N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1944

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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MW MM gf' 'c V V ' E jx C' MQ g . Q X Q f RL 'KK Q ww, 51 Hr m k X u f I . 2iQij, -Q 5 Q 1? T Q ws' QAS TFJLP' I . Q K2 Q ' ii . 1- j 5 ,sg Q E-CX ' Q + 'if Q X .f f X J., , X-. U , Xb? is V QQ ' K w -9 Nga f F Ll I I I - L X Q ' x f , 1 P ffX0dvHDQJZ7 ' A wfwiifiw TWO COLORS I give you two colors--maroon andAwhite. One stands for work, one for light. Each is unstained, unspotted still, And you can keep it so--if you will. Take these two colors--maroon and whiteg One stands for power, one for right. Take them, keep them--I know you will, Clean, pure, unsullied still, For with these colors, bathed in our tears, Gleaming with love, gleaned through the years, We give her--our school--to you. Stand up, ye Wolves, and be true! --Effie Cumings Tech Graduate of '29 1 Wx' Optic, f't,mM4nfQh k y X r N ws- f X K SHO: xx 3 Qfsnmmytvr QVE S? . 1 f , sw? ,.,5:f .1 .. -ve nw, I . .. 6 Q fyh 'WMJnft7 6 -X Six 5f!':'!!'. 755511, Q, ,jzfiitsh ,. " ,'fe4 .iP?if7 7,:"7fL5 555, , ff he gf4,54 eff, ii 'XY4t:'f-sl 1- 'N -,uf ,. I 'ii at -WTS ,IQ-5 ' ,Val awful. L xt-jx .X .5 f-' 'K N XX. 3 44,5 . . SAVE ls. ,f :iz a sais WL his UJULF FAIH S THE STAFF EDITOR-IN CHIEF Thelma Carder ASSISTANT EDITOR Anna Louise Bennett ASSOCIATE EDITORS David Hurst, Virgina Whatley FEATURES David Coleman, Rosalee Anderson Betty Rulon, Nathan Welch PICTURES , Bobby Burns, Tomaso Gonzales, Homer McGregor ' ART - Martha McElwee, Fred Cosby SNAPSHOTS Ray Stephenson, Marilynn Kinchen SPORTS William Garrett, Edgar Harrison CLUBS Virginia Crockett, Joanna Myers, Frances Richardson MILITARY Larry Smith, A. D. Allen, Tommy Gavos CIRCULATION Miss Wolf, Staff Members Salesmanship and Journalism Pupils 1 ktwnawwr ,f.aaVlm Qgnmapd ffi 1 DEDICATION We, the gradu- ating Seniors of January '44, wish to dedicate this Wolf Pack to Mr. Blair, our football and baseball coach. In the two years that Coach Blair has been at Tech, he has made many friends both among the stu- dents and among the faculty members. He received his degree in Austin College at Sherman his home town. He coached at Sherman High School and later at Electra High Sclxool befcare coming to Tech in the fall of 1942. He has coached the football team for two sea- sons, butlast spring washis first attempt atcoach- ing our baseball team. He did all right, too, by, leading the Wolves to the second pl.ace in Clity. Ll lil til? .l,r i ,.mM,,, ,,.,. .MV1 HY CREED lWritten by Mary Tyson, a student of Bryan High, April 1922, I, a student of the Bryan High School of Dallas, believing that through the practice of high ideals I can help create an atmosphere bywhich myschool may always merit praise, do hereby pledge myself: To think clean thoughts, to read good books, and undesuwy anyunclean literature that may fall into my hands. To speak as pure English as I know and to re- frain from the use of rough slang. To avoid extremes in my dress and in the use of cosmetics. To stand against promiscuous automobile riding and unconventional dancing. To be true to myself, which means, among other things, to be honest in my class room work as on examination. . To so conduct myself as to be always worthy of big friendships, and to make a support and honor to my school, my home, and to my glorious nation. MM. ll be .-n mmww, ,WnQ,A L , E Q5-f Let me congratulate each member of the graduating class on having completed astiff and long drawn outjob. High school graduation 'is no light. assign- ment, and the fact of your graduation attests to your special ability. Records show that only twenty out of every hundred people graduate from high school. Whatever the causes for the drop out from high school, it is significant in your case, that you have overcome these causes. If you continue to overcome causes which make other people "drop out", you will capitalize upon the high school graduation which you have achieved. My wishes are a large measure of succe and happiness for you. ,X ter J. E. Schiebel ' 'CJ e. A, . . Y Y , ,,,,r,,,, ,YH ...Q .. e'5f-fl-Allr- Alb. -A-H ----ru SS WALTER J. Mr. James Adkisson . Mr. J. Floyd Alexander Mrs. Geraldine M. Andrews Mr. L. S. Barrett Mr. Earle R. Bishop Mr. George W. Blair Miss Martha Bone Mrs. Karen Brown Mrs. Dovielu Bullion Mrs. Bernice Bullock Mrs. Elizabeth Burke Miss Effie Butler Mr. Jim A. Butler Mrs. Alma Carothers Mrs. Catherine Cathey Mrs. Edith M. Cole Mrs. Isabelle M. Cummings Sgt. Clarence Dale Miss Florence A. Davis Mr. Wallace E. Davis L Mrs. Lela S. Deavenport 1 Miss Jettie Donald 'Mr. C. G. Dotson -,LZ Q .Grover J. Douglas L Mr. Perry W. Fite L Miss Dora Flack i Mr. Esme Foster f Mr. Sam F. Foster 5 ' Mr. W. P. Fulton 'Q Miss Virginia Goerner Miss Ellen B. Gowdey Miss Dorcas Gray nf 1 R ff I Ill, . lm a . 21511 FACULTY E. S C H I E B E L, P r i n c i p a l Miss Estelle Gutierrez Mrs. May B. Haley Mr. Ray Hardaway Mr. J. L. Harrell Mr. Arthur R. Harris Miss Ronda Hart Miss Dorothy Hayes Mr. E. 0. Hayes Mrs. Anna M. Henderson Mr. J. S. Henry Mr. Louis B. Herring Miss Louise,Hillyer Miss Opal Holley Mr. Orbette A. Homer Mr. W. Foss Hunter Mr. Nathan H. Johnson Mrs. Ela Mae Jones Mr. George Kadel Mrs. Mineola King Mrs. Marian'Lacy Mr. Roy U. Lane Miss Lolita Lansdon Mrs. Sadie Lemmerhirt Miss Mary Lightfoot Mr. Paris W. Loucks Mr. H. G. Martin Mrs. Mary Martin Miss Clifford Matlock Miss Zoe McEvoy Mr. B. M. McMinn Mrs. Letha Michel Mr. Gray Moore Miss Gladys Neel 4 . .. M-vdklfgg...-'.L..,. A Miss Vera B. Neel Mr. Herman A. Neff Mrs. Jane D. Parker Miss e Mae Polk Mi da V P' WV? Sg3gg?1fgMZynes ,7,4? Mrs. Juanita Richey Mr. E. R. Roberts Miss Virginia Robinson Mr. Charles H. Rutledge Mr. R. E. Sanders Mr. Glenn E. Shackelford Mr. J. Fred Sheel Miss Elizabeth Siddall Miss Roberta Sloan Mrs. Norma Smith Miss May Stephens Miss James Ellen Stiff Mrs. Phoebe Grace Storms Mrs. Edith E. Stovall Mrs. Louise Swift Miss Agnes Taylor Mrs. Clarice Turck Miss Annie Turner Mr. Hugo J. P. Vitz Miss Aline Walker Mrs. Margaret K. Walraven Miss Pauline Warner . Mrs. Kittie D. Washington Miss Frances Welch Mrs. Lenore Wilson Mrs. Mary Lou Wise Miss Clara Wolf Mr. W. D. Woods BEST ALL-AROUND GIRL A bright smile, brown hair and hazel eyes characterize Tech's Best All-Around Girl. During her three years at Tech, Thelma Carder has represented her school as co-editor of the Tech Talk, editor-in-chief of the Wolf Pack, and as Student Govern- ment representative. She is an ardent football and dance fan, and her cheerful HHi, theren is a familiar greeting at all student affairs. T ' AA A 4 .Wi ' A .7 7- BEST ALL-AROUND BOY I M .::A , ,g iJlh??gggg 5L4s f e' 1 enigma iwavy black hair, light blue eyes, a fine build and an interest !in student affairs singled out William Garret for Best All- Around Boy. William is president of the 4-A Home Room and a two-year All-City football player. ' . .1.,ii4..l,....l-lrii.. imv-11--M f- ""' MUST POPULAR GIRL N When it came time to choose the Most Pkpular Girl, therq wasn't a chance for anyone but Dolly Sue Porter. Her person ality and her interest in school activities have made he? Htopsn with all who know her. She supports all the Tech foot ball games and dances, is a Girl Reserve, and a student Gov- ernment representative. , Q.-q... HOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL kmkwm A beautiful face that shows a sweet disposition helped to make Iva Mae Gibbs the Most Beautiful Girl of the Jan. '44 Class. Her sunny smile and vibrant personality have won many friends for this dark-haired, gray-green-eyed beauty during her two years at Tech. She works with the Distributive Education Program, has received two Linz Awards, and is a member of the National Honor Society. 1 Q 30 if -Q. INTROUUUN5 4-A OFFICERS HRS. KAREN YOUNG BROWN, Sponsor William Garrett David Hurst . Rosalee Anderson Jo Anna Myers . Edgar Harrison virginia Whatley ,U' f:::::' ' I: Ulla! ,,m6? 4 , . 65.441 X n rua' y . President . Vice President . Seeretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms Social Chairman nik Qjigi V,w 7 ..: . UML' D l's E-wg' 13' QNR9' y 1' i1'Xie'2 :R jx 9 1' 5,1 4.-" 5 " . 1195.2 -"I ALMA MATER Hail to thee, our Alma Mater! Tech our greatest pride. In whose halls we now are learning Storms of life to ride. Chorus: Lift the Chorus, Speed it onwardg Raise it to the sky, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater Hail, all hail, TECH HIGH. C ' . 'N 419 M ' fd' Q 4.44 MW ... . 'Qs THESE THINGS REMAIN fa? T'am A heart that sings-- Such things remain, Though bombs may fall And hearts feel pain. Warm eyes are true, And faith they keep, Though hate is strong And eyes may weep. A soul that's brave-- And many are-- Lives through dark nights And loves afar! --Marilynn Kinchen F me fe D 19 f Q' Q Q Q Q, Tag. 1- T0 OUR BOYS IN ATHE ARMED FORCES To our valiant -men in the service of Our Country we dedicate this page of the Jan. '44 Wolf Pack. We await the return of pg our classmates and teachers to get their autographs in this J 's V b . . pace reserved elow js, Q, 5 if W "W ' " L -0 er A A 1 Q Z .... i 3 ' :,..:ef::,' 21E5i25g52525S2f525f2ff 5 35252 2 .fiiifisiffiff i """ rf55555i555?25 51: -, f555i555ig5:5fi2?ff ' : f . A z fs s ff:g1gi.ffe Q :':':'f'1' 3 + 'v..'i"- f .'.' 'v'i1 i 1' -"t ' f 'A A 'ff -A e"i i iaa. .5 . I ",' p 2 -A - '5'2E5f25Ei5if5:ESf2i2-9221:-' -"1a"f1'I ',"' ""-- 33:l-":'5f5i5E5E5':': - "-."- 1 'f52f'f-f:':'3S'1i5fE5521"T "- fi?'F1:f5.E.5551i'1?'51i12-5-2?sfiE5i:?1a52f5f':--f5E5i:"'"1 F-lf'5:5Ii:?'f:. 'ff---Ie, I Q fs --rtgggfzg 2-3 in---,g:::5-:gi 1 w. 3,,2Q:gI?2:21-3 -'"iiiI:.25515v31.15-igSj1ff23figgzg ,. 1 ' ..,. ..... .I VV ,.,l 1 ,Ma .zzgiiigg . 5, ,..,, gill: .VVA,,.b ,4,,, 2 ..,4 V..5i5,.5.555j55' , .V,, rift., , , 1, -,.,. 5 ia, 2" 'i , l? fgszyz,-1 .'-' ' gsis " ' if .:,.:'f:g5:g , Q snags AU Ik S ,jx Ar at E V we, x lf- 4+ iiiiw i fa: sf Sgigmff 1 3 4' fs M at 5 K Q., 'Q I4 ia it ' I fa A, D. Allen Diamond Disc Club I First -Lieutenant R. 0.T. C. Baseball, 3 years Johnnie Ammons, Jr. Physical Education Leader Tennis team hirizonal Baseball team Ulrizonal S. G. A. Representative Kjaliform Rosalee Anderson Secretary 4-A Class S. G. A. Representative Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club 1 Billy Barker Captain Rifle Team '-42-43 R. O. Tl C. Red Cross Art Pottery Crack Ccmpany 41-42 Anna Louise Bennett Graphic Art Club Asst. Editor Wolf Pack - Tecvh Talk Staff S. G. A. Representative Monroe'Bierner Part -t ime Program 4-year cert if icate Tech Talk Salesman Guard John Black l Frances Blanton Secretary, Cosmetology Club Art Pottery Club ? D Marie Bosco Chorus Billie Jean Buckalew 4-year cert if icate Darlene Brannon Good Scholarship Club Commercial Art Club S. G. A. Representative Doyce Bronson First Sgt. R. O. T. C. Crack Ccrnpany '40-' 41 Bobby Burns Retailers' Club President Distribntive Education Wolf Pack Staff Billy Byington Military Captain Diamond Disc Club Thelma Carder Best-All-Around Girl Editor In-Chie-f-Wolf Pack Co-Editor Tech Talk Jack Charles I ,..,,..l.,..M.. M-. ,.ni.gg,g,gp..i..e... ,. ,--anna-an-., .. " "M" A-ei if I 'ff-N if uri ni.-1 Ellis John Civello Band K R. O. T. C. Art Pottery Club Rifle Team Virginia Clarke Charm Club Girl Reserve flSunset! Wolf Pack Staff Jean Coates 3h year graduate Girl Reserves Mdamsonl Stamp Club Uldamsonl Pen Pals Club Mdarrsonl David Coleman Cheerleader M3-44 Track S. G. A. Representative Wolf Pack Staff Captain, Physical Education Doris Cook Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club PeP.S'1Uad 3h year graduate Wolf Pack Staff Fred Cosby ident Ccrmiercial Art Club A. fkep. 2 years ial Art Club j ' f Cra gh ad I Girl serves Te alk Sr. f , 1 If Virginia Crockett Majorette '43-44 Commercial Art Club Wolf Pack snuff Good Scholarship Club I Murray Dantzler Leader Physical Education lntermural, Volley Ball. R. O. T. C. ' Gordon Dorris First Sergeant R. O. T. C, Linz Pin Awards S. G. A. Representative Joe Drake S. G. A. Representative Wolf Pack Staff Linz Pin Awards Junior Historian Club Wary Beth Gardner Good Scholarship Club Distributive Education Retailers' Club Pan-American Club William Garrett Captain Football Team '43 All-City Football '42-' 43 President 4-B, 4-A Home Room Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff , Jack Garretson Divers if ied Occupat ions Iva Mae Gibbs Most Beautiful Girl Distributive Education i Retailers' Club I National Honor Society X Linz Awards ' . 2 s Af? Q-, 3' I -::55:::' v f A-1- dw wi' Jack Giles Mi litary Stamp Club Tomasa Gonzales Good Scholarship Club Commercial Art Club S. G. A- Representative Wolf Pack Staff Leon Greenberg Linz Award National Honor Society S. G. A. Representative Commercial Art Club Harold Hacker Band S. G. A. Representative Distributive Education Good Scholarship Club Albert, Jr. Hagman Guard Demo la ys Mary Margaret-Haliburton Girl Reserves ' Texas'History Club Distributive Education Retailers' Club W 2 Billie Jo Hancock Girl Reserves Library Council Good Scholarship Club Vernon Hamilton Military 1 Barren, Jr. Harrison Edgar Harrison Co-Captain Football Team '43 Captain Track Team '43 Vice-President S. G. A. Fall '43 Lt.-Col. Military Basketball Donald Henry Military Doris Henry Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative History Club Fred Jr. Hilger Military Guard Stamp Club Louis Hopkins Football Letterman '42 Track Band President Hi-Y Club Vice-President Pottery Art Club Lloyd Humphries R. O. T. C. H Guard Crack Canpany '40-41 David Hurst All-City Football '43 Track Military Vice-President 4-A Home Room Wolf Pack Staff ,.,r71pvreg gary - aff - ' 0 .rw ,,.., . . 7 Ma' if , T T s ' . 'N X N 2 Y . ..-m..l....a,..... ., ...,. , r .. .. , - Z f Q w 5 5 3 1 3 ,WQZZ K ZZ? ,.,.W.,, , , n ,H awww ,,W. C5522 X Wa Q 'HZQ fzQQ fWkZ W? f M 9 '2?Z??vZ ,, may ,, - i!iigg!!:::EL . w.x W A Gig - , , . X ling? . ....v K Egiamgggdgg , ,.wv brlbk b.,. .s,n vmxifw +wwm'w if 'ififfls-'SQ L-Z5-2'1:'v H g 5 tygfff, ,, .A - .:-Q. if4ew'a- . w -ev 'QA Q 0 fy E::3 K . ,. .uni Orlan Jenkins Band Linz Award Bible Course S. G. A. Representative Bobby Johnson Football Track Tech Talk Staff Helen Jones Pottery Art Club S. G. A. Representative Grade Raisers Club Helen Jost Pottery Art Club , Good Scholarship Club Harilynn Royce Kinchen School Play '41-'42 Chorus Linz Pin Wolf Pack Staff One-Act Play '43 George LeDerer Rifle Team Guard 4 Years R.O.T.C. Hudolf Lofman Major R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Club Rifle Team Martha McElwee Tech Talk Salesman Pottery Art Club Mc Club 3h years Wolf Pack Staff O. Homer Joe McGregor, Jr. S. G. A. Senator Linz Pin Wolf Pack staff James McSwain s o.A. Snpt. of Machine Shops '42-' Good Attendance Football Good Scholarship Club R. C. Marshall Divers if ied Occupat ions Bernice Martin Charm Club History Club S. G. A. Representative Mitchell Modlsett Linz Pin S. G. A. Senator All School Play Boys Chorus American Eagle Frank Moncrief Diversified Occupations Superintendent Machine Shop L. Monk, Jr. Hi-Y Senator Crack Company '41-' 42 Robert Montoya Physical Education American Eagle Double Eagle . E .gif 22:53 I ' 4 ' 1 N- I "" " ,... W, V ., 41 . T . "' in gi ta Q 4. N 4 fx" 95.3, M Q' q X . , .