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A 1, gy .4 ,"'Z If f , I-'ff ' pq ' , - v 1 1' I f -1 ,fi I' .y-' .f Y 1 D , 5 - . 5,5 . R v 'xv 6 .. X a -.ff ' -1... -Q -.1s- ..-H sg. -wiv, .And , ' Q 1 -gt? Xin 'f - ?. . i.X, 5. X i 1 L, .- ' S ' , X0 N s X .ss gg., 5 .- ix in... - 5 L 'Q - S X GQX q -VT . ., . ., ---f Y - ' Y 5'-'J' ' - S. ,- 3 ,b-'- i""'f ,I ,-I -uf--Jil' I 5 x ,K X JI Fx nh K QV' 'Af Y . x -. "- 'ff -1- 3 ff-af 51- 'iw-, - . 2 K , 54 M -5 J 'i J A A Q ,A Rfiw ,' , N' .R . ,J 14 t . g , Q wk D --, :vw-,K , 'S' ' 1545 1 , ' 1 il' 4 Y' ' '. N o .. ,, X t Q- Q w f - K :gl 7 . I, j'-Br 1 l, ,X .fn A ' ,.- ' Qi., Qi ' -' " I- NA K' ', i I" ', X ' ' .1"' NH fi ' we 'L U QM 's. .xnaf .te I' Q A, -V-' -.133 f.g Q, .,- -k 1 g ,sri g -'f 'v' -' ' p f ' n 4, X ' , X ."'x:gx.k 1' ' .fi . 1 6? 5 . -J' if 'J-f .ff 11 . N . , , , V 5, by E . A' 'z If fL -ln X ' gf' ' 3 1 ' f' i W 'f " 9' 'X' r A9 'YQ-nr 'vw . V Ny 'W JL ' V' ' ,N - P i ,- 1 A ,SV m v W X Tl-I6 T9 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF NAKINA HIGH SCHOOL Nellie Word ................................................, CI d B b cu e Mc eit K h A r orc Ccmody . B H gry long ......... A Mss Mcry Willnomson 955 Ed Ed M M Q Ad J: S 7 X FOREWORD '-':We-Ahove chosewrhe theme "The Benkiuof the Riueyffto iilustrcfe some of,the most cherished memories"crf'high' schoo1 Iife, These 'icerTes have c1fso. bMeeHfheorM Qnd deorjofquwgwheqhrts in our+Everydoy Iife. ,. A Shsgld The' Q5vhQle.4 bdbk reprxesent o yeor, each sectiori 0 n3ogT1fH, eochmpageqcx mdciyfegkzh Qpjgiomsjgaidndfecch word The hours and minUt9s,mtb5yA-EWQQTEHQLH cibprooch-vhembignessmofhfour heortsuond minds ogbyvq regfqll jheA mrQig2g1Qr ie5jgfQ+his yetzgpnd fill-"fha 991135 of fhe river." -my ,,..X,W rv A Q- jf W. A .M KM, - A , .L . ,,,, wwf, 4- . .squa- CONTE FACUL ORGAN FEATU li! DEDICATION With sincere opprecrotion ond deepest gratitude, we, dedicate the i955 edition of the Pow Wow to Mr. M. M. Jones been principal ol our school since its beginning. l r Your friendliness, Cheerfulness, leadership, ond ingrained in the progress of Ncxlcino High School. You ingly ol your time and eltorts to help each student better. f And so, for your personal interest in the dnd untiring spirit os o true friend and beloved onnuolstor you. m fr, is rr M .ws-i 11. g s " .. - ' - '- : - - R wwe N 2 I x IN MEMORIAM Wh-we 1 y Even though she hos departed, Billie still lives with us. How often we think of her and in doing so see before us all the great work she she met that the old proverb: "ln her tongue was the law of kindness," should be associated with the kind of life she lived. did while one ol our classmates. She was so kind and considerate to all Not only is this page in memory of her, but it expresses our deep love ond gratitude to her for the Christian life she lived while serving W her fellowmen and Master. Q W smgijmigggie' FACULTY M. M. JONES, A.B. Principal Wake Forest College, U.N.C., A.S.T.C. MISS ROSE ABOlllA,A.B. Woke Forest College English CONNOR F. COX, B.S. Western Carolina College Commerce MISS ALICE DEAN GORE, B.S. High Point College Home Economics MRS. SOPHRONIA HAWKINS, A.B. Campbell College, Meredith College English, Civics G. T. JOHNSON, B.S. N. C. State Vocational Agriculture PAUL K. WEATHERLY, B.S., M.S Belmont Abbey, Univ. of Illinois Coach, Physical Ed., Math. MISS MARY WILLIAMSON, A.B. High Point College Social Studies MISS SUSAN WILLIAMSON, B.S. East Carolina College Science Our guides through the many tributaries and confusing undercurrents of high school now steer us toward the last bend of the river-GRADUATION. sk M y 4 ww WL ' - ,,,, .4 J 1-K-1551 1.1:-,.A,. Am , . ,... .. .:,. .,..,. . Mg, if - SQ A , M, ,Aa was Kgs MAQWN, 1 HANM , T kj 2 x , at , xx 'x fm, Q1 an . f w I -vii, Ally-.,-i w rylfswx, fi. 1 " A 1 ,,. . ,3f.'--23--2+ f Q:-P asia. -::':rgg:- ,-, ,,1.,fq., w..,.,f " "f l a re K, K- .g . - ' ' F , W.. -L . x .- - 1:gx,f1f,,g A+ X- t A A1 . Q A .. N ' " w5:fL:?Ti 11 - 1: - ',-2 :Eff-I 'IF' , W . n 'fi' ' ' " -- www sv, 31 My T'- , fvffx W'-w-A w,kL.,Nm ' wk..,,,,k Y S-I-f. mx I ,E F QF ' uw ...s TA T' " -.N .,, 411 nl! .Y JIIIIIQIIULY pq .,q .k,ll1.w A A 1 :1uq Wi, 'A 4 IT qwipq I 1 M Q 3, 5 I gig: v fl pf 4 ' . -91 iz 1 ff A ' Mgf'f. i if K gr i '-ff ' lg i if ,Q ' 1 m ,. 'QL Q- iff ' f wa N, f "lei v - ' ' . . --5' X 42, l is 2 u x V SA , ' - M.-A ' V 5 si Q f , gg an I , Q K x 9 f. .1-Q, 1 f' ' 1, Q f DJ V ' X ails: ,k L DF' I I ' 0 QA Q 5 X-is xi 49 X , N ... .fy kg X , X df -AQ . ,A A ,nf N x- WN wi Nm.- Xxx 3- V 51 K A " gf! 6 Q , I ff . Q X wk . J, A X 3 my A Q S 4 W ' Q - Mfkliif .V , N ' w. F , ' X 1 IN h X g x f' ,Lf I ' f , .Z 2 ., I u 9 X LV 4 s Q .t b J 5:33 u. YK ! 17.1 'WK X ,.'-L ARK x 4 Q., Litxgz.-qlyg V3 1 -1.,V+ , . ' ff- . 3 A..f""" N ig ,-fi W Q -A 'A f -4f1,f"ff ' S W 'Sw 5?-iff-"" f - Q 5 fl ' af ' ,- f : ,st Y H AA ms 5's 1 'wi -iff' .si X ' Q 3,,,-.,"?'p -X V-..,,-: . 5F11 A A W if, ykisxk 1 If .A NN Y I u m sxsx Q.M1i,.h N XL Uqrcynkiqv MTF , -U. H ..:v 1 rw .Q . VV .W I Sl w v X , iv .KL y. 1 ,vf ,, k5q,L, l T ,sg K--Ly., 1 l , K -'O ,V H , . W , - -f, 4 . - - Y , . , w 5 M' - , A , .ri . ,gw 1 . , I A 1 an m . A . iiAA WMk? . A f,,,a fri? Mfg 1 - , 1 am . " . -' Q T W ' x' In f xk 'gy Nw 1- ki .,. - . I . Q fs , w ' ww., mf My -. K ' if"b 4' 'L A , , Q'-, .. . ' g gem.-1' Jw - ' "' X 4' . L afvwk vigrx xg ,,Qx,G5HK'1v -wi' yi!!! '75 tx X X m g: GLW, KX,l+N,5,vig rf-fL !,g:",.5!!.2?.j,A h .ix Wigan! Wg- I B,,TvQQi:.fq--I J S, 1 KW K K -X Q tx V, I w my t . H V .X i Q J .Q K 1. 1 -Q V H A V: 5 A 1 :Y N ni 4 l . L , - ak iv . we V U VAQYJ- Ap SENIORS MAXINE BLACKMON ELBERT BUCK "Quietness sometimes leads ta lame." "l never let school interfere with my lee Club l,2,3, 4-H Club 1,25 F.H.A. Club 2, educgffgnln Cienw Club 21509 BQ" I- 4-H Club 1, r.r.A. 1,2,3, Baseball 2. BARBARA ANN CA NADY "Her quietness does not make her less important." Class Secretary 1, Beta Club l.2,3,4, Secretary 2, Reporter 3, President 4, Glee Club Pianist l,2,3, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Pianist 2, Secretary 4, Dramatics Club 3, Secretary 3, 4'H Club L, Columbus County Band l,2,3, Varsity Basketball 2,3,4. Captain 4, Mono- gram Club 3,4, Piano 3.4, Junior Play 3, Chiel Marshal 3, Business Manager ol Pow Wow, "Most Intellectual." CHARLES CLEWIS THETUS CONNOR is rough, he-is tough. bil' he SVUYS "She always gets her men, and needs with the rest-'crew cut.' " no helping." BOSk6lbGll 243.42 M0n09"0m 3- F.H.A. 2, 4-H 2.4, Dramatics Club 3, Science Club 2, Junior Play. MARY ELIZABETH CUMBEE "Small in stature, but large in heart." Class President l,2,4, F.H.A. Club 2,3,4, Song Leader 2, Vice-President 3, 4-H Club 1.2.3,-1, Pres- ident 4, Reporter 3, Library Club 4, Basketball 2, Cheerleader 3,4, Chiet 4, Science Club 2. Re- porter 2, Glee Club l,2,3, Beta Club 2,3,4, Sec- retary 4, Marshal 3, Softball 1, Junior Play, "Most Popular." SENIORS WILBUR DUNCAN KATHERINE EVANS DOROTHY FAULK . "Not married but willing to be." Library Club l, Science Club 2, 4'l'l Club 2.3: F.H.A. 3, "Most Dependable." ,i - AUDREY FORMYDUVAL "They say