu. stand in the first third of his respective classes. Back row, left to right: Mr. Mills, Honorary Advisor, Viola Joi Beckwith, Margie Hooker, Pat lbbotson, Sherry Thompson, Janet Walsh, Pat Robbins, Peggy Tuel, Jonna lee Wagner, Peggy McCormir Donna Kibler, Lawana Boal. Middle row: Eddie Baker, Ken Wilsli Donna Hale, Ralph Clements, Janice Hales, Miss Conrad, Advisi Sally Gold, Delores Hanson. First row: Harold Forshey, Jamie Steel Tom Mac Gregor, Brent Theurer, Maurice Clements, Jack Newlan Frank Hermann. Merit Board A large spoke in the wheel that is Namp High, is the board of which we hear so litt and very seldom recognize, The main functic of this group of workers is to stimulate intere of all school activities to a greater number 1 students. Graduation finds them naming the tc fifteen who receive medals and top five accumi lating life passes. This year's board consists of Nancy Biegert, Glenda Showalter, Mariani Relk and Kiyo Goto. Buck: Nancy lliegert, Chairman, Glenda Showalter. Front: Kiyo Go Marianne llelk. Back row, left to right: D. Hanson, S. Gold, C. Larson, B. Tiegs, M. McCormick, J. Young, I. McNees, J. MacGregor, C. Ellingboe, P. McCormick, D. Kibler, A. Eiler, E. Lester, C. Belknap, S. Thompson, J. Leavitt, M. Samp, J. Goodwin, L. Blough, R. Bottoms, E. Shaw, J. Walsh, D. Hale, J. Landers, D. Frost, K. Booth, L. Ross, S. Ferguson, C. Hur- ren, B. Graves, E. Pelren, J. Nicholas, L. Roberts, J. Eastman, M. Asselin, M. Wyatt, J. Sarnes, L. Baugess. Fourth row: H. Huse, K. Richardson, M. Ludlow, M. Relk, B. Potter, J. Platt, P. Collins, J. Harrold, J. Ishihara, L. Frans, J. Walmsley, J. Chadwick, J. Hales, C. Stewart, A. Easton, M. Rowherry, M. Lane, C. Chapman. Third row: G. Showalter, Y. Gunderson, D. Watt, C. Gudeman, R. Coyle, N. Hilty, G. Bice, V. Ord, C. Matthews, P. Taggart, N. Belchie, L. Johns, L..Evans, P. Hatfield, L. Relk, R. Gates, M. Bonnerear, S. Duncan, Y. Alvey, S. Prewitt, L. Nafziger. Second row: S. Flisher, E. Keim, V. Lopez, J. McColIough, C. Barret, A. Prohaska, K. Rothwell, P. Brewster, D. Turpen, D. Little, S. Wheelock, B. Sallee, J. Watson, B. Jenkins, S.Nof1iger, G. Kreiger, J. Maxon, D. Duffy, L. Skalsky, C. Covert, B. Cheney, S. Nay, G. Newland. First row, H. Hatch, M. Cory, K. Goto, E. Johnson, B. Gross, B. Jolly, S. Sparks, P. Malpass, N. Nichol, P. Webb, K. Blickenstaff, P. Webb, K. Maxon, H. McFarland, G. Gomer, C. Anderson, D. Thueson, A. Keim, J. Immisch, J. Helsley, P. Peterson. Y-Teens Ofliciated by Ioan Harrold as president, we tlnd the Y-teens as one of the most energetic of high school clubs. Two of the many special activities the club participated in this year were the Recognition Service and Roll Call Week. Senior Fall Conference, held at Nampa, proved a success, with over a hundred girls participating. An Easter Assembly program, sponsored by the Y- teens, and the Mother-Daughter-Faculty Tea proved a delightful social gathering to all who attended, as also did the Senior Farewell banquet. G. A. A. MTO give all girls in Nampa High School the right to participate in sports," was once again the purpose carried out by the 150 members of the Girls Athletic Association. With the assistance of Miss Iulie Lagos, the girls sold candy and gum at the basketball games, in order to en- large the club treasury. In the fall, an initiation was held in the High School gym for all new girls desiring mem- bership in this group. Led by President Nadine Witteman, G. A. A. success- fully completed the year 1951-52. Back row left to right: S. Kirkwood, D. Turpen, M. Gibbens, M. P ry, P. Lalande, D. Klncheloe, P. Schmidt, D. Watt, N. Hilry, H. Huse, M. McCormick, J. Young, V. Adamson, M. lbbotson, G. Bice, D. Thueson, V. Hughs, B. Hanson, L. Boal, . Schlapia, N. Smith, E. Pelren, M. Freiburghause, M. Budell, S. Barrett, J. Nicholas, L. Baugass, H. Bowman, D. Kunnerth, D. Dalton, V. Lenz, D. Rupert, E. Hayes, L. Budell, Arent. Fifth row: R. Coyle, B. Potter, J. Platt, B. Graves, P. Taggart, V. Ord, M. Relk, K. Goto, N. Witteman, C. Martineau, L. Baltazor, P. Tuel, V. Korn, B. Jolley, P. Webb, . Samp, Y. Alvey, l. Robertson, D. Daniels, G. Newland, C. Hurren. Fourth row: M. Asselin, I. Burlile, M. James, l. Burlile, B. Tiegs, C. Larsen, E. Lester, J. Walmsley, L. Relk, C. Stewart, A. Easton, M. Rowherry, R. Gates, M. Munford, G. Gomer, S. Ferguson, D. Daniels, V. Dickerson. Third row. H. Beer, C. Gudeman, D. lternethey, K. Flemming, C. Rupert, Y. Gunderson, M. Wyatt, K. Bothwell, J. Eastman, P. Brewster, S. Prewitt, C. Matthews, N. Stratton, P. Webb, M. Knowlon, J. Leavitt, l. Bermensolo, L. Evans, S. Nofziger, G. Krieger, J. Sarnes, N. Nichol, K. Blickenstaff, M. Bonneru, S. Duncan, F. Serratos, C. Korn, L. Schartz, K. Mitchell. Second row: A. Prohaska, H. Hatch, M. Smith, M. Cory, J.Tritthart, L. Ammons, H. McFarland, P.MaIpass, B. Martineau, P. Burns, K. Owen, F. Higgins, K. Comeau, D. Filer, R. Tlucek, E. Young, D. Taylor, J. Immisch, J. Landers, Y. Walker. First row: E. Besch, E. Keim, J. Filmore, S. Moorehouse, G. Connealy, D. Gray, J. Helsley, S. Sparks, A. Keim, K. Harris, C. Maxim, J. Stone, P. Peterson, L. Nafziger, B. Spicklamier. 51 N. E., 5? A as . 