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" 1 - • iWc f ■ i ?foie “Deeu 0(ei Sc tool, 7 ij wfa , 7 u t u 4 ZW Ottc " . m 7 IA$ ftp " f V. cv V (s o Os 0 As you turn through the pages of your 1955-56 yearbook, we hope that we have been able to bring back to your memory the years spent at Nahunta High School; recalling the happiest hours, the valued friends and the best-loved scenes. edccatmm This page is included in honor of Mrs. Norma Lee Yelverton, ourtenthand eleventh grade spon- sor and faculty advisor. She has taught us through- out our high school and is dear to all of us. We will be forever indebted to her for the kindness, patience, sympathy, and understanding she has shown us. She was always calm, cheerful, and courageous, and the most despondent of us found reassurance in her presence. We, the Senior Class of 1955-56, are proud to have had Mrs. Yelverton for a teacher. Her influence and guidance will help us in facing life ' s problems and accepting the responsibilities as cit- izens in tomorrow ' s world. Toherwe proudly dedicate the ’55- ' 56 Chief- tain. Your parents have devoted much time and have contributed consider- able amounts of money in taxes and donations in order that you might have the opportunity to attend school. Their willingness to invest so heavily emphasizes the importance of the role of our school in our so- ciety. Your school is dedicated not only to acquainting you with knowledge that has been gained over the years, but it is further dedicated to the task of training you to use this knowledge in being able to live cleanly, to think clearly, and to choose wisely in the daily activities of your lives. May the training you receive here supplement the training of your home and church to the end that happiness and success will be yours. BEARD MR. H. G. ScA d acvid H. G. BEARD, B.S., M, ED., N. C. State College, Principal, Science. MRS. MILDRED GINN, B.S., Wo- man ' s College, Business Edu- cation. MRS. JANYCE HINNANT, B.S., East Carolina College, Voca- tional Home Ec and Science. MRS. LOUISE BUNN WILKIE, B. S. , Flora MacDonald College, Home Ec and Science. MRS. DORIS GURLEY, A.B., East Carolina College, English and French. GEORGE HERMAN PORTER, B. S. , N.C. State College, Agricul- tural Education. DON SHACKELFORD, A.B., At- lantic Christian College, So- cial Science. CHARLES BOYKIN, A.B., Atlantic Christian College, Eighth Grade, Mathematics, Coach. MRS. COLLEEN SASSER, A.B., East Carolina and A. C. Col- leges, Seventh Grade. MRS. MOZELLE GURLEY, A.B., Atlantic Christian College, Sixth Grade. MRS. LOUISE P. LEWIS, A.B., Mars Hill and A. C. Colleges, Fifth Grade. MRS. EVA WOOTEN, A.B., At- lantic Christian College, Fourth Grade. MRS. DORA C. FLEMING, A.B., East Carolina and A. C. Colleges, Third Grade. MRS. ELIZABETH C. HOWELL, A. B. , East Carolina College, Sec- ond and Third Grade Combina- tion. MRS. BERTHA PEACOCK, A.B., Harrisonburg State Teachers and Atlantic Christian Colleges, Second Grade. MRS. DORIS T. SHEPARD, A.B., Atlantic Christian College, First Grade. MISS BERTHA EDGERTON, B.S., Flora MacDonald College, Music. ZEB WATSON, U. S. Army, Band. ALMA RUTH BAKER FHA 1, 2, 3; 4-H Club 1; Librarian 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff; Junior Play; Senior Play; Historian of FHA 3; Paper Staff 4. DAVID BUSTER BUNN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Class President 2; Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4» President 3; Sub. Bus Driver 3, Bus Driver 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Wait- er at Mother-Daughter Banquet 1, 2. WILLIAM MATTHEW DIXON Annual Staff; Paper Staff 4: 4-H Club 1, 2; FFA 1, 2, 3; Marshal 3; Beta Club 4; Class Officer 1, 2. MATTIE ROSE FERRELL FHA 1, 2, 3; Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 1; Annual Staff; Sub. Bus Driver 3,4; Librarian 4; Paper Staff 4. CLIFTON DOUGLAS GURLEY FFA 1, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; Annual Staff; Paper Staff 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, HAZEL JACQUELYN GURLEY FHA 1, 2, 3. 4, County FHA Vice President 3, FHA President 4; Wait- ress Junior-Senior Banquet 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Athletic Association 1, 2; Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3; Class Of- ficer 3; Chief Marshal 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Paper Staff; Librarian 2, 3. WREB EUGENE HAWLEY Class President 1, Class Vice Pres- ident 2; FFA 1, 2, 3,4, Sentinel 2, President 3; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Waiter FHA Banquet 1, 2; Beta Club 3,4; Marshall 3; Sub. Bus Driver 3,4; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Usher Junior Play; Paper Staff 4. WILLIAM M. HENDERSON Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Paper Staff 4. TEMPIE LEE KEARNEY FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Association 4; Senior Play; 4-H Club 1; Annual Staff; Waitress Junior -Senior Banquet 2; Paper Staff; Softball 1. CHARLES CRAYTON LEE FFA 1, 2, 3,4; Annual Staff; Paper Staff 4; Stage Manager Senior Play. OTHAL MINCHEW FFA 1, 2, 