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Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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The Chieftain - James Bunn I 1066 Gurley Dairy Rd. J Pikeville, NC 27863 Editor-in-Chief ANNETTE SASSER Assistant Editor MARKIE SMITH Business Managers - ANN STRICKLAND, DOUGLAS GURLEY Sports Editors ANNETTE WINDERS, MARION TALTON Art Editors LEWIS VALENTINE. WILTON HOWELL Literary Editor JULLA BERRY Copy Readers - - BETTY HOWELL, MATTIE LEE As students and teachers work together in school activities, the emphasis should always be on the development of qualities that are so essential to the making of solid citizens. Qualities that the school has the responsibility to develop are character, initiative, resource- fulness, and the genuine desire to achieve high aims in life. School activities are very important and should never be taken lightly. Students and teachers have a great responsibility. Let us enter into our activities with vigor and zest and with a determination to do things really worthwhile. The rewards will be very great. Our School Moard is genuinely interested in us. They ' re presenting a sportsmanship trophy this year to some boy and girl player. Oland Peele, Avery Sasser, Mrs. Clarence Bunn, Clee Davis, Chairman, Owen Whaley. I oDoau Knoois he roub es I ve jeen FACULTY i Zkey burnish the Keys to Knowledge — Our Zeachers H. G. BEARD Principal and Science MRS. DORIS GURLEY English and French MRS. LOUISE WILKIE Home Economics and Science SCOTT McPHAIL Commercial DON SHACKELFORD Social Studies CHARLES BOY KIN Mathematics, Coach JESSE GRIMES Agriculture MRS. COLLEEN SASSER Seventh Grade MRS. MOZELLE GURLEY Sixth Grade MRS. LOUISE LEWIS Fifth Grade MRS. EVA WOOTEN Fourth Grade MRS. DORA FLEMING Third Grade MRS. BERTHA PEACOCK Second Grade MRS. LUCILLE HOLLAND First Grade BERTICE OVERMAN Music SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DICKIE PIERCE President JULIA BERRY Reporter MARKIE SMITH Treasurer ANNETTE WINDERS Secretary BETTY RUTH HOWELL Vice President MOTTO " He that cannot obey, cannot command. " CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Mascots ELAINE GURLEY JEFF GRIMES CHARLES AYCOCK FFA 1,2,3, 4 ' , Vice President 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Ath- letic Association 1,2,4; Bus Driver 4, Substitute 3; Annual Staff. JIMMY BUNN Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1; Senior Play; Bus Driver 4, Substitute 3; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA President 3. JULIUS BOSWELL FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2. JULIA BERRY Athletic Association 3, 4; Cheer- leader 3,4; FHA1,2,3, 4, Of- ficer 3, 4, County Officer 4; Beta Club 3.4, Officer 3,4; Marshal; Annual Staff; Junior Play; Waitress Junior- Senior Banquet 3; Senior Play; Wait- ress Father- Son Banquet 3; Class Officer 3.4. MORRIS CARTER Athletic Association 1,2; Base- ball 1. 2; FFA 4; Junior Play; Class Officer 3; Bus Driver 4, Substitute 3. A. B. CRAWFORD FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Associ- ation 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 3; Class Reporter 1; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff. WILTON HOWELL Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1,2, Co- Captain, Captain; Athletic Association 1, 2; FFA 1,2,3, 4, Officer 4; Annual Staff; Best All-around player of Basketball and Baseball 1,2,2. DOUGLAS GURLEY FFA 1,2. 3,4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; An- nual Staff 4; Senior Play. DAYLON HOWELL FHA 1,2, 3,4; Athletic Associ- ation 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4, Manager; Softball 2; Class Officer; Paper Staff 3; Junior Play; Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 1; Waitress Father- Son Banquet 1; Co- Captain 4. BILLY RAE HOLLAND FFA 1, 2, 3; Substitute Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Athletic Association 3, 4; Annual Staff. BETTY HOWELL Basketball 2, 3, 4; Most valuable player 3; Athletic Association 2,3,4, officer 4; FHA1,2. 3,4; Junior Play; Waitress Junior- Senior Banquet 1; Beta Club 3, 4, officer 3; Marshal; Softball 2; Waitress Father-Son Banquet 3; Class officer 3, 4; Annual staff 4; Senior Play; Miss Chieftain4. MELVA JEAN MITCHELL FHA 1, 2. 3,4; Class officer 3; Junior Play Prompter 3; Ath- letic Association 2; Class Poet 4; County Spelling Contest 1, 2, 3; Married 4. MATTIE JEAN LEE FHA 1.2, 3,4, Officer 3, Li- brarian 2,4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play Usherette 3; Paper staff 3. CECIL LANE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, officer 3; Ath- letic Association 1; Waiter Mother- Daughter Banquet 2; Usher Senior Play, DICKIE PIERCE FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 4; 4-H Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 4; State 4-H Tractor Driving Win- ner; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Announcer 2, 3, 4; Manager Popcorn Machine 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Music 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 4; Class Officer 3, 4; Marshal 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Substitute Bus Driver 3, Driver 4; Emcee for Senior Play. RAYMOND RADFORD FFA 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Basketball 3; Athletic Associ- ation 2, 3, 4; FFA Vice President 3; Usher Junior Play; Stage Manager for Senior Play 4. DAVID STAFFORD FFA 4. ANNETTE SASSER Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4, Co- Captain 3.4; Softball 2, Co-Captain 2; Varsity Sweetheart 2; Halloween Queen 2; FFA Sweetheart 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1, 2. County Officer 1; Bus Driver 4, Sub. 3; Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Glee Club 1, 4, President 4; Chief Marshal 3; Editor-in-Chief of Annual; Wait- ress Junior- Senior Banquet 1; Waitress NCTA 1; Waitress Father-Son Banquet; Pianist for Toy Orchestra; Class Officer 2. ELBERT RICHARDSON Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; FHA Beau; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Mr. Chieftain 4; Class Officer 2; Stage Manager Junior Play; Band 2; Substitute Bus Driver 3, 4. ANN STRICKLAND FHA 1,2,4; Annual Staff; Ath- letic Association Sport reporter; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Beta Club 3, Marshal; Class Officer 2, 3; Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 1; Waitress Father-Son Banquet; Junior Play; Senior Play; Glee Clubl. MARKIE SMITH Athletic Association 1, 2, 3,4; Basketball 2, 3,4; Softball 2; FHA 1, 2, 3. 