5 if L .. - .Ns , , . .t , .. in Back row, left to right: M. Schroll, J.Wagner, J. Haverfield, B. Blauser, J. Harrold, J. Leavitt, B. Stewart, N. Whitteman, P. White, S. Wheelock, D. Little, P.Wehb, M. Budell, H. McFarland, D. Thueson, C. Thorne, B. Vandermeer, J. Nicholas, J. Kreiger, l. Baugess, C. Martineau, P. Kukla, C. Burkel, E. Young, R. Tlucek, M. Evertz, K. Owen, L. Szhartz, J. Tritthart, M. Mitchell. Middle row: L. Nafziger, S. Prewitt, C. Dosset, M. Relk, C. Anderson, D. Daniel, G. Gomer, B. Peterson, V. Korn, C.Seit1, H. Hatch, A. Prohaska, A. Billick, M. Cooper, C. Korn, D. Rupert, S. Nofziger. First row: G. Newland, C. Stewart, l.Johnson, D. Frost, S. McCurIey, B. Tiegs, K. Fleming, H. Huse, B. Hanson, N. Nichol, C. Hurts, P. Hatfield, S. Duncan, L. Lewis, E. Phipps, V.Murphy, M. Skelton, N. Drake, B. Walters, L. Relk, M. Finch. F. H. . i'Toward New Horizons," is the motto of the ambitious members of F. H. A., whose purpose is, "To promote an appreciation of homemaking and family life." Sending baskets of supplies to foreign countries, and selling apples at the games, were a few of the projects of the club. The candle-light ceremony held in the fall, and a trip to Weiser for the annual F. H. A. convention, were a few of the many social activities. "Shine On Harvest Moon," was the theme of the F. H. A. Harvest Ball, held on November 30, which proved a great success. S F. F. . Soft drink sales at football games, an initiation, and a Father-Son banquet were outstanding activities of the Future Farmers of America this year. Led by Maurice Clements, the club's purpose is to develop leadership, co- operation, learn judging and work on their individual projects. This active group of fellows helped make the success of the Harvest Ball and turkey raffle. Their judging teams made several trips with Kirk Rush. sponsor. Bock row, left to right: D. Pooley, W. Allen, D. Fisher, K. Schmidt, J. Baune, C.Beckwith, J. Lundquist, C. Bledsoe, C. Schell, D. Berg, D. Tovey, F. Vassar, J.Corey, K. Rush, J. Morf. Middle row: D. Wolfe, J. Hetmer, J. Freeman, M. Patterson, C. White, R. Heyer, M. Clements, E. Pinther, L. Crill, R. Chittenden, B. Theurer, D. Yamamoto, E. Hunter, G. Thompson. First row: K. Smith, J. Grove, W. Crawford, W. Moore, D. Gunderson, B. Keck, K. Rivett, F. Abe, J. Kunerth, W. Wakefield, N. Young, 1. Tlucek, J. Rurnpel Thespians Thespians is a national organization devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts on second- ary schools. It was founded at N. H. S. in I948. "Act well your part, there all the honor lies," the club motto, was well displayed in this year's club project, the play, i'Curious Savage." Under the direction of Mr. Guy Terwilleger this club held initiation once each semester and met regularly on the second and fourth Friday. Back row, left to right: Pat Brewster, Bea Grayson, Doris Chapin, laDene Frans, Shirley Ball, La Vanne Skalsky, Kay Mitchell, Sue Shurtliff, Norma Stratton, Kathleen Gibbs, Guy Terwilleger. Middle row: 1aneAnderson, Rip Gowen, Ellen Besch, 1onelDrnke, Marvin lenkins, Va Nita Ord, lanetwalmsley, Harvey Jackman, Charlotte Chadwick. Front row: Elman Anderson, Jerry Keuter, Paul Forshey, Milt Minor, Buddy Richey, Robert Jones, Duane Tovey. .F.L. The National Forensic League is a national honor society for all students who are publicly outstanding in some phase of public speaking and dramatics. This efficient organization is the oldest chapter in the state and the 48th strongest chapter in the western states. Under the leadership of Harold Forshey the host school to the Pacific Northwest States Speech tournament, including the states of Utah, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Back row, left to right: Carol Covert, Norma Hilty, Paul Forshey Glen Davidson, Eddie Baker, Darlene Frost, VaNita 0rd, Mr. Mathews, Advisor. Front row: Georgia Bice, Jim Kuger, Janean Walsh, Harold Forshey, Donna Hale, Joan Harrold, lean Goodwin. Debate An organization of speech lovers, this club is composed mostly of debate and public speaking studes. Consisting of approximately 30 members the main purpose of this group was to stimulate interest in, and carry on debates with other schools. An annual trip to Spokane is taken un- der the supervision of Leo Mathews, advisor. This year the governing group consisted of Harold Forshey, prexyg Donna Hale, vice prexyl and Ianean Walsh, secretary-treasurer. Back row: Don Ames, Lynell Lewis, Donna Rae Frost, Betty Potter, Norma Hilty, Janel Drake, Darlene Frost, Georgia Bice, Beth McBee, Don Ridener, Leo Matthews. Middle row: .lim Krueger, Janean Walsh, Harold Forshey, Donna Hale, VaNita 0rd, Ann Easton, Martha Perry, Jean Goodman. First row: Fred Grant, Harold Forshey, Dick Purdum, Glen Davidson, Don Stephenson, Don Clark, Neil Burkel, Harvey Jackman. f . s . L , , or 6 AI W t MA ., .... . 1 ....,, W uw A 1, ,, ......,... , ,,., ., XX., ,, ,EW R K vm ' L . . . X A 1 ,r , t X Q . .. ,.,,,, ,,, . ,,:,,. , ,.,:,.,,.. V . as ' A A:AAA' :'5 , Citttti tia i Y I :5:, .Q . :,,A. IIII E2 -": Z V V A l , , . ' 5 L f' If . 0 1 . . ':--- 1 . L v "':" . 54 F. T. . With an origin in the spring of '51, the F. T. A. club fell into full swing during '52 under the guidance of Miss Tucker, advisor. The club boasted a roll call of 22 members this year, whose purpose in joining the club was to gain a preparation for a teaching profession. At the various meetings, different teachers presented the advantages and disadvantages of their respective fields to the group. Initiation of the new members was held at a banquet in the fall. Back row: Carol Belknap, Marilyn Moulton, Betty Vandermeer, Peggy McCormick, Donna Roe Frost, Darlene Thueson, Lynell Lewis, Dilla Tucker, Advisor. Front row: Margaret Van De Gift, Darlene Duffy, Eddy Baker, Darlene Fast, Adallillick, JoAnnKreiger, Carol Covert. Science Club The Science Club is an organization of stu- dents interested in any phase of science. Several trips were taken. The Olson Company in Boise and the College of Idaho science lab- oratory were among the most interesting. A field trip to Bruneau Canyon was taken second se- mester. Films and reports made up the program of many of the meetings. Pat Robbins and Reid May, club presidents, and Mr. Ludlow, advisor, have had a great part in making this past year very profitable to Science Club members. Bock row, left to right: Mr. Ludlow, Advisor, Peggy McCormick, Margaret Von De Gritt, Rolland Pywell, Eddie Baker, Reid May, Janel Drake, Blaine Evans. Middle row: VaNetta Ord, Joann Leavitt, Mar- vin Jenkins, V. Pres., Pat Robbins, Pres., Jamie Steele, Claudia Chapman, Sec.