he looks like llcef' Glee Club l,2,3, Science Club 2, F.F.A. 2.4, 4-H Club l,2,3,4, Dramatics Club 3, Junior Play. WILLARD FORMYDUVAL HShare and share alike." Basketball 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Vice-President 3, Monogram Club 3,4, President 4, F.F.A. 2,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Dramatics Club 3, Baseball t,2,3,4, library Club 4, Treasurer 4, Junior Play, 4,H Club l,2,3, Most Valuable Player 3, "Best All Around." "She is gentle, she is shy, but she has mischief in her eyes." y F.H.A. l,2, Class Treasurer 2, Basketball 2,3,4,, Most Valuable Player 3, Beta Club 23,45 C0- Captain 4, Vice-President 3,4, Library Club 2, President 3, President ol Student Council 4, Mon- ogram Club 3, Reporter, "Most Likely to Succeed", Marshal 3. FAYE GORE "The thing I like to do is what l do, that is why l talk." F.H.A. 2, 4-H Club 2, Cheerleader 3, Beta Cluli 3.4, Junior Play, "Biggest Flirt." SENIORS JOHN D. GORE SHIRLEY FAY LITTLE CHARLES LONG What's the hurry? There will be time "The opportunity for mischief is found "l'll be happy, l'll be sad lor no one." when fm dead." one hundred times Q dqy-" Class Treasurer l, Monogram Club 3.4, Pres- .FA4 LZSAZ 4-H Club 3,45 Glee Club 213: Glee CMJ 1213: ,LH Club I: F.H'A' 21314: :dent 3, Basketball 2.3.4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball awry Club 4, sus Driver 2,3,4. science club 2, Junior Prey, softball i. P23141 Glee Club "ZH: JUHIOIQ Plffvf BUS Pfgyef 3,4, F.F.A. 2,4, 4- Club l,2.3, Most Alhlellc. HARRY LONG HERMAN JACKSON LONG "TO WONV little, to SlUdY l95Si is mY "Long gone, but not forgotten." secret of happiness." F.F.A. 1,2.3, 4-H Club 1. Llee Club l, F.F.A. l,2,3,-1, Basketball 2, Man- ger 4, Bus Driver 3.4, 4-H Club l,4, Science lub 2, Assistant Business Manager of Pow low, "Most Dependable." CLAUDE DORIAN MCKEITHAN "He thinks a lol, but says little." 4-H Club 1.2, Glee Club l,2,3, Vice-President ol Student Council 3, Monogram Club 3, Base- ball l,2,3, F.F.A. 2, Assistant Editor of Pow Wow, Bus Driver 3,4, Junior Play, "Most Likely to Succeed." SENIORS KATIE McKElTHAN "She knew things before they happened." Library Club 4, Beta Club 2,3,4, 44H Club 12,35 Science Club 25 F.H.A. 21 Class Reporter 4, Sottball If Dramotics Club 3, Bus Driver 2,3,4: "Best All Around." VIRGINIA PIVER OIEN PUCKETT "Leo, Virginia ond children, they go "Anyone need a circus clown?" foggtheff' GIGS Club l,3, Basketball 25 E.F.A. l,4i Engli r.H.A. 1,25 sermon 1, Library Club 4, Glee CIUI' 342 BUS DWG' 4- Club l,2, 4-H Club l,2,3, Science Club 2. PEARLIE MAE REGISTER "Ring on her finger, man on her mind." Glee Club l,2,3, 4-H Club 12,35 Library Club 3: Dramotics Club 3, Softball lg Science Club 2, OTHELL SIMMONS JOSEPH BIIIY SUGGS I "A meffl' h9C1fl doefh QOOCI like 0 "If the world should end tomorrow let medicine. me die talking." GIGS Club II3: F-FAA. 2.3.4, TFGOSI-'fer 4: 4'H Club FFA. I,2,3,4g Treasurer 2, Reporter 4, Basketball li Ub'0'Y Club 5eC"9l0"Y 4: Football 2.3: BOSS' Library Club 45 Treasurer 4, Junior Play, "Bigge ball l,2,3,4p Basketball 4, Monogram Club 45 Hin," "Most Popular." SENIORS ESTELUE SUGGS "The best comes in the smallest package." Y .A. 2.3, Beta Club 3,4, Cheerleader 2.3, ief 3, Class Secretary 4, Monogram Club 2,3, lar Play, "Best Looking." GARLAND SUGGS MARTHA LEE SURLES "One more of those worriersf' Glee Club l, 4-H Club l,4, Baseball 2, F.F.A. 2,4. DORIS ANN WARD "Often naughty, never bad, Often laughter, never sad." Club l,2,3,4, Beta Club 4, Basketball 2,3, rekeeper 4, Monogram Club 3.4, Glee Club 3, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Library Club resident 4, Solrball 'l, Junior Play, "Wiltiest." GUY WARD LINWOOD WARD "He has Q lovely vgicef' "Serious-butwith only one." Glee Club 1.2, r.F.A. 2,3,4, 4-H i,2,4, aus F-F-A 12.3.42 Secretory 3, President 4, Glee Driver 3,4, Class Treasurer 4. "Friendliesl." Cl'-lb 2-3: 4-H Club ls BOSkelbOll li Junior Play Class Vice-President 4, "Best Looking," N . SENIORS MARY FRANCES WARD "lt's nice to be natural, if you're naturally nice." F.l'l.A. 2,35 Science Club 25 Glee Club 'l,2,3.4: Band 1, Library Club 4, Softball 1, Piano Junior Playg Basketball 25 Dramotics Club 35 "Friendliest." NELLIE ROSS WARD "Knowing when to quit is as essential as knowing when to begin." Beta Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Reporter 4, Glee Club l,2,35 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4g Captain 2.3, F.H.A. 2,3,4g President 3, Monogram Club 3,45 Carnival Queen 1, Columbus County Bond l,2,3, 4-H Club l,2g Dramatics Club 35 President 31 Stu- dent Council 2g Secretory 25 Music Student 12.3.45 Marshal 3, Pow Wow Editor 4, Junior Play, "Most Athletic." Class Colors Class Motto . . sq-sf Class Flower HERBERT EDISON WHITE "His friends--they are many His toes-are there any?" Glee Club l,2,3,4, FLA. 2, Baseball lg 4-H C l,2,3,4, Dramotics Club 37 Junior Ployp "N intellectual." White Rose .. Green and White .. "Rowing, Not Drifting" MASCOTS PHYLLIS MCKEITHAN LARRY GORE CLASS HISTORY lt was in the fall of l95l when something over seventy promising young fishermen boarded two boats headed down a long river toward the land of Graduation. On the "Dock" the crew hailed from Old Dock while over on "Ferry" the crew hailed from Guideway. Mrs. Ann Newton and Mr. Bill Ratteree held the pilots' wheel, and our class officers as- sisted them. Our attention was diverted from our fishing trip by mathematical storms and strong winds from English and Health. Nevertheless, a gay Halloween Carnival was in full swing on the "Dock" with Nellie Ward reigning as carnival queen. But all festivities had not come to an end, for Linwood Ward was receiving high honors on the "Ferry" for his live- stock iudging. l Having reached Sophomore Island we changed guides and boats. We now boarded one large, new and modern boat. Although we were getting acquainted with our new mates, we came aboard with a little more confidence hoping to have even better luck. Our four head mates were elected and Mrs. Ray Wyche was our guide. Not many storms arose during this voyage except some hard winds from English and some baffling under-currents from Biology. Time was also found for some sports, particularly basketball. We won a few victories which gladdened our hearts, and we looked forward to a better year. Our activities were a bit more numerous this year with Nellie Ward elected secretary of the Student Council. Mrs. Wyche honored our class with a Valentine Masquerade Party that will long be remembered. We had been fishing for nine long months, and a longing for land was overcoming us. But wait, around "the bend of the river" we see land. Why, it's Junior Island! At last we were almost reaching our destination. Just two more islands to go. Our crew had dwindled some, but Mrs. Wyche, again our guide, along with the four head mates guided us through the eventful trip to Senior Island. On this voyage we became aware of the responsibilities that lay on our shoulders. There were our rings to order, class play to be given and numerous activities leading to the all important Junior-Senior