N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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S? 2 3 5 Q E 5 HI E ! sv- 3S?N:'5J '?'!!"'1fi??J'iifi5" HSI? ', ' ' ,L k' ,... . 2I '-fxf. ,fl f5c2lWXL3..nA,-af TE NIISC AM PUBLISHED BY THE JANUARY CLASS OF 1938 DALLAS TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, DALLAS, TEXAS IN APPRECIATION Once in a while a great teacher blesses a group of students. The Class of 1938 feels fortunate in that it has been blessed by three great teachers and a great leader. It appreciates the privilege of dedicating this issue of the Techniscram to them. Mr. Schiebel, principalg Miss Blythe, former sponsorg Miss Bone, present sponsorg and Mrs. Haines, who on many occasions has served as "fairy godmotherf' are the ones to Whom the class pays tribute. May they experience every joy of a full life, every pleasure of finding a job Well done. Above all, may they never be disappointed in their Class of 1938. PUBLICATION STAFF Editors-in-Chief--.. Associate Editors , Business Manager sees. , ..,. so or so Assistant Business Sports Editor ssss. Humor Editors Club Notes ,ss....... Managers I 4 l Haskell L. Prewitt W. D. Hill Dee Trizza Louie Tomaso Kathleen McMillan Marie Pinto S. H. Goodrich Fred Harper Beth Witt W. D. Hill Lorene Chester Frances Richards CLASS PROPHECY By MARIE PINTO When the Class of January 1938 made its arrangements for the coming commencement, it fell to my lot to assume the role of the prophet. Being not especially endowed with the gifts that make a seer, I first attempted to decline, but my class- mates became so insistent that I promised to do the best I coulcgi hoping that some kind fairy would help me out of my rou e. I have never seen the fairy. Still, I have had some visions, and I am going to picture to you what I beheld. Ankling down Elm Street, I saw none other than Kathryn Martin as ticket seller at the Queen Theater. I stepped across the street to find Mary Elizabeth Denis still working at Kress. You know, "the million-dollar baby from the five-and-ten-cent store." Mary tells me Nell Ruthe Mullins is now a Mrs. and feeding her three young ones on Mullins' Dairy Milk. . Later, I jumped in my coupe and shuffled off to Lakeshore Drive, where a blessed event had just come to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Russell. As you know, Ray is now president of the First National Bank, his wife, the former Norma May, made her debut in 1940. After leaving there I visited my Alma Mater, where S. H. Goodrich is now teaching printing. I walked into his room and there stood Louie Tomaso, who took the retired Mr. Stockard's place as supervisor of high schools. They informed me Julia Halloway now occupied Miss Mos- by's old room and was doing a nice job of teaching history. After leaving the school, I whizzed out Haskell Avenue, to find those Trizza brothers, Dee and Sam, as partners in the gro- cery store. And there was Roy Farr, just taking in twelve loaves of bread. I rushed out to my apartment to pack my grip and make the 8:45 train. Soon I found myself on a streamlined train to Los Angeles to see the Rose Bowl game, and of all people George Webb was chief engineer. Well, I went on to my seat and there I met W. D. Hill, Merle Norrel, Robert O'Connor, and Van Edgar Neal. The latter three are now main-string heroes on the S.M.U. football squad, and W. D. is captain of the cheer- leaders. Tagging along was Curtis Huffstetter as water-boy. I always said S.M.U. would play the Rose Bowl game again soon. When we stepped off the train, there was a big crowd to greet us, but my heart skipped a beat when there stood Elgin l5l Young, idol of the screen, to greet his old schoolmates with open arms. Also there was Jack Walker. Of course, Jack still lives up to being a big-shot, and holds down the position of mayor of Los Angeles. Jack, Elgin, and I immediately went to the M-G-M Studios. Everyone remembers David Evans, who played the doctor in "Wings of the Morning." Well, David was on the lot sit- ting in his director's chair, and sitting next to him was Ella- belle Farrow, now Mrs. David Evans. Working on the set were Martha Belle J ulius' and Otto Thompson. The Martha Ray and Bob Burns of 1948. I had a great time, but when I got home all my clothes were dirty. But to my rescue came Iva Reddell, who was now taking in washing to help support her