N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1937

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N R Crozier Technical High School - Wolf Pack Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1937 volume:

Janet Jones TECH-Il HSC AMI PUBLISHED BY THE JUNE SENIOR CLASS, 1937 DALLAS TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, DALLAS, TEXAS EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Jenna Mae Barker Mazie Phillips Dan Goodrich Michael McKool ASSOCIATE EDITORS S. H. Goodrich Aileen Boykin Juanita Layne Monterea Stovall Leoma Williams Elias Rodriguez Gladys Boyd ASSISTANTS Vernelle Edwards Lorraine Dorsey Jewell Fuller Barbara Worth Ralph Smith Francis Carr Etta Gray SPOR Lewis Henderson Corrine Bonner Margaret Phillips Laura Branham Virginia Milner Barney Vaughn TS EDITORS Tom Peterman A 1 4 1 ,J MRS. LOUIS J. WARDLAW DEDICATION To our own "Miss Pringle," Who sought to lead us into that "hunger for knowledge" that means life, We respectfully and lovingly dedicate this The June 1937 Techniscram. We wish to pay tribute to one Who, through her enthusiastic teaching, gave us the ability which made possible the publishing of this booklet. 131 ' IN APPRECIATION OF OUR ESTEEMED PRINCIPAL, FOR His For For For For And, BECAUSE He He He He He MR. WALTER J. E. SCHIEBEL, welcome to us when We Were freshmen g his guidance throughout our high school days, his devotion to us and to Techy his sportsmanship during victory, and his loyalty during defeatg his practical advice, opening to us a World to con- querg above all, for his optimism, cheerfulness, and good nature. IN APPRECIATION OF OUR CLAss SPONSOR, MR. CHARLES A. BRYANT, strives ever to attain the bestg takes a sympathetic, untiring interest in student affairs, has the open-mindednes to examine new ideasg has developed the courage to reject old systems of thought when new ones seem to present greater opportunities g consistently and unselflshly contributes and inspires others to contribute, toward reading the best of the things at handg His cheery smile, hearty handclasp, and level-headed ad- And, vice have guided and will continue to guide many students into the World, above all, because he is tolerant, understanding, and human. 151 Its Its Its Its Its Its THE GRADUATING CLASS OF JUNE '37 by popular vote pays tribute to- Best All-Round Girl ....ss ,...I...II...,t..sII.. .II...III F 1 orence Drake Best All-Around Boy rrrrrr.., .rrr,r,.. M ichael McKool Most Popular Girl ..,IrI,I ,IIIII,I I Virginia Milner Most Popular Boy Ir.. .IIII..s Boyd Burris I Most Beautiful Girl ....,,IrI ,.,...II M avis Graham Most Handsome Boy rIrrrI.,rt ,sII,III J ohn Luck The Techniscram Staff salutes The Winner in the "Most Ugliest Boy Contest" Hats off to NICKEY NAUM 465 v CLASS PROPHECY On June 4, 1947, I happened to think that it had been ten years since my graduation-I wondered what had become of other students of my classg I further resolved to take notice of passersby and see if I recognized any familiar faces. A screeching of brakes, and a taxi whizzed around the cor- ner, waylaying three pedestrians, Sidney Smith, Maurine Turner, and Jimmie Bennett, whom I recognized to be ex- students and who informed me the reckless driver was Joe Alexander. Proceeding on my way, I stopped in a drugstore where Louis Asimakis was jerking sodas and Frances Tanner and Louise James were waiting on tables. In the nearest dress shop I saw Jewell Fuller behind the counter 5 I. went in to chat with her, and as I entered, I nearly fell- over the scrubwoman, Louise Ebert, who was busily oc- cupied. A saleswoman came forward and I recognized her to be Connie Du Priest, who called my attention to a customer who had just come in-none other than Billy Coke, who was shopping for his wife. He blushingly admitted he had been married four years, and gave us information of other stu- dents he had seen. My next stop was at the "Glittering Isle" Theater, where Juanita Layne was selling tickets in the box office. She told us that a road show was playing there, and that Leoma Wil- liams was its star, and Flnoy Norman and Waddell Glasgow were the blackface comedians. On the screen was showing a Super-Super picture called "Barretts of Bryan Street," starr- ing June Wood and Ben Gattis. An usher appeared to show me to my seat and I recognized him to be Thomas Feiferman, who said C. O. Littleton was also an usher. After I was seated, I noticed J. T. York playing a trumpet in the orchestra pit. After the show I headed for the nearest restaurant, where Scott Welton was the chef, and Eugene Williams, Paul Veach, and Ernest Ray were the waiters, and Lois Etheridge was punching the cash register. As I was eating, the noon-hour rush of business office employees began. Some of the Hrst arrivals were Thomas Hill and August Mais, two shipping clerks from Whositts Brothers. I picked up a newspaper to read the news of the day, ap- pearing on the front page was a picture of Donald Easter- wood, newly elected president of the Better Business Bureau in Farmers Branch. Turning to the sports section, I saw that Edythe Allison, the leading feminine net star, had won an- other clash in Florida. In reading a baseball article, I saw C71 that E. T. Spain was signed up for big league games and that Gladys Riefler now sponsors her own professional nine. I caught a street car going to the circus grounds after lunch and the conductor was William Atmore, who was later replaced by Harold Rettman, and then I noticed Jay Cowan on the front seat holding tightly to a painting. He and I struck up a friendly chat, he told me that Robert Croiord was distributing cards for a print shop, that Louis Cerda was running a hash joint, and that Francis Carr had received a job as grocery clerk because of his experience in putting things in baskets on the basketball courts. When I arrived at the circus grounds I noticed a billboard which announced that John Lott was the tall man and Frank Luna, the fat man of the show, I saw Emmett Hatchl selling peanuts and pink lemonade, Bernard Freed was the ticket taker, James Moore, Bee Sinks, and Jack Pedigo were the ushers, and Cheedle Hooper and James Bailey were renting cushions. Eugenia Clinkscales and Geraldine Harper ap- peared on the program as trapeze artists. I noticed J. D. Stinson, Janette Jones, Harris Bichell, and Gladys Boyd 'sit- ting in the press box. Gladys told me that Georgia Trent was operating a successful costume shop, Florence Faust and Carolyn Whitsitt had opened a gift shop featuring pottery, and that Karl Hoefle and Hazel Courreges were prominent commercial artists. She further informed me that she had visited Tech and found Lucille Stoughton teaching history, Jimmie Lee Jones teaching English, Cora Lee Thomas teach- ing science, and Ann Labkovsky working in the office. When I arrived at my hotel after a hectic day, I found the following letter: "My dear: Upon hearing of your efforts in contacting the members of the June, 1987, class, I have compiled the following information for you: Jeanette Payne, Dorothy Kyles, and Jessie Lee Johnson are owners and opera- tors of a hat shop, James Bargiames, Quincy Bennett, Jesse Fuentes, Lloyd Allen Williamson, Travis Presley, and George Barkhurst are in the army, Curtis Watts and Mays Perry drive trucks for Carryall Transfer Company, Anna Beth Choate, Mary Jane Broyles, Margaret Godwin, and Rosalie Roffino are now married, Buenos Tolbert is a private secre- tary in a downtown office and spends most of her time work- ing crossword puzzles, Lela Bell Banks is an old maid who celebrates only during National Cheese Week, Jack Gaskell, Clarence Genseke, and J. D. Le May are postmen on South Dallas routes, Howell Palmer was elected to Congress last year, Ben Berz is a book salesman, Billye Joyce Cotton, Hazel Rigsby, Lorraine Dorsey, and Ophelia May are officials in the 'Home for Broken-down War Horses Association', Edwin Fulton, Ray Moss, Frederick Langford, and Jacob Morrow are telephone linemen, Drexel Holt and Sam Kesner are tra- 489 veling salesmen, Tony Morale and Johnny Varcasia have joined a cross-country skating expeditiong Thomas Ranson, E. B. Watkins, and Louis Kovsky operate a hot dog stand near Techg James Isles, Arthur Wier, T. C. Patrick, Leon Haygood, and Warren Hubert are bell hops in the Waldorf-Castoria Hotel, and Thomas Edwards, Robert Johnson, Harry Feld- man, W. J. Rowe, Lawrence Renney, and Milton Whitehead are in the Navy." Nearly all occupations are represented by these ex-students, aren't they? SENIOR MAGAZINE RACK Life ....................,. ...................... . Journalism Department Judge ...................... ........ lv Irs. Lemmerhirt -------...Techniscram S Florence Clark 2 Bennett Bishop Literary Digest ........ True Romance ......... Holland's Magazine .,,..... ....... M rs. Davenport Su-ccess ....v...... . ....... . ...... . .... -Graduation Physical Culture ......... .... . -C. O. Littleton Designer r,,....., .. .,.. American Boy .,......, Lucille Jones Kenneth Stallings Woman's Home Companion .....,. Miss Lansdon Saturday Evening Post .,............ Tech dances Popular Mechanics ......... .....,. , . Earl Pruitt Cosmopolitan .......... -- ........., A. W. Patterson American .r.,........ Home Life ..., Ballyhoo. ...... - Argosy .......... ----,--..Louis Asimakis --,----.,MaXine Gano Michael McKool Assembly programs Red Book ...... .....,. ..-Teachers' Grade Book Scholastic .....,., ....... . ..Muriel Burrows Stage. .....,....... ....... S enior Play Adventure ........ Band Contest Liberty ................... ....... G raduation True Detective ......... ....... . ,.Mr. Roark Vogue ......,,............. .......... A delaide Dunlevy Garden Gossip. .........,.. .... . . ....... Mr. Rutledge Country Gentleman. ................. ,.,Warren Hubert SENIOR ALPHABET BOYS nchanting ...., ,C ,,,,... -C ood-looking .... .. rresistible .... .. . A thlete A..,, B ashful ,...,. C utes ... .. D aring v........ E F ickler ,........ G . H umorousr A ..A,. I . . J olly ..., ...... K indr ... L ikeable. ...., M odest ,... , N oted -O .A riginal , , , A, opular ,,,, uiet, ... ...... tately , all lllll , seful lll.., Frank Rose Scott Welton Boyd Burris Jack Kemble Thomas Fowler Francis Carr John Luck Robert Croiord Ernest Ray Warren Hubert Curtis Watts Charles Bethel Robert Klein Julian Lindsey Richard Spencer Paul King Rogers ,..LLQuincy Bennett O P Q R ed-headed rrrr ee..eevV S T U V ivacious. ,..., . Eugene Black Harry Feldman Bill Mims Bill Manning Ben Berz W itty-V, r,rr,,r r,rrrrrr C harles Parks X Citing, orr,.-,M, ,....,r.. D rexel Holt Y euthful ,,.,r .....,rrr Thomas Ransom Z ealeus V,,,,- L ,rro,,,,-,,,,o,,rrrrrrrr,.,rrrrrrrr Robert Crowe IF BOYS HAD: Eyes like r,,,,,o,,,,,, C rrr....,,....rr,r,rr,,...rrrr Elias Rodriguez Hair like ,,vo,,,, ..,,..llrrrrrrrr.rrr J ohn Lott Teeth like ,,,, rrrrrrrrrrrrr,rl..... Lee Carson Physique 'like ,,,,,, r..,. ..... L e wis Henderson Good looks like ......ggggg .... , gg....gg.g John Luck Personality like rrrrrr......M. ,,,,.,,,, M ichael McKool Dancing ability like O rrrrr gggegggggggg.r E arl Pruitt Manners like ,.,r rr.., O O ..rrrrrv J. D. Stinson Popularity like rrrrrrr .rr.rrrrrrr B oyd Burris Knowledge like .........r,.rrrr. r,,...., C larence Klein Smile like rrrrrr.rrr..l,.r.irr,..,rr... rrrrr,,rrrr R alph Smith Good sportsmanship like ,lr,,..,rrrrr...r.., Lester Groves Complexion like rr.rr . rr...,....v.........,r........v... Dan Goodrich WHAT A MAN! C103 SENIOR ALPHABET GIRLS dorable .. .. . ,. ,,.,...., ...,. , J une Taylor onny ,... ,... ute ...,,..,.,,v,, ., aring ..... xtraordinary v , .... oodlooking ... 7 - -- eart-breaking A,. nnocent ,,,....,, v olly .,.,,,,..,, . ...A ind ....,,,, , A B C D E F riendly ......,,..... . G . H I J K L Juanita Layne W'Wmffffffflkatherine Harwell LI--,IJoanna Graham .Mickey Barbosa WWFlorence Clark une Wood ,, Barbara Worth Hazel Rigsby r,-----.Lynette Hudson Georgia Trent Jeanette Payne ovable .,LLLv.,L,LLLLLLL.LL.., .aLa.,,.a M an-hater ....,LLL..,,LLLLLLvLLLLL.. .Helen Sanderford N aughty ibut nicel LLLL....L .L..a.,.. D Dorothy Chamness 0 ptimistic u,,,uuuu,.....uuuuu,.. -Jenna Mae Barker P opulari rr....r...rrrrrrrrrr, ,aaaa D omiVirginia Milner Q uiet rr,iiii......... v...,,,.. . Corinne Bonner R ed-headed ooo,iooooi ,...ooooo B erniece Carpenter S ophisticated ,.ii..,.,i ooo,,o... . Billye Joyce Cotton T alented ,,,-,,rrrrr r.,r,rrri F lorence Drake U nique ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,....., D Orothy Askew V ivaeious ,,,,r r,,l, L Alice Lanier Witty -,,,rrrr,,,,o, ,,oo..,o, D Monterea Stovall X eiting --,v-rArrr ,,i...ri M azie Phillips Y Outhful ffff W, ,v,,,,,,, Gladys Rleflel' Z ealous .,,,,,,,,, ..,..,,,, , Elsie Culbertson A IF GIRLS HAD: Eyes like ----- rrrrrr,r G A,,, V ,J rrrrr,r.,,,,,,,.,rr,i riri M arian Miller Hair like ,,rrr,,rr Margaret Godwin Figure like ----v,,,i,,, ,...r,,,r L eoma Williams Teeth like ,l,ll,,rrrrrrr,vrrr, .r..,.,oo M argaret McMinn Attractiveness like ,oi...rr Sweetness like Personality like Jessie Lee J ohnon Naomi Dismukes .i.,rr, Eloise Oliver Knowledge like ..,.ooooooo ....,,.. V iola Nichols Smile like ,...iirrrr.,r,rri oriri L ii,o,i, r.rrrrrri A n n Labkovsky Good sportsmanship like ,vv,......rrrr , ,,,ri Edythe Allison Complexion like rrrroio.,,,oo . oiio,,......,..,i Dorothy Ventura WHAT A GIRL I ill? G LOLLYPOPS AND SUCKERS Senior Shipmates Margaret McMinn ,,,,,.,,,,A Tom Peterman ..,,.,.,,,,,,, . Helen Keller ,.....,,,,,,.,....... Clarence Klein ,,7.,....,..,,.. Paul Veach ,Y,,,....777,.7....... Vernelle Edwards ,,,..,,,l7 Charles Parks . ....,,..,,..., .. Bennett Bishop ,,,, ......,,,.., Georgia Trent ......,,,.,,,,,,.. Owen Murphy ,,7,......,,,,.A.. Virginia Milner ,77,, Vernon Collins .,....,,,,,,,.... Naomi Dismukes ,,,,.. ....,, Ralph Smith ,,,......,,,,,,.... Paul King Rogers, Joanna Graham ..,..,. .,,,,,, Boyd Burris ..Y.,,.....,........,, O. D. Stallard ,,,,.,.....,,,v,,., Margaret Phillips. Monterea Stovall ,,,,.,.,..., Eugene Black ,,7, ,...,,,,,,,,... Mazie Phillips ,,,7,,,........., Aileen Boykin ...,.,,,.,,,,.,.. Barbara Worth ,...,,, ,,,,,,,. , Jack Kemble ,,7,.,.............. . Muriel Burrows ,7,7,,. . ,,,. .. Known by In Irons for Saying Winning smile ..,.,,,..,,,,.,,,,, "No," Basketball ability .,,,.7,r,,7,77 Hair styles, ,,.,.....,.,,.r-,,,,,,,,, " Shyness with girls ,,,,,,,.,l,.r Ability to chisel lessons ,,,, ' Pretty eyes ,,,.,.....r,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' Way with girls ,,,,,, -. ,,,,,i,, " Dimples ,,,.,,.,...,,,.,. ..,,.... ' ' Pleasmg ways, ,,,,..,, ,,,..., ' ' Lazy ways ..,.,...,,.,,.. ,,,, Love of baseball ,,,,,.,..,...... Ability to dance, ..,,.,,,,,,,,,,. " Blond locks . ,,,,..............,,,7 ., Knowledge of biology ....... " Fast driving, ,... .....,,,,,..,,,,.o ' ' Tennis ability ,,,,.,..,,.....s...., " Cute grin . ,,,.....,,,,,,,. .....,., ' ' Jenna Mae Barker ,,,,,,..,, . Ability to dress i.,.... ,,,,,.. ' ' Winning ways, .....,.. ,,.,.... ' ' Unpreparedf' So am I." It wasn't me." 'I don't know." 'That's what you think." Take it easy, kid." Hi, young fellow." Say, kid-" Mighty good." I wou1dn't know." Kinda cute, eh ?" Yes, I think so." It ain't so." Aren't scared, are you ?" Gosh, I'll say!" Now, say that again." Hi, kid!" It's me again." Dancing ability ..........,.,.,... "Course I do." Red hair ....................... .... . J ournalistic ability ............ " Charming personality ...... ." Good loooks .......... ........ Linz pins ..,,....... ........ ' ' ,ii. ...T That's me." Lovely disposition. ............ " "Yea, I'm sure." Poochie! Poochie!" And listen, girl." I guess so." Ability to blush. ................. " "Well, I'll try." It seems that way." SENIORS IN THE MARKET WANTED-Another bunch of seniors like the June '37 class. WILL ECHANGE-All my knowledge for a picture of J. D. Stinson. See Naomi Dismukes. LOST, STRAYED, OR STOLEN-One good-looking blond, five feet five, with blue eyes. If found, please notify Louise James. WANTED-More lunch periods. John Lott. WILL BUY-One-half credit at any price. Sam Kesner. WASTED-All time spent in home room by Jay Cowan. , READY FOR BUSINESS-All seniors. FOUND-A guaranteed cure for heart trouble in Raymond Haggard. Ann Labkovsky. WASTED-All hours spent in study hall by Jack Walden. COLLECTED-Many new dance steps. Earl Pruitt. FOUND-A pair of pretty smiling, brown eyes. Jewel Fuller. WILL PAY-One silver dollar for a smile from Viola Nichols. "The Boys." C125 J e Alexander R.O.T.C. Riile Team Crack Company Non-College Industrial f .fs f, ..,. - s:e:,:::., x -5?1:a:a:s1::::.s- ' ' 5 'ii V - f' i , , M V , X , Y . Q- in 1. f V 'i 1 4. K , situ , 4 V ' ' ' "'ff"':i'l5E555E5EEiEE:: 1: 5, Edythe Allison ' if Q Tennis Team S if gm 42: Non-College Academic Edwin Atmore College Academic I Dorothy Askew National Honor Society Student Council Pan-American Club Commercial Art Club Pottery Art Club College Industrial James Bargiaxnes Non-College Industrial v Mickey Barbosa National Honor Society i Student Council Non-College Commercial f v Verbie Adams National'Hono: Society Vice-Pres., Senior Class Sports Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial Louis Asimakis Tech Talk Stall' Non-College Industrial .4 n If I j.1 Ruth Andeidn Studferit ouncil Fan' Xniijrican Club mercial Art Club ep Squad Collelre Industrial James Bailey Public Speaking Non-College Industrial Lela Bell Banks College Academic G. R. Barkhurst I-li-Y Club College Industrial Jimmy Bennett Non-College Industrial Corine Bonner Manag. Editor, Tech Talk College Academic Ben Berz Non-College Academic Aileen Boykin Manag. Editor, Tech Talk Chorus Non-College Commercial Harris Bichell Bus. Mgr., Tech Talk Non-College Industrial Mary Jane Broyles Tech Talk Staff, '35-'36 Chorus Non-College Commercial 7 W wx ,Akin Qin? 6, . eng A as 4143 Jenna Mae Barker Editor-in-Chief, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial Quincy Bennett R.O.T.C. Crack Company Latin Club Commercial Art Club College Industrial Gladys! Boyd National Honor Society Manag. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial Charles Bethel National Honor Society Vice4Pres., Latin Club Stamp Club College Academic Laura Branham National Honor Society Student Council Feature Editor, Tech Talk Pan-American Club College Academic Bennett Bishop Lt., R.O.T.C. Band Football, Baseball College Industrial 22' I , Avvapvn- , ,f D 140,31 Eugene Black National Honor Society Exc. Editor, Tech Talk R.O.T.C. College Academic Bernice Carpenter Girl Reserves Student Council Chorus Non-College Academic Francis Carr Sports Editor, Tech Talk Basketball HLY Chorus College Academic Dorothy Chamnes Civilian Band Orchestra Pottery Art Club Commercial Art Club College Academic Louis Gerda Non-College Industrial jjaefeec Florence Clark Student Council Senior Play Chorus Non-College Academic u f 155 Muriel Burrows National Honor Society Secretary, Student Council Latin Club Senior Play College Academic Boyd Burris Elected Most Popular Boy in Senior Class Football, Baseball, Track Civilian Band College Industrial 7, .D Katherine Cassteel National Honor Society News Editor, Tech Talk Jay Bees Non-College Commercial , Lee Carson National Honor Society Safety Commissioner, Stndanf' Cauhcil' Capt., R.O.T.C. Football, Track Diamond-Disc Club Crack Company Anna Beth Choate Exch. Editor, Tech Talk Senior Play Non-College Home Making Billy Coke Capt., R.O.T.C. Crack Company Latin Club Hi-Y Senior Play College Academic 4 I Vernon Collins Pottery Art Club Non-College Industrial Eugenia Clinkscale National Honor Society Non-College Commercial Robert Croiford Feature Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Academic Hazel Courreges Student Council Commercial Art Club Pep Squad Non-College Commercial Harold De Shout! Manager Basketball Team Bus. Mgr., Tech Talk' Non-College Commercial r f saab f' K Mary Daniel Past Pres., Pottery Art Club Non-College Commercial . 1165 Dorothy Clay Tech Talk Staff Orchestra, Chorus Non-College Commercial Jay Cowan National Honor Society Commercial Art Club Non-College Industrial Billy Joyce Cotton Pottery Art Club Girl Reserves Latin Club College Academic Robert Crowe National Honor Society Hi-Y Manag. Editor, Tech Talk Senior Play College Academic Elsie Culbertson Pottery Art Club Girl Reserves Commercial Art Club Non-College Academic Donald Easterwood National Honor Society College Industrial 4 A Ima Ruth Dean Pep Squad School Play Non-College Commercial George Emmett R.0.T,C. Pottery Art Club Non-College Industrial Florence Drake Elected Best All-Around Girl in Senior Class Secretary, Senior Class School Play Latin Club College Academic Harry Feldman Student Council Non-College Academic Connie DuPriest Pottery Art Club Non-College Commercial Bernard Freed Non-College Industrial Naomi Dismukes National Honor Society Pottery Art Club Student Council Chorus Non-College Commercial Loraine Dorsey Bus. Mgr., Tech Talk College Academic Thomas Fefferman Non-Collezre Academic Adelaide Dunlevy Chorus Drum Major .lay Bees Non-College Academic Thomas Fowler Commercial Art Club Dramatics College Industrial Louise Ebert Commercial Art Club Non-College Industrial i 7 1 Vernelle Edwards Sports Editor, Tech Talk I Senior Play Chorus Non-College Commercial Edwin Fulton Radio Club Non-College Industrial loren-ce Faust onal Honor Society s., Pottery Art Club anag. Editor, Tech Talk College Academic Clarence Genseke Pan-American Club Non-College Industrial Margaret Godwin Exch. Editor, Tech Talk Senior Play Non-Collefre Academic Dan Goodrich Editor-in-Chief, Tech Talk Vice-Pres., Hi-Y Secy.-Treas., Diamond-Disc Vice-Pres., Student Council Captain, R.O.T.C. Band Commander Drum Major Commercial Art Club College Industrial Jesse Fuentes R.O.T.C. Crack Company College Academic 4 , Lois Etheridz Pottetry A t luh Cho s, P quad No ol cademic Ben Gattis College Industrial Jewell Fuller National Honor Society Student Council Chorus Non-College Commercial Waddell Glasgow Stamp Club Non-College Industrial Maxine Gano Sports Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial C185 s Joanna Graham Sports Editor, Tech Talk Tennis Senior Play Pep Squad Non-College Commercial Lester Groves ' Exch. Editor, Tech Talk Baseball Non-College Commercial Etta Gray National Honor Society Feature Editor, Tech Talk Student Council Senior Play Non-College Commercial Leon I-Iaygood R.0.T.C. Crack Company Band Baseball J ay Bees Non-College Commercial Geraldine Harper Student Council Public Speaking Non-College Commercial Gaile Henry Civilian Band Orchestra College Industrial 1 Leroy Greenfield National Honor Society College Industrial Mavis Graham Elected Most Beautiful Girl in Senior Class Basketball Queen Pottery Art Club Chorus Non-College Commercial Richard Hale Pan-American Club Pottery Art Club R.0.T.C. Crack Company College Academic Louis Kovsky Radio Club College Industrial Lewis Henderson Sports Editor, Tech Talk Football, Baseball College Industrial Kathryn Harwell Non-College Commercial J. D. Le May Latin Club College Academic Lynette Hudson Bus. Mgr., Tech Talk Pottery Art Club Non-College Academic Thomas Hill College- Industrial Jessie Lee Johnson Student Council Non-College Commercial Drexel Holt R.0.T.C. Crack Company Non-College Industrial Jimmie Lee Jones National Honor Society Chorus Student Council Non-College Academic C201 Mollie Herman Bus. Mgr., Tech Talk Pottery Art Club Non-College Commercial David Hickman Vice-Pres., Diamond-Disc Capt., R.0.T.C. Riiie Team Crack Company College Industrial Louise James Non-College Commercial Karl Hoeile Commercial Art Club VJS1amp Club Non-College Industrial .lea-nette Jones ' National Honor Society Non-College Commercial Cheedle Hooper Non-College Industrial r A I X Warren Hubert Radio Cluh College Industrial Helen Keller Feature Editor, Tech Talk Commercial Art Club Student Council Glee Club Jay Bees Non-College Industrial Robert Johnson College Academic Dorothy Kyles Exch. Editor, Tech Talk PeD Squad Non-College Commercial James Keele Baseball, Football Non-College Industrial Alice Lanier Manag. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial ' Lucille Jones Pres., Commercial Art Club College Industrial James Iles College Industrial Janie Knight l' xch. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial J. T. Jones Baseball Non-College Industrial Ann Labknvsky National Honor Society Orchestra Non-College Commercial J ack Kemble R.O.T.C. Exch. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Industrial Sam Kesner Student Council Stamp Club College Industrial Dorothy McFarland Student Council Non-College Commercial Clarence Klein Hi-Y Club Stamp Club College Academic f Mary Louise Mansour Pottery Art Club Non-College Commercial C. 0. Littleton News Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Industrial 1 I Ophelia May College Academic MW qs' 'S v x-. ww: :VWWW M-X4!z5+" 56, io- Q Zig 11 1223 Juanita Layne Girl Reserves Exch. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial N. P. King Lt., R.0.T.C. Band Hi-Y Club Dramatics Non-College Industrial Margaret McMinn Girl Reserves Student Council College Academic Robert Klein Baseball Non-College Industrial ff ,fe I Qr':1 f f' Willie Dee Martin National Honor Society Girl Reserves Commercial Art Club Pottery Art Club Chorus Student Council Non-College Commercial Julian Lindsey Football College Industrial John Lott Non-College Commercial A Virginia Milner Elected Most Popular Girl in Senior Class National Honor Society Sports Editor, Tech Talk Pottery Art Club Non-College Home Making Frank Luna President, Dallas Chapter Pan-Amer. Student Forum College Industrial Flnoy Norman Library Council Chorus Non-College Industrial August Mais Non-College Industrial Jeanette Payne Treas., Student Council Excb. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial 4237 Marian Miller National Honor Society Student Council Chorus Pep Squad Non-College Commercial John Luck Elected Most Handsome Boy in Senior Class Crack Company Commercial Art Club Golf College Industrial Viola Nichols Chorus Non-College Commercial Michael McKool Elected Best All-Around Boy in Senior Class National Honor Society Editor-in-Chief, Tech Talk Vice-Pres., Student Council Latin Club Cheer Leader Junior Hi-Y College Acad:-mic Eloise Oliver Commercial Art Club Girl Reserves Chorus Student Council Non-College Academic Dennis Mann ' Football Non-College Industrial l . Bill Manning Bus. Mgr., Senior Play Non-College Commercial Mazie Phillips Editor-in-Chief, Tech Talk Commercial Art Club Non-College Commercial James Moore R.O.T.C. Non-College Industrial X Hazel Rigshy Nun-College Commercial Howell Palmer Student Council ' Public Speaking College Academic Betsy Ross Senior Play Pep Squad College Academic C245 Margaret Phillips Feature Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial Bill Mimms Football College Industrial Gladys Rielier Assoc. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Home Making Owen Murphy R.O.T.C. Non-College Industrial Rosalie Roffino Pottery Art Club Non-College Commercial Charles Parks Basketball Non-College Industrial T. C. Patrick ' Stage Mgr., Senior Play ' College Industrial L. Helen Sanford National Honor Society Library Council College Academic, Tom Peterman Sports Editor, Tech Talk Basketball Hi-Y Club College Industrial Geneva Stone Pottery Art Club Pep SquadV Chorus Non-College Academic Thomas Ransome National Honor Society Latin Club Pan-American Club ' College Academic June Taylor Pottery Art Club Commercial Art Club College Academic :M:::::E?E5,- 6, ,.,. ll., , T 15 S Q25 at ,Q Y' 5 i 5 ,Mx H 'CW' A M 1253 Gwendolyn Rupe Pottery Art Club Non-College Commercial Mays Perry R.0.T.C. Non-College Academic P Af fzaf ' .1 - N 1 s- .1,c,f,',,f,-W Lucill'eStraugl1ton RC' XL! Girl Reserves N0n'C0U0ge Academic Earl Pruitt Sudent Council Speaker System Operator Non-College Industrial Monterea Stovall Assoc. Editor, Tech Talk Pottery Art Club Girl Reserves Library Council Non-College Commercial Ernest Ray Feature Editor, Tech Talk Track N on-College Industrial s 3' 4 If-1 J I l Lawrence Renney College Industrial Joyce Tippens Senior Play Pep Squad Non-College Commercial Elias Rodriguez President, Student Council V.-P., Nat. Honor Society V.-P., Pan-Amer. Club Assoc. Editor, Tech Talk Georgia Trent Bus. Mgr., Tech Talk Non-College Commercial Frank Rose Football Non-College Industrial Maxine White Pottery Art Club Chorus Pep Squad Non-College Industrial Cora Lee Thomas Pottery Art Club Non-College Commercial Harold Rettman Non-College Industrial Buenos Tolbert Feature Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial Paul King Rogers Football Capt., Track Team Student Council Exch. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Industrial Maurine Turner College Academic W J Rowe Non College Academic . Bus. Mgr., Tech Talk 1 f ' .fav . ,.,. "' " -V, ,..i ,,i,i , .,.i W, T., M. B. Short President, Senior Class Captain, Football Team Baseball Student Council College Industrial Leuma Williams Exch. Editor, Tech Talk Pep Squad Non-College Commercial Herbert Smith R.0.T.C. Crack Company Diamond-Disc Club Tech Talk Staff College Industrial Barbara Worth National Honor Society Feature Editor, Tech Talk Pep Squad, Student Council Sidney Smith College Industrial Richard Spencer National Honor Society Latin Club, College Academic 1273 Carolyn Whitsitt Pottery Art Club Commercial Art Club Senior Play Non-College Industrial Bee Sinks ,Hi-Y Club ' R.o.'r.c. College Industrial June Wood Non-College Academic Ralph Smith Diamond-Disc Club Commercial Art Club Capt., R.0.T.C. Crack Company Feature Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Industrial E. T. Spain Baseball Student Council Non-College Industrial .fry 0. D. Stallard R.0.T.C. Band College Academic Kenneth Stallings Reg. Com., R.0.T.C. Lt.Col., R.0.T.C. Pres., Diamond-Disc Club I-Ii-Y Club Track Non-College Academic William Stricklin College Industrial 0 ' ' David Trexler Commercial Art Cluh Lt., R.0.T.C. Band College Industrial Paul Veach R.0.T.C. Band College Industrial Jack Walden Baseball Non-College Industrial Milton Whitehead Non-College Commercial J. D. Stinson R.0.T.C. Crack Company News Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Industrial Clarence Tanner Pan-American Club Mal-nag. Editor, Tech Talk Non-College Commercial Barney Vaughn Pottery Art Club Basketball Commercial Art Club 7 Non-College Cnmm J ake Veal President, Glee Club College Industrial John Welton Non-College Industrial Football ' College Industr' l ffl Hollis whitten Arthur Wier Non-College Industrial Frances Tanner Commercial Art Club Non-College Industrial Thomas Edwards Non-College Industrial Lewis Langford R.O.T.C. Non-College Industrial A. W. Patterson Pan-American Club National Honor Society College Academic Earl Trantham Pottery Art Club R.O.T.C. Non-College Industrial NOTIN'THElHCTURES Curtis Watts R.O.T.C. Non-College Industrial Dorothy Ventura College Academic C. E. Gaskell R.0.'l'.C. Non-College Industrial co 1-ro R. O .T .C. Rifle Tea-m Non-College Industrial Joe Thurman Civilian Band College Indlftrial 1295 Allen Williamson Travis Presley Non-College Industrial Seth Baker Non-College Academic Eugene Williams Non-College Industrial Emmett I-Iatchl R.0.T.C. Non-College Industrial Non-College Academlg MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT WAS WHEN: I was on my first date. I was strutting along so proudly, when I felt something slipping. You can imagine my humiliation when my hose fell down around my ankles. My so-dignified date never bothered to call me again.-Lynette Hudson. One cold day I was downtown. The street was slippery with ice and snow. I started to cross the street while the light was changing. I couldn't make up my mind whether to go on across the street or go back. I got over-balanced and began to slide forward and then backward. The cars were blowing their horns and waiting for me to make some kind of a decision. Finally, I fell right on my head. and a kind policeman came and picked me up. I went home without finishing my shopping.-Lois Etheridge. I paid for an elevator ride in Tech High.-Vernon Collins. I came to school one day with my suspenders down and I didn't find out about it until somebody started pulling on them.--Harry Feldman. The senior class was electing the most handsome boy. The names were called out and we started tovvote. Was I embarrassed when they called Lee Carson's name and I was the only one who stood up!-Mary Jane Broyles. I was a 4B senior. It is a common occurrence for a freshman to get lost in our building, but did you ever hear of a senior being lost? How- ever improbable as it may seem, I actually got in the wrong room the first week of school. Was myuface red!-Jenna Mae Barker. THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPEN: Viola Nichols not being a help to everyone. Elias Rodriguez not imitiating Bob Burns. Mary Louise Mansour not being friendly. John Luck rushing one certain girl. Jake Veal fussing about hard work. Kenneth Stallings not being a swell pal to everyone. Corrine Bonner with an "I don't know" look on her face. Bennett Bishop going some place without Florence Clark. David Hickman out of a military uniform. Hollis Whittenburg not warting some girl. Mickey Barbosa without a cute word for everyone. Herbert Smith not' wanting a date. Jack Walden not distributing the Dallas Dispatch. Ruth Anderson looking dumbfounded. Charles Bethel not studying Latin. C. O. Littleton not trying to kiss the girls. Thomas Fowler with his hair under control. Maxine Gano without Virginia Milner. . Billy Manning without a hair cut. Florence Clark without a sweet word for everyone. Joyce Tippens coming to school regularly. Berniece Carpenter with blond hair. Jack Kemble not attending a matinee dance. C307 Commencemenl Efxcevrcvises Class of mlannavry 1938 Dallas Technical High School Dallas, Texas Q - , l . 