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Li?) U®) Presented by I Zhe Senior Class J ahmta Migh School Sometimes our portion of wisdom wears thin, we fail to keep appointments and miss the boat. But this is the way we live. In our frantic race to prepare for adult responsibilities in the swiftly moving world - when missiles to the moon are no longer merely a fantasy, but a reality - in this age, the age of Speed, we must find the wisdom to lead us. By means of photography and phrase, the Chieftain now presents our year. With the greatest gratitude, we. The Senior Class of nineteen huruliel and fifty-nine, dedicate our ' 59 Chieftain to you, Mn. Doris Gurley. In this small way we hope to show our deepest appreciation far all that you have done for us in the past four years. You have listeped to our complaints, he ed us work out problems, and encouraged us. We wiiji always remeniber you for your untiring patience and cheerful disposition. It is ' our privilege to have been your students. Thy s, Mrs. Gurley, we hope your life will always be rich and rewarding. The Senior Class of 1959 k Dear Seniors, I extend congratulations to the class of 1959. As you complete another phase of your adolescent years, you are contemplating a magic venture into the world of adults. The past four years have given you opportunities with your classmates as well as laid a founda - tion strong enough to allow you to face realities and to set a straight and stronger course that you may live more abundantly. I greet you as you enter this new phase of life with a challenge for more creative endeavors in the fu- ture, but, more important, for growth toward a greater capacity for service toward the fellow next door, to your community and to people everywhere the world over. Sincerely, Mr. Green, Principal MR, RAY ANDERSON County Supervisor MR. GLEE DAVIS, MRS. ZORA BUNN, MR. AVERY SASSER, MR. OWEN WHALEY School Board Absent - MR, OLAND PEELE MISS ELIZABETH LEWIS County Guidance Director LUCILLE HOLLAND HETTIE SASSER BERTHA PEACOCK First Grade First Grade Second Grade DORA FLEMING EVA WOOTEN LOUISE LEWIS MOZELLE GURLEY Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade COLEEN SASSER JOHN PARKER LOUISE WILKIE CHARLES BOYKIN Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Home Ec Math JOSHUA FOYLES Science DORIS GURLEY English JESSE GRIMES Agriculture DAVID GREEN History e( -Am M cf2 r x4£a- 6 A : . • !; r— I I , i— • SENIORS AA " QjLjU sj Grade Editors: Allen Aycock, Rose Aycock; Club Editors: Gerald Brown, Judy Aycock; Sports Editors, Ray Sasser, Janice Mayo; Editors: Jane Howell, Jimmy Thomas; Literary Editor: Glennie Langley; Proofreaders: Judith Overman, Deanye Lee; Business Manager: Margaret Berry; Photographer: Ted Peacock. Adviser MRS. GURLEY Editor JANE HOWELL Assistant Editor JIMMY THOMAS Senior Officers President - JIMMY THOMAS Vice President - -- -- -- -- -- -- RAY SASSER Secretary - - -- JUDITH OVERMAN Treasurer - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DEANYE LEE Class Song Graduation makes us blue Now that high school days are through; But w’e ' ll always think of you, Nahunta High, Every day we ' ii reminisce Dreaming of our mem’ories bliss, Alv ays thinking how we ' ll miss Nahunta High. A few short years it seems Have gone by with teachers and friends; And with work, fun, and cheer There ' ll be no blue memories here. As we Journey on our way, May success be ours each day Always thinking of our stay at Nahunta High, BERNIE WAYNE PHILUPS OLIVIA ANN FLOWERS These two energetic pre-schoolers, serving as our MASCOTS, remind us of our early school days. Senior ALLEN GLENN AYCOCK Basketball, 2; Athletic As, , 1,2, 3,4; Bus Driver, 3,4; Sub. 2; Student Coun- cil, 2,3; FFA, 1,2,3, 4, President, 1; Annual Staff; Junior Play; 4-H Club, 1, 2,3,4; Class Officer, 2,3. JUDY CAROL AYCOCK FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2,3,4; Glee Club Pianist, 3; Toy Orchestra Pianist, 3; Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet, 2; Beta Club, 3,4; Prompter Junior Play; Marshall, 3; Athletic As. , 1,2, 3, 4; Librarian, 4; Usher Senior Play, 3; Annual Staff. LAURAETTA ROSE AYCOCK Ath. As. 1.2. 3, 4; FHA. 1.2. 3. 4. Officer 4; Waitress of Junior -Senior Banquet. 2; Waitress at Father and Son Banquet. 1; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff. MARGARET ANN BERRY FHA. 1.2. 3, 4; Annual Staff; Basket- ball 2.3.4. Co-Captain 4; Cheer- leader 1; Class Officer. 1.2.3; Junior Play; Ath. As. 1.2. 3. 4, Officer 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, Officer, 4; Glee Club, 2,4; Homecoming Queen 3. EDNA LOUISE BIZZELL Senior FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; Librarian, 4; Junior Play Usherette; Lunchroom Worker, 1,2; Waitress of Father and Son Banquet, 3. ROBERT GERALD BROWN FFA, 1,2,3, 4; Baseball, 2,3,4; Ath. As., 1,2, 3, 4; Bus Driver, 4, Sub. Driver, 3; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Halloween King, 4. ROBERT GLENN GURLEY FFA, 1,2, 3, 4; Ath. As., 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Sub. Bus Driver, 2, Bus Driver 3,4; Beta Club, 3,4; Glee Club, 2,3,4; Marshal, 3. EDITH KATHRYN HOLLAND FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; Librarian, 3; Junior Play Usherette ' ; Lunchroom Worker, r,2. JANE GOLD HOWELL Editor -in -Chief of Annual; Annual Rep, , 3; Class Officer, 1,2,3; Beta Club, 3,4, Officer, 3,4; Ath. As,, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4, Co- Captain, 3,4, Most Valuable Player, 3; FHA,1,2, 3,4, Officer, 1,2, 3, 4; Marshal, 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Student Council, 3,4, Officer, 4; Glee Club, 2,3,4; Forbes Citizen- ship Award, 2. JIMMY LAMONT HOWELL