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y 2' J' 1 J gffuf X C, TZ .ff W ff 7' Jw v .Q 'fA, f QQ, MMM gf, J f ff f X fy A N 16' ,- f H 4 4 f w. 1 f, --4 XL, 1 3 f 1- M x Q' Q7 ...K X w Nw-4f - .Lf , ,f I. Ly' ,N JK' A Z LW ,5-, Q Q, , 'J, QA Md 57 W ,LLFA '-N ,N ' ff - A aww 1 J ff Q y fry , 2 11190 Jf My M 3 if 'diff 'V' WL A, 7' I Wi Lyflf' Jjj :1fYVQ"-K F, ' '-f , YV ,2-,Q ju f 1, ,W A Rf, ,1,,f Jw, .105 Hifi! 1 -1, fi, :J lf, ,JV ff VV I W X Wgrc 551, 1 , . ,ff A -L ,r -"fm ' f IV VJ! x JJ . 2 'Q' -nj! n ' iv Q 1 'vff if . V, K J., r' x J' 'v s A Y , 'jf jj ff K JV , X " if'2f,i,. V , ' , 1 , WNV bird - ' ffm! , ' fd Q' if N' ,JV 'C I ' 4 1 f y fv ,MI - f Q . f -' V X lv ,Q ' jf ,UVAVM X . VM f , M if t V f ' ' f , ny , W . Lp ff " ' M l 1 . wi K J VXA! ,M 1 , H lx ll fig . ' , , 'ffi lj I ' ' 2 W , , . N fx ' PM f J 1 A ff Q ,, V , , WJ ', ff! g 'gl 7, gy , I b 1 ,A ,AA T N, A1 J ff, Y 1 i . yr IW' f ff! 7-V f nba' , N. "V X ff V f' I r ' , , ,V N I W 1' . ' gi M r ' W , . I, Q", J I X I , W M 'Q V1 I, fx!! I ., :X , J Y 1 J, vb , ' ,- ' 4 U V J-' , " 'N q , M ff M" 'ff f1 ' -f' ' Iliff' If 'X If X, P, x , xl X" .f- w ll wx- 4.1 Q , , .f A r' K xx -r t' X 1, ' -I vJ i . lx 1 'X R' V X fd r' '. ' ' A k ' f - k l xu ' 1 7' xx 1 h Y X l 'KJ A , - x ,L 'A, g ' 'V N Y Y Y A' :W K ' 71, I F I ,W fi " J n 1 N' A X1 ' K x R ' ' 1 A , V J 1 ' 2 ' ,- -' "" 'XII ' Qi N f - fe r ' . ' A 4. V .4 H, g .. A 1, N1 V . . -- fx . ,N QAM! VHP Aft. WX x Xe' L A Q- f 1' I " i M 4 ' J 'N Nf' ' , X v,.' .' Z gf. 'Q 'l g., "ii '.f- : '- 1,51 "Lg i,f- V I: F - X QL itA.fv3v,:ff5,35i:-,iiiii.. :-1.53:-1 ,Y NV .,.T3. l.jT,i,,Zi:?E,: .1 I ..V, b , U. b Vi , Zh. L. ,lf 5, . -4 1-1 f - . 1 , . 1691, jf! -' I A -.I, rpff' h- I ,V V K 1 J V I - A! 1 M-E ' - ' . .f X f'-'XULW 25151 ' ' ' x ' A A ' i - . A 'Q U V3-' fx' ,IN 1 ,nv , ff fd ffl f ,f 19 ' A U' " - ' . JN 5 I x 171, . ,516 C", ,nl ,ff , , V , , ,N f 'ff , ff ff 5 My Wy 'fy 5. f J A 3 av . , -f - wg ,f : ,fi-M x Biff jf .A ' F1371 gfg. , , ,fb E. WJ ,V A f. - il! so! in ' W gi ,X .WX M3 35? lvgxilsgi 53513 5133 ggi 3 35552 SS iiix as W si Nami 5 1 Q'i ifiiw K ig f ff 232522 75 E if 1 A ,P W J I A ,Aqb in -'4 ' W L 4 , , - 1 Mfggfpf fwgw, 99531 f w 5 i f mba 0, Eff fyfiwwf' Mwwm 3 - , 15' Qi A 04' 'K fk 41 !4 -- 4 :K 55 H ..f.. 4.x 'N ik 4k lk X 3 Mgfw WM WiJJ h voLuME NUMBER THIRTY-FOU Nwjgf QP 'bib if U55 NAMPBTQ EEHOOL jzoztj Qlgxcgg if JWWM QTZQMMMV W' Q DEDIEATIUN To the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who lived and died for the spirit of peace and freedom, we proudly dedicate this annual. A natural born leader and worldly known humanitarian, Mr. Roosevelt inspired millions with his unbreakable determination to elevate world progress. Let us never forget his immortal words, "The only thing we need fear is fear itself." wh MQW X ' Www- ggi? QQ? W if Q 53 Q P ' N t CG-9 X- N: Rigs? 6 2 E591 ELQEE Eoiliiiii Qmiii1s11'at1u11 SEE 352233551 4 Superintendent ' CLASS OF 1945: ' I wish to compliment the teachers and stu- ? dents responsible for the publication of this high school annual. It is an even greater accomplish- W. E. GILLAM , K 1 ment when the odds that present themselves today I are considered. Never in the history of America do we owe so much to the splendid spirit in our youth. The fine spirit of adventure in our young people has carried our very war effort to the gates of Berlin and Tokyo. The secret of success in any field seems to be the spirit of adventure. No matter what new'work one wants to take up, from book selling to whale fishing, one cannot make the most of one's opportunities if one keeps too many shore lines. Had Christopher Columbus tried to look after his banana stand during the day time and devoted only his evenings to searching for continents he would never have discovered America. i W. E. GILLAM, Superintendent. The Class of 1945 have our best wishes for a future filled with new opportunities to help rebuild the war- torn world. Your success will depend upon your ability to give your best for the service ofiothers. GERTRUDE MILLER. Gertrude Miller Principal CLASS OF 1945: To you this commencement is a significant occasion-one which marks the end of one period of life and the beginning of another. It means, of course, the end of your instruction under local ILLMORTH , supervision. Indeed, it means the end of formal schooling for many of you, and it means the end of many Hne associations in Nampa Senior High School. , ,g 1 But more important, it marks the beginning of a sense of greater responsibility on your part. Some parental coercion frequently accompanies one through high school, but ? fd it seldom extends beyond that point. From this time on much depends upon you as all-"""'Z2:-a 41641 individualg from now on you will be largely "on your own," making your own decisionsui , enjoying the fruits of your own endeavor, and suffering the consequences of your own 7 ' N mistakes. 'A' 74"-I On behalf of the entire faculty, I want to congratulate you upon your accomplish-f,,,,,,f 75454, ment in having completed the requirements for graduation from high school. It was no ., . mean achievement, it required diligence and exertion. May you be rewarded amply for ' your effort. And know you, one and all, that whatever joy and success may come to you Z9 .1 in the future will make us glad. L15 ary-.-C4 H. F. WILLMORTH, Print'ipal.ZL, 4, Mus. ILISTINA CORT: Transcriber. Registrar, and Secretary to Principal Harold Willmorth. Miss Rosie BA1-1RYcHuK: Attendance clerk, Receptionist, and Secre- tary to Principal Harold Willmorth. .Tustina Cort R. Bahrychuk ,J FACULTY MRs. NCRMA BECHTEL: World History and English IV. Redlands University, B. A.: Columbia University, M. A.: University of Southern Califomia. Miss ANNIE LAuR1E B1RD: United States History and Government. Adviser of: Spiz Club and Senior Class. College of Idaho, B. A.: Columbia University, M. A.: Reed College: University of Wash- ington: University of Southern California. MR. WEBSTER L. CALDWELL: Advanced Algebra, Aeronautics, Trigo- nometry. Physics. Adviser of: Explorer Club. Organizer and Adviser of,Service Club. College of Idaho, B. A.: University of Washington. Miss MINA CONRAD: Bookeeping I, II: Business Arithmetic. and Com- mercial Law. Adviser of: Girl Reserves. College of Idaho: Uni- versity of Idaho: Armstrong Business College, B. A.. M. S. MRS. GERALDINE CRusE: Biology. College of Idaho. MR. WM. CUNNINGHAM: Boys' P. E. Lewiston Normal: Albany College: Summer School at Northwest Nazarene College. MR. GERALD DELLINGER: Director of Physical Education, Head Athletic Coach. Adviser of: Blu-N Club. University of Idaho, B. A.: Creighton University, M. A. MRS. KARLEEN DELLINGER: Shorthand and Typing. University of Idaho Southern Branch: University of Idaho: University of Ore- gon, B. A.: University of Utah: Colorado State College of Edu- cation. MRS. MARGARET DUNBAR: Spanish I, II and Iournalism. Adviser of: Growl, Sage, Quill 8 Scroll, and Spanish Club. College of Idaho: University of Idaho. B. A. Miss MIRIAM EASTLY: English III, Economics. Yakima Valley Ir. College: Northwest Nazarene College. MRs. FERN FREEMAN: School Nurse. MR. GROVE M. I-IADDOCK: American History, Sociology, Economics. Adviser of: Boys and Iunior Class. Brigham Young University. A. B.: University of Ida . 6 M , Miss EVELYN HAGELIN: English II. Wellesley College, B. A.: Uni- versity of California, M. S. MR. C. N. I'IARRlSI Kansas State Teachers College. Western Wash- ington State, Lewiston Normal, University of Idaho, B. S., Uni- versity of Washington. MR. HOWARD A. I-IARTMAN: Band and Mixed Chorus. College of Idaho: University of Idaho. MISS ANN HYSLOP: Girls' P. E. Adviser of: G. A. A. College of Idaho, B. A.: University of Washington. MR, PAUL A. JONES! World History and Biology I. Adviser of: Sophomore Class. Coe College: University of Idaho, B. S. tEdl. Miss FRANCIS LARSEN: Homemaking. Adviser of: Sophomore Class and Home Economics Club. University of Idaho, B. S. ' Miss MARY A. LucAs: Librarian and English IV. University of Minnesota, A. B.: University of Washington, . A. 'YY1 CP MR. PAUL L. LUDLOWZ Biology I, II, Ilhemistry. Adviser of: Science Club. Lindfield College, B. A.: University of Washington: Uni- versity of California: Utah State College: College of Idaho. MR. LA VERNE L. MARTIN: Radio. Adviser of: Senior Class, Radio Club, McPherson College, B. S.: University of Idaho, S. B.: Uni- versity of Chicago: University of Southern California, M. A. in Chemistry. MR. LEO MATI-usws: World History, Latin. Adviser oi: Debate. Iunior Varsity Basketball, Latin Club. Lewiston and Albion Normal: College of Idaho, Q B.: University of Idah , M. A. Miss IOSEPHINE PAYER: Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, and Busi- ness Arithmetic. Advisor of: Honor Society. Northwest Uni- versity, M. S.: University of Idaho, B. S. MR. I. C. QUINLY: Machine Shop. Adviser of: Machinist Club. Sweeny Vocational School in Kansas City, Missouri. MR. IOHN A. RuPaRT: Industrial Arts Wood Shop, Algebra, Mechan- ical Drawing. Adviser of: Rifle Club. Nazarene College: Uni- versity of Idaho: Oregon State College. MISS DILLA TUCKER: En lish, and Drama. Adviser of: Silver N, Thespians. Pasadena College, B. A.: College of Idaho: Univers- ity of Washington: University of Oregon, Northwestern. MRS. Lois WENNSTROM: Typing I, II. Adviser of: Girl Reserves. Willamette University, B. A.: State College of Washington, M. A. NUT PICTURED MR. VAucHN Hmrza: Vocational Agriculture. Miss VIVIAN STONE.: Art. University of Idaho: Art Institute of Chica- go, B. A.: Chouinard Art Institute of Los Angeles. MRS. EDNA WILKENING: English II. Adviser of: Girls and junior Clags. gggiitmanz Lewiston Normal: University of Idaho, Mills, B, . Q . FACULTY X Top Row: D. Dunn, P. Little, B. Wilkerson. D. Comstock, L. Cheney, D. Tiegs. G. Stuart, J. George, A. Mallea J. McNeil. Middle Row: F. Hershberger, P. Busby, R. Brubaker, G. Harmon, C. Wittenberger, L. B1-assay, S Booth, R. Schneider, G. Guentz. Bottom Row: D. Wittenberger, J. Rehm, G. Cushman, D. Massey, B. Fuller. B Rodwell. A. Hooker, M. Cook, L. Essington, L. Florey, P. I-Iankins. L. Liechty, Pres. D. Massey, Vice Pres. A. Hooker, Scc'y Student Council Led by their versatile president, Leroy Liechty, the Student Council composed of student body oflicers, class presidents and home-room representatives promoted many worthwhile projects during the school year. Among the things accomplished was the establishing of the school cafeteria, the securing of ai service man's honor roll, the formation of the Recreation Center, the adopting of a new consti- tution, and the V-E Day assembly. - To promote XVar Bond and Stamp sales, Boise invited Nampa and Caldwell to participate in a contest which started in November. Nampa carried away the victory and was awarded a gold trophy by Boise, the Challengers. The various duties of the organization included: approving the budget, promoting better sportsmanship, approving publication heads, and electing student Rotarians for each month. The Rotarians elected were Leroy Liechty, Rex Bixby, Don Keim, Fred Hershberger, Gerald Guentz and Bob Fuller. A Student Council party was given in the latter part of the year. Gerald Guentz, Don Tiegs, Bonnie Rodwell, Marie Cook, and Ruby Schniecler formed the committee in charge of it. School Board Edson Deal, serving as chairman of the school board this year, was assisted by Lester Hamilton, vice-chairman, B. G. Davies, E. G. Chaffer, C. M. Corlett, and Mrs. Grace Keim. The major project caried out by the board was the remodeling of the new homemaking depart- ment. 