--' .. ,, Q, .. .V , S' Q S: T3 s m'-f..Q. Q. X 2. '15 ' , Q J 'I.'wY52ii.,. "--33 'll me :F sl - 'eine-M l V Q QQW -ifL.a:.4.... .V I .O :-"- , . . , 7 Xf- Angeline L. Morale Junior Red Cross Club Junior Historical Society Pottery Art Club Tech Talk Staif Ji ' Viola Morales Opal Moreman Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. Representative Robert Morris Good Scholarship Club Superintendent Sheet Metal Shop Leader in P. E. Edward Murphee Intramural Basketball Advanced Wood Shop Joanna.Myers Treasurer 4-A Class S. G. A. Representative Comnercial Art Club Wolf Pack Staff Gladys Nelson Good Scholarship Club Linz Pin Art Pottery Club Wolf Pack Staff Harmon Noland Football '40, '41, '42 lCrawIordl Basketball '41- '42 lCrawfordl Vice -Pres ident F. F. A. ICraw1ordl F U! I X ,-M if ' ,ig 10 Ykx Billie Joe Parker S. G. A. Representative Art Pottery Club R. 0. T. C. Elizabeth Parsley 4-Year Certificate Pep Squad '42-' 43 Pete Piccoa Basketball Baseball Letterman S. G. A. Representative Foreman's Club-Machine Shop Norman Pope D. O. Program Student Council Intermural Eagle Squad Leader . E. we wf, ' T '?'f?Z7'fw1Zg-fm .Vern V A .mei ,-.,:,z5,?gz eeaaxaea 51.f hQH?? 6 A H5 N ja tp gi 4 Q X mt? k '55 . ix, -f?,,'..,m4. Si ,: .ee ' 3. A- 1 A xc L fr M H 1 1' y KH' Dolly Sue Porter Girl Reserves Art Pottery Club S. G. A. Representative School Play Jockey Club Katherine Porter President Charm Club Art Pottery Club Pep Squad S. G. A. Representative Robert Redmond Military Diamond Disc Hi-Y iY.M.C.A.l Frances Richardson Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Little Theatre lNorth Dallas? 4 .,.... .... ,. , . ZL.,,. 'MM' H- ' Jeanne Rogers Apprentice Training Member of Retail Club Distributive Education Good Scholarship Club Linz Award Johnny Ray Rose President Foremanship Club D. 0. Program Guard Intramural Champ Jr. Hi-Y Betty Rulon Sec'y. S. G. A. Spring '43 Linz Award National Honor Society Girl Reserves Wolf Pack Staff Lawrence Schmidt Diversified Occupations Radio Club Double Eagle Henry Shafer S. G. A. Representative Tech Talk Staff Military iForestD Student Council lForestl Guard Robert Skelton 1 Apprent ice Training Program Guard .1 Roger Solley M V School Swing Band 1DrurrInerll " Leader in Physical Education Guard ij Foremanship Club -wr me . Walton Standifer Vice-President Graphic Arts Rifle Team lR. O. T. C.l 3h Year Graduate All of nga l e X, , y. M ,,., Ray Stephenson Military Wolf Pack Staff Ldem1Sume Football Track Julian Strucely Lt. Colonel R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Club Foremanship Club S. G. A. Representative Richard Summers Senior Hi-Y Baseball Eunice Thompson S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club . 2, i .,,. e Edward Trott ..,, K o T.C.SgL V A Gus Truett Divers if ied Occ upat ions Leo Vavra Military 4-years , Rifle Team lForestl 4-year certificate -f 2- -.1.ggg..--.M,......... .....-.....i..,..,... ... .. Basketball White Oak, E I ll 1' "' f,e- fi W 77 c - ,J ,M 2 14- . 3 , g-zu.-I Q, K ' 4 1 .- '.5Ef5' l ,5QQ?? ,iiH55M- I :QM L if 1 iii- i" mf L A df , 4 ' A21 ' .X ,, ,pro , . W . M if W I Y. .Q ,V i f W .3-P J Q.. Ge. A 3' 1 1 .ig 5, yy Zh w ...V I 5 1 5 i z i 3 1 2 vi 1 Q6-3 'X 1 gp - may .ff tl 4 Q .Fai u.n,...,. ., .. . - . . . 19 1,2 I . , . i o ., 4 flu Lavon Vickery S. G. A. Representative Pottery Art Club Junior Red Cross Nathan Ray Welch School Play D Vice-president Retailers Club S. G. A. Representative Wolf Pack Staff . Dramatic Club i'." 'fi ,7eff',?h Leland Weldon 2 Captain R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Club S' G- A- Representative TGC!! Talk Representative Diversified Occupations Virginia Whatley is C f"?'- , Co-Editor Tech Talk fi? Associate Editor Wolf Packlgiglill Social Chairman 4-A Home RbQiifg Girl Reserves -,-Sfggg. Good Scholarship Club '-'i- Lloyd White, Jr. Football '42 lic '43 Senior Hi-Y S. G. A. Representative Leader in P. E. ' Guard f 4' V10 A C W 4 X Herbert ams 3,il Guard Captain if iiaafg iE'Ah Billie Mae wiiis Pep Squad Commercial Art Club Girl Reserves S. G. A. Pepresentative 55 2 . Distributive Education Partg l. Lillian Wilson Goodscholarship Club Little Theater INorth Da1laSl EA . . X - Qyfk' l 9 'S1t...mXW... gif av 5 nl M X if rl- l N Y ,A.J 1 Ha on Wood XX Ralph Zeman Stamp Club Camera Club H1 J .E Q 3 an.e.,fv-09fNL'x'fu3"'1 files Af-Mg wi ,AA 4 A K 4A: x , 1 Q 1 x I I EW A ENIORSNOTPICTURED Q 8 viii X E is Q Ross O53 ' a SUMMER 'erry Bell Bill Brannon 'aul J. Davis ,,James Roy Day E Ben Farley imma Nell Johnson Johnny Lewis Louise Manelis Charles Manton George Marshall Pearl Louise Brown gilliom Marshall Hohm g,Eugene Edward Hranicky an Ross Interrante Ralph FTaZleT--Four Year Certificate Hatcher 5 Tommy York Charles Young SCHOOL GRADUATES A Donald David Neff James Miller Parks Lewis Hanson Phillips Eugene Ritchie G. W. Robinson Bynah Ross Bert Sharp Bruce Shearin John Storey Marcus Thurmond Bill Tucker Dudley Wagnon Robert Mason Watton Charles Wells Jr. Edward C. Mauldin Billie Robert Westbrook Robert Ewing Maxwell Jack Wooldridge Billy Montgomery Herbert Joseph Yonack EVENING SCHOOL GRADUATES .mi im , ,- .. I- ff:-my-fs .5 pw 1 " - ., , 'HM-, -. -- . ...ala .-t.i,,,..O,s.,..,., ,..,,t. Cora Lusk Neal George Patterson Mamie Wells -fiwWeW- , . . Herman'Alexander Jack Adkisson George Allbrite Robert Alldredge Edgar Allison Kermit Altizer R. W. Armstrong Ralph Arnold Roy Asbill Richard Bacon Jimmie'Barrett Rufus Bates Raymond Billingley Marvin Blaser Lloyd Blaylock Hugh Brewer Billy Brown Fred Brown Clyde Butler Lynwood Butler James Bybee Reginald Canada Comer Caldwell James Carr Norman Carter William Carter Frank Cechan Harry Clayton Norman Coalson Carrol Cook Jim ie Cook Roy Cox Wayne Crawford Johnny'Crespena James Crow Henry Cutbirth Fred Davies Gene Davis Ted Davis Roy Daugherty Roy Darr Riley Doggett Billy Duncan Willie Ellason Henry Ferrentello Kermit Fitzgerald Jimmie Fisk Billy Bob Filmar Tom Faulkner JUNE '44 GRADUATES Oather E. Rdynes, Sponsor Millard Green Cari Griffin David Hale Archie Hall Albert Hamilton Wesley Harper Elmer Harris Leon Harris Buddy Harrison Jack Harrison James Haynes Jesse Henderson Herman Herrington Jack Higgs Tommy Hixson Roy Hockett T. L. Holder Sammy Holt Clifton Horn W. C. Horn Herald Hough Billy Jo Hunter Regenal Iyversou Bobby James Carl Jennings Tommy Jessup Robert Johnson George Kenner Alfred Kine John Kirkley Billy La Roche Robert Leach ' Mickey Lemmon Leonard Lundy Lionel McConnell Robert McCorkle Gerald McLeod Paul Martin Lupe Martinez Billy Massingill Billy Matula Pat Merrill David Miller Jerry Miller A. B. Montfort Harold Montgomery Warren,Montgomery Fernando Morales Adolfo Moreno H Joe Foster Samuel Moreno Tommy Gavos Billy Morgan Jack Green Samuel Mormino Eugene Goodrun Walter Moseley ln . clean, ,,...,.. age. JM... .,, ..,..4.. ,....i.,.J"-55-1Vfi fa.-1---' -V- Jimmie Mousner Talmadge Myers Monroe Neff Billy Jack Nelson Jack Nelson Albert Nesuda Joe Nettles David Oswalt Roy Parker Edward Patton Cecil Perry Marney Perry Earl Pinegar Bill Plunk Richard Pokandnik Richard Powers Robert Pratley James Purdy Carmen Rojas Harold Richards Charles Riek Wiley Riek Burton Rollings Fred Schaerdel Don Sellers Ben Shephard Clayton Shelton Billy Shrode Larry Smith Wayne Steele A Wilton Sawyer Maynard Short Harold Stinebauh Jim Tabor Charles Tawwater James Tawwater Oscar Todd Marvin Trowell Paul Verver Billy Wadkins Lawrence Walford Charlie Walker Frederick Ward Jack Ward Albert Warren James Wier A Paul Willingham Charles Wilson Charlie Watkins Richard Watson Roscoe Wheat Vernon Wilson David Young ' JUNE '44 GRADUATES - Gather E. Raynes, Sponsor Joy Fay Abbott Eugemia Abeuta Dorothy Alexander Shirley Alexander, Rita Fay Alford Fva Alonzo Margie Anderson Mildred Baker, Bharlia Baird Dortha Baxter Billie Jean Beaty Delphine Berry Norma Lee Blanton Consuello Botello Mary Lee Bracken Fura Bradley Pauline Brandt Janice Brunson Camille Brewster Joyce Bruton Olga Bryan Allene Bryant Frances Burke Billy Bryam Joy Byrd Gladys Cambron Hollis Copeland Dorothy Cople Mary Ho Cardella Thelma Carter Carolyn Castro Doris Cate Yvonne Childress Patsy Ruth Clark Margaret Corbin Lorena Cox Patsy Crawford Jacqueline Davidson Katheleen Detzel Ester Diaz De Leon Helen Digiacinto Madean Dodd Betty Jean Doggett Anita Efflandt Peggy Elliot Janell Evans Anna Margaret Ferguson Martha Borman Frances Ferguson +- - -A-A --- I-M---L------MA-A-A A - M- ....-nu-u.n.a..a-i . ' GIRLS Sylvia Ferguson Jesusita Flores Claudine Freeman Frieda Galipp Barbara Gilliland Mary Frances Greer Evira Guerra Lessie Halbert Margie Hall Nadine Hamiter Peggy Hardy Margie Haun Betty Jean Hawkins Mildred Henley Billie Louise Hill Shirley Homer LaVada Honneycutt Jo Ann Hopson Oleta Howell Sylvia Howington Billie Hughes ' Jeanne Huddleston Bobbie Lou Jones Doris Jones Jenna Marie Kickirillo Claudia Kimbrough Qilla Lou King Doris Kyser Josephine Labruzzo Anne Leatherwood Mary Louise Leatherwood Florence Lenhart Dorothy'Tindsey Mary Ellen LouVorn Myrtle Lynch Ruth Lynn Peggy Lyon Doris Lyons Alice McCormick Patsy McKool Violet Mackie Frances Mankins Jimmie Louise Mayes Inez Medows Mary Frances Mefford Julia Menedez Evelyn Miller Gloria Murphy Oneita Needham GRAOL'Ai TES-Cont tnued Frances Nowlin Ruby Penix Mary Ruth Phillips Sadie Philips Nena Pickens Lilly Mae Pruett Ella Frances Putnam Blanche Quinlan Betty Earl Radich Frances Raney Theresa Raspante Martha Lou Ray Roxie Ann Roden Jean Rice Jane Saffarrans Jean Saffarrans Helen Salmon Jonell Salmon Janice Smith Addie Mae Sarratt Edna Lee Slate Alma Sloan Betty Jean Sosebee Virginia Sosebee Doris Stanley Jessie Stevenson B 0 Mary Ruth Stephens Lorrane Stewart Alline Sullivan Juanita Summers Nettie Lee Termin Mary Tobias Adrienne Trattner Oma Bell Travis Jacqueline Trott Maxine Tunnell Ozell Uckert Mary Frances Vaughn Nasaria Vela Emogene Verver Dora Villasana Doris Webb Lida Lee Webb Jerry Webster Betty Wellborn Clara White Vashti Whitehead Jewel Winn Mildred Wiley Billy Lois Wood Nell Wright Bonita Young IT S A HAY WE HAVE AT rEcH Representing the spirit of Tech, Oliver twist, Billy Maxwell and Billy Taylor lend ahand to Truett Hembree, Tech's'person1 fication of courage and cheerfulness. M- SQA ,R 1 Us Hai. ' D V 4-1i'--il- V -be ------W -.mn g r 232 5' E539 ' , ,PAN-Anfnfcnw srunfwr fofwn Front Row: Lupe Centeno, Molly Landin, Lilia Molina, Elvira Guerra, Ernestine Romero, Mary Jo Varcasia. Second Row: Miss Davis, IsponsorJ,VelmaLufkin, Antonia Enriquez,DoraVillasana lsecretary-treasurerl, Sarah Armendariz, Doris Lyons, Wylie McGill, lpresidentl. Those not pictured: Eugene Frederick, lvice-presidentl, Eugene Goodrum, Fred Brown, Robert Johnson, Nasaria Vela, Mary Romerol STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSQCIATION . Complete membership: Burton Rollings, lpresidenti, Edgar Harrison, ivice-oresidentl, Bonita Young, tsecretaryi, Doris Lyons, Ktreasurerl, Larry Smith, tsafety commissioneri. iSenators7: Thelma Carder, Homer Joe McGregor, Patsy McKool, Mitchell Modisette, LaVada Hunnicut, SmnMarmino, Anna Margaret Ferguson, Don Cash, Bill Byington, Betty Rulon, O. L. Monk, Opal Moreman, Jack Ward, Derlene Hatchel, Tommy Gavos, Patsy Clark. , ' . ,- . . , .Y , , , , . .....,,....,..u.aJL1il .,, , M. . 1l,.a.4.....,-.....,L,Q,...,-Q..l...-...i.L.nr..-. GIRL RESERVES. r Front Row: Frances Booker, Barbara Fallen, Mary Shelton, Angeline Asimakis, Frances Allen, Ola Belle Cooper, Virginia Whatley.N Second Row: Billie Jo Hancock, Margaret Rick, Corine Craighead, Helen Mankins, Ruby Kelsey, Pat Meadows. Third Row: Mrs. Martin, sponsor, Shirley McDaniel, Martha Nan Bolls, Mary Ellen Todd, Patsy Davis, Margaret Daniell, Barbara Nawlin, Jerry Halowell. Fourth Row: Evelyn Ayres, Anita Walden, Frieda Galipp, Dorothey Ford, Betty Cox, Margie Sikkelee. NATIONAL HONOR . Front Row: Doris Lyons, Alice McCormick, Anita Effandt, Jesusita Flores, Joy Bird, Jesse Stephenson, lva Mae Gibbs. Second Row: Richard Wagnon, Edgar Smith, George Kenner, John Kirkley, Leon Greenberg, Samuel Mareno, Miss McEvoy, sponsor. Members not pictured: Betty Rulon, Robert Johnson,BillyZabel, Mary Ruth Stephens, Patsy McKool, Joe Imperial, Albert Nesuda. . . L,a ..,. .,-,, S i-I, sclsazfns t y Q Front Row: Lionel McConnell, lpresidentig Jessie Stevenson lsecretaryl. Carl Griffen, tvice-presidentwg Second Row Samuel Morino, Virginia Ludwig, lpublicity chairmanlg Clarein Baird, lprogram chairmanlg Howard Coursey. -H '! T-,T TECH HETA ILEHS Q , w Front Row: Juanita Davis, Hazel Medlin, Jonnie Akins, Margare Halliburton, Iva Mae Gibbs, LaVerne Hamilton, Evelyn Milleg Joy Byrd. Second Row: Bobbie Jones,LeRoyKnight,NormaBlanton Lloyd Hill, Kermit Fitzgerald, Dorothy Wright, Ralph Frazierl Jean McCullough, Walter Hilliard, Doris Atterberry, Oscar McKinney, Gloria Murphy, Leonard Harvey, Grace Ellege, Martha Borman. Members not pictured: Mary Gardner, Betty Garrett, Jeane Rogers, Bob Burns, Nathan Walsh, Jim Tabor. 1 W Y, Y f .. .v-......ui i., , . ,, . . .i....,,.i,,,---.:..,,., ulu. . 4,,v,,,,.,,. , GRAPHIC ARTS , Front Row: Glen Copeland, Jack Hackett, Francis Raney, Doris Chisholm, Maxine Stanglin, tsecretary-treasurerl, JamasMartin, lpresidentl, J. T. Simmons. Back Row: Tommy Jessup, Kermit Fitzgerald,TrumanSturgess, tsergeant-at-armsl,OScarMcKinney, Bobby Jaffee, Roy Lane, lsponsorl. K co, . QT - LIBRARY cou,vc1L L. Front Row: Emma Nell Clark, Velta Matlock, Maxine Barnes, Thelma Carter, Romona McMinn, Jacquelyn Nitcholas, Eula Belle Key, Kitty Moll, isecretaryl. Second Row: Gordon Bourland, Pat McMurray, Tony Todora, Warren Montgomery, Milburn Hawkins, Leonard Riggs, tpresidentl, Ralph Sajer, Ben Flock, Bob King, Charles Hamilton. - A V..-a a.....a....u,,...,...,........a nan... Lt. .W. iA- ,l,Al2,,,, , t L- CHARM First Row: Paula Littrell, Helen Farar, Katherine Porter, Addie Mae Bogart, Frances Blanton, Eva Alonzo, Mary Jane! Willenbrink. Second Row: Helen Salmon, Marcie Lee Hanna, Virginia Clarke, Bernice Martin, Esther Bibb, Mrs. Carothers, sponsor, Lita Mae Alford, Doris Faye Wilder, Margaret Daniell, Dorothy Clark. FOREHANSHIP .4 1 1 .... M. .. First Row: William Wilson, William Ford, W. S. Carpenter, 1 Frances Ingram, Ksecretaryetreasurerl, George Boyce, Alven i Fisher. Second Row: Roy Bennett, Angelo Scotch, Allen Smith, A James Tate, Dorsett Parsely. Third Row: James Pate, A. B. Monteford, Ernest Fiedler, Johnny Rose, lpresidenti, P. W. Loucks, lsponsorl. Fourth Row: Thurman Phillips, James Chennault, James McSwain, Richard McClusky. Fifth Row: Roy Asbill, Archie Hale, Bill Nation,J1 D, Thomas, Billy Childress. Y4.