4 45 ' , 6 McFarlln Memorial Aafdlviloniam Southern Methodist University Friday evening, lanaaw twenly-eighth Seven-Hlhifty rfcloch CANDIDATES FOR GRA Cecil Adams Cecil Elbert Barrow Howell E. Barrow Beauford William Berry Kenneth Lee Boyer Henry W. Brandt Aubrey E. Brown Carlo Joseph Cardella William H. Carver George W. Caulkett Ray B. Chandler Aubrey Roy Cheek Frank M. Clayton, Jr. Oceola L. Collinsworth James Marvin Corry Hamilton Cox Rush E. Crain, Jr. Harry DeArmond Cullen, Homer L. Dorris, Jr. David F. Evans James Thomas Evans Roy Garner Farr Emil E. Faulhaber James Julian Foster Walter F. Garner James Giuffre Clyde Leon Gleaves, Jr. Sinclair H. Goodrich Freda Pira Asimakis Dorothy May Clem Dorothy Cook Sarah Agnes Crapanzano Mary Elizabeth Dennis Ann Dragna Betty Jane Drake Loretta Elizabeth Elliott Ellabelle Farrow Denzil Gentry Mary Louise Griffin FrancesGunn Ruby Caron Howell Jeraldine Lois James BOYS Edwin P. Gordon Luther N. Graves Max Joe Greenstein Fred L. Harper Victor R. Heath Daniel S. Herron Louis Hildeman, Jr. Lawrence Burton Howells Rueben Curtis Huffstetter David Kennedy, Jr. Charles H. Lamb Raymond Lamb Delmar A. Lanier Robert B. Lawson Thomas Edward Long, Jr. Thomas Gaines Lowe, Jr. Claude R. McClary James Matthews McGee Paul Brady Martinson Leonard M. Matassa William H. Mayben George R. Myers Nickey Naumovich Van Edgar Neal Thomas Jack Nelson W. Jack Nichols, Jr. Milan Stoyan Ninich Myrle Byron Norrell GIRLS Martha Belle Julius Roselyn Kleiman Violet Geraldine Kniffin Flora Margret Litton Nelma Lee Lovelace Eunice Kathleen McMillan Mary Kathryn Martin Lillian Norma May Juanita Morgan Nell Ruthe Mullins Frances Lazette Paine Totsy Marie Pinto Evelyn Virginia Poole Doris Evelyn Poulter DUATI ON Robert W. O'Connor Albert Clark Packwood, Jr J. D. Patterson Claude M. Pendley Robert Morris Phillips, Jr. Dudley Bishop Prewitt Haskell Lee Prewitt Paul Rayburn Jack R. Redding James Franklin Ross Herbert A. Rowan James Ray Russell Patrick Henry Sheehan, Jr Alvin Paul St. John Edgar Blair Suter James Otto Thompson, Jr. Neal J. Tinnerello Louie Tomaso D. Trizza Sam Trizza Jack B. Walker Wayman Charles Waller George D. Webb Leonard Otto Weiser Douglas E. Whitcher Jimmie Wood Clifford Charles Woolsey Elgin Young Evelyn Lorene Putnam Iva G. Reddell Frances Rchards Della Mae Riefler Mary Lee Louise Schwartz Margie Stout Yetive Thomas Ona Mae Thompson Minnie May Vaughn Mary Josephine Wall Mary Jane Whitsitt Mary Louise Wilkinson Bessie Jane Williams Mary Elizabeth Witt FROM SUMMER SCHOOL - Helen Marie Penn Tony Morale Laurance S. Renney FROM NIGHT SCHOOL Richard Lawrence Congdon Jack M. Pedigo John G. McGee ' Thurman Ivy Rosser TWO-YEAR INDUSTRIAL CERTIFICATE Elbert Ray Williams THREE-YEAR COMMERCIAL CERTIFICATE Pauline Erwin PROGRAM Band Concert .....,...... ,...............,,..,L,A ,..x,,A,, -,xx ,,,,,,, "Valse Bluette" CDrigoD "Dawn" from "A Day in Venice" CDevinJ "Star Dust" fCarmichaelJ Organ Solo-First Movement, "Unfinished Symphony" CSchubertJ .....oo. ooooo .,o.. . .. ,..... Mrs. Arthur A. Harris Address of Welcome oro...,r,. ....................... ,.,..,., L o uie Tomaso Class President Euphonium Solo-"Beautiful Colorado" CDe Lucaj ,.....,, Kenneth Boyer Vocational Guidance at a Technical High School,c-cFred Harper Trumpet Solo--"Willow Echoes" CSimonJ..c. .... William Mayben Presentation of Class Gift l......... -O o.,il...... O ,....,l. ,-,,---Loretta Elliott Class Secretary-Treasurer Commencement Address ccccc.. ccc,..,.,.......,, Mr. J. M. Cumby Vice-President, Republic National Bank Recommendation of Candidates for Graduation ......,........ J. E. Schiebel Principal, Dallas Technical High School Presentation of Diplomas cc,.ccc cc.ccc ..i,..,......, M r s. Walter A. Leeper Member, Board of Education "Alma Mater" A.........c..........c......, or cc..,i.....,.... .iic C lass and Audience Accompanied by Band and Organ Organ Solo-"Recessional" fDeKovenJc Mrs. Arthur A. Harris fDuring the Recessional the audience will please remain seatedj 4,-.YV CLASS oFF1cERs Louie Tomaso oo.... ...,...,.,,.,............... ooooo L , ....... ....,..., .President W. D. Hill ..oo..ooo.o,oo.oo.oo.o...,,o.o . ,,..,. . ........ Vice-President Loretta Elliott or ,... .... ..... i .oo. I ..,., .Secretary-Treasurer Jack Walker, Robert O'Connor ooooooo. ,oo..,, Sergeants-at-Arms GRADUATING WITH HIGH HONOR Loretta Elliott l,,,,...o.o,,..,v.....,o 97.107 Max Greenstem ,,,..oooo,.o ,, ,,..,..o f,.95.57 Dudley Prewitt , ,,., I o.,, o,,.,.,o ,..,,...,,o.,.. 9 5 .071 GRADUATIN G WITH HONOR fSenior year averagesj Ray Russell , ,,,, ,,,,,,,................,, 9 4.357 Viole t Kniifin ..,.,,,, 92.785 Louie Tomaso ,L o,,......,....,..l.,,,o 93.285 Kathryn Martin lo,o.,.......... . ...V .,92.464 MEMBERS OF NATIONAL Howell Barrow Fred Harper Dan Herron Dudley Prewitt ' PERFECT ATTENDANCE F Fred Harper Loretta Elliott Ray Russell Violet Kniifin Ray Russell Louie Tomaso Loretta Elliott HONOR SOCIETY Violet Kniffin Kathryn Martin Norma May Ann Dragna OR FOUR YEARS Dan Herron Hamilton Cox STUDENTS NOT TARDY FOR FOUR YEARS Fred Harper Raymond Lamb Ray Russell Pira Asimakis Loretta Elliott Violet Kniifin Sarah Crapanzano Evelyn Poole Evelyn Poulter Frances Richards Nelma Lee Lovelace Mary Jane Whitsitt GRADUATING IN 315 YEARS Jeraldine James Clyde Leon Gleaves, Jr. Mary Josephine Wall FOUR-YEAR LINZ AWARDS Q90 average with no grade lower than 80 for four yearsj Dudley Prewitt Louie Tomaso Ray Russell Loretta Elliott Violet Kniifin Fred Harper SENIOR YEAR LINZ AWARDS Blair Suter Kathryn Martin EVERTS AWARDS fNo grade below 80 for four yearsj Fred Harper Louie Tomaso Loretta Elliott Dudley Prewitt Violet Kniffin SPONSOR ' COUNSELOR Miss Martha Bone Mrs. Anna M. Henderson L .- Adams, Cecil V Egner, Carl Russell, Ray CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION Asbill, Everett Barrow, Cecil Barrow, Howell Bass, Clifford Berry, Beauford Bohannon, Fred Boyer, Kenneth .- Brand, Henry Brockman, R. G. ' Brown, Aubrey Brown, Le Roy Bunch, Tommy Burt, Robert Catina, Tony Cardello, Carlo Carver, Billy Caulkett, George Chandler, Ray Cheek, Aubrey Claunch, J. T. Clayton, Frank Collins, John Collinsworth, Oceola Cowand, George Cox, Hamilton Craft, Horace Crain, R. E. De Lee, Bob Cullen, Harry Dorris, Homer , Allen, Hudson Anguiano, Bessie Arbaugh, Jessamine Asimakis, Pira Batchelor, Virginia Brown, Helen M. Choate, Dorothy Chester, Lorene Clem, Dorothy Cole, Norma Craft, Saleta Cook, Dorothy Crapanzano, Sarah Cunningham,Vivian Dragna, Ann Drake, Betty Jane Dodd, Violet JANUARY, 1938 Miss WAYMAN K. BLYTHE, Sponsor BOYS Lawson, Robert Evans, David Evans, James Farr, Roy Faulhaber, Emil Foster, Julian Garcia, Eloy Garner, Walter Goodrich, S. H. Gintfre, James Gleaves, Clyde Gordon, Edwin Gray, Frank Greenstein, Max Groves, Luther Haggard, Raymond Hare, Robert Harper, Fred Harrison, Billy Haynes, Harold Heath, Victor Helton, Charles Herron, Dan Hilderman, Louis Hill, W. D. Hodges, Louis f Jewell, Edward Howells, Lawrence HuH'stetter, Curtis ' Kennedy, David Lamb, Charles Lamb, Raymond Lilly, James Long, Ted Lowe, Tom L' McClary, Claude McGee, James McGee, John McKinnon, Murry Martinson, Paul Matasso, Leonard Mayben, William Merlik, Valdimir Moore, Ross Morris, Billy Murphy, Owen Neal, Van Edgar Nelson, Jack Nocholos, Jack Ninich, Milan Norrell, Myrle O'Conner, Robert Olsen, Leo Packwood, Albert Patterson, J. D. Pendley, Claude Phillips, Bobby Prewitt, Dudley Pedigo, Jack M. Ramsden, Gordon Rogers, C. F. Rosser, Thurman Rowan, Herbert GIRLS Elliot, Loretta Macon, Nadine Farrow, Ellabelle' Martin, Kathrine Gentry, Denzil May, Norma Griflin, Mary Louise Morgan, Juanita Gunn, Frances Mullins, Nell Ruth Head, Marie Murray, Ruby Opal Holloway, Julia Paine, Frances Howell, Ruby Penn, Helen Kleinman, Roselyn Pinto, Marie Knifin, Violet Poole, Evelyn Kotsiones, Olga Poulter, Evelyn Linskie, Margaret Pritchett, Lorene Litton, Flora Mae Putnam, Evelyn I Long, Christine Ramos, Esperanza Lovelace, Nelma L. Redell, Iva G. MacLuso, Anna M. Richards, Frances McMillan, Kathleen Reifler, Della Mae Mackey, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Elena 6313 Sampley, Weldon Sheehan, Pat Shephard, Sam Shivley, H. F. Sobel, Herchell St. John, Alvin Stovall, Bob Surley, Clarence Suter, Blair Tinnerello, Neal Thompson, Otto Tomaso, Louis Trizza, Dee Trizza, Sam Varcasia, Johnny Wade, Howard Walker, Jack Waller, Charles Webb, George D. Redding, Jack Rayburn, Paul Whitcher, Douglas Willford, Carl Williams, Hubert Woods, Jimmie Woolsey, Charles Yarbrough, Linton Yeargan, Bob Young, Elgin Zbylot, James Schwartz, Mary Lee Skinner, Merle Snow, Euwana Stoker, Helen Stone, Virginia Ann Stout, Margie Terry, Virginia Thomas, Yetive Tucker, Juanita Vaughn, Minnie M. Wall, Mary Jo Weaver, Evelyn Whitsitt, Mary Jane Wilkinson, Mary L. Williams, Bessie Witt, Mary Beth Wofford, Hettie R. 0. T. C. The Technical High School Military Corps proved to be the best in the city by staying in first place through the year in the city competition. The corps won the Cadet Officers' Test, the Spring and the Fall Inspections, and placed fourth in the Crack Company Drill. The Rifle Team placed second in the City Rifle Match, second in the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Match, and second among the Dallas High Schools in the Corps Area Match. The team was awarded a plaque, and members of the team were awarded medals for winning third place in the Hearst Trophy Match. The presentation of the Intermural Efficiency Cup to Lt. Col. Stallings climaxed the year's activi- ties. The officers of the Technical High School R. O. T. C. are: lst Lt. Martin S. Ryan, Commandant of Cadets Col. Inst. W. H. Oswalt, Assistant Commandant Col. Inst. Glen R. Johnson, Band Director Regimental Staff : Lt. Col. Kenneth Stallings, Regimental Commander Maj. Ray Chandler, Regimental Executive Officer Capt. S. H. Goodrich, Regimental Adjutant Capt. George Myers Capt. Ralph Smith Capt. Lee Carson Capt. David Hickman Lt. Claude Steel Co. A: Co. B: Co. C: Capt. Charles Kelly Capt. Dan Herron Capt. Billy Coke 1st Lt. Bob Yeargan - lst Lt. Sam Shepherd lst Lt. Carlton Long Lt. Harold Haynes lst Lt. Kessy Bowman Lt. Burton Dedmon Lt. W. M. Newman Lt. Milan Ninicli Lt. Billy Hamilton Co. E: Band: Capt. Nickey Naum 1 Capt. Dan Goodrich Lt. Alex Mirosav lst Lt. Kenneth Boyer Lt. Billy Harrison Lt. Bennett Bishop Lt. Charles Kerns Lt. William Mayben Lt. Louis Toberny Reserve Olficersz Lt. Edward Hornickle Lt. Col. Herbert Smith Lt. Howell Barrow V Capt. Quincey Bennett A Lt. N. P. King Lt. Pat Sheehan ' C325 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President OIv,,.I,,.IIIII....IOOOIII,.OO,...OOO,... Elias Rodriguez Vice-President ,OOO, .,..I . .,,., O,OO M i chael McKool Secretary OI,. . .IIIII O,OOO M uriel Burorws Treasurer e.... . ..e.ee eee,Ov J eanette Payne Safety Commissioner OOOOO Speaker of House .iOeO,.,, Clerk of House Lee Carson . -. Jack Reading Hettie Wofford Vice-Chairman of Senate ,v..,......... .--.Howell Palmer Secretary of Senate ,.,eee.,e . .ii..lriii - Laura Branham Sponsor ,rrrii...iiiiiiii,i,, i,.rr irv,iii M r . Charles A. Bryant Membership is made up of two representatives from Home Room. each NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President ...,ir..,.rrrre,rrrirr. .,,...rrrrr ...O . rrrrr . Dan Herron Vice-President rrrrr. ....,i Louie Tomaso Secretary rrrr r. Orrr.,r.rrrrrr,,Ir.irrrrrlrrrrr..,,v,.rrr Saleta Craft The constitution of this national four fundamental objevtives, namely, Character, and Service. Earnest Brandenburg Pauline Breathwit Louie Tamaso David Turner Virginia Batchelor Milan Ninich Josephine Bucalla Saleta Craft La Verne Crain Dixie June Gary Buelah Marsh Nora Musso Bernice Norman Hazel Parker Mary Schiebel Helen Stoker Joan Talkington Barbara Worth Charles Bethel MEMBERS Eugene Black John Lee Carson Jay Cowan Robert Crowe Donald Easterwood Leroy Greenield Michael McKoo1 A. W. Patterson Thomas Ransom Elias Rodriguez Richard Spencer Verbie Adams Dorothy Askew Mickey Barbosa Gladys Boyd Laura Branham Muriel Burrows Katherine Cassteel Eugenia Clinkscale Naomi Desmukes 4337 organization recognizes Leadership, Scholarship, Florence Faust Jewell Fuller Etta Gray Janette Jones Jimmie Lee Jones Ann Labkovsky Willie Dee Martin Marian Miller Virginia Milner Helen Sanford Howell Barrow Dan Herron Victor O'Really Ruby Akers Hudson Allen Loretta Elliott Violet Kniflin Katherine Martin Norma May COMMERCIAL ART CLUB OFFICERS President ,.ACCC.,..,,,.,,,,,,..,....... - .,.,4....CCCCCCCC Lucille Jones Secretary-Treasurer ...,CC ....CCCC W illie Dee Martin Sergeant-at-Arms ,...,.,C CC...,.........C.....CC . Jay Cowan Sponsor C,,C,,.....,,,...A,................. Mr. George W. Kadel ART CLUB GRADUATIN G SENIORS Ralph Smith Barney Vaughn Karl Hoeile David Trexler Quincy Bennet Willie Dee Martin Lucille Jones June Taylor Ruth Anderson Hazel Corregeous Lucille Stoughton Dorothy Askew Dorothy Chamness Elsie Culbertson Carolyn Whitsett Jay Cowan Frances Tanner Gwendolyn Whitsett THE GIRL RESERVES OFFICERS President c,,c,, ,,..,,..,...,.,,cccc,,c,cccr., ......,c - - .Loretta Elliott Vice-President ,,,rcr...,,.rc,.....,...r,er.,. Kitty Bob Dixon Sponsors r..,cc. Alice Berger Christine Brownlee Betty Lou Chick Janette Chick Mildred Clark Kitty Bob Dixon Priscilla Dutton Secretary-Treasurer cccccc... ,r,, , . .,..... Kathryn Martin Council Representatives ..... - ,rrrrr i Betty LO? Chick 2 Mary Schiebel Miss Clarice Turk 2 Miss Lucile Elsner MEMBERS Elizabeth Green Helen Hanner Judy Jackson Edna Faye Jaynes Rose Manelis Kathryn Martin Willie Dee Martin Faustine Moreno Hilda Prather Erna Rughberg Ruth Rughberg Marjorie Sassen Mary Schiebel Mae Vaughn Loretta Elliott Lupe Molina Josephine Montarlo Dorothy Lee Wilkinson THE DIAMOND-DISC CLUB OFFICERS President ......crrc,.cccc..,r... .Lt. Col. Kenneth Stallings Vice-President rrcrrrrrrrcrrcrr.,..,,,, Capt. David Hickman Secretary-Treasurer ..c...,.,rrerrrr Capt. Dan Goodrich Sergeant-at-Arms ,.rrrc.....,,,....er,. Capt. Nickey Naum Sponsor ........,..,,c,, Lt. Martin S. Ryan, Commandant MEMBERS Lt. Col. Kenneth Stallings Capt. Nickey Naum First Lt. Kessy Bowman Maj. Ray Chandler Capt. Billy Coke Second Lt. Milan Ninich Capt. Dan Herron Capt. David Hickman Second Lt. Charles Kerns Capt. Dan Goodrich Capt. S. H. Goodrich Second Lt. Claude Steel First Lt. Sam Shepherd C343 STAMP COLLECTORS' CLUB OFFICERS President ,,.. .. .,...,.,L,....HALL....,.,LLL.... ..LLA J ames Webb Vice-President L...L,..,LLL LLLLLL..,.L . Howard Wess Secretary-Treasurer ...,. LLLLLLL,v.. , ,Clarence Klein Sponsor ooo,.,ooooooo...o,,...,,..oo,........ .Miss Ela Mae Jones DIRECTORS James Webb Jimmie Hensley Howard Wess Clarence Edwin Atmore Jimmie Hensley Clarence Klein MEMBERS Fritz Lyne Billy Pritchett James Webb Billy Pritchett Klein Howard Wess Ben Worley Leon Wright PAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM OFFICERS President e,....eeeee.,eee.eeeeeeoeeeeee.,....,.eeeee Dorothy Askew Vice-President eeeo ...,..., Elias Rodriguez Secretary ,e,ee,.oee.ee.. . eeeeee,e..,. Jean Fry Sergeant-at-Arms ,..,.ie,,.. .. ,,.,.,,,.. .Louie Tomaso Council Representatives -- oee........ee .l Jem? FW I Louie Tomaso MEMBERS Bessie Barunes Lou Veley Heminger Helda Prather Laura Branham Claude King Della Mae Rieiier Margaret Calhoun Frank Luna Norma Jean Skinnei Salita Craft Virginia Mahon Leo Tomaso Clarence Genseke Dorothy Moultrie La Velle Yarbrough James Gehrig Vernon Magee Gladys Zavala Ewaldi Hardi Joan Neal Felix Valdez CHESS CLUB OFFICERS President rrorr . rorroeo rrre,rrro . rrro,.r . ..rr., .L Jack Barnett Vice-President .. . William Spillers Secretary ..rrrrer.. . eor.,,., r.,rer . . ...rrrrrrr Corbett Gray Publicity Manager ..... rrror. . Elias C. Rodriguez Sponsor rrerr..rr . r,..e.,,..r.rrrro.. . ..........r Mr. Ross Peterson MEMBERS Jack Barnett Woodrow Dobbins Alphonso Fields Marvin Foreman Corbett Gray Garland Hendrick: Fred McDermott Harold Rhodes ElQas C. Rodriguez f35J Richard Schiebel VVi.liam Spillers James Webb Elbert Williams R. F. Wright James Baugh Kessey Bowman George Cowand Sidney Mackenzie Bertha Herman Pira Asemakis Alice Berger Robert Bushnell RADIO CLUB OFFICERS President . .e.e .. B ee....eee.eeee....eee . , eeee Tom Lowe Vice-President eeeeee - .... ,,.. . - Frank Spivey Secretary-Treasurer ee,e ,ee... E dward Hale Sergeant-at-Arms ....ee...,...,.r,,.v,........ A Louis Kovsky Sponsor ,...e.... . ..eese,eeeeee B ,,eee,eeeeee,, Mr. A, M. Cowan MEMBERS Tom Lowe Robert Jones J. C. Falkner Edward Hale Melvin Morgan Charles Dean Frank Spivey Gene Stevens Louis Kovsky Devane Hubert Robert Plumer Sheridan Broadstone SENIOR HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS President .eeo...o. . oooo...o I o.,.eeoeeeoooooo ,..e Louis Toberny Vice-President ,eo.e - eooee..e.eeeo Lee Carson Secretary ee.. o,....ee . ooe.eooeeee Claude Pendley Sergeant-at-Arms o..ooe.. . e..,.eo eoo...,.., Aubrey Brown Sponsor oeo,..oev....., . -. ,eoeee..ee..eo.ee Mr. Joe J. Lancaster MEMBERS Harver Glieser David Hickman Edward Hornickel Alex Mirosav Nickey Naum Billy Sherman James Douglas Nathan Jacobs Tom Schiebel Dan Eddy Claude King Kenneth Stallings N. P. King POTTERY ART CLUB OFFICERS President ......o -- .... . ....ov... . .,,.... .... i.... F l orence Faust lst Vice-President 2nd Vice-President .i.. 3rd Vice-President Lorene Pritchett Gwendolyn Rupe Maxine White Recording Secretary ...... . Iva G. Redell Corresponding Secretary .... - o........, Virginia Terrey Reporter ........,o....v.v..........,....... .- Monterea Stovall Sponsor ...... .o..... . , .,.. . ....... Miss Mary Lightfoot MEMBERS Roberta Coleman George Emmett Jack Stapleton Earl Tarantham 1367 Gruthie Davis Juanita Morgan Lois Etheridge Curtis Huffstetter Edna Burt SPORTS REVIEW This section is written that graduating seniors may depart with a permanent record of Tech's accomplishments in ath- letics during their senior year. FOOTBALL Tech defeated Greenville, John Reagan fHoustonD, McKin- ney, Forest, Adamson, Corsicana, and Woodrow Wilson on successive week-ends. The powerful Bisons held the Wolves to a 6-6 tie. In the final game of the year, the North Dallas Bulldogs defeated Tech, 26-6. The victory put the Wolves in second place for the year. BASKETBALL The Tech High Basketball Team won the first half of the city race without a defeat, but lost in the second half, one to Woodrow and one to Adamson. The team had a good record, however, winning 13 out of 18 games played. ' BASEBALL The Wolves were defeated by North Dallas and once by Adamson. Tech, Adamson, and Woodrow Wilson finished in a three-way tie for the city championship. Tech met Adam- son in the first play-off game while Woodrow drew a bye. TENNIS Janis Loper, Tech's representative in the girls singles, won two of her five matches. Bill Grubbs, playing his first year under the Maroon and White banner, won the boys, singles title by defeating everyone in the city. TRACK Earnest Ray won the city broad jump title and Kenneth Stallings took several firsts in the 100-yard dash in several of the triangular meets. Coach Davis had the largest track squad in Tech's history to report to him this year, 35 boys reporting. L GOLF The golf team, captained by L. L. Foster, took the city championship with little competition. The championship four-some was composed of L. L. Foster, Woodrow Foster, Earnest Poole, and William Arthur. 