husband and kids. I asked her about Nelma Lee Lovelace, and she informed that she and R. E. Crain had married. Nelma was working in the office at Grand-Silver, and R. E. was driving a moving van. As usual, my hair needed a bit of beauty. When I walked into Avon's Beauty Salon, there stood Evelyn Putnam to greet me. Well, well, I must say she is an expert at the business. She said Frances Paine had just left and was now president of the Ladies' Aid Society for the banishing of unfit screen pictures for children. She also told me Dan Herron, Sam Shepard, Nickey Naum, and Homer Dorris were recently graduated from West Point Military Academy. What's this! lVIary Louise Wilkinson's picture, and on the front page, too! Yes, sir, she was just crowned Miss Amer- ica. I just met Ann Dragna walking down the street. I told her I had been fortunate enough to locate every one of my former classmates, with the exception of Loretta Elliott. How her face brightened when she heard that name! "Oh, dear!" she said, and then continued, "Don't you read the papers? You know, beauty is only skin-deep, but it is irresistible while it lasts. Loretta is to be the next White House bride." Here my prophetic vision has ended and I have hastily scribbled down a few notes in order to preserve the important facts for this festive occasion. Perhaps some of you do not take any stock in my predictions. Let it go at that. If you live long enough, and according to my predictions, you will be convinced of the truth of my statements. All that I have foretold will come to passg but if it shouldn't, you will kindly pardon my blunders, for to tell the truth, I have some abilities for being a weather forecaster. IGI SENIOR CLASS WILL DONOR Loretta Elliott W. D. Hill, ,7,, ,, , , JANUARY, 1938 DONATION Lmz Pm . ,,,,,,,,,, 7,,,, ,,,, , , .. Sports Writing ,, ,, Kathryn Martin ,,,,., ,, Excess Weight, , , Flora Litton,, ,, ,, George Myers,, Totsy Pinto ,.,,,,,, , , . Hazel Eyes ,,7.e , ,,,Military Leadership., , ,, Personality ,,t, ,, , Aubrey Cheek .,,,, ,, Quiet Ways,,,,, Julia Holloway t,,,,, Jack Walker, , Frances Richards, ,.., , Della M. Riefier, .,,,7 , Small Feet.,,., , Ability to learn , ..,.,,, , ,, , Sophisticated Ways . Pat Sheehan A ,,,.e. . ,Y.... Cocktail Curl ,ee,, , ,, Frances Paine , , ,, Loud Mouth , ,, Elgin Youngs ., ,, ,,,,,, ,..., G ood Looks,,,,,, Mary Lee Schwartz ,,e, ,.,, , Hair Style,,, ,, , , Jack Nelson,, ,,,,,., ,, ,. , ,,ee, Way With Women , , Nell Ruthe Mullins ,,,, . ...il Quick Temper .,., ,, Ray Chandler .,.,., Bessie Williams., Haskell Prewitt,,. Mary Jo Wall. , Cecil Barrow ,,,,,,, ,, , Pleasant Manner ,,,, ,,,...,,,Understanding,, ,, ,, , e..l,,, Phone Number ,, .,e,,,, ., Long Curls e,e,,,. . , Long Eyelashes , Mary Louise Wilkinson., , Beauty ,,,, , . , Homer Doris., . , e,,, Rifle Marksmanship. Evelyn Putnam ,,e,.,, , ,e.. Blond Hair,, ,. , ,, Norma May,, ,,,e ,,,, S weetness , , James Giuffre, ,..., , , ,Guitar Music R. E. Crain .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, R ed Hair ,, , Fred Harper ,,,,,,,, Beth Witt , ,, Tom Lowe.., ,, , , Knowledge ,,,,,,,,,, , , High Grades.,,, ,, Baby Blue Eyes , KennethBoyer ,,,,, , ,, ,, Height ,,,,,, , ,,,, Iva G. Reddell , Good Voice I 7 l Beautiful Complexion , , DON EE Helen Maxine Brown ,, ,..,,,,,,, ,. Joe Campisi , ,, Marie Gerth , , Beatrice Chester Perry Stacy , Susan Baird .. ,,,,, Sango Campisi , Lorene Pritchitt ,,,,,Sam Money , Lo Reese Garrett , ,, Esther Brauer , Bill Porter Muriel Cowdrey , Dick Schiebel ,Erlyn Marsh ,,., , Dan Eddy Margaret Clark ,,,,,,,,,Charles Macon .,,,,Maxine Johnson ,Elizabeth Tucker , , ,,,, Olga Kotsiones ,,,.,,Cleo Dismukes ,,,,,,Amelia Tanner , ,,,,,,, John Pease , Margaret Linskie Dorothy Dodd Nora Musso Henry Smith Mack Mulkey Inez Stallings Joe White , ,,,Everitt Asbill Merle Skinner SENIOR "BESTS" , As one feature of its commencement season, the Class of 1938 selected its "representative students." Those chosen were: best-looking boy, Elgin Youngg best-looking girl, Mary E. Dennisg best all-around boy, Jack Walkerg best all-around girl, Frances Paineg most popular boy, W. D. f"Dub"J Hill: most popular girl, Marie Pinto. From bottom to top in the picture above, the rows repre- sent: best-looking, most popular, and best all-around. E81 f JV Cecil Adama Non-College Industrial Military Band Cecil Barrow Colleize Industrial