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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Q2 A 2 gi is 3 fi X I ""-e:'S: YH Q R . ,C. . Wg 5 L if L Wg "A' "' rx M5 X Q . X EQ 4gVKfVxN' E4l 51955 '71 X- ,Q Q Wy 0 - , mv if WU 6 ' ' I ' Q 5 ,Ax XR ES T f ' 3 ww? , 'ii ,EQ X lg ' S A F 6 ffwMMMIl,1Q j'-Q i S 1 f X E 445 iff? 1 REX XM, fm -'KTX -V. . . HL, , 1 Q f Q O ., 0-4 qv my 1 F R O M F R O M r o'NE LIFPE 'ro' ANOTHER- In small new built canoe of lessons learned, Just made but eas'ly guided, eas'ly turned, Q X .4 1,-1 . ,1 X ff I T H E T E C H L I F E T O A N E W ! We're in the midst of life's swift running stream. Though dangers threat our craft's steady beam: For Tech has taught as how tc play and work Right well: and sc we're ready for what e'er In way. We now look forward, backward too And The And Our take of life a full. if hasty, view joyous high school trip draws to an end, to the world's cold problems now we bend may lurk few years of high school life are hist'ry passed That went, for some too slow, for some too fast: Detention caused a few a deal of strife: And failures lengthened many a boy's school life, While some in much scholastic glory bask. But You For , if , , U .S I teachers, faculty, and all we ask to accept our sincere thanks unfeigned knowledge learned and inspiration gained. --R. L. Corley 1 W ,Jw OU aep ii fw ' M99 fs, K1 xi' my 62 I Q N ,var - Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Club Editors . . Picture Editors Art Editor . Feature Editors Military Editors Sports Editor . Circulation . . Q in Chiefu. . Lois Cordell Douglas Coppinger, Billy Burnett . . Paula Lemons, Pearl Clark . Lela Marie Burns, Sue Nelson, Wanda Jean Henry . Feliberto Martinez . Martha Jo Mashburn, Geraldine LePori, Fredna Rust, Bonita Beck . . Benny January, Ralph Crume, ' James Creech . Leon Batchelor, Reaford Black . Ada Rawlins, A. G. Gigliardo DBDICATION In appreciation of his grand personality and the joyous wordlnahas for everybody, the seniors of january 1942 dedicate the Wolf Pack to Coach Perry Fite. By his spirit of optimism and de- termination, he strives ever to put the WOL'UeS on the top. May his HVIM, VIGOR AND VITALITYH live on forever at Tech and with us who are leav- ing. L SPECIAL rmuxs Fon w0LF PACK l Leaving this dear old Alma Mater, to go out into this world is just another milestone on life's highway for us. But, before we go, we, the seniors of the January '42 grad- uating class, would like to express our deepest apprecia- tion for all the teachers who have been so kind andfcon- siderate, and willing to help us at any time. We would al- so like to give special thanks to the following: for hisuntiring interest in us throughout our highschool days, and for his guidance, devotion. good sportsmanship,andadvice which we will learn to appreciate more as the years go by. MH. SCHIEBEL - S who has always been understanding, no MH ' HENDERSON ' matterwhatthe circumstance,whencoun- seling us for the future. who has started many of us out in the busi- MR' BAKEH ' ness world to make a success and who has al- so emphasized thrift for our own benefit. whose ceaseless, and untiring work as MR' SHAKELFORD ' business manager oftheTechTalk of the Wolf Pack has made us take pride in presenting both to the student-body. whose practical advice as circulation ad- MR' ASHBUBNE ' visor of the Tech Talk and the Wolf Pack, has always been most helpful. F whose advice has always been for the MRS' LEMAEHHIRT ' best, and who has earnestly tried to make us in all ways, better citizens of the school. sponsor of the 4A Class, who is new to our MBS' BROWN ' school for her continual guidance and ad- vice, which have always been accepted as excellent,andwill always be appreciated by the seniors of the Ian.'42 class. B whose willingness to help in all student M ' BRYANT ' activities at any time, and whose tolerance and understanding has made him a favorite among us. Alexander, J. Floyd Andrews, Geraldine Ashburn, Jim G. Baker, H. Grady Barrett, L. S. Black, Gladys Bone, Martha Brown, Karen Y. Bryant, C. A. Bullock, Bernice Butler, Effie Bard, W. M. athey, Catherine Cobb, Berry B. Cole, Edith Cowan, Andrew M. Cummings Isabelle Davis, Florence Davis, W. E. Deavenport, Lela S. Donald, Jettie Dotson, C. G. Erickson, Raymond Ferguson, Eula T. Fite, Perry Flack, Dora Fulton, W. P. Goerner, Virginia Gowdy, Ellen Green, M. T. B. Haley, May B. Hardaway, Ray Harrell, Joe In Harris, Arthur A. Hart, Ronda Hayes, Dorothy Hayes, E. 0. Henderson, Anna M. Henry, J. S. Hillyer, Louise Holley, Opal Homer Orbette A. Hunter W P , 0 5 Jones, Ela Mae Kadel, George W. Kerley, Odus C. King, Mineola Kitch, Kenneth Lackey, Grace 4,1 P' H Y? I 4 QL? 1 FACULTY Lancaster Joe Lanham, W. S. Lansdon, Lolita Lemmerhirt, Sadie Lightfoot, Mary Linthicum, C. I. Loucks, P. W. Martin, H. G. McClain, Dorotha McEvoy, Zoe McMinn, B. M. Neel, Vera B. Neel, Gladys Neely, J. 0. Neff, Herman A. Owen, Melton Parker, Jane D. Pendergrass, Wm. Peterson, Ross A. Polk, Dov e M. P'Poo1, Buda V. Pyeatt, V. H. Richter, Will A. Roark, D. B. Roberts, EQ Rc Rousseau, J. H. Rutledge, C. H. Sanders, R. E. Shackelford Glen Shiflett, Mary Sholty, Henry Sloan, Roberta Stephens, May Stiff, James Ellen Storms, Phoebe Grace Street, Rufus Stovall, Edith E. Taylor, Agnes Terrell, George Alma Turck, Clarice Turner, Annie Tysor, Jim Walker, Aline Walraven, Margaret Warner, Pauline Welch, Frances Wilson, lenore Wise, Mary lou MESSAGE T0 THE WOLF PACK The class of january 1942 is leaving high school under conditionsmore try- ing than any class has had to face for many a year. In nnany ways, it is a propitious time for grad- uation. jobs will be