4, FHA officer 4; Girls ' State 3; Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3; Bus Driver 4; Glee Club 1,4; Operetta 1; Office Worker 3; Marshal 3; Miss Merry Christ- mas ( Contestant) 3; Junior Play; Class Officer 1, 3, 4; Assistant Editor of Annual 4; Waitress Junior- Senior Banquet 1; Wait- ress NCTA; Prompter Senior Play. DONNIE RAY WALL Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Base- ball 1, 2, 3; Graduate of Kenly, LEWIS VALENTINE FFA 1,4; Bus Driver 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff, Art Editor. MARION TALTON Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4; FFA 1,2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4; Annual Staff; Class Officer 3; Usher Junior Play; Most valuable player in basketball and baseball 3, All- county 1, 3. ANNETTE WINDERS Athletic Association 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1; Cheerleader 2, 4; FHA 1,2, 4, Officer 2,4; Class Officer 2, 4; Annual Staff; Oper- etta; Senior Play; Junior- Senior Banquet, Waitress 1. CLASS POEM The time of parting is drawing near, When we must leave our friends so dear. Our school days will have come and gone, And only fond mem ' ries will linger on. Soon each must find his place in life, Where he will meet with fame, fortune, and strife. Then we ' ll think of the lessons we ' ve learned. As well as all the advice we ' ve spurned. As class colors, green and gold we chose And for our flower, the Talisman Rose; Our motto, " He who cannot obey, cannot command, Will serve as our guidepost on every hand. As the members of the ' 57 Senior Class From the halls of Nahunta High School pass, We hold fast to our mem ' ries dear. But look to the future with hope and cheer. Melva Jean Mitchell CLASS SONG OF ' 57 Now is the hour when we must say good-by; Soon we will be leaving dear Nahunta High. Long will our hearts recall each joy we ' ve shared; The world before us lies so bright and full for us. Our school days here are forever past and gone; But time can ne ' er erase the joys we ' ve known. It breaks our hearts to say farewell to you; Yet here fond memory loves to dwell with us. CLASS PROPHECY Recently at the fabulous " Rock- and- Roll " Theater, before the curtains parted for a glorious performance of " Pretending, " starring ANNETTE WINDERS, the house lights dimmed and a spotlight began picking out distinguished people in the audience. It fell first on the eminent emcee, Ed Sullivan, who introduced comedian LEWIS VALENTINE, now making a big hit with his comedy hour on TV, Next, the spotlight swung to General A. B. CRAWFORD, who holds the highest medal award from the National Guard Infantry. Sitting near the General were two First Class Lieutenants, MORRIS CARTER and JULIUS BOSWELL. The spotlight was then drawn to the center aisle where our attention was called to dare-devil racers, CECIL LANE and DOUGLAS GURLEY, who were being treated for a sprain by Nurses, DAYLON HOWELL and MATTIE JEAN LEE. As the orchestra prepared us for the opening scene, I glanced at the program and recognized such famous and familiar names as: MARKIE SMITH, script writer, and ANN STRICKLAND, designer of the beautiful costumes. The clever lines in the play were written by MELVA JEAN MITCHELL. Later, as the program ended, I stopped by the lobby to chat with MARION TALT ON, now being recognized for his excellent batting average with the New York Yankees. I called hello to Pilot JIMMY BUNN and Stewardess ANNETTE SASSER, who had caught the play between flights. I managed to wedge in a word with two well-known mechanical engineers, ELBERT RICHARDSON and CHARLES AY COCK. I see after three years at the Naval Apprentice school, they are both a success. I managed to squeeze through the door, out into the fresh air. As I stepped out, who should I bump into but an old friend of mine. Reverend DICKIE PIERCE and his charming wife. He didn ' t have but a minute to spare for he was on his way to visit a shut-in. JULIA BERRY, an old chum of mine from high school days, now a very exact book- keeper at Mitchell Field, Air-Force Base, offered me a lift to the Blue Palace, which DAVID STAFFORD, supervisor, has made into a stop-off for the Rock-and-Roll fans. David was not quite successful in finding a job with all the work taken out. Upon our arrival at the Blue Palace we were greeted by many of our old and close friends. Entering the door, we saw that WILTON HOWELL ' S name was signed to one of the attractive advertising posters. I began realizing how quickly the evening was passing and lo, I had been brought into contact with all my former classmates. Since five years ago when we graduated, quite a few changes have taken place. I see that Wilton and Annette have finally tied the knot. I hope they are as happy as they seemed to be during high school days. Well, Well! If there isn ' t Daylon with Thomas. I ' m so glad she hooked him. I always thought they made a cute couple together. What ' s the trouble with Elbert? Is he sick? He must be because he isn ' t carrying on as he did in high school. I see, that pretty wife of his keeps him tamed down. I guess he has grown up at last. The delicious food we ate was prepared for us with extreme care by BILLY RAE LOLLAND, now chef at the Blue Palace. The final link in a chain from the past fell into place as BETTY HOWELL, NOW PRIVATE SECRETARY TO A LAWYER IN Raleigh, rose to offer a toast to the members of the class of ' 57. Betty Howell, Prophet CLASS HISTORY Oh boy! That long longed-for day in everyone ' s life had come, that Sep- tember morning in 1945 when thirty-two students met together in Mrs. Boone ' s first grade room. It was a sight to see the expression on each one ' s face. Some were timid, some afraid, and others looking as if they were determined. Despite these we had a good year with the first grade play as one of our high- lights, directed by Mrs. Dora Fleming. We started our second year with a bang when Mrs. Leslie Rowe came in as our teacher. The class was separated the third year with Mrs. Dixie Edmundson and Miss Winnie Herring as our supervisors. Miss