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kk X938 vcnwm wevxw.sww DUBLXSHED BY FNAMDA HXGH SCHOOL HAMDA, XDAHO DFQYGCQK The spirif of H19 vovious scI10oI acfivifies is Pelqecfecl in the sonqs qou sinq. To Pe- fresh clwwislwed memovies we Iwove chosen School Sonqs us u fiffinq flwme for H19 1938 Sage. iw if 7 QfQ Ufsu 5F'C'Ef 'Y lik D e cl i c CI f i 0 n To You . . . We Jecjicclfe Hue 1938 Sage fo qou who have inspiwed us in ifs pvepumfion. Mug qou enjoq qouv lnoolf foclaq and 'frfeusuve if in gears fo come in Hwe Penewal of fond memories. SiPCJ SCHOOL BOARD Heading the administrative organization of the school is the Nampa School Board, giving its best effort throughout the entire year for the betterment of education. Chairman W. H. Keim is finishing his eighth year on the Board and second year as chairman. Vice-chairman H. E. Meyers, a member of the Board for the past five years, is manager of the Boise Valley Grain Growers' Association. W. S. Anderson, manager of the Mountain States Telephone Company in Nampa, has been a Board member four years. B. G. Davies began his work with the Board in 1934. He is owner of the Davies Hardware Company. The newest member on the School Board is Edson Deal, appointed to fill the vacancy left by E. W. Rising. Elmer I. Eastman has been on the Board since 193 6. He is a salesman for the Idaho Power Company. Through the efficient leadership of the School Board the Nampa school system has enjoyed a most successful year. Superintendent! Message I. E. WALSH, Superintendent U0 tffe Cfasi of 7938 Your class is about to complete its public school career, Have you enjoyed it? Did you get your money's worth? Will it be of any particular value in the future? These, of course, are very important questions in your mind: but the Nampa School District, Canyon County, and State of Idaho might well ask will they get any good out of your public school career. In plain language, how much are you worth to your community, county, and state? Your education cost about S55 per year for the first eight years spent in school, or a total of 5440. During the past four years, the average cost per year for your high school training has been approximately 580, or a total of 5320. The grand total for the entire twelve years of public schooling would amount on the above basis of calculation to approximately S760 for each person in the Senior Class, Since there are 209 in the graduating class, the class then would cost the taxpayers 209 times 515760 or S158,840. This is a sizable sum of money in any com- munity. Will the class of 1938 return to society the 5158840 investment with interest, or will this be a loss, and will it be just an additional burden to this community? Have the taxpayers invested wisely? We school teachers naturally feel that the investment has been very valuable and will pay large returns to society as a whole. We expect each one of you to assume the re- sponsibility for this investment, and, as a citizen of the United States, discharge this obligation by making yourself competent, efficient, and successful in some line of work, Little can be done, after all, for the individual who cannot and will not help himself. A youth without a high school diploma must watch many opportunities pass him by. Many will seek additional training in vocational schools, as apprentices on the job, and in colleges. Those of us who have helped to direct your activities during the past twelve years hope that the future will bring success and happiness to each member of the Class of 1938. We hope that whatever con- tribution you may make to society in return for what society has done for you will reflect to some extent the spirit and influence of the Nampa Public Schools. I, E. WALSH, Superintendent, Principals Message C. C. COWIN, Principal fail go fo kgs grocery :Store In response to the question. HWhy do you attend high school?" one invariably receives the reply, "I Want to get an education." What does this reply mean? There is certainly a difference in meaning when we compare the energetic student with the one who hates to go to school. May we liken this "getting an education" to going to a grocery store for groceries? When we enter the store, we must assume an active interest in selecting or acquiring groceries if We are to make any progress toward our goal of getting groceries. We must further be willing to pay the price. In education we must make the selection of subjects, having a Willingness to buy with the necessary effort and also assuming an attitude of Will- ingness to carry home our purchases. In selecting the groceries for any given home, we should take into consideration the occupation of the individual who consumes the groceries. Heavier work will require a more substantial diet. Courses in chemical or electrical engineering feven though the names may sound prettyj require a solid training in mathematics and science. This last thought should not cause us to feel that only one kind of food is essential, We should ever remember that a balanced diet is always essential for one to have the proper nourishment. Further consideration along this line makes us realize that while pleasant to the taste, neither candy nor cake should constitute our complete menu. Educationally, the properly balanced individual needs a balanced diet of subject matter with some attention to the type of work to be undertaken. Lets go to the grocery store. C, C. COWIN, Principal. MIss ANNIE LALIRIE BIRD U. S. History and Government. Adviser of: Spiz, Assembly Committee. MISS GLENNIE DAY Declamation. Adviser of: Girl Reserves. 1' f fQ1ff"'f1 'V K MISDEVELYN HAGELIN English II. Girls' Phy. Ed. Adviser of: Junior Class, Girl Reserves, Girls' Athletic Association. MR. JAMES IOHNSON Elementary Algebra, Solid Trigonometry. Adviser of: Sophomore Class. MISS WINIERED LAFOND French I, II, World History. Geometry, Adviser of: French Club, Sage, Quill and Scroll. MIss MARY A. LucAs English. Library, English Literature. Adviser of: Honor Society, Librarian. , ,I 0 f' MR. G E G.JKfilLLER World History. Adviser of: Boys' Tennis, Boxing. Wrestling, MR. VIRGII. R. DALBERG Bookkeeping I, II, Business Arithmetic. Assistant for evening entertainment, Junior Varsity Coach. MISS GRACE GORTON Plays, Modern Drama, Short Story, American Literature. Adviser of: Dramatics, Assemblies, Girl Reserves. MR. HENRY N. HARGER American Literature, Vocabulary Build- ing, Economics, Sociology. Faculty assistant for evening games and programs. MIss E. ELOISE KENNEDY English, Journalism I, II. Adviser of: Growl, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society. MR. KEITH LEATHERWOOD Plane Geometry. Elementary Algebra. Adviser of: Pep Band, Senior Class. MR, LAVERNE MARTIN Chemistry, Radio. Adviser of: Radio Club, Science Club MISS EDNA MINDEN English I, II, Contemporary Novel. Adviser of: Girl Reserves. MRS. LucY B. MORTON Biology. Adviser of: Girls' Employment. MR. ODIE C. PEDERSON U. S. History and Government, World History. Adviser of: Junior Class, Sophomore Basketball, Baseball, Softball. N MR. KAY BOYD REMLEY German I. II, Glee Clubs, Choral. X Adviser of: German Club, Director gfx Vocal Music and Operetta. X .Q MR. FRED Ruiz Spanish I, II. Adviser of: Silver N. MR. LYLE M. STANFORD Biology, Elementary Algebra. Adviser Of: Explorer Club. Financial Adviser of Sage, Quill and Scroll. MR. ALBERT I. TOMPKINS Orchestra. MR. OTTO W. WAGNER Manual Training, Mechanical Drawing, Sophomore Football Coach. Miss IOSEPHINE PAYER Plane Geomet1'y, Commercial Law. Adviser of: Honor Society, Science Club. MR. B. ROGER RAY Business Arithmetic, Economic Geogra- phy, Physics, Public Speaking and De- bate, Declamation. Debate Coach, Faculty assistant for evening games and entertainment. MR. ELMER C. ROBERTS Typing I, II, Stenography. Student Body Faculty Manager, Mana- ger of Athletic Equipment. Miss ROSA L. SMITH Latin I, II. Adviser of: Honor Society, S. P. Q. R.. Senior Glass. Miss Viv1AN STONE Art. Adviser of: Girl Reserves. Miss MELBA TODD Typing I, Business Principles. Adviser of: Sophomore Class. Miss BLANCHE WATERMAN Sewing I, II, Related Art. Cooking. Adviser of: Home Ec. Club, Girl Re- serves. MR. VICTOR WETZEL N MR. HAROLD A. WHITE Boys' Phy. Ed., English II'. Boys' phy. Ed' Track Coach. Head Athletic Coach. MR. I. A. WINTHER Band. Public School Music Director. SECRETARIAL STAFF l Miss Gertrude Miller Miss Laura Frahm Miss Mildred Reay Miss Gertrude Miller, treasurer and clerk of School District No. 37, fills an indispensable position in Nampa High School. Her efficiency and en- thusiasm are appreciated by faculty and students alike. Student problems and questions are never too numerous to receive the considerate attention of Miss Laura Frahm or Miss Mildred Reay. Miss Frahm serves in the capacity of registrar and secretary to Mr. Cowin, while Miss Reay acts as attendance clerk. Top row: C. Stinson, E. Sullivan, G. Hansen. D. Bermensola, V. Moad, C. Minden, B. Keim, B. Smith, B. Mahoney. Second row: Mr. Gowin, O. Randall, E, Fiedler, R. Swayne, F. McFarland, B. Parker, P. Flora. D. Gray, D. Anderson, J. Jausoro, Mr. Roberts. Bottom row: M. J. Petty, L. Cook, F. Bastida, M. Sower, E. Robinson, B. Nelson, E. Hooker, G. Pisani, H. Honstead. STUDENT ADMINISTRATION To govern and supervise all Nampa High School activities is the purpose of the Student Council. Membership in the organization is com- posed of Student Body Oiticers, representatives from each home room, and the class presidents. Varied activities were carried on by this group. The Council elected yell leaders and appointed a committee to provide entertainment at the basket- ball games. A committee to censor all assemblies presented was selected from the Council. Each month a Student Rotarian was elected. Sen- ior boys who received this honor included Earl Robinson, Dick Bermensolo, Bill Smith. Tom Bar- rett, Bob Baldwin, Roy Howard, Warren Kincaid, and Paul Mangum, This group approved the formation of a Girls' Athletic Association and accepted its constitution. Orchestra members who earned the required num- ber of points were granted small letters or pins. The Council voted to have Home EC. and Spiz members sell refreshments at the football games: the Radio Club had this privilege at basketball en- counters. Next year twenty per cent of the net profits made from the sale of confections must be turned over to the Student Council. A controversy concerning the Nampa-Boise foot- ball game was held, and the Council voted in favor of playing Boise on Thanksgiving Day and Caldwell on Armistice Day, The Student Council has at all times tried to maintain the high standards of Nampa High School. OFFICERS .,.... ,, ...,,,,.i. ,.,, ,,.... ..-. . ..,. W Vik gbgxil veit. , Vw . f 1 I f A - wg , , 'f , I 1 -M t sntl If EARL ROBINSON MAXINE sowER BETTY NELSON Student Body President Vice-President Secretary CISSQS OFFICERS President - - - Bob Baldwin Vice-President - Dick Bermensolo Secretary - - - Lily Cook 'Treasurer - - - Roy Howard Advisers: Miss Rosa Smith Keith Leatherwood SENIOR CLASS "To be or not to be-" The choosing of caps and gowns for both Commencement and Baccalau- reate was the main issue for con- sideration in the spring. This ques- tion brought on a great deal of discussion, and enthusiasts for both sides ably presented their argu- ments. Following its three-year prece- dent, the Class of '38 had the honor of holding the first class dance this year. The latter part of November, the Seniors held their last class hop which carried out a "Patriotic" theme. As guests of the Juniors, Seniors enjoyed an evening of dancing at the Junior-Senior Prom held May 6. The last class assembly of the year was held by this class in May. Secrecy was the theme of the "sneak', and mighty secluded was the "when and where" of this im- portant event, "To be rather than to seem to be" is the motto of this year's grad- uating class, and the rose, the chosen flower. Rose and silver, class colors chosen in the Sophomore year, have carried through the three years at Nampa High School and were the predominating shades at the Senior Luncheon, May 17, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. WILLARD ALLEN ASTON Dramatics 1 Declamation 1 Debate : Band 1 Pep Band. Gooding High School: Poca- tello High School. BOB LANE BALDWIN Student Council: Student Rotarian: Senior Class Pres.: Orchestra: German Club: Blu-N, Sec.-Treas. : Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Basketball: Soph. Basket- ball: Track: Tennis: Baseball. - D x I VV IAMES BENJAMIN BARHAM Sage Collector. Donnelly High School. DONALD CLARENCE BELL Student Council: Blu-N: Varsity Foot- ball. Caldwell High School. IRMA B. BILLICK Home Ec. Club: S. P. Q. R. LAURA MAE BLANTON Home Ee. Club: German Club: Girls' Glee Club. GENEVIEVE CECELIA BOWEN Student Council: Spiz: Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club: Girls' Glee Club: Ten- nis. VERN B. BABCOCK Spanish Club. GORDON L. BALL Hi-Y Club: Varsity Basketball: Soph. Football: Track. THOMAS EVANS BARRETT Honor Society: Student Rotarian: Span- ish Club: Boys' Glee Club: Choral: Blu- N, Pres. 5 Varsity Football: Track: Baseball. Happy Valley High School. DICK BERMENSOLO Student Council: Student Rotarian: Senior Class Vice-Pres.: Soph. Football. DAVID WALTON BLACK Science Club: Spanish Club: Boys' Pep Club: Band: Pep Band: Drum Major: Tennis: Baseball. GRACE KATHRYN BORCHERT German Club: Girls' Glee Club. Steele High School, N. Dakota. MARJORIE F. BRADBURN Girls' Glee Club. ERMA ALMA BRADLEY Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Club: Orches- tra: Band: Pep Band: Tennis, Greeley County High School, Tribune, Kansas. ANNA Lou1sE BRAY Honor Society: Spiz: S. P. Q. R.: Sai-te Collector. HAZEL FERN BROWN Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club: Girls' Glee Club. GLADYCE ELLENA BUSHNELL Merriman High School, Nebraska. HAROLDINE MARIE CA LvERT ELEANOR MARGARET CARVER Dramatics: Silver N: Girl Reserves: Home Ee. Club: Sage Collector. WINTERED CLARK Eugene High School, Oregon. ,, . '1 . ,I . ofa' Q' JV, - ROSCOE FULTON BRADY Blu-N: Varsity Football: Track. IOHN RUSSELL BRocKus IOHN H. BRYDEN Honor Society : Science Club, Vice-Pres. German Club, Pres. E. MAUD CALLEN Girl Reserves: S. P. Q. R.: Girls' Ath letic Assoc. Madison High School, Kan sas. ARTHUR CLARE CARLSON Dramatics, lVlARouER1TE EVELYN CLARK Growl Staff, Typist: Quill and Scroll: Girl Reserves, Hood River High School. Oregon. ERNEST CLAPP Spanish Club: Boys' Glee Club: Blu-N: Yell King: Varsity Basketball: Soph. Basketball 3 Track: Baseball. ELEANOR IRENE CLAYTON S. P. Q. R.: Girls' Glee Club. IRENE COCK Salutatorian: Honor Society, Pres,: Student Council: Sage Staff, Editor: Growl Staff: Quill and Scroll, Vice- Pres.: Silver N. Sec.