Radio Cluh auford Berry n-Col e Industrial Feature ditor, Tech Talk Council epresentative V! K l'0WIl Co exze In atrial .V I' ' U W7 X ' X ' xosorge W. Caulkett i I. College Industrial l K Cl K Lt., R.0.'I'.C. I Ritle Team Crack Company Frank M. Clayton, Jr. College Industrial Crack Company I-Ii-Y Commercial Art Club 9 lD:.,ftb ff Frida Pira Asimakis Non-College Home-makin: Pottery Club Commercial Art Club Pep Squad Howell E. Barrow Nvn-College Commercial National Honor Society Senior Play Lt. Military Band Kenneth Boyer Non-College Industrial Band Six-Year Individual Winner in State Band Contest William H. Carver Non-College Industrial Pottery Club Commercial Art Cluh Council Representative Ray B. Chandler College Industrial Lt. Col. Inst., R.0.'l'.C. Diamond Disc Clllh Crack Company Crack Platoon Dorothy May Clem Non-Collette Home-making f f v ,Vi 7 if- Oceola Collinsworth Non-Collelre Commercial 1 vwjfifl' Vu!!! f . I 1 .. I, .!" James CPYYY Non-Colleze Industrial Sarah Crapanzanu Non-College Commercial Harry DeArmond Cullen Non-College Industrial ,J Homer Dorris College Academic Captain Rifle Team Betty .lane Drake Non-College Commercial Commercial Art Club Pep Squad 10 Dorothy Cook Non-College Commercial Hamilton Cox Non-College Industrial Rush E. Crain Non-Colleile Industrial , . A A gfq, , Mary Elizabeth Dennis Non-College Commercial Council Representative Most Beautiful Girl Ann Elizabeth Draizna Non-Colleire Commercial Loretta Elliott Collette Academic Girl Reserves National Honor Society Secretary-Treasu rer of Senior Class 1 HZ' fpfap., I C.,-aww James Evans Non-Colleze Industrial Crack Company Lt.. R.0.'l',C. 4W an Foster College Academic Council Representative James Giuffre Cnlleare Industrial Hi-Y Tech Talk Stall' ' l VA S. H. Goodrich Collgge Academic Capt. R.0.T.C. 'Tech Talk smr Rille Team Crack Company Diamond Disc Cluh Luther Graves Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Stall' Mary L. Griffin College Academic -I l fll Ellabelle Farrow Non-College Commercial Commercial Art Club Pottery Cluh School Play J . ',v, Denzil Gentry ' Non-Colleze Commercial Council Representative Tech Talk Staff Clyde Leon Gleaves Non-Collenre Commercial Pottery Club Edwin Gordon Non-Collette Industrial Max Joe Greenstein College Industrial Rifle Team J Q Frances Gunn Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Stal! I V1 Iv A 5' yi AV if llrred L. Harper ollelle lndustrial I A Representative to l Student Council Nlational Honor Society Attendance Record Senior Play Daniel Sherwood Herron College Academic Major. R.0.T.c. Diamond Disc Cluh frack Company Hi-Y President Student Council I , , ' w.n.uin Lolleze Commercial Baskethall-Baseball Secretary Student Council Tech Talk Stall' Yell Leader Hi-Y Vice-Pres. Senior Class Lawrence Howells Non-College Industrial founcil Representative Iurtis Hu I l Non-C exe ofn f 'a I Titball S -at gf inr Class David Lyon Kennedy, Jr. Collette Academic 4 ' x - I V-A-41C2'i1's f ' LJ Victor Heath Non-College Industrial Louis Hildeman, Jr. Colleze Industrial Julia Christine Holloway College Academic Council Representative Ruhy Caron Howell Non-Colleze Commercial Council Representative .leraldine Lois James Non-College Academic Roselyn Kleinman Non-Collette Commercial Senior Play Tech Talk Staff 1 LU ' 1, F123 I mvdjr i' fy , L- ,- f Y , s Violet Knidin Non-College Commercial National Honor Society Traffic Club Raymond Lamb Non-College Industrial Crack Company Hi-Y Crack Platoon Robert B. Lawson Non-Collelle industrial Thomas Edward Lomi, Jr. Non-College Commercial Council Representative Tennis Senior l'lay Thomas Gaines Lowe, .l r. Colleile Industrial Jil m Lf.. R.o.1'.c. Radio Cluh H. James Matthews Mctiee Colleile Academic Football Baseball Council Representative Tech Talk Stall' f13 S Charles H. Lamb Non-College Commercial Tu-ch Talk Stall' 1 , 1 Delmar Lanier Non-College Commercial Flora Margaret Litton Non-College Commercial s Nelma Lee Lov Collette Acad lC Girl Reserves Council Representative 91-ww M 949194 Claude R. McClary Non-College Industrial Council Representative Rifle Team Kathleen McMillan Non-College Commercial Associate Editor, Tech Talk Council Representative ' nufl " . yxfbkbky fmx . -p ,. qw 'V Vu' ll -V athryn Martin We College Commercial National Honor Society Pan American Forum Girl Reserves Senior Play Leonard Matassa College Academic Pottery Club Crack Company William Harmon Mayhen Colleze Industrial Lt. R.0.T.C. Band Council Representative Senior Play Hi-Y Nell Ruthe Mullins Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Stafl' Pottery Cluh Coancil Representative Nickey Naumovich Non-College Industrial Crack Company Major, R.O.T.C. Diamond-Disc Club Hi-Y .lack Nelson Collexze Industrial Council Representative Junior Hi-Y I... . jj .Lgilf-A l14l Paul Grady Martinson College Academic Lillian Norma May College Industrial Girl Reserves National Honor Society Commercial Art Club 3 4 Z I Q YLUYI-U!!! .'