Banquet at which we were to be hosts and hostesses. Every member of the crew was now busy getting ready for the big night that we would present DEACON DUBBS. Charles long, who had the leading role of "Uncle Deac. Dubbs," fell overboard, but we managed to get him back aboard in time to help with selling Verne Collier cream and shampoo. Suds were slowly but surely filling the boat while everyone's face was masked in cream. Our girls basketball team found time enough to clean off the suds and cream to win the Colum- bus County Basketball Championship. The boat was rocking and dipping, but no one seemed to notice we were so thrilled over our victory. Finally, we docked our boat at a port near Windy Hill Beach to entertain the seniors who accompanied us on the "Horizon." Eyrely's Supper Club was the beautiful scene of our Junior-Senior Banquet. Everything was grand and will long be remembered by those who attended. As the ship moved on toward Senior Island, some of our classmates chose to transfer to the "Marriage" Those going aboard were: Marie Grainger, Alene long, Frances Gore, Beatrice Hayes. The river was now calm and in May came Graduation. We were sorry to see our classmates leave but were glad to be replacing them as Seniors at the head of the boat. At last, with thirty-three of the original crew, our boat docked on Senior Island, the last stop before reaching our destination. Under the guiding hand of Miss Mary William- son, we were fully aware of the task ahead. Mary Elizabeth Cumbee was elected first mate of our boat with Linwood Ward as second mate. Estelle Suggs ond Guy Ward were elected third and fourth mates. Dorothy Faulk was elected president of the Student Council. We, the dignified l?l sen- iors, went about our duties. The things we shall remember longest were the class play, publication of the POW WOW, class parties, preparations for graduation. Our hearts were happy, yet sad for this was our last voyage together. Our trip on to the land of Graduation was a tedious voyage. Realizing this was the last mile of the way, we put forth every effort to make it the best mile. It turned out to be iust that. Hey, Seniors, listen to this, an announcement from two of our former guides iust arrived announcing that the popu- lation of the United States had been increased. A boy and a girl. Again our boat docked for the annual .lunior-Senior Banquet. lt was wonderful to be honored in this way, every- thing fixed iust right to please us. This was a night never to be forgotten. Senior Day from the ship was a treat which every senior enioyed. No work for a whole day. The senior trip and many other special occasions in our honor made our last mile even more sentimental. Graduation at last! Our trip reached its climax with Baccalaureate and Commencement, leaving us ta step out on our own private vessels and make our way through the rapids, rocks, and varied currents as we go around "the bends of the river" of life. Aloha, underclassmatesl We wish you smooth sailing. MARY ELIZABETH CUMBEE, Historian SENIOR BABY PICTURE 5,' 'L ..5" m e ii i 1 , . il X X . H 1 YY. ,, -1. ., X . xix I i at 'sr xxx :W X fx -QR. 2 2 we 1 W X jx X we gg- Q limi A H if Xe . 5 E 11 i .ee ., R 4 -- S N 4 v I - . ,Jaw 3 iik' - f i s 3 tw" 7 3 I. Pecrlie Mae, 2. Herbert, 3. Thetus, 4. Claude, 5, Martha Lee, 6. Dorothy, 7. Doris, 8. Mary Elizabeth, 9. Virginia, i0. Nellie, ll. Faye, 12. Shirley Faye, 13. Harry. .gg . .X CLASS PROPHECY lt had been a beautiful day and the seniors had enioyed a fishing trip, and now were returning to the shore to climax a memorable day. I decided to row alone around "the bend of the river" as I pondered over the future and what it held in store for our class. Suddenly I realized there was a trailer where Madame Zordie had come for a spring vacation. She could help me with our class prophecy. As I swept past the small curtains little did I realize an atmosphere such as this could be so effective. l found myself so completely ab- sorbed in what Madame Zordie began to reveal that I could see the images in the crystal ball as they began to form pic- lures. First coming in view on the crystal ball was a building of very modern design with the inscription, "Hotel HamiIton," owner and manager, Herbert White. ln a flash it seemed that an ocean wave would splash against us, for there before us was the yacht, "Columbus," speedily parting the waters as owner Othell Simmons and family were enioying a summer cruise. Othell is now producer of the television program, "Be Yourself." Hardly had the waves smoothed out when in the crystal ball stood a building several floors high, and uni- formed girls appeared, each carrying two dozen red roses as they entered for graduation services. We knew it was a group of trained nurses. Two well known doctors, Garland Suggs and Guy Ward, were with them. As the group of girls passed, I recognized Maxine Blackman, Shirley little, and Katherine Evans. A further look in the future showed each of the girls after a short career, applying their profession to a happy family life. The next building was also several stories high and on the fourth floor operating in the long distance Telephone Service Department were Mary Frances Ward and Pearlie Mae Register. Both are active in the civic and re- ligious affairs of their community. The wide open highway made me know we were then out in the country. Ohl Yes, the first thing we saw was Charles Clewis fishing on the banks of the Ohio River, where he was trying ta get food for his twelve children. According to his home and the others it seemed to be a very prosperous com- munity. The beautiful new church building made a picturesque scene with its steeple towering toward the skies. From a bul- letin posted in the church we learned that several had con- tributed various services and supplies-brick from the Elbert Buck Brick Yard of Nakina, roofing from John D. Gore 8- Sons Building Supply, Pireway, landscaping by Billy Suggs Bull- dozer Co., Bug Hill, and shrubbery from the Olen Puckett Nursery of Guideway. These men had formed a male quartet and render special music for church services. Not far from the church was the "lin-lease Dairy," owned by lin- wood Ward. Then entering another city we found Dorothy Faulk as manager in the readysto-wear department of a ladies shop. She seemed to be managing all right for she was wearing a diamond, but we were unable to find out the wedding plans. Estelle Suggs and Faye Gore were working in the same de- partment as bookkeepers. Dot told me that Faye and Estelle are very efficient secretaries. Next in the crystal ball came the huge research building of Du Pont Laboratories. We learned that Barbara Canady had been working there since graduation from college. She is also pianist for The National Boy's Choir. l think she is trying to win that good-looking choir director. Another graduation scene then came in view and among the students graduating from the Theological Seminary was Claude Mclleithan. Claude had been very popular among his classmates, and an inspiration to many. The globe then takes the form of a classroom