3,4; Athletic Association 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4. DONNA DEANE MORRIS Glee Club 1, 2; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Of- ficer 1,4; Athletic Association 2,3, 4; Basketball 1; Cheerleader 2; Pres- ident Senior Class; Annual Staff; Music 1; Junior Play; Senior Play; Sub. Bus Driver 3; Bus Driver 4; Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 1, 2; 4-H Club 1; Paper Staff; Softball 3; Annual Staff. JIMMY AUSTIN MORRIS Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; FFA 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 2, Report- er 4; Beta Club 3, 4, President 3, 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3; Glee Club 2; Bus Driver 3, 4; Marshal 3; Vice President of Class 1, 3, Class Secretary 4; Annual Staff; Sub. Bus Driver 2; Paper Staff 4; Future Farmer of the Week 2;Wait- er Mother-Daughter Banquet 2; Ush- er Junior-Senior Play. FRED LEMUEL OVERMAN Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Secretary FFA Federation 3,4; Glee Club 1, 2; Class President 3; Sub Bus Driver 3, Bus Driver 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Business Manager of Annual Staff; Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Co-Captain Basketball team 4; Future Farmer of the Week 1; Paper Staff 4; Waiter Mother -Daughter Banquet 2. ELOISE PARRISH FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 1, 2; Athletic Association 1, 2; Waitress Father-Son Banquet 2; Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3; Senior Play, Junior Play; Marshal 3; Copy Editor of Paper Staff 4; Sub. Bus Driver 3,4; Annual Staff; Librar- ian 3. DOROTHY JANE PATE Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Scorekeeper 4; Waitress Father-Son Banquet 3; Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Junior Play; Class Reporter 2, Class Secretary 3; Senior Play; Librarian 4; Paper Staff; Softball 3. THOMAS HENRY PRIDGEN FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1, 2, 4; Ath- letic Association 2,3; Bus Driver 4, Sub. Bus Driver 2, 3. JAMES THURSTON ROLLINS FFA 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3,4; Junior Play; Athletic Association 3, 4; Sub. Bus Driver 3, Bus Driver 4; Annual Staff; Paper Staff 4; Usher Senior Play. WILLIAM NOEL TAYLOR JERI FARRAR WELLS BESSIE REBA WIGGINS Basketball 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff; Cheerleader 1; Sen- ior Play; Junior Play; School Reporter; Glee Club 1, 2; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Sports Reporter; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 4; Waiter Mother- Daughter Banquet 2; Bus Driver 3, 4, Sub. 2. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 3, 4; Waitress Father-Son Banquet 2, 3; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3. 4; Marshal 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Officer 2, 3; Assistant Editor-in- Chief; Waitress Junior- Senior Banquet 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Softball; Li- brarian 3; Paper Staff. FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club; Junior Play Prompter; Sen ior Play; Editor-in-Chief of Annual; Softball 3; School Newspaper; Ath- letic Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4. Se Uvt BILLY TAYLOR, Reporter; DONNA MORRIS, President; DOUGLAS GURLEY, Vice President; ELOISE PARRISH, Treasurer; JIMMY MORRIS, Secretary. On September 18, 1944, a group of forty first-graders, the future class of 56 en- tered for the first time into the halls of learning at Nahunta High School, The first three years were devoted mainly to developing our young minds in the three R ' s and learning to live together with our fellow students. Upon entering the fourth grade, we began to master much " harder " subjects such as history and geography. The highlight of our sixth grade year came when we made our tour of the State Capitol. The seventh grade brought us a new thrill, for along with having Miss Rhoda Bone as our homeroom teacher, Mr. Rudolph Wiggs instructed us in the course of literature. Next on the chart of events came our eighth grade graduation which marked the com- pletion of our grammar school days. We entered the ninth grade with a great deal of enthusiasm, determined to begin our high school days right. Needless to say, we really lived up to our name of " Green Freshmen " during those first weeks of school. However, we soon learned our way a- round and completed our ninth year without any serious mishaps. Dorothy Pate joined us that year. We came back the next fall as sophomores, full of bright ideas and plans. Tempie Lee Kearney returned to graduate with us after leaving us in the second grade. Our teacher, Mrs. Norma Lee Yelverton, guided us expertly through that year and twenty- two were promoted on to the eleventh grade. We were happy to learn that Mrs. Yel- verton was to be our Junior Sponsor. Bill Henderson from Miami, Florida, joined us at the beginning of our junior year and has added much to our class in the way of music, comedy, and laughs. We had many exciting experiences as juniors, among them our play, " Damsels