'X gm? n YU1 iq Trigg" if 1353 NJQYX, E if W' Q ggi ig Q X F gy ki F3 EAW fx' cg, lx .pI..AAi itil ? CO2 ifg R C5 1 .X n' -Kg X .X 'gf Q fx ix 9 9 QL NN ' ai H 1 .4 ,. , X ' XXX " ' -, A "ly:-5' 'L '7 FQ VK X EM x'?s0 X sm V QM - ' 'K AR , X 'ummm wi N:- T-'ffffi lillx I M M4' 1 ,ff yj'fQ fll5fjjfw MMJX w'JWj2f www lasses X 4 J . Senior Class The Senior Class of "45" fondly recalls its three industrious happy years at H. S. As Sophomores they chose the motto "Today we launch, where do we anchor?" Blue and white were selected as class colors and the red rose for the flower. In their junior year they honored the Seniors by the Junior- Senior Prom. "Suddenly It's Spring" was the theme with gay flowers and frolicking lambs carrying out the motif. Energetic Bob Fuller was chosen as Senior Class presidentg Bob Fuller' president Jim Walls, vice president, who moved to Oregon and was later replaced by Fred Hershbergerg and Barbara Willmorth, secretary. Serving as advisers were Miss Annie Laurie Bird and Mr. LaVerne Martin. Dances were sponsored following two football games with the familiar 'ijuke box" providing the music. The tradition of former years was again carried out with the annual Sneak Day ' held March 30. Not even rain could dampen the holiday spirit. Early in the year, caps and gowns were unanimously chosen for Baccalaureate and Commencement Services. One of the final touches of the high school life was the Senior Luncheon held May 14. Gerald Guentz, Helen Thomas, Fred Hershberger, and Duane Thueson comprised the committee. Q Baccalaureate Exercises held on May 13, contained a serious note this year. The Rev. I. J. Brame was the main speaker for the occasion. On the following Thursday, Commencement was held thus completing the high school term. Fred 1'I9I'Sl'llJC1'L1'Cl', vice president Barbara Willmorth, secretary NORNIA IEAN ANDERSON! Mixed Choir: Girl Reserves. NIEVES ARANO: Home Ec. Secretary-Treasurer: Girl Re- serves: G. A. A.: Spiz: Rifle Club: Basketball. PHYLLIS ARMSTRONG! Northwest Nazarene College. BERNICE MYRTLE ATI-IERTON: Girl Reserves: Home Ec, President. I. WILLIAM BAER: U. S. Navy. EVELYN MAXINE BALTAzoR: G. A. A., President: Volley Ball: Basketball: Softball. FERN BATEMAN: G. A. A.: Softball: Volleyball. MARY MELBA Io BELL: Girls' Glee Club. EILEEN BENNETT: Latin Club. PATRICIA ANN BENNETT: Choir: Sage Collector: Home Ee: Spanish Club: Spiz Club: Victory Corps. SHIRLEY JEAN BooTI-1: Spiz: Girl Reserves, Vice Presi- dent: Choir, President: Latin Club: Sage Collector: Student Council. DONALD R. BOWER: Science Club: Spanish Club: Radio Club, Vice President: Sage. Feature Editor: Honor Society. BARBARA IEAN BDWER: Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Basket- ball. Sheridan, Oregon: Sister, Oregon. FLORENCE L. BOYLES: Pocatello Senior High School. AuDRAE LA VoN BRASSEY: Sophomore Service Club: French Club, President: Honor Society, Secretary: Quill and Scroll, Vice President: Spiz: Student Coun- cil: Debate: Growl, News Editor. Assistant Editor. Editor-in-Chicr. FRANK M. BRONVNZ Rifle Club: Machinists' Club. NORMA JEAN BRoW.I: Girls' Glee Club: Choir: Girl Re- serves. Kuna High School: Star High School. GEORGE RICHARD BROWN! Sophomore Basketball: Sopho- Inore Football: Choir: Latin Club: Blu N Club: Vars- ity Football. PW!! 771 FW Anders-Ion Atherton Bateman Bennett Bower Brown N. Arano J. Baer M. Bell S. Booth F. Boyles N. Brown P. Armstrong E. Baltazor E. Bennett D. Bower A. Brassey G. Brown GlLBER'FA Ru'rH BRUEAKER: Band: Majorette: Silver N: Victory Corps: Student Council: Blu N: Spiz: Yell Leader: Sage, Reporter, Ass't. Organization Editor. Organization Editor: Mixed Choir: Quill and Scroll. PHYLLIS MARIE BusBY: Spiz: Service Club: Sage, Report- er, Feature Editor, Assistant Editor, Editor-in-Chief: Sophomore Class Treasurer: Victory Corps: Student Council: Planning Board: Quill and Scroll: Student P. T. A. Council. PHYLLIS ARLENE CHILDS: Home Ec: Dramatics: Silver N: G. A. A.: Radio Plays: Thespians. CHESTER CLEMMENS: Armed Forces. MoNA RAE CLEMENT: Sage Collector: Mixed Choir: Spiz: Home EC: Spanish Club, Secretary. BONNIE DELL CoMs'rocK: Home Ee: Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Silver N: Glee Club. CLAUDE B. CODY: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Bas- ketball: l-li-Y, Chaplain: Varsity Baseball, Manager: Radio Club: Iunior Varsity Basketball. LucILLE V. CoPEs: Mixed Choir: Spanish Club: Home Ec: Girl Reserves, R. Brubaker P. Busby P. Childs C. Clemens M. Clement B. Comstock C. Cody L. Cones R. Crill C. Cutler W. Davis G. Decker E. Dillon J. Donat K. Drake G. Dunn M. Dursbon N. Duspiva RICHARD EARL CRILL: Baseball: Hi-Y: Rifle Club: Radio Club: F. F. A. CAROLYN CUTLER: G. A. A. WILLIAM IACKSON DAVIS: Sophomore Baseball: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Blu N, President. GLENN DECKER! Armed Forces. EILENE DILLON: Mixed Choir. Hastings, Nebraska: Burr Oak, Kansas. IOHN D. DONAT: Varsity Basketball: Hi-Y, Treasurer: Growl: Golf: Tennis: Quill and Scroll. KEITH A. DRAKE! Dance Band: Band: Explorer Club, Secretary, President. GRACE DUNN: G. A. A. MARJORIE DuRsToN: U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. NORMA IEAN DLISPIVA: Sophomore Service Club, Secre- tary: Student Council: G. A. A., Treasurer: Latin Club: Girl Reserves, Secretary: Service Club, Secre- tary: Honor Society: Thespian: Science Club, Presi- dent: Growl, Girls' Sports Reporter: Quill and Scroll. AGNES CATHERINE DvoRAK: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Home EC. CHARLES LEE DYER: LI. S. Armed Forces. LYLE L. ELWOOD: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Machinist Club: U. S. Marine Corps. Cozad, Nebraska. LOVETRA EDDLEMON: Mixed Choir: Spiz. ELDON FARM! U. S. Armed Forces. COLLEEN Io FEAGINS: G. A. A., President: Honor Society: Girl Reserves: Basketball. Meridian High School. IRIS VINEAI. FINCH: Girl Reserves: Latin Club: G. A. A.: Glee Club, Secretary: Office Monitor. COLLEEN P. FLANERY: EILEEN I. FOLKERTS: G. A. A. KENNETH D, FRONSDAHLZ ROBERT L. FuI.LER: Student Council: Sage Collector: Blu N Club: Secretary of Blu N: Sophomore Basket- ball: Sophomore Football: Varsity Baseball: Varsity Basketball: Senior Class President: Planning Board: Victory Corps: Student Coach QFootballj: Latin Club. Coeur d'Alene High School: San Diego, Cali- ornia. LORRAINE FUNDEREURG: G. A. A., President: Basket- ball: Softball: Home Ee. MARCELLA IEAN GROSS: Student Council: Majorette: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Sextet. Burley High School. GERALD GUENTZ: Radio Club: Rifle Club: Mixed Choir: Band, Vice President: Student Council: Dance Band: Baseball: Varsity Football: Sage Collector: Sage Staff, Music, Grganizations: Golf: F. F. A.: Sopho- more Football. BLOUNT HALL: Creston High School, Creston, Iowa. Shenandoah High School, Shenandoah, Iowa. lVlll.DRED KATHERINE HANNONC Band, Secretary: Silver N: Girl Reserves, President: Sophomore Service Club: Student Council: Science Club: G. A. A.: Orchestra: Latin Club. MARJORIE N. HASTINGS: FRED HERSHBERGERZ Senior Class Vice President: Vars- ity Football: Blu N: Baseball: Student Rotarian: Ra- dio Club: Rifle Club. A. Dvorak L. Eddlemon I. Finch K, Fronsdahl M. Gross M. Hannon C. Dyer E. Farm C Flanery R. Fuller G. Gneniz M. Hastlngs L. Elwood C. Feagins E. Folkerts L. Funderburg B. Hall I". Het-shbergei' A. Hooker D. Hoover L. Ingram J. Jackson T. J agger R. Johnson ANITA ROSE l-looKEia: Spizg Tennis: Victory Corps: Sophomore Service Club: Student Council: Secre- tary of Student Body: Sage Typist: Honor Society: Home Ec: Merit Board. DAWNA NADYENE HOOVER2 y Lois INGRAM: Student Council: Sophomore Service Club: Rilie Club: Quill and Scroll, President: Victory Corps. Honor Society: Service Club: Growl, Exchange Ed- itor, Feature Editor. News Editor, Assistant Editor, Editor: Planning Board: Student P. T. A. Council. IACK IAcKsoN: TWLYA VERLE IAGGER: Spanish Club. Northwest Naz- arene Academy. RODNEY C. IoHNsoN: Rifle Club: Machinist Club. WILDA M. IoHNsoN: Home Ec: Glee Club: Spanish Club. IANICE E. IoNEs: Growl: Softball. MARIORIE IANE IORDAN: Sage Collector: Silver N: Spiz: Honor Society: Sage. Typist: Oflice Monitor. W. Johnson J. Jones M. Jordan D. Keim J. Keim B. Kelley F. Kilzei' S. Kindall L. Klas J. Kling' L. Koho J. Kovanda 7 EONALD STANLEY KEIM: F. F. A., Secretary. President: Hi-Y, President, Chaplain: Radio Club: Explorer Club: Student Council: Student Rotarian. IAN KEIM: Thespian Club, President. Vice President. Secretary: F-l Club: Silver N, Vice President. BETTY M. KELLY: Girl Reserves: Growl, Departments, Exchanges, Feature