where Nellie Ward is teaching high school English. She works in the summer at the Open Air Camp as assistant director of athletics. I then took another look, and I saw two nice looking soldiers, Hermon long and Wilbur Duncan, with their wives. Herman and Wilbur have been quite successful in their military career. Then running from the dug-out at the Nakina stadium was Charles long, ready to make that much needed run for the Pro Club of Nakina Indians, striving to win the North Carolina champion- ship. Charles is the proud father of three young sons, who idolize their baseball father. We found Harry Long, manager of the team, still a bachelor. But who is that cute blond in the stand that keeps smiling at him? The crystal ball then showed the form of a letter writ- ten on army stationery. lt was a letter from Royce to Doris Ward, telling her that he is coming home. I wonder what effect this news might have on her work as a secretary for the insurance company where she has been working since graduation. Next we saw that Thetus Connor had ioined her best friends in the WAC. She has kept up her ever famous appeal to boys-"Flirting" Audrey Formyduval emerges from the door of his funeral home and started down town to see if there have been any wrecks. He constantly thinks of the extra work he must do now that he is doing his own embalming. Speed seems to be the future for Willard FormyDuvaI for we then saw him in an Air Farce iet as he left the field. The vibrations were so forceful that they broke the crystal ball, and I must cross zny bridges as they come to find out what life has in store or me. KATIE MCKEITHAN, Class Prophetess LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Realizing that we are nearing "the bend of the river," we, the Senior Class of Nakina High School, County of Colum- bus, State ol North Carolina, being of relatively sane minds and vivid memories, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby rescinding all previous wills made by us. ltem l-To the Faculty lol All the assignments we foiled to hand in. lbl All borrowed unreturned pencils. Item ll-To Mr. Jones We will the many excuses we wrote and ask that he keep them on file to compare with the handwriting on those our children bring to him in future years. Item Ill-To the Juniors l, Maxine Blackman, will my natural curly hair to Wilma Dutton. l, Elbert Buck, will my ability to have good times at NHS to Vaughn Reeves. l, Barbara Canady, leave to Shirley Moore my ability to play forward the last three minutes of a game. l, Charles Clewis, will my ability to hit with a game basketball to anyone who needs it. l, Thetus Connor, leave my love for flirting to Joyce Ann Gore. l, Mary E. Cumbee, refuse to leave Harry anywhere or with anyone. I, Wilbur Duncan, will my clever way of cutting classes to Francis lewis. l, Katherine Evans, leave my love for bookkeeping to Pearl Ray Watts. I, Dorothy Faulk, leave my ability to keep my love affairs to myself to Edna Mae White. l, Audrey Formyduval, leave my skill to drive to Eugene Mclleithan. I, Willard Formyduval, need everything I have, so l iust leave .... We, Faye Gore and Estelle Suggs, bequeath our ability to have a big time regardless of where we are to Alease Formyduval and Evelyn Ward. l, John Gore, leave all my ability for flying to Clavin Reeves. l, Shirley little, leave my love for shorthand to Margaree Evans. l, Charles long, will my aiblity to hit a set shot to Ray Canady. I, Harry long, leave my ability to talk plain to Trenton Elderdice. l, Herman long, will my quietness in school to Ella Gray Clark. l, Claude McKeithan, leave my fast talk to Jackie Ward. I, Katie Mclfeithan, leave my ability to get other girls' boy friends to Wilda Clewis. l, Virginia Piver, leave my love for the Watts' to Jeanette lee. l, Olen Puckett, wish to leave my curly hair to all eleventh grade girls who want permanents. l, Pearlie Mae Register, will my ability to go steady to Mary Hayes. l, Othell Simmons, leave my wolf techniques to Tom Ray. l, Garland SUQQS. leave my lover-boyish ways to liston Hawes. l, William Suggs, leave my books where I have left them all year-in the library. I, Doris Ward, leave my love for the Williams High School boys to Jeanette Suggs, hoping she'll be as successful as I have been. l, Guy Ward, leave my love for skipping school to Ster- ling Ward. l, Linwood Ward, leave my love for being late for class to Darrell Stocks. I, Mary Ward, leave my love for commercial work to Gloria Russ. l, Nellie Ward, am willing to ga, but leave my ability for getting there last to Mary Gore. l, Herbert White, will my love for the Whiteville girls to Bobby Faulk. ltem lV-To the Sophomores and Freshmen We leave any usable obiects found anywhere in the school. In witness thereof, we, the Senior Class ot l955, do here- by set seal on this will on the fourteenth day of December in the year of our lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-live. Witnesses: DORIS WARD WlLlARD FORMYDUVAL SENIOR SNAPSHOTS FL? K f .W .Q it N ' Q A +V h gg R, as r Q, X S!" fir, P- i 'fs v' ,ggi Kg 'xwfgwff W I, 5, , . N W W, W OH' RCW 9 . ,iifk .. A. 'ki ' 'gf W way vim?-E3 D um L, N- A 15 h if W f gi N Mm ogre oc S L,,gw,,, up h , ,pf Inf My 3 . XM Q , W qw fffyw fbi E Y,-K W .ei 5-S, sk ,gfngg 1.69 qs, N ,gas X! M :H"NUh'-if 3 .W me Q M M N wi E We 55333 xg , U ,fy 4 was ,1vg,V2fSSQ '3 12 rf was N. A I RRP' In A Jyijgiygpw 'E Au ui' E wma 3 Wi' S 'N MQ NPV D- in--' D D l eiee 11:10 li r xg i 1 I A 0 ll Dlx filliam Thomas Benton Ella Gray Clark Betty Coleman Darrell Dutton Trenton Elderdice Margaree Evans Ruby Ezzell Roy Faulk Ruth Helen Formyduval Suvon Formyduval Mary Gore Liston Hawes ROV COUGCW Wilda Clewis Wilma Dutton Genevieve Evans Roy Faulk Alease Formduval Joyce Ann Gore Virginia Gore ' fit' 'KW' Mary Kate Hayes Francis lewis Eugene Mclieithan Shirley Moore Lillie Mae Puckett Calvin Reeves Vaughn Reeves Gloria Russ Billy Stanley Darrell Stocks Bobby Ward Evelyn Ward Jeanette Lee Ida Bell long Jean Powell Tom Ray Doris Richardson Lila Grey Soles Jeanette Suggs Colon Ward Jackie Wore! Theies Word Sterling Word Feorl Roy Wotis Betty jo White Edna Moe While Mrs. Sadie English lSpecic:l Srudenfl SNAPSHOTS Presion Whaley if H S V :E x if '- A ' ,S K Q al' 5 Q 3 7 si j 1 sz Yr hang, .eh .. if 2"" f 'hir ' Q kim 'YRS :i .. 'kiss 'W -xqvw-1 W, J . ,V -Ta Q gy 5'-XIX 358-' wy, N ,. Vw ,, QQ 593. 'MN 2' nr sum wa-nw is 'W-+, xiv nr. 5251: E X XT Juanita Anderson W. Christianson, Jr. Dail Gore Milton Gore Bobby long Eldridge Benton Mazie Elderdice Erma Gore Cordell Harper Bobby Joe long Lloyd Benton Freddie Ezzell Ervin Gore Fostine Jacobs Carolyn Long Darious Canady Bobby Faulk Gail Gore C. G. Jenerette, Jr. Dorothy Long Minnie Foye Carter Graolin Formyduval Jeanette Gore Betty Jone Jones Howard Jackson long Odell Clwestnutt Carol Fowler Kenneth Gore Jason Long Joyce Ann Long ,MN "PSI X E- TQ' i A 1 :f f fi ' f L ' " lf " : 'ff' ' 5 -ff . i ii' i X S 91 G- ig 11 jv sg, XXX, Y X, I S 'S tif 5 li , M ,Qi I 55-12 ,K i , - -we-it 1 . . 1' I , , r, S " . 