Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC)

 - Class of 1952

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Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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' ,'xgW"5 , ' " ' x 4 .f is - A Rf 1 uw 1 v - ' 'L f 'V 1 W , -N, 'H'-"M" wi . N'-'2,f""-'Y ft ,F 1 ' . N 'Eff L' W' f1 .Qfi5NM2,p.,52 MH' f K1,'LA23E4l-Wkxfmh. f E15-,ygynffv X . l - cn' fgu-v:-'f'x7pf3:- gx O 2 fl ilfi' C ' Al, E, E xx AJ FEB 0 2 2012 .,'6- M - L. .. cw ,M , 4 3 I "dt ':' WF g 1:1 :Sh ! If! I 5, "T Q ' 22- -- f nm Y, , .A ' J E 1' ,H V 'diQw'af'm MMM , Cjbz Qnragnnubrgs J '7fze Sealed 61644 Afduwla Jligh .Schaal - Pmmh ww 195.2 N X 4 31 Q xml xxx? ' 'im ' X QNX 3 H' QQQNXYKQ Q -13 A, S, tg JZ! X T .. , V 5 A - gygf f., , " N 7 4 11' - X q v-J , f if 971 - A :ff ob c I I Editor-in-Chief - Mary Lois Wll Chieftain Sfclff ---5 - . . 'I - -- - .' -v--5' wir' . -in - . -"4" , vi "H -- " "'J'J I 17'bQ'l" . . 4' ,Q-Riifizffifig . i t Wl wlf ulvs-.' r1,,,..u w avy? qi , 'flyiffi'-ff, f:.s vf5vzifrif MJSHWWW ,xfaiw nf.. 5--21 v-fM'1-'wyfx.-lf.'?f1'f4'W'9-if-W6'-41'--,Swf--1.fri,-'1..f.-fi HT-1.13:-f1'ff -"nr2-ff-i-fsfw:gfvwfnfv.,.Wxfri-.-rs fl, ' i i J 'iw 'zmaw s i r ylpix, .4 ,Nr irq-'Q fsxfti' iii? L Jug ' , u fl, f 4, ,-'X - - vi L f- - 31' sew-F i-5.151 s,'4,.-s.5f12lQh 151 --E ,ian gly xi nl gp. -5'-9.-.vm f'lf.1,,Z.f- N 1- " It is with the greatest gratitude and the deepest appreciation that we, The Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-two, dedi- cate our annual to you, OUR PARENTS. In this small way we hope to show our love for what you have helped us accomplish. May we never disappoint you and may we fulfill your fondest hopes. 4 -' -I 7f.y54.,.-""':L,."J .- 210- .. P 4,- '9'-G?fl"7V!'ff'l7'51' lbw' :Nikki 'ifnfflilf-9 . A f , FACULTY 'lST. ROW: Miss Bone, 7th grade, Mrs. Smith, 4th 8. 5th grades, Mrs. Fasciano, Home Economics, Mrs. Fleming, lst grade, Mrs. Edgerton, Ist 8- 2nd grades. ' SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hollowwell, 2nd grade, Mrs. Edmundson, 3rd grade, Mrs. Wooten, 6th grade, Mrs. Vernelson, English 81 French, Mrs. Simpson, Math 81 Commerce, Mrs. Costable, 8th grade, and Lois Raye Holland, Secretary to the Principal. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lewis, 5th grade, Mrs. Montague, Physical Education 81 Science, Mr. Spirtose, Social Studies 81 Physical Education, Mrs. Peacock, 4th grade, Mr. Jones, Agriculture, Mr. Hollowell, Principal. No picture for Mrs. Crocker, the music teacher. --.-..C....,,v.L. gfggsff'-fg1,: ' . ., 'jj ff! 3. 3 .WJ mg I -.Q .M .,.. . ,W IIT III SCHOOL BUILDING PRlNCIPAL'S COTTAGE TEACHERAGE GYMNASIUM LUNCH ROOM AGRICULTURAL BUILDING I I Sewcwd CLASS OFFICERS CLASSS Nohunto High School, We love you - It is with grief we soy good-bye, But loving memories of doys here Will be with us until we die. We've had our troubles, it is true. We've had our teordrops, smiles ond sighs. But we ore better trained we know To iourney 'cross the lonely miles. Nohunto High School we must go. To all our friends we soy odieu, But port of you will go with us. Oh Nohunto School we do love you. CLASS MOTTO "You'lI never get lost on o straight road." CLASS FLOWER Red Rose CLASS COLORS Red ond White MASCOTS GEORGE MORRIS PEARL GRANTHAM ,gn A . ."'M. ,,4,, ' ' lla K 5 ' ""' J X ' H - . 1 s f ,.,, , . , 1 J ,K P , Y I gf, it 11 ... ti i 'rs' ii. MC, we . J., qs -WW Q.. X I W. x JIMMY BASS "Eat, drink and be merry." Senior Play, Glee Club, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, School reporti, 4, Class popu- larity king, 4, Class Reporter, 4, Club Editor of Chieftain, 4, Usher at Junior Play, Athletic Assoc., 4, 4-H Club, 4, Softball, i, 2, 3, 4. DAVID BERRY "If l can't say what I think, why think it?" F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, Bus Driver, 4. ROBENA BLACKMON "A blush is beautiful, but often inconvenient." 4-H Club, l, Softball, l. LINWOOD TRAVIS BROWN "Live and let live." Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association, 4, Softball, i, 2, 3, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4. BETTIE LOU BUNN "To do my best." 4-H Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Bus Driver, 4, Sec. of class, 4, ,Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Junior and Senior Play, F. H. A., 2, 3, 4, Music Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Club Editor of Chieftain, Cheerleader, 3, Chief Marshall, School Reporter, 2, 3, National 4-H Frozen Foods Winner, 4, Treas. of class, 2. JEAN CREEL "Action speaks louder than words." Librarian, 4, Softball, 2, 3, Junior and Senior Play Usherette, Annual Staff, Usherette at Glee Club Program, 4. GENE EDGERTON "Live today, because you may die tomorrow." Glee Club, i, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball, l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club president, 3, F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, Junior and Senior Play, Annual Staff, Athletic Assoc., 4, Bus Driver, 4, Music Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball Captain, 2, 3, Glee Club Pres., 4. DOROTHY FULGHUM "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Softball, l, 3, Basketball, 2, F. H. A., 2, Senior Play and Annual Staff. FRANCES GAY " 'Tis good to be merry and wise." Class Secretary, I, 2, 3, Class Treas., I, 3, Class Pres., 4, Basketball, I, 2, Cheerleader, 4, Glee Club, 4, Junior Play, Usherette at Senior Play, Annual Staff, Athletic Assoc., 4. ARABELLA GRANTHAM "A blush is beautiful, but often inconvenient." Music Club, I, 2, Cheerleader, 2, 4, F. H. A. Treas., 2, Marshall, 3, Class Treas., 4, Senior Play, Usherette at Junior Play, Sec. and Treas. of Annual Staff, Athletic Association, 4. SAM HALL "As a man grows wiser, he talks less and says more." ELEANOR FRANCES HARE "Smiles show friendship." Softball, I, 2, 3, F. H. A., 2, 3, 4, Cheer leader, 3, Girls' Basketball Manager, 4, Business Manager of Chieftain, Junior Play, Glee Club, 4, Chief Ush- erette at Senior Play, Waitress at Father-Son-Ban- quet, 2, 3. CHARLES RAY HAWLEY "I live to love, and love to live." Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 4, Bus Driver, 4, Junior and Senior Play, Vice President of class, 3, 4, President of Athletic Association, 4, Class Pho- tographer, 4. CHARLIE JONES "To make the best better." F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, F. F. A., Watch Dog, 4. GENE SHELTON LAMM "Through concentration we accomplish." Bus Driver, 3, 4, Senior Play, Snapshot Editor of Chieftain, Softball, I, 2, 3, Football, I, 2, 3, 4. DONALD SCOTT MORRIS "I may yet do something sensational." Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Junior and Senior Play, Bus Driver, Vice Pres., of Athletic Assoc., 4, F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 4-H Offices, 3, 2. ,sv-lf" . ., mtl' f 'sf' 9 'pits MVK My ,Q M 'qt-bf? ,I ,, 'fy-M .. '- X fl .- 5. , ,f 3 Q ., , I if 1, 3 1' 'E t 3 A3 -UC' X 2 , gf i . -f"'c4-,gl ,- 1.23 ' XZ . I F 44,3491 1 if ,N4.,,,,"Af"?"yvy sf f me 3,4 z 4 , ft 'V E? Q2 X l ,fi . 'T I" , Mr' . "' ,. W fl ff" F fra' A. IQ, Af.-guy' swf QQQ s- nf. . wr wx... ' ,wks only . un fb iff Q Q UW 1 wx' If "' ff? C I 3533 1 ,,,,,, NlQgfapnr" ERNESTINE PARRISH "A laugh is worth a hundred grams in any market." Junior Play, Usherette at Senior Play, Softball, 2, 3, Waitress at F. F. A. Banquet, 3, Usherette at Glee Club Program. LOUPHEMIA PEARSALL "A cheerful heart makes.. bright the way." Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Softball, 2, 3, Senior Play, F. H. A., 4, Annual Staff, Athletic Association, 4, Treas. of the Association, 4, F. H. A. Officer, 4. FRANCES ROBERTA ROBBINS "I am a part of all I have met." Basketball, I, Junior and Senior Play, Softball, I, 2. BILL STUCKEY "Every man is the maker of his own fortune." Junior and Senior Play, Basketball, I, 4-H Club, I, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A., 2, 4, Cheerleader, 2, 3, Vice President of Class, I, Pres. of Class, 2, 3, County and Local 4-H Offices, I, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. officer, 4. ELGA WELLS "Doing easily what others find difficult is talent." Class Pres. I, Class Vice Pres., 2, Music and Glee Club, I, 2, Popularity Queen, 2, Marshall, 3, Senior Play, Assistant Editor In Chief of The Chieftain, Pianist for Banquet, 3. MELVIN WELLS "Be Prepared." Basketball, Scorekeeper, 3, 4, Music, Bus Driver, 4, Senior Play, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff, F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club, 2, 3, Sports Manager, 2, 3. MARY LOIS WILLIAMS "The more you learn, the more you forget, so why study." Marshall, 3, Librarian, 3, 4, Editor In Chief of The Chifetain. A WHO v 5 ' Iv' , . ,gf S - .v T? ' 1 BIGGEST FLIRTS Gene Edgerton Fronces Robbins CLASS GRUMBLERS CLASS PETS Jimmy Boss Mory Lois Willioms MOST STUDIOUS Chorlie Jones Bettie Lou Bunn wx" " LF! ox I? A C-lj V 1 'Alf 9 521222 H mm .24 1, MOST COOPERATIVE Linwood Brown Robeno Blockmon MOST SETTLED Som Holl NEATEST MOST