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5599- ML- H H, 0 ' fam , J WH fL,k M Y 'fi r 1 in xiii? ying, if I r viii H at , , y , S if-fffff-A , - ' x - -F ' ' :ite g VL' A , -. - 0 4 ,f m .. - fta 1, 17 37 I I l I M ' I f U , I - I J ' I vw fffffifdw' HW 6 , 4 , gi l!! WWW ZW? W Q? X fffvifw gm-4,5004 255 MW f W S N Wx ' M Ag! iWuA?,,5 M65 -A . , , S' fx' x , ' V - L J 1' ,, JV - 0 . - x NVQ y v P X . - Q' Q, Q. ,Y 2,5 O? 45 4 XXV X wir VR 'f 'big , ,-J 1, . Q J. ,Xi -A . " ' A", A " ' - NJ ml 4 xx , ' X, ' 5 x - r, ff C 4 'J HH M ' v J ' , , S - J ', K I 'Q I , 1 1, ' I ,Q7 f ' T J: ,V 'V 4-L ., 1 ,, - H ifbi f , , Q - - , ...- .-P-.V Y - Y , . ,M V Vw..-.1,,, -.,-..,T , .- , --'Q' ' 'Y 'JN ' . - . - wiww W we W QW' ' W fw 5ff,fZjl1wJifig5'?4M f'53ffMHTW4jg7Wgi uw? Hf af F1 KQWMW 'K ff Wifi? 03325 6,6wW'M 5 'SM fw Mlcwidism UMKTLNM mu: W, 1,6 PW ,,Wd1,,c,Q, A WJ awww Qrffff Awww, fgfgffgfyffgv v Nfl WMMWM My if-52 g1"mQQ5f MW Wvwffmbw W Q QQ MWWWW if M 5 S355 I 24' 4404! 62 agenda fdfw-v'9f' I f j,'E mwmbwlwww- ,e6, - ffivffdffifgffxwlj. wkwfqfgonja """"74 '7'U""" f'Q""0"7x7,0v'-C,fZoc2l,4..4-.g.,L.gv? ,K-,,f la-a-Za-+C ,ov-4-ef. -0'f"""""""""L Q . J Eigigmf if 125555 ,W 1'565f?ff5ff?q,,m'f ' ' j ff me . ???g5 ,N m i ,. , M ,jg mxlmlv' - 5 MQW' W -gr' F lg ' T M,1L.:i:'aiJ,1j,.. my 35iWm :r. 2 6 M05 4 W NIL 0 g V a ' cw 4 F Y .1 . . fl 1 A f K My f ' A i 1 ,MW 1 VY! 7. w MM!W 'TW ' ' Bgixjjk pkgw I0 . ,. jj,j57 J.l 5 W Q' vw wiff' WW J5gf5f ! 'u'vM WML? -"" ifsvfffjf M' JU U j'7J .ff71,2. Q W,-J W' u ff EOTELQQLQ4 ' ' ISIIZZEIQA f , Q33?i2'L KM Q3 , - - B W f fflslxl 1 ? it . Q ' I . V I, , nf ,' yy ' ' W , X I , ' . 8 - I -V ' Q g , s ' , 1 . v n L U M E, 4 NJ1M B g,n. . I'H11i1,1j,Y,-1H1i Ex.1i. .", Published bg . .. NAMPA HIGH ,SEHUDL . N'm atfrlfalm s o vm-I Hw,,., yvw 5,95--' P' .1 J I . ' 'wr' I'Y 0 , 'V 7 'X . - ' v ' rv 'f ' ' f T 4 , . t I ,A .- ' 4 1 i , X . 8 r V-'h lu, :,,,nA.-3 v':.xl' i-. L .1 1 - '.... .W-'ml -- 4 DEDICATIUN ww- ,'Zlw,2.u wk- ' ,-JK.,-v,d..iQ o i W-fe 1-wb - 'MJMM if ale-Nr M flu t ' if 4 X, 7111 if l nf. up Bi if f g . lm -W WA fr fr We 'KJ 1 ,alillmjjl b e Wjfff M, 5g:,wMCMMx To flu' four freedoms-freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of speeela, and freedom from wan!-we dedicate this book. And I llre glorioux sfririi of the graml lady who stands at Ike gale y f our eounfry, lbe lady who sfaurlx for llzexe IITIHFIPIFS of liberty. M y 'X' the spirit live on forever! 'SVCS' W J iff AMW' D .V-fy, L: en4f 1 W 553511 cr M E N L My K WMV .mory 'ow wwf xWAVY Q R lzptflxgltlqkrs R Raymond Smith K lDettol Y uni r LIFTY X Frank Marv'll Paul Stansbu y Mn' o fs Allen Frent Reuben Hoclml l junigrilan " Galen Woodvine Charles Wrigl r Rylphllliel Iohn Garme d Bob Crawley X Boblbghit Carl O R bert Olse W4 f 1 - , W g .,1 X r l r R K llfllji ll 38 RJ ll I? ll lb J Gordon Sanderson MARINES X ' Bill Willard - 5 f ,Q Af 'N fa' :Q fN le Q il- Q ug of if , M . ll Eff W A' , .V F .S-4, N Q I - -fi! 5 14- A . 53" M V xv W !! ll N2- Q fvxQw' gy -fl l.,fwfWf?? QPZJ X AUMWQTRATFWZ3 QKQKV W Q wig Wkfifg fag W WM ' nts! ' ' r,. ' 4 A , f Bid WMJQ ff ,L Jwffw A4 J 1 W LZ U7 JW!! W 'AMW G ' Jw-of 1 - ' af fx, ,IAM- f Q Jerald, f 4 00411, Superm en K QS, tvl-1.-aa-1,1 M " Low W i ljs.-vc e,u..s....1Z s EARL D. Bom-:AM XljQ,q,.4.n Jamal'-!,et,'j l I To the Class of 1944 GREETINGS: You have just completed your public school career. That is past and can never be re-lived. You alone can answer how successfully you have completed it. You are actually entering into, for perhaps the Hrst time, a realistic world, a world where you stand on your own merits or fall by the wayside. A word of encouragement then should be in order so the following National Parent-Teacher magazine quotation is offered: "Whatever may be your ambitions for 1944-and after-it may help, when you feel discour- aged. to refiect that Albert Einstein's teachers once thought him stupid and so did his parents: that Thomas A. Edison was dropped from school as unteachable: that a publisher once told Louisa May Alcott she'd better stick to her broom and duster: and that George Gershwin was hooted off the stage the first time he played the piano there." This quotation requires additional explanation. The people mentioned surely did not waste much time feeling sorry for themselves whenever they failed. They worked all the harder. Neither did they direct their efforts to accomplish selfish goals nor impossible ones. All of them struggled to make a better world. All of them devoted their energies and thoughts toward serving mankind. In a war torn world filled with envy, greed, hate and suspicion, you will find more opportunities for doing good, more opportunities for rendering service to your friends, your country and your fellow- man than ever before. One of your aims in life is happiness and that can be attained only by making others happy and by serving them in a good way. Do not forget thisg it will serve you well in the future and make your life a success. A We hope your public school career will prove valuable to you and we sincerely wish you a success- ful and happy future. Yours very truly, EARL D. BONHAM, Superintendent. K 7 i ffif g if 5 X " C- !'f57H5lif"' ZH V eff Zfisedfj M ,fy .- J- ff, f - ,ide 'T in I f' ' ABLE. Gxu.AM ,f 1 fd 'ii To the Class of 1944 fi Someone has said, the key to successful living is adjustment. To succeed, one must adjust himself to other people. Success that helps both yourself and other people demands that you consider the social effects of your actions. Cartoons would have little value even to the artist who drew them if no one en- joyed looking at them. Accomplishment, then, is a social problem. If we were to be adjusted like a clock and then run on and on in the same way, our lives would probobly be much simpler, but this is not the case because we are living in a changing world geared to the spirit of war and the demands of a changing world must be met. Most people, even habitual failures, obtain occasional success of some kind. The real problem of advancement is to find out how to continue these successes which we have achieved and how to extend them into new fields. Moreover in trying to continue and extend our accomplish- ments we should Hx our attention on the positive, not the negative, on what we can do rather than on what we can not do. Seniors, your record in Nampa High School has been one of achievement. You have learned to do things and learned about things. Your adjustment to new school situations has been excellent. Therefore, as you face future problems may you focus your attention on things that you can do and may your ad- justment to new problems carry you on to success which shall be yours. Sincerely, W. E. GILLAM. J . J , A x., Miss liirfl Mr. Ualxlwvll A QTHISKL Mr. Cunnimrhznn Mr. lluvisml Mr, In-Ililigl MISS ANNIE I,AIlRII'l BIRD: MISS .VI-ILYN HAGICLIN: l'niln-sl Sluts-s Ili:-alury mul IIOV6.'l'l'l!Yll'llI. All- Piilulisli ll. Allvifvr uf: Sl?lVIlUllllll'l' l'l1l55. vial-r nf: Sniz cluli, Uullm-uv ul' Idaho, li. A.: Ilnil I'l'.M"'V'if' , Vlmllliflliy I"ll'imi' Il' AJ Vnlumlxia llnivvrsily, M. A.: livvml Cullvuvi l nlvellslly 'll Ial'r""'m" M' 5' 4-Q, lluivursity nt' Wusliinmnng Univ:-rsity of lb, Snullu-rli I':xliI'm'lli:1. MISS ANN IIYSLOP: 0 ' Girls' l', IC. llnivvrsity of Wnsliimrmn, Url- 5 ' , . s Mk. w'l-:HSTHR L. rA1.nwELL: """"l I"""' , . Amlvailwm-cl Algvlwa, Acrummlia-S. Trignnn- MR. PAVL JONES: - tllIkII:,Nl'rililil'I:ili 1.'l'.ih.,fiiilii. rlrllm- A".'f'f""f"? vIIllf,lm'y'. vhfiim IIIMMI-I-A rm' I UI, I .dv - Wwsity nf wvushimxtlm. lc-gr, l lllXl'lhllY ul Islam, li. 5. I F - Y MISS IC. HLOISIC KENNEDY: -L x ' MRS- f'l"'AUl'N"A flflllbhr limrlish Ill. .li.u.-mllxsm l .mil ll. ,x.lx-1,4-r QA M -' LW Hillllmvv K-Ulll,w, uf Idaho- uf: Grmvl. Nzilinnul llmiur Smfis-ty. Quill I , lj ' :xml Scroll. Linfivlml Vullc-y,:v, li. A.: Uni- Q Y vm-rsity ul' i'aliI'urni:x: I1-wislmi Sluts- Nur- ' mul: Ill'llYI'l'Slly ul' Wushimfiam. M. A. , MR. WM. CUNNINGHAM: Nuys' l'. I-I. IA-wistmi Nurmul: Albany Cul- M155 MARY 1,Ul'A5g 'E 'Quiz Sum'm"' Slllmol H1 Nmllhwvsl Nami' IlI1I"ll'lHll A4lvisvi'nf: llrmur Sm-im-lv. lini- wmi i"lh'm,' vvrsity uf Minnesota. li. A.: l'l1ix's-l'si1y ul' Miw llmwml Washimrtun. M. A. ' MR. GLENN IIAVISON: MR PAUI I INDI ow, Idle-liim-xil:il'Y Aluvlwsi. IVISIIHNII 'IIl'HllllllLl'. Mv- 1gi,,l,,Ey 1 and II' 1'ht.,,,i,t,.y. Allviwl. nf: 1-li:nvlii1-ul,llrufvlmg. Wlllllllllll Uollvw-. A. Ii.: pjxI,1U,-Q,- duh, gum.. husilwss Sl,,,,,S,,,'. Lin. l nxvwsily ul Inlnlm, M. h. tin-Isl Coils-1:1-. li. A.: llnivn-rsily nl' Wzwliinp- ton: linivvrsily ul' i'alil'm'ni:i: Vinh Sinh- Uollvyrv: Pulls-510 of lllulm. MR. Gl'IIlAl.D llI'II,l,lNGER: MR. LA VERNE MARTIN: llirvvtul' nl' I'liysi4'ul I'lcIun':lll0n, H4-ml Alli- I1-liv l'u:u'l1. A1lviSvl' uf: Iilu-N r'lul1. Uni' lhuliu. Mr'I'lu-rsrm Cullvm-, li, S.: linix'4'1'r- xx-rsily of lmlulm. ll. A.: I'l'l'lL1'IllIlll llnivvrs- ily Uf lfhllvl- 3- I5-I llI1iX'1'I'Sily ul' 4'liiv:u4"1. ity, M. A. M. A. in Flu-iiiistry. V H 5- '4 X AA' , izwgwi 5:5 4 .iw E4 ?i'f' ' 45" ,, , in .1 3.721 if 3 I Miss llyslnp Mr. Jmn-s Miss Kenm-dy Misf Inu-:is Mr. Luallmv Mr. M:1l'tin sg Jl41Ck5kKNs"i --4. Q Mi was 'gif iflfl x.. Ml IVInIIu-ws Mrs. Murlun Mrs. Olsvn Miss I'uy1-r Mr. Quinly Miss Smith Miss Slum- MR. LICU IIIA'I'IIl'IIVS:E W MR. TOM B. 'l'IIRIIYI"lI.I.: Wurlll llislury. I.4-wislun 1llI1I Alhiun Nur- Girls' Glu- Vlulu, Mixul K'lml'us, Yau-:il I'IlI- mnli Vnllvge- ul' Iflzllm. A. II.: Illiivvrsily ul' -I-mlxlus. lluivvrsily of Uklzlliumn, II. A.: Illulm. M. .X. Ilnivn-rsily ol' I,I't'I:'lllIf INIHSIIIIIMIHII Slam' Ml Iurhylill Mi as 'I':lyIur I'uIIm-gr. M. A.: Ilnivn-rsily nl' Inlzilm. MRS. l.l'l'Y Ii. MORTON: Sivuuisli I :xml II. Allvimm Normal: l'uIln'ur MISS HI.ANl'Ill-I VVA'l'l'II!MAN: "I l'li'l"" II- A9 llI'II""5'l5' "I l'lI'l"'- Vlsxlliilm' I. Ifmuls :mul Ilnme-mzmlximr I :xml II. Ih-lute-nl Art. Anlrisvr nf: Ilnnu- ICQ' rlulv. ' I V l V ' Girl II1'svl'vs-S. l'ulIn'y1'n-nl' Imlnlm. II. A.: Illli- IUIIQIISII II. I'rvr1-'Ii II. I1ll'lS AII1'll1I2llH'1'- vvrsily nl' IVISI-nllsili: Urvguli Stall' I'uIIn-pgs-. MRS. l.0l'ISIC OLSICN: Amlvisvr uf: Girl lic-ss-lwvs. Svniur class. I liix'vl'4ity uf Wymnilm: Nurlllxx'n-sl Nami- MR HARD' D vvl,-Nvggx-Iu,M. -1-rll-,--,1:..x..l''V--.-'1' fllzl. ' , ' ' A 'lm U lu ululxl I U I lm ICIIMIISII Ill. I'Iz1yH :xml II4-m'l:un:xIlull. Aul- visnr nf: 'IIlll'Sl?I2lIIS, I':mu-ral vluli. Silvor-N. . . Sz:-. I-I: -. I"-'." ' - , LS.. I'l:mI- Ga-uxnn'Il'3. Sulul Gm-mm-try :xml IIIISI- Mlnq I I III! I nluislli ui Ixlalm I MISS .IUSI-II'IIINl'I I'AYICI!: in-as .-Xrillumn-tlr. Allvlsvr ul: Svwlirv rlulv. II:-m-1-Slwh-l5'. Nm'll1xu-sl Ilnive-rsily. II, S.: I'liix'n-rsily nl' Imlnlm. IVI. S. MRS. LUIS YVl'INNS'I'R0lVI: , . . , . 'I'yping' I uml Il. VViIIzxlm'llm- I'niu-l'sil, MI" 'I' I' IU IINIA ' li. A.: Stutv l'.rIIm-gr ut' Waiwfzingxtuu, M. A. Mnrliiiiu Slum. Sum-ily Vm-:1Iim1:iI Srlinnl in Ixziusns Illy. IVlIss:n1rl. MKS. 'CUNA VVILKENING: MISS ROSA I.. SMITH: IQIILLIISII II. Smiuluyry. Iflcullumixs. Aelvisvl' latin I um' H. English HI- Allvisvl. Ur. uf: Sugvllulmwa- rlnss, NYliiIm:ln Full:-1:'4'Z I.ulin rluh, Ilumvr Sucim-ty. I.1-wistuxi Slam- l"'W'5""f full' N'l'i"'I'l: ll'lw'l"S'ly nl mn' Nurmall : i'uIlvI:'n- I'Ix':llu:'1-Iislir Inslilulr: I.iu- lm' II- 5" Mllls f"'l"2"- lin-Isl iullx-ur. II. A.: Illlivvrsily ul' VVJISIIIIIM- mu, M. A.: :xI'llISIl'UIlg Vullm-31-4-. MR. HAROLD wlLLM0RTH: Ilunklwvlfilm. l'ulmm-rrisll I.zixx. Axlvisx-r uf: 1':um-rn flzilv. l'r1lln-gqvuf lllzlliu. Ii. A.: lllii- .XrI. I'nivn-raily ul' Imlnliu: Ari Ilislilulv ul' vmxih. nl- mmm M- S' MISS YIYIAN S'l'llNl'f: l'Iii4':iun, I4. A.: I'lmuin:u'nl Art Insliluh- ul' I,4-s Alum-Irs. MR. .l. A. WINTHICR: Suml. Iixrm- tm' nl MlISIl' In Nzunlm I'uIxllz' Sclmul:-. Instilulm- ul' Arts: Nnrlliwa-slvrn Ilvwn-rxvs. Ilnln-III lull:-pw. II. A.: Ilnivvrw- Fullss-x'x'z1tmvl'y: MrI'ImiI Sn-lmnl ul' Musir, Ii. iI5 nl' Wnsliilivtml: Al'nisll'rxug' 1'uIl1'gu'. MISS LICUNA TAYLOR: 'I'y1-im: I. Su-nn. I :mul II. .Mlvism-r nf: Girl M.: AuL:'fImrg l'uIIn-gl-. :Nm ss Wallm-rmun Mr. Ivl'lIIIHIl'UIII Mrs. W1-nnslrnm Mrs. Willa-ning: Mr. Willmnrtli Mr. Wintlwi .Q qw- , Mrs. .luslinn Fort Mrs. l'arnit-ii Mt-Junkin Miss G4-i'li'tidv Milli-r Secretarial Stall Continuing their duties as in previous years the secretarial staff have been loyal and ellicient in their many indispensable duties. The stall consists of: MHS GERTRUUIQ Mll.l.ER Treasurer and clerk of Nampa School District No. 37. MRS. CARMIQN MQIUNKIN Registrar and secretary to XV. lf. Gillam. MRS. AIUSTINA CORT Attendance Clerk and Receptionist. School Board XVith the death of Mr. XV. Keim, the school hoard lost one of their best-liked members. Mrs. Keim was appointed to serve the rest of this year in his place. Clhairmaning the board again this year was Mr. B. G. Davies, prominent business man. Other memlwers included Mr. l.. lf. Hamilton, Mr. ll. G. Clraflfer, Mr. C. M. Corlett, and Mr. li. Deal. An outstanding program that the school hoard approved, was the new five period day in Nampa Senior High School. President- Bob Pritchett Vice President- Don Emmcl Secretary- Murguret Knipe Spurred on by student body president Bob Pritchett and the advice of a new prin- cipal, the student council, consisting of home room representatives, class officers and student body officers, instilled new ideas in school legislation into Nampa Senior High School along with carrying out their regular council duties for the year. Changes put into effect by thc council included the revamping of the school consti- tution to include the planning board and the merit system, both of which were established at N. H. S. this year. Each month student rotarians were elected with the following results for the year: Bob Pritchett, Howard Neil, Don Tiller, Charles Blanton, and Rob Roy Reynolds. The budget for the year was drawn up and instead of the council electing the yell leaders as in the past, this duty was given to the student body. This year's work was concluded with party in Top row: P. Busby. E. SwaH'ord. G. Welch R M. Zarbnisky, IL Wittcnberirer. P. Little, J. George, B. Allen. Second row: C. Jensen. R. Reynolds, D B. Rodwell. S. Airenbroad. D. Lantz. D. Keim. Bottom row: ll. Tiller. C. Blanton. ll M. Knipe, K. Harder, K. Hamilton, R. Harper. .X ' J ,ff fy' ' .9 . . K ' X9 pffgJ,'fQWfQ, , Af I ww Avi!!! Jiffy SL .1 if :W M' Y rfvif ydffu Off' J' ' w XR 'aN., X212 r SQQRE Q xENQYw1T bps N- K 1.53 5 g Q3 XY 5 2 Q 3 O C11 K i . 