Basketball, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 1,2, 3,4; FFA, 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Ath, As., 1,2, 3, 4, Semor GLENNIE MAE LANGLEY FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; Librarian, 4; Junior Play; Lunchroom Worker, 1,2; An- nual Staff; Waitress of Father and Son Banquet, 3; Waitress of Junior and Senior Banquet. DEAN YE GRACE LEE Class Officer, 1,4; FHA, 1,2, 3, 4, Officer, 2,3; Beta Club, 3,4, Offi- cer, 4; Chief Marshal, 3; Ath. As. , 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, Scorekeeper, 3,4; Waitress of Junior and Senior Banquet, 2; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff; School Reporter, 3,4. JOHNNY RAY LEE FFA, 1,2, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 1,2; Sub. Bus Driver, 3,4. HAROLD GLENN LEWIS FFA, 1,2,4; Sub. Bus Driver, 2,4; Class Officer, 2; Ath. As., 1,2; Baseball, 1,2,3; Basketball, 1,2; All County Second Team, 2; EMI, 3; Best Drill Squad; Best Drill Com- pany; Best Drill Platoon; Honor Cadet One Month Squad Leader; On Rifle Team. Class JANICE ANN MAYO Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4; FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; Ath. As., 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Glee Club, 2,4; Waitress of Father and Son Banquet, 1; Waitress of Junior and Senior Banquet, 2; Sports Editor of Chieftain, 4. JUDITH LYNN OVERMAN Annual Staff; Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4; Ath. As., 1,2, 3, 4; FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; Class Officer, 1,2,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Band, 1,2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2,3,4; Student Council Rep, , 4; Waitress of Junior and Senior Banquet, 2; Marshal, 3; Halloween Queen, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, Officer, 3. WILLIAM ROBERT PARNELL FFA, 1,2, 3, 4; Secretary Agriculture, 2; 4-H Club, 1,2; Ath. As., 2, TED OLIVER PEACOCK Ath. As. , 1,2, 3, 4; FFA, 1,2,3; 4-H Club; Sub. Bus Driver, 3; Photographer for Annual; Baseball, 3,4; Basketball, 4. MAX FULGHUM ROSE Ath. As,, 1,2, 3,4; Bus Driver, 4; Timekeeper, 1,2,3; Sub Bus Driver, 3; FFA, 1,2, 3, 4. EDITH INEZ SASSER 4-H Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer, 1,2, 3,4; Beta Club, 3,4; Class Officer, 1,3; Waitress of Junior and Senior Banquet, 2; Ath. As., 1,2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2,3, 4;FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; Senior Play; Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal, 3; Rep. to Student Council, 2; Won Forbes Citizenship Award, 3; County FHA Officer, 4. Senior GARLAND RAY SASSER Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4; Co-Captain, 4; Baseball, 2,3,4; Ath. As., 1,2, 3, 4; President 4; Class Officer, 1,2,4; FFA, 1,2; Glee Club, 2,4; Band, 1, 2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Sub. Bus Driver, 3,4; Annual Staff, 4; Student Government, 4; Salloween King, 3. JUDITH OPHELIA STUCKEY Band, 1,2; Basketball, 1,2,3; Score- keeper, 4; Glee Club, 2,3,4; FHA, 1,2, 3, 4, Officer, 3; County Officer, 3; FFA Sweetheart, 3; Holloween Queen, 3; Farm Bureau Essay Winner, 2,3; County Winner 3; Peace Essay Winner, 3; Officer Student Govern- ment, 2,3; 4-H Club, 1,2, 3, 4, Officer, 1,2,3, 4; Beta Club, 3,4; Junior Play; Bus Driver, 3,4. CHARLES AARON SULLIVAN FFA, 1,2, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 1,2; Basketball, 2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Sub. Bus Driver, 3,4; Athletic As. , 1,2, 3. JIMMY RANDALL THOMAS Assistant Editor of Annual; President of Student Council, 4; President of Senior Class; Vice President of Stu- dent Council, 3; President of FFA, 3,4; Reporter of FFA, 2; Vice Pres- ident of Beta Club, 3; Beta Club, 3,4; Athletic Association, 1,2,3, 4; President of Junior Class; Basket- ball, 2. Class CAROL TEDDAR VICK FHA, 1,2, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 1,2; Librarian, 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club, 2,3; Junior Play Prompter, 3; Lunchroom Worker, 1. BETTY LOU WELLS FHA, 1,2, 3,4; 4-H Club, 1,2; Music, 2; Junior Play Usherette; Waitress at Father and Son Banquet, 3; Athletic As., 1,2; Basketball, 1; Librarian, 1,2,4. KENNETH BRYAN WELLS FFA, 1,2, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 1,2; Sub. Bus Driver, 3,4; Band, 2; Athletic As. , 1,2,3; Junior and Senior Play Stage Manager. Class Mist or y One September morning in 1947, forty-eight bright-eyed youngsters flooded the halls of Nahunta High School to enlarge their minds with years of learning. Some were rather shy, like Johnny Lee, while others, like Ray Sasser, had to be tamed. We were soon under Mrs. Dora Fleming ' s guiding hand and were fortunate to be promoted to the second grade in the spring of 1948. Being a large group, we were divided all of our elementary and grammar days until the eighth grade. Our teachers during these years included: Mrs. Leslie Rowe, Mrs. Bertha Peacock, Mrs, Dixie Edmundson, Miss Mary Pipkin, Mrs. Louise Lewis, Mrs. Lena Smith, Mrs. Mozelle Gurley, Mrs. Eva Wooten, Mrs. Pearl Pierce, and Mr. Herbert Banks. Although these years were happy ones v ith the usual parties and picnics, nothing too exciting happened to us other than our visit to the State Capital in the fifth grade. Among those who joined us in grammar school were Deanye Lee, Judy Aycock, Judith Overman, Glennie Langley, Louise Bizzell, Charles Sullivan, Rose Aycock, Edith Holland, Allen Aycock, Harold Lewis, and Kenneth Wells. Our School life really became interesting in the eighth grade with Mr. Charles Boy- kin as our instructor and Mr. W, P. Hollowell as our principal. After much confusion, we eventually got into the swing of changing classes and were