Herring, Mrs. Louise Lewis, and Mrs. Mozelle Gurley led us success- fully through the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Markie and Wilton joined our class in the fourth grade; Morris, the fifth; and Daylon and Billy Rae, in the sixth. We were very happy to have these additions to our class along with the talent they brought. Our trip to Raleigh the next year was truly the highlight of our school career. It was during this year that Markie left us and Morris rejoined us. Mr. Hubert Banks led us through the struggle of learning to change classes in the eighth grade. The class enjoyed the fellowship together when we went to the Cliffs for our year ' s trip. During this year Markie rejoined us along with Jimmy. After our graduation exercises, all twenty -seven of us left school with a smile of anticipation on our faces expecting to come back the next year and start a successful high school career. Thirteen girls and fourteen boys niet together that morning in September to be led through a prosperous year by Mrs. Doris Gurley. We had four others be- sides Morris, who rejoined us at this time to make us thirty -two. It was very interesting this year to notice the different activities that the class took up, the highlight of which was the trip to Goldpark Lake when we had a picnic supper and froze ice cream. It was raining and a very cold wind blew that day but despite the weather some of the class went swimming. You can see that our boys have really changed, because our ninth grade play, " The Ghost in the Green Gown, " had an all girl cast. By working hand in hand to win the tobacco drive we won a wiener roast. A. B., Lewis, and David, as additions to our class, brought many laughs to us on the trip to the Cliffs which Mrs. Dixie Hart shared with us during our sophomore year. We shared the winning of the tobacco drive and a party with the Junior class. We began an enjoyable Junior year with Mrs. Janyce Hinnant and later Mrs. Louise Wilkie as sponsors. The class wiener roast was fun for everyone at Herman Park with the Greenville trip following shortly. Cecil Lane joined us this year. Our Junior play, " Cyclone Sally, " was directed by Mrs. Doris Gurley, and what success we had with our ads! Immediately after school this year we all enjoyed the day that we packed our picnic baskets and went to White Lake. Twenty-four students, including our addition, Douglas, met together on September 7, 1956, all happy because they were beginning their Senior year which was to be sponsored by Mrs. Doris Gurley. We began the year by preparing for our Senior play, " Eyes of Love. " An exciting time for everyone around school was when the Seniors received their class rings. Of course, the Seniors were all very happy but a lot of excitement came from the other classes as the students asked, " May I see your ring, please? " As the year progressed, we began preparing for our long proposed trip, the last of March, to New York City. Some nights found us tying tobacco while some days found us pulling corn. We tried many conceivable ways to make money, even sharing the concession stand in the gym with the Juniors, col- lecting sctap iron, and sponsoring a barbecue supper. Just as all classes had their disputes, we had ours, but they all have led to success as we enjoy our final moments at Nahunta High School. As we leave these halls we look back over our shoulder at our history and the success that the years have brought us. And now we look forward into the future at the suc- cess that we feel sure will be ours. Dickie Pierce, Historian LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior class of 1957, being of sound and understanding mind, realizing that we are on the threshold of departing each of us in a different direction, do make and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. Item I: To Mrs. Gurley, we leave our unsettled quarrels and wasted time, hoping she will distribute it among the Seniors next year for they will really need some extra in which to carry on their business. Item II: To the upcoming classes, we bequeath our wealth and determination to ac- complish what we set our minds to do. Item III: Personal Belongings Lewis Valentine wills his ability to mimic " Elvis " to William Barnes, Mattie Jean Lee leaves her supply of cute remarks to Mrs. Wilkie so that she may add them to her collection. Annette Winders, believing it best to keep things in the family, passes her ability to hold her man down to her sister, Patsy. David Stafford leaves his motto, " Say nothing, do nothing, " to anyone to whom it applies. Dickie Pierce, hoping to save confusion, leaves this advice, " If you ' re going to change girls, at least try to keep the same last name. " Marion Talton wills his ability to play basketball and be high scorer to Kay Pittman. Annette Sasser leaves her parking space at the Coffee Shop to anyone else who likes cheeseburgers as well as she does. Being very generous and wanting to leave something, Cecil Lane wills his good looks to Michael Whaley to add to that which he already has. Betty Howell bequeaths her ability to spread her charm among all the males and still have her eye on one special one to Judy Stuckey. Raymond Radford leaves his driver ' s manual to John Sullivan, hoping he will set the same record as he has for being a safe driver. Melva Mitchell, Morris Carter, and Julius Boswell will their quiet and easy-to-get- along-with dispositions to Charles Sullivan. Douglas Gurley wills his ability to get along with girls to Bill Jordan. Billy Rae Holland leaves his be-bop haircut to Robert Gurley. Markie Smith wills her love for the Air Force to Robbie Taylor, hoping she too will like it some day. Elbert Richardson leaves all his unopened packs of gum to David Gurley, thinking maybe David will take over and keep everybody supplied. A. B. Crawford bequeaths his scorekeeping books to the next scorekeeper. Charles Aycock wills his knowledge of bookkeeping to Peter Aycock, since Peter needs it in order to pass the subject. Jimmy Bunn wills his speed, whether it be on the ball court or at the typewriter, to Glenn Sasser. Ann Strickland wills her camera to the photographer on next year ' s annual staff. Realizing the ball team will be lost without her, Daylon divides her skill in six shares among the team. Wilton Howell