4 7 1 I Y' - f f ll I 4 ' 2 ,L Ly If :LL 1 .D 'Lit' ul . ly ' J , M LJ, ' if j' , ll ffl!! ' Jz i ' A fix" I N ' I 'I A , A O N , V ' 3 i ffl ,pf , I I X f gr Q. 1 p f , - af 'H I li 1 1 ' . ' Q 'J I F , ' 7 nv!! A L K W J Eff f J ' N '. A A' , f z!7 , V .-,' A ff-V . fy 'sf' ' , 4 4 ' Y ' tl f V Y ,M L + , K, , 1, J-1 .3 J ffl' 'K u K ' , 'M L' 1 KK' fy v 1 I V ' XJ X ,' I' 5, , K L! i LY 14' 1. A , lt, df j. 7 A pl -'1 X' . ' K r iff' L I Av 9 a 1 x , g . , 1 X .X ' I 1 Q . . , A J X X . 1 . , 111 4-.L I 1 g if. ll ' . 1 4 . . . , Qu? ff' L. 4 I 3 Sm WF? Q3 X xfx 53 X, 1 K' r!"'f"i I PAH: : Y ,W-J.-. ....-I 5 X f 4 1 X B. .. Us ,ws is i hit' J k A , nf R N F ,QQ X i .1-vi M HQI3, -.5 M, ' X -Q. K Q. Xw. ' A 'HT ""h 's I -1- FQ- E ii 'Cf SE fr' 4 . W ,ififffffxb wi P'fV1i?Q5giK 'my M' . ' WZQQWWWW ii QJLWJW Mwggf V3 MQW? My Wif i 3555 5, .,1"XVMff'iQ,JjQ, .aa ,ng Pl' Members of the Senior Class faced gradun- -fs X 'ml' tion with fond memories of their three years at N. H. S. Arriving as Sophomores, they spent most of their time joining clubs, finding their way around the halls of N. H. S. and in general getting ac- quainted with everything. "Blue and gold" were mm Tiller chosen as the class colors and the motto "Not For Self, But For All," was their choice. Junior activities included the Junior-Senior Prom, with "Moonlight Mood" as theme. Prominent Senior Don Tiller was chosen for president, Jack Elliott, vice president: and Rosella Wilkerson, secretary-treasurer. Don Newman was representative-at-large. On April 12 the Seniors gave a class assembly using only the talents of their class. The latter part of April was set for the usual "Sneak Day." The Senior Luncheon was held on schedule despite food rationing and other "war year" restrictions. Baccalaureate exercises contained a serious note this year with so many students facing a world torn by chaos and suffering. Advising the Senior Class were Miss Annie Laurie Bird, Mrs. Louise Olsen, and Mr. Webster Caldwell. With the passing of Commencement the Senior Class drew a curtain over their days at N. H. S., to enter into a world of difficulty and for many, the branches of the services. K Jack Elliott Rosella Wilkerson lion Newman " sw 'fs' Qt wwfwf Al2liNHRl3Al3, ST.fINI.IaY RIaNIz: Explorer club, president Riile club. executive olllcer: Camera club: Choir Machinist club: Student Council. ANuIaIIsoN, l,AlIl.Z Newman Grove High School. AI'IfI.IaI:A'I'Ia, AI.IctIc: G. A. A., president. AIzANo, MARlli LUlllSli1 Home lic club: Girl Reserves. Ontario High School. AI:NoI.Iv, lfl.l.liN Mma: G. A. A., vice-president: Girl Reserves. A'I'I:INsoN, NEl.l.Ili Lieomxz G. A. A., point keeper: Latin cluh: Honor Society: Growl: Valedictorian. l5Al3lOl.A, LYIJIA VIRGINIA BARR, ERNliS'I' fll.liNNI Band. manager: Science club: sergeant-at-arms. Myrtle Point High School. BAIIR, FRANCIS HENRY: Band: Radio club. Myrtle lloint High School. llAllM, l,lll.l.Y Lina: li li A. cluh, vice-president. treas- urer. lVleridiaIi High School. BIcI:kMAN, Al.BliR'l'A IANIQ Rifle club: Honor Society, Biaiuev, HIaI.IiN GIaNIa: Girl Reserves: Home Ec. secre- tary: Silver N: Camera club. .Lx W x lll.AN'l'ON, IIMMY CllARl.liSZ Sophomore Football: De- bate: Silver N: Student council: Sage, sports ed- itor ancl assistant sports editor: Quill 0 Scroll. president: Sage Collector: Blu-N: secretary-treas- urer: Latin club: Dramatics: Thespian: Varsity lfoothallz Track. StIIdeIIt Rotarian: Declamation. l'IIeowN, Nomvm IIQAN: Spiz: Silver N: Girl Reserves: Student Council: Choir, secretary. l5Iu'AN'I', lIvIoI:IaNIa Piiotsvc G. A. A.. treasurer: Spiz. Cainer. lfVlil.YN f:AR'l'liR, NIFIQMA LEA: Home lic club, vice-president: Girl Reserves: Radio club: Glee club. CA'l'llliR, Dlilii Silver N: Dramatics: Girl Reserves' Radio cluh: Glee club. CA'l4'I'l, l7Alll. P.: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Basketball: Baseball: Varsity Football: Track: Ma- chinist cluh: Boxing and Wrestling: Victory Corps. CIIIIIs'I'ENsoN, VliRNLlN CIIIIZ, DORO'l'lIX' JEAN: G. A. A. . j lj I I 1 l C9444 Snr- CLAIR, ROIIIQRT L.: Hagerman High School, COIIY, LIQLANII Bun: Choir, manager: Boys Glee clnh: Student Council: Varsity Football, manager: Hi- Y: Sophomore Football manager. Cola. MARIORIIQ ANN: Girl Reserves: Latin club: llon- or Society: Home lic club, president. Du . CONNIQR, LIa'I'IIA: Silver N: Spiz: Student Council: Sophomore Class Vice-president. COORIQ, CAROI IIQAN: Girl Reserves: Home lic. CC1l'liNllAXlliR. ARllliN'lili l:AYI Home lic, president: Girl Reserves: Radio club, secretary: Spiz: Lettuce Bowl Queen: Student Council. CORIIILR, HIaRIsIaR'I' L.: F. F. A.: Victory Corps: Glee club: Machinist club. CORT, RAI.I1II MARTIN: Sophomore Football: Sopho- more Basketball: Machinist club. La Grande High School. CCJWIN, GEORGE T.: Science club: Band: Orchestra: Rifle club: Explorer club: Camera club. U. of I. CRAwI.IeY, Bon: Growl: Camera club: Silver N: Thes- pians. B. Y. U. U. S. N. CROWTIIER, MARGARET LIevINA: Girl Reserves: Growl Staff, copy desk: Band, assistant custodian: Or- chestra: Honor Society: Quill 2? Scroll, DAVlS, FAITII IIINE: Girl Reserves: Glee club: Office Monitor. Caldwell High School. DAY, CHRIsTINIe CIaI.IA: Band: Spiz: G. A. A.. vice- president. point keeper. DETTON, KARL: Sophomore Football: Sophoinore Bas- ketball: Varsity Football. U. S. N. DOOLIQY, FRANc:us MARIIa: Honor Society, secretary: Sage. assistant organization editor and organiza- tion editor: Silver N: Growl, copy desk, exchange editor: Latin club: Spiz: Quill ZF Scroll: Salutator- ian. DOssIeTT, DOROTIIY MARIE: Home lic clnh: Girl Re- serves. DOWDLE. IAKTK WII.I.IAM: F. F. A.: Sophomore Foot- ball: Varsity Foothall: Declamationz Blu N: Silvei N: Choir: Sophomore Baseball: Sophomore Track. DlIRs'I'oN, ANNHTTE: Cv, A. A. Umatilla High School: Scottsbluff High School. EIIKIZR, MAIQX' KATllRN'NI G. A. A.: Radio club, libra- rian. Enpas, Corona Senior Class Vice-president. E-I.I.lO'I"I', IACK BRIIUIQ: Sophomore Football: Sopho- more Basketball: Varsity Football: Blu N: Band: l'fll.ER. DAVID LEMOINE: Debate: Science club: Latin club. l'IMMEL. VERNON DtJNAI.l7Z Student Body Vice Presi- dent: Student Council: Student Planning Board: Growl, editor. news editor, managing editor. cir- culation manager: Honor Society: Quill U Scroll. vice president: Camera club, vice president: Science club: Hi Y, president, treasurer. chaplain: Varsity Track: Service club. EMMERT, IIMMIE LEROY: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Radio club: Science club: F. F. A.: Blu N: Declamation. liRNliS'l'. IDIIANH LAVERNE: lf. li. A.: Track: Machin- ist club. l:ll,I.MORli, lis'rllER l'.: Band: Maiorette: G. A. A.: Choir. liLoRv, FRANKLIN Roy: Machinist club. FLOWERS, MARIORlli HHl.l.liNI Band: Majorette: Girl Reserves: Curia club. Fos'rER, BERNARD AIJEI.BERTZ Dance Band: Band: Track: Hi Y: Radio club: Student Council. FRENTEss, ALLEN: Varsity Football Manager. l:Rl'l', REGINALIJ IR.: Band: Silver N. GAERTE, GLENN MONRLIEZ Rilie club. secretary-treas- urer: Radio club. LAALLOWAY, Gli0Rl2Ii W.: Hi Y: Radio club. LTRAIIAM, IOHN: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Basketball: Varsity Football: Varsity Track. CTRANT, DON: Sophomore Football: Radio club. LLROSS, CARL E.: Science club: Hi Y. Medford High School. LHINIJY, I. W.: Rilie club. president. HAMILTON, KATHLEEN ELLEN: Student Council: Sci- ence club: Cvrowl. business manager, copy desk. alumni: Spiz: Quill 5 Scroll: French club: Service club. HAMRs0N, l7Alll.lNli ORA: Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Club, president. Weiser High School, HANKS. LEt:iA DAWN: Girls' Glee Club: Science club. secretary: Girl Reserves: Latin club, president: Camera club. HARBIT, RosELlNE MARlliI Girls' Softball: Latin club. president: Home EC: G. A. A. Marsing High School. HARllliR, KEITH: Sophomore Baseball: Varsity Base- ball: Blu N: Student Council. HARIJY, BARBARA LEE: G. A. A. Weiser High School. HARLEY, ROBERT I.: Football: Basketball: Track. HARPER, C. ROY: Silver N: Student Council: Radio club: Choir. HARRIS, GLENIJA E.: G. A. A.: Choir. HARVEY, TIIoIvIAs M.: Radio club. HIil.'I', ELAINE DEI.OREs: Band, custodian. HENRICKSON, IAIvIIas LEVI: Honor Society: Service club, vice president: Radio club: Choir: Sage Collector: Silver N: Debate: Mixed Quartet. HHRRBACH, Louis IOSERIHI: Band: French club: Varsi- ty Football: Orchestra. HEs'roN, I. EI.nON: F. F. A. HILL. Gl5NNli N.: Spiz: Silver N: Latin cluli, secre- tary. Girls' High School: Commerce High School: Caldwell High School. HOI1KINs, ELAYNE ELOISE: Dramatics. HORTON, IO ANN: Spiz, vice president: Drzulmticsz , 'Q HIIN'rI,IaY, DOROTIIY IEAN: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Crowl. IOIIN, lRliNli IIJA: Band, lll7l'ill'lilll2 Ol'CllCStl'il. lilmra- rian. KEIM, ROBERT Eooiaczomu: Choir, vice president: lf. F. A., president: Sage Collector: Student Council. KINt:AIn, IACQUELINE IOAN: Spiz: Silver N: Student Body: Sage Collector: Dramatics. KNIGHT, NORAMAY'Z Spiz: Sage Typist: Latin club: Silver N: Camera club: Debate: Girls' Glee Club: Choir: Dramatics. KNIPE, MARGARET ELLEN: Student Body Secretary: Sophomore Class Secretary: Iunior Class Secre- tary: Spiz, secretary-treasurer: Science club. sec- retary: Sage, assistant feature editor, art editor: Honor Society: Service club: Student Planning Board: Quill 6? Scroll: Debate. KOYAMA, TAIQASHI: Sophomore Class President: Choir: Sage Collector: Student Council: Baseball. KozAI:EK, TOM M.: F. F. A.: Track: Victory Corps: Machinist club. LAMPE, DEl,BERT ALLEN: Sophomore Football: Var- sity Football: Baseball: Radio club: Blu N. l.Avv. Amos lfARl.li2 Sage Collector: Choir: Glee Club: lf. li. A.: Rifle club: Machinist club. l.AmaNm:A, MARY 'l'i-Lmaslxr Sage Collector: Victory Corps: Science club: Home Ec: Band: Girl Re- serves: Girls' Glee Club: Choir. LAizs1iN, Mmtioiens Rosa: French club, vice president: Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Club: Choir, l,0i1AN,l':RWlN IuNloiz: U. S. N. I.tlVliI.ANlD, Cfuzms CllAllNt'X'I li. lf. A., reporter: Sil- ver N: Choir. l.usiz, KA'l'llliRlNli Rosia: Orchestra: G. A. A.: String Choir: Victory Corps. lVlA1f1frr, Hoimcia V.: Sophomore Football: Track: Band, sergeant: Dance Band: French club, ser- geant-at-arins: Machinist club: Pep Band: Orches- tra. Mixinzinan, Viiu. G. lVlt'CAlN, VliRNllN l'.liRUYi Debate: Silver N: Dra- inatics: Choir. M4tCoNNiai.i., Blflllfli lilswourii: Band: Choir: Base- ball: Growl, sport assistant. sports editor: Var 'ity Track: Hi Y: Silver N: Quill fi Scroll. i Mi:CoRiti.ii, Dorm Rosie: Home Ec. Mt:GowAN, CHARLES WARREN: Choir: Baseball: Var- sity Football: Radio club: Blu N. lVli'INnoo, DliAN L: Radio club: Rifle club. Mt'I.A1N, l,AIII.lNE Ei.izAaE'rn: Science club, president, vice president: Honor Society: Service club, secre- tary-treasurer: Spiz: Orchestra: Victory Corps. lVlr:Nmas, ANNIE El.AH'NliI Science club: String Choir. secretary-treasurer: Spiz: Orchestra. Mnis. MARc:Akia'r Li1e1i.l.1a: G. A. A., secretary, pres- ident: Home lic. MoN'r1i, MARY Tniamasaz G. A. A., vice president. Mooma, l:l.0YllINli l'iai:m': Girl Reserves, president: Home lic: Silver N: Camera club. Mout:AN. Bii'r'rv Lou: Latin cluh: Girls 'Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Silver N. Boise High School. Momas, CllARl.0'I"l'li. MllNS'I'liR, DNN'AN'Nli NATHAN, ARLENE IANE: Glee Club: Latin club, secre- tary: Girl Reserves. Fruitland High School. NAIIGLE, MARY'. NEIL, HOWARD EARL: Varsity Football: Varsity Bas- ketball: Baseball: Track: Blu N: Student Council. Dutton, Montana. NEI.soN, MARJORIE: NEW, D0l.A