- WYwwY 74,77 .... . fir:- COMMERCIAL ART . , Ks: ,First Row: Sue Malone, ltreasurerl, Roy Johnson, Tyice-p esi- 'dentb,FredCosby, ipresidentl, Claudia Kimbrough, isecretaryl. Second Row: John Toline, Annie Lawrence, Ethel Lackey, Martha Taber, Mozelle Cupp, Bill Polvogt, Caroline Schofield, Kitty Moll, Loraine Stewart, Janice Bronson, Mary Candle, Do Venia West. Third Row: Marietta Cox, Mr. Kadel, Jo Ann Reed, James Dowes, Mildred Hendky, Jim Mousner, Leon Greenberg. ART POTTERY Q ,,n,, .M i First Row: Betty Jean Du Priest, Shirley Brown, James Dowis, Nadine Hamiter, Bobby Cassaday, Katherine Porter, Roxy Ann Roden, Nell Wright, Bettie Thompson, Coll Buzan. Second Row: Mary Martin, Doris Cook, Eufemia Abeyta, Audrey Campbell, Dolly Sue Porter, second vice-president, Billy Du Priest, president, Shirley Homer, secretary, Nathan Welch, Jim Tabor, Lloyd Harrison, J. L. Wilson. Third Row: Doria Garlington, Helen Jost, Maxine Barnes, Mary Helen Nix, Tommie Jo haw, Juanita Ursler, Mary Ruth Lamb, Bill Byington, Mary Elizabeth Gardner, Onita Fay. Fourth Row: Katherine Sassin, Doris Newsome, Helen Jones, Martha McElwee, Kathleen Detzel, Cecil Smith, Claudia Kimbrough, Billie Joe Parker. - .. .,Q. ,My -. is ,. li., ll. .. ,. , . , c PEP SQUAD . Base'of T, front to back: Dora Lopez, Betty Raney, Eldred Irby, Jacquelyn Netcholas, Mary Romero, Alice Rubio, Martie Chisholm, Rosalie Martinez. Top of T: Miss Holley, tsponsorl Evelyn Miller, Claudia Kimbrough, Beatrice Morales, Carolyn Hahnl, Margaret Morales, Mary Caudle, Dorothy Wright, Virginia Crockett, Helen Digiacinto, Vonda Edwards, Manager. Those not pictured: Josephine Labruzzo, Angelina Labruzzo, Betty Fulkerson, Jean Scott, Doris Jones, Eldred Mae Irby, Marietta Cox, Cla Belle Cooper, Doris Cook, Mary Aline Sullivan, Eula May Hearne, Helen Stevenson, Lois Jane Minter, Doris Price Mary Lee Puntenney, Mable Smith, Patsy Davis, Rub5fRuth Kelsey, Wanda Farrow, Wanda Bailey, Zobie Lee Malone, Neva Mash, Frances Burke, Biflie Isbell, Dorothey Ford, Yvonne Wyrick, May Uell'Hall, Shirley McDaniel. ff cnrfnlfnnmpw .. - Afirmkl I! ,I nf XX i f xx? b , . X First Row: Dorothy Alexander, Shirley Alexander, Patsy Ruth Clark. Second Row: Jack Adkisson, Hugh Brewer, Jack Ward, David Coleman. ' n rr llar....,liill,aiilanJs.fM,as wh-M I ll""l , l , ,,,,,h.,,,,,,MH. ,Hx w NW ,-,,V - : k -J v r AAMERICAN EAGLE L 1 D B Front Row: Sam Mormino, Comer Caldwell, Bernhardt Gersch, Adkisson, David Coleman, Robert Montoya, Raleigh Godwin, Row: Mitchell Modisette,FrankCechan,HermanHarrington, Davies, James Cathey, Robert Johnson, Willie Ellason, e Labor, Lloyd Blaylock, Lawrence Meredith, Ed Young, La e, Johnn Keberle, Lawrence Wafford. ' n Y QW ,fZ6Lxdvbc54Z D G FIHSL3 ktksci First Row: Leliand Stowe, George Seaman, Gene Gray, Carman Rojas, Billy Smith, Earnest McGowan, Bobby James, Albert Nesudo, DavidHurst7 Thomas Miller. Second Row: Wayne Crawford, Charles LindbergQiMarney Perry, Gene Davis, Ted Davis, Charles Willis, Ed Har' 'so33i, Hermon Herrington, Lloyd 'White, Third Row: Jack Hachxin, Cmanageri, Coach Blair, William Garrett, James Morgan, Hn' rt Cox, Charles Monk, Burton Rollings, Billy Stamps, Percy P , Bobby Wolcotr, Coach Fite, Charlie Mead, lmanagerl. XA X A ,,.,. ,.r,. no ,rrr rrrrr G ,,,, ,,,,, - V YYVY 1 ---7 7 S. 0. S. First Row: Joyce Musgrove, Cora Ann Brown, Edna Hiltonm Monteze Lewis, Frances Richardson, Margaret Coak. Second Row: Raddy Rhodes, W. S. Carpenter, Lloyd Capehart, Leslie Bryant, Owen Kenneth Byrnes, Darsett Parsley, Bill Snyder, Curtis I 1 Stacy, Billy Weir. DIAMOND DISC 4 First Row: Roscoe Wheat, Billie Marshall, R. W. Armstrong, Sgt. John Hallfffco-sponsorl, Larry Smith, lpresidentl, Lloyd Richardson, Robert Redman. Second Row: Billy Matula, James Martin, Clifton Horn, Billy Nelson, Thomas Gavos, Kvice-pres identl, Jack Ward. Third Row: Royal Hockett, Frank Shindall, Thomas Harper, Edward Patton, Billy Nettles, Howard McGuffee, David Oswald, Lionel McConnell. Fourth Row: Gene Robeuson Jack Higgs, Jimmie Mousner, Barem Christian, Albert Hamilton Marion Hampton, Carrol Cook. Members not pictured: Howar Coursey, isecretary-treasurerl, Roy Johnson, Monroe Neff, Richard Bacon, Hudoff Lofman, Colvin Orr, isocial chairman! Roy Dougherty, Thomas Swindal. 7 ' ' . gl ,, ' A ,, L . ' w,. 4-1. swf y py p R Capt. Howard McGuffy, Sgt. Hester Sanders, Maj. Edgar Allison, Lt. Col. Julian Strucely, Capt. Fred Brown, Capt. Jack Higgs.f ,xi ..., W E21 RlFLE'TEAM First Row: fstdndingl John H. Stafford, Edward C. Patton Lloyd Richardson, Sergeant Dale, Roscoe Wheat, Clyde Butler Second Row: Billy Barker, Bobby Le Derer, Billy Joe Hunter Robert Hill, Walton Standifer, James Goff. Y YY...-Y -,,,a., .41sl...r, . COMPANY A 261 ' a f., Company Commander: ist. Lt. Robert Redmond i Executive Officer: 1St. lm. Gene Robinson g,Q9Wg5iV Platoon Leaders: and. Lt. Roscoe Wheat Qgmikgi' J 2nd, Lt. Tommy Peacock fviiylwx, ' n Company Roster: Ralph Arnold, John Ausley, Sol Bock, Edward Baker, Jimmy Barrett, JackBarrovg Roy Bennett, Charles Berger, Roland Berry, Gordon Bourland, Donald Browm, LyleBrown, William Burns, Sammy Burr, James Bybee, Bobby Byington, Bobby Cassaday, Jerry Champion, Kenneth Clark, Orville Conger, Herold Cullen, Gordon Dorris, Nick Dragna, Frank Duarte, Jack Guggan, Harold Duncan, Jack Fehmel, Bill Findlon, Ben Flack. L. C. Gilmore, Ray Goodman, BenGriffin, Bill Heflin, Milton Heinburg, Fredliilger, Duffy Holland, GeneHoskins, 0. B. Hutchison, Carllrby, Raymond Jett, Bobby Kerr, Boyd Lavender, Eugene Lenamond. Gene Lewis, Jack Manning, Billy Maxwell, Thomas McCrary, Lloyd McKee, Millard Miller, Morgan Morris, Victor Mote, Bill Monroe, Glenn Nicholson, Jim Ninoch, Rex O'quinn, George Pachwood, Melesio Perez, David Pickoff,JackPrather, Freddy Raybon, DanReynolds, Christopher Salas, Leonard Schwab, Jesse Scott, Joe Shaw, Hoyt Shelley, Bill Skinner, Bill Snyder, James Sorrells, Billy Stewart, Jack Studdard, Dick Thatcher, Robert Thompson, James Troy, Robert Velasco, Charles Watkins, Noel Watts,OlenWeaver, Jim Whitfield, Clifford Whitman,WallaceWilson. Weldon Wilson, Ernest Workman, David York, Billy Weir.Joe Hilger.t ,V ,,...4i-Y, .' . , COMPANY B Company Commander: Capt. Carrol Cook 5 Executive Officer: 1St. Lt. Harold Strucley QQ, Platoon Leaders: 2nd. Lt. Thomas Harper N92 znd. Lt. Jimmy Mousner fggkf viii Company Roster: . iffff Cyrus Allen, Don Arrington, Steve Allen, Jerry Benton, Marvin Blasser, Herschel Bromlett, Vincent Broncato, Hugh Brewer, Doyce Bronson, John Henry Brown, Edward Buckley, James Carr Kenneth Chunn, Bllis Civello, Lane Corley, Billy Cross, James Crow, Dale Cunningham, Van Dorn Daugherty, Norman Davis, Richard Eiseman, Nathan Eisenstein, George Elson, Jimmie Foushee, Bob Franklin, Billie Frye, Alvin Fuerbalky, Claude Forte, Harland Gilcrease, Jack Giles, Fred Grimes, Leonard Garren, Marion Gunter, James Harris, Vernon Hagar, Connie Hale, Jack Hannah, Robert Leon Harris, Fernando Hernandes, Billie Joe Hunter, James John Harris, w.ln. Hoats, Dickylackson, Roy Jenkins, A. .I, Johnson, Reese Kyser, Bobby LeDerer, Bill Lewis, Roy Melton, Walter Mosley, Clifton McAtee, Billy Joe McClure,.I,B. Needham, Harmon Noland, Edwin Norton, DonNorton, Clive Nelson, Royce Oler, Chester Phillips, Billy Joe Poteete, James Potts, Ronald Presley, Billy Pritchett, Joe Ramerez, Marshall Raborn, Joe Ray, Truett Rinfrow, Calvin Roberts, Walter Rogers, Roddy Rhodes, Billy M. Ray, Hester Sanders, Milton Sawyer, Otto Schniebs, Henry Scott, Clyde Shepherd, Gene Simmons, Charles Smith, C. B. Stacy, John Stafford, Truman Sturges, Ray Stephenson, LaoVavra, Marvin Wall, Harless Wade, Don Wagner, Pat Wave, Warren White, Dan Wicker, Roger Williams, Vernie Wheatherford, Burl White, Kenneth Yarbrough, Hugh Yates, James Young. A ' -4 0 ,-V- -M-.. t..,, .J f.s...,...,.,.i.,,. i , ,, ,,,,,,,, .4 H, ,.,,, N li Almmw K, wi-...-,,-V - ' COMPANY C 4 Company Commander: Capt. R. W. Armstrong :,Q1 Executive Officer: ist. Lt. Billy Marshall gig? Platoon Leaders: znd. Lt. Frank Shindall ,,f" and. Lt. James Purdy U Company Roster: Rex Adams, Allen Hunt, Billy Bailey, Don Barnett, Georg Bayless, Joe Bennett, Ed Bahart, Joseph Burleson, Raymon Butt Earl Brannon, Earl Brisendine, Wayne Brown, Don Canipe, Jame Carnes, Harry Collim, Edmon Conine, Howard Daniel, Eugen Danforth, Charles Davis, Douglas Davis, Walter Fendley, Alvi Fisher, Eugene Frederick, Royal Freeman, William Freeman, Salvador Gonzales, Kenneth Garrett, Marion Gunter, Tommy Gray, Herbert Hallmark, Robert Harrell, Billy Housman, Jack Hetherq ington, Gene Hill, Robert Hill, Tommy Hixson, Jack Kelly, Bobby Lanstrip, Billy Lunsford, Wallace Lozona, Douglas McDaniel, Norman McGlaum, Wayne McKinnie, Billy Marburger George Marshall, Henry Martinez, Manuel Mendoza, Billy Morse Arthur Morse, Melvin Moss, Pat McMurray, Gene Owen, William Pardue,TonyPadilla, Cecil Percival,EarlPinegar, Billy Plunk. Wayne Posey, Richard Ratliff, Richard Stroud, Billy Robbins Burle Robbins, Raymond Rutledge, Eual Short, Maynard Short Fred Smith, Edwin Sparks, Walton Standifer, Herbert Swercznyski Leland Smith, Billy Tayloe, Billy Taylor, Robert Thompson Richard Trott, Rafeal Valdez, Robert Vermillion, Walterwarren, Charles Welborne, Wayne Westbrook, Philipe Wheeler, Alfred White, Burle White, Eugene William, Melbourne Wood, David Young, Atached: Maj. Thomas Gavos. ' f 3 7 7 7 1 7 . i, iv COMPANY D Q x Qompany Commander J Capt. Lionel McConnell ixecutive Officer: ISL Lt. Clifton Horn A of ' ' " i K"t'fs' r Mfni. . Lfjagiy Eft4fie.j,'tg?i:.7L'cw f-ff 1 3 . ' . ' Q2 ?latoon Leaders: znd. Lt. Billy Nelson znd. Lt. Jack Ward Q ,ompany Roster: rval Anglin, Jimmie Arbough, James Bledsoe, Truman Boyd, obert Brown, Bobby Buford, Bobby Cagle, Lloyd Capeheart, Billy Carpenter, Ramon Castello, Tommy Champion, H. D. Chance, illiam Chapman, James Chennault, Earl Clark, John E. Cook, ohn Cook, Bobby Couch,JoeCoulter, Richard Davis,JackDempey, iames Dennis, Pedro Demas, George Dowdle, Fredric Efflandt, foe Escobar, Edward Flazell, Johnnie Floyd, Layden Frederick, Qlenn Fugitt, George Fuller, James Garner, Frank Gilbert, B. Ju Grubbs, Louis Guerara, Jack Hackett, Archie Hall, Floyd iebert, Antonia Hernandez, Bill Halloway, Richard Jarnagin, lay Johnson, John Helsey, James Kirk, Howard Malone, Roque iartinez, Horace Marrs, Jack May, Elmer McCollough, Dale lcKissick, John McNeely, Jerry Million, Ray Mitchell, Oswaldo lalino, Fred Morales, Carl Morgan, Howard Newwirth, Charles Jelson, James Nelson, Lee Nicholas, Theodore Nulisch, Charles Jtt, George Padilla, Audrey Page, Aderon Richardson, Charles lay, Harold Richardson, Marrano Rodriquez, Malachi Schipple, Lloyd Slocum, Allen Smith, Curtiss Stacy, George Stewart, Thomas Strickland,MarteSustaita, Daniel Solis, James Terrell, iickey Thomas, Everett Thompson, Julian Tovar, Loyal Teel, Sarnie Vaughan, Randall Ward, Eugene Webb,TommieWelch, Thomas Vest, Leon Wilkie, John Wright, Loyd Richardson. Attached - ist. Lt. Loyld Richardson. f-fish-+,J as----H 2 , . , COMPANY E Company Commander: Capt. Jack Crozier Executive Gfficerz ist. Lt. David Oswalt Platoon Leaders: and. Lt. Albert Hamilton and. Lt. Billy Matula Company Roster: Elias Aquilar, Kenneth Argenbright, G. L. Ayers,ID.H. Bennett, Donald Black,FrankBlaser,GayleBox, Earl Bristow,OwenByrnes, Roger Beasley, Thomas Canada, Richard Carrol, William Carter, Arthur Clark, William Clement, Sidney Colquitt, Weldon Corn, A. J. Cook, James Davis, Jim Eitelman, Arthur Green, Carl Griffin, Norman Grubbs, Harold Greer, Anton Hamel, Sam Hanes, Gene Harper, Albert Harrison, Daniel Higdon, JerryHigdon, Bobby Hinton, Earl Hollowell, Earl James, Alvin Johnson,Bob Johnson,BillyJones,MonroeJones, Charles King,ArthurKlement, Edward Lozano, W. J. Mangum, George Martin, John Martin, Glen McMullen,AbrmnMendes, Jerry Miller, Donald Minnis, O.L. Monk, A. B. Montfort, James Moody, Jack Nelson,IL C. Newman, Charles Oldham, BillyJoe Parker, George Patterson, James Redway, Jacob Rocha, Dorsey Rutledge, Elmer Russell, Johnny Scott, Ben Shepherd, Billy Shrode, Wayne Shuffield, Elmer Sigler, Robert Slay, R. J. Stacy, Billy Stanley, Joe Stormes, Wayne Steele, Harold Stienbaugh, Wayne Strain, Sammie Sturman, Clyde Tarver James Tate, James Tawwater, Ernest Taylor, J. D. Thomas, Curtiss Thompson, John Toline, Edward Trott, Kenneth Tyson, Norman Travis, Walter Vaughn, Billy Wadkins, Clifton Ware, John Weigandt, Philip West, James Woodruff. . I A... ,.-.,..,.agi.. .....-... .. .a.......... is ...,n. ..,.-....., 1 COMPANY G 4 2 , Kim? rf ACompany Commander: Capt. Larry Smith ' ' Executive Officer: ist. Lt. Erskine McCants f3'Ql Platoon Leaders: 2nd.'Lt. Barem Christian 5' 7 . , znd. Lt. Marion Hampton izzfglg Company Roster: George Ray Allbrite, Buster,Bailey, Ray Bardin, Melvin Barnes, Lynwood Barton, George A. Boyce, Tommy Bramlett, James Roy Brooks, Billy B. Brown, Calvin Bucher, Gerald Busby, Milton Capehart,fLuke Catina, Billy Childress, Jerry Dearing, Tommy Dugan, Tom Ehrenberger, Carl Garrett, Delbert J. Goff, Toby Guadnolo, Jack Haley, Talmadge Hamberlin, Vernon Hamilton, Freddie Hammond, Vivan C. Hardy, Coy Harrison, Jay Hendrick, Sam Henenberg, Billy Horn, Jack Howard, Dan Hunter, Ray Jones, Tommie Jones, Jerry Kiltz, Daniel Kinsey, Homer Kissel, T. C. Knight, Tommy Knowles, Robert Loftice, James A. Marr, Carl McCormack, Don McElroy, Wylie M. McGill, John McGraw, Odell Melton, David Miller, Henry Mitchell, Leon Monico, Alger Moore, Richard Moraskie, Jack Nicodemus, Darrell Otto, Eugene Pinter, Marvin Reynolds, Harold L. Richards, Frank Roberts, Ray Roberts, Edwin Schafer, Albert Schepers, Richard Schwarz, Teddy Scott, James Shaw, Jack Smith, Earl Spriestuback, Arnold Steward, L. M. Storey, Tony Todora, Ronold Waldie, Marvin K. Wall, Richard Wallis, Gus M. White, Ted Wilder, Herbert Williams, Glen Willis, Floyd Wilson, John C. Wilson, Grover York, Billy Zabel. Attached: Capt. Fred Brown, ist. Lt. A. D. Allen. H ., .