bequeaths his art ability to anyone who can ' t draw. Last but not least, Julia Berry wills her intelligence and good grades to all those who are just plain dumb. Julia Berry, Testator m6 Wayne B Em el. Pikf ' V ' rr Mr;MT Friendliest MATTIE JEAN - CHARLES ayfle Basketball Kahuntg at Mt. Oii ' e ivp sludpnts V A j. iennis cour ' which tht.. pd from a pa -ed dri e ' a., ' r,:t : m.jcie {,-0 SC- ' tD nietdl Santa Will iton 1 Nahunta Man To Productioi 5 Q n f lU Nahunta, Fremont, PikeviUe and Rosewood got off to a roaring u start last night by sweeping their : Ccfeiii. A ' ayne County Conference cage )peners. The Fremont girls led aU the vay to turn back the persistent lefending champion Eureka sex- et. 37-27. in a low scoring affaii Fremont held 12-4, 17-12 and 25- - nargins at tlie first three quar Bookie Ellis garnered 20 r " ind Barbara Owens 13 f ' lers while Edna Ov or the visiting 1 ' - Howe ' er. ' efendin lont bf rom ■i ' n Wittiest DAYLON - LEWIS atuig ie e nd France wt m. the invasJO! ■ ' -tWes! brook, Lynette ' ' ' !;;h scho ■♦♦arbecue lie i = y. Z. Johnsui, Most Attractive CECIL - MARKIE unta. Cagers Figur S With 8 Vet and Gene Jackson 14 for the losers, rnton en ' defending champion Na- hunt a girls had no trouble in sc al- loping the visiting Brogden sextet, 54-36, after a tight first quarter. -kPth«r J ' ahunta led, 12-10. 27-18 and 38- r Oaks quarters, pk. tI Markse Smith pumped in 20 nd m PO »ts, Betty Howell scored 17 and . u inn Annette Sasser 9 to spark the win- si iH ' .-ii " frs offensively while Diylon How- English, sparkled defensively. Peggy Billings paced the losers with 19. The defending champion Na- hunta boys had even less trouble thumping Brogden. 54-28, in the of last week, " ' i cap after leading only, 20-14, .. rflance to iew our halftime. the second time fit Marion TpiSon scai ' ed 14. Buster orts and librari Lewis and Kay Pittman 9 for the go along with th winners while Jack Swinson tallied j 12 for the losers. TKo hosting Rosewood girls l g ed New Hope a solid 55-3: . ih writii •■he aimu . y v ' orking or. fUPI reg- 1 man, Judy St ' y ' jnta ' s ! Berry and fv for i Edgerton, L pi ' itle i Edgerton, •on j Lewis and Las! ve, ' V 1 rec ' O ' ' 0 SI n RAl Kvere A ' olfpa ;ditors The tef. ny Ranzi ' -.) ne Shavlii Ten " Fi ars Wayne Recreation Cru; ?Tploied CI?i:r7? Kmc ' as with 417 •ior for- nior for- .lior guard H. senior guard i juni I Jim into Miss Wells " I Rgv s ' -P. -s soph Ja Of Howell. i freshmen Micha ' er ' wh " ' lPvr T. Other squad members include ! Srrickland, Ra;- SmII-- nr- an,i F ,nnh. .luru.. M... T.. i.u r. Most Popular ANNETTE S. - MARION ■ ms ' L Step, Overmai Boboy Bunn, and freshman nieh, n Most Likely to Succeed JULIA - DICKIE B. i ' lie ng as they never were hea - s with 27 points and 23 paced the all f:: ■ htcar. Virn- J 9 and •quarter .e P.. points . ' d dpfen- .,1 y. .ped in 34 r oints h ,h ;n Eci i aids in ' o.y. pion Pikc- !i-ncd back 4 ' j, in the night-j fir:h first halfJ 2: -21. at ' ■ 0 pei-iods ■■•n to 40-2 a-k. Planned ea Gold .faying 11 lege ' fa if -s. U)C3l pasti Diitsnn , Rov. D. minister. Will speak exfppt or His Proff r1a hpj- tian Coni. T 1 _ iffl Method, local minister- Most Athletic MARION - ANN ok Will irciude " Wh?it lan Coi!e£:eJ ' " T h e lid Mis; Vocation " , and ' The Christian and His Social Re- Fikeville Cagen To Be Strong L SIX Rh Pikeville ' s cagers again expec! iiPTor-j- be strong contenders for lop! ■ " " ' anors in the Wayne Countj; Con- ' renco race whrn they invade even Sprin:- Tuesday to iiipch their ■ Only one starter — Maylon Icmin.c? --- is: missing from !a« ' ar ' s ' jvi ' tenm which shares nonors wii:, Nahunta with a ia;k ' :tK: 15-3 record. Two other p si!!)S are ,!?one — Bryant mcasrer and Arnold Jones. Returnees include league ' oj ' or Bill Herri p; int par with ning hii - a I. in Xf -ir to R ' i ' bn iiift ' 11 !: , A r " i(t w ' u them )ii y. ' ' nunfiloi fNt ■huntine srrou . t1iey ■ Vxikf-Hj a t ' " • t- ]r]- v-rn won y m iiy ' %1 with t Saturday i ew i Tobacc mj j. knquet Quietest lelter Carolina 6-3) Wake Forest 1 .4-4 with one tie) -Corin Carolina Saturday Carolina beat Maryland „ , p , beat Wak Best Sport ANNETTE W. - JIMMY ;tian, Southe: jylor are iji scrap for the spot in ton Bowl, The ence champ usual ly • gi berth, hut the front-runne A M, Is in bad with tb Thai le.qves it to the n TCU has lost only once in ference (to A M) and pi; thi.s week, SMU the ne; and Baylor already have two in the conference ar to stay alive in a showd weekend. The Gator Boul, usuallv ed the " leftovers " appare a good crop of contenders ' aine Touchdown t honoring Golds- gridders will be i. Cafeteria on Fri- iflude .all or part of staff. _ Hope fir h. ' irn ■■ind an adjoining . n thp T .aac Gurley farm H ' -. ' id S«amp community vNorwood Vinson wards answered department ' s 1 a.m. He jrred about I ' lrds hnme ir s( i n ' - ' a- MELVA JEAN - JULIUS h several other New Hope riremen within 10 minutes. Chief Vinson said that three bales of cotton and two tobacco ti ' ucka stored m io - | shelter ere lost b shelter and. ! slight. He estimated ' This v a Giant Coa They Jus! WASHINGTON m - Tl-j ington Redskins, bristin neulv sharpened scorm i rated as title conteri ■ ' ibu.-shing fnf! S eagtte. ' i rday i ' nced ion last pped to atmos- to read mercui ' y tv xTays aso. . ' and warmer " ' eather is ecast for today and it won. ' t ie PikeviJle •i jawf i tjap hurch ha.s bee ' n extent.. ■ throi edae.sday night Neatest ot ex- ANNETTE W. - RAYMOND jather girls ' were Sewices, held by Rev. Burl cu-,,, ,, - + .„ - ' " HJcrh rc,-idi!ig yesterday was 60 three degi-ees warmer P TA To Meet riie Belfast Schon! P-TA Mi ricr rhai) Saturday ' s high. Saturday ' s Nahunta ' s c bill from invaSS ' nii ht. The girls while the boys w Pacing Nahunta s IMarkie Sas55er Cutest Howell BETTY - ELBERT Ann Str Jane Howell defeiLsively. f: fcHm Marion Talton with 20, ' points fC!- ■Timmy Bunn with 12 and puster ■ Lewis with 10 sparked the boys c fensively and lenn Sasser and fs;. was; r »s;; :oi!T ihf ' ' -k! ..■f ' " their suoporters k Then, despite injuries , j: !