MAE: G. A. A. NEWMAN, BERTIIA LIIt1ILI.E: G. A. A., president, vice president: Tennis: Girl Reserves: Student Council: Girls' Basketball. NEWMAN, DONALD G.: Blu N: Varsity Football: Sen- ior Class Representative at Large: Science club: Varsity Baseball: Debate. NIQIODEMUS, PIIYLIS YvoNNE: Girl Reserves: Latin club: Home EC: Choir. Boise High School, NoRuuIsT, CATHERINE GAII.: Home Ec: Girl Reserves: Spiz: Sage Collector: Choir: Sage, music editor: Band, vice president, president, sergeant, student director: Pep Band. NYSTROM, RITTII ELIZABETII: G. A. A. OvERIIoI.sER, ALIDREY IEAN: Girl Reserves: Latin club. PALMER, IIINE HARRIET: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Dramatics. Custer High School. PARRY, DELILIQRT MCENTIRE: Dramatics: Camera club. ' vice president, president: Rifle club: Machinist club, president: Sage Collector: Thespian club. BASIIOE, Ru'rII ELDENE: Silver N, secretary-treasur- A' " er: Thespian club, vice president: G. A. A.: Girl Reserves: Home EC: Declamation: Dramatics. PERKINS, SHIRLEY DEE: Silver N: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Choir, assistant secretary, president: Dra- niatics: Girl Reserves. PERRY, BETTY Lou: Spiz: Blu N: Yell Leader: Choir: ,.! Dramatics: Girls' Glee Club. P VTER, EILENE IIINE: Radio club. l'iRITcIIET'r, ELI.Is LAMARR: Sophomore Football: Var- sity Football, co-captain: Varsity Basketball, cap- tain: Varsity Baseball: Blu N: Student Body Vice President: Student Body President: Student Coun- cil: Student Rotarian: Student Planning Board. RANDALL, ANNIE: Girl Reserves: Rile club: Spiz: Choir: String Choir: Tennis: French club. RAPPLE, MARGARET Lois: Girl Reserves: Latin club: Orchestra. REYNOLDS, ROBERT L.: Latin club: Band, vice presi- dent, sergeant: Pep Band: Dance Band: Student Council: Iunior Class Representative at Large: Sage, editor in chief. assistant editor: Sage Col- lector: Explorers, vice president: Orchestra: Stu- dent Planning Board: Quill F1 Scroll: Track: Stu- dent Rotarian. Rlell, LAVMLI. M.: li. F. A.. sergeant-at-arms: Choir: Silver N. Ritaus, Mirmuan Al.llliR'l'.NI Girl Reserves. Kuna High School. Rolnau'1's, ll.o RAt:inai.i.ii: Curia club: Camera club: Girl Reserves. RoiuNsoN, ljA'l'RlL'IA Lolllsii: Growl, editor-in-chief, feature editor. news editor, assistant news editor, exchange editor: Quill ff Scroll, secretary: Honor Society. president: Camera club: Spizz Service club: Student Planning Board: Victory Corps. Rott., LoI.A MARY: Home Ee: Latin club. Kuna High School. l2osiiNi.oF, 'l'lIlil.MAZ Honor Society, vice president: Girl Reserves, treasurer: Science club: Home lic. Rousic. MAumNis Fxxrrn: Girl Reserves. vice presi- dent: Honor Society: Science club: Victory Corps: Librarian. SAlil.liR. Plicztli' LORAINIQ: Home EC: Girl Reserves: Science club, secretary, treasurer, Srnmnaie. Doroiuasr Orchestra: Camera club: String Choir. St inn.:-zu, MAie'l'iiix PA'i'iel4:iA: Girl Reserves, Orches- tra: String Choir, president: Silver N: Growl, copy desk head: Spiz: Quill 2" Scroll: Camera club. Siamuiii, Bli'I"l'Yli Louisii: Thespian club, president: secretary: Silver N: Growl, advertising. photogra- phy: Sage. photography editor: Camera club, pres- ident, secretary: Rifle club. vice president: Spiz: Debate: Dramatics: Girls' Glee Club: Quill 69 Scroll: Declamation. Caldwell High School. Sviizweis, CllARI.liS li. IR.: Sophomore Football: Var- sity Football: Track: Band: Pep Band. Sl'IiN4TliR, l3ii'r'rY: G. A. A.: Orchestra: Silver N: Camera club: Spiz. Sl'liNl'liR, lVlYR'l'l.liZ C. A. A.: Home Ec: Silver N: Declamation: Girls' Glee Club: Dramatics. S'i'.ftNroRn, WAYNE Dout:i.As: Band: Explorer club: Pep Band: Orchestra: Machinist club: Sage Col- lector. S'riaiii.ia, IUHN li.: Sophomore Football: Varsity Foot- ball, co-captain: Sophomore Basketball: Varsity liasketballz Varsity Baseball: Student Council: lunior Class President: Blu N, secretary: Sage Collector. S'l'l'lWAR'l', lii.i.A Mina. S'ru.i., l,A'l'Rl4ilA ANN: Sage, assistant class editor, class editor, co-editor: Silver N, vice president: l.atin club: Service club, sergeant-at-arms: Spiz. president: lunior Class Vice President: Quill 3? Scroll: Honor Society: D. A, R. State Pilgrim. S'l'lNl-1, LAvoNNii: Home Ee: Girl Reserves. S'rieANt:, I.ol.A M.: Rifle cluh. S'i'im'i'ifoielJ, lil.lZAHli'I'll lovers: Sage Collector: French . D V. ' ' . tluli. I ocatello High School. STROM, Aiaiinis AR'l'llllRZ Football: Basketball: Soft- ball. l-FASHIRO, lAt:K T.: Gresham High School, 'l'ri State High. THOMSON, IEAN HALI.IEI Girl Reserves, secretary: Spiz. TIIOMPSON, HAROLD ALLEN: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Baseball. Barkely High School. Tllitss, KENNETH D.: Blu N, vice president: Baseball: Sophomore Football: Varsity Football: Growl, sports writer. TILLER, HERMAN DONALD: Sophomore Football: Soph- omore Baseball: Varsity Football: Varsity Bas- ketball: Student Council: Senior Class President: Blu N, president: Student Rotarian: Student Plan- ning Board. TROHAUGH, ,OI-IN CEPHAs: F. F. A.: Radio club. sec- retary-treasurer: Growl, sports editor: Science club: Quill fi Scroll: Varsity Football. LIcARRizA, MARY ELLEN: Silver N: Camera club, sec- ' retary-treasurer: Girls' Glee Club: Choir: Spiz: Sage Collector. WILEY. RALPH MARCENl:II Band: Choir: Radio club: Projector Operator. WILRERSON, IACK Ross: Sophomore Football, Sopho- more Basketball: Sophomore Baseball: Varsity Football: Blu N, WILKERSON, ROSELLA MARIE: Yell Leader: Secre- tary-Treasurer of Senior Class: Silver N, presi- dent, vice president, secretary-treasurer: Camera club: Rifle club. treasurer: Tennis: Spiz: Thespian club: Blu N: Varsity Debate: Dramatics: Choir: Sage, circulation editor. Independence, Kansas High School. WILLIAMSON, ERNA RAY: Ril-le club: F. F, A.: Ma- chinist club: Victory Corps. WITTHAUER, ROBERT G.: Sage, assistant business manager, business manager: Band. corporal, ser- geant, manager: Orchestra: Radio club, president: Service club, president: Explorer club. secretary: Cvrowl: Student Council: Dance Band: Pep Band: Quill 53 Scroll. WOLL, MILDREIJ LANORE: G. A. A.: Choir. WRIGHT, CHARLES S.: Track: Tennis: Sophomore Football Manager: Sophomore Basketball Man- ager: Yell Leader: Blu N: Victory Corps: Debate: Camera club. YUIIREF, ROsEiviARY: Dorsey High School. YAMAMOTO. KAY: Sophomore Class Representative at Large: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Base- ball: Varsity Baseball: Student Council. VALEDICTURIAN ANU SALUTATURIAN Lbzoim ATKINSON FRANc:1es Doouii' Seniors Nut Pictured Auuo'r'r, MARY: Choir: Home lic: Girl Reserves Virgin Valley High School. BRIIGGEMAN, MARoARH'r lVlAxiNi2: Camera club. Weis- er High School. Buex, Lixiiiuaz North Cache High School, Bumzn, linirii BELLE: Anaconda High School: Pow- ell County High School: Butte High School. DllNl1AN, VHRNA Annu.: Choir: Girl Reserves. Em- mett High School. HAl.vmasoN, Enom: Lukovz Fullerton High School. IouNsoN, IoAN: Silver N: Science club: Girl Re- serves: Girls' Glee Clubs Choir. Koim, Pli'I'lfR lorm: F. lf. A.: Student Council. I,Ann, lAMles Ru:iiAien: Radio club. Spenrtish High School: Caldwell High School. LAuMu, Hlil.liN cililiNlDORAI Machinist cluh: Girls' Glee Club. LEWIS, NANQ' MAY: Girls' Glee Club: Choirg Girl Reserves. music chziirman: Office Monitor. lVlANNllAI.'l'liR, MAliZ G.A.A.: Montebello High School. Mirrzcziau. Evral.YN IOSEPHINE2 Silver N: Girl Re- serves: Spiz: Dramatics: Choir, lihrarinn. MORROW, IOHN: Machinist cluh. Northwest llzizai rene Academy: Lincoln High School. IJENDLETON, lov L.: Melha High School. RUBY, LAVERNE Euciuma: Hi Y: Honor Society: Sci- ence club, vice president. SHAVV, lVlll.lJRlilD IANE: Girls' Glee Club: Band: Sci- ence club: Silver N: Choir: Girl Reserves, SPARKs, CAl.X'lNZ Baseball: Machinist club. TiioMAs, hNAl.TliR WAYNia: Rifle club: Radio club. 'I'RAvNlr:K, DtlRll'l'IlX'2 Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Clnh: Silver NL Latin cluh. Llriiscxii, MARX' IANICZ Vzishon Island High School. Woon, Mifrvm GiaieAi.n: Ii. lf. A.: Kezirney High School. 1954...lls We See lt Stanley Agenbroad, still exploring, has finally captured the Serpent of Payette Lake. Paul Anderson is whispering his way through N. N. C. Marie Arano and Lydia Badiola are nurse and secretary for Dr. Robert Harley. Ernest and Francis Barr are co-owners of Barr, Barr, and Barr Candy Bar Company. Ellen Mae Amold, Dorothy Huntley, and Dorothy Coffey are raising rattlesnakes for Robert Keim's Meat Plant. Leora Atkinson and Iune Palmer remained in the WACS as Captains. Billy Baum has developed a new hand lotion called Baum's Bombs Away Balm. Charles Blanton, famous radio star, has finally consented to advertise Harold Thompson's new hair oil discovery. Norma Brown, Red Cross nurse is visiting at the home of Iacqueline Kincaid, author of the best seller, "How To Get A Man." Imogene Bryant and Howard Neil took the fatal steps and now own a prosperous cattle ranch. Evelyn Carey and Norma Lee Carter are proprietors of the Carter, Carey Carriage and Coach Company. Dee Cather and Dorothy Chrz are stenographers for Edgar Halverson's and Robert Clair's Laundry business. Paul Catti, owner of Catti's Deluxe Car Lot has merged with lack Dowdle. cattle man. Vernon Christenson has hired two body guards, Chris Day and Bert Newman to protect him from all the admiring fems. U Bud Cody has just been appointed the new yell leader at Princeton. Marjorie Coe and Maurine Rouse are demonstrating the art of cooking to the new brides, Mar- garet Rapple and Annette Durston. Letha Conner. Ioyce Stratford, Genne Hill, and Io Ann Horton are opening a ski school at Bogus Basin. H-Z" ' ' Agdevee Copenhaver and Helen Berry are now employed by the Iohn Powers' Model Agency. Herbert Corder has just turned the Nebraska Dust Bowl into the most productive cacti-sage brush ranch in the world. Ralph Cort is the big time gambler of Boise's Bargain Basements. Margaret Crowther is Madame Ouigi of Mary Ecker's Department Store. Frances Dooley, Washington News Commentator is taking cooking lessons at night from Louis Herrbach. Verna Duncan is still singing "Bil1." Lemoine Eiler, Laverne Ruby, and Iohn Graham, famed Westinghouse chemists, are experi- menting with the newly discovered 93rd element "Erg." a.Iack Elliott and Karl Detton are models for Iantzen Bathing Suits in Esquire. Donald Emmel has accepted a job as managing editor for the New York Times. Iimmie Emmert and Kenny Tiegs have perfected the seven course dinner tablet, drinks included. Duane Ernest is Ag teacher for Nampa High. l Esther Fillmore and Dolores Schmier have opened up a chain of night clubs. Franklin Flory is lawyer for Don Grant who is charged with mass manslaughter when the Moose floor fell through. Marjorie Flowers, Ilo Roberts, Carol Cook, Irene Iohn, Elayne Hopkins, Rosemary Youree, Mary Lltesch, Barbara Hardy, and Dorothy Dossett, make up the all-women baseball team. Water girl is Lanore Woll. Reginald Fritschle is head usher at Majestic Theatre owned by Peter Korn. George Galloway is managing Oaks Roller Rink at Portland. Carl Gross is mathematician for Iames Ladd's radio station. I. W. Gundy, rifle expert, has joined the F. B. I., directed by lohn Trobaugh, his brother-in-law. Kathleen Hamilton is specializing in setting fractures. Pauline Hampson is a beautician for Conover's Agency. Roseline Harbit, Alberta Beckman, Dora McCorkle, and Vell Maucher are happy as housewives. Chuck Harper is a star at the Metropolitan. Glenda Harris is governess for Dola Mae New's family. Tom Harvey is a construction worker for Morrison-Knudsen. Elaine Helt is her husband's boss. Levi Henrickson, physics prof at Harvard, reports that he has seen Horace MafIit. ring leader of the Black Market. 