plentiful. The opportun- ity for service in the national defense is wide. In other ways the pros- pect is not so alluring. Sacrifices will need to be made. The bleak future after the war is coming nearer and nearer. These things make us think, whether we will or not, and thinking is always painful. At any rate, it is safe to say that you ought to WALTER J E SCHIEBEL continue your education, if at all possible. Col- leges offer opportunities as never before for short-time engineering training to both young men and young women. Specialized short courses are availableixxprivate schools leading to almost immediate employment. The Dallas Public Evening School offers rich selections for further education. A great need will arise, not only during the war but after the war, for specifically and generally trained young people. This training need not be in long term courses of four years or more. Ten hours of added training will make one man or woman more valuable than some other man or woman who does not possess that training. It appears to me so certain that this need will exist and it appears to be so easy right now to get added training that I know of no better way to serve you than to say to you - continue the good work that you have been doing here with us during your high school course, for your own sakes and for the sakes of the people that have been supporting you through your happy high school days. lcgy? it ' x 5 Fr K ,K F Walter J. E. Schiebel V ,- The school spirit of Tech's 'All- American' girl, Johnnie Buccola, made the selection of january '4-2's Best All-Around Girl inevitable. She has been a majorette for one year and Head-Majorette in her 4A term. Having often received city-wide publicity for outstanding baton twirling, Johnnie was the first Tech girl to receive a medal for this Sft. . Curley black hair, romantic brown eyes, a perpetual smile, and a sin- cere friendly wink, helped Doyle Hart receive the.honor of being chosen january '42's Most Handsome Boy. Short in stature and lively as a fox, Doyle has been an outstanding cheerleader. His charming personality is un- excelled and has won him popularity with the entire student body. He is also a member of the Senior Hi-Y. f Beautiful to look at, charming company, with celestial blue eyes, lovely brunette hair, and a sweet personality---what more could one ask of this year's Most Beautiful Girl, Geraldine Le Pori? This little French maid is a leading member of the National Honor Society, having been secretary of this organization forthe past term. She has received two Linz. awards. qv A The seniors' unanimous vote clearly showed who is Best All- Around Boyixxthe January '42 class. Football captain Douglas Coppinger took the honor with his personality and winning smile. As Sports Editor of the Tech Talk, he proved himself to be an A-1 journalist as well as an A-1 sport. Douglas isalso an honor student, having received three Linz awards. w F E 2 g. 5 I I ,Quite obvious is the reason for Martha jo Mashburn's being chosen Most Popular Girl by fellow senior class members. This sparkling, ra- diant smile has greeted all of Martha's acquaintances and won her innumerable friends. The band claimed Margha as their Queen in the spring of '41. She has been social chairman of the 4A class as well as an active member of the Tech Talk Staff. w 5, Tall Stanley Howard, Tech's Most Popular Boy, towers 6 feet,3 inches in height. With a pleasing humor, this ash-blonde Wolf has held the title of president of the 4A class. He has been a most active member of the Senior Hi-Y Club and has been ready, willing, and able to assist his fellow students in any way possible whenever called upon. A leader in all activities, Stanley might truly be called 'Tech's Most Popular Boy'. 5, .1 , Z CN ,W ffl ,G 19 .4 f it l SENIORS uanita Ward lfred Weston ick Morale la Mae Cordell dda Rawlins eaford Black oung Goswick U2 am Brown lla Rose Morris athan Howell one Gallatin ras E. Long obert Nelson heldon Charles f'N, VlH EBT? N r 3 ,malfhkw -17' WMM fm H'W Albright, Irene S. G. A. Pottery Art Club Red Cross Allensworth, Raymond 4 Year Certificate Traffic Club Officer in Band Diamond Disc. Barham, Elaine Junior Red Cross Girl Reserves Bartlett, Fred Track Team '41 Batchelor, Leon Football S. G. A. Good Scholarship Wolf Pack Staff Beck, Bonita Beatrice Good Scholarship Club Teck Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff. Red Cross Member Betz, James O. American Eagle Birdwell, Billie Burke Linz Award Girl Reserves Junior Historians Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. ,r Black, Reaford Football Good Scholarship Guard Captain . Sports Editor of Wolf Pack S. G. A. Brady, Hudson Hill Senior Hi-Y S. G. A. R. O. T. C. President, Tech Historical Chorus Britt, Helen Elizabeth S. G. A. Junior Red Cross Cafeteria Management Brown, Dorothy Marie Pep Squad '46-'41 Cannercial Art Club S. G. A. '41 Good Scholarship Club Brown, Katherine Eloise Pep Squad '38 'as '40 Art Pottery '39-'40 Good Scholarship Club Brown, Samuel K. Guard Good Scholarship Club Buchanan, Mildred Secretary of 4A Home Room Pottery Art Club Cmnnercial Art Club Buccola, Johnnie Majorette '40 '41 Head Majorette '41 '42 Best All Round Girl Sports Columnist S. G. A. . Z , J 4"7' d" 611 aff f . fl. K x 575. Y, ,i x , Burnett, Bllly A Editor-in-Chief Tech Talk Ass't Editor-in-Chief Wolf Pack National Honor Society Latin Club and Tournament Linz Pins Burns, Lela Marle Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Volley Ball Champs '41 Red Cross Member Campbell, Patsy Juanita Drum Major '40 Cheerleader '41 Girl Reserves Secretary 4B Home Room S. G. A. Carver, George Wesley Good Scholarship Club Guard S. G. A. Shop Editor, Tech Talk Carter, Jack Bernard Football S. G. A. Casebier, Billie Jo. Charles, Sheldon Choate, Ben Tom Band Good Scholarship Club R 5 Q V QQIIEE' fl Clark, Maxine Pottery Art Club Pep Squad SN, up Cmnnercial Art Club r so g 7? Clark, Pearl Lillian - if Tech Talk Staff ' . Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Classe, Joe Military Baseball Cline, Rose Mary Good Scholarship Club Junior Red Cross Apprentice Training Club Coke, Joe 4 Year Certificate S. G. A. Foreman Club Guard Collins, Mary Lee Cafeteria Management Club Good Scholarship Club Collins, Cliff, Jr. M Potter Art Club Tech Talk Staff Red Cross Q 4- Qi, Good Scholarship - V i Guard -.3 Coppinger, Douglas Linz Pins Football Tech Talk Staff Senior Hi-Y Good Scholarship Club 7. GSL, I Cordell, Lois Editor Wolf Pack Assistant Editor Tech Talk Linz Pins National Honor Society Girl Reserve Crawford, Betty Jo Good Scholarship Club Red Cross Member Crawford, Eugene Guard '40 Asst. Guard Captain '40 Guard Captain '41 S. G. A. Good Scholarship Club Crawford, Bruce Wayne Guard S. G. A. Good Scholarshig Club Cannercial Art lub Creech, James Preston Ln L Q L Q Rifle Team '40 '41 a G.A. Senior Hi-Y Wolf Pack Staff Crume, Ralph Wolf Pack Staff Band Officer Senior Hi-Y Linz Award S. G. A. Currey, Geneva Faye Good Scholarship Club Junior Red Cross Pottery Art Club Davis, Georgia B. Pep Squad Pottery Art Club Tech Talk Staff r W f KiELv!!m1Ff n ix-gglih 'aft 1 Davis, Laura Lee Cmnnercial Art Club S. G. A. Representative Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Davis, Robert Tech Talk Staff R. O. T. C. S. G. A. Good Scholarship Club Eckstein, Laurette National Honor Society Award Scholarship Club Eitle, Leonard E005 Scholarship Club Wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Tech Talk Staff Elder, James Oliver Hi-Y Diamond Disc. Good Scholarship Club Band Officer Athletics Epps, Howard M. R. O. T. C. A Good Scholarship Club Flores, Mike Guard , Foster, James H. Linz Award Good Scholarship Club Rifle Team Staff Sgr Perfect Attendance ur E9 A Fridrich, George National Honor Society Rifle Team Good Scholarship Club Diamond Disc. First Lt. R. O. T. C. Linz Pin Gallatin, lone Art-Pottery Club Tech Talk Staff Gagliardo, A. G. Assist. Guard Capt. Gearhart, Myrtle Gilbert, Frank Crack Canpany '38 '39 '40 Crack Platoon '40 Rifle Team '38 '39 R. 0. T. C. Military Chorus Gill, Elmer Guard Goswich, Oliver Young, Jr. Halbert, Donald Cheerleader Guard Captain Senior Hi-Y S. G. A. Tech Talk Staff no in R K 1 an , 1'7" if X Hanks, Haskell Guard Harbison, Hilton 4- Hare, Ernest Guard Foreman Sheet Metal Shop, Hart, Doyle L. Hawkins, Margaret Junior Red Cross Vice-President '40 4 Junior Red Cross President '41 Historical Museum Club Secretary Tech Talk Staff Henry, Fred Henry, Wanda Jean Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Pep S uad Linz gina S. G. A. Hilton, Joe National Honor Society Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club Cannercial Art Club 5, Y 1, Hinton, Lewis Tech Talk Sta!! Guard Hitchcock, Dorothy Howard, Stanley Hrabal, J. B. American Eaglets Double Eagle Strength Club Hyde, Junita S. G. A. Tech Talk Staff Junior Red Cross January, Benny Rifle Team '39 '40 '41 Golf Team '40 '41 School Play '41 Wolf Pack Staff Best Drilled Cadet '41 Johnson, Roma Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff S. G. A. Member of Red Cross Kannenberg, Charles Tech Talk Staff Guard eff: 'M . I X ' -K g, 6 I F, if 5iEE?Li.e .,gi 10 Yin: . . bw .. 96 uf x J '45 1. , wg 'X' if E , . gag. x u 'K 'L E Y 4. 2 070101 K: di fha ? 5? bs ..,,., -'YE K ' t 'hz ZA ' " 132 . -.pn 'iiiff ' V King, Lillian Girl Reserve Chorus Pottery Art Club Band Pep Squad Lemons, Paula Drum Major '40 Pep Squad Mgr. ' 41. Social Chairman Girl Reserves Tech Talk Staff S. G. A. Lepori, Geraldine Secretary National Honor Society Linz Pin Awards Wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Lindsey, Avyoline Nat ional Honor Society S. G. A. Cheerleader Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club Litton, Perry Luna, Jack R. 0. T. C. School Play Guard One - act Play Contest Mashburn, Martha Jo Band Queen '41 Social Chairman 4A Sec'y. Girl Reserves '40 '41 Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Speaker of S. G. A. McCratic, Gene American Eagle Club Newsboy Hi-Y Radio Club 1? . :Q McKinney, George E. -"L5wNvx-5l.,M- L-NNfN-"XfgxX vx V1 1.. Miller, LeRoy Guard Tech Talk Staff Minter, Billy Guard Tennis Good Scholarship Club Mitchell, Jerry Guard Moore, Edwin Brooks s Q L R. 0. T. C. Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Morale, Nick Guard S. G. A. Lettered in Intramural Sports '38 Morin, Rudy Conmercial Art Club Guard Morris, Ella Rose Linz Pin National Honor Society Pep S uad Com. art. Club 'QQ E3 E., :fm i ,.. .,: G , 3 has M 2 345- E , WP if 4 fy G , f 3356 uiisvs fl f f,. M E Morrison, Charles Baseball S. G. A. Part-time Program Nater, Katherine National Honor Society Junior Red Cross Historian Club Pep Squad S. G. A. Nelson, Evelyn Sue Treasurer 4B - 4A Mgr. Pep S uad 4 yrs. Wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff Com. Art Club, Pres. Nelson, Robert John L Q L Q Guard wwf WW Nichol, Lynch R. 0. T. C. Good Scholarship Club Crack Co. '38 '39 Ogden, George Good Scholarship Club Guard Parker, Harold Guard National Honor Society Senior Hi-Y Linz Pins Good Scholarship Club Patton, Hollace Guard Slip Boy g .. T 1 w f 1x 1 4 27 UQQSI' Pendergrass, Robert K. Brigade Cannander Lt. Col. R. O. T. C. National Honor Society Civitan Award Good Scholarship Club Phillips, Dorothy Phillips, Jimmie Guard Deans Messenger Good Scholarship Club Pickett, Harold Good