graduated into high school with great expectations for the next four years. As Freshmen, our year began with a bang, with Mr. Don Shackleford as our teacher. The highlight of this year was a visit to Chapel Hill and State College. Our Sophomore year whizzed by with Mr. Scott McPhail and Mrs. Mary Alice Howell advising us. Making good use of the money we made from tying tobacco, we had a Christmas party at the Grange Hall. By the time our Junior year rolled around, we had settled down considerably and were ready towork. Mr. David Green became our new principal, taking the place of Mr, Henry Beard. With the addition of Robert Parnell and the loss of Michael Mayo and Christine Mitchell the help of Mrs. Louise Wilkie was much needed to conduct many money raising projects. Some of these were picking cotton, selling magazines, station- ary, and candy. After many setbacks, our Junior Play, " No Boys Allowed, " was successfully presented on April 4, 1958. Along with Career Day and ad selling, our banquet at which we entertained the Seniors in the school cafeteria was memorable. Having " Plantation " asourtheme, we used the colonial home in the background. Taking a part in graduation exercises made us relize how far along we were. Returning in the fall of 1958 for our final year, we were delighted to have Mrs. Doris Gurley as our sponsor. We started right to work with ad selling, peanut shaking, and cotton picking. But in our busy schedule we managed to take a half day to relax and enjoy one of Shakespeare ' s plays, " The Taming of the Shrew " , at Alantic Christian College, in Wil son. North Carolina. The receiving of our class rings aroused much excitement, but with the presentation of our Senior play, " The End of the Lane, " December 3, 1958 we soon came down to earth. Although it has been hard work, we have enjoyed working on the annual. We are looking forward to our Senior excursion and other activities. These will remain deep in our minds. As we look back over the past, we relize that somewhere just over the horizon lies our future. Qur parents, teachers, and friends have helped us create it thus far and at this time we twenty eight Seniors should like to express our thanks to them. Surely we have needed their guidance and protection in this fast moving age of hula hoops and rocket ships. Historian, Margaret Berry Senior Class Poem We are the seniors of ’59, As a class we leave our mem ' ries behind. We really hate to say good-by To our dear school- -Nahunta High, The days have gone by much too fast And the time to leave has come at last. Our wonderful class has had troubles and fun But through the years our victories we ' ve won, Here ' s to our teachers who have endured our ways; We wish them happiness through all their days. Strolling, studying, playing, and singing - These things in our minds will b§ always ringing. We think now of the challenging world ahead Looking to God that we may be led. The future calls us to a different life Where there will be problems and much strife. We’ll practice each day the principles we ' ve been taught Knowing education is a tool that can ' t be bought. By Judith Overman " The End of the Lane " presented by the Senior Class, December 3, ' 58. SITTING: Judith Overman, Janice Mayo, Jane Howell, Rose Aycock, Deanye Lee, Inez Sasser, STANDING: Mr, Joshua Foyles, Adviser: Gerald Brown, Jimmy Howell, Jimmy Thomas, Ray Sasser, Robert Gurley, Best Looking JUDY STUCKEY - ALLEN AYCOCK Friendliest ROSE AYCOCK - KENNETH WELLS Most Talented , JUDY AYCOCK - ROBERT GURLEY Quietest EDITH HOLLAND - ROBERT PARNELL . { Flijtiest LOUISE BI2ZELL - MAX ROSE Most Intellectual DEANYE LEE - JIMMY THOMAS Most Athletic JANICE MAYO - HAROLD LEWIS Cutest GLENNIE LANGLEY - CHARLES SULLIVAN Most Likely to $ucceed jUDITH OVERMAN - TED PEACOCK Most Dependable MARGARET BERRY - JIMMY THOMAS Wittiest JANE HOWELL - JIMMY HOWELL Neatest INEZ SASSER - GERALD BROWN Best-AIl-Around JANE HOWELL - RAY SASSER Most Studious CAROL VICK - JOHNNY LEE yWr. and Miss Chief tain So proudly we hail Margaret and Ray, who we think represent the school spirit, loyalty, pep, friendship, character, le adership, and achievement which the ideal Nahunta High School Student portrays to us. JUNIORS flunior Officers President - — Vice President Secretary — ■ Treasurer — ■ Chaplain - JOYCE RICKS - - FAYE POPE LOIS EDGERTON - CAROL FIELDS - BILL JORDON Junior Play - Gentlemen, Preferred Joyce Ricks and Theodore Hardison get experience as Junior Representatives on the Annual Staff. E. L. AYCOCK fumr Class LOU ANN AYCOCK PATRICIA BARNES WILLIAM BARNES SHIRLEY BEDFORD BOBBY BUNN JEANNETTA EDGERTON LOIS EDGERTON CAROL FIELDS GRACE GURLEY WOODARD GURLEY SANDRA GINN CHRISTINE HALES THEODORE HA RDISON N. T. HOLLAND MARY ANN HOWELL fjuHior Class BILL JORDON HELENE LEWIS FAYE POPE JOYCE RICKS BILLY ROBBINS WILLIE ROLLINS GLENN SASSER WAYNE SASSER J. B. STRICKLAND ROY SULLIVAN ELOISE TUCKER RALPH WELLS JOVANCE WHALEY MICHAEL WHALEY HILTON WINDERS President Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Reporter — - Historian - - - J. RAY MOORING - SHIRLEY BAKER - LINDA SASSER - ALBERT PIERCE ■ BRAXTON BELL - LILLIAN DAVIS A gay time was had by all at the Sophomore Christ- mas Party. Biology students enjoy using the new lab facilities while disecting a crayfish. Steve Aycock Shirley Baker Susie Jane Baker Braxton Bell Sandra Crawford Lillian Davis Iris Ferrell Louise Godwin Earl Hales Billy Rose Holland Jerome Hooks John Hooks Sophomore Class Sue Horne Woodley Ivey Sandra Jordan J. Ray Mooring Don Morris Doris Parnell Albert Pierce Charles Pope Linda Sasser Betsy Thomas Linda Toler Carrie Wade freshman Officers ' President ELIZABETH MORRIS Vice President SCOTTIE HOOKS Secretary