-Treas.: French Club, Sec.: Girl Reserves: Spiz: Sage Collector. WILLIAM EUGENE COLLINS German Club : Junior Class Treas. Z Varsity Football : Bullpups Football 1 Track. HELEN MARY COOK Home Ee. Club: S. P. Q, R.: Silver N. Girls' Glee Club: Choral. LILY COOK Student Council: Senior Class Sec.: Silver N: Girl Reserves: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club. i '1 . u - . :ve ELWOOD COPENHAVER Uramatics: Sage Staff: S. P. Q. R.: Silver N: Sage Collector: Boys' Pep Club. KEITH ELLSWORTH CRAGG Radio Club: Chess Club: Track. Grand- view High School, Washington. GWENDOLYN CLuBB Girl Reserves: Girls' Glee Club: Choral. Elk City High School, Oklahoma. WINEORD ARNOLD COLEMAN Explorer Club: Blu-N: Varsity Foot- ball: Bullpups Football: Track. -LOUISE MARIE COLLINS Growl Staff, Exchange Editor: Girl Re- serves: Home Ec. Club: S. P. Q. R.: Choral: Tennis, Manager. LENA COOK Silver N: Girl Reserves: Spiz: S. P. Q. R., Summa: Sage Collector: Girls' Glee Club: Choral. FRANCES ELIZABETH CONLEY Honor Society: Student Council: Soph. Class Vice-Pres.: S. P. Q. R.: Home Ee. Club: Girl Reserves: Spiz, Sec.- Treas. : Sage Collector: Girls' Glee Club: Choral. DAVID LEON CORDER Boys' Glee Club: Choral. Cambridge High School, Nebraska. MAMIE BETTY CROWTI-IER Dramatics: Silver N: S. P. Q. R. : Home Ee. Club: Girl Reserves: Sextet: Girls' Glee Club: Choral. LOLA MAR JORIE DANIEL Girl Reserves: S. P, Q. R. WANDA IRENE DAVIS S. P. Q. R., Tribune. I-lILvA DETTON Dramatics: Home Ec. Club: Girls' Ath- letic Assoc.: Girls' Glee Club. ARCI-IIE CHARLES DIGGS BETTY Lou DOWDLE Honor Society: Declamationg Debate: Home Ee. Club: Silver N: Girls' Glee Club: Choral. IACK C. FAIRLESS Spanish Club: Boys' Glee Club: Choral: Track. MAX STANLEY FRANTZ Radio Club. Pres.. Trcas. Modesto High School, California. ESTHER DANIELS Pocatello High School. PAUL ALVIN DEI-ILIN Radio Club: Wrestling. LILA RUTH DEWALD German Club: Spiz: Girls' Athletic Assoc. Happy Valley High School. IOHNNIE EDWIN DOSTAL BETTY JANE EDNIE Student Council: Girl Reserves: Home Ee. Club: French Club, Treas,: Girls' Glee Club. RuTI-I MILDRED FLECK Salle Collector. RUTH ELDA FREDERICK S. P. Q. R. HARRIET LUCILLE FREDERIKSEN Honor Society. Kilgore High School. SHORT FLIIIKAWA HELEN MILDRED GAKEY Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club: Girls' Glee Club. SHIRLEY IRENE GIESE S. P- Q- R.: Home Ee. Club Club. 2 Girls' Glee EsTI-IER MARGIE GINDER fa fd Girls' Glee Club. AMZELL MARIE GLANCY Girl Reserves: French Club. HAROLD VIRGIL GRAY Tiffin High School, Iowa. BETTY LOLI FREEMAN Kennebec High School, S. Dakota. RALPH LEO FusoN Kimball High School, S. Dakota. EDITH FRANCES GIBBS Growl Staff: Quill and Scrollp Girl Re- serves: S. P. Q- R. MARY MARGARET GILBERT Home Ec. Club: S. P. Q. R.. Consul Sage Collector: B a n d : Orchestra Choral. HELEN MARGARET GIVENS Growl Staff : Quill and Scroll 3 Home Ec Club: Silver N: Girl Reserves: Or- chestra. VIRGINIA LOUISE GOROSTIZA Growl Staff, Exchange and Organiza tion Editor: Quill and Scroll, Sec. TI-eas.: Spiz. NORVILLE FRITZ GROESBECK Boys' Glee Club. DOROTHY MAE GROSS Home Ec. Club. HELEN MAUREEN GUY German Club: Girls' Glee Club. KENNETH WILLIAM HALL Radio Club: Soph. Football, MARGARET ROSE HARRELL Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club: Girls' Glee Club. CHARLOTTE ROSE HARTLEY Girls' Glee Club: Choral. WILLIAM RAY HARVEY Radio Club: Spanish Club. Bos HEITHECKER Blu-N: Varsity Football: Varsity Bas- ketball: Track: Tennis. BILL LLOYD GUNNING S. P. Q. R.: Boys' Glee Club: Choral: Wrestling. MILDRED LIBERTY HABA Girl Reserves: Home Ee. Club. GORDON WHITNEY HANSEN Student Council : Orchestra: Band: Pep Band. PAUL ORR HARRIS Band: Pep Band: Orchestra. Yreka High School, California. ESTI-IER l-lAzEL HARTLEY Sage Collector : Girls' Glee Club : Choral. HARRY W, HEIGI-ITON Growl Staff. Bus. Mgr.: S. P. Q. R.: Radio Club: Quill and Scroll: Band, Pres.: Orchestra: Pep Band. RAYMOND ERNEST HELT Montour High School: Boise High School. ALEX HENKEL Boys' Glee Club. FRED ERNEST HOEEER Radio Club, Pres.: German Club: Or- clxestra. I J ROY TURNER HOWARD Sage Staff: Growl -Staff: Senior Class Treas. : Hi-Y, Pres. : Science Club: Blu- N, Vice-Pres.: S. P. Q. R.: Explorer Club, Pres.: Athletic Mgr.: Soph. Bas- ketball: Varsity Basketball: Track. DOROTHY P. IMES Honor Society: Girls' Glee Club: Tennis. Meridian High School. LUCILLE EDNA IACKSON Student Council: Saxze Collector: Home Ec. Club: Spanish Club: Girls' Athlet- ic Assoc. HOWARD I. IONES Sage Collector: Boys' Glee Club: Sgan- ish Club: Soph. Football. BARBARA BLANCHE KEFFER Sage Staff, Organization Editor: Quill and Scroll. I f , ,fv I' j V WILLIAM G. li'iIGGINs S. P. Q. R.: Athletic Mgr.: Blu-N: Varsity Football: Soph. Basketball: Track. IESSE CLARENCE HOWARD Honor Society? S. P. Q- R.: Growl Staff, Typist: Quill and Scroll: Orches- tra: Boys' Glee Club. HELEN GAY HOWELL S. P. Q. R.: Choral. Weston High School. VIRGINIA A. IMBS Dramatics: Girls' Glee Club. Meridian High School. ALICE FAYE IAMES IEAN PAUL IONES Science Club: Explorer Club: Band Pep Band. CURTIS EUGENE KELLEY French Club: Blu-N: Varsity Basket- ball: Track. Biloxi High School: Ros well High School. VIOLET E. KELCI-INER YASUKO ESTHER KOYAMA Spiz: Home Ec, Club: Girl Reserves, Sec.: Silver N: French Club, Pres.: S. P. Q. R. CARL L. KRUEGER ROSCOE WAYNE LUEKENGA Boys' Glee Club: Choral: Blu-N: Soph. Football : Varsity Football: Track. ELAINE EVELYN MADISON Choral. PAuL MANGUM Student Rotarian: Hi-Y: Blu-N: Span- ish Club: Tennis: Varsity Basketball: Baseball. Nazarene Academy. EDYTHA MARLER Home Ec. Club: Girl Reserves. Boise High School. WARREN V. KINCAID Blu-N: Varsity Basketball: Tennis. Nazarene Academy. MILDRED NoRIvIA KRAJNIK Spizg Girls' Glee Club. SARAH CLEETIS Locxwoon Girls' Athletic Assoc. KENNETH MAGEE BILL IAMES IVIAHONEY Student Council: Blu-N: Bullpups Fool. ball : Varsity Football: Track, CARL HERBERT MARBLE Weiser High School. WINIERED MCBANE Honor Society. Vice-Pres.: S. P. Q. R., Summa :Girl Reserves : Orchestra, Pres., Librarian. DOROTHY MAE MCBRIDE EDNA MAE MCCAIN Girl Reserves: Silver N: Science Cluf.: French Club: Choral. FRANCES LOUISE MONTEITH Student Council: Sage Collector: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Choral: Orchestra: Band. BILL MORRIS Radio Club: Spanish Club. GLENN ERNEST MOTT Boys' Glee Club, MERLIN I, NEILL Spanish Club. DELSIE LAVERNE NELSON Girls' Athletic Assoc. VELMA CHRISTINE MCBRIDE Home Ec. Club. 1 FRANCES LOUISE MCFARLAND Honor Society: Student Council : Dra- matics: Spiz: S. P. Q. R., Censor- Quaes- bor: Girls' Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Choral : Girls' Sextet: Double Mixed- Quartet. HAROLD BERNARD MORGAN Radio Club. GEORGINA F AY MORRIS Girls' Glee Club: Choral. ist: Spiz, Vice-Pres.: Girls' Glee Club Athletic Assoc.: Tennis, Capt. BERNICE LAREE NELSON Home Ec. Club: Girls' Glee Club. MARCELLE LARIIE NELSON S. P. Q. R. : Home Ec. Club: Girls' Ath letic Assoc. EVELYN IUNE MuSSELMAN Student Council, Sec. 3 Growl Staff, TYP- Soph. Class Sec.: Yell Queen: Girls' aww' Hu BERT Ross NEWMAN Radio Clubi S. P. Q. R.: Boys' Glee Club: Choral. ERNEST GEORGE NYDEGGER Radio Club. V10 LET MAE PERKINS GLENDA ALICE PIPKIN Spiz: French Club, Vice-Pres. 5 Girls' Glee Club: Choral. EMMA MYRTLE PRIEST Home Ee. Club: Girls' Glee Club. Melba High School. HOWARD I. RAMEY Boys' Glee Club: Choral. IOY ROSE RAPP Girl Reserves: Science Club: French Club: Silver N. 101-IN STANLEY NEWMAN Crcltestra: S. P. Q. R. LOIS ISABELL PATTERSON Dramatics: Silver N. Sec.-Treas.: Girl Reserves: Spiz: S. P. Q. R.: Girls' Glee Club? Choral. STANLEY IAMES PINKERTON Hi-Y : Boys' Glee Club: Choral : Boys' Quartet : Mixed Quartet: Soph. Football. GENE POPPAW Sage Staff, Bus. Mgr. I Quill and Scroll: S. P. Q. R.: Silver N: Boys' Pep Club. MILDRED H. PROHASKA Honor Society. DORIS MAY RANDALL Sage Staff, Typist: Sage Collector: Girl Reserves. Ellis High School, Kansas. LEWIS CECIL RASI-I Boys' Glee Club. Glerms Ferry High School. PAU LINE ELIZABETH RAu Home Ec. Club: German Club: GiI'ls' Glee Club: Girls' Athletic Assoc. LUELLA F. RAY German Club: Girls' Athletic Assoc. Happy Valley High School. IACK WILLIAM Roma Hi-Y: Dramatics: Sage Collector : Silver N, Vice-Pres.: Junior Class Pres.: S. P. Q. R., Summus: Blu-N: Yell King: Boys' Pep Club, Sec.-Treas.: Boys' Glee Club: Choral. MAX EDWIN RODWELL Boys' Glee Club: Choral. BUD GEORGE SAUNDERS Dramatics: Blu-N: Hi-Y: S. P. Q. R.: Boys' Glee Club: Ch-oral: Growl Staff, Sports Editor: Varsity Basketball: Ten- nis: Golf: Boys' Pep Club. DoRo'r1-Iv ELIZABETH SCI-IuLER Honor Society: Sage Staff, Class Editor : Growl Staff, Managing Editor: German Club. Sec.-Treas.: Girl Reserves. Pres., Treas.: Home Ec. Club: Spiz: S. P. Q. R.: Sage Collector: Quill and Scroll: Silver N. RAYMOND DOUGLAS Sco'rT Varsity Football: Wrestling: Boxing: Track. IOHN LEWIS RAWLINGS Student Council: Sage Staff, Snapshot Editor: Growl Staff. Assistant Editor: Science Club: Quill and Scroll: Dramat- ics: Sage Collector: Golf. VERLA EURILLA RICH Jacksonawilson High School, Wyoming. SIDNEY EARL ROBINSON Student Council, Pres. : Soph. Class Pres.: Growl Staff: Blu-N: Boys' Glee Club: Choral: Varsity Football: Soph. Football : Varsity Basketball: Soph. Bas- ketball. GEORGE PARK SALLE S. P. Q. R.: Silver N: Sage Collector: Boys' Pep Club: Golf: Tennis. LENORA EVELYN SCHOMBURG Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club: Girls' Athletic Assoc. WILLIAM ALVA SCHWARTZ Hi-Y: French Club: Boys' Pep Club Orchestra: Band: Pep Band. Boa R. SEAQuIsT Boys' Glee Club. Corsica High School S. Dakota. IoI-IN CALEB SEWELI. Honor Society: Growl Staff, Assistant Editor: Dramatics: Science Club, Pres. : S. P. Q. R.. Pontifex Maximus: Quill :End Scroll: Boys' Glee Club: Boys' Pep lub. WILLARD CHARLES SHRoI.I. CONDA ELIZABETH SI.oAT Valedictorian. Honor Society: Growl Staff, Editor: Sage Staff, Organization Editor: Silver N: Girl Reserves: Science Club: Home Ec. Club: Spiz: S. P. Q. R.: Sage Col- lector: Quill and Scroll, Pres. BILL G. SMITH Student Council: Student Rotarian: Hi- Y, Vice-Pres. : Blu-N :Junior Class Vice- Pres. : Boys' Glee Club: Varsity Foot- ball: Soph. Football. WILBERT IRVING SMITH Orchestra: Band: Pep Band. NYLA LAVONNE SNYDER Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club. MAXINE DONNA SowER Honor Society: Good Citizenship Pil- grimage: Student Council, Vice-Pres.: Junior Glass Sec.: Spiz, Pres.: Growl Staff. Typist: Girl Reserves: S. P. Q. R.: Quill and Scroll: Girls' Glee Club: Sextet: Orchestra, Sec.: Choral: Band, Vice-Pres., Sec.: Pep Band. MARY MARGARET SHAWI-IAN Student Council: Growl Staff, Feature Editor: Silver N: S. P. Q. R., Censor- Quaestor: Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club: Quill and Scroll: Choral: Girls' Glee Club. ALVYN SIMMONS Blu-N: Varsity Football: Saph. Basket- ball: Track: Bullpups Football. AUDREY IRENE SMITH Home Ec. Club. ROSEMARY FRANCES SMITH Honor Society, Sec.: Dramatics: Sage Staff, Typist: Growl Staff, Typist: Sil- ver N, Vice-Pres.: Home Ec. Club: S. P. Q. R. : Spizg Girls' Glee Club: Choral. KENNETH D. SMYTH Chess Club, Pres.. Sec.: Science Club, Pres., Sec.: Boys' Pep Club: S.P.Q.R., Aedile: Radio Club: Tennis: Track. BURKE VERE SOWER Spanish Club: Orchestra: Band: Pep Band. IRWIN SowER Orchestra: Band: Pep Band. LENORE SPARKS French Club: Home Ec. Club: Silver N : Orchestra. GEORGIA M. SPLINTER Growl Smff, Exchange Editor: Home Ec. Club: Quill and Scroll: Choral. TIIELMA P. STEPHENSON Caldwell High School. Aucus'r A. STORK MAN Soph. Class Treas.: Science Club: S. P. Q. R. : Explorer Club: Orchestra: Band: Pep Ban Director: Soph. Basketball I Track. MELVIN E. TINGLE Miller High School, S. Dakota: Custer High School, S. Dakota. ILA JANE ULRICH Elm Creek High School. LOIS PEARL VOGEL Girls' Glee Club. Nebraska. RALPH WESLEY SPENCE Radio Club: Track. Sheridan High School, Wyoming. Happy Valley High School. EDWARD CLIFFORD STARN, IR. S. P. Q. R.: Blu-NZ Varsity Football: Soph. Football : Track. RICHARD Esslck STILL Science Club, Vice-Pres.: S. P. Q. R.. Aedile: Boys' Pep Club: Explorer Club: Tennis. ALETI-IA MARIE SLIMMERS Dramatics: German Club: Sage Collec- tor: Silver N: Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Club: Spiz: Girls' Glee Club: Choral: Tennis. HARVEY WILLIAM THOMSON Sage Collector. MARGARET ELLEN VAN HOLITEN Girls' Athletic Assoc.: Girls' Glee Club MAXINE WALKER Student Council: Silver N: Home Ee Club: Girls' Glee Club: Choral: Girls Athletic Assoc. Santa Ana High School California. IUSTINE PEARL WARD Girl Reserves: Home Ec. Clubg Girls' Glee Club. QUINTON JUNE WATSON CLARA BELL WILcOx Home Ee. Club: French Club. LEO LEWIS WISSEL Soph. Basketball. L. DELBERT WOLL Radio Club. AILEEN E. WORCESTER Pocatello High School. Homedale High School. IOE CLINTON ZIMMERMAN S. P. Q. R. ARMIN ASI-ILEY VVASHBLIRN Ontario High School, Oregon. VERLA WICKI-IAM Girl Reserves: Home Ee. Club: Orches- tra. ELAINE VERA WILSON Silver N : Girl Reserves 1 Home Ec. Club 3 Orchestra. REX WITHERS Band. Ocala High School, Florida. ELIZABETH IANE WOOSLEY Growl Staff, Typist: Sage Staff, Assist- ant Bus. Mgr.: Quill and Scroll: Sage Collector. RAY AUSTIN YOUNG S. P. Q. R. ELIZABETH SLOAT Valedictorian , , ,,,, 1 Eli 1 W' R A IRENE COCK f V' .. ..., 1 aa ,, p . Salutatorzan 'WMS ': if ' .if . . I .I I H . A ,z SENIORS NOT PICTUIQED HAZEL MAY ALCORN Dramatics: Girls' Glee Club: Girls' Ath- letic Assoc. Wellington High School, Colorado. GLADYS GENEVA Boo'rHE HELEN MARIE BRODIFIEAD Band: Orchestra. Kimberly High School. ALLAN DALE BROWN Boise High School: Eagle Rock High School, Los Angeles, California. EARL ALLAN CLAPP Boys' Glee Club: Track: Football. ELLEN LUCILLE CONNER Emmett High School. TAD HANKINS