-Treas., Marilyn Ludlow. Front row: Carol Burkel, Georgia Bice, Virginia Korn, Cecilia Seitz, Kay lothwell, Judy Maxon, Don Kehbiel. F.l..S. F. L. S. is a combination of the French, Span- ish and Latin Clubs. Meetings are every second Friday, some being held in the evening. Two members from each language group were on the executive council. A party was held about once a month, highlighted with the banquet in April. The purpose of this club is to develop interest in foreign countries. Any student having studied a foreign language six weeks may join. Fourth row: Miss llagelin, K. Wilske, H. Price, ll. May, K. Brown, L. Ammons, J. Wagner, P. Robbins, D. Watt, C. Gudeman, R. Coyle, V. Korn, P. Webb, P. Malpass, M. James, C. Hartz, H. Hatch, P. Taggart, C. Matthews, D. Daniel, E. Lester, Mrs. York. Third row: l. Burlile, L. Schwartz, L. Baugess, E. Pelren, P. Burns, M. llellr, L. Baker, D. Hanson, A. Eiler, H. Stratton, C. Belknap, B. Vander- meer, J. Kreiger, D. McCormick, D. Theuson, B. Potter, C. Schuler, M. Mitchell, l.. Evans, D. Troyer, A. Prohoska, J. Nicholas, B. Givens, M. Weaver, C. Korn, K. Bothwell, L. laltazor. Second row: I. Ber- mensolo, C. Seitz, P. Henry, C. Thomas, ll. Wilde, S. Gold, D. Kibler, M. Van De Grift C. Covert, K. Gibbs, V. Brown, N. Hilty, R. Clements, K. Mitchell, l'. Collins, C. Wurst, J. Walmsley, E. lesch, J. Drake, J. Lewis. First row: L. Ahrens, tl. Smith, l. Burlile, S. Mott, C. Mangum, M. Hooker, N. Biegert, C. Allen, M. Samp, H. leer, G. Kreiger, H. Huse, S. Sparks, C. Barrett, C. Fry, V. Lenz, M. Walker, D. Tohler, S. Schindele, D. Purdum. gre in ef is A' .Q K y X 1 , +a of . wi ' sf """.e-fc 'rr Back row, left to right: Pat Henry, Brent Theurer, Nancy Biegert, Tom MacGregor, Pat Robbins, Mr. Cruse, Advisor. Middle row: Sally Gold, Janice Hales, Harry Price, V. Pres., Janean Walsh, Pres., DonnaHale, Sec.-Treas., Darlene Duffy. Front row: Lillian Baker, Jennine Platt, Marianne Relk, Alice Prohaska, Jo MacGregor, Marilyn Ludlow. Service Club The Service Club, uncler the guidance of Mr. Cruse, is the active, energetic club that is in charge of selling and talking tickets at ull high school games and numerous other activities. You may see them nt most school functions as they usher und assist teachers. Some of the club entertainments are the banquet in Boise which is held in the fall, their spring picnic and their initiation which occurs at the end of the first six weeks. Heading this years activities as mainsprings of the club are lnneun Wailsli, Harry Price and Donna Hale, me Explorers Club The almighty Explorers Club was organized in IQ38. Its purpose is to further experience in scouting. The twenty-five members of the Explorers Club are money makers, besides being explorers. The project at which they make their money is selling popcorn at football and basketball games. To become a member of the Explorers Club, one must be a good worker, an outstanding student, have good sportsmanship, like to go hiking and camping, and last but not least, the prospective member must be a boy going to high school. Trips were taken to W:ir'iii Luke und Back row: Paul Ludlow, Bill Hess, Leland Agenbruad, Mirk Dean, Marvin Blickenstaff, Eddy Baker, Ray Slcillings, Maurice Clements, Jack Flitton, Webster Caldwell. Middle row: George Ramsey, Don White, John Price, Gary Miner, Jerry Zimmerman, Wesley Allen, Tom MacGregor, Loren Skalsky, Marvin Jenkins, LeRoy Samuelson, Duane Yamamoto. Bottom row: Howard Gomer, Melburn Markus, Bill Smith, Wayne Crill, Charles Saulls, Dave Powell, Bob Wilson, Ken Wilske, Jack Newman. sf.,.., W2 1- C XJ' 9 X3 WQ xc fswwa.- .. 56 Machinists Club The Machinist Club, with a total membership of 16 participants, spent a busy year doing many various activities, under the leadership of capable Ierry Gradwohl. Meetings were held every second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Outstanding accomplishments during the year, of this active club, advised by Mr. Quinley, were a visit to the machine shop at the Boise Iunior College, and the annual banquet held in the spring. Row l, left to right: Dale Mitchell, Ernest Breshears, David Schwarz, Larry Graves, LaMont Jensen. Row 2: David Jones, John Good, Jerry Gradwohl, Eldon Gross, Mr. Duinley, Advisor, Neal Lane. Row 3: Don Miller, Bill Barrus, Duane Pollock, Jay Taylor, Wilson Bevington, lab Hale, Burrel Hailey. Bowling Clubs This year the Bowling Clubs have stimulated the athletic interest of the girls of Nampa High. Three clubs were formed, each bowling weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Intramural contests were held with pins going to the winning teams. One of the club's projects this year was the purchasing of bowling medals. This activity is not school sponsored but many N. H. S. girls participate in this lively sport. Third row: J. Walmsley, M. Peterson, B. Jolley, P. lbbotson, K. Gibbs, E. Lester, V. Brown, P. Tuel, J. Sarnes, A. Abraham, B. Graves, J. Watson, M. Rice, H. Huse, M. McCormick, J. Young, P. Schmidt, D. Kincheloe, A. Easton. Second row: R. Coyle, C. Gudeman, N. Stratton, L. Ammons, P. White, B. Potter, P. Smith, M. Perry, C. Allen, K.Bothwell, B.Tiegs. First row: L. Nafziger, J. Immisch, J. Becker, C. Matthews, B. Peterson, D. Taylor, C. Larsen, B. Jessen, S. Moorehouse, K. Richardson, S. Beumeler, J. Helsey. Sophomore Magazine Staff To serve as a creative outlet for Sophomore English classes is the worthwhile purpose of this underclassmens magazine. It contains selected short stories, poems, and feature stories written by members of the sophomore class and is pub- lished in the spring of the year. The staff, herded by Paul Forshey and Kay Fleming, editor and associate editor, respectively, is composed of ambitious and capable students from all the Sophomore English classes. Back row, left to right: V. Dickerson, K. Blirkenslafl, M. Munford, D. Frost, L. Lewis, Mr. Hodgson, Advisor. Middle row: V. Adamson, M. lblxotson, K. Fleming, P. Forshey,, L. Budell, J. Goodwin. First row: J. Keuter, M. McCormick, J. Moxon, F. Grant. Q Q 0 Q Q 9- '.'