1-M . Jew' 'ii' f Noramay Knight has finished designing dresses r the following society nnalrons: joan johnson. Mary Larrinaga. and Ruth Nystrom. Margaret Knipe, ambassador to Brazil, and Pat Still, Pan American Airways pilot. were seen lunching with Pat Robinson, editor of Vogue, Takashi Koyama and Kay Yamamoto have purchased a 200 acre vegetable farm. Earle Lapp sings the Cow Cow Boogie as he operates his dairy farm. Marjorie Larson. teacher of English, is writing "The Life of Evelyn Metzger," opera star. Helen Laumb and Mary Monte are riveters at Lockheed. Nancy Lewis is playing boogie woogie at the Bosie club. junior Logan is taking the place of announcer Don Wilson on the Vitamin jello show. Carlos Loveland has just completed his 16th operation to recover his mustache. Katherine Luke is star trapeze artist with the Don Newman and Keith Harder all-girl acrobat troupe. Vernon McCain is debate coach for Emmett High. e McConnell is still slaying them with his stagnant jokes at the Stork club, now owned by u ascoe and Melvin Wood. Warren McGowan is giving lessons to Arthur Murray. Dean Mclndoo and Wayne Stanford have started to explore the Andes. Pauline McLain has just received the Nobel prize. Elaine McNees, B er and Martha Schuler have opened a Charm school. Betty Morgan and Margaret Mills are two of the few women movie directors and at present are producing a comedy "The New Deal." john Morrow is America's leading jockey and will ride Erna Williamson's and Wayne Thomas's horse, "Tin Can." in the Kentucky Derby. Arlene Nathan, Mary Naugle. and Marjorie Nelson, the "Three N's" are singing with Bernard Foster's Corn Busters at the Bijou. Phyllis Nicodemus has just replaced Miss Smith, who has retired from teaching Latin at Nampa. Catherine Norquist, featured cornetist with the All-Girl Orchestra. recently married the World's Tennis champ. Audrey Overholser is running a boarding house. ' t erfected a new streamlined motor for the 1955 "Ford Double You." Shirley Perkins, the Dinah Shore of '55, is currently featured at the Hotel Sherman, Chicago. Eileen Porter, engineer, has just completed the bridge connecting Alaska with Asia. Bob Pritchett and Dave Schas are training women commandoes on the shores of Gittchie Gummie. Ann Randall. world swimming champ, has returned to her summer home in Vermont. Rob Roy Reynolds once more has cut his hair and now can be seen leading his famed dance band at the Paliadium. Del Lampe is now pitcher for the New York Yankees. Lavell Rich, Thomas Kozackek, and Ralph Wiley are purchasing the town of Kuna for experi- mental purposes. Mildred Riggs and Mildred Shaw are building Rigg's and Shaw's rickshaws. Mary Roll, Mae Mannhalter and Violet Sykes are Missionaries in Africa. Thelma Rosenlof and Lecia Hanks are experimenting and writing for Hygeia. Peggy Loraine Sadler is teaching Home Economics at B. j. C. Bettye Sebree has been awarded the coveted Oscar for her acting in "I Ain't Got Nobody." Calvin Sparks intends to graduate from N. H. S. this year if it kills him. Charles Spence, Glen Gaerte, and Eldon Heston have opened up a new Nampa airport. Myrtle Spencer is opening a Dramatic school and Lola Strang is assisting as an Art teacher. john Steele and Betty Lou Perry have decided to wait another year, john is producer of Broad- way's smash musical hit in which Betty stars. Archie Strom is taking care of Nampa's cemetery. jack Tashiro is a doctor at john Hopkins. - jean Thomson. famous portrait artist just completed her volume of "Portraits of Famous Peo- le." Included were Dorothy Travnick, head of the United Air Lines: Faith Davis. authoress: Lavonne Stine, Mary Abbott, and Floydine Moore, white collar girls. Don Tiller is still singing "just Plain Lonesome." Mary Ellen Ugarriza and Rosella Wilkerson are posing for jack Wilkerson's cosmetic adds. Bob Witthauer has announced his candidacy for the governorship of New York. " .sa as if FQ '51 H.. 'X X! l 52" Ia'-s's av. 9' fy 1-4- ,Y- ! f 'V L 1,44--fvb K' 11, f- V x I I " Q . . -.-. ,q4.:,,V L.. 'f4'1A..'- ,f.. 01' 1 ,f V ,A 4 . x jf All ,f 'A 1 .1 ,W f ,if ,. ,,,, , 1 R. A.-. ' F J- 'K ' , Q ,lf .1 - VV K , ',, A 4.4. e 1 , LJ , , V. , 4 A rf A. --A , I 417 U . 1 1, 1,4 A 42" !'b ' 'f ' " 7' ' 'N " fl f- 4' Iii' ' A 4 Q' ' I 4. ' ' ' I . Q,,4-. 11.-1' '4 V " ' ' - ' "' f . fin 1 ki ,:f'1' '1"'l'a1 14,2 A ' I 1-9 W ,fwffaffvfff W . IW, f I ijfjlfgifffiig ff G . J ,fk ,f V My ivyiflfu if My -L' gf MM ' Z 2 The -lunior Class, no longer "little Soph- ies" began the year by electing otlicers. Those chosen were: president, Leroy Liechtyg vice president, Shirley Boothg and seeretary-treas- urer, Phyllis Stone. Darlene Massey was chosen representative-at-large. Class rings were chosen for next year with Leroy Licchty "Nampa's Flying Cadet" winning a large ma- jority. A mid-semester dance was given with the proceeds to be used for the junior-Senior Prom. Clever decorations were used depicting report cards, flunk notices and class sched- ules. March 24 was the date of the class assembly which displayed the tluni0r's hidden talents. Highlighting the year's activities was the junior-Senior Prom, held May 5, at the Masonic Temple. Students gaining recognition this year were: Leroy Liechty with his superb kicking in footballg Glenn Montague taking part in both football and basketballg and Bob Fuller as a perfect forward on the basketball team. Chrystal Jensen, a new little red-head this year, was prominent in many school activities while Darlene Massey, with her pep and enthusiasm, helped put over the all school paper drive. Serving as advisers for the -lunior Class this year were Mrs. Geo. Wilkening and Mr. Glenn Davison. With their motto "Today We Launch, Where Do We Anchor" in mind, the juniors enter the summer for a short rest before resuming their studies as Seniors next year. ll:-irlene Massey Phyllis Stone Shirley Booth 'fm Allen Ballazor Bernard Boston nl'5lIHil'llhlll'lI Busby Fnlson Fri ll . Ax-uno F. Barbvc R. Birks T. Boston . V. Brassoy Furvor . Unlson C. Cutler M M H I1 M . Arave . J. Boll . Bishop . Bower . J. Bristow l'. Fhilds B. Cmnsmrk J. Dominick Arms! rom: Be n nel! B lo u 5:11 Bu w 10:4 Brown R. C' lr-n . Copvs G. Uofkvr !l'lli Bam' Bvnnvlt . Bnol h Brvylvs Bruhukvr . Cmly . Cnunhrzm Davis llnnal Ii. Ifraku llvnrnk l'. llynr I"e-:quills I. I"e-ony Fullol' L. I"lllllIt'I'I7lll'll' Hannnn N. I,. lmslriva Iluuvr-V II. Ilusuvk .Im-use-n Ii. .Iohnsrun Jurrlun I". Ka:-:almra ti. Dunn M I lurslon L. I'ImIdIm-man I.. Elwood I. I"invh V. l"lanzn'y M. Gross G. Guvnlz Il. Hendry I" Hel'shbc1'ger I.. Imrram J. .lzmksnn W. Johnson Ii. .Innes IT. Ifvim J. A. Kr-im . J. Iluspiv: Eric-ksnn . I-'ronsilahl . Gwilliam . Hooker . .lmrllvr Jnnos . Killer li i nmlull Lvnz Lymla Mun ning: Mnynn- Montmun- .l . 1,l'lllSil5 l'4-nzion Kohn Lewis Lydon Martin . McCulluuprh Munro . 0110 Pipkin Knzacek Little Lyons T. Martinouu L. Mc'l"a4hls-li M N1-th G. Ovorhulsvr A Randolph K regex' Loosli M abc M assay Mvl n ti rv . Nm-wnmn Parris Rawlins Lee Lovaas N. Maffil . Makhisf-n V. Millvr Olsen Pe-nnimrtnn . limlwv ll 9+ NIR -Qs. ,Wf- Rmnlxh J. RuHiui'l'n1'cl H. Szulim-I' M. G. SPH J. Shillllllill ii. Simons J. Six M. Snell S1C'Ilhl'HS V. Slum- G. Stuart P, Swift 'l'lml1msnn ll. Ticlwvll K. 'l'0lman U. Tnnwr Van Iluuh-n W. Vassar' M. Vinvvnt A. li. Wnllwl' C. VV:n'4l J. Wmivvl' ii. VVOGKS li. WVUIIS WII1-vim' Ii. M. VVhil1- li. Whittiyr H. VVillmm'!h H. W'il:4nn M. Zimml'!'m:4ll Slmvc-r Slvvnr vi' Swimiell Van Bus VVaIlvr VVvs-4-lr NYills kirk E ET-,la m T""T"' F'?""wl.. 3 WWW If 1 f - X Ah 1 fr f-::n'7Qi?7'-"E,kQF'i -gp, .Mi gi.-A,v.W: .JUH3 H 331,-x?,,?,,Wn,.ti In L 'ls ' 1 I AWV 4 CP' ,PM W W 7 1 -,4 0 . '1 My V 'N 800 PH UWWWMMYW 9 My ' 6 7 "'.""Vf fi "ii ,. pn' 077. K jf? 41 , 1 ,4 WMM - .PAQ ' MMV" H M ,..4rffr0f' z,1ff,upfa9 JZ!!! f 4 , n ff 1 ,"' A V ' - M' ..4f',,1-fU'f4"' -fda ,av W ' , 1 2 f ' ,, -4, , A . , 'J Qfffvtk,-,1-,avifl !!,d12-f,gy" , ! 1 ,' f ' , ' 1 . 7 f- - - .4 . f , . 4 Lf1,f 1. A!6j,g,'yWf!2,0! A wblffc' ,ZZ ,,.9a'2 ' l -, ,- lgfffxfoaw' ,4,4f"',ff44Vw ,4.yf-f.,-4,-" -7gf0'f'fffL9f' ,4fwVW44" 7 V 5'a!f'0y' 75459 't ,xilffff ' ML! 13.42" ' ,,4Lf.C-'IZ' ff f' -igi ' ' 'V 1 Ki'6'? ,": ' -15.1 V. 1 f'f' " il: ffffxgl "ff ' 'ff W3"- ,.:5f-4 'f4 'lazigffii . '23 ' 4 ' ' z' HV 7 if xx' , 4 1 ,fl ,,A,' , ,,f I, I-4-iq Jar, f -YV' f' il V ,,,,,l, ..'4f?,.-f' W ,jfb V ,fff5"",VV'Lf f!'Q41f6aC- 7-15 A 1752 4 I ' , . ,."' ' . ,,. 'R K EA,a " 15' 149' j' ,?'7'-9"ff f' M551- ' 2' -f ,i4Lfsf' A - . I 'fl -501 ' X k'-4 1 4if2f,.,. IffX -,,4' i,4,ci."1-ff'-14- ' . ,iibf Q21 1',w:1f 'V7 ' J D 1 C QQ' 1,4-1 3x1-Cal?" ,494 ii I . n 'A 4, I riff. ,LXQL V44 , ffi' fr' 5514, f,.f?f A V ,V I A' 511, ff ,p 'c'! x ' .- fi u ! VX fy V.. . ', N , . 1 I v Lau! iff' A 1 ffff g".A1f - K' if Q42 ' - Q , ' fm A , l f L4 I 1 ',1 ', I I X7 , f- . ',:,,,v,eV ,r ,f x,.ff'f', , r, X Q A 1,9 Led by their sparkling class officers, I-kxlmld WBQQ, president, Bill Allen, vice president, Betty Spencer, secretary, and Daryl Wittenberger, rep- resentative-at-large, the Sophs held their first meeting September 26 and elected the above. Ushering at the Lettuce Bowl Game was the , Harold Wolfe, president first feat the greemes performed. About ten boys helped. Patriotically helping with rationing October 27 to 29, the Sophomores assisted the teachers. Their first dance was a Sadie Hawkins matinee dance, chairmaned by Barbara Le: singer with Lorene Marshall, Bill Allen, jack Stroud and Toughie Wolfe as committee. December 9, Sophomores voted for the class motto "Not For School, But Life We Learn" with blue and gold class colors and the carnation, their flower. Collecting S80 in dues were Justus George, Caryl Wittenberger, Roberta Myers, Donald Lantz, Hugh Bray, Pauline Hilty, Pat Little, Bonnie Feeler, and Jack Rehm. . March 3 was the date of their annual Sophomore assembly. A clever skit, "Coach Cunningham's Headache Before the Franklin Game" was presented, with Tommy Gibbs, starring. Class advisers are Miss Evelyn Hagelin, English teacher, and Paul jones, world history teacher, who have helped a great deal in making the year a success. n-1. Ann, ,,:,, .,.,,-:,x-... , nan.. n.,....,.-.. ,...-..,,l....... n......l ul:n,...L,....,.... ..,....-...,...h.Q.:.... ..+ I...-.fn l S V. Alxgm-II I'. Alvn-l'snn II. IIl'ny IP. l'nnxuuIy II. l'l'muks M. I.. Iuvuns .I. In-nl1x'v I..1Jun1Iy . Aldous Iizuim-l'Iy . Ih-mvn .'l'asp1-1' . f'lIlIlI Ifv-I-I4-1' . Guin IIzlIIIu'l'5' . Ankntn-II I.. Aloxalmlol' . Iiawl' I. Ilnlmlwin . Iirmvn IIl'IIIHlIil'l l'2n'm-5' G C:usl'1-1' . l'l'ny II l'lI1IlI I"m'lin.'k " Lll J. Im 5. I lhmthn-r I .llih .- I"v0Iv!' Ihunl Ilnmiltun Ii. Allvn IJ. Iiurnvs M. Iilzmksmu IC. l'I:1nf'y ll. Cuslmmn . I-'vrnrusnn I'I. H054 'll :ln 'S II. Antrim N. I.. II:u'l'1-H G. IImIIL' .I. FOIVIII I.. l'nlI4-1' II. I"n:4l1-I' V. Gull G. Ilzlrmuu I'. I. .I. M Ii lb . Aran! . Hailey Ilunl h . Cook . Iiussc-II I'Il'ZIll4'Ii II. GUXYUII J. II'II'Il'V . Arnulml III-rry V. IIUXVIIIZIII l'mnsIm'Ii IIUNWI Iv I"l'unssI:1hI lirvgg I. II1lSIll'4llll'Iri Aullmvh Iiirks IIu1IL'II Crain' Ilun n G1-Islvl' Grim II:lsIvrnurIx llussm-Ilwi llm-mn l,nwr'f-m'1- Mzwlmf Mxnxlvlu-1' Nivllulh l'l'l!4-ln-ll llvnlplu Ilan llullzukm-1' l 4'1- lVI1'lInnnvl Mvssvr Nulnll- I'riI1-lu-ll I.. Rivlmurll Ilvmlr-rsnn I1's:s-ns lmnz Mansnn Mil ls-V Olwrsl I'm'tvr Rim-lmaxrmlsrm Ill-:mis . .lolmsmx . Inessimrl-1' Marshall . Mill:-r Oslyn . l'owcl's . Rivlminf . Hi-l'shlwl'p:0x' J. .lulms lllll IP . Mason . Moore . llHl'kHl'll . Ramlfurml Rlvvll llilly . livin: . Lloysl l". lVl:u'lin . Myvrs l'uil'u'k Kayrselnll- . Rmlm-rs Hllltll' Klum: Luk:- Marl in . N1-lu-1' l'a1lor:-rm lluinvy lion! llouan Laslcl . M alu- Murl in Nc-lsnn l'01'li Rau llussm-ll .I. Hortnn Il. Imnlz .IbMm'h gi. Marlin l'. Nr-wlannl VV. l'l10vls-rs J. Rl'lll1? V. Salle f , .. l, 4 5,Jb,l' .1 'X if' O Smnlursun Sinclair J. Siu-nrvl' Taylor llrwin W'alvrlnnxw Williams S. Srhroeder Il. Snyilrr L. Siuiyrvr Ib H. Snydur . Srhirzilhc- F. M. Slrullwrs 'l'. Seimls-l J. Snyclur VV. Sullivan M. ll. E. C. W. Tlionms IC. M. Tiscr T, Vqighq li. VVai1rzu11l h. Welrli li. Whits- i'. Wiltrnlwryrrr H. Wolfv S1-lilupizi H Sr-hulvr Smith Snyder . Stalpas Stroud 'lllliblllili 1, 'I'l!lllll1!SUH li. Ulrirk Wann-rs Won-ks VVrssvlls I.. Winaiw ll. Wills-nlzvrpvr M. Yates M. Youroo M. A. Zum: M. Zurlx 'l'l'0llill'1N' la Walt :min Wliitv Wu-ul nisky Shrull Sparks . 'I'm't0r 'I'ri1nhlc- Wurrvn Wilrnx Wood EUAEHES Iones Davison Hyslop Dellinger Mathews Cunninghznn l Nampa I-Iigh School has had one of the very best coaching staHf's that any high school could have, war or no war. Coach jerry Dellinger, who received his excellent training at the U. of I. S. B., U. of I., and Creighton U., was Athletic director and head Coach of football and basketball. He is a former All-American college basketball guard. His right hand man, assistant football, Sophomore basketball, and head baseball coach, was Bill Cunningham, who starred in basketball at Lewiston Normal and Albany College. Glenn Davison, a product of Xllfhitman College and U. of I., turned in a line job as sophomore football coach. Paul jones, graduate of Coe College and U. of I., coached the track and field teams. jones is a former wrestling coach of the U. of I. Miss Ann Hyslop, C. of I. and U. of Wiishiiigton, ably directed all girls' athletics. Ifilling the lively place of cheer leaders, appointed by the student body, Betty I.ou Perry stepped into Yell Queen position, Charles Wriglit, Yell King, and Rosella Wilkerstmii, Yell Duchess. Leaving for the Navy in March, Clark Wriglit left a vacancy which was filled by Charles Blanton. Ten new yells were introduced by this active threesome and did a lot in furthering good sportsmanship at football and basketball games. YELII LEADERS King-- Chuck Wright Queens - Betty Perry Duchessi Wilkerson 4m,,f GRIUIRUN TAEEICS 5JfjDfyQQ LE CUURT wmwwfib-Q 921,21 504, Wfaf- AB- 1. 