4371 4 l THEN SMILE A BIT Miss Blythe: You cannot get eggs without hens. Buenos Tolbert: My dad can. He keeps ducks. M. B. Short: Can you keep a secret? Geneva Stone: I'll tell the world! Maxine White: In pure water none of the molecules will ironize, except one in ten million. Barney Vaughn: A traitor, eh? Mr. Linthicum: Are you two boys copying? William Stricklin: No, sir, we don't even have the same answers. Mr. Henry: I take great pleas- ure in giving you 81. E. T. Spain: Make it 100 and enjoy yourself. Earl Trantham: What's more collegiate than a college fresh- man? J. D. Stinson: Why, a high school senior. N. P. King: Hey, you can't go lin there! That's the Major's of- ce. Eugene Williams: Then what have you got "Private" over the entrance for? Catherine Cassteel: I've been trying to think of a word for weeks and weeks. Richard Hale: Will months do? Lee Roy Greenfield: When do the leaves begin to turn? Lester Groves: The night be- fore exams. Dennis Mann: I've added these figures up ten times. Mr. Baker: Fine! Fine! Dennis: And here are the ten answers. Ima Ruth Dean: If I found a very large sum of money I believe I would turn it over. D Bee Sinks: "So would I, to see lf it was good on both sides. Joseph Alexander: Those girls seem to be very close friends. Louis Asimakis: Yes, there is a compact between them. Clarence Tanner: What is the Equator? Marcela Donaghey: The Equa- tor is a menagerie lion running around the earth. Willis Trantham: What is vel- ocity? Owen Murphey: It's what a person puts a hot plate down with. Harold De Shong: Gas is a sort of vapor. We can't see it and we can't feel it. George Emmett: But, oh man, how we can step on it! Mrs. Lemmerhirt: What made you oversleep this morning? Gaile Henry: There are eight of us at home and the alarm was set for seven. Dorothy Clay: Does skating re- quire any particular applications? J. T. Jones: No, arnica or horse linamentg one is as good as the other. Janie Knight: It's too bad Lin- coln wasn't born in Cincinnati. James Keele: How's that? Janie: That's what I pust an- swered on a test. Herbert Smith: Give a defini- tion of a home. Mollie Herman: A place where part of the family waits for the other part to get through with the car. Nathan King: I can speak any language but Greek. Mary Daniel: Say something in Latin. Nathan: That's Greek to me. Camilla Ross: How would you define a picnic? David Trexler: A picnic is a day set apart to get better ac- quainted wjth ants, bugs, worms, mosquitoes, chiggers, and poison lvy. 1381 FACULTY AUTOGRAPHS CLASSMATE AUTOGRAPHS .. xx, i - Q Qk X ' B Q N WW fx 1 KJ 1 -.pg ., TIEGIHINIISGRAM Published by the JANUARY SENIOR CLASS, 1937 Dallas Technical High School, Dallas, Texas. PUBLICATION STAFF EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Mildred Spurlock Nell Wallace ASSOCIATE EDITORS Tollie Mashburn ' Woodrow Renwick LITERARY EDITORS Maxine Hyde Faye Reagan Noel Wells Doris Coats Bennett Zink HUMOR Lawrence Womack Violet Dodd Joe Tarver Lillian Walker W. T. Wallace BUSINESS MANAGER Herbert Smith SPORTS EDITOR Joe Digiacinto Miss JEFFIE D. PRINGLE, Sponsor FOREWORD Sincerely believing that the purpose of the TECH- NISCRAM needs no explanation, and assuming that it needs no introduction, the Editor-in-Chief Wishes here to acknowledge gratefully the splendid coopera- tion of the Sponsor and Staff in helping to make publication truly representative of the Senior year, for the Class of January, 1937. SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS DR. DAVID W. CARTER, JR., President, Board of Education DR. NORMAN R. CROZIER Superintendent of Schools E. B. CAUTHORN, L. V. STOCKARD, Assistant Superintendent District Superintendent of Schools IZJ ,. TECH'S LEADER WALTER J. E. SCHIEBEL DEDICATION Though we try to hide our true feelings, it isn't an easy matter to say, "Goodbye" We have established a friendship that is great and deep for our friend and advisor, Walter J. E. Schiebel. V To one who has for the past four years been an inspiration and guide, the January Senior Class of 1937 wish to dedicate this page to our principal, Walter J. E. Schiebel, for his unfail- ing efforts in making this last year a happy memory. Sincere congratulations are in order for his ability, which has been a powerful factor in the development of Dallas Tech- nical High School. No one is more worthy of life's best happi- ness than Walter J. E. Schiebel. E31 SENIOR SPONSOR MISS WAYMAN K. BLYTHE GRATEFUL APPRECIATION In sincere appreciation of the many happy memo- ries of our school and the deeper understanding of true fellowship which we have gained through her tireless enthusiasm, patient loyalty, and sympathetic leadership, we, the Senior Class of January, 1937, Wish to express our gratitude to our friend and spon- sor, Miss Wayman K. Blythe. Nl r 1 Eli Xi illvlllliul no xxx 1 X A 'v x y Wg? ix: XX X4 H ' - uf, - 1 I' 'i WL 24 H-L., 2 'XL gill 41 1 11 i 2-A xl P- n ,H 1 5 J , X , , ,Xl Z .L ' V4 mx Z X X1 11 I H. L Q ll , 54 . 5 H M X 1 I' I A I Z I A 1 il H i I l l I I ' A .. , HL 1 i ,Z mfs' X , I im 4 .EN .. ' I ...l H f i 'fi 3' v-i n .i :,,, ,,r:qm ,ia'T7 'f.-f,'."fw?'1,E 1.u:,ul-,gs g V af f' 'U' oil' i f,,':ffWQ'E - - i- , i DALLAS TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS T0 OUR ALMA MATER Alma Mater, you have been a blessed light That leads us in the path of all that's right. When We have been in desperation, You have been a source of consolation. You have encouraged our burning ambition To go forward and win recognition. In our memories, you have placed An impression that can never be erased. So in our humble Way, We Seniors want to say, That you have done your duty Well. The future? Only time can tell. -Gladys Zavala. E51 TECH FACULTY Schiebel, Walter J. E . ,,, .. ,, , P rincipal Alexander, J. Floyd ,....... Ashburne, Jim G..-- Baker, Hf Grady ......, Ball, Katherine eeee,.. Auto Shop Commercial ---e---Commercial ommercial Barrett, L. S .,......,,, ,,-..,.e,,oee,..,.,.,......,,,e.,,ee,. D rafting Blocker, S. J .. .....,,......... ...,.... M athematics, Architecture Blythe, Wayman K .,e.,,,e.. re........reeeeee,,,,.,,,,re..,....,......,,... E nglish Bone, Martha ..rrrrrrr,e.......,.....,.,,ee,,,..,,........ieree,,,r Home Economics Boone, Kathleen H ..., . ......eeereer Physical Education, Special Class Bryant, C. .........c.,......,...............,..............e.i.......... ......e History Bullock, Bernice D ..,....,r ......,,...e.........,..eeer...,....., C omptometer Butler, Effie ,...... , ,..,..,, ....,.eeeei,....,.... C ommercial Cartwright, Inez ,......e, Cathey, Catherine .......,. Cobb, Berry B .ee....... , Cocke, Edithe i.r,vr,, Cowan, Andrew M .... ...,.. Crocker, Vanita eeeo....... Davis, Florence ...r.... Davis, W. E. ...rr.r,.,, ,. Deavenport, Lela S ...,.. , Donald, Jettie eee... Dotson, C. G. eev.eeee Elsner, Lucille ee,.e....,.... Ferguson, Eula T ....e. ee.e Flte, P. E. ...,.....,eeeee C Flack, Dora .,ee...e...eee-. Fulton, W. P. ....,..,...,..., Gillam, Annie Lew ..,.... Goodrich, Dan B ....,.e Gowdey, Ellen B ...e. History ---,D-,eMachine Bookkeeping History Clerk -,i-re.Electric ---L-----,,--..,---.-.--.Spanish --W---,Drafting, Coach ,L,,-.Home Economics -- .,.. ........eee.. ...v, ,..,e.ee. S h o p - .,...,, Physical Education Study Hall -----,,-rDrawing, Coach W....---,--,-er.Latin, English D--rr-,r--------,----.Mathematics ----,--r,Special Class, History rDm-,--,-D-e----k,,-----.Printing English Haley, May B ............. ....ee., S pecial Class Hardaway, Ray ......, ,,,,,,,r,,...,.,,ii,,A S hop Harrell, J. L .,.............rrg ,,,eee S ocial Science Harris, Geneva Sn-- ,,...,..., Shorthand Hart, Roadaa fefeee,f------ -...-....... . ...,.....l...,..rg . Special Class Hayes, Dorothy .rrrr........... .D,..ir..grr........rrrr.er.rrrree.irr.... S tudy Hall HeI1d6I'S0n, Anna M ..... .... .....g. S e nior Counselor, Mathematics Henry, J . S .e...re......,rer... ...,eee.ev.,.,,,e......,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,-c,rr,, P hysics Hunter, W. F .,...,.,.,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,vi,,,,,M,r, f --,,,,,,,, C hemistry Johnson, Glen R ........ Jones, Ela Mae ...., r Music ----T----TypeWriting E61 Kadel, George W. .... ,, - King, Mineola n,.,.v .., Lancaster, Joe ....e.v, Lanham, W. S. .,..ee,e Lansdon, Lelita .......,..... Lemmerhirt, Sadie ...... Lightfoot, Mary o,,o.,i. Linthicum, C. I .... ....,. Loucks, F. W .... ...., Martin, H. G. ,....eeo.. -- McClain, Dorotha eee,..ee. McEvoy, Zoe ..,v........ McMinn, B. M. ......,. - Mosby, Margaret ...... Neff, H. A. ............. . Ogler, W. C.-- ...ee.eeee. Oswalt, W. H ...... .............. Parker, Jane Dawson ......... Peterson, R. A. ...,....e..e... - Polk, Dovye Mae. ....v... Pool, Ruda V ...... ....... Presnall, Alice ..e.....L, Pringle, Jeifie D.. ...., -- Roark, D. S. .......... -- Roberts, E. R. ....... - Rutledge, G. H. ....o,... , Ryan, Martin S. e.,,..,. Shackelford, Glenn ..., Sholty, Henry E ..... Stephens, May .,..... Stiff, James Ellen o........ Storms, Phoebe G. ..... ,- Stovall, Edith. e.,ee,.. ...L , -, Taylor, Agnes ...eeeee.......,e Terrell, George Alma ........ Turck, Clarice ........ee,..... Turner, Annie ........eeee, Ullrick, D. S. ................ - Walraven, Margaret ....... Wilson, Lenore S.. eL,.... - Wise, Mary Lou .ee.ee. Wright, E. W. .o,... - Young, Helen ...,. Shifiett, Mary ....... Gouge, Corine .,..o... --,,---,------.--,,Commercial Art --L--WScience and Mathematics ---------Social Science, Mathematics Economics , .,,..,. .......o D ean of Girls Pottery -,------Drafting, Mathematics Shop, Mathematics .-------.Public Speaking, English g,,,oWo,Mathematics -N,,,m,,,-r,,,,,,,--.History ----,--,oFoundry, Welding ----,--Assistant Commandant g-V,-,,m,,,--,,---,Mathematics ,Wm,,-,,.,---,Mathematics rm-,,,,.,Eng1ish ,U ,v,.,,,..,..,..o....,.. .English -----LLJournalism, English Special Class -----,-Commercial ,-,---....LL-.e.Biology ----,,..Commandant ....-,,Commercial -,e---.Sheet Metal ....---.Mathematics English English Special Class -..-o.,-------.English -L--.e-LTypewriting .,,L-e.Comptometer English ,.... Drafting .. eeeee. Library -----L-L--..---,.English Study Hall o-.,-,,LMachine Shop -----,------------Engl1sh Pianist Secretary 7l TECH FACULTY ENGLISH MISS AGNES TAYLOR ENGLISH MRS. PHOEBE G. STORMS 8 MATHEMATICS W. S. LANHAM SALESMANSHIP MISS KATHERINE C. BALL TECH FACULTY LATIN COMMERICAL ART .-f35?5?5?55Z?5i:2-55531i?E?i???Ei?33Efii5?3?5? 1 ' '.i35535iF 115352323?E?iEE25i5??35ZEiff5Z''iff' '.. . . a12iiiQEiia.5i21? -3121 I1 323321323213EFjZQ:2E1E- 515' 1123222323 j:1'E2E1 ':Q:f:2:E'f3IfIEi Piiiffiizlzitfzig ' . ,.g1E221:1::::::: 1::11::1:3:2:1:5:2:---:Q .,:2:5:5:i1bs2- - - ,.g:z:2:2:5:e:f:1:fg .rErEfE3E3E5E2.Z2f2:EgEgE523532355131 5i5i:3E12gi52311EE:frE1ErEg2555E2???5r EIEIZIE1111'-1 -3:E1E1i1E::r:5:5:3:1:1 --22211: frE1:211:g,., -lziriizrigzg 1 rfgzgzj ax:-:-1-5 .g:::1:1:g:gZ:i:-1' . ' I 2522- '-:gI:3:-1-1-.5:3:::3. :iii " 'iziziziifi -:5:i":i:i:EZ1 ' .- 211:21 '3:E:2:2:E2i:?:1:11Q' 1:21123 EE1ErE12g:g.2252:1 --2:2-5.-'2'211L 31331 92-2:g5:g:5:E1l '5'f'f'f1:i:1' - 1-2312:-13.-:Q: , . . ,5:i15:f:E:, "'55:27Z5'3ZQ11 ifliiizizfifi 25:3:2:i:2:2g?9 ,4:z:5:5:2g2g2g2gs 2:2:2:2:2:2gag:g13:f- .2:2:2:2:2g52g:g '-'-'-"Idz41:52.-Zzlzlzi'11-'-'-'-' 12:-:1:I:?:::3::::: ,i:1:1:f:3:::g:g3 525'21:1:-'.Z:5:2:f:1:I: f:i:5:111'1'- A -:1:i:?FI1I:T:5:R f1E?'1'f5:5:f:7'i'5'f'1' -'511711:E:2:g:2:21S1E2iI:5:5 2'1-2225213152212 11:2-e:3:2:E325 22212E:2:2f?2?1E1E2?2?Ei5:2- 5252313132:11Qg2ggzgagzg5g3g2g2g1g My H:-z-1-1. . 'T13 ,-:i:f:Q:Q:,.,..-.- ' " "1'-:Q:g.gZg1L1:Q2 3:21225 :ice121:QM:5:a:2:::1g1g'z:z:a.2 511121321211 5:1E23gE5QE5g2g-5E13,gEgEgQ2Q5g35EgEgEgi5 4"""12' :-: 552325252932efisiaagagageas-f:1:1:1 X 5:2111112:1::3:2:3:2:f:2:::1:f::z f - ..,-.,.-. i,:1,m ,,..-. . . , E219111111:21212525E31313:3:32:51EQEgE5:g:g:3:3:5:21E3E3E3Il 51,3 2,51 -' Q -222222222525225252222z2222Q223E23i2EZE?2ia22152222222221LEz122E1'1?"i 1+- 1EEQEEQ3i3E5E3E5E?E2? 515'3E5E5E3?Qi2E23Qi5i13255321211112V .. 1 , 5:1:5:1i3:1:5111:3:113:3:5 'V 12:51:15-gMI"5" "f-:-:gl -5.1:-L-: f A 1 , "fE5if"E5:23Ef4E- ,. ' 4 :' 1:w,53:1:fA ' If fi1E13235252ii2iaEE?iii2Ei1E2aI 151323552335323252333523252535232323552525211 1T13E?E5E3E3E525E3E325i1i?'5523: 2112 251155 2 EEEEZEEEEEEQEEEZ231325322255 " MISS DORA FLACK GEORGE W. KADEL ENGLISH HISTORY T MISS DOVYE POLK MISS ZOE McEVOY E91 f W U2 N li U bn : LS' eu : -cs ev 5-4 LD LN S0 E 5-1 Q9 +-1 TE 2 -CI .20 E s of Tech CI' Offic 10 '-"-c:.' Sci ...Gsm E -3 333' ev'-'ii GJ..-4 Q-+1-'fs' O S ug'-C5 cm:-433-1 m5 ,-4U2.M no 1+-42,22 O-4-w 253 cd SE . DEE bngbo .EMC P o 351554-7 "C5'x4-v c:s.2qc5+ 25521.-. gs? aw rate S2355 QDCS iigui 15.40 sf L5 wif? ooo.:-1 -Sw 3: -A-w ogg qg-PED 5.4 IDD Q55 Qj U2 E16 cvsrgg nog Ewa ,CSI 502:00 .,..q-, EQ eant-at-arms. Pasqua, serg Joe 'CS Q C6 +7 Q an 'U 'Fi m ao s-4 ff' cu o 'I-4 P gn '!'1 .Q s-4 O U 'U U11 O M C6 E S SI as 'U SOCIAL COMMITTEE GJ U .1-1 -4 W S-4 CD 1: s: as P as U as P-5 fbi .2 3 5: CD D51 3 O 5-4 U o o 3 Q 3 o s-4 CQ CS .S 4-w L4 CS 2 GJ 49 CC D-4 nd .93 Q s: Q O P1 M .Q O O as v-1 S-4 5 ,SI -A-7 5-4 112' Q 5-4 5 .Q P: U1 as 2 .2 'ES E-4 x O 2 F-4 5 Q. rn fc: CD S-4 Mild Dorothy Chase CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION Anderson, John D. Beal, Vaughn B. Behrens, James H. Benavides, Raul Antonio Berry, Everett O., Jr. Blair, William Edwin Boyd, Lottrice J., Jr. Brooks, John Everett Capehart, Earnest C. Castro, Jesus Casas Chammess, Abie Coburn, Allen Collier Corbin, Harold Hugh Cotton, Jarrell Jack Cox, D. B. Crow, Charles Edgar Davis, Earl DeWoody, Charles E. Digiacinto, Joe Dillingham, Jerrel S. Ellis, Woodrow Wilson Figgins, Jesse G. Gehrig, James Taylor Gonzalez, Fidel J., Jr. , Goodman, Lonnie D. Griffin, Hillard Goves, Albert Turner Guy, Iver J., Jr. Aulsbrook, Dorothy E. Beyrle, Janice Rocine Brown, Frances Louise Brown, Martha A. Chase, Dorothy Louise Clark, Veronica Dorothy Coats, Doris Virginia Cox, Thelma Davis, Alice Mae Dowlen, Ada Belle Duvall, Essie Lee Fox, Margaret May Frazier, Kathryn Friedrick, Rose Regina Gallagher, Mary E. Gerloff, May Estelle Girard, Ouida Marie JANUARY, 1937 BOYS Miller, Reece R. Milner, Robert W. Monroe, W. F. Nall, Frank Nelson, Price Denney Olive, David Ormsby, Floyd E., Jr. Pasqua, Joe B. Philbrick, Jack Howard Phillips, Thomas Carl Porter, Clyde C. Renwick, Woodrow W. Ross, James Alton Savatoni, Herbert H. Schiebel, William John Hamilton, E. Poston, Jr. Hart, Dolphus F., Jr. Hensley, Stacy Q. I-Ientchel, Fred Jacobs, Arthur Victor Jaynes, Daniel H. Jester, Vincent Mayfield, O. Edward Schneider, Henry Skinner, Eugene E. Skinner, J. C. Skotak, Chester George Slack, Joe Henry Smith, Clarence Delson Smith, Henry B. Smith, Hazen Smith, Lloyd H. Smith, Sidney Speckman, Leon Squires, Norton M. Tarver, Joseph A. Tomaso, Leo Trizza, John Sam Tyler, J. C. Vanderslice, Jack Van Hees, Hartwick Wallace, G. T. Ware, William Arthur Ware, William Andrew Longshie, George Ernest Weaver, Everett McClendon, James A. McGlothin, B. F. Mallison, Torn D., Jr. Marr, Porter Lee Mashburn, J. T., Jr. GIRLS Hardi, Adela Emily Harpold, Imogene Hart, Mary Katherine Haynes, Grace Hicks, Saletha Anita Harpold, Imogene Hart, Mary Katherine Haynes, Grace Hiegert, Lydia J. J. Hogg, Eloise Lillian Hyde, Jewell Maxine Johnson, Roberta N. Jones, Patricia Lee Lester, Madelon Lester, Marguerite L. Lloyd, Evelyn Naomi Lovelace, Frances A. llll Wiese, Woodrow Wilson Williams, Fred H., Jr. Womack, Lawrence Woodard, Thomas L. Zink, Bennett Edward Lunney, Mary Margaret Mahan, Virginia M. Moreno, Ida Estapa Moreno, Rebecca G. McQuaid, Juanita Nitcholas, Wanda Nunley, Carrie Orsburn, Dorothy D. Pate, Johnnie B. Reagan, Faye Shields, Clara Fay Sowders, Grace Truman Spurlock, Mildred Wallace, Nell Watkins, Elizabeth Ann Wells, Noel Virginia Zavala, Gladys Firzt Row fleft to rightJ-James A. McClendon, Harold Hugh Corbin, Nell Wallace, Jarrell Jig:-li Colgan. Second Row-J. C. Skinner, Faye Reagan, Raul Antonio Benavides, Jewell Maxine Hyde. Third Row-Noel Virginia Wells, Bennett Edward Zink, Ouida Marie Girard, Joe B. Pasqua. Fourth Row-Jael: Howard Philbrick, Mildred Spurlock, Woodrow W. Renwick, Arthur Victor Jacobs. E121 First Row fleft to rightj-Juanita McQuaid, Albert Turner Groves, Veronica Dorothy Clark, Robert Wi.1iamson Milner. Second Row-Abie Chammess, Margaret May Fox, John Everet Brooks, Tom D. Mallison Jr. Third Row-Marguerite Louise Lester, Clyde C. Porter Price Denney Nelson? Rebecca G. Moreno. Fourth Row-Clara Fay Shields,-Thomas Lindley Woodardf Dorothy Deliliah Orsburn, James Alton Ross. E131 First row, left to right-Jerrel Dillingham, Dorothy Elizabeth Aus- brook, Lloyd H. Smith, Alice Mae Davis. Second Row-J. T. Mashburn, Freq Williams Jr., Mary Margaret Lunney, E. Poston Hamilton Jr. Third Row-Jlhehga Cox, David Olive, Frances L0uise'Brown, Clar- ence Delson Smith. Fourth Row- au 'hn B. Beal Frank Nall, Roberta Nerene Johnson, William John Schiebel.' l14l ! First Row fleft to rightj-Fred Hentchel, Leon Speckman, W. F. Monroe, Essie Lee Duvall. ' Second Row-John Drummond Anderson, -Adela Emily Hardi,- Charles Edgar Crow, Henry Schneider. Third Row-Leo Tomaso, Grace Haynes, Porter Lee Marr, Elizabeth Ann Watkins. Fourth Row-Eloise Lillian Hogg, Eugene Saletha Anita Hicks, Norton M. Squires. E15l f' ff i 2 , ,First Row fleft to rightj-Kathyrin Frazier, lfonnie Darwin Goodman 'Johnnie B. Pate,'William Edwin Blair. K - 4- 4- 1.7 i --, V: Second Row-Yincen-Q Jet-er, Ada Belle Dowlen, Hartwick Van Hees, Ida Estapa Moreno. Third Row-HHla1:d-,Qriffin, Dorothy Louise Chase, Madelon Lester, ,E MQZ Jr, , Fourth Row-Floys Edwin Ormsby Jr., J. C. Castro, Janice Rocine Beyrle, Ernest C. Capehart. V llfil r .Q l First Row fleft to rightj-Patricia Lee Jones, Thomas Call Phillips, Gladys Zavala, Dolphus F. Hart Jr. Second Row-Wanda Njtghglas, Lydia Juanita Johanna Hiegert, Ches- 'ter George Silgjsaplc-L James Taylor Gehrig. Third Row-Jesse Figgins, Everett Weaver, James H. Behrens Imogene Harpold. Fourth Row-Jack Vanderslice, May Estelle Gerloif, 'Martha A. Brown,' Iver J. Guy Jr.. l17l x 1 i First Row fleft to rightj-Mary Katherine Hart, Henry TSHQQ, G. T. Wallace, Frances Adeline Lovelace. Second Row-JYosgQhY Mary Elizabeth Gallagher, Reece R. Miller, Doris Virginia Coats. 