-at-be, i. ' COMPANY H 1 x Company Commander: Capt. Howard McGuffey , gig Executive Officer: ist. Lt. Calvin Grr 3-is, Platoon Leaders: znd. Lt. Royal Hockett ' znd. Lt. Edward Patton Company Roste r: J. A. Alford, Edward Baker, Charles Barnes, James Bowles, Charles Brothers, George Buzan, Billy Clayton, Harold Cole, Billy Earl Clayton, Eugene Cunningham, Robert Currier, Billt Joe D'Angelo, Lynwood Darby, Bill Ellis, Jay Ellis, Richar Epperson, David Gayton, Bobby Goode, Tom Grantland, Fran Griffith, Billy J. Grubbs, Rex Hall, Milburn Hawkins, James Harris, Lloyd Harrison, Jerry Harvey, Bill Holmes, James House, Dow Jenkins, Eugene Jones, Tommy Jones, Clifton Keathley, James LaGrone,CharlesLindberg,BillyLinvelle,RobertMcCorkle, William May, William Menefee, Robert Moraskie, Billy Jean Morris, Jimmy Pate, Herman Peavey,JohnPenn, Bobby Ray, Robert Ray, Leonard Riggs, John Satterfield, Ralph Sayer, Nolan Shafer, Carl Shipley, Charles Shockley, William Stone, Lonnie Spann, Don Thermond, Steven Tovar, Randy Truitt, Jack Turner, Robert Vanderslice, Edmund Villasana, Melvin Vinson, Joe Watson, Johnny Webb, Tommy Wells, Eddy Williams, Charles Woody, Charles Young. , t -il- Y GUARDS Q34 V5 ,. yin- , Before school: Curtis Stacy, James Cerlyle, Icaptainsl, Roy Anerson, Ralph Barkhurst, Anton Hamel, Doyle Adds, Gene Smith. First Period: Stroud Richards,James Chennault, loaptainsl, Ralph Bankhurst, William Wilson, Freddie Hammond, Geraldliusby, James Bledsoe, Toby Guadnolo, Brnest Thompson, John Wright, Jimtiurtis Moore, Jay M, Ellis, Ray Hardin, Henry Mitchell, Richard Jarnagin, Glen Harrelson, Fred Hollis, Eugene Pinter. Rogers Bessby, Bob Welch, Billy Smith, Julian Tovan, D. H. Bennett. Second Periodt J, O, Alford, Edward Feagell, lcaptainsl Billy Cash, Jim Bitelman, Nick Drogno, Mickey Thomas, John McGraw, Stephen Witt, Glenn Nicholason, David Rickoff, Jerry Champion, Joe Shaw, Joe Billy Danyeb, Daniel Robison, John Penn, Barem Christian, Clyde Bird, George Boyce, Charles Woody, Fred Cosby, Henry Shafer, Billy May, Charlie Barnes, Leon Monica, Billy Heflin. Third Period: Kelly Gilbert, Bobby Burfiend, tcaptainsl, Harechel Bramlett, Jack Bluckbun, Bobby Hinton, Bill Lourdermau, William Ganglin, Ted Davis, Bobby Goode, Loyd McKee, Troy Lee McCay, Wilmer Christmas, Frank A. Griffith, Daniel Higdon, Marte Suslaila, Sammy Holt, Frank Darnell, Billy Ables, Billrflonroe, Alger Moore, David Coleman, Billy Sikkelee, Bobby Gagle, Claude Wilber, John Weigaudt, L. W. Stover, Johnnie Scott, Melvin Barnes, James Woodriff. Third Period: Robert Hill, Bevele Lee Robins, lcaptainsl, Joe Browder, Doyle Akins, Joe Watson, James Nilley, Udell Thompson, Ilkiwiu Sparks, Hilton Capehart,M,1l. Smith, James Davis, Billy Walker, Eugene Williams, Tommy Kramles, Wayne Posey, Robert Johnson, James Carlyle, George Eaylen. Fourth Period: Billy Green, Gene Vloore, lcaptainsr, Bryan Miller, Thomas Waltball, Arlyan Patterson, Billy Du Priest, Jack Giles, W, J. Mongam, Henry Newman, Daniel Robinson, Tommy Wells, Jay Hendricks, James La Grone, Johnnie Ray Webb, Charnel Holden, Chester Phillips, Sammy Burr, Lynn Davis, Bill Skinner, Sam Vlnreno, Ronald Shinway, Roy Milton, Clavin Buchir, Frank Duarte, Clifton Keathley, lcaptainl, Norman Webb, Gibson Jones, Gerald Jenkins, James Whitten, Sammie Stumon. Fifth Periodi Monroe Neff, Richard Bacon, Bill Webster, lcaptainsl, Donald Bradfield, Harold Duncan, J. W. Evans Jr., Jerry Bearing, Bobby Cassaday, Marion D, Hampton, 'William Sanders, James House, Dick Watson, Truman Boyd, Don Vlciilroy, J. T. Bancum, Billy La Roche, Jack Prather, Eddie Ray Williams, Charles Young, James Carr, Earl Brounon, James McGuire, Frank Duarte. Sixth Period: William Chapman, Charles Nelson, lcaptaiusl, Alfred White, J. C. Ross, Roy'Mitchell, Charles Warren, George Gnilliams, Edwin Sparks, Don Smith, Van Dorn Daugherty, Gene Owen, Victor Mote, Jack Manning, John Wilson, James Stanboubh. .. ..a1olt., TECH RE-V I AVHEAIEAEHXJCXE QHvAg? TBEQDETBIEEEYE KA MIGHTY TEAM GAVE TELH 31" PLACE IN THE SAA DISTRI You LIKE THi5,' q ,VPQEL 4 'gavf Tx D 0 4 3.11 x 72- ' fi Og- Q o 051, -, !9. j, .j- UO D 95 " ., -'-- QWKL7 0 rv vv OD 090 ,, X 5 Ag ' Q? ft mo In A nl . V Q7 A 0 ig ig f .. K 4 X ?1 T iT!-JE CO-EDS ARE DOING 'VERY WELL WITH BEAUTWUL PIGEON' GRACE THE TECH-HI AMPU WTI-4E MAN-POWER SHORTAGE AROUND TECH 5 C S YO g BEAgT'f I ATTACK! , ATTACK 1 X X fab - ff T f ' 'R' f ' T 1 TTD ff N +A T 'f 1 f, N T- , A T Q Q My WARDEN f f f A- -A -..-T..-.. Z - ..-l-"""" ' ' ,V 1 F if r 0 .14 K 7-S-1,4 l A ""' -1 I' I 'EKUW gf: f Y J f, Q 3 x Nt Jf 9 '- .a ---- 0 4 SMILE A BIT .fibr- f 1 bP' 8660416 01' ICJ' by-'Per Junior: My 3-55" English teichef ,,h'01:f1?1e h'51'olJQ'1' 'foci-. l gave me "E" on the c011I'S'?' u C 56, 108 QSSJ-6 ff? G, 1116, Z Present-Teacher: what M2522 Valle" fo belosf-QQJJ oropp O0 z l do to make hQI' give You 50000 jd 2,536 gala I 1,550 3,5347 Q O17 Junior: .-Nothrng. Baefis, W Qsszf Up o was dee Qd ls Z' Q' e 01 Zaotffere e 'f bl' x z gg.. Q There is always a tie between Wy ily father and a son - and the J son usually wears it. ,JQXBMIC of 5766206 G . bexzx-elqe xl QQ ac Sfbiree Is' Mhz 1 W , X X 609 g6092cZhQx0aJ.S me W0 to ily jar 'serfellzaz 1' mi r s . s W ' " ff - S UVYQGX ' 96 YOXX j f d Geal. Q Ooex , 5tu513 l X '96 Wag QV X,6 YI xt-Xgd Q60 Z' Ir 0121? 53,90 fjf 'Y uQOxuw, -QJQOTXG KOQNXQXG' - ggi' Se UZ.. 160 'gf 400 tb ' me XX? 'LN S W O5 ,L av 5 xnxx 000366411 U55 ' gear V . sew! a u gow' Telegram- "Impossible to come Big wash-out on' the line." Reply: "Wear any old clothes, Informal affair." 6 Q, 'NO T5 'ff a , e 0.3666 -mx pfobloyelcilbad . V09 '09 9 we Udfy 6 angl Vey, 6590 636. 9501 6 ed O0 jgockfis 660' Weret ejr . .gy QQN -90 O4 Q 1 12 Is 1,1 Pod wat so 1 214.05 65' Q 'Sb ,UQQ7 YLG xi, ,, 004, fps 6 ar Cdl. 0 efbaqzgiglsgxgq xxx, xoifoxx A ,x'X'8K.??,OO Zgolre S6004 Mom? tri Ouad 118 5 lex QS'of'fb? xx QQ sxiye fyomlqad ,fbjyom Hd flip 00421 be S 5 QSO' '59 J 'HO te fee ,?Pl1tN Nb. 'UC' 90 bye' Ge Pd ,eZ',lf,U12Qv.' s 4 ' 6' 'Ji' U . N0 Q,'0QfK, expr? fb' . 'Zo Q63 642' Off x3 as .go 4 y I A . Ou - HYO, Negrd V . W 'n00 " lt 1811 Be - p lz . "2S1W1Or' not SC tower' ar, so Wid you Can 5316, Ir es' ' wat! ed, .ovna - 6 you I el- Olfblg siisefggs new file' und! tg So de CaU't Wllmb over ' .lffn de Orll t, SO? you Cank, 1811 It H y W be d Z' l. to duck ay Io b Ogzgoned , . ld and wad -l e A - 1 Reader' . 1 mother was trying to S Dlgps enter her five-year-old in ' t ff 14 '31,-e Z'a1.Z.t-Ie 'Poll b O Zio-" I-HIOPOQ Gard ab P1 S of .Wo Ou bo ant, Q01--epll Web I fb a kindergarten whose age requirement was six. HShe's t very bright,n the mother declared. HShe can easily pass the six-year-old test.H HSay some words,H the teacher told the child. Little Jane contemplated the teacher coldly, then jr ook U -I P me Sr, are . 0- bf turned to her mother and jZQStJG50 ' M asked, "Purely irrelvant ,vig F901 S fb words?" 2000 0 O C56 008. ,, 1 D' 4 f Qf fb ,bf L0 Reader s igest S eps SZ-6 17 Z6 S 9,5 1' 01 I' Q 9,11 'fc-6, z- 6 fs! 911. 601, ,fo 515 S Ge VJ' 91 S0 e- so .of 0 -a,. QQ JG' jf O00 S119 'Oo 'Q fre oo. oo, 'G foe If f . 1, X A movie Actor wearing thick- lensed glasses was examined by -the draft board and rated fit for service. HBut my eyes are very bad,H he demurred.' HYeah!H said the medical ex- aminer. HListen, brother, l've passed a stone-blind man as U-AV HStone-blind? And he's in the army?H i HNo,H said the medico. HHad to turn him down. His seeing Eye dog had flat feet,H SMILEA BIT' M.. -,,-,..,bgg ,...,.,. .l,..f. .,p....atnMg-.-.-A-Q-his-:Aisle-ff-"rr me Ib lsr 5105- fp 6 take Nb ear tOb1CI"OU: J' 9 6 back Sm the ad WGat made Get bgse I' "-, w 11" if QM ' ' ,fry Q., ' f Lf ,f ' if f' , M : . V' - 4. ' ..' f f .. iA'!fi4x PCXYY O C-xRK?X:X N R A g?l .fisaw-,- :?,1 N -A 2-' A -4:-.fc,fL' " X 11-111'-4-C,Ux4c06JJ Q in ?-Sb 'ff fww, M 1 ic V sk ' 4 ' f ,, f a KJJQXLJA ol' GX' KWWW 3 QQ K H W 7 EX gig? jx W ??Xg"i'2-M14 1,1'j,,y f .f ' VV. -A bf 5 Af 5f1X5"Wy4C,,g' ' Q , ww WMM 'ff 'fwJv'f' ,. EXMYN F ICTORY wk 'X N ,Ji f sfilifps Q iw My awj 4W75'5?? 'Ei?fE3fi 1 ,M 46 5706. ' , Y,Lf 9e ,mi 4 if WW Q Wo -5 1 Q Q , ,, f N? 5 'H QR dl ' lol 5 I5 if I 331503 3? L, X67 fpy 'R QW Q? i WP E, K il i YEL CK WM Qs 2 as iixiigf , NX 1 V. I .K Y, 'X k. W 3' I X rig., 'A Xxixg ' ,. KN' 4 Published by 1.Vi,E3 q6Qlg, o wmv ? is KX, , MJ J! ' w , t X-S I FAA- ' S A IIIGAP7 4'7?'ii1.:n rpg 2 I 1 . ,A 5 + gy ,S ' WC 3 - 2 V Z. M ,g f uf, . H gl i ,,,,.., AKAI ,',. , , I . ,. ,..m,2 WM - mr M , ffl ll S y X M ASSOCIATE EDITORS X Frances Raney, Dick Watson ' FEATURES enry Cutbirth, Helen Diqiacinto, Carl Griffin, Iosephine Labruzzo, Iesse Stevenson, Clara White A l PICTURES amille Brewster, Pafsy Clark, Anna Ferguson, Lassie Io Halbert, lie Louise Hill, Billy LaRoache, Ann Leatherwood, Paul Martin, Lupe. Martinez, Theresa Raspante, Billie Hughes, Monroe Neff x X ART Q A XX Ianice Brunson, Roy Hockett, Vashti Whitehead, Sam Vergaii I SNAPSHOTS I Lloyd Blaylock, Shirley Homer, Mickey Lernrnon, Iames Purdy I , Y 1 I, XT XC LA. ull SPORTS I I X 33 'ik Burton Rollings, Ted Davis Ku C ,,ti Xt IQ'9E,gvT CLUBS qj-jg , kg. Fil I I Iames Bybee, Freida Gallipp, Io Ann Hopson M N MILITARY 4 Q Larry Smith A Carroll Cook, Howard Coursey, Lionel McConnell, X Members of the Ioumalism and Miss Neel'S Salesmanship Classes . CIRCULATION 'N l 1 I 1 W 7 EFAMAQ 4 2 1 . if V exki W ffffpffgfi WSW-W . C , i h Lxfw SEELEESFS ff QW 3 f 3 l 5 5 5 2 5 W lfhairmngj ' ' - ' ' - Iqizemexmdet ,f 5 Afgkex ' ' ' ' ' Z "" -Iggmdso 1 1290-Dfw X I K l .... Clara A A ' -fi 'X 2-aw!-f f 5 MN7 lfww E, f JW K QQ + . ' Z' X 0fWf?!f2,,f F fwf ---G L5 N Z 1 Qdvif Inf' X "i'-'l" ,ff V 1, ' .. f f ff 2 - Q !,,flf 4. , D X 1 T 1 - I The Principal Speaks to the Seniors l To the Graduates: Recently, at an aeronau- 4 tics institute, I heard the di- 4 1 rector of flight control make a remark which was start- ling. He said when you are planning the course of air- K planes you must not con- 1 sider the location at present l .but rather the location fif- ' teen minutes from now. To a' person Whose mind is not air-conditioned, this is indeed a new point of I view, but an even more I startling conception pops i into the school teacher's 1 mind. Change the "air- planes" to "pupils" and the fifteen minutes to fifteen years and 4 you have a perfect description of the planning which a perfect teacher does for her pupils. All too often ordinary teachers and parents err in helping 1 young people Weave their plans around immediate goals. I 1 know that the faculty of Technical High has concerned itself i with your location, not now, not tomorrow but rather a long time from now, even eternally. The realization of this, though absent today, will creep up on you gradually. When it comes, tell us about it so that we may rejoice with you in your "happy landings." W3 ' A' 4 l May 4, 1944 ', 4 Hs fi N - ,, ,, .,.......n.... ,.,,.v-4..c .34 The Class Honors lis Sponsor We, the Graduating Class of Iune '44 dedicate this Wolf Pack to Oather E. Haynes, our sponsor, who is Wise in counsel, prudent in action, successful in all his undertakings, and sincere in his friendship to everyone. He came to Tech, 1943 from Gladewater, Texas, as instructor in the Speech Department. Mr. Raynes received his B.A. deqree in i935 and his M.A. degree in l94l, both from East Texas State Teachers' College in Commerce. ...J Y Our Faculty First Bow: Miss Gutierrez, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Ferquson, Mrs. Walraven, Mrs. Lemrnerhirt, Miss Burke, and Miss Hayes, Second Row: Miss Robinson, Mrs. Michel, Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Richey, Mrs. Bullock, and Mr. Goodrich. Third Bow: Mr. Kadel, Mr. Bryant, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Schiebel, and Mr. Harrell. t inn fLgf'C1'1 KT.-1, lj First Row: Mr. Herring, Mr. Rutledge, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Henderson, Miss Stevens, Mr. Foster, and Mr. Vitz. Second Row: Mr. Henry, Mr. Woods, Mr. Hayes, Miss Washington, Mr. McMinn, Mr. Fulton, and Mr. Hunter. . .. .J -.-...--.iJ. . .,. Qur Faculty First Row: Mrs. Lacy, Miss Holley, Mrs. Swift, Miss Hillyer, and Mrs. Stovall. ,Second Row: Col. Harris, Sgt. Dale, Maj. Buloch, Sgt. Hall, and Mr. Adkisson. l First Row: Miss Pool, Mrs. Haley, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Storms, Miss Gowdey, Q Miss Stiff, Miss Davis, and Mrs. Cole. Second Row: Mrs. King, Miss Taylor, Miss Turner, Mr. Raynes, Miss Flack, Miss Donald, Miss Goerner, and Miss Warner. I . . -innaw... Our Faculty f First Row: Miss Sloan, Miss McEvoy, Miss Bullion, Miss Lightfoot, Miss Walker, and Mrs. Brown. Second Row: Mr. Douqlas, Mr. Blair, and Mr. Horner. First Row: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Martin, Miss Matlock, Miss Lansdon, Mrs. Cummings, and Mrs. Devenport. Second Row: Miss Wolf, Mrs. Turck, Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Hetherinqton, Miss Neel, and Mrs. Cathey. - Cur Faculty First Row: Mr. Alexander, Mr. Martin, Mr. Butler, Mrs. Carothers, Miss Siddall, Mr. Lane, Mr. Sheel, and Mr. Moore. Secorrd Row: Mr. Hardway, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Neff, Mr. Dotson, Mr. Barrett, Mr. Fite, Mr. Loucks, Mr. Sanders, and Mr. Davis. Faculty members not pictured: Mrs. Arnold, Miss Bone, Miss Butler, Mrs. Faust, Miss Gladys Neal, Miss Polk, Mr. Shackelford, Mr. Fulton, Miss Hart, Mr. Iohnson, Miss Welch. f"'!' . 5 N9 9 t 1 W 1 - Z . ..... Best All-Around Boy l Tech seniors "Best All-Around Boy," Burton Rollinqs, is captain ot the basketball team, a three-year letterman and a two-year All-City man in basketball, a one-year letterman in football, and president of the S. G. A. With it all, he has a charm of personality that makes him a general favorite. nal, . Best All-Around Girl Winsome Brown eyes, a swell personality, and an active interest in all school activities won Shirley Alexander the title of "Best All-Around Girl." Shirley was a cheerleader, won three Linz pins, and was a member of the Girl Reserves, the Good Scholarship Club and Red Cross Club during her three years at Tech. lm ..-. , Most Popular Boy lack Adkisson's outstanding personality and friendliness Won him the title of "Most Popular Boy" of the Iune '44 class. His friendly way ot greeting everyone has secured him many friends. He was Head-Cheerleader in the '43-'44 Season, and President of the 4A Home Room. Mug.. ,. .,, Most Popular Girl its 'K Friendliness and a lovable personality that has been always dominant characteristics during her four years at Tech, won Patsy Ruth Clark the admiration of all students. These traits actuated her classmates in choosing her the "Most Popular Girl" in their group. Most Handsome Boy E.. One look at his picture will show why Riley Doggett was elected "Most Handsome Boy" of the Iune '44 class. Riley is well known around the campus for his good nature and his Warm smile. His pleasing personality has earned him many friends during his four years at Tech. WL n ..,.....1.L ..