'V Y J 2'-5, ,A Q-+-Q Lois long Mildred long Elwood Osborne Doroiliy Register Roth l-leleii Regisier Veimo Moe Smilli Lois Suggs Momie long Foy Roy loudello Simmons Joy Soles Groliom Word Norwood Simmons Alerie Spivey lolinfiy Word Oliver Long Harold Deon Register Tlielmo Skipper Keith Stanley lillicii Worcl Marie McCiiiiibee Hazel Regisier Wilmo Skipper June Siocks lmogene Whaley Jwiior Norris Rachel Regisier Kciy Smith Lillian Stocks l Bobby Woriiiingfol L - A 1 s- W ,WJ 5 ,W . W ,Z ,, M wa 1 fe., KS wg . -.,.- , - 1 f ls ia: ff - . 1.1, , Xa .di X il J A Q S 'x 'H .X 1 AERA A uxhm A-ml N S "1 f 'L"7" '2m+w 2w ' 1 'wh N ' ' ' ' ,A :K 4 1':' A 1435352 , WI ,Q .l a!i?'q3g5'V51 55' 'Q H SRX ff dw 1 HB In , 1, xx h ' I 2 :rw is :sfff.wS efw 3355293 film M935 H ii , :..- :gg N x 73. L. in :ll 4 Q71 1 9 . I . Kb. 1 Qs .13 a z if" ,Aw ww, 19' 3 Gtr L EE 3 1... 4. iv... 151. lv th l Qs.. "EP l it fin e, . ...iid Q A , 1 3 wif iff: . 'X V 4 ' . Q Connie Moe Benton Annette Buck Betty Jane Dew landa Faye Grainger Garland long 5? Janice Blackman Billy Roy Carter James Robert Dew D. F. Jones Hazel Long Charles Blackman Mary E. Clewis Edna Earl Dew Gene Autry .lanes Marie Long Carolyn Blackman Jettie Mae Clifton J. D. Gore Douglas Long Shirley Faye Long Ruth Blotlcntort A. L. Coleman Mildred Gore Elton Long Loyd Roy Little Lois Bright Raymond Lee Cumbee Nell Gore Etta Mae Long Alma Milligan X'-... I 1 if 35 qs- i li Q Dale Marlowe Esther Grey Moore Frankie Proffitt Roy Guy Soles Betty Faye Word Milton Mclamb Anthony Ray Charles Stocks F. M, Ward Covel Williamson Carlos Ann Simmons Sally Stocks Pete Ward lois Williamson is., we muffin R. C. Norris Hubert Smith f MQ' Lois Prince Margie Smith Waitus Suggs Freddie Waters Willa Dean Wilson James Piver Jean Suggs Carol Grey Sole Ray Ward Clyde Vance Doris Wilson Dorothy Watts SNAPSHOTS N 3f2Lv?"bj Q WW Q M wif. an Agia 3,95 839 ml-as sb ,-N 2 -I J fg. 11 1 -fl Q5 V ' .Jfgf .,,' : -41, 'T7' mf-vm, k A- L .. XNW '?'W"'qf'Wf K iwiffgkm ,M ,ik a-. Akai- 2 1 Q is 'X 5 F H9 'E X jvwi N4 X S iinpiwfvif' Y gg 5 3 yggg W Lniiif ff ' :fn an H Q nf. fx, W ., i V' X 1 3 ' L 1 K T I , Lili f,-.f'f.f'5 V .. i Q! T 553' ,Jr 52 1,515 4 im:-5' I K M WQBSFLW-T if: gg wif ,. wx SL ' S 1' K 'K 'N X V 'i f , ,mu , avdkfm-A.. 5Qww::f'?1'vu-, -it - f Q W, -7s'f-sffffwj -f 'I -XM M N WW- , ,HP Sf .4-, 'R+ 42 1-11 sf I ia v n 13' 4' .. A ug? rl' Q f J vi 1 o 6 .224 . 5 Q? ,V E A J ,,, fl a 1 4 V .- 1 , Q. s '- 'va- A A 1 1' 1 S V .gpg .h ,car ffm. frrfh- J J. ,I.+.3,eg D 'f 'li' THE PQW WOW Nellie Ward Claude McKeithan Barbara Canacly Harry Long Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Assisfqnf Business Mgr, STAFF 'Nellie Ward, Kay Smiih, Shirley Moore, Miss Williamson, Claude Mclieithan, Tom Ray, R. C. Norris, Harry long, Barbara Canady STUDENT COUNCIL 4-5 DOROTHY FAULK President 'I . ' , Treasurer Ruth Blackman ...... ...- - ' ' ' A .... - Secrioryf BobbY Worthingfon ' ' ' .... VlCe'P'eS' en Virginia Gore . . - -- MISS MARY WILLIAMSON Advisor STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES James Robert Dew, Donald Norris, Frankie Promtr, Bobby Ward Claude McKeiihan BETA CLUB , lf emma HRST ROW lleft to Rightl: Nellie Word, Dorothy Faulk, Virginia Gore, Doris Word, Ido Belle long, Doris Mary E. Cumbee, Barbara Canady, Betty Jo White, Richardson, Dorothy Mclieithan, Thelma Skipper. THIRD Shirley Moore, Jean Powell. SECOND ROW: Estelle ROW: Miss Abolila, Advisor, Tom Ray, Milton Gore, Suggs, Kay Smith, Juanita Anderson, Edna Mae White, Wilmer Skipper, Faye Gore, Ruby Ezzell. F. H. A. 0 Mui, .,-rl um, ' xx- - ., ' 1 - 5 5 f r .. - ,- 3 ll ll U 7 it 1 ' QQ' uk? , 'L 0, . Q: " -.... -' Q 0 it FIRST ROW lLelt to Rightl, Miss Gore, Advisor, Ella Grey Clark, Barbara Canady, Secretary, Shirley Moore, Treasurer, Doris Word, Vice-President, Rachel Register, President, Alma Milligan, Marie Long, Shirley Faye long, Jean Suggs, Lois Prince, Ruth Helen Formy, duvol. SECOND ROW: Edna Mae White, Jeanette Suggs, Mary E. Cumbee, Myrna Long, Juanita Ander- son, Lois Suggs, Kay Smith, Hazel Register, Shirley Lit- tle, Jettie Moe Clifton, Esther Moore. THIRD ROW, Nlu. Joyce Ann Long, Betty Jones, Venna Smith, Nellie Ward, Ruth Blackman, Janice Blackman, Marie McCumbee, Carol Fowler, Carolyn Long, Imo- gene Whaley, Edna Eorle Dew. FOURTH ROW, Lillie Puckett, Ida Belle Long, Joyce Ann Gore, Thelma Slcip- per, Gloria Russ, Mary Word, Jeanette Gore, Faye Ray, Sally Stocks, Jean Powell, Doris Richardson, Suvon Formyduval, Ruby Ezzell. LIBRARY CLUB lf , 14 1 .J . . - FIRST ROW lleft to Rightl: Othell Simmons, Secretary, Doris Richardson, Vice-President, Doris Ward, Presi- dent, Willard Eormyduvol, Treasurer, Miss Abolilo, l.i- brarian, Ruby Ezzell, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Doro- thy Register, Mildred Long, Mary Word, Ida Belle long, Jean Powell, Jeanette Suggs, Lois Suggs. THIRD ROW: Genevieve Evans, Jette Mae Clifton, Betty Coleman, Margaree Evans, Mary Kate Hayes, Lillie Mae Puckett, Alma Milligan, Esther Moore, Mary Cumbee, Marie long, Shirley Moore, Juanita Anderson, Ruth Helen Formyduval, Billy Suggs. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Piv- er, Martha Surles, Gloria Russ, Wilmer Skipper, R. C, Norris, .lohn Gore, J. D. Gore, Suvon Formycluval, Katie Mclieithon, Joyce Ann Gore. 4-H CLUB I f KAY SMITH ' MARY CUMBEE gec,e,U,y . President R. C. NORRIS MILTON GORE Vice-President . Treasurer ii I, FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Billy Stanley, Charles Stocks, Bobby Worthington, Garland Long, Milton Mc- Lamb, R. C. Norris. SECOND ROW: Ella Grey Clark, Marie Long, Lois Prince, Sally Stocks, David Hardwick, Ray Guy Soles. THIRD ROW: Edna Mae White, Alma Milligan, A. L. Coleman, Carol Fowler, Douglas Long, Howard Jackson Long. FOURTH ROW: J. D. Gore, Jan- ice Blackman, Wilmer Skipper, Betty .lo White, Ida Belle Long, Joyce Ann Gore, Lillie Moe Puckett, Carolyn Long, James Robert Dew, Shirley Faye Long, James Pivet, Ha- zel Register, Clyde Surles, Jettie Mae Clifton, Esther Grey Moore. FIFTH ROW: Gene Autry Jones, Ruth Blackman, Betty Jane Dew, D. F. Jones, Etta Mae Black' man, Frankie Proflltt, Carolyn Blackman, Bobby Faulk, Elwood Osbourn, Jane Suggs, Nell Gore, Estelle Lee, Billy Ray Carter, Trenton Elderdice, Elton Long. SIXTH ROW: Mary Elizabeth Clewis, Juanita Anderson, Doris Ward, Herbert White, Garland Suggs, Dale Gore, Edna Dew, Carlos Ann Simmons, Dale Marlowe, Gloria Russ, Jeanette Suggs, Mary Word, Freddie Watters, Graolin Farmyduvol, Charles Blackman, Gail Gore. .ll,l :Ill 4 :X vm T , ..fmt?mf-:ii-5-:...:,,.1,m 'arf V . ,,, , V ,- " W 'Q -11, 'miliifw' 'H-gag? X ii Task F. F. A. OFFICERS g LEFT TO RIGHT: Othell Simmons, Treasurer, Tom Roy, Secretory, Mr. Johnson, Advisor, Ster ling Word, Sentinel, Linwood Word, President, Billy Suggs, Reporter, Roy Ccnczdy, Vice President. M- at bf--rf '- -4 W -3- - ww--M --1-1-J-1'-ir--f wr-H 'P-'J--1 ---- 1 'f BUS DRIVERS Harry long, Katie McKeithan, Sterling Ward, Olen Puckett MAINTENANCE STAFF Mrs. Velma Williamson, Mrs. Reba Formyduval, Cafeteria Workers Mr, Gaston Stocks, Janitor awn- -04570 Q E. -ass, S N . . 