.lgs f ' lf A Y J, Ziff! XXXX l -' W Ill ' " Q XXXXXXX XXX l I ff f S fd ,J f N .i Wil E If W X r f X X X O74 f X X XX X x E X gl 1 xmxx Flood Lights e Te? 71327 aa V a Back row, left to right: Dean Lewis, Coach, Glenn Lester, Manager, Earnest Breshears, Eiwood Richardson, Don Wisely, Gerald Gradwohl, Bill Mainwaring, J. D. Stephens, Jack Newman, George Ramsey, Bill Hess, Leland Agenbroad, Jim Kunerth, Dick Purdum, Don Ridener, Don White, Co-captain, Mickey Dean, Co-captain, Babe Brown, Coach. Middle row, left to right: Eugene Beumeler, Gary Campbell, Dwight Croghan, Bob Hale, Keith Barrick, Jack Reynolds, Lelloy Crill, Jim Richey, John Paul Price, Dave Hennessey, Hale Bixby, Dale Beltz, Duane Peppley, Kenneth Wilske, Bob Wilson. First row, left to right: Jerry Zimmerman, Manager, Clifford Bledsoe, Jim Cronen, Del Provant, George Bowles, Nephi Donahue, Pat Morris, Wayne Crawford, John Barton, Duane Eastman, Jack Corey, Daniel Flores, Wesley Allen, Bernard Kukla, Jim Morf, Manager, Don Miller. Football The 1951-52 football season has been a very satisfying, though not completely victorious one for the Nampa Bulldogs. Under the capable direction of Coach Babe Brown, and backed by Senior Sparkplug Don White, the inexperienced Bulldogs came through to tie Caldweli for third place in the Big Six championship race. The loss of agile Mickey Dean, big Senior halfback, unable to play because of an ankle injury, was a major one to the team. Nampa placed two players on the All-Big Six football team for 1951-52. They were: First team-Don White, fullback and co-captain, second team, Bob Wilson, senior center. Twin Falls severed a Bulldog Bowl victory string September 21, 1951, one which had extended over three seasons since this stadium first was used in 1949. Babe Brown's teams had won 11 contests and tied another, 6-6, with Boise, including five in 1949, four wins and one tie in 1950, and two in 1952. There were opponents from Montana, Washington, Nevada and Idaho. Though the Boise Braves won the annual Turkey Day classic, 26-13, Nampa fans felt that in spite of the "greeness', of this year's squad, it was a game aptly' played. . Qi WMM is ll s ig.. OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL PLAYERS Bob Wilson Don White Ridener Allen Reynolds llennessey Newman 58 if J 'Wwe' September September September September October October October November November November 7 14 21 28 5 12 20 9 16 22 Co-captains: Don While, Mickey Dean. Coaches: Dean lewis, "Babe" Brown, Verl Thornock. SCHEDULE Great Falls Baker Twin Falls Pocatello Kennewick Boise Twin Falls Caldwell Pocatello Boise Here Here Here There There Here There Here Here There They 13 6 35 20 33 32 32 6 0 26 Left Io right: Glenn Lester, Jerry Zimmerman, Charles Saulls, .lim Morf. 59 Buck row, Iefl to righh Dole Beliz, Bob Simpson, Jack Newman, George Romsey, Melburn Markus, Kan Wilske, Duane Peppley. Front row: Ray Skillings, John Burton Don Romer, Max Goin, Nephi Donahue, Butch Kuklo, Monoger. ' v 15.141-' I I if -'Y ff' 111 'v ,,f,f,,,,' f l.7f"' -v " i . ' 1,1 1 J7 if f",'1"lJ7 V , ' ' .kfr 'img f , . Basketball ' 4' r I I , ' . -wx, ' ,"'f 'Q ' . 1 Nampa had only five returning lettermen. They were: George Ramsey, Kenneth Wilske, Mickey Dean, Ray Skillings and Melburn Markus. After getting off Ito a slow start, the team, under the veteran expert supervision of Coach Babe Brown, cameiback late in the season to topple Twin Falls, 53-57, on our home court. Since then we have ' defeated the Caldwell Cougars twice in Big Six play, finishing fifth in the conference: Boise succeeded Nampa as Big Six champions. Expected to be the backbone of next year's varsity are agile sophomore, Dale Belrz, and Juniors Max Goin and Jack Newman. Nampa fans were very glad to see Mickey Dean return to active play after missing the early part of the season due to a foot injury. Improvement by the Bulldogs came in time for a tough District Tournament in Boise. Three teams from the District went to the State competition at Pocatello, where Nampa finished fourth in the state. 60 n Q Q Q n Q Q 0 4 n BFSKETBRLL SCHEDULE December Nampa Ontario 34 December Nampa Weiser 40 December Nampa Twin Falls 29 Ianuary Nampa Ierome 34 Ianuary Nampa Emmett 46 Ianuary Nampa Boise 53 Ianuary Nampa Idaho Falls 46 Iauuary Nampa Payette 35 Ianuary Nampa Pocatello 44 Ianuary Nampa Idaho Falls 58 Ianuary Nampa Meridian 35 Ianuary Nampa Pocatello 55 Ianuary Nampa Emmett 45 February Nampa Twin Falls 53 February Nampa Boise 5l February Nampa Caldwell 36 February Nampa Baker 32 February Nampa Caldwell 35 February Nampa Meridian 41 February Nampa VVeiser 29 Newman Goin Markus Dean Skillingg Romer Wolfe Burton walske POPPISY Simpson Bell! 61 ,- B k I ft t ri ht: V. Thornock Coach, B. Vundergritt, R. Muruvilla, T. Lopez, G. Tiegs, D. Flores, R. Zarbnisky, B. Fouser, L. Seal, D. Tiegs, J. Kunerth, L, Maupin, ac row, e o g , L. Behunin. Middle row: A. Albers, B. Myuke, .E. Wilkerson, C. Linde, B. Reid, L. Calaway, J. Andreason, F. Towery, J. Pywell, E. Pendleton, F. Abe. First row: C. Hill, R. Montgomery, E. Brock, L. Mackey, D. Wilkerson, H. Dodge, Wilson, R. Pooley, G. Behunin, J. Acres, C. Zuercher. Soph - Frosh Football Forty boys turned out for Soph-Frosh football this year. They were defeated by Melba at the First of the season, but came back to heat Boise three out of four games, losing one by a score of 20-21. They won six games during the season, and tied the Glenns Ferry varsity. The wins were over Caldwell three times and Boise three times. lt was a very successful season for a Soph-Frosh team. In the opinion of their coach, Mr. Thornock, all the boys played outstanding football the latter part of the season, having started a little slow, They should turn out to be very good varsity material. Sophomore Basketball After having started a slow season, the Sophomore squad developed into a very good team. They lost only three games to sophomore teams. These were to Boise, Ontario and Caldwell. The team managed to defeat the Melba varsity twice and lost to the Council and College High varsity squads. They have also defeated Weiser, Payette and Emmett. In the Hrst seven games of the season they averaged 39 points per game to their opponents' average of 42 per game. In the last nine games the Sophs have averaged 53.2 points per game as compared to their opponents' 42.3 points, This shows a very good seasonal improve- ment and are fairly high scores for a Sophomore team. Back row, left to right: V. Thornock, T. Lopez, B. Fouser, L. Maupin, B. Nelson, L. Seal, L. Behunin, J. Stephens. First row: J. Mallet, J. Tlucok, D. Flores, G. McCartney R. Zarbnisky, B. Vandegrift, D. Gunderson. We .QV sw 2 -' .p Q . --'- i 5 p : ,..,... z W. . s ..., Moi. . 