Scholarship Club Guard Baseball Mgr. '41 Ramey, Maggie Jo Tennis Club Volley Ball Champs '41 Good Scholarship Club Raney, Kathryn Elizabeth Good Scholarship Club Chorus Safety Contest Tech Talk Staff S. G. A. Rawlins, Adda StampChm Junior Red Cross Pottery Art Club Wolf Pack Staff Redding, Allen C., Jr. Vice-President Senior Class Pres. of Officers Club Capt. R. 0. T. C. Good Scholarship Club Senior Hi-Y I Q Q 4 4 1 I ,K OH U -Q46 5 E Q . "' 1 se fi is W JW 3 Lf Reeves, Edward Football '40 Football Mgr. '41 Hi-Y Military Revelt, J. A. Guard Diamond Disc Club '40 '41 Military Rivers, Ruth Good Scholarship Girl Reserves Apprentice Clubs Cunnercial Art Club Roach, Bernice Q Pottery Art Club Rust, Fredna National Honor Society Linz Awards Wolf Pack Staff S. G. A. Sanders, Claude M. Basketball Apprentice Training 7 Sears, Gordon Guard .,-,gl yv7bCgASpangle, Loyce President of Library Council LM Good Scholarship Club A W 4"' f 1' h 6 N '6 ' Z its 3VQY.3. -7 4 ulafggggi V Q! 1 2 Sparks, Eugene Foreman's Club HmMs,O.Q Intramural Sports S. G. A. Foreman Adv. Wood Shop 5 ' Stevens, A. M. N Guard R. O. T. C. Senior Hi-Y Stewart, Winona Gi r l Reserves Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club Chorus b Stoughton, Hazel . Tharp, Jane Good Scholarship Club Latin Club 'A ! Social Chairman of History Club I i Thomas, Marlin Pottery Club I Todd, Robert Band Officer Diamond Disc Club Football . fit - ::" 1 Y 4'n, p,, ,i W S agVA if, C, .,, C 5 t .2! Ew t s A F3556 Tuley, Benny Guard Varcasia, Catherine Majorette '41-'42 Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club S. G. A. . n Q W Vickery, William Guard Capt. '41 Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk St I '41 .WKHMW Senior Hi-Y Asst. Guard Capn S. G. A. Pottery Representative Commercial Art Club ' Walker, Lyndol Guard . Tennis Good Scholarship Club Ward, Juanita ' 4 Year Certificate Apprentice Group , I !. Warren, Tracey Weir, William Clarence I Football Track Team '41 Guard ffffw he 1 W Wertz, Jimmie Tech. Talk Staff Sgt. Military Assist. Scout Master Weston, Alfred R. O. T. C. Band Diamond Disc. Club Whistler, George Part-Time Pro ram S. G. A. Guard Good Scholars 1 White, Paul Tech Talk Staff Guard Comnercial Art Club Wigley, James Guard Good Scholarship Club Williams, Hoyt E., J Guard Senior Hi-Y Witt, Ruth Esther Volley Ball Champs '41 Part-Time Program Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Woodley, Billy Senior Hi-Y Guard S. G. A. , ff +R' , tc Q V-, 7, iiigggqg it if ' ' I V 1 Z 4, 5 4 l 1 A 5 l Yarbrough, Thad E. Guard Captain Military Young, William Howard American Eagle Association Intramural Letter Sweater Hamilton, J, W, THOSE NOT PICTURED Harolson, J. W. Williamson, Billy 4 Year Certificate S. G. A. Pottery Club Art Club Holdhan, James Library Council Gund Ward, Juanita Safety Foreman Sheet Metal Shop 4 Ye Certiric te ly , Howell, Nathan 'aifgy 3 a A. MQ!! ff at ard X f , , Lon William Lo d gs Y V 4 Solos, Enoch 4 Year Certificate Shub, Jack 4 Year Certificate I Streeter, Peggy Louise Commercial Art Club Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club if is. 3iay,!r an If faq 1 Q nga: 'ie 1 A ix ,d w r"' .a-4'4 Larene Accurso Joyce Alexander Opal Allison David Andres Paul Appleby Jack Argovitz Bill Athas Mary Ann Baack Herman Balka n Joe Barbaria 1 l Wyman Bass Betty Beaumont I Wanda Fae Bedwell. T. J. Bledsoe Ruby Boyd Eunice Brown 1 Eddie Brown E J Atma Brooks ' Mary Jo Brooks 3 1 1 Billy Brinker Q 1 w Billy Carder Lawrence Carson Virgil Carlson Eula Belle Casey i Hen ry Cech an Edna Chester Glenn Clark Thomas Cole Blanche Coomes Gloria Coppinger R. L. Corley Valois Crain H. L. Darlington Norma Jean Davis Billie Fae Deavers Gwendolyn Dodd Winiford Edwards Betty Jane Enerson Lucille Frels Jack Fulcher Warren Elliott Joe Garcia Kenneth Gardner Mary Louise Geer Retta Gouger Dorothy Gray Bertha Griffin Betty Grubbs 4. ., K 1 Josephine Guerrero Orin Hackett Avis Hadden Jean Ruth Hafter Dale Halbert Jimmie Hall Charles Haenisch Tom Hamilton Jack Harwood Sybil-Hawkins Jack Herron J. C. Higgins Joyce Hinson Ernestine Holmes Louis-Hopkins Bee Delle Hoops Shirley Holtz Betty Jane Huddleston Horace Hudspeth - Frances Jean Ivy Evelyn Jacobs Kathryn Jessup Alene Jones Anna Mae Jones Billy Kiker Harold Kaker James King Gilbert Kirk Bob Krutelek Martha Lamb Helen Lambert Hazel Ledford Louise Lindsey Eugene Lipe di George Little Eva Lopez N ,QA Calvin Lu tes Betty Lyon Kenneth Mahaffey John Mahn Edith Mankin Fay Manning Beatrice Marburger 1 Paul Martin Russell Mayben Evelyn Mayfield Charles McKoo1 Mary McMil1am get i g M, dir, fl 2.3 1 af- . -5, . 15 . ,. N er,i,, ff S5 56 - ,Q ng, l E 4h2es. 3, V if.,, f. . RL 6 vmgaq,'M w Audrey Fay McNeill Bill Melaun Billy Metzger Charlie Miller Peggy Miller Ed Mims Truman Mitchell Lupe Montero Murrell Montgomery Charlie Morre Harvey Morris Vernon Ray Neal Dorothy Nelson Frances Owens Homer Penn Mary Louise Perez Vi ctor Phelps Margie Philbrick Doris Prater Doris Price 4-3, How rd Pyland Juanita Ragsdale Genevieve Raspante yra Jean Rose 4. Rosemary Rosales Mary Ruth Roden Frances Robinowitz Taylor Reagan Charles Reid Dixie Richards Hope Salisbury Dan Sanderford Mike Shannon Joyce Stevens Enoch Salas Charlene Smith Lurline Smith Mary Louise Smi Roy Smith Joyce Spence Jackie Stansel Roscoe Stevens Lois Stevens Alice Stovall Dwight Strain Weldon Strickland John Sturgess Vivian Sullenger XM? 1, ti Q5 J 2 if' ' jr TE Marion Smnnar Annette Tarter Eileen Ferrell B. F. Ferrell Bob Thompson Howell Thompson Zack Thompson Alma Jo Tomlin Junius Tuley Billie Ruth Vaughn Jim Ed Vermillion Margaret Ware Jack Lee Ward Betty Watson Betty Weedner Gloria White Norma Jean Wideman