in Distress, " presented December 13, 1954 and entertaining the seniors at the Hotel Goldsboro the following spring. The theme " Song of the Islands " was car- ried out in true Hawaiian tradition and the banquet seemed to have been a success. We had our part in the graduation of the 55 Seniors and Hazel Gurley, Jimmy Morris, Eloise Parrish, Jeri Wells, Wreb Hawley, and Bill Dixon were selected as Marshals. We returned for our final year at school on September 1, 1955. We started the turn of events by electing Donna Morris as President; Douglas Gurley, Vice President; Jimmy Morris, .Secretary; and Eloise Parrish, Treasurer. We were fortunate to have Mrs. Mildred Ginn as our Senior Sponsor. Our class has truly shared all the joys and problems of a typical senior year. Our first important event was the presentation of the Senior Play, " Tempest and Sunshine. " And than a few days later how delighted we were to receive our class rings! The awaited day of our Washington trip came on No- vember 27, 1955. Words can ' t describe how much we enjoyed the trip and our delight in having Mr. Don Shackleford, Mrs. Bagley Morris, and Mrs. Joe Morris as our chap- erones. That was one experience that I ' m sure will never be forgotten. Our annual, although new to us, was finally published and we shall always remember the events re- corded in its pages. We are now looking forward to Commencement with all the little joys of receiving our calling cards, invitations, caps and gowns, etc. And last of all - our diplomas! At this time we wish to express our deepest gratitude to the faculty, students, and last but not least, our parents. Although we ' ll soon be leaving Nahunta High, we shall never forget our friends here, of our joys, sorrows, triumphs, and successes - all these fond memories shall be cherished in our hearts always. Hazel Gurley Well, I guess it ' s the gypsy in me - I don ' t know any other reason why they chose me to foretell the class prophecy. I will now gaze into this crystal ball to see what the future holds for this grand class of 1956. TURN ONWARD, TURN ONWARD, OH TIME IN YOUR FLIGHT, LET ME SEE THE GRADUATES OF 56, TEN YEARS FROM TONIGHT. My, aren ' t those twins cute, little red headed girl and black headed boy. Their mother is Ruth Baker or rather Ruth Sykes now; she and Junior have finally tied the knot. Oh! Look at this great invention. It is called the " Ruthie Tobacco Harvester " de- signed by none other than Buster Bunn. In a studio, a great radio announcer. Bill Dixon, tells all the listeners about the latest tunes. He is now dedicating a song, " Darling, Let ' s Turn Back the Years, " to an old friend of high school days. Who is that I see on that tractor? Sure enough it is Rose Ferrell, who was always good at farming. She is helping Celion plant the crop. Left, Right, Left, Right. Douglas made it in the army after all. He is now Sgt. Douglas Gurley. I seem to hear faint music. It is Hazel Gurley using her wonderful talent. She is giving Liberace a tight race. Do you watch your T. V. very often? If so, I ' m sure you ' ve seen " The Wreb Haw- ley Comedy Hour. " Zoom! There went a jet. It was Bill Henderson, piloting the plane that he de- signed himself. He is still a bachelor, giving the girls a thrill. Othal, don ' t treat that mule so mean. Yes, Othal is a very successful farmer. But, who is that blonde out there helping him? Go easy on those boys, Lemuel, they are playing a good game. Yes, Lemuel is a tough coach and a good one. His boys really like him. Jimmy is putting that chemistry to work filling prescriptions. He finished his study of pharmacy at Carolina and is a real serious pharmacist. Sniff, sniff. What is that I smell? Smells like fried chicken. Yes, that ' s what it is. Eloise is fixing supper for J. B. while he rocks Junior. Look at that lovely-looking lady; her hair surely looks nice. Why that ' s Reba Wig- gins, the owner of the " City Beauty Shop. " I see Jeri dressed in a pretty, crisp, white uniform. Yes, Jeri finished her training at Rex Hospital and is now superintendent of nurses. Tempie is an Air Force wife. She, Adell and all the kids are living in Florida. Some of you classmates drop by to see them on your honeymoon. Dorothy has become secretary to the Treasurer of the Ford Motor Company in De- troit, Michigan. You should see Dot sporting that Thunderbirdl Thomas is now General Thomas Pridgen, Commanding Officer of the 82nd Infantry Division. He makes a very, good looking General. WOW GIRLS! I see Thurston has served his time in the service and is now home working on the farm. He is still single, but is giving the girls a whirl. As I go along, I see that " Taylor " Bridge constructed by the Taylor Construction Company. Billy now owns a big company in New York. Crayton is a navy man now. He is in California. He must be going to make a career of the navy. Where is that lovely music coming from? Of course, it ' s Donna singing the baby to sleep. She has had a hard day teaching the third grade. Rand is home from work and is comfortable in his easy chair puffing on a cigar. Donna Morris 