1 Z. , F arst row left to right: D. Lewis, D. Purdum, D. Hennessey, 1. Reynolds, Bennett D Rose, R. Bass, E. Breshears, M. Jacobs, R. Montgomery Krammenhoek Second row: D. Skinner, D. White, H. Gomer, D. Pewitt, on S Bair, D. Geddes, J. Kunerth, R. Maravilla, B.Gussie, Rrdener Third row: ll. Sinclair, D. Gradwall, G. Stallings, D. Phelps Stallings D Pooley, B. Evans, C.llutton, A.Caldwell, F. Bennett Fourth row D Maughn, A. Southard, M. Norrell, J. Siebell, G. Mathews T. Brandt, 0. Fillmore, R. Svedin, P. Snider. Dean Lewis, Coach Dave Hennessey, Captain W, 4 'M ' -.-.s::q-ian.. The Nampa boxing squad, under the guidance of Dean Lewis, coach, made an excellent showing at the annual district tournament this year. Three top Champions of last year, Dave Hennessey, Jack Reynolds and Don Ridener, were among the boxers who competed at the clash. Winning the tournament at Caldwell held on March 13, 14 and 15, the Nampa group felt justly proud in producing four new champions, who are Dave Hennessey, Don Ridener, Dee Maughn and Bill Stallings. The Hghters also provided exciting bouts for the spectators at the scheduled matches. Ianuary 5 'Ianuary 10 Ianuary 18 Ianuary 19 ' Ianuary 26 Ianuary 28 january 31 Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa 10 7 6M 7 9 5 10 BOXING SCHEDULE vs. Meridian 6 vs. Parma 5 vs. Idaho Falls SM vs. Blackfoot 5 vs. Idaho Falls 6 vs. Marsing 4 Vs. Caldwell 4 February February February February February ' Home 6 14 20 27 29 matches. Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa Nampa M 8M Marsing ZH Parma 7M Meridian 8 Caldwell 6 Blackfoot 5 Regional champs last year. Verl Thornocle, Couch Nephi Donahue, Pitcher Back row: J. Krommenhoek, lt. Zarbnisky, D. Romer, F. Bramon, M. Goin, D.BeIt1, M, Dean, J. Newman D Peppley N. Donahue, V. Richardson, Coach V. Thornock. Second row: L. Seal, B. Fouser, li. Simpson, G. Babbitt C Babbitt W. Bradburn, R. Colson, D. Eastman, J. Zimmerman, D. Ackerman. Seated: E. Pendleton, G. Mcfortney J Kunerth BASEB LL The first night of spring training at' high school found many aspiring "diamond demons" answering Coach Thornock's call to "play ball." As a nucleus for the team there were returning lettermen Jack Newman, Dale Beltz, Mickey Dean, Nephi Donahue, Max Goin and LeRoy Crill. The season started off well with Wins over Melba, Emmett Qtwicej and Caldwell. Though victorious in their first game, the team was saddened at the loss of letterman Max Goin who suffered a broken leg. Highlighting the 1952 baseball season was the Dis- trict Tournament held in Boise, May 10 through 17. For the first time in many years Coach Thornock also started a Soph-Frosh baseball team with approx- imately twenty fellows out. 64 .gs . llatk row, Iell lo right: Coach D. lewis, ll. Blanchard, M. Markus, M. Dean, E. Baker, D. Ridener, G. Lasler. First row: M.lenkinx, ll. Mills, D. While, K. Johnson, ll. lurkel, ll. Romer, C. While. TRACK For the lirst time in its history, Nampa High had a track team place first as State Champions last year. Returning members of this team are: Hale Bixby, Don White and Melburn Markus. Other returning lettermen are Don Ride- ner, Kenny Johnson, Kenny Mills, Clarence White, Mickey Dean, Dale Beltz and Eddie Baker. This year they will attend the Rupert Relays, the Third District Relays in Boise, the Big Six meet in Twin Falls, and the District and State meets in Boise. Dual and triangular meets will be held with other schools. The District and State meets will both be held under lights this year, this being the first year the District meet has been held at night. Last year was the first year the State meet was held at night and it proved most successful. 65 5 WA it 9 is .1 in A 72 STATE CHAMPIONS FOR l95l Top: Don While, Coach D. Lewis. Middle: lay Dean, Mallaurn Markus Bollom: Wayne Aller, llala Bixby. I TR -IVIUR L S CRT FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Back row, left to right: Sidney Meddelton, Jack Bilboa, Bob Fouser, Larry Boston, Darryl Huskey. First row: Wayne Wakefield, Donald Pooley, Wayne Farmer, Elmer Skaggs. SUCCER CHAMPIONS voiievsiii CHAMPIONS Back row, left to right: Dennis Higginson, Walter Wilson, Buck row: Gmdon megs, Mmm Mbml Richard MCM, Gene Brimhall. First row: Bob Machos, Kenny Rivett. from ww, David Ahreml your Foshey, Dare Benz. This is the Iirst year a system of intra-mural sports has been tried in Nampa High and has proved very successful. It was composed of two leagues, one for Iuniors and Seniors and a separate league for Sophomores. Each team selected their own intra-mural managers. There was also a manager for Sophomores, Iuniors and Seniors. These were headed by a student intra- mural manager. Student manager, and also Sophomore manager, was capable Danny Heuck. Tumor manager, Francis Vasser and Senior manager, Glenn Lester. Team sports played were football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball. track and baseball. Individual sports were pinge pong, badminton, horse shoes, checkers. and foul shooting. These sports were limited due to the facilities. No person who has lettered in a particular sport is allowed to play that sport in intra-mural competition. This gives those boys who could not place on the varsity squads some athletic activities to take an active part in. fl? Square dancing at noon. FOOTBALL Bark row, left to right: Ronnie Romer, Jim Bounde, Duane Wolfe. First row: Jim Freeman, Vic Richardson, Dale Getter. SOCCER, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Back row, left to right: Roger Wilde, Gene Babbitt, Roy Colson, Fred Stuart. First row: Neil Burkel, Clifford Babbitt, Willard Bradburn, Charles Richardson. 