Science Club: Radio Club Q. R.: Boxing. CLIFFORD E. HOSACK Spanish Club. , TI-cas.: S. P. WANDA IAWORSKI IOHN MANSON Meridian High School. ANDREW PEARSON HARLAN G. SI-IAW French Club: Boys' Glee Club: Choral. NoRIvIA SQUIRES French Club: Choral, RAYMOND EARNES1' TETWILER Blu-N: Varsity Football. Colby High School, Kansas. MILDRED M. TOMER German Club. Washington High School, Fergus Falls, Minnesota. ESLIE D. WALLS OFFICERS President - - Ray Skinner Vice-Pres. - Edward Aschenbrener Secretary - - Carmen McKee Treasurer - Earl Andersen Advisers: Miss Evelyn Hagelin Odie Pederson JUNIOR CLASS Soft light and music combined with a quaint colonial theme to form a perfect setting for the 1938 Junior-Senior Prom held May 6. Committees from the Junior Class spared no thought nor effort in planning a dance that would truly honor their Senior guests. Presidents of each class with their partners led the grand march after which dance programs clever- ly decorated to carry out the col- onial theme were given out. Members of the Junior Class used the vaudeville idea and produced an extremely clever performance for their class assembly. Real "hill-billy" music and danc- ing featured one of the numbers. A square dance was so greatly ap- preciated that it was repeated later at an all-school entertainment held at the junior High School Audi- torium. A beauty contest with some of the Junior boys as attrac- tive models, served as a hilarious finale to the program. The Junior Class has taken its place with the others in student ac- tivity. The athletic field claimed a large number of boys for baseball and football, Track and tennis proved to be favorite sports for other participants. Other Juniors manifested an in- terest in debate, public speaking, and various clubs and organizations. At the close of next year, Jun- iors will be graduating Seniors and better able to answer the question expressed in their motto, "Today we launchg where will we anchor?" Glen Admyers Helen Agenbroad Edward Aschenbrener Anne Bahrychuk Arnold Beebe Kenneth Belknap Bill Bevel' Frank Black Bob Bowman Dale Bright Kathleen Brubaker Glen Buettner Elaine Cadow Virginia Campbell Marjorie Chase Clarence Chittenden iv. .., , .,-Y,..., .i.-,e.--,-. v ,,.. -F ..,. .... ...Q VV V :Re V VVV ,la iw V V S V Elizabeth Allen VW, Earl Andersen In ig.V fu' 2 .4 ."l. w ' 'W 5 'L .. - l r 1 '45 , , l . 6 V x ta. K . 'I 4 ,551 A-. fa- , ll 'ff Q Louemma Berger . ' . V Evelyn Beauchamp , JVM ' ' Q lr 5" - 1 . N .V V g V 5' , Betty Bennett L1 ' . fi A V-'fm V 1 N Lk R-'vvuuny L , .W-.,,,, ,e,. ,Wi Q, ,im ai, M A151 ow fo- . , Delbert Blickfeldt Marcine Borg Flora Mae Brockus Gene Brown Ray Burton Bob Bushnell Kenneth Carter Raymond Carter John Cliff Easil Cochrane Nona Fern Coffman Ardene Collins Maxine Corder Donald Crill Clancy Davis Henry Day Dorothy Dominick Jack Dorman Carrol Edwards Vex-la Elliott Bob Ertz Frank Estabrook Glen Ferguson Warren Fewkes Bethany Fowler Marvin Frandse n me Q2-Q he Don Colton Winifred Conenhaver Dorothy Crill Stella Jane Dakan Y aura Dlnwiddie Herbert Dadge Juanita Dunn Mildred Duspiva ' Q in James Epley Neva Erquiaga Beth Evans Jack Farley Ilaine Fisher Phyllis Flora Martha Frost Orren Frost Bihiana Garmendia Rose Marie Gillen Katherin Gott Frances Grant Charles Grimes Della Rose Groesbeck Frederick Hallberg Isobel Hamilton J If 11 .H Robert Hansonxf Wesley Harpham Robert Hastriter Arnold Helwege Helen Hiemstra Dorothy Anne Hickman Helen Honstead Eileen Hooker s Mk: Q0 N . if x 'D-Q ' Vi K ge 'Q 6 16534 Imogene Gillesby Wyatt Gossett Lois Gray Rosanna Gray Clare Gundy Elsie Haba Marion Hamilton Wanda Hamner Frank Hart Nona Hasselbring Katherine Herfurth Nira Herrick Bartlett Hill Bonnie Mae Hill Bob Hunter Kenneth Hunter Ann Hyslop Frances Jacobs Dale J auert Jimmy Jausoro Wayne Johnson Robert Johnston Wilberta Kelso Barbara King Koichi Koyama Edward Krajnik Jack LaVel le Melba Linder Lawrance Lowber Joseph Luke Dorothy Mangum Bert Marcusen , L,,3iW., ':-W-Q im, ,GA V L V wa.. 9111 , Z ' FI V fe " Q. QQ , ' N f 4-.,l 3' -Za. if 1 K if h K -af if 1 9 ' A if ' f? V .y?.,g:. W '91 Q14 M fi , K I lf ,si K K J Ki- ' 1 gf 1:53 -fever A efxfw wg fff- y W . , ,gi QM A Q2 N M . 32 W V- ' f J , Q ,W 'eff , J' :r , V N A Q hx , -31 . iil? k .'n:: i ee 'S I Ardith Jacobsen Bill J auert Faye Jensen Milton Johnson I-ff, ,.f:.,57' Frank Jones Vera Ruth Jones Paul Kirby Louis Koutnik Eleanore Larson William Larson Fred Lockey Winette Lockman Evelyn Mackey Norman Maffit Ellen Marrun Lewis Martens Gilhert Martin Ravena Martin Walter McCarthy Evelyn McClellan Stewart Metzger Geraldine Middle-Hurst Mary Morgan Alice Marie Morris Glenna Myers Bill Nash Jeanne Norquist Earle Norton Don Parkinson Phyllis Patterson Wade Percifield Duane Pilcher ." l 5 ,t .. f it 1 f-L , , 2 gl, , , . , lr -'fAl"""v wvvwhm V X f sl K 4 L K . 39' X 5 'sz et' l J Q as If 'Y f 3 14' ' it ity: k.V., t A x ftiffi 'W M "' ,. ' 1 A - . .. V V . -t 4 -6 fff Q- a . , e' fi at I F, l . -'.. K in Q ' G' '-f ' WS, ft R ,riffs ,. -Q liJ'i . fn, i "Ei, ' 'S Q1 1 .,. - f. , 1 Q ,M Q it uv xi Q ,ix , .M 1 , X L. 6 .b, . A ., W tml z W . '. a nf", ,gy E133 , 5 , if-:Zig Q Q it JRE' ,Q ' W 2 ff. 95 ,ff A fesz? Q :I Q 'TN ' V 77. X it l '25 .2 "" g. - 'HQ f .1 .ez 2 ",, 5 I 'v 1 A , 1 T , 4 r 1 Bob Matthews Helen Mayes Carmen McKee Darlene McKillip Arthur Miller Mildred Mooney Marvin Munyon Betty Murphy Ben Neher Betty Nelson James O'Brien Betty Parker John Peebles Marjorie Pepiile Lloyd Pinkerton Gerlene Pisani Y Glen Poppaw Ralph Porberfleld Buddy Ptacek Beth Peterson Austin Randall Gerald Randall J-ahn Riedel Ben Riordan Luraine Roper Harold Roth Annabelle Schas Josephine Schuler Junior Shepard Jeanne Siler Margaret Smith Betty Snell Q' n ii V 11 ,,. Q. '- fl ' T-'YT' '- J f en if f hifi A . ll . ,B G' Aff -s if 5 . 'f .Q ' 1' 'FQ 'lll DL l l 4' w - A af H' .mt f- Q gflg. 4 0 5. 1 y 19 1. , 4 'W -:W Q S' Q S Donald Powell Maxine Prout Bettie Rader Lorraine Rand Bill Reed Margaret Rice Grace Robinson Pearl Robinson Doris Salisbury Geraldine Sandy Melvin Schwasinger Ronald Schwasinger Velma Simmons Ray Skinner Adel pha Snowberger Paul Snyder Clarisse Sparks Iva Spencer Duane Steele Gordon Stickney Jeanette Stuart Eugene Sullivan Marie Swedlund Roscoe Tabor Elsie Mae Thompson Fred Timm Frances Wakefield Dorotha Wall Margaret Wilcox Ralph Wilson Wayne Wood Olen Wright " A ,gf r 0 r 1 me 3' 5' . W5 iii 4' 21, V A :V 'ha 'f V lffeeim-R -W.i' f Qf Mwm'M9 Qf M gsm, N A lxff PJ' X gi - jfs . r :ggi . 1 'fi' H " "l' f L ' - ' ,V no A' . irbggfirx T 1 ,qfgfw aa? tha iw? ii i " 'K . 'V ' fm A e..,, M V eeii - N HV .1 in 1 Vi? , W K , 6 W .ff j ilel, it -,Q I K ,. 56,5 411,51 ky 1 K W .fe . QQ ' K , .af Q Q S f f ' W, it QR-:.f ' M , ', A jgsn " i zfilfl , W . if 4 5 A S iii' we gg 1 -Q ,, K ,ww ,,.., , 5 'Q r W . Q 2 , 35 . ii ' J we 4 'i" , f"-f ,e,, 71 : 'XJ , ,J , , W E 1 Vi -Qa- ,1,e. W - ,A F 5 ,ff W S , We ,Q l 'V T2 - 7 . V a Vins ,eg '55-il -.Q ,..-., --.J Hilda Splinter Virginia Stanley Charles Stinson Florence Stover Uvah Summers Rachel Swayne Betty Taylor Lola Thacker Marylee Tucker Betty Turner Jack Ward Doris Mae Weaver Virginia Wilson Bob Wolcott Janice Yoder JUNIOIQS NOT PICTURED Wayne Abbott Buddy Alverson Kenneth Bell Anna Christensen Clinton Cotner Raymond Cotner Steve Cottrell Cecelia Flowers Marvin Fulcher Elton Gibson Elmer Goodman Doc Harn Rose Hill Ivis Hopper Marion Lenz Ray Loosli Jack Machos Clifton McClellan Gerald McDannel Gilbert Parkinson Albert Paylor Bill Pfeiffer Homer Powell Gordon Prescott Gilbert Prohaska Donald Rasmussen Jack Rodwell Bob Seidel Ray Simpson Forrest Smith Maur-ine Steele Bill Stephens Kenneth Tomer Bill Tyler John Watt Byron Wright 9 ee. I . : ' -. .e...4l, Q' i X9 355 5 i 5, 1 . X if 1 4 in F l 82 rl . K W if' 5' Q K ' of 'I 'X S' 1 my uf 1 'x 11 emuriam S BEN moose Bom Jan. 29, 1921 S1 D1ed Nov. 17, 1937 CANDIDLY I if- OFFICERS President - - Fielding Abbott Vice-President - Fred Jordan Secretary - - Rina Yamamoto Treasurer - - Mary Jane Petty Advisers : Miss Melba Todd James Johnson SOP!-IOMORE CLASS Flaunting tradition to the winds, the Sophomores failed to give the usual class dance this year. Since a majority of the members expressed a preference for an informal party, this type of social was planned. Students came dressed to carry out the theme of a "hard time" gath- ering. Decorations and programs were also in keeping with this idea. Sophomores were the first to pre- sent a class assembly. Although it was only February the audience was treated to a breath of spring. The Daphne Chorus, a group of Sophomore boys dressed in fluffy pastel ballet dresses, gracefully trip- ped the light fantastic. Other num- bers on the program included songs by the high school quartet, a play, and a reading. It was not long before the Soph- omores became adjusted to life in Nampa High School and met their responsibility in student activity. Glee clubs, deelamation, athletics, and organizations were favored with a good representation from this class. Crimson and gold were the colors chosen, and the Carnation was se- lected for the class flower. If the Sophomores live up to their motto, i'Forward Alwaysf' their progress and success in Nam- pa High School is assured. X W 7 IL X 1 -.rp .Ba . V 1. ,,. .- -M... f ,. ,.,,,. I A I K aiu.. V ' 5 :Sgr J, .. P l " - ' .AW f " if " ' 3.-' ' V - . ' .. .aff h , ta.. K: :HE A U . . 5 A. Q E ' H S ' V ' ' , '32 QW. Q. .... ' 'mk' 2. Q 1 . it ' "' if . . A N 3' Q N ' . 1- . 1 , V' -23 . ' 3' M L f .Y - - ' .A Q I.. , A ., 5 Ip- 5 .fn A V fu .f N by 5.65 , K' A Y" 2 gf . --W' V. A A' .V .. . . I' ' 3 ' ff . Q . - - . v - we . ,y r , . ' . X A We 'Q Lf ,, ,. A 'x s . , , -I VK K -:fi I . . ' A , x v 1 3: iff? .... ., ' ' A 'l . N it 8' ' N J .. Q. f L . fi- W .B 'E A if ,. l- B f K' 31- ' . B' ' 5 Q - ' 1- A 1331. ' QU A -.. X . lf' .. 5 .-... ,B t A ' . , W aa A 5 ,, .1 . . 3 . .5 ' Q' . . .. I . , . A .sr X ' . .-'M ' f' ' . . . K, 1 t QA. N, 'ff' ,' J' 1 . :W N I. 2 gk' 0 . 5 ' .3 8 ,Q . . ., : LJ. . . N Y , 'K ' ' . . ' t ' " y .3 V Q . L fi A .fr ' Q K W sl .- 'Q ' vi .Q at 'ii , ' N h -.zf , mf.. ' , A ..- B Y ' '13 VK . ..: ... I . . , '4 4 B A A if . fx X . 'K . , , . A- af X H. - . . . -A 1. 1 h .1 ' 57. tx , y V f VFR , ' sg 1 E. Q' . A ei j A ,fi f . s . 5 A .A , .. . - .. 5 . - f ' Q -' 45. , V. -, . :gi :N - .W .sf ' 'T' - . ' ' I'Sf .f- ' " v. . ' " -. ,- - ' " - . V- . - W-gif A... A- , .V ' ,. 4-- x :I F. Abbott X J. Betts W. Callen D. Doll V. Grant C. Agenbroad 0. L. Betts L. Campbell A. Dooley D. Gray D, Anderson C. Bicandi M. A. Carlow E. Dossett ' A. Grass M. H. Anson L. Blair S. Carlson M. Eastly v 5 S. Grow P. Ansotegui F. Blecha D. Carter D. Eastman G. Gundy B. Backer N. Bohn R. Chase A. Elliott Q A. Hackney J. Baldwin E. Booth V. Cockrane C. Ereno M. Hadsall M. E. Baptist M. A. Booth B. Cornell E Fiedler H. Barnhart L. Bradley M. Crane R Fisher F. Bastida J. Brockus C. Curtis E Fowler B. Bean B. Brown H. Davis F Fox V. Beckwith D. Burkholder W. Decker C. Frahm G. Bell W. Burrows E. lJeCoursey A Fulcher R. Bennett C. Callen W. Dick K. Geisler r. Uv xc- N ,gas- U v 4054. is F. Hamilton E. Hancock K, Harmon A. M. Harrell J. Harris L. Hartman C. Hatfield L. Hazen J. Hedrich L. Henderlider S. Hendry H. Henrickson J. Henry F. Hickey M. Hicks J. Hindes E. Hoskins W. Howard E. Howell M. Hurst J. Hyslop O. Irish W. Isszrigg H. Jack J. Jacobsen E. John W. Johnson F. Jordan H. Jorgenmn M. E. Keele B. Keim M. Kemp H. Kleier 0. Klemens J . Knutson A. Kozacek C. Lamm H. Lantzer B. Lefler R. Little D. Livingston B. Loveland R. Lupton D. Lyons R Lyons C. Madsen L. Mallea B. Manfzum B Marsh pmwomwm H. C. V. E. A. M. M. Martens M. Martin Martineau McCarty McColm Mcllorman Mills 4... Mills Minden Moad Monte Morgan Myers Nakamura N N X .M U .'N. f ff aL ! Neff Nelson Nelson Nelson Newby Newland Newlands V. Nichols P. Nolte M. Norquist E. Nydexrger J. Oberst I. K. Odle Okumoto X . s miller n e s s ars V. Pascoe A. Pendleton R. Pendleton A. Perry P. Perry M. J. Petty B. Piersall T. Post Price Prohaska Qualman O. Randall Reynolds Riordan paoowzn Robbins Robertson Robinson Robinson Robinson Rodwell Rose R. Roth E. Rumpel R. Salek N. Sanderson D. B. Shroll B. Simmons P. Smith P. Simmons G. Smith L. Snyder P. Sparks M. Spencer R. Squires S. Stanford C. H. wapmw I r 3 T Stewart Susewind Svedin Thompson Toizstad Trottman Twitehell P ,M 1 l Y' , rf .QWVK1 ' x ci fr re, '?""" -H' , W ' f""' " ' " -wiv' -s ,, af' .,"' v fa. we V. rv' - G X , 3 , .f 1 v A g f . ,1 V H. , 1 mmf' 'V h 1: yggawu-v ,. W e -f fa U' we , ,f -F 15, K Q ,I ' K 'f K' if ,. U ' 1 . 515. Q VA K, ,i .f W in ,r- J Y..g,rfi 1 '- . . X sv.. A ,ax Hg, .gf ' 8.3555 - ij, Q feb ' fi M. van M. watson L. Williams ff ' 'ff' E. Wright E. Vanljlouten D. Weaver F. Witmer ' . . , B. Yamamoto L. Virgin G. Weaver V. Wood M. Young V. Vogel N. Weaver F. Woods J. Ziegler Robert Alher Mattie Hopper Percy Neel Betty Alcorn Jack Allen Eugene Ashcraft DeVon Beer Robert Bolliger Dora Bradburn Wilbur Brown Fred Case Verral Coates Glen Dettfon Aldara Ferrenber Harry Fujikawa Alice Galloway Frank Hahn Phyllis Harder Margaret Harlow Richard Hays Meridene Hazen Marjorie Hergert E Eva Belle Hupe Tom Irgens David Isgrigg Flossie Jackson Ieona Jenkins Nolan Johnson Patrick Kidder Laurence Kimbrough Laurice Kimbrough George Krueger Dale Laurence Bill Lemley Frank Lewis Freida Mayes Virginia McClaskey James Mclndoo Clyde Miller Barbara Moffatt Max Morrow Lloyd Murphy Virginia Peppley Lucile Porter Benny Ramer Melvin Redig Doyle Rich Edward Sanderson Douglas Seal Buhl Shaddy Jimmy SilkW00d Richard Smith LeRoy Squires Jack Stuart Dale Thompson Junior Vincent Hazel Ward LeRoy Watson Eleanore Wilson Wilbur Wilson Warren Wyatt Qvgonizofions OFFICERS President ..........,.,........, IRENE Cocx Vice-President --- -- WINIFRED MCBANE Secretary -.