N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1940

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 66 of the 1940 volume:

Y, 49 Mg! '71 WN' O R. . 3'f"171 f-'i' A uf .5 I E " ,ff .'-' f U GX H If V LJWW "' X f K 4 A 5 4 1 . if P , 1 V' ' nm. ,Z . ' u! ,4 . If ,I 'fi ,vlliff X VT' K X X l V Wi!! B- 'XJ 6 fkf X Q, 4445 Tis ...,,....W. .,,,. ,.,,,.,... wwww--'w,.-,.,..,, H, ,,,w,..wk,F,, ,,,,, ., PP P2221-'Ei'-i'-6'-6'-6-'E I Y? , Q ax ig - ' '9aS'I'H'H'H'-I-I I ' ..n.. QQQQQAQQQQQQQQ- l . f ' TO THE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS OF TECHNICAL I HIGH SCHOOL In passing,the Hay graduates are contributing the Hap 1Q4O edition of the Wolf Pack to be added to thei lohg list of senior publications that others have lefQ behind. ' 5 , .N In computing this edition,our'goal has been to reach and uphold the standards set by ex-wolves in the UTechniscramsV and UWolf Packsn of yore. I It is our earnest hope that we have reached our ' goal.and that all the schoolmatesuw are leaving behind will not only enjoy it, but will keep it as a token of reminiscense of the Graduating Seniors of May, 1940 X-1---A-1.f.g.-we .I .V .a.4...h..A..,,,.,l, ,LM .-....,,g,,g.,g,,l,.M,,e, WOLF E Published by Graduating Seniors of Dallas Technical f High School, May, 1940 STAFF Editor-in-chief -- ------------ -- ----- Elizabeth Williamson Mike'Digiacinto Louise Barbee Assistant Editors ----- --- ----- -------- Business Manager --------------- - ------------ - Jo Gebron Assistant Business Manager ---- ------------ Morene Davies Circulation Manager -- --------------------- - Alvin Hemby Sports Editor ------------------------------- Dalton Brown Assistant Sports Editor --------- - ------- Herschell Smith Military Editor ------------------------------ Jack Siegel Mildred Morgan Matilda Scottino Assistant Literary Editor ------------- --- Virgie McNeil Literary Editors ------ - ---------------- Club Editor --- ------------- -- ---- ------- -- Hazel White Assistant Club Editor ---- ------------------- Mary Murphy Picture Editor ----- -- -------- - -------------- Bob Tennison Advisers ---- ------ - ------- ----- -------- Kenneth Kitch Jim Ashburne Glenn Shackelford Kgfffwa To our sponsor, our advisor, and 'leaning post', C.A.Bryant, the seniors of 1940 dedicate this book. We have countless times tried his patience, but have never broken up his pleas- ant smile. May we never forget to remem- ber the many thoughtful and con- siderate things he has done for us. Whatever heighth of success we may achieve, he will have played a prominent part in help- ing us gain it. ' - IN DEDICATIGN - The helpful and necessary counselling of Mrs. Anna Hender- son is also greatly appreciated. We deeply regret her absence of the past few months and we hope she will be back to help the January Seniors of 1941. W.. ................4u..a-u...4...........,...,.,...,-...b.....t. .. , ,, 5 .,.. pgv.-.lun ,., The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The, The . Y ' THE IDEAL SENIOR GIRL ' ability to wear clothes like Alberta Nelson scholastic standing of Annie I Eisensteun voice of Patty Malm neatness of Marjorie Whitaker athletic abilityof Josephine Gebron penmanship of Matilda Scottino complexion of Evelyn Monk Congeniality of Homa Jean Sevier smile of Billie Jean Byrd sense of humor of Orell Hendricks dramatic ability of Ruth Baird poise ff Virginia Thompson originality of Almeta Carter artistic ability of Hilda Prather dimples of Helen Litton cheerfulness of Jeanne Cullen pep of Mamie Drake sportsmanship of Erma Stratton dancing abiliLy?fEileen Buffington i ,. U2 ' ,lv 4-l. V. ,ifllf qui" 5 f -..ft- The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The ' THE IDEAL SENIOR BOY ' ability to wear clothes like Herman Stearman scholastic standing of Ruben Cantu voice of Bob Tennison neatness of Charlton Ayres athletic ability of Charles Goodnight penmanship of Bob Dalton complexion of Sam Grizzaffi smile of Cecil Rigsby physique of Pat Teubner N sense of humor of J. Lee Dillingham congeniality of Mike Digiacintbg nonchalance of Weldon Garrison ' ' originality of Eugene Melton artistic ability of Mickey Arthofer dimples of Bill Willis cheerfulness of Jack Gustavus pep of Ed Lange dancing abili y of Herschel Smith 4 'ir L v-+zff-'rw1qmlr'H--'-- M - an W. S. Ianham, Gen. Science lolita lansdon, Foods Sadie leumerhirt, Dean 'L Mary Lightfoot, Pottery Cecil Linthicun, Drafting Lucile Lortscher, Coordinator P. W. Loucks, Gen. Mach. Shop H. G. Martin, Auto Welding Mrs. J. H. Mayo, Ccmnercial Dorothy M:Clain, Pub. Speaking Zoe McEvoy, History B. M. McMinn, Mathenntics Margaret Mosby, History Geo. Myers, Asst. Ccmmndant Vera B. Neel, Bls. Eng., Shorthand Ti-, ,.,. l ,,.. We ., . THE FACULTY l Waiter J. E. Schiebel, Principal J. Floyd Alexander, Auto Shop Geraldine Andrews, Phys. H Jim G. Ashburne, Ccmrercial H. Grady Baker, Sales, Adv. L. S. Barrett, Drafting, Math. Martha Bone, Foods, Cloth C. A. Bryant, History Bernice Bullock, Comptcmeter ' Effie Butler, Shorthand J Af! Inez Cartwright, History 9 5 3 Catherine Cathey, Mach. Book. A Berry B. Cobb, History, Can. law , Andrew M. Cowan, Electric Shop E Florence Davis, Spanish L lela Davenport, Clothing 5 I 1 L . i i ir 5 f i r . w L If l ,. , I 1 X ! 