66 I TRA-MURAL MANAGERS Back row, left to right: Vic Richardson, Bob Machos, Jerry Tlucek, Tom Akovenko, Lee Budell, Wayne Waketield, Dale Beltz. First raw: Maurice Clements, Clifford Babbitt, Willard Bradburn, Glen Lester, Francis Vassar, Danny Heuck, Coach Verl Thornack. PRI SPORTS Two of the later spring sports, tennis and golf, drew the interest of many students at Nampa High. Though the Sagl' went to press before the tournaments for tennis and golf were played we are sure that they will have a successful season and wish them luck. TENN S -if L . Back row, left to right: Duane Yamamoto, Donna Kincheloe, Eva Pelren, Don Miller, Ray Skillings, Marvin Blickenstaff, Wayne Crill, Joe Kinley, Gary Mclllahan, Mary Lou McCormick, Danna Watt, Glennyth Krieger. Front row: Carol Allen, Lorraine Boltazor, Marilyn Knowlton, Martha Perry, Pat Schmidt, Pat Lalande, Helen Huse, Carol Larsen, Janis Eastman. GQLE Y Lett to right: Tom Murphy, Jamie Steele, lob Simpson, Don Lindsey, Mike Mckeynolds. 67 -W .. ,M . .M I Mx as , , Q to i .Tw I K- :,..,. - .NWN K . .,,:,:.:::'A ,,.: E f , ..... ""2 .wg 5.1 X X WN X Q .V -,-vv- ""' - .fr- Make way for the Bulldogs! Ditto. Those mighty Sophs against Melhu. Reath, felIa's! Phelps and l. F. Knock it, sock it, get it in there! Up- dawn, up - down. What? A face? J. Reynolds boxes J. Payne - I. F. Football with Boise. Basketball with Boise. Ready for the windup. Up and overl Mick Dean -- 'Allyar she comes!" T, l 1,1 I 3""'l-4 h -'V I I H ni rl ',' Mm Q V 'wmv gs' 14- 0 0' V , ' 9 1 , 4 I N- M-Q Q :mf . .M LW'- Q f 0 4 ' ,f l , ", 'Alb , .I 1 'K . . Q U A 4 A V4 1 1 H ' V 1,396 I ' '. 05' - uf 'N ' 31,44 w g , , X I A Q ' M A , R 1 - f, 5' 1 As 4-4.9 7 A.f' A Q X ' if 'r 5 ,' 'Q -9-.I I ,X :ci 1 ' l .X N 'Of R ' fm, ' AL 'JV fs . 'aaa I 1: fx A Ain xl A Im Q L. 'kwa Wwilwf W MN ,f ,,.s'x1,k flif-A-QQ, gqy fP"',, . 40 , xx s jim, jr." as V wrt, IH' . .1 W K , J Q'f7' I m'x 52 X X f' -5 - LK!-JU'Q' IL- . ' Q' I th X 1 H, 'I Ulf!! -D-5.71, if LLL,L, -Y-b O X , .. fl' 5 , X , u o'V""'Q ,g'- 'X ' 4" tem Cd 42'.vh1 W W M W WWE WM ' Q '- mgxx, j ' vo Ofv-LL -M'-J C E , ,, A : . .95 Y Q L43 FB N- """f 00" fww m' f CI N 2 O E Spot Lights S A E 3 gl J0 ANNE CHADWICK W lk ,Y Q X E is Q www-'Wwwx V, ' S as s 5 - 5 E ,Aiea E ,,,.::::111 'A:-'::::: T . .Q S C DY MARTINEA LETTUCE BCWL QUEEN PEGGY TUEL 70 b W .W WZ, TB O ALL ! KAY RICHARDSON 5' QUEEN -,, 1 , X L Left lo right: Joan llarrold, Barbara Peterson, Cindy Marlineau, Mr. Rush, Laurene Halverson, Cleve Beckwith, Mrs. Keck, Wes Allen, Richard Heyer, Maurice Clements. RVE T B LL It was a perfect harvest dance. Nampa High School couples danced away their cares at the annual Harvest Ball on November 30. With bales of straw and colored streamers to lend an atmosphere of festivity to the pro- ceedings, music and laughter prevailed. In festive cotton dresses and jeans, students watched as the king and queen of their choice was crowned. Sweet, blonde Laurene Halverson captured the title of queen, with shy Cleve Beckwith as king! As souvenirs for the queen and king, a miniature rake, hoe, and shovel were given. Then the eventful moment arrived. At last the lucky number was drawn and the winner announced. The prize was a turkey that had tempted Nampa High students to spend their money. The theme song, "Shine On Harvest Moonv was sung and a pantomime ended the floor show, We salute the li. F. A. and F. H. A. for their wonderful Harvest Ball! 1 72 Mary Helene and Bob Harrison crowning Carole Allen and Don White Sweetheart king and queen of 1952. ak The candidates for Sweetheart king and queen, from left to right, back row: Don White, Jack Flitton, Bill Hess, Ken Wilske. Front row: Carole Allen, Shirley Moorehause, Cindy Martineau and lnnean Walsh. Sweetheart Ball W'ith the theme, " Me Call You Sweetheart." the Sugr' statl proudly presented their annual Sweetheart Ball. With big, red hearts the color scheme of red and white was earreid out in the l.incoln gym. The king .ind queen selected by the student body tronr .1 group of eight candidates were crowned by last year's Sweetheart king and queen. Glenda Showalter, Sage editor, presented the king and queen, Don White and Carole Allen, gifts and flowers from the staff. Don then gave his queen the traditional kiss and the ball was recorded on the pages of the Sage as one of the most success- ful semi-formal dances of the year. V 73 Who's Who At Nampa Hi h . 1 - . . J 'V my AC- I, ll' Mfg, ,X . r "W f ' 'V Mickey Dean Glenda Showalter Tom MacGregor Carole Allen Wes Allen Peggy Tuel Bill Hess JoAnne Chadwick Maurice Clements Janean Walsh Brent Theurer Sally Gold Harold Forshey Laurene Halverson jamie Steele Donna Hale Blaine Evans -Ioan Harrold In each issue of the Grozvl there appears the picture of the outstanding Seniors chosen by a representa- tive of each class. Alternating, each week a boy and then a girl is given this honor of being chosen Who's Who. Also known as boy and girl of the week, these students usually excel in some particular activity at Nampa High, and become known through this activity. When pictured in the Grow! the students also receive a Writeup on their various honors earned during their school years. Though the Sage had to go to press before all the students were chosen, we would like to give them our congratulations along with those chosen during the Hrst semester. Counter-clockwise: Mickey Dean, Glenda Showalter, Tom MacGregor, Carol Allen, Wesley Allen, Peggy Tuel, Bill Hess, JoAnne Chadwick, Maurice Clements, Janean Walsh, Brenl Theurer, Sally Gold. 