'Lax 212135: M-if WZ? Wim W AACY SPQ 7 vx 1 V' Llircliq X in i IL Curly. J. Wi-ssels. M. Hays. P. Luke. B. While. G. Woodvine. L. Romph, G. Harmon. fond row: Com-li f'unnimrhnni. J. Wilkerson, M. Dinwitldiu, R. Struthers. W. Sullivan. Coach llellin1I0I'. i lou: J. Eninu-rt. H. Boston, ll. Lanipe, H. Neil. f'. Blanton, D. Tiller. li. Lyela. E. lfarm. I.. Herrlmeli. K. lhllt l itll hi ll alum nw: T. Kool. G. Mollluiftle, I.. liieehly. ll. Davis, W. McGowan. ll. Sehas. ll. Newman. li. liixluy. J. lhiwilln' lx lui. I Nl l l'll IH in-tive. .. I is .. Varsilg Football The hard fighting Bulldogs emerged November zsth with two wins, two ties, and three losses, having dropped the Thanksgiving Day classic to Boise 12 to 6. The game was a thriller to watch from the side lines but left an ache in the heart of every Bulldog. Little .lack lilliott, S-foot 7-inch fullback. started the game with a thrill seldom seen when two such evenly matched teams meet, when he ran the opening Boise kickoff back 72 yards for a touchdown. The next two plays took Boise into pay territory, only to be called back on a clipping penalty. They were able to score later in the first period. The second and third quarters were less eventful, however, the Braves sank their tomahawks deep into our lines when in the last period they scored a second time. Varsity gridiron mentor. .Icrry Dellinger, had counted much on big johnny Steele returning letterman from the past two years, who was forced to quit a brilliant football career in the making, due to illness. lncluded among the 33 aspirants were eight other returning lettermen, including Howard Neil, Don Tiller, l.eroy l.ieehty, Bob Pritchett, Dave Schas. Kenny Tiegs. Charles Blanton and Glenn Montague. Coach Dellinger again used the Notre Dame box shift with varied defenses. The season opened September 17, when the Nampa squad plowed through the Vail eleven to their First victory 26 to 6. Traveling but nine miles, September 24, the local team met the Caldwell Cougars in a non- conference tilt with the Final tally 6-6. A trip to Twin lfalls spelled disaster for the Cmnines in their first conference tilt when the Bruins slapped over 26 points to 6 for the defend- ers of the red and blue. Thilling a capacity crowd at the annual tuce liowl Game, for the first time played between high school teams, the Nampa crew, spurred on by many fans, rose from an IS point underdog rating to a scoreless tie with the power house squad from liast Side Salt l,ake City. The Salt Lake boys out- weighed the home team from IS to 18 pounds per man. lincouraged by these results, though again outweighed by their opponents, the Canines clashed with the battling Poky lndians in a see-saw en- gagement with the tally I3 to 12 when the final gun sounded, giving the Bulldogs their second win of the season. Determined to gain another victory the Bull- dogs met the Caldwell lads again on Armistice Day on their home field, this one being the con- ference counter. In the spectacular encounter the Cfanines outfought and outplayed their opponents but by a trick of fate in the third period Duke Sherman, Cougar quarterback intercepted a flat pass intended for ,lack lflliott and raced untouched 60 yards for a touchdown which tied the score 12 to 12. Then XVinslow dived over a terrihc pile-up in the middle of the line for the extra, making Nampa one point short of bringing home the bacon. The Turkey Day classic might have been the game to determine the conference winner but since both teams had lost two games they chose to make the main attraction to the game merely the old spirited Boise-Nampa rivalry. Dave Schas and Bob Pritchett, co-captains, piloted the Bulldogs through their season. They were also placed on the all-conference team at center and end respectively. Dave Schas was voted the most valuable play- er of the year and l.eroy l.iechty was chosen to lead the Bulldogs another year. l exam? was Q4-f.. Elliott liytlzt lilunton lloxvtlle Montaigne Tivils Neil Schns Iiit-ehtv lilnmt-rl llnvis I'i-iii-ht-It Tiller lfixlmy M1-Hou llll 'I'opt'1iW: 1., Rohm. Il. Tiller, U. Fushmau, G. Monlairue. L. Lie:-lily. Foam-li 15:-lliiiger. liottoni row: H. Neil. ll. Seliasa B, 1"1'itt'1it-lt, J. Stes-le. li. Flllll-'l'. MHllH2'l'I' Sparks. Varsilq Basketball A successful season was completed on the maple court when the scrapping Bulldogs captured for the first time the big live chanipionship, this being the most coveted award in all athletics. During the season the varsity squad collected 19 wins from .1 possible 26. Though they started off on the wrong foot by losing to Caldwell 30-2? in the first game, the Nampa hoopsters reigned victorious in the following encounters, defeating Caldwell 30-23, and lioisc 27-21. ln the next game, the Baker live tooli home a win, edging out the Nampa qtiint 3 S-33. llowever, the barnstorniing Bulldogs staclted tip three decisive victories on their southern ldalio tour by downing Pocatello 25-23 and swaniping ldalio lfalls 41-29 and Twin lfalls 40-22. Returning home the high stepping Dogs quickly added three games to their ever increasing win eolunin, handing short ended scores to Boise, 28-18, Meridian, 30-18, and the Poky Indians, 30-26. Holding top place in the eonference with four wins and no losses, the Bulldogs traversed to Caldwell, where their previous triumph was avenged when the Cougars upset the Nampa squad 54-36. Striking hard in the next two games the Canines humbled the powerful lininiett lluskies 30-21 and snatched the high spot from ldaho lfalls 30-28. 0 s fja-w-' Q5 ,lfvxl 31-261 7 7 Qt www? taxa, we! 'Y C0 CAD iw X I if 'b 7' 54,1 . I f ML- 451,260 -6 IILIA, co-'V 6 ' . ii 6 of the season's best games was with Caldwell when Delliny er's crew came from behind and in the last few seconds of play nosed out l'1olt's Cougars 30-29. lietribution was complete. ln the next two engagements the local team bowed to Balter 36-21, and lfmmett .17-13. The remaining six games of the pre-totirnament season were easily stowed in the bag when the rampaging Bulldogs rolled over the Braves 29-24, and drubbed Twin lialls 43-18, Mountain Home 39-14, Boise 27-21. and Meridian 42-13. Coach Dellinger had worlted the boys into a smooth worlting club by tournament titne and even though they were defeated twice by the powerful Emmett team, thof: lluslties had plenty of battle scars when they finished. ln the first game the Bulldogs defeated Boise 44-26, lost to limmet by a margin of two points, 34-32, in an overtime period, and were downed again by limmett 34-29 in the third game. Nampa placed third in the district, determined by a consolation game with Weiser, 29-18. This year's team included lettcrmcn, Bob Pritchett, captain and forward on the tournament first team with 275 points for the season, Dave Schas, guard on the tourna- ment second team: Howard Neil, second in scoring honors, 'lohnny Steele outstanding guard of last season, who was able to play the last six games, and Glen Montague, a var- sity player from his sophomore year. New comers to the squad this year were Bobby lfuller, a junior and forward on the tournament second teamg Don Tiller, who began play late in the season bttt made a good showingg Alimmy W'alls and l.yle Rohm, juniors who moved up from the sophomore squad of last year, and Glenn Cushman, the sophomore representative of this year. ca clfvwgllll-Wag 1 V' 7 ii, ggmcwww Zia U- Gu- . .ffl ,af 1 . ZVM' X' 1 N,,,,......0.w-wf, Snph-Frush Football Top row: lf. ltii-hi-ns, Il. l'l1lI'liIUll'l'. 'I',Tl1oninsm1, .I. l.:11l1l, li. Brown. li. I'i1-rson. A. l.11n1l1111ist, lb, Montague. S1-1-ond row: .l. Volvin, ll. Hrny. M. 'l':1yIor, ll. liilllll. V, Sparks, .I. 'I'ho1'n, ll. 'I':1ylor. l,. l,:11'1'i11m1z1. Mr. Mntllii-ws. 'I'l1ir1l ron: V. lVl:1l'lil1, l'. Lillie. IC. l'11d1l, H. AS1-lielilirvliiiol'. I1.'I'i1-ns. ll. S1'l1xx:1lb4-. J. Slrinid. I lliinblt ll Klux lVl1'. lhivison liolloni 1-mi: Il, 'lllHX'4'l'X, R. l.11elw11g:1, ll. Wolfe, 'l'. Gibbs, IQ. lliullv, l".lilHlll11'I'. V. Ostyn. li. xvillx1'l'hIlll, IP. I'o1nslo1-lt Answering tlie call of Cloacli Glenn Davison and assistant Cloacli l,eo Nlatliews aspiring atliletes came running to comprise tlie Nampa llullpups for '-H. 40 After .1 liew workouts the Soplis beat tlie lVlelb.1 varsity by .1 close one point score ol' H-IZ. later tliey beat tlie Caldwell Kitttens 26-0. lS4llNL'. ., lxuni x11s1tx ind to 'lio build up tlie "games lost" column tliey bowed to tlie strong' ' . '. ' I -' . lust to make tliings equal, liowever, tltey pl.1yed two scoreless ties, botlt witli tlie lraditional rivals, lloise and Claldwell. 'l'wenty-live players received tlieir numerals at tlie annual football .1XV.ll'kl .1ssemblv. Under tlie able guidance of coacli liill Cliinningliam, tbe litillpups played .1 tougli twenty-two game schedule tliat was marred by only two defeats. Tlie first loss was banded tlie under classmen by a strong lfranltlin varsity in an overtime tliriller. The Boise Sopbornores accounted for tlie second defeat. 'lilieir exceptional playing ability combined witla tbeir lieiglit and speed made it com- . . . . . . . . blk P.ll'.lllVCly easy for tliem to win H1 INIICICCH CODSCCUIIVC PQLUNCS .ll'lLl CSl.ll7llSl1 .Ill CHYIJ record. Tliis successful season was closed by awarding twelve players tlieir numerals. Top row: Il. Meeki-l'. ii. ll:11'n1ol1. T. lli4'l1:1l'1lson, l". G1i11tl11'1', Nl. l"ro11s1l:1hl. ll. l'lill'llllg't'l', IC, ll:1sl1l'o114'lt. lllivlilli- roxxz Mr, l111111i11i:l1a1111, ll. lnnlz, M. 'l':1ylo1', li. Vtnlml, .l. l'lllVlll, G. S uirlss. V. l.:1x1ri-111'e. Iioiloin lou: l'. IilLl1-. l', Uslyu. ll. Wolf:-. ii. liodlm I ,al I . l. llioinlison, ll. S1-lmzillu-. 1 .X 1 1- V1 Snph Basketball jf! 4,,f ,GUI.Ffj, ,4.f 5 M MK H1 TENNISQAM 1 .f f gg! X fy AQASEBAL I Aa., Aa-vfxlf-AA'a4' 10 X61 f W 41f4ff'fl I-fefffff iff, f 47 If fo: :J ff! -Aw fzlfv' 4' an-I 71 ff! QAJZYQ-fc ff X ff ff! fgffff MZ! -ffgff, Gff ff Z ,,,,, , I ii rgvfixm 1 ai! ld A I y f" 3S1f' 1 ur If 5 fa , 'X ,,,.,44,,4, ,Wg 7 f IJ!! lfffl-'cr f Z7 E44 11.14.75 51 3126 -7? 1 , jg: ig' a-Au! ' 7! -4?Xf4f2f- Ad jg, 0 ff! fgffffjff 71774 Meg l 'X' -7640! fa'!f5f-'fave 1 f wfffg fifz fh fy,A"A - !.nf,,'. ,J s c "' gf' - I -'T R A C Krz' 14'-74 1-yr" I 4-gg 1.451 marc. , I4 - .Zn ggrg 4 an fill 4.01 la 7415! iq: I I 4 Il I4 If 'fl ll! "' M 4' 5' 5 ! U4 414:11 fm' M' ' 1 8 X I w fra ' ' If I lk - I If 1 I Il A 1 4' ae 1144 If .E- fj-at 1' Ill f k f 3 "' A4 lf' I I lffke ' - . 40 7 E .f W rv 1 in xl, ., ,' lv" ,Y 'J Baseball - A Top row: B. Davis, J. Dominick, H. Wolfe, P. Ostyn, P. Little, G. Bodle. Coach Cunningham. Second row: D. Schas, R. Pritchett, R. Bixby. K. Yamamoto. W. Mc'Gowen, B. Fuller, L. Lieehty. Bottom row: B. Lydia. K. Harrier. M. Taylor, D. Lainlle, J. Tashiro, T. Koynnia, J. Elnlnorl, Foueh Il4'llillL!l'l Bill Cunningham, coaching his second year at Nampa High, called forth all diamond aspirants, and with the thirty-seven who turned out worked into shape A and B squads that made a good showing for themselves in the Boise Valley league. All A and B teams in this area were represented. Games were played according to the following schedule. April 4, Nampa at Payetteg April 7, Caldwell at Nampa: April 11, Payette at Nampa, April 14, Kuna at Nampag April 18, Nampa at Meridian, April 20, Caldwell at Nampag April ZS, Nampa at Boise: April 29, Nampa at Caldwell, May 2, Boise at Nampa: May S, Meridian at Nampa. This year's returning lettcrmen included Bud Lyda, Keith Harder, Bob Pritchett, Del l.ampe, Bob Fuller, Takashi Koyama, Leroy Lieehty. Dave Schas. and Rex Bixby. The Nampa track team, built around Don Enamel, only returning letterman, and drilled under the watchful eye of Coach Paul Jones, had a successful season and gained outstanding recognition for them- selves throughout the season. Howard Neil, first year einderman, took his share of top honors, with promising ability shown by Monte Cutler, Rulon Nelson, Ronald Rawlins, and Lloyd Yowell. Four meets were entered, the first was at Boise on April S. A tri-city meet was held at Emmett April 14, Nampa, Boise, and Emmett participating. May 6 was the date of the district meet, this year held in Caldwell. Final event of the year and closing the season was the Relay Carnival at Boise May 22, with most of the teams in this area participating. Nampa's colors were held high with honors. Top row: B. McConnell, K. Tit-yrs, H. Neil. J. Steele. ll. Tidwell. K. Drake, R. Rawlins, Coach Jones. Bottom row: R. Nelson, R. Brown. C. Gross. R. Reynolds. L. Cutler, D. Emmel, L. Yowoll, T. Gibbs. Track Pliinl row: J. Mnehos, R. M2lll4'lll'l'l F . giootl, G. Dunn, E. Snyder, H. Sehuler, E. Porter, P. Rainey Ilollmn row: A. llookvr. ii. Newni . F. Tiny, IL M ,, .. l 41 A f' 1-'1 Golf J. Allen. G. lfnlyor. T. Harvey. J. llonat. G. Cushman. D. Faylor. J. Wilkerson, G. Galloway, T. l'Iilnnult Witli only three veterans, one letterman among them, and eight capable beginners, Nampa's golf- ers showed a very promising potential team. Glenn Cushman, low medalist and the only returning letterman consistently turned in good scores. Two freshmen, Gale and Dale liaylor also played well, for our otherwise inexperienced crew. Also, there were six eight graders that worked out with the varsity. Our squad. the largest competing tealn that Nampa has had for several years went through eight scheduled matches with flying colors. As the tennis season opened, the courts were overflowing with twenty-five short-clad girls and ten hard hitting boys. Nineteen of the girls were beginners, but under the coaching of Ann Hyslop they soon whipped into shape. Six experienced girls including Bert Newman. the only one that had lettered, Chris Day, Bonny Rodwell, Annabel Lee, Anita Hooker, and Darlene Massey set a good example by playing excellent games. The boys' tennis team was stranded without a coach, but nevertheless the ten went ahead and played the games that had been scheduled for them. Pop row: li. l"osler. IC. Vnn llnskirk. .I. 1' llilton. K. Bl'1lllllL'llllllI'1I, li. Patterson. M. Fronsilahl, ll. St-hwnlbe, ll. l"nrl- ini.:'el'. 