76e ' TiScCl cutd 7e4 UHe tt We, the Senior Class of Nahunta High School, being of sound mind and full of sad memories, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testa- ment. I, being the testator and witness of this will, do hereby declare it legal and advise you not to revoke this will, but be thankful for what you receive. First, we leave to a II the upcoming classes our ability to drive the teachers mad. Second, to Mrs. Ginn, we leave our chewing gum, cute remarks, and uncooperative- ness. Third, w T e leave to the upcoming Senior Class our silly ways and ability to be liked by all the teachers. Fourth, Lemuel, Jimmy, and Buster bequeath their ability to be leaders to Peter Ay- cock and Kay Pittman. Fifth, the foursome, Dot, Hazel, Jeri, Eloise, leave their bossy ways to Annette Sasser and Annette Winders so the Seniors will have a boss next year. Sixth, we individually bequeath our personal belongings. Rose Rerrell leaves her typewriter with the letters on the keys to Mattie J. Lee, hoping it will help her increase her speed. Thurston Rollins wills his school bus to Charles Aycock, so the bus will have a home for the next four or five years. To Grace Gurley, Dorothy Pate wills her loquacious personality’. Thomas Pridgen leaves his " Lucky Strikes " to the smoking group. Bill Henderson leaves his ability to get along in any situation and to get along with the girls to Jimmy Bunn. Donna Morris leaves her ability’ to go steady to Ann Strickland. To the underpriviledged, Hazel Gurley leaves her cute ways and musical talents. Lemuel Overman mils his interest in school work to Marion Talton, Othai Minchew bequeaths his seventh grade girl friend, Penny, to William Barnes, so William won ' t ever be broke. Bill Dixon leaves his love for people to Julius Boswell, so Julius can learn to get along with others. Eloise Parrish wills her ability to be engaged to Judy Stuckey, hoping Judy will find the " right one. " Douglas Gurley leaves his bass voice to Howard Edgerton. Reba Wiggins leaves her pretty blonde hair to Betty’ Wells. Wreb Hawley wills his cigar to any senior next year, who might go to Washington, Jimmy Morris leaves his intelligence and good grades to anyone who plans to go to college after graduation. Tempie Kearney wills her brown eyes to Lois Carter, so Lois will have an extra pair in case hers wear out. To Mary’ C. Forbes, Buster Bunn wills his activeness in the 4-H Club work, hoping she will win some trips. Jeri Wells bequeaths her ability to date a variety of boys to Helen J. Holland, in case she decides she doesn ' t want to go steady. Crayton Lee wills his ability to do Algebra to Elbert Richardson, hoping he will pass the course. Continued: Ruth Baker leaves her fiery temper to Annette Sasser, since she doesn ' t have one. Billy Taylor wills his combs and minors to Cecil Lane in hopes Cecil will keep his hair as neat as Billy ' s. Seventh, Donna, Reba, and Tempie will their pretty hair to Robbie Taylor and Mary G. Forbes. Eighth, Ruth Baker and Rose Ferrell will their untold secrets, giggles, and pranks to Betty Howell and Julia Berry. Ninth, Bill Henderson and Douglas Gurley will their ability to pass Chemistry with 70 ' s and their good looks to Cecil Lane. Testifying and confirming this to be our Last Will and Testament, we seal this document with love and sincerity to our heirs. Eloise Parrish, Testator MASCOTS ELAINE AYCOCK SAM LANE CLASS MOTTO Born not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world. vA y ( v CLASS FLOWER Blue Carnation CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS POEM We as seniors have come to say " Good-bye " to friends we meet today. It’s been great pleasure tagging along, But we ' re sorry to part from friends we’ve known. With kind hearts we wish to express. To our teachers we wish great happiness. Our principal and janitor, too; We want good luck to come to you. As we look out into the future with eyes of cheer We ' ll always know that God is near. To help us in all we do and say And guide us all along our way. As time goes on and years fly by. We hope to reach success and why? Because that’s the best for all you know. In order to make our country grow. Once more we say " good-bye " to all. Hope we’re never forgotten, wherever we fall. We bid you all a fo nd adieu. And hope our wishes will all come true. - Ruth Baker CLASS SONG (Tune: My Wild Irish Rose) We may sing of our school days, which we have enjoyed, And think of the good times we’ve had. Just to have it all taken away from us now. It will leave us so blue and so sad. We’ll face our career, which we cherish so dear. It will mean more to us than pure gold. And our one wish has been that some day we may win. A future with comfort and joy. Chorus: Dear old Nahunta School, we hate to say good-bye. But now at last the time has come; so now we must fly. It is so sad to go, for we still love you so. In this world so fair there ' s none can compare With our dear Nahunta School Days. With hearts filled with joy, the world ' s full of things. And our lives that happiness bring. Yet greater to us