'W M MONOGRAM CLUB FIRST ROW: llelf to Right 1 Mary GOre, Viceeturesirlerttg Dorothy Faullc, Secretary, Willard Formyduval, Pres- ident, Marie McCumbee, Reporter, Shirley Moore, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mary E. Cumbee, Rachel Register, Faye Gore, Betty JO White, Gloria Ross, Bar- baro Comedy, Graolin Formyduval, Doris Word, Mr. Weatherly, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Joyce Ann Gore Nellie Ward, Charles long, Darrell Stocks, Tom Roy Bobby Joe Long, Othell Simmons, Charles Clewis, Bobby Worthirwgton, Estelle Suggs. 235 . lf Q My my Qtfw K sr . D, , r X . Jllv 'H SW' 24, R A il S' ' f. - may 1,1 'fb I seg? ' . at . Q ,wg ' ,,.'3"'3?e7 5fi:e.+-r f l 4 ' A El: 'El t r ff' K' r ' ' :LQ-. P"" - Y. 52? ' , .. N Y YE ' 4 - .A M 1 Q. ' Mx ? Q, J , 'lei' 3,- 4559 D MA --- -.......-- -1.1m ,, V' NK , ?efwcFt S' s?--Q who was' L-'lg ,s -5. sg... Fx, V X . -+ . f- . 1251 . QQ! I 1 . 5 'a F! . 'Q 'ef 'is Y ,. j , X fig'Q 'Qyge f Qpwev, fy YWMW ' 1 wggem 1 ,ji f. , -, KA., w is Nha wM fWL,wwwWkQ. ,Mw il 1 ,Q -s Rv if .iggiigy , - w , 'B fm, ,, .W 5 'w Q , ggggxkqiifivfgia QA may S.,g-ggiwa H x - rg -, ii. fi q A 'E if 'QM -.wyfff an , sw 'UWN 2 mf ww - wig ,Y F. Q' Sv ,P g1 A ,, 55 3. "' R H43 W' wiv -Q Q' vii!! XE - -' ' .L V 1' A- Xi 51' -aw g,VgAL F , 2 - -f Q, Q RW ,ga 1355 M '5' f T ., - L: 3 A -. ' x Q fg L J I , v' a X " F" E AL M X A my QQ ' Z "-i 11: V x KQA' 5 - w Q JN,,w qsf gig? fkisifj sji2 wa? S'..42Q.wW' M iw Qifw iw Q , , , ., ' 5 f , . k,., Af xi A . X ' 3' f'J ff'wf 4, , , 1 fw mS.f waffw-M 4 14QQfu4- S if f 2 ffv v i J?R yN fi: 21Nfv,1Nw W?n Q gfiXW Kg wi-Q1 Q QA 2 , A Mgwk, L if V i , , Y .Q Ft A . X . , X , 5 1 5 3 Wm ,, .L . , . kzg 4 nw - v - ,, fig! V '- Q 'x QPR gsm- ' - -' ' ' 2, ' 'PQ-x f U ri 41- ' K 5 I A ' 'iv ' ' X- - H M- .ggi in "' x ' ' ,fy it ya A .E ki K- LQ 3 1 - Af V Q 2 - L , , N-g. 3, 41- , , , 5 . j wi Um. N, 1. K ,K . lt VW if-'S 5-1, " .yiswi .1 4 2 Q , , 'Q - Q M 3'2r. . A 5 b fi - H' he 4 i f LQ gf ,W f ,Q ' -- ky? YY -affix 'R f h - rim K -,N . Y f- . f , . I x-whim: 1, YL :X A L. -. ., A .QT ,rv wi 5 1 5-w , L A A A Q , V "Q v1-fx , ' X ' W 1-1 f 1 . . . 4: Q, , , A, , -Y X. 1, 1: .Ssxw .Q w-Q55 .KM A 5. 1 r QI RL' ,A f f .ai V 2' I fy- I f L 'gi 2 ,x N ii!!! ., W' N 451 -1,552 Q in Fiffi - - 9, - F9 gi W1 x N - K G 3 . .- . . . f' , -vi A , 7 A A ,img ,.,,f,g if ,Q K gg , . afar, Ap- ' jl ,,::: - ' H 1 , In ff .' .. Q 25- - gn! . 3" ,ij hx 5, kw!,yQ 4.-X' i ' M 3 bi- ::,,..-1171 Q95 , ... .:. - . - 'R f- Nm 1 'A Q16 ,af R5 133' , 1. .. - I... , L A .,: - , -- f f, W I W it I 6 - c I 'T 'AW M? my ' J 3 4 fffqrfff XQg?i5' xx. x 11f,N I Q + ' f' 1 - nik 4Q:.s1a H 1 ff k M X Q A f wr, . .. 12 4 11 'Q f W M 2 li ,M M' H' f. A H? T A M .. is N Q, X If A X fe- 35 f , 2 2 if, i Q .A . R- v 3 .L H 'S -my X it H 1 ' If Q f. . A, ww f " .. dw 2 1 if X 4 E W if sq, 6 if 5 5 if Af 4 - X1 5 gk 'E LX ? if -r M M i c gui! ri I S Jigs J W ii i Q 3' jg , if Q4 P 5, Q1 K i Av Q LT Nwwfwfp wwwwf ww-uf Q 3 we Q K E Q ings? ,HF af E 4 5 , ggi: 4 Rig 2 k K , bww: J . ,K fy! ,dm I iwfg wx JUANlTAA AN DERSON CHEERLEADERS MARY ELIZABETH CUMBEE Chief f 1 ALMA MILUGAN 7 15 J -... - X Q S I' f 4 f , .5 v- is MARQE LONG ,-, ,X GIRLS' BASKETBALL QE? LEFT TO RIGHT, Front Row: Nellie Word, Marie MCCumbee, Dorothy Fczulk, Co-Coploin Borboro Ccmody, Coproin, Mory Gore, Rochel Register BACK ROW: Gloria Russ, Kay Smith, Mildred Gore, Lois Suggs, Shirley Moore PAUL K. WEATHERLY DORLS WARD Coach Score Keeper BOYS' BASKETBALL 5- iv-,, 4,1 FRONT ROW: Chorles Clewis, Tom Roy, Willard Formyduvcil and Charles Long, Co- Coptoins, Odell Chestnutf. BACK ROW: Roy Conocly, Eugene McKeirhon, Dorious Conocly Freddie Ezzell, Othell Simmons, Keith Stanley, Grciolin Formycluvol. MR. cox HARRY LONG Time Keepe' Manager BASEBALL William Thomas Benton, Ray Canady, Graolin Formyduval, Bobby Worthington, Sterling Ward, Tom Ray, Bobby Joe long, Willard Formyduval, Charles long me . A ' Daw ' 1' h I mra .. K g. :V k BASKETBALL AWARD WINNERS Charles long, Mary Gore, Dorothy Faulk, Nellie Ward, Willard Formyduval f 'Q S ,B W 15,3 -w I nw i xy?- pe, ' 'ff .ff 3 . . ,. .. w 1 4 U 5 , Aww. P .I ,-"' 4-F J 2 Q. K. L Ei 'H K ,S X, :N 1- pig . h 5 ' 4 UD mi, - Wx Q55 'L.. 'Q 'if .KW , ,i ff' 'I' , .M ' 1 K mg 8-My 5 '21 1, 5 -Q' .. , Q ff.: Q' X ,W if g l -F ei ,bm ff 8 I fig! Y f A 4 WA I 71337-5' , Hggiqgf? inf X 2 Ly' iff H W 1 5 'W ' ' .y .iffy 53,1 f J E ak 1 ' ' '?i" g ,A 9 , 5 , , " - '44 . , fig E ,sg ,V ,M . V f . Y V ' 4, - ' Q xi it Sf? iw' , f :XJ , I ' ' f F 5 ,V Yi 'fi-1 , 195 b 38' 1 i if-F5 " fx x A 5 gn' s - k , , , f A9 ' ,Elf ,?:Y 3, Qx in N . inf? I 5 1 5 4 A 1 my 'Q I' - 3 , ' 2155, -is in i . T i ' 7 -, Q V- ' 4 M . ' ?. V k 2.1: . K -I f , ' ' '5 Q S1 '1-,k H" ' Q 'dx 5i:,,A5-'x i .15 , - M ,rt 1 ' M ' A .255 if, N - ,Jr ft .4 '- ' Qsfw A S52-F-'1'r'1' A' L ' Q dl if ir N 5 'f"4S 5. VSFW Y . Lyikk ' I . ' P -A 'Y-'fgf Tfig .gc W , b w , ' 'f ' ' K . -' , A ' 1 1 ' .1-U '."' ,A v . ..:,"' ' f' ' ' 4 T' Q :I 'Q"'7"'Cmwie'y4f Q 4 1 ff' if . Yi ff 'JET 1-1 Q .- av W V w f f- 3 4 M - , v 5 .y . 4 10, - 'A 41 -e V Q W jffh , ff-wx , we K 1 ji , 5 1 f, , , vw A, , , K .. .t,,,i. X ting, , , . R. .W if X az X Y a, ZW ' j .- 1 'x xx ' ' ,gafx wg 'fQ'A,., . Qrfi i H 951 .- M Q.. . A , kin, ,,w?fialw . , 923, jsp... 1 ' ., ji. , e - U . nf E b .. f ' i 9' K ' 4 LE -, 'j'!?iWx. ' . .-'ft - f H if gf -5 v m l - if-:fm I vii - f.-fiaxww' f bf Y U up jf, f .- ,,:,33- Q' A 4' K M X, - 11 i 5 . K . , S I , A I-In 3.x he iff! A- -.f ly VT- Q . W ' ' fr N -J X t, .4 4Kufle,'McK2nfllggf,w iW, ,W H g g . rd fa . f ,. U. , -r -aff 4 . ff fi g jw:1 fa f ffffw - A ., - ,Q q . A if F , ., s -1? Es? f ff X .Timm 1 1 ' , N. X X xx XX '-wif, ,. -F, I I I 3 I 6 1- 'ig . f. ' T?" Q' X kim -...W .IL na 5? v.,. , 'Q x 1 IQ. I 1 - X I . A Q ' ' -u 3 2, A wg ja A . ' , - W5-? 1 Lfi f 5 u, ,131 Qfuil '51 ' rm J, at wa' di vs al 5' W 34 3, .ms W fi--fu! "gg . ' Q U, ,gin V . Z',r5Tfi".fe9,i"h,.','f' ,' H wb 1 af" i ' " ,F Q ?"F'+f.r?f'4: L. ' sgygfj-2-5 .gm 1. Ag-5 4- - . ah F. 1 ' V A.l'- Qmevlt-.ZA my iffiff Jas K' A .. V Lk,-gg!-f., , w . X X' Q 'L N'Tw'V? ,., ,. ' 1-rw 'T xgfmw NFS! ' il, -:vga . 1 '--' :Pli- lx Tx' ou' 3, ,u r' 92, "4 X 4: Ll 'gk ,K .Nl X- - '1.. -. 1- ' , X.-.X , I ,' jjii' Vx iixlgfw' . ,. 4.. Y P Q .1 ,,,. .x v 5 ,-, . X .4 . f 5,- S' ' 5 x N J's.- ,'- 4.5 u ' pf Q . vu ,ff Y 1'f!'r.Aj 1 3 r 5 -S- f -::. V , A x w 4 A .Le S 3 -1 gg Ll 41 Q K '5-'v i' -,..' 'K NJ: ff ff ' Wifegsnsfk ' V -. gk QS., :V W 0, . i swwfw? an Q.. ' Y . ' iaf...43i f u s 5 5 I a R in H, RN Z FH' m X AXQ fi' 'VP E i 2. Mary FRIENDLIEST -, W ri mv-'F , .uf xxx N Guy rd 1 Iw 5 I -in I-, 'T"'! I ' ff. 1 i , K - 9- ,P K A K 'gi 'hx I :H 5 K . as U H x SMR 15' 4: fxx .Ni xxx n x . Q .5 ' ,f-i,SQ ei e V, -I 24 3- K N M X f 5 1 'Eff if L- X , H., if 'sf Vx WM, N gf , 'M :iii 49. fi :fiat . 1geM ZE ' fi: 'L rf 5' I 3 1 ff! fx xx 'Erin , , H if Vlfixsk' vif aff AU S ,Q 1' YF3si ff V-P? A 'Q -1? - ' ,Q -A ' - . if , fax? 'TAL F 1 3 ' ' .L wil' i ,. , in 4 ' -4-A.4'1. 