Dorothy Willeford Betty Williamson Fanny Belle Williamson Luther Wilson Marianne Wiseman J. B. Wolf Ursie Lee Womack Imogene Wood Esther Mae Woodall Sherrill Woodall Thomas Woodall Betty Woody Ernest Worley Thomas Worthy ,Anita Mae Yehl Luther York Doris Zink BOYS Marvin Alexander Edward Barbee Richard Barker Ralph Barnes Pete Bateman Raleigh Blakley Harold Box Billy Bronson Jayfus Brown Leonard Carrigan James Cosby Max Chamberlain Earl Collier Jack Cowart Julian Dodson Lillard Dunagan Winford Edwards George Franklin Kenneth Gardiner Ceronimo Gonzales Joe Gutierrez Verner Lee Guttery James Hayes Tom Hearn Paul Hendrick Bob Hill Wayne Hood Thomas Hooper John Huff Roy Hughes Sidney Johnson James Jones Richard,Kilody T. L. Leatherman Dwaine Lee Jack Lee . Harold Mack' Jimmy Marshall Irwin Martin Frederick McAllister gat? ,i gt x lisa, .1- .Je 9 A s., ,. HW J- Jack McCallum Everett Miller J. C. Miller Victor Miranda Lewis Moore Billy Morris' George Olsen JOhdx0wen Rupert Parson Donald Pearson Dwane Phillips Billy Pipes Edward Page Franklin eavis Jack Reid Leslie Ridge James Robinson Tanny Ross' Jerry Alvin Rowan Bob Sailors LeRoy Sanford Stephen Sarvis James Scheurman Dick Schiebel Jerry Slovacek Alfred Sorrell Alvin Standifer Thomas Evans Thomas Bert Thompson S. J. Verner Walter Volkman Lamon Walker Paul Edsel Waller Jack Warren Harold Watkins Jim Welch Seth Wells Donald Wharton Carl Lee Wheless Eugene Ralph White Otis White Wesley White Glen Willey Carrol Willis I 4B's NOT PICTURED Richard Wilson Albert Zahn Travis Zuber GIRLS Esther Barron Juanita Branch Thelma Joe Clarkson Mercie Lou Code Dorothy Cox Ruth Crober Norma Dagnal Christine Fazzio Maurice Graf Frances Guy Earline Hmunond Jane Harris Hesta Higdon Mildred Hope Lillian Leatherman Antionette Linthic Kathryne Mathew Pauline Medley Rosamond Mitchell Lydia Olague Gloria Ranft Betty Raynor Margie Reed Nell Reeves Imogene Reynold Wanda Sides Georgia Mae Simmons Elaine Rosewin Smith Grace Smith Ruby Lee Spriesterbach Betty Stokes Juanita Van Zandt Barbara Jean Wade June Wight . Marguerette Winsor Velma Wright A A -BAND- 'First Row: Everett Bosher, Rupert Parsons, Monroe Neff, George Little, Billy La Roache, Roy Johnson, Don Waller, Donald Pearson, Roy Smith, Edgar Whitley, Bob Thompson, Frenton Smith, Darwin Fendley, Jayfus Brown., Second Rowf Robert Ferguson, J. P. Barber, Louis Hopkins, Jack Ward, Virgil Carlson, Ray Johnson, Roy Daugherty, An- drew Knight, Mike Hernandez, Robert Todd, Ralph Crume, Har- vey Morris. Third Row: Roy Walker, Joe Nettles, Bob Kelley, Bill Kiker, Jerry Parker, Albert Olivias, Ross Powell, Johnnie Cobble, J. W. Hamilton, Jessie Hernandez, F. A. Wooten, Billy J. Blanton, Otto Morris. Fourth Row: Albert Mason, Russell Mayben, Roscoe Stephens, Sherl McCleland, Jim Brandenburg, Billy Burnard, George Cobbs, Paul Waller, Fred Wilson, Howell Thompson, P. J. Col- letti, John Konderla. Fifth Row: John Bullard, Richard Bacon Ray Allensworth. LIBRARY COUNCIL y Mary Low Ledbetter, Alma Sloan, Emogene Starkey, Eula Belle Casey, Mary Catherine Cook, Loyce Spangles, Fay Williams, Tom Hamilton, Woodrow Peck, C. W. Holcomb, Wayne Steele, Charles Van Dusen, J. L. Wilson, Walter Richardson, Mrs. Walraven, Joanna Myers, Seated: Billie Jo Hancock, Jo Fay Parr, Hope Salisbury, Ernestine Holmes, Retta Mae Gouger, Lois Jane Minter, Antoinette Linthicum. JUNIGR HISTORIANS First Row: Mary Ruth Stephens, Louise Manellis, Jack B. Bounds, Billie B.3irdwell, Hazel Crabtree, Onte Smith, Mamie Wells. Second Row: Mary Ulmer, Anna Margaret Ferguson, Avis Hadden, Angelina Morales, RomafBall, Alma Newton, Evelyn Seale. Third Row: Norma McGuire, Joyce Mackey, Joe Drake, Billy Burnett, Katherine Mater, Jane Thorp, Fourth Row: Rob- ert Ferguson, Dorothy Cox, Evelyn Jacobs, Wallace Ashwood, Gloria Ranft, Bernard Barnes, Billie Faye Deavers, Robert Johnson. COMMERCIAL ART CLUB First Row: Alice McCormick, Second Row: Louise Millis, Joyce Mackey, Joyce Hinson, Rebecca Hayden, Mary Louise Geer. Third Rouu BettyNell Strong, Patti Robertson, Opal Allison, Georgia French, Sue Nelson. Fourth Row: Billie Faye Deevers, Patsy Lott, Jo Ann Hopson, Allen Frankley, Jimmy Baker, Norma McGuire, Mr. Kadel, instructor. Fifth Row: Gabriel Macias, Leon Greenberg, Jessie Stevenson, Evelyn Jacobs, Marguerite Sanders, Jack Stoughton, Bill Melaun, Jimmy Mar- shall, Jodene Bgans Ruth Williams. ll 1 lnwt S E N I 0 H H I - Y officers: M. T. Green, Sponsorg Luther H. Wilson, President, Wyman Bass, Vice- PresidentgChas.Jack Argovitz, Secretaryklkeasurerg Donald HaI5ert,wSergeant- at-Arms. First Row: Luther H. Wilson, Wyman Bass, Chas. Jack Argovitz, Donald 'Halbert, Thomas Bostic, Jimmie Elder. Second Row: Jack McCallum, Ralph Crume, Allen Redding, Bob Sailors, LaMarr Bentley, Jerry Slovacek. Third Row: Charlie Miller, James Creech, Billy Carder, Billy Woodley, Jack Rolls, Lawrence Car- son, Glenn Clark, Douglas Coppinger, James Jackson. Fourth Row: Lawrence Ag- Euirre, Jack Walker, Edward Reeves, R. L. Corley, Horace Hudspeth, Mr. M. Y. reen, 1Sponsorl. Fifth Row: Hoyt E. Williams, Harold Parker, A. M. Stevens, Zach Thompson, Herman Balkaz Last Row: Gilbert Kirk, Stanley Howardi Those not pictured: Frede McAlister, Billy Vincent, Raleigh Blakely. W, n Y A YYY' ART POTTERY Front Row: Charline Wills, Ann Smith, Mary Ulmer, Irene Al- bright, Forest Call Buzon, Betty Earl Radich, Doris Price, Billie Jo Casebier. Second Row: Carmen Franco, Katherine' Porter, Murrel Montgomery, Mary Lou Todora, Doris Perry, Ruby Kinnard, Angeline Murale. Third Row: Hazel Stoughton, Laura Lee Davis, Georgia Davis, Doris Deaton, Geneva Litte-- gage, Gloria Hilton, Jayce Crownover. Fourth Row: Marjie