'l'. 'I'..oin, son, V. lSul'bei-. i-eonil row: C. Willeiiliifiun-i'. M. Evzuis. L. Marshall, M. Packard, L. Bailey, V. Hersliberirt-V, 1. . Russell, M. Uoolt. Ii. liner, ll. Antrim, Wood. ussey. li. Rotlwt-ll, A. Lee, Coach Hyslop. SHAW Tennis '- . ww-: - ' - - - - w 4 ,- 4 Y 'vi-ve,-1 -.yr 154 fy Q ff My QZHWIZM W M if Q ' - ' ' K X : ff fi? wi W X32 -x -L 5 W v :rar ,,. . , ,. X 15 sk f M55 W B Q CQWQSAW 'X VQ Of MUSIC W f+ fM . 7M W LflfVV X 'M : Q7 sae , in-Lal 31030, fl mf A J' ow! WM .af Luau' 1' if W - 3 ,-fs j f 4 A ' Q ' if K B Mrjl ., 6235 gf.. f- 'N l V -f- f L- j 7' ,': V f' ' A, 1 V' f .' 7- fl.. fL',1L- ' ' ' ' .f ff f ' Ni ' X 5 - L ' XV? l ICC T L fjf . lf, Af' Ldv X IK - track' , 'up row: V. Stone, I". Van Houien. Il, Roniph, G. Gueniz, D. Tidwell, C. Mannhalter, G. Gross-nlmeh, L. Lieehty, K. Drake, E. llarr. A. Drake. ll. Fudd. I". Weeks. Middle row: ll. Snyder, H. Antrim. C. Norquist. R, Patterson, J. Burr, D. Massey, I. John, J. Colvin, H. Manson. A. Hnllhc-ru, li. Crooks, R. Iii-rl'y. Ii. Witt.hauel'.,J. Rohm., Hnllom row: M. I"l4m'vrs. R. Iiruhnker, J. A. Winlher. J. Hasbrouck, M. Hannon. l,. Klas, N. l'1-ek. M. Shaw. Il. While. K. Fus- lver. li, White, R. Reynolds, R. Rallfurrl, R. I"rilsel1li-, IC. Hell, M, Crowilzer, A. Marlin. E. Fillmore, A. Lee. Directed by "Pop" Winther, the Nampa High School Band opened its year's activi- ties by adding its pep and color to the opening game of the football season. To advertise the annual Lettuce Bowl football game, the band met the Salt Lake High School football team, and marched throughout the city. Because of wartime conditions, the band activities were limited to local programs, including a series oficoncerts, one of which introduced Dr. Frank Simon, world-renowned cornetist, which were presented in preparation for the National Regional Music Festival. Piccolo, trumpet, B flat clarinet, E flat clarinet, trombone, and baritone were represented in the solo group, with thc trumpet trio and clarinet trio included in the chamber groups. Clad in white skirts, blue velvet, braid-trimmed jackets, and white boots, the twirl- ers stepped out in front of the band at ball games, parades, and the Music Festival. Twirl- ers were Marjorie Flowers, Arlene Martin, Ruth Brubaker, Esther Fillmore, and Mary Arave, with Annabel Lee capably filling the role or drum majorette. I Elected as oHicers this year were Catherine Norquist, president: Rob Roy Reynolds, vice president, Margaret Crowther, secretary-treasurer, Irene john, librarian, Elaine Helt, custodiang and Keith Drake, manager. fofin: , Among the many programs of the mixed chorus this year one of the most popular was the Christmas Cantata, which was presented in a simple, colorful manner under the skillful direction of Torn B. Turbyfill. ln March an operetta, H. M. S. Pinafore, the first put on by the high school in a number of years, was presented, and in April the Choir participated in the National Re- gional Music lfestival, spending a good deal of time in intensive practice for this affair. A linal concert was presented in May, bringing to an end a most successful year for Nampa lligh School's A Cappella Choir. L E Chosen from the choir, a girls' sextet was made up of the following girls: Nancy Lewis, Shirley Booth, Barbara Wfillmorth, Evelyn Metzger, Margaret Keim, and Marjorie L H Gregg. Members of the boys, quartet included liarl Lapp, Daryl Wfittenberger, Glenn Mon- tague, and Charles Harper. Shirley Perkins was elected president of the groupq Shirley Booth, vice presidentg liarbara " ' 'cretaryg June Wfaterhouse, custodiang Evelyn Metzger, librarian: and Bud Cody, manager 3 , l, NJ 'S . 1 , . I Top row: M. Abbott. I.. Stine. N, llrown, l'. lliliy, M. Grcifll. C. Noriluisl, l. Rirh. S. AL1'L'lllTl'4l2lll. N. Knight. V. Mabe. J. Snyder PI. While. B. Weeks. ll. Tonier. Second row: IC. Gundy, E. Thomas. N. Antler:-non. B. Willniorth. I-I. Met.s:p:er. IT. Jones, R. Wiley. R. Harper, l'. Loveland, M Slznw. J. Johnson. S. IH-rkins, H. Arnnl. M. Zapp. Third row: M. Mi'l'lin1ick. M. Keiin. R. lirulmker. H. l"illmore, 'l'. Vennimrton. I7. Witlenherirer, ll. K4-ini. V. Mefnin. C. Barber' ll. Montanrue. A. Rzindall. li. la-xvis, V. Duncan. G. Lovzms. liotlom row: ll. Snyder. M. Winans. J. Waterhouse, li. Ii: ' llowdle. L. Hendrickson, H. Cody, J. Hot lull, G. llnrris. l'. Niroilenius. T. Mayne, S. Booth. Girls' Blee Club Top rim: M. lltx-sell, ll, Youi't-e, li. Snyder, J. Kovallitlu, H. Jones, PI, XVhilIig, ll. lirouli, IS. l"lrris M Mr, 'Yom 'l'urliytill. llottom row: M. Ge-isle-l', J. Hurley, I., Nelson. V, Marlin. H. Voiiistmwk, M. Nsiuirle. l'. lluiiipron, J. Six I LH land. l". llnvis. li. Steiger, H. lit-rry. At the far end of the hall, in the music room, around 2:30, you might hear enthusi- astic applause for readings, solos, and duets, given for entertainment by the girls them- selves every lfriday afternoon. Singing, because they enjoyed it, they also worked hard on such numhers as "A Memory", "Sylvelin", "Aloha", and "The XY".lll7, You Saved lior Me", which was given at the concert April I4 and the Music lfestival April 27, 28, 29. By means of a lwroadeast over Radio Station K If X D on Uctoluer I9 the String Clhoir introduced its first program of the year. The all girl Choir played "The XX'orld is XVaiting for the Sunrise", "Because", and other selections, under the direction of A. "Pop" XVinther. -Iune W'aterliouse was featured artist playing a violin solo. Among the Cfhoir's appearances were those at the annual Milla lfund -Iamlworee and the Band concert in lfehruary. They also spent much time in practicing for the National Music liestiyal, which was again held at Nampa in April. J. A. Nllillivr, ll. Viulml, M. livzilis. l., liuilvy, J. WVllfl'I'llllllxt'. M. Yates, 1':ii'tt-r, H. MeNi-vs, V. Strtitlit-rs, M. Si-liiile-r. St Ch ring uir .WN W CHRITUDE fwoe 03455 ,gff'f0EQf4gJ,,vf' Qigiffy , 51+-L' Vbiv Q2iwffgfQ fL12ffif f fi JP Sfffwfp Q Fifi f f2??9f6rZ'ffy4f3 ANN RANDALL FUUTBALL QUEEN AHDEVEE CUPENHAVER LETTUEE BUWL QUEEN SignHere--- MMM A 'Z Xlfvvidfjvky' ', ,wf?,Qj7,,, My WW 4"7'ff""7iZ'f""- 11524, ffwww-fWMM fm' ww? ywmwfftw ,MAMA WV - , DVI' .4fff"'Jx'?! ' MW J Mlloffu . O W QQEYVSX Q- Q, ,figs lg 329 M N 551.3 . iw sq? lg , , .3 . T N X is f QG1fE pm Y , ft' 1 N ,' I 1' ,' 1 xl ,' I 9 I. U f' l UREBNIZATIUNS Nw 7 , . ' "wx ,N XXITAK X Y' 1 I N 3 K x . . . C P .A " 1 I . M V? -. , - . . . Q X 1 .P t . ' ,Q ' , 5: ' A ' Y -' -. K , ' Q5 x r f z '-x 'Q .. 'V 1- ' lv X . L ,rf 'r' as K f R - , .1 x . 1 f ' K KUJ U X X ,U ' I A I . ' N - K . ax , , 1 I. I - H E - X I Z ,V Ac AN gl 3 I 1- Q-r 1, 'K l w 4 P' uf' .X ,- A1 -6 "P 1' .X ' . 4 H 1 1 '.x , is r , AJ . . va V ' - ' ' It I . X s dx' - Aly tl L- hu Db V 0! LV- N ' . I N ,. ' '. L A 'Q , X I ,H , Y 'N y , I ' lr 1 I' . I E- 'ft' f, Q 'h' -. rr .I -lx ' A Q X J . - r 1 1 A V . ' , . u F ! N fbbf i Li , D, i ., s L V - f f I rf Q ' u Y 1' - K' W' L' F r - Ph 14' x v lf ' M I 1 L 1 L 9 ' f 01 f 1, ' A W , f 'K'-.-A - 'T' fi' . WU , M fr X ILL--VYCI ' .J 441s ff , A 47 fx? 1,-fn-1 Q fg-114' 1,1 1 'J , ', Q ,. I f f ' " ' ,,1- , -1A ',.n,aq 'fl L..g.f I Y ' Q 7 I I 1t!.lL,s A I "s' ' 1 Q 'fr 'Q .' 'fu V' ' 3 3 I L A -I In I 4?? ' 53 41:9 V' , ,J :ss L My -s N - 3 1 N 5' ff' JN 5 A k W xx x Vi 5 ANA ff in 'em-, .K . .Mx :- A . 1 4 ,,... 3. 4' ' .sq kk ' Q. - .Mwa l ' 'Q fi' , ilu . wif: 1. 4 A . 56-. ,fx x i 1443 . A ,ww " X ,V , by I af, f ' 'fr PJ? Q X L : Q iii ' M Q . . P . A if 5125 Tx " P f -wwf - -:.. we Q is 4,f,., 1 W' 2 , . . E K L V,bV':V x U . b. K , Iv? MJ. in s Jw K I ,AQAA iff- g W, , , gp ,ff .M tw ff N M., J, 'lil i' x WR" x .lk 1, ,Rr , 0 5.1 'H s 1.7 A V- 13" K ' .X Mi if 'gf I L -mes. 'x 1 - -, ' Li . lvlr yui f 1' ' K in ., ,.... . ggww- Q . Honor Societg Ul"l"lCl'IRS l'l't-sitlvlil l'nl Robinson Viee-l'resitleul 'I'ht-lnm Rosenlol' Seen-!ul'y l'll'Illll'l'S Hooley Top row: L. Hendrickson. M. Foe, A. He kman. l'. M1-Lain. M. liniwe. l'. Still. lioltom row: ll. limmel. I". Dooley. I'. Robinson. M. f'l'UXYllN'l', M. Rouse. L. llulry. The constitution of the Honor Societ ' was revised this vear to wrovide for 'uniors and seniors to 5 . l l be admitted under the new merit plan. This set-up enables students to seek membership for service and leadershiw as well as scholarshiv. An 'one with the retuired number of voints and .1 'rade averafe l l 5 l l' 5 ls of 3, can quality for admittance. lirliective with the year I9-H-44 officers served .1 full year and meetings were held once a mouth. This new club was organized this year to serve the school in every possible way. The members are chosen by the faculty. Honesty and good character are two requirements that members must possess. By handling the gates during the basketball season, the members relieved the teachers and gained valuable social service experience. The club also assisted the Music Department at the Band Concert. Service club members, under the capable direction of Welbstel' Caldwell, have served faithfully both the students and the faculty and have received the hsartfelt gratitude of the entire student body. Top row: L. N1-her. M. Snell. V. Jensen. M wlunisky. ll. Gowt-n, M. Sell. Micltlle row: J. George. M. lilouuh. ll. ' e bearer, li. Rawlins, li. Manning. N. lltispivu, li. llzxmilluu, li. Math- isen, ll. lliner. liuttmu row: ll. lflmniel, M. linipe. li. ilthaum-l'. L. Hendrickson. l'. Mi-Lain, P. Still, l'. Iiolrinsun. QA Service i Club Ul"l"ll'l-IRS Vresidenl Bob Witthuuer I -N-,t Z Vice-Presitlenl Levi Hs-nilriekson Set-'y-Trens. Pauline Mr-Lain Sergeant-at-urnis Pat Still , -.I-WW-Nw..f,.,M.wc,.,....... . . s T an ,FRN Top row: M. Met'lilitiek. V, Salle, G. l'uslinian. Ii. liarnes. li. la-ssiiitfm-l'. l'. llilty. ll. Sin-iii-ei: St-emu! ron: ll. Sadler. M. Snell. li. Mathisen, l,. llrassey. Miss lit-tim-tly, I.. Iiiiriwini. llotloin row: M. Knilu-. li. Sehree, li. Hamilton, l'. lluliinson. ll. liinmel. li, lVle1'onni-ll. J. 'l'rolrani1li, M. t'i'oxxIln-i'. M. Sehuler. lfltlitoi'-in-1'liiel' l':it lioliinson, lion liiiilixn-l. Ilusiness Manairei' lialhlei-n llaniilton. Assistant l'I4litol's Inis Ingram, Betty Volson. News l'I4li1oi' Mai'i:'ie Snell. Assistant News I-Editor I,a Von lirassey. Sports lCmliIul's .lolin 'l'roliaiiu'li, llriiu' MeK'nnln-ll. . . . . . Assistant Sports lfltlihirs Glenn 1'nslini:in, livlll Sauller. Alltlclpiltlllg an vsflvv school year of clrovvl work Assistant l"s-atnres lit-tty Spf-liver, li:ii'i'o Ann llal'n1's, . . , ,. - ,. , , , , , Vo my lit-sk Margaret l'rnxxtliei'. Martha Seliiili-r. 'ind fun' 'I untill group of btrlbkh A lawn pd!-ty A4lh'4'l'tisinp' lloli i'i'anley, llill lVlalhisen, lleltym- S4-lun-i'. .n the home of Miss Eloise Kennedy with editor Pat Vaulim- iimy, vii-emi.. stint-t-. M...-ti ivi.'t'inna.4it, C'ii'eul:ition lVlai'y,:ai'i-l linipe. lizirlizira l,t'sSiIi!'.l'l'. l"aeulty Ailvisei' Miss lfl. Eloise lic-lini-ily. Robinson assisting. A group of seven news-minded sophs and one junior and two seniors were added to the staff to fill vacancies caused hy new schedule conflicts and the war effort toll, . "Global War" and "Administrative Columni' were Some of the novel ideas peppy editor lloliinson instrilvcml into the paper's makeup. Dancing at the editors in September, frolicing at Schuler's on Halloween, and an evening of games at Snells in Noveinlwer carried out the custom of monthly staff parties in gay style. 'lihe first seinesters work was climaxed with a deluxe colored Christ- V mas edition, while the annual Christmas banquet completed the i943 affairs of the staff. Launching the Cirowl on its way for the second semester. the new and talented editor Don linunel, assisted hy Lois lngrani, and Betty Colson made sexeral changes and additions to the papers makeup. Marjory Snell lweeame news editor. Pat Robinson feature editor, Bruce McConneI new sports editor replacing lohn 'l'rohaugh, and Bettye Sehree took over lioh Crawleyfa place as advertisement solicitor. The lunior and final Senior editions were the high lights of the second seinestess work and concluded a year of successful writing. 