FRANCES HARDISON (abs.) Treasurer MAXINE WHALEY Reporter LINDA PITTMAN Woody Joe Betty James Ann Aycock Baker Barnes Bedford Bizzell Elbert Boxwell Linda Bunn Geneva Edgerton Jimmy Edgerton Mattie Mae Ferrell Ireskmen Faye Frances Scottie Carolyn Jesse Hall Hardison Hooks Lane Lee Ruth Brenda Elizabeth Clark Sue Minshew Mooring Morris Parrish Peacock Dotty Sullivan Janice Talton Jean Toler Maxine Whaley Peggy Winders Jimmy, as S, G, President Rev, Hinnant addresses Mr, Boykin tries one for welcomes student body assembly size Welcome Shelba, David Seniors work for their Our lovely contestants Janice, John and Lloyd April trip to New York for our Halloween Show Beta members using noses Beta recognized Fleming New members receiving instead of brains with 20 years teaching Beta Pins Hal and Jim bid farewell in the senior play Martha tells Bud a piece of her mind " Well, I like that! " says Ellen, the loser in love. J. Anderson, R Aycock, C. Boswell, F. Collier, A. L. Davis, A. Edgerton, P. Fields, L. Gard- ner, B. Holland, L. Howell, N. Ivey, R. Jordan, H. Langley, F. Mayo, J. Mayo, K. Mooring, F. Parker, M. Parrish, E. Radford, G. Sasser, H. Sasser, J. Sasser, P. Strickland, A. Sullivan, G. Sullivan, J. Tucker, Absent: Arnold Bizzell, K. Taylor. Seventh Qrade E. Aycock, A. Baker, F. Baker, R. Best, D. Bass, G. Crawford, C. Ferrell, J. Gurley, K. Hales, R. Hales, B. Hinnant, J. D, Howell, J. K. Horne, J. Jordan, R. Howell, F. Kirby, D. Marlowe, J. Merritt, D. Mooring, B. Overman, C. Pope, J. Sasser, G. Stallings, B, Toler, J, Waddell, M. Waddell, R. Whaley, B. Wilkie. Absent: J. Ginn, S. Howell, L. Jones, N. Jones, S. Tucker, S. Turnage. ABSENT Johnny Carlyle Elizabeth Turnage Albert Crawford Betsy Howell Donald Pate Carolyn Aycock Wayne Aycock Brenda Bedford Faye Bizzell Sylvia Combs Elbert Crawford James Crawford James Davis Dwight Elmore Timothy Fail Pearl Grantham Jesse Hales Peggy Hinnant William Hinnant Ann Holland Ricky Howell Kenneth Ivey James R. Johnson Dennis Jordan Gary Lee James Maples Skth Qrade Eustice Mayo George Morris Faye Overman David Parker Frankie Parrish Cheryl Pierce Jane Pittman Wayne Pittman Marshall Pope Alene Robinson Barbara Sasser Edith Sasser Frances Sasser Judy Sasser Faye Sasser Roy Sasser Cyrus Talton Donald Thomas Jerry W. Waddell Janice Wilson Absent: Johnny Taylor, Elwood Mitchell, Kenneth Godfrey, James Pilkington, Guy Jordan Harold Jordan Melody Lane Phyllis Lancaster Tommy Maples Dennis Mooring Linda Overman Cindy Pope Tifth Qmde Billy Anderson Michael Aycock Rudine Aycock Allen Bedford Douglas Edgerton Carolyn Elmore Faye Evans Ed Ferrell Glenn Ferrell Joan Gooding Carl Hales Barbara Harrision Albert Holland Henry Holland Sue Ho vell Donald Johnson Ashley Price Cherry Rose Larry Sasser Elwood Stalling Jimmy Sullivan Judy Whaley Linda Wilkie Ricky Winders Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Sandra Aycock Linda Bailey Linda Barnes Danny Combs Bobby Crocker Jesse Ferrell Lavern Gooding Gail Gurley Janice Hales Ray Harrell Carey Harrison Lillian Hinnant Butch Holland James Horne Linda Ivey Lennie Johnson Brenda Jones Christine Jordan Joyce Jordan Lois Jordan Ollie Lancaster Absent James Pate Wilbert Best Ronnie Lancaster David Lewis Barbara Mayo Ruth Mooring Gail Morris Linwood Morris Dee Ann Newsome David Odom Gerald Parker John Pate Phyllis Pike Brenda Price Kathleen Robinson Curtis Waddell Rodney Waddell Charles Wade Jerry Wells Billy Williford Latham Williford Donnie Wilson Zhird Qrade P. Aycock, G. Bedford, B. Carter, P. Carter, I. Conner, D. Daughtry, K. Evans, D. Ferrell, S. Ginn, S. Hales, A. Harrison, A. Holland, B. Hollowell, B. Jordan, K. Johnson, J. Lancaster, S. Lane, D. Maples, S, Minshew, C. Myers, D. Turner, D. Parker, V. Pierce, P, Pittman, G. Sasser, B. Sullivan, E. Walston, S. Wilson. Absent: Hubert Gooding. Second Qrade D. Aycock, E. Aycock, L. Aycock, D. Brown, P. Bailey, L. Crawford, L. Conner, M. Edgerton, D. Gurley, M. Holland, D. Howell, R. Ivey, S. Jones, D. Jordan, M. Jordan, A. Lancaster, J. Lee, L. Odom, W, Overman, A. Peele, W. Pittman, B. Price, G. Robinson, B. Strickland, B. Sullivan, J. Sullivan, K. Wells, A. Willowford. Billie Aycock Jirst Qrade MRS. HOLLAND’S - Top MRS. SASSER’S - Bottom Virginia Aycock Joyce Brown Dennis Collier Sammy Crocker Alan Cuddington Durwood Ferrell Gayle Ferrell Elaine Gurley La Verne Hales Kenneth Harrison Jay Howell Bobby Maples Stevie Minshew Vickie Odom Eric Parker Javita Waddell Karene Whaley Earl Willowford Mrs. Holland, 1st Mrs. Sasser Kitchen Band First Grade Carol Barnes Jill Daughtry Betty J. Edgerton Patterson Edgerton Diane Ferrell Jeffrey Grimes Glenda Holland Wanda Holland Ernest Jordan Sally Johnson Gerald Lane Gerald Langester John Myres Gary Pittman Janet Pittman Jackie Radford Eugene Sasser Kenneth Vick Mrs. Peacock Mrs. Fleming Second Grade Third Grade CuHchroom Workers Through the management of Mrs, Alma Holland and her assistants. Miss Retha Sasser and Miss Annie Cuddington, the lunchroom received a 97 rating this year. Mrs. Lois Mooring, our efficient secretary, prepares the announcements for the day. ACTIVITIES Vice President BOBBY BUNN President JIMMY THOMAS Secretary JANE HOWELL 12th JUDITH OVERMAN 12th ray SASSER 10th BRAXTON BELL mk. w lOth ■ gth I 9 th 1 1 SHIRLEY BAKER SCOTTIE HOOKS 1 ELIZABETH MORRIS j 1 11th 1 JOYCE RICKS llth 1 LOIS EDGERTON Treasurer a FAYE POPE B 4-M Club Officers President - -- -- -- -- ALBERT PIERCE Vice President - -- -- -- - INEZ SASSER Song Leader - - JUDY STUCKEY Reporter BETSY THOMAS Nahunta’s 4-H county winners. Pianist ELIZABETH MORRIS Secretary - Treasurer - - - - LILLIAN DAVIS Historian -ALMA LINDA DAVIS Mr. Bill Lamm giving a talk a t a local meeting. Judith Judy Overman Stuckey