1-P A-he Jettie Donald, English C. G. Dotson, Wood Shop lucille Elsner, P. E. Eula T. Ferguson, Stuiy Hall Perry Fite, Drafting, Coach Dora Flack, latin, English w. P. Fulton, Mathematics Annie lew Gillam, Special Class Virginia Goerner, English Dan B. Goodrich, Printing Corine Gouge, Secretary Ellen Gowdey, English M. T. Green, Mathematics May B. Haley, Special Class Ray Hardaway, Wood Shop J. L. Harrel, Social Science Arthur Harris, Music Geneva S. Harris, Shorthand Ronda Hart, Special Class Dorothy Hayes, Study Hall E. 0. Hayes, Gen. Sci., Coach Anna. M. Henderson, Math., Counselor J. S. Henry, Physics Orbette A. Homer, Mathematics W. F. Hunter, Chemistry Ela Mae Jones, Typing ,George w. Kadel, can. Art 0. C. Kerley, Math., Draft. Mineola. King, English Kenneth Kitch, Journalism Grace lackey, Typing Joe lancaster, mth., Science Herman A. Neff, Shop W. C. Ogier, History K Jane D. Parker, Mathematics N R. A. Peterson, Rel. Science, Math. Dovye Mae Polk, English Rudo V. 0'Pool, English V. H. Pyeatt, Printing W. S. Richter, Drafting D. B. Roark, Special Class E. R. Roberts, Caxmercial C. H. Rutledge, Biology Martin S. Ryan, Conmandant Glenn Shackelford, Bookkeeping Henry Shnlty, Sheet Metal May Stephers, Mathematics James Ellen Stiff, English Phoebe Grace Stoms, English Edith Stovall, Special Class Agnes Taylor, English Glarice Turck, Comptometer Annie Turner, English H. Jim Tysor, P. E. Aline Walker, English Margaret Walraven, Librarian Pauline Warner, English lenore Wilson, English Mary lou Wise, Study Hall E. W. Wright, Coordinator Mary Shiflett, Pianist Drummond Anderson, Music Gladys Black, Bus. Training Darrell Tully, His., Study Hall, Coach nuuaiai----M J-f V--M -e-M -1-uf--N-HM ...an . 1. .vm-mv- f-,W . v, , . -wp-qq,,.,,,,,,, , SENIORS Willie-Abgagson Good Scho1arshIp C1ub Library councii John Adams Good Scholarship Club Joe Alfano Gladys Anguiano Tech Ta1k Staff Good Scho1arship C1ub Pep Squad 2 Vera Mae Anderson Secretary to Coordinator C:-PN' Muckey Arthofer Mary Asimakis Pottery Art C1ub Tech Ta1k Staff CWI har1ton Ayers N Diamond Disc Club Good Scho1arship Club Crack Squad. Capt. R.O.T.C. Camp Da11as '33 mi ' 1 9 mmmh A B La :au J1nQ.L,,MuMM,m,,wuWm ,,,,,,W,Ww, ,.,, .,., , W ,.. 1 ,, ,. Vestal Banks Pep Squad Tech Ta1k Staff Good Scho'Iarshlp C1ub Ray Baker Tech Talk Sfaff Good Scholarship Club Ruth Baird Louise Barbee Jack Bardin Bas ketba11 Martha BeT1 Good Scho1arship Club Student Government Elwana Bellomy 1? I f -L.fA.1!flL' ' 7 'U I 5' Nj 'f I bfyfyt Car1ton Bennetgk ' VU I 9 :- 5 2 44 'e n f'L S2 G p i ,f'f 7 CI fd ' nf ...u.,......m,uf. .. , --f- , o. ,.,,.,..A,.,.u.,., ,Ha , s H- Pat Bernelle Evelyn Bliss Pottery Art Club Crack Company Bill Bolkikgggolyzbf Oberita Bosley Good Scholarship Club National Honor Society Everett's Award Billy Boyd Margarette Brannon Cafeteria Managenent Good Scholarship CTub C. M. Brantley, Jr. Eleanor Brewer . QQ Q X 15. , . 4 4 --A-A---M -unihui-ee 4---MLfu'a1"w N--X-'-li-new ' J-A-in-nunainui Eii ,, V-'lk ...,. fmmwv--,. ., Y..w-wl-w-w,.- www- W- X If Doyi Brimberry Diamond Disc Club Crack Company Sheridan Broadstone Senior Hi-Y Student Forum Representative S.G.A. Representative All City S.G.A. Linz Awards Rex Brooks Dalton Brown :od Scholarship Club :ch Talk Staff wol Pack George Brown Comercial Aft Club Good Scholarship Club Guard Roy Brown Vernon Brown fm, fa - CQ , if f x-'ea V' 1 M-mu1..,..g,guu ......,..0.., ,,..,,.f,-..',.-.i., i. 1 W , W ,M,, lW,.., w,Mwmmcm,cWWe awww .. .. Ruth Brownwell Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff kg' B Billie Jean Byrd U' -w , gekfzh Pottery Art club T 3 T Girl RBSEVVSS l Good Scholarship clu T - NL-S 1 Pep Squad . " Tech Talk staff R W , 3 44 wggy Eileen Buffington R h ol . S 19g I f ' 0 alp ' -es VJ, 'ar ' h ' . Ch - Good Scholarship Student Government V S- Girl Reserves Tennis Club Linz Award. ,SEQ arf .,' Robert Burks Margie Bush Dorothy Butler 'YY Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club 0 - f ' ,... ,-44, MW .. .. W. ,dem , -,M..,..,.... 4... We -V 4W,, We---we-v-H ---' -- Basil Camp Ruben Cantu National Honor Society Almeta Carter Girl Reserves student Government Jacqueline Chapel Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Student Government Kathryn Chenault Mary Belle Clarke wolf Pack Raymond Oliver Jeanne Cullen 15 me +V ? 9 Weef M- -'--1-Lwununu-use -A--- -M -My---MM Andrew Cunningham Fern Craighead Doris Cook Connercial Art Club Girl Reserves Pottery Aft Club Biiiy Crigger lifv Frankie Crouch Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff volley Ball Champs '38 Noriene Davies Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack Student Government Linz Award Edwin Davis Kathleen Dhority Girl Reserves Good scholarship Club 4122: e aims ", 25 ..., ... ,......1nu.u...,,.. V, .V.,,...,,,, ,,, . ,. . X . faannakunne ew -we - wmmmmnwvwWawWWW'm Mike Digiacinto S.G.A. Senator Library Council Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack J. Lee Dillingham Hazel Dilord Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Pottery Art Club Bob Doiton Diamond Disc Club . Band - R.0.T.C. Officer Senior Assembly Committee qigijr Doss Cecil Dotson Mamie Drake Pan-American Student Forum St udent Gove rnment Good Scholarship Club Nat'1 Honor Society Linz Award Bob Duke Q K 'Q iyi f L7 I WWW, -,.-, , ,- . N-. W V- I ' 1 Mw1'0'TY xvn, M , .H .fi Annie Eisenstein Pan-American Club National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Cari Evans FOOtDaii Frances Evans Norma Evans Theresa Gaiioway 1 Juanita Gardner Good Scholarship Club Lois Garrett Pottery Art Club QKVQLLQM Weldon Garrison Cheerleader Senior Hi-Y Diamond Disc Club Band Officer Track ag, i 45 Wi I ., ,.,. 