COURTEOUS Gene Lomm Dovid Berry Elgo Wells Louphemio peorsoll Ernestine Porrish gum V MOST GENEROUS MOST ATHLETIC QUIETEST Roy Howley Gene Edgerton Linwood Brown Elgo Wells Louphemio Peorsoll Jeon Creel f FRIENDLIEST Melvin Wells , Fronces Guy BIGGEST PESTS BEST TEMPERED PHOTOGRAPHERS Gene Lomm Linwood Brown ROY l"l0WleY Mory Lois Williams Bettie Lou Bunn Gene Ed9eff0n SILLIEST BEST PERSONALITY Gene Lomm Gene Edgerton Dorothy Fulghum Frances Goy MOST ARTISTIC Som Holl Bettie Lou Bunn BIGGEST BABIES MOST DIGNIFIED Jimmy Boss .leon Creel Dorothy Fulghum Gene Edgerton SS PIIIIPII CY As I look out into the future lives of the 1952 Senior Class, I see Robena Blackmon in her modern all electric kitchen. Just as she takes the burnt biscuits from the oven, Grifton walks in with a frown on his face, because he has to wait still longer for dinner. Well, Ray is still at home, working. Oh, I see, he is plowing a forty-acre field. Gosh, who's that stopping at the end of the field on a new Ford? Yes, it is Eleanor. She has stopped to finish getting their wedding plans. In a studio of learning, a noble radio announcer, Bill Stuckey, tells the people about the latest hit tunes. Now he is dedicating a song to his old classmates and their Senior Sponsor. Yes, you guessed it. The title of the song is "Birmingham Jail." Sam Hall, with his ability to make things that will always work, is now manager of a television firm. He supervises the making of TV sets. I can hardly see Louphemia, but I can tell that she is wearing a fur coat and leading two small chil- dren. You bet, she finally went to Alaska and married her long-waited for boy-friend. I see Dorothy and her loving husband, Charles, at one of the largest farms in Wayne County. They are driving a new Buick. Who is that I see with a BIBLE? Oh yes, it is Arabella, proclaiming the Gospel to the foreign people. Melvin is standing near by with their baby. I hear music. Who could it be? None other than Elga, singing at Church. Franklin is sitting on the front seat, waiting, as he has often done before. ' Hip, hay!-I, 2, 3, 4! Fall In! Marchl- I, 2, 3, 4i Gene Lamm finally got drafted. He marches con- tinually from morning until night, since he didn't have to walk any in high school. You know, going down stairs for an excuse so he could enter class. I see Mary Lois doing the week's ironing for her Mother. She doesn't have but five more minutes to finish, because she finally has a date with Linwood. She need not worry though, because Linwood will surely be late. Click, click, click, click. Jean Creel is typing away. She is secretary for a private business firm. Jean still has a pleasing disposition. David and Charlie have gone into the farming profession together. Someone asked them how they became so successful. They replied, "We owe it to the math, geometry and algebra we learned in high school." Whoop! I Jimmy, don't be so harsh with those boys! They couldn't help it if they lost the game. Absolutely, Jimmy is a baseball coach, and he really loves to argue with the Umpire. His actions are explained by the fact, that he has lust been called to active duty in the Air Force at San Francisco, Cal. John 3:16. Frances Gay has finished her four years at the Free Will Baptist Bible College in Nash- ville, Tennessee and she is now a religious worker in her local church. Her much devoted husband helps her in her work. Gene Edgerton appears on TV shows all over the country, as he demonstrates to the world his ability to sing. In his spare time, Gene thrills the girls with his flirty ways as he did back at dear old Nahunta. I can't see Frances Robbins doing a thing, but relaxing on her front porch. She is living in a white house in the city limits of Goldsboro. Her husband works at Dewey Brothers, and naturally, he brings in the grub. Donald Scott with his ability to work geometry and algebra is now a professor at N. C. State. He is an Engineering Teacher. All the boys in his class iust love the way he always wonders from the topic of discussion. Ernestine is still as quiet and neat as she always was. She is a beautician in her own modern beauty parlor. She dearly loves her work. After many years of weary and wonder, Bettie Lou has finally finished her four-year Home Eco- nomics Course and she has reached her destination in marriage. That is, to that low, black-headed basketball coach, Norwood Talton. Now, Betsy is resting in peace, reckoning her troubles away with Shorty, Jr. WRITTEN BY: Bettie Lou Bunn. L 'l' WILL All TESTAM NT We the Class of 