-. -- ROSEMARY SMITH Adviser --- --- Miss RosA SMITH NATIONAL I-IONOR SOCIETY Top Row: B. L. Dowdle, F. Conley, M. Sower, L. Bray, E. Sloat, R. Smith, W. McBane, F. McFarland, M. Prohaska. Second Row: I. Cock, D. Schuler, H. Fredricksen D. I bs. , IH Bottom Row: T. Barrett, J. Bryden, C. Howard, J. Sewell. To be admitted to the National Honor So- ciety, Sigma Chi Lambda, is one of the highest honors to which Seniors of Nampa High School can aspire. Only those members of the Senior Class having a three-year grade average of 4.3 per cent are admitted. This means that they must have a very high B average. Scholarship, however, is not the only factor considered. A student must excel in Charac- ter, Leadership, and Service, also. These other qualities are necessary in order that the knowl- edge which a student has gained can be used to the best advantage. One must have courage to face life squarely and honestly, and he should have the desire to use his ability to lead to serve others rather than himself. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to foster and encourage these characteristics. At the close of the last school year eight Juniors having the required qualifications were admitted to the Society at a banquet held at the Cheesbrough Cafe where they received their Honor Society pins in a candle-lighting cere- mony. Eight more eligible Seniors were admitted to the Society at the close of the first quarter of this year at a party. As there was only one other Senior who fulfilled the requirements, she was initiated with the Juniors during the last quarter. Miss Josephine Payer, Miss Eloise Kennedy, Miss Mary Lucas, and Mr. Cowin are faculty advisers, toog Miss Rosa Smith acts as chairman. SAGE O A 1' X OFFICERS Editor-in-chief ....,,,....,, Assistant Editor ..,.,,,,,,, ,AL IRENE COCK HELEN I-IONSTEAD Business Manager ,,.......... GENE POPPAW Assistant Business Manager .... IANE WOOSLEY Advisers ......,,,... Miss WINIFRED LAFOND LYLE STANFORD Standing: Miss LaFond, J. Woosley, R. Howard, J. Yoder. E. Copenhaver, M. Rice, G. P-oppaw, R. Swayne, D. M. Weaver, B. Keffer, W. McCarthy. Seated: R. Smith, H. Honstead, I. Cock, J. Rawlings. GENERAL STAFF Administration Editor- RACHEL SWAYNE Class Editor- DORIS MAE WEAVER Organization Editors- IANICE YODER BARBARA KEFFER Feature Editors- PHYLLIS PATTERSON MARGARET R1cE Sports Editor- ROY HOWARD Snapshot Editors- Ior-IN RAWLINGS ELWOOD COPENHAVER WALTER MCCARTHY Typists- DORIS MAE RANDALL ROSEMARY SMITH OFFICERS Editor-in-chief ....,,...... ELIZABETH SLOAT Managing Editor ,.... -- DOROTHY SCHULER Business Manager .f......A, HARRY HEIGHTDN Assistant Editors -LL ,.....,, IOHN RAWLINGS IOHN SEWELL Adviser ......, ,... M ISS E. ELOISE KENNEDY GENERAL STAFF Feature Editor- Mimeoscope- MARY SHAWHAN Organization Editor- VIRGINIA GOROSTIZA Sports Editor- HELEN GIVENS EARL ANDERSEN BETTY SNELL RACHEL SWAYNE MARGARET RICE BuD SAuNDERs Typists- Exchange Editors- GEORGIA SPLINTER CLARE GUNDY ROSEMARY SMITH MAXINE SOWER CLARENCE HOWARD EVELYN MUSSELMAN Canoonistsr MARGLIERITE CLARK PHYLLIS PATTERSON EDITH GIBBS IERRY RODWELL Mimecgmph, geammss GLEN POPPAW IANICE YODER ILIANITA DUNN HELEN HONSTEAD BOE MATTHEWS, Standing: R. Smith, Miss Kennedy. E. Musselman. V. Gorostiza, B. Matthews, M. Rice, E. Andersen J Dunn J Rod Well, M. Sower, C. Howard, G. Poppaw, H. Heightnn, C. Gundy. Seated: M. Clark. H. Givens, H. Honstead. J. Yoder, J. Sewell, E. Gibbs, E. Sloat, G. Splinter, D. Schuler R Swayne B. Snell, M. Shawhan, B. Saunders, J. Rawlings. QUILL AND SCRCDLL OFFICERS President ..,...,..,.,.,,,. ELIZABETH SLOAT Vice-President .....,..,........ IRENE COCK Secretary-Treasurer ..W.. VIRGINIA GOROSTIZA Advisers ,,,,,v,,...... Miss ELOISE KENNEDY Miss WINIFRED LAFOND LYLE STANFORD ii' Top Row: Miss LaFond, D. Schuler, G. Sylinter, E. Gihbs, G. Poppaw, M. Sower, C. Guntly, C. Howard, H. Honstead. Miss Kennedy. Second Row: J. Yoder, E. Andersen, B. Snell, M. Shawhan, E. Musselman, B. Saunders. J. Dunn, J. Woosley, B. Keffer. J. Sewell. Botbom Row: H. Givens, G. Poppaw, M. Clark, J. Rawlings,V. Gorostiza, E. Sloat, I. Cock, H. Heighbon, R. Smith. The Quill and Scroll Club is an interna- tional honorary society for high school jour- nalists. At the beginning of the year there were only three membersg at the close of a successful year there were thirteen students in the Na- tional society. Quill and Scroll pins were pre- sented to the members during an assembly. The second semester a local chapter was formed to interest Juniors and Seniors of Nam- pa High School in advancing the quality of the high school yearbook and newspaper. To gain admission into the local club, the students had to be a member of either the Growl or the Sage Staff, be recommended by one of the publication advisers, and prepare a paper-either a poem, play, news story, or feature article to be read at a meeting of the organized group. Any member of the local chapter could make application for National membership by submitting samples of his work to the National committee. Programs of the various meetings featured outside speakers, talks by the students on dif- ferent phases of journalism, and the papers prepared by the applicants for membership. Meetings were held the last Monday of each month during the lunch hour. Members brought sandwiches, and dessert was furnished by a committee appointed for that purpose. The aim of this organization is to create more enthusiasm for Journalism and its various branches. After its first year of actual activ- ity, the club is satisfied that it has realized its purpose. OFFICERS President .....,....... NoNA FERN COFFMAN Vice-President ...... .,,, B ETTY Lou Dowoua Secretary-Treasurer -- ,- BONNIE MAE HILL Advisers ,.....,...... ,..... F RED Ruiz ROGER RAY Q'You are listening to the Silver Quarter Hour sponsored by the Silver N Club of the Nampa High School,', were the familiar words heard each Monday evening over Radio Station KFXD during the past school year. The Silver N Club is a chapter of the Na- tional Forensic League, an honorary society comprised of over five hundred schools throughout the country. Each local chapter must have at least five members in the League to retain membership. Members from Nampa this year were Nona Fern Coffman, Bonnie Mae Hill, Mary Alice Carlow, Wileen Decker, Ralph McColm, Edith Hancock, Miriam Eastly, Betty Lou Dowdle, Virginia Stanley, Maxine Walker, and Kath- erine Herfurth. SILVER N The purpose of the club is to stimulate in- terest in all forensic activities. Weekly broadcasts over the local radio sta- tion gave the members practical experience in public speaking. The club not only gave its own program twice a month but provided op- portunities for other school clubs to broadcast. Two socials with Caldwell were enjoyed dur- ing the year. One was at Caldwell the first semester, the other was given by the Nampa group the last semester. These exchange enter- tainments are annual affairs. Silver N members feel that they have defi- nitely accomplished their purpose, and the in- creased interest exhibited by the school in for- ensic activities makes it apparent. "This is your Silver N announcer signing off " Top Row: Mr. Ruiz, R. McColm, W. Aston, J. Dorman, G. Ord. Second Row: B. L. Dowdle, M. Walker, T. Hoskins, B. Nelson, G. Middle-Hurst, V. Stanley, A. Snowberger, E. Hoskins. Third Row: E. Hancock. M, A. Carlow, M, Eastly, Y. Koyama, G. Sandy, N. F, Coffman. Bottom Row: B. M. Hill, E. Carver. GIRL RESERVES v r. OFFICERS President ..,,,,.......... DOROTHY Sci-iuuan Vice-President --- ..,,,, MARJORIE CHASE Secretary ....... .... Y ASLIKO KOYAMA Treasurer --- ..... --- GERALDINE SANDY Top Row: L. Schomburg, D. Altizer, M. Morgan, G, Robinson. B, Taylor, P. Flora, R. Gray, F. M. Brockus, K. Herfurth, A. Armstrong, J, Brackus. G. Myers, M. Callen, L. Campbell, B. Murphy, Jorgenson. Second Row' V. R Jones G. Smith L. Sn der D. Burkholdcr E. N de fer F. Stover, J. A. M. - - -i v y i " V Y I-FI-. V Morris, A. Snowberger, G, Sandy, E. Cndow, V, Campbell, V. Grant, I. Svedin. Third Row: I. Odle, R. Yamamoto, A. Bahrychuck, B, Crowther, I. Hamilton, P. Robinson. sen, B. Snell, L. Hazen, A. Hyslnp, L. Rand, E. L-arson, H. Hendrickson, R. Martineau, E. Fourth Row: L-. Jenkins, L. Kimbrall, L. Barger, M. Prout, IJ. Dominick, B. Turner, M. M. Clark, D. Livingstone, E. Fiedler, M. Eastly, A. Gross. A. Jacob- A. Carlow. G. Clubb, Bottom Row: A. M. Harrell, N. F. Coffman. M. Harrell, H. Brown, K. Riordan, J. Hedrich, D. Schuler, Y. Koyama, M. Chase. C. Fisher. L. Hartman, A. Morgan. L. Blair. L. Cook, Miss Waterman. Loyalty, graciousness, and friendliness are some of the qualities embodied in the Code, Slogan, and Purpose of the Girl Reserves. Beginning the year's activities with the Fall Conference at Wilder, the group had a full year of social affairs, enjoyable meetings, and various kinds of service work. New members were initiated at the Chees- brough Cafe after the annual caroling service at Christmas time. Each pledge presented a number on the program which was in the form of a Major Bowes' Hour. "Whistle While You Workf, from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsf' was the novel theme carried out for the Father-Daughter Banquet. This affair proved to be one of the most successful as well as one of the cleverest events of the year. The Recognition Service was held in con- junction with the Mother-Daughter Tea in May. Offering girls the opportunity to meet co- workers from all over the state, have their com- panionship, and enjoy a week of diverse experi- ences, the annual summer gatherings are looked forward to with much eagerness. . The following faculty members served as advisers for the different groups: Miss Edna Minden, Social and Service, Miss Blanche Wa- terman, Programg Miss Grace Gorton, Financeg Miss Vivian Stone, Social, Miss Evelyn Hage- lin, Publicity, and Miss Glennie Day, Program. OFFICERS President --- .....,,.,...,... Roy HOWARD Scribe ............. -- .f... CHARLES ROBBINS Naturalists' Patrol Leader ,.,,... JIM SILKWOOD Engineers' Patrol Leader .,.,.. ROBERT HANSON The Nampa High School Explorer Club was founded in November 1937. The aim of the club is to boost outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, nature study, sailing, and other sports. A long anticipated event of the club will take place this summer when the group under- takes a hike of about a week's duration. Exploration projects completed during the winter and early spring included trips to Owy- hee County, Kuna Cave, and Old Fort Boise. The official map-maker, Robert Hanson, and photographers, Joe Oberst and Don Robertson, have prepared a permanent record of all the places visited. The club has erected road signs showing the way to Kuna Cave. A "shake downn trip to Squaw Creek was the first on the club's itinerary. It was on this trip that most of the member's idiosyncrasies were shaken out. EXPLORER CLUB The next trip was to Kuna Cave where all were duly initiated into the club, and as a spe- cial treat, were taken through "fat man's mis- eryf' It is planned to return each year for a similar ceremony. The first sailing trip aboard Lyle Stanfordys palatial yacht was no howling success as tor- rents of rain poured into the breakers. The sec- ond attempt Was far more successful in spite of a few duckings. The next excursion was a trip to the College of Idaho scientific laboratories. To put a fitting climax to the school season the group jour- neyed to Old Fort Boise where a most "roman- tic" atmosphere prevailed, and furnished the basis for an "Indian and Pioneers" game. Roger Ray, James Johnson, Lyle Stanford, John Walsh, and Cleon Cowin have all been ac- tive in organizing and encouraging the club. Top Row: R. Hanson, J. Oberst. J. Betts, E. Witmer, D. Robertson, J. Silkwood. Seeond Row: R. Still. A. Storkman, J. Dorman, J. Jones, O. Reynolds. Bottom Row: R. Howahd, A. Coleman, K. Belknap, L. Koutmk, C. Robbins. 94 Q SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President IOHN SEWELL 3 KENNETH SMYTH Vice-President RICHARD STILL - IOHN BRYDEN Secretary-Treasurer SWAYNE Advisers LAVERNE MARTIN Top Row: O. Reynolds, B. Keim, B. Neher, E. Sloat, H. Honstead, R. Swayne, R. Howard, C. Robbins. Second Row: J. Oberst. D. Robertson, r. Estabrook, J. Bryden, C. Grimes, B. Riordan. Miss Payer, J. Jones. Bottom Row: C. Minden, F. Hart, L. Koutrlik, J. Sewell, J. Rawlings, J. Cliff, T. Hankins, D. Black. 'QI will tell you of Pluvius Hammerstein's atomic theory of the 7th dimension," speechi- fied Valedictorian Elizabeth Sloat when she was initiated into the Science Club. The object of the initiation was to make a monkey out of the initiate, but she chose a question to which she could make up all the answers. As a result, the ahi- learned scientists climbed a few trees themselves. However, keeping in mind its purpose, the club had many more formal discussions to pro- mote interest and increase knowledge pertain- ing to science. Of the many subjects presented at the meet- ings, the following are the most memorable: the actual developing and printing of films in the laboratory, an eerie demonstration of cold light radiating from a beaker of clear liquid, and a talk on the fundamentals and practical usage of the spectroscope during which the characteristic spectra of five substances were observed. Meetings were held once a month until March, when popular vote demanded bi-month- ly sessions. The main project for the year was the con- struction of an eight-inch reflecting telescope. Two committees were appointed to take care of this-an optical committee and Zl mounting committee, however, most of the members helped at one time or another. A radio program presented in March fea- tured humorous readings, an explanatory talk on the history of the telescope under construc- tion, and a short skit. As a climax to the year's activities, a picnic was held at Boise. The scientists enjoyed a day of boating, swimming, and golfing which re- lieved the strain of their overtime brain-cell activity. OFFICERS President MAX FRANZ - FRED HOEFER Vice-President DONALD POWELL - HERBERT DODGE Secretary HERBERT DODGE - VANCE VOGEL Treasurer DONALD CRILL - MAX FRANTZ Flashy red and blue emblems which were purchased at the beginning of the year identi- fied members of the Nampa High School Radio Club. The activities of this club have been appar- ent throughout the year. Besides the regular meetings held twice a month, there was always a group of inquisitive boys in the radio room during the noon hour and after school. Among other things, the club sold candy and popcorn at the basketball games, broad- casted a sound eifects play over station KFXD, operated the amateur radio station, and took n trip to Boise to visit KIDO,s new transmitter. This year's amateur radio station consisted of a transmitter built by the club and a re- ceiver which was bought by the group. There were six licensed amateur operators this year including LaVerne Martin, instructor, Top Row: Mr. Martin, F. Hoefer, M. Newby, F. Second Row: R. Harvey, W. Gossett, G. Beuttner, Bottom Row: D. Crill, K. Cragg, L. Martens, L. RADIO CLUB Fred Hoefer, Herbert Dodge, Ray Harvey, Donald Powell, and Vance Vogel. Excitement was added to the study of radio by communications with other amateurs, which radio vernacular terms "Hams,'. UYL fyoung ladyj Hams" caused rather a stampede when some of the boys would pick up such operators. The Radio Club of 1937-38 did not leave a full log book of "DX," the amateurs' name for long distance radio communications, but it did leave a fine new transmitter of modern design to enable next year's radio class to break the record. The most unusual event occurred when the boys heard an SOS over the air. The location of the sender could not be determined, how- ever, and the group was very curious as to the cause. D. Blickfeldt. Heighban, K. Bell. a"?5'f. 