Editor, Page Editor, Assistant Editor. Managing Editor: Quill and Scroll, Secretary. Hollister High School. Walla Walla High School. FRED RICHARD K11.zER: F. F. A., Treasurer. SHIRLEY KINDALL: Sage Collector: Spiz. Meridian High School. LORRAINE BARBARA KLAS: Band: Mixed Chorus: Girl Re- Erves: Honor Society: Play: Debate. Colome, South akota. JAMES E. KLING: Rifle Club: Machinist Club, Sergeantf At-Arms: Hi-Y: Sophomore Basketball, LAVERNA MAE Korxo: Kuna High School. IACQUE KOVANDA: Silver N: Home Ec: Spiz: Glee Club: Football Queen: North High, Omaha, Nebraska. OLGA KATHERINE KOZACEK: G. A. A. FAYE A. KREGER: Sophomore Service Club: Girl Re- serves: Spanish Club: Honor Society. ANNABEL LEE: Band, Drum Major. Drum Majorette: Pep Band: Spiz: Tennis: F-1 Club: Spanish Club: Home Ec: Sage Collector. LUCILLE FLORENCE LENZ: Home Ec. BONITA ANN LEWIS: Mixed Chorus: Spiz: Sage Collec- tor: Victory Corps. Iosepu LEROY L1EcHTv: Student Body President: junior Class President: Varsity Football, Captain: Sage, Cartoonist: Varsity Baseball: Blu N: Band: Track: U. S. Navy. LESTER G. LITTLE: F. F. A.: Rifle Club: Track. PHYLLIS Loosu: G. A. A. GLORIA ORLENE LovAAs: Mixed Choir: Girl Reserves: Latin Club: Home Ec: Office Monitor. DOROTHY MAE LYDON: Growl, Copy Desk Editor: Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Latin Club, Treasurer: Science Club: Quill and Scroll: Silver N: Sophomore Service Club. THOMAS Bunn LYDA: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Rifle Club. President: Honor Society: Student Coun- cil. ARLIE LYoNs: G. A. A.: Baseball: Volleyball. VIRGINIA MABE: Band: Silver N: Mixed Choir, Secretary. Treasurer: Honor Society. VAN NEss MAFEIT: Silver N: Spanish Club. CHARLES C. MANNHALTER: Band: Varsity Football: Poca- tello High School. Manual Art's High School, Los Angeles, California. Montebello High School, Montef bello, California. BETTY IEAN MANNING: Spiz, President, Sergeant-of-Arms: Sage Collector: Service Club, Vice President: Latin Club: Victory Corps. ARLENE MARTIN: Sophomore Class Representative: Spiz: Band, Majorette, THERESA C. MARTiNEAu: G. A. A. 0. Kozacek L. Lenz L. Little ll. Lyilon V. Mnbe li. Mnnniut' F. Kreger B. Lewis P. Loosli T. Lydn V. Muffit A. Marlin A. Lee J. Liechty G. Dnvaas A. Lyons C. Manlilmltel' 'l'. Mlll'l.llll'1lKl VIVIAN DARLENE MASSEY: Sophomore Class President: Iunior Class Representative: Student Body Vice Pres- ident: Tennis: Band: Glee Club Accompanist: Pep Band: Orchestra: Silver N, Vice President: Sage Staff, Feature Editor, Music Editor: Merit Board: D. A. R.: Sophomore Service Club: Spiz, Vice Presi- dent: Honor Society: Latin Club, Consul. WILLIAM MITCHELL MATHISEN: Growl, Advertising Man- .ager, Business Manager: Thespian. President, Vice President: Service Club: Quill and Scroll, Treasurer: Debate. Debate Manager: Dramatics: Silver N: Ra- dio Plays: Spanish Club. CHARLOTTE LouIsE McCoLI.uM: Camera Club, Secre- tary: Spiz: Sage Collector: Machinists' Club: Student Council: Spanish Club, Vice President. Long Beach Polytechnic High School. LENORA B. MCFADDEN: Girl's Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Spanish Club. Treasurer. LEATHA ROENA MCINTIRE! Home Ec: Silver N. LAVON D. MILLER: Girls' Glee Club: G. A. A. GLENN ADwoN MONTAGUE: Student Council: Sage Col- lector: Blu N: Band, President, Secretary: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: Sage, Assistant Sports Editor, Sports Editor: Choir, Conductor: Dance Band: Soph-Frosh Football: Silver N. V. Massey W. Mathisen ' C. McCollum L. McFadden L. Mclntire L. Miller G. Montague W. Moore R. Nelson S. Newby B. Newman R. Orcutf. B. Oi-msby G. Overholser P. .Packard B. Parris T. Pennington G. Penzien XNILBURTA MooRE: Home Ec. RuLoN NELSON: LI. S. Armed Forces. SHIRLEY NEWBY: Cv. A. A., Vice President: Rifle Club. BERYL IANICE NEWMAN: Band: Tennis: Camera Club' Machinist Club, Secretary-Treasurer. RALPH LowELL ORcuTT: Rifle Club: F. F. A.: Explorers' Club: Radio. BETTY Io ORMSBY! G. A. A.: Spanish Club. GILA ILENE OVERHOLSER: Sophomore Scholastic Society- Girl Reserves: Honor Society. 1 PATRICIA LOIS PACKARD! Science Club: Girl Reserves- Spanish Club. BONITA E, PARRIS: Glee Club. TED PENNINGTON: LI. S. Armed Forces. Gl.ADYS LEANNA PENZIEN: G. A. A. . W 53 I JT? RENA BEA PIPKIN: Girl Reserves, Treasurer: Radio Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Honor Society. VIRGINIA ELAINE POWERS! G. A. A. RONALD MILTON RAwLINs: Sage, Business Manager: Latin Club: Track: Varsity Football: Blu N: Service Club, President: Rifle Club: Sophomore Service Club, Vice President: Honor Society: Student Council. BONNY Lou RODWELL: Camera Club: Sophomore Class Secretary: Tennis: Sophomore Service Club: Victory Corps: Student Council: Spiz: Blu N: Yell Queen: Home Ec: Planning Board. DEAN RoIvIPI-I: LI. S. Armed Forces. IEANNIE RUTHERPORD: Spiz: Mixed Choir: Home Ee. BETH SADLER: Growl, News Editor, Sports Writer: Hon- or Society: Quill and Scroll, Sergeant-At-Arms: Sci- ence Club: Home Ec: Spanish Club: Girl Reserves: Sophomore Service Club: Latin Club, Praetor. Rum' SCHNEIDER: Spanish Club: Spiz Club: Co-Lettuce Bowl Queen. Osborne High School, Osborne, Kan- SBS. RUTH SCHNEIDER: Spanish Club, Treasurer: Spiz: Sage Collector: Co-Lettuce Bowl Queen. Osborne High School, Osborne Kansas. ' IANET LEE SHAVER: Spiz: Silver N: G. A. A.: Rifle Club: Sage Collector. MILDRED MARIE SI-IIIvIIvIIN: Home Ec: Girls' Glee Club. BETTY SIMoNs: G. A. A.: Home Ec. MARGARET IEAN SIx: Glee Club: Spiz: G. A. A., Secre- tary. Medford High School, Medford, Oregon. MARJORIE NADINE SNELL: Sophomore Service Club: Quill and Scroll: Science Club: Service Club: Growl, Re- porter, Circulator, News Editor, Assistant Editor. IUNE B. SPENCER: Weber High School. KATHRYN E. STEPHENS! Honor Society: Girl Reserves: Spanish Club: Sophomore Service Club. PHYLLIS STONE: Student Council: Band, Assistant Li- brarian: Iunior Class Secretary: Spiz. Secretary: Sage, Assistant Business Manager, Business Mana- ger: Victory Corps. GORDON W. STuART: Science Club: Spanish Club: Stu- dent Council: Service Club: Honor Society. :Ee R. Pipkin B. Rodwell B. Sadler J. Shaver M. Six K, Stephens V. Powers D. Romph R. Schneider M. Shimmin M. Snell P. Stone R. Rawlins J. Rutherford R. Schneider B. Simons J. Spencer G. Stuart PATTY GAY SWIFT! Home Ec: G. A. A., Treasurer: Rifle glub. Secretary: Machinist Club, Vice President: piz. BETTE LAWANE SWINDELL: EVELYN IANE Swoarono: Student Council: Silver N: Majorette. Pocatello High School. HELEN RUTH THOMAS: Latin Club. President: Science Club: Silver N: Thespians: Spiz: Debate: Sage Col- lector. Franklin High School. RAY E. THo1viPsoN: DuANE HEssE T1-iuEsoN: Explorers' Club: Student Counl cil. Franklin High School. Caldwell High School. DALE LENWOOD TIDWELL: Varsity Football: Band, Man- ager: Explorers' Club, Vice President, President: Thespian, Sergeant-At-Arms: Camera Club: Track: Science Club: Orchestra: Growl: Silver N: Blu N: Latin Club: Dance Band: Radio Club: Quill and Scroll: Sophomore: Service Club. I l F1 f:Zf'f-me Ssrwsw FFF. serv 2 ' 4 v-3 -3 www it mi? Siesta Qiiaic ' H :'gw?.: aa DARLENE TOMER: Mixed Choir: Spanish Club. EDWARD VAN Busicmxz U. S. Armed Forces. FERN LUCILE VAN HourEN: Band: Latin Club, Secre- tary: Spiz: Sage, Class Editor: Victory Corps. WAYNE VAssAR: Varsity Football: Blu N. Kuna High School. MAYE VINCENT: G. A. A. Student Council. ANNA BELLE WALKER! Latin Club. CARROL JUNE WALLER: Girls' Glee Club: Home Ec. IIMMY WALLS: U. S. Armed Forces. IRENE F. WARD: Home Ec: Student Librarian. NORMA IEAN WARD: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves. Meridian High School. IEAN S. WEAVER: Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Home Ec. sQ il i lj U in ,fi H , lf 4' lil D , ll SERVIIIEMEN Bill Baer jim Beaman Rex Bixby Robert Bowles Hugh Bray Chester Clemmens Harold Croy Keith Drake Chuck Dyer Frances Englehardt Larry Courtier Glenn Decker Lylc Elwood 'A' NAVY ARMY Dean Romph MARINES Virgil Lawrence Eldon Farm John Klima Donald Lantz Leroy Liechty Joe Mach Tony Maravilla Rulon Nelson Edward Van Buskirk Burton Van Epps Jimmy Walls John Feeler Ted Pennington Fra nk Goin Junior Class Pep and enthusiasm were actively displayed by the Junior Class members. Ability in leadership was shown by numerous students who will be future leaders in community, state, and national affairs. Glenn Cushman was elected president, Bill Aschenbrenner, vice presidentg and Valeta Hershberger, secretary. Mrs. Edna Wilkening and Mr. Grove Haddock served as advisers. Glenn Cushman, president "Magic Is the Moonlight" set the mood for the Junior- Senior Prom held April 20, at the Masonic Temple. The theme was cleverly carried out with cozy park benches, shrubbery, and a silvery moon sliining from a star-studded sky. Aggressive Juniors won recognition inivarsity sports, while others displayed leader- ship in music, declamation, and debate. As an emergency measure, necessitated by the war, many Juniors invaded the Amer- ican History Classes. A special name given them by Miss Annie Laurie Bird was "baby seniors." This plan will enable them to graduate before the end of their senior year. With the class motto "Not For School, But Life We Learn" reminding the juniors of the real purpose of education,ithey are ready to face new problems and apply their knowledge. pres. so ps K .I ww: A 1 -2 3. 