1- - -A-atv ,...x ' . ,, .-s -.1 , -, , ,,., ,, ,vi'?5f,:M,,g":r,,l, . w.,sh,,g,. 1 .ftpsf Q wifi 'F?Y6m?? ifaiikl , wm jf , ',1E5P'g3' X ' G, I ' k"' . I-E ' . ...,. , A7 .1 - - G . r' E, at if 7'kz6p -Grease Nia. wanna--fe - ---AA'-M - -new-X rununfe. Y. Josephine Gebron Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack Student Goverment Pottery Art Club Tennis Team Othelda Glosup Good Scholarship Club fi , National Honor Society J' eff Q Library Council XVETUA UL! Etudent Government ' ,ff V nzmard Cow Charlie Goodnight Laura Mae Gorton Girl Reserves Library Council Canera Club Student Government Chorus Horace Greer Jimmy Greer SBniGrizzaffi Tech Talk Staff Student Government A Guard Captain Adolfo Gual Guard ff? Cecelia Guerrero Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Aviation Club Student Government Jack Gustavus Linz Award National Honor society Senior Hi-Y Charlotte Hafter Commercial Art Club Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Jack Hall Dorothy Hancock Girl Reserves Canera Club Commercial Art Club Pottery Art Club Good Scholarship Club Pauline Hare Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club volley Ball Champs 3 Leo Havanis Guard Library Council Student Government Senior Hu Y Good Scholarship Club Oian Haygood Diamond DISC Club crack Company R 0 T C t sad X-f awe . ' 9 I . . . . Cap . if ' X vsf XC , fx XXX ,ly A f:fEll" gigs L ,maipg Ada W- H --- -Wm. Alvin Hemby Orell Hendrix Drum Majorette Girl Reserves Student Government Pep Squad Lillie Mae Henderson Good scholarship Club Eugene Hendrix Guard captain Radio Club Beatrice Henry Tech Talk Staff Q ' 2 Frank Hickman Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Flora Belle Hodde 5' M l d l th i are ingswor D Billy Holloway S.G.A. Track Team Capt. intra-mural Sports Committee R. T. Hood Myrtle HorQ25LAf! Fr s eyghes al Staff Eva Hussong Pottery Art Club Tech Talk Staff Llnz Award Bill Hutchins Senior Hi-Y Student Government Aviation Club Billy Johnson Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Intra-Mural Sports Committee Basketball Football Raymond Johnson R.o.T.c..aana Senior HI-Y Good Scholarship Club Aviation Club l Q f' 6 T W ..,,1,.a. . . -,, . .... , ,,,,,.,,,.. ' a ...,...,....,. W... .WP-E-fmlunmnpu-.--. ., ,,,,,,, T. H. Johnson Homer Jones James Jones Crack Company Crack Platoon R.0.T.C. cer Rifle Te Pauiine Kiker Student Government Chorus Good Scholarship Club Guard Capt. Good Scholarship Club Student Governnent John Kitts Tech Talk Staff Pottery Art Club Student Governnent Janice Kobbe Eiizabeth La Gard Good Scholarship Club 4" x X -- jf 1 X W .Q W 355 Qgsgn- We tale- aw L x 5 i -tu-umm-.m..... -S .,.,.,.,..-.........w-..c.a . ..,.. fag Gwendolyne Laird Library Council Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Pottery Art Club Edd Lange Guard Capt. wolf Pack Staff Tech Talk Staff Jerome Lasater Frank Landers Edison Lane John Lee Diamond Qisc Club Band Officer Bettllou Lent Comrrercial Art Club Helen Louise Litton Good Scholarship Club f3Bii'Q if . wkl-f 2 - -, ,. ,,...,.,,a., A,,, ..mH,.,e4, -init'-M --'- W-- I Hope Ludwick Girl Reserves Fritz Lyne Linz Award Rifl Team Diam Dis Club h ship Club f rack n Roland Mack Bill McMurray Mary Elizabeth Malant Student Government Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Linz Award Patty Malm Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Rose Manelis Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Monard Mann f , I .vw V eq- W- V13--.3k7 t-Tj-.-is 1 NUM Norma Marinick Tech Talk Staff Girl Reserves Student Government Bernice McKay - ,71L:zL Vergie McNeil Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack Staff James Meeks Eugene Melton Band R.0.T.C. Officer Drum Major Diamond Disc Club Crack Company Clarence Meyer Lillian Miranda National Honor Society Good Scholarship Club Girl Reserves Lupe Molina PQP Squad Girl Reserves y D 'X Q fWQi?., rigs! -W T- -,,.gmll nlg.w.W-W Y -f-f f new -gl-W Www- V vm Evelyn Monk Pottery Art Club Good scholarship club Pep Squad Student Government volley Ball Champs '36 Eugene Montgomery Mildred Morgan XdFQ5ggi Tech Talk Staff x S.G.A. Wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club Thomas Mullins Good Scholarshi p Club Beth Murphy Mary Murphy Girl Reserves n Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff Curtis Neal Alberta Nelson Good Scholarship Club .......A,., M MH., .,-1,,g.,,....A,. ..m.,.. e, .,,, W., - ,.,v.,,Y-,qgirt Ella Nesuda Girl Reserves National Honor Society Good Scholarship Clubf Evelyn Orsborn s.eA. n Good Scholarship Club Linz Award Esther Otero Girl Reserves Tech Talk Staff Sw-Wclitffs Emma Owen Jimmy Pappas Senior Hi-Y Guard S.G.A. Good scholarship club Mildred Parker Doran Parrish S.G.A. Pottery Art Club Guard John Partlow Football Manager .Q K Qi-I 67 l so ......,., .a .-,...u,.,.. ,,.....1,,.. . ,..,,,. .V-W -nm-,wwf-'ww--W -vv ,,n,.., W... ,.a.r,....,. .W .......,,v,-mi,-,,.,,.,?4 -f-K, Jn J. C. Payne R.0.T.C. Officer Senior Hi-Y Good Scholarship Club Diamond Disc Club Robe rt Peacoc k J. B. Perry Raymond Pet ty Georgia Puffenbarger' Kelly Phiibrick Basketball Track Football intra-Mural sports Betty Phillips James Phi ii ips Y g'? f Kali' A.. t H ..... ....i .,..,...ff... M.-. . ,............ i Robert Plummer Senior Hi-Y S.G.A. All City S.G.A. Radio Club Provost Marshall Raymond Pope s.c.A. Huida Prather Girl Reserves Pan-American C1 National Honor Society Commercial Art Club S.G.A. ub Marguerite Pritchett Arthur Proffitt igood scholarship Club Military Florence Rainey Tech Talk Staff Good Scholarship Club Earnest Randall S.G.A. Pan-Amer c Clu Guard Baseba Footba ix I X Biiiy nderson i l'5' M USR N .,, ,t-,.,,.,. ,,..ic.v...,4...,............,. ,. ,. W, -lvlnllgy-H ' ' wmfffv- -qw i'. 1. 'k"-- We SY- +.. . . . ,y1z,i,. c rn- , -P 4. T: .W-W -1-vw-.,.V..,. .Y.. -, f,.5,,,,7i,X, e,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,.,.f.,,,,,,-ww., ,K V, A ' awning. gfi!f , aaa .fy c may A--" Cecil Rigsby rf Eggs so f 'W IFE r ie. L A- R. gf' Q A . J X . f! we , , KY 'E ' ww, , an - ,. J' Dan Rawl ins ii? ye f"+l .AII Ruby Robbins if as Girl Reserves 2' ' 3 Pep Squad w S.G.A. lg "w H P Clarence Robinson L Good Scholarship Club Guard if fjlfxmim J. Floyd Rushing 1 , .- I 'I lgiuqt fl Leo Rust 5 ' P' Connercial Art Club f Good Scholarship Club Darrel Salmon R.O.T.C. officer CVaCk Company Crack Platoon QU? Margery Sassin Girl Reserves Pottery Art Club Au, ,, , , . ., ., - -V .,.,...... Y V ......,.... -Y ...--,....,.,........-,A,.,,....A............ Dalton Scales Potgery Aft Club Music Charles Schmidt Matilda Scottlno Pan-American Club Tech Talk Staff Wolf Pack Staff Paul Schwartz Guard Captain Clark Sell Edwin Sellers Homa Jean Sevuer G I Fl Reserves Bull Sharp fx 14? Eigiliiiilf Q, mggguvwwe-ew Iraiee Shires Good Schol snip Club i H, Qiwwa Joe ropshi 4 i f YQ ' I4 I Q-'MF ff! lE?f ' 1 J Nw icli 5 fel' 4siy E,Mww ,,.q..g... . uilne hfrr t Pottery A Club Tech Talk Staff mi 5 . t 41' 1 x ' . ' et Garfieid Siebenhausen J S egei Diamond Dis Club Tech Talk Staff 5 Good Scholarship Club Crack Company wolf Pack Staff Edith Smith Good Scholarship Club volley Ball Cahmps '38-' Herscheii Smith S.G.A. n Guard Captain Pottery Art Club James Smith if Q I At-.- ian. , , -Y ai... Jack Sosebee Guard Y Cadets Club Leman Stafford Diamond Disc Club Cheerleader Baseball Linz Award Good Scholarship Cl Burton Stansbury Herman Stearman Billy Stevens Doris Stevenson Erma Stratton Pottery Art Club Girl Reserves Good Scholarship Club Tech Talk Staff S.G.A. Lenus Stuart R:0.T.C. Officer Rifle Team Diamond Disc Club Crack comoany Good Scho arship Club ig 3 , qlfigl www V W1 Paui Struceiy R.O.T.C. Officer Canera Club Crack Company Diamond Disc Club Crack Platoon Samlei Sturges Guard MamieTaMef Good Scholarship Club Chorus Canera Club James Leito Bob Tennison Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack Staff Good Scholarship Club ' lntra-Mural Sports Conmlttee Linz Award Pat Tuebner C Inez Tipton Virginia Thompson Gwlmwww Connercial Art Club Pottery Art Club G If S. .A. C ,Ii 2 o.Pgffwf ,N ana, ... , ,,z ,.,, Frederick Veai M. H. Veai Band Captain Diamond Disc Ciub Drum Major 3. Dick Vorhes vanvorhees Doris Waiker Pe p Sq uad Dorothy Waiker - Pep Squad Chariee Washington Catherine Watson Tech Taik Staff 929 Zi 5 5 hind 1 iMEgi7g2f5 qga 4 if ,mv U .-,Y, .W T- - W,-..' -. e fi 1 lf-wg..-:.,,,-vgpyr Edward Watson Jamieson Ware Jimmie Weston i Howa rd Wess R.0.T.C. Officer Diamond Disc Club Senior Hi-Y Crack Company Margery Whitaker Girl Reserves Tech Talk Staff Hazel White Library Council Good Scholarship Club S.G.A. Tech Talk Staff wolf Pack Staff J , Juanita e white all Alfred Wi11is Harry Wi1kinson James Wil1iams Good Schooarhxxx nzabeth Wnlluamson Wolf Pack Staff Tech Ta1k Staff G V W111wamson Good Scholarship C1ub Guard Chorus Ormsby Wullvams Richard Wor1ey Jerry Worth iigigg? WWW-Y U 'ww-F" x xx ' , iigf. 3 .- - K -e ,,vc- 1, I P' L Z Q R x rg '- 452. Q 1 Q ml ' 4, K W Ya? 1 G X A X X ,ummm-Wm W. ,. ,m -1 W,w.W,. ,,,, , Pat Wyrick, Jr. Mary Jambrano Char1es Zink Norma Jean Skinner Ruth FarIey 163215925 f' "Y-' - GRADUATES NOT IN PICTURES! Barton, Faye Margaret Beii, Robert Aivin Boyd, Eiiie Ann Dyess, Mary Virginia Fariey, Eiizabeth Ruth Hambiett, Doris Gene Petty, Dougias Pritchett, IIa Marguerite Pryor, Heien Marie Ruis, Aurora Russeii, Wiiiiam D. Sanderson, Haroid A. Sheiton, Mable Irene Spreng, Theodore P. Tooiey, Edward -. .,.,A...,.,,.-M.ip,..,..,.,,,4.....4,u,,,.,. . A . .. . .-.AM A-diana-I Adans, Avis Bender, Thelma Benningfield, Frances MnHla Btmr Bramhall, Mildred Briscoe, Floy Brown, Evelyn Brown, Gera dine Campbell, virginia Campbell, Francis Carroll, Grace Cervantes, Ophelia Cluck, Minnie Lucile Collins, Mildred Copeland,.Frances Cook, Doris Crow, Evelyn Dixon, Delora Dixon, Dorothy Dorsey, Betty Dunn, Esther Fagan, Georgia Frazier, Cleo Gentry, Jeanne Gillespie, Anette Gossett, Vera Graham, Dorothy Hadden, Isabel Hahnl, Rosalie Alexander, Ben Arrington, Harry Arrington, sam Baker, Janes E. Barron,'Leon Bartlett, Clarke Batchelor, Leon B9Ck, Clarence Bird, Janes Blalock, B. w. Bradley, Oscar Brecht, Louie Brown, Billy Lee Brown, Gerald Brown, Roy George Burks, Billy Chaney, Milford Cheek, Lloyd Claunch, Richard Cox, Clifton Crenshaw, E. L. Creswell, Edwin Daugherty, Frank Dishner, Billy Drake, Edwin Duncan, Elner Dunham, Carrol Dyer, Jack Evans, Carel Ferrill, James Ferrell, Ordway Fitzhugh, Edgar Fricke, Harvey Friederich, Robert Fuller, Jesse Fuller, w. A. Gallagher, Harold Gipson, william Guerrero, Richard Hale, Chester Hale, wilbur Hamilton, Forrest -vw wg-a-r,1m,,,,,,,,, ... 1-R -.