'E , ' HOME EC. CLUB OFFICERS President .................H GRACE ROBINSON Vice-President ...........,... PHYLLIS FLORA Secretary-Treasurer ........... NYLA SNYDER Sergeant-at-Arms ............. HELEN GAKEY Adviser .......... Miss BLANCHE WATERMAN Top Row: B. Taylor, A, Summers, L. Hazen, A. Sehas, D. Dominick, M. Pi-out, J. Nornuist, B. J. Rader, E. Larson L. Schomburg, D. Altizer, D. Gross, D. Burkholder, D, Sclzroll, V. McBride, B. Evans, I. M. Harris. Second Row: W. Hamner, B. Murphy, K. Herfurth, F. M. Brockus, A. Armstrong, B. Turner, M. Chase, A. Hyslop, M. Rice, E. Carver, L. Sparks, I. Odle, R. Yamamoto, B. Nelson, P. Rau, Third Row: M. Haba, A. Smith, S. Giese, L. M. Blanton. D. Sehnler, M. Shawhan, M. M. Gilbert, H. Hiemstra, M. A Booth, A. Bahrychuk, V. grant, L. Snyder, E. Wilson, H. Givens, M. Nelson. Fourth Row: R. Martin, . Robinson, I. Hamilton, G. Splinter, L. Collins, M. Tucker, J. Ward, B. Piersall, M Walker, B, L. Dowdle, M, Wilcox, E. Haba, C. Wilcox, L. Hartman. L. Henderlider. Bottom Row: Miss Waterman, R. Gray, F. Bastida, A. Morgan, Y. Koyama, G. Robinson, P. Flora, N, Snyder M. Morgan, L. Jackson, M. Harrell, H. Brown, E. Thompson, P. Sparks, M. E. Baptist, H. Dunn. Girls interested in subjects relating to the home received much benefit from their mem- bership in the Home Economics Club of Nam- pa High School. Initiation of pledges-who numbered sixty- one-was great sport for the nineteen old members of the club. Among the unique initia- tion devices were the tub of green snakes, a roll in an old vinegar barrel, and a trip through the mill. Two meetings were held each ,month-one business and the other social. At the meetings talks, special numbers, and refreshments were enjoyed. The club's purpose was to interestf girls in subjects relating to Home Economics and to give them a broader social development. Every conceivable method for raising money was tried by the members. Selling popcorn balls and candy in the halls and having hot- dog sales at the football games were some of the schemes attempted. Some of the memorable activities of the club were the Christmas Party, the Mother-Daugh- tcr Picnic held in May, and the annual Coed Ball. The Ball, held April l, was one of the big- gest events of the year, High School girls, alumni, and Freshmen girls were permitted to attend. Costumes for this annual affair were judged upon originality, cleverness, and funniness. Many unusual and really mirth - producing garbs appeared. Garrets, attics, and trunks were ransacked in an effort to find just the thing wanted. The knowledge that boys were not allowed to attend, and that they were entirely over- come with curiosity added zest to the already enjoyable dance. OFFICERS President ................. MARYLEE Tucxsn Vice-President .......,..... AILEEN ROBINSON Secretary ........,.,...... MARIE SWEDLUND Treasurer ............... IOSEPHINE ScHuLER Sergeant-at-Arms ....,........ LILA DEWALD Adviser ........... --- Miss EVELYN HAGELIN The girls in the physical education classes have long felt the need for some organization which would bind them together and give them the recognition they deserve for their work in athletics. With this in view the two girls' phy- sical education classes were called together and the Girls' Athletic Association was organized. The purpose of this association is to offer girls a chance to earn a letter and to stimulate a greater interest in athletics. In the fall a system for earning points in basketball, baseball, volleyball, speed ball, table tennis, archery, and tennis was worked out by the adviser and the officers. Requirements for an "N" were to receive a perfect grade on rule tests given over all of the GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION sports above, to play on at least four major sports' teams in class or inter-class competition, and to participate in a table tennis, archery, or tennis tournament. A girl had to earn 800 points before she could Win a letter. At the initiation party held in the spring the losing teams in the inter-class volleyball and basketball games furnished entertainment and refreshments for the winning teams. The sending of six representatives to the Pow Wow Day in Boise was one of the out- standing events. The girls who attended from Nampa were Hilva Detton, Evelyn Musselman, Margaret Van Houten, Connie Bicandi, Joseph- ine Schuler, and Marylee Tucker. Top Row: A. Rose, A. Hackney, I. Svedin, H. Jorgensen, N. Sanderson, L. Campbell, G. Myers. M. Callen, V. Camp- bell, K. Gallen. L. Jackson, J. Parke. Second Row: F. Jackson, M. Hadsall, C. Bicandi, R. Martineau, J. Brockus, P. Rau, M. Nelson, P. Perry, A. Mc- Carty. H. Hiemstra. Third Row: F. M. Brockus, A. Hyslap, K. Gott, A. Dolley, M. A. Carlow, B. Alcorn, B. Backer, L. Hazen, R. Nelson, L. Henderlider. S. Carlson. Fourth Row: E. Musselman. M. Morgan, L. Schomburg, B. Buse, F. Wakefield, J. Ziegler, M. Myers, M. Hurst, I. Gillesby. C. Flowers, D. Nelson, W. Jaworski. Bottom Row: R. Gray. L. Ray, F. Grant, F. Jensen, H. Detton, J. Schuler, A. Robinson, M. Tucker. M. Swedland. M. Van Houten, C. Lockwood, Miss Haprelin. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS President ...........,.,,,. YAsuKo KOYAMA Vice-President --- -,- GLENDA PIPKIN Secretary .... ........... I RENE Cock Treasurer --- ..,..... BETTY IANE EDNIE Adviser .... ---- Miss WINIPRED LAFOND Top Row: Miss LaFond, M. Rice, B. Turner. H. Shaw, C. Kelley. . Second Row: A. Glancy, C. Wiloox, A. Hyslop, J. Rapp, M. Peppley, N. Squires, I. Cock, Y. Koyama, G. Pipkin, B. Schwartz, B. J. Ednie, L. Sparks. Many and varied were the activities of La Societe Francaise during the past year. Monthly meetings were planned with the two-fold pur- pose of being both instructive and entertaining. Noel was ushered in with the traditional Christmas Party at which members of the first year French Classes were guests of the club. A hilarious evening featuring a program and games was brought to a close with the dis- tribution of gifts by Pere Noel. The main spring social event was the French Banquet held April 2 at the High School. A color scheme of yellow and green carried out the motive, Au Printemps fspringtimej. The club adopted a pin this year and this new em- blem decorated the combination program and place card. French toasts, songs, and dances provided entertainment. The French Club contributed a program to the weekly Silver N broadcast. A portion of the play "Le Voyage de M. Perrichonv was pre- sented first in French and then repeated in English. A group of French songs concluded the program. At the yearly assembly sponsored by the for- eign language department, the French Club pre- sented Dr. H. P. Belknap who gave his im- pressions of a recent trip to Europe. A clever burlesque of a French school was the offering of the French Club for the com- petitive assembly sponsored by the organiza- tions of the school, A combined swimming party and picnic was held in Lakeview Park as the last meeting of the year. OFFICERS President g....,.,,,...,,,,,,,. IOHN BRYDEN Vice-President ..,.... A,,,,.. F RED HOEFER Secretary-Treasurer -- -- DOROTHY SCHULER Adviser ................... K. BOYD REMLEY Die Deutscheschulergesellschaft Q N a rn p a High School German Clubj is made up of sec- ond-year students. German is one of the popu- lar foreign languages taught in the high school. The purpose of the club is to increase inter- est in German customs, institutions, and his- tory. As Germany occupys an important place in the world of today, current events provide a large field for discussion and study. Conditions which would seem otherwise remote are now of major interest to students. Club meetings were held every other Friday, and programs were presented by members of the club. Articles about Germany in current magazines were read, and interesting talks were given. Among the articles of special interest which GERMAN CLUB were read at the meetings was one concerning conditions in the Saar region. Another featured the Passion Play portraying the life of Christ, which is presented every ten years at Oberam- mergau. At one of the most interesting meetings of the year, Theron Labrum spoke of his recent trip through Germany. Talks such as this give a much broader and more understanding View of conditions as they really are in Germany today. Another outstanding talk was given at one of the meetings by the Reverend Kahle. The German Club provided the music as its contribution to the Language Department As- sembly presented in December. A combined picnic and swimming party at Lakeview Park brought the year's activities to a close. Top Row: P. Rau, G. Borcherx. F. Jensen, H. Guy, M. Tomer. Second Row: L. Ray, L. DeWald, A. Summers, Mr. Remley. Bottom Row: G. Collins, D. Schuler, J. Brydcn, F. Hoefer. LATIN CLUB fl . OFFICERS Porzfifex Maximus .......,,,... IOHN SEWELL Counsul ...........,.......... IANICE YODER Censor - .,v,, - ..... ...... H ELEN HONSTEAD Summa ,,... .........,.,,. C ARMEN MCKEE Adviser .........,,......,. Miss Rosa SMITH Top Row: 0. Reynolds, R. Swayne, G. Buettner, J. Riedel, A. Armstrong, J. Dorman. J. Watt, C. Howard. Second Row: L. Barger, J. Norquist, B. Turner, M. Chase. H. Henrickson, A. Snawberger, G. Sandy, H. M. Cook. Third Row: C. McKee, B. Neher, J. Yoder, F. Estabrook. H. Honstead, J. Sewell, P, Patterson, J. Robb, E. Madison. Bottom Row: Miss Smith, M. J. Petty, C. Davis, B. Snell, G. Middle-Hurst, D. Sehuler, M. Shawhan, L. Cook. S. P. R. or "Senatus Populusque Roman- us" which means 'iThe Senate and the Roman Peoplei' is the name of the Nampa High School Latin Club. All S. P. R. meetings were conducted in a Roman atmosphere with the Pontifex Maxi- mus, john Sewell, presiding. Programs were prepared for each meeting by two Consuls. The Summi kept track of the points the different members earned during the year. Censor and Quaestor acted as secretary and treasurer, re- spectively. At the beginning of the year all first-year students entered the club as slaves and were auctioned off to second-year students by the Aedile. When troubles arose between master and slave, the Praetor fjudgej decided the case. The purpose of the club was to afford its members a chance to become better acquainted with the Latin people and customs. Throughout the year points were given for reading books, appearing on the program, fur- nishing refreshments, projects turned in by the second-year students in the spring, and serving as an officer. Oneiof the outstanding features of the year's program was the Senators' Banquet carried out in truly Roman style in the spring. Only the Senators, officers, and members earning 100 points were invited to this gathering. Another springtime event long to be remem- bered by those attending, was the Patricians' Picnic held at Lakeview Park. This included officers and members who had earned S0 points during the year. Campaigning was begun early this year for the sale of the year book. Many novel devices were used to break the ever present "sales re- sistance of the prospective buyer." While many students bought their Sages at the first of the year when they purchased their student body tickets, the campaign took care of many more who had failed to take advantage of the first opportunity. Sage collectors were appointed for each home room, and their peppy, enthusiastic talks brought in many subscriptions. Jane Woosley, a Senior and assistant business manager of the Sage, sold an outstanding num- ber of annuals-far surpassing all other collec- tors. Several novel advertising schemes were car- ried out in promoting Sage sales. One of these, Top Row: M. Rice. H. Honstead, D. Second Row: B. Parker, L. Bray. P. Bottom Row' E Copenhaver J Woosley SAGE COLLECTORS a huge clock which was located near the east entrance, attracted much attention in remind- ing late comers that there were only a few days left in which to purchase a Sage. An overgrown thermometer, with mercury rising as sales increased and degrees showing the number of annuals sold, was hung in the hall. Such novel devices added fervor and zest to the sales campaign. The Sage Staff presented John Church, last year's Sage faculty business manager, with a subscription to the 1938 Sage for a Christmas gift. A great deal of credit is due the Sage Collec- tors for their efficient services in securing Sage subscriptions, which after all, are the basis and foundation for a successful year book. V. Vogel, E. Andersen, M. Kemp. Ertz, P. Nolte, V. Moad. Reed, J. Rawlings, S. Carlson. DECLAMATION Top Row: G. Sandy, N. F. Coffnian, D. Hancock, .1. Nelsun, A. Snowlzerger, B. L. Dowdle, M. Steele. Second Row: A. M. Morris, K. Herfurth. E. Carver. Miss Day, R. McColm. Bottom Row: M. Eastly, E. Andersen. W. Aston, B. Gunning, Mr. Ray. Turning their talents to a different form of speech, members of the Declamation Class ven- tured forth at the beginning of the year to participate in a puppetry demonstration, an art requiring wooden actors, but human voices. During Fire