Judy Jimmy Aycock Thomas Mrs. Davis Joyce Gurley Ricks Adviser Robe’ Inez Gurley Sasser Mary Ann Lois Howell Edgerton J Character J Leadership Service ■ _l Faye Pope Deanye Lee, Chief; Judith Overman, Jane Howell, Inez Sasser, Judy Aycock, Robert Gurley. The librarians fulfill their responsibilities faithfully as they strive to earn the pin to be presented to the most outstanding librarian of the year. Betty W, Cuddington, Doris Parnell, Carol V, Tedder, Judy Aycock, Susie Baker, Janice Talton, Glennie Langley, and Louise Bizzell, Mrs, Doris Gurley, Advisor, " Now this is where you check the oil, girls. " Theodore Hardison, No. 105; Margaret Berry, No. 34; Robert Gurley, No. 10; Max Rose, No. 7; Judy Stuckey, No 65; Gerald Brown, No. 59; and Allen Aycock, No. 73. Officers Treasurer — MICHAEL WHALEY President Reporter — - - — — HILTON WINDERS Secretary Vice President — - - — - GLEN SASSER Adviser - JIMMY THOMAS ■ - - BOBBY BUNN MR. JESSE GRIMES Banquet - March 13 Car Washing - Saturdays Sweetheart MAXINE WHALEY The F, F. A, stresses its creed in their Fair Exhibit. The F.F.A. enjoyed its fishing trip. future Homemakers of Ameriea J.HA. Offieers President JANE HOWELL Reporter - LILLIAN DAVIS Vice President — — - FAYE POPE Parliamentarian - - rose AYCOCK Secretary-Treasurer — -SUE HORNE Song Leader — JOYCE RICKS Historian ELIZABETH MORRIS Adviser MRS. LOUISE WILKIE J.H.A- oau RAY SASSER Mother -Daughter Banquet! Fifteen inches of snow! Santa Clauses in January! Third year girls entertain high school teachers at a luncheon. FIRST ROW: Mr. Arthur C. Clifford, Director; Mary A. Howell, E. Morris, I. Ferrell, S. Ginn, P, Barnes, C. Fields, J. Overman, L. Pittman, M. Whaley, M. Berry, L. Davis, S. Horne, S. Baker. SECOND ROW: J. Howell, J. Ricks, Lou A. Aycock, L. Edgerton, F. Pope, J, Edgerton, G. Edgerton, S. Peacock, L. Bunn, Mary L. Sasser, J. Mayo, J. Stuckey, H. Lewis, I. Sasser, J. Aycock. THIRD ROW: J. Whaley, R. Gurley, W. Rollins, G. Sasser, D. Morris, R. Sasser, R. Sullivan, B. Bunn, J. B. Strickland, N. T. Holland, B. Jordan. (Meets Tuesday and Friday) Mtisic r-P , X £:::i A 1 1 7 7 7 w m Club FIRST ROW: B. Hollowell, D. Gurley, C. Rose. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Selby, Teacher; A. Holland, C. Talton, R. Aycock, F. Evans. THIRD ROW: L. Sasser, G. Morris, J, Sasser, C. Pierce, F. Kirby. FOURTH ROW: S. Peacock, S. Horne, G. Sasser, L, Davis. FIFTH ROW: Mary L. Sasser, M. Whaley, E. Morris, G. Edgerton, Lou A. Aycock. (Taught Monday and Thursday) CU: B. Aycock, G. Pittman, G. Holland, B. Maples, V. Odom, A. Cuddington, D. Collier, J. Pittman, J. Grimes, E. Parker, W. Holland, D. Brown, J. Lane, D. Ferrell, K. Wells, J. Daughtry, V. Aycock, D. Parker, K. Evans, P. Aycock, S. Minshew, V. Pierce, K. Johnson, M. Edgerton, L. Aycock, W. Pittman, S. Jones, P. Pittman, A. Holland, D. Maples, A. Peele, K. Whaley, D, Aycock, D. Gurley, L. Crawford, S. Lane, J. Lee, E. Aycock, J. Howell, P. Edgerton, E. Gurley, Mrs. Fleming, Director. A, Edgerton, F. Parker, D. Morris, I. Sasser, J. Sasser, D. Parker, T. Maples, J. Maples, D. Edgerton, N. T. Holland, J. Pate, C. Pierce, J. Edgerton, A. Pierce. ROBERT STRICKLAND GERALD BROWN J. K. HORNE ELAINE GURLEY JUDITH OVERMAN BETTY OVERMAN Patricia Barnes - third place in county, Miss Holiday Season Allen Aycock - second place in county, F. F. A. Speaking Contest Lillian Davis - first place in county. Flower Arrangement Edith Holland - School winner of Betty Crocker Award A THLETICS J C i j ayv y . 73 e d ffl a wv yx lQ { ,rcC . V, , we e ® a £d?, .„rOcV- n ,.u ' " °Ltel8 ' =” ' ' :vN a e1. ,So ' |V»’ „ a rev- ' " " ' CO ' ,,tta ?. Ve6 ' " neeo coo Scorers - Deanye Lee, Judy Stuckey. Timers - Jimmy Thomas, Robert Gurley. Announcer - Don Morris. " You play. We ' ll keep things going, " is their motto. Assistant Coach - Mrs, Eva Wooten Cheerleader Advisor - Mrs. Louise Wilkie - ' -A. ■our, ' ges Co, So as tb, ' G ’ - Cua SttVc Cxa .-»5-“ ,2‘ ' S " -”” « Sas ® ’ oO ' N ' ' j dOU cav teti an Yjin® in?? taVn -Ca? v n o ' f® con liet® FRONT ROW: Sandra Ginn, Carol Fields, Linda Sasser, Rah! Rah! Rah! Fine prospects for another championship baseball team! M, Pittman, R. Sasser, B. Bunn, J. Whaley, J, Howell, G. Sasser, W. Barnes, A. Aycock, M. Whaley, J. Hooks, T, Peacock, R. Wells, G. Brown, S. Hooks, N. T. Holland, J. Lee, W. Pope, J. B, Hooks, A, Pierce, S. Aycock, Mr. Boykin, Coach. President; RAY SASSER Vice President; BOBBY BUNN Secretary MARGARET BERRY Treasurer: MARY ANN HOWELL Reporter; JUDY STUCKEY Adviser: MR. CHARLES BOYKIN A record crowd of spectators was on hand to see Jane Howell crowned as Homecoming queen and to cheer our teams on to victory over Fremont on Homecoming night, January 2, 1959. 1 I 1 m ‘■■ 1 flPP 9H|H B« BH W||yS ' ' . ' K2 b ' W ■ v B Wf j|p4|Hb B i K K 1 i l f ' • One to grow on Good health is our business. We take a deep personal pride in watching the growth and development of youngsters raised on Pine State ' s good, health-giving milk and dairy foods. We feel great satisfaction in the knowledge that we contribute to the growth of the com- munity as we do to the growth of its citizens. We re proud of the fact that we’re grow- ing, too . . . that more and more fam- ilies are asking for Pine State’s pure, delicious milk, ice cream and other fine dairy foods. North Carolina’s Choice Since 1919 FREMONT MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE, INC, Sales and Service New and Used Cars Phone 263-6 Fremont, North Carolina A. F. HOLT INSURANCE AGENT We Stand Between You and Loss A. M. ARTHUR, Manager TALTON’S Princeton, N. C. DRUG STORE Kenly, N. C. TALLEY’S PASTRY SHOP 107 N. Mulberry St. Goldsboro N. C. PINKNEY GROCERY General Merchandise Pinkney, N. C. J. M. EDGERTON