h1lbrick,Clara Romas. Fifth Row: Adda Rawlins, Dorothy Jo Clayton, Norma Dagnal, Jodine Brans. DEAlV'S HELPERS First Row: Hazel Ledford, Second Row: Frank Seaman, Gerald Southern, Lloyd Harrison, Jack Hackett, Third Row: Olen Weaver, George Conner, Chester Kitchens, Thomas McLeod. Fourth Row: Geraldine Le Pori, Johnie Smith, Jr., Jerry Mitchell, Elvislanh Frank Monchief. Fifth Row: Harold Kaker, Herbert Chapman, Billy Mustain, Owen Scruggs, Dwaine Lee. Sixth Row: Bob Rogers. ,,,, - lj Alf G I R L R E.S E R V E S First Row: Mary Ulmer, Katherine Gilbert, Dolly Sue Porter, Sue Nelson, Patsy Gampbell, Eaula Lemons, Marine Hearn, Virginia Tipton, Mary Louise Geer. Sec- ond Row: Lillian King, Winona Stewart, Norma McGuire, Leona Ellis, Betny Lou- Hinman, Jackie Stansel, Anne Smith, Evelyn Seale. Third Row: Sybil Hawkins, LaQelle Shaer, Anna Margaret Ferguson, Billie Jo Hancock, Pattie Robinson, Jo Fay Parr, Melha-Curtis, Joanna Myers, Eislyn Alyggs, Blanche Coames. Fourth Row: Imogene Wyatt, Wanda Landrum, Frances Nowlin, FayWilliams, Frieda Galipp, Alma Newton, Anita Yehle, Loraine Garison. Fifth Raw: Billie Burke Birdwell, Avyoline Lindsey, Betty'Watson, Aileen Ray. CAMERA CLUB First Row: Darwin Fendly, Malacki Shuppel, Avis Hadden,Will- iam Jones, Second Row: Sherl McLeland, Sec-Treas., Olen Cooksey, Marshall Heflin, Ralph Zeaman, Dewey Harris, Tech- nical Adviser, Marlen Tanner. Third Row: George Marshall, vice-president, Tommy Joe Peacock, John Konderla, President. MM NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Lois Cordell, Joyce Spence, Fredna Rust, Geral- dine Le Pori, Eva Lopezy Aleen Jones, Joyce Alexander. Sec- one Row: Joe Hilton, Laurette Eckstein, Charlene Smith, Lucille FrelS, Frances Robinowitz, Dixie Richards, Marion Summar. Third Row: Miss McEvoy, sponsor, Norma Jean Davis, Billie Faye Deavers, Gloria Rahnt, Johnnie Malm, Louise Lindsey, Billy Rae Fuller. Fourth Row: Billy Burnett, Kath- erine Nater, Ella Rose Morris, Jerry Rowan, Jack Lee Ward. Fifth Row: Harold Parker, Charles Reid, Charles MCK001. J 5 is 'Ji S. G. A. OFFICERS Front: Margie Philbrick, Secretary, and Mr. Bryant, SPOHSOT- Bach: Dick Schiebel, Presidentg Lawrence Carson, V1ce-Pres- ident, and Eugene Crawford, Safety COmm1SS1OHGT- Jack Stansel, not pictured, is Treasurer. . Q . ,,, , ,W- STAFF Lt. Col. Robert K. Pendergrass Major Benny January Captain Richard Barker Captain H. L. Darlington Captain Homer Penn Captain Allen Redding RIFLE TEAM First Row: Capt. Richard Barkerg First Lt. James Creechg Capt. Homer Penng Second Lt. Ernest Worleyg Second Lt. Mike Shannon. Second Row: Major Benny Januaryg First Sgt. Eugene Nejtekg First Lt. Herman Balkag Capt. James Jonesg Second Lt. Dale Halbertg Capt. H. L. Darlington. Third Row: Second Lt. David Hurstg First Lt. George Fridrick, Sgt. Bob Schoen- steing Sgt. Gilbert Martinezg Col Pendergrass. COHPAIIYA . First Row: Capt. Jack Herron, ISL Lt. James Creech, ist Lt. Charles Haenisch, znd. Lt.Mike Shannon. Second Row: Sgt. Ed Mongaras, Sgt. Joe Classe. Third Row: Sgt. Fred Brown, Sgt. Leslie Mullenix, Capt. Dewey Harris, Sgt. James Turnage, Capt. Davis Wyse, Sgt. Thomas Glvos. Sgt. Floyd Humphries, Sgt. Virgil Conine. Fourth Row: Sgt. Maj. Charles Quiram, Lynwood Butler, Gene Robinson, Warren Stoysdill, Jerry Miller, Howard Potter, Dewayn Pear- son. Fifth Row: Sq. Sgt. Jack Warren, Oneismo Hernandez, Wiltor Sawyer, Billy Velton, Jack Hinton, Manuel De Leon, William Corter. Sixth Row: 1st Sgt. Floyd Whitsett, Fred Raybone, T. L. Holder, Frederick Ward, Richard Spotswood, Arthur Ashner, Rudy Touvor. Seventh Row: Robert Gonzales, James York, Aubry Smith, Robert Green, Herbert Mitchell, Harold Stein- hrough. Eighth Row: Charles Cole, Leslie Brian, Edward Loyano, John Hodge, Lionel McCouell, Arthur Green. Ninth Row: William Robinson, Billy Hilborn, Billy Tarent, Loyd Parr, Marice Charles. C 0 H P A N Y B Officers: ist Lt. George Fridrick, 2nd Lt. David nurst, 2nd Lt. Leland Weldon. First Row: Sgt. Haskell Adams, Sgt. Felix Morris, Sgt. Jack Rolls, Sgt. Bob Schoenstein. Second Row: Corp. Rudolf Lofman, Sgt. Billy Brinker, Corp. Don Bradley, Sgt. Tom McGrath, Sgt. Otis Orsburn, Sgt. John Huff. Third Row: Staff Sgt. Marshall Heflin, Pvt. Harold Cullen, Pvt. Robert Redmond, Pvt. Gene Hamilton, Pvt. Elden Chambers, Pvt.Bill Hall, Pvt. Kearney Will- iams. Fourth Row: Pvt. Kenneth Mohoffey, Pvt. James Smith, Pvt. Murray Dantzler, Pvt. James Bramhall, Pvt. Clyde Butler, Pvt. Ross Hatcher, Pvt. Jimmy McCullough. Fifth Raw: Master Sgt. Claude Pruitt, Pvt. Leland Parker, Pvt. Arthur Harton, Pvt. Fred Ashley, Pvt. Ralph Duncan, Pvt. Erskine McCants, Pvt. Marney Perry. Sixth Row: Pvt. Clifford Johnston, Pvt. Donald Baker, Pvt. R. L. Hanks, Edgar Gllison, Billy Matula, W. C. Horn, Billy Maxwell. Seventh Row: Pvt. Lloyd Humphries, Pvt. John Brown, Pvt. James Tonn, Pvt. Johnny Garcia Pvt. Billy Jones, Pvt.Arthur Clement. Eighth Row: Corp. Charles Brecht, Corp. Oscar Smith, Pvt. Eugene Louis, Pvt. Robert Kelley, Corp. Jack Connor, Corp. Thomas Woodall, Pvt. J. C. Ross, Pvt. Jim Barnett. Not pzctured: Pvt. J. W. Coffman, Sgt. Emanuel Browder, 1st Sgt. David L. Cole, Pvt. Clyde Pannell. 