74 JU IOR-S IOR PRCDM Prom Committee Chairmen Nancy lliegert, Tam MacGregor, Glenda Shawaltcr, Bill Hess, Kay Richardson, Reid May, Sal Gold. Grand March led by Donna Hale and Bill Hess. Prom faffhairmen Glenda Showalter and Bill Hess. l95l PROM Bill Hess und Glenda Showalter were responsible for the large attendance and good time had by ull at the l95l Prom. The theme "Dancing in the Dark" was decorated in red and white. Silhouettes, u fountain, and a garden scene with couples sitting ut tables helped illustrate the occasion. i952 PROM With the theme of "Blue Moon," the i952 lunior-Senior Prom was headed by lennine l'lntt and Marvin Blickenstaff. Decorated in blue and silver, the false ceiling, walls and picturesque moonlight scene added to the sentimental feeling of ull who attended. mi' Sn-if Bottom row, left to right: leninne Platt, Marvin Blickenstaff, Norma Hilty, Janet Walmsley, Betty Potter, Ca-Chairmen Marvin Blickenstaff and Jeninne Platt. Gracie Gomer, Pat Taggart, Lillian Baker, Bill Mainwaring, Harvey Jackman. 75 Back row: Charles May, Ron Zarbnisky, Kay Fleming, Frank R. May, Peggy Tuel, Gene McDonald, Mary Cory, Fred Grant, Jay Todd. Second row: Darrell Gunderson, David Powell, Don White, Bob Wilson, Kenneth Wilske, David Nennessey, Leland Agenbroad, Bob Sinclair. First row: Cindy Mortineou, Nadine Witteman, Marg Hooker, laDonna Nafziger, Mary lou McCormick, Joann Leavitt, Norma Stratton, Billie Dee Jolley, Jalane Tritthart, Student Council Student Council, the governing body of our school, niet this year under the guidance of Mr. Mills and President Bill Hess. The stu- dents have discussed and solved many scholastic problems. The school constitution was one of the big problems tackled. The student body, led by the student council, started the revision of the consttiution. The three main groups represented at the sessions are: The student body officers and class presidents, homeroom representatives, and the organizations leaders. The student body officers elected by the student body last spring were Bill Hess, presidentg Max Goin, vice president and Carole Allen, secretary. The homeroom representatives were se- lected in their respective homerooms at the start of the school term. The organization leaders consisted of the three class presidents and the Sage and Grow! editors. The class presidents were elected in school elections last fall. Representatives were chosen on the basis of leadership, ability and cooperativeness. This capable group works together to encourage good school citif zenship, promote student and faculty cooperation, foster common interest in the scho0l's activities and assure for ourselves and for the succeeding classes a responsibility for the welfare and good order of Nampa High. ORGANIZATION LEADERS Tom MacGregor, Brent Theurer, Glenda Showalter, J. D. Stephens, Don White. Absent from picture, Ted Hess. 76 Student Body President, Bill Hess, Student Body Secretary Carol Allen, Student Body Vito-president, Max Goin. VARSITY CHEE DERS Left to righlf Murilyn Knowlton, Benny King, Rip Gowen, Shirley Moorehouse. Qi? Q gg, ' 553+ SOPHQMORE CHEER LE D R 1 Lefl lo righl: Ruy Capps, Karla Harris, Sue Sparks, Alvu Coldwell. 77 5 li A Q x 'N-Lx A ' N 5 ogg, ,L fi, L in gt 'A ,I VB N xt 25 X 'Q . i. 9 A ' ., N25 X - . t if ii Qi ll, W. ix ' ct it ,I .F Q x A 'H . . " Q QV K ,E V eg 1 n l' N K Y X if g C Ng 5 I X E oi, - 'S 1 . l' X' xi sw 'K ' X ., X A y W. -, . , 'X Q. q X' 8 Ve c, i Y, l 'Q x S ,wwe cf l W- , X Q c. ' , 'KT we 1 X , t 5 'N 's V 'f "' if E N K ,L TOM MMGREGOR GLENDA SHOWALTER I 5- . . . . l ,A ic HY, TW' If well known f"W"d NUNPU H'9l' for Acting as SAGE editor and as Junior-Senior Q , I ir Ki, his leadership and ability. Among his many Prom gqqhqirmqn were two gf the many ac- .bl K -, accoinplishmlrntscyrege editinglzhe fROWLdand tivities Glenda participated in during her 'gl dj w se.rvmg as ey u prexy, e a so ma e a three years at High. She also found time for G tnp to Florida for the annual Key Club membership in Spix, Y-teens, Quill and Scroll '- Q' convention. and for work on the Merit Board. . V V , - i Q ' K , 9 , . C r . - l I Nl A il 't -H1 3' Q , N W ' 1 .4 ,, I ' x I 6 Q ' 4 f N D A 0 O gd ln g , r x f I t it S 1 J , . lim " 5 Q nl O rs is . , " v Q I BRENT THEURER Cheerful Brent could usually be found in the GROWL room where he held the position of GROWL editor second semester. Proving his leadership, he also wielded the gavel for Quill and Scroll, and belonged to Honor So- ciety, Service Club and Hi-Y. JANEAN WALSH Janean's membership in debate and her po- sition as secretary-treasurer of NFL proved her excellent speaking ability. She also pre- sided as president of Service Club and found time to belong to Spiz, Honor Society and Y-teens. ., ,' . --'-' . 5 ,gm t 212.22221 it 1 , . .M iillii it ., -V: .,,.e:,. nf , 5 shnm ,, .:,. Q I , AA v ., su' SALLY GOLD Overcoming her great love for tennis and Irish Setters, Sal also became interested in SAGE, where she held the position of business manager. This dreamy gal also claimed a membership in the Service Club, Spiz and Y-teens. 78 J sw o .b ' , I' " X fi 2 4 Q , . . I ' Q t.-'I JANICE HALES Efficiently serving as co-chairman of the Spiz formal and holding many high positions on the GROWL staff, Janice also found time for membership in Honor Society, Service Club and Y-teens, and was chosen as Girls State representative. MICKEY DEAN Well known for his athletic powers a Nampa High is popular Mickey Dean Known as a football, basketball, base ball and track man, he also presided o Sophomore and Junior class president. DONNA HALE Well known debator and business manager ol GROWL, Donna was also chosen as a dele- gate to Girls State and D. A. R. Representa- tive. She held membership in Y-teens, Honor Society and Service Club. JOANNE CHADWICK Beautiful JoAnne was chosen as Beauty Queen during her Sophomore year and Lettuce Bowl Queen Attendant this year. Well known for her debating skill, this active lass belonged to Debate and NFL. She also claimed mem- bership in Spix and Honor Society. 