AND SON Your International Harvester Dealer Phone RE 4-436 Goldsboro, N. C. (J IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT HOOKS AND ELLIS F remont, N. C. BEST POLICY QUALITY BICYCLE SHOP Registered Briggs Stratton Motor Dealer Schwinn Bicycles Lawn Mowers and Washing Machines Repaired Phone - RE4-2478, 209 N. John St. Goldsboro, N. C. SIMPSON GIN AND COAL CO. Ginning and Coal Grain Buyers Phone 3301 Lucama, N. C. THE Phone - RE4-4011 112 North John St. Goldsboro, N. C. PINE LEVEL CENTRAL SERVICE OIL MILL CO. MOTOR CO. Since 1902 Manufacturers of Cotton Seed Products and Fertilizers Phone - RE5-4761 115 East Ash St. Pine Level, N. C. WHEN IN the mood for fine food TOWER DRIVE IN Goldsboro, N. C. Life - Hospital - Casualty Farm Liability - Hail GRANGE INS. AGENCY Dedicated to the Service of Agriculture JOHNNIE HOWELL, Agent U.S. 70 Highway Goldsboro, N. C. Phone - RE4-4649 R-2, Pikeville, N. C. DAVIS H. M. GRIZZARD DAVIS CO. FEED MILL “We Serve You From the Cradle to the Grave” Purina Chows Kenly, North Carolina Kenly, N. C. H. W. WOODARD MARKET Pine Level BLUE SPADE GRILL Hiway 117 PEARCE BARBER SHOP Princeton KENLY FROZEN FOOD LOCKER J ALTON LITTLE RIVER OIL CO. Service Products Distributors of Richfield Petroleum Products Pikeville, N. C. Phone RE5-0893 Goldsboro, North Carolina SAM’S BROOM DRIVE-IN MOTOR CO. Best in Entertainment Request Parties RE4-083? N. William Street Goldsboro, North Carolina olds boro, N. C. WAYNE DAIRY COOPERATIVE, INC. Owned and Operated by LOCAL DAIRY FARMERS Goldsboro, N. C. DEES WHITLEY GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fertilizer Dealers Phone 245-1 F remont, N. C. AYCOCK SELBY CO. Agents for Appliances Mayo Curers - Fertilizers Paint - Cotton Buyers Phone 295- 1 Fremont, N. C. ARTIE’S TIRE SERV. T ire R ecapping C eiberung) TIRES 70 1 N. George Street Goldsboro, N. C. ARTIE BANKS GRIFFIN STEEL SUPPLY CO. Iron and Steel Products N. William Street Ext. Goldsboro, N. C. Ph. RE5-3284 OSCAR TURLINGTON GENERAL MERCHANDISE PRICE SUPER MARKET F remont, N. C. HOOKS BROTHERS F remont, N. C. Fremont, N. C. VINE EDWARDS SON Princeton, N. C. EARL’S PLACE Hiway 117, North of Goldsboro PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Be Sociable 2 Pepsi- Selma, N. C. T. O. PEACOCK GENERAL MERCHANDISE Shell Products Route 2 Pikeville, N, C. Sell Your Tobacco at VICTORY WAREHOUSE in Goldsboro, North Carolina J. MILO PIERCE FEED MILL COTTON GIN Bulk Grain Handling (Corn, Wheat, Oats, Soybeans) Dealer in Fertilizer and Nitrogen Phone 210-1 Route 2 Pikeville, N. C. Pikeville, North Carolina y ' E BEN ELLIS La ge Assfo: -1.5, yjjv T r ure ii gsX 1 1 41,: , ' 4 s , ' " ©IsJ - for the ' ! [ f U Migh School Youth Golds Vo, North Carolina ' r wO§:TH Operator V. I Custo ling - Mixing [igh Gralp Supplement Feeds Wiy Buy Grain - R, 1 Iniway 222 - Kenly, N. C. of Clothing yWORLEY RITERS EXCHANGE Goldsboro, North Carolina Telephone RE 4-0845 v .A » COFFEE SHOP Milk Shakes - Hot Dogs Hamburgers Hwy. 117 Phone 3346 Fremont, North Carolina FLAKE’S TIRE SERVICE Cooper Tires and Tubes One-Day Capping Service Phone - RE-50412 Goldsboro, North Carolina CASH CORNER GROCERY Phone 2151 Kenly, N. C. JOHN F. HOBBS STOCKYARD Goldsboro, N. C. J. D. PIKE MOTOR CO. Sales and Service 305 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. . ' BEDFORD HATCHERY AND SAVE feed mill Wilson Hi“Way Goldsboro, N. C. FARMERS HARDWARE CO. DuPont Paints Siegler Heaters Nutrena Feeds Seeds and Fertilizers Phone 3816 Pikeville, N. C. THOMPSON’S SERVICE STATION AND GRILL Ph. 208-3 Pikeville, N. C. Organs and Pianos Sports Equipment Musical Inst. MUSIC SPORTS, INC, 202-204 E. Walnut St. Ph. RE-4-2871 Goldsboro, N. C. GOLDSBORO BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION “Safety for Saving ' 3 1 2% Dividends 116 E. Walnut St. SERVICE STAT I NAHUNTA GROCERY Operated by RUDOLPH AND DOUGLAS EDGERTON Route 2 Pikesville, N. C, Phone 456-6 KENLY PRINTING CO. Phone 356-1 P.O. Box 383 Kenly, N. C. WILLOUGHBY FISH MARKET ‘We Dress While You Wait” Kenly, North Carolina Sell Your Tobacco at FARMERS’ WAREHOUSE SIMON HILL, Proprietor Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of NAHUNTA BEAUTY SALON Nahunta ROGERSON MILLING CO. Family Groceries Kenly, North Carolina L. M. TART Princeton, N. C, 7 PARKER’S BARBECUE Real Pit Barbecue Brunswick Stew Southern Fried Chicken U.S. Hwy. 301 Ph. 70972 Wilson, N. C. R SUNRISE BARB JACK’S ESSO SERV Goldsboro, N. C. ACTION HEILIG-MEYERS CO. “Signs of Quality in Hofne Furnishings’ 138 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro, N. C. BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST CO. Member F. D. I. C. F remont, N. C. Complete Banking, Insurance, Trust and Farm Management Service Congratulations, Seniors HI- WAY GRILL Princeton, N.C. SMITH SINCLAIR SEARS-ROEBUCK NELSON’S PHOTOSHOP Goldsboro, N. C. JOYNER’S MEMORIAL SERVICE Cemetery Memorials 301 Highway South Phone 5395 Wilson, N. C. Pastries I BR€AD Compliments MADE-RITE BAKERY Enriched Eat Made-Rite Bread and Rolls Goldsboro, North Carolina EUGENE GARRIS AND COMPANY F resh Meats and Fancy Groceries Pikeville, North Carolina Compliments of J.C. PENNEY CO., INC. “The Home of Values” Goldsboro, North Carolina JINNErS WOODWORK Cabinets Lawn Mower Repair Pikeville, North Carolina GOLD PARK LAKE Skating Rink Carpet Golf 5 Miles South of Goldsboro on 117 Highway RACKLEY’S GARAGE Auto Repairs of All Kinds Phone 3038 Pikeville, North Carolina WOODARD’S DRUG STORE axaSt STORE Prompt - Efficient COURTEOUS Phone - 2071 Princeton, N. C. BRANCH BANKING “ TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC Goldsboro, N. C. FARMERS SUPPLY CO. Wholesale Makomb - Poultry- Equipment 118 N. John St. Phone - RE4-2094 