1 - 1 I Q Q li , si vlfit. BETTY CLAIRE WEEKS: Mixed Choir. LOIS WELLS: Girl Reserves: Growl, Copy Desk: Honor Society, Vice President: Sophomore Service Club: Spanish Club: Salutatorian. FRED WARREN WHEELER: Student Council: Track: Ra- dio Club: Honor Society. ELLA MAE WHITE: Mixed Choir: Home Ec. ELIZABETH WHITTIG: Girls' Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Cv. A. A.: Volleyball. BARBARA WILLMORTH: Mixed Choir: Sextet: Latin Club: Sophomore Service Club: Rifle Club: Girl Reserves: Student Council: Honor Society, Secretary: Senior Class Secretary. HERALD L. WILLs: LLOYD ALLEN YOWELL: Sophomore Football: Track: Hi- Y: Blu N. MAXINE ELAINE,ZIIvI1vIERIvIAN: Girl Reserves: G. A. A. Girls' Glee Club, Secretary. B. Weeks L. Wells F. Wheeler E. White E. Whittix B. Willmorth H. Wills I.. Yowell M. Zil11l'llQl'Il"l8ll Seniors Nui Pictured DORIS ACREE: CARL E. BABCOCK: Spanish Club. Caldwell High School. REX BIXBY: LI. S. Navy. ROBERT BowLEs: Valedictorian. U. S. Navy. LOUIS E. CHENEY: Student Council. Iackson High School, jackson, Wyoming. MARY IEAN SELL CLARK: ECHO DELI. Cox: ROBERT F. GWILLIAM: Silver N: F-1 Club: Thespian Club: Growl: Explorers' Club: Choir. DOI.ORES L. HALE: NORMA LEE HANSEN: U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. DALE I-IENDRY: LI. S, Armed Forces. BETTY Lou IORDAN: Mixed Choir: Spiz. Davis High School, Utah. PETER KORN: ELDA KuHLIvIAN: HILDA MARXT: MERRILL NETH: Radio Club. BLAINE WALLAcE: Varsity Football. Adrian High School. VALEDICTURIAN AND SALUTATIJRIAN ROBERT BOWLES LOIS WELLS Valedictorian Salutatorian lf' flirl f. ' I J e-w""' M. Taylor 5 N. Pritchett R. Radford I. Ragsdale I. Rehm V. Reiniger C. Rempp G. Richards I. Richards T. Richardson B. Richins I. Rivett D. Rodgers T. Root M. Rudolph L. Russell V. Sallee L. Salove P. Sanderson I. Saunders R. Schlapia S. Schroeder H. Schuler D. Schwalbc T. Seidel C. Shroll B. Sinclair A. Smith D. Snyder E. Snyder I. Snyder G. Sparks B. Spencer F. Stathopulos I. Stroud C. Struthers O. Tarter E Thomas T Thompson if , W E. Tiser fuigf' M. Trebilcock '.' ' .. L. Trimble 1.1.- -i,,,n L. Tucker T. Voigt R. Wagers B. Waigand V. Wallace D. Waltrxxan B. Kotter I. Lacey I. Ladd D. Lantz E. Laughter R. Lenz B. Lessinger P. Little R. Lloyd H. Lutz B. Lytle K. Marcus B. Mabc L. Marshall L. Martens M. Martin V. Martin M. Marxt W. Martin M. Mason R. Maucher . M. McClintick B. McDannel D. Meeker W. Mc Pheeters E. Messer I. Miller P. Miller R. Miller E. Moore D. Munyon R. Myers M. Neal L. Neher L. A. Nichols G. Noble Nelson P. Newland D. Oberst P. Ostyn D. Otto L. Patrick M. Packard R. Patterson N. Peck E. Porter S. Powers D. Pritchett .fx -24 M. Abbott NG. Aldous L. Alexander B. Allen P. Alvcrson V. Angell M. Anketell H. Antrim E. Arant C. Arnold B. Aschenbrcnncr S. Aulbach M. Badiola B. Baer E. Baggerly L. Bailey I. Baldwin D. Barnes N. Barrett B. Beer R. Berry I. Birk L. Bonde M. Blanksmu G. Boclle ll I. Bootlx. h L. Bowman I. Brankovich B. Brown C. Brown D. Brown E. Brubaker P. Budell D. Cannady I. Colvin M. Carey E. Clancy D. Comstock M. Cook D. Cramer B. Cudd P. Crawford B. Crooks D. Cudd L. Cutler R. Dowdle A. Drake M. Dunn M. Dyzls M. Evans D. Farlingcr B. Feeler B. Fiet I. Feeler Ferguson xsx-.-- - . B.Fostcr D. French ii.-French ' " M. Fronsdah . 'eorgc T. Gibb Q. Goin? B. Gowen R. Grim L. Gundy F. Gunther A. Hallberg I. Hamilton E. Hanks I. Harley G. Harmon W. Harrison I. Hasbrouck D. Hasselbring I. Hayes I. Hayes G. Hayes M. Hayes M. Henderson S. Hennis V. Hershbcrqcr P. Hilty D. I-liner H. Hogan E. Ho'1e-nbrck C.l-1 ,a .v.-3' I. Horton I. Horton D. Hunt I. Huffakcr D. Hunt G. Irgens E. Iones I. Iones M. Keim K. King Y 5 I QQ r ch hite S enberger D. Wittenberger Wolfe by . Wood ood Yates M. Zapp M. Zarbnisky A -J' ffflwv Djxam 9'YMl4f0f LAM! LEG!!! Agfofw QWWQMW coax Qflfv-AWG M W' WWM fiilifg W jC,,4JQ,QA.A..1' .QfmJLff9QNA3f!mf"c"JE, QAW3 vga-N K'-1, JVvV2ij'.,Qv,,,!f,JVf. mffwyvjmw img M,wfMM5?fff5y5Wgff,vQi2jgyfW Wig Sophomore Class "The elevator to success is not running, take the stairs," was the snappy motto chosen by the class of "47" as they began their high school career. The syringa was voted the class flower and blue and gold the colors. Efficient officers were elected with Bob Wilkerson as presi- f-.. dent, Dee Taylor, vice president, and Norma Tiller, secretary. Bob Wilk erso n, president Sophomore advisers were Miss Francis Larsen and Mr. Paul jones. A gala event of the year was the election of Patty Hankins and Bill Waldon as "cupid's ideal couple." They were crowned by Mr. Harold Willmorth at a Valentine party. The first dance given by the Sophomores was on March 23. Chairman of the affair was Dale Faylor with Myrna Knipe, Barbara McCall, Dean Labrum, Philip Burns, Dick Stroud, and Duane Martindale assisting. Dues collectors were Bob Myers, jim McNeil, Lila Essington, Pat Robb, Loma Lou Buck, Bill Wallace, Tom Edmark, and Romona Rouse. With the exception of several boys who are joining the Navy this summer, most of the class of "47" will return next fall to further the work they have begun. Dee Taylor, vice president Norma Tiller, secretary I J . Anderson W. Blanksnu P. Burns li. Copes J. Durston L. Essinginn C. Faust M. Grant IJ. Harrell - Ln pgymamcm Bullard ' Bower Bybee Cornilles Edmark Ewing Fritschle Gross Hey lik K. Barrett E. Bradburn W. Campbell E. Cramer A. Edwards D. Faylor A. Gabica J. Grove S. Hendry F4WPS5FF! Bartels Brewer Carlberg Crofton Ellis Faylor Gaerte Halcom Hennis B. Bastida E. Brown L. Cavin J. Day P. Ellis D. Finch R. Garmendin J. Hamnson L. Hennis D. Beckman K. Brown C. Childers L. Deary A. Elwood L. Flory R. George P. Hankins li. Henry R. Bentley P. Brubaker E. Childs S. Drake M. Enberir M. Flowers L. Gepford E. Hannon B. Heyer ecwpxwrrz Betts Buck Coons Duf f in Erickson Forrey Gott Harbin, Hoc-hhnlter E. Billick S. Burbank B. Cooper D. Dunn J. Eshelman R. Fothergill R. Graile M. Harper J. Holmes A. Humpherys li. Keim V. Lawrence M. MacGillivrny IJ. McDaniel M. Miyake O. Ord D. Reed R. Rouse B. B. C. A. H. D. B. M. W. S. Hunt M. Knine R. Logan S. Manning M McLellan K. Moore N Parks I. Richards , F. Sasenbery Humpherys King Leavitt Mallea McGlotl1ler Montague Park Reed Russell :rgugmgmww Isgrig Krajnik Loosli Maravil la McNees Moulton Pascoe Richards Schell ?Jf'FS'J?'P54UZ Jacobsen Labrum Loosli Marcus McNeil Mueller Pierson Robb Schnmburg' C. J. A. D. Rf B. C. M. J . Jenkins Ladd Lovnas Martineau Medley Myers Peterson Roberts Suhoonover B. Jones L. Lapp R. Luekengu. L. Martin C. Meeker L. Nicodemus L. Pierson J. Rosenlof A. Schuler P Junginger L Larrinaga A. Lundquist B. McCall D Metzger R Newton B. Plush K. Ross E. Shefslall I. Keating D. Larson G. Lyons D. McCu1-ley J. Mitchell R. Olsen C. Rapp M. Roth D. Shores J. Simmons C. Smith D. Snyder S. M. Swindell E. Sykes C. Taylor J. B. Tiller D. Towery L. Tullis J. R. Wakefield B. Wallace B. Ware B. T. Williams J. Wilson B. Wisely M. B. Sims G. Smyth D. Stephens L. Swindle W. Tackett D. Taylor N. Tiller J. Trimble E. Ulrich J. Walker R. Waltiiian D. Weible E. Wilson J. Wilson B. Wohlgamuth IM' W Jw, an fjgwymf Aff S f . ew 97. f Stine Thorne Ulrich Weldon Woodard M PFPFF Stroud Tiegs Urben Wells Wyatt G. Stuart H. Tilden E. Waggoner B. Wilkerson 5 K.-gx gk B. Fuller. L. Brassey, E. Baltnzor. B. Rodwell, D. Massey, G. Stuart Qi wnnfs wHn ALL-ROUND STUDENTS L y Leichty, Bonnie Rod ll Es is . BEST PERSONALITIES Glenn Montague, Darlene Massey ,.,,-1476, f i MosT LIKELY TO SUCCEED Gordo Stuart, LaVon Brassey , . BEST ATHLE E ' trxfz-xg M 0 u er, viffngpa? 3 P! I-7'-x-rv!!- "4"' ,4P-a4.,,- my xii y 1 5- f C I7 ' ""f"yn f'TL97"'fS Qiffwff A--1-IK' .-,-417' S' xfxf 'ffffi My Mwx WMZQWQMJQK Wmwxfflwdfgmg xv CZZWM l, .L Nw 5, fi , Q UNO whillfi I x!QJ4 y lilly f X if Wilma W,iZf7,1f,i?MgW2 Ml., ' ' f ff Wilt 1Bt1CS 3 433' ,f dew, 7 JAN? !""4W'b JQ4! Wa H Bray M Hayes H Cloy L Couitlei J Colvin P . Fourth Row: G. Bodle E Clancy G Guentz I' Hexshbeigei Third Row D L. Elwood, T. Gibbs D. Sclfmalbe, L. Cheney, Coach DEHIHLEI. P Luke. G. Montague Aschenbrenner, B. Cudcl, V. Martin, G. Row: B. Davis, L Cutler, M. Taylor. R. Bixby, 1 Wolfe, D. Varsilg Football Nampa's 1944 eleven, upholding the Bulldog's fighting tradition, emerged Thanks- giving day taking second place honors in the Big Six Conference with three wins and five losses. Q With only five returning lettermen among the S5 gridiron aspirants, the Bulldogs were hampered from the beginning with inexperience and the youngest team in Nampzfs history. Coach Jerry Dellinger worked up a spunky crew in two weeks practice, that trounced Kunrfs giant team 27-0. Fighting all the way the Canines went down to a heavier and more experienced Caldwell team 7-0. As a result of their first conference title, the Bulldogs broke the Bruin jinx by trim- ming the Twin Falls eleven 13-6. Before a capacity crowd, the Nampa crew played a powerful and heavier Coeur d'Alene team for the annual Lettuce Bowl classic. In a thrill-packed game, the Bulldogs were beaten by the Northern Idaho Champs 13-7. On their trip to Pocatello the Canines found the Indians on the war path. After coming out of ax mid-season slump their tomnlmwk was wielded victoriously for n tally of I2-0. .rlyvljvlfffl Varsilq Football---Continued Jia if vQli"r.gff,flijFj Determined to gain 21 victory the spunky Bulldogs hit the aGrande ' n ith ferocity that surprised the Oregon State Champs. In a drizzle that persisted throughout the game, the hometown team was taken for a 13-0 loss. In this as in nearly every game, our boys rolled up much more yardage than their opponents. Seeking revenge for the early loss to Caldwell, our fighting crew met the Codgars for the Armistice day game. Early in the first quarter big Dale Tidwell, Canine tackle, hooked a blocked punt and galloped 60 yards for a touchdown. Our second counter came when Captain Leroy Liechty, came through with a touchdown on a quarterback sneak. The Cougars came back in the second and fourth to make a final score of 13-12. Luck was against the Bulldogs in the anticipated Thanksgiving day fracas. The game belonged to the unbeaten Braves all the way giving a iinal score 26-0. Those obtaining births on the all-conference team were veterans Leroy Liechty, halfback, and Bill Davis, tackle. On the second team were Rich Brown and Eldon Farm, guard and fullback respectively. Leroy Liechty and Bill Davis were voted most valuable players of the 1944 season. Lamont Cutler and Bill Aschenbrenner will pilot the squad next season. Liechty Davis Cutler Farm Aschenbrenner Tidwell Hayes Cushman Brown Hershberger Moore Richines lol Row Mr. Dellinirer, D. Schwalbe, G. Cushman, J. Colvin. J. Donal., M. Taylor. Middle Row: H. Wolfe. B. Ful- lu P Little, M. Hayes. G. Montague. Bottom Row: G. Bodle. P. Brubaker. Varsitg Basketball With only three returning lettermen and several inexperienced juniors the