than all of its charms, and each holds off burdens that harm. ’Twas given to us in a world that we know; It has done things great, we appreciate. It is dearer by far than the world’s brightest star; And it means so much where we go. - Rose Ferrell Best AU Round DOROTHY PATE WREB HAWLEY Best Looking JERI WELLS Jimmy morris Best Dressed DONNA MORRIS JIMMY MORRIS Cutest Most Likely to Succeed HAZEL GURLEY JIMMY MORRIS DOROTHY PATE WREB HAWLEY Best Sports Most Courteous REBA WIGGINS BILL DIXON Neatest ELOISE PARRISH BUSTER BUNN Most Intelligent HAZEL GURLEY JIMMY MORRIS Biggest Chatterbox ROSE FERRELL BILL HENDERSON HAZEL GURLEY R UTH BAKER JIMMY MORRIS BUSTER BUNN Wittiest TEMPIE KEARNEY WREB HAWLEY Friendliest DOROTHY PATE WREB HAWLEY ■ JERI WELLS LEMUEL OVERMAN Most Athletic Most Talented HAZEL. GURLEY BILL HENDERSON Most Dependable REBA WIGGINS THOMAS PRIDGEN Biggest Flirt TEMPIE KEARNEY BILL HENDERSON Best Personality DOROTHY PATE WREB HAWLEY RUTH baker billy TAYLOR Class Grumbler ■Vo ' ’ Class Pet ELOISE PARP1 sh WREB HAWLEY Silliest ROSE FERRELL THURSTON ROLLINS Laziest DOROTHY PATE OTHAL MINS HEW Reba wiggens OTHAL MINSHEW Most Dignified HAZEL GURLEY JIMMY morris o ur Senior Class JUNIOR OFFICERS MORRIS CARTER President DICKIE PIERCE Vice President MELVA J. MITCHELL Treasurer BETTY HOWELL Secretary JULIA BERRY Reporter SOPHOMORE OFFICERS KAY PITTMAN President LOIS CARTER Vice President PEGGY MINCHEW Secretary CAROLYN FULGHUM Treasurer ROBERT EDGERTON Reporter FRESHMAN OFFICERS DEANYE LEE President MARGARET BERRY Vice President JANE HOWELL Secretary RAY SASSER Treasurer JUDITH OVERMAN Reporter n V I CHARLES AYCOCK JULIA BERRY JULIUS BOSWELL JIMMY BUNN MORRIS CARTER A. B. CRAWFORD BILLY RAYE HOLLAND WILTON HOWELL DAYLON HOWELL BETTY RUTH HOWELL CECIL LANE MATTIE JEAN LEE MELVA MITCHELL DICKIE PIERCE RAYMOND RADFORD ELBERT RICHARDSON ANNETTE SASSER DAVID STAFFORD ANN STRICKLAND MARKIE SMITH MARION TALTON LEWIS VALENTINE DONNIE WALL ) I o rsn Peter Aycock Margie Barnes Selby Boswell Lois Carter Don Crawford Annie Rose Daughtry Robert Edgerton Emmett Fail Mary Cobb Forbes Carolyn Fulghum Edna Gurley Helen Jean Holland Vivian Holland Jimmy Mitchell Peggy Minshew Kay Pittman Robbie Taylor 1 ■M ' IJS yf . ; ' Vop 1 ' O- A X y (Q tt ' Ai CmJI ' Us i! ' url s ' J M t .X -C )V ,y rpK ' j is- ' rO Hfl ,L 0 y PjfJ Ai N B AI $ m mm s Allen Aycock Judy Aycock Rose Aycock Clifton Bell Margaret Berry Ernie Bizzell Louise Bizzell Bobby Blackman Gerald Brown Howard Edgerton Robert Gurley Christine Hales Carolyn Howell Edith Holland Jane Howell Jimmy Howell Glennie Langley Deanye Lee Johnny Lee Harold Lewis Janice Mayo Michael Mayo Christine Mitchell Judith Overman Ted Peacock Max Rose Inez Sasser Ray Sasser Jean Smith Judy Stuckey Charles Sullivan Jimmy Thomas Carol Vick Betty Lou Wells Kenneth Wells 5 tytade J. B. Strickland, President; Billy Robbins, Treasurer; Lois Edgerton, Secretary; Glenn Sasser, Reporter; Bobby Bunn, Vice President. E. Aycock, L. Aycock, S. Aycock, S. Baker, P. Barnes, W. Barnes, B. Bunn, S. Crawford, L. Edgerton, J. Edgerton, C. Fields, D. Gurley, G. Gurley, T. Harrison, B. Holland, N. Hol- land, J. Hooks, M. Howell, B. Jordan, H. Lewis, J. Ricks, F. Pope, D. Pope, G. Pridgen, B. Robbins, W. Robbins, G. Sasser, W. Sasser, M. Smith, B. Stafford, J. Strickland, R. Sullivan, C. Wade, B. Wall, R. Wells, J. Whaley, M. Whaley. Shirley Baker, Winifred Barbour, Braxton Bell, Joyce Bradberry, Maxine Carter, Lillian Davis, Elizabeth Elmore, Iris Fer- rell, Louise Godwin, Mel- va Jean Gurley, Earl Hales, Roy Hassell, Jerome Hooks, Virginia Howell, J. Ray Mooring, Don Morris, Doris Marie Parnell, Al- bert Pierce, Marion Pitt- man, Linwood Radford, Linda Sasser, Hilda Sulli- van, Betsy Thomas. Sixt (fa Ue W. Aycock, J. Baker, B. Barnes, A. Bizzell, A. Bizzell, E. Boswell, L. Bunn, G. Carter, J. Carter, G. Edgerton, J. Edgerton, R. Ferrell, R. Ferrell, M. Ferrell, F. Hall, F. Hardison, B. Holland, S. Hooks, C. Lane, J. Lee, J. Mayo, R. Minshew, D. Mitchell, L. Mitchell, B. Mooring, E. Morris, B. Osborne, C. Parrish, J. Pate, S. Peacock, L. Pittman, E. Radford, M. L. Sasser, W. Strickland, D. Sullivan, J. Talton, B. Taylor, M. Whaley, P. Winders. Jimmy Anderson, Rog- er Aycock, Donald Bass, Janet Bogue, Ce- cil Boswell, James Bradberry, Franklin Collier, Glenn Craw- ford, Alma Linda Da- vis, Anna Edgerton, Patricia Fields, Mack Forbes, Kay Godfrey, Bernice Hinnant, J. D. Holland, Larry Howell, Sandra How- ell, Rosita Jordan, Hi- watha Langley, Frances Mayo, Kenneth Moor- ing, Mary Jo Parrish, Grace Sasser, Jane Sasser, Harry Sasser, Glenwood Stallings, Patsy Strickland, Glenn Sullivan, Ann Sullivan, Katherine Taylor. ' pourttA (ptadc Edna Rose Aycock, Anna Baker, Fred Ba- ker, Albert Crawford, Elbert Crawford, Joan Gurley, Kenneth Hales, Robert Lee Hales, Peg- gy Ham, William Hinnant, Ray Howell, Faye Kirby, Harry Ed Mayo, Douglas Mar- lowe, Jarvis Merrit, Bobby Mooring, Donald Mooring, Betty Over- man, James Pate, Marshall Pope, Jean Sasser, Wayne Sulli- van, Jerry Waddell, Micky Waddell, Re- becca Whaley. 