«ye! ' s, uie VVashinqtor ' i F r=;t it V since toothle. - Nahuma Out outstai ' iiih Itive 4 The ' record, s; shin of I hi, . Tlip =ir. iiais ill the xram ' here Count - l-H n addiiioh V ' i Most Its cl ' ih mem be ' pbunty project oiaeiignis H. M. Mt. »■ H} his anyone ' vno owns a f should be well prepar H attack on this o ' erpr( ouiia an(, nas p Elvh Cipts In An ,5 grouiv,!,- West; . ' n Ay cock; ' ield crops- cxis - Caro- Robpy Best .rg, 1. ' iks. .-IiojTie imp ' i ' •emcnt - Elaing » ' man and E-Mdio BriH • u ■ , ' i v- c- Leo and V ' nody ,T. -d- !.- ' = ' XAHTA ' TA on j - (l«y in M ' Bl But h, " fl up ftei». « inp: with that chtb. Keason he was so fletormined to make Up the meeting; h h- - ' CI .. aeair TOLED islint, K ainer r U,,-, own bsr eas V3S hurt. HaJed inio lay Laziest DAYLON - DAVID ly today, but no one Municipal Court in a rhargp of disturbing e, F.aiint p ' jpaded gUiity V to- the and - s fined SIO and costs of SI) 60. ncn hp fould not pmdace the nonev ' , he g sonlrnced tn ser e »ut the p. ' =nalty by spending se- ' .-r-i ' lHy% jn fhA workhous-e. Pi ' es ' ipy h.=id cone on to Cle ' - pod for a personal apr- ai an.T I Ralint, uho hsd separated {n-M ■ ' s vdfe three ef ks ago, told i .j- icp bo % imhripfiy hefau«e Iv- vifp iPiiirn a pinure " f Pi ' f.-i!- l her wRilet, but no picture ui palmt. ' The cfim motion was rn a bar at iip Commodore Per] ' ' Ho el, The ' ohce ho ans prF:d a cajjl-v said ' resley vvas making oi t v ' hen they armed. F ' he circumstances . Wined. ' ' ,. " This gu » , ' re.siey. ' . fTi.V ■ if you in ' p [aiTv The " ( " " inged at V, , ' d, Preslj? ' ' [able w roup of i ' atrolme- , alter Zalaz.. .ill there Ba - pu?ician, Sc I ailing. Presk. ,5aiJint. Presley ' s no ' Cina, " Ke wss nenoan. Most Intellectual JULIA - DICKIE Traf He Death h Freak On| — !■ ■Li.NTON, Nov. 22 i --.a 60-y| farmer became the Stal ■ traffic victim of the Tha .ng Holiday period last night ' ' ak accident involvma thr two cars and a mule At 10 A,M. Best- all- Around BETTY - DOUGLAS 11 a.m. Hi! lit! t»| Merhcxlisi and ytr ri» n chii n lics. i s in " orresti he services would fh If ' rie Boy Awardt. ' rlh Carolina ' s na llf„17|j;. ciuh projects ff Chicago A reK Wayne Ameri- slouch, real! and Aste Col- ying for a it V already has ar- hLago for the National Congress, was a delegate jto i anforti) Camp in 1955 and was said i selected to attend National 4-H Washington this Most Talented WILTON - ANNETTE S. es his degree he ' = dining roont of the , ,. nificcr. for th, reason iK,. „ , .2™«1 forces. _ ins vcre elected. Klmer Sim- f plans to jom t Kmg s aid that an inquest will i -,ns was named ' pre ddent, Cedri,.- tural Extension Service scr ' . held at Chnton, Tuesday night, jrerii-n V as rifctrd vice p ' e. i-V SPORT " For $9 stun.- - , Nahunta High School introduced a new sport that presently a f waiting line at each recess and lunch period. The new sport is hat tennis - a game similar to GOl land f Mr. ; ,Goldf jhilie ;TitesQ I were not availt j Lt. Jones was iGoldsboro High Scnoi,. ■pile Quite Co-operative Guys i °J BILLIE RAE - A. B. . i I, 5 7 |GolasDoro lor Duriai, out luneral . i plans are incomplete. freak ' .men, two cars ana a mine a wagon. eamon S. Hudson, Route ; i.iton, was knocl ed to the pa int when a car hit his m he iwn wagon. Apparently not .hurt, he lay nn the highway! S t ' t minute? awaiting an ambulan en a second car struck a: rpxunrtfil ed him. he at, 11 lighway Patrolman M. N. Ki Garland said that after the fii wreck. Hudson revived, sat up road and talked to rnembt - a crowd that gathered, aski th m to " take him somewhere, " H ' ' jvhy in the woi ' ' " a few feet " hey figur r and we drivii ' on N. ,00 whi Daai Cli r, eir, rv... saj - 5d for the as someone fla later Roger E year-old Camp I. .drove on the see ,Jac6bs ' car struck HB him some 1 told King he diob was going on until t I, re- a Ann Strickland, Betty Howell, Daylon Howell, Annette Sasser, Markie Smith, A. B. Crawford, Morris Carter, Charles Aycock, and Lewis Valentine. Seniors present annual play, " Eyes of Love " Douglas Gurley, Lewis Valentine, Charles Aycock, Jimmy Bunn, Bettie Ruth Howell, Julia Berry, Annette Winders, Annette Sasser, Ann Strickland, A, B. Crawford, Mrs. Gurley. Mmeommmfm ILL T » JOHN M. SULLIVAN Reporter ROBBIE TAYLOR Secretary ROBERT EDGERTON Vice President KAY PITTMAN President FLOWER CLASS COLORS White Carnation Blue and White MOTTO " Be not simply good; be good for something. " CLASS SONG My school days are ending; the future is near. The end will bring showers of sadness I fear. We ' ll love you forever ' til the end of time, memories of school days will always be mine. It ' s almost tomorrow Then school will be o ' er; memories of Nahunta High will cling evermore. I ' ll love you forever ' Til days come no more. And cherish those memories that live evermore. Our thanks to Robbie Taylor and Kay Pittman who worked as Junior Representatives on the annual staff. Junior Play " Good Gracious, Grandma " juniors PETER AYCOCK MARGIE BARNES LOIS CARTER ANNIE R. DAUGHTRY ROBERT EDGERTON EMMETT FAIL CAROLYN FULGHUM EDNA GURLEY VIVIAN HOLLAND PEGGY MINSHEW JIMMY MITCHELL KAY PITTMAN JOHN M. SULLIVAN ROBBIE TAYLOR Allen Aycock Judy Aycock Rose Aycock Clifton Bell Margaret Berry Louise Bizzell Gerald Brown Virginia Deaver Robert Gurley Christine Hales Edith Holland Jane Howell Jimmy Howell Glennie Langley Deanye Lee Johnny Lee Harold Lewis Janice Mayo Michael Mayo Christine Mitchell Judith Overman Ted Peacock Max Rose Inez Sasser Ray Sasser Judy Stuckey Jean Smith Charles Sullivan Jimmy Thomas Carol Vick Betty Wells Kenneth Wells E, L. Aycock Lou Ann Aycock William Barnes Patricia Barnes Susie Baker Bobby Bunn Sandra Crawford Jeannetta Edgerton Lois Edgerton Carol Fields David Gurley Grace Gurley Theodore Hardison N. T. Holland Mary Ann Howell Carolyn Howell Billy Rae Jordan Helene Lewis D. J. Pope Faye Pope Joyce Ricks Billy Robbins Willie Rollins Glenn Sasser Wayne Sasser Milton Smith J. B. Strickland Roy Sullivan Carrie Wade Ralph Wells Jovance Whaley Michael Whaley Hilton Winders Patsy Winders SHIRLEY BAKER - Reporter LILLIAN DAVIS Treasurer M ' 1 t.. Steve Aycock Shirley Baker Braxton Bell Joyce Bradbury Maxine Carter Lillian Davis Elizabeth Elmore Delma Everette Iris Ferrell Billy Gardner Louis Godwin Melva J. Gurley Earl Hales Billy R. Holland John Hooks Jerome Hooks Sandra Jordan Wayne Jordan J. Ray Mooring Don Morris Doris Parnell Albert Pierce Marion Pittman George Pridgen Linwood Radford Linda Sasser Hilda Sullivan Betsy Thomas