-W' nZColleze Aca is ttery Club ' X . V ,fx ,fb--. -'X 'rw 1 I G1-orare Robert Myers College Industrial Lt. Col., R.0.T.C. Rifle Team Diamond-Disc Club Crack Company Van Edgar Neal Non-College Industrial Football Crack Company .lack Nichols College Industrial Hi-Y i Milan S. Ninich - - Non-College Industrial . Ritle Team National Honor Society Crack Company Diamond-Disc Club Robert W. O'Connor Colleize Commercial Captain. Football Team Baseball Sat.-at-Arms, Senior Class -fsfffx 12,1 1Rr0nks1Pi?n1' Non 'olleizc Commercial Council Representative Best All-Around Girl Robert Morris Phillips College Industrial Hi-Y Evelyn Poole Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Stal Girl Reserves Dudley Bishop Prewitt College Industrial Golf Team Council Representative National Honor Society 15 f7lf7o,Lf45 7701-KU M5 r n Que I Collikt lndusnial Radio C luh Vlanaxrer Football Team cwwu :W MM Albert Clark Puckwnod, Jr College Commercial Crack Company Diamond-Disc Club Council Representative J. D. Patterson Non-College Commercial Senio I l A ' - v All, . Tolsy Marie Pinto C Non-College Academic , Council Representative Most Popular Girl Evelyn Poulter Non-College Industrial Tech Talk Staff Pep Squad Commercial Art Cluh Haskell Lee Prewitt Non-College Academic Rille Team Crack Company Editor-in-Chief Tech Talk Honor Graduate, Special Clas Pottery Cl j J jHf0f.LZ4U - I ' ,lfqlfl 4 .4 1 111-14 Evelyn Putnam Non-College Homemakim: Chorus Pep Squad Girl Reserves Tech Talk Staff Pottery Club lva G. Reddell College Homemakinll 6 ' Girl Reserves Pottery Club " Council Representatife . Orchestra Frances Richards Non-Co ge Commercial Pep Squad ouncil Representative Tech Talk Statf J amed Fran klin Ross Non-College Commercial Ray Russell Non-College Commercial National Honor Society Attendance Record Alvin Paul St. John Non-College Industrial Hi-Y 14.4.,,,g I Rf 16 Paul Rayhurn Non-College Industrial .lack Roy Rice Redding College Industrial Speaker House of Representatives MMA mee Della Mae Rietler Non-College Academic Pan American Forum Herhert Rowan Non-College Commercial Commercial Art Club Mary Lee Schwartz Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Stall' Senior Play Orchestra WI PMN l p J 367 fi-Me7 ' L1 Edgar Blair Suter Non-Collette Industrial Radio Club j , Margie Marie Stout Non-College I-Iomemaking James Otto Thompson, Jr. College Industrial Stamp Club Neal J. Tinnerello Non-College Industrial D. Trizza Non-College Industrial Tech Talk Staff Minnie Mae Vaughn Non-College Homzmaking . N,,'a.', 1?N'f, f. ' vf' W K A 4.M4 Mary Jos No C dustrial MPR Pottery Club Co ercial Art Club Traffic Club E171 TL-tive Thomas Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Staff JJ6' L1 1 , Ona Mae Thompson Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Staff Tennis Louie Tomaso College Industrial Orchestra f Pan American Forum Council Representative National Honor Society President. Senior Class Sam Trizza Non-College Industrial Jack B. Walker College Industrial Best All-Around Boy Safety Commissioner Sgt.-at-Arms, Senior Football Crack Comps Charles Waller Non-College Industrial Crack Company Football 1 1 5 George Wehh Colleze Industrial a erican Forum Coun Representative Senior Play Stamp Club Douglas Whitcher Non-College Commercial Mary Louise Wilkinson College Academic Orchestra Mary Beth Witt Non-College Commercial Tech Talk Staff Senior Play I Ellrin Young: ,4 ,, JINGD-l'4Dll0E0 Industrial f l.ookinz Boy 4' 1 , 1 ech Talk Stall' 'v J i Emil Faulhalwr Non-Collette Industrial E181 Leonard Otto Weiser Non-Collezr lnduatrial -v f f - Mary .lane Whitsitt Non-College lndu trial Commercial Art l'Iuh Pottery Cluh Ko Bessie Jane Williams Council Representatik Golf ' Tennis f F Chatlcsw olgy' V' Tech ,ills ta i , . 