1952, of Nahunta High School, being of perfect mind and full of sad memories do ordain and establish this our Last Will and Testament. To all the underclassmen we are leaving behind, we bequeath our ability to drive the teachers mad. And to the whole Freshman class we bequeath our dignity. Ernestine Parrish leaves her ability to catch out of state boy friends to Hazel Nichols. Mary Lois Williams leaves her ability to tend to everything to Peggy Gurley so the Seniors next year won't get lost in their troubles. Arabella Grantham leaves her curly hair to Carol Aycock. Lindwood Brown wills his laziness to James Creel. Robena Blackmon leaves her ability to translate French to Mildred Ferrell, because she surely will need it next year. Elga Wells leaves her beautiful singing voice to Helen Stuckey. Sam Hall bequeaths his ability to mind his own business to PSQQY Crawford- Eleanor Hare leaves her loudness to Raymond Ed Peedin so there will be some noise in school next year. Frances Robbins bequeaths her flirty ways to Hilda Gurley, since she doesn't already have any. Jimmy Bass leaves his ability to eat in class to Bayron Hare. Dorothy Fulghum leaves her babyish ways to Joyce Strictland. Louphemia Pearsall leaves her basketball suit, No. 8, to any lucky Freshman who happens to make the team next year. Gene Lamm leaves his bus driving ability to the next girl driver who comes along. Melvin Wells leaves his supply of cute remarks to Bobby Fields. Jean Creel leaves her nice, quiet ways to Harold Richardson. David Berry leaves his cute little Freshman girl friend to Junior Daughtry. Charlie Jones leaves his love for the scientific method and the proper procedure to E. C. Gurley. Frances Gay leaves her ability to type to Lois Holland. Bettie Lou Bunn leaves her ability to win publicity, without even trying, to David Harper. Donald Morris leaves his ability to wiggle out of trouble to Junior Daughtry, Bayron Hare and Otis Hinnant. Gene Edgerton leaves his ability to play brilliant basketball to Tommy Howell so there'll be a star on the team next year. Ray Hawley leaves his blond curls to Mr. Jones. Bill Stuckey leaves his knowledge of words and their pronunciation to Mrs. Vernelson. Lastly, we do made and ordain our esteemed Principal, Mr. Hollowell, to be the only and sole exe- cutor of this our Last Will and Testament and we do hereby utterly disavow, revoke and annul each and every other former testament, will, legacy, and executors by us in any way before this named, willed and bequeathed. Testifying and confirming this and no other to be our Last Will and Testament. Whereof we have set our hands and seal this 27th day of May, in the year of our Lord, Nineteen hundred and fifty-two. W. P. HOLLOWELL. ,,S. A ,. 4 gl' ,. D. I- , . -,U ffful. .nfwvx 1 ,ff QYIY LLM' I.f?.U.f. 1,71 1 ' , fH0Z7l'Z"H-74 A wfffffgwfnf -2 ' f ' - Ca - .- 'fr' I I " - w1m"u!17! , .,.- 'f7.'4","!''f.,ff,'1f.,-.'1 ,-'XMJ 711 A, ,,,, ,-4 Lf 711!lm.M.2Z1hLQ14!ffl1, - f' "A'iIlfj0lf21cf1'WZ 7Z!Kff',,wZl, X1jZff.c , 2.4 fQ,i.Wi,l.,.Z,1Q'. 452211 WW X17 I 4.91112 '2fZf,C41f'WZ ' Z "f'Zf " f iff? MZ' f'Qf?ff65'f ff' . Z 'al i J i .. 1 A 2 I . n i . 2 x E S Is R 2 W In . ,111 Q . NX I g John A. Edgerton President David Harper Vice President Hazel Nichols Secretary Elizabeth Pike Treasurer Velma R. Barnes Rudolph Bizzell Emmette Collier Junior Daughtry Mildred Ferrell Hilda Gurley Peggy Gurley Otis Hinnant Linwood Howell Billy Jackson Betty Jones Joann Jones Billy G. Outland. Raymond Peedin 4 N ., , QU-Q . . We f I wut PPV? si A' I 5 ,11 . ,,:,- gfrgg ..., , 2--5,9 l ,sl 1 'Q' Qi-WJ 12 mn. W., S "W, Q4 ,Q , li? X B , J K ,s My r 'Y . .- 3 ty . :,, I ,iff g'-fTtpf'z-- ffl ami 2 . any V' VV A S ,fir an 5 . 'Qflfj' 7' ,,?, I 1 X tx lf? 5 V iii . ""' 5 6 . I A , 4 as 2 1 Sf? fy W , , 4 1 W R, A Marlorie Sasser L K, -wr If f is ,J Q W , R. A. Sasser Shirley Spell Joyce Strickland W. 'rw' ff t- in-'J 132' wx .1 .,. ,AV , , 6 is . 1 'fl 2 W 'md 314 f if 91 C. " ., Win ss, 4 w -. fibgzgc.. 2 M . , ,, ,Ca V ' , X ',- "T-,X V Q , ,, . 'W h X aw x V, V? f gif YWau1fV Q : ,f w,M,M,-w,h siz.1,fuQf'1 ti fig'-Qi J cf V s, .Av L .L jj s, jg, W nw- " .rf 'T' 33 No picture for Crawford Sasser and Harold Richardson." 5' fe ,fum F , 'm...f+ ,Milf ,saw JC. fu eff" 1 K ur: ji' ,pf-K 'Wh .K pg? 3,7 :wif 'N W 'v t ' ,, ,Qf2I.""