4 Third Row-Virginia Madeleine Mahan, Allen Collier Coburn, Grace Truman Sowders,'B. F. McGlothin.' Fourth Row-Rose Regina Friedrich, 'Lawrence Womackf Stacy l-l-enle-gb Evelyn Naomi Lloyd. H31 First Row fleft to rightj-Everett O. Berry ,Ir.,'William -Arthur Ware, Carrie Nunle Earl Davis -....- ...L - Second Row-Joe Digiacinto, John Sam Trizza, D. B. Cox. - ATTENDANCE RECORD The following students have been neither absent nor tardy for four years: Adela Hardi Jim Behrends J. C. Skinner The following students have not been tardy for four years: Anderson, Drummond Benavides, Ralph Brooks, Robert Coburn, Collier Davis, Earl Gehrig, James Gonzales, Fidel Aulsbrook, Dorothy Brown, Frances Chase, Dorothy Clark, Veronica Davis, Alice Mae Duvall, Essie Lee Smith, Hazen Squires, Norton Mallison, Thomas Trizza, John Sam Tyler, J. C. Van Hess, Hartwick War.Q,.Wi1lif1.m Hamilton, Billy McGlothlin B. F. Milner, Robert Ormsby, Floyd Schiebel, William Schneider, Henry Weaver, Everett Skotak, Chester Gerloff, Mae Hyde, Maxine Harpold, Imogene Lloyd, Evelyn Hart, Mary Lunney, Mary Hiegert, Lydia Orsburn, Dorothy Hogg, Eloise Spurlock, Mildred Wells, Noel I 19 l 4B SPONSOR C. A. BRYANT I 20 1 4B CLASS OFFICERS Pictured above are the 4B Class officers. Left to right, standing: Fdorence Ilrake, secretaryg Wferbie Adams, vice-president. Seated: Tom Peterman, ser- geant-at-arms, and M. B. Short, president. E211 J ,A JUNE '37 GRADUATION 'A1exander, Joseph- Asimakis, Louis Atmore, Edwin -Bailey, James -Bargiames, James Barkhurst, G. R. Barrow, Cecil Benett, Jimmy Bennett, Quincy D. 'Berz, Ben Bethel, Charles Clyde 'Bitchel1, Harris 'Bishop, Bennett Black, Eugene 'Burris, Boyd 'Carr, Francis 'Carson, Lee Catina, Tony Caulket, George Cerda, Louis Collins, John Colins, Vernon 'Cowan, Jay - 'CrofTord, Robert . -Crowe, Robert 'DeShong, Harold Easterwood, Donald 'Emmett, George Eslick, Henry Fefferman, Thomas 'Feldman, Harry 'Freed, Bernard -Fowler, Thomas Fuentes, Jesse - Fulton, Edwin 'Gattis, Ben Genseke, Clarence Gaskell, Jack -Glasgow, Waddell ' Goodrich, Dan 'Gray, Frank - Greenfield, Lee Roy 'Groves, Lester Haggard, Raymond vHale, Richard BOYS Hatchel, Emmett Heath, Victor 'Henderson, Lewis - Henry, Gaile -Hickman, David - Hil, Thomas Hoefle, Karl 'Holt, Drexel Hooper, Cheedle Hopkins, A. P. Illes, James Jewett, Edward Johnson, Robert 'Jones,J. T. ' -Keele, James 1 Kemble, Jack Kesner, Sam King, N. P. Klein, Clarence Klein, Robert Kovsky, Louis -Lamb, Raymond ' -Langford, Frederick Lasater, Allan Le May, J . D. -Leslie, Fletcher -Lindsey, Julian 1 Littleton, C. O. ' Lott, John ' Luck, J ohn. Luna, Frank McKinnon, Murray -McKool, Michael Mais, August f - Mann, Wennis f' Manning, Billy ' May, James Merlick, Vladimir 'Mimms, William Moore, James Morale, Tony 'Morrow, Jacob ' rMurphy, Owen Palmer, Howell Paschall, George l22l . o I n 0 0 s Q x Patrick, T. G.' Patterson, A. W. Peterman, Tom Presley, Travis Pruitt, Earl 1 Ranson, Thomas Ray, Ernest Renny, Lawrence Rettman, Harold - Rodriguez, Elias ' Rogers, Paul King 0 Rose, Frank Rowe, W. J . Shephard, Sam Short, M. B. Sinks, Bee Smith, Albert LeRoy 4 Smith, Herbert Smith, Ralph 0 Spain, E. T. -Spencer, Richard Stallard. O. D. -Stallings, Kenneth v Stricklin, William Stinson, J. D. Tanner, Clarence Trantham, Earl Trexler, David Varcasia, Johnny ' Vaughn, Barney . Veach, Paul Veal, Jake Walden, Jack Walker, Jack Warren, Hubert -Watkins, E. B.: Watts, Curtis Welton, Scott Whitehead, Milton Whittenburg, Hollis 4 Wier, Arthur Williams, Eugene Williamson, Allen Yarbrough, Linton 'York, J. T. JUNE '37 GRADUATION - Adams, Verbie - Allison, Edythe Anderson, Ruth Asimakis, Pira Askew, Dorothy vBanks, Lela Belle - 'Barbosa, Mickey Barker, Jenna Mae Bonner, Corinne - Boyd, Gladys - Boykin, Aileen Branham, Laura Broyles, Mary Jane 'Burrows, Muriel Carpenter, Bernice XCarpenter, Dorothy Casteel, Katherine Chamness, Dorothy Choate, Anna Beth -Clark, Florence ' Clay, Dorothy Clinkscales, Eugenia -Cotton, Billye Joyce- -Courreges, Hazel Culbertson, Elsie 'Daniel, Mary Dean, Irma Ruth Dismukes, Naomi 'Dodd, Violet Donaghey, Marcella Dorsey, Lorraine Dunlevy, Adelaide Du Priest, Connie GIRLS Ebert, Louise 'Edwards, Vernelle Etheridge, Lois 'Faust, Florence Fuller, Jewel 'Gano, Maxine Gentry, Denzil 'Godwin, Margaret -Graham, Joanne ' Graham, Mavis ' Gray, Etta . GriHin, Mary Louise Harper, Geraldine Harwell, Kathryn Head, Marie QHerman, Mollie Howell, Ruby Hudson, Lynnette James, Louise -Johnson, Jessie Lee ' 'Jones, Janette - N 'Jones, Jimmie Lee Jones, Lucille Keller, Helen Knight, Janie -Kyles, Dorothy - Labkovsky, Ann ' Lanier, Alice Layne, Juanita McFarland, Dorothy McMinn, Margaret Mansour, Mary Louise Martin, Willie Dee She's beautiful, therefore to be wooed. She is a woman, therefore to be won.-Henry VIII. Miller, Marian Milner, Virginia ' Nichols, Viola -Norman, Flnoy- Oliver, Eloise Payne, Jeannette Penn, Helen -Philips, Mazie - Phillips, Margaret Riefler, Gladys . Rigsby, Hazel -Rodriguez, Elena - Roffino, Rosalee Ross, Betsy Rupe, Gwendolyn Sanford, Helen Staughton, Lucille Stone, Geneva Stovall, Montera Taylor, June Thomas, Cora Lee Tippens, Joyce Tolbert, Buenos Trent, Georgia Turner, Maurine -Ventura, Dorothy White, Maxine Whitsitt, Carolyn Williams, Leona -Wilson, Audrey- Wood, June NVorth, Barbara - Give me a child until he is seven, and I care not who has him in charge after that.-Walter Pitkin. Be fit for yourself to know. l23l 1 i CLASS PROPHECY Dear Lula Bell: I shall look into the distant future and take up my pencil to type you a fevv hnes as to the vvhereabouts of our old class- mates 'way back in good old 1937. You remember Leo Tomaso and Sam Trizzo? Well, it seems that they are novv big coHectors. 'They coHect garbage every Saturday morning in Grand Prairie. Arthur Jacobs, you know that big shot from New York, is a famous song writer and vvrnes songs for such fainous UScreani Starsv as J. C. Skinner, Edwin Blair, and Bill Ware. Johrn Brpoks has become a nnssionary to South Africa. Ile says everything surelooks black. Earl Davis has become the Robert Taylor of days gone by and is the sweetheart of every old maid. Iver "Pres" Guy has finally managed to become president of the National Gos- sip Association by starting the malicious scandal about Presi- dent Iamit and Sallie Wimpson. Harold Corbin and Ja.ck Philbrick are two well-known inventors. You remember their invention of the Brushless Tooth Paste that they sold to the Judge? How much did they get for that inevntion? Thirty days. Jack Cotton, Lawrence Womack and Joe Digiacinto are now in professional baseball. Lawrence is a world-famous pre-game field cleaner, Joe is the bat boy and Jack brushes off the bases. It seems Charles Crow has a job in Hollywood. Do you remember that picture called "The Thin Man ?" Well, he Inade his debut as the Tlnn Blank shadoun Bennet Zinks black hair has finally turned gray worrying for the last twenty years over a way to get a promotion from usher to manager. James McClendon and Thomas Phillips will graduate from coHege this terni and have been pronnsed a job as jannpr because of their long attendance at the college. Abie Chamness has taken over Fred Allen's Amateur Hour and gets a big kick out of ringing the gong. Eugene Skinner is still a perfect citizen and is a president of the Last National Bank. Joe Pasqua and Woodie Renwick are now coaching at Letot High School, where Bill Schiebel is principal. Tollie Mashburn is an effeminate clerk in an exclusive Man's Shop, where I saw him trying to sell Lloyd Smith a suit to go with his new used car. Reece Miller owns a barber shop. You can get your hair cut there real cheaip. It seems he is a little hard up for cash. His assistants are James Gehrig, D. B. Cox, Lonnie Goodman. I24l Across the street J . C. Castro has a beauty salon. Poor boy, it seems that he has a big suit on his hands. He's being sued for selling the ladies shoe polish for a mud pack. Collier Coburn and Drummond Anderson are playing in Fred Wil- liams' Orchestra, engaged at the High Sky Club atop the Mag- nolia Building, Jack Vanderslice, owner. G. T. Wallace, Frank Nail and Chester Skotak are taking flying lessons from Bud Boyd and are gradually wrecking his business. Robert Milner, David Oliver, and W. F. Monroe have a used car lot and are still arguing over the money they got from the first car they sold. Price Nelson and Clyde Porter are lawyers and are very good friends and advisors of those two bad boys, Joe Slack and Hilliard Griffin. Jesse Figgins has become the manager of a second-hand store on Deep Elm. Alton Ross and Everett Berry are authors and are writing a book entitled "How to Save Your time." Fidel Gonzales has opened a business called "Check Your Pooch-Hounds While You Shop Bureau." Albert Groves is a very successful businessman. You should drop by his office and see him chew that big cigar and talk golf. Vaughn Beal and James Behrens are radio announcers over Station N UTZ. They are employed by the Nuty Fruit Cake Company. Thomas Mallison and Vincent Jeter are backing a big musical called "Maroon, White and Blue." Fred Henchel and Jerrel Dillingham are two of the main characters in the world-famous play "The Gathering of the N ut." Dorothy Chase is now writing that famous column "Advice to the Lovelorn," or "Be Sure to Say No+No-a Thousand Times No." Over in Europe Mildred Spurlock and Roberta Johnson are among the famous swimmers to swim the English Channel. Thelma Cox, Margaret Fox and Mae Gerloif have gained the reputation of being the three most successful com- mercial artists. It seems that Dorothy Orsburn has decided that wearing her shoes out looking for a job "ain't so hot," so she has resorted to the home laundry business. Out in Holly- wood Martha Brown is taking dramatics trying to improve that famous line, "Come up sometime." Grace Haynes has acquired the name of the second Mrs. Wally Simpson. By sit- ting on her employees' desk and really doing some high-pow- ered talking, Ouida Girard has finally secured the job of scrub girl for the soap factory. Out of one hundred girls, Dorothy Aulsbrook has been chosen to model for a well-known corset E251 manufacturing company. Plano, Texas, has the honor of say- ing they have Eloise Hogg for a gym teacher in their largest high school. That well-known comedy actress, Henrietta Blackenomire, is no one else but Anita Hicks. Due to the fact that Janette McDonald has a slight cough, Madelon Lester has been chosen to take the leading role in that well-known metro- politan opera, "The Girl That Left Home." Janice Beryle is conHnuaHy seen fusing over the back fence vdth Juanhm McQuaid, which always ends up with both girls having a hand- ful of hair. Rose Friedrich and Patricia Jones are nurses in the Dog and Cat Hospital on Commerce street. After so many years, Noel Wells and Veronica Clark met the men of their dreams standing in the breadline on Fifth avenue, where Gladys Zavala is dishing out the beans. Johnnie B. Pate is in Florida competing against that sun-kist beauty, Frances Brown, for Miss America. After Imogene Harpold is a com- petent secretary to a large law Hrm in Chicago. The neigh- borhood gossipers are those three well-known girls, Evelyn Lloyd, Wanda Nicholas and Margaret Lester. Mary Kather- ine Hart and Frances Lovelace have a whole library on "How to Hold Your Man," with Carrie Nunnley and Virginia Mahan always bragging about their millionaire boy friends. Doris Coats has Hnahy persuaded her one and only that she reaHy can cook. After annoying the landlady for quite a while, Maxine Hyde, Nell Wallace and Alice Mae Davis finally got the apartment that was across the street from the Bachelors' Hall. Mary Margaret Lunney is still standing in the rain to see if it really rains pennies from heaven. Faye Reagan has just captured the thde of the fastest tap dancer in the llnited States. Two of the famous night club singers are Essie Lee Duvall and Kathryn Frazier. Faye Shielf and Grace Sowder are just old maids trying to recapture their schoolgirl com- plexions. In a squeaky rocking chair sits Adela Hardi reading from her scrap book and bringing back those thrilling memo- ries of long ago. Elizabeth Watkins has just about given up hope of making that old, deaf lady, Ada Belle Dowling, under- stand that she has just got ear muffs on and is not deaf after all. Ida and Rebecca Morino are now running a curiosity shop in the African wilderness. i26l LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT DONOR Earl Davis ,,,,,.,..,,L,, Myra M. Lunney ,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Y Lydia Hiegert ,....... Lawrence Womack ,,,,,,,,,, G. T. Wallace 7,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,7,, Dorothy Ausbrook ,,,,,,,,,,,, Martha Brown, ..,,v. Thelma Cox ,,,,....,, Dorothy Chase ,,.,,,,,, ,,,vv, Adela Hardi ,,7, ,,,,, Fred Williams ,,,,,,... ,,,,,,, C'arence Smith, ,,,,,, ,,,,., Henry Schnieder. ...........l,, Katherine Frazier ,,,,l,l,,,,, Jack Philbrick, l.,,,,,, ,,,,.,, Anita Hicks, .l,,,,,,, Grace Haynes, ,,,,7..77 .,.,... Mildred Spurlock ..,.,l,....,,, Joe Pasqua ..,,,.. A ,....,,. ,,,,,,, Thomas Phillips ,,,.,,,,.,,.,l,, "Woodie" Renwick ,,..,,..,,, Eugene Skinner ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Y Leo Tomaso, ,,,.....,... ....., Jack Vanderslice ,,,l.7.l....., Bill Ware ...,,,,. ..,..,.. Ouida Girard ,.,,.,..,,,,,,l,,,,., Ada Belle Dowling ,,,.......,7 May Gerloff .......,.... Joe Digiacinto ,,.,.,,. Robert Milner ,,,,,...., ,,,,,,. Iver Guy ..,,,,..,,,,,... Fred Hentchel ....,..., ..,,.. , Arthur Jacobs ......... ..,,7,, DONATION Looks . ..,.,,,,,,,,,,v,,,,,,,,, Shorthand Ability ,,..,,. High Grades r...,7,.,,,,, Athletic Ability ieeeeeee Bashfulness ,.,...,,,,, Dimples, ,,,...,,.. Personality ,..,,.....,.,,, Artistic Ability ,,....,,,,,, "Come Hither Eyes" ,.... .. Pep. ..,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, French Horn ...,,,.,.. Good Grades ..,,,,,,,, Ability to Talk .....,., Baby Talk ..,,,,.......,.,, Presidency .......,.,..,.,,,,,,,,, Journalistic Ability ,,,,,,.. Basketball Crown ,.,,..,. Platinum Hair ..,,,,.,.. Football Sweaters ,...... Voice, ,,,.,..,....,............... Basketball Ability ..,.,,, High Grades .........,,,,,,,,,,, Cheer Leader Position ............. Way With Girls ...,,,.............,.... High Grades in English 7.,,,,,,i,, Brown Eyes ..,,,,...........,...,,...ii,.i Love for Football Heroes ,..,.... A Dutch Temper ...........,,i,,,,,i....... Sports Writer ,,..,...,,. Economics Ability ...,,,, Presiding Ability ......,. Humor ,,.,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,..........,.,.,,. . Composition and Voice ,,.,,,.,,,.., DONEE Frances Carr ' Katherine Marin Loretta Elliot Thomas Fowler Joe Campisi Verbie Adams Florence Drake Willie Dee Martin Gwendlyn Rupe Alice Lanier Barney Vaughn James Keefe Thomas Hill Eloise Oliver M. B. Short Margaret Phillips Mavis Gra-ham Helen Keller Lewis Henderson Michael McKool W. D. Hill A. P. Hopkins Louie Tomaso V Harold De Shong Robert Crowe Maxine Gano Etta Gray Opal Murray Elias Rodriguez Richard Hale Dan Goodrich O. D. Stallard Paul King Rodgers Be true to your word and your Work and your friend.-John Boyle O'Reill'yQ Human improvement is from within outward.