outlook for Nampa's cagemen was rather dim. Playing Coast Dellinger's traditional type of slow break ball the Bulldogs spent most of the season gaining experience, working hard on fundamentals, and perfecting their very effective man-to-man defense. Although looking rather inconsistent during the season, Dellinger's boys displayed exceptional ability in handing the highly touted Idaho Falls Tigers their only defeat in conference play. . In the district tournament the Bulldogs came from the underdog spot to beat Boise and Meridian. Then before a packed house at Central gymnasium they downed the favored Emmett Huskies by a score of 31-30, making it Emmett's second defeat of the year. A loss to Caldwell and Emmett put Nampa in the runner-up spot which made the Bulldogs a contender for the state trophy at Twin Falls. After dropping their opener to the veteran Pocatello Indians, the Nampa boys eliminated Gooding and Preston which gave them the state consolation prize. During his three years at Nampa, Coach Dellinger has established an enviable basket- ball record. His teams have won a state championship, state consolation, it Big-Five Con- ference, a district title and a district runner-up. The athletic department regrets his leaving and wishes him the best of luck. Top Row: Coach Cunningham, G. Guentz. B. Cudd, Z. Pierson. D. Carton, G. Clark. Middle Row: R. Kilzer, P. Austin, D. Crill. B. Fiet. D. Tiegs. B. Fuller. P. Robb. J. McNeil. Bottom Row: R. Newton, R. Grimm. L. Lapp, D Bybee. G. Faylor, D. Comstock. M. Woodard, D1 Wittenberger, T. White. Baseball The arrival of spring found the Bulldogs working out with only three returning lcttermen, although 32 hopefuls were on hand and four days later were given a try against Roswell. The B team was organized with John Rupert as coach, while Bill Cunningham piloted the Varsity whose schedule for the season included games with Roswell, Kuna, Marsing, Payette, Caldwell, Ivlericlian, and Boise. Track Answering the summons of Coach Paul Jones 22 eager track enthusiasts reported for spring training. With only five lettermen the ucinder beaters" consisted mostly of inexperienced, though plucky material. With the district and state meets highlighting the season, Nampa successfully com- peted in at least five other contests. Top Row: L. Yowell, B. Antrim. S. Trimble, G. Glopier. J. Walker, Mr. Jones. Middle Row: A. Foster, A. Lund- quisl., L. Trimble. D. Hiner, J. Ragsdale, J. Horton, G. Irgens. W. Tnckett. T. Thompson. Bottom Row: J. Spink T. Richardson. E. Bradburn. F. Gunther. L. Cutler, R. Rawlins, B. Cooper, D. Fm-linger. B. Myers. Top Row: A. Mallea, T. Thompson, D. Schwalbe, P. Burns. D. Fai-linger, M. Ftonsdahl. R. Patterson, Mr. Haddock. Middle Row: Miss Hyslop, B. Bowers, E. Shefstal, L. Tullis, E. Bowers, D. Pritchett., S, Powers. Bottom Row: V. Hershberger, H. Crofton, P. Junginger, M. Evans, A. Lee, B. Rodwell, A. Hooker, Di'Massey, C. Wittenberger. Tennis Twelve racket wielding cocds, guided by capable Ann Hyslop, carried Nampais tennis burden through eight scheduled matches. Though each girl had had previous experience only four were letter winners. Coaching his first year at Nampa High, Grove M. Haddock found eleven aspiring tennis athletes eager to prove their ability. After early workouts the team successfully met their schedule which was brought to a climax by the district match at Boise. Gulf Nampa's enterprising squad built around five returning lettermen, Glenn Cushman, Gale Fnylor, Dale Faylor, Bill Allen and Bob Wilkerson, showed a very promising year, Among the 29 golfers, which is the greatest number Nampa has had on a golf ICQIIU, were some steady sophomores and a group of first year eager freshmen. With flying colors the boys came through the four scheduled matches with Cald- well and Boise, and then the team trouped to the Big Six golf meet at Twin Falls where we were defending State Golf Champs, Nampa having won in '42. Top. Row: Mr. Dellinger, T. Edmark, S. Trimble, F. Cushman. D. Bader, J. Allen, L. Blickensiali. ljottoin Row: K. Brown. J. Colvin, J. Donut, N. Sower, G. Cushman, G. Faylor. D. Faylor. G. Harbaugh. Rf if ta FULLER TAYLOR SCHWALBE CUSHMAN MONTAGUE HAYES CO LVIN LITTLE WOLFE DONAT Back Row: W. Wilde, L. Bennett. D. Bybee, P. Robb. B, Myers, B. Wilkerson, J, McNeil, E. Bradburn, D. Stroud. Z. Pierson. Front Row: D. Bader, D. Tiegs, M. Swindell, B. Keim, J. Schaeffer, K. Brown, R. Luekenga, D. Dunn. Kneeling: Mr. Cunningham. Soph-I-'rosh Foolhall The 1945 Bullpups pushed their way through a successful season with six wins, two ties and one loss. In September, forty gridiron hopefuls answered Coach Bill Cunningham's call. Schedule of games: Nampa 26, Middleton Og Nampa 0, Melba 03 Nampa 12, Melba 123 Nampa 19, Homedale 05 Nampa 0, Boise 135 Nampa 26, Boise 63 Nampa 6, Caldwell Og Nampa 7, Caldwell 05 Nampa 38, Meridian 0. Sophomore Baskelhall Under the skillful tutelage of Coach Bill Cunningham the Nampa Bullpups made an impressive record of winning 24 games and losing 4 during their current season. Playing S1 fast running, free shooting brand of ball, the underclassmen were usually too much for their opponents, which often included Class B High Schools. To complete an already successful season the Bullpups triumphed in a District Sophomore Tournament held at Meridian. Top Row: G. Faylor, D. Taylor, B. Myers. J. McNeil, D. Montague. Middle Row: P. Robb, D. Stroud, K. Brown, D Faylor. Front Row: B. VVilkerson, Mr. Cunningham. . fa ,WV Left to Right: J. Rohm, B. Rodwell, R. Brubaker, G. Harmon. -1? Yell Leaders Nampa's "yelling four" consisting of: Bonny Rodwell, Yell Queeng Jack Rehm, Yell Kingg Ruthie Brubaker, Duchess, and George Harmon, Duke, have never before been surpassed. Always dressed uniformly and neatly, and promoting school spirit at games by new yells and songs, in pep assemblies, the cheer leaders deserve sincere compliments and commeudations. Coaches With unflagging energy the coaches of Nampa High again succeeded in training winning teams in all field endeavors. Gerald Dellinger: Varsity football and basketball. Bill Cunningham: Sophomore football, basketball, and varsity baseball. Paul Jones: Assistant Sophomore football and track. . Grove Haddock: Assistant varsity football and boys' tennis. Leo Matthews: Junior varsity basketball. Left to Right.: P. Jones. VV. Cunningham, L. Matthews, G. Haddock, G. Dellimrer. . l 1 1 1JunnL1N's my W! W! ,W,,,Wf95wf'fVQ M my W f yy Nfffjffyfjfjj ffiiwffi ,WQEQQE M' SNR 5 5 M gi is 13153 iw in E 33 Mi I. 1 f"'-9"-E'-. ' ' 4s., I x 4" 6 .J QQ Q If-, W.-1 L 0 1 l 1? , - H Ki F' L1 LQJJI Q1 Music it ' W llfgljb i .i .. 1. T011 ROW: H. Antrim. D. Snyder. R- PRtte1'S0H. R. Berry, D. Stroud, E. Hannon, H. Bar-tels, Mr. Hartman, A. Flow- ers. E. Brown. G. Montague, W. Harrison, D. Finch. Third Row: L. Nelson, H. Manson, R. Fothergill, J. Colvin, T. Edmark, D. Cudd. G. Guentz, E. Wagner, P. Hankins, A. Foster. Second Row: M. Hannon, R. Radford, L. Klas. M. MacGilliv1-ay. B. White, V. Wolfe. E. Bradburn, K. Casper. R. Newton, P. Junging-er, J. Walker, A. Halberg, J. Rehm. Bottom Row: L. Tullis, A. Martin, K. King, E. Swofiord, S. Stine, C. Scroll, W. Martin, L. Patrick, A. Lee, M. Gross, Band Directed by Howard Hartman. the band more than filled its role in the drama of school affairs this year. Ten high-stepping twirlers led the Band which football games, but also all home basketball games. The Band-Mixed Chorus Concert, on February high spots of a crowded second semester. turned out in full force, not only to attend the fall 28. and the Music Evaluation Program were the The oflicers of this year's organization were Glenn Montague, president: Gerald Guentz, vice pres- ident: Mildred Hannon, secretary: Dorothy Cudd and Alice Halberg, librarians: David Montague and Tommy Edmark, managers: and Donna lean Snyder and Helen Antrim, custodians. llrchestra Growing from the string choir of last year the orchestra in years to come. Orchestra was held as director. The first public appearance of this organization opening numbers for the December Music lamboree Ioined by the Glee Club for the main concert of orchestra's goal is to promote a large symphony an eight o'clock period with Charles Wilson as was at the Silver N Pageant. Contributing the was another first semester activity. the year, the orchestra contributed "Themes from Tschaikowsky's Piano Concerto No. I," a violin selection, "The Rain." and other numbers including solos by Mary Lou Evans. Lois Bailey. Barbara Humpherys, Iune Waterhouse, Helen Antrim, and Eve- lyn Hannon. Top Row: M. Keim, H. Antrim, D. Snyder, E. Wagner, E. Hannon. R. Radford. R. Fothergill, Mr. Wilson. Middle Row: B. Crooks. M. Evans, B. Humpherys, J. VVate1'house, L. Bailey, H. Antrim, M. Hannon. Bottom Row: R. Rouse. D. Cudd, J. Rehm, F. Sasenbery, C. Rapp. Top Nehen M Gross, R Rouse, N Brown, V Mabe, J. Booth, D. R. Ol- Third Row: C. Rapp. E. White. B. Weeks, J. Snyder. J. E. Ai-ant. D. Tonner, E. Dillon. F. Martin, F. Sasenbery. M. Abbott, L. Lapp, H. Mansen, R. Dowdle, M. Keim, Bottom Row: B. Vilisely. E. Cramer. J. Eshelman, G. e, E. Thomas, B. Jordan. Mixed Choir For the Hrst time in Nampa l-Iigh's history a music jamboree was presented with the help of the choirdunder the leadership of Howard Hartman who introduced the idea with the hope of making it a tra ition. The choir made special appearances at the P. T. A. Milk Fund Iamboree and the annual Kiwanis banquet. On February 28, the band and choir gave a special concert and at Christmas time presented a pageant. "Nativity Story." ' An Evaluation Program was held on April 26 and 27, with Iohn Stehn, instrumentalist, from the University of Oregon, and Carl Meland, vocalist, from the Colorado State College of Education as distinguished guest judges and directors. Girls' Glee Club Small but mighty is the fitting description of the Girls' Glee Club under the direction of C. N. Harris, new Nampa High music instructor. A vigorous program was carried out by the girls' schedule of performances at the Music Iamboree, annual Kiwanis banquet, and a special concert in February with the