-1-tlfifx, ' 'il'i'1?5i , es, , ss, ,, 1 4' , v 'Y ,, Av ,W , X ' ' xg - . s Y lg, x , 7' xx -rs 1 if j K 'Y f pr f '- X i .,-A 'M i ' 2 N. fl ' ff ,f 5,81 , : kv ,sf " : A V f Y ' 5 gl W ' , f ,,,, ,ml , , V ' any , --f 4. . -. fffp fl'- K ' T N' fi s - Qc -f of ' X ss XX .Il ,- ,a g if X 2 Q ff? ff, Y . , f, ,W fit? nf. l, -' ,W . f Q f Q.. . V 'K f ,ff ff R' , ,V f Zi gf , an If 4 V 3 1 ' l i. r fl Zz: fe' R -., 'LQ' vw 49:5 . Ji' ' ' 1'--. 'ISA "' r , Q can W S I X A We ,'. ,-.W , f ' 'CJ '3 'Q UC-I l Q 0 CIO n an as ' W, 1 :nz fs jc, 4 I , Q V I ' , ,. R - , 4 -'An .. ,M V 5 M, G di.. x M, P. t , gags 4 QR 1. if 1-'ln ...R r x tb KMJV 4.-J y. 1 'Msf -.M ,, 1'-t f x ' 1, 5 if A ' ' APM 4 2, V X Q Q. 2 as ,,,.,- v s 1 ' , NM ix 3 I , I M lil- Jgsaeiamt, ' , y y M t f d ' 4 A I an - ' f 9 ' 5 ,rq X , Q, zz- , if rs- 'V Q 'Y 'fl Q -,W 5' K ... , S, X L X., . X 7? , 7 X , . . I t 4 A Y: gli fy ff- fgf' " ? K , .1 I , e ti 1 Pt ' Mm bww fl Lx M, , J A 'V 4,23 , , 4 . "' " J t 'Q .21 .arf ' 'P """' y ,, A sew Q fi L A ' '- v P f f y, . ,l V , ,.,,, 305 'fi' T 2. ' M ly . . V 'Z -, X X ,, 'K ffl V A 5' 2 1 Marr t W' Qu K 5, ' -0 .-ff' Q Af -.N A '45 . as 6112. X l 1, F xw, L Q Vx f 4 ,. , K 'A I SUPHUMUHE Bayron Hare President Helen Stuckey Vice President Evelyn Radford Secretary Barbara Davis Treasurer Carol Aycock Eva Mae Bizzell Slwelba Jean Bunn Peggy Crawford Ben Edgerton Leon Edwards Mildred Ferrell Edna Godwin J. B. Grantham E. C. Gurley Louvene Hall Billy Holland Chirstine Holland Rand Holland Patricia Holland Bertie Howell Betty Howell Rosella Jones Josey Langley Peggy Lewis James Mitchell Ernestine Outland Maud Overbee Lloyd Rollins Annette Sullivan Bobby Wall No Pictured For: Marvin lvey Robert Edgerton President Gordon Wells Vice President Mo rgoret Morris Secretory Shelbo .leon Pope Treosurer Melbci Aycoclc Lulo Belle Berry Jomes Creel Cooper Dees Bobby Fields Billy Gorner Donold Hordison Betty Moe Hollond Jonothon Hooks Elwood Howell Tommy Howell C. D. Longley Eugene Lee Ruby Nichols Allen Overmon Jeon Pote Christine Pittmon Joseph Rollins Dwight Rose Vernon Sullivon Mottie Teochey Morie Winders No Pictures For: J. R. Hollond Dorothy Lee Ivey Mogdolene Jones Velmo Minchew Jenice Wholey x'3f Qi 1 Rx Q K z me 3-f 'ba , Y f-TL f ,gg f "- I U X X , 5 xi, ,i 4 4 s A 5 we 4 'P 251' I ,aw f may ' KA if! -Q-.,'i-. 1 3 er- " -, I 5 X ' .- 1- R , V, , Nfjf QM: 9- 'I I, Q . A P we ' ' ,, Qisf' if 'f , 2 , ' ' 11' -:.'fw-- , full , Nitin A f, f ww... , 1 " , ' 7' 'M . HY 'H' 2 "" "" ' :hx 4 "Wi, ' -22' ,RR W,-' ',f lf' v f ,. v My fr X' it . f' y NN? 91 'R "ig ' . f Fa X ,MQ g' 1- : Q25 ' i I, ' rx 29 ' X -V 4 3 RQ " 'Y N ,.,,. M .V M A I ,. M ' '- I - , l. ' 53 - 17, i . ft ' .av 519 A :N R 'A ,,g aa., N ' R F' ffl X ff X 'JIUV' , f' in I V A :QQ 'ZW' fi I L v l Aff? 1 Q -.54 '- , A s.y 1 iffy it LL, A A. sf V X211 ' N 5 WV i ' lf ? rg 4 h ' If X M if ur ,gi , ,., is ' I -V "1 2 'Lv g s af' l i A- ' L, I 4 K X x " r ' x if Y it fi b -l 'f f :si AHEE, f if 5,37 N .ss 1 c -ig:-' Elk x17 w 'E 5-lv ggi, ri Q? vt if ' x ' if "iii 1 7 ., A x IA, ,. ff a ""' fo, . Y i' - ,, A 'W ., , M ' x . if 'eff if 1 t f X V ,f , HL, . ,.,, t 4, N, l sf 1 11 A I 9 EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE Y' kk fix W fu , w W , w BM , . S114-NW ' .K W A sw X wr .fm 5' 'Hbv 'K' 2 O6 V ' .,.: ,Q 't y ,'f3.,'71,g A, QE!-2 ,, ,yy ,vf ' V1 " V X ,cc ,,',: N "' " V f 1 ' fv.'s' 1a.F.1' 'ja' " 4 , X iffw - ,M ' l n fm' QQ W ,quqm j., xx M1536 ,Au 3 ,L ,Ak X .vi f X TIVITIES l Sa 4 XX W,-. 50' I ,, 40, X A W . F. H. A. .ji F: F- Af. B U S D I'iVGl'S Wayne Coun25Public Library 1001 E h Street Goldsboro, NC 27530 Glee C-lub Music Club 4-H Club Skies Boy's Basketball a Girl's Basketball i-uw Athletic Association Baseball Cheer Leaders Lunchroom Workers M , l Wmefe. H34 . QQ "-' 4 . ' it K A 3' a t 4 if i ' 5 1 if .N.h,., -F... 'E' ,W i i ' W , q w-VN. " 1 -A, . Wy ' 42 ,,, E if , , , . ' my , my , vw . ' ff , ir '3 , '44 f . ww., -M W if Q an . yi fi ,gy W 1 . A Z. M .P 6 f . i . -5 f QE "" 3 1 1 -4 f gi gag, ,, .Vx g f 4 Q3 M, fs , f ' f f 4 SA t f f H ' 3 Q 1 if Q 5- '-, 'gf M4 . 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JmY,"wi725f A, -52 ,Q V W! A XS A ffm 1 1 MMM Z. f X BANK WITH YOUR HOME BANK THE BANK OF WAYNE MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OOLDSBORO-LA GRANGE, NORTH CAROLINA "PRICE BRINGS YOU IN - QUALITY BRINGS YOU BACK" I. J. Xa BEN C. CIIAWFUIIWS IIIEIIVS SIIUP HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES CURLEE CLOTHES- STETSON HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS - PORTAOE SHOES STAR BRAND WORK SHOES HICKOK ACCESSORIES HEADQUARTERS FOR WORK CLOTHES PIKEVILLE, PHONE 2068 NORTH CAROLINA -AA-A:0ocA --AAA -A-A AAAAAAA .,,--- v ..... ---vor .... -vv: Compliments Of GRIFFIN'S BARBECUE OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. "THE HOME OF VALUES" IO?