Jimmy Anderson, Roger Aycock, Donald Bass, Cecil Boswell, James Bradbury, Glenn Crawford Franklin Collier, Alma L. Davis, Anna Edgerton, Patricia Fields, Linda Gardner, Kay Godfrey, J. D. Holland, Larry Howell, Sandra Howell, Roseita Jordan, Hiawatha Langley, Frances Mayo, Kenneth Mooring, Mary Jo Parrish, Janet Pope, Edward Radford, Grace Sasser, Harry Sasser, Jane Sasser, Judy Scott, Glennwood Stallings, Patsy Strickland, Ann Sullivan, Glenn Sullivan, Kathryn Taylor. Seventh Qrade o Woodie Aycock, Joe Baker, Betty Barnes, Ann Bizzell, Arnold Bizzell, Elbert Boswell, Linda Bunn, Geraldine Carter, James Carter, Beth Dixon, Geneva Edgerton, Jim- mie Edgerton, Mattie M. Ferrell, Faye Hall, Frances Hardi- son, Bonnie Holland, Scottie Hooks, Carolyn Lane, Jesse Lee, Jimmy Mayo, Ruth Minchew, Douglas Mitchell, Leroy Mitchell, Brenda Mooring, Elizabeth Morris, Bobby Osborne, Clark Parrish, Josellen Pate, Sue Peacock, Linda Pittman, Mary Sasser, Dotty Sullivan, Donnie Scott, Wayne Strickland, Bobby Taylor, Janice Talton, Maxine Whaley, Grace Williford, Peggy Winders. ' f ■ ■«, ■ mm ' JMBHlPk. - p. r K ,« - w a ■BBr R. Sasser J. Waddell I H. Smith J. Wilson . C. Talton R, Williams jT lij D. Thomas Tifth Qrade C. Aycock W. Aycock R. Barnes S. Benton F. Bizzell D. Elmore T. Fail P. Grantham J. Hales J. Hawley A. Holland B. Howell R. Howell D. Johnson J. Johnson D. Jordan G. Lee J. Maples E. Mayo G. Morris D. Osborne F. Overman F. Parrish C. Pierce J. Pittman W. Pittman B. Sasser E. Sasser F. Sasser F. Sasser J. Sasser Edna Aycock Shelton Benton Anna Baker Fred Baker Albert Crawford - . « Elbert Crawford Joan Gurley Robert Hales Kenneth Hales Peggy Hamm Ray Howell Judy Jordan Faye Kirby Douglas Marlowe Harry Mayo Janice Merritt Donald Mooring Betty Overman Donald Pate Marshall Pope ] - Jean Sasser Jerry Waddell Mickey Waddell Rebekah Whaley Bruce Wilkie 1 War W ' ) 4 ill 1 ilniiii Sandra Aycock, Edith Bailey, Linda Barnes, William Batten, Eugene Bradbury, Bobby Crocker, La Vern Gooding, Gail Gurley, Janice Hales, Ray Harrell, Butch Gary Holland, Christine Jor- dan, Joyce Jordan, Lois Jordan, Linnie Johnson, Janice Lancaster, Jerry Lancaster, Ronnie Lan- caster, David Lewis, Barbara Mayo, Ruth Mooring, David Lee Odom, John Pate, Phyllis Pike, Curtis Waddell, Rodney Waddell, Charles Wade, Jerry Wells, Donnie Wilson, Becky Sullivan. First row: B. Anderson, M. Aycock, R. Aycock, L. Bailey, W. Bedford, D. Dixon, D. Edger- ton, C. Elmore. Second row: F. Evans, E. Ferrel, G. Ferrel, K. Godfrey, J. Gooding, C. Hales, A. Holland, H. Holland, S. Howell, G. Jordan, H. Jordan, O, Lancaster, P. Lancaster, M. Lane, T. Maples, D. Mooring, L. Overman, J. Pate, G. Pope, C. Rose, L. Sasser, E. Stallings, J. Sullivan, J. Taylor, J. Whaley, B, Williford, L. Williford. L. Wilkie, R. Winders, V . ' V j P Avpopk V V • Pi f rr P Railev Pi 1 " t " m a n X LLLlilall D. Batten G. Sasser T Bradburv c O ■ W LXbUtl B Carter A x • W LlilW xuru P Carter I. Conner L. Crawford W DiYon PC Fvan D. Ferrell C. Gooding H Goodina S Hales A. Holland B Hollo we 11 K " TnHncf n 5. Jordan S. Lane E, Lancaster D. Maples S. Mlnshew L, Odom P. Pate THOSE BEHIND THE SCENES WHO HELP TO MAKE THE SCHOOL CLICK Lunchroom Workers Miss Sasser, Mrs. Holland, Miss Cuddington Secretary Lois Mooring Janitor - Mr. Sam Holland Custodian Mrs. Annie Barnes Ferrell um: Yi: vKs Mrs. Gurley, Advisor; Betty Howell, Dickie Pierce, Julia Berry, Markie Smith, Robert Edgerton, Annette Sasser, Kay Pittman, Robbie Taylor. Markie Smith, Ann Strickland, Dickie Pierce, Betty Howell, Julia Berry, Annette Sasser, Chief. First row: P. B arnes, S. Baker, S. Peacock, M. Whale y, E. Morris, F. Hall, M. Sasser, L. Edgerton, F. Pope, P. Strickland, G. Edgerton, L. Davis, B. Mooring, J. Scott, A. Edgerton, L. Pittman, J. Sasser. Second row; R. Taylor, M. Berry, H. Lewis, I. Sasser, J. Howell, J, Mayo, C. Fields, J. Overman, J. Edgerton, A. Sasser, D. Morris, J. Edgerton, J. Baker, D. Scott, B. Osborne, R. Aycock. Third row; C. Vick, J. Stuckey, J. Aycock, J. B. Strickland, R. Gurley, p. Pierce, K. Pittman, R. Sasser, R. Edgerton, R. Sullivan, M. Smith, J. Ricks, G. Sasser, M. Gurley, J. Smith. First row: G. Sasser, L. Pittman, C. Pierce, J. Scott, G. Edgerton, B. Osborne, M. Howell, B. Wells, J. Edgerton, D. Pierce, L. Aycock, L. Edgerton, L. Davis, Foreground, M. Aycock, R. Taylor, C. Aycock, D. Scott, S. Peacock, R. Aycock, M. Whaley, A. L. Davis, F. Kirby, J. Sasser. Bertice Overman, teacher of Music and Glee Club. MOTTO " Toward New Horizons " Secretary Peter Aycock, Sentinel Wilton Howell, Chaplain Dickie Pierce. Rep. Jimmy Thomas, President Allan Aycock, Vice President Emmett Fail, Advisor Mr. Grimes, Treasurer Jimmy Mitchell. " Learning to do, Doing to learn Earning to live, Living to serve, " First row: Danny Daughtry, Dale Maples, Donnie Ferrell, Ronnie Lancaster, Kay Johnson, Ronny Maples, Kenneth Evans, Sam Lane, Phillip Aycock, Larry Odom, Larry Crawford. Second row: Anthony Holland, Melody Lane, Henry Holland, Ruth Mooring, Phyllis Lancaster, Sandra Aycock, Sue Howell, Cherry Rose, William Batten, Jerry Wells, Charles Wade. Third row: Larry Sasser, Vic Pierce, Dennis Mooring, Billy Anderson, Allen Bedford, Linda Overman, Faye Evans, Judy Whaley, Linda Wilkie, Albert Holland, David Odom, Sue Minshew, John Pate. Director - Mrs. Dora Fleming Pianist - Annette Sasser First row: Dwight Elmore, Pearl Grantham, Geneva Edgerton, Elizabeth Morris, Don Morris, N. T. Holland, Ricky Howell, Clifton Bell, Judith Overman, Judy Stuckey, Inez Sasser, Cheryl Pierce, Jimmy Edgerton, Albert Pierce. Second row; Dickie Pierce, James Maples, Peter Aycock, Jane Sasser, Ray Sasser. Director, Mr. Watson. Organized in April, 1954. 