-F -we ,. THE NEXT CROP! JANUARY, 1941 - Girls - Hanm, Emily g Hamnond, Janie Herndon, Lolyan Hillhouse, Ruby Holmes, Gladys Hollingsworth, Mildred Ingram, Anna Ingram, Mary lsom, Evelyn Jackson, Sadie Johnson, Betty Jo Johnson, Edith Johnson, Leota Jones, virginia Kendrick, Ann Kight, Anna Lou Ladymon, Alice Law, Johnnie Ellan Mcconmon, Gladys McGregor, Loraine Mchay, Bernice Martin, Louise Maxwell, Bobby Jo Miranda, Lillian Moore, winzola Morrison, Imogene Mass, Dorothy Nall, Clorine Nall, Florine - Boys - Happel, Carl Heath, Roy Thomas Helton, Fred Hendricks, Albert Hendricks, Eugene Hooten, Caris Hooten, Iris Hoyle, Donald Hubert, Bobby Humphrey, Billy Hunter, JaCk Jett, Earnest Jones, Earnest Kellam, Harold Kinard, Joe Knight, Frederick Kriegel, weldon Lane, Charles Edward LaRoche, Paul Lawrence, Ben Leito, Janes Lester, Sidney Leverett, Billie Joe Lindsey, Janes Long, Lewis Lowry, J. C. Lyons, Kenneth McClendon, Ira McCorvey, Allan MCNOrton, R. B. McMurray, Bill Martin, Bob Martin, G. w. Meador, Raymond Mehrten, Frank Miller, w. H. Mitchell, Charles Montgonery, Robert Mora es, Joe. Morgan, Melvin Morris, ROD6Ft Morrow, Orville so .,., along, Packwood, Cora Patton, Vada Philps, Jewel Frances Pipkin, Anna Porras, Esperanza Potter, virginia Pressly, Mary Catherine Rener, Bessie Roberts, Jacqueline Roberge, Minnie Rueggeberg, Erna Russell, Jinmie Lee Salisbury, Pansy Sander, Juanita Satchell, Melba Schneider, Mildred Scheureman, Mildred Sell, Juanita Stinette, Evelyn Thomas, La Dean Toland, Bernice wagnon, Mary Lee west, Mary Ann Williams, Jewel wilson, wanda wooten, Christine Wfight, Barbara Young, Mary Alice Myers, Everett. Ninich, Dimitri Owens, 0'dell mrmn we Paschall, Belker Patton, Ray Peacock, Robert Pendergross, william Phillips, Janes Phillips, John Pietsch, Ernest MrmH,Hwh Redmon, Charles Redmon, william Richardson, Charles Robinson, George Rodarte, Rudy Rodriquez, David Ross, Alfred Saffarrans, Frank Salisbury, Perry Saunders, wallace Seaman, Lawrence Sharp, W. L. Spradling, Paul Stanclif , Floyd Stewart, John Stone, Gerald Stone, Rodney Sy, John Taylor, Chester Trees, Honer Veal, Frederick wallace, Robert Weatherford, Arnold white, Douglas williams, David wright, Charles Wright, Janes wright, Leon Yates, Frank W----,Ame V , ww- -V YoU'LL BE WELCOME . . . . As graduation comes around each year, I always think of a cow we used to have. Her name was 'Mama' and each year she would present us with a calf. We were interested in the cow's milk production for use in our home, and for this rea- son, had to take the calf away i from her as soon as the calf could get along "on its own". This was a source of annoy- ance - yes, I may say grief to "M8Il'lllB."- Her heartfelt bellows rent the sky and echoed back and forth over the surrounding terrain. We didn't pay much attention to herand ina few days she set-t ,tled down to the serious business WALTER J . E. SCHIEBEL of eatirg grass andnnlcixg milk. I don't mean to imply that you are calves and that we are cows, but I can't help but see a similarity between our graduation procedure and the story I have mentioned. Let me indicate a possible sequel. If the calf came back to see the cow, she would not remenber her offspring. . . even ignore and fight him off. Lat it not be so with us! After we have ceremoniolsly turned you out, we shall feel complimented if you think enough about our nurturingprocess to want to come back and say "hello". This is one of the unny joys associated with teaching. Best of luck to all of you, and be sure to come back and tell us a- bout it. Walter J. E. Schiebel ' " Principal 11 7 x X Q ...-,-, 4.-. .WYYV H.-- Y.- -.....V Y, .. Y. . act v .W . - ,M . f .V,, ..,Y.-..,,, ,, ..,...fnngnn.... .., F--w-W l V X. ,L4L E .ks .k.,V WM, I E , tf.fi,Ai ' A . - ' 1 'gf-2 - ,. -f 7 ww '15-sw f N-vi,J32ifz,i'w'gs2w,M?. sw: -- ,f jwL1 ff' V Wwgwgwmwiwwg fmwg , - 1 ' - f '-Q Nxfmi .'i'7:a,'!wA,,1: z mwwwVwHw .wi ,L , V.:. V, , , af if ldent Seni , and 4, Mauna... ,,.,, A,,J,,,,,M,, Y HW, - .,,,,.,,, WM. ,A,, 1 .,.. Wm, ..,.. . ,,,,...,,,A., ..,.. ,...,w.auh-..h...,H,.. - . , MM, J.. ..-,uH-. . ..,...,u,. --mr-W -A f gg ,.., , i5H' 5gZJ"22 ,rd f w w 52:21",t'fg1g-fnfwaagsw f ' . i if ,Z ' f r 515, L. ..V A 3:5492 --Eg: , 'elxfifi W ff ,gag 6 A.1...,, ...-. v 5 , .. , -:M """" " 'KX A X -SQEQEQQEXEQBSFE ffzls-QSELQ-, IFN' P rikigw M gwf gg-, wbfwwwwgafmagp WWA f 'rwiQgw W3 sy s3,. ,sg 2. fe IB f, k 3543? f - wi .fg:,-21,258 A I QQjT?i , . SW? fn 3 --was Jim John a Q -....,...,, E. .....i..,........,..-....,...M ,.,. ,., .4 A... .......n M ...,..A4. graduating rather competxt OD Nbnard, who was 11 star, boy' by eyes boy. Janu- ary class of'41,is tificate instead, cer- this summer. Theigradnates an good lutk. lll if P V W- -..-. W.-.,.,...,..-... ,.,, .., v...w.-....,,,,,,.,,l, ,. , . ,W , . 5: 2' AMONG THE OUTSTANDING . GIRIS Most Popular ---------------- Prettiest - ------------ ----- - N ---------- Norma Marinick ------------Louise Barbee Best School Citizen ----- ------------- Evelyn Orsburn Best All Round -- -------- - --------------- Jo Gebron Best Dressed ------------------- --- Eileen Buffington wlcuesn ----- - ------------- - -----------n Evelyn Monk Most Sophisticated --------- -- ---- -Flora Belle Hodde Most Reliable ------- - ------ Best Personality -------- --- Most Likely to Succeed ---- -- Most Jitterbuggy ---- - ------ Norma Jean Skinner ------- Homa Jean Sevier --- ---- Theresa Galloway ---------- Fern Craighead Best Dancer ----------------------- ..