orchestra. Members also partici- pated in the Nampa Evaluation Program. Early in the spring the combined vocal departments of the school sponsored a brilliant recital by an all-girl singing orchestra from the University of Idaho conducted by A. A. Beecher. Girls' Glee Club otlicers were: First semester: Mary Lou Winans, president: Bonita Paris, vice president: Maxine Zimmerman, secretary: Mary Lou Jacobson, librariang Clarabelle Wood, assistant librarian. Second Semester: Lorraine Alexander, president: Carole Chanbus, vice president: Maxine Zimmerman. secretary: Clarabelle Wood, librarian: Pearl Sanderson, assistant librarian. Top Row: M. Keim. M. Ellis, M. Zimmerman, M. Shimmin, P. Jacobsen. P. Sanderson, L. Alexander. A. Lovaas. Bottom Row: Mr. Harris, C. Wood, L. Nicodemus. M. Sedlacek, C. Chambers. D. Metzger, M. Jacobson, D. Gramer, M. Neil, B. Parris. J S f' a ee- Top Row: D. Montague. E. Wagner. D. Stroud. J. Varnadoe. Bottom Row: B. White, R. Newton, D. Cudd, R. Rad- ford. J. Rehm. Dance Band Swingin', swayin' and beatin' out jive, the Dance Band, composed of nine regular members, made its initial appearance after the Twin Falls-Nampa basketball game. The first school swingsters since Rollin Peebles' band three year ago, these musicians played such hits as "All othing at All," "Blue Rain," "Fuzzy zzy," "In the Mood," and many other the Sophomore Hpp, the Band weethe dance, and some matinee frolics. ' ' Overcoming t e aQri ' cul X' I an isa omt nts i rga ' ing a dance band, the nine did get a y go sta n th 'ay a r lar o anization. . Q I . ff M f X if .K yfw fyllgjyffidllyg .. W A 1 I 1 'Vizly fy Qywffvw f w Qg WW X , M V Xjf,fLf4f' ff ' 4 fffvwffy' ww if M W ,mffff f M W W 9 , fa . W if S 53333 wwf! M ff WW mis jxgxlqlf N Qgxi V531 Um do: W EQ! is-CPUCDUKU " 4' LXINCBE U1'qa111zat1n11s h K h KVL. 'wkk ' ' If K'xX if Qix - k-' . 5. . L. mA,x 1 Xzmixrv Top Row: D. Comstock, B. Allen, R. Fothergill. A. Mallea, A. Hooker, R. Lloyd, L. Neher. Middle Row: R. Raw lins. D. Bower. D. Wittenberger, G. Montague, Mrs. Dunbar. Bottom Row: P. Stone, D. Massey, F. Van I-Iouten. B Gowen, P. Busby. R. Brubaker, M. Jordan, K. King. M. Knipe. Sage Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ........ .,...,...,....,................, P HYLLIS BUSBY ASSISTANT EDITOR ,..,. ...........................,...., B ARBARA GOWEN BUSINESS MANAGERS ...... -. ........ PHYLLIS STONE, RONALD RAWLINS ASSISTANT ................................... . ...........................,,.........,.....,........,.. BILL ALLEN ORGANIZATION EDITOR ...............,.....,,..,...,.,,.... ,.,.,L.,,..,...... ,. RUTHIE BRUBAKER ASSISTANTS ................ DARYL WITTENBERGER, MYRNA KNIPE, GERALD GUENTZ MUSIC EDITOR ..... ........................,,.....................,...................., D ARLENE MAssEY ASSISTANT ....... .,... R ALI-I-I FOTHERGILL SPORTS EDITOR ...... ...... G LENN MONTAGUE ASSISTANT ....... .... L LL- DICK COMSTOCK CLASS EDITOR ...... ...,. F ERN VAN HOUTEN ASSISTANT .......... .............. K AY KING FEATURE EDITOR ......... ....,,,. D ON BOWER ASSISTANT ...............,.... ...... R UTHIE LLOYD CARTOONIST EDITOR ......, ............. , ...........,,..................,.,.........,..., L EROY LIECHTY ART EDITOR ................... .........................................................,.......,,.,, L OUISE NEHER PHOTOGRAPHERS ,.... ...... H AROLD WILLMORTH, JACK STROUD, ANGEL MALLEA TYPISTS . ..,,..........,...... ..,..,.....................,... M ARJORIE JORDAN, ANITA HOOKER ADVISERS ,.,..... ..,..... M ISS DOROTHY ROBBINS, MRS. MARGARET DUNBAR BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANT EDITORS FEATURE EDITOR . .,.,,E LoIs INGRAIVI, LAVON BRASSEY . . BILL MATHISEN Brawl Staff ASSISTANT FEATUR S: DALE TIDWELL, CONOVER TAYLQR, DARRO ANN BARNES SPORTS EDITOR ....., I .IE.,.. ,..S..,.,............7...,,..,....,.,..,...............E,.I..,.,... G LENN CUSHMAN ASSISTANT SPORTS I,7.,S.S ,...,......... NORMA JEAN DUSPIVA, JACK DONAT' COPY DESK ...,..,......,...... ,,...........,..,.,....,.,. D OROTHY LYDON, JAN JONES, LOIS WELLS COLUMNS ...,.,,...... ..,.., B OB GWILLIAM, MAR CK,. DARRQ ANN BARNES CIRCULATION ..,,,. ,...,..,...................,..... Q ......,w..,I.,.......,..... B ARBARA LESSINGER ADVERTISING .,...., .,.....,....,,......,.,.,.... B ILL BAER, ANGEL MALLEA, JACK REHM, BARBARA LESSINGER, XVILMA MARTIN, VIRGINIA SALLEE EXCHANGES I..,... .......,..,......,......L.,..,.,..,..,... V IRGINIA SALLEE, HELEN ANTRIM REPORTERS ..,.., .,.,,,., P HYLLIS NENVLAND, JERRY THORNE, ALICE I-IUMPHERYS ' ADVISERS ....L. L,,.,.IL. M Iss DOROTHY ROBBINS, MRS. MARGARET DUNBAR T011 Row: J. Rehm, D. Tidwell, J. Jones. N. Duspiva, D. Lydon. L. Wells, H. Antrim, V. Sallee, J. Thorne, B GWII liam. Middle Row: C. Taylor, A. Humphreys, P. Newland, W. Martin, D. Barnes, B. Lessinger, P. I-Iilty, B S1011 cer, "' ck. Bottom Row: A. Mallea, G. Cushman, L. Brgssey, B. Mathisen, L. Ingram, B. Kelley, B Sadler Mrs. DIIIIbsI1'. -.L .. -......-,.L----Q.,-, LAVON BRASSEY, MA INI1CK- Top Row: G. Stuart, R. Pipkin, C. Feagins, L. Ingram. L. Klaus, G. Overholser. B. Willmorth. Miss Payer. Middle Row: D. Bower, R. Rawlins. L. Brassey, M. Duspiva, K. Stephens, L. Wells, F. Kreger, Miss Easily. Bottom Row: F. Wheeler. B. Lyda, A. Hooker, D. Massey, V. Mabe. B. Sadler. Honor Snciehj OFFICERS President ............. .......... R obert Bowles. Gordon Stuart Vice President ....... ............. I. ois Wells, Budd Lyda Secretary-Treasurer .............. Lavon Brassey. Barbara Willmorth PURPOSE: To encourage scholarship, character, leadership and service. ACTIVITIES: Ushered parents through school after Silver N play, "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory." and Scroll OFFICERS President ........ ........................... L ois Ingram Vice President ..... .......... - -- LaVon Brassey Secretary ....... ............ B etty Kelley Treasurer ..,..... ...., ....... B i ll Mathisen Sergeant-at-arms ............... ................-. B eth Sadler PURPOSE: Advance the standards of the profession of journalism. ACTIVITIES: Initiation October 25. Top Row: J. Donat, R. Rawlins, D. Barnes, V. Sallee, B. Spencer. P. Hilty, . , B. Lessinger, H. Antrim, N. Dusniva. Bottom Row: D. Tidwell. G. Cushman, J. Rehm R Kpllpv T. 1-.mmm T, Tnm-Q... n asain.. D n....1.... 7 K , yxYi'f.i5i l- 5 .1 Top Row: M. Fx-onsdahl, B. Cudd, D. Farlinger. T. Row: B. Brown. D. Faylor. R. Raw lins, P. Brubaker. B. Allen, G. Faylor. P. Luke, Mr. Row: F. G. Bodle. D. Comstock D. Tid.we1l.,M. Taylor, P. Little. B. Richins, B. Fuller snnlli. Sglagkiih G. Cushman, B. Rodwell, L. Cutler, R. ner, D. ayfmr. B. Wilkerson. W. Vas Wolfe. B. Aschenbren Blll-N OFFICERS President .......... .............. - -- Bill Davis Vice President ...... ......... .... ............. R e x Bixby Secretary- Treasurer ..............................,..... Bob Fuller PURPOSE: To promote good sportsmanshipg further school spiritg create friendship between students. , ACTIVITIES: Joined with the Spiz to present football jamboree November 3. Annual football banquet. Sponsored dance September 15. S ' OFFICERS President .......... ............... - .... B etty Manning Vice President ....... .................. D arlene Massey Secretary-Treasurer --- --- --- ................. Phyllis Stone Sergeant-at-arms .................................... Ruthie Lloyd PURPOSE: To promote sportsmanship and good will among studentsg to boost school Activities. MOTTO: Snappy pep insures zest. ACTIVITIES: Joined with Blu-N to present the football jamboree November 3. Ex- change assembly at Boise. Annual football banquet. Farewell banquet for senior members. - E. Thomas, L. Buck. E. McNees, N. Tiller, D. Snyder, P. Hnnkins, E. Shef C. Sehomburg, M. Knipe, B. McCall. Third Row: B. White. M. Zarbnisky, G Cook, J. Hamilton, L. Russell, B. Lessinger. R. Myers, B. Spencer. B. Gowen Second Row: H. Thomas. R. Schneider. R. Schneider. B. Lewis, Miss Bird Jordan, M. Gross, N. Arnno, J. Kovando. Bottom Row: R. Brubaker, P R. Lloyd, A. Hooker, A. Martin. A. Lee. B. Rodwell. P. Bennett. M. Clem Top Row: R. Rawlins. W. Blanksma, D. Labrum, B. McCall, B. Bastide, M. Kniue, T. Rosenlof. Middle Row: D. Whittenbergei-, B. Allen, D. Hiner. J. George. M. Zarbnisky, J. Hamilton, B. Manning. Bottom Row: Mr. Cald- well, L. Ingram, P. Busby, B. Gowen, L. Neher, M. Snell, N. Duspiva, B. Mathisen. G. Stuart. Service OFFICERS President ....- .... .... ....................... R o n ald Rawlins Vice President ....... ...............,.. B etty Manning Secretary-Treasurer -- .......... .......... N orma jean Duspiva Sergeant-at-arms ................................... Iustus George PURPOSE: To relieve teachers at basketball games and football gamesg to give students who are capable a chance to do the work. ACTIVITIES: Sold school pep caps and bulldog stickersg banquet-initiation parties. Sold tickets and ushered at football and basketball gamesg ushered at concerts and plays. SllVEI' N OFFICERS President .,.....,..., ............. M yrtle Zarbnisky, Betty Spencer Vice President ...................... Betty Spencer, Lorene Marshall Secretary-Treasurer ................... Lorene Marshall, Lois Bailey Sergeant-at-arms - ............. ............ I ack Rehm. Bud Mabe Radio Director ..................... Elaine Hanks. Myrtle Zarbnisky PURPOSE: To promote speech activities in Nampa High School. ACTIVITIES: Presented pantomime, "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," November 8 and 9. School play "Spring Fever" February 13. Skit "The Trial of Fire," given for Fire Prevention week. Chili was sold to earn money for new curtains for stage. . Junginger, C. Mueller, P. Ha kins, L. '1X1llis, M. MacGillivray, B Crawford. L. Lssington. A XH 1 iel' ys. Third Row: W. Tackett, L J. Booth. B. brooks, G. el hite, E. Hannon, B. King, K Hilty. P. Alverson . e, V. Maffit., D. Barnes, C. Rapp, U R. Dowdle. pencer, M. Zm-bnisky, L. Bailey. J. Keim, L. Cook, L. Rig , R. Williams, V. Hershberger, C. Rempp. Second Row: B. Allen. i s cker. E. Childs, G. Harmon, R. Bru- S Mm Top Row: J. Rehm. Miss Tucker, P. Childs, R. Myers, B. S,.ence1', M. McClintick, H. Thomas, E. Hanks. Bottom Row B. Allen, R. Dowdle, G. Harmon, J. Keim. P. Hilty, M. Zarbnisky, B. Gwilliam. Thespians I OFFICERS President ......... ................. a in eim, laine.Han.ka Vicc President .... ................ i senl, lan Keira Secretary ......... .... M yrtle Zarbnisky, Pau me ity Sergeant-at-arms ........ ..................... D ale Tidwell Sponsor ....................................... Miss Dilla Tucker PURPOSE: To create a spirit of active and intelligent interest in dramatics among boys and girls of our secondary schools. ACTIVITIES: Debate and Declamntion tournament. High School Play. Parties and initiations. Sage Collectors BUSINESS MANAGERS Phyllis Stone Ronald Rawlins PURPOSE: To help the business managers sell and distribute Sages to the student body. 'Fran pnuv. P XXL-svn T1 f'nHrl 'T' Tfrlvwnuvl- Lf Pu-nflnn 1 'DI-vn+d X7 Y-,fn-n'l4l-inn.,-.-.n K' Hl'.1nll,q. A JAMA 13-40 . D 'lfI'.-.vnu WML? Top Row: G. Stuart, B. Allen, B. Hendry, R. Patterson. Mr. Ludlow, J. Walker. J. Spink, R. Radford. Middle Row J. George. D. Bower. M. Hannon, P. Packard. H. Thomas, E. Hannon. B. McCall, B. Ware, H. Lutz. Bottom Row: H Hogan, D. Labrum, G. Stuart, N. Duspiva, B. Sadler, R. Lloyd, J. Hamilton, L. Neher. Science OFFICERS President .......... ...... I ustus George, Norma lean Duspiva Vice President ....... ............. G lenn Decker, Bill Allen Secretary-Treasurer ....... ....... R uthie Lloyd, Louise Neher Bouncer .............................. Robert Patterson, Iohn Spink PURPOSE: To promote further education in all fields of science. ACTIVITIES: Partiesg initiationg showing of science pictures, field tripsg photography, biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics. Ilalflll OFFICERS Consul ....... Bill Allen, Helen Thomas, Darlene Massey. Ruthie Lloyd Qualster ...................... Barbara Willmorth. Fern Van Houten Ccnsor -, ......................... Dorothy Lydon, Barbara Waigancl PURPOSE: Those interested in the customs and habits of the Romans. ACTIVITIES: Thanksgiving party and Christmas party. m N .- m.. .. v .. f. . f. ... ..- v- 1 -1 .- .-. .. 1. -. . N H .. .1 -..... .. .. .. . W -frf Top Row: B. Dossett, D. Martindale, G. Sparks, Visitor, B. Duffin, H. Wolfe, R. Orcutt, D. Bower, P. Alverson, P. Maucher. Middle Row: E. Miyoshi, D. Grill, C. Cody, G. Guentz, F. Hershberger, B. Myers, D. Hiner, Mr. Martin. Bottom Row: M. Neth, D. Tidwell, K. Marcus, F. Wheeler, R. Pipkin, T. Gibbs, B. Mabe. OFFICERS President ......... ............ M errill Neth, Fred Wheeler Vice President ...... -- Glenn Decker, Don Bower Secretary-Treasurer ................. ............. R ena Pipkin PURPOSE: To promote more interest in raclio. ACTIVITIES: Initiation, Dance. Explorers' Club OFFICERS President ....... .............. K eith Drake, Dale Tidwell Vice-President -- -- Dale Tidwcll, Arden Drake Treasurer .... --- ........... Ronald Rawlins Secretary ,........................,......... ..... B ill Allen PURPOSE: To promote more scouting for older boys. ACTIVITIES: Sold popcorn at basketballg spring hike trip, trip to Snake river, annual . banquet. Top Row: A. Drake, G. Sparks, B. Allen, Mr. Ludlow, A. Tidw . Mr. Caldwell. Bottom Row: B. Gwilliam, D. Tid well, R. Rawlins, D. Thucson, J. Relxm, T. Gibl s. Ill. , . fl' Ton Row: P. Packard, A. Halberg, N. Peck, J. Lacey, M. T1-ebilcoek, M. Martin, D. Snyder, H. Antrim, M. Mc- Clintick. E. Pascoe. Third Row: L. Martin, L. McFadden, L. C-opes, 1. Keating, R. Rouse, D. Lydon, D. Weaver, D. Weaver, B. Heyer, M. Miyake, C. Rapp. Second Row: A Lovaas, B. Jones, C. Remph, E. Whittig, M. Zimmer- man, P. Alverson, G. Lovaas, B. Brown, L. Klas, A. Dvorak. M. Ellis, J. Weaver. Bottom Row: Miss Conrad, B. VVilImorth, L. Bailey, J. Miller, M. Anketell, R. Pipkin, M. Hannon, S. Booth. N. Duspiva, E. Ewing, D. Oherst, C. Feagins, I. Finch, G. Overholser. RESBTVBS OFFICERS President ............ Mildred Hannon Secretary ....... .Norma lean Duspiva Vice President .......... Shirley Booth Treasurer ............... Rena Pipkin PURPOSE: As a Girl Reserve, I will try to face life squarely and to find and give the best. ACTIVITIES: Sold tickets to Silver N playg contributed S5 to Service Men's Christ- mas gift, gave gifts to Children's Home. Cleaned the school trophies. HDIHB Ec OFFICERS President ................................ ....... B ernice Atherton Vice President ..................................... Delores Oberst Secretary-Treasurer ................................. Nieves Arano PURPOSE: To try to encourage participation in activities which will improve personal, home and community living. ACTIVITIES: Coed ball, Valentine party and danceg Halloween partyg Christmas party, vegetable soup saleg chili sale, membership drive, sold pies and cakes, chili, hot dogs, coffee at carnivalg initiation. Top Row: P. Swift, J. Ulrich, M. Sedlacek, V. Wallace, C. Chambers, D. Metzger, P. Ellis, D. Grosenbach, L. Mar- tin, I. Ward, H. McGlothlen, C. Faust., A. Flowers. Fourth Row: J. Fritshle, B. Jones, B. Comstock, V. Salle, E. Moore, L. Copes, B. Simms, M. Betts, S. Funderberg, D. Weaver, D. Weaver, M. Miyake, R. Loosli. Third Row: J. Miller, J. Weaver, J. Kovanda. J. Harley, A. Nichols, N. Peck. M'. Harper, M. Ellis, M. Martin, M. Trebilcock, G. Lovaas, B. Brown, J. Hampson. Second Row: L. Nelson, K. Barrett, M. Roth, A. Ulrich, O. Ord, E. Porter, E. Arant, L. Patrick, C. Wittenberger, E. Baldwin, G. Welch, R. Williams, R. Myers, D. Otto, F. Larson. Bottom Row: D. Brown, L. Mclntire, E. Thomas, P. Bennett, A. Hooker, N. Arano, M. Clement, B. Atherton, C. Schroll, D. Oberst. R. Lloyd, J. Jones, P. Miller, L. Russell, V. Hersltberger, M. Cook, L. Coons, J. Hamilton, G- A- A- OFFICERS President ........ .... C olleen Feagins, Lorraine Funderburg Vice President --- ....... Shirley Newby. Evelyn Baltazor Secretary ...... ............. H elen Schuler, lean Six Treasurer ......................... Sonna Good, Valeta l-lershberger Sergeant-at-arms ....................... Eileen Snyder, Ionee Harley PURPOSE: To promote organized girls' athletics. f ACTIVITIES: Monthly meeting the second Tuesday of each month. Special parties such as skating, bowling, and bicycle hikes. HI"Y OFFICERS President ................. Don Keim Secretary ....... ,. Daryl Wittenbergcr Vice President .......... Lloyd Yowell Treasurer ................ lack Donat PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community .high standards of Christian character. ACTIVITIES: Popcorn sales at many of the games and discussions of service to the school at their meetings each Wednesday. T011 Row: J. Horton, D. Tiegs, D. Wittenberirer, D, Crill, B. Duffin. B. Keim. Bottom Row: C. Cody, T. Wolfe, B Allen, L. Cutler, G. Harmon. J. Donat, B. Weldon. Fronsdeihl, Z.. L. Pearsoni B. Gott, B. Foltz, J. Ladd., I I H l I I I ' I F I - I B'll Club OFFICERS President ....... ................ .... B u dd Lycia Vice President .... ............ .... G e rry Irgens Secretary .............................................. Pat Swift Sponsor ............................................. Iohn Rupert PURPOSE: To educate members in marksmanshipg to encourage marksmanship through- out the United States, both as a sport and for the purpose of qualifying as finished marksmen those individuals who may be called upon to serve in time of war. ACTIVITIES: Practice shooting . Machinists' Club OFFICERS President ....... .......... C hester Clemens, Larry Trimble Vice President .... ............. L arty Trimble, lack Iackson Secretary ........ -- - ............. Beryl Newman Scrgcant-af-arms ..................................... Iames Kling Sponsor ............................................. Mr. Quinly PURPOSE: To learn phases of mechanics and machines. V ACTIVITIES: A hayride and picnic topped off by a banquet at Boise at the end of the school year. Top Row: . ullivan, B. Newman, C. McCollum, T. Thompson. Bottom Row: L. Trimble. J. Quinly, P. Luke, B Brown, F. Freeman. ' Top Row: E. Hollenbeck, E. Wilson, L. Bowman. C. Leavitt, J. Hayes, L. Dyas. V. Hintze. Middle Row: 0. Tarter G. Hayes. B. Keim, D. Reed, B. Spencer, G. Zieman, G. Lyons, J. Hayes. Bottom Row: C. Peterson, B. Fiet, F Gunther, D. Crill, D. Keim, R. Kilzer, C. Arnold. D. Hasselbrimz. G. Aldous. F- F- A- OFFICERS President .............. Don Keim Treasurer ....... .--.. Richard Kilzer Vice President .... Don Hasselbring Reporter ........ . ....... Dick Crill Secretary ....... - .... Glen Aldous Sentinal -........ ..... C arl Arnold PURPOSE: It is a national organization of, by and for boys. To further their study of vocational agriculture. ACTIVITIES: Initiation party: established point system for earning awards: Basket- ball Jamboree, and Hayride. Spanish OFFICERS President ........................... Elmer Gossett, Lorraine Russell Vice President .................... Charlotte McCollum, Marie Cook Secretary ............-....... Mona Rae Clements, Ramona Williaxns Treasurer ....................... Ruby Schneider, Lenora McFadden Program Chairman ,.................... Barbara Gowen. Don Bower Sponsor .......,...............- Dorothy Robbins, Margaret Dunbar PURPOSE: To better acquaint students with the Spanish language, nation, and customs. ACTIVITIES: Valentine party, skating party, and hayride. Lecture was given by il native Mexican in Spanish about the customs and country. ' Top Row: K. Marcus, D. Hiner. T. Gibbs. A. Lee, M. Clement. G. Sparks, C. Wiuenberger. J. Jones, P. Hilty Third Row: P. Newland, B. Sadler, B. McCall, R. Graffe. M. Anketell, B. Bower, D. Bower. C. McCollum, J. Rosen- lof. Second Row: L. McFadden. B. Ox-msby, L. Capes, F. Kroger, K. Stephens, R. Grimm. B. Mathisen. G. Stuart M. Miyake, C. Struthers, P. Packard. Bottom Row: Mrs. Dunbar, WV. Johnson. L.!,Bailey, B. Gowen, R. Crooks M. Evans. L. Russell, M. Cook. R. Williams, R. Schneider. R. Schneider. 7:1 1 lc , ,I-.' ' 55 M S S E 1 3 1 ...M A--. , an-V W - ' ' www' f ' Q 4 1 LETTUCE Bowl. DU-QUEENS RUTH SBHNEIDBR 1 RUBY SCHNEIDER A-N--. P..