1 f - mal. f-me Q, -w-ff. rim, A-1-, mu, iii Mfg? ' Q- ii my-r' ii' -Qs-Q.. 9'i 4.5 if ,K . X 'Q I f 153,11 ff X' 'Mx- mwss Naswggs "N"-N www! KRW! WL aw Nx wi ,QW- r 5 r Aire im saw xx f er. A K 1' xr K W cfhgues , Q, M91 X Nellie waika ff z 5 ,K K ,V - 4 x . .. . . MARSHALS Mary Cumbee, Nellie Word, Bcxrboro Comedy, Chief, Dorothy Foulk HQ! MISS NAKINA HIGH MARIE LONG XX 9421 'XXSY WYNYX S "A'.f4'--A --.-v"'::v-:.' MOORE'S Sale Every Day THE LEADING WAREHOUSE IN . WI-IITEVILLE The World's Highest Tobacco Market 1953 Season Ave. 858.96 A. H. qnem Moons CHARLIE c. MASON c. E. gem Jnrrcon Telephone No. 3273 SELL AT MOORES FOR MORE Whiteville's Biggest and Best Compliments of MODERN DRY CLEANERS Whitevihe, North Carolina Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Whitevhle, North Carolina For Best Sales and Service Sell Your Tobacco With DON WATSON and ROLAND GORE PLANTERS WAREHOUSE Tabor City, North Carolina Highest Average 52-53 "Service and Courtesy" Our Motto Y' L I I I I I I 1 L WOOTEN 8. BROWN TRACTOR CO., INC. Highway 74-76 Telephone 2591 Chadbourn, North Carolina ' I I I I I I I I 1I I L Congratulations to The Class of 1955 From AVANT AND SHOLAR, INC. "Wbiteville': Oldest Dealer" CARS AND TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE T I I I I PRINCE BROTHERS FURNITURE Tabor City - Chadbourn - Clarkton We Appreciate Your Patronage I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I L Compliments of WEST-VIETS MOTORS, INC. West Main Street Telephone 3114 Whiteville, North Carolina CAMP PLA-MCR, INC "Give 4 Boy a Chance to Play in a Skillful Why, And You Can Guide His Life With Ease." "Camp By The Sea" Windy Hill Beach South Carolina C ongratulutions! MEARES HARDWARE Whiteville, North Carolina 5 , . . 5: ' M: .s .L -1Xi. ing-:QM 1. ,. MF-:ww sim A' 2 ' wig, ,I i 2 f- k' wr In saw YWNN NS- mi N S, :ig V Q -. AS Compliment: of HILL'S ICE CREAM Whiteville, North Carolina ::::- :::: I: V - P 1 I 'I 1: .I 'I 1, ' 1' , 1 'I 1: ,I I MosKow's IN WHITEVILLE lT'S I ' I DEPARTMENT STORE 11 I 1 LEDER BROTHERS' 'NC' .1 1 OUTFITTERS FOR THE ENTIRE 1 A Complete Department Store Wfhere 1 'I 1, FAMILY You Shop With Confidence , Wear 12 1: 1a 1 Wifb Pride LE Whiteville, North Carolina 1+ 4' 4, 1 I, E 1 1 1 3: 1: A - xxi ILE, x xx ::::::::::::: ::::::::9-c:::- - - PRATT 8: LAMBERT PAINTS W'e Paint For Less PALMER WARREN HEDGEPETH Whiteville, North Carolina Color Styling Our Specialty Phone 3577 BLUE JEANS CORP. Manufacturers of DENIM SPORTS WEAR Wilmington Road Whiteville, North Carolina 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I I I I I 'I I I J 9 WRIGHT FURNITURE 8. GAS CO. MAYTAG APPLIANCES Tabor City, North Carolina POLSTON ROOFING 8. HEATING ROOFING 8: HEATING AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL Whiteville, North Carolina 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I I I I 'I 'I 4 Your Only National Bank FIRST NATIONAL BANK Whiteville, North Carolina Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation """"P"""""""""""'I COLLIER GAS CO., INC. Butane Propane Gas's RANGERS, WATER HEATERS HEATING EQUIPMENT Whiteville Tabor City Phone 3247 Phone 4591 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I WASHAM 8. WARLICK FARM SUPPLY CO. Quality Feed, Seed 8: Fertilizer GRINDING Bc MIXING A SPECIALTY Whiteville, North Carolina Phone 2749 :::::::::::::::::::::r:::: : :::J--1 HINSON MACHINE SHOP ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING BLACKSMITHING 8: GENERAL REPAIRS POWER LAWN MOWERS BUILT TO ORDER Any Make Lawn Mower Sharpened and Repaired South Whiteville, N. C. Phone 2626 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I Q 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I J Congratulations At Graduation Time PENN'S GRILL Whiteville, North Carolina -- - -41 11 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 J KRAMER'S DEPARTMENT STORE CLOTHES FOR LADIES, CHILDREN, MEN, BOYS Whiteville, North Carolina "A Dollar's Wortb of Good Merchandise For Every Dollar" J. S. MANN'S Where Quality Is Not Expensive Whiteville, North Carolina 4 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 J EMPlE'S T. V. 8. APPLIANCE BENDIX 8: RAYTHEON T. V. FEDDER AIR CONDITION SALES AND SERVICE All Work Guaranteed Next to Empie's Cafe South Madison St., Whiteville, N. C. Day Phone 2273 Night Phone 2877 1 If-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .1----A R. E. WHITE GROCERIES - MEATS GAS - OIL Nakina, North Carolina 4 1 11 11 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 11 J TOWNSEND BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. "Everything to Build Anytbingn Whiteville, North Carolina ::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::.r4-: ::Juf:::: LEA'S WAREHOUSE TOWNES LEA Louus LOVE Sale Every Day Whiteville, North Carolina 'I 11 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 See Me For Your Early Morning Delivery of THE WILMINGTON MORNING STAR RONEY W. CHEERS P. O. Box 645 Shallotte, North Carolina 11 J Tuggles-Farmers and Columbus County Warehouses DIAL GRAY JACK NEAL Owners and Operators 'WHITEV ILLE'S LEADING WAREHOUSE" BIack's Tire Service TIRES, RIMS, WHEELS RECAPPING WHEEL ALIGNING South Whiteville, North Carolina Phone 3191 Phgne MERCURY Day 3041 -- Night 2504 Authorized Sales 8: Service CITY MOTOR COMPANY MERCURY David H. "jack" Hardee 408 South Madison St. Owner Whiteville, North Carolina LEWIS-PEAY MOTOR COMPANY, INC Sales FORD Service NEW CARS 8: TRUCKS USED CARS FIRESTONE TIRES STANDARD PRODUCTS Tabor City, North Carolina QUALITY MOTOR CO., INC. FORD Sales Service "The Only Completely Modern Car In Its Field" Telephone 2288 8: 3843 Whiteville, North Carolina THE HOME OF GOOD BAKING wAccAMAw BANK a. musr coMPANY MEMBER F. D. I. C. Whiteville, North Carolina hooohoneaoq-:::- ::::: :::::::: :::: 4 ., 1 fi Day Phone 3766 Night Phone 3921 :I 4 44 44 .' DAVIS GARAGE 8. BODY SHOP 1. I 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Eg 1 COMPLETE AUTO RE-BUILDERS' 1 E AUTo GLASS - UPHOLSTERY - PAINTING 1E 4 I 1, Whiteville, North Carolina 4 5 ............A 3 4 "mmxmx" :mx:::::xx Z 41 VULCANIZING Day Phone 2755 4 4 " TIRE REPAIRS Night Phone 3307 - 3970 I 3: vALENnNE's me SALES s. ssnvlcls QE 4 1' N0 TIRE Too LARGE OR SMALL T0 SERVICE 7 1' LIBERAL TRADE-IN ON ALL MAKE TIRES .1 I' COMPLETE ROAD SERVICE ' 11 Whiteville, North Carolina 11 J 55::::J:::J:f5f35::J H y -ffffxx:-Afxf:x::fx:f:ffx:fxx::: 1 :E .E 4 1 TODD FURNITURE COMPANY 4 4 1: QUALITY EoR LEss 17 IQ Phone 3377 Q 4 jf 614 South Madison Street 4 4 Whiteville, North Carolina 1 24 4 lr P r :::fff::ff:::: -'v 1 4 If Compliments of ,I 4 51 MOONEY'S BLACKSMITH SHOP 1 ' "Meets the Farmers Needs" 1E 1 ELECTRIC WELDING GENERAL REPA1R1NG 1: , 4 E 207 West Lewis Street 'Q I Whiteviue, North Carolina 1 It A., A sseooa-o:::: ::: ::::,c: ::: Compliments of J. W. MOONEY 8. CO., INC. Chadbourn, North Carolina PEAL CHEVROLET CO INC. Telephone 3721 Chadbourn, North Carolina JACK PAIT FURNITURE COMPANY Chadbourn, North Carolina RCA TELEVISION Easy Terms C ompliments of SKIPPER'S JEWELRY STORE Chadbourn, North Carolina Compliments of 904 DRIVE-IN Tabor City, North Carolina C ompliments of CRUTCHFIELD'S TOBACCO WAREHOUSE Raymond and Gaither Crutchfield Whiteville, North Carolina THE CAROLlNA'S Most Completely Modern Department Store Three Floors and Basement Store Escalator-s Automatic Elevator Completely Air Conditioned More than 500 Nationally Advertised Brands BELK-BEERY Wilmington, North Carolina Compliments of SANITARY BARBER SHOP Whiteville, North Carolina --Y--1 --A- A--5-4--.