'l'he first party of 1944 was held in lanuary at Virginia Sallees Val- entines Day was celelurated at a party in the Growl office with Mr. Ciillain as a guest. Parties and picnics held in March and April. with a farewell hanquet given hy the sophs and juniors for the senior staff nieinhers con- cluded the year's N'social-a-inontl'i" policy, V,,Q' Y ,Y Y V - ., , ...,--., v-v -. Q --w SAGE STAFF l'l4lil0l'-ill-K'lllvl' llnlr lfuy llvylullils Vu-lCnliIul' l':ll Still llusiun-ax lNlnlnlp:i-I' liulu lYiIlli:un'l' Smarts lffmliinl' 1'l1:il'ln's lilzinlnn Afsiqnnl llloun Mnntzurm- l'luss ldililm' l-'vru Vnn lluuwn Amwisluul lhisim-xx lllznmm-rs Awislzun li:n'lmi':i livssimrvi- llusvllu Willwrwn. Vluyllix Slum- l"v:1tiii'v l'Iilltm's .XVI l'l4liInr lVl:1I'u:il'vl linipi- ilnvznlilmliuli lailitul' l"I'zilu'n-s lhmlvx' l'l1yllia liuslwy, ll2lI'lt'lll' Massa-3' l'l1ui:-u'b':lpl1y l'Iili1ul' livtlyv Svlxlw-v .Kwistzuils llugh liraiy, .lui-lx Sllwuul 1':il'ln:misl Iii-l'r1yl,ic-vlmty 'l'5pisi Nuranuny linif l':u'ull5' AllN'lNt'l'!- ll:u'4vl4l NY:-i1llsli'oln l':nul llunllmx .M-ansisirilx lilllll lirulunlwv, llzn'lml':u linux-li Maisie' liclilni' l':u1lu'l'ilu- Nuruuift AN:-iwlzlnl Kin-l'l'y lillvllll, Plll l':ll Slill, liulm llc-ymnlnln A l'L'ill'lllIIQUIIIUIII of Sugc stuff Llutics this your plzicul thc L'LlllOl'-lIl'Clllk'l directly rvspoilsilwlv to tllc Stunlcnt Council .anal wtudcnt body for tlic complete annual, wllilc thc Co-vclitofs duty luccunlc thc jolw of assigning und .lSSL'IIll3llIlQ Ilxc xml? vditors' xnntcriul. lfnch scctinn of tllc nnnuul wus lmncllcd through ilu' imlividunl stuff cclitor. whom- rcsponsilwility it lwcaunc lo sci' tlml tlw rvportcrs nmdc tllcii' dcndlinv. llvspirc w.u' Lliflicultics in xccuring film, stuff pliotogrzipllrrs wcrc still sccn snapping sccncs of school lifc und prrsonulilics. Svniurs xwrv llrsl In Imxv rlwii' Sago .uni grauluulion pirrurvs lillibll. luniors und soplioliiumw lmught rick- X vlx lrnin ilu-ii' lmnw room 5.1510 cullcctor wliicli lxud zu dviulilv tum- und Linh- plnccnl on it so llmut tlw picturrx could lu- lulwn lnslvr at thc studio und thus climinnrc confusion. lVlrnilwrs of Ilmc Snuv stuff linvc worked ovcrtixnc lo llgurc ways and Illk'ilIlS of pulling tllc lvouk into publi- nnilmil. ll wus storniy wc.itlu'i' lui' nwlmilc, lint u 25 pci' Cont cut of flu' "ll Saga' wus tlic only Llrnstic lvluw, null wirli ai sigh of rclivl tlu' skull saw rllc silvcr lining wlwn flu' Victory lfclilion wus clistrilmtcd. 'l'u1u ruw: ll. llruy, li. lCi'uln:ilwl', G. lluvulz, l'. lluslvy, ll. I,i'Ssi11g'vr. l.. l,i1-vlily. ll. Howl-n. l'. Slunv. G. Muilisnzllv, N. liniglit. lhnllmn run: I". Yun lluuin-u, t'. lilzlnlnn. M. liniln-, li. Si-lwvv. li. R1-ynnlcls. l'. Siill. li. Wililiznu-l'. ll. Willa-rsun, l-'. lbuuls-y, ll. lVl:iw1-y. x L ll ' I s 3' f I 1 Blu N ' 'Q Q f ' 1 W il 1 I lion 'Filler S4-e'y-'l'i'i-ns. f'li:irli-s lilzunlon Top ron: VV. Mellowzin. J. lilliolt. l', lilunlon, IT. Till:-1'. J, lfoniinielx. J. Wilkerson. li. 'l'i1-gs. H. I'l'iIelu-ll. Sem-oml ron: Ii. l'i-l'l'y. IV. Lsunlve, J, l'ImmeV1. lf. VVilki-rson. G. Monlnuui-, .l. Ibouille. ll, S4-liozillu-, 1'oni'li llelliniil i llolloin roxx: .l. S11-elm-. ll, Neil, ll. Sm-luis. It. llixliy, K. llniils-x'. I., l,i--elim. Ii. lfiilli-i', H. Ilaixis. Bring on tlie paddles! lt's initiation time .mtl tlie Blu N clulw prepares to swing into aetion. SIJFI- ing witli a menilnersliip of only nine at tlie beginning of tlie year, tlie elulw atltletl seven more after xht- lw.isIit'ul swains were put tlirougli tlieii' paces. Tlieir activities calendar inelutletl tlie first all seliool tlanee, .1 party lol' llie Spil elulw, anal tlance for tlie initiates, and completion of llie atliletie sliow ease. 'lio promote sportsniansliip antl good will among students and to lvoosl seliool aetivities is llie purf pose of tlie Spil elulv. Tlieir motto is "Snappy Pep lnsures fest." Tlie niain event of tlie year was tlie Victor ' Wleelt aro-'ram wliieli neltetl over sSUUU in war lxqmgl I . Y l ri antl stanip sa es. As a eliniax to tlie gridiron season, Spizzers were liostesses at a banquet given in lionor of tlie fool- lwall team. Tlie excliange assembly witla lioise, collection of waste paper antl llie lfootlvall -Iamluoree were otlier Sai! wroieets. To eoniwlete tlie vear tlie annual farewell lwam net was lieltl wiili 'uniors and so wlio- A I , 1 I I niores in eiarge. ' I I lop ron: l'. Hl'IlIll'll, A. la-ii. H. NV:-leli. ll. VVl1il1'. li. l'uIl'i1'ls. V. NN'ilIi-lilac-ggi. Goin-n. .I. Ilziniilion. IL l"4-i-li-i', Y. Ili-lwlllii-l'i-i-I I.. Rus-ell. M. Zurlmisky, li. Spmiei-r. Mvers, ll. NVilIiani:4. .j K 'vonrl rim: M. Jorilun. J. Rullierfol'4l M . Martin, I4 ll Al, M. lhislimxx, ,X. Hook:-i', IF. Mnssc-3. J. Sli:ix'vi', V. .lense-ll. F I.. Iirzissvy, S. Kinclall. l', Stone . . ,-.' nigvr. li. llilril ron: M. Seliuler, li. Slwneer. M lt Willwrson. li, N-In-1-1-, -Zigi-r. N. lxnielil, 5. Ii-rltins, 1, Inu, Q.. Hill, L l4i'5':int. lt. Iiriilmlwr. l'. llnntq-n, PIWIH FUNK! .,.I. Kim-ziiil. IC., Mele:-N, iliif. l'. Still. .I. llnrlon. Miss liiril. .o .i n llurlun '-M'-: 5. .' - 'ui-:ilil-:it-:ii'ins . 1 A : A A, t, ni'e,ni'el Knipi al i i O I ' i Quill and Scroll l'I'n':4i4ll'lll l'Iuu'li-s lilnnlon lion l'Innm-l Si'4"y-'l'l'i'us. Pm Robinson 'Pop rim: ll. Sznller. li. MeC'olini'l, M. Snell. lVl. Sl'llllll'l'. Miss Ki-iilu-ily. l.. lllwissvy, M. f'row1lu'i'. l., lIll1'l'Hlll, li Mailliisen, .l. 'l'l'olmui1li. Iioltom i-mv: ll.xvllllHllI1'I',ll.Sl'l1l'l'l',M.Kllllw.l,.l'il!lIlll'l. C, lllzinton, l'. lloliinson. l'. Still, li. llnniillon. I" 1 louley, li, lievnnllls, Membership in the Quill and Scroll is limited tw 'seniors and juniors who have worked on either the Sage or Cirowl, and have been recommended by a stall' adviser. This organization is an lnternational llonorary Society for High School journalists. Upon entering the club, initiates are required to submit a S00-word essay. lnitiations are held in the fall and spring. At this time the pins and membership cards are issued. The purpose ol' the Quill and Scroll is to advance the standards of the profession of journalism and to instill in students the ideal of scholarship. Students interested in debate, dramatics, and declamation will find the Silver N club a mixture of each with everyone given a chance to display his ability. Xveelaly radio programs were given throughout the year with Rosie Wallterson and Ruth Pascoe radio directors, liettye Sebree and Betty Morgan, announcers. "The Key," "The Retreat," and "The l.ast XY'ord" were outstanding radio productions, as was the stage play "The Dark W'ind." Inter-class debates sponsored by the debate students of the club were held in lfmmett, Boise, and N ai m pa. A Christmas party for members only was held December 22, followed by a l'lard Time Party, lfebruary ZS. . 'I'op ron: .l. Iiovville, Y. Mi-Vanin, l'. l.ov4-Iainil. H. Iieim. l'l. Mi-lzlzvr. I., liif-li. Il. Sllj1lf'l'. S. l'erkins. riekson, li. Mi-K'onm-ll, l'. lilaintun. Si-eonul row: l'. xvlHl'Ilht'l'H'l'I'. M. Zzi1'lmislsv. l., lVlnl'slmll, ll. S1v1'Il:'i-r, l'. llilly, Y. lli-l'sliln'l'e1-i', ll N. liniglll. M. Syn-lim-r, H. Hopkins. li. Svvalloril. 'l'liir1l row: ll. l"rilsi'lilt-, li. Ruilfolwl. l'. Alverson, ii. vl't'lI'll, J, Slmvi-l'. ll. llill, J. ltlur li. M Rainy, J. lieim, Holton: rim: E. Hunks. M. St'lllIlt'l'. M. lluzirrizsl, ll. St-lu'i'e, R. Willwrson. ll. Slit-1,wc-1', M. Jorilzili. louifli, IV. 1':ltli4fAY. Ma1'l'I'il. 'ff 'I N. l.m-xxis Iil'11lmlu-1' ussey. li. jg- f' lC.1.xxlIli:uus. li. llelnl- N. Iiroun, J. lxiiiruiil. l'asr-of-, li. Morgan. l'. Slmxv. J, Tlionilison. ll, lVIi'1'lll- . ? ,I Silver N use ":- :li S 'I . A ...Ioan Darlene Musifi- St'1"y-'l're:ls. Ruth Paseo Elaine Hunks lhulio llireelors Rosellas Wilkerson ltulli l':is1-iw Radio Club ATX, ol"l"lf'l-iles f. Presiilenl A .nun wiiiwg Viee-l'rvsi1lent. liurlon Van Epps S1-e'y-Ti'c-as. Ardovei- I'mx-iihrwvi' Top row: E. Porter, D. Cather. H. Foster, J. liarr, G. Galloway, P. AIlll4'l'Sllll. Miililli- row: M. Blouuh. M. Neth. T. Harvey, I.. 'I'rimhle. J. lizidil. G, Gam-i'1i-. liollmn row: W. Mt'G0wan, ll. Lalnpv, li. Willlmutw. li. Van Films, Mr. Martin, J. fimiliziln Chief purpose of the Radio club is to investigate more fully the field of radio from a general stand- point. Membership is composed of class members and students interested in radio work. The club activities include field trips to K F X D and examination of the local police short wave radio. The meetings feature outside speakers and a number of sound Elms on recent radio developments. A twenty-five foot radio transmitting tower was erected over the school building by the Radio class and club members. Students interested in the customs and habits of the early Romans mal-ge up the Nampa Chapter of the Junior Classical League. The monthly meetings consist mainly of reports or demonstrations on the life of the Romans. Points are earned by participating in the meetings and completing projects pertaining to ancient Rome. lior those who have the required 100 points a banquet is given in the spring. This unique ceremony is conducted in the style of the ancient Roman banquets. Top row: M. Roll, M. Hannon, I. Finch. I.. Eili-r, G. Lovass. M. l'at-kard. M. Nvlu-r. Soeolnl row: R. Lloyd. R. Ri-ulford. J. Hamilton. M. Fmt, R. Rawlins, l.. Marslmll. li. Lyilon. ll. 'l'r:ivliit'lx. lioltom row: Miss Smith. I'. Nieodenius. N. IlUSIllVH, H. Sadler, I.. Hanks. G, Hill. P. Alversrm. Latin Club 0I"l-'ll'ERS Vonsul Normal .li-an ltiispivn Consul I.:-i ia llnnks Qllhl-stun' lieth Sillllvl' 1 t-nsor Gonna- Hill Girl Reserves tbl-'I1'll'l'1ItS I'i't-si4Ienl l"Iuytlt-ne Muon- V it-1--I'i'esinIeltl Maiurine Rouse St-erel ury .It-:tn 'I'homsun 'I'I'l'HSllI'l'I' 'l'I:t-lniu Rosa-ulot' 'Pup row: Ii. Stephens. I". lhivis. IC. Metmrer. S. Iionth, I". Kztsaharu. J. Weaver. M. Riggs, C. Lee. IC. Stuart, A. Nathan, M. Uruu ther, I. I"int-h, M. Sell. F. 1'oolw. Set-mul row: N. Ia-wis, ll. Snyder. II. Antrim. M. MeCIintic-k. I.. Hanks, Ii. Atherton, R. Pipkin, A. Overltiolser, G. Overholser. Iflmu-i's, I. Iiuberts, R. Nystrom, I". Kretrer. I.. Wells, M. Ilnpple. 'l'hii'4I row: II. Willnmrth. Il. Huntley. PI. Arnold, G. lnvxtas, V. lluneztn, VV. Martin. A. Nichols. L. MeI"utl1ln-n. M. Ankutvll. IC. Whit tie II, Foiiisttut-k. M. Araxnu, I'. Ilzunlison, M. Nzxutrle. N. Carter, l"4iurlh mu: I.. Nelson. II. Woml. A. II:ilIIit-mr, M. Znrhnisky- A. Natht-n. N. I't-ek, ll. Ifertrusun. J. Miller, I.. Hailey, C. Rt-iiilip. M. Hun non. ll. Lytlon. I.. Iilzis, ll. Ulu-rsl. N. Iluspivzt. ll. Otlu. ltntlntii rmv: A. lfvlwills. -I. -IUIHISUII. M. Shaw, I'. Smller. M, Ruust-. .I. 'I'homson. 'I'. Rust-itlof. II. Iierrj, . ' ll:n'ley. Il. Sntller. M. Zinnnerninu, Mrs. Olsen. v N Alamo. M. I.:n'rin:n::i, J The twice-monthly meetings of the Girl Reserves consisted of panel discussions, group singing, Imlslw tlisplavs, out-of-school speakers and entertainment from the dratnatics class. November I5, the Girl Reserve lfall Conference was held in Nampa with surrounding towns in- vited to the atfair. "A Girl Today-A Wloman Tomorrow" was the theme. Other activities were the Armistice Day assembly, Christmas caroling by members, the distribution of Christmas gifts to needy children, the March Wiittl party for p1lt'Cl1IS, a skating party, recognition service and the senior banquet. The llome lic cluh is designed to help girls develop socially, to work efliciently with others in com- mittees .mtl to stimulate interest in the art of homemaking. llot chili served during the noon hour was a project of this organization. Popcorn and candy sales were also conducted under sponsorship of the Home Fc club. Social events of the year included a Christmas party and picnic for members. They also were in charge ol' the all-school co-ed ball on St. l'atrick's Day. 'l'n1v mtv: II. llosst-tl, N, IH-ek, Ii. I"t-rgusun, Il. Ohm-rst. I. Snyder, H. Woml. M. Shinunin, Ii. Atherton, l'. Rainy. I Vents: M XII tt M1 XX :min Mitlxlh- row: M. Roll, IS. 1'-unstut-k. I.. McIntyre. M. Siu-livt-t'. l'. Chilnls, II. Szttllvr. li. Harhil. L. Ilnek, li, Olin, I. Wnrml. lhitlmu row: l', Nit-utlt-nuts. G. Iavvsms. N. Arzinu, M. l.:irt'imip4':i, J. Hzirley. Il. lierry, I., Stine. M. Cue, N. C2lI'I0l'- M. Nnmrle. l'. Fniokii. M. Arnnu. Home Et: "IlTI'lRS I Presitleltt Mlll'j1ll'Il' Cm- Vive-I't'0si4IellI, Norma IA-e Caxrlt Sc-erelm'y Mary Lou Nmurle 'I't't-nsnrer Helen Gene Berry P . i I , .. 1 Explorer Club Ul"l"l1'l'IliS Stanley Atrvlilwoaitl Vin-sfl'rn-siili-nl llnli liuy lit-yliultls St-en-l:ii'y lluli VVitllmm'l' lio-illi lll':lk4' 'l'rt-nsurer liolmld Rawlins Top row: li. Tidwvll, li. Allen. W. Sl.Hllll0l'll. A. R2iH4lUlllll,'J. Rt-hm, L. Rtilnph. Mr. Ualilwell. Mr. l.ll1ll4iu'. lsultuin row: li, Witlhauvr. R. Nelson. S. Airenlirozul. K. liraxke, li. Rawlins, R. Ort-uit. li. Reynolds. lixtension of scouting is offered to boys by joining the lfxplorer club. lfield trips afford the oppor- tunity of exploring the country. liarly in December an initiation trip was made to Boise River. The boys helped with the Scrap Drive by gathering paper. lfloyd Young's home was the location of the Annual Stag Banquet, lfebru- ary 16. A hay-ride was also given by the members with girls attending. Bogus Basin was selected .is the destination for their ski trip. A big spring trip on May 20, concluded the activities of the year. The Science club offers students interested in science an opportunity to increase their knowledge of .ind experience in research and experimentation. At the regular meetings, demonstrations and reports were presented by the members and guest speakers. Special meetings were also called at the observatory to study the heavens. Among new improvements that have been added to the observatory this year, are electric lights, timing device and a cement floor. During the latter part of April, budding scientists enjoyed the annual Science club picnic at Lake- view Park. Top rms: ll. llmlfoiwl. J. Goiiiqre. lt. Grim. li. l'5lll0I'SIlll. M. Sliaw, .l. Jnlinson, IH, Snyder, Miss l':iyl'r. Nlidilln- rum: G. lit-t'k4'r. .l. llziniilluii. li. lilnyil. I.. Neller, l.. Hanks. I.. liilt-rr, ll. Tiilwvll, H. Sadler. 