- . Most Beautiful Girl X F 4 B A combination of blue eyes, golden brown hair, and a fair complexion makes Billie Lois Woods the "Most Beautiful Girl" of the qraduatinq class of Iune '44. Her shy smile and sweet disposition have won for her many friends. '6- 1" IOY FAY ABBOTT Good Scholarship Club Art Pottery Club IACK ADKISSION Rotarian Most Popular Boy Senior President Cheer Leader Football DOROTHY ALEXANDER Cheer Leader '43, '44 S. G. A. Representative Senior Secretary SHIRLEY ALEXANDER it Cheer Leader '43, '44 Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Red Cross Club GEORGE RAY ALLBRITE Sergeant R. O. T. C, 9 EDGAR ALLISON Captain Barbell Team Major R. O. T. C. Rotary Club Camp Dallas '43, '44 Diamond Disc Club EVA ALONZO Charm Club S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club 3. KERMIT ALTIZER Baseball '41, '42, '43, '44 Baseball Captain '44 Football S. G. A. Representative MARGIE ANDERSON S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Pep Squad Commercial Art Club 4 . Pm R. w. ARMSTRONG . lv' 3 g Lt. Col. R. O. T. C. A 'J' 9 Vice Pres. Diamond Disc -G Camp Dallas '42, '43 - X Best Captain '43 ROY ASBILL Basketball Baseball S. G. A. Representative Foremanship Club Supt. Sheet Metal RICHARD BACON Drum Major S. G. A. Representative Diamond Disc Club Band Commander Sports jade! RUFUS C. BATES Diversified Occupations S. G. A. Representative WCW 0 olarship Club G eserve ' rary Council CAdamsonl N ORMA BLANTON Retailers' Club Distributive Education S. G. A. Representative .times New LLOYD BLAYLOCK Hi-Y Wolf Pack Staff P. E. Leader American Eagles MARTHA AMM BOBMAN EURA BRADLEY Good Scholarship Club Banking Representative Office Assistant Tech Talk Staii Good Scholarship Club Retailers' Club History Club lunior Red Cross Destributive Education HUGH BREWER CAMILLE BREWSTER National Honor Society Linz Awards S. G. A. Senator Assemblies 'Wolf Pack Staff MARION BRONNN National Honor Society Cheerleader '43, '44 Linz Awards Senior Hi-Y Chairman S. G. A. FRED BROWN Pan-American Captain R. O. T. C. Crack Company '42 T. D. D. C. WILLIAM BROWN Diamond Disc Club Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C Basketball Baseball IANICE BHUNSON A i ., sow, Q5 J " Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Senior Play Q Girl Reserves Secretary Tennis Team un b Kc-'CTT' Bi .?4 'I . - ioYcE BRUTON f A . f i"'t 3 Pep Squad QSan Anqelol Tennis Club iSan Anqelol ...M-tis , ESTHER FRANCES BURKE Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club CLYDE BUTLER Diamond Disc Club Track Captain lst Lieutenant R. O. T. C. LYNWOOD BUTLER Good Scholarship Club Distributive Education Radio Club Photography Club Crack Company '42, '43 IAMES BYBEE National Honor Society Technical Serqeant R. O. T. C, Crack Company,'42, '43 Scribblers' Club Wolf Pack Staff IOY BYRD Good Scholarship Club National Honor Society Distributive Education Tech Retailers' Club Art Pottery Club BILLY IO BYRAM S. G. A. Representative Library Counsel Historical Society Good Scholarship Club COMER CALDWELL American Eagle Club Double Eagle Club DOROTHY CAPLE Recorder Tech Talk S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club MARY IO CARDELLA 0 lAMES CARR H4 ' Diamond Disc Club la Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ' American Eagle X Z Crack Company '43 ' Guard lm.. .A 1 4 " i L . 3' , ui 36 il K I T r Q -.-4 if 13 f '52 " f i - 1. g 522' - ' iff 9 3: Q" - NORMAN CARTER Four-Year Certificate Vice Pres. Iunior I-ii-Y P. E. Squad Leader Guard THELMA CARTER BILLY CARTER Sergeant R. O. T, C. Library Council Crack Company CAROLYN CASTRO Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative DOHID CATE Art Pottery Club Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club FRANK CECHAN American Eagles Intramural Sports P. E. Squad Leader Scribblers' Club PATSY RUTH CLARK Cheerleader '43, '44 S. G. A. Good Scholarship Club Wolf Pack Staff Most Popular Girl HARRY CLAYTON Major R. O. T. C. Linz Pen Award Good Scholarship Club Diamond Disc Club S. G. A. Representaiiv NORMAN R. COALSON Guard P, E. Squad Leader Intramural Sporis CARROLL COOK Captain R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Club Rifle Team Co. Com. Camp Dalla: Pres. of Mil. H. R. 7A,,a,...aL. , ,, ,A A, H H , AMW- h MARGARET CORRENTI Linz Award Linz Bible Award G. A. A. CSan Anqelol ROY COX President of S. G. A. Tennis Team '44 Band Orchestra IOHNNY CRESPERO City Pan-American LORENA COX Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club lunior Red Cross PATSY CRAWFORD Girl Reserves Iunior Red Cross S. G. A. Representative Football '41, '42 Baseball '41, '42 National Historic Society ROY DOUGHERTY HENRY CUTBIRTH National Honor Society Scholarship Club S. G. A. tNorth Dallasl Iunior Rotary Club Guard Captain '42, '43 2nd Lieut. R. O. T. C. Band Machinist Club PRED DAVIES American Eaqles .Qi IACOUELINE DAVIDSON Treasurer 4-A Class S. G. A. Senator Dallas Youth Council Good Scholarship Club R serves , ,N X K r. . K ... . ., 1.2 h : . N .x, J ., 'Y-N S. G. A. Representatiiei Q xxx v ' 'N Golden Eagles " -' .-5- rl - Intramural Basketball '- Guard ' Q 'ij X Q.: .gi-x f , .Y B1 5 TED DA isxx as-t . "' fu' Footballqivlo-Year lxetterman Wolf Pack Sports Editor , Ai. Guard .11 . 3- . fs! V . I: 1 5 ' J 'I w . .5 1:6-" " - .g.if5."' I ' wr... 5 'st SG- 1 A '-V' . ii f li i ESTHER DIAZ DE LEON Scholarship Club Commercial Art Club Pan-American Forum ROY A. DERR Baseball '44 Guard KATHLEEN DETZEL Commercial Art Club Vice Pres. Art Pottery Club HELEN DIGIACINTO Maiorette '41, '42, '43 Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Representative MADEAM DODD Art Pottery Club BETTY IEAN DOGGETT Commercial Art Club Iunior Red Cross Club Girl Reserves RILEY DOGGETT S. G. A. Representative Vice Pres. Traffic Club P. E. Leader Intramural Sports Guard Captain BILLY DUNCAN Distributive Occupations Sergeant R. O. T. C. ANITA MARIE EFFLANDT National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. Representative Girl Reserves Diversified Occupations WILLIE ELLASON Q American Eagles Je P. E. Leader 2 l 4 Radio Club Barbell Club S. G. A. Representative , W , , 4.c..iLc..4...........,,.,-...... PEGGY IEAN ELLIOTT Commemial Art Club a Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. Representative BILL ELLIS IANELL EVANS Charm Club Good Scholarship Club Iunior Red Quan S. G. A. Representative ANNA 3V2-Year Graduate R. O. T. C. Tech Talk Representative Advance Woodshop MARGARET FERGUSON National Honor Society Linz Pin Awards Girl Reserves S. G. A. Senator Library Council FRANCES FERGUSON Scribblers' Club Pan-American Club Red Cross . .fee ENRY FERRANTELLO Traffic Club President S. G. A. Representative 4-B Secretary Captain Basketball 6 Guard of KERMIT FITZGERALD Pres. Retailers' Club S. G. A. Representative 3Vz-Year Graduate IOSEPH NEAL FOSTER Senior Sergeant-at-Arms Traffic Club Secretary Captain Basketball Captain Volleyball Guard Captain lr' . ld 15 litre, . 1 gl 'liuavfli BILLY BOB FOLMAR Track CTerrellJ Assemblies Il CLAUDINE FREE N .L . Linz Pin Award Part-Time Program 3 . .qi , nw? qmmfwi-Q iM,-4:45:61 '11-fwfigb ,. . - ..,, H Q 4' 'K EB ' Ii'1 2 ii l All FRIEDA G l Girl' e President ack Clu rlor ,- ibrary.yC ' US. G.,' l e 'esentative 5 o ' r Society ,f ,v fd! TOMMY cszxvos kj Lt. cox. R. o. T. c. .W Vice Pres. Diamond Disc if S. G. A. Senator BARBARA GILLILAND Commercial Art Club Art Pottery Club Senior Play Pep Squad IACK GREEN Intramural Sports CARL GRIFFIN Wolf Pack Staff Scribblers' Club President Crack Company Sergeant R. O. T. C. Guard ELVIRA G. GUERRA Pan-American Forum Good Scholarship Club Perfect Attendance C4 yearsl S. G. A. Representative ARCHIE HALL Serqeant R. O. T. C., 3 Years MARIORIE ANN HALL Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club ALBERT HAMILTON Captain R. O. T. C. Member Diamond Disc Crack Company '4l, '42 S f-3 I V NADINE HAMITER ,, Art Pottery Club .4-' ' A S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club , MAE., , PEGGY HARDY Student Government Art Pottery Camera Club WESLEY HARPER Student Government '41, '42, '43 Crack Company '42 4-B Vice President Football '42 Track '42 ELMER HARRIS Leader in Ph. Ed. Intramural Basketball Volleyball LEON HARRIS 1 Crack Company '41, '42 Radio Club '42 R. O. T. C. Staff Serqeant ALBERT HARRISON Camp Dallas '42, '43 Crack Company R. O. T. C. S. G. A. IACK HARRISON Junior Red Cross R. O. T. C. DERYLINE HATCHEL S. G. A. f2V2 yearsl Senator Cl yearl Girl Reserve History Club I A ' X x 'LXR 5 N MARGIE LOUISE HAUN Good Scholarship Club Red Cross Club BETTY IEAN HAWKINS Tech Talk Girl Reserve Red Cross Club x I 7 JAMES HAYNES 6 ' Track '44 l Hi-Y Club '43, '44 - I Tech Talk Staff 5 Iunior Rotarian A 'Ri JESSE HENDERSON Diversified Occupations S. G. A. Guard MILDRED HENLEY Four-Year Certificate Commercial Art Club S. G. A. Association IACK I-IIGGS Captain R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Club Crack Company '41, '42 Radio Club S. G. A. Representative CForestl BILLIE LOUISE HILL Wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Diversified Occupations ROY I-IOCKETT Wolf Pack Staff Officer R. O. T. C. Iunior Rotarian Commercial Art Club National Honor Society L. HOLDER Diversified Occupations Staft Sergeant R. O. T. C. Crack Company '41, '42 S. G. A. Representative '41 Football '43 T. SAMMY I-IOLT, IR. Football Track City Boxing Champion 4-B President S. G. A. SHIRLEY HOMER Art Pottery Club Sec. '43 and Vice Pres. '44 S. G. A. Representative Wolf Pack Staff Girl Reserve '40 Good Scholarship Club BILLY IO HUNTER Graphic Arts Club Sergeant R. O. T. C. School and City Rifle Team LaVADA HONEYCUTT S G A Representative Senator tl yearl ,xg Commercial Art 1 , '42 C2 V2 yearsl , 7 , ..r-3 AV.. lO ANN HOPSON President Iunior Red Cross Wolf Pack Staff History Club '43 Commercial Art Club '42, '43 National Honor Society BILLIE HUGHES S. G. A. Representative Library Council Good Scholarship Club Senior Play '41 Wolf Pack Staff W. C. HORN American Eagle Club '40 Good Scholarship Club '42, '43 R. O. T. C. '41, '42 S. G. A. '42 HAROLD HOUGH R. O. T. C. '41 Pottery Club '43 History Club '41' Good Scholarship Club '42 S. G. A. '43 SYLVIA HOWINGTON Good Scholarship Club Volleyball Champions '43 Typewritinq Speed Club S. G. A. Representative BOBBY IAMES Football '43 Baseball '44 CARL IENNINGS Good Scholarship Club Guard Shop Superintendent TOMMY IESSUP Good Scholarship Club Graphic Arts Club Guard S. G. A. Representative ROBERT I. IOHNSON, IR. National Honor Society World History Club Pan-American Forum Linz Award l Scribblers' Club BOBBIE LOU JONES A Art Pottery Club " -4 Retailers' Club bxx FQ- Distributive Education ' 'ww Good Scholarship Club -,-:ra f ,, Linz Award ii. if x . '- ,Q 4 it ri DORIS FAYE IONES Student Government Pep Squad Tech Talk Stail Distributive Education GEORGE KENNER Good Scholarship Club National Honor Society Vice Pre Linz Pin S. G. A. Representative IENNA MARIE KICKIRILLO Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club S. G, A. Representative CLAUDIA KIMBROUGH Library Council Pep Squad Majorette Sec. Commercial Art Club Sec. Art Pottery Club Good Scholarship Club ALFRED KINE Good Scholarship Club Radio Club Guard WILLA LOU KING ' Good Scholarship Club IOHN KIRKLEY National Honor Society Guard S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship DORIS NELL KYSER IOSEPI-IINE LABRUZZO , Majorette '41, '42, '43, '44 I Wolf Pack Staff , Tech Talk Staff Typing Club Good Scholarship Club BILL LaROCl-IE Band Officer Wolf Pack Staff Z- Sergeant-at-Arms Diamond Disc Senior I-Ii'Y - Guard e A ANN LEATHERWOOD Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club National Honor Society MICKEY LEMMON MARY LOUISE LEATHERWOOD Typewriter Speed Club Good Scholarship Club Linz Pin S. G. A. Representative Stamp Club Wolf Pack Staff National Honor Society FLORENCE LENHART History Club Wolf Pack Staff DOROTHY LINDSEY Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club LEONARD LUNDY MARY ELLEN LOU VORN S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Good Scholarship Club Camera Club tCorsicanal 4-A Club lCorsicanal National Honor Society DORIS LYON S MYRTLE LYNCH Linz Pin Pan-American Club Good Scholarship Club Bible Course Treasurer S. G. A. All-City Pan-American Secretary National Honor Linz Pin Girl Reserves . gi Q m I , 'I lf! PEGGY LYON S. O. S. Club Red Cross Club Pan-American Club if . VIOLET IOI-IN MACKIE Four-Year Certificate Girl Reserves Commercial Art Club Red Cross PAUL MARTIN Wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Representative Supt. Sheet Metal LUPE MARTINEZ School Orchestra-Piano Vtloli Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Competent Typists National Honor Society l BILLY MASSINGILL Machine Shop Supt. Good Scholarship Club Machinist Club l BILLY MATULA Diamond Disc Club ' Scholarship Club Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ffl' ., Mun M I' " 'x DAQ 'll . , I V, LIONEL MCCONNELL . lt Aye-X Diamond Disc Club , ,l,gL,N,,f' ' - ' President scribbiefs' Club Crack Company '42, '43 Q 4 1 A E, 'iHi.Y" Club ,K Tdrjfjt S. G. A. J' X ALICE MCCORMICK National Honor Society Senior Play Cast Vice Pres. Pan-American Forum Commercial Art Club S. G. A, Representative PATSY MCKOOL Editor Tech Talk, Wolf Pack National Honor Society ' S. G. A. Senator Iuvenile Traffic Court Iunior Red Cross Treasurer GERALD MCLEOD ' Basketball Championship Guard L I' INEZ MEADOWS ,, ,I Iunior Classical League A 33,3 1 It A94 'l l Ill' Girl Reserves My .. . . L.. ...L .,......... L, MA RY FRANCES MEFFORD Art Pottery Club IULIA MENDEZ Pan-American Forum Art Pottery Club Chorus Iunior Allied Arts EVERET PATRICK MERRILL Radio Club Commercial Art Club DAVID MILLER Football Crack Company 40 41 Diamond Disc Second Lieutenant R O EVELYN MILLER Sec. Competent Typists Club Majorette"43, '44 S. G. A. Representative Girl Reserves Part-Time Program I . O. T Crack History A. B. MONTFORT R. O. T. C. Foremanship Club Part-Time Program HAROLD DONALD MONTGOMERY Band Scholarship Club Diversified Occupations WARREN MONTGOMERY Library Council S. G. A. Guard A t lxgf E .........-..,..-,t.I....... .,,,.. ..L. .4lAa..... . FERNANDO MORALES ' Football Intramural Basketball 'S Q -Girly ADOLFO MORENO Vice Pres. Graphic Arts Club Art Pottery Club S. G. A. SAMUEL MORENO Pres. Natlonal Honor Society Vice Pres. Scribblers' Club Linz Pin Award Senior Play S. G. A. BILLY DEAN MORGAN Guard SAMUEL IOSEPH MORMINO P. E. Leader S. G. A. Representative Senior "Hi-Y" '43 Guard Basketball WALTER MOSELEY Sergeant R. O. T. C. College Industrial if It IIMMIE MOUSNER Captain R. O. T. C. Commercial Art Club Diamond Disc Club Crack Company '42 GLORIA MURPHY Distributive Education Part-Time Program ONEITA NEEDHAM Library Council Red Cross Club Commercial Art Club , Pottery Ari Club S. G. A. Representative 'H MONROE NEFF Tennis First Lieutenant Band Wolf Pack Staff Guard Captain Diamond Disc Club S , x fx ,cb 2' Q t JACK NELSON . , ....--Q-W-. uw-.. ... ALBERT NESUDA National Honor Society Football Track I-li-Y Frances Nowlin lOE NETTLES Band Diamond Disc Club School Swing Band tTrumpetJ FRANCES NOWLIN S. G. A. Representative Girl Reserves I Chorus Good Scholarship Club DAVID OSWALT First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Diamond Disc Club National Honor Society KIKI PANTAZIS Chorus S. G. A. Representative Tennis Club ROY PARKER Band Diamond Disc Club Tennis Football tNorth Dallasl Chorus , lOE FAY PARR Girl Reserves l Library Council l History Club Good Scholarship Club Senior Play Cast EDWARD PATTON First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Rifle Team '34, '44 S. G. A. Representative Diamond Disc Club Tech Talk Representative 3 i RUBY PENIX 3 S. G. A. Representative 1 Library Council , so ll: ir' T AWA Q 'fi ser-non l' o CECIL PERRY Four-Year Certificate Baseball Assistant Manager '4l Baseball Manager '42, '43, '44 1 ? aaa. 4. rf" ll T 'fffr 1 f . X. bl. t 5 MARNEY PERRY Football Letterman '42, '43 MARY RUTH PHILLIPS Diversified Occupations Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club SA DIE PHILLIPS Chorus Girl Reserves '41 NENA PICKENS S. G. A. Representative Latin Tournament Camera Club Tennis Club Girl Reserves I , ., ,1 if I mhz! ' EARL PINEGAR Q ' 3? Tennis C3 yearslwj I, ' My t, 45,411 ii. Football lancaskrl' is 1, K QQ! Track CLancasterD A V4 . I Q 'I Basketball fLancasteflrf V' L4-4 ' BILLY PLUNK Adv. Auto Shop Adv. Sheet Metal S. G. A. Representative First Sergeant R. O. T. C. Tech Talk Representative RICHARD POKLAPNIK Band DICK POWERS LILY MAE PRUETT Art Pottery Club f l IAMES PURDY Best Lieutenant Fall '43 Snap Shot Editor Wolf Pack Diamond' Disc Club '43, '44 'J 5 Diversified Occupations Crack Company '42 -wt. - 'Z Ulf? f 'I 2 A , I , 0 5L:'. f ., 4 I .