7Avtd tfoade Jimmy Aycock Wayne Aycock Robert Lee Barnes Margaret Bizzell Dwight Elmore Timothy Fail Ed Ferrell Pearl Grantham Jessie Hales Ann Holland Betsy Howell Garry Lynn Lee James Maples Lewis Mooring Cheryl Pierce Jane Pittman Wayne Pittman Faye Sasser Frances Sasser Roy Sasser Judy Stacey Elwood Stallings Charlie Thompson Jerry Wayne Waddell Roland Williams Janice Faye Wilson Second and 7Jund tytade Billy Anderson Carolyn Aycock Carolyn Elmore Kenneth Godfrey Joan Gooding James Hawley Peggy Hinnant Henry Holland Ricky Howell Phyllis Lancaster Eutice Mayo George Morris David Osborne Faye Overman Frankie Parrish Barbara Sasser Larry Sasser Cyrus Talton Johnny Taylor Donald Thomas - s . SECOND GRADE Michael Aycock Rudine Aycock Linda Bailey Gene Barefoot Allen Bedford Eugene Bradberry Woody Daughtry Douglas Edgerton Faye Evans Glenn Ferrell Carl Ray Hales Albert Holland Sue Howell Faye Jones Ollie Ray Lancaster Melody Lane Tommy Maples Dennis Mooring Louise Mooring Linda Overman James Pate Gerald Pope Cherry Rose Hardy Sullivan Jimmy Sullivan Ray Sykes Judy Whaley FIRST GRADE Sandra Aycock Linda Faye Barnes Jessie Bradberry Billy Carter Bobby Crocker Herbert Gooding LaVern Gooding Gail Gurley Ray Harrell Janice Hales Lillian Hinnant Butch Holland Christine Jordan Jerry Lancaster David Lewis Barbara Mayo Rex Mooring Ruth Mooring David Odom Phyllis Pike Becky Sullivan Charles Wade Curtis Waddell Rodney WaddeU Jerry Wells Donnie Wilson V » Editor-in-Chief - REBA WIGGINS Assistant Editor JERI WELLS Business Manager LEMUEL OVERMAN Assistant Business Manager TEMPIE KEARNEY Art Editors HAZEL GURLEY OTHAL MINCHEW Sports Editors- DOROTHY PATE LEMUEL OVERMAN Literary, Social and Class Editors DONNA MORRIS BUSTER BUNN ELOISE PARRISH WREB HAWLEY TEMPIE KEARNEY Photographs- BILL HENDERSON DOUGLAS GURLEY f U, i Strickland, Tfetty Ruth Howell, Vice President; Eloise Parrish, :e Sasser. Second row; Dickie Pierce, , Billy Matt Dixon, Wreb denfa lrkie 5rafetlC SecretafyJ j w mm ii First row; L. Pittman, G. Sasser, B. Overman, G. Sasser, A. L. Davis, C. Aycock, F. Kirby, F. Overman, J. Sasser, S. Peacock. Second row; E. R. Aycock, M. Berry, M. A. Howell, L. A. Aycock, R. Taylor, L. Edgerton, L. Davis, M. Whaley, G. Edgerton, B. Osborne. 7 First row: T. Maples, J. Wells, S. Aycock, P. Pike, W. Daughtry, J. Stacey, J. Maples, C. Rose. Second row. A. Holland, M. Lane, L. Sasser, B. Anderson, C. Hales, C. Talton, R. Howell, K. Godfrey, D. Mooring, Third row: R. Harrell, A. Bedford, L. Overman, F. Evans, M. Aycock, D. Odum, F. Overman. Fourth row: C. Aycock, D. Elmore, J. Waddell, D. Lewis, J. Pittman, D. Osborne, G. Morris. Sc6mI €Utd Majorettes: M. Smith, L. Pittman, B. Mooring, P. Strickland. First row: R. Sasser, K. Wells, C. Bell, J. Overman, J. Stucky, I. Sasser, J. Maples, P. Aycock. Second row: F. Hall, G. Edgerton, E. Morris, L. Davis, K. Stancil, J. Sasser, M. C. Forbes, K. Pittman. Third row: D. Pierce, M. Forbes, J. Edgerton, J. Little, A. Pierce, C. Pierce, F. Sasser, N. T. Holland, Don Morris, Absent. 4- a tet C££icen First row: P. Fields, A. Sullivan, A. Davis, R. Jordan, J. Sasser, R. Mooring, J. Anderson, G. Stalins, D. Bass, B. Osborne, G, Crawford. Second row: L. Bunn, E. Morris, G. Edgerton, C. Fields, P. Strickland, D. Sullivan, A. Edgerton, S. Peacock, F. Hall, J. Carter, R. Aycock, J. Bradberry. Third row: A. Pierce, L. Davis, M. Gurley, J. Howell, J. Bradberry, J. Pate, B. Bell, B. Thomas, T. Peacock. Fourth row: J. Vick, J. Ricks, B. Wells, M. Forbes, J. Stucky, B. Taylor, B. Bunn, C. Aycock, D. Pierce, R. Taylor, I. Sasser, L. Edgerton. Buster Bunn, President; Billy Taylor, Vice President; Inez Sasser, Secretary; Dickie Pierce, Treasurer; Judy Stuckey, Song Leader; Robbie Taylor, Pianist; Mary Cobb Forbes, Reporter. pGCtcMC 4 KC tCCd Mattie Jean Lee, Historian; Donna Morris, Song Leader; Jeri Wells, Chapter President; Eloise Parrish, Parliamentarian; Edna Gurley, Reporter; Julia Berry, Vice President; Mary Cobb Forbes, Secretary; Jane Gold Howell, Photographer; Hazel Gurley, County President. First row: V. Holland, M. Mitchell, C. Hales, H. Holland, P. Minshew, G. Langley, M. Lee, T. Kearney, B. Howell, H. Gurley, C. Mitchell. Second row: C. Vick, J. Berry, E. Holland, J. Smith, C. Howell, J. Mayo, M. Berry, E. Gurley, D. Howell; J. Hinnant, Advisor. Third row; D. Morris, R. Wiggins, E. Parrish, J. Wells, M. Smith, A. Daughtry, M. Barnes, L. Bizzell, I. Sasser, J. Overman, M. Forbes. Fourth row: Lois Carter, C. Fulghum, B. Wells, J. Howell, J. Aycock, D. Lee, R. Aycock, J. Stuckey, R. Taylor, A. Sasser. 