-I ll West Wolnut Street GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments Of HEILING 81 MEYERS COMPANY OOLDSBORO, NORTH, CAROLINA - - ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-or:: :::::::::::- THOMAS OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY OVER 25 YEARS IIO W. Wolnut Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 243 ANYTHING FOR THE OFFICE Filing Cobinets - Desks - Soles - Office Furniture Greeting Cords - Birthdoy Cords BRANCH BANKING Ka TRUST CII. TI-IE SAFE EXECUTOR A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE GIVEN ALL CUSTOMERS YOUR BANKING BUSINESS APPRECIATED OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH US Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporofion GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS - TRACTORS - FARM MACI-IINERY SALES AND SERVICE J. M. EDGERTUN 81 SIIIII, INC. YOUR INTERNATIONAL DEALER GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA ::::-::::::4-:::::-:e ::::::::J..:::::::::::::::-::::::::::::::: Compliments Of NEIL JOSEPHS GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA ::::::::::::::- - :- ::: :::J Ir Compliments Ot ROGER'S JEWELRY STORE GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA :::::o:::::::::v : ::: ::: Compliments Ot WORLEY TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA :: A::::::::-:::::::::::,::::::::: FARM BUREAU INSURANCE COMPANY F.C.X. - SERVICE JAMES PRICE ond RONALD SUTTON, Agents AUTO - FIRE - LIFE - HAIL GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA I 1,-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Compliments Ot TOWN cmd COUNTRY GAS COMPANY GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA - v v -vvvvvv A A A A:::o::::::A:::::: GOLDSBORO PAINT COMPANY, INCORPORATED DURALITE PAINTS, HARDWARE, cmd FISHING TACKLE 204 N. Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. BUNCH DRUG STORE Compliments Of TOM R. BEST CORNER CENTER AND MULBERRY ST. TIMELY CLOTHES GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA GOLDSBOROI NORTH CAROLINA ::, :, ::::::::::::::::,3 ,,:,::::,::: ::::::::::::::: Compliments Of ISAAC'S FURNITURE C. M. AVERY, Proprietor GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments Of COBB FRUIT and GROCERY ALSO SOME FRIENDS GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments Of ELLIOTT PACKING CO., INC. GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments Of TOWER DRIVE IN RESTAURANT OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA VISIT SMITH HARDWARE COMPANY OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA FOR "ANYTI-IINO IN FIARDVVAREH FOR PROMPT DELIVERY COAL - FUEL CALL W. H. GRIFFIN 8. SON "YOUR WARMEST FRIEND" PHONE 47 OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Comp iments Ot SEARS, ROEBUCK 8. COMPANY 2I5 Eost Wolnut Street OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA SCO-CO HIGH QUALITY FERTILIZERS The Southern Cotton Oil Company I A Neighborly Institution GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -----:,,,,4.----J.4.----- 9 ..... .... v........v - - vv.. v v-- I ROBINSON DRUG STORE I47 SOUTH CENTER STREET OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA DODGE - PLYMOUTH SOIes - Service GOLDSBORO MOTOR COMPANY T23 NORTH CENTER STREET SOL ISAACS - GEORGE CASTEEN, INC. "THE EIO FURNITURE STORE ON CENTER STREET" OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA McBRIDE AND HERRING SPORTING GOODS COMPANY I52 SOUTIT Center ST. Phone I8I3-J GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA I ------vvv-------- vv-4 Q-.v-- v----,-----,-,-- - II II Compliments Of I1 It Compliments Of 1: 1, COMMUNITY MOTORS gr, C 0 N E K , N , S CORPORATION 1 , I IN 'N I, GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA lg GOLDSBQRQ NORTH CAROLINA IL - ..OA..AAA...........A... A..A iiiiilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif: Il If Tilllllllllllllllllllllllillll: I CRGWN S-I-CRE CO' l Goldsboro Insurance CONGRATULATES THE SENIORS I, d R C WELCOME ALL NAHLJNTLONES 1, I1 GH ec' Y 0mPUnY Wearing Apparel For The I Whole Family ,If COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 1, fl J' CLEE DAVIS' Manager ll Il Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina 12, ::::::::,:,,:,:- ::::,,:,::,:::::J il -:::::::::::::::::::::e:::::::::: mmmmm" UMTTTMWT I::TMMTMTTMTTMTU A A A A A ,T PAYS TO PLAY- 