-- Alberta Nelson Chatterbox ------ --------- - ---------- Orell Hendrix Best Figure ------------------------- Charlotte Hafter b BOYS Most Popular ---------------------------- -Monard Mann Best Looking --------- -- --------- ---- Leman Stafford Best All Round ----- ---------- -------- John Partlow wittiest ------- --------- ----- - J. Lee Dillingham Best Dressed ------------------------- Herman Stearman Most Reliable ------ ----- -- ---- ---- - Dalton Brown Best School Citizen ----- ------- Sheridan Broadstone Best Dancer - ---- - --------- --------- Bill Sharp Best Personality ----- --------- ----- ---Bob Dolton Peppi es t -------- -- ---- ----------- 1- ------ Edd Lange Most Likely to Succeed ------ ----is ----- Ruben Cantu Best Athlete ----- -- ---- ---------- - Kelley Philbrick Most Talkative ------- - ------ -- ------ Paul Schwartz Best Physi - ------------ Pat Teubner DONOR Ormsby Williams Herman Stearman Kelley Philbrick Pauline Shurrett Mary Burkheart Mickey Arthofer A Ruth Baird Flora Belle Hodde Raymond Oliver Weldon Garrison Elliott Brewer Ewelyn Orsburn Charlie Washington Annette Kuykendall Daman Stafford Margery Sassin Hazel White John Partlow Bob Tennyson Billy Johnson Bill Grubbs Hershel Smith Esther Otero Fern Craighead Vada Patton Fritz lyne J. Lee Dillingham Billie Jean Byrd Jo Gebron Eleanor Brewer Charlton Ayres ss, LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT DONATION ' Curly Hair Good looks Athletic Ability Bashthlness Dimples Personality Artistic Ability "Cane Hither Eyes" PGP Musical Ability High Grades Shorthand Ability Ability to Talk Baby Talk Presidency Talkative Ability Blonde Hair Football Sweaters Voice Basketball Abilityl Cheerleader Way With Girls Brown Eyes Blue Eyes love for Football Heroes Lieutenant Colonel Hunor Complexion Tennis Ability Ear For Music Technique DONEE E. L. Crenshaw Bill Bartosh Allan MCC0l'y Reagan Richie Rosemary Elliott Ray Hickey l Mary Ann West Billie Daniels Ada Ruth Williams Chester Hale Clifton Cox Barbara Wright David Harrflsm Mildred Snyder Charles Wright Ruby lee Washington Betty Jane Eastus Pete Barunes Gwendolyn Willett Pete Bateman Bob White Perry Garner Ewelyn Stinette Fannie Elle Williams Mary Alice Young Jesse Fuller Chester Taylor Virginia Jones Dorothy Dixon Eamest Jett Ordway Ferrell 'lfk I :7 g Qu -'---wa-- vm--, ...Y v--va-fw- ..V, W ,W T, ,, W.. ,W . ,,w,,,5m,,, . . ., . -------vw' f N, I wi' I I I X. 1.1 ' .Y TIWQV V 1, A x 1 X z or f" , W i WWW if f W, If ' J ., g ir ' ' f ,,,, W 'ff ,K1. , f f infw qf K A7 Q 4 lb if- wr , QZ,rmwMM 2 SQ, WWE, i N ar-sly x Nl, U' W 'g ' 4 1 f Nfl 4E::lNENu'llh A wli. 'I SENIOR HI-Y Left to Right, First Row: Ordway Farrell. Raymond Johnson, Hugh Calhoun, J. C. Payne, Orion Newman, Lawrence Seaman, George Robinson, Dich Schiebel, Richard Danner. Second Row: Bill Grubbs, Ernest Randall, Robert Burks, Willie Abranson, Kenneth Lyons, Jack Gustavus, Billy Humphry. Third Row: Frank Yates, Fred Buenrosto, Bill Hutchins, Jinnw Pappas, Belker Paschall. Fourth Row: E. L. Crenshaw, Larry Newman, Ralph Yates, Sheridon Broadstone, T. H. Johnson, and Mr. Green, sponsor. K .., -, , .. .,..,,.l....-...........-.... a-a. ,. .............-............4...........a..., ,. wvruyy.- .,.v.. --,-on ,,,.,,-f-er,,Y...pi..' if ., , 7. . L., ..,vw.--7, , ,m-ww - fee Y -v---we K . . 4, 2,367 . I A M, gf ,., v-i11'f...g 9 4:"4.f-L, f,,:w,-.7'- . ! , LIBRARY C OUN C IL Left to Right, First Row: Otheida Giossup, Hiida Prather, L Barbara wrigh , Norma Jean Skinner, Haze'I white, Rosa Lee Badgitt Second Row: Mrs. wairaven, sponsor, James Russeii, Jack Rolls I Loyce Spangie, Gwen Laird, Marcii Everett, Mariyn Marburger, Mike Digacinto, and Curtis Farrer. DU PAN-AMERICAN CLUB Left to Right, First Row: Matilda scottino, Theima Bender, Euia Bell Casey, Haze'I Crabtree. Second Row: LaVEVna Yeh'Ie, Frances Robinowitz, Otheida elossup, Norma Jean Skinner, Marcii Everett, Miss Davis, Sponsor. Third Row: Mamie' Drake, Minnie Margaret Roberge, Ewald Hardi, 1 Kennet h Lyons . -A .ws -v,YY N.. - -Yf-- -- v-vf.-,-mWf:-w.-.- ,...,v,., ,,,, ,.,.,.,,..L,,.-,,.,,.. ,,.. .,. ,V ...WW . .,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. L. mm.-W-.--.-..-.,,,,,. . ., ,,.,..i..f- V, IALTYIN 131153 Left to Right, First Row: Mary giien Murphy, Dixie Doyie Richards, Kenneth Bishop, Theima Lois wasson, Erna Rueggeberg, A1 fred Armst rong . O Second Row! Marion summar, Frances Owen, lmo ene Wyatt, Lorene Fielding, Marianna Pittman, Margaret Howeqi, Biiiy Burnett. Third Row: Louise Martin, Biiiie Ruth wiikinson, Frances Smith, Anna Ingram, Johnnie Eiien Law, Catherine Nater. POTTERY ART CIUB Left to Right, First Row: Winona Stewart, Helen Asimakis, Norma Evans, Mozeiie Robertson. . Second Row: Luge Acosta, Bobbye Joe Maxweii, Ruth Crober, Louise Tipton, Daiton Sca es. Third Row: Naomi Salas, Robert fBuddyJ Smithson, Maurice Buchanan Gwen Laird. Fourth Row: Mary Catherine Stitzie, Marie Pendergrass, ciiffn Coiiins, Biiiie Ruth wiikenson and Sara Garner. Miss Lightfoot is the 5P?f'S0,":.,t - A . e,.e. , . so LL, I .JW COMMERCIAL ART CLUB n Left to Right, First Row: Henry Caiiahan, Doris Cook, Jodene Brans, Mnidred Crockett, Dorothy Meiton, Erma Corsey, Betty Huddleston. Second Row: Margaret aratcner, Henry Sanchey,.Cora Packwood, Mary Ann west, Sue Neison, Hortense Hernandez, Gwen Laird, Hilda Prather, Mr. Kadei, sponsor. Third Row: Ruth williams, Louise Martin, Virginia Thompson, Loraine Mcsreogor La Verna Yehie, Frances copeiand, Eiizabeth Mitcheli. Fourth Row: George Brown, Neison Henderson, Eisye Davis, Mary Catherine Pressiey, Laura Lee Davis, Eveiyn Biiss. Steiia Stevens. fifth Row: Robert Montgomery, Leo Rust, Roy Giliion, Perry Garner, Dan Smith. Q 3 3 Q if . afggiigkgig I A Y , R- X. , -irc-. ' 'fry L M: J may ' 1' 1' gi df ia fi CALUERA, CIJHB Left to Right, First Row: Paui struceiy, Ruth wiiiians, Lupe Bezerrit, Robert Bendorf. Second Row: John Guznan, Mike Hernandez, Sheridan Broadstone, Marvin Benedict. Third Row: Melvin Morgan, Onesimo Hernandez, Perry Garner, Paui Rodriquez, Jerry Craver. . ., i.. ..,. -.