- ' if FUUTBALL QUEEN JACQUE KUVANUA Se ninr Class Will '45 Jack Donat and Keith Drake leave all their blond troubles to Mike Hayes, while Mona Rae Clement's man problems are passed down to Barbara Lessinger. Bobby Fuller's famous line is left to be tossed about by LaMont Cutler and Anita Hooker and Annabel Lee just leave warnings about same. Dorothy Lydon, Colleen Feagins, and Kathryn Stephens leave their one averages to anyone who em, while Claude Cody and Wayne Vassa rades to Justus George and Barbara Gowen. Shirley Booth leaves her golden voiceg Charles Mannhalter, his dramatic abilityg Norma jean Duspiva, her vitality and endless supply of brainstormsg and Richard Crill donates his farming achievements to the Ag. department. Eldon Farm's tall tale telling goes to G. Harmong Colleen Flanneryis ability to sleep through class is willed to any wide-awake Junior, Billy Baer and Chuck Dyer's captivating manners are left as memoriesg and Lorraine Funderberg's pep and athletic abilities are given to Sonna Goodg while Ruthie Brubaker's demureness, LaVon Brassey's fairness and journalistic achievements, Wilda Johnson's sweet disposition, and Janice jones' petite- ness are willed as virtues for posterity. Phyllis Busby and Van Ness Maflit are willing their wardrobes to Lorene Marshall and Ruthie Lloydg Lenora McFaclden's successful piano practice is left to Barbara White. Jacque Kovanda leaves her smile to next year's football crown winnerg Gloria Lovaas' Latin translations are left for Con to burng the Schneider Twins leave many broken hearts, and Pat Swift refuses to leave Ace Lundquist to anyone. Gordan Stuart and Helen Thomas' silent love affair is left to anyone, Beryl Newman and Charlotte McCollum's deep friendship is left tg Roberta Myers and Tommy Thomps- song Bonnie Lewis and Leroy Liechty leave together, and jan Keim leaves her luck wit the Army to any Junior girl who needs luck. "'-'- Y Eileen Bennet and Grace Dunn lea e their good times i Boiseg Lovetra Eddlemon be- queaths her blonde hair and blue eyes t lVale Nieves Arano's laugh is left for the whole school to use often. Richard Brown leaves space for ot s an trucks around schoolg Carolyn Cut- ler's neatness is given to Barbara Waigandg and Glenn Decker and Fred Wheeler leave the chem lab still standing. Carl Babcock's Varga models are left for john Maxwell's collectiong Evelyn Balta- zor's adventures in Caldwell are left to Phil Burns, Fern Bateman wills her dancing achievements to Donna Pritchettg while Frank Brown leaves his motorcycle to any ad- venture-loving character strong enough to take it. Bonny Rodwell and Jean Rutherford leave lenn Cushman f Darro A , Dean Romplfs exciting car rides are given Jack Re , o i a arris bequeat s her beauti- ful low voice to June Waterhouseg and Bill Davis' football space is filled by Pat Bru- baker. Don Keim leaves the innocent expression in his eyes to be used by anyone who needs it as much as Don did. Betty Manning sincerely wanted to leave her nickname "Stubby," but the class unanimously voted for her to keep it. l Bowles, Bowers, and Rawlins leave Einstein's Theory to be carefully studied by David Hiner and Richard Radford. Florence Boylq, Betty Kelly, Virginia Mabe, and Mary Jean Sell leave happy house- hold tasks to the Home Ec department. .- Guentz and Hershberger leave the right to furnish Miss Bird with ducks next year to Farlinger and Cudd. Walls and Wills leave classy wardrobes to any lucky junior. ' Bob Gwilliam wills his soap box to some aspiring Junior. Marcella Gross and Arlene Martin and Evelyn Swoiford leave their band trip experi- ences to Patty Hankins and Lora Tullis. Doris Acree, Bernice Atherton. Shirley Kindall, Hilda Marxt, Phyllis Childs, Lois Wells, Irene Ward leave engaged. Mildred Hannon, Lorraine Klaas, and Glenn Montague leave sour notes to anyone who can stand them. Dale Hendry and Rulon Nelson's car cruising crusades are hereby willed to any B book holder. ' Bill Mathisen's modeling talent is left to Alice Gabica. Marjorie Durston and Norma Lee Hansen leave the road open for other future cadet nurses. Shirley Newby and Carrol Waller's man-hating dispositions are left to Elaine Arant. Budd Lyda wills his school socks back to the athletic department as his will now be supplied by the Boston Red Socks. Marjorie Jordan leaves Bill Vfeldon. Pat Packard leaves her feminine position in trig to a coming mathematical wizard of the '46 class. Norma Jean Brown, Lucille Copes, Agnes Dvorack, Marjorie Hastings, Dawna Hoover, Laverna Koho, Olga Kozacek, Arlie Lyons, Wilberta Moore, Gladys Penzien leave peace and quiet to ever-gracious teachers. Rena Pipkin and Elva Kuhlman's experiences in radio class are gladly left behind and Betty Swindell's Kuna and Meridian interests are to be carried on by Glenna Lee Richards. Betty Weeks' and Darlene Tomer's horsemanship is left for outdoors loving juniors. Norma Jean Anderson's obedience of traflic laws is held in fond memoryg Melba Jo Bell and Twyla Jagger's compositions are left for Mrs. Bechtel. Rex Bixby's physique goes to Louie Larrinagag typing success is left b rbara Bowerg Chester Clemens and Ralph Orcutt will their motorcycle ride . y boy in school. Leatha Mclntyre and Bonnie Comstock's willingness to help a good cause is given to any industrious junior, Echo Dell Cox's eyes are bestowed to Betty Spencer, Iris Finch leaves her sense of humor to Dorothy Cudd. These virtues are willed to lucky juniors: Dolores Hale-sweetnessg Eileen Dillon- intriguing speech, Betty Lou Jordan-piano playing, jean Six-singingg Faye Kreger-- scholastic urgeg Phyllis Loosli-blonde hairy Theresa Martineau and Janet Shaver-facial features. Richard Kilzer, James Kling, Lester Little, Ray Thompson, Lloyd Yowell, leave those detentions to Don Farlinger. Maxine Zimmerman, Barbara Willmorth, Elizabeth Whittig refuse to leave the fond memories of their slumber parties. Duane Thueson's little jaunts to Salt Lake City shall be left to Bud Mabe. Fern Van Houten flatly refuses to leave her sailor to any junior. Beth Sadler leaves all her club pins to Elaine Hanks. jean Weaver, Norma Ward, June Spencer, and Mildred Shimmin's history grades all go to Jim Horton. Betty Simons, Ella Mae White leave their soldiers to some lonehr person. Pat Bennett and Phyllis Stone will their sweaters to Beverly Baer and Betty Foster. 1-gSext,et. 2-Jerry. 3-No more detentions. 4-Proposed 6th period. 5-General? Admiral? Nope, just Cudd. 6-I'll take 25. 7-Just two wolves. 88-Light isn't it? 9-Behind closed doors. 10-Could that be Ruthie 11-Someone leaving? 12-Idaho Sunshine. 13iTrophies ton the tablel. 13-Big John. 15-What. we work for. 16-Passing Parade. is 'ww 1-Learning fast! 2-He's in the Navy now. 3-Raffle. 4-Free Tickets. 5-Luke into the sun. 6-The score is 2 to 3. 7-Curbstone Cut-ie. 8-Meat, Shortage. 9-Any one see a man? 10-I dream of you ltiresj. 11-Justina. 12-Sweet and Lovely. 13--Eyes Right. 14--Rest Period. 15fDon't Fence Me In. 16iWell she's happy. 17-Parkfedj. 18-Gruesome Grid-iron Gang. 19-Leg' Art. 20-The Younger Edition. .,.,.... ,. , ,,. 9 V ,I . ,fgnifai I le-Senior's friend. 2--Tall and lanky threesome. 3-Is that Stub in the middle? -1-King Neptune. 5-LaConga Cudd. 6 Sore feet., Wills? 'I-Radio room. 8-One Meatball. 9-Six sweet. smiles. 10-Be gay, be happy, 11--Dynamite! 12 Thatfs where the trouble begins. 13-Jilted? 14wMust be the Navy. 15-Cream of the crop. 1 - , 3 . W N W Ph S QPR 5 W kid' : . igvfwff , ,ff qwffiif I . ,Aff,,ff9Qff"Mwdfffff D529 J ,ZW w QW My N 'aififiigilfzily Q9 fmt + MM X 72 0 ' Autographs fpmagjwdw Wf j lXf W! Q- Zyfrlwf fhwf WMA WWWWWMYMJD A, , WW, 'Q,,q,,.'2 WM-9CS7llMJ ' ' fffiffd o Wy Vi 21 N' gig? 33 mai Sgwjf w H iff' X W.. ff M, , 5'fjV2Q53ff 0 Wgiifgwgww fffiffiwip W,igjfg3,W my E.kQsi5f,iQ'XfW'g ZjjQfyZZw EYES AMMZWW 'Wi XE N 5,53 J ,, f 35? RR WMWQCZZM y W' sig N f " q ! U. EGEQFSWWMW W Mwigefff 'i3flff524 W' VM Q 3222 2 gr a p h Jijowipmwlyjwb Q WT YWZOQmffW M! W Wfff if W fig? WW Wifi W ,ww W fflf S MW' f'fj,QJV SKLWXWWDOYW HA?zffffPm AWXWAEMIER Wjffjywfwfvfww If Z, A WP Mgww wwf IVE I Y ,If ECFAIIUNQEEE A IW N j FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY - S SCHWARTZ PRINTING COMPANY V! Q . T BEAVER ENGRAVING COMPANY A Q A Q COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS l K fl ' SAGE COLLECT s X 'HM his THE SAGE STAFF OF 1945 WISHES TO THANK EVERYONE I OF YOU FOR YOUR KIND AND HELPFUL ADVICE, M, SUGGESTIONS EX X TEES Sw W AMAA 11, 1 "- v, A n .1 4221! .i?. 3? 'fM WfyfWDiE . ff ff W W x, -,LLL .- x - - .4 , .1 1' ff f .Q pi' Q' fl--1 ' 1 3?-1...,:-J U A , U iiflg, . ' '. ' ' - FV, tr, ,, ,x, A NA Y ,,2s'?I'.g ,A Q aj -' ' , '- T-'-. fFf"??'- v . . - '+ - E N . - ' 'T-ezirwinfi-i"f'7' - A -- Q f ' 3 1 ':-Qgy.:-fitfgg' 'T Q , 7 -' , , - - ,5,,:5:1'g,2Qg1i1Q3, 3, Q. rf ' - -1 r 4 , , ',...A-'-1, f."T, 5- 'Q I.. ,- ,.-1.- -' Q .,- , V gg. -, :Z H 1 tv ' -1425-1-,-iggujf' -gr., Y' ,M ' A Y Q ' - L -4- T -L ,gi E-, .,- yu x,M,v.:..--A :V V i-bk. ,,,, V , if 2 H 1 X ' ..A' " C, W 4311, , ' I, 1 x , Q ' ' f' ij' V 1 I4 J , 2 . -' - '-., . N- 4 . ' Iii A,., ' 1 H xi f -w, Staff? 4 N m y Nl ' MW N H . f i, , f, ff 1 Q 1 if ww W . ,I V' lb Q , Aq b ' ' w 1 WU 'MO My ! If b , my X' gikjifwiiiif Sim 5 W is X Xxx xg 3 Q 3 XZ? f '1 f ' 'Ififf"? 'X' 59'f5l'5'13i'4?-will-,-,iiilil"-'i-'JW F95''1al?f!51':'4!H2HE5E1'W1," 43 uf Riga! V Z CKE? ff' .X WK AA .,a:, Mwxgff PM M :Q Qgjyfgy, SW WV CQ wx dz K L QQ 'Q K 2 1 a i f 2 Q91 YH' Y, A Zrff' I Y Q K , C' '1 47 1 x - Q- X5 KC Q 1 ' N ,lr f Q,-1 1 1. lf Xidexk .Q gi 1,172 ,w ' -KL , Ng,-QR. Zvi ga' KG, if 2733? ff ag if A 7 I mf' K - ' I ji' P-if 'S fn ii Q 0' A 1 a K . I , V ji lf! X S 7 'XJ 'jg-, 51' SL N' A lx i Aw 'if it 1 f' - Y A ,l 17 i it 4 , J R r f My ' A21 Q fgrfwj mf In , '- ' VJ' Q 1 A 9 k ff if In f. ,Q gf A ff ' AQ. " W " ff' ' nv A Av, 13 V L ' , f I ifj rf' if L ' , 5 Mr uf ACF 'ff V , I I f M5232 fm ' I , 3 ' - ,V 4 A '15 V , r' , , , 1, , -e 1 ' fy K . Jw. if - J 11 1 if -x. . A fa," ,594 '7' T' , - , J L ky X - V 1 5 N ,f 'l , I- , I 2 H is 5 1' N1 If 1 - 1 J y V1 H, Y I 1 , 4 X , I J 1 , ,i , Q n , , .Qi . K X' ,Y ' X 1 I , x' ' A , , , K, 1x5 X" V-' , . ,4

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