7 e 0 putune 0 pa unen s4 Pt uc Thomas Pridgen, Sentinel; Charles Aycock, Vice President; Jimmy Bunn, President; Billy Tay- lor, Secretary; Kay Pittman, Treasurer; Jimmy Morris, Reporter. First row; J. Lee, C. Sullivan, M. Rose, C. Aycock, T. Pridgen, J. Morris, J. Bunn, K. Pitt- man, B. Taylor, S. Boswell, T. Peacock, G. Brown, Second row: K. Wells, C. Bell, M. Mayo, A. Aycock, D. Gurley, E. Richardson, A. B. Crawford, L. Overman, W. Hawley, B. Bunn, C. Lee, E. Bizzell. Third row: H. Lewis, D. Crawford, J. Howell, R. Sasser, J. Thomas, D. Wall, R. Edgerton, O. Minchew, J. Mitchell, P. Aycock, K. Blackman, R. Gurley. Fourth row: Mr. G. H. Porter, Advisor; B. Holland, C. Lane, M. Talton, W. Howell, R. Radford, E. Fail, D. Pierce. eofiCe Sewe Mrs. Lois Mooring Secretary Mr. Sam Holland Janitor Mrs. C. G. Pope Dietician - hipu| Miss Retha Sasser Mrs. Alma P. Holland 0 D%ive ' i4 Buster Bunn, Billy Taylor, Lemuel Overman, Donna Morris, Jimmy Morris, Thurston Rollins, Thomas Pridgen. %e-T (s b f S ‘ 0Q ' l htJU s Gu+stS t — ' ?J -®y £ t m X— W oZZ d - , i u. s u+ 4t6£e tcc s4 4ocaztto i First row: C. Hales, B. Howell, J. Overman, D. Howell, J. Mayo, D. Lee, M. Smith, Coach Boykin, A. Sasser, B. Wells, A. Strickland, J. Howell, J. Stuckey, J. Wells, I. Sasser. Second row: T. Peacock, G. Brown, J. Thomas, R. Edgerton, H. Lewis, J. Bunn, E. Richardson, D. Crawford, J. Morris, L. Overman, W. Hawley, B. Taylor, R. Gurley. Third row: R. Sasser, M. Mayo, R. Aycock, J. Aycock, T. Kearney, J. Berry, D. Morris, R. Wiggins, M. Berry, E. Fail, B. Holland, J. Mitchell, R. Taylor. Fourth row: P. Aycock, D. Pierce, M. Talton, K. Pittman, O. Minshew, D. Wall, D. Gurley, T. Rollins, B. Bunn, D. Pate, B. Henderson, C fye ileticUfiA Julia Berry, Margaret Berry, Mary Cobb Forbes, Patricia Barnes, Helene Lewis, Mary Ann How ' ell, Jeannetta Edgerton. First row: M. Mayo, G. Brown, H. Lewis, R. Sasser. Second row: E. Richardson, R. Edgerton D. Crawford, J. Morris, J. Thomas, J. Bunn, W. Hawley, L. Overman. Third row: Coach Boykin, M. Talton, B. Taylor, D. Gurley, K. Pittman, O. Minchew, J. Mitchell, D. Wall, P. Aycock, B. Holland, E. Fail. MR. BOYKIN Coach MRS, GURLEY Cheerleader Advisor 4 jane e l - - r r — w NN STESCSl DK ; , - = s t 5 £= nBETTYl?DW LL v ' - %. RKIE SMJJH A, - s i b hiAl - % ' . ERI WELLS - -- - MTg r: WELES :: - - JUDIT£L Ovii N -V ' S ' " JEZ SASSER - - V- s , JUH»S3JJ %. % ' Forward Forward •Forward ■ -Guard - Guard - Coach - Guard Forward Forward - Guard - Guard - Guard - Guard Forward Forward LEMUEL OVERMAN Forward MARION TALTON - Forward ROBERT EDGERTON Forward PETER AYCOCK Guard BILLY TAYLOR - Guard BUSTER BUNN Guard RAYMOND RADFORD - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Forward HAROLD LEWIS Center KAY PITTMAN Guard ELBERT RICHARDSON - -- -- -- -- -- -- Forward RAY SASSER Forward JIMMY BUNN Guard BARNES - HARRELL - RAWLINGS COMPANY Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of HEI LIG- MEYERS Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of CAROLI NA WAREHOUSE in Goldsboro, North Carolina MORRIS SASSER Groceries and Meats " Fill Your Tanks With Esso Gasoline " Choice " Feeds and Seeds " Serving You and Yours for 91 Years With Fashion and Quality- Apparel Weil ' s in Goldsboro - Where Shopping ' s a Pleasure DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Established 1914 " Machinery - Mill Supplies " Goldsboro, North Carolina Telephone 747 CURLEE CRAWFORDS MEN ' S SHOP Pikeville, North Carolina Phone 385-2 BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY " The Safe Executor " Complete Banking Service Fremont Pikeville Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. PASTRI BREAD Enriched Eat Made -Rite Bread and Rolls Compliments of MADE-RITE BAKERY Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of 5AACS— KAHN FURNITURE CO. , INC. " The Big Furniture Store on Center Street " 118-122 N, Center Street Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of A FRIEND m Goldsboro, North Carolina OSCAR AYCOCK - SELBY CO. , INC. TURLING-TON GENERAL MERCHANDISE Agents for Appliances Mayo Curers - Fertilizers - Paints Fremont, North Carolina Cotton Buyers Fremont, North Carolina Telephone 2951 PARADISE NURSERY COMMUNITY AND KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL MOTORS CORP. 414 N. George Street Goldsboro, N. C. SALES SERVICE Age 2 Years Through 6 Years See Us Goldsboro, North Carolina ' 4- jr DRUGSTORE " Prescription Specialists " Phone 823 Goldsboro, N. C. lUtMr n BEAUTY SHOP 103|- Center Street Goldsboro, N. C. Up Over Central Cafe I MOOD FOR | ■ FINE FOOD Experienced Operators Phone 1296 " The Home of Good Baking " Goldsboro, North Carolina " I Build for Quality " General Contractor We Specialize in Car Garage N. LEAMON GULLEY Compliments of DEPARTMENT STORE Telephone 1963 -M-Z Goldsboro, North Carolina J.C. PENNEY CO. , INC. " The Home of Value " 109-111 West Walnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina BRYAN OIL CO. Distributors Amoco Products PIKEVILLE FEED MILL CO. Phone 825 Goldsboro, N. C. Custom Grinding and Mixing Home of J P Feeds Phone 3872 Pikeville, N. C. FLEE K l I NO- VA I I OIL COMPANY Petroleum Products Phone 2085 Pikeville, N. C. The Rexall Store Photo Supplies Sodas - Drugs - Cosmetics Fremont, North Carolina CASEY ' S LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 1109 N. William Street Phone 3535 Goldsboro, North Carolina For Goodness ' Sake! Eat Compliments of THE mi(f wx cMfy Phone 437-1 Kenly, North Carolina The Right Clothes for High School Youth BEN ELLIS 106 E. Walnut St. Phone -2Z25 Goldsboro, North Carolina Ji) £-» V; • " Your Friendly