'l', Rust-iiluf. lkotiuiii limi: V. Gross. ll. ldniinel. E. lhirr. li. Ruby. I'. M:'l.ain. l'. Smlle-i'. li. Hamilton. Nl. Rouse. Science Club "ll'l'1RS l'rt-sidenl l'uuline Melmiii V iee- l'resitIenl l,Mvl'I'llC' liuhy St-t"y-Tia-us. Sandler S0l'll't'lllll -ul-:irnis l'Ii'in-sl lhirr Peggy lmrraim- F. F. A. Ol-'I1'll'I'IRS I'ri-sul:-nl Holm-rl lu-lm Vit-1--I'l'1-sialm-ii! Arthur Ralululpli Si-ern-l:u'y lion Iii-ilu Iiillv liauni lop rim: In. Xiilsirn, IP. Ilassellmrinyr. ti. Adams. J. Hays, R. Ixilziir. I.. Little. 'I. Ixozait-ek, li. larnesl. Si-roinl rim: .I. Ilnys, Ii. Iiyas. Ii. Ifit-l. V. Arnold. IH. Urill. II. Manson, P. Korn, Mr. Willniorih. liniloni rim: Ii. Allen. U. I.uvc-Iaiiul. Lavell Rich. Ii. Keini, Il. Keini. H. t'ormIer. A. Rantlnlpli. IK. Ilauni, Ilighlight of the year was a surprise party in honor of Emory Howard hefore his entry into the Air Corps. IVIeetings were continued under the guidance of student directors and the new adviser Harold VViIImorth. All mem- liers enjoyed playing Iiaslcethall in the gym, and the ice cream parties which followed. Actixities for the year included sending a team to the district "VVeed and Crop Seed" identitication contest and selling a registered Dnroc gilt hought last year from the herd of Roy Shutwell. Carlos Loveland represent- ed Nampa in the district pulilic speaking contest held Ilehruary 29. A radio program under the direction of Arthur Randolph, presenting the history of the organization was given February 2. An organization for Iioys studying vocational agriculture in high school throughout the nation, it is organs ized, directed, and governed hy the Iioys themselves. IVIeinIiership in the Girls' Athletic Association gives girls interested in athletics a chance to earn school letters l'articipating in interclass games, which are held throughout the year, the girls earn points toward their N's, 'I'he tournaments played were volleyhall, ping pong, haskethall, and softhall. In addition, a school haskethall team was organized. 'I'he cluh has sponsored several skating parties and I1icycIe hikes. An initiation was held Iielwruary 29, at which time Iiadminton and tolls dancing were featured hy the cluli. VVith the .iwarding of N's the activities ol' the G. A. A. were concluded for the year. 'I'op rim: A. Smith, li. l':iiimuIy. A. Illlllli. J. Miller, J. Marlins. S. Gnoil. P. Rainy, IC. I,0l'fl'l'. S. Aulhaek, Ii. lim-r, M. Fouls. I.. Marsliall. INI. Zarhnislxy, A. Ilallieru. .f-" Sw-owl row: I. Snyder, II. Wmnl. II. Sehuler. Il. Ohm-rsl, M. Ankalell. ll. I"ei'giisoii. N. I'1-ek. M. Evans, I.. Hailey, N, Iinrrel. J. Riu-ll. XY, IVIarlin. .I. Snynlvr. 'I'hir4I rum: U. Iiuzzieelt. IR. Siinuns. F. .Ii-nsvn. N, Illispiyn. I". Iiasalmro, A. Ilvorek. M. Hannon, li. I"ustei', L. Alex- untler, J. llrxrin, S. I'mu-rs. l"ourlIi rnu: A. Lyons. Ii. Ifollteris. .I. Six, li. liuun. l', Vhihls. li. I"umIerIit-rg. S. N1-uhy. J. Gurnienilia, V. Cutler, J. Ialnu-r, IL Iluniley. Miss Ann Ilyslnp, ' Ihillmu ron: M. Mills. Il. Vhrf. N. Nelson, It. Ilarlmit. M. 8,4-n er. Ii. Luke. IC. Varey, I'I. Arnold. C. lmy, Ii. New' l ninli, Ii. .XiItlnson. 4-J, il we 969 A .- iufi-'icrzics - IIN-simleiil lit-rtiin N1-wnmn Vive-I'l1-sith-ills Ella lou Arnold Mm'i::irn-t Mills Sv:-i'i-1ul'i4-s 1' iryslal Ji-nsen '-:isuri-rs Noi-nm Ji-nn Itusliiva Ih-I1-n Si-huln-r N Vhrisiine hay as I i iiii i i i Myrtle Znrbnisky 1 Thespians UI-'l"lf'l'lRS l'i'1--anlvlils Hill lVl:itliis4-li llellys' Selilw-v X l1'l'-l'l'l'SlLll'Ill .lo Ann lin-im Rulli l':is4-on N-e'v-'l'r1-als. lim-llye Svlnwi- ln Ann lim-ini 'Pop ron: S. Ag'vnln'o:nl. ll, Gxvillianis, ll. Tiilwell. li. Malw. ll. Ili' 1 ' ..,,c,'1,, I- 'vyi 'l'op row: V. MeC'ain, V. Lovelzinrl. M. Zarlmisky, l'. Rainy. I". llavis, H. Hunks. li lluitnlii row: " ' ' J. lxlm-mil, R. Wilkerson. IR. Sehrve. J. Keini, R. l':ist-oe. U. lilzimon Xvhether its the sight of a stage door to a Broadway theater, or iust the lowly entrance to the play production room, something about grease paint and bright lights brings out the desire in every man to participate in a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool drama. lniniation dinner at the Dewey Palace, a traditional Thespian ceremony, was held in October. This organization is a National Society formed to interest students in dramatic plays, readings, and radio plays. Dramatic ability, initiative and the will to work are combined to form the qualifications for membership. llold it! Smile now. Gee, let's go! That makes twenty-live for today! .lust a reminder of the care free days when lilm could be had for the asking. The Camera club was organized to provide opportunities for instruction and training in all phases of photography. lts activities were cut to a minimum this year because of war time restriction of iilni. lnitiation combined with garlic, onions, and honey fitted the new members for eligibility into the club. The main project was putting a sink in the dark room. A party for the members completed the social activities. liuiloni ron: ll. linnnt-l. ll. Sc-lwet-, li. VVilke'l'Son. H. lit-rry. l'. o lnsoi VV:-iilisli-mln. F-1 Club 0l"l"Ii'l'IRS 'l'i'Hllll'IllS llollwrl l'ul'i' ' I mln Viz-1--l'1'm-siilviils lion lflnnnel liosellu w'lllU'l'S0ll Sc-c"y-'l'i'm-as. ll:-llye S1-lirn-1' Mnry lClln-li Up1':u'l'izn J fqixfx Sage Collectors 'l'o1rl'oxx: li. Lapp. A. Rnntlolph. li. l'l1'l'li'l', M. Jortlzin. S. Booth. ll. Antrim. A. ll:illl.t-mr. M. lit-inn, li. Mnnnintf. S. liintlzill, Bottom ron: li. Witthznn-r. Il. livynolnls. .l, Kin:-ziitl. tl. llnrlnon, J. llorton. ll. Uroy J. Slr:1tI'ortl. A, linnnlnll. Striving toward a goal of 100 percent sales for every home room. the Sage Collectors opened their campaign early in the year. The hrst to reach this mark were Arthur Randolph, Betty Manning and Mary lfllell UgLll'l'i71l. After the fall campaign. the collectors continued to receive sales until the deadline, llecemher 23, They also handled the selling of portrait tickets for juniors and sophomores. The job of assisting the statl' on distribution day concluded the work of the Sage Clollectors. The liille club. sponsored by the National Rifle Association and under the supervision of Glen Davison. found that N, H. S. had some real deadeyes, The elub was made up of 30 members, ten ol' these being girls. Tournaments were held and winning individuals were presented trophies from Schol- astic Coach Magazine. The National Rifle Association also gave awards ro those who could hit the hnllseye consistently. 'l'op row: l'. Mt'l'ullnnly.:ll. l.. lllM'l'2llll. li. l":irnl, li. Allen. l'. Little, K. Tollnnli. li. Vrill. li. l'illlHl!l'1lll. M. lfrons- ilnhl, IP. lliner. Middle row: I.. Strung. A. Ih-eltninn, ll. Bray, R. Johnson. A, lizunlolph, J. Kline, l-I. Wilson. I.. t'onrlit-r, lb. lingers, Mr. lmvison. lioltoin row: M. Sm-ll. IP. llroxsn. l. l"eeni-y, l'. Swift, li. St-ln'n-e, R. Wilkerson, J. Slniver. S. Ai:vnln'o:uI. .l. Hor- ton l' lnpp Rifle Club x T'l'l'SiLll'lll J. W. Gundy Viee-l'l'esident liettye St'ln'n-e Seen-l:xl'y 'ut Swift 'l'rt-:isnrvr Rust-ll:i VVilku-rson ' i , ' Y I t , H 1-Y s pf' ...X I "IK'l'1RS l'r1-sid:-ni llon lilliluel Viet--I'ri-sidt-nt Fhiise Hau'hee St-ern-t:u'y Mnrvin lilomfll 'I'rensurer lls-li Vulson Vliztplnili Hon Keitn 'Pop rim: H. Hraiy. Il. Wiuenlxeiwrer, I.. Ruby, ID. Km-ini, li. Van Iimis, Ii. Mi-Vo Q'sQ nntll I5 lo iii, 4, 1 lu .. linltom row: li. Tlloliipsoli, ll. f'mmlit':tn, H, Hztrmon, M. lilmtifli. IP. Hiiiiiic-I. l'. llnrlwv. l,, Your-ll. K'. lo Wolfe. The Hi Y is the high school branch of the Y. M. C. A. The year's activities included a trip to the Boise Y. M. CI. A. in November, a candlelight induction service in Alanuarv, and their annual ban- quet in the spring. As part of the club policy of attending Sunday services, the Christian, lirethren. Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist churches were visited. To raise money, members sold popcorn at basketball games and tickets to a movie. Marvin lilough. lion lzmmel, and Lhase liarbee were sent to the Ht Y Continental Congress in Portland, Oregon, March li, 26, and 27. Delegates also attended the Older Boys legislature in Boise the last p.ll'I of April. Machine class members with 75 hours experience are eligible for membership in the Machinist cltib. The mechanically-minded students study machine shop theory at their regular meetings, but though the club was organized for practical study, parties are not excluded. A party in April added a festive note to the year's activities. The practical experience that the Machinist club offers is an incentive for both boys and girls to llfln. Top row: 'I'. Knzneek, li. Heston. R, Cort, H. lloslou. M. lirngwreinzm. H. Lantnh. Midvlla- ron: XV. St:inI'ortl. l', 'f " Boston. E. Lnmu, l". lflory, P. Valli. Hutton: lou: S, 1xL1l'l1lH'UHll. ll. Mnffii. Ml'. Qtlinlt-y. l'. Swift, G. Gros:-ltlmzteli. J, Morrow 'pun'-W nA Machinist Club Ul"l"II'l'IIiS Yin--l'l'esitI4-it l':tl Swift Seere :try John Moria Sn-rtxe: -: -: int ll it in llorzive Mn ww WA-'fm VQQ-'.,1,-A..fa,-2-Lflkx-'W--f4'7 AS www Uf1 -A x - Q I Lg 2.-,k,.Z,.1. X . , , Q, WffiiL'l3 'W K jf 1 if -xg" cr? A r ' '11, XC 1 T Quljlllllllwlll i n W 1 gf x A' 1 55.417 v Q H TQ f l ra K' if DIRIT . bw mum if 'Z MERCY ii gif I l r-Anti' 2. Modeling tlic Silk, 3. Blu N Hruiscs. -i. Sziltin' 'cr away. 5. Who'stl1c suckvr? 6. Tlic junitor's day 7. iiircii-Hiking Hicks. 8. Ann lcnds ai iizind. 9, Maid rush for knowlcdgc. IO. Tin' morning uftcr, li, Bii'd's xii-w. if. VVlicn tlic caitk Qiwaiy. 13. Niorc of this! I'-i, Pucci on thc hoof. ii. Czintaitzi Stairs. I6. Dairlcm' mii- iiiix ilrixv. 17. I'in-up lmy iihinloii. Hihlliott thi' girls' clioicv. 19. l'hysiCricuIcd. 20, Victiiri- of Iiiiiuu'iicv. 724 QA, JM X J I-Trai, A LJ.. ,, I. ALILI I'usI1I 3. Ycx. it docs Imppvn . 3. Dcckcr drupvs thc dmlu. -I, Dog Ifny, 5. Wlmkv s.1icI I-IMI-HI Slmrl- .ugvwf tv. My InIc.1I, 7. Nlvss of FIQSI1. 8. IVIzlxkcd IVIn1'x'cI. 9. WIlklI'S so ixltrrnstiugl IU. Atlus Davis. II. lump- Ill' .nl the Victory Pmll. IZ. Confidcnltinlly, . IS. Hnppy?'s 12:10. I-I. I'l1sstIwIVIigI1ly. 15. Nursc Ifrvcnmn. Ib, I'i9t.xiIs, Style l9'I'I, 17. TIN H IVI 5 Pilluforc. I8. This 360 lim'-up. L .f I gf pr - M ' wh 1 ' s f J' ,V 1 .A - . - V ' ,- l 7 ' 4 A4 qu J' i k L i h , , I A J W . , " fx I, - I ' Yv , SY' ,bohyw H, 'h 1 'P if '- S I , Lal' ' , H: QV Q' Q 'A 5 X4 SQ' 461 Sb f-,Q Y' 1, B 1 OQ5 Svgko P' I Cf Vw A-4" w . ' 48 'GY' Q , QS' O . 'PO sv 5 ff? 53? o wwf gf? Q, .4f21f" 5355064 ff .K J' 'K on W ig 'I E!! q'y.9,,J-,',,0'J0 6 4 C , x if '5 .Y wwf PUNKINFACEQ 1 I - , Q5 - 4 is A x XML! Ng - 335 fnifgjfgfvh r jp? 0640 IA fdkwa 60 IW A TCC-' Jef , A9 ffirf 4 'xwl - fe.. J'-E n . , V.. ' . , Q. - C, ,- Q i SVS f ff! S' Eif?5Q5i55 f2iQ Bi R 'QWQCM9 IN M ' x ,XA N 5 APPREEIATIU 2 Eg M.H W .P g r t geCollt ' "bt' yhpl ' h 4 - To r arold ennstro d Mr aul Ludlow for thei su ges ions I and assistanceg A I ,A f' To he Sa ec ors for sellmg and dxstrx u mg the annualg fi' ' " To che teachers and st d t body for their cooperationg rp W To Schwartz Pr' t' g C p y for their advice and man el fu M ' f . gestn 4 d ' , Wx T Be E 8 3 C P yf h technical advice' - df' ' W Tth lph gph f thl cl t put' 1 o aver n o ec assan o izai. ' 'e-' KA Th Sg tff f44h ky I 4-"f"'9x.L...j 049.arff"'1 X ,.,,, Z Mfc fwwffzcifw y ' 5,46 M wwf ff-vf1f4f5'M ctw'-fc-f.,, M44 .7,,,,,,,4,-Q f3Zy"jfa4r4n., ? "M-r1ff'f'f+ ' - 131-,QI fcvrwfx aww. QL ' K k 57,3 , J V, X , , . n i, N XX If NX 51 IJ 3 'S U, I5 ,A. x XX . fi 3 ,J J " 3 , J- IM! V? W 9 ' j 11f of Af! 4'r' Lug? mlillkifg Eff' K ,X W ii? X x if I 'fu xg. Beaver Enqrav lllg Tlompang I "I 25:1 J f' Q M Mwfi, JL W MW d0?.x"'9 Sad? W 1,Q4 ,,.-dw? , yeh V gi , n 6 , ,nfalwld Q gg, wwf' 51' QQQ M759-ff,g i g , ' 1 Jag' . 'Y xidilwaq 6' 'fi TA' It ff Q . 4, " f , i f 4 ,.f-M R W' ,mf 15909 .LOAN 'JN e' Y44'XVN ' A00-17N QCOSXLCA NU-v,Q,vlfY fav? C4 OO Oxv-Vx' OXO viif vvfi Oxxwk W' Xogfxff fat' ydmg R3 33 55,9 GT E35 .WXQWW X 6 X 'aff ' ,:.. 53521123 OWWZAWMQ ' , ,,,,,,. , Q, m 2 X'f3Affl,114M0f1'4M2 ""'14A-'f -2 f4x'- 1""'MW,5M,..,.,Q 0owff5MM"JJwf"'d3 ' M fa Mfiwwlwazwg M ,g,z,,.,.,,,,,4,,L. i':,,,,,l,,,,,7,,Lc Em, Nl .?,,.,,, eww MW' Q-...L mam -,,,,,,.' 2' My M- ' QMALMJ Ju 40- ?"f-+'jU'-J Z-jJ""11""! - , My .Mm ff-L """2 'W' MM' J Aff M,L.z:,.'.,,,.,zM RWM "MQ 9'4" 'A' Ju! J ww I . -by-vu. 'ma FA1Mmvg0Jj:l.oSD4io bil.. 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