-Froude. l27l BULLETIN BOARD WANTED-More seniors like the January '37 class. WILL EXCHANGE-A nice, quiet, juicy, big red apple for a photo of Frances Lovelace. See J. C. Tyler. LOST-In the gym at the Senior Prom, one heart in good condition. If found, please return to Eloise Hogg. WILL BUY-One-half credit at any cost. Please ask Wood- row Weise. NOTICE-Marguerite Lester is free, white and-well, in the teens. Now, come on, boys! WANTED-A dependable person to take Eugene Skinner's place in the library. WASTED-All hours in study hall by G. T. Wallace. WILL YOU TRADE? Candy to eat in class for an advertising book with answers in it, She Mildred Spurlock. WILL GIVE-A nice, new, shiny Linz pin for an interpreter of Latin. Albert Groves. FOUND-A guaranteed cure for heart trouble in William Ware. Wanda Nitcholas. WANTED-Old gold-senior boys and girls are collecting rings. FOUND-Two happy hearts belonging to Thomas Phillips and Joe Pasqua. WILL TRADE-Seventeen credits acquired in Dallas Tech for a tuition to college. Meet Ida Moreno. WILL BUY-Candy and ice cream cones for Dorothy Chase if you'll let me. Respectfully yours, J. C. Skinner. FOR SALE-Answers, notes, questions, etc., from any senior. Very cheap. In charge of Hazen Smith. BUSINESS SERVICES-4A Senior Social Committee do- nates their business to the future 4A senior class. LOST, STRAYED, OR STOLEN-One tall, dark and handsome boy friend. Anyone knowing his whereabouts please notify Carrie Nunley. WASTED-All time spent in home rooms by Nell Wallace. WILL APPRECIATE-A very muchly needed one-fourth credit for 13 smiles. See Evelyn Lloyd. LOST-H. B. Smith without his football manager's sweater. FOUND-A pair of very charming smiling, brown eyes. Rose Frederick. WILL PAY-One silver dollar for a smile from Dorothy Orsburn. "The Boys." , i J COLLECTED-Many loud shirts by J. C. Skinner. CAPTURED-The art of public speaking, by Johnnie B. Pate. I28l DAFFY-NITIONS SCHOOL-A swell place to go if one doesn't have a ten-cent piece for a shovw TEST-A big worry beforehand and a big regret aterwards. EXAMS-You either do or you don't. SENINOR DAY-Not study, but style. CHEWING GUM-Not working one's mind, but one's jaws. SENIOR-Knows and knows that he knows. DANCE-Something we all like to do. BOOKS-Something we carry home at night and lay down without picking them up again until morning. MANIAC-A teacher when angry. WORRY-Something unseen intermingled with school. STUDY HALL-The best place to sleep after all-one doesn't get graded off in there. DETENTION CARDS-Some little piece of card that we could do without. CLASSCWTTCERS-Dumbpdhkmns BOUNDS--A term used in weighing. fEXample: Five bounds ofsugarj FUMBLE-Annwmb+wehmmkMw WINNER-The seconds that follows fall. BANANA PEEL-Food article that brings the weight down. DIPLOMAT-Man who remembers women's birthdays-but notthenfages MAN-The only animal that can be skinned more than once. VACUUM-Nothing shut up in a big box. VOLCANO--A mountain that throws out hot saliva. STREET CARS-A thing that you take home after you missed the one before if you didn't bring the auto with you or don't have one, or therefore you walk. PENCIL-A thing you erase stuff with the other end of. DOORKNOB-Something that a revolving door goes around without. ' RAIN-What they call baseball games on account of. FOG-The stuff, if you live in San Francisco, you gets lots of. GRUDGE-Place where an auto is kept. PUPPED-Very small dog. ACQUIRE-A group of church singers. PARADOX-Two ducks. TO4UPEE-Indian abode. PENCE-Hkmwus NIRTS-Doctor's assistance. SARDINE-Child of a czar. CHEER-Something to sit on. BENCH-A small portion of material. QExample: A bench of snuij E291 CON SULTATION S WITH THE FLABBERGASTER Dear Flabbergaster: Why do those senior girls insist on tripping me when I walk by? Puzzled, Iver Guy. Dear Puzzled: Maybe they are trying to get you to fall for them. Yours truly, Flabbergaster. Dear Problem Solver: Is it true that everyone says I'm pretty? Wondering, Grace Haynes. Dear Wondering: Yes, preety dumb. Ask me another. Flabber. Dear Flabber: Is it true that Martha Brown always has her way: Tell me. Alice Mae Davis. Dear I'm Telling You: I'll say she always writes up her diary a week ahead of time. Your pal, Ole Flabbergaster. Dear Fix It: What makes Joe Pasqua's car run. Anxious to know. Mildred Spurlock. Dear Anxious: Did you ever see a car walk? Truly yours, Mr. Flabbergaster. Dear Helper: How long can a person live without brains? Hopeful, Lloyd Smith. Hear Hopeful Lloyd: You didn't tell me your age, so how should I know? Faithful Flabber. Dear Mend It: Do you think Carrie N unley is really two- timing me? Perplexed, J. C. Skinner. Dear Perplexed: You can call it two-timing if you want to, but in my dictionary it's called stringing. Your loving, Flabbergaster. Dear Voice of Experience: Why is it that a girl always closes her eyes when she is kissed? Little Boy Blue, ' Bill Ware. 'Dear Little Boy: To shut out the realities of life. Always helpful, Flabber. P30 l Dear Flab: I am torn between a riptide-which should I like, Soldier Boy fRobert Milnerl or Play Boy CAlbert Grovesl ? Wistfully, Essie Lee Duvall. Dear Essie Lee: Make your own choice, but there is always something swell about a boy in uniform. Did I Help? Dear Ole Pal: What has Jack Vanderslice got that I haven't? Can you tell me? Dan Jaynes. Dear Dan: He has a good-looking girl friend named Nell Wallace. Truly yours, Flabbergaster. Dear Adviser: Tell me what becomes of a football player when his eyesight fails him. A daily reader, Earl Davis. Dear Earl: They make a referee out of him. Ye Ole Helper, Flabber. il...li-l- SPELLING IT OUT S idney Smith 0 uida Girard P atricia Jones H artwick Van Hess I mogene Harpold S tacey Henley T ollie Mashburn I ver Guy C ollier Coburn A dela Hardi T helma Cox E d Mayfield D an Jaynes S am Trizza E ssie Lee Duvall N orton Squires I da Moreno 0 phelia May R obert Milner S aletha Anita Hicks f::11 REMEMBER THEM AS Leo Tomaso ..A,,,EE,EE.,v,.E,,-. ..,,,,.,,,,,EEEE,,,,EEE,E ,,,,.., T o mato James McClendon EEE,. Woodrow Ellis ...,Aoo.....o, Woodrow Renwick ..o,oo Mildred Spurlock ,....ev Joe Pasqua .e,.......e,.,,,, Earl Davis l,,...llo,,,.,,ll,,. Lawrence Womack eeee.,. Carrie N unley .eee.ee,.... J1m Behrens o....eee...... Fred Williams ee,.v...H.. James Gehrig ,...,e,....,.,ee,e Drummond Anderson eeee..e Chester Skotak .iee...,.e Harold Corbin ,......,. Frances Brown ..cc., Grace Haynes ...c. Martha Brown ,......c,.,... Anita Hicks .,.,....c,...iccc,,.,,. Mary Margaret Lunney ...,,.c Johnnie B. Pate ....c,.,.,cc,,,,cc,.. Nell Wallace c.cc,,,. Adelia Hardi ccccr,.. Eloise Hogg .,c...cc,c,c. Alice Mae Davis ,o,.v.v Jaye Reagan ccc.cccc Robert Milner ccc,. Tollie Mashburn ...c. Clarence Smith ,ccc, L Joseph A. Tarver ,ccc.... Jack Vanderslice .l..cc.. William Ware ,.......,oc,c Lindley Woodard ...,,., Bennett Zink .,....c , Essie Lee Duvall. .,.,,cc - Imogene Harpold c,v,..... Maxine Hyde ....H,..c..,. Juanita McQuaid ...c.ccv Dolphus Hart ....cccccc, Portor Lee Marr ....ccc,. J . C. Skinner r...rv.....,. Leon Speckman ..,c. Dorothy Chase ,..,crr E. Red ------,--lVloose -------Woodie -------Blondie -------.Ironman r----------LSnooky Bull -----------.--LL-r--Cappie Honest James Fritz Pinky ,-,,,--c,-oAndy -----,----Koomer Dimples ---l--LFrisco ---,-----Gracie Shorty Frankie ,----LLooney -,----.-,..Pat ellie ------.Dellie W-----mHPiggy ,---w-.Stooge Sunye ---,,----Prince --,-----Gabbie Joe ,- ....,.,r E rr.,.cc Vandy -------,Little Willie .....,... Pewee O. B. -,---o....Maxie --,---.---.Mack ....--L--LShorty Pork ---Ladies' Man E, ,.,.ir,.,. Speck -,---.Dot Ida Moreno r........ . ..rr.-....rr Shorty Vaughn Beal r.ccc,,...,. .,v.....o,ccc.rrr H istorian Earnest Capehart ...... .,,cc,.,.....,.vc..........., P ete D. B. Cox .,.,.,.,,cc,... .......c...c.....,...cc,. R obert Taylor Jr. E32 AMONG THE OUTSTANDING GIRLS Most Popular .T.... TTTT,,.G ..,T.... ....T... N e l l Wallace Prettiest ...l,..vl.. ...,......ll A nita Hicks Best Sport ...,....,l.....l... ...l,.., A lice Mae Davis Best School Citizen ,ss.... ...l,..., M ay Gerloff Best All Round osoqo... ,....ooooo F ay Reagan Best Dressed ,,,,,.. ,l.,., ..,,e,., D 0 rothy Chase Wittiest .....BBoB...f ..........B...loo....o.. G eneva Stone Best Athlete .,.o......A,v,,. ..,...,. M ary Margaret Lunney Most Sophisticated ...,.o oo,,...ooo,,....oo. G race Haynes Most Reliable ...., ...,.......rc G ladys Zavala Best Personality ....,.....,... rc........ M ildred Spurlock Most Likely to Succeed ....ccc .c...c...cccc M argaret Fox Peppiest .......c.c, . ..........i.,c ...c...r M artha Brown Best Dancer .c..... ..........c..c......c..o..ccc J ohnnie B. Pate BOYS Most Popular .c... ,....r,.......c....c .,.o.... H a rold Corbin Best Looking .....L. ..........o E arl Davis Best Sport ........c,. ....cc.c J ack Philbrick Best All Round .lcc,. Wittiest ..o,L....,,. Best Dressed ooo,... Most Reliable . Best School Citizen ...oo,. .... oe Pasqua ,c,--,.c,,-Iver Guy ---c,----c.-c,,Iver Guy ..c--,Norton Squires -WEug'ene Skinner Best Dancer ,,c..o..c,. ........ W oodrow Renwick Best Personality ...,o,oo... Peppiest .Lv.o,,.o...,.io.Lv,o,...L..o Most Likely to Succeed .cv..., - cL-----Arthur Jacobs ,....cWEdwin Blair cL,--,Albert Groves Best Athlete c.......c......,.. ,..,c Woodrow Ellis Most Talkatlve ..,,c. c.,..,.,.ccc...ccc,.ic ' 'Re'd" McClendon E331 'T THINGS YOU'LL NEVER SEE Grace Haynes running from a football player. Woodrow Ellis taking history seriously. Dorothy Gsburn flirting. Jack Cotton without a certain blonde. Martha Brown without that broad personality smile. Iver Guy without a dame hanging on his arm. Jack Vanderslice without a different girl friend every day Faye Reagan with an angry look. Bill Schiebel with his hair under control. Dorothy Chase without V. J. Brannon. Edwin Blair Without a hair cut. Earl Davis without an unknown admirer. V Johnnie B. Pate sitting out a dance. Leo Tomaso keeping in time with the music when he dances Virginia Mahan not wearing a Linz Pin. James McClendon standing still. Doris Coats without a sweet word for everyone. Joe Pasqua singing "Franky and J ohnnie." Mary Margaret Lunney Without that "I don't know look." Thelma Cox admitting she is wrong. Bill Ware not trying to imitate Bob Burns. Eloise Hogg with her hair out of place. Dorothy Aulsbrook without that innocent look. J. C. Skinner without a loud shirt. Faye Shields being boistrous. Pinky Gerhig without red hair and freckles. Mary Katherine Hart looking dumfounded. Porter Lee Marr with a solemn look on his face. Ouida Girard acting a lady in the lunchroom. Nell Wallace making a sales talk and knowing the details. Floyd Ormsby rushing a girl. Elizabeth Watkins not being shy'and bashful. Harold Corbin not Warting some girl. May Gerloff refusing to do a piece of work for someone. Bill Shiebel not wanting a date. Jack Philbrick not trying to patch up a quarrel. Clarence Smith not being a swell pal to everyone. Maxine Hyde fussing about hard work. Essie Lee Duvall with red hair. Gladys Zavala not being a big help to everyone. Rebecca Marino missing a day of school. Alice Mae Davis not being friendly. Ida Marino being five feet tall. Bennett Zink missing a show. Frances Lovelace with a shiny nose. Albert Groves not enjoying himself. Frances Brown not looking pretty. l34l WHAT WE ADMIRE IN SENIORS Anita Hicks: Her sweet ways. Lydia Hiegert: Her good grades. Frances Brown: Her red hair. "Woodie" Renwick: For being a basketball star. Margaret Fox: Her athletic ability. Grace Haynes: For being elected basketball queen. Iver Guy: For being president of the Student Government Association. Earl Davis: For being the best-looking boy in the Senior Class. Eloise Hogg: For the way she wears her hair. Drummond Anderson: For his smile. Everett Berry: For his cheerfulness. Collier Coburn: For being so small. Harold Corbin: For his humor. Martha Brown: For her personality. Alice Mae Davis: For her winning smile. Joe Digiacinto: For being Sport Editor of the Tech-Talk. Nell Wallace: Her likeable ways. Lawrence Womack: For his football ability. Bennett Zink: For his black hair and eyes. Frances Lovelace: When she is quiet. Maxine Hyde: For always being willing to help. Mildred Spurlock: For her natural platinum hair. Fred Williams: For his "swing" band. John Sam Trizza: For finally graduating. Chester Skotak: For his pleasant smile. Sidney Smith: For his wavy hair. Gladys Zavala: For her intelligence. Fay Shields: For her quietness. James Gehrig: For his red hair. Tollie Mashburn: For being well-groomed. Hazen Smith: For his Southern drawl. Dorothy Chase: For her taste in clothes. William Ware: For his quietness. Thelma Cox: For her pottery. Jack Vanderslice: For being a ladies' man. Reece Miller: For being fat and jolly. Hillard Griffin: For his wisecracks. Robert Milner: For his pleasing personality. Johnny B. Pate: For her love of dancing. Jack Cotton: For his slow and easy-going ways. E351 1 4 STUDENT GGVERNMENT OFFICERS I From left to right are: President, Iver Guyg vice-president, Woodrow Renwickg treasurer, Janette Payneg secretary,'Mar- tha Brown. V ,l. Student Government at Tech continues to fulfill a necessary and important mission. Regular meeting day is Wednesday, at which time matters of school regulations are discussed. The Senate and the House of Representatives are the repre- sentative groups, that decide issues and make plans and deci- sions regulating the general conduct policy of the school. ' V C. A. BRYANT, Sponsor. l36l ORGANIZATIONS STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club under the direction of Miss Ela Mae Jones has been organized for the past five years. A contest was held during the fall, '36, and it was open to any Tech student. The winners were: Howard Wess, first. Billy Pritchett, second. Jimmie Hensley, third. Officers of the club are: President .,,-,,-,i.r,,,,,ree.r L ..ie -, ,,ee.. .James Webb Vice-President ,e.,....,... .... ....r.................. . C larence Klein Secretary-Treasurer .... .. ....................... Howard WGSS Directors: Billy Pritchett, Fritz Lynn, 'Edwin Otmore, Jimmy Henseley, Ben Worley. , LIBRARY COUNCIL fi Members of the Library Council are students who assist in the Library without compensation. There are no regular meetings or dues. All meetings are called by Mrs. Margaret Walraven, Librarian. The following are members of the Council: , Eugene Skinner ..,i...........f..........,.........,.. .First Period Beth Witt ....,fff.,cc... f,,......... T hird Period James Gehrig fccr.,,..ff ......... F ourth Period A. W. Patterson ......... ......... F ourth Period Mac Tracy v-,c,,.,,,,,r c,,..ccf. F ourth Period Truett Kellaw .,.......,.,....v.......v..... ........ Fifth Period PAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM The Pan-American Student Forum, organized in 1932, con- sists of students of Spanish, Latin, and Hisotry. Meetings are held twice monthly under the direction of Miss Florence Davis, Sponsor. All-city meetings are held five times each year and are presided over by the All-City Presi- cleat, Frank Luna, who is a Tech student. Officers of the c u are: Leo Tomaso ..,o.................. ...,. .........,,.,riiiri L ir., P r esident Dorothy Askew .....g,, ......, V ice-President Jean Try ,...,....,...ifi .,i...,.... iiiiiii S e cretary Mac Tracy ....,.o.,...,........o.,..o......r.rr.....r.,.......r. Treasurer Louis Tomaso ....,,..,,.............. .....,ii Sergeant-at-Arms" The representatives to the Advisory Council are Joan Neal and A. W. Patterson. E371 NATIO To become a memb highest honor that a attain. Members ar Leadership, Service, student must be at le 80 on their cards. The officers of the Eugene Skinner Elias Rodriguez Adela Hardi ...r.,.r,. L or.... Graduating seniors Society are : Eugene Skinner Adela Hardi Henry Schneide Gladys Zavala Virginia Mahan Madelon Lester NAL HONOR SOCIETY er of the National Honor Society is the student in a Dallas High School can e chosen on the basis of Scholarship, and Character. To become a member a. ast a SA and must have no grade below club are: ---------.-,---------.President ..-------.-------.-,--Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer who are members of the National Honor Marguerite Lester Wanda Nitcholas r Essie Lee Duval Raul A. Benivides Lydia Hiegert Clarence Smith DIAMOND DISC CLUB SPONSORS Lt. Martin S. Ryan ..rr ,...r.r.,. C ommandant of Cadets Col. Billy Oswalt gggg rgrr... . Asst. Commandant of Cadets Mrs. W. T. Stallings ....irrr.....rrr,,,, ,l,, , , LP.-T. A. Sponsor OFFICERS Lt. Col. Bill Ware ........,,,,.,,,r,,,,.,,..,, ,,-,,,,,-,,, President Major Kenneth Stallings rrrre......,,,rr.,,.,, Vice-President Lt. Edwin Blair rrr,r,r,rrrr.,..,..,..rr...i Secretary-Treasurer Capt. Niekey Na um. rrrrrrr.... .c r.,.... .. ..... Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERSHIP Officers of the Dallas Technical High School. Military Corps shall be members. Meetings are held on the first Thursday and second Tuesday of each month. The club sponsors such activities as Wiener roasts, picnics, parties, and dances as the members see fit. The purpose of the club is to encourage attendance of cadets at Camp Dallas. E381 SENIOR HI-Y CLUB EDWIN BLAIR, President OFFICERS Sponsor ,........,,.E EEEEEE .........E.EE ,EE,,,E.,w..,.E J o e Lancaster President ........eeeee e,E.,.e..,. - . ....e,e eeee . .... E dwin Blair Vice-President ,.,,e,e.,eeee.e ....,e,e. . .-.Lee Carson Secretary-Treasurer ...,eeee ,eee..... . -. Bill Schiebel Sergeant-at-Arms eeee,...e ........ T homas Mallison PURPOSE To create, maintain, and extend throughout the schools and community high standards of Christian living. This very thriving organization meets every Monday night at 7:30 at the Y. M. C. A. A city-wide meeting is held the first Monday of each month. There are no initiation fees and any boy is invited to join, providing that he is a 3B or higher. Social activities, held monthly, are suggested by the members and approved by the sponsor. E391 THE POTTERY ART CLUB E401 POTTERY ART CLUB Purpose: To attain a higher appreciation of art and to attain ethical culture through group Work and social activities. OFFICERS Mary Daniel rr..r,.,r,r.,.errr...,eee,.,,ee.er..ev,....,,,e,.,.. President June Taylor .r..., ee....ee cc.Recording Secretary Frances Lovelace .,cc.c cc.,,c... C oresponding Secretary Dorothy Chase c,c.c..ccc, ..cc.cc,,.. F irst Vice-President Dorothy Chamness ...c,c ,,cc.,cc S econd Vice-President Margaret Allen .cc..cr.., c...,cc, T hird Vice-President Florence Faust c.,c.cc ,c,.,cc,ccccc..... Q cc Reporter Evelyn Putnam .cc,, ....,ccccc T ypist Gruthie Davis c,c.,..crcc.,, ...D Typist Miss Mary Lightfoot ..rciccc.cc,c...ccc cr,.,. . Sponsor MEMBERS Dorothy Askew Minnie Pearl Rutledge Edith Witcher Glen Copeland Martha Farris Gertrude Young Janice Beyrle Oleta Oxley Thelma Cox Marie Head A. P. Hopkins Wanda Nitcholas Lorene Pritchit Virginia Thompson Margaret Epley Bertha Herman l41l TECH'S BAND Pictured above is Col. Glen R. Johnson, newly appointed Band Director of Technical High School, who comes from the Baylor University Band in Waco, Texas. Colonel Johnson replaces Col. George E. Hurt, who in September took the Texas University Band, in which many former Tech students play. Colonel Johnson is a graduate of Baylor University, major- ing in music. He was student conductor in his junior and senior years, and also assistant director of the Baylor Chorus. The band recently Won the Fall Military Inspection held by the P. M. S. Sz T. of the Dallas High Schools ,thereby winning consideration as one of the best military bands in Dallas. Recent awards were made to the most efficient cadets in the band. The cadet personnel of the band is composed of Cadet Captain Dan Goodrich, Band Commander and Drum Major, Cadet First Lieutenant Billy Hamilton, Executive Officer, and Cadet First Lieutenant Fred Williams, Student Conductor. The Concert Band, composed of the Military Band and civilian members of the Music Department, has given concerts throughout the term, the most recent being the "Swing Con- cert" in the latter part of January. Drummond Anderson is the Student Conductor of this organization. ' Colonel Johnson plans to enter Tech's Band in the State Band Contest to be held in Waco this year. l42l GIVING IT A NAME Dear Graduates: When I was back on the farm in VAN HEES, Arkansas, we usta go hunting with a MILLER, WEAVER, and a hardWARE man. AN-DERSON we would have to wear our COATS be- cause we would FRAZIER selves. The COX would CROW and we started out. Us GUY's ud stop at the WELLS, get the water for the HOGGS, get our guns and be on our way. DE WOODY hill path was bare of COTTON, but there were GROVES of BERRY's for us to eat and plenty of BROOKS, where we could get water to drink. 