Store " TA LTO N DRUG COMPANY Kenly, North Carolina GENERAL MERCHANT Crosley and Zenith Televisior Kenly, North Carolina " Come to See Us " BILL ' S WATCH SHOP Watch Repair Bulova, Elgin, Wyler, Wadsworth and Swiss Watches Complete Jewelry Line Kenly, North Carolina Compliments of FREMONT DRY CLEANERS Fremont, North Carolina Compliments of tint s-Wut MEN ' S SHOP Quality Men ' s Clothing 127 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro, North Carolina A.F. HOLT SON, INC Royster Fertilizers Groceries and Farm Supplies Princeton, North Carolina Compliments of THE Princeton - Micro Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of CASH DRUG CO. 133 East Walnut Street Phone 170 Goldsboro, N. C. PEWEY BROS. INC. Founders - Machinists Mill Supplies - Steel Fabricators Metal Building Supplies Tel. 1800 Goldsboro, N. C. W B. OLIVER S- SON, INC. Cotton Merchants and Cotton Ginners Good Fertilizers Massey-Harris Farm Equipment Phone 3124 Pine Level, N. C. GOLDPARK LAKE Roller Skating Swimming Pool .Largest in South Two Carpet Golf Courses Free Picnic Areas Five Miles South of Goldsboro Goldsboro, North Carolina THOMPSON - WOOTEN OIL CO. , INC. Shell Petroleum Products Post Office Box 1007 Goldsboro, North Carolina Cushman Scooters Servi-Cycles Phone 336 Evinrude Motors COGDELL BICYCLE SHOP Schwinn and Columbia Bicycles Lock and Gunsmith Lawn Mower Sharpening Goldsboro, N. C. WAVCO Your Frozen Food Center in Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of NEU5E TRACTOR CO. Tractors - Ford - Implements Mount Olive Highway Phone 3000 Goldsboro, North Carolina It Pays to Play MUSIC AND SPORTS, INC. Z02-Z04 East Walnut Street Phone 1996 Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of CAP BEST MEN ' S AND BOYS ' SHOP ROSE CLEANERS HOBBS STOCKYARD HOOD BANK Goldsboro, North Carolina Dial 2291 SELMA RADIO MUSIC CO. Maytag and Westinghouse Appliances Sylvania Television We Service Everything We Sell NORMAN CREECH, Owner Selma, N. C. SETH B. HOLLOWELL OIL CO. Atlantic Petroleum Products Household Appliances Tires - Auto Accessories Plant Location - Adamsville P. O. Box 290 Telephone 485 Goldsboro, North Carolina PRICE SUPER MARKET Fresh Meats and Eggs Complete Line of Groceries Phone 4551 Highway No. 117 Fremont, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of PEACOCK l fdv- titans SANITARY MARKET u FUNERAL HOME Phone 2751 Congratulations to the Seniors Fremont, N. C. Fremont, North Carolina s.w. HOOKS MILLING CO. BROTHERS Custom Grinding and Mixing General Merchandise Phone 2531 Phone 236-6 Fremont, N. C. Fremont, North Carolina FREMONT KENLY WHOLESALE CORP. LIVESTOCK MARKET Paints - Building Supplies Coal Distributors For Highest Market Prices Fremont, North Carolina Kenly, North Carolina H ICKORY CROSS L. M. PI ERCE SUPPLY NAHUNTA HOG MARKET ROY H. WADDELL, Mgr. Four Miles East of We Buy Hogs Every Day Phone Fremont 2108 Kenly School 1 Mile West of Nahunta School RAINS MILLING CO. River Valley Products Meal, Flour, Feeds Phone 2191 Princeton, North Carolina Compliments of HOWELL BROTHERS A Home Owned Store " We Aim to Please You " Phone 206-3 Pikeville, N. C. A. ' M. Uli ' l ' Ul ' Ul GOLDSBORO ff V V AND COMPANY BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION " We Serve You From the Cradle to the Grave " 116 East Walnut Street " Safety for Your Savings " Kenly, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina PIKEVILLE DRUG STORE for Reasonable Prices and Courteous Service Pikeville, N. C. Phone 4457 SOUTHERN LUNCH W e Specialize in Southern Home Cooked Foods Barbecue Goldsboro, N.C. 116 E. Mulberry St. ROBBINS RADIO AND TV MM Mr- OIL COMPANY Pure Petroleum Products Be Sure With Pure Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina Kinston Highway Oldest and Largest in Eastern Carolina Zenith - Philco - Capehart Phone 353 Day Phone 21078 Nite THOMPSON ' S ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING D. C. THOMPSON, Prop. " Service Plus Quality " Frigidaire and Deepfreeze Appliances Pikeville, North Carolina GRIF-FI Nf5 For the Best in Barbecue Goldsboro, North Carolina ONE - STOP GROCERY - MARKET Fancy Meats and Groceries Corner of Holly and William Goldsboro, North Carolina TAYLOR ' S FLOWERS GIFTS TAYLOR ' S TOT ' S TEEN ' S Flowers and Ready-to-Wear for All Occasions Phone 4161 Fremont, N. C. HOOK ' S JEWELRY WATCH REPAIR One Year Guarantee on Cleaning and Mainspring All School Children Will Get a Cut on Repairs or Any Merchandise. Just See Hooks in Fremont, North Carolina. Compliments of SAM TERNIGAN AND SONS FURNITURE CO. Kinston Highway Just Out of City Limits F rigidaire Appliances and Fine Furniture Goldsboro, North Carolina Shop With Confidence at LEDER BROS. and Wear With Pride Goldsboro, North Carolina Sell Your Tobacco at FARMERS WAREHOUSE Shop at OPEN AIR MARKET Goldsboro, North Carolina KENLY FROZEN FOOD LOCKER Freeze to Save Kenly, North Carolina The Best Yearbook Are TAT LOR MADE TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS TEXAS Intend i " Dcoa Ofat Scfotl, % ua it u A Obw Ohc " . p

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