-.... .-.wma , vw... , .. . ,, .w,.,.,,., , Aw,- .,T.,fgmp- W Q X 4'-.,. A do lkX?,f6 Q4 ff f TEcH's 95 X . R.aT.c. The year of 1940 marked a great year for the 'Dech High Corps. by the winning of all trophies offered in military to the Dallas Schools. Among the events won for the year were, Fall Rifle Match, Fall Inspection, Corps Area Rifle Match, Shoulder to Shoulder Match. The Tech corys cane in second in the Officers Test at the beginning of the year and won sixth place in the Corps area inspection. As a result of the Federal Inspection, Tech won the Efficiency Cup to keep for good since the Regiment won the Cup for the past four years. "A" Company won the award as most efficient ccmpany for the first semester with Capt. Paul Strucley as conmander. "E" Company won the efficiency award for the sprhg term with Capt. Charlton Ayres in ccmnand. Commandant Ryan. . . The Tech High Cadet Corps wishes to pay the highest tribute to its commandant, First Lieut. Martin S. Ryan. Lieutenant Ryan is a friend to each cadet---a hard worker not only for the corps but also for the school. He is a commandant of whom Tech is proud. Acting as assistant commandant at Tech this year--- and ably assisting Lieutenant Ryan --- has been Col. George Myers. MM , s.. . r-,, ,,.,,,,.,..... ,,,..,- -, , ,. r - - ', , COMPANY "A" Officers G Capt..Bill Little Sgt. Bradley, Dyer, Jones, Lt. Milford Chaney Payne, Spurlock, Stayton, Lt. Larry Newnen Van Dusen, Worth, Baker, Lt. John Jorden Earnheart, Efflandt. Cpl. Bridges, Fulcher, Stayton, Van Ducen. Privates Barbe, Balka, Baker, Bigelow, Blake, Bosher, Box, Bridges, Bronsor, Caddell, Cervantis, Classe, Clark, Cothrum, Crenshaw, Dale, Dewey, Earnhart, Efflandt, Farley, Ferguson, Fulcher, Gainmill, Giece, Gilbert, Gill, Green, Happle, Harrison, Hamilton, Hayes, Herry, Billy Hodges, R. D. Hodges, Holbrook, Hope, Huddle, Humphries, Ingle, Locke, Loerwald, Lyon, Mayness, Malm, Markham, Martin, Moore, Morri, Osborn, Reid, Quijano, Sebastine, Shannon, Shropshire, Shub, Smith, Stancliff, Strickland, Tatum, Turner, Warren, Wharton, Williams, Wolfe, Worley, Mckliaster, Richards, Proffitt Bobby, Jones COMPANY "B" Officers Capt Olen Haygood Sgt Benny January Hutto Parker Lt Eddie Loyd Redding Woodall Brooks Frederick T H John Cpl Boyale Hearn Frederick Hutto Lt Robert Pendergras Parker Redding Stewart Woodall Capt Raymond Petty Privates Huie Jones Meadows Miller, Morgan Morrow Nethery Olson, Patterson Ross Schcenstenn Shearin, Sparks, Starrett Stewart, Strain Thomas, Truett Tuley Will ford Willson Wyrlcks, Wylie, wisely Wood Wright Adams, Allen, Armstrong, Best Boyle, Brech Charrbers Champion, Charles,Colller Conger, Corley, Cowart, Cox Creech, Cumnln s Cunningham Foster, Davis Frederick Garland, Goswick, Gremilllon, Green Hackett Hal Hardi, Hardy Head, Heavn, Herron, ' . '. . ' ' .' - V l , , , - Lt. . . son . ,U , , , . , , . ,l , . . l . , , 1 g 1 I 1, , , , . , f , I? . 1 , - .' ' ' : . ' ' . I 1 Y I ' I . ., an F fl an , -s..,-W'-W- " ' -"W" COMPANY "C" Officers Capt. Jesse Fuller Sgt. Burnett, Dodson, Godfrey, Lt. Robert Wadley Gross, Helton, works. Lt. Gerald Stone . A . Lt. Thonas Lopez Cpl. Boyd, Farris, Ferril, Lt. Paul Heinberg Jett, Lane, Salmon, Smith Lt. Billy Weldon Lt. william Pendergras 1st Sgt. Herron Privates Barnes, Benardis, Bennett, Benningfield, Bramhall, Christianser, Collie, Conly, Crownwich, Delbril, Dewberry, Dharity, Dodson, Drake, Dunban, Gadd, Gouger, Gribble, Grubbs, Hilton, Hood, Johnson, Jones, King, Lane, Lawrence, Long, Martin, Mccamey, Metton, Millikan, Mongarass, Montgomery, Morris, Morrison, Mulkey, Nejtek, Peacock, Phelps, Rodarte, Roddy, Sanderford, Schultz, Shaddox, Shane, Shoulders, Skinner, Smith, Stogsdills, Sturges, Tatum, Thrasher, weston, Wertz, Wheless, Whitfield, Wilson, Wyse. COM ANY WEH Officers Capt..Charlton Ayers Sgt. Dodd, Brown, Darlington, Lt. William McAlaster Nichgl, Huse, Reeves, Hodges, Lt. Ben Alexander Abramson, Hooper. Lt. James Jones Capt. Charles Jacobs Cstaffl Cpl. Penn, Bounds, Yarbrough, Maj. Bill Sharp fStaffJ Rools, Willis, Gonzales. Privates Abramson. Alexander, Belew, Bindsong, Brady, Brinker, Brooks, Brown, Clark, Coke, Cobb, Chauantez, Darlington, Ferrell, Fischt, Flatt, Fricke, Giles, Hale, Hall, Hallford, Hamilton, Hardy, Hart, Hodges, Hooper, Hurst, Jones, Jorden, Knox, Mccorley, McLeland, Mitchell, Moore, Neal, Nichol, Pruitt, Ouirom, Reeves, Riemer, Russell, Salmon, Stafford, Stevens, Thomas, Tilson, Velasco, Warren, Willis, Worley, Wiley. Ax-UAA: Mm M mi, -WA H M, ,, ,,,- ,.,, W,,,.,.,.,......,- ,,, . , ...,..., LV.- 4... V - -1--M - --4-A -L--v -:L A-H -- 1' , ,H , +. 7-ya.-. 1 v BAND - , in w ,gi f Q , C 'M Q QAH, " N 1 mfnffw- P' W 'wsfff' 2'-i N fwlli. i J. 51255 s "' - ai sf. J' ' - i 'Q 'gn' " 75' ff ,wg .Q ,nf - 1, W , M ..,,, af 4 . 'M I r. '-. ,,- '-f . . Q' a.' . 'C u ' , 4b'- .Jef - , 'i?,,'g-'0'e' --we 4 'f d ffaf 1M f ,',AW ev i" : ff ef? ,,f al, ag? 'fy dk. 