1, Compliments Of I I MUSIC and SPORTS, Inc. 151 G'DDEN5 JEWELRY 1, 'I 202-204 East Walnut Street I, ,I IN I 1 I, , Goldsboro, North Carolina ft I, GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA ::::::::::v :::::::::::::v"'-ffl 25:555555:55:55::::::::::::::::::: -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1 C - - A---- ----A---A---------------- A Compliments Of HOME CASH GROCERY T38 North Center Street I, I I, ll I, ll 1, I I, Il I, ll 1, I, 1, I, I, It I, It I, It I, It 1 I 1: I I, It I, It 1, I, GOLDSBORO BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Pearl Wantz Brashear, Manager GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Goldsboro, North COVOIIITG , ., Phone 1107 213 S. Center sf. -,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I L:::,::::::,,,,,,,:::::::::,,,,,:: ::::::::::::::: 'Y f':::::::::::::::::::":'::::::::::: r Complimenfs Qf Q15 MACK'S RESTAURANT I 1, , WE SPECLALLZE IN I ROY'S LUNCH I I HOME COOKED MEALS I 1, In PIT COOKED BARBECUE Goldsboro, North Carolina II ll 1, 1, Goldsboro, North Carolina 1 I, - A---AA--- ------AA----A .T 4, +-A----AA+A- AA-+--A--------- DR. M. EDWARD BIZZEL EYE, EAR, NOSE ond THROAT CLINIC II II I II II II II II II II I MlCKEY'S PASTRY SHOP I FINE LINE OF 0 CAKES AND PIES Ottice oth Floor, Bonk Of Woyne I' II I o Id b , it I- Goldsboro, North Corolino I O S Oro Non Comma I 5555555553 5: ::::::::5::::: L '?:?5:5:: 553555: -A'A AA Compliments Of CAROLINA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY WEST WALNUT STREET Goldsboro, North Corolino F I II I I I I I I II I I II I II II II II II II I., BAUGH'S FERTIL'ZERS BAUGH 81 SONS CO. Foot Of Croven St. Phone 7344 J. A. FLOARS, Agent Goldsboro, North Corolino SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE ond WEAR WITH PRIDE CIT LEDER BROTHERS ooLDsBoRo, Noam cAI2oLINA I II I I F I I I I I I I I I I I I II II II I II I I I I I I ,I I II I 4.. Compliments Ot WAYNE RESTAURANT Goldsboro, North Corolino Congrotulotions, Groduotes . . . On Completing One Phose Ot Your Life . . . BEST WISHES .... FOR THE LIFE YOU NOW BEGIN I I I I I I II I II I II II I :I I II I II II 4, J. J. BOWDEN Distributor GULF OIL PROD.UCTS GOLDSBORO ---v----vv-:e-0-0-c::-::., 35:55 :::::::::::::v 555 COMPLIMENTS EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE GQLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA SEYMOUR FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE OFFICE PI-IONE: IO65 OOLDSBORO, NORTI-I CAROLINA DRINK ' I Gee YIADE-MARK REG. U. S. PAY. OFF. BARNES-HARRELL-RAWLINOS CO. OOLDSBORO, NORTI-I CAROLINA II vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvv-vvvvvvvvvwv-v-v I ENRICHED EAT MADE-RITE BREAD AND ROLLS COMPLIMENTS MADE-RITE BAKERY GOLDSBQRQ, Noam CAROLINA :::::::::::::::I: :::::::::::::::::::::: 4 4 4 4 4 Q- -vw ---- vv----- ------ v---- - - Compliments Of I Thompson's Pure Oil I Stotion and Hi-Way Grill I PIKEVILLE D ?:--- ---A-- ---- ' Compliments Of I RACKLEY'S GARAGE I I I L Pikeville, North Corolinci I I 4' Compliments Ot FLEMING-VAIL OIL CO. I Pikeville, North Corolino I fi .,,,,,.. ..vvv,......v.. : : A---- l Compliments Of 5 cRAwFoRD's I FURNITURE COMPANY I Pikeville, North Corolino I 4' Compliments Ot ' JOHN F. HOBBS STOC KYARD vvusorsi HIGHWAY Compliments Of 5 BROOM Moroiz co. It In Q Goldsboro, North Ccirolino I L- ::::-..f:::.-f: ::::::::::::::J Q- --A---- - ::::::::::::::::::::: :: 4 BEDFORD-KIRBY COMPANY Custom Grinding ond Milling Chow Mix Feeds ond Purino Chow Wilson Highwoy Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments Ot TRIANGLE DRIVE IN Wilson Highwoy Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments Ot CASEY'S LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS IIO9 N. Williom St. Phone 3535 Motor Ports cmd Machine Service, Inc. I302 N. Williom St. Phone I67 Goldsboro, North Corolino PAUL WILLIAMS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY Phone I306-W I22 E. Wcilnut St. Residence Phone 836-J Goldsboro, North Corolinci WHlTE'S LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS 300 North John Street Goldsboro, North Ccirolino Compllments Of GOODMAN S GROCERY AND MARKET Plkevulle North Coroluno EDWARD S YOUNG MEN SHOP Goldsboro North Corollno Compliments Of GARRIS FANCY GROCERIES Plkevllle North Corollno Compluments Of DAVIS ESSO SERVICE STATION Goldsboro North Co rollno Compllments Ot L 81 M SUPPLY CO Plkevnlle North Corollno PATES SERVICE STATION ond GARAGE WASHING GREASING Phone 3752 Pnkevulle Compliments Of PRICE AND CRUMPLER GROCERY Pukevulle North