Prevention Week these students combined their talents with the Junior High School puppeteers in presenting a play written by Juanita Dunn and Vieda LeBaron on the in- struction of fire hazards. The play was pre- sented at the Majestic Theater for the Nampa School System. Before starting work on their annual spring contest material, readings were prepared by class members to fulfill the demand of Various assembly, club, party, banquet, and civic or- ganizations. Nampa High School won two excellents and a superior in the District Declamation Festival, 9 two excellents and two superiors at the Na- tional Forensic Meet, and one excellent at the State Declamation Contest. Eleanor Carver, twice a national entry, and Willard Aston, a one-year winner, were both eligible to represent Idaho at Wooster, Ohio, this spring in the hu- morous and oratorical divisions respectively. Other entries in the Twin Falls State Festi- val, Emmett District Meet, and the Northwest- ern N.F.L. District Tournament were Ralph McColm, oratoryg Jack Dorman and Bill Gun- ning, original oratoryg Juanita Dunn and Adel- pha Snowberger, dramatic, Earl Andersen and Willard Aston, extemporaneous, and Evona Ord, humorous declaimer from the Junior High School Declamation Class. This class feels that it has completed a very successful year, and hopes to accomplish as much next year. Debate season began this year with a turnout of thirty-five students. Tryouts were held in the school gymnasium, and the following school squad was chosen: Willard Aston and Charles Grimes, negative teamg Frank Estabrook and Nona Fern Coffman, ahtirmativeg Jack Dor- man, alternate, and Bonnie Mae Hill, manager. The national question for high school debates was the Unicameral System of Legislation. More than twenty-five debates were held with other schools. Fourteen different teams from the debate class and the school squad took part in these contests. The District Tournament season opened March 8 against Emmett. Debates against Boise, the Nazarene Academy, Parma, Cald- well, and Twin Falls followed. Nampa placed second in the District Contest. DEBATE On April 7 and 8 the debate squad entered the Northwestern District N.F.L. Tournament at Caldwell against teams from Buhl, Burley, Moscow, Caldwell, Butte, Mont., and Beverton, Ore. In this tournament, Nampa tied for sec- ond place. Another enterprise carried on by the debate class was obtaining personal information from authorities. More than sixty letters and ques- tionnaires were sent out by the class to each of the forty-eight state governors, to National and State Oiiicials, and to research organizations. The school squad and debate manager were presented pins for their excellent work at the close of the season. Plans for next year include two barnstorming trips and competition in the Northwest N.F.L. Tournament. Top Row: B. M. Hill, J. Dorman, N. F. Coffman. Bottom Raw: F. Estabrook, C. Grimes, W. Aston. M1-. Ray. fm-.M QQ- 'lt Q' T if SPIZ CLUB OFFICERS President ................... MAx1NE Sowian Vice-President ..... .,.. E VELYN MUSSELMAN Secretary-Treasurer -- ..... FRANCES CONLEY Sergeant-at-Arms ........... CARMEN McKee Adviser ....,....N.. Miss ANNIE LAuR1E BIRD .li . U it g.f,.,,,,,. D Top Row: A. Morgan, E. Hooker, G. Pisani, B. Parker, M. Vail, P. Simmons, F. Bastida, O, Randall, G. Robinson K. Gott. Second Row: M. Krajnik, M. H. Anson, J. Yoder, B. Nelson, H. Honstead, P. Flora., L. Thacker, F. Togstad, M Crane, M. J. Petty. Third Row: I. Cock, L. Patterson, P. Sparks. L. Cook, E. Sloat, R. Smith, L. DeWald, M, Tucker, J. Schuler. Fourth Row: Miss Bird, L. Bray, R, Swayne, F. McFarland, V. Gorostiza, Y. Koyama. F. Monteith, G. Pipkin. Bottom Row: G. Bowen, L. Cook, C. McKee, F, Conley, M. Sower, E. Musselman, A. Summers, D. Schuler. The 1938 Spiz Club closed another year with its banner of pep held higher than before, and a spirit of enthusiasm for constructive fun unexcelled. The club activities of fostering pep and good sportsmanship, and of cooperating to promote all worthy school aims began by pledging twenty-one new members. Members sold candy at every football game, gave the football men a memorable banquet, presented a mock wedding at the good-will ex- change assembly between Nampa and Boise, and heightened enthusiasm in all worthy school functions. When the Senior Class eyed its deficit after the Senior Dance, it was the Spiz girls who stepped in to help them out of the red by sell- x ing colorful pompoms, which were much in evidence at the Nampa-Caldwell game. The Spiz Dance, with the novel theme of Mother Goose Land, and the annual candle- light banquet, planned for the Senior members by the Sophomore and Junior Spizzers, were outstanding events in the calendar of 1938. The Spiz girls, in their regular uniforms of red sweaters with red and blue emblems and blue skirts, have lived up to their motto, "Snappy Pep Insures Zestf, They are promi- nent in all school activities. The Club president had the honor of being chosen from all the Senior girls of the state as the Idaho representative in the Daughters of the American Revolutiorfs Good Citizenship Pilgrimage to Washington, D. C. OFFICERS President ..h. ....... g,,.,,,,,. T o M BARRETT Vice-President , ,,,,,,,,,,, A ,nkn ROY HOWARD Secretary-Treasurer ,,.... ...... B oe BALDvviN Adviser --c .............., HAROLD A. WHITE The Blu-N Club of Nampa High School has completed one of the most active years in its history. This organization consists of the "beef and brawn'-football, basketball, and track letter- men, athletic managers, and yell kings. As yet the yell queens are only honorary members. Early in the fall the boys with the Blu N's and the nasty looking paddles could be seen keeping a watchful vigil for some unsuspecting trespasser who might be walking on the lawn. "Woe be unto those whom they caughtf' Each year the long awaited initiation of new members takes the spotlight for a full week. During this time initiates had to say "yes sir,'i could not speak to girls, and were forced to BLU-N CLUB wear burlap underwear. On the final initiation night the new members were seen in such strange attire as ladies' clothing, cave-men outfits, and in the sweet pink, blue, and white nothings of babies. Other high lights in the yearls activities in- cluded an assembly and the annual radio broad- cast. The aim of the Blu-N Club is to be a co- operative force in the school, to promote ath- letics and good sportsmanship at all times, to help preserve school property fthe lawns espe- ciallyj, and to have the best time possible. Meetings were held once every two weeks throughout the year in the High School Gym- nasium. Top Row: R. Luekenga, F. Timm, F. Jones, J. Rodwell, W. Higgins, B. Riordan, R. Carter, E. Robinson, B. Smith, B. Baldwin, B. Heithecker, E. Clapp. . Second Row: W. Kincaid, G. Martin, A. Simmons, D. Bell, K. Koyama, W. Howard, R. Wilson, E. Sullivan, H. Powell. P. Mangum, C. Kelley, A. Coleman. Bottom Row: B. Mahoney, T. Barrett. C. Starns, B. Simmons, R. Skinner, R. Haward. E.'Musselman, B. Nelson. B. Erlz, B. Bever, D. Anderson, X I . ,..f" I ffm' X! DRAMATICS Top Row: W. Aston, H. Alcorn, V. Imbs, K, Brubaker, J. Dunn, E, Carver, A. Carlson, Second Row: R. McColm, E. Copenhaver, V. Stanley, C. Gundy, S. J. Dakon, F. M. Bruckus, G. Middle-Hurst. Bottom Row: R. Smith, G. Randall, B. Crowther, K. Herfurth, I. Hamiltfnn, F. McFarland, L. Patterson, Miss r Gorton. With the successful presentation of the stu- dent body play, several one-act productions, and the winning of the District Festival in Em- mett March 25 and 26, the Dramatics Class of Nampa High School has completed its most successful season in several years. Early in the fall a group of three one-act plays-"The Family," a dramag "The Unicorn and the Fish," a comedy, and "The Knave of Hearts," a fantasy,-were presented at the Junior High School Auditorium. "The Night of January l6," a three-act murder trial, was produced by the class for the student body. This production was a great success under the able direction of Miss Grace Gorton and with the fine characterizations of the players. Lois Patterson, john Rawlings, ll 'yu' Ralph McColm, Frances McFarland, John Sew- all, and Willard Aston were the principals in the cast. A portrayal of the complications on the av- erage farm was shown in the serious drama "Bread," This play, with Lois Patterson, Ralph McColm, Frances McFarland, Virginia Stanley, and Rosemary Smith taking part, won the dis- trict contest and made a good showing at the State Festival in Twin Falls, April IS and 16. Late in the spring another group of plays was presented at the High School Studio. The plays given at this time included "Gratitude," a mystery play, "If Men Play Cards as Women Do," a comedy, and "Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl," a comedy. lf f CALENDAREW- t1 lQ37- no SEPTEMBER MARCH 1 Enrollment. 1 20 Student Body Election. 27 Blu-N Initiation. IZ 27 President Roosevelt passed through. 16 OCTOBER 22 1 Spiz Initiation. 29 6 Iack Raymon presented a snake assembly. 7 Fire Prevention Assembly. APRIL NOVEMBER 1 5 Senior Dance. 20 Iournalism Convention. 24 Exchange Assembly with Boise. DECEMBER 20 1 Spiz-Football Banquet, 20 7 The Three One-Act Plays. 25 15 Balloon Assembly. 26 20 French Club Party. 27 IANUARY 13 Semester Exams. MAY 21-28 Safety Week. 5 31 Tuberculosis Tests given. 6 FEBRUARY 7 24 "The Night of Ianuary 16." 11 16 Caps and Gowns win. 12 18 Sophomore Assembly. 17 21 C. of I, Pep Band Assembly. 19 5 7 22- -7 District Basketball Tournament Feature Cartoonist Assembly. Spiz Dance. Iunior Assembly. Band and Orchestra Concert. Cv, R. Banquet for Dads. Coed Ball. Orchestra Concert. Television Assembly. 23 District Music Festival. French Club Banquet. Senior Assembly, Honor Society Initiation Banquet Sophomore Class Party. S. P. Q. R. Banquet. Senior Holiday. Iunior-Senior Prom. District Track Meet. All-School Assembly. S. P. Q. R. Picnic. Senior Luncheon. Commencement Exercises. usic OFFICERS President ..........,..... XVINIFRED MCBANE Secretary ..........,........ MAXINE Sowek Vice-President ....,....... BETHANY FOWLER Treasurer .................... CARL MINDEN The Orchestra, one of the branches of the music department of Nampa High School, was directed this year by Albert J. Tomkins, for- merly of Boise. Mr. Tomkins was the composer of our state song, "Here We Have Idahof, a favorite with all native Idahoans. The thirty-piece orchestra composed of Nampa High School's talented students pre- sented several entertainments this year. A series of music appreciation concerts was given during the year. One of the performances was the annual or- chestra concert presented April 5. This was the crowning effort of the orchestra. The pub- lic especially enjoyed this yearly presentation. This group of musicians cooperated with the ORCHESTRA Band and Girls' Glee Club to present the Pep Band Jubilee given the early part of the year. The numbers given at this concert were of a classical nature and gave the program of band selections the needed variety. The last major item on the Orchestra,s cal- endar for 1937-38 was the District Music Festival held April 22 and 23. Nampa was host to visiting musicians from high schools through- out southern Idaho. For the first time in the history of Nampa High School orchestra pins were awarded stu- dents earning one hundred points or more. Pins were earned by private practice, perfect attend- ance, private lessons, attendance at concerts, and by personal appearances before the public as soloist or in a small ensemble. More than twenty members were presented with these pins. Standing: W. Smith, C. Minden, G. Hanson, D. Carter, A. Storkman, A. Brodhead, E. John, M. Sower, C. Grimes, Mr. Tompkins, M. Brodhead, B. Schwartz, M, M. Gilbert, N. Maffitt, L. Hartman, M. Clark, H. Givens, E. Wilson. Seated: V. Wickham, S. Newman, W. McBane, Er' ckey, B. Fowler, L. Sparks, R. Swayne, F. Togstad, A. Morgan, L. Snyder. -..-.. ,, - 'W ,r I Top Row: N. Herrick, M. Mooney, W. Hamner, E. Marion. B. Murphy, D. R. Groesbeck, P. Robinson, M. Watson, M. Linder, V. Simmons, R. Lupton. Second Raw: G. Smith, D. Imbs, H. Alcorn, V. Imbs, D. M. Weaver, A. Jacobsen. C. Davis, D. Betts, L. Jenkins. Third Row: M. Spencer, J. Schuler, B. Parker, C. McKee, D. Burkholcler, S. Giese, V. Jones. F, Fox. Fourth Row: D. McKillip, V. Stanley. M. Corder, J. Ward, E. Haba. P. Robinson, L. Porter, B. Mills, I. Odle. Bottom Row: A. Gross, J. Hedrich, K. Riordan, L. Cook, B. Peterson, P. Smith, G. Sandy, E. Nydegger, E. Clayton. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB To learn correction diction, efficient note reading. and harmonious blending has been the aim of the Girls' Glee Club this year. The first performance of the year was in October when the girls took part in a Music Appreciation Series conducted for the grade-school children at the Iunior High School Gymnasium. Collaborating with the Band and Orchestra, their second performance, December 3, was one of the most exceptional on the year's program. Early in April the group journeyed to Caldwell to sing for the College of Idaho student body. In the spring the Girls' Glee Club took an active part in the District Music Festival. to which Nampa was host this year. Frances Conley and Betty Parker were accompa- nists for this group. SPECIAL CI-IORUS Opportunity for girls wishing additional voice training was provided this year when a special Girls' Chorus was instituted. During the early part of the year the Chorus sang in the grade school Music Appreciation Series. The group also cooperated with other music organiza- tions of the school to present two concerts-one February 3, and the other April 4. In March these girls represented the Nampa High School Music Department in a concert at the College of Idaho. During the annual District Music Festival the Girls' Chorus offered several selections. Since many of the girls in the Chorus are Iuniors and Sophomores, high hopes are held by K, Boyd Remley for next year's organization. Top Row: V. Simmons, R. Lupton, H. M. Cook. B. Mills. L. Porter, O. Robinson, C. McKee, B. Moffatt, G. Morris, C. Davis. Second Row: I. Oclle, G. Sandy, 0. L. Betts, B. Piersall. E. Beauchamp, D. M. Weaver, M. Corder, G. Middle-Hurst. B. Peterson. Third Row: F. Conley. L. Cook, M. Shawhan, M. Walker, B. L. Dowdle, A. Snowberger, B, M. Hill, M. Mooney, P. Robinson. E. Marron, L. Cook. Bottom Row: G. Pipkin, G. Cluleb, B. Crowther, C. F. Monteith. G. Pisani. E. Hooker, M. Vail, A. Summer. .LX Top Row: H. Jones, L. Rash, B. Neff, L. Watson, M. Rodwell. R. Luekenga, B. Saunders, H. Mills, D. Smith. J. Rod- well, J. Fairless, J. Watt. Second Row: 0. Frost, E. Robinson, S. Pinkerton, L. Pinkerton, D. Bright, B. Gunning, S. Cottrell, W. Isgrigg, S. Stanford, D. Pilcher. Third Row: D. Parks, R. Carter, E. Krajnik, G. Martin, W. Bever, S. Grow, F. Abbott, B. Simmons, B. Seaquist, F. Woods, K, Hammond. Bottom ROW! R- T21b0l', D, Parkinson, J. Jacobsen, W. John son, T. Barrett. V. Wilson, B. Bowman, M. Fulcher, R. Newman, W. Wood. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Entering the class with a dynamic will for work and the wish to sing for pleasure forty boys formed the Boys' Glee Club. The entire year has been spent working out new songs and singing old ones for enjoyment. Although the boys prepared a concert to be given in collaboration with the Girls' Glee Club, they were unable to present it because of conflicting dates. At the beginning of the second semester a few of the members transferred into the mixed chorus to aid with the operetta, iisouth in Sonora," which was not presented, however. The Boys' Glee Club was accompanied this year by Virginia Wilson. MIXED CHORUS Providing appropriate music for all occasions was the goal of the Mixed Chorus. Sacred, secular, and popular numbers were learned by the forty- four members. "South in Sonora," a Mexican operetta, was planned to be the highlight of the chorus' musical activity, However, the performance was not given as there was not sufficient time for practice. On April 22 and 23 Nampa was host to the Dis- trict Musical Festival where the Mixed Chorus made a fine showing. Seniors of the Mixed Chorus offered various selections at the Commencement Exercises. All of these groups have been trained by K. Boyd Remley, and it is through his effort that the vocal music department has been most outstanding this year. Top Row: B. Piersoll, I. Hamilton. L. R. Watson. M. Rodwell, R. Luekenga, B. Saunders, H. Mills, J. Rodwell. J. Fairless, F. Conley. M. Sower, L. Cook, M. Shawhan. Second Row: E. Beauchamp, H. M. Cook, L. Patterson, E. Robinson, S. Pinkerton, L. Pinkerton, D. Bright, B. Gun- ning, S. Cottrell, M. Walker, A. Summers, G. Pipkin. Third Row: K. Herfurth, G. Clubb, B. Crowther, G. Middle-Hurst. G. Martin, B. Bever, S. Grow, F. Abbott, B. Sim- mons, B. Moffatt, A. Snowberger, B. M. Hill. Bottom Row: F. McFarland, G. Pisani. E. Hooker. M. Vail, J. Jacobsen, W. Johnson. T. Barrett, B, Bowman, M. Fulcher, F. Monteith, B. L. Dowdle, G. Morris. OFFICERS President .....,........... HARRY HEIGHTON D Vice-President ,,............... JOHN REIDEL Secretary-Treasurer .......... MAXINE SOWER Custodian ,,................ WILBERT SMITH Director e ................ I. A. WINTHER Nix' ,7 WY A X I itll' X i X f l f. - il IZ Top Raw: M. Crebbs, L. Fowler, J. Hunsaker, L. Gilbert, D. Carter, M, M. Gilbert, S. Cottrell, H. Splinter, W. Aston, M- SUWGY, A. Brodhead, M. Brodhead. Second Row: D. Eastman, E. Bradley, J. Riedel, S. Henry. F. Murphy, B. Pfieffer, E. John, J. Jones, N. Maffitt, C. Agenbroad, G. Prohaska, A. Storkman, H. Heighton. Bottom Row: K. Winther, K. Towner, B. Reed, C. Minden, J. Peebles, G. Buettner, C. Frahm, W. Smith, B. Winters, D. Black, I. Sower, E. Fisher, V. Mead, B. Fowler, Mr. Winther. Presenting appreciation concerts and support- On February 3 the band took part in a musical ing the Bulldogs kept the band on its toes jamboree staged at Central Auditorium. The throughout the year 1937-38. returns of this concert were used to buy the Pep After electing officers, the band was off to Band sweaters. Later in the month the band a flying start by purchasing new red and blue journeyed to Melba, where the same concert was Pershing band-hats. The band was on hand at repeated. all home football games to play and march to On March 22 the group presented still an- the twirling baton of David Black, drum major. other very successful concert under the baton A ticket-sales contest was waged between two of J. A. Winther at the Central Auditorium. opposing teams to arouse interest in the first At the beginning of the second semester, a concert presented December 3. Featured on this group was formed called the "Hungary Fivef, concert were a reed quartet consisting of Mary With their clever costumes and playing, this Margaret Gilbert, Dora Carter, Irma Bradley, group added a great deal of humor to the con- and Hilda Splinterg a trumpet duet by Bethany certs. Members were August Storkman, Burke Fowler and August Storkmang and a baritone Sower, Harry Heighton, Steve Cottrell, and solo by John Riedel. John Peebles. 17,1 Oh, it cari't bel Impossible, but is it? Yes, of course, none other than the two-headed lady of the N. H. S. freak side-show-one of the outstand- ing features of the show, in fact. What are the names? That's right, Gerry and Winny incognito, or did you guess before you were told? Winny, Senior, is a new little femme from Eu- gene who made a big hit with all the boys. That cute little yell duke seemed to be the apple-of-hen eye though. Ever-popular Gerry seems to be a favorite with all the Nampa High School students, too. She goes to all the school activities, and oh! does she like to dance! More power to you both. ':.:,.if v we Z4 '..t- 5 -If A ' 3. 1 I . m:,L 4 H wi Nas, i fiw sw. i...:. n lf? fl ip 2 f fl ' .E gi if - L F 15: pt, f Kwik "wif 'iff' ' A ' Looky what we have herel Me-oh-my, it's no- body but Tillie the Toiler with her flowing golden locks, bewitching smile, cherrv lips, and dazzling blue eyes, fashioning the season's latest creation of Parisian wearing-apparel. Our ever faithful janitor, Con Winter, always ready to help the students through their hardships and embarrassing moments, poses for fun-loving photographers. He doesn't look very pleased, but we all know he is getting a big kick out of being the "belle of the ball." Truth to tell, this one's "better than a picture show." "Shoulder to shoulder-hufti, tum, tum, tum,L." Here are the three musketeers, Lum, Fum, and Dum leaning nonchalantly on each other. "Lets make a toast," they cried: "all for on: and one for all." Lum is none other than the vivacious red-headed yell duke, Bob Ertz: this is rather characteristic of him. Buddy, Class President in his Sophomore year, isn't at all out of his environment in the place of Tum, either. The tall, handsome blond is none other than Dum-Bill Smith to you, ever popular football hero and Vice-President of last year's Iunior Class. Vim, vigor, and vitality are the specialties of this trio. Hi-ya piples, how're we doin? Pretty good doncha think? lust gaze upon us, you lucky boys and girls, and take your pick. All the checkers, plaids, bare knees, and freckles go to that little bit of sweetness, our yell duchess, Miss Betty Nelson: while the big rowdy guy with the mustache and derby, in his striped socks is fha, ha, we fooled youj not a boy at all-but Miss lanice Yoder. Yes, 'tis our two fair Iunior damsels as they appeared in a tap dance at the annual Spiz Banquet. It has been said that the dance was every bit as good as the costuming. - Ailqlgi N. I-I. S. COACHES .T- v W--Y ,f,, 1 Top Row: H. White, V. Wetzel, 0. e' ' Bottom Row: 0, Warmer, V. Dzilber , .nMiIl21', E. Hagelin. X Harold A. White, former Northwestern three-sport man, came from Salida, Colorado, with an outstanding record to coach the Nam- pa High School Bulldogs. With hard work and skillful direction he piloted his teams through successful football and basketball seasons. Vic Wetzel has completed his second year as track coach at Nampa High School. Hard, faithful work was evident as the track boys put up a stiff competition for all the surround- ing towns. Odie Pederson is Nampa High School's assist- ant football coach. He has done much work in football the past two years at Nampa, and this year he turned out another fast-passing and hard breaking Sophomore basketball team, He also instructed hard baseball, Nampa's new ma- jor sport, Miss Evelyn Hagelin has completed her sec- ond year as coach of the girls, tennis team. She developed a team to be proud of this year and also has a reserve section for next year. Virgil Dalberg was a new member of the coaching staff last fall when he took over the Junior Varsity basketball team. He established a fine record and much credit should be given him. He also coached spring basketball in April. Otto Wagner and Pat Brown were the Soph- omore football coaches. They developed a very strong team, winning three games, losing two, and tying two. Many freshmen played in the squad this year and should make a Frosh-Soph team hard to beat next year. George Miller is the boxing, wrestling, and boys, tennis coach. He has completed his tenth year of coaching at Nampa High School and has produced excellent teams. 4 x 1 B. Heithenkcr, LE D. Bell, RE 'N F. Jones, LT B. Mahoney, LG F. Timm, RT ' 'K G. Martin, RG I VARSITY FGOTBALL Bulldog tenacity once again triumphed as the Nampa squad plowed through a successful sea- son into the Big-Ten Championship Game. From the Bulldog squad, which contained few veterans and was a very light bunch, Coach White, Nampa's new mentor from Salida, Colo- rado, developed a cracker-jack team. Opening the season with Vale, the boys romped out with an easy victory of 34 to 0. Going up against stiffer resistance the fol- lowing week, the Nampans defeated St. Jo- seph's Academy 12 to 0. The Bulldogs emerged from an entanglement with a heavier Pocatello team on the short end of a 12 to 6 score. The red and blue defenders made the first touchdown of the game in the third quarter but lost to the towering Indians who slapped over two completed passes for 12 points in the last quarter. From the first defeat the team came back stronger and more prepared to flatten Rupert and Filer 32 to 0 and 33 to 6, respectively. The Bulldogs, first out-of-town game was at Lewiston, where the two teams clashed the night of Cctober 30 under the lights of the ,ii Percifield, B1.Bever, B. Bowman, . C R. Tetwiler,',D. Bell, B. Riordan, G Smith. N J Rodwe ll' Jones R Brady x J l . 1 . M . , " XX x l ' I X Y Y Stinson, B. Marcusen. B. Alverson, J. Jausoro. Martin, D. Anderson, W. Higgins, A. Coleman, K. Simmons, F. Timm. B. Mahoney, B. Heithecker, C. I muddy Bengal field and battled in QI continual rain to a scoreless tie. When the team returned, preparations were begun for the Cougar clash, Armistice Day. It was the fourth Conference tilt and Caldwell had taken it for three years, but a powerful re- venge that afternoon brought to the Bulldogs a victory of 18 to 6. Spurred on by many fans, the Nampa Bull- dogs reached the Championship Game with their last and worst enemy of the season--the Braves. For the second time in six years the Braves managed to sink tomahawks deep into Bulldog scalps in a heart-breaking defeat of 19 to 6. Earl Robinson was elected by the team as this year's captaing Fred Timm was selected to be next year's captain, and Bill Mahoney and Roscoe Brady were declared the most outstand- ing players. Smith, G B. Higgins, C Barrett, FB E. Robinson, FB Brady, LH C. Starns, RH , N I u' f SOP!-IOMOQE FOOTBALL ! . t 1 J .ff r . I -A p .ff ,. U J f, I f Q - Top Row: Mr. Wagner, V. Beckwith, G. Dettoxf, L. Sin4iSori:4,'i2?Stanley, V. Wood, A. Gardner, R. Kilmer, H. Clark, L. Gilbert. R. Hays, Mr. Brown. 1- Second Row: R. Watson, B. Towery. J. LaLand, J. Rodwell, WV. Howard, R. Johnston, C. Agenbroad, W. Snyder. J. Christensen. R. Moore, W. Garrity. ., Bottom Row: E. Van Houten, F. Murphy, E. Sullivan, F. Blecha, F. Abbott, D. Parks, G. Koyama, W. Stewart. L. Williams, B. Mamzum, C. Bridges. Initiative, force, determination, and tenacity -these qualities constitute the FOOTBALL SPIRIT of Nampa High School. The Bullpups under the successful drilling of Coach Otto Wagner and Pat Brown, swung into the 1937 tide to finish with three victories, several ties, and onlyitwo defeats. For an inexperienced team this year,s Pups displayed a very classy brand of football! all their games. They played their first battle of the season a bit out of class when they invaded the Mid- dleton Varsity Squad to finish on the low end of a 39 to 0 score. The following week the Frosh-Soph clashed with the Emmett second team and were again held scoreless while the opponents ran across two touchdowns, making the final score 13 to 0. In their next three games played on the home field at the Rodeo Park, the tables turned net- ting victories for the Pups in a Winning streak that totaled S1 points to their opponents 0. The scores were Star 20 to 0, Caldwell 6 to 0, and Homedale 25 to 0. The last two battles were with Caldwell and the Baby Braves of Boise in which they fought to a scoreless tie. The Pups were in scoring ter- ritory many times, but unfortunately lacked the Winning punch. Much promising material made up this squad and will be used next year. Five Freshmen played on the first team, some of whom may re- turn to the Sophomore team next year, and some of whom may attempt the Varsity Squad. SOPI-ICDMOIQE BASKETBALL The Nampa Bullpups came through the 1937-38 season successfully by winning more games than they lost. Although they were out- scored by their opponents by a very few points, they chalked up nine victories against seven close, heart-breaking defeats. They started out with six consecutive vic- tories in a desperate attempt to sweep the sea- son undefeated, but were somewhat shattered by the loss of three regulars-XVally Howard, Bob Simmons, and Eugene Sullivan-who were advanced to the Varsity Quint. Nevertheless, Coach Odie Pederson shaped up a team which did credit to Nampa High School. The team met its first defeat in the seventh game, losing to the Kittens on the Caldwell floor 13 toll. Those doing outstanding work during the iv,X ltr season were Leonard Williams, Fielding Abbott, Warren Wyatt, Allen Perry, and Bill Mangum. These and many others, in upholding the Bull- dog Spirit of Nampa