1 No - follelte lnfntziamj K x i 1 Martha Belle Julius Q X Coollege Academic X Girl Reserves - Pep Squad 4 Y 0 X 5 N Walter Garner College Industrial Council Representatiwe NOT David Franklin Evans Colle e Academic K Rille Team School Play Roy Garner Farr College Academic Tech Talk Staff Aubrey Cheek College Industrial J I Patrick Henry Sheehan. IN THE PICTURES Jr. Non-College Commercial Lt.. R.0.T.C. Band Captain, Basket Ball Team A Council Representative ,o . Claude Marion Pendley College Industrial Lt., Military Band Hi-Y Jimme Wood Non-College Commercial t t Council Represen a ive Henr W. Brandt Y Non-Colleze Indu rial Sam Shepherd Non-College Industrial Capt., R.O.T.C. Crack Company Diamond Disc Club . , .1 A -5' fffvj' aff" ifiL'+'fLdfy.f I . ff Carlo J. Cardello 'j N on-College Ind Pottery Club ustrial OFFICERS OF THE JANUARY CLASS President I C ccc,, Vice-President Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor cc., U ,eee U OFFICERS U tLouie Tomaso A A oooo W. D. Hill C 7.Loretta Elliott to ,,.,oRobert O'Connor Jack Walker Martha Bone OF THE JUNE CLASS Presldent atttttttt. ttt.t...,..tt...,t E .. ,.oe . O Bill Porter Vice-President ..,oeo, McavAac---cca,-, D an Eddy Secretary .ttt . ...A .,..t .,t...... M uriel Cowdrey Sergeantrat-Arms tt..tt..t .t......ttt.,tt,tt, E verett Asbill SPOHSOI' -fff--f'--eeeee--eefe-,eee-.e--....,f777V l C. A. Bryant E191 CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION Akers, Ruby Alford, Blanche Allen, Hudson Anguiano, Bessie Apperson, Elizabeth Baker, Edith Batchelor, Virginia Brauer, Esther Breathwit, Pauline Brown, Florence Brown, Helen M. Buccola, Josephine Buccola, Nancy Bunch, Virginia Burt, Edna Camplen, Margaret Carrillo, Esther Center, Pauline Chester, Beatrice Chester, Lorene Chick, Betty Lou Cole, Norma, Conditt, Ruth Conger, Joyce Cook, Delores Cowdrey, Muriel Craft, Saleta Crain, Le Verne Cunningham, Vivian Donaghey, Lorraine Elliott, Lillian JUNE, 1938 GIRLS Fry, Jean Galloway, Julia Gary, Dixie June Glass, Mary Kathleen Godwin, Grace Grayson, Mildred Harper, Iris Hendricks, Katherine Hill, Geraldine Howell, Mattie Mae Hughes, Florence Hurley, Virginia Kotsiones, Olga Lay, Martha Linskie, Margaret Long, Christine Mackey, Durene Macon, Nadine Manzer, Violet Marsh, Beulah Marsh, Evelyn Montero, Mary Montes, Marie Montgomery, Wardine Moreno, Faustina Musso, Nora R. Norman, Bernice Parker, Dorothy Jean Parker, Hazel Paulson, Wava Peeler, Maurine l20l Pillans, Frances Peterson, Irma Pierce, Janice Pritchett, Lorene Quillien, Durell Fay Reichert, Johnnie Rener, Nancy Jo Rueggeberg, Ruth Schiebel, Mary Jean Singleton, Virginia Skinner, Merle Spray, Alline Stallings, Mary Inei Stephens, Elmira Stephens, Modell Talkington, Joan Tanner, Amelia Terry, Virginia Thompson, Hazel Tucker, Juanita Vandercook, Jane Wade, Pan Joan Ware, Joyce Witcher, Edith White, Sarah Wofford, Hettie Wood, Muriel Young, Gertrude Young Anna Beth Young, Pauline Zaby, Angeline Ahrens, Bill Arthur, Bill Asbill, Everett Baker, Jack Bass, Clifford Baughman, Vernon Blair, Douglas Bohme, Paul Boyd, Billie Boyd, Rural Bowman, Kessie Bradfield, Eugene Brandenburg, Earnesi Bunch, Tommy Burns, Shannon Campisi, Joe Carter, Lewis Cashion, Sylved Chambers, Gerald Chatham, George Christal, Walter Christian, Homer Collins, Houston Copeland, S. B. Cowand, George Cox, W. H. Craft, Horace Crume, Herbut Dean, Charles Dedmon, Burton De Lee, Bob Dosier, Earl Du Bois, Donald Duncan, Ray Eddy, Dan Egner, Carl Engle, George Ethieson, Leonard Fernandez, Richard Flores, Raymond Fluke, Donald Gleiser, Harvey Goodman, William Gray, Frank Gray, Woodrow BOYS Green, Harlan Grunau, Edward Hale, Edward Hall, Howard Hamilton, Billy Hansen, Walter Hare, Robert Harris, Edward Harrison, Billy Haynes, Harold Hatzenhueller, Charles Henderson, Edward Herbelen, Ted Helton, Charles Hodges, Louis Holcomb, Ray Hornickel, Edward Howell, Wallace Houghton, Bernard Houston, Leslie Hubert, Deuane Isherwood, Dan Kelly, Charles Kemp, Lamar Kern Charles Kiker, Francis King, Claude King, J. R. Kissel, Julius Leonard, Turney Lewis, Vernie Little, Travis Long, Carlton McKinnon, Murray McMath, J. B. McNutt, Reeder Macon, Charles Mahaffey, Wilba Mann, Eugene Marcom, Roy Lee Martin, Richard Matthews, Raymond Melanson, Alvin Millar, Roy Mitchell, James E211 Mitchell, Marvin Money, Sammy Moore, George Morgan, Charles Mongaras, Jesse Moreno, Conrad Murdoch, Robert Neal, Tom Newton, James