'givin' L Q 5 ,. , if -E' v-.V V tx: , . K Q, 71.50 . L , , Ivy, , ,W ,hi ,Q K .. .i A A ,I .C 1 ,, U, -, - -, H . .gf -,. . A .. , we ,. AN, gl . , .5 n f 5' - Fd-. psf' . HW 'fp Il w ax ,i " .,-:-' H4 i , f lf: -ff X 'FN LV :eh Q ,E N-55 ,5 , A. Q.: 'laik' ,tie Q A, qi . : ' , "' ' L fMQgQWg' , A wv'hg, Qwfffei nieeewieamtxwefi pwyw e A ee,f1aeaM , Q ee, if 1- 'rw vip' a+ :W eff' 'f anti jjUf V C 5?-I. elel f 2 if H 2 '. f f'W ,-wwaimeaefz L-'A ffawdiffea if 2 ,ff'4fg4?ie, ?'WlifE 2 -- 3 M - ie? -, , C. . 1' Q - ai C ' V ,,,, - , C C ' " L' fy sf 2 6 - - - f 1' ' V TE ! .5 C f 1 1 QE, 4 C . . sz av I V 9 .. , -1' f V , gg. i . 1 . , C sim f' ,C , 2 ,ag , . , C C C , 5 gl , l gzgg LV., ,n,wa i,' ,ta, i , L,,dEg w,g2 ' gt 5 LL-L, S 'j Nga Wi R ,iTi. . ,Q jnvw W une, . ,w,s, 3 af, , ,le.g ea ft-' L' f M 7 , 3,,Qf:L', fe,KP?i , ff , M e ' K s g ,an f 1 4, gl - tif' 1 - Ike, 1 ini: STAFTP Regimental Commander, Fritz Lyne Regimental Executive officer, Lenus Stuart Battallion Commander, Bill Sharp Regimental Adjutant, Paul Strucley Staff Officers, Capt. Clarence Rice, Capt. Duglas Petty, ' Capt. Charles Jacobs, Capt, Olen HQYQQOUQ Capt. Leman Stafford. v :w':,f' w'1n.w,i-'v 1 ,w'fvZ- , view. if. .C-,. ,.1f.-W in 142, ' , ...,', ,fb-, ! P I , 1 S L I E Wu, g It N t illli' YJ Nxfxlfif :JN Q L "Nw , A I if 'I v an A", !f x R Q nu.. it' F Q , ess, ,-we si- ' X f W. , 'NM W, Sxxxxxwc, N I flllllfl f F ""H5fuH1wW1- rp Il 1 77YW x WENT ww i r Tech's Intramural sport program is designed principally E to provide wholesome recreation and exercise that will help keep the body in excellent condition. The program teaches the boys sports that may be played away from school, which will have great health and recreational value. L The Intramural program cares for boys that are of too K high a classification and too old for other school ath- A letics which they may want to participate in. It satis- ! fies the demand of boys to play on some athletic team, and i also to wear the "I.M." school letter sweater so that they S may be recognized by fellow students. Intramural Sports do not require long hours of study and training. They give the boys a chance to develop lea- dership, sportsmanship, and a group spirit of unity. This program stimulates a great interest in school athletics, and secures a permanent interest in all sports. Above all it establishes a high standard of citizenship and also lifts the boys to a higher scholarship goal. The Boys that participate in Intrannral Sports play for the sake of the game and for their team and not for self. ' They learn to become good losers, generous in defeat, and modest in victory. The boys play hard and clean in all Intramural sports they enter. W Dallas Technical High School is the only Dallas school g to have Intranurals at this time. Tech's recreational program was started by Coach H. E James Tysor, health and physical education instructor. E E NX T me X , E V N , WINNAH, X my , E - Q SQ. . v G L . Q x X 'qi 5 1 S - J A ,j :gf fx .x Q f V X 5 l I I rf h rr X PP 9 me f I X - - -S - xt -s M X 1 L 6' I I La M. I g Q E L,-MMM ,,,,, MAA, , 7 , ,. . - ...I I... ...I.......-. ., A -2533 ...--.Q--wb--:N - BASEBALL TEAM 'Left to Right, First Rowg Brickett, second base: Edwards, outfield: shares, manager: Duke, outfield: Morrison, first base. Second Row: Long, shortstop: Mason, third base: Stevens, captain, second base: Stearman, captain, catcher: Ross, outfield: Hamilton, first base . Third Raw Alexander Coach Stafford outfield Pipes outfield Hoyle shortstop Patton pitcher Long outfield Standlfer pitcher Fate coach Not tn. the pasture James Prince first base Thomas Stafford pitcher Ray Hlckle outfield C A Jones outfield Thomas Lopez Pitcher Showlng plenty of flght for Tech was the baseball team of 1940 Although they stayed near the top last year they f'1n1shed close to the bottom thls season Many thrills were provlled the fans as the boys played hard to wm every game We could not g1V9 credlt to any one partlcular player as all of them played flue baseball, flghtlng hard up to the last mmute And as we leave, we w1ll always remember the boys who played on the 1940 baseball team for our "Alma Mater" . . . -. . ' vu I 1 . 9 Dv r u Q c . Q l I D I I I f I I , Q . . . . . . . . r v '- .. , I . . . o a . . . . n I . 3 i I ""?'fW"' V I L w 1 I . F E i i i i E I F L l r 5 i P F L I f- ' 1. L NE E r 5 E V I Y, i I X I A I , L... ...-,,... .,.., --,..., HA Arfrrr-dl-Yu- M- Y-A-M - --, -- 9 sv a -Q7-ily-I - -51.1- Aww WY, N-pq., ..., ,,,,i5gzmg,..-wr-.fmfu-,V-Y -ff-1 Q AUTOGRAPHS FROM THE FACULTY--- n . .4 , 015' F , SW! Q Q 'f P M, A L fob 5- FLIC.-1 v ,, Q Ax K ' Ei M4 Mm M, ., ,,m..L.g.. ,..,.,,..,,.,1,, L,-H t .Ag . STUDENT AUTOGRAPHS ,QZQWQD Q' . W T at T I L f , ' ,fp X 3 ' Qafd-Zo QL' ' QM . T 2 . 1 JUDGES X69 f fiyafiul - T QI Y ,, br ,+,,?F.f' "L 1, ,,. STI LL MORE AUTOGRAPHS--- THIRTY-FIRST OF MAY We'll all long remember our educational bliss And the English and History that we couldn 't miss A higher education of life and of knowledge, And worrying about courses giving credit in college. Well, we lingered along till the time soon came And there appeared on the dean's board a long sheet with our name,' Now Frances and Bettye and Bobby and Hafty Were full-fledged candidates for the class of May '40 We'll seal all our heartaches and happiness, too, In a little white book that we addressed to you And to those behind us with more time to stay, We'll say "Adios" on the last day of Hay. Jacqueline chapel 1 -11 J N F y I i A I If - - - I' Q, : ,ufsifiii .-

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