1 Down on our farm we had a ole hound that would CHASE FOX's and then we would have plenty of BEAL for supper. We'ud SKINNER and sell the HYDE to a tourist. One day one of them tourist fellows got his SKOTAK and took our pictures. He say, "My GOODMAN, what are DU-VALLS of your houses made of ?" We PHIL-BRICKS with mud and N ALL them on with plenty of SLACK. He asked me to describe a morning in the summer and I started out. We'ud get up, go out and get the eggs the HEN- LEY. Sometimes it was hard to find them all because some were in HAY-NES'. Go to the WOODARD and take in the wood. In MAYFIELDS were not BROWN, but a OLIVE color which did not MARR the landscape. I wanted to know if there was anything ELLIS he would like to know, and he wanted to know if AULSBROOKS froze in winter. After I told him, he said, WATKIN I do for you country HICKS to repay your kindness? Well, when he said that I would have called the PORTER and had him thrown out, because it almost broke my HART, but we had no porter. Now, let me give you a piece of advice. Never BLAIR out too much, but let your mind run along on its own BEHRENS. Never give up the ship, because if you do you will ZINK in the mud, and it will be HARDI to pull you out. If at first you don't succeed, keep a-trying, because if you don't the other HENTCHEL beat you laying eggs. Yours truly, Uncle Ezra. I43l HOOS HOO JAMES MCCLENDON Identification: By his red hair. Favorite saying: "Whatcha say?" Age: Past the teething age. Better known as: Red. Why a Senior: Oh, for the thrill of it all, ROBERTA JOHNSON Identification: Her smile. Favorite saying: "You can count on me." Age: She keeps us guessing. Better known as: "Bertie," Why a Senior: Something to pass the time away. LEO TOMASO Identification: Loud cheers. Favorite saying: "Loud-d-er!" Age: Never mind. Better known as: Tomato. Why a Senior: Didn't have anything else to do. ELOISE HOGG Identification: Deep blue eyes. Favorite saying: "I wouldn't know!" Age: Shels twelve. Better known as: "Suey." Why a Senior: Four years and one summer. THOMAS PHILLIPS Identification: Neat appearance. Favorite saying: "Hot dog!" Age: 5 plus 2 plus 9. Better known as: Tommy. Why a Senior: To graduate. ADELA HARDI Identification: Smiling face. Favorite saying: "Hot-em-dog-it." Age: Not as old as you'd think. Better known as: Dela. Why a Senior: Because it couldn't be helped. JACK VANDERSLICE Identification: Big feet. Favorite saying: "I'll be-" Age: Older than you think. Better known as: Vanda. Why a senior: Ten semesters. IMOGENE HARPOLD Identification: By her favorite colora-green. Favorite saying: "Oh, gee!" Age: Her eyes look young. Better known as: Gene. Why a Senior: A great pastime. VERONICA CLARK Identification: Scholarly look. Favorite saying: t'Never do today what you can do tomorrow Age: Sweet 16. Better known as: Bonnie. Why a Senior: Smart. I44l JANICE BERYLE Identification: By a grin. Favorite saying: "Oh, gee-gosh!" Age: Can't you guess? Better known as: Nan. Why a Senior: Well, I guess it's time. FRED WILLIAMS Identification: By his singing and swinging it. Favorite saying: "O. K., boys." Age: My goodness, me! Better known as: Freddie. Why a Senior: It just happened. MADELON LESTER Identification: By her impersonation of Portland. Favorite saying: "Tally-ho!" Age: Count her teeth. Better known as: Sweetie Pie. Why a Senior: Teacher's pet. CLARENCE SMITH Identification: By his saying, "I don't know." Favorite saying: "I ain't a-carin.' " Age: Sweet sixteen plus. Better known as: Marshmallow. Why a Senior: Kept the teachers guessing. ALICE MAE DAVIS Identification: Chewing gum. Favorite saying: "You ain't just kiddin.' Age: Forgot to count. Better known as: Stooge. H Why a Senior: Trying to keep up with the Joneses. VINCENT JETER Identification: By his tardiness to class. Favorite saying: "I'm a Senior." Age: Thirty divided by 2 plus 4. Better known as: Vince. Why a Senior: Rather interesting. JOHNNIE B. PATE Identification: By her dark eyes. Favorite saying: "Betch'!" Age: 'fAsk Veto. Better known as: Pat. Why a Senior: 'Cause she passed history. FRANCES LOVELACE Identification: By her mouth. Favorite saying: "Oh, boy, I'll say!" Age: It's a dark, dark secret. Better known as: Frankie. Why a Senior: Mom and Pop made it possible. BILL WARE Identification: Military uniform. Favorite saying: "Shoot!" Age: Bet you can't guess. Better known as: Billy. Why a Senior: Mother's a member of the P.-T.A. E451 -A W' VIRGINIA MAHON Identification: By her cheery "Hello!" Favorite saying: "Really?" Age: What do you think? Better known as: Mae. Why a Senior: 'Cause her sister is a junior. LAWRENCE WOMACK Identification: By his walk. Favorite saying: "How long is it until the bell?" Age: That same old silly age. Better known as: Bull. Why a Senior: Mistake. FAYE REAGAN Identification: Blond curly hair. Favorite saying: "Gee Fuzz!" Age: You guess. Better known as: Sunnye. Why a Senior: The teachers are swell. HARTWICK VAN HESS Identification: His good grades. Favorite saying: "He's 0. K." Age: Page Dr. Watson. Better known as: Harty. Why a Senior: It has to happen sometime. LYDIA HIEGERT Identification: Always with a book. Favorite saying: "Oh, yeah?" Age: "Sweet sixteen." Better known as: Lydia P. Why a Senior: She's been here her four years. G. T. WALLACE Identification: Going to the Dispatch office. Favorite saying: "Have you got your history?" Age: "Well, me! Better known as: Gee. Why a Senior: It's about time. MAXINE HYDE Identification: Blond hair and blue eyes. Favorite saying: "Tain't right." Age: Old enough to be a senior. Better known as: Max. Why a senior: I wouldn't know. HAZEN SMITH Identification: Trying to see something. Favorite saying: "How about buyingi-" Age: Gone to the wind. Better known as: Smith. Why a senior: Four years of drudgery. MARY KATHERINE HART Identification: Her delicate hands. Favorite saying: "I don't have any." Age: The best age is 18, you know. Better known as: Kay. Why a senior: 'fCouldn't graduate any other way.' E461 LLOYD SMITH Identification: By his beautiful black curly hair. Favorite saying: "Tain't right, besides its wrong." Age: Count his eyelashes. Better known as: Smith. Why a senior: Four years. That's long enough. DOROTHY AULSBROOK Identification: Her smile. Favorite saying: "Oh, boy!" Age: Mighty sweet. Better known as: "Dot." Why a senior: That's a secret. NOEL WELLS Identification: Always with Oleta Rilfe. Favorite saying: "I wouldn't known." Age: You guess: I forgot. Better known as: Nolile. Why a senior: It's just time for me to be one. J. C. SKINNER Identification: His loud shirts. Favorite saying: "That's me." Age: Just the right age. Better known as: Skinnie. Why a senior: Because there's nothing else for him to do ANITA HICKS Identification: With Alice or Frank. Favorite saying: t'Let's eat." Age: About that age. Better known as: "Little bit." Why a senior: A life-long ambition. ESSIE LEE DUVALL Identification: Blond hair. Favorite saying: "Oh, yea!" Age: Old enough to be a senior. Better known as: Ess. Why a senior: Because I have 17 credits. JOE TARVER Identification: Music. Favorite saying: "O, K., sir." Age: 18. Better known as: Joe. Why a senior: Just smart, that's all. LEO TOMASO Identification: Talking to girls. Favorite saying: Yassh. Age: Old enough. Better known as: Tomato. Why a senior: Because it's time for me to be getting out. DOROTHY CHASE Identification: With B. J. Favorite saying: "Isn't it so." Age: Sweet 17. Better known as: Dot. Why a senior: Others are seniors, why can't I be one? rm ' DIARY So many interesting and exciting events have occurred since September, 1936, to January, 1937, we have them re- corded. Let us look into the diary of a 4A senior and recall what has "gone on before." Sept. 15-Seniors, juniors and sophomores enrolled. Sept. 16-Freshmen enrolled. I Sept. 17-First regular schoolday and everyone hurried to get acquainted. Sept. 18-Pep rally. Tech carried a victory over the pow- erful Greenville Lions. Sept. 21-Old memories were renewed as books were issued from the bookroom. Sept. 22-Principal Walter J. E. Schiebel was made presi- dent of the Technical Club. Sept. 25-Tech defeated John Reagan High of Houston, to the tune of 39-0. Sept. 28-Hooray! First issue of Tech Talk. We sold 832 copies. Sept. 30-Everyone is looking forward to the football game with McKinney Friday. Many students plan to go to the game. Oct. 2-Tech journeyed to McKinney, where they downed the Lions, 31-13. Oct, 8-First indoor assembly. Oct. 9-Officers for Student Government elected. Oct. 10-Trampled the Forest Lions, 59-6, in the first City Series game of the season in the Cotton Bowl. Oct. 12-Second issue of the Tech Talk came out. Another big success. Oct. 13-Special Girls' Assembly. Selected the Pep Squad uniforms. Oct. 14-First fire drill of the year. Oct. 15-Student Government officers took oath of office at the assembly. Oct. 17-Oh, boy! ,The event of the season! The senior dance held in the gym was a huge success.. Many students attended. Oct. 20-The 4B home room elected their officers. Popular M. B. Short was chosen to lead this group in their activities for this year. Nov. 5-Navy Day assembly. Nov. 7-Tech defeated Corsicana, 36-0. Nov. 9-Fourth issue of the Tech Talk. Nov. 10-Armistice Day assembly at the fourth period. Nov. 11-Who, boay! A holiday. Everyone tossed aside their books to enjoy the first one of the year. l48l Nov. 13-Tech Hi's powerful Wolves added to their perfect record by defeating Woodrow Wilson, 32-6. Nov. 16-Special assembly. Nov. 17-Assembly. Nov. 19-Assembly, Community Chest donations and a night concert at Tech Hi. Nov. 20-The game of games! Tech met their old rival, Sunset, in the Cotton Bowl and held them to a 6-6 tie. The 4B class entertained the 4A class with a very successful dance. Nov. 24-Thanksgiving assembly. Nov. 25-Thanksgiving holidays started. Many students left the city to spend the holidays. Nov. 26-In a surprise upset, the North Dallas Bulldogs, going after their first city championship, defeated the Wolves in the Thanksgiving Day football classic, 26-6. The students still back their team with that good ole Tech spirit as previous to the loss. Dec. 1-Everyone was glad to return to school after spend- ing a very enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. Dec. 2-We had an assembly honoring our football boys. The pep squad girls pinned iiowers on the gallant Wolves Dec. 3-The public speaking department presented plays in the assembly. - Dec. 16-Members of the Tech faculty presented scenes from the play, "The Tavern." Dec. 17-The Tech faculty presented the stirring melo- drama, "The Tavern," in the Tech Hi auditorium at 8 P. M. Dec. 19-One of the most spectacular football games ever played in Dallas was the All-Star game today. Coach Davis' Blue team defeated Bill Buschman's Bluejays. Senior prom. Dec. 23-Whoopee! Christmas holidays began. Jan. 4-School work again began for Tech Hi's students. Jan. 5-Attention is being turned toward the basketball games. It appears as if history is going to repeat itself by giving the Wolves another championship. Jan. 8-In a thrilling and exciting game, the Wolves downed the North Dallas Bulldogs in the Tech gym, 30-25. Jan. 12-Tech beat the Adamson Leopards by a topheavy score in the Tech gym. As this issue of "Techniscram" goes to press, we, the grad- uating seniors of dear old Tech Hi are looking forward to: Jan. 21-Senior Day. Jan. 24-Baccalaureate at Gaston Avenue Baptist Church. Jan. 29-Commencement, the last rung of the ladder which we have climbed since we began our high school Work four short years ago. l49l LILTING LINES I shot a spitwad into the air, It came to earth, I know not where: But now there is the heck to pay, For on the teacher's neck it lay. His thoughts were slow-his words Were few and never formed to glisten, But he was a joy to all his friends: You should have heard him listen. If there are microbes in a kiss, As cold-hearted science cries, Then give us ignorance and bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise. I want to be a senior and with the seniors stand, With a fountain pen behind my ear and a notebook in my hand I wouldn't be a president, I,wouldn't be a king, I wouldn't be an emperor for all that wealth could bring. I wouldn't be an angel, for angels have to sing. I'd rather be a senior and never do a thing. I met her in the meadow when the sun was sinking low, We walked along together in the tender afterglow. I'd have told her that I loved her, but I really knew not how, For I was but a farmer boy, and she a Jersey cow. I shot an arrow into the sky- It fell to earth, I knew not where. I lose more derned arrows that way. They met on the bridge at midnight, Just as the hour struck. One was a model "T" Ford, The other, a G. E. truck. I think that I shall never see, A car just like a Model T. A car whose parts are everywhere, And in whose tires there is no air. A car that mayin summer wear A coat of wisecracks, rich and rare, Upon whose hood much rust has lain, Who intimately lives with rain. Fords are made by men who know, But who on earth can make them go? Life is real, life is earnest, Let us strive to do our best, And departing leave behind us Notebooks that will help the rest. Ben, be nimble, Ben, be quickg Ben, jump over the candlestick. Ben Burnie. I50l LILTIN G LINES - Continue Sometimes-when I'm all alone-walking ffor my healthj, I take delight-in sign reading. And every time I see the one-Shoes Shined Inside, I wonder how they do it. There's There's There's There's 'Twas midnight in the parlor, 'Twas dark everywhere: The silence was unbroken, There was nobody there. 'Twas the night before Xmas, And all through the joint, Not a creature was stirring- And that's all I loint. Failed in Latin, flunked in French, I heard him savagely hiss. I'd like to find the guy that said That ignorance is bliss. If all the world were flooded, And I was going to die, I'd stand upon my English book, For it is always dry. d a tearing and a swearing and a falling down of stairs, a fussing, and a fuming, and a pulling out of hairs, a clanging and a banging, and a broken glassy crunch, a gasping and a sighting-ah, but at last we have our lunch. I missed you at dawn today, How much you'l1 never know. My heart is heavy with dismay. And burdened down with woe. I missed you so, and there I stood, Alone with my despair. I rose at six-what was the good? Alas, you weren't there. And all alone I lingered on, But hope was all in vain, For you were gone, oh, you were go My seven-thirty train. If you don't feel just right, If you can't sleep at night, If you moan and you sigh, And your throat feels dry, If you don't care to smoke, If your food makes you choke, If your heart doesn't beat, If you're getting cold feet, If your head's in a whirl, Why not marry the girl? E511 ne, .Qi Q CGACHES OF CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS V sl: I :1gEg151g:g:3:3:5: """ 5 -111215 21212: .f.:.:.::f1z:a:1:... 1-'gz:2:z1e1sg 5231513 225E3E22223ii . ":2:i 'wiiaiagzggg fl-f .:::::: if?zf?afe1zfE1ziz:rsieiaisiigzgzgisi ' ..1::Ez' ' H " :1.. 'Ez5g2iz211 .22aEz 1---2 '32i'.-l-:153ilfE9'-32:15:51:-' "2'?'5" . 4. -- --.-1'-:lm-1-:i:1:!:1:C' I V' 1lE:Eii1:'73E!:2.-:1 - 'z- "' 5'115' -.1:1:1:1:i:1:5 5-QQ Qvglg.-:5511:31 5E5E2j 11212-2:2s:1:1:1:1:2:2:1:2:1:12-1-Ifrsflzigizini . . ,255 '-2: -: . .gr-19 .Sv-:ag-:::g1:2p2:1:1 2C21E152:7:1:2:2:2:f:i:2:2:2:2:E:2:21g21i:2:2:1:Q:Q 22222-, -:1:1-fax., -3212 ".Bg12:: -:i:22:Q:2:52QQQ352i5:Z5:2:Q:2i w 2:2:5:E:5:2:E:5:25:212:1z1:1:1:E:2:E:i:211:g:E212:..-. ,. ,1,:2:f:2:1:5-.' 12:11-.-:-1 4.11133-q .3i.2:2:2:5i:-:::5: l lE:2:i:2:2:2:Q:2:ir22fI?212151:1:1:1:5:3i:2:2:Q:2:2:2122EI2125:f ggifzfz- 111.56 iI2iEi22i-:2:3.-.izlif-2113- 1' J .1:1:f:Q:21:1:E' 3.1-.,..-45:51:53lzgizfzzzgfgrgfszlz53:31:15:1155- .- --13:5 gg- 4:1:g::1:5.:5E1:3t9 Jzgzzzgziizie 3:22 ze:21Q215:ag5523gzg.:2g:Q:z:a:z:zgg2gzgf'iff 1:a:2125gageggagag23g .1aE2:2:a:2:6sg: fait: :rg.':-:25:f:af:1::s7-1:55111511:-za:-H 6- ,zgzszrz-1-:-:Az-qw'j-1-. -aik:z:1:ss12:1:-:- , WALLACE DAVIS E. O. HAYES ' 'l.'5lif2l.lii3,'l ""'v" 1:1 1 A' . ' 1 , 122225251333 fi?Eiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiieilt.iizezlziggig-113.31155-Q1i..g-531Q.. . ii? PERRY FITE For the past four years Technical High School has been the leader of the Dallas High Schools in athletics. Probably the best reason for this outstanding achievement is that Tech has some great coaches in the faculty list. Coach E. O. Hayes has led the cage loop, Coach Wallace Davis in football, along with a superb line coach, Perry Fite. In other sports, such as base- ball, tennis, golf and track, Tech has been Well represented. I52l -.. Q 1 ,K 4-,,. ffvaf, .t JI." ,nfy , ,trf"l1 , I F , .1 W L, 1 1 Q 5' 'J' THEY LED CHEERS FOR TECH Left to right, top row: J. C. Skinner, Leo Tomaso, and Edwin Blair. In front, Michael McKool, Joe Campisi, and Johnny Varcalsia. The cheerleaders are decked out in their brand-new maroon and White uniforms. E531 'Y Y A V B-r BASKETBALL QUEEN Selected by the student body of Tech, Grace Haynes, popular 4A graduate, Was elected Basketball Queen for the first half of the cage race. In the second half of the playoff, Grace will be succeeded by Mavis Graham, pretty 4B student. i541 QUINT PACK OF TECH HIGH 3:5,z3:z:f:z:1:1::2:1::1:2:41:1:,:::-:':':--' -:':,1:2:1:2:-:-:-:-'-:5:-:-:-'-:-'-:-3: -.