Olsen, Leo Porter, William Putz, Louis Ramsden, Gordon Robertson, James Rogers, C. F. Roland, Joe Sampley, Weldon Sheppard, Olvey Shively, H. L. Smith, Albert E. Smith, Henry Smith, Richard Sobel, Herschell Spring, Thomas Spurlock, Harold Stearman, William Stinnett, Earl Stovall, Bob Stoughton, Richard Stuart, Hunter Sullivan, Dan Taylor, James Arnold Thomas, Fred Toberny, Louis Tracy, Mac Tucek, Charles Wade, Howard Walker, Frank Watson, Edward Weatherford, Ross White, Joe Williams, Hubert Williams, J. D. Yeargan, Bob Zbylot, James CLUBS SENIOR HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS Mr Kenneth Kitch CC,C..S,SS,.,....,..CC ,,,,CC S ponsor Louis Taberny ......AALL ....,,LvvLLLLLL,,.L, P resident Nlckey Naum ....,L,L.L .,.LL.LL.,.,.,... V ice-President Claude Pendley eLAL.e LLeL.L, S ecretary-Treasurer W D. Hill ,.eee l.e.. . ...eeelLLLL...K , ,. ALL. I Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Claude King Dan Herron Bobby Phillips Dan Eddy James Giuffre Bill Grubbs Jack Barnett Joe White Joe Hayes Edward Hornickel Lamar Kemp Billy Strehorn Harold Haynes Leamon Stafford Kessy Bowman James Cox George Cowand Sheldon Leist Harvey Glieser Tom Schiebel James Douglas Bob Stovall Aubrey Brown Gordon Ramsden Gene Stevens Edward Hale Mac Tracy Frank Clayton JUNIOR HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS Mr Pyeatt ......eeee,eed. ,...aaae . ,Sponsor Thomas Beddoe ,e,..e.. -- I .........., President Billie Joe Leverett .e,,,e .e...ee,.,.,e..e, V ice-Presldent Eugene O'Brien e...,.,.....,..e.eaeaeeee Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Jerry Worth Ferris McKool James Price Roy Gibson Gene Beaty Otto Marinick Kenneth Wester I 22 l PAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM OFFICERS Miss Florence Davis FF.F....F..FF...,.. FF..A....FFFF S ponsor Louie Tomaso so ee.,ee,.., ,, ee,.,..,A......, President Mac Tracy ,,e.,,,, eeee,.e,e... V ice-President Jean Fry .e.... ,...,....,. , .e..,..e....., S ecretary Della Mae Reifier ..,.. S ..ee, so e..,. C e..e....,.e........,. Treasurer Oliver Duffey rre..ll.. , ,..,.,,,,. ,r,..rrr, S ergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Oliver Duffey Faustina Moreno Bessie Barunes Jean Fry David Rodriguez Virginia Batchelor Louie Tomaso Consuelo Correa T. H. Johnson Annie Esenstein Della Mae Reiner Norma Jean Skinner Gladys Zavala Mac Tracy Gloria Henderson Esther Carrello Mary Catherine Pressly La Velle Yarbrough Margaret Ann Calhoun Frank Luna GIRL RESERVES OFFICERS Miss Neal ,. .,7...,r ,...r..r,,, ,7,,,.r., ,,rr.,l,,,,. S p onsor Mary Schiebel re.er .,lrr,, ,.,err P r esident Mildred Clark ..r.,, ee,.., Vice-President Priscilla Dunton .,r,..CC...r Secretary May Vaugh ,F e.,,e ,,eeee.eee. , so Treasurer MEMBERS Alice Berger Margie Sassin Jewell Jacobs Louise Manning Christine Duntton Kathryn Martin Loretta Elliott Rosemary Elliott Edna Fay Jahnes Betty Lou Chick Margaret Clark Faustina Moreno Evelyn Putman Janis Loper Geraldine Hill l23l LoReese Garrett Rose Manelis Lovonia Shipp Pauline Presthurt Virginia Batchelor Helen Hammer Pansy Salisbury Iva Reddell Nelma Lovelace Doris James Dorothy James Marion King Rosalie Broyles Margaret Beaty Marie Gerth NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Miss Zoe McEvoy EEEEEEEEE,EEEEEEEE,EEE.v....EEEEEEEEf.EEE P ..EE Sponsor Jack Barnett .o,..., ., ...A.,. .oooooo.....vooo P resident Edward Hale oooo C oo,,........,o, c.Vice-President Saleta Craft oooo ,P o...,.oAooo.,,,.,,.......,. Secretary-Treasurer Virginia Bachelor ,oooo.o ooo,.o......oooo,..oooo S ocial Chairman GRADUATING SENIORS OF THE ASSOCIATION Loretta Elliott Kathryn Martin Ann Dragna Norma May Fred Harper Dudley Prewitt Dan Herron Ray Russell Violet Kniffin Amelia Tanner Louie Tomaso POTTERY CLUB OFFICERS Miss Mary Lightfoot .C.,eooL.,,.e,,,....,,oleoeee.ooleoe,oo Sponsor Vlary Jo Wall ee...l..eee.eeee,,e e.,....... - .e,,e,,. P ,reee,.,. P resident Haskell L. Prewitt oo,,,,el ,e.,..,,, 1 st Vice-Presldent Kathleen McMillan e.ee be e..eeee 2nd Vice-President Miriam King ..eee,.eeee... ,.,..... 