Goldsboro, N. C. TOWN SHOP From 1 to 100 Bu-y Your Clothes From VONNIE Princeton, N. C. BELL-STUART FURNITURE CO., INC. Complete Home Furnishings 227-229 - N. John St. Phone - RE4-1524 Goldsboro, N. C. BRUCE’S HOT DOG STAND Good Food of All Kinds Wilson, N. C. FREMONT ESSO SERVICE STATION YOUTH TOGS Sunrise Shopping Center ROSE - WAYSIDE FURNITURE Goldsboro, N. C. DEWEY BROS. INC. Founders - Machinists Mill Supplies - Steel F abricator s Phone Re 4-3411 Goldsboro, N. C. SETH B. HOLLOWELL OIL CO. Atlantic Petroleum Plant Location - Adamsville Post Office Box Z90 Phone Re 4-5493 Goldsboro, N. C. THOMPSON’S ELEC. AND PLUMBING Frigidaire and Gibson Appl. Telephone 311-Z Pikeville, N. C. COBB MOTOR CO. Sales Service New and Used Cars and Trucks Phone Re4-Z6ZZ Goldsboro, N. C. TOLAR OPTICIANS Complete Eyeglass Service 1 00 S . Center St. Goldsboro North Carolina WALTON’S RADIO TV CENTER Phone Wo- 5Z086 Pine Level, N. C. MILTON BEST INSURANCE AGENCY Fremont, North Carolina RICHARD’S JEWELERS 106 N. Center St. Goldsboro, North Carolina Gifts for Every Occasion Diamonds . Watches . Stone Rings . Watch and Jewelry Repairs . Electrical Appliances KENLY LIVESTOCK GRAIN MARKET 325-1 or 4846 Kenly, N. C. Personal Compliments of JOHN KENSHAW Manager TRI-COUNTY ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP FREMONT SUPERETTE Dependable Service Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Meats Free Delivery Fremont, N. C. Dial 219”1 S. W. MILLING CO. Custom Grinding and Mixing Fr r dT , N Pho e- 5 - 1 ' “ 4 A ' tfP " WJien in Micro Stop t r r v - S J,YCO. H? THE LUCAMA-KENLY BANK Safe - Sound - Dependable Service Kenly, N. C. Member F.D.l.C. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 104 N. Center St. RE4-5021 Goldsboro, N. C. r r. V . 7 ' ' v milling COMPANY, 4 (A A{‘ Ginning, Milling i| |ind Grain Buyers Lf y i iver Valley Products Princeton, N. C. 1 ,V V y INC, r Compliments of CASH DRUG CO. 1 13 East Walnut St. RE-4-4221 Goldsboro, N. C. Deposit With AMERICAN BANK Goldsboro, N. C. We Pay 3% on Savings Member of Federal Deposit Ins. Corp, ISAACS-KAHN FURNITURE CO., INC. “The Big Furniture Store on Center St.” 118-112 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. Beta Club Convention A. T. TART LUMBER COMPANY Lumber Mill in Princeton, N. C. COMMUNITY MOTORS CORP. SALES SERVICE Goldsboro, N. C. GOLDSBORO PRODUCTION and CREDIT ASSOCIATION Goldsboro, N. C. THE HUB DEPARTMENT STORE GOLDSBORO Goldsboro, N, C. TIN SHOP Phone - RE 4-5436 Phone RE 5-2875 Goldsboro, N. C. MICKEY’S PASTRY SHOP Cakes - Pies - Doughnuts Cookies and Pastries of All Kinds “We Specialize in Party and Wedding Cakes” 2 1 2 N. Center Goldsboro, N. C. GARRIS JEWELERS Y our Local Jewelers Phone RE 5-1074 142 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. ERNEST GLASS CO. Plate Glass - Auto Glass Mirrors - Desk Tops Picture Framing Store Front Construction 518 East Ash St. Goldsboro, N. C. Phone RE 5- 2 165 CREECH’S, INC. F urniture of Distinction Phone RE 5-3413 Goldsboro, N. C. MORRIS AND SASSER Groceries and Meats Pinkney, N. C. F ashions Quality and Service Serving Eastern North Carolina for 94 Years Goldsboro, North Carolina GOODMAN GROCERY AND MARKET Dealer in Heavy and Fancy Groceries Sherwin-Williams Paints Feeds and Poultry Pikeville, N. C. Phone 3812 NEUSE TRACTOR COMPANY Mt. Olive Highway Phone RE 5-0753 Goldsbo -o Noj:th Carolina f, h BRANCH ' A A , banking And RUST CO. 4 V f .4 ' I .J Member of FDIC . ly y " ' ComJ lete Banking, Insurance, Trust y A ■ aufi Fa rm Management Service 1 4 4 ’ s F -A A ,4 , y LQDY . A J ■ .. A SHC P Adamsville, North Carolina FLEMING-VAIL OIL COMPANY Petroleum Products Phone 2085 Pikeville, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF PATE’S SERVICE STATION Pikeville SUNRISE HAIR STYLISTS Adamsville BEST WEST Goldsboro W. B. OLIVER SON, INC. Cotton Merchant and Ginners Pipe Level, N. C. Ph. 3124 IF IT’S GOOD FOOD YOU WANT . CORNER GRILL Kenly, N. C. COMPLIMENTS oK S MITCHELL’S CAFE Goldsboro HOOK’S JEWELER F remont PAUL C. BLALOCK F remont 55 MARIE’S BEAUTY SHOP Manicures Cosmetics ' MARIE LOUVENE WILLIAMS BERRY Operators Route 2, Pikeville, RE5-2418 Compliments of GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 212 West Walnut St. Goldsboro, N. C. Phone RE 5-2464 GIDDENS JEWELERS . Goldsboro, C. I-.: 7- - ■ RICHFIELD SERVICE Goldsboro, N. C. -.-•I - ‘ ' i , ■ y- HI- WAY POOL . ... BLUE FLAME GAS CO. Prihcetbn, N. C. Kenly, N. C. . -I V i ' i ' fREMONT pharmacy- The REXALL Store Fremont, N. C. y- J. DOBBIN BAILEY GENERAL MERCHANT Zenith TV and Frigidaire Products Kenly, North Carolina Shop With Confidence at LEDER BROTHERS Wear With Pride Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 2751 TOM PEACOCK’S SANITARY MARKET Fremont, N. C. Cast Will and Zest ament We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Nine, being of supposedly sound bodies but mixed-up minds, leave our various personal possesions to the following: Charles Sullivan and Harold Lewis leave their artistic ability at great heights to anyone with the nerve to attempt such. Carol Vick leaves her typing ability to Eloise Tucker in hopes she will use it wisely. Louise Bizzell leaves her flirty ways to Carrie Wade since she doesn’t already have any. Margaret Berry, Janice Mayo, and Judith Overman leave their sandwiches and cake to the lunchroom. Jimmy Howell leaves his yellow scarf to Mr. Green because he seems to like it so well. Deanye Lee leaves her hips to Joyce Ricks. She may need them to push her way through some tight situation. Glennie Langley leaves her ability to get along with others to Ralph Wells. Ted Peacock leaves his slogan, " Have Camera Won ' t Work, " to the photographer of the rising senior class. Kenneth Wells