-. wzizlggggggggz ------1- 4---'--f------'A'--A' -44""' - ' 1 2 2 2 2 2 . 2 2 . '"El 152253223559::':'1':'W':':':' H x .,.,.,1,Mg1:1- -2325252555sisieisisiziiaiagzi? fg2?3Q:Q12.jjjj3j'ji1f- .,.,.,.A., iiffii f f i ifi -552if21212v2fEfEaEaEeSe2e 52222225122 V:-:-:-.- ?,:i:i: :2:11r:r:1:+:a-:b:1r:1:-:T '-2:1gr:r:r:2:1:rpr:-:.. -1 QEEEEEVEQEQ? EQEQHHQ gmfEE5Eg iiiiiiiffiinpjiiiiii QEEEQQEEHE 5EEf33EEEEEEEiEE?EEE ' EEHEHgi?EE .,.., , .. ," 1 WOODROW RENWICK FRANCIS CARR W. D. HILL WAYNE FREEMAN PAT SHEEHAN E551 Y A Y L. SPORTS REVIEW Tech gridders launched a successful campaign in defeating all rivals in the schoolboy race except the North Dallas Bull- dogs, but the Wolves are rated as the best team of 1936. Start- ing the gridiron season, Coach Davis has six returning letter- men with whom to build his '36 juggernaut, and a swell job he did, too. Tech's prospects for 1937: Coach Davis will have three returning lettermen and a well-balanced reserve squad from which to mold a winner in the '37 gridiron race. GOLF Techys niblick Wielders have a good chance of capturing the '37 golf championship with three returning lettermen from last year. The three regulars are L. L. Foster, Woodrow Foster, and Lloyd Hearne. ,,.i Houston Collier will probably com- plete the foursome. The Maroon and White golfers finished in second place last year, pushing the North Dallas Bulldogs all the way for the title. ' TENNIS North Dallas has copped all honors in the way of tennis in previous years, but Tech will be well represented this year. Coach W. P. Fulton has eighteen players reporting for prac- tice. Some promising students are Janis Loper, Bill Grubbs, Gladys Riefler, and Dorothy Chamness. BASKETBALL For five consecutive years the Tech basketball teams have emerged victorious in the city championships-a record that no other Dallas high school holds. At the start of the cage race, Coach E. O. Hayes sent his charges against the strong Bulldog five in the Tech gym, and the Wolves copped honors with a 30-25 victory. Tech was defeated only once at the start of the season by the strong Gober team, who held a height advantage over the Maroons. When Coach Hayes issued his first call for basketeers at the start of the 1937 campaign he received only a few promising freshmen and juniors along with two lettermen from last year, Captain Woodrow Renwick, and Francis Carr. Pat Sheehan was not eligible for the first half, but will be eligible for the second half playoff. 1'-During Coach Hayes' reign at Tech such stars as Jasper Starnes, Lervy Thompson, Tom Penry, Her- bert Levinson, Martin "Bomber" Lindsey, brought trophies to our Alm aMater. Prospects for second half: Tech has a good chance of winning the basketball championship in the second half, although the team will lose Woodrow Renwick, forwardg Bill Schiebel, guard, and Francis Carr, forward. The team will be strengthened, however, with the return of Pat Shee- han, All-State guard. E56l HI-HATTER Hi, kids! Shuffling around school the past term I have seen many peculiar happenings. If one didn't know the habits of some students he would be inclined to think that they were a bit crazy. I was referring to Jack Philbrick and Grace Haynes. One day they would be walking through the halls hand in hand, the next day they would walk past each other as if they had never met. Oh, I guess love is like that. Adela Hardi is forever smiling, even with a big algebra 4 test staring her in the face. There's a name for a girl like that, so I'll bestow upon her the name of little "Sunshine," Strolling around the campus at the 4C 'lunch period I, have noticed a group of girls that meet every day, rain or shine, and have their little tete-a-tete. The girls were: Mildred Spurlock. Johnny B. Pate, Dorothy Chase, Grace Haynes,and Faye Reagan. Wonder what all the talk is about-boys? Happening into the lunchroom one day at the 4A lunch period I was amazed to see one of my old .pals going from per- son to person getting a little crumb from each. That Jack Vanderslice is one boy who will never starve. Keep up the good Work, Vandy! Well, well! I have had a swell time poking around my dear old Alma Mater, but the time has come for me to raise my hat to the seniors and breathe a sigh and say "Adios!'f I57l T 1-A TECH GRADS CHOOSE TOPPERS HTopH boys and ghlsin the January graduadng ckms of Tech linda School have been chosen by popular vote of the class membership. Anita Hicks, left in front, is the class' most beautiful girly Nell Wallace, center, most popular, and Martha Brown, right, best all-around girl. Left rear is Earl Davis, best-looking boyg center, Harold Corbin, most popular, and right, Joe Pasque, best-all-around member. i58l IEXIPLOSIIUNS UF WIT Jerrel Dillingham fwho is al- ways trying to be funny, to a taxi driverjz I say, driver, is your Noah's Ark full? Driver: One monkey short, sir, jump in. The teacher of the class in physi ology put to Porter Lee Marr this question: "How many ribs have you ?" "I don't know, ma'am," said Porter, squirming at the very thought. "I am so awful ticklish I never could count 'em." Experimenting "When the eyes are shut, the hearing becomes more acute," says a mtdical authority. We have no- ticed people trying this experi- ment in class. Jack Philbrick: How's business with you, Woodie ? Woodie Renwickzy Oh, looking up. Jack Philbrick: What do you mean, looking up? Woodie Renwick: Well, it's Hat on its back, ain't it? V Sir Lancelot, in days of old, Wore ormor made of steel, And everywhere this knight did go, Right noble did he feel. He was invited into court To dine with Lady Hausers, He spilled some water on his suit And rusted his best trousers. Vincent Jeter: The boss offered me an interest in the business to- day. Woodrow Ellis: He did! Vincent Jeter: Yes, he said that if I didn't take an interest pretty soon, he'd fire me. "You told me to file these let- ters, sir," said Charles DeWoody. "Yes," returned the officer. "Well, I was just thinkin' that it'd be easier to trim 'em with a pair of scissors." Anita Hicks: Is having the ears pierced for earrings painful? Eloise Hogg: Not half so much as allowing them to be bored for an engagement ring. Visitor: What delightful man- ners your daughter has! Mrs. Clark Cproudlyjz Yes. You see, she has been away from home so much. FOR SALE-Fine Jersey cow, giving milk, furniture, and chick- ens. 208 South Ash street. She could swing a six-pound dumb- bell, , She could fence and she could box, She could row upon the river, She could clamber 'mong the rocks, She could golf from morn till eve- ning, And play tennis all day long, But she couldn't help her mother, 'Cause she wasn't very strong. Eugene Skinner: Sweets to the sweet? Uuida Girard: Oh, thank .youg may I pass you the nuts ? Doctor: You cough with much greater ease this morning. Mary Gallagher fsick in bedjz I ought to, I have been practicing all night. Dressed in her father's trousers, A silly maid one day Went and eloped with a fellow: What will the papers say? Read then this startling headline 1Such are the whims of chancel That sprang next day from the presses, "Flees in papa's pants" Price Nelson: I'm a self-made man. Stacy Henley: You knocked off work too soon. E591 Miss Hays: Frances, you must not laugh out loud in study hall. Frances Lovelace: I didn't mean to do it. I was smiling, and the smile busted. Teacher: Edward, what is a hyp- ocrite? Edward Mayfield: A boy wot comes t' school wid a smile on his face. Adela Hardi fpassing confec- tioner's windowl: Doesn't that candy look good? Frank Nall: Uh-huh! Let's stand here and look at it a while. Edwin Blair: I wonder how so many forest fires catch? David Olive: Perhaps they catch accidentally from the mountain range. Dorothy Chase: I'd like to know why on earth you call that white pig "Ink?" Bill Schiebel: Because he's al- ways running from the pen. Mrs. Lemmerhirt: So you were sick yesterday, were you? How did it happen that I met you run- ning down the street? Jack Vanderslice: Oh, I was go- ing for the doctor. William A. Ware: I've chris- tened my new airplane "Maxwell's CoH'ee." It's good till the last drop. The main reason why Tech is such a learned school is because so many people came here with knowledge and so few take it away with them: so it has accumulated. Strikes me some folks are awful slow, If they are in love, not saying so. A mule has 2 legs on B hind And 2 he has B 4, U stand B hind B 4 U find What the 2 B hind B 4. Even his best friends wouldn't tell him-so he fiunked the exami- nation. I 60 Tollie Mashburn: Could you pass the bread? Earl Davis: I think I can. I moved pianos all summer. Eloise Hogg: How are you feel- ing? G. T. Wallace: Rotten. Eloise Hogg: What's the mat- ter? G. T. Wallace: Got insomnia. Eloise Hogg: How come? G. T. Wallace: Woke up twice in Mr. Rutledge's class today. Doris Coats: There's something so dovelike about you. Robert Milner: Oh, do you really think so? Doris Coats: Oh, do you really think so? Doris Coats: Yep, youire pigeon- toed. Roberta Johnson: Guess this: What has four feet, fur, goes "Meow?" Mary K. Hart: A cat. Roberta Johnson: Aw, somebody must have told you. Poetic Salesman Cgazing into eyes of pretty but dumb stenog- rapher: What is it when our souls go back-and back-and back? Dorothy Aulsbrook: That's fall- en arches. Thelma Cox: Have you ever been offered work? Tramp: Only once. Apart from that I've met with nothing but kindness. Miss Lansdon: Good heavens! What has happened? Ada Belle Dowlen: You said to use any old cup without a handle for measuring, and it took eleven to get the handle off without breaking the cup. Herbert Sabatoni was heard to repeat the following: Oh, I love me. I take myself to a lonely place, I put my arms about my waist, If I get fresh I slap my face, Oh, I love me. l Burns Reversed Oh, wad some power the giftie gil us To see others e're others see us. Col. Johnson: Drummond, why on earth did you leave off playing your French horn just as we got to the chorus? Drummond Anderson: Well, on my music it said, "Refrain," so I did. Miss Elsner: Now somebody open the windows. All right, take a deep breath and throw out your chest. After a bit of confusion among the girls, she said: "Well, hurry up, throw out your chest and step on it." Mr. Roberts: I'm in an awful predicament. Joe Pasqua: What's the trouble? Mr. Roberts: I've lost my glasses and I can't look for them until Iive found them again." Drumman Anderson: Whoopee! Mr. Anderson: Why so happy? Drumman: I made 100 in school. Mr. Anderson: What subject? Drumman: Algebra 30, English 50, and History 20. Harold Corbin fto a ladybz Have you seen a lady in a fur coat without a little boy that looked like me? Rose Friedrich: I hear your brother lost his job because he fell asleep so often. Tom Phillips: That's right, but he isn't naturally lazy. Rose Friedrich: No? Tom Phillips: No, he was count- ing sheep at the stockyard. Miss Elsner: Do you ever take a bath? Janice Beyrle: Yes, once in the summer and not so often in the winter. Mrs. Crow: My son has so many original ideas. Miss Mosby: Yes, especially in history. l 61 Joe Digicinto: What is the date, please? Mr. Hunter: Never mind the date, the examination is more im- portant. Joe Digiacinto: Well, sir I want to save something right on my paper. The question in the physical ex- amination read: "How may one ob- tain a good posture?" The country boy wrote: "Keep the cows off of it and let it grow up a while." Jerrel Dillingham: They say I have eyes just like my father. Jesse Figgins: Yes, I heard somebody remark that you were popeyed. Albert Groves: Bet you can't guess whether there is a worm in this apple or not. Henry Schnider: All right, I'll bite. Johnnie B. Pate: If at first you don't succeed-- Mildred Spurlock: Cry, cry again. Joe Tarver: Why don't you ever laugh at any of my jokes? Leo Tomaso: Because I was brought up to respect old age and feebleness. May Gerloff: Oh, I wish the Lord had made me a man! John S. Trizza: He did: I'm the man. Imogene Harpold: I didn't ac- cept Sidney the first time he pro- posed. Maxine Hyde: No, dearieg you weren't there. A city and a chorus girl Are much alike, 'tis true: A city's built with outskirts, A chorus girl is, too. Medical Officer: Have you any organic trouble? Vaughn Beal: No, sir. I ain't a bit musical. l Jack Cotton: Oh, yes, lady, my family have been generations. Roberta Johnson: sea, eh? Jack Cotton: No, they sold sea- shore dinners. Reece Miller: Hey, is this apple or cherry pie? Frank Lovelace: Well, sir, can't you tell? Rooce Miller: No. Frank Lovelace: Well, what dif- ference does it make? seafarers for Followed the Carrie Nunley: I caught my husband flirting. Juanita McQuaid: That's how I got mine, too. Joe Slack: Do you think your father will object to my marrying you? Nell Wallace: I don't think so. He has just received the bills for my new spring outfit. A Hint to the Seniors Little rows of zeros, Not so very quaint, Make your graduation Look as though it ain't. Mr. Boyd: Lottrice! Lottrice Boyd: Yes, pop. Mr. Boyd: Can you carry a tune? Lottrice B: Certainly, I can car- ry a tune, pop. Mr. Boyd: Well, carry that one you're whistling out in the back yard and bury it. "I don't like your heart action," said the doctor, applying the steth- oscope again. "You have had some trouble with angina pectorisf' "You're partly right, doctor," said George Longshie, sheepishly, "only that isn't her name." For ye who tooth your own horn: I bought a wooden whistle, But it wooden whistle, So I bought a steel whistle, But it still wooden whistle: Now I got a tin whistle, And, boy, tin I whistle! f62 A short story entitled "Through Generations." Grandfather had a farm, father had a garden: son had a canopener. "Pm in the football business." "How's business ?" "I can't kick." Use Discretion 1. Man is born. 2. Man grows up. 3. Man kicks bucket. 4. Man is buried. 5. Man turns to dust. 6. Grass grows from dust. Moral: Never kick a horse: you might injure a former relative. Joe Brooks: My girl said this last poem of mine caused her heart to miss a beat. Miss Pringle: Then we can't use it. We can't print anything that will interfere with our circulation. Q. What are you doing back there? Learning anything ? A. Oh, no, just listening to you. Q. Aren't you ashamed to be smoking a cigarette? A. I sure am, Mr. -, but what's a man going to do when he ain't got the price of a cigar. Q. Did anyone ever tell you you had a beautiful chin? A. No, why? Q. Then wh yare you growing another one? Mr. Dollar Carriving at a dinner party with familyjz Please an- nounce Mr. and Mrs. Dollar and daughter. New Butler: Three Bucks. Miss McClain: I see you're try- ing out for the junior class play, Bill. Had any experience? Bill Ware: Yeh, had my leg in a cast once. When you see a dog leading a man you know the man is blind, but when you see a man leading a dog, you know that the man is leading a dog's life. l The Twenty-Third Spasm Again The Ford is my car, I shall not want another. It maketh me to lie down in wet places, It soileth my soul, It leadeth me into deep waters, It leadeth me into the paths of ridicule for its name sake, It prepareth a breakdown for me in the presence of mine enemies. Yea, though I run through the val- leys, I am towed up the hills, I fear great evil when it is with me. It anointeth my face with oil, Its tank runneth over. Surely to goodness, if this thing follow me all the days of my life, I shall dwell in the house of the insane forever. G. T. Wallace: What makes the train run so slow? Irate Conductor: If you don't like it, you can get off and walk." W. T. Wallace: I would, only I am not expected until train time. Virginia Mahan: Don't you get tired of answering foolish ques- tions? "Yes," replied the policeman, "I've answered that one twenty times today. Margaret Fox used to play a good deal in school, but one day she had been so good that the teacher said in praise: "Margaret, you have been a very good girl today." "Yes, sir," responded Margaret. "I couldn't help it. I have a stiff neck." Judge: Have you ever appeared as a witness before? Lawrence Womack: Yes, your honor. Judge: In what suit. Lawrence Womack: My blue serge. The army doctor halted Iver Guy in the recruiting office and asked: "Flat feet ever bother you?" "Only once for speeding," an- swered Iver. J. C. Skinner: I have an old in- vention here that will cut your house bill in half. Housewife: That's interesting. What is it? J. C. Skinner: Scissors. Martha Brown: It must have been raining cats and dogs all night. Alice Mae Davis: Yes, that account for all the poodles in the road. John E. Brooks: Do you like blonds, brunettes or redheads? Reece Miller: Yes. B. F. McGlothlin: I've lost my books: I'll give a dollar to the per- son who will tell me where they are. Dorothy Aulsbrook: "I know where they are, but you'll have to pay me. B. F. McGlothlin: Here's the dollar, now where are they? Dorothy Aulsbrook: They're lost. Sign on James McClendon's door: "If I am studying when you enter, wake me up." Charles Crow, of six feet eight inches, appeared for a job as a life guard. "Can you swim?" asked the of- iicial. UNO, but I can wade like nobody's business," remarked Charles. Mary M. Lunney: I've got a cat worth ten thousand dollars. Grace Haynes: Really . . . why, that's more than I'm worth. Mary M. Lunney: Yes, some cats are worth more than others. Fred Williams: Those shirts simply laugh at the laundry. Billey Hamilton: I know, I've had some come back with their side split. Judge: Who brought you here? Alton Ross: Two policemen, sir. Judge: Drunk, I suppose? ' Alton Ross: Yes, sir, both of them. l63l

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