-'Q J"":, . - ' ' W- . I ' 4 . , is ELLA FRANCES PUTI-IAM Library Council Red Cross Club Commercial Art Club BLANCI-IE OUINLAN Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative Commercial Art Club Pep Squad fSunsetl Tech Talk Associate Editor Wolf Pack Associate Editor National Honor Society MORRIS RAE " Senior Hi-Y President I Diversified Occupation K ' Good schomrship ci 7 Q I I ,il Double Eagle , , fi' Track '43, ' I it f Ncrs RANEY I S' f S. G. A. Secretary .M H - he Y' 5? 5 THERESA RASPANTE Wolf Pack Staff Three-Year Linz Pin MARTHA RAY IEANNE RICE S. G. A. Senator Girl Reserves Commercial Art Club Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Photography Club Secretary Allied Youth Secretary Art Pottery Club HAROLD LYNN RICHARDS Military F. F. A. Football '42 Basketball '42 Al Y 'Ill CHARLES RIEK I if , ,I ' S. G. A. Representative f ' ff! 1 fi" Senior Hi-Y if if ' Good Scholarship Club ,ff ,I 75, 1510 , ,, 'WILEY RIEK f' S 0 I Good Scholarship Club Senior Hi-Y ....A.,.,,.,.,- an li... - . . ..- vzffffx is Z1 itll. GENE ROBINSON Diamond Disc Club First Lieut. R. O. T. C. Crack Company '4l Good Scholarship Club ROXIE RODEN S. G. A. Representative Latin Club and Tournament Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Chorus BURTON ROLLINGS S. G. A. President '44 3 Three-Year Letterman Basketball 'S 5 Two-Year All-City 4, Basketball Captain '44 ' One-Year Letterman Football IANE SAFFARRANS Commercial Art Club Linz Award 3Vz-Year Graduate JEAN SAFEARRANS Commercial Art, Club Linz Award 3V2-Year Graduate HELEN SALMON Charm Club Secretary Good Scholarship Club lO NELL SALMON S. G. A. 5 Art Pottery Club I Good Scholarship Club lt 4, 5 'E Q I ADDIE MAE SARRATT Good Scholarship Club Iunior Red Cross CATHERINE SASSIN Commercial Art Club Pottery Art Club Iunior Red Cross Y D' FRED SCHAERDEL Military Good Scholarship Club W Diversified Occupations ' - ----uniiii- ----- - A ----asain. DON SELLERS Senior Hi-Y Student Government '4l Commercial Art Club Q BEN SHEPHERD ii Radio Club R. o. T. c. 5 z CLAYTON SHELTON Good Scholarship Club I-liAY Club Track Manager '44 American Eagle 3 MAYNARD SHORT, IR. R. O. T. C. 9 BILLY SHORDE l R. O. T. C. 'ai Student Office Service 'Q It .5 ALMA SLOAN " Library Council ' Pep Squad ' S. G. A. Representative IANICE SMITH f Chorus ' LARY SMITH Q Safety Commissioner '4?, '44 3 Cheerleader '43, '44 3 Wolf Pack Staff ' ' Tech Talk Staff Pres. Diamond Disc Club BETTY IEAN SOSEBEE Good Scholarship Club Art Pottery Club Linz Award National Honor Society SOPROMORE f - P ?t A X ttfil VIRGINIA SOSEBEE Radio Club Chorus W 'TV' Kg' S. G. A. Representative -1: ' 9 V. 5 I 4 . Officers' Training School- Jmffw Q' I fi.. ' if TJ x Four Year Certif cate WAYNE STEELE R. O. T. C. Library Council Part-Time Program MARY RUTH STEPHENS National Honor Society Secretary History Club IESSIS STEVENSON National Honor Society Wolf Pack Staff '44 Scribblers' Club Secretary Linz Award History Club 'Wolf Pack Staff 43 LORRAINE STEWART Commercial Art Club Secre S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club HAROLD STEINBAUGH R O T C Rifle Team R O T C Crack Company '43 IUANITA SUMMERS Good Scholarship Club S G A Representative V 9 D1SU'1bU.l1V9 Education s f Scnbblers Club President je NETTIE LEE TERMIN S. G. A. Representative lunior Red Cross .l MARY TOBIAS Good Scholarship Club OMA BELL TRAVIS Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club Student -Government IACKIE TROTT Good Scholarship tSunsetl Spanish Club tSur1setl Linz Pin tSunsetD OSCAR TODD S. G, A. Representative Commercial Art Club Good Scholarship Club ADRIANNE TRATNER Good Scholarship Club Commercial Art Club fSunsetl MAXINE TUNNELL Linz Award NESARIA VELA MARVIN TROWELL Football '43 Track '44 Editor Tech Talk Sergeant-at-Arms Hi4Y P. E. Leader OZELL UCKERT Pep Squad Good Scholarship Club Good Scholarship Club Pan-American Forum Assistant to the Counselor "fp- Q fo 4 4 f vi Jig, ERMA GENE VERNER Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club DORA VILLASANA Pan-American Forum Secretary S. G. A. Representative Master Serqeant R O. T. C. LAWRENCE WAFFORD American Eagle Machinist Club Cheerleader 43 44 ALBERT WARREN Part-Time Program Guard First Sergeant R O. T. C. S G A Representative Tech Talk Representative DICK WATSON Wolf Pack Staff '44 Tech Talk Staff '43, '44 Safety Commissioner '43 President 4-A Class Good Scholarship Club Commercial Art Club S G A Representative LIDA LEE WEBB Good Scholarship Club Banking Representative Helper in Office Tech Talk Staff - A-.mann-Q A AAAAVV -1.....s-M-me IERRY WEBSTER Good Scholarship Club Commercial Art Club Art Pottery Club BETTY WELLBORN S. G. A. Representative S. G. A. Senator Tech Talk Salesman VV'olf Pack Salesman 40 'J-L' H IAMES WIER W M Baseball r S. G. A. Representative Intramural Sports American Eagle Club CHARLES WILLIS Football '43, '44 Baseball '42, '43, '44 Track Guard Hi-Y OLLIE VERNON WILSON CLARA WHITE Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff 4-A Social Chairman One-Year Linz Pin Chorus VASI-II WI-IITEI-IEAD Linz Pin S. G. A. Representative Girl Reserves 3 V2-Year Graduate National I-Ionor Society MILDRED WILEY Commercial Art Club Girls' Chorus Operetta Cast Linz Pin IEWELL WINN , S. G. A. Representative Good Scholarship Club Part-Time Program X 4 o lg 4 X, U I i BILLIE Lois wooo 'Zi Girl Reserves TEACHER RECENE5 . , ,N 1, .,,,,,,,.. C , -4.--..,.mt-.vu swf. NELL WRIGHT Latin Club Art Pottery Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves S. G. A. Representative BONITA YOUNG . Girl Reserves we Art Pottery Club , I gil DAVID YOUNG Band R. O. T. C. Crock Company '41, '42 02: I l r 5 i ' .chu--N-.... SENIORS NOT PICTURED IIMMIE NELI.. GANT ROBERT HILL CFour-Year Certificatel TALMAGE MYERS LLOYD RICHARDS MARY FRANCES VAUGHN EVENING SCHOOL GRADUATES HOMER I. BRYANT DAVID A. CASON RAY IAMES CHANDLER MILLARD DICKIE GREEN Born August 14, 1926. Died April 17, 1944 Dickie was a player on Tec1'1's B team in football, a runner on the track team, and a second baseman on the baseball team. Anialkaround boy, loved by all who knew him, and one to be admired in sports, Dickie will always remain in the hearts of his senior classmates. v . Q k ' - I, - I... M A iL,.,,.....,,. .. .. ,. Qi. , ,.,...n.'..,.:L3.' "Mi ' ' ' ' " S. G. A. Representative ' S. G. A. Secretary I Next Term's Graduates "Coming Up" BOYS Fred Akard Herman Alexander Edward Ames Phillip Anderson Iimmie Barrett Frank Blaser Thomas Canada Iomes Carnes Paul Carroll Bobby Cole Iimmie Cook Weldon Corn Wayne Crawford Iack Crozier Iarnes Crow Gene Davis Harold Derr lack Duggan Martin Ellis Tom Faulkner Eugene Goodrum Iohnnie Gouge Gene Gray Elmer Hardwick V. C. Hardy Herman Herrington Walter Hillard Tommy Hixson Duffy Holland Clifton Horn Ioe Imperial Bobby Iaffe Charles King Edward Kofahl William Louderman Billy Marshall Iames Martin Billy Maxwell Robert McCorkle Iohn McGraw Wylie McGill Howard McGuffey Charley Mead Bill Menefee Tony Mentesana Iames Nelson Paul Nelson Calvin Orr Arthur Pasley Thurman Phillips ,...,.........L L, , , lin-, ., L, MRS. BROWN, Sponsor B. I. Pomara Robert Prulley Aaron Richardson Eugene Ripen H. B. Sanders Bobby Sanford ' Malachi Schupel Frank Shindoll lack Silverthorne Gene Simmons Edgar Smith Hammond Smith lack Smith Billy Stamps L. M. Storey Harold Strucely Regenald Syverson Billy Taylor Iames Tawwater Norman Travis Richard Trott Robert Vermallion Carroll Vinson Richard Wagnon Billy Iames Walker William Ronald Walker Olen Weaver Kenneth Webb Glenn Wiedner Roscoe Wheat Warren White Paul Willingham I. L. Wilson Iohn Wilson Hudson Winterbauer Iohn Woodard Winford Woodley Billy Zabel Max Ziskale GIRLS Efemia Abeyta Iewell Adams Rita Fay Alfdrd Lla Atkinson Clarine Baird Evelyn Baker Hazel Bennett Louise Berry Consuello Botello Mary Lee Bradken Pauline Brandt Laverne Brown Olga Bryan Eloise Bullock Elton Burnard Vera Nell Capehart Ioyce Chaney Doris Chisolm Margie Clark Hollis Copland Margaret Correntic Ruth Alma Cox Virginia Cox Willie Mae Crisp Evadna Davidson Vonda Lee Edwards Helen Farrar Sylvia Ferguson Iesusita Flores Martha Fulkerson Doris Faye Garrett Lassie Halbert Edith Hare Mary Ruth Hart Edna Lee Hilton Geraldine Iones Mary Ruth Lamb Molly Landin Monteze Lewis Ruby lane. Lewis Daiwa Mallett Frances Mankins Iean McCollough Marceline McClure Ioyce Lee McGrew Hazel Lee Medlin Lilia Molina Beatrice Morales Doris Mae Newsome Consuelo Olivas Aurelia Palamar Mary Etta Peacock Gwendolyn Potter Betty Earl Radich Alleen Ray Patricia Riley Margie Sikkelee Iuanita Rodriquez Lucille Smith Marceline White Mary Wilingbrink 9 Salute to Scholarship Phillips Anderson Hugh Brewer Charles 'Bryant Billy Hance Earl Labor Lewis Lee Mickey Lemmon George Kenner Erskine McCants Lawrence Meredith Samuel Moreno Albert Neseuta Gene Robinson Edgar Smith David York Mary Ruth Stevens Iessie Stevenson Elmer 'Hardwick Joe Imperial Billy Ioe Iohnson Robert Johnson Wylie McGill Troy Lee McCoy Thomas McCrary Cecil Smith Richard Waqnon LINZ PIN WINNERS Ending Spring '43 Shirley Alexander Iuanita' Blaylock Camille Brewster Ioy Byrd Doris Castor Anita Eftlandt Anna Margaret Ferguson Maurine Harris Doris Lyons Alice McCormick Francis Raney Martha Lou Ray Pat Riley Ionell Salmon Bettie Iean Sosbee Vashti Whitehead Ending Fall '44 Ierry Wolfe Florence Alexander Catherine Coke Alberta Lenhart Iuanita Phillips Iesusiata Flores Delores Tarrant Elvera White A A rg rn- Salute to Scholarship NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Samuel Moreno George Kenner Doris Lyons ....... . . . President . . Vice-President . . . . . .Secretary BOYS Huqh Brewer lames Bybee Elmer Hardwick Roy Hockett Ioe Imperial Robert Iohnson Iohn Kirkley Earl Labor Mickey Lemmon Leonard Lundy Erskine McCants Thomas McCrary Wylie McGill Lupe Martinez Albert Nesuda David Oswalt Gene Simmons Billy Ioe Stamps Iames Troy Richard Waqnon Winfred Woodley Billy Zabel Max Ziskale -, ..., .. ln., .lgan Membership, Spring '44 GIRLS Melva Anderson Ioy Byrd Camille Brewster Catherine Coke Anita Efflandt Anna M. Ferguson Iesusita Flores Wanda Gaines Frieda Galipp Io Ann Hopson Ann Leatherwood Alice McCormick Patsy McKool Francis Raney Patricia Riley Betty lean Sosebee Mary Ruth Stephens Iessie Stephenson Vashti Whitehead I WAS BCRN :TEN THOUSAND YEARS AGO v- f " -M v -Wv Y-mf 1 X Qi Z WHEN You AND 1 WERE YCUNG, MAGGIE glpm-wwf-W "LONG, LONG AGO, LONG GAGO! k,e 'Vir- Plff' '13 ., X 'JW , -, A 5 X' lx 'M 31 ir, f wh Q ,GG , X, 5 N ... A cial 21" W- L as .wg wi Jw-Q,-' 42. L ff aio l-lere's Who They Doris Cate 27. Iames Purdy 28. Ioyce Bruton 29. Camille Brewster 30. Peggy Lyon 31. Monroe Neff 32. PGCJQY lean Elliott 33. Larry Smith 34.- Lorena Cox 35. Eva Alonzo 36. Myrtle Lynch 37. Ozell Ueckert 38. Riley Doggett 39. Betty Iean Sosebee 40. Billy Carter 4l. Roy Dougherty 42. Onita Needham 43. Lilly May Pruett 44. Ella Frances Putman 45. Billy LaRoache 46. Billy Plunk 47. Carl Griffin 48. 49. 50. 5 l. 52. Iackie Trott Anita Efflandt Ioy Byrd Shirley Homer . . -,gW.....-- ...Q. Are WlXlow Alma Sloan T. I. Holder Billie Hughes Francis Haney Alice McCormick Elvira Guerra Hugh Brewer Frieda Galipp Billy Watkins lane and lean Satfarrans Leon Harris Frances Burke Iames Bybee Doris Stanley Bonita Young Patsy McKool Lupe Martinez Fred Davies lack Higgs Carl Griffin Carolyn Castro Oma Travis Clayton Shelton Violet Mackey Mildred Wylie Clara White Clubs at Tech CHEERLEADERS FOR '43-'44 Miss Vera B. Neel, Sponsor Dorothy Alexander, Shirley Alexander, Patsy Ruth Clark, Betty Iune Duke, lack Adkisson Hugh Brewer, David Coleman, lack Ward. RADIO CLUB Eugene Rippen, President Billy Walker, Vice-President Freddy Raybon, Secretary Mr. Moore, Sponsor Billy 1. Rottete, Vernon Hargar, Tommy Bramlett, Royce Oler, Audrey Thrasher, Nick Dragna Don Wagner, Nick Malant, Walter Rogers, Edgar Thompson, Marvin Basinger, Calvin Bucher Edward Fong, Noland Pounders, Kenneth Yarbrough. IUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Io Ann Hopson, President Freda McCrary, Vice-President Maurine Harris, Secretary Patsy McKool, 'Treasurer Miss Virginia Goerner, Sponsor Lorraine Gorrissen, Geraldine Hall, Charlene Harrelson, Peggy' Lyon, Ura Dean McGhee Addie Mae Sarratt, Logene Smith, Billie Ruth Spears. I CROZIER HISTORICAL CLUB Evelyn Glenn, President Ola Belle Cooper, Secretary rRuby Kelsey, Vice-President Margaret Miranda, Treasurer Robert Iohnson, Archives Anna Margaret Ferguson, Parliarnentarian Miss Alina Walker, Sponsor Bill Beeman, Dolores Bishop, Juanita Blalock, Martha Ann Boeman, Maurine Harris, Mary Ruth Hart, Bonnie Hearn. Io Ann Hopson, Doris Lyons, Ed Norton, Mary Ruth Stephens, Elvera White, I. L. Wilson. GIRL RESERVES Frieda Galipp, President .Angeline Asimakis, Vice-President Evelyn Ayres, Inter-Club Representative Ianice Brunson, Secretary Peggy' Stansel, Treasurer Mrs. Mary Martin, Mrs. Norma Smith, Sponsors t Frances Allen, Wanda lane Blackstone, Frances Booker, Lupe Costello, Martha Nan Bells, Marcita Chapman, Betty Casstevens, Margaret An Daniel, Antonia Enriquez, Carmen Enriquez, Madonna Forbes, Smiles Gilbreath, Laura Lee Goodman, Iackie Bamett, Wanda Farrow. Billie Grimes, Carolyn Hahnl, Maurine Harris, Betty Iean Hawkins, Iimrnie Lee Willis, Ierry Hollowell, Eldred Mae Irby, Ruby Kelsey, Ramona McMinn, Virginia Ludwig, Ddrothy Lindsey: Nancy Luna, Helen Mankins, Lorraine Gorrison, Ioyce McGrew, Pat Meadows, Margaret Miranda, Loreta Mudd. Iackie Nitcholas, Iuanita Philips, Barbara Nowlin, Velma Lukins, Carolyn Castro, Linda Porras, Ramona.Peterson, Rita Reimer, Margaret Rick, Velma Lukins, Carolyn Schofield, Rosemary Thorn- hill, Anita Walden, Sybil Ward, Mary Io Varcasia,'Vashti Whitehead, Frances Worley, Bonita Young. Helen Iiminez, Nora Ann Montalvo, Frances Ingram, Mary Ann Dunlap, Luella Pritchett,' Nena Pickens, Lilly Botello, Violet Mackie, Consuello Olivas, Roxie Roden, Io Fay Parr, Nell Wright. ,......-..... .L.....L ,. , 1 1 1 Clubs at Tech GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB James Martin, President Adolfo Morino, Vice-President Doris Chisholm, Secretary Jack Hackett, Treasurer Truman Sturges, Sergeant-at-Arms ' Roy Lane, Sponsor Elias Aguilar, Frances Allen, Don Branch, Glenn Copeland, Ray Cotton, Frank Duarte, Nathan Eisenstein, Tom Faulkner, Charles Hamilton, Billy Hendrix, Bonnie Hendrix, Billy Joe Hunter. Bobbie Jaffe, Tommy Jessup, Tommie Jones, Oscar McKenney, James Nelson, Leonard Riggs, ,Lewis Rogue, Earl Spriestersback, James Stanford, Arnold Steward, Stephen Tovas, Eugene Webb, Ollie Wilson. GUARDS E. O. Hayes, Sponsor Guard Captains Joe.