leaves nothing - he’s just delighted to be leaving. Johnny Lee and Robert Parnell leave their quiet and easy-to-get-along-with dispositions to Glenn Sasser. Ray Sasser leaves his ability to be popular with all of the girls to Bill Jordan. Judy Aycock leaves her ability to play the piano to Mary Lee Sasser so there will be someone to play for all of the programs next year. Judy Stuckey leaves her big mouth and giggles to Helene Lewis, so it won’t be so quiet around school next year. Gerald Brown leaves his friendly, courteous ways to anyone who happens to need them. Rose Aycock leaves her long hair to Mr. Foyles, because he could use any kind. Robert Gurley leaves his talent for singing the male lead in the Glee Club to Bobby Bunn. Jimmy Thomas leaves his brains and position as president of practically every organization to Albert Pierce. Jane Howell and Inez Sasser leave their mischievous pranks to Linda Pittman and Elizabeth Morris so there will be someone to aggravate Mr. Boykin at basketball practice next year. Betty Wells leaves her ability to stay in love and in school at the same time to Lois Edgerton. Max Rose leaves his quiet yet sneaky ways to Wayne Sasser. Allen Aycock leaves his good looks to Linwood Radford to add to those he already has. Edith Holland leaves her quiet, co-operative ways to whoever desires them. We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Nine leave nothing to the school. We figure we will need all that we possess and more too, now that we will be getting out on our own. P. S. We do leave our love and gratitude to all who helped us along the way, as well as a gift to the school. Testator, Inez Sasser Class Prophecy During a recent tour of many places, I saw all of my classmates, whom I hadn’t seen since graduation five years ago. The pilot of the jet that transported me was Robert Gurley. He is an Air Force pilot hired especially for the tour. While in California I met Major Johnny Lee stationed with the Army there. Sergeant Max Rose was ' with him. Shortly after I arrived in New York, I attended a ballgame at the Yankee Stadium. The Yankee outfielder in center looked familiar and, looking closer, I saw that he was Harold Lewis. He has taken over centerfield since Mickey Mantle has retired. As I was passing through one of the federal buildings in Washington D. C. , whom should I see but Glennie Langley typing away. She did get to Washington as everyone thought. From Washington, D. C. , I flew to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to visit the atomic plant. Upon entering the plant, one of the first persons I saw was Margaret Berry, who is now secretary to a certain nuclear engineer. I traveled next into my home state. North Carolina. While in Raleigh visiting a sick friend in Rex Hospital, I soon discovered that Jane Howell is the head nurse on the fourth floor. As I was walking down Fayetteville Street, I bumped into Inez Sasser whth a group of of FHA girls, attending the FHA convention. Attending a special service at the Durham FWB Church, I found Rose Aycock, as director of the Youth Group, sponsoring the service. During the service I noticed a familiar-looking man in front of me. He was Gerald Brown who is working in the Durham cigarette factory. With him was Ted Peacock, photographer with the Durham DAILY NEWS. Back in my hotel room in Raleigh, I began reading a book by Jimmy Howell that he gave me when I saw him at a literary convention. Getting out of the jet at Seymour Johnson AFB, I spied Allen Aycock and Ray Sasser, jet mechanics. While eating at a local restaurant in Goldsboro, I talked with Judy Aycock, director of Christian education in one of the local churches. Firemen Kenneth Wells and Robert Parnell were on duty when I paid a visit to Goldsboro’s new fire station. Edith Holland was the clerk who helped me while I was shopping in one of the stores. As I was leaving, I bumped into Louise Bizzell, a housewife who doesn’t have much time for an outside job. At Fremont Motor Sales in Fremont I saw Judy Stuckey typing away. Every few minutes she would look in the garage. She is keeping her eye on that certain mechanic. At the postoffice I met Betty Wells, a happy housewife now. In Nahunta many changes have been made. The store with the sign out front, " Charles’ Electric Shop, ” attracted my attention. Going inside I found that Charles Sullivan is owner and operator. Over at the school I found Judith Overman teaching the first grade. At the Nahunta Grocery I saw Jimmy Thomas, a leading farmer. At Janice ' s Beauty Shop in Kenly, I saw Janice Mayo as owner. Near Lucama, I visited Carol Vick, a happily married housewife. After visiting several more places, I returned to Greenville, South Carolina where I live. I must get back to my history classes at the local high school. Prophetess, Deanye Lee I m SI . 1 mM Wm ' ’ u , •% A mni _ mm mm fmm k % mm. A mammm, m msivt,9£ t ‘ tkmjtm 5! " We have e!it 180 happy days at N. H. S. traveling in our CSjrny ' ways, for our own particular reasons, but always in the rame direction -- toward becoming graduates, and worthy members of our community. Our days have all too quickly passed. Now where we go, and how we get there is up to us as individuals. z ' y j sS-t ijud:i, JL -Ju- iLxcX cJjLi . } .y ] f J ' tr » ij Yu, =J " Ld xX V-’ CLp L U.C iju x,-7 CA , xie 5Z ♦ J Txyk.L J ZAj- d A ' P oaju y? .al y iLy -L cY. J in- .. ih oUii . ' Y-Laj oa i- jSc tAjLC ' Xju i n LjcJu Ci rul - AJUihtiAyJ u tL ’t ) ' %L. i 9 tlAy ' W JZ V ' A y -- A ) t07 . jduyxJ .JYr y yj Ji f (d -’A.JL J 4 • ' ' U d y, cZ-z l Z-z ■ ' yy jL f - — ° Y J ' JY 4 U ' Y out 4- ' 2-d-cy x _. y] jUY ' ' 4 ' ] Yo -t iy- dd » , l y? a}y

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