4-H OFFICERS INEZ SASSER Secretary ROBBIE TAYLOR Reporter ALLEN AYCOCK Vice President JUDY STUCKEY Song Leader DICKIE PIERCE President LILLIAN DAVIS Treasurer The Nahunta 4-H Club will keep the trophy for the most outstanding club in the county now that it has been won for the third consecutive year. I Pledge: My head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, My hands to longer service, my health to better living. For my Club, my Community and my Country. WILTON No. 59 ' Drive Safely, us Drivers " The Life You Save May Be Ours " ANNETTE No. Ill MARKIE No. 7 JIMMY No. 34 CHARLES No. 73 DICKIE No. 65 Obrarians LEWIS No. 105 Seated: Carol Vick, Jean Smith, and Mattie Jean Lee. Standing: Melva Jean Gurley, Mrs. Gurley, Peggy Minchew, Lois Edgerton, Edith Holland, Joyce Ricks, and Dickie Pierce. First row: M. Howell, J. Edgerton, A. Aycock, M. Rose, N. T. Holland, G. Sasser, R. Wells, R. Sullivan, P. Barnes, L. Aycock, H. Lewis, P. Winders, C. Sullivan, J. Whaley. Second row; L. Sasser, L. Edgerton, J. Ricks, M. Whaley, R. Wells, B. Bell, A. Pierce, Coach Boykin, B. Wells, C. Vick, C. Hales, I. Sasser, J. Stuckey, A. Sasser, A. Winders, T. Hardison. Third row: B. Holland, C. Bell, M. Mayo, J. Thomas, H. Lewis, M. Berry, J. Mayo, J. Overman, J. Howell, R. Edgerton, K. Pittman, E. Richardson, C. Aycock, R. Radford, M. Talton, D. Pierce. Fourth row: J. Bunn, J. Howell, E. Fail, J. Mitchell, P. Aycock, R. Sasser, R. Gurley, A. B. Crawford, A. Strickland, D. Howell, B, Bunn, M. Smith, R. Taylor, T. Peacock, J. B. Strickland, B. Howell, J. Berry. Assistant Coach Managers Cheerleader Advisor MRS. E. WOOTEN BILL JORDAN MRS. L. WILKIE N. T. HOLLAND : BETTY HOWELL ANN STf CKLAND _ ■ , MARKIE SMITH NAME POSITION N.H.S. OPP, JEANNETTA EDGERTON Forward MARY ANN HOWELL- - Forward JUDY STUCKEY Forward JANICE MAYO Guard MARGARET BERRY - Forward LOU ANN AYCOCK Forward LOIS EDGERTON Forward SANDRA CRAWFORD Guard JUDITH OVERMAN Guard BETTY HOWELL Forward ANNETTE SASSER Forward MARKIE SMITH Forward JANE HOWELL Guard DAYLON HOWELL Guard ANN STRICKLAND - - Guard INEZ SASSER - Forward HELENE LEWIS- - Guard CHARLES BOYKIN Coach N. T. HOLLAND -Manager Kenly - -45 41 Princeton 51 - - 41 Lucama -45 34 Kenly 44 43 Princeton 35 31 Brogden 54 36 Mt. Olive 51 52 Grantham 65 43 New Hope 79 42 Rosewood 60 48 Glendale 56 24 Fremont 42 48 Seven Springs 68 38 Pikeville 47 41 Eureka 52 - 37 Glendale 57 - - 36 Brogden 42 31 Mt. Olive 51 42 Grantham 57 58 New Hope Rosewood Fremont Seven Springs Pikeville Eureka BY HVKK Ha rold lewis KAY PIT ' ] MAN NAME POSITION N.H.S. OPP. CHARLES BOYKIN Coach MARION TALTON Forward JIMMY HOWELL Center BUSTER LEWIS - Center E, L. AYCOCK Center ROY SULLIVAN Forward KAY PITTMAN - Forward RAY SASSER Guard BOBBY BUNN - - - Guard JIMMY BUNN Guard ROBERT EDGERTON Guard GLENN SASSER Guard MICHAEL WHALEY Forward J. B. STRICKLAND Guard BILL JORDAN Manager Kenly 50 56 Princeton 44 35 Lucama 57 43 Kenly 43 42 Lucama 61 39 Princeton 38 36 Brogden --54 28 Mt. Olive -57 39 Grantham 51--- 57 New Hope 65 52 Rosewood - 68 48 Glendale 60 44 Fremont 62 - 56 Seven Springs -63 43 Pikeville 41 •» 47 Eureka 53 35 Glendale 63- - 41 Brogden --53 25 Mt. Olive 58 50 Grantham 44 50 New Hope Rosewood Fremont Seven Springs Pikeville Eureka baseball Zeam First row: William Barnes, Billy Rae Holland, Glenn Sasser, Elbert Richardson, John Sullivan, Jimmy Thomas, Coach Charles Boykin. Second row: Bobby Bunn, Kay Pitt- man, Raymond Radford, Harold Lewis, Marion Talton, Jimmy Bunn. Our class helped to win four of the basket- ball trophies during the ' 55- 56 season. We tied for conference co -champions and Girls came out victorious in the tournament. Boys were runners -up. Michael Mayo Scorekeeper A. B. Crawford - Scorekeeper Dickie Pierce -Announcer Max Rose Time Keeper Mf- Miss Chieftain BETTY HOWELL ELBERT RICHARDSON Charles Boykin, coach, crowns Betty Howell as homecoming Queen during half time ceremonies of the Fremont-Nahunta game on January 4. Jimmy Sunn, president of the Athletic Association, presents her with a bouquet of red roses, while around 500 alumni and friends sing " Let me call you Sweetheart. " 3, A Mean 1 A. Sweetheart ELBERT RICHARDSON ANNETTE SASSER STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES AND OFFICERS Betty Howell, Jimmy Bunn ..- 12th grade Carolyn Fulghum, Peggy Minshew - -11th grade Allen Aycock, Inez Sasser j oth grade Bobby Bunn, Joyce Ricks - -- -- - 9th grade Don Morris, Lillian Davis 8th grade The Beta Club, after observing Student Council in action at other schools and hearing a speech from Markie Smith who attended Girls ' State, felt the importance of Student Council at Nahunta. After discussion in each homeroom, a constitution was adopted in November, followed by campaigning and election of officers in December. Thus, we became the first rural school in Wayne County to put Student Council into operation in January, 1957. Prospective bus drivers receive instructions. Mr. William Taylor presents awards to the winners of the essay contest " Who Shall Speak for the Farmer? " A d Sumunding Us Opportunities Zhat Visiting musician entertains student body. Ate Ours, Officers of the Community Club. Halloween Kings and Queen crowne d. Harry Sasser - Patsy Strickland Douglas Gurley - Jane Howell Vic Pierce - Kay Johnson H Y S I C A L There were times when we thought we ' d never make it - ball players forgetting their suits, photographers always late, pictures not developing, and dashing around to meet the deadline for shipments. But here it is, all polished and shined: Our album of records. We hope that you will treasure these memories as much as we will the hours we ' ve spent, on the grounds of dear old Nahunta. SCHOOL SONG There ' s a dear old school, Nahunta, To us it is a dear one Where our love and truth and friendship Will never never die; Where the people are so friendly Our thoughts go back there daily To the school we love so dearly As we work there day by day. Cho. Where the dogwood trees are blooming And the skies are always blue To our high school Alma Mater We will ever be so true. And the moment that we ' re near her With a joyous shout we ' ll greet her For there ' s not a school can beat her For our hearts are strong and gay. As old glory flies above her With her colors brightly gleaming There the folks are ever happy As the birds in sweet spring time. Forget Nahunta? Never! Our school we ' ll cheer forever Her fame we ' ll always cherish As the years keep rolling on PINE STATE MILK - ICE CREAM 418 Glenwood Ave. - Raleigh, N. C. PfNB J. D WIGHT JOHNSON Ice Cream Sales Supervisor Phones Bus. TE 2-3911 Res. TE 2-9536 Compliments of MORRIS SASSER Groceries - Meats Fremont, N. C. O. M I l_0 FEED MILL AND COTTON GIN " ATrial Is All We Ask " Phone 210-1 Fremont Pikeville, North Carolina It. ' SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT at ALTON GURLEY ' S SERVICE STATION Route No. 2 Pikeville, N. C Shop and Save at