-Hilger, Gene Whitten, BobbyPBuford, George Boyce, Roddy.Rhoades, Burton.Rollings, Percy John Penn, Clifton Keathley, Edward Feazell, Monroe Neff, Charles.Nelson, Orval Anglin. ' Guards Harvey Powell, Morris Petty, James H. Jones, Ted Scott, Truman Hembree, Edward Ames, Marshall Raborn, Claud Wilkerson, F. C. Latham, Tommy Coley. Jimmy Whitfield, Joe Shaw, Jim Badgley, 'Rey Collins, Bill Tompkins, James Sorrells, Leroy Adkins, Jack Woodruff, John Johnson, Milton Heinberg, Nelson Davis, J. T. Stewart, Clovy Reed, Billy Nation, Frank Griffin, Jack Backeter, Arlyn Patterson, Gene Owen, Billy Mitchell, Eugene Pinter, Lyle Brown, Sam Hanes, Jack Holmen, Cicil Percivel, Gerald Jenkins, Ray Skinner, Eugene Frederick. Chester Phillips, AAderon Richardson, James Tergll, James Welch, Billy Cullen, Putman Cafer, Alfred Dean, Richard Watson, Bobby Cagle, Sammy Holt, Juschel Bramlet, Talmadge Hamberlin, Thomas Miller, J. P. Allen, Robert Hensley, Marte Sustraita, George Badilla, Troy Lee McCoy, Delbert Garrison, Udell Thompson, Claude Willior, Jack Woodruff, Robert Harrell. i Ray Stephenson, Donald McGregar, F. C. Latham, Jr., Jack Rautt, Doyle Akins, B. L. Talkent, Billy Gaolshy, James Carr, Johnnie Scott, John Hearn, Marins Cox, Royal Freeman, Norman R. Coodson, Dominic Dorsa, Alvin Fisher, Gene Vance, Ted Duncon, C. B. Stacy, R. J. Stacy, Wilton Caipehout, James Tate, Clifford' Lousignant, Frank Stasny, David Johnson, James H. Jones, Wayne Higgs, Burl Robins, Weldon Wilson, Carl Griffin, Douglas Hoffman, Sam Scott, Raymond Stafford, Gene Moore, Tommy Wells, Carl Ray Shipley. Henry Martinez, Floyd Slosum, Tommy Powell, Billy Cash, Alger Moore, Jim Eitelman, Ray Roberts, Charles Wanere, Harold Duncan, Gene Lewis, Jerry Higdon, Van Dom Daugherty, William May, Alfred Parrelli, Jack Manning, Joe Shaw, Billy Dean Walker, Viator Mote, Gene Kirkham, Weldon White, Roy Collins, David Edwards, Bob Martin, Glenn McMullen, Joe Coulter, Thomas West, Raymond Morris, Frank Duarte, James LaGrone, Julian Tovar, B. J. Grubbs, Wayne Posey. it dam... .. .,,. LA.. .,.,,. .QL ..,, .,. ..s--- n--A-Q-----s-- Clubs at Tech CHARM CLUB Helen Farrar, President 1 Helen Salmon, Secretary , Ouica Lee Wilson, Social Chairman Eva Alonzo, Norma Birchfield, Jean Burreson, Dorothy Clark, Marie Crotford, Evadna Davidson, Margaret Daniell, Ianell Evans, Madell Hall, Iean Iohnson, Mary Etta Peacock, Betty Louise Rose, Mary Willenbrink, Doris Fay Wilder, Patsy McDaniel, Charlsie Eubanks. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Roy Cox, President IBilly Stamps, Vice-President ,lFrancis Raney, Secretary :Billy Carpenter, Treasurer s 1 c '1 " ' 6 ' ' ' enators amile Brewster, Billy arpenter, Iacquehne Davidson, Ioe Allen Deeds, Sophia Harshc'-fu, Madeline Hendrix, Ioe Imperial, Dorothy Tackson, Patsy McKool, Betty 'Raney, Dan Reynolds, Leonard Riggs, Pat Riley, Ted Smith, Richard Wagnon, Iohn Wright. Representatives: Pat Aaron, Iohnny mexander, Dorothy! Alexander, Frances Allen, Thelma Arnold, Stephen Allen, Iohnny Ausley, Evelyn Ayrs, Richard Bacon, Winona Barber, Enwood Barton, Elias Benavidez, Benton Charlene, Mildred Bowers, Iames Carl Bowles, Edna Branch, Iim Brandenburg, Shirley Brown, Edward Buckley, Bobby Byington. Mildred Caple, Marcita Chapman, Eula Mae Clanton, Harry Tllayton, Fred Clarkekyirginia Cordova, Lillian Cox, Eugene Cunningham, Algarine Davis, Martha DeWoody, Riley Doggett, Mary Ann Dunlap, Otis Earl, Anita Eiflandt, Ruby Io Farley, Walter Fedley, Henry Fclrrantello, Ieanne Francis, Eugene Frederick, Kenneth Garrett, Dolores Gayton, Evelyn Glenn, Bobby Goode, -ifbnqp? my, Runell Griffin. omi Habison, Lassie Io"FIalbert, Archie Hale, Patsy Hampton, Bill Harris, Ierry Harvey, nnie Heam, Milton Heinberg, Douglas Herren, Lloyd Hill, Norma lean Hinkle, Iack Howard, Betty Hudler, Betty Lou Hutson, Frances Ingram, Ierald Jenkins, Billy Iohnsi Wilma Iohnson, Iames Iones, Iean Iones, Iohnny Kebrle. Mary Ann Yopp, Gilbert Kelly, Wanda Kizziar, Mary Ruth Lamb, Betty Ioyce Kline, Earle Labor, Mary Lemmon, Mickey Lemmon, Iarie Lewis, Robert Lottice, Patsy'Lott, Thomas McCrary, Paul Martin, John McNeely, Ramona McMinn, Rebecca McMath, Wylie McGill, Don McElroy, Shirley McDaniel, Roy Eugene Melton, Alice Meftord, Margaret Miranda, Eugene Mitchell, Mary Montoya, Warren Montgomery, Iames Morgan, Melvin Moss, Ioyce Musgrave, Arthur Pasley, Dorsett Parsly, Alene Perdue, Sammy Perez, David Pickoff, B. I. Pomara, Io Reed, Linda Porras, Mattie Lou Riggs, Frank Roberts, Walter Rogers, Bobby Sanford, Hortense, Edwin Schafer, Bonnie Lou Sims, Hallie Spillman, Iessie Stevenson, Peggy Stansel, Ed Norton, William Stone. an Delores Tarrant, Iames'Tate, Tony Todora, Randolph Truitt, Mary Io Varcasia, Armando Villasana, Anita Walder, Glenn Willis, Marcus- Watkins, Bessie Mae Weaver, Eugene Webb, Mary Whitlow, Frances Worley, Dorothy Wright, Iimmie Lee Willis, Dan Wicker. --QW Wm, .Lf.qg- l , , -MEA lf' Clubs at Tech SCRIBBLERS CLUB Carl Griffin, President Sam Moreno, Vice-President Clairene Baird, Secretary , Iessie Stevenson, Tech Talk Miss Warner, Sponsor Barbara Brice, lanice Brunson, larnes Bybee, Frank Cechan, I-loward'Coursey, Laura Lee Goodman, Robert Iohnson, Virginia Ludwig, Lionel McConnell, Roy Eugene Melton, Edgar Smith, Bettie Thompson, Winferd Woodley. SENIOR I-ll-Y Morris Rae, President 'Albert Nesuda, Secretary Clyde Butler, Vice-President rDon Sellers, Chairman Hugo I. P. Vitz, Sponsor Lloyd Bldylock, HughrBrewer, Comar Caldwell, Wayne Crtdvwford, Gene Gary, Lloyd Earrison, James Haynes, Hermanuf-Ierrington, George Slgnman, Claytorfghelton, Billy 'Smith Marvin Trowell. l , PAN-AMERICAN CLUB Wylie McGill, President Eugene Fredrick, Vice-President Dora Villasana, Secretary Elvira Guerra, Doris Lyons, Advisory Council Miss Florence Davis, Sponsor Sara Armendariz, Fred Brown, Lupe Centeno, Iesusita Flores, Margo George, Molly Landin, Velma Lufkins, Elia Martinez. Lilia Molina, Beatrice Morales, Consuelo Olivas, Aurelia Palomar, Ernestine Romero, Evange- line Rubio, Mary Io Varcasia. POTTERY ART CLUB -rBillie DuPriest, President Kathleen Detzel, Vice-President 'Claudia Kimbrough, Secretary 9 Nancy Collins, Corresponding Secretary Miss Lightfoot, Sponsor u David Bennett, Clinmagg, Dudley Godirey, Eugene Herring, Herman Herrington, Herbert Hiett, Bill Lewis, Vemo itton, Wayne Lott, William Martin, Ferando Morales, lame? Nalley, Otho Nelson, Jerry Roberts, Gene Hill, Carmen Cansler, Doris Cate, Mozelle C'upp, Edna Fuerhelm, Elizabeth Findlay, Barbara Gilliland, Iuanita Glascock, Anna Lettere, I-lerlenda Lopaz, Mary Pea- cock, RobbiepNel1 Robert, Vivian Robinson, Carol Teague, Toy Wigley, Gene, Davis, Bobbie Lou Iones, Lloyd Harrison. Euphemia Abeyta, Reta Alford, Doris Attererry, Shirley Brown, Margie Clark, Betty Iean DuPriest, May Dean Dodd, Iim Tabor, Delight Fisher, Doris Garlington, Gladys Garrett, Nadine Hamiter, Consuelo Hermandez, Shirley Horner, Ethel Lackey, Frances Mankin, Mary Morgan, Onita Fae Needham, Doris Newcomb, I. L. Wilson, Emily Shampa, Tommie Io Shaw, Patty Stewart, Bettie Thompson, Mary Frances Vaughn, Bobbie Ruth Verver, Ruby Zink, Dorothy Cate, Wanda Edwards, Iulia Manriquiz, Beatrice Morales, Bobbie Cassaday, Adolio Moreno, Mary Cardello, Iulia Mindez, Catherine Sassin, Ioyce Chaney, Katherine Detzel, Ierry Webster, Call Buzan, Mary Bracken, Bettie Earl Radich, Iimmie Nell Gantt. f A-inn .,-,,,,,M.L.. .Q MMM- A-U W KH A HA Clubs at Tech STAMP CLUB Lynwood Darby, President Billy Carpenter, Vice-President Bay Iohnson, Secretary Mrs. Hetherington, Sponsor Eugene Lewis, Earl Labor, Earl Wafford, Wallace Wilson, Gordon Bourland, Nolan de Laughter, Charles Berger. S. O. S. Mrs. Lemmerhirt, Sponsor Billy Childress, Billy Dean Walker, Lloyd Capehart, Iamesf, Newberry, Peggy E. Lyon, Velma Place, Tony"l"odora, lohnny Crespeno, Henry Ferrantello, Ioe Foster, Harless Wade, Bernice Stone, Maxine Iones, Bryon Horn, Norman Webb, Leslie Marquart, Lonnie Baker, George Fuller, Iack Gunter, Alice Guiterrez, Geraldine Graham, Thoyce Bland, Iack Hanna, W. S. Carpenter, Ruby M. Brown. ' BAND Capt. Richard Bacon Lt. Edward Ames Lt. B. loe Nettles Lt. Roy Daugherty Lt. Roy Parker Lt. Iarnes Martin Lt. Richard Pokladnik Lt. Monroe Neff Lt. Bill LaFtoche J Colonel A. A. Harris, Director Iohnnie Alexander, Phillip Anderson, Vlfesley Blatney, I. W. Bohannon, Iim Brandenberg, Charles Bryant, Tracey Cash, Iim Cooke, Roy Edward Cox, Bertha Enders, Iohn Gouge, Fred Green, Jimmy Grider, Charles Hamilton, Herbert Hiett, Wayne Higgs, Frances Ingram, Roy Iohnson, lames Kilpatrick, Frank Kirk. Annie Lawrence, Edward Kofahl, William Martin, Bill Myres, Charles Ruiz, lack Savage, Iohn Shanks, Edgar Lee Smith, Wesley Smith, Catherine Sheppard, Sam Vergati. Iames Vervalin, Billy Wadkins, Stanley Vrla, Paul Willingham, George Woodley, Winfred Woodley, David Young. COMMERCIAL ABT CLUB rPatsy Lott, President - Madelaine Hendrix, Vice-President Lorraine Stewart, Secretary lim Mounser Charlotte Schofield yClaudia Kimbrough Mr. Kadel, Sponsor DoriskWebb, Blanche Quinlan, Barbara Gilliland, Bill Menefee, Esther Diaz DeLeon, La Vzrne Vermillion, Madonna Lordes, Herschel Bramlett, Marietta Cox, Roy H5Ekett, Peggy lgliott, limmie Cooke, Annie Lawrence, Alice McCormick, Carolyn Schofield, Mary Caudle, Nancy ollins, Patty Stewart, Vicky Pierce, Fred Akard, Bill Polvogt, Mozelle Cupp, Pat Riley, Sue Malone. Bay lohnson, Ralph Arnold, Frances Mankins, Io Mankins, Ianice Brunson, Harry'.Clayton, Io Reed, Iames Dowis, Dorothy Duncan, Walter Rogers, Roy ,Melton, Ramona McMinn, Kathryn Carlyle, Dea Allen, Velta Matlock, Eula Belle Key, Sam Vergate, Harold Cole, Udell Thompson, Ierry Nicholson, Georgene Karavantas, Kathryn Pilant, Robert Brown, Gene Shindall, Martha Tabor, Winona Barber, Mickey Brandt, Mildred Wiley, Eugene Cunningham, DeVenia, West, Ethyl Lackey. AMN W, ... . ...a ...L-..... ..,.-.. ..... Clubs at Tech CAFETERIA CLUB Miss Welch, Sponsor V Ima lewell Adams, Myra McCorkle, Patrica Nicholas, Lorraine Gorrissen, Betty Wright, Ioyce McKinney. ' TRAFFIC CLUB Henry Ferrantello, President Riley Doggett, Vice-President Ioe'Foster, Secretary Iohnny Crespeno, Treasurer Mr. Alexander, Sponsor Steve Allen, Billy,Anderson, Milburn Hawkins, William lanes, G. C. Mays, Thomas Miller, Roland Mitchell, George Packwood, Tommy Peacock, Iohn Smith, Tony Todora, Glenn Wiedner, Charles Willie, Iohn 'Woodard RETAILERS' CLUB Kermit Fitzgerald, President Oscar McKinney, Vice-President Doris Atterberry, Secretary lean McCullough, Treasurer Dorothy Wright, Lloyd Hill, S. G. A. Representatives Mrs. Cummings, Sponsor lonnie Akins, Lucyle Bickers, Norma Blanton, Martha Borman, loy Byrd, luanita Davis, Grace Elledge, Louise Estrada, Lou Willie Edmonds, Betty Garrett, Bonnie Hendrix, Walter Hilliard, Lucile Higdon, lim Tabor, Bobbie lones, Evelyn Miller, La Verne Hamilton, Gloria Murphy, Margaret Parrott, Leonard Harvey, Leroy Knight. LIBRARY COUNCIL Leonard Riggs, President Ralph Sayer, Vice-President lacquiline Nitcholas, Secretary-Treasurer Warren Montgomery, Program Chairman Evelyn Ayers, Social Chairman Mrs. Margaret Walraven, Sponsor Ioy Fay Abbott, Billy Ables, Marvin Bassanqer, Gordon Bourland, William Carter, Wilmer Christmas, Dorothy Clark, Fred Clark, Emma Nell Clark, Layton Cunningham, Vonda Edwards, Ben Flack, David Forgey, Tony Todora. Frieda Galipp, Doris Garlington, George Woodly, Fred Green, limmy Grider, Thomas Harper, Eula Bell Key, Claudia Kimbrough, Bob King, Velta Matlock, Romona McMinn, Ruby Penix, Ella Frances Putnam, Harry Scott, lean Shinn, Allen Smith. FOREMEN'S CLUB Archie Hale, President Iarnes Troy, Vice-President Frances Ingram, Secretary-Treasurer Roy Bennett, Program Chairman P. W. Loucks, Sponsor Class Superintendents: A. B. Montfort, Roy Bennett, Iarnes Troy, L. C. Gilmore, Archie Hale. Major Foremen: Sam Sturman, Robert Carter, David Martin, Nelson Davis, Louis Lambert, Robert Calvert, Charles Mitchell, Iohn Webb, Clyde Shepherd, Rudolph Morse, Gerald Tinsley, lack I'Ialey,,Wendell Claussen, Bob Goode, Clarence Clark. ' Craftsmen: Fred Malone, Billy Ross, Laverne Shotwell, Lynn Davis, Bob Buford, Claude Leverett, Mike Rodriguez, Bryan Miller, Earl Wynn, Robert Harrell, Bob Slocum, Roy Lucas, Morgan Lowe, Arlyn Patterson, Gene Haskins, -Iohn Floyd, Jack Haley, Leon Pannell, Richard Castillo, Rudolph Morse, A. B. Hutchison, Bob Sheridan, Chas. Smith, Vernie Vtfeatherford, Clarence Clark, Dich Cox, Rudy Fischl, Ioe Garvin, Dan Higdon, Allan Kendrick, Earl lay, Gerald Tinsley, Clif McCorrey, Ierry Rawlins, Ted Scott. . ...inn M. . I y .. 1 Q D 44-i- V 1 1' , Tech's Service Fidqs in the duditorium keep in our minds our schcci fellows cmd our tedch- ers who are fighting for us m dll pdrts of the Service and in dll pctrts of the world. Of them are our thouqhtsy cmd for them ctre OU.I' DTCIYSTS. A -+--1---W ---- ---H - --...-,,.. -4.-,.c,...A-W .,,, .A A, NMA B ,,r, .vm ,,,,, , NA- A QS , Cllmental l-lea uar2e,r?77 1 gimental mander ........ Lieut. Col. oward McGuffey Executive Officer . . . ......... Maj. Thomas Gavos Adjutant S l ....... . . Capt. Lionel McConnell Intelligence Officer S 2 '. . . . . .Capt. Fred Brown Plans and Training Officer S 3 . . ....... Capt. Larry Smith Supply Officer S 4 .............. Capt. lack Crozier Regimental Sergeant Major .... Mstr. Sgt. Richard Yeargan tdeceasedl Regimental Supply Sergeant . ...... Mstr. Sgt. Billy Watkins Clerk ................ Tech. Sgt. Randolph Truett Clerk .................. Stf. Sgt. lack Hackett FIRST BATTALION HEADQUARTERS Battalion Commander ............. Capt. Billy Marshall Adjutant ............... First Lieut. Lloyd Richardson Battalion Sergeant Major ........... Tech. Sgt. Billy Smith SECOND BATTALION HEADQUARTERS Battalion Commander ........... Maj. Roy W. Armstrong Adjutant ....... . . First Lieut. james Purdy Battalion Sergeant Major . . . . Tech. Sgt. Boyd Lavender ,- MSTR. SGT. RICHARD YEARGAN Regimental Sergeant Major l926-i944 Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land: Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad. -ROSETTI. ...........J .N-,..... .. .., .......i .ML .. u 1.1, M. ....c....- .. ........,,,,,,-,-A-A1-r-M The Military Corps COMPANY A Company Commander . . . . .Captain Marion Hampton Executive Officer . . . First Lieutenant Erskin McCants FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader Billy Matula, Fred Akard, Ausencio Almanzo, D. Bennett, Roy Bennett, Tommy Bramlett, Dan Crecelius, Iames Dennis, Frank Duarte, Frederick Efflandt, Tack Fehmel, Iames Ferrell, Archie Hall, Robert?-larris, lay Hendrick, Ierry Nicholson, George' Hunt, O. B. Hutchinson, Bobby Kerr, lack Manning, Daniel Marcias, Carl McCormick, Lloyd McKee, Roy Melton, Ierry Miller, Frank Mongaras, Glen Nicholson, Melesio Peroz, Iimmie Proctor, Hester Sanders, Ben Shepherd, Bobby Slocum, Clyde Tarver, Iames Tawwater, Bob Velasco, Burl White, Billy Wier, Guynn Williams, Ierry Williams, Weldon Wilson. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader Duffy Holland, Ralph Barkhurst, lack Barrow, Lenwood Barton, Charles Brothers, Calvin Bucher, Don Canipe, Billy Carpenter, Ed Corrine, Ioe Coulter, Charles Copeland, Ioe I-lilger, Frank lay, Eugene Lenomond, Thomas McCrary, Willard Miller, Iames Mosley, Cleve Nelson, lim Ninich, Douglas Peacock, Douglas Davis, lack Prather, Calvin Roberts, Charles Robert- son, Leonard Schwab, lesse Scott, Ioe Shaw, Billy Shrode, Vernon Hager, BobbykSheridan, Billy Stanley, William Thompson, Iames Troy, Iimmy Whitfield, Carl Wynn, Geral Yarborough COMPANY B Company Commander . . . . Captain Howard Coursey Executive Officer . . . ....... First Lieutenant Calvin Orr FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader Alvin Feuerbacher, Technical Sergeant Milbum.Hawkins, Staff Sergeant Frank Blaser, I. B. Needham, Wayne Westbrook, Fred Morales, Wallace Lozano, lack Yarbrough, I. C. Johnson, Billy Clayton, Gene Kirkham, Sergeant Elios Aguilar, Staff Sergeant Carl Griffin, James La Grone, Ed Baker, Norman Grubb, Billy Poteete, Hartsel Shipp, Iames Bradley, Fred Hollis, Sergeant Ed Bohart, Staff Sergeant Calvin Roberts, Cyrus Allen, Clifford Whitman, Billy Bailey, Lester Young, Ioe Leeson, Kenneth Yarbrough, Douglas Hoffman, Sergeant G. C. Mayes, Staff Sergeanti-lammond Smith, First Sergeant' Boyd Smith, Staff Sergeant Godde, Sergeant Herbert Hallmark. SECOND PLATOON . Platoon Leader Sidney Colquitt, Technical Sergeant Edward Feazell, Staff Sergeant Iack Howard, Bill Flowers, Bob L. Iohnson, George Corley, Charles Smith, O. L. Newman, Lester LaOuey, Arthur Flements, Sergeant Olen Weaver, Staff Sergeant George Elson, Marshall Rayburn, Daniel Kinsey, Earl Hollowell, I. C. Iames, Frank Stewart, Dave Forgey, Harold Darby, Buster Bailey, John Alexander, Sergeant Iohn Brown, Staff Sergeant Coy Harrison, Iames.-Tate, Traman Boyd, Leon Pannell, Steven Tovar, Clyde Smith, Burt Newman, Ioe Ramirez, Sammy Burr, Sergeant C. B. Stacy, Staff Sergeant Gordon Bourland. I 4 i hm-M-MMA-MWA Ami MM VVVVV AQ A-AYAAAMMI M,M,Mh,, ,AAMM .p,,Y.,,n,..,..--isiis' --M M-- 5 if L The Military Corps COMPANY C Company Commander . .... .A . . . Captain Thomas Harper Executive Officer . . . First Lieutenant Tommy Peacock FIRST PLATOON Second Lieutenant Fred Grimes, Staff Sergeant Allen Allen, Privates Iohn Satterfield, David Gafton, Bobby Cagle, Ben Rodriguez, William Christmas, Hallie Drwin, Staff Sergeant Ernest Clark, Staff Sergeant William Stone, Bill Fisher, Harless Wade, Roger William, Marvin Cox, Billy Kern, Newman Herry, Newell Wilson, Roby Maxwell, Sergeant Charles Ott, Staff Sergeant' Billy Lewis, Privates L. C. Gilmore, Travis Hopson, George Christon, Robert Vanderslice, lohn Kearn, lack Hanna, Alvin Fisher, Sergeant Ray Goodman, Platoon .Sergeant Steve Allen, Guide Staff Sergeant Frank Roberts. SECOND PLATOON Second Lieutenant Ralph Sayer, Staff Sergeant Lynwood Darby, Privates Gerhard Classen. Clifton McAbee, Bobby Couch, Eugene Sanders, Claude Forte, Clyde Shepherd, Sergeant Dick Thatcher, Staff Sergeant George Bayliss, Guide Harland Gilcrease, Privates Fred Lawchner, Paul Rames, James Harris, Forest Farre, loe lohnson, Margan Lowe, Billy Lacy, Sergeant Harry Scott, Staff Sergeant George Packwood, Privates Andrew Gonzales, Iohn Hernandez, Ray Bardin, Ross Weatherford, Gene Kirkham, Sammy Crespane, I. T. Steward, lack Holman, Cecil Cole, Bobby Smith, Sergeant Billy Heflin, Platoon Sergeant Iimmie Fawshee. COMPANY D Company Commander . .......... Captain Earl Cook Executive Officer . ...... First Lieuteant Roscoe Wheat FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader Gene Lewis, Orville Conqer, Dan Reynolds, Ronald Pressley, Bill Findlen, Harold Richardson, Nick Dragna, lames Harris, Don, Norton, Billy I-louseman, Ice Ray, Herbert Swerczynski, Iames Potts, Don McElroy, Billy Cross, Everett Thompson, Billy Rogers, Don Barnett, Leon"llVilkie, VictoryMote, Ben Flach, Glenn Fugitt, Alfred White, Royce Oler, Truman Sturges, Moriano Rodriguez, Billy McClure, Robert Moraskie, Eugene Cdfzeland, Rogue Martinez, Bobby Byington, Dale Cunningham, Eugene Federick, Donald Black, Kenneth Garrett, Otto Schniebs. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader Bill Mlenefee, Curtis Stacy, lack Flanary, Wayne McKinnie, Billy Kyser, Horace Marrs, Freddie Hammond, Wallace Wilson, Marte Sustaita, George Fuller, Bobby Buford, Charles Shockley, George Albright, Roy L. Ienkins, Don Wagner, Wayne Posey, Eugene Cooper, Edmond Villasana, Iulian Tovar, Chester Phillips, Eugene lones, Raymond Butts, Iames McGuire, Udell Thompson, George Stewart, Billy Ioe Hunter, Morgan Morris, Walter Rogers, William Newman, Thomas Iones, Frank Gilbert, Pedro Dimas, Antonia Hernandez, Lewis Guerrero, Roy Rogers, Robert Hays, William Freeman, Richard Davis, Iohn Ausley, Iames Nelson, George Buzan, Lloyd Harason, Roy E. lenkins, Vyrd Wayne Iones, George Lewis, Bodd Lavendar, Iohn McNeely, Thomas Stgckland, Edmond Teel, Alfred White, limmie Mousner, Thomgs Gavos. s. A. is -- A .. ...am .Y ..- ..,... -M-4-Y-ff -,-i AH- A A +- The Military Corps COMPANY E Company Commander . . . . Captain Clifford Horn' Executive Officer . . . First Lieutenant Clyde Butler:-' FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader Iames Tawwater, William Chapman, Eugene Cunningham, Charles Nelson, Elmer McCullough, Wayne Sheffield, Orval Anglin, Nathan Eisenstien, Ray Iohnston, Melvin Moss, B. T. Crubbs, Fred Traphagan, Wylie McGill, Melvin Minson, Dale Mcliissich, Eugene Dan Farth, Allan Collis, Layden Fredrick, Bill Snyder, Sam Baldwin, Pat Henry, Edwin Sparks, Robert Harrell, Nathan Goppleberg, Hunt Allen, Marvin Reynolds, Maiachi Schuppel, Iohn Welch, Don Smith, Sammie Sturman, Frank Zimbelman, Walter Vieregge, M. I. Baker, Salvador Gonzales, Daniel Higdon, Ioe Guerra, Earnest Workman, Rafiel Vanlez, Bobby Ray. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader Tom Hizson, Iames House, Billy Morris, Robert Slay, Iames Newberry, Charles Houston, Iames Dowis, Iames Carner, Tommy Champion, Charles Oldham, Billy Ioe Grant, Iames Bowles, Iohn McGraw, Carl Gcgret, Richard Yeargan, Wayne Strain, Lloyd Capehart, Ierry Dear- ing, George Boyce, Gene Owen, Charles Betgar, Raymond Rutledge, lim Eitelman, Dan Wicker, lay Ellis, Milton Capehart, Lloyd Teel, Thomas West, Dorsey Rutledge, Robert Brown, lohn Penn, Harold Duncan, Mickey Thomas, Raymond Lawson, Charles Ray, Billy Marshall, Robert Loftice, , Edwin Shafer, Gus White, Iohn Right, William Pardue. ooMPANY P i Company Commander . . lack Higgs '3 l Executive Officer . . . . David Oswalt 4 FIRST PLATooN V Plagon Leader Roy Hockett, Gilbert Ayres, Lonnie Baker, Leo Brandenburg, Clinton Brigndine, l Hugh Brewer, Wayne Brown, Bill Burns, David York, Owen Byrnes, Robert Carter, William Carter, l Clarence Clark, Alvin Farrell, Walter Fendley, Tommy Gray, Billy Glfubbs, Cliff Louisgnont, Buddy Marburger, Iohn May, Thomas Workman, Billy Maxwell, Glen McMullen, Iames Moody, Carl Merqeh, Royce oliver, George Peeuue, Bill '52'hhh, cherle? Smithj 1. D. Thomas, Bobby whhteh, Iohn Weigandt, Billy Williams. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader David Miller, Dan Arrington, Stephen Bates, lames Baggett, I. D. Bock, Ioe Blair, Earl Bristow, Edward Buckley, Robert Black, Iames Bybee, Billy Cook, Tommy Dugan, Ioe t Escobar, Connie"'Ha1e, Albert Harrison, Billy lones, Iack Keller, lack Smith, Iames Kirk, Claude Levgtt, Bob Martin, Bill McOueary, Bill Morris, Charles Mullins, Felix Reeves, Stroud Rmhards, lack Routt, Ted Scott, Charles Smith, Fred Smith, Ioe Stames, Iohn Toline, Ronald Waldie. --4 ----1 -AA --- -,.,..r.......4ng,...,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,p UM The Military Corps COMPANY G Company Commander . .... Captain Frank Shindoll Executive Officer . . . First Lieutenant Harold Strucely PLATOON LEADERS Second Lieutenant Bob Franklin Second Lieutenant Billy Linville FIRST PLATOON Elias Bendevedez, Iack Blacketer, Earl Brannon, Billy Hom, Albert Cambell, Luke Catina, Billy Childress, Iohn Cook, Robert Currier, Charles Davis, Donald Harbison, Robert Hensley, Ierry Hiqdon, Tommie Iones, Bobby Lantrip, Billy Lunsford, George Marshall, lack Maulder, Charles Mitchell, Walter Mosley, Theodore Nulisch, Herman Peavy, Eugene Pinter, Eual Short, Elmer Siqler, Leland Smith, Frank Stasney, Bobby Sheridan, Richard Trott, Charles Watkins, Eugene Webb, Tommy"Welch, Eugene Williams, Burle Robins, Charles Warren. SECOND PLATOON Ioe Bennett, l-lerschell Bramlett, Joseph Burleson, lack Carson, H. D. Chance, Authur Clark, Iames Crow, Frank Darnell, William ry, Ramon Hart, Nuel Iones, Ike Lawson, W. I. Mangum, Henry Martinez, Manual Mendoza, Au ur Morse, Robert McCorkle, Tony' Padilla, Cecil Percival, Burle Robins, Maynard Short, Gene Simrltons, Iimmie Stanley, Bill Stewart, Don Thermond, Richard Wallis, Norman Webb, Rupert Welborn, Philip West, Melbourn Wood, lack l-letherinqton. COMPANY H Company Commander . . . .r . Captain Harry Clayton Executive Officer . . ...... First Lieutenant Edward Patton PLATOON LEADERS Second Lieutenant Homer Kissel' Second Lieutenant Floyd Wilson FIRST PLATOON ' Windel Atkins, Melvin Barnes, Lylie Brown, Robert'Calvert, Iames Chenault, Robert Adoursey, Harold Cole, Raymond Castillo, Jack Dempsey, Iack Duggan, Richard 'E'pperson, Ro al Freeman, Toby Guadnolo, lack Haley, Anton Hamel, Gene Hoskins, Milton Hienburg, Dowalghkins, Clifton Keathley, Iimmy Lasater, George Martin, William May, Doyle Messick, Alger Moore, Abram Mendez, lack Nicodemos, David Pickoti, George Patterson, Leonard Riggs, Iohnnie Scott, Carl Shipley, Iames Sorrells, Lonnie Spann, R. I. Stacy, Randolph Truitt, Ionnie Webb, Tommy"lNells, Eddy Williams. SECOND PLATOON Charles Brown, Earnest Brown, GeraldkBusby, Bobby Cassaday, William Dean, Van Dorn Daugherty, Bill Ellis, Iohnnie Floyd, ThomafGrant1and, Harold Grimes, Rex Hall, Ierryf- Harvey, Floyd Hebert, Dick Iackson, Billy Iones, Leslie Marquart, Max Iohn Martin, Leon Monico, Richard Moragkie, Lee Nicholds, Darrell Otto. Tommy Powell, Roddy Rhodes, Ray Roberts, Iames Shaw, Billy Smith, Merlie Smith, Elmer Southem, Earl Spriesterbach, Leonard Storey, Kenneth Tyson, Pat Ware, Iames Whitehead, Glenn Willis, Iohn Wilson, Grover York, Billy Zable. bv gd ld 5 .Q -, H-.- g I JA fACL'f swam ""'-- 1 A V YYWYW, Y , , ., ,..,.ah , . ..... .. ,. , A Sports at Tech FOOTBALL Co-Captains Managers William Garrett, Edgar Harrison Charlie Mead, Jack Hackett Coaches Perry Fite, George Blair Leland Stowe, George Seaman, Gene Gray, Carman Rojas, Billy Smith, Earnest McGowan, Bobby James, Albert Nesuda, David Hurst, Tommy Miller, Wayne Crawford, Charles Lindburg, Morney Perry, Gene Davis, Ted Davis, Charles Willis, Herman Herrington, Lloyd White, James Morgan, Hubert Cox, Charles Monk, Burton Rollings, Billy Stamps, Percy Penn, Bobby Wolcott. BASKETBALL Captain Manager Burton Rollings Boyd Smith Coaches E. O. Hayes, James Adkisson Percy Penn, Charles Monk, Bill Sanders, Bob Sanford, Jack Brown, Bobby Jaffe, Billy Blake, ,Charlie Ramos, Vernon Hager, Jack Routt, Jack Gunter, Ed Young, Raleigh Godwin, Arthur Clark, Milbourn Hawkins, Jack Woodruff. BASEBALL Co-Captains Manager Raleigh Godwin, Kermit Altizer Cecil Perry Coach George Blair Charles Willis, Percy Penn, Bobby James, Clinton Brisendine, Marcus Watkins, Bill Sanders. Billy Anderson, Marion Hampton, Connie Hale, Harold Salmon, Arthur Clark, Sarogaza Saldana, James Cathey, Earl James, Earnest McGowan, James Wier, Billy Blake, Sam Scott, Carl Weathers, Roy Derr, Bob Franklin, Dickie Green tdeceasedl. TRACK Captain Manager Clyde Butler Clayton Shelton Coach Perry Fite Gene Gray, Albert Nesuda, Morris Rae, Erskin McCants, John Childers, Wayne Crawford, George Seaman, James Anderson, Bobby Sanford, Tommy Miller, Lindy Lott, Gene Davis, Mil- bourn Hawkins, Eugene Goodrum, John Kebrle. TENNIS Captain Coach Monroe Neff W. P. Fulton Earl Pineqar, Roy Cox, Mary Ruth Lamb, Mary Jo Varcasia. GOLF ' Captain Coach James Stanford E. O. Hayes Jack Manning, David Johnson. ................,...............,. ,,. :u..........,,.. . , A ng. X-,?Hi0 Z Q lingua-aww A , MW f ff' ii? , u 1 -a F1 G E Q -3 me :- w .smesswww V0L XV, N0- 13 DALLAS, TEXAS, APRIL, lt, 1944 Prine, 5 Cats I , ..,, I C3 N x-Q OF' r iT '1f1fHi:Ll.1 Ll l I I I I ,. -LJ' I I 2 he Students ol' I- 2 W H Adamson High School N lume XV u Published by Y CUP Per .-4-,-,-,.... w P Pfldlcllll ............-..... ...., M... Fred: "Mother asked me to take our old cat off somewhere and lose it. So, I put it in a basket and trampecl out into the country for about eight miles." Carl: "Did you lose the cat?" Fred: "Lose it. It I hadn't followed it, I'd never have got back home." A son at college wrote to his father, "No mon, no fun, your son." Came the answer, "How sad, too bad, your dad." A nut at the wheel, A peach at the right. A tum in the road- Fruit salad-that's right. "Are those chickens freshly killed?" "Freshly killed?" exclaimed the dealer. "Why, lady, artificial respiration would bring them around again." "You look Ilustered, man," "I am. My girl threw me over." "Why worry? There's plenty more." "Yeah, but this one threw me over that cliii." A gentleman lost a very valuable cat and advertised the loss in a newspaper. He offered S500 for the retum of the cat, but got no answers. After a time he went to the office oi the news- paper. "I want to see the advertising manager," he said. "I-le's out," said the office boy. "Well, his assistant." . ' "I-Ie's out, too, sir." "All right, give me the editor! "Not here, sir." "For Pete's sake, are they all out?" "Yes-they're all hunting for your cat." Teacher: "Why don't you answer me?" Freshman: "I did. I shook my head." Teacher: "But you don't expect me to hear it rattle way up here." Man to Floor Walker: I want to buy a toy train for my Iittle boy. . Floor Walker: Next floor, sir: Men's Hobbies. "What did the devil sing when Hitler was born?" " 'Somebody else is taking my place'." Professor: A fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer. College Student: No wonder I ilunked. Mistress: "So tar you have broken more dishes and things than your wages amount to. What can we do to prevent this?" New Maid: "I dunno, ma'm, less'n you raise my wages. Two old settlers, confirmed bachelors, sat talking. The con- versation drifted irom politics to cooking .... "I got one o' them that cookey books once, but I never used it," said one. "Too much fancy work in it?" asked the other. "Yes dem tootin'. Every one of those recipes began the same way: 'Take a clean dish,' an' that settled me." H BWITVCI HLION 4 x IIVIIMV AVGSIIHHJ. A T W A never r' 'roonos not I 01' W1 IM pfnpyqnd H anuaay paso! In gmapnls 5? L rwws 11 I Published by the Journalism Students nf Sunset High School O .3 0 Ill 2 m In X fl! 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Suggestions in the N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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