4. ., ,Aj C 0 H P AIN Y C Capt. Homer Penn, Capt. H. L. Darlington, ist Lt. Charles Ried, 2nd Lt. Gerhardt Schulz, 2nd Lt. Donald Wharton. First Row: Howard McGuffy, Dan Hunter, Cruz Benivedez, QQgNWiCker, R. D. Hodges, A. B. Montford,-Jack Crozier. Second Raw: James Hayes, George Satchell, Thomas Harper, Albert Sissom, Jimmie Lowry, Winford Milburn, Wayne Steele Charles Ray, Pete SheIITMThfFd Row: Larry Smith, Gus Velasco, obert Hill, Thomas Swindle, 'Ralph McLean, Robert Grimes, Lloyd Harrison, Fourth Row: George unt',"'Carl Styles, Thomas Harper, Robert Noble, Walton Standifer, Jack Hackett, Robert Smith, Jimmie Wertz. Fifth Row: Edwin Moore, George Salmon, Hester Sanders, Roy Hackett, David Miller, Max Gardner, Earl Perry,Billy Hodges. Sixth.Row: Carl Tanner, Walter Richardson, Archy Hall, Eugene Fredericks, Kenneth Webb, Clyde Millican. Seventh Row: JoeWolfe, Bob rannon, Charles Ray, Arthur Stovall, Everett Perry. Eighth Raw: Gilbert Martinez, Paul M , Billy Mix, Tommy Richardson, Ernest Robbotti, Zan Joe Gray, Donald Baker, John Stur - V -' ,., ny. C 0 H P A N Y E Officers: Captain S rrill Woodall, 1st Lt. Herman Balka, znd Lt. Ed ar Harrison, 2nd Lt. J. B. Wolfe, 2nd Lt. Earnestmwor ey, znd Lt. Charles Van Dusen. Firs aw: errill Wood Eil. Leslie Britton, MaxAWilliamson, Jack Sutton, Paul Villars, Fred Schaerdel,'BeiWShep- ard, Alfred Armstrong. Second Row: Edgar Harrison, Goerge Lazich, James Parks, Billy Dun can, Tommy Peacock, Wayne Christopher, Jack Harris, Lloyd Richardson. Third Row? J. W. Robinson, Frank Loerwald, John Stafford, Marion Hampton, Horbil Yanack, Benny Ogatto, David Oswald, Billy-JonBarLon. Fourth Row: J. B. Wolfe, William Powers, Gene Richards, CarrolwCook, R. C. Marshall, Charles Storey, Billy,Qarder, Gus Truett. Fifth Raw: Ted Can- up, Eugene Johnson, Joe Giles, R. W. Armstrong, D. R. Blackman, Jimmy Champion, Robert Davis. Sixth Row: Billy Barker, KEnne11FfHai6liff, Tommy York, Michael Hunondy, Buddy Har- ris, Jack Fowler, Jach Woods, Herman Balka. Other men are: Robert Bendorf, Autry Bardin, Leonard Jones, Joe Carter, George Chesive Mitchel Epps, Marvin Gann, Jack Giles Albert Harrison, Frank Jackson, B. T. Laieler, Joe Pollinji, Bobby Saunders, Charles Stevens, Charles Van Husen, Millard Hawkins, Earl Gilbert, Donald Watts. ' H 1 I I 0 0 H F A ll Y G First,Row: Sgt. Donald Neff, Capt. James Jones Lt. Dale Halbert, Sgt. Jack Gilbert, Lt. Stanley Howard, Harold Strucely. Second Row: floward Coursey, Odell Belew, Jack Vaughn, Julian Strucely, Boyce Cayce. Third Row: Ernest Busby, John Lewis, Joe Wolfe, Edward Trott, Buddy Wesson, BillySanford. Fourth Row: Marvin Danneman, Jimmy Mousner, Kay Wisen- hundt, Billy Milligan, Billy Plunk, Robert Hughes. Fifth Row: John Thitworth, Charles Tarwater, Harold Box, James Harper, Paul Davis, Gordon Dorris. Sixth Row: Billy Nelson, Luke Catina, Buddy Barbee, Donald Lindstrom, A. L. Conway, Clyde Ribb. Seventh Row: James Shue, .Jack Woolridge, George Packwood, -Eugene Kyser, John McNeely, Leon Harris. Eighth Raw: Bobby Ladera, James Purdy, Bill Gilliandf Richard Eisoman Bill Pitts, Abner Beding- field. Ninth Row: Leon Sebastian, Jarland Gilarease, Kenneth Bishop, Esco Lenoir, Ralph Lemen, Paul Mitchell. Tenth Row: Jimmy Hall, Billy Hunter, Frank Gilbert, Sgt. Billy Til- son, Bill Tucker, LeonYBurgess. Eleventh Row: Johnnie Russel, 1st Sgt. Eugene Nytek, Ad- miral Allen, Jack Higgs. GUARDS First Row: Alfred Sorrell, Jack Argo, William Joseph, Bill McCann, Thad Yarbrough. Second Row: Eugene Crawford, Jimmie Baker, La Marr Bentley, Jack Walker, Thomas Cole. Third Row: Luther Wilson, Donald Halbert, James Scheuerman, Warren El- liott, A. G. Gagliardo. NCenterU: Col. William Pendergrass, Eyes like Hair like Teeth like Figure like Looks like Sweetness like Personality like Knowledge like Smile like IF SHE HAD IF HE HAD Wanda Jean Henry Juanita Hyde Avyoline Lindsey Mildred Buchanan Jane Tharp Catherine Varcasia Elaine Barham Lauretta Eckstein Roma Johnson Sportsmanship like Billie Burke Birdwell Complexion like Lillian King Dancing ability like Patsy Campbell Eyes like Hair like Teeth like Physique like Appearance like Manners like Personality like Knowledge like Smile like Sportsmanship like Complexion like Dancing ability like Allen Redding James Foster Paul White Clarence Weir Perry Litton Eugene McCratic Jack Walker Robert Pendergrass Hollis Patton Leon Batchelor Robert Todd James Creech WHAT A LASSI WHAT A LAD! AMONG THE OUTSTANDING BOYS GIRLS Most Popular Stanley Howard Most Popular Martha Jo Mashburn Best Looking Doyle Hart Prettiest Gerldine LePori Best Sport Edward Reeves Best School Citizen Fredna Rust Best All Around Douglas Coppinger Best All Around Johnnie Buccola Wittiest Ralph Crume Best Dressed Paula Lemons Best Dressed Donald Halbert Wittiest Billy Burk Birdwell Most Reliable Harold Parker Quietest Betty Jo Crawford Best School Citizen Benny January Most Reliable Joyce Spangle Best Dancer Billy Woodley Best Personality Lela Marie Burns Peppiest Cliff Collins Most Likely To Succeed Lois Cordell Most Likely to Succeed George Fridrich Best Dancer Maggie Joe Ramey Best Athlete Jack Carter Chatterbox Ruth Witt Chatterbox Robert Davis Best Figure Bonita Beck Best Personality Most Original Jimmy Wertz James Wigley Sweetest Most Original Winona Stewart Sue Nelson . rl. MN " First: Louise Lindsey Second: Donald Halbert Avyoline Lindsey Howell Thompson Patsy Campbell Doyle Hart Betty Grubbs Charlie Miller B 'x ,fl 4' r BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: Dickie Watson, Manager. Second Row: Bobby Rogers Winford Edwards, Dick Schiebel, Tom Hamilton, Pete Bateman, Joe Ramos, Joe Molina. Third Row: Assistant Coach Lancaster, Burton Rollins, Wyman Bass, Coach Hayes, George Owens. First Row: Jack Carter, tri-captain, Ddiglgs Coppinger, tri- captaing Leon Batchelfor, tri-captain. Second Rowg James Day, Gene Davis, Carl Sharp, W. L. Brignon, Lawrence Aguirre, C. W. Gray, William Garrett, Pete Bateman, Edgar Harrison, Jack Rice, P. W. Fite, coach, Edward Reeves, mgr. Third Row: Mel- ton Owen, asst. coach., Walter Hickman, Edward Mims, Leland Stowe, Verner Lee Guttery, George Fischi, Lloyd Long, Joe McGowan, James