High School, fought like the big boys to the very last minute. The squad was handicapped this year by the lack of a few Freshmen which, from year to year, usually compose part of the Sophomore team. The Freshmen this year had a separate team from the Sophomores and were coached by Pat Brown of the Junior High School. They won many games and some of them will try out for the Varsity next year although most of them will be out for the Sophomore team. Among the promising Freshmen were john Christenson, junior LaLande, Howard Clark, Albert Gard- ner, and Reed Kilmer. First Row: Mr. Pederson, L. Williams Second Row: B. Brown, C. Minden, G yatt Abbott, D. Anderson, A, Perry. lt. Bolliger, M. Newby, R. Smith. bl VARSITY BASKETBALL Nampa's Varsity Basketball Squad entered into stiff competition this year and, no doubt, hurled the pill through the toughest series ever scheduled in the history of Nampa's Bulldog quintets. The boys were slow in getting started, but they broke the jinx in the first game of their five-day barnstorming tour, and nosed out the Rupert Pirates 27 to 24 to take their first vic- tory after six straight defeats. The second and third nights of the tour the team dropped games to the lanky Pocatello five and the Idaho Falls 1937 State Champions. However, on the final night the squad cap- tured the Twin Falls Bruins after leading the entire game and came home even-up. Eight straight victories were then swept into the bag before the boys were downed by the Payette team. The 1938 Varsity Squad was made up of plucky boys who fought to the very last min- ute of every game a Came out of the season even-up by winning and loosing 13 sched- uled games. P. Mangum, Center B. Saunders, Cenber W. Kincaid, Forward H. Powell, Forward C. Kelley, Guard F. Timm, Guard First Row: E. Clapp, E. Sullivan, B. Heithecker, B. Bever, G. Ball, B. Second Row: W. Howard, H. Powell, B. Baldwin, B. Saunders, F. Nampa was host Ct Tournament this year by the strong Husky team of was eliminated in the early part of t by Emmett. Howard, R. Wilson. Mr. White. W. Kincaid. C. Kelley. Mangum was high point man for the season with a total of 185 points and was closely followed by Kincaid with a total of 177. The two did very well all season and were greatly honored by being placed on the all-tournament eight. The other players also upheld the Bull- dog tradition in defending Nampa High School. Warren Kincaid was elected this yearis cap- tain by the team, and Fred Timm had the hon- or of being elected both football and basketball captain for next year. The Seniors, at the end of the season, defeated the under-class team 25 to 15. JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsity coached by Virgil Dal- berg completed its season winning seven games and losing six. This group was a fast-passing bunch and did outstanding work all season con- sidering the varsity teams met in the scheduled games. ' Eight boys received the Junior Varsity Let- ters. They will be out for the Varsity Squad next year, tomake plenty of competition for the Varsity posts. Us f. V R. Howard, Forward B. Heithecker, Forward E. Clapp, Forward G. Ball, Center E. Sullivan, Guard B. Baldwin, Guard Top Row: R. Wilson, K. Carmr, E. Aschenbrenfer, M. Frandsen, Mr. Dalberg. Bottom Row: R. Johnson, B. Riordan, R. H . . , . ' . anion, A Paylor B Wright K 'N TRACK I . J -f ' K' ' ' ' x. gl, 31 .53 ,P fi 5 K ' Hi .' qi ,,k , 5 ,al ix , a r' V , '-'VFW Tr . A 'F V 'W T K it A ,V gy -1 i ' , ' :G H , - k I I A .7 v 9.-. " ' is 3 f' lf' 4 'ff . s ' r 'a 7- ' A F' , " ' M ' ' Ar kj? V. Y Vykkiiky s ' Q F K 1 , A , K gs 1 , I gt, K V ,.,' - Q 'R X i . g V H k r K Top Row: F. Timm, G. Detton, B. Barham, C. Frahm, R. Howard, R. Hanson, E. Clapp, B. Heithecker, B. Baldwin, J. Trottman, B. Mahoney. Second Row: M. Rodwell, F. Woods, A. Perry, J. Silkwood. A, Storkman, F. Witmer, E. Rumpel, E. Sanderson, C. Bridges. B. Price. Bottom Rom E Rbi B P ': . o nson, . raler. L. Watson, J. Rodwell, W. Higgins, J. Jausoro, E. VanHouten, V. Vogel. K. Geisler, 0. Irish, C. Kelley, H. Mills. Track season began early this year when Vic Wfetzel, track coach, started shaping the track boys the latter part of February. The squad opened the season on the local field with a dual meet with Meridian. Captur- ing first place in all events except the half mile, the Bulldogs downed the Meridian men 102 to 63. The team next met Caldwell in a two day dual in the Caldwell Stadium. The first half of the meet, which ended the first day, found Nampa leading by a close margin. On the second day the Bulldogs coasted on to vic- tory and took all firsts except the shot-put. The meet ended with Nampa leading 259-206. Bob Baldwin, Roscoe Brady, Curtis Kelley, and Roy Howard were the lettermen back, and they did oustanding work all season. From the new-comers who turned out this year, many made their letters and were among the high scorers. The more outstanding were August Storkman, Jack Rodwell, Earl Robinson, and Edward Sanderson. Others who earned letters and made points were Ben Barham, Bob Heith- ecker, Bill Higgins, Glen Detton, Jim Jausoro, and Allen Perry. The squad competed in the triangle meet at Boise April 23, with Boise, Nampa, and Cald- well participating. They then took part in the Sub-District Track and Field Meet April 30, and the District Meet, May 7. Many Nampans qualified for the Inter-Dis- trict competition May 14. Since state meets were abolished this year, three Inter-District Meets were held throughout the state. When a previous record was broken in any of the three meets, the new one was considered a State record. Members of the boxing and wrestling squads walked off with top honors for the 1937-38 season. Four wrestling matches and a like num- ber of boxing bouts were scheduled, resulting in no defeats. Nampa was slated against Payette for the first match which was held in Nampa. The victors in this fray were Dehlin, Riedel, and Scott. The second home match featured a squad from Harper, Oregon. Dehlin, Scott, and Hahn won a draw while Riedel won his bout. A return match followed with Nampa mats- men iourneying to Harper. The results of this contest were draws for Scott and Hahn, and another win for Riedel while Dehlin lost his match. In an exhibition match which followed, a draw was accorded Bill Stevens. BGXI NG AND WRESTLING The wind-up wrestling match of the season was held in Payette. Dehlin and Hahn won de- cisions and Allen Brown drew in a boxing match. Injuries prevented either Riedel or Scott from taking part. In the boxing bout with Boise the rivals drew. Riedel decisioned Ellis of Boise. In a very close bout Blickfeldt of the Bulldog squad was decisioned by Jacobsen of Boise. Brown and Hahn were unable to take part as they could not be matched in weight. Prospects loom brightly ahead for Coach George Miller, Next yearls team will include such successful contenders as Riedel, Stevens, Brown, Hahn, Smith, and Blickfeldt. Two de- parting seniors whose good Work will be greatly missed next year are Dehlin and Scott. 'lop Row . D. Bllckleldl., T. Hankins, R.. Smith. P. Dehlin, R. Scott. Bottom Row: J. Riedel. F. Hahn, A. Brown. F. Hallreril, Mr. Miller. . .. ek, . ,, ,, , ..-V , -,,.,..-, ,. . . , , Y.,,.,,,,,,, .QL ...t I f I A Lu if '17-,..,.,, f V blk- , n 7 ' . Y-A .,, ug S2 TENNIS ,A -.-hw . . M . .H , ,..,,.-. ri 10D l1.0Wi Y. 53.119, J. IJDYIYIBTI, D. l.Hyl0l', I". 1'lUl'2i, ll. field en, u. dunes, 1-, uonmn, At. .it..., M. twat., -.. -.,.t- Second Row: I. Cook, J, Hedrich, K. Riordan, M, E. Baptist, Y. Koyama, D. Imhs, W. Kincaid, W. Howard, D. An- derson, B. Sower. Bottom Row: L. Collins, K. Gott, R. Swayne, E. Musselman, P. Mangum, B. Matthews, H. Powell, D. Black, E. DeCou1'sey, Mr. Miller. GIRLS' TENNIS BOYS' TENNIS Nampa High School's Tennis Team endeav- ored to see that the beautiful trophies won last year would retain their resting place in the trophy case. The girls, with the traditional Bulldog spirit, practiced faithfully many hours. Tuesdays and Thursdays were designated as "girls' days" on the High School Courts. The squad met many opposing teams in pre- paration for the State Meet in May. Five matches in the fall gave the team some experi- ence. Additional matches were played in the spring. There were few veterans back, but there was much promising material developed in readiness for next year. To Miss Evelyn Hagelin, coach, should go much of the credit for the team's standing. The Boys' Tennis Team, after an enormous turnout, hit the 1938 season with a bang. Strenuous work-outs on the new courts, under the coaching of George Miller, developed a squad hard to beat. The most outstanding netters of the squad were Paul Mangum and Horner Powell, both playing their second year as veterans and mak- ing up the strong boys' doubles team. Bob Matthews, playing his third year with another to go, Wally Howard, and Warren Kincaid displayed outstanding ability in all the matches. The boys tackled a heavy schedule of match- es with Parma, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian, Pay- ette, Emmett, and Mountain Home in prepara- tion for the State Meet in May. W -I .lj f e ' Z' Jfff' f ""' f" .f.. 1 . j' AC-iff, 4, .1 4' f. Golf for everyone-High School girls, boys, and teachers was arranged for this year. Not only did the boys, with a large turnout of ten golfers, play their ordinary share, but so also did a newly organized girls' team. Even the teachers of Nampa school scheduled Sun- day afternoon matches with teachers of other schools. The girls, however, even though they prac- ticed faithfully, entered no contests this year. This group, composed chiefly of Juniors and Sophomores, will undoubtedly see action later. Of outstanding importance to golfers of Nampa and southwestern Idaho was the Dis- trict Tournament held at the local Broadmoor Course, May 14. On that day, four-man teams from all nearby schools played thirty-six holes Top Row: F. Bastida, B. Taylor, G. Rnlcinson, G. Bowen, P. Flora, M. H. Anson, P. Bottom Row: J. Rodwell, D. Steele, F. Hart, F. Case, K. Belknap, P. Salle, B. Reed, " :aff .- '.'. If 4. T, .f GOLF of medal golf to a championship. Nampa's four veteran golfers made a really fine showing. Increasing interest in this comparatively new addition to the sports curriculum led to the ap- pointment of a golf committee at a meeting of the Southwestern Idaho Athletic Association. C. C. Cowin acted as chairman of the group. The District Tournament was largely the re- sult of Mr. Cowin's efforts toward that end. The contest, held in Nampa this year, is be- lieved to be the first official High School Golf Tournament ever held in the state of Idaho, and is certainly the first contest in which a trophy has been awarded the winning team. It was a happy year for Nampa High School golfers, and promise of another successful sea- son is well grounded as three two-year letter- men will return next year. J. Yoder, J. Stewart. , if J , Q., ?jLj, My . l21i" ,f ' 'ml 4949, af. 1' . I, If J' . , . r g MW , a LV' fb if' ' ' f ' . Mr.. . rf J 'I .i Q4 y 1 l rs 01 J L+, u Q We of che 1938 Sage Staif wish to express our gratitude to the many people who have helped so much in producing this annual. To Miss LaFond and Mr. Stanford, our advisers, who have willingly given so much of their timeg fly' 'fx I H M "'l,' I' 4 , ,X F -s.f -Q ,- A .A ,,,,v, I a. ,, ,, , H-Wv J 'a f Q Q 1' I 0, Ni v y ' ' . f g ,I wil' J . 'I 0' . .A - "L ' . "J-gf x' , .vu - B -1-1 , ,I 5 -- ff 1 f , ,f .. T f .Y -2 , 6, f J if "- a 'S A - G' . sg rp v-U .-. - S. . X if "- 'J 5 2 ,Z vi 7 ' A ' Pa -1 -1 5 -1 3 3 -1 fit, ' o Q o E o L Z1 E o , . .h ,- E 9 E? EL SQ 3 g. Q. 9 K' f 4. ' ' . H 'D 0 " D' D fu UE 'D , if .T 'U U5 2 Q FQ 7 J rn B' rn p 0 VJ n M 'x fx' ra' lr? O 'D "1 H N D' ru K g rv 4 1-1 ,,, UQ fp D- --. f , Q 1-ea 2 63 2 N " "' 4 3 Lf-J ,s XR :D 3 F, 5- Q gg M ol! ' 'U D "" 9- N if xii ' fn 2' OE, 'Q 5, 5. A ---f? H-, if 2 Z UE: 3 0 5 fig, - ii' ' ZZ, U3 if UE' ru G 5 3 X- ' Ln O 'U U- xx ,., r-0 . Q E H x- 31 5 Q HN 5' ow' E 7 - Z :N ra gh 9. Q 5 0 J4 -.XZ fu n O ,.. cr' V- H1 ' - - N r S 'f 2 2 9 - ,., H fb fb M2 2- T4 an gg I Q, o 3 5 Vg Q gd A E 5' S r. 5,1 3 up N 2 f 6' H ,LA .Qs IS gd 5 'X 3' SS X' 3 N 3' ho 9- 5 sri Q' E w -Q 8 X4 7 ii 5 E "' 2 Q! -5- w- Q. E 9 'gf' -.-L. , '55 3 H- rn D. i 22. 5 Q 2 .. V' W xg-M X N K A S 3 3 rn 4 VX 5 4 .U 0 s . s X Q 3 w 2 'H ' 63' no I 02- S a 2 f X N A 2 " ii , X i 'x M U' , jf gf V N- . -5, E Sl, K4 2, J V4 X g-G,. . I, , A 1 ' , , ,W ff l-' nfl' ' l I x-- fff' fw -ff 4 W 1. A I. . f4 X If V7 . xv: 1 . I, 1-v P, if X wx- Q' , QL .ff I N L gf f 'f fa I. -' lar- ,y R A I-ff ' I 1 1, ' 1 ,I My -,ff ' gr , ,fff 4 !,f ,ff ' J U15 044-as m xgx .Afv'1O ' ga' 1 J-7 ,ff 4,5451 " ' f 'W ff A f J 7 KW 'f,,'J?ff9' Mk ,',, ibgw' . ,M,,J-" ,,f -f ff 1 -f r 4 W A U T 0 , G R - A in 62, ,,,, ff' , 'QyLla!l24,1Y., ff fn? 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C .M - JZ Yi A gf . . fl 3 QI' A X' L N- X A JNVN ,J . f x'5 X-I uf +1 gy, EX Q X Q V , ,, 6? f N A ,ff 1 , ' rf" C' I r'ff'J!,5J9'y JM K 1!'l '- -ff f ff ff, ff 'ff' .- H ft f .f',-,4" 1 I 1 I ' , .1 f' fx f' . ' 1 wi, -f I ' A ' ,N V Alfffwfxvfj JJ, -J -ff f'-ffz'-Q - 4 . r ,I X Qfyfbyfyyyu -X . A I fx Hi" LU7T O G Q A P I-IXS ' . 1 r KJ .I A riff' lg, " 2 I 'L,,L . 'sw ff aaa: 0 ff., G 1 r, - i 5, 571, ff Q94 K I5 Il I 4 L 1 03125225 D ' I 'f Ari' U f 'uf 2 , I ,JVYJ fJVfJ- f 6 f xx 1 , ,f if 4 Mm. .I ' 'fr' I - Iv ,J Qi . I MW ' ' "YO" y'AgJ ' df fjffcf 26 jf ll ,-AZN 4 . , ' .4 I MJ , ,., j,' Q ,J ., M ll . W! I ' U' ' " M X ' z"F"'v'x4 ff-ff f QegV,,, 9.42.4 --ff ' " U ,, A c Q f"f"" 1 fic' 'IJ 7 x ! .ASM .Ie ,r qLg3oJdsJ,'JJJ fldflq 9 0 x at ,lv C ff' F 1 rl, W .x , 'A , f 'A ff: ffyff f gf . ' ff ff iff o "Elma ffff, - f 5I.P ,V ., lu-Aj 3 ,H ff XIV, N Nil .lv -X V .1 fr A If X . . T I X I , , f ' , if . 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Q I-'Vx A fi i M N N 5 3, ,S ,XJJUY M601 -4 CX f' 'IJ ' A' 1F ' Iii xl X X I , ff 2 ff I , "lf fu wk ,A 1 ff, A I, ,- 1 1 . 1 '. f H 7 L i "I Jjox. M! -' A i ,lk J ,X yy' T H ,J .r A 9 1 fl! I Jn N 1. ', jf, 7 fy", 1' ' .f 1' 1' f .X V MMLTWWJWW jgJyfi ff M W w X f .ggisffi f W H 2:2323 4? ' Qmhw :QMLJUC I

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