Corolnno TH E HU B DEPARTMENT STORE IO5 IO7 E Wolnut St Phone II8O Goldsboro North Corollno Complnments Of HOWELL BROTHERS GROCERY Pnkevulle North Corolmo BUILDERS SUPPLY CO RETAIL AND WHOLESALE BUILDING MATERIALS Phone I5OO 'IO2 WVlne St Goldsboro North Corollno :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1 f:::::::::::::::-:::::::::::::::::: I I . II I I I 'I I I' 'I Il 'I Il 'I I I I, I I, I II 'I Il 'I . - . - II I, ' E I I: 'I I ' I, ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ll Ir::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I I I u I ' 1 I I I I I I I I 1' I I: 'I . . . , I, . I II II I II 'I It 'I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Q J,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I 'I II 'I . I 'I l I I 'I I1 'I I 'I Il 'I I I, Q 0 o l :I I I, I . . . II I, I . - I II I, j Il 'I Il 'I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,I l,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::rj f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.v-c:: I, ll I . I 'I 1' It I' 'I Il 'I Il 'I I I, I' 'I Il 'I Il 'I - II I, . . I' 'I Il 'I . . . II I, . I I: I, I II I ffiffilli'illliiiiiiifiliilifflllii L55J555535555555f555i25Ji3525I2IlJ Il 'I i II I, . 1 I e I, I 'I I I I I: ' 1 II . . 'I . . . :I I, I II I, ' 'I I, I I 'I :::::::::Jc::::::::::::::::::::::J G::::::,::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A::::::::J-::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::: :: :::::::v FARMERS AUCTION STOCKYARD I Mile North Goldsboro Phone 709 SELL YOUR LIVESTOCK EVERY THURSDAY WITH US AT I:00 SIMON HILL HAROLD BENTON MARVIN ROUSE CARL HOLLOMAN .--vvvv--,,,,,-,-,---,----,,----vvvv-v,------,vv4-Q-,v-. BELL-STUART FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS "HOME OF FRIENDLY CREDIT" PHONE 2740 225-27 N. JOHN ST. GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA GRIFFIN STEEL ond I W A Y C O YOUR COMMUNITY fflreolsl AND STEEL PRODUCTS" , FRQZEN F009 CENTER Phone 3400 N. Williom St. Ext. :I IN Goldsboro, North Corolino GOLDSBORO "ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE" l, WITH QUALITY PRODUCTS I Compliments Ot CEDRC PIERCE STATION ' CLAUDE SULLIVAN STATION 4: Howeu. on COMPANY ll Goldsboro, North Corolino ll Goldsboro' North Cmolmc :,:.-:,: ----.AA- ::,,,:::,:::::4 p:::::,:: - - - - A::::::::::::: COMPLIMENTS OF BRYAN-EDMONSON TRACTOR COMPANY oomssono, NORTH c:AI2ouNA :-:::::::::::::: :::::J..c:::: ::::::::::::::::: A - qs9 Compliments Ot CAROLINA TRACTORS, INCORPORATED YOUR FRIENDLY FERGUSON DEALER Mt. Olive Highwoy Phone 2898 u OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA J. D. PIKE MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH 230 North John Street Phone I88 OOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA WAYNE DAIRY COOPERATIVE Owned one operoted by Doiry Men Living In Woyne ond Adioining Counties For The Highest Ouolity Coll For WAYNE DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 2836 Goldsboro, North Corolinoi A:::::::::::::::e:o:::::::::::::vA::::::::::: ::::::::::::: LEADER TRACTORS ARE YOUR BEST BUY MODLIN TRACTOR EQUIPMENT COMPANY oomsisoiao, Noiatn cAi2oLiNA Phone T445 T804 North Williom Street :::: :.::J-4-:::4-,- A, , 'i 1+ i i 1 1 ' p T 1, P. ' f P A I " i A lf -T E- A T fi9?'fl'f'ff ci? 5 'I - ' T - en: WTF .. Y . ai u? V. E - ...r 1,?'f1',L-fi-I-f-1,53 . J Q -- 3 T ,f - ' ' ' - 4. 5 ' f, -4.312 4 409' , T517 ' fi' ' ' I f 1 -Sf xx 'T A . A ' .T in ------,..,, - Eff A 1 "' 1 11- . is E 'P 1 ' T ' i T KET 'F V Q 'QT 'I I 4 1 IIETWVF ,Y BR 0 S1.,INm. l FOUNDERS, MACHINISTS. MILL SU PPLIES STEEL FABRICATORS GOLDSBORO,N.C. if 1 l 1+ il Jirirfiffifv '55-55: 'ffiiffffffffffifffffff 55:4 ::::::::::::::55:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' ::::5Q"' l 1 BRA UH BANKING A D TR ST CUMPA Y PIKEVILLE, N. C. - FREMUNT, N. C. PHONE 3721 - Phone 23ll Complete Banking Service Loans Of All Types Insurance For Every Need Ceurteeus and Confidential Service "WE HELP YOU GET AHEAD" THE SAFE EXECUTOR Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -A ........ ...... ......... ...A A - A A... -,,,.,f --A:: l l 1 J-.aeoouosl Wayne County Pubtic Library 1001 E Ash Street Goldsboro. NC 27530

Suggestions in the Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) collection:

Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Nahunta High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Pikeville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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