King, Lawrence Carson. Fourth Row: Fred Grimes, J. D. Wright, Zach Thompson, Gilbert Kirk, Reaford Black, Harold Watkins, Raleigh Blakely, Dilly Boyd. PEP .SQUAD A First Row: Majorettes and Managers: Paula Lemmons, Billie Ruth Vaughn, Jeane Fenn, Catherine Varcasia, Johnnie Buccola, Sue Nelson. Second Row: Leqnai Ellis, Marianna Pittman,'RnQy Boyd, Anna Mae Jones, Wanda Landrum, Betty Jean Bonrland, Martha Romero, Pauline Manicchia, Genevieve Paspante, Katherine Por- ter, Lois Stevens, Third Row: Lorene Hutson, Joan Perry,SMaggie,BndersQp, An- gelina Hernandez, Joyce Chaney, Ozelle,Uckert, Ruth Ne mith, Mildred Hoge, loria Webb, Patricia Watkins, Fod??h Row: Alice Stovall, Gwynd6TR5sU5EK50H, Josephine Gurrendo, Billie Mae Wills, Francis Jenkins, Josephine Santillan, Dorothy Kelsey, Loring Bryant. Fifth Raw: Anita Hanes, Nan Mankin, Edith McKinley, Doris Prater, Juanita Anderson, Fannie Belle Williamson, Carlie Ruth Ludwick. Sixth Row: Pauline Ramirez, Paula Hernandez, LaDelle,Skae:, Claudia Pettit, Joyce Bunting, Margaret Corben, Allene Jones, Dorothy Jo Clayton. "4'u' ""' EENIQR L 'Q MF F,ELlEsERTO-..f?. . .... MARTINEZWZ -f? mm CAN HI-XRDLY WANT 1 Z! A THE woLE PACK as NSTMBUTED ::::I::::::::: 2 mi: -:IEE :-.:.- .-.-,v.-.,.-.......4...4.....-,-.V.V...-1-:-:-:,:-:-,-.-.'.-.-.-,..-. --V...-.-4-4-.-----.------ 5 5 535353: 553-53Ei5-55.5if115Q5g5g1Qg':3g52-11:-55552555. HOME RUOMS . GOSH :xr ws E A l :ZZ ONLY FWE A-'W .Z-Sr..-. MY WOLF PACK! OH! BOY! If' Zl, Y Q 1 F TM QE iiilzzzz ...AA..,,, ' fi B ' j ' ' f, 2111221 Z:Z:11313-31f121fa5ags5zQfQ:55Q3Q2Q123:55515z22E,,gif:,g5gigiQ52ifEEEifEEEEifiiif1f2f2ff5f52922ffff2?f 'tllzlllml' L ,.,.,.,A E E :EEIEEEEEEEEEE M AUTOGRAPHKN6 THE WOLF PACK. INTEKNJPTING CLASSES I X! i? . HEY! rms WHEREXS oucu: Now WE'LL REVIEW ,SW ,WNE mv PEN: NW mor! ,fx EOR .... ., No! WAIT. A "E, HERFS ANOTHER SENIOR. f-QAQQ , , - ' Q f A W 1 l SENIOR Asszmauf, I ZWWWZ A GUARDS cAN'T STOP SENIORS zz Q! f ff! 9 WZ jvfwf AUDIENCE X - I 5 , ' y .ww ' X v . A ' Q u 7 E.. W 4 g. ' -1 'un' v 'W 9 9 , , 611 Ilnnuv' . .x Nu-:nfl - f-........ . f .E X seams " ' f IH 2:5555 ,..,m lx , , . f iifizz-'fu-in ' - 1, A A YE 'mv' - f lf , 3, n:..l yzgig. 1 Q zf ' 4 ' 35:15 X-.w , 4 ' :Siu 2: A ,QQ I 11 A - ggi ,if Ofg nr 9,bV5' lI xN azz. PASS? N0!0UTOF Y 1 f WAY. , , E' S --:ax BGP Q , 41 J ' ifw' 4 vb ALL SENIORS HAVE LUNCH TOGETHER1 O JITTERBUGS DANCE IN THE GYM- YUM' YUM! ,I WHATA MEAL' Q 1 m. ' v 0 1 . 1-'P '-52 ? . Q A 7 fb, K Mizz, 6 E 7 : ' gg- A Z P - Q5 r E , ff ..::z,:.l3f.g11:? 5 X FQ A 1 TAKING PICTURES ON THE GROUNDS. AFTER THE DANCE THE SHOWN' Y I-5252542555ig25352gsgi55535sgeg552555255:5955age5age555953:gs-5:5:551:115:1:1:5:2:111:3:5:3:s2z:aE:Es2aIsis:s:sE122:155E5:sis:5522552:252552255525255Es?iEiiiEESE25fiEE2555255525E52E55535ESEEEEE?sEsE5EEE2s:E2s:e-.: 'E' T '- ""' """""A'A""""" i WOW!! ICAN W as 5 AT LAST I YY MTX W fI?5:'H 1.1:211:sfefsesezmfsisiefsaessssssfeael.Qsaeseass ff Www N' , ,2,.A:,.,:, 'ml' X , f ,,:QEQE5E5E5E 252E251,fi11fi2525252525252Q252525232isisisisgsizgagsgg EfSQIfEQE5Ef a2z2ESf2E2s2E1ifE' ..-. . 'f::i?ffQ5iiE ' '-IP fi52E2522E5iiiis52is52525a525z5sis5sis5252ESi?E552E25252Efif5ii25252E252E25252if525252525252522ii252525sgsgsgegsgsgsgefsgsgsgsgsg'g:52:s51:s:siz:z1s:1,111:11as:s:e:z:a:i2i2i2ie5i5Ef:f1e13:515:555E5E5E5E5f5E5ijE,., 9452152525211 f!!.'n L Q N THE FRESHMAN who noaswv Know WHAT ws ALL ABOUT! MOST SENIORS WILL ISE EXEMPT FROM EXANX5- . Now wHAT'S WRONG N0 EXAM for. :waz WITH THAT GUY ??? 1?Pf GEEYAMIG-LAD!! , ,S 'eng , 'BT' mga? K Z - Y . , A 5 ' kixusw fa ,, , L., MYERS-gm , CARDS AND PICTURES ARE , -EXCHANQED gy ggyqgoas, '-- OH! BOY!! IDIDN'T SUBSCNBE-. , CARTOONS now 1 wnsn 1 mm. 'Cx svsmwnmzz. qlmlnii hh: YQ' gigs fy ' sg , . , .3 xx - N V 4 ' MOST STUDENTS' 44 -r ,K WHAT A wsu. -FIND THEY CAN'T suv 3 2' VNCTURE! I-E WOLF PACK ON SENIOR DAY. ,, .Q WN. DY! GBUS 13 'I wflr 'xy' as -My NW fa 1, I fr' Vg! T51-51 'im 5 Q , 'R X s s A Neff lv., LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT DONER Leon Batchelor Ralph Crume Johnnie Buccola Douglas Coppinger Allen Redding Geraldine Le Pori George Fridrich Avyoline Lindsey Billy Doyle Patsy Billy 0. C. Woodley Hart Campbell Burnett Sparks Donald Halbert Sue Nelson Roma Johnson Paul White Paula James Lemons Creech Mildred Buchanan Juanita Ryde Martha Jo Mashburn Stanley Howard Robert Davis Billie Birdwell Lela Marie Burns Benny January Lois Cordell Edward Reeves Maggie Joe Ramsey Katherine Varcasia Elaine Barham DONATION DONEE Athletic Ability Edward Mims Way with Women fygrner LSe'Guttery Personality Football Ability Expressive Eyes Beauty Bashfulness Complexion Dancing Ability Good Looks Adorable Ways Intelligence Red Hair Dressing Ability Baby Ways Dimples Winning Smile Lovely Disposition Ability to Blush Flgure Sophistication Popularify Wit R Ambition Friendliness Gay Disposition Military Ability Journalism Ability Curly Hair Jitterbug Ability Smallness Brown Eyes fb 4, AL I Mdfy Louise Smith PeteWBateman Fred Parsons A Louise Lipdsey Evelyn Jacobs Frances Owens Horace Hudspeth Homer Penn Billie Ruth Vaughn Lucille Frels Billy Faye Deavers Frances Robinowitz Ann Smith Doris Price Fay Williams Margie Phllbrick Gilbert Kirk Mary Louise Geer Anita Yehle Luther Wilson Dick Schiebel Eddie Brown Gloria Coppinger Peggy'MLller Richard Barker Frances Guy Jimmie Hall R. L. Corley Harold Strucely C. W. Gray .oo', ix ,JW L ' .rgisxlutgff Vi 'V 'A T"T"""'i xxg QALAUU Qjbbsfo WMM V W R N9 ik :Nh f 6 ' Q, 4 xx QU ix 4 os .51 ' X fb Q, , fi l t 6443 R . X J' fjgfb X Q22 -Q X M

Suggestions in the N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

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