POWELL ' S 5 AND 10 STORE 600 South Slocumb St. Goldsboro, N. C. A. T=. HOLX AND SOM, I NIC. Royster Fertilizers Groceries and Farm Supplies Princeton, N. C. to ROSE CLEANERS WIL-LOUGHBV FISH MARKET Kenly, N. C, J. DOBBIN BAI LEV GENERAL MERCHANT Crosley and Zenith Television " Come to See Us " Kenly, N. C. KENLV LIVESTOCK MARKET For Highest Market Prices Kenly, N. C. Phone 2751 SANITARY MARKET Fremont, North Carolina DILLON SUPPLY STORE COUNTER Phone 746 @N. William Street Office Phone 2852 Goldsboro, N. C. W OLIVER SON, INC. Cotton Merchants and Cotton Ginners Phone 3124 Pine Level, N. C. Latest Fashions DEPARTMENT STORE Goldsboro, N. C, THE l_ UC AM A KEN L.V- BANk: Safe - Sound Dependable Service Kenly, N. C. WORLEY ' S For the Best in mm Typewriter Exchange Goldsboro, N. C. PIKEVII_L_E DRUG STORE Reasonable Prices and Courteous Service Pikeville, N. C. - Ph. -4457 FLAKE ' S TIRE SERVICE New Tires and Recapping " When You Think About Tires - Think About Us " Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of SCOTT ' S BARBECUE N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C OIL COMPANY Petroleum Products Phone 2085 Pikeville, North Carolina GOLDSBORO BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 116 E. Walnut St. " Safety for Saving " 3% Dividends PASTRY SHOP Fine Line of Cakes and Pies Goldsboro, N. C, OIL CO. N GOLDSBORO Fashions, Quality and Service Distributors Amoco Products Phone 825 Goldsboro, N. C. Serving Eastern North Carolina for 92 Years Goldsboro, N. C. GOODMAN GROCERY MARKET Dealer in Heavy and Fancy Groceries Sherwin-Williams Paints Feeds and Poultry Phone 381-2 Pikeville, North Carolina DRUG STORE " Prescription Specialists " Phone 823 Goldsboro, North Carolina JESSE B. AYCOCK, INC. Dealer in 6 - Plant - Food ROYSTER ' S Free - Flowing Fertilizers Groceries and Farm Supplies Fremont, North Carolina Compliments of I S A AO S - K AH N FURNITURE CO. , INC. " The Big Furniture Store on Center Street " 118-122 N. Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina AYCOCK - SELBY CO. , INC. Agents for Appliances Mayo Curers - Fertilizers - Paint Cotton Buyers Phone 295 -1 Fremont, North Carolina Compliments of HOWE LI- BROTHERS A Home Owned Store " We Aim to Please You " Phone 206-3 Pikeville, North Carolina BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY " The Safe Executor " All Accounts, Large Ones; Snn.all Appreciated Telephone 380 - Goldsboro DAVIS AUTO SERVICE ROAD SERVICE Washing - Polishing - Lubrication Anything Automotive " If We Don ' t Have It We Get It " 1212 N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 1688 Compliments of PASTRY SHOP Phone 1470-J Goldsboro, North Carolina PATE- t AWSON MOTOR CO. , INC. Telephone 808 223 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of ROSE FURNITURE CO. 219 West Walnut St. and ROSE WAYSIDE FURNITURE Adamsville - Rt. 3 Goldsboro, N. C. BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST CO. Rikeville, N. C, Fremont, N. C, Complete Banking, Insurance, Trust and Farm Management Service " We Welcome Your Account " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Fresh Pastries and Rolls Enriched Eat Made -Rite Bread and Rolls Complinnents of MADE- RITE BAKERV Goldsboro, North Carolina Ask for Valvoline Motor Oil the World ' s First MOI LI N OIL CO. Phone 1445 N. William St. Goldsboro CHAR1_E DEPT. STORE Family Outfitters 131 W. Walnut St. Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 368 Compliments of O. V. ORTON Goldsboro, N. C. Shop With Confidence at 3ROS. and Wear With Pride Goldsboro, North Carolina GARRIS JEWELERS Your Local Jewelers You Don ' t Need Cash We ' ll Arrange With Terms 142 - N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. BLUE PLAME GAS CO. Kenly North Carolina COMMUNITY MOTORS CORP. Sales Goldsboro, N. C. Sell Your Tobacco at PAl MERS ' WAREHOUSE Shop at OPEN AIR MARKET Goldsboro, N. C. THOMRSOIN WOOTEN OIL CO. , INC. Sell Petroleum Products Post Office Box 1007 Goldsboro, N. C. Dial 2291 SELMA RADIO MUSIC CO. Maytag and Westinghouse Appliances Sylvania Television We Service Everything Sold Selma, N. C. Compliments of A. T. TART LUMBER MILL Princeton, N. C. SETH B. HOWELL OIL CO. Atlantic Petroleum Products Tires - Auto Accessories Plant Location - Adamsville Post Office Box 290 Telephone 485 Goldsboro, N. C, FARMERS ' HARDWARE COMPANY Seed and Fertilizers DuPont Paints Siegler Heaters - Nutrena Feeds Phone 3053 Pikeville, North Carolina Compliments of CAROL- 1 NA WAREHOUSE GUY BEST - BRUCE SMITH Owner and Operator Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of Dl l_l_ON L_L_ IMPLEMENT CO. Allis -Chalmer s and Studebaker Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 2300 OAUGHTRV Authorized Dealer General Electric Appliances Princeton, N. C. Phone 3011 Compliments of VICTORY WAREHOUSE Phone 3036 JIM HOPEWELL RICHARD GRAY S. B. HOLLOWELL Goldsboro, N. C. Nutritious Dairy Products WAVNE DAIRY COOPERATIVE, INC. Goldsboro, North Carolina Owned and Operated by Local Dairy Farmers FREMONT MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE, INC. Sales Service New and Used Cars Phone 263-6 Fremont, North Carolina COLLIER NASH MOTORS Sales Tftffpf Service Telenhonp - Rox 4 J. J- WllV KJ J J-J Vm A. A Pikeville, North Carolina COFFEE SHOP Milk Shakes - Hotdogs Hamburgers Hwv 117 - Phone 3346 Fremont, Nort h Carolina MEM BOVS SHOP MARVIN WIGGS - Prop. J. lit: OtvJiTc UX OCITViL-c dilU. dL OC|U.3,rC Deal Fremont, North Carolina WOODARO ' S DRUG STORE " The Rexall Store " Prompt - Efficient - Courteous Princeton, North Carolina Phone 2071 FREMONT WHOLESALE CORP. Building Supplies - Coal Distributors Petroleum Products Fremont, North Carolina CREECH ' Szz INC. - - Furniture of Distinction Goldsboro, North Carolina 209 W. Walnut St. - Ph. -2143 BARTLETTE GROCERY N. William - Goldsboro, N. C. 106 E. Walnut - Phone 2225 Goldsboro, North Carolina MILLING CO. River Valley Products Meal, Flour, Feed Phone 2191 Princeton, North Carolina BIG ORANGE TRUCK STOP Good Gulf Gas at a Savings Highway 301 - Lucama, N. C. " Good Wishes to the Seniors " L. M. 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Suggestions in the Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) collection:

Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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