-so-4-::::::-'p ,p.Q-.4-.gv-v- --- - F 1 11 1 I 1 11 1 11 1 IP 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 11 11 11 11 1' 1, 11 G 1 1 . I. N I ' AUSHN G 0 1 1 s 3. s SUPER MARKET It 1 1 - A - IL GROCERY G S O 1, 11 Foods of Quality ,1 FRESH MEATS 11 :1 1 1 1' Tabor City, North Carolina I Pireway, North Carolina It 11 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 : 'J ir J ec::::::::::::::::::::::::f::::::-13 Sfffv ::::::::::::::f::::-' 'P 1 1 You More at HOIIIC When YOU Shop at '1 1 1: . 11 I ROBERTS CLOTHING fl 1 CO'-HER 5 45 COMPANY ', it Whiteville's reading Jewelers and "Where Prices tell and Quality sells." 1' 1 Sllversmnhs 1 'rohof City, North Carolina 1 I Phone 3183 Lloyd Collier, Owner 1 P 1 555 55555555555 555 5- -5 i':::::::::::v :::::::::: 555: L "xx: 'T Vmm 1 WOOD'S 5-10 STORES 11 1 .' 1 1' BELK'S 1, Completely Remodeled Throughout Ig I 11 1 ', HOME or Bnrrlsn VALUES 1 Air Conditioned for Your Shopping 1' 1: , Comfort Whiteville North Carolina gr 1 Whiteville, North Carolina 1: 11 4, 11 11 -- --A----A----A-AA--+ - - - ---- 3 iL-oc::::- ::::Jc:: A - is f.Af55.'5555555555555555555555 v - f555v 5:5 1 11 11 11 1 1, 1, wHmavlLus BODY I 11 1 SHOP ' 1: 1, ERVIN WILLIAMS 1 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE 1 1: COMPLETE BODY 1uaBU1LDxNG 1 1' POULTRY 1 1 o a I 1 Whiteville, North Carolina 1 5, South Whntevxle, North Carolina h 1 Phone: my sszo - Night 2596 1, 1 55555555555555JA555555555555 L L 3 1 P 1 A:::::vc :::- WHITEVILLE LIVESTOCK AUCTION Auction Sale Every Monday 1:00 P.M. CATTLE, I-IOGS, SHEEP, ETC. Whiteville, North Carolina Phone 3595 Compliments of P. O. GORE'S STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Nakina, North Carolina REED'S Whiteville's Largest Diamond Importers JEWELERS OF WHITEVILLE, INC. 613 South Madison Street C ompliments of COLUMBUS DRUG STORE Whiteville, North Carolina A N, ,, .VX ' it ', U' Fw 3 1 F1 3 15115 ig: 4 ,, MA U 's 3 Q X , Q AAR if' 2 . P25 N X i s , ., ' f ' 4- .. 5 x V .. -"5 -4 R S.. V M 1,2 g A W ' .,1 g, A , . uk In s . 9 ,FST JW M 'xg mm K' J . H X k 1 m 1 rv -In V me Q ix? : L-s::o::: : :r:::::::::rc:9c:::::::7 DUNCAN'S GARAGE 8. SALVAGE NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS WRECKER SERVICE WELDING ' FARM TRAILERS MADE TO ORDER South Whiteville, North Carolina JOE O. DUNCAN Owner and Manager SCHULKEN'S THE HOME OF GOOD HARDWARE Opposite Depot Whiteville, North Carolina e0c-V-v- -- --- v- - -Y--TQ P Compliments of GILLAM PONTIAC Whiteville, North Carolina PAUL C. GORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE ESSO GAS AND OIL Pireway, North Carolina .ff A-'- I: A'-Ay fr WARNER'S GRILL Hamburgers Milkshakes Hot Dogs All Sandwiches Front of W. E. N. C. South Whiteville, North Carolina fc:::: A - -A--- --A-+ A C on gratulalions! CITY BARBER SHOP "It Pays to Look Well." Tabor City, North Carolina Congratulations at Graduation Time From LEROY STOCKS 84 E. Pg HARDEE of CITY BARBER SHOP "It Pays to Look Well." Whiteville, North Carolina STOPHEL'S CLEANERS CLEANING, PRESSING, REPAIRING Modern Equipment Whiteville, North Carolina East Main Street Phone 3718 ff . R J --A------AA-A-A-A-'A---:Doc"'A --- +--- ----:po-oo-c-A-: oc---9'0-v,, ---- --- VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP FOR ALL YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS Located Over First National Bank Whiteville, North Carolina v,--gp-0-oc-J -A --'- 'A-:nc--:oooc'--- E'I7FI1Q7lg77Ig7:fS of ' I J. A. MCNEILL 8. SONS DRUGGIST SINCE 1900 Eastern N. C.'s Largest Dealer of Animal and Poultry Health Needs Whiteville, North Carolina Compliments of MYRTLE HILL FLORIST "In Any Event Send Flowers" Whiteville, North Carolina T 'I I I WHITEVILLE FLORIST I I I I I -Jtv-r0t-,v --vvv --:o0q06vg -Inav-----:o0t-----Jrc---- C on gratulations! STARLITE DRIVE-IN Whiteville, North Carolina I I 'I II I ANNIE W. SHULKEN I MARTIN H. SHULKEN ,E "Columbus County's Oldest Floral 'I Business" I Phone 2722 I, Whiteville, North carolina It I,-:::::::::::::::::::::.-I-4-::::::J-4-: 4'f5f5 555JIf-'III' "ff-A I, i " Compliments of II ' GLOBE I I I, TRADING STAMP I I Whiteville, North Carolina I b f555 '!:5l5f55Jf5:f.f! :3f I I Uptown Phone 3106 4: Downtown Phone 3255 'I I SIMMONS DRUG STORE I I, "Friendly Drug Service" I I Whiteville, North Carolina I I In LA-:':::::::.f4:::ro-4-:: w5f fI :53 :?5 II 'I I 35 R. D. WHITE a. SONS I If DEALER IN AUTOMOBILES , MOVIES AND GASOLINE 1: AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE I II Shallotte, North Carolina Ir II G- - - - - - :::::::: Compliments of JONES PEANUT CO. Chadbourn, North Carolina Y 11 1 '1 41 tl 41 11 '1 P 1 4 1 :1 1 1 '1 1 '1 1 11 1 '1 '1 1 '1 L: HOLIDAY TRUCK STOP 24 HOUR SERVICE FISK TIRES SHELL GAS 8: OIL Shallotte, North Carolina -:::::J-c::: vcec: JA I I.. ES -mv, .W .Qs A . X53-v ,.. L? 4. A, . flmwuw-., Q' . K N .Q .-.v--... -.-nm,-QQ-ny. . ,.,,,,m A Q4 -,Agn -M ' ' ... fl 'num -A -M -WW ' NR' " .1-,, W v 2 Y N 2 Q. 4 Q ,ss I. 1 W I 5 w l f 1 am 'KK-.H -I5 -' f, - ,,1,1,4,,f- . , M , H-. :wwf . .V ' 'mu ,-J.: W., .,.,,' L' 5-f 4. , ' w :vga Z, . ,A '4 ,z -ig M- -, . 'QA I M. , W A - ,,wf'.' v..:' -V . 'LZ A E, he 4: ,fjdfk , s .Z . , , M, A , T: I - ,rl 1 ,xfigf -,LJ 5 C ,Q gi :M-T znfwf uf, if I ,. .HN 51,1 Z? ' ' HG'.-1,,q1:.g,.N,V ,' 'Q Lb - -Q ,,,,' ' 'bag' f "wal . ff 1 :.' 1 ,Q 4, ' ' 3 -, . E - -vu.. ,7 -L Q - i - - ""':Tg, W -, -, Q f .Q 4- ' 7' .- 'H-1. K. ' , , , pl F 'xi 1 -.., 2-. p uf f' '1 ,Q 9: 'K' 'f . 'V "W 6, , 1.-fr-f:,7'i" A . .MM ' ,rkf xr.:-'Wy . Y- Q,- wn 4, "- " ,, i .W ' 1' v, , , . - " ' ,U --J: , xy ' LX, , Kr 5 .4 , ,M U, ,K W .353 -3 N v ,I "VIA:-1 ,vi 4751.32 'S' Q, J QR' 7.1-s-.. ' .Q . , r H' J 'mf 'iz y,, N, . Qu, ,L . ' h.,"'L f f',--'Fw N, " ' F' vm, .u, 1 ,- -:P N "W, J-If V wx ,arf ji. -I svn, .,.,- ag, .-'- W:,.i my .

Suggestions in the Nakina High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Nakina, NC) collection:

Nakina High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Nakina, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 54

1955, pg 54

Nakina High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Nakina, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 69

1955, pg 69

Nakina High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Nakina, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 9

1955, pg 9

Nakina High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Nakina, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 20

1955, pg 20

Nakina High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Nakina, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 26

1955, pg 26

Nakina High School - Pow Wow Yearbook (Nakina, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 16

1955, pg 16

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