3 rd Vice-President Lorene Pritchett S oeoo.,,, L eooeeee,eeeo Secretary-Treasurer TRAFFIC CLUB OFFICERS llrII' J. F. Alexander ,,,,, ,c,,,,,,,,,,-,,7A, , , ,AY7,, , ,,l---,, Sponsor Albert Smith LeeeeeF.eeeee..,eeeee,...ee.eee...,..,, .....,., P resident Violet Kniffen oeeo v.e, eo,..,.loooe.,eo S e cretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Margaret Woodley Geraldine Knight Marguerite King Nellie Meyers Reba Bonner Beth Witt Violet Kniffen Kenneth Harper Rita Pollock Mary Jo Wall Fay Edwards Billie Cowdrey Lavonia Shippe Lenora Cooper Mary Elsie Ward Mary Agnes Collum Douglas Le Pori F. A. Phillebaum Jack Palmer Ted Britt Owen Carr Richard Martin Leo Kopecky Albert Smith Henry Budjenska Rural Boyd Miss Mary Lightfoot-Honorary Member l24l DIAMOND-DISC CLUB OFFICERS Lt. Martin S. Ryan . .. .. .. . ..., ,, A, .. . Sponsor Maj. Nicky Naum S..,.,.....,..,SS,,.,,A.Sn,,S SS.,..,.SnSS P resident Maj. Dan Herron ...,iiiiiiiS K.i. . S.,,..,,.,. V ice-President Capt. Kessy Bowman ,,....oo.......,., Secretary-Treasurer Capt. Sam Shepard .... . ,..,..,,...........,.. Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Lt. Col. George Myers lst Lt. Albert Packwood Capt. S. H. Goodrich lst Lt. Jimmie Coke Capt. Charles Kelly Lt. Nathan Jacobs Capt. Harold Haines Lt. John Pease Capt. Burton Dedmon Lt. Van Buren Myers Capt. Carlton Long Lt. David Crowder Capt. Edward Hornickel Lt. Milan Ninich Capt. Richard Miller Lt. Billy Strehorn lst Lt. Richard Schneider Lt. Joe White RADIO CLUB OFFICERS Mr. A. M. Cowan ,, ........,........., .......,..,.. .,........ S p onsor Tom Lowe ,.........,...........................,................. President Ed Hale ........r..... I .......,.......,.. Secretary and Treasurer Frank Spivey ........................................ Vice-President fLicensed Operatorj MEMBERS Leon Ashner Bobby Beaver J. C Falkner Sheridan Broadstone Ordway Ferrell Deuane Hubert Glen Hillis Robert Jones Balcom McKay Sidney McKinzie Marvin Mitchell Myrle Norrell Robert Plummer C. H. Roberts Gene Stevens Charles Dean Henry King STAMP CLUB OFFICERS Miss Ela Mae Jones .... . ................., , ..... .....rr....,.... S ponsor Ewald Hardi ............ -- ---- ......................................... President Ferris McKool . ..... ....,.......... . .................................. V ice-President Mickey Herren ..., - ................ .Sec'y-Treas., Publicity Manager Scheffie Monseur, Ferris McKool, Elliott Ingram. ............. Board of Directors MEMBERS Jack Burton Mickey Herren James Webb Ferris McKool Jimmy Henslie Scheffie Monsuer Ewald Hardi Elliott Ingram E251 R. O. T. C. Permanent possession of the Dallas Journal R. O. T. C. Trophy was given to the Tech military corps during the week of October 15. George Myers received the cup, which was given to the Maroon and White because it was won by- this school more times than any other school since competition was started in 1921. In the past seven yea-rs, Tech has never fallen below third place in competition for the Journal Trophy, which is awarded annualy to the winner of the Crack Com- pany Drill Competition. The Tech High officers have won the annual test for the past seven years. This year they were second in the city, with Highland Park first. Out of the four general city-wide inspections the past two years, the Tech R. O. T. C. corps has won them all. The latest was the Fall Inspection given from December 1 to 17. Tech was awarded the R. O. T. C. Intramural Efficiency Cup for its work during the 1936-37 term. At the termina- tion of the fall term, the First Infantry was in first place in the City Efficiency Competition. Officer personnel of the Technical High School R. O. T. C.: lst Lt. Martin S. Ryan ,,.,,,,,. , , ,,,,,,..,.,, Commandant of Cadets Col. Inst. J. Homer Brown .,,,. ...,....,...,... . .Assistant Commandant Col. Inst. Arthur Harris ,,,, ,,..,. , ..... ,,,,..,,...,........ B and Director REGIMENTAL STAFF Lt. Col. George R. Myers, Regimental Commander Maj. Dan Herron, Regimental Exeuctive Officer Maj. Nickey Naum, Battalion Commander Capt. S. H. Goodrich, Regimental Adjutant Capt. Bob Yeargan Capt. Harold Haynes Co. A: Capt. Sam Shepherd Ist Lt. Albert Packwood Lt. Perry Stacy Lt. Billy Hamilton Co. C: Capt. Burton Dedmon lst Lt. Jimmy Coke Lt. James Evans Lt. Van Buren Myers Co. F: Capt. Carlton Long Lt. Maurice McMillan Lt. Henry Bennett Band: Capt. Edward Hornickel lst Lt. Robert Murdoch Lt. Claude Pendley Lt. Louis Toberney 26 Capt. Charles Kelly Lt. Billy Harrison Co. B: Capt. Claude Steele lst Lt. Milan Ninich Lt. David Crowder Lt. Fred Zimmerman Co. E: Capt. Kessy Bowman 1st Lt. Richard Schneider Lt. Nathan Jacobs John Pease Reserve Officers: Lt. Col. Inst. Ray Chandler Lt. Inst. George Caulkett Band: Lt. Howell Barrow Lt. Joe White Lt. Leon Green Lt. Wlnston Strehorn FOOTBALL With only three lettermen to start the season, Coach Wal- lace E. Davis' Wolves had an unsuccessful season. Out of a ten-game schedule the Wolf Pack emerged on the lower end of the score in nine of them. The other game resulted in a tie with St. Joseph. Although they were outweighed in every contest, the light Maroons fought out their hearts until the last gun sounded. The season ended with 157 points scored on the Wolves by their opponents while the Maroons chalked up only 30 points. The following players received letter-sweaters for their award during the 1937 season: Robert O'Connor, co-captain, Jack Howard, co-captain, Joe Long, Kelly Philbrick, John- nie Crisp, Wilbur Mahaifey, Fred Zimmerman, A. D. Chester, John Partlow, Felton Pipes, M. B. Norrell, Billy Sherman, Van Edgar Neal, Sam Campisi, Abert Mansour, Marian Ev- ans, Wallace Hoyle, Billy Stephens, Charles Waller, Bob Stov- all, and Jack Walker, manager. BASKET BALL As the Techniscram goes to press the Tech High basket ball team has played only two city series games, these being with North Dallas and Forest. They defeated the Bulldogs by a score of 31 to 16, but lost to the Lions by a small score. In three practice games, the Tech basketeers won one game and lost two, beating Highland Park 20 to 17 and losing to Pampa 28 to 18 and Arlington 26 to 23. Behind their successful mentor, Coach E. O. l"Doc"J Hayes, the Wolves are doped to finish in second place, next to the pre-season favorites, the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats. The following four lettermen are the players on whom Coach Hayes is depending to win a championship for Tech: Wayne Freeman, co-captain, Everitt Asbill, co-captain, Kendall Bu- chanan, and Billy Sherman. l2'7l J 0 K E S Ann Dragna-They say that fellow over there is worth a million and he started from a scratch. James McGee-What business was he in? Ann-He had a flea circus. Dorothy Clem-Doctor, I'm scared to death. This will be my first operation. Doctor-Sure, I know just how you feel. You're my first patient. Ray Russell-I'm going to give you a fur coat, Sugar-a good oneg something to match my personality. Norma May-I don't like skunk! Nelma Lee Lovelace-The trouble with you, Honey, is that you're lovesick. Elgin Young-Well, maybe I am, but it'll take more than a pill like you to cure me. Dudley Prewitt-Is that a genuine bloodhound? Pat Sheehan-Sure-Oscar, come over here and bleed for the man. Sam Trizza-Cutie, I can tell your thoughts j u-st by looking at you. Bessie Wiliams-Oh, yeah! Then why waste your time just looking? An eldery actres told a younger friend: "Men used to fight for my kisses." The catty friend booed, "I know, dearie, but the war is over." Mr. Schiebel-Come now, what makes you think your wife believes you're a nut? Coach Hayes-Because she's cracking me all the time. I28l Musician-I just learned that the producer is going to make a lot of chorines happy. Girl-Is he going to raise their salary? Musician-No, he's going to raise ours. Ray Chandler-I hear they have an efficiency expert at the pretzel factory. David Evans-Yes, there are several things that need straightening out. Cute Chorine-My fiance spends all day examining bumps on heads. Cuter Chorine-Oh, is he a phrenologist? Cute Chorine-No, he's a divorce lawyer. Aubrey Cheek-Mama, may I go out to play? Mrs. Cheek-What! With those holes in your pants? Aubrey-No, with the girl next door. Dee Trizza-What's the use of having a time-table if your trains don't run on it? Porter--Don't get excited. How could you tell they was runnin' late if you didn't have a time-tabe? Luther Graves-That little girl over there sure hands out big lines. Fred Harper-What's her line? Luther-She sells foundation garments to fat women. Frances Gun-Do you mean to say that Jim Giuffre failed as a magician? Van Edgar Neal-Yes, he never could keep anything under his hat. Mary Jo Wall-Darling, you always kiss me when I'm not looking. Nicky N aum-N aturally. You always close your eyes when you see my kisses coming. l29l STUDENT AUTOGRAPHS N 1 TCT "M fam., ' 'Y' QQCZZQ SETS? WMM? X W x , ij T M Ny N Q. STUDENT AUTOGRAPHS 1 , 'N .Q gy- ... 1 .-1' 0 I 0 I FACULTY TOGRAPHS FJ 1-Q53 . X

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