2 NANCY BIEGERT Presiding as chairman ol the Merit Board and Career Conference chairman besides holding membership in Spiz and Service Club, this active gal was always known lar her neat appearance and sweet smile. The 15 top Seniors are chosen according to the number of points they have earned during their three years at Nampa High. These points are given M'--...MMM for all activities participated in at school. The Hrst five Seniors receive medals and life passes to all activities of Nampa High, the remaining ten, medals which give students rating on the back. The points are kept and tabulated by members of the Merit Board and approved by the teachers. MARVIN JENKINS Being musically inclined Jenks belonged to Pep Band, Band and Dance Band. He served as Key Club president and belonged to Hi-Y, Blu-N, and was a delegate to Boys State. CAR0l.E ALLEN One ol the peppiest losses in Nampa High, Carole served as Yell Queen as a Junior and gained the honor ol Student Body secretary as a Senior. Being crowned Sweetheart Queen and holding the ollice ol Sgt.-at-Arms ol Splx were only a few ol her many activities. PEGGY TUEL Winning the title ol Lettuce Bowl Queen with her personality-plus, and being selected as co-chairman ol the Senior assembly were iust two ol Peg's many accomplishments. Being sports-minded she was very active in G. A. A. activities and belonged to Spiz and Honor Society. 79 JAMIE STEELE As an honor Science student, Jamie won a chance to try lor a coveted scholarship. He held the position ol vice president at Hi-Y and belonged to Blu-N, Key Club and Honor Society. MAURICE CLEMENTS Well-liked Maurice presided as local F. F. A. president and also as prexy ol Boise Valley F. F. A. district. He was a member of Pep Band. Key Club and Explorers, and was elected Sophomore class vice president. Shirley and luck. Alyce and Jim. Carol and Ray. SUO and Uulu, REMEMBER WHE ? Beverly and Gene. Shirley and Larry, Donna and Gary. 'QW Nl.-Q ,. lunean and David. Bonnie and Hale. Larrie Jean and Clarence. Norma and Bill. Freda and Gene. Billie Dee and Tony. JoAnn and Nephi, Barbara and Maurice. S lj -' "fm-4n..,f 'K 5 M43 LE? SUR X :--: ,.:.:.. t . zzz, '-A': f :L Girls, let's gel We iust love nature. Big Wheel. Looking for something, girls? One of his many feets. Help - help - stop! Spizzers climb the ladder of success. Suzy-snow. Sleepy beauty. "Ne comment." Fellas' all wet. Babyface. Read 81 Jr. beauties. Oh boy, food! The Three Musketeers. Boise, here we come Feedin' our faces formally. Spotlight on Baker. He-menl A wagon load it yourself. Puttin' On the llitx. Yeah, sez whol Ahl These Juniors. Sy mm gi QS W fi? T55 ei 'S We im V Career Conference committee. So this is Y-teen camp? Three little maids. Sophisticated Sophomore Y-teen Hillbillie wedding. This is the way we write our hook. Sage campaigners supreme. This little hat dog went to a football game. Assume position, ready, aim, fire! The Men! Looks like a wild party! The lineup. King White. Angel Face. The Thinker. Three and one-half Explorers. Bedtime story, please. Feed them BlueN brutes, Junior charmers. S2 C"- fu V ,N I F 9. 3 ' 1 Dedicafkd To Those Whgfc , , I ' f - ' A. lv! ,f , ,I Jan t Read ,Lafbf 0-Avrmf, M ' .V ,I , L 1 V f W , , A 43 j ",-U ,,':1fea 5 X Y 1 Xf,l,n.6.ix5 7 'QQQ4 ,I , my ' t ' ff. 1, xj 43 ,Brig 1 'V I 1 5 . A' QVC! ,.', .1 Y ,gm - f 16 , 4 4e . X , . K1 iff, 61-1 ' t I v ' -.Qin :R f 5 3.2 - My 31 ' W M1 - R H ' 'Q , , , . I W V44 . i . , N xg wif W .' .f 1 Q 13.1 I I N 0 .V , I' . 0 A .q 3 ' ,, ru 42 fyijf A ': g '-1 ' if 5 ' ". q.f 9i ' 'QQ V f! ,ilQf f 'A IQl, .M ' A' + ' ' Fifi 1 V - .. Q .' Q .3 t" 4 9 'I . V- M 11' .1 Lg ,. ini X 5 ,.' ',v ' W Q' . 'T .K 3' it f , ' -xg! - T . , 1 ' K ' 2 ,, 1 - " - ' 4 .. 4 . , A H ' f'1ga ' f ' A , ' . I ' . , ul ' .fy -' 4U'iQ. x q , . f ' I ' .,, W ' ' 'fi' ' A A I . .. V LL. ' M ' ' I ' . 9 ' ,fif . Q , X I - Q MMM 'b4 x , . :JA wi an 'L :gli 11, f Kg? 1 gfJ'I" 'vf' :Q- xt 'fx x ,bg H . 'w 'I 5 bg' T-f fi 14. J . .1 E 'Q 5 ff 4 3":"'L M Af f6f1'v Akyf ,M L : V 1 V-M 91 fl .L bi 1?51wf . 5 X X " ' s ?"Q x ' -g ,b I y v Y. ,V A NFL y 1 t A, y, lvi ' ,. if 'Z Q. ' 1 1 ,.,i, .Li5E uf :-ff. . , QV . ..,,, F Q "'7 "T '-.if . , pdf: U . ,ix K .wg 1472 ' ..-mir WN"T 17' kwjk. - - 3- -W ' I, ,- i . 1 ' a Mfwgfwwf D Q ,aww ww. EMM JW W W 5 J?MfwCJ47f0 JW? Qfffdayckaw J, MMWWZ Y Afffhavaf if WMJMM f 14014 fifwlaf W mf Vfg I , 'V - 'JL' Qij 5fZf12Z?fW W 'M Q5ffizffWf5'?7ff7 0 ' V, A '.f1 4 vZ2Z4f??t2WWZ', . 1 , p .vla?.,,i'4Q''1'?v 14f14"'f4-' ,f N muifffg-.111 7.15 yin Mgr. , - I 0 ,-qui, N ' 7 1 ,lg ,aff ,V 137455094 A I 1165 ,.f'f,Q..,- Aff' - lx ly L f ,iq N i :xv -' ,, v R ,-fl" , . ' vi ' , 4, ID-46 k ' M y E f 'NVHJAM Q X X I ' A 9:1 f' 'f',f 5 -Q f ,,,' I Q I Q15 "K ' 1:1 ,N - 64 rvff' ' X I - Z, il !'.l',,'9 Kiln' ' Aa n, ' 1 H5 'QR ,. 4 ,-'ef-9f?"',f D I X.,:fjZ'7 ii-a1 .j ,q, ,,.,, li-if -245, A,f N 1 xg! 'IU x w , 2 6 ff 1 f . N 1 , 3 , x I V W '91, train' 4 N fn, 1 Q I fe- H' J: ' ff . ' 5 , " :Iwi V' -7 3.7 -rag f--,L .,.... ,,, Yfffa, ' "ji - 41 V' "ffl- l"ulM' , xv. N " f " . u' aff- 'I'-A 'L V Gio:-3 :D QXXQGSQ O .x t x X - J? f .Q Y22 ,, - ' L.- A7 Q. H4 N' L y . R' f A F Wx w QW 0 v , Xxx u , f Wx f qvgwff? 9 X A 5, "Q, O Q W 1 7 AQ jg s'f5 V wwJQf47f Q- ' .Lf 4, Qfvfq -2 1 'f' , 2 A W, ' .mf-P 'JJ rf '- A "1 ,, .f H VA ' U 5 0 Y 11 lv O 9 WELL o gf -??52W f f ,QD " " jf Y C4 bgq 1, 6 ' M an " 1 ' ., - a ,Mi , " .X r . ' 0 S ,vi Yi. ' 0 .9 ' o 0 43-H 'M X .. , R ' if 5 2 Magik, L. f , , ' . ' 4. Q , 1 f Y " if . '5 X 25 ff ' 'Q f f wl 1, 'f M -4 Q, 4, f , ,gi - Z 1 yi V ' "-'-z 2' .-. 4 V , ' 5: A -ffw ,, fJ :, 1 W ' 3' v Wxxk Vm,f7MffW5ZQ74 1 kxnllbt v ,WE C A , X Mlxxl Y Lx N , ,jff,..f, 1 1, 47, 'ul " ,NX x XX V "A-Nw f -RY M ,AQ ' x NX' .N la X '.1-ff.:-riasaf' gif:-1.1, u :fu-A y L mx! M Q

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